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gptiottnf gtjmteg;t
FHIPATtiiiitttminiiitiintmttiiPLT IT. WS-p
Ti Niw pmui Oiot. This afternoon
toil .tanln, will tad this Irstolase tlraua,
meteterle, and ntlitr. Blast their drtnt
la out Uy II be. praTtd -ompl.t. .assess.
This rtttnoo at tiro p'tloak, 1 .renin, t
TXo'cIotktWtllb lb Utt performanees of
Ms fr..j oxMMUoa. '
ai a wrtVum will fail t g jo lock,
on the premises, ft Brst-elaas private residence,
fronting DilN etreet fcorth, Detwe.nTMrteea.il
etreet ftod Verm9nt ftreoae.
Ooori h tiATwim will cell l Watt's baj,
foot ofBl-tn street, t e o'clock, the will
knowo yaehl "Jo3n T. Glren" tad ft 7wi
. J. II. Wnsstsn A Co. will ftell ftt 10 o'.lock,
t the brtck.jard of .h.lat..U. Lao-UH,
de.ee4, ftt the Intersection of New 7ereef
ftrenue ftod If street south, ft lot of brick,
wheelbftrrows, tools, Ae.
Lait eTfninri-.il iiiosiuiOQ mi a. j-.po.io
Hall, on E between Twelfth nod Thirteenth
treeti, B, F. Stuart preal.eat, and Br, T. tv
Ulajlon iieriiirr. Alter n rig dii
Arianiinn at tha mi on tea. aereral ncraona aamo
forward tad ilf ncd their polities! death war
At tbla iunctuta Meiara. If, W.Fi-wltk and
Nathaniel Sardo appeared la the Hall, and
announced themaelvci ae a eomnltteerrom
the anti-Radical alub of th Third ward, and
tated that they were loatraoted to Inform
thla aiioelatlon of the paaange, by their club,
of certain reaolutlooe. .
tThareaolntlonawUl be found la another
arilcla on tbla pace J "
Mr, Fljnnpropo-ed the namaaof Meaara. J.
II. Ulla and 8. E. Douglaia aa mem ben of the
aeioelatf on; and.on uouon.Uifljr were declared
. membera of the aiaoelatlon. .
x lr. Obarlea Allen laid be naderatooa there
wae a committee preaeot from the Fourth
ward.who dealred to be Informed at what time
thej propoar d to hold the Seymour and Blair
ratlDoatlon meeting. Ue then went on to ea j,
aaonaof the eommlttee of arrangements ap
Folnted at a former meeting, that the rati flea
loo meeting would be held on Saturday eren
lng next.
He then mored that tbla aaaoeUt!6n would
ratify the Action of the committee In thla re
Mr. S.Moiaa objected to holding the meet
log at that time, on the ground that, flrat.lt
waa too abort a notlee for their friend a to
make the neeeeearr preparations; eeeood, the
oiaawouia oentienaing ine naiuruay evea
lng market; and, third, that many would be
at their placet of buelnete.
Dr. Allen Inalated on hla motion, aa there
waa but little time to apare, and tbejrahould
make tome demonatratlon at leaat, at the aeat
of Oofernment.
Mr. jonan 11. noorvr. auooi tnateommii
tee, wae In faror of the meeting being held on
Saturday craning, aa much of the pre pnratlona
had been made, and It would not do to dla ap
point ableapeakeri who were appointed to
addreae them.
lr, Hrajthe waa In fat or of a postponement,
until the ehould near from the eommlttee of
ar ran ftme ate. that ther might know what to
Mr. Hoover tated. In addition, that a eom.
mlttee of the boldiere' and Sallora' Union
were preaeot to aieertaln when the meeting
would be held.
Mr. H. W. Fenwlck ttated that his e.ub rep.
reaented the aoldlera and aallori. Democrats,
Ooniervatlve Army and Xievtj union, aatu
nadtcala, or any other body, and that they had
paaaed reaolullooa In the Third ward meeting
endorsing Seymour and Utalr.
The country, he said,- wae changed from
radlaal to antl radical rule. Though the man
neareat to the hearts of the people of this
District could not be nominated at the New
York conTcntlon, they proposed to work
ntlnlnle. and to auBDorl the nomlniM.
though hla club thought Saturday too near at
band, they would work with them to make the
eirair a nuoau
Dr. Allen said the ootfeca of the meeting
would be published this afternoon, and the
meeting, he predl'df would be a largo ooe.
Dr.Smythe wae la faror of baring three
atanda, supplied reapeotlrely with American,
Herman, end Irlah apeakara, the stand for the
Americana to be In the centre.
Mr. Hoorer refcd the programme, which pro
vided for a line of march, the firing of 100 guns,
Mr T. A. Tolson mored that the aaaoclatlon
heartily endorse the nomination of Seymour
andlilalr. Carried.
On motion of Mr. Tolcon, a rote of thanks.
In the shape of a resolution, waa tendered the
Manhattan club, of New York, for their kind
hospitality during the ateyofthe Waahlng
ton delegalea there. A rote of thanka waa
also tendered S.S.Gox for eourteaiea extended
at the earn city, and the secretary was ordered
to address copies to the Manhattan club and
to Mr. Uox.
John O'Donoran endorsed the Ideas of Dr.
Smyths as to the three stands. Many or hla
countrymen Uriah) had gone orer to the Radi
cal raoka, and he wanted to aee some meaauro
.adopted for reclaiming tbem.
jueaara. Frank McNerhaoy and Dr. T. 8.
Olaytonlthen harangued the crowd, the; flrat
named charging fraud, and corruption on the
present administration, and the latter attempt
Inr to ahow from
coin had defeated Oeo. MeClelfan for the Pres
idency by fraud In the Weatera States, and
that by fair meana MeOlellan waa the Freal
dent of the United States,
Mr. MoNerhany contended that Seymour
would poll more rotes la New York than any
ot&armao. Ilia nomination was no compro
mise. Hancock wae a military man, and
they had enough of military men now, and
Uod knows they had euough of war already.
Aa to Ukase, if ther had him elected and in
the chair, they would not know whether they
had fish or bones.
He was In faror of Blair. True, he said,
Blair had turned awarfrom the Democratic
r loanowirom aprmiea bud tnai Mr. un
party once i but then he had turned back again
to the party that hla father had helped to
build up. He waa free toaay that Seymour
wti not the eholuaof the rteoDlaof thia Dim.
trlst, but had they been at the Convention,
they would have seen the propriety of select
tnr him as their candidate.
On mot loo, the meeting adjourned.
Tun BlVKn Fbout, BrrrVl Wharf Arrived
Steamer Express, Nlckle, from Baltimore,
with passengers and the largest cargo of
freight she has carried this season,
Uovrninnt Wktf. Sailed Tho schooner
Loughery, bough cry, for Georgetown, to load
coal for New Haven, Uonnectlout.
lay's Wharf. Sailed Sshoonars Mechanic,
Smith, Isabella, rbilltps, and Uoigresi, Brad
ley, all down light) Xutcrprlse, . , for
Baltimore, light
lowltr't iVhar. Sailed Schooners Flor
ence, Hudson, and Ben. Stokle), William,
both bound down light,
jiUVu'lHAar Arrived Schooners Elenore,
Martlu. from Fort Deposit, with lumber for
Samuel Norment. Sailed Sohooiu ra l'arrgon,
Clash, for Kastem Shore, light) James Brad
ley, Bradley, for Georgetown, to load with
coal for Norwich.
Cuinand'i Wharf. Arrived Sihooie Fan
ny, Courtney, with wood to Wui. Oulnand.
h.1I.I Schooners Flounder. Skinner, llrhti
Sallle, Queen, do Same Malrs, Uarrett, do
llelndaer, Headlev.do CharltyHiidaon, do ;
Anna aieuar.f, jiutiuu, uv xnuu, uuun
n Wiltlami 4 Wi Wharf. Arrived Schr.
Dove, Hcilaan, with wood for Williams fc
Ore'en Wharf. Sailed hchooncr Adetlne,
Medley, light.
A WASHinaToniAv Killkd ht th IUat
ih BiiTtMoaB, The heat waa Intense yester
day In the city of Baltimore. 1 If teen cases of
sunstroke were reported, three of which
proved fatal. The Aim bulletin reporta the
death, cauaed by heat, of nrtyhead of cattle
in one of the cattle yards of the ally. Charles
Hack, from Washington, D.U , was found dsad
In bis bed yesterday morning In Wollson's
Hotel The coroner'a Jury rcudered a rerdlct
of death from congest lou of the brain, caused
by the best. He had on hla person a certifi
cate of ileiioaltof m In the Urst National
Bank of Washington, and about $i0 In notes
Hla body waa taken In charge by the coroner
who. In the absence of the friends of thede
teased, will have It properly Interred.
KtfOTioif. On Wednesday evening a meet
ing of the Conservative Army and Nary
Onion waa held at their hall on Pennsylvania
avenue, when the semi-annual election of olll
cesa waa held, with the following reaulti
Colonel James R. O'fletrue, President; Cap.
tain J. It. MeUonnell, Vice President; Clifton
Hetleit. late paymaster United states navy,
Recording Secretary; H A. Wilder, Cor re
sitondlnir Secretary) Lieutenant Bogeriiellls,
Financial Secretary) Colonel S. S. Walles,
1 reasurer.
Dhad IIobsks Lieutenant Noonan, of the
sanltarr force, has received a treat manv
notices, within the last few days, for the re
moval of dead horses, ihe mostof which are
aald to have died from the cQectaof Ihoin
tense heat. Three of the horses owned by the
Washington and Georgetown Street Hallway
Company have died at the Seventh street
names uuriag ineins, two uays.
OoyuiTTKD on Suspicion or LanonNr.
nergeani j.iw root, oi ine eoona precinct,
on Wedocsdar laat. arrested Wllllsm r.lon.
colored, on suspicion of having stolen a ijuan
tlty oflead pipe aud aheet lead, on the 6th In
etaot, from so mo party unknown to the polloe
at iiccut. juiticv iiignnioD, jcsieruav
morning, committed him to Jail to await a lur
ther bearing,
Ttttmo Wiio -Aitti-Badioac. Olpb, A
meeting of this elnb waa hold last sight at
Temperance Halt, and waa ealled to order br
S. J-iFagov esq 4 oa notion of Mr. It, w
reowica. mr. xgu was riroiro presiaeni,
Mr. XI. W. FenwlcVrf ee president. 11. C. Polk
tnhorsi secretary, and Wilson . Brown treas
urer, i
Mr, Fagne, on faking the chair, made an
elaguent address, and was followed byMr. B.
Wenwlek, endoralng Seymour and Blair aa
the Democratic stanaaroDearere.,
Mr. B.W. reowick submitted the following)
which waa adopted: . ,V ' .
iMiMtftf, inat ine oniy nope oi ine nation
a change from radical to anti-radical rule.
JUioMd, That In Hon. Horatio Seymour and
Gen. t ranela P. Blair the antt-radleale Hnd the
exponents or their prtnclplea. ,
Afiolrtd, That the principles laid down In
the platform of the New York Convention
receives our approral and endorsement, aad
with this platform and the candidates nomi
nated upon tt.ourConatitutioa and this white
man's goretnment will be upheld, and peace.
fraternal feelings, hnd a perfect nubm of all
States will be maintained unimpaired.
Uttatvri. That we take Immediate steps to
co-operate with other clube of the city and
with the Jaskson Association of the District
la a grand ratification meeting at as early a
day aa practicable, t .
Messrs. Fenwlek and Sardo were appointed
a eommlttee to Inform the Jackson Demo
cratic Association ottbe passage of the Above
resolutions, when they retired, and after dlst
charging their dutlea, returned, and reported
that ihe Jaskaon Democrat! Association had
selected Saturday night for the mass meeting.
It wae resolved that the cltuens of the Third
ward Join In procession with the Jaekson
Association, end proceed with that body to
the City Hall. t
, Tniaa SnotfLD aa am Aatlum to Them
Lieutenant Johnson, of the Second precinct,
yesterdar morning took to police headquar
ters a boy who gave hla name ae Jmes ox,
ated IS years, and a native of New Jersey.
He stated that he eameeto this city about
three years since, and that fbr a long time he
stayed at Baker's berracka with the soldiers,
but subsequently haa been loafing about the
atreeta and sleeping oa the commons at night.
HeJurther stated that he obtained a liveli
hood by tlll-tapplng, fcev-durlng flrei and
other excitements, wli en the attention of the
proprietors ef stores and their clerks were
attracted from their places of business.
Becauae of the age of Una boy he eould not
be imprisoned, and aa we hare no houae of
refuge wherein to put him, he waa turned
loose upon the streets to live as best he could.
It will be remembered, by the readers of the
II true uca h, that this is the boy who was ar
rested on Wednesday morning for 4 tapping"
the till of Mr. Braoket's store, on Seventh
street, between It and S streets, during the
fire at the Park. Such eases as this come
under our notice dally, almost hourly, and wo
do not know, nor cannot see, why there la not
a house of refoge In thte District for these
little offenders, as our streets are thronged
with them day and night.
ArrncrrxD T th Uiat, Wo hear of many
caaes of auflerlng by the extreme heat of the
Fast lew nays, ana we are sorry -o announce
hat Mr. N.K. Arnold, an old and respected
citizen of the Fifth ward, was lying quite low
yesterday from the e fleets of the weather.
umcer r arrow, oi .ae nun pracinci, ws
prostrated, about noon yesterday, by the heat
anu iucrufaH .iach u uiiuvuioiuuicwuhi
The trarel on the Seventh street rallrdad
route waa somewhat retarded yesterday morn
ing, about half-past ten o'clock, by an attack
of sunstroke which befel one of the horses and
caused his death. On the F street route It Is
retxirted that several horses have auddenlr
died from heat, while In rarlous sections of
the city raluable animals hare been compelled
to succumb. Two -floe mules died from sun
stroke yesterday, on Maryland avenue, near
iliiu aired, anu at uouu anuiner anitnai, at
tached to a market wagoo, fell dead near the
corner of fifth and H atreeta.
Henry Maxwell, atone cutter, while passing
aiong Derenia aireei, oriwren a anu iw atresia
north, yesterday at 11 a m,wae sun-struck.
A gentleman, who waa pasalog at tbe time,
took him to Dr. George lloward'adrug store,
corner of Seventh and I streets, where he was
kindly eared for by that gentleman until he
had sufficiently recovered to allow hla friends
to remove him to his home on S. between
Sixth And Seventh streets He waa visited
by Dr. 11. Brown, last evening, who found blm
rery weak but not dangerously 111.
. Mb..
StiDDtwDtATH. Mr. Wm. J. Smith, who
roomed At the house of Mr. Staver. No. 207
Sixth, between M and N streets, waa taken
suddenly ill on Wednesday evening, about
8 JO o'clock,, when Dr. Wm. B. Butt waa called
In, but too late to render the aufferer any
assistance, and he died about 9 o'clock the
ima tivanlnr. Tha doctor stated that his
death was caused by an attack of congestion of
tbe brain, auperindueed by the extreme heat.
Mr Smith waa a clerk in the Fourth Au
ditor's omce. and wae en rears or aee. Alter
ine oeain oi me gentleman nari.ee appeareu
and claimed his property, but Lieut Noonan.
of the sanitary force, learning that they ha!
no legal right to the effects of the deceased
took (hem In possession and now holds them
subject to the order or the proper heirs. Mr.
Smith was a gentleman of high culture, and
much esteemed by a large circle of acquaint.
nnces, orer wham his sudden demise will fall
like a pall No Inquest waa held over the re
mains, aa the doctor'a certificate ahowed con
clusively that hedled of natural causes. The
wife of the deceased waa at once telegraphed
to, and upon her arrival the funeral will take
Badly Bittkm nr a Doo. Annie Phillips,
Utile daughter or Mr.Thoa I, Phllllpa, cor
ner of Sixth atreetweat and K street north,
was severely bitten yesterday morning by a
large dog. tho property of A. Smith, colored,
who resides next door to Mr. Phillips' house.
It appears that Annie was chasing a chicken,
which ran Into Smith's yard, when she pur
sued It, and while endeavoring to catoh It near
the dog. which waa tied In tbe yard, he bit Iter
In theneaby part of the right leg, thereby In
flicting a very painful wouud. Dr. Jos. Toner
was ealled la, and administered to the wants
of the little aufferer. and pronounced the In
Jury received a painful but not necessarily a
dangerous one.
Mr. Phillips demanded the dog, and Smith
Immediately delivered him up, after which
Sanitary OOcer Hopkins shot him.
DiadBodt Fockd On Wednesday, about
1 p. m , the dead body of an unknown colored
man was round on Mr. Allen Dodge's farm,
near Fort Saratoga. From appearance, he
was about 44 or W years of age, had large
whiskers, and dressed In a check shirt, light
cloth pants, brown slouch hat, and an old pair
of ahoea. He had some slight bruises about
his body, received apparently from struggling
Justice Thompson, acting coroner, summoned
a Jury of Inquest, with Dr. J. U. Bushnell as
foreman, who rendered a verdict that the de
ceased cams to his death either from lotemper
anco and exposure, or from wounds Inflicted
on his person. Tbe body being In a state of
decomposition was buried where found.
FUKKDutn'e S a vi if os. The statement of
the affairs of the National Freedmen'a bar
ings and Trust Company for the month of
June last In Augusta, Us, Baltimore, Beau
fort, N. O., Charleston, Huntsvllle, Jackson
ville, Louisville, Memphis, Mobile, Newbern,
New Orleans, New York. Norfolk, Halelgh,
Richmond, savannah. Tallahassee, Vlckstiurg
and Washington, D.C, shows total deposits
to be 274,80s4 total drafts, 248,002 Ml ex
cess of deposits during the month. S2d,3uiT2t
total due depositors, 4713 Til T2 The deposits
In this city during the month amounted to
39,331 80) the drafts to t33,B39 33.
FotTHD lir A Dma CosniTiOM A man
named td. T. Armstrong, who resided on First
street west and O street north, was found In a
dying condition en Wednesday evening Yea-
tcrunjr iuuruin Dcrzeaiit i icrcco. itiODOVenili
precinct, visited him, In company with Dr.
Todd The doctor gave his opinion that tho
sufferer was In a critical condition, cauaed by
the exceeslre use of ardent spirits and expos
ure. Sergeant Pierce conveyed him to the
hospital. This man's wife died a few days
since with cholera morbus, and was burled at
tne expense oi ine corporation.
The Tailors' International Uulou.aoinposed of
auout aixir ucirgaics, iruin tne various un
ions of the united Slates.will hold Us regular
annual sessions In this city on Monday, Au
gust 10th.
Their nu&rters will bathe Franklin Haute.
on the corner of Llghth and D streets It la
tnougnitnat ine uoionwiune in session auoui
a week, and at the close the delcgatea will
apend a few daya In Baltimore, where a grand
mass meeting of the trade will be held.
Thk TRBAaiTRr .Vault. The contract for
erecting the raultin the new cash room of the
Treasury Department, in tho north wing, haa
been awarded to Mr L. II. Miller, of Balti
more, for the sum of 411,600 The new vault
will be on the east side of the eaah room, 13
feet wide by 19 feet 3 lnchea long, and 13 feet 0
Inches hluh. It will be of alternata hnlr
Iron, and ated plates rlvtted on the Inside,
etuu ilia num tthi v vwuii ivu menu ftUUUIUf ,
At Work Mr. Wright, commissioner of
tbe Third ward, and Mr. J H Urauc, com mis-
aloner of tbe rourthward, hweal work a
large force of laborers, cleaning the streetsand
altera In the respective wards These aentle-
men are determined to keep their wards In
gooii condition, during the hot weather, If pos
sible. Conthacti Awaruxd Tho contracts for
furnlshlnc wood and coal to the Interior De
partment for tho ensuing J ear, has been
awarded as follows! White ash coal, to 8. P.
Brown fcHoni red ash coaf, to Wm Gulnand)
oak wood, to Henry Nagle) pine wood, to T T.
Ratification Mistimo It Is said that a
frsnu iiemooratio ratineatlon meeting will
ake place In front of the City Hall, on Satur
day evening, which will be addressed by promi
nent speakers la support of Seymour and
T.iira n flntin WMis lotnt reeolu
Hon relative to lighting the atreeta of Wash-
lngtoni reducing expense and for other pur
!... A?.. V&..I. -ft h. Ik. Tll-tvl. illMHa
l,HIIvVUmi IV ! aaww-w vu -.-""
mlttee, authorises and directs the Mayor and
and City Councils ofthe eltyof Weablngton
to lery and collects, 'tat" from' the property-
noiaera di in hit t( t utiftv "---.
to defray the expenses of lighting the.Aenue
and atreet lamps of aald city with elx-feet
burners twenty-one nlghttiU each month.
from dark until aayjigni, aoo swpim "r,"
so lighted each year, at authorises and di
rects the Secretary ef the Interior for the
Government of 'the United Statee, and the
Mayor and uiiy - ? 7vi
lngton for the city, Immediately upon the pas
eage of this Joint resolution, severally to eoa
tract with the Washington aasllghtOompeiry
(If said eompaay shall agree thereto) for the
term of fifteen years for the United Statee
Government, and for the city for such a term,
not exceeding fifteen years, as maybe agreed
upon, for u the Illuminating gas required
In tbe city of Washington br the .United
ntataa. and for the avenue ana atreet laxme
and nubile offices of the'elty In thecltyof
Wasaiogion, in aecoruanee witn ine provis
ions of this joint resolution, at the reduced
tinea at three dollars net tier thousand feeti
Pnrl&tt. Aowcvrr. That the price tald
under said contract shall at no time within
said term of flit sen years exceed tbe price
charged by said eompaay to the cltlxens of
wasniDgion, anu mat tna quality m aaiu
Illumlnatlne eaa shall not bo leaa than fifteen
candles standard: And vroviitd further, That
ine ngm is reserreu to tne uniteu mmes anu
to the Maror and Cltr Counolts of Washing
ton to annul the contracts authorised hereby
at any time aner ten years, ny giving two
Tears notice. It also author (zee and directs
the Mayor and City Councils of the eity of
Washington to Increase, from time to time as
the public good may require, the number of
street latnns on anr of the streets, lanes, al
leys, public ways, and grounds in the city of
Washington, and to do any and all things per
taining to the well lighting of the elty, and to
lew and collect a tax
from the property-
holders therefor; and provides that In the
event of the failure of the Mayor and Olty
Cnunelli to law and collect tha tax author.
lied, or to light the city aa directed, then the
Secretary of the Interior la authorized and
directed to lery a tax upon the property of
tha eltv and to collect tha umt. snffloleut to
light said elty for the current year, and so
from year to year. In case of such failure of
aald Mayor or City Councils to light aa dl
rested, and to fully execute the provisions of
mis joint resolution in tne piacv anu iicau at
the Mayor and Cltr Councils. It finally pro
vides that nothlog herein contained shall be
construed to relieve the said WashlngtonOas
light Company from paying the Internal .reve
nue tax Imposed by law.
Da at aud Dumb Irbtitctb The appro-
priauon diu lor ine, uoiumoia iuimui lur
the Deaf and Dumb passed the House on
Wednesday In the following form t
and the same are hereby, appropriated out of
any money a in tna treasury not otnerwise
appropriated, for the benefit of the Columbia
Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and
Dumb i
For the support of the Institution, In addi
tion to tha existing appropriation to meet the
increased expense of maintaining pupils whose
so mission was autnoriscu cyan act oi con
gress approved March 2, 1S0T, 3,000.
tor continuing the work upon the buildings
of the Institution, In accordance with plana
heretofore submitted to Co egress, au.OM.
See. 2. J ad fie it further enacted. That. In ad.
dltlon to the directors whose appointment has
heretofore been provided for by law. there
shall be three other directors appointed In the
lonowirg manner t uno senator oy tno f resi
dent of the Senate, and two Bepresentatlves
bv the Sneaker of the llouset these directors
to hold their offices for the term of a single
uongreis, anu to ne eugioie to n reappoint
ment. bee, J. And be it further enacted. That no part
of tbe real or personal property now held or
hereafter to be acquired by tbe said Institu
tion shall be devoted to any other purpose
thaa the education or the deaf and dumb, nor
unit any pur nun ut mo rcai viiate oa aucocu,
auiu, wr Bunrtjw. except uduot too autuoriiy
of a soeclal act of Co tier ess.
See. 4. And be tt further enaefat. That ao much
of tha act of February lfl. 1KST. tllntri lh
payment of one hundred aod flfty dollars per
annum for the maintenance and tuition of
eacn pupil aomuteti oy order of tne secretary
of the Interior, be, ana the same is hereby, re
pealed See 6. And bi U further enacted. That the
number of students In the colleelate deDart-
tnent from the several States, as authorized
y tne act oi jnarcn a, ibot, snail oe increaseu
irom ten to twenty ore.
Poliok M attbrs OfSccrs Leach an 1 Drane
Arrested Timothy McCormick and Charlea W.
Murray In the Serenth precinct, for contempt
to Justice, In not appearing as witnesses, after
belnrdtili auramonail. Juatlaa llarnar flnait
McCormick 2, and committed Murray to Jill
for 21 hours
William Shellon. colored, waa taken before
iiis eftuii juauv, in ins iitmciiiviiiuuii uj uiu
ccr Tucker, for making threats of violence to.
warua nia wuc, Ann, anu no gat e nail 10 keep
tbe peace.
(J Ulcers Mills and Eaton, or tho Elrhth nre
elect, arralened two colored bova named IJev.
erldge Buckley and Peter Sumniervllle, before
Justice Lynoh, who Coed them 3 each, for
bathing In thePotomae river,
William Queen And John Faunce were taken
before Juatloe Thompson, In the Second pre
cinct, by Officer Bancs, or the county, for tree
miiiDK on ma premises oi tviuiam tvaiacr.
r cut tint: trees therefrom, tnd ther were fined
$S each.
Thomas Grady was arrtlgned before the
same Justice by Officer Williams, for commit
ting an assault and battery m his wife, Mar
garet, and he rare ball to keep the peace
juicer jjoyie, oi tne fourin precinct, ar
rested Thomas Sullivan, a BLhoolboy, for com
mitting an assault and battery oaJas Clagett.
by cutting him with a pen-knife. Justlee Mor
sel) held him for a hearing
Thomas Young was taken before Justice
Tucker, in the First precinct, by OHoer Brila
ford, and fined hi for Interfering with the bog.
Officer Hurst took Luclnda Carter, colored,
before the same Justice for making threats of
rioleneo towards John W. Smith, and she gave
security to keep the peace.
James West, eolored, was taken before Jus
tice Clark, In tbe lifth precinct, by Officer
Wilson, for committing an assault and battery
on Henry Frere and makltigthreatsofvlolence
toward the same. He waa fined) for the first
offence and held In security to keep tbe peace
for the last ease.
The followlnr amounts of fines urera Im.
osed in the various precincts: First precinct,
il ooi second precinct, Mi tourth precinct,
; Fifth precinct, ) Sixth precinct, 21t
Neventh nreelner. aTt Kitrhih urMinni an
Total amount, io2tw
AsOTnRnSnDnHif Dkath Yatanlii mnm.
lng, in an alley, between Seventh atreet and
Madison, and M and N streets, Mr. James Col
Una, a rag dealer, died quite auddeoly,at about
4 o'clock He had been drinking a large quan
tity of liquor during the day previous, but
went to bed without complaining. Deceased
had lost an arm In tbe Union army, and he
leaves a wire and several small children. He
waa about 45 years of sge. No Inquest was
Tub QnAHT CLtrn This club held Uri
and Important meeting at their rooms, No.
349 Pennsylvania avenue, last evening; Apple
ton P. Clark, esq , In the chair. No business
of a public nature, however, was transacted.
' a
IwiDD or Gomtbidt -Mnn Gleason At
Glenn hare been awarded the contract for
rurmsning the quartermaster's department
4,000 cords of wood.
No Llictiox, The Scheutieo-Vereln
failed to electa president of the association
on Wednesday the contest being bclwceiiMr,
B. Heme and Mr. F. Stosch.
Lot or Crash And other heavy linen coats,
33 to 33 Inch breast measure, at 4123, at A.
Saks h Co , tlT seventh street.
Mr. William Smith has Just returned from
New York with an elegant atock of straw
hats, which he la prepared to sell at twenty,
five per cent below the usual prices A visit
to his well known store at fill Ninth street,
between D and Pennsylvania avenue will
r rove the truth of this assertlou, Mr. Smith
i also the agent of Singer's Noiseless Sewing
Machine, which recently took tho premium a
the New York State fair H
Ollcs-PLAMTB' BUILD1HU. eorutr of Ktw
Tfifrh aywunaawl yiflimalh alrewl a y
.... . ;.-uA" f'Vrti""..
iiti mi jwtiiius. ut susuti uissa, ui ivautuu.
Oblo, praTlng for tbeeiteualou of a putsnt irsuUd
invut In I'Toughe, foraeveu years from tbaexplra-
Hon of said pateul, which takes ptaosou tbelith
day of A Haunt, l&3t
It Is ordered hal the said pclltlonbs heard, at the
to niui tne utu uay vi Aug aai, i&h, i ir an uuprov'
beuael at tit said b
mined in accord am
which will b f urnlahed on application
Depositions aud other Papers, relied upon aa tetl-
mouy, niial 1
tha 5 Vf
us uidu is susuiuce iuh
hearlugt tbs argument!
flic twenty days kef on
ten dara aiwr Dlinx tn teathauuv
Ordered, al , that tbls bo tie be pnbllabed In lb
TtaviisiifTi s and (ha luttlHr.Mi. W..1.1..1..1.
D 0 , and In lit a Iter aid, Llev lauU, Ohio, ouiea
week for three, succauive weeks 1 tb flrat of aald
Sublloatloua to bo at least sixty daysprevloia to lb
".fl-!1" . .. o .A1U BIOPT
ui14Ut Acting Commissioner f PsteaU
aisat umce on nvavA i , me xnu uay ui iuir i ceinoer uexi, at uu tiii t " I'eraona are
ooxt, at 11 o'clock, in and all peraona are bo till ui . uetkfled to appuar and abow cauae, if auy they
lo appear and ahow cauae. If any Ibey have, why have, why aald petition ought not to be grauted
said Petition ought not to be granted I Persona opposing lb extension are required to
ruraoneoppoalngtbeextcuaunsr required to HI , die lu Tito I'aUut OUlce ibeirobjocttona, apeckally
lu tbe 1'ateut Oufoetnolr objections, itlally sel set forth lu writing, at leaat ttvtnta daya Ufore
forth tu nrltlui. atleuatruieHidavslierjretba dar the dav of boarioxiall leatluiouy filed Lr either
Tim courtTt
Oriwival Court Judge WttteTh grand
jury yesterday recommended the discharge of
in IUNUHIU yaiBwuti n uumi acuvftua-
KlcharJ Wallaeh for an attack on Sayles J.
nowen. tlltabeth Ann Scott, assault and
battery with Intent to kill. Luer Ann Lucas,
ior arrninx wniru jiuubc. ntnucii ncu.
ror receiving stolen goods. Alonio Perry and
finrnaa Hurler. I
The Couit thereupon ordered them dis
TllUlUWlivwn nuiinui
Tha rraml lur In their bill of Indictment.
noticed by us yesterday, against Thomas L.
tjropiry, jacoo Uldaman anuwoan ioanciij
for the murder of John Gray, In Georgetown,
on the (th of July last, charged Cropley with
tha murder of Urav bv beat In him and throw-
-, Jacob G 1 adman and John Donnelly,
mumeroi jonnurar. in ueoreeiown.
on the (th of July last, charged Cropley with
tactnuruer oi uray
n( IIIPI UUnn, 1UU viiauns.su iiiu iiuiuiiij as
accessories thereto, by aiding, abetting and
uiaamao anu I'onneuy as
counselling u ropier
Yfel UaTIUgO, q f wsru cugageu iui
the defence, and tbe trial will take place
shortly. In the meanwhile an application for
the release of the parties on haheae corpus has
been made to Judge WyUe, the result of which
will be found In another column.
TYim-FT nAtTBT-e-JitifiH Ottn The followlnr
orders were made yesterday t
Luclnda A. Etberldgc vs. James Etherldge.
Petition for divorce from the bonds of matri
mony. Tha nlaintlff sets forth that in March.
1802, ahe waa married by the Rev, Dr. May to
ine oeienaam, ana mat ine neueveu m tno
time that her former husband, David S. Kel
logg, waa dead, but that she was afterwards
astonished to learn that he was alive at the
time of her second nuptials, and she therefore
Brays a dlrorce from the defendant) which
as granted, the defendant not answering.
Davla for plaintiff.
Julia A. Began vs. Thompson Bagan Order
for final ratification of sale.
Staeter ra. Banmao. Order for rule on
Bertram Lewis
Klllott vs. t.lllott. Order of reference to au
ditor to report oa the propriety of sale.
WAEL-S0IfAB0ARlT.-Oa the 13th last,, Jon
Wail to MUa Mm PaaDiaicxA Sox so a ay. both
nOTt.lt On Jot I.Uh. Aavia BoTLi. danahtsr
ef Patrick and Bridget Boyle, aged 4 years and V
mo alba ...,,.
liar lanarai win iaat pia.ee irorao tirainiaar-
tnae. diiwnd inira ana four ma a nan iun
(t'rl(arai3 o'clock, to which her frlsndsare re
spectrally Invited lo attend
QUIEN Oalfcellthlaii., Ciiaat BsTnsonoag,
twin son of John T. and Louisa At. Qusca, agsd
1 year ends months
UAKKia Altbe realdencacr ur aiixwsu, iz
T street. In tho with year of hsrage, Mrs Axaa
K , relict of Dr Samusl Harris of Caiadeo, Mew
Tha remains will be takso to Camden for later
CULLAH -Oa the 1UU Instant, Jambs CrLLlv,
agfd 43 rears
ills faasral will take place from the residence of
twnsa Btxth and Seventh streets, this (Friday) at
Xo'clock p m
stay na rest in peace Atna.
LEWIS. Enwatn TaAicis, infant sea or Cba.
g V, and Kate Lawls, dlsdTnesday, Hth luat ,
agedSmoaths aad ISdsys
or inns caaif id tan arms oi iuimuiru,
Bnddad oa earth to bloom In Bsaven ' '
W ifturvfifni Jul s fl lam
On the petition of AstaaiL h Wsbstsx, ef
Dloihmmton, M. Y , admlalitratrlx of tbe satste
of Denjamln B. Webster, decsssed, praying for the
extaalon of a i atent granted to the said Benjamin
B Webster, tbo3d dsv ofOctobcr, l&M, for an tia
provsaent la afosqalto Cnrtalas. for soven years
from tbe expiration of said pHlsnt, which takes
nliMii li a 4.1 Has nf I)lla1ir. ISriHt
It la order I that the said petition be heard at
Ih Patent Office, on MONDAY, th 3lt day of
September next, at 11 o clck u tend all persons
are notified to appearand show canae. If any they
t forth In writing, at least twtntu days befot
th day of heartnatall tesilmoay filed by either
party, to b nssd at the aald hearing, mast bo
taken and transmitted In accordance wlih tbe rales
f tbe ofllec, which will be furnULed on applica
tion Depositions and other papers, relied upon as les
tlmooy, iDost b filed In the office fwcni'a'darB be
fore the day of hearing) the arxnmenta. If any,
wlllilafem daya after Ulkng the Uatluonr.
Ordered, also that this notice be pnblUfaed la
th HirraMCAM and the tHUWpencer, Wa-btng-ton.D
0 , and in th Atlai, Now York, B Y..
once itMk for tlireoancccaalv weeks ith Bret of
said publics!! ins to be at least sixty daya pr'Tlooa
to tneuay ot usarina n n, muuii
tlli'Wo Atuag veumismoner oi i atenie
btores 313 and SIT, southwest corner l'eansjl
Tama avenue anu a intn street.
lahu in Tiiuouujiri ur wasiunuiuit
llv virlnauf a dar.ina nt tha Kniireina Court at
tbe District or Columbia, In chancery sitting,
bearing dale June 17ib, 1908. and paaaed in I fie
ranenof liyer va Perkins et al.. Wo S. cqalty
docket 7, we will offer for sale, at public auction.
in iron! oi in premisos, ou tubauAi, juty it,
onsolng. atuo'ctork, p in all that certain tract.
piece, or parcel of land lying in tbe County of
Washington. In th District of Columbia, ami
known aud deslgoaled on Ibe plat thereof aa pari
of a tract culled "Th Hldge," Ih tnetea and
bounds of which will be shown on tb day of sal,
containing 27 acres 3 roods and 4 perches, more or
eaa mis tana nesauoutoae iniieirout itooa
tope" Tavern, on tb road leadiur from Good
It an I a IIih AlaTandrla Frrr. an J l'liciliwir.
and adjoining the lands of Thomas Jenktna, and a
flue opportunity Is bera preaeuted for any jeron
'Unlng topurcbas a garden Urin
Turn nm Mitti Ona.lhlril rjiah tha raalilna Jn
two eqnal instalments of 4 and 11 months, tb pur
chaser giving tile notes for tb deferred payments,
aaiiaiectorii cuunrncu. ana twariui iniersat irom
lb day of sale Till deed to b retained antl) tb
wbol of th purcbaa money Is paid All coavy
a facing and revenue stamps al lbarot of the par
chaser. WM F MATTING LY,
WM L. WALLA CO., Anst'a
TUtSDAY. the Slat Instant, sams hour and place
Thla land Haa In tha rear at lb Race Co urns. ad.
Joining tb lands of Thomas Jenklas, and about 1
tuna i rum uniaoiDsn 11 oninu. tuia nronirir
will b sold In parcels of ono or more acre to suit
Purchaser wm. r mattihuli,
W. L WALL A Co ,
Jrl7e(l Auctloaeers
n btatis riTisT urricB,
WiiatmiTnx. Jul 1. 1WM.
Ou the petition of Uaanasa ( Dloikiktt and
IACL T. Bw sit, of llurllagUia, erinout, praytug
for theextenaloa of a patast granted totbein tkootli
day ef December, laM, for an Improvement in oven
at. wb
December, 19001
Itleordaisd tbattbasald petition be beard at the
Potent O (Ac ou klonday thelfl h day of Jjfovcmber
next, at 11 o'clock m i and allparaonaar notl
flail tn mnmr and ahow causa. If anr ther have.
why said petition on(lt not to bo granted
Peraons oppoalug the ezteualou ar require I to
HI 10 ID ratent wince iiieiroyjecnoaa, apociaiij
at fart li Inwrlttne. at loaat tustntu dava be-fora
tb day of bearlagt all tealluiany lllod byitlir
f arty lo bo uxed at tbo aald bearluc, uiuat b
aken aad tranmnitted tn accordance with tho rules
of the oiBce, which will b furulabcd on a, plica
tion Depositions and other paper, railed upon ae tes
timony, niuat be tiled in the aacatwtntu days be
fore tu day of hearing, lb argument. If auy.
Vriiainiri oaja auer diiiik ine leatiiuour.
Ordered, also, tbattble ntice be publUlied In tbe
Ran u Lie AW add tha Intelligencer, Waablugtou,
1 0 aud in the IJarllugtou Timet, HurlluKtua.
I. one a weea lor inrvv wn, iuiiiivi auiu
publications lo 1 at leaat etaty days provloua to
tlidayufbearlof AM STOUT,
Jylii F3w Actlag Commlaalouerof ratunts
WftimHiiTai. Juus X7. 1NJ1
On Ibe petition of Jobl F KatLaa.of l'lttaburg.
l'a,, pray lug for the oateualonof a pateatgraaud
to iiltu tit iuth dayuf ocpteuber, lsM, for an tm-
frovement In riatiorw ticales, for eeveu years from
Ue expiration of eald patent, which takes plac vu
the 2Alb day of Sepnuitir, lKd
It Is ordered that lb said petition be beard attb
ratent Utile ou 11 UN DAY, U 7th day of bp
teiuber next, at U o'clock, m t and all perauos ar
notltled to appeal and show canae, If any ther have,
why said petition ought uot to b granted
1'ereone opposing the exunaloa ar required to file
la the 1'atout O10C their objections, ancclallr set
orlh lo writings at Itaat twenty dare bofore tb
asy OI nearing i ait numuBj mvu vr euaer i'rir.
to t uaed at to eald bearing, taunt be taken aud
trauainltted in accorJsius with tn rules uf tbe oltlcv,
vrblch will be lurnlabed ou application
Dopoalllousaud wthtjr papers, relied upon as tes
timony, maal bo filed lu lb omceiuwii'tf days bofore
tbadayof besrlugtlh arguments. If auy, within
ten dara after Alius tn Uatimony. .
Ordered, alao, that tbla nolle b pnbllahcd la
th KsrUBLICA and the latelUgencer, Waablog
ton, D. C and in tb i'oet, Pltlaburg, Feuu ,
one a week for three uc.fnUe , tb flrat of
saU publications to be at leaat sixty days previous
totbaday of hearing A H bfODT,
JyS l'iw Acting Commlaaloner of fatenU
L'jutki bTATM faTXDT Orricx,
vr aaii laiiTua, siay An, ibOn
On the petition or Kkbstca A UAurHaa, of
iSevrYork.N Y . executrlxor Uobert J Marchor,
doceaaed, praying for tbe extension of a patent
arauled to tb aaid lleberl J Marcher tho tfcl day
ef Mar, 1TO, fer an improve roe ut tn Tool for
rlratloa of eaU paleut, which takes place on tbe
!Kl day of May, ls6, , ,, , , .
It ts ordered that Ibe -all petition be beard at
Ihe Patent Oltlceou MO.NDA, tbe JUtdayof D
urooving siouiuiuxa, iur wito reara irom me
p.rtr, I be uied at lb aald bearlug, inual Le
taken an I trsnamitted lu accordance with tbeiulea
of tbe oUlce, wbtih will be furulabed ou si plica
Depositions aud til In r pupcrs, relied upon as las
tlutour, niuat be filed lu the unite twenty days be.
fore tbe Uay of bearing t the argument, If any,
wUUlu tm days uTter flling Ihe teatlmouy
llrLr..! 11I..1. ihil ihla notice Iui iinlillatia.l tu
tbe Kan HI icam and Ibe Intelligencer, Waiblng
ton, D, t .and lu Ih Atlae, Aew York, K Y .
once a ek for three aucceaalvo woekat thoilr-t of
eald 1 ubllcallous to be at leaat sixty daya previous
tolbedayofbeariug. A M bTOUT.
Jylthkifw Actfug Commissioner of rateuU
town raavba left a 1 th books tor ef Messrs, Q.
T. Qatty A Co., lot firi.ge atreal. whr copies ef
tbe BtrtrsttOAv may be ebtaiaei daily.
Ti-iTRAvMit Mrf!TTttArn. We are sorrv
to announce that Mr. Ja. P. McCulloch.one of
the proprietors oftheOlrard House, corner of
It ign anu uriugeai tea ifcaiurcu r ; !-
lng about o'clock, from the effects of a plstel
ball wound accidentally received onSaturday
evening last, jur. wcuuiidch iiocB.icvtiimn
AL-.S.T 1I-... A la4 h.l.h.lMll..llt A
inc injury.iuiitcrcu ma"" iuuiiniutMim-
Tft.1 J..i- 4.i l.n. Afkl.li alma
licrcu nia euucriUH, uui mi niwie wu.vu .. w
hla bedside waa surrounded by sympathizing
menua, m raotucr, isrutucis, nuu mu ., -
In-law from Philadelphia, of which city de-
ceaseu waa a native iur lucuuuugu m
the 37th year of his age, aod during his connec
tion wild the Qlrerd House, bad made a host
of frlends,and on the announcement of his death
yesterday our town was plunged In woe.
The remain were embalmed, and were for
warded this morning to Pblladslpblawhere
the Interment will take place, the plate print
ers union, with a delegation of the Masonic
order, having charge oi the body.
Tm following Is the lists of letters remain
ing In the post offlee, Georgetown, D. O , July
Addison, Mrs Thos (1 (Mark. Mrs AlIce-3
Brown, Mlaa Ldm'a P Fox, Mrs Samuel B
Bell, Margaret Ureen, Mrs Annle-3
Brewster, Phebe L
Allen, Ch Harrington, Danl D
Allen, M W Hand, Cant Aaron -3
Benson, Francis Kind, R U
Barnes, Perry Kannouse, Am
Bancroft, T I) Lowe, Oapt Thos J-3
Brown, dapt Henry S Milts, Patrick
Curtis, Dr McCune at Bro
Cook, Henry (col ) Powers, Jacob
Caton, Mlehal Sears, Ubod U
Darns, Divld Studams, UaptOhas
French, Oapt Albert
meeting of tho Board of Health was held on
the Uth lnstanti present, Drs. Taylor aod
Peter, and Messrs.Thomas, Orme and Duolop.
Mayor Welch was also present officio The
report of the Interments during the month of
June was presented, showlog 18 Interments,
uf which 4 were males and 11 females. Cause
or death Consumption, 4i cholera infantum, i
whooplogcough,2 heart dlsease,li diarrhoea,
1 aacltus, 1 dropsy. l hydroelphalus,l In
anltlon.lt lhjury to the atomach.l. Ten were
under three years of age, four between 19 and
34 years of age, and one aged CS years. Reso
lutions were adopted with a view to the abate
ment of certain nuisances, after which the
Board adjourned till the second Tuesday In
Ikfahticidi. Alice Oordon was arrested
by Offlcer Lamble on Wednesday evening,
charged with giving birth to a female child on
the Sixth lnafant. and taking It to Washing
ton and abandoning It. The evidence proved
that she was the mother of the child, and that
It was found on Twenty fifth street, near
Pennsylvania avenue, by Offlcer Doyle, who
took the body to the Fourth precinct station
house, where an Inquest was held by Justice
Morsel), the Jury rendering a verdict thst the
child came by its death by strangulation with
a handkerchief Justice Buckey committed
the accused to Jail for the action ol the grand
TimTcBMina Association. Orcat prepa.
ratlona are being made for the grand Turner
Festival to take place on Monday next at
Oreen Springs. The ladlea of Georgetown
will present the society with a fine silk North
Oerman flan after which nrlie ahootlor will
take place and addresses delivered by able
Georgetown Advertl.emcnU.
75 Ulgh atreet Forreat Ilstll, tieorge-
Will sell black and Colored SILKS less than can
Mioooam me vutriet, vu:
l'lalnblus.green. brown, porpl summer Fllks, 80c.
BmaO, plain, dark Uloesar Bllka, 1
T1iaa SAA.1a ttft wtftliv Itia ftH.nflAH Af Ilia
ladles axtra good and cheap
Tin Straw, -3 cents, worth 1.
TL vesy best
ritrvcix i.awxn.
13 ceuts, worth 30 cents.
Other treat bargains In Prints, Alpacas, Lus
t res, Ac , & ap27tf
ri'iiMiiiui: t
fllltM TIIItE I
Ifavlur eiilarir, J tiiv Wara Hiiaihi. whlrli irlta
me Iscreaaed facilities, 1 beg lea v to viler lo the
punuv my large ana weti-seiectea eioca oi
Insollcltlnx a absraof th nnklleratruDaee.
can only aay 1 will try lur beat topleaa, and will
pieute wjatiii v aon aa t;ueap ae mi cnraiwai,
3 B. WKLL8,
US Bridge, street, (Jeorxelowa
P S A flu assortment of Loautes. al-3u
Stoves and Tinware,
t (Suecesaorsof Jas Sklrvlng,)
i97 Eleventh street, abor Pens, avenue.
sKsT Particular attention paid to repairing Foroa-
, .,.., as. .VI ur.tfl. ShV,, HW s.t T.v,j
Merchant Tailon.
Ho. 900 E STREET,
Botwe.a N.tlou.l Th.ilr, sod Wlltardi' IIoUl
aiMTS'VUiiaiSlilHOUOODS. 1c p-t(
J.KD8BILL (ill,
No IM Math itieat, .e.r D.
No. 329 Bevsnth it bot, N. T. ve. tnd L su
j.a uir
A. C. 1 I. A. N T ,
Imported Luiurlej, &o.
Corner of New York Avenue end Fifteenth
The Coldest and the Best
No. 480 Fifteenth Street, Opposite Trossurj
utrm ifif
262 Penn'a Avenue
EB8ITT 1IOUSE-0. O. WllL.in.
rm 11.11, Hla. H.UI.O.rt.r,DrSDSe.lT.
Mis. r.l. S..lrAl. W ) Moots, ot H
8 OKott, T J V.j and .oil. lion I) MortU,
Mr. II J IVebb, New York) Ur Trron, U8N
M Hart sod wife. M Hirt, Jr. J Mart, A Hart,
IJI.elnnatl. G 8 II Wllifj. H.n Jokn Pool, N
t) Torn 0,hlltre,T.xa, H A L.W1. and wit..
nM(orK A A iiosmrr, it u; c m.ei.j u.ll
Mr. Ez.t'r.ald.at Tvl.r and da.sMer. V.t U
3 JJarehlr, H A Smith, B B J.msaoo, M O
Orelfthton, raj Z M Mjrer, James Kodgtrs,
riant II llrnborker. Haroer's F.rry. Vat t
it -. All.a.4 U.ll.. 14a-,lu-
countr, Md John II I'rr, WasklMtoel A V
KB Prettyman; O D Iinekltt. Montgomery
eounty, Mdt Robertson Topp.Memphls.Tennt
Tbo HangheT.Deeatar.AIai llenO W Pleree,
Alat HoaO W Duekley. Montgomery, AIa
lion Jiamiiton wara. rt x iipt u ussouirri
U S Aj It M Edwards. Tenn.
Mrrpnnpnr.TTAN Porra A Snaxtar.
J Seltxnlnger, W M Randall, Pottsrllle, Pa;
II W Ohorehlir, 'Wilmington, NO J WMc-
Kinsey, rr vraiKins.Annviii, vjw amvvr,
n v, w n r.thar. John I Carter. Alat Oeorre
kt aierry, nsrsusi n r wunivn ", ww, a m
W II Kenney, U 8 Marlneet II Y Iar, USNj
T S Gorman, Cincinnati! P H Mclkinough,
Ohio) Ueo U Holt, H li Mor, N Y( K M Mil
lard, Mdt U O Huntley, Montana) W AMe
Atce, J L MeAtee, Md.
M A Wlar and wife. MtVaraaa SUlladra.
Ohlot II Ames, New Orleans it II Jlrown.
eltri Wm Chester King. Ix)well Qeo Hall
J J Fitch, M organs town t OeoU Street, fiprlng
lleldi Wm U Culver, Uostoni J O Morgan.
Plttsburgi II F Sherwood, NY1J8 Pratt and
H Jl Cote, California) J U Marriott aod John
M Einstein. Chicago) E J Orady, MtchOeld)
Chas M Palmer and wife. Thos O Drown and
John M Powell, tlmlra.
witr Anns' hotel Sties at Cif adwicx.
L. I) Kellogg, New Orjeanst Bv M X Dong
last, Miss; if A Cadr,Va J W Aiken, Louis
ville, Kyi James UBroadhead, U 8 M1U11I.
lough, E R O'llara, St Loalsj A 11 Coulter.
Mdt E J Thompson, Nashrllle, Tenni M It
Stephens, Oat Ol) Plerpolnt, E N O'Nell, New
York) I Blakeley, Chicago) Charles Ooffln,
Q X Sumner, David Donnelly, Philadelphia)
Wm II Denny, Charleston, 8 OiE W Lebon,
James S I oley, Baltimore) E O Beebe, Lewis
Burth, Thomas Lynch, New Orleans) J Homer
Edgerly, Boston, W H QUI, New Orleans) E M
Webber, Klehmood, Va.
E French and J Kurtx. Ohlot J O Moss,
Ark) Jos T M Cormuck, city) John Nagler
L LOradett, Vat Uen B Iloust, Philadelphia)
U Newlln, Vai itobert Howe and Jas Austam.
NYjE N Whltehouseand J K uartieit, u
B. p. Cools, (of JarCMk.ACo .IFrwld.at.
W. 8. HsSTIvoTOV, CMbUr.
Urn irsssr. orroarrs r.s Tssaarsr .sriiT-
OortTBDis&taKnrlU.awltliTrMsarar U.lUd EUUa,
W. bar aad aall all tlaaaea .f aOTESKIflllT
8ECDRITIE8 at errant naikat ratM.
rCEIIlSU IXCUiSOI aadmak. Collactl.aa.a
W. parckai. 0.,.rauaBtToncbra oa tb. MOST
FAVOKABLI TIHX8. aad ill. oiaassL as.
rauarT attsitios to
aad t. aay otbar bnalsaai antrnatad to oa.
HENT LHaXSataUtlroaacbeerfnUr faralabad
Waants.Tos, Marcb 30. isaa mhSl-dtf
TAT COOKE A 0 0...
bar and aall at errant niarkat ratea aad kaap
aoaataatlr oa band a foil aavplr .1
Ordar. far Stocks, Boada, Ae , exaastad. a.d Col
laatloaa taala .. all atcaaalbla polata.
aapl'dtf ,
mnD viTinuit orB tiTPnSIT rAUPlNT
A. of Waablugtou, D C , chartered br tpeclal
act ofCoufreaa fertheaafe kpiug. under guar
ante, of Uovernment Bond, bllterVUt, alua
tie Paper, andalldeacriptlne of Valuable, and
proof Tult-i Omet corner New York avenue and
lilieemu eiret uirscierri mjwi, 11 m
jouae, ueorge nm. ru o u.siii
Oeoriell l'fant, Ooorge 0 Eraua. B P bn)der,
Naaltiaaalaal Wll.nn
8 P Bmwn. Prelintt 0 O Evan. Vlee
rrealdcnti WlllUUH uaniiagtos, irwmrifi u
P Snyder, becretary
Offleelloar ft a m. totp m
Atao, a full Una of Dailea1 celabratad
ou Laud, of all alica, for aai. at aerytaw prlcea
SsaPoiiiin. bcf. 9tland lotlajstn.
toarH tf --.
Furnishing Goods.
Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Good.
All color of VELVK'riif
A larafas.iaisia.r. man I nf rinnllaBiain1 a W h It MalTlUtl
SltlltTriand DHAWEKtf.audall lhelale-1 lyl
oui to mention, all of which we r ready ;
cneapiorcaan "-" "
uuuSB uuua9
Wo uifur allSuiuiuor Good at gnatly roJucid
Wo Invite culoiuera to look through onriXuck,
1 A A. MJINLIDtlt,
Jlnrdivitre himI IIoumo t'lirnUliluv
We al i kerp In our Store a geiisjral UMortoi'ut vt
1MJ UUOUS. whkli we .! at reaoouable prlcea,
IiyyS(.ALIiof allUand Mortitlng Uacblne)
alao Stool Broom and Braahea at factory price
apJI fin
"W-AHTKD-HALESMl-N to Iravfl for a iai.uu
IT lacturlug couuauy aud -ll by fawple
(JuiiJ wiiriir guarauicod AJJrtsti, Willi vtauip,
IIMII.lrllN It Tll.WK. 4HCba.iuutkL . l'Ltladal.
phia, Peumylianta
TntmDr and fridat,
JOLV ICth is. 17.1,
OP Tac
N K W O 11 1. I : A N H
Flrat appaaraae. ef
Doors .pen .1 1 and 7p. n
. 00 ceala
, S3 ceata
Tha eronrUtrtrof alula wall known an J oonnlar
place of raort4alna to call tha attautloa of aaao
elation, achogla aad prlrau partlaa wltblag tolva
Pla-NUi, 4e . loth
ItlIocat4oalbcr.ratroriiw York araana aad
Ural atreet wett, li eAty of aecvaa, and la ahadr,
cool, and plaataat Ilia auppllad with ahootlng
.rallatiita. lun-TilB allava. alir hnraaa. h. Ha.
'rihineuteof aJI klnda.and of the beat quality, fur-
toe towei
pus last nouns
la bow or exhibition at tha room OTar
Oa Pennijlraala aronua
Admlmlou, 21 cfsti jt ltu
no. HX laaa'a arenue, above Twelfth it reel
Gnarantaaa s tharmtrVi anra nr all Vrltata Dla
eaaela the ahortest time, or no charge will te
LADIES dealrlag aapeclal treatment wll ftnd blm
arr aklliful havlug for tnanr yaara. with tha
greateet inceaaa, treated female eomplainU In thla
city aad Hew York.
Irrtc ularUlM, no matter from what tanae or how
losgklandlug, faUy- rellefed without fall. Con
aaltlogrooue prlrate Teea modarmte J13 tf
rnttsu im i Tn i niT
Sold at MO re&nirlTaula uTanne
apl3 tf
XR. CURTIS. U. D , J, R. C. 8 , Ao ,
Haa deTOted many yeareof bla entenalTe practice
eatlrelr to Ihe treatment and care of
Arlilng from debllltr and abnaea productUe ot i
many lnatancee of premature dKay
Jlaj be conanlled by letter or at hla realdente.
No. 130 Patreel, between Twentieth and Twenty
flrat treeti, Waablnglon, D C, from the booraof
10 a m. to 1 p, tn , and from t to t p. m f17-flm
Between Tenth and EleTenth atreeta,
uoisiie laiaiT uinvs,
Wabhikhton, June 1, Hm.
ril I 111 II Avlaaaiifl Jnas.1
On tie potltlonof Wiiiia-iH Akjb
C UuaaiTT, of Ithaca, M Y , praying for theei
tam-tuu of apattnl grauted to them thelOlhUay of
beptcralier, ISM, for an Improvement In Calendar
Clock, for MTtn year from tbe eiplratlon of eald
patenu which take place on tho lifth day of Svp
t ember, 1S88
It I ordered that the aald petition be beard at tha
Patent Office on MUNDA1 . the 31t day of August
next, at H o'clock, m ( aud allperonare notified
tn innMt and ahow earn. If ear thav havn. whv
-.l.r-.4.ln .M-b, taA. , l.k -k-iaB-..l
uu ietitvis vwkub ev .v w ii.nifv
illfihl In Br..r.l.i.H a tsltls tha rnlaa a.f tha
oB.ee, which will be furnlatied on application
vepweuiou ma oiuer paper, renea upon a is.
tluony mast be tiled In tbe ofllce twenty da be
fore tbe day of bearing i tbe argument. If any.
Wiaiiiuivn uiBatiti AitisQ ushhivij.
Ordered, aUo, that thla notice be publUhed In
thaRirruLlOAI aad the Inttlllgtnetr, of Waih
lugtou, DC, aad la tbe Uerald. Utlca, hew
t ork . once m week for three eacceulve weenii tbe
nmoi laid puDiicauoniio oeat ieai eixty uaye
prevlona to the day of hearing
.Tu3t Actlag CoamllonerofPaUnta.
ClTt&T-iTB ParaaT Orrici,
WaaiiiiaTov, July 10, lSeSg
Oa tha netltlouaf Ebim M lloaareno. of Lam.
bridge. Ha., pray lng for theextenaloa of a pat
enl granted to nlm the lOtb day of October, 1344, for
an improvement in t-ompouaae ior neuirauimr
Chlorine, for seven year from the expirat'of or
aid rauut. which takes place oa tho Ah da ot
ucioocr, loua.
It I ordered that the aald petition be bvard at
the Patent Office oa WuMDAV
September next, at 11 o clack, tn
are notified to aopear and ahow
'Al I
inniir and ahow cauae. If anr lhav
nave, wny sauipouiioaongniBotioue srauieu
day of hearing) ail leatlmony filed by either parly.
tobeus-edailue aald hearlaa, muil be taken and
transmitted In accordance with tho rnlee of the
'I mm on uj aisvi mini us teeuuiuu;,
rir.larnd. slut, that thla notice ba nuLIlahnd In
the Karrancia and In the Intelligencer, Wah
lngton, D 0 .and la tbo Journal, Uoaton, Uaa
chueil,onc a weok for three successive woek
the first of said publications to be at least sixty
daya prevlou to the day of hoarlnx
lyiaOY"! Actlna Cammlslonerof PaUas
Wini!niTca, JanaD. litH).
On tbe petition of Norm ah C Haaai, of Poult
oey, Vermont, praying for Ibe extenalou of a patent
granted to bltu the i.th day of Ai-rll, 1KM. fur an
ruiprovemeut In Manufacture of nlate leucila, for
even year from tbe expiration of .- patent,
which lakes place on tbe 3lth day of April, 1M i
It 1 ordered that the aald petition be heard al tho
Patent Office on MUN DA Y,0.eJd day of November
next, at Vi a clock, m i aud all ieroua are no tilled
lo amntar and ahow cause. If any they have, wliy
caid petition ouabt not to bo granted
persona oppoiliif tbe extension are required to
fllolntbe Pau-ui Office their objections, spwlally
ft fvflh In writing, al least twenty daya before tbe
day v hearlugt all testimony filed by either party,
to La oaad at the aald hearing, mot bo taken aud
traoamllted In accordance with tbo role of tbe
ofllce, which will be furulshod on application
Depoailuii and other paper, relied upon a te.
tlmoiiyyulW-ba-lad la tbe once twenty days be
foft tbo uky of bearinii Ibe arguiuenf, If any,
Ordered, alio, that Ihl notice be puMUbed la
tbeRarvaacAManaibe Intelttaencer, Washing,
too, U C and In tbe Keguter, new liavon. Con
nectlcul, onoe a week for three auoclve weeks
the fint of said rubllcallona to bo at Uaat alxty
dei a prevlou lo the day ofhearloa
JelS Tb3t Acting Commissioner uf Patent
To alt tSnom it nay amcerm
DirABTHIMTCr thic Intbxioi, I
Paasioa Orricx, Hay W, li-W f
AnDlltli.n h Ting been made un Ur the act of
Junel l i f ,fi owlaano of tbe following de-
lu&tM!W&htA. "SAr'nSi "no'rVlIl"
rani a tew certiflcatr warrk VhuSliJhln an
be reissued. If no valid olgectloj oy, n' P
N-'-T.OMwrlW acre. Iisaed und. elof
March 3, lMl.to the uaiueof kolloxf tt. rtutt'
wtmAVJ&V112!lUtlil'M Aunu.t8.ls."- ,
ufi ?' fliv'-ft.r .,1)"'M. ?d under lb art
March 3, laU, la the name of Harrison Ooruui, and
W"I''SJU5.obor, IM. brpteuilerfl, 1n1
Sin- " x ' I --'- a-1-a.wa. usurs III. .11 VI m.flfl
, 1KM, lu the uaiue of Clemeuce Halley, widow or
Heir' "llr.drc. a.ej, aud wae granted MayM
IfUJ AugutYJ, lWlt.
Wo W,U$t for Ituacres, lued nn it-r the act
Jebruary, 11.1817, In the name vf Willis Lealb
father aod heir at law efClnrk li Leath, deceased
and waa graiil. May dt, 1-Ha Auausl a, IMt)
Ha JS.tlJ, for ldi acres, Issaed under the actof
March t, Id'O, lu the nam ot Alexander Berrv
kll .,1,1 aaa..llU...I,l l.J ... ii .t..!,
Ho 00,737, for ISO acres, Ik-ued under tbe act of
llarth 3. KV. in tl.o naiuaa of lha inln.i.l.ll,lu r
Andrew Record, doieased, nud wa grauted July
17.1417. September W, iw5. ,r " '""
fiNo t),lM, for 160 acres. Issued nnder Ihe actof
hruary II, 1M7, In the uameof Klliahelh Thump
on, mother aud heir at law of Daulel McAHiter
bouipsou, deceased, and wit granted He lewber
JD, liSr beptewber id, 1m
ISo W.IUI. fwr 1UJ acres. Issued uu ler tbe art of
""iusij i, iir(, iu iue uani ui trannus ien
uelt, and wa grautrd Mar -, IMS t-elber 9. tbiD
Acting Commlseloaar,

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