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"'"""""'"""miiiimiitiiJUbt .!.
"""of Iho WoiW.rt'i AiHMr
. UuTn.a.n.n noli o.. ik ... .....
hm miii ..n ..... . 7 - i'xm '4t
7. ' "'"' kUiwilrt atook of
marbl. jnonunnnt.', ,lt.tlnr-, and narbl.
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price.. Sootiliulitirtlitmtiil,
eDU Id varl fa ft
Till SOLDIlka A.n RuiABki ii. ...
- .- v. umiua Mill
. . . --,vm rivawij ariHIOC, July
20, In front of taeCltrlutt.
NolwlHulandlnj I ho Inttna. b.at of ye.trr.
Irflrrnoon nod .renlnr, the Now 0,l.n.
in.rtmothelriM nnd Mcnagtrl. .. eroKd-d
with J.lljhUJ nudi.nee.. it -.bouU. U ro.
unbcrnl ty our Jurenllo frleoda and the
children of larger I roitlh." that llili afl.r.
noon.nd rnlnf will clotothn popular .
Mblllon. Out- Oaori.tovu rrlcndi h.t. it
treat In .tot, for them to-morroir.
h"i"i cloicd on Monday, ' '""'""""
ii?Jl. 7" '" fprfhidcffnctycilerdir.
th. ut1!"".i" ,0,f "" ""liberal, takln.
..j".'!".' "oUwrwItb. malleo aforethought,
fif. .h.tf"" '.I "'me committed waa but man'
i.r.r.Ii:.' .." re .?" .rroMwiitrof ih
..... 7.. """ iTDm for iho di.
fence i Wltnen a.w Dub.nl at bla rrataurant
," ,'b; nlhtortho Sdot Jnnr, ltra, about 8
o'clock, In company llh Kclleber. Uubant
had a carblna atrapped acroil bit ibouldcr
and a carlrldn box. They drank tonelhcr.
Woonatlcr Turpln.dcccaicdiand Dubantcami
J?i J ?i d'V.kt Turpla and doccaied tfaracd
friendly. Ilnbant mie wllnaai hla earblno.
office wai tob torn out that nlfht, And thy
SiUJ-"1.!" out rror he tc him the
eirbloe, witneii kept the ctfn tcn.Uayi
or to.
Wm. It.IfnhVIni! TTtrnoaia l.aa Irn.n,. T -
TurplD la V.ihUgtoa for alx or lerrn jeArat
io fur wltneaa knowa. it la rerr rood
nercr knew htm to b frouhleaome unlcaa
yvhta ha wii rirlnklnt-
M.ToUah Witneia Hrcion Mlaaourl are-
uuvanuu ( aJJWUIHUCri OR IDOWO IltrUID
ince the bglnntcit of lh wart both were
In the Army, wltneaa ae euller, andTurnlo aa
mull carrier, Turpla'aahameter peaceable
Anil Arrlaal mt m I .akn. "
CroatxAnloedt Nerer heard of Anychanre
la hta character.
MwArd DatIii Vntnew la a printer, and
a-allTeaon Fifth atreeti ha known Turpln lu.
tlmately for ten or twelve ) earn he waa liked
by ercrybody. with m cod reputation for
peace And goad order.
Urote-examtoedi Nererheanlof any ehanee
In Mm within Ute yeari when drank, he la
wilder than tome people, wltneaa know a
UAptAln llowclli Wltneaa haa llred la Waio
Ington for U year, waa In the aervleedurlnr
thewAri haa known Turpi a for three yeara,
wellt when Turpln la aober he la a food
hearted maoj nerer heard aoythlnt; eajaioat
Ma character for peace and good order.
Cro it-ex a mined. Oace kept the Woodbine
Ilouie, but made Turpi d'a acquAlatanee at the
Llchau Houae,
P. II. IlroWUlDri Vltnt tlitB knAwn Tur
in five oralxyeari) he haa a food reputation
or peace And rood order. T
vro-cxamiQfu. niaae Turpin'a Acquaint
Alice at the Llchau Home: whea drunk. Tur-
lain laiaa llill. UIM
Wm. Miller t Witness lives on the Nary
ardt has knowa Turpln for three eart met
lurpla every day whoa he was conductor on
tho street earst he had a good character, hut
was easily excited when In liquor. !
Urosa-exaralnedi Witness Is bar-keeper at
the (ircea House) does not know whea Turpln
ceased to be a conductor, whloh was about
six months agoi aloes that time he has done
nothing) when under the Influence of liquor
he did not know what he was doing.
Mr. Norrlt said that he had seven or eight
more wlnesses, but they were cumulative, and
he would not further delay the trial. Ha
would like to have the member of Congress
here, however. (To the Marshall) Mr, Phil
lips, has Mr. Laflln been served with asub
px&nAl The Marshal No, sir, he It not In the city,
Mr. Norrlt. Then Pre closed my ease.
Mr. Carrlngton said he had no rebutting
Arthur Shepherd t Witness It reporter for
the btionl Inttlligenttr, aud hat cen welt
acquainted with Turpla for many years, his
attention being particularly drawn to him by
his extraordinary exertions to tare property
nt the fire At the Central Hotel.
Mr. Carrlerton asked the Court to give cer
tain instructions to the jury, to the effect that
if the Jury were satisfied that Turplu killed
Kellchcr without great provocation, the fact
that Turpla wat drunk at the time did not
mitigate the crime, and they must convict him
of murder. Nor eould good character be of
any avail, except when the Court tc that It
Is a fact which will aid the Jury to determine
the guilt or Innocence of the accused. It eould
not reduce murder to manslaughter.
Mr. Merrick felt that Ue district Attorney
had carried him back two huadrei years, for
himself, he conformed his practice 4d the pro
gressive philosophy or hie profession. The
law laid down by tho district attorney bad
been left behind long ago by society In tt ad-
popular k.tal will k-fct.rdl.n- hi. Itarn.d broth., "ill. T iif.i.V.. .ir.7:..VjJ
clvlllzatloo. which had always required that
on the death of one man another should be
sacrificed to his manes. Ue argued that in
toxlcatlon, while do excuse or palliation for
crime, yet went Into the consideration of the
talent with which a crime had been commit
ted. If the crime charged was such aa re
quired a deliberate intent, nod the proved con
dition of the prisoner's mind was such that he
eound not have deliberate Inen, he could cot
ib convicted. Hut It was proven that Turpln
waa out of his wits, la liquor, and, therefore.
that he eould not hare the deliberate Intent
necessary to the crime of murder,
Mr. Carrlngton replied at length enforcing
his previous positions,
i The Court first instructed the Jury as to the
law la regard to the effect of drunkenness as
crime. Cake says a drunkard la a vol
untary devil, but whatsoever ill he doeth he
must suffer for It. Other writers asserted
that the law would not allow a man to mlti-
8 ale one crime by another, Thero have been
cclalont weakened by thit position la mod
era courts, but the law remslus as laid
down by Cake and Illackstone. This law
froceeds from the cautions of publlo policy,
f a man who Is drunk, without any provoca
tion wilfully takes the life of a man, the law
holds him to the full measure of responsibil
ity. Hut If there have been provocations and
the question Is homicide, malice, prepense or
homicide on sudden hear, then druukeonesa
Is n fact to be considered la determining that
?;uestlon. He was not going to depart a hair
rom the salutary rule of law that drunken
ness was no excuse for crime.
If, however, the question bo whether the
crime was deliberate murder or homicide, com
mitted on sudden provocation, the fact of
drunkenness may be considered i If there had
beeuaoold grudge, and the prisoner had re
ported to Intoxication to nerve himself for a
crime, which he committed, then hit was
guilty of murder. The drunkeancsat whloh
toutd excuse a crime must be absolute In
sanity, but ordinary drunkenness will be a
fact to show the animus with which a deed Is
committed t evidence of good eharaeter was
admissible In this ease, but Its weight was a
question for the jury. The Court also laid
uown the doctrino of the law In regard to acci
dental shooting, and told the Jury that the
prisoner wat entitled to the benefit of all
Captain Ooddard thenasked a witness a few
questions. The case was argued by Mr, Car
rlngtoa and Mr. Norrls. Before the close of
the argument of the latter gentlomaa, the
court took a recess till o o'clock p. m.
At c-55 p.m. Mr. Norrls resumed his argu
ment la behalf of accused.
He said when he broke olf his argument he
Was about to remark that there was a physi
cal fact that would control this ease more than
any moral evidence that could be produced)
this was the nature of the wound the course
the ball took. No one could shoot on that
line through a man's head, unless a man for
some such raothe should hold the pistol In
Just that manner. It must be Intentional. It
was the evidence of a witness sworn that h
taw the uplifted band and the flash of the pis
tol, and no man could make auch a shot with
an uplifted hand. Should a man thoot la his
natural way, the ball would pass through the
jw wi reel, in is was a vuiuamry moi. x.
must have been an accidental discharge of the
Mr. Norrls next referred to tho fict (hit a
witness stated that the flesh of deceased's face
was burned by gunpowder. This, he said, was of Kcpreteatatlves on etterdny afternoon,
no guarantee that aceustd was within reach-! nnd were provided seats on tlio floor.
Ing distance of deceased when the fatal shot They watched the proceedings during the de
was fired. Tho same ratght have been the case bate on the Alaska bill with consldtrablo in
had the shot been tired from a distance of tlx, 'tcrest, fanning themselves with much peril
eight or ten feet at the deceased. i oacity.
Here tho Judge became too much heated to ' -
remain on the bench, Aud he took a scat at tho 1 Infant Pound in tub (Janai. About 3
door of the Ante-room 1 ' n'clock on 1 hursday afternoon tJltlccr Jlordrn
Mr. Norrla contended that Mr. Dubant (one discovered a new-born white male Infant In
nfthe witnesses) was drunk, and he admitted tho canal, at the foot of 1 wenly-aeventh and
he waa drunk, and ho came hero and testllled 11 streets it was tied up in a bag. At an in
to a falsehood not wilfully, but because be quest held by Justice Morsetl, noting aa cor
was crazy. He admitted on the stand oner, the Jury rendered a verdict that the
that he gets diunk and that makes him child came to Us death by vlolcuco at the
crazy, phould a roan bo convicted on Ihaudt of tomepersouunknoivj.
Such, a witness should he kicked ont, and no
reif, wee should to iilaced oil Ml 'Word. Hit
,tb. UudM to lb. ret that the tbar.ctcr if
!?I!l?.,ifr''' ."''! k?r tb court
t-nrul krf.l Ih ,...A.fU... . .hi . . .. " '
i?A"!,"'k!1,f l"'iild bill rfniier t.
I"! !": II! .Mko.1 tk lirnini,
jur no inn not a.k tor than for Ibe wor.l pun
llbm-nt ll.tr could Innl.l uiwn 1lprl.onT
X" '' J1'.0 r,MWI,'Ml
. - i '.LT "." V.-I" .TV.-"" "? "
icf en to in quvinon 01 micienr, ADQ Aid.
Unlf-aa Ihtvt ft An 1.1 fast In II..I. . l....'
unlena ther eould feel la their own honrr.'
thut they eould (IbC him rullty, there would b
a repugnance of eoniclenoe. Take All th
facta And All the elrcunittar.cet atirroundlnr
thlacaee. and. Aa men, they coutd not flndhlm
Mr. Merrick then read tne toJIotmcnt, and
aAld the lanituaao contained therein wai cer
tainly not meant by the Matrlct Attorney.
$!&$ '"It" that the homicide wa
not bf malice Arotetliouirht. lie argued that tf
Turpln coolmllteU the homlclde.he did with
out moral Intent, which U encnthl to cooitl
tute aerlmlnal not.
Mr. Merrlek eonleaded thit .he flxclamatloa
uttered by the aecueetl, " Uy (lol I've killed
him." waa an expreaiion almply of amaiement
at harlnr commuted the fatal act. It waa
enulralent to the wordt, My Qod, lrc kllle.)
The tail IT iriilr. HtHniA hnm tti t.anHk it,.
ilence. Teke All the'
Air waa ao eloici and It haylog become datk In
the room, Adamantlnea were furnlahed the
bench and tha rrnnrtxri. nd lirrhtul
Mr. Merrick anid, moved by an Impulae of
iiuiuiiiii. nccuscu, u run it na no WAt. a I
moat unabli. lilmirir. tn tm1 in. tnnA
down and cndeaTorod to ralie Kellchcr ud. It
waa erldent there waa no dealgn. no tourudae
to ahoot, oi the part of the prUoner, and con
aefiucntlyoo guilt. Would they confine the
aroused la f the penitentiary He could not
bellCTe It. for ttirV tCanUrint ilnrthf l.. ik.
remark! ot the Honorable Judce, that, ir
they had a ratlonAl doubt a to thnpintjif or
mm-lntent of ihv priioncr to commit howi
ciae, t)r were bound to acquit. Wltneaa
here toitlHed to the unquestionable character
of Turn In. 11 tlld nni ailc tliM tnrov nfthi
Jury. He demanded their mercy.
inr LiiiTici Attorney, jHr.uarnnirion, aroie
And opened hli argument by laying, that the
otdoi1dc coumcl had not am were J mint?. a
one of hia argumenta In their addreaaea to the
Jury. Tney leeraed to be Intent on giving the
eviucnee anomftr import aru 10 create a reel
ing of eympathy among the Jurora. The work
of acquitting thla nan of murder would bo An
outrage upon the community. The Jury coutd
batcomlderthecaie by the evidence. They
ehould perform their houndea duty, lery
wltneaa teatlfled to the fact that tho Accused
had been flour 1 thing a deadly weapon, and
that but a few momenta afterward he wai
taodlngover the cornieofhlt victim. And
he threatened juit before that that he meant
to kill Jomebody. He waa arretted Add bul
lets wero found la hla poticitloo which Mr.
Peabody 1he locktmlth, teatlfled were of the
aame mold aa were thote taken from the bruin
of deceased. It waa unkind, ungenerous, nnd
unjutt.even by Innuendo, to Attempt to ahlft
the responsibility of death on Iubant.ono of
The District Attorney concluded thit the
accused tired with hit elbow resting against
hit aide, which would produce Just auch a
wouod ai the one described by the doctor. He
then went on to show that ft was necessary
that the Jury should consider the fact of being
drunk At the time of the homicide, and tho
8 rlsoner'a previous character, and they would
nd that these were not of such a mture as
would Induce them to think theyuereexteoo.
atlog circumstances in this cue. The charac
ter of the circumstances Attending the shoot
log eould not be construed aa favoring the
AtOJQn. m. tha emi vri iuhmlMM tn th
Jury, and they rotfred to Uielc room for dellb
e mi Ion.
The Judge And crowd of spectators, who
were present during the evening, waited la the
court room awhtlefor the verdict.
Atlt) o'clock the Jury returned aod rendered
a verdict of "guilty of mnn slaughter," but
not of murder.
The Judge thanked tho Jdryfor their faith
ful attention durlntr the trful. kml ttmn ail.
Journed tho court to 10 a. m. to-day. It is ex-
frcicu .out no Duiinen win oe uone men, out
hat the court will be adjourned to-day one
The prisoner waa remanded to Jilt, and will
be, probably, sentenced to-day,
A Vkby Suddbk Dkath. -Mr. Thos. Ma.
gins, an usher at the Patent OSce, died very
uuucuiy jriicruny morning, nDOUi 10 3D
o'elocn. He arrived At the odce about 9
o'clock, from hla boarding house, near the
Ualtlmore depot, took a seat In a chair for a
few minutes, After which he got up and leaned
Against oue of the pillars, when It waa noticed
by some of the inmates that something was
the matter with htm. They inquired of him
what waa tho matter, whea he endeavored to
aneak. but was unable to do ao. 1 hnv r.tri)
him In a chair and called In bra W. U. Tlldon
aau rranx wnmartn, wno round ntm in a dy
ing condition, and lie expired In a few mo
menti, making but one struggle. These gen.
tlemen decided that the dcceaac.1 earn a In Ma
death from the effect a of the tun and from the
excesilre use of ardent spirits la the past. A
fenucman wno oonrueu wnn ine uecenseu in.
orma us that he had bean eomnlalnln fnr
some time, but he waa more cheerful At break
ass yesieraarinaa usual ana appeared to be
Id good splrua when starting for the office.
Mr. Magtoa waa a resident of Wilmington,
Delaware, where be leaves one daughter, who
la going to" eehooL He waa highly educated
Amfkept a drug store to the above-named elty
at the time of the breaklnr out of the late
war. when he enlisted in the Mtli TterHment
Pennsylvania Natloual, Qusrds, under Capt,
rfunu k, uuritnjr, mm vrrvvi. as i jiriraie m
the same until he lost his right arm In battle.
After which he aerved out hla time of enlist
ment as Assistant hospital ateward, receiving
an honorable discharge. He wat employed at
the Patent Office about four months since,
and died at tho Age of about forty eight years.
Lieut. Noonan and (litleer llmiVlni. nf lh
Sanitary Company, visited the Patent (mice
nnu irnraru ins noovv inciij aiso mat ue
ceased died without anypersonal etTccts. Not
deeminff It necessary to hold an Inn uat. !..
dispensed with, aod the body pi iced In charge
of a corporation undertaker, who s ill see that
ii is property uuneu,
UOARflKtl Wit T. int aw V.f...l.
about 1 p. m., Detect Iro McDevitt, while tand
tng In front of the American house, near the
corner of Seventh street and Pennsylvania
avenue, noticed Albert MoKlnney, colored,
passing downHorcnth street with a bolt of
cloth under hie arm. He asked him where he
was going with It, and he replied rrylndepen
dently "home," nnd went on whistling a favor
Its air. This faithful otTlcer, fearing all was
not right, started after him, when tie started
olTatiutl speed letting the goods drop. The
ottlccrQred one shot at hi in, but the street
being thronged with passers-by the ball took
no effect. 'Ihe detective then gave chase and
run him to near the botanic gardens, ou Mis
souri avenue, near Four-aud a half street,
here a ecntleman arrested the tunnosed
thief and turned bhioier to Mr. McDevitt,
who was nearly exhausted, the thermometer
being some 03 degrees. He took him to polloo
headquarters and then returned to where the
cloth nad been dropped nnd procured It, at the
aame time ascertaining that It had been taken
from the front of SelbyJi Oo's store on the
ivvrnuct near oevcniu s.reei.
CnARdKD with rinAxn r.Annrw -l!!lni
Lynch was arrested yesterday, at Port Wnsli
Ington, by order of Commanding ftcnera! L.o
renzo Thomas, for tho larceny of a gold watch
and chain, valued At fJou, from Mrs. Major
Ilufuf, KloaT. Hhe was placed In charge of
Ma It. Kin;, of ,h.l, nrlUUrtr u.Ui,l...l
her aboard tho steamer Arrow and brought
her to this city. On Arriving nt Seventh street
whirf the was turned over to O Ulcer Uarnes,
of the Heenth precinct, who took her before
Justice Tucker, and the Is held for a hearing.
A Youifi TinvKLKA. A vouth. about 13
veara of age, called at police headuuartert on
Monday etenloff.and stated that ho had Just,
arrUed In this city from Teesburg, Virginia,
where he left hit mother. Uoeamo liero on the
ears, via Alexandria, for the purpose of pa)-
lute i Ti'ii io me- cnpnai m iiv uuncn niaici,
but feeling quite lonesome so far from home,
he expressed the greatest auxlety to return to
his native town Arrangements are being
ma la to ssnd him homo. lie gave his name as
HenJ, Knox.
i:CDRiIo(TOFitUUKUtcKsiiuRU. We learn
that the ladies, who arc now trying to raise
fundi for the purpose of building an Kplscopal
church In Unlontown, contemplate giving nu
excursion to the above place, via Aq ula Creek,
about tho 1st of August, the proceeds to go to
wards building tho church Prom the names
wo have heard mentioned In connection with
the excursion, we have every reason to believe,
should It be determined on, thit It wilt bo
liberally patronized by our citizens
kkitativi.'. The two (Jlilcf MAmlirlns of
theUhlnese Lmbassy, noootupanlod by one of
the Hearatrla nf tliu Prencli Leiratlon and
Ithftlli nun laif Japn..t A 1rlllil thA UnillM
JirvaftiLi. TfiixvxA.-Monday, a squad of
hoye went to the l'otomae t iim the larger
ones ranging from fourteen to seventeen years
nf W, gtt lipM planks and swam out to a boat
aneuored In the stream, belonging to Dennis
"i uviiucv ner, iim w,
t. acted At ehler. and ion
naber, the
pttmi. John Collins wat a little fearfulat
n"t. Vnii ugeatel that If they Took It they
would be arrested. Tim calmed his fears and
Cdltlns took the pump, aod getting on the
plank e vrled It ashore. Hut they were watch d
bra Man rfatried Taseo who made toward Ihem.
They seeing him approach began to prepare to
escape, but he was too near and Tim told hla
brother Martin Maher who now had the pnmn
to throw It overboard.wMch he. did. Hut Mr.
Taseo took possession of their clothing and
kepi them till, they gavt up and wero turned
?Zm Pnioep( Jrvo, Tfcey were taken to
the Firet precinct at a I Ion-house, where some
of their eon.pan.oos testified against them and
they were committed to Jail In defsult of secu.
rlly for eourt. They Are well known to the
rvll)U rllUIVURII 9W JVUtlff,
a-. wrt.t kI.:..1
. .it., .- .'"-1--.!' ""v f-".ri
.......... -... .ni-.i.j--i wenrs ago. or A
longtime theso Juvenile t fit res escaped by
wason of the sympathy for them on account
of their age i but every dismissal seeded to be
5i!e.f-.n .? i!' od oe' eontinuert to plun-ST-fan.
I'r Vir" V ?enM ty for some
Siflr01. hoo of correction was
!fH!do..,B.n.1.b" bfn UIke,l " frequently
sioee. Hut It wat only talked of. VVehavi
ho.V.0n0nfc.(J.r:ec.UonetiJ,ni1 " th wo
house It not the place for the confinement of
Efir.,0 tt?rled ;"lth '"eeny.and At theyoung
r........VL . "UUI iciure irom the
..i i.. it. ; n vjrciatiuui wmi renew-
!? sf t0 iy..dll'lA"r-,M as it Is in every
JV..militi,,wfkre,n.hore,lo,t magis
trate would send them to the work.houte.frem
whence they expected to escape speedily. Hut
'n'f were told that they would be sent
inJsLls1 tt7 J"" "OinewhAt despondent, fear-L-iVi
th Oour n'Kht seo the necessity for
punlshlngthem by confinement, which Ihey
-I.5tlnArhcr n1' onhl person a discharge,
O, lt"lT tintlcd" Htoe'aanfty..WHng
enlisted la It on the 31st of January, 1107, but
-n.-uuuiiru Uj general vuurt-inariiai, on
the 23d day of December last, to forfeit to the
United States all mr and allnwanoaa than
due him, and to be drummed out of the service.
TA.t.V Hf Ift-.na flM.aa rTrt1. A It.
. va..bD .!! -US, VUHCt 4U(ri Ul IRC
Seventh precinct, arrested Itobert It. Hlchard-
on, nuns jiod naif, coioreu, on a warrant
sworn out byChas. Kettleman, Jeweler, on
Seventh street north, charging the prisoner
with harlng entered hit store tome few montht
since, when hit wife was there alone, and
pricing tome sleeve buttons, end that while
looking at them he quietly slipped tome of
inviu uji ma aicrva. airs, lie i ue man teeing
him dolt ran to the frontdoor, and aftr aa.
curing It demanded the buttons, when accused
mt nt uci iiui n raiur, inuiciing n severe
wound In one of her arms, thereby making his
escape. He had ahearlng before J uatlce Clark,
who committed him to Jail for couit.
Samuel Oppeobelmer.Oerniaa butcher, was
arraigned before Justice Tucker, in the First
precinct, by Officer Yeatman. for killing cat
tle on premises, whleh Is a violation of a cor
poration ordnance, and he waa fined 10.
Officers Hanes and King, of the Second pre
cinct, arraigned Mrs. Stephen A, Bailey, store
keeper, and Philip L.aukwlg, restaurant
keeper, before Justice Thompson, who lined
them25 each, for selling liquor on Sundiy.
Wm. Hlirhia wm t alt on l.ru- lnatla.
Olark, tn the Sixth precinct, by Officer Skelly,
mm uutu jn ivi luuuiiiK ma nnuu wiinuui n
Officer McUathran. of the same n-aMnrK
Arrested Henry Hartung for keeping dogs
without a license, and the same Justice Im
posed a line of 10 on htm.
Zacharlah llrewer was arrested by Officer
Skinner for huckstering without a license.
He was relieved of Ato by the same Justice.
banltary Officer Hopkins took James Hot
tomlev before Justice Hmlth. who flnM him
10 for malicious mischief.
juarcenca jtiarcerom was arrested, la the
eighth precinct, by Sanitary Officer Fairchlld,
and fined f by Justice Lynch for creating a
Officers ftoth and Itnahaa. nf f hn Vlflh nr.
elnst, arrested Wm. Martin and Silas Hurk,
colored, for carrying concealed weapons.
Tbey were fined 20 each by Justice Harper.
piunrj Laive was nrres.eu, in ine r.igiiin
precinct, by Officer Field .for committing an
assault and battery on H ridge t KIrby. Jus
tlce vnch committed him to 4all In (luraiilt
of ball to keep the peace r
Justice Morsell dlrposed of tho following
eases in the fourth precinct i Officer Cloy ar
retted Eliza Plant, colored, and she was com-
m high iu court, io answer ine cnargeoi Keep
ing a bandy house. Officer Haiiey re-arrested
her for committing an assault and battery on
Marlt Lewis, and a floe of 3 was Imposed on
her. Henry Johnaon waa nrrala-n.! hv fim.
cer Uordeu, And flued 30 for carrying a con
cealed weapon. Henry not having that amount
of ''stamps" was sent to the work-house.
O Hirer Olavi son arrested three bo) s, ntmed
Jas. Kelly. Jas, Carr and Jas.Cralgan, for
swimming in Ihe Potomac river, foot of U
strret whsrf, and they were fined il each.
tuv num uuicrr nrrraieu vicior Miner lor
rldlne over the sidewalk, and he was fined sa
Kllzabeth MeOulrk, grocer, was arrested by
Officer Doyle, and fined 111 M for violating a
Sunday law.
The following amounts of fines were Im
posed in the various precincts i Firtt precloct,
fit) Second precinct, t04) Third precinct, Mi
Fourth precinct, t&&&9 Fifth precinct, -9i
Sixth precinct, i.lO Seventh preolnct, A3)
Klghth precinct, &l sanitary company, 415.
Total amount, A2M M.
ii lk Pix. Detectives Clarvoe and Jllgley yes
terday arrested Klljah Leogel, the Lion King
of A. T. Ames New Orleans circus, which ar
rived here yesterday, on a warrant sworn out
by Mrs. hlizabeth Taylor, eharglog him with
tho larceny of a diamond pin, talued at 3Ifi,
the nronertr of the cnmnlalnant. nn fha Olh nt
no ease came up oeiore Justice n.ii, smith,
at police headquarters, when Messrs. Hlno
and Schmidt appetred for tho prosecution,
and Mr, L. S. Phillips for the defence.
Complainant, on being sworn, testified that
after losing tho pin she first saw It on the Ac
cused at the opera In Illehmond, Va , when he
drew her to htm, At the same time closing hla
vest over the nln. whleh ha hail In hla hnmm
The next day she saw him lathe court-house
aqua re, in inai cny, wnen sup was oo ncr way
to a waar aitt a warrant fnr Mb a mat aniluh..
the pin wat missing out of his bosom. This
was a the 3d of June last. Nhe was oflered
tSTSforlt. It had seiea small diamonds sur
rounding a larger one.
It was thrown to her while she was per
forming on the stage la Philadelphia, with a
note Attached to It requesting that she wear It
In her hair during her next dance. It bore the
name "Williams" signed to It. She never saw"
Williams before or since, nor did not know
him. Accused married her mother 13 joars
since, but they partrd about S rears since.
She had given the pin to her mother for the
purpose of keeping her the witneia' hus
band from getting It. Her mother went to
Harrlsburg for the purpose or visiting the ac
cused when he gained possession of tho pin.
She had sworn out a warrant In Hlchmoiid
nnd one In Philadelphia for hla Arrest, and
placed them In the hands of oQltiera, hut they
could never catch him.
The ease waa ablv discussed on both aldaa
by tho gentlemen employed. The Justice re
served his decision until to-day at 10 a. m
Ihe prisoner la held At police headquarters.
Shot At. On Monday erenlnr. Ahnut 10
o'clock, as two marines, one named Ldward
Murraj, and the other unknown, were passing
the Corner of Thirteenth and II alrita north
somewhat under tho Influence of liauor, they
tu-iM mhnt at f - .... -
poucr, j small uau sugnuy wounucu niur
ray in the neck. Sergeant Walker, of the
Fifth precinct, had the wounded man taken to
the olllce of Dr. LIllss, who pronounced the
Injury not dangerous.
Joshua L. Oatchell waa yesterday appointed
uy nis nonor ine mayor, io ine omce oi neater
or Weights nnd Measures, Vloo Mr. Itobert
lloyd, who, we understand, refuses to deliver
up to his successor the standards of weights
and measures.
The following appointments for Hook and
Ladder No. 1 have been made by Chief Hngl
neer Ellwood, to take the vacant positions in
that company: Thomas Sutton, foreman) Pat
rick Doyle.tlllermant Thomas Sorrel.hostlert
John Dawson, Thos. Melloy. James Hrndley,
Comuittkd to Jail John Shorter and
Lewis MedIej,both colored, whom wo men
tioned In yesterday's IturunncAN as having
bren arrested by Detectives Miller and
Coombs on Sunday last, charged with the
larcenvof a lot of metals, Ao , the property of
Clark N tils, esq , had a hearing before Justlco
Smith yesterday, who committed tliera fur
Fink HrnovKURKT We notice that Mr.
John Myers Is about completing a lino four
story brick building on M street north, be
tween Third and lourth streets west. It Is 23
feet front by 03 feat deep, (including back
building,) and will be provided with water,
gas, and all the modern Improvements Messrs
Hunt h Williams aro the contractors,
Heal 1.-tatr TitANtvitR. Messrs. W. L.
Wall X Co yesterday sold part of lots 7, 8 and
tf, In square 102, fronting on Twenty-llrst
street, between (1 and H streets, to (leorco S,
Parke, rort3,W.
Closinu thru oct. All wool, very light
weight (larlbnldl Suits for boys, 3 to f yeara
of age, at 3 60. at A, Saks Co., 617 Soventh
meeting of this union oo Moadsy night, Major
W. p. Morso occupied the chair, and Mtv A.
M'liohfnton waa secretary.
After the reports nr committers had been Ve
eeireii, the unlori adjourned And proreeded to
thrniAn Soldiers', and Bailors Union. At
Will's Hall, n tier nth street, bet ma II
and I streets, Wlven MJor MorseVpresldValof
the Soldiers and Hallors Inlonla.taii the
3$liSLV-t9m ""
Nltreiliaa wrrA MxtJ Ih Wholl.k ua.. .
tIr.:.LV.",V,"!f'r.""' ''-
n, ilJy Mr '"' . OwtAla Helssner,
ATi'i oi iters, '
ncinminiwM very rnrnniiiiiie. A Pa
triotic call on the OeriHtn soldiers waf
0oe OcrnAOK. Oa Mondiy morning as
"r WlnnUlmmH(wlft Ihe at
Walhlngtoa Baptist Hunday School plcale
on board, was on her way from this elty to
Alexandria, she was fired Into when opposite
the Arsenal by a half dptea boys la a boat
Six shots from pistols wer discharged, and
one or the balls barely grazed a lady's bonnet.
DASICd Within a faw iDAhaanr fKa All.., .il
and completely shattered a pane of glass lu
the pilot-house window. Subsequently search
was made for the villains, but no trices of
them could be found.
Polar Rntun WittiTim ik...u.i
loodrery hlch reiferday, Indleallni that It
wa. Terr hot. That call, to muul the fact
k.ttlieMllbutni, ISO nrtmotb llrcet, oppo.
Soda Water dally to thousands. This soda
Water Is SS Cold nlftnttna Imlliiataa mt.
the syrups are the bestfand they could not
Ti ";,..!"rt "s-.uae iimy are prepared bV
the M lburna. V thai a. thl-.tV. .'.,..'
take the Polar Soda Water. Im
OnAT and Colfax I.A.TtriCATioifMitT
la?.TTne Soldiers and Sailors' Central He
publican Committee Tor the District of Colum
2M'olvei tohaveaOrant and Colfax
ratlflcation meeting on Monday next. Several
distinguished speakers have been engaged for
the occasion, Tho programme will be an
nounced to a few days.
- a .
A Flint--Last evening, about T o'clock, a
fire occurred on Third atreet west, between
VffJMrtVflftUgKejuw na O street, la a small
by the officers or the Seventh 'pTtcincr,M.i
but slight loss. No Alarm was sounded.
Mr. William Smith has just returned from
New York with an elegant .stock of straw
hAts, which he is prepared to sell at twenty
five per cent, below the usual prices. A visit
to his well known store At 811 Ninth street,
between D And Pennsylvania avenuo will
f rove the truth of thla assertion. Mr. Smith
s also the Agent or Singer's Noiseless Sewing
Machine, whloh recently took the premium a
the New York State fair. fj
OitpKAa Court JiufjePiirefff-Thls court
was occupied yesterday mainly with the Mil
ler will case, the argument of which was
begun. Uobert Leech for the will, M. Thomp
son for tho caveators.
Venerandn H. King qualified as administra
tor of Martin King, giving bond la $3,000, with
John T. Hooi er And D. Callaghan as sureties
The first and final accounts of Peter O.
Meem, administrator of John Meem. Second
account of M V. Sines, iruardian of Sarah fl.
Slpct. Distribution aocountof James U. Mun-
roe, administrator oi ueorge Munroe,onthe
final account of the aame aa Administrator,
Equity Cocbt Jwrfje tfther pro tern. The
JVfuci: win uinuci
ge vs. Etheridgc. Order granting
leave to take testimony.
Criminal OocnT Judge li'iriV. This eourt
wni fuiriivu yes.rru-4y in continuation oi ine
trial of Turpln, a report of which will be
found elsewhere.
Ho. 329 Seventh it, bet, N, Y. avo, and L tU
A. C. P ! A M T7
Imported Iiuturici, &o
Corner of New York Avenuo and Fifteenth
J Uraham, Milk, Haston, Farina, Wine, and
M oih room Crsikers, Just rrtril at
J eld eotw Corner fflnth and I slroeU
Uxitvii r-Ti I'atint Omcr,
Wasnixutoit, May II, m
On tha jkatithiD of Jomhva Oiaas, of Canton,
Obl, rorlQK f"r the extenalon nf-. pttent smot-d
to hlu tU 13th day f Aasaat. IBM, for an lintrovt
meat In l'louahs, fir seven rears f rum the exptra
tlon of nald patent, whleh fakes place OA the loth
darof Ansnt, 1 Wa
ll a ordered thai Ihe aU potltloa he heard at the
Patrol Olllce oa UU31MY, tho U7th day of Jolr
xoxl. at it o'clock, m and all per-uua are notified
to appear and show cause. If any they have, why
aatif Million oncht niM to tm rrantad.
I'ersons oppoxinic the extenalon are required to flle
In the l'ateut OUI their objection, specially mi
forth, lu writing, at leaxttiMnfydaytWwratha day
othoarlngt all ttlmony filed by either party, to
u nam i un biu ucaiiui, nun oo iaan ani irana-iiillt-xl
In anoordanM Willi the rules of the Olllce,
which will be furulahed on application.
Df doh tlio nt and olhir nsners. rallrtd nnon aa LshH.
menr, nstxt be filed In the nfflco twmty days bafore
tlis lar uf hearinai the arguments. If any, Willi la
((rrua-a aurr mine "'" icaiimuBT
Ordered, alao, that thU notice pabllh-d In the
KBHUBLICaa and tLa InltUiatmrtr. Waahtnatnn.
1). C , and lu Ike Ittrald, Cleveland, Ohio, ones a
wmlcfur three vuccewlv weeksi the Ural of aald
pttbllinttuuatoboatlbattslxty diy)pmTlntia to the
tiayor hearing. a, w. biuui.
, at. oi iu i.
Actios Comralsaloiisr of 1'aUoU.
WASUlxuToa,slay29, lbtiS
Ou the petition of Hsuscca A. Maschkk. of
hew lorlt. It. V., vxscutrlxof Kuborl J- Wareiicr,
doctaiied, praylnar fr Ihe extension of h paUnl
granted to the said Kvbrt J. Uarcher tho 2Jd day
nf Muy, Hi9, for an liupruveuient lo Twol fur
Oroovfnv Moulding, fur r von yean irum the ex
plratluu of aald patent, which takes pluCOOO liie
tid day of May, UCUi
it is order ml that th-i snld petition be hoard at
the Patent OtUco oa MOlA, IheSUtdayof De
cember next, at 11 o'clock, m t and all peraona are
uoiifled to uppeur aud slow came. If any they
have, why aald petition ought not to he granted,
IVrrtonaoppo-'luf tha extension aro roualred to
die lu l ho ratautOtrjcetholrobjettliins, apeclslly
tut frth lu writing, at luuat t total u days before
tho day of heurlnvt ail testimony filed Ly either
Surly, to be uaod at Ihe ald htMrlnir, must Le
akeu nod tranainltted lu sceordancti with tho tulea
of the vtUst', which will Ite furnished ou applica
tion JJopoalllon" and other paper, relied upon aa tea
Itmoiiy, muat be Mod lu thu vltloe t went it day a be
rum tha day of hearliis the arfHiuent, If auy,
within foi days after flllnf Ihe teUiuuuy,
Ordered, also, that thla notice be publlahed lu
the ItRft ULiaN and Ilia Inttllfatncrr. Waahlna-
ton, H, 0., and In tho Allan, hew Yrk, W. ,,
vncH tL tut three anrceaatve nocksi tho nrt of
sslil piililications to ho at lt sixty days previous
t4lh day of hearing, A M STOUT.
jyiu-r iw aciiux i.ommiininorfn rinm
Uxited Htatis rATKRT Orrirs,
Wasoikotox, May 13, lao
On Iho petition of JostTR II Ti ck, of lirueklyn.
W V , prn)inji for the extension of a patent grsnted
lohlni ttie Aiih duy of JunelKud aUoiranlei
ImiVe'hletit'.o'l'i.iklng'ror btuUinit Coin, Ste ,
fur Ten vetir from llm expiration of aald patent,
which tkB place onthe'-Aih day of Anenat, 1508;
It la ordered that th sittd peiltlon be heard si
tho Patent OClce on MOWUAV, the 0th day ol
Ansnat next, all J o'clock, in and all person sre
noil tied to appear and show caae. If any they
have, why said petition on flit not to be granled
pel-noon oppoufng the extenalon are required to file
In tho l'nleiit Oulca their objectlona, speolslly set
forth Inn rltlng, at leat twnly days befoie Ihe
traaNinltted In aerordance with Ihe rnlea of the
olll oi1, which will be furnUhed on application.
Uepoitltlona aud other re per, rolled upon aa tes
timony, muul booted In the otllco f wenfi dsys be
fore Ihe day nf hearing! the srttuneoU, if any,
within ten ukV after nlins the teailmony.
Ordered, sln, Hist thla uutlre bepuLiroheJ tn the
KKPLVLtrAX aud the Inttlligenrtr. Wanhlngion,
U Al , and In Ihe 7'rfne, New York.N. Y , once
x week for three succeaalve weekat the flrklof aald
fnbltcatlon to best leant sixty day prevUna to
lisdarofhearlns A M HTOUT,
mf it mi AC.ibx uiumnnumrm rate OH,
Washixotux, Juno IVIduS-
OutUepetltlon of llAkHt U hVAATs.of Uhtcagii.
ill, , prayluE for the extension of a patent granted
lu hiiiiaelf aud A J Uhuhx, aaai.lsneea, the Slat
dy of OiLouur, lSii.for au Improvement lu Bhlnsle
Uarhluo, for aevtu yoara from the expiration of
aaldpituut, which tskoa pUce oa tha Slat day of
October, IwSi
It la ordered that the aald p tlllon be heard at tha
I'ateutOtflceooMONl)A,lhol3ih day of October
next, ut U o'clock, in uud t.11 peiaoua are uutl
fled lo appear and ahow cnuae, irny they have,
why aald putlttou oushl Uit to be imutoJ
l'ersona opposing the extension are required to
ftlela the Wteut Ulflrs thulr objection, apvelally
set forth In wrliing, at !"" ttctnty days betore
the day of hesrlniii all testlmouy tiled by either
party, lo bo nxeif at tho aald heariuc, moat be
taken ud traaainltuid lu sccordsuee with the rules
of the olllce, wniih will bu furnlihedon application,
HrpoHltloua aud othtr psera, relied upon aa les
tluiouy, mual be Hied la llm otllco twtttly days to
luie tlm d of lumrimti the arxumeuia, If auy,
wltUtu t'i days afltr IIIiuk U" leatlmany
Ordiro l.alau, that this uollce hepuLIUhed In Ihe
ItbCi'm-KAxaul Hie lnUllluncrt Washington,
U U , aud lu the Til''Uilt, thkato, lllluola,
oncoaweek for three hinceaHlve weka the first
of aald publication to bs al least sixty days pre
vioualo the day of hearing , A. U. HTOUT.
jg-JlWsi Actini OjuiinlssiDiisr of rataats.
f'r.onutrtaWltirtrnrQ- j
Iowa nayU l.rial lb. beokitort'ef (. o
T.e.tlrkG.., M DrMri.lnel.vk.n ("lIf. .f
ih.Xirraiieia may b..Uala.d dally.
TVlf ti-'U AaiUJ.1I..IL..l.ll .'w a ... . .
iMJf 5 ".K'SKk,?.
rested ha iinte ii.m,
Jusllenlliickey. Marlh
rr anil Dlouint perora
h ll.lt waa.ll.nV.ed"
w On.,1 ilM, Mh,
""inarau Jonnaon wis fined 60, Mho
ernlM'llt lv. at.. I waa .. In Ik. u.... 1
w. u.r. r.v :.. v. ,"".""" -""""'""-
Jal-a.l hefur. .lu.lltr llurk.j, wli.i ILiril klai
42&U. " w'hi.i
.lilS?.V,kKtt5M ,!-rM ..
it.'TKi'i'WA "r 51i.c-!-t:7''- ?.
r ... A mwtiu.T cTroinr, .Till lie. In
a t.rr dann roua ionIllloa, ana lllilit hon.
ar. .nltrtarned t hla rusnij. " P
Blrra rnnar. ArrlT,d-Sl.am,r. N.vr
York, J00, f,m rMlad.f,hl JohfJlb.oJ
w15.V& if.'l'?oS"',m" '" ,""-'"'"'
Oreon Sprlnr;. on Jlonuay next.
nSi'.1'.".';!'"?. I",lKO-A Sejaiour anil
Dlalr rallncillon inrcrm,; u announcril lo
lake place on Aoalo.tau Ialand to-morrovr.
Same Wi;AT.-Ellit hunilrfd buibclaof
n.ir wktat .old f.ilerO.y at ,2 per bii.bel.
Georgetown AdvertiiemenU.
73 IIIuli ali-col, Porr-at Hull, Usance.
ROSS & BI(ksL12K
2V.!;:yi.'Kn,rfJ:.i!,"f.'. silk
Plain lln'.n,lrowo.Pnrpl..onii..rll..,.,
Small, plain, dark ulin..r allk.. ,1.
Sapctlot Plain Orna, iBla, .ml Brown, Y.n
haTf, ,LAX '
i Jl'." Jf"!J "5 "or'I'T tin atUnllon of Ik.
Flas Btraw, 33 cents, worth 11.
TBe very be-t
i cents, worth SO rests.
Other rrat Larralat la Prists, Alpacas, Lns
tree, Ac , he sp27-tf
llK.MTlllEi: I
llavlne enlarged ta-r War Rnxm. wklrli -ih
me Increased facllltiea, I br leave to offer to the
paoiiBiuy iriana weii-seiectea aiocxor
StlTISQ X00U3, 4c. .
lasolicltiQf a share or the public patrons ee. I
Can only say 1 will try my beat topleaae, and will
,..,, J. B VtiLlA.
. .M USDrlil,, ttrMt, acoraetawn
P.n Ala. a..orlm.pi.tLonna... UMn
Merchant Tailors.
MEnciiA-ivx tailoiis,
D.tws.a National Tb.atr. and Wlllard.' HoUl,
qckts' jonKisHixa coops. Ac. apg.if
(Lata of Wall, llrjib.ai 1 Co ,)
310 P.nn.jlT.ala aT.aao,
Belwoon Hlatb anil Tontb atre.U,
AtnioJ.r.toprlr.. mhll.tflf
Ice Companies-
UKl'OT and OrriCE at No. 51 Lonlalana avcuue.
bctwoeu Blxth aud seventh at rest went.
Open for the sals of Icfroui7a. in. tofip. in,
The Company's stock on hind gusranteea a full
anpiiy r "Tery ucinnnu aanstf inn rniirn yeari
at abont half the price heretofore paid by citv cu
tonior JeJJ eutit
Stoves and Tinware.
W. D CnorBB A J. I!i.i.i
r iohcotki
497 hlovenlhatrwet, above l'ene, avenue,
WASIllilUTUn. u, u.
rartlcular atteution paid lu repairing Furoa
aes,Kaniee 1'erlor Hesters, 4c, end all wrk
rrawred 17.
We oOsr all Summer Hoods ut (roatly rcducod
We luvlte customer to look throuch our stock
which la larx- and well aaaoried
WM.lt. UILKY 4 11K0TJ.EU.
No MCentriil btoren.
Jrl2-Ctlf OpposiU Centre Market.
262 Penn'a Avenue.
Wl.lllliltnv t..na ! 1b..fl
On the petition of Htxphkn J O01 d, of Corn
wall, t'ouu,, praylnj for the oxtenalon of a rateot
framed lo him uu tlm id day of October, ISM, for
su linprorement In Waruiiojr IIoues by btesin,
for seven year from Ihe expiration of said Patent,
which lake Place on lbs Sd day of October, )iX
It la ordered that the aald petition bo heard at the
1'at.tit Olllce on MOM DAY, the lit h day oftjrpteni-
ber naxl. at 11 o'clnelr. 111 I an. I all lutr.nnn ra nn.
ttfled to si)ifar aud abuw ruue, Tf any Ihey bavo,
wny aam p. iiuou uuxni noi 10 p sranieu
1'eraoua oppoalos theextonalou are required to
"".U U'. Vn'W ',H.UlLthJliB9JJlMUJlt
lav ut heal Inst all lantinionv Hied Lv ltlir nnrlr.
to leusii at the sail hesrlnx, mustbe Ukn aud
trimaiukitM in nrcordance villi the rales of ihe
nttlce, wliich will be furuialed ou application.
llftDOattliina aud oilier liuDtira. rnltnil ntt.in m tea
uinouy, inunt va nieu m tue omcerieen'ir usis
fore the day of hearing, the arsnii.eui.,
la) a be
if say,
wltLln rfi dava artar fillu tha tanLltimnv
Ordered, nlo, that thla unties bo pubn-l.f Jin the
v (iDumiuB tffnitr, new tinveu, i;un .oncn
a week for three aucceaale weeki the flratof asld
7"ii nil UjAnin It man fimrtinit
ct. May 1 1-WJ t
madd under the act of
1'lisiox urrioi
AnnllcalUin liavlnir Loen 111
Juuu il. 'SVt, f irthe reia.iio of the follow lot de
acrlhudLaud Warrant, which srealleiced toliave
been loaturdeatroied Notice i hereby kIvcu that
at the dstefollowfnc ibodeacrlptlou of each war
Isnt a new con 1 flea to or wnrraul of like tenor will
e ret.aueJ, if no valid objoUloti should theu ap
pear 1
No 47,?JO, forlCO acres, IbkupiI nnder the act f
March S, ISM. lu the name of Koltojn l'errr,sud
win ursniedAnveiuUrU, H-l Aumi.tS, ISoB
No il.Ml, for leuacrea, lncd under Ihea.tof
MarrhS, ltol, lu the name of llurriaou Cornm, and
wa granted October i, I WO, titpleiuhorA, ltki
No .JU, for tiu acres laaued under the act of Ms nh
II, ItAl, In the name of Clemeure llalley, widow ot
(leorxo lluiley.doceaaud, sud ussxraiited May JO
VA AuauatW, IMS , , L
Ao tl.Jtrt, fur lularre, iaaued uu 1 r the act
February 11.1617, luthn name of Willi Leath
falherauJlielr.nl law af Clark 11. Leath. JireH.nl
and vrarnti'd May ), im Ausualirt, ISflS.
No V,tfi, for lft acroa, Issued under the act of
fitsriii i, ia, in ifio uaiiin in ni.anuer iterry
til an 1 au irranla.l Sfarrh S. lftJI JnU IS ltrffl
No Hr7, for ItW acres, Waned under th act of
March 3, lhM, in Ihe namneof tho minor cbilJnu of
aduww n-Buru, iiufiwru, in, wit Rranteu juiy
IT. 1bj7. Heniembi r 111. lMM
No, HU.tSI, for IflU aeies, Waned under lint art of
rhrnary II, 1&J7, la the uame or 1 IliaMh Thomp
aou, mother uud holr-atUw of Daniel McAIWter
T1hi"Pou. deceaaod. aud asemiited beptetiiher
yu. HOT bepteuher !, IbUS
No. Sl,liM, for 1UU arret, lasned under tho set of
ruiiruary ii, im(, in ine us ine of cramua lieu
uett, and wm ranted May so, is.. Ociol er 3, 1BJS
'AnitlVAM t xnit nrrriM
,.s.?i.T!?"!i0.".?.sH. .-.
m L ... ' .-..i. t'iuniri, n T A I' 1
?.yjt,",l.w,lll:r" "'";!"'. ''hl-l Hon
J O 7"b''""'r,r. IM yall.ll,.l
.. '. . . . ' ,,urn ",l T iloti.hion.
""'I'll'hifl t!karl. W 11.11, lodl..fpwlia'.
l!!l!l.",!rl wl"-l' anil .HIM, Ml., am.
rbltr. I'ln.lnnall. Ilhiiii fl Klbt...i ki.i.
Illpoiu Wl.t A Ken.
nAMnifunii ii Anacram, J K Caa.lo. A
nt, m waiiaeh, y. r-rr..r, w n nni, o A
1i.ii. ji n n.iuicr u jaraaii,. niiMjooael,
J, Kl jr, Wa.hl.lto., U Ol L O Challli jf
V Ja. iM Wll.on wlf. and m, Bo.r.TlU,
T.n J II I-uller, Ndr-lcb, Dou.
Charlci S Uarrlnrton, T.I W E How.,
NYlIlobl Adam,, Alail. rTKeatloj-, II V
ljll.i Mrapblaj f W' William., I.ai f. T
!i':'i ! J '' JIolIaDd.PII WoiMlwaril.nai
?.?..? 'J'l,'3 K'"'r. H Ol J O Uarll.lc, K
ir.r"".v vivfs'ww "'".".''." v
relK Arh J J UlacW, A F Uej far and wife.
Wills, penni It I! Lewis and J It Stuart, King
Xtf 'county, Vat Osorje Weleett and T
W Sora, Pennj H O t'rosman. eltyt Hon U W
&??r?Vl-!Dj W i olson, Uhocfaw Natloni
F Smith, Wewtoo, N .Ti Thos I) elllnff, liar
rlabursjf K J Somerneld.han Kranclscoi Thos
Uarlan, Wlnonai John ll Wlllaon, Klmfra. I)r
W James, Itlchraondj Thos U Uraory, ISprlnff
Qeld Murry Mitchell, (JhlesKot John En.
"tr ' ud wire, Phlladelphtat tiamuel John
son, yicksburjrt S N Oolady, IMIllmoret
Isaac Ltwrcnce, Mobile.
WILtARDa HOTEL-Sitkss AOiiAbnick.
And'rewV.Vmmo'rTTffo'ralia? JiiVnt5J A5.5S&,
J M Thompson, Mobile, Ala O W CJolton,
Woodbury, (Jonnt John U Thompson, Mobile,
Ala) P. A tocke. llostoni A II llodres, llrook
Itd. N Yi Wm Plnekney White, IHltlmnre,
a u.iiiih, AU) vui .ma J. iaun(,n j j n-
tunc; Whiletaa Reld, Ulnelnnatl, Oniot It
uuivui) j in.
Ulaude Alarcellln, Jlrooklrn) Ubarle, R fitc.
Ncal, Jamc, H. Fol.jr, llaltlfflor., Mdt Jo.cph
I. Ohetn and ladr. Alexandria. Vat W ft Tax.
lor and lady, Icabura:, Vai 1) J Farrl,, Vai
UICMiKm, Phllai Solan l.h,r, Ororjo T
a.u, h ui.( uauimore, jua.
OWEN HOUSE-"?. -W.Owiii.
H II W.tbcrb.o. Ualg Jno O llfl.tr, Uar
thaff, Oj W JColllna nnd W O M lluln, N Yi
It I.owry and Ron, Port Waynef Tbo. Uarlor,
Jr, llalllmorc, Will I. Mallileui, cltji W W
lledrick, Mrmphia, T.nni W O Manning,
t'harl.itoni lj.pt o O Koral, U S A Qfo W
Mlnnli, Va. '
Also, a full line of Davlca' celsbrsled
on hand, of all slie, for sals st very low price.
323 1'enna, ., bet. Sib and 10th Htm.
mrH If I
Fanushmg Ooodi.
114 1 PENN. AVEKUE. 1 114
Ladies' and Gents' Fnrnishing Goods.
A Isrxeaaaortment of Oenttemen'a Vh Ite Merino
8IMUTond DKAW RS, and all tho lateal styles
orilLoand DOWS, and other articles loo nattier.
oris to mention, all of which we are ready to aell
cheap for cash iny4-3m
il. D. Covki, (of Jay Cooke J. Co,,) President,
W. 8. HtTxrisuTox, Cashier.
Urs st a i st. orrosrrs tib tssasisi psriaT-
Government secarilles with Trot sorer Valtod btstes,
4sT0NK MILLION D 0 L L A U .-ftX.
V7e boy snd soU all slaaaee of U0VKKMM1.NT
SECOKlTlESat cnrreul market rates.
FURNISH EXCIIANOE and make Collsetlonsvu
We pnrchaae Government Vouchers on the MOST
FAVOKARL1. TERMS, and give ciaaroL aud
rxoMfT ATTsxrtox TO
nd to auy other bualnest animated to cs
FULLIHF0RMAT10N la retard lo GOVERN-'
MENT LO INS st alt times choer fully furnUhed.
bsy and sell at current market rales ise keep
coastsntly on hand a fall supply of
Orders fer blocks, Uonia, 4c , executed, snd Col
lection made on all accessible point.
X of Washington, D C , chartered by aptcial
set ofConsreaa ferlhenafe keenlnf, under fnar
sntee, of iioverninent Bond, tillver 1'late, Wim
ble l'apt ra, and all doacrtptlona of Vtluablea, aud
for the ltentlusrof hafe luld" of fire aud lurslar
(roof vaults Ottlcei corner New York aveune sud
irieeuth atieot Dheclornj h I Uronu, 11 D.
Cooke, Oeorxe W. ltlfg. Wm S llnntiuston,
ueorse ll l'laai. ueorxe v cvsna, p y euyucr,
Nathaniel Wll.eu , - - -
S 1 Brnwn, Tredlestt 0 0 Evans, Vies
Frealdsnlt WllltaiaD Hun Unit ton, Treasurer, D
1 Snjdei, hecretary
U O ce llinirn w a m. m , p m
uei . ermont.riraTinn fur th extenniuii ..r . naient
frui"i io nun ma xiin any ii April, ijuo, iur an
inprovement In Manufacture of blato 1'euclls, fur
seven yearn from the expiration of sstd patent
It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the
Patent Otttce on MONDAY, the ld day of November
cpt. at li n'eliwk. m i and all naraiina are notlfled
to appear and ahow cauae, if any they have, why
aaiu peuiiou oubui not io on irauiea
l'eraons iippoalus tbeexteualnn sre require! io
Hla In lh I'jfmil (1-Hralhalr nhiarlt.m. iDMciallv
aot forth In writlnx, atleaat (uvnfy days before the
oay oi in jrmii, an leatiuony oieu vy aimer party.
to bo UHed si ine aaiu nesnnx, rau-i ue isxen and
irhn.iuklted In n coord a nee with the rulea of the
cilice, which will be furulahdoa application
Depo.it Liu and other paper, relied uton a tea
lI'liMuyriTVa bo Died lit the ottlce twtntu dity be
foli tliuHiy of beailusi the argmueut, If auy,
wrniluf.iid.ai a aru r liliusthe teallmouy
Uiderel, alao, that thU nolle be puMWhrd lu
Iho Kspi HitK AHsud th Jnttlttqencrr, Wa.htoi
tou, U C , uud lu ihe Ktffiiter, New Haven, Con
nuili.ut, iiuoua weak for three succeaalve weekat
iho Brat of aald Publication la be at leaat alxtv
da a previous to lbs day of header
JelS-TbSt ArtlOf CouuWi)oser of I'steuls
iJ:ri'.','?.,t EWI-Ul'l Ore, on, 1 s , afa
KMMniard, MdiV Watklns, H cfiaurant,
N i Hon M t, Uonbam, A P Aldrleh, John
son Hajrood hoi Mrs Munroe, Miss Herry,
Ualtlmdret II E Ilond. NeTiri.i TAh. m it.'.'
aaaaaaaV VMl1 -EcflvNaat..
i2h"i m,I"'itUB?'tn! b'MUsaeinWaf-.,,f
n'!.Ut?rIIU.Vi rmU a" i-Uheexeea.
lloniif Equeatrlan, (lymnaaUo and Acrobatic acta
ruanlrlnr MTnnlali rn.
and matcalesi skill. The I arrest
coasanimate darlsic
from every portion of the known world. The
inot beaullfal display of leathered wonders.
Thermal perfect school of Trained
Ever confederated tn one exhibition, and tbe only
Lion 4 seen sud Tiger con.uoror In the world,
with their
Between Tenth and Eleventh Street,
July 11th and 13th, IKS
Doors open at 2 and Tp,u Adinlsalon SO coats.
Children ll cent. '
l?!C?'.,,Wora,n-p will exhibit at Ooorg down,
TUUBbDAY. tbolCthlnat. jyllMrf
TheTotoiuAC Ferry Comrany aro pre- - e..
1 sred to tharter f PrK
lo makeBxcuralonato Ulytnont and up and down
thel'otomae topartlen nd orsan kin tlon wWhlnx
to enjoy tbe delis hta of atrip va the river at this
seaaou of the year.
UH.ee at Kwvenihtreet wharf Je29 eofit
The proprietor of this well known and popular
placoof reaortdenlrta to call the attonttonof aaao
clatlOna, schoula and private parlies wlahlnc torsive
l'lc-Mc. 4e .to th-t
It Is located ou the corner of Now York avenae and
Flratstreet weat, la easy of acceaa, and Is shady,
cool, and pletant. ItW supplied with ahoottna
callerlca, ten-pin alley, fly In a boraea, Ac. He
freahmentanf (JlktiidB,audvfthebetfaaUly, fur
nWhedat the low cut rate There 1 alao a floe
dancing pavilion lu the Harden The manager
pledfes himself toplea all who may apply
A II It A 1 1 A 71 LINCOLN.
la now ou exhibition at the room ovor
On l'ennaylvauta avenae
Admllon, ller-nti Ir7-lm
No. arwi'enn'a avenue, Hbove Twelfth atreet
Guarantees thoronih cure of all l'rlvste Din
eaealu the ahortuat lime, or no churfea will bo
LADIES dextrin epfclnl treatment wll nadhlui
very aklllful, havlox fir many year, with tho
xreatoat anceeaa, treated female complaint lu this
city and New York.
, lrresuWrltlus. no matter frmw hat cnoae or how
lone atandlm , fnlly relieved without fall. Con
salting rooms private. Fees mod rate jeld tf
W l M T 1!
1JR CURTI8, M. D . F. U C. .. Ac ,
Author of
Has dovotod mnny years of his extennlvo practice
entirely to tho treatment and care of
Arising from debility and abues i roJnctlte of i t
many luatauceaof premnt urn decay
May be conantted by letter or at his residence,
No. IS i street, between Twentieth aud Twcaty
flrst treets, Washington, D C .from the boars of
10 a in totp. m , and from AtoSp. m fel7-6m
Between Teulh aud Eleventh atresia.
3T(,liira,4eiI'ft'iT"i'ftt.t Kutier rereiyeu twice a
wk.al C.F PtRRltico 6 ,
Jul) eo2w Ctiruor Math aud 1 atrpeis
trj SrAiits lUrsfT Orrrcr,
Wahuhiiti. Jnud I. Ibdrf
On tho petition of Win 1 is 11 Axjxaaud Jossrir
C iiiRUiTT, of Ithacn, N. t , praying fjr the ex
ton! u of a pat. ut srauted to them the 19th day of
biP ember, IB-It, for ku lupiovrment lu Calondar
Clink, for aven yi -ra from tho expiration of aald
putiut, which uki i Into ou the lit lb da) of bip
ember, l&
It W ordered that the aald petition le heard at the
Piiient iMHio on MONDAY, the 31t day of Anuuat
uext, HUo clock, m , aud allperaouasre noil tied
to appear and ahow cauac, if any they have, why
said petition oac ht not to be granted
l'eraouBoppo-inc the exteutlon are repaired lo
Hie la the Patent Oltlce their objection. aperUUt
set f mil lu Milting, ut leant twtiitjj Java before
the day of bi'srlngi all teatimony filed hy either
party, to lx uaed at the aald hearlug.muit be taken
and trauaiiiitud lu accordance with the rule or Iho
otneo, which wlli be furuUhad ou application
Depoaiilouaaul other pai-era, relied upon as tea
timony m ml ho died In the odlco ttctnty days be
fore Ihe day uf hearing' lbo argument, if auy,
wlthtaffi. dayssfteruEiugtheteatimoDy. , , ,
OrUied.aUo, that thla notice be publlned lu
the Ken hi i n and the Jiitttltgtnctr, of Wah
inglou. D C , and la the llerttlil. titles, hew
ork once a wk for three aacceaaive weeksithe
flrr-mf aatdpuhllcatlousto beat leait sixty dsj
rrevloustolhedayof henrlBg gT0UT
9Tu3( Actlog Cummiselouerof I'aUnis
Timothy Magulre and Ann Maguin, j- Equity
Andrew Mills, ct .1 S
Aibury LloyJ, rruaieeln ll"r',u1ilf,LpV..
i,, in yu.u '-'"; i,; -., R.r.i,
iho contrary be ahowa : before the
of July. A D .l. J'
l.d nuldialial tu I ha N
.if Julv. A D . lt. provided a copy ol
liit a order bo publlahe t tu the NiVioxsL Ka-t'iiL-,
Atiucovy-Tet 1. J MSiviiVierx
uerati iwcuivaevvo. i.'. . .
rd Uva bnudrel and lo. tw.,i pur. xaes o j
d.ereo WJ.ia.ph U (-.ur fr Sl.wwt Wi end
il.alihBaaldMiraniv had complied With the tern.
or ials r It V T'lh." 17th day U Jane. A l . 1,
uSirolkf Hi I wrt, that ih- Mid i sale be. and
i(uru ruAa...! muJ a.ouitriuKl HaUaa

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