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IJtatitmnl gqiuMtcau.
llcirg nit tcot Militant DmtniCT, (
Ciuni i it, S 0., Fagrnarj 27, 18CS )
Central OrJtr$. No. 28.
Authority having bun coofsrreJ upon Brevet
ilooer of the liar ha of llafu.rea. Freed men,
tod Abandoned Lands, for tbi State of Sooth
Carotin, to make advances lb behalf of the
Government of tb UoUed States In aid cf tb
depressed arileulturt of the State: now. there
for, to the luted that proper securities may be
auoraea tor the repsjmsiu of such advancsi, u
ii nratrcj
I That all advances made ai eforesli aball
be an! become alien tod fcharge upon the pro
due of the plantation toward and for the ate
cf which the tame may be advanced, prior to
all Item and claim of any kind whatsoever,
other than inch aa hare or maybe entitled to
priority under any act of Congress; alto, npon
all the property, real and peraonal, of tbe per
ron or persons to whom or for whoie benefit such
advances may be maJe, subject to any right
that may hat eilited prior to the date of the
first advance madahfretrader.
II Tbe saM Brevet MiJorUenral U. K. Scott
hall bare authority In behalf of the United
State a, at any time when la hit judgment laid
personal property or laid erop or produce ia In
danger of befog deitrojed, removed, waited, or
in any omer manner loit or injured, to ai to tm
pilr the teearlly of the Unltod Statu therelD,
to take Into eaitody and poiienlon aald penonal
property, eropi, and produce, and sell and ills
pole of tbe mrae for the beit terma that can be
obtained therefor, or to much thereof ai shall be
sufficient to ratliry the claim of the United
Statea on account of inch advance
III. Any prion who thai), In violation of the
rlghtiof the Unltod StaUi In the premises, and
with Intent to defeat or Impair the claims of tho
United Statea In reipect thereof, accrete, remove,
Carry away, destroy, or Injure any property tub
Ject to inch Hen, aball be subject to tbe penal
tlea provided by law In tbe caie of larceny.
I The Major General commanding deems
this a. proper occasion to advise all tb&llke&ld
fit the Government wilt be extended to thoie
vaty who exhibit, by Indoitry and, good conduct,
an eircest disposition to help themselves. It
must have the assurance that not only the ad
vance! now made will bs repaid, but that the
recipients or tbl aid will address themselves
earnest) v to tho work of maktne aaeb i,MiiiAn
for the fat are ai will relieve tbemMlrra from a
'tale of dependency upon tho Government, pri
vate individuals, or charitable Initltntlons No,
Kratnltoai ttsati cf food wltl be made eieept tr
the In Urn and hetpttis, as provided for by fl
uting regulations, and then only when the, local
minorities are unable to provide for tb- objects
of charity that come legitimately r;0j tBeir ,
;aro The iiines author lit by tr. Government
aru made with the sole view of enabling the
laloHng lor-'itton to pr,or, employment,
aL" . noneit Industry t rf secure a maintenance
for themselves and vDoio who art dependent
upon them, and waljt the agents or the bureau
will In all eaf git thlr aid In procuring em.
ilovment for those who are without It, In secur
leg tb best wages that can be obtained, and In
protecting their Interests by tho enforcement of
such Contracts as may be made, tbe Uovcrn
ment will look with favor upon those onlj who
merit It by Industry and orderly conduct.
V. The attention of all officers and agents of
the bureau is especially called to tbe circulars
and Instructions from the office of the assistant
commissioner i and It Is made thtlr duty to ex
amine carefully all applications for aid that
may be made by persons residing within their
districts, and to approve those only that art in
conformity with the prescribed conditions.
Ily commnJ of Brevet Major General Ed. It.
K Canby Louis V. Cm arc,
AUe-de Camp, A. A. A O
HrADq'ni Fit'Tii Miutinr District, 1
Saw OiiLEAva, La., Feb. 27, 1863. J
PixeiJl Urdtrt, io. 44.
4. Ily direction of Gen. Grant so much of par
agroph 1, of Special Orders No. 28, current so
rter, from these headquarters, as removes tho
Aldermen and Assistant Aldermen of tht city of
New Orleans, therein named, "for contempt cf
orders from these headquarters," andttppolnts
others in their stead Is hereby revoked, and the
members of the Boards of AUermeo and Assist
ant Aldermen removed by It are hereby rein
stated, and will resume thtlr duties, the same as
if the said orders had not been Issued
So much of paragraph 3, Special Orders 2!o.
-41, current series, from these headquarters, as
appoints certain persons members of tht Hoards
of Aldermen and Assistant Aldermen of the city
of few Orleans, In place of previous appointees
who had declined or failed to qualify, Is, In con
sequence, alio revoked
Cy command of Mj r General Hancock
0 no. L IUtvmrr,
Assistant Adjutant General
New Advertisement.
Witb Ser tearalilp uf tbo Firt Cla.
Office M Lxeliinge Vlmy.
i i ir a N it
I So, 1 Peruvian C)na,no, K Super'
rHt KupeM'liUBpliatt,
i. 1'Umttr, l'lioi liutlc
L. WnilL, IVJtrubt
rare uruoaa uune, iin nunun,
Uimuo. ac . lor eitio uy uiu
kimel, fiew inrK .
L eklltcr . may fuclnatn and s ilu the tfirtl.ni uf
uoy on llicy rln"n, laUDtlyj l bcuro pro
lrlty In luv wr biuinen. Lvvrj ouocan aeijulro
lliU blbanlar iiwir I till nui-cr, tx'-llloa IxKik un
I ww a pullUlii-U ly it lf ywan1, tlie ml uf lilcb Ia
I rncnriii u; u I i Hi only lok if tho klud In
huilUli lauicuuuo Htut by mall (ot'Hi ccula, or Ave
r u it Hr, L n ilir vt tth ii KxUf tn tbn tuiniur
itil Atldrc. 1 WILLI VM & Cu ,U ok Publlabcr.
I'i ilttUua.lw
PJlE LLi ttU Wtfu
X ' L:TEV ' nn'JVN
i r w
,.nnuueod by all who iv In anl ll tlm mttiat
nral nod lfiiutiful liiittall n .f iL Luntttn luUn f t-r
yti imrumicru d mi . i n , itruuieitor , i ,
lis i.rivlnul I tivnutum nn t lUiiufuri in
417 Hriuitn.
ktrnt, nuw lurki 770 Kit i rtri i, I my, ft
II Aortli rxvoiitlt strvut, i'LiUaU IiUi
dolpb fctrnt. H)lfnn
w lory, i
I ( ill t.UW, Mr Jriuiuu, tiv Jt-moy A Hiarl
iuSMli l fir l Hi t-Xf, lou eoUbllbbitl ml u(
t lli vrjil i. ut int u a rnill I eircl In bitcni l..n t .
Ibai'Iurniiuu, tho KmrnU, tfi bunt Cuiuf.JiH atiil lb
iieaub ni in nmiui ronui inujerat, Atldrdaa lli
iiT I imni.'i.i, a ji , -fnoiiniiH, J
A UfOcripOvv work of 1 pace, fully tilutrl.a
Willi iwhuuiui luimni i'iiib iuu i u cuirTiu(',tul
lainiDKa Ui ii ovrr ;,fi vai
iertall hppilai alaii. 150 varleiian
Lrcntb llyl.n i.U ll..lti. All the imt. llifl, b.tbof
lite nu"" hum enm if, lor , will UO lutlu I at
nrrlbed In lb alf.Yt- wrW Ttiblcrnlly bound lu
cloth, JiolrJ i lit. ., rlcp, p..i paid, UronUi lu
I hi r cover, i. .-I i m I, ;i rPUu Ailiiro" WASll
liUUN ii CO , ilorllealtural Hull, II -Moil, Mim
(Jioatt-r iuduroniput than oyer bit r
mi gvttln up cluba lu our
olf. r t .pir-
- nd Tor Nw fepilDf Circular
PARK1.R A o .
Claud M Federal H , lltwton, AuIh
WJ iFE aoard aialait Flro. Al-
r for u.a. l'rlcei.'ai.
ai j.1 Neodod lu everT homo
id lu every houae
X audlJiruiAU Dry aud tancy UuodiPJatud Ware,
Cutlery, Albuun, Leather Uoodi, Ac , 4c. Sect li
ewnufwr uuo, r lucntieacti for tea or juoreuaiuea
uf article, which will
AtenUlcau punhaao an artlcU wortUfrow J to
juuior uur iruiiir.mrur nuv in mitt 01 ruin oraereo
Circular wut fru, K til Hi I.I, & ( O , No. Sire
moat Row, UitoU,Mai p o Ujx2,W.
be liuaMNl round, whin you can eu,in z
easy and Imrallt bulnei that will pay uufruui at
UtMJparil.y or ti lr evtulua, if ai rflln yjj
won't Utaoiry t you wnd 10 cento for full particular
adaample Addroas OLO, ti, JiLLLEN, LcwUton
U D. Cooar, (of Jar Cooke Co.,) rreid.t,
W S llrsriFUTOir, Cashier
hhnancial aoe.it or THE UNITED STATU.
lira start, crroitti vara Tataicav nsraaTmnT.
Oovcramsnt securities with Treaiarer United Stiles,
We bur sol oell all claim of GOVERNMENT
3ECUKI TIESat earrtut market rate.
FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collcclloneun
SVe purchase Government Voucher on the MOST
and to any other business cul rusted to us.
LUANt at all tlnmetitrrfttllr furnthed
W. 8 HUSTIN(lTN,Calilcr
WA4nixTi3r( March 1J tublt-Jir
AY CiiOCL A Cu,,
barNBdm-ll at curiYitt uiirLU rstci and keep eon-
itaotlr va Land a fail aupplr of
Orders for fetock, Bon J', ftc , excenud, and Cllee
tlous umde va all acc Illi jm1uI.
ttlT t OMl'ANV .H
tVatblncton, l C , cliarKTtsl lr apfclftl ntt ut
iniM.i fur ihii ui kponinr. nmir rrlarIl1,. ui
Uovrrnment Uond,M1ver INalf, labl rppr,
and alt dMTlptloof IU4llv, muJ f r tKe Itrntlne
of 8aff lnt.lH.f nmnndburilar pwfraulu ouiei
eoruf r Nw urk TfaDcul r Ifirrutk irvt llric-
l ir X r urwD, it u uiwih, ran iib,
Wtu H ll'iutlnaiun, UfiTt H l'lant, UtrRt n
LM, It 1" .l'. NatbeuM WlUu ... ,
dnl( WUIUiufc JluulLolout Trmurtrt U 1 buy-
dor, Mrtfiarr
iilllri'll fi in. I'Bp tn
Railroad Routes.
1 PHtLVDLLPlllA, AND NEW ullk.
lWAniXOTOX, J n 8, 1SC7 mx'i W
Tralm Hlwwu Waahluctan uud Net York am irnw
run A4 fillloWB, vli'
FOR NEW OKK, wltlioulelianirearean. m
Li are dally (cacti bauday) at 7 41 a m It TO and
Uar Jjlly (exwrtbduJjyJfct J.4J- m , 12.li aud
4 JauJ7 J. in
Loave hr New York and PblladUpliU at 7 00 p tn.
Blooplncarfor New York on 7 00 p in train only
TlirouahtlekfKtn Pblladflpbla, Niw York or D-
t 'a, uim had at tbe bt4ttuu uRlco at all liuur In tbe
tWlldlMiniroanl Oblo Ratlr al alvcrllwuieut for
h-lul It lw.t u V4blncwo, llaltlin tn'. Anuaiyll",
anilUwW.-t .. J i.. wii.w.1,
Otiral rttkft Aj-iil.
ULO h kooNiZ,
Aint. Wab)nal"B
Commeoclas UON DAY, April ICtb, ImK
Traloa f-r llaltlmorv and WLltnlo leave I'l.tla
dlplilaa follow; .,,,..
1 13a m , Lxpra(MudayexrptMlt)ii a m ,
EiDrnMHi 3 U0 P. ia . fcxprct aud 11 uu p ia , La-
P Way Matt Train for llallltnore at a 13 a in
i.aveuaitiiuor7 at a in, nirm u ,
Etromi 1 10 n in . LxmeMi 0 Vi P. in , Lxi rut
8 'ii P U i Ext r
" " " .iivnivtliil
Loave I'blladrtpbU for Daltlmore and Walln(toa
1 m Hkltlmom .
11.11 I.lnbUbti Kd 1
Luive Dltluiorf
r New York at 8 11 p m
U r L V M I V k.Ln.u
Kl'KINil hi tlkllll
flunJ after MAI 'Jlib. 13t-7. tralm will run a M
1 w
Wi.Ulntton 7 4.1a in I Ilaltlm re lMJpm
4 p ni " . 7 rti "
" S lp ml . Ii) X "
Willi ELEOANT fcCENLRY. P.lacoMato-riwm.diy
a ad nabtCr, wIlliinodtraluiproveiULnu, anduivlug
from fuiir to l wive hourla Ilia oxer auyotbi r r 'Ut.
Two hundred uillea Kaved lu Wleru aud toutril New
Thronjb from Ualllinore to Hut 1 1 tttTi.lt and PI STT6
Ut'MiH without cliame. , nti
Puaaonrera bv thli routn fro la IJalHinim bare the
advKuUK1" if inaklus all changi lu I'.Mu.N Dt-
n is, ana on lukj i
Tickets br thU roalrm 1e rroenrMat tboofllri.
ciruf-ruf Hlxlh tttrvetand PunjlvanUtivenu, umlr
Xaiioual iiotfi, vritre r.iiui'i luiorioaiion win w
glvin at all Uue
Pamwuic ' prmurliif Uckela at tbl nfflre, cun M-mre
neciiiikbiiMljtlnuln bliopkna t nr f-rtlmlra or 11 tin
barah W J AKSoLD, Ticket Afut,
Corner blxtb bt an I pfnn aTetiHO,
Wa-hluctoD, It V
ID fi ol!NU, Cioiral PaMii)(or Ast-ni,
jlM lr lUiiiiii.il-, Ml
WanHiNnTox. Jan (I, 1SC7 -nmin
TMlintlMwn WAMI.MlltiS and llaLTlMoKK.
ant WAalllNUloN aND fHL WLtr, an. now run
avrollow. tU
Uavoiltlly, isci-t Hnnday, ut 7an, 7 4.?, uu 1 U II
p. tu , aud ll1. 4 lu. aud 8 i-'i v u
IavedUy, (-KCtft buuday, at 7 (Ma u aud lO
aud Up in
lOU WAY -",t',J ?','" ttV A-NNI,,,L1
Iuti atS 11 and 7 a in , aud at 2 U) nut 4 tip l"
dull, exctpi huud ly
Iimi it 7 WfiuH JOp tu No ImlD t ir fmio An.
naiHilih iu huuJiiy
UATeal7 41a lu u.!4 i)au I H -I'i p in
kuli WAT HTATloNb
I)avoal7ila m and 4 ft) aud 6 il p. in
Hill I.L pAltTh uV lllb Wtr
Leavg dully, fxctil haluiday aud buudi), at 7 4.1
,lti uu I 4 J uud B Ii p m
Ou Saturday al 7 4,1a in , aud 4 Up in
Ou buuday. ai4 3uiid 4 IA p m t.ult iwiim-ctlna at
Kolay Malluu with Iralu frm IJaIiIiiiuiu to Wb. libit,
Parkorbur, c.
J brouicli tick t to tbi Wt'xt cau bo bad al tbo Wab
Ditou Matloii 1 kk t tiilitu ut all houri lu ilm day
For New tirk. PhlUJ.Ji bla. uud Uoatuu, m- uJ
vtrtlMiiuiiutuf "fbrouKb Llue. '
MunUruf IraiiKpuruiion,
L II (.ul.1..
OitnT4l Tick! av'bt.
(Jtu b KoiiNfZ,
tlnnonl Agent, WiubluKtoo.
IIjuhui V V V. I. 11 1C.D
lj.1 1111. Iun1 l 111 I rrri I.k.I .i ll.u ii i. T. V-i I
until the ftb ut Uari.li, ly, at noou, fur making- thu
npalr tbat may Ikcwhio ocoary uu Hit United
Malubpler t Hiwi-ii, N V , up lu NwnuUr n,
lxuti itll tho luutfrtul lor ald rttalibbikuK firulbUJ
by the Uullvd buteb
The price luut be alatod ut ao much per l.UUf.ot
in uf tbu luuhor. ivr Pouud of tbwlrou mil .liIh
aud purcublo )ard T bloue, uhlib aball b uvd lu
making said repairs, uud must (.utrr all tbo bxposu
for tools, machinery, bcows, Sic , tU loarlug up and
rtuovlug old work, aud lb coiuplutlon uf ilm reputr
lu a manner satisfactory to tb uugluwr lu churgo
Lids must bo In duplkato. aud guarnntoed upon
forms which, with all the luformaMou Iniheposaoa.
slim of tb uoderslgnod, can be obtained by a plita
tlun, la persou or by letter, lo this office,
Sey-M ll Pal of Bnairwrfs, Hv7 rul ,U ft 4
it U i U U A L
I Ash't Com MISS 1BT SlOillTBXrg, 1
I'HA, loMTWaaaKX.Masa , I
March it, It J
1 be received at this elllte uuti) FRI
Proposals will be revived at this elllte uuti) FRI
DAY. the JTlh Instaut, at 4 o'clock. i in . fVir the ful
lowing Stores, for Hit uo of tho troops lu tho strvlio
JfREall DEEF of good merchantable quality. In
equal proportions 01 lore aud muti quarters thu
Decks, shanks, and kidney tallow tu be excluded
tunji cu n a vi 100 uoai quality in usual corn
lua- nlei.ua lo be lu Proportion
rbe above store to he delivered from time to lime,
Ma ra.iiitrfij- fiF lbs Irufjtta uf t hla final. In nplinmih.
title and al each plaeaa wlthlu tb limits uf tho city
iua (mi ui niivu 11
of dvllvery, and for tin
Draldivi.rinrlL InlJH
IMddsrs must propose for both uf the meats above
ntiund, aud must give such security as maybe r
Quired for Ibefattbfnl p rformanreof tbelrugrcttui ut,
lb bid must bo luderaod, ''Proposals for bub
alstonco Wore, and addressed lo
j. if iiuituanrt,
Flret Llouttuunttfd U.H. ArtJIltry,
A 0. , U.b J
luh.'l 41
Mivoa'e Orrirs.CiTT Hilt. March S, 13.
lVnhnaala will t.a rwlvail si IhU ofllea unlll 11
o'clock, m . nn WEDNESDAY, the lit f April, for ,
rretlna an I keeping In repair lbpublle Hydraoti frr
av jrnr couimvucinaon ins it i jiprn, ijo
iiiiiioaxu v v I ." '
Orrici Caiav QuaaTaauasTsa, I
Foiv LiAvaxwoiTi.Kaiisi.March ll.lB, f ,
Sealed propoiali will be reeelved at thli Oe until
13 o clock, tu , of tbe Htb of March, l&S, for the de
slaVKsiIEL OF OATS, (33 pouodi to the luiUl.)
to the depot Quartermaiter at Fort Uarker, kaaiae
Did will be received for aay portion or the whole
Deliver!! to commence on or before March 31,163,
and be completed wltbta twenty live (S3) days there
Persons taaklac bldi will be eoverntd T lh 0,tt'
cadltloni wardlne; proposals and contrsct .
Information of tbe condttloascan be obtained by ap
plication In pervon or by letter to thU etnee
Ilyorderot tbe Combiaodlnf OBetr Dpartaient ef
iu ni"ouri
Deputy UM U ,C U M
oMHtitaav SraitiTKxca.i
. tOKT llPtrilPtfCI,
Uass .March , lfli, S
ivedat thli ofllc until FKl
27th Initaat. at 4 o'clock, n m . for th follow
ln stores, for tbe ue of tbo troops la the aervlce of
ue unua niaifai
tRLbll BEEF of food and merchantable quality,
la equal proportion of fore and bind quarter the
tecaa, sneak ana aidnev lauow to berxciaded
CORNED HEE of tb bett quality, the uinalcurn-
ft ota I ha
Sr-tday of April, 1J8,
Hidden inut propoae fr both of the weal, named,
and mnt alve men aecurlty a maybe required for
tin faithful performs ace of their a freemen I
The btl mnt bo endorsed. ' Proposal for 8ub
bUtonce Store." aadaddrMwd to
Second Lieutenant 3d U.M Artillery,
mb21-4t A r H . it w a
OrricR Am'tCom smuiTtxcr, P .A ,1
Font CoxiTlTCTlox, PoavmorTH, N II , V
March 12, IS i
Sou led Prpoal will h received altbUoDlc until
T11I'USDA, March , 1HX, at lu o'clock, a hi .tor
onpplylnf troop lu Fori Comtltutloit. Portinouth,
N. ll , aud 1 on McClary. klitrv, Maine, with
of a food and luarketable quality, a&oqual propor
tion of tbe fore and hind quarter! exctudluf tbo
nick. bliaoVa and kidney tallow
of the bent quality, and the maul rornlnf piece
The eupplice of tbe aeli alorca to bo delivered at tho
aid lort In iucb uuantltlei a may be, from lluio to
tlia, rvqulred by tbe commanJIni nfllrrr, and to con
tinue from A ritIL I, S, to bhlTEMUtlt JP, 13.
unle ald rorta ihall .onrcrae tobeoccupiid by
Iro. rn In tlovfrnmrat aervlco
Didder will make aeparat proposal! for each arti
cle, aud, upon arce plauee of thetrbld, will flTeaach
bifurlty a may b required fur thu fallhfal ierforin
enco of thele agreement.
lllda tautt Urudomed " PropoaaU for Sabntitcnce
Slorpn," and addreedto
mill 7t 3d Artillery, A O S , U S A.
liito.'oatLs tOli, THE PURCHASE OF IRON
Navv DafaavjcrxT, I
WAniviTox, March 9, lixaj. f
S. aled Pron.al will tm recWod until th 10th of
April, at lio cloik boon, for tbe purcbaieut tbefol
lowluf'V"eli, AT TIlE DOSTON (MASS ) YARD
ThoMlAWNbbaod WAM-I C.
Tb CANuMf Ui. t olliihS, KOKA. NAtNETT,
NAPA, btjUANDO. and NUNrmiK.
AT MoPNli 1 1TY, ILL
The ETI.AII. kl.AMATH, blllLoif. UMPOUA.
Tbe propoaal will blate the prices that will be liven
fitr th vetacl In their pretvut condition and wllh
bui Ii flttlux a ro now altatlud to them
Tbe veel can be in. and all neeobaary Infortna
llou cond ruin ftbiui will o given by tbo coiumaudaula
u The right Ureirved to reject any or all of Ibopro
pobula If their acceptance It not for tbo luleru! of tbe
Th euty pr ci-ul of the pnrchae luoney will be re
quired tilihln lhn-odayaaftra botiflcatConvf tbac
copianco f a proposal, to b forlelird In cae uf non
roiiipli'tlou of lhpurchae, and the balance upon tbe
flual delivery of th tr?!
Tb propnali bhnnld be Ind rM 'PrpoaU for
purrha-fluf Irotfcladb." U1DLON WtLLs,
!ublleo4w bccrelary vf the Navy
orricaCmrr Con or Si
'Con or SuHHTxxrr,)
lixx , Matebft.laGS. S
St 1'atL. Mixx
S.'bliJ I'r ifcibaltllii dunlieall IromiMntiiiljfil
to the I ultcd UUUi Uoverutnent. will t- rocelvedat
tbU oulee, aud al-o at tho ulflce of thi Chlf U ti . Do.
p4rtuiul of tbo Platte, Omaha, Nebraska, nulll 12
m , WEDNESDAY, April J J, Wv, for furuUlilPi tbo
I uilt Matcit buhaiateuco DiPartiuent with good fat
UeefCutllo, ou tbe boof, a follow
One bmidri'd aud aoventy.llve (175) head at Fort
bully, D.r., ti bo delivered by July 11, 1--S.
Two hundred aud ten li0 head at Fart Iluford, P
T , tohed'nicredbyAaa-iiotl. 1MM
i ae bund rod and bixtyUUDheadat ForlbleveObOn.
D T , lohedfllvendby JnlrJ.lM.
Onwbuudredaud thirty (111) bead al Fort Totton,
1 T , to b dllvred by Jniy 13, 1H.
Ninety CW head at Kurt ltamoin, D.T., LalfO,) to
bo delivered by Junea, lsW, and I ho re iu taller by
Auiu.t 1, IbU.
1 hoy iuurI a vera iif about 1,0.10 pouad aroai w elfht,
ao 1 be ateera from tun (J) to aeveu 17) year uf af e.
All le than tbrt ami over aeveu year of af, aud
all falling hort uf lu) ponnd aroa wolghl, hull
UK, cow and Texa rattlo will bo rejected.
Proposal by Iftltfraph or other tuformal proposal
will not b cousldered
Each bid, to erure conilderallon, tnuat contain a
written guarantee uf two reaponlbleperon to the
effect tbat tbe bidder I able to 'ulBl a contract In ac
cordance tilth the term uf hi propolilout aud,
bhould It proportion be acciptcd he will at oucu
cuter luto a coutrael In nccerdauce threu I tb.au J that
they arc pn pared to Ixtnme bl beiurltle, flvlnf
food aud ulllelrul houd for It fulDlmeut.
Th" ri Rpunalblllly of tbo gnarautor miikt he abown
ly tbe official certlllrat of th Clerk of tbenear-!
DUIrlitCoutl. or uf tho United biaie DUtrlct At.
toraey, l b IucIm) with tbe bid.
llldbould b made for each pot separately, and
bidder hould Unn seat to rfpou J to their hU and
pr pared lo give tfm nerusaary lioud
The Uoverument rrM-rvc to ltlf th right to reject
any and all bldeunldtred uureaonahli
Tayimuttob inado after tbo caiilc- are delivered
aud arcepfd, If fuud are on band ( If uuuo uu baud,
to he made aa soon a receive 1
Proposal in ut bendored distinctly, (,PropsaU
f ir Uf ( attle,' aud addreed either to Lieutenant
Colonel J W llarrlrcr.C H , Omaha, Nehrakka, or
t LlciibnautC'uloutl J II Oilman, C. ti., bl. Paul,
Tbe proposal will bo opened at both place at 13
to , April li
If a bid I In Ibo oameofa firm, thtlr name and
pout-office addri. niut aimar
CaptitVS , Drl Llaut.Col ,0.8 Army.
mligl 1 1 f I lef r , pppartlnem ft Dskwla
tNo 72J
ht th S.tU r VatHtthl Lttnd tn the Matt oKin-
f unit tcilhin Iftm Limit of (A Otagt I nit lit n
ivl'Mi UH'fcr Trrttlu hrpltm'tr nth, 11,
with th Or rat nnd LittU owyt in thtnt.
In pur"iiuncoof law, I, Amlkxw Jouxsux, Pre.
d-ut of tbo Unltd KtatesLf Amrlca, do hereby do-
rturoand mako kuowu tbat public bale Will b be Id
at tbuuuder nuntioind landulllceln the Mate of kan
sak, at thfl pt rlod lu ri'liufler deslgualcd, lo-W III
11 Atftitho I'llblifl LuuiU at ll.n l.an.l llrtlcn al
IIU.Ml.oLlr, hAASAS, cmriu.nclug ou HID
01 in
niili-uuu purisoi louubiiip iriua ttiiinu tuo itiuits
of tbo ccbsIou uudvr Wmtrrt article uf thoaforesuid
tnaty.vli r
Aou(A "J tht butt line umt futt of ht tUth principal
mtri thin
Fmril nial t.iwn.Ulps il, 27, H, 3? 1, 31, J-.', at, U
uu I Vi, uf raugulT
rrurlloual township 3d, t iwnahlps 27, 2, V V.
SI. Aluml (4, auilfrsitbiual tOHmblp Uuf ranao in
r railloUHl lOUImblp J. tuVrUbhla 7, 'in, i, JJ, ti,
Ji. XI uud it, uud rrsclluual tuwuahkp -ii, of muii it
rractlou.il touu-hlp J tiwushlp4 77. J8, , ll, I),
J-., 3.), hs, aud rrutlU.ua I touu-blpV, utraug Al
rraUlouul totin-hlpa Jt l, -, ', J, 31, St,Si.M,
Jft, at raugo 21.
jd lor 1I11 sale of the following doscrlbid trut
laud" at tin -a iu place, Ci'iiiiueucliigouriATURDAi
theltJhUiy 1 Mny ,jf, fur ibo ili.i.ul of ctrtalu
tru.t laud-, bituatd wltbm HiKf ,luwlug towuihipa
audrartuf uwublps lying wlibln tbo Tlmlisof 1L0
Lsssfouln iru-l, uudrrthesscoMff artivleof tho afure
uu utiuuid tnaiy
huuth oth la Itnt null fiitl if tht tttth rinc(itnl
fractional lowuhlps J, it, m, 2, of rangn 1
rrsctloual tju-blp'Ji, lowublps.7, iisu-1 J'.nud
fractloual towuablp A), of raug I
sractloual iowulilp 20. towushipsST, JSand 9, and
fniciloual towushlp i, of rang jl
rructloual Ijw uhlp Al, louushlps'aT, 'JSuDd3,aud
fructl ual towuohip t, of raugoi
Fractioiiitl towuahip V), towuoblp 77, 5S, 20, aud
fractional Ion usblp sj, uf rang ft
truitloual toun-lilp 'Jtl. toublps 27, ' an, aud
ftartlouiil l iwukhlpti, of rauguO
rrattluual towuhlp !i. township 27, JP, 'J), aud
fractious l towuah'p JO, of raug 7
trarilouul tuuiuhlp id, towuahlps 27, tf, H, aud
fniilioual towuablp sj, of raugab.
Fractional town-hip V, townships 27, , At aud
fractluual liwu-blp SJ, uf rangu
1 r set lou a I towukblp !, townships 27, 2P, 2, and
fruclluualtowusblp t), of range 10
rrsctloual towushlp &, lowuhlpa 27, 28, Sf), aud
frucilonal l iwnahlp i, of range 11
Fraclloti.il township 2d, touul.lp 27, 28, 20, and
fratikouul towuKbkp sj, of raugo 1JL
tractioinil towuablp i, towushlp 27 28, 29, aud
fraitloual towuablp ju, of raugell.
fractional township 20, towushlp i.7, 28, 29, and
frnrtlonal townahlpA), of rangoll
Fractional township v, towushlp 7, 2h, 29. aud
fractloual lowusbip JJ, t,t raug n
ractlotial township 'Mi, towuablp 2T, 29, 20, aad
fractional township JJ, of rang in.
ractiyual townships 2o, J7, ii, vt aud 30, or range 17.
Th following dealguatediownablpflbalug tout of
th has Uu and tofsf of the sliih principal morldUni
Fraitlonal towushlps Jti aud X7, of rang 1
ThflOtTurtng of th land above referred to will be
coiumeuced at lb dales nspoctlvely as ahov Indi
cated, aud w 111 procood In lb order lu whlth they are
advertisid until tbe whole aball have botu offered
and tbaaulotbu closed i but th sal shall uot be kept
op u longer thau two weeks for either Hi public lands
SIP I.H.I .n.ld ...! .. ....... ... -. m .. .. - ..L-IJ-
.It T -, uv iii,wiuuj ui Buy ui ill laaus
will he admltt-d until afur tho explratiou uf the two
weeks, nor will traits bo oifured which may be with
drawn before tho day uf sal by the Department uuac
conut of railroad or for uiher purpose
Ulvea under my hand at the City of Washington
thla twentieth day uf January Anno Domini on
thousand eight b uud red aud slaty-eight.
I yWi'C'iffiW. AsifiisSr JOHKBOS
Couiulaslouer of the Qcaeral Land Office
Nuts Uudertheregnltlona of the Department aa
Orrtca Cma QcaaTsawHTsa, l
. . NiwOataiM. La , eb T7.1V5S. 1 ,
Sealed rroioats aro lavlted aad will be received
at the offleuf Captain W. A. WalBwrlfht. A. Q M t
umwiuui'i ixa, (!! tavt
arcn, i-a, ai ix v cites. tvr
f troop and military fupplles from
wliklH lt.a aaltedlatHet of Ihtt Rio
Urande tor the year ending July 1, l1. ..
Proposals will aute at what rates bidders propose
to transport troops and army supplies from and tu the
following-named point i ,
Route No 1 -Irani Draios Santiago to Drowns
vllle by river, ov via Point Isabel.
Hoot No. r Fron Drownavllle to Rlagfold Dar
Koate No. $. Ring gold Barracks to Laredo.
Proposal wllldlsUaclly specify at what rst the
uiuuiif win coBirsci ioiraapoii irooF "tii ufi'tii',
to boclasilSfd as follows t
Olflcsr and enlisted men, eabla or deck pasieag crs
each, and the following class of freight, vlsi Horses
mul. and bf cattle per bead t sheep, per head
Iron tnacblnery. lead, sine, tin, copper nails, rivet,
bolt paints, shot, stoves wlr, heavy hardware,
hollow ware, grlndtone,ordnance, heavy ordnance
stores, etc per one hundred pound. (liW lb
Coal, per toni bay per balei lntnbrr, pine, per
oakum, lumber (osk,) per 1,000 feet I oats aad
corn, pr sack
Measurement goods, clothing, equip fe, crates,
crockery, furniture, door, blind, ahe, wagou
tongue, matting, uatlreaioi, llghtcasks andtleraei,
oks stationery etc . per cuMfl foot , ,
Dry goods, floor, meal, bread, rice, cracker, dried
apples onions, potatoes, tnrntpe, whit sugar, etc ,
per barrel t wet goods, pork, beef, liquids, lard, lime,
cement, plaster tea, rualn, molaiMf, browu sugar
tallow, grease, t., per barrel , ,
t luegarandplcklea In keg, per kef ambulance
and spring wagons, eacbi army wagon, (complel,)
each fruits jams, Jellies, window glass, pickle,
extract, etc , per boat randies, crackers hard
bread, farina, aniens, enailenacd milk, can meats.
soap, etc per box) hams percaskt hams, per tiercoi
Ice, per hogshead) lard, per tierce i lard, per keg,
Ice. per tierce i palls, per doieni sugar, per hva
cadi sngar, (Havana,) per box ilea, per chest i salt
per sack and barrel abovola and spades, per dote nt
wheelbarrows, each! laths, per lUUfi shiafte per
l.uu, tobacco, per box ropo, per collt brooms, per
All freight to b delivered at such landings, ware
bouses or other places of unloading, at each of the
above named points, as may be designated by tbe
Depot Uuartermastor at Brownsville, or other au
tborlied officers or agents of the Quartermaster's De
partment Contractors must be prepared lo transport tho troops
and public freight at any of tbo above-named potut
wheu required and mnsl take such troop and sup
plies to the fnll capacity of the voaacl or oilier mean
of tran-porlailon provided. If required by the Uuar
lerjiasUr e Department, and the proposals must slate
tbo character aud class uf vessels proposed to be fur
nished for water transportation, and the kind of
imiui, whether ox or mnle teams, for land transpor
tation All proposals mast he In triplicate, with a
eupy of this advertisement attached to each, and must
l-o accompanied by the names of al lea t twosiitUclent
sureties, who will signify, by endorsement tberoon,
their willingness to become respooslhlo for the per
formance of the contract. . . M ,
Propssal will be Indorsed "Proposal fr Trans
portation." and will be addressed to "Tbe buprr
vlsing (liiarlfrmastcr, Pub. District of the Rio
Uraudo," Urownsvllle, Texas. All proposals re
eolvoil will ha forwarded tn Hi Chief U n a rtr master
of t he District for approval and award.
Tlie uovermncui reserves mo rig ui to reject any or
bid or any part of a hid
Brevet Brlff. Gen. and Chlof (luartermastrr,
nihl 6t Fifth Military liUtrlrt
1ltOpl)1AL8 lUR hNOKAVlAUbOr1 HIKII.Lln
Tilt EAU Is.
OrrirgCoxuaEssiovit Privtbb,
Waskixutok, March 14. 1A I
Sii1id I'r-ivMsUwlll be retflved al thlsotUceuutll
S4TUKI) , April 11, 1. at li o clock, for fur
nlshlugouebi t of electrotype pages of tb Illustra
lions uf Machinery, Ac arcompanlng the Keportuf
the (miul-lonerof Patouta for tho jear ls6S, with
the name of lb patentee aud tho character uf tho
puleut ou each lllii-tratlou
The drawings will be furulsbod on paper to Ine con
tractor, who must arrange them Into pages In numer
ical order, aa nearly as Is consistent with neatness
and compactness, and theexecnllouof the work must
W fully equal M that furulsbrd for the published
Report for 111, which has bvn adopted aa thentand
ardfor ibeprenrnt volume. Tb plate are to 1m de
11 vert il at this otUce free of cost for 'ran.portatlon,
aud subject to the approval or rejection uf the Con
gressloual Printer
Didders are rmiulred to propose for the v. oik by the
lllutralloii, Hllh tb nndrrstandlng that, wheuiuoro
than uud flguro I required Id Illustrate au Invention
or design, (as 1 somctltnea the case,) tho whole bum
Wr of flgnrss will be estimated aad paid for a a
slug) Illustration
Award will bo made "to the lowest and best bid
der for the lulcrrst of tbe Government, due regard
btlng paid lo the execution uf the work." under the
direction of tho Joint Commllte ou Prluilng who
rerv the right to reject any or alt uf the bids
Ulddt rs inti-t procure from the Congressional Printer
drawings of Illustrations sufficient In numlier to form
a page aud must accompany their hid with an elec
trotype plate page, as a specimen of their work, with
a sworn ststemeul that It was made In tbeestablUb
ment of that bidder, aud tbat ho possesses the neces
sary facilities for the prompt aud proper execution of
th work.
No proposal wilt be considered unlesa accompanied
by a houd, wllh security, to tb approval of th
Lulled Male Judgour District Attorney, lu tho pen
alty uf tlu.uu). that tho bidder or bidders, If his or
thrlr proposal shall l accepted, will execulo the
work In accordance wllh th proposal
Any fiirtber Information tbattaay bo required will
be furnished upon application to this office, ur to tho
Lommlasloner uf Talents.
Plank forma will le furnished upon application to
tbe uuderslgUed, and no proposal will b considered
Which doe not roafonn precisely therewith.
Troposals will baddraod to "The Joint Commit
tee ou Printing," Washlua;toB, D.O car of the un
dersigned, and en Jo rued ou tbe envelope "Proposal
ior i sirsi unit uciivii.
Is exteudd nutll 1 KIDAY, tho lt day ef Msv.loS.
lu Macbtuery for compos) ug lyi.f irsevi1 years from
thoexplratt m of saldpateut, which takos place ou the
It Is ordered that tho said petition bo heard at tl
Pat ut i 'dice on Monday, the a?th day or Apill next, at
li o'clock ui taodall j-raon are uotlllwd to avpi'ar
aud show call?. If any they have, why said trillion
ought not to Ihi granted.
IVrsonsiippo-lng tbe extension are roqutnd to fit
lu the Patent Offlco their uhjvrtlons, specially hI forth
lu w rill uir, at least (aunty days befure tbo day uf
heart uk t all tentlmony Slid by elthor party, to be
used at lb said hearlug, must bo tskeu and trans.
ml tied In aciordauce with tharulosof tbo office, which
will he furulahed on application.
DeiMsltlons aud other pV0" relied npon a lestl
tnoui, tnuit ho filed In the offlie f terntg days bifure
tb day of hoiirtng) the arguments, If any, within
ten daj s after filing the testimony.
Ordrred, also, that thla potlco be rtibllhed In tho
Kan blicax aud tbo nttllignctr Washington D.
Caudluthe AtUi, New ork, N, Y, oncea wit-k
for three sum salvo weeks) the first of said publications
tbe at limit slaty daya previous to tho day of hear
ing. A. M. STOUT.
ui &-Sa.V1V Acting Commissioner uf Patent.
Uvltxp Statb Patkxt Orrira,
WAaiusuTow, t ei rnary 77, l'
Onlhomlltlonof Jung UaoHX.ofNew York, N Y
praying fur the oxtouslon of a patent granted loblm
tho Hli day uf May, l&l, for an linproveiniut lu Hot
Water ti paralu. f ir aeviu ymr from the expiration
of said imteut, which tako placo on tho UJth day of
Miy. I1-.
It Is ordered that tho said petition lie henrd at the
rafni i 'mm on Jiu.i uai , mo uiu uay ot aisy next
hnn cause. If any they have, why said poll
til loo
IVrauns opposing lb extension a ro required lo fllo lu
thit PaUut Office their ohjMtluus, specially set foith lu
wruiuf. ai ieol ireriiij aaya mioru tuuuar or neur
lug alllustliiiouy filed by oltber Parly, toko used at
thu said b. arlng, must be takeu aud trau-mllti d In ac
cor Unco with tue rules of the office, w bleb u 111 bo I ur
ul-hi-d ouapillcallon
Dipwsltlou and other papers, relie.1 upon aa toitl
nion), iiiu-iIh) lkd In tho olWea twtuti days b. forutho
day nfheurlugt the arguments If au) , wlliilufcii djys
after llllug tho usthimuy.
Orderd, ulso, thHt this notice bo published la the
ItarruiUAH anl the Intel! tgniefr, Watlilnglon, J
C, and iu the JYintt, New York, N, Y. . one umlc
for three sunesalve winksi tho Urstuf said publlcutloue
lo Ui at liiit sixty dayspruvlous lo Ibeday of hmulug
rihA.Thtt Acting fiiwjnlsaloneruf I'sU?uU
UxiTan bvAvaa Patxmt Orrtca.
Wasuixiitux, March J, U,
Ou IhniHtlllon uf El'WABii Haubuux, of Now
Havi n. t'ouu , praying for Ibo exluusiou of a luttnl
granted liblm liiuoth day of June, IM, aud rvlsaued
the IGtb day of .NoAiiiWr, IbVt, for au luipruveun ut
luOrludlug Mills, for seviu yiars rruiii the expira
tion of said pulout, which takes place ou thu lib day
uf Juue, lyj
Ills ordered that IIia sal I potlllou be heard at the
Patent iMIlto uu MONDAY, the lSih day of May
next, at Uu'cloik, in. t aud all inrsun are Uotlil.d
to appear aud show cause, if any tin) have, why said
etitou ought uot to U grauud
, Porsousi posing tbooxlenalon are rcqulrud to fllo
lu tho Patut Office their ubioctlous, sprtUlly sit
f irihln wrltiug, at lojaKurciifv days Ufors tho day
uf hearing all l stlmouy UUd by either parly, to bo
usod nt tho said heurlug, iuut lu taktu uul iraus
mitlid iu accirdauc with the rulis of tho uultv,
which 111 bo furulsbcd ou applic itiou
Diposltlous au 1 othtr papers, rolled upon as tetl
mouy, luu-l bo filed lu tbo office txeenlu days b foro
tho day of bearing the argumouta, If auy, wlthlu
(cm da) s afti r filing uf tho testimony.
Ordind.nUo, that this uolleo bo published In the
RfcPllii max aud tb InttUtgnctrt Washington,
D C , aud lu lb Jifffsfsf, New llaveu, O jiiuictlcui,
oueoauoikfor tbreo auccosslve weeki the first of
saldpublleHtluus to bo at least sixty days Previous to
thuday ofh.ariug A. M Kfour,
mbUMJw Acting Commissioner of Patuuts,
Uxitbii bVAvas pATaxT Orrirx,
Wliuixovux, Marth 0, IMS
On the t- lllbm ut TuoUA ALLxauxa, executor uf
the eatate f Join AlLBMDBU, dcoaaJ, of West
Hamptou. Mass .praying for tb exteuslouuf a patent
granlvd to the said Julia Allxxpsk th 9uli day of
for Mtveu years from tho expiration of said patent,
which takes place on tbe 4th day of Juar, IMS.
Illsurdnrid that the sitld ietlilou ! hoard at the
Tateut OtRro on MONDAY, the 1st day of Juue
next, atlio iloik, ui and all persons r notified to
appear auJ show cause, If any tbey have, why said
wi in, lur au iiuprovomcui in aicisiuc utoiuiuhis,
Persons upposlug tbe extension are reqelred lo file
,a writing, at least itotiUif days bvfor tbe oay of bear-
g I all testimony lied by elliiar parly to be used allbe
id harlni , must be taken and transmitted In accord
ance with th rules of lb office, which will be furnished
00 application -----
day or hearlngt the argumeuls, uauy, within fsu daya
aftsr Oliug tba Ustlmouy.
Ordered, also, that thla notice be pnbllihed lo the
JUruiliois aud the I ntelltgencir. Washington, 1.
(J., and In the Kepubllcan, fcnrlnifleld, Mass . oiie
a wrck for ibroesuceeaslve weeks) tue Brat of said pub-
ii.a.ivy, IVHM (east SI SIT U)l I'l.imill in. isr OI
Lt.r S bl WTllI! r
t mUU-tu it Acting CoUtulMlouor of Patent,
uaowxsvii.bi.xKXA ran 10. ism. t ,.
Sealed proposals will be received at this office until
WEDNESDAY, tbe 14th of April. 18, atllo 'clock,
a. in for such qaantltlee of-OATS. CORN, and
HAY a may be required for use of pu bile animal at
the following named polnte tn tbe (tab-District, for
Ue six months ending October M, lftta vis i Drowns
Vllle, Ringgold barracks, aad Laredo. Texas
Oat and Cora of best quality aud to be delivered la
food guaay sacks Hay baled or unbaledt preference
will be given to baled Hay. All lobeeubicctlo In
spection Delivery lo commence within 30 days after
toe approval of the contract and notice given to the
Proposals to be la triplicate with a copy of tbe ad
vrtlsmBtaaBfXd to each aad to b accompanied
by tbeaamesof al least twosufilclcnl sureties, who
will signify by endorsement thereon, their willing
nesi to become responsible for the faithful perform
ance of the contract . ... ...-., ,.
All proposal will bo submitted to the Chief Quar
termaster of th District for approval and award
Jh Government reserves the right to reject any or
bids, or any part of a bid.
ropotals must be endorsed "Proposals for For
age ''and addressed to the Supervising Uaartermas
ter, Sab District of the RloUrande, at Drownsvllle,
border of Brct M.Jorgeral Mc f
First Lt MUInfantrr. R. M and A A Q M.
mh!1 id .
CoMMAXiASTraOrrtcg, US Navv Yard,!
NoarotK Ya . March ji, lsrs f
Sealed Propo-ala will be received until 1 o'clock, p
tn , oflheSMh dayof Msrch, ISO, by the Command
ant f IhU d, for raising or wrecking and re
moving the maierleieoftbefoHowIng named wrecks,
' Peoasylvanla, Delaware, Rarltau, Cumberland
and Columbia, in tbe llliabelh.rlver.
Ram Frederlckshurf , two Rams near Drury's Bluff,
Shawshcen, Florida, aud other Wrecks belong ing to
the navy, In Jamoa river. . , ,,
Separate offer will he made for each vessel, and all
the property thai may lie In them
No Wreck will Le considered as removed whilst
any portion of the keel or floor timber remain and
the right will be reserved to the Uoverument, when
one party may be awarded several wrecks, t desig
nate ibe order lu which they are lo be removed. m ,
Tbe proposition must stale tbe proportion of the
proceeds of the sale at public auction which I to bo
paid to the salvors ou each vessel t also, the time
within which the work on each la to be completed.
As security for the fulclmyit of the agreement, nil
Ihe property Is to bo placed lu Ibe hands of tbe Oov
eruoent, and be deposited and cared for ns may bo
directed by tbe Commandant of Ihe Yard without
any charge whatever to the Oovernmenli lo bo'aold
from timolo time a may be deemed advantagoons,
and the proceeds to remain In tbe bands of th Gov
ernment until the whole uf any one of Ifao Wrecks al
lotted to each party I removed, and tho Work com
pleted to the satisfaction of the Na.vy Department.
All Ihe appliances used lu removing theso Wreck
mnst bo furnished by the salvors
No proposition will be received from parties whodo
not furnish satisfactory evidence lo the Commandant
of thla ard that they are fully prepared with all tbo
proper and necessary appliance for Ihe execution of
work of this klud i aud the Aavy Department re
serve Ibe right to summarily annul Ihe agreement.
If the work ts nol promptly commenced and diligently
prosecnlcd, or completed Indue time. In which casn
all claim of t lie salvors lo the property recovered will
he forfo.tod lo the Uo vcrntucnl
tuhl(J-td Commands u I
Cuter QfAaTEUMAiTRa' Orrtcg,
DsrAHTMIKT r Coil Milt a,
PoBTLAXn, oaxnox, tth 13, 14, )
Sealed Proposals will be received at this odcoup
to noon on April 10, ISO?, for tho transportation uf
UovernuientSupplIesover the following route the
ensuing season, comiuenclugou Ihe 1st day'of Miy,
T Camp Watson, Oregon, 1W tons weight, moroor
To'CimpLognn, Oregon. CI tons wtlgUt, more or
To' Camp Harney, Oregon, 3V) tons wvlght, iiuro or
VU Wallult or Pulottso Lauding i-t Fort Colvllte,
W T .lUtoiis Wilgbt, inoruor leos.
Via Wallulato IrortUulse, I T., 121 ton weight,
imre or less.
Ma Camp Wat -on to Fort Uolse, I T., HI Ions
Wtlght, inoro ur l.
To Lowlsinn, I T.t UJlous weight, tnoroor less
To Cmup Thro Forks Owybee, I. T . IU too a
weight more or I
To Camp J yon. I T 0) tons wulght, more or less
To Camp Warner, Oregon, VTJ tons weight, more
or lesa
To Camp C, F. Smith, Oregon, 70 tou weight, inoro
or less.
To Fort Klamath, Oregon, 70 tons weight, tnoro or
To Astoria, Oreron.100 tons weight, inoro or less
Tobtcllacooin, W. T. 110 tons wilfht, moroor Us
ToHau Jnnn Island, 1.11 ius Hiliht, more or less
To Camp Tbreo Forks, Owybee, 1. T 111 tons
weight, more or less.
To Camp Wuruer, Orogou, 27J tons weight more
or less
TuCsmpC, F, Smith Oregon, TJtous wolgbt.uuru
or loss.
To Fort Klamath Oregon, 7J tons weight, moro or
Tn Aaliirta. 'tr.ivnti. 1 Yl Inm Ui.lvtil. in irs np Ikss
T.t ku J n nn I al.u..i . U T . il.iiiauritflil- iii.trAue
ToSlolIaenom.W T , 110 Um weight, moroor lesa,
To Camp Three Folks. Owhoe, I. T., 9d ton
weight, moroor less
To Camp Lyou, 1. T. , 0 ton weight, moro ur less
Tbe con tracts 10 bo in force fur on year or any
shorier period, at tha option r the Uultod Btates
The Uovernmnnt rcarrvoa toltu if the right to use lu
own transportation ever auy of theaowoutes
Uldatnustbe lu triplicate, with a copy of this ad
vertisement altaihod to each, uud oudorsed, " Pro
posals for Iransputtlon from to." Didders
will he required to fnrnUli satisfactory evidence
that they are aot tutorusted In auy other bid thau
their own.
Tbe usual conditions will be tmposod upon bidders
and contractors
tor furthr Information, apy at this ofllnr. por
souallyor by letter. A It EDDi.
mblXt Chlif Q M , D ilO
I K o""p o" b A L S .
Orricx SrrEavistxn Oi'AnTxNMAsrcu, )
hi. ll.lIlaTBICT 11 V Tltll It 111 fill UK.
llliowgsviLl k, Trass, Feb. 13, leu) )
Staled Proposal villi be ncolvednt this ottlce un
til 'tUESDjtl, the rut day or Mnrili, 13u, at 11
o'clock a Tat. for the transportation of Troops and
Military Supplies from and lo point wlihlu tho hub
Itlsirlrtof th RluUrauds for the ye ir euJlug May
lt, lai.
Proposals will state at what ratos bidder propose
to transport troop and Army burr Ilea from uud lo
tliiitln Nil.
iroin Urusoa Santiago lo Uruwuavltlr, by river or
im icim isauLi.
Route No. 2.
From Urowusvlllo to Rlagfold JI.irracks.
Route No 1
HtiiSSiil.t DjirnrliatA t.nriln
l'ropo.al will distinctly specify at what rale the
um tiers win contract to transport troops anu buppiiub,
In h clnaalHsil n fnll.isra l)MMn iiiil mllbli'd lnin.
cabin or dork passengers each, aud tho following-
ciass ui irciiui, vn. norsos rauiea, ami iwci camu
xr head) sheep ptr head troa machinery, lead,
sine, tin, copper, nails rivets. Uilts, paLnts, shot,
sloms. wire, heavr ImrJwars. hullow.waj-e. rrlud-
stones, orduanre, homy urduauco stores, 4c, per
life) pounds (lUUlbs.)
Coal per tou I Hay per bale t LuiuWr, plno pcrl,0U0
MtltOakumi LtitnWfaOak lhc 1,IAU foil, Oatsaud
Cora per sick.
Measurement foods, tlotlilna', ctiolpik. crates,
crockery, furniture, doors, blinds, sasbnsi. wagou
tongue-, iiiiiitiuxs, matin M-s,llglit ttuks uad threes,
liooks, stiuionsry, ie , ikt cubic foot.
DryOocd., flour, meal, bread, rice, crackers, dried
aplei1wulou,,po!atoi, turulps, wliltn sirgur, Ac,
l"'i iiu wi koous, ivri, urn, iitjuioa, nsro,nuir,
leiueiUtlilaslor, tar, yubln, nioUssis, brown sugar,
ihiiow, incase, c , ir uarroi
lnegir aud pickles I ukr us, per keg.
Aiobu I stices aud spring wagons, taib.
Army WagonslcoinpUtcleatb
kruli. Jaua, (cllks. window glass, plckliricx
tracts, 4c , peiboxt candles, crackirs, hard U'fsd
frlua. sni. ua. e.iml.tniut.t inlllc. run in. m. .!. . Sij
per boxt bains, inr cask t hams, vr tkercot Ico, jn.r
hbd , Urd. ptr tierce i lard, per kigt rice ix.r llei cot
lulls, inr doicutsugar, per bhd augur, (Hiivaua.J
i-i uifji, im, pit (.iirsii sbk, pi r anrx aua uarret
Mie-vels aud sp ides, r doieu i wlitelliarrows each t
laths, per l,luU sbiuglos. per !,( luhuci.0, p.r box 1
t'J ii'M UIVIPII1., iM( UUAVH.
All freight l.i bo dellveied at audi lauding!1, ware.
huiihos, or other place of iiuloudlux ut eaih of tbo
ahovo uainad ihiIuis hs may bo deslicuatuj Ly tho Dl
pt.t Ouarlei muster at Urowusvllle r othi r aulhorlxud
wlllrtrs ur ugeuts wr tho UunrteruuKter's Di purlimul
( oulractors mail bo prepared to trausport tho troop
aud puhtlo freight at uuy uf tho ahov uamd ihiIui
wbeu roiiulred, nud must Uko audi troops and sup
Illostolho full capuclty of tho vosstl uruihor maus
of iruusportatlun provided If rixjulnd by tho Uuar
lermaster'a Uepnrtincut, aud tbo proposals miiit atato
tho cbaracti r uud class of vvssels proposed lo bo fur
nished fur watur IrAusportutliiu, and tho kind of
teams, wbtthirox urmulo teams, for laud transpor
tation. Allpriksal must bo In trlplleato with a copy uf
this advertisement attuched to eucb, and must lo ao
compauled by tho names of at leaat Iwu sultlcleut
sureties who will slgukfy by eudorsoinent tbvreou
tbeir wllllugiitts to lifcume respoustblo for tho per
furmaucu uf ibo enutrart
Proposals will bo Indorsed "Proposal for Trau.
iHirlullou," and Mill beaddn-sid to "Jho Supervis
ing Uusin riiisi-ur, bub-DUtrUtof tbe RioUiuudo,"
Ifiunuiiiur, llTJLtt.
ll proiosal recilvfd will bo firwnrdod li (lift
awardi th Uovernmmt reserves tbo right to rejul
ti ussiirruisiirrui liiw cisiriCI Tor UpproVul UUd
if i i .. "'J"' " UIU,
order of DrevclMaiortlenMrai SfrP-inV
. .t, .,. UEiiKUk W SMITH.
M Lieut aCthlufautry, U U M aud A A (1 M.
hui-rvl ug UuartermabUr buh-DUlrlct Itlo Oraudo
tuhld td
ITaiTKH bf ATK-t l'ATKST DfrirR,
,. . Wasiiiaiivoa, March , l&uD
lu Iho ptt It lou ur Clliuiks Pahs,kh, ofMirlduu,
Lonu ,prurlug forlhoexlcublonuf a patent grauted
lihlm tbe Atid day of Juue, l&i, fur au Improve
ment In Cast Iron Msts, fur seven ears from the ox
Plratlon of said puleut, which lakes pluev uu the Mb
day uf June, Isbi
Ills ordered that the. ald putltlon bo heard at tbe
PaiuiiqiUioouMO.DA.lhe Ut VI ay or June next,
al 1J o'clock, lu aud all pcraou ar uotlOod tu ap
pear aud show cause. If any they have, why aald
petition ought not to bo granted
Persons uppo-lng tkeexienslon are required to Ale
tn the Paleut (J film their obi ur I Ion. soclally set
forth lu writing, at least fiocittj daya hi foro the day
ofhearingi all testimony riled by either parly, to bo
uaidattbo aald hearlug, must bo takeu aud truus
mined lu accordance with the rules of Iho uinco,wblch
Will IlA rOrnlHllHil An .ivsllHll..n
Depositions and uthwrpiciwrB, relied upon as test I-
iuuu j uiu.i imi uiei4 iu ma unto iivsmiv uays ouior
tbe day uf hearing the arguments, If auy, within
Itn daya after nllng the tostlmouy.
Ordered, also, tbat Ibis notice be published In Ibe
i tvav'"'" sun m jWMitiffsnrc-, tTasuiuuion, u.
mh!7-Tu3t Aotlng OomialsalonBrof Paienis
OenulneDackaklnOloveafurOentlemeuand Idlr.
wholnaaleaad retail, at HAMMlUkU i HllNa, No,
reei, uotrxewwn, u, U, Ladltis' arfid
tltTv tnslu to order, futa flui.
I'hxsidx Orric?R. January 4. 19M. I
Application having been made under tn act of June
21, lMn. for the reissue of the following described
Land warrant.
.and Warrants, which are alleged to baveniosf t
r destroyed) Nolle Is hereby given that at the dale .
mi owissinasnrTiiHiosnisuB wirrisi si lis cn-
llfleat or warrant of like tenor will be reissued, If
N 1,191, for SO acres, Issued under the art of
f larch S, IBM, Inthenameof Sophia, widow of faul
lowell, and was graaled October 9, 1807. March 1U,
No. 7,3)9, for 80 aerss,
Uatvh I. IkU. lilhSBimt'
.... .nnl inlv 1- 1S.17. MarrhM. IMS.
No S7,)!. for 80 aerea. Is toed under the act of
March A 1$M, lo the name of Mary F.( widow of Ed
ward It. Moscley, and was granted August K, 13j7
March W, 1969 ...
No. 4.M1. for 110 acres, Issued under Ihe act vf
March 8, l&M. la the name of WUlism W. Patne, and
was granted June 22, 18M March SS, 18C3. . . .
No. 9J,f7. for IA) acres, Issued under the act of
March .1, ISM, In the name of Daniel Hlx, and was
granted November H, ISM March W, 1908. .
No SO.ST!, for IA) aeres. Issued under the act of
March S. 1WJ, In Ihe name of Margaret, widow of
rlenjamla Deatty and wa granted December li, 1U.
March 29, 1SGJ. ,
No ol,ftP, for 120 acres, Usued under the act of
March 3, 1V), In Ihe name of Elijah Dcmonl aud was
granted rcbruaryl'. BW Ma,rch2S, 1C9. ,
No ,dii, for IA) acres, Issued under tbe art of
March 3, ISA In the name of Margaret, wllow of
Hpenrer Uhdlton, aud was granted March fid ac
March 23, 1908, ..... . ,
No 7,UVl, for 130 acres Issued under the act of
March 8, 11. In th nam of AbramTnrnlpsocd, and
wa granted April 17, Kai. March 2S, la ,
Ao. U'.&VS, for 1AI acres. Issued under tbe act of
March 1, 19.sl, In the name nt James Rose, and was
granted May i, Wat March 29, lm. . . m
No. 7i),flfl.f, for ll) acres. Issued under the, art of
March S, 13, tn the name of Nathaniel lteynold,and
wa framed July 7, IfcAl. March V, 1S .
No iri.aT, ror IA) acres Issued under tbo act or
March 3. ls?i', lu the Dims of Asa Lyno, and was
granted Augusts, Vki. March 29, 1909.
No rD.lisV, for 12U acres, Issued under tho actor
March 3, 19-), In the name or William LgB, and waa
mr.nl A lliafiil,ll IS.'Wl Uarrli41. lWj
No l,'il9, for IA) acres, Issned under the ait of
jnarcil b, mi, in tue nam oi .aivm itooiur, un
erased, and was granted March 1J, latt. March 2d.
No M,1ll, for 130 acres, Issued under tho act of
March 3, Pi, inttoi natneorneining Maienanu waa
granted Jmief, 1V17 Marches. la. ,
ho, VI,Vn, for IA) acre. Issued under tho act of
March 3, Pro, tn the name ur Justin Wilson, au I was
..rMtiwt l.n.l KM UafrhiN IftM
No lrt,24'. for IA) acres, Usued under tho net f
Jlarrh 3, lM, lu tbe namour Ann r., widow ok i -n-Ion
Mather, and waa gnnled November 2J, Pi-a
Ll.n-1. M 1w.
No, Vi,t: for 13) acres, Issued tinder the an of
March.!, isvs, lotii mmooi witiiam i-uen, mas as
No. lUTi.Vi, for Id) acres. Issued under thft act
sisrcn .i, i"vn, in tun name oi iiarrici, wmw i
vii4ru i mnuoy iiiil mm xrauiuu iccuiuwi s, ima
llaB.l. IM1 lull
No liA1l, for 100 aeros, l-uod under tho art of
aiarcus, iKt tu mo nauioui notsey, wmowui una
Mayers, and waa granted Decern Ur 17 1M March
No ldl.CIl, for IU acres, aurd umler the act of
March S, lsi.1, in tbo namn of hally A , widow of
Jesse McClary, and was granted lecoiuU.r 21, lout.
Msrch USl.
No 1DS.GSK, for HI) acres, Issued nn ter tho act of
March t, WiS, In the namo of Ahrabain r ullcr, nud w la
frame January s. ituj mbtcii jn, ii.
No 10f),73', for I'll acres. Issued under Ihe act of
March t, 11, u tbo name of barah O., widow of
I'avio i'. I'-wi. nnn waa granted January i, ivi
itairli JA. 1MIM
No .SI, ill, for 100 acres. Issued under the act of
March 9, 1U, In Ihe namo of Aon, widow of James
pproii, sua was grauiou aoui d. isi. miicu Wi
No ,il0, for 1I) acres IssueiLDnder the act of
March i, hti lu tb namo or Cbarles if urry, and wi
ratiln.l AiKintH. IfL'il klirfli JX. lHI.4
No 41,41:1, for IU) acres. Issued uuder the act of
March t, 1-iVl, In thn uam of Johu Hums, aud aa
grnntod Ortob r H. lVsj. March 2M, 14A
No (tf.TW, f r Itl) acres, Isiiud under Iho art of
Marrh 1, I&YI, In tin' uam of Mmeoii bite, uud was
granted AprlI17, 1.-7 March , l-va.
No 70, l'7. for 10J acres, Issued under tho art uf
March x, )& in Ih nam" f AberMvtu, and was
grant.il August 1. 17 March 2, -A
No. "0,rli, for lOD acres Isaued uuder Iho act of
March 3, liwt. lu ibe name uf Isaae wung, aud was
granted July 1 r.,? March ', llS.
No Mtl'a1,.for Psj acres. Issued under tho art of
March t, l.l, In the name of NamuelNwvius, aud was
rrsiitnil lrl.ifurl. 1W U arch 11. !.
No t7,Va fur 1U) acres Issued uudtr Ibo act uf
isrcuj, ivw.iu mo namo joonpu pi myior, huh
(rsBKu mar i !(' iitiiu i, iu.
.IV rU' IUI iuu Hli'f ,aiiT-u uuiiui l,v nt .'
March 1, H'rf, In the uatueof Jacob Amos aud was
vpfihld.1 P. hrniri 'VT. liat Miirrh'M. 1S.M
No Ui,2K, for IUU acres. Issued uuder Ihe act of
March v, ih, in ihe nameoi Merejiiuouueiiar auu
tfm irsule.! Jiniurv "ll. l.tud March 'JR. lsut
No luusr, for lGu acres, Is-ucd uudr Ih art of
March , lx, la the namo of Joanna, widow of ralvlu
McC'urdy aud was granted Librunry 17 lta7. March
23. lbUS.
So. 1 (VS. tlf, for 100 acres, issued nndcrtli act of
March 3, law, in tue namoui tusiiorrr ivenmci, aua
uss trrautnl tebruirv T. 1S67 Marrb '". 1S.M.
No lul,SV), for 10J acres, Issued under tbo act or
March 3, ISM, iu Iho nam uf Ollvo Prt-iuer, former
widow of hllpbnlct Daniels, aud was grantodleb-
nnrvll 1W?t ilivrli9ll. !.
No. l4Vl, 'for IA) acres Issued under the act of
;u arc u 3, ism, in iuo, namoaui iuu imuor rnuuii.ii ui
Jonas U. Carter. decoimoJ, aud wasgrauted Heptvinbor
a, ism April is, wwt ... ....
iiu i "J tor iuu avvi.'v, i..vvi ,,m.ci hi. h.i .'. p.,m
W.lsl.ln the nam of Murphy ll Vaugbu aud waa
grnuieu may u, ito. wi; , ii , , '
No Vt.Dll, for IU) acres. Issued under tbo art cf Ft h- .
ruary 11, 117, la thfluaiiieuf Win llolllslir, uud Wua !
grauted April 14. Inn, May 2,13.
tio h'i, for id) acres Issued uuder Ihe act of Ft b- '
.ruary II, 1M7, lu thenamsnf Patrick bbi, and waa- ;
granted August 10, 1941 May?, 19UW.
No W.AW, for 10J acres. Issued uuder the act of Jcb-
ruarr ii, i-f, ia 101 ssiun i cuu uvu .. . vi
LharleaMcUraw. deceased, and was grauted August
M.U.H. May2,ltsH.
no tti,ii, lor iuu acres, issneu unuvrinsscivi ecu
ruary 11, 1317, In the name of John M Utiles, aud wo.
frauted October 2rt,liW. Niyi.m , , ,
tin 31.o;a. for ltU acre,! ud under the act of March
V, 1V1, In the name of Jobn Dyer, aud waa grauted
JiHiJ7, IVm). May 2,1 ... ....
No tl.TTo.for lt acres.lssued under the act of March
1, 19.U. tn the nam o llarhara Ualllrl, widow ur
Jacob Ualllet, aud was granted July 17, laM. May
i, 19o
No 41.037,for 100 acres,tsued under tbo act of March
1, 1V1, la the name ot Catharine Uloss. widow of
Nlcbnfas llloss, and was granted beptemUr Ju, Ins).
No ai lOti for VO acres, Issued under tho act uf March
1, 111, in tho namo or Mary Ann OalUhuah. minor
child of Mies (Jallohufb,deeiaod, and u us granted
D ceiiiber 17, ISM. May i. lrt. , , ....
No A.l,for 100 acre, Usued nodi r Iho act nfMarch
3, liil. In ihe name of llelnrlch tlerdlug, aud ia
granle.1 January 2, 1A17 May 2, 1M4 ... .
Nn 67,11 for 10) acres.lssued uuder the act of Marth
1, l&A iu Ihe namo ufllanuah Irlu. widow of Chris
tian trill, and was granted March 0, 1S7. May 2
No ID, 101, for 100 acres.lssued under tbo act of March
3, ISM, in lli namo of Abruham Waldeu, uud was
granted March lil. 1857. May 2, IMS. ... ,
Ho 00,411, for lflu aeres, Issued uuder tbo act of March
IHO, In theusmeof Jaier 'laylor aud was granted.
April . 1.7 May2,lMU3, , , t 0l .
No ti, 4a.Sfor 1GU acrus.lssnod under Uo act of March
3, l&U, Iu the nam of hrlstlan llausou aud was.
grauud April 29. 1337. Mayt.ltsH. . , .
Nn u6,4tii,for 10U acres.lssued under th act of March
1, 1S3.1, iu tho name of John lieuton, and wa grauLd.
Juneii, ia'7. May2, l&fil ... . ,
No 71,W,forlW acres.lssued nuder Iho actof March
1, ISM, In lb uames of thu minor children uf Couway
t'ourtuoy, decease J, aud was grantod October 3, l&'J
Af a v 2 IbgiI
h. u. a,. sHa1m Aa I ..-! wn.lak Ilm .1 jkt alriM)
t, 1SW, luibe namo of Margan.1 Ijmou, widow of
lODBinau tA'iuoo, iuu was k' i'" "' ""
Mar 2 lH,
No n'l.Ca.'t.for 100 aeres.ls.ned under tho acl of March
1.1&VS, in tbeuimeof JuauCrospIn, aud wa grauud
N fil.SD.for 10) acros.lssnM under Iho net of March
1, 1&3. In tbo nam of Antonio llerrora, uud wa
granted August ISM. May 2, PAS.
N W,4Jl.fer luuarri',lssiiod under thn ncluf March
3, luU, in ilm namoof Bsblna llaca, uud was grauted
August 14, 1S3&. May2.1Sob
Ka W.TisJ.for IGUucres.lssued uiidor tho at tof March
J, lull. In tho uamo of Bally llolbrook, f.irmr widow
f Joseph Morrisou, and waa grantod bepumber 1,
law. May2,Pt$3.
Ao 8J.ll7or 100 acres.lssued under the act of Marsh
t, 1'L In ibenunioof Juau Pedro Marcus, uud uu
No I4.t',fur lod acres, Issuod uud- rlli
act uf Miireh
1, IhU, lu thu uamo or tathariun ai
Tlitiinus Austlu, auduaa grantod D
inutr 1U jv
. . Vn ... k- tv nA lai.A.1 HallM. MiA BfI
HO fu-i ir au Miv.il.""".-. - - --
Man Ii 3, lo lu tho namo of Christopher Wlao, uud
v.. j i tit i..rj.i .rnia. Imu.I uudor lLa art of Hfli
Us-tibcr.'lNxi, lu ihe namo of t hrtstopber Wise, aud
- grauted fibraary JJ Kl Juue 13 isoa
EfAKTMOT 3'llE. inibniuit,
i lJO,
ma A feTKADUAX. udmlulao
ll Xoaf th valuta ul
IL.iiiisstl hiinldiuau. dacuasod.
pratlug for the exivUslou of a
Ol a.)-" mviiin-u
pa ts-AttjrruulodVotbesuldlhuuiiisS blond man. IhetJd
us rwMay, Ktt. aud reissued In three divisions Ihe
lut slar of Juue, Psl), restKCtlvely u urn be red u&l,
iimi. aao w7 no wiwin iinu lumuru nuwtu
Juti s, IHU, aad numbered IZit, and No. W was again
" i" .;.! ii.. hull .l.v ..t J.n.n ImU. aud uuiiiIh red
JUL I" au liuprovcuitnt lu Clover aud Onwi bocd
Han vatirs, 'or seven years from tbo expiration or
aid, aateut, whUu hkebjUw ou lb-Sal day r May,
1SIli ordered lbatfbiisri1dpetctu bo beard at tbo
Paleul smcon MoNDAV, thoslliday uf Mny uoxl,
allio'i 'lock, in i aud till pruu are uuti Hod to up
pmiruu I show tauso. If uuy they have, why bald po
llllouou hl uotlo lm tf ran tod
Persou iwPiKi-lug tho vxieuslon are roqu red lo nln
lulh Vt jI uiUco Ihclr objections, spiclaly set forth
In wrillui , avt leat t lotnt j day hefor tbo day uf hoar
I.... -ii.. :-n..i,.i.v m.,1 rv uliher (Kirtv. tu ho usud at
Ihe said li earing, iuul bo laJreuaud trausmltlul iu ao
cordaucewlth the rulo of the Oltlcc, Which will be
famished uaapplioatlou.
li ,liU......I,.lli..iiniiiii rutin.) nnnri BS (flalli
mouy, muMWtllcd lu tho uUUo twmty day before
thuday of JwucrLu B i thourgumeiits, If auy, wltb'Uf"
days aiior sim urn 'uiuur,
Ordered aviso. Hut tills notlro Lo publlhed In the
IteruaLU) fjr aad In the liiteitlgoMrr, Washington,
1 C,,aud In (bo Tt tOtine, Chicago, 111 , ouc a week
riirlliriuts Kfiiulva Wveliai Ilia (li.t nt mit.l iniLII...
lloustobe at iva.kt sixty daya previous to the day of
I,. ..In. ' A 11 ITilllll'
foAr-&)t AOliig Commissioner of Patent.
1 11 0 l O' b A L K
V iiTCb Staves SiosisTrxca DlPAnvMiisT, 1
ATtKTi.di . Maich 10. lMbL I
Hialr d Prnposals will be received at ibis ofilco uutll
ism , iiitiuBUAi, siarcn vt, ifr lorsuipiying
' JJ.lMlDlllCk,
TWO thirds tif Ilm iiuuuit Iu bu anod. auuuJ. hard
Brlil iho halauc a good merchantable arilcis lo bo
-'ji' aisiui iu sue
iu b ddlverodat "Mcpherson's Uarracka, " At'
'?.1 uidellvery tocoiuineucoatonce
P roiou)s wlllboluirlpllcate.audtudoriolby sure.
,T be Oovernmeut reserves the right to rejert any or
s)1 .bids, or seltct such pari of bid as may be for tho
b isl luUrast of tho service. .... , ,
Proposals should be addressed to thn uudorslguod
an lUUiiraeu. UU III euveiVv t luyvisn iv. uv ui
I Iverr ofUrlck."
I, .m.,. sn..i nn. u.i, tn ,.,v crjj , .
First Lieut, jlth luUulry.A.A Q.M ,
tubt-'t In charge of Depot
Dr. JOHNSTON has discover-! the most eortatn
sneedv. and oulv effoetoal remedy lu the world for
Weakness of the Back r Limbs Htrlrturos, AiTecllon
of lb Kidneys and Uladder (nvolnntary Discharge
ImpoUncy. (Jane rat DeMlllr, IfervonsnBs, hysppala
of th llarl. Timidity, Trembling, Olmnoss of sight
or O Id d loess. Disease of th Head, Throat, Nose, or
Skin, Anectlona of the Lunge, ktomacb, or Bowel
tho terrible disorder! arising from the Solitary Habits
of Youth tnos sire it ano solitary vraetioM
hopes or anticipations, rendering marriage, .!-
Eipoctally.who have become the victims of Solitary
Ice, that dreadful aud destructive habit, whlah an
nually sweeps to an untimely f rave Ihonsnodaof young
men or the most exalted talent and brilliant Intellect,
who might otherwise have entranced listening BanaUa
with the thunders of eloquence, or waked to rcstscT the
living lyre, may call wllh full ennfdene
Married Persons, or Young Msa contemplating mar-
(lace, being aware of physical weakness, organie de
lllty, deformities, A , speedily cored.
He wboplacea himself under the earn of Dr J may
rellriouslycoullde ou hie honor a a gentlemaa aa X
lenity reiy upon msssui pnjrusi.
Immediately Cured and Full Vigor Restored
Ihla Ilraa.ir,it IIIaASanXrlilch rsnisrs Llfj Mlserabl
and Marriage Impossible Is the pnualtypald by the
VIClim Ol improper indulgences, inun pirmiso sis
Ino art lo commit excesses from not belnA aware of the
dreadful eonaeqaonoe that lhay ensue. Now, who
that understands Its subject will pretend to dear that
the power of procreation Is lost aoonar by Ihose alltug
into Improper habits than by th prudent. Beildva be
ing deprived th pleasure of healthy offspring. Ihe
most anrlon and destructive symptom to both body
ana DUO a ante, in system ucnouirs orru, u
Physical and Mental Function weakened. Loss of
Procreatlv Power Nervous Irritability. Dyspepsia.
Palpitation of the Heart, Indigestion, Vooslltutlonal
Debility, a Waiting of the Frame, Coughs, Consump
tion. Ae
left-hand aide going from Haltimore street, a Tew
doors from tho corner. Fall uot lo observe name and
- No letters received unless postpaid and con
taining a stamp to be used on the reply. Persons
writing should state age, and seud portion of adver
tisement describing; symptoms
flit JOHNSTON, , .
Member of tlu Royal College of Burgeons, LonJen.
graduate rrouoayt of tbe most eminent College la the
United Mates, and the greater part of whoa life be
been pot In tbe hospitals of bond jo, Paris, Phlladel
rttt. aud elsewbero, has effected some of the most as
tonishing enre that were ever known t maar troubled
with rioting In tbo head and ear when asleep, great
nervousness, b logalannod at sudden sound t bash
fulness, with froqueut blushing, nt ten Jed sometimes
wllhaderaugomcntof Ibe mind. Here cured tuuiedt
Dr. J aiklressea nil those who have injured them
selves by iL.proper Inlulgmcee aad solitary habits,
which ruin both bndy and mlud, unnttlng them for
cither busluess, study, society or marrlago.
Thos are aome ot the mid and melancholy euVeta
rriHluced by early habit of youth, vis: Wealtnes of
Ui Dack and Limb. Palas In th He., Dimness of
Rig hi, Losa of Macnlar Power, Palpitation of the
Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervms Irritability, Derangement
ottka Dlaestlve Vnncllns, Ounural DsblUty. Uyup
totes of Consumption.
Mkivallv.-TIi fearful effeetaon tb mind aremucb
4a Lu. An UilH.tIjHa ill M. m.irv. (!onfualun of ldas.
Vepcwsslon or Spirits, Evil lurehodlug. Averslou lo
LVxu-ty. Kelf-d 1st rust. Love of Bolltndo, i imldlly Ac,
e aowaf Ibe evils produced. , . . .
Thousands uf porwmsof nil are" can now lu.lg what
U, 'because f their declining health, losing their vlaor,
bc ralng weak, pale, utvwusand emaciated, havinc
a lingular an" a rnee about the eye, cough, and
ba veluiurod thetiiiM-tvesby a certain pracnco in
dulgiil 1 when alone a habit iroqiieuiiy learned iroin
evncim 'Mulons.or at acbnol, lb etfecUof wbleh are
nlxhllv fi 'Hi veu when asleep, and If not enivd rend
ersmarrlu Impossible, and destroy both mlud and
What a . ilty that a youur man. tb hope of hi
country, the prhUof his mix u is, should baentehed
from all prn ixilsaud eujoymcnlaof life, by the eou
seoninMuf di'vlulluf from Ihepath of nature aud lu
dnlcluxlu t wiala secrot habit. Such persons ursT
li foroeoutempl ".,. tiv
rcdfl Ih.l ..HI ' "'""' ""I hJr . Ik. m.l ."
doHl, wlthuut tli-'. I''. Jurb.y lliruu.li Ilfa bpcoia..
.ud niloi wllU tb. IIH.I.M .olT, reflocll.il that th.li.p
Whan th.SSnb.gu Wed and hoprudeul yoUry of plea,
ur Buds bo has .nibltedltowwlaer.UU palnfnl dis
ease. It I0.1 .fuu happ.i thai au Hl-iimid aenssi of
sham, ur dread uf dUo-very, dcurs blui Trout ar-p y
lug t-i tbos.1 who, from alucatUnand rosrajctahUlty,
cau alouo liifrleud him He fall lntu tb hand of lg
uoraut aud designing pn louder, who, lucaiMblo i.f
curing, UMi hi p.-cuu1ary substance, keep blui trigiMg
luouth after month, ora long a ibo amallest fxoeuu
ho obi-itnoJ. aud tu despair loave him with ruined
health to sigh over his mlliii dUappolnlrAeuliwr. by
Ibe uo r that daJly poison, Masco ry-hnsten Iho eou
stllutloual symptoms of thla IcTflblo dlseaso. uch as
AlToctlou if Ih Head, Throat. No, Hkl .. pro
gressing wllh frightful rapidity III! death put a iiiod
to hi dradful euu". ring by sonding him to thai na.
dlovnd country from whoso bourne no travuUr re
'" .. -..r. o. Ja
1..1lUltaBJIC.s IT I in i iium,
TI.. hmi.il il...n.ii.l. mirh nt llils Inalltiitlun WtlLIa
tho la-t olgbtonu years, aud Ih numerous tiurgical
Operations wrfonotil by Dr. J hnlou, witnessed by
the reporters f tbo,8uu," aud manyollior paiwrs,
notlrisnf which appared again aud again before tho
public, tald n hi biandinga a gentleman of character
and responsibility lauaufflclenl gu rants to tbe at-
8lI.l IIISL..1BE.7 HrMUIbl bVIIbi,
Parkin, wrlllna- ahiiubl ba naitlcular ! Ulrscllua
their lutkrs to his Instltntlou. lu the following manuari
JullN M JuHNbTUN, M. D ,.
Ualtnnoro imck iiospuai,
Jt.8 ly Baltimore, Maryland.
Ccsmer of botoud streot east and D street aouth, Capl-
inutun cirv.
TIr'is-'W butldlDtris now ready for the reception o
put iwu. if every class, both modital and Burvlcal.
Patluu will lio rcecivod lut Iho wards at 1 per
ih If. iimikIiIh Iu a.lvsuca. Ibis Includes Modlclua
aud Mudkril wr SurnUal alt uJauee
I'rivate K0.1111S ruu 1m had at advanced ratos,
D. It. IIAONEK. U. D , No. U0 II atroct, Ulwecn
El a lil" ulh and NluUs-iitb.
JOHN C. UILEV, M D , Now York avenue, be
win Fourteenth aud FlflMmlh st roots.
WM. MAUlilfl..M D ,4-Wll stroU
J. F. THOMPSON, M. D., corner Nlulh struct and
Massac buselts uveune.
M H)Kl), M I ,tSE.ist Capitol slrnet.
. b. LINCOLN, M, D,,hF street north.
0 1M FT U.N TVLEU. M D , coruor of Waahlngtou
and (Jay lrvi-, Ueorgotuwn.
W. P. JUIINbUN, M. D..beveutb etrvc!, bolwtou
K HiiWaRD. M D .tSIFstreoL
TIIOM AH M I LLr It, ttl F stnet.
JOH.NiMiN ELlUl. 40(Ktreit
('. II LIUEKMANN.l-Ulhlrteenth street.
Application cau bo made at tho Hospital, er I oltber
of the above-mimed physician Physlclaua seudlng
pMlleuts lo the Hospital who may occupy private room
have tbo privilege of attuudiug the same.
Mtrlio isirsoua with contagious d Is a sea admitted.
octl? tluporlor.
Coruuruf Fourtoouih aud N streets.
This DIsivDtisury Ja lu conuoctlou with Columbia
Huaplt rJ, sud 1 opouud for tho Ireatmeut of out-door
patkuu, plio aru suppljul with Mudkluo, Modical
aud aurglcHl Ireatmeut fico,
Patlouts whoareabout to LoiJufliiod aud doslretu
bo atteuded at Ihelr owu homos, bvl who aru unable
Ut nay for tb services of a cotuputout nodical pracll
lUar will be furulsbod with medical aiteuilBu free.
bytslvLpg Iboir wamoa aud uddrosa afjlu Hospital
w.lh thuiuatrou
Mondays, frwiuJto-l Prof F Howard,
Wviluesdays, from 'J to 4 Prof. J, II. Thompson.
rldya, tram 'i to 4 Dr. Aabford.
CoUuibla Hospital Is opoufor the reception of Ere
Patient uiuh order of tho Honorable bocrotary of
tbelaturlur, Much orders for aewlaaloo can beob-laiULslufll.sMurgoou-Iu-cblcf,
bis oUlce, IH 1 blroel, botweou Tweutlelh aud Twauity
first laj dTy
Wisuihiitos. March 3. ItsaL
Ou tho petition of Jacob titxnv.Tr, of Philadelphia.
IV ii ii ,pra)lngforlh exteusloh of a patent granted
lobliuiliKlwIidsyof July.lSM, foraniuiproveiueatln
Weavirs' lloddl, fur seven yearo from tbe expira
tion uf said pateut which take place ou the lath day uf
July, ltsjo.
It Is ord. red tbat tbo aald petition bo (heard at the
Pdlrut tiitlro ou MUNDAl the 'Jkh day or Jnno
ut'xt, ut 1 J o'clock, in and all persons are notified to
appour and show causo. If any tbey have, why said
In tltlou ought hot to bo grauted.
pur us upposlug the extension are required to fllo
U thn Patiut OtlTce. tbotr objection-, special ly aot
torth lu writing, at least twenty dayabofore th day
of hcuilugt all testimony Hied by ollherparty, to be
us'd nt tho said hearlug, must be taken and trans
mim d lu urcurdaucu u lib the rulos of tbe olMce, which
relied upon aa testl
i tietntu ilavs bfora
ay of bearing! tbe arguments. If auy wllfal
T".. -ii if mi wi ii v TIIK INTERIOR.
Wiihiiutdi. lebruarv i. DsJfl.
lili'duy of June, 1S3I, for au mprovementuHay
l'resso for Buvvu year from Ibe expiration of said
nutitut which tako place on the tith day of Juno,18 1
"IIU urderedlhat the said petition be beard allbe
Patent Oulee uu MONDAY, the lath day or May next,
all! o'clock in. t aud all persous are notified to appear
and show causo, If uuy they have, why aald petition
Person upposlug to extension are required to file
In tbe ruteut wiuco llisir ui'jecciun, spociau
uw riling, ul least twenty daya before t
In tbe Puteut uiUcd Ibslr objection, spoclally ael forth
lg. Ul li'UB, iwcniy uri uuiui am aaj
all tvstluiouy lilod by either party, to I
the aulJ bearing, must bo taken and tun
t accordance with the rulos of the o flics, wu
hearing i an
used at the
ki.ltli.il In apanrilal
":.:.- ; "T-.---" : "ii ...:
lb.ih.irilii.iiii. uil.I iitbur nsrvii
Jiouy, must bo bled lu the olllce ttoenltt days before
upoaitlous UUd oiuur yajwrs roueu upon mhiui
l.v or bbariutfi Ihe araum
ngt iu arguments, ii any, wiiuiuicn
dai a after tiling tbe testimony,
llnlurni. sla.a. that this nutll
Ordered, also, that this uutico be published la the
axomii iaan.llliMfn'sliifMne-t. Waahlaetou.D.D .
audio the roursuif, Albany, M. v.. once a weak for
ii.v.ui .nr..la.waski , ilm Brat uf Bald nnblleatlaas la
boallciws Bigay day provloos lolheJsyof hearla
tatT-stt AotlagComffllsistlruer'of psMtitwi
ich uaii mti't uiiuk ihu iiiiiuivui. ...
ilrderod, also, that this notice bo published la th
llcrvui lA uud tho Intelligencer. Washington 1.
L , aud In Iho iltitd, fhlladolplila. Pen a., once
wovklor tbri'eNUicunslv'e w.bksi (liaflrstof said pob
jluallous to bo at leuyt sixty ays I'tovlous tof dsv Oi
whtt-Hiw ArUpg Commlsilober of Patenif

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