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Dtatiotutl gqnMiflm.
l"Witsjhlnirton City, J. Oy
'wr.j.MunTAGU a co.,runusnERs.
cAPIUL II, 1880.
sty We are requested to announce thai
the ladiel of Tut President's household will
hot rcceire this afternoon.
The lamentations of the "Washington organ
or the radicals, upon being notified to du
continue the "ChrontcW furnished to the
Bute Department for the Legations, were
touching in the extreme. Such a wringing
of hands and such effusion of tears have
haruly been witnessed since the Immaculate
Trottix had occasion to use his veteran
handkerchief. AVc have no doubt that the
apostle of unadulterated radicalism, and the
champion of the downtrodden black race in
the District of Columbia, (for he is 'mum"
with regard to his colored brethren in Penn-
rylvanla,) feels wronged and outraged by be
ing deprived of the little patronage and dis
tinguished honor of holding an official rela
tion to the first department of the American
Government To touch this paragon of un
selfish patriotism in the pocket is to wound
him In very truth. 'While free and unre
strained discussion of public questions is the
undoubted right of the citizen, and the un
abridged freedom of the public press Is a time
honored and valuable American privilege,
we cannot see with what consistency the
Government Is expected to employ as Its
official organ the most abusive, the most
unscrupulous, the most unprincipled paper
in this land.
It not only permits, but it is wholly indiffer
ent to the daily slanders upon the Adminis
tration, which is faithfully carrying out the
policy which for J ears the Chronicle, aided by'
a short-hand Government paid reporter, del
uged its columns with almost siokening com
mendations; but when it comes to the point
of being represented abroad by one who con
ceives it to be lus mission to malign and
belie It at home, it would seem to be some
what inconsistent. The instincts of a
gentleman, or the high-bred notions of a
man of honor would teach any person that
when in the mistaken line of duty it is con
sidered necessary to libel the Executive and
the Government, it is the height of meanness
to receive tribute from the source it attacks.
But vilhfication and venality arc too closely
wedded In the malignant spirit of the Chron
icle for any manly or high-toned sentiment
to flourislu
It is a matter of congratulation for this
country that the embassy of the nation, its
ministers, its consuls, its charges, and all
others who hold its Bcal in other lands, upon
opening the mails which come from the cap
ital, will no longer find double-leaded articles
containing glaring falsehoods and savage as
saults upon the head of the nation; the most
contemptuous and infamous rm represent a-
tions of the Secretary of State; the most dis
torted views of the popular elections; and the
most prejudicial and partisan pictures of the
condition of affairs. The dignity of this
country requires that truth and not a bilious
party schedule should go forth 'to impress
and instruct our Legations. Take, for in
stance, tho Connecticut election. Our offi
cials abroad naturally desire to know what
a lews were involved In the canvass. During
that campaign the principal Union leaders
of that State made a direct personal appeal
to the Chronicle to stop its unjust nbuo of
Tux Fbesidrxt, and its false statements with
reference to that election, as they wefe
being used by the enemies of the Union
party with terrible effect against it.
One of the most efficient and eloquent
occupants of the stump in that State, one
who, by lils gallantry In the army and his
power of logic and vigor of statement, did as
much as any single man to effect the result,
and who openly avowed his adherence to Mr.
John son's policy, has told us that the Chroni
cle articles were tho heaviest load that Maw-
ley men had to carry; and that if an open
fight had been made against President Joiin-
son's position, Connecticut w,ould have been
wept like a hurricane for him. The Palla
iium,an influential Union organ, and second
to none in that State, distinctly asserts that by
avoiding any controversy between Congress
and The President, the election was saved
by the friends of tho latter. Yet, tho Citron
tie, knowing all the facts, deliberately claims
the election as a triumphant vindication of
radical principles ; as a successful attempt
of tho peoplo "to crush" Tub Prfjhdfnt,
and as a popular rebuke to the Presidential
Barring the morality of sustaining from
the public funds any miscreant who is so
utterly impervious to truth, we ask if it Is
wise, is it decent to use the treasure of the
country to send such an infamous catalogue
of lies to foreign nations, to mislead our
servants ? Nothing Is more essential to our
represcntatius abroad than proper Informo-
non respecting the actual condition or that
portion of the country lately in Insurrection.
If that condition is not all that Joyal men
could wish, it is certainly as gratifying as we
could expect with our kuowledgc of human
nature. No one but an idiot would expect
from a people whose armies hae "been van
quished, whose dreams hate been disap-
poiniea, anu whose wealth, has been nearh
lost in an unsuccessful struggle for inde
pendence, an extraordinary rejoicing over
their defeat, or a rapturous embrace of their
conquerors. A universal acceptance of the
position, a universal acquiescence in the
changes which war has occasioned, and com
plete submission to the authority of the Na
tional (jovernment is all that sane men could
ask. This stale of affairs does exist. Tbe
laws are obeyed, labor is generally employed,
and free institutions are not only established
but ore acceptable, industrial, commercial
and political relations, save in one Instance, are
being restored, the sublime work of reconcil
iation is advancing; tho temper of the public
mind is Improving, and upon the whole the
situation of southern affairs issiuhthatwe
may wel congratulate oursehes that the day
of genuine harmony and fraternity cannot
long be postponed. But take up the Chron
icle any day, and its columns reek with the
most lugubrious cc6unU of whippings, tnnr
ders. resistance until one absent 'from the
scene would suppose' thai rebellion had Just
begun. Every trivial fact1 Is exaggerated;
each IndividualVt of folly Is magnified; the
local disturbances are all paraded, ami while
an unduo prominence is given to every indis
cretion that may be committed among a pop
ulation of twelve millions of people, no effort
Is spared to lash the public mind Into a state
of fury, and fire tho northern heart with
hatred and revenge.
We believe that tho act of the Secretary
of State In ceasing Its official relations with
a common bcrator, and an organ that thrives
on the mischief it can make, will be hailed
as eminently wiso and judicious.
Some very exciting dispatches arc being
sent over the wires from Kastport, lie., in
regard to the Ferdan movement. Kiujax
and Sinxott are holding meetings at that
place, and some of the young fellows there
are "joining" for the fun of the tiling.
Yesterday morning the telegraph informed
us that "British steamers were constantly"
at Kastport, and that the "Americans were
wild" in consequence of British gunboats
opening their gun ports. Tcople were mov
ing Into Kastport from Canipo Bcllo to get
out of danger, and two British steamers had
gone seventy miles up the river (St Croix)
to St Andrews, Ac. Tills latter place Is, by
the way, situated only fourteen miles up the
river from Kastport
Campo Bello is an island about eight
miles long, directly opposite Kastport, and
forming the ocean shore of the harbor. It
is inhabited by about one thousand people,
many of whom are Americans who reside
there for fishing and seafaring purposes. It
was never fortified, and was for many cars
the residence of Admiral Owey, of the Brit
ish nay. A miniature naval station was
also kept there by the English, and tho
place affords good harborage for any num
ber of vessels.
At quarter after one tht'$ morning we re
ceived a dispatch of about one hundred and
fifty words from Philadelphia, announcing
that a company or two hundred gentlemen,
representing certain interests named, in
Philadelphia, paid a visit to a certain manu
factory and witnessed a certain process, and
afterwards partook of a dinner. We do not
object to the advertisement of the business
referred to in the dispatch, nor to the fact
stated that "the company partook of a splen
did entertainment; but we do object to the
unnecessary delay exhibited every night in
sending us dispatches at midnight and after
of matters which transpired during the day
and early evening. "Will the agent of the
Associated Press do us the fat or to forward
his dispatches a little earlier?
As a relief to the minds of many anxious
friends of numerous candidates who will not
be appointed Collector of New York, we will
announce as a fact within our knowlodgc that
the above-named office has not been filled.
Our weekly Issue, now ready for delivery
at the counting room of the National Il
rrBUCAx, 511 Ninth street, Is filled with in
teresting reading matter, consisting of speech
es, articles upon the political questions of the
day, congressional proceedings, miscellaneous
paragraphs, and poctrj. It will be furnished
In wrappers for mailing on application as
Tins. Mr. 8ftrrnc President of the Fourth
National Bank, New York city, and Judge Davlos,
of New York city, both candidates for tho collect.
orsblp of Nov York, srrlved bora yesterday, and
bad Interviews with tbo President.
Ukx. B.F. Butlee arrived atthcKirkwood
last evening.
Clement L. Vallandiokau, of Uujton,
Ohio, and President Roberts, of Ibo Fenian broth
erhood, arrived In town lait night.
Mr. Geo. Peabodv, the eminent American
banker In London, will visit this country about tbt
flrit of May proximo.
Rev. Dr. Hariey I). Km'iirn., of Chi
cago, has accented tbo presidency of MIddlebury
Colltgt, Vermont, to which he was recently elect
ed. II will begin his duties at tht commencement
of the ntxt oollejlate year
Gov. Hauiltoy, of Texas, it is said, de
elf net to b a candidate for tb office ho now fills by
military appointment. II li mala reason li that be
Is poor and without a home, and cannot afford to
spare four yean of hie life In official datlei, while
bis family art In argent need of hie labor
Rev. E. A. "Walker, late pastor of the Old
South Church la Worcester, Massachusetts, died at
Marquette, Michigan, on Tueiday He bad been
In declining health for tome months
John Ward and Charles II. Poster uro on
trial before tbo Supreme Court of Vermont, sitting
at Burlington, for the murder of Mrs Oris wold, In
WlUIatoa, on the morning of August 28, 1885 The
erldenee against them li ciroumstantlal In lti
David D. Lfiscrb, of West Boston, aged
67 year', was found drowned In Salisbury pond,
In Worcester, on Tuesday
Immigration Into Halt I more.
Tb Com mtii loner of Immigration, In a letter to
tbo House Committee on Commerce, says of the
necessity of an Immigration office In Baltimore
"Baltimore, a central harbor on tho Al Untie
coeit, bee now a dlreot line of steamships to
Europe, and presents to tht Immigrant superior
advantage! for travel to tbe Weit, South and bor
der Etates, as will be seen frtia tbe tablet attached
to the report of tbe Commlnloner. Tbe arrivals of
immigrant! lu paat yean at thli port bare been
considerable, and to tboie wbo reoognlie In tbe
abollibment of slavery a came of future prosperity
of tbe South, sod tbo necessity for Introducing Into
the Soot hern Statei a loyal element, the expo
diency of tbe offi es recommended for tb port of
New Orleani and Baltimore for tbe protection of
Immigrants and tho enoouragement of Immigration,
muit be specially apparent "
Howard lostUute and Home.
Ma IaoiaioLL on Wednesday Introduced a bill
baTlng for lU object tbe Instruction of freed men of
hie District In tbe Industrial pursuits of life, and
tbe establishment of a temporary borne for such
freed men as may, from sickness, misfortune, age,
or Infirmity require temporary care and relief, The
Incorporators of tbe home are Messrs Jams M
Bdhosos, Savlks J Bow a , Coidul Btobbs,
Apsustis CaiiTia, Johi K Elvass, and Linus
D. Elinor. It Is to b supported by charitable
contributions, donations, and bequests
Sir IUoii Henry Rose, tho jiew torn
mender In chief of tbe British army In Ireland, baa
seen bard service In India, and li tbe man who
blew the Sepoy leaders from the mouths of bis cannon.
Although many 'of the dispatches about
tha move menU of the Fenians originate with
interested parties and. ar very ranch exagge
rated, yet wo are assured that all the reports
respecting the present action of the Fenians
tn the East are not without some good foun
ds Hon. The Government Is watchful, how
ever, and wilt not permit any oomblnatlon of
men, for any purpose whatever, to entanglo
us in new and unnecessary difficulties with
friendly rowers.
That the cholera Is at oar door Is pretty certain.
It has beea reported at Key Watt, although with a
degree of on certainty, and It Is now reported at
Halifax, on board a quarantine steamer, which la
aid to have one hundred and sixty eaies. These
last are said bow to be only ship fever a pastUeneo
that Is aa deadly as ebolera at short range, but
which does not, like tho Asiatic looorgo, spread
over a whole continent when It has once obtained a
foothold. There la talk of a geautne cue of chol
era In New Tork city; bat all tbeit reports then
may be 401)110008; wo hopo they are. We feel eon.
Ttneod, however, that ttee ramors are tho fore
runners of tho pestilence, and that It will soon be
It Is meet that wo get oar bouses tn order and
make what preparations we may to receive the
unwelcome Intruder.
Washington will not escape tbe scourge onlcsi
all natural laws are to be suspended In thu lls
trlct derlog the cholera season. Daring the previ
ous visit of thle scourge to America It swept some
portions of our olty with fearful ravages. Upon the
corner of Ninth and D streets, half a stone's throw
from our office-window, thirteen died of It, and tn
various quarters where poverty and filth weee prev
alent. Oar elty-bae a much larger population than
It had at that time, and in many localities the con
ditions favorable to great mortality daring the
prevalence of the eptdemle are Infinitely worae than
ever before. Tbe nutlneas of the canal has in
creased in depth, volume, aad 1 0 tensity. In a
warm day It smells not only to Ileaveo.bat diffuses
noisome odors within breathing distance of a large
portion of tbo population of tbo city.
Tbe Centre Market la redolent of scent that are
inggesttveof the dead cart and heaty obsequies,
and the back stoma and alleys, and even the cellars
and purlieus of pretentious booses reek with pollu
tion. According to an eloquent member from Indiana,
Congress having got tho President down and
rolled over htm, proposes to held htm down and
roll over him all summer. Now, If whisky and
lager beer were a prophylactic as against cholera,
perhaps a quorum of Congreaa could fight It oat on
that lino all tammer In safety, but aa no remedy
haa been discovered that gtrea Immunity from the
cholera, we would advUe the honorable Sena,
tors and llepresentetlvee to adopt preventive aanl
tary measures aa speedily as possible.
This country haa had lour visitations of ebolera.
In June of 1831 It wai found In aa emigrant ves
sel In tbe St. Lawrence-river, It reached Quebec a
few days later, New Tork two weeks later than
Quebec, and aoon afterward casea were found In
Albany and other cities along the water lino of tbe
Middle 6tatea. In New Tork olty It then killed
3, 51 J. On tho 31 of December, 18(8, It again
reached New Tork In the emigrant ship New Tork,
having killed fourteen paawogers during the voy
age of three weeks from Havre. About the same
time It arrived at New Orleans, killing tbero 1,400
daring January ( In a fortnight It was at Memphis
another fortnight carried It to St. Louis; and an.
other to Nashville and Cincinnati. On tbe 11th of
Slay It reappeared tn New York, finding a home
awaiting it at tbe Fire Points, and during that
year 6,071 deaths occurred in tbe city by it; and
in tbe summer of IBM It claimed 2,(09 more.
We hare not the statistics of the ebolera mor
tality In Washington, but It la known to have been
aa large aa In other cities In proportion to the pop
nlatton, and if we make any allowance for the In
crease of filth and tbe Influx of a population poor,
Ignorant and housed In dirty tenements, we may
anticipate with a dreadful certainty the revlsttatlon
of tbe pestlloocos
The General Board of Health of Great Britain
declared that, as was anticipated, In 1849, the
"cholera returned to tbe aame countries, and the
tame cities and towns, and even the aame $tret$ and
kouttt and room, which tt ravaged In 1832(M and
furthermore, It Is stated that "bat very few Indeed
wbo Buffered thinner escaped now, except In those
Instances la which sanitary measures have In tbe
mean time been effected." The city of Worcester,
on the Severn, which had twice been scourged,
having performed a thorough cleansing, escaped tbe
following epidemic, which swept tbe neighboring
cttlea The cholera of 1819, with Insignificant ex
ceptions, prevailed, out of 600 towns noted, in
those previously known for their local imparities,
In 68 towns where It raged severely tbe Committee
of the Royal College of Burgeons found the localis
ing causes of pestilence prevailing; and la 61 oat of.
63 quarters where It first appeared, la aa many dis
tricts, the well known and preventlble causes were
Now, It has been demonstrated absolutely that
proper sanitary regulations will prevent and con
trol the epidemic, while it la as certain tbat It will
revisit the aame cities and localities it scourged
before If not kept out by mural purification. If
Congress Is to remain In perpetual session, It doea
not certainly desire to be reduced below a quorum
by tbe cholera j and If It Is to adjouro, It cannot
wish to leave the poor freed men exposed to Its rav
ages If protective measures can be devised and
adopted, finally, Congress cannot act upon this
subject too promptly.
Fapcy Ilall In Montgomery County, Md
On tbe evening of tbe 4th Instant a fancy ball
was betd at the Four Corners, Montgomery county,
Md , given by tbe ladiea of tbe county to assist In
building a parsonage The rooms were profusely
draped with flags, and tbe pillars decorated with
garlands, while baskets of flowers were suspended
in various parts of tbe dancing ball add drawing
rooms, and tbe scene waa altogether an exceedingly
pleaaant one The supper tables were handsomely
adorned, and tbe repast set forth waa sumptuous.
Among the ladiea present were many of our bean
ties, wbo wore attired In tasteful costumes Miasea
S h and B -s appeared ai "Night, ' and In
looking upon inch night 1 one would hardly slgk
for day to appear. Miss B L made an attractive
Flower Oirl, her beauty outrlvalllag tbe charms of
her fragrant wares. MIsa II L appeared as "Di
ana," sustaining the character admirably. Miss
CoHSTASca B "! wore tbe garb of a shepherdess,
and looked like a lovely ploture emerging from
Us frame Miss Missis F 0 was danllng In
the classical drsss of a dreek maiden. Tbe Misses
B---B appeared one as Folly, tho other aa
Aatumn, end either would make one bappy were
the "other dear charmer away'" A charming
laasie, Miss Bsssia D c, wore her grand
mother's wedding dresa. Minis Akita F u,
Lillib a, Alicb F x, Ada M s,
Frakcissa M l, Missis M a, Built
B d, wore costumes of tbe peasantry of lands
beyond tbe sea. The beautiful MIsa W. T s,
a a Quakeresa, converted everybody she eooount.
eredlnto a " Friend." The Goddess of Liberty,
Knights errant, bis Majesty the Devil, Indians,
0 reeks, Soldiers, Jack Eheppard, Dominoes, etc,
mingled a " motley crew." Paul Pry, Old Mother
Hubbard, and the Old Woman who Hied In a shoe
that, filled with babies, was fastened to her back,
added much to the amusement of the company,
Tbe ball waa a oomplete success, and the taste
and energy displayed by tbe ladies who arranged It
merited fully tbe unqualified approbation bestowed
upon them.
The California Legislature wants Maxi
milian overthrown,
Xen IonoU nnOBolassioras.
Thmi are forty Tcmalcf conTlcUTtotb
Illinois penitentiary. f"j U f Shi
Hexht Wakd Bkxcnu is OTcr fifty )riar
of egej Fenny Fern Is fifty. "
ISik Empress of Franco has. reformed, and
win dress hereafter less expensively.
CniCAoo (s talking about public baths as
a sanitary measure. '
Wit-D Urxrb have made their appear&nco
ta Nova Sootla tnVdvanee of the Fenians,
A oirl In New York took arsenic to Im
prove her complexion, but It caused tbe blood to
settle vnder her nails.
Beau Hickman Jonbts whether under tho
olvtl rights bill whisky ean be banished from the
"Talk of ctherlal Spring," says Mr. Qullp,
qatle smartly. "I call it dlplberiaL" Do$tm
Tn Bank of California Is about to In
crease Its capital five millions of dollars. Its pres
ent capital la two millions.
The Kcans have been compelled to relin
quish tbetr Boston engagement on account of Mr.
Keen's Illness with Inflammation of the throat.
Quicksutxk has gone up ten cents per
pound en aeoount of the hot water Into which tbo
miners have got la the Almaden mines.
The liquor law decision of the Supreme
Court haa had the effect to stop tbe sale measurably
In all parts of .Massachusetts.
TnE Chamber of Commcrco of Nashville,
ha sent to tbe starving people of Alabama $15,000
worth of provisions.
Got Jo kins, of Georgia, has called for a
loan, at 7 per cent. Interest, to relieve the d Mu
tate people of that State.
The Directors of the Charleston and Sa
vannah Ball road have held a meeting and declared
their corporation Insolvent.
The War Department eslimato for the
building of tho ship canal from Fort Mo Henry
Baltimore, to the month of tbe ratapeeo, Is
The New York papers record tho marriage
on the 10th of Mr. Form an Wiard, tbo famous can
non maker, to Miss Mary Carlto, a sister of Wm. J.
Gitn:r, tho Maiden murderer, Is to be exe
cuted to-doy, tbo last appeal to the Governor of
Massachusetts and the State Council bavins; been
PnorRSPoa Mien ait, Geary, the billiardisti
was held to ball In New York, on Wednesday, on
a charge of assault and battery upon BenJ, Carno,
billiard reporter tor Wilkes' Spi'rtt oths Tkm$.
It seems that there Is no such person
known In Vermont as Major Tomklns of tbe United
States Volunteer service, reported as baring been
recently killed In a duel near loksbarg.
Gev. Lew. Wallace has written o letter
advocating tbe thorough military education for rank
and file of tbe American army, being an Improve
ment on the French system,
The hotel keepers of Massachusetts arc to
bold a meeting at the Fsrker House, In Boston, 'to
day, to consider tbe propriety of forming an asso
ciation for social and business advantages,
The Brlmslcy brothers, who have been as
tonish tog San Francisco people by performing all
tbe usual acrobatla feats on a horlsontal bar at
tached to a balloon One thousand feet In mid air,
are coming east.
A white stole a chicken, and a black a
bog, InOoldsboro, North Carolina, recently. They
were each tied to the whlpplog-post and subjected'
to forty lasbes, save one on tbe bare back. And
thus they enjoyed "equality before tbe law.'
The most exquisitely sarcastic joke of the
season (perpetrated unwittingly, without doubt)
waa that of a band of minstrels serenading Forney,
on Wedoesday ntgbt, with Leigh Hunt's poetlo
fable of "Aboa Ben Adbam," set to louslo aa a
recitative and chorus.
Mrs. Pirns 8. Utydkrb, wife of ex-Marshal
Rynderi, has recovered five thousand dollars tn a
salt against the executors of tbe late W. E. Bur
ton upon two notes given, as alleged by the defence,
by Mr Burton In 1859 to secure Marshal Bynders'
Influence In tbe lease and subsequent sals of Bur
ton's theatre to Government.
Kkports from all parts of Vermont say
that the prospecta for a large sugar crop were never
better than tbey are at this season. The Wood
stock Standard says the best quality of syrup Is
freely offered In that vicinity at $1,25 per gallon,
while In other sections It Is quoted at a still lower
figure, and sugar a"t corresponding rates.
1'rivatr Miles O'Reilly's new volume,
whloh Carleton will publish In a few days, has, for
a comic book, tbe singular title of "Baked Meats
of tbe Funeral," and proposes to stir up the dry
bones of many prominent people. Mr. Carleton
will at the same time lutje the strangely Interest
ing novel by Victor Hugo, entitled "Jergal,' and
Madame Le Vert's gosslppy volume, "Souvenirs of
The contracts between the Tost Office De
partment and the Union Passenger Railway Com
psoy, of Philadelphia, bare 'been signed. Tbe
company will place boxes for the reception of let
ters in each of its cars, and a delivery at the post
office will be made on the arrival of each ear at
Seventh and Ninth and Cbesnut streets. Tbe San
day cars will commence running the first of nsxt
The Uhigham (Mass ) Journal has an ac
count of an amusing episode ahlch occurred at the
reoent annual town meeting of Hall. It appears
that certain persons Indulged In their accustomed
habit of smoking during the progress of business,
which the moderator objected to as being Improper
and out of place. Aocordlngly the matter waa pat
to a rote, when It was found tbat tbe smokers were
austalned. No sooner was this decision made
known than cigars, meerschaums, brie r woods, and
dudeena struggled from tbe pockets of the bystand
era, where they bad quietly laid away, and a gen
eral "light up' was tbe resu It.
A Fkmax applied at Gardner's photo'"1- 1 "d Plt Dr.
grajnio gauery a lew naji ego iur m iirmi u
which a family group oould be depictured, tbe
group to oonslst of seven himself, his wife and
five children. Havtnjr arranged tbe price and time
for sitting, he made bis appearance next day, with
bis wife and two children, whereupon Mr. Amldon,
the chief clerk of the reception rooms, said "My
dear sir, you were to hsve seven persons In the
jrroupt where are tbe three otnersT" "Ab," re
plied tbe honest Hibernian, "three iv thecbilder Is
dead, but I've tbe amburyo types Ir tbe aame
palling them from bis pocket Jan ye can pat
them In tbe picture ail tne aame -
1 Mb. Gforqk II. AftDRiwef, tho corncdial
filed tn New York on Saturday, In bla sixty-eighth
year. He waa born In England, and came to this
country In 1827, making his first appearance in
this country at the Federal Street Theatre, In Bos
ton. He bcoeme connected with tbe Park Theatre,
New Tork, for a few seasons, and In 1831 returned
to Boston, and at tbe Tremont Theatre beoame a
popular favorite. In connection with Mr. John
Preston he wm manager of tbe Theatre in 1841-2
His performance of Luke the Laborer was excel
lent, and In the broad Yorksblreman he had few
equals. He waa tbe adapter of several plays, and
" Monte Crlsto" gained blm some celebrity. His
adaptation of the 'Scarlet Letter," performed at
tbe Boston Theatre, was not successful. Mr An
draws married Miss Woodward, a vocalist of local
THBlMTERsaL Rkvsmvc R,R,hii'TH yssttrdsy
were $498,34 47
y TlfiE yEPARTfllEim.
W fc pnBltlerFMtT' ,
The foBewtog eorreepondsnocj has been.; reeetved
U tne Bwpartmeat of State. t V 4?v
V Vvmn trirte CoitseLAt,
AiTWiar, Karen IS, ISO. J
T 2clUw, t Oottmor ufAMwtrpt
Sin: Having been this morning Informed that
the cattle plague has recently broken oat with
much riwWce la yar Province, especially In the
neighborhood of this cU.knowIng that this formid
able cattle disease Is a subject of maefe Interest to
all eoaatrlea holdlnf International tenmiafeatlon,
I am aakloas to eosvmcratee to my Oerernment
any facts relating- to Us nature, progress or i&eaa
srea of arrest, which vx9 Pt Talaable 1st the
contingency of Its Trans-Atlantic development.
Aa I am anxious to commnnfcWe only well
thentloated .facta, may I beg yon to favor dm with
a statement whether the dlaeeso haa really broke
out as I bare been Informed to what extent It has
progressed, and what means yon bats found meet
effectual In preventing Its spread.
, I have tbe honor to be, very respectfully, your
obedient servant, Join Wilsov,
United Slates
PmoTtici at, Ooviasasvr or
March 14,11
MsuCossvli According to the desire J
la yonr letter of tbo ISth lest., I have the Honor to
"transmit yon a copy of a pamphlet on tbe "Cattle
Plague,11 containing the regulations In force upon
this sabject la Belgium. I also enclose a eopy of
tbe law of the 7th of Febraary last, aad of the Royal
and Ministerial decrees, aa well aa tbe Instructions
with respect to these new regulations. Tbe eattle
plague, to which yon refer In your note, had not
been observed In the Province of Antwerp since the
2d of Febrwery, bat has just broken oat again. It
appeared at the same time In three different par
ishes, vis! Antwerp, Stamtnd and Maiem.
In tbe two first localities tat disease was sop-
pressed by the sacrllco of four animals. In the
last tt became necessary so sacrifice all the animals
to the number of eae hwadrcd and thirty-six, in
tbo stables of a JIstMIer at Max em. The veteri
nary SugAowe state that 00 examination of tbe
bodies after death tbey found fifty-two animals
affected by the disease. This outbreak baa now
beet stamped oat, and every precautionary meas
ure has been taken te remove any danger whloh
may result therefrom.
Keceire, Mr. Consul, the assurance of my very
distinguished consideration.
The Governor, Cnxoa Prcna.
To Jons YTiLaov, Esq , United Stales Consul, Ant
werp. w
Appllcmtlow ferPnedwin's Zbor.
The Intelligence offloe for Freed men at Alexan
dria, Virginia, through Its Superintendent, reports
to the Assistant Commissioner that during the ten
days ending on the 10th Instant, tbe number of ap
plications for servants were 4$ ( number of appli
cations for situations 11 number of freed people
furnished with employment 48 j amount received
as fees for contracts, $37.50 : expended for revenue
and postage stamps $2.
Property Xleetored
Brevet Brigadier Qenrrsd Charles U. Howard, tbe
Assistant Commissioner of Yreedmcn'e affairs for
tbe District of Columbia, ha tssnsd an order re
leasing from all control of the Bnma to Mrs Maria
Bypbax, colored, seventeen acres from the ''Arling
ton" estate, situated In Alexandria county, Va.,
she defining to be the legal owner of the Above
said tract by virtue of a title gained by an nb dis
turbed possession for a period of upwards of thhty
Sales of Government Uv Stock.
The reports of tbe sales of animals received at
tbe Quartermaster General's Office op to the date
or April 11, show sales since May I, 1&05, of
107,751 horses, and 103.42 males 1 total 212,183
animals j for which tfas Government baa received
the sum of $14,021.12.
Poat Ufflco DefMUlHsetat
The following orders were Issued yesterday:
Foreign Mails To-morrow, the 14th Instant,
mails will leave New York as follows;
For Forrpe, via Falmouth and Havre; Oermaa
Etates, via Hamburg) and Ireland, via Queenstown.
Correspondence should be mailed from this elty,
not later than the postal ear whloh leaves thin
rosT orrici s.rri.iaa ,
Virginia Establishments Abbyvllle, Mecklen
burg county, David P. Pool, postmaster.
Barnesville, Mecklenburg county, Lucas Boyden
Reopened Stafford's Store, Stafford county,
JameS A. Anderaon, postmaster, vice B- L. Cooper.
Lewis Store, Spottsylranla county, Miss Hannah
Iseman, postmistress, vice John T, J)ajr,
Twyman'a Store, Spottsytvanla county, Aon
Maria DHIano, postmistress, vice T. W, Conner.
Warwick Court House, Warwick county, Tbos,
E. Mils teed, postmaster, vice M. Wale.
Reopen Harris, Louisa county Changv site and
name to Qarrett's Store, and appoint, Mrs Martha
Bosley, postmistress, vice Thomas Harris.
At Ilohoboth, Lunenburg county, appohrt Mrs.
Cornelia A. Marable, postmistress, vice Will Urn I.
Smlthaon. who aannat taka tha Aath
West Virginia Establish Waugh's MIIli.BroOke
county, and appoint James uauib. postmaster.
Appoint Mrs. Clarissa J, Uyre, postmistress, Clay'
v, u., way county, vice js. u. nneeier, woo nas
left the county.
Appoint J. D. Martin, postmaster, Peel Tree,
Bourbon county, rice John Maxwell, resigned.
Appoint Mrs. Ann M. Medd, postmistress, Berke
ley Springs, Morgan county, vice Sarah G. Wheat,
North Carolina An omee Is established at Klnrs-
boro, Edgeoomb county, and Jonathan T. Lormon
appointed postmaster
Iteopen Morrisville, Wake county, and appoint
W. D
. u 1 anion, poi
Reopen Moselej
Carlton, post muter, vice A. 6. Morris.
en Moselev Hall. Lenoir eoantr. and ar
poini eeran a. xiarner, postmistress, vice it a.
Georgia Reopen Vernon, Troup county, O. M.
White, postmaster, vice J, L. Nichols.
Hlekory Flat, Cherokee oonnty, David Freeland,
post muter, vice J. McCormlck
Ant loch, Troup county, U. H. Gary, postmaster,
rice L. Pitts.
Florida Establish aa office at Gordon, Alachua
county, and appoint U. B. Soott, postmaster, office
Is to be supplied from Waldo, twelve miles distant.
..-.... ... : :
Barrier, postmistress, vice D
Alabama Re-pen Webadkee, Randolph coun
open Yi
v. n.
ty, ana eppoi
Clark postmaster, vice J,
Appointments 0. G. Brlckford. postmaster.
Lebanon, De Kalb county, vice John R. Uoge,
cannot take the oath.
James II. Beodlck, postmaster, Camden, Wilcox
county, vice W, G. Ash kettle, resigned.
Peter Lyden, postmaster, Maooo, Marengo coun
ty, Ice 11. a Bugger, failed to bond.
Ijouisiana. ue-open Assumption, Assumption
J. . ora postmaa-
Pennsylvania Establishments Sheffield Depot.
Warren county, Webb Horton, postmaster.
weaiuiokory, Venango county, ra., uenry u.
hlpman postmaster.
8neridan city, Venango county. Pa., Wm. King,
oat mailer.
At Old Point Comfort. Va , Timothy Sullivan Is
ppolntcd to convey malls between tbe steamboat
naing ana me posiomoe, tio n rra 1. vuwur,
At Newborn, N. O., W. L. Ellbarn Is appointed
ia.ll mmiDftr. to conrev malls as often as neces-
try between postofflee at Newborn, N. 0 , and
eambeata and railroad depots.
contracts were oruerea u ioiiows
North Carolina Leekeville to Staceyvllle, with
Q so. H. Uolderly.
Mississippi With Charles WelUe, of Brandon,
for servioe on route 7073 Brandon to Williams
burg, Georgia With Francis A. Campbell, once a
week service between Lexington and Elberton.
With E. S. Candler, service from Valdostsr, Ga ,
to BallvlUe, Fla.
With J. R Illgbtower. for service from titoc
bridge to Jonestown andbaok once a week.
notice tbat a New York paper states tbat a
new contract has been let on the overland route,
starting from tbe eastern terminus of the Union
Paclfle railroad. Such la not the fact. No oootract
has beea advertised or let. Tbe paragraph alluded
to probably had Its birth from tbe fast that the
II oil ad ay Overland Mall and Express Company
have stocked tbe road from Topeka, Kanras, to
run tbe Smoky Hill route to Denver City, Colorado
Territory, and will be prepared by the loth Instant
to transport passengers, express matter,and,should
tbe Department demand It, tbe United States
malls Tnis route npeau gives ior uauy noes
across tbe continent, etaitlog from Atchison, Kan
su, Omaha, Nebraska Territory, aod from Topeka;
all ran by tbe enterprising Mr. Beo. Ijolladey.
Theatricaii.7 '
Italian OrMi-Borgia lsa classical
Basne, Around U cluster some of the darkest tra
gedlea of history Thai nam finds Its represents)
tten not alone Ja tht drama, )uttbV smoothly
flowing and sympathetic nasla, ofDontiettt pre
arras alike Us lltht and dark sbadesr It Is not to
bo wondered at, tkttt, that a foil and enthusiast!
bowse rreeted last night's representation by Mai
Blrekoiteh'a really talented troupe, of, tbe opera
Lucre lie Borgia.
Those who were so fortunate as to be present
were amply repaid. Tbe appliances of tbe "Wash
ington Theatre" are not all that conld be desired.
Tbo scenery la Imperfect and tbe stage furniture
U somewhat limited, and we thought we detected
something of risibility on the countenances of
Qennara, the Signer Errant, and Memo, Madame
Pattl Strakoaob, when tbe curtain rose and dis
played tbe substantial but not geudy banqueting
'table. Nevertheless the opera was a decided suo-
esa. Operatic managers and alngers don't carry
t heatres or stage furniture about with them, and
l'e the fanlt only of the oltlsena of Washington
Ik at we are compelled to listen to the sweet notes
vf Ohtonl, and the ebarmlng melody of Pattl
BU, tkoseh, aod the full, round, swelling tones of
Bast 'el, with the finished singing of Errant, In snob
w retched apology for a theatro as tbe "WaiK
Tht tblrd sceno of tho first act, which commences
with t he solo of Lncroala, (Madam Gblonl,)"Oh,
bow bt wailful," and concludes with the duet be
tweenr the Duchess and Osnnero, (Slgnor Erraol,)
was 0 as of the finest pieces of acting and singing
we ba v witnessed for a long time. So was the
scene w.sre Genaaro drinks the poison, with the
trio of tiulnl, ErranI, and Madam Qhlonl, truly
Inspiring. It wait deserving of the hearty swrorf
It received, and Che floral tribute which greeted It
was entire! r appropriate. We mast not omit to
allude to tl Drinking Song, tn the last act, of
Madame Pa ttt 6(rakosch. It wu full of melody,
and It waa su Eg W 1th taste, and with tbat extreme
ease which so strongly marks the efforts of this
charming and tale oted artiste.
On tbo whole wo think one safe tn aaylng that no
better represents!! on of tbla or aoy other opera has
been witnessed In 'this elty for a long time, and wo
ean assure the lores e of good aollng, and of careful
and finish ei ftigin that this troupe, which Mix.
Stbikosch has brous, tl " Is well worth bear
ing To-night Dosisa ' P"a of "Lucia i
Lammeraoor' Is to be '" Ua a strong east.
It Is thought by many to ' "e brightest gem of
all that great author's efforts, ana we commend It ta
oar readers.
Lamb's Btotrn. Both "'Colleen Uawn"
and "Pocahontas" will be predated at Grover'r
Theatre to-night for Ed. Lamb's benefit. Then
pieces, well played, as they are certain to bo played:
on Ibis occasion, are suactent attractions 19 fill,
the home, even without the additional mollis of
giving Lamb a proper testimonial for bla faithful
services to the public,
Cropa la tho Carolines, UeoLjrlat sllaslsslppl
and Alabajwi
A gentleman wbo has recently traveled throngh
these States, for tbe purpose of obtaining accurate
Information for the use of the Agi Joultura! Depart
ment, has famished tbe following- notes made by
the wey t
"Every planter tbat ean get labor la pt ttlng In
all tho cotton possible, In hopes to sell at hi gh rates;
and many of them are neglecting corn, preferring
to depend upon the Northwest for their supplies
"Tbe freedmen hare contracted freely w 1th their
old masters, aa a general thing. The higher rates
of wages tn Alabama and Mississippi are inducing
.some of them to discard their contracts In Georgia
,-id migrate westward.
' I find matters looking more cheerful tha a I had
reason to anticipate when I left tbe North In Jan
nary, and I bare been most agreeably disappointed
In finding aath good order prevailing in all sections
of the South. Charleston Is the only cltw that ap
pears to be slow In repairing damages, yet consid
erable Is being done there.
"There are som among the people wbo lave hat
little hope of seeing prosperous days sgeln, they
are a small minority, however. Tbe active). Intel
ligent men of the Sooth are sanguine, raid now
that slavery Is abolished have no desire tc see It
reinstated. Tbe great aim tmong tbe people la to
Induce white labor to come Into the South, as tbe
necessity of Intelligent labor le being duljr appre
ciated. There la a acarclty of freedmen, owing
principally to the severe ravagea or tbe anviU.pox,
and several Instanoca have been mention ed where
over half tbe old hands have been burls d from this
" Several planters I have met "have pat In aa
much cotton aa formerly, but there will be much
land Idle. I am sanguine In expressing Ibo opin
ion that the entire cotton crop of tbe South can be
worked without tbo hand hoe, by Introducing Im
proved Implements.
"From what I could lee rn regarding rice, lam
inclined to believe there witt ba about one-thlrd of
a crop yet these estimates depend altogether upon
the freedmen ( If they hold out true tb their con
tracts nntlt after harvest, all will be well, bat If
tL'ey back down In the heat of summer It will make
a material difference, which will result In tbelr
migrating elsewhere for employment next sum
mer." mt
flea Beott and Hon. A N Zeveljr.
Tbe Ye Orleans Ttmu of the 7th Instant says :
"Gen. ffcoTT leaves tbla morning on the Ouldljig
Star for Now York, somewhat Improved In health.
He Is, Indeed . aa wetl as ' the oldest general In the
world could expect to be, but not so well m his
many admirer oould wish. When the Guiding
Star passes For t Jackson which will probably be
about one o'clock to day a military salute will be
tendered by the .great guns of the famous strong
hold "
Hon. A. N ZrvsLr, of tbe Post Office Depart
ment, also comes ncrth by tbe Guiding Star
Kiautlnlnfr flurgeosu Appointed.
The Commissioner of Pensions yesterday made
the followlngappolntments of Examining Bar geons .
Drs. 0. 6. Frlnk, Elkhard.Indlanaj John W. Trader,
Lodalla, Missouri) ti. D. Bailey, Havana, New
York. ..
Thk Nort u Amkricax Rc ibw. This high.
Ir respectable quarterly contains, tn the April
number, nine iilloles. as follows " Tbe '.Error of
DeTocquevIIle,"byHon.EowiaDBaooai "Mil
Itary and Martial Law," by J Liwis StAcarotsj
"Character," by Ralph Waldo Euanaos t "Car
lyle'a Frederick tbe Great," by Jambs Rcisxll
Lowbllj "Our Diplomacy during the Rebellion,"
by J. Scboilis; " International Arbitration," by
O, O. Bsahav, Jr.j " The New York Utrald ' by
Jahis Pabtomj "Dante and bis Latest English
Translators," by C. E. No a to a, "The President
on the Stump," by Jahis Russsll Lowsll.
Hudson Tatlor has It for sale.
II v order of General tihertdan, tho Provost
Court of the Parish of Orleans, presided over by
Major Charles W. Lowell, la to be immediately
abolished, and the moneys, papers, and reoords
belonging thereto, transferred to the Provost Mar
shal General, Division of the Gulf. This court, we
believe, la tbe sole remaining military tribunal of
tbe kind la Louisiana; and the m my eases of horse
and mule stealing, and laroeny of Government
stores, which have been almost Its exoluslvo busl
ness of late, will hereafter be triad In the civil
courts, or by regular courts martial.
Tub book-trade sale of Meant s. Leavitt,
Strsbelgh A Co , New York, closed on Tuesday
evening, and wu tbe largest sale of tha kind ever
held In tbla country tbe receipts reaching nearly
A.v entertainment at the Hev Dr. Hollow's
Church, New York, Wednesday evening, for the
benefit of the Rev. Henry Giles, resulted la a net .
profit of $750.
i.r TT
i atCHKiuui. rton pKRVion IN TUB
t The. War Department yetterdsr promulgated tht
following orden .
Wia DsMamirr,)
AnitrrAST OtxsaACs Orrica.
Oeierel Orders, Ke IS.
.The following-named Major Qenerala and Briga
dier Generals of Volantcers art hereby mastered
out of tbe service of the United States, to data
from April 80, 1866, their services being no longer
Major Generals Samuel R. Curtis, jrranois Jree-
ssndeo, nd Benjamin II. G Hereon.
Brigadier Ueaerals Thomas Yfi Sherman. James
B. BIcketts, Wm, S. Keteham Jas. II, Carleton,,
Jno. 0. Roblnsooi Henry Frtnee, Geo. 8. Oreener
Henry J. Hant, Alfred Sally, Thomas O, Pitcher,
Frsnk Wheaton, John & Meson, Romega B. Ajres,
John E Smith, George J, Stsnnard, Henry H 81b
ley, Patrick E. Conner, Adelbnt Ames, Waller O.
Greskam, Joba M. Corse, John W. Turner. Emory
Upton, Wm. F. Dart I sit, Joba B. .Mcintosh, Joa.
A. Hasklo, Y. M Harris, Frederick T, Dent,
Lewis B. Parsons, Lewis P. WatMni,
J. All officers of the regular army going oat of
the Tolanteer service under this order, will report
for doty with their proper regiment, or to tbelr
chief of eorps or department, wltbta three month
from tbe date of master oat of service.
( 3. All officers belonging to tbe pen opal staff
of tha general officers above named, will Icunedl--ately
re torn lo tbelr appropriate duties, If belong
ing to the regular army, or volunteer forces still
retained In service all others will be honorably
discharged, to dale from tbe time of muitepoyt pf
tbe officers with whom tbey may he serving;
By order of the President of the United State.
E. D Towhsxxd, Asa't AdJ't Geo.
Crcvrtta AH BaUdlajr
Quartermaster General Maios, In bs answer to
the House resolution of tbe 31 Instant, says be Is
not aware of any steps bavins; been taken to con
fiscate this bolldlogi tbat It was taken possess! on ef
shortly after the first battle of Ball Ban, when la
an unfinished state and all work suspended upon ttf
that tbe building wae arranged aa a storehouse for
tha clothing of the ermyi tbat no rent has ever
been paid for It, as haa been for military occupa
tion of ebarcbes or other publlo buildings. It has
since been used by the Quartermaster General
Mr. Msios reoom mends an appropriation by Con
gress for thowroctlon ef a building for the various
branohes of the War Department now scattered ta
the vicinity of the publlo balldlngs.
Tub Fibat Colobsd Jobv is aaoaotA A novsl
proceeding waa before Judge Davis (Freedmen's
Court) yesteraey afternoon, to wit:
It was an act,1 on for debt. Rev. Peter Johnson
vs. Rev. Richard Colter. The plaintiff demanded
$2T for board. 2 he 'defendant filed an offset of
ninety dollars for Labor. In their sworn statements
they differed widely muoh so u to confuse the
Judge, who la generally not at a loss to decide.
They both being pr tochers and members of the
same church, and entertaining, as he said hedldi
and exalted optolonot' persona occupying their poV
sltloor and fearing he would be compelled to doubt
one, If not both of theft . If he heard the case, ha
summoned three colore I men of good standing la
the churchJacob Ra a, Frank Beall and Toby
Lamar wbo, after besulog the ease, gave their
opinion that defendant Vfas Indebted to the plain
tiff In the earn six doUsrt
We attach Import." lbI "m l ttlnK the
first verdict rendered tV- aolorsil Joryiigfa
Trantertpt, ZZd
-I hereby corllfr that 1 med Mr"-
Moual's Salve, for what Is knowa as s. " ""
bad the effect to enre It In a very ebort l-m' ThW wu
aarlBf tbe war, la tbe year 18W, aad 1 at "J1 l!7"tf
tbe flrit opportuattr to glee my UittBoay . If ?
her valsable salve. This certificate I etve vei 'rir,
aplS-lm CHAELU tDWA.8
-KUr. A fair for tho bene fit of Or M
Protestant Episcopal Chureb, Bev, ALFSID HOUIIAD,
fiector, will be held at IBLiKD IULL, oa YlrfUle
Aveane.betweea Sixth aad Bevealh streets, corn meads
on M OK DAT EVIKttO, April aad cotttirae two
weeks. The flee PIAKO to be uied for Ibe eeeasloa has beea
toaeroasly furnished from tbe establish meat of JOHN"
r. ALUS, Esq.
?"llrl Falrf far tha Benefit of the Sixth
Presbyterian Cbarsb, will be held at Ceatoa Hall, com
meaclsffWEDHEfiDST, April 4, IMS, eon Ileal if two
weeks. All tbe usual attractloae for comfort aad pleas
ure will be foeed. Steamed oysters from tbe celebrated
ostabllshmoat of Uervsy A Co., will be eerred by the
ladles every ei snlag.
The fair will eeea Iblslafteraooa, and every after
noon uetit farther BOtlee, for ladles and children.
Tbe plaao used at the fair has beea kladly faralshcd,
by Mr. W Q. Metierott.
8 aeon tickets SO cents. Single ticket SO seats. Gbll
drea half price. mbtt tf
?llrh-l4adtns Arm. Tho Board for
tbeExaalaatloaof Breech -Loading Arms, of whlehGea
erat Uaaeock Is president, le now la somIob at So. SI
Winder's Bulldlag.
Arms will be received dally, belweea the hours of 11
a. m.aadSp. so., uetll farther aotlee.
Investors are requested to submit their arms la per
son or by axeat to tbe recorder of tbe board.
W. 0WE58,
Capt. Stb U. 8. Car., Brev. Lieut. Col. U. 8 A ,
'flhia tf Beeorder.
7-Calvary Daptlet Chvrch meete every
Sabbath la tbe Church, corner of Elihtb aad H street.
Service every Snaday at 11 a. m. aadevenlaf. Stti
free. Bev. TB. Howlott, pastor. de30-tr
7-omce Washington das LI a; tat Com.
PANT, Oa aal after March 1, 1868, (uatll farther ao
tlee, ) the price ef COKE will be twelve eente per bushel.
ml -If GEO. A. UcILUEKMT, Ecf1ar.
4?ladam Mounta' Pile 8alve Valuable
Bemedy for that Disease I also, a Coassnpttoa Destroy
er, aad aa Entire Care for the Bronchitis, Asthma, as. ;
saa be hand at Stott'e Drag Store, opposite national
Hotel) ailmaa's, near Metropolitan Hotel t ford's, cor
ner of Eleventh aed reaaiylvaala avenue! Kntwlsle's,
corner of Twelfth and Waasylraal aveaaef Elliotts,
corner of 7 aad Twelfth streets) Harbsagu's, eoraerof
Seventh aad O. JalS-tf
SituXtion wantkd-by a
Tonus: Man as CLEKK or SALESMAN In ini
II lit boilaeis Best of refercneulv. Address 'D.
V as thle office.
TLlVAIf of good addreis, to whom a most
ravorableopportnulty will be afforded to make money.
Apply for two days at No. 190 Mew Tork avenue,
aplS St
esn be aoeommodated with a BOOM and UOABD
48T Maryland aroeno.
containing- tea roomi. kltcbeaaaj cellsr, sltnated
ai tbe corner of Joorlh ad D streets, near tbe City Hall.
APPiX at the Lumber Tar d, oa Sixth street weit, sooth
of Penn. aveaue. ap7etlf
JL ooo opted b.
ea or Loomls Hebew, Ho M PcaBsrl.
e, Wasblsstoa ttelldUf Also offlses No
floor) snd 11, seeoad, floor) and IS, tblrd
Taai arenas.
3aa4. flrit
floor. Ver terms apply to
jonan. SEMHES,
Beaton Uenie.
402 D Street, between Blxth aad Seventh streets,
Ordere for the aboveBamed branches of business soil
cited and promptly attended to
rirsi.classwotk guaranteed at the lowest possible
''" apS-tf
Ul Peansylvaaia aveaee, 3 doors west of Ninth street.
All the new boohs of tbe age reeeWed Immediately
upon lesae from tha press, aad for sale at publishers'
Imported Stationery and American maanfaeture.or all
grads aod variety, at tbe leweit Mew Tork prices
bUnk tJoosi of all styles oa band, and made to order
without loss of time
Mtltlng Cards printed, and plates engraved la tbe
All Uedlsal Books 1 applied at publishers' rs,tes.
yvi u Auieivfia atamed 10 erqff,

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