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Till S1TI0.1JI KtroBICiS A"
ll pib)lNil otirp taoralaf. imUi OKflplol) bp
W. J. Vtiiisi, aortaoa.t toraor TiaU aad D
Iroela, froalliig r.wpWai Tft ad U far
t.hd U aWrlWn 'yprurlori) ken Mill p.,
Kill ClriVns HUrtfuiui M.f.r.U
mobIbii ji lor tbpM Willi, tirMt, In
' Auelion.Stlei;
-nr vines op a bbib op Tutr, dated
IltarKMIl. folio. 1, Ttf .ad ll. on of lb
land roourd. fol In, coaatp of WblnK9, 1 thill
WKDNgSDAr, lao 3DIB. dor of iolf ...I, 01 .1.
I) clock pn.Uli aaoipoi. 17, wind lOo .a.
bjlldl.av' " Torta. of MiV ca.a. All .,. 0f
i "i Vi W" ,,! f' o 'o pan kanr. Oao
londrod dollar, will bo rraoIrM Vlbo paid dow.
lobladlhoial. DA8T VK1.IIT,
. ,. , J, D.WIIEtUn Jco",'
1" ABCIloaeor.
Primer .pp. bIbbiabtbbbitobt,
,, .,olUlloo,0. I Joooll.lMO. j
At PBblla soetloD, ot Port ulbioa, Ca.roko. Ha
lloa, coaal.tla, of hoapltal lad olhar teat-, eUih
lot, blaakita, -"". np wadoaa, wacoa
-'on, ooklafouul .-"i oodauoioion.olbor
f i"S,V.W. - '- "i-ol rOHITO. to tb.
olaho.1 bidder -
BaloLl.ko plat, at Tort atbaoa, C. JC.ottho
lSlhd.p.r J.r. IMS, aid. .lock. a.m.
T.V"J' Coib.lo UoTlromikt foodnubo paid
on lha dap of polo.
eiiccoiilal blddon U rtxirt iloroa wlthlo
ItreBlr.fo.r hoar..
Up order of llajor aeairal Shtrldin
i, . ., ... " -HK.KWILI.
Orttct Cnr Coxmissabt SeBetBTgircx.
Wttmr fltmnw. ll M . Jn.o 11 fauti t
At pablte auction, at for dlh-..a, cVeroko rf.
lllrr.!-,ot florjl;,
CHOpoaRdl of SixJoiOra'lHrt.
IQ iilUia Csennbtr tftkl
4T0 i r-bb.i-ti uiIor lkklf.
1M do Hlztdltcklti
W do Unloss,
ei3 , do SaierKrtat
ThefttNjto MorMtobo oU wltbout Mioit. to
t.i h.cbtblii.r.
Ttriai Cb, 1 OtiTerBtnoat faniLi. or dr of
Tbi ancMiofal bidden to rnort tarei wllhlo
twBlf fuor hotr
Br oriTf J.vjtr 0arU Shfrldcs,
, DrlLUo, C.f-.A-KW.tIA.
io-l U cbl.ln,M roda.,Dl.t lod" lir
Pawn Brokers
LOAN OFflCE. 473 tblrtMtth itnti, SJ door ontk
lDiylTi-U trin. Hour lost! Una to
t-nlt cmitomrt on Br. Kitt. Ootd tod (...tit
WatchM, DUinftd, Jwtrrt41lrrPUUt Ptaiou
Xaroltnr, MtM.Ut.cal Tool. LiaiM1 ud Gantlf.
1aZ .Bw.fri, 4Pt'?1 ' -rttloa.
Old OolduTftilTorboRcaL
PoT Orrici DlfABTnT. oTtBO M, lfldft
rroxialU.brlftd aatllntn oj Jnlr33.
next, for far&Uhlii FoUc blampa for a tern v(
four rearf , omiBaaclns Vd of JpUo.lr atzt.
lllddartwillatatoluoprlef p((hoaamdtJUmp,
Mellvtrablatapaekacca of ton thoanand cacb, ai
Iba l'oituae lpaniBt.a Waablactoa
Alao, tbo tiietttrthosai)4 IniliAllar pckl4a
dltTtrabl totbo afanlof tbo Departnent at tbo
llaco of manafartBrt
Alatt. thoprleo per tnooiand dollrflrtd In lanar
fickaf, aa riMinlrrdvllbtr at tbo Department or
placo of tnannutdro
Alio, ibo prico per uonaand attarattd In aaeh
qnantulooMBiir bodallr ordorod for UtBM of
poiloflUaa atovorleoo tban two anorod aUmpa(
nod aeesroly ptukadln tlacaaoa. anUabloblodara1
toard boxen, wltb naaUa or otner tvinallr atroak
eovora.or.a enltabto oovalopoa, acoordiag totbo
jnaaturaad dlaUaoo to bo ooaTey-da.anar bo
ratjnlred by tho Department, etatlng tbo dlffaroaee.
If any befwoea tho coal of aeltrorr to an Bleat at
tho ptaco of tna oaf act are and at washing ion, hf
All neh tvackarea. heforo rallln. tu b r.
cxatnload and rooovntadby an aceni of thla Io-
part men t
rimrpi .
U.UJers will also live tbo additional eot for
uiiriiigi aoKBoi" iob inn uittiia uii Vfrymituw
blank rocotpta. aader tbo direction ol aaaiatC
tbo Department, either at tbo Department or mtno-f
Proposals mttt bo undo far tbo Stamp la alieets.
Perfectly gammed, and perforated In neh manner
that each separate Htampcatt bo readily detached
and ased.
Tbo deaomlaatlABa of Bumps now la nao ar4 oao
rent, two ceala, tbreo oedts, flyo cents, ten eeot,
twelve cents, Bfleen cents, twenty ronr ceats,
thirty cents, and ninety cents t and lyo ceats, ten
cents, and Bfioen cents for periodicals Tho aupor
Ores of tho TbsrladicalfitaTiiiis will ba Btinut ln tlmt-oi
that Of tho letter titampo. On all of tbo Stamps ilio
usnumiDSbion nniira
as well aa letters, and t
t-t-nlsil la lha bst sivla
Tho Slampa mail be prepared In each a manner
that any attempt to remove them from a letter or
rackol will ao maUlata them aa to render Ihcia use
less SpeeM proposal! for Btnmpt on tmbowtd pa
ptrt at now in u, art intittd
Tbo whole nnmoer of Btamne furnished to the De
1-arlmentdBrlpg the yar ending the JUlh of Jane,
jonii was aiiluwlDui
From past experience It la an'
pan experience U la anrpoaod that tbo
of pack aces mailed wilt a re rare aboyo
ndrod dally, Tkrylag la alio fromiwo half
ii bib per
two hand:
sheets. or mostsmtts. id loth aJOhalr sheals. or
0,000 stamps bat by far tho larger proportion of
Sack at ea contain not mora than ft) half shoots er
flOUatampt, t
Each bid Is to be aeeompnled with ft kpoelmen
of thostyloof ongravlagand qnalilr of Ibo paper
1 1 bo famished, which will bo anbrailted to eompo
tent persons, toboMlooUaby tho 1'ostmaster lien
eral, for examination t and tho aeoeptd bidder,
beforotho final consnmmatloa of a contract, will
bo required to prepare design aad faralsh proof
Impressions of tbo engraving of tho aoyorai da
nominations of atanpc There should, bo yarleiy
In tho sites aa well aa the designs of tb stamps
Specimens or board and lla boxes aad envelope
for tba transmission of sumps mast also bo submit
ted nltheacb bid. Ilia necessary (o protect tun boxes
by muslin or other oovera la the most etreolual
manner agalnatwei or anrailoa
f ho contract will require all dies and platea to bo
prepared and kept In repair, and that new dloaand
plates shall ho made, either for tho present de
nominations of atampa or others, wlthonl charge,
at Ih nloas are of ibo Departtnoutt boot all such
Ilea and plains arc to be the property of tho United
titates fur the service of the I'nsl Offlce Department
No friiii tortl t tiki oubnalilt.h.1 Avn.hr fpniit ffiiipil.i
' whohavaboenaetnalty eoiagrd in the bosluexa of
rorper piaia priming ana steei fniravina't are
thus engaged at tho time of bidding, and who are
(bccupylBx suitable are proof nrciuUe, and pro
Tided with all the necossary facilities to execute
, ana giT tnereqnisiie protee
dies, and plates in their Busses.
Parties not known to its Derm rt merit will f urnl.h
pruf as to these points with their bids.
The Postmaster tioneral metres the right of do.
elding which bid In Its practical results, way be
most to the Interest of lh Department, having ref
erence to the style of tbo work, security, mode of
packing, &c , as welt aa In the terms, aud also of
rejecting any or all bids. If la his tndgmeat the in
terests of the Department re lelre U
Proposals should bo carefully sealed, ana marked
"Proposals for Postage fetamps' and addressed to
us intra Assistant romsior"eBrsi
On tho rwtltlon of Wn iiivTisiilh
vAsniaiiTon, ano u. iboa.
lelihla. Pa., praying for the extension of a patent
Mrs a ted to him ibo l3ib day of boptember, IMi,
, ei rniia
j r an imi'iiiTsuivuk in oaiatj Tf apiiar (vr owuriog
Wheels to Axles fur seven years frrn. the oxplra.
lloa of said patent, which lakes place on the 10. h
Jaynf Stptembor, IWSt
. It Is ordered that the said petition be beard at the
Patent oftlca on MONDAY the 31st day of August
ft forth la writing, at lat ttotnty days before
he Jar of bnarlnct all testimony filed bv alihar
lHrly, to be nsedAllhe said bearing, must be lakrn
I'm lit iu ud unu at mo saiu imiiiii uiuii us iiisro
rtnd transmitted In accordance with the rules of I be
cjuics, wdicb win do luiBiBitau wb airiiicaii&.
Depositions and other papers, relied npon as tetU
monr, must be lied In tuootU.efU7eu(v day a before
the day of hearing) the arguments, If any, within
tn days after tiling the testimony.
Ordered, also, thai ibis notice bo pnbltsbed In tb
3in cblicak and the InMltgrneer Waslilngton,
J C , and In Ih Age, Philadelphia, Pa , ours
week for three successive weeks; the first of said
publications to be at least sixty days prevl ua to
lha day of hearing A. M bfOUT,
JuJ Tu3t Acting Commissioner of Patents
DllTXD Utatis PaTiar Orrici,
WAiitiKaroii, JnoelS.lMa
On the petition of Anxxa WjiiTsiir. for inert y
of tiprlugfleld, Ohio, uow of Plane county, Mis
aourl, raying fur .the extension of a patent
yrauled to him tb IDth day of Beptember, lttM,
for ao Improvement la Oraln and Grass Harvesters,
tit seven years from the expiration of said patent,
which takes place on the lutb day of Bcptember,
It Is ordered that the said petition bo heard at
the Patent Offlce on Monday, tho 31st day of
August next, at 13 o'clock in and all persons are
ji .tilled to appear and show cause, If any they have.
why said petition ouibt not to be granted
idi.vhoui'iu.iui in, in u mil are isuiuju iu
file to Ih Patent Ottle their objections, specially
tb day of heart ni all lesiiniony filed by either
farly, to be osed at the said bearing, must bo
skeu aid transmitted In accordance with the rules
jf the otlloe, which wilt be furnished on appllea
Depositions and other papers, relied npon as testi
mony, must be Bled In the ottle twenty days bo
fore lb day of bearlagi the arguments, if any,
within tot days after filing the testimony
Ordered, also, that this notice be published In
the H annuel and the Itlleert Washlug
tun, I. 0 , and la lb KtUHlug Lkrotel Cln
slusatl, Ohio, once a Wek fur three aucclve
weeksi the first of aald publications to be at least
alxty day previous to the day of hearing,
e2r-W3t Acting Commisiloijer of Patenla.
'It n ir ,
Efre Wgiwwi ti$ritMitfim
VOL..8--NO. 196.
Upoo h.TO a. laTBlM wlfo or daoxblcr, ilcp laid
CiiAKM.H f. rr.Kitu: & CO.'H,
Coroer of If loth asd I itraoli, and pet a bolllo of
peuuins, sti;hn a con
,Ton cannot send atnore aeeeptabt present to Ih
Mi fofko.athoni,tbanafew bottle of tbetr nice
"Port Wlne'or"tJrHparJrandy M t
Lovtra of "Heck Wlaea" will Sad a IrottU of,
California Wgite Winer aa acceptable aeeompant
CLE Ittiy MS a desiring a PURE an I agreeable
wine for Communion purposes wilt find all they
onld within
Henry Xfat, Ute chief rhemlst tn-tbe DrpertnScat
of AgrlCBltnre, baa Just made a critical analysis of
the Wines, at our special request made In order
thai we might be reassured In regard to them and
tvihii is iseu.
I'Ulti: lflMED,
an 1 SullalilA tM famllr a art iiir.tlr'sl na
. Tllia analysis. In eoalaoctJon with that of the
Bargeua Uetieral of (he UBlted Blates, together with
the ndroerutis other evldenrec of their parity pre
eaied during tbe past eight years hHs convinced
us iuii luvsaarrj
sow before the poMlr
For sals la any desired quantities by
Qcocors, corner Ninth and 1 etrccts.
. w isiiiiib oi ir ,
Je tVeiitl
Eullderi and Material
A large ant! fall stock of MAUDLS MA3TELS, of
mbjit aDaiBBiBi auu ,Huoiivr uuisii. i or ksi inw ai
M1 Corner Fourteenth and C at
10O,OuObest quality f Whit Pin feam Ella
vriaa t.umner
tVO.tVU Haogor T atha
ZU.tXUieotvI Wblie Ploeand EprnceSranlllBg
Alao, Fence Picket. Hemlock. Kards, Kails,
see Picket. Hemlock. Kards, Kails,
Ac blunt received and for sal at our
Bevetth street
wharf, foot
Hotels and Bestanrants
empiiie h5use,
First class Boarding, with U tb comforts of a
hotel AccoumodaituBS for liw xeats. (ISollqaers
sold) Uiard tipexday, Kegalar monthly board
era at reduced rales uy33 tt
(PoaMlklT lBUWX'i IOTIU)
Pennsylyabla ATtno. ap!9 ly
John u skmmes. rnorttiToa
Thla Iloasela entirely new, elegantly famished,
and supplied with water and gas throughout U
a Iks equina superb Billiard and Bathing Rooms
Romas on Ihe first and scoond floors rervd
exclalv)y fr transient guests
ma4 If TKRUa-l BM.A0 PER DAT
vn tiuuiu piasbi,
Particular attention paid to Boarding Horses,
La re, air and comfortable stables The uronrl.
Deiwreu u ana b, no. 7
tor la well known as on of the best feeders In thla
District Owners of poor hones can hay thus
fattt-ned and well eared for.
jAittt.AUba can do naa at an nours tor fames,
Waddlnfs, andFejeraTiT M a t m t fall tf m
H.. 1ST, 3VT A'.JtreUSEC-
Washixotov, Jane 3), 1S
On the petltloB of All Wixyaa. of Koodout,
N.l administratrix, and Yli-i up WixTkavf
said KiuJmt, administrator of luo Petals of
AicHiuaiu n luicr, urcoaopa, prnrinx ior iiisvx
tension Of a patent grants 1 to the said Archibald
Winter, Ihe llh day of Stptember. l&ll, U r an
Improvement tu Machlno for Sawing Fire Wood,
Ac , for seven years from the expiration of said
patJut. which take place on the Iwthday of Sep
tember, ld
It Is ordered lint the said Million be beard at lb
Patent Ottle on MONDAY, the 1HU day or Sep
tember next, at 13 a clock, iu t nud all persona
are notified to arpear an I show cause. If any
they have, why said petition ought nut to be
set forth in writing.
RtpuMican and the Httll(oHCtr, Washington,
D C , and In the Altai, Kw York, N Y ,
once a week for three sueeslve weeks) Ihe flnt
of said publications to be at least sixty days pre
Tloni to tb day of hearing
Jya Wit ActlngCommlssloner of Patents
Uxitxp Status Patixt Oprtoit,
Wasiiixiitox, July JW.liAl.
Ou tho i?ililon of Jdim Dfhai7vais, uf Aavr
York, N Y , execute or tl e eiato of Ictor Beau
luonl, deounsed, praylag fur the extension of a
pateul grautid to the said Victor Beaumont, the 11
day of Oitobor, 1891, for mi Improvement iubteaii
Gauge, for seven resrs from tl e explruli n of said
talent, whkh takes l lace uu the 3d dyof October,
Mi , ,
it is emerm. mat tne said i tin in ie nearu at tno
Patent Oitlceun MoNDA, lUollth djy of beptem
bur ueil, at Wo clock, in (and all persons are null-
flrtil l.i ai in mp n.l hIiuW cjaiiiui- If an ir IIibv hava.
why said petition ought nut lo bo graniej
i b-tsuiisui oimb iuntToVBiiiHiiuaruiri.iuiriu iu iii
J l.i
In the Pateut OUIca their otjectlons. fpeclaliy
forth In writing, at least ttctniu days fterre ihe 4
of bearing! all testimony filed by either tarty, to
iisopu ai iuo saiu Ufa ring, iaiii tm laacn nan iraas
aniued In accordance with Ihe rules of Ibe onUe,
used at ibo said hearing, mot be taken and trns
men win te turnisi ea on application
vriVBIIIVULIIU VBllja; JHln. I Up IVIIFLl ,lnjl, n, .CIB-
timony, must be filed in the oDico twtntv days he
f ire thedsy ofhKarlnritheargULnnis.lt any, within
ttn days alter filing the testimony
iiu t.b-u, aiaip, ,im, mis n nice oe puuiisnea in uia
lUrcBLlCAxand the JntrlUgtncar, Washington,
D 0 .suJ lathe ffae, New York, N Y , once a
week f.r three auccesstva weeks; tho first of said
SuLllciitlons to beat least sixty daysprevlotis 1 1 tbo
ay of hearing A il BToUT,
Jrfl-WHw Aetlag CommUsloaerof Patents
Uxitip Statu Patxxt Orriog,
Washikktom, May US, ImIS,
On tbe potltlon of IlonAin W Pxaslbi, of Mat
dan Bridge, N Y, , prsjlng for tbe exleualon ef a
patent granled tobliu the All day if Jauuary, IBM,
autodated Beptember Jllh, lHftl, relsaued January
btb, l&V), and Rgaln reissued March lDili, l!T, for
an Improvement In Machines for Washing Paper
Slock, forseven rears from the expiration of said
F 'Btent, which takes place on tho 'iilU day of hep
ember, lBtiSi
It Is ordered that the silt I p. lltlon lo heird at the
Pi.teut OlUce ou MONDAY, thSM day of August
next, at 13 o'clock pi and all persons erenolilM
to appear and show cause, If any they have, why
said luotltlnii fiiivht tint t,i l.a ipinlail
Persons opposing the exteuslon aro required to
lie la the 1 Unt Office their objections, specially
aet forth In writing, at lea-t tioentu days before '
the day of hearing) all testimony filed by either
party, to be use t at the said hearing, must be taken
sDd transit! tied In accordance with the rules of tho
oilier, which will be furnished on application
inony. must be filed In the olQcef wtntu days ter ire
IheJuyof hear Ingilhe arguments. If auy, within
fett days after filing the testimony
Ordered, also, that this notice be published In
Ihe Rirum WAX and the luUittgtncrr, Washing
ton, D L , and In the Mlaa New Wk, N
Yaone a week for three successive woeksi Ihe
fltveof said puhllcstl ins to be at least sixty daya
previous to lie day of bearing,
Je4 Thlt Acting Commli.lonor of Patent a
... i. vium iiniurs, reuuu u
Oflc If, T. eorasr of Reveith and F street.
HAiuiflurun. u, u
jaw oriioi.
ak .t . JfiMMiAi 8 Black, ..
WAbd H. Lamox, 0. F, Black.
0Oci 4 Fourteen Ih itrW.dtfeetlyorro.lt Wll
fardi Hotel delMf
Prnctlces before all the Court and the DepartmeaU
la the District of Columbia.
oyncit go. sstoutaiAxA Arturg, xiax cobxir
Prepares all kinds of legal documents, eneh as
Losses need. Wills, Powers of Attoraey, Land
lord and Tsaiat Notices, Me Ate
A- Panleulivrnttentloa given tth Collection et
Debts aad Claliia. aplft-U
Watches and Jewelry.
0. HOOD, No SJH Pennsylvania avenue,
dealer la Ooldand Hllver Watches, DIAMONDS,
Sn Uold JEWhLRY, Solid Silver Ware, H pre
lacies. Opera 0 lasses. Pocket and Table Cutlery,
Kasors, Scissors, Oold and Sliver Thimbles and
very variety of Silver dated War. Ac, at tbe
rery loweit priees .,,,,,, n-M
ITo. 371 Putaayvania.ayeane,betwaTBth aad
Eleventh streets, south aid.
Booktelegantlyorplalaly boand. Periodicals
aadNswspapereorefaHy attended le
On hand a largo number of first claaa Carriages,
at reduced prices. All work sold warranted to bu
aa represented Persons la want should examine
iny stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Repairing promptly attended to
Ileposltory 574 D street, between Eighth and
Inthi shop i77 Llghth street, near D Jy8 St
nUDnlil 11 UltAIIAAl
Fianoi and Music
lit T1AN0S
which havb nBKir tram.
One T octave Hosewood. Knafaa A Co . A3J0
Oao 7 ' ' Llchte A Newton, 17J.
Onefi Firth APoid, li)
y uaioaenDacn, oimi.
Oaef Andrew bteln, IU. .
For sale nnns mit terms in tnaka Pimm at tha
wareheneeof W. , MBTXEHllTT &CO ,
Sole agent of fitelnway 'a Plaaoa aad Mason tt Ham
una taB.nct urgana jyir-iH
rB tflf AaSeeoBd floor -CB
Ou Fixturei.
Flttls. nnentbd and fitted UD a large BLow-Room
at No sit. Ninth street, between Daud If streets,
adjoining Union Hall, where may be found tl
largest and mostcomplet assortment ot
It the elty, at price to salt all
iinunn ta runbii,
ffna S77ati(t AAt Nlalh siraal.
)y30-U 1 Ml
it ween D and E street
Real Estate Agents.
a1rt tt
CHOICE BUILD Ufa LOTS, on Capltot Hill, for
lie on monthly payments
llOUStK and LOIS la ill parts of Ihe city f.r
ilo and rent Jyitf
Commission Merchants.
33. Xj. JEPJ."ST tSo Oo.,
Ninth Street Wtinrf,
Vaasels nnloaded with dispatch
Ample warehouse accommodation je37 3m
Cor, Now York At. and Fourteenth Street
carefully cempoondel
Mllh Strictly Pure Medicine.
iverp to
NRBl ( 1
eW if
WiiiiixuTnv. Jiina '7- ImJ)
On Ilia tiHillliin at lam. V If nut. an. nt l'ltioiinrir
P , praying for tho extension of a nuteut granted
to liliii Iba Jtilh day of Bsntember. lilt, fur an tm-
to luui tbe .tilth day of Beptember,
movement In l'latrurin Bcales. for
proveiuentln Platform Scales, for seven years from
Ihe expiration of said patent, which takes place on
iiipj 4'hia uar or nriHriULrer. iron:
ii isuruereu mai ina saia ieiiiion ue uearu si me
PAteut Offlce ou MOM DAY. Ilia Till dav uf Kn.
Ifmhir next. at Uo clock, in t and rIIixtsuuh are
in tlBed 1 1 si imar and show cause, If any they have,
mil nam po,iiiuu vuaui uu iu pi ii.nifii.
Purs ins niMialBf Ilia avian si an ara ran nl rait lit Ala
In the Patent Olfleo their ul jectlons, sivecially set
firth In writing, at least fiMnfy days liefure the
day of hearing t all testimony filvd by either purty.
to lie used at the said henriog. must be takm aud
tran.iultted In accordance with the rules of tbe olflc,
which will bo f orntshed on application
Dtiopt lions and other papers, relied upon aa las
tluiouy, tn ii,t be filed In the offlce twenty days 1 rfnre
thedayof bearing) the arguments, If any, within
nnllra Ink mil I I1ih,I In
tb UKroRLlOAN and the JnUHfotncer, Washing
4 sou in iiia rvwt, iiiisourg, irun
rortbreoauceesslveweeksi the first of
Uxitxd Status Patext Orricx,
Wasiujuitox, July 1, IdOrl
On the petition of Oaeoxir H Ulodurtt aud
Pap a T Bwxbt, of Durlington, ermont, praying
for Ilia aalanaluunf knalant eraaled to them the atli
tlay ef Decern her, IbM, for au Improvement in oven
for baking, for seven yearsfromlheexptratlon of
aid patent, which takes place on tho oil. diyof
It le ordered that lha aald petition be heard At tho
1 ntent Offlce on Monday the loth day of November
next, at 11 o'clock m t nd all persons ara null
fled la inmiip an,l ahituf hum. If anw tliav liasa.
Why said petition ought not lo be granted
Persona opposing the extension are required to
file tn Ihe Patent Office their objections, specially
set forth In writing, at least twenty daya before
tb day of bearing all testimony filed by either
party, to be used at the aald hearing, most ba
taken an 1 trau-mtlted tn accordance with the rules
of ihe otflee, which will be furnished vu ai plica
tt D
Depositions and other papers, relied npon as tes
tlmouy, must be fikd In tlieotucefitiCMfi duys be
Iort the day of bearing! the arguments, If auy,
within fen days after filing the testimony
Ordered, also, that this tiettce be published In the
nKfLonriK am iue aisiiitrsnrrr, tvasnington,
will prut tee before the Ualted! State Sapram
aadC)rmliCoaru, aad give prompt atteatloa to
Land, lateraat Heyenne, and Patent Office btUl
stwv Keferenceet Hon, Henry Wilson, Hon.
Jawea K. poellttle. Hon TV 1 111 am P. Fessaaden,
aad Ilea JohaM llredhead, mvlt So
rortteth Congrma tfecond Ncatloii,
Mr Viektrg prewntlof Ik eretlentlati of
wr. niokoey UATte, apnotnua ti QiDBtor
from tht Btntt of ilarjlaod to fill tb anix
filrtd term of Hon Hertrdj Johnion, eiplr
ogMlrchd, 18C9.
Tb credeolIalAwer risJ'itid Mr. AVbtto
tbn oatt forward and wai (worn la
Mr Trombull enllad vp theTbfll Batborlttog
the temporary lapplylcg; ef Tgenootei la lb
xeeatlr Deptrtrntoti
Tb J nd clary Commit It reported aa amend
meat that la egltrjf tttaporarj Taeanoy la tba
office or Commliatovtr ef Fatenti, It thall ba
temporarily inppHed1 by appointment by tbe
Freilieot of one of the HxaalBtn In CbUf.
Mr Eimondi olTared a fartber nmeodment
tbat no appointment, dtalgoatlon or aulgn
mnt ibell b made olberwlie tban bertln
profiled except In eai of vioanoy during
tbe feceig of tbe Beoat., Adopted.
Tbe Itouie ameodmept, wblcb Ij in tbe na
tare of a r abitltute, wi tbeo egrctd to, aad
the bill paifd
Mr. Ciltell eallad up IbetJU tg lutborlu
tbe Iifoe of tbtee per eit. temporary loan
ecrtlfloatei to redeem tbe eompound In tercet
no lei, tbe quoit! on belntf on tbe amendment of
Mr. Trumbull to provide for monthly intet of
gold by the Trtnury Department not exceed
log 110,000,000 per taontb, and to commence
InAugut) eitd ealee to eoatlnae until tbe
amount of gold lo tbe Treasury le reduced to
forty rotlllonf
Mr. Trumbull eoull ire no ue of keeping
tbti gold la tbe Treasury If It bad beea loll
left year It would bare eared the OoTernment
at least ten mllllong.
Mr, Cattell eald tbo rorlelone of tb bill
were so elupte and Ue advantage! 10 obvious
that be wondered at tbe opposition of tbe
fie cat or, Mr. Trumbull It U a proposition
to cocvett a debt upon wblob we are paying
six percent coin Interest Into a debt lo pay
three percent currency Interest, aad It cer
telnly should be tbe aim of Congreis to reduce
tbe Interest on tbe public debt as much ae
positble Suppose there Is more gold In the
Treasury tban there ought to be, that fur
nlsbes no reeson why sueb a bill as this should
not psfs Dot tbe Senator Is Incorrect es to
bis figures. It le true thet on the first of
Jaly there was nominally $99,000,000 In gold
In the Treasury, but from Ibat there must be
dedaetad the ossh payments In cold Interest.
and olber liabilities ol the fJovernmcnt would
actually re luce tbe cola tn tbe Treasury to
$37,000,000, which Is below tbe limit men
Honed by tbe Senator. It would bo unsafe to
depend upon our receipts from customs and
taternal tax to pey tba tbltty millions eom
pound Interest notes wbleb oom due between
now aad October, and henee the simplest and
easiest way was to adopt this measure, which
bad been unanimously agreed upon by tbe
Finance Committee
Air. Trumbull thought tt was a strange way
to ascertain tbe a tunc tit of coin fn the Trees
ury to slate only the Habllltlei and not say
anything about tbe receipts He though,
twenty flre millions would be ample to keep
tn tbe Treasury, although la reference to the
rtews of others be bed placed tbe limit at
forty mlllloos tt was a fact tbat during tb
last year tbo amount of Coin kept Idle In tbe
Treasury had arereged eighty three millions
per month
Mr Cameron advocated the amendment of
Mr Trombull, and again expressed bit wish
that Congress would allow the whole floenclal
question to go over until next fall
Mr Morton was In favor of fixing a time
when the Qorrrnment would rein me specie
The coti.iA.Utse cf conference report on tbe
bill tn looorpornte tbe Washington Target
aaoounfr; as pgiauou was concurred in
Mr Howo took the flior Id opposition to
tbe bill.
Mr lYilllams, tn referring to tbe amount
of gold In the Treasury, said tb rery fact
that seventy fire to eighty millions of gold
were constantly In tbe Treasury, tended in a
great manner to a feeling of eeourlty among
the creditor of the Government and the peo
ple generally.
Mr. Morton moved an amendment that the
surplus gold now In the Treasury, and what
may accumulate during the present and next
fiscal year, shall be applied to tbe payment
of the legal tender notes, and gave It as his
belief that In tbe adoption of such a measure
as be proposed the premium In gold would go
down to one half
Mr. Conkllng favored the spirit of the
amendment, but regarded It as Inoperative
and should not vote for It
Mr rrellnghuyseu seld tbe doctrine enun
ciated on tbe floor yesterday by Mr Morton
was calculated to do more Injury to the credit
of tbe Udrernmgnt than soy thing !se which
posilbly could be done He did not think It
juittothe American people to Intimate thet
thoy were unwilling to pay their obligations
In ooln
The amendment of Mr Morten was rrjeetej,
ns follows
Yeas Messrs Corbett, lUmuuds Morton,
Osborn, Patterson of Tennessee, Pomeroy,
Hamrey, aud Wade 8
Xays Messrs ntbony, Cameron, Catull,
Chandler, Cole, Co ones, Terry, Feuendeo,
Frellnghujien, Uarlsn, Ilendirson.Hondrlaks,
Howard, MoCroery, McDonald, Morgan, Pat
terson if New Hampshire, Rice, Uoss, Sher
man, Sumner, Tipton, Trumbull, Victors,
Wclob, White. Wilier. Williams, aud Wil
son 30.
Tho question llien recurred on tbe amend
raent ot Mr. TihwIuIJ.
After further dliouieloo. Mr HUermsn la
slsted tlirt tbo regular order, tbe funding
bill, ino i be proceeded wllo
Tbo fundlnp; bill was then taken up
Mr Hendricks spoke of tho ureal expenses
of the (Jovcrnment for tbe last three years,
nod raid tb people In tbe coming canvass
would want lo know of tbo majority In Con
gress what bad become of nil the money
in tne course ot bis remarks Mr. Jl coo
trnstel the Chicago jlat'ormwlth tho New
York tUtform, tbe mm who .runs mar read
the latter There 1 no mistake as to what It
means In any section of the Union. Tbe for
mer Is full of equivocation, it toAy mean one
thlsg as well as another The financial olatue,
tbo Senator from New Jersey Mr Irellog
buysenj would no doubt Interpret oneway,
and his col'eague Mr Norton would Inter
prot It another
Mr Sherman askei whotber tbe Demo
cratio platform co luteUd the payment of tbe
five twenties In gld or greenbacks
Mr Hendricks would read the resolution
Laughter on the .lepublioan side J It
spoke for Itself, and ou) 1 mean only one
iDing mr ii men reaw too resolution, ana
matntaloed tbat it meant distinctly that the
debt should bo aid In com wber expressly
supuisieu oy tne uw, ana do; otuotwise
Mr bherinao asked what wat tbe opinion
of Gov Seymour and Mr lleltuont and tbe
new lorn wont on ton sudjcci
Mr Hendricks had no authority to speak
for other gentlemen, but Mr. Seymour bad
said tbat he stood on the latform, and that
was suinoicnt
By unanimous consent Mr. Morrttl, of
Maine, from tbo cotntulUeo of oonferonco on
tbe appropriation bill, made a report, which
was concurred In
Mr Stewart took tbe floor In reply to Mr
Hendricks, and quoted from tbe speeches of
Qorernor Seymour to tbe New York draft
rioters In 1803, and stjleJ blm a reprcsenta
tit e of tbe treasonable poioo democracy, and
that be sneered at all the efforts of the Gov
ernment to put down tbo rebellion.
Mr Cattell argued In favor of tbe bill, when
the question was taken on tbe amendment of
Mr Wilson, reported yesterday, when It wis
Mr Howard moved an amendment to tbe
section making goli contracts valid, provid
JULY 15, 1868.
ing that 1 shall net apply to tbt renewal or
a.ensiou ot any contract previoasiy exist
In Mr Sherman inggesled to Mr. toward to
amend, that whera tba interest on eotn Ig In
tended as a device to gala usurious or unuiuil
interest. It shall not be valid
At 4 35, tht Senate went Into executive
session, ana alter son time spent mere id ad
The Senate reassembled at 7 30 d. m
Tbe bill to provide for the discontinuance
of tba Freed me n'e 13 are an was taken up, and
the notuo amendments thereto concurred In.
Mr. Howe called tip tb bill appropriation
$20,000 for Mrs U T. rotter, of Charleston,
S. (J., for services rendered by "her tn tb
union causa daring tne rebellion, and at
tendloe; to the Union prisoners
Mr. Stewart objected to tbe pat sage of suob
a bill as this without a quorum wee present.
Mr Harlan called for tb reeding; of tbe
report la the ease, from which It appeared
tbat Mrs. Potter bad spent of bar own for
tune over $40,000 In minister! or to tbe stek
and wounded Union prisoners
Mi1. Harlan desired to call attention to this
elass of claims It wsi true, that tbti wsi
only tb second on so far, fiat there were a
thousand such eases Wa had thought that
the reward wbloh oar noble women received
for their attention to oar brave men was laid
up In a higher ptaoe If tbe nation was to
pey for the ohsrlty that was bestowed upon
our soldiers dorinic the war. where would It
Mr. Djoiittie aiKed teat some eeneral pro
vision be Inserted tn the bill to remove tbe
political disabilities from all thoso cltlseni of
florin warouaa woo nan been lately elected
to c Dices It waa very I wc roper to case a bill
oi mis aioa abis list was, oi course, tur
nlsbed by those who bad tbelr own particular
) . . . .1 H.L . 1 f . - - .
friends, and It wax not joit that all others
should be excluded,
Mr. Stewart eald that could be done In some
other bill, and appealed to Mr DaolltUa to let
this bin pass.
Tne bin was men passed.
Tbo pending bill was then taken up. tbe
motion oting on ine amenament ot mr How
ard Mr Cameron, by unanimous consent. Intro
docodablllto remit the duties on a certain
statue Intended to surmount the soldiers
monument at Hanliburg, Pa. Referred to
Committee on Finance
Mr Williams mored an amendment to Mr.
Howard's amendment, tbat no eotn Interest
ahaU.be exacted on loans in currency, which
waa accepted by Mr. Howard, and tbo amend
ment as a men" on was tnen adopted.
Mr. Ramsey then moved an amendment
tbat the eeotlon shall not tako effect until
January, 1S70, which wag rejected.
Mr. Ferry mored an amendment to tbe first
retion, tbat nothing nereineoniaiBed sbaii
be conitrued to authorise tbe payment of the
outstanding fire twenty bonds otherwise tban
in coin
Mr. Ferry glluJed to the views of Mr Sber
man, tbe chairman of the Finance Committee,
and Mr. Morton, that the five twenty bonds
were redeemable only ta greenbacks, and If
we mould nave a eesreiary or ine ireasory
who held the same views as Iheso two Sena
tors, tt might be that the holders of these
bonds would be foroed to accept compulsory
payment to greenbacks If tbe party In favor
oi ine new lotKpianorm came into power,
snob mlxbt be the case
Mr Sherman hoped tbe amendment would
be withdrawn, as It was very nnwlie len
tf tbe amendment wss adopted tt would not
settle the question, end would pretentlhe
passage of the bill He deprecated tbe Idea
of introducing tbe question Into the bill
Mr Davie moved to lay tb bill on the
t a hie, wbicn waa rejected yeas v, nays 34.
After a lengthy debet tb bill was passed,
and the Senate at 10 40 p m , adjourned
Mr. MoCartby, of N. Y , from Committee
on Hoads and Canals, reported a bill to build
a wagon road for tbe us of tbe Military
Academy at West Point. Passed
Mr Koonts, of Pa , from tbe Committee on
the District of Colombia, asked leave tore
port a substitute for the Senate bill to pro
vide for lighting the streets of Wa-hiegton
with gaa
Mr Washburne. of 111 . objected
Mr. Koonts hoped tbe gentleman would
withdraw bis objectton.
Mr Washburne aald be did not make Lis
objection la any factious spirit, but this mat
ter had been fully discussed In Committee of
ot tbe Whole, and It was decided tbat Wash
ington city should light ber own streets He
had no objection to the substitute being read,
but would reserve bis right to object.
Tbe substitute waa read It aulbailtes
the oorporate authorities of Washington to
levy a tax upon property In said city, to en
ablo lb lighting of the streets and avenues
with gas, with six feet burners, twenty on
nights In eaeh month, from dark until day
light Tbe Mayor of Washington and tbe
Secretary of tbe Interior are appointed a com
mission to enter Into a contract with tbe
Washington Gaslight Company far tbe term of
fifteen years for all tbe Illuminating gas re
quired, tbe price In said fifteen years not to
exceed what Is charged the cltliens of Wash
ington frrgaa, and the sail Secretary of tbe
Interior and Mayor of Washington may aunol
raid contract at the end of ten years upon
giving two years' notice to tbe Gaslight Com
pany The M iyor and City Councils may In
crease tbe number of street lamps at any
time, end levy a special tax therefor at any
time If tbe corporation fails to lory sol
collect the tax, the power of doing sa Is con
(erred upm tbo Secretary of the Interior,
who mav levy and collect tbe tax until tbe
corporation passes the proper law
Tbo bill was objects t to, and wss not con
The reuUr order cf business hultijr been
demanded, tbe Speaker announced that to be
tne consideration oi toe AinsKa oui in vom
mlttce of the Whole, without debate
On motion of Mr Ileuks. of Maisaohusetts,
the House went Into Committee of the holo
upon that bill, .Mr Garfield, of Ohio, in the
Tbe Chair stated that tbo pending question
was upon an appeal from the decision of the
Chair Mr Uutler, of Massachusetts, had
submitted an amendment to reserve $500,000
of the amount appropriated until Russia
agrees to submit to a ooinmlibtuu lb claims
of certain Amcrtoan cltlsans Upon this
amendment, Mr Danks made the point of
order tbat It was not In order, a tt imposed
a condition The Chair suiUinrl tho point
of order, and Mr Holler appealed from llo
decision of tbe Cbalr, and that was now the
jueiilon befvre tne committee
Tbe vote was taken, and tho decision tf
the Chair was sustained
The nuestlon was then taken ui on the
amendment hitherto offered by Mr Lough
ridge, of Iowa, which recognises Ibe treaty
with KuMla and declares In favor of tbe
patment of tbe money, but recognlren the
right of the Ilouio to participate In tbe
treaty msaiog power ana gives mo aiicli oi ,
Congress to this treaty
Mr Iioughrldge'a amendment was aJoj ted
Mr, hterens, of Ponosylvanla suggested
tbat an amendment ought now to be adopted
declaring as tbe sense of this Houie tbat all
members of tbe House ought to be taken
Into the'seoret sessions of the Senate when
they oome to consider a treaty Laughter 1
Mr Hllot, of Massachusetts, moved an
amendment by adding a proviso so that here
after there shall be no acquisition of foreign
territory until Congresa has mad an apjro
prlatlon for tbe purchase money This was
Mr Butler again renewal his amendment
Imposing as a condition that certain claims
should be first settled, and it waa again de
clared out of order.
Tbe commlttoo then rose, and the bill and
amendments were reported to the House
Mr, Banks then rose (o close debate, and
saving an nour yteiaea te various gentlemen
portions of big time
Mr. SobeneV, of Ohio, mada aa argtment
admitting the right or tht President and
Senate, generally, to make treatise-; bat he
losii tea tbat additional territory totud netba
acquired nor eould oar people be changed
axeept by oonsent of tba Hoot, which was a
co ordinate branch of tba Government.
Mr, Delano, of OhIr argued In favor ef
tne Din, oat believed the Uoase bad aright
to participate In the treaty power
Mr. Btevens, of Pa., thought the amend
mem of Mr Loughrldge, which had been
adopted la Commute of the Whole, was a
tnest extraordinary amendment. Tbe Free.
dent and the Senate bad the rlhl alone to
make treaties, ha contendeJ, and nowhere
was a right reserved to tba House to partici
pate In the making tf that treaty. The agree
meat made by the President and Senate with
Russia either vu or was not a treaty. If It
was a treaty under the Constitution, tba
House had nothing to do with It except to
carry it into enact, no condition precedent
wag turned tbat the treaty sbotfld be ratified
only after the Horn had mid the appropri
ation, xne uenate end rresident made a per
fect obligation, and It was tha dnty of tb
Home to carry oat that obligation without
farther qaestlon
Mr. JJanks, of Mass , closed the debate In
favor of the bill
Mr. Danks argued tbat as the President aad
Senate -wag recognised aa lha treaty making
power tof tba country tbe House could do
notnitg else tnan make tbe necessary appro
Debate wag closed at 1 o'clock, and tb
rote was then taken upon the bill and amend
ments The question was then taken upon the
amendment proposed by Mr. Lough ridge, and
It was agreed to by a vote of 93 yeas to 49
The; 1a'tlen was then taken npon Mr.
Eliot's amendment, and It was rejected by a
vote of 78 yeas, to 80 nayg
Tbel question then recurred upon the pas
sage of the bill as amended by Mr. Loughridge,
and Itjwas passed by yeae 114, nays 43.
Tbe Speaker laid before tbe House a com
munication from tbe Secretary of War, In re
lation) to the number of troops on the Union
PaolCe! railroad betweenOmaha and Salt Lake
city Referred to Committee on Military
Also, communication from the same. In re-
laltonjto tbe best means for tbe protection of
tne natuor oi uaivesion, lexas iieierred to
Committee on Commerce.
Also, communication from tbe Secretary of
tn interior, arxing an appropriation Of
$15,000 for the Chickasaw and Choctaw In
dlans Referred to the Committee on Ap
propriations The House tbeo resumed tbe consideration
of tbe bill making appropriations for charities
In the District of Colombia, which had been
report id from the Committee on Appropriations
by Mr Spanlding, and wax made the special
order for to day,
Mr Washburne, of Illinois, opposed tbe
bill firv-tto b oonsidsrrd, wbteh was for the
suppo t of the Columbia Institute for the
Deafind Dumb. He said tb Government
had a real Interest la this Institution. It
was p oper that w should educato tht dsaf
anddpmbof tba District ef Columbia, but
this was made aa asylum for the deaf and
dumb of tha whole country. Mr Washburne
then had read tbe report of tbe minority of
tbe Committee on Appropriations, protesting
ngatnit this appropriation. He Insisted tbat
the Government had no control whatever
over this institution It wai virtually and tn
fact a private corporation, conducted by pri
vate enterprise, and Congress had no right to
appropriate tba people's money fr Its sup
port (for an examination of the appropria
tions hitherto made will show tbat each one
of these pupils cost the Government $7,000
each lie was therefore opposed to keeping
up infs estaouinmeni.
no recognised the right of tht Gorernmtnt,
however, to take cart of these deaf and
damta, pupils, but he would not sustain this
institution, as we nan no control over it ue
therefore proposed an amendment to appro
priate enough money to eduoate these pupils
at ooi of tbe State imtltutlons, where they
oould'be supported for $240 a year each. But
bo Injlsled that tbe Government should have
some control over tbe money appropriated for
cnaritabl purposes, and no tcererore proposea
another amendment, constituting? a commis
sion, with the Secretary of tbe Interior at tbt
head, who shall havo tbe dlsburiement of all
inooejs appropriated for charities tn this Dis
trict! Mt) Spalding, of Ohio, denied Ihe argu
men tof Mr Washburne, and said this was not
a private enterprise It is true tbe Dear and
Dumb Asylum was started by private enter
prise, but It was soon asosrtained tbat private
enterprise could not keep It up, and Congress
was therefore appllad to and passed a law es
tabllibiog this institution for the education
of tbe deaf and dumb pupils cf this District,
and who were children of army and nary offi
cers Ibere were at this time one hundred
uplls In that tnetltutlon, and they bad all
ieen wetl educated He had seen evidences
of their attainments, and would say here now
that he would not be ashamed to put any one
of these pupils In competition with the most
learned mo rubers of Congress in mathematics
and the higher branches
Tha Institution has conformed to tbe act of
incorporation strictly. It bas some pupils
there not from tbe District cf Columbia, and
not the sons of army and nary officers, bat
tbc-yjar principally from Marvlsnd, anl are
supports I by tbelr friends and by tbe State
Mr, SpaulJIng showed that Congress should
support this Institution because tt was here at
tbe soat of Gorernment, and one of the pur
poses of the Institution was to educate teach
ers for other deaf and dumb institutions Tbe
gentleman Mr Waibburne says let the States
provide for their deaf mutes Tho States do
so, but not In that illiberal spirit manlfesttd
by the gentleman from Illinois, but no State
could afford to creot buildings for tbe oduea
Hon of doaf mute teachers That must come
very pruperly from tbe Congress of the Lnlted
Debato wns thru exhausted, and the ques
tion was taken upon tbt bill and amendments.
Mr Ste.ons, of Pennsylvania, mored an
amendment to Increase the number of uplls
from Ibe States In the Collegiate Departments
from 1 0 tn 25
The amendment was agreed to
The tiuestlon then recurred upon an amend
ment submitted by Mr Washburne tostrlko out
all after the enacting clause, and appropriate
a aufllelont sum of mosev to educate the deaf
and dumb pupils at some Institute In the
States, to be selecte 1 ly the Secretary of the
Tbe ainenJtucbt was rejected
The nuestlon then recurred upon the
amendment offered by Mr Wasbburno, au
ihorlilD Ihe epiKjinlment of a committee to
bare charge of tht disbursement of all moneys
appropriated for charities tn tbo District of
Pending consideration of Ibe amendment,
tbe House adjourned until 7 30 p m , a res
sion having been ordered for debate only
The Houro resumed lis session at 7 30 p m.
On motion of Mr Chandler, of N Y, a
resolution waa adopted tn relation to the
wrecked steamer Scotland tn New ork har
bor. Messrs Boutwell. Wilson of lows, and
Marshall were appointed a conference com
mlttte on the dUagreelng votes of tho two
Houses, on tne bin lor deuoienoies in tne
Executive Departments
Mr Van Trump, of Ohio, made a speech
uponth "vblbl. admixture bill" of Ohio ,
Air Soofleld of Pa., npon the political sltua
Hon, and Mr Butler, of Mass , In favor of
taxing U S. bonds, and .halloas then, at
tlip m , adjourned
Is paUiaaed arrry moral eg tPeaday excepted) by
W ir JftaTAHsr, northeast corner Tenth, aad 1
etreete, rreattar Peaaaylraala aveane, en4 le f er
alshed to enbscrlbers (by carriers) alCOeeatepef
Utl.sobertUn,t4CUprBBoeMi $100 fof el
saoels aad Si so for three oa.ht,iiriaMir fa,
rex, rr.se 1 1. and Rcinftomiu
Bbklm has fifty nine solid men worth mer
than a million lhalers each f"'vF5f
Miisoibi has gained S&MotflQpatatloa
since the war ? i '-'.
OiriTALpunlsbmentsnATeen-ahellshtd In
the Kingdom of -5000757?
Qui. IIooxiRandl irfrVrt tMijoardiig lo
Watertown, NeTTtrkJ) V
Tab canker YpiV'i"Jn eking aad hare- In
tht ess tern pertox New Hampshire.
Jar Coexx li baking hii way-Svsrland from
Lake Superior to St. Paul.
LoxorsLLOw hag been elected a member of
tht London Reform Club.
Edward Evkoxtt's eon William Is coming
out with another book.
There were fifty fire brides at Niagara
last Friday.
Ekoladd extended a generong welcome to
Clerstadt, the American krtlit
Gcillout, tbt maocarent-baker of Farts,
uses twelve thousand egg every day.
Gen. nine otic wax born lo Montgomery
county, Pennsylvania, jTebraary 14, 1824
He gr ad anted at West Point ta 1844.
Brxmew has had a dreadful fire, tbat con
sumed property worth a million and a half of
EDVoAnn Williams, of Scranton, Penney I
van! a, accomplished the feat of swlmmlnr
nine miles In one hundred and fifty minutes.
Tub dUenken Is to revisit Paris and play In
the drama of Theodore of Abyssinia. She
will wear the strictest Abyssinian costume.
Oxe of London's favorite soars Is "Can.
tain Jencks of tbt hers marines, who feeds
hi horse on corn and beans.
Too wiiistlxs, worked by rmatl steam en
Rloes, are suggested ae ao Improvement for
fie log belt now In use along tht ccut.
Ir is said that tbt present Is tht longest
session of the French Chambers on record
It has lasted eight months.
Fbabk TnOBSTOH, an ambitious youth, at
tempted to walk a tight rope at Franklin and
felt to tbe ground, a distance of thirty feet,
breaking bl leg above the ankle
Two lads, aged respectively 7 and 12 years,
were drowned while bathing at Scranton. It
wag tbe old story one trylrg to rescue tbe
other, and bolb lost,
A loiifu man riding on an Allegheny Val
ley railroad train thrust bis arm out of tbe
window, and bad tt broke as a reward for his
A mah participated In a sack race on tbe
4th at I'ottsdam, I'enn Ho got the purse
and died the following night from the effect
of over exertion
Tub mortality in Algeria during the last
elxteen months, from tbe cholera, has been
very great, amounting to orerone fifth of tbt
people Inhabiting tbe affected region
VicTon Hiaolsgolngto publish a weekly
paper, with headquarters at Paris lit will
writ every article In It. and tbe paper will
be called Ttt butai
There are Increasing? complaints of con
tinued drouth In the eastern counties of Eng
land In some parts of West Norfolk there
has been no rain for eight weeks
Some of the Russian papers are not a little
alarmed at the proportion of Polish officers In
the Russian army They still amount to one
seventh of tbe whole number.
Tor favorite target for shooting matohes
In France Is an eg? shell placed on a water
Jet of a fountain where tt denoei fantastically,
ouaiieogiog tne utmost sxtil to nil tt
Fbiibds of Admiral Ross, of the London
Jockey Club, who Is to be prosecnted for
slandering; the trainer of Lady Ullxabetb, are
raising a fund to defend him
A LADr seventy Tears old. In Berlin. Har.
din county, Iowa, recently surprised herself,
ber husband and tbe neighborhood by giving
Dirta to a uvety nine pouna oany,
EiaLisn Journals announce, after the fash
Ion of fashionable marriages, one between
James Grlmsbaw. tbe famous Jockey, and the
daughter of tbe trainer employed by Dsron
land, died at hts home In Queen Anne's eonnty,
last week. He was formerly a whig, but had
taken no part In politics for many yean His
age was eighty-one years.
A Mns Zolliioer, of Mansfield, Ohio, le
In jail for putting too much arsenic In a biscuit
baked for her daughter-la law. The latter
and her brother ate tba biscuit, and were
pretty nearly killed with tbe dose.
A berwce of plate worth $12,500, pre
sented to Sir Humphrey Davy In 1817, by
several coat mint proprietors, (or Ms Inven
tion of tho safety lamp, reverts, by bis will,
to the Rojal 8ooiety of London, by the death
of n John Davy.
A r actort girl In Fall River, relumed a day
or two ago, a roil of bills amounting to nearly
$300, wbloh bad been inadvertently done up
in a package of goods she bad purchased In a
store in fiat city. She refused to accept any
reward in money, but was prevailed upon to
take a got d dress pattern
A Fkx an paper gives a oharmlog gtlmie of
the manners and euttoms which prevail tn
Brecknock, South Wales A soldier died there,
the bend of bis regiment accompanied his re
mn'ns to the grave, where It played a selection
and then returned and serenaded tbe widow
Ik r.uxCK thero are about eight hundred
Protestant bunday scbooli with about forty
thousand schotars Tbt Lmpress recently
presented a banner and silver medal to tbe
Sunday School Union. These were displayed
at the annual festival of Sunday school chil
dren bold In Paris
E VhTERt Florida Is being laid out in large
farms, fer the purfoso of cultivating fruits and
oarlv vecetubtei for tbo northern markets
Jsoksonillle, tbe chief shipping port of the
estate, is out tour dava irotn xsew lorx by
steamer, and stilt less by rallroaJ.
Mihs Iraxklii, a young lady of Bradford,
Pa., was In a wagon, when the horses ran
away She jumped out, but ber crinoline
caught In tbe step of tbe vehicle, and she was
dragged with head and body on the ground, a
distanoe of nearly a mile She was terribly
bruised, and died almost recently after being
rescued from the horrible position
Tbe proprietor of tbt International, a
French newsfaper published in London, baa
been sentenced by a Perls police magistrate
to a fine tftid Imprisonment for publishing an
arliol about ono of tb officers of tbe Credit
Fonder, of Franco English journals wonder
bow the police magistrate acquired jurlsdlc
tlon of an act committed In Logland
Tun el lest ron ef the Crown Prince of
Prussia, Mctorla'a grandson, speaks English
br fluently aa German His grandfather, the
old King, often uses tho little boy as an in
tcrprater when promenading with htm tn tbe
gardens of Sans Soucl and conversing with
English or American tourists
EtQtisn society was very much disturbed
lately, by a serious question Tbe Queen
gave a breakfast In Buckingham Palace gar
den, and no one could deolde what kind of
dieia tt would be proper to wear Tbe anxiety
was relieved so tar as gentlemen were ron
oerned, by tbe announcement tbat they were
to wearereoiog coats with morning trousers,
but the perplexity of the ladies was ax great
as ever
riMvs.iir.K eras visited by a terrible etorm
on Wednesday, tbe most svr that has ever
swept over lhat part of Ohio Dorlcg tU
t oonunnance wuj .v... .w-. - ----.
,hed which was erected beneath the shade
of a large sugar tree Ibe storm snapped
tbe tree off near Its roots and It rell on the
shed killing two of the men and wounding
the others more or less Barns were struck
by Ughtnlog and many bullilngi were blown
' down In the wicked storm.

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