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WnnhlnRton Cltry, T. C
Offlc. Cor. Tenth and D, near Fran. .TMia.
AU conmoalcttloni. whither oa ba.ti,,,
i-r for pnbll,tlon, .honld bo tddr..d t Wi, J,
.leaf..., rroprl.tor rflTtoVAL Rir.Bltc.f.
y..nt,,toa. P. C.
or itLiroii
or ivbiaia.
Tha newspapers Utht Interested the De
moeracy r struccUeg. hard to take the offen
sive In til campaign. Had they displayed
mor wis Jo m In erecting their put form and
In the selection otcaadldates, theymlghthave
had some show la assuming the offensive.
But party weak and wicked In principle,
with a platform that hocka th common
sense and the common honesty of mankind,
with candidate! eovered with political sores
from the crown of their heads to the soles of
their feet, how can such ft party take the of.
fen ! ret It may attempt to keep illent both
In reipect to platform and candidate!) but
alienee is confesslooof wenknessi for In the
meantime lta Impotency will be held up to the
public gaze, and just lta precise condition and
Ml of ttt marked characteristic! will be pa
raded to the view of the world) so that all can
lee the weakness of the situation.
Let ui look for a moment to the situation
to which this party has placed Itself. lathe
first place they hat e a candidate for President
who, as Oorcrnor of the Empire State and aa
a, prlrate cltlien, did all he could to cripple the
power or the Ocneral Government and to pro
Tent ft vigorous prosecution of the war. III!
speeches and his official conduct show this.
The second man on the ticket it a revolution.
tit by his own eoofeiilon, and goes for the
overthrow of the (lovcrntneut through ft sec
ond bloody civil war. Mr, Blair's position
cannot be defended, and this the h'orU and
other journals see, and they are laboring hard
to prove that the Democratic party does not
endorse his views. It will take them from
now till No ember to prove that the party Is
not responsible for the opinions of n candi
date, especially when that candidate pub
lishes those very opinions to secure the first
place on the ticket; and moreover, after all
their efforts to show the party innocent they
will not succeed.
Another patent fact, And oao which they
caooot rub out, Is that ex rebel generals, like
Wade Hampton, controlled the Tammany con
Tentloa, and It Is already given out that these
very men are coming North to stump for Sey
mour and Illalr.
With Wade Hampton, Iltrksdatr, C, O.
Laogdoo, Albert Pike, O T. Beauregard,
Henry A. Wise, Vallandlgham, Henry Ulay
Dean, Brick Pom fro j and O. O. Burr on the
stump we shall hae ft delightful campaign.
Trot them out.
oituAMZiNU vie rou Y.
The Republican National Committee held ft
full business meeting In the city of New York,
oa Thursday, July 9, and organlxed for work
as follows I
William Olsflln, Chairman, Boatoo, Mass.
William E. Chandler, becretary. Washing
ton, B. V.
Central Executive Committee, headquarters
New York City William 1'IaHin, Boston,
Mass T W. Park, North Bennington, Vl.
William II. Kemble, No 2309 llreen street,
Philadelphia! Horace Oreeley, New Yorki II,
H. Markweather, Norwich, Ooooi B. H. Cow.
en, Bellalre, Uhlo Uarsh U .tidings, Kal-tun-loo.Mich
Western Executive Committee, headquar
ters Chicago J It. Jones, Chicago, Ilh Cyrus
M. Allen, Vlncennes, Indiana t fc.ll. Tailor,
bo u them Executive Committee, headquar
ters Atlanta, Oa M. H Southworth, New
Orleans, La j J. II. Caldwell, Lagrange. Oa j
B. F. Bloe, Little Bock, Ark., (now at Wash
ington, D.O)
Pacific Executive Committee, headquarters
San Francisco Oeo O. Oorham, San Fran
Cisco, Cal. (now la Washington,)) Charles E
Be Long, Irglota City, Nevada.
The following Is ft Bat of the name and ad
dress of the full committee:
Alabama James P. Stow, Montgomery,
Arkansas-B. F. I.lce.Ultle Hoik.
California Oeo. U.Oorkam, Han Francisco.
Color ad a Did lei Witter, Denver.
Connecticut 11. H Starkweather, Norwich
Dakota Oov. Newton Kdmunds, Yankton.
Delaware Ed. O Bradford, Wilmington.
District of Columbia bay ies J, Bowcn,
Florida S. B. Cono.er, Lake City.
Georgia John II. Caldwell, Ligraogc.
Idaho J. U Henley.
Illinois J. It, Jones, Chicago.
Indiana Cyrus 31. Allen, Vinccnncs.
Iowa JoiUh Tracy, Burlington,
Kansas John 8. Martin, Atchison,
Kentucky Allen A. Burton, Lancaster.
Louisiana M. U. boutbworth, New Or
leans. Maine Lewis Barker, Stetson
Maryland Charles O. Fulton, Baltimore.
Massachusetts William Claliln, Boston.
Michigan Marsh (lidding, Kalamazoo.
Minnesota J T Averlil.Ht Paul.
Mississippi A. O. Flsk, Vicksburs;.
Missouri Benjamin F. Loan, St. Joseph.
Montana Lester H. WHlsoc, Bozeman City
Nebraska E B. Taylor, Omaha.
Nevada Charles E. DeLong, Virginia City
New Hampshire William K. Chandler,
Concord, (at Washington )
New Jersey Jnmrs OopsllI, Jersey City,
New ork Horacfl Oreeley, New York
North Carolina William Hloan, Charlotlo,
Ohio B H Uowen, Hellalre
Oregon II. W Corbet t, PurtUud, (now at
Washington )
Pennsylvania William II. Kemble, Phila
delphia. Hhode Island L B Frieze, Providence.
houth Carolina J II .1 cults, Charleston.
Tennessee William B. Mokes, Liberty,
Tennessee, (now at Washington, D. O.)
Texas A J. Hamilton, Austin.
Vermont T. W. Park, North Bennington
Virginia Franklin Stearns, Richmond.
West irglnla S D. Karns, Parkersburg.
Wisconsin Uw Id Atwood, Madison.
Elrcnrtt Exit-net.
We take the following from a Democratic
organ, a paper much coteted and very gener
ally read by the Copperheads t
"Some few years after these stirring events,
John Wilkes Booth, a joung man of geuerous
Impulses, line attainments, manly sentiments,
aud noble aspirations, 'whose gentle manners
woiiyourheart.'stungtothenutelc by the sight
of lila vountrj's wrongs and injuries, ooneelred
the bold idea of freeing that country from
the Iron rule, mil, hi obedience to the prompt
lugsol a patriotic heart, shot tho foul usurper
A Democratic paper out West sa)s that
"Abe Lincoln has gone to the Bed Sulphur
Springs." Thus it will be seen that the dead
as well as the living are to be assailed la this
John A, Green, of Syracuse, one of bey.
inour's most acthe aud Influential friends In
lSiP, remarked, In a speech lu opposition to the
draft then pending, as follows t
"Ye devils Incarnate, (the Government of
ine milieu maies.j wno wim Bni ui nun
uant and tearless eye, drag hundreds of thou,
sands to your slaughter pens, and demand the
extermination or millions more of the ver
brothers of your blood tremble I"
Tmt Rtriioa that a third party Is about to bo
organized, and that Chief Justice Chase Is to
be nominated by It, and that Mr. Seymour has
consented to withdraw la hie favor,ts probably
about as reliable ni a thousand and oue rumors
of the kind afloat. Wa are not Jlsposed to
take much stock.la this story.
Tax Ins; onr Own Debt.
Bulng this excessively hot season li Is much ;
easier to copy what other people wr0e than
to write youraatfiaMflodlns; )Se fpPowJof ,
welUonMere4rftjrtlee (d thaNew York
Em ting tif, 4ri take the Illertr to trahsOr It
loonlcqBimntl U U f t
There tare still aTwwhooeillyUqqlInf Ve hy
the sjatinaal Aefct onotild aat b taxes, ay Coa.
gress. They see clearly the disgrace and rula
proposed by the New York platform, which
demands that there shall be no difference
whatever In taxation between the national
bonds and other property, They see that this
Is nullification and repudiation In one, for It
would enable each State, acting singly, to
override the (General Government by taxing
Its debt, and would violate the compact under
which the bonds were sold. But they do not
see why Congress may not. while exempting
the debt float Mate taxation, ley a special
duty upon it for the natlenal treasury.
A little patient attention wlli make It clear
that this, too, would be a wrong) though not
so scandalous a violation of law and lienor as
that proposed by the Dessoeratleeoareatlon.
The United Slates cannot levy a direct tax
upoa persons or uropert), exoept by appor
Honing It among the.States according to popu
lation. oeh n etnmty method cannot be
thought of In praeMeei e that the General
Ooverameot has always arulded direct taxe
tlon. ,
It taxes manuiACtures; thus taxing ennsu
mers Indirectly, It levies license duet, thas
taxing trade Indirectly. It assents a percent
ge upon Insometf thus taxing the property
which yields them indirectly. All this It can
perhaps constitutionally do. The goods made,
the business oarrled on, and the Income en
loved bv Its own cltlten or anon Its own ter
ritory are parts of Its resources, elements of
mi Dauonni wema.
Where Incomes must contribute to support
the Government the Income fiom the public
funds has no right to exemption. It Is justly
and nronerlv taxed, eauallr with lneome from
allother sources. It is Just s tnuan apart of
ioa asxregnafl rerennv oi too ciuzeas, irom
which the national revenue is drawn, as any
other laeeme, and ought to h taxed just as
much and do more) and so it ft ty our trtlit
But, if Congress should levy aa exception si
or special tax upon this kind of income, and
should thus lay upon It more than Its equal
share of the gtneral burden, this would be
precisely equivalent to an arbitrary reduction
of the Interest o the bonds. It would be
vlolatlag the contract of the nation with Its
sredltors. The tax would be no longer an
Income tax, but a partial repudiation of the
So much Is true la retatlon to the citizens
of the United States. But more than a third
of our debt Is held by foreigners. The cred
itors, In this case, aro citizens of Germany,
France, nod Eogland. The bonds are their
property, as much so as their farms, houses,
or clothing In their own lands. They have an
exclusive right to receive and enjoy the in
come from tb bonds la question a right as
Independent of the United States Government
as the right to tilt their soil or occupy their
The relation of the United States to thoso
men It not that of ruler ai.d subject, not that
of government and cltltcp) but sltnpl) and ex
clusively that of borrower and lender. They
have lent the United States money, rely Ine
on the promise of the latter to pay a certain
Interest for Its use.
By what authorltyctn theUulted Slates tax
the citizens of Lngltnd, 1 ranee, or Germany I
Within those countries our Government Is a
debtor) superior In dignity, credit and char,
acter as a debtor, perhaps, to any mere lndl.
Idual, but still A debtor, and not a sovereign.
It has no more right todlmlulsh theluterest
bargained for, under the name of a tax, or
under any other name, than the New York
Importer has, under a tlmllir pretence, to
deduct part of the Mil due to ft foreign snip
per. It Is true that the United States have the
power to withhold n part of this Interest.
They have the power to withhold It ail. So
has nearly every man In business the power
to swindle his creditors. But neither la a na
tion nor lu private life does the power to
Client l my I J mr Hint iu EJrni, ADU CTCD (lie
There Is probably no Instance In history In
which a national crime has been followed by
a retribution more swift, more certain, and
more terrlblo than such an act of repudiation
would bring upon the United States.
We have aloe hundred millions of bonds la
Earope. It It sere to assume that more than
half would be sent home In a panic, to be sold
for gold, at the first clear indication that such
a course would be pursued. The Immediate
consequences of this are obvious enough.
Gold woold vise rapidly to a premium as
yet unheard of. All the necessaries of life
would gradually but certainly follow It. Our
curreoo) would fall to a merely nominal value,
and our national credit fall The owners, not
only of the bonds, but of all debts, ptbllc and
private, would beruloedi general bankruptcy
and wide-spread distress would be the begin
ning of a long era of commercial ruin and fl nan
clalanarchy. There Is no single aim to which national
statesmaDihlpougbt now to direct Its energies
more resolutely than that of providing against
a European panic In our bonds Any step
which looks towards Mr. Seymour's platform
Is sure to produce such a panic. The taxation
of our bonds would therefore be. not only aa
shown above, a crime, but a fatal blunder.
The one lure way to prevent such a panic,
and to sat eat once our material Interests and
our honor. Is the payment of the principal and
Interest "of the public Indebtedness In the ut
most good faith to all creditors, at home and
Duty and policy Join In this noble demand of
the Chicago platform It cannot fall to re
ceive the approval of the American people, for
he who can Imagine It rejected, and the dis
honest doctrine of the New York Convention
tireferred. must uiunt that tha nnnl of tin
united Stales have lost alike their sense of
national nonor anu ineir capacity ior seir-gov-
Tus New York Tribune saysilt Is now
stated that Oenerat Blair burned the resi
dence of General Wade Hampton, la South
Carolina. We forget which of the rebel offi
cers burned Ocn. Blair's residence near Wash
Ington. What a delightful evidence of the
healing of the wounds of thogrett civllwar
would be presented If It should appear (hat
Wade Hampton burned Blair's residence! and
now Hampton supports Blttr for Vice Pretl.
dent, aad Blair echoes Hampton's policy of
revjjlog the rebclllou on the question of
colored suffrage i
I saw two clouJt at morning
Tinged with tho rising suu.
And In the dawn they lluatcd on
And mingled Into oue.
Oca KiritAftOta from all parts of the coun
try bring us the Intelligence of numerous ac
cessions to the Republican rnnks, nod many
of these new recruits are men of distinction.
It Is very currently reported In this city, that
three of the members of the present Cabinet
will support Grant aud Colfax. From all
quarters, the rrporlt are most cheering, and
doubtless large accessions will be made to the
Republican ranks before November, Our peo
ple do not desire to be marshaled under such
leaders as Wado Hampton, C L.VallanJlghain,
Horatio Sc)mour, and 1. P. Blair, Jr.
Tut: Vrpittt asks who saved the national
capital when Lee marched Into renns)lvaola,
and grately answers, Horatio Seymour. The
credit of the battle of Getl)sburg has usually
teen given, heretofore, to Gen. Meade and his
gallant army. While they wcro saving the
capital 11 iratlo Seymour was making a speech
In New York to prove that the warwas a fail
ure, and threatening the Republicans with a
Northern rebellion nud tho terrors of mob
law-rw ork fribunt.
TiiO'i: who ark unsinouaof obtaining an
imperfect copy of the whisky and tobacco tax
law, may find It in the New York Timttot this
morning, as Us corps of " Indcfatigables" were
the only newspaper men who Judged what
near!) ctcr)body knew nil about, of sufficient
importance to anticipate. Ine ;rurftncy for
"early new s" has not yet entirely disappeared
from the "enterprising" press.
Frtov thk fuHLiiifiCRs, Sheldon A, Co, New
York, we have Ine '.ataxy for August, with Its
usual amouut or articles of a high literary
character and fine engravings
Also, from the publishers, Llltrll ti Gay,
Boston, hUhlVa Ltilny Aye fur the week ending
July IS, containing selections from itnnlnrJ
English reviews, he.
Tua tax hill has passed both Houses, and
thus one Important work Is done, and when
some other measures are through, which may
pass In a few days, Congress may adjourn. It
is gratifying to kuow that the ttx on whisky
is reuinea at liny cents, i his will breaic up
the uhlsky rings.
Tim )ochuk4T man on the floor of the
House of l(epreseutallves,ls the Hon. Logan
II Roots, M (' from Arkansas He was a
very prominent officer of the army of General
Sherman, and served with much distinction In
tltecimpalgiic of At Inula and Savannah
THkBtfi now so dolut but that the Preel.
dent will veto the electoral collige bill. Ills
veto may be expected to-day or to-morrow
Doubt Is expressed at to whether the Senate
will pass It over the veto.
Tnx Chicago Journal sayst "Much was daac,
nthe Democratic National Convention that
rti Mil oAo 1 1 ZMfltUnr. rlt WAthftOttlc that
S'aD4nUhtnij3hltr of the Corner I erf
bowd tfe thalrstnfo mmUftte Horatio pey
taottff, aaq euMgitt) mm laaspeesa. it was
hflTtlnil.atZr ribai General thnttM be the
flrst toftn.lMteTrak Blair, ta another
rebel Geaeral ittSMsUseconel the.M ml nation;
anu inaiinereDcivtvnerair orresi,iiiDuicncr
of Illinois soldiers; should support Blair In a
speech. It was belttlng that the Southern
rebel delegates should be lionized by the Con
vention, and taken lovingly to the bosoms of
the Northern Copperheads, It was befitting
that the nominee for President should be
taken from among the leaders, ef that section
of the Democratic party which gavfl nothing
buiaiu anu cowiorno ie reneisuuriog iaa
wiar.nuu puiuicu iiii vj aiiaiiR in anr rrnr ui
the T'nloo armyv It -was bentueg that the
nominee lor Vice President should be taken
from amoor that class of Generals, whndurtar
the war. wrM.peUed by General Grant to
leave the service oa aceouot of eowardloe.
corrupt practices, or gross Incompetency, and
who inrrrupon jqieeu ine party oi tne vjo
St r beads sad rebels, and went to assailing
eocrals of the army which had been dis
graced, by them."
Ix XltCDlKa to. August Belmont's re-election
as chairman 6f the National Democratic
Executive Committee the Philadelphia Prnt
eays t "This selection secures for another term
to the Rothschilds the manipulation of the
Democratic party. This does not concern us
Sartlcularly. bat It must be a humiliating re
ecttoa to Democrats who once voted under
the leadership of Jackson nod Benton and
Douglas to know that their whole political or
ganization is now the puppet of a banking
house an outside speculation of the great
house of the Rothschilds, held In the pocket
of and managed by their New York corre
spondent, August Belmont, formerly of Eu
rope, and now resident la the United States."
A BaooRLTjr paper has the following
"Anoag the many significant Incidents of Ihe
late convention, there was one occurrence
which forelblr Impressed as. We have not
seen It noticed elsewhere. When the repudia
tion pltnkla the platform was read, It met
with a strange wild burst of vociferous ap
plause. A qutet-looklog man, writing At a re
porter's table near us a correspondent of a
Western paper as we afterward ascertained
half rose from bis work, struck the table with
Involuntary emphasis, and uttered tho start
ling exclamation, 'By O .the rebel yell I'"
Tax Cincinnati Ckronkte, of Thursday, thus
chronicles the return ofPendleton's mourners:
"Thirteen of the 'Pendleton escort' passed
through the elty this morning, homeward
bouad for Lafayette, thoroughly disgusted,
tired and broke. They are very sore In Feelings
and Docket. Drlnka In New York arsnuntiM
by them at from 33 to W cents. Cutte a num.
ber were robbed by pickpockets. One dele
gate from Nashville lost his watoh, return
ticket and 7l in money. Anotherwas robbed
list night at Meadvllle, 1'enn., of his purse
and ticket." y
The Republican Campaign Club organiza
tion, which, in honor ofGeueral Grant's occu
pation before the war. Is called "The Tan
ners,- is (trowing rnjiuiy, we near 01 ciuns
forming all over the country. The "Tenth
Ward Tanners" ItAlreadv in existence In nhi.
cago, and others are about forming, Tho uni
form of the " Tanners" consists or cap, apron,
cape, torch.and flag, Mr. Boot, the secretary
of the Republican state Central Commlttee,ln
tun city, can give particulars oi ine uciaiis 01
Wnr.f the ballot had terminated, Mr, Til
den, of New York, sought Mr. Seymour, and
found him In one of the largo ante-roomt of
the convention hall, entirely alone and with
the tears streimlog from hleees. "My God,
TllJeo, what shall Idol this Is terrible I" ex
claimed the reluctant one. The placid Tllden
was equal to the occasion, and replied with
something pertinent, If not original t "Sir, tho
Presidency has sought you, not you the Fret
ldency, and you must take it." Consoler and
consoled locked arms and sought more retired
quarters, mutually happy,
TitK Attantarnalf.ru "Tr ,
down to our work like men worthy the cause,
and aot aa a unit. Orant wIllKarr. th. .
by a handsome majority. Toombs, Stephens,
Cobb fcGo. are secretlyencouraslng dissen
sion In our ranks, and If we are not mistaken
they have not failed thus far la their well laid
pium ior ine oTermrow oi ine Jtepubllcan
party In Georgia. As ft faithful watchman
upon the outer walls, we sound this timely
alarm, and admonish our party friends to look
out for breakers ahead."
The Svracuse Journal. nuMlih,l cHnixinii.
old home, says: "Gen h locum ought to have
been more considerate than ho was at the sol
diers and sailors' convention. He stigma-
n...in.. r ..a. ...... i. wr .t . . . .
.. viiu.iimutM tcurgitue, 11 urani nau
known that Slocum was going to say such
things about him he probably would have de
clined the Republican nomlnntlnn It la t n
cruel of Slocum to snutfout the General so
Tux Belmont or Wall street clique hat e per
formed the duty with which they charged
tnemseHeslo the New York contention the
defeat of Pendleton. They have doubtless ere
this spoken collectively, as does an Individual
In the "Midsummer Night's Dream i"
"Thus have I Wall toy part discharged so.
And Ulng done, away this Wall dutli go,"
TlIK Rock ford Gil 1 CasttU () that tin.
ward of one hundred Democrats a majority
of them Fenians took part In the Republican
primary elections of that city, the week pre
vious, and pledged themselves to vote for
Grant and Colfax.
Tim Pittsburg Gazelle, In alluding to the
California delegate who gave a half a voto for
Chase, ears: "The executors of the Chief
Justice should hunt up the courageous man,
or half man, whoso much honored him, and
make some suitable acknowledgment of tho
CfiARLxa Fn Aire is A da us, who hat been
talked about at likely to act hereafter with
the Democratic party, openly and freely ex-
Rreneshls disgust with the platform of the
ew York convention.
Tn x Albany Journal, re vlewlog the political
situation, remarks! "There la victor) In tho
air," and a determination of Republicans to
deserve It. The bauner la flung to the breeze,
and the watchwords are "Grant, Orlswold and
Tin New York electoral ticket for Grant
and Colfax includes the names of George W,
Curllss, Moses 11. Grlnoell, Alex. T. Stewart,
aad George W. Demeri, editor of the Albany
Evening Journal,
Tin Springfield Republican says the Demo,
cratle platform Is "a union of Pendleton on
repudiation, Frank Blair on reconstruction,
and Brick Poroeroy genera Iry."
Poon IlKTDRTCKt has fallen back two pegs
In one week. He'll get to the bottom during
the session of the Indiana Legislature next
WadxHami'to, Forrest, BarksJale, Free
ton, i airfax, Forsyth, Verier and other rebel
Democrats are to take the stump against
Grant in the free States.
A hkw Republican naner. called the Kalian.
al iianner.hht been started ta Bcnton,Franklln
Hon. John Fox and O. W. Wooley,of New
York, are nt the Metropolitan Hotel. Harry
Bystcr, of Mobile, Ala , and George R)nn,of
Richmond, are among the arrivals at the Kirk
wood House. Samuel G, Courtney of New
York, And Charles O, Snow, U.S. A., are at
Wlllardc', Gen. W.m Payne, of Kentucky,
Is at the Owen House,
Gat.f xqal GtiAST'tf family are at his farm
near St Louis, but theOcaeral himself leaves
In a few days for a trip across the Plains. Ho
will return to Washington In September.
Tiixnu was a very large crowd of people at
the White House yesterday, and many were
admitted to see the President.
Tun S km ate, In executive session ) ester
day, confirmed Hon. William M. Evarts as
Attorney General of the United States.
(Com in imitated
Mki.a. EntToii! Having learned by a no
tice, published In the National RkrroLtCAN
of the Uth Inst , of what was termed a urotest
against n bill u hlch passed the United States
Senate on the 10th fust., relative to the trus
tees of the colored schools of the District of
Columbia It must bo admitted that a num
ber of our people hate nothad the privileges
of a collegia to education, jet we claim n small
rortlon of common sense, enough at least to
eel grateful to our benefactors, white and
colored It certainly, In ourjudgment, shows
considerable want of good taste on the part of
any set of officers of a respectable church to
cnfl a large Sunday school of children and
youths to enter protest against what they
merely supposed wrongs done colored citizens
of this District, without first making an Inves
tigation of Ihe facts In the casetand, provided
such protest was found to be necessary, a
mass meeting of the citizen voters, and not a
humiay scnooi oi cniiurcu mm suit,rcaiiou
Ui nnom jour nunuri
right to ceusure the 1
uf aitout four hundred, ought to assume the
lgni to ceusure ine lion n. i jmwen, mayor
ft his elty, while three fourths of the colored
people hold him as one of tho best friends of
our schools hueb Is the opinion of male
olers, enfranchised contrabands, and not
Hundayschool children.
HuAvr Rkikjutiuk in thk Iukasuuv U
tweco this date and the first of Hcplciober
over two hundred male and female employees
will be dismissed from the arloue bureaus of
the Treasury Department. Iheapproprlatlon
for the pay of temporary elerks has bseu cut
down from 276,Outj to tiuo.uou for the present
Qseal year hence there ate no funds from
luhf.li InlllV Alltl t.mHAta .a. An..lkAAfl an. I
the discharge must be made. A majority of
those to ba dismissed are females, ana of
course the Becretary will be besieged by friends
to retain them, but It will be utterly Impossi
ble ior mm to uo so, as mvy vauooi oe paid.
I J -- - - r T i t P
intere3tino;from THE SOUTH
Interesting Political Intelligence
A. 1-ntrii Itn.lronl Aoofdcmt.
ritoM evhopu nr cable.
LoHDoir,- Joly II Evening, Consols, Wi(
bonds, 72;;. Illinois, 01.
FaxitttvottT, July 13 United States bonds,
Livkftt-oOL, July n-Evenlaig.-Jottou un
changed) flour dallj sugar Arm.
From lipornjln Trial of lite Aalimnn
M nrtlerora,
Atlakta, July 15. A resolution was passed
by the Senete to-day, to Inquire Into the elegl
blllty of the ofuotrs of the Senate.
Mr. Candler offered a resolution requesting
the Governor to furnish the Senate with such
papers or documents affecting the eleglblllty
of Senators at he may hare la Ms posses
sion. It was strongly opposed by the Republicans
as disrespectful to the Governor. The Demo
crats disclaimed any disrespect, but claimed
that a disposition to delay matters was appar
ent. The reiolulloa was adopted. Adjourned
till Friday.
The trial of the Columbus prisoners was re
sumed to-day. Hon. A. H. Stephent.has sum
clently recovered to attend to Lis duties as
leading counsel for the defence.
Dr. Styles, of Meriwether county, and
brother to tho former Mlalster to Austria,
aval sworn, and test ill ed that at 5 or C p. m. on
the day of Ashmun'e death he net Wm. Duke
at the residence of his father, about forty
miles northeast of Columbus.
From lion ton OrgAulcIng for the
Rostov, July 15. Tho Massachusetts Re
publican btate Committee has Issued an ad
dress to the people, urging prompt and tho
rough organization for the great political
work before them.
The attendance nt Harrard Collcgo was
smaller than usual to-day, owing to the ex
treme heat. The graduates number seventj
stx. The public exercises were fully up to the
average of former years.
The following honorary degrees were con
firmed; Doctor of Laws,Ebenezer Rockwood
Hear, of Concord, Admiral Charles Henry
Davis, Andrew Atkinson Humphreys! Evan
gellcus Apostolldes Sophoclodes, James Mo
Coih, Fretident of 1'rlncetoa College Matter
of Arte.Hcnry Wlllard Williams, Horato F.
Tuttle, Frof. Joseph Wlnlock.
Cnllfuriiln Loaaor tlie U.K. Nlcmiler
Sax FnAxcmco, July 15 The U. S, steamer
Suwance left Ordora July T, for Alaska. Oa
the morning of the 9th sho ran on an unknown
rock InThodwell Fass&go, twenty Ave tnllrs
north of Fort Rupert, and stove a largo bole
nearly amidships, causing her to sink. The
vessel Is a total wreck, A portion of her
stoics are aboi e water and may be saved. No
lives were lost.
The English war steamer Sparrow was
spoken the day pre. lout, and would reach the
vessel In a few hours to render Assistance.
The United States steamer Fensaeola ar
rived at FortTowuscud Jul), 13, and would
proceed theoco to Victoria. .
Lf jElalntloii In tho Noutli.
AracTi,GA., July 15. This has been the
hottest day of the season. Thermometer, t9
In the shade.
Democrats hero antlclpato that a lutllclent
number of their party will bo ejected from tho
Legislature to secure majorities In each House
far the Radicals. Tharo Is much indignation
and denunciation of Uullock and Mead, by
the Democratic press, In consequence of their
recommendations to tho Legislature to purge
itself of members Ineligible under the 3d sec
tlonandHth artiste. It it believed that Con
gress will removotho disabilities of alt the
Radical members.
Nrw Vontc, July 15. The British officers
composing the Knickerbocker Cricket Club,
commenced a match this morning against a
mixed elcrea of the St, Oeorge and Philadel
phia Clubs, the mixed eleven scoring lot) runs
la their first Innings, against 40 runs aud 6
wlckots down for the officers.
Their best bowlers aro stlU to go In. The
St. George professionals, Dorl:y and Wright,
and the English cricketer, Pearson, played
against the o Ulcers, and scored U runs, and
the following Fhlladelpblans playedt Flaley
Lorgeraade 18 runs, Fisher 6, Mead I, New
bold 14, and Welch (not out) 21.
The Weather ett New York.
NbwYonx, July 15. Tbirty-nlne cases of
sun-stroke are reported to day, of which 12 re
suited In death.
At 3 p. m., the thermometer Indicated Oi. A
slight shower at a o'clock had hardly any
cOVct In mitigating the heat. Out-door labor
ers suspended work in many parts of tho elty
during the day, Tho heat Is now moderating,
nndat 10 p. m., the thermometer, outside tho
Associated Press offlce, stands 81.
XHkw Yonic, July 15. Up to midnight nearly
Xne hundred cases of sunstroke have been re
ported in the past twenty-four hours at polleo
headquarters, of which an unusually largo
proportion terminated fatally.
BXlchlffnii Democratic V'onvoiitloii.
Dltroit, July 15. The Democratic oonven
tlon to nominate btato officers and President
tlal electors assembled lu this city to-day,
lion. u. r. Thompson president. The follow
ing State ticket was nominated;
For Governor, John Moore i Lieutenant
Governor, S, C. Cofllnberryi Peter White, of
Marquette, ana T ii.Kmith, or iirnncu county,
ucre chosen Presidential electors at large.
Mr. J. Mills was chosen chairman of the State
Coutral Committee,
Tho New York nominations and platform
were endorsed, and au earnest and active sup
port pledged.
IlnUottliiff for a U. N. Ncittitur.
CoL0MniA,S,U.,Julyl5 In tho Legislature
to-d.iy five ballots wcro had for United States
henator for tho long term with no result.
Mackay stands 03j Sawyer, W( Trcncks, 2lj
Campbell, (Dciu ) llj necessary to elect 70.
The Gov ernor has cancelled the bond of the
Republlcau Treasurer because of Its Insulll
clency. Iho Meat her.
Piiiladi'li'IIIa, July 15 The thermometer
to-day stood 9i There were numerous cases
of sun-stroke, very ttt of which were fatal.
Laborers are generally suspending work on
account of the extreme heat.
Tho MUtlxxIppl r.lecilnii.
Jai k.., July 13. Major Tyler, of General
Gibbous' statT, left this morning for Washing
ton, taking with him tho ofllclal returns of Ihe
rrcent Mississippi elections.
Coutrcaalniinl Nomination.
CoLUkiBi'rj, Ohio, July 15 In convention at
Columbus to-day, the Republicans nominated
Judgo J. Wiiinns fur Congress IntheTlhdW
Ailmlttcd to IIilII.
Mott-rnKAL, July 15 Gardner, tho New
York forger, who shot Detective Cullen, has
been admitted to ball.
From Hniiuin.
Havana, July 15, Sugar Is alighlly nul
la a ted, Tfid fur No. 12,
'Ihecholtra Is disappearing fioui tho islam',
rienaiiHt at Citfie May.
Cam May, July J5 -The weather Is pleas
ant. The thermometer averaged T5 during lbs
day. It has now fallen to CI,
Hlsaonrl floldlera Conrentlon-Im
menae Anaembls.sre.Ort.Bt n
store ed. -j-
ST'.Lotnl, Ju 15.-Tbe V&ort SoYi.cm
Ooireatlon at Jefferson elty lo-day was very
largely at ten de J, .General -John M. Neal was
mad permanent ' prftgldett,, y The ' following
resolution, with other, was a4opte4 i -.,
That we have, an abldUf eoatdeaee Ha the
Integrity and patriotism of the great captain
under whose leadership we achieved the vic
tory of liberty aad union over secession and
slave holding poirerj and as we relle djupoa
him to put down the rebellion, so we c entrust
hin) to guard the institutions, for the preser
Tattoo of Which, he led us to victory.
With the helm of state In the hands of U.
S. Orantwe can repose In security that the
honor of the nstloawlll be upheld at home
aad abroad, the laws, fully exeeuteJ.the la
terettiof our dlsabltd'eataradesaad of the
widows and orphans or bar faltetfb rot hers be
effectually guarded, and peace, prosperity,
and the happiness of the whole people se
cured. From Rt. LouloThe Ilendcraon Mur
der Ftl Rnllrond AeeldntDel
egnles In Dftasjer.
St. Louis, July 15. Captalo Sam Darr, who
Is Indicted as accessory to the murder of Hen
derson.on the steamer Oreat Republic, has
.been admitted to 420,000 ball.
The accommodation train going west on the
Pacifier railroad yesterday, was blown from
the track a few miles west of Hermann. A
brakeman named Dan Uarleywai Instantly
killed, and the conductor and several passen
gers slightly wounded.
A train on the same road collided with the
freight train this afternoon.before getting out
of the elty, nearly demolishing both loco
motives. About three hundred delegates and
outsiders to the Republican Stateeonventlon,
to be held at Jefferson City to-morrow, were
on the train, but nobody was hurt.
Arreat of Stokers
NAinviLLK, July 15. Seven of the stokers
of the Nashville Northwestern Railroad were
arretted to-day
UUKTAOII -Oa thcltia Instant, Wait X. Uob
TAOU, aged 63 years.
Iter fane rat will take place from the residence of
her son. Wm. J. llarUfb, 497 Maryland avenue,
ibis arteraooa at a o'clock.
MURKAT.-Oa Tuesday, tba 14th Instant, lo the
34th year of his ace. BamuslT, Muabay,
The funeral services will be bald at his late resi
dence. Ho. 4JS Tenth street west, beiwceo 0 and H
streets, tkla moraine at ft o'clock.
Mc CONS ELL. -On Tassdav. tha 14th Instant, at
7 o'clock p m , Habt L HcCoxasu, wife of
Oeo res lfsCeenll. and eanikter of the late
Henry C. Greenfield, in the Uth year of hsrare.
The fantril will take place from the residence of
hsr mother, sirs Greenfield, Eleventh street east,
bstweea Pennsylvaala aysaee and CI street, at)
o'clock this atternooa. The friends of the fatally
are Invited te attend.
WEST. Oa the 11th Iat , William L , son of
Wm 11. aad Mary . We.t, aod 4 years, 4
months aad 9 days,
Ihe relatives and friends of the family are lu
vlted to attend his fuaeral at Iberesldsaceef Lis
parents, Ito, MMarylod avenue, between alxth
and Seventh streets, n Thursday, the 10th last.,
atdo'elock. a. tn
HALTSH. la Philadelphia, on the 11th Instant,
Sarah A., wife of Felix A. bailor, of this city, la
iufl iiiir.iuiia year oi uvriir.
, 1NULE-Ia this ctly.on the l-tt. Inst , Maav
r. linn, ana ai
late Joseph Ingle.
Hew Advertisement!.
Wa w ted families urkaki.no up
housskeeptnr or removing from tlieelly, lo
knowtbat they can dispose of their Fnrnltare with
out the trouble or expense of aa auctloa, by ad
dressier JAMES GUILD, Furniture Dealer. Second
street aud Pennsylvania aveane. jjlS lm
nufarntshed rooms ou second floor, aid Iron!
basement rtora.ln a new press.brtck front house
on V street, third house wol of Thirteenth street
westi rent moderatet convenient tecar. laqutre
at premises, JylrJ-St
In golDCOTer ourslock. asls u-ual wlthTii
ns every July, wo found considerable Music
damaged slightly, la different ways We Lave
laldltaslde.snd ofterltfor HALF PRICE. Ills
new sad food. JOHN F. ELLlri.
3U0 Pa. avenue, noar Teath street.
J 1-1 8-31 (Chrnn 1
30a Pennsylvania a veuue.
JylS.St tChron 1 New Iron Front.
Tho only Company of the Dlalrlet
tlit.tfloeassotebs.rsxe lta pauronawl.ti
ius uetcrnmeni isisiinpn.
First door cast of Seventh street
Risks taksa at the Lowest Kates, and Losses
t'roinpi.y paia.
Nobi D. Lsmse-a, BeersUry.
kj or TUB
roa six mouths xxntxu'juia 30, IKS.
TdCapItol Stock,.
..AJOO.000 00
,. OrJ.StiM
47B M
Sarplu rundi......
Unpaid Dividends.,
ajM.Ttt JI)
By Stock Notes.wlth approved 8scurrty..10O, 00
htoeks and Beads , t,W3
Balance to credit la Bank of W aak-
lofton , 0.737 33
Dividend account to credit In Ban X ef , ,
Washington ... 470 M
300,723 63
Tj Balance as per statement January 31 ft , M
Pretuluias a'nd'iuYnVe's'tlll.'... .'". H" Tfll 131 77
aia.Ki ii
4,000 00
I'nrchaseot block 6.021 W
Balance te credit lu Bank of Wr4i-
tngtua 6.737 33
10,393 43
AntLO. DavM, Secrelary. , ,
Btabseribed aud sworu te before me thU Hihday
f July. IMS W. E 1IOWA.UD.
Jyl eodM Noisiry Pa blis
UvitidHtatk PiTKHrOrrics .
WasBiaoTOK, ittayis,ita
On the petition of JosiiCA Oiaos, uf Cant Bi
Ohio, praying for tb extension or t-strnt gran.
to him the UChday of August, l&M, for au Improve '
merit u Ploughs, for sevtu years from ibeexplra
tluu of ssld patent, which takes place ou the Uth
dav uf inruai. IWl
It Is ordered thai the said petition be heard at IU
Patent Otflc on MoNDAYVth Wthday of July
net. at XI o'clock, in and all persons are no tl Bad
to appear and show cause, ir any they hare, why
said petition ought not to be granted.
Persons opposlngiheoxienslunar required to 01
In the Patent OttTca their objections, specially set
forth In writing, at leantficsAfydsrsheJoreibVdsy
olheariBgi alltttsttmooy filed by either party, to
beued at thesatd hearlug, must be Ukeuaud trans,
lit tted In accordance with lii rules of the office.
oed on application.
l,lw.uian. .od oln.r p.imj.. r.lll dimb .. U.K.
many. USIat h ttUd In (Ha i
i90r,u,i.llAUdlBlli.wlIlc. ItHHjudlTi befor.
! dT uf h.a.lll. t 111 .ram. .!. II..J I.L1
linday.afieririlDVlV. tw.rmTnY. " wtwm
Ordered, also, tint tbls tioileeVepubtlihed la lie
kPUSLicAU aud the JUlligc4r, Washington,
D. 0 , aud In the UtruUi, Clevelaud, Ohio, one a
WMKfor thro sUbeosslv weeks) Ih Srsl o( said
publications to be at leasl sixty days provWus to the
day uf hearing, a, Al. bTOUT.
my 13. M it Act!.; Commissioner f Patnts.
rimolby Magul and Ann Magulre,),,w K(llU
Andrew Mllle, etat. ( Dookste
Asbarr Lloyd. TruaM la this csnse. htvlugre
Purled that he bed sold Lots marked H, I, K, and
L, In tAllsu'ssub'dlvlslonof oilglnal Lots uum
bed twenty-seven, (27,) Ac , In siuare number
ed flv hundred and two, OuJ.V pursuant to th
decrtf t Joseph R 8 hpranir fur l.uuu.(W and
that lb said epraoiy had complied with th trms
Bfn j1 ' 1.U An'Vinl1 tr ut Junf li
Qrdertd by th Court, ihat the said sal U, and
tb same Is hereby, ratified and euunrined uuls.s
cause to the contrary be shown ou or before the
Vihday of July. A D , 1SU, pro tided a copy of
,A' .V"I',t',?.."F.a.u'"1-. '. wlW.
iiMiBueu iu ine ai
. iinca
sssive weeas neiuri
A, it afajin, .(ustirs.
A true copy Toti
U. J,aiaiuB, uierx.
i;VERY LADY AND DENT U tb world ar
-Tj wanted as ngenle for oar ONE DOLLAR HALE,
A Watch, acutofGotlou, a Dress. Carpel, and
thousands of other articles, for I each. Hend 'J3
cents for 3 checks and circulars giving fnll lu
formation Liberal Inducements to si ruts (Jlr
cularsBnlfr UArtKB. LORD A CO ,
ta Washing wo si. , Boston. Mass.
Now Yoar, July ItUS p. m-Ootton doll,
tend Ins dAnnl. Ml....!. siri.. j..n
v.ituur ami,
urau nont-
imarksrt Is vspv
M. - i.... j -.r..-jviiJ.7-Jr" Tr.:.-'
um ! iaiii vaisvwTwsiniisjia aeciioe.
All grades maybe considered M feats lower
Uraim in ret Ilecelpts 1,7Z bushels white
aod 3,039 bushels red. Kecelpts llfht. Market
Salesi White UO bushels good at$x.40i ioo
fair at U5fti2U) prime at moiloo fair at iijzni
and loo cenhion t,a.Mlled-ibushels
choice Marylaod at Mtoi t30prlrhsjAt340i
9oo do, at 3-4J too fair at X15t 100 do. al sua.
100 Inferior at 13. - ' -
Cons. Heceipts 800 bushels white) and S90
5 el low. Market Ifiactlvs for want of stock,
ales nominal, lot bothsls white atSUW. and
soo ye How at SI H. I
-Oan-Reeelptf ell' bushels. Market firm.
Sales eoobttahela aa el msIh ion at ev fentsi
200tnsfttst8Watr eentsj too aib cente,
and IU new at n eentsi All lbs. weight. '
r-IUeelp(saoo bushels Sales foo prime
-C'ere There Is some activity In coffee, and
we note sslee yesterday ef TOO bags ex Grey
Eagle, on private terms, and ew bigs-from
econa bands at 'lOUM ceots. mostly
for western markets, .liuotatlons are un
h ad red ss foIlowBi Ordinary. laiiOW ceatsi
fair, UOlt cents) geod.ullaMntsiprlrae,
lcViGUk cents) eaetee, Hktiilw eenCs) La
guayra, 16111 oentej Java. HCk eenta.
Cotton The market eontlauee dull, but hold
ers remain Hrn In view of light stock and
meagre receipts. .The only sale noted to-day
was 100 bales barely middling at st!l cents.
Yiai ire The market remains 4Ulcy and
nominally unchanged. '
Prtrtriioiti.Thm market ta nnlet. with k nwul
jobbing demand for bacon, and some request
irun iu irRuS vui uMf(i rn dui shsivui id
sell round lots at present prices. Weeootinue
to quote at llfjittW cents for shoulderif ltlAQ
loHeeotsfor rib sides, ao4 lai(iT eeats for
clear ribs. Hams are steady at lifJilH cents.
Wa hear of no movement la bulk meats. Lard
Is steady at ITMOU cents. Mess pork It9.
Svgr$. The sugar, market Is laaetWeand
r rices are oaly nominally malolalned as here
ofora quo ted i Fair to good re Ha lag Q
cents t fair togoodgrocery Cuba and Kogllsn
Island llHOlt eentsiprlmedo. 12VtjI3Uecats
common to good Porto ltleo 11Q ?jj eeats, aad
prime to choice do. 1SUQU cents, net) Ha
vana, No. 13, UUeentsiuigllsh Island yaoaum
HeJlntdSuymrtVf quote prices at follows t
Hard crushed, 16 cents) soft crashed, 11
eeats for At UU for circle At ltV eeats for Hi
U)i for extra Us, and UKQUJi ceatt for O
5brifBS are stearir atTl cents for Marvland.
TO cents for Ualtlmore, and 67 cents for Monu-
Special Notices.
V3& Uall will be played this afteraoon oa the
JaloD arouads, between the Jefferson s,nd Ueloa
tbsufthls eltv. Oimi lo eommenea Dreelsslr
att o'clock, U
atzEr trlct of Columbia. Ths tiOeers aad eom
fill tees of this orraoliatloa will meet at their
esdqaarters. ou PeBnsylvaala avenue, TU18
(Tbursdsy)kVKNtN(l Uolelocs;,
Arriisivn r. viAHiv, rresiueui.
Jyld Star.
C3r- Boi.uiKns' Aito bailoub'
At S o'clock, p. m.,
The followlDg-Dataed distinguished seldlersvrill
address the meetlngt
taps. rioiikft. buiior ssiss rnoa,
Uen. O, A, UAKF1KLD, U. C , Ohio.
Oeo. WM, A, flLK. M O.. Mlsscurt.
Oen. C. M. VAN wVcK.kf U..NwTork.
Qen. J. 1. C BHANKH.H. C,,Iedlaaa.
Uen. 11, K. HA INK, M. 0., Wisconsin.
Uen. lOULCaTOH, Ooveraorlect, UlssUslppi.
Ueu. (1. II KAUM, al. C, Illinois.
Oea. HcKEK. M 0 elect, Mississippi
Col 0. M. HAMILTON. M 0.. Florida.
.ol. A H. JONLO. M U . North Carolina
ll.n. J W. McCLURU, M. U., Missouri.
L'spl. HOLES, M C , Arhsosss
Hon. SIDffLY CLARK, Kan si.
And others
All Republican organlutlons ar cjrJlally lu
Vlied tobeprtisent.
l)y order of the Soldiers' and bailors' Central
Republican Committee fur the IMstrict of Columbia.
R. J. HINTON.Cbalnuan.
8. R. II ARHINUTON, SecreUry. JylVtd
IrE WAsniNOTOi, D. C. July 7. ltUS.
All nnraniis ara bsrsliv aallflsd thai tha drtllnsii
ces of the Corporatloa to prevent Ilojs aad Oeee
from ruuulag at Urge within the ally limits vlilbe
rlfldly enforced ou aud after Ibe lota tastant, and
tUst every Hoc; aud Uoose so found runutng at
largevn and after that dsle, will bo taken up by
I as pours, carrisa sv la Trvra'aivasv, anu viuia
tins Ail nf KfjiArif Id 9 j lsr
No exceptions will be made In aoy cast, bet all
will lidailt with sllha.
The law also imposes a penauy on me owners oi
eQfrc4 on ana alter the lotl
J. BUWEN, Usyor.
naTT siuns,
MO Peuua. ave. bet. 11th Uth streeU.
Ceroer Nineteenth street aud Pa. ave.
NOTICE: AU moneys left ea deposit at this
Bank, (ceroer ef nineteenth street aad renasylva
nla avenue,") Vetween now aud thcZM day of July,
will becto to draw Interest from DATE OF DE
POSIT, Ulen la bank six months.
Let all who have money by tbctu drawing no ta
terest, however siasll the earn, at U at once la
the Bank.
Earns of UO or over. If - oa deposit thirty days
or more, will draw Interest at the r t of four per
cent, per annum.
The actual caiu deposit of this Bank oa the 31st
dy ef May were W47.U1.&7.
D. L. EAT OH, Actuary,
J. W. A ltd id, President.
II. D. Cooxi, Chairman Finance Committee,
3?T" C. F. CUMMIN,
Where the public may always end WH AT TUbY
Ssoonddoor south of KstrecisudNorlhcra Market,
OCX? VBfl'lB,
Nw Medical Pampblst, utltlsd
E. DE F. CURTIS, M.D..F. R.C. S., Jto.,Ac,
(Late Surgoa Turkish Continent. I
Antberof "Curtis on Food," Exposeof Quscxs
audMoackery," "Us of the Mlorosoop laLertaia
Cases or Deblllly," etc , Ae. ,
This Invaluable woi k i rests on the cans and cure
uin.)ii.l..lln.i ihui linw ta llvs una wlist
to live fori how wealth la lost and how regained
gives a clear syaopsts of youthful Indiscretions aud
abuses, and the remedy therefor,
TU abov pamphlet au be obtained on. applica
tion or by post from the author, Dr. OURTHi, who
may also be consulted at his residence. No. UuF
street, UtwenTwntlslhaud Twenty. Drslstreets.
Washington, D. 0., from the hour uf Id a m. to i
p. in , aad from 9 to I p. m. felT-iu
aV viiiNVi.lM s.lvniaiiJ lrlv Marrrtaass.
Essays for young men. ou this and other subieUs.
l tuc a 0 flip b lO MAHKIAUE and Conjugal
L ellclly, by benevolent Physicians, sent by mail,
i. sealed letter envelopBs. free of charge Address,
'iu WARD ASSOCUhON, Box P., Philadelphia;
NTS' BDILDINU. ooruer of New
n,,.nf . nia- uuibuinu,
To0,.0.'...1. drm....i,...l
rjhPARTMEN. ,Tir,BTATiS PatstOf riox.
k' V WAiniKOToif, JunJ,liS.
Outbuitetlllonof. asxtensiunorapateulgrauted
N. Y (pritylusT lurtA f Pi,tsniler. 1HH, which pat.
tehluthe ifcthday ' Dd application for re-ls.u
ntwaseurrendsrea.. , fir 4a Improvement In
made In tour divtet- j (Irass, fur seven years
Harvesters of Orslsu t(u pfeut, whlsh takes
from tbe.esplmloes 4 s piember,lBCBi
pwMQBiinBiMHirw- ij twiiliou l beard at
Ills ordered that to,a uaY. the 7th day of
r, uollll.d to pa.ar..A. ngu. li a r.atnd
lij., wliit..id..lltloui)oaDa "oa ,c. r.u.lr,d lo
.1. in Hi, l'Kl.ni Offlc.ui.iro. u u.r, b.for. L
..I lorlh In wrillnt, .1...H f ff JfiK, .,
d.r.ra..rln,,iJtl..llnl.nrlI ' , ,",.,'.5 nj
lo b, n..d nl lu. Mid b.krluK, m ,".Riol lb.
Ir. ii. milled In uiiu villi li n'"',,'
o..,wl,kh Willi. fotnl.h.d o .K 'cJ;ln .', t.
1trilUSIalUHS SIS WIDVr Va, ' ,(,. J,.T u,
inouy.mustUaledlnth oUct tw 'It, if u
rore the day off" heajlngi the arram " "
within ten da? a aftr flltug the tvsUuwa L , . .,
..!...... l. I.,. il.l. .. ill.. I,. mMI 'BflllBUIS
r:sr.".MrwTt"V-7r;;7j-Twra hiaiiua.
Sonthera unchsnceiiv Wheal di
nn.iiAiBiWf-urn a toade lower, demand
moderate, $iMl A Oafs dull aad lower, S3W
685 cents. jqwae steadyPork quiet
nu nnu,rfq. ;vaia,Sl tJ, j sm
halt Moss.ijuiy, iraxaa
KirpBLlOAif and the afiffifpewceev V " York
l. C , and la tb Mtn$, New York. He w Ai
mo- a wei.V tot thrs) successive weukee r VvKB,I
ald publUstloos to beat lsls4airdaye)n.TIg"
totbedsy-otiearlDit. , A. a. Bf" .
Jel-Thft v Act! ag Couuolsslta r ef Pate, "
For 'Bile or Hent
A' Ae,cf the Ice Cresm Saloon, Ite. S70 Seventh
street, between M ana H streets. Store end Cellar
for real cheap. Jr-St
1 i VRiUE nnnu
with sevsn roums and eellar. stlastsJ on tha eirnsr
of First street est and C strest south, eoavsaleut l
ins sirec cars. tsier id toe yarou appir uen
V at flOO Icllirs each, lu the northwsst part of
the cltri aad franlst run DO rt In aa allari dl.
recti you grade. Buy one. Tsy $10 down, and W
Bsea tbly ? . - '
Also, t besutlf al lots an NjDeteenth street, west
side, betwefn M and N Van be raid fur at 10
per month. (TARE A METCALF,
i ,Vg'H,! iiwsuin,Brreisnaifw loraave.
1? IhTV-a .hl.nU VlflVnr Tn ... likln
raibaa of WashiscteairA mew MANSION ef
KSfaaodeasaa forultsre stock, crops, font
lldlMs, Ac.t oa .verr ressouabU lerme B
?,,1H,g'. i " iT"0R ARR180N,
Real EsUUJ3vksr;0apUo(Um, ofryoalte south
sHJeelthaCapHei,!, gt s 't JyMf
1 . ,COR1NgH.lUgIsl'iSTANp. . .
, Tbs lot te tbLspwmy has a front ef feet.by a
drpthofsUfeoCoatwa rapidly LmprovUf streets.
The property Is central, nndcr a new pavement,
neae a sewer; and baa water. Price oaly frt.aw.
Terms tUfioo cash, and remainder la one sad two
years. Apply to
vunsna nunssi,
Real Estate brokers,
JytMt eie leventh si reel, between 0 aud If.
lu perfect order, Apply at SU Pffuusyleaala
'nue. T Je2-t
lbs north side of Afassachaaetls avenue, be
twetu Sixteenth and Seveateeatk streets west, on
trsde. aid rnuatng te Wide alleys the lot atit
westor the alley havlag a front of ii fset, for
6731 the nlher two have a front ef ft feet each, st
iikuaad respecttylyw Tern itt) cash, bal
onoeia 8. 13. 18, aad Si moaths. Title perfect.
Inquire of ' J. L. PFAU.
Hd. I Park rUce.V street north.
31-jw jjeiwceu uinanq mi streets.
Mathlnsry, Army vraKBe.Wnrlf1nKlrun,&c.
apply to II. fat C
Ninth atreetwbart
Eleventh an K streets, soluble for most
J. House, sllnated on L street south, near Elf litis
sireei easif iu lares rooms wun gas aaa water, auj
am.nUnl ta tha (ara. Inaalra at
JUBfe.ni tt kl'JMTI,
let Cor. Seventh aad 1 streets. Navy Yard
Inanlra at HORARK BRADFORD, at Iaa Kimihi
Of the Venag Men's Christian Associativa. apt7-tf
OLD GOLD AMD BlLVkR.nr ibt other arti
cle of value.at the old established Merchant Paw n
ntshed Rooms can be had at 4W R sin I, be
tween Fifth aad Sixth streets. Also. Table Board.
with HOARD and LODOIXUS al 04 00 pi'r
week TABLE HOARD sUMper week, apply at
V V street, butweeu Twelflb anil Thlrleeath
street ' MRS. BORN
OLD"DK, DARBY'S. C9 Seventh etrefl,
o poslle Odd.Fellowa' Uall. Separate rooms tor
paltwau, ni ;
Fortuerly Teacher of Modern Lang oaess at the
Oeorsetowa aud Colaublaa Collea-ee, District of
Colniiibla, has resumed his private lessens lu
French, uerman, Spanish, and baa orranlied
classes In those languages Persons desfrinc ta
join any fln classes can apply to htm athtanmce.
Translations made In the above laagusces, also In
other languages, with accarateness and a reason
able charge. No, 14 Seventh street, opposite
the lateHseDCer Bntldtng, between D and 11
slrecU. WasLlnitoa, D. C. ap4-tf
Ornamental Fainter and Olazicr,
IS Loui.lium AT.) b.t. .( ituil lli HI..
JOBBIHO piomptlr allaad.a to. laklT-tr
Moaey Brokers.
One short 6iure-snJ-a-haU from Tcaaa. Aveaaa
0 fleers and Clsrks' PsyacMunls ptrshaeei.
Manufactory, '
On, Door AbT. Odd rsttow,1 1UU.
W.iracoiuli.llr rAUFiOTOKISa inj liav.
na li.n. 111. LAUUWT STUCK ..4 UUKATLar
IntU. DlHlrlclofC.lnnibt., and wEfch CANNnr
UK CXCbLLKI), tITlllilt 01t irUEMOIII,
mfAiNbas ur viNmii.oH CliliAMtts.
Triuk. ILoro.gulir r,plred tnd ,0T,rd at bliari
333 l-.iiun. Av.. b. Otll null lOlli Wl
HaU, Cap, Boott and Shoei.
Has resumed business at hie old stand,
INTO. .150 1 8T11EKT,
As Manufacturer of
Boots ejfcj Snooe,
J Where be will U pleaied to, reeel v orders ft
rroiu his friends and lh public generally, jj
Kepalrtog neatly aud promptly dou at tbel .
rtest notice. JelD-liu
Havejnst opeaeJ alflWheventh street, epmulte la
ttfliUeucerButldlug, anew aud wllselccled stock
otlUl-H, t'APb, BO.irSand HHOKa fur a-utle-uen
and Boys, which they offer at asiui.ll ad.
vauco upoo cost. Having bonght for Cash Uey are
uabled to offer supurlor lisdiicemcnts lu puruhas
ers. aud solicit only anopporluulty to convince lb
putillo that they are rosily aelllug a desirable class
of goods at very low figures.
A call solicited, and comparison of price ehal
leuged with any similar .ubltshmeul in tb elty
J 1, I'M li vu ,,
Bl"8evnthstroet,onQtt laleillfeueer BuilJtug,
Washtuston, D C.
Uoud stock of Canes and Cmbrsllas constantly on
band "-tf
ti:a ani vuri'Ei: ri'iu:.
mbw Yon riucis,
llo Hiiro null (lu (a thu
Coru.ruf Soveulb and K .troola.
CJO-tr IH08 K111UY 4 CO.

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