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aaeaBKWWBiiii'iiii-Jij i
Maryland AtTMra.
Tha Baltimore Snn hag the following :
Mr. Smul Feait, an oM and reipected elti
tto, residing at Coekejiiille, Baltimore county,
wai founJUeni jester day morning at aa eerlj
hour on the let on awynn'i Falls, near tbe
Frederlok roed bridge. Justice Lehman, of Bel
tltaore eoa&tr, held an laqneat, ibe Jar- render
log a verdict thai bo "cam to fall dtath b
ruling oyer lb wall between tbe bridge and
Tjion'i mill,' Mr. Feeat u 71 yeart of age,
and for many jean wai extoaslrel engaged la
builnei. in tbii cltj ai a florlat. II waj an
expert In hit btiilt.ee, and by bli atrlflt loteg
thy mad many frlenda, who will elneerele
mourn bli death.
Tht annuel conference of tb Mttbodlit Epli
copal Cborcb South commence! Ita tesilon on
W edneiday, 4tb of March, at the ebareh on tht
corner of'Mtdiion avenue end Preaton street.
There will be two or three biihope and about
two hundred preacher preient ThellaUImort
annual conference commeneea lta atailon on lha
fame day In the Entaw atrtet church, and tho
l.ut Baltimore conference bcglni "on tb 11th
of March, at tht Exeter itreet chorea. Tbt
Mttholltt rroteitant conference at to aiitmblea
on tho 4lh proximo In tbt chttreb, on tbt corner
of Green and Lombard atraeta. Tht prooe edloga
oftbeie bodiee will donbtteea proTt of ma eh in
tereilto tb retpectlre wlogi of tht rIiloaa
denomination thty rtpraitnt.
Tbe Baltlmort Commercial aiyi:
Tho tad Intelligence that Mr. Edwin M. Parr,
of the firm of 1. 1'reaton Parr A Son, the wall
known crockery ware merchant!, had been killed
on the Baltlmort and Philadelphia railroad,
teu Gray's Ferry, yesterday, reached tbii ally
lait night. Tbt deoeaaed waa In the aet of
stepping iron, me piauorm or me smeaiog oar
upon that of the firit raiieni er ear, wbtn be
micaed hla footing and felt aorca tbt rail, elx
cara parting OTr bli body, killing &im instantly,
nr.d mangling btm moat horribly. The body
reachei here Id the lait train Ult night.
The Cumberland TtltgropK annuanoea that
Iter A. J. Wtddell delivered hla farewell aer-
iood, Sander Usr, at the English Lutheran
cbarcb. to a home filled to almoat lta utmoat
capacity Mr. Ilolloway will take charge In a
anon time.
QJ Ins Chicago Pm( taya; M. Nelatoa, Oari
baldl's famoua aargeon, baa takeu a man'a Jaw.
off and pot It on again. We inggest another
patient for M. INelaton to try hla ex perl
went upon. Ilia name ii Train. Only, if he
onco a occeedi In getting that Jaw off, we pray
Heaven be may nerer auceced in getting ft on
"New Advertisement.
A Beaatlfnl Illn.tr ted Book, worth a Thousand
Duiiar,eniiree to any udl reason receipt er .SJ cents,
uy a ldreing l'rofftur JOIIIS A.NDiKl'OUL, .No
Hl.1 Will,Fn III... ... Vorkril.
WED 8 Cot'oa Cloth, Dross Patterns, Past Fatten,
5wiug luachloeaf Watches, Dry and fancy Oood.
Ac 4c booJ Tea cents for fate at Pen roue tela,
u Hit slip describing an article In our dollar sal.
Any H.roD, (male or female.) can send in a club ot
from utol,u', at lain rate fti eeuta for each,) and
net a jiretultim luro doing, bend ta Kef Utered Lel
Un, b in pies nulled (re to any address
ro nanover street, uoston, Mass.
'Illb CtLtBKATtD
i- "ESTET" OROAlf,
rritnaunrrd liT all who Lava tioaril ti nml ml
mat end beantlfut Imitation of the bomtn voice over
l ot iDiruucvu j Aaibi xl.u., oraiueiHirw t(.(
tlieortitiial lnvrntornd Manofctnrer 417 Broome
iret( -Svw utki iTfl Hirer irt, Troj, Atw Vory,
10 utlt bercotb ktreet, l'bUadelphUi US Kaa-
I . . . , a ''i"
liUKue.iruwrr, n, J ,
U A.N rAOLd tniunnrctlim with a pleasant home
L s Curtlandt tret, !few Turk
Uabufacttirrr, Aiau aid Dlra 1
AuJ will rreeeat tj anrpcrawn urn J log neacWMa
oar Oreat
WaUli, Piece vt Shfetlof.SUk Dtom Pattern, Ae.,e.
CatA'-'ja r Good and Sample wot O anr addreie
15 Fcd ral ttrect, Boaton, MaaiarheKettt
WhoIeNBlt) Jetlfrit ' French, Genoan, and EaalUb '
Dry and Fancy Ooodi.Cuilerj-, Plated Ware, Albnini,
f .Mat hr ( J -.Ac
l ml. r '.tli and llth Janaarr oth, 13ih, and 3Atfa,
jud February l.th and illh
With New fetiaroihipaof lb FlntClaM,
torfuriti r information addrea the onderiicaed al
17 W Ht .(rf-t, ew Vork
lit riittpt Book Eer PnbllheJ. eontalatai
ii iiny riirf- Hundred Page and One Hundred and
J inny r iue Pluta and Lu.raf lna of lb Anatomr
nt the lliuuuu Draana In a tat of Health and !
, Willi a trealme on Early trrore. Ita Deplorable
bi iuiucea upnu Hie Mind aod body, with the
Author Plau of Treatment he only rational and
i ful tnudoof cum, fbown hr the rrpori of
! ireuUd A truthful adflser to tne marred and
i oecuutfUiplatliibTiiiarrUge, who entertaladuiiLla
of ihlr pliylcl condition bent free of peatag to
a y uddrmiton receipt of 25 cent In alanine urpoatal
i-ur ur, hy addre.klug Dr I.A CKulX, Mo. 31
M ideu Lull", Alhany, N Y Ihe author uay be
u ullid m uuuy ol thediaeaae upon which hla
K in-ai, kIiit pnrnniiliyorby mall. Medleiaea
any part oftlio world
i LLAli
your ovu hk.tlont free of col, for a few daya'
r lu auy town or village Particnlara and a gift
aul fr, Ky -ddrlng, vriih aiatup, N II CLOLD-
MN it mi , 40 H iuvt Mrft, botun.Maa
1 JiMirnalor Public hpeaklog. Pure Literature,
ill Prurilrul ilehgloii, robtainlug Ihe Wt thing,
l ty Hie Ll rgy and 1'ubllc Men the world over.
i i uU.wltli your addree,to
JftKlEirouT.Dcc 1MS67
.1 K I IPIMVUITT -fo ,
i a, fully irlid yonr Patent Aie and And
tin i -a tliat you claim for It ll will chopfauer
l u uuy nbr Axe that 1 ever aaw, and leavea the
v, uluith ut hi ..king at all 1 wwtild not chop three
li) wttli in nit rr ihPcot I ueftd not r id;
iimii , Jvf uu) lit kU that true one will b hatlaled
Tho Axk and Ihe Lal.fl are Loth patented, In
f ni)i r uu Hi m puti m will ,t pronrcuivd according
t.iliw riidcraor dialera.and Ihh.od ualng any
ju r ngi incut, aro liahlo wnh tin. maker of the la
Jr ig 'luiul
Y roal by all Deatera and Ihe Manufacturer,
Liri'iHcorr & bakewell,
(SrccusoaaToLirrigcoTT 4 Co .)
PUIaburg, pa
1 and Oermau Dry and janey Oooda.Plaied Ware.
4 utfery, Album, Leather Ooode. Ac , Ac Stot 11
i f nla for one, or 10 cent each for tenor more nam.
nf article, whlih we will
Ageala ean pnrcb'aaa an article worth from W te
tajuulurOnv Dollar.aceordlng to alio of elnb ordered.
ZJrvnUn "ai free, KIMBALL & CO . No. 3 Tre-
jaJttliTr, lloattfa.ilaw P O.Btfi ,31.
Poet Orrtca Jr l"Tit, 1
WiBiuTOB, October SI, 1867 J
Pro poaala will be received at the Contract Oftca
oftnta Department until I p. m. of WEDNE
DAY, March 4, 1801, for conreylnf the malla
of the United Slatra from July 1.1WS, to June
30, 18T3, In the State of Delaware, on the routea
J:?.ft HSmSIS""" ' ,",",,u", ""1 """"
hs;v?uab,uh .,.. I
ritlildrra trill evamlae carefully the, lawa.fame.
and Initructione anneaed, eapeclally tht Utter
part nf Initructlon 19 )
isol From Wilmlnton, by New Cattle, Kirk,
wood, Saint George1 a, Summit Bridge, Mid.
dletown, Townaend, Smyrna, Drenford,
Moorton, Dover, Wyoming;, Camden, Fre
donia, Canterbury, Felton Station. Hfcr
rlofton, Farmlngton, Oreenwood, iirldre
rllle, Seaford, Laurel, Del mar, Haliabory,
Forktown, rrlnceaa Anne, Weatover,
Klngaton and Ilurnettvllle. to Jaekaon
vllle, 1U 40.100 mllea and back, twice dally,
eacept Sunday, to Do er, and dally except
Sunday the realdue, by railroad, and by a
echeduie aatlafactorr to the Dennrtmenf.
2903 From Harrington, by Houaton Station, Mil
iuru rdu tiiDrum,iu ufur(igwn,itw muca
and back, dally, except Sunday, by railroad,
(or more frequently, If tare run,) and by a
achedute aatlafactorr to the Denartment.
2S05 From Wllmlngton,by Ijovevllle.llockeaaen
ana iewuaruen,io Aronuaie,it muee anu
back, twice a week
Leave Wilmington Tueaday and Saturday at
lpm. '
Arrive at Avondale by ft p m.
Leave Avondale Tueaday and Saturday at I
a m.
Arrive at Wilmington by 12 m.
Mo From Wilmington to Centre wile, 7 mllea and
back, three time a a week.
Leate Wilmington Tueaday, Thuradayand
Saturday at 1 p m.
Arrlte at UentreTlllfl favSntn.
Leate Ccntrevtlle Tueaday, Tburaday and
umuiuii v v I ui.
Arrive at Wilmington by 11 a ro,
Propoaala for more frequent aerrlce Invited.
280T From New Cattle, by llare'a Corner and
Chippewa, tolled Lion, 7 mllea and back,
threetlmcia week.
Leateffew Caatle Tueaday, Thuraday and
Saturday at 11 am.
Arrive at Itrd Lion by 1 n m.
Leave lied Lion Tueaday, Thuraday and
Saturday at 0 a m.
Arrlteat New Caitle by 8 a m.
2S0S From Stanton to Chrfatlana,4 mllea and
back, three tlmea a week.
Leave Stanton Tueaday, Tburaday and Sat
urday at 12.30 p m.
Arrive at Chrlitiana by 2 p m.
Leate Chrlatlana Tueaday. Thuraday and
Saturday at I a m.
Arrive at Stanton by JO a m.
1'roDOtala for more treouent aervlea Invited.
2809 From Newark,y Oooc'h'a llrldge, to Ulaa.
Kdw, 'i ranen nnu oaca, once a weea.
Leave Newark Saturday at 12 19 p m.
Arrive at Ulaagow by 1 16 p m.
Leae01aarow Saturday at 11 a m.
Arrive at Newark bv 12 m.
l'ropoaala for more frequent aervlce invited.
2410 Irom Kirk wood, by Saint Ueorge'a and
Delaware City, fo Port Peon, 10 mllea and
back, alx tlmea a week.
Leave KIrkwood dally except Sunday, on
arrival of Wilmington mall aay at 12 m.
Arrive at Port Fenn by 2.30 p m.
Leate Port l'enn dally except Sundny at 0
a m.
Arrlre at KIrkwood by I JO a m.
2811 Irom Mlddletown. by Odeeaa, to McDon-
ough, 0 mllea and back, twelve tlmea a
week to Udeiaa, nnd three tlmea a week
the realdue.
Leave Mlddletown dally except Sunday at
12 m and 7 p m.
Arrive at Odeeaa by 12 JO p m and 7S0 p ra.
Leave CMeaaa dally except Sunday at 7 a m
and 2 pm.
Arrive at Mlddletown br 7-30 am and 2.30
pro. e
LeatetMcaaa Tueaday, Thuraday and Sat
urday at 12 45 pm.
Arrive at McDonough by 1 IS n m.
Leave McDonough rucaday Thuraday and
Saturday at 1 lap m.
Arrive at Odeaaa by 2 p m.
2812 From Mlddletown, by Warwick, to Oc 11-
ton, 9ji mllea and back, alx tlmea a week.
Leaie Mlddletown dally except Sunday at
12.30 pm.
Arrive at Cecllton by 1 30 p m.
Leave Cecllton dally except Sunday at 7.30
a m.
Arrive at Mlddletown bye JO a m.
2813 FromTownaend,b) r leldabo rough and Black
lllrd, to Deak)nevllle, 10 mllea and back,
alx tlmea a week.
Lcate Townaend dally, except Sunday, on
arrival of care iaj 11 a m.
ArrUeat Deakynetllle by 2 JO p m.
Leate Deakinevllle dally, except Sunday,
Arrive at Townaend la time to connect with
cara aa by 8 a m.
2811 From Mouut 1'lcaant Station to Summit
llrldge, 2 mllea and bat.k, -)lx tlmea a
Schedule to be arranged to the aatlafaetloo
of thepoatmaatera, and to make cloae con
nection with railroad.
2sU From CUjton, by Milllngton, Cheatervllle,
Crump ton, Spry 'a Landing, and .Melbourne,
to Cheatertown,24 mllea and back, alx tlmea
a week
Leave Clajton dll), except Sunday, on,
arrival of cara from Wilmington aay at
12 m.
Arrive at Cheatertown by 7 p m.
Leave Cheatertown dally, except Sunday, at
11 am.
Arrive at Clayton by 0 p m.
2b 16 r rom Clayton, by Kenton and Fearaou'a Cor-
tier a, to Templet ille, 21 mllea and back
three tlmea a week.
Leave Clay tonlueada),Tliurada amlSatur-
day on arrival of cara from Hintngton
aay at 12 m.
Arrive at Kenton b 4 p m.
Leatc Templeton Tueadaj, Thuraday and
Saturday at 6 a m.
ArrUe at CU)ton in time to connect with
the un tralu on Delaware It. H. aay at 9 am
2417 I rom Camden, by willow Urote, to llazlett
vllle, 9 mllea and back, three tlmea a week.
Leave Camden Tueada), rimredey and a.
turdai at 1 p m.
Arrlte atllazlettillle by 4 p m
Leate HailetUille Tueada), Thuraday and
Saturday at V a m. '
Arrlte atCamden b) 12 m.
I'ronoaala for more Iron uent aer Ice Invited.
281S From lelteu Station to trederlta, 0 mllea
and lack, aix time, a ween.
Lent e i vltou Station dalh , except Sunday,
Arrh e at i rederlea by 3 pm.
Leate i rederlea dull), exiept Sunday, at U
a m.
Arrlie at Felton Station bv 12JO n m
2819 rrom relton Statlou, by hltleiaburg, to
urrrmuoru'i i iniira auu vca, ma ttniia a
Leave Felton Station dall), excet Suuday,
at lpm.
ArrUo at Qrrenaboro' bj 4 p m.
Leate Circenaboro dailj, cxcejit Sunday,
at 0 a m
Arrlie at Felton HtatLiu bt 12 m.
2820 J rom Harrington, by Vtrnon end Hurra
viiiv, m ucuiuii, 10 nulla aua uakK,g)x
iimcia wcra.
Leave Harrington dtll), except Sunday,
after arrlt al of cara from Wilmington Bay
at 1 p m.
An I) e at Denton by 6 p m.
Ideate Deuton dally, except Sunday, at a
a m.
Arrive at Harrington by 13 in.
2821 1 rom FflrmliiRton, by Maraii Hope llrldge
and smith vtlle, to lederalaburg, 20 mtlta
and back, twice a week.
Leave arming ton Tueadav and Saturday,
after arrlv al of mall from Wilmington aai
at 2 p m.
Arrle at tedrralaburg by (J p m.
Leae ledrralaburg lutada) and Saturday
at tSUt m
, Arrive at larmlngton t IM p in
2i22 rrom MJlford, by Milton and Houaton, to
Lewca, 28 mllea and back, elx tlmea a week
Leave Allllord dally except Sunday, after
the arrival of the mat! from Wilmington
aav at 3 JO D ra.
Arrlveat LcweatjyBoOpm.
Leave Lewca daily except Sunday at 0 a m.
Arrive at Mllford lu time to connect with
the mall for Wilmington y by lu 30 a m
Arrive at Lcwea by 8 30 p m,
2823 rrom Wjomlnx, by Camden and Lebanon
to .Maguollu,7'uillei and back, three tlmea
a week
Leave Magnolia Moiid'iy, WctlnraJiiv atd
Friday at 10 JO am
Arrive at W)omlngb 1 p in.
Leavo Wvoming Moinlnv, Wednesday and
Arrive at Lelnaic bv 2 n m
Leave Lelpalo Tueada), Thuraday aud ha
turdayat 11 a m.
Arrlveat Moorton by 12 m
Popoaala for more freueut acrv Ice Invited.
2B2a 1 rom Mtlford, by Llniuln, Ut Georgetown,
IG mllea aud baik, three tlmTa a week.
Leave Mllford 1 ueadt) , t'hurada) and Satur
day atlJOp ni
Arrive At Georgetown by 1&0 n m.
Leave flcorgetown Tueaday, Thursday ad
Saturday at 8 a m
Arrh e at Mllford by 12 m.
2820 From Georgetown, by MHIsboro', Dagaboro',
) rank lord, Selbv vifle, Saint Martln'a, ller
lln and Newark, to Saow JUH, is, jnilea
and back, threa tluea a. week.
Leave Georgetown Tueaday, Thuraday and
Saturday at A a m
Arrive at Snow Hill by p in.
Leave Snow Hill Monday, Wedneaday and
trinity aie a m.
Arrive at Georgetown by 6 p m.
2827 rom MUlaboro'. by Holly villo and Angola,
to Lewea, JOjnlleaand bank, onae a week.
Leave MUlaboro'. Saturday at a a m.
Arrive at Lewea bv 12 m.
Leave Lewea Saturday at 1 p m,
Arriv ml aiiiianoro'
.I MiM.hnm bvT n ui
IiVi.!,n,!.. hS iXitwil.. .ud 11.11'.
MoluijDfll'.Slorr.OTmlki.nd b.tk,
sa rrom j
pwre, w iunoejl'a Store, wmuea ana naca,
L.ave llwiboro MiiiiJ.y and Frlda;
Arrive at Juoniir. btor. lt)ym.
.ic .. Hti, . ,. , , .-
Arrive iiiaujiuiin ov au u iii, i t ..--', ..-..-- ,7 " 1.7 i" "; '--
DacK, tnrce iimea a wtta . the only legal bids, sre cgnstrued as providing for tbe
Leave Moorton i ueadai , Thursdny and ba- u.ire ,... HOwever lafae. and trbatevrr msv be the
lifruav nt 12 30 11 Ul I I ail f.f riiniitmir not miAir In Ininr llJ 'ri.frllv.
LeaTeTunnetPa Store Monday and FrlCy '
Arrhe at Dagaboro' br T Jim,
229 From 8eafortl.br Middle ford, to Concord, T
mi it uu uitTB) inrrc iiiucb nrcii
Xav Seaford Monday, Wedneaday and
Friday on arrlral of care aay 3 pm.
Arrive at Concord by t p m.
Leave Concord Monday, Wedneaday and
Friday at 10 JO am.
Arrive at Seaford b- 11 JO n m.
mllea and back, t hrf e tlmea a week.
l'ropoaala alio Invited for mare frequent acr-
MM From L.ur.1, bT Low.'i Cro.. ItoU., Oum.
o-riiiu oa4 mii-a iihi vki( twice twtfi.
Leave Laurel Monday and Friday at 2.30
Arrive at Berlin by 10 p m.
Leave llerlln Tueaday and Saturday at 7 a m.
Arrive at Laurel by 2J0 p m.
roxK or riOFOBAL, ocAiAiTag axp cianricAT.
, The anderilgned, . wboaa poit eSce ad
dreas Ib , eoanty of , State of , pro
Joaea to convey the matler-Mbe United 8tata(from
aly 1,158, to Jane 30, 18T2, oa route Mo. .be
tween and -, nnder the ad venUeBaent of the
Poalmaater General, dated October 31, 17, with '
lerlty, certainty, and aecartty," for the annual aum
of dollara.
This propoat la made with full knowledge of the
dlitanceof the route, the weight of tho mall to be
carried, and all other particular! la referenco to the
route and aervlce. ai.d alto after careful examination
or the lawn and Initructlon attached to tho adver
1 1 "menu
Dated (Signed.)
The nnderalgned, realdlng, at -, State of ,
undertake that. If the oregulagbld for carrying the
mall on route Ne, b accepted by the Puetmaitcr
Ofaeral, the bidder shall, prior to the lat day of July,
1868, enter Into the required obtlgatlua or contract to
perform the service proposed, with good and sail
dent sureties.
This we do. understanding, distinctly the obliga
tions and liabilities asanmea by guarantor under
the 2th sectlou of the aet of Congreas of July 2, XSK.
Dated (Blgaed by two guarantors.)
Cert I? core
The Bnderslgaed,postmaterat ,6taleof ,
certifies, raosa bisoatb or orrict, thai ke ta ac
quainted with the above guarantors, and know them
to bo men of properly, and able to make good their
lairarcTtova to pin die aid rosraiiTiaa,
Containing alt conditions to te Incorporated (
tht contract to tht txttnt tht Department may
deem proper,
1 Seven minutes are allowed to each Intermediate
office, when not otherwise specified, for assorting the
malla but on railroad and eteamboat routea there Is
to be ao more delay than Is santcieat for an exchange
of the mall pouches.
2- On railroad and steamboat lines, and other routes
where the mode of conveyance admits of It, thespe
clal agents of the Pot OBee Department, also post
offlca nlanks, mail bags, locks and keys, are to be
conveyed without charge.
3. Oa railroad and steamboat llnea the route agents
of ihe Depart men I. also tht Brltlih aad Canada malts,
when offered, and the agents accompanying then,
are to be conveyed without charge t and for the nseof
adapted to the convealeat separation aad due security
of the malls, Is to bs provldsd by the contractor, un
dsr tho direction of the Department.
ttaliroadaad steamboat companies are required te
take tho mall from and deliver it Into the post office
at the beginning and end of their routes, aad to and
irum an omces not more man eignty roas irom a sta
Honor landing. Proposals may te submitted by the
an eighty rods from a sta
far thi
vice ibatls, for
Aces over eighty rods from a station
vr ibuujii
There will be 'war bills' prepared by postmas
ters, or other agents of the Department, to accompany
the mails conveyed on railroads and steamers, specf
fy lag the number and destination of Ihe several bags
On other principal routes, likewise receipts will be
required and waybllla forwarded i the latter to be
examined by the several postmasters, to Insure regu
larity la the delivery of mails
4. No pay will be made for trips not performed i and
for each of such omissions, not satisfactorily ex
plained, three times the pay of the trip will be de
ducted For arrivals so tar behind time as to break
connection with depending malls, and not sufficiently
excused, one fourth of lb compensation for the trip
Is subject to forfeiture For repeated delinquencies
of the kind herein sped fled, enlarged penalties, pro
portioned to the nature thereof, and the Importance of
the mall, may be made
. For leaving behind or throwing off th malls, or
any portion of them, for the admission of passengers,
or tor being concerned In setting up or running an ex
press conveying intelligence in advance of Ihe mall, a
quarter's pay may be deducted
0 lines will ke Imposed, unless the delinquency
bo promptly and satisfactorily explained by certlB
calcaof postmasters, or tho affidavits of other credi
ble persons, for falling to arrive In contract timet for
neglecting to take Ihe mail from, or deliver It Into, a
post oldest for suffering it to be wet. Injured, de
stroyed, robbed or losti and for refusing, after de
mand, to convey the mall as frequently as the con
tractor runs, or la concerned In running, a coach, car
or steamboat on a route.
7 The PostmasterUeneral may annul the contract
forrrpcated Ulliires Jo run agreeably to contraaf j for
violating the post offlca laws, or disobeying the In
structloua of the Department) for refusing to die
charge a carrier when required by U Department to
do sot for running un express as aforesaid tor for
transporting persons or packages conveying mailable
mat lor out ol the mall
8 The Poatmaster Ueneral may order an increase
of servlreonaronloby allowing therefor a prorata
iucrease on tU contract pay. lie may change sched
ules of departures and arrivals tu all cases, aad par
ttculsrly to make them conform to connections
with railroads, without increase of pay, provldsd
tli running time be not abridged. Ha way also or
der an Increase of speed, allowing, within lha re
strictions of law a pro rufd Increase of pay for the
additional stock or carriers. If any. The contractor
may, however, fa tht cat cf incnate of ipd, re
linquish the contract, by giving prompt notice to the
in wiuci w uhi hh im iv m kiki utitv ,l rr-
vice, or whenever the public Interests, la his judg
meat, shall require such discontinuance or curtail
ment for any other canset be allowing as full lndenv
clty to contractor one month' extra pay on lha
amount of service dispensed with, and a pro rata
nompensatlonfor theameuatof service retained aad
9. Payments will be made by collection from or
draftron poatmaiters or olherwlae,after the expira
tion of each qusrter-say lu Aovcmber, February,
Hay and August
ID 11m distance are given according to lha best In
formation but no Increase Jpay will bo alio wed should
they be areatcr than advetttsed, if Ihe points lobe
supplied are Correctly stated. BidJertmutt inform
ttuuttetct on thit puiut, and also In referenco to the
weight of the mail, the condition of roads, hllli
stream, Ac , and all toll bridges, ferries, or obstrui
lEdditional pay. based on sneb grounds,
rid i nor for alleged mistakes or inisap.
ss to the degree of service) nor for bridles
Ha claim
can be conal
nrrhnalon as to thedecreeof servicei no
Urstreyed, ferries discontinued, or other obstruction
increasing distance, occurring during contract term.
Offices established after this advertisement Is issued,
and also during Ihe contract term, are to be v tilled
vi Ithout extra pay, If the distance be not Increased.
ll ui-fjrrs are cauuoaoa to man ineir proposals in
time to rea. h llif Jrrsr"ufnt by the day and hour
namtd. (3 p m , March 4, 1W4, ) for blda received after
that time will not bCoAttderel In coupe (Ion with
a bid of reasonable amount received in Hue jeiiher
.b are Without the rusraa.
a QortHlcale of theifllciency
accofiiiun to ma uicitinuiiiii, uu
sire, ettxirattty for different sei vii
lur bid be the lowest offered for
lr. Ilia uthar nrunoaltloua way be
according to the advertisement, and then, if Ihey dY
or sue auvcnisea !
JJ There should be but ode route bid for In apror
pa coosiuerea
pfsal, ton.ullJstcd oroojp
una nm for two or mora r
PpiHBiion Dins i proposing
routes") are forbidden by
law a flil rianul li roualderail
11 ihe route, ihe service, the yearly pay, the cane
and realdenco of tho bidder, (that is, bis usualpoat
office address,) aad the nawo of each member of a
nrm, wheie a company offers, should be distinctly
st sled
15 bidders are requested to use, as far as pradlca
ble, the prluted propoasle furulahed by lha Depart
roeut, to write out In foil the sum of their bids, and to
retain copies of them
Altered bids should not be submitted t nor should
bids onco subtLlltcd be withdrawn Ho withdrawal
of a bidder or guarantor will be allowed unless Ihe
u Ithdrairal Is dat.4 and received before the lat day
for receiving proposals
bach bid most be guaranteed by two ref ponlble per.
aona The bid and guarantee should be tiyntti plainly
with Ihe full name of each persoa
The Department reserves the right to reject any bid
which May be deemed extravagant, and alo to dis
ngard tn Lid of falling contractors aud bidders
Pi The bids should bo sealed, superscribe! "Mall
Proposals, hlsta ut p-lavr," addretsed tibcittlt
A.iMaUt PoaiwaMter Ocueral, Contract Offlie," and
sent by mail, not by or to an agent, aud poatmaatera
will not eucloMt proposals (or Utters of any kind) lu
tin kr quarterly rtiurn
IT He comrade are to be executed aud returned to
the Dvimrtuent by or before Ihe Ut day of July, lbC8t
but lb service mutt be begun on that day, or on Ihe
wait day iioxl alter it. whether the contracts be exe
Futidu not
lrar.ifers of contracts, or of lulereat In contracts,
are forbidden by law, and conieauently cannot bi
allowed Bidders will therefore ta.onoslcethat they
Sill becapecieu. to penonu iub service accepted to
em through the whole term of the contract
moretbaw eighty rods from a station, will, immst
diately alter tVil)i l)f March next, rrpori ibslrexad
iiiotaucefrum the ueare-t station, aud bote ihey are
otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the Post.
J3 roaimaxcrs atomces on or near rauroaos, tin
Oinirwiac aui'pneu huh iue iuiu. to ruauis iho iiiiii
waster Oeaeral to direct a uaumeaseuger supply
irom iue i. wi oui j uthi
19 beiUon eighteen of an act of Congress approved
March o, li provides that contracts for the trans
portaltou of the mail shall be let, ln every case, to
tbe low eat blddsr tendering sufficient guarautees for
f.lthful performance, without other referenco lo the
wode of such transportation than may be necessary to
provide for the due celerity, certainty, and security
(.ertaluiy, aud security," and have lha prifereuL
over an uiuers, auu no uiuers are cousiuerea.
U A modification of a bid In any of Its essential
terms Is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot bv re.
reived. so as to Inter ft-re with regularcompetltlon,
after tho last boar act for recoiling h'4s Maying a
new 1 Id, with guarantee and certincate, I lino only
way to modify a previous bid
Ml Postmaster are to be cartful not to certlfydhe
sufficiency oC the guarantors or sureties without know
log that tney are peraone of suttcleut responsibility)
aatsregsrduf thksiukiructlon by postmasters is a vio
lation of their oath of office, subjecting them to Imme
diate removal All bidders, guarantors and sureties
are ifltllcctly notified that on a failure lo enter into
or perform ll- cui'trucls Tor Ihe service proposed for
lu the accepted bid., tbtdr legal liabilities will been
forced agaiuat them
S3 're sent coo tractors, and person knowa at lha
Department, tnual, equally with other, procure
auarautora and rertlfliau of Lhair snttlclencr sub.
1 stanlially lu tbe forms above pre (I bed The certl
by ajudge of court uf fceerd,w Sj ; other admitted;
Biiimn Bin.iii
BttWMnmsiBini W7
r.rllcnUr .lUotlnn p.ld 19 li..rJl.r nor...
Uri...lrj..d combrlAl. .Ubl... Th. pr.prl.l.r
trlI1 Own.t.of poor h.r.. oa ha. . Ib.m l.lKg.d
r.rllcnUr .lUotlnn
trXet Ownersof poor her.ee caa
ana wsu raroa ior
AitiwAUdn can oenia at ail nour i
i Wfrddlar. aad yua.raU.
SIT B 1TIO ri al unr.
R. D. C4xla,(ol).r0.k. tC.irmlJ.,
W. &. ncTI.T. CaaiUr.
rmAxcuL aoixt or thi ukitxd ititis.
liin rraitr. .rroam rea TaiaataT viPAaretar.
OoT.ram.al aMarillM wtla Tmnnr ralud IUU
VT. bar aal Mil all .Umm .t OOTIIKIIIKT
8ECDRI T1U al aarrtat nark.l raUa,
TCnKIin XXCakfOl aad Ba. Callacllaaoa
W. partaaM QoTerarasat Vaa.aar.oa la. HOBT
F AVOBABLITIIIilS.aad I In Olliraa Araort
aad lo aar alkar bailoM. aatrart lo aa.
LOl.18 at all Ubm canrfallr f.ral.krf.
W. S. nUHTI5(lTOK, Cukltr.
WAiamoToa. March 10. laaa hndlf
For the safe keeping ander guarantee of
And all deacriptieaa e( valaablea, aad for the
ubim or
orricE co Hit IE or nmiitTn stbeet ahd
S P. Browa. II. D. Cooke, G sorgo W, Rigg. Wil
liam 8 Huntington, Oeorg H, Plaat, Oeorge U. Ev
ans, B. P. Buyder, Beta aaWr VrileamJ., , ,
H. P. BROWN, Presldeat.
QEORQE O. EVANS, Vie Pre-ld.nt
VfU. 8. HUHTlitUTOK, Treasurer.
B P. 6NTDIR. Beer-tarr.
OrrtciUoraa rroailerclook, a. a., to I o'clock,
p, m. aal-tf
TAT C0 0 K E At CO,,
bay aad setl at carroat market rate aad keep aoa
etaatly en band a fall eipply ef
Order for Stock, Beads, Ac , executed, aad Collee
tloae made en all accessible points,
B&ilroid Eoutes.
FOR NEW TORK. wlthoutcbaageofeart.
Leave daily (eieept bunday) al 7.45 a. m , 1L90 aad
7 p. m.
for pniLADELPniA,
Leave dally (except Hunday) at 7.4o a. m.,1111 and
4.30 and 7 p. m.
Leave for Now Terk aad Philadelphia at 7 00 p. ta.
HleepIngcarsQrNewTorkoa7.O0 p. ra. train ealy.
Through tickets to Philadelphia, New Tork or Bos
toa, caa be had at the Stalloe oalce al all boar la the
See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement for
schedule between Washington, Baltimore, Aaaapolle,
and the West, ' J L. WILSON,
Master of Transportation.
OenerarTlcket AgsnL
OtO. 8 KOOltfl.
Agent w asniagtoa.
Commencing MONDAT, April loth, 1M6.
Tralaa for Baltimore aad Waablagtoa leave Phila
delphia as fol low :
i 12 a in , Ei press (Mondays excepted till ii a. ra ,
Express; 3.UQ p. tn., Expresai and? 11 00 p. m , kx
W. y Mall Train for Baltimore at 1 IS a. m.
Leave Baltimore? Bam, Way Mailt 9W a. m ,
Espresa 1 10 p m , la press i .3 p. m., Exprss
8. Up. m , bxpress
Leave Philadelphia for Baltimore aad Washlagtoa
fgrPHIladelpblaatlMp i
Leave Baltlmorofi
1867 pexxstEJa'STa bodte 1867
Onaq4 aftar MAY Mtb, lSo7, trains will raaaafol-
Wls'blugto. . glg-lbl'lr" ,fB'-
M '. 8.Wp.BB. ", , 10 30
With ELKO ANT SCENERY. PalaeoStaU-room.day
and night Lars,
tigntcars, wunmoai
fianf ttl I1Bdilr DnlH
Idera Improvements, and saving
re la time over any biker route,
d to WeaUra and Ceatrai New
from four
Two hundred miles saved
Through from Baltimore to ROCHESTER aad PITTS
BCHOH without change.
Pasaeogert by this route from Baltimore have the
Passengsrs procuring ticket at thla efflee, eaa secure
accommodation la Bleeping Cars forllmlra er Pitta
burgh. W J AKIfOLD, Ticket Agent.
Corner biklhst. add Penn aenue.
Washington, D.C.
ED 8 TOCNO, Oeneral Passenger Ageat,
de.tlr Baltimore, Md.
WisHi-nToa. Jan 6.1M7 coon
Trains between WAtiHIHOTON and BALTIMORE,
and WAalllMUTON AND THE WlUT, are now run
a follows, vlii
Leave dally, except Sunday, at 7 00, T.tf, aad 11,30
p m , aud .UI, 4 30, ajidAlap m
Leavedallr, exeepl Bunday, at 7 00a.m and 100
andSp in
Leave aM 13 and 1 a m , and at 1 and M p m.
dally, except ttunday
Leave st T 00 and 130 p. m. Ne train loer from An
napolis oatiouday
Leave at 7 Ua m and 4 SOand 8 4dp as
Leavaat7 4Sa m and 4. 30 and I Up n
for all Parts or the west-
Leave dally, except Saturday aad Buaday, at 7.43
. ra audi tO Bud A Up m.
OnBaturdsy at7 43 a m,andl30p as
Oa suuday, at 4 30 and 4 43 p m only, eunaeetlagal
Kday ntallua with trains from Baltimore to Wheeling,
Parkersbun, Ae
Through ticket to the West caa be bad at tbe Wash
Isttou station flckst utlce at ail hours In the day.
For New York, Philadelphia, aad Boston, aee ad-lertlwmefttof'-fhrouibLW'
. WIIi,0-
Oeneral Ticket agaat.
fleaeral Ageat, WahUgtoa
OrricBJlcyiia Comhissabt EeasisrawrB.)
. , ... Laxiaeioa, KT.,Fsb 17,1868. J
Sealed Proposals will hi reeelved at this oBlee aa
tllllo'cleck mr0BTUIsDAr,Marcn 10. lfcJ, aab
jset lo the approval of the Major Oeasraleommaadtag
the, Psparimrnt, for the supply aad dsllvery of Fresh
aoauorsee uMr lb post or l laeien, aaatnagy,
forslg uemhafom tbe 11 ef April. 1KS8. '
tlras ta lima !. ran trad
Condition aad rsq nlremaala will be furnished a pop
application at tbisefiee. .... .. . .
Proposals must be made In daptlcats, aad iaeleaad
in a sealed envelope, endorsed "Proposal fr Frssa
(ercorasd) Bspf "
ByorderofBrigadlorOeaeral M P. Small, Chief
C. S , Dfpsrtasatof tae Cumberland
fcJC-lt Llaut. aad A. C. S.
Pot Orrica DaPAaraf r, I
WAaauiaTOM.Jaauary 1,1968. '(
rropesal for MBTeylat the raallaof the Ualted State
from July 1,1868, to lae 80, 1170. on the lollowlag
rente la the Bute ef Mbwoart, will be reeelved al the
Contract Offlce of this Depsnaseal nattl p as. of
March 91 next, te be decided by April following
aerxiMtm tht following rcf ma sert. A pril M,
1868. or M toon tkir after tu ttrkctifahU;
10007 From saint ieau
steamboat season oa the Mississippi river. Bid
te raa br a achedale, learlag BL Louis ant
Keokuk dally, except Sunday, at 4p m. ao
""I "--i'tr--"-", MBoarunrieas,
Leave Salat Leala dally, except Staler, at I
Arrive al Keok ak la B bra ra ear br 4 a ta.
Leave Keoknk dally, except Sunday, at I a ra.
Arrive la Saint Leala la IS hours say br la ta.
Stntctfrom July 1, 1808, fo Junt 3D, 1870, on OeaJ
lOfitf From Maeot CUy, by Ten Mile, te Economy. 11
mile and back, one a week.
Leave If aeon City Satarday nt 11 ta.
Arrive al Economy by 4 p m.
Leave Economy Batarday al 7 a m.
Arrive at Haeoa City by 11 a aa,
lOfiol From Bethany, by Plant Elage aad Coffeya
bare, te OaUaUn, 10 mUes aad back, oaoe a
Leave Bethany Friday at T a m.
trrive at Gallatin by 4p m.
save Oallalln Saturday al 7 a ta.
Arrive at Bethany by 4 p dl,
10094 From Kidder te Victoria, I mils aad back, eaee
a week
Leave klddar Saturday at t a aa.
Arrive at Victoria by 11 JO p aa.
Leave Victoria at 1 pan.
Arrive at Klddar by 4 JO p m.
10678 From Ilaaalbal, by Saverton, le Askbura, 15
miles aad back, oace a week.
Leave Uanalbal Saturday attain.
Arrive at Aahbara by 11 m
Leave Aabbura Saturday at 1 p ra.
Arrive at Uaaalbal by 8 p m.
10083 From Weatavllle to New Melle, 8 mllei aad back,
three tlmea a week.
Leave Weatsllle Tuesday, Thuraday, and Satar
day at 8 am.
Arrive al Now Mali by U a ra.
Leave New Melle Toe.day, Thursday and Batar
day at 1 p ra.
Arrive at Went vllle by 4 p m.
10649 From Hlbernlato New Bloom fleld, 13 miles aad
back, three times a week.
Leave Hlberala Tuesday, Thursday aad Satar
day at 8 a a.
Arrive at New Bloomfletd by 11 m.
Leave Haw Bloomfletd Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday at 1 p m.
Arrive al UlberaU by fi p m.
108D0 From Oaeeola.br Qalaey aad Bledaoe, te Her.
milage, 17 miles and back, three times a week.
Leave Osceola Monday, Wedaeaday aad Friday
at 7 am. '
Arrive at Hermitage by 4 p m
Leave UermltageTueaday, Thursday aad Satur
day at 7 am.
Arrive at Osceola by 4 pm.
10718 From Wayueevllle, by Saint Annie, ta Nebo. (a.
o.,H3 mllea and back, one a week.
Leave W aynea vllle Thursday at 8 a m.
Arrive at Nebo by 4 p m.
Leave Nabo Friday al 8 a ra.
Arrive at Wavneavllle by 4 pm.
10804 From Cape Olrardeae, by Kelso, (a. o.,) aad
Beaten, to Slkeston, 38 mllea aad back, once a
Leave Cape Olrardeaa Friday at 8 a m.
Arrive at Btkeston by 8 p ra.
Leave Slkeston Haturday at I a m.
u Arrive at Cape Olrardeaa br 8 p ra
10S18 From Bourbon, by Argo and Oak Hill, to Jake's
Prairie, 14 miles a back, eaca a week.
Leave Bourbon Friday at 1 30 p to.
Arrive at Jake's Prairie next day by 11 a u.
Leave Jake'e Prairie Bait. dayatUJOam.
Arrive at Bourbon Monday at a m.
10810 From FemmeOsage.byBehleasDurg and Angasta,
to Boles, 13 miles and back, three tlmea a week,
omitting Bcbleusburg oa return trip
Leave Fern me Osage Monday, Wedaeaday and
Friday at 9 am,
Arrive at Bolee by 1 p m
Leave Belea Monday, Wedaeaday aad Friday at
2 pm.
Arrive at Femme Osage by 8 p m.
10821 From Hamburg, by Mlaaonrlton, to Angasta. 10
mile aud back, once a week
Arrive at Augusta by 11 a m
Leave Augusta Tbursdsy at 1 p tn.
a ita tnursua:
arrive at ilat-barar h4 an.
10633 From Holla, by Cold Spring. Lake Springs, Tal-
From Holla, by Cold Bpring. Lake Springs, Tal
adega aud Deep Ford, to DentC, 11., 23 mile
and back, one a week.
taeavo nona rriaay ai o a m.
Arrive at DentC II. by dp ra.
Leave Dent C. H. Saturday al I a a.
Arrive al Roll a by 4 p ra
Hid a tar Iwa trlna n w-k l-t(A
lOSaOFrom Buttsvlllo, by Mod en a, lo Mlddtebnry.il
Leave ButUvllla Friday at 1 p n.
Arrive at M Iddlebury by 8 p m.
MiuaicDury uy s p m.
Iddlebury Friday at 8 a m.
it HutlavUl. bv Tti n
brave jbig
lOBMFrom Somerset to Lakeman,8 mtlea and back,
From Son
Leave Bomerset at 17 JO p m .
Arrive at Lakemaa by 1 p m.
Leave Lakeman Saturday al 1 JO p m.
Arrive at Bomerset by 4 p ra
(n. o.)and Bower alflQs, toSarcoxle, mile
rom unrBsria. ut a hi
a roint, Bpring River
aad hailr. aiim k
Leave Greenfield Fridayat7am,
Arrive at Sarcoxte by fl p m
Leave Barcoxle Batnrdav at 7 a ra.
Arrive alQreen field bylpm,
10S30 From Indian Creek lo Crlglera Mills, 7 miles and
baek, once a week
Leave Indian Creek Tbursdsy at Sam.
Arrive at Cr1gler'sMllls by 10 a m.
Leave Orlglerrs Mills Thursday at 11 a ra.
Arrive at Indian Creek by 1 p n.
10M1 From Independence, by Rovlowa.fu. o,,) Hick
" 1x"1 "l (B,i ) and New Banta re, to
High Blue, 27 mllea aud back, once a week.
Leave Independence Monday at 7 a m.
Arrlveat High Blue by ftp m.
Leave High Blue Tuesday at 7 a mi
Arrive all ndependeaco by Apra.
10083 From Marshall to Malta Bend, 10 miles and back,
once a week.
Leave Marshall Saturday at 8 a m.
Arrive at Malta Bend by 11 a m
Leave Malta Bend Saturday at I p m.
Arrive al Marshall by 4 p an,
10663 From Albany, by Bethany and Mount Morlab, to
Princeton, 47 miles and back, nce a week.
- AIIIIDJ A HUfaHl7 ( I m ta
Arrlveat Albany next day by 8pm
10688 From Bloomfleld. by Zlf, (n e .) West Prairie
(a o ,laud Beach, (n. e ,) to Kenoett, CO miles
and back, once a week
Leave Bloomfleld Friday at 1 p m.
Arrlveat Kennett next day by 8p.
Leave KennettThursday at 8 a m
Arrive at Bloomfleld next day by 13 m.
10867 From Sedalla, by Fort Lyon. Browning's Ferry.
Oareo!a.PleaentSUe, Uintenvllle, Virgil City,
Monto Vsllo.Lamar, Preston, (n o J Carthage,
and Oranby, to Neosho, 163 miles and back,
three times a week.
Leave Bed alia Monday, Wedneaday and Friday
at 8 a m. '
Arrlveat Neosho Wednesday, Friday and Sun
day by 8 r m.
Leave Neosho Monday, Wednesday and Friday
at 6am
Arrive at Sedalla Wednesday, Friday aad Sun
day by 8pm.
106C8 From Brunot.by Cold water and Sumac, to Green,
jo tunc. - unci, onco a weea.
Leave Bruuot Wednesday al 8 a m
- uirr-B utou m,
rrlveat Brunotby epm.
lids for two trips a weok Invited.
10&8 From Danville, by Big Spring, Dry ForkMill7,
Khlneland and Lautre Island, to Herman. 30
miles and back.once a week.
Leave DaavllloTueaday at 8 a m.
Arrive at Hermes by 8 p tn.
Leave Herman Wednesday at 8 a m.
Arrive at Danville by 8 p m.
10870 From New Louden, by Madlsonvllle and Hickory
Creek, to Wellsvllle, 40 miles and back, once
a week.
Leave Now London Wednesday at 8 am, '
ArrlveatWellsvnieby8pi '
Leave Wellsvllle Thursday at 6 a ra.
Arrive at New London by 8 1 in.
OBUFroin fl-.ae.byUst Crek,in.o,) and Wal
T " ,toaTVellilfliB'o , lltoPotosiJia mHesand back,
once a week.
Leave Oiai e Friday it 9 a m
Arrive at Poloal by 4 p m
Leave Potost Balurday at 8 a ra.
Arrive at Osage bv 4 p m.
Proposals must be to carry tbe mail with "celerity,
certainty, and security," using Ihe terms of the law,
and th.r inual be guaranteed by two responsible per
sons, cm! Bed to as such by a postmaster or judge of a
court ef record.
No pay will be made for trip not performed, and for
eaen or amrli fimlaiBilfinai riAt tl.rj.,nvl1 ...Ul...
three tlmea the pay of lb trip may be deducted. For
arrival so far behind lime a to break conaeptlon wlta
fourth of the
forfeiture. F
Qtasner besatlafaetorlly expl
take the mail from or Into a pott office t for suffering
It to be Injured, destroyed, rubbed, or losti and for
refusing, after demand, to convey the mall aa fro
qneatly a the contractor runs, or la concerned tn
eral may annul the contract for disobeying theposl
efflce laws or the Instructions of the Department. He
maytalter the schedules of depart urss and arrivals.aad
also order an Increase of service by allowing therefor
a pro rata : Increaao on the conlrnct pay. He way ill.
curtail or discontinue the service l who Is or In part,
at a pro rifq decrcateor pay" ellowlagoa month's
with. Bids should be aMressed to the "oeeond As
sistant Pestniasler Uenera ," superscribed "Propo
sal, 8 late of Missouri " and sent by matt.
For forms of proposal, Ac, aud other information,
see advertisement of this data, in n.mnki.t fna-i- .1
--t-s, iiyivinvd mo rooio id rosimasisr uen
Ihe principal post offlce.
r Hsntrsi,
XJ Ugirap btatbb Patiiit Orrici,
rt ,. , , WAsiigoTon, Jan 24. l&uS.
Oa Ihe petition ef FaBDiaiuaO Bcbavu, adminis
trator of the esutt of Frederick Schaum, deceased, of
Baltlmors, Md , praying for tho extension of a patent
1 ranted te tbe said redertck Schaum th SAthdsy ef
pril, 18M, for an Improvement In Glass Furaaces,
for sevea years from the expiration of said palest,
which take place on Ike 13th day of April, 1MB:
It is ordered that tbe aald petition be heard at tho
Patent Offlce on MONDAY; the 131b day of April
aoxl, at Uo'clock, a aad all persons are notllsd
to, appear aad show caaee, If any they have, why
said petition ought not te be granted.
Person opposing tb extension use reautred to flle
a Ihe Paten OMpe'lneiFt'pJectlv.nsapeclaMy aet fo Fi
le writing, at lea it fiocnfy day1 before the day of
bearing -11 testimony Sled by either party, to be
used at 'the aald hearing, must ba takes and trans,
mltted la aceordaflco with Ihe rulea o (be ofRse.whTf -will
he furnished, en appllpatloa ., .
peposliooa and elhe'r Papers, relied ape a ast'itl
raoBt. mnsf be B 14 in the offlle twenty daya before
j,r.v'.Mfj.ft.,.,.'.fi-S!ui " "'
.Li (! llnr Ik- tulmAiir.
Ordered, aUo, thai tbta inolTee U Published la the
Republican and the Bislitpsaocr.TVaabrngtoB, D,
C., aad fa the 4merioant Baltimore, Md , once a
week for three successive weeks the Aral of said
Sublicatlen to be at least sixty days previous to the
nyefheartuf. A.Tl STOUT,
f10-MJw Actlag Coaudtsloaer of PateaU.
i. nruap auOrli, Clarkavllle.
Louisiana,) uuigaii. tiu , ciaetnaaU, Haa
albal. (Me. JU Orange, (Me. Canton, Alex
aadrla. andWaraw,(IlC,ie Keek ak, (Iowa,)
133 nil Us and back, six Han-- -& j-i.
Hf iDopAaraaa District op Moitaia)
Orrica Assistart QcAataaaAsTiw,
, , FoaTSaAW, M. T., Jan. 1,1888. )
Scaled propoaal will be received at this oOca until
11 O'clock, m , MONDAY, the Id ef March, lSOC, for
transportation ef military supplies during the year,
commencing May 1. 1908, and ending Aprils), 1X ou
routes Mo land!, dlatrlclor Montana, during the year.
Konte Mo. 1 befog from Fori Ben toa, Montana Ter
ritory, (by the shortest road or line,) to FortSbaw
and Fort Ellis, Montana Territory, and each other
posts as may be established la Bo at hern Montana
river, whenever It ma balacatad.
The weight to be transported oa route Ne. 1 will be
1000,000 poo nda. more or less.
. TtJlr.e'bt to be transported en roote Ne. 3 will be
l.WTj.OOO pounds, more or less.
Bidden will state the rate per one hundred ponnde
Cr one hundred mile, for each month of the year,
sinning with May 1, 18, and ending with April 3D,
Bidder ahoutd give their name In full, aa wall aa
tbelr place of residence j and each pmpoaul must bo
acoompanled by a bond (a the aum of 8-0UO signed by
!wo or more responsible persons, guaranteeing that
n ease a con tract Is awarded for the routes mentioned
a tbe proposal to tho ranr proposing, the contract
will be accepted aadearered Into, and good and sum
clent security furnished br said party, la acoordaace
with the term of thle advertisement.
The contractor will be required lo give bond In the
earn of 830,000,
Batlsfactorr evidence ef Ike loyalty and solvency of
each bidder, and persoa offered aa aecarlty, must ac
company each proposal.
Proposals must be endorsed, "PropVitala for Army
Transportation on route No. tor" as the case nay
beand addressed to the undersigned at Fort Shaw,
M. T, t and Bone will be entertained unless they
fully comply with the requirements of this advertise
The party to whom aa award I made most be pre
pared to eater Into the contract at once, and to give
the required bonds for the faithful performance of the
eon tract.
The right to reject aar and all blda that may be
offered la reserved.
The contractor reaat be la read La ess for service by
the first day of Mar, lStf, aud will be required to
nave a place of business, or aseucy, at which he caa
be communicated with, promptly and readily, for
routea Nos. 1 and 1, at Fort Benton or Fort Bhaw,
Montana Territory, m
Tbe conditions of the contract will be TE same as
en route No. 4, Department or Dakota, (with tho dlf
ferencaof locality excepted,) blank forme of which
can be had by application to this offlce, or at the efflee
of the Quartermaster at New York, Chicago, Saint
Louts. Fort Leavenworth. Omaha, Fort Knelling and
Saint Paul
ll.T.1tdt;BreTt Brigadier General 8. D. flolablrd.
Chief Q M. Department of Dakota
Captain and A. Q. M., Chief Q. M. District of Mob
tana. feb3-td
Orrica Caixr QtrABTtknAiTga,
twelve (U) o'clock m.n MONDAY, the second (td
day of March, 1888. for the delivery of four hundred
(400) bair.breed orMOUNTAlN HORSES
Sixty lo be delivered to tnrAsslstast Quartermaster
ron oaa-w, ss. a., vs ssseau tiusajaay o. mj
VThree hundred aud forty to be delivered to thenn
derslgned at Camp Cooke, H. T., oa Lha fifteenth (13ih)
day of May, 18u8. T
All horses to be not less than fourteen (U) hands
high, over five (8) aad nnder nine () yeara old, to be
aonad la all respects, broksa to saddle, and subject to
Inspection oa delivery. Ne propoaal will be enter
Minoa lor a less Brnoer inas iwentynve tzij norses.
Bidders should give their name la full, aa well as
their ptaceof residence.
Each proposal must be accompanied bra written
guaranty, aigaed by at leasl two responsible parlies,
that a contract will alonee ba entered Into In accord
a see with the terms of thla advertisement, aboatd the
proposal vo aceepiea.
As annraYed bund a
of the contract will be rea a
of agreement are eatered Into, for the faithful per-
Batlafaclory evidence of the loyally aad solvency of
vn viuun ant, i-rirai omrea aa avcBruy win hj ro
joiito. o uio win (BifnaiBM sniess ii iniiy
eomollea with the terms of this etiartlamnL
. The right lo reject any or all bids that may be offered
la raaarwaMl.
Proposals roust be made In duplicate, with a eopy of
i"i" mrni-rarni imcuvfl to eacn, ants eBUoraru
, rispoiax iur noraea, no aoaresaea to me onacr'
algnedalForlBbaw, M.T, e
Contracts to bo aubieetto the approval of the Dls-
irici. i-i-riiuD, aa viviaios vominaoaen.
Bidders must be present In person at the opening of
By order of Brevet MsJ, Oen. A. II. Terry, com.
mending Department of Dakota:
Captain and A. Q M , Chief Q M ,
Ja30-t District of Montana.
. PHiini..
tor tht Sntt of VaUabtt Land inttu Stntt of Kn.
tat and within th Limit of tht Vtaot Jndian
Veeetnnt under Trtatji of September J9tht 1&G3,
with tht Great and LittU Otaoe Indian,
In pursuance of law, 1, Aanaaw Jokmso-, Presi
dent or the United Mates of America, do hereby do.
clare and make k aown that public sales will be held
at th under mentioned land offlce In the Bute of Kan
sas, at the periods hereinafter designated, lo-witi
l.t Aatoth Publle Lands at th Land Offlce at
the Jlrrt day of May next, for the disposal of the
land situated within the following designated town
ships and parts of townships lying within the limit
of ihe ceaslos under the Artt article of tbe aforesaid
treaty, via:
South of tht bait tint and ratt of tht ttxth principal
Fractional townships ft), 77, , X, 30, 31, 37, S3, 34
andlS, of range 17.
fractional tuwusnip -a, (owasuips y, to, Bi3J, 31,
V 33 and 34, aad fractional townships aa of range Id
Fractional lowmhins 2tl. 77. 2H. 20. !ti. ni. . l.
J. ji. sua irntiiuui luwainiDr. oi
38. of range 11.
. 2d. Por lha sale of the following described trutt
tsnds at tbt same place, commenclngoo BATUKDA V.
the ltU h day of May next, for the disposal of certain
trust land, situated within the following town. hips
and pan of township lying within th limits of the
cession In trust, under the tccono! article of tho afore
mentioned treaty.
South of tht bait lint and tatt of tht sixth principal
Fractional townships 38. 77, 2. 30, ef range 1
I ractional township 20. township 17, 19 and 29. and
fractlonartownship 30, or range 1
J ractional town. hip 28. township 27, 28 and 2). and
fractional township 3J, or range 3
e Fractional township 10. townships 27, 29 aud 39, aad
fractional township 3U, of range 1
m Fractional town.hlu 6, townships 27, 23.20. and
fractional township 3J, of ranges "'"
Fractional township 28, township 27, 28, 20, and
fractional township 30, of ranges
Fractional township W, townships 27, 28, 20, and
fractional townshipau, of range?
, Fractional township 2d, townships 27, 28,29. and
fractional towaahlpsu. of ranges.
m kractienal township 2d, townahlps 27, 28. 20 and
fractional township), oirange9
a Fractional township 3d, township 27, 25.59, and
fractional township al, or range 10
) notional township 2H, townahlps 27, 28, 20, and
fractional township SU, of range 11. ,
Fractional township 20, townahlps 27, 28,710, and
fractional township 3u, of rang IX
Fractional township 36, townships 27, 28, 29, and
n.iiivu.i iuni,uii ju, vi rauit (J
Fractional township 26, lownships 27, 28, 29, and
fractional township 30, ofrange It.
Frac(lonai township . townships r, 28, 29, and
fractional township 30, of rang li,
. Fractional township , townahlps 27, 29, 29. and
fractional tn-vnahln HL nlra.a.l' ' ""
Fractional townships 28, 27, ,29 audSO. or range 17.
The following designated townships being tuuth of
lh. ! tin -J tMMui a.Iia !... hI-i a.? i ai
The offering of the lands above nrerred to will be
commenced at the date respecfively as above Indl
aated, and will pros.su a the order In which thevare
djmUaJ until the whole shall have been offered
and the sale thu closed bnt Ihe Aleahall not bo kept
v, i,h u-aa wv nrv&a iur cnucr ma PUnilO laUn
or trust lauds, and no private entry of any of the lands
will be admitted uBtlfaftertha.i,VratUno fhiVwo
weeks, nor will tracts La 0 IT-red YfMoh m, be with
drawn before the iWl ale by the Department uoae
connt of railroad or Tor outer purposes.
iLUlven under ray baud at the Uty of Washington
this twentieth Jay of January, Anno Domini una
eignt nunared aud stxtyeight.
JOS H Wll.ilf.
nwns 4UiiiiBun,
Commissioner of tbe General Lan.J CUce
., r
Notx Under tLareg&Ulasa of the Department, aa
he,:f.fok.u fXi boW exUllug, no payment caa U made
for advertising proclamations except lu such pub
lishers as are specifically aulhorliedby the toromls
sloaer of tha Oeuaral Laud Offlce .aj7lawl3w
Sealed Propoaals will be received by lh under
sea, ii mis . omoe, until oeiocK, p. m , on the
lib day of March next, for the delivery on board of
.J.. "." "I . iaau Araeoai, m liieniai
or Illinois, of the following varieties of Iroo, la such
quantities and nt such limes as nny of It may be re
Jinired, of which due notice will be given, via:
!!H Si.irr.',r'0,'w,k'
Inch I Beams, and sjqall sl;not I Beams aad of
ansle and fhanoeLluin, l
Wrought Iron Uolfliuns, true at ends, ready lo set up
jnCtders to submit plans of the columns they mar
offsr la furnish. '
Bar Iron, round and Cat, of 00,000 pounds per sauare
inch tenacity, for roof trusses, Ac -
Th price or the above iron pet pound, delivered, to
be clear Iv slated ' ' n
Ae , drilled and tilled ready to set up, according lo
plana to b seen at Ihl offlce ' "
raTmcuwwiuoomaaeonaeilvery or Ihe Iron, or
lasoeM-ereafteraaJruadeahall bo received for that
mrpos. aa la euch fund aa Ibe United btates itiay
teiMreeat on each partial payment will be re-
iarvad snttl thaonninlaiMnB r.r ,V. . . L ". . ..D
rlial .la r...r..d lo ,,jl m., all b ii J
UB..l(iC.orj. aad lo acuplld. aad eoalracl rjrall
... ....-v. r "nrpirisprMn at inisomce
r-4i n Bret Brigadier Ueneral.
fe2l- Commanding Rock IsUnd Arsenal,
Proposal will I roceived for supply snddellverj
to the rreaaury Department of lo for ono year fron
the lat dfUarili aavl Tk. I..I. (. lit ll..l.n.i....l
Jtr. clear and rw tff l0W r (,,rt " voundi (o
tit Ion. aud lo be delivered In euch quantities aud at
auch tlnie and place a may ba required,
Jldw vr 111 be received until 13 o'blQCK noon, on Iho
fh of February, addressed to ,t Oeneral bWrlu
tettdsutoftho rfeasury li olid lugs, maiked, APro
reals farli," nuderoover, to the Hecretary of the
Treasury, autl to be considered binding for live daya
after that da . th- Deuarlraent reaArwiiiv llut rlalii
reject all or any portion of the bids received.
No bids will be considered blading uuleas satiafae,
lorysvldeucecanbeglvsaof the ability of thq uAr.
ties to fulffl the contract r
feM Id Otal, Bat, Treasury BaUdlags,
Dr. JOriKSTOX has it1Mtpred lb moat eertala.
speedy, and only effectual remedy In the world for
Weakneasof the Back or Limbs, btrleloro, A feel Ions
ui marges,
or Olddlaess, Dlseasea of tbe Head, Throat, Hoe, or
sain, anections oi ins bungs, stomacn, or Uqwei
thoe terrible disorder arlslogrrora the Holltary llablta
of Youth those aacarr aad eolltary praetlsao mere
fatal to tbelr victims than the eoag of Byresslothe
Mariner of Ulysses, blighting their most brtUIaat
hope or anticipations, rendering marriage, ate., Ira
p"ibU- Totmo MIM
Especially, who have become tbe victims oT Solllarr
Vice, that dreadful aad destructive habit, wblehaa
anally sweeps to an untimely grave thousandaof young
men of the most exalted talents and brilliant Intellect,
who might otherwise have entranced listening Senate
with the thunders t f eloquence, or waked to ecstacy the
living lyre, may call with full confidence.
Married Persona, or Young Men contemplating mar
risge, being aware of physical weakness, organic de
bllfty, deformities. Ac speedily cured.
its wnopiacps nimseu unasr inecareoi ur, j, nay
religiously eonflde oa his honor ax a genttemau, aad
confidently rely urton hie skill as aphystelaa.
nuaiaNtn WKiicrncNk
Immediately Cured and Full Vigor Kestoi
This Drvsdfni DIh which m-dam fjf Wl-ankl-
aad Marriage Impossible Is Ihe penalty paid by the
victims of Improper Indulgences. Vouag persona are
too apt te commit excesses from notbetng aware of the
dreadful consequences thnt may eaeue, Now.- who
that understands the subject will pretend to dear that
tbe power of procreation la lot sooner by th fete ntHag
Into Improper bablU than by the predeak, Beoldea bo
lag deprived lha pleasures of healthy offspring-, the
most serious and detractive symptoms to both bodr
and mind arise The system beeomea deranged, the
Physical aad Mental Functions weakened, Loan ef
Proereattve Power, Nervous Irritability, Dyspepsia,
Palpitation of lha Heart, Indlgestloa, CoaMttstleaal
Debility, a Waattag of the Frame, Coughs, Coatump
Hon. Ad
left-hand aid going from Baltimore elreet, a few
doors from tb corner. Fall not to obeerve naaaeaad
, tar No letter received unless postpaid and eon
talnlng a stamp te be used on Ihe reply. Persona
writing should state age, and send portion of adver
llsemenl describing symptom.
Member of the Royal College of burgeons, London,
Sradaalefromdneor themost eminent College In tbe
United BUtes, and the greater part ofwhoe life ha
been spent In the hoepltals of London, Paris, Pnlladel-
pats, and elsewhere, kaa eflWt-d -
eof the most as
toalshlng cures that were over knowa t manvCreabled
with tinting la the bead and eara whenaslmp, great
oaivuiiiNa, uemsaiarmea ai auddem sounds bash
f nines, with frequent blushing, attended sometimes
with a daranenmant al th- nl.T. wp -.t Immii.
Dr. J. adilresses all thoea who have injured them
Wes by la-proper adulgences and solitary habits,
which ruin both body and mind. Bantling them for
either business, study, society r marriage.
-noes are some ol tbe sat and melancholy effect
toras of Cosannintlofi-
MBBTAtLj.-l)i fearfpl effectaon the mlad aremaeh
to be dreaded Lose of Memory. Confusion of Ideas.
Depression of Spirits, Evil Forebodings, Aversion 4o
Society, Bel Mistrust. Lovoof Bolttude,Ylaldt.y, atV,
are some of theovlle prod need. '
Thousands of pron of all age can now Judge what
Is tbe cause of tholrdeellnlng health, loslnglhelrvlgor,
becemlsg weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having
a singular appearance about the eyes, cough, and
symptom of consumption,
... .YOUjfa MEN
7 ! lBJirrf1 bemselveaby a certain practice ta
dulged In when alone a habit frequently learned from
eyilivmpanlons, or at school, tbe eifecUor whieh are
nightly Ml, even when asleep, and If not cared rend
ers marriage Imposalble, and destroy e both mlad aad
body should apply Immediately.
What a pity that a youux man. the hope ef hla
country, the pride of bin parents, should bsssatahsd
from all prospeeu and enjoy menu of life, by the oon
sequence of deviating from the path of nature aad In
dulging In a certain secrel habit. Such persons MCsT
before eontemplallng
. ..t . . KJ-RRIAQE,
reflect that a aonnd mind and body are tbe most neoea
sary requisites to promote connubial faarptnee. In
deed, without these, Ibe jour-ey through life become
a weary pllgrimagei tbe prospeel hourly darkens Ui
". .'. lns. M.lBa beoomes shadowed with despair,
aad filled with the melancholy refection that theVan-
plness of another become blighted with our own.
When themlsnlded and Imprudent votary of plea.
Pat Brail h has I .Kl k. .1 .1. J .VI. -'l.T. ..
are lad. ha hu ImblbM ib. -J. of Ul. Ml.'iii.l
AB. It tArt nftm aa li.hh... L. AH 111 a I 1 T7 .
the use or that deadly poison, Mercury, hasten the con
atllutloual symptoms of this terrlbl disease, such aa
Affection of Ibe Head, Throat, Nose, tikln, Ae , pro
gressing wltb rrlghtful rapidity till death pats a period
to his dreadful suffering by sending him to thai un
discovered country from whoso bourne no traveler re-
.t. i ".BTJ!uasanda cured at this institution wflkU
th lat eighteen years, aud th numerous Sural eI
Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, wlt&eUod by
!.l,!.IfiorlrI10fuln Sl,Bi" - many other Paper.,
Uliin Tfe'c&.PIV,eJ--i,,"J - before Ihe.
publle, besides hJssUiudlng as a gentleman of cberacter
rosponslbllity, ianauUcient guarantee) lo thaaN
ki W. w.riln, "bo-Id be particular In a I recti a
tholr letters to bis luatltutlnn.n thefollowlse maaneci
JOHN M. ioilNSTON, Uff
, . , Baltimore Lock llospllat.
J&-lr Baltimore, Maryland.
japan TaacHianior
Corner of Second gtrset east and D atreol son lb, CapU
The new building a now readyfor th reoepHonof
patleuts of every rass,Toth medical aad enweal
The car ruti within two square of the buillls
Pl ruts will be tmwIIim tV- w..l'."f .
k. payable In advance Thla laeludee Medlclaa
Private KM.ms can be had al advanced rates.
wbviVAuaiAii At tan i
0. R. HAONER, m"iV.C12iX) II
Elgble-nihandNlnteeniE' " " "
JOUN a RILEY, M b , New Y
street, between
.-..iSin'.i'.vM- """w "'"
aaioVralrVlKSM.-;-' ",r " W"I..H
Application can be inad at tho Hwpl talTor to eltb.r
of tb above-named. Bhysklana. hyaielaas sendla
m. nnM. iia-sjg-ftVToiss
-2SL' . . SawrtJc.
(10tClllllA.U1SIAI!(t0U WUMKil .KB
Cra.r of FuaKMntu ui f .r,eu.
tITh!.. P'"W.ll,r7 .' waaecllon with ColataM.
iter ' . J ' "l"1 F?'."" raal.al 0 .i3 Jit
!ftll"liwl!. " "" wllh Madlalu.Kdl.al
aud tfur.le.1 tr.atni.ut fr. ' ""l
Wtlfluu wbu at. about to b. eoDlned a.4 dMlr. ta
b attandod at lli.lr own horn... but wbuYr. Vn.b .
Columba Hoanltal !.-,-e.'.lVii'AV.F? Asbford.
j ,tp wmvt? oLVu , , t,u r.a-
w.rik. u. o. iiiaacr nxt;oaiaaiYa
' roa SoDTHOaaoLiaa. V
., , Ba.rroaT.B c , J.u nun V
ll?.S.atr , " "' p."ira.a .lltll 'A? ait lo ,5.
Ilnu. la fore, aad to aniead Aa act Id a.ubli .
iSSSV" "" '.".'!'' ' r"3S lul r.foiUi?aad (o?
S., ...t".'0 "? W.Rf ln"uiatlj.,aud br Jobu . .
j;i!it8Sr',to,r",r i.8"at.of lb. Ualud KiakK
..Iv,.'M"".,l".,'!rl"l, '"'" ib.i,bts
uotloabr laid act, w.do hereby lu.k. kuuHn atu,
Jcil.r. tblt a publl. ul. will b. h.ld aj Cilliii
.uuare, , lu tu. cllr o fort Koyai: 11 if .
cuiaiueucluc ou lb. ii dar ul l!.r.b.ls3, .1 ; Uo.lo.lt
10. r .aid day, for lb. dl.no. of Iba lul. of laud
hmbranVaot t"' '" ' '" "' P"' ' '"'
Tb. Kfaawal aal. mar bo adjourned, a. loir U
.Xedliu;, trsui place tu ilaee wktbln Ue.atd p.rl.ff.
HUd frouTtluio tu tiiu. by prucUuatiou, or br wrlueu
uoUee.ur br Prluted advertUeiaeut.untll all tb. afore
id properly le .old lo Ibe hlibe.i bidder.
Tamil nJl. ami If linl null t..u t..f,... Ik.. l a
Ibe saTe for that day, the properly struck off nay. be
latknn lur an rwin.in .luin. .1.1. :. . . rTSl.
- - 7 i"'iitiiu, iur hiuo uivuBliUr
upagalufor sals to the highest bidder, at thq d
Ilnu ul ha l!nininl..l.,ii.r.
United 6talee Direct Tax CouiruU.loita). Kr Sbutfi
l-arullaa . l-enTld
DErAnxutsT or Tim iKT.'Kioii, .
UaiTiu m.raa Paraai Orrict.
fvuuv. vj -any oaoiM oi touid, thi vTeaaneae ef
he Back and Limbs, Pains la the Head, Dlmneu ef
8tght. Loss oCMo-calsr Power. Palpitation of the
"fa." P7,PP"liw-"na lrrltabllltj, Derannraenl
Of the DlCeatlva r-aellAaa. nn-nl n-l.lllt. Ti .
-- . -. " a.,.in- ,. .u iii-iiniu sense m
shame, or dread of discovery, deters hha from apply.
lng to those vr ho. from education and reapecublfity,
can alone befriend him. Ha falle Into the hands or Ig
aorant and designing pretenders, who. Incapable of
curing, flkh bis pecuniarroobsunee, keep him Irtllng
aonth after igenth, or a long as lbs smal leal fee can
i obtained, and la despair leave him with rained
health to sigh over hi KalltacdlsaPDolntmssltor. hv
Pa.tt.ni. - .j'."?-."-vree rcwpnonot rres
i ..a, w i .rau,iTwi.Jii.Tl'?.i w.".iy.
"ii ii .,.i laaa-dlT
"Si;. ?""?.? ".J" li, of BH.WI.cJn.
i V:fl?"J ?,M.?r either partl
n.n.! .,".'' ."i2f "'ferfapep, relied npon aa leU.
rOT.'J"",'!1 "-I""! lull, .an litymld.ye btfur.
i If, ".' .f.""f ' tk anumaula. If aly, wllbla
" TV" '" IMMaaiMr.
8 Order? i, alio, Ibal til. aollc. b. pnMl.b.J la II
ITVaLlcaaaad tbe JalalllnmoerWaaulualo., lX
and In tb. Coantnf, Hartford, ttoaae.tlcul.oae.
"'.' for tbree .uec..Wr, VM I Ib. r.l of ..Id
Publlcallona to ba at l.l ajxtr data prTloua to Iba
dayolkearlai. " ' ' ' A. t. 8TOUT,
I.U-W ,clla( CotuaUalojiac of I'.Ma.
a.ctleut, rrarlu17.r IbJWwV.luV't a nto.l V.n.?d" I .
SOTic";?,.;.tf."!uVkVepV.,iw.,. It
1idV.iiii...tM;oi7iVr.ii. '"" y,hr
p.sedatil.'.Bi;i t"-n:.V r"u.,.Jr euusrpartaSHiu

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