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la published every ieoralug (Sunday exepll)iy
W, J. MgBTAev, Bortfceaal corner Teala aad D
treeU, fronting PefiBiylYulAAveni, tails far.
nUhed t Bhserlbr (by carrier) AIM cent per
Mall sibacrtteri, H00pr fcMM $.Nrrtlx
months i tad 1 M fof three ueathe, inrtltg tn
la psLllshed every morale g (EasJsy exeeytedl I)
MoBTAeBf rthttul eoraer Tenth sad D
froBtlsg PeBBaylvaala avenue, snJ 1 fur
to lubicrlberi (by wrrlerij at CO cents per
alallhuBivrlbtrf, l ODper taaami sMOOtoralt
joalh4 sa41 for three motfht.fneorfa&l'r In
VOL. 8--NO 195.
Auction Balei.
on Ih Dthdsy of Joae, IBM, and recorded la
I Ibcr K M II. folio 1, ISO and 1(1, on of the
land recerde fur the county of Washlegtou, I shall
' ll at public eel, lo. front of the promisee, oa
WEDNESDAY, tfat xita day of July next, inn
o'clock p in Lota nnmbr 17, 18 aad It, la
division of auuare numbered ML together with tba
bulldlnga. Terms of ealer cash. All expense ef
deed and atampe at cost of tba pannaeer, Ona
huodred dollar will la required to bo paid daw i
to bind theaale
u ann at viaruui,
j n wniir.tti A- no .
Je2l 30t Auctioneers.
OrricB Cmtif QvignBaTAsvBB,)
Distbict or TIB Ixdiak Tbbsitobt,
Fobt OmoJt, 0. , June 11. IMS. J
HeaucUos. at Fort Gtbaon, Cherokee Ne-
, "--- --it- .7--j.vr--vr-'
Aipuouo auction, as 'on uioign, tucroaeo m
tlun.eanslaUiiiT of hoanlLAl sad at bar lanta. elAth.
Ing, blanket, Linen, arm 7 wagons, wagon
covers, eouklagnleaalls, it aad naiaereas ether
articles, a. i. to oe aoia, wiuient reserve, to IAS
iihun- n
Uthdavof Jul. IM. AtlnVLrtck. a. in
rerusi Cash,la Qovcrniueat faadsitobe paid
on the day of sale
, Successful btddera te remove aloree within
twentyfour hours,
11 f ordar of Major Gansral Sheridan
, Br t. Ltf Bt Col . A. Q M , U. 8, A .
e21 U Chief Q M , Ul.t. Id J. Tar.
FoaTtiiBoiv,l H . Jnuall. 1868. I
At public auction, at Fort Ulbaon. Cherokee Na.
Hob, ua tba 11th day of Jul r. 18a, at S o'alock a.
Ul , consisting of
If) barrels of Flour,
&M pounds nf Soda Cracker.
III gallons Gueu mbar Tick lea
4,0 do Cabbage as I Union Pickle.
IM do lllxadVicklaa
ti do Oalwua,
tilt, do HaoerKrast
Thoabofp attraatobo Bold wltboat reaarrt. to
Hi hlBliaxt bidder.
Torinn: tb, In OovarBMent fund, on dar of
Flio aneroa.fnl bidder to ratnova atoraa within
twitQlr fuor I our
Ur urdwrvf alajor Ueaeral Sbrldaa.
A. F. tUH,hWlLL.
llit Meat Tol , A U M , U M A ,
l jell Id U.I.1U if aud0.lf ,DUt lad Tar
U 8 Watt .abo, Wabhikitov, I
CoHHAjfUAiT a urrict. Job ), ism l
p- Will lt ntferrd at pnblto aale. to tba hlf he.t bid
dr, onTUB-DAY, Jaljjl, 1, at 1) oTeloek, a.
in , at Ilia Uolted Uutoa HaTf VarJ, WaalilafUB.
lUld IlMt.
3 Hofai,
8 T til e,
S WklblUQj.
And a lot or arpoBter TtwU, Dlocka, Lamp,
JiW LaiapO lobes,
W Lamp bracket,
2,VW Piuo l Mcrap Leather and Old Hon),
Ul ioOM IronTnbv
larcnlotof Wmnihl Iron 8htTnn, Ae
C,fk)lba. 11 read,
ftOlb Klc,
cut lb Dried Applea,
Ooull l'lcklea,
STSlbi Conp,
X) gallon Ileau,
St Kallona Molaaea,
4oi) lb .Tomato.
T.itJlbo Detecated VecvlaU.
30 pair Hoot.
44 pair Calf aklnftbve.
40 pair hip do.
1,210 lb Tobacco,
Alao, l.eno bottle Uaitard,
174 bottle 1'epper,
S7Clotba brnabea,
l l,fiJJ bole waterproof CoupoatlloB,
I t part of aeta of btowarda' Htof a,
& ikju uorTieeaoia viTiaivn itiii
AUo, lot of Blanket, Waatal'apar.&e
ooq Doua jnio HatotnocK biuu,
11 bolt t ot Stuff,
418 lb Oldltop
AIo, a iootliy of Leather, Hop, Silver Call,
OHClolh, Hickory llrmtiu. Tabled orera, &e.
Thrt al. whleb trill liAvln at lk Km, namsil.
i-ll Id thoonlar of thRKdiarilaeuebt. ill Imcub.
iioue i ai in aauto uour iroui ay io uar uayi coin-
I Tarm t Caah In OoTornment fond
1 Tb article to I removed wltbln ten day A
UepoMtof ten rcr centum on each article wlllb
' reqniraa aiiuoiaiioi iua Bammer
Pronuaal. will bs. rarelved until 11 m of Julv "IS.
Jtxt. for farnUlilofc- Poatag htaiapa for a Urm of
lugritaii, cgiDmiciDi.';4 oi ocmeoiuar oexi
lllddera will atat tboprleapr(bonandbtaropi
Jellvtrabl In package of tan thousand eacb, at
boPotuillcl)opartmutU Waablogton
AUo, tba price par tboaaand In almklar packagoa
lollveriiblaiotho agent of tU Dtpertmeal at tba
lce uf maoufactaro
A lo, thaprlco par Ihoaiaud delivered laurger
icige, a required eltber at the Departinaiiror
itlari, f trtMiiiirAniiirA
Also, tba prlea per thouaand aeparated la inch
ttuautuloaasiuay l dally ordarad fur thonaa of
QatvlUcea. never let tbaa two hundred stamp.
ndaecareiy pacaod lii llacaae.Bltablabludara'
ward buxea, with uiutlln or othor a'luallr itrung
over, or lu suitable envelop, aeoordlog tolbe
Iiaantltyand UUtanee to be conveyed, a may be
hjqulrtid by tbe Department, atatlng tba dlfforeuee (
i but, uetv
wean tba eol of dallverr to aa agent at
pince vi inauuiaciuro ibu mi m
) (tuiUied and raoouuied by an agent of tkll)e
All ucn
llldder will alo give the additional coil for
reeling packages fur the malls and preparing
lank mreinta. under tba direction of anaaentuf
he Department, either at tba Dapartuant or ubbu-
Proioali inu.t be made for the Stampa la aheat.
t..Lilv cumuad. aud nsrfursted In auoh inaaner
i bat each separate blimp can be readily dot ached
id used
i no dr uomioau ina oi stamp now m ve are on
lent, two cents, three cents, live eenis, tea cnu.
weive cruis, nucru cvno, iwtuii iuui trut
1 Irtr cent, and ninety cenUl and Ave cent, tea
Bli uu niivvu (nun iu r iTnviii . u tuini
ce 1 1 the pt-rlodtmlStnupi wlllb about leu time
fiat of tbe loiter atamp On all of the tlianipa the
m will letter, aud I
iila I In tli a himt air la
iiie oiamp uiuai vo prepsreu in sucu "-.gnir
at an Hi' I tint t) rma them from ft letter ur
Histi win ao uiuiiiaia tueui aa ivivnuar lovtu '
:;. ..,i. :..-....f,. ".:.!" " .. .r.:.j:...:: ...z.
Stiiftnl urnnoscis f,ir Stnmotoa ctitbfititd ta-
r, ita nuio tn u, are tnvtttd
The whole number of 8tatnpe furulaiied to tbe Da
artmeniunriog tbeyoar ending tuewtu v joue
7 uaM.'ni.ART.nLt
rroin past exiierlouce It 1 aupposed that the
lumbor it packagt) mailed will avenge above
ivo buudre I dally, varying In alia from two half
1 1 !- i r All nf Minna, nn tn ilia (hi) ball . bata. ur
j ,IXU ataupji 1 ut by Far the larger pr jivrttou of
ukagea contain nut more than 4) ha I aheat or
000 stampa
bach I id is to be accompanied will a apsclmen
tbeatyleur eugravlug aud tiualityof the paper
bo furulabid. wblch will b submitted tJ compo
ml iHraiiri. lii liuMHla-rliiil liv Ilia I'uatinuatar llD
ral, for exauiluatUmi and the accepted bidder.
Haul consummation of coi
required t prepai
it.rva.ltiiia of the en
re ilealgosabl lurblali iroo
viug or iiio severa a
iniuaiiuus ui siamiis mere sn hiq u variety
the sues aa well as the deslgua f the stamp
Sclin(us. f biard and tlu bogus and envelope
r the iraumiiUal m of stamps ma! alao be submit
d wlthraiUbld Itliueiessary to protect thaboxe
iuulhi or ollur covers In the uio.t cifectual
unuer against wet or abravlun
1 bo contract will require all dies and prate to be
t-pare t and kept In repair, s nd that new die and
ales shall lo made, either for tbe preaeul da.
iiiluatl.naur staiups ur oil era, without charge,
tbe pleasure uf the D pirtmeult and all such
i piHiesan
r.irll.H atfirvl
Hi I Ids will be cituslJ.r.d evcept from partlei
no uave uwa aciiiAiiy enaagea iu iu ituaiuesa
Lupyiux suitable ire proof premises, aud pro.
did with all the uecosasry faollltloa lu execute
I o work premptly, aud give the requisite protc-c
n to (bo stamps, die, aud platu lu tbolr 1 os.es
Aitieauot known Io tbe Department will furnish
tul a i i tiieae p mil wiiu meir iiu
The Puatmaater Oeueral reserve tbe right of de
lllug w lilt It bid, lu It practical result, may he
.t lo the Inters. t uf th Dt.part.neut, having ref
buce lo l ho stylo of tbo work, secuiity, mudeof
iiklutr. Ae . aawsll as to iba terms, and alao of
nectlug any or all bids. If In hi ludgmeBt tbe lu
tresi oi i no Mrjinriiuaui ri'ioiro it
'Prop isals should be carefully sealed, and marked
t'r jiunals for Postage ri lamps," aud addressed to
Third AsaksUut Puntma-ier Oeneral
oil Fit Postmaster Ueueral
Hialed propusiilsOu duplicate) wlllb. reielved
tbe uudi.r.igusil until Ih I4ih day if July,
U. utlJtn . for rum I ill Ins VRKHIl liEEV to tha
1 1 ojiam tlila arsenal for 1b uoutba, baglualug
he liiefmu.tbaof good and inarketsble quality,
I equal ruportlona uf furo and hiud quarter
ut (necks, shauks, aud ktduey.lallow ex.
I1J l r are requested to hepietonl lo respond lo
I IT I lua, uu u. iivBivu iv niv vuuui ii( 111
'tluauluf their coutrart
' . M J 0REALI8U.
i alu and 0 8 K . In charge of Plkeavllle Arse
J, and A. A C.8 Jr. td
If r.o hi., .u Ut.IM wit or d.athUr. step l.t
ciiAKi,r f. vr.nmn a cosh,
Cora.r of ITIolh l.A I ttroet. ..A C.I o.!1 of
Van .aiitinl aanA a tnnra BMaftla1ila trnt ta tha
old folk at home, " than afew bottle of their nice
Port Wlee'Ur arapoDraady "...
Lover of "Hock Wlnea' will And a bottle of
uauiornu, wane wises as aeopioisoompai'
mil tn thai illitil
CLERUYUXIf desiring a PURE and agreeable
wine ror uotnuunion purpoaeawui auuauinay
onld wlabla
Henry Era!, tale chief chemist la the Department
of As-rlenllnrs. has Inst mads a critical asslval of
these. Wines, at our special requestmade la order
in we inigni do rcaasarou in regara to mem aou
report tfatm
rune niNKM,
tnJ anllalila frtr fa in 1 1 w an A naA ta1 mi
Thle soalyala. In cooianctlvn with that uf Hie
Surgeon Ueneral of the United States, together with
the numerufli other avldencea of their purity pre
aenleddnrlng the pat eight year, ha convinced
now before tha pablle
Fur sale In any desired quantities br
C. F PXKltlE h CO ,
Qrocari. corner Mlath and 1 stroeu.
Buildcn and Material
A large and full stock of MARBLE MANTELS, of
new deslias and anparlor lalah. for sal low at
J AC Oil VKtllMEYER'8.
mMl Corner Fourteenth and C sU
lW,900beat Quality of White Ptae Steam Kilt
Dried Lumber
tvu.guu uaagor aim
aU.QUjreetof WhlU
Alio, rem: icsei, iivniiocs. itoarua, j.aiip,
Jolat, e , Ae .Just received and for eale at onr
u.iiiiuvi,! ofiiimiMr.i,
r. wtowif h mn.
tt wm.ihtT.i iit BB.jy
Hotels and EertauranU
First claaa DoardlngiWllh all tha comfort of a
hotel J Accommodation for 10U gent (No liquor
told.) Board 4J per day, RegaUf monthly bward
en at reduced rate iuj22 tf
(rouiiiLT loirx'. MOTIL.)
r.no.ll.l.l. .T.nn. .pUlr
WAIllMTOXi , 0.
jonx II. tiMMES, ficrintot.
TUL Honuli ..llr.lr B.w. .I.fintly f.ral.h.il,
tnd loriitleil with w.lr .nd ... lliru.f hout ll
.U C.BUiu. auiKirb UlllUrd Bad UBtlilBC K.obi.
Uoomi on th. flr.t Bod .Moad llor. r.Mr.1
.BclB.lT.lr t r traB.I.Qt cfliiR
i on iauru sruklT,
U.IW..B u ! i, if. in
FBttleaUr Bttaatloa paid I. Voardla. Uori.a.
Larit alrr a&d coialorlabl. .IbIiIh Th. proprl..
I.r u w.U kbuwb ai oa. of Ih. b.at f..d.rB 1b Ihta
c. lyi-Aitfitaa:,
ROOM no ,
un in, irF.itiua ui ann tt larsK, vi nguuouii
N, Y . aduilatstratrlx, andWlMUM WiMTBKuf
saM K on d ml, Bdiulautrator of the eitate of
Archibald Wlater, deLeased, praying for the es
lenaloaof a patent granted tolbe ealJ Archibald
Winter, the lth dsr of Septemher, 1U4, for an
improvement in Machine for Sawing Fire Wood.
kc .for seveu years from tbe expiration of said
patent, wblch take placeontho UHliday of bep
tern be r, IMS
It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the
Patent Ode en MuNDAV the 14th day of Sep
teinbcr next, at 1. o'clock, lu t Bod all persons
are aeitned to appear aad show cause, tf any
they have, why aald petition ought not to be
Persona opposing the extension are required to
Ota la the Patent OHUe their objections, specially
set forth In writing, at least twenty dare before
the day of hearing tall testimony tiled by either
E arty, to boused at the said hearing, must be
ikea and transmitted la accordance with tbe rolea
oltkaouice,wblcU wilt boiurnuueu on application,
Deposltlona and other paper, relied upon asteiti-
loony , luutlbo filed la the oitloefwotfy days before
no uay oi neanogi iu arguuani, u any, wiiuib
fen day after filing tba testimony,
(lr.lar.il a Ian. that Ihla ntittra ta nnl llalmrl In the
Rtpubllean aud tbo InltUigtuctr. Waablogt n,
D C , aud In tha Mla$t New York, N Y ,
ooca a, week for three otwj.slve weeksj tbo Urs-t
of said publication te be at least sixty day pre
vlou la the day of hearing
AetlsgCoiamUloBr o
Ukitkt Statk Patkxt Ortc,
Waiiibitub, July 3D,ltnU.
Ou the petition of JitLia Daaitr Ai, of Maw
ork, N V , executor oi the estate of Mctor Beau
moul. deceased, praylaf for the extension ef a
patent irrnuted I tbo said tctor Biaiimoul, the 3d
day of t'ctuber, laW, for an Improvement lu Hteai i
uaugo, lor seven years trow me rami-aiiou ui um
pa teu l, wblch take place ou tbo 3d dayuf October,
U, nn I. at I J ii rliii.lt ..ill t and all ruira ina art lit tl
ned io appear ana uow cause, ii any .uay wave,
why said petition ought not to bo granted
Persons opposing the extension are required to flio
tulli Paleut OUlce their objections, specially set
f.irLli In wrltintf. at l.aat tiftrutu ilia Lorin llit. d IV
of beating ( all testimony file 1 by either partr. to be
u.ova iu. iiiu ucaiiua, uiua ui uiin auu n.ti-
inllied in accordance with the rule of the oUloe,
which will be furnished on application
vrnf.ttwu,.uu vliva; NllftTl-., ivtl.l, Uiuu . itr.
tlniii-iT tiiil-it lia AIhiI In l.anMH ifi-i u at .lava tia
fore Iheday of h.aringi the arguments, If any, within
day after filing the Ultimo or
Ordered, also, that this notice be publUhed lu the
uiri.Bi.ii.Aa ui ins jni.tuffsifesr. wasumgion,
D C , aud In the At tat. New ork, N Y , ouce a
week fr Ihiee auccasslve week theflrstof said
publication to beat leaatalxty day previous to tbe
uay pi i luring . a ai diuui,
jra WHw Acting Commissioner of Pa tout
Wash I TOt, May &8, )MW.
n tliA nnlltliin nf IlimnW Prnilf'. uf U.l
danUrldge, N , praylug for Ibo extension f a
patent granted to him th IM day uf January, laU,
antedaisd Beptembor Wb, loM, reissued January
bib. lav), and again reissued March UHh, 1847, fur
improvement iu wacumes lor nsuiua lai
Stock, for aeYsuyeare from tba expiration of l J
patent, which tuko placeontho i-lili day ef Sep
tambar. lrviili
It la iifitarHil tliallha aalJ null t Ian lift li.iril at ttia
Patent Ufflo on MONDAY, the 3Ut day of August
next, atlJo'cl ick m t and all persons are nut illy J
wintiriuu auuw cause, ii any iney uave, way
1 ersus ommslnif the astaiiulnn a
81 la the latent UUce their objections, specially
set forth In writlug.at least twtntu davs bofor
tbe day of hearlogi alt testimony filed by either
party, to housed at Ibe said hearing, must be taken
and trout wilted In accordance Wltb the rules uf the
oinee, wniou wiu Demruisnea on application
Deposltloos aud other papers, relied upon as testl
mony, must be tiled lu the ohtoeficsHfi dar betore
the day of hearing t the argument. If any, wllhlu
fan day after ntlug the testimony
Ordered, also, that thle notice be published la
the liiFusLlcAX aud the Intelltfftnorr, Washing
ton, D U , and la the Atlai, New York, N
Y jounce a week for Ibrse successive weeks t the
Bijk or aald publication to ie at leaei sixty day
previous to toe day of hearing i
Jet ThSt
Actlag Cummtsslonar of Patent a
Oflee N, E eoraer of beveath and F atrtela,
will ttraetlea before t
mA 4..m1i 47Atirt iidi viva nrnmnl allaAtlam tA
Laad. laternal Revenue, and Patent UUce bual
3ee. References i Hon Henry WlLon, lion.
ameaK poallttle. Hon William P Fesaeades,
and Hon John U. Rrodbead toyl4-3ni
. Jbbixiab S Black,
Wabd II. Lamov, C. F. BtiCE
i iivli f-rrc va up riiVnuc.y
OOcai 458 Fourteenth treet.dlraetlyopposlte Wll.
nyiu sirvct.ui
lardl Hotel
Praellcarbefore all the Court and the Depart una t
Is the DUtrlct of Colombia.
Prepare all kind of legal document, each at
Leasee Deeds, Wills, Power of Attorney, Land
lord and TeskBt Notices, dta . Jic
4T 1'artlruly attention glfan to the Collection of
Watches and Jewelry.
11. 0 HOOD, No 333 Pennsylvania avenne,
dealer In Uolil and Silver Watches, IHAMUND8.
Ha Uold JhWALRY, Solid Silver Ware. rpa-
tacles, uperautaa.es, ruoaei aao iii jnurr.
Kaiors, Selasors, Gold aad bllver Thimble acd
every variety of 8llvrl laud Ware. at the
very lowe.l p"ee 1.17
No 171 Pensaylvanla avenne, betweuTuth aud
Eleventh street, eoutb aide.
Rookalegantlyorplalnly bound, Pertodlettli
and Newspapers earefolly st'n l.d to
tdHSffe CAUU1AUK3. SE5f
OnVataJ a ! r.a hnmli.r uf Aral rtaaa (!afrlAS.B.
at reduced prlct, All work sold warranted t lw
as repreaeuted Persons In want should examine
pit iwci uciorepurcuasiog eisewucro
"""""'"""".'SISuIMt II flRAHAM
Repository S74 D street, between Llghth and
Ninth i shop 477 Llghth trt, Lear D Ir'-Jt
Pianos and Music
Wtttrlt IIA R RF.ES tlREll.
One 7 octave Rosewood. Knabe k Co . 200
Un7 Llchtoei Newt d, 17J
Oneftk " ' Unh Itl'ouJ, 1U
OneT " M Kelchenbacb. 1W
OnaO ' Andrew btola, a&1
tor sale upon easy term t make room at tbo
warohousoor W . MLTZhKOTT ft L ,
Sole agentof Stelnway'Bl'lauo and Mason Ha in.
Un a Cabinet Organs jjli-Jt
myB tflf JWSeeoud k loor -ffft
Gas Fixtures.
to our regular business of Plumbing and Gas
Fitting, opened and fitted up a Urge bli iw-Koota
at No 4S), Ninth street, between D and K atreeis,
ailliilalnv llnliin Hall, where iav be found tbe
largest aad moat complete asaortmeut of
la the city, at price to ault all
Nob. 477 and 40.1 Ninth street,
JySO-tf between Dand fc street
Heal Estate Agents.
Directly opposite south wing ot tbe Capitol,
Capitol IIIU
CHOICE DlILDINoToTS, ou Capitol Hill, fur
sale oa monthly payments
HOUSba anj LOIS In all part, of tha city for
I city foi
saie aa j rent
Commission Merchants.
33- Xi. ZPJSS5T tfo Oo.,
Alntli Ntrecl niinrf.
J27 Siu
atlons fo
aplHm Drug-gUU.
r, Q. a bill MS. JNO L TOOI K
Cor, New York Ave and Fourteenth Street,
carefully compuundoJ
Willi Nlrlctly l'uro Mcdtcluoa.
Krcncounlantly In store a gencrnl aasirtmeul of
Fiitsr-ti Abs i)Ki(is, otihUirAis sit. ni.
jejti tr
Wasiuh ito5, June 1, lswl
OulhepotttlonofJoKI V hKLIxu.uf Plitibnrg,
I'a .praying for tbo extension of a pAteut granted
lohinitlio Jolh day of bi temUr, Is'H, lur an lm
1 ruvemeul lu l'luitonu bialea, for seven liars from
the exi InilWu.tf said patml, wblch takis plucouu
the 4ih da) of bt pteiuUr, iMii
It Is ordered I tint the suid ietlllon La heard at the
Patent Otilio ou MONDAY, tbe 7th day uf hip
teinber uoxl, at l.u cl ck, in t and all iwraou are
ui titled to apjur aud show cuuie. If any Ibey have,
why mi Id petition ought not to bo granted
Pireuusurpostuf tbaexteiltlou areroqnlred to file
In Ibe Paleut OtUc their objwttous, specUlly set
.ortb In wrltlug, at leuat twrvtu day bvfore the
day of hearing t all laatlmony filed by eltber pa'lTi
to bo used at the said bear log, inaat be takeu aud
trausiultted lu aicordauce with the rule of tbe ottlce,
Wblth will be lurBlsbod on a) plication
tt i ilm a.fti Hlluif tbe laHiiiiinnv
Ordeied, also, tbut this notloe be publNlid In
tha ttarUBMCAN and the Intttiorncrr, Wahlug
tun, D L , aud lu the J'ont, I Itttburg, l'niu ,
once tuli tor threosuiresslveweekai tbe first uf
said pul licsllons i beat least sixty days prsyluus
tolhedyof beirlux A M bTOUT.
j)3 l'3w Acting Commissi uor of Psisula
WimivuTiil. Mi. ill. Wilt
, On the petition of Ci ask ALVuan.ot liunlaad,
Wisconsin, praying Tor the extrusion uf a patent
granted to mm the Jlsl dayuf N iveiul er. lvH, for
anlmprovemeutla Hand firirk Moulds, for aiveu
year from the axiilrsllou of said latmt, ubUb
Ukt place ou the .lit day of November, IW3
It Is ordered that the said petition be beard at
tbe Patent OUca on MUM UAY, Ibe .ulb day of
Oil lernext.at llo'cleck.m t and all lersousarn
notified lo IJ""r Bud show cause. If auy they
ubib, u, Mm im.iiiuu vniniuuiiuu, ursuivu
traasiultted lu accordance with the rules of the
oMca, whUhwlllbe furnl.hed on ai plication
Deposlttosa and otler papers, relied oion aa
testimony, must be filed In the uluce twntu dnyi
leforethe dayuf hearing) the arguments. If auy,
wltblu frt days after filing the testimony,
Ordered, also, Ibat this notke lo puldt tied 1b
tbe Rsrifsi ioah aud In tho iHttlllgtueer, Wn.h
Isgton, D L ,audInlbensufliiff,Mllwaukeo,WI.
cousin, once a week fur three uccasive weeksi
the first of said publications to be at les.t sixty
day previous to tbe day of hearing
l3W3t Acting Cemmlasioner of Pataata
Forllflh Cotiffren. Bfc.ntl Nca.lon.
IVOf DAT. TtJtT 13, 1SCS.
Plften different Millions from armr oOlcera
wero preaentcd, nil numcroualyalrncJ, niklng
an inercaso of pay They were referred to the
(Jommltteo on MllllUry Airalra
Mr, Trumbull, from th-Committee on the
JodiedArr, reported, with Amendment, bill
relative io inoj hduibi ai iuuiini(nnia ms
Uottod Statci court! In the rebel Htatea
Alao, with amendment!, bill lo reference to
the formation of corporation authorised by
the Uws of the United 8 1 ilea.
Mrw MelJODftld Introduced n Lilt to pay loyal
cltliena of Arkaniaa for taking up artaa
TheOhalrsppoloted Meaara tihermao. Mar.
rill, or Vermont, and Itockalew ai the commit,
tee oteonference on tbe tax bill.
Mr. Trumbull, from tho Judiciary Commit
tee, reported the bill to aupTlr temporary
meaanrei in the I necntlve Department. The
bill wiu returned by the Home with an amend
ment, and the committees report an amend,
meat to the House amendment.
Mr. Drake naked for the preient conildera
tlon or ft reiolution authorUInu the HcrtresnU
BtArma to retain, during the rfceaa, theser
vices of the extra meaaeogera, doorkeeper,
Mr. Fencnden objected, nnd It went over.
Un motion of Mr. Oonneie, tbe bill fur tbe
protectloiof thorlghta of American cltliena
Abron.il wsi mtde the special order for 1 hura
Mr. Henderson moved lo amend by providing
that the Interest on the new bonds shall be 4H,
lands percent,
Mr. Feaeemlen would not favor tho Amend
ment unices the bonds were mrwte redeemable
lolvean. llo was opposed lo putting such
largCBume of money out of our control lor so
lot a period.
Mr.l lender son arjrued In ftvorof his ameud
ment, A great many uf the people of the United
Mates held the opinion that tbeao bonds wero
. i able In the lawful money of the United
Stales, that Is greenback, and here the com
inltle) nrnnuae to make a new bargain with
the (lot ernment creditor!, and contract to pay
t hem principal and lntereat In gold, with bonds
rnnnliiff for 10. 30 and 40 Tears
Mr, Uattell could not ajreo with Mr Mender
eon in rcierencn loino payment oi me urut
lie thought that the honor of the country de.
manded that unt onli the letter but the ajlrlt
of the contract a hoult be carrle I out.
Tha amendment of iMr Hendricks was re
Jectcd yeas 8. nays 21.
itir. c csscDuvn nuicu nil nincnuiucii. ina.
the new funds shall be redeemable at the c
titration ofHMcars.
Mr. Sherman eat'l the oninlltce had well
and sttentlrclr conal leicd this subject, and
had come to thcconcl istoii that 2u years wns
(he shortest time which could be aped lied
Mr. 1 esaenden laid It was truo that tho bill
Impuaeil additional prUllrKC. Iho bends
wero tAken out of tho domain or irglilatloo,
Riiil were etc mitt f ram nil taxation.
Mr. Morran said both the amendment of
ine peutiur ironi .unme nnu uic -vuiiur nww
Missouri would be T,ery ndTflntageoui to the
(ini rrnmeui, ii iney vaiy cuum ur iiinuo n mi
ship, hut It would bo Impossible fur the Oo,
rrnment to get money on audi terms. 1-ora
ten rear bond wo would hare to Par six tier
cent, nnd, therefore, ho proposed a twenty
jenr uoiij, wuicn wouia uo taaeii nt uro per
.Mr Morrill, of Vermobt, believed It was ut
lerly Impossible to obtain such vaat amount i
of monev at a less rate than Is provided for In
the bill He believed the first section of the
bill to be wise, nod hoped It would not be
Mr Morton sail It was not to be supposed
that the holders of bonda would gtie up a six
percent, bond pajable In fifteen jeira, for a
Ave per cent payable In ten yean.
Mt zciBenuen sam ine six per cent, oonm
wero redeemable toiay.
Mr Morton. Thef lo ernmetit la not able tn
redeem them It has not the gold, unless the
senator thinks they are redeemable in legal
Mr Feaienden thought these were redeem'
able In gold, but a go I ratnj peoplo thoucht
iilhertvlae a
Mr lvlmunda thought It very nccenary for
aerrt Uoveriimcnt liko thle to any exactly
what It did mean, and let people know whether
it intoniieu to liqumtto in oungationa in coin
or paper Ho (Mr 1.) had something to do
with pcrauadlng the people of hla aectlon to
in HO ijio ut piwiiii J sjuiiu i tic j nuu us vcuvi ru
that the) were inued under the act of 1-eb-
runry-3, juj, na was eaiu onmcir iacc, auu
were payable In coin
Mr. Sherman stated that not a ilugta bond
- ......I ...! .. r.t 1. aI...i..i. tK Iir4
nni iiiiicu uiiuci iuvhv.ui itviumj miidm,
until that law was changed lo material and
important protisiups
Mr. Morton argued at length that the ex
tires s nrovlilon of the law waa that the live.
1 weotys would bo paid In greenbacks secre
tary Chase and some of the nsalitant secreta
ries had given the opinion that they were
payable lo gold but this was predicated tn the
former practice of the Oorernment and not
in ine iaujui.ee vi wis ataiuivs.
Mr lcssenden Intimated that this was not
the lime for tho dlicunlon of how the live
twentlea were to be nald
Mr. Morion had not brought the subject
here inoieiiaior iromjuasaacnuBeira (sum
ner. and tho senator from Ohio CMr Nbcr.
man) had Introduced It on Saturday, nn I the
npnator cnir, paaenucni couiu not atrp it nur
Mr 1-enendcn did not expect to keen Ituut
Years ago he had glvcu ui the cllort of tr) lug
to Keep anyming out acnators wouia uib
cuas every conceivable sort of question, no
mailer what bill was up He would in ouo
worul no nau no cartniy uouut w.iTievcr tuat
we were bound by ct cry sentiment oT honor
ami I ii stint- tn nv eierr Dollar of thoae bonds
In coin Ho thought they had better adhere
to the nublo doctrines of iho plat form of their
Mr Howard expressed bis entire diuent
from tho conclusions of Mr Morton Ai a
member of the Senate he had voted for all tho
nil authorising tbo laaueof three bonds, nnd
ha l".d.ie.cr entertained any other Idea than
that thcae bonds were payable In coin.
Mr Cameron could see no gool to result
from the dlicunlon of thle queatlon If the
Government n fused to pi) its debt lu the
ourniic) uf the land, which wti gold and ill
ver, It would be nothing more or leai than re
puliation, and no man was entitled to respect
whogaeanycountcnanco to do It He hoped
Hero would bo uo further sgltatluuof this
iu bleat until after the election
Mr Colo took tho same line of argument as
Mr Morton
Mr. Conneaa expressed hi regret at there
marks of hla colleague, and argued at length
lu fa. or of tho payment In coin
Mr Cameron made some further remarks Iu
uU.ioiltloJi to tho funding bill, which he de
cured to bo Inspired by tho secretary of Iho
Tritaaur), who ha 1 aume covert purpoae In
Mr Sherman lu Juillcc to the Secretar)
lunultl miv thtt ho was In no wlar reaiionilblo
for the bill whUh was the exclusive ork of
the t Uiitnco Commlllce 1 here wit nu Hidden
niirpuio In It, and Us onl) oljcot was lo ro
lit to the burden of tho pcopli
Mr Morton wantel to enter hla protest
ngninst the Lrnutillcnn ptil) brlnitcouiiiilttcd
to the dogma ul pi) ln tin so botuta In coin
Mr Criuln mot id tho nmeiiiluient of Mr
rr.nn Uti, after whlcli It waa njicted
Air llmiisev iiiui id to atrlko out the lttat
section uf the bill miLlng contr-teta In yul I
Mr Kamscy raid thti wua irtually a return
to specie paimtMil I r furo tlie lountry waa
ptepared for ft It woui 1 opentc moat Inju
rioualy ou tho imall hi rro ra Tho a mem1.
lurntofMr Haiueey tv ii rej. kl
Mr Wllaou moteil n eiibatltu v for the first
three sections, prut I ling for tl o Usuo of Ufly
ytar bond bearing h.c per unt lu'reat, an 1
lubjtot to n natluiml tn of on per cent per
annum, an I be exempt linm I km laxitlun
.Mr Wllsou had ahvnys I tin lu f tvurol tax
Injt the debt
Without lurthrr action the M,te went
Into cxtiutlte aoaalun and thfii n joiirnid
HOUM. Of HI PIll.Nl M illhS
UnJir Ihocall of btatvs furbllla audjulnt
n solution for rcfermio u ih the fulloitiiig
wero Introduced nn I tcfcrinlto tl o commit
tees named i
Hi Mr Hulbtrd, of Wiet Mrglnlai Joint
rcauliitloiiB ot the J.eglalaturo uf West ir
glula asking the paaange of tlio bill for tho
construction of the Wahlsl m and Cincin
nati railroad Commerce
Joint rtiolutlou fur the protettlon of exlat
lug land grants lo the Mliiiu.utu alley rail
rotd 1'ubllc I.aula
l'nler this tall it nuinl er of resolution! an I
bill of a private niture were Introduced and
Un motion of Mr Kavannugh. of Montana,
the hecrctarv of tho Interior waa directed lo
ftirulali tho Iluuao nil copies of treaties made
with the Indian tribes by the Indiau cum
uilaaluu lilt ) car and the prinut )cnr,
Mr (landers, of Washington Tcrrltor), In
troduced a Joint reiolution toiiicreaao the jti y
of the clirk to tho sufct-aut-at Vruta of thu
llouto tutl.noo Dcbito arltilns, it wtnt otr
under the rules
Mr. Ashley, of Nitada, at the Imtanceof
Mr llntlor, of Massacliusetta, Introduced tho
reiolution oil (.red lome Uiul ago I y the latter,
to tax bondi nnd other aecurlt it i ol the Unite I
States at the rate of flO foreter) vioo, aud
smaller sums In proportion
Mr. Miller, of Penn , objected, nnd made the
tolnt of order, that, as the bill was In the nv
ureof atax blU.lt muit goto the Committee
or the Whole
The Sneaker sustained the point of order,
and the bill was referred to tha Committee of
th Thnle.
Mr. Itutler, of Msis , Indicated his purpose
of moving a saipeoslon of the rules at the
nraner time far the nurnoae. of obtaining a
consideration of tho bill.
Mr winuom, or juinn. jntroaucaa joint
reiolution providing that the United States
Mint and lta branches shall eontlnue to refine
gold and stiver bullion, and no eontract shall
be made for the exchange or crude bullion lm-
Forted until authorlted by law, and repealing
he acta of March 3, ISM, and February 30,
sol. Passed.
Mr. Stevens, of Fa , reported back a bill
supplemental to the. act providing for natural.
gallon of foreign born cltliena, approved April
14,1803 .deferred to Committee op. Foreign
On motion of Mr. Hutler, of Man , the Com
mittee on Naval AtTalri was directed to In
Sulre into the expediency of authorltlog the
eeretarvof the Treasury to dlanosa of the
Vroperty of the United States In eertatn
canais nnu oincrworaa mat are not interest
n motion of Mr. Wathburne. of III . It was
ordered that, unless otherwlia ordered, there
shall be a aelon every evening this week for
debate only on general topics
The Speaker laid before the Houie reiolu
ttona adopted at a mm meeting of colored
cltliena of Washington, proteatlag against the
pillage of the bill traoaferrlog the colored
sclioola to the control of trustees or white
Bchoois Hererred to committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia
Mr. Ilaldwln. of Maia . from the conference
committee on the dlaagreelng votes of tho
two liouteion ine phi io incorporate me iar
get Anoelatlon of Waihlngton, submitted a
cporti which waa agreed to
uu motion wi ur ihui, ui .unaanciiuscii..
Iho ruleawere suspended and the Senate hill
fur the discontinuance of the I recdmeu'a llu
r.an was taken un for consideration
un mo
Mr. Lllot yelled to Mr llrooks, of New
ork, w ho ipoLe Iu opposition to the bill, and
saiu in wnoie purpoie was to maae urnerai
Howard aunreme sot cretin over the Ireed-
men's llureau. Diagulie tula r-reedmen'sUu-
reau ai you win it ia notning uut nn election
eering establishment to keep the Southern
Sfatra umter ttadlanl rnntrol
Mr Adama, of Kentucky, aikcd leave to
offer an amendment nrovldlne for the Immedi
ate dlacontinuanco of tho fturcau Instates
now admitted to repreaentatlon In Congress,
aud to discontinue the same elsewhere ai the
States nre aamuteu to meir poitucai reia-
Mr Lllot, of MaiitchuseltB, declined to
allnw tha amendment to to offered.
Mr, l Hot then proceeded to argue la favor
or the bill, no uonieu mat tne cxpenae was
so great aa uemocratio newspapers nna ifm
ne rat la member of ConareBS tried to make It,
He also defended Oen. Howard from charges
of fraud that had been made eg tin it him. He
argued that If It had not been for Andrew
toiinaon ana me upitwr.cra mo uurcnu wuuiu
hit ti.n (rmlnttat Ion ftffO.
Mr Alllion.of Iowa, moved to amend the
bill b) Providing that the operation or the
pure ill annn ue uisroniiauvu i buiiiiitij uii his
1st of Jnnuarj next, in tne nines recon
a. Pll.ff.it
Tho amendment waa agreed to, and the bill
was pancd aa amended yeas 104, na)B 32 by
a Bine i piny voir
Mr Itauei. of Massachusetts, from Commit'
tec on hdcctluns, reported back the credential!
of Vnnri n II Dochenr nnl Nathaniel llrv.
den, representatives elect, rea cctirej). from
the Thud and Seventh dlitrlets of North Car
olina, and they iook tne oain oi omce ana
wt re Atlmltted to aeata
Mr Schenck.of Ohio, Introduced a bill to
abolleh the otllce of solicitor aud nial Julge
nuiutiic iiitvni.u tv .uv wviiHH,... v v.. na
val AtTalrs
On motion or Mr Qrlswold, of N Y, tho
Secretary of the Treasury was authorliedto
remit the duties on a chime or belts Imported
ror the Lplacopal church at Hooilc, New
Mr Moorhead.of Ta , moved that the Houie
reiolve ltaelf Into Committee of the Whole
for the purpose of eonaldertng the tarlir bill.
and pending that motion moved that general
III liatC ClOSC 11) IHiriT nmuira
iUTt wainuurnc, oi Illinois, murru iu aihciki
io na to make general debate extend two
Th. IttF motion waa arrred to
T lo vote upon going Into Committee of the
Wh n in waa then tn ten bv . eas a nil ntrni
It was conaldercl a test of tno dliposltlon of
tne nouie to conimcr ine uiu
i tie motion waa agreed to) caa 84, naya 67
Mr Moorhead urucecded to explain the bill
and to argue the neceailty of n tarllf to the
prospenij oi iho "! ... .
Mniri MeCartv. of New York, and Mar.
nard, of Tenneiaee, and Drlggs, of Michigan,
annlirt hrfeflv In favor of the bill.
Mr Garfield, or Ohio, waa In favor of a
tariff for protection but he was oppoied to a
tarlH for nrohlbltlon. such an one as would
erect a Chlneie wall around the commerce of
thliaountry. lie believed mat mis waa ine
tendency of the tarlir feeling of thli country.
snit h Iiellctcil a law for prohibition would
heaa bad and dliastroui as the doctrine of
free trade.
Fending further coniideratlon of tho autject
the enmmittea rose.
Tho Houto then, at 4.00, took a rcccn until
T 30, when It will meet In Committee of the
w note tur ucunio uuij
uLili,l 8KJHIUK.
Tho Home returned Its icsilon at 7 JO, tho
order or the House being that tlio session
ahould bo devoted to debate only.
Mr Waihburn, of Indiana, poke upon the
auljcct of the llnancci, and argued lu tutor of
palng the tionda in greenuacxa an t currencj
Mr. iJt-T.tr, or Michigan, followed In a politl
eal sneeeh
Mr l.la, of New Hampihlre, nado a apecch
In faor of tho taxation or United States
Mr Archer, of Maryland, followed In a
anon speccn upon tuo iiuiuic ii Biiuauuu
Tho House adjourned at 9 40
II Into ry lleponta Kaelf
Thoie who have read the proceedings of the
New lork Ucmocratlc Contention or Ihura
day, will be ntno Ion foranappllcallon of the
folio wiu j extract from ahakspcare's "Julius
Ccar," Act 1st, scene 3d t
(itud Whi. there wni n crown nlKrcd hi
an 1 being ottered him, ho put It by with the
back of hla hiud, thu aud thcii the pcoj Io
tell a snouting
ruui What was tho iccond uolae fori
f aira Wht . for that too
UrutM Tht) shouted thrice What was tho
nit cry ion
t titca Why, for that too.
ilrutui n tho crown ottered hlin thrlcet
ItiKit y, marry waa't, an I ho put It by
Ihrlce, orr time gentler than other, and at
ot crj puttuieT I), niluc hotteit neighbors
slioutt 1
liruiui Whooireied tiim the crown 1
.Wht. Anlhont
I rat ut-
-itu ua tuo ma nu it. i n, genuo
. r.w :;.. . i. .i
Ldji-d I oin r.ewell be hanged, aa tell tho
in tuner ui Itjttwns nuro looliry I did not
mtik It I iw Mark Aiitouv olfer him a
rrowui jct'twai not a crown cither, 'twa of
niuao curunris) su i as i iuiu you, no put it
ty niuct hut, for all that, to mythtuklng he
woull f-tiu htte had it thru ho otleicl It to
Ii ni niraliu then he out It lv airalni hut. to inv
tlilnklnir, ho waa , er loth to I ty hla Un
pen on utauu men ne murtu it tno mini
limit he put It the third tlmn b)t and still, as
he refuse t It, the ratIIeuiint hooted, an 1
cliimeil their chnmiPil hniiils. Itirow Uli their
swetty nlghtcaia, aud ultertd audi a deal of
stinking breath, beutuie Ciriar rtfuurd the
crown, that It had almost disked l vrnr, fur
ho tetotered and fell down at 11) and fur mine
own part i iiurst not itugn, mr ieir ui oj in
lug my Hi s and tcceh jig the had air
Tint Columbus Journal (.Iv. 1'indktun tut
hi ruinua hub parting rnyinei
.N l a yill wi be.rd una greeuhuck noU,
m Die hscort Iroi i rammauy hurried
N I abuuiiuirdlsibargel bis fireuell ah tut
(t er the grave when. Ooorici llus burl. I
l K O P O b A L 6
U b hmiissrH aOrricg, I
Citt Hall, Uostox, J ily V. 1m. 1
Pr l '-.ll H 111 I o re tul vu J m tUis uttloe until tbe
Itltti iuat , at J p lu , for ihe c u-truttUu uf a
Mulkhiitdnud Jettoea at Boath Point, Provluca
town, M i.s
Ihi bulkhead will be 1 icite I at or uear tho line
i fori i nary bUh water, wllb tbo Jotlitaat points
ab ut flu foot ai art, i xuudiug tl troforui to ur uuur
lo low ur maik, couairucted similarly in all
re.Htla lo tbe lulLhead ltelf, vli A trlj le row
of atakes la to bo luuto I Urmly In the aau 1, the
later wis b Ih lougitudluul and trauswrse t lug
ub utfourfett fhe heds of those sUkss will be
tied toiiiher by thin, lough planks, will spiked
ou.iuJ tie iuiervuls bttwcou tbo stake will be
eoutPiclly OlltdHltb stuuo uud bnibh, so lute r
lured and disposed as to bind well together
Hie length if tbe bulkhead (not Intlu ling the
several Jetli.es de.trlWdl will le aume uu loci,
uioiei r leiii uu I will bo dependent upou II oditl
slon of tl e I ugiuecr lu charge, based upuu cn
tlngeut re iuiiemtntai peaiing lu tho progress of
the work
Din I Ids m ill taproa a price per llueal foot lueaa
ured both ou llu. f the bulk heal audi I tho jrtuts
llvt M.j Oen U A , Li Cel Lug rs
JM td
TrBiOAT, July 7, 1V8.
Board of Aldermen.
The Hoard met purausnt to law. Present i
ine rreiioenr, rs Kienams,) ana Messrs.
Ilaker, Cook, Clark andUrlodcr.
sun uaFiir caiicu tne uoara to oruer, out no
quorum being preient, on motion the Hoard
adjourned to next Monday evening, and tho
member nroeeedeil tn tha (fmin.lt I'Umlitr In
go Into jolat aeiiton to aelcct corporation ofll
Tloartl ofComroon Couuetl
The Hoard waa ealle 1 to order at a 14 n'etnelr
bv thenrcaldent. IT. T. lowlertl all the mem.
ben present except Mr. Hatton,
Mr. L. H H. Miller moved that the Hoard
do now adjoarui which was agreed to.
Tioir or orriCErts
The Joint meet ine met laitevcTilnr.nuriuant
to aujuurninrni, nnu waa cnucu io oruer at e ou
o'cioca uy nia nonor tuo luarori an ine moav
ucra pfcacnt
Tho Mavor announced that the flrit huil.
ness lo order waa the election of the secretary
of the Hoard or Trustees of Public Schools.
uouncnmao uciiey nominated ur. A. 1'.
Alderman Moore at this it acre of Ihe tiro.
eeedlnga Inquired whether a Journal of the
eonvention had been kept. He did not desire
ii to De reaa, out mevei) inqturcu lor miorma
Uon. The Mavor renlled that looms! had been
kept, but nad not been read for tho reason
that the whole proceedings of the convention
was dui one aeaaion, uaviog aujuurucu irotn
time to time
Alderman Moore was satisfied wllh the ex
rlanation, but did not concur with the Mayor
hat it was a continuous meeting.
The Mayor announced that nominations
were still in order.
Alderman Moraell nominated K. F.Holaeau
Councilman U. U S. Miller moved that
when the Joint meeting adjourn, It be to mcot
on Tuesday evening, J uly .4 at 7.30 o'clock
Councllmin Jueocinann aald that It was
very Important that the scavengers places
should belllled.esncclatU In this hot wetlher.
Councilman Kclaey urged the Importance of
Immediate action
Alderman Moore said that this movement
was not simply a motion to adjourn, but to
Bhlrkthc responsibility, an I devolve Disap
pointment oi inrse ouicer on nnoinrr
The Mayor decided the motion to adjourn to
a day certain not to be debatable, under the
rule of the House of IE en rr tentative
Alderman Moore aald that If It was the In
tention of the Chair to suppress debate on
that subject Ihey would meet It In another
shape, lie caned tho teas ami na
moat extraordinary motion Mr. Moore aub-
sequently referred to tho rule nnd stated tjiat
the Chair was right
The motion of Mr. L U S Miller was not
aft reed to by tho following ote i
eaa-Meisri Arrlion, Jlatea, Clark, Cook,
Hint, Llot J, and I. U S, Miller -7.
Na)i Meisri Itaker, Uall, Harllett, Droit n,
Chaie, Crocker, Dalton.liavli, ten wick, 1-Owler
Grinder, Juenemann Keliey, Knight, t,t
man, MoCathran. (1 W Miller, Muute, Mor
sell, Nalley, IHchards ItuaacII, Kuthrrlonl.
Sardo, Stewart, Talbcrt. Taj lor, Torrcy, and
The meeting proceeded to ballot for Secre
tary of the Hoard or Trustees of Public
Sctoola, wblch resulted Pardon 19, Dolaeau
13, lllchardion, 2 so Mr Pardon was elected
cor Treasurer of the Hoard of Truiteca of
Publle Schools t
AMcrmau ltlchards nominated D 11 John
AI lermnn Moore nominated H T. Moraell
Alderman Crocker nominated J. C Proctor,
nnd itatcd Pi at Mr. Johnson had left this city,
and was uot expected to return for aome
t Alderman Richards stated that Mr John ion
woutd be here during next week If hla services
were required.
Alderman Crocker then withdrew the name
of Mr Prottor
The lint ballot rriultrd Johnion, 15, Mor
sell, 15; Proctor, 4 1 blank, It no election
The sccoud ballot resulted Proctor, 23 1
Tohnaon, 13i so Mr, Proctor waa clccteJ
For Physician to the Small-Pox Hoipllal t
Councilman Ta)lornomlnated Dr A T Au
gusta Councilman Nalley nominated Dr Johuson
r lllot
Alderman FenwlcL nominated Dr Iranclj
Theflrit ballot resulted Auguila, 10) Pilot,
lTi Mead, It Dlank, 1 no election
The leaond ballot reiulted-Auguta,19) Kllot,
lCi so Ur Auguittwaa elected
1 or Commissioner ol the Canal
Councilman Hlne nominated H O Johnson.
Alderman Larman nominated Henry Mum
mers. Councilman Keliey nominated SI Iney Uc
Far land.
Alderman Moore nontnated Davldllepburn
Tbo first ballot resulted Johnaon, 7i sum
men,0, Mclarland, 11 Hepburn, 12, no elec
tion. The accond ballot resulted Johnion, 8j Sum
incrs, K Hepburn, 1) Mctarlmd, ii no elec
tion Tha third ballot result I Merarltn I, ll
Summers, 11 Johnson, 13( Hepburn, 1 no elec
tion The fourth ballot resulted Mc Farlind, 9
Summeri, 18 Johnion, 9i no election
Ihe lirth ballot remit cd Summers, ljj Tuhn
eon, Of Mcnrlanil(12t nu election
Tho sixth ballot reaulto 1 Summer 14, Mc
Parian lis, Johnion 0. No election
The seventh ballot reulted Summers IS,
Mcrarlandl2, Tohoiono INo election
I'ouncllmau Hatea motel to adjourn to meet
on Tliuralay otenlntr at 9 o clock; which ini
uot agced to jeai d, najiSO
Councilman Hlne. muted to adjourn to Tuci
dat, July 2J, at 7 tlOoMock
The Mn)or ruled the motion oul ofordcr
Councilman DAlton lnqulicd whonomlnattd
Mr Sum in erst
Alderman fiitrmin I dl 1
Councilman Daltou Is he a one-armed icl
dierl Alderman Larman Yea ilr
Councilman Dalton Who nominated the
Councilman ICclaey. I ha 1 tho honor to
nominate Mr Mcrsrlnnd
Councilman Hiltnn 1 he a colore 1 man!
Councilman Keliey ell, he 1 ai wlilto as
ome men I know threat Laughter I
The eighth billot roiulied Mcrnrlan 1 ft,
Summer ltf, Johnion 7, Palmer 1 io .Mr
Summeri waa clocte 1
Councilman Arrlion moted lu a IJuun. to
Tuesday evening, JulySj
Councilman Hartlctt moted to Amend, I y In
serting Thuriday night of this week
Councilman Arrlion morel to annul, by In
serting one week from to-night
Ihe amendment was not agreed to yeaa 7,
nava 28
Councilman I H s Miller motr l to take a i
reecBS for two hours an 1 a h ill Laughter I '
Councllnian Nallti mniidtn nintal to n I
journ totlie nl'lit afltrtho next rain Ltugli
ier i
Councilman It ill movrl that Iho nicetli g
rroteel to billot fir the next otitic r o i 'lie
Councilman L D s sillier withdrew hi
Tho Ma) or requeated the Hireling to as
oier the election of clirk to the Mayor to an
nther renlng uhlih wna agrrt I to
lur boohktipir to tho corporation
Councllin in 1 otvler nominattd Ilcnjimi'i N
Ihe ballot rrsulti I rieed .0, lleujatnlu I
Hutler 1 Liu;tht.r Inmllinlel Ihtuh
ter ) Dr rumblot) 1 Laughter 1 II nd i,
IllatikG, Hoover 1, smith 1 si Mr uecdntHa
declared cltcted
ror meaaenger to the Maor, c
Alderman ltlchards munliittrl PirrleCir-
Councilman Dill nominate! tl W Attain
Ihe ballot result d Ctrsou 20 jttaln 13 t ao
Mr Caraun wi lot tr I
ror ph)lclan to tlu Washington Allium
Aldirnian t lark nominated Dr N A II Mt
Councilman KeUcy nominate I Dr S 11
linn I
Allerman MtCathtAit nominate 1 1" 11 .M
1 he llrst ballot rcaulted Mcklm,lTi llomt
3 Coumbe, 10, do election
The eecond ballot resulted Mckim, li
Dond, 21) ao Dr Dond ua elected
tor aecretar) to tho ( omnilailonera of the
Waslilngtnii Aa)Iumi
Allerntau Hlehnrda nominate 1 V ( Hrock
Councllnian ketaey unnilnated I larenco M
Councilman Arrlson nominate I 1. L Cor
bin Councilman L H S MilltrnomlnatcdD M
Keliey ILttizhtcr
Counoiiinan Dalton uomluattdT Uoo.rr
T he Unt ballot rciuMed i Hrock, 10; Uarton,
otCorbln, l Hooier, lii Iialah, Uouldln, 1) L
L Schmidt, 2, no election
Councilman Dili nouliuled Mr L L
Iheiecon lhallot reiulted llarton a llrork
C, Hooter 12, sehinlUt), Corbln 1 IlHiidlnl
no election
rho third ballot rtaulted-Hirton 7 Dm It J
Hull 1 j Schmidt ft, Cotblu 4, Ik tu 111. km tu 1
Laughtciil uu tltc-Ilou
The fcurth ballot restiltt 1 llirt n lu Hrock
2, Hutr 17, Schmidt 3, Corbln 4i no el li n
Tho lirth ballot resulted -Itartou o, 11 roc
2, Hull 17, Schmidt u, Corblu li ho elettlou
'CoQicllman L. It H Miller moved to ad
journ to to-morrow night weelw f
Councilman Nalley moved: to adjourn to
rrldayctenlngt which wis a(rtee4 tot and the
Joint tneetlng adjourned. ., '
(The reporters havlo( beta greatly annoyed
durlnp the evenlug by mlllLous of dead bugs
ftlUna from the coandaJWr Immediately atoe
their heads, received the synipathlea of soma
of thetnembcrs.MrV tJarao put the sympa
thies in shape by moving that the reporters bo
AlJowad to keep-thelr hats on. JMr. Hall ob
jected, for the re lion that It would bo dlsre
apectltl to tho Board The reporters Immedi
ately resolved themselves lutoa Committee of
the Whole, and scattered to different parts of
the chamber J
A rhVobt comes oul from fit. Louis which
As Oeneral Sherman was alighting front a
tftreet car at the corner of Fourth and Olho
Btreets In that city last evening, a crowd sur
rounded him, asking what he thought of the
nomination or Seymour, and whether he would
support him He repllcd,"It Is a bad no m In a
tlon, and will be beaten all to pieces. Urant
will Id elected" Voices In the crowd replied:
"We don't want tbe support of homo burn
er " tTou wanted tbe rsomlnstlon yourself."
"You wantOranteiestedsoaa tocet his place
at the head of tbe army," and auoh like.
Mont1 Dismissals Owing lo a reduction In
the appropriation bllla, about twenty-four
male and female mesieogers will bo dtimlised
frcm tbe Treasury Department In thecoune
of a few da) s These employees hare been
workiogfor thopait three months In dally ex
pectation of tho paaiageof the bill making
appropriation for their compensation, but the
appropriation hating been reduced to About
the same as It was before the war, they caunot
be employed longer.
Tup ew York rroJadrertlieafora Thlla
del phi a lawyer competent to expound tho
hidden mysteries of the Democratic platform
Appl) to the Sachems of Tammany Hall or
the tuagnateaof the Manhattan Club. Steady
employment li aaiured.
H. D, Coo as, (ef Jay Cwoko k Co ,) Presldeat,
W. S HcnTianTOX, Cashier
Government secur Pea w.th Treasarer United States,
Wa bar led b-.1I all cIasm of OOVEUNH'.NT
SECURITIES at currtst market riles
We purchase Government Voucher on the UQoT
FAYONABLE TERMS, aud give CABirvL abb
and la ajy other business entrusted to us.
F0LLIN)Ol.kATIV In regard to 00 EltN
MENT L'JINS at all llmea cheerfully furnished
tay and sell at current market rites and keep
constantly on band a rail supply ef
Orders for Stocks, Bends, 4e , executed, end Col
lections made on all accessible points.
1. of tVa-hlugiiu, H 0 , chartered ly spetlal
act . ftODk'n" for ihi alo kfeplng, uuJtr guar
suue, ofUoTeruiii-ul Uoud, bllver Plate, alua
b e 11" rs, and all drMrrlptlons of aluablss, aud
for K e heut.ua f afta inside of lire aud buigUr
I reef vault OUre corner New ork aveuue and
irieeuth street Director t N P Drewu, II D
Co. ke, Heorge W Rlggs. Wu, b 11 mtliigtoa,
OoorgoH I'Unl Uoirgau Evans, B P buydcr.
Natbsulel Wll.tia
H P Drown, Presllenti G O Evans, Ire
Presideitt William h Huullnxtou, Treaaiirert B
P anyder, becretsry
Onto. II lira t) a iu t4p in
Pawn Broken
IUAN OlrK E, 4 llhlrt t-Ltb sirwt, Mdoursuuth
Ponnsyliunta stium ! mey loineJ on tin to
suit ec.t uier ou Kl l.uu, dull aud hilver
Walrhea, DUtn nd. Jew.tr), bllverl late. Pluu is,
Furniture, tluihHuical ImU, I a lies aud Uoulle
uen Wo irluj Am arel of all destrli ikon
ui i uuiu eu4 an r uuui
an A
UvirinfriTLs Parmr Orrier,
. ASIIIMirON, July 1 M4
On Uf p i i i uf UAUbsxu n Ul putt and
pAit,1 Mtt-er, r lliirllnul u, erm nl.piaying
lor tlu eg (i u.i. uul iiitemgrauted to tbemtbe olh
.Uy uf 1 l ub r, 1 l, i u an uu r Vila ut iu u
for l ukli r, l r -oi j r fr 1 1 u trail u or
A ppUtul which takoa Uio ou Iho olli duy ut
D (.tuilsMsiAi
. Ituorl-r tlliitt ihosall iHiltliuleh.jrlntlli.
I UBB lOtUteuu M itiiUy tl Pit Uy of N vemlir
next, ut li w tloik 1 1 i ttud ill ir.tu aro n ni
ne! to at p ii r it nd .1 w I iUr , if Huy ll iy ha If,
why said p Utlouougl ln t lu be grHUi.it
I tr ui tip lug ll fxuu.i iu are r. mln 1 lo
01 In tl. 1 item I'flk th irubirtti u, .iiill)
st lurih Inwrlting, nt Ita.t titunttt d iya I i r
tb .1 uf I arlngiuil tisilii U) bled I) eilhtr
lri U li 1 a ll Mid h aiiug. in ii .1 b
iik u iiilirui mltiel lu an rJanri i uh the rules
of Hie i ul . it tilth Mill bo luruUheduu tpplua
I I It l n ft lit itlh.P rIfH. n1l..l nti
tin til , mut bo tlkd lu tbe lirtcnttPt ity
day bo
i rt iu u.y ui leariugt mo arguuieiits, II auy,
vll lu ft1 dn. a lifl.r 111 ii.if I Iim In. iDii.iii v
Order 1 ll a , Hi tllhii u IU. Ih l ill libi J In the
I Bft 111 I. AH Mil Ul titlfllignirrr, WashlUkt u,
l t, aud in th Durtiugt u iuif., UurllUbluii,
. l , ouoe u Mcok f r ll r o u tkst tl e flrm r suld
i 1 ubllcatloiis tl bo ut Uutt sixty d iy ( revi mn lo
il mrf l'li.uis
4 ail iC'i-im if ifi mern
Phi autmi iror rux Iitiuiou, l
1 imm i ri-ii r. Mar 1 , tw (
V i Hot u Inv ua k.u nude uudur tlio in. t
J nut ... ., f r tlf- rt I ii t ft' r .1 ti ug ile
HCilbelL.ud Warrants, li t'i in j, Iji; d lo t a a
lo ii I it r leiru) ed , i ru l hurub) nu that
at th ami II nvlng Li l u ) i - -i t whi
rant a t ew cenlrii ue ur wi 4 "ii." i r will
he reis.ut I, It uo valid objjiliuu should iu ii y
N Is , 4T.2-M. rrli30 set. , n I aukrUi ict r
March J, 1. ., lu Iho name X hrll gg Pi rry, aud
was graiitid.Sovenibi.rlJ, ISod Aiuj.tf. IS a.
No 4ul, r r IU acre, I- l J u T. I . f
Mjrth H, A, In thu iui i f llarriw n i . mu, and
waa griBl d tut b. r J, litl " p. uibero, 1 y.
Nu tli, form ii un is-1 I t, l. i.i fMueh
1, lo-U, In lltouameof Lleiu ucell i.wllow .f
Ui re llulley.deceatod, and wasgrautsd May It
la.M AUKU-I..', 1NJI
No b KiW, f r loua r , l-ao, d u I r tlio act
rtlnur ll.lst", luilo uuifuf WlllU L4lh
father and heir ut 1 1 vfUikU Icath, kt.ed
aud wa(rutl Mar 0, lu ugnt ."2. luX
Ao , tU, rr liki aire, tssuttd uudtr ihe set of
M-ich t, KM, lu tie iijiuj nf -ileaander Rtrrv
bll.eiil wa-s-MiitedMarrhB. UJI Julv 13. IW
No lit, , f rlUJ icres, Usued und.r Ihe sit of
M r li I J. tnih n im a uniieiuluortbildreu of
AuJr uJ onl, dec a- I, aud was gratitid July
IT. W S ptewl er in, ImV
Ilo t"',Ul,f r Itki il , iiid under th act of
lliui ipsotii dot. ied,ai)lMa guulvd beitembor
30, WjI Sjpt. nib r , 1-W
Actiug Couuulasloasr,

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