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The TerrltcrUl QaeUoa Comlderei
A meeting of the clttuni of the Seventh
ward wat held Uit erenlog at Island Hall,
to eonstdsr tbe question of changing th
form of Ihe present government of the Dis
trict. The meeting was called to order by Mr.
F. A. Boswell, who tald that the meeting wm
called Irrespective of party to cooslder the
question now agitating the community,
whether It wai for the Interest of tbe Dls
trlct to chance tU form of government to
that of a territory, it waa proposed to hold
an adjourned meeting some days hence to
discuss tb qnesllon. He Dominated Reuben
Bacon m chairman of tbe mertlog, and be
took tho chair. Hexekiali Edwarde secre-
da motion of Dr. Boyd, a commute of
ibree waa appointed by the Chair to draft
resolutions to be submitted at tbe next
meeting, and Meaart. r. A. uosweu, a.
Watson and M. T. Walker were named as
tbe committee.
Mr. Boawell wished tbe meeting to dis
tinctly understand that tbe Qnettlon to be
coeetdered was not of a partisan nalur.
Ila most reapectfnUy declined serving on
the commltte. lie was a corporation offl
cer, and while he should not yield bis prlvl
lege to disease tbe question, he eould not
serre ol the committee. It would not make
any difference to tbe cltlxcns what report
the committee might make, whether In
favor of or against a territorial form of gor
ernment. It would be for tbe meeting to
accept or reject tbe resolutions offered by
the committee.
Mr. Boyd thought tbe declination of Mr.
Boswell should not be received1. It had
been left for the Chair to appoint, and he
could not see why Mr. Boswell should not
Mr. T. T. Fowler thought Mr. Boswell's
objections well founded, and the Cbalr
should accept his declination.
Mr. Boswell said be bad several days sine
expressed bis opinion In open meeting of
what be thought of the territorial scheme,
and a one of the city editors had replied to
his remarks, be might hare occasion again
to express ibe same opinions he bad at a
meeting In tbe First ward.
Tbe Chair subsequent)? appointed Mr. T.
T. Fowler to All the vacancy, and on mo
tion oi Mr. uowen. ma commutes was in
creased to Ave, J. F. N. Wilkinson and W.
J. Walker belog added to tbe committee.
In response to the Inquiry of a colored
Toter, Dr. Boyd explained the nature of the
proposed form of government. Ho said It
was a Democratic scheme to deprive the
colored men of the right of franchise a
peculiar trick to cheat the citizens of (he
rights conferred by the charters of the cor
ttoriilona of Georgetown and Wasblnttton.
lie believed la representation, and w.) down
cm monopolies of every description.
Rev. J. W. Green could not see what tbe
meeting waa to gain by talking, unlets tbe
subject was definitely slated. Until the
proposition was squarely presented, be was
opposed to biasing tbe minds of the colored
people. Why not bare tbe bill, and discuss
the merits of the question. lie was tired of
the way things had been going on. Tbe
people bad not been properly Instructed, and
he was opposed, earnestly opposed, to this
one-sided wayofconsldertogmatters. Again,
he sold the meeting was not prepared to con
alder or understand the territorial govern
ment scheme. He hoped tbe meeting would
not applaud fair words. That was why the Re
publican party was in confntlon. Tbe lead
era have deceived tbe people. They told
tbem things they never Intended to doj that
waa what was the matter. It was proper to
defer tbe subject until tbo meeting was ready
to act Intelligently.
B. A. Douglass was Id fator of a U'ritorlal '
form of government If all the officers were
elected by tbe people, otherwise he should
advocate the present form, preferring of two
evlleto choose the least. Tbe plan of Brown
A Co. was a direct blow against tbe rights
of tbe clttxens of the District. It was got
up by wealthy aristocrats, and be warned
the colored people to beware of tbelr sugar
coated pills.
Mr. P. A Boswell said he had heard In
lb Mrir rmrt of the meetlnir that some
gentlemen favoring the territorial form of
government wouia db prucat w uuchh u
question. He wanted both parties to be
heard In fair discussion. lie was la favor
of the present form of government, as tbe
best and ooly one tbe peoplo could eierclse
tbelr rights under as 'citizens.
The preceding speaker had said truly that
tbe bill proposed tbe President should ap
point tbe Governor and upper Board, and
tbe people should elect tbe lower Board.
Having told that. It was all that could be
said. There were aome minor offices to be
filled, but tbe malor part of tbe bill was
comprised In the appointing power of tbe
President. The same gentlemen that bad
for tbe past three years been endeavoring to
n tti MmmlulABUn' bill thrnno'h Can.
gress bad suddenly made tbelr appearaoee
as the schemers of a Territorial form of
government. The aame gentlemen composed
the board now that had been united In times
past la urging the government of the District
by commissioners.
ne could tell tbe meeting that all the gen
Uemen composing that board were not Dem
ocrats. There were men to It who claimed
to be good Republicans as good as tfas
blackest man In tbe city of Washington or
Georgetown. Well, men were entitled to
tbelr opinions, and be could always respect
those who frankly avow tbelr sentiments.
As for himself, according to his own con
victions he should endeavor to support tba
-loM. and hnnnd he WO aid always b foaud
on the side of lasllee, whether tbe presesao
ported him or not. Now, If the commit
aloner form of government Is correct, why
did they not ask you, fellow-eltlsens, to act
and confer with them then t Did they do It t
Ton then had the same rights you now
enjoy. Wat not your opinion won a tome
thing f Did you ever see any of these gen
tlemcn la your ward meetings t Ho 1 Until
they found the doors or Congress closed
against them, and that without the people,
tbe popular voice of the roters,was heard In
rnr of their peculiar scbemei not until
then did they condescend to ask your sup
It bad beta said the bill was imperfect be
cause it was hastily prepared, lie knew
tbsre were many things In It open to crit
icism, but the speaker said be knew tbe bill
was carefully drawn up. It was Quietly and
leisurely dlsenssod, and this devil was con
ceived la tbe real estate shop of Kit bourn
and Latta, up on Seventh street, and at
their own appointed time allowed Ibe free
dom of tha DLatrlct. Why was it. If tber
were so anxious to promote the interests of
an wnj aw iney not invite me people 10
Join wltutreUaJramlng or preparing It?
Th&t would not do; out to tret support thev
appealed to a few dlttatitned Republicans,
and hoped In that way to gain tbe sympathy
of nanr of the voters. II j had already ex
pressed himself as opposed to tbe change
and In favor of the present form or system
of government. Now, If a man wo elected
tA ofnea and did not represent the People.
the people could set him aside at tbe next
election, ana too jTupioui .m snj hbw
that men elected to-day were not certain to
represent them six mourns uence. tome
people, and not to the few, does It belong to
suggest and present new measures and to
Beiue IDS queauoD oi tuo .una ui guTuru
meat best lor the District.
Ita would ask what advantages the labor
ing men of the District would gain under
the proposed change that they do not now
nim. if Ton cannot elect all the ofllcers.
what good wonld It be to elect the lower
iraara OI (WCDV-UTC, it yivyv I MUUIU
not the governor and upper board control
the entire government! 1 hey would be ap-
poiatca tor louryeara, wnueiue lower uoara
could only stand for two years. Supposing
tbe lower board should oppose tbe measures
of tbe upper board, what would that amount
tf Its members could say wo an appointed
and are ma of Influence! help yourttlvo If
you can. she governor wonia nave ihe
veto power, and from hi decision there was
nn arwtai
Now what Is the remedy under the present
f.um nf mvirnment. The People can re-
move their representatives If they fall to lire
up to tbelr pledge ioer promiavt. tocy
k. Ham It bafurfl and ther can do It again.
He wanted the advocates of the territorial
form of government to have tbe widest
scop for tbelr argument. Jf tber attend
our meeting on next Friday night In this
hall. ! ran nrMBtit thalr Petition With all
the arguments they can amas In support of
ineir measure it mey ao cose, no trut.ou
the cltlseus of the Seventh ward would set a
betur czampl to tbe other wards by bo
having themselves and treating the speaker
wita respect
No doubt It would c -aij ihrre wm
another bill bvhlud the umiii. r utidlng for
,hf iltcUtfu of all tbe ofllwr s I) ut w hat uf It.
The schemers knew, and hoknew, that Con
gress never would pas such a bill as that.
it migni D usea ior a suDtenuge, ana men
Its advocates would go before Congress and
say striae out sue election oi uoTernor ana
npper Board and let them be appointed.
Congress could not confer upon tbe District
the power coaiemptaiea oyae mil. it was
not their to glve,Martr. you, this Is only
a dodge to get the approbation of the people.
He wished to say a fw words on the sub
ject of good order la tbe meetings of the
Seventh ward Citizens. If a man come be
fore yon and advocate measure you do not
approve, treat him a you would wtsh to be
treated in the same noalrJon. bnt da not
sanction disorder and disturbances.
Let it not be charged against the colored
men of the Seventh ward that they defy the
officer of tbe law la disturbing the peaceful
meetings of.th citizens of Washington.
Dispatches, truthful and discreditable to this
city, bad gone abroad detailing the particu
lars of the mob-ltke conduct of men who
bad prevented their fellow-cltliens from
holding meetings, lie did not want such
charge to go forth that Republicans were
enemies of free speech that they set them
selves against the law and defy tbe officers
to arrest them for tbelr actions. He could
tell such men there was a law to protect
pHDiiQ mniiugH, una it win oo euiorcea.
It belongs to the dignity, tbe good name
'the Republican party that It should be
enforced. He advised the voters of the Ber
enth ward not to participate with those who
nave nrougnt aiscreaii upon me party ty
encouraging such conduct, but to keep down
disorganization and condemn all who array
themselves as disorganize!, n would
pieoge to me aavocate or tne Territorial
form of irovernment that If they would attend
tne meeting on rriaay mgni tney wouia
hare a respectful hearing.
He trusted that erery cltliea would attend
tbe meeting, and asked those present tola-
rite ineir neignuors to do present.
Mr. T. T. Fowler thought tbe question
should bo discussed calmly and fully. He
was opposed to a territorial form of govern
ment. The history of the territorial gov
ernments were that tbe gorernor was Inva
riably appointed from the States, and sneb
a form of rovernment would ctrtalnlr be
obnoxious to tbo people of the District.
a no meeting turn aajournea
Tan Sixtbi Winn Rirnnt.tmw Ptt-w
The rerular meetlnir of the clnb warn hM
Tuesday erenlng, at Illation chapel, on
Tenth street east, with tbe president, Charles
Champion, In the chair. Several persons
rrera aamniea to memoersnip, when Mr. r.
D. Galne offered a resolution empowering
the president of the club hereafter to ap
point all delegates and all committees,
which was met with loud crlee of "Lay It on
tbe tablel' 0h, there yoa are; one mm
jwcr, (vc, act
Mr. C. White sail that the mover of this
resolution might be a tool of S. I. Brown,
and have tots for sale. The resolution was
an Insult to the club, and It was offered as
sneh. Instead of being laid on tbo table It
ought to be put Into the store or thrown ont
of the window.
Mr. Gaines said the resolution was to pre
vent misapprehension on the part of tbe
working classes Juit about tbe beginning of
the campaign, and It would prevent meet
ings from being packed to carry certain
points, as often had been tbe case before.
Mike Shiner characterized the resolution
as a trick to prevent Bowcn delegates from
ocidr icuiioina nominating convention la
P. RUer tboacht tbe Dassaee of the
resolution would save contention, and go far
towarut prvterriaK aarmony in meetings.
i ne presiaent men too ine noor, ana said
he would not like to take the retnontibUItr
which would be Imposed upon him by the
resolution, and wished Mr. Galne to with
draw It.
Mr. Galne refused, and tha resoInUan was
then laid upon tbe table.
Mr. Galne then mored to set asldo the
vote, but was overruled, and Mike Sblner
then pitched Into blm. He said there were
two men whom he had worked hard for, but
woo had now practically left the club. They
were here present, and they bad been em
powered to reconstruct the party la tbe
f Cries of "Call the namot!" when a mem
ber said. "Tcs. I'll call themt SImms and
Mr. Gaines here called tba tne&ker to
order, but Mike Shiner reoamedi "What was
you doing np there with Crane and tbem at
that meeting at Union League Hall tbe other
mgnti x on are uicay t got no use for you.
Ton vn In In (ha Vavnr'a rrwm ih.V. h.n.
with blm like bis best friend, and then go
outside and act precisely oppoalte."
Mr. Gains (excitedly.) "Ion are a Bar,"
to which Mike Bblner replied, "well, I don't
carej yon can't pass any of your resolutions
here. Ton want to ret a hand in tha eon-
rentloa already. I don't know who will be
Mr. Gaines. "Bowen won't, rou can bet
on that."
Mike Shlacr. "Well. If he ain't. It will be
h good Republican."
Mr. Henry Butler here mored to declare
the seats of Messrs. Sim and Gaines In tbe
c'ub vacant, which caused terrible confa-
sion, uaines an toe wnue trying, no success-
tuny, to get tne noor.
The Cbalr finally settled the matter by
refmlotr to entertain the motion.
jar u. I'tarce aaia taat any tnemoer or
toe cms nau a ngnt to oe oppoaea to iayor
oowra ana not te cooaemnea ior iu r.rery
man bad his choice of men In any party.
After debate as to the probability of Ar
cher Fletcher pettier the contract for trad
ing Thirteenth street east, Mr. Champion
took tb floor and hauled Mike Shiner orer
the coals for saying at a meeting a few
nlefats sine that he was opposed to mixed
schools. He said that the colored people
who were of that oplolon should keep II to
tbtmselres, as, by expressing It, they would
only Injure tbelr party. Let the white peo
ple fight It out.
Mike Shiner, whose blood was rankled by
these remarks, said that he was opposed to
mixed schools, as It was a wrong principle.
He said that you may talk aa you pteaoe,
(nn whit mam. but thera 1 not OO of TOU
in a thousand who la your hearts 1 la faTor
at imxea tcnoo is.
The IndeUtlrabie Mike was stui storm
ing the fortress when the meeting adjourned.
BooT-BLACxa. This Institution Is now be
coming an intolerable nuisance. The arc
ane swarms with these birds of the brush,
and pedestrians find much difficulty la tbelr
attempt to pass along, notwithstanding tbe
broad and noble pavements provided for
"foot passengers." The universal bawl Is,
"Want yerboets blacked V at the aame
time settllag down like a swarm of; bee In
front of the person accosted. Then, again,
should a gentleman drive up to the curb a
myrufl or boouniacKS surround nis vemcie
shouting, " Doe yer want yer hoss hold T"
This annoying practice should be abated,
and we are glad to notice that Officer Jas.
McColgaa yesterday arrested one of the
ringleader of tb gang, on Pennsylvania
avenue, named Williams, who was engaged
la a fight with oae of blssmaUer companions.
He was taken before Justice David II.
Smith, who gave him a sound lecture, and
Imposed a Due of one dollar for disorderly
conduct. These boot-blacks are not partic
ular, wbea opportunity anroms, in appro
priating small things that do not belong to
tbom, and two arreat were made yesterday
on a charge of steallog newipaper from tbe
doors of subscribers. It Is time tbo Councils
should enact such laws as will keep In sub
jection these pests to society, either by licens
ing tbem or requiring positions to be occu
pied in certain localities for tbe prosecution
of the occupation of boot-blacking.
Local Bsivitiis Officer Roderick has
arrested Primus Dodsoa on comptalat of
Emanuel Lewis, who charges blm with
stealing from blm a black cloth coat valued
at 130, two pair of pants valued at 110 each,
two dress coat valued at ISO each, a vest
valued at $10 and several other articles of
value. Some of the property his been re
covered, and Dodton commit teed to Jail by
Justice Harper.
A colored man, named John Crittenden,
wm thrown from a borseon Tuesday, and
received quite serere Injuries.
The police returns yesterday were barren
of "Hems" of public Interest."
Goitn to AtBAHT. Tbe following-named
prisoner, who hare been sentenced for
offences, left town on Monday night en route
for Albany, where they propose to tpend
some time working tor the Goreroiuenti
Woi. Shaw, Randall Bowie, Wm. alias Spi
der Brown, Kmmctt Tasco, Wm. Saunders,
Henry llatnmond, Theopbllus Clark, Isaac
Walker and Wm. Warren, the L street
rioters, convicted of assault with Intent to
kill officer Lawlcr, and Alfred Soowdea,
convicted of assault with intent to kill, and
Wm Howard, couricted of grand larceny.
Daxss Co its, ready made, from 130;
made to order, from $33 to $10.
Dress Vests, ready-made, from fl; mad
to order, from 10 up.
Dress Pantaloons, ready made, from $9j
made to order, from 110 to 118.
Gso. C. Uxnaiau,
No. 410 Serenth street, nortbwett.
Orahd Cosjcmt at thi Mrthopomt.!
Caoaca. We learn that a g'jud concert
for the benefit of the church will be glTen
In tbe Metropolitan church In a short time
ThAtima and details will be made rmblk
bMltorUicmint la a few days.
tub o n r ii a n h
The annual meeting of lb Washington
City Orphan Asylum was held last night at
the Calvary Baptist church. The meeting
waa presided orer by Rev. uu rarker, pastor
of the church, and the exercises consisted of
addrcsto by Rot. L. B. Mitchell, of the New
York avenue rrrsbvterlan church, and Dr.
Parker, singing by the children of the
asylum, reading of the reports of the officer,
Ac Tbe report of tbe secretary la a follow n
The managers of the Washington City
Orphan Asylum with grateful hearts ac
knowledge another year of blessing to the
The continued rood health of tb ornbant
In their charge, their ailment during the
past year requiring bnt one professional call
irom tneir ever xina rnena. ut. Mercury,
glre occasion for special thanksgiving to
our Heavenly father
The Board regret to bare to record the
fact that the efficient and devoted matron,
Miss Waonall, has been coafined to her
room with Intense and protracted suffering
for many months, but It affords us pleasure
to say that her health la now restored, and
that she Is once more able to take her place
la the midst of tbe family orer which she
has watched so long and so faithfully.
Tbe number of children at praaeat to the
asylum Is 106. Twenty-four have been re
ceived daring tbe year, eleven boys and thir
teen giris. tignt ooys ana eleven gins nave
been sent out to comfortable homes se
cured for them by the board.
inose cnudran wno aueaa tne oar scnooi
continue to progress la their studies, with
marked satisfaction, and tbe primary class
bare made steady and excellent progress da
ring tbe year, for which great merit la due
to their teacher, Miss Rebecca UeManntog,
a young lady reared from Infancy la the
asyium, ana wno now returns rour-ioia au
the benefits It bestowed upon her.
The Bandai school now In charge of Mr.
Keaa compare favorably with laat year's
report of Its condition Tbsamkladteach-
ers attend each Sunday and Impart religions
I nit ructions to the Utile ones.
we can nest make our rrateiai acknowl
edgments to those kind teachers for the hap
pines they gave the children at Christmas
by giving the following extract from Mr.
&eea's annaay icnooi report!
MEi MDdad tat tATt. eandv. kt ait VS. !.
I of abalanteof tS.wfaltuT have paid Mr.
llattantraftfar Suadtr stheol fcokt aad na
pe rt, the total eoitol whisk will ha U,Ier
which 1 am personally rstpoaslbl."
Many thank are fine to Mr. Blaman far
bis services la Instructing tha children la
Mr. JossDh W. Nairn haa the thanks of
tbe board for famishing grataonsly all the
medicines, be tbe quantity great or small,
waa uuiamng xinsness.
To Dr. Joha W. Clark, dental snrcsoo.
the managers desire to express their warm
est thanks for bis continued service which
bare been most needed by the children this
And to Mr. Joseph L. Pearson, for his
kindness la printing the annual report.
To the citizens and others who'havsso
kioaij contributed to saatala the Institution
In the nut the nuinn .raaLl look, far
a continuance of lis sympathy and a
alliance. In closloa- their report of 1869 they feel
they have abundant causa to thank God and
lake con rage.
C C. Gidio-v, Secretary.
Tbe treasurer' report shows the receipt
from all source. Including a balance of
1103 64 from last year, to nave been 913,
079 37, and the expenditure f 13,070.05, leav
ing a oaiaace oi vw..
Tbe board of managers of last year were
unanimously re-elected, as follows i Mrs. S.
r. Lee, direct nsw; Mrs. Dr. Washington,
second directress Mrs. Edward Temple,
treasurer) Mrs. George S. Gideon, secretary;
Mrs. Dr. Brown, Mrs. M. 7. 01111, Mrs. fl.
P. Hill, Mrs. Edwin Green, Mr. W. M.
Merrick. Mrs. J. C. Harkness. Mr. N. Hoi-
liken, Mrs. MsrabaU Brown, Mr. J. W.
Maury, airs. vrm. u. Toaa. nn. ueterai
Zelllo. Mrs. Georre Head.
The attendance at the meeting was quite
large, ana at tne ciose a very liberal consti
tution for the asylum was taken up.
Bisi Bail Tna NawGaounDsor tarn
OLTxrio Clcb. We are pleased to learn
mat toe enwrpntmc uiympics nare aeter
mined to "play It alone' daring the coming
Acting upon their good resolutions, and
with Tiew r full peparoUou ror an eany
spring, they have already fenced la a fine
square of ground bounded by Sixteenth and
Seventeenth and R and B streets, with an
eight foot fence, and haTeerectedabeautlfal
Cottage-style club-house, painted In lavender
ana wait, set doc a irom tne timet, inciosea
by a neat picket fence, to be decorated by a
fiower garden la fronLwhen the scasoo shall
Tbey have already la course of construc
tion two tiers of seals, each 135 feet long,
with fire row of seats to each tier, cloaely
covered, capable oi scaling over a tooutana
Between these tier Is a space of 40 feet,
occupied by tbe "back stop" and pathways,
above which the scorers'aod reporters' stand
will be erected, the front to be ornamented
with appropriate designs.
Their grounds are ywf large, being 426
by 450 feel are finely drained to an adjoin
log branch, and are beanUfallj fitted by na
ture for the purposes of a ball field, scarcely
any grading being neceasary.
we are inrormea tuei tne enure mauer ia
being cocdu'ted oalbeeo pritutpU. tb
material aad labor being pld for to data.
ThinnUud CTlTUMrt paia wc ny tnu
dab daring the past season anaoaoted to
nearly the entire cott of prspartog the new
Tbe OTvmnlos expect to present one of tbe
most formidable nines of the country daring
tbe coming ssason, having already secured
GIbney, who led the national cinVs score
during the past season) and Plnckham of
the Eckfords, whoe excellent playing will
be readily recalled by those who saw the
i-cn rorat piay lott year.
we coneratuiate tne Jiympice on taeir
enterprise, and wish them a successful sea
son during 1870.
PftnvtniHT Aid Soenrr. A second meet
ing of the visitors of the Washington Asso
ciation on tbe Inprovement of the Condition
or the Poor waa held lost night at the offire
of the general agent, corner of Fifth and
streets, Mr. A K. Browne In the chsir-y
senator iiamun was present ana mani
fested arreat Interest In the meeting, and
was desirous to know the per ceutag of
persons wno were auie to work ana coma
not obtain employment, as also those who
were Incapacitated from all kinds of labor.
Tbe visitors of the various wards made
very full reports, showing great destitution,
two thirds of which was caused by want or
employment, which could not possibly be
obtainod. whilst the rsmalnlnff third were
totally Incapacitated from any kind of man
ual laoor.
At tbe close of the meetlnr Mr. Hamlin
stated that he would endeavor to Introduce
a bill In the Senate to-morrow, and re
quested that he be furnished with attUs'
liaai report oi tna aaaociaiiooi
Lxcrrjua xt Likcolu Hall. Prof. Cooke.
of Harvard, delivered a deeply Interesting
aou instructive lecture isii nigut, on --ugni
and Color." Tbe SDeaker commenced bv
speaking of the Incident and Importance of
thl dltcorerr of the na nrTaad altilbuU.
of light and colon tbe use and effeeU of the;
prism, by Newton. Tbe apparatus used
by the lecturer was tbe most perfect, and
his projection of the spectrum was beautiful
in tf hlrhaat decree.
Prof. Cooke Illustrated the wave motion
of light aod color, as well a of sound) avid.
froveanowaccuratcijiueyca.il ira uicasurvu
lie closing Illustration, showing how whit
light Is tbe blending of tbe rays of all colors,
was tbe most pleasing and satisfactory that
we ever beheld. Prof. C. continue the sub
ject In a lecture on Friday night, wllh new
diagrams and Illustrations.
The carpenters were engaged td-day, In
laying down a new floor and staging at Ibis
hall, wblcb can ted tome delay and Incon
venience for tbe commencement of the
Another IHtcii or VTiBBAWTS. Samuel
Strong, who Is engaged la re-numbering the
houses of the city, per act of tbe Councils,
seems to have considerable trouble In the
prosecution thereof, and yesterday bad 34
warrants sued out, before Jostle John C.
Cox, against parties who have refused to
pay for tbe re-numberiag or their house.
Tb cases wltl be disposed of on Monday
next. ,-
UarniMica' CouvbmTIOit. The delegate ,
that have been appointed for the purpose of
adopting some plan for the organisation of
I be labor Interest of the District of Colombia
and Slate of Maryland, will meet to-night
at Trades' Union 1UUF corner or Aiguto ana
E RtriLa. Tha committee appointed at tbe
Uit meeting will be ready to report.
rouBTH WlnD Rrrrauci CLcn. Tho
Irish Republicans of tba Fourth ward met
laat Tuesday evening at O'Brien's school
nouse,onu street, near in roaring noer.
There were about one hundred present. Tbe
meeting was called to order by Mr. T. Klrby,
and Mr. Maurice Murphy was called to Ibe
ehalrj Mr Edward ficanlan acting as sccrc
Ibe first business was the reception Of
new members, and quite a number were en
rolled In the ranks.
Mr. Charle Curtola offered a resolution
declaring It desirable to form an Irish Re
publican club la the ward to make It la har
mony with tbe Irish Republican Assocla
tion, as has been done In ibe First, Sixth,
and Sersnth wards, and that tbey proceed to
organize such club and elect officers.
Mr. Klrby said ther was bnt one ward
which had an Irish Republican club, vlti tbe
Mr A. G lesion. It Is not for one man to
Mr. P. Foley. W Intend to form a club.
Mr. Klrby sold It waa Drematare to brine:
la resolutions whleh had been cocked and
Mr. uabiu urged upon all present to rorm
a clnb, excloslre or all others, and then
marca to in pons as a unit. lie said mat
If tbey went Into the wardelub with the
colored man, tbe American and the Dutch
man, tbey eoald not carry such a vote as
they could otherwise, fie wished to say
that If the gentleman -Blended to say that
he came with cocked and primed resolu
tions be said what waa untrue.
Tbe Chair called Mr. ca&m to order, and
some considerable commotion thereupon took
int;nair was aoout to explain wnen Air.
CahUl rose to the point that the Chair had
no right to dlseuss the motion.
The Chair. Tbe gentleman will come to
order I will not submit to your 'dictation.
Ton may put some ooe else la the chair.
A voice t "Fat the upstart out."
Mr. Murphy put on hi hat, and was about
to leave the aland, bnt the lareer portion of
tha crowd called to him to resume hie pott-
uoa, auq ne accouoa to ineir request.
The meeting proceeded to elect officers,
with the followfns' result t D. E. Cablll.
president) Timothy O'Brien, vice president,
John Ulckey, secretary) Charles Curtain,
treat arer.
Mr. CablH, on taking the cbatr, returned
his thanks for the honor conferred on blm, A
Voice. Tom conferred It on yourself.! and
promised to uphold the boaor of his race,
if all the Irish would unite, politicians would
soon seo that they wonld hold the balance
of power, and as a body tbey would be la-
Mr Joseph P. Bheller made a few re
marks tn rcfareuco to tbe Information of
tbe first club of tbe Irish. In Bonldln's
A committee, Messrs. A. Oleasoo, John
Dickey, T. Klrby, M. Murphy, and T.
O'Brien, was appointed on constitution and
Mr Gleasoa offered tbe following, which
was adopted i
Whereas It appears rreia the pub lie papers
eftodtythst WUlUm U, Moort, Alderman
from tha Fourth ward of thlt altT.dlJ. Uit
Bliai, ta tha City Oounells, apeak ia terms f
teasurtortne tourtspurtutd ey the pretsot
mualetpat admlalttrftflea towardtthat (real
aoaopoly aad hsratofore IniarneaatabU tm
ptdlBtai la the way of the progrtnof tba
tlty alarft,aad aiptelally to ta rrgtrJ to
oat wa ut uiiumoifl anu uaw rauroaui
therefore I It
Xfioivee. That we. the Xrlth Republican cltt-
. laadar not alflaara thank anil hcarlv
approbation to our worthv Mayor and lad-
Tuiaoie vorporaiioa Aiioroay ior to areai
' itot iiu vayvviaiiy nt a.iiit 1 la
aaeomplUhla la Um than two ysart what t
Dtmotratl party failed to do la twatja
that at th tan lime w repudlat th Mil
t tb
that at th sam lime w repudlat th Mtlon
of our nominal repmtat ultra, aod hereby
ditarow aey retpositblllty for or partUlpa
ttoa therein.
A committee to procure a suitable hall
wa appointed, and the meeting adjourned.
Tai Citholio IIixBiRCDr asd tqi
"Ancaom" Lisa-We have had oecaston
more than once to call the attention or oar
reader to the courtesy and generous treat
ment experienced at tbe bands of Messrs.
Henderson Brothers, proprietors of tbe
"Anchor" line of Atlantic steamship, by
such of our friends or countrymen as bust
ntaa or pleasure ladueed to visit the Old
World. W are glad to be able to add to our
own testimony that of eighteen archbishops
aod bishops, who have Just had an oppor
tunity of leiting the excellence of the "An
chor line, In the ocean voyage on their way
to tb Ecumenical Council at tbe Vatican.
We copy the following from the Glasgow
JltrvJ-t, of Ut 5tb ultlmot
Ut Dub But la the name of tbe Catho
lic clergy and people of Gibraltar, may I
beg to thank you moat cordially for all your
very kind and exquisite attention to our
bishop and the other Catholic prelates and
clergy wno went neoce on tne &a niiimo in
yoar good ship the "Dorian," to ClrlU Vec
chlat Please also to convey our united
grateful acknowledgments to each and all
under Jour command, for their goodness
throughout tbe voyage.
Oar bishop writes in terms of the utmost
satisfaction with lb vest!, and ot deepest
gratitude to yourself, and states be Is Joined
therein by all the party.
Wishing yourself, your vessel and tbe
whole "Anchor" Line every blessing and
happiness la preparation lor our nnltcd
anchorage above, I beg to remain, ray dear
air. yours, very faithfully,
Tiioiiti MiCAcurri. D. D.,
Catholic Priest.
T Ctfptoiw gNtaff, Commanding ' J0
r'a" iritMltpyMlc.
Any Information la relation to tbe "An-
i-hn, IJna" U1 La ahrtnllr ftiraUfevd on
application to the agents, Messrs. D. It.
Dell Co., A33 Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween Sixth aod BevejttU streets.
Rtvaa Faorr. The following ai rivals are
.nnannead Schooners Train Ac k worth.
Wheatley, Baltimore, alt Ann Hamilton,
Davis, wood) AJa Ramboe, Trlnce, Norfolk,
wood) Benjamin Franklin, Thomas) Supe
rior, rvneeier; racact, rroit) ju o. ragot
DenUiTi John Si Havens. Lewlsi W L
Dennis, Brown) Flag Staff, Ilnghes) Union
Bell, Johnson i Cuba, Barnes) Jane and
aiary, ianaont unci on, ntnoiui ir(
Smith) Ann Ellse, Hilton) Ella VIekers,
isrowo) noneer, Dtoctaoni xuaiayetie, iouci
Flrlnr Fish. Trader! Raff. Goldsmith! Mary
B. Uatler, Davis) all with oysters.
flaxv-AnTKnTtSKD. Pbalon'a ''Vital!, or
Salvation for the Hair," carrlea with it Wa
own beat advertisement. As tbe light shine
tnrougu tne oouie you see mat tne uqsia a
clear aa the axnre of heaven. Yon smell It
and And the odor agreeable. You apply It
aod it changes grey hair to any natural
shade without soiling the scalp or producing
notuing can ne more uirwicw.
Bsjuoo Accrarrr. About 10 M oMocfc
yesUrday morning a youth named Charlaa
Crosby, an apprentice In the Joiners J shop at
the navy yard, was serioutly If not faulty
Injured by belog struck ou tbe bead by a
tiling log.wblcb crushed In his skull, mash
g It fearfully. He was couveyed to his
home on Tenth street east, and medical
aatlateoee procured, but It Is feared that be
cannot recover from the injury.
CoaaxcTiow. Mr. Wm. A. Freeman aike
the correction of an error In onr report ol
ihe First ward invincible, where It 1 stated
that he charged Mr. Henry Hlmber wltb
favoring Territorial form of government.
Uls remark waa applied to Mr. Wm. II. Bell
Instead of Mr. Hlmber.
Wa wouLDtuixtbe attention of tbe pub-
lie to the sale on January out, ny cooper x
I MUmer, of the library and pointings of the
at Geo. roe, jr. inis isavamaDie cousc-
tion of rare old books and Palntloet. and we
would advlae parties to attend, at It Is very
seldom we have such a treat.
RirtXU.1T UMBlEtXaL.
Alapaca Umbrellas.
Silk Umbrellas.
Light weight Robber coals.
Gxo. C. Uiisiiro,
No. 410 Seventh street, N. W.
G. A. WtiiTAExa & Co., the well-known
booksellers, stationers, prlalert and lltbo
of new books, and a complete stock of
chromos which, tbey are offering at greatly
rsaucta prices.
BiMtrxL Btobko elves notice to all those
Indebted to him for number pat up by
blm by contract, that the claim mutt be
liquidated before the 2d;dsy of February,
to save proceedings by law.
UKniCALOu-riOff. Tho annual oration
before tha Medical Bocletr of the District of
Columbia was delivered last ntgbt by Dr. W
o. Lincoln la tne presence oi quite a nnmoer
oimemDcrs. vt Joontwn presiaeu.
A sriciiL Maxima of tho Beard of Trade
will be held at their rooms to-morrow even
ing at 7i30. Pnnctual alfcrodaace Is re
AMiBMBTno f the Washington Re
publicans will be held this evening at 6
ociocaai unum league uau.
Tb FotiM4re of UeergeUwn, rj, c.
It is dae to the truth or history that the
fundamental errors so boldly asserted, la a
communication to tbe Georgetown Cewritr
of Saturday last, should be promptly cor
George burdock and George Beat! were
not tb founders of Georgetown Thsy did
not nam It) they did not obtain Its charter,
and were not corporator mentioned therein,
nor wo the charter, so-called, granted In
tbe Tear 1733) neither was Georgetown at
tbe date of Its origin a part of Prince George
county, Maryland.
Certain commissioners for Frederick coun
ty were appointed by virtue of "an act ror
laying ont and erecting a town on Potomack
river, above tbe mouth of Rock creek. In
Frederick county," passed May session,
1731, chap, xxr.of the laws or Maryland,
"by tbe right honorable the lord proprie
tary, by and with the advice and consent
of bis Lordship GoTern6r, and the Upper
and Lower House of Assembly, and tbe
authority of the same," aa by reference
thereto will fallr anoeari and war tharebr
Impjwered "as well to purchase sixty acres,
part of tbe tracts of land belonging to
Messieurs George Gordon and George Bell
at tbe place aforesaid, where It shall appear
to them, or the major partof them, to be
most convenient aa to survey and layout, or
causa the aame to be surveyed and laid out
In tbe best and most convenient manner
Into eighty lots to be erected Into a towai
and by a subsequent section It Is enacted
that "the aforesaid sixty acres of land
being so surveyed, laid out and drrldeH shall
be. and are hereby, erected Into a town.
and shall be called by the name of George
town. -
Tbe seaalon of Aoiemblv of Mar. 1731.
was held at the city of Annapolis, la the
37lh year of the dominion of tho RUzbt Hon
Charle, absolute lord and proprietary of
tuo x roriucM ot Marjiaou ana Anion,
Lord Baron of Baltimore, Ac. Samuel Ogle,
esq., was men gorernor.
Tne preamble to the act of 1731 Is as fol
lows! "WhereasureraUnbabttanlsor Fred
erick county, by tbelr bumble petition to
this General Assembly, have set forth that
there Is a convenient place for a town on
Potomack river, above tbe mouth of Rock
creek, adjacent to the Inspection house, In
the county aforesaid, and prayed that sixty
acres of land may be there laid out and
erected Into a town." Bt II ttrifrtt ie,
No ACCiriUTi riT can be Insured where
one person takes the measure and another
persons cuts a garment. Any first-class cut
ter knows the difficulty of cutting clothing
for a person whom be has nerer seen, for
tbe measure required to be taken by lb
cotter' rule are an Insufficient guide, a U Is
necessary to vary from the rule In nearly
every Instance. At the Oak Hall Mercbabt
Tailoring Establishment. C35 Seventh street,
oiiDoslte the wt office, the person who takes
the measures does the cutting, thus Insuring
a perfect fit) and a for ttyU, they have Just
secured the service of of Frank G. Dodge,
lateor uroaaway, ew xorx, ana annua
Ins1 a stvllsh armare). as can be produced In
America, uzk iibii, uaruour a up., dm
. ... n ......' .. - ... n
Seventh street, opposite post office.
1 wish, sits oiri who has tested Its mer
Itt. and who mntonnantlT sneaks from per
tonal experience, that IIotTs Malt Extract
migut come inwuniTcraai nc. it uium
the preference over all tonics of the day, and
It r.lendld aa a table drink. Thla celebrated
preparation serve a an excellent strength
Uc bTTge, a delight ml tonic, and a
pieasaut remeay ior aisoraer oi tue tar oat,
chest, laogs and stomach.
ooia ny au arngguu ana grocers, ton
Tna reirnlar monthly meetini? of the Dora
la Blue will be held this evening at Union
League Hall at 7 o'clock.
iHBiiain, dcalt, ahd iaue ur. v.
Perrr. Dermatologist. D Bond street. New
York, (founder of tbe dermatologlcol sci
ence la this country,) treat wllh special
prescriptions foiling, loss, and untimely
gray hair, dandruff, Itching, ecxema, ring
worm, and all cutaneous and other diseases
which destroy the hair. The Doctor cures,
oy personal attention, moiea ana wens wua
out cutting, pain, or bears," also unnatural
red nosea and all eruptions upon thajace.
Bend for Interrogatory circulars
For tbe efficacy ol vr. Terry's treatment,
he respectfully refer the cltlsens of Wash
ington to Mr. H. A. Resley, No. 00 Pennsyl
vauta avenue. Ja3I-eoCt
Tnu WisnrxoTO Citt Sarixas Baxc.
corner Seventh street and Louisiana avenue,
Wnnfln fropB.35 to 7.30 every SalurdaYftr
nlng, In addition to tt regular banking
oours. it pays interest on aeposits. dj
Wilcox & Gran' Sewtxq Micnis. pro
nounced the simplest ana noiseless machine
In tbe world, can now be bought on easy
terms at tbe aeency. C. Baum's Uoopsklit
and Corset Factory, 815 Serenth street, be
tween u ana a. a
Tnxxi will be a maas-mecttng of tbe citi
zens or the seventh want at island nan tnis
evening at T.30, to take action on the pro
posed territorial government.
FiasT-cuss aoiKpnto at 458 Twelfth
street, between Q and II. I
Urill.f f &am fJa.Hi
no oria.pi,ut imi i
lag ba mfi aar tki af
ha ralaia of tba fallawiacaa
Mrlbt Laa Warraata, vblth art ala( to bar
imi loit rMirri nut u rvr gi
laatallaa aaka (allawla tka aaaailotlaa afi
warraata saw arimaaiaor wirniioi uaaiaaor
wlllba nlMaal, Ira valU objacllaa bsaUthta
jf Sl.SM. for IflOatrtt.Waiaa iartha Mlof
Ftbrairy 11, IW7, la tb tamaor JamtaU Pamll.
Ida. aa Wat araaUd alarah XI. IMS Vabraary
' IS7' B. Via" HRVasf.
GmMlatiaarr faailoal.
w lu.
ta tl Titanliul.tkl I
Ui MOlUa at tba onp a) a tat. br Ur. JatoUaD,
la at tba oobip a) a tat. Vr Ur. JabaUat,
aa. it la ardarad laal th daraaSaata.
Ualtmsat I. Qaaaa aad Kal I, Qdmb. bit wif.
at! willUm Bur, aaaa tbalr apprarate loba
btr atuiraaj
ria forty day; aftarll
rty day artarlbU M i lkrwla t
procwadad wtlkaita cat nf Safinll
n.i.ii as ai aiara laa nrat iih hi aawar.
win a procaaaaa wi
UTraa opy-Tti
aboiiaw WUll.
r nt Amfmnlk.
Ja.fifsfM.C. oTb.D.
ttPU ill' COURT,
Wllty V tomnunn, naiimyivn riunty,fa hu.
Jb tu mm f fciraaao u. Boat, adnla
latraUr of Willi ft W ek, mm. tb
admlaUlrttor afomald at, wllb lb arprDa
tlpa of lb tirpbaaa 9tVLVVl4
caaaty arrii4, ipwHW RATOROAX, fab.
raar13tb.A. O. 117 , far tbattal aUlaaiatknd
dutrlkailaa aftba baraoaal aatala of aald daMaud.
ttd of tba MU la haad. at rat aa tba iimi hava
mi olUaiad aad tartad lata notrt wba aad
iSi '
C4D prav'Q
TTHittn BTiTcavATiifr nwriCK.
U Wiiaiaaroa, V.tL Jaaatrr 11,
M.Y ..praTlaf for tb ailaaitaa f a ,rtal
Vi iBtpetiiioa ai aiaoa i vuai atti.,ai orai
era I
Ua tahl
Ilk day of! Xorl
aBlBiproTaataatfa tlty aalifotuaVrci
. Ill fVt IVJ
II DKI.flll ! Hi HMBVI
t lt ti
tha i
cl4id ob th Uib day at Harab mit that th
Una for Silas arftuaat th s tut aar' ra
portbllnltadloihUth day of Marab aai I, aa4
that taU aatltloab ! oa l&SHtU sty Of Mi
JalT'Mtt Cailtaar f FfUali
mtrf 1. 1170.
II. IVa ntlltnu .f raiir.i II (lam a. fit WaraaBa
Ut, HM.,BBCaaaattBt. Laata. f Wooditok,
Ooaa , prartac far lbt fstaauoa f palat
treat to than a tho Mh day of April, Wtf, far
aa loiproTamoBt la Babnarla Laataraa.
lllaordtrai that in taaitnoayla iblaoai I
ala4 a lb Sth day of Mart aaiti that tbt
.. for tllaBirianaaU aad lb Xiamlaor'a r
port b flaikFcd l lb laib day of Marah aaztr
aaalbat aald patltloa b atari a tho 134 Jtyof
i nar oppa sr
uuit.u. rjuTtk.
iBtlaalqaar of faloaia.
J ilairiha
Krtoaal t4i or tald dtcaai
baa4.at far aa tba una b.
laratdlolomopart wbtaaai
artoaal t4i of tald docaata4. aa4 at tha !
t ill bb aviivvm
ad whtralllbar41
4aa4 aro atilStd i atlti
ritk ihali alaltaa arauarl
lainaa Branarl. vaaabaJ.a tha H
otbtrwltaby law b ailnj4 from all batSt
itrwltaby law h aitlnjad rromaU atlt
4 dawaard'a atUUi prarldtd a opy at tl
irnans1 court,
tu.t-ll IXAmLIa ll'amklmmtamiHit
la thaaof banxjtr Dcm', admlBMialrla a.
i, oi ramp aaa, wwvan. .f hum....!
aiilaahod,aarar aaia tana aav ta i
tct4 a4 iaraa4 lalaiaoaoyt whm aad wbort
all tba arcditora aad btira of utd daeaaaod ar
iotlSad I aliaao7, wltb tblr U1bi tr-Prly
Toaahad.ar ttaar nir oihorwla by law U i
. aiH .11 iall l ..til JbUIUil '. ..lit..
tlBd4friaall btatBt la tald 4eatd'a 'iilitii
prorll4 a awpy of thla rdr b pabllrlfd oac a
wk(r laroo wwiiiaiiiaaiiviti. narvaii
V.irfU,tott" ' WIBITW,
tea. ISw KtsliMref Willi.
WHrtllllarNlMnM4HUii aaia
ar aotllo4 t otUal wkli flatnipruparlr
TocbM).r Ibay HtrvtbttwU by law b
alada frtm all bnil ii aaladaaaaaad'acataut
prultilaopr ftnlfSHar ba pab!Uhd oaaaa
waakfuribraa wnki 14 tba HATIoaiL JtreLI
area aazi
jaal.-Wlw Ca
-RpaASa' CODRT.""
VJ Jsiearl0.1l7u.
JHitrM tJ Ovlumbln, Wath tnoUm t&unlg.ta mUl
la lbt m of Uutrar QiiLia,a4ialalua
tor of Ooori Mtrlia, dacaaad, lb admttti'
Iralor afrtaald 1 aa, with thapprUUao tb
Orphaaa'Coartcf W.hlt: oatoattrafurtrtld.ip.
poiatajTafdar, tha )t day ft rbraarr. A, p.
I7it f,. (h Baal ulllctnaal aaJ ilairihallaa ai tha
Iris P 3 aroraatd hav. wllh tba aparota.
Uoa of tb Orphata'CoaMof WathtaglaaCoBBly
aforaaald, appoUi4 Taaaday, rtbraaFTl. A i.
170. for lb Baal ttllltntal aad dlairtball of
lhpraopal tauta.of aald dteoaaad, aa4 of th
Poatal Convention between the Uni
ted Slatea nnl lrnaaU, Signed t
ITatblBBteat, 17th Jnlr, and nl Ber
lin, in Amines, list.
ArtUUt UfrttA m bHwttn Me Gentnt PoH Of
Mt of th Vnllrd Stnttt of Amrricn ad lt
Vtntrtt Foit OJU4 tf PnuiU, for tht rtcipt
cal Rectipt n4i)rUtrtef Utterta Pactttt.
UrteMd MtUt, r bt fnvrat&tnglnolan
tka VntltA Sltlet mA Qrrat JtrUala. r tta tlUa
Dw?af 1S4S, d IknugK Btlgiun at imJI ia
irlM Convtntlonbtfirttn Pnuti nd Btl-
Rw", o bttvetn Onal Britain and Btlotun.
MtnaJUaftka Utter tnuHna tn tkii Rttptct ta
tht Vniitdaaitt aw Mrtma af tht afarnaU
Pattal TVtatvaflUh Dtttmbtr, 1S4S. J Par.
'.yyf.lL4" ,ht Atoritv abapatUtd,
thtfattowtna Dttaltt ftr tuchctottd Matll -twttntk
tnUad Sftti fn.ii I- art hrrtb
aarttd , via i '
Auticlb I The post-offlee of New Tork
and Boston shall be the United Bute offices
of Exchange, and Aachen (Atx-la Chapelle)
shall be the Prussian office of exchange of
all cloud malls between th two countries
by moans of the American and English, and
the English and Belgian mall lines. Ad
dUlonaTor different offices or exchange may
hereafter be selected In either or both coun
tries by mutual agreement of tbe two Post
AkTiOtill. Tbe International correspond
ence, a herelaafWr stated, between the
Ualted States, or lti Territories, and Prussia,
Including all tho State now belonging to, or
which may hereafter Join the German
Austrian Postal Union, will be sublect lo
the following pottal charges, vlxt Tbe United
State posUge on each letter or packet not
exceeding half an ounce In weight will be
b cents t the charge Imposed to ueet the
expenses of the transmWton la closed malls
between tbe two countries, Including sea
aod British and Belgian transit postage, will
be 80 cents) the Prussian posUge ft cents,
or what U practically equivalent thereto la
Trnsstan cola SO cent.
Upon all letter originating and posted In
one country and dellrerable In the other.
tnese rate oi pottage tnaii d comninea
Into on rate, or which payment In advance
shall be optional in either country. It shall
noLJiowerer.be permitted to nay less than
tbe whole combined rate. If tbo letter Is of
thewsleht of batf an ounce or under, tbe
combined rate will be SO cents. Above half
an ounce, and not orer one ounce, og cents.
Above one ounee, but not exceeding two
ontfaes. 91.90. And tho postage will in
crease In Ibis scale of progression, to wltt
An additional 00 cents for each additional
ounce or fraction or an ounce.
Amticxa III. Tbe United States offices or
exchange, la charging postage dno to the
post offices of Prussia, shall uniformly make
us of weight, having the American ounce
for unit, with Ita divisions Into half and
quarter ounces) end the Prussian offices of
exchange. In charging the pottage dae to
the United States, shall unl'brmly make aso
of weights having the Prnsslan IMS for
unit, (two Lot being considered equal to
one ounce American.)
Aeticlx IV On all letters originating
and posted In other countries beyond the
United Btates and mollsd to and dellrerable
la Trnssla, or In any other of tho States
forming tbe German Postal Union i or orisi
natlog and potted In couat ri beyond the
states forming said German Pottal Union,
and mailed to and dellrerable In the United
SUte or lu Territories, tbe foreign postage
(other than that of the slate belonging to
the German Austrian Postal Union, and
other than that or tbe United States) Is to
be added to tne postage statea in Amue u.
And the two Post-Office Departments are
mutually to furnish each other with litis,
stating tb foreign countries, or places
mioreign countries, ur wmcu tne loreign
postag and the amount thereof mutt be
absolutely prepaid, or must be left unpaid.
And ualll sueh lists are duly furnished,
neither country Is to mall to the other,
through tbe closed malls, any letter from
foreign countries beyond It, or foreign
countries beyond tb country to which the
doted mail is sent.
AaTicu V. Newspapers, not weighing
mora than two ounces each, may be sent la
said closed malls, when the whole postage
of six cents Is prepaid thereon at the moil
ing office. The Prussian charge will be
two cents, or tne nearest practicable equiva
lent In Prmalan coin, per newspaper, tbe
Prnsslan office to account to Belfftum for Us
tmnaltTwataffa thereon, when thenewiDa-
TMr la tent la closed malls from the United
Btalesi and the United Bute charge of
poeiage win do lour cents per. newt paper
tbe United Bute to account with the Brit
ish Posi-Office, both for tbe Brlllah transit
postage of two cent thereon, (whether tbe
raoer 1 sent from or recelred la the United
Blate,) and for the Belgian transit pottage
of one cent each on all newspapers sent Tn
said closed mails from Prussia. Tbe Prus
sian newspaper charge of two cents, and the
American charge of four cents. Is to be In
all cases collected of the sender) and no
twi't steam wo iQCQUwa lu tuvu maw
malls unless the whole postage thereon shall
have been prepaid. Two-thirds of sueh
newtpapsr postage shall be credited to the
United States, and one-third to Prussia,
whether the aame Is collected la Prussia or
tha United Slates. Bald newspapers are to
be subject to the laws and regulations of
each country, respectlrely, in regard to
their liability to be rated wllh leUer postage
when containing written matter, or for any
otner cause spectnea ia saia laws ana regu
lations. Thsy must be sent la narrow
bands, open at tbe sides or ends.
AaTicut VI. The Prussian rosl-Ufllce Is
to account to the United Bute Post-Office
lu respect to all letter postages collected by
Prussia from tho closed malls, a follows,
tIii On malls sent from tbe United Btates,
for each unpaid letter weighing half an
ounee or less, twenty-tbree cents. And also
on mall sent from Prussia, for each pro
raid latter of half an ounee or under twenty
Ill a cents And, In addition thereto, tbe
Pnsslau office la to account to Belgium for
lu transit rate on all letters recelred In said
closed mail from the United Stales. Tbe
United Stale PosUOfflee, when it lullecle
I the postage on Utter sent la said closed
malls. Is to account to the Prussian Poat-
Offlee as follows, rlai On malls sent from
the United States, for each prepaid letter
welzhloir half tfn ounce or less, seven cent.
Anasuoon inane sent irom rraaaia, ior
each unsaid letter of half an ounce or nnder,
lire cents. And tho United SUtes Poet
Office Is to account to the British Post-Office
.T.- ... . '..- M
for British transit postage at the rate of any
seven and one half cents per ounce when the
malls are conveyed by the British packets
aero tbe Atlantic, and at the rata of seven
teen and one half cent per ounce wbea con
vsyea oy in umua mates packets across
the Atlantic, la either direction r In addition
ta which tbe United Btates Fost-Offlce Is to
aeoountto tbe British Post-Office for the
Belgian transit postage, at eight cants per
bane on all letter sent in said closed malls
from Prusalai that la, wbenerer, la all tbe
aoore cases, tne uritisa ana Dtigiaa convey
ances are used.
AancLiYlI. Tbe Ualted State engage
thatrln the ereniof any fature redaction by
the United Statea and Great Dritala 6f tho
Atlantic tea postage oa elosed malls, a cor
responding redaction shall at the same time
be made In their charge against the Prus
sian office on account of tbe Atlantic sea
iionvyanee of letters under this convention.
,AnTicx VIII The rales of postage here
in agreed on, being baaed oa the supposition
that four letters ta the ounee will be about
the average number, It Is mutually stipulated
end agreed, In order to compensate to cither
party th loss which might be sustained In
case the average should bo less than four to
th ounce, that higher rates of postages,
sufficient to prevent loss to cither party,
shall be established by agreement between
the Posti Departments of the two countries.
as soon a practicable after tbe accounts for
a single year have been examined and settled,
and thereupon such change aball be made
la tbe sixth article of this convention at
shall be jost aod Mailable,
AkTicxa IX. The closed malls will be
made np at the office of New York or Boston,
In tbe United States respectively, a the con
veyance may be directed by tbe United States
Post-Office from either of said ports, to Aft-
la Cbapclle. (Aachen.) In Prussia, and at
Alx-la-Cbapelle (Aachen) to New Tork or
Dosion.accoraing as me conveyance may m
directed aa afareaald.
Articlb X. Every mall between said
offices of exchange la the United States and
In Prussia shall be accompanied by a letter
bill specifying tbe amount due to each office
on each class of corrospondenc according
to th number of letters. Tho receiving ex
change office aball return by next post to
tbe mailing exchange office an acknowledge
rocnt of the receiptor said mall. Letter
bills and acknowledgments shall be accord
Ins to the forms annexed, marked A and B,
Abticli XI. If there should bo no letters
or other correspondence to send at tne nsuai
period for making up said malls from either
of tbe officee of exxbanjr.0. a blank letter bill
showing that fact shall nevertheless be sent
to tne corresponaing omce.
AnTicxaXII. Tbe letter bills and acknowl
edgments are to serve aa vouchers to tbe
quarterly accounts, and If In checking there
on the amount of postage there should be a
ainerence Between toe mailing ana receiving
office, the amount on tbe verification side
fcall be recelred as tbe true amount, when
becked by two officers.
Auticli XIII. Tbe accounts between the
pwo depart nents -ball bo closed at tho ex
uf ration of each quarter ofthe calendar year,
py quarterly statements nod accounts pre-
aredby tbe General Post Office In Washing
ton, according to forms annexed, marked 0
and Dj and baring been examined, compared,
d fettled by the Ueneral Post Office In
Berlin, the balance shall bepald without de
layby that department which shall be found
Indebted to the other. If th balance 1 In
favor of Prussia, It shall be paid over by the
United SUte at Berllni and If la faror of
the United Btates, It shall be paid oyer by
Prussia at Washington, or to the General
Post Office at London to tb credit nr ih.
United State, a the Postmaster General nf
the United Stales shall direct
Aiticli XIV. Dead letters shall be ran
tually returned after tbe expiration of a
proper period to effect their deltvery,aceord
fngto the regulations of each country, aad
for the same amount of pottage, originally
charged by the tending office, which shall
be allowed In discharge of tbe account of
the office to which they were tent. These
returns of postage art to be claimed la a
bill mad nnarreeablvto farms annexed.
marksd K and F, whleh Is to accompany
sueh dead letter. Nswtoapers which are
refused, or which become dead In the post
offices of either country, are not to be re
turned. Auticli XV. Letter misdirected or mhw
sent, or which may require the prepayment
of Poster, shall be returned without dalav
and credit Uken la tbe letter bill for the
.mount, or rxhuare ortriaaiivrbarrtoi atin
them. Radlreeted ltturs shall be mutually
ictmuau vj u ui., po,, coargeo wita tna
additional postage for such return, and
creaiisauou muuq in tne letter but rer
sneb postag a tbe receiving office hss been
cuargea wno, wita its anare or tne addi
tional chart?.
Abticli XVI. On all prepaid Inter th
payment of tbe postage shall b distinctly
marked br stem Dior the word MPaId." and
the amount ol postage In red Ink on the
upper right-hand corner of the letter, and
the stamp of the exchange office sending tbe
letter shall. In every Inttanc. b Impressed
on th face of tbe letter) and the stamp of
the exchange offic receinog tne letter s&au,
In erexv Instance, be Impressed on tbe back
of th same. The name of the ship by which
tbe letters are recelred or sent, or tbe words
"as, racket" or "ur. racist," aa iney are
carried by the one or tbe other, aball also be
stamped on th back of each IstUr, 10 that
the amount of credit to be allowed la the
British Post Office for dead letters returned
can be shown.
Akticlb XVII. The Uolled States ex
change office shall, upon each despatch of a
closed mall to Prussia, Insert In the letter
bill to the London Post-Office bT tb same
ship, under the tenth article of the postal
conrentlon between tbe United State and
Great Britain of ISth December, IMS, the
wtigni ot letter ana numoer or newspa
pers so tenti and on receipt of each closed
mall from Prattle, shall insert In th ee
knowledarment of the receipt of tbe British
maus meweicm oi tetters ana numoer ot
newspapers so recelred lathe elosed mall
irom rrussia,
Autiolb XVIII. Tha United State Post-
Offic Is to take credit from tbe British Post
Office for all British transit and sea postage
charged on sneh letters transmitted la the
United States and Prusalan closed mail a
hare become dd,or were mlssent or mUdl
r-jcted,as well a for tb Belgian transit
posts re on such letters sent In said closed
mallsyVom JYuiila; and tb Prussian offic
Is to lake credit of the Belgian office for the
Belgian transit postage on sneh letter sent
in said closed malls ifrom Vu Unittl Statu.
Akticxi XIX la case any change or
amendment In tbe provisions of this conven
tion shall be desired by either party, tbe
same may be proposed by such party, and
when tbe details thereof shall be agreed to
and approved by both ponies, this convec
tion shall be considered a changed or
amended accordingly. And It le greed
that measure shall be taken to make each
arrangement with Great Britain and Bel
gium, and such change In th prorisloni of
thlt convention, aa shall authorlx the send
log In th closed malls before mentioned, at
a Cxed rate per ounce, of periodicals and
other printed matter, (other than new
papers.) the wolght ofthe packages of such
printed matter to be limited to sixteen
Abticli XX. ThlagrementUtogolnto
effect In each country at lb expiration of a
montn rrom tue time mat notice ia reccivea
of Its being concluded! Pravidad, Tbe British
transit postage or charge on the closed malls
sent nnder its
provlslon. shall have been
reduced to 17K csnts per ounce by agree
meat between Great Britain aod Prussia t
and It la to be condoned In force until an
nulled by mutual consent, or by either Post
Department after theexplratlon of one year'
previous notice to the other.
Ia testimony whereof the heads of the
departments have affixed their names and
seal of offic to the present at th date
set opposite to each respectively.
sbal. H. K. Bill,
Paatmaattr Qantral V. B Amtrtoa.
JctvU.UU, .
'"Kill PrK xXfolfiSllW-
Omawrff, Trait , and Puttie rTarkt.
Biamr, ta9t Aacati. IUL
Additional JrtUUi aorttd Mn lha Cro.
af America and tktfianarat tart OJU tf Prut
(, pravUing for tha Megtatratton af tatnabtt
Lettm ta Si eyd fa fa rJW Mali oatwttn
tht VnUtd Etattt and PtttU.
AnviCLB I. Letter, altered to be valuable.
posted at any post-ofilce la the United Btat
or its Tcrritorle, and addressed to Prussia,
or any part of the German Austrian Postal
union, ut postea ta rrussia or tnauermon
Austrian Postal Union, and addressed to tb
United Btates. aad deliverable at th re
spective exchange office of New Tork, Bos
ton, and Aachen, (Alxla-Chapelle,) to b
tbenc conveyed by mean of tb American
and Eoellsh and the Enrlleh and Beltlan
mail lines, shall be registered at tbe office of
mailing, on the application of tbe person
posting th samei iVoritiW, That th full post
age chargeable thereon to destination, to
gether with a registration fe of five cents on
each letter, be prepaid at Such mailing office i
And vrovUtd. Ij0. That such refflttiailon
shall not be compulsory, and shall not render
tbe respecttr Post-Offic Department of the
United Slate or Prussia, or their revenue,
liable for lb loo of such letter or packets,
or tbe contents thereof.
Asiicutll. All sueh letter or packets
mailed In the Interior of the United But or
Prussia, and the OsrmaaAustrLan Poatai
Union, respectively, shall be received, regis
tered, and receipted for, as directed In tb
general regulations Issued In each country la
regara to tue registrauoaor vaiuaue letters,
and shall be sent to the exchange offices of
New xoraanauoston. or Aacnsn. rssnea.
lively, for th purpose of being forwarded
tucuce oj u nrat outgoing mu.
auticlu iii. in respective exenantre or.
fleet of Nw Tork Boston and Aachen shall
max a separate letter out ior cacn regia-
icrea o.ir, ur parca oi rxgitteroa letters,
originally mailed at said exchange offices,
or soot to thsm to be forwarded, as ore.
scribed by tbe regulations referred tola Ar
ticle II., and shall enter therein the name of
tne person aaaressea, ine postomce to wnica
It Is to be mailed for delivery, and the rate
of postage for each letter. The postmaster
of said exchange office will then mail each
such letter, or parcel of letters, la a separata
pactsgo irom tn nnrcguKrea letters, ana
seal each packaire after tylotr It la tbe usual
manner. The letter bLIs of such registered
letters snail not oe cnciosea in tne packages
coniainina; tnera t out snau ne cnciosea in
separate wrapper or envelope, scaled, and
addressed to the postmaster of the corre
sponding exchange of Aachen, Boston, or
New Tork.
An-ricusIV. On receipt of reslatared leU
ters for delivery or distribution at lther of
tne respective exenange oince or Aaenen
Boston, or New York, the postmaster oj
sneh receiving office will compare the letters
with tbe bill, and endorse It lcorrecLMif it i
1 found so, or wtu note, th error, If there be
one, In the manner prescribed with regard
to registered letter recelred from an talaad
post-office. II will then fill up th corre
sponding return bill, noting upon It whether
correct or otherwise, and will ee.that It la
retained by lb first mall thereafter to tha
office of mailing, (New York, Boston, or
Aachen, a th case may be.)
AancutV. Registered letter recelred at
New York or Boston from Aachen, or re
ceived at Aachen from New Yorfcor Boston
and destined for aa Inland post-office, shall
be forwarded la the same manner aa other
registered letters orglnally mailed at cither
Aiiticlx VI. The United Statea and Prus
sian Poat'Ufficcs shall reciprocally account
to each other upon such registered letier at
shall be exchanged between tbem, In tbe
same manner a prescribed In tha postal con
vention signed at Washington oath 17th
of July, and at Berlin on tb 26th day of
August, 1653 ( bnt the registration fee of five
cent shall accrue to tbe United State Post
Office Department upon all registered letters
sent from tbe United Bute to Prussia, and
to the Prussian Pott-Offlce Department upoo
all registered letters tent from Prussia to
tbe United SUte.
In witness whereof, the head of tbe do
partmenta hare affixed tbelr name aod teala
of office to these presents, at th date set
oppoalte to each, rupectlvdy.
Fl-B.l .lAHl CAKTaKlX,
Patmkr Vtnaral.
us.l ' Vow Daw ntvnT,
lit, Pruatian Kajtatt ilinttrr cf Statt for
Commtrta aad Pubtia MVraf.
Btauf fOcteac' li, iSU.
A id it tonal ArtUUt aorta ajfawt tkt C
trat Potl.Ufficaor tht vnut'M' rtcm
In partnanoe of the power granted by Art.
Ida X. of tho postal convention between the
Ualted State of America and the Klnrdont
of Pruiste, signed at Washington oa the
17th of Joly, and at Berlin on the SCth of
August, 1653, to select additional or different
offices of exchange In either or both conn
tries, by mutual agreement of the two post
administrations, the following additional art
Icles are hereby agreed npou, tin
AaTtcL I. There shall be established, on
the part of the United States, additional
offices of exchange at Portland, Detroit, and
mcgo, reapcctiraiy, to corretpooa wita
Aachen (Alx-la-Cbapelle) by closed mall
through England, by means of Canadian
mall packet, plying direct between Liver
Koi ana lortiana during tn winter, ana
tween Liverpool and River da Loup or
Quebec, la summer.
AmncLi II. Thedescrlptlon of letters, Ac,
which shell be omprlsd In tb closed malls
forwarded from the aroTftsald Ualted Bute
exchange offices to Aachen ( Alx-la-Chapelle)
and Ut ttrta. from the PrussUn exchange
office of Aachen (Alx-la-Chtptllt) to Port
land. Detroit, and Chicago, retpectlrely,
shall be from time to time arranged by cor
respondence between the Post Office Depart
ments of th two countries.
AnTfcui III. Tbe respective Pott-Offlce
Department of tbe two countries aretoae
count with each other for the International
and other correspondence so exebanged by
means of the Canadian mall packets, pre
cisely la tbe tame manner aa If tbe aea
transportation were performed by a United
Bute packet between New Tork and LWer
pool. ,
Aticls IV Tbe present article shall be
considered as additional to tbe original arti
cle of lb postal convention between the
United Bute aad rrussia, signed at Wash
logton tbe 17th July, and at Berlin tbe Solh
August, 1553, and shall go Into effect la
each country -at the expiration of fifteen
day from tbe time that notice It received of
their being concluded.
In witness whereof, the head of the de
partments have fixed tbelr name and seal
of offic to these presents, at the datet tet
oppostu to each, rcspecUvely.
IT. B. I M.I1V1.T,
Petmbr M. 1CIL
It. .j
ivm uaat uaivr,
BAwal tVwafai Mintiltr t Bill
for Cvmawrrr, Trd. and PsMle Warkt,
Paailt ATI-lift, iii. .
! 1 .
Winet and liqaort
CI15 Farrc, Reims.
iixEnY nocuKux, tin init
ciiiakd tin Ecarnlr.
T. 1tt limit fkTwtrw 1"
Ud Cty, Umpb til .bftU of Ui I'ltltr
Or. Mill ami F Htaw. Vadtv KtWll Ho'.
J. O. WELSH. BI A rnt cf th be I ftiftt
41 p ?- W'f WwTwfc
BtarUtla D C. Hay t ol. M n .
Ortiartf,tklitatyfoHa'tTt.f Jaaaary, 1
r WllllaaTT Fiaiall. IraaU fr ta aaia f tn
rati atata in ta t
rana4 aaa
A B rat ad. a
lbt aaatrary taroI
ar i BBraacr "
araar ka laaartaid I
rJaallaka ta Waafcli
aehef thraacMtlT watka jijlw tota
57 10.
tb rtyri a tain ta aaj Aiji ia
Usitid statm patibt oirica.
Waaatraroa, 0.0 Jaa.13, WTJ.
Oa tkttlUef Ttn.Powia, fl'
wajkat. Tfli. rrarUg fat tk vaUaatoa f
ay pma mjj sMo.jlM.u.al.
Jal4-M Cora nlaalaaar of VauaU.
TTnrTxrjiTiTia watxht orrrc
U WiaaiaToa. D. C, JaaaarrlA. 1ST
Oa lapUtlaf ClaaaLit T. laata, f H1I
ftrd. Ataa.. prarla forth axttaalwa of avataat
araat m
it t aim oa ia iib a-oi aiay, to, for
that th UtUmoay la lha caaah
alAaad aa tha Mta
aay or apru iuii iaai ia
It that l
llKa far tllaf arrataaata aai
MrtVt llraiW I Uth day at
Biatra ra
aw avt
ituuHitptuuaa ovaaaia
a thai l lk) 4y (
Aay pr a nay oppathii Uaia
. P.a.b1alS.
WJ WSSMlT,0f Bo-
taicaaioaof ar-altal
Oi tht patltloa of Aaoatw
IMh 4r oi Martb, iti. U
BtBproB.oa(la Walt
Ilia rtd Ikat tbt
t aiticri
tatlmayla th cat b
fioaa 01
la for
that MM
Coiamlattoatr of I'ataaM.
pEoroiiLi roa itatiosikt.
. . . Taiiauar DriBTiT,
Oaaiad nrAi.Aaa.la taw l.t.Uhk.r m
of Stalioatry will b rwld anil a OsparlaaMt
aatltUMrftbraarr, 18TU. aillo'alAek, rau
blahotar'M4laewUl U nraiaho poa
JiuiLiv0""' "v-yj
.CoalruUjaiatt UxtBlad hy fh aafal
blSdtrt wtlhla Ut dayt arur htla aJIdTaoa a
ATha artltltt oal'BeUd for raoal b ftiraUbad
nam tin t Ura daria lha raar la aaaatltla
yataaat to rdri from tb PtpaiUataL Th
Iallr aaoaUtlta will, htwarar, a aaUd tat
aria tho y .
gMbpropotafaaaitbal(i4 by th ladlitdtal
or arm Mafia It, aadboaeaompaalai by a boa i
J lib, tatltltal lartttaa U th iitatf lti lho4
IIa. ( 10, end. I approTt br tfalUd aula
atXeat at th dlttrttt la whleh tha toralitt rttld
or do baalatta, oa a form la b faraltfat by la
Dpartmtat.oadltlOMd apoalba attaUa at a
totirael for raraUhlaf t-Bili Mrtleut of lb artl
nThlaL Ia la.ft.allA V aa
apart daUllvd for thparpo br Ih ittrtUry
of .boTraaaarr, aa ib dtllftry or aa imtrior
artttl will b dttrata tatittttl aaat to aaaal it
oatraat, altkaopilot of UioSaartUry,
Dtllttrtt n tl b f r of ah trie at th Trttisry
Ptpartraaal. Woabltrloa.
,,Tb fallarto oomplr with aay oaaarJar nadar
Ih aoatractwlll optrat aa th forftUur of lb
Batlrpaaallyrtb boad, or Ih Stcr-Urr of th
ooaiaaaf thaprloa whlh 11 alia) ll foaaiati
tary " pay ivr an to amcita.
P-ptaia aaaoa.paaU by t aalltfattory boa!
will aot b oatldtr. aad aoatcarU will a
awardtiotlr lttbli&t4 aiaaictartra of r
Jatt-tola. a
ptorotAM toft FJtis n but.
far ananlalaa
"TMXia Ultt"
. Tit tald BafBtaitb frth, of a t i rkla
bloqaalliraoqaal proprtlaiof for aai bl ad
qaatura. laaekikbaaia, aad kday Ullaw tab
ialadad,)aadlobaallTiral thla lotfrr
oat, ta tat qaaatlty aa may be from l(m to lima
Mttradbyaad anah dtra at IbaaoHwaatlar
ooTotr thall atl aU aot astatdla far Ham
Th tkt af lb ultl alttfhUrod lor bf t b
dtlirtrdaadaTihlaairmaat aball btnitl al
thrnrth TtrttbraUvlat, aa4 lh brta lilmmad
.Tha ahaakt f for Q-arr aball b al tff from
Ibraatofoai' lachat abov lha baa Jalat. aad of
b tad . a antra from als to tight lathta aborttb
.A,ifi v. Avvajv.a,
baptral piop att, la daplUat, will alt b
fund b j Ihe aadtralfaad ap lo th aamhr
, ap lo ih aamhr
I, for -applrlBf Com.
Ir (atatiUt auiloaad ht
from wltb ah ahU
m lint lo lima raqalr.
aa aaia icfii naaiivaaa, ior
mtat1ad Ofelatrt tBd, lhlr fi
inia roti. or aoppiioa tariri
Th.. Huf aa II.. v ,a (mm lint Ia Hi
aab at Kirlola aai Port ha ilkf, kajla
Thtit soatracu to bt la fore 1 matht r aab
lota Dm at Ih GommlMarrOtatral, tb 1 dlrttt,
aoranaaalBf , th Itt fay of Apikl, 1M0.
ami aaUael iolho approt af f Iho Cmaita4ltt
la imi fallor or tltlr fa ibtflitlltT 'y
4aaaUtrf lbrtb Baal tltpaUU Jo bt djlu'.
;rVdVJbtalbaCBlraifortltlltarr,Md ,
aball bao powr to aappfy lha dtSclaBey bt par
Bt,aalibetraGtwr wlUtxoharod with lh
Tho aoatraeior will bt rtqtlrfta to aattr lato
ba4 m tbo aim of two tboataad doll art, tlf ttd
iiao PI
i4 fa lb blat.
i will b opaatd at 11 tU a. m, a
arch. 1B70, al Trl Utfir.Hi ,
ad plait bl4ii ar rtattdlo
rropnaalt i
ATtalKaaoyy-. '
it. tlhll B. AFt'V.
riralLfoat. Iih 0 B. Art1
ItlHl .."'IJfP.V Vt .1
tpt.H,it AiA tf'i
a " U tht tprmaOorlf tb blurUUf
polmbla.pra7Us- that bltaaa may btabaait
f Charlaa fthtfaOa A".wlia iCga.
a.Aaa. in.Miul ItaiAnlia, 1- IMI "-
TJBltM t
bkWBeao(ror.a n
a Matitwinwr vnalad aad
iitoa altr. l. 0.. U
Mtai oraat taiPu nr !"'
'm V"k?j: 'iM'SR.!?; trnVaXSli
cloa4 a th Sth day at April saati Uat U
tlnaiar Sllat artaaiaaU aa tk Ixaailatr' i
Krt b Itrali t tha ISth day of April aasliaad
at aali ptllla V hard oa th tnh day of Ayrll

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