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gMtonnl epHfHirntt
Tha Board net .art eTealnej it the asaal hoori
,,, rrfildnl T. B. Lloya, Em, la tht chair.
"i J recent, Metarf . Talt. Noji, time, Lewli, Edmund
ton, aina, Barr, Maeriider, OilUk, A. Ltojd,
Tnrton, MeCathraa and Owtfi.
i TM ft! 1M befora tfca Board . a eommanlea
iMOiIha Major aonottnelng'bl approval of car
tel a acta.'
Abo eeaomanlenUon nomlanttnf Jacob Vonda
Mebrumnmliilontr of Improvement! for tbe aao
end "ward, In place of Jamai vr. Bpaldlaf, daoaaaad.
Bafarrad to Committee on IuDrovemonti.
2 f.
. ir. lurvoa rretntaa tie paction or wm. K.
ttaenth ttreet, from New York avenue, to 0 street.
4 Mr. A! Llotd pranatad tha ptlUoo-of John F.
DefteM., Referred. Alao ftaeonnuleatlea from
Fielding R. Dorter, ealllex attention to a pnliane.
Bafamd to tha health omHtoo.
no alio IntrodBoad n bill Inereailnf tha oonpon
tattoo. Qgiaalerof walghUandmaaioraitolSOOpar
annnjn. Referred.
Abo ft bill prohibiting persons from riding on
wagons or enrti whan loaded.' Bafarrad.
Mr, Edmondaon praisntel the petition of XHen
TlUgorald. Werted. . ,
Mr. TalkpraaantadthapaUtionofJaa.Crotohatt,
aiUag the-renovalof eartain bnlldlncinnd plat
formi erected by tha Baltimore and Ohio railroad.
Mr.' Oalltk prevented tha patltlon of a anmbar of
barber, aakLag ft repeal of tha law cloning barber,
abopa on Snoday.. i .
Mr.'Voyes vraaantad tho patltlon of tha Bleb.
'Ihpnd and Fradariekibiirg Ballroad Company, aak-
''Mtij ptmdMtoa. to.Ujftboraa railroad on Water
itMaV from N to M itreeU. Th oompaay propoaa
tabnlldftaaa waU ftlong tho etnas If allowed to
bnlld thoToad. -; j
-Mr. Owen f ntrodaeod a bill for tho reltaf of Heat.
Col J. P. Martin. Referred.
Mr. Oullek preeonted tha patltlon of Br W, Car.
tar and otfaar merennats, taking a modification In
tbO law regulating tho Uoentet of non ratldant
Mr. T.",E. LlojeJ moved to reconsider tba vota by
whloh tha nomination of Qaorgo B. Hepburn as po-
llaa tffleer of tha Sevanta. ward wh rajaetad on last
' MondayaTonlngt and tho Board rsfasad to oon
ttdeT tha earn.
' Mr.lUrr, fram tuo Polleo Committee, roportad
baek tha bill allowing Osn. 0 0 Howard to araot
ftframa boildlmt adjoining a brlek ons, and tho
damUtes was discharged from firrthsr eonildtra
tlon of Jha lima, all tha msmbari voting ayo.
1 Bsfora tha rotf was takan, Mr. Maxradsr statad
thaltbobaUdlngmaatiooad In Osn. Howard's pa.
tltlon, for a eolorad school, was alraady orootod fa
enaof tha moff.fMblonabla portions of,thsltj,
" and ho hopsd tha mambari wqald not allow lha law
it ba vtolatad. jir .
Mr. Barr rtportsd baoktba bill rgil1ng bill
i potting. Mada tha sptela ordtr for bart Monday.
Alio, ft bltl gTantlog ptrnIloB. td 'Mrs. Barah
V. Monroo to araot an Iron railing.' Paatod.
Alio, a bill aothorttlng tha attaUlshsMnt of
i. ronnd fovdogs. MadaHha tpMlal otdarfor naxt
fawday." . rBr?"
'Mr, 01 tan rcportod art amendinaot to tba aet
"ragnUtlifgthhUoanioof rtg, box and banal daal-
art. FtiMd. v.iy a
Mr. Barr raportod fTor4bya tbo Mayor's
nominations for maMttrorasd tnvpators of rombar,
oicepj tha rfcrWaiUrlUld, and tha y wtra
eoo&rmadt -, ,
Mr. Tnrton Introdaoad a bill to lay wator main
on mrantaanth straat watt, from Now Tork nranoo
'to Cstraat north. PaMtd
auUr. M grader lntr6dnod a bill to remora tartaln
stalls In t&a, JVeitarn markat. Baforrod.
Mr. Owan Introdnead a bill to graTol Twalflh
strtot watt, from IT U bonhdary strtata Ittftrrod
f (Mr. Uftts, from tho Comaltba oft ImproTsmonts,
"tforttd'llMklht following -hUla, whloh wtra
uuadj BUltoenrb and part lha aomth aUa of
P iiratt toaUi, naivaan Pint and Saooad ttrtato
watt i bill to tarb and pt tha aart stda of 'Elgh
ttanth ttrest watt batwaon L and MitraaU aortJ
bUlioxrado and para tha allay In sours &V
Mr. A. Uoyd roporUd adTaratly on tha patltlon
af J.T.Btlgsrtf alao, on tha patltlon of Brldgot
Ionohao 'alao an tha petition of W. A.Tatlaftrro.
Ha also roportad ft bill for tha rallaf of Lttatoa
ant Colons) Martin, .Paiitd.
Mr. Croat roporUd tho blU to rapalr Thlrtaonth
tttMioaat. Patttd. "
J Mr Ollok Introdoeed h rttolatlon Inttrnettog
tha CommtttstT on Pollea to report a bill raaalrlag
lavyars and alarm agants to tako out llconta
Bill (0. C ) for an Inrrtatsd sopply of gas In tha
Wtstsra marktt, Paaiad.
Strtral bills wtra raftrrtd, and tho Board ad
jonrntd. M
Board of Common Cownn. The Doard
mat at tho anal bonrt all tha mtmbtrs praitnt
azoeptMeasrt Andtnon, Calrort, Dudley, Joyot,
allay and Wright. . .
Tha Pratidaat laid bafora tho Board nmanaga
from tha Mayor ttatlng that tha aggrsftata amoaat
of monay dtpotlttd by tha Harbor MaiUr from
Aogutt 31, 185t to 8opttmbrl, 1886, was $2,
732 60,.
Ala mttaago from tha Mayor tnnimlttlng tht
annual reportof ths Commtiilontr of lha yV ashing-
Inn Aitlnm TlmA.
Atao, ft oommB&lsaiton tnxa lha Commit iloner of
tna uanai, aismg ma ipropriiioa a purooMi
matsrlalforfuortag and rapalrlng tha brldgot ortr
lha A&nkl. Rfarrd.
Mr. Moon Introdaesd ft blU to Uortatt. tha sal-
arv of th itMrlntaadtat and oooratora of lot Brt-
alarm taltgraph, which proTldrt that tba salary of
too lapanntaaatm snail na f i.ouu ptr annum, idq
tha salary of tbo two optrators 1,200 aaoh, to
taka sfftot from and afttr the firtt of July, 1808.
AUo.m blU to rtbnlld tho brldgt ortr Tiber
oratk, In Jaokaon alley'. Roferrad.
Mr, Walker introduced a bill to ortct wooden
ihei, fanotf, do.( to tohoal bouses on Twelfth
street west, between Maryland arenue and E street
south t Patted.
Mr. Paugh, from tha Committee of Ways and
Means roportad ft bill to repair and reitort tba
standard weight! and meuaret of the offloe of the
Sealer of Weights and Measures. Passed.
Mr. Baker moTtJ that tho bill for constructing a
stwtr on 8erenteenth ttreet wait, and for other
sewtri, bo pottpontd to, and made tba special
order for, nsit Monday evening, which was agreed
The bill (B. A ) for tha relief of Margaret Qor
maoj and the bill (B. A ) enabling tho Mayor to
oenttrue tbo act, approved June 4, 1800, to pay the
Increased compensation, to data from and titer the
30th day of June, 18115, wtrt referred.
Mr, Talbert moved that tha Board proceed to
tha consideration of (he resolution reported from
tha Committee on Elections, declaring that Joseph
M. Downing li entitled to the teat held by B P.
Monell, tba sitting members from the Third ward
of tho city.
A leogtby debate antued on tha motion to take
up, n which Mettrs Multoy, Talbert, Monell,
Tnrh and Moore, ntrtlo lotted, when the Board
refuted to taka up the question by tha following
YctL-Mtiiri Carrol, Drury, Ptake, and Tal
Nays Meurt Baker, Bryan, Joyce, Marcha,
Mead, Mulluy. Simmt, Stewart, Walker, and the
On motion, the Board adjourned.
Yom Kippur Tub Jewish Day or Atq.mk-
meht, This most solemn ana stcrea day is me
niott important In the JewUh calendar, and tblt
day It otltbrattd on tba era of tbo 18th of the
E relent month. The origin and institution of Yom
:ippur It to be found In Levittout ivl , J9 "And
t shall ba unto you a statoto foreran In the ser
roth month, on the tenth or the month, you shall
afflict your touts, and do no work at all, tho dent
ten M well as the stranger who tojonrneth amongst
you, for on that day shall ye bt atoned for, to
purify you from all your tint before tho Lord shall
va La rurlfled The flnt amonnt your Sabbath
ball tblt day be unto you, and ye shell afflict your
souls. This Is an everlattlng statute. And the
atonement snail no maao ny ine prion wno nat
Kun notnted and oontecratad to succeed h s
father In the priesthood and who pnts on tht linen
garments! and he shall atone for tha tent of tba
eongrcgatloo, and for the altar shall ho atone, and
for the priest, and for all tho people of the con
gregatlon. And this iball be an everlasting statute
onto you, to mtke an atonement for tha children
of Israel from all their sins ones a year."
A recent Jewish writer, after describing tbo form
of worship on this day, during the exiitenoe of tha
holy temple, thus conelodoi : Alas, at present we
are deprived of the glory, for we cannot offer sac.
rlfloti while our holy temple li deitroyad. We
therefore remain tha whole of tba day of Yom Kip.
pur In our synagogues, praying and fasting and
Imploring God's mtroy to favor us with pardon for
our past slni, aod to be kind to us forever."
In the Miihna It li commended that, tn order to
appear as ft suppliant before tha Almighty on the
day of atonement, one should ba In unity and con
cord with hit brethren, that therefore If aoy one
had fallen out with ft neighbor and not yet become
reconciled, ha should not omit to do so on tho day
pravloui to this fait day.
.This festival continues on tht evening of the Oth
ft Xittil. Tbt tYe&ing lj Qslltd "OoU-pidrti
, ,. THE
night' from a prayer whloh eomouncoi with tha
two Words, containing tho nullification 'of all un
fulfilled vows. It is eutomary for devout men to
wear tna wblta cap and toga alraady noticed Inthe
description of Hew Yeei, and over this Is tha scarf
with fringes. . t
Tha appearance Of men droistd ttn this mannsr
makes tha eoene In tho synagogues one of awa to
many, and especially to thoae who wear Ika wblta
drest thtmeelvee, sine It nmlndt them of tha close
of life, whan inch Will ha their fvneral ihrond.
Therefore tha aUbblas, having tha eonooptlon of this
awe-inspiring soena In Tlewlnitltoted tha eostom.
Tha law which Institutes this onstom likewise
commands tho Jew to afflict hit soul. This afflicting
of tho soul by means of tba body according to tra
dition, ooasUti In abstaining from five Indulgences,
eating and drinking, bathlag and patfmnary, wear
ing thoaa; and lb anjoymentt of marriage, Ac.
And aa total abstinence is tha doty of tha dav itself.
feasting It tha doty of tha preoeding day. .
' .The reason Is that, after enjoying Us good things
or tan wona. li.raauiratfttrraaxer command ovar
one's passions and desires to redoes them to that j
iiMoet staie wnien is to attana ua amiettng or
tha soul. Per tho Jew Is on this day to direst him.
self of all earthly passions, thoughts, and eonitd
orations, ncd Is to prefigure to himself that future
lata of blessedness and parity toXwbleh, In an
other world, ho la dastlaad. "
On tha 10th day of Ttihrl tba sorriest begin at
sunrise and continue till sundown. 'It Is unneoas
eery to give any formula of tho oaremonUs, The
concluding prayers art said as tha son sinks below
tho hoiiso. when the most earefall nrar to bo
uaisd U tha Book of Ufa, as tha sundown Is con
sidered to ba tha time when ovary man's destiny is
aeeiaea. ,
In one of tho most solemn prayers It is related
thai on this day, tha gnat trumpet Is blown In
Heaven, at which even tbo auols tremble. Ever
man rWeires his Judgmtnt, and U U recorded bow
many, during tha following' year, shall bo born aod
bow maay shall diet alea Ua ataaaer of avsry per
son's death, whether ho shall die In war, by petti
loaoo, of hunger, Ao. . In, floe, tha eondltion of
Tory person fof tho ensuing year Js recorded, aod
on this solemn night sealed, but "repentance, sap-
puoauon, ana enemy wm annul too evu aaeToes."
At tho elooo of tba aerrleo ono lonff note tl
sounded to commemorate tbo blowlar of too tram
pat, which formerly took place on this day la lha
land of Judea, In eaaa that year was ft year of Ju
bilee. 'Sueeons.M -or tho feast of tha Tabernacles.
takes riae on tha 24th Instant aooordl&f to tbo
Jewish calendar, On tha morning of tha Hth day of
Aiian. ..
Board or IIeal. The semi-monthly
meeting of tha Board of Health was held yesterday
afternoon la tbVAlderaen's Chamber. ,Clty Hall
tho president, Gen. P. P. Baoea, In tha chair, and
Br. 0. M, Dove, aeeretftry. PraenU.Drs. RUeyj
Prentice, Pord, Walsh and Peawlck, and Mauri.
Drake, Etllott; Paaraon,mnd Wilson.
The oommtytae. to dovlaa, maan for, the registra
tion of births, deaths and iTJat". made tha foW
lowing report, which was adoaiedr -
The oommittow to whom was refetrad tha subject
of devlelog soma tteans for -obtaining a more cor
rect report of tho marriage, births and deaths In
the city of Washlagtoa, bag lean to make tha fol
lowing reports rfrr '
That as regards marriagesthey belteteU unneces
sary to taka any action, as tha number of marriage
licenses Is already a matter of record in the offloe
ofthoolerkof tho Snpreme Coart for thnJNatrlct
af Columbia. A perfect regtiter of blithe ?hey
doom impracticable, for reasons that wlR suggest
tnematives tr tno meaicaijpoilon, or le jjoard.
As regards a register of deaths they would rooom-
mend the following bill or act ba presented to tha
Mayor for his roopmmsndatlon tatha CownoHs for
thoir adoption.
An aet amending tho act entitled 'An act io pro-
Tide for lha registry fit births, marriages, and
deaths, and, for other porpotoa." a
& U orf y tit 'iWrf of AUtfmeh and
Beard of Comm0H Conntttoftkt ettv vf WatKiHir-
ton, That wbaoertany ptrn' iball nlajn th
vhj u ij aajuur imi hmMJ i 'fn ji
ilclan who attended during hia av bar last ileknett,
catbaaott)aafol Wneklawtatf aanntr. eatki
caao comet nndsr his notice, to 'furnish. wrthln 40
howrl aTteY ths death, U tha nndsrtajtet or other, par-
eon supennienainxiane pnnai a canmeaM aasung
forth, at far asrtao isame oan be ascertained, tha
namav aax, ealor, nativity, probable age, time of,
and suppoiod causa of, death of ths person de
ceased. ,
.Sa.l. That no parson having the oharga1 as sex.
ton or otherwise of any vault, or burying 'ground,
or eematerv within tha olty. includlntr the Inten-
dant of tno Washington Asylum, thall inter, or
allow to ba Interred, or plaoa, or allow to bo placed.
In any Tault, burying ground, or cemetery the
dead body of any person, nor shall any undertaker
or other person remove the dead body of any person
who bat died In the tald city and has not bscn
burled to any place beyond tho limits of the said
city without nrst obtaining tno certificate of the
attending physician or tha ooroner, or as herein
after provided for, that of aha secretary of tha
Board of Health, or of a member of tbo Board of
Health, In the ward tn which said death occurred.
To said certificate tho undertaker or person acting
as each shall add tha data and place of Interment.
In ease any person shall dla without tha attend'
anoo of a physician, or if tho physician who did
attend at tha time of tho death refutes or negteeti
to furnish the certificate as aforesaid, It shall be
the duty of the undertaker or any other person
acquainted with tha fasts, to report the same to
tho Secretary of tho Board of Health, or to either
member of tho Board of Health, of tho 'ward In
which said death occurred, whq shall ba authorised
to giro a certificate of death aiaforeaaid, provided
It be not a case requiring tha attendance of the
ooroner. Every aaxton or other person having
charge of any vault, burying ground, or cemetery,
within the olty of Vashtngton, and every under
taker or other person who shall remove any dead
body from or out of tha said city, thall return tba
said certificate to the office or reiidtnce of the Secre
tary of the Board of Health, before twelve o'clock
m , on the third day of every month, which re
turns shall be published monthly by said Secretary,
tn such manner as shall bo prescribed by the Board
of Health.
Sao. I. That In ease any pbyilolan or the coroner
shall refute or neglect to furnlib such certificate as
aforesaid, he shall forfeit and pay tho sum of $19
for each offence, and every undertaker, sexton, or
other person removing the dead body of any per
son, or having charge of any vault, burying ground,
or Cemetery, who refuses or neglects to perform any
of the duties required by tblt act, iball forfeit and
pay for every inch offence the sum of $25, to bo
recovered as are other fines.
Sec. 4 That all acts or parti of acts Inconsistent
with this act bo, anoiha same arf hereby, repealed.
Br. Fenwlok, from tha committee to whom was
referred the report of Mr. Sevonon, engineer of the
Washington canal, asking the opinion of the Board
relative to tho commercial and tanltary point i
gained In dredging the canal four fact deeper,
made a report, which, after soma discussion, was
laid on the table, and tbo secretary was directed to
return the communication to Mr. Sererion and In
form him that it should coma through tho Mayor's
Dr Ford aiked If any provision had been made
for cholera noipttau, tn otia me cnoiera inouia ap
pear In thli city.
1 Br. Dove itated tbat the Surgeon General had
allowed two hospital buildings near tbo olty to re
main , subject to the order of tbe Board of Health,
hould tbo cholera appear In tbe city.
Dr. Bore called tbe attention of tbo board to
the nreitnt nnlsinee law, and spoke of
where old boardt, tbavlngt, tlmberr, and other
combustible material wtra piled near dwelling
Tbe secretary was directed to amend the list of
nulstncts, and Insert the wordt " where any mat
ter prejudicial to the public health or safety of tha
ooinmuuity f hall be allowed to remain, ic 'l
Adjourned until the first Monday In Octeber.
Firk. About half-paat four o'clock yes
terday afternoon the alarm of lire was sounded
from box 58 central office fire having been dis
covered In the large clothing establishment of
Messrs Wall, Stephens A Co , on Firoiylvania
avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ttreeti The
firemen wero soon out and had several itrtamt of
water on the flames, which were soon extinguished
The fire orlxlnated from a defective flue In tbe fur
nace tn tbe German club rooms on tbe second
floor, and when discovered was between tbe floor
of the leoood itory and oelliog of the first. The
firemen toon had tbe boards up and tho it re ami
on, A large quantity of goodi were damaged by
water before they could be removed, It wat lm-
ponlblc for tho gentlemen to estimate their Ion
until they ice what goods are damaged. The lost
li covered by Insurance
Accidxkt. Yesterday afternoon, while
workmen were engaged tn hoisting tbe largest bell
(weighing 3,300 poundt) to tho steeple of Bt. Aloy
tut church, tho holttlng machine broke when tbo
belt was near tha top of the itoeple, and It fell to
tbe ground. Fortunately no one was Injured. Tha
bell was slightly Injured, but It is thought It oan
soon be repaired.
ArpoiNTKD. Cant John O'llagan has
been appointed by Warden Brown as aa officer at
the iall. Capt. Onagsn was three years In the
2d District regimeat, and afterwards for one year
In Uanoook's corps, and was promoted to a osp
talnoy, and Is In every way deserving of tbo ip
polatfflaat, hli numerous ftiondi out tiillfj,
i ,j;i;iP ' ' I i w M.io rLl I .." ITA Jill
Tub flcitKrrTiRM Fur. The annnnlfoatia-Al
under tho auiplees of tha German Target 'Associa
tion wat eommenced yeeterday at the Park, on
Seventh street, and will oontlnuo nntll Friday.
o prvgewnon was lormea in ironi or tno L'lty
HelL tba members and gueiU being seated In open
carnages it
me viiiwn, a urge number of whom wore from
Baltimore, arrived' about ntno o'clock, and war
met at tho depot bv a committee, who esoorted
them to Itullman'i Hotel, where lunch was had(
after which they wero escorted to tbe City Hall,
rvauveKi oj uepi, nioman, rretiaeni or too
Weihtogten association, who deltrired a neat ad
dreit, welcoming thoyttltors.
association responded) after whloh Mayor Wallaefa,
who was present, alio addressed tbo visitors wel
coming them to tbo city, aod assuring tbem, from
his knowledge of the Germans of this olty, that
thslr hospitality is not exceeded by any other com
m unity In the country.-' He wdutdj h hooped, bo
Sardonod for speaking tn such high terms of the
ermas of this ally, whan they consider that many
of thsx.mamberg of tbo anoolatlcn had been hb
mends from boyhood. w '
Tho visitors haartllT sheered the Washington.
lns, who returned tbo compliment, and tha Mayor,
on retiring, was heartily greeted with round of
applause by all. ( lA
The prooeulon was formed In tha followtog
ordtr, and proceeded by way of Fifth, F, and
Fifteenth streets, to the Executive Maoilou, and
front thanoa throunh Pennsylvania avenue and
Seventh street, to tho Park i Squad of mounted
police, under command of Lieutenant Johnson
nana or mo otn united mates cavalry Chler
Marshal Ferdinand Stosohj Assistant Marshals
Lieutenant Colonel Von Koorber and B. Ueoia i
committee of arrangement!, beaded by Charles
waiter, tq tae American ana uermtn flags,
with tho flag of tho association, presented by tha
ladles last spring, borne by Metira. Heary Will,
John Kelier, aod George Dill, mounted and flanked
by a guard of honorj, carriage oontalnlog Charles
Kloman, Esq , the president, of tbe association,
and Major Blumenbcrg, captain of tho Baltlmora
association f carriages containing tha committees
carriages with shooting masters Kaitell and Worob;
carriage with members of tho association and
Saooad Division! Mr. Chariot Welts, marshal,
with Mettrs. H. J, Baker and Fred. Kroekor, as
ttitantit Bergman's band, In a wagon, drawn by
four horieet tbo flags of tho Baltlmora association,
borne by mounted ensigns, flanked by a guard of
honor car drawn by Hx horses, on which wero
thirty-eight young ladlesMIis Augusta Rullmtn
representing tbe Qoddets of Liberty, and Miss Ma
tilda Algernon' the Goddess of Germanic tho
othar ladies representing tha tblrty-ilx States,
(after the accident mentioned elsewhere tha God
dess of Liberty was represented by Miss Ouenger;)
wagon Urawn by tWe small ponies, In which were
sated two beys With the targets ( mounted members
of tho association, fallowed by visitors, mounted
and In carriages.
As the proceiitoa patted tho White House tho
Pretldent came out on the portico, and was pre
sented with two boquett by Major Blumenbcrg and
Mr. EmlleTlscber.
Major Blumenberg remarked, tn banding up the
boquet, that ho waa happy tout to honor him, and
he, with tbe members or the Baltimore aiioolatlon,
wished Mm every loeeefi In life
Tho President remarked tbat ho felt thankful for
tba oompllment, and was glad to tee la tbe mttrop
oils of the nation so many Germans, all of whom,
he hoped, wo,u1. spend a pleasant time. A
On their arrival at tha Park, tha aarrlagaa wero
discharged, and after athort tlmw spent In brush
ing up, tbo members, with their guaett, sat down to
a fine lunch, and Immediately afterwards the shoot
log commenced.
President Johnson visited th Park yesterday
afternoon, and was received with great enthusiasm.
Ha made tbe tour of tbe Park, and after inspecting
tha arrangement for tho festival, returned to tbe
White House. z " u
TJnV$oBKttr or Riooa' Basic Several
dory, ago wa publttbed an account of tho robbery of
Rlggs Bank of $27,000 la 7.X0 bondi a'dd'the ar
rttVofRobertO. ItoUimtQ bv Deeotlves Btglty
and Kelly on tbo charge of being concerned In the
robbery. JIolMmnn had a hearing on tho 1st Inst ,
tht day of his arrest, and wat htld to ball In tbe
sum bf$ia,A00 for ft further hearing. Yesterday
morning, Holttman was before Juitloa Bates for ft
furthcraearlog Tha officers stated tbat they had
no further testimony to offer. Mr. If owls, counsel
fof HoHsman, aiked tbo Justice to "discharge tba
aerated, and eontended that ha had committed no
larceny, as lfe wss not connected with tho bank
and had no access to tha vault. He wat only a
companion of Parrtt, who committed the robbery
and visited him at his place of business, and that
tho aocused occupied no position where be could
Eire iniormaiion ai to ui wnereanouti or too stolen
ondt. Ho contended tbat It should be crovan
that the accused wat a party present at the time of
me iarceny, or in men a poiiuon as to give aid In
the, perpetration of tbe crime Mr. Kelly con
tended that the cue had been made out It was
fally proven that the aeeuted wont to New Orleans
with Parris and patted, while there, by tha name
of Cook. The teitimooy of Mr. Uri filth showed
tbat the accused often vliUed Parria at the bank.
Justice Batet held the accused to ball for his ap
pearance at eonrt la tbe sum of $5,000, Mr, Tbos.
Parker beoomlng his bondftnan. Parris has not
yet boon arretted.
OfiKfupsUKi amd Ohio Oamau An ad
journed mooting of the merchants, millers and
others Interested In the trade of tha Chenaaka
anOblo canal, was held yeiterday In the hall over
ioa marxet aouio, in ueorgeiowa, jenxin A nomas,
Eiq.f In the chair, and R Croptey, Eq ; secretary,
Mr. Bamuel Oropley, from the committee to whom
was referred tho report of Mr. Hill, made at tho
last meeting, relative to hli Interview with the
canal officers, stated that tbe committee bad con
sidered the same, and aiked to be discharged from
tit further consideration.
A short discussion ensued, In which Messrs,
Croplsy, Fhoeouker, Agnew, MehaOty and Hill
participated, expreifdng an unwllllngnett to do
anything to censure the canal company, the Mayor,
or any one a to.
The report was accepted and tho committee dis
charged. A vote of thinks was tendered to Mr. Hill, and
tho meeting adjourned.
Accident. Yesterday morning, as the
prooeulon of the German Target Association was
turning Into E ttreet from Tenth, an accident oct
currtd by whloh one of tbo young ladlei on the
oar wat badly injured. The wires of tho Bankers'
and Broken' and United Statet telegraph Unci
were not high enough to allow tho chariot to pass,
and It wat not noticed until too late. Tbe wire
came In oon tact with the ftoc of Mlsi Auguita
Hull man, who represented the Goddeu of Liberty,
and the wat thrown from ber icat on tho oharlot.
Her face was badly bruised by tbe fall, and the
complained of paint In her side She was taken
Into Mr Henry Kraqikoff's reildence. No. 471
Tenth street, and properly attended. It It tup
poied she ! not itrtouily injured, She was subse
quently removed to her home In a coach. Another
young lady jumped from tho chariot, but was not
serlouily hurt. The wlrei were torn down by tho
oolllilon, but will be Immediately repaired
1'oiick Oabm. Isaac Washington, col
ored, was arrested on Sunday by Officer Hurdle,
In the Flnt ward, for stealing from Taylor Page,
He was sent to jail for court by Justloe lirury.
Frederick lieu, William Ilass, and Joihua Ball
were arretted In the Seoond preoinct on Sundav.
by Officer! Crown and Bailey, on complaint of
ueorge w. umion, woo onirgea mem wun receiv
ing itolen hogs They were taken before Justloe
Walter, and irnt to jttl to answer the charge at
Jamei Ilenrv Booth, aliti Martin, who was ar
retted on Sunday, fur atiault and battery with In
ttnt to kill Oliver May, publlihed In the HtritLi.
cam of yesterday, bad a hearing before Justice
Thompson, and wat lent to Jttl to answer the
charge at oourt He wat alio fined $20 for carry
ing ooncealed wtspons.
Lewis Jones, colored, was arrested by Offioer
Leach, In the Fifth precinct, for atxault and bat
tery on Sarah Jones Ho was tent to jail lor court
by Justice Monell.
PntTNpiTNn. YcBterJov mornlnc nliout 4
o'clock a mulatto female lufant wat found on the
door tttn of Ellta Dent, a colored woman who re
side! on L itreet north, between Nineteenth and
Twentieth streets wsit. A colored woman residing
in tha vicinity named Sarah Jackson aiked for the
child, and It was given to her to raise.
Tvetii like orient pearls, set in cushions of
A breath like tbe perfume the toilet bestowi,
Tbete are tbo charms to win hearts when all other
churmi fade,
But they can't ba preserved without Sokodont'i
OstheUthlDeUDl, at 4 o'clock p, m . after a brief
lllaeee, Joihua LiCHim Hikiuimt, a native of Uuewa,
Miu , bat a reeldent of IhU city tutuy years.
Nr.ke ootloe that McCONNKLL HERBERT'S. 458
Seventh itreet, oppoaltt tht Poat Offlse, It tht place to
boy year School sooki, BUUi, Ptpir, ri, ta&i Ink.
AM:uiMx:MENTrM. ;
1 (LateOrcver'l)
ALDIHO er liPiir.i .;.J....PgOPtlITOBJ.
r4eilei efthe
Re -adapted tea afreaged, la fear aete, by Mr. Thos A
Hall, eat Had tbe
Oa tafabaaaUfal ttae Romaics ef
The celebrated geealt artlet, O fl OXTX. hat iavllhed
all Us rare Arttatie Taleatc tad Skill,
TBI FOWL1R limu, '
Mr. t. C. Banal,
Mr. C. B. BtgROP -
Mite JOiKPfHiri ITSOft,
Kre, fRID WlLLlAMl;
will appear, with aa
No extra ekavg e for seats eeeared Is advance.
Booreopeaalaawarter toecrea, Curtain will rlee
at a qnaricr to elf at. eell-tf
CoastaorvMuTi traatv arn FsaaavLVAiiA Avnri,
mix muKoacD..
Oa tXIOlT feptento , U4 SATUBS1T, I.pL U.
wimmi ont two maHTa,
niDiT, orrxvBu ji, ism,
V.r tb Ant Mb, U tkl. Mtr( Ik, ..l.brtUd !
QfT, br Ik. xtMlf . Brolh.ra.
, CIjyiOILAC01iE,
Witt powerful ual, .fUalll a.w niinU, appol.U
Orltpla., a Cbbf.r. DraorlaiUI
i...ll.,kliWI(. llUfc r.aUa.Culu.
Ooatlaod.l Pier. Slf.or Irraal
'a'l'lo. aDortot SfiorH.rr.
Mlrtb.Uar Doctor aaa AprthMarr M. CoMll
La Coman, a Taltr Blf.oi. P.M..1
MaAilrabal, Sliaoi Lm.M1I
arlolo .UcaorCatua
OoadaMor aat Matlial Vlrcetor Slaor Sartt
Wllo Ik. tall itaafta af lb, apaa)r,
R-mrrf rtala la OnhoMra, ( UaiUalaa to Prt
T.u boiaa, lit; la Orau Onit aal P.rq.atu, ,1 1 n
Mrt.d HaU,M Mata .lira. Tbo aala of IKk.u will
aoraraoan Iklo tlimUf, Soptoabor 17, at Malurott'.
Mail. Store. Ml7-rawf
WAsaisaTox oiuuk tasoit auociatios
17TB, ira, urn, win axd sir or ixrmtBtK.
Oa tbo Ural day tbaro will to a OBAID PBOCBa.
BIOB, larttag from Iba CUT Hall at 9 oolo.k. a. ra.
tho Oal.braloI Acrobat, wbo croaaW tb Itlaaara aa a
ropo, will porform ororv aftoraooa
Tba oie.ll.al Baad of tba lib Dattat Suloa Caialrr
will faralab Coooart Hoalo Jarta, tbo FoatlraU
A allTar Ooblot a. Prlf. for lb. Klar.
Nta. Quid M.4alo for Ooioral Bboollaa.
1. 11 Twaalr Dollar OoU Plooo.
1 eold Watob aa4Cbala.
8 AlaoPoroolalaTabloSel, (Mplocoa) .
A Ooffoo aid Taa Borrteo, wttb Plata, (BllTor 1
BV A llarbU-Top Tablo aad four Cbalro
.f: A f '" Kalraa,' ror, Tablo aad Toa Spooao,
(Sllror )
7. A I'ait.
9 AOold.neadadCaao.proaaalodbrMro.8rrlaABaa.
fc allTorCaatoro wltb Boltlaa aad dlaaaoo
J ""'1I'' Hooratbaam npa, praaaatU by
Mr. J 1 wtermao
II. Penalala Stt, (S pleeee.) preeettad by Meeara. Bote
ler Jc Soa.
IS. Bow JebAanMberHr.preaeated br Mr. Bitlauaa.
13. A HetrMbaua lsW;prteBMd bf Mrs. O. S-JU.
14. AbonMnnimreTtenay.preeintedtrTMeHra. Be.
erg Wtitleben -
la. AtllvtvCefWerjim. 'Ji-
M i ABUverrrattBatim, preMated by aVwr.. bait
aad Bro.
IT Silver Water W4tVip tiatuaiaj v. w.a. w.vl
It Be verts se.
jb. Asuver vv ana.
19 Oae Bllrar Walea
SO A Silver Batter Sevvfee.
tS. Brntp Pit her.
S3, talt aed Pepper Set.
Si A Toilet Set.
1. A Live Daer.
8. A heavy Silver Ladle
9 A Silver Watch
Baaidea the above, the following Prlata have 1mm
Two Silver OnbleU, by Mm. T Miller.
Silver Table CaalAr, by tlra A Koch
Fine China Bet. by Mr Jeremlab McCarthy
MtMreebana Plp, bj Meaera 8111) an a.
Packet Revolver, by Mr. O. H Maack
Mevrechtnm Pipe and Set ar Holder aad three poatde
flue Smoktoff Ttbaeoo, by Mr. P Belli
Klexaet ttewlaf Bow, by Mr Prllt Deader
Two fleely framed lleioree.by Mr J Mtrtrlter
Oae Saely framed Pletare, by Mr L Lohmaa
8ekaaUeB Hat wltb goi faaekle, by Mrs S Berth,
Ptveg-ellotebeetPreaehBraadr.by Mr. A Algler
A beaatlful Oaae of Oraameatal Vlo were , by Mrt John
A Written Deik, by Meaere Dempeej A 0Tole
Twenty-flve dollara caeh, preeeated by Mr R.A. Sklaa
A Balmorat Skirt aad Lady's Shawl, preeeated by
M..r. Laaaebart; A Bro
AdmltUaee, U ceate for each Person ; Chttdrea nader
IS year, free.
.RaT The pnblie U reapeatfolly lavlted, aa aotkUr will
be i pared to make tble oae of tae areaieat (at tl vale ever
held la thle elty CUAS KLOMAff, Pree't.
W.R VO KUERBER.Oor. See'y. aelJ-amtaSt
iron Hiwiia oit uknt.
'Mr DWELL1KO, iltnattd at IheUteriectloaoXafary
land and Virginia area net, between Seventh and Rlaktb
aii-eete weet Tbe Honie la fll raet front by 40 net deep,
with wide hall .broach the static The lotlelOOfoet
front by 2U feet deep, embraelBy one half or iqaare iW
alS diftf Seatoa Hoaee
JL; third ttorlee of tbe doable buUdlig toraer of
Tenth atreet and LouUlaa avenue, aaluble for pablie
uivvMBaai, taw vtiieva, . a Dp it to
tell Jw
ISO Rrldva atraat. flaariraiawn
(Chron A Intel
; known SMITHSOVUN RKSTAURAirT, located
oa Tenth itreet, between Peaaejlvtata avenue aad C
atreet, eon tailing eleven modi Water tad gat
throng-bout tbe premWee It will be told or rested oa
180 Bridge itreet, Qeorgelowa.
Chroa A Iill.
" NATIONAL REPUBLICAN, (aabotn ) froca the
flrat line, Nov. S, I860, to the preaeut aay. Addieaa,
N B X, at tblt office. a7-ti
UNDER THE WHOLE HOUSE. The lot eontalne over
11,000 feet of grouaJ,B&der ealilvatloa, with ffrape
vlnee, frnlt treea.abrubi, Soweia, he Oaa aad waUr
tbrongjiout the bout. It It a Srat-elaaa realdeaee,aad
la la ose or the Saeit loettloai la the elty. Addreaa 8.
H J , at tkti oflee. )y!9 If
HOT dealrea a Situation. Apply at the Rarca.
LK.41 Ottee, where reference caa be had eell-tf
ill Thirteenth itreet, bat we a Q aad H
Tht dntlee of tble Inetltutloe will com me nee Sep
tember 10
For clrcuUie apply at the SEMINARY, or addreie the
Prluclral. MUS tt J HAKKUEK,
13 lw Waahlagtoa, D C
The several departmeata will opn at follow a .
Preparatory Departmeat, WEDNESDAY, September
121 h
Aetdemle Department, WEDNESDAT, September
Law Department, WEDNESDAY, October lOtb.
Medical Department, MONDAY, October Hth.
For farther lnfurmsilon, eddreae
Q. W. SAMSON, D, D ,
tat. SnwSwt President.
034 Ftaaiylveait aveane, S dooriwttt el NLath ttrtet.
vraiBiaaToa vtvr,
AU the new bookt of tht age received Immediately
epos laaae from the preaa, tad for salt at pabllthcra
Imported Statloaery aad Amerlesa manafaetare, ef all
giadea tad variety, at the loweet New Tork price,
Blaak Books of all elylea ea hand, aad aaede to order
without loan of lime.
Tlaltiag Cards prlated, aid platee engraved la the
lataet feealoa.
All Medical Books SBpplltd at piblliktrt' rate.
fspec Ml .urtltpH atansdtooriar syl-tt
T a,4ym 000 k,.j: 4 0 o:v
r' 1 r
m-riurfa niirr, .ppoaiioTBi txiasuit,
bof aad aofl at oarrat aaarb.1 ralta, aad bop ooa
j. oiiaatv 1
olaallj .a baad a fall oopplf of
VUAU It I 1" '
j,i.i -v 1 '
I i
Ordoro for BbMka, Boada, Aa , oxooatod, aad Co11m
laau raada oa all aoeaoatbt. potalo.
iti IT
1200,000 BOLD.
aalborlaad aa to .all tb.tr lat afortaaao 7 par eoat. 10
oar boada. Tbo wbola auoaal la ...000,000 Coapoaa
payablo aa tbo lat dtfa of Jaaaarp aad Jalr of aaob
raar, la Bow Tork
BafotrUf to oar adrarUaonaat of Aaaaat, havlar'
oold tbo Iral balf aalllloa of Iboao doalrabla boada, wo
aaToadraawodtbolTloo to HOair-riyi CBT, al
wblab Ibor alaad aarlralad aa Iba oboapoat flrat.alaaa
Mcarltr la tbo raarkat.
Aar fortb.r laqalrloa will bo aaaw.rod at oar oflao.
aopl-tf JtTCOOXIACO.
El D 0a, (ofJayCooke A Co.,) ftealdenl,
W, B. Httnievoa:, Oaaaler,
lfTi trmatT, fTOtTVr ni TatAurav aariavaiir.
Oevnatetit eaewttlee with Traatarer Ualtad BUtet,
We bay aad tell all tlateea ef OOVEENMBNT SSCU
RITIU at tarreat market relet,
FURNISH BICHANQB aad stake Oolleetloai ea ALL
We parakeet Government Tot then oa tkt MOST
FAV0RABL1 TERMS, asd give tinrVL Ait raeirrT
atrasTioa vo
aad to Uf other baalaeaa eatreeted te aa.
LOANS at aU timet theerfelly f araithed.
WW. BUNTINOTOr, Cathlar.
Waatnvatvws, Mti-b an. iasA aaaP-dt-f
Usivia Stavu PAVtav Orrtet,
WAvaitsToa, JtlytllSHl,
On the petition of Jamee Umabalsk, W Wooneoeket
Faila, Rhode lalaad, pvaylag for tke eatenelen ef a
Kteal granted to him on tae X day of November,
Si, for as. Improvameat la "mode of oounler-bnlaae
lag Haraeeaee la Loom," fore tea yeare from Ibeea
Slratloa ef tald pale at, wkleh takee ptaee ea Ike Sd
ay of November, I8ti6,
It le ordared tbat the tald petition be heard at tke
Palest OBce oa MuNDAT.Uo Uth day o OetoUr Best,
at II o'clock, tn. ; and all peraoneare aotlBed lo appear
aad ibow eaaee, tf any tbey have, why tald petition
oagkt aot to be granted.
Fereoea eppoelag the ei tea tlon are repaired to Sle la
tbe Patent Offlte their objectloae, aMolally Mlfxrlh la
writing, at ltaat twniy dart before the day of kearlnc j
all Ueuaboay Sled by el iter party, to he need at tbe
tald btariig, tuaat be taken and traaamlltod la aaeord
Bicawlla the ralee of Ueeflee, whleh will be for
elehed oa appllettlea
Depoallloaa aad etkir papera relied aponaeUall
uony. nuit be Sled In tbe D) tvvnty day ttf iro tbe
day of bearing; tbo argnmeau, If any, wlikla (n dtja
after fling tbo leailmoay
Ordered, alao.that tbla notice bt pnbllaked la tba Kt
rcsLlOAM and the InHliigmrtr, Watblngtot, D C , ead
la tkt Journal, Providence, Rhode Ulead, once a
week for three aaeeeelve weokej the Sretofaald pnb
II eat Ion t to be at leaat alaly daye prevlona to tbo day
ofheerlaf. T. 0 THBAKER,
Commltalonerof Paleatt.
P. 8 Editors ef tht abvt papera will pleeee eopy,
aad aead their bill to tke Paieat Office with a papal
eottalaltg tblt notice tat-lawSw
To Wiv 1
la the ease of Oeorge B. Footer, admlalatraUr ef
Angatt Meyer, deceaaed, the admlalilrator aforeaald
baa, wltb the approbation of the Orphan a Oourt ef
Wnablagtoa Connty aforeaald, appointed Baterday, the
11 of See Umber sett for tbe anal Mltlemenl aad efletrt
batloa of tht pertoaal eatau ef tald detested, aad of the
aaeete la bead, a far aa the lame have bees eolleetod a4
taraad late moaert when aad whore all the eradlaara
tad helrt tf eald deceaaed are notlSed lo eitead, with
tbelrelalma properly vouched, or tkey may other w tee
by law be escladed from all beneSI la eald dteeaeed'a
eetatt t provided a eepr of tblt erdei be yubltiked oaee
a week fur tkree weeks la tha Natiojul JUrosuoAS
nratwlnna tA Iba aVJrl rllT. '
AtU'WSW aUUtSf Of WUll,
rpOw 0ON.TBA0TO.ns.
j r a Dfrioa ,p AaaT C-MaiaalBT BnfrtravcB. )
Boat HcUitar. Mtart tia, I
. . m - . .. . puaibor (,1m. )
Saaltd rropoaalo will bo raorind at iblo oral, for
nppl;la( Iba Iroopa at Tort M.n.arr, Hd , wllk
. . . rtisH Diir, "
for all aaoataa from Ibo lol Oatobor, IBM
Tba BMf la ba of food aad mrboublo q.illtr. la
tqaal proporlloaa of f.ro aad blad qaartor (aooba,
abaata aad kUoar lallow to bo oatladod,) to ba do
llrorod la aaah qoaalltloa aad at aoeb llno-aol
ooodlat Ibr.. llu.i a wa.k aa Ua Aaalalaat Craaala.
aarroBaba1aUaaaaiar doalaatto. . ..
i Tin aaob of ibo oaillo olaabl.rdat' ri bo lallTtrad
udar tbla ooalraM ahall b. cat .or at v lb. roanli aorta
bral Jolal aad Ibo braaat Iraraad dowa. lb. abaaka
offora aaarlara abalt ba oal off from tbroo to foarlaabM
aboTO tbobaM Jolal, aad of blad aaartora froat alx lo
olrbl taoboo abora tbo rarabral or hoch Jolal, , y
Ta-al rrapoaalo, oadorood Propoaall for nppMaff
Troab Boavf, V, u it aaal u tbla oBleo aa or bafora li ra
oftkattlhlaataal. Baab prapoaal U bo aaooaapaalad
bj- a. approftd faaraaloo Iballbo panjproaoala, wUl
oaUr lalo boada lo parforra Ibo coatraal.
Tba aiuloralffaad raoorroa Iba rlabt to rajMt aar of
allbUa aol to lb, laUraol of Ua ttaltad Btataa.
If i aa 1. I a- 1, a. BASCEOrr.
M7-IBM Brarot Capl. 0. B. A. A. 0. B.
eater the aeipUea 'of the Soldiers aad Sailors' Ualoa,
WathlaftoevO. C at Orevat e Theatre, oa
mtr 800,U00 Utktts wUi!U eold at H eea Tfl.OOO
prewatsM avuiN) vainaa a. 9Jou,uuu i mo,vw oi tae
ptvSU la be gives to Ibo Soldiers aad Sallore ' National
Orvaaeral Homt Feed. IkVoootolbe Waaklagtoa Male
aad Female Orphan Atylam,la balaaee, afler d edetellag
esjaeneet, to bt paid to tkt Treat orer of tht Soldier a aad
BaUort' Daloa of Waaklagtoa, D. C.
i list or mnmtG be AwiRbkr?.
1 Three -e tery brlek iUtate,! street, bet weed Sixth
aad Seventh , , fi,onu
1 Three etory brlekrMldtnee.Soeond it ,aearR 10,006
1 Thrvt eUrr brlek rttldebte, Ttath atreet, ba-
tweea h aad N , s,on
t Twe-etory brick reetdenee, Tenth itreet, be-
tweewat aed N , 0,000
1 Two-etory brlek residence, Tenth itreet, be
tween MandV 0,000
B Fine elty Iota, oaleveatbetreet north 4,000
1 Splendid Carrltft, Boraet and Harnett, com
plete ,... 4,000
1 Splendid Dlamoad Rlng,.. 1.000
1 Bet Dlamoada eoaujlete, Pit, Ear-rlat-i and
Ritgt) ..TZ....... l.ono
1 OranJ Plane, (Sulaway'i),,. 1,500
1 Solid Silver TeaSet l.ono
lOOraed Planet, Moo each 0,000
10 Do two each.,... ...a., 5,ooi)
100 Oeat'tOold Watehea, (300 each 90,nxt
SO Ledlee' Do. SlUeath e,l0
S Grand Melodtoae,$atOOeaeh l,o
SO AmorteaaCaae Stiver Watehet,$75eaeh,... S Otn
TS Heating Do. Do 40 each.... 8,000
60 Diamond Rlaga.llOOto 1300 eaeh 7,000
Dlamoad Pita, flOOeaeh. 1,000
40 Stwtag BfttMnei, BtOO eaebaMa 4,000
10 Do Do S7Saath 1 jttO
SO 8HverplatedTeaStt,S?0eaeh l,6on
Ml SllvarCaatora. SlAtaeb I tio
0 000 CitKki,Albam,Jwelry,e .atoSlotach 17, 000
19 000 Tea aad Table Spoon 1, Ae (SltoS0oaah 10,000
10,000 QoJd Pent, Sleeve Rottune, At , BLtg S3 ,
aath .'....' 14,000
40.4-u bo a uatierv, s,a(ravinta, ae . si to sio
oath ; 00,000
n Total M.W, 000
TBtawarae win oe mate anr taeeoaeert, oa the Btee
of the theatre, where tkrttthoaaaod peraoaa can wit
peas 1L A tomnutwe will be appointed by the tndlette
1 4a aNMrlatend tbn tamo
.Printed 1UU of ewarde will be pabllehad aad inpylled
to i4tU Akd ticket -bolder Fartiea having tlckete
will retain them aatil after the awards are made, and If
their aambero appear in the Hat, they will forward their
ticket e Immediately, wltb fall direction aa to tbe hlp
plat of ajeada it deedi Aw tha property Ticket! for tale
at all the principal Hoiete. Book aad Moalt Store In tho
city, and at tbe Hoedqanrtera, la tho Mammoth Fair
Bemdlaf foMhebeaeSiof thtSoldleta'end Sallore' Ha
tloaal Orphata'Home Faed,coraerof Seventh atreet
and Peanaylvatla aveane, Waa h lag ton, D C.
Tha Nlnatora appeal ttrthe irbtranty of the people to
give lkla,eatrprtbe UkettRlaA nre)rt,eal thereby aa.
alet la Mile t log the vaaia o 4hf UfpAaaa fallea
CARD A largb ammVt it ttrtete Temalalag uaaold.
It will, be ntotaeaty U Tnatpoaa tke drawing until
THURSbAT.the 11th of October, 158, at which lime It
Will pOUtlTwlT VHIT
Tha maay owladtlag achemea that have bta pre
eeated to the pnblie daring tkt ptat few month avme
wbatdalaytdeor aalee.UttH we were able to eatl.fr
the people tkroaghovl the eonatry that thli eaterprieo
waa geealae, aad eolaly for tkarttablt parpeeea Tke
Dlroetora art conddealof the tale of overr ticket, aad
bate allotted an Helen t time to giaraatee the aalee
wuaooi aarianoer poaipwaoioai.
MAJOR H.A HALL, Prealdent Mdlere and Sallore
Unloat fol r!IA I rtPlHAKT, Major M II AL
BEKUER, WILLIAM B, MO RIB, Maniglng Director.
TatiKctr DtFinTMtrr.)
Orriri of InTenMii NnvRnrt. E
WaaHlVOTOF, July 17, IMS J
Whereaa n.A.Tfall aed otbere, te 'uanairlng dt-
reetora" of tbe "tiraad National Concert, " to bo held
la Waaklagtoa, D C., on the 24 of Angnat next, have
madtdtt tDDllcatloa to L Cleohaae. Collector of In.
Ureal Reveaae for tht collection dletrlct of tht DUlrlct
oruoiambia, ror permueioa to noia a lottery, raffle, or
in ai4Tpnai,ai prvaaaiva .0 Bin aii(iaciurf ovi
lenee that tbe oroceedi of laid lotterv. raffle. or rtft
enUrprUewtil be devoted te ekatitablo itta.permla
moau DereoTgraawu o 00 "managing aireciort"
tohotdaahioUery,rafltt, or gift eattrprlao free from
all charge, whether from tax or licence, la reepect to
each lottery, raffle, or gift enterprlae
M. at. ROLUNB,CommUeloner.
All Dtraono favorably dlaaeeed trt rooneaud to act aa
age at a, bnl no commleeloae will be allowed
Money ebonld la all eaaee be Mat by poet oflee order,
draft, ezpreea, or reglitered letters
la everr eaaa aead tha aama aad ol oOlea ajt !
eonnty aad Staloof each eeparateeabMribar, aad eaeloae
tump. AU orders for tlckete meat he addreaaod to
tvibjaiaa. a, aunia,
Soeratavrv Saldlara aad SaJtAra HuMnaul i7ABijiair
Wtahlagton, D C Lock Box No S7,
Aar an, i rjnaiBtiufl,Ti-
MiJ Oen WlnfleldB Haaowck.U B A.
Oen Robert C, Schenek, M G , Ohio.
0a.IUlbrt Paine, M 0 , Wlaconeln
Oen. John H Ketekam, M G, New Tork.
Oen. Jamet 0 Bluet, Kaaiaa.
Oen J N Hedrlck, Iowa.
Oen D. 0 MoCallajn, D. C
Oen O T. Daytoa, New Tork
Hon. Thoa. W. Farry, M C, Michigan
Hon Oeorge Lawrence, M C , I'tnntTlvanla
D C. Forney, Baa v District of Colambt.
MaJ. J B. Doaghty. Now Tork.
Boo. Waa, Kelley, M G , Penaeylvanla.
Hob. Kalian T Whalty. M C . Weet Virginia.
Hoa.RbeBG Ingereoll.M O.llllaola.
Hon. Henry C Doming, M. C .Coonectteat.
Hon A.U Ulla.M O, New Tork
Boa. Leonard Myera, M C , Patntvlra.it a.
Ho a. William A. Newell, M C . New Jereey.
Boa. Oeorge W, J oil an, M C , tadlaat
Hob StepheaF. Wilton, M, 0 , Penatylvanla.
Hob. J. B OrtnneLM G.Iewa.
MaJ 0 M. Taa Baraa, New Tork.
Oen.R B llayee, M 0 .Ohio
Hob B T Holmeo. M 0.,Now Tork.
Hob O R. Latham, M. 0 .Weal Virginia.
Boa Jamet A Marvin, M C , New York.
Hon Tbna T. Davla, M C , New Tork.
Boa T O. Bergen, M 0 , New York.
Hoe Samuel J, Randall, M C, reanaylvaala
SarriMtiB 1, IflM
To wiTt
la the etie of Jane R Brent, admlalatratrlx of
Caroline Hill, deceaaed, the aJiulaUtratrlx aoreeald
baa, with the approbation of IU Orphan' Ounrt of
Waahlngton Coatily afreaalJ, appoluiad MATUKDAY,
the 29lh la.tant, for the S tal III 1110 1 and dUtrlbrj
tloa of tht pereonal oatate of eald deceaaod. aed ef
the aaeete In hand, at far aa the tamo have been col-
lectedandtaraed into money! when anl where all the
creditors and belre of eald deceaaed are notified to at
tend, with their clelraa properly vo ached, or tbey
mayotborwlao by law bo excladed from all benefit la
aald deceased' estate t provided a copy of thle order bo
pabllahajj once a week for three waek la tbe Na
tional KirtriL.ci prevlone lo the eald day
I fa. Is. BVIII'lll1!
eept-wSw Keiilater nrWlila
Teat 1
aa. is. auDiuti,
laliaU-iil AOILaUM,
Fearteooth itreet, (circle ) corner of M itreet.
Tblalnatltntloa laaltoated la tho moat heallhv Por
tloa or the District, earroanded bv Ua owu Kroanda.
Care paae the door every five ruinate
Tertua or adroiniou i rrom fn 10 iiu pr wmk, in ae
c trdevce wltb tbe r nnu muairtiJ. DtVabU lu advauiM)
Tblalaclndee Board, Medldiioa, Hid leal, and hurg Ual
erttiiot it CHAikta
J II THORPBON.M. D. 1M1 atreet. between Twen
tieth and Twealy.flr! atreeU.
(uNiiiTivit ravtiriAV ann at auinva
JOS K. BARNES. M. D. B1.rK.0a U.n.r.l. TJiilled
Btatea Army.
JOB RILIT, M D.Ooorgetown
THOS MILLEH. M D . F atroet, Waablngton
A Y P. UAKNETT, at D , New York aveane
W P JOUNSTON. M D.Waahltgtoa
GRAFTON TYLER, U D .Oeorgeiewe.
Application for ndmlieloae iao be madelo aav of Ifat
medical etaff or the matron at the Hu.pHal Ordeja for
ad mlaaloa to tbe free bade of tbla Initiation oaa ba ob-
dalned of tht Rev. G U Hall. Rector of Ike Bplabtar
Cbarch.of theRtv A D. Olllelte. Paatoret tbe Flrat
Btptlit Charch, tad or tht Bergeoa la tbarge at hit itt
Idenae Order fur theadmlaaloaof the wlveaorwldewt
of toldltreoT the Ualted Stalee army eaa be proenred
tbroOi.h the Sargeoa General, United Blatee army,
Jy. 0 U HALL. D D Beertary.
leTri PtaaiylvaaU aveane, between Teatb aad He v
eatb elreeu, tenth tide.
Bookt eleganUr erplalaly bona, gVleaUaltud
Itwipaaan aagalUly aMatiai W)
,'uh,i!he t-t , .
pvEiiNMEKT Vessels at auc
tiu.1 bi jQnB DRtrw, Aaituaaor.
UirttTiaatjTla'a Orrica, B6. Brtra ar ; I
. , , BawToaa.lapl 19, IBM )
Tba (ollowla, OoTtraataal aa .la wlU ba bold at
aablla aortloa. .1 tbo Qororaaital wbart CaatU Oaf
daa, aa rRIDtT, lb. Hat laalaal, Til t 7
Btaaaiboat Mary Btntun, BM toaa. j, i
Buanboat a. W rbo-wr, MO loao, aad
Bar,.Cei(-illl,(doabl.daab.) " r
l7aaautobOQadaUa...i.B..iriId. ,
..II rWaBalorogaTriMdOaJSW.
I70R SAtB-rOi. WEDNESnAY, tho
, .' M da or Calabar ,rtl, at II ra , at U.bobaa, aaar
tbo tanr. A, Baroaa, ataata atorollor '
iiii"v - crrAHooA,
J'l,iHl,l " " " raoaaaraaiaali
"i'Ht y--"aJt, Boar lark, (a IBM tlxM V.
Mb, ToMalaad oadari rnlaabad aad Iboroatblr ra.
palrad bf ba Lin, la pitladolpbla, IBM. 5 iow "
oonploto ordor
Haa oaa f oaplota t of ooltoa aalla, aoarlr bow, aad
lo wall fooad la aaaboro, Aatao, boaia, Aai Bao poop
tHa,,waTooa,i banb-aloob, aad all Ua appolat
raa.ta of a Jaaaaf.war baa
Two aaolllallBir aglBoo, BfliSZ
Twa barlaoajtal labalar ballarai
Cotopoaltloa aoraw. 10 1 dlaaaotar, 14 foot pllab l
Btoraa 119 rroao (oaa eaal la ba.k.ra
Tbo raaaoleaa bo oxamlrod aa aad aflar Voadap,
Bapt. 8, at'llabokoa, .Mr Ua tarrri walll U. dap or
aala, aad orarr laroriaalloa llvaa bj lba aBlear. la
Collaofor vt Coatoato'aTow Tork.
EODBBB. aa Qtrtanaa!taTarllvrioV )
Darr o.Wa.u.rc,, (
WltanwaTOV, XT C . Bapl. l 1SML I
Will ba aoU al pablie aaolloa, oa BATDKBAT, Bp
umbar &, aadar Ua dlraatMa of Brofat XlooUaaat
Coloaal 3ajnaa bt Hoore A. Q. II , ooiaaaaaala. al 11
la tba falUwla, War.bon.aa, Aa 1 oa Bavoataoatb
atraat, aaar MrfrMt aatlh I ,im
o.. Iwo-ator. but.a. ka.wa aa tbo Oaatiarraaa.
lar'a IloapHal, troiax 17 foal br il fa.1 r
Ua. addllloa to dltla, btlaa 11 l br BO Iwt
Oaa 6UMa, lw alaka, aad MM Int ol Jaaaa..
Al t p m , oa 0 alraal, batwaaa TwaalfBral aad
TwoatTMaad atraata t
Oa. Warabaaaa, fa.1 br 111 f.aL
Oa. WarabooM. tl raat bj 1x3 ra.1.
BalUlara will ba .old aloglr, aad marl la ruaOTed
wllbla Ua dapo from data or aaJo
Torn, i Caab la Oororamaal raado.
BrLalaJ.Ooa aad Cblaf Qflarttnaaaur,
11-14 Pap.lorWaablatloa,IXO.
Willi AbaUIVB,
FtaiDMRt't VrtLdwe, Ta-
By order ef the Commlaaloatr Baroaa Refageei,
FreedmtB and Abaadoaed Laade, wlU bo aeld at ptblle
aactlOn oa THURSDAY, Beplember SO, 1MU, IS nooa, at
Freodmta'i Vlllare, Vt , coademnait Bareaft nlore.
Vll aHoreja, Utvelipe,Fena Implemeata, Re, dm.
Terma of late t Caan, la Uovernmcnt fende
m eelt t t?tpt V.R C, bt pert e Undent.
ale of Navy powders.
Navt Dip AnrMirr.
Brnitc or OtDntvcB,
Wteaitoreir Crrr, September D.1M6 )
There will be eold at pabllc anctloa, to tkt hlgheat
blddere.at nooa, TOBbDAI, tke Sd day ef October, at
Ibo Offlee of tht oflleer commanding the Naval Ordnance
Depot at Jeffenoa Barraekt Reerve, aemr Si. Loale,
lo , about fivt thoaiand (A WO) barrele of powder,
competed of cannon, mortar and market powder
Tbe powder a will be told Is tote to eo.lt porehaaera
Teriuaca-b, la Govern men t fnnda, on half le be do
poalted oa the coacUloaf tba aala, and tht remainder
within tea daya afterwarda, daring which Hue tbe
powder matt be removed from the groande. otherwlee
tbey will rtre.t to tht Government
l'nrjriaT wjJI bo reialred to farnleh their awa
package, where tht powder ft nit la barrel.
aell H. A. WISE, Chief of BareaaT
lia wlrlti nf A will of rUri TiaIbi luxaaal fwvab Ika.
CUrk'aOOceef, the Ssprame toariat the Dlatiitt of
Colombia, end to tut directed. J trill tspoat toasblle
etie, for oath, ta front of the Uoart.Heaee door ef aald
Dletrlct, OO.TUU1UUAV, the rth day of September, In
atant, lMre.at i cVeteck, ra , tharollewlag dtaerlttd
property, to wit : ' ,
Fart vf ainareNo S.1J,begLaatBf for the tame at a
point on tba line or EievtaiJi Ut weet at tbe dla
tance of 3tu feet northward from tha aouthweetora cor
ner ef eald aitare, and running thence aorth,aJoat the
line of aald atreet. ) fet; theact taat P3 feet lo
Uchee, thence aooth S3 fet, and tbenee weet to tho
aald Eleventh etreet end place of beginning j batag iba
lire tattle of Nathaniel Beach Id aad to hlewlfe'etn
divided flftb pari of aald iiare aad Imprevesaenta
Ibt-roon, la thedtyof Waablntoa, D C.
belied tad levied upon ta tbe property of Nathaniel
Beach, and will bt told lo aatlaly litrt Faclaa Jo Si,
U B Marabal.D C.
la virtue of a writ nf Fieri Faciei leaned from tbe
Clerk 'a olBooof tbo Supreme Conn of the DiatrWl of
Colambla, and to me directed, I will expoee to public
vala for caab la front of tb CoartHi)odoor or aald
PI trial, on Thursday, the SDtb day of September lnt ,
iiauv, . .wviTv v iimi in , inn ioiiowibat uoNcriuea
I roperly, to wll r Lot No Ti n,KIbby'e auhdlvlelon of
eqoare No S71, aa laid down oa the plot of tald eabdl
vutoa of aald eqoare In tbe oflee of tbe Surveyor of
tbe city of WaahUgton. D C , together with ail aad
lingular tke Improvement tkereoa, tailed and levied
apo aa tha property t Joaapk L. aavage, tad will t
eold to aall.fy No ltVVf Fieri Faclae, Nelaoa 8. Eaatoa
va. Rrwln 0. Ceioetock aad Joaeph L. lavage
fir 8 MirihelDlitrictorColamble.
September let. 180S aept-td
T1IK NAT10NTlilfN10NilUSiNlS
la one la a Union, of Collegia extending to the principal
eltlaa Permanently bawd apoa the Jetl principle of
Individual ownarthlp.lt offera naequalled advaauget
at ralee much lower than tea be afforded by aay other
Spcocerltn Penmanablp taught la lit parity by Heary
C spencer, the celebrated tothor of tht "aipoaeerlea
Key to Penman thlp "
Theavatem of Bntlaeaa Practice. Invented and ana
cea ally taaght by the proprietor, will receive bit ape.
tlal attention Thli le the moat Important part of the
Book-keeping Co arte Here tbe atadeat appllee baa
theoretical knowledge, aad la prepared for the more
minute detail of eat oal bnatnut. The ayitea la to
valuable that other art aalng It. (
Individual Inatrnctlon, adopted In all branehee, allowa
the eladenl to proceed at rapidly ae he chooaee. The
teacher le tbo only one who need to know the dtficlea
tiee of toy pupil Repeelelly la tbla the eate during
tbo aammer months, when ichooli nasally have a email
Tke pa bile are Invited to eall tad extmlnt tht moat
beantlfal eolleetlon of Pea-work ever exhibited la
Fortlrtalartaddrett HENRY N COPP, A. M.,
JeU-tf Proprietor
Ujmtjip Svirta 1'ArtJT Orriot,
lViiHittjTuJ', Auf nat 1-1, lS-t
Oa tht petition of Erauae A Pond, of Rutland, Ytr
moat, praying for tbe eiienaion of a paleal graalod la
bltu tba Tib. day of December, l&S,foraa Improvtmeal
la Pll Making Maehlaei, for aeveaytari from the expt
ration or aald patent, which take plat oa tbe 7th day
of December, fxM
It ta order! that tho aald petition be beard at the
Patent OtSce oa MONDAY, the 1 Uth day or November
next, at IS o'clock m : and allveraona are noiiBed ta
appear and abow cauae, tf any they have, why aald pott
tloa oagbt aot to b granted.
Peraona oppoalng lie estenlon are reanlrtd to Sit la
the Patent Office Ibelr objection, apeclally eel forth, la.
writing, at leant tioenty daya before tho day of hearlag i
all teeilmoty Sled by either parly, ta be d at lha
eald hearing uutt be lakea tad transmitted In accord
anca with the rnlea of the gmee, which wlU be far-
aianeu on appiiuaiiva
Dcpoaltlona and other piper, relied, upon at ttatU
monr. innet ba Sled la the ultlce ttatttta dm bailor,, th
day of bearing j tbe argauetu, If any, wlthla fendayt
after II ling tba tetllmony
(.iroerea aieo, mat iota none do paDiitDed 10 ine
RirriLlLtii aad tke XiUtimnl Intttlturuerr. Wulilaat.
toa, D C , and tn tho HertiM, Rutland, S'truoat.
once a week for three euccelfe weekt, the drat of tal J
liublleallona to bo at leaat ilvtr dava prevloo to a
day ef hearing. THOMAS HAULAN D,
acting uoramieuoner oi la.eata.
P B EJltore of tht above papera will pleaat eopy,
and aend their bill to tht Patent Offlee Wllh a papa
containing tble notice aalS-lew3w
UnriD bviTtt PiraxT Or net,
WAiixtro Angatt 31, ISM.
Oa the petition or Jearuw Atklna, uf Moktaa, UUnola,
praying lor the 11 union of a patent granted to hint on.
ihVlatdayof Drcrmber, 1RA2, fur ta Ituprovtmtat 1
Rake totlraln IUrrricra,for aevta year from tbe ea
.(ration uf eald palvnt, which take place ea the Stat
day or licreutlicr, IrXHt,
It la ordered Ibal the aald petition bo beard at the
Patent Offlee on MONDAY, tbe 3d day of December next,
al 11 o'clock m , and all paraont are aollSed lo appear
aod abow cauae. If aay they have, why eald petition
ought not to be granted.
peraoaa oppoalng tht ixten.toa are required to file la
the Patent Olllce their obJectUbe, apeclally ett forth la
writing, at leait twenty day bct.ro the day of hearlag (
all teitlmony Bled by either parly, to be u aed at the
aald bearing, maat be taken aud tranaiultted In accord -aace
with tht rtUeaof the offlue, which wUlbtfarnlahed
oa application
Dcpoaltlona and other paper, relied spot aa teatl
uony. &ai be Slid In tbe offlct twnty daya bofrrc the
day of hearing the nrgauenla, tf aay, wltaJn'.a daye
afler filing the teitlmony, . ,
Ordered, atao, that thle notice be publltbed la the
BtrciMCaVM and the IUlUger, Wablagloa, DC ,
..J t Ik. anil 111.. ". Iltlantal ..IB 1 VMI IClT
,H U, riUwrHa brf HlCajIWa tlt"V"P- - " -"
three aacoeeilve weekij the flr.l of eald pabllcalloti l
be at Itatl tlxly daye prevloo l 'fHiJKjjM '
Coumluloaer of Patent.
P 8. Editor of the above aj era will pleaeeeopv,
and aend Ibelr bill to Ibo Patent OOce with a paper
coaulnlng thl notice eeT-wSw
' prlfale houae on 0 ttreet lonth, a few doore front
ibe city railroad The honae eoalalne elgbl roomt,
Feaiaaatoa of fomltore aad home ftvta lauatiUteJy,
A4Jrm B, T. tt tal oBUe.

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