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thud at womwf ani'itttji
fURpiBTi. ttra
The) Cl Omtr t" '
Xi U gratifying to learn lhat tha Ways ana
- r-nmmlufot tha Uoui6 o( Repre
sentatives have to fat rsrersed the prevUl
ously reported actio on me iuojc ui i
m lo agree to alio only anthracite lo 4-0 w
the frte list, while hltunlnoai coal ts to
stand at tha present moderate rata of dnty
This result waa brought about, UU staled,
by Mr. Maynard of Tennetsea, changlos;
hUvntA. A there U 1UU of noantbrnclla
coal likely to be Imported, thU decision will
hardlv- affect that artlclo one wnyrjr the
otatr, whereas the retention of the do.ty(n,
hltnmlnons coat Is of vital eooWn to a ttvoit
Important Interest la this moat Immediate,
ira trans nt iukich u wvitiutiuwiM)!.
section of country, while It does not PPWJ
that It can bo of Injury to My othr. Tba
assumption tbat tba doty on bituminous
coal conld Increaea tba prlea Ot anthraclto It
clearly ttnfoundadj and tba prion of Neva
tSootUeoal tn1.tht.evea tn seaboard dlks.
wtra iba duty taken off, be iltlmately to-
naacwany tne ainunianoa aoraesuo, suppiy
which would bo tba re alt, while tba Interior
naa the West couia nave no interact waat-
tA Ifca HnoMnif. Tn Ann. HA arl-Uin
but New England, tha headquarters of
monopoly ana nign protection, wu louna in
laror 01 toe mooted rTj."uni iua tuat pa
account At thoae selfish oouslderallooa which
seem to b the substructure or ber poiulcaj
ecoaotnT. Tbaactaatloff tooUra In tha mi
c&teata waa aa lmpreaalon tbat tba prlca of
coal wooia 0 cneapeoaa ia oar orov,,
Nora8cotla( from ItsacaniMi, belngaJait!
a mneb a prt of New KojUiid a tba
Eatra Short U of Maryland, and lo directly
operates aa an additional proioctloa to bar
manafactarea br leaienlos tba cot of wo-
dactloo, tbouU It doca not follow that tbla
adTantaca would accrue to tbe ootdmr
There, howerar. snar ba mUaDDrebenikm
aren on the part of tba maonfac mrars, for
la a late Kecb of Mr. Kellr. of TenoiTtTa
nU, ba glrea a ilroDf array of facta and
flfiirM to ihow tbat free coal It not of uecaa
any cneap coai.
Mr. Kelly addacee itaUttlca to Aowtbat
tha price of Nora Bcotla ooal la not reftnJa
tad by tha cott of production, but laaiU
followa tha prloa of American coI, bfcTlnc
ranged from $5.00 per tonlolB03to 87 40
la 1W3, 110 401a lS04,ahd $100 In 18C3,
wi.lrti corered a period when U wm admit
ted da free, and when tba nmettled condl
tn of Uor and trlcea erowlna! oat of the
eilitCBS Of wr bare augmented the coat of
dometua prod act Ca wnue aaauiooai immi'
nillnnlnlh nrM'COI. A lUblfi CttrrCDCT,
andftaadom from an iTPfeMlTa 1 ijitem of
loUraal Uzallon, OOmhlOia " roance raiacr
than lacreaaa the coat or t rodnctlon of Ibe
foreign commodity Wfcen J 18M tba doty
ocl'i3 per ton wae impowi r. Aeiy
ahowe that tbe price of lmport,,d coal wae
not Increased, but, atill followloff the price
of tba American prodact, ll told, dnty paid.
at IIM, lo 1803 at an average of $S 0, aed
la 1809 at an areraa of f 8.19la eacl' and
Tiry year bcarloff the eama relation (aboot
II a too lower becanu of loftrlnr graJc)
to Cumberland coal that It bn alwayi borso
Ince the Utter waa Introduced to the New
Enland market
In w ot iheM CacU tbe "Bute of Mary
land aad Virginia, which are largely, and
reaaaylrnala to aome extent, Intereeted to
Mtnmlnnnt rnAl. cannot be exrectcd to be
Indifferent to tha action of tba CoamlUee of
Waye and Moon on tall subject, we narc
befoj ttftnei to the large fatareett of oar
own State In tbe great poblto works which
npply the coal market. A certain qaan
Utyof Mtiuslnoua coal It tucdlnoar own
mann facta ree, bot larger amonot of It la
coniutood by tha foreign and other iteam
era, ao Uat, afur all. If any addlilooal bar
den of expense were Imposed by the doty, It
would not altogether fall npon onr own ell
liens Oar national Testels also nse It, as
Cumberland coal Is found the Tcry best for
teaming purposes, bat If tbe Government
collect n duty on aa Inferior article, It Is
thas compensated for any possible addi
tional cost of ft better one. The cbtof effect
of a repeal of tha dot would, therefore. It
seems, be ao Injury of tbe Maryland coal
Interest, ai once limiting Its production by
cutting It off from a Urge portion of lis
present market, without in anything like a
corrwpocuIJjig degree benadtlng any other
American lntexest.-ifo&cv.
. Tba !! rty,
tlow many of oar readers aro familiar
with tho early history of tbe common bouse
fly, an Insect that makes lu appearance In
early spring In countless swarms, coming
from some unknown locality, and disappear
mr almoat as mTtierloutly 1 There are few
Insects at once so familiar to all, and yet the
natural history of which Is so little under
atoodi and ll may not be amis, therefore, lo
recount a icw iacia wmca nave oecn acor
talned In regard to It.
Tbe order of Dlpttra, to which oar fly be
lonn. la one of ereat extent, and i mem
bars, in their different forma. Include many
of the greatest Pl existence, both to
man ana animals. The moeqnllo, the gnat,
mo oiling uy, ana me none ny, me ueise,
almb and other iDeclcs. are well known Illus
trations of this statement, many of them be
ing armed with lancets and other forms of
aggreeaiye weapons, ny means or wmen msy
beoohia ft source of torment. The house fly,
hoverer, although provided with a some-
wnat similar apparamf, aoee noi ue 11 com
monly, to as to draw blood, Its oflioilra
ness consisting principally la tbe pertinacity
with which It InslsU upon crawllogover the
akin or la Infesting articles of food.
Tba eggs of the Looso fly are laid lojlv
caytncregetahle matter, such a s.4ead leaves,
ud especially la thf -manure' of sublcs,
about sejcopaywtbty being tho usual num
V JaCriBjnyo aooa batch, and tbe larva grows
.rapidly; feeding upon tba substances found
near It. After a short time tbe outer skin
hardens, and becomes brown and tough,
forming a case shaped like a little barrel di
vided Into rings. Toe transformation of tba
larva la quickly made, and tha animal la
nn rttmAt ta Mncrtra aa a Derfact Insect
The common blow fly Is another s pedes of
tola order, which lays lie eggs lo deoaylog
flesh, and whleu sometimes batch before
leaving tha body of the parent, aud In any
event very soon become developed Into the
larva. ineseiormmewGii aoownmaggou,
which are the annoyance of housekeepers la
hot weather.
A fly very similar to the home fly la gen
eral appearance, bat with tbe wings diverg
ing more widely when la a state of rest, Ts
provided with ft vary powerful lancet, by
means of which blood may ba drawn In an
Instant after settling upon the body of aa
animal, U ts a carious fact that this speclea,
like the mosquito. In alighting upon an up-
rtett anifaca, uniformly rests with Its head
upward, tha true hoeso fly occupying a pre
rfuiv oDDoalte direction, or with the bead
downward, thus affording ft ready means of
dlsllngulsning mem.
Tha house fly. both as a grub and perfect
Insect, furnishes food to ft great variety of
Oiner ftUimaisj log uwwncwoa ui .ue
adult Is largely due to tbe growth of tha par
aaltlo fungus which attacks It, and, develop
ing rapidly In lu Interior, soon exhausts Us
vitality. ZUUr' ScUHl4 KuorJ, in lUr
fr$ Magvtlmfir JTrftruory
Ho Acoceatb fit can be Iniored where
one person takes the measures and another
TMraons cuu a irarment. Any first-class cut
ter knows tha dlfllcalty of cutting clothing
for ft person wnom ne nay neyer seen, lor
the measures required to be taken by tho
cutter's rule are an Insufficient guide, as It Is
necessary to vary trom the rule In nearly
erery Instance. At tbe Oak Hall Merchant
Tailoring Establishment, 633 Sevonth street,
opposite the post office, the person who takes
the measures does tbe cutting, thus Insuring
perfect fit) and as for ttyb, (bey have j asl
secured tbe services or of Frank U. Dodge,
late of Droadway, New fork, and are mat
log as stylish apparel, as can be produced In
America; Oak Hall. Barbour A Co., 635
Seventh street, pppoelte post office, fl
Tua l'Eurns Niw Drecovanr.Tbe
public have discovered tbat there Is one
Erer,arauon, ana oniy oiut oj wn'ca gray
air can be reinvested with the tinge that
nature bestowed upon It without stalnlog
tba skin They see that Poitoa'a V.Tim,
OB SALVaT'OKroK tub IUih Is transparent,
and prodncee richer browns and black than
any of thfl offensive dyes. Sold by all drug
gists. Jan31o3t
Baxi'-ipTMTtSBD Pbalou's "Vital la, or
SalvatloA for the Hair," carries with It Us
own beat ftdyartlsemeut. A tba light shines
through tha bottle you see that the liquid Is
clear aa the axnre or heaven. Yon smell It
jtndflnd tba odor agreeable. Ton apply It
and change gray hair to any natural
snaae wunoui aouwg um acip or iJrvuucujg
headache. Nothiag can be moro harmless.
1 -
Wa abb mikibo a apeolftlty cf tha manu
facture of floe Black Cloth Bulla for dross
occasions "ok Hall' 635 Seventh street
opposite Post Office
OUOIKB Lome. A O n n P.. maaia I
to-m arrow evenlngj for the purpose of con-1
aldannaT the by4aWS A dudfIiuI a.ttnrf. Inn
i. ."j .---., - . -
sun w frwewuf I
MOW PT, jViT 81, lfTO
... f ..! 1 .
The rerahu weekly raeetliut of tha Hoard
of Aldermen was held las wrealngt the
President (Mr. Crocker) lu tha chain
DreJtcnt all tba membera.
(wnmiBiwiura wm rewivwj rrom me
Mayor In awwecUo a rasolntlon. if tho
Board, lnqotrteff nudar vhit lw Ur. A. M
Oreen ll tmclOYftd aa UkUU.nt ramifiiaalnTir
of tha FoartU wardens Btalea "there ! bo
suthefflea Hi atsttUat commtstlcner, and
thaV'ottolal'AealnaUdn U given to Mr
Green, aa I cadet-stand, becanse of bU btlsij
tba ptiaetpal foreman em) loved by the com-
vusaioneroi toe, nan n oversea ana sapor
tnvcoq tne won in progress id, tnat wara.
UraMeqUpaUtba.aima at other labor
lax men on tha streets. M
Accompanying thlsires'tbe statement of
laooomnitaianer oimonntaoar 01 lauorcre,
horsee aad carta enrarod at corporation
. , ...:" TiT." . .
Tn9 Bnmr of UoortTe. amrtowd waa 07,
at an averasra of flra dira eaebt tho lowest
snmber being onn day, aq1 the highest 17
Also, ftcommnnlcitloir' frmn the Mayor,
announcing bis approval of A number of
acts originating to tbia uoarq.
Alio, transmitted k statement 6f the ac
count of the First National Dank of Wash
Ingtoo with this city at this date, showing
110,613 70 to the credit of the corporation
Also, a coramioloatloa nomloattag James
Donaldson for secretary of the Board of
.m isora mission erf. tico x i. voruio, n
j signed.
Also, iransmiueasuicmeoi 01 ciaims uciu
by John Vaa Krtwlek afilnit the corpora
lion amounting to t,613-33, on which he
claims Interest to tha amount of 11,200.
The Maror states 1 A ladirment haa baen
rendered for 13,863 61, and ILD66 Is now In
sun. air. van hiswkjc is desirous or nav
lng the matter settled, but declines to accept
anything short of prlnelp.il and Interest
framthedateof theapproTaloC the several
accounts. I ihlnk the accounts are correct,
and they must be rmld as far as tha wind
pal Is concerned, hut X havo do authority to
allow Interest m any account, and there
fore submit foftbe consideration of lire
Councils tha qocaUon whether or not li teres t
Is to bo paid, aad If so. from what date."
General Mlcbler, Beperinteadent of Pub-
no Daiioingi, uraana ana ivovkf, iruns
mltted comnutailoa Of cuble vards of ex-
cavatloa and embankment irqulred on K
street north, bctwaea North Capitol street
and Eastern .Boundary) -also, la M street
north, between North Capitol street and
r-aiwo uouaaary m answer 10 a resolution
of this Board.
Ho antl the ahlhoTltv used la the official
survey, adopted by law aa the standard of
graui&g roc im sirectsxr wasoingtoar tne
width of thnvolomftr of earth, (roadway,)
Is K street, 100 foct; la M, 49 recti the
elope of embankment Is supposed to ba 45
dtgreest the excavations to be perpendicular
The embankment Is sn noosed to cross Tiber
Tsuqj m ft sona oooy
In K street tbe cable yards In excavation
would be s4.8Mt embankment. 40.04 1 1 M
street excavation, 20,00 8j embaakmeot, 30,-
o9. 10 coma 10 oircci couciuaion as 10
bow much of tha work has been done, ontv
an actaat survey ot tbesmond can deter
mine. Tne aoora estlraalo is very liberal, as re
gards K street being calculated for 100 feet.
Instead of W 6".
Sopcrlctcndcnt Bliss submitted a plan for
the Improvement of Kslreet north, lu accord
ance with resolutions of this Board, together
wun a petition or property noiacrs wuo are
wIUloic. aa Ut-naycrs. to share tbe cost tn
accordance with law. The petition Is signed
h A H RAlnmnni IT A VMrA pMnVlln
rnup, i.u. nayior. iosn oaermau, 1- u
lorersoll. L, M. OoldsboToneb. David Gor
don, and twenty others. Referred.
Anumoeroi ouis irom ine lower uoarii
vara referred.
The Mayor transmitted, with his Indorse
ment, "inai uninooiato action oe taaen
thereon, tho folio wlnp Important letter
irom mo water regutrari
Watsa Asaisraia's Oirn-i. )
Jssjsry t! IJ I
( 8lMl$J Bm Mayers
Bib Wm would re peclialtr sail yeur atlea
llon to a maittr whlsh I soaslder of rreat mo
maatfe oursltlteat, In ordrr that It my ba
prMaatsd,threnKh yon, to tba Hoards of tha
Ulty OouosiL whtre I Wish It wilt tllslt sueb
aatian as it lmpertanea dsmiads 1b my aa
anal report of July last 1 adratttd to thsftct
of thslnorstilng oasuuptloo snd loadtqaate
apply of ratoaiM watsr, aad would ttttt
thereto forfullsr ststiitles aol iukmIIoh
tbaa era daaaiad aavaatsry la tfela aonatunlsa
IJoa. JJr raasoa of tfta liTlaraf mwinlni
aad the aa tended distribution of watsr for do
mtttta tiii. wII ar the Itf-ral Inaromi.)
oasumplloB by tha Osaarat Ourt romeol for
fountalas and nechaalssl purpoaas within the
past twe years, the supply tn tba mora ele
Tftt4 petttoua of th ily U auintaaiiy (row.
taglaM abUBdtot,aad ataa at this season of
tha ytareauses gratl InaoaTcnltnsei s tbt
ualtss so sis remsSy shall be prorlJod btfore
the naxltnun cousunplloa of mlJsuotmer
btlnsthlt tneoaTeaUaee will dsrt Ion into a
rcry ssrlaus aisadvaataf e to soma of ins moat
lit 1 bis loeauoesia in whole city, and the
value of property In smb. eeettOBS will there.
or es aen reels ted
slant sui
doIt or h
from which Itlsderlyed bat tbe mains lead
lar rrotn the reserrolrto the city ( 13-loch
and a OtKlBCh saata) are aot Urfs taOh ti
supply the ireat ilemaad roads upon thora I
bars ao doubt butthatif Totonaswatar were
uitj aispsrloxly and csoDOmtoalty as If It
ware to ba paid for by tba gallon, the supply
wouM atUI meat all astual needsi but, notwltli
stsndlDg strenuous efforts to prevent waste.
tarvugu na ro MTanoM unnii
f resent laws, the coniumer of water where
bare Is aa abuadaat supply eaaoot be nde1o
(tasted la this respect, are suferlnr great Im
nneealeaea bvMiiaBriLMhnriaiiiii,wiii.
ia in repon anore rererrod ro I recom
mesdedths adootloaof wa.tar.rn at tar ho.
Uls, rsstauranta, brsNjariea.aiabJes sod other
ettaDusnmenie wpere water IS use J J a urfs
uDtltles, io as to cheek tha watte or undue
eonamnptloa of water, and beg leave to eug
geat tha passage of an set authorising the ex
pedieat to ba earned to to effect, n the pres-
eat lew clmply mlow lbs proprietors of aueh
establish men tc to provide mat era. at their
option, but does aot tasks tteoMpulaory,or
4 it thorn thall purchase or adoption by this
Iba laying 01 a nww main irora msuitiriD
ttngraaervwtr (situated same two and a half
bum tpvn uvurgviowsj to inc any and
I nrout:h Its northern section ts tbe dealrabte.
uri mv auciiuat rvmnij lur our Ulincuny,
aad I believe It Is not too much to hope tbat
If the atteatlon of Uongreis be properly drawn
to the subject by a proper easrsorlal of the
Councils, aad the city erlnes a willingness
and determination to pay a part of the ex-
eoii somas as ura la with Its msans, sty one
slf.theUcnerslOoverntnent will aid tit bis
m eh needed let prove neat bhoul I wa fall
la obtslalpg such asslstsaoa, then the subject
of a more sdequsts supply or a more rcstrlet-
lor sons of lhasa who are able to get a capply
anly lathe first stories of their reeldeneec
and even there but 1b driblets and dorlageer
taia haura, already eomplalo at being eotn-
peiicu iu puj ruii WRivr ruti WHO inote
who not only hue all they nsed.but waile
or use without stint lhat which easts so
lo stop the Isylng of new mains in Ihe city
ould be to greatly dlscoursgs building as
Watsr Is now retarded as aa Indlanfmaahia
oonvHUlaae to a first slass dwelling, no thai a
soralloaofthedlmoulty Is worthy of our best
efforts, snd should not be underrated or over
shadowed by any question of less prastltal
Importance The poor quality of water aftr
neavj raina is eauira oyinnini
tnsi sunjesi ts sow under investigation by a
committee of Congress, It Is to be hoped that
both ot these matters may receive an early
solatlaa. and our watsr supply ba made such,
both In regard to quality and quantity, as to
meet all possible requirements of tbe city for
Etaayyeersto come.
sry respectfully, your obedient servant,
H K floip, Water Heglstrar
Joint resolution (C. C.) lhat the Commit
tee to Attend to tbe Iu teres U of tho Corpora
tlon before Congress be requested to uto
their Influence to cause Congress to pass a
bill archlne Tiber creek, from Pennavivania
avenue to Masiaebusettsavenne. Passed
Mr. Connolly Introduced a bill to postpone
the advertisement of tax sales and for other
purposes, which sets forth that
nereai ot reason 01 ine non payment or a
large amount of taxes due the eon oration of
Wsahtagtoa fee the year ISO) tha said orp ora
tion is embarrassa I by the pressure of claims
11 cannot me 14 ana woerras the stagnation or
business generally throughout the country has
sa affect ed tha latareata nf thnnnlr ida.h.
lagton sstoeslLfor the exercise ot then!,
most possible eeooomy on the part of this cor.
porstloa tonrsrd Its ds Isquant dsbtorsi aot
wharaaa Ihiiatunui Innl.l.nt uik. inf
real estate tot taass at cording to tbs rrqulre
I See Councils as al all times severe- would
At this moment weigh heavily upon a Urge
Bumber of people whose destrrs snd purposes
are Just and honorable, but whose means are
now restricted therefore,
fl vM-f rd, 4-c , Tbat lbs advertisement of
tha ssla of real property for taxes dus on the
ura oar 01 JHiMri iiini pi, an in iin,
hereby Is, deferred Until the second Monday
. Jit u fun HtrffigcttJL Thstthe Mayor bs, sad
be hereby is, authorised and smpowsred to
aatlelpata tbs levsaue due as aforessld on
ths said 1st day of January, 1870, front time lo
time, in amounts, the aggregate of which
shall not exceed two hundred not fifty thou
cand dollars at a rats of interest not exceeding
six per centum, ths said money or moneys to
be deposited la the klrst Natloual Hank of
tha ell of waahloa-taa tn ih ...in r h.
Corporation of said city, to enable ths Mayor
to, pay such debts, and surreal Bspeoscs for
tho present flees I year, as have been or shall
hereafter be authorised by these Boards to
ba paid.
Mr. Connolly moved that the rules he sue
ponded la order that (he, till may be conald
ersd at tha present time
ur. woore oDjrctca. ri no corporation naa
rbrht to antidriata tha revenue, and tha
- - p - .. .".-' . .: ;'-r." vr.T.i
ciytrier ;
isjulre4 tho collector to adTcrtUej
and the Councils could not Interpose la the
Mr. Pmerv nMrr-tnl tn tha atlantlnn tst
time Tha taxes would have to be paid, end
oesiace, annng tno past year mousanas 01
dollars had boos expended on Improvements
that were never requested by property
Messrs. Chemnlon and Km err stated that
they favored the first par, W thfl WD, but
yujccwa so toe negotiation vi tne tos.it.
After a lengthy debate, the rales were sns-
penaea Dy me louowing voiei.
Teas Messrs Daktf. fjbampleit, ChSte,
uiriii lyonaoiif, uitii, rvBTrni. aieuaioraB,
Stewart. Hlater and lha frMfdektll
Nays Messrs Eratrf.ttooteaadMoritll-S
Mr. Morsell offered as an amendment that
the collector bo, and hereby Is, authorised to
continue tbe recelDl of taxes now due on
real estate until tho first day Of March next
so mucn or toe act as requires me collector
to close hk books on this tba Slit day of
January. 10 tne contrary not withstand; ni:
Kcjectedf 0 voting In the affirmative, & In
the necaUva.
Mr. Moore proposed to amend as follow if
"And tbst the amount of money so antici
pated or borrowed -ahatl be paid out of the
incoming revenue or me present, Meat year.
A erecd to
Mr. Cbatnrlon moved to further amend
by striking out t&0,000 and I start! eg 1100,-
Mr. Moon inovad la further amend bv
making tbe aawaat 1160,00 and f 300,000-.
botnof witicn were rejected ( also to strtxe
Mr. Champion moved to adlourn. tost.
The bill finally passed by the Tel lowing
fote 1
Yeas Messrs. Baker, Champion, Chase,
CUrk, Coooolly, Davis, Emery, Knight,
etc art, oiater, urocur-ll
Nays Messrs. Moore. Morsell 3.
Mr. Emery gAro notice that he would
move a reconsideration af tha Vote at the
nctC meeting of the Board.
Mr. Mooro offered a resolution of Inquiry
relative to tho grading and graveling done
under the Donovan contract, and requesting
Ocn N. Mlchlcrto roako an call mate of the
amount of wo k done. Referred.
Tho Board then adjourned.
Coiutaait Coawell.
The Board met at the usual hour- Tbe
rrerldent f Jos. tTUtlams. ta.A In tha chair.
The president laid before the Board a.
message irom toe siayor, transmitting to
answer to resolution a statement of the
register, showing the amount of money de
pimiica oj want commissioners on account
of sales of paving stone, sand aad gravel.
Tbe statement shows that I2fl5rf7 havo been
deprviltel by II. nimber, cOmmlstlonerof
m first wara, irom novemoeri, laoa, to
January OT, 187Jj 80 01 by LVH. Peters,
coramlMloncr of IbsBecvod-ward) $3197 00
account 01 me inira ward, and on Dean
acknowledgmenl of tftdebteducss, sworn lo
as correct, by John II. Crane, to December
H, lseav to tbe amount of 931 73, but
nothloe deootUtd.
Also, encloslaa; la answer to resolution
com man teat Ion from J 8 Drown and A K.
Morton, bf the Board of Trusteed of rubtte
Dcnoois. aoowinirtnai tua Dnuainsr at tna
corner or Fourteenth and O streets was
rented to Miss Mary Wood far $300 as a plo
bakery, the contract belns dated November
0 last. The Mayor says that ,he becama
aware of tho fact on the lCthof December,
Huuvpnwnpiiin causca u 00 aerreu on
IlA a iAIa. Ia tfj.J.1. Vb ta.tal... ..Ll.k
brder sho has not compiled with, and bo has
luivrucvcd mo (jorporatton Attorney to taao
iumiuivi u eject ucr is trnswoa ataaa
that Miss Wood claims possession by virtu
pf authority from him, which Is untrue.
Also, announcing his approval of carta) 0
Also, estimate of surveyor for trradtoa
and graveling I street, from Seventh to Four
teenth streets, at ti,aia 00
M.r. Piper submitted the following resoln
Uouj which was agreed (01
JtuofMj. That tha anrvevor ba. and ha la
hereby, requested to Inform this Jloard al He
oeai retail? mealing of wnl will bathe
prabaMe cost nf rradlftg and graveling W
street north, from iluaUry to Dinadary
Also, a bill cranllnc certain orlvllcrta tn
Jdbu J. Sullivan and Thomas Fancy. Passed.
Air.Jtaii suomitted tae lorowinir resolu
tion, which was agreed toi
Jteeelerd, That tha Mayor' be requested to
Inrorn this Hoard what price ts antberltsd to
ba charged for renumbering tha bouse, and
whether the eootraet pries includes the pries
fiiiiWDVi naiiDir pu upon tignnvuHer
for tba single flgureralso, whether the coo
tractor Is authorised to charge tbe house
bolder aaythtag for Measuring the lot.
Mr. Hall Introduced a Joint resolution re-
auestlnctbo Msvor to Invite the Commis
sioner of Public Buildlors and an officer of
1 no coast survey to act m conjunction wita
the city surveyor, as a board, to report I
the Board of Aldermen what mod Heat tons,
If any, tn the grades of the streets lying
betwaou and Including Hoitb Cpttut street,
L street north, Third street cast, and Bono
dary street, would conduce most to tbe In
terests of tho city and the adjacent property,
staling their reasons for any recommended
changes. Passed.
Mr. Bargees Introduced a bill to grade
and gravewtbode Island avenue from Four
teenth street eastward to Boundary et recti
bill to grade and grate! W street north from
Fourteenth street west to Boandary streett
a bill to grade and gravel New Tork avenue
from North Capitol street eastward lo Boun
dary street 1 a bill to grade and gravel R
street north from Seventh to Fourteenth
street westf a bill to grade and gravel
Rhode Island avenue from Sixteenth street
west to Connecticut avenue 1 a bill lo trim
and regravel L street north from Sixth to
tentu street west, iteierrva.
ur Beall Introduced a bill to erect lamp-1
posts on If street north, between Fourth and I
sum luvcti wcit, jtcicircu 1
Mr. Tinner Introduce m loin I resolution
rti oca tins tbe committee to represent the
Interests of the corporation before Congress
to pass an act to arch Tiber creek. Passed
The Board took ud the bill f C. C.i dsfln-
loe the duties of the superintendent and In
spector of sowers, bridges, carriageways, and
lootwayei which vu ucuatea at groat teunu.
Mr. llolden moved to strike out the sixth
section, as follows!
"Sae.e. Jmdbt it furiktr ttii. That said
etinerlutendent and tnanevtor shall alia ba
charged with tbe duly nf making all atasss-
mvniaun miaorpsrisoi loisoaruering on any
street, alley, or avenue which shall hare been
pared, or bordering 00 any street, alley, or
avenue wncra sewers snsu nave been cos
slructcd "
And. to Insert!
"That the elly surteor shall fix the gratis
of all footways, carriageways, bridge a. Its,
and make out all assessments aod bills for tha
ssms "
The ftiocudntcol was not agreed to yeas
a, nays 10.
Mr Thompaoa moved to strike out the
eigntn ana tenia sections, as 1010 wsi
dse.a dad U tl furthtr tnatttd. That with
ths consent of ths Major ths superlntsnJeat
of sewers shall employ, from lias to time,
such ftif.Ut.nte ss may se necessary lo atj la
Ihs performance ot his duties! Profited, Ths
compensation of aueh person shall heal the
lowest rates paid by individuals for similar
earviGca. m
Hso 10 Jad It it ftrtUr faecrd. That tbe
sum of S3.I0O. or as much thereof aa n,h
necessary) be. an I the cams Is hereby, appro-
i(iivuuioi iu, r,nrRi ihuu co earry tnis
After a lengthy doliile Ihe amendment
was rtJected yeas 3. nsvs 14
Mr. Williams moredto amend lha 8th sec
tion to read as louowsi
See S And b it furthtr tnAcltd, That with
ths consent of th,s Mayor the superintendent
of sewers shall employ, from lima to lima,
eusb assistants as may o naceesary to aid In
the performance of bledulleet frmUtd, That
Ibey shtll be prastloal brick or stone masons,
andtho compensation of such persons shall
be at ths lowsst rates paid by loJtrJdualsfor
similar services! And prttiJtd, That any per
son heretofore employed by the sup tr lutes
dentof seivers for said purposes since tbs 1st
of July, lfft, shall be allowed such eomreosa
lion at said rate as snail seem to tbe Mayor
Also, to amend tho ninth section to read
as followsi
beo t And bt U further miffed, T-hsl al
surveying shall be done by the surrsyor, and
whenever any dlsorepsnsvsh.il appear Uls
Mayor may, at his discretion, refer tbe ssms
to soy other competent engineer or surveyor
by whom that same shall be adjusted, with the
approval of the Mayor
On motion vt MrVetutble Ihe bill was
Mr Beau, from the Committee of Claims.
reported bills for tbe relief cf William C.
Johnson, Jos. Kllllan, Julius Georgia aud
George Koeuler. Fassed.
air. iioimes presented a leoctny petition
from cltlxeos asking tba repoal of the act
prohibiting barbers from opening their
places of business on Sundays. Referred,
Mr. McKulght, from the Committee on
Claims, reported bill (U A.) for the relief
of C. li. Chnrch & Co., and bill "Tor tha
relief of E. M Tuell. Passed.
On motion of Mr Galoes the Board ad
journed PsutuiKsilir, Mr J W. Bhank, whose
skill and ability as a penman Is so wall
known, will organise a class for lustrnetton
In penmanship at Union League Mali oa
Wednesday afteroooa next, at Ave -o'clock.
Terms, far a canrso of five weeks. tS 60 In
advance. Days of tuition, Monday, Wednes
day, and Friday, from live to six o'clock, p.
m. fuodles and gentlemen desirous of Join
ing the class can do so at any time.
We inx making a specialty of the menu
facture of fine Black Cloth Suits for dress
occasions "Oak Hall." W3 Seventh street.
opposite post Office. Q
Hooting of the Baard cf D.recton
The board of directors met 'at thw parlor
of the Toung Men's Christian Association
at 5 p. tn. yssterday evening", lton. Peter
rarker In the chair.
After reading the 25tu chapter of Isatah
bv tha Cbalr. and rnver bv Rer. Mr. Holii
day, of East Washington M. E. church, tha
rou was cauea ana tne louowing were lonna
to be, present 1 Messrs. P. rarker. Andrew
EoUtwetl,!. N. Zereiy, oha O. Harkaess,
Wm. Btlckney.C. C. Barr, W. 8. Fort, Wm.
Ballantyne, H. F. Zimmerman, Rev. Dr.
Boyntou, Rev. MolUday. Wlderman and
nobbs, of tbe M. K. church.
The minutes of tho last meeting were read
and approved-, , & tr (
at the last mectlnr to visit the new hotel
proprietors to obtain permission tovlsltlbelr
oowts wita sv view Meuppiymgeaeit room
with the Scripture, bpoh tbe tenia terms as
other hotels have boen, supplied, reported
yrug rue.
Apolleatlon was rocelved from Kendall
chapel for twenty Bibles and thirty Tosta-
ments. urantea
Alto, an application from flahbath school
tn the Seventh ward, al Island rhall. for one
hundred Itlbles "
Mre-Rothwell listed that tbe re were aboot
re nnodred scholars lamitcaaanee
Fifty TJlhlca and one hundrlTceXf meats
Mr Wm. Stick mv mal a mrsotial annir
cation fo.lhre doisn TltbUa fa raivir
Mtsslon, corner of Fifth and Vi which was
ennM. '
Collections from Mrs. Anderson so mats
Rev. Mrr Btttloger lira, member of Bible
Society, tH3( also, donatloa"from Calvary
Baptist Bnnday school of $30t from First
Presbyterian church, 943t New York avenue
rrcsoytenan, tin pan.i aiui w. iu uamp
bell.tJOt total, $133 15
Tha sarretarv rartArted that ho ra!1ii4 nvtn
the pastors of tho Methodist churches, some
of whom were present and could" make a
statement. . r ,
Some ralsundertUtrtlnjt having existed tn
referenco to reporting the money collected
from each church to the parent society In
New Tork rnsiiad of the Washington City
Bible Society, Mr. Stlckney offered the fol
io win ri which was unanimously adopted i
XmciHi. That tbe secretary he rs4wstafLa
eommunleate to each pastor of the Lvana-el-
Icsl shareHes la thlselty tha vrc'at aeedlor
me wasntnetoa uiiytMbi sasisiyi na t
AllAll fUB Ik.B u.l.lkull. Is llk.ll
the ruads s raised to b fstararded dUeelly td
ibsctdfasht;tMseslery. wr fa
la fttcrtBCOj pV aa loaalrr frttn -AHiZW
Boyntou. toe treasure r,ir. Dallaniyna) road
the following letten
Aasatcaji Bisls Cociitt, )
Bislb Hocsa, lavea Pttcs.
. .. . "W Tosa, Jtcaarrl, UTtf. J
rrt Biilitynt,k.tqt
Daaa tfiai llsrswph I beg lo enclose lbs
aaual Mni-isaual statement of accoaal with
your aoeietr showing a btlaaec due. at this
dato,oreisi.9t ' -
, 1 will be obliged If yon will at nnee ex, mine
(hestateaisal aed a Ivlte raa If the auouot
agrees with mirertdlt 011 yourboek
In asklaji frnat your society aa earirrdfttt.
tanee , I Matmeod to yaur ItbararcosilJeratlos
Ihe fact tbat a much larger- portlen ef oar
working sash pltl, thaa shoatdMbs, Is at
this data la heads of auxiliary societies, and
that by so nuch are this soelett s operatlaac
snd ohjecte uaaeeasarlly raetrUled,
" wlf'f . tse aatouatws cnay e&pssl U re
celye wtllbeery sooa trantttiAT
Very truly yours A UTarLOsj,
phi wa not nana inn. id ur .. Ltiririu
Aat. irene a Ui n
The statement was then made tbat the
amount of stock now la tbe hands of the
society Is to tbe ratne of 11.000
la reference to an Inquiry by Iter. Mr.
Ilalllday. In reference to tbe collections
made to tba M. B. eh arches of the city being
r?iortea curectiy to tae parent society, air.
Ballantyne, tha treasurer, stated tbat soma
Of tbe collections sent directly to the parent
society In New Tork were not credited to
tba Washlnrtoa cltr ancdetv. and wetw tytm.
Jfldtclal toft. If sent directly to the trea
surer 01 tms society me amount would ap
pear la the minutes of the conference and
wouia aia in tue liquidation or tne debt.
The board then adjourned with prayer by
Dr. Boyntou.
Tha pastors of tha city churches who naH
not yet contributed will be called an dorls
the com log month by the secretary.
Mr. Walker, of Ohio, offdred In tha Horn
yesterday a bill, which was referred to the
Committee on tbe District, to amend the art
organising the house of correction In the
District or uommoie. Tne bin autbnri)
me board of trustees to receive Into their
possession aur boy under Ibe are of sixteen
years, who may be liable to poolshmeut by
Imprisonment nndcr tbe laws of the District,
or any boy under sixteen by consent of his
parents or guardians against whom any
criminal charge shall have been mado tho
punishment for which would bo Imprison
ment, or any boy under sixteen without a,
home or visible means of support who Is lo1
danger of being brought up to load au
Idle and vicious life, or boys who are In
corrleihla or hahltnalfr dlartxrard th nm.
mends of their parents or guard tans, aud
who resorts to Immoral place.
When a boy Is convicted of crime the
punishment of which Is ImDrlsonment for
term leu than life, the court Is authorised
to suspend the sentence with the coosent of
tne ooy or uis parents, ana auirer him over
to tha trustees of tbe house of correct Inn.
The bill also authorises tha Mayors of
uoorgnovD mma vrmniaKwn buu too prosi-
dent of tbe Levy Court to commit boys to
the house of correction, and defines the
duties and powers of the trustees In ibe
fullest manner. Tha bill was referred to
tho Committee on the District of Cotumbla.
A Boova DsmcTtvi NirrtD. A man
glvtog tho name of Cant, R. C. Nash, and
representing himself to Madetectlvola the
secret service division of the Treasury, vis
ited Alexandria on Sunday and presented ft
check for $150 to S. Dealham, merchant
tailor to tbat city, drawn on tbe bsmking
house of Klticnhoose, Fowler A Co., of this
city. The check bore tbe signature of Col.
W. H. Whlteley, chief of the secret service
bureau, and it was paldj but It waa. subse
' quentiy ascertained to bo a forgery Detec
tive Blgtey was then advised pf tbe facts,
and after a search succeeded io apprehend
lag Nash In a bouse of 111 repute on Eleventh
street. The bogus detective seemed to have
enjoyed ft " high old lime." as he vas chock
fall of wine when arrested, besides being en
cased Inanew "rig," purchased by part
ol the HI gotten spoils. The accused appears
la be ao adept In rascality, aa be dofrauded
a Mr. Bpauidlng, at the Marshall honse,
Alexandria, out of the sum of S7 on falsa
pretences, and yesterday hh waa to have been
married to an estimable young lady of tbat
city. The accused was commuted to Jail for
a hearing by Justice Walter.
Riotous raocicoixos. Yesterday after
noon, shortly after three o'clock, coasldera
bla excitement provalled on Pennsylvania
avenue, la the vicinity of Ninth street, oc
casioned by a number of negroes engaging
la ft street fight. Stones and raiore were
brought Into requisition, and aruuatse: fight
ensued, culminating at the corner of KIgatb
and E streets, when ft co'ored man named
George Hill, whom tl appears the crowd
was Incensed against, rcoetred severe In
juries from stones b tried at him by three
colored rowdies named Wm. A. Brooks
Lewis I ran-lers and Wm. Walters. Ot&cer
French soon appeared on the ground, and
after some difficulty succeeded In arresting
lh above-named parties. They were taken
before Justice Walter, and after bearing
the evidence the accused were each fined $3
Jail for court to anawer a char(e of auaslt I
son uattcry
a .. in cuujtiu.aco Wltu ID timet lOUS
rrom, the Navy Department ihe following
changes will occur to-day i Tbe Joiners, ap
prentices and minors will bo employed on
''half time," one half of each to be era
ployed alternate weeks. In the painters de
partment the painters, apprentices aod
minors la that department will be employed
oo ''one third time," one third of each to bo
employed each week. Five hundred man
were suspended from work yesterday even
ing, most of them from the Bureau of Con
struction and Repairs and Steam Engineer
ing. One hundred will be transferred to
(he Bnreans of Yards and Docks, Equip
ments and urdoance, leaving about seven
hundred mem at work tn tbe vsrd. Thru
to be retained are actual residents of Wash
ington, who have families to support.
Tern Watbb Rao twain rives notlea that
in addition to tho usual butlness hours, bis
office Will be open for tbe receiptor water
rents and taxes from 7 till 0 o'clock to-nirht
and to-morrow night. Ia yesterday's issue
typographical error made our notice of
this fact state that the office would be open
from 1 lo 3 and from 7 lo 0. whereas It la
always open from 9 ft. m, to 4 p. ra
Wm abb uAKiFa a special I v of tha maun.
facture of lino Black Cloth Suits for dress
occasions "Osk Hall," 5'W Seventh street.
opposite Tost Ofllco s
for dUord.rlr coadocl. aad aoaimlua4 idl"".B''t?.??' """ .!""?? " ."
ntuljc, Stiuiaeni, stud sinclagl
visit of the cinr .ppyreti
aifexca of uoa a. jco aichuudii
Tha annual ball of lha Washlneton Scant.
reaYerda took pliielMtnlghlailba new
Masonic IT.aU.ftad. was, la all respects, a
maniieaai airair fluaff credit npoo all
who paHidpated In Ihdhrxfipterit.tQtl tha
final triumph- '
The.bttltlfnl hall was la tUeareobdW
tlon ftftftit last Thtrlday ttenlngj the) 'ocen
sloa of Itf? ball In jhofyr Jrihto Aittf,
an 1 ilieela Urate decorations shone resplen
dent laitBO) glare of the myriads of rs-
bnrWrsV" "
The wnlMVrescofc6mp(ieA the ram!
lies Of moethf onr Prominent ddrmaii ctif.
sons, and1 wjb' Jou'tiiT raspect seiect.apd
bov'buio., ue prosmentoi toe vcreui, rfonD
Vofft. eso . With his efficient' dialitanu.
Messrs. .KnessI, Ebel, Kronhelmcfand Beck-
one ami ji, auy lcconaed w ih tirbahe
chairman of the committee oil reception,
Dr. BOrlatid.Wera bn tiring la their efforts lo
pleaso all, and we are firm la the belief thai
they fully succeeded t la fact the pall was da
cidedly the snecess of the keasdo About
LliTO O'clock rha bau rWmwit v lilted by
nearly Alt tbe members of the City Council,
foIlowtQqibonly sTlsr by Senator Tatterson
and Hon. Martin Welker,,of Ohio. These
guetti.wero properly received, and hand
soraelr tjntorUlBed la ons of the lower halls,
wucu n very ticasaqt lima was enjojea.
WlllUmi, JICKnlJM .id BrOwe Of Itle
uooncu, ton uoi. Htnski ml 51ojor Ir-1
ker or ths Qieroke Hfctloo Th. memb4ri J
oi ia. Do.ni. w.r. in? n eicortoa to id. piai
form it lha cut td of tlulil, .h(, wiro
H.IM1 . nnnber of nramlnbei Btlniin.
Arifr ilswlnj h,,lmlll una fot
tbott ,lilt ioritr u nsAoV4, 4l
under IM ffuWanco ot Fiotllni Votm ud
Dr. ByjMmid tb.ctottj, UtodltM,J
A. C'BlcbnH,',nfHtiM34col,or Metro-
Eillun -pollM.nd 0o. A. Cwhtorirt.
oji a ntne.Mtr Hcrttlcdloltn URr
rtxira, wtier. baanllfI tabla wen tontd,
.nd .bout two hundred ..d flftv Mnoue
al down id k lomf tOooi cotuturitreuredf
(Vint, and tbe,W!6tfi sfftVchiilcUt cnrac
After aoipla JoiUce luid beet doae IM
fr.it tna.aeorea of bottle! or.Raiix'vlaa
4era (urolifced. and property carid (or b; tea
jtv tdra
rraAitnt Voct..vho u ieated'.l tt. hud
ar ihaalaluliMa 'i.tilal.it'..1i. .ai '.
u u ivtma Mutt, u"hudi yr,Hcr ana iu at
short speech welcomed lha tHo Boards of
atygorerument to tue scnuitcu cioterlalB,-
wviiai w h ivuwnnt uj uuvipu VlUIfy
esi . who spoke a few words In German and
then proposed three cheers br the Boards of
Aldermen and commtn Council. Ther were
trlten with a wtlLand.ln answer to loud
calls. Gen, Crocker, president of lbs Board
ot Aiacrmen,inanK.ea tae memoer ot ins
BjBoclatloa for their hearty treetlnxs to the
Cltv Fdlhsrs. who were Indeed Proud of tha
UIU4UU V'DUu.uil'i kMV Vf Ug'a.ajut&wf iiajau
"f""". . ... ., .
The health of Donald McCalbrin."iha
urmi.1! ntnraintAtlva from lha FtlvtTi wartt.n
was responded lo by Alderman Mevathran
In neat and pointed speech, which he coo
clodod by alluding la e happy manner to the
recent jmroa action ,oi tne uermaq ungusge
In tha ntihllrt ar-fitvifa. v
When Mr. McCathran had fconcluded",
President Voebt altoded to tha fad that
Major A. C Ulchards was present, and la ft
vcrv neat raanocr utaaea tost ouicar in warm
languaga, closing try proposing three, ahaere
for the Major, f hey were given with a will,
and then loud calls were made fcr ft speech
from lha popular en perlo leaden t
Malor Richards, tn resDoadiair. said lhat
he coutd not atrow tbe occasion to pass with
out warning nis tnanas to oif Msrrnai) oi-low-cUUens
for this demon st ration la ac
knowledgment of his presence aod his aar
vlcos. It was pleasant for him to meet his
friends, and receive, aa he had done, the
many manifestations of their estoem aud
oonUenccu ,11a waa proud la claim) lha
Germans of Washington as his friends, as
good hearted, Vlndly-dlspoaed andt order-brine-
people. Ia police circles H wis ft
notable fact lhat nadotallof men were re
quired ftt ft German fuUval oothtng
needed, They were always competent to
tk a-ar f taaiaala, aMd ,uiut uidcily,
plsftsaot and rospoctahle companies are not
known In Washington.
Agalq ba congratnUUd his achutxea
brethren oa tbe success of tbe entertainment,
and indulged la lb hope that there will ba
many more such agreeablo reunions. Tho
Malor was frequently aPDlauded durlnor his
short address. At lu conclusion the com
pany repaired io the ball-room, where danc
ing was resumed and continued until ao
early hoar this morning, under the direction
of the, affable, master of ceremonies, Mr.
uarry ovroBiwimcr
ipa rquaio tor tne joyous occasion was
furnished by Angort Schroedsr's uarlralled
raor, Dairus Lxctvbb. Notwith
standing the rain, a, very large and highly
Intelligent audience assembled a Melierott
hall last evening to listen to tbe address of
Professor John v. XJrajMr.i. Z. U , of the
new i one university, aaa presiaentoi toe
American Academy ot Literature', Science
and Art. The occasion was tbe annual
meeting of the society, and the lactate was
nodn the tteneral deslrn and oblects of lha
association. There were a number of dla
tlngnlshed gentlemen upon tba ataga. In
madlng President Grant, Vice Prcsidsnt
OoJlax, General Sherman, Hon. Henry Wil
son and lion. Roverdy Johnson. At. the
close of Ihe address a vote of thanks was
tendered the1 speaker bv tbe academr. and
copy of his address requeue! for publica
Obstbcctivo Btaxwrs. Henry Hlmher,
commissioner of tho First ward, sued out
warrant a trains t L. W. Hooklne. before
Justice Anderson, for obstructing Mass'
cuusetts avenue ana i street ny nis one a
kilns. A hearing In ths case was had last
eyenlng, when L. G. Illne, estj , counsel for
defendant, argued tbat the magistral had
no junsaiction, ana toat it aeisnoani aid
obslrnct said avenue and street in the man
ner set out In the warrant, he was entitled
to twenty days notice to remover before
jaarciat proceeaings coma do instituted
against hlra Tba JoaUoa overruled the
first objection, bat sustained the second, aud
thereupon notified Mr. Hopkins tbat ha
must remove tbe obstruction within twenty
Doo LicsBSKS During tho month juit
ended ft very large nnmoer or applications
have been made lo (he city register for dog
licenses, and next summer promises to ex
hibit au unutual canine population. In a
majority of cases for license lha dogs an of
tue most wonniete or tue cur species, tnose
which make ' night hideous" by their d)s
cardans howls, thus banlshlntr sleep from
tho eyelids of the strong and Infirm alike of
oar citizens, union too orates snouia oe
tt)e motto of all,
TobConditios or1 MiDpLiTOX. Edward
Atlddlelon, the colored man who was as-
sauitea so orutauy on ouuaay last, at a late
hour last nltUt was retarded as In a verv
iaeble condition, with strong chances against
h(s recovery. McQraW and Brown, two of
tne parties auogsa to nave oean engagea in
'.: 1. m--a .. a. - ..IT ". ...
SmSTAT. "rf"00 "" ""7
i, ana
left, the city.
Ensusa Halt IIoob, super stoat and extra
super stout, of superior quality, for $5 aud f
per down,
IA flue German Iliilf Hose fortSperdosen.
Kiss Merino Half Hose, English, German
aad Domestic, white and colored.
No. 410 Seventh street, N. W.
Mxssns. J W. BoTiuta & Co , between
Ninth and Tenth streets, at their well known
hotsa-fuyoUhlng establish meat, haTe on
hand an unusual stock of goods for furnish
ing ft house In the most complete manner.
All parties about going to housekeeping
should not fall to call and examine their
Taunts akd Batch bu The over-popn
tar and enterprising firm of J, 8. Tqpham A
Co., Seventh street, next to Odd Fellows'
Hall, are oflerlng lo the public, a tha lowest
rates, every style and variety of trunks and
satchels. Ay the articles sold at this estab
lishment art made of the but material and
warranted lo bo as represented. Q
Wft abb haxiro a specially of the manu
facture of line Black Cloth Bolts for dress
Occasions. "Oak lUll.V S35 Seventh street
opposite Poet Office.
A riR of gold bound spectacle ba"bcan
lost, and the finder will bt liberally rewarded
by leaving them at No. 733 totb street, be
tween 9 a,od U,
'TVf31MBllUajSlBftVJ.JJ. 'VJV MW'i'Jr -
LociLBaBTtTiKJLTnantlftaahnnses Blase
hi ru rents. a
una umoa wua oiagiiuaus.whea tm aver
aga neetfU sf caoh per day doca not exceed
oo dollar, m .. i i
Justice Plant reports havtnr Issued 161
Warratrta ddrlsg tba month of January, civil
sunt criminal .justice u Danes waiter, qbt
Ititr Ihe lame Period, raoorts IQTv
' kWrrsaat iWle and Offleer Blchardscmt
of UaXighth preelnctyoa Friday oon,diu
mvereaoreio tBenousexoi reter atonyi on
Vlrrlnla avenue, between Sixth and Seventh
streotaeast, eansed by ft defscUve flne. Tha
nre waa axUngulshed by tha officers with
slight da mare. (t
Thai reports bf tho llsntenaaU hf poUcw
yestsruay were narrav or btswsj -
An adjoarned swaotlnr af those .favorable
to tha development of tha wool growhtc and
mining Interests or West Virginia, will ba
held at the Jenoasstlonsathls evening, wheel
If Is expected several addresses Dt ba del It
oynu oy prominent persotia interesced UI tna
movement. v
, TneU'ctomaa VrtiHnrawent Assdclatlca
meat to-morrow f weddesday M ll nuba
Board of Trade Rooms. No. Market Bnaco.
TheVf'sibJectitor disease! (whlettiwlUbtv
opeivtrth''tmhUcl wn ba'flrapa Cartora
on. tha Border.' WUUam 1L rioavafita, of
L'ooivius, uaryiAoa, win iced on wun
paper oa the "drape In Maryland'
Tne CoifORioiTtosiift -sJociil,--The
loolal held last vnlBglh Ihe parlor of tiie
uonrretTaiionai cnurcn waa a pleasant and
cniovaWe affair. A lacw romnanv w4i
present, Incladlng many of the lsadlafr
members of the society, and ft goodly worn
brr r cbarmibB' ladiadJ Hoc Labi lit v aad
tood&alflra cbaratutiBed tho entire Inter
course or it&e rviniff wenouopd among
tnose prcasBtrror uasoon, itewi tiauocB,
uen r.ston, wr. rattersoa, MNanaatrp
Ilodtffs.- NjT. Jbdd. wife and datrrhUr. C.r
II. nil-s and lady. J.'W. Groen and Udy.
Darihgtheevenlag tier. Dr. Raokla tailed
tuo aiiimuwcs to nracr. vain m camaiitteo
ttmslstlnr of General Eaton, General Balloon
ana nr. sean, was appoiateq so recommend
sprow wwm oi a literary organ i tattoo at a
A tommltlee was also appolntod on mnsftt
for their sociables, conslstlnif nf Messrs.
!Baewart,qMonltosi and Mrs. Dulse,
"ume moo ronavFcf'waisangt ana
theamnna SnrnfroBtnnrats: Including good
coffee. A season: Of oMTCraastoti followed.
aadth,comcaoydUpeHMata rmeonabJa
Rkt.nifn.HliLBbh i-arA bnnday Ahe
atev. Ml. MTlburq IwoWptd at (hepUrth
of ltaIacftrnalrtlcpftKroITweinhatulN
rUibfteoirsctmwdcdhpusefj lit
text la theraornXng was t. John llilu
Many oThts fornret TriMids who knew him
whsa he waa chaplain of ihe Senate, several
Tears ago, were present to hear him. He
spcbbs who an nis jorraer vigor ana power.
uis Bigot nas not Doeaat aitimprorea oy
bis trip to Europe, tbouah he has consulted
tbe bt sugeona oOernlany,
iuBwuiaMxu oi tue jacarnniioa sccrs on
In Its march of crosnerltv. Tha ratsnifi r
the church l large and grows weakly, ,lhe
rteavyoAPtpn tueottiioiQX Mine qsarnnj
reduced with the rraoUriirof ciock-wurk.
Tbe rite of c-ondrmatlon will baadmlnls
tered here b Btshdp Hantlpgion, February
aue, vuuti .uua.v vi wui avu juimi,
AudUh "singing Is simple, spirited aad
cnurcniy. r. H- nas i?u on nis lociurHig
AtBUT.Or L TBlfrt)a Trt.lav .n.
thg last two overcoats, valued at 40 oaeb.
beTonglng to Messrs. Richard Corn welt and
vnaries iorcD.wcjo stolen rropxtbe ArllDg.
ton siooaaijaasi
alias. I.
PetecBferc;rU. Tallman waJ.stif
work tip lbs case, who yesterday aaereoon
Bpprebcndad tbe lalet oa,Fourteeoth street.
Sweeney acknowledged tho theft, and Id
fbfmed the detective of their whereabonts.
who succeeded shortly afterward la recover
ing tbe overcoats and returning them to
their owners. Tho aec&sed was Ukea be
fore Justice D. R. Smith, who committed
aim to j au tor a runner Bearing,
A TlHETIfa BoOTnLACE. Ycatnrda
morning Officer Smith arrested a colored
bootblack, named Willie Banks. chanrM
with entering the confectionery store of
airs doses, unacr tna Dt queries liotsi.
and stealing; therefrom candles to the valna
of $7.23. While being conveyed to tha office
oi justice omuof tue young tniei attempted
to resist the officer, biting one of his bands
Julie severely. Tbe boy was sent to Jail
or ft further hearing. Tbe little rascal on
his way to Jail broko away from the officer
near the City Hall, whon a lively chase en
sued, the officer fln-tlly reeaptarlog, his bird
aftera lilt of cvral Bnnrea.
A call appears la oar advertising col.
umns liberally signed by prominent cuTxens,
catllnzft mass convention of the Twonianf
this city and Georgetown lo assemble at
Lincoln Hall to morrow afternoon, at 2
o'clock, to take Into consideration tbe con
aolldallon of tbe two cities Into one harmo
nious government.
.. .... -- j
Messne. Metxbbott A: Co. call the nttm.
tlon of the publld to their complete stock of
pianos, parlor organs and other musical In
struments. This well known firm are the
sole agents for the celebrated Bteln way's
pianos and Mason t Hamlin's far famed
cabinet organs.
Tne Washington Conservator? of Music
at the parlors of the First Congregational
chnrch, offer rare Inducements to those who
wish to gain a thorough musical education.
For furthsr particulars consult their adrr.
tlsemcnt la another column.
Rt ttar. Taos. JUlxcKKR, D.D , Bishop
of Wilmington, Del., will lecture at St. Ste-
rihea'e church on Wednesday eyenlng. Sub
set i "The Ecumenical Council." The
proceeds will bo dorowd to tbe St. Stephen's
dncaruoal Society. -)
Mn. II. &SA.V, tho popular proprietor of
tbe United Statea llqtel, Pennsylvania
aveowe, near the Capitol, offers first class
table board at IT per week. Rooms can be
had at the hotel with or without board.
Wbabb maiiko a specialty of tba manu
facture of flou B lae k Cloth flu lis for dress
occasions. "OakJUU," 23 Seventh street.
opposite Tost Office.
Tne Sbcond Wad iUrvoLiOAM Club
No. 3, meets at Union Hill, this cveolng. at
sevea o'clock.
A axouU woothty mcilloz of thiNa
tloaal Guards will be held this evening
at Mare's liatl. 325 IS street, at 7 o'clock.
A BTTldsa saddle horse Is offered for sale.
Can be n at 1033 Twelfth street west
Wi uti Mixiia a specialty of the raaou
factBreof floe Black Cloth Salts for dress
occasions. "Oak Hall." 033 Soventh street,
puB.m a uwt viujco. n
m iblacsjcsafitB,
TammlaafoBcrof Paiasta
pins nmtffofifJJil tbb oistmst
UcsriMtaDsO May si si I
. . ,VC IlIVqnJ(.pfle 0
JckeT Marstsl 1
Brifimhi. Thi lant fnarlh at aMiaakn 1
ftm.tbsijba salsnstlB sad ihUdar raportja
r William t randslt, Irattws for Ihs aals of ih
raat aalau la Ihs abaa mu inailiBaS.
ba ra lilail aad caaBriaad. ! i.
tha soBlrarr Uarcof ba skowaoa or before ih yttb
day of rvbraarr x'l prcvldcd a copy f thla
rdar ba lasvrtad la soma Bawapapcrfrlalad and
raonaDarti in n,iaijtoi ciiyi V i
each of three anceavalvcwscka prior To raid da
Tbarcpaitsiaisslbs amaant , aala 1 OS
' t?
wi ru. a ii utvin, it
MKIQ8 Clartr jW TnSw
runit i ta
J. BCUIBtH bss obtatscd from tbs orphans'
Caarl f WBahlaitoa Conalr la tan District of
Col am Jili, lattars it isnUrr a the persanaj as
foBSly aforaalda dCBuaaad. All paracas aavlaa
elalua seal aal tba aalddooasssdarabcrabv warnad
hh oi nicBotsB rBBtaa. im oi naiB'SBTOB
to txhtbti Iba aamo, with Iks vavbr tbaroaf, lo
io aabMrtncr, oa ar before tba S3ih day of das
rr b'iIi thay saar efhsrwtss br law bs si
laded froaa all bfaeill of aald eat fie . .
OiveaaBScctaybSBd this wh dar f Jscosry,
cctayhssd this wnhdarf Jssnsry,
f. . Mint r"mumm,
JaM W3a giacatrl
nnis isTogiva hoticxtrat toi bub.
BCSIBKK baa sbUlssd frem Ihs Orpbanc
a of VfashlBitoa coBBty la tba Plahltt cf Co
at lotura leaUuBUrr a ta persosal
A4 of Ji h, OBABAMt late of Wsablsiton
aalaU of JASBh, V."
claims sraUat the said deeasaed sro hereby warned
aeoeaaea ail
ll twriAii bavlae alalaie
ie DBTitTB aiau
Ika aiiaa. lvltk fka VAaabarB IbaraAf. Ia
the sabicrlbor, oa or befois the Ilk day of Jasaarr
abicrlbor. oa
llhcr sf i
iffKlllhey tvsy otherwise br law I
itrwiH ar itr e fia
rrm all basest or tbe aaia etBi
I1L....I 'lha a.lil mm
Olvta aader sty ass
ra etadar aav head tbla 4tb dV of Jssnarv.
u; M.i.?"'.
JBBU ,"; . '""""" w i
Any person jqsr oppose Ihlassltisles. .
WjiBCBQTO. 1) C . Jaaaary 17, 1871.
Os UcpatUliOB f Qsosoi W Hut, of Olcaa.
new Ycix.prarlss fortbc vxtBiioa of a p teat
iraatsd Is eiinoalfaSBltt day ,f Uj.A. fur as
laiProvsa'CBtlaBaw milt Don I
It Is Braarvd Ibat Iba Uttltnoay Is tbs eaas bt
cloaadCB taatta daysf Arill uait tbat Ibafm
for Silas arramoraBa tni Examlaat'c rapait be
llnlicd to U. ISih of April acaf. aad bat tall
Ml IkaababBtfrrloBtbaakadiraraDrll .i
Asy pcrscausynprai
jail H
' ' triif itsrov, D O..aJ, 1B7.1
OS rtipellWa of WiitriBf t. Depose, of Itew
Tork T .pravlsf forlbtsaMBilos ofapatsst
frstUd lo else on las lalday of April, ISM. fur sa
ll le srdared thai ths leailraftBy Ib Ihe caes is
loaed on Iks let dar af Msren aest, thai ths
las fjMlHff arflBmes'sasd thslsamlaor s .
port KVllmlbd to the lllh day of Marehaosl.
aad lhat sa!4 psillloa ks beard b usUih day of
JfllTB3 CcmalislsasfeVarists.
f - 1UT
1 Ill&aaviaTieariairUitmaTDiitaieT.l
x '. tjUViuatiriavl
.m.(JrV?4,VVWW al'
I. TbectorOotrMllo1'drattltu!mt
ot VlrrtaU to HpreMnUUdd U tht OosttM
ol tha Ualtad Bum," ippMnd Jaoaarr M,
1870, It pablUhed for tba lororaiUrtor all
litre followa the acrwhleti kaa llrtad
ueon PBoiiiDea.j c-J i" '
IL Tha following laitftettoiiaiar rfrati
for tha Information) and .aidant, of all
otlMra or other penbo4 hrtata4 with or
etortutorf anthorltr tinder and by rlrtnt of
tha law of March 2, 1M7, lo pmiia rrlhr
tqon cDMient rorernme&t ri toe reDei nam
atd Iba eorere) l.wa HmAKamluj thereto
tramndalorTlbrtri v i'1 '
,1 All military ernnntiileoera will atonotf
caaaa ta enreli any n all antiiorlty under
the aborrcltM lw,etpt'ofr' u roT
be necMtan to (low tfp lae nti&alahed bait.
tieeeef thelroffleeaj ndlheywlll atlaae.
tranamlt 10 tbM bwdiraartera all book and
Hoard, tlat relate lathaladatUaaa mlUUrr
1 tAntmjljjaAp " v a t
a. AnciiifBus-wbd. ttsyibehsld'bymUI.
Ury autborlty for trial, either la custody or
tor acts ia violation oi tneaoove
cited laws, will be released froaa osstody or
dtiftbargadoflhelrbsUboaids aadthsaalll.
3. All CllI tens' heM hv mllltar4 anthorftv
for trial for trlfaee , of, otTencee oogalBabjfi
nhder the laws of the provisional goyectt
ment of lha Bute of VlnrinU. will bo t it road
over to lha custody of proper clvUaa
taoruioa tM tatSQautr r V'r,w,,P,' i"
which thurlma or ofianca waa cOmmltlad.
andftIL bonds. reooralaances,or' olhat ac
carUytakea for the appsarauce of, parsecu
cbsrgad with erlmes pr offences, pr. for iha,
appeqra.acBi-o( ,yfiiAPf.ev wiu, ue tsrusa
over via !kemAaaer,ta lha, proper cltllau,
thorltles. , t t t ,
l. Tha Jndia Advocat&of thadtafj-lri will
farnlsh the Attorney Oeneral, for suc,hvacl
tloo as may ba necessary and proper, ahU
torr oi eaco oi tue oases now unaenroinir in
testlf aUoo.toffetber with the depositions or
Dtnar eviaence ia reiauoa taarcio. id ill
-.. l .--' a,.. f .a. " ... '
manner, for ibe like purpose, all aQUavlU,
eviaence, or otner intormauon in rsiauoa
to Persons accused of crime, who hare es-
pc4twm,caallaemeiitbt, hire evaled'f.
rv at, sriii oiitimasuiiTsuiijOf tae Attorney
General -
It. All rirtarniura frtLlcfina) ri( whan itiaT
Aforecited law Of March 3 2807; bocomos in-
,- -.. r. ..... ....-., -.. -..v.. ...
oPcraureoT reason oi too ooDQitiops ana
iimuatioae or tna retxatrncuoo Jaw, may
oe io oDDBDsnjoot ot ciistoay oy virtaa oi tBf
final judgment and sentence of ft.fcvllttary
com mission orcthtrmllltarr trlbohal. rwifi
ba contluuod la said coslody mill entitled to.
atieoarraoieinraatonoi aantencs. or tna
csbq ie vtncrwiBO iavKru yt vj proper BU
Uotfty; Upb 4 Vri,1 or,Vri wrptis br
any otter process f lifting from a court Of the
united ataief in tna cose at any prisoner ao
held, tbe Writ will be promptly responded to,
and the officer. In makliis his retard to l&e
writ, will set forth all, the material fiti. of
tee caeoa it too writ p usaao irom state
court saaauceriutvioEto cusiouv ar anv
sueh prlsVwer will make n respectful return
to tha writ, settlor, forth1 lha fact that tha
prlsoQdfUheUby vlrUtoof Ue final aif
lacnsaumavatoBicaQt at coartoi competent
jarrsdleUoo, held under the authority cf the
. AFll. tT.(. Bl.lia -J ik.i.L.II.j.
a.na vi uw viuiw vaKr. aim tuatUlTI JOriS
oicuon is oxciaiirsiy ia tne courts of lha
UuUedStetea, Tha dtvUloo between United
Sutea and Bute Jurisdictions la aot always
oiBtiQctij maiaca, vw oraceri will oeguifleq
In their action bribe vrlndclea laU down
br thd Boprerae Court of. the UnUed Buui
la tha case of Abioman ys. Booth. rv( 114 low.-
ara, y. ow. j
C At all fortr, QNtDali.llght bottser, cni
tora.houscSjCemetflri.es and other pabllou
taaiisuiqcota, woctoer nia oy original ocs
slon or recent occupation under the laws of
tne u niton otaws, too juruaietKm will ba
beldtobeezelaslrelyla the United States
nnlll otherwise dfrecfed, by law or other
7. The canraas rotiirDs. Doll llats and hat
loU for the several elections held In tbe
Slate under the authority of tha laws nf tha
Dolled Statea will, as soon as practicable,,
ua imuitpu auu JUTCUtOHCU ftCCOraiOff tO
lha scleral election districts, and, tarood
over to tho Secretary of. tho Commonwealth
JAfi.Tt a at a baFa lAa.lk'
iui uuiviu mtf Atn ccufng,
8. An authentlcalod eon nf Its An.
reglslratloa or voters, arranged Lv couatlea
and ellloa havlnir a aenarala tnnnUlnat ..
gaulullon, will bs deposited In tha office of
too oocrcuu-y ot too uqouaonweaiLfl,
0. Aulbeatlcated COPlea of all ranara.1 n
special orders, regulations or dcclsloaB. by
tbe district commanders, cbangUgormodX
ijia ma yroiiuvoai javt- oi tna DtatS, Of
affecting any rights of persons or properly,
will bo prepared! one at fnp tb oiBoa os the
aorernor or the Stale, and the other for the
office of tho Secretary of the Commonwealth.
10. The term of office of nil officer r it.
provisional government of tbe State of VJr
Kiuia. nuciuci uuuiidb: dt orimnai a uvunn
orappolntment under ihd laws of tbe Bute,
or by appointment Or detail ttodar tha laws
oi tuo umtru otatoB, win -uptro woen ineir
sneeessors. elected or annnlntad twiaaika
new constitution, sbaU bare been dulj
II. The clerks or thd ssvsral district
courts of appeal will retain the possession
aud bo responsible for the safe keeping of
the records of aald courts a Bill (ha lUglsU
torvui Moiti.j nuaii proyiqe jor tae aw
position lo be mado of them.
HI The provisions of the schedule of tha
constitution are republished for mora gen
eral Information and convenience of refer
ence i
"That oo Inconvenience may arise from
tbe changes In tha ooastltatloa of this Bute,
and In order to carry tha same Into complete
inrcrntiuu, ia ucrvoj HOCiarCq tDAtl
r"dECTiO! 1, Tbe common law and' tha!
Statute lftW nOW In 'fat. nnC rrmXl,t
to this constHoUoo. shall remain In fnrca
nntll they expire by their own 11 ml till on,
of are altered bt repealed by the tegtilaturti
Sic. 3. All writs,aet1oni,eat.set of action.
proeecauons ana ngmsof lotimdnals and
vt wuiw wrporaia ana or tne Btata. and nil
charters or iBcorpOf alien, shall continue,
and all Indictments 'which ahaii t.J
fonnd, 9r which may hereafter ba found, for
aoy crime or orfeucw committed before the
adoption of this constitution, mar be pro
ceodetj nppnas If ne) change had taken place
fugnTui! viw, except as JJVrtW OtQCP
wise Provided, thall contlnno with tha iik
powers and Jurisdiction, both la law and ll
a any, as it tuis constitution aad not been
opted, and until tha1 organization of the
Judicial department of this constitution.
--dec. a. mat ait unes, penalties, for;
iBttnixB, apu ncunava Hccrniug to IBS DtatO
ot Virginia vnasr luo-pTesent constitution
and laws shall aecron to the nse of the Bute
noder this constltulloq,
"Seo. 4. That all recognlzinees, bonds,
obllsratlons. and all other Instruments, en'
tered Into or executed before the adoption of
tnio tuuMiiuiiuui w a,v ywyiv ut too oiato
of Virginia, to ahyBUts, county, ortown
iuf, ur aiuj yuutiu vuhii ui jiuuuq uyay,
or which may be entered Into pr executed
under existing' laws, 'to tbe people of tho
Slate of Virginia,' to any snch officer or pub
lic body before tbe cotoplete organisation of
tne aepanmenia ot government nnoer mis
conslttntlofi, shall remain binding and ralld)
aod rights aod UahinUles upon the same
shall continue and msy' be prosecuted as
Srovlded by law. Ad all crimes and mls
eraeanors and penal actions shall be tried,
punished and prosecuted as though no
change bad taken place, uotll otherwise
provided bylaw."
By command. Of Brerek Major Qen. Cauby.
Louis Y CAtiAno.
AlJe-deCamp, Acting Assistant Adjutant
fleneral. .
i - t . j i jAIffAat 11, IBTtt
1b the avao af Ws, V, HavviS4LV aad JetJB
u iiaBBBBM,BBoeBwrsoiurteu o stiieaaii.
daeanaed. tits osMntora aforeaaU have, with lb
approoaiion a ihutfiiu tioarrar ti
at f.inaL. knruUataal I1TII1D1T. IDk rfaw
cf Febrnarv, A It 1D7S, for tb Bnal -UU-saeat
and dlitrlbatlos of tbe perusal eUl at
said deoeaaod. and f tbe BtaaU la fcaad. as far aa
Ihe cant bar bsasUecfd aad tarsed 1st
Cieaeyi when and wber alt tba creallors asd
ire of aaU doeeaaed aro aoilSed tsailend WHfc
Of ttllal
ra whIi la
ihs JfayioiAL MarsaucAii previous U the asid
fitti A WlBSTBt.
iBBV.TbSw stesleees oQWUls.
week for ihres weehels tfao KaTIQBSli 1
sopy o
saa pivTiwae w im iuo M
previoBc ts tbe said dar
JasJJ !
J" .
WAsatseroi'D U Jaaaarrl'. WJ.
Ob IhaMtllloB ol Si bob I SBeoLl.a? BroiblySi
T.. praylBi far aha sstaasloa JfJ1?!
a rsaUd to fclm oa ths loth dv of AtwUfJ, f9'
"ay persoa may MWBfiiWhniB,
JslT'Ult Oassstltsisasi el fatcais.
.-. .. aisBt 11,100,,
aVmriCi V H"'"JMi irott"nnv ivwruy (0Kiif
la Ike eaao of Baiosr ovaaa, adniBMt atria a,
L a of l-bUlpbaoau.deeeaaad ,bh siaralstra
Iris, s ts, aforeaaU baTfwin, tha apprebA
tlon r the Orpbaas' Caarl of Waiblniton (Jomary
aroroaald, appointed Taoaday, rebrnarvl, A. P
1870 for the Seal eettlemasi and dlitribatloa of
Uo poraenBl aalaU nf aald dseesaed, aad of lbs
teiele In bande ac far aa ths came have boos col
tod and laraai late neseri wsss sad where
all lbs ereiltera fed haJre of sslj deceased arc
arollflad to slUad, witb, their claims properly
voncbed.sr ther sen otkerwlw bv law bi ox
alBdodfrosaall Maett la asld daoeated a i
f thl( nrJ.r ha neitilUtfJ
BB improveDiaai ia r ," rj " aw uulL
ll la oidered Uat tU SsfStsaBBy U I S
cle.sd n tbs ltUh Jar rWarsh "fl.
llmeTor Illaf ariBmeMa bb! fafib aVl aai
port b llmU.J le tie iSth atT ''! ?! "J
lhat aald nttiltoa ba hsa d a IhsSoth day Of AUiab.
, , jM .i t
A'Lo'sd fair Niid haa bMatnBtUed
Uiroegh lha Intr&Jncllon Into Amerle. of
Borrt MiLt'EiraicTi Ike noet tmlnent
puraieuna in laa 'Unuea Biaiee nam noe
railed lo reallrn tale fad) aixl lby hue In
doried lthnoeqnlTicleir"loiuof lit
Ufaetlon vi vreat and lonirleelred An ao
qnUUIen to Im medical profeeilon, and bare
piade a, marked dlecrimhiatlon betereen It
od Ine Innumerable eo-eillfd remedlea and
ka1lb-prcrrlej pnrrallonl of Ike dajr.
aom ar itx paiooiiia aao otocias.
'anlUoSt .
' Taniri,8citi',iirD tcE.-Dr. B. C.
Verry. DermalolofrUt, Dond Itrecl, New
Tork, (founder of Ibe dermalolOKleal icl
ilce la.tua conntrr.) treat villi epeclal
which destroy tha hair. The Doctor cures,
by personal attention, molei and wens with
out cutting, pain, or scars, also hnnatnral
red noses hod all eruptions upon tbs face.
Send for tutsrrogatory circulars.
For the efficacy ol Dr. Terry' treatment,
hef respectfully refers Uecltlsenaor Wash'
logtoa to r. II. A, Reslsy, Ho, p0 Pennsyl
vanlftftvenoa- JaSl-ooCt
. 4.wisff, bats oai who has Icetod Its mer
Us,tiah6 cdoscQUchtly speaks from per
Social tperlen.ce.'that JJolri Malt Extract
might Mine Into n&lrersal use, as It merits
tha prtfttthca over Alt tobies of the day, and
fc spina dlj as a table drink. This celebrated
prepatatlOd serves As ad excellent strength
ening beverage, a delightful tonic, and a
Pleasant rfimnlr for dtaonliM nf the throat.
I chest, lungs and stomach.
i wjt KaviuiBtaitait gruvvis vv
Tub Was uiho to Citt.Bavikos BUUr',
corner Sertnlh street and Louisiana annuo,
Is open, from 0.30 (o 7)30 every Baturday eve
nlogla addition lq Its regular banklog
hoars, It pays loterest oa drposlU. B,
Wf toox A Grta'i Sbtwiko Machiiib, pro
nonncod the simplest and noiseless maohlne
In tbOj world, can sow bo bought on easy
terras at tae agency, i. usnuii uoopsurt
and Corset factory, 815 Seventh street, be
D17 Oooda.
Mt niinn MEri)TRSi
fUvlic Uetf ,iUie4 frv k irffikra A.e
ll.a m. 1 Ha. .ei
lali .aa(,t
i.Bin tiim wuouiaiK rmoca.
BUk at4 Onlr4 VBLTITR!Ta. mn 9t .p.
ii M-.a f M'epu rjMfi im lie.
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tafltt4 dwatUIr atMt.f tBl OO0DS
iwre tfct.a laTtiion la f aerawr.
DEAR. 1 1
tVennhf Jatl.aBBBBBee ihronab tboBBbltepiets
eclllaa- their dailM Sioik of UKY OOODSat la
yetssBoati sad, whereat, Butwlinitsedisc aaled
pave iiiBiiud ibtbbiv in vaa
remalBB fatar very dealrabte
sbelvwa thai miim loeonol
oeonotM al aprlceisad
tlbalrnnriMi a thaa katafc-
wbereie 1b order loeS:ctiblrparr
arata prcdalni sad aaaaaBBc ibslall UOODB bow
20 For Cent. Discount.
Aad Ibev 'Briber proclatsa ssdsBSosscslbsl all
Imporled Ml and winter gcMs aabraelBB late I
parehaaee, will b saovei ef at a taaM greater
Their aUxkle lane, sad Ihcylavlts tally calls
M arenro (id foods ard slid bsrgalaa,
yBrYiMBf f ordarc aa ba stvea la Ualf es
CBllvaroro tBartro-t awlslty the iBtereel aad
psrpoo of this a tics. Po Its alieatloa will ba as
curded toaUytltrc
. ' DAUXR1 dk. MtTCIIKI,L,
jaaSSsodSt JeStpUHe.) Market Bpaee,
Diiioi.ctiow or C'Ol'AltTShC:
Hnu. Closing Ont Hole ol Flrwl I'Iium
Dry Gootlfla
foplia ,AlP!s, Super tpa-sB-lk Velvets. Black
aad Oajlretl Valvoio'kBa.aed all cools af every
deaertptlQB, which It i kaowahavo always btea
At tuai rutt UOJ3U until,
ksgeads belag charged oaoar bvks sue? I at
tec alar prleea. ...
This SaJe le made by as'a laslly Settle Us estlra
basiseas ad bar Bran, If Tarler wtthdrawlsg
Iherofrom oa tbe lid day of U erh aest
All perBoae ladebud Is as will pleats SOBS for
ward asd aaaksproapipayiaeal.
n. TATLUU dk CO.,
,Ha3i-tf tewWo T09 Marks! pses,
No TJeekman Htreol, New Ywrk,
umihivw amiaiaa var niBar ana ion
psbliBgeserBtlr. tkBlwsbavs laeraaeed ear fa
stlilIa,BSdehklI be bsrpr U recelvserdeis tor
VksadireBepaprIllesettleaB,PIU Jleada,
Mara, Soclelr Beat-. MeBogreane, for
traitB, BBtldlagel.lahlBery. Anlwate,
LaadfeepBB, laletler views af
ttre, reftoMeee Ae
Mao.allklsdaofBhcwisrde, tabels, As . Kxc
f aud al Short Not). '
Allatdere Iron Bewspat-sr asd Hook Psbllah ere,
rrteUra sad Type reBadere, Bgecaled latbebeE
BBBSser with dlspsteb, bad si tho shortest poselbls
PMtgasfaraUBefcy stall t allrMtlonaor tha
aoaal. as aDallcatloa. al a anal ot BI la Bid. aa.
cordial loelaeo, r-lala orTllunlaaUd
xiiBiBaBeBiefliiBOBVBiBByB0WBia larMiii
aa atiag OoaipaBiee Ale, kUeeirotrptag sa4
rorms rsaaoasbU, aad satlsfacllsa siaraa sed
Btovei. Et .
, rUolwaoia II and fc). ' I
, riatwB It aadB.
Stereotyping And Electrotyping
liferaarTpera sad Xlectrotypera,
' !
Bf IT1 Pssasytvsala evssae, bclwsea Tcathssd
CUvaalb streets, soatb side.
Books tleaaatlyar plelaly tesad. rsrledicals
and sawapapsr tarsfBtlvattcldad U.
uruisi UUUKT,
DUiHti aColumllm. Waiktuita bomw
in ui ) aiTaat at
lalralor of William H rewl,
admlalitrsiar i
! BI
soaaly i
ad of lbs aaaau lnbasd,M far sa lbs sane tasty
st Mil,.tt
the flreditorsaad belre of said Aoeeaied
ara Bell Sed to attead, wlihlhalr elainsprotwlr
vcaabed.or ibey aaraiBcrwUe br law Uu
JlBTedfrom all boaeBl In aald deceaaade estate
uiAJSt'AbVrrTiT sr.i
t pablUhed mn a
.T" a- I a.
Tan is to aiTX hotici tdattub bob.
acrlbers have ebutaed frora the Orphaae' Coarl
ofWaahlBSUB Ooaaly. la Us biatrial
feia, letters leatataeBlarr , ' t?ri
St Ha ST A Bicblavs laisof WasitlBi
laisgian uobbiv. ib iae wiimnii jjoiBni
raaui eeiaio
aforeeald. deeM4
IB1 niiir
Wi will vonweses a fcToadar. lbs tl J day af
JiBBtry, ! ear largestocho' Brat elaaa-Dry
Peode, Bcladlai a largo tlock of Deneatte Ooada,
WaiU Oooda Ulah, and labia LlaoB-. Black and
Colored tritkt and HailBe. Palsloy BhawU. Km
rreee Ctotbe freasa faollse,' rr-aeh MeHeoe,
leased, the
tforecald baa, wta IB apprBpa.
1. A. D 1S7A, for the Saal Mttleneatand
af the DoreoaalBalaU ! aaia aaeBMed.
vaum naiiH aiaiaiB
BBiB. BBoaafwi m naiaar warBea
baertber a or before lb lath day f Ju
Binded front all bsaeBl im laaie setats
J.ii wi.' TStcaKr.
lirw . i)r ii.r .. rr aw a

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