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gjntionnl gfjittMuan.
-Wa-hlna-ton city, r. o.
rits-OOTOBER i. IBM.
, WilHUOTOS, D. 0., Oct. , MM. J
The Department announces to the navy
and marine corpa the death of Hear Admiral
Francis II. Gregory. He died in the city or
New York at ono o'clock this morning, artcr
an illness of a few hours, at the age of scv-enty-eeTen.
Though moro than seventy years or age
at the commencement of the rebellion, Rear
Admiral Gregory Immediately applied for
active service, and in July, 1861, was ordered
upon arduous and responsible duty, which
throughout the war he discharged with sig
nal seal and ability, and in the closing up of
which be was engaged at the time of his
death, after more than fifty-seven jears of
honorable service In the causo of his country.
As a mark of respect to his memory it is
ordered that at the New York navy yard, on
the day of his funeral, the flags be hoisted at
half-mast and thirteen minute guns be fired
at meridian. Gideoi Wjxi.fs,
Secretary of the Nil y.
Admiral GREOoar was bom at Norwalk,
Conn., on the 9th of October, 1789, and v, as
warranted as a midshipman of the United
States navy by President Jivriasox on the
16th of January, 1809. He had been in the
merchant service from 1802, and entered the
navv after having narrowly escaped British
impressment. His first service was on board
the schooner Revenge, from which he was
transferred to the ketch Vesuvius. In April.
1811, he was promoted to acting master and
appointed to command gun vessel No. 1C2,
and attached to the Balise division.
In the spring of 1812 Midshipman Grbjort
was ordered to a Northern station, and at
the commencement of the war with England
placed under Commodore Ciuvnckt's com
mand, on Lake Ontario. Admiral OnEaoRK
participated in the attack on Kingston, No
vember, 1812, and in March, 1813. was ap
pointed acting lieutenant and flag lieutenant,
in which capacity he participated in the at
tack and capture of Little York, and also in
the capture of Fort George on the 27th of
May of the sunoyear. Commodore urfoort
was with Commodore Ciucacxt in all the
actions on Lake Ontario, and gained from
his superior the highest praise for skill and
bravery. After participating In several
fights with British war vessels on the St.
Lawrence, he was finally captured in Au
gust, 1814, by the enemy, Bent to England,
and retained as a prisoner of war until June,
1815, when he was ordered to one of the
frigates cruising against the Algennes.
In 1821 he was appointed to command the
schooner Grampus, with orders to cruise
upon the Spanish main, for the purpose of
suppressing piracy and the protection of
American commerce. In 1825, Lieutenant
Geioorv was especially selected to fit out
the frigate Brandywine for the purpose of
conveying General Lapatettk tol raiuc, and
served under Commodore Morris until the
ship arrived there.when she was placed under
his command. In 182G, Lieut. Grioort
fitted out a 64-gun ship at New York for the
Greek Government, andailed her there. In
1828 he was promoted Commander, and at
tached to the New York navy yard until
1831, when he was sent in command of the
Falmouth to cruise in the Pacific. In 1838
he was promoted Captain, and appointed to
command the North Carolina, and in 1841
was placed on the Brazilian station in the
frigate Raritan; after which, in 1845, he waa
ordered to the coast of Mexico and emp!o ed
in the blockade of that coast, where he re
mained until January, 1847.
In September, 1849, he was ordered to the
command of the squadron on the coast of
Africa, returning to the United States in
June, 1852. In May, 1852, he was placed in
COiEmand of the Boston navy yard. At the
commencement of the rebellion Commodore
Gregory proceeded to Washington and was
urgent in his demand for more active em
ployment. The records of the Navy De
partment afford ample evidence of his pro
fessional abilities as well as his patriotic dig
position. There were few, if any, in the naval
service possessed of more practical ability
than Admiral G rf.gokt. In July, 1 801 , ho as
ordered by the Navy Department to super
intend the construction of all vessels of war
built outside the United States navy j ariK
on which duty he remained until his death.
He was commissioned Rear Admiral on the
I6th of July, 1862.
It is with the profoundest Borrow that wo
chronicle the sudden death yesterday of Wm
B. Moore, Chief Clerk of the Fourth Audi
tor's office, Treasuiy Department, after an
illness of but three daj s As an officer Mr.
Moore was alwajB prompt, correct ami dia.
cruuuiatmg, and us a guitleinun his diport
ment was mill us to win for liuu the lot e and
esteem of all with whom he came in contact
Invariably mild and affable in his muniier,
be succeeded in winning the fruternul ulTic
tions ol u host of friends whose hundd, reach
ing ucrosa his newly made grue, blill greet
bim lovingly in the beulitudes of the dolclm
Two Grand Concert ut .IIcIktoU's
Leoyard GROvrR, Esq , the great nnpres
Barlo, announces two grandopcratic conccrls
at Metierott's Hall, on Wednesday and Fri
day evenings of next week. rl he artists to
appear are well known to all admirers oftliu
Ij rie stage in our city, and they will meet
with the warmest of receptions by the most
crowded of houses. Just think of it, ye that
have music in yourBenscs: Freceriii,1Ier
vakns, IIabeuiank, IIumer, accompanied by
Weiiix, the great pianist I
Oaft. add Brev. Maj. Gen. A. T. A. Tor-
Bjk'T, V. 8. A., has resigned his position in
the regular army, ana retires to private me,
Gen. Tohbibt was one of the best cavalry
commanders In our army uunng me war
A ton of J. in burning, yields about ten
tbeui.ud call. M ol I", whilst a cord of wood
tUIcU about niastj-alfW thouand eablo feet A
L.ct.eot .aaaal eoal, ftt slsc of whalt, li
14 to rtttaln am U
Senator Bckkir made a speech In Boston
on Tuesday evening, in which he narrated
his difficulties in his attempts to manage
Tot Presidents his failure to accomplish his
purposes, the result being an utter dis
agreement between them. He gave hlshear
ers, among other things, a copy of the tele
graphic dispatch he sent Presideyt Joiwso
in Novembcr,18C5,(for which he forgot to pay)
giving a piece of his gigantic mind to The
President. Concerning the duty of Con
gress to " ask for more," Mr. Svmier said:
"In the first place, Congress must bo sus
tained in its conflict with the one-man power:
and in the second place, ex-rebels must not
be restored to power. Bearing these two
things In mind, the way will be easy. Of
course, the ConstItut.onal amendment must
be adopted. As far as It goes, it is well; but
It does not go far enough. More must be
done. Impartial suffrage must be estab
lulled. A homestead must be secured to
every freedmanj if In no other way, through
the pardoning power. If to these is added
education, there will be a new order of things,
witli liberty of the press, liberty of spoech,
and liberty of travel, so thot Wendell Phil
lips may speak freely in Charleston or Mobile.
There is an old English play which goes
under the name of the four "Ps." Our pres
ent desires may bo symbohzed by four Es,"
standing for emancipation, enfranchisement,
equality, and education. Let these bo se
cured, and all else will follow. I can never
cease to regret that Congress has hesitated
by proper legislation to assume a temporary
jurisdiction over thewhole rebel region. To
my mind the power was ample and unques
tionable, whether in the exercise of belliger
ent rights or in the exercise of rights derived
directly from the Constitution Itself. In this
way everything needful might hate been ac
complished. In the exercise of this just ju
risdiction the rebel communities might have
been fashioned anew, and shaped to loj alty
and virtue. The President lost a great op
portunity at the beginning; Congress has lost
another. But it is not too late. If indis
posed to assume this jurisdiction by an en
abling act constituting provisional goicrn
ments. there are manv things which Congress
insv.do. actinir directlv or Indirectlv. Act
ing indirectly, it may insist that emancipa
tion, eniranciusement, equality, ana educa
tion shall be established as a condition pre
cedent to the recognition of any State whose
institutions nave been overtures n uy reoei-
lion. Acting directly, it may, by constitu
tional amenament or by simple legislation,
fix all these forever."
Cottoi on, OroRauslHA, Sept 25, 1606
To P. Troliun U Ifailf
Deer See : Knowin that you are a sarkas-
ticle feller, who gets a good livin by ntin
ridiklus urtikels about the President of the
U. S., I drew you in grate grcef to ask your
add vice, and, if it wouldn't kostermuch l'de
like to by a little of your vallyable sympcr
thy. You're dewing of a good work. You've
got the peepel on a string, and if I was you
l'de keep a harkin on to that string, for the
peepel air always fassynated by the music of
the Harper who harpeth on Treegura, "harp
he never so foolishly " as the Scripter saitli.
The Hadd) kill harpijistsairntterin delightful
sounds to my cars in these days 1
Now I cum down here to teech, and in
struck, and enlightncn the dark mind of the
South and, I of course, likewise, very nat
rally, as I write say I expected to spekker
late enough on conflsticated propty and cot
ting to maik my pile. But, ser, whot doos
my ejes bccholed f The South is rcbelljers I
The constitushal! amendment even wont
cure em of their love of pollitcle power. No
ser. Even the amendment wont half dew
the busj ness for em. Weve got to dew some
thing more mal appropoB (to use a teckmcal
prase) than we hac cvcrdunbe4. Ibis hull
peepl has sot up for theirselfs and justbecaus
Kongrist has Bhet em out of the Union they
air goin on in the most Bnllen manner, re-
parin their ralcrodes, and rosin corn, tobaker
and cotting at a feerful rate. The re enjoyin
the blessinkB of repuplickan guvment, elect
ing their town ofusors and leglstlaytors and
cetrcr jest like our lojal peepel.
It greefs me toe the hart to see em loud to
go on curaylatin property and hatin yunkces.
It orter be stopt or men like me that torked
in) self horse (although not abel to bare arms)
durin the rebellion, will never reep the
fruits of the icktries of our boys In blew.
I cum down hear for my sheer of tho spiles
and I dont seesow I kin git em if things is
loud to go on like now.
Kongrist has gottcr take a fresh holt to
conflsticate the lands and things belongin to
these rcbclljus cusses then I kin git my
6heer of the spiles.
The Yankees that hat o cum here to rce
zide aint doin rite. '1 hey aint 12 sexional
enuff. They mix in and treet tho nativ
Sutherners jest like hcwinan folkcs. My
motter is " Pox Xew Enrjlaudi Vox Deit'
I wanter make these fellers stand round und
be kinder humble too tho New Englunders
that consents to cum down here.
Rite on, rite on, P. Trolecm U. Nast.
Your ntins is delitcfool. Yuu Jest keep on
swuigiu round jour narrcr cirkle till sou
air dizzy, but by all meens go in for confisti
cashun; and thusly I will ever prey.
J. Mire.
Natiovai. Tiifjire. The thrilling histori
cal romance of the "Dead Heart" was pro
duced for the first time this season last eve
ning, to a fine house, with Messrs. Baku,
Gonitis, Lfwh, and Miss Josephine Tyson in
leading roki Mr. Jfikrifs, comedian, put
in u first appearuncc us "Toupet," tend was
enthusiastically received. Mrs. Fkfd. Wil
iuv sang the "Marseilles Hymn" with fine
effect, and was loudly applauded. The play
will be repeated tonight A matinee of
Itoncdale" will be ghen tomorrow after
noon. It is said that an engineer and a compos
itor in Leitila; bar. coaatructed a new rioting
machine, with a.ven ovilmlerr, each producing
2 000 cupioi in hour Alio, tbat Mr Marinorle,
of 1'arle, hu mid a Dowrpaper uacblne wbicb
will turn off 10,000 copies so bour Iloo printi
20,000 but two of tbt now mscbinn ean bi bought
for 80,000 franca lata than one Hoc Tht coat of
working tbeae two ii estimated at IO.hOO franca
lets pr annum tbtn for on lloo.
An expansive safety bridge, to bo used on
rsllrosd can tooniMt paliengere to pan in eafelj
from one osr to another a recent Yenkee loven
tlon U being adopted on all tbe New England
rosdi It adspti ittelf to atl tbe inotiona of tbe
car eipandiog when tbejr are at art and contract
ing when tbey oomt tegetber.
Roue S. Sanders, esq, of the Memphis
'Contvuroo, hu beea appointed Collector of tbe
Eighth revenue diitrlot of Tean.iaM. Loral Tin
biiimsm 117 this Ii a good appointment.
The Resonrcrs of Colorado.
Commissi oner WU son. of the General Land
Office, bos just receired a communication
from the Surveyor General of Colorado, In
which it U reported that the production of
gold In the Territory now reaches $100,000
per week, and is constantly tncrcaslnir. It
was confidently cinccted that the number of
miners, which nad Wn greatly decreased by
enlistments for the army, would be brought
up to the old standard, and that the ield of
gold would be steady and reliable. Ihe Bur
vcyor General had Just returned from the
newly discovered copper and lead mines, but
had found thevelns not sufficiently developed
to enable him to judge accurately ol ineir
value. Tho coDtier occurs in the shapo of
boulders imbedded In flu or spar. These boul
ders are puro carbonate or copper, 01 a nnc
quality. In some veins the copper Is bedded
in a soft decomposed gneiss, differing from
the walls of the vein, and easily worked with
the pick.
The prnna on the mains had been saiclr
hanested, and were fully equal to an estf
mate contained in a previous report of the
Surveyor General, of the immense produc
tiveness of the country. At least four mil
lions of acres can be cnltivated, and thus far
the production has fully met the wants of
the people.
un tue zuu uiu a uir was iieiu, at which
there was a fine display of farm products, in
cluding turnips weighing ten pounds apiece,
potatoes six pounds, squashes one hundred
pounds, and other ope tables In proportion.
Four hundred and sixty pounds or wheat was
exhibited as the product of twelve pounds of
Executive Appointments
The following appointments were made by
the President yesterday:
Francis A. Hall, Hegister of Loud Office
at Monroe. La.
James F. McGnlre, Receiver of Tublic
Moneys, Ac, at Monroe, La.
Samuel T. William, of Md., XT. S. Consul
at Hamburg.
The Conscience Fund.
The United States Treasurer yesterday re
ceived the fellowing curious note inclosing
two confederate postage stamps:
"OCTOir. tis
"Reodar onto Caur tbe thlogi that tire Caitr i,
sod unto God tbt thlogi that art Ood'i
' Youri, poUtDtlj, Ccmcuscc Strickkv "
Examining .Surgeon Appointed.
Doctors Marion Roberts, Ashcville, N. C,
Geo. Collins, Rethel, Me.; and Jas. Ste en
son, Fayetteville, Arkansas, were yesterday
appointed examining surgeons of the Ten
sion Bureau by the Commissioner.
Intern til Revenue Decision.
Tho Commissioner of Internal Revenue
has decided that corned beef put up In tin
cans holding from twenty-five to fifty pounds
is subject to stamp duty. Reef in barrels is
iieiu 10 ne exempt.
Iitflvul RnvK-NtE. The receipts ester-
day amounted to S1.G52.307.54.
Pen. Pencil, and 8cUorH.
A correspondext inquires if Rrownlow and
Hanaleatt blocg to th "Infernal Rtr. Dcpt "
Oi'RinosquItoshave been startled by a
coU cap
LoMtOY journals of the ICth of September
tDDouoct that tba Eogliih cattla dliano has
again broktn oat to aarcral dlitrlct from which it
wai thought to hara beta eradicate J, and a Urge
tocreua of tba weekly return! of the number of
animal attacked br tho plague waa anticipated.
A oca Englishman who ha been eking
oat wratcbtd eilitenee la New York, by 1 epztn
from door to door and ileepiog on the City Hall
tepi or among the doeki, waa a few daya alnce In
formed of tht death of a titled relatlre Id tbe old
country by which ha la left heir to nearly $50,000.
The death of Rev. Dr. Hawks will not re
tard the building of the new church, that wai In.
tended for him The gentlemen who haro fur.
nlihed nioit of the fund for the edifice propoie now
to make It a memorial church, to reipeet for the
memory of him whom they Intended ihould be Iti
The journals of St. Petersburg state tbat
Mr Fox, American En Toy, during hie rtaxta tbat
capital, arranged with the Minliteri of the Cxar
the baila of anew treaty of oommeroo and friend
hip ittll cloier than tbe cxtftlng one, and which
would aoon be concluded between Ruula and the
United Etatei
As Italian newspaper, published at Turin,
in order to add to the complication! of the Roman
que it! on, prints an old and very curloui letter
from Pope Plaa IX. to tbe Emperor of Auitrla,
dated on May 3d, 1811, and axhertlng him to glre
uftwar and renounce Venetla, Tbe Pope, at tbat
early day, waa In faror of Italian untty.
Tar Providence Journal states that a daily
Una of flrit'ctan and commodloui, ride wheel
steamer, of large freight capacity, Ii aonn to be
put upon the route between New York and Provi
dence A Urge portion of tbe atock ii already
tubftcrlbed, and negotiation are now pendlog for
teamen now completed and ready for sea
Brev ft Major J. Jonps, Superintendent
of tbe Freed men'i Bureau for Northern Alabama,
who ia now In Washington, tayi tbe people of that
section are anxious for a peaceful tettlement of atl
national difficulties, and aocept tbe pretest Condi
tionof affairs in good faith Their treatment of
the freed men la humane and honorable, and they
entertain no malice toward Northern men who are
not offeoilre.
The Chicago Journal sajs that the two
monster warebouica In tbat city, known as the
Bturges Eleratori, hare been sold by Mem Stur
gei, Buckingham A Co , to the Illinois Central
Railroad Company for $375,000, caih, and the earn
ingsof the same this year up to October lit. Theae
elevators were erected ten years ago at a cut of
$350,000, and tbe Investment bai given their
owners a profit of $1,500,000 during tbe ten yean
The New York Tribute has, in nneditoriul
and In Hi Washington correspondence, charged In
one tnitance tbat tbe expeniei of Mx Presidential
trip are to be atieised In the taxes and paid out of
the publlo moneys, and In tbe other tbat tbe oont
of tbe excursion bee completely bankrupted tbe
finances of tbe Johnson National Union Club. It
la scarcely necaisary to say that there is cot one
word of truth In any of the charges quoted above
It is said that the present poftpesHor of
Newstead Abbey, wblch he bought from tbe execu
tors of Col Wild man, has burled the famous cup,
made of a human skull, which long stood on the
maislve sideboard In the dining room, and had
Byron's famous lines, commencing "Start not,
nor deem my spirit fled," engraved on the silver
mounting It was curlouilr mottled and polished,
like a well colored meenobaum, and bad not a re
pulilve appearanoe
As tho s uc censor of M. Droujn tie 1MI ujs
the Kmperor of the Trench has uppointcd as
Foreign Minister the Marquis de Moustler
This nobleman was the French Minister at
Berlin from 18A3 to 1859, was Minister to
Vienna until 1861, and was afterwards Min
ister to Constantinople. lie is said to lo a
man ofintelliKence, though as jet he his
hud no opportunity of preatlv djstingimhmjr
himself 'ihe Farm Temps thinks that his
familiarity with the disputes In European
politics between Uussia and Turkey, kuowu
as tho "Kastern Question," and his former
connection with Prussia, were tbe causes
leading to his appointment.
The National Republican.
T3EtH3 OBC2E3njGL-
By Cable to tbe Associated Press
FLOar.Nct, Oct. 4. The treaty of peace
between Italy and Austria has beea finally
Ln eri'ool, Oct. 1. The cotton market ia
quiet, with a day'a sales of ten thousand
bales. Middling Uplands are quoted at 15d.
Londoy, Oct. 4. There is no change In
tho London money market. Consols aro
quoted at 89 1-2 for money; Erie, 00, Illinois ,
Central, 78, U. S. 5 20's, 76 14.
Martial Iaw tn Drenham Out ranee on th
Freeilmen Yellow PeTcr In Ifew Orleans
Niw OuLEAts, Oct 4 Captain Smith, tbe com
manderat I) re oh am, Tesas, who was charged with
the knowledge of the burning of tbe town, has Is
sued an order for the disarming o( the Inhabitants
and in effect declared martial law. He states that
caves of outrages on freedmen are on the Increase,
and be intends to render every assistance to tbe
Bureau agent la order that Justice may be done the
freedmen and guilty parlies brought to punish"
Uen. Kidder has Issued a circular to the Sub-As.
sistant Comml ii loners In Texas to make tours in
their respective districts and exhort the freedmen
worklrg for monthly wages to the faithful and Just
fulfillment of theft contracts, and those working for
a portion of the crops to diligence In securing the
results of tbelr summer labor He advises tbe em.
ployers of freedmen to deal with them ln tbe set
ttement of their accounts io a fair and equitable
blx yellow fever deaths occurred yesterday.
From St. Imile-To and a Half Millions
In Trenail re from Arizona TtiankaglT
lug Day lor Dleajtptaranco of the Cholera
St Lous, Oct i The steamer Jennie Brown,
from Montana, arrived at St. Joseph on Tuesday,
with about a million dollars In gold dust on freight
and In tbe hands of passengers Yesterday the Lu
ella arrived at the same place, with a million and a
half la treasure and a large amount In tbe bands of
tbe passengers.
To day ia being observed as a day of thanksgiv
ing for the disappearance of tbe cholera. Business
Is generally suspended.
Baltimore Politics.
Baltimore, Oct. 4 The Unconditional Union
men held a grand demonstration here to night. A
mass meeting Is being held In Monument Square,
and a torchlight procesrion la making a fine dls
I Uy with music and fireworks Among tbe devices
In the i rKtsrion were twu monitors firing salutes
Senator Creisnelt, J. J. btewart, and others at
the meeting
Prom California The Hiaulau Fleet
8a 1 1 haiiiilo, Oct, 4 .The steamer Jack, from
Tablta, brings news up to August 7th
Tbe Ppanlah fleet bad sailed, with tbe exception
of the Mature, wblcb, It Is said would sail In a
fow days afterward fur Manilla under sealed orders.
The C olera.
Nashville, Oct. 0 There were seven deaths lo
tbe last twenty four hours
Memphis, Oct 4 There were sixteen oases and
eight deaths reported to day,
Iirfae rire lu Alabama
LouisviLLit, Oct 4 A large fire at Florence,
Alabama, destroyed a large Dumber of dwellings
and stores Loss $50,000
Malawi .uen, Wheellus; luto Ua-.Na
lloual Union aud Democ ratio Slate Con-
cut loua Concert of Action Theodore
II. Sweetitr Nominated for Governor
Other HtaUOlUctre all Sol lere.
hp.clnl bl-ifttili tu lb INew Yvfk Timet
Dostuh, Oct 3 Tbe National Union 6tate Con
vention, which ae'einbicd In Faneuil liall to day,
was a large and resectable gathering, over eigh
teen hundred (it I elates Leing present The pro
ceedings were harmonious and enthuilastle, and
the speeches were heartily tn favor of the Pre!
dent's polloy. The contention met for the purpose
of nominating candidates fur Governor and other
State efficers, to be supKrted at tbe election In
November next Oen. John L Swift was made
temporary cbulrinnu Oa taking tbe chair he said
that the National Uulun party extended the band
of welcome to all uw comers, without refers no e to
their pust political eillot., wbo were willing to as
sist tbe President in hie efforts for tbe restoration
ol this great but distracted and divided country
Ibe prupns-od Cunttllutlvnal amendment, upon
whlrh the Republican party are njw canr'stlng,
wuuld neter, Le argued, be the couillllun of recon
struction it tbat party gain J uwer Tbe members
of the parly that uj holds Congress do not propose
restoration, aud titer will not admit tbe Southern
States even after lb proposed amendments have
been aaopiea
Mr Swift paid bis refpects to General Butler la
sarcastic terms, and alluded to the loyal Southern.
era lie spuke of tbe rituatlon, and alluded to tbe
threat and purpose of Impeachment
Commit Ues kii permanent trganisatlon and on
resolutions were appointed
The committee a t pointed to collect the votes for
a candidate for Governor reported thut tbe whole
number of votes east was 1,764, of which .Theodore
II Sweetier, of Lowell bad 1,735, and be was de
clared the nominee uwld great applaune The com
mlttee a) pointed to soieut tbe remainder of the
Mate ticket reported as follows For Lieutenant
lutcru';r, Brig Gen Horace C. Loo, of Spring
field, fur hecretnry of tbe Commonwealth, Colonel
Luther Stephenson, Jr , of 11 Ingham, for Attorney
(leieral, U illUm C LnJicott, cffcaleJi, for Trees
urer cf Ibe Commonwealth. Ilartey Arnold, of
Adams, for Elate Auditor, Mo J Uen Arthur V.
iJeteraux, of Roxbury The report was accefled
by acclauiailon
b neches were made by Hon John (julncy Adams,
Hon TbeolureH Sweetier, tbe nominee fur Gov
ernor, U K Tarbnx, of Lawrence, Hon Charles
Levi oid bury, and others
J he Convention adjourned amid cheers for John
son, J-arragut and Grant, tbe Lniou and the Cou
stltutlon lcrrauillKlhe(ncruiiieDt A Claim A Kent
of Ue.alilutc.OM Charged l lth HIu11Iuk
the tiotcrumtiit.
Apic...l TrUtfriaui li Ibe Nw York II iVd
New Orlbahs. Oct 3 A huge swindle of tbe
Government, to tbe amount of about half a million
dollars, has been unearthed by United States de
tectlves. The party Imj lloated Is J Lowenthal, of
No 207 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, who Is
a claim agent there, and wbo left bore )eterday to
avoid arrest, as a warrant was out for bim It Is
said tbat several paymasters who 'light the tiger"
are partners of this swindler I will send full par
ticulars to-morrow, as affidavits have been filed
setting forth the faoa
New Orlbaks, Oct 8 evening I have learned
further particulars of Lowenthal' a Irauds It ap
pears, as claim agent In Washington, be waa In the
habit of getting from C IlLble, notary public, of
Ibis city, blank sworn affidavit setting forth that
certain discharged prhates of regiments were en
titled to certain amounts of back pqy and bounty
Those blank affidavits were familiar to Lowenthal,
who 111 led them up by forging names ef discharged
soldiers, and, by endorsing tbem, got checks for
the amount from Paymaster A. D Robinson and
otbsrs, of Washington One of tbe detectives was
prsisat ao4 uif hlm fcrgi Mr"! of tbM dsoa
menti. A warrant was lisueJ ye'terdsy by Ju (j,e I
Aognaiine, ana pi acta IB the band or unite..
Ftates Marshal Bullitt, but Lowe&thal bad left for
Washington carrying with bin about twenty checks
of from $100 to 1300. It Is asserted that a Urge
aomber of paymaster and eUltens are partners of
Lo wen thai la tht swindles, which amounts to about
Prom Portreee Monroe
Aunma.I iUVlBVI, UVk A, iOU.eIJVD( tlDU,
la I'rlnoea Anne count, Ve., recently purchased
by Hon Ben Wood, of New Tork, contains 1,900
ser, 300 of which are under cultivation, and tbe
sra at
remainder la marsh and overflowed lands. 'The
cost was about $7,200. The Island lies between tbe
back bay and the ocean and Is a great ducking
ftace. Other wloged frame la also plentiful. It Is
be Intention of Mr. Wood to add other attractions
to bis purchase.
The schooner Amanda Powers from New Tork,
bound to Baltimore, arrived In tbe Chesapeake Bay
yesterday, with a ease of eholera on board She
waa ooartiea oy tne quarantine surgeon, ur i. a
Wilcox, on board the steamer City of Albany, end
Immediately placed In Quarantine. One of the
sailors waa taken early on Sunday morning, and
died In the afternoon. Disinfectants were furnished
to the master of tbe vessel by tho quarantine sur
geon, wbe designs detaining her a sufficient length
of time for the disease to develop Itself, should
mere do any inrtner indications on board.
The ship Oneida, from Baltimore, bound to San
Freelseo, went to sea yesterday.
The weather still continues unssttled. All day
yesterday and to-day It has stormed and rained.
Tue bark May uueen, from ltlo. witn a eartco ol
coffee, bound to Baltimore, arrived la tbe harbor
to day.
Champion Billiard Mat eh Peat Blperl-
ments Cnrltnc Match He eelpte of Bar
Toronto. C. W . Oct. S MeDevHtt and Dion
play billiards In Montreal on Friday for the cham
pion cue and $1,000
An Interesting experiment regarding tbe me of
peat for fuel has been tried by tbe Oread Trunk
Itellway Cumpany, which proved perfectly sua
Negotiations are making for a curling match
between the Montreal anX Manchester (England)
Tbo receipts of barler la the Toronto market
yesterday, from farmers' wagons, reaobed 60,000
Queen Emm. at Ban Pranclaeo Death of
Col. Ilunnlcott Territorial Pollttce.
Sam Fnancisco, Oct. 4 Queen Emma visited
tbe fortifications la the harbor yesterday.
A letter has been received, dated St Michael's,
Northwest Coast, August 20, from the Busilaa Ex
tension Telegraph Company. Col II unnloott, leader
of the party, died suddenly last May.
Three State Conventions are In session at Carson,
Col. Baahford has been elected a Delegate from
Ariaona to Congress by a majority of 300.
partone Mexican Heenrltlee
Niw Yoia-, Oct. 4 An official letter from tbe
Mexican Legation has beea Issued In ooasequenee
of an attempt of several parties Id New York to put
spurious bonds on tbe market, which hu atendency
to Injure tbe Liberal cause There Is but one author
ised agent In tbe United States making purchases
for tbe Republic of Mexico and he acts under tbe
Instruction and approval of tbe Mexican Minister,
Seoor Romero.
Another Cable
CnAnLOTTXTOWK, Panics. Edward's Islakd,
Oct. 4 .The cable across the Straits of Northum
berland, connecting New Brunswick with Prince
Edward's Irian 1, was successfully laid by the
steamer Medway on Tuesday last The Medway
and Terrible steamed Immediately for England.
Baltimore Market.
BALTiMone.Oct, 4 Flour bae an adanolor ten
dency. Wheat firm Corn scarce; white, $1 08a
$1 ID, yellow, V3 cents Oats firm at 8aa9 cents
Provisions very doll. Pork steady. Sugars firm.
Coffee quiet; Rio at 18al9,. Whisky dull, West,
ern, $2 42, free.
New York Market.
Naw Your, Oct. 4 Flour steady and unchanged
Wheat quiet. Corn buoyant. Reef steady. Pork
Irregular. Lard and whisky dull.
Death of Admiral Gregory
Naw Yon a, Oct 4 Rear Admiral Gregory died
tnis mo rule tf in urooaiyn
Tho French Democracy autl Ihe Lin
coin Medial.
Tbo Hon. Mr. Mangm, editor-In- cbief of
Ihe Phare de la Loire, (tho celebrated Dem
ocratic organ of France, published at Nantes,
Trance,) which initiated the project of pre
senting a gold medal to Mrs. Lincoln in com
memoration of President Lincoln, writes
from Nantes to a friend of the Lincoln fami
ly at Chicago, that in consequence of the
great number of subscriptions, the transmis
sion of tbo medal has been delayed, as it lie
came necessary to substitute for the originally
intended medals a larger one, adequate in
value to the increased amount of tho sub
scriptions. Mr. Man gin adds that the "com
memoration medal for tbe noblo widow of
tho glorious and unfortunate Lincoln" has
been already struck. He remarks that the
Imperial mint at Paris declined to do the
work, und that it was done by the Geneva
mint. Tbo medal has thus been completed
in a land of freedom. Mr. Mangm, whose
letter is dated Nantes, August 30, adds;
"As far as I am concerned, I insist that the
French Democracy should deliver, by the
hands of some of us, the s nib oho o tiering
personally to Airs. Lincoln.
Mr. Mantrin states that no individual sub
scription was to exceed ten centimes, (four1
cents,) so as io givo it an essentially popular
character; and ho admits tbat "tho workmen
of Franco have interested tbemsehes in this
testimonial with an eagerness which will
touch tho heart of her who was the wife of
tho emancipator of labor."
"Light Wanted.'
Under this heading the New York corre
spondent of the Boston Post writes as follows:
At No. 21 West Twelth street is located
a very fine establishment known to tbo select
few as the headquarters of the United Stutes
Sanitary Commission, where a gentleman of
elegant leisure enjoys handsomely furnished
apartments, rent free, and a salary of $5,000
tur tue penormonce oi not tery urauous u ti
tles. It in understood that tbo Commission
has a cuBh balance to its credit of something
over $200,000, and there are curious persons
who are anxious to know what use is to be
made of the same. Newspaper men who in
quire at tho Twelfth street institution, it Is
noticed, return singularly opaquo und re
ticent, as though they had neither seen nor
learned an thing, und the question is asked,
"Do they buy up anxious inquirers ?"
There is certainly a general desire to know
when and how tho affairs of the Sanitary
Commission are to be finally wound up, and
while there is not the least disposition to im
pugn the motives of the managers, there is
a curiosity to see tha finale of this great en
terprfoe accomplished in harmony with its
magnificent record In the past. As our
once famous Union Defenee Committce.nitli
all their resplendent respectability, has never
made a dctuihd report of Us millionaire col
lections and disbursements, we are all the more
solicitous that no such dubiety as becloud
tho committee's history should attach to the
noble organism whose praise Is ln all the
households of the land.
Orrici Couhissiombr or PrsLin Builciicos,
( ariTot, October 3, 1MJ6 (
Scaled propoial will be received at this offioe natll
WEuNESDAT,Oribberl7,atl3o'ciockm,ror 1'alntlntf
each of tbe Iroa leace belonging to the United Stale
as the Commissioner may designate, to conformity with
spec 10 catsuits tola seen at the Office of the Cornells
eiuner of Public Buildings HB FKEACII,
ocS'tsaitft Commissioner of Public Buildings
aud py for tbl advertUs&isat. loqulr at this office,
wc ii
onTUDB8DAY,Oct , ISflO
DBESSMAK1NO io all It branch still eonUaned.
Booms-e ELEVENTH BTfiUT. bstirtsa Psaasylt
TSaii ivsavt mi I WSt. oeMl
rThs Blnajhes; C31s.ee connected vrUU
TTatnlUe Chapel Ghotr, aader Ibe itteetloi of Prof. B
E. Hewer, will meal every W ID HMD AY EVIHIXO
hereafter, at 7W o'eleck, at WUllesae' School Home.
oa H street, between Tealh aa Sieve In.
r Collector 'a Office, Cltr If all, 1Yaahlna
notice le hereby five a tbat, by aa act approved Jaly
M, IBM,' ' the rate of ta on all real and persoaal property.
tteeks, ., for the year ISM, le flied at eae dollar aad
tea ceata on every one bondred dollars, or the eeaeeeed
value of said property. Upon all Usee apoa all prop.
erty not la arret re for taxae for general parpoeee aa
abatement of five per cent Is allowed from Anf ntt I,
1M6, uatll the last day of October, 1S64, 'after which no
abatemeat wlU be allowed. Wit. DlXOIf,
anS-thstaWt Collector.
N AttojtAL Union Bxictmti CoKMima Rooms,
No s0TwBLPTa8Taixr
WAsmaqTOV. Aanstll. 1869
All efielal elrealaro teat from these rooms are elf nad
by tbe chalrnaaof tbe Ifatloaal tfalon Resident Ex
ecutive Con. nit tee aad Ita secretary, aad atl moneys
Intended for Ite use eboeld be addressed to CHARLES
KNAP, Esif,, chairman of tbe National Finance Com
mittee, or deposited to hta credit with Samuel Fowler,
Ej . of RltteaDOi.ee, Fowler Co All applications
for contributions to tbe faada ef the Com mlttee will be
made by Ihe Finance Coaamlltee, or their anthorlsod
gent, who will be duly accredited. None other are
authorised to solicit contributions for tbe use of tbts
Committee CHARLES KNAP, Chairman.
Join F. Cotte, Secretary.
J- Marriage and Celibacy an Keeny of
Waralng aad I ni traction for Touag ateo. Also, dis
eases aad abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with
aare means of relief. Beatfreeef cherra la sealed letter
envelopes. Address Dr. J. 8KILLIN UOCOIITON,
Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. aal3-3m
r Sloth and Free klec Lad lea afflicted
with Dlocoloratioas oa the Face, called moth patches Of
freckles, ehoold ue Perry' Celebrated Moth aad
Freckle Letloa. Ills lafelllble, Prepared by Dr. B.O.
PERRT, DermatoIoaWt, 49 Bond street, New Tork. Sold
byalldrarilsta la Washing ton aad elsewhere, Price
U. myI7-ttAa3m
rMadajnHouita' Pile Sal ve a Valuable
Remedy for that Dleeaaef aleo, aConsumptloa Destroy
ef, aad at. entire Core forth Bronchitis, Asthma, he,
aaa befoaadal Btott'c Drag Store, opposite National
Hotelt Ollmaa'a, near Metropolitan Hotel) Ford's, eor
aereflleventhaad Peeesylrtala avenue t Xatwlale's,
corner of Twelfth aad Peeasylvaela avenue ( Elliott's,
eoraerof F and Twelfth street Harbaegh's, corner r
gevnath aad Q Jalx-tf
rWonderful but True I Madam Hem-
IvaroH, the world-renowned Aetrologlit and Bomeem
balUtte Clairvoyant, while la a oleirveyaat state, de
ll ate the very feataree of the pereea yoa axe to
marry, and by the aid ef aa Instrument of Intense
power, known aa the Pyhonotrop,i eereatees to pro
daeea perfeel and life-like pletare of the future hat
band or wife of the applicant, with date of marriage,
occupation, leading traits of character, ae. This 1 no
Imposition, aa teatlmoalals without lumber can assert.
By stating place of birth, age, disposition, eolvr of eyea
and hair, aed eniloilng nfty ecata, aa4 stamped eav
lope addressed to yoersalf, yoa will resolve the picture
by retcra mall, together wtth desired Information
Address la confidence, HiDAMa QiaTacoa KiairotoJ
P O Bos 7. Wel Trov N. T el " - "
4T At a Meet In ir ol the Uoard of Trueteee
ofPublle Echools, held on Tuesday evening, tlie ltth
lastftBt, the following resolution wii adopted i
Rtmlvml, That the following place be delg-aatd ae
offlceefur the transaction of all l'ubl'e School bualoeea
Ly the reipectlre nnb'Doard of Trustee i
Tor the fcub Board, first district, (Finland Second
ward.) ttebuol-rooav, corner Fourteenth aad U streets
1'ur the Sub-Board, Second district, (Third and foartb
Ward School .roqm oa H, between sixth aad BsTealh
Wot the Sub Board, Third district, (Fifth aad Sixth
ward) Wallace Boaoul Building
For the Sab-Board, Fourth dlitrlct, (SeTeoth ward)
II I e Grammar School room, Jao K. Thompson, teacher,
oa Sixth tret
The Trustee will be la atteedaaee at these o flees
from 8 to S)i o'eloek on each morulas; of the week, from
Monday to Friday loeloslrs, dnrlaa the month of Sep
tember, aad all persons eotltled to tlekete of admission
to tbe Public School, can procure them at the place
and times detg nated
By order of the Board.
auU ol2t It. 7, BOSfiEAU.flecretary
tfWsr Department, Snrgeon e)encrl's
Orrica, WasHiauToa, D.C,Angait 10, ISfld la Army
Medical Uoard, to oouaUtof Brarvt Colonel J. H Brown,
surgeon, V S.A , PrenlJeut; Bmet Lieutenant Colonel
U. R, Wlrti, urjeeou. V. 8. A, j Brevet Lieutenant
Colonel Anthony Heger, aargeon, D. 8 A.; and Brevet
Major Vfarrea WubnUr, amlstant surgeon, 0 8.
Recorder, will moot la New Tork city on the 20: h of
September next, for the examlsallnn of candidate for
admission Into the Medical Stan of tie Uulted States
Applleant must be over twenty-one years of age and
physically eoaod.
application for an Invitation to appear before the
Board should be addressed to the Surge n Oeoeral, D.
B. A , and must state the fall same, residence aad daU
and place of birth of the caadldat Testlmoolale a to
character aad qoallflcaUone mast be faralihed. If tbe
appllcaalhaabeea la the medical rvtc of the army
daring tbe war, the fact ahoatd be stated, together with
hi former rank and time and plaee of service, and tes
timonial from tbe officer with whom he b a served
should alio be forwarded.
Wo allowance 1 mad for tbo expense of persons un
dergoing lhexamlaatloa,a It 1 aa ladlspeasabl pre
requisite to appointment.
Thar are at present sixty vacancies fo the medical
staff, forty six of wblch are original, being created by
tbe act of Coegres approved Jaly IS, 16U,
aul3 tntbaatoela Bargeoa General U B, A.
a Advanced Academic Coarse for Graduate of Col
leges, Candidate for tbe Second Derree, and for flea
ertl Stndente wtll evmmence on WKDRESPAT. OCTO
BER 3 Applicant will meet lb Facnlty at the Law
Lecture Rootd, Fifth street, between D and K etreeU.al
fi o'clock p m. oel.eodlte
Office No SIS? street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Clalmsnts deilrlng to file tbelr appllcallono for 100
Bounty under Act July 29,1888, will nod the necessary
Blank, which can be promptly prepared end sworn to,
at tbl office. Two witnesses required to Ideatlf r, la
each case oc3-lm
Take notice that HrCONNELLJt nEBBEBT'8. 4AS
Seventh strmt, opposite Ihe Post Office, ! Ihe place to
boy your School Books, Males, Paper, Peas, and Ink.
rnuiAL. un: war
WaaDsraaTMsiT, )
ApJtTTAiT OiaiaAL'a Orrica,
Wa.uiaiiTOt, Sept 29, 1809 J
Id order to correct laUrepreeentallon la respect to
tbe payment of boontle authorlied at tbe last session
of Congress, the Secretary of War directs the following
statement to be published I
"The pyuenl of boautle to soldiers aader the act
of Conferees h n t been delayed by any action or In
terference of the President Buutt after the adjournmi nt
of Coogres a Board, with General Cmby as president,
was organised to prepare rules and rguitlouo for the
payment of the authorlied bounties This duty In
volved the Cuuldratlon u( numerous acta of Coegress
and the regu'atlons an I practice of several bureaus ,
and npon It depends the proper disbursement of over
flfiy millions of dollars among more tfaan a mlllloa of
claim tots Tbe Board devoted themselves diligently to
their wotk, and, when It was completed, mad report
to ihe Secretary of War Tbat officer revised the regn
latlous, and, havlog doubt lo respect to om of the
legal points determined by the Board, referred tbelr re
port tn the Attorney General, who, after mature sou
deration, advUed certain changes The matter we
again referred to tbe Board, with laatructlon to revUe
and amend tbe regulstlon Tbl waa done, aad the
amended regulation being approved by tbe Attorney
General, were promptly vablUoed, aad order Uaaed to
carry them Into effect In the whole procedure there
wu no Interference by the Provident or Ihe Secretary of
tiieTreasury The report was not suppressed or seen
by either of them Tbe regulations were prepared ua
dsr ibe direction of the Secretary of War, with a much
diligence a ibe difficulties of Ihe subject and the mag.
nitude of Ibe dlibunemest would admit
11" la respect to the order temporarily suspending pay.
ment of boontle to colored troope, Congress had man
ifested an anxious denlre, by amendments of the act,
to secure those bounties to the colored soldier, and to
trotect bim galnt fraud aJ eat agenta and assignees
The amount ol these bounties la eilimaied at nearly
twenly millions ordollar Tbe Secretary of War felt
ll bis duly to have the regulations of tbe Py Depart
ment carefully revised, so as to provide any additional
checks thai might secure the bounty to Culored soldiers,
and protect the Treasury against fraud The subject
waa therefore referred to Osaersl Caaby's Board, add
upon tbelr report being n:ade, payment bf these boon.
ties was ordered. For tbe lempwrary suspsoslou of pay
meat, neither the President nor the Secretary of tie
Ireaaory la responsible All the time taken waa re
quired ly Justice te the colored soldier aud the tubllo
treasury, aad to carry oat tbe manifest purpose of Con-
Sress.ao a to protect the evldier, a far as might be
oae by carefully prepared regulations, against Wlsg
cheated oat of his bounty."
By erdsr of the Secret iry of War t
0! isillta&t Adjltanl Of asial,
SOBsuritHoa Orrici. tj, , A , )
No io w. LoaasiDeraiir, J
BAITIMoki, Mo .October t, IMS. I
Sealed Prettosals. la d unlit t. will he nctltiS .1
tbl office a atll 11 o'clock, m , on HON DAT. October 8,
IMS, for famishing lb Halted Statea Babilsteac De
part me at, delivered la Baltimore, Md. . with (300 bbl. )
Three Ilaadred Barrels fresh around
The Dronosala will be for what lanowo at thlaDe-mt
aaVn I and i, (1M Mils No 1 sadlSObbla.No i,)
aad bids will he eaUrtalaed for any qaaaUty lee than
aay part or the Floor will be s object to order
within Ave daya after notification or aeeepUaee of bid I
bat Ihe Floor will be held at the expease or Iheooetree-
'or, tl such times aad la such n a an title as II may
be cat led for.
Xtdtfor taeh gradt tnUon ieparati tdt ovaptr.
Bleak lorm are fnratshed at ihl office
Barrele i be la good shipping order, felly head
Hied Flat. hooped and maealae-mede barrets will be
Sattelea ef the FIabp aC.,! -.! i n uu. v. u.
la bat not enclosed with the proposal.
Thensoaiaoveromeat laspectioo will be made Jat
.. . . " ."i . "t,"(.oii nana win ne aeeepiea
which I not A" ground, and agreslsg with the
Conditions, require meats, payments, Ste.oa hereto
fore. Proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for Floor,' and
add rented to the naderslgaed, or whom inqatre for far
ther details. THOMAS WILSON,
Brevet Lieut Col. aad a 83, V, 8. A ,
oc-H Brevet Brig. Oen. Vols.
Dbf at i ut or tii IxTsiioa, )
Orrici or Idui Arriiaa,
WasttiaoTor. D Q t October 1. IMS I
Sealed Proposals, endorsed "Proposal for Iadlen
dood, ' will be received at tbe Office or ladlaa Affairs
uatll IS o'clock, to, on MONDAY, th twealy-eecoad
day of October, nslaat, for faralshlof, la the qaaatl
tles thereto gtreo. th artloteo aamed la the followlat
1,000 pairs S-polal Whit Blankets, 80x71 laches, to
welch S lbs
1,000 pairs appoint White Blankets, UxS Inches, to
weigh lbs
1,000 pair SW po'nt Scarlet Blankets. MlM laehee, to
1000 pair a point 8carlst Blankets, 60x71 laebea, to
weigh S lbs.
1,000 pair SU point Bctrlet BlaakeU, MxU laches, to
weigh 6 Ibe
000 pairs 3 -point Oreea Blaaket. 60x71 Inches, to
weigh Slbe
tWO pair 3J polat Green Blankets, eixM laches, to
weigh S lb.
300 palre i'4 point ladlgo Bio Blaekets.eoxSt Inches,
SOO palre S-polal ladlgo Blee Blaaket-, 00x72 laehee,
to weigh S lb
100 pair SU point lod1foBlaaBIaakU,MxMlBcbea,
to weigh 6 lb
100 palre 1U point Indigo Blue Blankate,4Sx68 lnehea,
to wlgh 4U lb.
SOOpalraSlf polat Oentlanella Blue Blankets, SOxSa
Inches, to weigh 10 Ibe
100 palre 3-polat Qeatlanlla Blae Blaakets, 60x72
Inches, to weigh 8 Ibe
100 pairs S-potat GeatlaaeUa Blae Blaakets, 64x66
Inches, ti weigh 6 lb.
2,000 yard Fancy List Bin Cloth.
8,000 yards Oray LUt blae Cloth
2, SOO yards Saved List Blae Cloth.
8 OOO yards Saved List Scarlet Cloth.
2,000 yard Oreea Cloth.
SO doiea 8-4 Cot too Shawl
BOdoiea S 1 Woolen Shawl.
2001b Linen Threat.
S'tOlbe Cation Thread.
7A.OUO yards Calico
A, OOO yard Turkey Red Oil Calico.
8, 000 yard Blue Drilling
10,000 yard Blue Deelms
8,000 yards Indigo Bin Tlalds.
2,000yardsSblnlng Stripe.
2, 000 yards Kentaeky Jan.
10, 000 yard Brown Drilling,
10,000 yard Be t-TIekleg
S, 000 yard So per Satinet.
2,000 yards Satinet.
10,000 yards Plall Llasey.
10,000 yards lilckory Shirllng.
8,000 yards 44 Brown Shtetiag.
8,000 yard Check, Strip, and Plaids.
8,orOyards Lloseys.
2.0 O yards Aisortad Flaonele.
10,000 yard Prlatcd lUtlnet.
10,000yards Heavy Eersays.
1,800 Woolen bhlrls
3,000 Calico Shirt.
2,&oorllckorT Shirt.
BOO lbs tailing Twin.
100 lbs. Cotton Maltr
100 dotea best Cast steel Axe, 4 lo 4U lbs.
100 " " U 2 to 3 lb,
l.ooo Camp Kettles
1,000 bhort-hndld Fry-Pan
OOdoioaTlaPaas, 2,4, aad 6 qaart, laeo.aalquaoll
80 doien Iron Tablespooas.
100 doiea Butcher Kaives, 6-lach blade
8K doe a Fi-h Hooks, aasorled.
200 dotea Fish Lines, assorted.
Ibe articles to be farnihad mint In all respects con
form to, and be equal with, th Government sample In
this office, tbe blnket or all else aud color to be
equal ln quality to the 3-polat acarlst sample la this
oli bid for lets than aa entire class of tbe articles
speetBed will be considered
The goods nm.t 1 furalsbed la New York city, and
be delivered to shippers at the cost of lb eoalraclur
All articles farnUhcd under contract will be rigidly
Inapecied and compared with thasamt'le by aa agent
or agent appointed for that purpose Such good or
article a may la aay respect fall to cooform to th
samples will be rejected, and la that ease the contractor
will be bound to furnish other of the required kind or
, quality wllbln three days; or, It that he not done, they
tIJIt vw ruivu.vu uia ejAp.JU.J.J
Payment wilt be made for good received on larolcse
thereof, cerllSed by the agent or agests appointed to
Inspect them, each invoices to be accompanied by bill
of lading
The right will be rexerved to require a greater quan
tity of any of the articles aamed than that specified la
tbe above schedule, not exceeding three time th ;
amount thereof, or to take any less quantity of Ihe same,
at th prices proposed.
Aorofthe bids, or any parte thereof, may be ac
cented or rejected at tbe option of the department
No bids will be considered from persons who have
failed to comply with tbe requirement of a former
contract with the Unl ed Btalo. or who are not maau
factum of, or wholasale dealers la, tbe required aril- i
No proposal will be eousldered that does not sraiOTLT I
courLT with the following requlremeata i
Proposalcamust embrace the article with the qoeatl- '
lies thereof, as set forth la the above schedule, with the
prtc annexed to each, and Ihe amount mutt be car
ried out aud footed up, each class to be separately .
stated and footed up Bald prices aud amount mutt be .
o given without any modlcatloa or proposed modlfica- :
tlon whatever i
Proposals should be submitted la the following form t
" I or we hereby propose to furnish the ladlaa Depart
ment, according to th term of tbe advertisement or the
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, dated October M, 1983, :
the following articles at the prices thereto affixed t
tHore Insert ihe list Said articles are to be deliver
le in the city of .New York oa or before the 1st day of
March next ; aad, If this propoial he accepted, I or we
will, wlthla three daya thereafter, execute a contract
accordingly, and give security satisfactory to tbe Com
missioner of ladlaa Affaire for the falthfal performance
of Ihe came '
Each proposal must be eeeomsjaeled by a guaranty la
tbe following form, lo be signed by two responsible
persons, whose sufficiency must be certified by a United
Male Judge or DUtrlct Attorney j "We hereby Jot ally
and severally guarantee that tbo above bidder, or bid
ders, If a contract shall ba awarded to Mm for them
according to his for their bid or proposal, will execute
a ooatract accordingly, and give the requisite security
fgr the Mibful performance of tbe seme a prescribed
In tbe advertisement for propoaal for Indian goods,
dated October 26, 1863, and la the event of bis or
their failure so to do, we hereby agree and bind our
selves, oor heirs, execatore.aad aaslga to forfeit aad
Say th United States as damages, a sum not less thaa
ftsca per cent, oa the amount of said bid or proposal '
Bond will be required In tb amount or tbe bid for
the faithful performaace of the contract, with two or
more sureties, whose safficleney most be csrtlflsd to by
a United SUUs Jadg or District Attornsy
oc2 eodlOt Commlsiloner,
TnEascftTDtriKTMlNT.Fept 17,1866
Staled Propoet,udursed Pr poeal for building
Revenue Gotten, will be received at this Department
until noon cf WEDNESDAY, th 10th or October next,
for building and flttlng Two Topsail bchoonrs,of 220 ,
tons, old masarment and Six Fore and Aft Kinged
Schooners of 110 too, do Th Vel to be built of
th best materials, coppered and copper-fastened, aad ;
aeiiverea euoai. reaay tor , vino porion ine at-
lantlc, completely equipped, except armament, ainmu
olttoa, farnlture, nautical Instrument, stores, aad out
fits Plans and specification can be obteloed at tbl De-
partmai,ou application in person or oy iiir
11. sae
Becretary of th Treasury
C A W Y E B 8
No other Soap, fnrela-n or domertte, fata ever bean
offered vhlch ueela Ihe soblle waoto aa comptateljr aa
thlaeicelleot Comuuod Tbna far Ulaaceeaa la an
paralleled, aad tl ew bide fair to lake pneedeaee of all
othere la the loerlto!
Sold br KIDWILL a SON,
ana Sftfl B atraet, Dear VoortMntb
It 1'UI,
iSD piiiaiai.
aiKTUUEiea roFmsui.fa aoops,
Hot. tw ssd i SIVINTB ITRIIT,
ofpositi post orrici,
i'-r wAtBinaioit, d, c,

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