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"Washington City P
w. j.MPBTAau a coruBLianEita
a p. tjanbcom, editor.
MONDAY MORNINO:'i::::::::::::::.MAT 7, IBM.
"When we reflect that the um great political-party
which elected Andrew Jonxsow
Vice President of the United BUles, alto
chose the present majority to Congress, and
that In the fall of 18M a common sentiment
animated the candidates and the supporters
of the Baltimore platform, no one in the
ranks of the Union hosts doubting for a mo
ment the unadulterated patriotism of Presi
dent Jonxaoir, we may well express surprise at
the strange animosity which has sprang up in
the National Legislature against The Prcm
fczsT, and ft Is worth our while to obtain, if
possible, the mo tire or secret of it It Is not
became Tin President has departed from
any principle enunciated at the Baltimore
contention, for he has persistently adhered
to every project, purpose, and idea then and
there adranced. It is not that he has aban
doned the policy of Mr. Lixcolx, which that
great body of loyal men came together to
vindicate, and which the peoplo so coniplcu-
onaly ratiflea, Tor he took that policy just
where our martyred President left it, and has
with religious devotion carried it forward to
almost complete success. It Is not for any
dereliction tn the consummation of emancipa
tion, for the special feature of President
Johnson's course has been to make the lib
erty of the slave real, substantial, and uni
versal. Neither Is it because of his position on the
Fuffrage question. On that question Tax
President stands clear and unequivocal. lie
advocates qualified suffrage without distinc
tion of race or color as the policy of the com
munity; as tho voluntary act of the people of
the State, who by law and enstom have ever
controlled this matter; and opposes any Im
position of suffrage by the unconstitutional
exercise of power on the part of Congress.
At the committee on reconstruction have re
ported a constitutional amendment, which
abandons any attempt by Congress to en
force suffrage by central legislation, leaving
the whole question to the several States, thus
most unmistakably endorsing his position, we
cannot find the reason of congressional an
tagonism to him In this direction.
Neither is it to be found in the differences
which exist as to restoration. Congress ad
mits, with The Preridext, that for the com
mon good of all, the work of restoration
should be immediate. Tue President thinks
that the right of representation Is inherent to
the States within the American Union, and
that loyal delegates should come In at once.
Congress wants them to first ratify some un
important amendments before such admis
sion. The greatest point of difference that
manifests itself between the Executive and
legislative departments of the Government is
contained In the fact that the A ministration
believes that sound policy and the present
condition of the country demand that the
people of the South should participate, as
Americans, in the Government which they
are now pledged to uphold and defend, and
Congress opposes such participation until
after the next presidential election. This
would hardly seem to be sufficient ground
for hurling at President Johnson tho most
unsparing invective, or charging him with
the most malignant treachery and the most
stupendous crimes.
The trouble arises from the diversity of
sentiment on the present situation of affairs.
The President and his Cabinet? view the
matter In tho light of peace ; Congress in the
light of war. The one regards the rebellion
as crushed; the other seems to consider it as
yet in full operation- Congress reflects the
prejudices, the passions, the vehemence of the
martial period in which they were elected
Then war raged, and there were vast rebel
armies In the field, and rebel corsairs on the
sea, and many States in the attitude of re
volt The air was filled with the roar of
hostile cannon ; victory was far from certain,
and the heroes of the nation were daily being
added to the sainted roll of honor. It was in
the "heat and temper "of such times that
the Thirty-Ninth Congress was chosen, and
it seems to retain all the rage and rancor of
that season of blood. This is why wo hear
in the congressional halls so much said of
the "public enemy," when none exists; of
red-bund cu iocs," when no foe lifts his im
pious hand throughout our boundaries ; of
"black-hearted traitors, when treason has
lowered its crest in every State of tho Re-
Tub Presidevt and his counsellors, guided
by a wiser and more Christian impulse, have
buried with the war its savage and inhuman
spirit They furled with the victorious ban
ners of the nation the rage of conflict, and
when peace came they accepted its issues
and used Its language. The Administra
tion, in distinction from Congress, represent
the emotions of gratitudo for tho resrna of
the land, instead of the memories of hatred
for tho Be who Imperiled it It weighs, judges,
and directs events as they now exist, not as
they transpired two ears ago. Remember
ing that the majestic blessings of peace dawn
on our land once more. The President and
his associates are Inspired by its necessities.
and ruling with reference to civil instead of
military law, they comprehend the wants of a
nation rather than of a section, and grasp the
destinies of a Republic rather than the mere
fortunes of a political party. Herein lies, in
our judgment, the difference between The
President and Congress.
"We defy the chief of liars to beat the fol
lowing tissue In the same number of words :
"Fortonatel for tbt substantial Interest of the
people, and for tb oaoit of good government, th
congressional plan of reeonst motion ! opposed by
very rebel and Copperhead loader, and favored,
eMwf a twgU wfluituuxl txceyt.ot by tb earn
Ml moa who. from tho bejrlnntns of tho war. renr
stated tbt wishes and responded to tbt demands of
tat people." romy, v v,
Bf ra Jefferson Dvlf,
The) Norfolk Vtrftntan gives an aeeoaat of tb
Vlitt of lira Davis to her husband, and 171
6Ta conditions of faorvUlt, and th privileges
Which will bo tztofldodto her during its ontin
traaoeY'ar iqbJmU of considerable speculation
6bonJd sat remain hrt an length of time she will
probabJ mak bar noma at tho residence of Dr
Cooper, Foal flurgaon, near lbs fort mm,
"What traaspirod afttr Mrs Davis entered tbt
JbrtrMl,ofooarM, tuUfnowaJuitstprMtnt,"
The Chicago JoumaJ,1ty far the ablest and
most reliable Republican paper In the North
west, contains an abla article In its issue of
May 3, In favor of admitting loyal represent
atives of the southern States to seats In Con
gress. It appears elsewhere in our paper to
day. In the same number of the Journal
we find the following sensible remarks on the
same subject, but having a special bearing
upon Tennessee t
"What good, honest or patriotic reason is
there for excluding the loyal and true Sena
tors and Representatives elect from Tennes
see radical abolitionists, as they are from
tho seats to which loval and faithful Union
voters elected themt It will not bo a suffi
cient answer for Messrs. Thaddeus Btcvens,
Charles Sumner, and their friends, to say that
tho loyalists of Tennessee arc excluded
merelv to snite and worry and anirer Andrew
Johnson. That would be trifling and con
temptible. The good sense, justice, and
honor of the Republican party of tho coun
try wuuiu rcpuuiaic euco wickcu tuny uii tue
part of Its leaders. And yet to be candid,
as we should be can any man in Congress,
or anv politician out of Conirress. honestlv
give any other reason, besido this of spiting
President, for keeping the loyal Tcnncsseeans
In suspense I
We fully and painfully agree with the
Springfield Jtepublican that such a short
sighted policy as this on the part of our
leaders in congress "inreaicns ruin tome
Republican party " and unless wiser, more
richteous. and more statesmanlike counsels
prevail in that quarter ere loop, the great
Union party of the country, which now has
the advantage all In Its own hands, and might
have for ears to come, will be recklessly
and foolishly sacrificed upon the rock of per
sonal ambition and passion, by a tew men
who possess more of bile than of brains.
Thi United Ble-te Cemrt In ICtw Orleame.
W aottetd In Saturday's tdltlon tbitTai Pais
lotst had sustained In Louisiana tht laws of tbt
Uotttd States aa represented and tzpoandtd by tbt
Untied Stttes Court presided ovr by Judgt Do
rill, and bad directed Qtntral ClRSV, tbt com-
mander of tho dtpartmtnt, to obey tbt mandates of
tbt Court, and not In fatart to Interfere In Its pro
ceeding. Jadgt Dubbll bad closed bli Court, and
martial law alont ralgnad In Ktw Orleanv -a city
wbtro tine May, 1802, all baa been order, peace
and allegiance to tbt United Statu. Whltit con
gratulating tbt cltliens of Louisiana on tbla tri
umph of civil rights and law aa represented by tbt
rteonitrnetlon policy of Tna Premdikt, wt quota
btlow a synopsis of Jndg Dcbbll'i address from
tbt bench, on tbt oocaalon reftrrtd to. It is copied
from a Now Orleans paper, which says
"Aa tbli subject la ont of grtat Interest, wt will
hart prtttnt onr readers with aliuoot tbt exact word
of Judr lOaroll:
14 When I flnt took my aat upon thta bench, tht
country waa engulfed to toe cloud of civil war, and
tbt loyal ptoplt engaged In patting down the great
rebellion Blnce that tits a change baa oetn
wrought, and no more It the maxim tnttr arona
Ugt $tlettt applicable, but on the contrary the roll
of the drum bould no more be heard In the balla
of J ait Ice Tht pretence of a defence of Maj (Jen.
Canby la naught, ha haa oppoied a mandate of tbli
court, and la jtulltj of contempt, and aa haa been
my endeavor throughout my judicial occupation of
101a nenco, loreoaer 10 toe army ana navy an tna
aailitaaco that waa In my power. It la bard now to
be deforttd by that which ihould be my aupport
ind aid la the enforcement of the lawa of the Uni
ted States. I am unable to fine or tmprleon a Major
Oeneral, who haa at bla command the bayoneta of
an army, and could revltt a judgment of tbli court.
At to the conduct of B. F, Flander, It la tlinpty
an aggravation of bla prevloua action In tbla caae.
"And now, aa I am unable to carry out the lawa
aa I deem I ahoutd, I adjourn thla court until a
time when the army aball hare been remoTed and
t be able to lmpriaon and punlah aa X judge la de
serving In the premliea.
"The Autocrat of the Runlet, with the Uvea
and property of hta tubjecta at bla command, the
Sultan of the Turkeya, with hit oriental vaaiala,
much lata a major general of a republic like tbla,
haa not power auch aa haa been aoue-bt to be en
forced la thla caae by tht military It 0 auoh power
waa iouna evon wun me commanaera 01 tue itoman
"I therefore adjourn thla court until next Sat
urday, when X will decide all caaea pending now,
when I will adjourn tbia court Indefinitely, until
auch time aa X may have power to enforce the lawa
I am placed bare to expound and execute "
Juiiv Vax IUrkn, Esq., was In town yes
terday, and bad an Interview with the Freaident.
Hoy. Jovl Parker, Professor of Luw at
Harvard College, la In town e
Tin editor of the "nislanii" hns gono
Leonard Urover has leased the Olympic
(Mn. Wood'a) Theatre, New York city, and It will
bo opened next aeajon In grand atyle JUr 0. D.
Hau, Director of Ororer'a Theatre, In tbla city, to
be the Manager.
Mrs. I'kkrt, who has won many friends
during her abort engagement In tbla city by her en-
parlor dramatlo talent, la to appear In Chicago In a
few daya
(Ikit. Cash, who is now 84 years old, though
In rather feeble health, baa lately been atronger
and more comfortable,
Santa Anna is described, la hid retreat in
the Ialaod of 6t, Thorn aa, aa a Doelooklng old
gentleman, 68 years of age, with dark brown hair,
and apparently enjoying the beat of health.
Ira A) dridoe, a negro tragedian, who has
lately made a very aucceaaful profeaalonal tour
through Route, la aoon to give the people of Con-
atatlnople a aerlea of Bbakipearean dellneatlona
Chief Jihtick Chase is in town, and had
an Interview with the Freaident on Saturlay eve
oiog The Chief Juatlce approvea the course of
Freaident Johnson relative to the holding of mill.
tary eourta In eommunittea where the civil courta
are organ lied and in operation.
The Ileea Oration.
Tonlght all the town will go to Ororer'a on the
occasion of Manager Halt' benefit. The bill of
performance acts forth attractlona aufficlent to draw
forth not only tho babltuel of the theatre an wmmh,
but oven the reeluaeawbo attend but aeldom on the
drama. Mr J. W. Wallace will give bla wonder
ful and unequalled peraonatlon of Fagln In 1ici
as drama of "Oliver Twlit," and Mr. Iliai la to
appear In the delightful domtitlo piece of "Time
Triea All " In addition to these acting pieces, we
art to have aome brilliant dancing by Mr and Mra
Oaoaoa T, Phsldojt, and a display of claialo gym
nastics by Professor Aim S. Baanr, illustrating
the utility and poetry of physical training Tboae
who secure placet for thla performance at tbt close
of the theatrical seaaon will be happy Indeed.
To-morrow night tht Xlolman opera troupe begin
their enchantmenta
Murdocti'a Iteadtufjei
Lait evening Mr Jamis Murdoch gave scrip
tural readlnga to a delighted audience at Qrover's
Theatre The proceeds were for the benefit of the
relief fund of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Uoion
Ajiosu the losers by the great Detroit fire
on Friday It Carl Behurs, of the Detroit Vot He
had two largt boxet In the depot of the Michigan
Southern Railroad, containing a very valuable por
tion of hla library, a collection of fine geograph
ical and military maps, a collection of photographlo
reproductions of the beat paintings In tbt gallery
of Madrid, levcrel volumes of manuscript, a num
ber of letters from Mr Lincoln and other promt
nent personages, and all hta correspondence wltb
bla family during the last twelve years, embracing
an afmoet complete diary of the political and will
tary events with which bo haa beta connected.
OuTifDK. Sonio excellent reading matter
will be found in oar outside columns to-dj
Pen, Pencil, sand BcUaorsU -- '
The Montgomery Ledger has suspended
publication ftt awhile. I
P. T. B Aurm signed the temperance pledge
last Thursday week.
vOteb a million dollars of gold was shipped
to Strop from New Tork leal Saturday,
Jesnie Wren dlscosses the "half their
bonnets, now worn, upon oar ontatdt to-day.
The Richmond 1IA.'7 sayst "It seems o
as there Is a small of salphar in tht air.'
The cholera has almost entirely disap
peared from UeHaVs Island, near Halifax.
CnoLERA-DO Is "coming In" by the way of
the canal and tb old Centre Market.
Thaddecs Stetxxs, who wants to make a
Poland of the South, feels very warmly toward
A baseet-xaeer named Ilhlnehardt has
been arretted at Kingston, N. T., for murdering
alz Illegitimate lafaats, of which he waa tb father.
Forxet's last editorial Is headed "One
Man." Thla haa always been tb subject of his
thoughts and hla nam la Forney Betto rut.
Ma re-tike, the Irrepressible, Is going totry
the experiment of a aummer opera season In New
Tork, principally of matinees.
The Canadian Parliament has been sum
moned to meet oa th ch of Jan. Tb session
will probably b a abort on.
Four more robbers of Adams' Kxprcss
Company, Including on railroad brakeimao, were
arrested Saturday and held to trial.
Prentice says of a Louisville publisher:
"If our neighbor Fax over 'ate the music, w
pity tbemuiio,'1
"False caltes are becoming so common
In New Tork that poor people, fearing the cholera,
refas to oat Teal t
Said an old toper to his comrade the other
day 1 "If one tteathte mad a summer, what a
tropical region would your stomach be, old fellow l1'
Tue Atlantic House on Star island, at Isle
of Shoals, and nice ether bouses, were burned laat
Thursday ntgbt
Got. PnaroiNT, of Virginia, has appointed
Hon Alexander Rlvee judge of the Court of Ap
peals, to fill th vacancy occasioned by tb death of
Judge Thompson.
A Lono I clamd cow has produced four
calves at a birth. Bh deserves a premium Zfoi
(on Pot.
Hop they were not " fals calves.
"Wowfn who hare become bald by frequent
burning of the hair In the process of crimping, are
Introducing the fashion of wearing "topknots."
Eugene leads.
Private axd Coktidextial. The latest
Invention la tb ''palpitating bosom" for the ladles,
which gently 'heaves" by th touch of an "emo
tional spring" concealed under the left arm.
Tnr Cincinnati Commercial thinks the
" part of Ilemlet waa omitted" In tb report of the
reconstruction committee. Othello was th char
acter left out In the cold.
The Northern Central railroad of Penn
tylvanla baa narrowed th gauge of Its road from
Elmlra to Canendalgua, and baa a uniform gauge
from Washington to New Tork.
Ororoe E.!oRDOT,forthe murder of Owen
Thompson, at Schoharie, New Tork, haa been found
guilty of murder In th second degree, and sentenced
to Imprisonment for life.
The Knoxville Convention petitioned the
legislator for an act to allow'Eaet Tenneisei a
aeparat government. Th convention haa ad
journed. Oxe of the school committee aldermen of
Boston, recently in this city, aaya In the Boston
ComwuHtvmltk that members of Congress told him
that they "are onpnrohaaable"'
AVk.hdkll PuiLurs wants Congress to an
nounce its belief that no Stat lately In rebellion la
fit for readmlaalon, and then Immediately adjourn.
He aaya "it (Congress) may be bought, bullied, or
Salmon Wirfs, a well-known lawyer and
business man of Burlington, Vermont, died at the
Eagle Dotel In Concord, New Hampshire, on the
4th, after a aever sickness of ten daya, at tb age
of fifty-eight yeara.
The tow-boat Tigress exploded both boil
ers when near Fulton, on tb Mississippi river, last
Thursday night, killing th captain's wife, first en
gineer, carpenter, and three deck hands, andacald
ing several other persons.
Is the Henderson trial the cross examina
tion of William Kay Hoge elicited the fact that a
lette was sent to Henderson threatening exposure,
and demanding $30,000, which letter the witness
aald waa written by th Instruction and sanction of
Capt. Voris.
The pilot who brought the steamer Eng
land Into Halifax has sine died, with two members
of bla family. He aald before bis death that be
did not board tb vessel, but merely towed In her
wake, whence ht gave necessary dlrecttona.
The funeral of the late John Alex. Robin
aon, the bare-back rider, who died from Injuries re
calved in th lat affray at Crittenden, Ky., took
place from th residence of hta uncle, Mr. John
Koblnaon, In Cincinnati, on Wednesday.
Gey, Sherman and party passed through
Vanego, Kansas, Friday, rontt to Fort Riley
Large numbers of th Sao and Fox and Pottawato
mie tribes of Indiana paid their reapecta to him
The General also received a warm welcome at To
peka. Oye of the Boston aldermen who was cour
teously treated while In thla city a few daya alno
went home and In a slack twisted editorial black
guarded Washington, Its schools, Congressmen,
members of tb press and the President. He Is a
poor devil, and knowa no better
" Cottok team in North Carolina drawn
by Edward Forbea "Harper Wtelly
Upon examining the picture under which the
above-quoted words appear, we observe that the
"team" la "drawn" by two mules, a borae, and an
How we denounced II 11 ch a nan for allowing
disloyal men to remain In office, to b sure And
now the extremists have tacked to an appropriation
bill an amendment which will, If It becomes a law,
deprive all Presidents of tb power to do what Bu
chanan waa condemned for not doing.
The Chicago Academy of Sciences having
reported, after Investigation, that some of the
Western pork contains 10,000 trichnn to th cubic
Inch, th question baa been raised wbttbtr It la
properly a case of trlohnse tn pork or pork In
trichnse. Th whole subject has become a great
The Paris correspondent of the Literary
Gatetti, wrltta " I hav bad th pleasure to meet
bar J B. Osgood, Esq , of the firm of Ticknor A
Flelda, of Boston. U baa diligently vlaltcd our
beat printing offioes and other places connected with
the trade, not only tn Tarts, bat In tb provinces,
winning golden opinion! wherever be has been
TiiElatest developments respecting Fenian
Ism, In connection with the failure of the attempted
Invasion of the British Provinces from the borders
of Maine, more than confirm all that waa aald and
written Id advance of tho real character of tb
whole affair. It la a repetition of tb sad old story
of knaves and their victlma
At the late bombardment of Valparaiso
by the Spaniards, for wry thousand dollars' worth
of Chilian propsrty destroyed there has been lost
a mlltlon dollars belong! og to foreigners, in most
eases the accumulation of long years of hard labor
and unremitting exertions
1 ' 1
Forney Famed B'atban jorganlxa.
Hon Last ficpteabtr.
He Denominated it M 1 "Hopeful Sim of the
Timet' and ai a "Symptom of Fer
. m&nt&t FollUcal Health."
II. Chrtrti4 th. rm.nrC.pp.rh.ad
lrl r tflliir T.rh ft. "IlfpatlL
jural" f.r lb. Unl.a rut jr.
mciTiu roa 'tiuisj to thi pbuidixti'1
Aa a ipeclmcn of the log-rolling, fluctua
ting, tumbling, thutHing, Inconsistent, un.
principled, uncertain and unimportant
weather-cock style of adrocatlng one thing
one day and opposing it tho next, of the
Secretary of the United States Senate, we
copy below a specimen letter, written last
September, and printed in the Secretary's
paper In this city on the 19th of that month.
Tho " Democratic politician," to whom the
" occasional" writer was indebted for "t,
hopeful sign of the times," is a young gen
tleman, not of tho old Copperhead school of
politics, but of the progressive class a war
Democrat and a gentleman of distinguished
literary ability, who, like Hon Most F.
Onto, and men of that stripe of politics, Is
at present a warm supporter of the policy
of President Joiixsort.
It will be observed that the astute Foukit
was looking, sympathetically, to the Demo
cratic party in September last I ite saw " a
wide, new field of work opened 1" Acknow
ledging slavery to bo "destroyed," he di
corercd that " many new obligation! were
imposed upon both of the great political par
tics." He rallied the Democrats In other
States for not following in the wake of the
Seymour Copperheads in New York, so that,
probably, the ltcpublican party could be de
stroyed in the country, just as he (Forkbt)
plotted, before the 4tli of March, 18C5, to
datroy the poxcer of the mm then and now
in the S'nate of the United State! who were
"eld UViijj" an J" llepxlblicant" to the end
that the Democratic parti might be re
ii'redl The men to whom Forkct ventilated his
treasonable programme spurned the sugges
tion, and, consequently, some of them are
to-Juy the targets of his contemptible spite,
and, to their shame be it said, the Senators
of the United States, whom he plotted to de
ttrty, politically, now hug the viper to their
bosnns instead of spurning him from their
midst by displacing him, as they should do,
in honor to themsehes and the country, and
electing in his stead an honorable war-worn
soldier, who would shed honor alike upon the
position and himself. Iet the Senate purify
Hut we place the letter referred to on rec
ord for the benefit of those who are fond of
the present stylo of " Occasional's" letters.
Here it is:
rWahligtoB CorrMpoadinci of Tha Pmm
"There is matter worth thinking abont
In the following extract from the letter of a
Democratic politician who lives in New York,
and writes full of enthusiasm of the last
platform of the Democrats of the State !
Parodontal at ll tftmu, iry teal undouhtuUif
th Hrtngtk and matneil ofbotk tk grtat potuieal
parlnt. Th dtalk of tlavw, hat taliH tht oael
hont out of both, and tht tltmtntl of which loth totrt
eomyoud havtomH mpart lijttd imtk rtgardft tktmu
itUtl, Int wuk Ttgard to taeh othtr mart largely
amalgamated m tht war. War has doD. that
whloh polltloi coold not f;lroa a national ebarao.
tor to tho leoplo, and this eharactor matt bo ro
flootod la all futoro polltloi. It is Impoiilbl. to
delav maeh furthor tho eoaRtraetioa ol polltloal
parttei, and it doel ooooi rational aod nataral and
pooultarlj appronrlato to tho erlili that a natlooal
pan iDoaia DDa jail inipiraiioa aoa airoouoa id
a poller aiming at tb. roitoratloo of tho American
yilom by tho moans and appliances of that isUm
whose guaranteed perpetuity Is tho achievement of
the war. The action of the convention leadi to that
coane, and ought to meet coequal breadth of con
sideration from tboio like 70a, who eontroljoarnali
of Influence and poittlon. The molt soocoiiful
leaders of publlo opinion are those who rooeiro their
commends from It, and It leemi beyond doubt that
th. publlo mind tend to, and demands the forma
tloa of,what may be called oa th. moment, 'a
Johnson part.' "
" It is a hopeful sign of the times that ut
terances like these are not only common
among individual Democrats, but are begin
ning to be acted upon in good faith. Ve
had so much profession and so little practice
from these men during the rebellion, that
what looks like a sjmptom of permanent
fiohtlcal health deserves to be noted with
lonor. That shrewd observer, Thurlow
Weed, wishes that the New York politicians
hail talked two vears airo the wav thev
talked at Albany last week, and thinks if
they bau so spoken, a gooa deal or money
and a good many lives would havo been
thereby saved, liut let us forget the un
savory past, and try to remember only the
filain duties of the present. I am for joining
lands with all good men in the honest fulfil
ment of these duties. That part of my old
friend's letter in italics is evidently his strong
point. Hut there is a wide new field of work
opened for tho reformer now that slavery has
been destroyed. Ifitbctrue 'that slavery
was the strength and theyeaknessofboththe
great political parties,' it is equally true
that the end of that wickedness has im
posed many new obligations upon these
organizations. '1 hat they must bo national
to win and to wear I hate already shown in
this correspondence. I claim that the Union
fiarty is the only national party extant, but
f the Democrats were all like the New York-
erswhonomtnated Gen slocum at Albany tail
week there would then be a retpectable rival
for the honors. Unhappily, however, the
uemocrats 01 nearly an tue otner mates ure
in deadlv contrust and contradiction to tho
Knickerbockers still adhere to the wretched
sectionalism that fomented and forced the
war, and are not even generous enough to
qne a little verbal pratte to the President.
Nay, so poorly impressed are they with the
example of the New Yorkers, that they have
not the courage to drop their factions pledges
and follow it There is one fact that all the
fiolitielans must accept before they begin to
ay tho foundations of their new temples, viz:
The majority of the American people are rfr
lolied that slavery shatl be buried so deep
thai tt shall never strengthen or weakeneither
party or country. This is not a condition
to the formation of a partyj it is the condl
tion of its existence. The men who accept
that fact will carry the elections, whether they
call themselves Republicans, Democrats, or
Johnson men."
From OUarleeton,
We are indebted to Purser Sirdsall for late
Charleston papers aod tho following lilt of paisen
gors per United States steamer Cosmopolitan, A. 0
Crooks, commanding, from Charleston-, 8 C, May
3, 1889 1 Maj Oen. D. B Sickles, V. B. A. Brig
Oeu It. A rieroo, Col. James Totton, Assistant
Inipeotor U. 8. A 1 Col. A. It. Smith and lady,
Modloal Dlreotor, Department of South Carolina,
Dr. Wm. Bilier aod ladyi Col. Alexander Moore,
A A C. Mrs. O. W Tbomasi Capt. Geo. S. Has
sett and ladyi Miss A. Treadway) Mlu Mary P
Allmi Mill Murryi Mn. B. B. long and two
ohlldreni Cspt Q.W. Plsroe Mr.W.JI Trescott,
C. M Blrdsall, Purser
r a-. - ...
Tan em th f Itocke, KaefcaMft, .
Tb Oomtnleeloner of th Internal Eeiran on
fiatardaj Uaae4 tht following etreularl
1 TasearaV Daraarviat. )
OrtCi or larsa Kareava.
WaUtfiaeToa, MeralM J
Tare qoestlonl hart arisen utter tb Internal
rerenne laws reapeetlng tb tax opoa lalea of
ttoebj, exchange, bullion, coined money, bank
notes and other aeoaritlee, vif I
lat. An brokers llabl to a tax noon their lalea
of their own stocks, A , at wall aa apon th aalei
of those belonging (o otheriT
3d. Art bankera "doing a general baslneea as
soon" and leUlng (AWr sim ttoeis. A., Habit to
p.Ttie daUea Imposed by tb v.th aeetlonnpon
"brokortaadbaakert doing batlotai as broker"
In addition to those Imposed apon them, aa bathers?
3d. Art bankers who tell not on! stoeka belong
ing to themselves, bat alio those belonging to
others, to U regarded aa "banker doing bnalneii
as brokerf." and therefor liable to tax apon their
sales T
The first two questions hare recently been con
sldtrtd bj tb Supreme Coart of tht United States
and It bu bsen deolded bf them
1st. That brokers art liable to a Ux apon their
teles of tktir own slocks, oiebang , bullion, oolned
money, bank notea, promissory note and other ae
earltlea, aa well aj opon tbos belonging to others.
2d. That bankera "doing a generalbnslneaa at
sKfA, inaklna retarnt and paying duties and taxet
imposed by law Upon their capital and deposits,"
who negotiate and tell "gorerdment aeonrttlea for
themselves and not for others or for a commission"
are not llabl to a tax upon aaeh sales.
The third quart. on haa not been directly adjndl
eated by tb court, at It haa not been directly
brought before It.
It baa been th role of th office, fcowtrtr. that
when a banker la engaged In selling not only bla
own stocks, Ao but also stoeka, Ao , "lor others
or for a commission," be Is a "banker doing bust
nesa aa a broker." and la llabl to a tax apon clt
his sales, aalet of hta own stocks, boada. Govern
ment seoarltlee, Ae i Included Thla aeema elearly
sustained by th reasoning of the court and Ita re
cant deelslona, and will be regarded aa th require.
ment of tht It.
Assessors and their aaalatanta, and collectors and
their deputies art hereby Instructed to proceed at
once to tht aastssment and collection of auoh taxea
aa hart aocrded apod tht salts of brokers, or of
bankera dtrlng baslneea at broken, and whisk atlll
remain unaaseeaed or du and unpaid.
E. A. RoLMKa. Commlasloner.
iMraaaiL Havaaus IUctirte Th receipt!
from tht Internal ravtnde for tht week ending Bat
urdty last, wert u follows. Monday, $1,389,828 80;
Tuesday, (917,089 70t Wednesday, $1,811,934.19,
Thursday, $2,230,852.7t Friday, $1,395,812 91,
Saturday, $760,062 TO. Total, $8, 300, MS 01.
Mcaraain Out Captain William M. Dunn, aa
atatant adjutant general to Major Oeneral J A
Rawlins, chief of staff to Lieut. Oen. Grant, waa
honorably mastered out of bla staff rank on May
3, and haa been granted six months leave of ab
FniOTidxiL CriHincT. Amount of fractional
currency Issued during the week ending Saturday,
May ft, instant, it $147,550. Tht amount shipped
waa $123,(78 02. Disbursements and transfers
amounted to $48,7(9,592 It.
WJ '
Rcaioxin The following oH.ec're' bate tendered
their resignations, to take effeot on the 1st of Majf
Capt. John 0. Palfry, brevet colonel, corps of en
glneoa, and First Lieut. Alex. Johnston, 11th U. 8.
Orncn of CosUfaoiLaa or tbi Cuaaiacr, Si
viaioa or Iaaoaa, Mar 5, lnoU Issues made dur
ing the week amounted to $1,070,510. Total to
that date, $271,262,166.
CaarinCilta or IDinpatia Th amount
of certificates of Indebtedness Issued during tb
week ending Saturday, waa $27,000.
Qneatlonattl Conduct of th Fentane In
A Portland (Me.) paper assert a that th Fenians,
on their return from Eaatport, behaved very badly
on tb boat Their tickets entitled them to a cabin
paaaage, but th boat being vary crowded they were
obliged to take steerage passage, and tb difference
In price waa refunded to them.
When night 'cam they appropriated the greater
part of th cabin to their own use In spite of the
remonstrance of the officer! of tb boat. At Fort
land th most of tht Fenlana went on shore, and
after waiting a reasonable time, tb boat started
out. Th Fenlana on board compelled ber to re
turn. Marshal Clark appeared on th aeene of notion
and word was given oat that the steamer would not
proceed until later In tb day, and they betook
themselves to tht Boston train, delaying It some 20
mlnutee. Bat few of them purchased tickets, and
th remainder crowded on board with a manifest
determination to go, ticket or no ticket.
Otis of the aldermen from the " Hub," who
rejoices In being not only a Boston alderman, but
th controlling mind of th Cotntnonwattk, oam
to Washington a fsw daya ago and turned up hla
nose at nearly everything her. II turned op bis
nose at our city government, our schools, at mem
ber! of Congress, at tb whit House, and, in point
of fact, at nearly everything he saw, hla probosclo
reaching Ita highest elevation, of oours, at sight of
the President. It la possible that th scorn which
this alderman feels for things beyond his own city
and bis own self la founded In part upon the fact
that Boston rejoices In th champion dog-flgbter of
America, 'Arry Jennlnga, who haa within tb laat
three montha pursued a brilliant career In the cities
of tht West, wlnnlog all his lights until, on hla
homeward trip, hla champion dog wu killed In
Buffalo by Jot xiellre dog "Pepper," whereupon
Jennlnga purchased the champion killer for $500 and
returned to Boston triumphant.
Twentt-obk of tho present members of tbo
Senate of the United States art aald to be nattrea
of Nsw England, divided among the six States as
follows: Rhode Island two Anthony and Spragne,
Vermont three iloward of Michigan, Cragln of
New Hampshire, and Poland of Vermont) Conneo
tlcnt three Trambnll of Illinois, Foster and Dlxonj
Maine three Howe of Wlsoonsln, Neamltb. of Ore
gon, and Lot M. Morrill) Maaaachaaelta Art Mor
gan of New Tork, Edmunds of Vermont, Pomoroy
of Kanaaa, Cbarlea Sumner, and Wad of Ohio,
New Hampahlr fir Wllaon of Maaaaohuaetta,
Chandler of Michigan, Crimea of Iowa, Clark of
New Hampahlr, and Fessenden of Maine Only
two of the New England States Rhode Island and
ConneetIeuUare represented exclusively by native
sons In tht Senate.
The Mobile tfationalttt reviews all the es
timates of the next cotton crop, (D Bow's and
others,) and cornea to the following conclusion
"From tht foregoing premises wt cannot set how
It will be possible for the forthcoming crop to fall
below 3,000.000 bales, and should not be surprised
If It should reach 4,000,000. W hav com to
these conclusions with regret, for we believe that
no greater calamity could befall tbt South than a
8,000,000 balsa crop of cotton, carrying tht price
down, aa It will be sure to do, below tb aotual
coat, at present blgb prices, of raising It."
Charles "W. Slack, when In tbla city, bud
an Interview with Cbarlea Sumner. Upon return
log home to Boston, Slack wrote tb following for
hla CommonwtaltK
"A prominent Senator remarked that It was not
r undent for any one of his branch to leave Wash,
ngton, for a few daya even, bla vote and hla vote
being needed possibly at any hour In opposition to
Executive assumption."
At Newmarket (Kn gland) the great two
thousand gulnsa stakes were won by Mr. R. M
Button's Lord Lyon, by Stockwell, easily, by about
a length. The value of the stakes wu $24,000.
The one thousand guinea stake waa won by Baron
ltothschlld't Hippie, by Tom King, by a bead only.
Value of tht stakes, $19,260.
Tub Oeneral Conference of tbo- M. K.
Church South, at N- Orleans, has elected four
new Bishops, vU n 1 culm an, of Georgia, Mo
Cbeynt, of Louisiana) Dwg-V.t, of Virginia, and
Marvin, rf Mliaourl.
SaTtTBDAr, AtMlh ft, 1866.
Tht Senata.waa not la station.
Tbt Sneaker announced that br order of tht
House, no basin aa would b In order to-day except
general d abate, atwbtn tht Bona la la Oommltt
of tbt Whole on tb state of th Union.
Mr. Bandy, or Ohio, aald that It bad been bis
urpos to hav addressed the House to-day, but a
e felt too unwell to do t. bt would ask laavt to
have bla remarks printed In tbt proceedings or tb
House, No objection being madt, leav waa
r"ui'. , , ...
Mr. meips, oi uaryiana, uei.Tirvu n .tv(
and masterly vindication of tht President! policy.
Ita deolarad that th radlaal clan waa enoaxh to
foad tht most total State la th Union Into rebel
Ion, and urged the Immediate admission or Ten-
nonet aa a matter or justice.
Mr. InffereolL of llllnola. said that be had hoped
when Let sorrendsred to Grant, and Johnston to
Shermao, that wt had heard th last of " Southern
chivalry," and that we had seen th last of North
ern sycophancy and flunkey Ism. But in thta, alaa!
o nan neen misiaien.
Mr. Randall, of Fennsylvanta, rf piled briefly to
Mr. I. 'a attack upon th Presldent,emtendlngtbat
the latter bad never nroved on faithful to tb prin
ciples of the Baltimore platform on whloh bo waa
Mr. Lawrence replied to Mr. It. Inarood-fa
. lAwraue repnea to jur. u. tn a kooomtw
1 speech f and alao obtained leav to print eom
rka which h had prepared for deliver oa th
et of tb duty on Imported wool.
aublect t
in remainder or tnt session waa occupied by a.
desultory discussion on the subject of reeonstrac
tlon, carried on chiefly by Messrs. Rogera, of Now
Jersey, and Wilson, of Iowa.
Ana men, at t o'cioex, p. m.( tot xiooat ad
VaT-Falr for th benefit of th Protestant
drain Astlpm A fair will be held TUIS (M 0.1 DAT)
ArTERnoOft ADD KVIKINO at I be residence or the
Hluea MDHSOIT, K 441 ITIalh street, netweea Q aod
If, nater the aoaplces of a number ef young ladles, who
wilt be la atteadeacefronfltc 11 p. sa. todey, for the
above charitable laclltollea. Give them a call, tad
help the fatherless. It
tY-Trcaenry Depart ment. April 98, lSOO.
Itotke la harftby glvta that Ibe Treasurer ef the Vatttd
States, the Assistant Treasurers at flew Tork, Philadel
phia, aad Bostoi, end the Called Btalee Depoellerlve at
Baltimore and Cticlaastt hart beea directed to dlacoa
Mane from this dale the receipt of deposits oa aeeotat of
TEMPORARY LOAN, tisepl those lateaded for Clear
lathooiepurposea. 1L McCDLLOClf,
Jlayo 9 secretary Of the Treasary.
Treaenry Deptartment, April AT 1SOO
Notice la hereby gtvea that ea the lath day of Ma,
ISM, the latere! opoa all csrtlncatee of deposit oa ac
count ef temporary loa (other thaa these lssaedfor
Clear! a ( -hoe ie purposes) the eotstandlaf aad uapald
will be red need to the aalferm rate of FITS PIK CIST.
per aeiuta from that date, aad alt peraoas than beldlag
such certllcates oa which a hither rate of lateraatls
pec.Sed, are requested te preieat the same to the IB
cars bf when ltsaad, that other eertlScales may be
Issued therefor. U. afcCULLOCH,
afayg'ft Bocrstary of the Treaiory.
trAt Alee tin ft ot th Master House
Palulers' Association on Tb arid ay, liar 3, It waa uaaa
laaonely resolved that we have no occeilon te chaage
ear former reeelutloa la retard to the pay of Journey
men bouts pat atsrs, which we are determlecd te hold
to, visit) per day,
T. A. Browa,
C. T. Bower,
3. T. CasasH,
B. H. Clements,
O'B. CroBiacld,
W, M Pavls,
riach ft O trait,
O. O. If emlltea It Bro. ,
Hawk ft Bewte
Ifaaht Paris,
3, UcCrfsltf,
Robert Mehoaey.
Parker k KeS Ishola,
at. B Parker
Roche k Oray
Herbert Btratten,
Geo. Twlaburke,
Watt k Ho 41 oa,
Jacbay ABpaldleg.
Hollaed ft Carr,
A meetlag ef the above tseaclellon will be bell at
Lichen Bouse, LouWIaae aveaue, oa THURSDAY next,
May 10, at elf ht o'clock. All tho members ere revested
toattsad,aa buslaeaa of Importance will be brought
Byordsri O. E. KIRE.Prssl.
MevtVlt JOHN J PRAT, flea, pro rem.
MZr Pine and Hplendld Steel KncrmYlnara
of OElURaL ObOROS WAIUIROTON for sale. One
Poller Each Bent Fre
Address, J. ROBINSON,
apS8lw PliUtoa, Lnnrae coaaly, Pan.
tat-IIuslnrse 31 en and lie re haute avho de
sire to throw their advertisements lato rhyme, for the
RsroiLloav, can be accommodated by addrentna
"CNOtlOO," at this offlc. ap27.tf
47Amanuenels. I'craona deatrlncr tho aer
vices of a COPY16T or AMANUENSIS, can be accommo
dated by a lady who write a nest aad plain baud, by
applylag at No 198 filith street weit, betweea M aad
N streets north ap3Stf
AeTTh Queen of th Toilet Sawyer' Bar
aia'a Soap The beat con pound known for abavloif
and the toilet No one who wishes to preserve and
beautify their eomploxloa should be without It. Tor
sals, wnoleeale aad retail, by Kiowill a So, Fharma
eeututs, Pennsylvania aveaue, next corner of Four
teeath street, Washlugtoa, P. C. apTO tf
?-Harrla,;. and Cellbcy an Clay of
warn!., aad laatrsctloa for Tone, sua Alio, DU
.a... aod lbn.ee whl.a pro.tr.te the vital power.,
with .are m.B. of r.ll.f. Snt free of efcerg. la ...1.4
l.tl.r .nv.l.pei. id Jr... Dr. J. BKILUN HOOOUTOH,
Howard A..ocl.tlon(rhHad.lpbl..ra. apl7.Sm
47aDr.chLrfaillnsx Arm. Th. Hoard for
the Iiamloatton of DrMoh-Loadin, Arm., of which O.n
eral Hancock la pr..ld.at, 1. BOW la ...atoa at no, ,l
Wlad.c. Bnildlns.
Arm. will be rec.lv.d dally, betweea the hoar, of 11
e. m end 1 p. u , until farther notl..
lov.ntor. are roia..t.d to .ahmtt their arm. la p.r
aoa or by agent to the reeord.r of the board.
Capt. Sib V. 8. Car , Brer. U.nt. Col. D. 8. A ,
nhlS-tf B..ord.r.
-VontIerful but Trnel Miulam Item
laaToir, the wotld'rsnowosd AstrologUt and Bomnaia
ball. tie Clalrvoyaat, while lu a clairvoyant stats, dc
llaeates the verr features of the person you are to
marry, aad by the aid of an laitromeat of Intense
power, koowu as the Psyshomotrope, guarantees to pro
dnoe a perfect aod life like picture of the fdture bus
bead or wife of the appllsaot, with date of marriage,
occupation, leading traits of character, Ae. This Is no
linpo-ltlon, as testtmoatals without number can assert.
By stating place of birth, age, disposition, color of eyes
aad hair, and eueloslag fifty eeats, aad stamped eave
lope addreued to yourself, yon will receive the picture
by return mall, together with desired urvrmattoa.
Address lu coafldsace, IUdimi (Jsareubl Ksmisctok,
P O Box 297, Wet Troy, N T. ooltj'dwly
9-Iadam Mounts' I'll SeWe ValnabU
Beuedy for that Disease 1 also, a Consuuptloa Destroy
er, aad an Satire Core for the Bronchitis, Asthma, As
can be found at 6tott'e Drag Store, opposite Nation)
UoUli Qllmah's, near llstropolltaa HoUlt Ford's, cor
ner of Eleventh aud Peaasylvaela aveaue) Entwltle's,
corner of Twelfth and Pennsylvania aveaue) Elliott's,
corner of V aud Twelfth streets) Harhangh'a, eoraer of
Bevoath aad O. Jalt-tf
j9I hereby certify that I htvs ueoii Sire.
Mount's Salve, fur what Is known aa the camp Itch, It
had the effect to cure It In a very short time Thle was
during the war, In the year ISflS, aad I avail myself of
the first opportunity to give my testimony In behalf of
her valuable salve. This certiocate I give voluntarily
4 pi 3.1m CIMttLKS EDWARDS
mt viRnon
AT 10 A H.
(Oae third of this amount for nse of Mount Yernoa
Association )
Washington aad Alexandria boats lsav each place
every Dour iron r a m wop m.
The flee steamer WAWA8LT esa be chartered for OX'
my7 3m
Qen Snp't P P. Co.
ayou's omuE,
CiTT IUll. May fl. 1869.
VroDaaata will faa raoelvad bv the nadsraltinad. at the
Mayor's Offlee, until 12 o'clock, m. on MONDAY, the
14tb Inataol, for the purpose of constructing a aea-well
along Potomac rlvsr, betweea Seventh street ws.t and
Ninth street weal, under an act or the City Councils
approved by the Mayor May 3d, IBM
Bidders will state the pries par cubic parch.
Specifications can be aaca at the oOce of the City Sur
veyor, or at the otnes of lbs Coumtatoaers of Improve
ntanta, weat wing City IUH, oa and after this dsy
Tha right ts rsacrvsd ti rrject any or a'l blda, should
It be demd to the Interest of the Corporation,
None but practical atone ins -on i need bid.
No part or the appropriation will be paid until the
work ts apt roved by the Commlasloner and both oi the
Assistant Cvunilsalonera JAUE8 U BUtCH,
Commissioner of the Kevenlh Ward.
n.7fd Assistant Commlsslonsrs
TlIK HA.TIOH At. Ottv "1 " J A
rife'ftninJUt; li tta'Uit'V , m
Otu. of Washing ..
Offloer. .f th. . "'" -
Hon. ALEX. W. BANDAIA, of YTIicoiik".
lion. DAMSI.8. HORTOK, of ' MloMsolav
Hon. A. J. KOYKBNDALli of Illinois.
Hon. WM. V. JOIIHSIOff, of PeansjlTanla..
BAU'L B. LAMTBIl, of P.ansjlranla,
OAeaeeroRDt.. sicktraar.
3. B. FERaUSOH, of Tennessee.
O. K. RrrtEHnODSE, (Pmldent National Bank
of Comm.roo, and of th. Una of Bltlennoose,
Fowler A Co.)
Ifm. nllEKN OLAT RMIT1T. of K.nlnoIT.
Hon. THOMAS N. 8TILWKLL, of Indiana.
Hon. W. A. BURLEIOU, of Daeoteh.
ruTroxM or im kaiiokal oxioit cum.
1. Ruolvtd, That wo era now, as herototoro,
ardentlj attaobed to tho Union of th. Btalei under
tb. Comtltntlon of th. United BtaUi j that w. denj
lb. right of any SUl. to sooede, and bold that all
attempts at seoosilim are nail androtdj that all,th
State, are now States of this Union, as before tb.
MUUlon, and w. deny th. power of th. Oineral
a.teramnt, nnder the Comtltntlon, to .solad. a
ilat. from th. Union or to corern It as a Territory.
JUtolvtd, T.at onr eonfideno. la tb. ability,
Into. vH pot'lo'""! mm statesmaniblp of frail.
. , 40SI.BO. 1. uuaiiaini.B.M, aim w vuiu.au
tb. general policy of bis administration.
o.'.'pr.. 'W. mm. aii " ." ' b.
. -- -- -. tt to b th defeno and maintenance
7;.-.. TT of th Constitution and tb pr-
andrlghUofthoM "T , """"'-"
d. Ruolvtd, That, ta " '"t1" ."' 'h "'
ago pUtform of 18o0. " J"10,,li " ,U
Fmld.nl Lwcoi. In bL " "', ,"JZ ,JT!'
"Th. malnlenandnrlolat. ! ri"iwt.t.s,
and ..p..lally of th. right, c "h.,EUU to "f "
and oontrol Its own domntlo In Ita""' oord Jg
to IU own Jndgment .10l.slr.ly, "W"' only to tho
Constitution of th. Unlt.d 6lat.s, MSaUal to
that balano. of power on whloh th. r,1on and
ndarano. of onr polltloal fabrlo dop.X
. Httolttd, That nnder th. Constltn' bo
United Slates Is roserrod to th. sereral 9i alas lb.
right to prescribe th. qnellncallonl of a ,0,or
thonln; and that It would bo sobrenlT. i ,b,
prlnelpl.l of onr Qoionment for Controls to L ""
unlrer.al .offr.ge upon any portion of tb. cou f
In opposition to tb. knowa wishes .f tb. oltlm
A. JtetotvtJ, "That Ibis Union most b. and ts
maln one and Ind'irlslble for,Ttrii that th. wart
Tor Its preserratlon baring bsen brought to tri
umphant oloso, and tho supremacy of tha Co.Tl
tntlon rlndloatl, th. rlghs of th. EUUs unrter
tb. Conitltntlon are to b. maintained lurlolat.,
and that loyal cltliena within tb. States and dis
trict, lately or.rcun by rebellion an entitled to all
the rights guaranteed to thorn by tb. Conitltntlon.
T. Rttolved, Tb.t alltb. States oftb. Union an
nllUod by the Conitltntlon of the United St.tes
to representation la the oounolls of th. nation, and
that all loyal members duly elected and returned,
having th. requisite qualifie.tlons as prescribed by
law, should bo admitted to their seals In Congnll
wjont unnecessary delay by their respective
Uoum el Houie being the Judge of th. doelloa,
returns' and tuallncatlooi of Its own members.
8 Ruotvtd a"'! treason Is a crime which should
b.panlsb.d.anortba.'" "a opposed to oompro.
mlslngwltb traitor, by "rt"J "olrsal am
nesty" for "unltersal lun'rak, ...
9. BW,W,Tb.t tb. paym."" of th. na lonal
debt Is a sacred obligation, ne.er t.' bo repudiated!
nd that no debt or obligation Incurred B any mm.
ner whaterer In aid of treason or rebeh.
over bo assumed or paid.
10. Retdted, That we cordially endori. tbo res
toration poll" "' rrosldent Jonisoa as wise, pat
rlotlo, constitutional, and In harmony with the
loyal sentiment and purpose of the people In th.
suppression of tho rebellion! with the pisiform
upon which bo was eleetei'l wltb th. declared pol'"!
of the lata Fresldent LwooLn, the action of Con
gress, and the pledges glren o,'urlng tho war.
11. Resolved, That tho nation owes a lasting d.bt
of gntltude to tb. eoldlers and sapors of the lato
war for the suppression of th. rebolllOn.and that
tb. families of the fallen heroes who dlei that tho
country might lire, an th. wards of tho people,
and should bo oared for by the QoTernmenL
Bj7.j Cor. Tib et. and Maryland ajre
X BlOHT.orljtlaatlBr ' '" laBrmtlrof Me,
Ieral debility or the ?rv 0"''''fm; '?'r"'5lfcS
ass, or from natural dl.poii '" "Jf, ""J,JbJ 9$
nets! will be re.tored, lipro od aed streBtheael by
the nse of the celebrated prrrirT va
manufactured from genuine ROCK CRYSTAL. ,!'"t
ease and comfort te the optic nerve, aad suUed Mcn"
ralcly by
Sole d title aad Practlfal Optlcla&i, 244 Pennsylvania
avsnae, between Twelfth aud Thirteenth st reels, north
Mlorsoeopes. Electrical Machines, Tbermomstsrs,
Cartss de Vl-Ue, and Photograph Albums la agrsat
variety and at the lowest prlcss myT'ty
Prpnoskls will
o'clock, m, oa TUESDAY, May lSth,lastanl, for grad
ing Twelfth street weal, from N street north to the
boundary line, or so much thereof as the Mayor may
Blddsrs will state the p'lce per eubls yard for sotting
aad filling, only that which msasuree most to be paid
The surplus dirt, If any, to be deposited wherever the
Comintsaloner may direct, If It should require any dirt
10 mean ap aroeiencies, ii idiu do tut tanen iroia
where the Commissioner msy direct
No part of the approprtalTou will be paid nnttl the
work la approved by toe Gonnnlstlonar aad Aaalatanl
Commissioner Second Ward
DsraiTMBiTor Viaotna,
RiraMoio, V , May 3, IBM
Ssalsd proposals will be racslvad at thla office until
the 19ih taataat, at 13 m , for fornlahlng the United
Statsa Oovornment wtlh the following supplies, vis i
CLASS 1-20.000 bushsls OATS, la sacks.
400 tons prime TIMOTHY HAY, baled.
CLASS S-oO toao clsaa BYE or WHEAT STRAW,
CLASS 4 STATIONERY, la such quantltlss as may
be required. Including LETTER, FOOLSCAP, FOLIO
ENVELOPES, (various sites ) MEMORANDUM, S, 4, aad
6-qulre BLANK BOOKS, INK, (Arnold's Fluid,) and
ERASERS, and PAPIR -FOLDERS, all to be of good
Proposals will be made for each class separately, and
must designate the arilelee la each class propose to be
The wood, bay, and straw will be subject to Inspec
tion on delivery, Kamplee ef the oats aud the articles
la Class 4 moat ascompaey the proposals
All supplies lo be delivered to the Untied States Quar
termasters at Rlobmoad and Fort Monroe ae they may
bereqolr d, free of expense lo the Government, to bo
Cald tor on delivery, tr aa soon thereafter as f uads may
s received
The United States reserve the right to reject any or all
proposals which may be deemed taeompatlble with the
Interests of the Uovernmset
Brevet Brigadier O antral aad Chief Q M .
rovT'td Department of Virginia.
TT WSBiyTO, D. C, April 13 IfifiO
Sealed Proposals will be received at the Washington
Artccal until the 10th of May, for rebuilding a carriage
hones. For furthsr particulars, Inquire of
ayl tmytO Bit. Col. Commanding.
juiteiWST ffitfi a

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