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, I
WamMmztoa City, P. C.
"W. j. mpbtaou a OQ-. rnnu8nEit3.
a p.'aTansoom, editor.
1COHDAY MOMIWOil:i:;i:;nii:MAT It, IBM.
Tni PxutDixT ani daugrlters,"... receive
next Tuesday urealng, 15th but, from 8 to
10 o'clock
TImit A." SHTTniOIie new "Collector of
New Tor, arriTed-In tbis" city .bn Batnrdaj
rnomtog list, and daring the day had on In
terview, wlTjaPjxiitDiuiT land Btcmiiir
of" rim TaaAsoair. With the latter, Ur.
8irrmx jiUceM upon file hb sureties for th$
faithful fulfilment of hla duties. ' -
Mr. Srrrui left for New York last .renlng,
And on Wednesday next he will proceed o
the cnitonvhoato and take and subscribe to
the, required oath of office, and enter tipon
tha discharge of his duties.
During Mr. Sxrrax's brief tarry In this city
he rec tired several dispatches from some of
the. leading merchants representing the
heat lest commercial houses In New York.who
deposit, at the National Central 'Dank, of
which he js president, urging him not to re
sign that position, assuring him. that they
would rcliere him of the duties if he would
giro the bank the benefit of his name whilo
he is Collector. To this Tery high compli
ment Mr. SxTTnR was not able to make im
mediate reply, tVa beliere, howercr, that
the Government will trust to the wise discre
tion of Mr. Ssunre to determine for himself
whether he will comply with the very gener
ous request of tho depositors of the National
Central Bank.
Ms. Svytue, while here, was the guest of
soreral of our leading citizens, bankers and
others, and was called npon at his hotel by a
large number of distinguished officials.
The New York Commercial Adveriiter,
speaking of the confirmation of Mb. Sxttiii,
"The New York public is to be congratu
lated upon tho confirmation of Mr. IIexbt
A. Barrrnc, as collector of this port. The
Senate committee have tried to bring the
odor of partisan politics about the nomina
tion, but hate finally yielded to a very gen
eral determination on the part or the solid
men of New York, that a business man, and
no mere politician waa needed for the place.
Mr. Sxttuk has the qualities of an eminent
merchant honesty, sagacity, prudence and
force of character. lie has long been practi
cally familiar with tho business of this city
and of the country. lie has never been
mixed up with party management, and
wouldn't know a caucus if he saw it, while
his instincts would teach him to avoid it as
no place for on honest man. We have faith
that Mr. Bxtrnx will make the public busi
ness his first concern, and that he will reso
lutely 4.0 his work in the best way, regardless
of the ahrieks of faction. In such a course
he will be sustained by all the worthiest in
fluences in the metropolis."
The New York Evening Pott speaks of
Mr.SxTTnt in a way that must be gratify,
ing alike to the appointing and confirming
powers. It says :
"It is a matter of interest to those of our
readers who are concerned in commerce and
the immense and widely-extended trade of
New York city, to know something of the
antecedents and business relations of the new
Collector of Customs, Ilenry A. Sinythe.
lie is now fifty-two years of age, has been a
resident of the city, gaining a mercantile
education and pursuing a business, activity
for some thirty-five years. His father, Abra
ham D. Smythe, was born in Astoria, L. I.
The father was one of the early settlers of
Delaware, county, In this State, which was
then called the far West. II ere he read law
with Anthony Marvine, and afterwards mar
ried his eldest daughter.
"Mr. Smythe came to New York in 1835,
at the early age of seventeen. He had served
for 'a year or more as clerk in a store at Cats
kilh. In this city he was first with the Lath
rops; then went into the firm of Paten &
Stewart, where he first began to import dry
goods. When, a few years after ardi, the
business of this house was closed by the ac
cident of a large fire, he became a partner in
the firm of S. T, Jones i Co., at that time
the largest importers of llritish goods in the
city.' This connection was continued till 1815,
when Mr. Smythe joined the firm of Francis
Skinner A Co., of lioston. Remaining there
a few months, be returned, and, as the only
partner here, opened a branch of this bouse
in New York.
-" Ilia was the pioneer firm in domestic
commission goods in this city a business
now amounting to more than a hundred
millions of dollars annually. This was in
severe opposition to uosion merchants, wno
desired to keep the trade. in that citv.- Mr,
Smythe continued the head and only partner
of the house here till 1817, when he estab
lished the new firm or bimythe, Sprague &
Cooper, Ho carried their large business
through all the disasters of this and the
following years, retiring successfully in
IBM. lie then assumed the chief labor of
establishing the Central National Rank of
mis city, ana was cnosen its president,
"Mr. Smvtho was for several years a
prominent director in the Hudson River
railroad, and for fifteen years a director in
the Rank of Commerce. Ha is a directur in
one of our large city hospitals also one of
the managers and supporters of tho Home
for Aged Females, lie is also a director in
one of our largest life and trust companies,
and in four or five of tho city insurance
companies, besides holding a large amount
of private trusts."
Qexceal Santa Anna, the ex-President of
tb, Meilean HepuUla, arrlrej at Ellsabethport,
Haw Jtriaj, from St. Tbomai, J.lt StrdiJ. II,
is aeeompeDled bj eerer.) ef Mi couDtrvm,a.
Major UiKrRiL Jrtics STAiu.has been op
pointed ITolUd Btatee Coniul to Japan,
Ooloxel WALiEa B. Scatfs has been ajt
jmIoM CUeetor of Oaitomi for Chios o, and den.
ral Dica L. Mass CoUntor of Internal It.r.nu.
for tha ". Dlalriet of Illinois, via Scbbbidbb,
Tie, KnoiSah Opera
Tb, delightful opera ,f tbe "Bohemian Jr,
containing som, of tb, raoit Wailful noil, eror
no(, was fwrfomoJ last plgbt to a good house,
wbleh alnoad It, grsUsaalloai by fraqo.nl ep
rJaosa, and calling Mon th, enrtaln tb, prima
donmt, Miss Bum Hoika.
To-night tbli marltorlou troaps present "VEIL
alia D'Aama," Vv Doiiusni, aooilndlog with
tb, nuUal aitraraguua of "Beaut aad tb,
Saul." To, bUl U vary attlMtlr,, and sbosld
draw a fall alteadano,.
Ocrsinx. On .the first page of the R
rriuojur will be found a full abstract of the
new District of Columbia bill; also the re
port of the officer of the Treasury Depart
ment who has examined the affair of the
yerehuiUBnlc of this city,
A modern ion of thunder appears In the
Senate of the United States from the commu
nity that now sojourns on the mountain edges
of Nevada, He has been put forward by the
radicals of Congress to orate down and crush
with his gladiatorial, blows tho' 'entire con
servative phalanx. f What the hairsplitting
capaclly'of'Ta'cifsm.t, and the doctrinated
pedantries of Scbiber, and the wholesale elan
derof Wiuox.baY failed todo, hoe been un
dertaken by Senator James W, Nte, of Ne
vada. To use the language of the prize
ring, he comes out as the champion,
to "polish off" and "send to grass" The
President of the United States. In his
great effort hell repot ted u "having brought
down, the house," the correctness about
which we neither know or care. We do be
lieve, however,lhat If the passions of that
speech, and Its ''tolU depravity" In enlarged
or national ,ldeaa "are to prevail, It will
most certainly "bring down" the country.
One enthusiastie correspondent teiegrapna
that "Senator DooLrrrut In vain attempted
to rally under the staggering blows of the
Nevada champlorll" Infatuation could
hardly go further. Bcnator Doouttlx's po
sition rested upon solid eann, tu arguments
arc as Indestructible as adamant, and the
buncombo speech of tho Nevada Senator was
as Impotent as tho gusts, and as harmless as
the winds that rave about some tall and un
disturbed mountain. We suppose thatcould
the waves that vainly assault Gibraltar
express their egotism, they would consider
that every dash of their angry but futile
rage shook tho eternal rock to its founda
tions. Gibraltar does not entertain mat
Another dajuer connected with the press
Informs the public that " Senator Fxssixdsk,
overcome by the unapproachable eloquence
of the oration, departed from his usual cus
tom, and enthusiastically grasped the band
of the triumphant Senator from Nevada."
Perhaps the austere -Senator from Maine,
whose regard for decorum has heretofore
been as conspicuous as his contempt for
clap-trap, may have been so befogged by the
unscnatortal harangue of his and our friend
as to Imagine himself at a Portland caucus
listening to an effective "stump speech," and
felt compelled to extend the ordinary-courtesies
of such occasions.
We should as soon Hunk of replying to a
gale of wind, or any elementary confusion,
as to elaborately respond to an intellectual
effort having its origin in narrow prejudice
and disfiguring its performance by unmean
ing stump declamations.
Senator Nix and his radical mutineers in
the Union party, receding from every posi
tion in the Baltimore platform, clutch like
drowntngmen to one end of a single plank,
and contend they.are upon the whole noble
structure. The great point of the Senator's
exhortation waa a pretended review of Pres
ident JonxsoV speech at Nashville previous
to the reorganisation of the State govern
ment of Tennessee. As we interpret Pres
ident Jonxsox, be stands by every word and
letter of the Nashville speech, and there Is
not in any subsequent act of his, in any
position he has taken, in any sentence he has
uttered, a conflicting opinion or altitude.
At the time that speech was made President
Jonssox, at the pressing invitation of the
lamented Lcou, was inaugurating the pol
icy of restoration, to which policy Axoxtw
Jnaimox has adhered from that day to this,
but which policy SenatorNrx and his radical
allies have as strenuously opposed from that
day to this. It wss then a time of war.
Tennessee was undir martial law, and Tux
Pbesidixt advised the formation of a State
go vernmentby strictly loyal men, in which the
sympathizers of treason should take "back
scats." SuchaState govcrnmentwas formed;
abet tors of treason have not only been forced
out of the front seats, but have been denied
any scats whatever. Tennessee haa elected
men to represent her welfare, and her noble,
loyal constituency, who have suffered more,
endured more, risked more, and dared more
than all the wild thundcrlngs of the Ne
vada Boanerges has ever done. It is the
virtne of President Jouxsox that he would
deprive no State of Its constitutional rights,
and would not shut the doors of Congress
against loyal members from the South. It
Is the fault of Senator Nrx and his radical
cabal that they have taken the position of re
bellion, keeping this Union dissevered, and
muklng loyalty in the South as Infamous as
treason by saying to it, ''You have no right to
represent or be represented." It is upon this
shocking and repulsive alternative that the
antagonists of Tux Pkesidiht stand; and
tho fall of the disunionists with votes will be
only paralleled by the fall of the disunionists
with arms.
It is a habit of tho Senator, In nhich he
has indulged for many years, of alluding
to hU "standing and appearance" at the
"bar of God." The license of the hustings
may permit trifling with the solemnities of
death and the judgment, but the proprieties
of a senatorial position should exclude an
irrevcrance which approaches impiety. It
has been our experience that men who most
frequently refer to the "final account" to be
"rendered for deeds done in tho body" are
those least prepared for sneh an august tet
tlcment. And so, w,o have noticed, that
thoso who speak in the name of the heroic
dead, against clemency and for vengeance,
and in the name of the living soldier clamor
fur a holocaust of slaughter, aro generally
those who nercr heard the shot from on
enemy's fire, and never stood in the awful
presence of battle. Blood, extermination,
degradation, and revenge is not tho animus
or aspiration of the veterans who gained our
victories; they are the staple ot. politicians
rather than patriots, and are heard in the
Idle ravings of those who were non-combatant
in war; and who are belligerent and
falsely brave only in peace. Six years ago
this month, wo saw General Nvr. stricken
I almost to tears by the nomination of Abxa-
son of New York, Wiixiak II. 8iwarp.
During these intervening years Mr.
Sr.wiKD has been the calm and great
premier or the Administration or Presidents
Lixcour and Jonxsox. He has been the
sheet anchor of conservatism, and has aided
no little in preventing the wild and malevo
lent spirit of party from usurping the place
of conscience and reason. In all tjie turmoils,
dangers and disasters of the conflict with
treason, daily ond.nlghtly he was the confi.
dant W)(l CoanxtHM Of IixCOMV Til blow
of assassination which took Lixcolx to
Heaven struck the noble Secretary; but God
spared him still to earth. He was saved to
be to President Jouxsox, In the sublime
task of restoration, what he had been to his
predecessor In the work of suppressing civil
war judicious and patriotic assistant and
odflierj And It is at Secretary; Sxwaao,
over whose defeat he wept In 1860, that in
directly, and we trust unintentionally, the
Nevada Senator hurled his fierce invectives.
Public Sentiment In Georgia);
The Hon. Geo. S. Boutwxll, Representa
tive In Congress from Massachusttts, haa re
ceived the following letter from a gentleman
In Georgia, After referring to the departure
for the North of several officers of the army,
the writer says:
"I eonld wlia tbac, man eonid M brought bafora
ToarcommUlM, wboaonldrror,, 'If thaj would bat
taiuf' wbat tbay know, limi m rafor hmm', lfk
it toft lit Qmrfia mnd Floriimf tbat uardar, of
naaroM bv tbo wblt, ran mrt tf tvtnt'dav Ofeur.
rttutt and tbat tb, eivtl aatboilllaa M7 'mt bar,
nothing to do with It," and tb,t atrooliias go nn
whippad of laitloa.
"Irfaa'an wbat I know, aad Willfof that
kav mn, wbaa I aay tb,ia Is bo protaotton to tba
nagro in Bontb Carolina, Oaorgls, and FUrida,
Nobody owns a nagro now, and ba Is shot dowa by
T,rj drankaa rabal with as baab Impnally a, tb
shoot erows or blackbirds. Mj word for It, tb,
tolorad popnlstlon of thM Stataa art tkt tnty
Itvtrttflk UmoH.
"Aysarago tb, wblt, -rabolswar, as hnmbl,
as wblppod spanlals 1 ntv tb,y ar, tUttd inttUntt
itftM, aad, In n7Jndgmant,H Is owing to tb,
polls? of Mr Jobasoa, wbom thoy eonsldsr thalr
Mand, la eoatradlstlaeoUoa to tb, Banat, aad
lions, or KspraSMtallTM.
1 daam xaTialf Tjoossssod natnrallr of a fair
soar, of oonrag, lint X oonfesa my dsslr, to fro
North at tb, MrllMt practical momant, and 'm
iku? of tba dtngar with wblob I daam orary Uyal
niol jus is snrronnaaa wno asxas giro in ma aa.
b,ilon to tho Union. Tb, tratb la lAara it aw Uuon
linttmtrtt. Tht polity 0 lit Tiolitiwl Govtmrntnt
'Jitevuregu it tni lb, military aatborltlas, with
tb, attaobas ,f tb, Friedman', Banna, ar, cowrr.
lag bafor, tbU polloy. Qod faalp vs. for wo tndaad
oaad Ills balp toglr, ns lnsa of datarminad por
posa and ,arnwt taal, worthily to stand ap for
tratb, right, prlaalpl,."
We hope Mr. Botnwxu. will not place too
much reliance upon the above statements,
which we find printed in a Sunday paper.
We have information of different character.
In one of the principal cities of Georgia, a
paper Is published by colored men called the
Loyal Ueorgian. Its colored editors print
fearlessly whatever they feel moved to say ;
they condemn fearlessly individual outrages
upon colored men that come to tbeir knowl
e Ige and yet their lives are as safe In Georgia
as anywhere else. That journal published
lately an order of General Tillxox, announ
cing that the legislature of Georgia has
granted negroes full standing In courts, and
all the rights which the civil rights act sc.
cures. .
One of the editors of the Loyal Georgian,
formerly chaplain of a colored regiment
from this District, informed us a lew days
ago that the condition of tho frcedmen in
Georgia, in reference to their rights, was
quite as satisfactory as any sane man could
have expected. They have a civil rights
sociation, which is thoroughly organized
throughout the State, and they received re
spectful consideration from the Legislature,
He says Alxxaxdcx H. Sixrntxs is regarded
as one of their best friends, his advice to his
fellow-citizens being in favor of taking good
care of the colored race now that they are
emancipated and must henceforth form an
important part of the free population.
The statement or the gentleman who writes
to Mr. BocTwcu, as above Is grossly exag
ge rated, as must be apparent to tho unbiased
reader. It would he indeed remarkable if
among the late rebels there should not be
found some "roughs" who abuse the late
slaves. It has always been charged upon
slaveholders that they were naturally and
inevitably madepassionate and brutal by the
influencea of the "peculiar Institution," and
It would be unreasonable to expect that
emancipation snouid make all or mem an
gelic at once. It Is also unreasonable to sup
pose that the dominant classes, who depend
so greatly upon the labor of the freedmen,
should engage in shooting them down. In
deed, a loud complaint comes up from Geor
gia and other States that these laborers are
seduced away from them, and labor is made
scarce in many localities by the bribery and
Intrigues of those in great want or labor in
other sections.
Writers like the author or the letter
quoted above would prove' altogether too
much. They attempt to prove that there is
" no Union sentiment at the South," that all
who belong there aro greater traitors than
ever, that President Johmwk sympathizes
with them and is as bad as they are, that the
great conservative party at the North who
sympathize with Tux Prcbidem are as bad
as he Is, and that, in point of fact, c cry
white man in the country is disloyal except
Tuao. Stbvi.vs and those who arc subject to
the crack of his whip.
cahpaioss or tux AExror tin potokaci a
Critical itlitorr cf Oparatloai la Vlrglata, Maryland,
and I'aaiyiTKBla, from Ilia eomutaaeamasl to Iba
claa of Ua War. By William Swlaroa. rlaw Torki
Tb , Is a stngls Bro. volamo of 650 pages, Is wall
prin'ed OS ,xe,llant paper, handsomely bound, and
as a whole, Is allk, creditable to tho author, pub
lisher, end Army of tb, Potomso. The book U 11
lustratadwith flno engiarlngs of Lieutenant Qen.
GaiXT and th, l,TeraI Generals who commanded
the Army of the Potomae 'la ten campaigns and
two-soor," battlss.
Tb, author acknowledges In bis tltle-psge that
his work Is a tritieal history, to which, of course,
he Inrites or expects criticism, and for which w,
bar, n,ltber Urn, nor space to gtra to-day, but, on
aomo future oceasloo, shall freely and fairly, w,
trait, disease som, of his opinions.
The volume before ns Is valuable mainly on ac
count of he documentary history and official record
presented In their order. Many of these official
papers nsror befur, appeared In prist. A complete
and Impartial hlftory of th, vast and Important
movements of "the grand army of th, Potomac"
would All ten such volumes as Mr. Swiiton'i
Tbo tlm, has not arrived for such a blitory, Teof-
pars must b, calmed, and bitter prejudices must
die befor, it can b, written. For the present the
rolnm, befor, ns will bar, to suffice. It Is highly
creditable to tb, author, and is wall worth the
prloe-.$i charged for It.
Bubscriptloos for the work aro received by Pnn.r
UooratT Baxs, Bettoa 1 Ticxxoa Jk VixLDa. ISOu.
This Is a neat little volume, of 237 pages, con.
talnlng a large variety of th, choicest gems of tb,
author. Tha till, of tb, book Is derived from the
name of th, tyrst posm, th, plat of which was sug
gasUd to lit. Baxb by an Incident la real Ufa.
Tb, tale of f'Wralla" Is baaed on a popular
legend, of which aa exoeueat pros, vsrsloa may b,
found In DAUoo's History of Cuba. For sale by
II trs box Tavmo.
A xxayLAX minute of the medical examin
ation f raeroits far the army, will hereafter be kept
by ths 1 VftoijV) swa, retrulUog llUoo aad depot.
B I 11 I B I
KetttpU front Customs
Th rtott rli from nttomi tt tht fear prtoelptt
porti of tb VbH4 8I1UJ, Id tb wik tadlDC Btt
ordj, r m foUon-li JUw York, $i,liS,009)
Bolton. 1130. 431. J3 1 PhlUdrht. i1M.B50i
B&Ulnoro, $60,296.21 1 taiktog tot for 'lh
.MA..tl.-.e. TAT 119 AH. " '
AgTicmiarmi iMpr.mtni
Tho CommtMloatr of AgTieaHuro hu ft ally
roottr! from tbo Kojil JLfTloaltvtU SoaUty of
AntttU a oholot ftltotlott of if lfl, whtoh tht Com
Halatlon'if propo-M to oxporlaoot wUh la tho
froundf of tho BtputniDt.
Tho MoYtmtnti f Troop.
Dt dlrtetlon of Ih Wr Doportmont eompaaz
0, 14 Wttallon of tbo 19th Uolt4 SUtoi lifmirj,
on duty tt Ntwport Borraiki, Konloikr. hu boon
ordtrtd to rejoin Iti roflmtot ta tho military divis
ion of tho illMluIppl.
Ilnotortd Oat.
In obodlcnco to tbo ordor of (tto 8crtUry of
Wor. Broret Brtgidltr Willi m K. Itlcturdion,
Colonel of th 2Uh Ohio rolaotton, wu hooorohly
moitorod oat of tho United Butti imlco.
DtpoaUorr of Pabllo Honojri.
Tho TrtMaty of th CnlUd StfctM, on Sttordsy,
di1trnotd tho Mirehtnt'i Eiehg Bonk of Nv
Tork olty u a depository of poolto foods.
New rATESTi.Th Commliilonir of rtoats.
doting tho U.l wstk, hu reotWtd lororsl hoodrod
appllooitsBS for pittnts, and for tbo wosk cadlot;
Msy 19 thr will b 1VS new pattnu issaad.
a, BxtTaw m
Tut ! 17 ar w w rr t rauialTila An Rialtfailak taal
imonotod to $554,640.71, aad for tho wssk ondlog
tbo iam dato tb amoa&t wu $4,212,370.80,
STaraaia, tho IIad Ctolro of th Fenians, wu
ssrtnaded Frldiy alht In Nw Tork, and his
speech was phonograph lealty reported aa follows:
CotxTaraiii' I look npon this d eraonit ration as
on paid to Ireland. ' Hear, hoar,' and eburi.
I thank yon In tho nam of Ireland, and I also sin
cerely thank yon on my own part, for aomo reSeo
tlon of this one paid to Ireland falls alio on myself.
Great cheering 1
K I told yon lut ntght, It la not my Intention
to mak any long addrvta to you ("good, gond"j
until I thoroogbly nrtderitand tbo poiltlon of af
fairs hero. Immense cheering.) It Is also my In
tentloo, as It Is my duty, to tnsksorery posilble
fort to 0) net! let those goo 1 men and true Iriih
men who differ In opinion from us, and who, I
trntt, before our mui meeting next Tuesday, will
com to an understanding with us. (Terrible ex.
etlement, shouting and cheering. J The grand es
sential now Is unity of action. Cheers Tbat
unity of action wo mnit bar. (A Toloe; 'Ys,
we mut." No man shall stand between It and
ns. Cheers The man or th party who would
now keep us dlrUed la an enemy of Ireland, aad
as each you must treat him. Cheera. I har
already mad adraneea. I shall continue to make
advances toward those friends of Ireland who differ
from ns still la opinion.
I ahall make all noceuary ooocei&Ions ceaitetent
with duty, eunilstent with my knowledge of tb
horn necessity of what we went In Ireland, Hear,
hear. For It la to Ireland that yon mnit. In tb
I rst instance, aa In oTory lmtaoce, look. Cheers
There la th heart and th arm, aa well aa th
cradle, of onr race. It la ther oar notion muit
begtn aa well u end. Great applaut
A atvntorlan roleo, not particularly melodtooD,
oxetalmed at thli point, This Is New York th
bet oily you orer saw In your life.'
Mr. Stephens. New York Is a olty to be proud
of. Arrangements bar already been mad for a
meeting la Jonei Wood ou Tueaday next. I x
peeV to meet orerytrno Irtihman, erery lorer of
Irt'h liberty, ther on tbat day, and then and there
I shall lay before you a fatr statement of our actual
position at bom and abroad. "Good good'"
and cheers You muit not be disappointed If I do
nrt speak to you at any length to-night. I hare
already glron you tuy reasons for not doing so.
A Totce. We only want to look at yourself.
Laughter and cheers.
Once more I thank yon for this compliment to
Ireland, and, tndlreotly, to myslf,
A role. Do not speak only what you think
Mr. Btephens. I nerer can be got to say anything
that Is cot proper. Once mot accept my thanks,
and farewell until Tuesday, Great eheerlng and
Th sorties of Mr. Jon a so as the Military
Gorernor of Tenneneo wer complimented la tb
warmest terms on his retiring from that position
by Secretary Btakto?, u will h teen from lb
following communication t
To ht F.xctlUney AnJrtxo Jnhnton, Vict Prttidtnt
Bin: Tbli Department has accepted your resig
nation as Brigadier General and Military Gorer
nor of Tenneiiee
rerm it mo, on thli oceulon, to render to you
tb thanks of this Department for your patriotic
and able aerilcei daring th eventful prlod
throarh which you bare ext relied the high trait
commuted to your charge. In one of tho darkeit
hoars of tho great struggle for national exlitenco
against rebellious foes, the (lorernment called you
from tbo Senate, and from tho comparatlrely safe
ana easy daties oi civil me, to place you in iron,
of the enemy, and la a poiltlon of personal toll
and danger, perhaps more haisrdous than was
enoourtered by any other cltlsen or military officer
or tbo untied oiaies.
With patriotic promptoeiayou asiumed the post,
an j maintained It under olrcumitanoes of unparal
leled trial, until recent events hate brought safety
aad deliverance to your Btato, and to tho integrity
of the constitutional Union, for which you so long
and ao gallantly perinea an tnai is uear 10 man on
1 bat you may be ppared to enjoy the new honors
and perform the high duties to which you hare
been called by the i eoplo of the United States, Is
the r-1 no re with of one who, la every official and
personal relation, lias fonnd you worthy of tho oon
flieneoof the Government, and tho honor and es
teem oi your reiioW'Oltiicni.
Your obedient servant,
Kdwis M. Btaxtojt, Secretary of War.
Mb. Bttiont's Joke. One panago of Jobs
Briout'o speech on the reform bill has had an Im
mense success la England It la that In which bo
describes the singular coalition between Mr. Lowe,
of tho Ttmet, and Mr. lIoBinAjf, u follows:
"I know there was an optulon expreised many
years ago by a member of the Treanry bench and
of the Cabinet, that two men would mak a party.
When a party Is formed of two men so amiable, so
dlsoreet, as the two right honorable gentlemen, we
may hop to ice, for tho flnt tlm In 1'arllament, a
party purfsetly harmonious and diitlogulihed by
mutual and unVroken truit. But there Is one diffi
culty which It ! linpomlble to remove. Tho parly
of two Is like tho Scotch terrier, to covered with
balr that yon cannot tail whloh ta tho head and
wblob la the tall.'
An Kngllsb correspondent faya that "largo pott
ers, with a woodout of a shaggy dog over the above
extract from Mr. Brlght'i speech, are covering the
walls and boardings of all our principal towns and
Tb Trial of tiol. Jicques,
Th 4ue agaloit Col. Jacqaess, Herman Iloien.
garten and Itebeooa Dock lot, charged with procur
ing an abortion upon and cauiiog th death of
Loulia Wlliiaois, was called yesterday morning In
the Criminal Court, The accuaed were preient ex
cept Mrs Doeklos. Tbo proieeotlon la conducted
fay the County Attorney aitlited by Mr, 6elby liar-n-x.
The defence la conducted by Geo, A. Cald
well, T, W. Olbioo, It F, Balrd, J. Bop. Price and
Walker Whltakcr. Tb partlea ar tried ecua
rately, Col. Jaeqaesj baring his trial first. Mush
tlm wucomumed In Impannollog a Jury, as many
of them bad already formed and expressed aa
Af or a tedious in terra! had el a pied, tbo counsel
far tho Btato and for tb defence announoed them
selves u ready for the trial. .The first witness
called wu Mr. J. C, Gill, th Corona r. Hli teiti
many wu confined principally to tho appearanoo of
th deceased, and the verdict of tho ooroner'a Jury,
and tbo facti elicited at tho Inqnast, Vr. II. O,
Miller wu then oalled. Ilia testimony wu mostly
tho soleatlflo aspect of tho case, th probabl ago
of the child, whether labor, wu natural, thooaus
of tb death, and the probable Induction of prema
tura labor. Th whole afternoon wu consumed la
th examination of tbes witnesses. Th Court
then adjourned to meet' at th usual tlm this
m9nlng.LohvilUJurM.I, Ilia
Tho rep4t of a garrUo.ainared by In,
4Uni la ,4j"lao& U utsh doubted, ,
Vtiaf Pencil, and Seluoro -
QRWEaiL Scott haa taken up lIs temwer
roeldenc at Wat Pol at.1 a.
. Ont of the Philadelphia dairy dealers hat
mad a pile of money by selling butter short,"
iSia firtt Fenian craft reported was. a Ash
ing teasel. Their fighting tsmIs era not yet ready
In cutixixo streets with reference to
eholera wouM It sot b will to iwep out all
"street rumora V
Vrott-sor Uwt la lec luring In Boston
upon the art of cookery. Ho will at th iam tlm
leara something about making chowder,
STEriiExs, the mighty Fenian, hu accepted
th resignation of O'MahonywIih.a.tlew to fro
moling harmony la tho organisation
A yovxq ladwtio fell ofT from .Lookout
mountain ana wu louna nangmg 10 som anruos by
her clothe blushed when sbt was tetoaed,
Tna Chicago organ of JetT. Darls Indlg
nantfy 'denies th Story that he'lfM drosied la
female apparel when captured
Clahk axd Dayib, thoTtwo fneftrt!harged
with pa'tlolpatioa la th bond robbery on Madison
avenue, New York, have been discharged. - f'
Tn Committee on Vaya and Means are
doing nothing u yet on th new tariff law, prefer
ring to wait until some final action bu been taken
upon the Internal revenue tax law,
John Mrrcinci. Is writing upon Irish griev
ances through th columns of th OptuUui JVif-
tttnnU, of Paris, aad promises to "explain clearly
what Fenlanlsm Is, and above all, what It la not.'
The city solicitor of Cincinnati has entered
suits agaltst several street railroad companies for
charging higher rales of far than their contracts
A western critic, In speaking- of a new
play, It ys t " The unities ar admirably obterred
th dullneis, which commences la tho first aot,
sever flags for a moment unlit the curtain falls."
Two daughters of President Juarez, of
Mexico, ar gnuts of the Mexican Mlnliter, Mr.
Romero, They ar beautiful and acoompllahod
young ladles.
To get up the new fire cent piece, which
Ii soon to bo iiiused, will cost about $000,000.
There will he, when theooinage ts com pi ted, three
and m half million dollars In this money la circu
lation. Tiie good people of I'anola county, Mlsa.,
ar la the habit or giving parties, and tho ladles aro
muoh troubled with th qocitlon of wbat Is to bo
done la tho case of ex-Federal officers and aoldlers
living In that section.
A rASTiDiotrs person asked of ono of the
doorkeepers of th galleries of th Uous a day or
two ago: "la It tru that these galleries are In
feited with Termini" ' "Aik m no questions and
1'lt tell you no "," wu tb reply.
Mr. Gxoege I'eabodt is staying with his
sitter, at Georgetown, near Booth Denver, Man.
II declined a format reception which was tendered
to him by a committee of th clttseoa of South Dan
vera. At Tni annual prize declamation of tho
Sophomor class of Waterrlll College, Maine, the
first prise wu awarded to Ilarry Carle ton IlallowsII
of Bangor, and th second to John Blako Clough
of Banbury, N, H. 9
Scott, tho person who sworo out warrants
against Ben. Wood, John Morrlssey, and others,
(or alleged lottery swindling, now comes forward
and swears tbat ho wu misled, and did not know
his first statement to bo true. How much T
Tiik young halter who saved the life of
tbo It al an Emperor Is decidedly In lnrk. Tbo
um of 600,000 francs has been subicrlbed for htmr
and a largo tract of land hu been glren to enable
him to support his new dignity as a nobleman.
Lieutk.vaxt GkncbalQiunt has instructed
th military department commanders to abolish, as
rapidly u possible, tb districts under their oin
maads, la som cases U hu recommended the
conversion of two district Into a military post
Ox the 8th Instant, Mr. F, O. Kclfon, of
the firm of Keltoa, Bancroft &, Co , wholesale drng
gists, of Columbus, Ohio, fell from tb rear window
In tho third story of their store, to th pavement
beneath, Injuring him so severely that hla life waa
deipalred of.
Mips Cobxeua Kaues, a young lady re
siding In Chesterfield. Ve., act with a palaful
accident on Wednesday morning, from the bursting
of an Old Dominion coflse pot. Th loss of on
eye, It Is thought, will probably be th remit of
this hitherto unbeard-oT occurrence.
Tni Hartford Courant announces that the
contract for conlrucltng th Gettysburg monument
has been awarJed to Usdeilgner, James Q, Batter
son, Eq., of that olty. Tho monument Is to Cost
$50,000. Mr. Battorson drilgned and built th
Worth monument. ,
Dr. J. O. Holland, (Timothy Titcorab)
has retired from tho Springfield (Mssachuaetti)
Republican, with which ho has beeo connected for
many years. II Intends spending next year In
Europe, and will hereafter devote his energies to
literary pursuit! oxolailrcly, untrammeled by th
cares and responsibilities of newspaper connection.
Tub editor of the Providence Journal, who
wu the opposition candidate, referring to tbo elec
tion of Mayor on Wednesday says "lb returns
strongly favor tbo presumption that Mr. Doyle Is
re-olccted Mayor, as ho has a clear majority of
314, Wo might giro several reaioos f by such Is
the remit of the election. But forth preientw
content ourselves with this one, that Mr. Doyle
received more rotes than his opponent."
The members of the House of Iteprescn
tattvea wilt be on a better "looting1' to-day than
they hare been prevlouily during tho seiiton.
Tbe gre an 'carpet hu been taken up and replaced
with clean Canton matting which presents a neat
appearance Mr, Qoodonow, tbo Doorkeeper of
toe liouie, bu displayed a commendable energy In
renovating tho II all daring tbo abort rceeai, and
thna prerentlng the march of the cholera upon tbe
floor of the House!
(Jkv. Uutler, In tbo Music Hall at Boston
lut Frldey evening, expounded hla sobeme of re
construction to an Immense audience, AHtl lead
ing politicians of tb State, and some of neighbor
ing States, were In attendance. In bis remarks ha
deprecated tb restoration policy of th President
and the committee as alike uniatlifactory, and
enunciated subitantlally the principles set forth in
bis plan published some days ago.
The great railroad suit of the Ohio and
Mlstlaslppt against th Indianapolis and Cincinnati
road for a million and a half of dollars, Is befor
tb Superior Court la Cincinnati. Tbe ault Is
brought on an alleged breach of contract, tbe In-
dianspo,lli and Cincinnati road having secured an
Independent connection with Cincinnati, Instead of
aiing th Ohio and Mississippi track from Law
rsneeburg, u wsl contracted for.
The body of Sterling King, who waa in
Jail at Louisville for com time, on a charge of
hone stealing, and who mad a eonfesslon claiming
tub an accomplice la tb uiasilnatlon of Presl
dint Lincoln, arrlrad la Cincinnati lut week on
th Loulsrtll ateamer, be having died, on th pai
sage. Ills death was really a aulcld byitatva
tlon. for forty days ho tock th merest morsel of
food, aad during tho last tea days refund to eat
mor than aa ounce of food per dyt
Ah Orator, In appealing to the " bono and
sinew," said I "My friepds, I "am proud to sec
around m to-night th hardy yeomanry of th land,
for Z lov th agricultural lot rest i of th country f
aad well may I lova them, feUawUUas. hr X wu
feara Jirttvf j ftf bsanteti dsji of my ;r wtfc win
speat.la the, nMfaL .reailos t a soa of th
olL If I may be allowed ta aa a figurative ex.
proialoa, my Mends, I may aay I wu railed be
tweea two rowa of corn!" VA pumpkla, by than
dert"xcllmdaa Inebriated chap Juat la front
of th stag ( . j
Tuc dealh'of IIor$ Oeirga Jforey took
plaeeon rridayj athts 4stdeactfa Boston. II
wu formerly on nhnioBi.actlTldrs of th
Whig party. IWwsSboin In Walpolo, Miss., on
tb 12th of June, 178, and early ta life Identi
fied himself with th leading lotereits ottb Stat.
II haa held rarlooa offices of public trust.
Major Gexeral HiTcncocKp Commissary
Qneral of prisoners, hu given notice that a auffi
elect tlm baring lajsd for th presentation of
clalmiagajnit,thanl.ander th. charge of this
officer, moneya recovered from thrb anthortlles
Ukea from th Vatted Etatei lolillrs, while held
u prisoners of war, no claims presented after j thla
dat will be conslderd. A pro rata dlitributloa of
th fund will b mad on th claims now on fll on
satisfactory proof of th Identity of th claimant
and th authenticity of tb claim presentid.
,miMcvjnr. b uiscrrxoNH.
f 03IOWARD. t
'' OEO T. BAUD .
fiabjeel ta tb ratlSeatloa f the Worklagnca'a (.
ventloa. sarU-Si
Y .osT-BirnviJEN theWavy-yard
I j aad Daltlncre Depot, a pockt.bok eoatelatag a
an of niceey, all a reeolptor Adatae a Co 'a Express.
Ta Seder will be literally rewarded fay Waving U at
400Lalrst lonlh balweea Beveelfc aad Xlffata atreete
eait, of Bloet bop at tbe Kavy Trd. , ltv
lUATU.noOMS Solar a good bailaeaa, sltaated en
Bfylraela aveane. Keass for aalei Proprietor
deniresi to leav tbe etly. for partlcalare, leqelr at
this oMee mj2 St
therenhly feraUked heme of 'aboal ten room,
wilh modtralnprovcBoeta caatraliy located, Wasted
ttamrdlateli, by eMpeaetble lrty. AdSreee, Lotk
boa B4 Vt Oflf, TfchlBstea, D.Q nyl.tf
; occupied by toemla k Uabaw, Ifo M FeaaiTl.
Tuaia aveaee, Weiblainou Balldlag. Alee offleee XTo.
Saedi, flrtlSooriSaed 11, seeoad teori aad It, third
Boor. For terms apply to
JP; d tf ., Beatoe lloaie.
402 D Btreef, betweea ath and Seveath streets,
Ordara for the above-named breeches of baalaeaa soil
clM aaJ promptly atteaded to,
rirtt'cUia work gaaraaleed at th loweet yeailble
rat. aps-tf
post orrici irxwi stahd,
Has ea head at all times all th
Also all th lfORTHlKlf PAriRS reeelved at the
earlleat momeat.
wisnivaToa papiu
for aale u aooa m laaaed, t
or eale ai l'AJiKtK'8, u4 eehecnpUou received.
AT 10 1, M.
(O.a Iblrd of Ut. ataoaat for ih ef Meeal V.ra.B
A..eelatIeB )
Wa.sl..taa aad Al.K.aSrl. b..t. la... uiknliN
nf boar fr.u7.. u teSp. m.
Tb. So. tl.au.r WAWASET caa b. tb.rl.r.d for ex
(inloa.. 3 YAM BI8WICK,
DJ7 3a G.b. Sop'l V. r. Co.
til B.n.11 elrMl,
oxci moki is Bcsaua OBOIE.
Tb. dam... cai.d br (be late are bu Ui a, far re
velrd tbat bB.la..a will b. memed
THIS KOEKiao, (WICHISDAT, Oatobar 41b,)
VTb.B, M form.rlj', tb, rml, 1U U etrUUj .Bfereed
IbroBibeat tba ..ublL.bm.Bt.
Mr. O. takae Ible eBportaaltr te tbaak bia aamar.ee
fria.d. aad .astomsr. for Ban ktadaaM. aad t. ttj It
ahall be hu coaiteat aim te mbUbb. ta m.rll tb, T.rr
IIVavbI AA.ab4ABB L.ui.r.. Aajj .- Ta,.
j biuht, orifieatlDE either from laBrmlty of ace,
nvsai uvusiti wi assv nvfTOB mjwiwia, prgiikciaa bicK'
. or frtita aatnral dliD(ltl&BtaraF or niirarhtttil,
aft i, will b reitored, In proved aad streastheaed by
r7eTir Ttf
uaaafaelared from ftaalae BOCK CRYSTAL, 1vlaf
" assia svwivit w uw vpiisj miiiwt Baa vitsa katcb
rately by
Scleatlfle aad Frectlnl Opticians, 844 Peaairlvaala
aveaee, belweea Tweinh aad Tblrteeath atreeta, aorlb
Au.ciBuvoreM. Auini suswainee, iBermoneiera,
Caite de Vlalte, aad Pbotofrapa Albania ta a great
'iii'iy at iinj iBwtn pneee. B177.IT
njAVnirn nT?prnii' w a arirMnTrtxr
jj. MAT 5, IBes Sealed propoaaU will be rtwlvei
kiiiiuofloeaim IS o'clock w., oa TllDBBDAT, Hay
171b, Intent, far the t olid Id 1 of a t wo foot barrel
ewar, (tnitde diameter,) wall to be four lechee la
ihtckae,or eae brick la tblcknaaf, la the alley la
reervatloa Ifo (II) eleven, to coaaect with the aewerle
Scoed etmet weal, la accordance with the act approved
Bidders will itale the price per llaeal foot for the
icwer, which shell laclcde all excavations. As , o. ,
the Mdders to be reapoailble for aay aceldeat earned In
the cvaelrnetlon of tbe work.
1 he right to deeltee aay or all prcpoiala, should It be
Sneclflcalloaa eaa be imb et th offlee at tha rVim
BaUalooera of Itnprevsmaata everr dar frora 10 tv m. tn
IS in . or at soy tine by calling on the Co mmUt loner of
He Fifth ward.
noae doi practical mechanics need bid.
Commlailonar Elflh Ward.
cms LIMB,
mrS-ecId A ! it aot ContmUstoaers
Nsw Toee,
Nearly oppoalta Qrae Ob area.
Ur. Brady baa oa view aad for aale at hie Gallery, aa
oi ovm rTia ,wng aibtg(oisu(( iosjiohith id
tbe Ute war. The alias vary from cart tie visit to
Id addltlea to his varied eisortmeat of HkeDiaaas, Ur,
Brady haa a
of almoit everr ttolat made hlitorla In the runl ma.
Slet, whlih II toay be preanmed will be veined by aot
only thoae more Immediately coaeeraad. bat thalr
frlanda, ea memeetoaa of the trials tb rough which the
aatloD haa 1ml oaaaod.
Ur Brady always pays eoailderable attention te
bees brought by If r. Brady to perfection. apl-tf
334 Peaailvaaia aveaae, S doers weet of Nlath slreeL
Wiamsoio CtTT,
All tb new booke of tb age received Immediately
npoalatae from the press, and for sale at pabUshers'
I in port id Stationary aad America uaoafactore, of all
gradee and variety, at the lowest Hew York prlcea,
maakBoohBof all styles on hand, aad made to order
Without loaa Of time.
Ylaitiag Card prlated, aad platea eagraved la lb
late I faaliloQ.
All Mad leal Books supplied at pabllaer ratee.
Paper aad Eavalepea atamad to order. asl-tf
te.tlOBtotb. st.talAaiBaaTvH.rAwu.br.Bah
at oar b.tl.a... n..t.dl.B Carrl... a.d Vhul bia.. i
from aad attar lal. date we will .Orr .Br.atir. atoek vf
BDiLuass, CAUiaeT.XiKiaj ad Druouuttu1
HAXDWAslI at soil, wllb aareaHa a4d.d.
Te deal.r. aal elbere wa.t seder tb. easstaat Sscta
tllOBa of. tie Burk.L r. aawUllaf I. tvrr baarr
Blocks, aa sxsellsal sbaae. Is her, ,f.re4 it bar tmeQ
taaatlaH at vboisHl, raUa. r '
.-.."' JO"" Mnun CO..
ista-Mlc. rtaasgrlTUiaiTiaM,
4i-Bible elstr-Th' ThUlrclilK An.
alVereary f the WaailegU Clt Bible Eoetety wlU be
hell la the llnl B.ptlat Chareh, Tblrteeath 1 treat, (Dr.
Gillette!,) n-T0EDAT. SYEN1NQ, May W, at
Addteeeee may fce expecTtd from Oeaeral Oarlild. If.
C. from Ohio, aad other promlaeal speakers.
if 14-11 Secretary rm tern.
ATlhafflaM A Co.'
No. 990 Elitist a It ant.
Between K atraet aad Maaaeehaeetl aveane,
Tartlee, Weddlag aad laearilonafaraUhedoa th
moat reaaeaabte terma, aad at short notice.
t-1 na Class svtar at-?a llla
.70 He ef tlaa Cemmliiarv Qeneral nf
t WAsmoTOir; D. C, lfay S, IMS.
Norca. A sufflcUnt' Uarth f time havlDa-elaosed
forth presentation of claims agalaat the feed aader
thecharg ef thleSlee, (moaeye recovered frebthe
rebel aathorltlea, lakea from Ualted States soldiers
While held aa'prleoaera of war.) no elalme nreaeated
after this date will becoaildered.
Apr rata dlatrlbatlea ef th fa ad will be made on
tho clalma now en SI la this eOt ea aallafaefetr nroof
of the Ideatlty ef the claimant aad th aatbeatlelty ef
ine claim aetag preaeatea.
By order tt Major General X. A. lllteheock. Com mis
aryOaeeralofPrlaoaers. V7, T. HABTZ,
aayll-llt AartsUal Adjatul Oeaeral.
-.Se renth Ward. A. Mtbag r th
Voters of the Seveaih Ward, fhverable to the poller of
the preaeat Admtalitretloa, will be bald at Weed llell,
TUESDAY ITES150, May lflth, at S o'clock, te oml
ale Ward Candidate to bectrported at tbeesaelag
meaieipai eiecuoa. ttjS-td
SJrAmannaniUPsriena dealrlnar th ear
Slats of a COPTIsT or AMANUENSIS, eaa be aceommo
dated by a lady who writes a aeat aad plala bead, by
applying at No 198 Sixth street weal, betweea M aad
a atreeta aorta. apX3.tr
At9TIi Queen of th Toilet Vawyer'a Dar
aaa'l $oir. Th beat eompeaad kaowaerahavlag
aad th toilet. No one who withes to preaerve aad
UaatLfy their complexion aVoald be wlthoat It. Tor
sals, whAlealle aad rt tall, by Eidwiu A Sojr, Pharqpa
ceatlata, Peaairlvaala aveaae, aext eoraar of Pear
teeelh street, Waahlegtea, D, C. apSD-tf
A9"Us.rrls Mid C)tbjr fin Essay of
Waraleg aad lastractlea for Yoaag Ilea. Also, Die
eaaee aad Abates which prostrate the vital pewera,
wlth'nre tntano of relief. Seat Tn of charge la sealed
letUr eaveUpee. Addreae Dr. J. IEILLIN IIODOHTON,
Ilcward Aieoclatloa.Phllsdelrbla, Pa. apl7Sm
AfsTnrcchtdOi1lnq Arm-Tb sloard for
theExamlaatloaof BreechLoadlag Arma,of whlehOea
erainaasoek la praaUeat,le now la eeaalea ai No, fll
Wladev'o Balldlag.
Arme wilt be received dally, betweea th boors of It
a, m, aad S p. tn , ntll farther netlce,
laveitoreare vtqaeeted to eebmlt their arme ta per
eon or by ageet t the reeerdar ef the board,
tablStf Recorder...
.Daalnaaa lieu and Merehssnte vrhed.
aire te throw their advertlaemaata lata rhjme, for the
Rartaucav, eaa be accommodated by addreaaleg
'0NOHOO, at thle otlce. apT7-tf
y Wonderful but True t Madam Item.
laaTOi, tb worldreaowafd Aatrologtat aad Somaem
ballatleClatrvoraat, while la a elalrroraat state, de
tleeates tbe very faataree of the pereon yen are to
marry, and by the aid of aa laatramaat of latenac
power, keowa as tbe Psrhemotrope,f naraates to pro
daee a perfect aad llfeUke picture of thefatarehna
bead or wife of the appllsaat, with date o( marriage,
oecnpatlon, leadlag traits of character, Ac This la ao
Impoaltloa, as teatlmoalala wlthoat namber can aaaart.
By atatlag place ef birth, age, dlanoallloa, celer of ejea
aad hair, aad eaelealag fifty eeata, aad atamped eave
lope addreaaed to yonraelf, yon will receive the pletar
by retnrn mall, together with dealred laformatloa.
Addreae la eoeldeoea, MaoAaa Osaraf ns BsniacTOir,
P O.Boa-197. West Troy, N, Y. edt-dwly
at-Madaxn Eloanta Pile Hairea Valuable
Remedy for that Dlieetc, also, aConaamptloa Deatroy
r, aad aa Eatlre Care for the Broaehltla, Asthma, Ae. j
eaa befoaad at Stott'a Drag Store, opposite Natloeel
Uetell Gtlmaa's, aear Metropolltaa Hotel ( Eord'e, eor
aer of Eleventh aad Feaaaylveela aveaae) XatwUle'e,
eoraerof Twelfth aad Peaaajlvaals aveaae) XUtott'e,
eoraer of J aad Twelfth streetit Derbenghs, eoraer of
Seveath and O. Jal-U
4kr X hereby certify that 1 hT meed Mr.
Moo at's Salve, for wbat la keowa as the camp Itch, It
had the effect t ear It la a very short time. This waa
darlag th war, la tbe year IMS, aad I avay nyeelf ef
th Bret opportnalty to f lv my teatlmeay la behalf of
ber vataable salve. This certificate I give voliatarily,
fV I 8 A R M E D 1 lX
cared by Let ere Patent la the Ualted Statcsaed Fraaeo.
Prerarad aolely by the New Yotk Dlalereetleg Com
paay, at thalr Lahoraiory, Noa. 208, 9 JO, aad 301 Ueary
atreei, , Y. Ofllee, 41 Cedar a treat.
Ihla Comraar ergaaliad oa a permaaeat baala, with
Dr.Contaret, iheealabratad Vraaeh ChamUt, laebarge
oflte Laboratory, la prepared to faratah lie DiaiirscT
iso Vlvw for sick rooma, aarer ea, orlaals, water
ctoaata. prlvlea, caaipoota, aewers, galtera, abtpi, rail
joada, hoipltaU, trlaoia,aad pablle laatltotleaaof all
klada, slaeghter.boaaaa, offal eed fat'bolllag eaUbltah
meats j all klada of maaores, imm49ety Ut reatlag th
value of the latter to every farmer,) aad wherever pot
aoaouaasdoffaaiivegaiee Ut. Theae ageats arede
odorliera, aallaeptlea, aaltpntreieeala, aad tltilafectaata
la the ecleatlfle meaalagof the word a. They remove
aozlooa gaaeaaai odore bj chemical prlaclplaaleavlaff
la their placae healthful air; they are DssTaorsas, aad
not imrtly ubeorttmtf ef poUoaoae isaee avl lajarloaa
to otamilate whlcb.tber are mod. the aUentleaof
medical aad scientific mra la d tract a J to lhe. dliUfact
eats Attached are teatlmoalala ha favor of thla great
dlaeovary, which, with hnadredi of elhen, caa be oea
at tbe Cumpaay'a Offlcai
Dilavax none. Aliiir. Mrch , 18AI
Toth Prtdntcf Uutftto Tork DUIiytalmo Com
1a nyt
aaa 81a 1 It la all It ta revreaeeted to be We have
Bade maar trials of dlalefeaanta. bot now coaalder
that we have fonnd aa article watch anrpaaaee alt
olhera as a remedy agalaat all bad odera
T. KoiaeiiL Co,
Niw Toaa. April 9, Itu
To tht rrnUent of tht Vnr York Vbinftcting Vom
DaiaSiat We pronoaace It wlthoat exception to be
thebett we have ever known Itsmeffcct opoa every
matter la complete aad lailantsaegoa.
C. A. tiTSTaoM.Aslor Roaae
4r N D. The-e Dialafectenla aie eaed by tbe aeav
oatfara, aader the direetloa of the Faaltary Pwllc ef the
Metropolitan Health Departroaat, Jttw Turk
4Siedratreet.N. Y.,
Oeaeral aed Sole Ageatsfor the Ualted Statce ead tb
Caaadaa, te whom all orders a honld be addteaaed.
For sale by all DroixUte aad Oeaeral Dealera-lB tbe
United filataa sad Caeaia. ptTU3ia
Se.t.il frorosala will be taclr.dat Ihla one a. til
lb. ISih iDitaat, .1 11 m , for faraUblos lb. UaU.d
bia1.. UoT.rnia.ot wlttb lb. followla, aoapllei, .tsi
CLASS 1-20,000 bmb.lt OATS, Id taoki.
400 loaa prim. TIUOTRY UAT, baled.
CLASS 3 M loaa deaa I1TI or WUIAT tTUAW,
bil.J. .
CLASS 4. STATIOXERT, la eeb qaaaillle. aa leaf
ba rrqalred, laoladl.s LCTTH, FOOLSCAr, FOLIO
ESVBLOl'ES, (rarloa. els...) MEMORANDUM, J, 4, aad
S-qolr. IIUKK BOOKS, IKK, (Araold'a Field.) aad
ESABEES, aad I'AFEBFOLDEnd,ll to ta of food
rroposal. will be made for each class s.parat.ljr, aad
msil d.l,a.te lb. ar.lela. la lacb claas prowied to be
farolabed. '
Tbe wood, bar, and straw 111 ba soljret t. lesp.s.
lion oa dallT.rr. 8smpl.a .f tba eale and tba enisles
la Clasa 4 mail accompear tbe proposals
All .at pit), lob. d.llr.r.d to Ibe nailed Elsies Qltr.
l.roi.Cti. .1 ni.bmoad aad Fort Moaroe as lbr m.r
be reqalral, free of .ip.ai.lo ibe aor.remeal'le be
Ef ie'elred M""T' " ""' """allar aa funds utj
Br..t HrlvaAU On.Hl .. k,r rt ar
"ft-M lp.itmat of Vlrjlala.
r.BBSTlTUIs ueaaa, Bear Mraer fl
"alb alre.1, ataada I. all braaebee parlalalac t. lb.
F'eaaW iua.rm.uo, ,f Ua aVoalb rre.ud aa
l" ,'. w aiMilMHHBaH, Bp,ir
" f, l

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