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I !j Jitional gttimMiraw
Lltoou Wttalaftea, OetoaerlO, ISM.
tottabdj rsxaisTiwa rai ustoir, add
Kinira rr, iir thi ntoriB akd titllist
Aiealir Joimoi Waikington, April 301k,
Joattot, fnrtlnl the Outlet Statu April
au, isea.
taism coasriiACiKs. who has tibio
tbmm. ' Aictiir jomow, 14 United
State Senate- Mire M. IM1.
Au letters relatlaf lo tae nsterleUoa of, or
a4rerttilat le, U KirrBLloA taottle bo ad
BUtteed to th DaMliaert. aa abort.
All leittre or eoamaaleelloat latoaded for pab
llaauea, or im Bar war raltllaf to the editorial
eaartaualcf ibe paper, eboald bo addrettedio
lae editor, bb aboY.
BbjUobb amd otbtr eorretpoadtatt will ffroatlr
obUfo Ike Piblltbero Bad Iko Idltor br eomplr
lat wltk Ikt abort iiis.atloi.
To Cotaltrott a 1 a. So toilet eta botakta
of Beoajmont oommaaleBtlonB. Wkatever It
laUadod for latertloa nail bo autbeatlrated br
iko aaaae Bad eddreti of Ik writer sol neeeeia
rlly for pabUtatloa, bat at a f aaraalj of lie good
Wooaaaot udertake'to ntara rlUd oa
::DECEMnEIl 8, 1885
Eonatort and RepresDtatlTi can hara the
Diltr National BirviLicAS dtllrered reg.
slarlj and promptl at their realdeneai, in
urajiftri, bj ordering It through tho Secre
tary of tho Sonata, tho Clerk of tho Home of
BtprtMnUtlrM, or at the offic of tho Re-
ruiLtCAU, No. ill Ninth atrott, near Penn.
ylranU arenn.
It it claimed by the crittea that among
the Ine arte Poetry standi pre-eminent abore
otoo Unale, Senlptsre and Painting; and yet
It li a dltputed point which li the molt 11
lutrlom. It l true that poetry painta and
enlptaru and preierres for all time what'
orer It beautiful, but a painting or ttatue
that hu any merit is Itself a poem. Moxt.
OOKiar instances BmoH's lines upon the
atatue of tho Dring Gladiator to prore the
superiority of the poet to the sculptor, bat
it seems to us that BriOK only translated
the statue into potry, that any beholder
with the eye of a poet might hare looked, as
Brnof did through the marble chiseled Into
immortality, to
Wbr kit rod bat by lb Dannb Ity,
ratr were kit rouog- barbarltBt til at pity;
ratrt Iktlr Daciaa toother ke, their tlrt,
BaUkared to soak a Romaa holiday.
Hut if we grant to poetry absolute pre
eminence, all must agree that painting It ab
solutely a glorious art, as all did agree who
witnessed the exhibition glren by the Me
tropolitan Clnb, at their art soiree, last
Wednesday evening.
On that oocatlon tho rooms of tho club
Were filled with charming ladles and gallant
gentlemen, and the evening was most agree
ably spent in examining the valuable collec
tion of pictures, and In dancing to the mnslo
Df an excellent quadrille band. The paint
lugs on exhibition were mostly the property
of members of the club. The following Is a
catalogue, all the pictures named having been
there except No. 1:
list or riCTDnrs
1. Lady Kararat, by K. Leant ;Charlet Kotp,
X Savoyard Boy, by Eaitman Johaton Oto.
W, Bit t-1, owotr.
3. Vtlltyof tkt Wlitaklceon, by Paul Weber;
J, C. MeOalre, owner.
d. Tke Storm Cloud, by C. Kuwatttf If. Bern
kea, owaer,
4. Sprlotby Olgooox.
0. Coatt of Labrador, by Brtdford ; Captain F.
C. Adamt, owoer.
7 Hampton Beacby QllTord; Ctpttla F. C.
Adamt, owatr.
8. A Sniff of the Brloy, by J. (1. Pbllp ; Frtak
lla Fhllp, owatr.
0. The BeeoBooltttuct, by Alfrtd J. Miller;
Sargaon General Btrnet, owner.
10. Jliniblr Cub, by W. II. Heard ; Oeorf W,
Blase, owar.
Jl. The Lott Letter, by E. A. Merer ; Otorge W.
Biff s, owner.
11? Soman Olrl, by C. L. Elliott ; 8. B Chilton,
IS. Landscape, by Fan! Weber; R. S. Ckew,
It. Baraalde Bridge Antletain, by W.tltc-
TaJ , R Tnrkt AtLte. OWBtr.
15. Sttpplag Stuatt, by J. O. Pbllp; Franklin
1. bonrotof lb Dppr Bhla, by OttoFroml
atllB. J. Mtrrlok, owaar.
IT. Child blowing a Ftatktr, by Wlnttrkalttr ;
'l.' Song of Ik Shirt, by J.T. Ptele; George
W.Blggt, owner. . M. ,
IS Frail Fleet, by doorg Beliel Hon. EJ win
Jt Btantoa.owBer.
30. Cook'a roily Gloneettertklrt, by Amelia
B Xdwtrdt; JTrtnaua rnup, owner.
a-jwsrae ; s rtntiiD t nup, uwnx.
II. Ortglaal 8ketchet, by John Letch ; Frank
lla Pntlp, owntr.
XI Orlglaal Skttebtt for Htit Vlolel't Coort
tklp,by Joht Leech; Franklin Pntlp, owntr.
S3, iiarlnt View, by Pollltvin) George W.
Sketebee for Htit Vlolel't Coort-
Sleet, owner.
St. Ceawty kteidowt, by J. A. Soydam ; Geo.
W. Blggt, owaer.
13. uronp of Uorttt, by Jamee Walker; II.
AsaUoa, owntr.
3d. Blvtr Avon, Glonceeterthlre, by Amelli B.
Kdwarde; Franklin Pbllp, owner.
17. Tke Cottage Door, by John Abtolon ; Frank
lin Pklle, owter.
H. SaAottloa, by George Baker, F. B. HcQnlre,
0 Coatt Boena Berwick npon Tweed, by J,
D latTtklFrtakllaPhllp, owntr.
fflL Mtrry Wlvee of Wfndtor, by D. Pattmore,
nLZ W. Blgge, owaer.
tlfiu TroFi, by Mlf"t; J. C. MeOalre,
owner. . k, Drtck.lt. r; JR.
, jLts-aiag i ..-, - - --
vriaalre. owner.
u!Sl.Mrf .) 7.C, L. B.
s Portrait sMsdy ei am
31. Btaily Lake Oeorit, 1 Colette II. B.
Chlltoi, er.
JJ. rioter Oltl.bjW. J, llinMiirl K. 8.
CMUob, owur.
S3, learner Karaite, br f, K. Olfforll Geo.
W. Bine, owaer.
S7. Aetrritwllh Cull Sooth Walei, by K.
") tnlll raun, owner.
S3 OI. Till Soollind, br W. Deat.lt j 7. De
lltoe Jaarltr, oweer.
Riff t. owntr.
vmboj aa BBtep, Dy KODDfj ueorf ,
40. Flowtr Plec,by Via Haytemj A. 8. Solo
moat, owatr.
41. Cattlt Sctat, by Hirrtton Weir j Fraaklln
41 Wreck, by Dl Wlnttr; W, W. Corcoraa,
4 Boy gttbtrlng LUltt, by Loatt Lang ; Geo.
W. Rlfffft. owner.
44. Oronp of Featker Flowere ; S. York AtLee,
4o. Pea aad Ilk Skttek from Albert Darer, by
Airrea Jiernitei a. a. uaimta, owner.
The only painting by a native artist was
I the Antletam Bridge, the work of a very
I promising artist of this city, Mr. Mcliod,
Otaxoux's "Spring" was exceedingly ad.
mired. It represents a May morning, In a.'l
the' sweetness and rich blossomings of that
delicious month. Tho picture is the prop
erty of a gentleman In New York, but it
should not be allowed to leave our city,
For want of room we cannot particularise
the many notable gems of th collection,
which was s very interesting one, as repre
renting the tastes of the different owners, aa
well aa the differing genius of the artists who
produced the pictures. The water-color
paintings belonging to Mr. FiAirxLiit FntLF
excited much admiration. They were pur.
chased by their owner daring his late visit to
Europe, and some of them are undoubtedly the
finest specimens of water colors In this country,
The fruit piece, belonging .to the Secretary
or War, painted by Ubtiel, Is an exquisite
picture It does not represent the "fruits Of
the rebellion." "The Valley of the W.ia-
hleon," the largest painting exhibited, is
line landscape. "The Song of the Shirt,"
which Mr. Itioos considers the best picture
in his valuable collection, might be cited
against the theory that poetry is abore
painting among the Una arts. The "Oronp
of Horses," belonging to Mr, AniDOn, is one
of the best efforts of Walkxr, who is dls
tlngulshed in that line of art. The "Child
Blowing a Feather," by tViiTXRUALTiB,
attracted much attention. It represents a
little one, who, on awaking In the morningi
had discovered a loose feather.and was blow.
log It up Into the air an Innocent amusement
Indulged in by all children raised on feather
beds, we believe.
One of the fine water-colors, "Cook's
Folly, Gloucestershire, " was painted by Miss
Auxlia B. Edwards, the talented novelist,
and author of "Barbara's Courtship." An
other, a marine view, which was much
praised, was the work of the distinguished
artist J. G. PniLr, of the English "Society
of Painters In Water Colors." Some Inter.
estlng original pencil sketches by the late
Joni Luce of tho London Fundi, were
also on exhibition.
After having feasted their eyes upon the
pictures and discussing their manifold beau
ties, the company were invited to partake of
the following :
Bill or Fabb. Stewed orttert: fried oritert.
Colo Duusi. Bootd tnrkey deeored wltk
jelly; pate irold or lowl, do. ; ala mode beef, do. ;
enlckea anted. In mironiltc. with ltllr: roatt
tnrkty; wild boar'a atad, deeored; young
bin. Ptrltiaa ityle ; tobtter talad, In mtyonalie.
wiu j 1117.
liattltT. Calf'a foot Jttlr. with rnu : mtrla
gnet, uacarooai,tpoBgao!kt,cacad!i of candy,
ornamented; lee cream, applet, rtltlnt, frulti.
nnco, AtiropoiiitB umo tiyit.
The dishes abore enumerated were made
up in the most artistic style, and the punch
was voted a work of "high art" by all who
tasted it. After supper those inclined to
dancing enjoyed that amusement to a reas
onably late hour. Among the distinguished
gentlemen present we noticed Secretary Mc
Culloch, Postmaster General Dxaitisox,
Maj. Gen. Acourt, Maj. Gen. McCooc, Brig.
Gen. Pnixcs, Brig Gen. Patcx, W, limp.
bill Jonis, lion. C. M. Walkxr, Fourth
Auditor; Br. Brodbxad, J. B. IIutcrissox,
Esq., banker; Justice Caskt, Col. Lewis
WASBtaoroK, lion. B. B. Fntjcn, accom
panled by their ladles.
The officers of the dab Col. J. Louimku
0 bid am president, C. KnAr vice president,
Geo. W. Ittaas treasurer, S. Torke At Lee
secretary, Messrs. Georoe Onus, F. Piiilf,
and W. B. HuarisOTOB, executive commit
teeall exerted themselves to make the party
agreeable. The special committee of arrange
ments for the soireeMessrs. F. S. Conxss,
Frixklix, Poilp, and Oeoboe W, Rioos
were indefatigable In their efforts to enter
tain their guests, and succeeded admirably in
their laudabe endeavors. The party was
eminently successful In every particular.
"The WaAttlnsrton Mutual CotU Com.
We direct the attention of our readers to
the circular printed In to-day's paper with
the above heading. It Is the only fair, prac
tical arrangement we hare yet seen or heard
of to get rid of the extortion on fuel. The
parties originating and proposing thesohem
have lived in and are familiar with the coal
region and all Its mining operations. They
are patties of position and character, and are
endorsed by some of our best people. It Is
no speculative scheme. Several of such
companies are now In successful operation in
Boston and New York, furnishing the very
best quality of coal to their shareholders at
from three to four dollars per ton less than the
ordinary retail price. This company, if it
can be got up and put in operation, will
supply a great want known and felt here by
The proposition commends itself by its fair,
open offer. No one Is asked to pay or ad
vance any money, until a committee of our
own cltltens go and examine these collieries,
and all the facilities of getting out ooal and
getting It here, and report back that all Is
fair and satisfactory. No time should be
lost, but the matter should bo taken hold of
at once, in good earnest. A meeting should
be called, a nrst-rate committee appointed,
and, if their report Is favorable, we believe
the stock will be eagerly taken In a few
4 Cieueral Grwut'a Report.
Wa furnish on the first cage of tn-Jiv'i
Refuslicax the more important points of
.untenant uenerai ubaut 3 renort nt the
operations of the armies of the United States
tinea ha became Qeneral-ln-Chlof. We shall
devote some further attention to this subject.
Collision i Mississippi Our New Or
leans correspondent writes us under date of
November 30 as follows.
Newekaejatl rtatktd the city of a collltloa
which occarrod latt nigki at urenaaa, mimic
tlppl, bttweea the Blttt militia, ttarthlng for
artne amoag the freedmen, and a tquad of tbt
latttr, attltttd by tome colored eoldlert. It II
iifcrtsd that Hvtrtl of be militia wits woiadid
Mikikq stocks are down In Ban Francisco.
GxoiotA ratified the constitutional amind
mint on Wednesday.
Tex California Senate has ratified th antl-
f-ilavery amendment.
Till Oregon Senate ratified the antl
slavery amendment on Wednesday.
A tocko lady does the horse sketches In
PuncA now. She is a pupil of John Leech.
A sill Is proposed In lb California Le
gislature to make State dues payable In
Oer. Orart was In Avgutta, Georgia, on
WednMday, and was to leave for Alabama
Smash up on the Oswego and Rom (N.Y.)
Railway yesterday. One killed; two teri.
ouily wounded
CALiroRRiA Is moving for a railway to the
State line, from Ban Francisco via Son Blcgo
to connect with the Pacifid road.
The only thing the recent hurricane out
West left undisturbed was a house In Peoria,
which is very heavily mortgaged .Boum
Mr. Colfax, in his Journey to California,
gathered tome interesting coal-facts.
Bar Fraxcuco was tremulous with An
other small earthquake on Wednesday
The steamer Cottage burst her boiler in
the Kanawha rirer on Monday, Two killed;
several wounded.
Mnt. Wins, widow of the late JUxnr,
having appeared in her own proper person
before a msgistrate, makea oath that the
statement that she attempted to convey poi
son to the decedent Is false.
Cotto.1 stealing is the prevailing disorder
at the South. Ten thousand bales hare been
spirited away from the Mobile and Ohio rail
way, and half as many from Columbus, Mis
sissippi, and from Macon, Georgia.
One of the most exquisite mistakes of the
printer we remember to hare seen occurred
in a morning cotemporaryyesterday,ln which
Wlntcrhalter's picture of A "Child Blowing
a Feather" was transmogrified to s "CkiU
Blaming a Father!"
The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons of Pennsylvania has chosen the fol
lowing officers, who will be Installed on next
Saturday: Grand Master, Lucius II. Scott;
Deputy Grand Master, John L. Goddard;
Senior Grand Warden, Richard Vaux; Junior
Grand Warden, Robert A. Lamberton; Grand
Treasurer, Peter Williamson; Grand Secre
tary, William II. Adams.
Yesterdat, being Thanksgiving Bay,
was passed by the denizens and citlsens of
this metropolis in their usual staid and
proper manner. But a private dispatch
from Boston Informs us that the State eon.
stabulary failed to accomplish its purpose,
and that in the evening many persons were
slewed, with great oarnage.
Ir the present State government of Louls
tana, high in office, Is a gentleman who has
within six months confessed to having cob
ored blood in his veins. Hadn't the Louts.
lana Legislature better exercise its olfactory
organ and smell him ont? What can the
country hope for If negro equality goes on at
this rate'
A little live-year old girl, who was robbed
of every article of wearing apparel by Ear
ly's troops, while seated upon the parlor floor
one day last week busily engaged in dressing
a doll, musingly asked, "Mamma, are there
any rebels here now ?" "No, my dsar," was
the reply. "Well, mamma," eays Toddle-
kin, "I wonder what the rebels did with all
our clothing when they turned Union ?"
Tut Tribmu'i unholy alliance with tho
Woods to , "run a copperhead or Mayor,"
thereby defeating Ibe Union candidate, is
the latest faux van. The cbsgrin of the loyal
people of the country that New York city la
lost to us by the defection of our men, under
tho lead of the 7ioiin, Is universal. For
unapproachable skill in tnarplottug and mis
managing glie us Horace Greeley.
Ir Boston, on Wednesday evening, John
Gallagher, who, It ! represented by the re
porter, keepe a drinking house but which
we decline to believe, for we have been ad
vised that no such places are permlttod to
exist In that moral town had a difficulty
with somebody, fired a pistol, the ball of
which killed a young Mr. Collin, who was
walking on the other side of the street with
a lady companion. Mr. Gallagher passed the
night in Jail.
Gertlehen who ue "Solace" when tbej
ehew the cud of reflection will observe, pos
sibly with a feeling of nausea, that in soma
parts of Italy the boxes are placed Just in
side the theatre entrances for the reception
of the remnant of cigars which are smoked
during the acts, when the visitors rally out
to the adjacent cafes for a few minutes. The
cigar-ends thus preserved, are afterwards
collected, cut up finely, mixed with other
tobacco, and distributed amongst the aged
and other poor In the asylums and refuge
for the Indigent.
We would intorm our readers that the bill
before Congress to examine into the numer
ous disasters and wrecks which have lately
occurred on the Jersey coast, has no refer
ence whatever to the stranding of the old
iocofoco hulk on the 7th of November last.
The wreck of the Bemocratle party was not
the fault of Barnegat, but from the fact of
the concern being too heavily coppered, and
from over weight of the metal, sank. It was
a total lots of cargo and crew, without in
surance. The community at large suflered
nothing by the event.
Henry 'Want needier lu the House of
:rtxitr Stbsbt, above g, f
mums, I. O.Dee. 7, 1M1. J
To th Ed Uor of fat National Republican.
The Congrettlontl reporteri In ttveral In
tltncet rnWandcritood tbt rttolatloa of Mr. Gab
hilo, on Wtddttdty The pablle meeting of
the Amerlctn Freedinen'e Aid Communion will
be held ou Wedne.dty evening, Itctmler IS,
160.1, end not on the 131b of Jtnntry at rtporttd.
Addreiiei will be delivered by Bltbop Smrion,
the pretldtnt of tht Commission, and by Iter.
Ilsnav Wab BllCEia. To protect the audience
agtlnct a crowd, tht admlttlon will be only lu
flcteO, which ctn be had fret) upon ipplicttioa
at the otlce of tht Commlt.lon, 414 Fourteenth
ttrttt, above G. Tbey will be ready on Taetdty
morning at tan o'clock.
Tht Boor of tbt Home will be reterved for
members of Congee", tbt Frttldtnt and Cabinet,
Jndgei of the Supreme Coort, and general offl
cere of Ibe army. The gtlltry of tbt Dtplomttlo
Corpi will bt rtttrvtd exelntlvely for membere
of tke corpt aad ptriooi accompanying tktm,
and will be fret to them without tlckcti.
Jams , iirRii 111x7,
FOOIt O'CXrOCag. X. M.
MTXHRArilC. a,
The-Fhlladelpht North American says
This mesial e la a document of marked
ability, and In all the parts of It which do
not merely rurnisn a resume or the depart
mental reports, it will challenge the admira
tion of the publlo far and wide.
The Cincinnati Oatetithu the following:
There it nothing In this the portion of the
message relating to reconstruction antago
nistic to the policy already indicated by
Congress, but the reverse
The message, as a whole, will, we feel con
fident, be approved by the supporters of the
Administration generally, both in and ontof
The Chicago RtpMiean (0. A. Daxa)
says 1
The message of the President of the United
States was read yesterday in Congress, and
it will be received by the country with that
respect and attention which It Is officially
entitled to, and with that satisfaction which
Its high patriotism and frank statesmanship
will extort from honest men of all parties the
world over.
Upon the whole, we think the country, in
view of the doubts and uncertainties of the
past six months, will feel very grateful for
the message. It is exceedingly well written,
ana oeirnye luni earnest tnougnt ana dellb
eratlon which it characteristic of the Presl.
dent. It will prove more gratifying because
of the total absence of any spirit of resist
ance or defiance to the well-known wishes of
the people In the matter of reconstruction.
and because, therefore, It promises the ut
most harmonr between the Executive and
the National Legislature.
The Richmond Sentinel declares that
"the message U in most respects what it was
expected to be " "It is not to as; It was
sent to Congress." It will doubtless be
cause of unceasing agony to the President
that he did not address his message "To the
editor of the Sentinel."
The Concord (N. II.) Democrat says:
" It is a frank and candid statement of
facts and views, showing an honest heart and
an upngnt purpose."
The New York World tayi "President
Joiuisor's message is notquite free from In
consistency." The Boston Journal says:
The message Is creditable to the head and
heart of Andrew Johnson. It is a sufficient
tribute to his sincerity of character to say
that It Is, in its leading positions and general
tone, Just about what most people had an
ticipated, thus baffling a few enthusiasts, on
the one hand, who had Indulged the notion
that the President would acknowltdge his
reconstruction policy a failure, and Recom
mend the substitution of severer measures;
and a few mischief-making alarmists, on the
other, who have long been busy In predicting
a fierce quarrel between the President and
the majority of tho Administration members
of Congress.
The Wheeling Intelligencer says the mes
stge is an unusually clear and well-written
The Philadelphia Daily NtK$ observes
"However men may differ with regard to
tome of the views presented, It will not be
denied that the paper throughout is pervaded
by a tone of dignity and calm seriousness
which Indicates deep reflection and a pro
found sense of the solemn responsibility
which at the present time rests upon the
Chief Magistrate of the great Republlo of
our western continent"
The Outside Congress.
This large and Intelligent body Is composed
altogether of Southern meo-bers, most of
whom mistook Washington for Richmond,
and are decidedly out of "soundings." It
has all the elements of a deliberative body ex
oept occupation and organisation. It is fer
tile with Senators, Representatives, and ter
ritorial delegates. Owing to the somewhat
stupendous hotel tariff of Washington, the du
ration of the outside Congress is "sllghtnally"
dubious. It is a perambulatory affair; gen
erally tin, standing, and holds Its principal
session at Willards. When it adjourns it
will, if it can, adjourn to meet at the Capi
tol. It has one advantage over the inside
Congress, it is not subject to the pressure of
the lobby or the hopeless persecutions of the
'button-holer," Its honorable members are
painfully suffering from a terrible repression
of eloquence. Long years having elapsed
since their rhetoric has been vented in this
locality they are naturally anxious to try
their art again at "soaring the great eagle."
Their principal grievance therefore is not
that the Congress has shut them out but has
cruelly and heartlessly shut their mouths.
We say,ln all kindness to our outside friends,
"wait for the wagon, there's a, good time
Kentucky, Out Kentucky!"
The Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky Is
a candidate for the United Etatos Senate.
In furtherance of his operations he addresses
a discourse to the people through the news
papers, in whloh he says:
"Nor will I, as her (Kentucky) representa
tive, if it falls to my lot to give the casting
vote, degrade her by voting for the Constitu
tional amendment, if all the bayonets from
Maine to the Rio Grande were pointed at
my throat to enforoe oompllanoe,"
We can imagine Gov. Brarlxtte reading
this remarkable message of his Lieutenant.
An Irlthraan's hors kicked up and smashed
the da?h-board one day. "Ah "' says Pat,
"Is that ye're at ! If it's yerself Is goin to
get In, I'll be either getting out."
Three Mor Statee for the Anti-Slavery
We hare the announcement by telegraph
to-day that the Legislature of Georgia has
ratified tho anti-slavery amendment. The
Senates of Oregon and California have done
likewise. The lower branches of the Legls
latures of those States will follow suit. To
tal for ratification, thirty States.
A cortertior of soldiers and sailors of
Maryland, who served in the late war, was
held at Baltimore on Wednesday. A dele
gation was present from the Washington
League. The convention endorsed the pres
ent registration law of Maryland.
The Senatorial contest in Iowa waxcth
warm. A dispatch says Hon. Jonx A. Kas
bun and Oen.W. L Vardever are among the
Irtirxal Rrvrrue Receipts The re
ceipts reported to-day at the Internal Rare
nue Burean amounts to $1,420,000.
Tde total valuation of property In the
territory comprising the State of West Vir
ginia in 1B60 was (98,123,877. The est!,
mates for the new valuation amount to
Major Pinter Ardiebor, of Gen. Han
eoek'a staff, wae tblt moralag brevetted Lieut.
Charles 0'Corror, Esq., of New York,
arrived In town tkls morning.
Major Geh. Frederick Steele arrived
at Wlllard's this moralag.
r CarlSciiuri, late Major General of the
ualted Statee volusteers, hae taken charge of the
aewibareaaotlheKew York Trtbunt la this
L. A. WniTRLT, Esq., formsrly Washing
ton correspondent of the riew York Herald, bae
resumed the practice of law In tkte city.
Capt. J, J, Horr, Commissary of Sub
sliteaee, and bow eupertntendent of freednen at
Alexaadrla, hit beea breveted a major for rong
continued tad merltorlotti ttrvlce Averyju
dlcloat brtvtt, we may remark.
Second Auditor's Annual Report.
The annual report of the Second Auditor
shows the amount of work performed in his
office to be greater than in any previous
The number of money accounts settled Is
10,774, embracing an expenditure of $158,
040,S05.05, of which $14,047,699.35 has been
paid to the heirs of deceased and to dis
charged soldiers; $39,102,300.81 on account
of the Ordnance Department; $7,988,839.21
on aceount of expenses of enrolment and
draft, recruiting, and collecting, drilling,
and organising volunteers; $90,094,847.48
on account of the Pay Department; $3,231,
449.10 on account of Indian aualrt; $3,098,-
533.19 on account of the Medical and Hos
pital Department; $101,911.01 for supplies,
transportation, and care of prisoners of war;
$311,010,03 on account of contingencies of
th Armyi and the balance on account of
miscellaneous claims.
There have been examined and adjusted
during the year, 103,429 property accounts;
5,995 requisitions registered and posted, em
bracing over $425,000,000, for the payment
of troops, war accounts, Ac.; and 38,904 cer
tificates from the pay-rolls furnished to the
Pay Department and the Commissioner of
The number of claims and letters concern
ing them, received, briefed, and registered,
li upwards of 170,000, and the number of
letters written and sent out from the office,
upwards of 300,000.
In addition to the foregolDg.varlous statis
tical statements and reports, some of them
very large and voluminous and involving
much time and labor, hare been prepared
and transmitted from the office,
The report closes with an earnest appeal
that some action may be taken to afford more
room and facilities for the proper disposition
and arrangement of the vast accumulation -of
claims and accounts on hand and constantly
increasing, for the want of which the office
has suffered great embarrassment during the
past four years.
Hew York Stock List.
(ByTelegraph to Lewie Jobntoa A Co.
anw Yoax, Doe. 81.0 r. h.
V. 8. 1881 Coupon 0't.. ,
Do. do d-20'e. .
Do. ft'etO-40'eConpone.
niiioon mate oe
Caatoa Company
Conberland Coal Co.Prtftrrtd
Qalektllver kilning Co
Mtw York Cenlrni Ballroid ,
Xrit Bitlwiy..., ,,
IlndtoaBlver Ballroed
Blading Kallroad
Michigan Ctntrtl Btllroad
Mich, go, andN. Indiana Kallrotd...
" " ' " Ontrt'd.,..
Illlnolt Ctntrtl Blllroli
Cleviltad A Httibargk Ballroid....
Chtcito A N. Wttttrn Billroid
prtierrea.. ot
Cltrtllnd A Toledo Ballroid 104
Ckletgo tod B. Illtnd Rtllrotd 107Sj
PIIU, Ft, Wiynt, A Chlctgo Btllroid lerti
Ohio A HI11. CertlDcitte. 2s
Mlrlpota. Ill;
Gold, (MUp. m) 14 '
Commltteea of the Senate.
In the Senate on Wednesday the commit
tees were announced as follows :
Foreign Relations Mr. Sumner, chair
man; Doollttle, Harris, Henderson, Wade,
Davis, Johnson and Buckalew,
finance Mr. Fessenden. ohalrman: Sher.
man, Morgan, Cowan, Van Winkle, Williams
and untune,
Commerce Mr. Chandler, chairman; Mor
rill, morgan, Howe, Lane or Kansas; Foot,
Nesmlth and Doollttle.
Manufactures Mr. Sprague, chairman;
Dixon, Pomeroy, Riddle and Wright.
Agriculture Mr. Sherman, chalrmani
Lane 0 Kansas, Grsswstl, Guthrie and
Military Affairs and the Militia Mr.
Wilson, chairman; Lane of Indiana, Howard,
Nesmlth, Sprague, Doollttle, and BrowD,
Naval Aflairs Mr. Grimes, chairman;
Anthony, Willey.iRamsey, Cragln, Nye, and
Judiciary Mr. Trumbull, chairman; Har
ris, Clarke, Johnson, Poland, Stewart, and
Post Offices and Post Roads Mr, Dixon,
chairman ; Ramsey, Conness, Buekalow,
Pomeroy, Van Winkle, and Anthony.
Publlo Lands Mr. Pomeroy, chairman;
Creswell, Stowart, Hendricks, Wright,
Grimes, and Harris.
Private Land Claims Mr. Harris, chair
man 1 Sumner, Howard, Williams, and
Indian Affairs Mr. Doollttle, chairman;
Lane of Kansas, Trumbull, Clarke, Norton,
Nesmlth, and Buckalew.
Pensions. Mr. Wilson, chairman; Lane oi
Indiana, Van Winkle, Foot, Stockton, Yates,
Buckalew, and Davis.
Revolutionary Claims Mr.Ramsey.chalr
man; Chandler, Wilton, Netmlth, and Wright.
Claims. Mr. Clerk, chairman; Howe, An
thony, Henderson, Williams, Norton, and
District of Columbia. Mr. Morrill, chair
man; Wade, Wilier, Sumner, Henderson,
Yates, and Riddle.
Patents and the Patent Office Mr.Cowan,
chairman; Lane of Indiana; Poland, Norton,
and Guthrie.
Public Balldlngs and Orounds Mr. Foot.
chairman; Brown, Trumbull, Grimes, and
Territories Mr, Wade, chairman; Lane of
Kansas, Yates, Norton, Nye, Crngln, and
On the Pacific Railroad Mr. Howard,
ohalrman; Sherman, Morgan, Conness,
Brown, Yates, Cragln, Ramsey, and Stewart,
To Audit and Control the Contingent Ex.
penses of the Senate Mr. Brown, chairman;
Lane of Indiana, and Sumner.
Engrossed Bills Mr. Lane of Indiana,
chairman, Sumner, and Willey.
Mines and Mining Mr. Conness, chair
man; Stewart, Chandler, Morgan, Creswell,
Buckalew, and Guthrie.
Joint Committee on Printing On the part
of the SenateMr. Anthony, chairman;
Brown, and Riddle.
Joint Committee on Enrolled Bills On
the part of the Senate Mr. Nye, chairman,
Howe, and Cowan.
Joint Committee on the Library On the
part of the Senate Mr. Howe, chairman,
Howard, and Fessenden.
In North Carolina. John Poole, tald to be
a Union man, hoi been eleoted United Statea
W. W. CLArr btoomei editor of the Boiton
by raattiijaiiAi'ii
The Spanish Government Backs
Out or the Chilian Affair.
The Spanish Admiral Ordered to Suspend
Halifax, Dec. 8 The steamship Asia,
from Liverpool on the 25th via Qaeenstown
on the 2oth, has arrived.
LoxDO.1, Nor. 2) The Paris correspond
ent of the dole says tho Spanish Ministry
have decided to back out of the Chilian af
fair, and the Spanish Admiral has been or
dered to suspend operations.
Stephens, the Fenian and head centre of
Ireland, has not yet been recaptured,
LtVEnroOL, Nov. 24. Commercial Cot
ton sales to-day 7,000 bales; market closing
unchanged. Breadstuff! dull. Provisions
LlVEaroot, Nor. 21 Evening. Console
closed at 89)a891 for money. U S. 6-20'a
64a4i. Illinois Central 82a83. Erie
The steamship Columbia, from New Or
leans, arrived at Havre, and the steamship
Bonllls at Bordeaux.
Rftitdall Hunt Nora In at til for Senator
Niw OtiLXAvfl. Deo. 8 The House of
KepresentatlTei pauea toe Kenate re eolation
agalnit the recognition of Hahn and Cutler
aa Senator. In the Houie the tpeclal com
mittee reported against the constitution of
1864, and presented a bill for calling s con
Tenttonon the 4th of January. The Gov
ernor was not inaugurated on the 3d on ac
count of Illness.
Randall Hunt was nominated for United
Statea Senator. A Senator will be elected
on Friday.
The Matamoraa Rawkero congratulates
the cltlsena on the defeat of the besiegers.
It also saya that several leading Liberals on
the frontier have accepted Maximilian's am
nesty. Receipts of cotton at Shrereport were fall
ing off, in consequence of scarcity and de
cline In prices.
At Jefferson, Texas, the head of the Red
river navigation, there are 12,000 boles of
cotton on hand, and about twenty thousand
more are to come in.
Passengers who left New York on the 30th
arrlred this morning via Mobile.
George W. Gale, who offered one hundred
thousand dollars for the assassination of Lin
coln, has glren bond at Montgomery to ap
pear when called for.
8 teamen. pa Arrived
New York, Dec. 8 The steamship
United States, from New Orleans on the
29th, and the steamer Vergo, from Savan
nah on the 3d, hare arrlred.
New Tork Market
New York, Deo. 8. Flour, wheat, and
com doll. Cotton dull. Reef quiet. Pork
firm. Lard and whisky dull.
. RvH.tiica Cars Through tue Streets sr
Stkam. The ckm agalovt the Onega tud Alex
andria RallroaH Companj waa returned thfa af
ternoon, before Joetlee Walter, ta the Criminal
Court room, at the CUr Hall.
Mr. Joiepa H Bradley, Jr., appeared far the
Corporation of Wmblngton, and itr. W, B,
Webb, A. O. Riddle, and Joieph U. Stewart for
the Orange aad Alexandria rallruad, and General
Welle for the Waahlngtou aud Alexandria road.
It will be remembered that thle cne wat com
menced on Taeday evening lat, when never al
wltaeuiea were examined, after wli ch tt wae
adjourned until tula afternoon. The cuae la on
a warrant against John Shulta, Jamee. Dojle,
Robert Illnimao, and L. J. ULlbert, employee!
of the Orange and Alexandria railroad, who were
arrested on the train some dare ago and brongbt
before Justice Walter for running the trains
through the streets.
The flrat wttneps examlood this afternoon was
the Hon. B. B. French, Commltelouer of l'ublle
Building, for the defence, who leetlHed that he
thought tbe trilni ran alow enough for anyone
to get away. Always heard the bell ringing and
blowing of whittle as they came around the
carve at the foot of Capitol Hill.
W, V. Montgomery teatlfled that he wae In
charge of the railroad bridge acroaa the Potomac.
Coming np the grade between the bridge and
Eleventh street the trains ran aboat six rmlea an
hour; from there to the Baltimore depot a man
could walk aa fait ae the trains ran. A red flag
was displayed lathe day time, aud belle rung;
at night, lantern were displayed. Did not see
any flag before the 16th of jiovember.
Dr. James E. Morgan, for the proaecutlon, tes
tified that he had an office next door to Maryland
avenue and Twelfth street. Since the 10th of
October train had not been ran eo frequent as
before. Aa far aa speed waa concerned the com
pany had managed It as well as any could. But
what was objected to waa running by a tea id,
causing horses to runaway, lie thought run
ning the cars through the elty by steam was pre
judicial tothe Uvea and health of the cltlsena. It
wa the uae of ateam which was generally com
plained of, and It was now a pnblle Inconve
nience and Injury.
By the defence: Witness thought to run the
care by steam through the streeta of any city was
a nultanc. Had seen aorae of the engineers on
the road blow the whittle when horaea would
paie them ao the horae would run off. Tula wa
complained of, and It wa stopped. For the naat
two years the cara had been run very alow while
the Government had charge of the road.
Capt. James L. McQulre teatlfled that he thought
the esglnee ran very slow over the road now;
wltneaa had walked as faat aa the cars ran al ng
the atrceta.
Col Welle remarked that at leaat foriy trains
Ssrdaypaseed through the city u( Koc better,
ew ork, and sixty five per day through the
streets of Ifewark, New Jersey.
Mr. Bradley remarked that If trains did pass
through other cities. It waa no reaaon why they
hould run through this city, and these compa
nies, had leglalailve sanction to run the train
through thoae cities, which thla company had
Norman Ilarlatoa had known the trains to run
slow after getting on thla side of the Long Bridge.
Waa night watchman on the Long Bridge, flags
were on the train daring the day, and lanterns
at night.
The testimony was here closed, and
Mr. Bradley, for the prosecution, aald this
Proceeding was inat.tatea at tue instance or the
oard of l'oltce Commissioner. The formalities
of a warrant and an Investigation bad been gone
through with; the parlies appeared, pleaded
and defended. The purpose of the warrant waa
to ascertain if a nuisance wa being committed
here. He called attention to the atatute of the
16th of July, 18ta, and read It.
The present company who were now running
ears over the road had leaaed the road from the
Washington and Alexandria Kallroad Company.
Mr Balaoread from the 12th vol. Statutes at
Large, page 603, granting certain prlvllegea to
the Washington and Alexandria Kallroad Com
pany, which forbid aald company to run car by
ateam through the streets of Washington orover
the Long Bridge without flrat having obtained
the consent of Congress and the corporate
authorities of tbe city of Washington.
Also, regulating tbe speed to such rate aa tbe
authorities of Washington shall from time to
time prescribe. Be asked that suitable means be
adopted to prevent tbe recurrence of this nuis
ance. Col. Well. for tbe WaabinirtonaBd Alexandria
road, waa engaged In making the argame&t for
ha roid when our report closed,
A T.lfnr Mini 1m Annur . Ttiles mam.
t a colored man called Jim wait lato the store
of Mrs. Campbell, at the corner of Teeth andl
streete, and aaked for soma article for which the
lady had to go lu'the room back of the store.
While she was absent Jim took out the money
drawer, containing about $30, and ran off. llrt.
Campbell took a pistol and ran after Jim. About
a aan are from th place she overtook him, and.
with her pistol pointed towards him, marched
him back to the house, where she tied hie hand
and locked him up In a room until aa officer
came. She recovered her money drawer and alt
the money. Jim was taken to (be Second pre
cinct station house and locked up for trial.
"Across tor CoHTistKT.,'We are glnd
to announce that Hon. Schuyler Colfax wlUd.
liver hla very Interesting lecture, giving aa ae
rount of hi trip to tbe extreme West, la Wealey
Chapel, on Tuesday evening next. The lecture
Is full of valuable information concerning Brlg
hara Young and hla Mormonltes. of Oregon and
California, and especially of the mineral regions.
We advise our read era to secure their ticket
early, a, wherever this lecture has been dell v
ered, numbers have been unable to obtain ad
mittance on account of tbe crowd,
JovR5KrvE!f BooKBiRDins. A meeting
of the journeymen UookMndera Association waa
held ou Wednesday night, when the follow lag
named persona were elected i Theo. Walmiler,
president ; V Bishop, vlee president ; Thomas J.
fenlcke. recording secretary; Thomas Stewart,
financial cretary J Daniel McFarlan, treasurer ;
J. Knott, W Heck. J. A. Bailey, financial com
mittee, Messra. Walmtley, Tentcka, Stewart,
Mattloglv, and Laedrolght were elected dele
gates to the Worklagmea'e Convention,
A Prksxkt. Laat evening, about seven ),
o ciocK,a wniie maie cntiu aoom iwo aaye old
waa found at the door of Rev. Mr. Brown, In
Georgetown, No. IM Washington street. The
ehlld was neatly clad, and a piece of paper con
talnlng the following word waa plnaed to the
clothing x "Take earo of tbls child; It I respect
able, but Its mother la poor.' Tbe little fellow
was taken In by Mr. Brown, and properly cared
A Stabbixo ArrAiR.A fight oooarred
yesterday on Seventh street, near the Boundary,
between Baulet Stewart and William Brown,
during which Brown Inflicted a very bad wound
oo Stewart's left shoulder with a kelfe. Officer
Poole arrested Brown, and he was committed to
jail for court by Justice Walter.
BcrroSED to be Stock. Detectives
Kelly and Blgley, while searching a home yes
terday for stolen pro pttT. found a gold badge In
tbe shape of a MaUeie cross, bearing the Inscrip
tion: "Presented by President Lincoln to Mr a.
Major Ongt, 1802." The office ri took It to police
head quarters,
Bavitatit Reports Thirty-two eases of
nuisance were reported at Police Headquarter
thla morning to C. F. Crump, chief of saaltary
force. Thirteen warranta were served oa
Wednesday by the sanitary officers.
At the residence of J. C. Pumphrey, Esq ,of
Prince George county, Maryland, tn the 30th of
November, Maav Viautwu. daughter of Bev.W.
H, and Mary Francis JEvans, aged five years and
Ave months.
taT-To Members of Congress and
Othik Every description of JOB PRIlTTINtJ
executed promptly at the Old Stand, (late Oldeon
k re arson,) 611 Ninth atreet, near Pennsylvania
avenue, over office of the ltaviowiL RsrtreLiois.
J09. L. pgAKSOIt,
defl.fltd Book and Job Printer.
ar-A Special Mecflnsr of the Work
ing men' Convention will Te held on THIS
(Friday) EVES I HO, December 8, at German
Hall, Eieveeth atreet west, between V and O
streets north. All delegates are requested to b
present. By order of tbe President. It
aV Calvary Baptist Church meet
every Sabbath In the Old Trinity Church, on
Fifth street, between E and Louisiana avenue.
Service at 11 a, m. and 7 W p. m. Seats free.
Kay. T. E. Howie tt, pastor. Janl6-tf
49 United Stntta Sanitary Co mm la-
sios. Cbitbil Orricx, Washixutov, D. C , No
vember 1. 18&3. All peraone who may hold un-
settled claims of any kind against the Sanitary
Gommlaaloa are requested to present the ume
for adjustment to the General Secretary, at the
Central Office of tbe Commission, without delay.
no3mwf2m General Secretary.
J- Wonderfully Strang. Madam.
M, U. PBBEEdAULT.who has astonished the
scientific clasaea of Parte and London, has now
eirmanentlr located herself at Albany, H.Y.
adame Perregault, by tbe aid of her wonderful
Instrument, known aa the Horoscope, guarantee
to produce a llfe-llke picture of th future hus
band or wife of the patron, together with the
date of marriage, leading trait of character, oc
cupation, etc. This Is no humbug, aa thousands
of testlmontsls can assert. She will send, when
deslrod, a written guarantee that the picture Is
what It purport to be. By atatlng age, height,
complexion, color of eyes aud hair, and enclos
ing 00 cents and stamped envelope, addressed to
yourself, you will receive the picture by return
mall. Address
P. O. Drawer 302, Albany, H. T.
19 To Con euro ptlTea. The) uuder-
algned having beea restored to health In a few
weeks, by a very simple remedy, after bavlr
Buffered several years with a severe lung affec
tion, and that dread dlseaae. Consumption, la
anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferers
the means of cure.
To all who desire It, he will send a copy of
the prescription used, (free of charge,) with th
directions for preparing and using the same,
which they will find aturt cure for Coxsmr
tioit, Asthma, Baoxcnms, Corona, Colds, Ao,
The only object of the adaertlaer In sending tho
Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted, aud spread
Information which he conceives to be Invalua
ble; and he hope every sufferer will try hi
remedy, aa It will coat them nothing, and may
Parties wishing the prescription will pleas
address, REV. EDWARD A. WlLSOIf,
Wllllamsburgh, Kings County,
oeM-Smdiw Kew Tork,
-OVDr. II. Anders Iodine IVaterAu
Invalttablt Dtocowrv A FdllGbaix of Iodine
In each ounce of Water, DUiolvtU tolthut a
Solvent The most PowxartTL Vitaliiixo Aoxxt
and Rxstorativb known ScaoruLA, Salt
Rhiith, CAxcxas, Rheumatism, CoxstTMmox, and
many Chronic and Hereditary Disease, are cured
by it use, ae thousand can testify. Circular
sent free. Price tjil per bottle, or 6 for A
Dr. H. ANDERS A CO., Physicians and Cham
late, 423 Broadway, New York. Bold by Drng
gists generally. oct23-3mdAw
.3-lron In the Illood. Th Peruvian
Syrup supplies the Blood with lta Lira Klimixt,
IRON, lufusinir Stsixuth. Viuob. and New Lira
Into the whole system. For DrarxraiA, Daorsv,
Cbrorio DuaaHoiA, Dbdilitt, Fbxalb Wxak
mbmis. etc., It Is a specific. Thousands hav
been chimytd by th tue o thU tntUlotntrom
weak, sickly, sufftrtny creatures, to strong,
luatihy, andttupjty msn and womm.
A 32 page pamphlet sent I)re.
Price $1 per bottle, or for W.
J. P. D1NSMORE, SO Dey at., New Tork.
Bold by druggists generally, oc23-3mdstw
4EarCouuinillon. Scrofula. Rheuma
tism. Ac 11EIH.EMAN i CO'S Genuine Medl
clnalCod Liver OU has proved, by twenty year
experience, the most valuable remedy In use,
a while It cures the disease, It gives strength
and flesh to the patient Warranted pure aad
made from Fresh Livers. Sold by Druggists
generally. HEOEMANA CO.,
uoemiais ana uraggisia,
nol3-dkw3m New Tork.
-J" Chapped I laud a aud Face, Bore
Lips, Chilblains, &c HEGEMAN k CO'SCam-
thor Ice, with Glycerine, cures Chapped Hands,
ln..tl..l. .J Mill l... Ik. .1.1- ..ai
aa,u. , atusjsvuisaiQi , eauu nee noeis iu SaalU Suit
and smooth la the coldest weather. Sold br
Druggist. Price S3 cents. Sent by mail for ft
Chemists and Druggists,
New Tork.
-Twcnty-flve Cents to Save Twenty-five
Dollars. HEQEMAN'S Concentrated
Pauslne reuovus Paint, Grease Spots, Ac, In
stantly, aud cleans bilks, Ribbons, Gloves, Ac. ,
equal to new, Only 23 cents per bottle. Sold
by Druggists. nEGEMAN A CO.,
Chemists and Druggists,
nol3-diw3m New Tork.
- The Ilrldal Chamber, an ICasay of
Warning aud Instruction for Young Men. Also,
new and reliable treatment for Diseases of th
Drinary and Sexual Systems. Sent free, la
.i..i.-...i..-- ijj.... rn t iviiVim
eaieu eui ejavisva, jbvuuibjobj, isu at. paiisaiiM
nODOHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia
Pa mhSlT
atar Ueorostoirn The) 11 pu bit can
can b obtained every evening at the Book and.
Variety Btore of o, CRANDEtL, No. 129 BrUf e
Qtriit, Gtorgitowx

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