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Rational gtpnHum
Newspaper Pubiishers iiao tottr)
rERfLKXiTiuJLilu.xDncb YiimAqck
Shillinr Eight Jence Xawfol, Per
AnnumJTiy Mein'A Homing t ihetf.
Printing Office IrJNcwbury-itn:et,wbT
A: at the London IJook-store NcrthMde
of KinjjSttMt, tiubsclptiont, Adrcr
tiseincati, Articles & Letter or Intelli
gence, nro pmterully rectited,- ".in
its Issue of .March '23 27, 17G3, makes
the follonlii'r anneal to its subscribers.
h5hJ.!V5 ts toncal value: , && to mooev-oruer a mW ,?-C-i
iho Iio llostou Chronicle is the partmente,from V street, dooreufof dell.
on j .Newspaper in Amenta published
tuicoaweck, A for t no nn ill price OIi
fis sterling or C. 8J. I ful money, per
nnnuin, yet several or our Subscribers
have lately sent Letters Informing us,
that ono of their neck's papers has
miscarried, the nostra of ninth ne
irmstcWg, to their account,, for II
v, ouiii dc nnreuonablc ta be ouiigen iq 1
pay from Sue pcnceftoairmilngbtcrirnir,
. . . , "a . a I
postage (wtuca wo myo lately aonej wr
what wcaro to receive only one copper,
which is abont the price. -ko receive from
our Customers for each Chronicle Ve
Ihercfore desire that; for thorfalure.
they would cither pay the posUgo of
conveyance. ,
Intno. same issuo is recorded the
death of Ool Henry Passal, "at his
seat in CambridtreJ on Friday cicht the
17th instant Also reward of eicbt
)ftllnr Uk-cTj-HlIr' ttrtr,-nJu uilu orf
Mneu no went away "a gray bear skin
uuuuiu-ureauicujacKct, wna largo nuc
inctal buttons, and striped under ditto,
long striped trowscra, with leather
breeches under them, a sailor's Dutch
cap, tells a very plaustblo story upon
wijr cALruuruiuaiypccHsion. ii appears
from tho same adverUsment that Cato
runaway from George Watson of Ply.
mouth, and was supposed to have taken
with him a "molattoo wench" named
Kate Daniel.
Thk Dabuquo Timet of the 26th elves
m account of a murderous riot at the
little town of Alma, on tho Upper MIss-
iMippi. ii appears inai a party or mm
Uermcn, on their wav down tho rlrer.
stooped at Alma. and. beint? rpfnord
whisky at the stores, set themselves
iiooui "cleaning out'thc townfplnndenng
houses, etc. The ShcnfT and his deputy
attempted to arrest the desperadoes, and
both were shot dead. Tho rltirn
mostly Germans, thereupon armed them
selves, end after a vigorous fight, drove
uc inuruerers irom tne place, rull
narticulars of the afTalr havo not been
received, but it Is supposed that scwal
Jt mo uimocrmcn wero kiiicu.
Little Kock, Abk , Jane 30, 1SJ8 f
Centra Orders, Ae. 13. '
1 Tht following General Order, rcoelrtd
ibli day from headqearten 4th mtliury dli
trict, by telegraph, U publiibed for the infer
tnatlon and gorernment of all it horn U mar
Heatjq'ri 1th Miutaht Distbict, )
(Missusirn aid Arkanias ) S.
VirKinino, Alias , Jane 30, 1S68. j
funeral Order. No 2J
I Offloial Information hating this day been
icivitcu, at tans uvftuasrieri, oi me aamli
moo, on the 224 Inetant , of tbe Slate of Ar
kanju to repreientatlon In Congreii, It It
hereby made known to all eoneeraed that io
mueh or the net of March 2, 1887, ani of the
ereral acts lopplementary thereto ai pro
vilei for mtlltarr eaTernmeat In Artln
Vatatei hai become looperatlre ai to laid Slate
i Araamai, ana mat ereryming la tbe handi
)f the military aathorltlei concerning ttt olrll
cCioen will be Immediately turned orer to tbe
flercral doly elected officer! of the State, to
late at from the 22J Jnitant.
II Breret Brigadlor Qeneral C H. Smith,
commanding tub diitrlet or Arkamai, will ie
to the Immediate execntlon of thin order
By command of Brerot Major Qeneral
McDowell. Johb Trt.KB
Pint Llentenant, 43d U. S. Infantry, Breret
4ijur w. a. Arm j, ACllDg All II tan I AdjU
taot Qeneral.
II. Punuent to tbe foregoing order, all
clrllian pHioneri held Io military cmtody and
iwaitlng trial bj military eommlitlon, will be
tnrned over to the proper clrll aatboritiei to bo
lealt with.
Ill Owing to the In tree a re condition of tbe
ountyjalli, and to eeenre obedience to the
lite, poit commanders, opon application, will
fa m lib to iberiffi and other executlre offlee re
ucb Militanco ai may be neceiaarj to arret t
criminal!, gnard pr lion en, and do inch other
note ai may be Decenary to execute tbe lawi
nd preaerre the peace.
By command of Breret Brigadier Qeneral C
II Smith, U 8 A
SaiuilM Mills,
First Lieut and Ad-t, 28th V B Infantry,
Acting Aiilitant AJJutaot General
t orrn id PiiiVRiiKit Clikk ad Scp't,
b.'i"lt? I'rop."llU will be welted m UiUettc
otll ltieUtlDi .for tlMdhvry ind trirof
iu tuua tl IU 1 bt ASTllllALlfEWlflTi
Aall COAI , Urira fur nice atte
'""ViV" lb- ' b"t HD AhH C0AL srate
cord OAK WOOD, tiwd
r irda PI.VL WUOU W.i b.k.r t .f-OUM
AvtriKfl aaiuplea of Coal must ftcrowianr curb
Hie Oak Wood to Le ..wed In llrro l,nth.
ilit aud piled in Urn vuli,aod iibeddirsreJ
My dlreetion of tbe l'mttniinUr Ocoritl
V 8 vhxpkk nctrricy, t
( ITT lULL. llortTOJI. J ill p 2. hM
i r iHttlr will b rclvrd at ibU otavM uutll Ibe
lit inm , t i p m , fur tDs c metrartl o of a
" m " at teiicb 1'uloi, 1'rovluce
1 lit) LlllkllflAll Will ) ,,rmm. a I r.w ., UJ- it.. It,
ntoyiMtii'rrJrr, etirumiffc rAtTnittit to'orilesr
ow water mark, eoaairacted aiuilUrlr U all
iicu totlut bulkhead tiiiir, vli A trli'lurow
-taken Utu U plaLiei Ariulr la Iba .and, Ibe
rvaUbvlh loniftndtoal and traoTer brine
HCfourfett Tie beads of tbetakt4 will I
and the iBtfrrale between the lakeewlllbe
danddlioedaa to bind well twiner
.i,n?,,,,tor., 'uIbed (not Including, tbe
mi VV wU "twadeot ui on tbe Uecl
f Ibo fcuKiuerr la tbr, UmU npjn cn.
fDJrrkqtt etueuuap,"r"n ""h'riwiol
f lbl le will (ytrremii price pr lineal fjotmrnii.
d both ou llo Vf tbabulkbiai and oVib. JAtwl
h Ufl Haj Oen U S A 'JlV (JeVbJffU
I bl'AUTMENT F"rniINTKK10ir,
I J UkitidHtatrh 1'iTKKTOrririr,
WliMIw ITW, Julr, 7, IMA
uiue petition eMiAAfl K TamntV, of I oi.tf
'r hi, Md , pra)liiKforthe extenlon of a patent
an ed to him the Mjbdar of April. )aS9. !,,:
...1J,"' " W. 1W for an Iinproeeiorm B
W dnblH pl for KaH ware, fgrerTen rear.
r in Ibe eiplratl n .f uld rtoi I, "bleh lake
ilfi!.0..M?r11 "' "V"1.! rUiloB be beard at Ili
f (. at 12 tlock, ;u t and all prrion aru not!
ll In 11WJ1IUI1.I li.n.. 1 . ' . i "" ,"
i 1.. ,,...r .! ii,. ... 1 v. " y." ''
Hii ud lriuimll.d In aecuril.iic. wlA Ilia rule!
II. Brt, whlct WlllU (urnlik.d in .ppllct
ItilKkFailtil au,l ll,a l-t.lll -- url.1.1--
J uwionly wn. Aid , unto a werk f.ir Ibree aacceHi'
it etxir daj i rcTl-.o, t i! (lay , f j",rH , "
'HTa3t AcUnMiri:,
I iilalrated Book, worth h 1byuud Iil iri
utrreeloauradJreii on recelit of ffi cent,, "ft
..l,!lun, rofwaof JOIIlf AVfDjfi'ruu", 'uJ
to Wlatbrop 1'lace, Mew York clly i
l.r aall ivtltluB oobl n"t rJWgrVt,j T ,"l"
l'i ron oppoiimr Iht exreuelm are reuulred i..
in tbe Patent Umce their oljectK n., nwkui
tfirthla wrillBf, at lMt fmiifje "die J tif"re
V poillliDiRuiollifp.p.rit rulloj upoa Ui
iiionr, mum 1. md io Iba .Inc. iuiiy l.r,
(fir. 1)1. ilar or ha.Mnri lb. irKuinanlf. If anr.
I Ii 11 l.;i daa .ri.r mini In. laallinonr "
'."?.'..d." '" "'l '.'I" unllrs U liulilUhM In
Tna Oitt Tost Ornea ValcAuli I
ronvATtos Neatly all of the .com muni ty t)f
the metropolli tiara freqieot occasions for
vliltinf the elly poet offlee for the purpose) of
receiving or forwarding maul or money.
orderi, and for tbe benefit of auoh we publish
the folio win trainable I farm at ion taken from
Mhe quarterly report or July 1, iws. It will be
Ir,adrantage,eBpe-clallr to bualneaa men. to
I kttab St.... ef..a. ..!. 1- .... ...!. .a nf...
fot eaar reference, and many mietakea, which
tfcoie who commit them will regret, will be
wToided t
" DBleen S. J ftowen, poetmaateri Lambert
Tree.chlefelerkj Nathan II. Ilarrett.aalatant
eaiei eierxi iticnarau mxoa, seamen jumh
A. Vr amatol, aunarlritenilent noat OfTloei tleo.
H. I'Unt. Jr chief aaiortlDg clerk for city de
ll rem Simeon H. Merrill, euperinteadent of
-money order department! N.JC Kllbr, elerkof
registry department) Jamei h. Dell, superin
tendent of letter carrier Hlehard Lay, chief
or mailing urparimeaij trexi. irepro, special
rn(r.n,. ta ,..,.- chicr clerk'..
Offlci houra The feueral delivery window
It kept open t all houra of the dar and night,
ilnflnv f ha Motif Viir.
The ofllee le pen from I a.m. to Op m
(111 r. ient hnndav. OB whlflB dY the whole)
oBlce, excepting the Money Order Department,
'P'; ,i Sl?2: .
n orthern oa eaatern maiie-nt due at 5 4a
m, cloiee atoij.. rnjj aue aihop. m
rlnia. at ft n m
cloiee at B d m
lUttttnorr. Rid . mall lat due at fi 40 a. ra
cloiee at o ii a, m i 2d due at ft 48 p m , cloiee
at 1 30 p. mj 3d cloees at 6 p. m.
Wnternmalla.rU Kelar Houie lit due at
8 49 a. m , cloiee at 4J0 a. m 2d due at 10 a.
m i au uue m ii a. mi tin uuentoiep. m
rlntra at T n in.
Southern malle, rla Oranse and Alexandria
It. U , for Lynchburg, uratlanooeyi, and New
urieani uuo ai o p. m . cioire ai o a. in.
Southern mallt, rla Itlchmond and Ireder-
lckiburx litdueatT a. m, cloiee at ft a mi
Sd due at C p. m . cloiee at ft 50 p. m.
Annapolle mall lit due at 11 a.m , cloiee at
lJO p. m t tccond due at 0 1ft p, m., cloiee at
. IU,inlrl V. -!! -!-, , Ww m
ftp in.
Ueorsetown. D.O.. mall let due at A 30 .
m , cloiee at 7 a.m 1 2d due atlSJlOp m ,cloiea
i md w una niowp.n, oioera at j n. m,
itorKTine, d, man uue at Cp.m, cloeee
n n an a. m.
Leonardton n, Md , mall Arrli ci at C p. m.,
cloiee at Tp m.
ron iodcco, 1'iicaiawar, ami uumeid
mall Due Mondar, Wedneedar, and 1 rldar at
U i cjoici iueiuar, inuraoi
tiaratosoa. m.
I'nner AlarlboroV M.l . tua 1 1 Tin s n m .
cloiee at 0 30 a. m
Norfolk, Va. mall lit duo atUa.m.,cloece
at ImW p, m i 2j cue ai q p. m , cioici at 0 p m
On Sundir. nnlv dm mull (a rrivm, frntn
the North, and two from the West, South, and
Malle departing on Jhli day for theie routee,
.u.u mt u i id , iuu mr norioia, Jlli I'
Comfort and l'orti mouth, at 1 p m.
PoiTit. tin m.
Many errore occur by periooe not obiervtor
the followiDZ rcKulilloni In denoeltlnir letten.
paperi,ormiicerianeouepubIloatioua formaiu
All drop letters tnuat be prepaid by poetaxe
Prepayment! britnmpi reoulredon all let-
ten to pixeca witnin ine utiitea atatee
lull prepayment bj etampa required on all
.inuaicut i'iiuicu inancr, loreign nau uomee
All letten not prepaid b elamrn all luch ai
are received In the offlee with etampe cut from
atamped enTelopee, or with euch posiace
etampe ae wero in uie prior tolSd, or with
revenue etamni on them, are treated ai M un
mallable" and eent to the Dead Letter Office.
au iin!rt.-a..un icetni to prevail mat lettcre
for Georgetown only require two ceota, or
local ratee of poetage (ieorgetown being a
eeparate office, full prepayment by three cent
ainui i. irquircu
Jlylniertlng the county Id which tbe offlee
la located upon all Icttere, many errore In
eupencrlptlon mix ht be detected and mlitakca
In mailing be avoided,
All mttera conveyed bj mall writward,be
ond the weetern boundary of Kanate, nod
eaitward, from tbe eaatern boundary of Call
fornla. excent one newinanev tn tnnt ha
eubicrlber, and franked matter, muat be pro
tial.l at l.tA.
l'oitage Stamp Pepote Local agent i for
the eale of poetace atamDaandatamiMHlcnval.
opea, bare been rstabllihed at the following
placra, where the public can nlwaye be aup
plled O M KoMnaon, corner of Tenth and N
etreetet ),!. Jliclvlior. corner of Third and
rennajUanlanvcnuei l1 II Heller, corner of
Seventh and N etreetet W. 11. Lntwlelc,
corner of Twelfth etrcct and rennatltnnia
atenuei II II Ulark, corner of lour-and-a-half
and SI itreeta eouth) L I) Bury, comer
of Third atrcet eait and Latreet aoutht It II
terguioo, corner of rlret etreet cait and
i-rnniyivania arcnuci nrown te Vo , corner ol
Acrertfccath itrect and PennivlvAnlA itvnn
O II Haup h. Co , corner of Fourteenth and
i iireem w. . inompaon, corner of Fif
teenth etreet and New ork arcnuei W II
reanon. No 114 Penoijlranla arenuei K.
Dowllng, corner of Four-abd a-half nod O
etreeti aouth
Kegiatry Offlee Valuable lettere for anr
part of the United Statea, Holland, United
Klnrdom. Italian Ktatra. Africa Ii.hia.
txipt, talklaud lelanda, China and Auatralla.
will be regtatercd on appllcatloo at tbe offlee,
. Money Order Office Lapcelal attention
le called to the money order ayetem ae a eafe
nu en rail uicniou ui traoimitiing email euma
through the malle Ordere are timed In eume
Of not more than BSO. I.nrrrp amnunla run k.
tranemltted to theearae pcraon at the aame
iitnv uj auuiuuniii oruera.
Hates. On ordera not zeeeilirr en in
cental oa ordera over S20 and up lo fso, 25
tree Delivery-On the flrat diy of July
the letter cairlera will make four dcllierlce
and Ave Collect inn a. ilallv In (h Hiii..i nn
tlone of the city, and from two to three dellr
erlee on the out i Me dlatrlcta
nouccciiKyexiita for penone calling for
their mall at (he offlee, aa fhli change will ac
commodate thoio who dealre to receite their
mall with promptneee and dlipalch
The carrlcra are honeit and capable, and tho
public can relr upon being aerved faithfully.
j """ l(vm iTreet uoxea will be
made frcquenllycnough toaccommodate tboie
who ucilrc to ivrnt Incii itt.. tm. nn. .
tlonor the city to another, and they will find
it trCAt lY tO their Ail vantnet Inmall.o ....I..
ajitem fur thla purpoee.
uc ui-uvcrttr. wm oo mane l 7, 9 3Q a m .
id 1 and 6pm '
The COlleStlOIll at C'M. O. 10 a m . ami 9 an.l
5 3'J p m
uoiicciioni irom outside dlitrlcte will bo
made Inline for maili going North, "iouth,
anu eit
In maklntT the carlt ilelUerv tlm rairi.
anticipate much delny Thiimay be obUatrd
bV tlOUieholdera adntillnir th ilnn. laltn. Kw
It li honed that thcclllzene wllllmmedialely
provide fitter boxei lly that meani, at a
very moderate expenae. they can promote the
convenience of lliemiehcs and the ncighbora.
and at tho aame time render an Important aid
to the public aer Ice
Arcqueit for the relurti of a letter to the
writer, if unclaimed within thirty deje orleie.
written or Dflntfil. Willi uhi'. n-.. .....
omce. anil Mute iicroia tbe left eail of the
iik biuci iu do compiled
Letter. Iimrlnir auch endoraeinenta will be
returned to the writer free of pottage
I'ereiins lihlnc lliclr mall matter Uclh crcd
by currier h III ideal, leave ordera at the noat
ollce, or Mitli an) carrier
aoni retitlntr the aame, or oo their written or.
ilera, or to tlioae known by tho clerki to he au.
thorhed to receive them
T.ne p.u,le" ofthe omce, made liiiiurauaneeof
Inalructlooa from tho ioal olllce de,irtiiienl.
forbid penona not In lta Immcdlatecmnloy, or
ptlierwlee connected with It. olliclal franaac.
tlona, from eiilerlnit upon the floor. It la
hoped that no one, whateter hla ioaltlon,wlll
altemnt to yip ate theao tulea, aa they will be
hereafter rlildly enforced the chfef clerk
will anawer Iho calla of audi aa have bualneaa
wind"""0 trumi-icteU by the clcrka at the
l'craona bavins rrievaneeaaiminit fi,..m..
on anv account, will ule.a. i,npi n,. r... i
I,'' V'" ,0 Peraon.to tho poatmaetcr or chief
U.S '"'Uttrita'aOrrifr, J
"ietulJ w.u; l"lllj irci.t
Tli. wnrk inn.i I.. ,
,.-,,"--- ., "" iit,vuvri
iiB.uia .iiar in. a
Uled.ra will alal. tbaprlc. par cubic yard cfex
caratluo, aa uaaaurcd lu lb. aouwa, lucladlaxalau
iaTJd"""1 "' "" """"' ' I" 'ocalUI".tl,i
..ifr.m?DU 111 '.' made monlb yt tw.nly per
f.01., i ,""?'4dlhar.fromoutlltb. wb'l.wirk
a ull.raclvrlly cimiplel.d, and to be firfalied 15
bids VhiVh i. it """' lb rlgbllii rrjectal
iV. iw- .''".' '". "P.Blon, are but favorable I
there la reason Ui belUva will Bui fJlhfull. u,
IironiDtlv llrruniilU.i.. ""' '". I BMi
-..wI l,iUll
Jiroiupll, iVrr: lKV:;rr..l" "' """,0"
J craoua liralrlux I , inako n poiala arc rcimc.ird
ifi"i' V "" bderal,.l at Ibla oOke. ii klori'i
I'craoua dralrlu, I , inako
i .all mi thu I...I., i .
Ill ick, Louareaa .IrLtt. for furm.-f ...,.r T. V.
inoredenull. Informallon If da.lr.di ao.i, n Iran,
in It n. Ihalr Ud. ul I an.l .... ,i... '...,. M'D .,rllD?
forUre-drlnrlaVorliandllarboVIl- ""'-'"'
mo u ,. fflrJHTBI"!
PI man or tli. ronu.ri. .. i"
couiiuciaa iiiiii, ib,n Iba 1)11, nl S ,,iT,C;
next rha malarial .xtaaatad (wb cb I. ,r..a
llcal. ub.anri lundll. lob. d"po.lf., in ijcah
i. not .xcoeJln Ibrfa (1) lull., "in dl.taaca Irji.
lb. , wu,k, to b. duljn.tad by ll. ,'"inV,' K
Orrica Citiar QratTiaaaaTiB, )
irirr. MiiiTAif DiaratcT,
raw OaLtaea, La Jai.ci. IsSJ.
rnOiali, I, 4,lleal., will be rawW'i
MU 12 ... .. Weiaaadar, thawik day .f Jelr
19M.for fnmlahlaf ta. Qaartaraaaitar'a Deprl..l
at ott MeKaTlH, Texe wllh
m,0U) fat rf adff Mha.il Bf
.ai fMI aeaatllae. 4X4.
TJS.uu lat 1-1 ach Lmbr.
I. lb. laapaetlo. .t th. .Blear raclalaf tbe ae
Blddara will atata the kl. f Linker aad Ikla
len inT propua. iv i
.. l. ..Mm.aa. frot
m tbe dale ef toatratt.
and Ibe whole amonel to be delivered wllhla thirty
Vide wUI bereeelf ed far any portlotef the above
anoaat ... . ,
Matlnaetory evldeaee ef Me Mlveaer f eeek
bidder, aad pereoni offered aa eeeartty, will be re
The ritht la reierred to reject aay or all bUi that
may be offered
rntpoeaia miMpiaiair aaoraon --i-rpo.ai. iur
f.anberaa4ShlaKte,'faad addreaaed te tbe en
dentgaed. at Mew Urleam, La . -- .
By eemmiad of Brevt Major nrral R C Back.
a oak. K. It. UATCHiLDRR.
Brevet Coltiael aad Uaartemaitee, U. U. A..ta
charge of Offlee, JH-U
orricx DxroT Cohbmbabv or SmusTRcTCB, I
AriTix.TaxAe,Jalyl, lMa,
Sealed prrptals, wbleh mart be la triplicate,
with a ropy of thU advertlaemeat at tacked, will be
rilotOrove, Oriy-oacomalyi
fialrbvrBpr.Bf., llopklaeeoaatyt
Dallae, Dallas enaaiy, . . . , . ,
TkeHceatraeteihall eenmenfeea the lit day of
Septetal er, 1SU8, aad end oa Ibe Dial day of Deu
ber, 1903
TaeHeef eball be from itewra welghlac not lee
tbaa ftJO poandi aet each, ehall be delivered ta
equal proportion. of ftfreaad hiad qaartera.Caeck.
ahaaki, aad kldaiy tallow le bm excladed,) la
inch oaaaiitlee ai ehall from time ta time b ra
ti aired for tbe troop, endoaaacadayiai ehall bo
anlaated by tbe omiaaDdtax otteere ef IhejHMla,
Thun.rkinr fliarmttla lanahtrntat for BMItfl bf
delivered aaderlbeM- eoatractaahall be cat off at
the foarth vertebral Joint, aad the breael trimmed
j,,-.- . j. .- ..(.Aw,aku4jKia joint, and
of btad laartere from alx to elfhtlacbe above the
fimbrel or hocklolnt
raymeatwUI bain each faadaaaare faralihed
by tbe Uoverement for (hat parpen, Ko propnaala
wlUbeealerUlaednalerathefollewlaf epeeiflca
tloae are eotnplled with t
Viral, Proposal Tbe ondenlxaed hereby axree
to eaier into a contract, baaed on ibe accompaeyiax
ad vrrtlaemeat.to -apply all the freah beef required
fur the United Stair troop autleaed at , for
foar month, eunnnenelnc Beptember I. IMS, and
eadlDf December 31, 1W, at ceaUaad
mill, per pound
(Slfnatare ) .-.,
of "" In the county of , and Stale of --
Secead.lSnretyl The naderalfned hereby bind
tbemaelve. Is enter Into bonda, ta the peaal anm of
on thousand dollare, lawfal carreacy of the Ual
ted Htau. that will falthfally falAI any eon
tract mad by him or ibem, nader ih aocoupasy
Uxadvertliement tTo be alined by two are t lei
rjlcaalareiof mrttte J ,
Third-The peeanlary ability ofthe party or par
tlei propoalof . and of tbe partlea caaraateel o r, If
unknown to tlienndcniiaed, mnel be certified to
by (n clerk of th roan of record, or by eome re
pnnelble prreoa Well known to the Government
toorth The proposal mail be accomiaald by
an aadarlt, eettlex forth that tbe party makes the
propo-al In food faith, aad hae no 1b terra t (direct
or indirect) la aay other propoaal nader the aeeom-
Snnrlox advrrtUement, and baa never knowingly
rfranded th Government of Ike United btatea.
Every tndlvldnal concerned as proposer or aarety
mast sfen hi own urn.
Hn bids from agrati will be entertained
l'ropoul, cent Sea tee, atndavlU, ke , most be
lUBuej iu lillilictll
In trinllci
Bentrate blda mn-t be made for each poit Io be
ii piled. '
Blank fr propoaalaand inretlwi tin be obtain cd
on annltcallain at thla ufHiia
Tbeanderilgaed reserves the right to reject any
or all bid, for proper cans.
By order ef
Chief 0 Dl-t. ef Teaaa.
1st LL, 61b ttg U. 8. eav , Dept A. C. 8.
jyll id
Orricx l'rxcnAiixn aid Dtror, C 8 t
Sealed proposal, ta dapllcale, will be received
at thla offlee bjett to ibe condition heretofore
pulll-lied) until Uo'clock.u , on WtDMBxDAi.
tb 13th Instant, for furnishing the following bnb
In trice Store-, vllt
12, W pounds uf prime Rio Coffee, la doable acka
(ootalde new gnnny) well sewed and
corners tied
30,000 pouadi uf Sagar, straight, light brown or
yellow, la double rack, (new
twilled cotton and gunny,) welt
. . .. e;wd and corneri tied
1,100 gallon! of Vinegar, mad only from elder or
whtaky,frea from all foreign aelds
or other Injurious snb.tanr., of
uniform ilrength, reonlrtngll grains
of pnr carbonate of potaah to aea
irmllieone fluid oasce of tbe vine
gar. In strong, fall hooped barrel,
wit a one Iron hoop on each end,
. . ji head, and Iron hoop painted
I Onpunnd of Adamantine Candle., elxei or
elghli, bard fall wick, frea Tram oil,
(natron? boxes ft rapped with hoop
J.CiwudJ. of Hall, floe grain, clean aad dryi
. ti Peked aeaboytepelfld for an gar.
000 gallons of hraot, paeked ai above e peck fled
5,700 J.lb cans of Jelly, assorted) cues stripped
, ,J, . ,, with hoop iron
2,J Mb cam of Jam, assorted i cases strapped
With hAA. lAm "
2,800 3 lb cans f Freaerves,
assorted can
w a .h.iju w,m uuup iron
S.000 1 lb cans of Tomatoett eases e trapped with
hoop lrn,
3.U0 2 lb cans of Corm eisei i trapped with hoop
fittl lb cam of Condensed Milk, (Bordemi) la
, . ,?" ,trmJP wlJb hoop IroB.
OuOcascsef Oysters, (ffeld'st) la eases etrapped
. with hoop Iron
l.OOOpouadeef Sperm Candle In boxei atrepped
, , wllh hoop Iron
The above eloree to be delivered at the 0,8 Sab
liMence Storshoase In Oniaba,
Actual tare at the lime of delivery required.
Contractors farnUhtageaaned stores will We
unlred to make good the aamberef cam opened br
...u,'.V.,,iiTJi'!.:!,M,'u. ftflr.i" '" ""
fa?'np,,!i.mu.t wwulPaIr propoial aad be re-
Th right u reierred torelrclany or all propo
wl, Uauchaeonrse should be deemed fnheln
tereil of the Uovcrnment
.... ,. . W. BARBIOKR,
Jrll Id Bvt. Lt Col, and C. 8.
W jrir)punoda Block Tin, MrvoaaiT,
J" jthlrlj-alj) 6;.k Locli., per doian
uo len. Lnndradl Doer Loika and Kn.ba
p (twenty nve) valloni Alcohol, per gal'o"
fio (flfty) pounds liora-;i per pound
Mi (2ve hnodrid) Hand-saw kites, assorted. Per
;i"ji iiuHvrrui HOUU tOI
Castile Moap, per pound
11 (twelve) Carpenter's Pencil, per doicn
24lwenly-foiir)Hcytheblone, each
ftJlflrtyj Stable Brooms, each.
1 w (on Ii noil red 1 Cprn Brooms, per d. ten
10 (one hundred 1W W Brushes, each
..1,1 "" am, wroaues, eacii.
AulSftrl lUiBP Chimney. No 2,perdoren
4 (four) Orindr tones and Fix tare, each.
i itweiT; uarurn noes, each
b lalxl kCTtll HliHlho Bafh
l ( Jftr P-ruS U ( hromo ellow. per ponnd
Mlfiyf pound Chrome Oreen, per pound
AU (8fly) Pounds Olne.liish, per pound,
Bfslxl didr. Bri-ii Leather, per iide
h,WOd lvaU rae.i Leather, per
Udwo thousand) pounds Wblt Lead, Lewi.
I've 4JUaJ4
''"Ve." "'0""'" round. Col Kail., lod, Kt
'H, """ "''"'I PJ Cnl Kail., SJ, per
1M, per
Illwol barrela dial Oil, par lall.u
3 libra. I arrala Linaaad oil, raw, pr galhn
jlwo) tarrrlallnaead Oil, belled, perl,1 1,
1 (una barrc fperin OI I, per I. lion
j iod.i barrel neatarnut oil, j.r xallgn
(lhraa bnpdradlponnda Tuttr. pernonad
iuu una nundriid) punada lllack I'alnl, par puuad
ailwe.ly HTC)puunda Haup Twlae, liearn per
luilan) falloua Tupal V.ral.b, rr faflon
(.) pounda Meek War. VrKiond
10 lien ) ponuda Baddlara' Tkreal. Pr pennd
rrntHiaala from dealpra In tb. dlnarem nrtlelaa
pcfllled are inrllad The irllc le? m.JlbJ '"t VhJ
beat qn.lllr, aubiacl to a n,ld la.pacllon, aid
i"n,ii'.;bd.'iir,o,rt:ir '""" ,u "" ' .a
tt'AupoA l? P1de lB dftpllcale, and addressed
Hy order of Breret Brig Oen J C Mel err n.
Deputy Quartermaster General U 8 A . Chlri
urtermater Depot of Washington "
Jyll Id Bvt Col 4AVk.3uA
ja Tim Bui'mji, court ;o, ; th, butbict
J. mi. E Trlay.l '0I'l'M'"'
( !& fiullj Dockrtl
a iru copy-tt . A It fiYiM r.....
K J M.u. Clerk fljw
Ai:iiTixt Qtlitr aXiiTia'a Orricr, )
WAisixnTOX. D 0., July 11, leM i
intll 12 o'clockm , of thKd irwtaat, for tbe dt
I ni.f h'Jt!; tew'lb'('liwl"llel, vUt
1UU Ion bntidraal I llArai Rm.tiaa ..t.
R taTrlar
au"a?alilo aSiwilM,' f" "' '' " I.
Kawllui.ror ai . j" 'iProrinal., Io ll.al.1
III, i?i wli s'fl!? l.,-d r" ' ' '"'i'I ! a. iiar.
Sealed prepi4te will be received at theeflee ef
IkeSaprryMeg AreMuet, Treaiary Deeartiaeat,
:atll JULT 1, for fareHblaf aad pattlag P
eriiar-PrexW Vaalt far tbeLaiklera la Ike Berth
Wlat-of Ike Treaiary UiUdln.t, Waiblaitea, l C.
Cple f plaa. tkowlax the dlmeataa aad ar
raatemeat or the aalteaabe preenred by appllra
Ilea at ikie offlee Ii will b coa.mated of alter
aateplaie. of ike beiKiialUy ef Ba1iah iprtaf
K' 1, aadeaee-kardeaed. aad the beat qaaliir of
Her plat, framed aad eeenred le wroaikl-lroa
baa ni la the beel meaner, aa reqirtred by Haa.
ThelockawtUbefaralaked by tbta DeparlmeaL.
bat mail be pat la place by the eoatrecter, aad
meat be pat Is perfect work tax. order before Ike
Walt will be acrptd. The Vaoli to be Com-
Cdettd la plaee wlthfa Iwe months after the execs
lesefeoatracl. aader speaaliy of teapereeat,
Tbe bide matt be Is groat, aad msitlaclada the
whole ef Ibe Ires aas eteel work, seeeeaary ta
make tbe meet ikareack werk. Stud aad pet p
la the aioil sees re maaaar.
Atlblda Basal b aeeempasled br Ike caraatee
ef Iwe reapoulbla raraoaa, in the earn of es,0U0,
tkal Ika hi J rial- Ml ,misI AmA ratrriirmtliifAia
tract If awarded ta hl, the infflcieney of the i
1m. the infflcieney of the ae-to-
by the lltrlel Atteraeyef
e bidder realeee
vnnir h, pe, cvriinaa w
tha Dl.trtrl wbrra th I
Pronnaala iaalaaadiiraa4
aad be addre-aed ee "Haparvlales Architect,1
Trea.ary Ifepartmest. The ataenai of each bid Io
be expreaaed la wrltlBX aad not ta Beam ,
Jjl Id A. B MULLtTT.
novinym hts ale,
Oa WEDXESD ATr July IS. l.W. at 10 o'clock, a.
m . there will be sold at section, at the United
Stales Itavy Yertj.i'hUadAlpblai. ll following!
ltUhnltaVlaxpag Staff, 47 Bolts Jul Bag Staff.
3, KB feet (Jura llosr. 111 feet Leatber lloee, 130
pun nas oiae i wine, e.TXipnoniia msbiiis iiawsere
aad Hope, TM pounds Hide Kom, tSI posade
Leathert, 1,139 pound CaaVae liagi, 1,100 poaada
iron ripe, o ancnori, a yrenioem, onssings,
Saaecpan. Pols, Ae.
uuaaau ui ixnvn anv Aim.nu.
333 galloaa ?lah OU, 21 Kegs Wrooght Sella. 2,000
ponadanldjfak, Scrap Iron, White lead, ae,
1,375 feel Oflm Ho; 07 Globe Lanterns, 1,703
pounds Hoap. Tallow, Rubber Scraps, Ar,
II Copper Hand Fampe, S Steering Wheels, Scrap
Lead, 4 Wheel Ktanchlons, 8,IM) pounds Droea.l.Duo
Auger, le Pitch pou, UBaream, 4.1 Cordi Wood,
Twla, White. lead. Ae,
l.Ki pounds Coffee, S,7Uponnde Desiccated fg
e table-, Better, Ifankfa, Ae
BUkEAU Of i.Mn""'"
Catalogaesmay cm obtained within I ve (ft) days
AT l.la .if H.rrtii.l aTl ywiIf . i.llHh... 1 ll a ...
V. i """ J" wwwl juniv.eii, ,14 guuia
iiviii.iirciurtiiM, iiTf I ara
.JJ"0 QrAaTEBjuevBR'e Orrirx,
, , niaTwa, mm j , July , lOWl. 1
Sealed proposal! are Invited at this ottce until 1
m on MONDAY, 2Dth of July, from reapoaalbte
parties, w bo will keep oa hand aad deliver at the
iBiioua diiihi, anu vinces in nasningioa and
for Lincoln Depot abont (3, 13) three thousand one
hundred and Itrahtv.flva lnaa at M.hiiiiil,i.
white ash. anthracite coal, egg alia, free from
slate aad deal, aad to weigh 2.23 pound to the
At Sedgwick barracks, on K l
itreet, k between fcevrn-! eboutlSOtom,
teenth and Eighteenth st. J
as Aonsv.i DBrracas. oa a
etreet, between W J ave.
and inrst street eait
At Lincoln Barrack a
And to be del' vered on ordera
at variom points in the
i....about 290 torn,
abont 970 tons,
...about 2,003 torn
Separate proposal i for the anppty of either of tbe
above iMtlnia ar also latitat!
Bids will also be received for (be delivery of 223
r" w.uwi im iiiac oa oixm streei
Tbe accepted bidders will be required to exhibit
to as Inspector appointed by tbeitaarterraaster'a
vrimiiu,,,, on or voior in oral oi uciooer next,
satisfactory evidence that Ihey have made arrange
ment to comply wllh the previsions of tbe con
Bbould aslnelebU fur theentlra nnanlttv liaao.
cepted. a bond Is the sum of twenty thoa.snd dol
lars, sicned by the bidder and two acceptable sura-
ne. win oerequirea lorine raltnial perrocmaneg
of the contract, and a proportional amount Tor ae-
71 uiu. 1 or m ifnaasnuiT
eheald a contractor fall to farnUh tbe kind and
quantity of eoal contracted for. It will be Purchased
Id open market and the difference la cost charged
Zacbbldderwlllfaralah with bis Lid a gsaraa-
tea,rnd by Iwore.ponslbleperaona.loanamount
equaTto two-third tbe amount of bis bid, that h
will, within ten days after Its acceptaaoe, execute
a contrast for the satnaln accordance with above
Coal will be tnoperlad ro detlvery,and Bene will
he paid for until accepted by the fn-pector
a S!A "7 yd fur the delivery of lb entire
3,123 tons landed on Klxth street wharf, on or before
tbe lAih of October next
Payments will be made monthly for quantity of
coal received If In fund., or na soon thereafter a.
tliey nre faml-hed for the purpoee.
All bid. will be submitted to Ibo Quartermafter
Oeaeral bfur awarding contract.
Bidders wllladdresi proposal, tnthannderslgned,
plainly marked "Proposals for Coal," and are In
Tiled to be pre-eat at the opening of the blda
By order of lb 4 uttUr master General,
. . . Depnty Quartermaster Urneral.
JrS-td Ji Bvt Brig. Pen , U Army
, SEALED I'KUl'USALiS, endorsed 'fropoi.ats for
furnishing United btatea Army Supplies,1' will bo
recelred at I lie offlee of lb undersigned until 11 m.
nf UOKDAY. Ihcanh day of Jnly, IwA foraupplyl
lag to th PoaU In th Harbor of Boston, vli; torts
IndereDdeoe and Warren. and Watertown Arsenal,
Watertowa, Uas , and I tolllcersef the army rla.
tloned la Boston, Mas , Vnel, yorage, and oiraw,
la the following proportion, monthly end quar
terly "
Thirty cord of Hard Wood, more or less, per
Tweoty.flt hundred and fifty-fire pound of
ve.i hiuuiui,
Twenty nine hundred and eighty pound of Hay
rwentytwo hundred aad sixteen pounds of
SeVenly-llve cords of Hard Wood, to be delivered
oa or bef. re September 30, lBCfl,
blxty-stx hundred pounds of Oatu, delivered
quarterly, or aa may be required.
ttevoatyeieven hundred pouadi of II ay, delivered
quarterly, or aa may be required
cievea ueaaans pound! oi Straw, delivered
quarterly, or a rutj be required,
Sixteen hundred and twenty pound Oats, de
livered quarterly
Thirty four hundred end ninety two pounds
Straw, delivered quarterly.
4,000 pound Anthracite Coal,
iu iii ii (11 1 vr uuaTOPf,
to be delivered
4.WJ pouadi Oata, lobe delivered monthly.
'i rv4 . tain uvuivrsu Hiomnir
2,4U0 pounds Hraw. to b delivered monthly.
ThU Tual anrl r.ir, ,. vannia. J lallA....... I. j.
- - S," -"- i"iiirii i ai uu'ivn iu -r a,
Ilvered In ucb parts or the city aa may U de.tg
nated. That for Walerlown Arenal nud the
Fori la Hie Harbor of Boston to tbe otilcer ofthe
Quartermaster a Departmental those etaiious re
spectively. All of the above articles to be of a good nier
rhaatable quality-is Ibe rase of wood, oak to b
l6. ,lUdrd' tBd hewd to comlM of Id ruble
feet Thesupplleatobe delivered a herein titled
under tbe order and dlreetlouswf th undersigned
Contracts tc ib executed with a bond elgned by
two responsible parlies as sureties
Blda for snpp ring th entire amount of each ar
ticle speelfted above will be received
Th right ef rejecting any and all blda la re
served, IT they nre found tola cxborbitanl or ob
jectionable, far man I 111 Ii ina.la nAnit.l .i
. -. ..... . iiaaun auviiiiii eivuaiiriir. ..
Ibe euppUe are delivered It E t LAKr.
AsiUianiQ M.Ueo
Chixf ; QrAHTrBMAsvra'a Orrirx,)
, . SaxTA Fx, N M , Jon ft, 1368 J
S-Jiled propoal, la triplicate, will I a received
.J '"iV1?" unUl " clock noon, Mu.N DAY, July
JJ, IStkB, forth delivery or
WO ton of Hay at Fort Marry, Santa Ff, New
I.A1O ton. or Hay el Fori Union, New Mexico
f ,, !' ForlU.com,
2 Pt Bayard,
U ., I. Fort Craig,
. I. Forttumiulngs, '
?W J! ' FortOarlandtc'ulirid.i
'. It i. Caiupl'luiuuieri N Mexico
i"0 ' Inn AdldoH. '
IorlStantvil, '
Tk-ff f "l.U 0'.o,d f un T0B' Wew Mexico'
.ii. .,lr to bf of food 'inality, sound, freo fn.in
dirt, sticks, nud roots and porfcctly eured-2,UU0
Poinds tobocua-ldrreda tea
The Hay lob cut during such month, a may b
directed by theolllcerof the q M Departmental
tb M-pecitv posts, and delivery to oitumeuce a
?", tbe Hay I cut sad cured, and to be com
Uymuitb properly stacked inanchiiuau
ud'"n;h Places as may be directed by the
o racer
V '-'. "-t,, "i vij'iiiuiiik a, mo rtrnpeciive
10.1, and ealUdlll directed) whll being slat kod
th; .Q M furnUblng salt
to be delivered, whether of bottom, grama, or other
..-., ...... iTMvm uumntiDE uioa lorraoretnas
on post, will make oeparat bids for each
ihI.1KraJf 7m b? elvedfor any qiunlily loss
than the whol neodedtany one post
rb usual requirement mail be observed In inak
leg proposal, and tbe undersigned reserves th
rla tit tO teiect SUV Uf all l.litaataaa.ia.l n a. r.. ...... I.I.
SUi ,w- l9i lne.V'.Vr dl"l"'"b by one fourth the
qnaatily advertised for at each post
Blank nrnnnamla inu maurie n..inn..,i ....
'J1 ud poD application to the oOlcer of the Q
. . i P",innt al either of the post mentioned, or
al thlsolOc
Bidders ehould b present la person or by repre
aenUllvei al Ibe opening of th proposal
Address proposals to the notlerslgued at Santa
re, and endorse envelope, 'Propowli for llsy at
By order of Brevet Meior Oen. Oetty
vet Meior Gen. Oetty
leut. Col andQuartermaaler,
. , AAVV DXPABrMBXT. July 3, 1S(A
Healed proposals, ndorsd aad addressed to the
iiiraaiia ,, Wm M recelred UUIll noon r tbe
311 of JULY, Imtaat The proposal must be
The Wood must Uof Ihe beslqnallty of Oak,
wcllaaaaed,.iralght, and of good site, for us
. J,a.a', V'ace, and unit be delivered and
atneked for ln-pectlon and nieaauremeot la front uf
Ibe Navy Department Building, by th first of tirp.
fhaCoalmnstbeof Ihtbeit while a.b Anlhr
file, egg Ue.i.IeJ p mod lo lb t m, and delivered
HM1? ut Psmber next, a follow
lfio tonaatthe Navr DePartmnC
flu tons at th Naval Observatory
Wtonsat tht Hydrograpklcal Offlee, corner of
EtgbteenlhiireelaadNew Yorkarenue JylMJ
BeUlroad Bontec
TnHonon linb BBTwritH wAmiinoTon.
Wmtirt. iaa . .WT-imb
Tralta between Waaktgtea sad new Terk are
Bow veeeafollows, ?(. . . ."
PUR KEW TOE. wltkeatebssreerv
Ust dally Uxeept 8sdafat f.Wn. m 1 It J
1 a..I,?JJfl:;.?..VV.'aa -.1.1.
. 0R pniLApELpnu,
utinutip n.
7ii ii
. ... . fj,'"rvkiiaji.AL .. m
T IOr W IHIl 4a- - a.w
Weeping cartferKewTorkeaTMp 1
Thrtvaek ticket to PkllldelphU. Kew Tork r
ft-iisw,' " '" " "" """" "
" "" , ..... . .
aA BalHmitra aaJ Orita Italtroait advertlsemest
fr aehedsl betwaes Waskingtea, Baltlnior, As
aapQlli.ead Ibe rTeat, J JU WIUOj.
L. U. I
OeaersrTlcket Agent.
UkU.8. KUU9TZ.
Agent. WaahlBiioa.
Cemmenelag MOB DAT, April letk, Uoe.
Trilha fef Baldmen aad Waahlagtealeave I'hlla-
delpblaaefollowet , .
liaa Kkthxpreee (afobdaye exeepUdt) 1143a,
m , JtxpraVu0p. is., xpresetaad 11 00 p. m ,
fay.tllTrlafor Baltimore til 13 a m
Leare Baltimore 1 23a. m.,, Way Vatltt 20a. m
Express) 1 le p n, Express! e,jo p n , hi
Leave rhlladelrkU for BaltimoreaBd vTaablagtes
ai e io a la na up in
Leave Baltimore Ct Philadelphia at S 23 p. m,
ijeave Daitimoroior new iora ais.xap
H r. K8aKY,BniorrtendBt.
Oaand after MAT Silk, 1M7, Ual as will ran a
Wasklngus . 7 43a.m. I Baltimore . 12.10p.ia,
. 4 'Jpm. . TOO1'
. S.4opm M . , 130 M
dli Aaalnalxt tin. Walll niiularm, (m nr,'ieai...l'. J
A i V . . -va ai,a v a .aiaTaia. hih
savlag frm four to twelve boars la time over any
other root. Tweheednd mile saved to Wester a
u. iitaini cisw ion.
TWU nill.T THA INS 1st Till) M Mir Tit
Tbraeih from Baltimore to UOCUIiiiTkR and
ta laouiuii witnauienaag.
Paenger by thla root from Baltlmer have
Ticket br this rout aa b nrttrared al tfaa
offlee, eorar ef Sixth etreet and lann.ylvinU
matios will bagtveaatall times
Paaarnrara nrirftfirltia llrbaia itkla.M.A , .
cure Mutnmodatloniriitlleeplnx Car. fur klmiraor
. Corner Sixth t. and Pens avenue,
. Washingtoa, D. C.
ED 8. YOUKO, Geuorat Pasaencer Ageat,
. deJI-lv tia.ltlit.ui a. Md.
WAexiioTOir. Jan 6, 1307 boob
Tralaa brtWaMaa WaailtNll ntM a. u.l-rt.
MOKE, and WAblllMUTUa AMD TUE WE4T, are
. L daily, exeepi baa J ay, at 7 00, 7 15. end
ltwp m.tBJlw, i 'j, an4ip ra
Lmv dally, except Sunday, al T 00 a. ta. and
IWandlp. m.
LeaveatS.13andTa m , and at 2 00 aid 4.33 p.
m. dally, except banday
Leave at 7 00 and 4 91 p. in. Ao Irala to or from
Annapolis ea tiaaday,
FOR B ALT Lit U fat
Leave at 7 11 a m and 4 30 and a t3 p. m.
Leave at T 43 a, m and 4.30ad S UI- m
Leave dally, oxeapt Batsrday aad baaday, at
7 43a. u. andCtiaad A43p m
unSaturday at 7 41a m.andlSOp m
OnSnnday. at 4.30a nd 4 43 p, m valy,cuanctlog
at Relay tftailoa wllh trains from Baltimore to
Whaallar. Partrarabarr. arr
Throogb tickets to the Weal cm bo had al tha
Waablegwa SlattoB Ticket Offlee at all hears la lb
For New York, Philadelphia, aad BosUn. aea ad-
,4jiiiaaiaia, vt
''Throaah Line.
Mister of Transportation.
General Ticket fgeal.
0aralAcBt, Wash In it.
Steamboat Lines.
X Has resumed ber regular trip be- ffTTs
twees Washlagtenaad Baltlmer: ZimkmL
Leaving Baltluor every. SATURDAY AyrtiM
NOON at 4oTclock, and Washington every
. at oreloek
She will top at all the principal landing os the
rlverftfrpassengeraasd freight. For further par
llcular., Inquire of
- Itiley'a Wharf,
myX Iaf3ia At the foot of Meveith atrcet.
For Way Land lege es the Potomac ad Daltliaar.
making Con sect ion at Aqn.a Creek with
tat Aicnmoati, a reu ericas nnrg
, m and Potomao Railroad
The Steamer EXPHKU3, Cap! A, C. KJckle, will
leave Baltimore, Pier No 8, Light - atlTLk.
etreet wharf, every TULSDAY, at leitfJUHMK
p,nA.,i9...,Lrt'etlh BUth street wharf atOa
ui,, THURSDAY, te deliver Trelghl
Notleewlllbe given when tb other boat will be
pot en tb route
Freight received all day Friday.
Tbe steamer leave 8ATU KDAY at I a. m.
rtTfcll HBRRY, Agent.
Sixth elreetwkarf.Washlegton.D C,
mya-Sm 111 Light sLwhaif.Baltimore
t JOUN QlDllS,
Will ran recnlarly during th winter montba be
tween New York. Alexandria, Washington, and
Georgetown, as followa, Lear New York, from
Pier J, East River, atth foot of Rosevelti street,
every Saturday at 4 prat Georgetown, from
wharf foot of High rtreet, every Thursday, and
Alexandria ararr FrldaT.al liui. Vurfml.hinr
pas-age apply at th Soe ef tha company, corset
oi 'w ia BTtBBiBB. oovsaieenui streei, c
low iiarv veparuiieni,
W. THOMPSON, Prealdt
March Oth and 23th t April nth an! 13tbi May th,
13th and 21th
With New Stiamablp or lb First CUs.
For lafermatloa address D. N, rARUINQTON,
Agent, 177 West itreet, New York.
W HWiiB. President. Cba. DAXA, Vice Pre.
irautin r Bicgi.,. i" lace", new I nr.
I - ' '- . " J
R-tr? 0 A L87
Seiled Proposal! in duplicate, each endorsed
with term of bidder and date, will be received at
thla once, at the Garrison Military Post. Golds
boro'i N C., orthriiughtbe mail, directed lo Ibe
undersigned, nrltll 12 ortluck, m .ontheMth day
of. J.ttiX '""'ant, for eopplyUg tfiin Mllltery l'o.t
with ttondforouo year from the 13tbdy of July,
The Wood to b supplied to be merchantable hard
Oak or A.h, cleft, aud tobecutfour (11 feet longi
to b delivered at tha Garrison, Gotdsboro', N O,,
In sneb quantities as may be required, not excerd.
Ing two hundred (juu)oorda in any oo month, fhe
coutrActor to receive Guverument vouchers from
pout quartermaster lo payment for number of cord.
accenied In each month proposals . lit bo i pen 1
at this office on the 13tb day of July, Instant, at
Bldier are invited to bo present at the time of
iuTiieu.oio present attuetiiuc o
r respective proiNisal.,
r Brevet Brig.Uen Tyler, U 8 A ,
ruinator 2d Mllixi?iV.r,vi.w
"I'UIUB l"l" VSlt'l,IIT Ir01KISBI
u , viurr ui tiv
Chief Uuarleruini
Jrio 11
zu i.ieuiiuniiti) mrantry.
orricx Cuirr CoxmssAKr SHH'MTRaiR '(
a . ,n tIBiHAiNKJune2a,lli )
i 8W-Pf'UHwBU, la duplicate, will b received
rT,e.'-0,l,1 Camp Douglas, Utah Territory,
jS L1 Ma.ICick J" ? EntOnUF.ibs 18th day of
tSilU a t.W '""'"M'f the troop and others
supplied at thtspost with
from the 1-t day of tictobr. ltfts, to tbe Hist dy t.f
August, i&tw, or such less lEui as tbe Couimlsarr
General of Subslalenco mar direct
fcaci proposal must also slate at what prlr ier
pound, net, will be rnrnt hed such number of
L L a.a'a CATTLE,
ob Ibe hoof, (all alters over three and under seven
years of age, la good, healthy condition, averaged
"weight ou thousand pounds, and non ie-c-elvrd
nuder ight hundred poiiudn.) hi mar bo
needed at the poxl during the period of tbe fresh
urri contract
For further particular and condition of eon
tract. Inquire of Lieutenant Benson, at the post, tr
the undersigned ' '
By order of Brevet Msjor General Aug nr,
. . ,, ., J W BAlthliJRIt,
Jy4 Id Brevet Lieut Col aud Chief C b
p U O P O 8 A L 8 ,
U 8 Exoixxxaa' Orricx, CivvIIail.)
, ,.,, Bostox. Julr'i.lbod I
i-?I.rV1,1'."al.w.111 b recelvaU t tbU ulfice until the
13th Inst , stjn m., forthoconstrurtionof a Dyke
across the Bait Meadow and East Harbor Cr.k
near what 1. called lh. Wading Pi ace "a The I S&
shtn of f roro, Massachnaetl ' w "
Jnf w,!rk ""Pr'1" b Has of gold piles and
bet piling ome MO reet long end Varrlng
Iu height (IncUdlng pnetratlon from 13 fell al the
SlMMUr1 0ft,UMfl l,h" end Ihla 1m"
piling U to form the axlef the drke. which la to
hlVi0nV f.Vlni5i by baBtlsJ ihe nsiie 13
SIM lop with gravel, or mixed sand and
,ud' "d L,""'".' tU IoP" With marsh sod
iak U l0 KXft?d la actordaoe wllh
lPu,JSl'll, !i'1.dr''',1lr" which can baaeeu at
till otllce, or at the U S Kngiueeri' office at
Bids for tha above work will exprci a rrlec for
each of tb following Items, vlii
For acb Uutde-plI, driven and pitied
Firfebeel piling oer superficial root (one Uet )
For Kmbankmenl per cubic yard, Includluggrav
eiopC lP roadway, and sodding tlii aid
' fj"td Bvt MaJ Oea.U 8 AJ,Ll iJo" Wit
Uxit in Statis Pa tap? Orrict. I
WAaxiaaro,klaria,lft!8. .1
Iob of HosiTio If. OAxiaiii, ef I
., aad TBoaae D. Bono, of Waih;
, in toe. D U.
?nii'a ? a rl
admtalitratore ef, the eitite of
patent grant to it said llsratlo M
raevi arreasea. rravina for in a
Uarabrlli aad Hlagleioa t. Bari
a 9. Barm. ilaTlib Ar at
ftr..rr. !, ....tr.Jb. iM.,.f A.,,.1.
etiiaM, anareisssoti tua iimiiij invvemMr, jm7
ud the lTlhday etffofaibr, 1M7,
!vmnt la Cardlag llacblae, for
rem the espl ratios Of eald patent,
tilua a tha Tkl Ak9M Iknu. IBM.
(,i u tmprovemi
;r.i !h;.
I Tataat iiUm MOD DAT. th Xd daveaf Aarart
til ordered that the said petition be heard alike
next, at We'cltxk.in.iaad all pevaos are a.HiA4
sffssw:: jwra sur' ' T
I . lAM..AMU..I..ll..HlAll.lnl ,M MlltltA,! M1
IS tbe Pateat Offlee their objection, specUlly net
forth Is wr.t.Bg. at least (ternfrday before theey
ef hearlegi all Uatimeay SlesVby ellker party te be
timoay, mast b filed la tbeofflcefuvafv days before
iba day of hearing, the arguments, if aay, wllhla few
avi after Bllng the Uatlmooy,
Ordered, aUo, that this Botfce be published le the
narvaiaicaa ana la imtiiigmewTi rraenisaita,
D O aid la.thl Amtrtcam, Baltlmer, Md .
oacesweefrlhrBeessiv weeks t th Srt el
aald publleaUoas , lobe at least alxly dya pre? Ion
totbedayofhearlag, AM. STOUT,
mr20-Th.it Acuag Coumtsaloner of Paieata.
Uiitxd Statx Pit i rr Orricx,
Waibixiitox, MayS, 1DU3.
OatbepetltlonofBlBAB W. Klio, admiastrairtx
of theestataof Cheeney Riedadeoeaied aad Jane
E U nld, admlalitratnx ofthe estate of Brook K.
Mould, deceased, of Chicago, llllaol, praying for
lb exteaslos of a pttent gtnated Io the said
Cheeney Reed and Brooks K. Moultt;the lib day
Jf Aogut, lftM, foran improvemeat la Veatllatlag
tallrna J ITara. turn an an tiiii friiia Ilea atvatlratlia,,.
of said patent, which takta place ea the nth day of
aVal.l taJVl
lt t ordered that the aldpetltlon be beard at tbe
Patent Offlc as MONDAY, tb JUth day of Julr
next, at 1 o'clock m, t aa 1 all persons are notified 19
appear and ehvw can re, if aay ihey have, wby eald
TMlltloB onrht tint In ha rraataA
Person opposing th extension are reqslredto
ni in in riuii uacsiuwr oDjeciions, si-etnaiir
set forth In writing, at leant twnly days bef-ir
Ibe day ef bearing i all testimony lied br either
party, to be used at the said hearing, most be taken
and ran mil ted In accordance, with th rule of the
oOi"J! "hi" -"'",' (". an antijication
moay, neat be filed In th olio fteenw days U.
fn day after flUng th testluony.
Ordered, also, that this sotica be rnbllsbad Is
D C , and la th Trlbunt, Chicago, II) . once a
w'rt 'lh. "reeeslve weekstbs first of eald
poblieation to be at leait latr days crevtotia to
myli-W3t Ailing Commlastoner of Pateae
Uxitbd STArr Patxxt urnci,
.i .... . Wasrmutox, Jub ll, 1868.
v inepeuunaoi jobx aiABlx.or English Neigh
borhood, N J , praylog for th extension of a
patent granted to him the 3d day or October, 1334.
for aa improvement In Ten and Pencil Case, for
.. . . "vm in, vipiriiaa oi aia patent.
which takei place os the 3d day of October, 1c8i
It le ordered that lb eatd petit Iob be beard al the
Talent OfficeosM0NDAY,lh14th day ofSeptem
ber next, at 12 o'clock, m. and all person are no
tified lo appear and ibow cause, if soy they bare,
why eald petition ought sol lo be granted
Perionaoppoitagth extension ar req aired to
Stein the Patent Odea their objections, special! r
at forth is writing, st least titntw daVa beror
Ihedayef hearing all leatlmesy filedy either
K.j, v wm uu at uj, aaia aeanag, must M
ikn and tranmltted is accord sne with th
rule of th office, which will he furaUhed ea ap
plication Deposition and ether paperi, relied opon a tea
tlmony, must be Bld Is tha offlc fMenfiday
before the day of hearing the argomenta. If asy.
within Un day after filing or lb Ustimoay
Ordered, also, thai this aotlc b pabllsbed Is
tbe RxroiLlCAXaad ttnUU(enert Washing
ton. D. C. and la th Mlat. Kew York, New
York, once a week for three an cc.nl re weki
th first of said publications to be at Itait ilxlr
day previous lo the day of hearing.
JclS-ThSw Actiag Commlssloaer of Patent.
UxiTxDbTArxa Patixt orrtre.
... . WAiBixotox, May W, lfJ
On tha petition of Abxbs WBirxLBT.of Bprlag
field, Ohio, praying for the extension of a patent
granted, to him lb 22d dar of Aacast. lul. and
reiiiard the Stbdarof Jaasnry, loM. for an Im
provement In Track CLearere to Grass Harvester.
wf.HB year from Ilit xpIrBtloief said patehl,
111 ordered thai tha aald petition be heard al lb
'"."..TV." "teiuai. ,n imn aay oi august
Btxti at Ho clock tn , mi all raru.a - .aiiiaj
,iW?iTiaid " If any they have, why
aald petition ought net Io be granted
iTi.wa, wiiniaa in ainsion art reusired to
SI In the Palest Offlc their ebjeciloas.spoelally
aetfjrtbln writing, at least fiomlydiyaherorttbe
dT of bearing tall testimony filed by either party,
to ba used at th sat 1 hearlegi most be taken and
traa.mitled In accord a ne wiik ih )... t ik.
tUcea, which will b furalshed en application
Dcposttlonsand other Papers, reli-4 npa as teatl
rooar, uusl be filed la the office twtnty days before
tbtdayof hearing) the arguments, If any. Within
Un day after filing th testimony.
Ordered, also, that tht nolle b published la
the RarcBllOAN aad n'JUemrr.Waefa. agios, D
C , audlath htning CAronfefOlnclasailtOhlo,
oacfl a week for three aucoe.slve weekat th Aral
of aald publications to b at least alxly days pr.
tioo io laauayoi oeariag A. al. bTOUT.
myl Tutt Acting Cimmlsloner of Pateuta.
Uxitko brave Patxxt urrtrx,
.t ., ., , WAestxarox, May ll.lSoi
On the net ll ton of Dibiil)iiiihit nr it.i.(.
Illinois, (wruerly of hUlngtou.ConnecUcnt, praying
for the extension ef a patent granted to him tbe 29th
"1 SrVilKtr.'rt yr "urroTemesiia uov-
l ror Wlod Mills, (nr aaVatri r.ara h,m ik. aw.
PIratloBor aald patent, which Ukea place ob the
V'th lay of Augost, 13iS
It U ordered that lh said petltloa be beard at the
'liOinoeoBMoBdBy, i h- day of August next,
at 12 o clock in t aad all parson ar sotllsd to ap
pell lion oagbt not to be granted
.. "'"a" nppolor tb exlensloa arereqalred to
file la the Patent Offle their objeclloa, aplallr
ajatrairll4il.4JB4ltlAtf akl.... J.. ... J-.. - .a..
ruing, st leaal tttnty day before Ihe
day ef faearioi
I. a l.Aa n.A.4 aa 1
used al the aald hearing, matt b ukea anl
w w-m 4.4. (uV ma iiii. na. v sane ana
" ","."' trw (uiBHtAvti KB aiaiicai)BD.
Drwit tlona and. other papers, relied npoaai t4
llmbr, mast be fl led loth offlee f toenty dsyi be
for lh dar of hearlngi the arguments, ir anr,
a, a.- ..a, .4i hiiii ma lasiiuioaya
Jarad. alan. that thla mntirm h na.kl I.L.J I-
the RsruaLlcAvaud th.ifaeMcr, Wtuhinx-
n, ii. u .and is tbe Triifun; Chicago, Illinois.
icaaweeh forthrac eucCMslveweekii th flntof
Id imblleallona to ha at Ir.alslstv r1, r,r..l..n.
toibtdiy of hearing
mrtg-Tutt Artlng Commissioner of Paten l
Uxitxd State Patxxt Orrica,
. . WAHixoTox,May 1J, lsj.
On the petition of Saxah W Flahdchi, of Now.
bury port, Ma , administratrix of th asiat o
Josrnb F Glanders, deceaied, aad Jeremiah A.
Mardeo, of Boston, Mass , praying for the exten
sion of a patent granted to the aald Jo.ei U Y
Flanders and Joseph A. Marden, the 2(h Jay of
Augti-t, 1334, for an Improvement ta Leather Split
ting Machine, for seven years from Ihe expiration
of said patent, which takes place oa tbe 20tndav of
August, IHtflj":
It I ordered that the said petition be beard at the
Tatejit OBtc on MUNDAY, the lDth day .f Augaat
next, at li o'clock, m i aad all person are notified
to appearand show cause, if any ihey have, why
aald pititloa oughl not to be granted
Persona opposing theexteuslouare required to
SI In th Patent Ufflea their objection, specially
elffirtbiu writleg, at least f wenTi day before th
dar of hearing! all testimony filed by either party,
to bused at th aald hearing, must ti taken aud
transmitted In accordance with the rolej of tbe
olllce, which will be far&lbed on application.
Deposition! and other papers, relied opon aa If
lltnour, must be filed Iu lh office twrnty day be
lore tne uay oi Hearing) the argument', if anr,
wllhla Un dar. after flllnar lha tti.tlninnv
Ordered, also, that thla untie b published la tho
H t ttt b I trill sail lh ImtmlUnmrr. Wi.IiIa.i..
D. 0 .and lathe Jvurnni, Baistou. Mas , out
week for three sueeeslve wwksi tb Srst of aald
publication to b at least alxly days lrevlotn to
ma oar oi near. na a XI, OTUUT.
myXl F3t Acting Commissioner of Patent
Uxirxn Statu Patxxt Orricx,
n .l ... , Washibutov, JunaB. li&
Oa tb petition of Gakuxxb ClIILaox, of Boston,
Msiaeliuett, praying ror Ihe exteusloo or a i altnt
,4.nlA.I Ia kla.. Ik. a.1.r.l.Mnau.a 4-u .aa. a
4,.T. 4A4 i.i.iiu r ui or, iPiuorr, .sit, ana
ro Issued the 37th day of September, loot, ror an
Improveineiil In Fnrnact or llest Generator and
said patent, wiach lake place on th 2Glh day or
it Is ord-red thai lh said petition bt Leard at Hi
Patenl Office ou MONDAY, the 3. day of August
next, alii o'clock, m t audalliHirsmis arenutriled
lo appear and ahow cause, If any they have, wbr
aid petition ought not to be granted
at forth In
"ppusmg in extension ar required In
latent Officd thttlr uhiectiiins. aiiaola.ll,
a Wrllina. at limit uunf a .!.. l,of... . . .
dayorhearlnai all testimony filed by olther party,
to be used at the said hearing, must U taken and
Iransmtlted In accordance with lb rule uf th
offloe, which will be furnished ou application
Deposition and other paper-, reilud upon as tea.
tliuony, must bt filed io the office ttetntu dar be
for the day of hearing! tb arguments, if mar.
i titn ten day after 11 log the testimony
Ordered, al.o, that thla nolle L puhll.heii lu
ia UipnitiiKiaTin. ii.. ;.,i.iii.....' Vi I ,u
-' Uxitbij Ktatx PATaxr orrirx,
I'oi.ria riiMi urnri,
Wa.hixutox, May 11, 1W9.
Oo the petition ol
I .if Virili i.bliaii y ll. U.UVH
". oiflBirona, ra,, admimsiratrix or tbtea
tait uf Edward Stieren, deceased, praying ror the
eiteu-lonof a palenlxranted to he sh Id Edward
Sllvren the lii day of December, ISM, for an Ira
PMTfUtent in Process of Treating lb Mother
water of Sallaos, for seven year from Ib cxpi.
ration of aaldratenl. which take pUc on th lillt
day of December, IHoSt
11 la ordered that lb ald ieUtlon be beard at the
Patent Olfleeon Monday, th 10th day of November
nexl.allio Clock m I and allnaraana ara n .tiat i.
,, " .. " .-""- . .... a.. . a. . jmmimm
appearand show cm uue, If any they have, wbr said
petition oagbt not lo b granted.
a vi.vu. ui
U OTilllT4
Acting Oommln loner of paiend.
VT ?f."k '1J"n"'"succeaslre weeks t th first of
aid publleat ons to b at least sixty day" pr "looi
Jail Fit Acting Cemutaslonar of Patents.
itjrsoua unposiBxiD txtenaton are reuu red to
flUIn thtPalent Office their objections, specially
set forth in writing, at least fwviiiy dayaVfore "K
day or bearing; all testimony fileby either parlr.
o be used atth aald Iiearlag, ma.lbe uken "id
Iransmltled in accordauc with Iba rul" of th
office, which will be rurui-hed on application.
Deposlll..aend other paperi. rel l.d nponaal
llm.iny, must be filed in lb olllce t iwiiVdaV bo.
for thy day of boriugtiho argunaut-.Tr auy.
wlllilufendrtiaflerfllintl.ai.!ii,....i,,n "'
Ordered, aim, that Hji notice be published in the
UrcBllcAX anj lh Utr)urne?r, Washington!
D (3 , and la lbs J of, Pittsburg, Pennayl.
tbbIb. 0DC a week for three macessl v weeki i th
flrat ; f said publlcal on to b at least alxlrdava
prev lone loth day ufhearlaf "'xiroare
IfedlCTl.; f.
Jit J0HNlTONbidleiTMdlkMatTil4
apeody, aad only effectaal remedy la th world rr
!..!.-. 4 Ik. It.ak m I lulia. RirSptciteta. AtW
ttouawf thekldneyaaadBlaJJer, Involamery Die
ehargea, Impotcncy, General Del llltyi Nervun.nea.
eirirr end aottury pmtfceai
yletlm IhaatbcaoDgof Syreaa.io the Marleeraof
salletpatloB, radrlBrmarrwawAilmpMlkl.
nngming msir moat oniiiani awxii" v.
4 I u u m u at aja ,
EapeeUlty.wbo have beeomolh vlctlmnf Holltiry
Vie, that dreadfal aad SMtreetlve babtt, which
ananaily awp to aa antlmaly grave thuaaa 1 of
young mea ofthe moat exalted taleau and brillUat
iBlrlUcU who might citberwlB have eatraaoed lit
taalsc benates with lb thunder of aloqiMBoei or
waked to ecatary lb! llvlaglyre,py call wlthTull
lABBrlanra. T
Married Persons, or Teang Men eoslewplallag
marrlixe, lelng aware of phrilcal we-tknere or-
gaale debllllr, defornltla, Ac, edlly enred.
He who pi hlmaalf n&tUr tn careef Jr
may religiously confide ob bli bono aa a gen I
i .
mam, ant? confidently rely upoa hla akHl ee a physl-
Immediately Oared and Full Vigor RealerM
This Dreadful Diaeaee whlcb rindrLtf Mlatf
able and Marriage Impossible-)! lh penalty paid
by th victim of Improper Indulgence Young
Craona are loo apt to commit excesae from nl
lng awar of tb drtadf at coaaqae that way.
tnue. Now, wbo that understand Ihe subject
wilt pretend to deny that thepuwetof procrfaitiia
I lost foener by tho ralltag late Improper habit
than by th prudent. Deride being deprived tbe
pleasuree of healthy oJIrprtn, lh moel rtoas sad
detractive symptom lo holh body and mind
aria The system fectwmm den a fed, ihe Pbyolcal
sad Mental Fnncllona wnakeaed, Losstf Procrra
tlve Power, Nervour Irritability, Dypepla, PaH
ElUtloa of tb Heart, ldlgtfi, CoastUatlnsal
eblllty, s Wasting or tb Frame. Coagta, Con-
left-hand aide going from Baltimore street, a few
doom from the corner. Fall not lo observe aame
and namter ... ...
r No letters received unlese postpaid en J eon
talnlag a stamp to be used on Ihe reply, perraa
writu ktU ui ti aad send portion ef ad
.. . . . DR. JOHNBTO,
Member of th Royal College of Surgeon. London,
gradnat from one of tbamoet emlntnt Colliac. in
lite United States, and th neater rart of Wbna
lfe baa beet pentlatbehoatHtal of fniJoB, Parte,
I bUadelpbla, andelaewbere, ha eFertd eiiM r
lh moat aatoslaMog sr that Wrt ever hatwat
lUkfly trnsbltd with rlagtttila tb liead ad ear
when asleep, great aervotwacsa. belag alaripfd al
sudden aoandai baakfulncaa, with trexjuenl Maali
tar, attended ometlmee wlthaderXBgomsatof the
mtsd, war cured Immediately.
Dr J adilnsaoaallthos wbobava Injarrdlhem
Mlvetby UTroper indulgence nud solitary hub
It, which rals both body and mind, anlttlngtbeiit
ror either bnslneas, study, society or marriage
The are some of lh a 1 aad neUacbt-ly eflk-eta
produeed byearly Ubiu of yonth. via; Wwknea.
of th Back aad Limbs, Pains is th JUJ, Mm
sea ef bight. Loss of M oscular Power, Palplu
tloa of th Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervta IrrUabUlly,
Derangement ofthe lHceettve Facetious, Giaeral
Debility, Symptom of Coneateptloaj
MxxriLLr Tb fearfal gci on tha talad ar
much to be dreaded Lose of Mmnrr, Cmfualoa
of Idea., Depresaloa or bplrits, Evil Forebodlogs
Aversion I Society, 6df-dUtrat, Love y( ttoUlude,
Timidity, Ae , are some r th evils produced.
Tkeusaadatr persons of all aga can ft iw Jadg
what Is tb cans of their decllaleg heatlb, luring
their vigor, becoming weak, pale, servons aid eion
elated, having aalagularerpearaaceaboat 1hya,
eough, aadaymptoraaef eonaimptloa.
who bar lajurad hmalveaby acerUfspraeUe
ladalged la wkea aloata habit frfxuently learned
from vli companion, or at school, th etfectaof
wbteharealghUy felt, even when aait-ep, and ir not
cared render marriage Impossible, sad denlror
bothtniad aad body ohonld apply lui rued lately. r
What a, idly that y una man, tb boiajof hi.
country, th pride of hi pares I, should be saatchrd
from all prospeeu and eoJoytuenU of lf, by ,
C0Biuence of deviating from the ilh nr natnra
and Indnlglnx Is a certain atcrit habit. Sdch t r
eon Kfrthberore oontenirlatlng
relectthatasoaiadmind and body ara Ihe BmIb-
'"' ."j.iaja.nt.k, vt jBf0inuf,B awaaiiHi, imrmnfw.
Irotloa ibat lh bar pi cms of aaotber become
blighted With our ewa
When tha misguided sad Imprudent vatary bf
pleasure Sod h ha Imbibed lb rods of hi
nalafnt dt , 11 loo ofua hatpen that sa Hi
ll med sense oi shame, or dread of dlacovery, dUr
him from applying to lhos who, frou edncail iu
and reapectablllty, Can alone befriend hliu. He
fills Into IhehaudaoHtnorant aad detgnlvgpt-a.
lender, whA-lacapabi of curlnr filch Ms pern
alary ebtanee, keep Liu Irilitg mestb aJler
month, r a loug a th smaUeat tat can bt ub
tained, abd In despair le jiiw with raised
health to slibojer bis galling dl.spiniiatnw.hti er,
brtha if that deadly pjao, Jleicury, la. ten
tha conitltetlonal symptom of this terrible dU
ea. ench a Atfeetloa of th llend, Throat, Nit-,
bkln, Ac , progressing wllh fright ml rapidity till
deatk pat a perlna lo hla dreadful smTerlng hv
aendleg blm to that aadtscovercd country rum
whoa boarn no traveler relorns
The jo soy thousand cured at fills In-i Inlloa
wublB the last eighteen yean, and the auinerun
Surgical Operation performed by Dr Johnston,
wltbtssed by th reporter ofthe ,Sun,' smj
many otoer paper, notion of wbleh amarrd
attain and aaala larAira ilia ezmku. I.u.. Li.
aundUu asgvtimasof iar,actrad repbl
n SIXfN UlKKi.Slvb bpLbDlLY CURED,
i ".t,(,'". wrltlngshonld b particular In, direct
a. expeaTHBOSABognr
Corner of becead street t aad D street ov4h,
-. ,..dINUTONClTY. , V "
Tht ow building Is bow reatfy foi (be reception
of patient of every class, both medical and sorgtcut
Tha ear rua within IvonirM&f tkbslldlog,
PatisaU will ab rtttlrod Into tha wards at it
per week, parable la ad ran o. ThU laclsdse Med
iclBeand, Medical erieurxlealstUada nee.
Private Koomaa h W atdaned rats
' a vafiai. wm
n n !.. T.w:r'"J
v i, luuntii, si ir , ff
twea Itrhteenikaad iYIatasaarthj
JOIINC. RILEY, M D , H,w York aveaa. bv
ween Foarteenthand Flfloooth alreoir
WL MARBURf, It 1)7431 U street
K J- T1T0MTS0, It. D , turner Klntb aim-
aad llaaaacheaatta a.onua
li M KIIHI), 11 1) 4s .al flapllol alraal
S. 6. llaTOLK.al D , M t .lrrt nnnb.
OBAfTON 1 KLkK, 11. 1 , corner of Wa.llaa-
to. aad Oar alraeta, (Jirf alow.
W. V Xpllllboif, H, !., Bnaalk alrl, U-
iMi si am
F, UOWaRIi. M D . 9n V streei.
THUMAH IlirLLK, 1 Fairest.
JOllNbON EL1UT, 4uSKstrw.t.
O 11 LIHEKMANNJAuTl.ilriu..ih..rui
Appilcatlea ess ba made at lb Hospital, or t
ellbsr ef th abore-uaue-l pbysUlans Vhyalciaudi
sanding paltents toll HoaplUl who may vcnpy
private ry;tai have tht privilege of atttodlag the
etaf-No person with eonJarlt"- dlaeaaes alrnlttcd
msiaa Lonin U'KMJ.i.1,
Corn.r ef Fourteenth aud If street.
This Dispensary I lu tonnectloa with Uuliuo-
vib iig-Fiwii Hi ia upunea lor in irrsiiiirut ui
outdoor pittUuts. who ar supplied with Mo-llclne,
Medical aud Bttrgleal treatment freo
Fallouts who are about to becunQntsd lul dt-rlie
lu b attended at their own home., but who are
uaahle t pay ror thtaervlcea ufa aompelent med leal
practillonvr, will ba faral.hed with toed leal atten
tion ree, by leaving thslr ssu and aidiM at
tht Hospital with lh matron.
Mondays, from 2 to 4 'iof. Y Howard.
Wednesdays, frum2 to4..,.Pruf. J H Thomson
?KTMrV! ,I.1'Y t' ll,p Ashfurd-
Columbia llirptal 1 open fur tl receptiou ot
Fr PatleuU open order of lh Honor hi bee
reurr of th Interior Buth order for admls-t m
S.?W..ublf,lM,i V( tbt korMoa-lB-ehler, Or J
Hi?Mi1?i,S,iV bis office, iH I streei, Vloii
TweuUmhaud Twenty. (iii ,nHdiv
Uxitxp Sr atki Patxxt urrirg,
.... . Wabiiixhtox, Marli, liva
Yl lS i?""0" ( Willi am D AXbxxws. of New
York, N k , praying for the oxteuslon r apateir
lo appear aud show cause, If any Ihey have, why
aald petition ought not to be graulod.
reraon opposing th xinusiun are required to
HI In lh Patent OUlc their objections, ai-ecinllv
-el forth in writing, at least twenty dar bor)ri
th day nf heailngi all lostlinony Bled by either
parly, lo bt used at thu said hearing, must b I ken
and IrauNinltted la accordauce with the rule or tht
ulflce. wliletiwlll It. f.,Pi.t.t.l7... -itJ ?.irWI '"
nyapepma, leSagsor, low apinaa uoais.-iit.B
A PslptlsttoB of tbe Heart, Tiialditr, Trtmb
llBs7 Dl inner a of tttghl Or Glddlseee, tflaee-fsf
the Head, Throat, No, or SktB, A facile as cV th
Luaga, fctomach, or Bowel those terrible dlwr.
- . - -.... .a. vajHiiiiii,i i uuiia,ior erTeu j eura
iiV.TT. '.. ifp;.rr " "."" falaul, WLItli Ukra
place on tbe .'1,1 day of AuxufI, lsua
' "''?"' ll ' II"! ""I I lllll" 1 . li.ai il al lb.
I'alcnl Ultlc. oo U0.1U IV, lh. J7IU day of July
OlXt. at 1J u'riiarlr- tn anil all rv.ra,i.a ... a.. .,!.. I
Depoaltion and othtrpapera, relied upna a. test!- . I
eeny,mu.lbflldlnlloffic0fwtHw'dayai;r.rV I
tbtday of hearing t tbe arguineuta, Ifuuy. wltlilir 1 J
lest day after filing th tasiTiauny wnniu Ji
Ordered, also, that this imilc Co pulll.bed Inthi- "T I
HlPrni.lnii aarl aha .,,.Ui...","'.l! "!.'". ' B
l. C.. and I; ,i.AiliV, HVA? &l,t;
SS ? ? "f1" .ff,r l,l,rt", ailccoaalvo Weaka tbu
lira! f aald I ubllcalloua to ba at loa.t alxly daya
preyloua lo IL. day of bearlal
roySt5VJt Aillm Coinnil..!." of K"ul.
n V 8 HxiiiaaiH'. Orrira, I
a. i i n,'w'Pi K July 1, in. I
BaUll J ntilllliallla Will 1,1. raaa A, I ai..l f.- a I.. I
slxned until uoou of Monday, July 3t, lsmt, fortbo
follow lug material for repair of Uawtgu Pior
1M"V!! Canada Pint rjuiber, eat-h20fet long
and 12 inches bguare, awed -..
-1'i0iVkKiJ Viw fl'obor, each JO feet lung
and 12 io.hosstiaarc, sawed
liUkegi Uiirdub'sWroug! ttplkr, Olneli
100 Curds S tuna f.ar orl t. tlll'
l-ill,w.,,lu,! Mvendoii lh UnlUd Stale
"dV.",a ft!. vb'tMon Novi-mUrl,
!?? ifUi",,ik" 'i? bm United State storehouse, at
the pier, befure b-pteiuber I. imfl n,. "no Tn
? "wi " ' ' " w0,a terr9 J"a'F
.U'deaiidconlrueuiolta mural furiach el..
Dlanki and lurtl.er InrormstloB may bo ob.
tained from lb undersigned.
iVM4 (0' f El"lu,'rndlJl Col U A

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