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Is published every aaeralar (laaeeye esoopted) by W,
x.XeatAH a Co.,sTo. ill Jtlalk atreet,aa U faralsaid
le sab.erlbere (by eenlere) al 7f eeate per month.
Il.lt sabeerleere, M.00 per aaaasa M CO fee elz
oaths j aad 11 00 for three laeatbe, (Mortally (is ad
wsaes. rise eeplee oee year, U. 00.
Slag le eoplee, S eeate.
la peall.aed srsry Tridey meratag I Oae eepy eaa year,
100 1 Three eoplee .a. year, W.001 Tea eeplee ea.
rear SI J 00.
NO. 127.
Tfco OffleUI AdTOrlloomoBtiaf lOltho Kxiewtlra Dtpnrtmontl of Iho Oorormmomt r Pnkllihotl In thU Fapor by Awthorltrof THE PnEllDEST.
To 1
Pit aiiria'i Orrict.JJ B. Witt, )
Wishikotov, D. C,, April 14. i860. (
BspinU propositi wilt b r-.rd it thlsofflsi nitil
ttilslVir, lMfl, ittoaa'clocka. m .forthifollowlif
arMc.ss, to ti dtlirtrtd at the aa? Jird ia.a-.UeU7,
1,000-basfctls bast Fin Sand, far Btma Tudi ill
tMfMt fort Pi up nM
ltt fsihoras Coras , far Bania of laalpmiat, km,
inflt.-r.U- Ruf.
100 kbls. Pit k to b ait sUitUrd li ill MpcU
for Barsia if Pro-rlslois ai-f Clotfclir.
For i-Mmsiilois of Hose ii Cord i in icbidali li
Mils offleo
Thi ibifl artlsln to bo iillvwid fne of cott to tbo
OoTirisasit for frolfht or tt-iisportailoa, nd il tbo
TUI lift oimbm vi tmw puir iiriaii
o c Jicireon,
ipS5 9t Pi7niur, U. 8 M,
Arnib if, looa
Proposi's will bo rlod it Iho Ujor'i Offleo, CI I;
jitil,Tt iaia(ioBli' u ennui iinii gfiunuaiiiDimi
laslllt.for IXCITItllf (Willy ill thAMlld (U,000)tlbll
-rsrds, nor or )ss, of dspostts from Iho Wisbliftsa
nit natal. btltMi Ttbar frk tatt tha KAtUrn
Brink, ibi obtUaeooo rtmovodto bo plant wair
0Tr us noira msj airvct.
for firtbor lirornitioB. ipptr it tbo Msror's Offleo
WiUr Bo litrir.
Cllr Sarroror.
Coiil Conmlsiloasr,
w)T D. Will,
Lilt CiialComutisloBir,
iplB oodSt CiiilBoird.
APRIL SI, 18M Propwili will bo roeclvod
Bitll IS o'olock m .oa TIIDElbiT, U 3d, iBiUot, for
frodligiad fTiTolllBf U trtot Bonh, botwooa Poor
Milk lid Flftoooth ilroftowotL Tbo fritol to bo
Bin !( 1b Ibo eoBlro, tftporlos off to foar locboi to
witd tbo fittor llioj tobowoll rollod wltk t. b?j
rolUr iftor criTolllir.nd toborotlOTOdof ill honldro
of ib- Improper olio, t tko dUcrolloof tboConmlo-
Bidden wilt etoto tbo priio per coble rori for eottlif
or nllliff, thil wbleb miMaree noit, to bo pild for bat
eicot the eorplao dirt to bo deposited viewer tbo
Connliiloior ui dtrect
No port of tbo ipproprliUoi will bo pold antll tbo
work leopprovod bythoComaiUoloier ladAeelitut
Bidden will etit tbo prieo per cable 7ird for (ridlif,
lad iqoiro jird for criTolllBf
pit rod Conmluloier Beeoid Ward.
Urrica or Cmir QcAirimMiiTta,
WiiBiioToir. D. C . April 20. 16M
Sealed trosotile will bo roeolTod it ibis offleo antll
12o clok boob, April SOtb, iBstiit, for tbo exeiratloa
aadlmiaoBrT aecoseirj for tbo ooeetraetloa of a Stoae
aidUrlck Vialt at tbo Aelloail Cemeterf at Arlington,
irflala, Ibo reqalred niterlale to bo foralibed by tbo
eoimctoror eoatneton
kaldTiillle toboaaderfroaad.of is Interior dlin
etor betweea tbo walls cf tweitr 20) feet, Ua (10) feet
bl(b to eprUf Uf llio of ireb. wlik walls tbreo (3) fret
their, of rabble nisoer, laid la aorlarof part lime
aodlpart bydraalloeenenti to bo oorond with ben
ispberleil arch of eano nilerUL
Tbo floor, wilts dlrldlof Tialt Into oonpirtmoits,
aad walls at epoaliff at top, to bo of brick masoorj
PUai of Tsall mi y bo stea, and spool flcotloos will bo
foritabcd. Bpoa appllcstlOB at tble offleo
Colonel and Chief Qaartennintor,
apll'tl Depirtmeat of asblagtoa.
CiiirQuAiTiBBitrii'iOrrioi, )
Vasiibotob, D C , April 19, 18M. )
Healed rropoeele ire lavlled for the purchase of 670
Army VTagoas, la lota of not less ihaa twenty flvi
These wegone are won, bat etlll servlceablo for rood
lod farming por poses
Proposal will bo rcclyed antll IS m WEDNESDAT,
If it S Pavment Ha Oovernmeit faidel will bo re
qalnd apoa aotlfieatlei of acceptance of bid, aid prior
io no aeiiyeryei ine wagon -ibo rigiiio rejeciaii
bids considered too low Is reserved
Theee wig ois are at LIbcoIb Depot, about one mile
east of tbo Capitol, iad can be seen by applying to Cvl
Tompkins, tbo Quartermaster la charge
Proposals eboild be signed with tho bidder! fall
same, aid give his post offleo iddrces, endorsed "Pro
potato to purchase Army Wigoae, md addressed to
Brev, MaJ. Ota. aad Chief Quartermaster,
ipM 171 Depot of Washington
Foot Orrici DBriiTviiT, (
WAsmaaToa D C , April It, ISM (
BXiLED PROfUaALB will be received at tble Depart
men! antll nine o'clock, a. m .the 4th day of Jane next,
fur famishing daring the period of one year, from and
after tbo 1st day of Jalv, 16W, sneh qaiitlllesof the
following kind of Mill Bags ii may from time to time
be required and ordered to wit i
Of also No 1. 41 lichee li leaf to md 03 lotbes la clr
conference of s is No 3,41 Inches la length aid it
iicoes ib circumierencei oi sie no s, 9 incn.ee ii
length lod Si Inches li circumference
The sacks of site No 1 are to be made of closolr
wovoa Jute eaivio, weighing not less than sixteen
onioee to ibo yard, of 31 Inches li width j the yarae
of the warp to be each doubled and twisted, and to
weigh one ounce to ibout flflT yards, tod of the oiling
or weft. If in! like those of the warp, to weigh one ounce
10 about cigniytnve vara"
weighing sotlese than elwvei ounces to (be yard, o 2tJ
lacaa wiubj u wiiy wi iv u ii mm iuuti
The sacks of sin No 3 ire to be made of thinner Jute
ciivi, wilgblog iot less tbiu fuor nd a half ounces
lo ibe yard, of 10U Inches width
Those of eltee So 1 end No 3 are to be made with a
tabling or hem it the top two Inches wide, npoa which
i aofflcleit aomber ef eyelet boles at least tea to tbo
former aid eight to the litter ire lo bo well wrought,
nd tbey in each to bo provided with a good aad inffl
clonlhempeord to lace and tie them thoroughly and
slroailr Unless seamless, thev ire lo bo made wllb
two eesma, secured each with two rows of sewing All
into bo marked Inside and outside "United Mates
Hall, " la largo ana distinct letters
iar eroDoisd Imorovemeat that ma be desirable Ib
the quality of materials, whether of Jute, flax, or cot
too, or la the matter of construction, will be considered
relatively to price in oeciomg me lowest ina Deal ttl
I No proposal will bo considered If aot accompanied
with specimens showing tbo construction and quality of
materials and workmanship of each slie of too sacks
bid for, aid alsoawrlttea guaranty from Ibo persons
Eropoeea aa snieiico iwnose lesponaiouny moss oo er
fld hv the vostmaiter of the claca where lhav realdal
that tbey will become responsible oa safflelent hood for
lie one periormsnce oi mi evniraci ib case sucn pro
poial be accepted
The sacks contracted for are to be delivered at the ex
pease of the eoitractor it Boston, New Toik, phlladel
phi a, Balttmore, and Washington, D C, la such qan
titles and it auch tmea is may be ordered
The estimated anaitilv rcaolred will Drobablraot
oxeeed thirty thousaad eacks, Including ill slice, but
in rostmister ueoerai wit. reserve ids ritunooiier
md receive more or lets than socb quantity, during tbo
term of the oontticl, as the waits aad lutsresu el the
aarvloe msv seem to him to demand
The specimens most bo delivered it this Department
on or us tore me in asy oi June next, nnu every one
submitted should b well aad distinctly marked with
tha number denoting Its alio, and have attached la it a
sample of tbe cloth or canvas (six laches square) of
wblsh It Is made Koch is eaa with aafaty aid con to
a enoe bo used la tho service will be pifd fur at Ibi
prlcee specified la the proposals relating thereto
Adealsloooa tho bids will be made oo or before Ibe
9th day of Jane next, asd the ireepied bidder wl'l be
required to outer Into coairict, with anffle ent ( ond and
security, oi or before tho 1st day of July, 16GU
aXf" The proposals should bo transmitted In i sealed
envelope, md endorsed " Proposals for Hall Bags, ' lod
be kddrssted to "The Second Assistant rosljnaslerueD
oral, Contri-t Offleo, Wa.hlogton, DC"
T UfifljIIBU!,
ipl4 w4w Postmaster General
P R 0 P OS AL?r 0 RS EVElT.
UiToa'aOrriox, J
WisnuaTox, April is, lbOfl
Seated Tropoeils will be received by the aider
signed outil U o clock, to on MONDAY, April SOih,
Instant, Tor the building of i three foot barrel Bewr,
(inside dlsraatcr ) the walla to bo aUto Inches In thick
nets la New York attune, between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth streets weal, to connect with the sewer n w
being eoastricted oi Foortarnlh street, la iccordsnce
with tbo id ipproved Hsrcb 1, ISrs, to have one inaa
hole where tbe niderslgned may dlrert
Bidders will stale the price per lineal fool for tbo
sswer, which shall Inelnda ill excivitlons Ae . Ae ,
fur tho cost of the man hole, the auecessfal bidder or
bidden to be responsible for ill damages done to gas or
water pipes or caused by the elements aad ny incidents
csosed li Iho construction of Ibe work
Tho right to decline my or all proposals, should It bo
deemed for the loterest of the Corporatloa to do so, Is
Specifications can be asea it tbe offleo of tho Commit
sloner of Improvements every diy from 10 i u to 13
m , or it any time by tilling oa the commissioner of the
Second word
None but practical mechanics ased bid
ipU d Commissioner Bocoad Word
tuu vine.
Matoi's Orrici, April 19, IM4.
Propossls will bo received by the aiderelf led natll IS
oeloV, m , oa MOSDAT, April 30th, listail, fr Iho
balldlB of a Ibreo fool barrel Sower, (inside diameter )
tbo wills to bo alio Inches la thlckBoss, oa Detroit
aortb, betweoBBIata aid Bereitb etreets wet, toooi
sect with tbo eowor la Seventh street west Also, for a
lwofoot barrel Bower, fear Ink walls. Is tbo alley of
8iaire Ho 457, roaalsf from D street aorta to the cen
tre of Iho aller la said ao,aire ramies eait aid west, la
icoordiieo with tho let approved October M, 1MJ tbo
eewer la tho alloy will have two drops, with ib lioa
grito over each tbo sower la D street north to bivo one
niabolo wbero thoCommUsloaerof tbo f earth ward
may dlroet.
Bidden will state tbo price per lloeit foot for tbo
tower, which shall lirlade ill exeivitloas, Ae , led
terplooo for tha naaholeiaad drape, tbo eaecoaaril
Idder or blddento boroepoislbli for all dimagee doio
to (is or witer plpee, or ensed by tbo etemoitc, aad
air aeeldeot eiasod la tbo coistraetioi of tbi work
The rltbt to doellio any or all pnposals,aboald H bo
doomed for tho lite reel of tbo Corporatloa to do so, le
recorded. -
poolSeatloii eaa bo eooa at tbo offleo of tho Commla
eloaen of Improvements every diy betweea 10 a. at.
lid IS ra , or at nytlmo byiilllif oalbo Commie
loner of tho Tonrth word.
Hoio bat practical meehailes aeed bid
apil jfc Comsalasloier Foarth Ward.
If att Ditibthiit, April SI, ISM.
Soiled proposals, endorsed "Proposals for erect log i
Diiiotag lor ino vepenmeiior isriiery oi too itatai
Academy Oroinde it Ampolla, llaryliid, will bi
received! Ihli offleo aitil IS o'clock, as , oa Ibo ISth
day of Hay lext, it which hoir the bide will bo opened
for faralihlig all tho materials and workmaithlp no
eoeairy la the erection aad completion of a bonding
accord log to Iho plans nd spoelneitloni to bo oeea at
tbo Kavr Department, or it tbo lunl Academy, Aa
aapolle, Hirylaid
filddere will bo repaired to atale tho amoait for wblsb
they will farilah alt materials aad complete tho betid
ing according to the plus and opcl8eitloas, and li ill
respects ready for oceapatloi They are reqaested to
ime Hot mo la whlea they will oagago to oomptolo
the work
If opoa oxamtaattoi of tbo plane aad specif cations 11
should appear thai uodUcitfoiicii Le made leading
to leessea tho cost of tbo haltdlig wlthoot Impalrtig Its
itresfh or dnriblllly, bidden are livltod to saggeet
each modlloatloie, aid to stito tbiimoaol for which
they will complete ibo balldliglf each modification
turn gpa ) ai ia, lamj can ma aoriag hi id piane
aad speclfleitlois,iid ifao iceordlig to each nodlflca
tloio is they may think proper to suggest.
Bach modlSeitloie mist lot lavolvo ny oblige li
iho dlmeisioiiftf ibibeUdlag or la tho partlealar it
raiioment of roome ai showa oi lbs elans
&toh bid mast bo accompanied by good aid laffldeat
gairiitora, approved by ai offlceroi Iho Oovrnment
kiowito tble Dfpartmeit.thfl tbo bidder will, If hie
oger be loeepled, liter Into contract to perform the work
aceordtnr. loklebld. lad the Deiartment reoarvea the
light to reject ny or all tho bids, as tbo latereet of tbo
uvvernmeii miy require
ap24 UWSw Chief ot Bureau of ffivigitloi
Orrici Dbfot CoHxteiAar or Bcinsrtxcx, 1
WAtniaaron. Anrll 20. IB JL t
Bcaled Proposals, 1b da plicate, will be received at
tela offleo antll BATUHDAY, April S3, 18M.it 11 o'clock,
a. mn for fornlshlag this depot with tho following tta-
imaarr ir iiree ii oobids, irom iui nrsi aar oi bit,
Cap Paper, ritol md unruled, to weigh aot less then
IS pound to the ream.
Loiter Piper, ruled aad a ruled, to weigh not less
than 10 pouide to tho ream
Lo'tar Paper, ruled aad airuled, to weigh aot lets
thai 9 poaada to tho ream
Note Paper, ruled aad airaled, to weigh aot less thia
& poaads to tbo ream
Polio Poet, raled, to weigh aot less thai Si pounds to
Envelope Piper, to weigh not less thai 34 poaads to
the ream.
Blottlig Piper, to weigh aot lets thia 100 poaada lo
tho ream
Official Envelope!, per M, white iidbaff.of Ihifol
lowtigilteet al&,x,xll, 81 0.8,11,36 M, xtlO
Letter Eavelopes, per H, white and butt, of tbo fol
lowing slice t SO, 10, 39 1, III, xxS.
Braliig Wix, per pound
Haeilif e, lares ind small bottlee, per doicn.
Ivory laper Folders perdoaea ,
Red Tape, Nes. IT aid Si, per spool
1 eiholdsr-, st sorted, per doiei,
Rogers' Erasers, perdoieu
Steel Peas, Olllott S, Nos 303,401,333,3-11
Load Peaolls, Fiber' a
Ariold'a genuine Writing Flald, quarti lid pints,
per doiei
Araold'sCopylig Flald, quarts lad pints, perdoien
Black Ink, qoarta aad plats, psr doiaa
Do veil 'a or Oat Id 'a Canalee Ink
Hemormdom Books, assort sd per doien
Blaak Books, per quire, Cap, Demy aid Uedlura
India Rubber, per pound
Inksliidr, assorted, per doaea
Bamplee will be required, and bidden ire Invited to
be present at the opening of tbe bide
Payoeoto to be made monthly for all tbe stationery
ordered, In ouch foods is tbe Oovernmtnt may furaUli
Proposals to bo directed to
IpSl d Bnvet Hajor, 0 8 V.
Waihiiotox D C April 19, I860 I
Tho attention of capitalists aeoklig a profitable la
vestment la Invited to this sale
Soiled Propo-als will b received it the offleo of tbe
Qosrtermister General, (Division of River nd Railroad
Transportation ) Washington, D C , antll the flrstdiy
of Jane next, it 13 a clock, m , for tbe pa re base of ill
tho right, title, and Interest of tbo United Statee la and
to the United Statee Military Railroad from Bnsoa Sao
Us (to lo White's Riiehi, Texas
Tbo iile will Iiclado the entire trick aid sidings,
ba Idlngs, water station, turatibles, bridges Ae , ibe
railroad materials and supplies pertaining lo tbe road.
together with tbo rolling stock, cars, machinery, md
other equipment.
Tbe sle will not lielade the title to the land, which
doee not beloog to tho Uilted States
This road li about tea miles Ib length, md extends
from Brsioe hantligo to Whlti's Rnncbe, oa the Rio
Oranda From this point conaectloa Is made by steimtr
with Browns'lllo and Hatirooras
This roale le the shortest md best for tho Immense
t raffle betweea the Uolf of Mexico md the Interior of
Southsrn Texas iad Norlberi aeilco, md thi comma
nlcitlou by rill alone cia readily be exteaded to
Tberoid already completed sives thirty mlleo of dlffl
call md tortuous aavlgitloi Bosts on the river now
charge, It Is staled, for freight to Brownsville, aa high
a SI per barrel, and for pisseogere 819 each
The road li live feet guige, good lies, T rill, md fill
afore particular deacriptloa of tho properly eaa be ob
tained at tble offleo oral that of theCbler Quartermaster
Military Division or tbo Oolf, it New Orleans
A condition rf tbe tile will be that triosporlatloa
shall ba furnished for ill Government troops and eap
ptlee, whenever required, it tbo rttes paid by Ooveri
meal it tho time to thi New York Central railroad
Tbetermeof payment iteepted will be those consid
ered tbe most favorable to thi Government
Ten per cent cash, la Ooternment funds to bo pit d
on acceptance of proposal
The Oovernmeit ressrvei the light to reject my o
all proposals
1 roposala aboold be endorsed' Proposals for pnrchio
of Brnos Santiago md Rio Oroide Railroad," and id
dressed to tho Division of River md Rail Transport
Hon, Qo arte matter aeneral'a Offleo, Washington, D C
By order of tho quartermaster General t
Brevet Colonel md A Q. M , li charge Fourth Dl
vision, Q M Q O ipil 37t
Orrici eurintsTDiTPciLtlPn!Tio, (
Wabbixotox, Atrll SI, 1801 (
Sealed proposals wll be recelted at this oOln until
UuMDAY, tbe 14ia day or May, 186d at 13 o'clock for
famishing one set of electro!? pod pigee of Iho Ulottri
ilon of Machleery, Ac, accompanying the Report of
tbe Commissioner of Patents for the year 18 fl
Tbo drawings will bo faralebed on paper lo the -eon
tractor, who must arrange them lao pages la numerical
order, is nearly ii la consistent with neatness aid coo
pactoess) md the executloo of tho work, la every re
srect, must bo fully equal titbit furnlsbed for tbe pub
llsbed report for 1864, which has been adopted a the
ataadard for Iho prsnt volume Tbo plaice are lo be
delivered at thia offleo free of cost for traitportall a,
subject to the approval or releetloi of Ibo Supertn
tcodont of Pulls Printing Bond md ipproved eo
eurlty will be required for the filthful perforin. aci of
the contnet
The work will lomprlse ibout Ave thoaimd Uluttri
lions, making over seven hundred psgee, uoasurlng
hi by 8 Inches Bidders in required to propose for
the woikiif ts illutlrutton, with tho undertlandlog
that, when more tbmooeffureU required to Illustrate
m Invention or design, (is Is sometimes the case,) the
whole number of figures will bo estimated md paid fur
ii i it i le lllutlralloa
Any further Information that nay be required will bi
furnished apoa application it tble offloe
Proposals will he addressed to tbo undersigned,
Washington, D 0 .and lidorssd oa tho envelope ' Pro
positi for Piteat Offleo Ilsport "
fiaperlntendtnl ot tbo Public Printing
To be published la tho Waahlagtoa Rirriiioix, md
Chronic U, Baltimore Jmtrica, Philadelphia Jfonk
Amtrtoon, Hew York Tribum aid Boston Journal,
Ibreo llaoea a wek, until the 14th diy of Hay Bo
other piper will bo paid for publishing this advertise
meat, pX3 StivSW
imillTR. TRACT
Blow od, fleroo wlm-i' yo cannot tear out from my
Tha memory of thoio goldon, hippy hoar,
I'm pitied, while traveling forward to thli distant
With frlcndi and lovon, lo tha wayside bowon,
Where pilgrims on tho daity traek of life,
Host their worn Ilmbf, grown faint with toll md
And piano aniw Hope's wing, amid tho wiyildo
In youth, a mother! love fell on my iou!( Ilka dew
That feeds tha Tltali of tho opening roio)
Ilir imllei ihona orer Under on mo, over now, .
When flathad with tporti, or wrippod In loft
Der lleulogi followed ail my truant wayt.
And hed a halo o'er my early diyi
That tlcgoi yet tho stream of life, that feibl flows
And when I boldly Hopped with free and llghtiomi
Oa manhood's threshold, In my eirlj prloo
Fair maldoni greetod mo. and on uoil fair I wod,
And wore to lovo and ehortih throogh oar mortal
Usr lovo wai my delight and lolaea mintoira
Oar hopei, oar joyi, oar datlei, oarei and teari,
Wars mingled In one itratm, whom flow made Ufa
The yeiri flew by on I weeping pinions, and my ap
Overflowed with gladooif, when a trlghteyid boy,
At my fond heart, in beauty aad in itrongth grow
To brim my boiaer with that iweoteit Joy
That mortals tuto In all thi fsaitl of earth
That fonnt of lovo which opened at bti birth,
And through hti life flowed purely on, without
And still the yean flew o'er my head, till ona by
My blessing! withered, and myhopei deeijod,
Mother, and friendly maiding, wife, and darling ion
Within tha wounded breast of earth were laid)
While I alone am loft, a blasted oik.
Boat bed by tha tempest and tho lightning s
With none to sorrow when my weary life Is done
And yet, flerot winds' ya eannot tear out from my
Tho memory of those gold on, hippy hours
To cinnot drown tha echoes of old songs, thit roll
In hirmony ibovo yoar antaoed powers,
Nor can yo steal tha perfume and tbo bloom,
.From flower and bad transplanted to tho tomb,
That shed their lingering fragrance stiUln memory's
Bo stow, April, 1851.
Uarrlaga nalatlona Among tba Friedman.
Brev Brig Geo Charles II Howard yesterday
promulgated tho following order
Brant Bsnrutii Fasxaaix aid Aa'n Laxdi, )
uiadq'bsasx't fjoiii'BUiirairT Colombia,
Wasbivotox, April 24,1880.
Circular, Ao fl
Pursoant to instructions from tba eommlsilober
of this bureau tbe following ibstriot of existing
lawe regulating marriage In tLts District, and lu
Maryland, Is published for the Instruction of freed
h Mirrtige Is prohibited to females under tbe
agaoftwolv(o yean, and males under tho ige of
fourteen years, and tbo eonsent of tbe parents or
guardian li required for femilei under the age of
sixteen years, and for males under the ego of
iwcDiyone juarruge is promotion airo between
persons nearer of kin thin first cousins, and be
tween any negro and white person
II. Before tho marriage rite is performed, a
license must be procured from tba clerk of tbo Cir
cuit Court of the county where the women resides,
or tho banns mast ba published In some regular
place of publio worship, on three successive Sun
days preceding, and In Maryland the law requires
that any house of worship In ordor to be a proper
place for tbe publication of marriage binoi, shall
Le entered upon the records cf tbo Circuit Court
III Tho only persons authorised to rolemnlie
the rites of matrimony are regularly ordained min
isters of the Gospel, except in the society usually
called Quakers, where tha ceremony may to in ao
oordanoo with their istibllsbid custom.
IV. A certificate of marriage should, In all oases,
be obtained from persons solemnising tha rite, and
la Maryland tba law requires a return to bo
made, by the said parson, to the clerk of tbe county
court in accordance with a blank form furnished by
said clerk.
V. Marriages are binding during tho joint lives
of the parties. IMrorces can only bo granted by
decrees of the courts.
General reputation, cohabitation, and acknow
ledgment are bold as sufficient prorf of marriage
as far as affects most of thi civil rights and obliga
tions of the parties but, although such a marriage
cannot ba dissolved at will, yet to ba madi per
fectly villd tha marriage rite should ba celebrated
la a lawful manner
In tba State of Virginia a law adiptid to tbe
wants of the freed people was recently enacted,
making villd, in all respects, tba marriage of col
ored persons, who bad, at the date of tbe passaft
of tha aot, agreed to occupy tbe relation to each
other of husband and wife, and were living to
gather as such, whether the rite of marriage had
been celebrated botween them or not i bat as no
such law has yet been enacted In this District,
or in Maryland, all penons living together as hus
band and wife, and whosi mirriige has not been
duly celebrated, should hare tbe rites properly
performed without delay, and receive from tbe per
son solemnising tho marriage a oertlfioate of thi
A superintendent of mirriige fortblsdlitrictbss
been ippolnled by this bureau, who will be fur
nished with two blink forms of certificates, one for
such as have heretofore been living as husband ind
wife, but have not before hid tho mirriige duly
celebntod, and mother for those who are Just en
tering upon tbe state of matrimony
There Is no longer suffiolent excuse for any parlies
to lira as husband and wife, without being properly
married and tha freed people may by a right un
derstanding and publio sentiment In this matter,
do much to correct existing evil and vices.
Preachers of colored eh u robes and all persons in
this district, laboring In behalf of tbe freed men, are
requested to oi-operate In giving Initruotlons upon
this Important subject
The officers and agents of this bureau will take
measures to publish this circular to all the freed
people in their rerpecltro district!, and explain tbo
benefits of having their mirriagei lawful y cile
Wiled, as well as the evil conseiueLoes and erlmi
nallty of neglecting this duty
No parties will be allowed to occupy is husband
and wife a tenement of this Bureiu until tbey giro
evidence of liwful mirriige No aid whatever will
be afforded by this Bureau to persons who, after
due Instruction, continue to live as husband and
wlfi without proper mirriige
And In order that further action may be tnken If
necessary, to Insure reform among the freed people,
In regird to thi marriage relation, ond render the
sim more snored thin heretofore, a report will bo
made three months from tbe date of this circular
by all officers ind agents of this Bureau, giving the
names and pilots of risldenoe cf all tbe freed poo
ill lo their respective districts, who shall then be
found living together as husband and wife, but who
biro niver been lawfully married
(Signed) 0 II Howard,
Bt Brig am , and Ass t Com
An Inquiry,
TolSK Utor of tht hvtntnff JKtl
Allow me, through your columns, to ask for an
English rhyme to ityuiJ,
Yours, Qucqun.
JV Y Lvtmug Fott
In reply to tho above, Quibble soggests "arf
odwf" .-
The Second battery of light artillery of
negro troops bai been ordered to City Point, Va.,
where It will bo mustered out ofierr.ee.
man fixhiidaJ
Th. Gortrn.r f Florid. vd On. of Ih.
AVlla..... bafar. Ih. Coramltt.. of Flf-
tt.ik A Chaplain of Colorru XlfKtmcnt
Appointed SnprlnCtndint f Slat, flr'
tm ot Edaeatlon for Col.rrd Chlldr.n,
and flow II. Acqulllod Illmatir.
T.tli.AJii,. iprit 10
Incloiod von will find a letter from Oov.
D. S. Walker, In reply to a communication
received by him from the Iter. A. M. ltobb,
Superintendent of School, for Irecdracu,
under appointment or hu Excellency.
It may as well bo stated, for the informa
tion of your readers, that Mr. Ilobbs, who is
a FcnniyWanian, mado his appearance in
Florida last year, with the troops by which
Tallahassee was garrisoned soon after the
surrender of Joo Johnston, lto was chaplain
of one of the " colored ' regiments, with
which, for their sins, Providence visited theeo
people. For a while he wm provost marshal
of this place, and subsequently became con
nected with the Frccdmcn's Bureau as one
of its officers and agents. Ho was especially
associated with, and interested in, tho efforts
of tho Bureau to promote education antong
the freed people. By his teal and activity,
exhibited In prosecuting this philanthropic
work, ho won the confidence of a number of
the most intelligent and liberal minded of our
citizens, who heartily seconded his endeavors
and encouraged his efforts.
During tho session of our late Legislature,
tho chaplain drafted, for their consideration,
a bill for the organization and support, under
State authority, of a system of common
school education for colored children. Tho
measure, coming from an abolitionist, the
chaplain of a colored regiment, and an agent
of the Frcedmen s Bureau, of course en
countered somo prejudice, ovinj to il source;
jet, aided by tho strong recommendation of
tho Governor and somo outsido intluenco
from citizens residing in or near Tallahassee,
it become a law. Under tho proi isions of the
act, tho appointment of a superintendent
was In the hands of tho Governor, and ho
gave it to Mr. Hobbs.
Your readers can mako their ovfn com
ments on these facts, and say how they war
rant and confirm tho reports so widely dis
seminated by tho Committee of Fifteen and
through tho radical journals of a presently
existing and all pervading hostility and bit
terness on tho part of tho Southern people
towards Northern men and the African race
Going North on business connected with
his office, principally to seek assistance from
the benevolent in aid of State contributions
towards the colored school systcraTMr. Ilobbs
appeared before Mr. 1 had. Stevens s com
mittee, and there gavo the testimony which
jcalled forth tho following letter :
KxiccTirt Orric,
TATlABliatt, fit. , sprll 7
Sir: Your letter of tho 12th March was
received on tho 31st ult. ou incloso your
testimony before tho Itoconstruction Com
mittee which Is as follows :
" Itcv. L. M. Ilobbs testifies, that in Flo
rida the feeling against tho Goernment was
bitter, much moro so than it was three or
four months ago There was a time when
the people seemed very much disposed to do
anything that tho Government would require
of them 1 hey aro now quite bitter, and ea)
what they would not have dared say three
months ago Ihcy talk treason on the
streets without any concealment 'I ho great
majority of them do so, tho majority of the
lower classes jv icw lmciugini uuzens
whom ho regards as honorable gentlemen
deplore the expression of such opinion, but
they are very much in thd minority, and can
have but little influence in tho affairs of the
State gotcrnment. The change in tone is
because of the leniency maul fisted by the
present adminiltratton
You then proceeded to say that you do
not know what I may think of this testimony ,
that you hopo you havo not offended mo nor
lost my confluence, and ask if )0U have
"thrown mo lat into tno lire. Ac.
After much anxious deliberation, in an
swer 1 have to say that your statement be
fore tho committee has given mo moro pain
than any tiling else that has occurred since
I havo been In tho executive office In fre
quent conversations with myself and many
others you have led mo to believe that our
opinions wero directly tho opposito of tnose
you expressed beforo tho committee You
Lad frequently spoken to mo of the kindness
with which you had been overywhero re
ceived in this State, and of the general dis
position manifested by the people to aid in
tho great and good work in which you and I
wero engaged of educating the colored peo
ple You had also spoken frequcntl) of the
irood order and nuict which nrcvaiUd in the
country, and of tho universal disposition of
tne people to auapi incmseives to ti n ncn
order of things, and become again good and
orderly citizens of the United bttiU s OnU
a few das beforo vouleft hero for tho North
)outoldmo you would hao occusion to
make known Ihiso Bentlments in public ad
dresses It was understood between us that
your addresses would bo published and have
a good ctTett In disabusing tho Northern
mind us to tho true condition of tho South
and that you would send them to me, and
would hue them republished hero w ith a
view tognc our pcoplo a good opinion of
Northern men.
After all this, tho first I heard from ton
after you leit here wus tho aboo nciled tes
timony beforo tho committee I have cer
tainly no right to complain of jour giving
expression to any opinion honestly mtir
taincd either before tho committee or else
where, but I fill a deeper rtgnt than I can
express that you should hao imposed upon
mo and abused my confidence by expressing
one set of opinions to me, when, in tact, you
enlcrtained another You know how ear
mstly 1 detiro ' to bring about an era of
good fcoluig and frati riiil) ," and to uuiko
tho people ot tne aouin mi that tnose oi
tho North aro their biethrcn, not only in
name, but in fact Tonsotho languago of
tho l'residcnt, If I know ray own heart, and
o cry passion which enters it, it Is my deslro
to restore tho blessings of the Union and tlo
up and heal every bleeding wound which Iioa
been caused by tho fratricidal war." I had
chosen you as an instrument to assist me in
this great worK, uy appointing you to too
responsible oflico of superintendent of schools
for freedincn in this State. Youhaio disap
pointed me; your course is well calculated to
tear open and inako tho wounds, which were
fast healing, bleed afresh. Hereafter when
cur I shall speak of appointing to a State
oflico a Northern man, I shall bo warned to
remember the case of tho Ilev. Mr. Ilobbs.
Hereafter when gentlemen from the North
appear among us, ready to loin with us in
any good work, no matter what their declo.
rations of friendship may be, you havo put
it Into tho power of somo to say, "Take care,
and let experience put a clog upon our con
fidence." As I havo before stated. I do not denv
your right to entertain or eipress any opin
ion you please. My complaint is, tha( you
havo expressed one opinion to mo and an
other to the committee.
There Is another thinir I comnlain nf.whlch
is, that you, according to your testimony,
havo known that a majority of the people of
this Stato have "talked treason unon the
streets without concealment," and yet you
havo not reported any Instance, either to the
Major General commanding here, or to my
self. You held a commission from me. You
knew that I had sworn to snonort tho Con
stitution of tho United States. You knew it
was my duty, as it is my fixed purpose, to
havo all traitors punished. You knew that
It was very prejudicial to me and tho State
of which you were an officer, to have people
"talk treason on tho streets without conceal
ment," and yet, instead of reportinir this to
mo, your report was, "all Is well," till y ou got
neioro mo coramuiee-m Washington, and
then you reported, "all is wrong.'" If you
did not havo confidence la me to believe that
I would punish treason, you ought not to
havo held a commission under me. If yon
had not confidence in me, you ought at least
to have had it in the Major General com
manding this department. You must have
known that it would injure both him and my
self to permit anyone to talk treason, whether
in secret or openly. I will remark, that it Is
singular that a majority of the pcoplo should
hat e talked treason beforo you, whilo not a
word of tho kind has ever reached me, though
I am in daily communication with tho people
from every portion of the State. I havo heard
much complaint among the pcoplo that the
Stato is not allowed its representation in
Congress; much desiro expressed to bo rcc-
ognizcu as limy in tno union, much regret
that tho President's policy does not prevail,
but not ono w ord havo I heard from any per
son whatever, that was calculated or intended
to incite a war against the Government or to
destroy tho Union
To do candid with j ou, I must say I do
not believe that you have heard more than 1
have, for tho desiro of the people to bo in
the Union, and not out of it, is so universal and
notorious that I cannot believe any other
has been expressed. That you have heard
our people express bitter complaints against
thoso who aro known hero as " northern dis
uniomsts," I havo no douht ; that those com
plaints hove grown in bitterness tho last
three or four months Is also true. But after
our people hae manifested their loyalty and
desiro to return to tho Union, by taking the
oath prescribed by the President, " to sup
port tho Constitution of tho United States
ond the union of tho States thereunder, and
to abide by and faithfully support all laws
and proclamations which havo been mado
during tho existing rebellion with reference
to tho emancipation of slaves," after their
convention has annulled the ordinance of se
cession, repudiated all debts contracted by
the Stato since tho dato of secession, declared
all tho slates free, opened to them all the
courts, admitted them as witnesses in all
cases in which they aro interested, and de
clared that they " shall enjoy tho rights of
person and property without distinction of
color," and adopted the amendment to the
Constitution of the United States prohibit
ing slavery cterywhere in the Union I say,
after tho peoplo have done all this, and every
thing else they understood the Government
to desire them to do, that any portion of
them, much less a majority, should talk trea
son either openly orsecrctly, is too much for
mycrcdulit. It u singular that jou should
hato interpreted tho solicitude and impa
tienco of tho pconlo to be recognized as fill I
in tho Union intu manifestations of treason.
I hero Is no treason in I lorida I will guar
antee that if the President should call upon
her for oluuteers to sustain tho Union. Flor
ida would furnish as many troops as any
other State, in nronortlon to her nonulation
I complain of you ulso for saying that the
sentiments of tho pcoplo of this State have
changed for tho worse ' because of the lenien
cy manifested by tho present Administra
tion " I think y ou havo dono the peoplo of
this Stato great injustice in describing them
as ingrates who havo abused the kindness of
the President I feel satisfied that tiny duly
ipprcciatc the magnanimous courso of the
President, and that upon all suitable occa
sions they will proo themselves w orthy of it
I think, also, that you hate dono the Pres
ident of tho United States injustico in saung
that ills course has led tho people of one of
tno states io tone treason unu inttermcs
against tho General Government. Tho ac
tion of the Prisidmt needs no di fence from
me 11) his reconstruction policy ho has
done more than all other men put together
to recall tho affections of the pcoplo to the
Government, ond his recent eto messages
hae satisfied us that wo still Iho under a
constitutiojial Government I do not know
a dozen citizens of this Stato who aro not
ready to rally urouud the President hi sup
port of tho tlo eminent
I need hardli add thut under tho circum
stances I deem It lny duty to appoint some
oiner person man yoursen to act as supcr
intoniicnt of Schools for tho Frcedmen in
this State, and that our commission Is mi-
catcd from this date
1 am respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
I 8 WAikra
And now let mo ghc you tho sanctimoni
ous, hypocritical, whining lcttir of Hiiium,
begging pardon for his lying.
LlliliTII Pa . Miireh 17
Tn hit rjrpillrncy Otttfrn r J It llUtr
iikauSir' 1 inclose to ou two ii mers ono
which 1 addressed to Mr Krns Geo Shan,
Pres Now York N. P K A , and ono an c
tract from the Philadelphia 1'rts 'I ho first
will speuk for itself Of tho second, deursir,
I know not what you may think I ngrct
that my prcseuco in A uiduugton became
known to tho lteconstruclion Committee. 1
was summoned to appear be foro the commit
tee, and put upon my oath uud I answered
tho questions put to me, as 1 candidly be
lieved 'Iho synopsis gi en in the 7'iMidocs
not contain a full und dear statement of all
I said 1 feel somewhat anxious about it.
on account of tho position I hold I feci
cry anxious thot our new school law should
proo a success, und wish to labor to that
end 1 hope, sir, that I hae not offended
you, nor lost your confidence I need not
state that tho Superintendent of hibools of
1 lorida is not of itieir sunicicntH rtmuuira.
tive to .lifW any ono to accuse mo of merce
nary motives 1 hao not uuccptid tho ap
pointment of postmaster yet, us I still feel a
moral obligation to devote my energies to
the work already commenced I greatly re
spect and lou' Mr. Diuiun, and belio,o that,
he Is tho most efficient man to awaken an In
terest in both classes of persons. I doubt
about his practicability to establish a suc
cessful and permanent system of publio edu
cation. Ho will, I fear, connect tho religious
education too closely with tho secular, and
being a strong Methodist, must of necessity
lean In that direction Now, while ho can
act Iiko the mainspring, I think I can act as
tho balance-wheel, whiio your excellency Is
tho regulator, to keep us from moving too
slow or too fast.
Havo I, dear sir, "thrown tho fat in the
fire ?" I havo written to you candidly. I
hat o not attempted to explain anything I
hat e said I know you will speak or write
rather frankly to me, and stato ) our mind in
In a few days I shall start out again on
my mission. As you see from the accompa
nying paper, I have $5,000 already secured.
I shall try to raise all I can until 1 hear from
i am, sir, very rcspcctiuiiy, your obedient
servant, L. M. Hqbbs.
For Ih. N.tloial B.pabUe.1
Missus Editors ' Xa son. rM.nt Mr.mbota
tloni la this nortbwestarn porttoa of Oblo, I wit
n,Md soma political abota sod bariLlrc ahaita whtob
io ma war. .moling, ana . raport may b. lo your
raadara I eaa oalv racite . faw of tba moor wbleb
a.m. oaiore ma
I ahall btctn with tba arias: at Daloboa. a tbrlv-
log vlllag. oa tha Miami Extaolloo eaoal, tod oo
me una and dmded by tba eouollee or Allea and
Tan Wart, Oblo
A IUbubltcao farmer,aeated opoa bll wagon load
nf prodore, driving to tba mill, was aoooeted by a
Copperhead of-bavlUac. tbof
"Good morolor. Mr. Farman how do voa Ilk.
yoar Republican President alnee bla two TetoeaT"
jtakmrr. verr well, elrt ba la tbe ncbl men In
tbe rlftbt piece I should Dot beve liked Mm half
o w.ll a, I Dow do If be bad Dot applied the veto
CorrsRUEAD There yon condemn the majority
In Congress for tbelr votra In favor of tboae bills
rARMiR. l do condemn and repudiate tbclr at
tempt at usurpation, it la an old issue between
Congress and tba people, and always decided
tbroush the ballot box against Congress t but this
last act Is the most flagrant usurpation known to
ibis country an anon to trample under tbelr reel
tbe Constitution end annul tbe executive branch
of tbe Government, with a view to get at and de
stroy tbe Slete constitutions and lawai an attempt
to unite government and capital, that tbey may
take cer. of labor for the benefit of tbe office
holders and capitalists Xtow, sir, as I have an
swered, even further than your Inquiry runs, how
is It with you Copperheads ? Your papara gene
rally puff tbe President, with sincerity I have
dounts You know, sir, when you gave your first
presidential vote I was sustaining President Jack
aon'e veto of the ao-ealled United Stetee Dank bill,
and you denounced it ae tbe i-ne man power How
Is It with you now ? Somewhat of a stumper J
CctTBRnEAD True, as you state, I opposed den
oral Jeokeon and his vetoes I waa then young
and afterward become convinced that the "one-mac
power" was a constitutional provision, and to op
pose It Is to oppose the Constitution and tb. voice
or the people through tbe bellot box, to which tbe
veto refers the subject Hence, when X became
convinced of these f.ots, I Joined tbe Democratic
party, and Dow go In for President Johnson But
what effect will this spill between the President
snd Congress have on th. election In October lu
this Slate T
Farrer I regret tbe evident effMt It will have
npou the election Tbe mass of tbe frtie Republl
cans will sustain the President on principle iYef
a man In Congress now from Ohio, who v,tod for
tbe bill alter tbe veto, can be returned This will
enable you Copperbeeds to elect tb. Congressmen
Tble I deeply regret but it Is their ootrsgoous do
ings not tbe Pretldsnt. who. thank tfod. bad
sfsmlMa fe Jo rtgkt.
c-oirsRREAD nut bow. happens It tnat your
irly has aurh difference in acntlmsnt, especially
Congress ?
Faruer That la easily seen The Rennblleans
in the Chicago Convention nominated Mr. LTIncoln
the first time, and adopted a platform soundly re
publican, and elected blm thereon There waa a
weak minority who did not approve tbe platform
but went for Lincoln and llamlin Then you
falsely-called Demoorate opposed the war, and the
Kepublioana foolishly doffed tbelr nartv name ao as
ton. of no hindrance to any one to unite In sup
port of tbe war, and and into tbe Union perty.
Tbe Democratic perty bed ever teen called "the
war party " But your Copperhead party opposed
tbe wer, and thie fact brought Into tbe Union nertv
a los oi poiuicai prostitutes, wuo would bare op-
posed tbe war If tba Democratic leadara bad went
lor it These men had no love for tbe Union but
they have for office emong them tbe New York
Trtbum, and its bantlings, and tbe lion Tbad
Stevens, of Pennsylvania, wno was chairman of a
legislative committee under the Ititner dynasty,
and summoned Geo M Datlss, Joseph It Chandler,
Rev Mr Strong, and others to appear before the
committeo and tell whet "tree Masonry" was'
Tbey appeercd, but Mr Stevena soon found out
from questioning the witnesses that he wes as Ig
noranl of Intellect aj of Masonry Dot he mede a
fortune out or bis "Tspe Worm Railroad,'1 which
washe I out the lttiitl stain of earlier llfo Such
are those who now assume tbe lesd In Congress
selfish, itnpractiesble men, of tbe "well regulated
monarcbel " school, whose god Is the dollar and
Corrisnsln There Is no getting along with
you Good bye
I next came leto Defiance, the county seat of
UeOeoce county Thia Is a vlllsge located on the
canal and Maumeo river, of some perhaps, 2 000
souls It Is a place of consldsrable business, end,
If a little more public spirit and neatness were ex
blbited In relutlon to streets, walks and bridges,
would be rather a pleasant place It hoe but one
newrieper, and that an ultra Copperhead The
Republicans are lu the minority, and scemdlsjlr
Ited Some of tbeni are alive however, an 1 say
tbey must I ave a representstire lu Congress before
the Republican party cen lire In that county A
Republican lawyer told me the! of all tbe Union
papers in the tenth congressional district there
were but two that would do the PreslJrnt Justice
the others were subsidised, and funds were fur
nlshed frrm Ibe House to get up another at the vil
lage of Antwerp, of about 200 inhabitants This Is
all done to abuse and mislead publio sentiment
against tbe President, and In favor ormlsrspresent
atlon the clap-trap of designing and uneasy pel
itlciens, from whom all tbe troubles of the country
Thence I Crosse 1 the country north end ' hauled
up" at Unran Ibe county seat of Wlltl.m. -.nni
the corner county or the .state, Il is somewhat
of a business place relber loor, of a potulation
(from appearance) thtn Defiance, and its pollllelens
are of more energy and vim Uryan boa two nawa
licr oi Democratic so called, and tbe other
Union but the latter has strung ipposltion among
tbe Repulliraos Hero appear three parties Cop-
perhcsJ Ruiuhllcan, sid a sott of self .tyled
Unlonllie latter dubbed Big I ant little a "
Uut liuust break off JavusCihie
iin A Boston jury has awarded 8V00O
damages to Morj ltocsslo for injuries sus
tained on tho llostoirand Maine railroad.
The aicidont happened on tho tccoml of
Niim mlier, lt-0 1 ut Melrose Tho plaintiffs
nnn wiisso budlj iniured that amputation
iH-uiiiiu iii-iispur) mo piainuu aiiigcdaml
olUrid oUdence to nroto that tho train
negligently started while sho was endeavor
ing to get upon tho platform Of one of tho
eurs, whilo tho defendants offered evidenco
tending to ,how that thoplalutifi negligently
tndeored to get upon (ho troin while the
cars wero In motion. There were no ciueM
tlonsoriaw, und this was tho only question
Of fact at iSSUC.
Sla rar is rapidly extending Into Fgxvt I
to meet the demands for increased luhnr
in the rottou fields '1 he slaves arc brought is already nearly made up. ilemi'his Am
boiu tho upper Nile. I funcie.
Kther va. t7hlor.frm.
Tho use of chloroform as an ancsthetlo was
lately discussed In the Paris Academy of
Science, in a paper by Dr. Petrcqnin, of
Lyons. Ho favors tho use or ether, and
shows that tho former inconveniences attend
ing its uso have been obviated. Dr. Pctrc-
quin says :
I ncso inconveniences were removed by
tho etherizing bag. Invented bv a nhvalclan
of Lyons, and alio by the Improved methods
ucvueu ior ooiammg etner penecuy pure.
At present tho operation of etherizing pro
ceeds in a most satisfactory manner. Tho
patient lies In a horizontal posture, with his
head slightly raised in order to prevent his
swallowing any jCther ; about twenty-fivo
grammes of ether aro floured at once on tho
sponges of tho bag: tho patient is directed
to inholo copiously j tho orifice of the bag is
then closed, and tho dose of ether doubled.
Tho patient's eyes oro carefully bandaged,
and the profoundest silenco Is obRrvedi in
this way anesthesia Is promptly obtained
without agitation.
"It Is easy to prevent accidents by closely
observing tho circulation and breathing. In
general tho pulse is first accelerated, then
become retnilar arrafn wer. IttnhornmnrAn.
cent rated, irregular or low, tho Inhalations
should be stopped and air administered. As
to tho breathing. It is at first subdued, bnt
soon becomes complete. If It were to be
come difficult or interrupted, the apparatus
should bo removed and tho fan used. In this
way there has not been a single death at
Lyons by etherization for tho last 14 years,
whde, according to Dr. Vclpeau's own show
ing, the uso of chloroform is never unaccom
panied by danger."
To this poper Dr. Vclneau replied that
there had indeed been a few deaths by chlo
roform, bnt it was not quite certain that there
had been none by ether. At all events, he,
Dr. Yclpcau, had for tho lost 15 years been
administering chloroform to several thousand
patients, and had net cr seen any die from
that cause.
"Pral.e from Sir Hubert "
A southern paper discusses in the follow
ing languago upon tho abolition of slavery
and tho character of the frecdmen :
Tho southern peoplo bear with perfect
equanimity tho sacrifices which its slavery
loss has entailed upon them. They ore men,
and abide by tho consequences of their acts.
Thet do not even regret its loss. They
would not restore it to-morrow If they could.
They have stout hearts and strong arms, and
are able ond not ashamed to work for them
selves. They feel no heart-burnings or ani
mosity toward tho frcedmen j on the contra
ry, they entertain for them tho greatest sym
pathy, tho most kindly sentiments. 1 hey
wish them well, and will do all in their power
to assist and advance them. 1 ho negroes,
as a class, acted nobly during the whole war.
I hey were obedient ond faithful j they labored
cheerfully for our armies, and for the wives
and children of tho soldiers. They nctcr
murmumf nor tlifylayed the least spin of
imubardination t the mnht of the most
templing opportunities. They were our
friends, and rejoiced in our triumphs and
were saddened byonr-defcats; and when tho
end came, and the confederacy went down in
blood ond nun, they occepted their freedom
with reluctance. Their conduct has been
worthy of all praise, and the South owes
them a debt of trratitudo which con nsrer l,n
discharged A liy. then, should wo disliko
tho freedmen? hat cause havo we to treat
them badlyl
Th. Presldentl.1 c.r.
In our city deportment is chronicled tho
arrival in Chicago of the "Presidential car,"
a sud relic of tho saddest ctent that ever
clouded our country's sky. A few days less
than ono y eor ago thi, cor come here, bearing
the remains of tho assassinated President
Lincoln Its orrh al hero tolav. thouch unon
quite a different mission, is painfully sugges
ts c As announced in these columns a few
llts ago, this beautiful and celebrated car
has been sold by tho Government to the di
rectors of tho Pacific Railroad Company,
sctcrul of whom arrived by it tins morning
oi roiife for Omaha Chicago Journal, 21.
Isn ortat Hflioiois CoxriRKXCE. A con
ference of delegates from tbe Baptist and
Discitles' denominations com ones in this
city to-morrow, to consider tho question of a
union between theso two great religious
ooiiies 1110 lollowlug aro too names of tho
Daftisv CocRcn Rers J R. Jeter. D D i
Robert Rylsad D D A M Polndexter, D D 1
R II Begby, D D i J. D Taylor, D1)H.
Burrows, 1 V i J D Coleman, D Shaver, 0. R.
Taylor, Daniel Witt, A Broaddua, Jr , Thomas
Hume, Sr , and O. Qrimslsyi and Messrs. John
II.rtandYi A Fleet.
DlsCIFtus' CbuRCEI Rave S fibelbarn. A n
Walthall, K. L Coleman, Q. W. AbelL, Wm. Wil
son, C llullard, It Henley, A R Fllppo Peter
Alnslle L A Cutter. T A Crenshaw. W. II Hen.
son Wm J Pettlgrew,J O. Parrleh, W. K. Pen.
I he Conference will meet on to-morrnw nf
11 a m , and sit with closed doors.
I ho Haptist delegates will hold a prepara
ory meeting at tho First llontist Church to.
night ot H o'clock, and tho Disciples dele
gates will hold a preliminary meeting ot tho
by Comoro Church at 12 in Momla?i Mich-.
iiwnu utfpaicn
Llrrs Ills Ulluv Him President hn
been pleartii (0 nominate und the Senate to
confirm our friend 0 Keilly in tho rank or
ltrlgodier General by brotet. The honor was
not sought by tho Boy Hiinself.who knew not
that he had been recommended for promo
tionin fact anew nothing of tho matter
until hu nomo appeared In tho telegraphic
columu of tho Associated Press To oil who
hate had part In paying him this compli
ment, Privuto Miles now scrapes his left foot
backward and pulls tho forelock of his red
hair w ith acknowledging bond .V, Y Citizen.
Cuoifra in tiik Proime Tho Mon
treal II' F. ) Umttte of April Hi rejKirts
thnt I)r Slayler, one of tho physicians who
olunteercd to ottend the cholera patients
on tho Kngland, was taken ill ou -Monday
morning, and du d of that disease on Tucs
d ly night. Two other doctors, Gurrie and
Goesip, were attacked with the disease, but
bate recotcrcd Kight of the passengers
mado their escupe from tho quarantine ship,
and it is feared may spread the disease.
'Ihrio cases of iholtra hao also been re
ported ut Halifax 'Iho Hcv Mr Mclsaac,
a Catholic priest of that city, had on attack,
but at tho last dates by mail ho wus recover
ing .
Cavalrv ron Irkijird We are credibly
informed that Mr. 1'n.mWirraat I. nl.,n i
cuvolry company In South Memphis to par-
ticinate in tho coming strurtlo for the inde-
pendence of Ireland, and that his command

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