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gjntionnl guMicnn
Vuililiiiton City. T. C
0(Bc Cor. Troth and D, natr Fran, irrau.
wcnarsuAT btoKsua, , joit u. net.
4A1I fetnmmitntUii, wh.tb.r .. ...Ibbm
r for piblleiAloB, iknll V. Bddm... I W.. J.
Mcitahe, Proprietor IfATIO.AL RtrsibKAF.
WeblB,ioB. D. C
or iLLi.oie
or iiiuia.
Wo hav heard from all pirts of the land,
iimlcfin now tt tleAalttly n to how tb
nomlnitlon Is received. The news thit comet
to ui from the South land It what wo might
expect frwa that quarter. The s-eoafdr
ittci and rebel feel Although they had suc
ceeded aod they hare, o far a tho Demo
cratlo party ! concerned, for they have
ciptured It. They now thiow off the thin
disguises and the caution with which they
had heretofore environed themselves, and
peak right out boldly, and tell the country
what they meao, and what they expect to do,
i hen Seymour and Blair are elected.
There wi a ratification meeting In Bleb
uondon Saturday evening, aod three thou
loil pcoplo were present. The crowd was
ddresscd by se.eral of the returning dele
Omernor Vance, of North Carolina, whom
v eryhody knows was one of the prime movers
of the rebellion, made a savage and vindictive
perch. Hit tout appears to be filled with
lute of the Government, lie said that he
could talk moro familiarly of the South there
In Richmond than In the North j and he gave
it At hli opinion, that "what the South ought
foi would be von b the electloa of Seymour
and Illalr.
That Intensely Irrepressible Indlrldual.llenry
V Wise, was one of the speakers, lie com
menced b) telling hit audience that ho did not
.re for the platform. Ho said that the fir tt
resolution vii a He. "That retolutloo tayi
that secession It dead; that was not to. Secei
tioi trai more aliie than crcr. He tupported
the nomlneei, nn 1 especially Blair, because he
had declared that he would assume military
power "
Marmaduke Johnson, who wat a rebel Oen
en) In Lee'i army, then mode a speech In a
ilmlhr itraln.
The tone and tentlraentof thlt Blchaiond
mfctlng clearly demoaatrates that the uorc
I cntaut rebelt now feel that tlicj hate the
Democratic parly at their back, and that with
uch backert aa Seymour and Illalr, the "toil
mute" it not entirely hopeless. The mlatake
on thelrpart tt they exult too toon
Turning our attention to the North and
Northwest we find the Tendletoa men .cry
trenernlly pleated. Their satisfaction, how
cer, doet not appear to rest upon any par
tlcuhr proipect that aucceaa awalti the New
York nomination, but growa chiefly out of
tho fact that they have compelled the party
to take their chlefi platform) hence such
'ournalt at the Chicago Timer, Oolumbut
Sartmnn, Cincinnati hnqulrr and Jthr kin.
d red thee tt, are jubilant over both the plat
form and the candidates. Thla Cistern nom
ination leaves an open flaldforOeorge In 1873.
There la quite a large data of men who do
not feel latiifled with either the platform or
tho candtdatea. These are the frlendt of
Hendrlcka, Hancock, Andrew Johnion and
Chase, nod tome of them are tatklng of another
convention and a new party On the whole
the muddle In the Democratic party It about
is the Republicans would have It, and If that
ptrty will work with a will from now till
November a glorious victory awaltt them.
Third The payment of the publio debt
where the obligation! do not expressly atate
uii their face, or the law under which they
were latued doea not provide payment In cola,
should be paid In the lawful money of the
I utted States."
The abore proposition, which la a part of
tho Democratic platform, hat a plausibility
.bout It which Is calculated to miileaJ. It It
specious and plausible, but neverthleis dit
Jioncat, To thow that It It dlthonett, and
that it does not meet the question fairly, It tt
otilj necessary to make a few statement! and
to submit a few questions.
In the first place, when the Secretary of the
Treasury nad his agents negotiated the five,
twenties, what did they promise, or what In
ducementa did they hold out to the pur
hiscrsT Was there any Intimation, or did
hose who took these bonds have any other
idea than this, that they would be paid In
iiln i Had the Secretary and his agents given
liu least Intimation that these bonds would
ut redeemed In anything other than gold,
would they have been taken! An Implied un
d rst anding tinder auch circumstances between
the contracting parties Is as sacred as law.
We know that there Is a class of politicians
w ho assert that aa the word gold does not oc
u r in connection with these bonds, that It Is
in ither on the face or the obligation nor In tho
t ts authorizing the Issue that, therefore, tho
J tcrmucut may elect Its ottn method of
i I'll lation, and may pay lo gold or currency,
it as It may choose This view of theques
nun it presented as a temptation to do a dls
uorable deed It Is an attempt to debauch
in public honor and the public conscience
There Is nothing on tho face of the bonds or
hi the act authorising them which declares
" it tho securities mutt be paid in goll Very
well) to there Is nothing on their face or iu
ii act which says they muit be paid Incur
t y or In greenbacks It Is fair to presume,
rcfore, that the Secretary and his agents
I bclleie, and did to Intimate, that this Issue
n I J be redeemed with coin, a to propose
other metho lis to mk tho nation to dls
ire itself before the cU lllied world
lU-rnxiciiUKiT. Jly reference to ouf ad
ertislng columns, It will be seen that the
timout "Ballard House' Is only chaiglog a
little over two dollars per day for transit
urs'ts Thla Is the same hotel at which his
o)l highness the Prince of Wales and suite
ut up while on a visit to Iilchmond some
i ears ago Young Wales had heard lo merrlo
Viiglaud that Ilallaril was the "prince" of
hutcl-keepers In the Old Dominion, and never
did anything by "halves," but was a vholt
host In himself
Alaska. The bill appropriating the pur
rinse money for Alaska was passed the House
of Ileprcsentatlvcf, yesterday, by a dcUslve
ote yeas, 101 J nays, 3 This Is right. Ucn
rl Hanks has done nobly In this cauat, and
(rough hit energy and perseverance It haa
!icu carried. He waa warmly congratulated
y hit frleoda on the triumph of thla met sure.
place In the force connected with tho Freed i
men's IJureau in all of the d life rent States
where It exists The expenses of this depart
flit will toou be greatly reduced
Whin (JalebC'usblog hoard of the nomlna
on of Sejmour nod Jllalr on thiir repudia
tion and revolutionary platiorm, he remarked
fiat he had hoped that the Democrats would
serve up a dish thla time, but that they had
rsented the aatne old plate of hash.
Miss Charlotte Cushman la In town, and
yesterday had a pleasant Inter lew with Sec
retary beward. Rh denies the'newspaper
storlca boutlfcerttkkl0g' tie United. States
her permaneatj hMie.ori tkit aheMetotct
during hershfttt adjourn lnihlseointryell
herthetrkslWatd"rob,'(irglTf rea41itVs.Ieho
will TlilUtfio watering" placet 4urlBtne
una me r months, and leave America for Italy
1 November next. J, S. Kalloek, Kansaa.and
3 A lluckner, Urlatol, Tenn., are at Ihe Sea
ton House. Dr. UarlenWlaona) Major K. M.
Malladai Col. A. W. Wills, of T I lion. D. W.
Voorhees, ft Ind V. Nj Folsom, Choctaw
Nation, are at the Kirk wood House. 3. U
Wether bee, Oal , and Capt. O. RoyalrU.S. A.
are at thaUweo House. Hon. John Morris
ter. N. Y.i Hobert Adams. Ala i Hon. O. S,
Vallandlgham,OhlO( and Hon. M.u.Ilonhamt
,8.0, are at tho Metropolitan Hotel, coiooei
.Tames It. Vonng, New York Tribnt; John
Hodman, Waihlmtoa Col'egef and Horatio
llland, of Lngland, art at Wlllards.
Art .
How serrcftbly linked together are the
"pleasures of the Imagination) (not Akcn
sides) with floe wotKtoiarr. tvenwnneine
mercury la boiling above the nlnelleslathe
thermometer, Is It not pleasant to contem
plate a pretty rural scene portraying the rapid
flowing stream the arbor bound cottage,
nearly hid from view with winding- vines and
weeping willows t And to take ft good look
at "Urown's Niagara by Moonlight" Is aa re
freshing aa a shower-bath) for, while the per
spiration flows copiously as we write about It,
we can hardly believe but that It Is the spray
blown over us and Into our face by an HI
mannered puff or guit of discontented Iloreasl
Thla may be an exaggeration, or stretch of the
Imagination! but It-It not an agreeable one
for sttch a day as yesterday! If you wish to
experience the difference of the opposite i,
atep Into the furnace-shop at the navy yard
and then visit Harlow's gallery of palntlags,
Pennsylvania avenue, aod you are sure to
realize a Just conception of the "flights of the
Imagination" as well as tho corporeal.
Among the many cool and pleasant scenes to
be witnessed at Barlow1 Is the veryplctuj
esque scene of "Moonlight and Sunset,' by
Wilson. It Is a river scene, and the sun has
Just gone down below the horiion, leaving the
sky covered over Ita trail, by a flood of golden
ahceni while In the ethereal distance overhead
Is the new moon queen of night vlelog
with the goU of uay in answer to Ajax'a
prayr, "Let there be light! AJax asks no
morel" Hastening "homeward bound" Is a
flock of wild ducka "on the win ji" othera are
swinging over the placid river, while the
weary sportsman ts mooring his boa on the
river bank. It is not only a pretty scene, but a
romantic one.
One that will attract the attention of the
rustic enthusiast, Is an "Italian scene," by
that noted painter of "Niagara by Moonlight,"
George I.. Drown. The painting represents a
scene In the rural land of art and soogj a flock
of goats are traveling down the mountain
path; the young kids are gamboling on the hill
side, while under a tree, on tho opposite aids of
the road, Is the lasy shepherd boy, wrapt In
deep thought; while closo at his back.evl
dently taking a lively Interest In all his plans,
stands his fast friend, the venerable "Nannie
A more animated on than the above Is a
large, painting of an "Italian Market Scene,"
by Nicholas Derghsn. It Is quite an old work
of art, and It cannot be disputed but that It Is
by one of the "old masters," having been
palnted two hundred years ago. The sur
rounding scenery Is mountalnousi while In
the quiet Utile nook In the distance Is the
Inevitable lake (not Como and the atone
bridge. In the acene la depleted every phase
of Italian life the peer and the peasant, the
uke aod the dog, the painter and the butcher,
the priest and the musician, the friar and the
We now come to one of Merrle England's
greatest figure painters J. Y. Herring, pert.
we need not say that his "i arm I ard Hcene"
Is life-like or a line painting, for that is quite
perceptible at the first glance of the admiring
eye. In the yard Is a fat, plump, country girl
feeding sheep fine specimens of the "black
face" stock. Docks and chickens are prowling
around, seeking an opportunity to "dive" Into
the grata th ah?p are nibbling at, an nor
especially the plate of "Carlo's," who Is play
log "snapping turtle" at the heads of the.
ducks and chickens, for which he Is being
severely reprimanded by the Irish girl or
Scotch lassie, whichever she Is.
In the way of "silent poetry" In the gallery
we have two marble statuettes, "Minerva'i
and "Venus surprised," copies from tho orlgl.
naia in tne aucan.
Speaking of atatuary reminds us of the fact
that Mlsa Vlnnie Ream haa Just completed
Bornu of the figures representing "America"
East, West, North and South. She has just
completed "The West," and has had It photo
graphed, and so very beautiful Is It that she
receives an avalanche of letters by mall and
otherwise, soliciting copies to adorn the pho
tographic album of the admirers of the artistic
and the beautiful. It is on exhibition at De
WotPs Jewelry store, under the Metropolitan
MfLiTARvnuLB haa ceased in the Mate of
Florida The State ha r log passed the four
teenth article and otherwise compiled with
the reconstruction laws, Oeneral Meade has
withdrawn the military authorit), and so
notified the civil authorities of that Common
wealth and also the department at Washing
ton. Tho Chief Jnillro nl Home.
The Cincinnati Gasctte, which has been Mr
Chase's organ, now speaks of that gentleman
as follows.
"It ejected by the Democratic Convention
after he had sacrificed personal character,
polltlcalprlnelplcandotnclal Integrity topro.
cure It, Mr. Chase has now the same bitter
ness of heart toward that party, the same de
sire for revenge, and the same readiness to
grasp at any political organization which will
make him Its head.
"A chief Justice may accept and may desire
a nomination for tho Presidency 1 be people
cannot be limited In their election Hut in
the etlort to procure the Democratic nomlna
ntlon, Mr, Chase has not only abandoned per.
sooal character and political prlucfples, but
he has conveyed his willingness to accept the
nomination on a platform which pronounced
upon questions of the reconstruction acts of
Conitnss, which are liable to come before him
for Judicial decision. Aod not only that, but
pronounced acts unconstitutional which he
supported politically, and whose constitution
ality he hat Judicially affirmed His statement
ofhls nartlalexceptlon to the lluancial expres
sion of the platform, which his construction,
however, would remove, so that the platform
would be no obstacle to his accepting the nom
Inatlon, If he accepts all its other features
"Wo think there can be no dissent from the
declaration, that Mr Chase has, by his course.
made himself unlit for the supreme bench) and
the public decency requires that, sluee he has
dragged his sllkenjudlolalrobolntotbemlroof
orilce seeking, and haa prejudiced his judicial
declslonsou the great constltutlonalqucstlons
that may come before him, he should resign
his scat on the bench And there Is this fur
ther and cumulative reason, that a man whose
mind Is so atlccted by hla ambition, and Is so
turned to vengeance by disappointment, and
who now has this hatred and malice excited
to Intensity toward both parties, cannot be
lm,M,.w "r ,he Jutielal temper which the
omceoIUhlefJmtlee requires "
Tin- kkw TiiKAtk with China, which was
sent to the Ueiiate yesterdiy, is now In the
hands of theCorumlttce on orvlgn Relations.
It Is supposed that It will be reported Iu ex
ecutive session to-daj. TheSforofi-.it even
"The treaty contains no commercial pro.
visions, and contains no stipulations ul come
?uence as affecting our relations with Chlua
t is generally a rehearsal of truisms, and
generally recognised as existing by the virtue
of International law without treaty stipula
tions between first class powers As Instance
ol this a section that the United mates maj
not build railways In Chlaean territory with
out their consent, nor they In the united
States The significance of this treaty lies In
the fct that It reoogolzes the Chlneso Lmplro
as being within tho Lommuuity of treaty pow.
era, and umler the protection of the law of
iiMiiuna, rum ii is valuable i n mem rmiier irom
lla effect upon their future negotiation with
huropeau I'uwera, annie of which have been
in th habit or aitlngaa If China had no rights
thev were bound to reioect riia t-jtiv af
firms the inalienable right of Immigration be
tween the two countries, guarantees religious
toleration, and stipulates that reciprocal edu
cational privileges shall exist In cacIi other's
Ths ehanlala of Orant'a Illinois rffftment
CtlatestM following laeideati" When at home;
'nptl1'kMilMl thai Mtthodlat Knlteet
Sal ehuraa. WoU colonel X the Twenty
rst Illinois rerlmeat h gar every oneour
agement and facility for tearing a prompt
ana atjitorra aoservnDeeai rviigioua tti-
aodvastcnarallyreua&ln U audience lis
ten lag to the preaenlagf shortly after I ease
Into the. regiment our MMivrOD clay
Isklng their usual seats arouad the dloaoe
table, when h remarked! Chaplain, when I
was at home and ministers were stopple at
my house, 1 alway invited them to nk a
blessing at the table. 1 suppose a blessing Is
as muta needed her as at home, aid If it It.
agreeable with your views, I should be glad
to have you ask a blessing every time, w alt
down to eat. "
Thi Boston TrcrW sayst "An Indignant
New York jmocrat writes to a friend In thla
cltyi 'The Democrat! convention to-day, In
imitation of John Phenlx. who disarmed hit
adversary by planting his nose In his oppo
nent's mouth and advancing his stomach sud
denly and "violently against his adversary's
flst,hav elected U. H. Oraat to the Presi
dency. They have my hearty curses '
Tut Maine soldiers certificates have Just
bea engraved by the American Hank Note
Company, and are now ready for distribution
at theAilJurnnt Oeneral' office. Thereon,
tain portraits of Oeneral Ureal. Admiral tar.
ragut, and Governor Chamberlain, memorial
eeneaof the war, and ft suitable Inscription.
It Is expected that about 40,000 of them will
be distributed.
Tin Sandusky Rtgitttr (Rep ) thinks "It was
particularly cruel In the Democratic Conven
tion to force the Presidential nomination on
ton gentleman who has a taint of hereditary
Insanity, and then to couple him with one of
the Hlslrs, whose society through the cam
paign would develop lunaey In the sanest of
The Milwaukee Seafarf (Rep) iitiiWi
have a gold candidate on a greenbackplatform.
That a roan should stultify himself by going
before the people at a champion of a policy
diametrically opposite to that or which he 1
unequivocally committed, might excite some
surprise were not that man a professional poll
tlelao In short, Horatio Seymour."
Tnt Richmond Wa( laya I "It Is fortunate
for the South that there is more for her hop
than despair In Oeneral Orant'a nomination.
The Radicals might have named a worse man.
Nor la there any reason way, in doing all wa
eaa to hlp theDeaaocrali ticket, we should
speak with uajuel or unseemly acrimony of
Mn Howli, of the Springfield Republic,
In speaking of the magnanimity of the southern
members of the Democratic convention In
going for P. P. Dlalr, says that "Wade Hamp
ton, whose house he burned and whose liquors
he drank, and Oen. Forrest, were among the
speakera for him."
On ana of the Round boats on Thursday
night, the Inquiry was made of a Rhode Island
delegate why the Democratic Convention
nominated such an unpopular ticket. "Ob,"
waa the reply, "aa the party waa bound to be
beaten anyhow, It was thought best that we
should have a good whipping while about It,
Naw YottK hat had Presidential candidates
at five of the elections during the past sixty
J ears, and in only one Instance has the eandl
ate ben elected, Mr. Van Huren, In ISM,
De Witt Clinton had 89 electoral votes In 181$,
HuTutKIng 31 In 1817, Van Huren cola 1811,
and none in 1349.
The Boston Journal says A prominent mem.
ber of the Democratic party tald.last night t
"I have talked to over a hundred Democrats
this afternoon and evening, and they all think
aa I do that no honest man can vote for Sey
mour, and no white man for Fraak Illalr."
HoY.GEnnan II. Pxidlktoi has signified
his probable acceptance of an Invitation to
address the Democratic State convention of
West Vlrslnla, at Or-.fton.on the 16th Inst.
Senator Thurman, of Ohio, will also be there.
Tnc Milwaukee delegation of soldiers and
sailors to the New York convention came ai
far aa Chicago, but finding that no arrange
ments had been made for their transportation,
returned home again.
Tns New Haven tUyttler thinks "the per
fietulty or rnln of our institutions" hangs on
be wisdom of the de liberations of the New
York convention. If that is so, perpetuity
has got a good deal of slack-rope.
Aw exchange thinks that Oen. Frank Ulalr
could only have been nominated by tha Demo
crata on the theory of the day. "Let me kiss
him for his father."
TtfvoKAM from a leading Republican at
Washington to a friend in lloston i "The Dem
ocrats have ratified the nomination of Orant.
He ought to bo Inaugurated to-morrow,'
Tbi Dayton (Ohio) Journal Is anxious to
know where "General' Campbell, who figures
so conspicuously at the Democratic Sailors'
Convention In New York, got his title.
Fdrn years ago the Democratic, partr was
defeated because of Its bad platform. Now Us
candidates and platform are alike, and all
equally and thoroughly bad.
Horatio Sit xotja u the first Chairman of
a National Convention that has been noml.
natedforthe Presidency by the Convention
he presided over.
Ax exchange save that the Democrat 1 na-
iiooii pi a worm - ma i-encrai Jiuiieras inougn
It had been made for him."
Fo aaz.ni a suit of Judicial Ermine, eon.
siderably soiled. Apply to 8, P.Chase, Jus-
ic ucparioicui, yvasniagion.
Is marrying Frank DIafr, the Democracy
marry the whole family. They will find It very
THcaB Is now organized a Orant and Colfax
club In every township In Kent county, Mish-
iu, cKvcut vac.
Thb Rochester Democrat t with much plthl
ness, announces the Democratic nominations,
"Seymour and Ulalr oil and whlskr.
Oxxbral Albert Pixk has been elected
president of a rebel Democratic club In Mem-
pmi, icon.
J rant's llablta, Tnile. nod Menfftl
Orant's personal habits and tastes are ex
ceedingly aimple. He despises the pomp and
show of empty parade, and, In his severe sim
plicity and manly nrlde. he scorns all adventl.
tlous aids to popularity. He lives plainly
himself, and cannot tolerate ostentation or
extravagnnce ininose aoout nim. ills mess
was never luxuriously, though always bounti
fully, furnished with army rations, and euch
supplies as could be transported readily and
easily In the limited number of wagons that
be permitted to follow his headquarters. His
appetites are all under perfect control. He Is
crj uii-miom, idii uuring nia enure west
ern campaign the offlcera or hla staff were for
bidden to bring wines or liquors Into eamp.
He has been represented as one of the most
taciturn of men, and In one respect he Is
such. He never divulges hla thoughts till
thev are matured, and never aspires to speech
making t and even in private conversation he
falls into silence If he suspects that he Is
likely to be reported. He Is the most modest
of men, and nothing annoys him more than a
loud parade of personal opinion, or personal
vanity) but with his Intimate friends, either
at homo or around the camp-fire, he talks upon
all subjects, not only fluently and copiously,
but In the most eharmlng and good-natured
His life haa been too busy to read history or
technical works, but he has always been a
clooo and careful reader of the newspapers.
He has a retentive memory, and la deeply In
terested In all mattera which concern the In
terests of humanity, aod particularly his own
country. Upon all such subjects. In fact.upon
all the vital questions of the day, bethinks
carefully and profoundly, and expresses him
self with great ease and good sense. His un
derstanding Is of that Incisive character that
soon probes a question to the bottom, no
matter howmuih the politicians or news
papers may labor to confuse) while his Judg
ment laao deliberate, honest, and truthful fn
Its operations, that tt may be Implicitly relied
upon to arrive at a fair and uablased conclu
slon Hit memory is stored with personal in
cidents Illustrative or men and manners In all
parts or the country, showing that he has evl
dently been a profound student of human na
ture throughout life) his appreciation of men
and character haa never been surpassed. This
was well shown In the reorganization of the
army after be became lieutenant General. It
Is well known that he did not fall In a single
Instance where a change was made In putt fog
the right man in the right place. This was due
neither to chance nor snap judgment, but to
his habit of careful observation.
He warms toward a bold, outspoken, and
loyal nature) full of ardor and seal himself, he
naturally admires these qualities In others.
He has no patience with a weak, complaining,
and selMsl. disposition, and cannot endure
double dealing or Indirectness of any sort.
MralghUorward and frank himself, he respects
these qualities wherever they are found In
deed, the most striking peculiarity of his na
ture, both aa a man and a general, Is a pro
found and undevlating truthfulness In all
things Those who have known him best will
bear a willing testimony to the statement that
he never told a falsehood, or made a voluntary
misrepresentation of fact) and will believe us
that It would be almost as lmnosalble for him
to do so as for the needle to rorget lis fidelity
to the pole DanaH Lift of Grant.
Whnt Doe It Menu?
The Vribune of Friday quotes the following
from Shakspeare's scene relating lo Co-sar re
fusing the crown and applies it to Mr. bey
mour by the use of Italics!
"Cmifw-Hutsoft, I pray you I WhatlJId
Cirsar awoont
"taico-iiefelHown In the market-plaee,
and foamed at the mouth, and was speech-
lrinm ",,T1 Vry llkH ' hath thl J"1
Tho same paper of to day reports Mr. Nye
as saying. In the Henate yesterday, that Mr.
net niQur'a health Is very prrcarlouV, an I that
to It to be set aside fn behalf of Mr. F.J.
Ifl.l4ii.laii..l.v .-.
Uut what docs it all mean?
& - -t -
wtjHisn mm jai a;i'&w
EtECTlOX Or iA. 17. ft. NEXATOR
Dlffletaltr In North Catrolinn
IjOSPOjc, July 14. Dispatches from Madrid
atate that at reviews of troope la and around
that city jet tarda y, tha Commanding Oeneral
made a speech warning tbe soldiers against
making any demonstration of sympathy with
the late movement against the Clueen's Gov
ernment. Theeountryls rejiorted tranquil.
It was announced la the House of Irords last
night that tbe royal assent to Ihe Irish and
Scotch Reform bill aod the boundary bills has
been obtained.
Lou pox, July I Evening. Cousols-fllVfO
01 for mooty, aod 94oa account) United
States Hoods, TxKGTZXf Erl Shares, il.
LtTBftPooL, Julyll-dalcs of Cotton 1 .000
balest I'plaade, l-KP Orleans, lljfj. Weather
favorable for tha crops.
1,01 now. July 14, The son of Klor Theo.
dorus "has arrived In England and gone to
Oshorne to visit Ihe Queen.
CanLSRcnB, July It Bancroft a a ar
rive4 In tnUtity-mad; fats opened negotiations
with the Orand Dual Oovtrasscat for the
ratification of the aaf nrailtation treaty.
ifOB-Dorr, July 4t,-ianigM,ia reported
that the Spaniels Qoverameat has declared
lartlal law la Catalonia.
The latent advices from China ear the rebelt
have Anally retired from Tientsin, having
abandoned all hopes of taking the place.
combat, June w I'croie Shah has de
clared himself an ally of Russia,
North Carotin. Election of Nona
tors A fieri on Locnl DlfHcaUr.
Ralbioh, N.O., July 11. The Democratic
nominations and platform are received wtlh
acclamation throughout the State among all
classes of Conservative people.
The Legislature to-day elected John Pool,
or Pasquotank, United States Senator for the
long term and Oen, J, C. Abbott, of New
Hampshire, now of New Hanover, for the
short term. Tbe contest In caucus between
Abbott and Dockery made the matter for
aome time doubtful. Both Senatora are from
the East.
Gov. Uolden yeaterday, without notice, ap
pointed a new Board of Commissioners for
this city, thus supplanting, without law, the
municipal authorities. The authorities, be
lieving that the Governor had transcended his
authority, referred the ease to able counsel,
who were unanimous in the opinion that the
Governor waa actlog without authority of
law, aod to advised the city authorities, who
advised the new board that they would not
give place to them until they were legally
elected or appointed.
It Is rumored that Oor. Holden has called
upon Oen.Canbyfdr a military force to en
force his order.
No one whatever Is disposed to resist lawful
authority, but Gov. Holden Is doing several
things which the people believe he has no au
thority for. It Is with them a question of duly
whether to submit longer to what Is not law
or resist the claim of unlawful authority, no
matter by whom set up.
Orffnttlaliiar tbe Alabama Hlnte Gov
ernment. MoaTooMBnr, Ala , June 14 The Legisla
ture of Alabama, that met yesterday by order
of Gen. Meade, contains about thirty negro
membera. The Senate doorkeeper Is a negro,
aod the doorkeeper, sergeaot-at-arms and
chaplain of the House are negroes.
To-day Oov, Smith was Inaugurated In the
presence of the two houses.
He sent In a measago which was In the main
more conservative than was expected. He
recommends, In strong terms, tbe removal of
all dltabilltlea from the people of Alabama,
and bitterly opposes any disfranchisement ex
cept for crime, Oeneral Shepherd fired his
cannon to-day in honor of the Inauguration.
Tbo Weather It EfXeet In Now
Naw York, July 14. It la estimated that
from twenty to thirtydeaths have been caused
by the excessive heat In this city and Brook
lyn, auringine past forty-eight hours. Four
teen deaths from sun-stroke were reported by
the police between 11 o'clock last night and 11
o'clock to-day. Numbers of persons who
were prostrated by heat and taken to their
homes do not appear In the police reports.
Since noon to-day, over a dozen cases of sun
stroke have ocjurred, two of them Immedi
ately fatal, and others are expected to prove
so. Yesterday was the hottest 13th of July
for ten years. Thermometer to-day 97.
From Ihe New Dominion Tho
MoHTRKAL,Julyl4 Today was the hottest
day of the season thermometer 93 In the
shade. Several deaths occurred from sun
stroke. Toronto, July 11 It Is understood that
Hon. W.P. Howld will shortly be sworn In
Lieut. Oorernor of Ontario. Also Francis
Hicks will succeed Lord Monck as Governor
of Canada.
Thermometer stood 100 lu Ihe shade thla af
ternoon. Several eases of sunstroke) one
Nonth Carolina floiiator Elected.
Columbia, H.O, July 11 The Legislature
today elected Thomas J. Robinson United
States Senator for the short term, ending 1371.
The Senate on the fifth ballot elected F. A.
Saw) cr collector of Internal revenue at
Charleston, Result In the House yet unde
cided. The Lieutenant Oorernor was Inaugu
rated to-day.
Death of n New pa per Man.
FniLAiBLruiA,Julylt. John F MeDerltt,
for several ears connected with newspapers
In this city, died this morning of inflammation
of the bowels. II was said to be one of tbe
best phonographic reporters In the country,
A Conffreaamau Besioinlnatefl.
Elvira, N. Y., July 14. At the Republican
Congressional Convention of the Twenty
seventh District, held at Corning, Hamilton
Ward was renominated ou the first ballot.
The Weather In Baltimore,
Ualtimorb, July 14. The heat of today
equalled thatof yesterday. The thermometer,
at 3 p. m , stood 1034 In the Gaxtttt efflce, and
now, at 11 o'clock, It stands 93.
Cotton Crop.
Savannah, JulyU Private advices from
Florida report that the worm la doing great
damage to cotton
A New Dally Taper.
We have received several of tho first num.
hers of a new dally paper called the Morning
Htwt, published In Auburn, New York, Its
typographical appearance Is very neat, and Its
make up, In all tbe departments, reflects
credit upon the publishers.
The iVrwi Is Republican in polltlosj an 1 we
hazard nothing la saying that, if It continues
throughout the campaign as It has begun, It
will do good service In Ihe oause. W H,
Barnes, esq, Is Its editor, and he wields an
able and facile pen,
A Trbrcu psptr which professes frleodll
cafs to Carlolta wants hsr to rttarn to Mexico
and st up as I.mpreis It Is safe to say that
she woull be tnurdsred before she resobsd tbe
Qioror WujihBRLiCif, a painstaking
Philadelphia artist of conitdsrabje lonl rspu
tatlOD, .1 dead
The Chicago Trttnnt sayst "Horatio Rev-
mour la of that delicate organlBfer-inat
whole lire ha beeokoneof palnfutiRnxt
Menial disorganization is hereditary in
tt safes of tha care that'aaonft be) taken Iu
th'seletlon of a leo President o may.
aueceed to tha Presidency, file health of I
KeymouV render tha accesBloaol lflalr.thoutd
the Democrats succeed in tne election, or,
strong probability! and who Is there In the
United Htates. of any party Republican or
Democrat, Unionist or rebel, white man or1
mica man wno can imagine rmni uimr at
President of the United Slate without hor
rorl To vote for He) mour, without voting for
Blatrlsnot possible 1 and to vote for Seymour
and Blair Is, under the circumstances, a vote
to elect Frank Blair President.
"In case of the death or the Incapacity of
Mr. Seymour, If elected, thOjOfSc of Presl
dent would devolve upon Blair, than which
no greater calamity can befall f be country.
Let those who thl nit of voting for Seymour
think also of the dread possibility which hat
haunted him during nla life, and then rem em
ber that In the event of Seymour's disability
or death Blair will succeed him. It Is only
issary to mention the probability to make
onable men anxious to avoid It,"
bIIt. ah tti
axed 19 -.. iliQzhter of tha I-ia J.
Fnosral this aflemoan at & o'clock from lb
anus-, of hsr an ntr Mr. X, Llnaslar, 43aitre)t
The frload of the rami I y are tavttmt ti atlead.
KIMO On tha 14th lastaai. Jambs Hon far,
veancest aon of Ilobert 1, aad Kate A. King, aged
thr week. . . '
Tb frlendsof ths family ara lavltud te attend
tat faneral, IbU r.nrn' at 3 o'clock, oa C
treet, between Third and Foar and-a-balf streets.
Little angel, it With amtls
BTOLFP.-Oa UoaJar, tha 13 h Instant, at 1,30
'does, p tu , C. 0. sroLrr, la the JJJ year of
his ace
I1U friends and lb friend of th fatntlv arnre
Bpeclfully Invited to attend his faneral, this after
aoa,at 3 o'clock, from his residence, corner of
Sixth and 0 street.
WI8WALL. Oa Sunday, ITU lastaai, at S
o'clock, iB.itf nr-Uef lb bral,ULAia
raaras. Infant aonot JeMyhiC, and Florence B.
WUwall, acad llmoatbsn
IlALVilH.-Oa Sater-Wr. Jlr lltha AxnasW
W. If ALHAta, agta M year. ,
BARCLAT.-Oatl Ulh bHaat. Mabia (ill
ma, lafaal child rWm 11. U. aad Katie KHilf
Barclay, aged six rata.
M nKRAY.-Oa th lit laMaal, CapUla Fau
cis KirUraaAT, U, 8 lt.,latb41thyear or his
KDOXCaA!f.-1n th ltth lasUtt, Ebwiv P.
DoxsoAV, ton or P. II. Do Began, afdl4mnnth,
111 ruoeral will Uk place ftom corner of Fourth
street west and L street north, to dar (Wednss
dayiaUp ni The frlsndtof. the ramlly are l.
vlted t4 attend.
The best accommodations In the eltv f Btcbmoud.
Board Rednerd tt 8S Par Day.
rSr,On,'l'ftMl tn the Virginia Springs, 8UP
ThlalecanltabllsbmBtta snrpasMidbr non
InthoeonDtry. JOHN P llALLARD,
Jt tr Proprietor
Marble Monuments,
ah n
Tho ground en which rav marble rard la alias led
bav In boon told, aad contemplating- removln be
fore ib lit of February next. 1 olTr mr lar.e and
well -.elected stock of MAKBLK MOSUMfiflTS,
umili us.uvjt,u rnatJimniiniiaiit.
Diitsd sr atb Patbiit Orrict,
Wasiiixotox, July IU, 1WS.
On the petition of Ebkn H. Hobsfobp, of Cam
brtdce. Itiu , praying ror the extension or a pat
at eranted. to hlrath 10th day or October, ISM, fur
an improvement la Compound t for Henirallilsc
Chlorine, foraeven years from tho expiration or
aid patcDt. which takes place on th 10th day of
October, IKS,
ll la ordered that tha aald petition be heard at
lha Patent Offlo oa MUM DAY, tbe lath day i
September atxt, at 11 o'clock, m ( aad all pereoaa
are notified to aupear and show eaoite,lf any Ihsy
bav, wby said Mtltloaoufht Bet to be granted.
lUroas opposing thaaxUnsloa are reqatred t
alelBthol'aieat Dace their objections, specially
set forth Jb writing, at least ttetnty day before tbo
day of hearUrt all teitlmoay 11 lad by either party.
to b need at the aald heart or, nanst be takea and
traaiultted la accordance with tbe rnles ef th
office, which will be f araUhod en applitatlea.
Doposltlona and other papers, relied upon as
tsilmonyf mDNtbe died In lb ofSce twinlv days
leforetb day of hearfasithe arxarneaU, If aay.
n i.uiu tmrm ua, ll.l Hliaa turn wmllutUJ ,
Orderod, also, that thla notice be itubllnhed la
th HurCBLtCAX and la the nft(fltncer, Wash
infton.D.C .and la th Journal, Soaloi, Hasaa-
tuuTii.puDna not iwr urta noooeeiTO wnii
th Ant of aald publications lo be at least sixty
dars nravlnne lo th dar of heatia.
A. fcf. 8T0UT,
Iyl3-Wii Aatlna-Cotamluloaarof PauaU.
The Coldest and the Best.
Ho. 180 rutetath Stmt, Oppoilt, Treuuj
Hardware and llouae- FurulalilnK
We alio keep In oor Store a renerat aeaorltnent 0;
1NU UOUU8. which we eel I at reaaonable prlro.
AsenU for llANhS.DINMOKK 4 CU '8 VVBlulf.
INUHOALKijor all alias and Mortising Machine
also Stml Drootna and Brushes at factory prices
Corner of F and Ninth street,
la the Coldest and Deal In th city.
Drui, Medicines, Fancy Articles, Soaps, Tow
ders, Ac , .t rates much below Ihe asnal prices.
J ell iftia .
ti:a axi oiiifii: rum:,
xkw vun-c rniCKs.
Ilo Nuro nud Uo to llio
Corner of Seventh and K etree!,
StBAil JAXB Ruiiibsox, plaintiff, n at-
Obobub T, RwiVasoir, defendant J Wo '
Un motion of tho plaluillf, by Mr Ollbert S
Uluar. Ler alLiruer. It it urJril lint 1Kb ilfiiii.t.
ant cue bis appearance to be entered herein on or
two re the Orel rale day ocoarrina forty days after
mi ukv, uiuiiwim m vauia wut ue I'rucveuea
ill be proceeded
it iiu ia co ui aaieuti,
A. D, OL1N, Jii.tlr.
A true copy.
R J Mkku, Clerk
, . WAaBiaaroB, June W, IftS,
On tbe petition of Joiix J. Wsxaa, of OyHier Day.
N Y ,praylnff foriho extension of a patent granted
to hi in the tmh day of bVptember, lbM, which pat
ent was snrreaderad. and application for ro-Uene
made in four divisions, for au linprovement la
HarTealers of Oratn aud Ora, fur aeven years
from tbe expiration of eali patent, which lakes
place on Ihe lh day of eepteniber,lo6St
It is ordered that Ihe eatd petition be beard at
th Patent Office oa MONDAY, tbe 7tb day of
beptember next, at 11 o'clock, tn 1 and all per-ons
are nutlrled to appear and ahow canee, It any they
have, wby said petition oacht not to be s ranted
Persons opposlnr the extension are required to
file la th Patau I Oiflce their obieotlona, pedal ly
aet forlh in writing, at leaal tatntu daya befor th
day of heart u ft all teatliuony filed by either party,
tone need at th said hearlnr, must It taken and
Iransmllted In aceordauc with th .ales of th
office, which will be furnished on application.
Depositions aud other paper, relied upon as test
Imonr, uml be tied in tn office ttotnty days be
fore th day of hearing 1 the arxnmeoit, if any,
wlthlBsn days after filing th teitlinony.
Ordered, aleo.tbat this notice be puUl.bed in th
KiroBLlOAH and the Inttlligtnctr, Waahlngtoa,
D C , and tn lha At Lit, New York, New York,
nc a week for three saeoeablv weeks (the list of
aald publications to beat let alxlr day previous
titbi'layufheariiir A M rffOUT,
Jei-Tbit Actliis: CommUloner of Pate ate
INVERT LADY AND OENT lath world are
Vj waoud as aiui- for our ONE DuU.AK HALE.
A Watcb. a cut of Cotton, a Dttft a Carpet, and
thou-anda or other articles, for f each Send Mi
ni, inr 9 i-iib. ,! eireulara arlvlnt; fall In
formation. Liberal Udfteeroenttfc .agents Clr
coarsseatfrce . uahkb. u mu
UJ Washiagtoo st, , ljgtton, Mats.
n NAN CI A I. AND COMMERCIAL. Vor Sal1iBet.t. 1
1 Naw York, July 11-1.18 p. mCotton, dull 1 " u, . HinU '
rn.n-vunchangedi feu eenta. Hugar, dull and ToK BALK-TtlK 000D WILL, FIXTURE,
ttmehangedi Cuba, Uf412M erntst Porto Rlao, 1 Ac. of the Ic Cream Salone, Ho 2W Beymh
my,7 .mi. li... :.:.ii. bahv.h Hk! .im. I.iivhb it in.l N tirli. 'Store and Cellar
No. 21 (ttflH.W. Corn. ate
teadjj demand falri
1 id Oats, quiet and steady t fUtTtO eenta. Ityfi
quiet and steadyttl UQi J Poik, demand
Moderate) tt8MI. Gold. fUlJ.
VDaltimorb, July II Thcr la more Inquiry
from shippers, but they ara ori Httr prltei
1 a De
low thevlewaor holders. Tha highest prUn - - "
offered for Men (fade CIlF AlUIt
Kxtra la a. Holders are asklax ait W. The
jvunini iiviuauii iini, ; . miy,f IUi-
edlafe want.
URAtsr. IfAear Receipts, COO buahel whit
andMU bushels red. all new. Market dull
and drooping, .
Balest Whlte-JM boshela nrlra new at 14,
and 160 butbelt good at M. fled 190 bush-
3 46i 100 do. at 3 40; W) fair at ai8a, andlOQ
npiitaiM winii.
com ins a m ft.
cents. I
uars Keceipia Tti Mitneia, naiea
nutneia at bt ccoii iw aiw cental
( nr H lha . an.1 1IA kii.lt-ila
"""?" ""' """"-I". " '' - ,
.a'.. - ' . l . ,.... '
lite-tio receipt. Market steady, Sal
300 bushels at 1G4 cents.
Caffrt There Is more Inquiry from tbe trade,
hut sales cnntlnue light. An Invoice of 1,000
bags, extra "Adelaide. ' was sold yesterday on
private terms, to go weti. ajso, 100 bags ;r
second hands, part at loM nts,and balance
at 18lf cents, sold, dutv nald. We continue to
quote a follows! Ordinary, 13,MGU!- centsi
ltyUtnU eentst choice, 1IUQ17U cents) La
guayra, ltftlT eentst Jura, 233 iK cents.
t'ofoa The market continue verjqulet.bul
firm on the basis of tl'4 cents for middling.
Stock light. Hales Trstcrdar, lt bales of low
middling at St cents, aad fll bales at l
ir, iviuia deoiii kudu. i,vn isvt iroui nnmi.
Molatttil entlrelr neiiected. and we have
no sale torepnrt. .
PreWsfoae The market remalna qultt.but
tlrni, and price araffadllr maintained. There
an inirv aemana tot uacon, wnien we eon
tlflua to Quota at UtlUW eeata for Hhouldcrai
0iOSUccntefrrlbHXiei aadleOtT nt
eenta for elar Rib, llam ara steady at
Itatm cent. Dolk Meals are la request, bat
bld above tha vlewe or buvers. Ianl I alao
higher, and we quote It Ilflil eenta lor West
ern. Mess Pork Is Arm at an.
outers sugars are quit dull and rather
neavr. we nave no saies 01 any moment.
Refined Suirnre W nuota nrleea aa fntlowil
Hard Crushed loJ centsi Soft 40. isV eenta
for circle A eentt forUi 16. eents for
Extra U't and 1 iO 14 cents for 0 yellow.
S runs are steadv at TT eenta far hfarvland.
70 cents for Utltlmore, and 67 cents for Alonu-
tn rn mi
Special Notlcei.
ll.ln. 11.11. corn.rot tf.lr..!, IUI. IWKDatS
DA)EVK.'fUt.tllo'cTAek JTU H J&. MAUMUnUAX. K. BIC'r.
uoaoAT iVEamo. jult ,
At 8 o'clock, p. m.
Th. followUl-n.ra.il dl.tln(nth.4..UlcmrlU
ftddro th. tn.ctlDf t
MT. U. F. RICK. t.II, Acktn....
a, a. (1. A. OAKFIELI). AT. Q . Ohl.
(i.n WH. A. PtLI. M U.. Mfuoorl.
(i.n WM. A. PILE. HO.. Mil
Uii r. it. Vam wvok. 1 0.
0.1. 1 r.c miAnica, Cr ,
l II EJPAimi, m. c , wi.
l.di.u. 1
r.: i
den. EOtWaTuN, avror-eIect, UltaUslppl.
u,n, u, n nua. at. is.
Oen. McKEE. M C tlc
.L. HIsilkelnTi
Col. C. M. HAMI
.TON, a- C , Tlorlaa.
Col. A II JONhS.M C, North Carolina
uii j w. H((jlunu. ss u,,Mlsaoari.
Capt. BOLEN, M C , Arkaneas.
At other
All Republican organisation are cordially la
wIlM In ha nrtufnt.
Dy order of ibe Soldier1 and bailor' Central
R. J. U IN TUN, Chairman
8 R UARR1MQT0N, Secretary. JyW td
irrV VEREIN Ab electloa of officers for th
esslag year nf the Hchnelsea Society, will take
piacn neai iTAvnuuti, iota inaiaai, a. too
new Scbuetien Park. Vote will be received there
front J o'clock p. m lot o'clock Br order of tbe
rre.iaeni. ujii nj n.i. buuniut, Beey
Tvjr-TIIK UKGATTA. All owner
VX of boats wishing to enter lato th comlag
Hex alia U Ulymoal. on th gist f aslant, will meet
un Aiauoi.ui viu room, loot 01 dis.o eini,
Meior John Watts', on Wednesday evening at 7 t
o'clock Th object la to elect indces ror tbe corn
Ingrciatla. Jyll-at
irem runnmiii .arte wnnia me curiim
rlfldly onforcedoaand after thtiothlm
that every Hoc and Uooae so found t
Ian on and after thatdate, will beta!
tbe police, carried to the Work-hoas, 1
rlcldlv onforced on and after th10th Inatant. and
1 rnDmnx at
taken p by
nnfd of appnritlnr Ui la.
No exeeptlona will b mad la any case, bat all
will 1m dealt with atlka.
Th law also impoaea a penally 0 th WBra ef
Goat foond at lane, which penally wilt b strictly
VO renna. are, bet, 11th 4 )2.b streeU.
-ii- II V V t fl R IIV
Corner Nineteenth street and I. are.
HbTICEi Alt moneys left on depealt al this
Dink (corner of Nineteenth street aad Pennsylva
nia arena,) between now and thsZlst day of July,
will begin lo draw Interest from DATE OF DK
POSIT, if left In bank six months.
Lot all who bav money by tbera drawlngao la
tereat, however small th sum, ut t at one la
tbe Dank.
Sums of tOO or over. If left on deposit thirty dsya
or more, will uraw utereat at tne v l or rourper
eent, per annum
The actual cash depoalt of this Dank on the 31st
day of Uty were t7,7,Ul&7.
D. L. EATON, Actuary,
J W. Alvobd, President.
11. D. Coois, Chairman Finance Committee.
Jeia dim
Where th pablleraar always find WHAT THET
yi An r, ana 01 in iiroi haaiufaui uhe
Second door south of K street and Northers if arket,
C. I. IIOWRLL ek. CO.,
ixnn tTitvvTH
A splendid assortment of UOOTS AND SHOES for
Ladle and Oeutlemen. Mlses, Yonth aad Cbll
drea ctntanlly on hand, at low price
jui'ti rA.it.ai urfiLn
b-u" (janxa.
New Medical rampblel, entitled
E, DE F CURTIS, M.D.,7. R C. 8 , Ac.,c,
(Late Suneon TurkUh Continent.)
Antberof ''Curtuna Food," "Expoae of Qusclts
and Utuckcry." "Un of th atlcroavop la Certain
.,u. A 11. I.I II tv II Ah. . It).
This invaluable woik treats oa th cans and cur
of premature decline 1 show how to live aad what
to five fori how wealth I toil aud how regained!
itvea a clear aynopala of youthful Indiscretions and
anuaes. ibu u rriuaur .uaioiui
The apor pamphlet can be obtalne I on appllca
Hon or by poat from th author, Dr, CURTlB, wbo
mar alo be eon ill led at bis rnaldeace, Ht IX) F
a Irani. WDiHirn w , iniai) -ui.tawccii,
Waablflitou, D.C , from tb hoursef 10a in to 3
p. m , auu ifwia us', iu. let) -wa
jrrsr' K AIIL.Y MAUItlAUKSUll.
KSJ rRANKLlN sdroraied Early Harrrlaies
L-uy for yonng meg, on thl aod other anbiscts.
being a GUI UK TO MARRIAUK and Conjuxal
Felicity, by benevolent pbyeirian, aeul by mall,
lo eealeJletterenvelopea.freeor chart Addreae,
HOWARD A880C1AT10N, Pox P., Philadelphia,
l'eoo tnylft-ftifi
No M Ninth street, near D,
a4 tf WASH1HQTON. D Q.
Interior Adornments.
ill Ninth strest wssl, betwssa D and I streets ,
febS WAIbiuutob:, . 0,
r-hftnred. Wheat, demand fair at lower rateti fwr reat cleap. JD at
iteceipis l,oit ouenei wminn yri-- i, BHanuQi iirmin, "M't "!" WJ"
market quiet butj stead. Ha lea Hit ''". ei en .nZ'u,ADuif!ikr
Stti 000 fair atllleentai ilW common and Vtraef , j, . . J011.1U.ABkiaint ,v
i at 100 cents. Yeilnw-lio buahels t "!!. .(X fifrttoL Vtp "uu WQ,llJrlTtf
iiy .... ...iiAi,...i..i.jn ..lift i na aeipiwi. 4r"M
Vuit nni, ., .4 -
nt KEWT,
wllh Mvee r'Nima and eMIar, sltaalod vn tbe corner
f vi.. .t.s-i ., .J 11 iirpri nuthirttBt-ateat I A
hestreucars. Water Id tbe rard. ArP'T
plr nai
1 4or.
- - rt .CT-iL' .1.- ubii ttifii.t.rrrn
! lOOa-HUraeaeailatira rt -, ,rrt .I
"r..v"f ? "w?.i "- "it. iinY.,:. :,
iriovi o vnii mj tiv mvw -.
Alt,lbatlfnl Ms on rTlnetoeath street, wil
aid, between at and K ? U r-ji for sKjw
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1 -. . .Vin" riftetbih ttrect and Saw Tork a? .
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JJ KhTi-A splendid FAKU of nu serea. wltbln
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ilnth aIRI r-l. as Iwm ran
TkV iSSrt. t mirlf. .H.". r"Iw S..WS.I,
near a eewer, and ba wator-lYI-e only l,W)i
rcrntal,AuOcaeb, and remainder la one and two
T,m irp"" Konuxn wiiiTs.r.
Real Extale Drokers,
JyMt 410 Seventh street, between 0 aad 1L
a- lar
craiia. ! nuiln ta talda allava.
weat of the alley faaviog a front of 4-W feel, for
ruinf n niatr lavmiTt irom vi m m
nu aad Sju respectively. Tern 9130 ea-b, 11
aae la ft. It. IS, and SI mo a ths. Tl tie. p-r feet.
laqnlraof , h PFAU,
2T, S Park Place, V afreet aonb,
tet7lw lletween lit It anil Mtk aireet.
X1 Machtaerr, Army Von.Worklns: lra.c.
if lath street wharf
of hleventh and K alreels, antubl fvriooal
X Ilooee. altualrd on L street aoutb, nearEiBbih
etreet east 1 10 large rooms wllh ia aa4 Water, aod.
euavenient loioecara. iBanirxra (
1 streeu. Navy ard.
Cor. Seventh and 1 stroeu. Navy
loqnlrc of HORACE BRADFORD, At lb Reoma
of lb Vonag Men's Christian Aoclatlon aptT.tf
V V UbU UU1.1I ABU 1
ela of -alna.attheeltl.aii
brokr.8tor ot R.TULTpN k Uo.. Oil a lath street.
b soora aona 01 reaaaTiTania irnin fiwii
BOAHDIKa-FIRSTCLA.9 board with rim
Bl.h.d IIhw . lib.A l . R .trH. U
tw,.k FlflA uid 8llb .IX..U. Alio. T.bl. BMtil.
Vllk 1IIIAKD ,n4 LUbU!HUl H& p.r
wk. fll)LKDOABD41UMnri.lb Arplr .1
cut O .IrMI. bclwccn ru.lflb B.4 ThlilDlb
X OLD" SB 5 RUT ') ttaTcaU III..I.
o po.lt. Ood. , Hows' 11.11 H.r.t. room, for
ptl..l i.-if
' Educational.
Formerly Teacher of Modem Liotnafea at lb
aor(Hown aad Celatnblaa Gellea-ea, Dlatrict of
ColBBibla. haa rein mod bit rrtvat leauMaa la
French, Oerma, Bpaalsh, tad ha rnalied
elaatea I thoae latnaiea Peraea deafilaa
it! a any of tblae-.a arply to Mn athWolOen.
'raslatlonatiiadl the aboW laaieaM, ala ia
otkeslasrnsreei, with aeenrateneea anl a reason
able char re No fill beveatb atret, oppoelt
th lBteH(neer Betiding;, between D and E
itref. Wa-Mnit-.. D V ani-tf
thos7a beown,
xiovjasc. eiarv
Ornamental Fainter and Oiaxicr,
1, Luul.lmiu At., bet. i',i anil 81h NL.
J0BB1B0 proiiiptly .tlcadwl lo. nUU-lf
Money Broken.
193 MO-tET linOKEIU. .10'
OnlEELlK a 00.,
citt lou orricE.
0 ibort B40Kr...Bd.,.,,l( from I'.bab. Atmb,
Oflcr.1 B.d Cl.rka' rr..cconBU Mrcli...
I.nir '
. Trnnka.
no. Door AboT. 041 T.llovV 11.11.
VT. Br. on.l.ollr HADFACTUR!(a .nd b.i.
oa b.nd lb. LAKUEsr B10CK .ad UUBATlibT
V lib HcHorr.rTa r.lcat bur..
Ladies' add Ve.vh AtciiEi.
I.lb. Dl.trlctof ColnmliU, Bod wbl.h OANNOf
IlK KXCkLLKD, K11IIKK foil H'llKSUl'll.
TroBk. Iboroniblr repaired Bod cov.red at abort
Bolic raTtf-eclin
WALL, R0DIN80N4.C0., '
323 l'.llnn. At., bet. stb null lOlli NI.
Hat,, Capi, Eoot and Shoes.
Has reenined basiaess at hla old stand.
Tit, USD BXIlI3r:Tp
As llanafaeturor of
33 o totes c& QUoos,
JWhereh wltlboplea-ed to receive orders M
from hi friend and th publle rensrallr. Jfl
Uepalrinr: neatly aod promptly don at tne.fv
abort.! notice. Jell) lut
tie vej ait opened alQU tie venlh street, opposite In
tellleeneer Ualldlar, a new and well-elcted stock
ofllATd. tlAPb, DOoTiaud bilOha fur Uenlla.
nB aud Uoys, which tbsy offer al a small ad.
vane upon coat, ilavlns; tnjui ht for Cash they are
enabled to offer superior badocemsnts to pnrcha.
public that thev are reallj selllni a desirable class
Offlca-PLANTB BD1LD1NU. corner
York aeim and Fifteenth streal JaM lr
Garden Seeds
K elrnet, bear Twenty-Rneond atreet.
aud other fresh Heeds.
r,. . ..A r 0UBI8,JK.
It (itfAr Clrcls ud Panusylvanla Avenae.
11 mites "i ivaaniniiOBi a ew i .-
ui ivvii. at, Tiir igw uuii
A call solicited, and eoinparlaoa of price thai
lenfed wllh any similar etablihmeBtlB tba city,
J, T. PhTTr St CO .
tli Seventh street, oppoalle Inlelllceacer Dutldlnir,
Waablnxton D U.

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