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Daily national Republican. (Washington, D.C.) 1862-1866, December 21, 1865, SECOND EDITION, Image 1

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It'" n ..-. .. i-.-o..gu l JL-i.t,ft. - - .t-.iF iiiiiiid.njiiirf i i
i .' . .L- ' . .i- sgggvg"iaT-' ' uaaag
i!"n futnt liilTimi miAriHrtnihUftnni.inrr, ni im iimnj fi i ,ii j mi, 1 1 i t T I lllllll '
.(I rSbCjSv A & ni 4 !x4at . , ii ? --r
0e arrow, .arte 7
One iqiurtf, for day.'.... .......
Ouiturt, firs days. . '
fta. annaM. .1 d.. ..... I llt
.. IK
Try other dr UTrtlM..K
additional. Twice tree. 4U"U. ' I"
cvb! additional
Editorial aolleee SO cents psrllae, eaeh laser
Hob. Loeat notion. It cents Itae l,M'
light line, otle.e ooa.tllute 3"M ....
ldmllMmelashoBldue handed ..by '""
o'clock, m. , .i -i ,
it. a rr..o
Trains ialweed WMUHJUTOll i.Utt-
mouk, mi wAsilwaTon ahd tub wist,
are now raa m fullowe, vis :
Leave daily, except sway, ?.' "i. "d
ll lleira,eadS.0O,4 30, 7 30and ft'P"
uit. daily, except iu.j.j, i e a. m "
J. action, ltd tela Honee, leave el 20 "X-.0?
Leave at 20 eBdS.00a.IB , BBd 4 Nia.
dally, except Sondey. Hottala to or
aapolla oa Baodey.
Lett il . 00 m. ui 4 X.l.jn f 0 . .
Leave at 1 00 a Hi aad S ""JP" .
Leave daily, except Bdr, T
9 nP Sunday, at 00 p ra !, ""'l"
at Ilrlar Stetloo with train from Baltimore to
Wheeling, rerkonburg, e.
Through ticket, lo the West canhe had at the
Weahlugtou Stalloa Ticket OOco at iBkwl IB
I ha day, aa well aa at the new oBta la tha Arner
Iran Telegraph Building. renn.ylveBla eveaae,
btliHU Jour and-a half Bad Blxtri.treet.
ur New York, Philadelphia, and Boiton, aee
edverll.eraent o "Throogb.Xin gM
Mailer of Traa.portalloB.
General Ticket Ageat.
ocM If Waahlngtoa.
l-LETSD. f
Oa and aft MOHDAX, Mpwrnoer xt,
aa" fa" orlto Ba fr.ra WASlliMOTOS.tla PBBD.
BBICKIBOBO. to BICHUOHD. will ba rua
TWICB DAILY, (8aday Bljbta excepted,) al rol-
'The fait aad comraodloaa ataamer KETPOBT.
Captalo Frank Holllog.heaJ.aBd C.VANDEB.
IllLT.Captala A. L C4mary,wlllleaTe tha wharf,
tlar alghla axcaplad ) at 7 a ra , and 43 p m ,
afrlTlBir at Ao.ala Creak by 10 30 a. M . a.d lisi
1 tbeoeaby tha Blchmond, fatlck
torr and Potomao Ballroad. now antlraly com
rleled, to Blcbr.ond.arrl.lng ther. at IM p m ,
ind 8 10 a. m , affording ample tlraa for d n(n In
Klchmond, and making .onn.ctlona with tha
Blchmond and Peteriborg Ballroad forretera
bnrg and polata wolhof Petanburg.
.?. .,..... i.awlHir W.ihlnttoB at 8 43 p ra ,
arrlrea In Klehinonl at S 20 a m . n'orJlBg am
pie time for braakfa.t, and connection with Ibe
Sllehmoad and Danrllla tralni .for Danrllla. Vl i ,
Oreen.boro1, BalUborr, Cbarlotta, Balalgh.
noldeborongb, and WUmlnglent H. C, and
C .t!.?i5nlra 1.... WASniHOTOH at 7 a. m.
unlr. and arrlie In ltlebmond at 3 23 p m
Baggage checked tkrou.b to Blchmond .front
He "fork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Waah
Ingloi, and accompanied by tbroob baggage
Through tlckela from H Torkte Rlehmoad 17 00
it " phllad'a la oo
. it Baltimore
WaahlngtOB "
ii " Baltimore to Tred'g
, ii Waehlngton M
trcoao CLiae inaocou llcKXTa
From Waahlngton to )" Xrr""
10 00
, too
.in CO
Can b proenred In Hew Tork at Ho 22) Broad,
war. aud at Coortland atreet ferry In Phlla-
delnWa. at tho depot 01 tna rniiaoeipm., th
ralagtoB and Baltimore Ballroad Companr.Broad
and Prime atrael. Ib Baltimore, at the tamdea
blallou of the Baltimore and Ohio Bnllrbed Cora.
1 oy In Wa.hlngton, at the Compeny'eoBce.
at Hie corner of Penu.yltanla arenne and Sixth
alreet, and ou board tha Potomac alfamboata
Pa.ilongera laarlna New York at 7 and 8 a.m j
" . i ihiudelnhlaat HID n (DAY.)
and 11 IS P m (N10UI,) and Baltimore at 3 ,
,2.1, and p ai, 3 31 and 4 30a m, arrlre la
W.ehlogton at 3 20. 4 00, and 7 43 p m , and 3
and 6 a, m , In ample lime to mako aonnectlene
for Blchmond and the Sooth.
, ii...... mw,A nvmmr Warone will b In
readlnaea to oooray panaengera and baggage be
tween depote In Richmond .,,,., ,
Paaeongera by thla Line tea by daylight Monnt
Vernon, Jnd mar bare an opjiortonllTofTUlllng
eereral batlle-neiaa neat ,i..v ., -
. i .. l 11.. I tiAtnt
li.gg.ge will be checked from IJewTork Phil
ad.lpUla.and Baltimore to Wn.hlngtoB,where II
. . r. ' . ik. i. ..nana rnnalari itflhla liBM
will t m. oj . ( " ,-" 7 " '
Bre&kfut od vnppr oa board or cUfttntri
W&aliUston. D G
W. D GlLKKItSON, Aflott
oeT WtviblBgtoa, D C
Commencing MOHDAT, December Ulh, 1M
lialu.wlll leare depot, corner ef Broad etreel
aud W.ehlngton arenne, ae follower
Expreea Train at 4.03 i , (Mondaye -copied,)
for Baltimore and Waahlngton atopplng
at1 Wilmington, Perryrllle, Harre de-Orace,
Aberuean, rerrym.u , --.-..--.
War Hall Train at 8.13 a. m , (Snndaye ex
cepted,) for Baltimore, .topping at all regular
cUttooa, eonnecimg rua ,""" .-... -.
Wllmlngtou forMUford, BalUbury, and Interme-
d,K.Vr.0Tr;in at 1 U , (Sunday, ax
canted.) for Baltimore and Wa.hlngton, atopplng
t Cbeiter, Wilmington, Blkton, Perryrllle,
and IUrre-de-Orece
v.n.A.. Train ll I U II m . (Sundcra CX-
cepted.) for Baltimore andWaihlngton, atopplng
at Wilmington, ewark, Elkton, Hortheail,
lorryrlUe, Harre-de-Qrace, Parrymau'a, and
MlfihtUkipre.e at 11 13 p m , for Baltimore
and Wa.hlngton, .topping at Che.ter, (only to
take Baltimore and Waahlngton pnuengera,)
Wflmlngtoo, Newark, luxioo, itonnoaai, rer
...iiia an it.ere.de.Qraee
1'aa.e'ngera for Fortra.a Monroe will take the
ex 1 K ,n trail a
elatlona between a-uu.ueipi.i. . nnuiiua'
w? . ... ..1-t.i. iiino. m aiOa-A.
Iiearo rnuaoeipui. .. w m. . ,..,
and 10 00 p a The 4 00 1 n train eennecta
with Delaware Ballroad for Mllford and later-
"Lear. Wltlnglou at 7.13 aad SO a. . 3.30
Leare Wilmington at 13 m , 4 24, 8 S3 and o M
ler at 8 13, 10 14 a. m , 12.33, 3 13, 4 84, 7.20
TipreaaTralnat4 03 a in for Baltimore and
Waahlniilon, atopplng at Wilmington, Perry
rllle, Ilarre-de-urace, Aberdeen, Perryman'a
and Magnolia.
Night Expreea at 11 IS p m for Baltimore
and Wa.hlngton, atopplng at Cheater, (ror Balti
more and Waahlngton paaaeogere ) Wilmington,
Newark, Elkton, NorthEa.t, Perryrllle and
Accoraroodaltoa Train at 10 p m. for Wil
mington and Way Blatloa.
Leare Baltimore at 25 p m , .lopping at
Ilarre-de-Orace, Perryrllle aud Wilmington
ii i... at Elkton and Newark (to take naa.
eenger.ior Philadelphia and leare pe.aengere
from Wa.hlngton or Baltimore,) aud Cheater to
' .. . ll.llln.ATA A Wa.ll.
leare paexnger. i.oau .a....v. . ....
Leare Wilmington for Philadelphia at 8 30
Leare Baltimore 8 25 a m , Way Mall, 1 10
m , Expre.., 4 21 p m .Way Train i 8 33
S m axpre.a , 9 21 m , Bxprea.
p trains roU baLtiiiore
Leare Che.ter at 8 87 a m , 1 80 and 11 80
P Leara Wllmlugton at 3 IS, 9 40 a. m. , a. 23,
4 88 and 12 23 P m
FREIGHT TBAIH.wllh pan.nger ear al
laehed, will leara WIlmlngtoB for Perryrllle
and loteriuu Hata elation, at 7 83 p -ro.
tall H- JxaSMBBT, BTl.llt,atK-
Yw tLiAJW .. ""m :.. : .iilh Jiitt i .-. i
OH A.tD ArTZR NOVIHUBR 20, 160.', train
Will rii at fellmra i
Laara Waah'n. Laara Balto.
BipmaMiU tXan, 00a in.
Taat Una ...i.t 20 a.m. lilop ra.
PltteTrarf h ajld XrlaXz..4 40p.m, 73f)pu
Fllteb 'i a aa4 Klmlra r 7 SO p. m. 10 00 p m.
Laarlor Waahlagloa al 3.30 and 7,30 p. m
rra ran throaah from. BaUfnMra to mta
B ralii rl or Elmlra, wltriont cliaugt
a VTorTlekataandaoy laformatloa apply at
II,., iffla of lb Oraal raaD.rlraala Boot,oor
.. r noaylvanla aranu ana Ulxth atrtet, oadar
IfatlOb 4V"' U fUNHS.IU nww .VIIIII U
Pnnarl raaUaTOaaa, oppoatta Wlllarda' Hotal(
Wa.bll ' BUBAJtBT,
" " Soparlatandaat M. 0 B. B.
Xaaiangaraad Ticket Araat,
JHO.OII.LKtT, l'aeieoger Agenl. noJO-lf
rlllA AB TtUKt ion aaiijuu vuuLrM'
THIS' ua-
AHD "A rjuauao.
JtXH8IH0TO u.,
WILL Hty A TOIWW. 'b.-'in.-"
At . a. m. , tU Crfa. aaa Am T-a. "d.
ft lMArnmArl.tlf)B..ai.aaaaa
oommoiiiiOD... "Vriti"
It 6 a. m.
11 8 a. ra., tU CamJjn and -Tty w,7
ItS a. u.. t CarndeB and JeiMj CK.T
3d Claaa Ticket :-. C
it 11 a m . lift Kualngtoa anl Jtft
Citjf Sxprcaa ....- w
At 13 ra-, Tia CamJaaaBdAmboy C. od
A. Accommodation ":
At 2 p m , tU Camdea and Amboy C. and
. Xxpren
At 3
5 p in via Kensington ana jcrwiy
City Washlngten and N T. Exrs 3.00
Tia Kensington and Jtrmj
ii Kiy . h. i. rnaiNffiAn .ed Jer.aT
"74 I ." .' """-' ' AA
City Erenlng Mall .
AtlHip. m , tia Kenalngtoa and Jerter
City So
'RnNlhim lta.ll.
3 to
I, lly Vl.1.1 t ! VanalntttAn .Bll JcraCT
city Southern Exrre 3.M
At i p n , ria Camden and Amboy Ae
eommodallno (rrelgbt and panenfer )
lit clana ticket
Id daea ticket l.0
n. e 1 n m. x.nnlnr Mall aad the 1.30
(Night) Southern Expreia will rnn dally, (all
othera, Suadaya excepted )
Leara Walnut ateeet wharf at and 8 a rk. , J
12 m. , and 2 p. m.
Leare Kenelngtoa Depot at 11.13 a. m ,2.33,
4. 30 and 43 p ra , and 12. M a. r, (night.)
The a.43 p m line roaa dally , (ell othera,
Suadaya excepted.)
Leara foot of Barclay atreet ilia m. aad 1
P From foot ef Cortland alreet at 7, , and H a,
m , 12 ra , 4 and r m , aad 12 night
Thep m line run. d llyj (all otbere, Sun
day, axeepted ) w aATZUKn, A(r.Bt,
Philadelphia and Mew Tork Llnee.
Pa-aiDlLMU. Dee S3. 1SC3. deSl
n j .a..iinvmr HAtAbar 18. 1885. tralna
will leare the Union r..enger Depot, corner of
Waahlngton and Liberty atraei., nii i
a. followa i , , ,..
DAY kXrBE8S, dally except BaBday.HlWa
.i . . i,r,t,n.rnwn riinmaliCD. Ualllt
IH iUI'WIUII OFV.taaej.vnan, vr - - , .
0,Altoona,andall principal statlffns, and rank,
log direct connections at IlarrUbor? frplNw
Tork.Daltluore, and Washington, and rJIa
delphlafor New York, Do it on, and inter""."
points .
8 on J ay, at t 00 a in , stopping ai an regular vj
tlnna hfttwaai. IMttsbunzh Hnd Altoona. and nuk
lng close connection with trains on tha Indiana
Brancb.West TennsyWanla It.lIroeJ, Ebenshnrg
And nmainn Hullrosil aad lIolllilaTsbartr Branch
PITT8B0RaiI AND ERIE MAIL, dally except
Sander, it 7Nl u , stopping only a. wd-
n.HnV. n.llltiAti ftltiiiina. rand Avll tirintT. Oal lit a
tlona, making direct connection at lfarrlsbarg for
New fork, ualtimore.ana wasniogion
MAIL ACCOMMODATION, dally (except 3
Jxtv. tt 11 aa a. m. utoDDlnt at alt resnlarata
tlons between rittsbargand H arris bog. making
connections wltn trains on ma fiuenabarg ana
Cresson railroad and llolUdaysnnrg railroad
1'lllLAUELl'lUA RXl'ltlSS.dally at 4 ii p m ,
stopping at Latrobe, BlalrsTtlle Intersoctlon,
Johnstown, Goneinaagb,aallltir,AUoona Hunt
lbrdfla. Lewlitown. Mlfllln. Newport. Marrs
villa, alarrtsbarir. Lancaster, and Downlnsrtown.
At Harrlshurg direct connettlons are made for
New Tork, BeiltUnore, and Washington, and at
I'M. id el ok la for New York. Boston, and Inter'
mediate points Bleeping cars run through on
thla train from I'lttsbarg to Philadelphia ami
Baltimore, and to New York by tho All en town
cepti Sunday) at 4 S3 p m .stopping at regular
stations between nttuburg and Conemaugk, and
connecting at BlalrsTlU Intersection with trains
on the Indiana Branch and West Pennsylvania
I AST LINE, dally, except Bandar, at P 80 p
ia , stopping only at Conamaugh, Gallltten, AI
toona, Huntingdon, Lewlatowu, Mifflin, Nowport,
Maryevlll, llarrlabnrg, Mtddletown, Lancaster,
and Downtngtown, making connection at liar
rlsbarg for New York, Baltimore and Washing
ton, and at -Philadelphia for New York, Boston
and Intermediate points Bleeping earn ran
through In this train to rmiaueipnia ana to new
York on the Allentown route
First Accommodation Train for Wall's Station
leaves dally (except feunday) at 6 30 a in
Second Accommodation Train for Wall's Sta
tion leates dally (except Sunday) at 9 40 a m
Third Accommodation Train for Wall's btatlon
1CRT-.B dally (except Sunday) at 3 33 p in
1-ourth Accommodation Train for Wall's Sta
tion leaves dally (oxcept Sunday) at 6 03 p n,
Accommodation for I'enn biatkon, stopping at
all atatlona betwtron lltuburgh and i'enn, at
10 Wp m
The Church Train learea Wall's Station eTsry
Sunday at 9 03 a in , and arrtTinjf In Pi Its burgh
at 10 03 a, in Returning leaves Pittsburgh at
at 12 SO p m , and arrives at Wall's btatlon at
2.00 p m.
Returning Trains arrive In Pittsburgh aa follows :
Mall -2 m
I-aitLtne 2 0 a m
First Wall's Station Acoommodatloa 0 28 a aa.
Penn Accommodation 7 A0a,m
Second Wall's Btatlon Accommodation 8 60 a ra
Johnstown Accommodation..,. 10 03 a xn.
Pittsburgh & Erie Mall ISAOp ra
Baltimore Expres 1 SO p in
Third Wall's btatlon Accommodation 3 03 p m
Philadelphia Expres 3.30 p m.
ronrthWall's Station Accommodation 6 00 p m
AltoonaAccommodatlon and Emigrant lOSOp m
An Agent of the Excelsior Omnibus Company
will pass through each train before reaching the
depot, take up checks and deliver baggage te any
Sartof the city Ofllco No 410 Penn street, o.ftu
ay and night, where all order for the move
ment of passengers and baggage will receive
prompt attention
Baltimore express will arrive with Phlladel
I Ma, express at 3 30 d id on Mnudavs
NOTICE la case of loin, the Company will
doiu uBiuHiTa rw.poos.nie jor personal uag
gage only, and for aaamoaotn..(.xceedlutfMOO
At the Pennsylvania Central lUljroad i'ausoDg'er
DU..1QB, on hivvjrj aa rrssJAiogton insia.
r i
i i ..I .I 1 . 1 . ,
!!L"?!!l-''!;rt''cl"nt th "" Dttmiimcnlaortln Gov.ri.ment are Pnbllaht.1 lu tin. p,,,Mr by Authority of T1IH
b noA TUBonnii by rah. vjtnM wash-
Oa and aAar YRIDAT, Sptinbr 1, 1M3. th
Irajn oa Ula road will ran i followa :
Ltavt WaiMneton at 7 a. ra aod8.30p m.
aiAwiinari.iHHW. ia. ana u p. u
JavOoMonntlttt 1J.30P, n and 1 40a.m.
Arrlra la Richmond at A p ra attdea. in
Arrlra at Lynchborf at 0 30 -p. zu and 6, a. m
Leara Lrnchbarg at 0.4-1 a ro and 7. la p. m.
Iata Kletuaond at 7 a, a, od 7.16p in
Lear Gordon. t11U at 12.30 p m. and 13 20a tn
Artira at Alexandria. at 4 W p ta and 4 no a m.
ArrlTatWaMng.onatfi30p j0 and 11 33 a ra
Ob 8andaTt.aTWaaMnfftoaat8 JOpm only.
Local fr4)rbt train leare Alezaadrla at 4 a.
m , arrlfiag la Oordopntllle at 11 43 a, ra
Lot Tea aordnaTlll at 12.33 p ra. , writ log la
Alexandria at Sp ra
Tlirongh freight train leaTft Alftxandrla at 3
a. m.. arriving la Lyahbnr(ft 710p u
Learee Lynchburg at 329a, ra . arrWIog In
Alexandria at 4 10 p m
rattaogtra from Warren ton wUl taka the 7 a.
m, train aontb 1rom Waahlngton, and the e a a.
ta train north from Lynchburg,
raungera ly tha 44 a ra. and 7 15 p mx
tralna from Lynthburirt and tha 7 a. in and 7 IS
p. ra tralna trm RirLidond connect Tflth train
at Wa.hlngton, for all parti of lh North and
Thla root tuii Hit adTantageoToralt others by
haTlug a continuant tall from 2lcr ork to
Lynchburg, 4Crii lien.
it aUo paaea through. Fairfax. Bull Una. kla
naiaaa, llrlatow, Catlrtt'a, llappaUannock. Cat
ppr, Orang, and OordonaT.fl. where mur
of tho great tattle of the lato rebellion wero
Tickets can be procured la Adarna Rxprta
nulMlnp, oppoklt tho 1 and 0 K. U, Depot, In
Washington, alao, t tha Depot, oa Marylaud
Trains UaT the orDr of First and G etroeta,
Washington W. K MrCAFl-ERTV,
General Superintendent.
J M. UUOAIlie,
oefl U General Taisengor Agent.
WiinixnToir, Oetobnr 39, IrVM
Trains between Washington and New York ara
now run aa follows. vl:
FOR N XW YORK, without change of cars,
LRve dallv (excert Buudav. at 7 30 a in. and
8 and 7 M. p m
FOKMWOni. ehanLlna- cara at Phllade -
Leave dally (except Sonday) at 11 15 a m f and.
4 30 p mH
Leave dally (except 3unday) at 7 30 and 1U13
a ra , and 130 and 7 30 p m
Leave for New York at 6 p m only
Leave fur Pklladetohla at 7 30 n m onlv.
ElreDlnr tars for New York on 7 30 n m train
dally, except Sunday. On Sonday, train and
slreplng cs. ma only to Philadelphia
.nrougn. iicxeis to rnuaaeipnia, ew iorx, or
Boston, can be had at the Station ode at all
hours In the day, aa well as at the new office in
the Amerti aa Telegraph building, Pennsylvania
avenue, between Foarandabair and blxtb
Bee Baltimore and Ohio railroad advertisement
for schedule between Washington, Baltimore,
anaapoue, ana tun neat. v.r, aaiiiu,
Matter of Transportation.
General Ticket Agent,
ee Agent. Washington.
1865. wABiirairaoB; I8G5;
Capital Stock, $5(10,000 fin a nn. fioo Each.
fiamnel M Shoeraaktr, Es , of Baltimore
Hubert W Latham, Kna, , of New York city.
Joseph B Stewart, En-i , of Wanbtagton, Ii G.
rederlckP Stanton, lii .of Wathlugtnn, D C
Leonard Huyck, Ehi , of Washington, D,C.
Xre-ldnt Pobert W Latham, E-q
fccretary Joseprt u utewart, ni'i
Tren.urer Leonard Huyck, E
Bujerlnteading Agent and Recording 6ec.
ta-ry Oscar A btevens
ydlcemmunlcatlons referring to bnslnt MMn
necied with said road should be add run- j n,fl
Mcrettuy, at the oRlce of tho Com pan n0 m
PetLnsylvanla avenue, Washington, D y.
HI T 33 A MHII X X H .
The- steamers comprising this line ar the
JlHN fllBBON.,.. Captain I OUNO
K. O KNiailT.... Captain MORRIS
Leaving Pier No 13, North River, New York,
rery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 4 p m ,
ao-ad foot of 0 atreet, Washington, D C,t every
TUESDAY and VRIDAT.at 7 a ja
r vlght received dally daring business hoars,
and ca-rr fnlty kept under cover
The Steamer of this line now connect with
Alexandria and Orange Railroad Freight for
warded to any ptilr.t alouj tha lino of llio road
Aasxrs MOKCLN, RUINFlIAirr It CO ,
tor, Elflventhst and Penn ave ,
Mouth side, and foot of 0 -trpft,
Vashlugtoo,D C
Alexandria, Va ,
bo17 tf Pfl West street, Now York
(OLD L.1N E, )
Regular BalUng Daya TUESDAYS and FRI
DA6. at 12m .from foot of High street, George
town, and Pier 10, East River, (foot of Wall
atreet.) New York
S Or KV'Sui we i ! age I,r7 i"--
C P lIOUaflTOV, Agent,
foot of High street, Georgetown
M ELDRfDOE A Co , Agents,
Prince btreet Wharr, Alexandria,
117 Wall btreet, New York
Freight received constantly and forwardel to
all parts of Ibe country with dispatch, at 1 iweit
rates J'--
The Assftssors of the different wards will meet
at the following pltu.es from 10 o clock, a in , to
3 o'clock, p ra , from the 13th to the 31st De
cember InclnMvr-, to correct and register the
names or those omitted from the printed poll
First w trd Thomas Donohue, T.ventysecond
street, between II and I utreets
Second e-ard George W llarkneur, II etieet,
between Twelfth aud Ihlrterulh streets
Third ward William B Downing. L street.
between Soveiilh and Eighth streets
rouun waru l nomas .v, iturcu, nun aireei,
betweea G and H utreeta
rifth ward II F Dyer, No U71 New Jersey
blxth ward Charles E Nelson, 3i)3 G street
south, between Sixth and beventli streets
Seventh ward Juhn II Bird, No 047, corner
Sixth and D street south de9 dlJIst
T N u n U 0 E .
J04 Peunsylvarila avenur,, Iwtweeu .uU aud
To nth atrU
All kinds of Photograph and Ambrotypo work
execnted In the rest manner known 1 1 tho art,
at the chesy-tt uto, aud lu evory stylo,
dvl-lia r ,
av.fca JMttornftU Jtepubttcant
ll,s i i H ? pT k. . f " r .?
the Diitrlet of Co lurabiaj , ! i connecUen with
the probable granUug of the elective frno-
cMm by Congresi to men of color, has a ten-
dency to create opposition, argument or four
of eonsequencu. according as passion, preju-
iS?,.i.t?ait i?! J11"-!.!1! ft"?'
well that the inhabitants of this piitrict, In
aY ii . . """'""' ." vt .,
should calmly and dispassionately examine
into ine merits ana demerits or their posi
tlon, remembering that differences of opinion
mutt exist tn nil well feeulated communUlf.
and that those who are unwilling to allow
free expression of sentiment among ftttunt
are unworthy of respect, politically or
.first, then, jour correspondent (who con
fesses himself to be what many consider an
anomaly In this latitude a "Heiablienn"
ftitw bom) begs to call Attention to his
theory of political division of uxert In Wash
ington as at present existing in determining
the "rights'' and duties of the wholo popula
tion Placing the entire Totlnsr copulation at
8,000, (which is in excess of the official
count,) we divide politically as follows.
A-eimDiicaus, (in iavor or negro sur-
itK; l.uw
Republicans, (opposed to negro suf
frage) , soo
Antl-RepuMtcans, loyal to Government, but
mieciea wun aiueiong prejudice against
the colored race really huneit In such
ireliidlcee ?.ai
Sml-loyal, believing tn Southern rights, '
u. iuw ujJiiKiia u pioi treason against
their country while enjoying lie protec-
htlon 3 000
Disloyal voters who entertain returned
rebels, and who think (often acting on
thtir thoughts) that negropa aud Union
wen are to be a bused and vlltlfled at pleas
nte 9000
art- , 8.WO
We of courso do not include ns voters re-
terood rebels, as it Is not probable that Con.
gress will allow the question of their political
" rights' to remain unsettled.
Now, grtntlngthatourcalcuUtIonis(rren
approximately) correct, we find our voting
populationdiscarding pollUoal divisions
about equally divided between "loynl" and
"disloyal," (we class semi loyal as disloyal
for all practical purposes.) and the ouestlnn
arises, what are the claims which these 8,000
men have a right to assert as citicon, of a
freo and enlightened Government?
Bty the ami republican loyalists: We haie
upheld the general Government by all the
means at our command, wn hun unit....
ounehoi or sent our sons to the war for the
aurPrsum oi mason we have contributed
our means, have openod our houses and
our churches, for khn r.ll.f r ottr .n.i ..n.
ed Union Soldiers placed in our midst, and
we feel hat oiirY.rfIi.r1ua irnt, aaitiVa
o) ofMifeiimo ngainet the legal equality of
-s"w iuuuiu do respected ny toe general
UorarDment, and that we should not be
forced to submit to conditions not tmposeJon
c rtitUiotti btat$; we not only recognise
but rejolco In the Abolition of slavery, and
don t want tho tn.tff..ttr.n -.i.-.it,..A.i
but de not let tho blacks interfere In our
Say the semi loyal voters We had noth
Irs to do In bringing ou the war, W con
aider thai the Gouth wajdtUtuJntQ rebel
lion by the w.Ua of -.Vntiiin. r.T?tilJ'4nr-
believe th negro 8 oniy happy am safe in
aia.erj. lUa Uovernment has forced free-
uuiu upon hXmf now Ui Wm work ftf hg for
morinA.t,or or for any on who wants him
nd U1 pfty him his wages. We must accept
Iho mn-tloa of freedom in tho District, but
w are not willing to have established negro
muamyin our tnium. Bay (or think) the
disloyal voters Our southern friends must
not be insulted by coming in contact with
their foriuer property, and we prefer the ab
solute rcino.al of the negroes from among
us. rather than allow them any political
privileges We are law-abiding men, but
considfrourstI.es justified In active oj posl
tlon to the t,rjence of negroes at tho polls
bay--. the oppo-lng elements In a .otlng
population of S, 100 you claim but 1,500 ori
ginal abolitionists, and of this number only
1,000 .being but one eighth of the entire
voteare in favor of negro suffrage l3o
you ncognlie any Justice In a country where
)ou suy majorities must rule, In forcing sev
en eights to submit to tho will of one eighth?
Iheso arguments aro those which e.erv
man in tho community has beard, and Is
hearing dally and hourly,, and the wrltor has
eudeavurcd to put them without the least at
tempt to ohange their phraseology or force, as
they buo been put to him repeatodly May ho
express tho hope that the publUhlug of them
here may caurie the reader to examine Into
their correctness or error In the spirit of in
telligent Americans, determined, come what
may, to presort e from discord and disturb
ance the fair fame of tho capital of tho na
tlon, and their selected homes from the acts
of thoao who would attempt to violate law to
sccuro their own ideas of,right?
Lot us oxumlne for a moment our position
as citizens of the United States, and our pe
culiar ttutus politically as Inhabitants of the
District of Columbia Tho Constitution of
the Unitod States, art , sec , says
11 Congress shall have exclusive Jurisdiction
over the District of Columbia, and shall
innke nil needful rules and regulations "
This " higher law ' was adopted before there
there was a citizen of Washington
It we accept tho self evident proposition
that nearly every cttIien,of tho United
States knew, and has continued to know ever
einco he has been a citizen, the condition on
which the nation accepted ita capital from
the State of Maryland, then It necessarily
follows that all resldonts and all voters
whethor old residents or new comers must
have chosen thcr homes with a full notlcvof
their privileges and din jualifloatlons as citi
zens of the United States, and must 'aae
beon willing to abide by such laws and regu
lations ns Congress In tho exercise of Its ex
clusl.o Jurisdiction might decree In fur
therance of tho local necessities of the in
habitants of the cnpitAl, Congress, in further
exorcise of Its exclusive jurisdiction, gave
thorn (the Presidents) tho privilege of uhnos
ing officers to legislate for their local inter
est and to execute suoh local laws and or
dinances as might enhance tho comlort of
tho people The most zealous advocato of
popular rights in Washington will not claim
that the people had nn absolute authority In
herent In themselves for suoh local privi
leges, or will deny that Congress might have
refused to grunt even this local elective
franchise, and have governed tho capital In
any other manner best suited to Itself
Again The exclusive Jurisdiction of Con
gress necessarily gives the power to Increase
or diminish privileges previously granted
whenever It (Congress) shall dotermlne to do
so, without the least regard to the wishes or
objections of the Inhabitants, because tho
city or vvaeuingion is national pro(cr.y in
terest. in which the people of the Stutes are
directly ioterostod, and In all votes taken
relating to this capital the Representatives
uf the people aro legislating for the property
of their constituents and not fur the enj lo
vtho may qui pen to tQ resident, in suon prop
erty ot course the national llepresen tat Ives
in acting lor their constituents may grant
.Ipeiia! or gencrut privileges to tho Inhabit-
DECEMBER 21, 1805.
laJitiof the capital, but Iniuoh caiei tha
I poHllon Ii the iame-auch action Ii mare.1T
the granting of a favor by the people of the
nation, and does not affect their tlclili of
abaolute authority acting upon tholreomtl.
tutiotul authority Congress has, on Be vera I
occasions, enlarged the privileges oflnhablt
ants of the city of Washington, and In one
CMe,ia lowt, it ban diminished such prhi
lege, having taken away from th. resident.
uiuioweror appointment of police and re
named control by substituting a Board of.
Police Commissioners, and to this extent no
fair minded man In the community can now
bo found to question the legality or propriety
of these acts of expansion or contraction ai
aj pllcable to the city of Washington
Again. In the exercise of fli-Ahi? tnrta.
diction, Con ere 88 passed the law abolfahtnir
slavery in the District of Columbia, livery
thinking man who Is willing to grant the
truth of oar premises' therefor.be his per
sonal sentiments as to the propriety of the
act what thoy may, will confess that In exer
cislng its prerogatives as legislator It was
not neoessary or proper that Congress should
consult the wlshevof tho people who hap
pened to have chosen Government property
for a home, aad, further, that the valuation
of negroes, formerly hold oa slaves, and tho
payment of money to their owners resident
on such Government property by Congress
was an act of kindness only, not necessary
for the carrying out of the law, if it (Con.
gress) had determined on absolute oncotopen-
rn.en eiu..i.ci pa uon. rer contra, ana as a
logical Inference from the arguments used,
the exclusive Jurisdiction of Congress jnst as
necessarily gave it the same power and au
thority In tho District of Columbia to en
slave free negroes (or white men) as It did to
freo slaves; and so long as this occlusive and
original Jurisdiction continue, Congress will
havo Just such power.
If our arguments aro sound the enlighten
ment of the age Is the only guarantee the
Inhabitants of Washington hare against a
renewal of alavery among them. Hence, as
Congress, In the exercise of exclusive Juris
diction, can, without consultation with or
consent of the Inhabitants, (oa It has already
done and for reasons already stated,) limit
the qualifications of thoro to whom It has
previously granted privilege of franchise,
It can ordain, an contained with such general
power of limitation, that no man shall vote
who cannot read and write, who does not
possess a given amount Of real estate, who
hag ever been In the rsbel army, who holds
or does not hold a Government office, who is
under twenty five years of aire. And no In
telligent man of either of the classes Into
which we have divided the voters of Wash
Ington, who will take time to think, and who
Is not governed entirely by impulse, will deny
ti, or would tninn ot resisting any sucu Jim
Hatlon law If adopted.
Suppose Congress (without changing the
quality or color of the vote as at present con
tlttitfarl Vinnlil eirrlatn (halt aa,.iMe aatiil
writing should be a qualification precedent
to to tin i In Washington. The effect mlcht
be to disfranchise one fiftn or one fourth of
our present ' citizens, ' but would any one
be found foolish enough to oouDsel resistance
to the law, as an interference with toe rights
of our votes ? We are confident that the
right reserved to us as citizens of tho whole
country the right of petition would be the
only means adopted to remedy the evil, if an
evil, which wo beg leave to doubt, Granting
the power to limit suffrage tn tho District of
Columbia, and the propriety to the acts by
which it has beon or may be hereafter lim
ited, let us judge whether an enlargement of
franchise should cause disturbance or outrage
or III will In acumraunity of differing opinions
In the earlier history of our city, very few
of our local office i were elocttre, and our
v otcrs were all men of property A majority
of our then Inhabitants, who constitute now
the voters opposed to enlarging tho right of
suffrage, (or tn those das there were no
"Jlepuhlicans" In the city,) absolutely nsked
tho power, hovlng exclusive jurisdiction in
tho premises, to extend the right of suffrage
to all (white) permanent residents, without
regard to property or other qualification,
and to grant the inhabitants moro elective
offices, and we have yet to hear any serious
injury resulting tnererroin
lhe tendency in Washington, as In all
cities, has been to the present time to en
large Abe elective franchise whether for
good or for evil, It Is not our province now
to discuss and our citizens hav e heretofore
hailed with delight suoh privileges granted
to em ny me people or the states
Now to condense Wo have had granted a
city government uy the power navingtooon
tire, supreme control of the city of At ashing
ton, wllhAcertaln defined principles laid down
In what we call a charter Vor I'uttimrjtose7
Congress, pressed with the legislation of an
entire country, says to the Inhabitants of its
capital, you may. as tou are llvlneonthe
property, chooso among yourselves proper
men to look after the education ot your chil
dren, the paving of your streets, and other
local matters, aud you are allowed to collect
a tax of 75 cents on every $100 of real estate
held by yourselves to defray your expenses,
but only those Interested In your affairs as
property holders shall vote But say our
friends to Congress, this proviso throws out
a large proportion of our population who have
no property Interest, and Congress is pleased
to enlarge the franchise so that every
white resident can vote without regard to his
interest or want of interest In the local
prosperity and comfort of his neighbor
None of us object We recognize the validity
of a law of Congress Are we not tnevlta
bly led plunged into the same position, if
Congress shall soy to us, you wero granto 1 a
qualified suffrage, you insisted upon n moro
general and extonded privilege, and It was
given to you Now, acting for the whole na
tion, Congress roo.gnlses a number of the
inhabitants of Washington whom you do not
allow to vote, and to whom you do not extend
thoie enlarged privileges which you akod
for They have as goud a right on national
property as jou have, and you must either
give up your privileges or extend it to all
citizens alike You may tax all alike, but
you must not dictate to the whole nation, in
the face of Its own laws, ns to who shall or
shall not enjoy jrlriteges intended to bo unl
versal in their application Shall we not
recognlzo the validity of the laws of Congress7
But, says our Loyal Bosldcnt of the antl
Ite.ublkan class, all this don t settle the
question of being forced to submit to arbl
trary laws against my consent Friend,
ploaso consider that laws jassed by compe
tent authority, by a majority of a nation,
are always distasteful to a minority, but
with your law abiding disposition you will
readily grant that tho laws of the land must
be enforced hero, or elsewhere, until declared
unconstitutional by Judicial authority, and
you are not forced to submit to offensive laws
further than the minority In every village,
town, city, nnd State In the Union is forced
to submit to the will of the majority. Would
you have It otherwise, even to gratify your
own seniimenis ' Are you not wuilog to
assist In enforcing a distasteful law rather
than to second u minority agreeing with you
in feeling, in acts of violence or oj position ?
oays our semi ioya. voters mis is negro
equality Is It? Does the granting of pollti
eal privileges uCLOnsarlly Involve social
union' N e iinuglno our objector to be a man
of Intelligence, and ask him if he believe I
that Jt la possible to legislate social quality
any more easily than to legislate at to the
thoughts of men, If be tells ui, as we think he
must, thai he, as a moral man, li willing to
dopostt bis ballot side by side with the fre
quenter of ibe brothel or the bawdy house,
and yet repudiates any familiarity with such
a party on other occasions, then we say to
him, contact with a negro voter cannot affect
your social standing
You may hate aneirro In Tourfamllr re
lation with an unction, you may turn up your
nose at him, refuse to ride in a street car
with him or her (unlers he or the carries
your youngest heir when Mrs. wishes to
make a call i You may discuss him In nil
his bearings In foot, do or say any and
everything against him you please which
does not Involve breach of peace. Even Con
gress, with Its exclusive jurisdiction, cannot
prevent you from exercising suoh " rights "
You are only called on as a good citizen, say
once a year, to see that the law Is carried
out, to grant to all who are recognized bV
that law as citizens the same rltrhts which
you claim for yourself, and then, If the
necessity is upon you, go home and swear or
pray to your heart's content.
To the dlsloval, who would Inaugurate riot
and bloodshed rather than grant universal
suffrage who thml treason continually we
beg to say, In a spirit of kindness fur their
sins, whatever may hare been your Justifica
tion heretofore, the southern rebellion is
now over, you cannot consider the Capital
now as other than the property of the na
tion, and as suoh, you must grant, on inn
nei$ vritutvki. If not on political or national
grounds, that tbo General Government most
have and will exerolse the control of its affairs.
If you find your position uncomfortable,
please migrate to more congenial soil. Con
gress doos not (although it may have the
power) compel you to remain ou are free
as air to go to any part of the Union, or to
any nation of the world, where the complex
ion of the skin and the peculiar scent ot the
Inferior raee will not offend your sensibili
ties Now, fellotr-cltlzena of Washington, In
Apologizing for this lengthened communica
tion, whloh we have thought called for as an
humble endeavor to allay any bad blood In
our midst by causing ns all to thitk be lore
we act, are wo hot prepared to recognize, as
good and law-abiding Americans, our duties
aa citizens ot a common country, placed as
we are peculiarly under the care and protee
tlon of the National Congress, remembering
that, while our private sentiments are swal
lowed up by "the greatest jrood to the great
est number,'1 each and all of us will be tho
reoipionts or a bounty, as residents or a cap
ital which a nation is proud to adorn, supe
rior to that enjoyed by any oity in the
Union, and in surrendering some of oar
opinion in the present, belli r enabled in
after years to know that our school houc
navo been erected, our onuaren eaaoaiea,
our streets and parks Improved and beantb
Med at the hands or a beneficent uovern
ment, as a result of our willing obedience to
tho laws enacted for our guidance. I
Tribute to Max MsLretaek.
The New York Academy of Musio hashed
a brilliant season of opera under the man
agement of the unconquerable Max.Mai.ist
skk, and on Irlday evening, the last of the
season, the friends of the great lmpreisarlo
presented to htm, from Mr. Leonard
Jinour'g proscenium box, anelegantservlce
of silver (solver, pitcher and goblet) bearing
the following Inscription
A tribute to his zeal in promoting the
taste for lyrlo art, and an evidence of our
appreciation of the excellent operatic repre
sentations given under bis direction at the
New ork Academy ofMusIe
The salver bears the names of the donors,
who accompanied the gift with the following
Nkw York, Dee 10, ISM
Max Yaretitk, Rt , Acadtuty uf JUWc, iV'sw
DcArt Sir We, the undersigned, beg to
offer you the accompanying tribute to your
zeal In promoting, throughout this commu
nity, a taste for that most refined and Intel
lectual form of popular amusement Italian
For nearly twenty years your energy, In
constantly combatting the difficulties natu
rally surrounding thta class of enterprises,
has boen apparent to ibe public, and the
persevering devotion to the interests of art
thus displayed has not been overlooked by
those who aro aware of the responsibilities
and embarrassments connected with tho con
duct of lyrio entertainments.
We cordially recognize that a degree of ex
cellence has been attained by you in the op
eratlo representations of tho New York
Academy of Music, which Justly entitles this
establishment to rank with the more favorod
ojera houses of the world
We sincerely congratulate you upon the
very successful results which have accrued
to your unaided exertions lu this field of art,
and, with lhe hope that the tlafutot opera
in tho United States may lung contlnno to be
determined by your liberal taste and enter
j ri!e, and that tho value of your nervlces as
director of the Italian Opera In New York
may always be well appreciated by an en
lightened public, we remain,
Yours, respectfully,
21 H arlnnell, Edgar Reed,
AngVist Kelmont, M Laiara.
bam u el L M Barlow, Charles Morgan,
W II Paine.
C G PuUerton.
Win Henry Hurlbut,
Nathaniel Bands.
C Godfrey Qnnther,
Simon DeVUser,
Leonard W Jerome,
Richard Warren,
(eurt, Jouee,
J H Puleaton.
Thomas C Durant,
W R Trovers,
Henry F all,
John Hoey,
bheppard Candy,
I doll ho Wolfe.
(leorj,e A Freeman,
Win Kellginan,
Manton Marble,
Wm Ward,
And many others
At the presentation a t eechwas extracted
from Max, who politely thanked his friends
for this token of their esteem, which he said
he should interpret as an endorsement of his
course this season towards a certain Journal
rhia expression brought down the house with
tremendous applause and uproarious laugh
ter, lasting several minutes. The manager
cautioned the public not to bo misled by ru
mors of failure or of disaster to his enter
prizes In other cities, and begged them to
remember, when they read any such calum
nlous reports, that "this establishment does
not advertise in the New zork IhmU '
This produced a storm of api lause, In which
Marctzek retired from tho foot lights
ArriF Pirkiia is tho name of a finely
executed engraving, recently published by
Ultchle, a proof of which Is on exhibition at
Hudson Taylor's u re(resems me luscious
fruit ripe on the trees, unl all tho different
phases of picking A group of young pco
nlo aro havlm a raorry time of It In the old
orchard, and one feels like sharing their fun
and trulio The picture Is full of merit, and
reflects great credit on lutcbie as an en
graver It i from ft picture by Janvier
pqbllshsd every afteraoea (8 an days exeepted)
by vf, J. MusTioa 4 Co,, (No, Ml Nlalh stmt,)
tad Is furalahed to m sabwrlbeis (tf etrriefi)
at id teats per moath.
Vail pbttrlbers, $5.00 pet tartar $1 W for
six... months j aad $LlO for ttuea.jMatke.lata
rietly la advaaee. , x
single copies, a seats.
Tbi Wair.LT ITatiovAI, RArtTiL.OAir Is peb
Ushed every Friday morales; Oae eopy.one
year, $2; Three copies one year, $5,00; Tea
copies one year, $13 00.
Vrhea Terala'a eeeptre tremble la a tata
Willed wltn aarera.baau, aa all Ike leaa ' ,
Wee BOrereA orer lir lho.e vallare tile T
Tbet aBOIT decarleg empire frorfl afar,
Thea,wllb a aalnre laleaeede a .lart
vara .ruae, a ear parr, ii i.e nine
He wbo bad aoreraed fleeer .ahleet. well.
Made hie of. Tillage by the aelf'.atae .pell,
Seenr. aad anlet .e a anarded fold!
Then, galberlat; etreagtb by elow aadwl.ed4
ITader bta ivir, to Bvtgbbor vlllegee
Order retarBed, Bad faltb, aad Joellc, old
Nor when It fortaaed Ibat a king note wl.e,
Kadaed Ibe realm with bralo, aad haad,aad
He aoogbt oa erery elde roea brare and Jaeli
Aad baring beard oar mouelelB ebepbord.
Mow be refilled the raoald nf elder dare.
To Dara fare a eatrapy la trn.t
8o Dera shepherded a prorlaee wide,
iXot la hla rleeror'a aceplre look more pride
Than lo bl. crook befurc , bat eery Bode
Uore food la cltlee than on raoaatala. bare;
And the freak eao of eplrtte clear and rare
Breed, polaoaoa. fog. la low aad raarlsb totndr.
Soon It wa. wal.pered at the royal eer
That, though wl.e Para'a pruTl.ee. year by year.
Like a great .ponge, aacked wealth, aad plenty
Tel, when he eqaeeird It at the klag'a beheet,
ono rellew drope more rich tbaa all the reet
Went lo the Oiling of hie prlratocap ,
For proof, Ihey .aid that whereeo'er he went,
A cheat, beneath whoae weight the camel beat,
Went with him , and no mortal eye had aeea
What wa. therein, ear. oolr Para'a own
Bat whea 'twee opened, all hla leol wa. kaown
To glow and lighten with heaped jewele aheae.
The king eet forth for Dara'e prorlnce etralgbl,
Where, a. waa lit, oat.ldo th. city, gate.
The elevroy met hla with a elately trala.
Aud lliero wliu arcnere circieo, cioee at aaaa,
A camel with the cheet wa. aeea to .lead.
The klng'a brow reddeaed, for the gallt waa
"Opearnehere,- he cried, -thla tree. ore che.l
Twee done, and only a worn ehepherd'o real
Waa foand wlthla Mome blaehed aad hang tho
heed J
Xot Dara, opeo ae Ibe aky'. blae roof
llaatnnil a.A O Dl V lord, hehfild the Proof
That I waa faithful to ray trait," be aald.
'-T.1 crater, men. lo. all the .pell I hadl
My aoal lo Iheee rude re.tnent. ever clad
8tltl to lb. aoatalned jmet kept Irae aad leal.
still on theae plalua cooia orcein, ner raoaaiaea
Aud fortune'a hearleat gift, eereaely bear.
Which bead meu from their truth aad aiaka then)
"For ruling wl.ety I ehould bare email aklll.
Were lBollurdor.lmpleDera.ini, .
That aceplre kepr, I could not loe tar way
Ft range dew la royal eyea grew rou nd aud orlght,
Aad .trained the throbbing ltd., beforo 'twae
Two added prorlnce. ble.t Dara'a eway.
Continued from our Report of Ye.terday.
A coinrounloaUon wai racelred from tbo
Secretary of tha Treeiury In reply to the ro.
olullon of Inquiry aa to whether ther won
any perrone employed In tnal ucparimem
who naa nerer lafcen voo oaio. aio ropnou
that there were tuoh persona employed, but
with one exception none had been paid.
That In conioqueneo of th, war there wero
but few men wbo wero oapablo who bad not
held position under the gurarnment tk
South, and that it became neoeasary, to en
force tho rerenuo law! and collect tbo cul
tome, to appoint such men for tho time being;
Mr. Snmner pre.ented a petition of cill
icns of Mlnourl praying that moeaurel may
bo taken to prorfde prorlaional gorcrnmenla
for tho State, lately in rebellion, and a. se
curity for tho future to exact Irrererslblo
guarantees among which should bo tho unity
and eorerelgntjr of the States Enfranchise,
ment and equality before tho laws. Security
of tho national debt. Compulsory oduoalion.
National peace and tranquillity by Impartial
suiTrago lloferrod to select committee of
Sir. Harris announced the death of tho
Hon. Mr. Kellogg, member-elect to tho
llouso of Ueuroseutatlres from New York,
and oQerod a resolution expressing tho sym
pathy of the Senate, and roquesting the usual
marks of respoct to the memory of the do.
ceased, and that tho Senato do now adjourn
Wnalilugton City Poet Office Arrival
antt Departure) of Malta
Northern and Eastern Malls 1st Due at
6 40 a m , departs at 7 30 a m , closes at
lm,n 2d Hue at 11 a ru , doparts at
11.15 a m . closes at 10 30 a, in Jd. Uuo
at 5 40 p. m , departs at 8 p. lu-, closes at
4.45 p m
...I . m . n 1, -. T.
Western Alan, via iteiay jiouae ist u
at S 40 a m , departs at t) 15 a. m , closes
at 4 30 a.m. 2d Due at 6,15 p.m., de
parts at o 45 p m , closes at 5 p. in
Northwestern Mall, tia llaltimore, Ilarria
burg and rittsburg, I'a -list Duo at 5 40 a,
m , departs at 0 15 a m , closes at 4 10 a
m 2d Due at0 15p m , departs at 0 45 p.
, close, at 5 p m
The Southern Mall, for Richmond. Peter".
burg, Itnlelgh, Wilmington, N. 0 , and other
points South, via 0, and A. II. 11 1st. Da
at 7 n m , departs at 7 a. m , olosea at 6 a.
in 2d Duo at 4 p m. departs at 8 10 p. in ,
closes at 7 p m
Fredericksburg Mall, via Aqula Creek,
embracing tho Northern Nock of Virginia
and intermediate points between Frederick,
burg and Richmond, Va Due at 3 30 p. in.,
departs at 7 a m , closes at 6 a ru.
Annapolis Mail 1st, Due at 11 n. ru , de
parts at 3 p. m , closes at lp in. 2d Due
at 6 15 p in , departs at IS 15 a. m., closes al
4.30 a tn.
Alexandria, Va , Mall 1st DueatuB,ui,
departs at a, m , closes at 5 a in. 2d. Duo
at 4 30 p. m , departs at t p in., olo.es at 5
Oe'orgetown, D C. Mail 1st. Duo at 5 30
a ru , departs at 7 a m , closes at 6 a. in. 2d.
Departs at 12 m , closes at 11 SO a, in . duo
at 4 p. m
Hockville, Md , Mail Duo at p ra , de
parts at 7 a m , closes at 0 30 a in.
Port Tobacco, Piscataway, and Puffleld
Mall Duo on Monday, Wednesday, and 1'rli
day, at 1 V in- Departs on Tuesday, Thura
day, and Saturday, at 7 a, m. Clows at 8 30
a m on those daya
Ui per Marlboro', Md , Mall Duo at 3 p.
ra, daily, departs at 8 a m , doling at 6. JO
a. m.
Surratt's, Deantown, Charlotte Hall, and
Chaptico Mail Due at 7 p. m , depart at 7
m , closes at o ou a. m
On Sunday, only two malls are rocehed
from the North, and but one from the West
and Northwest, due at fl a. m and Ham,
Malls departing on this day ror mesa routes
close at 4 45 p m For Norfolk, Old Point
uotntorl, ana i'ortsmouin, ia., aia y w.
Tho olllco Is open for the delirery of letters
and papers from 8 a ru. to 9 p m , except
on Sunday, whon it is open from 8 to 10 a
m , and from 8 to 7pm .,.
Brookvllle and Olney Malls Due at 10 30
a m. daily, departs at 2 30 p. in , closes at 3
P Colesvllle, Md , Mall Due on Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 30 p m , da.
part at 7 m, same days, dosing at 6,80,
'X'T.t JJr'J

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