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I Will! ALL MIS TO BI 'RBI. AbxibIajn
Lisoolb Waehlagto. October 10, 1864.
MAKura rr, in thi propbr and rumwr
Aioubw JomOB Watkingion, April 90th,
184. JLJ
Joibbob, PruUUnt 0 Ike Unttrt efftafft April
Jt.-rna' Jt
rtfffJf. " Amdiiw Jorjibob, in (JU United
at( anvHrnirtn i, ihi,
Au.leUerereIallag to the subscription of, or
advertising la, lb RtppiLlOAN should b ad
dreeeed to lb pabllaher , ae above.
All letters or eommnalealloaa Intended for pub
lication, or W any way relating to th edttofisl
feparttnantof the paper, should be addreekodto
lae fid It or, KM tboT.
of anonymoas communications. VThilinr Is
Intended for lnaertloo mut bo authenticated by
tho nam aad address of the wrltr not necessa
rily for publication, bat as a guaranty of 1U good
Business aid otbr correspondents will g really
oblige tbt Publishers aad tbe Editor by comply.
lag with tbo above suggestion.
W cannot undertahto ittatB reltetod on
:JANUAHY lfl, 1868.
Tbe Ladiei op tub Trisiokxt'i lion
hold will be "at home" Mill (Tuesdny) eve
ning, and they will give a Drawing Koom
reception on Trldajr overing next.
evening reception will Ulte place on Thurs
day next, oommenctng at 8 p. in. CarJi
Mai. SccaxritiT Stistok will receive
ererj Saturday evening.
Mrs. SscRBTAnr Welles will be at home
on Wednesday aft e moon , Carda hare been
Isrued for Secretary and Mrs. Willis eve
ning receptions on Friday, January 19th and
20th, and February 2 J, commencing at 8
Secretary aid Mrh. Harlan will gire a
reception on Monday evening next, com
mencing at 8 o'clock. Mrs. ILlplai will Is
at home on Wednoiday afternoons.
Mrs. ATTORJtsr Geibral Steed will re
ceive on Wednesday afternoons, from 1 to 4
The Immediate future of .the cot ton -grow.
Ing Interest Is a subject which deservedly at-
traots much attention. It Is pretty general
ly agreed now that prices must adrance, and
very materially, between this time and the
gathering of the crop of 1860. The old stock
of cotton Is well nigh exhausted, and (hat
which remains to be brought In is, for the
most part, of Inferior grades. The crop of
1865 was very smallthe war closed too late
in the season for the planters to change their
plan of operations, and by the first of May
It seems probable that the entire stock of de
sirable cotton will have found Its way to
market. Such Is the competition caused by
the foreign demand, that the higher claislfi
cations aro not now to be bought, save by
those who are sharp, enterprising, and well
acquainted with the market.
The shrewdest dealers In the fleecy sta
ple are now acting upon the belief that It
will go to one dollar per pound between this
time and the flrss of August next Another
year and we may hope that producers will
be better able to comprehond the situation.
and to adapt themselves to It, and be better
- supplied with the means of applying the In
dustrial resource of tbo South Messrs
Null, Dros. A Co.'s (New Orleans) circular,
while showing tbo present state of affairs,
finds much encouragement for the future
They say
"Dot. In our further observation, many
facts of an encouraging nature have been
developed isxtensive districts have been
found where the torch of oontendlng armies
nas never ueen iigoiea, wocre mo planters'
dwelling houses, irlnhousef, and nesro quar
ters stand as of old, greatly out of repair, but
sim nt enoagb tor absolute wants; wben
rilantatlons are still fenced In and a consld
erable portion of the necessary farraloic stock
yet exists. In this category we mar refer to
Southwestern Oeorgio, extensive districts In
noutnern, ventral, and western Alabama,
Eastern and sections of Central Mlsslssinnl.
some oountles In Louisiana, particularly In
the upper Red River districts, and the whole
of Texas.
"It Is true that the labor difficulty exists
there as elsewhere, that no satisfactory ar
rangements have yet, as a general rule, been
made between the planters and their former
slaves, that many of the planters have not
the means to pay wages and all outgoings for
a year before next season's crop can be
gemerau in, irom me absence or all the
credit and facilities which used to exist) and
still more, that tbey have not the education,
character or disposition which nnM mhu
them to manage successfully the labor of
But despite all there difficulties the high
prices of cotton will certainly lead to the
planting of an extensive area In all this clsis
of country, and while many will fall, others
will succeed and make remunerative crops.
And paradoxical M it nay appear, this sue
cost will no deibt especially attend thou
who have never boaa tdanten before or hare
only experimented upon I lately with free
labor we me in the Northerners and ethers
why boy or lease plantations for the obvious
reason mat u is mncn easier lor tbem to
learn the simple business of raising cotton
than It U for old planters to learn how to
retain and at the same time to control and
get good work out of the negroes, whom they
nave ntinerio regarded as uiue better tban
the beasts of the field. Were there enough
of such settlers the Sooth woald soon re
cover, but their number Is as yet too small to
aneoi mo aggregate yield very senonsiy.
"These remarks apply to the larger plant
ers, but If we tarn our attention to the small
growers, men who have hitherto produced
irom nve to niteen dsjos annuany, toe ques
tion presents quite a different aspect. These
men. of whom the number ts lance, were kept
nacK by tne slave system. They naa netincr
the capital nor the financial resources pos
sessed by the large planters, and to add the
iaoor or one nana to loeir farm tne enure
troceeds of two or three crops had to be
saved and risked, not only upon the life of
tne man oi wnom tney became tne owner,
but also upon his not ronnlor away. A mo
ment s reflection will make it apparent how
Impossible It was, under these conditions, for
the cultivation of tho land by small farmers
to be extended, and wnat an inoubns is re
moved from them by the abolition of slavery,
They will now be able to get temporary
labor on fair terms, when Jbey need It, and
will, therefore, In the natural order of things,
rely partially upon this resource, and be
tempted, by the high price of cotton, to In
crease the area of their cultivation consid
erably beyond what their own families could
manage. The comparatively large crop
grown this year In Tennessee has been mainly
produced by this class, and all through tho
South they are moving. In Texas, however,
next to Tennessee, we expect the largest Im
mediate results from this source, because the
class of smalt farmers Is already extensive In
that State, land is to M bad m unlimited
quabtlttes for a nominal price, and owing to
the extensive Immigration Into tho State
daring the war, particularly of the blacks
taken there for safety, seme quantity of extra
labor la available.
'It mar. Indeed, be stated of the whole
South, but pre-eminently of the States of
Tennessee and Texas, Inst so long as nign
prices or cotton continue exiraordinory de
velopment will occur among this small farm
ing class, who will ultimately eonstltute a
respectable yeomanry and form the back
bone of the country. These men and tho
Northern settlers, with occasionally a former
planter, or the eon of an old planter, who,
having bad his early prejudices somewhat
rubbed off In the army, will go with the
times, are the only hopes of this country.
As a class the large planters are as dead as
the old nohllltr ot France. Thev will strur-
gle a little, and then expire."
In the House of Representatives yester
day, Mr. Allbt, of Massachusetts, offered
the following resolution:
On motion of Mr. Alley1. It was resolved
that tho Committee of Wave and Means be
Instructed to Inquire Into the expediency of
requiring an tne nre marine insurance com-
panics to invest In Government securities,
ana ueposii a oertoin per cent, or tnetr cap
ital and receipts In the Treasury of the Uni
ted States, for the better security of the In
pured, and that they be allowed to Insure In
any part of the United States, under such
rules and regulations as Congress shall pre
scribe. Now, will that distinguished statesman,
who doubtless has made the Constitution of
the United States his study, Inform the world
In what part of that Inttmmcul bo flodc any
powers given to Congress to regulate Insur
ance, or insurance companies ? Such com
panies derive their powers from State Gov
ernments, and State laws regulate their In
vestments as well as their powers and liabili
ties; and until reconstruction takes place,
Congress can hardly Interfere to alter or 1m.
pair them. Qcxre.
Toe thing for to-dsy sleigh riding.
To noi to has fortified against the Fenians.
A .i iv counterfeit fifty-cent note Is an
nounced. Tub Hudson river railway bridge at Al
bany is nearly completed.
Kansas has a Democratic paper. It Is
fsrnenst the President.
Ob the first page an article on Jeff. Davis'
trial, and other matter.
Hard work "Ringing tho changes on a
loop-hole." Shan't try It again.
Tub Richmond hotels aro redaolng their
rates to $3 a day.
Counterfeit ten dollar greenbacks are In
circulation In Boston.
The Boston Courier Is hereafter to be
called "XTw Hot ton Lvtntng Commercials
Tub military order disarming the colored
people of Mississippi has been revoked.
Riru. Bemhei' trial will take place
The "Stephens manifesto0 Is-denounced
as a forgery by the Fenian Senators.
Jou.t Brows'i tract Is overrun by wild
"Ciieri-gobblxr" If the genteel tipple In
Tub Methodist anniversaries at Maryland
Institute, Baltimore, yesterday, were very
fully attended.
Ik York, England, a fellow who attempted
his own life, has been sentenced to three
months Imprisonment.
The Mexican Consul at Ban Francisco re
ports Juares In good spirits at Chihuahua,
on New Year's day.
Dbak Swift once said that Providence
showe 1 how little It thought of riches by the
fools It permitted to possess wealth.
At theVannual meeting of the Baltimore
Corn Exchange yesterday the Union candi
dates for Directors were defeated by a ma
jority of about one hundred.
Br. Bevi's, Superintendent of tho State
Lunatic Asylum at Worcester, has been for
some weeks the Inmate of a similar asylum In
Felix Lexit, of the New Orleans Be, and
Emlll La Franc, of La Ihnautatics ds la
XjouistaM, undertook to fight a duel, but
the polloe took them to the guardhouse.
Rbv Harvet I) KlTCBILL, D. D., of
Chicago, Illinois, hts been elected president
of Mlddlebury College, Yermont. He grad
uated at that Institution in 1835,
Mr Richard B. Irwin has become editor
of the Unittd Statu Struct Magasym, We
advise contributors not to seek a personal In
Gov, BLCKivanAH, of Connecticut, and
other capitalists at Norwich, have formed a
company with $30,000 capital to carry on
tho lumber business principally at th,Bcuh-
1 Vwjf'V
Con. it A CiiDnoii. Why shouM'evtryJ
lamplighter ( bo named WiUlamr Beoauio
jjujsmnuptoqaiexiy. J'wfwA. ; j,
TBB.;Sereary, of tbo Treasury as U-
siraciea aouon sgenu to maxe no mereseies
at present. "He bellsres the staple Is going
1st thirteen years tho public library In
Boston has risen from a collection oTa few
thousand volumes to above 120,000, and from
a circulation of about 1,000 a year to above
Mrs. Mart Williams died at White
nouse, K. J., In the 108th year of her age,
on tho 28th December. She had never been
sick In her life until a few weeks before her
A litter from Rio Janeiro, speaktog of
Southern Immigration to Braill, says one
thing Is certain, namely: that whoever goes
then must make np hts mind to work, for
slavery is doomed there.
SriAKR Colfax lectures to-morrow eve
ning at Rer. Dr. Gurley's Church. "Across
tho Continent' needs no word of commenda
tion from us. It speaks for Itself, and speaks
A littlb boy, five years old, was carried
off by eegls, while playing In the woods
near MaynesvUle, Mo., last October. Ills
body vm found some time after with nearly
all the flesh picked from the bones.
Qbi. Sbbbibar publishes a letter, In which
he affirms that hts captured prisoners In tho
campaign of the Valley numbered mora than
Jubol Early declares his whole force con
sisted of.
Tib Richmond Timet still talks of Jeff,
Davis' scattered gang of desperadoes as "the
government." It probably thtnksHhak the
confederacy still lives, and that the armies of
tho United States, under a McCIellan, aro
still flying fromlUchmond.
A sociitt Is to be formed In England,
each subscriber to pay an annual fee of one
guinea, to cause examinations to be made
Into the public and private libraries of Spain,
where It Is hollered that some Bbaksporean
materials He buried.
The London Sptctator says Gen. Grant's
report of tho operations of the array while be
was General-in-Chief "Is a very remarkable
document lucid, simple, strong;" that
"tho simplicity, clearness, and directness of
Gen. Grant's style reminds ono strongly of
that of Csfsor's Golllo War.' "
Tib St. Xlhans Bank being reported a
heavy loser by Cashier HubbeM's defalcation,
the depositors made a run upon It last Mon
day, continued It through Wednesday, the
bank being kept open long after banking
hours to accommodate all comers. It, how
ever, stooo. the test, and the excitement Is
Tub Burlington Fret Prut says, Mr.
Henry Wilson, of Hlnesburgh, has recently
lost Are cows, out of a herd of forty, by a
disease apparently the same In each ease.
and terminating In death about twelve hours
from the attack. This causes considerable
solicitude among tho dairymen In that quar
ter. But as yet It Is not known that tho
disease his appeared In other herds.
Govs Saulbbubt, Governor of Delaware,
sent his message to tho Legislature last
week. The first portion of the message Is
devoted to the financial condition of the
State. The total Indebtedness of tho State
Is $1,110,000, except $170,000 In bonds Is
sued to the Delaware Railroad Company, as
security for which there Is a mortgage on tbo
road, guaranteed by the Philadelphia, Wll
mlngton and Baltimore Railroad Company,
Tho.total amount of tax paid by tho Phlla
delphla, Wilmington and Baltimore rallrosd
for eleven months, ending with October, was
$19,783.00. The condition of the State
banks is next discussed, and tho Governor
recommends that tho Legislature grant au
thorlty for converting them Into national
Tbi Elmfra N. Y.) AJ nrt iter, In an artl
cleontho "cold term," has the following
regarding tho running of trains on tho New
York and Erie railroad. "All the trains have
arrived and departed behind time. The tel
ADO ici i
r the frost,
E ocourreaJ
egraph wires have been snapped by
no less than seven breaks having
between here and Oswego. Trains to and
from tho West were run by telegraph, In
most roundabout manner, their position being
telegraphed from Hornellsvllle to Buffalo,
and from there over tho New York Central
wires to Rochester, and thence to Elmlra.
Business for the East bad also to be trans
mitted to Rochester, and repeated thereover
the Central wires."
We took occasion, the other day, to Illus
trate the superiority of the civilization of
Virginia which prod noes chivalrous Extra
Billy Smiths, Wises, Letohers, Floyds and
Pollards over that of Massachusetts, which
gives us only Adamses, Andrew, Bullocks,
and such like. In Massachusetts statemen
don't dodge about statues trying to get shots
at, and to avoid shots from, each other, In
Richmond they do, and one Mr. H.R.P.,of the
Rlohmond Examiner, doesn't propose to give
up any of those sacred Vtgtnla rights; nay,
for these he will fight, so long as he oan do io
without danger of bleeding. He will not
cease to raise his voice against Massachu
setts, which, In the language of the pious
Nosby "Is cussed, ' He acknowledges him
self tied to tbo tail of a peddler's cart, but
even from that humiliating position he can
not refrain from crying aloud In the bitter
ness of spirit. Hear him
"Wo are of thoao that believe New England to
bi the direful enrlof of all our national woes, and
Hau-cnaMUs tne airiai cuaaait mt 11 m
.Drinff looi. noon a.. Tb w.l.r. of H.r.Q w.r.
.w.tta... 1L.K la oomp.rl.ua with that bltt.r
foaatalo, aad poor Brook, trlod to .maUU to.
mlrt.1. of Moa. hj throwing la a switch, tut
with ao.Till "
Donation, to th. ProMlm.n
Tb. Now England Frl.ndi Allocution hit.
eontrlbuUd for tb. bon.fltof tb. frotdm.n of
tbb citjr, from tb. 12th of Dactmber, 1865,
to Jtnutry 13, I860, m.ny artiolai of Tla.
to d.itltuto frcedm.n. Tbo T.luo of cloth
Idi 11,327.25, wood to tb. r.lu. of $50;
grootrtii to tbo .mount of J89.35, miking a
total of $1, 460.60. Tblf oh.ritablo million
hi olio . itoro and wood-jard, wbtre artl
olel iro diipemed to froodmon only at ooit
nrleo. Tbo amount of oodiiold to moirMa
m.n for tb. porlod abor. montlonod wai
$23 35. Tho itlei for th. j.r .naing auo.
oxctodod $35,000.
Tbo Iniulat.d Lino Tolograph Company
oponod through to Doiton to-day, via Now
York elty. It li itld that tbli lin. will work
to wall In rainy wtatbor u In lunihlno.
Itiu.l Ritmm nanml TO-D1T-.
I' (!
ronn O'oxjOcxCi
Dliaator to tblt oonntry Uooi not Ho,
many lappoj., In tbo direction of rtconitruo
tfon. That qu.itlon, by b.lng dolayod, may
roUrol our proiporUy, bat It etnnot froetpli
tat. another rorolutlon, or torlouily dlitotb
tho land. Tbo moit that can bo laid of It
li, that It li far more likely to defeat tho
men or deitroy tbo moroment that tollman
ogei lthan to effect any luting Injury ri
tho rjorernment. Tho ipeclal danger that
loome np at wo read to. future takei rile
from onr national debt. It It tbo lea of fi
nance that li molt dlfflcult to naTlgatoi and
then aro the rookion which wo are raoit
likely to ipllt, and tho reef, where our noble
iblp will founder, If at all To-day our
credit li good.
Gold li going down, and with It tho much
needed diminution of prlcei. Tho next
groat blenlog to follow tbo retnrn of
peace ll tho reduction of tho preient frightful
ooit of llrlng. For tho American people
there remain, nothing to bo done that can
oompar. In Itl binoltti with tbo policy which
auliU In tho return, or an approach to tbo
return, of tho former prlcoi of tbo necena
rlel of life.
Under tho wtie financial ijltem of Secre
tary McColloci'i, If bli rocommondatloni
aro followed by Congreu, tho adrent of thli
glad .rent will bo no eblmera. That policy
hoe iaeceed.d In aroldlng a mercantile orlili,
while it If safely preparing the way for fund.
ing and contraction. Tho reception of tho
rreildent'e menage, jogether with tbo re
port of tbo Secretary of tho Treasury, In
Europe, bai been exceedingly farorablo.
Ilenowed eonadonoe on tbo part of foreign
oapltalliU li exhibited, and groat utility U
manlfeited In procuring our bondf. Any.
thing which1 changes this healthy state mruf
oe rtgardtd at a ealamity. This condition
cannot only bo Impaired, but destroyed by
each of two prooonos. Ono, repudiation, of
which wo apprehend no danger tho other,
soon an inerauo oi our national aaoi mai
payment k.oooei, If not matter of Impos
sibility, at least so Improbable that eapttal
at home and abroad will shrink from infest,
merit. Tho finding plan seeks to borrow In
Europe at oio half tho Interest now paid.
To bo lucoeiiful, our security must bo kept
leered and lnrlolato. Jeopardise our lecurl
ties and wo blast our prospects -of obtaining
money In tht old world, and depredate our
rotnei here.
The measures proposed, and now before
Congreu, to iqaallie tho bounties of soldiers
and pay losses of claimants assuming to be
loyal, bare been estimated at $000,000,000
each. To endorio one of theie propoiltloni
li to ondonelhe other. Both prcjecti make
the plea of osulty, and In this oaie, to toooh
upon tbo Sjlk of bountlei li to ruih on the
Cbarybdls of claims. Wo oan only eontom.
plate with feer and trembling the addition of
one billion two hundred millions of dollars to
our debt. Ills with groat alarm that wo
hear these m.asurei proised upon Congreu
and urged with Yohomeneo by many mem
bers. Whatever may be tho seemlnguty in
paying one soldier u much as another, It
Io... .Ten the .yiMMM. ef lull., when to
do eo will accomplish our flnanolal rnln.
nowerer the future may be able to repair
the damsges or tho InequiMtlei of the late
war, tho preient cannot do thit, tail at tht
dtttruttun of 'national credit and tho colt of
univirtal dutrili. These measures may
hare tbo elements of local popularity, but It
wlllprore "tho stale bait of popularity at
tho expense of the publlo good." Let the
press of tho oonntry do Its duty now In warn
log tho people of this Impending and Im
posing peril.
Senator Qahut Datis. of Kentucky,
(lOmetlmes called OiRaoLono Datii,) made
a speech on tbo question of negro suffrage In
the Dlitrlet of Columbia In tbo Senate to
day. Of oourio ho opposed the bill, and Of
oonrso no iook tne gronna mat it wouia do a
rlolatlon of tho rights of tho oltlsens of the
Dlitrlot. Mr. Dxvis belongs to that class of
politicians who swear by the traditions of tho
past, and whose memory has dropped nearly
all traditions of our oonntry except those re
latlng to ilarerj. lie will not allow that tbo
District of Columbia Is under tbo jurisdiction
of Congress, oxoept with such limitations as
would be deilred by the old ilareholdlng
community who eeded the territory to the
United States, if tbey oould be reiuiolta-
ted and stand around Mr. Senator Davis
And Instead of looking at things as tbey
are, and tossing away the fossil rubbish
which. obstructs the progress of reform, be
eonsults tho spirit of old errors for his pros
ent guidance. But he and men of his olan
will find tbemsetres unable to assault any
party with effect whUo tbey cling for support
to tbo dead wood which once formed the
abattls around the fortincatlons of slarory,
and which, rotten and crumbling, will only
Ml their bands with "puck."
Common Ssnse, writing from Fredericks'
burg, Virginia, says there Is clsss of white
persons who say they " will not rote by the
side of a black man." If there aro any such
Individuals In this city nine out of every ten
were probably nnrssd at tbo breast of a black
woman, and never eat anything that was not
cooked, if not raised, by negro labor, and
would not object to accepting a seat from a
negro In a horse oar. It would be perfectly
natural for such to manifest their gratitude
in the manner Indicated by our corrupon-
dent. Let all such relics of tho barbarism
of human slavery be consistent and petition
to Congress for the establishment of post of.
flees for their special beoelt, so that they
will not be compelled to get their letters along
side ot a black man If tbo above sugges
tion Is not acceptable, and the antl negro
luffrige men Insist that they will not vote by
tbo sidsofanegro, In tbo event that suffrage
Is extended to tbo black man, they can eier
else their eonstltntional prerogative and stay
away rrom tbo polls.
Colored Soboolo In Maryland.
Gen. O. 0. IIowabd, of tbo Freedmon's
Bureau, this morning received notification
from the authorities In Maryland that there
Is a law still In existence In that State against
the organisation or schools for colored chll
dren, and that tbey would have to be dlscon.
tinned. In reply den. IIowaxd Informs tbo
authorities that tbo schools for colored chll
dren will not bo closed, and that tbo Freed,
men'. Bureau will assume; tbo responsibility
of ke. ping them open, " '
kiJ V
ob QiMiXl E. MMcC4or, of Ohio,
ail wife ere I. ten. If.' - it '
MavOictl F. TMwxua. of New Borland.
o'oe of1 Ue etlsietes, reproMotlag tbo colored men
at Ike (splUI; arrived la tke elty te-Jky. '
C. A. IV up, Esq., of Now Orleans, ena
Tborlew Weed; I.q . of Hew Tork, are la tcwi.
"rxmen" Jonn VA Bprxv, ono or tbo
f rest dofeeledof Tew Tork, Is la town.
Coi Bairrmn, of Illinois, rormerly enter
ef O.n. Dell.i's tiki, I. at the Klrkwood.
Hon. War. Martiiv, Benotor elect from
riorlse, aid Vsjer General Wn. T. Smith or
rlvsdlatownOls taoraisf.aad ore at tho Eb
TnoxAl J. Lillii, an old and highly re-
peeled nrlater, aid for naay yoarl Treaioreret
Ike Treaklla Typogi.pMctl Society) died la Bos
ton yesterday.
LooisN Aro Lion's organ, the Monittnr,
contains a oaref ully-wrltten editorial explain
ing why Franco became entangled In Mexican
affairs. It eoncludss with the following sig
nificant declaration:
Tbo French Cabinet has no alms at con
quest, and It hai taken nothing, accepted no
thloi: It deitres to rstaiD. nothlni of the
vast extent of country occupied by Its troops.
JIM oeciijwion, o. fl .. nmr tiiwww w ..
trtVf reo-M in( fA camtl which created it.
Arreetof Colonel atosby.
Wo learn that Col. John 8. Mosby was ar
rested, at his home In Fauquier, a few days
since, by military authority, and taken to
Washington and Imprisoned. lie Is charged,
wo understand, with having hanged two Fed
eral soldlerl In tbo Valley, during tho war.
In retaliation for tbo murder of some of bis
When we remember that Colonel JJoibr.
though of that class known as partisan ran.
gers, was a regularly commissioned omoer In
the ssrvleeot the Confederate States, and,
as suohr reoelred the perole awarded the
other officers of dsnerel Lee's army, bis ar
rest seems most extraordinary, and flatly In
violation of tho terms of parole.
For some months Colonel Mosby hu been
quietly practicing lawlnWnrrenton, d. mean
ing himself as a good and loyal cltiien of his
section Richmond Examiner.
And when we remember that whether
"commissioned" or not Mosirwaj tho very
worst of the gang of banditti who bare deso.
leted Virginia these four years past, we Ire
Astonished that be has been permitted to
practice law otherwise tban as hts own coun
sel! and wo aro rejoiced to leornand every
loyal cltlsen will be rejoiced to learn that
at last there Is a prospect of his being whip
ped of justice,- and the blows we trust will
be well laid on that he may get a punish
ment somsthlng like tbo measure of his
Flnst HoxHlon.
ToilDAr, January 10, 1866.
Mr. Chandler called op his reiolatlon of
fered yesterdey declaring non-Intercourse be-
withdrawing the Minister at the Court of St.
James. Laid on tho table yeas. 36, nays
iween lnis ooumrr aua ureal uni.ia. ana
Mr. Howard called on his resolution for
tho trial of Jefferson Davis and Clement C
Clayi which was ordered to be prlntod.
Mr. Davis offer'd a resolution for the
printing of the usual number of the Dlotlon
ary of Coogress; which was referred to tho
Lommittoe on rnniing.
Mr. Howard offered a resolution calling
upon tbo President for a copy or whatever
correspondsnee no may naveneawunjuages
of the Supreme Court respecting the holding
of civil eourts In Insurrectionary dlstrlots for
the trial of offence! against the United
States. Adopted,
Mr. Wilson called nn the bill for tho es
tablishment of a military and naval academy
tor totally disabled officers ana men ot too
volunteer foroes) which, amended on mo
tion of Mr. arimes, so as to make It apply
exclusively to tho army, was passed.
Mr. Chandler gave notloe that bo would at
an early day read the British foreign-enllst-ment
set, and move tho repeal of all existing
neutrality laws.
Mr Anthony called up tbo resolution for
the reference tf all papers relating to repre
sentatlon of the States lately In rebellion to
the special oommlttee on reconstruction.
Mr. Doollttle moved to amend, by Insert
ing the words "except credentials" after the
words "all papers."
l'.ndlnir discussion on this subject, the nn-
Jftpished business of yesterdaywhich was
tthe bill for tho regulation of the right of suf.
frsgo In the District or 0'olumbU was called
Mr. Morrill offered an amendment includ
ing amoog those exoepted from tho right of
suffrsgo all who voluntarily left the District
to gire aid and oomfort to the rebels.
Mr. Davis took tho floor In opposition to
the b'M.
Mr. Conkllnr Introduced a series of reio-
lutlons proposing, in tho rr-establishment of
reuerai reiationioip whu iuo communiuc.
lately In rebellion, certoln condition!: 1. Tho
ebioiuto renunciation of secession; 2. Tbe
repudiation of rebel debts of all kinds; 3.
The aesuraooo of tbo conferring of human
rights, 4. Tb. adoption of such measures as
will relievo tho Deneral Government of the
necessity of standing armies In tbe South i
and, 6. That there shall be no representation
on tbe basis of seet'onel aggrandisement etc.
He desired tho resolutions to go the Com
mittee on Reconstruction, but
Mr Flnck objected to the resolution.
Mr. Boutwell reported back, with amend,
ments, tbe bill to Incorporate tbe United
States Mutual Protective Homestsad Com
pany. lie explained tht tbe bill proposed to in
oorporato a company with a oapital of three
million dollars, for tbo purpose of oneour.
eging settlement of both whites and blacks
In tbe States lately in rebellion.
After debate the bill and amendments were
ordered to bo printed, to come up at an early
Mr. Doming, from tho Committee on Mill
tary'Affalrs, reported book tbe bill to revive
the grade of Oeneral In the United States
On motion of Mr. Stsvens tbe nouse took
from the table tho Senate's resolution author
Iting the joint committee on recoustruotton
to send for persons and papers, and paned
It joai 125. nayi 35.
The Home returned tbo oonilderation of
tbo bill extending suffrage In the District of
Mr. Julian made a speech In favor of tbe
bill. -
Now York Stock Lilt.
By Beakers aad Brokers' Telegraph to Lewis
New Yoik. Jan. Jfl sti. fi
ll. S. IW1 Coupon ' ...KMVi"
Do. do 0.20's. 104
Do. do new O-30's lOlJf!
Do. o'slO-iO'sCoopoa 81
Certllietes of ladeltedneie ItJi
v. h. 7-au-s v
Centoa Compear 41;
Cjlcr eed Coal Co Preferred W
Quicksilver Hlaloi Co 41
Hew Terk Central Ballroad V-
Xrle Ballwey
Iledeea Hirer itellroad
Hleb. Sot aad X. laeMaoaltallread.
CUvalaad A Pltlabor.h Sallroal..
Calces. etJf, Western lUllroe4...ti J:
Ckleeiee'.ekIe1aaRallea 101-
nil! . at. awai. am aiSalDaVaTB B-aULrOaVaa. ill sit
fli Vnnr. Janaarr 16.The steamer
Borussla, from LWerpool. hu arrlred. Her
newt hat heeo onllolpaled.
Th. lUraWt l'arli letter sts toe Amperor
and Cabinet are carefully itadiflg tbe means
of withdrawing from Mexico honorably and
with &i little loss of prestige as possible,
Tbe Emperor U desirous or io doing bj May,
If of Mi own free will, and not under mendoe.
In.nsar-tloii of Got. Stone of Iowa.
Pnifiinn Jinnrv loQoTeruor stone.
of Iowa, was tnaoffurated for his second term
last Thursday. Uo cordially approyea .do
icU of tbo President, although he deslrei
him to go further than he hoe. lie emphatl-
fvnrai narrrn kilrTrmtTn. It OtiTtOSeS the
Immediate roadralislon of the rebel States,
and they should bo kept out until ine innaoi
tants have abandoned their offenilro theories
of State lOTerelgnty
He recommends an amendment to the Iowa
State Constitution striking out the word
Mo.Miti vnm th Mrttnl AD snffraiTe. in
order that tbli mueh-ogltated question may
be saomiiieu io me peopie ior u u.uiu
and final decision.
Dam off e to Steamboat hy Ice at St
B- T ..... Tea.. IH T 1st Aatlfnmia.fi Ifittt
OT. eUVUlot, SJSS.U, i. "...--- ----
the loss In steamers, ferry boats, barges,
canal boats, ferry docks, to., tn this harbor,
lnoo the first morement of the he, le eight
n a Daren inousana aoiiaxi. mi iMuravuc
probably about hair that amount. Tbe 100
L aHII mnnlnee tint TiaVrkttnn hoi been
partially resumed with tho South.
Machine Shop Destroyed by Fire.
(Utah co a a. Pennsylvania. Janaarr 18.
Tbe machine shop of the Lehigh Crane Iron
Comnany was destroyed by fire this morning.
The damage Is not so great as at first antlol
paiea- uonsiaeraoie maoninery ana to.ii
able tools were not materially Injured.
A Feeler for Reciprocity.
Toronto. Jan. 16 A rumor hat been cir
culated that arrangements will be made in
Washington for tho continuance of tb reci
procity treaty beyond March for tho purpose
of scouring a more mature consideration.
Gov. Fcutou and If w Tork City Cor
rupt lorn sta.
AlbAht. Jan. 16.Gor. Fenton. .names-
sago to the Legislature, recommends the op
poin'meni oia commission to .noroagoiy in
yestlgato the oases of New York offioe-holi
en, on which ho has been engaged.
Now Tork Market.
Niw Tork, Jan. 18 Cotton quiet and
unchanged. Flour buoyant. Southern
steady. Wheat dull and better Qualities de
oilolng. Corn dull. Beef, Tork and Lard
steady, wntsaey aau.
Daltlmoro Markets.
D alt m or i, Jan. 10 Flour Inactive and
heavy. Wheat, Kentucky white, $3 80; red
steady at 2 40aJ 45. Corn doll: white
88a00, yellow 80. Oats a a let at 63a5i. Pro
vision ami) lord it). &eeai sieaay.
KxtenslTo Conflagration at Dercen
How Tork.
BcrrALO. Jan. 16. A fir last night at
Bergen. New York, destroyed fourteen
buildings. No particulars.
Io Doat Ilaoe
PououKaCirsii. Jan. 16 There was a
norej race yesterday of Ice boats on the Hud
son. Tbe winner made eight mile In ten
SLEiaHia Last oyenlns by fir o'clock
the sroand was covered with idow, end ere the
r.balee of nlfbt hid fathered over the city many
of our cltlieas had brooirht out their telirhi and
were robbing up the heroees, preparing for a
eieiKB nae. DOiwiiaaiaBaiDs; toe auagroeaoie
weather. Dr elrbt o'clock rennevlTaala aveaue
aad the principal streets of the elty were tra- J
TiTiea bj onaarrai oi ivigua, s,i;ii abtidk a
losd of persons who seemed to gseitly enjoy the
The hardware dealers took down their old
stock of belle and polished them up ready for
eaie. up ana aowa me avenue went me pieas
ore-seekers, their horeee eovered with belli, re
minding one of the Unee of Poe j
Ilear the eteoges with the belle
Silver belle I
What a world of merriment their melody fore
telle) How tbey tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
Id the Icy air of nlghti
While the etars that overeprlnkle
All the heavens eeem to twinkle
With a crY.telllno delight ;
Keeping time, time, time,
In asortof Rualo rhyme.
To the tlntleaba'aUoB that so musically wells
Irom tbe bells, belle, bells, bells,
Belle, be'ls, belle
Trom tbe Jingling aad the tinkling of the belle
Some were loath to alve on the sport, end ra
m rained ootnntlt the we small houri. Bright
and eirly this uornloy the fan was agala com
menced, and In aehort time the -treete were filled
with elclgbs. Bat, atael their happiness wti of
snort a a ration, adooi ii o'ciock-ii cleared
away, and Old Sol made hts appearance, hie
melting rays soon carried off tbe enow, and the
streets were covered with stoeh. By 3 o'clock
the sport was all over, and the sleighs were
reiarnea io tue eiattiee nam sDotoer snow.
Tnn Akhual Folici IUron? The re
portoflhe Board of Metropolitan Police fur the
veer 1885 has been made to Secretary Harlan
The whole number of trrsits mtdewae 2o,i7, of
wn.cn numner vj,mi were mtiec,ana o.uui were
feELUle. 0,744 were married, aad 10,71 were
single 17,274 could read and write, and 0,204
could not ; 6,798 were colored, aad 19, C83 wM te
Tbe Hit embracei every crime known to the law.
Tbe police force conelete of 9 eergeante; 14S
patrolmen elx detailed on special duty making
a total of 188.
frrested for offences against the jerion 13,788
maiee and 4 751 females; ior oneucee ngainei
Jirupuilj J,Wl UloWTJSJ saliu l.eiiV IVIUatlv..
Of the eaeee reported, the following disposition
has been made: 1,377 have been committed to
Jail, 708 have given ball, 1.432 have bea tamed
orer io me military, i.vh nave Dttvaiawiasoa,
1.932 hare been committed to the work-hou-e.
828 have given .ecuflly to keep tbe peace; In 181
eei no report bee been made of the disposition,
and In 831 cases various light puDlihments have
been Inflicted, and they have ben elataed upon
tne record unaerine neaa or miecuantooo.
Fines have been Impoied In 11,487 caeee,
amounting la all to 81,943 92, as fyllowci In
WiaMnaHon cltr. tncludlnr a Part of the county.
133,983.14; la deorgetown, Including a part of
in county, aV(eiwii ior hiuvk nuor ivsui
dttra.lnnaaaMl nailer the act of Coorreas.tl907 87.
Tbe whole amount of property received by the
property clerk during the year amounts to
32.84BM! the whole amount of property deliv
ered by tb property clerk during the year
amoOQte IO OJli.H'ef.U'ii luiaiauivus. vi invyvst
and money delivered during the year, by order
of tbe mogleiratee, and of which tbe properly
clerk be no account, 238,468 81 Total,
W20"' . . ,. . ....
Tbe number of destitute persons furnished with
in.in. -ill 1 ait children raatored to pa
rente, elek or disabled pereose aaelsled or
taaea to noipitai, oe , nor vt ..,-
trsy, 78 , doore left open. d eecared by the po
lice, lOiflres occurring In th District. 7fl; boraea
and vehicles twmAnUr,wttawwm,
la Ihe Deieeuve iieparimvn., t.u. "-","7t."
Lilx officers i Wumber of robberlea reported at the
detective omee,7ui i iunu( . - -
tbe detectives, T17j amount of property reported,
stolen, 170.8flBO0 amount of properly recoy
OHd. lltt.W 08: amount of property turned
over to property clerk, W.M4.W amount of
properly turned over to elalmaate, HS,9ai 84,
amount of property taken from prleonere and re
turned to earn, $4,942 IS .....
In the Sanl'ary Offloe 3,247 nulsaneee bave
been reported 3,103 have been abated j 92 un
abated . 233 warrants served! amount or fine.
Imposed, I1.1M T8. Darin the ye;r 7,833 toes
eeces hare been Iranemltted through the Central
MaaUtratW Court The Board of Police de
sires to urge pou Congress a radical aad tmme
dlaU reform la the eystem of magistracy In
this Pletrlet. There or hew oture number or
perignsln th District who bold commissions as
Justices orth peace, many of whom ar acting as
ajfcOBV z
& inr aanJDoBRJcriii -
mMirUeXi1mkAi alPaaenf
1 1 be oeeouetabla U nay authority for their act
aaol they eeake report ef their proceedlegs. II
lsJoubtfjt wheiberson'orthem ctsu heepa
olMkeL aebar iha .-(. ,..!. ..ni..a
about bis office one or more toea 'known ae
eoeaty eoniUbUi, ee'f-etyled 'deteetlvi,,,wb
pprni.r no. nonsej-Kiaa -or oaeiea wn
th tnarlatraie la th war er 4Mrbi &
aad brlejlag baeteese to hie the mogUtrate's)
office. To say the lot, the proeeal eyeUra Is
looee and uneatlefaetory, and by eorrnpt nod u
yriasiMou uimm wht iioj irt7ll BltJ tQ BO OUU
mereenary ends,
In eoaolaelo, tke Doerd es meetly reqteite
tbe eO'Operatloa of the Secretary 1 urging upeu
Congreae seeh legleUttou as msy be neceeeary to
remedy the defects and Increase the etQeleaey of
the police force.
KiimaOris Arttn MiDmonT. .With
In the past week er two several reitaarant-
keeper Lave been arrested by the police officers
euaehargeof keeping the'r pleeee of bntlaeee ,
ope after 12 o'clock et bight, noes hare been '
lmpoead la many caeee. Several dtys al&ce Mr,
llenry Tnraer was arrested on a charge of keep
lag ble piece of baaleeee opes after midnight.
The caee woe broagM before Jnallce Walter this
morning, when the following petition wse filed
by Mr. Same! L. Phillip, attorney for tbe de
fendant t
'The defendaMeaye that the Jatteof th
Peace. Chatlte Walter, laq , befor whom the
(tafa Bit Siat la iwnnaltiil a aau.. ( ..I it.
"--- - vi - a,rweaa-e smei vs mo
juriadlctlou to try k'd cms became he save that
the said Waller Is not a fwUo,sIafletratednly
ftpavtlnledbr lb authorities of th corporation
of the city of Watbtetloe, D. C . where rr this
defendant nraye lhat hernaybdleeharced,.e.M
Imllu V.1s.a J..IJ.4 .-ll aI.Ia a..
wuiiivo vsaievi uvliu.is, iuoi sen lung lojtreiteie) eeau ,
the same Jariedlciloo. whether they were ap- I
po'nted by the Police Board er the corporation 1
oi naaniagtou.
LxucKxr Casks Charles Ford was ar
rested yeaterday by Officer Walker, of the fifth
Ereclnct, for dealing apelrof shoes from August
rubl. Jastlee Uoreell sent htm to Jail for
eonri. The shot were recAvered.
Jeha Thompaoa was arretted by Officer Hur
dle, of the flrat ward, on the c-mptalat ef U oeee
Wood.charslng him with grand larceny. Jas
tlee Iforeell eent him to Jail for court.
Braacn Cfaoae was arrested by Officer TJarrie.
on the complaint of Phil W. Uerett, charging
him with petit larceny. Jwtlee Uoreell seat
him up for Irial.
tir Male Attiri. Maggl Ford, a fair
damiet 19 years of age, was arreeted last night
at half past ten o'clock by Officer Franklin, of
th fifth precinct, for being dreeied la male
atttrt. Ghe was taken before Jnitlce Moraall.
who made her pay $3 for wearing the pants.
Tito Courts.
BUFlLXT-n Coubtof tux Uhitk d Btatks.
ToseoAT, Jaaaary 16, 1888.
On Hello of Hoe, fiaverdy Johnaoi, Je. Q.
Smith, Eeq , of Alexandria, and Wm. B Waters, of
Maryland, were admitted attorneys aad coon
eelloreof this court.
Wo. SS. The Baltimore Steam Packet Company,
owner of steamer Louisiana, appellants, vs. the
PluahlBg, College Point and hew York Steam
Ferry Company.
Th argument In thle cane wae commenced by
Mr, Sly for th apnellante, and continued by Mr.
Carter and Mr, J. Mason Carter for the appellee.
OarHAHs' Coobt JW$- purctll. Morrti
Adler gare bond la the earn of 8,000 as admin
istrator or Mary Ann Clark,
The will of Mary Ann Clark was fully proven
and admitted to probate.'
The anawer of Barah K. Boawell, widow f
Otho Boawell, to the petition of Dr. E.
11. Boswell, aektngthat tne widow should be
cited to show caoie why th profits of tb boat
ness should tot be applied to the payment of the
debte before a distribution ef the estate be made,
was filed by the respondents.
Letters or adralaUtratloa were Ueaed to Mary
llorrogbau on tbe estate of John Horroghan.
The court paaaed an order directing tbe ex
ecutors of the will of Joseph Bryan to pay over
to the trnateee named la the will the balance of
their money In tbelr bands
OrimihaIj Court. Judge Ithr. Ed
ward C. Carting ton, ea , District Attorney,
Thle morning tbe case of Thomas Story, In
dicted for forgery, was resumed, and several
wltneeeea examined.
Circuit Cocrt Judge 0i'n. .Tho case
of Laden Per ton against Sweeney 4 Liuyck Is
still on trial.
Vorktnsrmi' Convention.-. A
nutea HellBg or thle Convention will be held
la th Ceanct! Chamber, City Hall, oa TO
MORROW (Wednesday) EVEXINO. at 8 o'clock.
All are rcqaeeted t be preeeut.
By order of tbe President JaU2t
A?Uoomaaf the Hoard of Trad.
Corner of Sixth at rest and Pennsylvania avenue.
There will b a general meeting of tb Board
of Trade oa FRIDAY, January 19, 1868, at 8
o'clock p. ra. , at their room. The election of
Pre ltd ent, Vice Prealdeut, and twelve Directors,
to serve for tbe next year, will take place A full
attendance le expected,
u v. auuun,
Jty Pbllharnioulo Society. There
will be no meeting of tbe Philharmonic Society
thle evening on account of an engagement of the
Conductor and Pi an tat at the Coket Concert la
Haiti more. Meeting next TUESDAY EVENING
as usual. Qt J. P. CAULriELD.
4-Tho Guardian Boclety, atlll ad
hering to tbe act of Incorporation, aud suatatnlng
the rules and by-lavre adopted In conformity
therewith, will hold an adjourned annual meet
ing at 498 Ninth street, on the 17T1I INSTANT,
at I o'clock p. m. It. B. KORTURCP,
Jaie-ll Secretary.
4r The National Republican Union
CLUB of the SeTsntb ward will meet at I el add
Hall, at 7 p.m., JANUARY 16. All good Be
publicans are Invited to attend.
Jalfl President.
-stir Across the Continent
mctcx ar thi
Dr Onrley'e.)
Tlckeu, W cents. To b bad In Waihlngton
at tbe principal booketoree, and at Major's and
Page'a drug a to res, and In Georgetown at Cia
sell's drug atorej aleo, at the door on the even
ing of the lecture
Boors opsn at 6') Lecture to commence at 7
Ae Mr Colfax declines receiving any compeu
ast Ion for repeating tbla lector tn this city, th
ntlre groee proceeds will be devoted to the ben
efit of the North Presbyterian Church. JalS'St
AXf American Colonization Society.
Tne Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Ameri
can Colonisation Boclety will be held In the Flrat
Preabyterlan Chnrcb, on Fourandabalfatreet,
on TUESDAY EVENINO, Jan 16, at 7U o'clock.
Extracts Trom tbe annual report will be reed.
and addresses may be expeeted rrom Hon Abra
ham Ilaneon, Commlseloner and Coneol General
from tbe United Statee to Liberia, and Ker R. J.
Keeling, Rector cf Trinity Eplicopal Chareh.
Tbe putilie are Invited. JalS-Sf
7BIadam Mounts' Pile Salve
Valuable Remedy for that Dlaesee; aleo, a Con
sumption Deatroyer, and an Entire Cure for the
Broochltlo, Asthma, io,, can be found at
Stott'a Drug Store, opooalte National Hotelf
ailman'f, near Metropolitan Hotel( Ford's, eor
ner of Eleventh and 1'ennaylTenla avennei En
twlale's, oorner of Twelfth and I P7 v"-
avenue j Elliott's, corperor Fand Twelfth atreetei
Uarbaugh's, corner of Seventh and O. Jaltr
Ing away a portion of the aupport of the LONO
BRIDOli, and the great lnaeourlty and dangei r of
opening ami eloileg the Draw, It la thought
proper that lb Draw shall b left open for
navigation until repair shall be mad
jnolCMt Commlseloner of Public Buildings.
aK...aiisniilinn. NnrooTulav. Rhauma
tlamT &e. UKUOEMAN CO'SOenuln Medi
cinal Cod Liver Oil bae proved, by twenty yeara'
experience, the moat valuable remedy la use,
ae while It cures tbe dlseaae, It gives atrength
andfieantotbe patient Warranted pure and
made from Freeh Llvere Bold by Drugglets
generally. UEGBMAN 4 CO.,
Chemist and Drugglets,
BolS-dawSm New York.
W Wonderrully HlrauK- AlBU,'i
M. II. PERREOAULT.who has astonished the
scientific cloaaes of Paris and London, has no w
ermnently located hereelf at Albany, N Y.
adam Perregault, by the aid of her wonderful
Instrument, known as th Horoscope, guarantees
to produce a life-like picture of tbefulur hue
band or wlf of th patron, together with the
date of marriage, leading traits of character, oc
cupation, etc. "Thle Is no humbug, a thousand,
of testimonials caa aeaert. She will ",
declred, written gaaranU that lb picture U
what It purports to be. By stating age. height,
mplexfonTcolor of eyes aud hair, and en.Toe.
Ins M cente aad atamped envelope, addressed to
yourself, you will receive the picture by return
mall. Addrja. d pMRiaAOfcT
P. O. Drawer 3. AIbanr tf,Tt

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