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Nerinetlort find Attempted iulrldf A
Yonnff (Jlrl laftf-ilnretl nmlTrlvslo
Drown llcmvir.
Last evening a young woman, witlt
tears in her eyes and a very downcast
appearance, was brought to the. Major's
other, in Pittsburgh, to inako a charge
of seduction, under promise of marriage,
against a man who, it is alleged, drove
her to a very desperate attempt at
Her name she cave as Atm.Q Gray,
She said she wa a native of Johnstown.
and came to this city some months ago
She hired as servant in a family at Law
rcnceville, and there boarded at the
house or a young man mimed John
Fred. Treel. aha sats. made love to
her, found such favor in her eyes, that
unuer a promise or marrisee, ue accom
plished her ruin. This is the girl's sworn
statement. Her seduction Is alleced to
have been effected abont the first of
April last.
Freel grew cold toward her lately,
and she conceived tlie Idea that ho
would not fnSIl his nromlse. Her con
dition filled her with alarm, and she
thought of s jici 'e. She was now board
ing at a bouse on Smith street, In Jhe
Ninth Ward. Thursday night sho pre
pared to rid herself of her trouble, and,
tor this purpose, selected the Allegheny
river. Silently she stole down to its
banks, was ready for the fatal jump,
when some kindly band intervened and
led her back to her residence. She was
now withont inoncv: and. we under
stand, when her error became known
to tbe family with which she stopped,!
welcome was no longer oxtpnded to
her. Freel Is a roller by profession
The girl speaks of him in a manner by
no means vindictive, and whatever
truth mar be in her story, she U greatly
oppressed. Without money and without
friends, her condition, if es represented!
is indeed a pitiable one A warrant
was issued for the arrest Of the accused
-Jttsburgh Ihtpatch.
A CoLORKoraan in Richmond, Ya,
John Dabney by name, purchased his
freedom from his mistress just before
the war for $2,000, agreeing to pay the
amount by instalments During the
pendency of the struggle he paid about
one-half of it in Confederate currency,
which was at last so depreciated in value
that his late mistress rcoucstcd him to
discontinue the pa) raents until the
close of the conflict. When slaver) was
abolished the debt was no longer due,
mu, noiwiiLsianuing no was advied
against such a course, Dabney latclj
transmitted to his old mistress, now in
indigent circumstances, $600 In green
backs, being the balance of the 2,000
he had contracted to pay.
As many as eight millions of ova have
been found In the roe of a tod, there is
rarely less than 3,000,000. 1 he sturgeon
produces 7,000,000,flounders)ield l,'2$r
000, sole, 1,000,000, mackerel, 500,000,
herring, 35,000. Baron Cuvlcr states
that If the progeny of a pair of herrings
went on increasing and multiplying
without molestation or destruction of
the ova, in twenty years It would require
all the seas in the world to contain the
herrings that would result. If only
half the spawn came to life, and half the
oung fisblhed, a boat could not moc
in the sea
Paiacd at the Second Seaelon of the
uruciu Lougrcn.
triDLICNo i'j 1
Ah Act to provide for appeal, from the Court
of Claim, and for olbr Duroit.
lit it enacted oy tht Striate and lloittt of
uifiHHiH vy ,nm wr.na uiw,.- yj simctt
ca in Cit prut attempted, That an appeal to
tb Supremo Court of tbo United Statea hall
be allowed on behalf of tho United State from
all tht final judgments of the laid Court of
Claimi adrcria to the United tatt, whether
mob judjrmenta aba.lt bav been rendered be
virtue of the general or anj apodal power or
j arUdletloa of tali cob it under the limitation
now provided bj Uw for other earn of appeal
from said court.
Eac. 2. And It tt further enacted, That isld"
Court of Claimi, at any time wbll aoj tult or
teUim 1 pending before or on appeal from said
court, or within two jeara next after the final
disposition of any each ink or elelm, may, on
motion on behalf of tbe United Statei, grant a
new trial In any inch ault or claim and atay
the payment of any judgment therein, upon
neb evident (although the lama may bo on
mutative or other) at aball reaaonably latlafj
tald court that any fraud, wrong, or lpjaitlc
In the premliea hat been done to the United
Statei, bat nntil an order la made itaylcg tbe
payment of a Judgment, tbe lama iball be pay
able and paid aa now provided by law
6ic 3 And otttfttrthtr enacted, Thtlnhtn
ever It aball b material In any suit or claim
before any court to aacertaln whether any per
aon did or did not give any aid or comfort to
the late rebellion, th claimant or party assert
ing tbe loyalty of any aucb perion to tbe United
Fiatea during lucb rebellion, aball be required
to prove affirmatively that aucb perion did,
during laid rebellion, conilatently adhere to
the United Hater, and did give no aid or com
fort to peneni engaged la laid rebellion, aod
tbe voluntary reiideoee of any inch per in Id
any place where, at any time during aucb real
dence, tbe rebel force or organisation bell
away, aball bo prima faoie evidence that aucb
person did give aid and comfort to id rebel.
Hon and to tbe pcraoni engaged therein
Sic 4 And U it further enacted, That no
jleJntltT or claimant, or any perion from or
through whom any inch plaintiff or claimant
derlvea hla alleged title, claim or right against
the United Statu, or any perion tolerated In
any auch title, claim, or right iball bo a coot
jetent wltneia in tbo Court of Claimi In im
porting any aucb title claim, or right, and no
teitlmony given by mob plaintiff, claimant, or
perion aball be mod Proitded, That tbeUol
ted Statea aball, If they tee oauie, have tbe
right to examine inch plaintiff, claimant, or
perion aa a witneii, under the regulation! and
with tbe privilegei provided In lectloo eight
of the act paiied March third, eighteen bun
dred and alxty three entitled "An act to
amend an act to eitabllih a court for tbe In
veatlgation of clalrai agaloit tbe United
State," approved February twenty fourth,
elgbteon hundred anl fifty Ore
fate 6 And It U further tuartel, Tbat from
and after tbe flnt day of July, eighteen bun
J re I and llxty. eight, the Attorney (leneral of
tbe United Statei for tbe Mate being iball, with
hi aialitantt.attend to the prooutloo and de
ft nee of all uiattcra and aaiti In tbe Courta of
Claim i on behalf of the United Statei There
ball be appointed by the Preitdent, by and
with tbe advice and content of the Senate, two
militant Attorney! Mineral, who iball bold
their offleei fur four yean reipectively, unlets
ioonr lawfully removed, and wboie aalarlei
aball be four thousand dollari caoh, par year,
payable quarterly, and who iball be In Ilea of
tbe tollcltor. Militant solicitor, and deputy to
llcitor of tbe Court of Clalmi.and of the Anil
tant Attorney Qineral now provided for by
law, and tbe exliting cffieei of lolicltor, aa
tiatant lolicltor, and deputy lolleltor, of the
Court or Claimi, and of Aiilatant Attor
ney Omera), are hereby abcllibed from
and after tbe Grit day or July, eighteen Lib
dred nod llxty eight The Altornrj Oeoeral
aball have power to appolot two additional
clerkt of tbe fourth clan, and cne dark at a
a alary not exceeding two thou tend dollari, In
hla offlee,
Sac 0 Audit t$ further tnactel. That It
ball alio be the duty of the mid Attorney
Ocnoral and nil aiilitanta, In all eaiei brought
sgtlnit tht Unitid State In tald Court of
Claim founded nnOS any oontraot, affreo merit.
cr traniaction with any executive department.
or sny bureau, officer, or agent of inch depart
ment, or where the matter or thing on which
the claim It bated iball have beta pute4 apon
and decided by any department, bureau, or
officer iotrwted by law or department regal
ttooi wlib, the Mtlloment and adj oilmen t of
taeh claimi, dam and, or account, to transmit
te aaU deaartaent, bar an, oroffieor, at afore
fald, sprinted epy of tbo petition filed by tbe
Claimant In inch caie, with a request that the
laid department, burets, or officer to whom the
aama aball bo to traaunitua at aromajij, win
furnlih thi laid Attorney General all facta, clr
oumitaniaa, and video tombtog laid claim
at li or may ha la the potietilon er kaow ledge
of tb itU department, bnroaa, or fleer and
It aball be the doty of lbs tald depannint,
bur, ef tOecr to whom inch petition nay
be tranimltted and aaob rtquect preferred at
aforesaid, witboat delay, and wttbla a reatoa
abUttue, to faralib tald Attorney General
with a full itatement of all tbe fact, inform.
Ilea, and preofi which are or may be wltbia
tht knowledge or la the potieuloa or tald de
parUneat, bareao, or fflwr, relating to the
claim afofMaJJ. 6ub ttatemcat aball alto
lotUln a reference to or deaerlptloa of
all official deeamenti or paper, tf any, at a ay
or do fsrntih proof of facti referred to la laid
itatement, or that may be coceiiary and proper
for the defence of, the United Statea agaloit tbe
aid claim, together with the department, office,
or place where the tame It kept or may be pro
Sired And If the aame claim aball have been
paired upon and decided by the laid depart
meat, bureau, or officer, the itatement of
eniwtr to be tranimltted to laid Attorney
General, aa hereinbefore provided, eh all sue
clnctly ttate the reaiooi and principle! upon
which aoeh decliion iball have bean bated. In
all rates where inch declaton iball hart been
m.de open any act of Congmi, or upon
any if ctlon or olauie of inch act, the tame
hallbe cited ipecldeally. And if an v previous
Interpretation or contraction shall hav been
given to mob set, tectlon, or claeie, by the tald
department or bureau trantmutingiuonatats
meat, toe tame tneii no ait lortn anccintiy in
tald itatement, tad a copy ot the opinion Died,
If any aball be annexed to inch itatement and
tranimltted with the iame to the Attorney
General aforeuM- And where any deciiloa
la thrcaie iball have ben bated upon any
regulation of an execntlre department, or
where inch regulation aball or may in tbe
opinion af the department, bateau, or officer
trantmlttlng tuoh itatement, have any bear
Ing npon the claim in tult tbe iame thall be
diitln etly referred to and quoted ioextemoln
tbe itatement tranimltted to laid Attorney
General! Protidid, Aetmvr, That where there
nail bo fending in aald court more than one
cue. or a elan of eaiei, the defence to which
than rett upon tbe tame laeti, olrcumttancei,
an i proof, the laid department, bureau, or
officer iball only be required to certify and
tranimlt one itatement of the iame, and ineb
itatement iball be held to tpply to all inch
claim of eaiei aa if made out, certified, and
tranimltted In each cue reipectively
fiC 7 Ami It tt farther nuirte.1. Thit It
ball and may be lawful for the held of any
executive department, whenever any claim la
made apon laid department Involving die pnted
faeti or controverted queitloni of law, where
tbe amount In controverir exceed! three tbon
and dollar, or where the decl.lon will i fleet
a clan of cuti or furnlih a preoe lent (or the
future action of any executive department In
tbo adj ailment of a daft of eaten, without re
gam to the amount involved In tbe particular
caae. or where any antbcrltr. rtirht. nrMlacr.
er exemption ii claimed or donied under tbe
Loniiitution oi me tnitea btatri to cauie
eucb claim, with all the vouch err, paper prooft
Kil document! pertaining thereto to be trani
mltted to the Court of Claimi, and tbe iame
aball bo there proceed in at if originally com
minced by the voluntary action of the claim
ant. And the Secretary of the Trenury nay
apon the certificate of any Auditor or Comp
trollcr of the Trearury direct any account,
matter, or claim cf tbe character, amount, or
clati duoribed or limited In thli tectlon to be
tranimltted, with all the voueberi, papert,
document!, and proof pertaining thereto, to
the laid Court of Claimi. for trial and adludl.
cation Profited, however. That no caie iball
be referred by any head of a department un
let! It belong to one of tbo taveral clanei of
oaiei to which, by ration of the inbjeet matter
and character, tbe itld Court of Claimi might,
ander exUtlog law, take jurlidictlon on inch
voluntary action of the claimant And all tbe
eatet mentioned in tbli irctlon which iball Le
tranimltted by th bead of any executive de
partment, or or on the certificate of any Audi
tor or Comptroller, iball be proceeded In at
othir caret pending In laid court, and iball,
In all rcirectt, be tubject to tbe tame rules
and regulation, and appeali from ihe final
Jodgmenti or decreet of laid court ttereln to
tbe Supreme Court of tbe United Statei aball
be allowed In the manner now provided by
law Tbe amount of the final Judgment! or
decreet In inch caaea to tratamltted to laid
court.whcre rendered In favor of tbe claimant,
ihall in all eaiei be rati out of anv aneeifie
appropriation applicable to the iame, if any
uch there be, and where no inch appropria
tion exiiti, tbe tame ihall be paid In tbo iame
manner at other judgment! of laid court
Sec. 8 And It U further enacted, That no
fieraon thill file or proieeate any claim ormlt
n the Court of Claimi, or an appeal therefrom,
for or In reicect to which he or anv aiilnnee
of hi aball have commenced and baa pending
any intt or crocen In anv other court azaloat
any officer or perion who at the time of
the canto of action alleged In auch ault or prcj
can aroie, wit In reipect thereto acting or
proiening to act, mediately or immediately,
under the authority of tbo United Stater, un
let! inch iuit or proceii. If now pending In
uch olher court, shall to withdrawn or di
mined within thirty day after the panage of
mi- act
Src 9 Audlett further euarteL Tbat it
iball bt the duty of the clerk of the itld Court
oi v,iaiuiB to transmit to uoniren. at tne com
mencement of every December reitlon, a full
and complete itatement of all tbe Judgment!
rendered by the tald court for tbe prevloui
year, atating tbe amount! thereof and the
pirtlei In whoie favor rendered, together with
a brief tvnoprli of tbe nature of tbe o'almi
upon wnicn laid judgment! nave been rend
ered Sue 10 And It tt further fhartol, Tbat al
provltlom of any act Incompatible herewith
Le, and tbe aame are hereby, repealed
Approved, June 25, 1608
nuui'usALb rou coal
hk, 1
WaaaiMuToir. 1 C . Julr T. l&t
b a led pronoU are UmiHl i ttiUu0c uulll li
li ou liNlA.. 2DUI vf JolXtirotii ruu.ll It.
uitlfx, wl will ltfrpun han I itn I Uollver ut tlio
jurl u- lUmtcka nud Ulllre in n-liluutuii aud
for J tutu Depot about I3,iiit three tlionaADtl uun
liuuUreJ Hud tweltly live tuu ut lurrcliauUM,
wlitte hIi, nollirttffie ei), ttat kiie, free tr m
alt iu-1 Uul, aud tMCigU J,iJ )OUaJ t I lit
l n, eaftilluuH
a i neuwicK I arracit. vufll
ireel, biMwffu bvu
Ueutlt and ElalttefDtbbU )
At Ku..ll lUrrark. on Ki
irret, hvtuein X J arw
aud lrt ureel cat )
At i Inciln liarricua .. .
A ad tu In dehvrn J oiiKrilfr
el varkvua iwiuta In tbt
ahuut ISOttjiu
. liuut S"8 tn-tUiitS.UfOWu-
8(Piiralpropoalfrfrtlieur(lr of i It bur of tie
abve itoluia am alt ilnvll- I
lllda will alii b rreelvl for tho JMIvrr ot CJfl
tuoa Irit claaa iluaiutr coal IjuJciI ou blxth street
llio accepted Lid Jrra will Le required tueiMLIt
it au lapetorappo(ntl by the Wnartrrmail m
llfmirtuioiit, on or before tlie flf-l uKHtoUr utXI,
amtUfarmrr vtdenrethatllio)' hate ma lenrranie
iwuik (n couti lv with lh I ruvHlon vt (be cou
MniilahlniflU T rilinintlre (luintltr 1 o an
ttpie I. a I tuu tu tbd a tm of twenty ibouAud tlol
" 'V.'J ' rii, tl'dprand Iwoarceplable ur.
!l wil"",inirfdforlbe frtlthfol prf rmauce
JI L-,c,tl,.t';ct' l,d P'P moual aiuuout forac
"P."l Wile ror a leaa quaatttr
bbttullucoutract r tail 1 1 (uraUU tl 0 kluJ ud
qoanilljxff mleoutrHctM for, tl will bepiirrl i
l tVaUa Hie ditirtnce lu eM tl4ikud
Kach bid lr will furnl.L with hie Lid a cuarau
tee alined by two rpt,n.lblper.on.,lD amtm UDt
eauaUwlwu tlilrdatU auouuiuf bt UJ, Ibat 1 u
will, witlilu ti'ti dtiya afir U aitrjitautc. 1 xtcuu
a cuutract for (be aatiiela accurdautu uiib abovf
Loal will be Innpeete 1 n dllvery,an I none will
be paid fur until accepted bj tbe Inspect r
Hi am Invited fur tli dfllTry t f La entire
3.1tt I b landt on Hlxtb atreet wbarf.uu or befon
tbtlJJther (let br next,
1'ayiufBta ulll be biade inuiL1r f r quantity of
coelrctved IflnfuuJt, or aa buuu tlqre(lraa
tbev arttfaraltbedfortbe purpoae
All LIda will Le ml milled tu llio Q urt ruiaiter
Ofnral Ufure awardluc c jiitrau.
Hid tera V ill ad J rnn prop mala l the nadorli(ot! I,
plainly wterkH MPrrealaf r (Joal, 'audarolu
tuu i vw ! ut a. iuu but uiog vi lue urn
Deputy Quarwrua.terUeuaral,
Bvt lirlg Oen , V 8 Army
Illattrated Book, worth a Ibogaaud liultart,
aBtrrvtoaar addn-at oa recotnt of il ee( ia, bjr
altralBgProftMor JOHN ANDBItfOOL, N
DO Wlatkiop Place, Nw York city
Tun Oitt ToiT OrrioK Valuadli In
roBMATtoN, -Nearly alt of the) community of
the metropolla hare frequent occailona for
Ttaltlng the cltr poat offlct for the pnrpoae of
recelTlog or forwarding malla or money
ordera, and for the beaeflt of auch we publlin
the following valuable Information taken from
the quarterly report or July 1, ISO. It will be
of advantage, taped ally to bualncaa men. to
a tick theae (acta up In aome convenient pUee
for eaiy reference, and many mlitakci, which
thoae who commit them will regret, will be
avoided 1
Offlcera 3 J. Itowcn.poitmailcrj Lambert
Tree. ehlcf clerkt Nathan It llarrett.aealitant
chief clerkt Ktchardll Mxon,caihlcr Jamca
A. Kennedy, auperlntendent poat offlcet Qeo.
H. Plant, Jr , chief aeiorling clerk for city do
Uvem BlneoQ II. Merrill, aoperlntendent of
BAonoy order department ( 8. R. Kllky, clerk of
regtatrydepartoieati Jante K. Bell, anperln
uadealof letter carrlerai Richard Lay, chief
of malting department; rrcd. IJrprotinlal
tntranee to money-order and r eft 1 try de
partment!, from V at recti dooreaatof uelu
Entrance to poatmaater'i, chief clcrk'i,
carrleri' and caahttr'a room a, door weat of de
livery. Offlee houra The general delivery window
It kept open at all houra of the day and night,
daring the entire year.
The ofllce le open from 8 a n. to 9 p. m ,
dally, except Sunday, on which day tbe whole
offlee, excepting the Money Order Department,
la open from 9 to 10 a. m ando to 7 p m
Northern and eaatcrn malla lit due at 3 40
a m , cloica at 6 5 a. m j 3d due at & 40 p. m ,
eloeee atO p. m
Jlaltlmore, Md , mall lit due at ft to a. m ,
eloaea at 4.4J a. n Id due at ft 40 p. m., cloaca
at I p. ui 3d cloaca at p. ru.
Wratcrn malla, Tla Relay Houte Ut due at
ft 40 a m , elotea at 4.30 a. m 3d due at 10 a.
m 1 3d due at 11 a. m ;4th due at 0.11 p m ,
cloaca at 7 p. m
Southern mail, via Oranre and Alexandria
It 11 , for Lynchburg, C'tattanooga, and New
fllAnHTliiA at flu m . 1aab at K In
Sonthern malla. via Richmond and Ircdcr I
Ickaburg lit due at 7 a m,cloiea at ft a, in
3d due at 6 p. m , elotea at ft 30 p. m.
Aunapotla mall lit due at 11 a m , cloaca at
1 30 p D accond duo at 04ft p. m , cloaca at
Alexandria, Va mall let due at 11 a m,
cloaca at ft n m ( 3d due at 4.30 p raM cloaca at
& ti m.
ueorgoiowo, u j , man iai uue m n w a
Did cioaea iiii.oiiuuueiiWiHip n , cioaca
at 1 p m 1 3d due at ft 30 p m , elotea at T P m
uorltvllle. Jld . mall Uue at 0 n m . cloaca
at f) SO a m
lconardtown. lud . mall Arrlrca at a n. m .
elrttca at 7 pm.
Port Tontcco, Plac.taway, and DuOleld
matl Pne Monday, Wcdnraday, and Friday at
7 p. m t eloaea Tueadar. Thuradav and Sitiur.
day atC JO a m
Ifi'Mt Slarllioro. Mu.mall Due atl n tn .
clnera at 0.30 a m
Noriolk, . , mall lat duo at 11 a. ui ,cloiea
at t.30 p. ru 1 2d duo at 0 p. m . elotea at C 11 m
On.Sundny, only one mall la rccrlied from
the north, aod two from the Wait, South, and
alalia departing on thla day for thcae route a.
clot at 6 p ra, and for Norfolk, Old Point
Comfort and Portimouth, at 1 p. m.
Many error occur by perion not obi en lng
the fo.lowlnrrr culatlona in denoiltlnr lettera.
raperi, or miacellaneous publication! for mall
nftt All drop letter mutt be prepaid by poatago
Prrpaymenta b) atampa required on all let
tcra to Dlacea within the Untied btatoa
lull prepayment by atampa required on all
irftDiirni pnnien maiicr, loreigu rou uouici
All lettera not prepaid by atampa, all auch aa
arc recclvod la theotucewlth atampa cut from
atamped cnrclopca, or with auch poetaire
atampa a were In uac prior to lSd, or with
rocuuc aiampa on mem, are trcaiea na un
mallahla" and f nt to the Dead Letter Ofllce
An Imprcaalon tccma to prevail that lettert
ior iteorgriowa oaij renuire iwu crnia, or
local ratca of noatniro Ucoriretown belns a
epAMte offlee, full prepayment by three cent
JlrlnaertUa- the county in which the offlee
la located upon all Jettera, many errora In
euperacripiioa mism ueueicairu nnu muiauea
In mailing be arolded
All matter conveyed by mull weatward, be-
jood the weitern boundary of Knniia, and
eaalward. from the cmtern boundarv of Call
fornla, except one newipaper to a bona fide
aubecriber, and franked matter, muat be pre
paid at letter ratca
Pottage btamp Depot t Local agenta for
the aale of noatace atamna and etinnoed envel
ope!, have been eatabllihcd at tho following
place, where tbe public can always beaup-
(1. M Rohlnaon. corner of Tenth and N
etrcetif D P. lllckllna;, corner of Third and
PcnnijlvAulaavenuei r It Heller, oornerof
seven ui nnu n trcciai y, ji. x.ntwieic,
corner of Twelfth atreet and Pcnnaylvanla
avenuet It I) Clark, comer of tour-and-a-half
andM atreeta aouth L. II Ilury. corner
of Third atreet eaat and L atreet aouthf K II
rerguaon, corner of lrat street eait and
Penniylvanla atcnuci Drown A.Oo corner of
ht en teen th atreet and I'cnnaylvanla avenuei
0 II Haup H. Co, corner of tourtccnth and
N Btrcettj W. a Thompton, corner of Fif
teenth atreet and Ncwork avenuej W. II
1 carton. No 114 Pennavlvanla avenuei F. D
fowling, corner of lour-ahd a naif and O
ircvi ivuiu
Iteglitry Office Valuable lettera for any
part of the United State, Holland, United
Kingdom, Italian States, Africa, Last Indies,
Lcypt, Falkland lalanda, China and Australia,
will be registered on application at the office.
Money Order Offlee Lipeclal attention
la called to tbe money order aritetn aa a safe
and cheap method of transmitting smalt auraa
through the mails Ordera are Issued In auma
of not more than 4W Lamer amounta can he
tranimltted to the aame person at tho aame
nine uj nuuiuonfii urucra
It at ait On ordera not exceeding 120. 10
oenti on ordera over 30 and up to 0, 25
Iree Deliver) On the first day of July
tbe letter eairlcra will make four dellverlea
ana nve collection, dally, in the central por
tions of the city, and from two to three dellv
erlea ontheoutalde districts
No necessity exists for persona calling for
tneir man at ino omce, as inia cuange win ac
commodate those who desire to receive their
mall with promptness and dispatch
The carrier! are honeat and capable, and the
public can rely up.i being served faithfully.
Tho collections from atreet boxea wilt be
madefrcquentlyenouKh toaccommodato those
who desire to send local letters from one s re-
itonot tne city to another, and they will find
it greatly to their advantage to uac tho carrier
Byatcm for this purpose.
1 ne uein erica win ne mtuo at 7, s 30 a m ,
an 1 1 and ft i m
lliecollcstlona at C4J0, o, 10 a in , and 3 aud
&M m
Collections from out tide dlitrlcta will Le
made lu time for malla going North, houth,
MUI4 Hill
In maklnc the earlv dellierv the carrlera
anticipate much delay Ihlamay be obviated
by honacboldera adopting tbo door letter box
It Is hoped that theclt liens will Immediately
provlle utter boxre lly that meant at a
very moderate expense, they can promote the
convenience of themselves and the neighbors.
nnu ai in same iiroe rentier an important aid
to tho publle service
A rrqucst fur the return of a letter to the
writer, If unclaimed within thtrtydays or leaa,
written or printed, with wrtter'a name, post
offlee, aud btate acrosa the left end of the
envelope, on tbe face aide, will te complied
Letters bearing auch endoraements will bo
returned to the writer free of pottage
Persons wlshlne; their mall matter delivered
by carrier will please kat e ordera nt tho oat
oillce, or with any carrier
Instructions tiavehcrnglveu to the clerks to
deliver no lettera from the boxea except toper
sou rentlnjr tbo aame, or on their written or
ders, or to thoie known by the clerks to I e au
thorized to receive them
1 he rules of the office, made in pursuance of
Instructions from the post oillce department,
fort id persons not In Its Immediate einj loy, or
oinvrtviae connecieu wun iia omciai iransac
tions. from euterlnr UDon the floor It Is
hoped that do one, whatever his position will
attempt to violate these lules, as they will 1 e
hereafter rigidly enforced lho chief clerk
will Answer the calls of auch as ha e buatneis
that cannot he transacted by the clerks at the
wi inuuwii
l'ertone liavln; grlciRnccs against the oilier
on anv account, win uieaio rei uri me ntci in
wrltln.or in perion, lo thepoalinaatrrorchief
1) II 11 1' O H A L
U B E iimiaa' Orrirg, Titt HatL, I
BtiiTov. July 2,1nW )
Propoaala will lie received at iLl oillce until tliw
loth laat , slip in , for tb construction of a Dk
aero tb Salt Meadow and Bast Harbor Creek,
near what ta called tha Wadlug Place, In the town
shlpof Intro, Massachusetts
tne wort comprises a line oi goio pnea auo
CHntre ton feat or lat altbar and Thla aheet
Piling la to form theaxlaaf lb dyke, which ia to
I e farther constructed by embanking th sanio 11
ft wid at top with gravel, or mixed aand and
mod, and rarettlng th ! pea with marsh aud
Th work la to l axaeufed In accordance with
spool deal loaa aad drawing whieh caa ba seen ai
tills office, or at tb U 0 Engineers1 wince at
Bkdsfor tha above work will xprca a prlco fwr
etehuf tbcf lluwlngltema, vllt ,
For SI
ailing l
Ben uuiaa-piie, driven ana piaioii
;hej ulllus; perauperoelal foot (one face
Embaaltntautpar cubic yard, Incladloggrar
f tha ton fur a fuadwav. ami a.ul.llnr It a Ml.ta
lopas JO FOSTEK,
ir4-td I)tI Mai 0a 0 8 A .LLCol Eng'fa
tk mm
111 Insure for It a ranld aala K...I f... .1
scrlptlveelrcularand a car tttru term, A S
HALE k CO 1 Publishers, Hartford, Cl
10 lifflSf JSJ ! xjavssanii states ror ear Hw Work,
"people sBOufc or DioasApitY,"
Costalaiag over olgbtr sketches of smineal persons
f all at-as and eonnlrU. weuea aa wall aa nan 1 a
liaadawm octavo bouk of evr uiQpage-, lUastrated
with boantifol BtloBfravlBaai waitlen by Jaioes
Partoa, tht tnott votmlar etf IMna auWt. whnu
-pttorosAts von coal.
DfRlAtf or KiruaAnirtt awo Panmet
Propoaals will kree1ved at tkUoileeenUl 11
v'clocka tn., WfiUMBSDAi, tbeSd laataat. for
faratLtB from oae t two handred Iowa (2,1)
naeeilie T
Tbe coat to be delivered la each quantities as
mty bs flealrel.aad stanch points adiaeeat to the
Treamry Unlldlaf aa may be directed
Bidders will atate la their propoials the aame of
the coal propoaedloberarnlilied.e well aa tbe
Th Department reterToa tbe riant to reject alt
or all tbe blda, if the Secretary deema lifer the
pah lie tntereit to make aoeh reject! ao
8 ftf.CLABK,
J J IS-Id Chlaof W area a-
Vjiirxn STAtta ScBiiaTiirciDiriaTKixT, 1
. ATLANTA, Oa , Jaly 3, suL f
Soalail Prannakla la trtnllakta tra lavltsd nntil
11, m , oa Jaly tu, XA, for I ml thing tbe 0 sited
Statea BabsUtenee Departmant with Frith Beef of
a good marketable Qvallty, In equal propertlon of
fore and bind quarter meat, neck, shank, aid hid
btj lauvw iv v viciniw, in na qniiuiiM
maybe from time 10 time raqntred, aad oa aoeh
days aa aball beaealgaated by the cemmaadlag
offl car, t-ii five moattis, commeBCtag Angaat 1,
To be delivered to the U, S. treopa at Dablonega,
1'aynient will be mad in OoTr-rntnent fnada,
monthly, upon delivery and acceptance
Utds t be directed te lb underalgned, and
marked "Proposala."
Chief C. g. 3d Wilts ry.Distrlci, Itoom Ho. 1. VTjl
hU td
lIiD'QBiDtrARTMt)trorTna CrunaLixn,
m . . LortaviLLK, hi , Joly 13. WW. .. )
(traled proposala (which miit be in duplicate.
irlth aeoDTarililiaJ)rtlainantattaehal tawach.l
vrniivuiirvoiMiiiiiTor bchiitibci.
win be recaivftivauiiao clork ra,, ma.tui.ua 1
July 18, 13d. ferfuraltlilng the following atorct,
jn.flnflnannrfaKeW TttrOTC fttny.enn tlareai.l
to be thoroughly cared and amoked. clear aides or
clear ribbed 1 which Htobeatated In tbe bid
H.OJO pound NEW UACON ItllOULDKktS (in
llppa. lii Vi tliAvnnvlil v iifl mnA annbl
fl,rtWpooadUl quality HBWlUUAU CURED
UA.-ivAitau iia8.i be piari ia uerceetaam-
."-.- " L-T3 lir' rir'SiVASTi nnnvn
!,w pnnnui, ofli qnaiiir ait ou van liumi
mtKAKrABT OACU1 teanvaied,) to be packed In
Th Halt alaata le b luipecttHt br an iorctor
selected by tbe undsralf ned. Th chargea of la
paction are the autborlaed city laepectloa chargea,
and to b paid by th (extractor.
TLa usual eondltlona of my adTertlietnant unit
1 saincuy compnea wi.u r oaiLb
UrsvetBrlg Oca andC S
H Ktnimti Orrici.)
Oswxuo, K 1 .JulrU.lSCa. f
Salid pripiiialo, lu duplicate, will be received
at llitt offlea until 11 ro MONDAY, Angant 10, 19u8,
for deoprnlBg by dredglag the harbor of Ogdeai
1 urt, N Y , ai a lo alve twelve feet of water at
the loweat tug, tn tho following placoa, fit 1
rjicriox I Ua th outer bar acroeatbe chaanel
Into tke npper harbor.DorthoaaUrly ttvtn th Itiht
houM, whereabout 1JXM cable yardaof hardaaad
U atlmatd to require removal
BrCTtos 11 Uetweea the bridge, tho ferry wharf
and th Home railroad depot, w I era. It Is etlme
ted, about 23,0u0 cable yarda of very hard "hard
pan," with gravel aud email boulderi, nuil be
taken out
All th material (which will be roeatured lath
acowa)mnitt badniuioj atleaitbalf a mil below
Ihe outsr bar. In deep watsr, at a point to b
lbs work maul baeommenced aa ioob aa poaal
bte, and no law tbau Siptember l13di, coallnned
aa long aa poaalblo thla aeaaon, aad completed by
t) f SHli of Ifoveuber, 1BO)
Hidden uuetprpoe for eneh tectlon acparalsty,
aud aniratA rAnlracti will La tuaJa for rach
III la mut t made upon printed tilanke, which
can b procured attblaotnco, (or alio liar written
on,) which matt bo properly fllloj up and algnsd
lnilllnil All tlm Inf.irmBll in tiiiaamail at llita
offlcn will be given to bid lera, tiNf all oithlngto
rnniraci art pariieniari'r rtQtunren in axaittiaa
( VBWHWvnra vuure ttn una in inrtr vi .
LlraLCjl EuglnoeraaaJ Bvt Col U B A
Jyl7 id
tuuiir imusb A.in rusT urncE, fui
Sealed proponalas will I a received at th fifflee of
luvaDoeraiKoea uiiiitiao ciock,ih ,on lutouAi,
tbo J."tkdaY ut Jnlr. Intl . tne fiirnl.tilar and da.
liverlagat alteof Cut Id t dm, on or before th 30 th
day of October next, akxteao tbouaaal (1MMJJ
81te, for thacovrrlug of lha Cuitoiu llouand
tbe l'oit Offlra llalldluiia now In nraaaa af arecttoa
lii the city of Portland.
Tbe Slate muM bo 21 Uchea lu length bylS Inebei
lu width, and from three clghthe (') to fonr
eiihlhs (4 fl) of an lock la thlckot.M of fair and
aiaoith anrfaeo. out tit wind, wltb edeea auwed
tri lit nd aqnare, and of uniform dark alate
To In or conalderatl m each Md muit be aecon
DaoleJ by a aimola uftha alate nronuatd. nronerl
marked wltb th name of lho bidder, aud muil b
anl inltted before Iboopeulngof lliel ide
1 h bid inual bo mad per atnxl alata
Tw good and aattafactvry aarttea will ha re
quired iid the con t rut t
Th department reaervci the rtcbt to reject any or
all of tbo blda. If deemed for the Intercut of the
Government to do ao,
1 ropoiala thoald bo endoraed, "Propoaala for
Slate," and addremed to llanry Klogvbury, 8
t-erlntendent UolUd btate Cumtom-llmne, 1c ,
'ortlaud.Me IIBMKi KlNUNllUHT,
JylO td Superintendent V ti Custom llouae,Ac.
Orricz Citier QraaTeamrriR, 1
Firm Uilitart Dibtbict,
Nkw Oblkaxs, La , Jnnat. 1809. )
S alad PropoaaN. ladnpllcate, will b received
until 12 nouu.on Wdneday, lhZtfthday of Julr,
lfS.fur furnlahlng the Quartrinatr Drpartuebt
at Port McKavitt, Taxan, with
M.OUO feet rough edged Sheeting
ti.Onj feet acaatllng, 4x1
Ml oou fast 1-lnch Lumber
J 1.1,000 bhlaetaa
All the above inuit bo of flr.tqnallty, and aubject
to the Inspection of the offlcur receiving th ar
ticle BidJera will slat th kind of Lumbar and Sbla
glat which lhy prvpu to furnUh
Delivery to coinmenee froin thedat of contract,
and th wnole amount to be delivered within tbbly
dara thereafter,
llida wilt b received for toy portion of th iWrt
batufactory viduc vf th aolvency of h
biddor, aud por.ont olfsrod aa aocurlly, will b r
qiilrcd Th right 1 reacrved to reject any or all blda that
may be offered
Propoaala to ba plainly eaderaed ' Proposals for
LunberandShlnglBn."and addretaed to Ik ua
deralg oed, at New Urlaana, La
By cmuaad of Brevet MAjorOaneral K C Buch
Brevet Colonel aud (iuarteruuater, U. S A , lu
charge uf Offlct, JyU id
urricx CuiBf CoMMMaaar beaaiaTBa-ix
OntUi.NKU,,Juua .lbOS. )
Seu'cd rroponala, ludapllcate, will ba receUad
1 y iirat Lleulonaut Henry M Uaninn. tilth iuUa
try, A C 8,n Camp Dooglaa, Utah Territory,
until 11 o clock m , on Hatardajr, th 18th day of
Julr. lh8, for furoUblDg th troop and uther
aui'i'itw'i m iiiiaiuat nitu
from tbe Ut day of October. Irf8, tu the 31. t day of
jioioai. ibo!', or bucu ivaauuiona 1
(lenral of 8ali.l.tunpa mar direct
birii pruiwB mum. aiav bibid 11 hum ihi-j j-;r
pjuud, net, will b fiirnlalied ancii nuiuUr of
on the hoof, all alaer over thro and nnder eoven
yrarB ui ais, iu rouu, uiaiiur cuu iitiun. as(iu
gruBB weight oua lb u.nd pound, aud none re
calved under eight hundred pound ) aa mar bi
needed at the poat during the period of the freU
lif rntilnfl
For further partlcnlara and condition a of eoe
n. innniri
ti euudaratll
Brovvl Lieut Col and Chief L 8
we claim it win rrr TWENTY VIVE t
1 hU ( KtT Mitltl. 11RD WOOD I ER DAT
bias I havM filly trloJyour Patent Ax aud Hud"
that it U all that ) id tlaiui fur It it will chop
fatr lUau any th r Ax Hal 1 aver saw, and
leaves He wiod without Btlcking tit all 1 would
not chop threu daya without wnu for tu cost 1
me I nut say uny niorsf r uuy luaa ibut trios ou
McKxiiiroBT.DtfC 1!,1SC7
Th Ann aud lho Label ara btlt patented, la
frittcuiaoit thpHtuis will bo ptuavcuud accord
um to Uw tenders or dealer, aul pnron a .lag
auy lufriugoiutut, ar liable with tit iakur of lb
lauurassuaa t Jiirriann'i ..,!
Pit tali urg, Pa
fou iivi it 011, iti:Anr
A French PreparAtioB, wbleh pruaerveu all tk
nutrloua aud modlclnal qualities of the ptit- ell
la frea from all off ant It taw to or small, aud
being agreeat lo to the taate la oulljdlgeited,t m
affording the patient the full hvutflt vl th quaullty
Is readily taken mixed with watsw, thua avoid
lng the use of whisky or other exp oslr or Liurtfktl
Is recommended aud Prescribed. Lv lhMdiul
profui.lob Prlco il a bottle for ,lrculari, aend to
HiATTdtCO ,4flCllandtst , V,
Kailrotvd Eoutj.
VitatBeTO-, Jaa 9, lM7-aoa
Tratss betwtei WaaUagtoa aadAew Tork are
n)w raa at follow, vlst
POD J1KW TURK, with! tasaracf ear
Leave dally (except laadaDatf 43 a, ta , 12. V
Leavedalty (axotpt Uoadaj) atTiia. Ba.,lL13
and 4 aOaadTp m
0 Suit DAT.
Leave for tfew Yotk aad IbUUilpbU al I 00 p.
8lMpiBgearfrHwTorkoaTMp n trataoaly
Throigh ticket to Phlladalphla, Kr Trk er
Boatoa, can be bad at the SUtlea oalc at all koari
la th day.
SeeBalnmora and Qbt Saltroad advrtlmat
ror MBMtil PMWtw waaiBgi. oainnorv. aai
aapolta,aac tk Weat
L, t Ui niLBUN,
MAiuror TratitpanawoB.
h. at ciTLk.
Aaeat. WaanlaatoB.
CemmcBslaf MOHDAT, April lit., llflo.
Tralaa far Baltimore and Waahlagtea leave PhlU
4. 14 a, as , Xxprese (atoadaye exoaptad 0 11 43 a.
. Expreasi 3.U0D. u . Xcrainaad 11.00 n. m
.War Mall Train for? Baltimore at 1,13 a, ra
Leav Baltimore 7 Ua m , Way Uatlt 30 a. m ,
Bxpreai I 1H p. m Xxpreut .Ho p, m., Kx-
""'" " ioVlfATRAI.
Leav Philadelphia fur BaltluoreaBd Waablagtea
at 4 13 a ra and 11 p. m
Leav Baltimore fur Philadelphia at B 33 p ra
Leav Baltimore for flaw York at B. ao p.
ma 10 U y. KKSHItr. MoprlBfaJtaL
v A9.. or Ainu 9,uvuum.
Ob aid afUrXAY th,lto7, trala will run a
folio WB 1
WaablngUa , f 13 a, m. I Baltimore 1110 p.m.
4.3Jp.m, " . 100
With ELEQAIfT SCEHEBT, Palace Blate rooai,
day aad night Can. with modtrn lnprovmeBta,and
oaviDC irou
Dinar nut. ww auuun
and Central Msw York.
iiviiiti. i.,i vwuitik!
TtciBta bv thla ronta can b tiroenrtd at lb
oOm, coraer of Sixth atreet aad PoastylvauU
aveooa,nnar hiuwhiuimi. nmriiwunii mvi
raattua wilt b given at all tlmea
PaaaeasTeraprocnriogtUketaattbl affloe, aao ao
core aocoinmodLlBau.HlanlogCara for klutraor
l'ituburgh. W J ARNOLD. Ticket Agent,
Cornr Sixth at and reon arcane,
Waihloa-ton, D C.
ED 8 TUUAU, UBrai t-aaaennr Agaui,
4B.V1V O
Baltipor. Md
bow ran aaiouowa. ii
Lav dally, except Hunday, at 7 00, 7 13, and
llSJp U..tgltUU. 4 ". anda.4fp in
Leave dally, except Sunday, at 7 U a in and
3.00 and Sp m
roB way statigth sotrrn or annapolis
Lavat3 15 and 7 a. ta., and att 00 and 4 U p.
u .i'r...pv0f ";,,
Leav at T 00 aad 4 30 p n. N trala U or from
AuaapolUonKBBday M,W
Lavatr 4J w ' "J S)."J,' "Lt1 p
WM n a niAiiuiiD
Vm ana t.'wanii o 4.-1
'aveant Hatardav aad Saudar. at
7 43 u and4 3U aad 8.43 p,m
ua Saturday al 7 43 a. m .andlSOp ro
UabaBday,t4.auaad4 43p la oalr, connecting
at Kalar btatloa with tralaa frou Ualtliuvr to
Wheeling, Parkeraburg, ate ......
Through ticket I'- w" b bad at tla
Waahlngton Station Ticket Ofllce at all hours In th
got New York, Philadelphia, and Botaa, te ad
rti,...i.i 'Tb,,i,Li.. " u was0Mi
UatUroi f raaMportatlon,
General AxeaU Waaklagtoa.
Steamboat Xinei.
A. Ilea reioiaad barregolar trlpabe- 4j-ffjh-twean
Waablagtonand Ualtintrti. .JBajaatJBai
Levlog; Ualtiiaor ovary SATURDAY AiTbK
iun ai
4 n rlnr.lt. aad Waihlaetoa eeerv
at 60 clock
She will atop at all thaprlBctpal landing ou tk
river ior raaBfr an irinu, ivi unvii ,
llculare Inanlra of
' ll08 W. RILEY k SON, Agenta.
lit Ly a Wharf,
wySO tufSia At th foot of Kloalh aire. U
1 or Way Landing n th Potoma and Balllraor,
making Connection at Aqnka Creak with
iugaiamerAJriiao9, wpi.Ai v. wm
leav Baltimore, Pier N. 8 Light rKmal
street wharf, every TUhSDAY, at 4 JsaaUawawB.
p,m .aad arrlraattha Rtxlh Btrestwbarf altia
u , TllURsbAY.UdaliverfMlgbt
Notice will bo elvea when the other boat will b
pnton tbevouto .... ,.
i ralght received all day Friday. . a
T- .u. u.,.. afeffl?kVMTrs
lath atreet wharr.WasblDgton.D 0.
my 8 gm 141 Light at wbaif, Baliltaoro
Will ma ragularly dorlag thawiaier montha ba
twea Nw York, AUxaadrla. WaahlBgton, and
Gaoriatawa, as follow t Lay Nw York, from
Pier i, Eaat River, at the foot of Roavlti street,
very Satarday at 4 p m. I 0orgstwB, frut
whrf foot of High street, every Thnraday, and
Alaxandrla very, Friday, at 11 m For fralgbt or
passage rpr at the efflco f th cmpany, earaeV
of New York avenue and bvatanlk trt, b-
''7Jl"JP,,"'rfc THOMPSON, fra.td.at.
March Sib and 33th 1 April Sth and 13th May ftlh,
13th aud 2Sth.
With New SUamahlp of th First Claaa.
For lararmatloa addrasa D N. RARK1NGTON,
Agent, JT7 Wstatrt, New York
W. II Wbbb, President CaA Dabi.YIc Fra
OBcoM Exchange Plac. Nw York
I LPARTMENT of the interior.
U Uxitbd Btatib Patbkt orrtcr,
WAIBlatiTOB, Jub19. JMfl,
fin tha full tlnn sfWllMIS TuutlLlT. of Pbtl
d-tlpbU, Pa., praying for tbo extension of a patent
rruutad lu him the 19th day f f Saptuber, ISM.
r an tiuproveinoDt In Safety Washer for Securing
Wlieel tu Axloa for stfea years from the axpira
tlao of aald patent, which take plac oa the Ith
dy of September, lSt . ... ....
It Is urdarod that tha said petition b heard at th
Paient oinco on MONDAYtb Slstday of AukoM
bast, at IS o clock, u t and all parsuna are aotlned
r ana atiow cause, 11 auy iusy wave, wni
lieiltlun ongbtnot toba granted
Persona ocpoalog tb extaualun ar required to
Sl.iii ilia I' ar-.it 7llHi lhale iihteetluna. anertallr
otfarth In writing, at least twtntu daya befoia
Tlting, at
larlygi all
tke day of bsarlygi all Ustluiony Clod by either
ia.tr. in lis n.M.ri llm aaU hiiarlaa. Inuat lta taken
aadiAtusiultiod In. accordance with the rulaaof tb
DrJimf . aim. th.l thla nnltra ha nnl Il.had In th
KtrvBLirA aad th nUHlgtncmr. Washington,
D C , al tn th -di, PhlUdelphl, Pa , once
a week for ah roe aucceaiT weeks tk Arsl of said
lublicatlonslob at least alxty day a rraloaa to
tb day of hearing A M bTOUT.
juAl Tu.ll Aitlag Commltalouer of Patent
iltMTan htatbs Patbst OrrtoB.
J la tho petltloa f Hohacb W. Pbablsb, of Mai-
wiiuta 1 tub. atav at., imii
palanitrauta lta htm the .Uday of January, ImM,
anudatad tteptembor tub. ISM, reissued Jannary
Mb, IBM, and agala reissued March ltMb, 1M7, for
an liiiprovaineutln Maehlnea for Washiug taper
8 tot a, for Bn yoar from th expiration of said
latent, which Ukea plaeo oath HiU day of bep
tomlier, 1W8
lliauruereu uiaiina sum ppiiiiou uauaaru suns
niuii umn 1
! at lii'rli
tu appear and sliow Cause, If auy they have, why
bbiu ieiiuou uuain u". mi v arauiou
1 imiii. opooalngth extsBslou ar required to
'lalattt latent uttico their objections, spatially
sat funk In writing, at laaat twenty daya bafor
me oar ii usariBg lait ic.uuiuij uih ui i
day M I
y, foVeu
party, to V used attb aald bearing, must bo taken
and transmitted la accordance with tha rules of th
oince, which will u rnruisueu on appucauun
DeiHieltlwua and other papers, raltad apon as test!
our. miiilL, H lad lo Llin litHLmtwiatu data bofuro
aha day of hearing 1 th arguments. If any, within
ifi days afwr flllug tha testimony
uraema, aiso, ma. mis nuuee v puuusieii in
th KsrrnLtoA aad th intelligencer, Washing
ton. U L. . and In tha At int. flew York
Y jouc a weak for three succeislr waksith
flam of sttld publlctl aa tob at least sixty daya
pravloua toll day vf hearlug
J4 TbM Acting Comulsaluuer uljau'ul
1 nr.ii vw uun lltltn.
I Or Loading 1 atriot of tb Day An elegant 1 ctaro
aralaiua. rlchtv lllu.tralail with 1 beautiful bUilI
I graiiBK, anu a portrait oi taaauuiwr,
' itua iiinutvn nrtpifvu afnwt
i z' -''-' -i i" ir.rn .i'.v- ir. .r.
Jlpntt say It 1 the Last, and sail theculckect t
mm j oooa may STr aom
Soui ar faklax
. rilers tier waeH II
era ir week It wll
bin fl W employ no
ru eomulsalon Old a
Ill nntwll line In Turn
j CsJjI
bo gaueral .agents, but
d aaant will appraclato
ilieui baudfor elroulars, flvlux full particular;
llartfurd, Ct
Dipartmiitt or Tm ibthior.
UvirialTAvas PaTBtT Ortfoi,
wuiiTBToi. kiT li. lada.
vmwm paiitwa m iioaATIO fl UAMBBILL, OI
Baltimore, Md., aad. TmomasD. Bonn, or Vfaak
Ingtos, D. C, adjaUUtrators 0 tbe eat ate of
SIbkUiob r. Barg, devW.praylngfor the ex
Oath patlltoa of Hobatio n,- Qambbill, of
aiioa 01 apiwai iraawa itue aaiii nerailo It
Uarabrtiiaait fliBfietoa r. Sarree, tksfJTtlrdar vf
Vbnaary, ItlOo, aaU-dau4 lho ltd day of AuneU
tor aa lmproTtmanl la Cardlag Macbla, for
lwi,iHrini m ii
iva yaara irom (ne JPruom or aaia palest.
1 avnlratlna ni
flCU iaae piace oa no na nr PI Al
I fa ordered that the aalj pvtitUmb hi
h takaa claea on the Bd dav oi
iara at 10 a
aiL allea aldaa. m. aad all Daraoai araaail
i y
teappaar aad bow cant. If aayiihey have, why
l4paUtloaoachtnott9bgraat4. , r.i t;
PraoaippolacthxUaalonarreqIr4 Uife
la tikTpVuatjOBice. tkelr obJectTone. aptcladly ei
f ortb. ta wrttla g, at leaat ftevnfy days baforo the day
of BMrtaii all Urtliaoiy llebyellherpartytob
xaliie4 ta ordaae with the rale of th bU,
WhtehwtUUfavalaKaoaappUMUoiu . '-
Aepoauions aaa otaer papata, ram apom aa wb
tlauny, nmat ho 3Ud la tbo oa.ee tm nip dare bertir
the daroi bearlBg t th argument, If &y within itn
dyBiUrttlB(fheteitlmoar , . , , ,.
OrdarW. alao, tbat thla notleevepahllahedla the
Rbppbuoaji aad ta IUlli0tn&r, WaAhlnetan,
AlMaMk rikiuiMM,lH orMlr. Ika flnt
tea, OB.iuaor, aa ,
lv wki tka drat of
saia paoiieauoa 10 ne as loaat sixir aayo prejifn
totkdyofkarlaff 17 M- STpL't.
myso-Tbst AcUag Comnlaaioaar ( PaUati
. U'K1!.
DxpARTMiirr or the iitTiniOR, ,
OxmolTATB PATirrOrrtox.
- .. ... WAirtrnroii, Martf, 18b8.
OathartUtonftftABAat W. Xatn. aJmlBatralrlc
of th aatat of Choenay Road, daoaaaod. and JQ
fialolo, aaniaiaira.nxoi im um 01 atrooaa a
on Id, deeeaaed. of Chlcatto, llliaola, prartag fi
tho ax ta aaloa of a PaUal araatad to tka aalii
CbeeaeyBeid and Brooks K.MoBU,(h Ith day
of Angnat. ISM, for an improvamtat 1b NentlUtlDg
Railroad Uara, ror aevea yars rrom the expiration
of ld pataat, wkltk Ukt place en Uafetk day of
Angmt, lMSt 1
It Is order that tbe aald petlUoa be beard at th
Pataat Offle oa MONDAY, lb 30th day of Jaly
next, at 11 o'clock na 1 aad all peraon ar Aotlled to
appear and ahow canae. If any thay hare why aabi
potlttoa ought not to b granted. ,
lata the Pataat OBe their TbJetlon, apealallf
aa. forth ta writing, at laatt ittrmfl' dayi
ay an
led br either
mat Pfiaaen
1 ralaa of tha
Depvaltlon aad other jpapera, relied upon a tetrl
moiT. tnaitba filad ta tha bAm tmtnfu dara ba
inn pi mea ib
iTOf hearlanl
tt days after flllaa the taatlaaoay,
tore me aay 01 of ana
the argotaaBta.lf any, with la
1 laatlaaaatr.
flrdatail. alan. thai thla Hntta ka ntihltanait la
DC, and la th 2Vtown, Chicago, 111 ,0000 a
week for thro bbcomiIt wktb firit of said
pabllcatton lob at laaat alxty daya prevlpnvto
tediTof haarlng A. M STOUT.
myW3t la ting Commlsalonar of Patent
Ubitbd Statb Patbst orrtoB,
WAsataoTOi, J una 11, laud.
Oa th petltloB of Jo MAia,vf EBgllihNelfh
hot hood, N t praying for lb extension of a
J latent granted to him II 3d day of October, ISA,
or aa Improvemeat la Pan and Pencil Caa. for
va year from th expiration of Bald patent,
which takaaplac on tho 3d day of October, lSt
It la ordered that th said petition b heard at th
Pataat Offlcaon MONDAY. the 1Kb dav of ScDteia.
ber next, all! o'clock, m.taadalJpraonaarB
tilled to appear and ahow caata. If any thay bav,
why aald petition ought not to be granted
raraona vppoBina in iihiiivi rw iiuuiu m
fllala th Patent Office thalr objaetlona, tpactally
aet forth lawritiag, at leaa. t weary daya bfur
thtday of hearing 1 all testlpony flladby Uher
Kirly, to b ueed at th aald bearing, must b
kea and transmitted in accordance with th
ml of th ottlce, which will b furalabed on ap
Depoaltlona and other papers, relied upon as tat
ttmoay, unst b Died la the offle fiit(vdy
befor tha day of heart ni 1 th argutaenta. U aayt
wltbia fait daya after Aliag of the taatlmoay
Ordered, alao, that tbta notlc b pnblUhed la
thoRarDBLiciaaBd th Jnt el UfftHttr. WatbUg
ton, DO, and la th At lat, flaw York, New
York, one a week for three anceesalv weekai
thoftrat of aald publication to be at leaat sixty
dayB pr.Tlou. to tb day of r,M 6TOUT,
Jel3 Thlw Acting Commlaelonar of Pataat a.
Ou th petltloa of Abibb Wnrrai ar,of bprlag
field, Ohio, praying for lb extension of apateut
cranted to him lho ttd day of Angnat, S.A, and
ralssucd tbe Mb day of Jannary, lhStf. far aa lw-
(rovemeBt in Track Clearer to Oraaa Uarvalcrs,
at aet en yeara from th oxplraltoiun aald patent,
which takes place on tb33d day of ABgUBt,lMi
it ia oraorea snai ine aaia pauiiaa ua aeara at lue
hav, why
file in tho
set forth In writing, at laatt fwufv days oefore Ihe
uuca lorn duikiobii itci.mi
.-..-..... . .r-,-..... .--.--.-----.-. -.
ay 01 iieariDt 1 an iciiihioit aieu uy euoer pariy.
to 1 used at th aaid bearing, must b taken and
traapmiitfa in aetoraauc wun
1 the role of the
Deposltionaand other papers, relied upon aa teatl
rnony, must bo died In lb office t went if daya before
thadavaf hearlnat tha irnnunti. If .ut. wltbia
fen daya after flllDithttluoay, T
tlr.larad. al.A. lhat thla BuLlca lie ttnbllahed til
th RarPBLiCAM and ItUttllgtrnftr, Waahlngton, D
C , and tn tha hoentag LAret.feie,Clnclkuail,Olilo,
one a week for tbrae ancceaslv weeks t tbe tlrat
of said publlcaiioas to ha at leaat sixty dara prw
tIobs to the day of hearing A M STOUT,
my 9 TaJt Actlni Cmmlaaloaar of Patent
J UiidStatibPatbt Orrici,
WAsaixaTox, May 21, VA.
Oa tb petltloa of DaviblIIalladat, of BaUvta,
IlUoot, formerly ifBUIngton,Oonnectlfnt,prayiu 1
for Iba extension of a pataat granted to hint iba lu
day of Aagnat, 1801, for an Improvement la Uev
-n. - Wln.1 Mill, tnv .Avail ur 'mart Ilia av.
ptratloaof said pa taut, which take plaeo oa the
fetb dayofAoguat. lwt) . .
It la ordered that th aald petition b heard at the
PaUnt Olflta on Monday, the day of Angmt next,
at IS 0 clock m t and all pert on a are notlnsd to ap
at ISO clock m t and alfpersonaaranotlBsd to ap
pear and show cane. If any thay hav, why aaid
petition ought not to b graatad
Parsons opposing th extension ar required to
mo ib ma rutuvuci ibhi usiwiivm, .wwiii
set forth In writing, at least twenty daya bafor tha
day of bearing! all testimony Slod by either party,
to b Used at tho said hearing, most b taken and
transmitted la accordance with th rulsa of the
emc, wmen win d lurnisnoa oa apjuieawoa
Depositions and other papers, relied opon as ts
tlmony, muatbflld lath one twenty daya be
fore lbdy of hearlofi th argnmeau. If aay,
wltbia tn daysafUr Sling tha Uatlupny ....
Urdarad. alao. that thla nutloe ba aabl abed la
th RirTBLloAX and th tnttlltqnetrt Wabiag.
too, D C .and la lb Tribune, Chicago. Illinois.
one a week for three sucestlTwek th flrstof
aia pnoucaiions lODajaiieaaiBixiy aaya prvTivus
ray 16 Tn.1t Acting CotumlnsloBsr of Patent
XJ Umitbo statb Pat an t Owtict,
WisBisoToa, May IS, ltad.
Oa th petition of Sabah W.lfLABpKaa, of Nw
buryport, Mass . adminlstralrlx of th stat ol
Joaetli F Flanders, deceased, and Jeremiah A.
Mardeo.of Boston, Mass., praying for th exten
sion of a pa ton t granted to th aaid Joseph P
Plaadera and Joseph A Mini a, the Sth day of
August, 1804, fur an Improve man tla Leather Spill
tlngUarhlna, fur avnyarafrou tb expiration
of aald patent, which takes place ua th JVlh day of
Aagust, 19uo
U la ordered tbat the aald petition be heard at th
Paient Offle on MONDAY, tb 10th day of Augu.t
next, at Ho clock, m 1 anjallperaoua aranouoed
to appear aad show cause. If auy they have, why
said patltlon ought not to b granted
f.riam nnnialnf tha astan.laa ara rauulrad to
flleln tb Patent Otttc their objtatlonj, apactally
Bet forth la writing, at laast liaanly dayB bafor the
dar ef bearing) all Ustluony flladby wither party.
V u UHU SI iu Mill u,i(iB man vo ii.tu auu
tranafiiltlaJ In are.irdauea with th rnles of lb
olflca, which will ba furniahed on application
uepOBiiioos ana oiaer payer. aiiuu dmou as trm
tlmony, mustbflld In tbo ontoe tunnty day ba
fur tb day of haarlngt lb argumcuts, if any.
within fH daya after filing the testimony
uroereu, auo, iuai .nit
',tpublUxn aud th J
notlc bapubltahed la the
r. n aaumaiaa,
V lj .and mill journal, uoaiou. aiasa , ouc a
weak for thr anccesslv weekai the flnt of aald
publications to beat leaat sixty dara prevl ma to
in asr 01 ueartDB n t oium,
myut3t Acting Commlsslonsr of PaUnta.
wabuibiitox, JUUSB, laoa.
Ou tha mtltlou of QikuxaK Chilshk. of Uo-tu,
Masacliusetts,praylug for the exteusiou of a patent
granted to hint the 2Cih day of Sat teiuber, laii, aud
ro Issued tho nth day of 8eptemhr, lt!4, for an
linnrnaainant In Viirnaea ur Ileal (lt.naru.ior aud
Radiator, fur seven year from th expiration of
aald i atnl. which take place outk ihAhdayvf
September, lini
It Isordarad I bat the said patltlonb board at tho
tteniumcson uojiuaii iuv oi
ixt, at 11 o'clock, in (. and all par
appear and ahow cauae, if auy th
l.f niiiiilnn unaht nftt t.t la a ranted
1 arsons opposing lho oxtanslonar required to
111 lu the Pale u l Offloo their objections, specially
aut furlh In writing, at Ua.t twenty days bvfore th
day of bearing! all testimony Iliad by either party,
to b used at lu aald bearing, must L taken aud
Depositions and otbar papers, railed upon aa tes
timony, must b flld In th vttica twenty dara bo
lay bo
if aay
Orderod. also, that this nolle bo pulllshed lu
th ItLfiancan and Ihe Inteiligturrr, Washing
toB, DC, and 1b One I at, llrstvn, Massachusetts,
ouio a week for three ucctl T weeks tb Or.tof
said publications to be ut loust alxty da a prtjloua
totbaday vrbearlug A M bTOUT,
JelS-Ftt Acting Commlaslonar of l'ateuti
Wiiiiiuroi. If a HI. lfalt
On tb petition of PsuLirrtaa b, Bbagkbii
aiDux. uf Itatrona, Pa , administratrix of the es.
tat of Edward Slioron, decaaaod, praying 'for the
extension of a patent granted to fbo said Edward
titiern th lJtU day of December. IBM, for au im
proveuient lu Process of Ireatlnx the Mother
Water of Saltnoa, furaevn yaars Irom the xil
ration of said patent, which take 1 lac uu th lilh
i-.r p'VwftVsfi.w.. . .... .. ....
II IS orunrra inn lu bbiu intiivu ua ur.iu .tiug
Patent Offle on Monday, th lotbday of November
next. at 1 Jo clock m landallperaunaarenutlAodlo
aprar aud ahow eau, If any thty have, why aald
paittlon ought not to b graulad
Persona ppoalng th exteual u are required to
fllstu thspalant ufflc their objections, apecially
set forth lu writing, at least twenty days bifora tb
day of baarlugi all testimony tiled by either 1 arty,
lob used altb said hearing, mu-t be taken aud
transmuted lu accordance with tb rules of ll
offlee, which will ba furnished on at plication
Deposition and other papers, relied upon aa tea
tlmOB, must he filed In the omc twenty days be
for th day of hearing) tb arguments, ll any,
wltblu tun day aftur filing th testlmouy.
Urdarad. alao. that this ui Ilea ba Dill h.hed In Hi
AW BxrcBLiCA and lb Julllouetr. Washluaton.
a II A. and In tha I ual. 1 lll.harv. l'runavl.
pay vanla. obc week for lure anceesalv woeksi th
this first of aald pnbltcallon to ba at leust alxlr dara
preiious loth day of bearing
v n A M. STOUT,
I mr37W3w AeHng Ooi&mtttloner of Patent
.-- 2 i. 1
Dr. JonttSTOllliasdlaeoveredtbsrtoBteortalB.
paedy, and oalyeffectaal remedy iBthowotld for
MoniorthtkldneyeandBh.ldr. favulBtary Die
Iharge. lnipoUMy,UDralDb(lltr, Nervaaaaeas.
rlpiB, Languor. Low Splrlla, (oBfuilaa ot
dtao. Palpitation of th Heart, Timidity, Tra.b
lat. Dtameas of ttlgkt er Olddlnaa, Dlaeaeeaof
Ihe lUad, Throat, Note, or Ski. Affections of th
.nun. Mtnmaefc. or Hntaala thoaa larrlnl dlior.
waaaaoaa or tn, oaca or bimva, p.nciarM, nw
danarlilaafroBAthaBollUrylUblUof Tatb thoa
BCBBf aad
aaaually 1
yoa Boea of the moat exalted talent aad brllliaal
Intollacl, WbOmtgot otherwlaa bav entranosd lis
fjtalnr Sattata arftk Ika thiiaditro lit aloaaaaaft. m
waked to peatacy th Uvlag lyr. mi y call wlb. full
. ttABRIA0,
Marrted ParMaa, eriTomngMoB atrnplatlat ,
raarrtage, bolsg aware of phrtleal waLkoeaa. or
ganl ofablllty, defMialtfsa, M tMailynred
He who place hlmaslf BBdv ta car of Dr J
mar rllioaalycoBfld oa ale hoaor a a gaatl
naa, aad eonldoaUy rely tpoa al klU a a phyal
r Card aad Full Vigo Rsl
rlfnl ntaaa-wlileh randara
ah la and Marring ImpoBalble I the ptaaltrpald
by tke victim 1 ef improper tadalraBce. Yoanf
Crtons x too apt to cqtnmlt exceaaes from nt
tog aware of tha dreadfol ennaoqaeace tbat nay
astractlv aynptoa ta both body and mtod
arise. Tb system boeCme deranged, the Physical
aad Meatal Function waakened, Lost of Proerea
tla Power, Nrvou Irrltahllitv, Dyipepaia. Pal-
Iltatloa of tea Heart, Indtr"Btlon, Const! rational
sblllly, Wtlagof lb frame, Cougb. Con-
laft-kaad aid tlag frmo Baltimore tret, aft w
doora frou the corsar. FaU not to obaerv aatn
and Bomber ... ..
r No leUer raeelvW Baiaaa poatpali and con
UlaTag a alaiap t b uaU on than ply. Pcraoas
writing sbonid state age, and sand porttoa of ad
vartimnant deaariblaa ayanptotaa
Vamber of th Royal Collar of Surgeon. London,
iradnat from oa of tha moot emtaeat Oollerea lu
h United but, aad the greater part of wbuao
Ifa ha been spent In th boapllala of Loadoa, Paris.
hlladalphla, and elsewhere, h effectad aone u?
thenoet aatoalahlnceBraatbat war var kaowat
many tronbled with ringing la tb head and ear
when aaleep. great narvosBaa. telvg alarmed at
addn aonodai baahfBlBaai. with fraqaat blush
tne, attended aomeUrae wltUadarnmaatuf tha
mind, were cured Immediately
ftr J ao) troaae all thos wb have lutorad iWm
reaby iv-prper Indulganeea and auntRry 1 al
lta, which rnla both body and mind, ubAUIbc tboin
for either buainaaa, atndy, society or marrlAte
Thea ar tome vf tb aad and mmnchnly o:-ts
produced by early habit of yonth, vllt Weakue
of U Hack a 04 uudb. rains m lao ntai,
iba. 1
d nt Hiaht. Loas Of atnaeular I'owar. 1 alo
Kight, Loas of Mnacular Power, lalplu
a of tho Heart, Dy-pepata. Nervaaa IrrUabllUy,
ia, iierran irnisuniiy.
Debility, kymptoma of Coneuuptlou.
ItjnsUve Fnaatloaa, Unral
r Can.utnntlaD
Tb fearful facta on tb mind aro
much to bo dreaded 1 of Memory, tuufnlon
nt laeaa. lnraaloa of finlrils. Bvtl
pints, btii rorvimoioe,
list mat. Lova af tdiHln J.
Averaiuo, toeucieiy, i. auirnai. otoiboi
Ae .Arasttao W IheeTlbtBrdUntet. I
ThPUFaadaOf perstmaef all ag can umrJudtM
e aiBmaf in
aevnaiaa; neauu, loaiug
is anu TJiua
who hv laJared themselvea by acortsla practice
ladolged la whan alone habit frequently lrarnd
from vll eonipaaloas, er at achool, tbo Httaor
whieh are aJahtly fall, n when aaloep, aad If not
en rod readara maniac ImpoMlbl. aud dtrwa
both ia Lad and luNly ahoold aj ply Ituuiedlalelr.
What. pity that a yosai iua, tbeb
ton n try, tha pride of htiareata, ahould 1
rom all pruspwt and enjoyments of ll
from ail pmspnet and enj
eooaeqaenre of deviating fi
aad ludatrlnr la a certain a
a saaicueo:
If. Iit Ilia
rom tb path of nature
rt a a bit.
Snca per
aontaiOBT. iMfoiecoatemplatiaaT
refect thai a aonod mind t
inlnd and bodv ara tha raoal aa
eaaary reqnlallea w promote cuannbiaiuapptaena.
laoocti, wiiuoui iimii, ihb jvuufj larwuxu
t tha nad become ahadn
with riialr. and llaJ wlLh tha saelaaehi.lv r.
flection that lb bapyla of another bacoiuea
""""""W.WIS.f mPHCDEHCt
When tke Bigutdd and Imprudent votary of
pleanr find ha bt Imbibed the. aod of thla
biui from applying to those who, from educatlin
aad respectability, caa alone b4iiad him. Ha
falls lotvi tha haadaaflcaoraBt aad daalgatagpre
taadar. who, Uatapabl otarlag, lUh his pru
alary aabatauc, kep him trifling tnanlh aflar
month, or as lonx aa lb smaDt To caa bo ob
tained, aad In despair leava hlu with ruined
health loitghovar hta nil tag rllsaipolutinantt or,
by th ase of that deadly pciaoa, Mercnry, basteu
tbo ouBBUtolloaal Byuptoma et thla tarrlbla dls
easo, so ha Attoctloo vf tbe Head. Throat. Now,
5kio, AcprogrMslogwUk frtubtlal rapidity till
aalli put a period to bia drwadful suiTerlBg by
aendlnx him to tbat undiscovered country fruiu
whoa bnoroend traveler returns
Th many thoasaad cured at lhla iattntl n
wltbia th last eight- years, and Ihe numerous
Surgical Operattona parfunnad by Dr. Jobaatou.
wltiwssod by tha reporura of th '8bb." and
naay otuer papers, aotla of which appaared
Bicaln and again before tha public, besides hla
E landing aa a gentleman of character and raapoual
ility, Is a sufficient ruarantta lo th alictad,
Parsona wrltlae ahoald b nartlcular la alrocl
lag lhaii lettera to hUlnntltatlon, la tha follawlug.
inaonsri avun uuBgiun.
I m JUiiaaiufl.H v ,
MaJtlmura Lack llnaDltal.
paniinora, aiaryiang
D atr.
Corner of Second stmt eat and D atrcat aontb,
ranltnl Hill.
Th naw bnlldlae la now ready for th raoaslton
ot pauaau oi ovurr aiaaa, dvui mouicai aaa aaraicai
tu cars rnn wiinin iwo sauaroapi tnaouudioi
at to
Patlenu wui b received into ia ward
per week, payable In advaac. This Include
ICine ana McaicaiorDnrxicsiaitenuaacai.
Private Rooms can be had at ad r a need rata.
D. R HAOlTRB.rfl"i)',A1ttio, 3W H trot. b.
twen Elghteeulh and Nlntnth
JOlinC BILBY.M D , Nw York avena. U
ween Fourteenth and FIfUnth alraau
WM MAEliUKY.M" h ,44Utrt.
J, F. THOMPSON, AL D., orar ilnlh straa
and MassachoMtuavaau.
C.M.FOUD. M p., VXaat Capitol atreet.
KB LINCOLN. M. D., SW F alreet north
ORAFTON TYLEU, M D , corner r Wa-hlBg-t
ten aad Oay trota. Uaorgalowa
W. P. JOHNSON, M D.t Seventh strMt, U
twaanVandF. .. w , .
IllOMAS MILLER, M V atreet.
OHNbON KI 101, 4 Estreat.
0 11 LIBbltMANN4UTblrtoan
luiwiitu.w v , jrt v sir.
Thlrtdanth street
Annllratlnn cau b mad at tha Ifaaitllat. ,ir in ,
alihtti of th above nantod physicians Pbyalclaua
aeudlog patient to the Uoapital who tuayoctupy
prlvat room hav the privilege of attending tho
tarNo pcraoas with cooUalms dleasa aJiulttad
octlT boporlor
Corner of Pourtaanth and N street.
This DUpeBsary I la connection with Colum
bia lioslul,and la opened fir the treatment tf
out dour piiiltiuu, whoaranpplld with ModUlui,
Modtcal aud burgle! trvaliueut fr
lattcuta who am about to ba cob Quad .ud Uo.lr
to ba attended at thalr own homes, but who ara
uuabl 1 1 1 ay for the sorvlw of a compete ut mod leu I
practitioner, will bo furnished with mod lea) alien
liou free, by laavlug their namoa and addrasa at
tb Hospital with Ilia matron
Monday, from S t-t 4 .. . , ....Prof. F Howard.
Wadneduy, fromStdl ...Prof. J, II Thompson
Fridays. frm Jt4 , .Dr Ash ford,
Columbia UoeplUl la open fur the recoi tluu uf
Free latum upuu ordera uf tha Uunorabl bte
rotary of Ibalutorlor Snch order fur admlast u
can b obtained of th fcurseon lu cbluf. Dr J
lalOMlbON. at ll onlco, loll atreet, betwoau
Twentieth and fwentT Hr.t lantdly
Wabiiixutox, May 14, IM
uu ll pritiionoi willi an u Aaoaaws, oiiicw
Yoik, N, i , praying for lb extension of apaluut
framed to him th Id dar of Auvn.t, 1&I, for au
inprovoinent In Centrifugal Pumpa.for aeveu yeura
fruit tho expiration of sail patent, which takes
plac on tbJ.d day of August, lsua
U la ordered that the aal I petition be heard at tl ft
Patent OUo ou MONDAY, th 27lh day of July
uexl, atlio clock, m and all persons are not I lied
to ail our aud sh wcauae.lt auy they bave, whj
BAld putltlou ought a it to b grautfd
Pursoua ui posing ihe oxIoubIob are required lo
fll in the Paient Offlcolheir objections, stx-clully
stt firth la writing, al least twenty daya bn-foro
th day ul heariaai all teallmony filed by elthor
party to b usod al lb aald hearing, must ba lake
aud liausmtttod In accordanc with Ih role (f tha
otllce, uhkh will i furnished ou application
Dei Dsllluns uud other papers, relied uihiubs test I
laonr, iuut bellied lotneoOlcdftiMnftf d)mf ro
ten daya after filing lb tostimuu.
IUb uay oi nnnuii iu bibuiuuuii, unuj, wnuiu
X oar a aurr diiub " luanmuur,
Ordered, also, tbat Ibis not loo t pnMWhed In lb
KtrCBLlCAa aud th JntelUgtnctr. Waahluglou,
u u , anu in tu Attn, new tora, now .uri, '
ouc a week for thro success I re weak a the
first of aaid i ubllcult tna lo b at least sixty day
piavloua to tha day of bearing y gT0UT
my30-W1t Acting Coirnnlsalonfrof Pataata
V 8 hBiuxBrn' Orrirt,)
Oswxm, N Y .July 1,113. J
Svultfd prmasnla will b roeetved by the nudor
slxbfd uutil uouu or Monday, July A), led, forth
follow lug uuturial for repair vf Oswego Piur;
100 sticks Canada Pine rimbcr, cacb2tlfet long
aud lilucuen siimro, sawed
1UO sticks Canada Pine Timber, inch 30 feet K ug
aud U Inches square, sawed
100 kegs Buideu'a Wrought t Ike, 0 loch
LLAlS in,
100 curds Stoue for crib filling
lb timber to be dolredvn th Unltod Statue
land, at the head of the pier, bsfor November I,
14 1h spike lu Ihe United Slates at irebous, al .
th liar, bofor September I, 1Su8 Tha stone tu
quantities as callvd fur, tho wliol bofor January
1, lt
Bids and cuutracti td b separata for each class
Blanks and furtl er information may be ob.
laiued from th undersigned.
Lieut. Cut of Engineers and Uvt Col U. B a,
Tttf td
nde, I

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