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- WWltUiMjtt.
The sua rose bright Bnd beautiful yesterday
tnornloft end aa hli teams were throws over
housetop, leafless Ires, and towering spire, tha
'WfM eommeiieed Jn Sportive play, but brpooB
.'ike ftalU breese hadeulmlaated Into gale, uA
, rMrt' rattled, chltineyi shook, nad many little
iDHUUUtil,ilioiiiht that feate (Jleuehafl
prematurely made. Ms eppearaaee, end, was
,t,ilrtWy'tOnIn( dowa ttiesMmney it) dUtriluU,
' with liberal hind the presents for food llttls)
' fiili tod boys., at 1 hough Uty wre doomed
to disappointment, they will, without .cmM,be
visited to-olfM by the mery little Klafotthe
Christmas festivities.
To the readers of, the. lUrtaucAw, wi would
advise as ta purchase doodartlsles. at popular
prices, art descrvsd by all, and to those purehss
lag rwc recommead, amoof others
UoTtu fc TpwfcHj.TTo.lH Pennsylvania ate.
nue, between? Ninth sod Tenth atrcctt. Thla
; jouiic and renerff tie firm has displayed enter
prise really commendable. Theyhaveaflneielte-
tioa or,booKf,eBrtcinf me works or all the
popular author!, Catholic prayer-books, ke
ehroasos, engravings, and paintings of the finest
description. Orders for "Pastel," -h Bswpha-
Uographlng proem, jar received at thta itoret
ittd'peraoes dealroua of securing -a fcand'soma
picture will ba benefited by calling upon tha
flrm, oitmoBnaliJBcytakitaDda1aIbustalaAd
4 many other articles imtablafor f he season, can
ba had, and wa are pleased to notice that the
energy of the firm la meeting with success.
J."W. Hotilm a. Duo , No KO Mel mot t nU
ate net behind the age, end they hare a variety
lHb.TsfUc.ea suitable for boUday presents, In tha
war of fancy China, glass and crockery ware.
Very attractive. A large Dumber of thca aril
elea hare been purchased recently at New York
trade taleat and are offered at prices wlthla the
means of all. larlchneaa and rulty they excel
anything we hart ever seen, and would certainly
be a handsome prcaeat to aoy.t
KaiHfcllB6,fornf oT Ninth and E afreets,
know the wanta of the public, and are prepared
to satisfy all persons desirous of purchasing of
them. In the way of wince, brandici, Jamaica
ndNew Pngland rum, Holland gin, whlikltSi
A.c,the proprietor hare a stock of tha beat
brands, offering It In Urge or small quantities, to
ault purchasers. They hare also a large aupply
of little luxuries eur rant a, eltron, almonds,
cranberries, figs, Ac , which are Indispensable
during Christmas week, and our pal rone will
fake the hint and act accordingly,
Jomk U. Pa anas, No, Us Serenth street, la
one of those lire fellows In the community
whose serrtees could not easily ba dispensed
with. He lathe proprietor of a llrely Institution
a book storo and tha holiday presents within
are multitudinous Phbtograph albums, atere o
aeopei, work-boxes, toy booke, prayer and hymn
booka suitable for all denominations, works of
eminent authors, fcc, adorn the shelrca of the
establishment, and in connection with the
latest norels, dally, weekly, and pictorial pa
pers, fortn an attraction not to be overlooked.
BnfAv Baoj , N6 849 Pennsylvania avenue,
keep pace with the times, and hare something
to please children and also, persons of larger
growth. We allude to the rich and luscious as
sortment of fruits, which they offer to the pub
lic, consisting of Havana oranges, raisins al
monds, Ac at prices temptingly low. The stock
must ba seeaA be appreciated, and those calling
for that purpose will not regret so doing.
Bicvabm boot and shoe store. No. 88 Penn
"ylrentaavenue.tsobeof the places to got by
I hose La quest of a fine boot or ahoe. He has
iately received some French and English boots
and shoes, which are unsurpassed for beauty of
finish. Those ha disposed of were of great dura
bility, and the demand for a fresh supply from
hie customers was too imperative to admit of
denial. Mr. Blehardi guarantees, saturation to
those who may feTor him with a call, and atrial
J. i Mcdd, 868 D street, corner of Ninth,
needs no notice of his successful endeavors to
please the nubile The cloths, eeaslmres,eoat
logs, fcc, which he baa on hand, suitable for gen
tlemen'a wear, are of the Aneattextureaadqual
lty, and the "cutting1 la perfection, aentlemea
desiring a handsome and faahloaable ault of
clothea, should not forget the merchant tailoring
establishment, corner of Ninth and u Streets.
Savaok Bkatb DcroT, 52. I) street, near
Tenth, Is one of the Institutions of the District,
and we do not know of a more welcome present
to persons of either sex than a handsome, well
fittlng pair of akatcs. With the "first Ice' on
tha Fara the excitement ana anxiety to ie upon
a pair of skates will be Intense, and all calculat
ing upon "striking out" should provide them
selves In season. Sat age has also on hand a
large number of sleighs, fancy articles, Ac ,
vwhtch he disposes of at moderate prices.
CnmiBTXAB Inaugurates the fashionable sea
son, receptions, balls, parties, Ac, and the ladles
should erer bo prepared. Mrs. A. S.Trayer,No,
-4, Four-aad-a-half, Mrs. Atkinson, 84T Eighth
street, betweed I and K north, and Mrs. Shedd,
tovcr Ellis's music store, are the proprietresses of
in UMne ry, dress-making, and corset establish
ments, which the fair sx would find beaeflclal
by patronising. Each of these ladles hare a
pec laity of their own In the make and material,
and those who ravor them wttn tneir patronage
will be satisfied with the workmanship and
In strolling along yesterday In our wanderlnga
here and there, we observed a large crowd of la
dles and gentlemen, boya and girls, Inside and
outside of the fruit and confectionery store of J.
Pearson, l Llghth street, near Pennsylvania
avenue Of course we Inquired the causa of the
excitement, and were astonished to learn that
the liberal proprietor waa disposing of his lus
cious iruits ana nno coniecuons 10 Baunaia
schools at cost. This, we understand he Intends
to continue, and we trust the generosity of Mr.
Pearson will meet with Its due reward.
J. T, PirrrA Co .boot and shoe dealer, No
ell Seventh street, above D, are determined not
to be surpassed in their peculiar line of busi
ness, and In poetic vein warn all good folks of
the danger resulting from damp feet. These gen
tlemen are correct. Damp feet aro not only dis
agreeable, but many lead to some Insidious dis
ease, consigning the unfortunate owner of said
feet to the tomb, A pair of those double-sole
calfskin boots or aewed congress gaiters will
keep all those Ills away, and Petty A Oo. guaran
tee all articles purchased.
SsxArnxBD, corner of Seventh and D street,
Is an excellent place for a cheap and good variety
of useful articles suitable for all seasons. Fine
bibles, Juvenile books, standard poets, prayer and
hymn books, gold pens and pencils, fauoy work
and toilet-boxes, writing-desks, albums, Ac, are
but a few of the many nice, ornamental, and
agreeable presents which Shepherd has, and we
wsrenot at all surprised to observe the crowds
that were visiting his establishment yesterday.
Those Morooco goods and Prang's oil chronica
created a sensation, and there Is no denying the
fact that the proprietor means business.
Mast rsBsoKj from the west end of the city
purchase their goods in the central portion of
the District, forgetting that there are establish
ments In their own locality where articles can
be procured as good and at the same prices W.
IE. Fearson, No. 114 Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, haa a
trimming store which for capacity and quality
of goods cannot be excelled He has a large va
riety of ladles' and gentlemen's furnishing goods,
and those In the vicinity might call upon the pro
prietor ere purchasing elsewhere.
Jiwblbt Is a favorite adorn went of the fair
sex, and those masculines who would perpetuate
the smiles of some deir one had better call upon
II. 0. Hood, No, 339 Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween Ninth and Tenth streets, and among the
rare add beautiful articles, such as gold and su
rer watches, opera glasses, gold and silver tbim
b lea, lie , will certainly find aomethlng to please
tha recipient, whomsoever It may be,
Wb uav exuf no finer variety of holiday
present a than those we saw In the new drug
store of Winter A Brother, southeast corner of
ninth street ana new York avenue. Plain ana
fancy brushes, perfumery, portmonnales, Ao ,
are there to be had, and to ua the ahow-easea pre
sented an elegant appearance, evidencing taste
and neatness and enterprise by this young and
nergetle firm,
Ocmmivs, of No MT Seventh street, second
doer below the Northern market, haa just re
ceived a large Invoice of Christmas slippers for
gentlemen, and has also on hand a complete
atoek ef cJUldrsn's and Infants' kid boots.
was crowded last night' with the beautyland
faahlanofourSltyto listen to the Initial per
formance of Slrakosh's Italian Opera Troupe In
Verdl'a favorite opera, of ' II Troratore." To
a Imply state that the leading art lata, MadAme La
Oraage, MUs Adelaide Phillips, Slgoor lirlgnoll
and Slgior Orlandlnt, mere tuss satisfied a t!N
UU audience tn tha rendition of Utlr several,
rvit would be eat "namniag with Taint praise "
It was a snendld performance In acLUut (i rare
merit In opera) and In ToealUatlonl,,psj appro
batlon of the audience was testing by heartfelt
applause, and repeated mceres. P Madame La
Orange was superb asLeenors, 'aild Miss Ade
laide rnuiipe u aer renaitioa or jviucena,
proved herssir, In. Unnm and acting, to be In
fact the " American Prisma Donna." Urtcnoll as
Manrlco and Orlandlo as Count De Luna were
admirable) and we have only to add, 1b conclu
sion, that there hare been but few occasions 'in
our twenty years' experience asfcahv eaittut of
ue opera mat we nave neen more highly gran
fled with a performance than that of the opera
of "II Trovatore," last night) and thole of our
friends who were not there missed a great treit.
To-night the grand opera of "Norma" will be
rendered. As Madame La Orange haa won more
than mere laurels In this, her most celebrated
refe, another full house and gratified audience
may confidently be predicted. Y
National TniATKB. Wot withstand! or the
attraction of the opera at Wall's thla place bf
amusement was crowded last night to sea Mr.
John Owens. AsJ)r, OUapod he made a decided
hit, and sustained the reputation he enjoys as
one of the) first comedians of the dsy. The play
of 'The FoorOeotleman Is, In modern dsys,
sadly mutilated oi tha stage. Take It entire It
Is one of the finest of English comedies, and It
strikes us that the character of OUapod would
stlU afford a leading actor sufficient opportunity
to be tha principal attraction If It were to com
mence at the erpiaafny, and not in the middle,
and then 'go back for quantity." as Is tha cus
tom. Mr. Owens was well enstalned by the com
pany, ilia Soioaphingle was such ks he alone
can make It. j
If cuts CoTtt A Towxas, avecewcra te Thlip A
tklomCM, N lit Fsaaarlvaala avease, hare at
tractive holiday foods la the shape of ilatloaery, lift
books, prayer booka far alt denominations, choice
standard works, children's books, faacy article,
gold and silver pencils, Ac Callaad txsmlacthem
He. J. J. WlLUAMsos, KB F street, opnoilte St
Patrick's church, has on hand wrltlof desks, dres
leffeaitf, albums, books, sad faory soodF, suitable
for holiday preaeats.
Taosa la wist of second hand piano will find lite
kind they need at fair prices at Ellis' music store. No.
AS rsaasfivaala arsaue
AT Lit tan A i a s bookstore, corner ofSlalh aad D
streets, can be foaad a variety of Catholic books,
work boxes, albams, portfolios, aad fancy goods, t
the lowest prlcoji, for holiday gifts
Wjjrrsa AkTSBMiHra -A aeries of auuMBisnti
will be ilven at the Trades' Valen Hal), corner of
Eighth aud E streets, opposite tte Post Office, for the
poor and distressed It Is well In this, our genial
season oftbe year, te remember the poor, for atcurJ
lagtothe ScrlpUre "lis who flreth to ihe poor,
lcndethtotheLerdi" and if yea like the security,
read the advertisement of the Trades Union Uall, In
anothsr column t
PnnrmKMT Aid Korix-rr Thla nettv mt t
the office of Hon Mayor Wallach at noon yes
terday to perfect measures for the speedy relief
oi ids pour vi viijt
lion Peter Parker presided, and F. A, Bos we 11,
est , was secretary.
Mr. Parker announced that Mr Ocorge Lowry
had handed him a check for 450. Mavor Wallach
announced a eheck for u from Cornelius Wen
dell, esq also that Mr. Campbell had handed
him ITO, W of which were from Mr V. Wllletti
and a note of thanks waa tendered these gentle-
Mr. Tustln stated thatA00 or iGOO would be
raised In tha Interior Danirtsnant. tad that
proper efforts were being made tn the other De-
been formed tn the navy yard with a view to re-
iiuvinfuie famines oi inosemeu wnonaaoeen
discharged from the nary yard. Therefore he
could not promise much from that quarter until
he sould ascertain what the society there had
Rst, Dr. Hall reported that a soap house would
be established in the Hret ward durinr the af
ternoon, and that Messrs McOlueandbtlnemets
had voluuteered to engineer it The Hurceon
Qeneral had already ordered several cauldrons
for their use, and kettles bad been obtained from
the Quartermaster (leneral. Thanks were voted
these gentlemen, as also Messrs. Llbby A Ouy
for eooklnr store.
On motion of Mr, Shepherd the number of
aoup nouses waa oraercu to do mareaseu 10 one
for each ward, and thanks were voted Mr. Hails y,
of the Washington O as-light Company, for bis
offer to deliver coke on the order of the associa
tion at Ave aenta net bushel.
Home further unimportant business was trans
acted, when the aoelety adjourned
There were handed to the treasurer subscrip
tions oi ren iron juoaara jikttct, uirc
Olven, Oeo. F. Sehafer, and Ueo. V, Qullck.
Yesterday the Fourth ward committee met at
tha stora of Mr. Bobert Uall and laid out theJt
work. The ward was laid off Into seven dis
tricts, as follows I uaoai to i street, ana rrom
Third to Rlxth streets F. A Lutx, J. J. Camp
bell, S, Normenti Uanal to F street, and Ninth
to Heventh-Jamea Y. Davis. P. M. Dubant, and
Robert Uall llrst and Sixth streets, and Dto
,W. U. Todd, N. Acker, and W. F. Mattlnglr t
F atreet to New York avenue andourth to
Seventh streets Andrew Oleason, J. D Uonnell,
and John Crowleyj r atreet to New York avenue
and rourth to the Doundari W. So h wing and
W. H. CUgett. It Is expected that all named
above wllllmmedlately go to work, and should
any decline It la desirable that they should give
Information of the fact that others may be ap
pointed. Av iMrnovxMtHT. Yesterday morning wo
called In at the northeast corner of Ninth and L
streets, and found workmen busily engaged In
refitting the building. Mr Irederlckllelderend
Mr lcrdlnand Itoth aro doing the carpenters',
Mr Henry Conrad the brick, and Mr. A Gross
the tin work They are laying It off as follows i
Hrst floor, store rooms t second floor, dancing
hail, Q by 60 feet third floor, laid off la different
apartments for associations! fourth floor In small
rooms They expect to have It completed by the
1st of rebruiry n?xt
rrom Itir J. wancr, iuo prcariii uwnrr, wb
have the following history of this bulldlnri
About the year 1811 it was be property of Mr
McOuIre, and was occupied as (he Washington
Medical College. It was aftorwarda owned by
was subsequently purchasedby Mr J. W.Nallor
nd nvirii niihllfl schools were taueht In It. and
during a portion of the war a sutler shop was
carried on there. About aix weeks since Mr, J
waiter purchaaea it, ana is now remunz n
When completed It will be a handsome structure
Mr Walterlntends building a two-story presa
brlck front house on atreet, adjoining the hail
named above The lower floor will be used as a
Thb Wsatiibb ad Namoatiow We sre
Klad to notice that the Potomac I rrry Company
are their boats again running, asd it la to be
hoped that the wheela will perform the opera
tion for somo time to come The late thaw haa
made a sluice way, and the enterprise of the
company has taken advantage of it.
The schooner Ocean Wave, Capt. Neale, with
freight for theOovernment,and the schooner M
Van Name, Capt. Van Name, with 82k tone of
atone for N. Acker, have arrived at Sixth street
wharf It is stated that the steamers r x press
and Kennebec, of the Jlaltlmore and Washing
ton line, have laid up for the winter, and will
not return to thla city till tho opening of the
next season.
Sawiao M Axillaris A very interesting spec
tacle now presents Itself at the establishment of
Messrs J. 11 Hopkins fc Co, Jewelers, corner of
Seventh and i streets These gentlemen have
placed In their window one of the popular elliptic
lock-stitch sewing machines, of which they aro
the agents, which Is operated by steam The
window was beset yesterday by iuienllcs, who
dealred to purchase the doll seated at tho sewing
machine, but the urbane Mr Hopkins informed
them that the machines, not the doll, were for
Suit A cm it Okit HcxjamibF. Butliu
Yesterday morning Mr J M Appier, of Oeorge-
town, urougni sun ngnimi uou ti iiuuucr.
before Justice Walter, to recover a claim of fcH
r papering a room In the residence of the gen
al The price charged was said to be exorbl-
tant by the general, and he refused to pay the
bill after repeated calls on him by the collector
The ease was then taken before the abore named
Justice, and after bearing tha evidence, it was
agreed by both parties to compromise the matter
by Oenervl Uutlcr paying 30, and receiving a re
ceipt In full.
Ohaboid with Fblosv Yesterday Joseph
llonseger was arrested on the ehargeor opening
a letter containing $9, belonging to Harvey May,
He waa also charged with slapping Mr, May In
the face Aftsr due consideration Justice Has
ard eld that Mr. llonseger had committed no
felony After paying $1 fine he was allowed to
take his departure.
Died iff Jail Mary Oant.whowas sent to
Jail last week on the cnarge of stealing an over
coat, an 1 who, while In the Fourth ward station.
set tire to her wearing apparel aad waa burned
badly.dled In the Jail yesterday morning from
the effects of the burn Her husband was In the
jail at the time of her death, and was tried In
court yesterday,
Tn WALLioafietritotfBi itDiira. A few date
elnee we saw It stated that aeommHtee-hade--'
aminea 'the Wallach School buifding.ananan
reported that there U danger of It taking fire
from defect he flues, This report bassubsequeht-
I Alayor Wallaehi however, to LeeerUta kbout
the Bittler, engaccd a well-known arehlteetMr.
lur Thla halM an.1 thn fnllAwln la his t06rt
to thfIayor, which fully alleaee a the first te-
vf iiii.h.n. ri . nan i iiut
Jlichani Valtaehtw , Mayor of atkinyton eiht
ii.i I. l.:...:...;.!!.!! .riin lain
ostant, I have made a carefuf.eaamlnation tof
tne rurnaccs ana nuea or tne rourtn uiatrict
echooMiouse, with a rrew te determine whether
the same were properly constructed- and the
building sufficiently guarded against Jltf. i
A careful examination of the original drarr-
IrttfS of tha- several flnora ihntr thai the mdst
sklllfUt attention of the archltset has .been be-
stowea upon tne eonatrueuenvt neouuutng,
so aa to render Ignition from the flues Impos
sible i a -i .
Owing to the msgnlttide- of the building, aid
the exceeding bteakneas of the lite on which It
has been erected, the three furnaces nrovlded br
the original plana and specifications were, an
trial, found loeuiBelant, end occasioned the in
iroeuotion i iwo raore lurnncrs una mo nuarru
condition of the threo former furnace, whlSh
haa been effected with skill, and without the
leaat detriment to the security of the building.
r.aat Inmmfr. nnnti Mnwlnv''ieririlnf Iks'
farnaceswhlch had become, unfit for Use, for
purpose a of economy of heat, the hot ale flues
were lined with tin. This appUanoe. while well
calculated o secure the object sought, haa ren
dered said flues doubly secure against lrnltlob.
Opposite these and fhemoke flues, which are
by far the moat dangerous, the skirtings of wood
hare been years alnce removed, and where the
noora 40ia.eu incm qiikiobut whji pence 101-
E unity, nine inch t a of additional brick work
ave bee Introduced, thsrebr maktna the walla
separating tho floor timbers from the fines four
irrn incnes iniCK, wnicn ougniio anayino leufi
di ino moat iimiu.
Not content with thla satisfactory develof-
mentsof the carefully euaxdedeonsiruction
the building and tha fidelity with which the fuN
naccs hare been nut up. I carefully examined
iiikii umv uccu fu ufi a (niaiuiij vtmuiuiu
the accessible timber and wood work exoosed
to the heat of ths furnaces nd flues durinr tha
season which hare required their fullest capa
city since uia occupancr 01 uia ouiiumg, nnu
failed to detect the slightest Indication of char
ring! shrinkage only Is visible, that being laevita
b le aad beyond the skill of the architect to pre-
As the furnace occupying the centre of the
cellar la eoortable one. and removed from the
flues provided by the architect la an original
ptao, naneeiiron imuw pipeanu iinnoi air con
ducted to It, are a necessity, and aa these are
liable to derearoment or decar It Is possible that
remotelr an accident might, by neglect, occur,
but not otherwise To guard against such a con
tingency some lauieioua anu precautionary pro-
vI.Iaki It wniilji tut Jll tn mak
Inconclusloa permit me, my dear sir, to con-
graiuiaie you ana ino commuoiiyui naring so
safe, commodious and well-adapted a building In
which, to elucate their children
ery respectfully, your obedient aerrant,
Johb O. llABKIBSa.
Youku Man's UaatsTiAB Amociatiow. The
regular monthly meeting waa held last evening
at the rooms of the association over Metierott
Hall, Mr. S. S. Bryant presiding.
The treasurer, Mr. W.J, lleese, read a report
on the financial condition, from which it appears
that the association la tsu In debt
The Committee on Employment reported that
thoae members of the association who had been
out of employment bad been supplied with
Mr 0. 0. Wind, from the Evangelisation Com
mittee, reported that they visited the prisoners
at the Jail t err Sabbath afternoon
Mr J. A. Cole, from the same committee, said
that the committee bad had the subject of public
meetings on tho Sabbath under consideration,
andthatthe old Washington Theatre could be
secured for the purpose,
A lengthy discussion occurred on this subject,
there belug great diversity of opinion about the
feasibility of holding such meetings, and also as
to whether the rent of the theatre should be paid
from the funds of the association, or from a spe
cial fund created for the nurnoae. The aubloct
was referred back to the Lvangclliatlon Com-
A resolution granting compensation to Mr.
Pratt, the general secretary, was passed
Mr, Cleveland Abbe tendered his resigns t loo
as chairman of the Committee on Churches.
Messrs.- Jiemedell, Cole, and Abbe were ap
pointed a committee to snggest amendments to
the constitution;
A motion to hold dally prayer-meetings during
the holidays was referred to the ErangeUsatlon
On motion, adjourned.
Soldi ana' aud Bailors' Unto There was a
large attendance at the regular meeting of the
, bowlers' and Sailors' Union last evening The
meeting waa called to order at TU o'clock, Major
W. S. Morse, presiding
Patrick Hevlnewas elected a member of the
The President read a communication from
Senator Morton, of Indiana, stating that he)
wouia auaress iae union as per invitation on
Monday evening, December 30, upon the political
issues of 18W,
Hon W, JI Stokes was expected to address
the Union, but was unavoidably detained. He.
howeier. sent In a note stating that he would
address the Union at some future meeting.
Mr. MerrUl called for the readlnar of a resolu
tion passed some time sinee la relation to the call
for a soldiers1 and sailors' national convention,
nendinr which a erosa-tlra waa aot ud between
Major wells and Mr. Merrill, much to the amuse
ment of all except the parties above-named,
Capt Manning was then called upon to ad-
urtBB inn oiccuhk, wuiou no utu 1 mi ramarns
being principally In relation to the late elec
tions, he taking the ground that the result of
those eiectiona oocs not inaicate a aereai or the
Republican part In 189
Mai or Morse followed In some eloouent and
fitting remarks, after which tho meeting ad-
Tub Jxwiait Irast A portion of the period
devoted by Gentiles to holiday and thanksgiving
In honor of the birth of Jesus will ba aunt In
aacred festivity also by the Hebrews In honor of
ine anniversary 01 ine aeuioaiion 01 ine rempie
The festival Is known In Hebrew as Hanuka,
and commemorates the reservation of tha na.
tlonal existence and the liberation of the He
brews rrom oppression 11 is celebrated during
eight da s, commencing on the Sthdayof the
month Klsley, or the Jiat of our month Ueoem
ber. It waa Instituted by Judas Maoeabeusat
the second consecration of the temple,
ALacTtas nr Pnor OaivriTn Last even
ing, Prof Allen A. Orimth, whom we have here
tofore noticed, lectured to a largo and fashiona
ble audience at Columbian Law liulldlng, on
i Ifth street, near 1) His lecture was character
istic, and really an entertaining affair. If ad we
the space at our command, we would take pleas
ure la giving somo of his well put hits We
must, however, forego the pleasure of so doing.
A 8TEicTOnnr.il An order was Issued )es
terday prohibiting employees In the navy yard
from spesklng to each other during working
hoursf also, rescinding the rule giving them Ave
minutes at the close or their labors in which to
wash and don their clothing, and requiring that
the roll be called at the close of labor as well as
at the commencement thereof.
DBAtrc ox a Boat Cantata WlUlamOu). of
the schooner Anna L Whltmore, died aboard his
vessel at ltiley's wharf, foot of Eleventh atreet,
on the night of the nd Instant. His remains
were sent to Baltimore en the twelve o'clock
train yesterday From there they will be sent
to his family In Accomac eounty, Virginia.
TxMrcnAVCB The Washington City Temper
ance Society held their regular meeting at Tem
perance Hall, on L atreet, on Sunday evening,
and addresses wcro dclhered by Messrs Oscar
Alexander, Thomaa L Uoltter, O K. Harris.
Judge Mlddlebrook, John Ooldln, Dr 1 O. Clay,
ton, W. P Drew, and ex-tfov Thomaa H. Ford
m 1 n'
WAMiiTQTOir Yacht Cub The first grand
ball of the Washington YaihtClub wllltransplro
at Trades' Union Hall, corner of Lljrhth and E
streets to-night, when a pleasant time may be
expected, as the o nicer s of the club have been
untiring In their endeavors to render a season of
enjoyment to all In attendance.
An Acquisition We were agreeably sur
prised last e enlng to find in the chamber of the
Hoard of Aldermen a lot of new cane-seat chairs
We learn that other new furniture will soon be
added to this Instalment ,so mote it be, for they
are needed
SttTTO Jail Yesterday a colored boy waa
arraigned before Justice Ha 1 ard, charged with
stealing a ring from Mr. smith, a restaurant
keeper He did not deny the charge, but gave
up tha ring In default of $300 security he was
commlttedtojal! for court
.,- 1
boABoor Dibbotobj The following named
Jentlemenuere yesterday elected the Hoard of
Hrectorsof tbelVashlogton Schutzenvereln to
serve for alx mouths! Charles Kloman, Charles
Lbel,C. 11 P.btalley.Adoiph Cluss, Peter Hill,
Oeorge Hartlg, xreuerlck Huegeie, F Kessel,
ASAUtiATii ScuooLCoscrnTWlUtako place at
the tlrstFresbvterlan church (lJr.Sunderland'a.1
on I our.aud-a-half atreet, to-morrow evening, at
the conclusion 01 which the girts upon the Christ
mil tree will be distributed among the children
Ooi- PAnxin'a WanniMO It Is stated that
Col I1IS Parker and Miss Minnie O Sackett,
daughter of Oen Sackett, will be Joined in holy
weniocK. at.pipnany churcn, ij nev ur nan,
to-day at 12 o'clock.
Aid roRTUN Poon. A llberalcollectloa for the
Poor waa taken un at th latreet llantiat ehureh
on hunday evening, after tt " "lose of the regular
sen Ices
VAQUiHOV Ulan (VFtannall waa arraaled bv
Officer Hill charged with vagrancy. Justice
ucr avm uer 10 ino wont nouso lor av uays.
nun, iu nun inni.inui lar lias rcucitcu
fleyen years sentence to Albanj ,
APLiAarnAnFirVknTliiiUKirT. Lastnlrtl
fOe-eIIHallemrbeiwee Ninth and Tenll
aireeiv numoer or mo pupils of iner pauue
pnoois kkvb copcrri, oy wnion 10 raise innas
with which fo purchase a piano for the use oftbe
ublle schools. The hall waa comfortably filled
y a select audience, and the efforts ef the pupls
were frequeatlylndoraed by the hearty applause
of the spectators. The recitation rendered by
Master Prank was admirable, and was JMghdy
appreciated by those present, at also was the
declamation by Master- Lipscomb Tha songs
were so well tocailied that It would ba almost
unfair to particularise. The piano was kindly
loaned by Mr. John F. Ellis The following Js
the programme 1 The Sunlight Oome3horust
Grammar Schools t Heturn of the soldiers 4Jh or
usi later and Sec, Schools; Meet Ma la the Lane,
Lor- Solo and Semi-Chorus: Clara Vonki We
are Merry Troubadors Duett Orate Hurdle and
Kate Hyramt Oreta are the Hills Cboruei Inter.
uudcv ocnuoii) nniiDiH iiiia-ooioi cia viirKri
Under tha Hnow Solo aad Bern l-Cho rust Nettle
InmanjWhen theOreen Leaves Choruailnter.
and Sec, SchooIsiMaggls'a Secret Solo t Mary
Cooper Nora
Thai Soldier's
meai hoioi aiartaa urea son 1
Irave Chorusi Inter and Ser.
Schoolsi Declamation Master Lipscomb Hecl-
Minai niaaier rranai now portly tne woodai
Orammar Schools) Cut In the Starlight Solo
and quartette: Clara Slousaai Voices of the
Nlgbt-Hoett M. Belss and J. Pught Awaket aad
let Your Songs Itesound Chorus: Orammtr
Schools) Where She's Sleeping Due It Misses
Swallow) The lUskeb-Maker s ChUd Solo aad
Seml-Chorusi Mlretta Thornei Pure Illpplieg
Hirer ihorusi Orammar Schools t Come in the
Wash of the Morning Heral-Chorni' Qrammsr
Schoolsi Zula Zone Solo and Semi-Chorus J,
Pugh Duett Maaters Hurdle and Pearsoni Now
to all a Kind Oood Night Chorus Orammar
A ttAVOBBotm Fail, Yesterday between io
and 11 o'clock, a part of the north wall of the
Calraryilaptlat Church, corner Eighth and It
atreets, which was destroyed by Ore on the Hth
Instant, fell down, the bricks scattering In every
direction Many of the workmen were busy
cleaning bricks at the time, near the church, but
fortunately none were hurt It Is generally be
lieved that the remainder of the walls will stand)
also that the steeple may be used In the rebuild
ing of the church.
FinvTals morning, about 1U o'clock,
EffniS, VW "a A)"' discovered 1 the
building on the corner of First street east and A
! J?10rta know? as the Old Capitol, to be on
fire. They proceeded to the spot, and through
their exerllona extinguished the flames before
11 had made much headway. Loss about (60
Jii.VJW'1 ? bdlng caught Ore from a de
faeSe,.hl1 I ponged to Mr. Sergeaat-nt-Arms
Ilrown, of the Senate.
iIliiEaff,r3ai,1rdt W8 unln en
Jt "'i tht Mr P 0ilr wai arrested
-. uh-u iui Misuruvriy conauci, mr. nicuauier
Is a watchman In the Smithsonian grounds, and.
On Sundav. ha arrrtH man i.l.t.
?fte7ri ft' "toyla trees on these grounds
He took him before Justice Harper, who im
posed a One of 2 onhim.
.J" AITD IioDBLr-Omeer Lorlng, of
the Hfth precinct, arrested Philip E. Uegge
upon the above charge. He waa taken befo?e
justice Harper, who lined him 3 Offlcer Kear
ny, of the same ward, arrested Samuel Harrison
for being Intoxicated. The ssme Justice fined
AssACtT a-d DlTTr-nt -Oniaer Brewer, of
the Seventh preeinot, arrested William Halton
for committing an assault and battery on Amelia
Crosby. He waa held to ball to keep the peace
by uatlce Walter, trams Neale was arrested
by OUcer McElfresh for enticing prostitution.
Justice Walter fined her S3 '
MAsosic Elkotiom or Orncxaa The fol
lowing named gentlemen were cleared officers of
Dawson Lodge, No la, V, and A M .yesterday
ereningi w, P,i Hadowayt S. W , W. J Ste
venson) J. w , Henry Chase) reoretary, O. II,
Thompson; treasurer, It H.Qrahsm.
DiaonDaBLY-Oeo. Jackson, All. Yates, Fan
nie Miller, Maggte Lloyd. Albert Snoroden, Ann
Uosb, Mary snodea and Fraak Jackson were ar
rested for disorderly conduct. Thry were taken
before Justice Ituckey, who fined the Ave first
named 5 M, and the last two $1 W each
Tub Pouci Orricix of the Metropolitan
force will receive their back pay from the corpo-
ratlon to-day, from Mr Samuel Ourand, the
tunjur cicra, s ino uy nan j
menoe paying at about 9 o'clock, a. m
' Hall Hewlltcom-
LiDUi, see tho aow aad beautiful styles of Walk
lag Boats of every material, eomlai la every day at
Cummins', M7 Seventh street, second door south of K
street and Northern If arket,
Soainiixa BxriatLT Zfsw roa d situ nix, -De-slrabte,
neat, conrealent and cheap One price only,
at llenaloi 'a, corner Beventh street and Maryland
avenae, with 10 per cent dlMoaat nntll removal to
No All Seventh street, laUUlf esoer Bnlldlsg
Orricx or A. lias Co , MT SsrsxTB stssst,
Wasbivotov, Dec 0, 1907 All persona baring ac
counts at this establishment are hereby notified that
If not paid before January lit, 1K, they will be poil
lively place In the hands of a collector. We also
wish to state that undsr no clrcamstaaces will any
new acoonats be opened A Bias Co
IissAacBixaforaflrsUlaasSoot aad Sboseitab.
lUhment, It would be well far those ef our readers to
visit the well kaowa store of Mr Jacob Bool, US
Seventh street, between a and IL Everything known
In the Boot and Shoe trade can U had at bis establish
ment, and at the lowest prices Also, made te order,
Boots, Shoes asd (Jailers of the best French calf, at
the lowest prices.
-' 1 1 11
TusosLTBSAsoxwnrHr P OBoyle.etsaiPeaa.
sjrlvaula avenae, between foar-and a half and Sixth
streets, near the Ifatloaal IIoUl, has each a demand
for bis pnrallye Whisky Is, that It la the product of
the tuenanie and Wheatland alley, which la of a
limestone sou, aad eoaaaqaoatly is tho parttt and
beat of anr other in tho market Ills Kenlacky Bour
bon cannot bo excelled Forelxn aad Domestic Wines
and Brandies always on hand and la larse quantities
at ine lowest prices
Tas Elliptic Lock amen Siwixa Hicnixk.
Thee neat and beautiful household necessities are
now on exhibition at the More or J K Hoc-kins a-
Co , Watch and Jewelry dealers, northeast earner of
r and tioventh streets, opposite toe relent Ufflee
Ther work like a cnaim, aad partake, apparently
mere of the pastime principle than of tha labor. They
are so remarkably simple In their construction tha
the neweal novloe can work them with saccess Tbey
are sure In their operation, finishing the work In a
anlfvrm and perfect manner They make a tliht
lock-stitch, the only admissible stitch for family sew
Ins; aud manufacturing purposes Tbey sew equally
well tne Uehtoat and heaviest fabrics They are pro
vided with glass foot, hammer, braider, binder,
tucker, corder and trimmer, and these attachments
are simple and certain In their adjustment and opera
tion, aud will do a greater rango of work, In less
time, and In a more perfect manner than any other
sewing machine. Mom. If, k Co have en hand a
large and well selected stock of OoldWatchfts.Chalus,
Jewelry, Be , suitable for holiday presents.
LiTTtx Boon "Fins Calf, sewed, long Boot'.
and heavy ones, for little boji, In great variety, al
Cummin, 347 Seventh street, two dors below North
ern Market
Fiss Fens The attention of the public, especially
the lady portion, Is called to the beautiful assortment
of line furs at the old established house of Mr Jamsa
Y DstIs, ho SM Pennsylvania avenue, under the
Metropolitan Hotel, among which may be enumerated
the Hodin Bar and American Sable, Siberian Squir
rel, Hoy si Ermire, Ac , Be These furs are all of the
best quality, selected with great care by Mr Davis
Just the articles for Christmas presents for the ladles
A vast sv JUumriCUT display of l.ajlei' JCU
Button Walking Boots, at the extensive Boot and
Shoe Storo of Cummfns, 347 Seventh street, second
door south of K street aud Northern Market.
Tun Suos asd Boor Maaisr of this city has a
record for cboapnCMS If you want to Indulge lathe
luxury of a new pair of Boots or Oattersfor your
wife, call at T S Oartrell, dialer In boots and ahoei,
corner Seventh and I streets
Cossmrnov, that losldlons foe
Of mortals la this vale below.
Often comes from damp feet, which gcatlcraen can
avoid by purchasing a pair of pair of Oum Shoes of
J T I'ltly a Co , Old Soventh street, opposite lutol
llgenccr Building
Ix nLAKcixd over our columns ihe eyo la greeted
with tho remark ofu "good article at a low prices,"
aud tho placu to And thuin Is at T 8 Oarlrcll s, late
Robert Unal s, 379 he tenth street, corner of I A
fine asxortment of Ladles' Oentlcmeu'sani Clilldreu a
Boots aud Shoes constaully on hand
Tair veteran pickpocket, 'Ward Times,' has
been plying his vocation among our cltlious of late.
bnt thoae who have suffered most from his depreda-
tlous can stilt afford to buy at onr prices, for jutt
think of it oulr II 00 for Men's Far Caput J for fino
Caselmere Bell Hats92.74for Oent'a aewed Congress
Gaiters And "last bat not least" II M for (leafs
long lop, double sole Cfttf skin Poots-a great bar
gin-ftj T roily vq -a new list and shoe store.
618 Seventh street, opposite Inteltlgencer Building
Tub Osiaixii Faiwc, ths Cheapoit Mu la this
city flood Merino Undershirts and Drawers, 43 ceo la,
W cents, 0) oeuts, 73 cents, EN) cents, and 11 Oood
White Shirt from W cents up dood Taper Collars,
10 cents per boa or three boxes for 33 cents Imitation
Linen Collars, two boxes for cents Best Bhaks
peareColIars, xleents a box Best dray's Collars,
19 cents a box. (note, De Gray's Good Cotton
bocks, Scouts a pair, at Frane'a Popular Gent a Fur
nlshlog Store, tlH Seventh street, betweeu D and S,
four doors abore Odd Fellows Hall,
fcHK cotJuti
h l",0Fnaaa Tuu.i,JiiAm Pmrrttt Thla PAuri
1. 1 ... :... .z.F. - ..1 ..-"v ..-rrr-
sai on eaiaraar sasi ana iransacua ine roiiowiag
bnlaMS!, . . " 1
Uioaac4atMp(Mr-H. U JUed for several heaarM
dollars, which Browne, executor ef Basteed, bad
drawn upon a cheek made br htm over a signals re bf
Boateed. which the tatter had. on his death bad.de
fivered (eMIss Hed, aad whtehr she had handed to,
rowne to All on and draw the diodit for hrr A da.
clulon waa nndfred oa Halarday .
The Court said he had had thla ease under eonaldei,
allon for sevaroi dare H was aotreefromdiacsl
tles. It seems that llntteed employed Mies Reed's
time and attention la hta alckaese, ao thae la fact sle
was made sick, ami earns near death The execute r
hadtrtteosae late court for permlaeloa to par bat
had afterwards refused to do so This waa not a
Ilfll II was the barneel f a hard earned debt, and
usteed Intended to clre Miss Head prlorttr over all
other creditor Ills delivery ef la blaak cheek
proves this This Court can take Jurisdiction of the
case, because It had supervision of executions
Therefore the Court will declare haf the moaerjs
not assets In Mr lirowne s hands, bat must be paid
over le Miss Head . K ,
Colonel Thompson entered an appeal from ths dec)-
The flnat account of Ale:
Alexander Forrest, executor ef
William It, Wtateriof Ellen Daly, admlaletratrta: ef
of Domlnlck Daly, and of Adolph Llsenbelss estate,
by Host thleenbelM, administratrix were Bled ana
Hasan na J Kayder qualified ao administratrix ef
John II Sarder, gWteg bond la BXi), with B 11
Stelometsaud R T Morsel las sureties.
Upon the petition of Julia A Forreet, tho sale of
certain real estate to John Webster, aader an order
of court, to provide for the malatenance of infant
children, waa re-confirmed, It appeertag that sine
the first eonflrmstton It bad been discovered that the
property belonged to of the heirs Instead of all ef
them, as at first supposed.
The Co art tneeadjouraed1-
CntutvALCouBT Jwtf?rfjtr The only bual
nesa transacted tn this court en Saturday waa the
sentencing of some of $h partlea feuad gaiily daring
the past week t
Ann Dorsey, disorderly honsekeeptagt Wm Wee
ley, bulling money aader false prtwaei Brltaala
A Johnson, stealing s pistol t and Martha Brows,
lareear, were dlaeharred on their ewn raeogolsaaeea,
, Wm Klee, held fordlsorderlr conduct, la threaten
ing arson, waa finally discharged. ,
Laura Wulile, for threatening II Briscoe, was alee
Moses Clark, charged with robbery on the street
near the railroad depeC ,1a. til ewe, on motion of
Mr Thos WlUoo, a new trial was granted
James Duncan, convicted of auanlt and battery.was
sentenced to one month s Imprisonment laialL
Wm. M Klnr, alias Bosh, oonvleted of hor
steallog. was sentenced to two years In the Albany
penitentiary, to begin at ihe close of the firs year te
which hols already sentenced for burglary T
The grand jury returned a number of cases, aad the
eoarl adjourned
This court yesterday acted upon the following;
Bernard Smith, petit larceny of palaUr'a uaUrial,
the property or tar I k Btover, oa the Sd of August last
He was found guilty, and aenteneed teene month La
Bernard Smith, gran 1 larceny of furultureanddcth J
lag belonging to John V. Lewie, the Id day el last
August, 11 was toned gulllr, and aenUaeed te
eighteen months Imprisonment In theAlbanypenl
lentlary. Conrad Miller, petit larceny or a pair of shoes be
longing to John V Lewis, on the tJd day ef August
last lie was found guilty, and sentenced to lwo
months In tall
George Ilumphrers, petit larceny of a pair of shoes
Monglug to John Lacy) no pro entered Lr the
District Attorney
John Wilson, petit lareeayt discharged eahlsewa
reeognltsnee br the Court.
rank Brown, petit larceny of a coat and other cloth
ing, the iropcrir of James Lavender. He was ar
rained, plead guilty, and waa sentenced to thirty
dare' Imprisonment.
Anderson Scott, larceny) rccotnliance forfeited
Frank white, alias Depphr, larceny t recognizance
Alexander Adams, assault and battery upon Bachel
Brown on Ihe 10th of tfrptember last The Jury found
falrajrulltr, and he waa sentenced te imprisonment in
jail for ten dare.
Lloyd h J wards, rape of Lucy Jones (colored) In
August last Lucy Jonea Ustlfled that she and her
hatband lived In the ssme house with Edwards and
hli iwlfei that one night la Angus! last she woke up
and discovered Jonea occupy Lug the place of her has
bandinponher wektnr. Jones, who had vlelaLad
her while she slept, leaped from the bed, and wss
roeoguliedbr her as he passed the window t she did
not tell her husband for over a week, because she did
not want to Lave ' a fuss "
TheJol(4then directed the prosecution to proceed
for assault only.
Th defence showed, br the testimony of Lucy's
mother, that she had been in the habit of being very
free In her Intercourse with Edwards for some time
The lurr rendered a verdict of notguUty, Carving
ton for prosecution t whitman for defence
John Davis, burglary. In entering Ihe house of liar
riet Diamond, and ateaiing aeoney .. on the 10th
of September, 19C7. lie was proved to bar been In
possession of the stolen goods. The Jury found aim
guilty and he was sentenced to Imnrleenmeat IB the
penitentiary for three years ,
Francis Bronxsj't, laYceny of boots, pistol, Ac., en
tha lah of May last, the property of James E. 8 her
wood Carrlngton-llurler
Before the conclusion of this trial the court ad
jouraed until this morning
CiacciTCornT tMf)inile.-ThlsCurt held a
session on Saturday, which was occupied mainly with
the following cue, which had been opened en Friday 1
Dunnlogtonee Semmosadm, of Collins
Thompson Dnnnlogton and Wilson Assumpsit for
work and labr at thatl s of the la testate for
vet eight years, of which w gave a summary oa Sat
urday .
The defendant Introduced svWeaoe at this session to
contradict the evidence f ood tinned service produced
by Duunlogton ont rlday. A number of wiUeaaea las
tlflod that they were familiar with the eating house of
Mrs ColllnsdarlngporiloosofthHfor which Dan
alnitoa claims comreneatloa, and saw ao evidence
whatever of his qeini employed there
slon, Mrs Collins, In depesilUixalaxfaimof money
with Mr Bemmea, expraased great distrust ofDun
nlngton, and desired that he should not know of ths
uonT aha bad danositad with HrmmrL
Mr, Tbompaou onlecledi the court sustained the sb-
The defendaat also showed that Duuatngtoa aud
Mrs Collins occupied lb same room, and there waa
but on bed la it, aud that he did some small matters
a cuaracier wnlca wer qsuilly pal 1 by the :
inaiBiuil noi asg nr pay wbll Mrs Collins was
living, Waiting till she was in, her grave before he
made claim, was. of Itself, proof that the claim had
no foundation Th theory of th defence was that
Duunlngtonwas the paramour of Mrs. Colllnsi that
he eat and slept at her house Surely the at I aMs
he did were but Imperfect retarus for th favors ao-
cvruuu iu Him
guilty in a criminal case lie eet forward the ser
vices and claimed that the compensation asked was
not exorbitant.
At tho close of Mr Thompson's argument the Jury
retired, and soon returned with a verdict for the de
fendant Ut I II Darling vs John Bllgh Lloyd, Miller
Case referred Io Mr, Ashford by agreement of counsel
The court then adjourned
lffl Kenned, vs National Bank of Metropolis
Brent and Merrick 1 Davldge, Wilson Continued br
SB James Boyre, vs Uslston aud Tnrbon Mat
tlugly, tarns
2W. J II Stevens vs W L Dawson Maltlngly,
Logan Action ef debt oa promissory note, to which
ther was no defence
The iurv found a verdict for tha full amount ef tho
uote, ll.atS), with Interest and costs """""" "
. l Northern Central Kallruad Company vs E J
Wilklns, Charlea Bherrell. andamee If, Savage.
Met hereon, thlpmau Actiou of debt upon a bond
given br wllklna as ageht of tha Northern Central
road at Washington cttv. In aiO.lim) with nhnmii i
Havago aa sureties t the allegation being that Wll
kins did not pay oyer lb wl ole ajuouat of money re.
CJlved by him, as the plaintiffs demurred' and th case
came Into court upon joinder in demurrer
Judge Wyllo overruled tho demurrer In Ihe first
place aa without foundation Th liability of ths
sureties had, he said, already been Incurred before
the time at which this plea endeavors to set up matter
Iu avoidance Ihe demurrer to the second pie was
sustained, Ihe plaintiff having levejo answer over
341 Hears 4 Bn vs Horace while A orris.
Swann Judgment by consent against the defendant
for IDO, with interest from September 10, 18C0,
The fillowlna rases are art fr to Jav 10? -i a
10. u, aa, j, i, 4i, it, m ao. w, n, u -'
It Is not probable that more than ono of those cases
will be tried, for it Is expected that toe court will ad-
Thnra LMn ua ullmr hum fm,1v tnr trial ,!. ...
adjourned at an early hour
tlaiTtb Htati Slpsiub (.orTa Vat-t.m n- m
17 T ' -"- v -
No 19 Jasspu Andrew, plaintiff In error, va Chas
A lienslcr in error to in District Court of th Uni
ted viatea forth eastern district of Louisiana Mr
Justke 1 lei t delivered the opinion of the oourt, af
firming tho judgment of th said circuit court in this
cause, with coats and Interest
Ko tt Milton Lnm, plaintiff In error, vs William
Koberisou. use of rerguson In error to Ihe District
touiloT the I nitod Bute forth eastern district of
Texas Mr Justice Davis delivered th opinion of
the court In this cause, adlrmlng the Judgmeut of lb
said District Court, with coats and interest
JTu ID blmou Mnaslsa, plalulff in error, va Maria
Josef avaios et al , iu error to th District Court
of the United States for theeaiteru district of Texas
Mr Justice Miller delivered the opinion of th court
overruling the motion to dismiss this writ of error.
No 37 Tie l'uget Pound Agricultural Company,
Rlalntifflu error, ve lhetounty of Fierce lasrror
the Snrreme Court of Washington Territory Mr
Justice Miller delivered the opinion of the court, dls
mUaingtl 1 writ of error with costs
No 3 JaMer8iroog,pla1ntlfflnerror,v TheUnl
fctaten for the northern district of Florida Mr .
lire (. Ilffqrd del I Tared the opinion of the court, all
lug the Judgment of Ihe said district court In
ran so with tt sts
iurn"inj iu, ui.iiici v uwrtui i" lniied
iaa r Jus
Mo 3 .W llliam Cook et al . vi. Albert f U irnler
et al In error to the Dlsirlcj Cuurl f tho Lmted
States fir (he essUrn district of Texas Mr Justice
Aelsondellvered tha opinion of the court, affirming
the lodgment of tho said District court In this cause
with costs
No 83 Wlltlsrall Crandall.pHlntlfflnerror, vs
The State of Neva la . Iu error 0 the koprem Court
of Nevada Mr Chief Justice Chase delivered the
opinion of the court oyerrallog the motion to dismiss
MM- nil, vi ciiui
No, 10 Simon Mm
sslna. nlalnlttr In . lr..i.
Josefa cavaioi
Tn.af. riilim Thn iii...i .7 ill- '-..."
forajytntea Lf Mr hdYnds, of counsel for th plain
thla cause was
I for tha nlaln
t.i ii, E11UI4 huh kvitMNvm vj ar
Hale, ef counsel
for tha dafnnilant In srrnr
Adjourned until to morrow rooralng at U o'clock
Fruity Coubt JuJje H'vU. Thla court made
but on order yesterday 1
Ml Oweuavs Dwens Order i show cause why
an Injuncllou should not b granted
The court thtu adjourned until this morning
Court or Claims AToadey, Dtctmhtr S3. 1M7.
Ordered by the oourt Uiat the peremptory cell of th
docket shall commence en Tussdav, the 7ih day of
January. 18bf aud the ease on th trial list will than
be called and disposed bf la thiir order upon said list
By the court, Jxo HaSDOLrai,
AMlstaa; QlrV,
1 he wui or Eiien liarcn, noticed last week upon its
precaution, was admitted to probate 1
, This case, which has been toe freq neatly reported
la thenecolomni to need a eaaihr repetition, caiae
T$bif 'auul Stjiionery.
" BTAllDUD rotw. , .,.
.Asd ttesnoet extensive variety of rHOTOQKAFll
iLfiUMSU the elty . ,' .
T pleaa the moat fastlilou UV
A In variety of MOROCCO GOODS.
PKAX0'S OIL CUkOMUI-A hufal Christmas
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Don's feri
rerpt-snirntBD'l Is the plies te bay
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Tlont D.U.1, Ml.ud fram. n.t.r.. (t.ca ptetar.
Mlor.d br bul.) b..d I. f.U
Tar.ir m.rocc( lt
ria. UIob. I. fli. Kb, llib Mlf ,B Turk.r tnorMM
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01 HtliM, u..Swlfl. SchllUr, Dl.k...,
llnmcr Cwipcr ..d u..r .then.
f' tbl. m.m. r.clT tp.el.1 .tUatloa, .id la tL.
If r, Mt ..d .HI T.rUd w. k.T. v.r off.nd. n,ar of
U.u at trc.Ur ndocwl rriMfc
Ab ImnioBH uaortmeat ofr.rla aad Moaoa
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Tiat.llaf BateWa, Work.1.,C.td Caul, Ac , I.
U varloaa otrlM ..d bladlan
A aoparb lot f
pat .. 1. aaltaUo cai.1 for
. SH F.BBirWuU anaa
roa aota t Top,, aid old,
Coaalitlaf of
rilTUBE rRAUE, At , A.
A baadaont'collcctloa of
A u.w lot of thoM i.prblr lUamaUJ
wlthlibrantlfal prloti The .lovo larpaia aor
tblag Ib th.tr Ua.
A Uri. lot of
luaJ br tbo most ml.eat aatbori
RODINi" a n.w edition, Uaallfallj tllojitrt.di
prle. ,10 totothor with th. I.Uit
. . n 4SS S.T.th lUHl,
dctl tf oppo.lt. Poit Offlo. Dt panmaat.
Norela, lllttorr. CboapP.btlcattoBi, Bookaof all
orti, at .b.al half prlc, aad can b. rtaral at half
prlc. Book, of .11 aorti boiht la bbt qaaatltr at
Ptrloi.ttTiP..BiTlTaal.aaa.l btw..B B.t.b.
tn.th .ad Elghuoath itnct. braach otanj old ttot.
". .l..Mail UUKTBJt.
'nit ope.ad at
311 Paaairlraata av.u.
.U-v6t batwMB Slath aad Taath
Th. latrat Sortb.ra atrl.i at
. .. Booktitllen, Statloo.ri.aDd EaaTaTtri,
dU.ot 314 Peaa ar , bat SlBtA aad Tooth
A Ufl.nlflBB.il. Ill..(,al.. V.n.11. U. .... .
Illch Ch.racur, .oolalalnf iBfomutloa worth ThoB
"'T SI pr T.ar. b.iBplaCoplBB.saC.Bl.
AddroiB, I'ROb'XH.OR bCOTT,
, , . rr.BldBl MtwYork Ualyarallr,
tei lot So 311 tllaton Plac Wtw York eltV
niurii books
Aiiu Aaimufi,
With tba add tlooal llrnni, Rlmi, Moaocraiui, aod
H.Bjiomolr bound In th. boat Silk Valval,
Varloni Color,
With Chaata tttl.tr MobbIIbk and CarTlaci
A oatiT TAtllTT,
With Blmi. Cornara. aad Oraamtali
coma or riiir itb.pi aid atiri htm ainir,
WAlltliaTOir, D C
ItU 1W
XUt (TSESDAYI Kt..Ib(. .1 S .'.l..k, !
. b "SOBKA," M
la lb. prtaelpal rot.'
C.lattor ,....1 S10NOH SICOLAO.
T. laorrow, (lMt alrkt bat on.,) LA PAV0R1TA
Th.rrtar, DON OIUVAXD. '
AdBlao. ,11 JvM.r..d HwU, (Drr.. Clrcl. aflt
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lltiuallarr, B0a.ta - .. . . J
Ibbht alskl at V.tJmotr'a Huate Slor.
aaj. 11
TB. .try popular Ajoanca. coraMUu aad n.iuori 1.
Oa thta oM.itoa Ik. iamb Comcdr of
Mr. Do. Mr J K OWENS.
SapporUd br ib. .apartor Stuck Conp.Br,
T. coBcl.d. with Mr, Owtaa arfrialtr of
atla of th. Exq.l"!!. Fa
Admliilon00c.au. Children half prlc.
la a Holldar EatBrtalBiwoat
&a sen or entertalameal. incliMiaf Dramatic
ladlats, Solrs ecal b4 lastfDmeuUl Music,
Mqaeradee, Social Amasemeats aad Masked Psrtl-,
will he give at
Opposite Poet Oflee, for th benefit of the
OasaehWIDSESDAT WIGHT iorlofth mot. tba
ef Jaaearr, Fabroarr. as: March, IMS, (U nlihu,
eeameatTUstheSrit Wednesdaf nlfht Id Janoar,
pw Year's nlf hi ) Th maaafflBceommlUe bavo
ebtalaa the aervleee of oar lrt-elsa amateara to
assist la th ntertalameata, and perfected arreaffo
aveau that will Mcarcth best of order Improper or
la th Hail. Seaeo and alsil Tlcktt and pro
Brammes eaa t obtained from thefollowlnr members:
fa. uuiiBua, reaaifivaaw aveane, iwiweeu
Thirteenth and Fowteeath street.
J M riAUSON, nsi(hth street, near Fcna'jt
Vaala aveaae
it x P.llOWLAMD.DcatalAMOclatloa.rFour
aad a-half street
lt W TV A d JU ri.lll. ...t l..i.- (I
J'i-" ''"t " w Tiiiu sumi iTtnrm is
T W. FIOTTAllD. rirsnnsrl vaala avenao
tt 8 W CALOWhLL,lK street
S K. DAitITVFstret,bctireeal.lfhth auJ Muili
fESOLI. Star One BulltHnf
B SIMON, corner Seventh street and IVnosyl
vaala avenue
WM U FKIXCX, BecnUrr M C. V V . corner
Elfalh aad Katreets, aad from th members ffeoera II)
HAVAairo coMMinti
Wm II Frlsee, T. 11 J, Dvt, Ilearr Uover, II.
tonghtoB, Dr 8 W Caldwell.
rtOOB MAJflqiaS
. Frank Porter, Joha T IlatchlBsoa, Daniel Jae.'.
J P. Lawreae
Bsllbv MisTEB-Jeha ReeaUcs,
docM-n (Star
MBNT, No TS Ninth street, between D and r
Everjbodr la want, call aad porchase son tf
J. PKAKCE, Daanfaeturer of Canee and lm
bnllas. No 111S Pennsylvania avenue, tn-tvreen
FonrUenth and Fifteenth streets, above Wlllard a
Can. Umbrellas and Parasols repaired JHHni
(Second Story Masonic Hall )
BTULlk UU DIA.U Uii.Uit.bK,,
Arranfed by an et perl need dramatic artiste Every
dress representing a distinct historical character
No 937 D STREET,
delS If Near Ninth streel
ftElAL. ,
TaVai IMa tnathnil 1a I nfiirm hla Hit timers an J 111
Enblle aeneratly, that h expects to remove to hta hew
tore, oa Pennsrlvanla avenne, on or about the 1st tt
Jaaoary, and np to that time will aell his mods at
cost This Is an opportunity at thla season of the year
that seldom offers lor istllas foods at cost
ds!7-6t No 401 Ninth street, between 1 an'-l E
OF t
PMiiJoal at WAlTh H 1 llAKMAC.
de4 wfAmlm Corner of 7th street and La ave
These articles are of Esaalslte Workmaushlp, aud
highly oraaroenul, and
offered la this market N W liUHCHELL,
Corner Foartoenth an 1 atreets,
dslMw noder the Kbliltt House
Juit rocaUod and for iala br
Si0 r.aBflrlv.ala BTrnB.,
OppoBlt. ll.lrop.tltlan Hot.l
ThoM raqolrluf aneh aee immodition will do w.lt Id
call oa m. All I ask It a trial, and 1 loel BBhund that
1 will BMara roar avore
riner.nl PlilB Solid Surer Want Sllur l'lalrl
VO Pennsylvania avenue,
Jeli lit between Twelfth and Thirteenth sis
IN ainul. tiAtoH. ll anil tt U alrh Ileal FlortP.
with other rholc braodst New Buikwtieal Flour,
CraBborrlcs at New York 1 rifts, Lonnj a Bjrop,
Ooldsn Syrnp, Molasses. anJ eitra sraJ;s of Safari
freak Peacke and Tomatoes In cans, Boston and
other Cracker, with a aeleef aseonment of Porj
Splees. Dried Fruit, and other cbo.ee FAMILY
011001R1ES. always on hand Treasurer will b at
the store at nil bonrs of Ihe day to receive subwrip.
ilosa For stock Shares, lid each oc3i
pao POS A LB,
HsADariBTiaa Tbibd MittVABY DisTaicr, i
Cmir QPAiTtaMAiTaa aOrFici, '
AtLiiT, Oa ,Dc Mh.llW ' S
All persoas, and th widows or other heirs of per
sons who were employed In tho United States Military
Itsllrosd Department In Alabama and OeorjLa, 'a th
rears ltH and ltR9, and were sot paid, should at one
wnowlllctv them all th necessary "aforua
null I
Depot Qoartermaster, AUaals. Oa Lieut L L
rampbell, 33d Infantry, and A A Quartermaster,
Rome, ua i Meal n u eavsie. sw laiantry, aud
A A Quartermaster. Huatsvllle, Ala
Br order of th Uuarutmaaler Oenanl
Bil Brlf 0u u U u 8 A ,
l.r.1 Sir Chl.f VI M SdMtl Dlil,

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