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lmu-ukli October 1 1M4.
wr wnoLi life shall bi dibictxd
towabds rsisiKViira Tni cniotr, ahd
Aanaaw Joaxeov freuMnotoie, April J0th,
Jonao, Pruidnt e s Cnlttd Statu April
rBucnoBi to take our forts, ahd cus
MriaiuL oop i would execute
TEEM " Aniiw Jo.aeoi, OK Pntisd
Etatu eJesiaf. Marsh Id. 1M1.
TPE3DAr:..;:::::.;:.DECEMBEB 19, 1885.
Senator, and Representatives can hare the
Diilt Rational Ripcilicah delivered reg
nlarly ud promptly At their residences, in
VTajpm, by ordering It through the Secre
tary of the Senate, tho Clirk of the Home of
Rapneantatlvse, or At tho office of tho Re
ruiLicm, No ill Ninth itroet, near Penn
sylvania ar.nuc.
When we firit read thii till, aa Introduced
Into tho Home by Mr. Wasbiubji. of 1111-
notf , we taxed oar memory and aaked all our
military friends whether inch a made had
ever existed in the armies of the United
Wo could neither recall It or hearof It, and
came to the conclusion that the phrase "to
retire" was of the same class as the nun.
ntzatun of Texas, so popular some years
ago. True, when Washington commanded
the armies of the Rerolution, before the
Constitution established the President as
Commander-in-Chief of the armies, he was a
General, and tho late Confederacy, wUhiog
to assimilate tnelr own to the cause of the
RoTolatlon, made that grade U their service
bad Imitation of a rood model became
they already had a Commander-in-Chief of
tnelr forces In their President, like ours.
After the adoption of tho Constitution,
however, when the country desired to be
stow upon Washington the highest military
grade, of which no one can bo more desert
ing; and after he had been twice elected
President and Commander-in-Chief, in view
of possible foreign war and domeitlc Insur
rection, the fathers of the republic called
him, the father or the country, to tho grade
of Lieutenant denerat only, assuming the
President and Commander-ln Chief to bo the
only constitutional general in the armies of
the United Sulci.
J ,It Is difficult to see why such a grade, with
such a precedent, should not satisfy the mil
itary ambition of any nun.
Resides, with an army of more than a mil
lion of men in the Held, a most gigantic war
had boon successfully ended under the com
mend of a Lieutenant General only, so that
It would seem that a peace establishment of
some Ifty thooiand men could hardly re
quire a higher grade for military reasons
We were constrained, therefore, to exam
Ine the bill to see the other purpoies for
wnicn It was proposed.
After proTldlng that the Preildent may
appoint some officer of the Army, with l
aids with the rank of Colonel of earalrr. It
f jrther provides that the Chief of Staff of
we present Lieutenant General shall be bod
lly transferred to the General, but the Gen
eral, unless tho present Lieutenant General
should be promoted, might not desire the
present Chief of Staff, who, however worthy
as an officer and gentleman, has had no mil
itary education, but has been brought up a
lawyer and a politician, one of a class or
persons heretofore not specially favored by
high officers of the Army In military post
lions. Tho bill does not abolish the grade of
Lieutenant General, and if the President
shall follow the rule of seniority In his ap
pointments of General and Lieutenant Gen
eral, as it is evidently Intended he shall, in
the oase of tho General, Major General Hal
lick will be raised to tho office of Lieuten
ant General as a reward for his brilliant ser
vices to the country during tho war a con
summation which might at least provoke
The bill, after providing that tho pay,
emoluments, and allowances of Lleutensnt
General shall bo Increased one halrthre
making the pay of tho General quite equal
to the pay of the President or the United
States, to say nothing of bis six aids with the
rank and pay of a colonel of cavalry, say
some $J,000 per year each, while tho Presi
dent and Commander In-Chief Is allowed a
stogie secretary, with the pay of $1,600 per
yearpropo.es that when the office of
Genera shall become vacant by death or
atuncut then the act shall expire and the
offioe bo abolished Ooe cannot escape tbo
conclusion, If they would, that the bill is
simply a personal one, fur this appears on its
fact as plainly as If it was written. A till
to raise tbo (alary of the Lieutenant Gen
era! and his staff until ho dies or Is elected
President of the United States, and then the
reasonable inference is that there is bo man
fit to become General after him.
Now we yield to no man In our full and
thorough appreciation of the ecrvlees rendered
to his country by the Lieutenant Genera, of
his abilities'; capabilities, and the reward be
ought to receive as a proper return for them,
and If we were the nearest and moit confi
dential friend of the Lieutenant General, as,
indeed, wo have the kindest relations with
him, for his sake we should advise that the
bill do not pass, and for these reasons It Is
already rumored the tours over the country
lately made by the Lieutenant General
which we doubt not were for proper pur
poses of military Inspection, although the
uncharitable say that there can be no more
of them, as the war Is endodhav been un
dertaken In order that tho office of General
might become Taoant "othtrtntf than by
death. Tet we have seen nothing which
could, by possibility, give so much authen
tlclty to these rumors as the provisions of
this bill introdoced by the member of Con
gress from his district In Illinois.
Now, the declaration of the L1t.nt. General
a few days since, at Raleigh, that he should
act with the Conservatives, and the advice
which he Is said to have given the President
since his Southern tour, that tho insurgent
Stales should bo Immediately admitted,
would seem to give color to tho suggestion
that the Democrats and Conservatives, rely
ing upon his military renown to bring tbelr
party out of the Valley of the Shadow of
Death and the Slough of Despond Into which
It has fallen, will adopt him as their candi
date. Bat we repudiate this altogether. We
cannot believe that General OnAXTwould act
from any such motives.
On the other hand, we are happy to think
that hla expression of political opinion and
his advice to the President are the actual re.
aulta of the Impressions made upon his mind
by his reception at Savannah and his confer
ence with Judge McGuatb and other distin
guished leaders of the rebellion In South
We shall expect to see Gen. OxAiit repudi
ate this 111 Judged movement of his friends,
and thus show that his hoad has not been
turned by the flatteries and laudations so
Justly bestowed upon him, but that the war
has left him the same simple he artedgenlle
man It found him.
We are gratified that the country heaps
upon htm all the honors that are due him
We give them freely, and he has received
honors enough, surely, to satisfy the grasp
ing ambition of a Cxsak, and we cannot be
lieve that he desires to play the roU either
of the first or second Napolxoi.
The "Cltj Authorities," so called, of
Washington have requested the voters there
of to assemble on Thursday next and rote on
the question of 4 colored suffrage' The
"Authorities" proper of this District, of
which Washington Is the principal part, are
the President and Congress The former
has declared by proclamation that all col
ored men are forever free, and both Houses
of Congress hare under consideration the
subject of conferring upon all male colored
persons of twenty-one years and orer, who are
not crimlnals.tbe right to rote in this District
Six thousand of these colored men have
signed their names to petitions to Congress,
aeklng the right to rote, and it is as well
known by the municipal "authorities'1 of
Washington as by any other class of citizens
that Congress will probably confer the right
asked for, upon the basis which President
Johnson says he would confer It In Tennes
see, If he was there. Knowing this, the
"municipals" are undertaking to flank
the forthcoming act of Congress by
the farce of an "election," so called, at
which we have no doubt all the men now in
this city, who a few-months ago were point
ing rebel bayonets at the breasts of loyal
men, will cast a jrote against the rlght-of
franchise to the ilx thousand intelligent col
ored loyalUtl jeferred to above, many of
whom, though they bared their breasts to
the storm of rebel bullets for the sake of the
Union and to aave this capital, will not be
permitted to vote
Such an election Is a farce '
We call upon all those In favor of suffrage
AO the colored men In this city to stay away
from the polls on Thursday next. Let the
sympathising friends and supporters of the
lite barbaric system of human slavery show
their strength. Others should keep away
Thank Qod the "peculiar Institution11 has
not only been "crushed out" by force of
loyal arms, but by the rotes of three-fourths
of all the States the crushing process has
been sanctioned, and the official edict of the
Secretary of State, which appears, authori
tatively, elsewhere In our columns to-day, Is
the crowning act necessary to the Constitu
tional provision declaring that "neither
slavery nor Involuntary servitude"
"shall exist within the United States, or any
place mltject to their j it nidtction '
The "election' announced for Thursday,
is lor the purpose of reviving and keeping
alive the spirit of slavery In this District
We meet the question squarely and promptly,
and declare our earnest opposition tall We
shall do in the future as we have done in the
past all that we can do to destroy slavery
whenoer and wherever It shows its infernal,
devilish, Qod-defylngheod
We are against It Against It all the time
Against it upon principle Against It from
Wo say again, to all those In favor of
granting the right of suffrage to colored men
In this city, to stay awoy from the polls on
To go tUfiift-ia an insult to the President,
to Coogressrnd to the noble Army of the
Union who fought and bled and died that It
might be saved
Let Congress reconsider Us action of fpe
clal assignment yesterday, act promptly be
fore the holidays, and give suffrage to the
colored men of this District
California "Comes up with tho Wagon
Cmaiuanea Vs.. 10 1)u.1li.. .ll
fjlng conititutlonl amendment abolishing
ilarei-y finally ptuiet the Bute LegUUture
Union of Prce4miu'i Ateof Utloni.
Nett- York, Deo 19 At the recent joint
leulon of the. American Freed m en j Aid
Commission and the American Union Com
mission, held at the Chaubef of Commerce,
It was unanimous. oteJ to unite the two
commissions In one. Bishop filmpson was
chosen President of the new united com ml a
sion; Dr Thompson, Vice President; and J.
R Bheppard and Mr. Abbott, Secretaries.
naltlmor Market.
Baltimore, Dec. 19 -.Flour Inactlre;
higher grades firm Seeds iteadj, Clover
$3 25 Wheat firm, red $2 40, white $2.70
a$2 75 Corn declined la2 cents, white 01;
yellow 84. Oats scarce at 63 cent. Supers
drooping. Whiskdull at 2 31a2 32. Pro
visions neglected.
New York aiarketa.
New York. Deo. 10 Cotton dull at 49a
50c. Flour. Wheat, and Corn dull. Beef
steadr. Pork hearr. Lard and Whlskr
dull. '
From Fort Monroe.
FoRTftEis Moxsoa. Dec 10.The steamer
General Sedgwick, from Mobile, with a canro
of cottcn for New York, put In here short of
New York Stock List.
By Telegraph to Lewis John on A Co
ISew Yobk, De. 10 l.M r m
V 8 1S81 Coupon 0' , 107U
Do. do tV20a. 103
Do iVilO-Ws Coupons 03
rertlflsttes of I a deb led net tr7
Qalckillver Mining Co 46
Erie milwty oj;j
II ad son River IUllroid 103
Uoftdlng Railroad 1CW-V
Mlcnlgin On trl Railroad 115JJ
Mich So and K Indiana Railroad 7.3
Cleveland b P tuborgh railroad..... SSU
Chicago AX Western Railroad 3?
" " ' preferred., 62
Hereland A Toledo Railroad 112
Chicago and R Ulaod Railroad 1075;
P1U-. Fi Wayne. A Chicago Railroad VK&
Ohio A Wis CertlficatM 2S2
Mariposa. ,.113
aId,(p.m )
Ofllclal Co rrr spoil (l en ce.
Exkcttivb DEnmiisT, bocra CaaoLiirA, )
Dee , IMA, (
To his kxctlUney Governor Orr.
Mr Dear bin I received, two weeks
slnoe, a telegram from the lion W II Sew
ard, becretary of State. In relation to the
repudiation of our war debt, In the following
words "Upon reflection. South Carolina
would not care to come again into the coun
cil of the Union encumbered and charged
with debts and obligations which had been
assumed In her name In a vain attempt to
suovert iw ine rresiaeni irusis sne will
lose no time in making an effective organic
declaration, disavowing all debts and obliga
tions made or ojsumedln her name or behalf.
In aid of the rebellion The President awaits
further events in South Carolina with deep
In reply to this dispatch, I stated that it
was Impracticable now to make any such or
ganlo declaration, as our State convention
had been dissolved, by my advice, after bar
ing done all that the President had requested
to be dune, and that I was opposed to keep
ing a revolutionary body, like that of the
convention, in existence longer than absolute
necessity required
I further stated that our war debt was a
rery small one, and could not be separated
from the ordinary expenses of the State, that
South Carolina had been refunded by the
Confederate States a large portion of her ex
penditures on account of the war, and that
no one in this State had any right to com
plain of being taxed to par this debt at tbey
were all guilty in Incurring it, and stated,
moreover, that the estates of widows and
orphans had been inverted In this debt, as
the safest Investment which could be made
for them, and that it would now be (treat in-
Jutioe to this innocent and helpless class to
uisavow me aeoi.
Yesterday I had the honor of receiving the
following communication from Mr. Seward
through the mall
DirAaTHiftT op Stats, )
WAaaHMiTOM, Hot 30, IMA f
To Hit Excel Unci It t Ptrry, J'rotltional
Governor qfthe btatt of HvXh Uaruthut.
Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the
receipt of your telegram of the 27th Inst , In
forming me that as the convention had been
dissolved It was Impossible to ndopt the
President's suggestion to repudiate tho in
surgent debt, and to Inform you that, while
the objections which you urge to the adop
tion ot that proceeding are of a serious na
ture, the President cannot refrain from
awaiting with interest an official expression
upon that subject from the Legislature
I bare the honor to be, your obedient ser
vant, W11 II Spward.
You will please lay this communlnatlon
before the Legislature for their action in
reference to the official expression which the
President Is awaiting with interest
lour excellency's most obedient servant,
Provisional Governor of South Carolina.
DapaBtmsxt or State,!
Wian.JWTOir, Dsembr 18, 1865
To lit Kj-rnlUnty Lewi h Purmiu. Provt
tmal Gtttrnur of tht State of Alabama,
Montaomrru. AVifjama
Sib The time has arrl.od when, In the
judcuent of the l'resldeut of the United
Mates, tne care ana conduct or 1110 proper
anairs ot tne btate ot Alabama may te com
mitted to the constitutional authorities
chosen by the people thereof, without danger
to me peace ana saiety 01 me unuea mates
Br dlroctlon of the President, therefore,
you are rollered from the trust which was
heretofore reposed In you as Prorlslonalflor
ernor of the btate of Alabama. Whenever
the Governor elect shall have accented and
becomes qualified to the dlsohargo of the
duties 01 tne Executive omce, you win trans
fer the papers and property or the Htate now
in your custody to bis Excellency the Gov
ernor elect. It gives me especial pleasure to
convoy to you the President's acknowledg
ment of the fidelity, the loyalty and the dis
cretion which huvo marked your administra
tion. ou will iJease elre me a reply specifying
the day on which the communication Is re-
I have the honor to be your Excellency's
most obedient servant, W, II. Seward,
Departmkxt or Htatk, (
WASHitfftTOV.D C .Dec IS, JbflJ
Sin By direction uf the President, I hare
the honor herewith to transmit to you a copy
of a communlLation which has bee,n ad
dressed to his Excellency Lewis E Parsons,
late Provisional Governor of Alabama.where.
by he has been relievedof thetrustheretofore
reposed In hiui and directed to deliver Into
your Excellency's possession the papers and
property relating to those trusts
1 h& e the honor to tender you the co op
eration of the Government of the United
State), whenever it may be found necessary,
in effecting the early restoration and the per
manent prosperity and welfare of the State
over which you have been called to preside
I have the honor to be, with great respect,
your most obedient servant,
Secretary of State.
The President, in response to a resolution
of the Senate asking for Information con
oernlng the present condition of (he people
or the South, sent a tne scare to the Senate
to-day transmitting to that body a copy of
General Graht'i, report of bis, recent trip to
South Carolina, giving his opinion of the
condition of affairs In that and other south
ern States througa which he Raised, alio the
report of Major Peneral Sc&t&z'bn tht con
dltlon of the South. The crowded state of
our columns forbid the publication of either
of the reports referred to to dar.
In the House, this afternoor, Mr FAttts
worth, of Illinois, Introduced a resolution
Instructing the Cemmltte on Elections to
Investigate the facts In the case of B. O.
Harris, member from Maryland. nd to re
port what action the House shouU take In
view of his seditious practices.
WiLLUX Faxoy, Esq . Chief Clerk of the
Kavy Department, left town th's morning for
Hew York for a couple of days.
Col. J. K. O. Forrest has arrived In the
city and assomed control of the-correspondence
of the Chicago TMeffain, the parties recently
representing that journal having been dismissed
by Mr Mack, the publisher. Col. Forrest la a
gentleman of extensive acquaintance with the
leading men of the country, is an able writer,
and a reliable correspondent
Taa Late Mr. CoRw.ic.At three o'clock
this afternoon members of both branches of
Congress, cltitens of Ohio, and other friends
of the late Thomas Corwih, held a meeting
at the reception 'room of the Senate Cham
ber to take action relative to his memory.
Mr George R. Sage and wife, son-tn law
and daughUr of the deceased, arrived this
rirHt Hosalon.
Tuesday, December 19, 1805.
Mr Wilson offered a resolution calling
upon the Secretory of War for a detailed
statement of the numerical strength of the
regular Army tne number or officers and
men, wnere stationed, and now employed
Ac Adopted
Mr Lane, from the Committee on Pen
sions, reported a bill to amend a bill of last
session so as to Include those who bare served
In the Navy among those entitled to $20 per
momo pension lor me loss 01 notn leel.
Mr Anthony, from the Committee on
Printing, reported a resolution to print 3,000
copies of the Nary Register for the use of the
Mr. Grimes moved to amend, by striking
out 3,000 and Inserting 1,600 Amendment
adopted and resolution pasted.
Mr. Morrill Introduced a bill to Incorporate
the Potomac Navigation andTransportation
Company, which was referred to the Com
mittee on the District of Columbia.
Mr. Wilson introduced a resolution calling
upon the Secretary of War for Information aa
to the number of Major Generals and Briga
dier Generals of volunteers now in the serTic,
where stationed, how employed, etc. Passed.
Mr Anthony called up the House resolu
tion for the adjournment of Congress from
Wednesday noxt to tho 0th of January, and
moved to amend by inserting Thursday In
stead of Wednesday, and the 3d of January
Instead of the 9th. The amendment was
adopted and the resolution passed
Mr. Trumbull gave notice of a bill to en
large the power of the Freedmen's Bureau,
so as to secure freedom to all persons within
the Uulted States, and protect every Indi
vidual In the full enjoyment of the rights of
person and property and furnish him the
means of his vindication
Mr. Farnsworth offered a preamble, that
hcreai. In tht month of May last Benin-
mln Q. Harris, a Representative from the
fifth congressional dlstriot of Maryland, was
tried before a very respectable and in
telligent court-martial and convicted on
the charge and specification, to wit . a
violation of the fifty-fifth article of war,
to wit : with giving aid and comfort to
the publlo enemy and inciting them to
continue the war against tho United States,
declaring sympathy with the enemy and op
position to the Government of the United
States In Its efforts to suppress the rebellion;
all of which is inconsistent with the oath
taken as a member of this House, and
whereas it was proved at such trial that said
Harris, expressed his regret that the assassin
ation of President Lincoln came too late to
be of any use to the rebels, and at the same
time declared that Jefferson Davis was a great
and good man; and whereas the said court
seutenced said Harris, among" other things,
to be forever disqualified from hereafter
holding any office of honor, trust, or profit
under the United States; and whereas such
sentence was approved by the President of
the United States Therefore,
IUtolitd, That the Committee of Elections
be instructed to Inquire Into the facts of the
case, and report the same to the House, to
gether with suoh action as they may recom
mend, and to aid such Investigation they
have power to send for persons and papers
Tbo resolution was passed yeas 127, nays
Mr Waihburne, of Illinois, from the Com
mittee on Commerce, reported a bill declar
ing every railroad worked by steam shall
have the right to carry passengers, malls.
freight, and Government supplies from one
State to another and receive compensation
Mr O'Nell, of Pennsylvania, wanted the
bill reierred to tbe Committee on tneJudi
clary, as it Involved Important legal aues
tlons, but after some debate the bill was
Mr. Washburne. of Illinois, reported an
amendment to the Rules, providing for a new
committee, namely On Mines and Mining
A message was received from the Senate,
announcing the passage of the lid use resolu
tion, with an amendment, so as to adjourn
over irom inured ay next to tue tnird or J an
The House non concurred In the amend
ment, and asked a committee of conference,
Mr Wilson, from tbe Committee on the
Judiciary, reported back the bill proposing
an amendment to prohibit the payment of
tne reoei ueoi
Mr. Rogers opposed 10 much of the bill as
prohibited any btate from paying debts, but
agree 1 to that part which prohibited the
umtea btates irom paying tne reoei atot
The amendment resolution was passed
149 yeas to 11 nays
lNTntAL Revenuk Ueceipth this day,
$013,213 10
Geh Hauttun at the Capitol South
Carolina's most distinguished son, General
Wnde Hampton, was Invited to a seat in the
jAgtslature yesterday, wnicn no most grace
fully accepted. In a short, well-timed ad
dress taking the occasion to compliment tbe
nolle bearing and gallantry 01 Aianaina'i
soldiers during the late terrible conflict, nov.
hapntlv passed forever. He was cordially re
eel red and enthustastleallr welcomed
Montgomery Ala.) iuati IZfA,
Damp to-day .V.
Foisioitksui Dxanr Canterbury.
A coRtiiroKPfeftr allows that the present
Congress Is good looking, i
Toe Richmond Court of Conciliation has
been abolished.
Rrr. Mr. Spuroeo e pud lanes the Mil
lertU faith.
Tar Fenian brethren generally approve
Had Centre Stephens reconstruction policy.
The Canadian bank agencies west of To
ronto hare removed all their specie to safe
points eastward,
Cornelivs Cole has been elected to the
United States Senate from California to suc
ceed Mr McDougali.
Motto for the Fenian Headquarters Be
hold how these brethren lore one another.
Mr. B. Rodixso, a North Carolinian, has
come to grief which Is the Provost Mar
shal's Office by reason of seditious writing.
Tbe death of King Leopold, of Belgium,
will lead to some complications In European
Toe North Carolina Legislature adjourned
yesterday. No law was enacted, nor was
even a bill offered, for the government and
protection of freed men.
The disbursements of tho Depot Quarter
master's office in Baltimore, under the direc
tion of Col. R. M. Newport, amounted to
over eight millions of dollars last year.
At the American banquet In Paris on
Thanksgiving day, Minister JJlgclow ex.
pressed rery paolflo sentiments. And General
Schofleld proposed as a toast, "Friendship
between Franca and the United States."
Some unknown desperado attempted to
break the bank In the Kursaal, hj patting a
lighted bombshell under the, roug -s t-nvir
Me xi c ah correspondents set forth that the
appointment of General Logan as Minister to
the Republic, and General Grant's repeated
declarations on Mexican affairs, hare caused
much ferment in the Empire.
A Providksce hah wanted the city to pay
him $300 for Injuries received while passing
one of the streets, but the city preferred to
go to law about it, and a Jury has just
awarded the Injured man $5,500.
It Is reported In Paris that the rather
pepper-snappery young lady, Mrs. Endan
ger, nee Slldell, no longer cleaves to her
husband, but finds an asylum from wedded
woe at her father's house.
It Is stated that a card of Mr. James Ste
vens was dropped Into the letter-box of tho
Rlht Honorable the Attorney General on
the morning after the great Head Centre's
escape from Jail
The New York Citizen says: "Journal
ism is rapidly becoming; the great profession.
In some of the rural towns men are badly
paid, but there is no writer of marked ability
in New York who cannot command at least
fire thousand dollars a year.'
The director of the mint has made for the
Secretary of the Treasury specimens of dou
ble eagles, eagles, hair eagles, dollars, halves
and quarters, bearing the motto, M In God
we Trust." The Secretary approres the de
signs, and the coins named made hereafter
will bear this legend. Tho smaller coins do
not afford room for tho words.
C C. Dame, of Newburyport, has been
elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
Massachusetts, Gen. Wm Sutton, Senior
Grand Warden, Wyxeman Marshall, Junior
Grand Warden; John McLelUn, Grand Treas
uror, and Charles W, Moore, Grand Record
ing Secretary.
Tne old United States frigate St. Law
rence, which for a long- time has been naval
ordnance jftfip at Norfolk, has been put out
of commission, and her stores transferred to
the frigate Constellation. The former com.
mander of the St. Lawrenoe, Captain Ltd oh,
is ordered to report for duty at Philadelphia.
The Atlantic Moitthly for January, ad
ranee copies of which, hare been received,
contains contributions from Hawthorne,
Bryant, Bayard Taylor, Trowbridge, Long
fellow, Anne M. Brewster, Donald G Mitch
ell, II. Rice, Gail Hamilton, Harriet Beecher
6towe, Charles Reade, and tbe author of
" Life In the Iron Mills ' ' The outward ap
pearance of the MagaxlQO Is much lmprored.
Gey. Johji Eatos, late Superintendent of
the Freedmen's Bureau for the District of Co
lumbia and several counties situated Id Vir
ginia and Maryland, has resigned his posi
tion, and proposes to establish in Memphis,
Tennessee, a loyal Journal, In opposition to
tbe rebel sheets of that city, to be called the
Memphis Post, The General Intends to make
his paper the organ of the loyalists of the
State, and wilt use his utmost exertions to
resuscitate the Unionism of the Southwest
At a publlo dinner In Edinburgh, Pro
fessor Blackle told tbe following story: "A
boy, at a Presbytery examination, was asked,
'What Is the meaning of regeneration ' 'Oh,
to be born again, he replied. 'Quite right.
Tommy, you're a very good boy. Would
you not like to be born again?' Tommy
gave no reply, but, on being pressed for an
answer, at last said 'No. 'Why, Tommy?1
Tommy replied, 'For fear I might be born a
lassie ' " Roars of laughter.
Reports from Ottawa state that the Amer
ican reciprocity question is engaging the
earnest attention of the Government, and
after the Christmas holidays a deputation
will proceed to Washington to continue the
negotiations. lion Thomas Ryan has been
appointed commissioner to Inquire Into the
means of extending direct trade with British
America and countries on the Mediterranean.
I lacghed and I laughed t'other morning to
peau Ulekman assail aa "M C. and D D '
'T was an old friend of Beau's, and the old Iieau,
Asked tbe reconstroctee
For some stamp cufrensee
Tost hi uaualfee
'Yon have no idee,"
Bald M C. D 13 ,
"uf the extensive degreo
Of Impecunlorlte
That prevails In tbe late Confwderacee,
Or you wouldn't ask ine
For a son markee
Bat yonder you a hated Yankee
Who Invites the parted
To drink some whlskee;
If you'll step In with me
Yoar drlak shall be free "
.Sow tbe old Beau, be
IS ever drinks anytbtog stronger than tea.
Bo be said, " Excuse me
You'ro dead broke 1 tee,
And I'll wait for my fee
Till you get your forks loto the great Treas
ures I"
rnnAfs re TO V ft .
T.-t' ,I7IT'.b .. A. .mi. Cabo.
Tn Kxri4afON.it THE AiimALMKO-
ta'a Ixocmt ThU wotalag, at huMtaat 1 alae
dock. Ooroaer Weodward Droeeeded to the ar
seaatforlhepnrpoeeof holding an Inquest oyer
the bodies of these perseat killed by the explo-
alom ye.Uriar, Tne following-named Con.-
tatn etmiKftd the Inrn Frederick Whrte. fere
maafOeorge WrlghLlhomse Taylor, John II,
DeBllle, Luther Uartla, Henry C. 11 lot l, George
, W.Lunt, George A. Cook. Uamphrty II. Lemon,
Mark C Klag, 111 ram Baaer, and Andrew Cox
Th. ,nfT. bavins been summoned, nroceeded
to one of the long frame bnlldlhgi a. few yards
north or tbe 1'enuenuary gate, in wmca nnuaing
th badtaa ware Dlaced. extent thoe of Thomaa
Feeler, who waa removed by tie relatlvealast
evening o nia residence on non- nnm mhoi,
belweea Thirteenth and renrteeath etreeta.
Both bis legs ware blown entirely on ue leaves
a faintly Mr. WeOarrigher waa re moved by hla
relatives last evening to fats residence, corner cf
Fourth and I streets, Capitol mil He leaves a
family. Patrick Reardoa was removed to ma
residence la Jackson Hall alley. Six bodies re
mained at the Arsenal, A large crowd or rela
Uvea bad collected around the doors of the build
login which the bodies were placed, and upon
the arrival of the Coroner tbe doors were
opened, and the cries of the sorrow-stricken
relatives were piteous and heartrending
The remains of each were placed In a box, and
a cloth thrown overthem, Tbe Jury having been
called, they were sworn over each body sepa
rately. The body of Jeremiah afahoney waa
Identic by Mr John Sullivan. Mr Mahoney
waa a single man, lad boarded with a Mrs Km so,
on I street, near Sixth. Island The body of John
Meebanwaa Identified by Mrs Catharine Mee
han, hie mothtr, whoteetlied that he was her
only aon. The body of John Moraa was Identi
fied by hla widow and Patrick Bhaloo. Mr Mee
han resided on Dalon street, near the Sixth
afreet wharf. He leavea two small children
Thla number, with the three bodies identified
and removed yesterday, made tbe number of
bodies Identified alx, as follows . Jeremiah Ma
honey, John Me ban, Thomas Feeler, 1'eter
Mcaerrtgbey.ratrlck Bear don. and Joha Moi.
Not Identified 1 Martin Krle, Uaraland White
ley, and Michael MsDermott The remains of
these three bodies were la tbe bnlldlog, but it
waa impossible to Identify any of them. Mara
land whltaley had been married about two
months. He resided on Maryland avenue, near
Four-and-a-IIalf street. Mlebael McDermott
was a single man and has been but a short time
ontofthe army. He boarded oa Union street,
between roar-tad a-Half and Blxthatreeta,(Isl
and) Martin Whlteley'a residence unknown.
The Jury, after examining the remains, pro
ceeded to tne hospital la the Arsenal grounds,
where John Crane, who was bad It burned abont
the head, face, and hip, gave his evidence before
the Jory He testified that he did not know what
canted the explosion. The workmen all had
their moccasins oa : never aaw any smoking la
the balldlng, and witness believed the explosion
was entirely accidental Witness waa not la the
building at the time of the explosion. Five of
the men were unloading the cart at the door, and
witness was one of the number
The Jory nxt examined the body of 1'atrlck
Lynn, who died In the hospital yesterday af
ternoon The body was Identified by his brother-la-law,
Mr George II Gates, who stated that de
ceased was from Philadelphia, Peonsylraula.
The Jury thenproceeded to the clerk's office,
where Sergeant win, T.Flint, la charge of the
building where tbe accident occurred, was
worn, and testified that he waa not present at
the time of the explosion Abont two minutes
before had been in the balldlng AM going to a
mall shed aad patting on hla moccasins. When
witness waa In tbabnllJlnir. two boxea of fixed
ammunition and about twenty-four pound of
loose powaer waaaii mat wasia ine ouuumg.
Wltnflaa than started for the eoonare ahad.bnt
befote he waa far from the balldlng the explo
sion took nlace At tbe time of the accident the
cirtwaa at the door being unloaded Wltnesa
thought lannloadlog the cart a box mast have
fallen and exploded, which cauied tbe accident
The cart waa blown to pieces The men all wore
moccasins Had never aeen any of the workmen
amoke The workmen were steady and reliable
men Had no fault to find with any of them.
Wltnesa had been la charge of the bnlldlog since
September, 1562. The earthed Just brought a
anpply of ammunition to the shed. The amuu"
nlilon was that which had been turned la by tho
fortifications around the city. Witness bad often
round the packagea very badly packed. Had
found friction primers loose la the boxes with
powder. The printed regulations of Col. Benton
to Insnre saftr la the tnagaxlnea and laborato
ries were rigidly enforced. Had seen no viola
tion of thoae reflations No accident had ever
before occurred In the building which wltnesa
had charge of.
Tbe driver of tbe cart waa a careful, ateady.
Industrious man Had always seen him hand
ling ammunition with care Ten men were em
r Joyed In tbe balldlng live of tbeta were nn
oadisg the cart at the time of the explosion
The atrlng oa tbe ammunition waa cut off with a
knife before it was emptied. The boxee are un
screwed, and tho bells taken out Inside tbe
building Know that a pipe was picked up yes
terday after the accident by some one, bat never
knew one of his men to have a pipe in the bond
ing Saw Col Benton on tbe ground a abort time
a ter the explosion, and exerted hltanHf to ex
tinguish the fire Lieut utaagfaton and Lie at
McClary were on the ground with Col. Bnton
The workmen la the balldlng always obeyed
witness; tbey ware picked men, and eontd be
relied on aa cireful men Knew Jeremiah Ma
honey ; be was abont HO years of age : Jvhn Mf
baa wa abont S3; John Moran was about 20, he
waa a married man and had two children
Frederick White, foreman of the Jury, having
been aworo, testified that he knew Lynn, the
driver of the powder cut He was a careful,
sober, reliable man. Witness ws abont to hire
htm at one time ; al waya regal dud Mm aa a steady
Industrious man.
Cant, Charles S Barry knew Lynn; was a
steady, sober, reliable man, nsvsr knew him to
bo In liquor.
John bally, at tbe time of tbe explosion, waa
about fifty yard from tbe building, beard Lynn
groaning, and with a comrade took him up and
carried him to one of the shops near by ; thosght
the powder cart waa at the door: wltnesa was
under tbe impression that be heard two axploe
Ions The first one not ao load aa tho second,
had seen percussion cape looEeln the boxea among
the powder turned In from tho fortifications; bad
never aeen any of tbe workmen In the building
intoxicated; the men were "elected by Sergeant
Flint, aa ateady, sober, reliable men
Wm Summers waa between the shed and the
magaiine wnen tne explosion look place; had
his side to tbe balldlng. Believes the explosion
took plae. at to. oart. which trai baek. up at
the floor of the ab.d; heard two exploloas.
Srg.ant filet bears the repatatloaof a stead-,
sober maa Witness was about fortr yards from
the carl when the explosloa took place It has
oeeo a practice to s.lect steady, reliable, sober
men for this work. Had seen ao smoking aroood
the shed Had nerer seen the rales of Colonel
Benton TloUled.
The rales for the eorernment of lihnrLr1aB
and mag-ailn.! were her. read to the Jury,
Sergeant Flint recalled t Tbonght there was
about one barrel of powder In tbe abed at the
time of tbe explosion There was about one
hundred pounds of powder In a barrel The
floor of the balldlng was frequently watered,
and tbe rales were rigidly enforced. Witness
bad alwaye selected tbe most reliable men to
work. Had sereral times discharged men for In
toxication James Lawlsr, who was badly burned about
the face, testlutd that be wu at the time of the
explodon In the next building, In the art of fill
ing a oarrei or powser. witness was kaoeked
orer the barrel of powder. Wltnesa got op and
ran oat nad worked la that balldlnr with
6rgeaat Flint. Nerer saw any one smoking, or
wivu a pip., iv lut VHt 01 ms anowieaRe, no
matches or cigars were taken Into tbe building
by tbe men In tbe building wbere witness was
there were two parts of barrels of powder. Wlt
noHi w.4 engaged tu putting powder from one
barret Into the other to send It to the insitaxlne.
Friction primers had always been kept very
carefully In boxes
Eergt. Flint recalled I In the building back of
tbe one where the explosloa occurred, about one
hundred and fifty barrels of powder were stored,
borne of the barrels contained cartridges
Serst, Jennysack testified that he had charge
of Laboratory balldlngs next to btrgt, silnl'si
had charge of those bulldlnge since tbe beginning
of the war Had mauy times found friction
powder loote In tbe boxes and shells laylug on
them Looe powder was also In the box
Witnesi did not see the cart In front of th. hnii.i.
log, became a large pile of boxes was balween
witness and tbe bultdlug Tbe regulations of
wi veuwu nets Buivti variinti out. rue men
under witness were steady, reliable men As a
general thing the twelve pound amuiuultloa was
regarded as the safest The powder was sent
to tbe magaiine failaethe barrels were filled.
Wltnesa had known perculoa fuses to be ex
ploded In empty shell daring transportation
Sergsant Flint was again recalled, aud stated
that from six to eight boxes were usually hauled
In the cart 1 about two hnndred voundsof now.
der were la the boxes
Col.Jsmeo 0 Ueotou Had been at this post a
little over two years Was In theofilce at the
time of theexploklon.aod Immediate? r,n lotbe
scene Ordered tbe two to b'. carried up, which
, luiiuvwiatei uuuv, 4 be Panning flL a
light frame enet H was made of II. bt roatrii
ao.la ess, oi aq explosion, II would not be so
bad, as the explosive fore, would not be confined
as lasiasme rowatr accumulates in the mara
rlne. It Is removed to the luassilna bevAnil n.
Congressional burylng-grouud
Tbe building would not have been put so near
the magaslne had there been more room Wit
ness thought there was room euoagh for all ar
senal purposes, but bs would rseommeod tbe re
duction of all verk wbere powder was con
cerred. It wonld be dangerous to put the msga
Haes or powder house near the river, aa aieam.
I boats eflnslaatlf raisin r might eiaee explestea
r"" ; I d Ueaghl there was danger
' from ao tnneh powderaaad had reeoutneadtd to
lhtchlffof orSaatcHa removal, lie bad U
MM0TWj fMi M nva wU mdt rot u t
. . mil . tt it. .....
a Immediately got a oocket of water and had
u tItlnj,disheaj Went In the megaHneaad saw
there war no Brether
The boxes receive irom tne rorta are not ai
lowed to be pat la any balldlng; they are piled
out of doors and covered with a tarpanlla J tbey
remain In such piles until they are taken In tbe
balldlng, one or two-at a time, and emptied. Had
been very much r on fined to space for the eras
tlon of these buildings on account of the marahy
condition of the ground. Witness visited the
buildings every day t aee that the men were
careful. Had told Sergeant Flint to select the
beat men to work there, and witness was under
the lmpreaalon that tbe men ueder Sergeant Flint
were steady, sober, and reliable men.
rsamcTor THi jrar.
The Jory find that Jeremiah Maboner, while
at work at tbe arsenal unloading fixed atdmo&l
tlon. waa undoubtedly killed by the explosion
of the same, about fifteen mlantea before two
o'clock, p. in . oa the 18th Instant aad that three
other men, who could not be Identified, met their
death at the name tint and place: aad that
the Jaryareof the opinion that this accident
was caused by the bad packing of tbe amnual
titiu, It having been ahown by tbe evidence that
friction primers hare frequently been found
loose la the boxes It farther appears thai tbe
ammunition baa been recelred at the Arsenal
from various aoarces, and that so blame Is at
tached to the fleers of the Arsenal, It appearing
to the sa tli fat tlon of the Jury that stringent reg
ulations for the government of the laboratory
have always beea fully and faithfully carried
We also find that the deceased was a peer man
and bad no property.
And the Jury further recommend that a salt
able magaiine for tbe aterage of powder ehoald
be erected la a sparsely settled section of the coun
try, the evldenee bowing that large quantities
or powder and ammunition are on hand at thla
Arenal for want of aaultablebnlldlng for lta re
A similar verdict was rendered as to the ether
bodies Identified.
Workmen are engaged at the Arsenal to-day
tu making coffins, and the funeral will take place
Uxited States StrrBEM e Court
Tczsdat, Dec. 19.
The following ware admitted attorneys and
counsellors la this Court t
Oa motion of Attorney Oeneral Speed, Wm A.
Moore, Esq , ef Michigan. Oa motion of Hon.
O. II Browning, Alexander II. Adams, Xsq , of
Ho. 77. IT ig;! a Pnlg et al , appellants, v. Tbe
ship James Uothrle. Argument continued by
Mr Tracy for appellants, aad by Mr. Choate tor
the appellees.
An Adjourned Meetlner of the,
Worklngmea's Convention will be held at tt
Cltr Hill, (Couocll Chamber,) oa WKDNEji'jwv
EVENING NKXT, December 30, at B o'cl'ek.
de!9-2t By order of the YKtP'i d IirT
sT- The Philharmonic Society Meets
every TUESDAY evening at the New York ave
nue church, (Dr. Gnrley'a) at 7U o'clock. In
rehearsal, Mendelssohaa' Oratorio, St. Paul,
dec 11-31
At?" The Liquor Dcalera' Association,
of the District or Columbia will hold a meeting
on TUESDAY EVENING, December It), at Tern
pe ranee Hall, K at reel, between Ninth and Tenth
streets, at half-past 7 o'clock.
The attendance of every wholesale aad retail
Liquor Dealer la earnestly requested
dsie-St D. R.SMITn,BecBec'y.
AtaTThe Union National niintilln
Club ef the Seventh Ward will meet at Island
iiau, December 19, at 7 p. m., for election of offi
cers F.A.B0SW2LX,
dal6-St President.
JCsT-To Members of Con err one- euai
Otbxm Every description of JOlT PRIBTJ.
executed promptly at the Old Stand, (lata O ;'
& Pearson,) fill ninth street, near Peons.,;,,!1
avenue, over office of the ITatioxal Rp11icajt
.ma u isA,Bnw
.too mnier.
KsT United fltntee Hast
tarw Oommlta
Mtllea claim, of aaj iai it h, SaalUrr
XT. r.ViV:?".:. 1" "."tea to prese.l the tin.
r" .1 nlS;"'. 1 t Oeneral fteretaiy, at lb.
Catr.l OOee ot the Comml..lon. wllbont Jalar.
"" O.nsral Btrury.
49" To ConeumDtlT.s. Tti vsndar.
algued having been restored to health In a few
weeks, by a very simple remedy, after having
entered several years with a severe lung alee
tlon, and that dread dleeeae, Consumption, la
anxlonato make known to hie fellow-sufferers
tbe means of care.
To all wbo desire It. he will send a ton r
the prescription used, (free of charge,) with Ih.
direction, ror preparing and using the same,
which thsy will find a tun cur. for Concur
vtos, Asthma, Baoxoniris, Cor.ns, Golds, &e.
Tbe only object of tbe advertiser In needing th'j
Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted, audspr4
Information which be eoncelvee to be Invalua
ble, and he hopes every oufferor wll', try hie
remedy, as It will cost thsm nothing, and m.
prove a blessing,
Farllee wishing tbe proscription will siaae.
addr.se, BEV. BDWARD A WltSOH.
miuarainurgu. Kings County,
new lore.
-Tw.iity.flT. Cent, to 8.T. Tvren.
ly-fije Dollars. HEOKUAM'S Cooe.ntr.tsd
lleniiue removoe Falat, Orease 8pota, ate, . In
etantly, and cleans Bilks, Klbboas, Qlovee. Ac .
eiualtonew. Only S3 cents per bottle. Sold
by Druggists. UECKUAN A CO ,
Chsmlsls and Druggists,
non-dtwim Mow fork.
" Wond.rfiilljr Strang-e.JIaulame.
11 H 1'KHREOAUl.T.wbo has aatoalahad th.
edeatlfle classes of Paris and London, has now
Eermanentlr located herself at Albany, N.Y
adame Perreg Alt, by the aid of her wonderful
Instrameot, known ae the Horoscope, guarantee,
to produce a llfe-llk. picture of tbe future hue.
band or wife of the patron, together with th.
dais of marriage, leading traits of character, oc
cupation, ete Thla le no humbug, as thousand,
of testlmonlala can assert She wilt ssnd, whea
desired, a written guarantee Ibat the picture le
what II purporta to be By stating age, height,
complexion, color of eyes and hair, and socio' '
log 60 cents and stamped envelope, addrease' i'
yunraelf, you will receive the piotnre by .J to
mall. Addreaa ' -etnrn
P. O Drawer 302, Alb' D"l.
oel.lydw ny, H.T.
AT-lron la tri. BIdcmI-'v '
Syrup euppllee the Blood wlt ,-. " P.ruvrlait
IROlf, Infusing STasiar., T .,'' t".1 "".
Into the whole svatem. T "". and Naw Lira,
Cnaoxio DlisauotA, D- ,,?";"',u' ""MT
.sMis,rrc, it le s',l1"t,'il"u''
htaUhv. m5a .'""" creafurw, f sfnmff.
Prlc. fffi FypPbiet ent Fm
Sold b .' "Z u. m uey et, new Tork.
DO'iDydrugBslsj;enerAlly oc2j.Smd4w
rf,.'Dr: Aud.re' lodln. Wat.r An
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la oath .ounce of Water flfssolocil wuw a
ii d """"'"wsartJi. VlTAlllisoAoixT
"d RiMTOaAiiva known Soaoruia, Salt
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pany Chronle aud Hereditary Dlaeaaea, are cured
y Its nee, ae thouaanda can toatlfy. Clroulara
n ''?. . S?" ' f "" or fi for W
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lata, M Broadway, New York. Sold by Drug.
gUta generaUy. j oct29-8mdAw
Ai-Couauiiinlloii, Scrofula, Ilheuma.
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experience, tbe moat valuable remedy In use
as while It cures the disease, It gives slrenitbt
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generally. HEQEUAM i CO .
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vu...B uu nmggiats,
Hew York.
LlpsChllburaa Ao-HSOBMAK 4 Co'sOam.
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fVSSlU!ll.1,lu kM tbe ekln eofl
D,i k,,1? 'V ""'a"1 weather. Sold by
P'"t.gUM, Prloe M centa Sent by mall for S4
.. ' Chemists and Dragglsts,
ol3 diwSui Msw Yo,t
Th. Urlrlal Chamber, an BasuCTS
Warning and Instruction for Young Uta.,"
new aad reliable treatment for Dice.,. r,'&
Drinary and Sexual Sratems r?,,? lf?
sealed envelopes Address. D" j iiffVi.
UUUUHTUB. uowsrd A.so.l.Jd..ij-jrj,--
. nasi.
J A. part of Brooklyn, hsvlog a daughter eight
years old. wonl.l lit. in ....iu. .-."::.. V;."
ivfM :
i, .i wi-at. -.eatsa Buu. (uimr guaranteeo.
iiiil n !t" "'"". given byaddreaslag;
MB,d O , H Front stieel, Hew Tork. dcio if

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