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$ati0UAl gUpuMtaw.
Ob aqaare, oa laaertloa, $1 enbeaqneal laser
ttoa 00 (, Oil aiBare, OB moatb, J. Liberal
ladaceaoata teqtarterty, emtaannnl, tad yearly
Ivery other day edverUaemeale, 60 per eeat, addl
tloaal. Twit ewk advertWomeatJ,?! per cat.
additional. I
Sight It eeaalllate a eqeare Lea tbaa ft ijer
charged la proportloa, al th above rat.
Idltorlal Botle, 25 scats per lit tub taaertlea.
Loeal aetleos, 80 cati pr lln eeafc UiertUa,
Advertltemeats comlag aadtr tka bai ( Waal,
for Sal, For Rat, Leat aad Fonnd, not exeoedlag
fovr Ua, oa lasertloa, U cat tWee llm.,W
caata. Any gmter number of llaaa at propertloaet
Advertlssmests ahoald b haadad la before 0 p. ta.
Throe Ladle Drowiied.
HtaRt Wiuhctl Awar nerTnnaJljrtown.
Last vnlng wo received tho sad Information,
from Mr. Win. F lloltos, at Uowerd'i livery
table, on Q street, otar Seventh, that at
about 5 o'clock, p. m , as tbt mall aUge mi an
proachlng Tennallytown from Roekvllle, It wai
washed off of tho pike by a near c arrant of
water produced by the reoant eoptoaa ralm, and
that three ladles, Mill Mary (or Margaret) Bar-
rett, who reildea on 0 itreet, betj een Twelfth
and Thirteenth streets; His Bettj Brimmer,
of Georgetown, and another led, named not as
certained, who got Into tbt itagt at the resi
dence of Mri. Holt, about one mile this alda of
RoekvlUe, ware drowned. Tba point where the
tage npiet U about on mil and a half north of
Tennallytown, where the Fair Branch erossea
the turnpike.
A two hone ambulance crossed the branoh
just ahead of th stage, and th stage-driver,
Mr. Oeorg Fulton, deemed, therefor, that
there wai no danger. Mr. Christian Keefer, of
Rockrllle, wu a paaienger In the ooaeh at th
Urn It waa upset, but be manigtd to extricate
himself, and aave Ms llf. Mr. Keefer and th
driver having narrowly escaped with their Hres,
commenced to search for the ladles, but at th
end of an hour they eoutd not be found. Th
horses war all gotten out, on of which, th
lead hone, waa washed away about fifty yards,
and will probably die of his Injuries. Th atag
was floated about thirty yards, and was com'
pletely wrecked on ft hoge log, and the United
States mails could not b seen anywhere. Mr.
Keefer mounted on of th bones and rode to
the city, when Mr. Howard sent out a span of
horses and vehicle.
At about 11 o'clock, p. m , a rider returned to
th olty with on of the mall begs, and reported
that tbt bodies of the two ladles named aboT
war recovered and aent to their friends. Th
wearing apparel had been torn and washed cn
tlraly from the bodies, on of which was found
about half a mil below where the sad affair oc
curred. There had gathered around the soen
of th wreck four or Art hundred persons, who
treated an lntenso exoltement, and every endea
vor waa being mad to recover the body of th
lady yet in the water.
Th rain throughout nearly the whole of Mont
gomery country, yesterday and the night pre
vious, washeavler than almost anywhere else,
and the destruction to th crops, bridges and
fences Is truly disheartening. In fact, many of
th farmers are nearly distracted by their loss In
crops, Ao.
Tub Baltimore Bciiutzknfest Third
Dat Th Baltimore Commercial of yesterday
speaks or ine Bcnuuenieet, in mat city or to
day before, as follows " As on th two previous
days the great Bchutien festival was again
crowded to excess yeaterday by many thousands
of our cltliens, Including all classes, sexes, and
ages, and an seemed ntgniy ueiigntea witn tne
entertainment afforded them. Owing to the
threatening aspect of th weather durlog the
morning, but few persons visited the grounds
during the morning, but about noon th crowd
began to arrive, and from that hour until 8
o'clock p. m. a oontlnuous stream of human be.
Ings poured into th enclosure, the oars being
literally crowded to excess Th prise shooting
and prii bowling occupied the early part of the
day, until about 2pm, when th several bands
of muslo began an Instrumental serenade to
those present, which was greatly relished.
About 8 o'elook the 'Punch and Judy' show
began, and about 3,000 persons gathered on th
lawn In front of th tent In which th perform
ances war being given, and an hour was spent
In noticing th performances of automatons,
operated by an Individual, who also possessed
th art of prestidigitation. Tho festivities last
evening were very brilliant, and the dance waa
kept up to a very late hour."
riBE Department Meetivq. Yesterday
at 12 m. the Washington Fire Department Com
missioners held a special meeting in the Mayor's
office, City Hall, In conjunction with Messrs An
thony Rodler and John Fowler, of the George
town Fir Department. Of the Washington Fir
Department there were present bis Honor tbt
Mayor, who presided, Commissioners Charles I.
Can field, J. W. Thompson, and J. T. C, Clarke,
and Chief Engineer John Soasford.
The objeot of the meeting was to endeavor to
offset an arrangement by which JUbernla eoglne,
No. 1, of th 1 (rst ward, could go to Georgetown
and asstst in cases of fires This was granted on
condition that the Georgetown steamer (Henry
Addison) should attend th Area that may ooour
In th First ward, th Georgetown company to
be subject to our rules while here, and tho III
bernla to abide by their rules while there. In
case more of our department may be needed, It
will be called out specially by our fire alarm
telegraph The police station In Georgetown
will hereafter be known as fire alarm box No.
72, which, when sounded, will indicate that
there It fir In Georgetown.
Oarusi's Old Saloon ltiDuncs. It is
with pleasure we announce, and we feel that oar
cltliens generally will be pleased to learn, that
Mr. L. CarusI Is now having his saloon, corner
of Eleventh and O streets, refitted and refur
bished In a very creditable and splendid manner,
and that it will be completed by the 1st of No
vember next, when It will ba rented out to ai
semblles, and for concerts, balls, parties, lectures,
and general meetings. Thla old edifice was pur
chased by the father of Mr. Carnal In 1821, and
In 1822 Mrs President Adams, Mrs. Beaton, and
others graced the first ball ever held within Its
walls. Entertainments given there, under the
management of Mr. Carual, have been visited by
all our Presidents, save, probably, Presidents
Washington and tho younger Adams Mr. CarusI,
In this old saloon, taught Admiral Porter and
other noted men of the present day how to han
dle, with grace, their pedal extremities Mr.
CarusI was always careful to not rent his hall to
characters of doubtful reputation, and on that
score refused to let It to the famous Canterbury
company, W wish him success.
Dkad Drunk. Lost night Information
was lodged at polio headquarters that a man
was lying dead on the steps of the Unitarian
ehurob, corner of Sixth and D streets Officer
Drill Immediately visited th locality, and did
find a man lying on th steps dead drunk The
officer partially aroused him, and succeeded tn
getting him over to headquarters, where he was
furnished with lodgings for the night. The
man's name Is Dersfio, ashoemaker by occupa
tion, and fifty three years of age.
Another Handsome Improvement. Mr.
Wm. Biltton, one of our enterprlilog merchants
on Beventh street, Is now having the old roof re
moved from bis bulldlog corner of Seventh and
F streets, and will have it rsplaoed with a hand
some Frenoh slat roof The building will be
used as business offices, and ft handsome poroh
and stairway will be erected on the south side
Job W. Angus Is the carpenter, and Wise A Cal
jaban brioklayera.
Basb Ball Matters. Bmo ball matters
hart If b rather lively In lb Northern elllii
tba put week, end In oar yesterday! luu w
reoorded a triumph for lb Athletloe, of Phil,
delphla, In gam with the Union dab, or Mor-
On Tuesday tba Athletics playd another
Jam with tba Mutual dab, of Baltimore, d.
eating tbem by th following loora ;
OB. . a 0 ft
K1taf)dr,t .... mt.Lf I S
ufirUD s a uaat.e.r, s a
Hiui.lb ..i
WllklBS.a ...,
riaUr.Sb ,
Barry., f
Ca(bbrt,r f
3 Vaarmee,! b,. S 0
1 rtara,p ,, ft 1
1 WUrmtD,3b 1 S
a ntflU,tb S 3
3 Jwtt,t 3 S
1 Uertts, r.f S a
I Devyr.e.s 1 1
37 18
1 3 S 4 8
17 16
7 19
Atblatle 3 4 3 0 0 0 17 0-18
Motaal 0 7OOO11O 3-18
Fly Catches A tbt alio, 14) Mutual, 8.
Passed Balls Radcliff. h Jwett, 11.
Umpire John Gram, Eckford.
Time of 0 am 2 hours.
Th Perseverance and Socials played ft match
gam on Wednesday on tbt ground south of tht
Capitol. TImt wu called at the end of the
sixth Innings, when tht seor atood, Socials 22,
Ferae vrano 16.
Ther was a match game of bait ball played
on Tuesday between tht Teeumseh and Mystlo
clubs, on the gronnds of tbt former, H etreet
south th aeort atandlng at th close of th
ninth Innings, Teeumseh 43, Mystlo 18.
A match game of hue ball was played on
Tuesday, August 20, between th Atlantloa and
Monumental cIubs.(coIored,)bywbIch the Monn
mentals cam of victorious. W cannot refrain
from sMaklnr of the vlavltf of Landrlok. Wa
ters, and Brooke of the Monumental, and Camp
bell and Skill of tb All an tics.
Mr. Overton, f th Pioneer club aa umpire
fulfilled the duties of that office in a manner
whloh could net have been excelled. Dalow we
append tht score:
Bristol, e
nuaton, p
Campbell, lb
Colaman, 2 b
imiakla. r f.....
o. ,
Trlpuu.1 b
Tbompaon, 3b
Waters, v
lllott, r f
JfUon, e t
. I
. 3 0
. 3 0
. 3 S
. 3 4
Uawalaa, If
S Kva,3b.
4 falrl
rfax, e (...,
U 41 U 11
Th came between the Mutual, of Washing
ton, and the Teeumseh, of Alexandria, colored
clubs. Dlaved yesterday anernoon. at Aiexan
drla, resulted in favor of tht Mutual, as will bt
seen by tht following score, it showing that the
Alexandria boya wart put completely In tht
back ground by tbt Washington bloods:
o. a. o ,
H. Smith, e 3 8 J. Baraaa.e 3 1
Brow a. lb 3 7 S Thompson, p 4 1
UarrU.35 3 8 J.Davla, 3 0
Aaderaea.Sti 110 R Wbatr, lb 2 1
BurUr, p 3 7 J Lia,Jb... 3 0
A Smlth.r f. 7 10 Copier, 3b 0 1
H Oray.Lf. 1 8 f. Hopaar.l t 4 3
Fl.htr, f 4 8 A Barton, c. f 3 1
Wifffa, ee 3 S X. Seatoo, r. f 3 0
a; el 17"?
Hetaal ft 3 8 1 1 10 7 S IS 62
Tceamaah 0 0 0 0 0 0 13 1- 7
Fly catch as Mutual, 0) Teeumseh, 8.
Pais ballsMutual, 1 j Teeumseh, 0.
Umpire, Mr. Mitchell, of the Teeumseh.
Scorers J. Carter, of Mutual; andC. Beaton,
In the notice of the game to come off between
tht Pythian, of Philadelphia, and tht Alert
ciud, 01 mis city, on inursaay next, wt snouid
nave stated tnat tb game will commence at z p.
n, Instead of 3 30 p m.
The Reoatta To-datT Tho regatta
taxes piece lo-uar ana snouid mere na any wind
there will doubtless be a pleasant time. Three
miles art to bt tiven. th first of 150. th seo-
ond of S35. and th third of $25. Tb boats
will start from a stake boat off Seventh street
wharf, and will round a boat off Fort Washing
ton and return to the vlace of startling. J, II,
Bird, W. It. Laskey and Oapt. B. W. Cox, have
been appointed judges 01 in race, id in.
waset and other aUamere will accompany the
contestants affording an opportunity to all to
witness toe race, xn louowmg are me entries
Uytog Cloud, Ilobert E. Lee, George W. Har
rison, by G. W. Harrison.
Brunette, by Brunette club.
Greyhound, by Dr. L E. llauterbers.
Charlie, Al. Dager.by Capt. William E Stew
ert. Augusta, by Capt. Llppard.
Minnie Clark, by Capt. Lafferty.
Catharlnt Coombs, by Capt. Skinner,
Cottage. Major Watts, by Major Watts.
Annie Davis, by Capt. D. Davis.
Lady Lyon, by Capt. Nicholson.
Maggie, by Capt. Staokpole.
Narrow Escape. Charlie "White a
deck hand on board th steamer Express, fell
overboard from off the steamer yesterday morn
ing as she was approaching th wharf at Sixth
street, Mr. White wu In the act of heaving a
line, when he lost hi balance and fell Into the
water. Lieutenant Gessford and private Gun
nail who wert on th wharf managed to rescue
him ore he went under the paddlas, and to their
exertions Mr. Whit undoubtedly owes his pres
ervation and escape from death.
Sellu.0 on Sunday. Bertram Lewis
and Herman Rioter, restaurant keepers, were
arrested for violation tht Sunday law, and find
by Jmt I co Tucker $20 88 each.
110 oeri Jjuny, snopxeeper, lor me same ououco
was fined $25 58.
Samuel II, Wrlzbt. restaurant keeper, was
also arrsstsd for sailing on Sunday, and flood by
Juatloe Walter $10.
Petit Larceny. Kate Light, a noto
rious character wu arrested on complaint of
Allot Miliar, who ooarged in (air attendant
with th larceny of clothing, the property of
plaintiff. Justice Tuoker who heard the case,
commuted nate tor court.
Wuhlngton Buchanan, was also committed to
Jail by tht same Justice for ft similar offence.
A Proper Order. Mr. John Wilson,
Third Auditor, has lately issued some very rigid
ordera regarding the Internal rulea and arrange
ments of his department. He bu prohibited
apple peelings from being thrown on the floor,
and Intends In some manner to abolish, If pos
sible, th going out for lunch. Economy and
cleanliness are th order of the day, and clerks
must pay attention.
The Ram Stonewall. This vessel, which
sailed from the Washington Navy Yard about
two weeks since, and Is destined for Japan, hav.
Ing been purchased by that Government, sailed
from the Qoiport Navy Yard yesterday for Ja
pan, she having been thoroughly Inspected while
on tb ways at that port. All her crew were
wen at too time 01 sailing, am were m good
spirits -
Bids Accepted The following bids for
fuel, at the Post Offlc Department, for best
qualities, have been aoeepted T. H. Sanborn,
(represented by T. T, Fowler,) Baltimore Com
pany uoai, at si uv, rt. uuidbbu, reu bid eoai,
at $0 09. W. U. Stabler, Jr . A Bro , oak wood.
(sawed and stored,) at $7,30, do pine wood, at
jo aw,
A Quick Trip. John W. Garrett, Kso ,
the efficient president of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Company, has made arrangements with
a New York regiment, whloh Intends to partici
pate In the dedication of Antletam Cemetery, to
convey U from Baltimore to Keedyevtllo, which
Is near the cemetery grounds, and back again on
thsam day Hagerttown Herald
Pi c-Nic Yesterday the G00J Samari
tans and the Danihters of Samaria (colored as
sociations) held a plo nlo near Olenwood Ceme
tery ine associations pasaeu uowo mo avenue,
male and female, In regalia, and presented a neat
and creditable aDnearaoce. They were headed
by the Moiart (colored) band
Bastardy. Daniel Turner (colored) was
arrested on complaint of Eliia Porter, who
charged Daniel with belDa: th father of a child
by her, and toward th support of whloh he re
fused to contribute. In default of security to
uslat lntbe maintenance of the child, Daniel
was committed to Jail by Justice Walter.
How to DOiToxonTO an Old Firema
TXHiivai Fiai m Alixakdma- Armit ako
Communist or toe InciDiAixi. Mr. Jacob
Trlpler. th oldest fireman In the Union, has
been the guest of tb Alexandria firemen for
Tral davs nasi. Ha arrived at Alexandria on
Saturday lut, and wai welcomed with salvos of
artillery ana oy ft speeon rrom me mayor. Dine
then ho hat bten aoh day tb especial guest of
on or in companies, and on wenneaaay mini
a grand firemen's ball was given at tht Assembly
Rooma In hla honor. Bat all these did not sat
life the "adTanced vlewi1 of a fw of th fir.
going population of our ancient neighbor. To
rlTa an old fireman without t real, honest.
good fir, to test his mettle, was Ilk th play of
uamietwun tne pari 01 liemioi oamtvu, o
while the lads and lasilaa and tb old fireman
were enjoying the ball hugely, a man named
William Price calls aside one of his companions.
Mitchell by name, and tells him that ht la going
to aet a house on fire Shortly after he staggera
out or tne nan room, goes tnto a restaurant d
law and rets soma matches of the bartender.
and Is seen soon after on Pitt street. In a few
momenta he cornea back and tells Mitchell confi
dentially that he bu let firo to ft good house to
mak a blue, and starts off for th Sun ogtn
bouse. H had not arrived at his destination
before ft lurid glare on th sky confirmed his
statement- A large Joiner's shop, full of finished
and unfinished work, belontlnc to Benf. Dudley
and John Powell, and situated In th rear of
John pummrs' coacn lactory, waa round 10 oe
In flames. The fire spread notwithstanding tht
shower falling' at th time: and destroyed th
Joiner's shop and ft large back building attached
la Rnmmara factory, and In lured the ttlamblns
shop of Hlggln and Power, and the paint shop
of Thomas u. uonro ntior its progrsss was
IMA wu arrested, claced In the watch house.
and at 9 o'elook yesterday morning had ft hear-
in? nrora asavor ijainem. wnea me tviaeaae
confirmed tbt statements made above. Price
waa committed to Jail to answer for tb offence
at court, as iner wu no insurance juessri.
Powell and Dudley lose $3,000, their entire tarn
Inra: Mr. Bummers. $800: Mssars. nirclns and
Power and T. L. Monroe a hundred or so each. It
may bt added that th old Unman wu on of
tn earnest at tut ore, ana woraea wua bbi ana
energy, Tne young man aoniiojaii u in incen
diary is the son of th late Mayor, W. B. Prloe,
"" .
1. 0. Good Samaritans and Dai outers
or Samiria The annual session of the Ha'
tlonal Grand Lodn of North Amerioa of the In
dependent Order of Good Samaritans and
Dafishters of Samaria, a prosperous colored tem
perance organisation, commenced at Woodward
flail on Tuesday. A committee en credentials.
consisting of R W. Bros , John R. Porter of
Hew York, uenry u. uunert or rnuadeipnia,
and Moses 0. Haskell of New York, was ap
pointed. Delegates from nearly all tb States
were present, and the committee reported favor
ably UDon tht credentials, without exception.
Tht reports of the National Grand Sire, Grand
Treunrer and Grand Secretary wert read, tht
report or tht latter giving tne ronowiog statis
tical information: Number of persons Initiated
during the year, M.lni amount or money re
flclreJ. $18,068. do txreoded. $5.93133. bal
anoe on band, $13,133 C8; number of lodges
working, 570 grand lodges working, zjj degree
lodges, lit juvenile wages, u.
The following officers were elected for tht to
nln two years
. Put R. W. National Grand Sire, Labaa Lewis;
Associate, uaggte rerguion; 11 w n. u. o,
Charles A.Diyverti Associate, Annie ni. wop
ner: R. W. N D 8 . M. D. Hukellt Associate.
M. A. Hukeili R. W. N. D. V. 0 , Moses B.
Cosa. Associate. Elisabeth Bowser: Secretary.
Henry Russellf Associate, Amanda Curtis; Treas
urer, miuam ii. inomas, Associate, oaran u.
Grantum: Prelate. R. S I. Cornellle. Associate.
E. Fenwiekj Orator, John R Porter; Associate,
C. T. Russell: Con. Henrr II, Gilbert: Alio-
elate. Rebecca Slyvert: I, 8. S . J. H Webster.
Assoolate, Sarah A. Young; OSS, Charles
Levy; Associate, Ann Parker.
The lodge reassembled yesterday morning and
transacted considerable business, tncludlnr the
Installation of tht officers. At the afternoon
session th renorts of several committees were
received, and votes of thanks were tendered to
the temperance membersof Congress for the efforts
mad by them In tht eaustof temperance among
the freedmao) to It. W. N , Bro W. ll.Thomai,
to the officers and members of District Grand
Lodge, No. 3, and to the cltliens of Washington
for tbelr hospitality. Tb Lodge then adjourned
uns att
The Oo-Operativb Grocert. On Wed
nesday evening, at Woodward Hall, there wu a
meeting of parties favoring a 00 operative gro
cery slor Air. rearion occupied me cnair.
Air. v. u, uoiden. irom me commute on sun
script Ions, reported that he met with continued
suceeis In hla canvuslng, and that a general de
sire was manifested to see lb constitution and
A resolution providing for the appointment of
a commute to nominate persons lor executive
offloes, to be elected at tho next meeting, wu
Mr. Carpenter offered a resolution providing
that when tht officers are elected they shall serve
nntll tht second annual meeting iq January,
1869, unless sooner removed for cause, provided
that of the directors eteoted those having tb
highest number of votes shall serve nntll Janu
ary, 1869, tht remaining three to retire at the
first semi annual meeting of the association in
July, 1868 Th constitution and by laws were
then taken up for consideration, and after a few
unimportant modifications had been made, they
wert adopttd. A motion that 500 copies be
printed wu carried, and, after tbt adoption of a
motion providing for the election of officera ftt
tne next meeting, in meeting adjourned
Board op Police. Tho Board of Police
met Taaterdav at 3 r. m.
Jesse W, Kitchen was reappointed an addi
tional private tor ninety days tor uuiy on water
street, ueorgetown.
Robert W. Simmons wu reappointed an addi
tional private for ninety days, to do duty at
tut uapitoi mil narraoKS
ine application 01 Auoipu ueua iur restaurant
license was received and rejected
The application of Samuel U. Wright for li
cense to keep a tavern In the county of Wash
ington, beyond the city limits, was received and
The application 01 ueorge ueiiaoner ror res
taurant license was received and approved
In the eaaa of Private Edward U. Larrabeo.
charted with neelect of duty and violation of
orders, ne wu nneu iw
In the cues of privates Robsrt Frenoh and
George W McElfresh, charged with disobedience
of orders, the complaint was dismissed In each
In th cue of private Joseph Williams, charged
with gross neglect of duty, he was fined $40.
Camp Meetivos. Yesterday the Metho
dist Episcopal Church South (Baltimore) com
menced their annual camp meeting at Hanover
Switch station, on the Washington Branch rait,
road It will cloeo on the 20th Instant ; and on
the following day tht Methodist Protestant
Cburoh, of the same olty, will Inaugurate their
annual camp meeting on the same grounds The
agent of the Washington Branoh road, Mr.
Koonts, announces that tht following trains will
takit passengers from this city to the camp
grounds. 7am, and 2, 4 30, and 8 45 p. m 1
and on Sunday tht 7 45 a m , and the 4 30 and
8 45 p tn Round trip tickets are Issued, good
for six days, at $1 25 eaoh
The camp meeting In progress near Middle
burg, Loudoun county, Va , has been very largely
attended. Revs S. S, Rosiell, Barnes, Land
street, and other ministers are In attendance
It will break up to day,
A camp meeting is to be held by the Metho
dlst Episcopal Church, In Tolson's woods, Prince
George's county, Md , on th 30th Inst
Tiib Bepublican General Committee
A meeting of this 'committee wu to have been
held last evening in the room No 285 F street,
but there not being a quorum present, no busl
ness was transacted. A meeting will bo held
some evening next week, when it Is eipected
there will be a full attendance
Sanitary Company, Sixteen written
and forty six verbal notices were served yester
day on persons having nuisances existing on their
pre mil Martin O'Toole, for oreatlog a nul
aanoe, wu fined $4 by Justice Drury Henry
Patten, for a similar offence, was fined $1
'IiiBBATB Uichard Butler, colored, for
using threats of violence towards George Lucas,
was sent to jail by Justice Walter, in default of
seourlty to keep th peace.
Ana Of. Tho house occnnlcd bv the
Rev. J. V. Lewis, of St. John's Church, corner of
Kigbteentn and 1 streets, wu sie on Art on Sun
day nlcht lut. and ft subsequent examlnatlAn at
th premlset by Lleat, Hurley, revealed th
lace mas in nous uaa on roboea and in ore
waa the work of Incendiaries Julius Flnnacom,
ft whit boy. axed 14. and Bernard Smith, a eol.
ord lad of tb aam ago, were arrested on sus
picion of having Committed the act, and they
Lad a hearing before Justice Harper at the First
ward station nous yesteruay morning. Air, J,
H. Johnson appeared for Flnnacom, and en
deavored to prove that hi client had only been
ft tool In the hands of others; that h bad been
Involuted into the affair and was not a crlnatnal.
The first chargt against the boys wu that of
oargiary, ana on tou, mr. joaoson said that
Flnnacom would waive an examination and give
ball for court.
Tht charge against Smith was then taken op,
and Rev. J. V. Lewis testified that he was In
Litchfield, communicated with his family, when
bo received a telegram that hla house had been
robbed and aet on fir. He Identified several of
th articles at th atatlon home aa belonging to
him, amounting In value to $78 50.
Lieut. Hurley testified to the finding of tb
goods In tht possession of tht boys, who ac
knowledged taking tbem. The witness also stated
that the house bad been fired in three places-.
In tht kitchen, collar and parlor.
On th charg of th larceny of paints, tools,
Ao, from Solomon Btover and Robert Earle,
Smith waa arraigned; Flnnacom waving an ex
amination. The articles ware valued at $18, and Lieut
Hurley testified to finding them In tht posses
sion of Smith.
The charge of burglary, in stealing a box and
tools from Gen. F. T. Dent, wu also preferred
against Smith
Gen. Dent atated that his hause had been
robbed of tht articles tn tbt Utter part of June.
The witness, In company with Lieut, Hurley,
discovered tht missing too-s at tht house of Con
rad Miller, onU street, near Seventeenth, who
stated that h had bought tbem from ft hoy
named Smith for fifty cents
Th Jostle hld the bora a the sum of $1,000
each to answer at court tie charg of arson, and
$500 aoh for that of burglary. Flnnacom pro
cured ball, but Smith wusent to Jail. Conrad
Miller, for being th receiver of stolen goods,
wu also committed to Jail In default of $500 se
curity to answer the ehart at court.
The President's Visit to Baltimore.
Th President wu competed to forego his visit
to Baltimore yesterday tbroojrh an unexpected
pressure of public business. Th Sebastians of
Baltlmor bad mad very preparation to re
ceive mm, and we juog ucy were muon disap
pointed. Th following .elegrama will explain
th matter
Col. Mcore: I have nadeall the arrange
ments WUltbePresldsntpatSp.m r r lease
let me xnow ny Dearer,
Truly yours, A E L. Kieii.
Th President has just ben oompelled to tele
graph Mr. F. Rains, Baltlnore, that publlo du
ties oompel him to remain it hts cost to-day.
Truly, W. G. Moore.
Return TnANKs.-Tho nembera of our city
nr department aesire 10 nturn meir inanxs 10
th chief engineer of the laltimore fire depart
ment James M. Stewart, who treated them In
so kind and hospitable a tcanner while they wert
on ft visit to tht Sohutsenfest now being held In
Baltimore. They testify, c a man, that they
had a very pleasant time vbile on tbelr visit to
mat city.
Dismissed. George Poppers, pawn
broker, bad a bearing beTore Justice Bates.
charged by Edward Whtder with receiving
stolen goods lot justice vu sansned witn tb
Innocence of Mr. Poppers a.d discharged him
Assault and Batter?. Arthur Kear
ney committed an assault aid battery upon th
penop of bis wife Elisabeth For so doing Mr.
Kearney waa required to gve ball for hla ap
pearance at court.
A0 I
Oar whole atock bow olTerei all
a aaerlae, to prepare
for fall and wtatd trade.
323 Pi47lTtBU aveaeae
The datlea of tbla iDatltotli, which war ini
peadei for a tlue.owlag to th anulJ condition
of tbe coaitrr, will be rnmd Ih eoaileg aotataa.
The aebola Io year eoaalat ol tea moalha, com
maaclBg oa MONDAY, 8ertiiiler 3, aad eadlag
Clrealin may Le bad at Mra W. II. k 0. II.
Uorrlaoa'a Uookator, 439 ad 40 PeBairlvaala
avaauet sir W, Dallaalya' Bootitor, 49S &vath
atrt, aad atDr.Tyaoa' Drog Etera, earner of Klath
aad L atreet
Baalor Claia, board, Eogllili taKlon, faal aad
llghta, par acholaatla year ttO
Primary Claaa, boar J, EnglUb totloa,, A.. W
For lhr partlcalar aJJrM al A. TY80H AHO
SIBTXR8, Laurel, Md. torpiiig4lae on th Baltl
mor aad Waablartoa railroad Coat' Italloa,
two mile OBih of Laur!, aulO lm
Bolo FroprUtorfor th, Flitrlot of ColBmbla,
ol.Uwtf HortliMt cnro.r of Flrit Bad D !.
Btraagar, la WaiilnftoB iboald mot f.11 to
Coraar of NlBth (No fi09) and D atreata.
It oootalaa o,ar 10,000 booka of arar daaerlptioB.
Booklloanad bytbaDar.Watk, Moatb.or Taar Ful
a f.w aaola too eaa aopply 7oanalf wttb b moath'a
raallB,. apS-tf
fiiY RDM 1 BiY BUM I
WarranUd gtanlo aod ltnportadj yry ale.
6UPIUIOR CULOQHB, 1 IO per plat.
Tarejalc of thOrap very fla.
Ee these artlalaa bafor you bay Cleewher
GILES 0. C SlHUB, Dragglat,
Jy37-lm Cor. M. Y. areaae aad rjrtalh at.
A fall atock of all aliei, aaltabt for all klade of
fiii sTath trt,
aal2 tf below renDiylvaala avBa
Druggist and
Comet litb Street and New York Aitnue,
Th anfcaerlTaara taka thla tnathod of laformlBX lhlr
frUnd aad tb publlo tbat they hav opened ao
offlc at
where tby will attcad to Ih purchaa aad aal of
a & a , m a t . i
11a In had a. anmhar nf vaara X PC lie DC la th
ahova lnalBB In Annaptlnn with Ml atl thaT
ar prpard to offar their patroa lb bnot of tbtlr
arvlee with promptaeaa aad oa reaaooabl Urma
1 nivnN a, nunuu
aa 3-Sm CI Loalslaaa a aao
, nrtyAv or sixty feet deep, two large front
window, French plat glaaa, iltoaUd eorth ld of
fBBavlTBBta avanna. Latweea Metropolitan Hotel
and fflalh atreet.
l'oaaaloa given oa orof(nl tbe let of September.
Inquire oa th premliei
Georgetown and Alexandria.
47To tbi CmuM or asoauiTowjri Arrests
meats have been to have tke Bsfcilicav delivered
promptly aad rsiularly every mora'af to aabaerlb
ere la every part of Gterf elowa.
Babaertptloaa wilt be reeelved by J.S.K.Ticav,
Vo. 151 Bridge trt,who U oar aal&orliad Sfiat
far Georgetown far Us delivery, and will collect for
anbecrlptloaa aad solicit edvertuemeaU for tee NA
tiosal BircitiCAS from aad after A gait 1.
List or Letters The following Is a list of
uncalled ror letters remaining in tn Ueorge
town post omce, tor tne weekending August 22,
Baetty, Sophia
Baltstll. kfn Wm
Lewla, Mre Mary B.
Lee, Naacy
Maeomb.Mra Rlth'dA.
Baker, Ura J. A. r.
Borar. Mr. Baarlatta
M1oBr. CatHa
Collla. Mre X.
McQarvey, Mrs J
Madiaoo.Mra. Matilda
Mewton.Mlie Nellie
O'ifoll.Mr month
Potter, Airaeda
Parker, Abb
Staleop, Elite A
Smith, Mln Mary
Smith, uua Abb
Smith, Mr Abb
Wathlaftoo, Lney Abb
Woavar, Mr Capt
Wkitter, Mlia Harriet
Wale. Ulii Ana
rraaklaad.Hr U. W.
ruber, Mr. M. A.
ary, uIb
Graham, Mrs Jeba
Hjward.sfra Aasle
Harrison, Mia Aaale L.
Job, Mr 00. A.
Jaekaon, Ml Kitty (eol)
Ereba, Mlaa Final
Klat, Mre Luretta
Lbb. Mrs. UarrWt
Loar.MUs Harriets
LaBBau, Mis Sarah V.
YonBf, Mrs GIbbU
Aleiaider, Sotlers Harrod, 3,
Adam, G. 2
Adara, Lawyer
Avry,Capt. WalUrff.
Jesktae.Capt Chaa. E 4
JohaaoB, J on a
JohaaoB, Wa-Mftoa
Kelp, Oeo W,
KU waa, Capt. A.
Samp, Wm
Kelly, Thoa
Lltheaer, liar tuna
La jioa, Caleb 8
LmoB, Capt. Joseph
Lot1I, 1'etcr
Millar, Charloa X.
Marphy, Jm Jama
Maat,bamal M.
Manray, Anstla
May, Jobs
Moor J F.
Mandor, Richard
MUlr, El
Peareoa, Andrew
rteraon,Uear If
Knolda Michael 2
1-oberU, David (eol )
Saag, Capt. W. I
bhlpley, A J
Smith. Ebea A.
Smith, Lymea
Tyler, Watioa
Tburmai, Joha H
Dlmaa. E. 0.
Arm, api. not , a
Baraett, Capt. Chaa.
BBdlet, Col.
Butler, John
Baker, Tboa.
Blreh, Jobs
Bark, Joha Etndotph
Btru, John
BatUr, T.
Boydta, Oo. T,
CoaxdoB, Btrattoa H.
Cordery, J. A.
CtUla, J
Chellar, Jaitaa
Chaa, Job at ban
Clancy, Jaa.
Clark,Ja f.
Creamer, laaae
Crowley, Cajt. Thorn )e
vomop, mi
Done, Den&ta
DoBohae, D
Dal. Jaa
DasUta, John
Davla.Wm T.
Edward, Jamea
Flacu, Egbirt
farm, oUrer C
OaiklB, Back
Ollbert, David T.
Gambit. J A
GflthBr, BbJ W
Walker, Thomas
Fllrtlna. Cant Elnathaa Walla. Simon
llanaon.Cept Hinry, 2 Wrra, Jacob t
Uati, Upt. Aaiaalua, 2 Williams, John W
Bitot, Jas. William, Up Manl'fE
0 10 UllL, JB , r M
IiTiRiSTita CtntOKii$LAVif a a Coniist
Stosi .Yesterday afternoon the grand and I if1
terestlntr ceremonies of laving the corner stone
of tb lint Baptist Church, at th corner of
uongress ana uay sirens, iook piece, notwitn
standintx the threatening aipect of the weather.
hundreds had congregated at tho scene long be
fore 3 o'clock, and by 4 p m , the hour tin-
nounced for too opening exercises, tne streets
In the vicinity, and the irrounds upon which the
sacred edifice Is to be erected, were literally
packed with ladles and gentlemen, anxious to
witness th grand and unusual spectacle
About 5 o'clock th Grand Lodge of Free and
Accepted Masons, beaded by Ueald s American
urass uand, touowea oy toe ouaaay oanooi con.
dren and teachers of the First Baptist church,
and the choir of Dunbarton street M. E church,
arrived, and took position within the Inclosure.
the Masonic order forming around the northeast
ooiocr 01 111 ivi, nuwiw im vwiuii ituut nu is
The exercties ware opened with prayer by th
Bav. James Nelsoo, pastor, after which the
choir of the Dunbarton Street Church, executed
with fin tTettha arcronrlata hvmn. " Bohall
thli,yourfjuodatton, whtchQod and Zlonlays '
Kev. Mr. Willis, of Alexandria, then read a
uortlon of the scriptures from tbe 3d chapter of
iiaiao. coairnvDciug u. .uv n.u inv
At the conclusion of tbe roadlojr.tbe band per
formed a beautiful selection, at the termination
oi which iter. it. uuioiio, ui vu iairiontn
Street Baptist churoh, addressed the assemblage. '
lie said the threatening aspect or the weather
would not permit the services to be prolonged, I
but th occasion for which we bad assembled I
wu interesting, for who ts not Identified In tbe
well being of the oountry. Many around us
are poor, while again numbers are wealthy. I
Men are rloh by the saving appliances vouch-1
safed through tbe will of Uod. Where religion
,-. II th anaaltar aald tba school wtramoit '
effective, for tbe sohools and the church go band
In hend together, aod when we look upon a
community that la prosperous, w have but to
look a short distance to nod tbe chursh and tbe
school house. Where the power of truth and
religion is greatest, the Church of Christ exists
Th cltliens of Georgetown, of Washington, of
th United States, and of the world, are Inter
ested In what we are doing to day, for if virtue
ested in wnat w ar doing to aay, ior u virtue
Is here, so is the teaching of Jesus Christ and
Divine, In conclusion, aald toe occasion was on
of glory to God and man, and who will not say .
Rev. Mr. Hewlett, of Calvary Baptist Church,
offered up a short prayer, in which he asked the
blessing of th Almighty on the members of the
eburob, and tbat God would preserve the struc
ture through every storm.
Tbe ceremonies oi laying toe stone was toon
proceeded with. A small tin box, containing a
history of the church, religious and secular
Journals, the name of the pastor, seal of tbe .
Grand Lodge of F A. M , list of the members, '
and aspeoimen oi iractionai currency ana coin
was placed in tbe cavity and covered with a
marble stone ....
UUD xi. u titutUi uiouu iiiiuttii fit ,
" ," ."."""J. "'"'"", """,;'"" ffi. "" I
uu.iu.iMfu - v.v v. .
QrBnd Mut.r-RIht W.r.hlpf,l Junior'
Grand Warden, what Is tbe Jewel of your office'
Junior Grand Warden The plumb, Most
Orand Muter Have you applied tbe plumb
to such parts of this corner stone as should be
Junior Grand Warden I have, Most Wor
shipful, and the craftsmen bar dooe their duty
Grand Master. Right Worshipful Senior
Grand Warden, what is the jewel or your office'
Senior Grand Warden The level, Most Wor
shipful. Urand Master. Hare yon applied the level
to such parts of this corner stone as should be
Senior Grand Warden I hav Most Wor
shipful, and th craftsmen have done tbelr duty.
Urand master jwrui. u onaipiui uputy
Grand Master, you will now apply tbe square to
this corner-stone and see If It Is duly squared.
Deputy Grand Master Most Worshipful, I
hav applied tbe square to tbe several parts of
this oorner.stono that should be squire, and tbe
craftsmen have done their duty.
Grand Muter As these Implements of archi
tecture In the bands of the skillful oporatlv
maaon enable blni to prepare and adjust the
sundry materials of which the complete edifice
. i .. j. ii... i.ii,. i...j. .i..it.i.i
IS composed, au uu iuoji u tuv uiuui vi cuiigui
ened and accepted speculative muons teach
them to prepare their minds u living stonos for
tbat spiritual bulldlog, tbat ' bouse not made
with hands, eternal In tbe Heavens." Tbe
fdumb morally admonishes us to walk uprightly
u all our several stations before God and man
Tha aanare teaches us to square our actions bv
tbe perfect square of virtue, fulfilling the golden
rule of "doing unto others as we would they
should do unto us " And by the level, we are
reminded that, in tbe eyes of Him in whom we
live and move and have our belog, we are all
upon a perfect equality all equally near to and
equally distant from Jlim and that we are alt
traveling upon the level of time, to "that undis
covered country from whose bourne no traveler
The Deputy Grand Master then presented to
tha Grand Master a vessel contain! ex corn, aad
before sprinkling tt upon tbe stone, said
Brbturxn Tbe corn, wine, and oil which you
carry in your processions, and which are the
consecrating elements used on occasions like the
present, are to remind us tbat In tbe pilgrimage
of life we are to Impart a portion of our bread
to the hungry to sond a cup of our wine to
cheer the sorrowful, and to pour the healing oil
of consolation Into the wounds whloh sickness
hath mad to th bodies, or affliction hath rent 8a n Accidiit and Losi or Lrri By refer
In tht bents of our fellow men, Io placing th nc to our Wuhlngton local department It will
corn upon this corner atone I Invoke the Messing aesn that the Bockville mall coach met with aa
of pltntp on the people who art to worship tb accident yesterday anernoon, above Tennaily
on ly true and aver living Uod, In tbt tempi to town, by which three young ladles lost their
be here erected and solemnly dedicated to Bin. Uvea by drowning, among whom wu Mlsa Betttt
Especially may they never want for that bread Brimmer, of thle town. This aad eatutrophe
of whloh to tat Is life eternal. hu oast st gloom cf sorrow among the acauain
The win was than croianted la tba (Irani. linMinf th anfortnnftt tJt..
Master by tb Senior Grand Warden Joseph
Libbey, andth Grand Warden said- F
" la pouring upon It this wine. I do it in tb
The oil belnff next creiented. th Grand if.
"And, pouring upon It tbla oil, I trust that
those who may be called here to minister to tht
il ob l utgb, may not only point to Usaven, but
lead the way that from this bouse the full, rich
stream of pure and nndefiled religion shall cease
lessly flow, and that the consolation of the gospel
of In Prlnc of Peac may accompany us all
through life, and Illnmln our feet at we pass
throuxh 'the dark vallar of th shadow f tUtthi
(Qiviog three raps with the gavel ) I now pro
ncuoo thla stone properly prepared, well laid,
true and trusty.'
After a few remarks from Dr. Qillelte, tht
benediction was pronounced, and the Interesting
and edifying ceremonies were closed.
The ravel used Id latino1 tb ifaAva atnn n
the same tnt used tn laying tht corner-stone of
the Capitol of the United States, which wu laid
by Oen. Wuhlngton himself, with great Masonic
array, September 18, 1793.
Kecsptiok or Jacos Triplxr QraroOva.
Tioir The committee of the fire department of
Qeonretown. beaded by Chief Enrtnaar Wm.
Lowrle, repaired to the Seyenth itreet wharfJ
yesterday at noou,wnretney tnai me venerable
Philadelphia fireman, Jaeob Trlpler, and a com
mittee oi int Alexandria nrt department.
Coaches war la readiness, and the party arrived
In Georgetown about Up m , aod escorted to
the engln house of th Uenry Addison, where
Mr. Trlpler and the Alexandrian! spent com
lime inspecting tne engine aua tne building, ex
pressing great satisfaction with th apparatus,
and th courtesy extended them. At 2 o'clock
Information was received that a creod bennnet
was In waiting for th nsti at Mr Rodler'e
hotel, a few doors below th engine house. Chief
engineer iowrit men lormea a line, witn jur.
Trlpler at tht head, supported by Mr. George T.
Whlttlngton, president of Friendship No. 1, of
Alexandria, on tht right, and Mr. Lowrle on th
left of Mr Trlpler, followed by th members of
tne uenry Addison, wno escorted ine veteran
urauiao io in apaoioua irgui room oi ur.
Rodler's hotel, where a sumptuous rsput wu
tn readiness.
Mr. Lowrle welcomed the guests, and after
satisfying tb inner man and th cloth removed,
aoesdotes, songs, Ao , were tb order, Mr. G M.
Me Daniel, of the Uenry Addison, singing "When
you and I were soldier boys together," and the
"Flag of th Union," with fin effect.
After dinner Mr Trlpler and the Alexandrian!
witnessed a trial of tho working of the steamer
Henry Addison, which took place In front of the
new market, the party being delighted with the
power of the steamer and the activity of tb
Mr. Trtpler Is seventy eight years of age, has
been an active fireman as a member of the Uni
ted States Engine Company, of Philadelphia, for
nn- r . a . ' j " r... al ' I
of ft man of forty or fifty years. Around bis
waist he wears a belt, be ark jr. the folio wl or In-
scriptlon "This belt has been worn by Jacob
iripitr, in active service witn the united (states rV,,Z " .;" "" um w v''Z'.mm"1
vi Pn.u. rrtmnnw fnm i Hi 9 iA ik- ...... , at llo'cleck.B I aad all par0B are BXOtl 04 to ap-
Fir Etglne Company, from 1SI2 to th priant p,KOli,howeaea,lf aarthey have,whyaaidpeit
time 1885." . . Tl n ug hi net U be graated.
n nil in Alexandria Mr trlpler attended
of Gen Waihlnirton In his Tonth. and xnraaaad
great desire to ocoupy the seat which wax one
filled by the Immortal Father of American Inde-
, Pndnce
Those who accompanied Mr Trlpler were Col
Robert M. McClure and Robert Young of Phlla-
delphlai Richard Tomllneon, foreman of Friend-
' .Mp Fire Company, of Alexandria, and Jos. U
vnn- .! r i,. nriniiA ri..mvi..
Company, ofAlexandria '
The entertainments of the day wereorthemost
agreoable nature, and Mr. Trlpler, befor th
close, was compelled to cry out "iioid, enougn1"
f Thla afle moan a erand oomDlImentarT nlo nla
will be given at Anolostan Inland. In honor of
Mr. Irlpler, and tnat gentleman nae signified
bis Intention to be present, as also the commit-
tee of Alexandria Dremen, who accompanied him
to Georgetown
Tan Cocncils Tbe Board of Common Court-
oil met last night at tbe usual hour, Dr. Ciajln,
president, In the chair
Mr. Plckrell presented an ordinance for the
Introduction of Potomac water In Oak 11111 corn-
eterTi which wai amended and Called.
I Mr. Davis offered a resolution relating to the
removal or tne
sand bar in tbe channel, caustd
bv the late freshet. Referred
Mr Shoemaker presented petition of T. E G.
Pottloglll, asking permission to erect a fence on
Llngan street Pasred.
Also, a resolution for tbe further repairs of
Water street, anl appropriating $700 therefor
- . , . , ,
Mr. Ramshurg presented a report concerning
ivuuiuu vi I'mHavm, vu wwhvh
oi ur cnoemaaer tne report was acoepiea ana
the committee Instructed to bring In a bill for
A message was received from tbe Street Com
mlssloner, renewing bis recommendation: for an
appropriation for the repair of certain streets
Also, a communication from same, relative to
the unsafe condition or iirldge street bridge
Mr Shoemaker offered a resolution arDrcnrl
tlog $1,100 for the purchase of oOO feet of bote
and a four wheel hose carriage for the use of tbe
Lre department, raised
An ordinance relatlno-to tbe repair of BeaU
street was taken up, as amended by the Board of
iiii.mbii an,! maiti
Mr SLo.makor, from tho mDIU to whom
was referred an ordinance relating to tbe foot
"' ' 'V '"DV "J'.,r'!?Jt!''v,.l'..f ?.?"!''",
,.....,,, i.i..m. Tk.,.,!....,)).,!
the Board of Aldermen The report was adopted,
and tbe resolution was assed
A message from the Board of Aldermen was
received, recommending tbat when the Board
adjourn It be to the Ont Monday of December
Mr Clabaugh off re J a resolution for the re
pair of a pump on the east side of Washington
street Adopted
MxncutHTii' E iumbF There was consid
erable activity tn the grain market yesterday,
principally for milling purpoies, and prices for
wheat were well maintained, while corn was
buoyant at an adtaneo of fully 5 cents on
J allow The ouVlngj of wheat reached 7,700
uthels, and the Jem in I was fully equal to the
snpply, th sales IndcUll being as follows 3,000
bushels red at $2 34 .123 bushels at $2 23,
1,500 bushels at i 2i 2&0 bushels at $2 20,
70 bushels damagei at $2 350 bushels prime at
$2 37; and 1,200 bushels red at $2 33 per bushel
Io corn, tbe receipts footed up 2,800 bushels
with sales of SOO bushels white at $1 04, and
1,400 bushels yellow at $1 10 per bushel By
is firm, and receipts extremely light We nolo a
sale of 20 bushels at $1 22 Flour Is nominal,
and market unsettled
Mass Tenixbanck Mcxtho Our ancient
town Is rapidly awakening up to the Importance
of following the example of other cities In In
augurating out door temperance mus meetings,
and Potomao Divitlon of I eorgatown Is about to
take the lead In mnkirff these meetings popular
and effective On Mou I iy freeing next a meet
ing, under the aui ices i f this D I ill on will be
held in front of tho Cu-tom House, and a com
mittee has been apiointeJ to secure th services
of distinguished friends of the cause to nddrtss
the assemblage
Passbnglr irrt Stsaucr Jons Outsort .
Tb steamer John uibson, Ua plain Henry C
Fuller, left her whari, foot of Hitch street, yes
terday afternoon for Alexandria, and will leave
this moraine for New York She carrtes a full
back freight and among tho putengers are th
following Ed Mcxander, wire, daughter, and
servant! J. T Pike, Joy UJson, 0 P Benedict,
agent of Adam's Kipress, Mrs Crawford, Miss
trawiord ana servant.
Board of ITIre Commissioners will hold a meet
tog at the Mayor's ofllce this evening, when a
committee oi tne uoard or tuo waintngtou v
partment wilt be present to discuss matters re!
tlvt to the two departments.
uirine service on Dunaay ai Lnrist (tpiscopai) rmai bi nir ijmo, ri'
church, and was escorted to a seat In a pew for- 'V"" ti?.ft tnLl'nT.VlI,1.., J.l tt
merly occupied by General George Washington. ,1iTftUffl?SaV
Mr Trlpler had the pleasure of shaking; the hand mtiud ! aariaaM with th nil of th otae. which
vti.. vtitT a .,m.,rt, . .. .
KlfC?..! '
TaaNaw Station notii.Msirf Class t
Kammehnber were yesterday engaged In sur
veying the ground, at the reouest of Mayor
Welch, for the contemnlated extension f the
police station, and making an estimate of th
cost of th Improvement.
For New Yobk The steamer James S.Grsro,
Piatt, will leer to-day for New York, with ft
full freight, Including a quantity or Welch's
family flour,
CnAit or Fire Alaru Box. We under
stand that hereafter the fire alarm box at the
atatlon here will be known u box 72 'and
aounded from poltce headquarters In Wash
ington. J.
loiiT rox miBim,1 acitis i:id hir.
Bina'i uns.
Ml ItTXSTB bt., TTAinuaros, D. c,
TION orrici,
Bt, r.moTd to 9o M LoaliLi, .t.b,., nir tt,
vrB.r of tilth iti D ttmL. J713-U
riCKJ, (HOTELS, Ac, Ac
6ZS BoT.Bth atrttt,
lufl'Sw blow P,l07lT.,l. ...BO.
"Tw.OOO boil qBBllljr of Will. Fin. St.tm Kiln
400,000 B.i,or L.tb.
200,000 f..t of Whit. Plao .ad SprBC SeBBlllBf .
il.. btba mbfb nMi.b n.... u.n. ,.i.,
BKABFV, flVBVV 4 1VH, UVIUim.. BVBIII,, J4BM.B,, of VBB)t,
Ae . A . lost rlTd aad for aal at oar wharf, foot
of 6T8ta street. B P. BROWN & RON,
da 3 463 Klatb. ilraat.bat. S aei T.
V no Btati Patiit Orricx,
WAsaiitivor,Asgaat 1,1907.
Ob the patttlou of Oeorg W. tlvarmore.of Cam
brtdf eport, af aaaacbuaitt, praytBf for th xtaaloa
of a patBl treated to him oa th Slat day of March,
ISM, for aa tmprovemaal la machlaerf for tuaklaf
HUH. tor Ba ItDD
ptlt, whleb. tikai place oa UeUeiday of March,
1 849.
It la ordered that the aald petition b heard at th
ProB oppolr the xubiob are rehired to ai
will fa farnltliad oa aDBltcatloa.
' Dpomoa aad oihr paper, r.lUd npoaaiU.tl
&&$"& lSSSSSii
day aftrflllacthUatlrjioBy
dava tttmr flllar I
Ordered, alao. that thla aotke bepatlUhed In lbs
RsrraLicav aad the IntttHgnetr, Vaabingtoo, 1
O.aad the Journal. Boatoa, Uaeaaehawti, a,
X5 '?,' .lJtJ IViVi Jtiri;. m.J o to'fii
rabllaatloB to be al Uaat alxty day pravloaa to the
CommlailoBtr of tatcnta.
P. 8 Editor of tb abov papra will pla copy,
aad ad tbalr btlla to th PaUat Offlc with peter
coatalolof 11.1 soli aa 2-wJw
Ujrtrao SriTBi Patiit Orrici,
YSB'tRiiTtff, Aug 10. 1847.
Oa thptttloa of Ltara 8 Wbll,admlBlBtratrlx
oflh atat of Jooathaa While, dcaad,of Antrim,
N, H,pravUg for thxtaaloB of a patat r ranted
to th aald Joaathaa Wbll th ISth day of IWm
br, l&U, for aa Itaprovtmeat la U ailing Shovel
I4i to Hand! fitrao. for aavaa vara from th
xplratloa of aald patcat, which tak p)acoalh
iota nay oi i)TtniPfr,is(i
It I ordrd that th aald Million b hard at Ih
Pattat Offlc ob BfOaDAY, th JSth day of OUoUr,
nasi, ai i o cioci, m. ana u praon ar notinaj
to appear aad ahow eas, If aay thay hav, why
aald ptltloB ought aot to be grant J.
paraon oppoalag the ataaalon ar riatrd to file
la tbe raUat Offlc their oblctloas,tclallr at
forth la wrltltg, at laaat tmnfy day bafor th day
of htarlBg; all icatlmoay Clad oy ltber ptrty, to b
aad t th aald hcartsg, matt b takoa and trana
mlltd 1b accordant with tb rale of the olllc,
which wilt b faralehed oj app'lcatloa
Baar meat b filed la tb offlc t uxnty dr h.for
,h,-y 0f bari.C; th argam.at. if bbt, wiiblo
v poaiuon ana omr rr, rni upon aa im-
. .,r, ui;a ( uimf ih inuiUM,
Ordered, alto, that thla not lea L DublUbaJ la tha
CsrcBLiciir aad the lnttlUgnetr,Vf,hag,b.
0 , aad la the Ttltgraph, If t,tn, it Il,oacawk
forthr sueccaalv waeka; th Oral of aald pobll ca
tion to b at IMt sixty daya pravtooa to th day ot
heartag. T C. TIIIAKSK,
aa!7w3w Commlealoaer of Patenta
Ubitso Btitbb Patixy Orrics,
WasatBiiTOji, July 11,1M)7
Oa the patltloaof Normaa Mllllnlon of hhfla
bory,rmoat for hluuclf aad B M 0oritca
Irlx, with Abraham II OardnvranJ Lland J Mtttl
aon, executor of th ealat of Inal J UMr,,
dcad, praylaa for tb xtBioa of a pa tan I
SraaUd to lb aald Mllllagtoa and Oaorg Ih 1Mb
aof Oclobar, laU,foraBlmprovmB(la tuacbla
for filarial carpalra' ajaara, for eovaa yaara
from tb sBplratloa of ald fat a I, which lake plat
oa tb 16th day of Oc lobar I6U7 j
It la ordrd that lb aald patllloa b bard at lb
Bxt,t Uo'clock, m i aad all paraosaar notified
to appear aad ahow caaa, If aay lhy hav, why
aald patltloB oaiht aot to b granted.
feraone oppoeleg tb itaoalou ar rqalrd to 111
la th PaUnl Offlc their objection, specially aet
forth la writing, at least fuxny day bfor lb day
of haarlag ; all taitlmony filed by either party, to ba
Bd at th aald hearing, moat be taken aad treat
ml t tad 1b accordant with tb ral of th oa,
which will be raralehed ob application.
Dapoaltloaa aad other paper, relied upon a taatl
moay, unit be filed la tn offlc fweny da y before
tba aay of hairing i th argamtata, If any, within
ttn daya after filing th Ueilmoay.
Ordaied, also, that thla boIIc be pabtUbed Io tb
RtrcBLloaa aad ta Ih lattlligtncrr. WaaLlogloa,
D C , and la th 11 tuner, Uannlngtoa, ruoot, one
a week for thr eaeaalv wba lb firal of aald
vnblleattoB to be at Wast aixty day prTiooa to th
dayofhar1g. T 0 TUKAKBK,
JjlWwSw CommUaloaerof Pataol
nuirsD erirss i-itikt urrioa,
WiaRiM ITOK. Aagaat 0.1807
On th petition of Charlotte u Tbompaon, admin
Utratrll of Jobs II Thompeon, deceaiad, Jaue SI
ThompOD,Bd lloata U Tbompsoa, of Uoldaru,
Hew l.mihlr, praying for tha axteBBloB of a patent
rrantedto aald llaaara. Tbompaon, th 11th day oi
NoTtmbar. 1S31. for an ImDroTCmtat la iaicbln for
trimming ol of Boole aad bboea, fr evu yeara
from the explratloa of aald patent, which Ukee plat
a Ih loth day of Movember,lH87.
It ta ordered tbat tb aald ptllloa be heard at tb
Pataat Offlc oa MONDAY, th 23th Jar of OttoUr
aeat, at 13 o'elook, in J aad all peraoaa are notified
to appear aad ahow caaa, If aay they hav, why
aid patltloa ought aot to be granted.
Jfrraoa ppoalag tb eataaaloB ar repaired to Bl
la th Faisal Offl tblr obicllon, tpeoUIly aet
forth la writing, at laaat twenty daya befor lb day
of bartag all taatl mo ay filed Vy ltbr prir, to be
oaad at th eald hearing, moat b taken aad Irana-
muted la aceordaac with th ml of lb office,
which will b faralehed oa application.
vapoauioaa ana oincr papere, rcuea upoa aa in
moay, mnit be filed la the offlc twenty day befor
tb day or hearing i tb argument, If aay, within
fan daya after filing th taalimony
Ordered, alao, that tbla notice b puMlah J la tfc
EiruaLlOAB aad tb IntttUffrnetr, WashlBghia, P
u , aadiaiB(ranwo((wri , .! '"i"," :
one a week for Ihree aoceeealv wk lb fir.l of
aid pabllcalloa to b al leut alxty T" "'
the day of hearing.
' b TI1X1KEB,
Oommlaaloaer of ralenla
VU, far CU. W Elliott'. ""';
F1.ACI8 Of TI1K HOLY LAB Tt. call bltan Io
this woik r. .BfflcUal '," ?', '!j V1"!'
Il.nrr Ward IlMch.,, T ' ''f 'tnD.' l'ft''
d.at of Yal. Coll B J,iCaiaiulJfa, D V, , LL,
D ' l,.ald.Bl of W..I.T. UaUar.lij, El U.T
TUomaaU tlarl, BUbop of U I , Ac. AfaaU ai.
tn.ellaf wltB ..loaliBlaif laccaai, .alllB,lrotu V to
itu coplaa " rf uoBtb It baa B. )Bal For
Ml partlcalar, aaJ larma adjra.a Ih. pubiubari',
' J. 11 BURR A CO,
j,UU,bU UartlorJ, Cobo(

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