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I published every aaorBiag (laBiar XMp.cd'j'br
W, J, If car sear, aerthoeal corner Teeth aad D
treela, freatlag FensarlvaaJaaveaae, nadUfer
alb4 U'Mhcrtbr t,rarrlr) et0atsr
Kali abscribers, HOC ur "asm AIM fee sit
utfithi Aid 1 M for three tata, I aw-fa f m
Auction Safety
IBM, ana1 remrdedMa
UberltMH, folio JS, lB.d I til
ei, 01 in
blBfWa.l shall
iinii rero ier ia veaaiy 01 n 1
rWasblBgWs.B shall
ih premie, loa
of July alt,at fix
I IT. 1SbJ 1. iBBttb.
it a peniie hiii in iroai
WIUH&SUaV. the Mh day
til t poMle; sale, la Treat
Wiunuilll. Laa Wtk da 1
'clock p. m , Lot! BUioberodlT, 18 and 19, tab
dlvletoaor 4nrafkreA NA. .WfetbetwUh the
balldtBga. Terat of salei enab, Allex-peaee of
jmcua " ikimpi a, ini vi ,av rare . um
nnnareo sonar will MmiirM uMpimggii
to bla) tbt uli. DAKMKT V AHrU.IT, r
Cniar 4vABTiUiTift' Orricg,i
Distbict or Haw Mssico,
IAbva Fa. W M . Jo a . lwa. ),
Seeled proposals, la iMpllcate, wlllba received
at thUofflce until llo'elockaooo, WOflDAY, Jal
V, 13b8, Kt tbo deltTf ry of . -
swtojM of Jiar at fort Afarcy Baata , pw
t,lH ton ol 87 atTortUatoB, IVew Mexico,
J73 ' TorPMOOBl,
173 I' !. FortlHrard,
rortCemmlBrs, " .
fort Garland, Colorado
Camp l'lamaier. Hi Maxleo.
M orttfldB, "
' fort Wlngat. aRbo
. r tit of Old Fort Lyon, Now
Ola ial
Tbe liar to bo of goodqaeTtfr,
onad. frafrm
perfectly cared 3.UjO
Twinnda In cnnaldarad , la
Tli liar tobecnldarjag oeh month a may t
directed by the officer of the U. M Departmental
Ilia reepectlve poets, aad delivery to eoinmenee a
00a aa the Hay la cat aad cared, aad tobeeom
plotod on or before October 10
The liar nail bo properly atacbod la nch qnan
tinea aid at ancbplaooa aa mar bo dlroctod If Uto
oMowaof thou H Depart moo I at U10 roapwtilvo
poala, aad aalud (If dlrarUd) wallo boiaf aUckcd
tboCt. H furnUktac aall.
noAitUothokladof flarlotondod
to bod
llforodt wbolbor of bottom, irauia, orolhrr
(raaa.aaa poraoaa anbmttUac bid (wrmoroibaa
nam puaii win maao ooparaio mii nr raan.
l'ropoaala will bo reaelTcd for aor qoaatltf ltaa
than tbo wholo aoodod at Bay ono pot
Tlio aanat roqalroiaoata meat bo obaerTtd la mak
log propoaalat aad tbo uadaralfood roaorroa tlio
ri(Ul iv rrjt ci 107 er an uiun irvara nnrTKaaaauta,
Ula.ak DrnBtMala tohaDroDorlr flllad no and mi a 1.
mar. bo bad apoa application to tbo oOcor of Ua U
U. Prpartmaat at oltbar of tbo poata moatloaod or
Dlddon ahoala bo protest ts porcon or br repro
muUUtob at tbt opealoc of tho propoaala
Addroaa propoaala to tbo nadaralf ad at Kaata
Tt, aad wndorao oolopo ' l'ropoaala for Hay at
Brl. Moat. CoL and QoartormaauV,
Cklcf QaartormaaUr.
PoaT OtriOB DlPABTHIMTt Juno , UW8
rroiwaaUwIllboroetlTodaBMlUm. of Jalfti,
noxt. it fnrniablag 1'oalago blampa fwratamivf
lllddorv will atato tbo prtttportboutaad blampa,
dallrtratSUIapackagea of ton tboaaaad oaab, at
tbo roatl0leolparmeutla Washington
AUo. the- prleoporihoaaaodln altiiktarpackacea
dillTormblo to tho afoatof tbo Urpartmout at tbo
Alaot tbo prlco per tboaaaad dalWered la larger
pMkafra.na required either at tho OepartuitBtvr
plaoauf manofaetnro. ...
Alao. tko prlao por thoaaautl aoparatod la inch
qnantftloaaaiaar oodallr ordered for theme of
poatotflcea. Deverlaal tbaa two boodred staiupa,
aad aecnrelr packodla tlncaaea. aullable Madera'
board boxea, with mualla or otuar oqaallr atroac
covora,orln anltabbj enrelopea. aecordlac to tlio
qnaoUtraad dluao to bo conveyed, aa may bo
required by tho Ucpartmeat. atattor tho dlffareaoe.
If aor between tho coat of delivery to an agent at
tho plaoo of tnanofactaro and at Waahlugfon, 1.
C. All aacn package, before mailing to bo re
axkinlaed aad recounted by an agent of tbla De
partment. Ulddera will alao giro tho additional coit for
directing packagea for the mall a and preparlnr
blank receipt 1, under tbo direction of an agent u(
tko Department) either at tho Department or uann-
Propoeala mnat bo made for tbo Stampo In theet,
porfecllr gammed, and perforated la each inanimr
that each aeparata Utampcaa bo readily detached
and naad.
Tbo deuomlnatloua of Slampx now In nao are ono
eeaUtwo cent, three centa, flro oenta, ten eonta,
twelve centa, lfteen aonta, tweotrfoar centa,
thirty cent", aad ninety cental aad nreceaU, ten
enU, and ftfleon eenta for periodica la The auper
fleea of the periodical Btaiop will bo about ten tlraca
that uf tho lettorbUmpa On all of the Hiampa the
de&omlaatton moetiotlreu dlatluctly, la flgnrea
aa well aa lettera, and tbo wholo work tnuet be ex
ec a lad la the beat atyle
The btawp lunatbe prepared In aucti a manner
that any attempt to remove them from a letter or
Jacket will ao mutilate them aa to rouder tnem ni.e
Me bptcial propo$alfor Stnmpi on inbvtied ptt
per, as now fa , art Invited
Tbo whole namborof blampefarnUhcdto tbo De
Krtment during the year ending the 3uth of Jane,
From paat experience It la auppoaed that tie
number of packagea mailed will average above
two hundred dally, varying In alio from two half
afUr xjwaiampa, p m mi bju am latMi
Kaeh bid la
a to bo accompanied with a opeelmen
of the atyle of engraving aad quality of the paper
to be farnlahed. which will be anbmftted to eomoa.
tentperaon( toboooloctedbr the Poatuaater U en
era 1. for e lamination 1 and tbo accepted bidder,
before the float aoaaumtoatloa of a contract, will
fie required to prepare dealgaa and furalab proof
lapreaalona of ute eagravlaga of tbe aevorai do
aoralBatloaaof atampa There ahould be variety
In tbo aliee aa well aa tbo dealgaa of the atampe.
Upeelmeaa of board aad
miu ua ihiih and tar an
aof etampemuet alao beaubmlt-
by uualla or other oevere la tho moat effectual
manner agaloet wet or abraalon
The contract will require all diet and plalee to be
prepared and kept la repair, aad that new dlea and
plaiea aball be made, either for the prowut do
nomlnatlonaof etampa or ethere, without charge.
at ino pieaaart 01 me vepartmenit and an audi
dlea aad platea are to be the properly of Ike United
state for the aervlcoof tbt Foel OAlee Deparlueut.
Nil tilil will ha eunaiderivl intot frmu narllna
who have been actually eegagod in tho bualueaa of
o ipper piate printing ano, aieei eograviug, auu are
thue engaged at tbe time of bidding, and who are
occupying ealuble Aro-proaf premleea, and pro
vided with all the neceaaary facllltlea to execute
tho work promptly, aad give tbe requisite protec
tion to tbe etaupe, dlea, aud platea In their poaaea
aloa. Partlea not known to tbe Department will furaUb
proof aa to theao putal with tbolr bide
Tha HmtmnUr Oaaatal reaarvaa tha rlalit nf !
cldlug Which bid, lu lta practical reaulta may bo
moat to tbe iBtereatof the Department, bavlag ruf-
erenoe to the atyle of the Work, aecutlty, niwdeuf
packing, Ao , a well a to lb tenna, aud almiof
la rants uf tha Denartmant raan Ira ft
rejecting aay or ait uiub, it in ma juugmoni til m
Propoaala ahould bo carefully aealed, aud marked
'Pr)jiMaUfor Pontage tttaupe," aud addreaaed to
the Third Aaalalaul PoMtmater Oonrl
JeJJ Ftt Poatmair Ueaeral
U,8 EKaixBBB'AOrrtiK, )
TOBTLABO, Ml , Julr, 1W8. f
Propoaala will be receive 1 at tbla wiaoe until Up.
in , on UONDAY, the th Inataat, ror dredging
ttJ.UOU cubic yarde, moro or loaa. aeir tbe middle
ground," ao a to obtain a depth uf twenty feet at
iuaa low Mater
llie work ruuet bo com me need aa aoou a prac
ticable aftor lu approval of Die ceutract, aud bo
couMod but lator than tbo MOth of November
next. The material eicavalod (which boring In
dicate to be aoft mud) la to bo depoaltudlu local I
Ilea not caecedlngtbroeCOinllo Indlataueo from
the work, to bo dealgnated by tho engineer U
Ulddera will elite th ttrlea uar ruhla var.l r -
ravatlon, aa mi aaured In tho eoowa, Includlug aUo
tbo removal uf tbo material to tho locallilea doalg
oated PaynienU will bo mad monthly) twcnli por
tout to be reaerved then-fr.nn until the whole work
la aatlafactorlly completed, and to bo forfeited lu
iiviirui ui mi uu luiiiiiuau, wi iuo contract la
the time and manner required
fbenuderalvued reaervea tho rlebtlo retartall
bid which, lu bt up u lou, are not favorable to
m uuTrniuuti aiau lu oiu 01 aur iioraon wuo
tlur 1 rcaaoa to hellne will not faithfully and
promptly perform the contract
1'eraona detlrlug to mak prultoaal are reqnoaled
to call ua th undoraUuod at tbla uDlcv, lu Murlou
Block, Cougreaa Ureal, for forma of aamo, and fr
luorodetlnliolufgrmatlouir dealrodi and on Iran
for Jirajgiug la lo?llfud Harbor "
. ... tlKOUaETHOM,
JnlO d Hvl Brig Pen , U M A
Uritbd State Patimt Orriog,
Ob Iho Million pfABBKB Whitblbt. formerly
of Hprkngfleld, Ohio, now of Platte county, ilia.
aourl, praying for the ezteualou uf a patent
grantod to him the lBth day or September, ISM.
for an Improvement In Giala aud OraaalUrvvatera.
for aeven year from th azplratlon of aald patent,
which take place on th lihh day of Soptember,
law i
It la ordered that th aald petition be beard at
tbo Patent Ufflce on Monday, tne Slat day of
Auguatnext.at 13 o'clock la i and all peraonaare
nolldad toappearandbowcauae,lf auy tbey have,
why aald petltioa ought sot to be grauud
Pvraoaaoppoalng the exteneion are required to
Ale iu tbePateniOmo their objection, apeolally
aet forth In writing, at Uaet lueitfi day before
the day of bearluKl all teatlmouy Sled by either
party, to, ba uaed at tbe aald hearing, iuut be
lakon aad trauamltted In accordasee with th rule
of th office, which will be farulahdon appllca
ilopealllona andothor paper, relied upon aa teatl
mony, tuual be Sled In the olllce t woiii day ho
fore lb day or bearing) the argument. If nr.
wltbta Un day after tllag the teatlmouy
Ordered, alao, that tbla notice bopubllabed lu
th HerpeucABeod the fHttlliffenctr, Waahlng
toa, D. C and In the binning LhroulcU. Cin
cinnati, Ohio, once a week ror three aucienalve
week i thaflratof aald publlcatlona to be at lea t
alxty day pravloa to th day of bearing
Jllf-WSt Actloi OomffllislOBtr Of Wteati.
I , l'.?l ,'', ,. I ... I, . ,,
rTiepoailaf ,?
WoJtaeaeoaed. atralgbl. aad of good elao. fof Bee
10 Open flre-plaeo, aad mo it be delivered aad
Blacked for Inspection and meaanremaat la front of
"7 veperimcniDBiiuiBfoDr mm srnui Dtp
tembernexc. T .' M .
Ttat Coal taoatbo of tho boot while aeh Aalbrx
flWi Ofg Blte.Xtil poaadi ao tbo ton, aad delivered
by tke let of Heptembef next, bo folio va t
100 toaa at the N avx Department.
j twea ac ine aavat uoaervawryi
0 toaa at tne Uydographlcal ODee. corner of
DO too a at the llydorapblcal
Eighteenth a treat aad Jew York a
m Acbtix.Tixab, Jplri. IMA f
Sealed pTOpoeali, wbleh matt bo la triplicate.
With a eopr orthla advertleemeBt attiehedtwlll be
reeelved at thla o9ae(Btll 11 'eleek. boob, ob
JiONDAT, tbo 1Mb day of Aagaat, IMS, fot or
BlebiBf IKIIU ilMKrto tbe United, &Ut(i troopa
atallABHdalUie follow la bIamb la lha liimtriri at
Pilot Ofov. Oftyion eonalrf
lilpbur lprlags,lf opklaa ooaatff
Dallaa, Da laaeonalr.
Thaaa aaalranta akall aniaiauM in II11 UI Ji f
September, 19, aad ead m the Slat day of Decern-
rl.Uui akn . r.. 1.1..- it.i w-i 1...
than QUO poaada art each, ahall bo delfvered la
Sua) proportloBaof fore aad bind quarterajsecka
aukt, and kidney tallow to be excluded.) 1b
each quanmlea aa aball from time to tlnib-e
Sulredfor the troope, and ob each day aa ehali bo
Mlgaated by the eounandlag o nicer of tho pwata
Tho Beck or the cattle olaughteredror Beef tu be
delivered UBdertboao ooatracteakall bo tut on at
tbe fourth vertebral joint, and tbe breaat trimmed
downi tbeahaBkaor fore quarter ahall bo cut otf
from three to four lacbea above the kneo Joint, and
of bind qaarlera from alx to eight Inchea above tbo
gambrelurheck Joint ,
Payment will bo In audi fundaBaara ftaralalied
by the Government for thai purpoae, No proposal
win ueenteruinrnnnieaaiaeiotiowing epeciDca
tlona are compiled with t
rlrat, tPropoaal Tha ahdertlcued hereby agree
loemtar lato a eoatraet.haaail nn tha urnmninilni
advertlMmeBt.toaapplyall the freab beef required
for the United State troop atatloaed at , for
four moatha, commencing September 1, IMS. and
ending December Jtl.lWtt, at oeBtaaad
toigaaiare - - - ,
f ". la the county of , aad Stale of.
tbemaelvea to eater Into bond, In lb penal earn of
ooetliouaanddollara, lawful currency or the Uni
ted State, that will faithfully folfll any con
tract made by him or tttem, under the accompaay
In cad vertlae meat
ito b algaed by two aureUea.
Signature of aurcllee - - -',
ThlrdTha nrrnnlar lillllv nt I ha niw na
tlea propoalng. a&d of the partlea guaranteeing. If
Unknown In Lha au.laraliruaJ. lanii Im ijirilflail t.
by the clerk of the court or record, or by aomo ro
eponalbl peraon well knowu bi the Uovornuent
roorlh The propoaal niaat he accomoanled by
BB aUdavll. aettlaa- forth that the nartv makaa lha
propoeal fa good faith, and bae no laWreat (direct
ui luutrvcii any outer prupoaai unuer iue accom
pauylogadtfrtlaemenl.BBd haa nfver knowingly
defrauded u Uoveramrat of tho United btatea
Avery inuiviauat couoerne
tnn.l aim hla nwn aama.
a propoaer or aurety
No blda from ageala will be entertained
cent Sea tee, aDdavlla, Ac , mnit be
made ta triplicate
separate bl
lde moat be mad for each poet to bo
blanks ror nroaAaalaaa J earrilaa eanlia nlla1nil
on application at ibla oboo.
TbeuBderaigaed reaervea tb right to reject aay
or all blda, for proper caua.
By order of
Chief C 8 Dlat ef Texa.
let U. eth rcg U, 8. cay,, Depot A. C. S
AaaUTAXT QCAtTfBM ahtbb' Orricx,
Sealed propoaala will ba received it tbla utile
uuiii i u oioca m , 01 menu maiant, ror ineue
livery at tbla depot of the following artlelei, vlii
lUQfoue bnndredl Morte Uruaboa, each.
bofgftrlpouada Block Tie, per pound.
16(iblriy-alx)Lhat Locke, per dor en.
vdUhirty-alx) Doak Locke, perdoiau
lU)(ou haudred) Door Locka and Knoba
13 (twelve! hick lee, each.
Itt (twenty-live) galloae Alcqbgl, per gallon
nuii uvuaaa uuiii) ywr pvaau.
luuione eenareu; pouaoa Lii
AW til to hundred) llaad-aaw
Caatlle Soap, per pouud
a lion, eaaorled, lvr
11 (twelve) CarpenUr'a Pnclla, per doion
St (twenty-four) bey tbe atone, each.
ttii&Itri Stable h rounie, each.
1U0 (one hundred) Torn yrooiaa, pordoieu
luoioue hundred) W. W. Druahee.each,
U(!wntrfour) Paiat Drnphea, each.
ftD(Aftr) LanipLhlmuera, No 2, perdoieu.
4 (tour) Orln fatouea and Flztuna, each.
11 (twelve) Uarden Uoe, each
(alx) Scythe Uaealhea, each
W(OftIpouBda( hrorae Yellow, per pound
OU (ortr) lwunda Chrome Ureen, per pound
00 (Ifty) pouad Patent Dryer per pound.
IX) (three hundred) pouud Axle (J rrae,per pound.
U (fifty) pouud e Qtue, lrUb, per pound.
A(aix) Side Drldle Leather, pr ide.
JWJ (two baadrod) pound Uaroeta Leather, per
J,0u0(two thouaand) poaud White LeadLwl,
per pound
1.0U0 (two thouaa&d) pound Cut NalU, lOd, ir
l,flut (AfteoB liuadred) pound Cut Nalla. 8J, por
1,000 lone tbontand) pound Cut Nalla, lid, per
1 (twot barrel Coal OIL nor iilbn
3 (three) barrel Ltnaoed oil. raw, par gallon.
1 (two) barrel Lloeed Oil, boiled, per gmllou
vati ua, ivi cwiui vii, h saiiuja
ami oarrtii namiiNii uu.
Neatafoot Oil, per gallon.
iitiii wii, itsr gallon.
rail I niinnda Vnllv. miMtiaJ.
)(U (one hundred) noon J lllack 1'alni. MM.mn.l
V(twenty-ttve) pound Ueup Twine, heavy, pr
1 (two) barrela Turpentine, per gallon
10 (ten) gallon Copal arniafa, per gallon,
o (live) pound Black Wax. per pound
10 (ten) rouad Meddler' Thread. nernonnJ
Propoaala from dealer lu the dlffereut article
apecided are Invited Tho article maelbeof the
beet quetitv ufa)ect to a rigid Inspection, and
Inn.l 1.. .I.lln.b..l l.lll.l. .1 .1.... . 11.- .. 7 .
uui, in mm ii Jl 1IUIH Bia uajavi WW ai
I aiceit-
auce oi ma ptoihhhii
llv nrdae uf Uravat Ilrlr Han J C. Ul.an
Deputy Uuartertnaater Orueral U. t) A Chief
Quartortuaater Depot of Waahlogton
Jyll td Dvt Col ind A 0 M , U B A
1KU1'0SAU' kUK Ukhlhill'NU UHlfhU
SEALED l'ltUPuSALU, euderaed "Propoaata for
furuialiing United blatea Army I
received al the once of the undai
nuppliua," will b
ralaned until 1J in.
i flUAY.lUeJUluOay tl
Ir.lSilfi. f.irminnl..
to the Puala In the Harbor uf lfoatou, vli t Porta
IndriMndaucaaiiil Warren. indWilfilnun Immtr
i aittriow u, waaa . auu, 10 uuictb ui iue army bia
tlond In Uoaton, 11 aa , Fuel, urage, and Ntraw,
la tbe following proportion, monthly audquar-
Thirty cord a of Hard Wood, more or lea, per
Twenty-Are hundred and flfty-flvo pound of
Twenty utuohuud red audr-lglity pouuda ofllir,
Twenty-two buudrod aad alxteeu pound of
Straw, monthly
SeventT-Avaeordaof Hard Wuo J. Id lm dullvara.l
ou or before September 3), 1S08.
filxly-lx hundred pouad of Oati, dellverod
quarterly, or aa may be required
quarterly, ur a may be required
Adevoa tliouaaud piuud ul Straw, dellvertd
quarterly, or M may le required
Slitoeu hundred and twenty pound Oat, de
livered quarterly.
Thirty -four hundred aad uluvly.tHo pound a
Straw, delivered quarterly
i,aX) pouud Anthracite Coal, o bo delivered
J.H-A) pouuda Oata, (ob delivered monthly
4.KW pound Hay, to be delivered momhly
J,Wiouudt(lraw, lobe delivered monthly
'1 ho fuel aud forage required lu Boatou to bo do
Hvered lu audi paruof the city aa may be doajg.
bated. That for alerlown Araenal aud tbe
Forla lu the Harbor of Do ton to theolUcereoftli
Quartormaattir Dcparlmontat tbo atatlou re
epeetlvely All or th above artlcU to be of a good mer
chantable quality lu !b cm of wood, oak to b
tho taudard, aud a eord to conalat uf Id cubic
foot Iheaocplle tobe delivered n herein autej
uuder tbe order aud dlrectlonaof theunderalgaed
Contract to bo executed With a boa I feigned by
two reaponalbl partlea a Huretlea
Ulda for aupplylng the eutlr amount of each ar
ticle apeclfled above will be received
The right of rejecting any aud all bid I re
erved, if they are found to be exhoibltaut ur ob
jectlenable, rayment win tie man a montniy or quartan, aa
lbs ani pile are delivered. if E CLAHV,
jvj ta
AaalatenlQ Al Ueu
urncx or DuBvaaigu Clxbk axd Sif't, t
. . July la, lhij (
Stilled Propoaal will be received al thl utlU
Until thoHlat tuai.. far lliu Jllvrv ami iinmia uf
W loua (J.IW lb 1 best AMTHRAL1TE WlHTE
ASH LUAL, large furnace alio.
CO tons 1.m lb ) beat RED AbU COAL, grate
lUcorda OAK WOOD, aeaeoutsl
) eord 11 NM WOOD, boat baker', seasoned
Average bbiup.c oi uuat must aicompouy c
lh Oak Wood to be aavail In lliroa Unslli
Htkll. an. I nlla.l Ii. lli.b.nli.. ..1 ... 1... .lll.r.
i u il iiui,aiuiuvivii
iu biidu Huaoii.ina na mnr ue required
dy airectioa oi tuv luatuaatr Ueneral
Jrl33t DUlunlBS Clerk and SuperlaUadtut.
J a v
- .ttflvvniaiaVBti. ialvli ltli
la 1 naaii !! iiIiiim-I 1 ' Iff T tmTYMf
tj ortho flavy, foe a applying: tho Navy
meat WUb eat haadrod and iny cordiof
od tad two bo od red and flfty toae of in
tCoo.li will b tie1rd viarll boob of the
or J ULX laataaCv Tbo propoaala Htn ' do
rate.i t'iv or T - ,
iiWaAJ rnaal beef the tut lUtrof Oik
.. ,WInei.
If r T M ItTllM wit gr dtnfalar, tlf Ul
Carn.r of Klatti kb4 1 lrMlJ( nJ 11 UlUt f
ii:rkins, ntebn a com
Call for ala Whit Wine aa aciepUbloaccumpabl-
ueniiotneir aianer.
CLKROTKIN dealrlng a PURB and agreeaVo
win for Oommaaloa purpoae will And all they
ould wUhtn
HenrT Krai, lata ehlaf ehamlat In tba DeBarlmant
of Agriculture, baa Juat mad a critical aualyala of
tbea Wine, at our aped a 1 requeal made In order
that we might bo reaaaarod In regard to them aad
rrporta Ucm
' family ai
Surgeon Ueueral of the United btatoa, together with
the aumerona other erldencea of their parity pre
aeoted during thopaatelght year, baa eouvlucud
ua that thee are
now before tbo pablle
i or aaia in any neairea quaniuiea it
Orocer. corner fllnth endletreeU,
Builderi and Material.
Marble Monuments,
Tha fpnnnil an iahljh n tiiartit irl 1m allaalil
having been Bold, and coBtomplallug removing bo
fore tholatvf February next. I offer my larce aud
well aolected atwk of UAKBLK M(iNUU.NTK,
UHKATLV REDUCED PKIChS from tbla dale.
K etreet between blxth and Seventh.
WiaitixuToit, July. U.ISU) JjU-U
A larg and full atock of MAKBLK MANTELS, t
new deaiguand eupeiior nnlah, for aaln I w al
mkSl Corner Fourteenth and 0 at.
liu.UOUit Quality of While Pine Steam Kiln
urieo iumner
AOO-im Baiieoe I.aiha
SJU.UUO feel ef White Tine and Sprue Scantling
iaw, iit iivkii, HBiuioca, DDBiiia, nana,
jolat, Ae , Ae , Juit received aud for eat at our
wuari, lout i oeveata atreei.
del 461Nit;htrt, bet FdV.
Hotels and Restaurants
UAi.i.Ann unTKT..
The beat accommodation lathe city of Ulehnioud.
Uonra Heilucecl to VS Per Day
Ihlaelogantoalabllahmentla anrpaaaed by n no
luthecouutrr. JOHN P lULLAllD.
JylJ-lf Proprietor, Richmond, a
Flrt-claaa Boarding, with all the comfort of a
aold ) Board 4J per day, Itcitalur moutlily board
era m rvuucnii rate utj a ii
WABlbT0B, m. g.
Thla Honaala antlrelr new. cUreDtlrf arnlahaJ.
and flppllodwltb water aad t,a thruogbout It
aUo cob Ulna auiierb Billiard aud Bathing Uooua
Uoutna ou th 11 rat and aecuud Baara raaarvad
xciB4iveiy ior iranaiout gueaii
urn ii lanasi v-vou ilh vii,
UttWMDUinlH.No 17
PatlleuUr alteatlon paid to Hoarding llorae
Larei. atrv and com for table atablaa The nronrla.
tar ia wall tnann aiaueof tha hat frnJitra lu thla
uiatrttL. uwuvt ot poor nor cau aava mew
fattened and well cared for
UAKKUUka can be nao at all boure ror l'artie,
Wadjtaye, aud F.nneraTa JaU-tf
WabuIhutiib. Jim l. lajJ
On the petition of Abm Wixtkb, of Itoudoul.
N. ., adulnUtratrlx. andWibiiAH Wimriio?
LI hCiU limit. ailtnlnlatridiiF nf lha nalala nt
Archibald Winter, deceaaed, praylug for the ex
lenalonof apatent granted to the aald Archibald
patent, whUh take placuuntho lath day of biri
ituioer. I ago.
It la ordered thai Ibe aald Polltlon be beard at tbe
Pateut Office ou AIUNDAr, the liih day of Sep
tember next, at It o'clock, m t and all perauu
are notlfled to appt-ar and a bow cau an. If any
lby have, why aald lelltlon ought not to bo
Fereonaoppoalng the exteuai n are required lu
Die IB Ilia rkwui vuii luvir uujviiiuur, wi.ihii j
mony, muatbo nledlu tUeoiace(.tf daya before
tbe day of hearing) tbo argument, if auy, wllblu
ln day after flllug the teatlmouy.
Ordered, alao, that thla both, bo publUbod In Hie
Aivwviicii'i aud iue tHittugrncer, niauiuiiuiii
U V, . aud In the At lit m. 1bw iiirk. N .
ooce a week for three aucieaaite week) the Orit
oi aald puuiieaiion urn ai leuaiaiaij uaya )i
vloua to tbe day of hearing
A 01 Dt UU,
JyB.WSt Acting CommUaiuner of 1'ateat
WAamai.To. Julr au. lhdi
Ou tho petition of Jdlr Dkdaitvais, of Wow
York.N Y , exeautorutthoeatateuf Utor Dphu
mout, deceasod, pray lug for the extenalen nf .
Saleut grautod to the aald tctor Beaumont, tho id
ay of uctuber, l&M, for an Improvomeut In Steal i
Oauge, for avea yeara from Ibe ef tlratiou of sa d
talent, which takea pUce uu the 3d day of Octubi r,
It t ordered that tbe said petition be heard at tbo
Pateut Uinta ou WOW DAY, the 14th day uf Septem
bor neat, at 12 o'clock, m tandnllperBona are notl
lied to appear and show cause. If auy tluybave,
ny aaia pennon ouguc uoi to uo granieo
Pi rsonaoppoalng tbe extension are required to Ale
In tbo Patent OfflcB thete uhiaettou. aiwilallv
forth In writing, at least fioeNfvdT before th duy
of bearing t all testimony tiled br either party, tobe
Hii a. iue saia nearing, muai ue inaeu auu iraut
atit liaarlni
ml tied In accordance with the rules of the ulllce,
wnicn win uo lurnianea un appucatiou
Depoaitluua aud other paper, rellod upon aa tea
tliuouy, muat be filed lu the once twenty daya W
foro Iheday or hearing) the argouieut. If auy, with Ai
tin day after filing the teatlmouy
Ordvred, also, tuut tbla u ittce bo pabllahed la tliu
RBroBLlCAB Bud the iiffUfffennr, Waablngtou,
D O , aud la tho Atla. Now York, N Y , tuic a
week for three aucceaaivo wetkt thoflratuf -wid
Acting Commlaaloueruf Patuuis
James R. Trlay.)
i.Ti . MK8 Equity Dockets
Rita Trlay J
Aabpry LloyJ. Truate la Ihlscaaae, hsvlur ro
ported that b Lad aold part uf lota (No 4.) lu
square llNo taj) with tbo Improvements to Daulel
KwHng.fort.82fl and part of 1-t (No 3) la square
(No b7) with the improve meat a, to John X liar
roll for Al.Wit (being tbe aame properly deecrlbcd
In the proceeillBga.) puranant to the decree, au I
that the aald Bawling aud Harrell had compiled
with the tarsia of aula
It I thla Ul day erJuiie.A D , 1958, ordered by
thoCourttlk-U tho said sale be, and the same arJ
urreuy rati sou auu couarmeu uniea cause to Ibe
c intrary lealiowuooor before tbe 14th day ur July,
)ijyi provided a iupy ur thla order be publlabid iu
th Nation A i. Ukplulicam once a week for throe
ucoeaalva week before aald day.
A true eopy-tt , A B OLIN. Justice.
U.J, Uiiya.CUrk 'Ueit-wiw
OflctN. K corner of Heventh and F street,
rill practice before the United State Supreme
aad Circuit Court, Bad gtv prompt attention to
Land, iBtcraat Havana, aad Patent Offlc bual.
neia Kcferoacee i Hon. Henry Wllaoo, lion.
Jeine U. Doollltle. Hon. William P. Feaaenden,
aad Hob. John U. lire d head. uyU-Sia
Jbbibiam i. Blicx,
WiBb H. LiHox, . C. F. Black.
BLArV, LAafON, & CO,
rricai xo. UiotriaiAMA atbxui, ibak cobbbb
"Prepare attl nTto? legiIdMnratitii, Mrtmi
Leaeea Deed. Will. PoWtof Attorney. Land
lord and Tea ant Notice. Ae , Ac
r i'ariicuiarBiteaioBgiveBiotnOiieciioBot
Debu and Claim. aolo-ll
Watchea and Jewelry,
1A.O. HOOD. No SM Pannivlvaal avenne.
dealer In Gold and Silver Walchea, DlAUONDs,
one uoiu janiLai, boiiu Oliver ware, spec
tacle, UperaOlaaae, Pocket and Table Cutlery.
Uaiora. Kelaaora. Gold and Kilvar TLItttblea and
every variety of Silver-plated War. Ac at tbe
vtt iiwmi pnraa ,,,,,, "h
No. 271 PenBylvaaUaTBB,btweeBTenthnd
Eleventh a treat , south side.
Uookaelegaatly orplalnly bound. Periodical
aad Newipaper carefully attended to
Pianos and Muiic
?Slri anoi
myd tflf AaTSecuud kloor Ti
Oas Fixtures,
7 to our regular bualueaa of PlumbLfig and Ua
rilling, uitiiou auu mini u m i,ii ou iwauvui
at Nu ItL NlnlhatrMl. betweeii U and V. atnia.
adjoining Union Hall, where may be found tie
largeat auu moat complete aaaorimeutui
la the city, at prleea to olt atl
Nob. 77 and Ul Ninth atreet,
JyM-tf between D and K atreet
Heal Cstate Agents.
Directly opposite aoutb wing of the Capitol,
Capitol Hill
CHOICE nUILDINQ LOTS, on Capitol Hilt, for
aale on moutbly payment.
HOUSLi) aad LuTa In all part of tbe city ror
aale and ront Jy7-tr
Commission Merchants.
33. Xj. "SPjOtSST dti Co.,
NI u tli Ntroot Iflmrf.
Veaaala iiulo-Adoil with dlattntcli
Aiuplo warchoui accommodation.
Cor, Hew York Ave. and Fourteenth Street,
carefully compounded
With Ntrlclly I'ure afcillctiiCR.
Ketnconatantlr In store a general aaaortmeut of
riuai-tLtss u itiiuoi iiiiciiiuaijo, jiir.i'i
Wi.uiviiTna. jiina i? 1-dJl
Oil Ihanntltljn of JoML V Kvhlii. of l'lltaburv.
Pa . prayiug ror th extenaton of a patent granted
to him the Aith diy of bi ptembcr, lbo4, for au im
provement tu PUtform Seal, for aeveu year from
the eguiratlon of aald lwtent, which Uku 1 lace ua
the iWlh dy of beptouber, IMS -
It la urdered that tbe said petition be hoard at tho
Pjfnul lltttiui mi UltNIIAV. Ilia 7lb dv uf k.m.
toiuber uext, at lio clock, hi aud all ixraou are
notlued to appeur and ahow cauae, If any Iboy huve,
uliv audi iii.iitl.iu aiivht nut In lui n rDtd
Prouaopuatug the ox tension are required to file
la the Pateut Olfico their objeclious, apeclally t
.'urth lu writlug, at least twenty day before tbo
uy ui urariug I au lea.iiuuuy uieu ur euner iMriyi
to le uaed at (lie auld hearing, munt be takiuu
Irauaiiittted lu accordance with the rult s uf the ollU(
which will befurulsliMlun appllcallou
DoiKiaitlouaaad uther riaiiers. relied nnon aa t oa
ti a my, must In tiled lu the office tumuty Ja) a l)ffore
tne Jay of liearlugi the argumvnta. if any, witblu
u aaya atter Uluig luu teatlmouy
Ordered, alao, thut tbla notice be pul llshod In
thitirt)uitoA(i aud the Ixtttiipettcrr, Wanblug
toe, D. C aud iu tho i'oet, Pitlaburg. Peuu ,
ooce a wetk for tbreeauccvaaltowevkBt the flrat uf
Held publication to bo at leaat sixty days previous
to th day ur hearing A M STOUT,
J3 F1w Acting rouimlawlonwr ur Patent
WlaillK.iTntt. Jul I. lhU
On tho ixtitinu of OAHbatta H tiiciHiKTr and
Pail 1 bwkuT, of llurllngton, erioout, pra)loir
forthooxlousluuof at ateut grunted to I bom llmfitU
day of Liecointier, l"CH, tor an improvement in uveu
the aald netitlou La lipard at tint
Pnteut Olllco ou Mouday the IU h day of Novouibur
next, at li o clock in t aud all reraouaaro uotl
ueu ii miHir ana iiowciuiv.iiiariu
Why said petition ought not to be grauted
Piraons opnoslmr tho exleualon are renulred to
Ilia In tlii pHiMit llftlco their oliieLtloua. bdmImIIv
set forth lu writlug, at leaat twenty dare before
the day or htarlugt all leatlinouy tiled byultbtr
party, to bo ued at luo ald i livarlug. muat te
ieo irauriiniiru iu biv huhuci- m iiu iuc rmes
olllcf, Ml'lcii win to lurutauuu ou appllca
Depoaltluii nud oiIk r pa porn, relied upon as tt a
tliuouy, muat bt ttltd In lhuulcofioe(i diiy bo
orw iu uay ui imimii v iiiuuiviiH, ii uuj,
wllblu fm da) after tilmg the loatliuouy
Ordered, aian, that this notice bepubllahed lu tho
KfcflUllcAX Utd lheB(t(It7tteer, Waabtngtuu,
l L , aud lu the liurllngtou limn, Uurliugloai.
M,. once a wetta lor nine wooksi tne uritoi mmi
pubilcallous to be at Ictial alxty day previous to
tl.dyurieutus- AM bloUf,
jyiU gJW ACiieg c i iinniBinuucr oi au'm
1 R O V O b A L 8
U B bMUlKKKR-aorriCB, I
Citt Hall, Hoxtuji, July ;, lwa f
1'run.iaala will he received at thl ufllc uutil Ibe
loth fnaL, at J P w for the coualructlou or a
liulkbeadaad Jettoc at Uoutu Polut, i'rovluco
towu, mane
ill buiBDeiiki win uu i o.im a. or near tne nuo
f ordinary blab water, with the jettee at polut
hniiiiifM.t m .irl. extend UK thecuform to or ua.r
to low water mark, conatructed similarly lu all
reperla to Ibe bulkhead Uanlf, viz A triple row
uf stake Is to bo planted firmly lu the aaud, tho
Interval both lougliu llua.1 aud transverao bulug
about four fiet Ibe head uf these atakea will bo
lied toKolher by thlu, lough planks, well spiked
nin in.l I hit Intarvala belWOuti liia alakoa irlll lu.
compactly flll.dwllh stone and brub, so iutvr
laci ii auu uiMiaen aa to uiuu win tvarinvr
lha l.miih hF tlm hulk head (not 1 nrliiil i nir t ha
several Jfliee doacrlledf will be aomo tWu leet,
more or less, aud will bo dependent upou the docl
alou ot tho buitluntrlu charge, baswd upon cou
llngcut requlreiueuts appearing lu the progrrtaa or
tho wutk
the blda will ttxpres a prloe por llueal foot men
urod both uu llu-iul the bulkhead aud uf the )ttoes
Uvt Utj.Oou U S A ,Ll Col Lug'rs
iri id
JULY 10, 168.
i i
Fori left Cffrea Kecgil HbIbi
WlDeirAT. JPLT IS. 1SC9.
Mr. Drake called up th bill to BUod ta
Tarloni Acti In relation to lh obtj and ma
rina eorof i which iu amended and tuted.
Mr. WMion lotrodieed a bill ta ridae Ibb
millttrj poBee UbUBmnt of tho United
StaUi. Hfrrd t Com mitt on MUIttry
A rain.
Mr. IIowo Introduced n hill lev till! or er.
tain IocbUobi of AtrtottaraI ColIf lorip
therein deBlcnatad. Referrfd to Committee
on VublJo Land i
Mr. Pomeroy exiled up Iht MM to aril it In
tho oiUblUfamefit of a line of Uainiri from
New York to Karopo.
Mr Coonen eald that there wbj no on who
felt ft deeper tnterert than he In tho establish
ment of American Iloei of oeean itfBmerf.ond
It wbi for thl reaion lhatho oppoied the bill.
lie hollered tbtt tt wee ft dUjraeefol faet to
tbe American Ballon that thero vii not ft lint
of American itrBmert on tho ooedn. bathe did
not think that aid aboaldbo lirenlnthouaa
net provided for LaUrli bill, lie objected to
tho lien that wee established for twentj joan
In behalf of thla oompenr on the Inland and
foreign poetagea of uo country.
Mr, FrHogbntien thought the bill ihonld
commend ltielf to erery ono who felt a pride
In American mall being; oarrled by American
Teiiel Even If tho company fat ltd to pay
Ua bond It would not IdtoIt tbe QoTorn.
inent In any liability or dishonor. Tbe Got
crnment did not euarastoe tbo bond, and
could not ba made liable for them nnder any
Mr Williams laid tho pottage were appro-
Erlated for one purpose in one taction of ibe
111, and for another tmrroie In another tec
Air raiierion. ot a, 11 , saia 11 wouiu do a
fating to thli Government to eitabllih tbla
line of I teamen We now pay tho Canard
line half a million dollar per annum for
poiteg, and the limit to be paid to tbla line
wa 1400.000.
Mr Morrill, of Vt , declared in favor of
gtrlng the subitdy, but did not want any
low coach, and If thete reueli did not go
aa fast at any othera be wanted a prorliion
that tho act thontd be nnll and yotd and th
rubildy eeaie
Tho bill to autborlto tho temporary top
plying of Taeanclei In the Executive Pepait
menU wa returned by tbe Itoute, with a re
fute! to concur In Senate amendment, and a
request for a committee or conference.
The request of tbe House wat agreed to,
and Masir. Trumbull, Edmunds, and Vlck
or were appointed aa the committee.
Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, too red that tbo
nbaldy shall only be for ten year Instead of
Mr. Cunccrf ald aomo of tbe moat (uoeeit
ful Hoc that cronoJ tho ocean receive 1 no
ubilJy. The Inman line never rccetred any
The amendment of Mr, Morrill wa agreed
to aye 20, nay 17
Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, mored that tho
resiel should be of 5,000 tons
Mr Chandler Introduced a bill to eitend
tbe laws of tha United Statea relating to cus
tom, navigation and commerce orer Alaska,
and to establish a collection district therein
lit for red to the Commlttio on Ctmmerce.
Mr. therm an asked to take up tbe concur
rent resolution to fix the day of adjournment i
tut objection wa ina'la.
Tbe pending steamship bill was than laid
oyer, and tbe Indian appropriation blilwaa
taken i
The lollowlog amendment roportod by the
Committee on Appropriation! wee agreed to,
appropriating $10,000 for ibe support of two
manual lator school lor tbe Pawnee
The Chair laid before tbe benate, in re
rpobia to tbe Senate liquify, a Hit of tbe
States which hare eo far rat tiled tbe lTtb
amendment to the Constitution, and alio tbe
resolutions of the New Jersey aod Ohio Legis
lature purporting to withdraw tha assent of
those States. Referred to tbe Committee on
tbo Judiciary.
Mr. Henderson, from tho Committee on In
dian Affairs, reported a large number of
amendment to the Indian bill, which were
generally agreed to
Mr, Sherman, by nnanlmou consent, from
the committee of conference on tbe tax bill,
made a report
Tbe report teitorea tho tax on grape brandy
to tbe aame aa that on other distilled spirit,
provide for th appointment of twenty five
super rising Inspector and twenty fire dettc
tiros by the commissioner of internal rere
nue, tbe suptrrliiog Inspectors to bare tbe
power to tuspond a collector or assessor of
revenue, and report the facta In the case to
the oommliiloner for bis action The metre
vateoi I retained.
Mr. Sherman stated that the tusjor portion
of the Seuate ewendnient were agreed to.
Tha reoort wa concurred In
Th Senate, at 4 P in . went into executive
session, ana alter some time rpem tnertin,
Mr. Iaws. of Mass . i resented tbe cio
dentlals of Jama 11 Gross, claiming to be a
Representative from the Fourth dlitrlct of
ooutn uaroiina interred to tne uoinmiuee
i Elections.
Mr Washburn, of Ind . Introduced a rcso
lutlon for tbe appointment of a committee of
five to Investigate into tiieoxpenauurf oi me
contingent fund of tbe House fur the years
1007 and, 1&O0 Auoptea
Mr Pike, of Maine, from the Committee un
Naval Affairs, reported a bill to restore Cow
mander Cilley, US N , to Iho active list
On motion of Mr Stolen, of Pa , a rcso
lutlon wa adopted allowing tbe Secretary of
tbe Treesury to admit free of duty certain
material imported for tbe erection of a monu
mentat Harrlsburg, Pa, to the memory of
Pennsylvania aoldlera who fell la tbe Mexican
Mr Jutlan. of Ind , asked leavo to offer a
resolution dlrcetlog the Committee on Public
Land to Inaulrs into the expediency of re
Eorllog a bill to eitend the pre emptlon and
omeitcad Ian of th United States over tbe
Territory of Ateska, to oonstltute the same a
land aliirici, aia to proviue ior registers ana
receiver ef tbe land office there, and for
aurveyor general for the Territory
Oblection was made by Mr. Moorheed, uf
Penn . who Insisted upon the regular order uf
Tbo House then resumed consideration of
tbe bill i ending at the adjournment yesterday
alternoon, making apiroprlalton for the
Columbian Institute for tbe Deaf and Dumb,
a motion having been entered to reooniider
the Tete whereby Mr Wasbburne'i substitute
waa rejected
Mr. Garfield, of Ohio, moved to lay tho
motion to reconsider on tbo table, and tbe
Utter motion waa agrrej to yeas 87, nay V)
The question then recurred upon tbe amend
ment submitted by Mr Washburn, of III ,
appointing a commission to hare control of
tho disbursement of mony appropriated by
Congress for charitable purposes in the Dls
tflct of Columbia
Tbe amendment was rejects J yeas, "3 ,
ni. j 71
Mr Washburn then moved to lay tho bill
upou tbo table Rejeoted yeas, 42) nayt IM
(Mr Washburne having Intimated hie purpose
of calling for tbo reading of tbe engrossed
bill, the roll waa calted very slowly so as to
allow time for the bill to bo engrossed ) Th
bill baring been engrossed was than passed
Tbe Speaker laid before the House a toe
sago from tbe Senate of the United State',
asking tbe return to the Senate of the con
ference report on tbe disagreeing volet upo
tbe bill making appro) rlation for sundry civil
eipenaei uf tbe Government, In order that It
might enter a motion to reconsider the vote
whereby tha eonferenee report wa agreed to
Tba Speaker aald tha till had Uan a
jtrostedl and Hgned aad paatod to nh a Ug
that Jtwonji ba Imposilbl to comply witb
tba request of the Sonata and lb Clerk woold
ba dlreeUd ta notify that body af the fact.
Mr. Diwsw, of Maesaahaeetta, from tha Com
mute on Election, reported faforably apon
th credential of David He atom BenrasentA-
tlve elect from lb Second dlstrlet r North
Carolina, and fa took th oath and wa ad
mitted to hi aeat.
Tbe Speaker laid Is for th ITouse a com
munication from the Secretary of th Interior,
tat log la aiawer to a resolution of July IS,
asking for eople ef all treat. mad with th
Western Indian tribes, that he ha n treaties
now In bis possession aa he ha laid them all
before th President to b transmitted to the
Mr. Schcnck, of Ohio, asked leave to lake
tip th Senal faodtog bill and hare It re
ferred to tbe Ways and Mean Commute, bat
Mr. Randall, of Pa , objected.
Mr. Doyr, of Pa , from th Commit. on
Military Affaire, asked leave to ronort a, bill
repealing sestlon 2 of th act of 1867, entitled
an act for th relief of eertala drafted men.
Ur. Washburn, of Illinois, askad If th
bill mad an appropriation for th District of
Th Sneaker renlled that It did not.
Mr. Washburn would than object, for h
did not think It prudent to pa aay bill here
unless It mad a largo appropriation for the
District of Columbia.
He sabaequantly withdrew hi objection,
and lb bill passed.
Mr. Boutwetl, of Massachusetts, from th
Committee on Reconstruction, reported back
th Senat amendment to th bill for relief of
political disabilities Th amendments were
concurred Is, and the bill paaaed
Mr Julian, of Indiana, from Public Lands
Committee, reported a bill for th tale of the
Hot Springe reservation, Arkansas.
Mr. Dankt objected to tbepraient consider
ation of the bill
On motion of Mr Broom all, of Pennsylva
nia, the Tot whereby a resolution wa adopted
appointing a eommltte of five to examine late
th contingent fund of th House waa recon
sidered. The resolution wa then amended to charge
th Committee on Account with th lnvs li
gation, and waa passed aa amended.
Mr. Poland, of Vt, from Committee oh
Election, called up th contested election
ease of Switaler v Anderson, from th Ninth
Missouri district
Th majority of the committee report that
George W. Anderson, tbe sitting member, I
not entitled to retain hit teat In tbe Hoose ;
but that Wm V Switiler, the contestant, Is
entitled to tbe teat.
Mr Poland addressed tbe House la favor of
tbe report, and was followed by Mr. Benja
min, of Mo , In opposition.
Pending further consideration, th subject
wa postned until to morrow.
Mr. Chandler, of N, Y, , Introduced a reso
lution for tbe appointment of a regular stand
Ins committee, to consist of nine members.
and to be called the Committee on Emigre
tlon, who shall bare charge of all tubjeoti
relating thereto. Referred to Committee on
Mr. Schenck, of Ohio, from th conference
committee on th disagreeing toteaor th two
House upon the Internal tax bill, submitted
a report, which wat agreed to
la anawer to question propounded before
th report wat agreed to, Mr Schenck stated
that the clause relating to banks waa left ont
entirely, at tbe House referees wer eatlsfied
that no such measure could past tbe Sonet
at tbla session. All inspectors except In
spectorg of tobacco, snuff, and cigars, were
left out by the committee, and In lieu of the
army of roving officer now authorized,
twenty five detective are to be appointed by
tbe Commlialoner of Internal Revenue Tbe
number of officers formerly employed In tbe
collection of tbe tex 1 reduced one half, and
that i art of th law which allowed officers to
rov about from one district to another I
swept away Th tax la taken off mineral
ores, and distillers of oils pay a tax now th
am aa other manufacturer The bonded
warehouse sjttam remain as It passed the
House, and a drawback 1 allowed. All dis
tilled spirits now In bond must have th tax
fald and be removed within nine month or
t will he disposed of on Government account
Wholesale liquor dealer will pay on per
cent on all their tales
Twenty thousand copies of the bill wa or
dared to be prlntad for tbe use of the House
On motion of Mr. Washburne, of Illinois,
tbe bill to establish tbo office of Surveyor Gen
eral of Utah was taken from the Speaker's
table and passed.
Senat bill la relation to contracts payable
In gold, wa referred to the Ways and Mains
Mr. Logan, of Illinois, from Way and
Mean Committee, asked leave to report a bill
pronioiting in payment oi commission note
after, to any Individual for tbo sal of United
States bonds, do.
Mr Lldrldge objected
Tbe Speaker laid before tbe House a cou
muulcatlon from tbe Secretary of tbe Interior,
reportlrg a deficiency of $172 000 In the ap
propriatton for friendly Indians ) cf erred to
Committee on Appropriations
The House then, at 4 50 p. ni , took a recer
until 7 CO p m.
The House re assembled at 7 30 for general
Mr Cullotu, of III , made a speech upon
the subject of taxation generallvj Mr. Paine,
of Wis , and Mr iln omall, of Pa , on the po
lltioal situation of the oountry, Mr. Garfield,
of Ohio, In opposition to tbe taxation of
United State bonds, and Mr. Stone, of Md ,
UJ on the financial situation
A little mill, wa burnJ so baJIy ia
Duffs to, a day or two ago, by reason of her
clothe takinc fire from fire cracker thrown
upon her by boy, that she died in a few hour
OR.- 33C- MjiFtJE!!.
.i;.:kii. iNsiuir-ci; agjknt,
1-NTkH.lUt.NCLK UUILDI.NU all-tl
Interior Adornments,
Ct Miutb atreet weat, between D and B streets,
Wuuilii-iiif Jnlv. ?. IwjI
On the iwtltlon of Isaau H fmnBLs, vt Ua
ureuu, Md , pra) lug for Ibe extuml u ul a pateut
grauted W Mm tint loth dy of April, 1NU, andante
dated Ortobr 10, IBM fir an iKipravt-mnit lu
Wuoden bplico plecofor lt.llwe, fraoeu y ars
from ho expiration uf aald pairtit, ttbkh ukta
plar on tbo luth day uf Oeioh. r, IftoS
It ta ordered that the sal 1 petltiou be hear I at the
Pateut UHice ou kleudar tho th day of bvpliubr
neiilai MO'ciocKtiu t auu an i-prauua aio uuu
ueu t apiMMraiid am
how came, If auy they have,
iilil uul to ho grauud
1. ranuai nii.ialUbT the ex leiislou a ro rtuulred l
Die In the 1'ateul Ottlco Hietr objections, specially
selfirthhi writlug, at bait tictntjt dare befire
lha day of btarliig i atl leaiiunuy tiled by cither
parly, to be ud at tbo said heart u. mint he
takea ao t tra unit 1 1 tod In accordance with tbe rule
of tbe oBlcc, which will be furulahedou appllca
llou . ,
Impositions and other paper, relied upon as tea
tluuiuy. tuual bo tiled lu the ulllce ttotnty days
befire tt day of hearing) the ariiuuieuta, if auy,
tlthlu frit day a after Al lug the tvalliuooy
Urlervd, alao, that thU U tice bo pulllaled In
lb lUruBLKAX aud th Inttllifftnc r, Waahlug
Ijo, l t , aud lu the HnUfmore t'uunty I'hioh,
Tonauutuwu, lid , once a week for threw siirceaa
lye Wtrkai the Ural of aald ubllcutiU to bo at
lnut slaty day provlou to lh dsy of tn-arh g
A 11 bluUI,
Jul! Toll Acting Cuuiulisioaer,
I ) ni lUbed evtrr moral og (Sander excepted) br
W. J, IuBTAiR, aortheasl corner Tenth and H
tracts, fronting l'enncylvanla avenue, aad la fur
Blahed to subscriber (by carriers) atUeeat par
atatl subscriber, W OOparaaoomt Aim for six
month a aad Al M fr three mOBtb,forfrtMj fa
fUxoitr has abolished cental punishment.
A popular woik ot art-T-draVtng one's pay
Chicago sortf WUewwrVand 3S0 doc-
fgg&r't ...
w'i t one oi tbe new-
as hlndranea to
NatrMeffinlnei are Jmostdatld.seoTered
lnBi4jfJ U
Xfoir to plesse a l5y 1st her do at she
Motto for a Journalist "Do write, and
far not."
IlAxnctacmxr for th stasUlo are em
broldsred in bright colon.
Tun peculiarity of th tea aerpent la, that
be Is never the seen serpent.
Thb father of lUbert Bonner wa an Inn
kcepir In Raymilton, Ireland.
Clbvxlabd claims a population closely
touching on hundred thousand
Qaonoi Will; am pcatials engaged on a
new norel.
Fittt yeara ago ther wa nothing in th
way of a railroad la thl oountry.
A lad ten yeara old, In Hunnlnff, Illinois,
last waak committed anlelde by haflglns;.
Tkooiaxds of flih a th rlrert of Illlnol
bar been poisoned by locust eating
A baj a 10 x to eien another man'a name
to a note,
Tni daoeJog master' piraliie-A hop gar
den. Bt rrALO are roaming th Kansas prairie
(o hard of thousands, aad ar coming very
near to lb aettled portion of th Stat.
Makiio four year old children drunk "for
th fan of it," ia a new atyl of amusement
in vanafUle, Ind.
Atfingsnlou Tennetaeean ba taken out a
patent for ooterlng crates with ahellt The
partloular adraatag It not stated.
Ta a Supreme Court of th Sandwich Island
hag decided that a man eannot be hung for
th crime of aulolde,
Tnr tanlty of Mr. Victor, who I awaiting
elocution la th Cleveland jail, la to be made
tbo object of a medical commission.
Tub Handy Opera Uous of Cinelunatt It to
be told at eherLtr sal It la appraised at
Tne United Slates ha enough railroad
tracks to go around tho earth and three fifth
way on a sooond Journey.
Mm Lois Qoas, of Levant, Me , 90 year
of age, has cut thre teeth of her third eet,
during the paat winter.
Too was Frakcib MaAQUcn la to have a
monument ereoted to bl memory at Water
ford, Ireland, the home of hie childhood.
Tbbbb ar 1,355 taloona for th al of
liquor In Chicago, 81 hotels and 60 boarding
Brook count r, West Virginia, la tooting
to erect a monument to th memory of th
deceased Union soldiers' who fell In battle.
Exports from all parts of Nebraska thow
that the wheat crop will exceed, both In
quantity and quality, erery prerlou aaon.
Two pork packing houses, with aggregate
capacity to alay 5,000 hoji a day, ar being
erected at Chicago.
"Fumxralb to nAt" It the cheerful cap
tlon o! an original department In th Pntla
delphla roit
Asa Spraglx ono of the wealthiest citizen
of Rochester, X Y , and formerly a promi
nent railroad man, died at Aron on Wednes
day night
All prisoners for debt within the jurisdic
tion of the North German Parliament have
been liberated under the authority nf the law
which went into operation last month.
A Xbti York philanthropist ia waiting for
a mad dog to bit him, in order that he may
test his new and certain wey of prerenting
W II Bora it, local editor of tbe Grand
River (Uo ) iYsies, wax shot dead while alt
ting In a dry goolt store by a ruffian about
whom he bad written an offensive paragraph,
The murderer as cap d.
Tna Chloago Eimung Po$t devote a full
column toward proving from tbe statistics fur
nished by a new directory that that city eon
tain a population of at leaat three hundred
thousand There are 91,123 nam enrolled.
FaiLADgLrmA has bad a number of mad
dogs this season Dog daja commenced July
3d, and will end on August 11. That th
season does not last longer it a good thing for
the canine
Tub Hannibal and St Joteph Railroad
Company of Missouri have been disposing
of their lands in Missouri Tbey will real
ise about three million thl year from such
KiOKRiR once called Madame llataul "an
old eoquctto," and now the Italian lady In
tends to return the compliment. She baa a
note! In pros celled the "Emprea Bibl,"
which Is nothing loss than a clever and rldio
ulous satire upon her enemy Blbl 1 the
name of Kugeie'a fTortto dog.
T11BRE were forty death in St. Louis on
Monday last From tho earnest manner In
whtoh tbojournals enforce the fact that ther
Is no cholera io that city, w Inclln to th
belief that the dread pestilence ha mad it
Bppearanoe there.
A cau si of maternal heroism la made pub
lie Mr MeArdl has juat bn released
from the Iowa penitentiary, where she ha
pasied four yean of a senteooe for life Sh
confessed to the murder of her husband It
has bsen ascertained that sbs to confessed In
order t sare her son, who alone was guilty,
from punishment
Tub ottltena of South Bend, Ind, and
the surrounding country, are making prepa
ration for a grand celebration at th former
place In order to appropriately welcome Hon
Schu)lr CulUx when he return from Wash
Tub bridge on the Pittsburgh and Erie
railway, which broke down and caused the
recent Union Mills disaster, It to be vet np at
ivt. in the vard of lb oimpaoT, for th pur
pose of being thoroughly totted by competent
A wbll nnisBBD woman entered a house
In M Io ul and drawing a great knife de
mandd from tbe frightened lady money The
latter hastily telied a shot gun which was con
Tcnlent to her, and leveled It at the Tomato
footpad It is unnecessary to sy tho thief
made a rapid retreat
A Mil Wadb, of I-ATton, Ohio, about one
rear ago presented her husband with three
heavy, bouncing boy babies Last week she
egaln honored bini with two of tbe aame sort
Five children inside of ooe year may please
Mr Wade, but most othtr folks wouli not
relish the joke.
Tub United Slates surveyor general for
Kansaa estimates the population of that State
atSOO 000, tbe value of Its livo stock at $10,
300, OOP, Tin! the value of Itt crops for ISA 71
$35,350 000 Tdj number of acres under
cultivation Is estimated at 2 000 000, worth,
with bull liugi nod agricultural Implements,
In Bobtok a on skating rink la now la
process of erection Tb building will hate
aocommodatlont for one thousand fire bun
dred skaters, an I seat for fir thousand
spectator It will have a refreshment room
aver th fro it. so arranged that speotatora
can tako their coffee and rofresbmecta aud
look out at tha aame Hue upon tb skater on
tbe ice Tb btlu will be or bard clay, and
tbe Ice will not b more then an Inch ortwoin
Ihlcknesa In the summer th basin will bo
floored, transforming It Into a hall for prom
made concerts, rclitlcal gather nji, faln,tc.
tor. Jf
est repoHAtirtptrr
is Aftwza

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