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nW5Wl'W -BUiSi "WWlLWUBateJ
I wiia all xn to bi no -auiu
Irrevu WMkll(U, OtUtorlO, 1M4.
mi orTHiTim, pibiiarektlt ma.
ananr IttMKtWcuUngUm, April JOtk,
SS5,.A,"SL",00LD B1 wtimud AS
, rwUnt o (Ae Untied Statu April
ns5j?s.itioi.w"0 nAi ai "
L,J T1,,Miir ', f As I7n(ld
Ww glMtr-Mmh 2d. 1861.
Au. letters relating to the subscripts a of, or
aWertlslag la, the RsrrBLIOAV should U ad
dressed to the publishers, at above.
All letters or comma at cations Intended for pub
Usstlon, erlaauy way relating to the editorial
fcpertneat of the paper, shoald be addressed to
tat editor, aa above.
ToCoaauroiDim. Ho notice caa batatas
ef anoayaoue ommaalcatlona. Whatever la
leUaaed forlesertloa nail b authenticated by
tho aame aad address of tha writer aot neeeisa
rll7 for publlsatlon, bat aa a f naranly of Ite food
Baeiaeei aad otbar corrtapoadaata will greatl y
oblige th Pabllsbtre aad tha Editor by comply
tag with the above suggestion.
We aaaaot undertake to ratura refected com
aaileattoaa. SATURDAY:::':::::;:,;-:-.MAnCII 31, 180S.
On and art or Monday next, April 2d, the
RspiiLiCi will bo Issued as a morning
Journal, printed upon now typo, in an enlarged
form, upon better paper, with each depart
ment Improved by an additional amount of
matter, the editorial and reportorlol forcei
being Increased! for that purpose.
The Republican will hereafter be de
Urered to subscribers at the rate of 73 centi
per month; mall subscribers, $3 per annum,
single ooplea 5 centi.
We trust that the buiiness community
will take advantage of the fact thai an.
nounced, and handin their advertisements.
Dan Illce.
The report that Dam Bice waadtad, which
have from time to time Taxed the publio ear,
were utterly falae. Dah will meet and con
found the fabulifti who hare manufactured
tbeee canardi, at blf show at the foot of Sixth
street, Monday afternoon and evening. Jle
looks ai well aa he ever did In hla life, and
has prepared an exhibition more complete
and attract! re than be has erer jet placed
before the publio. His tents and parapher
nalia are new and handsome, his horses are
the finest la the world, white his cages are
filled with most famous and interesting'
beasts. The great exhibition will continue
through the week.
Tho Connecticut Canrni.
A correspondent of the Borton Poir.wrltlng
from New London, glres the following fig.
A dispatch from a friend In New Haren.
recelred just before I close this, gires me the
following figures as tne canvass of too radi
DiwliT 41.SM)
EatflUb 41,110
Doablfal 2.Z&)
It will be seen that this gives Gen.llewley
a majority of 1,170, with 2,660 votnto
change toe result. It Is said tbat this figur
lor Is aulta nnsatlsfactorv to tha rail leal
and It will hardly be published in their pa
pers. The De moo ratio committee figure as fol
... 2,060
and glring to Ilawley all the doubtful votes,
Jearing English a clear majority of 130,
As is usual in elections considered close.
there Is more or 'ess betting. In Hartford
last week the odds were In faror of Jlawley,
bat opinions hare changed, and both there
ana in new iiaren me odds are on Mr. Lng
SIntlny of n Ohio Ilrgtmcnt.
The Qalreston (Texas) Bulletin publishes
the particulars of a mutiny of the 48th Ohio
regiment, rli :
There are about sixty mutineers. The
whole battalion does not report more than
two Hundred men, a large portion of wnlcn
are on detailed duty. There was but about
tblrty men in camp on duly yesterday
Colored troops arrested and now guard the
insurgents. Bo far as we are Informed, the
wrong conduct of these men bas been merely
jiegatlre. Tbey simply refused to do duty.
glrlng as a reason, that orders had been sent
from Washington sereral times for their muster-out,
and that they were entitled to It,
the war being ended.
Id the meantime, colored troops are doing
guard duty la theoltyol Ufclveaton.
A Feehch Marquis, aged twenty-eight.
who fire years ago possessed f 200,000, which
he dissipated with a famous lorette, and who
now has only $50, enlisted as a musician In
the band of one of the regiments of the
French army recently.
Dad x li in dreadful spirits at the threat
of closing the gambllog bouses, there are
hotels there which rent suites of room at
SOOf. ft day, and the four brokers of the
' hell" take fa J,300,000f. each uvrj month,
exelaslre of their ordinary transactions. It
Is the menace of the loss of all this foreign
Id which nuke Daden feci bad.
omcUL. t
Preeldeat of the Cn'tte State of
America i
Jb ntt whom U may wncnif
!An Exequatur bearing date the seventh day
of October, one thousand eight hundred and
sixty -four, having been issued to Claudius
Edwaid llABicnr, recognising htm as Con
ml of Sweden and Norway at New York,
and declaring him free to exerelse and enjoy
such fanotlons, powers, and privileges u are
allowed to Consuls by the law of nations, or
by the laws of the United States and exist
tng treaty stipulations between the Govern
ment o( Sweden and Norway and the United
States; but as It Icdeemedadvtsablethatthe
said Clacdicb Edward Habicht should no
longer be permitted to continue In the exer
cise of said functions, powers, and privi
lege a
These are, therefore, to declare that I no
longer recognise the said Claudius Edward
IlAiicnr as Consul of Sweden and Norway.
at New York, and will not permit him to ex
ercise or enjoy any of the functions, power,
or privileges allowed to a Consular Officer of
tbat nation; and that I do hereby wholly re
voke and annul the said Exequatur hereto
ore given, and do declare the same to be
absolutely null and rold, from this date for
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
Letter to be made Patent, and the Seal of
the United States of America to be hereunto
Qlren under my hand at Washing
ton, the twenty-sixth day of March,
In the year of our Lord one thou-
s. L. rand eight hundred and sixty-six, and
of the Independence of the United
States of America the ninetieth.
By the President:
William H. Seward,
Secretary ot State.
President of the United State of
America i
To all tehom it may eonetrn:
An Exequatur bearing date the first day of
July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-
fire, having been Issued to S. M. Branson,
recognizing htm as Vice Consul of Sweden and
Norway at New Orleans, and declaring htm
free to exercise and enjoy such functions,
powers, and privileges a are allowed to
Vice Consuls by the law of nations, or by
the laws of the United States, and existing
treaty stipulations between the Government
of Sweden and Norway and the United
States; but as It Is deemed advisable that the
said S. M. Sveiisoh should no longer be per
mitted to continue In the exercise of sold
funotlons, powers, and privileges
These are, therefore, to declare that I no
longer recognise the said S. M. Svehsoh as
Vice Consul of Sweden and Norway at New
Orleans, and will not permit him to exercise
or enjoy any of the functions, powers, or
privileges allowed to n Consular officer of
that nation and that I do hereby wholly re
voke and annul tb U Bx-xUur bri.
fore given, and do declare the same to be ab
solutely null and void, from this day forward.
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
letter to be made patent, and the seat of
the United States of America to be hereunto
a 19 Fed.
Given under my hand at Washington,
the twenty-sixth day of March, In
the year of our Lord one thousand
l. . eight hundred and sixty-six, and of
the Independence of the United States
of America the ninetieth.
By the President;
William II. Seward,
Secretary of State.
Front Heir Jersey.
Trebto, March HO Both Houses ad
journed to-day over to Monday night. No
action whatever bos been taken on the Sena
torial question.
The Republican paper In this city opens
sharply on Senator Poovel for voting not to
go into a joint meeting. Doubts are felt
everywhere as to the probability of a Joint
meeting at all.
The prominent candidates are James M.
Scorel and Alex. G. Oattell, of Camden.
Ne OnLEAits. The excitement In polit
ical clroles. from all outward appearance. 1
gradually dying out. The crowd which has
clustered around the City Hall for a number
of days Is now greatly diminished In num
bers. Patience nas ceased to be a virtue;
cnanges are ioo mucn retarded, and nothing
of a sensational character Is presented. In
a commercial point of rlew. the cltv is active.
The weather is favorable and delightful, our
streets are almost blocked up with beauty
and fashion, and all things considered, the
urescem uiy is dotngexceedingiy well iV.
U Ptcayune, 2Sth,
Kmlajratlon to the State.
The number of the emigrants from Ger
many, says the Paris correspond a of the
London HrraU, arriving at Havre to take
ship for America, has lately Increased In an
extraordinary degree. A Jlavre Journal
statei that there are not less than a thousand
emigrants now lodging in the quarter of St.
Francois alone awaiting vessels to take them
out. Two days since elthtv persons left
Havre for England In the hope of getting off
The same journal remarks that this In
crease of emigration coincide with a great
extension of the commercial relations between
France and the United States. Not less than
twenty-fite vessels are shortly expected at
Havre from New Orleans, one from Texas,
and fire from Mobile, all laden with cotton.
A considerable quantity of the same material
Is also being shipped for Havre from New
York, along with other merchandise. In
short, the Import trade at Havre has not
been so brisk for fire years past.
The emigration to North America, says
the correspondence of the London Times,
dated March 12, I dally assuming greater
proportions. Up to the end of May ten
thousand persons have already engaged to
leave, via Hamburg and Bremen. The emi
grants are nearly all Northerners and Pro
testants, whereas, ten rears aeo. the vast
majority consisted of Southerners, mDy of
mem jioman uamouoi.
Ahoicq the principal creditors who ar
rested George N, Sander in London, there
appears the name of Arthur Rankin, of
Windsor, C. W., for the sum of $15,000.
Sanders was still In custody. He would be
heard on the 23d.
Therx are 6,000 Masonle lodges and
1,300,000 Free and Accepted Mason In the
world. There are lodges In Senegal, Gufqea,
Moioubique, China, Java, and Arabia,
Tni old poetHerrtck save the followloo
hints respecting Lent:
The larder leaae
And elease
Trom fat of vsale aad abeept
lilt to quit tbedlah
Or flab, yet etUl
To All :
The platter high with flab
Is It to faat aa boor,
Or rfd to go,
Or abow
A down-east look aod sowra?
Wo, ttaafaattodol
Thy abeaf of wheat,
And meal,
TJnto the hungry aoaL
It la to fast from itrtfe.
From old debate,
And hate;
To clreumclae thy life.
To abow a hf art grief rent,
To starve thy alo,
Hoi bla t
iad that's to keep tby teat.
Good-sued strawberries can be purchased
for about a dollar apiece.
At present, when $200,000 in gold are
coined at the Paris mint, they are divided
Into these denomination and quantities:
5,0001". of lOOf. pieces; 10,000f. or 50f.t
740,000f. of 20f.j 150, 00 Of. of 10f.t and
65,000f. of 5f. pieces.
There has just been a sale of old china In
Paris the collection of an English amateur.
One small vase sold for $750, another for
$000. The whole collection very small
oneproduced $13,000.
Messrs. Larworth and Flislcant, while
making excavations In Syria, recently dis
covered a perfect Hebrew bouse, built two
oenturles B. C; they found In it the five
books of Moses, David' Psalms, and an
other book containing a selection of Hebrew
poetry, of which this Is the only known copy.
05 inquiry at the Treasury Department It
has been ascertained that there was no au
thority for a recently published statement
that the Secretary of the Treasury would
pay the May Interest, due on the 6-20 bonds,
early In April. There has been no such de
termination on the subject
An exhibition of the works of living artists
Is to take place this summer, at the Hague.
No contributions will be received after the
15th of May. Seven geld medals four for
native and three for foreign artists will be
distributed on the part of the town.
Tab reputed author of "The Harp of a
Thousand Strings," Rev. Henry T. Lewis,
has been heard from. He is residing at
Monroe, La., whither he removed the first
year of the war, and he Is the happy father
of three children, two-thirds of whom are
We learn that Rev. Fielder Israel, re
cently a minister In the Methodist Episcopal
Church, will preach In the Unitarian Church
to-morrow, (morning and evening.) It Is
stated that some time since he began the
reading of Unitarian books that he might re
fute their doctrines, which led to a radical
change In his own theology.
M Milladd, the proprietor of the two
cents' newspaper of Paris, which sells dally
260,000 copies, having refused to take back
from the newspaper dealers their unsold
copies, they set upon him and were about to
beat him severely, whn b ma wj t.l
took refuge in the printing office of La
Preitt, whose doors were at once closed on
A frame house, situated on Napoleon ave
nue, near Magaslne street, New Orleans, oc
cupled by Mrs. Green, caught fire on the
21st Instant, and was entirely destroyed.
Mrs. Green having carried her children from
the building, returned to secure some of her
effects: but the flames having spread rapidly,
her retreat was cut off, and she was burned
to death.
A mob si no cotemporary fulminates the
following terrible sentence: "Happily, un
contclonablo men who wait on each other In
close personal conference about their schemes
cannot combine to resist the public frown.
when by the excess of their mutually Inspired
confidence their motives escape disguise, and
Justice spontaneously darkens the august
countenance of the people."
"The wearing of the green" Is rather dan
gerous, as appears from the following para
graph, whleh we clip from a foreign Journal:
"Green robes, it appears, are not very much
the fashion on the continent. Professor
Machka and Dr. Lerck, of Prague, have
analysed a green dress, which was recently
worn at a ball in Vienna, and discovered In
the Jhlrty-slx metres of which It was com
posed no less than two ounces of arsenic"
A few years ago, when Preston Brook
truck down Mr. Sumner, the seat of the
Massachusetts Senator, so long vacant, was
an impressive testimony against the outrsge
committed by the South Carolinian. Now a
seat from New Jersey is empty; its ocoupant
struck down by Mr. Sumner, who is ap
plauded for an act done In the interest of the
pirty, and a clearly unjustifiable as that for
which he suffered so long. iv. 1. Commer
cial Advertiser
The Princess de Metternlch has made a
great sensation In Paris by appearing at the
lost ball of the Tu Merles In a dress of block
satin; It Is true, the body wo adorned with
white lace and the skirt with nosegays of red
roses; but court etiquette Is so formal that
black shall only he worn on "mourning
days," It Is hard for courtiers to recover
breath after such a violation of law. A Paris
newspaper says: "It Is impossible so loon
after suoh a coup d'etat to say what will be
all the consequences of It."
The United States and Brazil Mail Steam
ship Company has a memorial before the
House Committee on Post Offices and Post
Roads, asking for an extension of the route
from Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo, and Bue
nos Ayres. The new line of mall steamers
between New York and the ports of Lagu
ayra and Puerto Cabello, in Venesuela,
touching at St. Thomas, will make the first
trip from New York on the 5th of April.
The company has a subsidy from the Vene
zuelan Government for carrying Its malls,
and ho now made application to the Post
Office Department for a similar service. The
letting of contracts for postal service In the
Northwestern States will, It is supposed,
show a large reduetlon of rates.
A OixciXKATt paper thus reports a recent
lecture by Anna Dickinson : "She spoke to
the people, and with suoh vigor did she assert
her rights as an Inspired instructress or ine
Ignorant publio, that when a poor leuow
In the audlenoe sneezed she called upon him
In a voice like the blast of a bugle, to talk
like a man, or forever bold his peace and
be held hu peace."
t i i
four .octxxob:. i. ar.
W call the attention of the business com
munity to the fact that we shall issue the
RtPUBLtCAx a a morning paptfon and after
Monday next A very large extra edition
will be Issued on Monday. We hope the
business men of the city will take adrantage
of the fact.
Whatever may have been the mobility of
Mr. Jorrsoe'i policy, says the Pari Vebatt
of March 10th, either before his elevation to
the Presidency or since, tt 1 certain that at
this moment he Is defending with far more
Intelligence than his adversaries the true in
terests of the Union. The war was under
taken by the North against the South, not
only in the name of liberty against slavery,
but for the security of the American Union.
Can those who contested then so energeti
cally and legitimately the right of the con
fedefstes to recede from the Union now with
out flagrant contradiction deny them the
right to re-enter It.
After the frightful war which has so pro
foundly Injured the country the United
State can have no more pressing duty than
that of reconstructing that Union, which Is
the foundation and strength of their unity,
power and influence. To oppose the plans
for that purpose pursued by the Exeoutlve
power to exclude by special laws the Rep
resentatives of the South 1 it not. In real
ity, to prolong the state of war, and to per
petuate dissensions and hostilities which
every effort should be made to efface? With
out doubt this work I difficult, and the
lately rebellion Statei ought to re-enter the
Union only under efficacious guarantees
against a new rupture; butttls not by a
system of absolute 'exclusion and perpetual
suspicion that they are to be obtained.
Booke Forthcoming,
D. Vax Nostraxd, 132 Broad way, New
York, has in press "The Battle-fields of VI r
ginla," (Chancellorsvllle,) embracing the op
erations of the Army of Northern Virginia,
from the battle of Fredericksburg to the death
of Lieut. Gen. S. 3. Jacxsox. By Jxx.
HoTcanys and William Allah. 1 vol.
8vo , Illustrated with maps and portrait of
S. J. Jacksox.
"Electro-Ballistic Machines," and the
Schulti Cbronosoope." By Brevet Lieut.
Col. S. V II is it. 1 vol. 4to, Illustrated.
"Pook Method of Comparing the Lines
and Draughting Vessels Propelled by Sail or
Steam," including a chapter on "La j log-off
on the Mold Loft Floor." By Samuel M.
Pook, Naval Constructor 1 vol. 8ro, with
"Luce's Seamanship." Compiled from
various authorities, and illustrated with nu
merous original and selected designs. For
the use of the United States Naval Academy.
By S. B. Luce, Lieutenant Commander U. S.
N. Second edition, revised and Improved.
1 vol, royal octavo.
"Brooklyn Water Works." Containing a
Descriptive Account of the Construction of
the Works, 'and also He ports on the Brook
lyn, Hartford, Belleville, and Cambridge
Pumping Engines. With 60 plates. 1 vol.
Frecdmcii AfTtra In the District of
Brevet Brig. Gen. O. 11. Howard this
morning promulgated an order to the effect
that the Issues of Government supplies to the
freed people of this District, by the Freed
men's Bureau, will be stopped on the 10th of
April, when the soup-houses will be closed,
and the distribution of wood and clothing
All who are sick will be taken in charge
by the Medical Department of this Bureau.
The aged and Infirm, and those permanently
disabled, will be provided with comfortable
homes at Freedmen'sVjlIage, Arlington.Vn,,
and at the "Soldiers' Rest," Alexandria.
The following resignation wre announced
tbl morning at Lieut. Gen. Grant head
quarters: Maj. Gen. G. M. Dodge, U. 8. V.,
to take effect May SO; Brevet Maj. J. Fdl-
meb, captain 15th U. 8. Infantry, to take
effect March 28; Brevet Cant D. Uazzard,
first lieutenant 11th Infantry, to take effect
May 28; Brevet Capt. Wm. Egax, first lieu
tenant 2d artillery, to take effect March 28.
Tobacco Decision The Secretary of the
Treasury has withdrawn the permission here
tofore granted to rtmanufacture old and
damaged tobacco, with the payment of du
ties only upon the Increased weight.
DiscoxnxDED The superlntendency of
the 17th Infantry, regular, recruiting service
was this morning discontinued by order o
Lieut. Gen Gramt.
Internal Revenue receipts for to-day,
Two magnificent swans were captured last
week in Alleghany county, Md., and sent to
the commissioners of Druid Hill Park, Balti
more. Some of the vast flock which were
passing from the waters of the Chesapeake
to the lakes encountered a fog In the moun
tains, became confused, and hovered over a
small spaoe the entire night Some country
people lighted fires In the mountains, whloh
brought them down. Many were killed and
a few captured alive.
New York Stock List.
Dy Bankers' aad Brokers Telegraph
Johnson k Co. 1
to Lewis
Nsw Toaa, March 31
-3 p.
V 8. 1881 Coupon
Do. do fl.ao'a, ,
Do. Certificate of Indebtedness
Do. o'alO-40'iCoapoas, registered..
O B. 7-30 notes, first Issue
Caotou Company
Catnbcrland Coal Co. Preferred
Quick. U-er allBlo Co
Nsw York Central Railroad
Erie Hallway
Hodsoo Elver Katlroad ,
Raiding Ball r oa4
Michigan Central Railroad
Mlcb. So. and N Indiana Kailroad....
Illinois Central Railroad ,
Cleveland & itUsbamb Railroad
Chicago & N. Western Railroad
Do. do. Preferred
Clsfsland Toledo Railroad
Cblcago and Roek Island Railroad
Pitta , rt. Wayne, k Chicago Railroad
Ohio and Ulssfsslppl Certificates
Gold (closed)
Market heavy.
.... 41
.... 411$
.... 74C2
.... 09)1
Blidib (AlgtrU) mU 30,000,000 orasoi
anil lemomthli jttrj 85,000 orang. treei
anil 10,000 lemon treta producel this crop o
,n imainm.
rni rwiviuAHM -- .
OttmciH, Dm.'t, 180S. ,
1 I ak o.rUln ItallMk hai been m.ddlltn
Qunnetli, Oct. M,18U.
TAiaiKO Tim'' loth. Senat. hai ittn
or.r line. Et. Valentine'! day.
Wbix wm b.ef the highest? When th.
eowJnnp-doTtr th-moon (Old, bntgtiod,)
OuaowfKi denounce Jndai Itearlot and
lererat other lotti of people In hie IMarjr.
Tns New Orleau Trut Delta newipaper
hu failed.
Mbailii are generated hy rotton itraw.
Guntcili, Dec. 27, 1803.
II. BtocKTOK. of New Jersey, think! tha
proceeding! for ousting him from tho Senate
were ftiorrllly wrong.
Wit r. il ago I warned Stanton about this
treasonable Intercourse between Meade and
MoClellan." GurotctM, Oct. 27, 18(3.
Cdiil make! a speech In Baltimore. It
has the Car or of a Presidential candidate
Gurovili, Oct. 29, 1803.
Obei.lt against Lincoln's re-tUctlon-T
io he told me himself Ourowitl, Dec. 6,
I if at he mistaken, but th. honest, petrl-
otle radicals will he caught Ourouili,
Jan. 7, 1801.
Flume will's carriage laciory, no. au
Bank itreet, Cincinnati, wai partially de
stroyed by fir. yosterday. The loss Is $3,000.
Our. thousand and twenty Immigrants
landed at New York yesterday from tho LIt.
erpool steamihtp llelretla.
Tni bone boiling nulianee of Brooklyn li
to ho remored at once, by the lanltary com
mission. Tni Pennsylranla Senate, on Friday, re
celred the resignation of Mr. IllesterClymer,
Senator from the Sixth district.
What Is the height of folly TBoilo J'o(.
''Tls folly to bo wis.." (Henry A.)
Take this measure.
It Is proposed to hare a complete New
England cotton factory, worked by Lowell
operatlres, at the Paris Exposition.
Ex-Coiorissuak Hill, of Georgia, Is an
applicant for the Sarannah collectorshlp, to
succeed Woodbrldge, who Is going to resign.
Tbiodoii Vatxs was yesterday sentenced,
In Brooklyn, to twenty yean' Imprisonment
for killing a police officer.
Tni Postmaster General Is said to hare
made th. passenger railways of Philadelphia
post roads, and so obrlated the Sunday ob
jectlom of the Legislature.
A railuoad Is being constructed across
the State of Iowa which will establish direct
rail communication between St. Louis and
St. Paul
Tni English detectlres Imagine that the
mysterious posters In New York, consisting
of a green ball on a white ground, lymbol
lses an Immediate lnraston of Canada.
In tho case of the New York whisky dis
tilleries eight assessments for fraudulent re
turns haTe been made, amounting In tho ag
gregate to $37i,e37.
Son smugglers at Boston tho other day
were so unlucky as to offer to th. rerenue
inspector, for !., a cholea lot of smuggled
Ilarana clgari.
Tni failure of Culrer, Fenn & Co., of New
York, oaosed the suspension of thirteen
banks in tho Pennsylranla and Ohio oil re
gions. Wb are muoh obliged to Mr Sumner for
lending us ooples of Sanator Nye's speech
we got twelve cents a pound for them.I)oj
lo Pott.
Tni ex-rebel Gen. W. W. Wood, leader of
the Brailllan emigration soheme, has re
nounced Braiil, and become again a oltlien
of Mississippi.
In New York yesterday a witness In the
Meteor case testllted that there were fire
boxes of Parrott shot on board, and that the
captain stated that eoin. Parrott guns had
been sent to th. Plerrepont storei. The case
was adjourned till Monday.
A Pabii letter hu the text of th. Secret
Conrentlon between Napoleon and Maximil
ian at the City of Mexico, on th. 29th of
September last, fixing the pay and position
of French agents in Mexico, the number of
whom Is large, for fire years from abore date.
Tni Boston Foil respectfully calls the at
tention of those who lmblde rather freely to
the following lines:
II. tit. alon. on a cold ffrtr stone.
While the sua la the w.tt I. .Inklex!
Why look, he sadf 'Can., bla bead aches bad,
From a little too mneh f -iH-f-M-n-p.
Capt. Nolab and sixteen New York sol
diers recently went to arrest a murderer, at
Clinton, Texas, when they were fired on by
the ruffian and his friends. One soldier was
killed, and two. Including Captain Nolan,
seriously wounded. Two of the assailants
were killed and several wounded.
What are Chase's claims for the Presi
dency? lie wished to let the Cotton States
go; he showed no statesmanlike foresight
when In April, 1801, ha mode the first loan
of ten millions, being offered fifty millions by
the more long headed bankers Gurowtkt,
I'oa. 8, 180.1.
Ib the Natchitoches and upper Red rlrer
district the spring Is forward. More land
baa been plowed and planted this spring than
erer before. The Ireedinen are working well.
Alexandria Is being rebuilt. In northern
Louisiana the crop! will be equal to those of
any former year.
Tui March statement of the publio debt,
which will he published next week, will not,
as reported, show any reduction in the prin
cipal, as compared with tho February 'exhibit,
as no new issues or conversions have been
made since then. The statement, however,
will show a considerable Inorease of the bal
ance on hand In tho Treasury.
Tub St. Louis Republican Is Informed that
the order detailing Gen. Sheridan as a mem
ber of the Speolal Army Board to meet In St.
Louli reaohed him in New Orleans Just aa he
wai preparing to go on more important ser
vice to the IUo Grande frontier. The troops
there are said to bo In a disorderly condi
tion, and fears were entertained in conse
quence that new complication! might arise
between our Government and the French or
Mexloani on the other ilde of the rlrer. Ho
deemed tt necessary, therefore, to go thither
and regulate affairs In that department so as
to maintain order. Tho Secretary of War,
therefore, did not repeat the order for Gen.
Sheridan's presence In St. Louis, and tho
hoard will doubtless proceed to business
without him,
Holler Explewlott.
r.r-iiwii. March SO. The boiler of tbe
n.s.. -a til .... Mt.li1 Tn.
.uaviei ueam w-uiuia vn.
dlaoa, exploded veiterdaT, killing two men
and leverelj eeaiaing iwo omiti.
i isaBFe '
New Your, March 30 Tha gonboali
T,. Ant, .nil Don. Ik li stated, will now be
attached to the living iqaadron for the) pro
tection of the filherlet. Theitoreihlp Sop
ply tailed to-day for the Bait Indies,
Philadelphia Market.
PaiLiDiLrnu, March 81 Floor dull and
unchanged. Wheat more active; prime red
37a40o. Corn flrmer; yellow 71o. Grocerlei
and provblom more active at iteady rates.
Whliky dall( Penn., $1.25, Ohio, $2.28.
Kaw Tor Market
ilBW IVItlti tuaiuu wis vvtnsH ,-.-.,
c .i v..j Wkt liM Mo-Tir.
Corn quiet and Heady. Beefqntet. Fork
aou ana lower, ii uisay iuies uu bujcmj.
Vwluable Shipment from California.
BAR IRAWCISCO, uarcn w ine aieamer
Conitftatton tailed to-day with $439,834 88 In
traar. of which S309.459.44 li for Now
The Hon. Corneilm Cole, United Statee
Senator elect, U a passenger on the ship.
PI re la Haw York.
Nsw Yorc, March 31. 1 a. m A fire at
midnight destroyed the botldlng 44 Veeiey
street, extending inroogn to uarciay ureei.
and occnpled aa a crockery warehouse' and
cltrar manufactory. Thabulldlne wm only
a short distance from the Astor Home, but
no damage was done to the latter.
Prnssla Liberty of Speech Shut Down
on the Pruealana.
From the London SMpplof Gaiette, March 14 )
jjoia iuansneia'i aavice to a young juugu,
never to (rive the reasons for his decision.
ought surely to be laid to heart by the judges
of the Prussian Supreme Court. They bave
decided against the liberty of speech In the
Chamber, and instead or contenting mem
selves with the nromuleatlon of their decls
Ion, they have been indolently Ill-advised to
publish their reaaoni.
Like all things German, this document Is
of inordinate lengtn ana oi more man pro
portional obscurity. The meaning of It may.
however, be condensed Into one sentence
that the eighty-fourth article of the Consti
tution, on which the deputies have hitherto
relied for protection In the expression of their
opinions, secures Impunity for the expression
of such opinions at tbey may have arrlrod at
by the exercise of their understanding, but
not for the statement of facts
A more contemptible quibble was never put
forth, nor one which will less bear Investiga
tion. How an opinion can be formed on a
question of fact without the exercise of the
understanding it is aomewnat uimeau to im
agine. The publication of a judicial decision
bated unon such a distinction Is surely sign
of the subserviency of the Judges, who have
strangely rallen away since napoieon ue-
oi&reu ion "more were juugva iu AJciiiu.
The New York Bond Robbery
NEwnunvronT. March 30. J. P. L. Weit
colt, Marshal of!thls city, being In New Yotk
on business of the United Etates Treasury
Department at the time of the robbery of
Mr. .Lord, gave tne subject nis attention,
and, sending to Charles town, obtained each
lniormauon as lea to an interview witn jir.
Lord, to whom he communicated bis suspi
cions. Mr. Lord being very credulous, arranged
for a second meeting, at which two detec
tives were present, tbey having been notified
of the meeting. Mr. Lord declined proceed
ing, and notified Mr. Westcott that further
negotiations must be carried on through the
detective polled. Mr. Westcott waited on
umteaciates juarsnauuurray, of new iora,
who nromntlr furnished two of his deteotlvee.
Messrs. Poore and Donshea, with orders to
render Air. neitoott every assistance.
Dn Mh4.. ...4. (...!. IO Hf. TIT..
cott saw his man at the New Haven depot,
In New York city, who took the train, fol
lowed In due time by Mr. Westcott and the
detectlres. Soon after the train started
Westcott went Into a baggage ear, and see
ing baggage with his man's Initials on It,
securediU detention. Returning back, he
found Jones asleep, and awakening him and
calling him by name, Westcott informed him
he was a prisoner. At first Jones was some
what surprised but seeing he was caught
yielded up and was Ironed.
The party kept tn the train nntll reaching
West Boston, when, It being desirable tu
avoid Boston, carriages were taken, and they
rode around to Chelsea, and arrived here
safely last week, on Tuesday afternoon. Sinee
that time Jones has been closely guarded at
a hotel.
An examination of the baggage disclosed
eight bonds of $1,000 each, payable to Rufui
L. Lord. This proved that Wesoott had se
cured the right man.
Detective Heath, of Boston, came down
for consultation, the arrested man being
known to him. Heath went to New York,
and In company with Detective Young, of
New York, at once commenced following np
the troll.
The details of the robbery show It to have
been one of the boldest thefts erer perpe
trated. Jones engaged Lord's attention
while three accomplices robbed the safe.
After the robbery, the four proceeded to
Central Park and examined the contents of
the two boxes and of the pocket-book, at
which they were perfectly aghast, so enor
mous did It seem to them. Detectives Young,
Jones, and Heath left the city for New York,
with their prisoner, this evening.
Nitw York, March 30. One hundred and
eighteen thousand dollars of the missing
bonds stolen from Mr. Lord hare been re
covered, and the remainder, It Is expected,
will be obtained.
Explosion at the Arsenal. On Thurs
day afternoon, about four o clock, while two men
named Albert Carew and Henry Daot were en
ganed In taking the ammunition out of small
shells In a shed about one hundred feet east of the
old Penitentiary building, one of the shells ex-
Eloded, completely demolishing tho building aod
nrnlng Mr. Carew badly and slightly burning
Mr. Da at, Carew bas been In the service, and
was honorably dlsebarged from Carlisle's bat
tary. Both the wounded men were taken to the
hospital, and are doing very well Since the last
fatal explosion Col Benton has adopted a num
ber of stringent regulations in addition to those
formerly la force, among others providing that
bat two men shall work fn a shed at one time,
Instead of a larger number, and that all loose
powder shall bo remered ae soon as taken irom
a shell : also, that should there beany dlfflcnly In
taking the load from a shell, to throw It away,
and not rua the risk of an explosion.
A Yorjxo Villain A colored boy, named
Wm Deltoy alias Stonewall, 13 years of age,
was arrested this rooming by Officer McColgan,
of the Jourlb,ward, for attempting to commit a
rape upon a little toltred girl four years of age,
daughter of Wm. II. Olbson.who resides la Jack
son lla.ll allay.
From the facts before Justice Waltsrltappears
tbat the boy bad been living with Mr. Olbaon,
and about four weeks ago the mother of the
little girl went out to visit a neighbor, telling
Stonewall to take care of the house uatll she re
turned. On returning ahe cangbt the boy In the
act of committing tho tape. Justice Waiter sent
him to Jail The boy came from Virginia, aod
oa arriving bare went to the house of Mr, Gib
son, where he has been kindly cared for.
The Eclipse Last Night The total
eclipse of the moon last night was witnessed by
great numbers of our cltliens. In the first part
of the evening the sky was cloudy, bat before
eight o'clock all clouds bad disappeared About
if itoiUmr JsiTlTlTT'nifTSi
bitput lCutti ellipse rouneted,Ui lis
shadow eo.llaaed to spreil null thlrtr-elx
s .a V. sL. -. ! ralw1
QTerabaaeweJ, iboign It was not lavlelble.
preMBtiM a dan copper eoior. iaii w"
atll a few mleatee past twelve o'clock, when,
the shadow ber an to vw from the eastera nor
t loo, and at twtol7oemlatits past oae o'clock
in e MiroaoiDicai, panormanov ao.
Sows. or TtKHRiKCi. A meeting' of
Baaal Division No. 9. Sobs of Temperance, was
held last night at Union League Hall, Biatk
The election of ofieers for the taeniae quarter
was bald, aad the followlbg-Bamed geatlemen
eboa t
W. P.. John n. Wheeler J W.A., John D. llloor
It. 8., W. B.Dyer, Jr.; aaslitanl R. ft., K. A.
Flaht treanurar, O. Alexander! P, 8., J, H. Ar
BOtdf chaplala, John 8. II oil leg head: eondne
tor, George Maawellt end Charles II. Boston
lasts the cbalr of P. W. P. by virtue of hie
present position ae W. P.
Tni Passover, on Feast orUifLKAVEPED
BbSId. This feast, which Is strictly observed
by the Israelites, com ros need last evenlor, at six
oTdock, and will .condone for eight days, lhe
drat aad last two daya being kept sacred. Daring
the festival tbey eat what Is known as nnleav
end bread, -which Is made of Hoar aad water
only. Appropriate services will b held In the
various aynagogoes darlsg the week.
Marriage Licenses During the month
ending to-day Mr.R. J.Meigs, the Clerk of th
Court, hat Issued one hundred and seventeen
marriage licensee. Of this nambar, thirty-nine
were lssoed to colored persons. The aatobsr
Issued la March, IBM, waa one hundred aad
Home Rtealiho, John If. Fields, a col
ored man S3 years of ege.waa arrested la 0orge
town yesterday, on the complaint of Jos, If aula,
whti charged him with stealing a horse. II was
taken before Jattlce Backey, and sent to Jail for
a further hearing.
- m ' -
FcnERAL. The funeral of Col. Thomas
P. Trotl, the ehler cterk of the Post Office De
partment, who died on Monday last, took plac
yesterday arte r noon from hla late resldeace oa
Capitol Hill, sod wa attended by a Urge nam
ber of relatives and friends.
Sbcttino Orr Potosiac Water. -.The
Water Registrar Is actively engaged la having
the water abut off from all premises where water
reat has not been paid for the year from Jaauary
I,180t), toJanuatyl, 1667.
Arrested on a Bench WAR8AifT.er
gsant Barker yesterday arrested Wm. II. Taylor,
In the First precinct, on a bench warrant from
the Criminal Court, and baadsd him over to
Marshal Ooodlng.
'Waslilnfcton Market.
The market was not so full this morning
ae utual. Prices ranged as follows :
Beef, lftalle per lb Perch, 60c per bh
Pork, 90a23e per lb Lobsters, lfto per lb
Do. per cwt.fU Terrapins, 7flel. 00
Motion, 2Ae per lb Turtle, 75s $1 each
Veal, U3Ae per lb Oysters, 1.23 per gallon
Corn beef, 15a2)e per lb Rock, Wc per bunch
Corn pork, 20a23o per lb Large do 60o s3 each
Umb,2025e per lb Eels, ae per bench
Sausage, SAe per lb Catflah,;WOe per bunch
Ham, '.UaZSe per lb Mullets, SOc per bunch
Sliced ham, M per lb Honey, Wo per lb
3houlder),19alkper Ib Eggs, SAaSOc per dot
Middllng,22a20cperlb Apples 73cal per pk
Jowl, 12Usl3cperib Cranberries loo per qt
Venison SOatte per lb Celery, Pa20c per Ih
Beef tongue, 90cas)l Oraoges,3oa0perdoi
Dried beef, 23a30cperlbLemons,43i40c per dos
Tripe lOe per lb Onions, 40aA0e per pk
Pigs' fet, Uic pr pair Carrots, tiOoperpk
Lard,30a2Jeprlb Lettuce each, CalOe
Butter, 40a7oe per lb Saur Kraut, lOo per qt
Prints, 73 Cabbage, 6a23e
Cheese, 23c per lb Kale, 60a7a per peck
Geese, fl.fiOal 60 each Parsnlps,40a6oe per peck
Wild do , 2. Lima Beans, 2Jc. per qt
TurkeTi,2a4 OO. Walnuts, oo per pk
Wild Plgeoaa.VZOOprds Radishes, 6e per bunch
Dacka, 76atl.iV) perpr llotnloy,cooked, lOe qt
Drome, $ per pair Hominy, grain. So qt
Ca uvass Backs, 417.? s2.23 Dried fruit, 23aOe qt
Red Week", 1. 60 Turalps, O60e per pk
Mallard, 1.60 Beets, 60c per pack
Widgeon, $1 per pair. Sweet potatoes,76a80 pk
Chicken. S1.76aX 23 palrlrlsh potatoes, 40a60c pk
Prairie Hens.tl.lOafl 2i Corn Meal, i0el
Pbeasaats e)2 per pr Corn, 90a. 1
Robins, ll.tt per dot Corn, 3aft 60 per bbl
Squabs, 60o per pair Ships tuff, 6076
Flounders, 16c per lb Brown stuff, 60
Sea bass, 16o per lb Sborta, 30c
Smelts, 250 per lb Oats.aUaW)o
Haddock, l&e per lb Rye. )t
Fresh Ilerrlng, pr ds. Middling, SOe
llke,60e per pair Iiay, ewt, fOcal.U
Pickled Salmon, Ue lb Straw. SOafl.
Fresh 6 b ad, 73 c. a 1.60
The Courts.
Criminal Court Judge Fisfur. -On
Thursday last, the Jury In the ease of Thomas J.
Conner, Indicted for stealing tO from Daniel
Pagan, were discharged, not being-able to agree.
Oeorcre Smith wan found guilty of stealing a
coat, of ih value of 4 60, from John Williams.
Lewie Wilson, Indicted for larceny; nolle jtroi,
by United States Attorney,
TO-uayiue court was id session a anon time,
and a few ball bonds were taken.
Orphans' Court Judge Purcell.-Jltia
Lynde gave bond In the sum of $8,000 as guar
dian to the orphan of Richard D. Lynde.
Letters of administration on the estate of Owen
Cadden were Issued to Margaret McCabe.
On the 31st of March, 18:6, In prospect of a
blessed Immortality, Mrs. Elvira I. IUibocf,
beloved wife of Wm II Bibbocb, aad eldest
daughter of 8. A, II, Marks, aged 27 years aad
10 months.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend her funeral, on Monday, 2d of
April, at 3 o'clock p. ro., from the resldeace of
herfather,393Southa street, Navy Yard.
81?J30rA.Xt NOTIOI38,
4sV The Lire-Work of Abraham Llu
will be the autject of a Lecture by the Rev, B.
F. Morris, on SABBATH (to-morrow) evening, at
7 J o'clock, In Meticrott's flail, oo Pan nsy It aula
avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets.
j-Hplr!tiiallsm. Mr.U. II, Stebbtns,
of Rochester, New York, will lecturola Union
Leagae Hall, on SUNDAY, April 1, at 11 a, m
and 8 p. m Subject, la the morning "Primal
(Jo pel, or Truths of the Soul " In the evening
"The Divine Laws." Admission Mornlug, f.ee.
evening, 10 centa. lt
47" Calvary Baptist Church mceta
every Sabbath In the Church, corner of .Eighth,
and II streets. Service every Sunday at 11 a.
m. and evening. Seats free. iiev. T. It. How
lett. pastor. Je3Q.tr
V-Fnlrl Fnlrl for tho llcucfU of the
8lstb Presbyterian Church, will be held at Sea
ton Hall, commencing WEDNESDAY, Aprils',
lWfl, continuing two weeks. All the nsual at
tractions for comfort and pleasure will be found.
Btaamed oysters from the celebrated establish
ment of Harvey & Co., will be aerved by the
ladles every evening.
B asoa tickets 60 cents, blngle tickets 20 cents.
Children half price. tnb28-lf
J-BrcechF-oilluif Arm. Tlielloaml
for the Examination of Breech-Loading Arms, of
which General Hancock Is president, Is now In
session at No. 61 Winder's Balldlng.
Arras will be received dally, between the hours
of It a,m. and 2 p. to , nntll further notice.
Inventors are requested to submit their arms
la person or by agent to the recorder of the board.
Capt. 6th U. B. Car., Brev. Lieut. Col. U. 8. A ,
uhl2 tf Recorder.
4? Notice To the Taxpayer of
WasmxuTO ClYT The Board of Assessors hav
ing completed the Annual Assessment for 1665.
hereby give notice that they will alt aa a Board
of Appeals and ftr the purpose uf making cor
rections from WEDNESDAY, tho lith Instant, to
ApHILLlit.lBOO.lncliislve, (Sundays excepted,)
at the room of the Trustees of Public Schools,
Third Story, west wing or City Hall, from 0 a. m.
to 3 p. m, each day. By order of the President.
sr-Offlce AVashlnKtou Uaa night
COMPANY. Oa and after March 1. lBfltJ, (nntll
further notice, ) the price of COKE will be twelve
cents per bushel
ml -If GEO. A. MclLHENNY, gfltflnecr.
JW Madam Mounts' Pile oTalve n
Valuable Kemtidy for that Dlseaso; also, a Con
sumption Deatroyvr,aad an Entire Cure for the
bronchitis, Asthma, tie; can be found at
btott's Drug Store, opposite National Hotelj
Oilman's, near Metropolitan Hotelj Ford's, cor
ner of Eleventh and Pennsylvania avenue j Eu
twlsle'a, corner of Twelfth and Pennsylvania
avenue ; Elliott's, corner of V and Twelfth streets!
Harbaugh's, corner of Boventhand Q. JalE-tf
4T The 1J filial Chamber, an Kssay of
Warning end Instruction for Young Mea. Also
new aad reliable treatment for Diseases of the
Urinary aad Eexaal Systems, Sent free. In
sealed eavelopes. Address. DK. J. SKlLLIH
Jiooq jiTUH, uowar J Aiiosiuoa, rhUodoinhii.

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