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U(nti0iwl git pMtam
AVnninictoii City, I. O.
Office Cor. Tenth and D, near Finn, arena.
ii JULY IT. 1968.
far-All communication, whether oa buslaets
or tot publication, ehoald V iJJriJ to Wm. J,
UtrarA, Proprietor National KtrOBLiCA,
Wathlsfton, D C.
r illibois.
or iviiAii.
What with the platform, and the candidate!
of the Democracy, Its editors and ttamanacera
are at their wlta end, and are thrown com
pletely upon the defensive, and eorrr work
do they mike of It. Their candidate for the
Presidency li, or rather hla speeches jo place
hlm,tnfarorof keeplof faith with the public
creditor, and of" pay lot; the bonds, Interest and
principal) la eolnj but the party has placed him
upon a platform which goes for repudiation.
During the war the err In'the Democratic
party wti for peace sire ui peace, laid its
champlone. Now they hare nominated a an
dldate for Vice President who fo fcr war
war In its mo it terrific aapect. He would In
aujurete war all oyer the country not a ace
tlonal struggle like the first but war eery.
where throughout the land. It li amusing to
ee how the knowing ones struggle to relieve
the party from thla terrible embarratiment.
The newspapers of the tarty are floundering
about, and making desperate effort to recon
cile what they have said heretofore with what
they are obliged to eay now and la the future.
The World li certain that the platform mutt
le construed to mean this: that the green
backs must be brought up to gold values, and
then they may be employed to redeem the
public debt.
On the other hand, the Chicago Timet U
alike confident that the platform Indorses Sir.
Pendleton's view, which Is that the debt
should be paid la currency, belts ralue what
It may.
Thus It will be seen that these papers
hare entered upon a work of explanation
which It will take them from now till Novem
ber to complete. So we hare them oa the hip.
They must explain. They must remain on the
The World sees the dilemma la which its
party Is placed, and rery naturally tries to
explain It, and to reconcile the various eon
tradlctlons. The World says:
"The Democratic party has doubtless made
itself responsible, to some exttnt, for the recent
utterances of Its candidates. It Is responsible
for those of Got. Keymour as well as for those
of Oen. ltlalr. Oor. Seymour, in hi Cooper
Inttitute tpetch,made the jtnamfal guettlon the
grand pivol of hit polity, and put forth vlevt which
mutt command th approval of ait konett and n
tightened men. Oen. Blair, in hit letter, moktt the
overthrow of negro reconduction the all impor
tant thing, and Mitttet the financial cutttion.
With candidates thus publicly differing, what
did the Democratic (Jon vent loo decide t It
Dominating Uov. beymour for the position of
Teal authority, it gave lti practical endoriement
ofhttvitwti y nominating Oen. JJlsir for an
office without any power.lt affirmed, Indeed,
Its detestation of the negro governments, jW
reterrra ine guemon now they art to be dealt with
for future dtcltlon Had the candidate changed
platu, the convention would douutlttt have made a
"The next Democratic President can make no
civil or military appointments witnouttoe con
sent of the Hepubllcan benatej and while Air.
Ill air would hare been unable to get his nom
inations confirmed, Mr Seymour will probably
And no difficulty. If Mr. Heymour should die
In office, the .Senate would compel Mr. ltlalr
to keep all his civil predecessor's aDnoIntees.
lneludlor the Cabinet, and would allow htm
to give no new officers to the army. The. pre-
icuucu aiarm at um .vur is rMiivUiqua,"
Was ever argument more silly, lame and
lmpotentl The sum of this reasoning Is that
neither Air. Seymour nor Mr. Dlalr can do
noy barm because the Republican Senate will
not let them. What a blessing ills that we
hare a Republican Seaete-eren the World nd
mite this so that these Democratic aspirants
can do no mischief when elected. We think
the people will take care that these men do not
succeed by electing Qrant and Colfax. But Is
It not a curious feat that the Democratic nom
inees are men of such knavish and wliVieroua
principles that a leading pape- ot ihe-party Is
obliged, in Its appeal tuf T0tes, to assure the
peopU thatt uepubllcan Senate will pre.
0t e two men whom It Is anxious to elect
to the two highest offices In the nation from
doing any harm to the country! Retlly we
have fallen upon strange times when the
leaders of a great party call upon the people
to elect men to office who hold dangerous prin
ciples, and In the same conoectlou say these
men can do no harm because a conservative
benate can keep them in check.
tienernl Urnnt
It Is not a little amusing to observe how the
Democratic newspapers are perplexed by Gen
eral Orant's military record. They call him a
butcher, a blunderer, a stupid pig headed num
skull, and all that sort of thing still, there
stand his deeds. He crushed out the rebel
lion. He saved the ntlou,and history will
so record It,
One paper siys he Is not so great a ni ht
was the rider Napoleon, and that he df , not
come up within a long distance of V eninjrton
All we hare to say to such stut j, (QIlt q.d.
eral Orant, from the timehe'-Ureathlimy
went on from victory to l'-tory, from Donel
son to Appomattox Oo-jrt Hou,e Show U1
a man la ancient or Modern times who, with
such means as he llhi at hli eomm.,Dd, n
Eattnv Hie Own Word a.
Brick Pemeroy boasts that his paper, the
La Crottt Democrat, has a circulation of 240,000,
and we suppose he got this circulation because
of the many bold, bad thing whish a tbrowa
out to the trfTMAarush ltt;eolumns IWl
hare always booine that if there whaya wicked,
and blarihepaOuebliet publishes! la tbe United
StatesM wa thsfX Crttu Dnewefct We bad,
howerer, gtre Pomeroythe credit of 'being
consistent In his wickedness. The following
extracts from his paper will show that we are
mistaken. Like other Democrats, he eats his
own words. We do not know why we shout d
hare expected anything different of him, but
we did.
On" July 6th, the La Crone Democrat has the
following i
"Oor. Seymour Is trying to put the public
mind asleep on the bond Question, andleave
the plow-holders to sweat and stagger, and
starve under the load of taxation- to pay- the
bondholders their aeml-anaual Interest la gold,
and their taxes in addition, by trill th
country that the financial question should not
be brought Into the einvais this rear, that
every t bin r Is well mouth as tt Is. If too will
only make the country economise to. Its ex
penditures, and that a re aeration hence will
be time enough to talk about tb,, national
'How false and deceptive! f
"It takes one hundred anditwentr-five mil
lions In gold say on hundred and seventy
Ave millions In greenbacks, at present depre
ciationto pay the Interest oa the bonds.
This load upon Industry this drain upon the
rcsoorccs of the plow holders Oor. Seymour
J .proposes to continue without change for a
feneration or more.
"'... ... . ...
"Ufwuii ob una not courage to grappiewitn
the question like a statesman and a patriot,
MAod because tbe bondholders have got blm
In their tolls, and are using him to uphold
their Interests-
"Ans entiavt the rLownoLDKR I"
Again, In allusion of F. P. JJlalr, Jr., the
Democrat says t
''It Is this Blair family, whose history Is
thus truthfully sketched, which now claims
position and a voice In the Democratic party,
anderea assumes to dletate Its nomination
for the Presidency. Io fact. It has tbe modesty
iu siaim .an nomiinuoD lor oot ai us own
member! the butcher of St. Louis th nice
done more. If '
cral Grant
the political enemies of Gen-
an find no other weapons to use
against '.mthansuch as these, they had better
" " .lent,
The Whereabout of the CstiiilltlnteH.
General Grant has retired to his farm, near
bt Louis, and ho will spend his time there
and In journeying over the Plains till the
mlddlo or last of September.
bpeakcr Ooltax, when Congress adjourns,
will also go West. There will be a reception
awaiting him at houtb Bend, Indiana, his
home, and It Is presumed that he will then
travel West and enjoy that relaxation from
his arduous labors which he must need.
Governor Seymour has retired to his farm
In Western New York, and we presume if tbe
politicians will let him alone ho will remain
therefor the most part till the election Af
ter that he cau stay as long as he pleases
General Frank V Ulalr, Jr , has goue to tho
Rocky mountains, whether to prepare for war
which he proposes to Inaugurate, or to cool
the ardor of his fever! ih brain, wecaanoteay.
It Is hoped the latter.
Tub Sxhatb, It le thought, will not concur
with the House In passing the military bill for
reducing tbe army. Many of tbe benators are
of opinion that it Is not wise to reduce the
army much In the present condition of the
country. They would more readily agree to
some bill like that Introduced by Mr Wilson.
QTunPnesiOKXT'e retoof the electoral col
lege bill IS 100 Ken tor to-uay. u u oe sent in
Uonsress will probably have transacted all
ueeeisarr business and will have disposed of
all legislation whlc h is now demanded, and
may reach an adjournment by Aloud ay or
roung gentleman who so adroitly balanced be
ween the speakership and a brigadier general
ship, and to whom Lincoln so kindly tossed
the latter when th former was not to be
"lias the Democratic party fallen so low as
to be used by such creatures 1 Is It so craren
as to allow sueh fellows to sar what It shall
do, or what It shall not doP'
Just Are days after rlrlor to the world tbe
above, this same unscrupulous sheet comes
out with th following, plainly showing that,
nice an other Democratic changllngs, this
creature does not hesitate to cat hla own
words. The Democrat sayii
"We place at the head of our columus to
day the names of Horatio beymour, of New
York, and Frank P. Blair, Jr., of Missouri,
who were nominated to th offices of Presi
dent and lo.prc eldest, by the National
Democratic Convention, which assembled la
the city of New Yorkoa Independence Day,
"The names of Seymour and Blair, repre
senting, as they will upon the platform of
the convention, the earnest sentiments of
m peopie oi iam country, wm awaiten mat
enthusiasm In the great Democratic hert that
needed but a touch to flr It."
,g'Prlncipla non homtntll"
"This has ever bn our mnltn tha iur
guide-post to rletory. Acting under Its lnspl-
rnnvu, nau uBucr mi glorious Dsnner Of ine
people, and upon their platform, we earnestly
of Horatio Seymour and of trank P. Blair,
aim wiinine gaiiani Democracy of the country,
will march in solid phalanx to rletory,"
It were not needful to comment upon such
Tub Dixocbatic vensrarxns are settlor
up high claims of patriotism for Mr. Seymour
anu are quoting from his speeches to show
that he le a good and sound Union man. The
following, which Is being published In the
copperhead Journals, Is said to be an extract
irom bis message to the New ork Legisla
ture IoUlSi
"Under no circumstances em the division
of the Union be conceded We will put forth
every exertion of power we will use erery
policy of conciliation; we will hold out erery
inducement to the ucoule of the Mouth to re.
turn to their allegiance, consistent with Lonorf
wt win guarnuiee mem ciery rignr, eiery
consideration demanded bv the ('(institution.
aud b tha fraternal regard which must pre.
nil In a common country! but wo can nsver
voluntarily cauatnt ta the lironldnr mmfth.
Union of these StaUs, or the destruction of
ine uonsutuuoii."
Mr beymour has stld a great many tlilncs
We think his friends will be sorr) that be has
not been as reticent as Gen Grant before the
ending of tbe campaign. Let ns see what else
he has said. In a speech, while the war wa
progressing, he said i
"If It Is true that ttaverv miuf it alolltA to
are (Alt Inion then the people of the AouJA,
thould le allowed to withdraw themselves from
that Government which cannot Rlv them the
protection guaranteed by Its terms "
Mr, b)mour, Ilk Orator Puff, has at least
two tones to his role.
Ocnitxiounoaof the Kiprcu it getting ex
cited this hot weather. It creates a man of
straw, and then kicks and cuffs tho thing of
it own fancy unmercifully. Don Qutxotte's
assault upon the windmill was nothing la com
parlion to the brilliant aohleveiueut of our
What does the Lrprtit think of Mr. Blair's
leUerto Col. Broadheadl We would like a
categorical answer.
Tub SttSATK ) csterday passed a bill extend
lng the laws of tho UnlUd Mates, relating to
customs and commerce, over Alaska, making
It one collection district. Tho port cl entry
Is to be altka
TtiED.au an a very large number of persons
at the White House yesterday, bereral Sena
tors and Representatives and Secretaries Me
Culloch and Schoncld were Admitted and had
Coanu-tdiofAL Committkkos Navai Xr.
runs and Ttii Lipu Savimo ArpABATt,g
Some da j i ago the Hon. fjjie S. Orth
Introduced a bill into ht House of Repre
sentatives for thf preservation of life at eta,
navigable rl"era nnj ukes, which was read
,C0D'. time and referred to the Committee
0ttr.aval Affairs, of which tho lluu. Frederick
Pike is chairman, to report on its merits.
The bill In quisliou has In view the adoption
by the nary and pisienger vessels of the life
saving apparatus of the New York Life
Saving and Ship BalUltlng Couipan), and of
which Mr. M L Itossrallyls the energetic and
enterprising agent tot tbe Untied States, Uu
ba.O at llrltain nndltussla.
Wishing to aid the committee In their in
vestlgatlou into its merits, aud desirous to
otter them every facility for that purpose, Dr.
KossvalU chartered th steamer Wlunlslniuiet
and placed her at the disposal of the Com
mttteeon Naval Adalrs and other M.U ' who
desired to witness the experiment of tbe In.
ventlon esterday evening lion Mr. Pike,
Judfre Van Trump, Dr. Bossvally, Committee
on Naval Affairs, and sundry other members
of Congress, proceeded in a train of carriages
to the Math street wharf, embarked aboard
! ataim. whn ih immediately east her
moorings and sped out Into the placid Potomac,
and WUen out some uiaiauvv, ur. Aiimu !
ert, ciem ior ur, itossvaii), jumu vhiuumu
with tbe patent cult on, and, although lu shal
low water, failed to "touch bottom," but
lobbed about In the water like a Muscovy
The apparatus and its lire saving powers has
already leen fully described In the ItercnLi
lav We therefore deem it unnecessary to
add to it further titan that the committee and
Tux Cincinnati 0rrf contains a letter from
Atlanta explaining the partial defeat of the
Republicans In the Georgia Legislator. , It
avMoutof th aspirations of a few unfitted
candidates for the United States Senate. Th
ttr geatlmen whoVU wa npposed, until
lately would belecid without opnoltiot;
ar Foster rBlodgatt, f Augusta, and Joseph
K.)Brownof Atlanta, both true and tried
Union men, and tt wa only very recently that
th combination! otfumerou asplrabW bet
eatne known. The urnculiy resulted In the
election of the clerk and messenger In the
House by th Democrats. The Republicans,
however, rallied on tbe election of the other
officers, and defeated their opponents. The
axle ar now represented as clear, and th
Republicans again united. Th election of
Senators ha not yet transpired,
J. men In Mississippi, lnbta atapeeb-ntUolly
spring, pam a nanasom irinut to utnerai
Oraat. II saldith southern people owed
him a debt of gratltudet that he had saved th
nation In mercy, and when the South had sur
rendered her armies,' Oeneral Orant had held
In eheck the fierce wrath of Andrew Johnson,
who stood ready to make good bis pledge for
blood and confiscation- U stated that twelr
months alas h had written a letter In which
he bad dsolaied for Orant He still declared
for him aa the only bope of peace In th land.
Uett Orant. and all would be wall Defeat
him, and Intestine feuds and Internal commo
tion would continue tn th land. pressing bask
our coming prospects, and opening the way to
muvr rum
Qtx. QiitT visited, Clnler. Ohio. last week.
The Breaaysi "Our cltliens were struck with
tbe extreme modesty of Gen. Grant while he
wsswiiaus on last rriaay, not once ma ne
allude to the fact of bis being a eandldate for
the Presidency, and whenerer th subject was
mentioned he would Inrarlably so frame his
remarks that no one unacquainted would har
ever dreamed that he was a eandldate for that
fiosltlon. If the country had to depend on the
ten era! to tell them that he wii tbe standard-
bearer ot the itcpubiiean party, it would re
main In utter Ignorance for a long time."
Deix BiCHiiOBDwas never an admirer of
Mr. Seymour. At tn Democratic national
Convention of UM, at Charleston, while the
committees were employed and the member
wanted to fill up the time. It wa determined
to hare a speech from th bluff,, old New
orker. A messenger came to htm with th
message that he was desired to come In and
speak. Dean mouthed a huge execration, and
then refused! "If I speak I cay something
whleh will eome up again. Call on Seymourt
a can mi wiinuijiai injuiaii1
"Mack" wrot to the Cincinnati Encnirtr
from New York, on the night before the nomi
nations were mad i "The people were bt
irnjeu oj rasa wnam iarr iruucu, una mr.
Pendleton was defeated br treacherr. Th
Democracy or th country will support for
President, in 1IC, whoever mar b nominated
to-mormw, and for President in 1ST2, George
H.Pendleton, who represents, better than any
other man living, the Issues of tbe Democratic
TnaMontromerv f Ala t Matt affirms that
the effect of the Democratic success In the
Presidential election will be to declare that
"inisisa wnneman uoveroment, and tnat
a foul Iniquity, conceived In party corruption,
and brought forth In fraud and perfidy, shall
not stand so long as a score of loyal arms ean
be raised to etrlke it to the dust."
Tan Cincinnati Commercial says tnat Sey
mour's nomination after his repeated declina
tions calls to mind Corwln's observations at
the nomination of Polk. "After this no one Is
safe. A man goes to bed a respected cltlien,
ami he rises In the morning and finds himself
a candidate of the Democratic party for th
Tnx Cincinnati railroads had a warm com
petition for the contract of carrying the "Pen
dleton escort" to New York. The narrow
giiage roads obtained it. Immediately after1
the nomination the managers ot the broad
guage route telegraphed to Mr. Pendleton,
offering to furnish ambulance cars to brlor
back bis party.
A norsiiro Grant and nir ri(.in
held at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, on
fctuto of Affairs In Mexico
Tuesday erenlug. Speeches were made by
Horace Oreeler,T.leuienant Gorernor Wood
ford, John C. Colt, aod others.
other M. C.'s cvuirratulated Dr. Itossvallv ou
the entlr success of the Invention It is to
be hoped that uoniresi will aet favorably on
thla matter, and that every national vessel
will be supplied with themi also, pbii igcr
steamers and vessels It will l-o an it. i In
the dividends of Hie lusuraute coum unci
CertalnlyMr. Kossvally deserves inuclt credit
IOr lull UCriBriiH iu.uuii tu nuivii M utm
labored to bring the Invention luto public
notice, for it was unheard of before he took
hold oi tue "apparatus xruw uu vir, iv
proeeeus to new unaau, uuv, u , uu wc
wish hint all possible success la hlsphllsn
throplfl work
DaxiklS DitniMsox used alnajs to say
that he knew when Horatio beymour most de
sired to bs a candidate for office by the perti
nacity with which he declined it. When Sey
mour received a complimentary Domination
in 1864, and was expected to adhere to his de
clared pirpose not to accept, he disappointed
and disgusted the wiser members of the party
and was defeated at the polls.as they knew he
would be. Th late Dean Itlchmoud was in
the lobby of Tweddl llafl at th time, and
some one Informing him that Sejmour was
making a speech accepting the nomination, he
turned on his heel la anger, saylngi "I always
knew be wl a fool, and now he has proved
Tub Norwich Bulletin, baring read Mt. Bel
mont's speech In which be charged the ex
penses of the war upon the Republicans, save
that General Forrest oucht to hare followed
In a speoch charging the Fort Pillow massacre
upon the "olggera" who wer butchered.
GmionxasKAitBLaixa stopped aday In New
York, and aaldt "Titer ar more rebel than
Union soldiers, and mors members of the
rebel than of th Union Congress among these
Democratic delegates."
Thx Sandusky Htgltter publishes free the
follow Inr advertisement! Wanted A. knot
hole ot unusually small slie. Address 8. P.
innate, asaiogioo, 1J. VI.
Gor.AKtnxw,thre days before his death,
said: "The tendency of the hour Is toward
Grant) and that la bit. Grant Is so square
nnuiiuuciiRiuiu mil I ueilCVB nS IS DUUDU
to be right anywhere "
Pnor. J. It.TfTBltBB. tha nrtuMIn CAfirtl-
date for Conjrrci from the Tenth Illinois dis
trict, has challenged his Democratic coronet l
tor. Hon. A J. Burr, ton Joint canvass or the
The first act of Frank Blair which brought
Mm before the public, was the writing of a
sdurrllous article, published In the Washing
ton Globe, then edited by his father, of which
the late Colonel Fletcher Webster was the
Axojq the Democratic Congressman who,
sine Seymour's nomination, hare declared
for Grant and Colfax, is Thomaa K Stewart,
Mr. Itaymond's successor from the Sixth New
York district,
Ina confidently stated that General John
A. Dlx.now American Minister at Paris, Is
one of the thousauda of War Democrats who.
in refusing to support Seymour and Ulalr,wUl
heartily sustain Grant and Colfax.
Tn Kew York correspondence of the Paris
Osfolort Kationale eXlls Chief Justice Cbsse
"lh slipperiest fox In the United States "
Th Republicans ought to appoint a day of
thanksgtrlogforabappyrlddancoof the Bl air
family. They hare been worse than "Tbe Old
Man of the Sea," to anyparly that Ms shoul
dered their fortunes.
Tnn Cincinnati Gaxtttt says the Blair family
Is Ilk small-pox every admtnlstratlonhas to
have It once. We think the next will be an
A WesTsnv rarxn sayst "Mr. Sermour Is
said to be strong with th Democratic party;
but unluckily the party Is not strung with him.
The Zanesvtlte Courier offers a reward for A
Democrat In Muskingum county, Ohio, who
has yet given a hurrah for the Tammany Hall
SxHot'it Is said to hare obtained the Dem
ocratic nomination by declining It, and Judge
Chase to have lost It by seeking It.
It i bj that the Democratic platform was
madaar the taxpayers, and the nominations
? tha Immlhnlilrrs.
Wa It not well, asks the Cincinnati ChronU
c.that aOra)back Conrentlon should adopt
a UreCODaCK IUill( nuu viuiui, uuiu'
back candidate with a Turnback associate t
Thb military authorities on Monday ejected
uovernor iiumpurcy nuu tauiiyr nuu mo ex
ecutive Mansion, at Jackson, Miss.
Jnn S. Kaaaox Is talked of as an inde
pendent candidate for Congress In the Des
Slolnes (Iowa) district.
.Sami at SiiatLADARonn positively declines
reflection to Congress because not physically
able to enter upon the work of the canvass.
" Let the President elect disperse the carpet
bir Mate government. F. Ft Hla in, Jit."
"Let ueliave peace. U. S. On.sT."
A roTEMroRiBT bids farewell to Chief Jus
tice Chase, saylnz he Is a pickled Salmon and
bvlly tainted at that.
nnifimix the two Dlairs one belongs to
the church, the other don't.
G fk. llosiu-nAws Is In Chicago, and washes
his bauds of the Democratic conrentlon.
Fuom llLAMcnaitD k Mouum, corner of
LleventU street and Pennsylvania, avenue, we
havo "Harper'a Weekly" and "Harper's
Bazar" for the week ending July 25.
Foom SiiiLLtnoTOX, corner of Four-and-a-half
street and Pennsylvania avenue, we have
"Putnam's Magazine" and "Tho Lady'
i rlend" for August
Fbou Ttturi rluu knt, Harper & Bros ,New
York, we hire "Harpers' Magazine" for Au
gust. Cpmoia KrrKiTor this Hxat. The heat
his been bad lately, especially for those un
fortunates who are obliged to furnish matter
for the dally papers. We were rather sur
prised, however, to see the effect of the weath
er betrayed In an article In one of this morn-
Fatal Effect of the Heated Term
LnKDoir, July 1 0. Even! a g Console MHO
Ol1;, for account. United States bonds T2K0
T2V Illinois Central n(. Boods at Frank
LtrnnrooL, July la. Evening Cotton
heavy, bat unchanged.
lo a do, July is The decrease of epci In
the Bank of England, during tho past week,
has been 3(4,000.
I'ABts, July lflThe argument In the Arman
case In Parle has closed and judgment will be
rendered In a fortnight.
Ministerial change bare been mad In For
tucal. Soule has been appointed Home and
Foreign Secretary.
Two men wer arrested In Spain for enroll
ing recruits for n rising.
It Is reported from Brazil that Humalta.ln
Paraguay, will soon fall, as Lopex bai only
o,uw men.
Tbe North Carolina LerlslMnr
Democratic SUtilflcatlon Mectlox-
Th MunlelpAl DlQcoltr Vnnettled
Raleioii, N. u, July U. Nothing or Im
portance was done In th Legislature to-day,
K. Paige h Co. were elected Stat printers.
The excluded member! wer allowed mile
ag and per diem up to to-day.
A Democratic ratification meeting was held
at TuckerHall last night. Speeches were
made by lion. Thomas Bragg, GeneralW.lt.
Cox, and others.
Resolution endorfetog the National Demo
cratlc Convention were adopted, amid th
greatest applause, A large number of ladles
were present.
The aspect of tho municipal dimculty re
mains unchanged. All the board la still In.
The new board Is not disposed to me is Us
claim. It Is understood that Oen. Canby re
fuses to Interfere, unless It Is shown that the
legal and constitutional authority was re
slsted. This not being shown, the proposed
raid upon the old municipal authorities did
not take place.
The Leglr.atur Is not yet doing; much In
general leelslatlon. What It has don has
been tif a partisan character. Th temper of
the "body Is decidedly against mixed school or
'willed militia
A bill Is before the House authorizing Oor.
Holden to appoint municipal oncers.
The heat continues to be excessive. There
aro fears of a general drought and destruction
of crops. Tho gardens f enorally are parched.
Mexican Tfcir. iv
IUvAWAJuly 10. The French stall steamer
has arrived from Vera Cruz, July 12.
The affair of Her Majesty's steamer Chantl.
eleerrematned unsettled.
President Juarez sent orders Io Oen. Corona
to hare the customhouaa officers at Mazatlan
summoned berore the civil courts for trial,
aod that a thorough investigation may be
made Into their conduct and action.
The money of the British commander, taken
from the purser of tbe Chanticleer, wavi to be
kept on deposit lUntll the conclusion of the
trial. Private orders were .at the same? time
dispatched to Corona to repel, by fcree
any naval attack by the British commander.
Durlnr the past fortnight unusual tran
quillity bad preralled throughout the lie-
The official Journal denies the truth of the
report that the Mexican bondholders tn the
United States had held a meeting In Ker
York, at which General Sturm was present.
TheCIMcultyJn making a satisfactory ar
rangement of the cabinet still continued.
Mra. Admiral Dahlgren and family arrired
InNswYork resterdar. fhH-CaIIrnta.n
route for this city. MIis'CharlotU'Cunpn
left town last evening for papeJoeyl Dr.
torn Ochellre, o( Teles, arelM'tfiikbbltt
Epus.,,Oeorf S.Berry.Netad; W. n Hen
y, U. 8. Marines, and 1 0. &, HuntleAKNs,
Tad a J1 are at th "Metrppolltaa Hoteyr 0;0.
Snow, Kansas IIoo.O. W. Pierce, Alabama)
Hon. Oapt. B. Chandler, U.S. A., and lion
Hamilton Ward, of New York, ar at th
SaaUa.Houi. J.B.Baitlett, C.S.NUat
th Owen House. Mr. H. Oil), New Orleans,
arid; J.-Homer' EdgerUy, are at th Bunk
Avenue Hotel. Iter. M. K Douglas, of Mis
sissippi, and J. K. Alken IotrisvIlle, Ky., are
at Wlllardi. CheitsiKIng.of Lowell, Mass
U. James.Hew Orlr qij H. B. Oole, California,
and Major Barney Oreen(TofrBroifnarltle,
Texas, arj at th KlrkWbd Housej if
The Treaty wilts Chin.
Th following treaty-wlth China Is now be.
fore th Senate. It will doubtless b ratified!
To tmiSexatb or Tax Uhitxd States 1 1
transmit to the Senate for consideration, with
a view to ratification, additional articles. to
the treatr between th United States and bis
Majesty the Emperor of China, of the 18th of
j une, 1B39, aiKoeu in nis cut on tn tin ins.,
by the plenipotentiaries of the parties.
Audubw Jouvsoif.
WasiiaeTOi, July 1, 18t. t , i j
Additional arttclet to the treat w between the United
State i of America and th TaTtina empire of the
Whereas, since th conclusion of th treaty
hitween tha United Stat of America and th
Ta-Tslng empire (China) of tbe 18th of June,
lR&i. elrsumstaneea have arisen ahowlnr th
necessity of additional articles thereto, the
President of the United States and the august
sovereign of th Ta-Tslnr empire- having
named for their plenipotentiaries, to wlti th
President of the United States of America,
wm. ii.seward, secretary or oiaie, ana nis
Majesty, th Emperor Of China, Anadu Bur
llngame. accredited as his Envoy Extraordl
nary and Minister Plenipotentiary, and Uhlh
Kang and Sun Chla-Ku,f th second Chinese
rank, associated High Enrt and Ministers
OI nis said majcsij, ana ov iu plenipoten
tiaries, after baring exchanged their full pow
ers found to b la due .and proper form, nave
agreed upon the following articles:
Art-l. ttlm Malaatr the mnaror of China.
being of the opinion that In making conces
sions to the eltlteas or aubjects of foreign
Power of th privilege of residing on certain
tPKota nriKfld. op reaortlna to certain waters
of that Empire for purposes of trade, he has
by no means relinquished hie right to eminent
domain or dominion over the said land and
waters, herebj agrees that no sucheonoesslon
or grant shall be construed to giro to any
Power or party whleh maybe at war with or
hnatllatotha United States the rleht to at
tack the citizens of the United States or their
property within th said lands or waters and
the United -btatcs, for tbemselres. hereby
agree to abstain from offensively attacking
the citizens or subjects of any Power or party
or their property with which they may be at
war, on any such tract of land or waters of the
said Empire but nothing In this article shall
hn nnatruiJ ta nreveBi tha United States
from resisting an attack br any hostile
lueir en
HaW TOH. Jul 1A.1 n tn rtttnm Anlli
tending downward. Sugar ,dadli.ObaK.and
rorio Jueo uncnangM. Flovr VQBi Boatini
unchanged. WhAlsmaafalnbMaow
raieai no. is
OHO. Oats
sal. Fork
from ahlDDcrs.
purchase at present priAThrlc
mand Is light, enn fined to retail lot,' W not
Bales to-day, in small lou, oi ome wo btis. at
annil so tar Howard atrt famllvi ala.U fn
medium extra do., and t9M for spring; wheat
uaaiv h-ac Kseeipis i,xb ousneii wnit
andlO.IM IdshsU red. Ther wr qnltr-a
number of arrivals of wheat from th Eastern
Shore to-day.and the aggrtf ate of receipt was
much larger. Strictly prime wheat, however,
wae caree,the reeelpi being mostly tonchj
Sales war mad at about previous prices, the
BalssiWhlU-mhuhslk prlmsatU.66 S31
do. common at x SO. B4-r4 bushels sbelet
Maryland at x.WilJBotrdO. atXWi874 prim
do. at tl tot om do. at oi aaoo. at is 40i 3?s
madlont at i tftj no do. at tlisoo do. at Atlt
8M fair allajAl.aso do. at tzsoi SOO do. at ili
ioo bushel VmoB at a.i lw do. at l,
bnshelaaoi tlM.? -, t . ti M
j Conk Relpt s,O0 bushel white n yU
lowt market dull but firm. Select eso bushels
wnue ar i o iou go. at r is eentsi vw at vi 1ft.
Oaa Recelntsof 880 htls belli dnll at Soesa
eenti fOf prime. Sales f lip ljuiheli at
Aw Itaealnts of 100 bushalat sold at Bl. f
CsjTfe Th market continues dulL Only
sale slnee our lait report too nags prim Rio
at 1TQ1T cents, gold) and 1W bags skimmings
ai Viy cepii, currrncj n iiiu quuiv m ioi
iowsi urainarT uuut
cenisi gooa, hhoi ei
aentsi choice. lTUftifV (
18 centi; Java, tSHOMH cents.
maraes is
rdlnarr lSQUH ceotsi fair, ll(14
ood, llUQlt!? eentsi primN ItiiQriX
holce, lTUlfi cents; Laguayra ITtj
quiet' but rery arm!
Stock light, and offerings malnl composed of
Iaw (!- Good rradas acarea. There was
a sal lat yesterday of Tl bales good or-
Antlfi.tv at a flfifl
MelotftTb market' remains qnlel and
nominally unchanged. , t
Protfitofti. Th market generally Is quiet,
but steady. Ther la a (air demand for bacon.
wnien w sigi quote mm nrvtoiori j.ur4
cents for shoutdersf lflWQlflU cent for rib
aides, and lKOU vente for clear ribst Hams
ar firm at sihtcxi eent. 'w near or so
; )l rdr'fiklitlirliwt'l
v".:i.j .: ..r j.7n-. -. ,izt.
jB. iiiiriiuiv rsvnivi nmia avon iroat
DlHiniii roni,in Diwpnu I1CK a
oa V street, to I
wssit ream
at premises.
hoasewestof talrtteath street
wsstt rsalmcdtrat! eeavealsat Ueara.-Riajat'e
a w MaltBlON ef IS
C. IRTy-A splsadld FARM ef 170 'JTwitMa
mile f'Wisklsrioai a
ftoni, haaaom faraitars,
bslUlifi, Ac,, oa rerr.rea
vltaef !r . i . JOH.
Kits Of i -r . ( . JOHB BTABJltaojl,
sl ZaUt Broker, Capitol Bill, opposite spalb
'SMCOItbSUapllOl. J7C"
n Masataerr arsar wiiinjriiii
. iiim, siiaaua oa i
17 f'' WrBnlbMA I streeuliaryraf: j
- uim, iiiiimii bairn, nhi imwiuia
street saaf 1 10 tare rooms with cm aad water, aad
KiBialoinsara" iwiinoi
TfirBArTIltq rAPKB TOR glta. 'fc,
loqnlre ef FIORACS TJBADTOBP, At tb H twins
of the Yenag Mea's ChrlsUaa AisoetaUon. apx7-tf
htatskeeplsr or removlag from the city, to
kiow that lhay can dlspos r thafr FBrnUar with-
2ntU treable tr sxtnieof aa asctloa, br ad
resalBi JaMIS OUILD.yaraltira DalsrtBsoa
strtet aad yesasylvaala aTai jyH lta
Wahtid-hkw ahd cart -off clothiho,
OLD OOLD AMD BILVIH.or say other avtt
el of vals,atth old-ubllk4 hTercbaat Paws
bnkev Btora of K VDLTUH AC ,111 Klalb street,
S ooera aerth ot reaasrlvaala avum. dsll-tf
ntihed HoCms ea b had at iM R trt, b
tweea Fifth and BUti atraaUc 'Also, Table Board.
movement In bulk meats. Lard le steady at J i
fnn inii. MMinorcira. . r i
ugan ITie market le dull and heavy. Yes.
ana xu
n or
vae. nan. at UVCQ1H1
nnas. Aorso uo
Pnwr nr n&rtr uoon
property. It Is further agreed that if any
citizens or their
inea svgart we quoto prices as ioiiqwsi
L crushed, 16ar cents) soft cruihed, V
for At ISM for elrole At tH cents for B
for extra Us, and UHQliH cents for 0
Ueorgln Ieajlalnturo The Aahtnau
Atlasta, July 10. The Senate did not hold
a session to-day. It Is believed that tho com
mittee will report adversely to expulsion of
In the House this mornlnz the chairman of
the Investigating Ootnmltteo reported satis
factory progress In Its labors, and hopes to
submit a report to-morrow. It Is believed
that the committee la unanimous, and that
the House will be able to tak-e speedy and final
actloo. It Is doubtful whether any member
will be expelled.
Wheatley, tho Government detectlv lo tbe
Ashman ease, has left hero for Washington.
It is believed he will not rett ttn. MaJ6r WII.
Mams, of Oolumbui, and T. O. Miller, of La
Orange, were ontheatanX to -day for tho de
fence. The testimony Is diinaglng to the
Mtrllce among- (Jai-M forkra Phila
delphia; lu Hn rksieaa-
PiiiLADkLriMA. Julr 10 -lt Is expected that
this city will be In darkn ss tonight, as the
upjtly of gas on hand at a ny one time would
last ouly two dajs. les tcrdsy six hundred
firemen struck for twent r-flre per cent. e!-
rancc In wages The mat ingers promptly rr.
ruse to aceud to the de mand, no gas nas
been manufactured etnee esterday morning
The strikers wilt hold a mi tIogtonlgbt. The
event has caused sensatli mv and tbe price of
candles has there fa re risen ,-yaj.ldly.
lng' papers, the writer of which begins In the
following reckless and magniloquent manncri
"All BOUlll WinUB )CSlfruny ujuw jruuifAtn.
disc, winds of Ore and force. The morning
hOUr was lit Wlin lunu nro nu iiiw uu KFfiuw
down on pinnacle, steeple, root, gutter nnd
pavement with a hellish xest, striking down
the poorand lowly and tnaklngfaint the heart of
the worker and toller, inegiory oi mo iubi
countenance outshone everything, but within
the heart or that bright luminary was a wast
lng and desolating tire which yesterday ate
Into the lives oi over fifty persoae, some of
whom still exist, lingering on the border
laud of delirium and burning fever, with Ice
swathes around their forehead and dismal
despair at their hearts," 5rw Vera Evening
A iouxo widow In Nashua, N.JI., adrer
Used fer a buiband, and was speedily saoosii
folia obtaining on joit to ber fancy, from
Indiana. She converted ber property Into
eaih, and started with her consoler for bis
mythloal aeitern borne, only to loss both hat
band and monsy at a way station, where tbe
train topped fire minutes for refrcibmsnti.
Pntnl EfTocta of V,ie Weather.
Nw Youk, July 10 f a ly ahundred cases
of sunstroke were reported up to 3 o'clock this
afternoon, of which ftoout thirty were fatal.
Among the deaths la that -of Professor W.T
U. Morton, of llosoot hi i died of apoplexy,
causeu oy excessive heat wnue rmmg wim
his wire In Cent A) Park.
Iheheatha not boos eo great to-day as It
v. as for the ait tbre day
A uorthesst breeze Is tent;pcrlng tbea'mos
pherc At 3 o'clock tills afternoon the ther-
mm(ttr Blood at 93 lu 1he al tade.
K rom North Car ollnrs -The Cropa.
Wilmixcitoi. N.O. July 18 The heat Is
unabated. Thermometer,0: to 101. One man
died of sun stroke.
The crops of this t mllroseelid.n are suffering
greatly from drough 1.
Tho most serious, jipp re hens ions of a crop
r&iiura !( amoiiff tl i farmers.
The munloipul election excited no Utereitf
the people tclug divide 1 in opinion oougciuimB
lta legality Iho voto was small. The Radl
eU took no part In tU.o election
StsiiiU Carolina Heainlor Elected for
the I .on ir Term.
(iMvmi. k. n. Julv 10 Frederick A'
Sawer, collector of Internal rerenu for
Charleston, ImB been ela oted United State
Senator for tho term eutimg ism uu u
eighth ballot tbe vote wax u follows: Sawyer
Mi Jlackcycs, Oampbcll Uemocrat.o.
Tho Heated Tru t RlchniouU.
Bidimobu, July 10. Tho thermometer In
soma localities hero to-day Indicated 107 deg.
lu the shade There were two dAth ttom
aunstroke The heat w" Brt n Ilbby
prlionthatthe tnlllta y commander removed
tho prisoner to the i te from which they
wero orlelnally sent, u
A riurilere Beprlved,
OiuvBLAHD.Oiiio.Jul f -'0 -Oovernor Hay
has granted n reprieve t o Mre. Victor, con
demned to bo bung on the Mti1 of August, un
til tho 20th of N'Avmhr. ann ordered her to
be rcmovod tu the Nortl tern Ohio Lunatic
Asylum, Newburg.
LlbolHult ntctiuat th o Phil, dclphla
PiilfAPBLpmA, July 10 --John E. MoDou
ough, of lllack Orook fam, has sut J.10'
ney's l'ttn, claiming 10,000 damages foi llljtel;
Tho alleged libel consists of aa article o 1')led
from a Uhlcago paper reft cotlng ou lc )oa"
ougb's honesty.
Hrht nr lntrat In an tract of land In China
has been or shall hereafter be granted br the
Uovernmentof China to the united States
or their citizens for purposes of trade or com
merce, inai gram snail in no event o con
strued to divest tbe Chinese authorities of
their right of Jurisdiction over persons and
property within said tract of land, except o
far a that right may have been expressly re
linquished by treaty.
At i Th ITnlted R tales of Amerlea and
his Majesty, the Emperor of China, believing
inai ine saieiy ana pronivruy giBuunuein
will thereby best b promoted, agree that any
prlvlleare or Immunity In respect to trade or
ni.iHilnn within th Chinese dominions
which may not bar been aUpulated for by
treaty, shall be subject to th discretion of
the Chinese government aad may be regu
t.tinl h itKoeonllnrlv.tiut notJn a manner
or spirit incompatible with the treaty stipu
lations of tbe parties.
Aft l. Th V.nmeror of China shall hare
the right to appoint consuls at ports of tb
United States, who shall enjoy tbe same prlri
lieges ana immunities taoii which rv ru
tnit hv nuhlle law and treatr la tha United'
Mates by th consuls of Great Britain and
Russia, or either of tbm.
Art. 4. Th twenty-ninth artlcUof tb trea
ty of th 18th of June, UM, haying stipulated
for th exemption of Christian citizens of the
United States and Chinese csnrert from per
ecutlon InChlna on account of their faith.
It Is further agreed that citizens of the United
Htates In China of every religious persuasion
and Chinese subjects in the United, States
,! nfftv Antlre llhcrtv of coniclenoe and
shall be exempt from all disability or perse
cution on account of their religious faith or
worship in either country. Cemeteries for
sepulture of tbe dead of whatever nativity or
nationality shall b held in respect and free
from disturbance or profanation.
Art.. Th United States or America and
the Emperorof China cordially recognise the
Inherent and Inalienable right of man to
change bis home and allegiance, and also the
mutual advantage of th fre migration and
emigration oi lanrtnucui nuu auujGi(c-
BpCCIIVeiy, IIUW uu, uuiij iv mi v.uvi,
for the purposes of curiosity, trade, or as per.
m.n.r.1 raiilnta Tha hlih contraetlnr uar-
ties, therefore, Join la reprobating any other
tt..n n -fitlrelv voluntarr emlrratlon for
these purposes. They consequently agree to
nass laws making It a penal offence for a cit
izen of the United States to take Chinese sub
jeeta, either to the United State or to any
Otner lOrVlgU CUUUirjui ivi Bvuim.n iui'jivi
to take citizens of the United States to China
or to any other foreign country, without their
free and voluntary consent, respectively.
Art. 0. Citizens of the UnltedStates visiting
or residing in China shall enjoy tbe same
iiitaa Immunltlas. or exe millions. In re
spec t to travel or residence, as mar ther b
enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of the most
favored nation, and. reciprocally, Chinese sub
jects Vll limit or reaming in m uuneu di
halt fniavth same urlvlleees. Immunities.
and exemptions, In respect to travel or reel
aence, as may mars u bhjuju vj .
a anhtanla nt tha mast favored nation.
Article T. The United States and the Empe
ror of China, recognizing in the present pro
gress of nations a favorable tendency towards
unity of civilization, aod regarding a unity of
as favorable to that great object, do hereby
..... that thv will uia their influence and
rfnrta tn nhtnln th eatabllshmCUt. br th
feneral agreement of nations, of represents
lye coins having a common value, and also a
common sianuaru oi mhuh nuu iuuia
a all i.Aiintrlaa.
Article 8. The United states freely agree
that Chinese subjects shall without hindrance
oo account of their nationality or religion be
a.lmlttail to all Schools. COllCBBS BOU OthCT
public educational Institutions, without being
subject to any religious or political test) and
oa the other hand his Majesty the Emperor of
China agrees that citizens of th United
States may freely establish and maintain
schools la that Lmplre at those places where
centst fair to good grocery Cuba and English
Island UWjlleeots!primedo.lTj(QUUeentsi
common to good Porto Itleo ISQlS cents, and
prime to choice do. 1SUQ14 cents, net) Ua
vana,No.l3, 12! cents) Engllsblslandyacaum
pan uyQlty, cents.
Refined SugartVft quota prices as follows!
uyi for
RmetSTh offarlnrs tolav amount tO about
1.000 head The market Is actlre, but at a de
cline of M cent per pound on good and fully h
cent oa common grades of cattle.
&Atepr-ko recaipu oi i w n h
large, aod with only a limited demand the
market has ruled dull at a decline of about
cent, per St. on the rates or last week. Sales
mount io about i.ooo head at titlM cents iter
aM gross, rer sneep ana ismDs ar ?q? ou pvr
1t.J.t TKa mrtrt la ralrtr aunntled with
Kyt an.l Hllh a mtxnA riant anil. ha.d ruladbtlak
at an advance durisg the week of about H
cent per ft. Sale at iSQUM cents per ft., net.
Special ft OtlCCa.
a. vuv ' va vann 1 o, m DiBt mni,
o posit Dsa'Fellewe 11 alt 1 Bsparau rooms (or
rlliatt. j, saittf
BdacAtlonal. .T
(-mrODIRK LllOtJaup.'
rtturauautt j
rormsrly Tsaeher of
riy isacfltr oi amDvara liidim
atAW. a f!ntnnttitaii Pnllaraa- nla'
loltunMe, haa rcinmed his private lessens la
rreoeh, Osrmaa. Bpsnlih, and haa orri
laaass la thoa laagaagH- v. Persons deatr
eh, dsrmaa. Bpaalih, and haa ori
is anada la tha abon linnim. ai
other lsBffxaisi.wlui acenrateneos aaa a raoa.
Lag to
o la
strtets. Waihlnttoa, D,
Ornamental Fainter' and Olaiier,
II Lonl.Una At., bci. H " " '
JOBSINO trenrtlr .lUa j.4 1.. ' nW-tt
Honey Broken.
XirriLICAX caxpidatxs roa rxxsiniiT AID TICB
At 8 o'clock, p.m.,
xddrsis the mllci
aen.'JOrin'A LOOAlt, at. C , tlllaols
ura. juun . thai an, u. n d , Aivmaa.
Bdiur aiias, niti.
itiKi.h. u n . Oht
new zorx.
Sapt. risuna. Kdiur aiiaa. jiik.
- n . iiihtiKi.n. u n . Ohio
Ova WM, A. P1L1.H. C, HIsi
(Jen. C. C.AN WTCK.U C..
Oea. J. t. C 8ITAHKS, V. C ,1
Usn. O. H.HAUtf.
rian uirkR. u i
navarnor-fllML. Ulaalaslrpl.
W A llll.nl.
led, atlMltSippi
(Hn. UeKBR. U .Vvla. MlMt;lpPl
oi V. n. if aii.i wi, muu.. imn.i.
Col A IL JOMES.M, C. Worth Carolina
(Nn J w McCUHKJ, af. O , aliisonrl.
Cart, I10LB1. U. C , Arkansas
Hod 8I01.UY CLARK, Kassas.
All Republican orfaaltatlons are cdrdlally la
Vlied ta b preavnt. . , . .... , - , .
llr order of the Soldiers' and bailors' Central
Rspebllcao Commutes fur the Dutrtctttf Columbia.
U. J. lllHTOIt,Chalrman.
8. R. niREIKQTON. Secretary. JjU-td
anmtiff A CO..
citt lakx oif-ici.
Oa short 6qnarMLadahalf from Psana. Avsai
OBesrs1 aad Ctsrks Pay-aeeouaU parchaisd.
Ld7 Washixotoi, U C , Jaly T, 1SUA
Allpenoasar herabr netinsd tbattneoriiiaaa-
? ot lot Lorporaiioa to prsveai u
roro rnaolnf at large within the sit
invent llogs aad Own
nik. all flmlta wilt ha
rlftdlv eaforcad en aad after thtlOili tntUBl, aad
larteoa and after that date, will be Uktaap by
Iha police, carried to th Work-hoste, and be dts-
Nn avaaniiaaa will b mads la aar eass. bat all
III U .I..I aaliK allka
Tli law aieoinapoeeaa peaaiir oain-vwaar. vi
oats foaad at larn.whlca paaallv wlllb strictly
niorwa on ana aiier ine jin ibi ,
JyT-lut fl. J. BOWRN, Ifayor.
SflO Psnna. aia, bet. 11th ft nth strssU.
1ST 5 oo .si
On, Door iboro Odi Follow,' U.U.
o h.iJ th. HKOEST STUCK .oil UHEiTtUT
W. r, oooiUollr MANtTf ACTDRIKO .nj h.i.
o. mod in.
Jth MeMarrftr'o r.t,nt StkrOi
in in iMBtrioi ni vviimun.
S33 Penna. At., bet. tU mmA 10th Bl
Cvrner niasteeath street and Fa, are.
MOTICEt All moneys left oa depeslt at this
Bank, (corner of HlaeUsnth strsst and Psnasylva
alaaTsaasJletweeBBCW and the tut day of Jaly,
will begin to draw Interest from PATS OfDK
POSIT, If left la bank six months.
Let all who have iniaey by tbem drawing ao In
terest, however small the earn, nt 't at ence la
tb Bank.
Sums of B30 er over. If Uft on deposit thirty days
or more, will draw Interest at th rt of fer per
cent, per annum.
Tks actual caak deposits of this Dank on the 51st
day of May were l7.1U.fl7.
P. L. EATON, Actuary.
J W. ALvoan, rreeldsnt.
II, P. Cooxi, Chalt nsarinanceCiuulttee,
Hiti, Oapt, sfroU and Shoes.
. T. I
rnraina.B nrmttt-d br treaty to reside.
... , ... ..... - r " --. - - , - . ....,. .
Art. V in untiea otaici,aiwj uiaiiu
lng and dlsaourtKlng ail practices of unneccs-
sary dictation ana iiiierrenuon Dy on nauon
In tu a If airs or domestis administration of
anotner, no nercoy irewij uikuib ui
in. np rtaht tn Intrrv'lia In th domestis
administration or Uhlna In regard to the con
struction of railroads, telegraphs orother ma
t..i.l intarnal Imnrnvemeutl. On th other
band, hts Majesty, the Lmperor of Chlua, re
serves to himself the rlibt to decide the time
and manner aod elrcumstanocs of Introducing
such improvements within his dominions.
With this mutual understanding, it la agreed
by the contracting parties that if at any time
hereafter his Imperial Majesty shalldetermlne
tn rtnatt-iit nr diuib ta ba construoted works
of the character mentioned within the Hniiilre
ana snail mane apinicnuun " uoi.o
States, or any other Western Power, for fae lll
tles to carry out that policy, tbe United States
will, In that case, designate and authorise
suitable engineers to be employed by the
Chinese Government, and will recommend to
other nations an equal compliance with such
application, th Chines Oovernmsnt, In that
case, protecting such engineers In their per
sons and property, aod paying them a reason
able compensation for their service
in faith urhrnf tha resDectlv Plenlnoten
tlarles bar signed this treaty and hereto
.M..,l ih. aaala.if thalrarma
Done at Washington the 4th day of July, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight
jiuadreiianu sixty-eiani. a. n
TB"llie lllvlalon of the IS (ate.
Nbw Uulbahs, July 10 The special of the
Oslrestou (Texas) trwr, dated July ICtb, iys
the convention has disclaimed authority to
divide the State under the reconstruction acts,
and has refused to consider the matter unless
by direct authority from Coogress.
A. A. IlttAPronD Is tho Kepubllcan candi
date for (Jong re 1 1 In Colorado.
A ronnriroKDiai of th Chlcsgo Tribune
saye that tb circulation of the London Ttmet
i.ahoat (10.000 dallv. that of tb Ttbgropk
1S0.000 to U.,000. of tb Suta' tt
from 100,000, tb. Star'. fMVVri'iA
.v. a....,:... r, nnn tha rail Matt GaxttU
12 000 Tb Daily Tfetot began lti '"'
tlonwltb 50.000, ana ";-,:'
IflBlianiii Dinaai.
Whre the pobll may aiwayaaaa "i mil
8eond dtnir eouib oi a sireei aaa atnuri Marovi(
.w Medical l'.inpbl.I, oolUlol
rl I X J Tdwv a. rn
"AW . 1 V'!".?.?.. .Ma.
UVlaBlpsaaiOWMVeBiner--H vi. v -!.--telllrvBoer
bntldlsr, a new and well-eel eeUd BtoeK
oVuATHVCaY, rfOOTBand 8U0M for Oeatle.
men ana doti. which ,y ;Tr
rVfes "lom t. llavlaf bonfhtfor Caab tt n
anaLlad ta offar BMnerler bdacemaalsto pnrebas- i
era. aad solleitonly aaopportaaUr I"?"!1!0.'..;
publl inaiiatr are ramr ---
of looda at very low flfnrss .,.
A sail Bolielled. aad MmMriMaofpriMSbl
lssgsd with say elnuiaj-ubll.bmjja th. city.
611 Seventh street, cppoalt lBhlUgeer Balldl r.
Good stock of Csb and Umbrsllas eoastaatly ea
aaad. aoM-tr
or THB
roa six Honrna xbdisu rcit 30, 1M8.
Murplne VundB... 0fltS IS
Unpaid Ptvldeuis 7 H
a. DK r. CURTIS, If P.,T. R C. 8., Ao,,o.,
(Cate Surgeon Turkish Continent,)
AotLeruf CBrtlsoa yood,' "Rxpoaeof Qnieks
and tluackery," "Um of tb Mleroicup in Cerlala
LSHea OI LiaiMIIIT, 0 ob
I hU invaluable werk treats oa th cans and cur
of pmiuatureUeclluetehows how to live and wkat
Io five fori how wealth ts loat and how re sained t
rivea a Clear iruupeia u pumiiiunviHVH
I avu. inula tit VCI1
, aud Ue remedy therefor.
TUeabofspiuiphlet eaa b ebtalneJ on applies-
11 .. t.- J;t r,.i. ilia anthnv. llr HlIltTlS. wh
mar alio be consulted at his reildence. Wo 139 f
Btreet, between Twsatletli aud Tweatynrttstreets,
WatbUfton, P. C , from th hoars ef 10 a tn tot
p, in , tiiy i row to v
VU rltANKLIN advocated Karlr atamlasea.
lly Rtock Kotee. with approved sseurUy lin.flOD W
StorkaaBdllond i VVJ"Y M "
Ualancs to creuit m vans oi -In.
ton v'ft: ",""
Plvl4od aieouut to credit la Rank f
Wa.lii Dton
C.T37 33
To Balaure as per etatcweut January 31,
l'roinluuiaaud lutcreat ta.ni i
1 19,10a il'
4,000 (U
fl.fla w
lly Dividend No
rebate of btork
nco ta
Profit aud Loa,
rurcliaeor blork v.'.."V
IIaUiico t credit in Uaukof Waih-
10,213 4J
kaaarsfor rconi men, on this andotbir anbleclB
t.tui a UUlim TO VfAHKUUK aud Conjostl
Vellellr, by bflaevolentl'krelctaae, se&tbriiiall,
IIOWXHU ASSOCUflON, lloi l,.,I'hllJ.lpll.
.,n0, iBTlj)ia
II. I..n .. I'AT... U.riOI.
Wiioi.u.ni. Jun.2H.li.IS.
On li.po UonotJoil. J. W. otOy.lor U.r.
M Y .pi.rUf rotlbo oiloulo..l.rauilriauJ
I, Ulu tlio 'iwh J.7 of 8.punibor, 1KI, wbfch p(.
mi w.,,urrowloroJ, d oppllo.tloii for ro-l..uo
ido 1. lour .lil.lou.. for .u ImimMua.l In
' . ... ' T.w. Mil, A.t, nt Kanlamtiar.lMHi
P7il..i4a"tTi'fir.al4;pyllIoB b. beard at
th. latent UlBcs oa UuMUAY, Ibs.Tih day of
Ale tn the I'ateat Oine their olilMllons, specially
mi forlb la writing, ai ian
darof bearlufi aTluUmtny
Bia at IUS aaiu uai
riling, at latfienlv dava before tie
d at tb
traaaultud la
iv Aled bv e ther partr.
said hearlnc. mast b tsksu aad
looraance witu ids ,aia vi te
dB application.
amce.wnicu win" .u.u.i
Deposition and otner papers, railed npoa aa t-at
licour. uiuatbe Bled In flie oi&c twenty dava be
fore tbe day of he art oft ths sriunenli, if any,
wltMu ttn days aftsr ftllai lh tMlliuoar,
..i..-.l !.,. that Ihl. n.itlpa ha nub kahad IB tn
JAMES ADAMS, 1'rsildeut
AdslO, Davis, Becrslari. , ,,,, .
bubacrtUd and sworu te lwfrB me tLU JJ dar
irl8-od3t Houry Putin
NEYTYORK tea compahy.
Do Hiiro nnd Ho lo the
Cormr or BoTonth nod K ktrocli.
Corner or F aad Ninth streets,
la lbs ColdeBt and Uest In lbs city
Urusi, Altdlelnei, fancy Articles, Sospi, Tow.
dr, le , at rates much below h Haual prices,
KbpdiLICA and lb Inttlitgtuctr, WaBblnaton,
U.U.aailatb Atlat, Maw Yrk. Mew ork.
iacs a week for three ioco.ls waoki tb first uf
said publications to Lest UBBtBlztydavBrrsilous
Th, SjturJav RtvUw bai a trlfl ! than t0 iberttr ofaearUi. A.
lStwffi$liFtf aTtragu 7,000. l-T Acrfa? Comml.-Tc
? . 9l,"ul.
oserti raieuiB.
QINP la the world are
nvi.v int in
U wanted as stents for our ONE DOLLAK BALE.
A Watch, a cut of Cotton, a pre, a Qarpet, and
tbouBBOdsof olber articles, for Bl each Bead 0
lecKB auu wituitii iui'i ,.
ilbsral ludueemeuts to Jten T
cents for . checks and circulars flvtaf fallJ.u'
eultrt seat free m . BAHK. M'KD A ( o ,
tH Waehlsi toa st. , Boston, hsbs.

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