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SpMCuM of Promlnsnt Memb.n
A. Good Day lor "oiTrag.
People Wrw. Iin.n on Pell.
tlnn and nmnll The Kxprl
ment ol unlTrmte Propaeed lor
the nulrlct Ml Conaln.
Again o" ,he Htand Proceed
ing, at Evening Heulen
Wnat the German nre Doing.
UeT. Hamael J. tiny Ilare the
Attdlenee A Vote Taken
Wllleox Vote No A Htnp at
the Authorities on the (School
Qneetlon erre bnt J net
Dr. Haj TelU Nomelhlnc About
Home Mr. Nemon Explain
About the School Fund Mm.
BtmnlouonTI(htI.aclne What
Brpubtleana and Democrat
Have Done lor the Cau.e
Final Adjournment.
runaaut to adjournment the contention
reaetembled at 10:30 o'clock, anil wai called
to order by Mra. E. Cady Stanton.
At on prerloue daye, the kail wu tilled to
IU eaiaeltj, thoee preeent being compoeed
principally of ladlea, young and old, pretty
and otherwlu, email and tall, tbe admllilon
to all parte of tbe boute being ireo.
rrrrriox now dixisd coxua.
Mre. Btnnton eid If any dUtlaguUhod
Senator,, General!, or otbere were among
the audience who detlred to lexe tne liana
and become coaTerted an opporlnnll y li now
afforded. Thle year would be the lait one
wherein woman Intended to " petition" Con.
- . !.... the erniU 41 ffatAl anil
would be the weapon of warfare la tbe great
rebellion iot woman's ngui. cue oopou
tha women vronld to educate themselves
that they will be prepared to exercise tbe
ballot,for the would be lorry to tee a female
rain lathe nolle so lunorant that the would
eeU her vote. There was nothing to degrade
women la going to toe pom, oat toe coo
trar would be the effect a srlorlous eleva-
tloa of humanity. If woman could be Id
duced to marry a man. there wai certainly
nothing degrading la her accornpaujlug ber
nusDana to tne omowwi.
nvTMAttcs nr aKaTOa wiLSOir,
Senator Wilton, of Massachusetts, being
tln. IT eald he did not com Mre to ad
dreu an anrument to fator tne purpose for
which the ConveiiJwvbn assembled, bnt be
" teUae to savJLkat wherever he had a tote to
rlTe.rtironldbe si.ven to remove very bur
3n from the Tworjle. and Errant the tame
right to women that men possess. He came
to aay that In heart and purpose he wa with
the women movement, and all the Influence
he poaaeaaed he had siren to the emancipa
tion of a race tbat now enjoy nearly all the
righU of American cltlxent, and In ilzty
dayi the color! race would eland oat an
equal footing with all the cHlfens of tbe
ocaies. a great wot was tu i ,
pllahed In educating man and woman to the
great political Change that In a abort time
will be apparent.
Mlsi Anthony aald she was glad Senator
Wllura wu 10 rood a reneraT. In comloE
forward and taking hie fosltloa In the front
rank of the women's grand army of the
art atok tiptoi nicuirBS.
Senator Tipton, of Nebraska, wae called
on, but he eald he came to hear, and not to
Mre. Stanton. Will not the centleman
come and eit ou the platform!
Senator Tipton. At It la growlus; late,
and I bare dutlet to perform at the Capitol,
1 beg to be excused.
Mra. Stanton. Oh, If the Senator hat Im
portant duth-s to perform, he Is certainly
excused, ae I would not have Senator and
numbers of Conffret to n select anr of the
duties connected with the advancement of
the QoTcroment.
Prof. Wilcox here entered the hall, and
after annrerlnr the andlenee moved slowly
np and down the aUlcs, acting tbe part of
a sergeant-nr arms. u wcBrvu uu.tv
efficient, and succeeded la conducting a lame
old gentleman to a comfortable front teat.
Tbe Frofeaior finally worked hie way to the
platform, where he took a seat. "
mss. T0W5ran's arisen:
Mr. Rachel Moore Townseudt6f Phtla
delphla, was tbt next ipeak-r tntrodnced by
IheprealdeDK She said that the was happy
to see that to nuaf persons had been con
Terted to the nte&t cause for which they
were all wjrklog. She could not under.
stand how so many could stand back, when
such powerful argument had been need
U heir faTor.
There was no well-regulated family where
any distinction was made between tbe father
and the mother. They should hare the
same lights In every rttpecU She referred
to the Society or Trlendt, wbere there wai
no distinction between the males and fe
males, as baring accomplished so much
good among the Indlant, arguing tbat
woman was able and competent to occupy
any position and perform any work tbat
man was fitted for. She continued In a very
lmpreaeiTe manner In favor of Immediate
enfranchisement of the women of this conn
try. She concluded by pleading to every one
. eiaa-...u A A.-ttBLl4lee..
to come ana join uimf vi ..-. .-
rnr tha lmmAdiata AccomDuthment
of the grea- end for which tbey were all
Mrs. T. I. Qsge, of New York, eald ttiere
was ft tulaundertundlng regarding woman
as an Inventor, as well as regards her family
dvtlee. Tbe franchise will tecum peace,
and Chicago divorces will be among tbe
thloge that were, and cuitomt and bablta of
society would see change for the better.
People generally look through the specta
ctet of prejudice on tbe woman's reform
movement. She dwelt at length upon tbe
subject of female qualifications for self
rrifcnimcnL arculntc that she could be
mAnruA ta a standard ennal If not superior
to man. She objected to tbe opponent of
woman l ngnu repeating too same tnug
over and again.
A Voice. She li repeating tbe tame thlcr
over and over again, and told a thousand
years ago. "Ko-roet, responded bis friend
Mrs Gage said legislation has always been
In tbe Interest of men, and were franchise
given her eet, wholesome laws woald be en
acted looking to the welfare of women and
the endurance of tbe liberty of the men of
the country
amrrsuai roa mis district.
Tbe resolution presented at the first
meeting of the convention warn taken up
for discussion, and Mitt Anthony poke In
favor of their adoption. She demanded tbe
adoption of a sixteenth amendment to the
CnntLltntinn of the United States. She tald
that It should flrtt bo triad la the District of
Colombia, it being tne proper place tor tne
trial right under tbe eye of the I'resldeut
and members of Congress. She referred to
the Intcretl takon by Senator romeroy In
this great qnetlUu, and tail It was because
he had a conttlttency which were In favor
of woman sutfrsEe. and be knew tbat if he
did not advocate Its Immediate adoption hu
would never come back a a Senator of that
State. Sbe alluded to tbe canrau made by
her and several of her co-worker in Kan
sas, and said tbat cauvasa proved a perfect
auccesa. She wu opposed to submitting the
question to the vote of tbe people, but tbe
wanted U to go to tbe lrgltlatures, wbere H
could be accompli ilid fii a much shorter
time. Sbe referred to the question of neerro
suffrage being eabuiluod to tbe people of
uuio, wuois t TiM uciiaiaa uy a vote or
u,uw snowing a negro auursKS in UDIO
was a falluret tut being tubmUiod to the
Legislature it wat aaopiea
the resolution alluded to be adopted) which
motion wat unanimously adopted.
Mrt. Isabella Hwker, of.New York, vaa
next tntrodnced. end read the following let
teri ..... .
r.ellrla VmDhtk.TWltat TOtt la thl
a Asve txen tor more Iban twenty
"I si
tarsi aed, all proper eeesilont, have to
fflf svowed mrtelr.
TDi moTvieivn nu, ao usiviiviin .--
wbti ialured by the aitaotpt oaths pstt or
one of Ita IrUndt to tdestlfy It with aatl;
UhrUtlaa and aatVEveairelieel vlewii aad
emeeflta oppoaeBta have very fooliahly,
I thltkt. aotiM to oppotlt byqeotloc tie
tkd paatt(tt of 8rlptre. 1 fl tRttiOed
irieada of purity and of trie raforn will its U
taU noreutat the norsl aupport sad strotri
wMh thv f really ad."
'X an iUd tkstOhrlatfaaMenaad wonea
retkle held tf the oraiaatttokuie I
hive lose OtUend, the latercit ( true ntrsl-
ity aad trne rtURioa win ee vtanr proMWi
ev Hi sod those the epponeaUof the lilble
nsv attempt to make eapiul afslsit the
liurehM, li will be found la tbe end that the
trteith of thla movement la lo Its appeslto
Ohrltilsa peraons sod f Uhrlatlsa hesrta
A i am juai Ting ma eiif, i n -time
to eiamla taa aeaompaif Ing paper
Toura trniT. ra. oia""
Mrt Intbtllm B Xokr, Uarfr4t t '
Mrs. Hooker then addressed the Conven
tlon, saying that Cbrlstlanlty had elevated
woman, and to would the ballot. Men are
no more reerontlble for tbe present condition
of woman than tbe women themselves, for
alt tinned In the days of Adam and Ere, bnt
wbat the did complain or in man was tnat
hli influence had not lonr before been ex
erted In ber behalf.
air oLTuria brows .
Mra. Her. OIvmDla Brawn, of Connecti
cut, followed In a lengthy addreat. tavlnrf
that the was not a poutlelan nor a ttatoa
man, and therefore the did not know how to
address legislators on the subject at laauej
out tne aia Know now to laqairt in wnst
direction her money was expended, for pay
ing money ror taxes wunout representation
wat unjuit. It may be that ttatetmen wen
too timid, aad she bad more faith Jn the
people man wire pnmng politicians, ron
tlclant In Kanaaa defeated the woman
caute, not the people, for the wire-pulling
politicians refused to rote In fear of their
partv. Tbe people would uphold the act Ion
of Congress, and the hoped Senator and
members of (Jongrest would sbow their
band at once tn favor of woman suffrage
God has made no distinction between man
and woman, aad never Intended that she
thould be slave to man. Bbe dtd agree with
Dr. BnshnelL who eald that If the Apoatle
Paul had married happily he would have
said harsh thing of woman- Shu wished
there wa inch aa advocate for woman to
day at wat the Apostle rant. She did not
think the mlllenlum would coma when woman
voted, Tor that period wat too rsr diatant,
while the time wae now at hand when woman
would be permitted to vote. All the vices
and evil of society would dlmlnltb. but the
mlllenlum would sot come. She asked tbat
tbe ballot be given to the women of the cou n-
try, because of eervlce rendered by them
daring the war, If for no other reason. It
was for the educated woman of tbe country
that the aeked the ballot, that the Ignorant
voters who emigrate from the Old World
may be held la check, and In order tbat a
higher standard of morals may pervade
At this stage Prof. TVtleox appeared on
the platform with a eprlc of Jamestown
weed In a button-hole of hit neatly-fitting
wallow-tailed coat,
Mrs. Stantofi eald she bored the audience
would remember that a good clap to the
peaker during the delivery of a speech
anoraeu time to toe orator to tana a cream,
drink a a-lats of water, and blow tbe note
As a good clap Is agreeable to eloquent
apeakers, the hoped the dap would not be
withheld from her la future.
During tbe delivery of the addreas of
Mrs. Brown, It was announced that Gover
nor Campbell, of Wyoming Territory, who
had Juit signed ft bin enfranchising the
women of Wyoming, was In the hall. Miss
Anthony Invited him to the Itanflf but la an
hour afterward no response or appearance
of tbe Governor made tbe fact apparent
tnat Mies Dusan naa oeeu soia.j
tbi Toiciraou misouni Atunr,
Miss Pho.be Cousins, of MUeonrl, wat
next Introduced, and said the Bute of Ml
sonrl Is trlvloe everv rixht to woman that
was enjoyed by men to become students of
tne universities, a risot tnat i not mien dv
any otner otate. one tpoae oi ner expe
rience aa a Undent of tbe Washington Uni
versity of Missouri, and said tbat before she
became a ttudent tbe was told that a woman
wu not capable to study succeesfully tbe
law, bnt sbe has found quite to the contrary,
and ahe thlnkt that a woman It capable of
doing anything that man can do, and In a
short time the expected to be admitted to
the bar of Missouri. The Legislature of
her State, ska assured her hearers, was al
most unanimous tn favor of woman auffrage.
The case of Hester Yaugha thould arouse
every wwrnaa tn the land, for the blood
stair! -1 villein was acaultted. and a Door
jSelenaeless woman convicted.
She advocated that females thould be tried
by a Jury of ber peers women. Sbe said
tbe fallen could be redeemed if the tender
eyrapathlet of motherly affection thould be
brought to bear upon tbem, and narrated
Incidents of such cases occurring under her
own obaervatlon In Missouri. To-day tbe
coutttrv Is Indebted to Miss Anthony and
other ladles present for securing tbe enact
ment of laws by the Mew York Bute legisla
ture looking to tbe greater protection of
women, in conclusion toe appeaica to an
present to aid the cause now claiming the
attention of the country.
rrofessor Wlllcox called tbe meeting to
ordera and, in tbe absence of the president,
moved that Mrt. Grilling be selected to pre
side temporarily
Mm. Grlfflnr aaanmed tbe chair, and In-
livw'hiuwf lira. Ani.i. of lUchlnn. a StOUt,
(rood-looking German lady, who came for
ward and In broken Jermaa defended her
people nom, tn cnargvoi oeing oppotwu u
woman's enfranchisement. Twenty years
which the would otherwise reach. People
who always looked down could but feci de
graded. W oman, the U.d, mutt be her own advo
cate. ThU they had begun to realise, and
they would assert their rights and assume
their dutlet.
At tha Ham at her SDeech Mar attempted
totpeakfor the third time during the eve
ning. Mr. May taldi I wish to ttate-tap-plautel
I wlah to tUte-applauMl when
1 wae In Rome-applau-when I wat la
Home lappiauee. J un, t am an oia aogu
tlouipeaker, and am naed to thee things.
Mrs. BUnton Came to hit relief, and be
sought the audience to hear hlmi but the
moment he started for "Rome" tbe audlenco
tu lb rear of tbe hall commenced their
lir. May Hack to It, and the ' claquera"
ttood firm, bnt the Doctor triumphed at last,
and succeeded In taylng tbat while he wa
In Rami ha vtiltad a woman's orison, which
wat managed by women exclusively. Loud
m au its wto irt.i.lir.
Mr. A. E. Newton, rrom the audience,
atked and obtained permission to make an
explanation regarding the public school.
lie tald tbat tbe trustee or the public schools
were not entrusted with a dollar of the
money for the support of the school. There
wae, unionanaieiy, in a viy iraMur; uv
Vlowsj of rromUenf CUUenf
Rant tibiae About mar Chambers.
Inti Territorial urfatftiu Adopted,
ago the bad started a German paper to ad
ocate woman's debts. It had no loni
life about two years when It wo stopped
by sickness, one urgea ner nearer to stana
firm, and wait for the dawning of the
day. A hundred year ago a distinguished
German philosopher had n spoken the earn
language as our learned president Mrs.
Stanton had spoken here now. "1 will
not" (aald aha) "speak more words nowj X
Will VA tA AtJ
Mrs. BUnton. who had come In. explained
that Mrs. Anna was goingturougu several
or the western eiates tatpeaa to ner uer-
man friend upon the subject now occupy
ing so much of the publk attention.
aXT. aUHUKL . MiT lo inf.
Rev. Samuel J. May was tbe next speaker.
lie proceeded to argue that anything tbat
degraded woman degraded man. and any
elevation of woman carried the elevation of
man with it, 11a reviewed what women bad
done In tbe literary world, as curies on the
battle field, and as teachers In the schools.
He rocited a lltUa aaeedot of a school In
Connecticut, In 1626, where the hoys were so
bad that no man could manage them, and
a woman brought all outright Then women
teachers were verv rare- pow, In the city
of Byracuae, of 1W teacberi but tea were
1I cited the case of the norms! tchool at
St Louis, where the teacher wat a female.
Mlii Anthoer aald that the best part had
not been told. She received the aame pay as
a man.
Mr. May continued1, urging that woman
thould have employment that they might
not bo required to look to matrimony at
their only refuge. Mania fe should only
take place under an Impulse a pur In the
sight of God as the lore of tbe angel.
a von us tn.
MiM Anthony thought the convention
ahould hear the resolution upon which the
gentlemen bad been peaking. It was, tbat
Congress thould to amend the law at to
pay tbe same price for work whether per
formed by female or male.
wuxcox row so.
The Question was put and carried. Prof.
Wlltoox only voting no.
Miss Anthony exclaimed, "There Is a msu
who wants double par who wants to
take ihla wife's psy and put It In hi own
Mr. Stanton related an Interview tbe had
(! th one of lha school teacher of Waah-
flfaesald the action of New York ou the I togtoo, who had a Check for forty fire dol
money to par the teacher, lie had cashed
tbe checks of the teachers a far ft ht wa
able, and bad thuecka in bis pocket now,
wntx if ii AHTU09T nw in xxxtis.
Mis Anthonvcave a flowing account f
things a the found them la Kansas a year
1 ago. and thowed what women were doing
Lin tne way of school and temperance re-
la Michigan the women were now
allowed to vote for tchool trustee.
In Patterson, N. jr., th women had found
a clause In the lawt by which all lot-holders
could vote on lha question, of a sldtwMk,
and they bad turned out nd voted for on
In a certain street.
In Schenectady the women lot-holders had
voted not to Introduce the water work.
This only- thowed that the women would not T
.. ! .tl .. 111.! (fiai MM. F
ty were entitled to tbslr tight to vote.
Mrs. Stanton aald a mat deal had been
tald, and lb andlene had Nrhapa enough
to think about, bnt before this grand eon
veation closed the wlthed to say a few words
ThU wat a Question that all wen Interested
la. We war members f lb great bureau
family, and could not change th gtaeral
customs to our Individual view. She bad
two young daughter whom the had tried to
bring up according to th law of health.
Bbe had not knownhow much they felt tblt
till one day ou of them, fourteen year old,
came running to her and said, oh! mother,
we ha ye a new scholar, and she hat a large
waist. I am eo glad that ther 1 somebody
with a big walat beside Maggie and me.
She wanted to talk an hour to thgtria In
th audience, No" woman could enjoy life
with her rib crushed by tight lacing and
ber feet In tight ehoea. She urged upon
parent th Importance of teachlesr their
girls some trade or profession, by which
tney coma aupport tueiaaeiTie iuoua any
emergency arlae. What wa ther In a
lawyer omca to cans awomautosnuu
the profession. We could not have par
and holy marriage until our daughter! were
euncataa to teppon uemeeiree.
She besought those who lived in paUaa
halls to look beyond their present condition at
those who were not so fortunate. She re
ferred to the criminals ou tbe gallows.
Ilare you no desire to vote that that abomi
nable relic of barbarlim be drlrea from our
Mr. Mav had srmken of th social vice.
Two Tears ago they proposed to legislate
upon ft In New York. The bill which wa
Introduced In tbe Legislature wu a dlsgrac
to humanity. Let the men In high places
remember tbat the rice recruit Ftself not
from tho poor, but from th gay and fash
ionable, woo have learned no way by which
theajnav earn their own turoort.
Mlts Anthony tald a letter had been
celved from Hon. Mr. Ela, of New ITamp-
sblre, exprcsaieg nu eympatny wun tnem.
This, however, wat not a new convert. Mr
Ela bad lonir been a friend of th cause.
Bbe then gave notice of a lecture by Miss
Jenny Collins, the Lowell factory girl, t
union ieagne uau, on evening amnunoa
free. On Saturday night Rachel Moon
Towosend and Rev. Samuel J. May will
peak In th same hall, and Kacnei Town
send will preach on Sander, the pUc lo be
announced hereafter.
Sbe announced that a committee from the
convention were to have an Interview with
the Senate Committee on tbe DUlrict of Co
lumbia at half past ten on Saturday, and
they hoped to make Ita Joint meeting of
the committee of both Houset ou the Dis
trict and the Hon Judiciary Committee.
The past three day, she tald, had been
an old-fashioned protracted or camp-meeting.
Who would have thought that th
people of Washington would com there
and 11 tea to these women, who had never
had any lnatructlon, or attended even a de
bating society, and listen with such atten
tion. Tbey were not orator, but they com
manded attention bocaute tbey spoke from
tbelr soul, and became they had some
thlnr to sav. The audience listened, not
because they were learned or eloquent after
tbe fashion of the world, bnt because they
bad come here to tell the truth, because
ther telt of woman's wrougt through ages,
and because It was felt that th hour for
these wrongs to be righted had com.
If thla Cans-rets did not cess tea sixteenth
amendment, the forty-second would. Jf this
congress aesirea to raaie itseii imraoruu,
cow wat an opportuAliy t da . It share
were any members of Congress here, ah
wanted them to tell those at the Capitol now
was tba lima. The Democratic oartT had th
political tags city to sea that by extending tbe
franchise to tne laoonog classes
u&Toa attsaiux ouxxd err
Mrs. BUnton here approached and whls
pered In Miss Anlhonyt ear, when th x-
ciaimeat "ub, in wp unra. wiwi
Bbennan 1 In tho room, 1 hope w than
hear what the Republicans are going to do.
Instead of what the Democrats naTe don.
Senator Bherman, come right forward upon
the platform."
There were loud call for "aberman,"
"Sherman," and the Senator wat finally
compelled to rise In bit teat, well back In
the hall, and say that be had com there to
Uaten and not to apeak. It would be Impos
sible for htm to make a apeech.
Miss Anthony. "But, Senator, that does
not satisfy us. What are you going to dol
are you going to rot tor tne sixteentn
amedmeat!' But after a moment' re
flection sbe said If be could tot say yes, she
had rather he would aay nothing. She
started off again on what th Democrat
bad done dv extenainr tne iraocnise to toe
lauorlog claases, when rrofessor Wlllcox
whispered in ar otntr ear, ana in saw.
"mere l a isemocrat in nan
Jlon. Mr. Woodward come forward 1"
A gentleman near the door announced
that Judge Woodward hadjut left the hall,
when Miae Anthony returned her remarks,
tendering remit support to the Republican
party In cxehang for female suffrage,
Mrs. Stanton, at t he 'dose of Mis An
thooy remarks, declared the convention
The convention ha been a tnceess In a
financial tense at least. The audience bar
twwn larre. and ranerallv verv order) r. Th
little disturbance last evening arose rather
rrom a aeaire on tne part oi tne auaieuc to
bear the women (who, by tbe way, are bet
ter looking and more showily dressed than
upon former occasions) In preference to Mr
May. who had already twice occupied the
An adjourned meeting of lb citizens of
the District wat held last erasing at Union
League DaU forth purpose of dlacutitog
tbe proposed Changs In th form of govern-
ment for the District of Columbia. Among
those present were Col. J. A.Mtgruder, of
Georgetown, 8. F. Brown, Gen. O. O. How
ard, R. M. Uall, Major Mon,Wm. Nott,B.
D, Teck, l.ewli Clephaae, Dr. J. E. Snod
grata, John R. Elrauf, Joteph Williams,
president Dfthe'Common Council, Council-
men Piper and Thompton, Gen. A Grant,
Geo T Bell Adams, and many others
Th meeting wai called to ofdeT by Mr. S.
t Brown, who nomlaaUd IU U. Hall a
chairman, and he wad elected John It.
Elva&s wa nominated for secretary.
Mr. Elrant said he would Prefer not to ac
cept th poattlon, a ht might perhaps differ
tn oplnwu from thoee la th majority.
Mr. Hall thouxhl that was hardly a valid
objection U ahould him Ml f reserve the
privilege of advancing or advocating any
Tlewi be thought troper. Th object of the
meeting wa to discuss th question, and
,only by a fair and full expression of opinion
aahia na rainaa.
Mr. Elvunt occepted the position, od the
Chair called upon CoU Magruder to state
toe ODjsci ot ins meeting.
seior tee toioaei connnencw w iv
mark th ball wae nearly tilled, the greater
portion Df the audlenc being composed of
colored men.
oanOT or tmi msbtitq.
Up. lfmfrwiUf italad that th PTODOSltlbn
to obtain a Chang In tho form of the vor
eminent of th District originated wun ft
Dumber of the cUlaaus who had experienced
great dlfflculty la getting any measure
through Ooogrett thai would tead to pro
mou the prosperity of the people.
Congress never could find time to attend
to th claims of th District, and 11 wa for
the purpose of giving our affair some con
sideration that two years sine Senator.
Harlan Introduced In the Benat a resolu
tion to derot on day la each week to the
bill offered by theltltent of this District.
It wa Impossible to get a general act of In
corporation and thereby th mercantile and
mechanical Interests of th District were
retarded. Th water power or th Potomaa
wat useless, and would be until capitalists
could bare privileges la common with eltl
aent of other State.
II explained th principal features of the
WU proposed, and the manner la which It
was proposed to oonouaua uw otd
ments. lie wanted It distinctly understood,
is, wu nnrwtted to abridfflnt anr of the
rights of tne cltUens, and was In favor of
tne largest ana tuiiest umujw
want an alxht mile square under on gov
ernment, and don't believe that any
thoughtful, considerate man will opposa lb
measure- a
qu. nowano'i anuixs.
Gen'l O. O. Howard was next called upon.
rr M. with iw.nl to matter In th Dis
trict, and th discussions which may hare
taken plac upon certain questions, he did
nocTjroAsa to be ratted, but he bad glren
th question tinder conalderatlon much care
ful thought, and he wanted to see lb Dis
trict prosper and the property Increase la
value. XI lored th capital of this great
Republic, and he wanted to tee It built up
i ...,. .lt..a tl.
ana oecome aa ornament vu uo uvu. uv
tpokeor tbe difficulties tbecltlsens had la
obtaining any favor from Congrest, because
ihM wra an minT sanies to Drescnt their
claims, and so many to oppose them. If
any great measure was proposed, opposition
was inn to p oTuqw uu uv "
Congressmen ever to determine what we
need. A delegate would obrtste th neces
sity of tuch conflicts, or rather he would be
there to espouse the interest of th cltlxena
of tbe Dlatrict, and then erefy measure would
rest upon its own merits.
Now if Congress will rraut ut a govern
ment of our own, and pay thelrjust proper
tlon of the taxes on the property the Gov
ernment owns In the District, w will pros
Kr and be abt lo take ear of onraelrea.
i wa la favor of electing all th officers.
If such a bllt could be passedt bnt until
something was aone to encourage .oauiirj
and enterprise, the District never woald ad
vance. orroaiTioi nisornoM.
Mr. Henry Hper then offered the following
'whirm Ooofreaa, the law-maklnr power
of thla at tlon. have plalaly aat forth in overr
effort to rseoaatruat the gtatea lately isrd
gument that U a Democratic President wat
elected It would be again it the pcopl of
the District In tbat case a pemocratt Con
gres would alio U elected.1 an ' would they
not also do as they pleated! Such talk wat
clap-trap. General Grant would b th
next Fretldeut of th United Bute, and a
legion of Democratic candidate oould not
defeat him. He would give thcltlcnt
present hit word tnai mere watjnotniog
contemplated but what th most Radical
Republican could heartily support
B. I lirown enaorsea tne taicuicut ui
Mr. Magruder. , w
Thai nt sneaker was Frontior A. M
Green, assistant commissioner of the Fourth
ward, and b denounced th bill at a tchema
to deprlr th colored men of their Hbertlet,
Oen. .toward to tneontrary notwiioswaa
lng. He hoped that Individual did not ex
pect the colored men of tbe District to
swallow tuch argument ai he had ad
vanced. Tbe Chair called th speaker to order,
and requested him to confine his remark
to the resolution under consideration.
Frof. Green next opened up on the Vm
ing Star because It bad characterised th
meeting of the previous evening, (although
the largest ever held In Union League
Hall,) a compoeed of contractors, ward
commissioner, scavenger and scavenger's
striker. Then It goe on to state that
"ward roUUclani" occupation would b
gone If th territorial form or govtrnmctit
wat given to th Dlatrict.
II then alluded lo th bill drafted by th
commute of ettlsen. and said It contained
objectionable feature. II asked If the
colored men were ready to deprtr then.
selv of lb liberties that Congress had so
hmaaithAAtawa(lUT30n them.
Mr. Green wu rapturously applauded, and
took his at
tobo O'Donovan wanted to apeak, but the
tr recognised John R. Elvana, who
spoke at follows i
in. bxt ivt liTtmioiL
Ur.Ohalrnaa.lt is umIom rsr the gentle-
tata to deny that th orlf leal IbUUb ol th
bssBpONSStdW tsakJai rlt esateal. aad
tkB.iI't'ia rs4ationef toiriaoclfty
Will ht vaktB.
ntt $niRX2Xlii d.f ltt to
the Karal rsstUr aal th Ugsit of Fairs.
A Jief Lfli aTl OajtlsDisn of ItsjUd
jhltatMt Wlllba aalS at lliliaanf liaaaa. K a
L tk attrmH h ea fMMriir mU to III
UrtM Via .BIlajcB Fba mm.iIm,! MaaU
Oiaaltt-t,aaa vh htrcror iaUiv.ril ilrnl
lar salami hnl fta ttrpMa f StTltii
Km U ersraai Ua rMrri t nlrc ilnl
. to tklTrmttUttt (ri MrNloto-
aialUBMtUBf,Wtilllinoi. id-n
A44 ao ea, and to ou.
wa... .v 'SAlTHttlUT
""""-v'"r,r,fv, " ?
toQlalrtady iria tho bUm of pwr
Win woald he iseNV Oa tlorloes Jawatnore, 1
Olaatsilatto falaMotvaeo-wr-iotl I
Prif gfoalprlooMehrtaiitof mm tfahratoi, I
Moifiltaffraaa "o.r(aat fotTo 4im4, I
With which aahopoi to wIb lh slltUrUfptlii.il
BthOMatowlathaprtsolMac. anr fall. 1
kT all frlaai with '(-. or nU,
lovtaUatM btl Ut him wait
i anar ha parhaps lha (Ifl of fl
aatfoallaiaaatlacla t lavaaih-atratthall.
THrmarxoi air. iuirans were neanuy
applauded aad excited a great deal of
DirrrT ad o'dokotik.
John O'Donovan attempted to enlighten
th audience, but Michael Duffy called Mm
lo order and aald h wu abusing Con freest
beildos, ha wa a copperhead, and he didn't
Wnt to hear him any longer.
yonn aaia toe person woo interrupted mm
'promises! eltlsans" waa to aonaf o ibo niota
l a Uri portion of the tltusoa oi u
wu a corporation blrellogand Ilk Judu
piece of surer.
would betray his Lord and Matter for thirty
la labatllaa aeatsat the OoTarnmont, tba
Ike. a nannnnrAffllilnrlf la favor OI the OB'
franhlaBnt ef'Aiaarliaa atllttaa, whether
aaUto bora oT naturalised, exeopt aa a pun-
BUIM la all an thoiifhIOa
tahmoBt far erliaoi aod wheroaa we bellera
that ih full I aila a f knil nuraoaaor tba llth
aBaoadmeat to ih Ooastltutloe of the UalUd
orolaeall of the rlcbta and pmilofes before
the law that Mioat to taen as oiusoai) iaora
HatlraaotMiThataaeltlsaaaaad UharUf
. r .hi. ,tiatia,.a'a ara naaaaiBiraHilalBalT
vnaatad tflllTtakUt la th rOTrSmBt Of
nuiat eaKuk atMMMi to dial ran ahlao
"-. r --- f-rriT- ;;.""."Tif
U1, IB DUN B siur (Df foatr vi
DoiBDor roue TbeUoardof rollc,
at lu raeetlnr veeterday. transacted amoag
other thing lb following i
The resignation of Print U S. Fond wa
tendered and accepted.
Applications for liquor llcensesrom the
following persons were rejected i Bernard
Wood, Martin Welsh A U. Bolster and
Flanagan & llrereton.
Anollcattons from It. Koelr.of Geortre-
town, for licenses for two house, war both
umanneatlon showed that It should be re.
faired direct to the Lculslaturea. Sbede
manded of member of Congress lb.it they
Immediately take action lu faror of this
question, and stated that Ihtre were lu tbe
hand of member of both Houaet memorial
asking and demanding tbelr Influence to
accomplish this Cud She rcquetted those
who desired that CoDtfres should lake ac
tion on tblt subject this week should say
"aye '"and tho oppoaeduy "noT Th
response wu satisfaolory, on person only
voting In the negatlre.J .Bbe referred to the
oppressions of woman, aod tba deration of
those who had Just emerged from a stats ol
Ignorance and s.ml barbarism, referring
toth colored race oho aald It wa a great
Intuit toth women, who were entitled to
every right that was gUcu toman. Ihey
did not Intend to sund aay more petitions to
Congress, but would lu tbo ftiture demand
at a right. She Copcludcd by ine-lag that
laxs, nd needed th mouey to pay her rent,
but neither the treaaurar nor the trusteee
would give ber forty dollar lor it. one sua
shame ou st ch trustees. Applause.
Mr Noye eald, shame rather upo-i the
authorities that refused them the mouey to
pay the teacher.
wmai tux ttUMi bexoso.
Mrt. BUnton said the would corrt Mr
"lAanM," und iKamt on (r tun of Vat
(V(ot wa would ehooM fwh popU t control
tMr jTdlr. Loud applause
Mrs. Charlotte MUburn wu then Introi
duced. fib said the had attended the first
convention when she wat eleven yeart old
That wu maoy year ago, but sbe Lad never
attended one to pleasaat u tbla Sbe thought
a rot of thanks thould be passed to their
Wuhhigtouaudlencei she urged that woman,
while sho was not allowed alt her rights,
could not gain th degree of deration to
.Vllllam Sbepard wat appointed a prlral
on the force.
Swbtt n.VAwi. Ob&robs. Twenty bar
relevery fine, sweet Havana orange wers
received yesterday by tbe Northern Frodue
Compauy, Pennsylvania avenue, between
Teutti and Eleventh streets. Thet Havana
oranges are perfectly tweet and delicious,
and are being told by the barrel, hundred
and dosen, at price very nearly u low u
tho common tour box oranges are sold lo
tblt city.
UMT Tho examination in tne cue oi &a
ward Conway, charged with atumpUog to
defraud tbe Government oat of trauporta
tlou, was continued before CommLssloaer
J, i, Johnson yesterday, but without con
eluding, the accused wat required togtv
security In th turn of 1300, for his appear
i.c4 before the commissioner this afternoon.
Coiikxctioh, It wat Mr. Dennett It.
n.i.. whiwaa transferred to the Western
Union offlc and hU plat at Ih War De-
Rrtment niiea oy a iaay operauw. . .
Bates, formerly of the War DPrtment,
Is superUUndeutof h lint at Philadelphia.
atuikiiata tt aa arlitoiralla OovarBaaot.
it teartaarraaojMel.That a eooiailtu ha ap
potBtdfrosaUUfliotlM.wb.UhBhalloaBotst of- BBsaber of delogausfrom VVaablagtoB,
0erfatowB aadsountr.to wait oa the Pla-
wlthta of tho majority of the eltlseaaef this
uiatnot . .
3 rial! Adacna. who had aeveral times at
umned to fret the floor, arose and moved
their adoption.
Mr. Klvao. while In faror of the resolu
tions, opposed the motion.
uenerat uowani aaiu no wum um v oj
during the meeting, bnt a previous engage
ment compelled him loltare. He wu sorry
to tee tuch resolutions Introduced Now,
for once, he wanted everybody to dlstloTctly
understand that he wu oppoud to any
effort to Interfere with th right of th cltl
ten or tbe District. He hoped no one
would alt rib at tuch moil ret to him. It
wu to lncreue our franchise and sot to
abridge It.
no ABanMKUT or tri TTUHcmta.
J. Hll A ilama aalA ha was ODOOaed lO anr
movement looking to tbe abridgtmautof tbe
rirhU of the peopl of the Dlttrlct of Colom
bia. He denounced the plea of wanting a
geoeralact of incorporation u a poorexcuse
for changing th existing form of govern
rnetiL. iia iDonrai uanara xiawaiu
espousing a bad cause, and when h told the
meeting that he wa In favor of having all
tbe officer or th proposed government
electsd, be knew that he wu adTOcatlng a
maiuiM that Dover wonld Daaa Uonrrcss.
U the people wanted tbi act of general In
corporation u It wu called, why W not
they get It, and not make that the excuse for
cnanglor in lonno ggTerymonaai
Hrhti oT the cltlaens.
Several voices responded that an attempt
had been made ror roar year put to get
such an act, and It had failed.
Mr. Adams said tbey had not applied In
the right manner. As to th proposed
change, Congress had reserved to Itself the
right to govern tbi portion of the United
States, and would continue lo do to In spite
of th aristocratic pleaders ror power. Then
wu a clans in tne proposea diu tnat con
demned lti be had hrard to, at leutt for he
had not read It.
A number of tenons called for the read
ing of th bill, bnt no one was able to re-
Colonel Magruder In reply to Mr. Adam,
aaM h waa anmrlaad that anv ItcDnbllCAn
should get up In such a meeting Ilk this
and Impugn the motives of such a patriot
u General iiowara. co coarge mm wun
duplicity In presenting tbo view be did
Mr. Adama'danled the asaertlon. but Col.
Magruder mad th point, and the, statement
wat heartily applauded He wu a pretty
man to gel up&randdcnounc a bill when
he had confessed ha had not read It. No such
X underetsad that thla meatlag la betaf hll
at the lostante of the tweatr promlaoat area.
aaorlasef esalutlre maatlec at theomsoof
oaeor their ausiber, for the purpose of lasu-
afuratier a eater of font aad of powers
the cororamoatof the BUUlat of UolSBt
a. rroat the very ahl addroa of the asoier
ntnbarof the firts-whiah aoooiasohsreaa
liosorsd th taertaiaat an address for whlk
vary willwlihir of Dlsirlet advsnaemeat
BiUSiaa aooa aiaaorair utii nm-w, nr-j
able UeatraetlBfQnaailos, eoesluslv la Its
aataro. whlah goo to prore that perslataot
effort Is ooeosaary, new or never, la order to
elaae tbe future or the ospltal boyoad the
wares of dlaoord aad the broaktra of aoarshy
whioh bow thraa.ua ta aagulf It. raatoMdSe
fioa ahenld be the hturr of high ad lew,
tie and poor, whit aad blask.saal aad fa
atalo, aedwseucbt aU to b "lastaat laoos
boq aad out of oeaion, 1 ebtalatBr It. Dual
aoreoral authority, levy eeurta.doubleaohool
boards, Dlstrlst aa4 taaopeadtat polleooom-ltitonora-aah
antagoalaU to th other,
aad all datrlaieotal to the proper ton fort a aod
rlt hts of the eltlsaaa sbouU be blown to the
four winds of hsaren, and la their plaeaabs
restad a coveraiasBt with autherlty pre
teel or reotral the people, wlthoat rorard t
reatdBoo ea boaadary atroot. or Rak Oroak,
or rr the taatara brasah ef the Poteaso.
yiBlarf tmeat ot power of a consolidated DIs
trltt should also alalia ur earaaot support.
With ih laflalatloa for a aatloa reaaalar
from th Atlaatlo pan to the PaolSa, aad
frOBthe Arooatak the Sloaraose, rest.
lae upon tbtiB.OoDcreaa will not It ther oould,
aadoaaaottf they would, paaso Ib the groat
labor before them to look after th eompera
tlrolr paltry ntattero of detail roqalred by tbla
Mid fa DinafotaooaUod.VfaahlaitB,or Us
Dlatrltt of Oolunbta, It la tint that thla n a
ttoaat baby had bee weeeed sad drlroa from
th nourishment of Federal pap, aad foreed to
boa Ita own read" lor means of Ufa. And It
does soon as If theshtU were reedy to look
Miit lar ita awn fatura aaltalloa. Bforldad II
be allowed aufflaltat free sgeeey la the press-
Ilea, ror norv lira faara paatii aaa
aikad ita parent to arsat li the assae
aaaiatanaa aad aotharliv whlah haa al
ttTibMn frcalvaafardad to Ita statara. the
TerrltorUa. It erlsaout, u01rtaa room to
(row) glr tne power to satj give liberty I
B.atK.lltiart v tn aivaralaa am Indrmlt
la a way eooalstaat with your koowa aod I
OliaDUSBOa rua ior ibo goTaranami oi jaur
ehlldraa aa thay grow up aod X will preatlso
BO to onaaaat my lau aa to win jour uror aau
roller you from the shsrgoof mr aupport
aod th soalety of looking after ay wai
fata." laaln faror. Mr. Ohalrasa, doeldedly la
faror of eooaolldattoa aod olargtmaaf or
log lslatlre auUorlly of the Dlitrlat of Uolun
bla leosfaii 1 oppeaad to the nldalghl
eauaus aad gllt-edgod note arraogemeat by
arnien iiiapropoaaa ta laum mi bibiui,
aad rtspoeslb til tits of the proposed ohaog to
twaatr gantlaaoa. howoror eeergette, hooor
able, able, or ambitious. Aod hers, Mr. Chair
man, X bag to depreoato th tone aod Uogusge
of lb editorial of th Sitr lo Ita atrlsturoa oa
r Btieatea wae neee aooa propor to aiaatni
Von the rlawa ot the twsatri X roapoot highly
in vuieia tonau-
ich maar raare Xbari
alwsfa found him a oobfo adroeals or a gsn
rnna anaiav. and I da not bailors that hall
captble of dooouealBg a man aa a "fallow" or
"eavaagar" oaaiua ausn naa mar eoo-
laaiiauaivonooiaamaaaura DoiwiiaaiaDa
lar tha onnaotDl ma bo low dowa la morals,
mosey or IsBatwio. Take my word for II,
ftBiioaaa. mm aMuwriaia rtrr v war ia,
ubratlona of aomo ambitious "Or aod
tiuka or "Lord." whoao seal outraa bis
ladeTmanl. and were nof tha views of the ed-
l..r J1 . lU.l.a.. ..hit. . H.l.alt
of eltlstaa probably favor a ahaogo ta aaoard
aaoe with the auggaatad plaa ot soaaolldatloB
and era torrltorlalliatloa, lot us ate how it
la propoaoa so so oroagai aooui, aaa wun aw
spprnt daalgo of tbe alese eorporatle of
twaatr Is. .... .
w. navai innnaiiiniai m di imiii.
lag) of th proaoodlega ot a mas I lag. not to be I
bold, but bald at the offla of our aurprialagl
atUiap, ' , a,ul h r.iru ibj
to forthwith far obaago of gorornaaat, aod
a Bubeomnlttoe of throe waa appolated to
draft a plan for the gorornmoal of tho now
Territory, lit th stataaoats of polltUaleao.
o mills aad from ogperlsnse we know that or
dlaarlly a votlag population a population
aitwallr aad atarasaaUr Satlafaalad lo all maaa
uros looklog to tba greatest goo to th groat
est Bunber Is about oa aerenth of the satire
people. Apply thla rate to the moating or
aaaaa whiaa naa beoe hold, aod tbo Immortal
twaatr roprtaoBt Just lie votaa, tutor aagoa
a(lr, aofUgpopidaltoii alt.000 la tbo DlatrUt.
llul oupposo wo grant, (wbleh weaaaot,ba.
oanse as jot oo effort baa beta made to refer
tha a-arkaf tha anbtaommlttaoof three to tha
poopia.on the eootrarr, a etadlous attempt
oooma to hare boon made to gat the matter bo.
fore uoagrtae wuaout aaaaa mag ibo poopis
r tbalr repreeeetttiv mot) suppose we
rant that ererythtag I th laaeptloa of thla
ualaose was latoadod to b falr,opBhaodod,
and regular, bow dose th whole thlag etrikt
l dtaalalm anr dliooaltloB to b oiDlloua or
to wouad th foollagt of gatlama who her
dOBOandare dolagso much to adraa Dla
trial laterasU, hutlt la utteilr Imponibla for
neiaomaitariBowii may oinao oiaraj io
dlvoroeth ablUhod aaaoaataef ma at lag,'
euleUyealladaad aa aloaalyhald aad agt
aoaroJ, alwaya at the aaao real oatsta oOJaoJ
from thetdsa of an saseoaiagir oiarot aad
Both log. aad yt widely dlffasod. .
Mr.Ohalrmaa, twoytara ago, at uldalght,
oa tha ore of tbe lasomlBg Ohrlalmaa day, I
ara atartlad from ay tluafeor by th sound
ol awaat atuaisv i roaa naiaaaai granoir,
This excited the audlenc to tha hliheat
pitch. Th crowd gathered aroaod the
speaker and demanded that he should take
back wbat he had aald.
Th Chair decided tbat Conrrets wat
cf-4ntocrltlcl.nl. Itwuoot Infalllbl.
Then th meeting proposed to tak both
O'Donovan and Mr.IIalt. John wu not
la th lust dlstartmd, and Mr Halt de
manded order.
Motions were mad to "adlonrn." "to
tmt out th copDerheM "
Prof. Green appealed to IH mecttog to
preasrTe order, and not adjourn.
v tJoaoran ractuou tao piationn ana poaco
Atronm nixxxa.
Dr. J. E. Baodgrut next attempted to get
the floor, but Mr. B. Atkinson could not
allow th meetleg to proceed uoleit th
Chair explained hi political teutlmenU.
Dr. Snodgrau aald he taw Mr. Magruder
prompt th chair to recognise Oen Grant
next, whll h bad tried to get the floor it
dosen time, and the chairman would not
recognise him.
Col. Magruder Informed Ui Doctor la the
moat emphatic terms that It ws not to.
flea. Grant proposed to yield the floor.
Dr. 8. said It was not hts to yield.
Th Chair respectfully asked th meeting
to keep order.
Dr. 8. aald It wai an orderly meeting, and
b could get along without any of his aislit
anci on which th Chair eongrai mated tbe
Doctor, aad hoped fa would proceed.
The Doctor informed him he would t and
a he had refused to sea him, now that he
proposadto speak, he hoped he would hear
blm, Tbe Chair asured the Doctor he would
Uiten If be would go on. When h did start
It wu with a vengeance, lie Artt pitched
Into tho JSUrforlts slurring remarks, per
sons! to himself, and tald that If they did
not tak care tny would to etars In two or
three das. 11 wu competent to make
them know who h wat.
all adoct mi btAr.
Tbatwu th twoer that twraecuud the
late Dr. Bailey and raised th Indignation of
tn citixeni or wuuington against tne puo
llcatlonof the Ktlol Er tn Wuhlngton.
Mr. Adamton uked If th paper wu not
then aider a different editorial management
than now.
Dr. S. did not rcwr. but proceeded to say
tnattnrougn inamnaeeoeor uaies a eeaton,
tbe cltlxena of Wublo Eton .were persuaded
to desist In their peitecullont, and tbat
purely on account of the damaging Influence
which the excitement had on the prosperity
of tb city. The tame motive whjch gov
erned th Sur then governi It now, via t
lMiiars ana cents, it was tne orcan oi
aristocrats, aod he wu glad Mr. Elrant had
so satirically described th toadying Jour
nal and lu "Sur Chamber" scheme.
While h did not propose to arraign Gen.
Toward for the expression of his views, he
thought he had put himself In rery bad com
pany. Tbe colored men wen too shrewd to
allow any such man to pull wool orer their
eyes. Gen. Howard wu being used by theee
terrlloriallsu, but he need not expect to
catch an old coon with any tuch argument.
Mr. K. Atkinson, commissioner of the
Fifth ward, said that Gen. Howard had
tonnded th key-not of th meeting. He
OouoaxstA meeting of committee from
lb boards of public school for this city.
ucurKCMjnu,1"" county,anq in ootoraa
ichooit of th District, wu held Wedneadtv
evening, at tbe rooms of th tchool board,
on Tlfth street, for th purpose of determin
ing upon a memorial to b presented to Con-
District of Columbia
Mr. New too, from th ub-commttte ap
pointed at thftprevlout meeting to prepare a
memorial to Congress, submitted the tame.
It sets forth that this District, being under
the direct control and special car of Con
gress, stands In a peculiar relation to the
entire country, different from that held by
any other tectlon or city In the Union, Num
ber of families are necessarily drawn here
for a temporary residue who do not become
owner of taxable property, and therefore do
not contribute wane maintenance of lb
Public school, while Lhalr children reaulr
the benefits of th same. A largportion of
mete non-paying resident are omcert ana
employ eet of the Government, who generally
retain their clllxenihlp In the But from
In 1807 It wai ucertalned that thirty-four
DOT Cent. Of the rjnnlla In tha rrahllA aehtWa
or Washington were children of Govern
ment employee, ana th fironortion l now
estimated to be tint Urgsr. Th census of
tool oaowoa an inert or.lh colored
population or th city or Wuhlngton since
I860 of 30,531, or nearly 900 per cent. In
Georgetown th locreu of th same class
was 1,89, or about 70 per cent , while la
th county It wu 9,04, or S3 per cent.
This Inert t consisted mostly of refatreee.
which, or course, Involved a corresponding
augmentation of the number of children of
tchool age, while It added llltl toth tax
able property of th District. The lnjnttioa
of requiring th property-owners within our
limit to bear the whole pecuniary burden
of education- tha children of thee tw
tax-pavlflgclasses la apparent, without ar-
Siment. That lb property of tha General
overnmeut la this District, amounting, II
Is believed, to over one-half of the entire
valuation, being exempt from all taxation,
th source of revenue for municipal pur
poses. Including tchool, are. by to much,
lest than are arallable In ordinary commu
ttltlew of equal wealth, where the entire
property I taxahl for inch purpose.
were th extanilvt rossestloai of th
United Bute lathis District to contribaU
their proportionat than to th support of
puoue education, tnere would m utu or no
nia id ciu iar Diair aia. a b iron it r aaao a.
why tuch aid should b granted 1 that Con
greet hu granted tuch aid In a very liberal
manner to various BUtet and Trritorle of
tht Union, which can urge no tuch till to
consideration u inn uisinc presents, jl
rtrent sutemeut from th General Land
Office tbowt that Congress has granted for
tha annnortof common school Tn different
flute and Territories 67,983,523 acres of
laudf and another itatement from th same
aource ehowa that six million acre more
bare been given In script to various agricul
tural college In th SUtcs. aggregating 73,-
533,V4 acres loau. ihmjiuui Ha iuum
Manrxlan orte of flLSSoer aore.amounU
In rains' to tntTS,OQ3.&0a Th DUtrlct of
voiumDia.tn special prougtoi tn nauon,
hu thus rar received not on acre.
In condnilon. th meraorlallaU inetreaL
u the tnoet desirable method of meeting th
want at tt forth, that an appropriation b
votod from th national Treasury, for th
purpose of erecting th ichool-bouies now
to urgently requlredl(aa equal to one third
or all turns raised or appropriated for tchool
?nrpoee for four tuccesslr year from Jnly
. 1S69. bv th several munlelDal anthoritie
of the District, and to be expended under
toeh uffguards at Congrest mar deem
proper! alto, that an appropriation of 1,000,
000 acre of public landt b made, th pro
ceed thereof to constitu a permanent fund
for th public tchool of this Dlttrictobe
apporuonea in un manner.
Mr, Richard submitted a bin which he
bad prepared to be presented to Congre
entitled, "A bill to grant 1,000,000 acre of
public land for th benefit of public icbooli
In the District of Columbia, and also an ap
propriation for erecting suitable and neces
sary school buildings therein.' It provide
that 1,000,000 acre of Uud b granted, to
be divided between th cities or Wuhlngton
and Georgetown and the county of Wash
ington, tne mouey raaiuea iromtaesaiB
or such lands shall be Inveited la the ttockt
or th United Bute yielding not leal than
ore per centum, to constitute a perpetual
food, tha cabltal of which shall remain
forever undiminished, and tbe Interest of
which thall be Invariably appropriated by
tald cities and county to tha support and
malntenancebf public tchool In said city
and county for the education of children
therein between tbe aget of B and 17 years,
without distinction ot coioror race oi tne
children attending them. If any portion of
tbe f nud or the Interest shall by any action or
contingency b diminished or lost, It shall
b replaced by lb city or county to which
It belongs, to that tha fund thall remain
forever dlmlnlhed,and no portion of th fund
or Interest thall be arplled towards th pur
chase of any site for th construction of
any tchool-houie or building. In order that
tald cltlei may rccelv ImmedlaU aid necea
ury to provide luluble school ouUdlagt and
other accommodation for th large number
of children of tchool age, now prevented
from aUendlng public tchool because of the
lack of tuch accommodations, the Treuurer
of th United Butts than pay to thetreu-
urert or tau ooarat, jor tne purpose oi sa-
mrtmrhtt-a-erectlneaud furnishing; suitable
buildings, a turn equal to on third part of all
moneys appropriated for school purposes by
said cities and county In quarterly Instal
ments for four lueceuive rears. from July 1
J889 1 the BecreUry of the Interior lo ap-
tirorn an man a ior acnooi DuiiauiBrB.
The memorUl and bill war both ap
proved, and It wa ordered that tbey be laid
before coDgr!.
wa the good friend of the colored people,
fa vole, Tes, be It a good friend' out
be tbougbVthat h found himself la bad
company. He wu afraid tbe proposed
cbang wonia wora aetnmentai to tne tn
tereeuorthe colored peopl of th Dlatrict.
it aorocataa tn adoption oiiu resolution
offared bvOounellman Finer.
Oeneral A. Grant said that he wu Inter'
ested In th movement, but disapprove d
the mil that had been drawn op. U advo
cated a bill that wonld confer upon all the
cltlxena the right or electing ait in o racers
from Governor down. It wu not for th
committee to esy what kind or a bill Con
srresi thall naa. Bntor Wilton had laid
Congrest conferred trpon th colored men of
the Disuict,(aareauureat;on greet wonia
Barer ahrldr. their rirhts. Th bill u Pro
posed teOVoroooU aad atarer would pas that
body It wu solidly Republican, and would
remain so.
Mr. Freeman, lnUrruptisg, tald tbat they
aia no luswacs vougrass, out tnose gentle
men who wished to represent them to Coo
rr ... . .... . . . i ..-.iriirT. l... .n".fc.
ue rooToa tnat a comnutiee oe appointoa i vntB-auVa;a ir.v;.tiwi vuiuvu.
iiwiitNa uiQw.e a,, aivtia Niiuup i
putor. read th following letter announcing
hie withdrawal from the pulpit of that
tteTtraalTTOW Of RxT. BlLLA MiaTTH.
I At the mooting or u ongrgaucn or tn
Of onrfromeuh ward, two from George- I Wednesday nlghl, Bt, BslU Martin, th
town, ana two iron tne county, to report at
aa adjourned meeting whether Itwasexpe
Vorctwa AOatr.
Qgoaorrowii Cotrrciu. J7oird ofAUUr
nwrtv The Board met lut night pursuant
teUw, tb recorder (Mr. Caperton) In the
chair. All lb members present except Mr.
Mr. Newman preunted a retolutlon to
collect the claim due tbo corporation by tha
Jate Ellen B. Lang, ruled
Alto, a resolution directing th clerk of
th corporation to pay out of th general
fund t th order of each Alderman and
each number of the Board of Common
Council th tun of 9200 annually for ter
vice rendered. The retolutlon alto pro
vides that In th evsnt or th absence or any
mernbec'or either Board from the regular
meetldgrof the Boards a fin of IS thalt be
lo posed for each absence, and thaMUde
dctd fremiti year pcyof each member
unlet a reuonable excuse be glren Th
resolution provide that the ordlnanc tball
not go Into tffectfanUl afUr March 1, 1870?
Laid over until the lut night of the session.
A message wu received from th lower
Board transmitting th resort of th Joint
committee la relation to lb fitting up of a
town ball for corporation office.
Mr Brouaugh moved th report b laid
Mi. Davit tald that, u there wu no recom
tneudatloo, h would not propot aay action
tonight lie had hoped th gentlemen of
the other Board would h shown magna- .
nl tolly enough to have made torn provision
to compeniau th employe of th customs,
who had been to obliging U to afford th
authorities th opportunltr of eon tinning
th use of th building up to th preeent
time. He wUMtiafitd lb gentlemen of lb
other Board had their mladi disabused on
th subject of any disposition oa th part of
governmental authorities to coerc tham tn
their action, bnt limply to keep tn tbelr
pedseeston th property with which they
were charged. II wu alto glad to ae that
tb gentlemen or in otner uoara were ex
hibiting to much regard for th new market
hot ii his opinion wu that It had not al way
pc en to
Mr lwman tald thia voara naa oen
msnanlmou enough to pat trim oa thl
committee during his absence. H would
vou lo compensate th Individual referred to.
Mr. Driver hld that th preeent hall was
th belter plac for th corporation offlc. It
WU central ana more secure tnan too towa
hall; U did not consider th town hall a
ufe plac for th corporation records.
Mr. Hill said h wu pretty confidant that
(hit would be the lut night th Council
woald meet there . . .
Mr. Newman. "Then Ferxuion will be
the man that will tnrn ut out,1'
Mr. Hill tald h wu fre to confu that
Ferguson would b tba nun that would do
U, and h could not to why he could be
blamed to long u they refuted to compen
sate bin for opening and closing th bnlld-
llr. Brouaugh' motion to lay on th tabl
w adopted ,
Resolution "(0. 0.) la pay bills of the Are
department for tho quarter ending Decem
ber 81, 18C0, amounting to folai, wai
Resolution (0. 0.) establishing th grade
of West street iUnddwa Mated.
Resolution (C. C.) authorising th clerk J
(a daH IV. taw af (ha Hwevmilnn w4ntau1 '
In a newspaper, provided tb coat thereof
shall not exceed Ih cost for printing th
laws daring tb year 1BC9. Fasaed.
Resolution (C.C.) to meet the d0clncy
fog furnishing .the eutior.-bout.es wu
Rssolntioa (C. 0.) In faror of C T.
rock, late recorder) J. D. McGlll and. Wm.
u itarsai, waa passoa.
Besolutlon (0. C.) la favor of William
n. Tcany and John Lay wu pasted.
RsolaUoo.(0. C) la relation to th repair
of th new road In th vicinity of Drovers'
Rest wu passed
Adjourned- .
Cemmoa 0wtf-i.Th Board wu calUd
to order by tb president, (Euo Pick
fell, esq.)
Mr. Dunlop presented bill of John U
Bmoot lUfrrd.i
Mr. llulchlna preunUd the report of ex
pense of tha poor and work-bouse for lb
quarter ending Decmbr 31, 1M9, amount
ing to 1111.74. Bfemd.
Mr. Clabaugh prwented bill of John Fay
and Wm. U. Tlnney. Passed.
Mr. Cox presented bull of Uleeton A
Bamtt and Mayfleld & lllestou. Referred.
Ur. Hutchlna reported retolutlon pro.
Tiding for the repair of the new road In th
vlcln ity of DroTtra Rett, raised.
Mr. Clabaugh Introduced a resolution re
lating to lb publishing of thelsws or th
corporation for th year 1870, providing the
cost thereof doe not exceed that for the
year 1809. ratted
The raaolntion to chanm the location Of
the corporation office waa ukm up, and ttl
contlderation postponed until the next meet
Th resolution requesting lb collector of
taxes to tutptnd tb sals of certain prop
arty In arrears for Uxes war Uld on tb
Raaolation t B. A.) tn relation to the claim
of tho corporation against the lata Elsanor
it. i-ang wu rejerreu.
Mr. Jone Introduced a resolution pro
viding that th amount of license to b paid
by non-rettdent trader shall not be leas than
300 per annum. Referred
The annual report of the clerk of th cor
poration wu referred to the Committee of
Wayi and Meant, wjtit Instruction to bar
950 ooplu or th same printed for th us of
th corporation.
Death or ax Isxiulu Lady. The
wlf of Ex-Mayor Welch, of Georgetown,
died on Wednesday erenlag at an advanced
ag. Mr. Vf . wu long a consistent mam
ber ofth Methodist ProUsUnt church, the
putor of which, Rev. L. W Date, will
conduct th fuaarai aerrlc to-day.
Tbi GaxBdiTOw Klicttob. By refer
ncdlto our court column to-day will be
found the name of the judge of election,
to serve at th cornl-g municipal election
la Georgetown.
through the slur sold air of that winter night
aim th aouad of tweaty rolt color ad
roealUts Btagiag that alartout aatham of
Whtlo ahaphaf as waUhai thals I taks br sight,
illBaataaathagrjBU,, r
Thaaafalaf UaLardoamaiawa,
Aadglorr shaaaaroaaa.1 .
I will alwsra remember the aolsmnlty of
that haatwtho farms, with it ff( of lime
sad plaaa, agalB and agala.rasav t ao ovoa4
owoui, ! r ivi(vi
haaepolladtho aajoyaoolof tho retroap.
soni fland In horrid shape faaa wreogbt uaoa
ar laaxlBSlloo oaolbor saaoo a. room o
SortBth atraot) ttmo, II atdalghtf eompsay,
twenty iaaaiogiiiiiniQoaopaiioo, oonautia
lloa oa the etpootsd birth of a bow empire-
aod as th moment of tb sptod parturl
tloantaravasumaatiaa burst ot xulllag
soogbraska forth. llarl)i
WhUabahar4awabaad Uli Isihihf light,
Wf fas Ifght l aad pala,
Tha O aaauaa' aagtaaars uat la.
ABdahoial.LtafrialaJ ''
N.iav. what la anna-ant la tha Droooa ad
ohaege lo the gereranent oa the part th
twooty la thtai adetermloatlon to fraatf aad
nuiltl up a FU1IDB un.iaafi , itavai
war BBBJ1 mj irraJiaaivifjaiap7Tio
iVVUW aiaa
ala,th propoi
ia a vols la
eta. It aat await
bar of tb sommUtoe ef flea mm pledge them-
dtenttoform a Unftorlal form of govern
Mr. C.H. Tetart moved that th motion
be laid on the uble.
Mr B. F. Kaiser offered resolutions favor
ing tb view expressed by Mr. Elvans.
J Major Morse denounced th whole scheme
vaantntlnna mnA all. Na Ana tl nit.rtWt(t
what they proposed to have, and thought
thing wen good enough u tney are. Now,
some or the prominent cltUens who uy "my
colored cltlaens,", wonld, If tb "Sur cham
ber" plan prevailed, add res them u
damned nlinrtrt. f Cries of "That's to l'1!
J Tbi Chair called th ipeekir to order, and
tald he must con one himself to in question
under consideration. -
Major Mors concluded by saying that h
thought they all ought to b uhamed for
coming to tb meeting.
Mr riper' TtsoluUou rfsi then adopted,
the second on havlig bcea stricken off by
Mr. P., with the consent of tbo mealing.
Mr. A. ll Green offered th follow I sgj
which were unanimous r adopted r
Jt4ioaThat a vote of tbaoka be, aad the
aaao la harabr. toodertd to Mr. John It.
Klraas, Major aierB aad Dr. 8 aod grata for
thalr most eareest sod eloquent dafaooo of
ulk u that Fouldliare any wcjgbt with th
lntelllcent voters of tb Dlatrict. The men
who got up th bill were honest and sincere,
and u good Republican as there were ta
the Dlttrlct.
in reply to ft question, Mr. M. said th
AHrtnal bill introduced br Senator Harlan
did provide for th government or th Dis
trict by commissioners, and that bill wu
Introduced to relieve Congress or the presa
tira maji- nriaii Its members at ererr session
by tbe cltlaens here to obuin the pattag of
tblt Din ana tuat uu.
Tou talk about Independence and the
rlorlout risrhU of franeblte. Ton elect a
petty council, tbat regulate a few slretU
and that can't give a Ucente without th
unction of th board of police, and that
Board appouwa oy to rrcnacat. iei'
'Or alaaaaa.
br graatiog than a vol U ehoostag tbe sub
ordinal offlaos. IX aa aware that iwo aa-
aad d la U torts LWitlo afuaptia td Ibiow
to in waaa,uo propoaao iw
m ft volt ta enoo
. (I aa aware th
Mlrasaa havlagbooa alwaya ta favor otolae
tloa of an omagra dt ia poopio, nowaiBgu
Ur, that two thirds el a eommlme of full pow.
on ahould bo la fa for of a preposition which
they report aSlBar,aad la faror of that; which
thoy rfjsatl) Uutlbaro reashod apolstla
tbla dlaouasloa wbere I Musi guard tny lan
guagti '' -I
TUual P iforr1(t!if it aearasr
WBtcklaghltlsmbarSBdOBl,, L
Fata ap a job, to g. rtdat IhoUob. .
Aa4 iar. abaOoTtratr.'tarrala "
Imagioailoa sarrlas ao forwsrd too rear
from to-olgbt Xhar ratlrod from tht work
of tbadsf i I sm readlsg tho last aumbar ol
the Ar'siny Courf Jouraof, (1st the A Praia;
SttlUr Lmlrit ) Ut us see whst It asyai
agatnat-lb uojusl
atrial a rai iwaianruo not rise t
a rttlotSm) fomtntod through fth lwalag
aroroi toiaaata. bbq ior taair iruo anu iai
ful eipoaltlOB of Ut development of th i
torritertalgoreramoBt of the pUtrlet of I
wvoipro, iniiwr irrai tn cuuri iaan
Titkt84tiUAmnd CmfrfmtUn olU ytlst-iM-
al ri ttkmtti lam L9tea '
Deaa UBBTaasri I)atr oalls me to aaether
and dlafsreat sphere of labor. I laklsg fara
wellof yea too laterosttof my raao would
eoeatadoaaad Uat I at U a time bid
Jartwall to U latstry u a profoatloa,
I hare atrer had muah roepost for ar
tltlti, and X doubt aot that with a reraroal
spirit aod a toelons dvotloa to the; work of
my Muter la soadoatlog a puhlu Journal X
will raaala aa nuah of a rvrBS Uer a
here, although X faarehy drop tba HU; u I
thiak, forever.
Thi aatloa aprtog from ao ehsegt of eoa
vlstloi la rtUroaeo to the anIol prtaalpla
of the Ooapal ef Ohriat. tat from a belief (hat
thar 1 a plaa for to ta flit at rsat la
whlsh I need tb frdof aeaUtttr,B4lB
th Ubore of whlsh X thlakloeado more
good without the burden of a title, whlah Is
eoaetlmM th watahword of atrporatltloar
aaoeg follow-, aad ofln a alga f Btr
egotism ta tho waror. . .
Jaareasaldfnetthlek ttatoenary to go
through tho form ol claiaiUaldiio
imlAM naaallav tho FroabrtartaafJhureh. I
roostrtd th eoBVaatloaal right te Breath from
ua a ifrftr
tb ptopto la a Itaptut oh unfa, a
turreodar I lb poopi whaler tr right ther
haralatbt matUr, My soavlatloasfaaveaa-
wara boon ni a atristiy aoBgregtiioaai anarat-
by many of the adrooataa of thl territorial
maaaur ioa i pri an
auaittloaf theiahorlai
aualttloaf theiahorlag asaasa whlsh ku
Jul ml i tad to-night lo to aoit niUgaaot
hlrabutlre eplthata agttolt Oongraas aad
he Kepahlloaa tirty.
After tendering the chairman, R. M. Halt,
a vol of thankt for lb Impartial manner
let tilfh ri Tna.il nraMi1 ttia mtlnir at
1 11.30 o'clock, adjourned.
it.pnaa.1 tvltl aai
tograalOff QortJ9rmai,
n.rix laaiiiaaiai
aaaar iuan
I .at uaiiiniiii thla aoal of armat A aoatral
ropreaaatatlon of lha world Ibreo fourth!
aaarkad 'Grand Dusttr Of Columbia," aod the
baiao,rBpreantlBgaa oeao,eurmoUBtdby
two lettara, XX, ropraiantUg the Immortal
A jitaraalof hU orM !
f Lordi of ike araadPaahfftf
Afiiaaiit al a.rm.a d! hla ILaval Hlahaaaa.1'
twtolr who laauguratad tb ow rsglao. a
Jeiha Ian a lloa tkt H trtwMtM UOItl
flight so aalmsl dlffloull to dlattsgeUb, hut
BOUSSSDia ior lia Tar long r, i ( lunpn
aamul ), by th Ursae of tod aad the satUV
aBSofthTweaty " Mottoi 'giir tiatttta
expofuU cauda "' Ike hlgbor ft monkty tllmos
th mor ho ehowa his Itlli)
ji us raau on i
Ovrsiasoi i Pais or fit Iialh -Ta tra ta
farmad.oaerattblaaalhariir, laaitaa hi
maak asaaraaof lata kr ika aaralataat aatloa (
aa of U lowai are, 1. aaaraaiiag aim aa mr
a aeea
, tOommaslaatad.1
Legalised Ib)JbUo A 5oo far I--.-lalativo
WiliiroroitD. 7 .Jia.JO.UCft.
)Ib. EoiTOai An extraordinary cue of
Ugallaed Injustice has reTClled luelf to my
observation .by the operation of .the law In
force In tblt District an Bulling an Instru
ment of writing, however authenticated, un
let! signature! duly witnessed bjtwo or
three penont.
Alan InUretted party, a brief tUUemeut
of facts may b of latere.
Th widow of a former prominent official
of tb United Bute, dying, left a will in her
own nanawriuofr, ana tignea at tue oottom
of each page. No doubt nat been er pressed
but that tne writing ,and signature ar
eennlnei veialeiralteebnlcallir reverts the
property to others, contrary to the desire of
tue executrix at uat ooca cspresaca uj uer
verbally and otherwise.
Tbe tint legal Uteot In th country, and
members of Congreu, advise tbat tbe Na
tional Laniilalaro be umealed to waive this
cause, or revls th 'ltV for the benefit of
other victim to it, and It ti believed that
ther will b so heilutlon on tbe part of
vongTcit tn removing tnis glaring wrong.
A Naw Oliis or Good im WiiatKaTOK.
Tb canned fresh Oregon Salmon, f
wtuLuuia iiTor, urUD. tib raciuo ramimu,
mucn sepenor tome xjLSiero irvan a.aioa.
So'd wholesale and retail by the Northern
froducd Company! Joqt TnnylfgulA tc-
tare to oherth govoramaat, and 1 faav a
eoptod UKrehywrtaa form of gorersmaat
baus X did aotflad aoagrgatlaallsm
a sanaa- our oaoola no tali tad wtU oroasrlDttea
at thaLrOrd' labia. Ilartthabodj thatof
dalatd mo as I Uft th 'StaU la which X wts
boro at tk au oi iMoaom.aoo mm not
to b gala atug4 wit th yob of
It mar bo that ray departure from th pulpit
WlllOoil lawirm iviuvi v
iia.. thai valaad in It. oaa of Whl
reatharii la not bat lar to break no oolorod
ehunbaa alone with tho eoloroj sahoola,
aad Jolu with our white brethren, Jlke Uo
eral Jlowsrd and, bla o-labQrrs.whc) are
ready to receive ul br thrta la the Church
of Christ. Mt
l BBSll remain among ya,aam uamwf
torlal ehalrof U Ktm Xra 1 wllltioawbaU
over, poor powera 1 poaaoaa toaolmateroa.
aad lDstrud your shlldrta In th lor of
X bldyoa an affsslUeato farewell from thla
pulpit, tb duties of wblob, If wall die barged,
would prarsat a from asking aypapar
wnn li nun bi toaitnaaau, , ,
siTftstloaat grootieg ta gustiUan of your o
ttrestsla apublIJorusl.
Yours, torlagly. BittA Mibtib.
V AisimTQ". Jsa. 1. llTO.
Tub 6.usim or tbi Dmaior Cocits.
Ia our court colamn to-day will he found
tho time for holding the courts of the Dlt
trlct and the name of th Judge who will
bold them.
TaiMirii ortAL'lsTiTg. Orien A
WlUUms, auctloneert, hare sold the two
story and-attie brick dwelling, No. 407
Seventh street, between G aud 11 ttrtcti
north, to Ju. G, Bmlth, for 3tTO0.
I "
Tin WisaiigTOW Citt Blvmas Bakb,
corner BeTenth street and Louisiana avenu,
It open from 0.80 to 7)80 every Saturday eve
ning, la addition to It regular banking
hour. It pay Interest on deposits. B
Swxit ilavaBk Obiiois ar .eoasUntiy
for sal by tb Northern l'rodac Company,
Why buy th common our fruit when th
real HavanM can b bought nurly al
cheP' t
1 u.n Af tha tmard of dlrCtOri Of th
from th I rionwr Homestead Atsoclation will U held
railroad, rtQif -Tcnlng. at T o'clock, at the offlc of tbi
T. Hilii rSolLK inn Tica.-Dr. p. 0.
Perrx, DematolocUt, a Bond itreet. New
TorkJ (tbii.ler of tu 'deruatologlcal eel-
.... la u etmnlrj,) tnau wun ereciai
preeerlpUeaft ralllor, lou, aod UBUmelj
gray balr dandraS; ttehl.r ceeema. rtaf
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Uuiai.Cuax inn Wanuw. late chief
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Rni nlvm A La.t Coir. DowM.-Yoa
can real two large hatta la Woodward'a
Building for 133 aod M per month. Kow ,
le the beet time to arall youraelf of tueh a
good opportunjiy, oi. .u W"l I'lvpamyi.
Seter beooreredagala. Apply Immediately
to 0. Woodward, No. 70S Efoteath eiroef,
between Q and II. M-41
Wrux & Qnn't Brwtm Micnl, jiro
aonaMd the elmpleet and noteeleu machine
la th. world, can bow be bought on eaiy
terme at the agency, O. Baum'e Uoopaklrl
aad Ooreet Factory.' II! Betenlh tirect, be
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