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WnHlilnaton City. . C
Wednesday Monsina January i. ist
Ecntton aod ItapraiantatlvM can bars the Duly
Natiosal IUrrsucAx Jtllttrtl nralarlr aad
promptly at tbtlr mldeact, in icropjort, by ordtr
log It through tht Sacrttarj of thi Sant, thi
Clark of thi Hoau of RaprMiulatltil, or at thi
oDlet of tht IUmuciK, Ho. 511 Ninth itrttt,
aiar Piaaijlaala aviaui.
The first Jay of the year 1867, although
not very cold was unpleasant, on account of
the slight fall of snow, which continued at
intervals from morn till eve. Exceedingly
bad walling prevailed by reason of the snow
on the sidewalks, which changed suddenly
from a solid to a liquid.
At the Exccutivo Mansion the usual pro
gramme was carried out according to the
official notice published for several days
past in the Riri'BLiCAX.
At eleven o'clock the members of the
Cabinet called upon Tun President, who
received them in the Blue Koom, which it
newly and artistically decorated. Till
President was accompanied by his daugh
ters, Mrs. Senator Patterson and Mrs. Col.
Stover, and by his Private Secretary, Col.
Robfrt Joiivsov, and Assistant Private Sec
retary, Col. Morrow, and Cols. Rives and
Loxo, aides-de-camp, and their ladles.
The Foreign Ministers now present in the
city, and their secretaries, in full official cos
tume, were next received, Sir Frederick
Brccf, the British Minister, leading off In
this connection, wo wcro glad to observe
that M. Bertiieiet, the French Minister, was
sufficiently recovered from his recent illness
to enable him to bo present. It was a mat
ter of congratulation, no doubt, that the
bachelors Brcce and Bektueney, who seve
rally represented their Governments at Can
ton, China, a few years since, wcro again
allowed to associate at this Republican
Next in order were the Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court, Honorable Salmon P.Cuase,
and the Associate Justices of that Court, with
the exception of Justice Orier, who was too
ill to attend.
ThcStiprcmc Court of the District of Co
lombia, represented kj. JmUccj Fisher,
Wvlie and Oun, was next received.
Members of the Senate and Homo of Rep
resentatives paid their respects to the Presi
dent, and were quite numerous considering
that Congress proper is not assembled.
The officers of the Army and Navy were
present in full dress, and in strong force,
presenting an imposing scene General
GoAkT and staff leading off
At 12 in., the reception of citizens at large
ccmmenccd, and continued until two o'clock.
This was a popular ovation, and notwith
standing the very bad weather the attend
ance was very large. Almost every class
of business interests in every State in the
Union were represented.
A large number of Udln wero present,
accompanying the Cabinet and Foreign Min
isters, Judges, Senators and Representatives,
and distinguished citizens, embracing the
most accomplished and beautiful women of
the nation.
The President oppcared to bo in excellent
health and good spirit, and responded gra
ciously and cheerfully to the many kind
greetings which he received.
.Mrs Pattersov and Mrs. Stoker were
each attired in half mourning dress, of exqui
site neatness and beauty, avoiding all super
fluities. They received their friends with
that urbanity and real cordiality which so
popularizes their private and public recep
tions last winter.
With the exception of Secretary Seward
and Weu.es, all tho Cabinet Ministers gavo
elegant receptions, and each was visited by a
very largo number of people officials and
Senators Dixov, Suersiax, Moboan, and
Mrs. Senator Pomerot, assisted by Miss
Pjutt, and Mrs. Senator Harris and daugh
ters, received and were severally visited by
hosts of friends, official and otherwise.
Chief Justlco Ciiasf and Ocn.Gnisr were
called upon by hosts offriends, who wero cor
dially received. At the residence of the for
mer many wcro disappointed in not having
the pleasure of greeting Mr. Senator Sfraoux
and Mrs. SrRAacn, who have so recently re
turned from Europe. They arc at present in
Rhode Island.
Hon Moxtoovekv Blair, Wis. S. Hixt
isoton, F.sq , cashier of tho First National
Hank, 1 rank Filar, V,, Jn K. Baker,
Esq , Chief of the Disbursing Bureau of the
State Department, J. B. Hutchinson, cashier
of tho rational Bank of tho Metropolis. C
W Walker, Tilth Auditor of the Treasury,
J. C. McQi'ire, Esq , Jos II. Ubadlev, Esq ,
assisted by the ladies of the several house
holds represented above, gave the most cor.
dial receptions to their friends, and were vis
ited by liosts or friends,
At General Howard's residence, a basket
was suspended upon the bell knob which was
filled, jesterday afternoon, with cards of the
most distinguished officers of every branch
of the Government.
Could tho details be given of the hearty
greetings and the happy reunions that occur
red yesterday in tho residences of our hospi
tablo citizens, a chapter of social life would
be written down such as is seldom read in
the chronicles of the District of Columbia
The city was not as full of occasional sojourn
era as it has been on somo previous New
Tctiri,-bnt there was in many household such
Joyfulncss as might remind those who par
ticipated in tho festivities of tho days when
we went New Ycaring beforo tho war
Tho telccraDhlc renort to n. Won Vnrk
paper that -Minister Caui-bell is en route
to tho headquarters of Jt'AREZ is untrue.
Ho is, as we havo previously stated, ordered
to remain In Nuw Orleans for the present,
with permission, Bliould tho present illness
of his daughter proio serious to usit his
family in Ohio for a brief iimml cl,nl,l .i
l. .1 1 Iit i
ny mvvwvu fiwmri'y necessary.
Tho Dead ol 1800.
The death roll of the year includes many
names distinguished in politics, In the church,
in authorship and in art. Wo note a few of
Tho ranks of the authors havo been thinned,
FRiDRikA Brever died at Stockholm early
in the year; Jared Sparks at Cambridge in
March; Joseph Merv in France in June; and
Count GiRonsiti nt Washington in May.
Among the dead statesmen and political
leaders are Daniel S. Dickinson, Lewis Cabs,
Johv Van Bcrev, Elijau F. Pirdt, Moses
T. Odell, James HrxrnRRV, Senators Foot
and WRianT, and Commodore Stockton.
Prince Esteruazt died at Ratlshon in May,
and Marquis d'Azeolio in Italy in January.
In October M. Thouvexel closed his long
and active career in France.
Gordoi Cocvito, the famous lion hunter,
was accidentally killed in Scotland in March.
Professor lienor D. Rooers, a distinguished
tavant, also died in Scotland in May. Jonv
Ross, chief of the Cherokee Nation, died at
Washington in August.
Tho sculptor Gidson died in Italy In Jan
uary, seventy-five years old; and Sir Charles
Eastlaee, president of tho British Royal
Academy, died at Pisa just as the new year
came in.
The most prominent clergymen who havo
died during tho year are Dn. Crxxrxa and
Pise of tho Roman Catholic Church ; Dr.
KLiriiAtrr.NorT, President of Union Col
lege ; Dr. Hawks, of New York j Dr. Whewkll
and Rev. John Keblk in England; and
"Father Froct" in Paris the last-named
better known by his pseudonym than by his
proper name of Mahoxt.
General Bcott died at West Point on the
29th of May. Admiral Pareja, commander
of tho Spanish fleet on the Pacific, commit
ted suicide. John S. IUret, tho horse-tamer,
died in Ohio in October. Robt. B. Mintcrn,
one of our leading merchants, died on the
9th of January j Gerard Ualieck, at New
Haven, in the same month ; Sixeov Draper
and Police Inspector Carfeitee in Novem
ber ; and General S. R. CcRns.ln December.
Flrca Daring 1800.
During December there were in the United
States CO large fires, in which the aggregate
loss of property was $0,635,000. This is a
greater loss than occurred in any month
since July, when there were 3C fires and a
destruction of property valued at $1-1,705,
000. For the jear 1806 tho entire number
of large fires reported was 501. and the total
loss of property 86(1,410,000, as compared
with 331 large fires and a loss of property
valued at 13,139,000 during 1865. The
losses for 1866 by fires in the United States
havo tKm jimW than for any previous
year, the total for the last twelve yean bemg
SJBU.'jvs.uuu, a yearly average or 823,416,500.
The losses for I860, it will thus be seen, are
nearly three times the annual average.
The Tariff attrition.
The tariff report of Commissioner Wells
will be presented to tba Senate on Thursday
next It may be said, on the best authority,
that the statements heretofore published
purporting to givo tho substance of this re
port are wholly fallacious and very far wide
of tho facts. The report cannot be styled a
free trade report, as it recommends an in-
crcaso of tariff wherever it can be done. It
is simply a plain, lucid, common-sense state
ment of the results of patient and intelligent
investigations into the condition of our in
dustrial affairs, the reasons for the imnosl
tion of a tariff, and the effects of certain
rates of tariff upon certain classes of com
National Theatre.
On the first noire will be found nmt mil
Cisrns Of MarETZEz'i Onr. TrrtniM. lm
' I -. J.-, ......
come here this week. It would " pay " to
una out all wo can about these singists be
fore they arrive in town and the scats arc all
Meanwhile Jefferson gives tho public a
lew more tastes or his humorous quabty at
inc national.
Wull'a Opera llonae.
To night that estimable actor Mr. Cuan
frau makes his last appearance at Wall's
Opera House, and he will do it in tbn
I "American nnu.in " Tf .!... --
.., ..in nru any
Englishmen in town who wish to be "posted,"
we auvise tuun lo come to Walls O. n
N. P. Willis. Some ofourcotemporancs
uttw buucu luat mt. ilus bad so far re
covered from hlS lata SCVPrft Ulnaaa that La
had resumed his literary labors. Wo regret
10 say mat sucn is not the case. We have
been permitted to see a note from lln
Cornelia Grixhel Wilus, in reply to a letter
addressed to her husband, congratulating
nun upon ms recovery, according to the
newspaper statement. Mrs WiLLts wrote to
her husband's friend. Dec. 9fl thai V w
was too ill to have the kind letter read to
Tub New York Tribune sava that "mn-h
is said in praise of the yacht race, but public
uumion nas not yet tliaped itself into giving
mil crcuit to wnom it is due. We believe
that tho honor of the recent victory belongs,
so far as seamanship is concerned, to Capt
Sari els, the sailing master of tho Henriet
ta the same officer who commanded the
clipper ship Drcadnoucht when elm m,l
some) ears ago, the fastest of sailing pas-
uKca across ino Atlantic."
Trance is all In a hubbub. Silk manu
facture not only but many other industrial
pursuits aro at a low ebb. Tho peoplo begin
to grumble The Mexican expedition is a
failure and tbo prcttigo of tho Emperor, as a
man of sagacity and discernment, is on the
wane And when tho French grumble, that's
the halfway station to revolution.
The latest San I'ranciico papers give an
account of horrible tortures practiced upon
a poor Chinamen to mako lain rnnfr.. that
ho had committed a theft of which ho was
probably Innocent. Ho was huno- bv tl,
neck till lifo was ncarlv extinct, am!
otherwise cruelly maltreated. These cases
aro ircquent in me vlcinlty;oftho mines.
The editor of tho London ft, nna
traveling in this country, in his last letter
homo remarks i "What can bo done to satisfy
the radicals ami the South, no one, so far as
I know, is ablo to conjecture."
Lielt Gey fcmcmiAV is not in tins rllv.
as has been staled. Ho was with his familu
in St, Louis yesterday,
l'en. Teucll. acid SclMors.
What tho Fenians want ufmore Greek re.
A Radical paper In New "York, speaks of
a now looUtj which ilmi to mitt tho otgTO lojai-
ttioal sod lf rtlltat.
Tub Black Crook wail performed at
Nlllo'l Q.rdin, Niw York, oat kiodrad aad
twtlro tlmfi, aad It ti lUU eoIok oo.
The Napoleonic system is a nuisance,
whits will rtmsllj It u tatoltnblt to tht ftoplt
of Earopt as tht rjittm aad ambition of tht first
zTtpoltoa wort to tat roltrs la his day.
An Annapolis telegram fays that the gun
boat Don ltarti to-dty or to-morrow for tht Soalh
with AiiIiUdI Soerttarj Stward on board. Two
elirko of tbt 8Utt Dtpartmtnt aetompaay him.
Letters dated Magrowah, Abyssinia, state
that tbt Eatllih ComdI Cuatroa, Mr. Hofliut aad
frltadi, known for stmt ytart put as tht Abjula-
Ian etpUrtl, who bid Jail bttn rtltutd from a
protratttd tmprlfonmtat, hart bttn again plaetd
In Irons bv tbt ordtr o( tbt Xoptror Tbtodort.
The Tribune announces that James
Sttvtot was la Ntw York, boardtof la Thlrtttnth
itrttt, nadir tbt atiomtd nana of Commodort
6ott, until somt ftw dtjt ago, wbta bt saddinly
dtotmptd. nt bad bttn paring f 43 ptr wtek for
board and lodging.
The New York racing yachts aro too i"att.
Tbtv arrlvtd In England btfort Commodort Mo-
Vltktr, who wal to att at Jadgt of tht not, and
tht Ttita and Fltttwiog will bavt Mint to rtltand
palat btfort tbtlr owntri will apptar to rtetlrt tbt
conrratalationi of tbtlr frltndt npon tbt gallant
work dono by tntlr veiicit
A special Now Orleans telegram lo tho
lhrald itji that Oov. rTtUt bat labmttttd to tbt
riot tnrtitlgatlog eommlttet all tht eonttpondtaot
bttwtta blnutlf, Gtni. Shtrtdan and Balrd, and
othtn, wbleb, tbt dlipatch itjt, nlltvtt Wtllt
from rtrponttblluj for tbt non ponlibmtnt of ln
atlgitort of tbt ritt.
The Hartford Pott states that at 7:21
o'clock on 6ttardiy trenlag a vtry BrulUak aad
btantlfal mttior psiitd ovtr that tit from Sontb.
to North It wu rliiblo for lirtral sieondl, ap
ptrtollj stopping two or tbrtt timet, and ttcb
tlmt dropping a imtlltr liitd star. Finally It
tzplodtd, ittmlngtj ovtr Atjlnm ttrttt, banting
lato icvtral bright start. It wu tbitnod bv qaitt
a nnmbtr of ptoplt, all of whom wtrt admlrtrs of
firt works.
A colored woman at Richmond mado this
qottnt bat gtnalnt prtvtr "0 Fatbtr Almighty,
0 iwict Jtiot, molt gtorlfiad King, will yon bt so
lltiitd to eomt dii way tad pot yon tyt on dttt
poor monrntrt 0 swttt Jtint, ain't yon dt
Dtaltl Ood? Dlda't yon dtllbtr dt trtt chltlun
from do fiiry fornu? Dido t yoa htah Jonah cry
la dt btlly nb dt wbala' 0, If dirt bt ont ittkln
monrotr hirt dll afttrnoon, tf dcra bt on alnkln
Ttttr, If dtrt bt ont wttpln alary, If dtrt bt ono
donhtln' Thomu, won t yon bt plititd to eomt
and dtllhir tm? Won't yoa moont yon Ooiptl
boil an' rldt roan' dt loalt of dm ytrt monrnori,
tad ny, 'Oo la pitct and tin no moan?' yon't
yoa bt 10 plttitd to eomt wld dt lovt la ooo ban'
tod dt fan In dt odttr ban' to fan away donbtl?
Woa't yon bt to pleaitd to tbakt dut ytrt toalf
tTir bill an' not lit 'tm fall la?"
l'arena In Lonlarllle.'
The queen of song is In IoulsvilIo, Ken
tucky. She has carried tho city by storm.
Tho Louisville Journal, a vary cautious
paper in its criticisms, speaks of tho charm
ing vocalist as follows :
"The Bateman concert at Masonic TemDle
was one of the richest musical fetes ever en
joyed in Louisville, l'arena. glorious, anirel-
voiced Parepa, sang with marvelous sweet
ness, stio was greeted witu an enthusiasm
tnat we nave never seen or heard equalled.
The compliment was more than deserved by
this lovely queen of song. All of tho artistes,
in sooth, wero received with tho utmost cor
diality. It Is hardlv allowable In such a case
to particularize. The audienco went Into
cctacics at ccry appearance of Parepa.
Mr. Bateman'a brilliant galaxy of artistes
needs little help from tho press. They are
established in the heart-favor of the public,
woo win never aescrt incm or rail to nppre,
clato them as their talents merit."
Washington will welcomes such artistes
in opera. Let us have Pabep a.
The Providence Journal states that a
requisition has lately been issued by tho
Governor of ono of the New England States
on tbe Governor of another State for the ar
rest and delivery of a fugitive from justice,
enarged with hocus-pocus in the getting up
of a gold raining company. It seems that
trie individual In question, while engaged in
organizing the company, exhibited a list
purporting to bo a subscription for Block by
men of wealth, well known in tho commu
nity. The representation that these wero
lona fide subscribers induced others to !sub.
scribo and pay in their money. Subse
quently it was discovered that tho wealthy
parties aforesaid had simnlv Jenllnei'r names
to help tho projector; in fact, that they never
had an interest in tho enterprise, and that
the representations to the contrary made by
the projector wero untrue. Hereupon, those
who had paid in money instituted proceed
ings against toe promoter as a swindler.
Ip tub editor of the Boston A continue!
to publish such mathematical propositions
the following, ho never can be confirmed by
tue present senate lor any office :
' Gen. Stevens, who is nominated for Con-
tf?a r.n-n Ilia D.i nm1 XTa 1T L! .1,.
B.wS ..vu. w. mvwuu nca jiuiupimre UIS
trict as successor to Mr. Rollins, told the
, V ,""u "" mem in ineir
'faith in the progressive character of the Re-
imunuui pariy. aiow lar uiu it progress In
in vulgar fractions."
Gen, BeaUREOARD met tho Conirreaiiinnal
excursion nartv at Cantnn. MEaa. rr t,M
them that ho waa In favor at a nnanlMai.,,1
government, as the war had settled the ques
tion oi atato rigots, and tnat ir it was In Ids
power he would not restore tho institntlnn
of slavery. In saying this he believed he
cipraieu ino sentiments oi tne ngnllng men
of tho South.
A NlvT IVflBn "I'un.nn.iu " A ......
spondent proposes to rectify a msnifest error
intrnntirffl M lain vttnrm tntn ein t.nn.
-. - . M4.U WU. .KUgUBKl,
in the progress of invention. "Photograph"
has a termination devoted to the verb active,
or otherwise to tho name of the agentj "jiio.
togram" is the proper form for the name of
the effect or product. Tho suggestion is un
impeachable. The same argument by which
the introduction of the word "telegram" was
successfully enforced requires us to accept
p''"1 " migu. u properly speaK
If Genuine a tfllao-ranh aa nt !.,!., .!.-
- .-.-n.r.. ,, vl UUj,g u uuuiw
graph., Both are abhorrent to classical
Order. The rpnmn fa tha ., i. . .
of the present active to write, or, using the
participle substantively anything writing;
while gram is the root of the perfect parti
ciple passive written, or, substantively, any.
thing written. ScfenryJc .dmerican.
Fire In sun oil itai.....
Prritoi.ii. fl W Tltio II 'n. i,..,i i .
Ill, .T.MltD Q...ntn..,A .... .1.- IT-.. .. .
'i u ' B "yoniing and
Oil Spring road, was destroyed by firo last
night. A child belonging to tho family was
burned to death.
The National Republican.
BrUietnlltd States ud'Eanptaa Kewi Conipanj
. .
& Raplnre With Turkey Imminent.
Sarning of tho Crystal Palace.
LOSS 1,500.000 DOLLARS.
A Fatal Railroad Acoldont.
Forelgn News by the Cable.
TnsTC,;December 30. News from Athens
of the 24th waa that there wu a Cabinet
crisis, the Ministers of Finance and Public
Works having tendered their resignation,
and his Majesty hesitating to receive them.
The two officers insisted that they should bo
Government affairs aro in a troubled and
excited condition in Greece. Money very
scarce and pay and pensions of all State
officers aro four months overdue.
Newt from Corfu to the 26th received.
Four British war vessels took in provisions,
after Dcing fully fitted out at that port,
and sailed immediately for tho coast of Can
dia. The Insurrection in Thcssaly, which It is
supposed It fomented front Greece, Is pro
gressing rapidly. Tho insurgents have
named a Greek Colonel named Vclias their
Loxdox, December 31. It is said that Ad
miral Goldshorough, of the American Nary,
has asked permission of his Government to
transport the Cretan refugees in a war steam
er. CoxsTAXTixorLi, December 30 In special
dispatches forwarded from France, the Em
peror Napoleon confidentially and in a
friendly spirit advises the Porte to yield all
the demands for reform in Government
affairs and redress of local grievances made
ty lh pnople ofiZcrova. Tho French Em
peror adds that the Turkish ruler should try
to pacify his subjects. The recommendations
of Napoleon are likely to have considerable
effect, for as if to add weight and cogency to
his words, advices are received hero from
Condla announcing that tho Cretan insur
gents have been reinforced by volunteers
from abroad, and are making active prepara
tions' for another engagement with the Turk
ish troops.
Iiiviarooi, Jon. 1. Tho steamer Hccla
from New York, December 19, has arrived.
Lo.iDO.iDr.BHT, Jan. 1. Tho steamship
Moravian from Portland, Dec. 22d, has
arrived at this port to-day, and alter landing
her malls and dispatches proceeded for
Paris, Jan. 1. A rnmor Is current that
the Emperor Napoleon has decided to issue
a call for a Grand Congress of European
monarch!, to be held In this city daring the
approaching World's Exposition.
LovDon, Jan. 1. The Herald of this morn
ing has an editorial upon the state of affairs
at present existing between Turkey and
Grceco in regard to the position to lie taken
by the British Government. It lays that
England will presurvo a strict neutrality.
Paris, Jan. 1 The Payt of to-day refers
to the threatening aspect of affairs between
Greece and Turkey, and says that a rupturo
between the two countries is imminent.
The Momlrur of to-day, prints a telegram
received from tbo American Government by
cable, stating that French vessels arriving
at tho ports of the United States, will be
placed upon the seme footing In regard to
the layiag of duties as American vessels may
bo subjected to in French ports. It says
that this will render all vessels arriving at
French ports under tho American flag frco
of dutiable collections.
Glasgow, Jan. 1. The American ship
President Fillmore, Copt, lull, which sailed
from this port on tho 30th of November for
New ,1'ork, has put back to Moorlanloch,
Lovdox, Jan. 1. To-day has been ob
served as a holiday generally.
Consols for money aro quoted at 90.
Quotations for American securities to-day
nre as follows : Five-twcntles, 72J j Illinois
Central, 80j; Erie,J.
Liviaroot, Jan. 1. Thcro havo been no
transactions to-day In cotton, brtadstufft, or
Late Htenmer New.
Niw York, January 1. Tho steamship
Pcrrle, from Ha7re and Brest on tho 22d,
tho DJansa from Bremen, via Southampton,
on the 19th; City or Washington, from Liver
pool on the 19th and Quecnstown on tho
20th, and the (Ihicairo and Louisiana frnm
Liverpool, arrived to-day. Their news Is
mainly tnticipatod by tho cable.
Report said that the Derby Cabinet was
considering a plan of shelving the whole
question of Reform for the next session of
Ihe uarnslev exnlounn U found In havA
been occasioned by the leaving off of tho
top of tho blacksmith's safety lamp, the
flame -of which must have Ignited the gas
lie ha-d gone doyjiio shoe the horses, and
was found witlk'i head blown off. Sub.
scrlptions for the families of tho sufferers
were already largo.
A dividend of four shiltinra on the nnnnd
had been offered by the Vice-Chancellor to
tho creditors of Overend, flurnsey and Co.
Thus will require about .01,000,000 sterling
The report of tho loin of the steamer
Golden Fl eece with all on hoard, was a wicked
Arrangements for the confederation of the
British Provinces of North America havo
been settled, and bills will lie introduced at
tuo next sess ion or 1'urlioin ant. Alio Impe
rial guaranU o is raised to J'A,000,000.
An inter Colonial Lino to connect the
(Irand Trohk railway titir,irulifai. can bol
cornpietea in two yearsj '
Tho health qfmpolcbn It good.
I Tho annexation committee of the Prussian
Deputies had ratified the treaty by which the
Dulce of Oldenburg renounced his claim to
the Holstein succession and accepted instead
a small portion of Holstein territory and a
million of thalers.
W-The fact of the King of Saxony having
visited Berlin is regarded as an evidence of
his determination to act towards Frussla as
a sincere ally.
The proposed new line of steamers between
Germany via Southampton and the United
States Is sanctioned by tho Prussian Q6rern
ment, as it Is to have the influence and sup
port of Bismarck. Bach of the seven steam
ers It to be capable of carrying 100 first and
100 second and 600 third class passengers,
and 1,000 torn of freight.
Napoleon Is said to have congratulated the
King and the Italian government upon the
conciliatory tone of the King's speech.
The chief points of the Italian proposition
to tho Fope aro believed to be as follows :
Florence to bo tho capital of Italy. Tho
Cardinals to be created Frlnccs of tho king
dom, with their present salaries guaranteed
the Inhabitants of tho Fontiflcial territory to
declare by vote whether thoy will becomo
Italian tnoiects, or remain unuer tne juns-
diction of the Pope, and Rome to be an inde
pendent city, under the absolute control of
the Pope. Tho Pope to acknowledge Victor
Emanuel aa King of Italv. and to crown him
as such at Florence. This arrangement to bo
only binding during tho Pontificalo of tho
present Pope.
Exchange on London at Shanghai, had
advanced to Ciljd.
The assertion Is mado on high authority,
that the leading powers of Europe except
Russia, have resolved to tako measures lor
the preservation of the Holy See. Tho repre
sentative! of Prussia and the United States
are among its most determined supporters.
The French Ambassador has declared that
France would hold Italy responsible for any
violation of tho temporal power.
IIautax, January 1. The Royal Mall
steamship China, from Liverpool on Satur
day, December 22, via Quecnstown 23d,
arrived hero at nine o'clock this morning.
She has 11 passengers for Boston, and 11 for
this port.
No farther Fenian arrests of Importanco
had occurred up to tho China's departure.
Tho news by the China is generally antic
ipated by the cable telegrams.
too total suoscription in Kngiana to tao
fund for the relief of tho sufferers bvtho
fire at Quebec had reached 30,000, and it
had been resolved to closo tho subscription
The Paris correspondent of the London
Timet, of tho 22d. says tho onnosition of tho
press to tho army "reorganization" scheme
wns erowlnc so decided, and tbe nubile
opinion was generally to adverse, that it was
ruraorea yestcruay it noma do witnurawn.
Front Canada.
Montreal, Dec. 31. A collision occur
red on Saturday niffht between the exorcfls
train from Rouse's Point, and a freight train
drawn by two engines from tho West, The
trains ran into each other with frightful
force, the engino of the express train running
on top or tbat or tbe rrclgnt train, at onco
killing the engine driver, named Newbold.
Thcro was a firo yesterday, at tbe sofa
factory of Kershaw Edwards, in Fortifica
tion lane. A largo quantity of machinery
and tools were destroyed. Tho retidonco of
lion, dames lvesile was numed last ntglit.
Lieut. Colonel Brown, late Deputy Assis
tant Adjutant General of militia, vtho some
time ago absconded with u large antaunt of
money belonging to the militia department,
arrived yesterday, in-custody of the chief of
Brown for firo months, over Great Britain
and tne continent, and captured him at Ham
burg, Prussia. lie was committed for trial
at the next Court of Queen's Bench.
The channel on the other side of St. Helena
Island Is blocked up with Ice. Appearances
uenoie a specay ireczing up or me river.
lturulng of the Crystal Palace.
SrDMUAK. Dec 30 Tho Crvstal PalaKa
is now on fire. Tho conflagration broke out
at two o'clock in the afternoon in the north
wing, and was first seen to issue from the
section set apart for tropical contributions.
The Egyptian and Nineveh courts of the
Palace are now almost destroyed by the
flames. The northern tower is left standing,
but tho ffas uIdcs and heatinir annaratni
being broken, the flaming gas is escaping
from its summit, firing some of the surround
ing material. Embers of the burning wood
are falling from the tower and scattering
over ana arounu a gap oi iou leet in widtn,
which has been mado by tho inn arches and
supports giving way.
Btdexiiav, Dec. 31. Tho fire has been
extinguished. Tho damago dono to the
building and its contents it estimated at a
million ana a bait or dollars.
The Arkansm Delegation.
Wasuikotox. Jan. 1 Tbo deletration from
tho Legislature of Arkansas, consisting of
torce oenators anu six itcprcscniatrves, ar
rived here this evening and are stopping at
tho Metrophtan hotel. Senators A. S. Gantt,
.Tftlrn Tl VallnAa n.l W V WAt,t... JI
w . l.Uni, M..U I,. ,1. (IHIUUP, AMJf"
rcsentatives Jno. It. Eakin, Andrew Hunter,
H. F. Thomassen, R. 0. Newton, L. 0. Ganse
and J. P. Hughes are the members of the
committee. They aro sent by the Legisla
ture oi Jiricansas to represent tne leeungi
and sentiments of tho Deonle of the State.
which they claim have hitherto been misrep
resented and misunderstood, and to ascertain
tne true status or mo stale and lue prospects
and terms of reconstruction and restoration
They will have an interview with tbe Presi
dent to-morrow if possible, and will nerson.
ally present their case to the members of
congress or Dotn parties
New Ycar'a In Other Cttlcn.
PuiLADii riiu, Jan. . Business was en
tirely suspended to-dav: tho Stock Ex.
change, Corn Exchange, banks, and most of
tne storci being closed, as usual on the 1st
of Janus ry.
Niw Yorx, Jon. 1. Business is entirely
Buspended to-day, and the usual now year's
conviviality progressing.
Baltimore, Jan. 1. The Corn Exchange,
Stock Board, and public offices are closed
to-day. There Is a general suspension of
The business changes at tho opening of
tho new year aro very numerous, tho past
ear having proved very disastrous to many
new firms.
Kallronu Accident.
Cikcivxati, Jan. 1. The engine and bag
gage cars of a train bound south on tbe
Chicago and Great Eastern railroad was
thrown from the track near Richmond, In
diana, yesterday, by a broken rail. The en
gineer was killed, the fireman injured, and
the engine demolished.
New Year's Day was generally celebrated,
and all the publie buildings, banks and busi
ness houses closed. Tho weather continues
cold and navigation is still suspended.
Au Indiana l-'lre.
IxDiAXArons, Ikd., Jan. 1. A firo at
Richmond, Indiana, this morning destroyed
Vanneman, Reed Si Co.'a pork and grain
warehouso, the Dayton and Western railroad
Company's office, and tho Western Union
Telegraph Company's office. Vanneman,
Reed Sr Co. had a largo quantity of lard and
wheat in store. Loss about $159,000. Very
little insurance
Judge Magruder Indicted.
Ilir.TrwnR. Jan. 1. JndffA Mafrrnder. of
Annapolis, was brodght beforo TJ. S. Com.
mlssioncr Brooks this morning on an Indict
ment against him for a violation of the civil
rights bill. Thcro are two Indictments
against tho Judgo tho first indictment for
refusing to receive negro testimony) tho
second is for Belling colored persons Into
slavery as a punishment for crirao. The
Judge gave bail In tho sum of $2,000 to
answer the charges beforo the U. S. Court at
the spring term.
Busincu Ib generally suspended hero to
day. liALTiMoai, Jan. 1, Hon. I). R. Magrnder,
dge of the Circuit Court of Ann Arundel
and Calvert counties, was yesterday before
the United States Commissioner, Brooks, In
response to a warrant Issued for his arrest on
ino cnarge oi violating uie civil rignis Din,
passed at the recent session of Congress, by
soiling Into involuntary servitude certain
colored persons at a punishment for crime,
a penalty to which white persons are not
subject m tho Stato of Maryland, no was
released on ball In the sum of $2,000 to ap-
Sear before the grand, jury of the United
tatcs District Court on tho first Monday in
March next.
At the same time. Judre Marrnder gavo
ball in a similar amount before Judgo Giles,
to answer on tho first Monday In April next
at tho Circuit Court ol the United States to
an indictment for refusing the testimony of a
colored woman namod Comfort Postley, in
violation or tho Civil Rights bill. Hit bond
men In both cases were W. P. Maulaby, of
rredenckjond Jas. T. Earlo, of Queen Anne's
county. The names of tho parties told by
order of Judgo Magruder, are Harriet Pnrdy,
John Johnson, Qassaway Price, and Dilly
Harris. Tho first was purchased by her
former master, Mr. Rockwell, for $34, who
mado her a present of her time. Tho second
bought himself for $29. The two latter were
purcnaieu at s-ju eacn, by u. w. uitwew,
who was requested by them to do so.
Tho decision of tho questions pending in
these cases will bo looked for with much
Interest by the community at large.
Reunion of New Hampshire Officer.
Coxcord, N. II , Jan. 1 The second an
nual reunion of tho New Hampshire officers
is being held hero to-day. A business meet
ing was neiu at Eagie iiau at eleven o clock',
to complete the organization of the veterans'
union of New Hampshire. Over one hun
dred were present. Major Gen. G. Griffin.
of Kecne, presided, and Capt. A. B. Thomp
son or too unuoaaiaics army, was secretary .
A constltntion was adopted and officers
elected. Gen. Griffin was chosen president,
and Brig. Gen. John Bcdol. vlco-nrcsldent.
At the conclusion of the meeting the officers
inarcuea in a uoay to me biate House, to
nay their respects to Gov. Smith, and to view
tho battle-flags displayed. There will bo
other exercises this afternoon, and a grand
ball this evening. Letters have been received
from Generals Grant, Mead, Hawley, Bum
side, and Gov. Bullock of Massachusetts,
regretting their Inability io be present.
The public exercises in connection with tbo
second annual re-union of Now Hampshire
officers which took placo at Eagle Hall
were of an Interesting character, and there
was a large attenoancc.
Malor-Ucneral Harris F. Steens. of Nash
ua, delivered an oration upon the duties of the
toIdicr,wbIch was listened to witb great atten
tion. An original noerawas read bv Lieut.
Geo. A. Marsdcn, of Concord. Tho exer
cises were interspersed with musio by GQ-
raoros Dana oi iicrun.
This evening a grand ball Is being held at
Phoenix Hall. It is a very brilliant affair.
Tho hall Is beautifully decorated for the oc
casion, and a larere number of distinguished
people aro present, Including Gov. Smyth
and staff. " -
It It snowing hero quite hard again tc-
Attempted Aasaantuatlon.
Battihore, Jan. 1 A private letter from
Raleigh, N. 0 , gives the particulars of an
attempt thcro on tho 13th tilt, to assassinato
Brev. Brig. Gen. Brady, of tho Frcedmen't
Bureau, by a man who openly proclaimed
his intention in the drinking saloons of the
town, saying he had come to have'bls re
venge for treatment he received doring hit
imprisonment on a charge of being a spy,
alleging that tho parties to whom he alluded
had treated him badly while a provost mar
shal. The man called at tho private residence of
uen. many, anu as no entered ins room,
turned tho key and seized Brady by the
throat, drew a pistol and avowed bis purpose
to murder him. A fearful struggle then en
sued, Brady calling for help, but his cries
were unheard. Finally tho assassin said ho
perceived Brady was a Mason, and promised
bis intended victim if he released his hand In
which he held the pistol ho wonld make oo
further attempt on his life. At this moment
the pistol dropped on the floor, and the man
availing mm.cn or too exhaustion or lirady,
unlocked tho door and escsDcd. The civil
authorities of Raleigh, it is said, refused to
taito action in toe matter. 1 no man escaped,
From Iianaaa.
St. Louis, Deo. 31. Tho Vcmoaat'iTo-
Scka, Kansas, special dispatch aayt the
tntn nflinra' innn.l M.ni a a In 41...
vna-u u.uw.a U.1UUM. .VJJV.H, MID 1U lUC
hands of tho printer. The total of outstand
ing Stato bonds aro 8604,000; outstanding
State, territorial and military warrants,
$56,000. Tho assets of the Stato consist of
tax levied and uncollected, $332,000, and
claims against the Federal Government for
equipping troopB, 4c, which Is sufficient to
cancel all indebtedness, and leavo a surplus
m me treasury vi mo oiato.
'Iho superintendent of common schools re.
porta 64,120 children, between the ages of
5 and 21 years, In tho State. The valuo of
scnooi nouses is SJiV.uoo. Tho school tax
amounts to $192,000. There are twelve
ocademios and universities and eighty-three
Emancipation Celebration In North
Raleiqii. N. 0.. Jan. 1. Our colored non.
ulation celebrated to-day amidst a storm of
siect and snow, ibey wcro addressed by
Gov. Worth and others. Everything passed
off quite orderly.
It is reported that a respectable married
lady was violated in Grceno county lost week
in the absence of her husband. Five negro
men and three low white men aro implicated
as principals and accessories. Tho fivo ne
groes and one white man had been identified
and aro in jail. There is great Indignation
among tho peoplo on tho subject.
Uxplonlon ol iin Oil Itellnery.
New Uaiex, Dec. 31 An explosion in
Cowlcs & Loot's coal oil refinery, in this city,
to-day resulted in the destruction of the
works by fire and tho death of Frederick
Thompson, assistant superintendent of the
works, who was blown Into the air forty or
fifty feet, and into the street In front of the
works. He waa instantly killed. The iron
cover of one of tho large oil tanks was blown
a distanco of 100 feet Loss, $0,000 to $8,000.
From Georgia.
AuacsTA, Oa., Jan. 1. Tho New Year
has proved a very dull holiday, Thero waa
a parade of tho colored peoplo hero and in
Tho river steamer Eclipse, blow up near
Purysburg on Baturday, killing tho captain,
assistant engineer and colored fireman, and
badly scalding tho colored pilot. Tho boat
and cargo wero sunk.
From Doaton.
Bostox, Dec 31. At a meeting of thoj
Hoard or Aldermen inn aiicrnoon, tne com
mlltco who havo long had under consider
uon tbo subject or gat, reportca miayor o
tho appointment of commissioners to con
slder tho expediency of the city manufactur
Ing Its own gas. Tho report wu accepted
and tho whole jnbject goes over to the nei
city government
Tho i?renino Commercial, formerly thi
Courier, announces this evening that If ha
suspended publication. It has been a losinf
concern for some years, although- formcrl;
one of the leading papers in the city.
To-morrow will be celebrated as the annl
versary of emancipation day. There trill b
a meeting at Tremont Temple, at whicl
Fred. Douglas, Gen. Butler, Phillips, Bout
wetland Goorge Thompson are advertised to
speak. Tho Shaw Guards, a colored militii
company, are also to parade, and hold a levot
at FanenU Hall. )
The Legislature assembled on Wednesday)
bnt there it not the slightest Interest or exj
cltement over the event The old presiding
officers of both Senate, and House will be ret
elected without opposition on Wednesday
Tho afternoon will be occupied In listening
to tho annual sermon, and Gov. Bollock will
not deliver hit annual message until the latl
tcr part of the week.
It has been snowing hero quite hard slnco
noon. Snow now about three Inches deep,
with good sleighing.
From Blchmond Sleighing Good-
Grand Celebration ol the Third
Anniversary of Uneoln'a Emsn.
cipauon a-rociamauou. j
RicnuoxD. Jan. 1. For two days tbl
weather has been ery Inclement the ground
coverea witn snow ana ice, ana toe cars on
the city railroad laid up. Sleighing in every
The negro population celebrated tho third
anniversary of Ltnclon'i emancipation proc
lamation to-day. All the colored civic and
military orfranfzationj naradfld. with daleira-
tions from Petersburg, Danville and Man
chester. The uilitary weie in full uniform
and tho civic societies in full regalia, with
banners and bands of music. They marched
to Capitol Square, where the Rev. Mr. Hun
menu delivered an audrett denouncing uov.
Pierpont and tho State Legislature He
said that tho only hope of the frecdmtn wu
in vongress, wnicn wouia ciiaduiu pro
visional corernments in all tho Sonthen
States. The celebration passed off quietly
ana wuuoui any oreacn oi too peace
From McmpULs. '
Mxurms, Jan. 1. TV weather it bitter
cold. Basinets has be.n entirely suspended
for the holiday, which has passed off very
quietly. The "Sons of Ham," a colored so
ciety, paraded the st-ccts In full regalia.
The procession wu laigg and very orderly.
Tbe Itodmn Guna.
Foaraass Mooa DtetnVar 21, IMS.
Editor of the Natunat RnMuan'
Sia : I have lost rey a letter in your pa-
Er of the 17th Inst on tho "Bursting of
eavy Ordnance," by tforman Wlard, Esq ,
in which he makes soma vary ..singular
statements. "v
Ho says that "a Rodman gun consists, oj
a series or layers," and linens Its constrotj
tion to "a tallow candle or an Armstrong
jun." V
inn Atoaman gun is cast bonow; wnuo if
the molten stato the bore It chilled with I
running stream of cold water. Tho ehillin
process is very gradual, but continuous, tht
casting, therefore, becomes one homoge
neous mass. The only chance of layers
forming In tho process u on tho surface, In
ternal and external, which is peculiar to all
castings, and are so thin that tho necessary
piuci'Hi-ui nnismng reiipTenacm. -
It may be that tho Interior of ths
is more dense than tho exterior, by real
of tho contraction of tho outward mass; bi
tho word layer has no relation in It.
would rather liken it to a hill of homnrr,
neons sand; tho bottom being more com
pressed wan me lop, dui mo welgnt is so
Kadual that at no point It there a layer,
deed, were the Rodman gun in layers t
uiigui, uu uu nuTaniage, tor a craca at ib
vent wonid do confined to tho first la'
The crack would return to nlaee ffulf '
Rodman guns when burst exhibit no lav,
Mr. Wiard further ssra ! "Acaln. when
gun is fired heat is communicated to the si i
lace or too oore, and it can be seen that
tho gun lias been constructed In such a ma
ner as to best resist tho nrummTnr t
powder. It will bo burst bv the nnentul r n.
panaion from tho beat communteitad. t
this theory were true, every Rodman gi i
would be burst after a few rounJs of cc I
tlnuons firing, which if not the case.''
I know of a Rodman gun which has with
stood four thousand rounds, and I have se n
a Parrott 200-pounder, the casting made n
the Rodman principle, burst on the thi d
round, after proof. I have teen a 2( f
poundcr Rodman burst on the fiftieth roni 1,
and I have seen ono burst on tho fifteen hi t
dredth round. '
I have been present at the continuous i r
Ing or a Rodman 3 80 which withstood s c
teen hundred rounds and still apparently in
good condition, and may be seen on tho
grounds of the Washington Arsenal Tho
gun wu fired continuously from morning
till night, when it got so hot that it was
deemed unsafe to fire it It wu cooled with
snow, yet It did not burst from the uneqaal
Mr. Wlard says that no Rodman gun rill
withstand twenty rounds fired In quick (ac
cession. I havo seen a Hodman gun fired
over ono hundred times In quick tuccession,
and it did not burst
B "'Numbers of large Rodman guns," says
r. Wlard, "havo been made, and are being
made and mounted. They are on dress
parade, principally on forts that have never
been attacked, consequently that clus of
gum have never been subjected to the real
test of battle. How sadltwillbelf wenover
learn their nttcr unreliability until the emer
gency arrives for which they have been pre
pared." This Is a bold and cuy stylo of wrltlng.
and wholly unsupported by facts. Gun
have been mado of ico in Russia and fire j
several times without bursting, at the ceicJ
bration of Catherine's marriage. Guns hsv
also been mado of wood, leather, cut-iron,
wrought Iron, cast-steel, and wrought atccli
all have burst in turn, leaving the matter
still an experiment
Lord Elcho recently stated in England tkat
none of Armstrong'! guns withstood over 400
rounds, and most of them burst under 300
rounds. And quite recently we hear thattho
Krupps caststcel guns have also proved a
failure. Even the unturslaWa guns of Mr.
Ames will burst; one even bursting not loug
ago, while "proving," u I understand, from
some defect in manufacture; and where is
Armstrong's celebrated "Big Will," which
tua. ,uvu uuuuus sterling! tvby it burst
on the 4th round. Am thaan ...nnl.. .u-
result of tho unequal distribution of beat! I j!
think not, since guns of every grade and v 1
mane sometimes burst Irom causes not well i
understood. - '
I deem It reasonable to suppose that tho
prematuro bursting of guns has Its origin in
a cause that is not uniform. Utat is unl-
lorm, ana were jur. wiard's theory true, alii
guns would burst after a few rounds 1
In my next I shall endeavor to givo a bet
ter theory to your readers than that of Mr.
Wiard's relating to tbo bursting of heavy ord-
jmiiccj iiopuig, meantime, mat Mr. Wiard
will yet havo more faith in the genius of his
ivumryuieu. v cry rcspcctluuy,
Oxi or the Sjutu Faxiw.

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