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gjntiounl gUpnMiom
Wanlilnnton city. 1. C.
Offlu Cot. Ttnth and D, nwr Tnn. ..enae.
O-Alt MmnnalettlOBi, whether a b.ala.ee
Ar for pabllettloa, .heeld V adlr.f .ed to TXm. J.
MraTa.lt, Proprietor MATIOWAL Harv.Ll.AS,
Wa.hla. toe, 0 C.
or lutxota.
The Democratic; paper la the North and
We it lire laboring Terjr hard to prore that the
cx-Oorernor of New York, now the Presi
dential candidate of the Democratic party, hat
a good war record. It Is an encouretlof fact,
and shows that the; feel the pressure of pub
Ue opinion, nnd dare not let It be understood
that the man whom they would honor with
the Chief Magistracy or this treat republlo ti
not eouodupoo the question of suppressing
the rebellion and sari a? the Union,
Unfortunately for the press and the oratori
on the other tide, Mr. Seymour' war record
it whittled down to a tery narrow margin,
whtle hla anti-war record ooreri rather a
.broad apace.
It li alleged. In proof ot Mr Seymour'! war
record, that ho sent troops to aid la repelling
Lee from Pennsylvania, and that he was more
prompt In this action than were the authori
ties of Pennsylvania. It li true that Oor
ornor Seymour did act promptly and declilrely
in thli instance, but It must be understood
that he was, as a matter of course, earnestly
opposed to invasion. He was loud In Ma op
position. our troops being allowed to Invade
tho South. Lee had threatened to "water his
horses In the Delaware," and In such an erent
he would have Invaded New York, and Mr.
Seymour could not content to have his own
dominion Invaded) hence he deemed It the part
of wisdom as well as good policy to repulse
the rebel forces at ooce from the soil of the
sister and adjoining State of Pennsylvania.
It must be borne In ntnd that while Mr.
Seymour was In favor of a defensive war, he
was opposed to an aggressive one. Ilia speeches
and bis course while Governor, as before and
after hit official career, show thli conclu
sively. There was no time during the war when he
dldnotadtlie the withdrawal of the troops
from the .South, and when he would not have
made peace with the Insurgents upon their
own terms, guaranteeing the perpetuity of
slavery j Indeed, there was no period when he
would not have allowed the South to have
gone off, and thus would have " let the Union
slide," rather than to hate prosecuted thewar
for a single day. Mr. Seymour will not deny
this, If hit friends do ; because his spoken aod
printed addreiiet abundantly confirm what
we hai e stated.
The scheme to work up a war record for air.
Seymour la a confession thatno man can at and
to-day before the American people for that
office who has not a good war record. We
feci, therefore, much obliged to the Democracy
for this attempt on their pari 10 meet an im
perathe necessity. It shows that there it a
heal thy. pub He seutlmeut upon tblt question
in the land.
These efforts, hswever. In this behalf, will
bo a failure. Mr. Seymour fans said and done
too much In the Interests of the rebellion. Ills
anti-war record It too well known The unre
pentant rebels of the South understand him
They know where his sympathies were during
the struggle, and the North Is too familiar
with his history to be hoodwinked.
lion. He buy I er Colfnx
John Oreenlear Whlttler, the Quaker poet,
than whom a more noble, patriotic, and true
man does not lire, in a letter to a friend,
speaks as follows of 31 r. Uolfax, our candi
date for Vice President. The compliment is a
high and Juat one, and every word It merited
by the man of whom It It uttered. Mr. Whlt
tler aayei
"Warned by previous mistakes, from the
last and greatest of which the country is now
suffering, the couventlon at Chicago placed
alongside of the eminent man whose wisdom,
courage, and patient persistence crushed out
the Hie of the rebellion, one of whose fidelity
and patriotism there can be no question a
roan universally esteemed aod beloved, and
whom we all feel may be trusted to the utter
most, la fast, the most unscrupulous defamer
of Kenubllean men and measures, when called
upon to traduce Schuyler Uolfax, like Balaam
ua Zophim, fliul their intended curses
changed to blessings "
NubKYMOLn it cslled "the wlosnt states
mm ot New York," but what hat he ever
done to merit or earn to high a compliment!
lie Is a politician, we admit) a pretty shrewd
one, It la true: but evidences of statesmanship
wed not see He hat never been In public
life except in his own State. He has served
the Democratic pirty of his own State wher
ever ho could.
Mr, Seymour started, we believe, as a coun
try lawyer, and has been a member of the
State Assembly, was ouco mayor of Utlca
nndtlovcrnor of tho State. He received two
clecttona to thli putt and wai three timet de
feated for the came position. This is the all
of it. The statesmanship of Horatio Seymour
we do not see.
UkhkbalUlaiii kntw when he wrote his
revolutionary letter Just what he was about.
He sought the Urat place on the ticket, and he
knew Just what tort of a bid to make. He
underatood that the ruling spirits of that con.
ventlou would be rebel officers, men who
fought in, the first war for the overthrow of
the Government ana tneir sympathizers in tne
North, and accordingly he struck the kej
note which he very well knew would doml.
nate In the convention He calculated aright,
aod he won not the first place but the second
It was something to have understood the
antmui of such a gathering, and Geueral Frank
has abown hit shrewdness In this. The elder
Jllalr must have manipulated thla letter. He
Is the wiaeat,
Tub fjirriiantwert our question, ami ).
"We endorse every word of his.(Oenera)
Wait's) letter, dated June 30th "
We admire our neighbor's pluck and frank.
ness much more than we do his principles. It
la not often that a newspaper In this country
avows itself to be In favor of revolution and
anarchy la advance. The r.rprctt quotes por
float of tho letter. Why not present It entire
au n part of the Democratic platform
Til a IIoaTua Pott man is a great wag, as all
who read that Journal very well koowi but
there Is nothing more refreshingly cool this hut
weather than the assertion In that paper that
V P. Illalr. Jr. was nominated In New York
because of ' his persistent hostility to slavery "
Fnou SniieLiauTOH, corner of Four-and-a-hair
street and Pennsylvania avenue, wo have
the Galaxy tot August, Madamo Dcmoreit's
Monthly for August, and the PropU'i Magasint
(Illustrated) for July.
FnoM Fbkvcu fc JIicuabdbom wo have
"Midshipman Easy' by Captain Maryatt,
handsomely printed In paper cover) Jast the
thing to take along on their summer trips.
h2 w
Light In she nirecta nnd Aftnnsi,
The following bill hat been introduced Uto
Congress." It ought to fata J v A, ' '
Joint resolution retallv to Mt Ming the streets
nr wasoiPKiOQ, lisinci oi ueanmoaev, revwe
lncthxpuaes(an(Wr other purpose
Wherraa m manielsal authorities of the
city of Waabfagton hare fall to carry out
the arrangements for lighting the afreeti of
tald city. In accordance with the provision of
an act entitled "An act making appropria
tions for sundry elvll expenses of the Govern-
mem," approven j uiy a. isou. i nrrrir
Ut u rcioirra oj nt arnnir ii v
Hsf.rutnrar.rri of the United Sftte$ of Jmrriea
fa Conorea autmbltd. That the Mayor and
City Councils or the city of Washington be.
and they are hereby, aulhorlied and directed
to Uvy and collect a tax from the property
holders of the elty of Washington sufficient
to defray the expenses of lighting the arcane
and atreet lamps of laid city with six-feet
burnera twenty-one nights in each, month,
from dark until daylight, and keep stld lamps
so lighted each year. , M , ,.
Se.x. And toil Striker retolvrd. That the
Secretary or the laterlor for the Government
or the United Stales, and the Mayor and
tllly Councils of the elty of Washington tor
theelty,be,and they are hereby, aotborlied and
dlreeted.lmmedlately upoa the passa of thli
Joint resolution, severally to contract with
the Washington Gaslight Company (If tald
company shall agree thereto) for the term or
fifteen years for the United Statea Govern
ment, and tor the city for inch a term, not
exceeding fifteen years, as rosy be agreed
upon, for all the Illuminating gat required
In the elty ot Washington by the United
States, and fur the avenue and street lamps
and public offices of the city tn the elty of
Washington;, tn accordance with the provis
ions of tblt Joint resolution, at the reduced
price of three dollars net per thousand feeti
Proviitd. however. That the price paid
under said contract ahall at no time wit run
.!, (arm tt flfirrn -ra fleed the mite
charged by said company to the eltistne of
ivnsnisgion, aou mat u numni vi
IllumlBallBrr ru ahsll not be less than fifteen
candles ttandardi And prortded furlhrr. That
the right la reserved to the United Btates and
to the Mayor aod City Councils or Washing-
Inntn annul f Tim enntrftcts BUthorLttd herebV
at any time after ten years, by giving two
years' notice.
Sec. 3. And be U further reiolW, That the
Mayor and City Councils of the city ot
Wftahlnfftnn be and the are herebr. author
ised anddlreoted to increase, from time to time.
as the public good may require, me numocr oi
street lampion any of the streets, lanes, al
leys, public ways, and grounds In the city of
Washington, and to do any and all things per
taining to the wall lightlnr or the city, and to
holders therefor. ......
Sec. Andbeitfitrthfrrttotved, That In the
event of the failure of the Mayor and City
Councils to levy and collect the tax herein
authorized, or to light the taldcity as herein
directed, then the Secretary of the Interior be,
aod be It hereby, authorised and directed to
levy a tax upon the rroperty of said elty aad
to collect the same, sufficient to light aald
city for the current year, and ao from year
to year, la ease of auchfallure of said Mayor
and City Councils to light as herein directed,
and to fully execute the provisions of this Joint
resolution In the plate and stead of the aald
Mayor and City Canncllt. .
bee ft And b U furiktr reioleti, Tatt
nothing herein contained ahall be construed
to relict e tho said Washington Gas-light Com.
panv from paying the Internal revenue tax lm
posed by law.
The above bill, when It shall have become a
law, will operate equally la all parts or the
city, and will place thli question of lighting
the streets and avenues upon equitable and
Just grounds.
For twenty yens past rennij ivania avenue
hai been lighted at the expense of the Oencral
Government, while la other portions of the
city, especially, the streets have been lighted
at the expense of thepropcrty-hoIJert and tax
payers. There Is no Justice nor falrncsa la
such laws. la order to give eatlafaetloo taxa
tion for auch purposes musttft equalized to
that all burdena, so far as possible, may
be removed. There Is no Justice In taxing
the property-holders on F street for lighting
thatthoroughfare while the property-holders
on Pennsylvania avenue go icot free The
above bill is designed to make things equal
In this regard all over the elty, and there can
be no good reason why It should not at once
become a law, Indeed there are rainy and
cogent reasons why It should be passed.
It will be seen that this bill provides that
the Government reservations, buildings,
squares, &.oH shall be lighted at Government
expense, at it would In no tense be Just to tax
the citizens for this expense, which properly
oeiongi to tn aui oorcrnment to pro
vide lor. i
There Is one important advantage In this
plan which all will ace, and that is, It will give
uniformity In all parts and portions of the
city, a dtiideratum we have long felt was
needed. Strangers visiting Washington have
noticed and remarked upon the singular prac
tice which has obtained here under our present
system, or rather, perhaps we should lay,
want of system. Some streets and avenues
have been lighted, while others equally or
even more populous, have been left la
utter darkness It Is an anomaly which can
not be fouad In any other city on the globe. It
has grown out of the dhlded jurisdiction by
which this city has been govcraed In reference
to this and manyother equally Important mat.
ters. We are glad to sse Congress moving In
this matter, and we trust the day Is not far dl.
tant when we shall have uniformity la this
and In all other respects, so far at the govern.
raent of thli city It concerned.
What we want especially now Is, light la all
the street! and avenues of the city. Light Is
a great preventive to crime. It it the cheap.
est kind of police. Criminals and wicked men
"love darkness rather than light because their
deeds are evil' Let the city be thoroughly
lighted, and burglars, thieves, and midnight
prowlers, aod all sorts of mischievous indi
viduals will be cautious how they venture
abroad tocommltthelrdepreditlona and deeds
of villainy. We trust that thla bill will soon
become a law. and that we thtll shortly re
joice In ha ring a elty which will not every
night be found in the region and ibadowof
darkness) but will be la the liw, u mat ail
our UUf whether at home or abroad, will
feel In comparatire security, and that such of
our people aa ate obliged to be abroad or from
home in the night time will not feel that at
every street corner and at the head ot every
dark alley they are obliged to pass, they msy
be knocked down and robbed by some mid
night assassin.
Tnct North Carolina Neuntore.
Yesterday Messrs. Pool and Abbott, the new
Senators from North Carolina, qualified and
took their aeata. These are the ripe fruits of
a healthful reconstruction, at once the promise
and guaraoteeof a better future both sterling
Union men, In hearty t)mpathy with the great
Ilepubllcan party. Wisely hat North Caro
lina acted In these elections to the Senate,
John Pool la a native of the State, perhaps
flffy years of age, of fine natue powers, good
culture, and most thoroughly a gentleman.
He has been much In public life, and In the Im
mediate years before the war waathe eloquent
leader of the old Whig party of North Caro
lina. Mr. Pool Is both lawyer and planter In
the rich county of Pasquotank, and through
all the war was the fearless friend of the
Union, Welcome, thrice welcome, such a man
to the benalel Thrice welcome home, this
ancient State, when ahe comes maroMng back
under such leadership!
Joseph C. Abbott was a general or the Fed
eral army, whose good tword flashed In maty
a gallant light. He 'wai In" at tho taking or
Fort Miner, and led his brigade amid the
thickest or Its iron hail. AnJ belogonduty
In North Carolina when the war closed, he
made that fine old State his adopted home,
and has sluce been extensively engaged in
lumbering In the county of Ulidcn, close donn
upon the South Carolina line, where his en
terprise has already built a smart town. Mr
Abbott was educated a lawyer, but for tho ten
years previous to the war was well known in
New England at the editor of one of their
leading papers. He Is lu the prime of stal
wart manhood, being about forty years of age,
Is a native of New Hampshire, or the best or
Puritanic blood, and In both body and mind,
like his native hills, granite to the founda
tion Right worlhlyof the grand oecislon Is this
action by the Legislature of North Carolina,
It Is an assurance of their healthful recon
atructlon It Is the dove with the olive-branch
telling of the subildlog or ht turbulent
waters of rebellion It Is a bravo advance
upon the good way which leads to prosperity
aod honor, and may Heaven grant to thla an
cient State and all her people who love peace,
liberty and Union, an abundance of both.
DiiiifBOua Qeodi bvt lately prevailed la
tr. nniitn KiKd. Athens. UreeoeiDot
Hugh MeEntMSone of .the original renlaV
head centres, and Caarlea ONclLof MeWphli.
Tela, are sneog the arrtvaleat taeKlrkoool
Hocue. A K. Saeptur. Ala im. atwtia,
Colorado, and S. Ervitaa !ubbaro, or Port au
Prtaee, are at WlllaroVr' Chief JusUoa Chase
Is the guest of Mr. 0.,W.Melleo, of the firea
of Clsdln, Mellen Cj N. V at Mi country
At. Flushlnr. L. X. Oenirali Orant, Sher
man, and party arrived at Leavenworth, Kan
tat, yctterday. After a thort sojourn they
will depart for Denver City via tho Kaniaa
and Pacific Ballroad. Qen. 6. W Blair and
family, Xaotai 0. L. Gilbert, of Qeorglat
Wade Hampton, or soma Carolina, ana ti. u.
Mene,N.O.,r at the Metropolitan Hotel
Major J. U. SUnard.of Virginia, and U.S.
Worthlngtoo.of Nebraska, are at the Owen
House. J. A. Charts, or Santa re, new Mex
ico, arrived at Hunker's Avenue Hotel y cater
dayt Hon . N. O. Ordwar, of N. iL Henry O
Colby, U. 8. N. John B. Callia, Ala., and N.
Bowling, of New Orleans, are attheSeaton
CemBrniMtonn emit Rejection.
It eject lost Francis Prise, of New Jersey,
to be Consul Oencral at Havana. Adam
Reese, to be assessoror Internal revenue Nf or
the Tenth district of Pennsylvania. B. XI.
Cochrane, to be assessor of Internal revenue
for the Sixth district of Kentucky. Samual
Babcock,to be collector of taterotl revenue
ror the Second district or Connecticut. Itobt.
U. Kerr, marshal of the United States for the
Western district or Pennsylvania. Thomas
O. Trice, to be collector of Internal revenue
for the Third district of Pennsylvania.
OosriniraTiosa Mark RSsull, to be asses
sor ot Internal revenue for the Eighth district
of Pennsylvania. Felix M.D.NemegaJey, of
New Jersey, to be consul of the United Statei
at Tabasco. Beubeq S. Torrey, to be collec
tor or Internal revenue for tha Second district
of New York. Anthony F. Campbell, to be
postmaster at Brooklyn, New York. Thomas
K. Webb, to be naval constructor. E. It.
Sprlgman, of Pennsylraala, to be consul of
the Ualted States at Tumbcie, reru.
Lakob. The law la relation to hogs aod
other animals running at large In the streets
of the city will be rigidly enforced by tho
Mayor. And our dtliens will understand that
thla law contains no provision for the return
of the animals seised to their owners, and,
therefore, when taken by the police and tar
ried to the Washington Asylum, they become
the property of the corporation. So long as
this law remains on the statute-book It will
be rigidly enforced, and none of the animals
captured will be given up unless the coobcDi
ahall modiry the law.
It may be proper to state In thlt connection
that all lawt of thla nature which In their op
eration tend to promote the moral and sani
tary welfare of the city, will be enforced la
accordance with their letterand spirit, so long
as they remain among the statutes.
Etc i u tm Atlaytio DcxAir, Oapt. Snell-
lng, of the barque AngclU, from Genoa, which
arrived at Boston yesterday, report! that oa
the 1st, tn latitude U CI, longitude 46J8, he
saw three Icebergs drifting southward) and
the next day, In latitude 45J7, longitude 4T.A
he passed wlthla a quarter of a vile of another
Iceberg full too feet high, and also considera
ble fragment! of Ice floating la the vlelolty.
Refreshing news for the heated tern.
Ocn Tom' eayt thla la a very curlew world
of ours j for, during the war, he says, all of hla
acquaintances who were or sufficient age laid:
"Let ua try and get out or the draft,"and now
every one of the tame people during the last
week asy t "Let ut try aod get Into the draft.
Fluctuating world, aayt "Tom."
Tub Boston Journal savst "It has been
ttated that Gov, Seymour never originated
anvthlnc. Thla la a mistake, for he wai tho
first to inform President Lincoln "that it was
felleved by at least ona half of the people of
he loi al bimca tnat tne conaeriutlon act wm
in iisru nTioiaiion oi ine supreme constitu
tional law.' The falsehood or the statement
was not so baro as the object which Governor
Seymour had In view. Not one man la a hun
dred ever doubted the right ot the Govern
ment to demand of each State Its fair quota of
tight log men. Governor "Seymour, represent
ing the anti-war Democracy, aought fur an ex
cuse which should palliate hla Indifference to
recruiting. He wai wllllngthat oar exhausted
armlet should be wasted rather than see vic
tory crown their efforts by the addition of
new men. The expression that men doubted
the right of the United Statei to enrorce a
draft was the first eurraatloa unot which the
mob acted when they bad their carnival of
viuwi in lot siivcia ui ni idii, kdii ina
atrocities then committed were mainly attrtb
utable to the words of Horatio Seymour."
Tm New York Evening Pott aayst "The
Republicans offer tho country a settlement,
already completed In nearly every State, upon
Juat aod equal principles) the Democrats
promise to overthrow all that has been done,
and begin a new and Interminable squabble
over reconstruction. Now, It le well known
that we have not approved all parti of the
Republican scheme of reconstruction, but
that plan is now tueoessful) under It all but
three of the southern Statei have established
State governments t and no patriotic or peactu
iMmnctDM willing tanca au mne stiaic
governments uprooted, and tha whole country
again plunged Into uncertainty, distress,
alarm, and threatened with revolution. This
would be as though one should demand thai a
battle must be fought over again, because it
had not been woo fa exact aocordaace with
the reeognitcd principles of the military
vicuvv. '
WniLB our soldiers were fighting the battle
or Gettysburg, Horatio Seymour was making
a speech lo wnleh he denounced everyeffort oi
the Government for carrying on the war,
which he declared an enormous waste of men
mU money. Two weeks later, he addressed a
mob of rioters and murderers In New York.
rromlslog them that all measures for recruit
ng the strength of our armies should be "bus-
Icnuca." Anaiaemxi year, wnen nnerman
was cutting his way to the sea. and Farracut
thundering at the gateeof Mobile, he presided
over a convention which called the war
failure." and demanded a "cessation of hoc
tllltlei " Should not the soldiers bo proud to
veto for such a candidate especially upon the
reoommennaiion oi patriot! use rendition,
Vallandlgham, Wade Hampton, and Forres tt
Fon the past two or three yeara the more
sagacious or the Democratic party have en
deavored to hold the "Ohio martyr'1 lo check,
an m.wxp mm in nm dks ground, aiiBnmg
ham contrived, however, to have one or the
Ohio delegates withdraw in bis favor, aod he
appeared In all bis glory at the convention,
constantly clrsnlatlag about tho floor, and In
the character of a leading spirit exercising a
controlling Influence upon the body. When
all appliances failed, he, with bis "winning
voice," persuaded Seymour Anally to stand.
Yal.hai no Idea or being shoveled under yet
Tna New York Commonwealth nnjtt ''Some
persons not aware of the facts, are apprehen
sive that Mr. Greeley Is dlssppoiated with the
result of the Syracuse Conveatlon. We know,
on competent authority, that Mr. Greeley Is
heartily satisfied, as are also bis friends. Mr.
Greeley's popularity, and the general confi
dence earned by his faithful seal, obdurate
honesty, and vast services to the country. will
Elace him, we believe, In an official position
cfore long, more agreeable to his wishes than
that of the Governor of the State,
A "H aa Hi." special aayat Chief Justice
unase oeciarea yesieroay 10 a western menu,
that while he could not personally accord with
tha resolution sKinst tna reaonsf ruction acts.
and believed that the preseot constitutions
South ought lo stand till changed by the people
of each bf ate, all rot log, yet he was a Democrat
m,v riinis uemocrai, o io mil iru
patby with the Democratic party.
(lour JtriTica CtfAM'e .friends, says the
Washington correspondent of the New York
Commercial now declare thitt he never nledted
himself to support the nominee of the Demo-
cmito sunTin.iua t new ipik. du.hii urn
will vote for Grant and Colfax.
A DKiincniTio club of nseroea has bean
formed at Summit, Miss. The leading colored
men of the town and adjacent country are
prominent members.
Tn i Albany AryuM boasted a short time since
of the accession of Charlea Francis Adams.
Mr Howies telegraphs to the Hprtigfleld Jt
fuvnran tnai jur.AUftina icit ,iiw iw uir
guited with the Platform.
Tna Detroit Pre Prttt wants to koow what
Grant has dooe toward reducing the expenses
oi meuovcrnmeni. " savea millions Mine
-treasury," answered Andrew JOnnsoa,
At Till He nub lie, n nanraialan.l eanven.
tlon for the Twenty seventh Congressional
dlstrlst, held atCornlog.Uon.Hammon Ward
wai renominated for Congress on the first
Tun anagram of the words "vote for Horatio
Seymour," Is, "for you to have more riots."
The one contalat the other exactly) nothing
Hit. Charlib Kiiaaur. essayist, poet,
.-j ...... nt.i.4t.- ---.I f--'
iuu uyinujii vauiuu a.nwvman again prw
poics a rlilt to America,
nv rsiaa aiianriiTKn ertKMa.
i k' j:--T-g-H..r
Lo do. July IT Kreolog. Coneols un
changed. lUadstlJi-
FaAUKroT.Jalr IT Bonds 7,".07M.,
Livektoou July IT Evening. Cotton
closed quiet at last quotatloaa. Cora heavy,
tna. Wheal dull, Red Western Ut. M.
Lot Don, Jhly 17.-Io the House of Common!
laat night Mr. Mills asked the Government
what disposition wai to be made of tho Fealan
prisoner!, Warren and Caltetlo, who were ar
rested arte effect I eg a landing la ireiau,
with the alleged purpose of excltlag an Insur
rection, and whether the Government Intended
to mitigate tho leniences of those Feslaas
who had already been tried and convicted.
Lord Mayo replied there were no peculiar
featurea la the cases of Warren and Oastello
which would lead the Ooverameot to depart
from tho usual course of the law. Some delay,
however, had been caused In proceeding, owing
to tho necessity of procuring evidence from
tho United States to show that the accused
were eloeely lonneeted with the Fenian organ
isation la that country.
In reply to tho eecoadpartof Mills ques
tion, Mayo eald the time hadnoteomefora
revision of the eases of thoao Fenatu convicts
who were now filling out the terms of their
The Morning Standard la an editorial on the
naturalisation, says before aay alteration can
be made )a the English law much time and
careful consideration should be given the
question of the right of naturalised cltlseni.
The Standard regrets the publleatlon'of the
dispatches between the British and American
Government on this question.
Dcauv.JulylT. Archbishop Gullenli HI.
Lonnon, July II. The Duke Montpensler
has arrived at Clatr a, Portugal. It la now re
ported that hit exile wai caused by a refusal
to obey any orders unlets received directly
from the Queen, and the Generals wrie exiled
In consequence of alleged sympathy with the
Blot In Texna-MHItnryr Called Out
Twsntydre Persona Killed.
OALTtaTOJf, July IT. On the evening of the
11th Instant a riot commenced at UllUcan, on
the Central railroad. A mob of about twenty
five negroes, led by a white school teacher
and a aegro preacher, named Brooks, at
tempted to bang a man named Wm.Haliday,
A number of white eltlien prevented the exe
cution, and, headed by the sherihTand an agent
of the Freedmen'e Bureau, attempted to sup
press the riot. Thli resulted la the death of
ten or twelve negroct.
Oa thelflth the numbers Increased on both
aides, and considerable skirmishing occurred
during theday. The casualties are estimated
at . A small body of troops arrived late last
night and dispersed the rioters, killing three
negroes. The latter, numbering from three
to five hundred, had fortified Ihemselve tiree
miles from Mltllcan, and refused to lay down
their arms till after the troops had dispersed
them. The entire loss waa from M to M. The
difficulty Is eald to have arisen from a suspi
cion that a negm member of the loyal league
had been hung, but who has since been found.
rom California) Reported Pur
ensue ef Territory.
Sa Faavciico, July U. The papers pub
lished editorials, based on telegrams from the
East, that the United Sta'es lias purchased
from Mexico the States of Smalon and Bonora,
commendlogthe action of Mr. Seward. The
matter call! forth a card from JoseOoderle,
Mexican Consul of thla city, denying tbe
truth of the report, and pronouncing It ab
surd, the constitutional government of Mex
ico baring no power to alienate territory.
Jamea H.Slms, alleged defaulter of 11,000
from the branch taint, hai been arrested,
A State convention of " Freedom's Defend
ers' hss been called for August S, to mectlo
thli city.
The Ualted Statei store-ship, Jamestown,
from Sitka, via Victoria, arrived here to-day.
Oeerela lff1elatnre-Prepftrtlone
rr m BatlScntlem Meetlne;.
Atlakta, July IT, The Senate committee
or Investigation reported none of Its members
Ineligible, and n recommittal founded on doc
uments presented by Ooveroor Bullock waa
defeated by a vote ot IS to 32. A resolution
waa adopted Informing Gen. Meade and the
Provisional Governor of tbe Senate's action,
and announcing that they were ready for busi
ness. Zo the House two members were re
ported Ineligible, and pending discussion, the
House adjourned. Thermometer, 101 In tho
There are great preparations for a Demo
cratic mass meeting on the 23J. ,
e '
Philadelphia in Darkneao
PniLADKLrAlA, July IS. The supply of gaa
li exhausted, and the atrlke of tbe gas men
continues. The newspaper offices have gen
erally resorted to candles aodoll lamps.
The Jafalrcp proprietor has temporarily fit
ted out an automatic apparatus on the first
floor, and lights bis building by that means.
The few places of amusement open at the pres
ent time will be forced to impend performan
ces. The upper part of the city, depending on
Sprlogaardeoand Kensington, Is still light
ed) but It Is not known how long this will
last, aa tbe gaa men are all working to
Tlie liemoeratle Nomlnntlona In Ver
MosTrxtten, Vt., July IT, The State
Democratic Convention, to nominate State
candidates, was held to-day, Homer Wheaton,
of Montpeller, presiding. The nominations
were as follows i uovcroor, John I. Edwards,
of Derby Lieutenant Governor, Morlllo
Noyes, of Burlington) Treasurer, J. A. Wil
liams, Dtltow's Falls, llcsolutlona were
adopted approving the nominations and plat
form of the National Convention at New
Police Officer Killed.
Niw Yobk, July lT,-Follce Ufflccr William
Irving waa stabbed last night by an unknown
man, while endeavoring to settle a dispute be
tween the latter and a woman. The assassin
escaped. The officer It not expected to lire,
Collector Bailey, of tho Fourth Internal
Revenue District, wai honorably discharged
by Commissioner Osborne, the charge of fraud
against mm proving to be based upon affidavit
Of perjured witnesses.
i ' ' '' -
Paraguayans A vain Bombarded.
Itio JAMKino, June 14 Official dispatches
from the Parana river report the allies again
commenced bombarding Humalta by land and
water. The Paraguayan! made a desperate
ortl, but were repulsed with considerable
loss in killed and wounded.
UesuU or the election In the Argentine
Statea la unknown. Be turns so far are Incom
plete aod contradictory.
Uatldealloa MeetlnaTln New Orleans
Naw OaLXA.ii, July If. Thermometer to
day, 18 It has not risen above 00 during the
entire season.
Extensive preparation! are belog made for
ao Illumination, procession, and meeting In
Lafayette Square to-morrow night, for the
ratification of the nomination of Seymour and
Han Wardered.
Holtokk, Mail, July IT. John Kelly was
found drowned la the canal at this place to
day, supposed to have been robbed and. murdered.
Ht earner nnnk.
MoiTRiAUJulvlT-The Meaavr G
struck aHoek U Cedar rapldsiaad
into sandy uofana neacneu io pr
freea siaxiag.eTne pan eager c eae
were landed faJelyUodAroughtjlere 1hli
morning; ry thtteamr Ofowf.p I
.tbe mnilmnni!ttmporatjre aleolierift.
u J-Llj. . V.l uatl tot! OS 0.1 A CiS'' "
1UTJ UUri"f IIIW nw II.W"" -.f. w- i
Political Matter In Sontb Carolina.
Columbia, 8. O., July IT. The homestead
bill passed; the Senate. An effort Is made to
reduce the bonds of tbe State treasurer eo at
UletitUliblry tij'fill the office. The bonds
whlsh he offers an declared Insufficient. A
long discussion occurred In the House over
contested ecate. Jl in probable eerera Demo
crate will be ousted.,,
...-i ;. ti
Frsedmsa'a Bare an.
LociaviLLB. Jnlr IT. AU the Freed men's
Bureau agencies In Itcntueky, except the gen
eral ageasiea at Jouitmie, jrxingroa, aou
Padueab, have oeen oiseoounueu. i nt educa
tional department will be eon tin tied until the
Slate provides for the education of colored
The Wen titer The Crape
Satavvah, Oa., July IT. The weather con
tinue! very hot, Several cases of iuu stroke
have oceurred. Only two fatal. Therm one-
terPe. The crop reports In southwestern and
middle Georgia and Florida are very lepree.
slog on account of the worm.
Thermometer 101 In Alabama.
MonTooxsir. Ala- July IT. Thla bat
been the hottest day ever known la thli city,
the thermometer rUIng to 1. Ooe death
from sunstroke occurred about 4 oclock.
The Weather In the VttmU
St. Loo if, July IT. The heat continues In
tense. The mercury rose yesterday to 100 In
various localities. Over tweoty deaths from
sunstroke oceurred yesterday.
New Yoax, July IT. Thursby k Bros.
paper manufactory, Bedford avenue, Brook.
lyn, buraea last nignf. .uost, aw.ouut insur
ance, 419,000,
m i
Death ar a Prefeaaor,
NocTMAUPToir. MiWrt July IT. Bev. Br.
Wm. Alien, formerly president of BoudolaCob.
Iege,dled Thursday, aged M.
Juah Firxakdkx, three haedrsd a&a slity
mils off the coast ef Chill, and enca the resi
dence of Alexander Selkirk, whose aeeoint of
his own aalnwrsck and life at that Dlot far-
alsbed the Idea of Ds foe's novel of ''Robloacn
Crasec,1 has recently been visited by tbe
united states etcimir utKOten. tinea rer
nandci, after Iti discovery, wae principally
Lha resort af bncoaneeri. Chill, la lol?, At
tempted to make a penal leUlemiol of this
Island, bat finding the cost too great abaa
dootd tbe eottrprlie In 1835. A few yeari
ago $lx man and four women went over from
Yalnaralto to rt colon tie lbs Island. Nineteen
toils now constitute tha entire pope! alio a, and
these eke out a miserable existence by flihlng
and hooting, having no bread oi any kind and
but raw vegetables. The Island U mountain
ens, le eevered with Umber, end prodoeel few
varieties of fralt; bnt tbe waters abound In
flih Of almost ever Had.
Bitrnn, It Is elate? has for many agea
been withdrawn from circulation br the na
tive! ef theaat ladies, who use that metal
aloae for ornaments of tbe person. Tbe pop
ulation of tbe oouotryli hssrly 109,000,000,
and cash Individual, ft U reported, weart four
or Ire illver rings, bracelets or enarma. mo
oustom Is not eeenaee to tbe females, and tbe
males are aa profusely decorated as the
women Extravagant aa the calculation msy
appear. It la tUted that there are at leart one
thousand mllIleaoreemsnU worn by tba tta
ttvsr, and no approximate estimate can be
made of tba money value ef the decorations.
A BainatronT (Cenn ) man hai made a
buggy oat of a single pleea of Ioile robber
one-sigh th of an loch thick, the whs Is are
wood, and the whole thing; only weighs one
hundred and twenty -ft re pounds. The pres
ent oensr has re (nisei to late zi.vvv lor tne
unique MdBJ.,,
Tna month of September la dislgnatsd for
the mse tin of several Coogrsss First, li
the Workmen's Ioternalloaal.whloh la to open
at Brnassls on the 1st of that month) then, lo
the ml J die of tbe month, that ef Trace, at
Berne, and final!, tbe Blade a ts' Congress, at
Liege or Maiino.
OODDAED-ntTTTOlT -OithaCth lo.tanl, ate
o'lkp. m .by Rev. Wm. ICrab. Mr Ricmasd
t DklHHlVIT,
VAUaiTfT-MiniLT. Oa tha ittk af Jnlr. lr
the Bar, Fatkfr Kabbia, alataaCr kt, fctar'a
chdtch.'Mr. TaoHAs U. TAaaAsr, ot lk
coaaty, Ps , to Mrs Iiabslla K. Mahiu., ef this
DnviR Oa tha lAtb. laatasl. In tha ?0ih Tear at
hlaai. Jrosoi iovaa.i ... i
Ula faasral will Ue pUn from hla lata real-
dsaer. Ho. M6. K atraal, on Boaday afUraooa at 3
CI9CK. uuiirBaa niiuin ara rftirwiiBiif
ivlUdtoattaad. , 3
WARD -SaJdaalv. o the Sfsnlarof tha Ulh
laiUai. Hra.Aia Wai,U Ihe Idtb ytarof hsr
a. Mayahenatlapaaee
The friasds of ihe family are reapectfallr lavltsd
to allaad bar faaaral ea fiaadar evsatac asit, al ft
'cloak, from the ratdcaos ( bar sea. Jsaeph Aa
dsraon, corner of Twcnty-fearta aad A stceati.
WrnSAHH Om Vridar. Jelv ITlh. Jons P..
Infant soa of Joaa aad Aaa HeOrs&a, seel It)
moat a a.
FrUnda aad acqaalalaaeasof tha fa mil r are la
vlad la -.ttand kl.fn.ril from M7 B alraat aaaik.
bciwcan Second and Third sir ets, tn Hslarday,
ivu inattvBt, an wp
Tha faaaral will taJca btaea fram Trial tr eh arch.
on Manday Ufsl, at 6,9) P ta.te which all lha
inanaa turn aaraea nun tan laiUMJ nrs laTiifa
withont raitar aualcs.
LALOR OathalAthlnaUnt, of soaiMtloactlhs
ai.uk vauia vKainauai, oi fuafetuoaei ma
Is. M pj Latoa asad Ihlrlv-aiz vaftra, a aa
sal Dablla, Iralaad.late clerk iu lbs Depart
s! of (ha Interior,
48U e'Etuhijh:i:t. gy
Te thoae renodallar, repalrlaff, rcaovstlac, or
their dwaillafo.
or atotraa. and
Pslaltats, Ea
w ahadss. i'lcinra
fOra aaa laaaaia, raiatiaia, uiiikiiii,
iavtud to call at ntore No. 4t4 bavsath al
Ear raviaf so.
iuu ti Hionna. itiiiniuiuiii. d.
wmb 1 and a straats, where they will flnj lha
!! anil rhotiuat Ai.ntim.nt nr tba all
absve tood
la tba District All foods warranted as rspra-
seated, TERMS CAHH.
no. iHHavaBtaslree
Eight doors above Odd Fellows' li
The heated term now on as havtag caniod some
alarm among- war citlsena a to belog able to procure
a evailaat supply of
Inform tbe cltliensof Wsshlagloa aad Georgetown
that (hoy have aa
Oa haad, aad arc prepared to t nralah all e lower
Whe laardaalro tba aana al Ibalr
Thoaa who cannot bl supplied by the wagon, as
Are rciQaild to and for tba tama t lbs
No 81 Loalalana aveaae, to
MaaaacaaaitUavaeua, bctwsaa Blzthaad Bsviath
atraatai nr al tha
company's Wharf,
Foot of Tweinit at
jab i. riAunui
J0UH F. CALL AH, ascrelaryj
Umee Svavxa Payinv urvics.
WAaniaevoa, Joiy vt. ibos.
ua ins peimoa orjou , ui uiuoiijd,
link II
v.. BtiuiBiatratur ai ina asiaaa si voariaa nuaa.
the satalc cf Charles Hue,
deceaaad, praying for the ssteasloa of a patent
granted to tha said Charles Noes, the lTlhdarof
October, lSlf.roraa Improveneal a (irlading faar
faro r Mllle. for aevea vears from tbe eapl
ration of aald paUat, which takes place oa lbs lilh
day of October. lKBt ,, , . . . , ..
It Is ordered that the aald petition be heard at the
Pliant Otlea oa Monday, the fiMk day of heptaniber
aezl,at 11 o'clock n. and aUpriaaa arc out. Had lo
appear and ahowcaoae, if aayibey hate, why said
peiltlos oaght net to bo granted. , ,
Parsons opposing the eitaualon srs rsqnlrad to
fltata tislVtsnt Offlca their objsctlona, apeclajly
sal forth la writing, nt teaal tlotnty daja befora the
day of bearing) all teatttaony Sled by either parti
to in need aline said hearing, muilll taken add
traaamUtad la aacor dance with the rales or tbe
.el kl.aV BaMI l.a r.,nl.h..l .nnlluUdl.
iepoaUloas aad other vspcra, railed Bponastes
tlueay, atoat U fllsd la the otdca twaniy dsa La
iled upon ss Us
fore tbi
wlthla I
ue once Itoamy uii wa
ttle arganeBia, If any.
av or besriDgt t
dajs after fllfog
Wlthla fan days after filing the tfailiaanr. ,. t.
Ordered, also, that Ihta aettae bo paWlaked ta the
RsroiLioAM asd the lnUUHrnr. Waablaguia,
D O., aad la tba law. ,,&:
.... . WMk (or Ur auMaeln weaker te
tret p( eald pablUatloaa to U at leeet ,Ulr daya
t,t(oul.ltedar.(liMrl.f. btodt
Jrll-Slw ! Cniateeleier t I'eUete.
akJAiVaiji at vnaitntrM
METROPOLITAN-Potto aTsasLiiir.
JWMancourt. Tenet J feoek. Pat be J
"- " a urn h oa ! aw. .
T Holtsulaw. Mrs O O Clay. AlaTj j fUHUM.
. iy.M, r 11V i?,1JI,,0J Lyonn,ra n .
A II Hhensrd. AUi P M Martin. Calar.itni V.
T Mlllen, ChtCKgoi U Frastus Hubbard, port-au-rrlaeci
W Jasper Blackburn. Homer. Lai
Nam V Stone, WorteBler,MasstlIcaryOIover,
St. Louts, Met K II I lol brook, Idshoi Jamta rf
Olbbeo, H Ci Johh if Williams. Rlehmead
Charlea Smith, New Orleans) W M Lewis,
R M, Hanover, J L Adams, Va Hon N O
Ordway.N lltTheo Sutro, HattlmoreiO Yan-
nevt, 'oiiai j Jtunnsf.a ia u jirwr,""1"'
ino. it u irrarr. iHfin
r-hlii AButiVell.N Y W Ji BtrSfltf ,' J'Sul U
Frati, J Grossman, Claelanatl, Ohloi Henry
hint AButive
iixii.uiviiniiin, vinviBuo, vuivi iimri
O Cnlbr, V S N W F White, U Eaaton, Phlla
.. . ll' J .........V'.L... . 1.
it vi raiTiii, n liu v wnif, cmponi,
Kansast John UCallls, Alaj N Bowling, New
Orleans, La.
KlRKWOOn tiniTRF-Kiaa.
FW DHolbrook. Bostont William Chester
Klnr, Athcai, Urweei Howard H Van Dyke(
N Yi J N Hayes. New Orleansi Geo E lull,
T v i Aiirn, t nii'turipoiMi l i we
unuiigiiiii ) "VI iia.uill.uim'iuiiii.lv.
Ireland, ChiO'NIl, Nhtllle,T,on.
OWKN Itfir.lR R. W. Dim.
John N.(ler, Major J D St..rd, 11 AMr,
Pmllb CJr,yl 11(1 r.rtnl.iton,N,trk.
Jo.. Drr.., W O Uolnun, ) X F.tntl, CIO
clnn.tl) J B 0iwll, 1-bllxlclphl..
It OiM. jr. limmor I) W Birr, Uhul.a
cou.tr. Mdi Ja. A More a., lrl.c w. .ouolr,
Md jf A Uoaro, Saot. ft, NffJ Oloef a. J
o.; Cairo, III. '
Special fiotici.
atrriLtCAir cAaoiDAVRs roa rarsioiaT aid vici
At B o'clock, p. m.,
The followtaff-aameddlstlataUhedsaldlers will
address the mssttafft
Gen. JOHN A, 1,00 A K, K. C, HUnola.
Uea. JnllH fi. TIIATBK, MB. Ksbraska.
Cspl riDUKH, Mr MUi 1'llM
Oan O A.UAKFIELD, M. C,, Ohio
lln Wlf S PUB U r. . UUuiarl
r.- ti it .-j t.tu. .-.i .. -. .,
!. n.
. it. van vviii.H K.t nw lors.
HHA.tKB,M. C , ladi.ma.
Oca. J. V. C H HA. IK P, M. C ,
Gsa.ll. ElI'Al.tK, M. C , Wl
Ota. KOTLfcafnn,()0Trar
Osa. G
Gaa. M
Gee. MeKBB,H 0 elct, ,HUstafnt
Col. C. M. HAM
i;oi. M. n. nAMiLiuji. a u r i ona a
Col A. U. JOfl kfl, K. C. Itonk Carolina
"j l.wci'iiVHU, j. i , arnmin,
Capt. DOLEl. M. C . Arkaaaaa
lloo. 81DMBY CLAHK. Kansas.
Ab4 others
All Krvablltaa orgaaltatloas are cordially In-
vltil 1(1 he nriil
Br order of the Boldlcra' and bailor' Central
nspaeucaa lonmiutt rcr in uiotnct r uvismnu.
K. J. illHTO.N.Chalraai.
8. E. IIABBIHOTO.f. BMrcUry. JjU-U
ertjr hotick-h, w, a alt nuo.
ld& JBW4I'LbR8-,..--.
UKYf 81 ORE.
tflO Fauna, are. bet. Hla a 13th streeU.
Corner Nlaetecnth street aad fa. are.
NOTICE. All moneys left oa deposit l this
Baak, (eoraar oiniseteenlhslrselaadrsenavlTa
aia avenne,) between now aad thsHitdsy ef July,
will bjrln to draw latcrcst from DATS OF DE
r08IT,tflrtlabaak alamoaths.
Letatl who have moacy by them drawlniaota'
tsreat, however small tha no, nt t st ence la
the Bank.
Bams or UO or over. If left oa depoalt thirty days
or more, will draw Intersat alther t of four per
cent, per aaaam.
The actaal cash deposits of this Dink oa the Slat
day ef May were T17.1U.P7.
D. L. EATON, Actuary.
J. W, Altosp, Frealdeat.
II. D. Cooks, ChalrmaaFlaaneaCctomlttce,
Bscoaddoorsontbof Katrcsi aad Nvrtbsra Market,
New Mad leal Pamphlet, catlUod
E. DB F. CDRTI3, M.D..F. R.C. B , Ac, Ac..,
(Late Bar case Tarklah Coallaeat.)
Aatbercf 'Cartiaa Food," "Iipoaa of Qaacka
aad Quackery," 'lJae( tkeMlcroacopelaCartala
uimoi uDii.irt"a.
This laralnabU work traau oa the eanaa and enra
of preaaterad sell ail ahawa how to live aad what
to live fori how wealth la loal aad how regained!
gives a cltar araopale of Toeibfal ladlKrotloas ad
abaasa. aad the raiuad j therefor,
Tha above pamphlet can ao eblaln4oa applica
tion or by jxwt from the anther. Dr. CDUTIh, fku
mayalae be eoaaalledat his raaldanc. Nw uf
Waahlngtoa, 6. C , from lha hoars of 10 a m t a
e. nuaad fromltoip. au . . . fstT-ew
a-T7T" K A If. 1 Y MAnnUQEsDR,
yX FRANKLIN adroealed Early Marrrlagea.
kaasvs for roaag na, oa this aed other e object,
wrier a GUlDa TO MAKHIAUI aad Coajsgal
yellcilr, by beaovulontPhyelelaaa, aeatby snail,
iBt4Mleiteraavalupa,rraof ehajga Addrfa,
HOWARD ASSOCIATIOH, Box 1., I'hlladelphu;
Plan. mylft-Sn
We offer all Banner Goods at greatly reduced
Wa Invite enatoacrs lo look tbroaghonr atock,
which In larga aad well verted,
wt i. ill au it. itSK.yu nuo ,
dirt M Caiilral btiirav.
ii" "Pr?!1.1!-1!?'11:
WlNtOW )1IADB. A, , ...
Uftrdwurt) nnd Jloa.0 rarnl.blBir
Aieate rr UANKH.D1NMUKB Ltt.'S WK1UU
INjKUALaSot all .lie. aad MonUlar M.ohU.
ale. Hleel briMm aad llrae&ee at (aeUry prieee.
Ho. 339 Seventh it, Ut. K Y. ate, and L lU
A. C. P I. A IT,
, Imported Luxuries, &c-
Comer of Now Tnk Ttnuo ud rlttoenth
The Coldest and tho Best.
Ho. ISO nttemth ItrMt, Oppoilto Titaivj
r tflf
Corner cf F aad Hlnlh streets,
IithcColdMtaaJllsetUtbsc.tr; a
Uraga, AledlctMS, Fancy Arllclea, Boapa, J'ow
dera. Ac , al rscs muca below the nsoal rric es.
J 121 IfSut
. ""'. 1TF I V vaapawton, vatuca U'iv sir., is rs, nm wi '"".. "
W Blair, wireandehlldKalu W WanUca Ud wmIi rfatntoesiucitoavfaUat tecari. .I9r
wlMlesOrta.i)ipv&kridgnCaotA atpremlsea , J?1-"-
Mdf MOayotte aaw wtfJ, MB, WadanJIgpp- V KUTY A apUndld FtKM t TM arrey wlthla
ton, S lit N AdanTjTeWtKVhWstoXWst g taflsVef Wasalifieii "sw MApiW" J
OChoffee.P O'Nell, LavW JlraTne.lHrI' rw has'wnaa Zarallaw, atAck, crop, ''
Mann, NCS Mayer, Alias. balidlao, c. ea wtn" ARviJoir '
WILLARDS HOTELSCKM hCnitiwtrv. n7lt.i. fi.ni... r.nifii iiiiT. fTo.Us wli
- 4.. nnt viwitt-tiiuek
1 .rera.-Wd mb?s eVsccea Iwr. and Ireal
bsenat rMnMni saw pi
X Harhlsarr. Arnr Waf..e.Wtrkla.lr..i.
jK" ir..lhUetwb.rf -
X1 HoM,ltaald oa Lstrast soith. sr llshth
strMtaai10lsrerofni wlthKsaand waUr,aac
CQavsalcailethcean. laaalreem ..,.,
let " CefT Bevseth and 1 alrasisy Ifavy Tsrd.) f
y-RAiTiiia pa pin ron balk.
Inuatri ef at the'Reoma ertbe1 Yeaat Msa'a
ChrU-leaAerecleitoa, , s17-tf
Wnu; .
haskclBf or re no 1 1ts from the city, to
noilBf from the city, to
of their Feralture with-
of an aacuea, by a
natthe tronbl or fiMaaeofan aacUea, jay S4;
drmialiK JAUIS qUfLD.rsrsUore Psal-r.8eoad
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Formerly Tsasaar ef Mod am Laacasfaa al tha
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Colambta. baa raaauad hie private leeaeaa la
Colambta. hna resamed hai prl
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Money Broken.
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Hati. Capt, Booti and Bhoea.
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ofUlTa. CAPb, UOUTHaad SHOES for Oeatla.
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fialaaoe to credit 1a llatik of Ween. .
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JAUI3 ADAU8, Frnldeal.
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Sabacrlbad aad ewom 10 Wore ta. tale 14th dar
Ofjolj-.IMO W e IIOWAEB,
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Corner of Seventh and K street,
DEi'AivruBNT Ar Tni iWTinion,
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ihe ptltlj.f itssscoA A .aUac'ags, uf
ork, S. VAxscuirtxof Uabect J.ilaKlier.
ed, prajing fur lha exleneloa of a patont
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y, tl'UA, for a.laiproenent la Tool for
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of Msy, ,M, for aaJaiprovsment la Tool for
Grooving llouldlnge, foraaven years trom tba ex
Pi ration of aald paUat, wkleh takca place en tho
iraiiun oi aaia iwwii
II IS oraerva ! m iu imaiiiua on uaiiru ai
the Talent Office on MUMIIAV, ihsiUtday J De
camber next, at 11 o'clock, m and all pcraoaa arc
Cailfled to appear and show osnac. If an Ibry
a vs. why said pallttgaoogbl not lobs graAted
saraoiiaOppoalagthaaxtaaton are raqflrcd to
file in tba 1'aiflQlOaee tliairobjectlwii. -lallr
est forth In writing, at laaat (iMniy dan before
the day of hearing! all testimony filed if cither
pirtr, U ba oel at tba aald hearlngtneal b
lattaaana irsnamuieo inaacoraanoawiuiuB luiea
vi ioc otucc, wuicn win ds inruuueau appin
jbepoBillons and other papcra. rellenpoo as tea
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or aaariagt tna anayenta, if any,
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Within ttn da js after flllng the U.tliony
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urdercd, alto, mat inia b
the JtBrPStioAS asd lha Int
ton, il, O., aad la the Atlcu
iia. iaak tar thraa inriM.i
Ordered, alao, that thla aoilee iTpabllahsd lo
the JtBrPStioAS asd lha Inttlliptftr, Waahlng
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