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yVaMtolnuton City, X. C
ornee Cor. Mlh tad D Ktt, Fnatlsx M. 1
w- J-BPKTAOB nit inf fljT0E
latereotUaK Ildl Krtrj- Poe
- notice. Toe Duly Vatiosal BsrvsitoiJ
.ill ..tl After A,rlll.lS(7.o. fAnlsast M sab'
rlbsrs (bj farriers) la WeAAla,U., Oeerfta..,
AAA UsSAaSrlA lllllrmll tk,pJ4kU u
tbe Afssl
?AM tflmialeAtlM,Wtkr baalaetaer
for rolllcAUAB.ebouU boaAOrASM. uwi j.Mss
i a
4? Va iiIIh caa bo Ubs. of AAO.jeiOAS sojbuO'
tctUoBi WbAUrsr li UUiAkd for !iirt!B nu
bt ABlkflktltAt! br tk BAB Al A4ms Of tkt
wrtur aai .aaamatUt far BAbUMUoa(bet aa a f.Ar
AAty fgt it ri 'Ak.
The appearance of Mr. DOloi, Mr.
Uicxcm' agent, In thli country, for the
purpose of making arrangement! for the
(lutingouhed noiclut to giro reaJingi
from his own works In our principal cities.
has called out numerous newspaper arti
cles : lome lost views are exnresscd. but
many foolish criticisms and ill natured I
flings are indulged In by others, nnworthy
the American press.
To bo sure, Mr. Dickixs in "Martin
Chtuzelwil" and In his "American Notes"
did say some severe things of usj but that
was twenty years ago, and we ought to
hare forgotten all abont it long ere this.
Why u it that we are so thin-skinned that
we cannot bear to be told the truth t It
is said that after Mr. Diciixs was cour
teously and hospitably received, he turned
around and abused us. It Is true he did
not bestow upon aj unmixed praise, but
that he abused us is not so clear. It Is
erUIn that in the works alluded to above
he d.d caricature some of our people, and
ever ly crieicised some of our practices,
customs and institutions Theso word
ptUcres were a little overdrawn, bnt it
must be recollected that caricature Is al
ways grotesque, whether In prose, poetry
or art. But then he abused us as a people,
it u said. He drew ficticious characters
and presented them as living men and
women, and gave the impression that
these people constituted the bulk of our
population. Not quite ; this Is largely a
creature or our imagination Let us sec :
The task is by no means difficult, to find
in newspapordom such characters aa Col.
Diver and Jeuerson ilnek. Then we
should cot require a candle to discover
among our would be statesman the pre
cj counterpart ol the great Elijah Pog
ran, and the numerous other characters
this d!l up the chinks in Mr. Diciiks'
war!u on America. The most superficial
observer if hie sad character will not find
i . S nl. to pci: them out any day in
tie .. They cross our path at many
p i J a strut their brief life upon the
isaje Aa. tioah their existence is epte
isrru hs race does not become extinct.
Oar its! point when Mr Diciixs was
in thj country, twenty years ago, was
ar ry anl his exposition of this Institu
i. ct jU-hiJ a both North and South, in
a v ry tender pent. Vfc writhed a good
d'.al under the caustic application which
he administered, and though we haro got
rid of slavery we are loth to forgive him
for chastizing us so severely. Slavery Is
now dead, and the groat author may, when
ho Tisits our shores again, have the oppor
tunity to witness tho fact that our institu
tions arc fast becoming homogeneous.
Hut we shall do well to consider that If
Mr DiiKEvs had drawn unnatural and fic
titlous characters, and presented them as
types of American life, thi y were no moro
mere exaggerations than are many of his
characters in his purely English novels
If he has abused our institutions by point-
ing out tlie.r defects for nothing human
13 perfect ho has also abused the lastlta
tions of his own land, as all familiar with
bis works know. We regret to Bee theso
snarling criticisms upon Mr. Dick us on
tbo cvo of his starting for America
While wo would not act tho part of the
flunky nor toady to this really great man
of letters, we would cordially welcome
this able instructor of man, and this
moulder of institutions, with a cordiality
that should be open and frank, and with a
manly dignity, on our part, that should
convince him that wo can patiently bear
to be told our faults We trust when Mr.
Dickens shall corns among us again he
will note some improvements which have
been wrought In tho land during the last
twenty j ears, and that though he may find
some things to censure, he will also find
many things to commend. Ono editor
hopes that Dickers will be wise, imitate
TiucKsar, and write no account of his
next visit. We hope he will not imitate
liuckERv, and wo trust he will write a
book If thcro was ever material in any
land at any timo for such a writer as
Dickbns to seizo upon and givo it body
ana lorra ana life, that material It has.
Ave hope, therefore, ho will write a book,
and that he will not forego this labor for
rear ol ouenuing us Americans by any
thing he may choose to say of us
Arhi AiroiKTMENTS Samuel T Ham
ilton, Seeond Llouttnsnt, 3d u 6 tniltj, Wm
Horton, Flrit LUnteoint, 41itU B infDlrj,
B. B Willi ima, Second Lie at en ml, MU B
These geotlemec, we are Informed, were pre
pared bj IVoi Fill, Citj AUmj, No 516
fourteenth itreet, who hu been lucetmful lo til
whom he hai prepared
Tbk inspectors of revenue In New York
were frightened u eome of them, aooordlng to
all account!, ought to be, In eonieqoenoe of tbe
tnterrleir whlob CoaimiialoDer Rollim held wltb
tbo Metropolitan Revenue Board tbt other dtj,
Let the guilty tremble
Torts Reno and Will Kearney are In a
state of siege Tbe Indians are drlrlog la all
email parties and iteaunt; eattle Col. Oreea
loit a hundred bead In a i.Dgle day. Tbe road
from Laporte to Fort Phil JCeirnty Is Impsif alls
exctpip.riargt bodies
Pen. rcnell. HclatManu
Tin Qcich or NirLU died of CjbolMa.
A IndiniAn liu fkllenhelr to million.
Tiialareeillneomiln StnFttncueo li
r,tdonAtU5,lJ. .1
L i
Uracil, the fighter, is said to be worth
tlN.OOO 1I ll aI BAfAtOfA wllb. All'rrliMJ
Akoko the Seminolo Indiana they hare
ss.sral eAiti of ebolera
Adieal TiorrnoTF has sailed In the
Ellsaoets. bom He Orleons for Vera Cru.
Tua Michigan Constitutional Oonrcn
tloo has Unlike! 1U work And aojoarned tint 4u.
Tnrr haTO a malignant type of the yel
low fsfor at Corpus ChxIilL
Tbxt haro the cholera in Shawneetows,
IIUooll, And twoatj deaths Lata oeearnd thsra.
It is allioid that defanslie alliance
has boon formed cetweon Austria and Fraoeo.
Tui nrosptct for crops in England Is
sold to U good. Tb. WOAthor in BOA,
Tin "chicken cholera" prevails in Cen
tral llllnoli
Liad pipes aro to be usee? for gas con-
doctors oa too publlo buildlaf la Caleago,
Valvabli pearls have boon found in
masele-ebolls la the auasb! riror, Ohio.
Tni Taradiio of Calves "The milky
waj Ez
Driohak Yocxo has been scolding his
bishops for draakeonoss
BLoms Karonon has given $10,000 tc
wards thi North Polo oxpodUlon,
Tin last "Rows" of Bummer tho final
regatta of thi iiason Fun.
Sib Frcdiuck Bicci is laid to have
porpotratcd tho following eonandraai:
Fro eighty to ono hundred car loads of
ponchos pass ovor tho FhUAdolpMa, nllffllogtofl,
aad Baltimore rollroAd ovary avonlng.
Hox. EnwasD L. Bariit, of New Bed
ford, das btoa oppolatod Jndgo Adroeato Oia
ord on too sUffof QoDsrAl Botlsr.
A cociTBT bot, who had read of sailors
boATlsg op ABohora. wBtod to koow If It wis
sea sickness that mads thsm do ti.
Tua estimated wheat crop of Ooodhue
eoaaty, Minn , Is two million basbels) iaongfc
to feed a SIaIa, and food It well.
Tni Sultan didn't know how to shake
bands when ho arrlrsd la England. General
Grant thinks bo was a fool for lsarolng
TniUiao, pianist, has obtained an hon
orable mention at tbo Ports Exhibition for bis
wines of Fonslbrpo, neor NAplea.
Dot Lons Fabbaoct, the exiled Span-
lib hidalgo, elAlmed rolAtlonshlp wltb the Ad-
mlrAl In Psrls
Ex-Pbesidiit Bcchaxai has recently
purohasod seTsrAl lots In tho Woodwerd H1U
Cemetorv, neor LAOoaater, Pa
lion. Eristls L. Biacii, a prominent
DsmocrAtls pouuelAB or HajsAoboSAtU, died at
his residence la Springfield on Tharsday lsst.
Favobaili reports are received in re
gard to Ibo sarrej or the Northern Paelli Ball
raid. Joni McCabtv, who murdered Ruth
Lsngfort lo BsUlmoro hoc been Arrested la St.
Tiiiv are arming the citizens at Fort
Sedgwlsk for tbo protection of thot post Against
tbo Indians
Tbzcx Is a rumor of a London Ladies1
BAfonn Clob, the object being to stej the ser
vile obediesco to tbo dlctatee of Freoob fashion
A wild woman who believes herself ex-
eommnnlcAted br tbo Pope ood oondemnod to
Iced a solitarr life for too jeers, bss been esoght
And caged In the rooontalns of Woles.
Tux Fulton street bridge across Broad-
wav. Now York, Is regerded bj the sbopksepers
la tbet region as a notiAnee, end tbej tbreAton
to Instltate legal proceedlogs for Its removal.
Tub Oquawka Pai'ncimler nominates
Fetroleom V. Naibv for Preildent la 1608, aad
Josh Billings for Vice President Thej are not,
u yet, env bets made on their eloctloo.
Sileu, Mass , was thought, a few years
since, to be ooe of the finished cities," bat la
the lait veer Its tAXAbls vsloAtloa bu loersued
A tocxq lady named Swan, aged 19,
aad wslgblog 400 lbs , has arrived at PortlAnd.
She Is satd to hove the stop of a fairy and tbo
form cr a sjlpa We doubt It.
Wby Is en Antagonist of Mr QladstooA, In do-
I Utt lo the Houm of Commoni, Ilk ui.icop. f
Became be (Mr Oleditooe) drawe blm oat, eeee
through htm, and ihnti htm up
Sbkatob Yates, of Illinois, weary of pro-
Tlnolallim, latendi to tettle In New York.
Whether he will go before tbe expiration or 111
.Senatorial term baa not traniplred
TnE fishing interests of Deer Isle, Me.
amount to about $500,000 per annum, Orer one
hundred lall of remit and one Ihonisnd men
are employed In the bailuii
A citi2m of Petersburg, Vo , Is about
to teat tbe rlg&t or that citj to refuie to recelre
Its notes, Inued In 1881, Inpayment of taxes,
jo , ana ine oity
Nun Jackson. Miss, a planter lately
retired to reit, leaving a boeatiful field of cot
ton, or about fifty acrei Tbe next morning the
whole field wai found riddled by tbe army
Our of tho physicians of the London
Uoipltal for women and Children bai ihocked
bli brethren by adrertlilog hi mi elf. la a private
circular, announcing bli chargei for attendance
on rion and poor.
The St. Louis board of health having
uppreiiea tbe trade in vegetablci aad raw oyi
terr, hai devoted Hi attention to tbe tale or on
lound mcati Two meat Inifecton have been
The cmplojccs on tho Mobile and Ohio
Ilallroad are engaged lo riotous demonitratlom
They are itopplng the tratni, and doing other
miiebletoui deedi bccauie they hare not been
paid for eighteen montbi
Hox. IlBYnr A. Wisi made a charac
terfatlc apeech In Richmond tbe other day. He
aald that "this li a white man'e land and muit
be kept open for the white man " He objeeli
to all oathi to support the Conatltntlon
There was an accident on the railroad
between Macon and Savannah on Thnriday.
train wn thrown down an embankment, and the
escape of tbe paaieogera wee almoat mlraeulou
.No one wee hart except tbe expresa meaeenger
The riNUKi haro organized a new Con
grew, under the aulcei of the Stephen! and
tbe O Mabooy branch of tbe party Tbey bare
been holdlog a c.ulnn nt 8H Broadway, New
lorK iwo nuniire 1 dclrfiatea were preient
Tirr upshot of thu interview between
tbeLmprora lrancia Jbieph and Nepoleon la
that tbe ftmlh O errata State shall unite la a
confederation, or which Auatrla la to le the
head Tbey bare alao settled their future poll 07
m nw; id ue beoivni tjueiuon
Thi New York Commissioners of Chart-
LLa, AAidl OAiiAAttem B, kajl A new - A.
eVeatlt, wbleh Is to ko aood to Mtry the akaoa(
and basptUIdeod'ot the city to the rotter's
Field oo W Art's Island. Tit boot -baa Da
Basoedu.;nejA"r , ( m
Taxr are intending to build a bridge
AerOAS tkA atlAsuaippI At St Loals. s This bridge
will bo aboat two tbiasand feet long, of trass
pattern, with between three aad four haodred
foot spaas finv feet above tbo Ugh water mask.
It will cross at a point baas Carr street.
Jl isirno coxtut took place at Wo-
honi, Haas , tbo other day, between Josbna Con
vene, aged 100, aad Jeremiah Gllsoa, IT. The
ontootaats aood tbo old-tlmo slokle, aad reaped
area bonnd their sbeavoi la aa oasj and off bead
Madaxi Raixsiaci Is deeply grlevod
6ho has road la all manoor of Parts and Loadon
papon tbo fall partlealars of tba glorlons in
mends aad other oraameats which she has re
oolvod from tbo Xmporor and Empress of Bnsslai
bat, oarortBaatAl, tbooo aowipoper reports aro
all abo hai received.
Tni New York Commercial Advcrtiicr,
In regard to tho resident Chinese of Now York,
remarks that tba whole region In wbloh these
Chinese Uvo Is a narocrv for thieves aad brates,
mlasmatli to tbo laags, and polsonoos to every
good lmpalso of tho hnmaa sobL There Is not a
hoaso nor a haaoea body la It tbst doM not need
tbo dally stream of a in englao.
Pibsoxi having correspondence with
Osllforala shoold mark on thslr letters or news
papers Ibo words "via Panama," aad eoottano to
do so notll lbs Iadlaa hostilities over the Plains
aro snpereodod. According to tho rogalatlons of
the Post O0CO Department, all letters not
marked "MPeaama,, aro scat by the overlood
ronte, aad tbo Iadlaa ontrages reader tbolr safe
transmission donbtfal.
Indian War.
A special correspondent of the New
York Herald writes to that journal aa fol
lows from Fort Buford, Dakota Terri
"Yesterday afternoon, about 2 o clock,
a larire band of Teton SJonx made a raid
on this fort. They were mounted on swift
ponies, and came down from the woods
and bluffli northwest of the fort. They
came very rapidly, but very quietly, until
they were within half a mile of the fort,
where the herd was grazing. They then
opened fire with old muskets and bows
and arrows, killing several of the cattle,
and wounding others so that they had to
be killed. Among these were three choice
cowl, from which the major part of the
garrison's milk was obtained. The long
roll soon brought the men under arms, and
tney leu in wun a wui, connaenuy noping
and exnectins fltrht with tho redskins.
Blessed are they who expect nothing, for
they shall not be disappointed. Company
C were deployed as Skirmishers, and from
what we can find out, went after the In
dians Indian fashion. This is Colonel
IUnkln'a company, and as it was here all
last winter, the men of that company
ought to know how to go after the Sioux.
The artillery of Fort Buford was speedily
brought to bear upon the Indians, and as
shot and shell fell among them, their horses
were seen to fir in every direction. Thev
retreated to the bluffs; there they dis
mounted and threw out a sort of picket
line s. e. inree or lour inoians,wno stoou
like trees and looked like trees until the
shells from Forts Buford and Union kicked
up the dust around them, and that waa the
last we saw of " the poor Indian." There
was no cms wounded. Doubtless some
sensation writer who hangs around lager
beer saloons and otoer uonemian resorts
will renort a massacre at Union and Buford
perhaps worse than that reported last
War Depart meat
TiuraroiTiTios Orders from headquarter
allow the quartermutere at Chicago and Baltl
more to elf trantnortatlon to forlouahed eoldltra
returning to their poata, under General Order
no. s
Aiiioiid Brevet Mejor Geo A P. Howe
bu beea aulgned 10 a poat wltb uen Howard
&tot Miami -.Ordera from tbe head
auarteri of tbe army la this city have been lamed.
directing tbe convening of a eonrt martial at
WlUette' Point, New York, todav. Tbe follow.
Ing officers hare been aealgned for duty at tbe
courtMajor A. H. Buraham, Capt A. II ZIoU
gate, t-api, u. v. uverman, aim lieutenant! W,
II. Chase, A. N. Lee, D W Lock wood, and W,
11. Lirermore, all or t&e Engineer Corpa
Asmv BcLLiTis. Brevet Col O. Chadn. HA
Infantry, ordered before regimental board, Capt.
V. B" Phi one la aialned to Watertcwn annt.L
and Lieut Isaac W. Maetay, to Sprlagfield
ReaTgnad Brevet Lieut D. E. Torter, 28th
Infantry and Second Lieut. Thoi Re flirty, Slat
Infantry, hart resigned
Mastered Brevet Col. O W. Foiter, A. A.
Q , and Capt H. M. Boyee, A Q M , have Veen
muttered oat of service
Sat? Departmet.
NiTiL Bcllitii Aetlns Matter Radalch
80m men and Actlog Enalgn Chac R Flemmlog
bare been ordered to the Peoria '
Interior Department
Mxsiiioaa ExriCTiDThe Indian efflea
la in receipt of intelligence from a tpeolal mei
eenger aent from the agency at Omaha to Waah
Ington lie will arrive In this city to day
Ricbmioji or TBI Toaiiea Miaiatia Th
Frealdent. veitcrdar mornlnr about 11 o'elcek.
reeelred tbe new mlnliter from tbe Ottoman
Porte, Blacque Bey. Tbe uiual addreaiee of
reeling ana welcome were exenanged between
Preildent Jobnaon and the new ambaaaidor.
The reception took place In the Red Room at
tae jueoaure Mention.
Treasury Deprlment,
IxttieaiTioi SriTiifics Director Del mar
of the Boreaa of Gtatlatloi, hu cauaed to be
compiled an abatraet of tbe reports of the exam.
.nation of veiaela having on board pueenxere,
other than cabin puaengera, which arrived at
io port ei fiew iora aanng mo monia 01 July,
1867i from wbleh It annean that tbe total num.
ber of veaiela examlued wu 01, of which 88 were
ateamihlpa and 34 calling veaeela The average
length of the ateamihlpa voyage waa thirteen
uaya ana inirieen noun, or me eauiog veaeeii,
forty two days and fire boun Tbe total num
ber of puiengers brought, 24 899, of which
14,837 were males and 9,681 remalee, 20,378
were over eight yeara of age, and 4,120 nnder
eight yeara. Total number of dee thi. 84, of
which 81 were malea and 29 female j over elgbl
yean of age 18, nnder 88.
Tbe following veeaela brought puieogera la
excel Of the nnmber allowed bv law : Anton
Another, from Bremen, allowed 233, brought
234 Btoa, from Liverpool, allowed 638, brought
704, (thlacaae waa reported to the collector for
prosecution,) the City or London, from Liver,
pool, was entitled to bring 0601, and brought
00; the City of Peril, from Liverpool, allowed
to bring T42, and brought 8511 bark Stella,
from Bremen, allowed 811, brought S12j bark
Ariatldea. from Bremen, allowed 244, and
brought 2461
Tbe Antwerp ahlp, Q, Baccarteek, which loit
18 puaengera by bowel dlaeuea cauied by lo
lumelcot food and bad water, and which bad no
surgeons on board, baa undergone official
Tbe whole oourae of lmmt.tr at Ion return has
lately been the subject of dlscoaaton between
the director of the fisreaa of Statistics and the
Cutis Garde a eothorltles, and In future greater
light la expected to be thrown trpoa this natter
fmatfew yoik.
OflflalAcecmat Lfthe D4flmlyt Fr-
Tbe Kavy Department Is Ik recelet f tfca M.
lowing onclallatelUpncef ) h O
B.BS raaA TwaIA OJ .f4 1
Wen Qidton HellM .AcnfaryoUe Xw.WaW
Bib I hare the bona ta rm.t&ri la IV nrtavri.
meat that, la accordance with my dlipatch, No.
g, sitb nnee, nnuer aaie or sa jane imi, i
left Ehanghal oa the Ith lnatant, in the nut
ford, aeeompanlecl by the Wyoming, Ltett, Com
mandet Carpenter eommandlag, for the soath
end of the Ialaad of VermeiL la dutntr. If twu.
ilble. tba larking place of the band of -savages
lahabltlDgi the aontbeut end or point of that
bland, and who murdered, ta March lut, fhi
ahlpwrecketi ot&cert and crew of the American
bark Rovom Oa the 10th of Jane, on the pass
age down, X directed Commander Belknap, of
the Hartford, to have forty sailors armed with
nymouia munu, ana rorty wun saarp-s lines,
aad all tbe mar.net, with five howltaennea, and
Lieut, Commander Carpenter, of the Wyoming;
to have forty Bharo'i rifles, aad her marine, all
J rope My officered, ready to land, pro tided with
orty romnds of ammunition, and four days ra-
uoaa ana waien to au, one nunarea ana eignij
oae oOeers and privalet. The serrlse cannot
how a better drill.! tod of men than theie
I stopped on the 12th 1 nit ant at Takao, on the
iiiaaa oi jrormoaa, to o&tain an interpreter, ana
Mr Pickering, a Scotchman, who had seen muoh
of tho netlrei, volunteering bli servleea. they
were acoeniea ae decuniot far. i aito re
eelved, u my gneata, Mr. Taylor, a merchant at
that port, and H, B. M. conaal, Chutes Carroll,
eeq , wno nnmaneiy tent oni meiaengers io com
mauioaie wiia ma Bareges, wua oueri ei ran
aom for all tho nrvlrora. if anv remained, of the
unfortunate' crew f the Rover, and afterward
went himself In tho BrltlaH gunboat Cormorant,
uommeaaejueerge is. uroaa, io ine nj in
queitloa, and wu fired upon when attempting to
land there, thoie gentlemen having expretted a
aeiire io do oi tae expeaiuon
Next mornlir. June IS. at 8 80 o'clock, we
anchored within a half mile of the chore, on the
outbeeiti.de or the large open bay, indenting
the touth end of Formoia. a aomewbat dangerous
expoiure of this aeuon of typhoon, though a
penectiy aaie and convenient ancnorage aunng
the northeast monsoon, from October until May.
Tbe landing of one hundred and eighty ono
efieera. tailors and mariner, vrovlded with four
daya' rations and water, wu made at 6 30
o'ciock, under ine command oi vommanaer u.
E. Belknap, of the Hartford, accompanied by
Lieutenant Commander Alex. 8. Mackeosle.
flrat lieutenant, as second la command, who
earneatiy sought lo go on tne expedition.
Soon after we anchored, the aavacea. dretaed
la clouts, and their bodies nalntea red. were
aeea. through oar glaiiet, uaembllng In partlea
often or twelve oa the cleared hllla, about two
mile outsat, their muakets guatenlng In tbe
tun, Indicating the kind of arm tbey carried.
Their move moot a were vltlble to na oa board
duties: the moit of the dav.
Aa our mea inarched Into the hills, the savages,
knowlnr the Mlha. boldlv ducended to meet
them, and gliding through the high gran, and
from cover to cover, displayed a atrategy and
courage equal to our native Indiana. Deliver
ing their ire, they retreated without being teen
ny our men, woo, c&uging upon tneir covers,
frequently fell Into ambuteadea Our detach
ments pursued them In this harutlng manner
out oitignt or ine imp, nntu 2 o'eiocs, p. m ,
when, havlnc halted to reit. the savecea took
the opportunity to creep up and fire upon the
Sarty commanded by Lieutenant Commander
lack en tie, and tbe officer, placing hlmielf at
tne need or ine company commanded by xien-1
tenant Sands, darinilr led a obarse Into the
ambuacade that was laid for them, and fell,
mortally wounded by a musket ball, and died
wbllat being borne to tbe rear.
Tbe narj could bout no braver spirit, and no
man of higher promlie, than Lieutenant Com
mander Alexander 6 Mackentle He wu dls
tlngulihed for profetilonal knowledge, aptitude
andtact, and suavity of manner, which lnaplred
the confidence and affection of men, while hla
lmpetuoua courage impelled him alwaya to aeek
tne poit oi aanger, wnere no wu alwaya aeea la
the advance, boih a conspicuous mark and an ex
ample. Several officers aad men baring already
experienced severe rua-etrekee, aad the command
betaggeaeraUy ortentted aad warn out by their
efforts to ges al the oaecsT, dariag four hours'
mercMac, Oeaire4ets2UUtaap m tboueht It
espeiieafeptfkpiakeloa the boacbj and
d urine this march of two or three mile, maav
of the men got Into inch a deplorable condition
from the killing heat of the sun that tbe Com
mander determined to return with them on board
or eblp, which he reached about 4 m., after an
exnausung marcn oi six ooura, under tbe snn at
62 degree
That afternoon the fleet surgeon repcrtc. the
cuualtlea of the day. One killed, fourteen sun
truck four of them dangeroulj.
no saiiors, icaeoa no troopi, unaccustomed to
beach life, ever dliplayed better aplrlti but It
wai apparent that sailors are not adanted to thai
kind of warfare againit a skilful enemy, and
mat tney coma oe auea ior it oniy ny a length
ened expert i nee
Theie oonilderatloni, together with the proa
trattd condition of many or tbe men and officers
from sun itroke, and their Inability to itand aa
other auch day, decided me not to land them
again, particularly acthey had already done all
that wu practicable for them, namely; burnt a
number of native huts, and cbaied their war
rlori until tbey could chate no longer, though at
a rrleroua ooit of life Their corerte of raen
jungle and green great being fire proof at this
aeaion, cinnot no aeatroyea, aa i nad contem
plated I observed a bamboo hot on every clearing,
and aereral buffaloea feeding In tbe dlatance
theae Indicating that the Dative are not ao wild
and Ignorant of human comforts as they have
been represented.
ine only effectual remedy egaioit the barber
oua outrtxea on ahlowreoked men br this tribe.
who are not numerous, will be for tbe Chleeso
authorities on the Island to occupy tbla bay with
a settle mint or their own, protected by a mill
tary force, which may be effected through the
Influence of our minister at Pekin.
Having aocompUibed all that wu poaslble, I
got underwar at 0 d m . and returning to Takao
oo the 14th instant, there burled the remains of
brave Mackenile, with tbe prescribed honors, In
tbe garden of the British consulate, Mr. Carroll,
the British consul baring kindly proposed hta
f;arden for tbe grave, there being- no public bury
og ground at Takao Tbe conaular flag, and
thoie of four merchant ships, were worn at half-
mut, and all tbe foreigners present Joined In the
funeral proeeiilon.
At 6 30 p m. on the 14th Instant, weighed
anchor, and armed at Shanghai to day, expect
ing to meet the gunboats coming out to this
Please receive herewith the detailed report of
Commander Belknap, marked A, with the re
ports of commanding officers of companies, of the
occurrences of tbe 18th of June, marked respeot
irety B, C, D, E. Also, tbe report of Fleet
Burgeon Be ale, marked F, aa to caaualtlea
I am, very respectfully,
II II. Bill, Rtar Admiral,
Commanding U. S Asiatic Squadron.
V 8 ftii Eair Haatroao (bicoud uati ) 1
At BiA. Jooe 15, 1IT I
Rttr Admiral JT It. Sill, U. B V ( Commanding U.
B A tiat to Bouadntn.
Em In obedience to your Instructions, de
livered on tbe 13th inst , concerning an attack
upon the savage tribes living on tbe southern
extremity of the island of Formosa, I proceeded
Immediately to carry them Into execution, ao far
as the character of tho country, the nature of
lta inhabitants, and the extreme beat of the
climate would permit.
On leaving this ship on the morning of the
date referred to, I directed Lieutenant Comman
der J U Read, with a company of musketeers,
a squadron of scouts, armed with Sharp' a rifles,
and cemmanded by Muter W. M. Fogler, and a
portion of the detachment nnder the command
of Lieutenant OD.B Qllddon, to land la one
of the bays aboat three quarters of a mile to the
eutward of the place at whloh I proposed land
ing, and, pushing forward through tbe jungle,
to make for tbe hills, bearing away to the west
ward, in order to flank tbw enemy and unite
with the mala body on tbe summit of the hllla
I then pulled into tbe bay to the northward or
the ship s anoborage, and effected a lauding
without opposition or difficulty, Lieutenant
Commander A S Mackenile, of your staff, be
log the first to jump on shore
Tbe marines were Immediately thrown out as
aklrmlshers along the edge of tbe jungle which
skirts tbe coasts, and marched down to wttbln
a hundred yards of the beach, and. after scour
ing tbe boats and establishing a strong picket of
aeaman and marines, provided with alight how
ltser to protect the flanks, all under tbe com
mia.1 of Qoaacr Cross, of thli hlp, ad Ooausr
Staples, of tbe Wyoming. I. moved on (breath
the Jungle towards the Ellis it the right attao
large black rock, Indicated oa the aceeaepaaletl
plan. e jM j '
As we dstergM IHtalft Jangle we catered an
opea space) oi seme to acne is exsous witu a
feVttreaUBgfcftUaadelaespe cf,buihel scat
tered1 here and share aver Its surface. A little
further oa the bVU U e see rising from the
plain, broken Into spurs With deep ravines be
tween, filled with rock and a deep undergrowth
of grus and small trees
Hating examined the huts, they were fired,
aad tbe command pushed en ap oae of the hills,
to the right of the Jarjeroek marked In the
plaa. No enemy eoalAbOY seen, except at a
great distance, oa the treat of the hllla above
as and towards oar light, but a scattering fire
wu suddenly onened nnon as from an e-nbuib
Juat Wow the big rook. a ; ' t
n e nre e ro.iey m return, ana Damns
mlnntea under eover of tome bushel, I divided
the command, directing Lieut. Gem. Mackeosle
io remain quiet who bit periion, ei p"-
aatll X could make a flank movement to the
right, wbeo, oa a signal given by tbe drum, he
anlil tnATB bb wa iha hill and retain me In
the meaotlme Lteat Com. Road had landed
with ate detachment, and eoald now be Mea oa
the bill oa oar right, at a disUaoe of about two
miliL and an OoMeilo&el fire of muiketrv WU
eeea to open upon the party from the hllla above
itieui. uom jaaeaoniie n a ting tvjoid
tbe baae of the big rock, we kept oa ateady up
the hill, bearlaff away toward tbe right, receiv
ing now nod then a fire from the bushes ta all di
rections, some shots close to, others from a great
distance fortunately tne enemy nrea too
hlrb. aad meet of the fa nil els nassed over bs.
At one point a volley wu poured Into us at a
distance or not more men a nunarea yeru, na
Lieutenant Commander Mackenile and Lieuten
ant Beads, advancing with a party of aoouts,
nenartad b the mala bodr. charred Into the
ambush, but the wily foe had fallen back with
wonderful rapidity, and made known their
imim by laud helloes from tbe thickets beyond
Only oeeulonel gllmpcu of the eoemy could be
caught, their presence being generally discovered
by sudden shots from the bathes, and fluhes of
sunlight reflected rrom their brignt oarreuea
At nearly ell tbe points from which we were
fired vpon we noticed email bundles of bamboo
laahed to the buehes at a small angle, seemingly
for protection to our running foe, and to serve
u marks to guide them rrom one ambuscade to
As we advanced, the open rpace on the hill
sides beoame more conooea, ana rocn. duidn,
Unit fnnrler and rafted ratines offered In-
creulng facility and shelter to the saragrs, and
gave as no hope or chance of getting at them.
Abont a mile or more above the big rock
already mentioned the men had become so much
exhauited from tbe march and tbe Intense heat
of the sun that I ordered a halt, aod entered a
belt of Jungle to glre them shelter and reii
Llentenant Commander Mackentle and Lieu ten
ant fiinda. wlLh a mitr of scouts, were Doited
In a small thicket above and lo the left of the
mala body, and a strong picket of marines oceu-
Eled another clump about one hundred yarda
alow the other party: theae outpoats, together
with the position of the main body, making, u
It wera. the ancles of a trlanzla.
These pickets baring been eitabllihed. I sent
for Llentenant Commander Mackentle, tbe sec
ond In command, to consult with him concerning
a farther advance He had been with me about
twenty minutes, whsn firing wu beard in ine
direction of tbe adranee pickets, and he hurried
back to the front. Meanwhile Lieutenant Sands
bad returned the lire, and was charging towards
the spot where the eoemy lay concealed, wnen,
Lieutenant Commander Mackentle coming up,
ordered a bait j tbe moment tbe latter reached
the bead of the line, he ordered a Treih adranee,
hlmielf leading
Daring this Interval the main body had come
out of the Jungle and were pushing on to the
port or tbe picket line, wnen i neara tne cry,
man wounded 1 Fend for the doctor!" I
called out for Dr. Face, who went to the front,
and too n alter brougbi i..onienani uommanaer
Mackenzie. It Inffwoanded la a blanket, near tho
spot where I wu i landing, and by my order
carried aboard
The ipot from wbloh theie tbots came wu
backed by a deep rat lee, and immediately to tbe
rear tne jangie aameaewaon .-, v iun
farther advance la that Quarter would bat have
exposed the command to the riik of eo a tinned
loo. without any meaai or hopo of retaliating
ovoa the caeoiT. The men. too. were Vectaalec
te show g raal JatlguO and symptoms of fansfrok ti.
andMnatderiacUodiaeeJiy of moving either.
way unencumbered wltb net: and wounaea men,
I determined to fall back.
I accord In sir ordered a retreat, acndlce tbe
main body aneaa, ana railing naca siowiy, cot
ered by tbe scouts nnder command or Lieut
Sands A short dlitance down the hill Lieut,
Com. Read Joined mo with his party, and was
directed to fall back with the main body A
fiarty of carbineers, under Mr, Folger, remain
ng with Mr. Sands Mr. Read had destroyed
several nuts on tne ronte we naa ibkid, oat
failed to accomplish any other object oi ibe ex
We were fired at from several places on the
way down the hill, bnt, happily, none of tbe
shots took effect. Before we reached tho plain
word wu sent me or tbe death or tbe gallant
TTnan anterior the lanslo friniinf the coast
tha different sauadt and eompanlet took different
routes, to guard against ambnsh, and our pro
gress was slow and fatiguing, particularly to tbe
men wno esrnea tne remain oi tae lamcaivu
It had been my Intention to remain on the
shore and attembt an ambuscade In tbe Jungle
during tbe nigai, cut i touna dqiq oiaoeri ana
men so mucn worn out iron exertion u
treme best of the day, that I concluded to em
bark the entire command and return to the
ship. Capt. Forney, or tbe marines, and Mate
Brownell, of the Wyoming, and a doaen or more
of the men, were already prostrated with sun
stroke, aod I feared other cues might occur
before nightfall.
The roate over wbloh we passed was entirely
destitute of cattle, fruit, vegetables, or any
other eatable thing, and we had seen only two
or three pools of dirty, stagnant water, unfit for
any but a savage to drink.
That part of Formosa Is extremely well adapt
ed to Indian modes or warfare, and the burning
heat of tbe sun at this aeaaon of the year ii a
neater halo to the lavaze even than either bli
sunning and cruel method of fighting, or perfect
knowledge of every foot of ground over which
be ranges
The officers, one and all, gave mo a hearty
and efficient support, and tbe men did tneir amy
cneeriuuy enasieaauy.
Tbe following are the names of tbe officers
who went In the expedition, vis
Lieutenant Commander A. 6 Mackenile, of
your staff, Lieutenant Commander J u itead,
Lieutenant J. U Sands. Master W. M. Folger,
Muter U hlmer, Captain James Forney, u. t.
M.Oi Assistant Sara-eon C U Pane. Gunner
R H, Cross Admiral's clerk Loult Parker, and
Commander's clerk A v uriggi, or tnissnip,
and Lieutenant 0 D B GMdJon; Mate O V,
Brownell. and Gunner J L Staples, of the Wt
ine uriinn uonsui at xan.au, icui-uiuu
Charles Carroll, h , and Messrs Taylor and
Pickering, English subjocti residing at that
place, accompanied tbe expedition as volunteers,
and randered (rood service, beloi generally at
tbe front. Mr. Taylor went to tbe assistance of
Lieutenant Lommanaer juaexeniie, wnen toe
arv of a man wounded'" waa beard.
The following named men deterre special
mention for the faithful manner In which they
remained by the body of the lamented dead,
and brooght It safely through tbe jungle to tbo
boats, via
John Keller, captain forecastle, Robert
ifnlorht avrraarart Jamas Franklin, boatiwela'l
matei Wm. White, Captain Foretop, Jamet
MeQulnnen, second corporal James Cunning-
ham itiinDi. and John M. Small, ordloarv lea
man. One of them, Wm. White, dropped down
from exbauiton and sun itroke tbe moment he
reaehed the beach
Tho gallant dead need no tribal from mej that
solitary grave, in tne grounua oi tue Jt.m wu
sulate at Ta Kau, beipcaki a language more eIo
quent and touching than human utterance can
express , .
No one knew the worth, the high toned char
acter, and professional ability of the deceased
better than yourself, and I but sire expression
to the general feeling when I add that, In blm,
the service lost cue of Its brightest ornaments,
and tbe country one of Us most lesions and gal
lent defenders
I enolose a sketch of tbe routei taken by the
expedition, alio report! from Lieut Commander
J. Jl Read, Lieut Binds, A is lit ant Surgeon 0
II Page, and Captain Forney.
I found the soundings from tbo ship to the
ihprs to tart ill lffWaxiy sjid gridwily, tad
the beach quite steep, toot bat large, flat, black
rocks soald be seen on the bottom bett ana tr.
which would make a dangerous sea fofceesV !& a
southerly wind. 1 could dlseorefTno traces f
human bones, or remnants of clothing wen by
civilised pooplr, la any of t-e huts we dcitroyea,
or In any part or the oouatry over whisk wa
vn our return inroegn tan jujiiji.
cout we itruck Into the bed of a dry stream
when nearly through, whloh doubtless runs with
good waterdorlng the nortbeeit monsoon, whUh
would be of great advantage to a force operating
there daring tbe winter months.
very reepeetiuiiy, your coconut ssrta,
(Signed) 0 so. E. BSHSAr,
U ftaeentr Ksuroan, (uoose aire,) )
AV Bil, Joee 17,107. I
fits t In abadlanee to vour order I have the
honor to submit tbe following report of the
movements or the men under my oo amend at
South Cepe, Island of Formoaa, on Jane lot,
The eolama eoasbted of the following detach
ments, vis i Twenty-two (12) men from tbe Wyo
ming, nnder eommaadef Llentenant Oilddeat
slity-twe (62 men from the Hartford, under
command of Muter Horace Elmer j and a skir
mish party of tea (10) pleked men from the
Hartford, under command of Muter W, N. Fol
ger. Total, ninety four (94,) Are of them belog
quipped u pioneers
Oa reaching tbe place designated byyoufer
our landing, tbe boats were beached, and the
skirmishers, nnder Mr. Folger, deployed to the
frcnL Tbe line of batUe wu quickly formed,
aod after mooring our boats two hundred yards
frani tha beaah. we took no our line of march
for the Interior, striklog for the high range of
buis met liyaboui two muss irom ue more
line Tha march wu belnfol and tedlOBS. OwlnK
to the dense Jangles of cactus and rote vines
wbicb covered toe sou, out aiter a tramp oi two
hours we gained the hills, aod destroyed several
small houses which had vsry lately been aban
doned. Shortly afterwards several amall parties
of savages were seen on the bill tops la ear
front, who fired at long range upon our skirmish
line, but quickly retreated opon their fire being
In this manner they kept up a sort of running
fight retreating from one hilltop to another,
never allowing our iklrmliben to appear nearer
tban eight bundred yarasj ior enout ooe nour.
Bnt this chulng over rugged hills, tbroogh al
most intestable cbapperal, and nnder a scorch
ing tropical ion, soon told on our tnenj and after
giving them a short rest, I turned the column to
the left. In order to Join your command, ta obe
dience to my original orders. The mala body at
this time was aboat ooe mile distant, and our
much to Join It was the moit painful of any da'
log tbe day, many or tne men dropping aown
with sun itroke, requiring to be helped along by
their comrades Upon coming np with yon the
commandi were coniolldated, and the reit of tbe
movement took place nnder your eye, which
makes it unnecessary for me to report further.
I am happy to be able to say that all the
officers and men behaved gallantly, tho skirmish
party under Master W. N. Folger bavlog tbe
hardest marching, and helot; the only ones that
were annoy ea oy tne aeregee.
Very respectfully, your obedient aerraat,
J. H. Raan,
Lieutenant Commander.
To Commander Q. E. Belknap, Commanding
united btaiu snip nartiera.
D. B. STsmsaBASVioao,
ATSsi,JaeelS,lB7 (
&in The follow lor memorandum of clrcum-
tancai attending tha death of Lieutenant Com
mender A S Mackenile, aa far u I am able to
state: About 3 pm, on the 12th Init , Mr.
Mackenile called for vouateers from tbe Hart
ford, and I Joined him, with ten or twelre men
then nnder my command, In answer to his calL
We were stationed behind a clump of bathes
to keep a lookout for the enemy. A few minutes
aftar wa had taken car noil Hon. Mr. Miekenile
wu sent for by you, and I wu left la charge of
the party. At about 2 39 p m , we were area
oa by the enemy, who bad got on oar flank
through the undergrowth, and I ordered a
charge, and returned their fire As soon u the
firing commenced, Mr. Mackenile run up to tbe
head of the party, and ordered a holt for that
parpoic, be to re we naa navancea more toeo
thirty yards As soon as he had reached tbe
front he ordered an adraace, and was leading
the attack when we were area oa ay eaoincr
nartr at a dlslaoce of about seventy five yardt
The enemy fired five or six shots at ease, aad It
was one of thoe thai etnsek Mr. Mukefiile. I
did not know that he wu sertonily hart, aad
left him walking to the rear to meet the doctor,
who was coming np at the time.
We fired two or three volleya at tho enemy
and drove them back, but before we had ad
vanced more than fifteen yards further I re
ceived the order to fall back, and It wu not
until ten mlnntea after that I learned that Mr.
MaoKe&tle wu mortally wounded.
To reach the enemy, we charged across a
gully filled with long grus, which impeded our
movement, and ahead of us still there was a
ravine backed by dense undergrowth. It wis
Impossible to tell the position of the enemy until
we saw the imoko of his plecet, and we were
obliged to fire at the flaih.
We ware In plain sight, an open mark for tbe
enemy, wnue tney were oia in tneir unaergrowto,
Into which we could not see bis feet.
Very reipeotfully,
J II. SiiDfl. Lieutenant
Commander E 0. Rilkxap, United Btates
Steamer Hartford
Usitsd Statss Flaq Entr IUnTvonrj,
At Sua. Jane IT. 186T
Sir I have tho honor herewith to submit a
brier report of tbe part taken by tbe marines,
on tbe liuh Instant, on tne Island of Formosa.
On first landlnr. by your order. I took oharce
of twenty (20) marines, deploying them forward
as sfcirmisnes a aense sua almost impenetra
ble thicket of brush prevented, the men Irom ad
vancing very rapiaiy. i penetralia wua tbem
to a creek about half a mile from the beach.
without meeting with any or the enemy, and
was then recalled for farther orders Yoa then
Instructed me to leave a sergeant and fire (5)
men on the beach, and to adranee with tho
main body, beaded by yourself. In consequence
of all farther operations coming under your own
observation,! nave notning lurtber to report.
except that tho men behaved gallantly, ana
deiervo credit for tbe manner In which they
marched oter inch a rough and hilly country,
and under euoh Interne, scorching beat.
Orderly Sergeant OoUermeyer wu or great at
alliance to me during tbe entire day, and do
icrvei latoraoie mention
A few of the men were itraek down by the
oppressive beat of tbe ton, bnt were not terlouily
Injured, and are now doing their uiual duty.
Tbe entire number of marines on ihore wu
forty three, (43.J thirty one (31) of which were
frca tni thin, aad twelre (13) from the Wyo
I hare to report the lou of one (1) Springfield
rifle, (I think thli rifle Is on board tbe Wyoming,
by mistake.) one (1) fife, one (1) muiket tllog,
and two () canteem
Very reipeotfully, your obedient lervant,
Captain U. S Marine Corpt
Commander dionon K DsLKSAr, Commanding
United Statu Ship Hartford.
Em In accordance with yonr request, I hare
to report tbe circumitaueea attending tbe death
of Lieutenant Commander A. 6 Mackenile, of
tbe United Statu ateamer Hertford, during a
aklrmlih with tbo natlrea of the aonthern ex.
tremlty of the Uland of Formoia, upon tbe 13th
of June, 1867.. Tbe mala body of tbe troopi,
with which Lieutenant Cemmander Mackenile
was connected, landed at abont 10 a. m , and
proceeded Into tbo Interior of tbe country about
four miles, and bad halted for rest and shade In
the border of a denae Jungle, at about 3 p. m .
with a detachment of tea men, nnder tbe Imme
diate command of Mr. Mackeoite, thrown out to
one ilde to watch the morementi or the enemy,
who had been flrinc uoon ni Soon after halt
ing, Mr Mackentle wai call Into the Jungle by
tbe officer in command, for a comultation u to
morementi, and during tbe conversation the en
emy recommenced firing Mr. Maokemie ruihed
to the head of hit men, aod In about two minutes
I beard tbe cry of "Doctor! Doctor"' and lav
mediate! t nrooeededto the front, where I found
Mr. Mackenile falling, with hit left hand on bis
right breait X caught blm by tbe eoal collar,
and aiked blm where be was wounded, at tbe
same time, with what aid I could procure, drag.
glng him to tbe rear as rapidly ai possible. In
reply, be only looked np s,t mo, moved his hand
on hla brsait a little higher, and laid 'Tags,
1'ige, Tage, I'm dead," and ceued to lire at
aoout 2 en p. m , ana aoout tnree or rour annates
from tha time he wu wounded
the youfil wai r7und, nnooUi, of shflat aa
lixh' fa diameter) peaetraflag deeply the upper,
Interior, and middle portion of the right chest.
Jost below the cottar heaa, With no external
hemorrhage of Importance
at neiow tne oouar
morrhage of iaportan
immander Qioaoa X
rour oneaient servant,
'lax. Assistant Surgeon.
Cemmander Qioaoa E BsLxeir. U. 8. N.,
OeatmeadIng U, S. Steamer Hartford.
Vi 7 lltf S",f HACTVoaD, (SSCOXD SATI )
IUT1 ) I
hat the fol-
aoetoT Wat tr VAth'Mi. Jaaa 1
JBia 1 I hare the bonar ta ranort that t
lowing cUuaitles occurred amongst the o flic en
ana mtm ei tnu snip u-day on store la tbe ar
fair with the savages of this part of the island,
A. 8. Maeka&tla. lleotanant aammandar. killed l
Q E. Belknap, commander, aumtruck, se
verely! James Forney, captain marines, sun
struck, severely! Wm White, 0. F. Top, sun
struck, daogerouilyi Wm. Jeokton, 0. S , sun
Strnsk, daegeroatlyi Joseph Qalnton, iceman,
aunitruck, dacgirouilyi Philip Worrlihoffer,
seaman, lunatrnek, dengerouilyj John II Earle,
Oi S, sunitruek, ellghtlyi Edward Forreat,
laadamaa, suns truck, sllghtlyi Martin Flanerty,
OS,suutraek, ellghtlyi Eugene Sail! ran, 0
6, sunitruek, illghtly, Thomu Savage, lands
man, sunitruek, slightly, George K. Mills, lands-
man, sunstruos, sugniiy; jo on Myers, u. o ,
STtnitrosk, slightly, Wm Conner, muter, eon
toil on. -.y.
Numerous other cuts of exhaustion from the
heat and over fatigue presented themselves on
the return of the ship, but u they went to duty
almost Immediately X hare not thought proper
to include them la the list. I wUl remark,
however, that tbe men generally when they
came sacs to tae imp pruenteu m most ex
hausted and broken-dowa appearance.
YWf recpeciruiiy, your oneaieai servant,
J. Basti,
Surgeon of the Fleet
Rear Admiral II. II Bull, commanding United
States Asiatic Squadron
p. S I would alio state that Mate Browoell,
of the Wyoming, wu also brought on board tbe
ship to a state of delirium, following heat ex
haustion, but that he recovered auffiolently In
the oourae of a couple of hours to be aent to hla
own ship.
fliorm In New Jerary.
NiwYoor, Anguit23.Tho late storm
effected great damage in Salem and GIou
cester counties, New Jersey the loss of
property In Sale in county alone being re
ported at $150,000.
Iflfail BOtb, by Her Mr Krebi, C Wiruea
to MaacAtrr K. D, afoHiitr, loth of thli illy.
Oataexlal lait.. br tbe Ber Mr OetSi, Ur
Wiluah OiLMoai, cf Boston, to Vise Beetcoa ir
riieari, cf UU eily,
Oi tbe nel1aitail.br the Rev Ur OeUs Mr.
Isaac Bixeiia leUlicMiir Bill, both of tbt
Oa the SM iBitaet.at hie re tides is oe 0 at weal,
Ke SIS, KoisarL. BeiieLt, U UeSlii year of hit
he fiieaia of the family are reipectfoUy reqeeied
te attend ha feaeral,ets.30 o'eloek Saaiay aftar
aeoe, wltboat farther aoilee,
AaiallUd,at4 40 a m.,iSTnoaW twin oa
efialiaH mtWn Lie ton, sged 9 months aad II
Oa Ibe tld lastlit, at Mob at fount Village,
ear thle elty, Winn ffoamtT, iaa offlirefc Lead
Ueilae A. Pratt, agea I moathe aad 3 days
iigail SSd, KliaaioaauyiTr, OiAr Tier fo ne
rd wlU take plaee Ibis (Satnrdiy evealog ) at
o'eloek, from Ihe reeldeace ef her mother, Me 367,
STewTerk avenue ThefrUsds and aeiaelelaaeee
are reeeec.fally Utiied lo attend.
Fihi Silk Mnro Scire for gentlemen,
foftX), at neaelff'sOne Prise Clot Meg .fltore, oa
the eoreir ef Setealh itreet end MirrUnd ateioe
i .
ill SAT UFOlf A BOCK, Mill bobbed (OT 0,
whale, wbea be eoald hate taught better flh at
neealag's, eoraev Eeteath itreet aad Usrylaed
Uiudb'Gim akd UibbY Diamond Fine-
riici On BCBXta Brorie. Tteae popelar and
eeeaomlial itjtei are now oa exhibit on at levaral
efeer itere maeafaetnriri and dealer, enJ tbe
ptbllearerea,aeiUd teeallead examine tbem. See
Hit of aamei la another solemn
Coal at Reduced Kates Mr. H. 0. Stew
art, eereer U aad Twelfth itreite, aaaouBeM ihe
latfrUel feet to containers, (hit be U nlllog coal
at lbs lowest ratts ThU la good news t) thoie who
have nailer eoailJeration the propriety of laving U
a full winter's itoek ot eoal ; and we hope tbey will
avail themselves of Ihla opportunity. Mr Etewait
enjoy e the Jrepntatloo of farntiMog the beit eoal la
the market
SJTTe CeaiumptltM.Tbi Artrertletr
hit leg beea jeatored to heetlh la a few wieki, by a
very elmple remedy, after hating leffered literal
yean with a iivere leaf affection, aad that dread
dlieue,CoBiumptloB, le aaxteee to make known te
hla fellow -sufferere the means ef core.
To all who desire ll he will lend a copy of Ihe pre
erlplloa end, (free of charge, ) wlih the dlreetlooe
for preparlaf and eslag tie iame, which they will
fadaScss Cobb roa Covivarnoi, Aitbma, Baoe
earns, Ac. The only ohfect of Ihe adterttsir la
sending the prescription le to benefit Ibe afflltttd
aad s pre si laformetloa whlsh heeoacelvoe to be la
rateable, aad he hopes every seTerer will try his
remedy, as 11 will soot tbem eothlo-; aad ins rove
a llesdng.
Farttee wishing the yrcecrtplloa will plane ad.
eeU-dwlv Wllllamibarr, Ktegi Oo , V.T.
- Know Thy Deetlny-, Madame 1L. V,
Taoairov, the great Bngllth Aitrologlit, Clairvoyant
aad Psyshemetrlilaa, who has astoaUhed tbe idea
tlfle elaisea ef tha Old World, his bow located her
eelfat Qudeoa, N. T. sfeOAa-B TioaaTO ponenei
such wonderful powers of second sight, at to enable
aer to impart knowledge of the greatest Importaaee
lo the single cr mirrled ef either eex. While la a
elate of tranee, ehe dellasatee ihe very feeteresof
Ihe pereoa you are to marry, and by the aid cf aa
lnitrvment of laleate power, knows aithereyeh
omotrepe, gsaraatica loprodocea life Hkepletare
of the fetare hnibtnd or wife of the epptleint, to
gether with dateef onrrltge, poeltloo la life, lsad
lag trails of ebaratter, Ae Thli te ao fcumbog, ae
thoniesdt ofUstlmealals eaaasiert. 6he will seed,
btn desired, a etrtlBed certlfleiti, or written gear-
aetee, that Ihe pletura Is what It purports to be.
By eatloelag a email loek of hair, aad stating plaee
ef birth, age, dliposltloa and eomplexlon, end en
elotlnglriy eeate aad slampad eatelope addreased
to yourself, yoa will reeelre the pletare aad deelred
laformatloe by return wall AH eomueuloatlone
eaeredly eoaldentlal, Addren, la coaSdeoee, Hir
ana I. ?, Tbositos, P.O.Box 223,Hadion, N.Y.
Jiy Pre to KTorybodyv -A largo 0 pp.
Circular, gttlng laformalleB of tbe greiteit lioporU
aaee te Ihe young of both sexes
II tsasbee bow the homely may become beantlfol
Ihe deepteed ret petted, aad the fortekan loted
Ho yonig lady or gentleman thoold fell lo scad
their Address, and retelte a copy post paid, by re
turn mall. Address P. 0, Drawer,!!,
tahlfl dhwlr Tror.lt T.
ron halt: Oil IlKNT.
X' BLI fore Painter or a Carpenttr lsqnlre it
M I ttieet, between Tenth and Eleven lb streets
f.at nislntVO iai. l i
(ill DBOivsjuvsii witsa UBiioioii(fi IlOWtr
ardea attached, ell anted bstweea Savaalh aBtl
Klfhlh streets west, at thelatsneotloa of Ifarylaad
aad Virginia arenuee For icrme applr to
Jell-tnthsatf Saatoa Ooase.
any other article of talue, at the old .eitabllihed
Herchent Pawabroksr Store of K FllLTOW & Oo ,
003 ninth street, 8 doors north of Peon, arcane
deSO tf
DBUOQ18rS, Cor Ninth aad V strecti
tjaiLiai iw
lTTuog. nniuimrs ! paTLVT MKDiri
Cloth, Uelr. Melt. Vletb eed Tooth
Vtsiaarlnilnai rftfnllir aataDoaadad at all bourt

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