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fgatloimX ItymMta
Tni PCBLIO DCBT fltillMMT. Th fot'
lowlnf Ii the statement of tht public debt of
the United State Issued from the Treasury
Department yesterday i
ZWM BtoHmf f a'crea. 44 Ce(-
ftoottifti tpr.et., Hiijj joo oo
Uonds lie pr St., 14M49,M)0 oo
Debf Btortnf Jnltrtit ( Loflm
Montf -
CjertlflsaWs.Spcr .. M
tent . .! IUMO.000 00
S per cent
(i.ior.flw sov oo
II 000 000 00
Debt en which .lereel fcaa
Vtbt tttoring n fafrrcff.
De-need end legal
reader ootee . U6,USUSeO
Fractional e ut
reney iQ.OOMll 63
old deposited o,sw iso oo
(,1M,000 M
Total debt, principal tad Inter
eat. la data. InBludlnraaunona
due not preaeoted for payment 1832,117,111 41
ri tioi,ooo,rwn
Currency S,6M,NI 41
SUk I of fund, In
U 8 coin Inter
fit bo nit, end
nocrueu intereoi
Olher U S coin
latereat boodo
purebaed, and
accrued I aft-real
t hereon T1.SM.303 SH
tv MMT3Bt2M
2JTI0.0S0 S3
Debt, lii amount In Treasury.. 3,4lMlS.ttS W
Debt, Itaa amount IntheTreaa
ury oaths lit ultimo l,US,U0&3Si
Dscrsssa of public dabt during
tha past month s,W.1 004. SO
Rpeelal M 01 Off " tb ll-
n j , j'.,.... rnrsuant to the cull
or tha Major, sd-c1 meelinf of the Board
of Aldermen wu held last evening. The
secretary read ue iuuuw.bb;
To tht Boar4 of AtUrmtnt
UaRTLRMiMt Laelooed It aeopyof neon
nuaiaation addressed to the Hoard of Oom
..AailAnaell. which -a-tll avnleln I ha raaaona
tot my calling ft spoolarseaofoa of tha Unun
icanr evening o. j uowia, nifor
Tbo secretary then read the communica
tion, which via bo found lu Ibo Conceit re
port. m4
ii was remarnea at tne cioeo oi mo rcau
ln j that a quorum was not present, those la
attendance being Meters. Crocker. Baker,
Chase, Clark, Jonnolly, Davie and Slater
Mr 1OQOOU7 logniwu uat tug eccrvu.1 j
should enter opon the minutes that Men re.
II oo re, Champion, Mortell and Emery bad
h-n cmaent but left the Chamber.
Mr. Chase thought It would bo better to
lata receca hdui o w o giuvb., wuuu
quorum would probably be present. Until
then no bailnete could be transacted, , ,
Tha mHiiBrM waa aent to urtre the ab
sentees to attend the meeting, but at 10 30
o'clock no ooe appearing:, Air. uancr hiotcu
io adjourn, waicu wu iccuuuvu vj i
Chair, and the Board then adjourned.
Boifd of Common Council, The Board
metnnrenant Lotha call of the Mavor. the
preeldeal, (Joseph Williams, esq ,) la the
CDJUrfttnaaii ton memoerv prrwook vxrr
Meaers. Fardoo, Ualoes and Venablo.
The message of the Mayor was read as
Miraa'a Offioa, Pitt ntt, 1
WliaiKxroir, D U. fob I 18Ti I
OiNTLaHivi I Mr a dfcmad It toy duty to
all a aptelal meattncof tha Uouoellt fhla
vanlar for In nuronaa of aetlnron tha bill
that paaaad the lloard of Aldermen laat t
nine, proTtdlaf lor tha pot'ponarnent of tha
taxes, aad to authorlia the corporation to an.
tlalpaU a certain portion of thtravcnuei for
in prvaaHi mom )ir
Tha allazed lnabllllr of a vary lane number
f our small propartT-holJara to pay their
d usua in
U'Mar'lal'a Sirwiid nal Miaw.
Decreaie since March 1, 1IC9
The statement of bonds lisoed to the Ta
clfle RaQroad Compaulei, Interest payable
In lawful money, shows total as follows t
Amount outstanding, t64,457,330i Intorast
accrued and not yet paid, 1 315,254 00, In
terest paid by the United States, 18,831,
061 O0 Interest repaid by transportation of
malls, Ac, $1,923,300 80) balance of loter
est paid by the United States, 1 4,055,30 4. 10.
Tni Tcbuc Paintixo aud BiKDito.
Mr. Anthony Introduced tn the Benato yea
tcrdaj a bill to further regulate the public
printing and to discontinue the publication
of books by the general OoTernment for dls
tTlbutlou. It provides that 1,550 copies only
of the President's mcaiage and reports of
heads of Departments, and 500 copies ad
ditional for the head of a Department on bis
requisition only for the proper service of the
Department and not for distribution be
irlnled. The publication of the "Blenolal
leglster," abridgement of the President's
mesBaca and accomoanvlns documents.
taies baforo tb
lime of adTtrtlalnc,
for the corporation to deal with them lenlaat
IT. to ear them ae far aa potalble the treat
xaa of barlet their property adrertleeJ,
nd tOailTOthem erf opportunity In their
power toralaetho meaoe tn pay their taxea
Aad la order to aatlafythn demands of lbir
era, teachers and other omployeea of the cor
poratlon, as well ae Io pay pressing dam a tide
upoo the city treaaury, It la our imperatlre
duty to anttalpate thoao taxea and to prorlde
the means lor their eattafastlon without a
day's delay, A very large portion of theae
demands, It muet be remembered,wert treated
by my predeceator In oOae, are In tult, and
judgmenta f III be obtained on them unlaas
tber are boob settled.
This nation will put at rest effectually the
allegations that tha corporation la unable or
unwilling to dlasharge the claims of laborers
and others on the city treasury It la proper
that 1 ebould add that an arrangement hie
been made with the Ftrtt National Uank to
aeeure the neeaaaary funds, pro rid ad the re
quired authority be obtained from the (Joan
the nreaenl aaialoo
Very reapeetfully,
8 J Ilowair, Mayor
The President laid before tbo Board the
bill (B. A.) to postpone the adrert'sement
of tax tales and for other purposes. The
bill was published la fall In the proceedings
of the Board of Aldermen yesterday.
Mr. Beall lnantred whether the bill was
properly before the Board. He understood
"Laws ana Joint ueeoinuont," snail be 1 fh is. .iV.. f, .. v.i -i
discontinued. . Alao, the publication of law. SSfSSS.lrV.
of the United SlaUe at leogth, and of the
treaties with foreign Powers, In the news
papers, tnoagn tne secretary ot oiaie it an
thorlxed to publish la tbo newspapers such
laws as In his Judgment should be printed for
public Information. All binding at the Gov
ernment offlco must bo of a plain, substantial
character, and no extra binding executed
except on the order of the Presldont of the
Senate, Speaker of the liouse, or head of
a Department. Preferred to the Committee
on Printing.
It Is understood that Mr. Anthony will
speak at length on this subject In a day or
two, when he will present some Interesting
facts connected with the public prlotlne and
gratuitous distribution of works by the.Gen-
crai uovernment.
Aearfnerf tlleraloro. Science aad
An adjourned meeting ol this Institution
waa held lattcveulng at their rooms In May's
A large number of gentlemen were pros-
cm, among wnom wen inn loiiowing, many
of whom participated la the various discus
sions Jadgo Casey, lion. Reverdy Johnson,
llOO. P. V Huuwu, i U.r fUrnard.
Hon. H. Capron, Col. Ed. Daniels, Prof. J.
nilla. Dr. finnderland. Dr. Newman. Dr.
Boynton, Ds. Silas L. Loomls, Hon. C. F.
Sunsbnry, lion. M. Hnlburd,Dr. Uowlaud,
lion, lioraiio rvinp, ueo. tnyior, uranon
Tyler, Oen. N. P. Lhipman, Judge Bartley,
all of the offlcers elect, and many others
whose names the reporter did not learn.
The academy proceeded to elect officers
for the enenlng year, as follows i President,
Dr. J. Wm Draper) ilrst vice president,
Judge Joseph Caseyi socond vice president,
Dr. U. W Sampson i third vice president,
Judge Thomas VV. Bartleyi corresponding
secretary, A. R. SpoObrd, esq j recording
secretary, Joseph B. Will) treasurer, Henry
D, Cooxe, and actuary, Wm. A. Danger
field. Some amendments to the constitution and
by-laws were proposed and discussed.
A bill was reported for a charter of Incor
poration, of which the follow log are some
of Ita provisions t
It constitutes Joo. Wm. Draper, of New
York cltyi G W Sampson, Joseph Casey,
B. R. Bpofhrd, Chat. J. Jamet, Ilaory D.
Cooke, F. P. Stanton, Columbus Delano,
Henry F Condlct.Jos B, Wliwn -? ,
MKStethT; I. Vincent, J. B. kerr, A. J.
Myer, R. W. Naylor, Silas L. Loomls, W. D.
Gallagher, C. C. Cox, Minor K Kellogg, J.
mil.. fwk- Du.k t a ii.i. u ik
UUlVf luuii Amawuc, j.. a ukis. a. i.
Chase, W. W. Corcoran, Josiah Olfen, S.
B. Fisher. TtobL L. Atkinson, J D. Cox,
Wm. McKee Daon, Wager Swayne, B. B.
French. N. P, Chlpnian. Orlando M. Poe.
J. B. 111, A. R. RoessUr, J. Daniels, A.
M. Kanouse. L. A. Gobrlght, Snmnel Mllll
gan, Wm. Johnston, D. D. rorur, of tho
District of Columbia, Incorporators under
(ha nam ot "The American Union Acad
emy of Literature, Science and Art."
It provides for establishing auxiliary In
stitutions In Bute and Territory capitals,
and In other cities of the United States, and
provides that the society shall report Us
constitution to Congress.
A committee was appointed to present
this charter to Congress for lu action.
Judge Casey suggested that all reports of
committees bo submitted In writing, that
they may be preserved in the archives of the
academy as a portion of Ut history.
A TcaolnLlon was adooted that the lecture
of Dr. Draper be printed in pamphlet form
to the number of 2,000 copies, and sent to
all literary and educational Institutions la
the country, and that It also be printed In
at least one newspaper in tois cuyi auo,
that additional copies of the constitution bo
printed and circulated as above.
An Invitation was accepted from Hon.
Horatio King to attend a literary roadie g at
his tesldence, on next Saturday evening.
Following are the names of new members
elected! Hon Uorailo King, Porter C. Bliss,
Thomas C. Bourne, Thomas J. Durand,
Hon. James G. Blaine, Hon U G Casserly,
Hon. M. Walker, Hon. C. D. Drake, Hon
Allen G. Tburman, Lewis E Walker, II. W.
J. CloTeland. A. T. Lee. J. A. Rowland. R.
II. Ollpert, Charles U. Sheppard, Francis
waiter, m v.
The f olio win a -named nersons were tiro-
posed for membership, which Ho over, under
the rule, one montbt
J. Euthoffbr, Horatio B orchard. F. V.
Jiayaen, uoiooej Jt j. i union, c. r now
land, M. D i Prof. E. Andrews, J. Y Scam
raon, J. D. Webster, Prof. Wm. Thompson,
Hon. M. II. Carpenter, Hon. T Howe, Gen
eral II. E. Falne, Hon. D. J. Merrill. Hon.
J. W. Patterson, lions Benjamin F. Butler,
Robert C. Bcbenck, J W. Forney, J. A.
Bingham, II. L. Dawes, James A. Garfield,
Jndge C. C. Nott, Hon. William Lawrence,
General II. IV. Blocnm. Hon. F. Wood. Mr.
Justice Clifford, Jnstlce Field, Mr. Coombs,
J C B. Davis. E. L. Stantoo. General Wm.
W.Belknap, Hon. 8. B. Cox, Admiral Davis,
rroi ii naroer, tionn nims.itearTaiasBon,
Hon J J Stewart, Colonel D.S.Cnrtla, W.
II. Shock, A M i Hon William Alexander.
After the adjournment the society, with
their Invited guests, act down to an excel-
lent conation larnituea oy Mr J. II. Bhaf
field. A BTA.TEKEXT. This Is to ccitlfy that Dr.
Fanyon has cured me of a very troublesome
catarrh, after I had suffered from It far the
last 13 years. Before I consulted and was
treated bv Dr. F. tbeitltchariH from mr hub.
trlla waa verv offensive, and often In such
quantities as to render It difficult to forco It
away. Alter urou mm iicuhucih, ray
catarrh I gone and my general health Is
grcauy improrea.
Wm. E. Cpjimaoniu,
Residence IT Massachusetts avenue.
JinciBT SO, 1870. feb3-3t.
Tui National MidioXl Aisocutioh held
lis remiiar weekly tnoellog last evening at
the office of Dr C Adams Gray, corner of
tuiitvoum turn and Wow xoru avenae.
u rlU' Tlce l,rMldcDt occupied tho
v... ..WvviiU(niioi snort aorauon,
and after the transaction or tome unlmpor
fiat business the society adjourned.
(Mr. Emery) had given notice ot his Inten
una to iuoto rccoaaiacrauou.
The President replied that the bill came,
as all Aldermen bills came, attested by the
secretary of that Board.
Mr. Burgess spoke at length In favor of
the bill, and closed by moving the previous
Mr. Boyd said that If the previous quea
tlon was ordered without debate, ho would
vote against tbo bill.
Mr. Nutter. And so will I.
Mr. Hatton spoke at length In opposlllou
to the bill, and defended the laboring classes.,
who, he said, were the real tax payers, and
they bad paid their taxes
Mr. Hall favored tho bill, and hoped that
by doing Justice to the laboring men, ho
would not do Injustice to those wbodonnt
labor, and chanted that Mr. Hatton be
looged to the party who were opposing tho
Republican administration.
Mr. Hatton inquired what was the name
of tho party referred to.
Ma. Hall replied that It was tho party op
posed to the municipal authorities. If ho
should give it a namo ho would call It the
death to tho Republican party or the ally of
tho Democratic party. lie desired to savo
the poor man th jrwntM of advertising,
.u Where vue uties nuiuuUkCu
to S3, and the bill, Including fuea and ad
vertlslog, amounted to $13 W.
Mr. Holmes said that a motion to recon
sider bad been entered In tho upper Board,
and tbo clerk of that Board had no right to
send tho bill here until that question bad
been disposed of. He moved to appoint a
committee to report whether the bill was
properly before the Board.
Mr. Hall explained that tbo notice was
only given. No motion to reconsider was
made, and that tho bill was properly before
this board.
Mr. Detrlck thought that the corporation
had not shown much ability salaries had
been raised, new office had been created,
contractors had been paid more than the
contract price. All theso things had ren
dered an anticipation of the revenues neces
sary to settle the claims agaluit the corpo
ration. Mr. D. moved to amend by adding
to the bill the following t
Ueioivtd, That oo part of the revenue here
by authorised to be. anticipated shall beet
E ended for aoy other orpoae until all tha U
orers hSTlng clalma agalaat tbla corporation
shall hjveAaan,pt
Mr. Wlllams said that the majority or the
debts which this money was Intended to
pay, waa for debts contracted before the Re
publican party came In power. Other debts
were created by pressure upon the Mayor to
rarrv nnt ImDrovemenls which had been or
dered by the Councils. The Councils bad
.1m.jivumI Mile enousrh to absorb tha
lrTennafor tha next two years. He asked
whether this Indiscriminate passing: ot bills
waa not for buncombe, and to curry favor
with the workiogmen. it was no fault or
the Mayor that the city bad arrived at this
embarrassing situation, and It was now the
dnty oi tne councils io provide a way lor
getting out of It.
Mr. Browne followed In a speech In favor
of the bill, and for making the most speedy
provision for sctttlog the claims of tbo
worklngmen and all others.
Mr. Holmes moved to amend Mr. Dctrlck'a
amendment by adding i
Frovldti furlhtr. That after the lborlog men
haTo been paid the other money shall he paid
to etaluaote aeaordtog to date, and that none
of this mooey shall be paid for new Improve
tnents until all of the oulatandlnc Indebted
oeaa agalaat this corporation la paid.
The amendment of Mr. Holmes was not
agreed to yeas 8, (Messrs. Hatton, Holmes
and blmins,) nays 14.
The amendment of Mr. Detrlck was not
agreed to yeas 4, (Messrs. Detrlck,Uatton,
Holmes and Slmms,) nays 12.
After further debate the bill passed by thu
following votei
Yeas Messrs. Beall, Boyd, Browne, Bar
toes. Detrlck. Hall. Johnson, McKnljrht,
Natter, Piper, Taylor, Thompson, Tlnney,
and the President 14.
Nays Messrs. Hatton, Holmes, and
Slmms 3.
On motion of Mr Hall the Board ad'
Immediately after the adjournment the
bill was presented to the Mayor, and he un
approved and signed 1L The bill Is, there
fore, now a taw.
Da. Fanot t 1 take pleasure lu sa) Ing to
yon that I owe you many thanks tot the
great reuer i nave experienced rrom your
treatment for the Bronchitis. After faulnff
to get relief from other physicians, I was la-
aacea to appiy to you oy one oi your pa'
tlents that hud beon cured by you for the
tame disease. Although I was very low
when yon first gave me treatment, 1 found
great relief from It, and tn the couno of a
wees niter i was aoie to get about and at
tend to my business. I make this statement
Torino benerit of others afflicted as I was.
Thomas Dcduah,
57 G street, between First and Second.
Litter CarrixrV BironT The follow
ing Is the report or mall matter delivered
and collected by the tetter carriers or the
city Pott Office, for the month of January,aa
shown by the report of Superintendent Belli
Number of carriers employed. 30 1 delivery
... ...m- .i - .!. j. ill . I.
inpo aauj, o cuuecbiuu trip uumj, u) man
letters delivered, 120,808 local letters do-
UTered,o,voii newspapers, sc, ociirered,
4 3,71)1 1 letters collected, 104,371) newspa
pers, &c , collected, 8,007.
rEtiUNsmr. Mr. J. W. Swank, whose
nuu auuuy as a penman is so wen
known. Will Orffanlea a. ! tnr Inatriirtlsin
lu penmanship, at Union League Hall, on
"kiuuj aiwruwin next, at O O ClOCK.
Terms for a course of flibi. tsnn.in
advance. Dajs of tuiilon, Monday. Wednet-
ut, uu cuuaj, irum o to U O CIOCK p. E0.
Ladles and gentlemen desirous or Joining
the class can do so at any time
Wi alti Uigrva n spoclslty or the maim
facto re of fine Black Cloth Bolts for dress
occasions. "Oak Hall," 525 Seventh itreet
opposite Post Office. i
The irrand annnal baCmnnvt of Professor
Martnl,at his academy last night, was. aa
nsaal, a success. Early la the evening Mr.
Harry Donohuo, tho coslumer, with an Im
mense assortment of character dresses, ar
rived at the ball, and shortly after tha mask
ers, In every variety of costume, began to
appear in tne cornaora n iuwi uu.
The upper or dancing hall was very hand
somly decorated with flags, et reamers and
evergreens, and presented a very neat ap
pearance. The floor waa newly waxed, and
everything done for the comfort and conve
nience oi tnoso wno propwacu ihwjw
In the festivities. About 0 30 o'clock the
band, under the toaderahlp or Pror. Dorch,
began the first marcb, aad the grand on tree
took place, the maskers la procession ap
pearing at the rear door headed by Pror.
Marlal la a court dress of tho time of Louis
Q as tone, and Prof. Geo. W. Evans In the
costume oi tiun vcar u uauu.
After passing tbroMgh the Intricacies of
the grand promenade the company com
menced the amusement of the occasion.
Dancing continued until about 19 o'clock,
when an Intermission occurred. The party
unmasked and proceeded to the dining hall,
where a sumptuous collation was furnished
by Mr. Freund, of Bridge street, George
town. After ample Justice had bee done
to the choice edibles the company wended
tbelr way to the upper ball, where daoda g
was resumed, continuing until an early hoar
this morning.
Among the costumes present we make
mention of the following! Madame Marlal,
sewing girl, time of Louts XV Miss Ella
Rust, tamborlne girl, (very rich dressQ
Mrs. James C. Miller, vlvandlere, (pretty i)
Mrs Gallagher as "Lady Gay Spenkert"
Mrs E A. Pollard as "Starllghti' Mrs. R.
II. Steele as a Quakeress) Mrs. Duncan
Christie as "Nlgbt" Mtst Mary Tu'ker
as " Night and Morolog " Mrs.
H touch, at a " French flower slrl t "
Miss Nellie Lancaster as a peasant gun
Col. Thomas B. Tloronce. "Santa Clans."
(a perfect dress i) Mr. J. P. Cowardln, of
Kicnmono, ciown io "uiccory uiccory
Dock.' well acted throusrhout. as was
' Punch," by Mr. James F. Dooley, of the
Start Mr. R F. Bolsscan as Bismarck) Geo.
D. Scott, " Mephlstophlles," (best character
dress of tho evening)) Mr. Ed. Masste as
"Paddy MUoti" J. Sansbarg- as an organ
grinder, (we'l acted i) Mr. R. IT. Steele as a
vjuaaer) lteroert ftioore as navat omctr.
The following gentlemen appeared n fm(-
not urnest wutx, or toe Jticnmond Etatt
JvHTnati H. C. Darragh, T. E. Lloyd, R. II.
Graham, T. M. Dubant, Jos. C. Pearson,.
II. Ward, J r , and many others.
Ill 11 to flupprs-a She Liquor Trafxtf.
Mr. Pomcroy tn trod need In the Senate
yesterday a bill for the suppression of
drinking houses and lipping shops In the
District of Columbia. It provides that no
Ceraon ahatl be allowed at any time to aelt
y himself, or his clerk, servant or agent,
directly or Indirectly, any Intoxicating
liquors In the District of Columbia, except
In certain cases. The Mayors and Alder
men of the cities of Washington and George
town, Immediately after the passage of tne
act, and on the first Monday of May an
nually thereafter, shall purchaaesuch quan
tity of Intoxicating Manors at may be ne
cessary to be sold under tha nrnvlatana nf
1 the act, and appoint suitable persons as the
1 agents of said cities to sell the same at soma
convenient place, to be used as medicinal,
mechanical and roanafAclurlni; nnnyisee.
and no other) such agent to give bond that
lie will soil liquors for no other purpose than
above named. Any person who shall sell
liquor, either by himself, clerk, servant or
agent, shall pay oo the first conviction 110,
on the second $30, on the third and every
eiiusciiucut vuuTicuon ciw. ana eiana con
victed until paid) be imprisoned two months
under the first and second convictions, three
months under the third, and four months
for all subsequent convlcllonsi the clerk.
servant, or agent to bo held equally guilty
and suffer like penalties. No person shall be
a common seller or lotoxlcatlnir llanora.
and aor person convicted of any such offence
shall pay a fine of tlOO for the first offence,
or bo Imprisoned sixty days; $300, or be Im
prisoned tour mootns lor tne second and
every subsequent offence) and In default of
payment oi tne nne anau do imprisoned four
months additional. Aoy person aelllog In
toxicating llqoors la any building, vessel or
boat In the District shall be deemed guilty
of keeping a drinking house or tippling
shop, and punished by a fine of 8100 or Im-
selling to any minor, Indian, soldier or sailor.
Intoxicated or I u temperate person. Any per
son who shall aell Intoxicating drinks snail
be liable. In addition to the above penalties,
for all Injuries which such person may com
mit while In a state of Intoxication. Re
ferred to the District Commit toe and ordered
to bo printed.
lUrrjBLtCAN Mgrmra in tsi BtcoT
Wad. "The Trne Republican Ctnb," of
the Second ward, held a meeting last night
at Union Hall, on Fourteenth street.
D. M Kelsey called the meeting to order
at eight o'clock, and made a few prollmln
ary remarks.
St. Clair Barley, chairman of tho commit
tee, reported a constitution and by laws,
which, on moUoo, were adopted. They
provide for the usual officers, with an exe
entire committee of seven.
The preamble, acUlog forth the objects of
the association, la aa follows i
Tba undersigned, the trne Republicans of
Ihe Second ward. fi firmly convinced that
the I mere its and principles or liberty and
progress require strict vigilance for tbelr
perpetuity t that those elevated to posts of
honor and trust should represent as well as
defend the rights of the people without fear,
favor, or partiality ( that the poor as well
as the rich should be respected and rewarded
according to tneir merits i mat it is tne quit
of the private cltlxen, at well ae the public
officer, to seek to promote the moral, Intel
lectnai. and political welfare oi an pcopie.
regardless of caste, color, or nationality
aud, nnauy, are peraueaeo mat to attain
these ends It la necessary to form a perms
cent and efficient association.
Mr. Keieey ttatea tnai mere were sua
memhera of the club.
On motion, the meeting procoedod to
elect permanent omcera.
unaa. u. rianer was cnosen president) u,
M. Kelsey, first vice president! David Fisher,
second vice preaiaent) o uiair nuney, ace
rttaryi John U. Brown, treasurer.
The following were chosen at executive
committee! Henry Baker, Thomas It. Foots,
Wm. Rutherford, Julias Wallace, John M.
Lancktoo, John M. Brown, sr., David T
Mr. Kelsey exhorted tho members to con
duct their meetings la peace and harmony,
and show their devotlou to the Republican
party by attachment to principles not men,
and hundreds would Join them.
Charles B. Fisher, on taking tho chair,
thanked the tneetlog fbr the honor they bad
conferred upoo him, and said bis motto was
principles not men. He had had enoogh of
oppression, aud waa determined to throw off
the yoke of tyranny.
John U. Cirossman being Invited to ad
dress the meeting, said although not living
in tne warn no syrapaioisea wun tnem in
their movement, no said we will be told
that we have left the. Republican party and
gone over to the Cot perhoads. He did not
propose to ieae tuo prT uu ue wameu
better men la office, and this could not be
effected In the present organisations.
The oars ot tnis administration are num
bered! Bowen Is as good aa whipped. He
will never get another office by the aoffrage
of the people. (A Voice. No, never. BU
V.iair uuney onerea tne loiiowiog.rcsoiuiiou
which was adopted)
Wharaaaara have met anl oreaalied far-
free dlaeuaaloa and for ihe beat fatereate of
the Republican piny in iota warn, ana not
looking to man, bat believing In principle,
whlehle the anchor otthe great Republican
party of thla country.
Rttolpti, That the vile attempt of Ihoie who
are feeding upon the corporation pap to gag
ae and classify us as dlaorgsolters proves con
elualvelrta our mlnda that ther have their
own Intcreatsat heart, and not that of the
Rtioletd, That we pledge our support to the
nrpuDiivin PiJ, " nuov onr.
Jlfiofpfderiacr. "Let the reporter put lht
down "
On motion, the meeting adjourned to meet
at toe same Place on irriday eveninr.
At tne cioae oetween so ana oo care in
their names to be added to the 308 members.
r i
Poelal UeaTentlaa ketwaem ih Vnl-
led mates of America and I lair.
Artlettt Agrtti upon eWwwa John A gem
t,tq .tart llf win avia rfurri ,,v ,
vara, Vtrtctor Otntrtl of tht Pottt Of ltol
Tna Navr Yakd. The navv-Tard yester
day presented the appearance of a desertod
village, owing to the wholesale discharge of
workmen. Several of the workshops are
empty. The copper-rolling mill, which Is
ono of the moat Interesting or tho many
orancnea oi race names in tna yarn, is Closed,
and a general air of desolation pervades the
The discharged and suspended workmen
are making arrangements foramectlnr to
beseech Congress for tbo speedy passage of
at rcnuiuiiuu iiowidjj tue orcriiary OI tne
Navy to transfer funds from one bureau to
the credit of another, so that those depart
ments of the yard In which there la an abun
dance of work may be again placed in oper
ation. Many of the discharged workmen
ere natlrea of Baltimore, who had been
placid at work tn the yard by the Influence
or Poitmaster General C res well, and an effort
will be made to procure his aaalatanco In
avor ot eucn a reaoiuuou m uoica nDove.
Wk call the special attention of our read-
era to a farm advertised under the head of
"wanted." Thu boaniirnl country seat,
only a short drive from Washington, on the
iukk ureea cuurcn roaa,ana in tne neighbor
hood of tbo Soldiers' Home, possesses rare
advantages. The land at present Is la a
uign state or cultivation, and oas yielded
handsomely last year as a market cardan.
The Improvements on the place are In first
rate order, consisting of a good-slxed house
aud cellar, besides out houses, dwttliogs,
stables, sheds, A,o. The situation has sev
eral advantages In the way or building altes,
ana uewg on tag Aoint oi aiocsb railroad,
and ao near a station, makes It bat a row
minutes trip to the city, and In every rospect
an Investment worth making.
Pathos i or HissAitnnr -The subordi
nate league, lately organized In this city, Is
meetlcg with excellent success and rapidly
adding to its membership. It meets this
evening In Union Leagae building for work
In the third and fourth degrees, and a good
social reunion is In store for the members.
Scientific LfecrtRxsTne seventh of
the x M. C. A. courso or scientific lectures
this evening In Lincoln Hall will be a con
tinuation of the last, on the methods of
spcctum analysis.
Ws abi kUKtxa a specialty of the manu
facture of fine Black Cloth Salts for dress
occasions "Oak Hall," 535 Seventh street,
opposite Post Office. Q
Keadxrs Interested la frult-growlog (and
who Is nott) should not forget the meeting
at the room of tbo Board of Trade, today,
at 11 o'clock.
A ouavd cotcittT for tho benefit of the
poor of Washington will be given this eve
ning at seven o'clock, under the auspices of
Masonic Choir, with the assistance or seve
ral amateur vocalists or this city.
A mass uektixo of Republicans favorable
to tbo national and municipal administra
tions will be held this evening at Union
League hall, at 8 o'clock.
We auk mikiko a specialty of the manu
facture or floe Black Cloth Bulls for dress
occasions. "Oak Hall," 5!3 Seventh street,
oppqtlte Post Office.
Tun next regular assembly or the Lincoln
Poet, No S, O. A. R , wilt be held at Union
League Hall, Ninth street, on Thursday eve
ning at 7 o'clock
A rocn stout and attic brick building,
No. 575 Pennsylvania avenue, la offered for
rout In our advertising ootumus.
Wa ari maximo a specialty of the manu
facture of Ann Black Cloth Suits for dress
occaslont. "Oak Uatl," 535 Seventh street,
opposite Post Office. H
Thxbb will bo a epeclal meeting of the
Oldest Inhabitants' Association this after
noon at 3 30 o'clock.
DbIwTTV Pottir has removed hts office
to 711 Q street. His residence Is tbo samo
as heretofore, No. 1105 F street, northwest.
Wc abb uakino a ipeslftlty of the manu
facture of fine Black Cloth Bulls for dress
occasions "Oak Hall," 535 Bevcnlh street,
opposite Post Office. H
Fihst Ward ntrcBxtcAKS A Litelt
Tim.-The regular weekly meeting of the
Republican clan ot the First ward was held
last night at Stevens school building, the
president, Henry HImber, In the chair, with
Mr. Wm. Prendle secretary.
The meeting was opened with prayer by
Mr. John Jackson.
On motion, Mr. Robert Jones was ap
pointed assistant sergeant at-arme.
Mr. Carter A. Stewart, chairman of the
executive committee, here gave a history of
the club, portraying at length the causes of
the division tn the ranks, and closed by say
ing that their organliatton waa composed or
the true Republicans or the ward.
air. uarrctt onerea a preamble and rcoin
tlondenoaaclng the recent dissensions and
declaring in favor of the Republican party.
Mr. Byphax said every trne Republican of
the First ward had a voice In the disposal of
the resolutions.
Mr. Jerome Johnson hiped the resolu
tions would llo overuntll after Mr. George
Phillip's resolutions were read. Bo ordered.
Mr. Johnson then proceeded to read Mr.
f Willi f ICHMHUviw, nfavu aw twj (,
and denounced the dissuasions also.
A lively discussion ensued upon the reso
lutions, and personalities were freely In
dulged tn. At one point the eergeaut al
arms, Robert Jones, approached a young
man standing qaletly by the store, and de
manded that he shoald take his seat. The
foung man expostulated with Jones, say
og loathe was not In the way or any one
nor waa be disturbing the meeting, when
words followed, and Jones dealt blm a
heavy blow over the head with a stick. Tbla
brought all to their feet, when one or two
policeman present rained to tne front and
attempted to make arrests, bat tbe crowd
rushed about them and prevented them from
doing so until Lieut. Ilarley arrived, and
arrested Robert Jones, colored, and Josiah
White, colored.
After tbe officers bad succeeded la taking
tholf prisoners from the hatl, Mr. HImber
maae various tarsals against lieutenant
Hurley, one of which was that he would
have him removed from the mrd.
Mr. Hlcnber tber.. In accordance with the
preamble and resolutions offered, resigned
for the purpose of Insuring the success of
the Republican party. He wished harmony
of action, and In conclusion, charged that
the disturbance was brought about by the
unnecessary Intervention of Lieutenant
I Hurley.
Mr. Bell moved that a committee of seven
be appointed to confer wlihthe Invlnclbles.
with an eye single to a compromise, and
supported his motion by pertinent remarks,
wnicu were wen received.
Mr. Bell's motion was adopted, and tbe
appointed following were tbe committee t
Messrs. Unas. Sypbax. Carter A. Stewart.
Josiah Perry, Joseph Jackson, Root. Thomp
son, mcooias uavcr anu ciwara vraso.
Mr. Lacy said tbelr action to-ntght would
so throughout the country, and the action
of the police In arresting men without Just
cause was Dad, and calculated to reflect upon
Mr. Prendle Introduced resolutions cen
suring Lieutenant Hurley, for making tbe
toe arrest aoove mentioned.
Tbe resolution was strennouily opposed
by Messrs. Byphax, Thompson, and others,
who claimed that the pollco had done
nothing but their duty.
Tbe resolution was then latd on tho table;
anu me meeting aajourace.
Boms or Micmoiw. A meeting of ihe
Michigan Society was held last evening at
Colombia Law College Building, M. L.
Higgles In the chair, N. J. Baxter secretary.
Tbe object of tbe meeting related mainly to
routine business, which waa transacted In
order. Tbe Hon. John F. Drlggs, late Rep
resentative from Michigan, being present,
made some remarks relative to his ute trip
to the Pacific slope. After which an Invi
tation was extended to him to address tbe
society at a future meetlog on what he taw
In California and Utah and the Pacific rail
road, after which the meeting adjourned.
Thcbxi a wd Batch iu The ever-pop a
lar and enterprlslog firm of J. B. Topham &
Co., Seventh street, next to Odd Fellows'
Hall, are oflering to tbo public, at the lowest
rates, every style and variety of trunks and
satchels. All the articles sold at this estab
Ilshment are made of the best material and
warranted to bo as represented. B
"LktTuiri as Light." Several months
since lampposts were erected along Eighth
street, from G to P street, bnt no to this
lime they have refused to shod tbelr light
upon tne Demgnicd traveler. The people
In the vicinity are anxlonly Inquiring why
theso lamps are pat op If they are not to be
Odd Fellows1 Entebtainubi t. The an
nual reunion of Harmony Lodge, L O. O. F.,
took place on Monday evening, at Odd Fel
lows' Hall, Eighth street east. Tbe degree
of Rebckah was conferred on about thir
teen ladles. Speeches were made bv Denntv
Grand Biro Fred. Stuart. G. M.j 0. B. CotV
touge, auu u. . it. flic Lean .
Wiloox itGiBn'sBtwiico Macbibb, pro
nounced the simplest and noiseless machine
la the world, can now be bought on easy
terms at the agency, C. Banm'a Uoopsklit
anauorsct saciory, mo neventn Street, oe
tween D and E.
Wb AJtB if AEIKO a sneclallv nf the manu
fact u re of fine Black Cloth Baits for dress
occasions, "osk nan," 5'J3 Seventh street,
opposite Post Office. fl
In cohibqcbbce of tbe pressure upon our
coiumna. wo nave ueen compelled to ueior
tbe publication of Interesting local and news
Tm regnlar monthly meeting of liquor
dealera will be held thla tvcnlng at three
ni tie aor Commandtr Don ;oenl Brl
vara, Virtclor Or-wrai im font Of Itoip
rirreaoailau rowirw.tm wrmtr im ctiaen
rtamltr hxthangt of Crrtipotct ottwttn
tht I nUt4 Statu of Amtrie o4 ilcfy
An.vici.fl I. There ahalt bo a regnlar ex
change of correspondence In closed mails,
between the Post Department of the United
states and rost Department oi itaiy, upon
the conditions aet forth to the following
Abticlb It. The exchange of malls shall
bo effected bv means of the trans-Atlantis
steamers and of tbe Intermediate routes of
transit upon which the two postal ad minis
t rations shall hereafter agree) or, In theab
lenceof sachan agreement, each postal ad
ministration ahalt designate the steamers
and the route of transit by which the malls
which It despatches shall be conveyed.
Articli III. Tbe offices for the exchange
of malls on the Part of the United States arei
Ut. New Torkf 2d, Bostoa. On tbe part of
itaiy arei ist, tne traveling omce irom i arm
to Base, when the transit Is by the way of
Franco and England) SJ, the traveling office
from Milan to Camerlata. or the traveling
office from Arona to Magadlno, when the
transitu ny way or uerraany ana awuier
land. The Post Depart menu of the United
States and of Italy, whenever they ahatl
anu it necessary, may agree upon oiocr
nmcea oi eicninra.
AbticlbIV. The following articles shall
be admitted luto malls exchanged between
tne two countries, to wut i) urainary let
ters) (3) Registered letters) (8) Document
of business and other written documents
which have not tbe character or a direct per
sonal correspondence, corrected proofs, sam
ples of merchandise, Including grains aad
seeds, and not having a mercantile valoe
In themselves) (4) Newspapers and prints
or all kinds. In sheets, In pamphlets, and In
books) sheets ot music, engravings, ltiho-
frapna, pnotogTupna, arawioga, mapa, anu
Articlb V. The weight of each packet of
samples of merchandise aball not exceed 500
grammes. The weight of any other packet
of mailable articles shall not exceed 8,000
grammes) and tbe form of the racket shall
be regelated by the practice of the dispatch
ing department.
Article TI. All mailable arttete, except
letters, shall be sent under band, or ao en
closed that postal agents in both countries
may readily Terlfy the contents of the
Abticli VII. The standard weight and
nrofrresslon for tba single rale of postage
upon all articles enumerated In Article IV of
this convention are ettaoiisnea as iouowsi
(1) For letters, 15 gram toes t (3) For docu
mentary manuscripts not having tbe charac
ter of a direct personal correapoudepee, for
corrected proofs, and for samples of mer
chandise, 40 grammes) (3) For newspapers
BUQ piiute v u aiuui. ciuuiatiuK atu maila
ble articles not otherwise assigned, ths stand
ard aball not oe leas man so grammes in
Italy, or one ounce and a half In the United
States) bnt each post department may estab
lish a higher standard weight of progression
adapted to Its Interior requirements for arti
cles of this class which It despatches.
Articli VIII. Tbe prepayment of lost
age upon ordinary tellers exchanged be
tween the United Slates and Italy ehallbe
nptlonalt but tatters not prepaid, or lnauffl-
ciently prepaid, shall be charged In the
country of destination with an extra rato ot
B cents In the United Btatec. and of 80 cen
times, la Italy. The prepayment of postage
the other for the trarpoe of being thence '
forwarded in lis malls to another country ot
destination, shall be anblect to the rates cs
tabltshed by Article XL of this convention,
aaaea to tne ulterior rate in force oeyona
the frontiers of the forwardlog country, ao
that only ooe Interior rate shall be received
by tbe forwarding department.
Articlb XXII. Bmall tarns of money may
be mutually transmitted' botween the two
countries by means of postal money orders,
and the rates and, conditions mav be ar
ranged by an agreement between the two
departments after the system of postal
moniT oraers anau nave neen aaoptea ny
the United States.
Articlb XXIII. Uatll the same scale of
weights shall have been adopted by the two
departments, It Is agreed that, fotthe pur
poses oi i ma convention, nrtton grammes
ahatl h taken aa tha MnlraUnl nf a hitf.
ounce, forty grammes os the equivalent of
one ounce ana m nan, ana id wun tneir re
spective multiples In progression as applied
oy tne respective oiucea. as in aiea nnaer
stood that tbe rales upon correspondence,
shall be applied according to the weight
slated by the despatching department, ex
cept In case of manifest error.
Articli XXIV. The two departments
shall settle by agreement between them
all measures of dotal! and agreement re
quired to carry tnto affect this convention,
whtck may be modified from lime to time
by special arrangements to be agreed upon
directly between the two Post Departments.
Articlb XXV. This convention shall take
effect from a day to bo fixed by tbe two
Post Departments, and shall continue In
force until one year from notice given by
one of the departments to the other of Its In
tention to rescind 1L
Articli XXVI. This convention shall do
ratified, and the ratification exchanged as
soon aa poesioie.
In witness whereof the respective pleni
potentiaries have signed tbe present conven
tion ana nave amxea tnercto tneir seaie.
Done In duplicate at Tartu the eighth day
of July, tntbe year of oor Lord ooethoasand
eignt nnnarea ana sixty-tnree.
? nana iHit uu suuiiuni u bmviv-
stgned postal convention, and having ap
proved thereof to alt and each of Its parts,
have accepted, rail fled, and confirmed tbe
same, aa by these presents we accept, ratify,
and confirm It, promising to observe It, and
to cause 11 to be Inviolably observed.
In faith whereof we have signed with our
hand the preaent letter of ratification and
hare caused oar royal seal to be affixed
Given at Turin the sixth of the month ol
December, In the year of onr Lord one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-three, and the
fifteenth year of oar reign.
iu a.) Victor Emmanuel,
in behalf of Ills Majesty the Klog, the
Minister of Bute for Foreign Affairs.
Viscoiti Vbosta.
X hereby approve the aforegoing conven
tion, aad in testimony thereof I have caused
the seal of the United Slates to be affixed.
l. . Ardrbw Johksoi.
By tbe President i
William II. Bbwabd.
StertUry of bloit
WAiarjaror, May 4. IMS.
A Lobo Fixt Nbid hat been supplied
through the Introduction Into America of
Horrrs Malt Extract the most eminent
? physicians In tbe United States have not
ailed to realise this fact, and they have In
dorsed with unequivocal expressions of sat
isfaction so great and long-desired an ao
qulstttouto the medkalprofessloo.and have
made a marked discrimination between It
and the Innumerable so-called remedies and
health-preserving preparations of the day.
Tnn Hair, Scalp, aud Facc Dr. B. C.
Perry, Dermatologist, 49 Bond street, New
York, (founder of the dermatologies! sci
ence la this country,) treats with special
prescriptions falling, loss, aod .untimely
gray hair, dandruff. Itching, ecicrae, ring
worm, and all cutaneous and other diseases
which destroy the hair The Doctor cures,
by personal attention, molee and went with
out cutting, pain, or scars, also unnatural
red noses and all eruptions upoa the face.
ocna tor interrogatory circulars.
For the efficacy ol Dr. Perry's treatment,
he respectfully refers the cltlsens of Wash
ington to Mr. II. A Rosley, No. 00 rennjl-
Tftiua avenue. jal-C0vt
Tni PiorLR'i Nbw DiscOtiR. The
public bare discovered that there la one
preparation, and ehfy , by which gray
hair can be reinvested with the tinge that
nature bestowed upon It without staining
the skin. They see that Phaloi's Vitalia,
on Balyatios for tbr Hair Is transparent,
and produces richer browns and black than
any of tbe offensive dyes. Sold by all drug
gists. JanSl-o3t
Tub WASnurotot Citt Satibos Babc,
corner Bevooth street and Louisiana avenue.
la open from C 30 to 7i30 every Saturday eve
ning, In addition to Its regular banking
Hours, it pays interest on aeposiis. oj
ll.Tl.f J..I t.ltri.1 from Ik. H.rtfcw. Ati
tt.t S.on.t I ctt of .r
lo.lll. w..t.t
xme" o-oods.
Bluk ulMn.1 VILV tTItJU. In. II ...
AllU...fRJiu.u TOWkL., fremiti. IM.
TSXl 111. in from I7 lo IM
J " morniiilm .......
upon all other articles. Including registered
letters, shall be compulsory t and when they
shall be In no part prepaid they shall not be
dispatched) bat la sucn case they aball be,
If practicable, restored to the sender.
AHTICLB iJLt Ann tniciei unaer Dana,
which shall be In part prepaid1, shall be for
warded to tbelr destination! bat they shall
be charged there with twice the amount of
the difference between the rate due and tho
earn act nail v prepaid.
Articlb X. Thetnternatlonat rate of post-
are upon the correspondence exchanged be
tween the two countries Is based upon the
following elements, to wltt (1) The Interior
rate of the United States (3) Tbe Interior
rste of Italfi (3) The maritime ratei H)
Tbe Intermediate transit ratej and any re
duction wmen euner country may oetaia
from the existing maritime and transit
charges shall lauro to the benefit of the
people of the two countries by a correspond
ing redaction of the International rates of
postage established In the following Article
so soon as tbe two departments shall have
adjusted the amount.
"CT- - ! (am a.1 mi, Am.
blned of the elements above mentioned, and
applicable to each standard of progression
for the several classes of mailable articles,
are established as follows, to wltt (1) For
ordinary letters SO cents In the United Stales
and 1 frana In Ilatyt, (3) For registered let
ters, lo addition to the ordinary prepaid rate,
an extra charge of 10 cents In tbe United
States and of 60 centimes In Italy) (J) For
documentary manuscripts, corrected proofs,
and samples of merchandise, 30 cents In the
United Btates and 1 franc tn Italy) (4) For
Jooreavts and all other prints, embracing ar
ticles not otherwise enumerated, the stand
ard atogle rate aball be fixed by the dis
patching department, limited, nevertheless,
by the maximum rate of 4 cents In the Uni
ted States and or 15 centimes la Italy.
Articli XII. Of the combined rate of In
ternational letter postage hereby established,
three cents represents tbe Interior single rate
of the United Btates, and fifteen centimes
the Interior slogle rate of Italy. Tbe re
mainder combined rate la assigned to the
payment of tbe cost of sea conveyance and
of Intermediate transit, by whatever route
the malls may be conveyed.
Articlb XIII. Articles under band des
cribed In tbe third and fourth paragraphs of
Arvicie bv. oi iui convention may oe regis
tered to either country for despatch to the
other, upon payment or tbe registration fee
of ten cent in the United Butea, and of
fifty centimes In Italy, In addition to tbe pre
payment of tbe regnlar postage.
Articli XIV. Jo order to simplify postal
accounts between the departments aa mnch
as possible, and to prepare the way for their
ultimate abolition, each Post Department
aball retain to Its own use all the postal
rates and charges which It shall collect.
whether by virtue of prepayment or poet
payment i and each department shall pay
the cost of conveyance of tbe malls which It
dlspatchee as far as the frontier of the coun
try of destination. It Is also especially pro
vided tnat toe cost ot intermediate ocean
and Iacd conveyance of tbe closed malls
shall be first defrayed by that one of the two
departments wnicn anau nave obtained rrom
tbe Intermediaries the moat favorable pecu
niary conditions of such conveyance t and
any amount so paid by one department for
account oi toe otner toau oe reimoaraeo
ARTitLi XV. It Is distinctly s treed that
all mailable articles addressed from ooe
country to the other shall be exempt lo tbe
country of destination from any rata or fee
whatever beyond tho charges established by
this convention.
Articli XVI. Correspondence exclusively
relating to tbe postal service shall be trans
muted on both, sides without aoy postal
charge therefor.
Articli XVJI. Correspondence of all
kinds erroneously transmitted, or wrongly
addressed, shall be promptly returned to the
despatching office. Artlolet which shall
hare been addressed to persons who have
departed from the place of destination, leav
ing their address, shall be forwarded or re
turned, as the case may require, charged
with the postage which the addressee would
have been required to pay on delivery.
Articli XVIII. Letters, all registered
article, and alldocnmenlary manuscripts,
which shall not be delivered to their address,
shall be restored to tbe despatching depart
ment. Any of these articles which may have
been forwarded by one department to tbe
The undersigned having met together for
the purpose of exchanging tbe ratifications
bv the President of the United States of
America ana itis atajesty tne ltiugoi itaiy
of the postal convention concluded and
signed at Turin on tbe 8th of July, 1803, and
the said acts of ratification having been pro-
daced, ana having, aner carerui conation,
been found In good aud doe form, the ex
change thereof took place this day. la wit
ness whsreof, the undersigned have prepared
the pressat certificate, which they have
signed tn duplicate aad sealed with the seal
of thstr arms.
Done at Florence the lath day of J one,
(L. a.1 Georqi P. Marsq,
l. s.j A. La Marmora.
Orrics or jus few aeaaaiAi si raiMaa, I
. w.p.miiTuv. Lntxida-t a ian i
Inparaaaaeeef ibeprevuloaeef tbe focrth see
tloa oraa act aatm-l '. art la farther ratal a ta
thepmtlBf eftsepeblle deeemeeu, eeSUe par
ebaaaof paper for Che nehlla prt attic." arprcvM
oalaarTtbof Jniy, isw. al4 prorwal" will be
veelv! nail) TOkSP All tha Wit 4r ot Jaeeary,
670, atlOo'c oet a .. far faraUhlag lae papal
forikapetheprlBtlBe: nattl laeSlet aTtyefJaaa
arr 151 tha nali p'opoaala labeepea' raf re.
sa4 OAKfBTl ts3percBt.,te rcdccc stack fa
fore taklag inventory la rabreary.
BEAU 1 1
DMtberlet,aBeoaaeibnnh ihe rahlte praae
aalUat Ihelr ailre Stoat ef AlRT OOitDSat la
vcleaeoati eat. whereta. aelwlthitaadtac' aalaa
have aafaiaaua larcaly la eoairqaaae, there yet
. wiimmy -- . UVUV9 OV .HVir
that tai
i la or J!
I aaJ,
)n4 the award ef eoalratu te re nadahy, the
let Cenmlliea ef Uoacraaa ae a'ablte Priallai,
In the loweal aaa1 bl bidder for tha latareala cf the
OavaraaieBl, theeoravlltn faeervtagto ttaelfihe
r'lnim mavi aaj aaeaii owe aa iia jaaa aaai
la beat laureate of the uevcrBnel mi dictate.
rebttorlaei aayaaeallbUeas lia
The eabloiaeasahedaleapecl flee, aa Baarly aacan
lbeiwlllbreilrd, bat tba eeatracla
bceaertateiJ lac qeaatltr f eaehklea ef papr
mr.1 wiiid" raqairm, Donna aaairaen
trad late for all that may be needed
lad of pai
ia lil bet
I daring I
tVUE EYESIOUT accurately suited
AwitA PebbUs or other Spectacle by
merely aniwennrj a jets quenion.
Optician, National Hotel
year, and eemor,
ID.OOO reanaef Sac rr1allsgraper,acataadard,
Baatartaf14iMtaailBlac forty Ave
peaadalelbe reaaaef SDOabeeic
class 1 OAtasBiacn retinae Par ia.
13,0C9 reams ef aperBne ela4rtd Priallag
f'aper, raeaaertec tcmiatBe. ass tralab
eny-ihtae iede le tbe iem ef AUO
S30 rana ef anperlae calendered Pit at
Paper, meaaerlac msilaehae.ead welfh
lag forty -fear poeeds te Ihe team of e00
1,000 raaaia ef caper". a e calendered Prtetlag
Kapar. naaaartacMiniaahaa, aad weigh
lac aavaslr peaada le the ream of 400
GLASS S.G1ISO aid Oalbspbbs Faunae
1000 ream aaperSnc rriatlsg Paper, bard
eiad and aaper aleadrd. raaaaerlai
51 131 lace, aad waiiblar f.tytie
baibiIi 1 taa pam tit am ) a
CO reaiaa super-tUd aad aaUadared. 19x10
ILA8S4. MapPamb
ilat la watch t with
lr aitiimi Isxlt latbaa, aad
1,00 rceataef aaperSae p l'apev, stked aad
iajrQ. i peaa aiaea ei nav oe re
ceiraa, Mrrfapeaeiag ia wcibi win
raeatbe IneoeieUd at sprite) eaJ,
drtogcitfatirpnrro,tlif naraby
m and nnantoaee thai all 00(1 DS eow
be laid natll Ihe Uth day of Fabrnary
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Aad Ihev farther vrftelalni aad aaaaaaea Ibat alt
In ported fall aad wlater iM enbrai latail
,1IVD.H, W 1.4 HI HVII1 Uii Bistvr
Their etoeh la tace, aad Ibeylavll early calls
tecareioe4 loodaaBdfftld baitalaa. .
Paremplery etdara lave dmc ikvaatnlaalr ex
caellvafora tees-ryoel alrlctlr ihe taUraaiaad
pereeie ef tbla 'live, roll la all alio a clll te ae
a.allvMu.f-Ifns4t MITCnR
JastS-eedSI Ho, (eld fle Market Spa aa.
Closing Ont Hale ot Fin I Clnis
Dry tioods-
We will eeramanM ea Ua4ri tee t h day sf
Jaacerr, lo eil eal lire at tk o' Srat alaaa Dry
Oaodi, laftladlat: a, Istca .lock DomeeHe Oeod. ,
wkite uo4, man aaataaie ktaaaa, uiarx aa i
vreaa C I nth a.
aad (ialarad Valvataaaa. aad all aaa-la af mi.
daaarfptlea, vhlchltUkaowahsva alwsys bee.
aeg4oda belagaharsed en ser hooka bidept at
kktlBL. Pklal lhlll. In.
t.lnlha. rntth I'onllaa. Phi.. U.rUiu
Peplla Alpoaa. Snpar LycaaSUk Valval. Black
iiUr rrlra a.
beaiaata ef ear flrvi, t, Tayfev wltbdrawlag '
Tbla aale la nadsbf ea eleatly aattlalbeeatlre
WB'av.B vi wm t nran, a., iiyivi win
therefrom ea tbe TM day orMerrh nail
ail pa'aoeeisaeBua ia ea win
ward aad make rroraplpev neat.
I peraoaa ladabtcd le ea will plcata come far-
CLASS AVYhtTiie PAPiaa. (lo be ef any re
qatted wtlshie
S.oo rtataa Qoarto Peat. JuxlO inehaa.
Hats anal Caps
Betag added te preaail ttcck.
Hattlor aid Fcirler 1437. faaw aeraber) Peaa
arlVBala are., Hal deer freiai 13lfc alraeL
L-thng you cannot have ( you are the
owner ef properly that u viof tnturetL
The danger cFtre at thie eeaton of the
year u great. If you would get rid of
the Rervotu and wicaiy feeling you have
when you hear the Fire Alarm founded,
gototh OjJUtof A.S.PRATT fr SON,
fro. 3 roung Jim's Christian Associa
tion Building, corner Nsnth and D
ttreet, and insure in their good, prompt
paying Companies, the UOUE of New
York, the PIKENIX of Hartford, the
rOXKEtVS and NEW YORK, and
tht FIREMEN'S of New Yirk. Don't
delay. Do it NOW de8-tf
(H. T. Mill.)
(Lla.a )
431 K St., Ona Paor Kast of SeTCUtb.
Sight lalrts and Under Oarmenti Mads to
Builders and Material.
TiatuuBynirr. rAviaiiT
j. r.
.aval tlAA?.-- va-mAarXmrn
parvloaa te danpaaaa Ac. KUbteea yaara ef
practical eKpenaaoe biiowb hiwiiiviim
Imprevanaata in worknaaakip, aa laaraaaaa ra
alllllaa le Sll all I cMarcproiepiiy vrers
anaata In worknaaakl
la ail all atdarasroiaDt
for It yaara. aad al only abonl oas ball the coat
ether re
erdercprompily Work w arte a led
al only aboat oas half tbe coat ef
Vail far aale al HTcSUe. It e. 33ft O atrael. be
UeeaSlslh aad Scvealh alrata, aad OOO M atrael,
tweea f earth aad Illh alreata. eat
BtOTSt. Etc .
In say eflhe rf arda of thla city Sidewalk, Carb
aed tidier, ell complete for eaa ihlrdleae price
par llaaal foot lhaa the tor port tloa prlae, aad
laereaieeei. were rer tne tarn or mi yaara. ray
rieai la three caoatbaafur the work le completed,
aateed of bales paid before tha wrh la aom
neaaad. nm TUOUHTuM SetlTll.
other on account shall be restorod. and credit M' " Chrutiaa Aaaoaiatiea Build taf ,
taaen tor tne amount originauy cnargea oy
the despatching; office. But samples of mer
chandise, newspapers, prints of all kinds,
and all mailable articles not excepted which
cannot bo delivered to their address, shall
remain at the disposal of the receiving de
partment, provided they shall not be re
claimed by the sender or addressee within
six months from the date of their despatch.
Articlb XIX. Neither Post Department
Is repaired to make distribution within lis
Jurisdiction of any articles tbo circulation of
which shall be prohibited by the laws la
force la the country of destination.
Abticlb XX. The Post Departments of
the United B laics and of Italy reciprocally
engage to grant each to the other the gratu
itous conveyance across their respective ter
ritories of all correspondence which shall be
exchanged In closed malls with any coun
tries to which they may respectively serve
as Intermediaries! provided always, that such
conveyance shall be effected by tbo ordinary
,1 means of malt conveyance ta use) and that
son countries taaing me ucucut m sucn
Katultcus service shall reciprocally accord
e like privilege of free transit across their
respective territories. The privilege Is also
accorded to each administration or sanding
an agent, at Its own expense, In charge of
the malls l.t transit. Tbe farther privilege
Is accorded . f a free transfer of closed malls
In tbe ports ind harbors of tbe respective
countries from one vessol to another, lu con
tlnuanceof tbelr i ai cyanca to final destina
tion. ArticliXXI. Correspondcnceof all kinds
which cither department shall despatch to
qatted w-lshie
natt a Pact. IiMlS I'
3. on name rial Cap, Ul or ltslf larhec,
a , nki r iaL7.aa ...i,.hi.A..
.. .. viav.vv.- iv.iih.i .laad l.l.Vf
? MO ream- lamv, ISiB tjlatbe
S 000 teaeaa Doable b eaar, BixU laebea,
LOUO raama relle Poat. IT in lathea
1 ano raama Doable folio Po-C nkSi lichee.
9,003 raama Madlem, ISrtSlaebaa.
Cn reana kevat,IBil4lBhea
0 0 raama pnpar Key al. tOilSlachaa
MO rams taparlal. UKxa laebee
a reaiaa Cover Paper, aeeaarlag S0s33
lachra, and of asy rtaclrtd aoler er
1,000 ream of aay reqelred alae not enameratad
a,tuiB. i Bail au.llBa' tlBBltaahaa
CLASS 1,-cot.oaaa Watviae Piraia, (to le of
ii rvqBirra wiaeta
M3 aata Can. llalSU I Baku, hfaa
W0 raama Lap. Ita IT tacbta, ef asy reqatred
color eieo'ora
era recma roiio roei, ititi isasae.kiec,
. RO raama Doable Cap, IcMvss laahaarblae,
I.aO raama folio, 17 wit laabea, blae
TOO reime Pamr. llitfi laahaa, bee,
1 0 raama Madlam. ISxtt laahea, blae
100 reame OoableCap. Uc2S leasee, blae.
rLASST. PArsa roa Poay Orrics Blacks, (aa
1 000 Teema, aieaaarlBBRlxSd lathee, welgalag
tm 111 -IBB ,Vr IBB I
tame, tea earlac 1
SI oaaada tj ran
(CO raama, taeaaatleg 14x31 laabea, welihtag
SS ponada per ream
COO raama. meaanrlag lsx Ischea, weights!
CLASS S. Ship abb OALsipsaap Tistsb
raiaTiae 1-4 rase
an raama iimiIi. rmn TlataJ. i.Mh
ealaadered, S1ztSi lachai. walgblac SO
pea a da le the ream ef SWabeeia,
bum reame pareoa vroam tibicc, aapar
-altadered, M'iW laabaa, welgblai
U peneda to the ream ef 490 eheeta.
PrAnaaala la-Ill hat tmtimixtA far Ibb knlai mn,
Illy, or for aay portion not lata lhaa oea thonaaad
raama, of the papera deal gaaled la LlaaBMlaadS,
aad fr Ihe whole aaaauty or aay port tea of tbe
papera dealgeeUdto Claea S, bale mot laae than
obc foettb. Samplae of Ibeqaal Irof the papera.
uiiiii.iiai.ti will om larBian aims BfTIl
ea.iea ai ibib omae.aaa tea anttataiai aiacere
will be reqairedrtildlr te ccaforra le Ibe earn
plea farslabad
Saab elaaa will be eoaaldered aaparataly, aad
beaabjecl toaaeparate ealraai,bei bidders may
offer for oas or more of Ike elaaaaa la the same pro-
no nrovoeal will be eoaaldered aaleaa a eaa at'
pealed by a bond, with aaeerlly le tbe approval of
ualted BratesJedce or AttorBay, la IhepeBally
of 010 1 00, that the blddar or blddera. If bit or their
propoaai aball be accepted, eell re rait b theartl
clea propoaod rer, aad each propoaai mart be aeoom.
paaled by aatlaraetery at Ida ate that ihe paraon or
paraoaamaklag Bald propoaai are maaata tie rare
of, er dealers la. the deecrlptloa of paper which be
si iut fiunja tgiaimiH
paper It the aevaral ctaiaac raaat bade
ad ever r extra charge or ei-peaee, aad eableet to
M. TATLOU eft CO.,
JaatMf IfcwRo 103 If ark e I Biace
D net's sioonnj,
Old IT 0.313, Wtw Me 030) Peaa'a eve ,
Booth cldc three doora from Sevtaih etrael
no It nknsn Hlrcel, Mew York,
Wa baa-laava to lafrtrm obp tB.lanaa-a aad lha
pablleioaerallrt thai we have laeteaeed oar fa
ellltucaad ahall be happy le receive orders for
Book aad Kewapaper lllaalrlloic. Bill Htadt,
, lie-
IaiBGiiiaarT, aiiia.ii
alartor Vfaara of
aint.1. Paatnvlaal. al.
Also, all Made of abew tarda. Labela. Ae ,
aalahlB.. ahnrl Hallra.
Altordara frAta Haarana,iar bbJ tUor Pahtlabara.
PrtaUra aad Tvpe-veeadere, cxecaud la the bt. J
BBeaaer wua aiapi
ifaairaaieraitaaaoy namo auaeMiaaoor iaa
Termareaosabla,aad eallafaatloa Bvaraaed
Ioera vaep-nniiT,
ats-lm WU 1,1 A tl HOIlEnTW A CO.
J vale eoMalUtloaaal 10. 30 T ilaaaaaheaatla I
aveaae. aeiweae Team aae Bieveata etreeu w
wUhllr UAUDHBhV,of Iheltlaord Uotplul.l
an, atai. ariar- (! si wB.r-BBi
yoara'aKparleaeola thla partioelar breach
It B y pea Ifaa receipt of SL0 advlae aad uedL
flae will be aeat free by expreac lo aey ef Ibe At
actio Stelca. aal-ly
r0 hot DExPiin rjNTtt. Tnn iiivarnei.
U aellad old, UK ItAKDrT 39 Ponr aed-a-Sttf I
atreel, a few doora tooth of Paaaaylvaala eta I
it. mo ia Boovaatiei woea o.aara rant ia eoat
deatlal aid reliable. Separate rooma for ladlee.
elty of Waahlagioa. I
aad aar Btra abar.
tbetatpeaUca, eonat, weight, aad meaaarawaalef
tha 1 CeacreaBtoaal Prlatcr, sn1 be la all reapeeta
The aarvlythc of an lafarior arllale la ear of
...v .. . m ibi
qatredataay time,
al tha hinr.tt
tiiaaa propnaaiewiu neiaraiaUM ipa up pi lea
.Hare !, aapply lb qeaat ty ro
, wlUbeoatHtred a vUUUea
. will ka farBlakaJ au. aB-H.a.
tloaatibiaeffloe aad ao propoaai will Lo ooaeUcnd
wblch doea aol eoafurm exaetly I hereto,
Frop-Malt wlllbetadoraed ao the-avelorVPro-poult
for Paper.'' and add retted te the ielat
I ommiuteoe labile Prlatlac, either le tbe care of
theUoa II H Aalboay, chairman ef the Beaaia
(JoMmttleo oe Prlatleci tbe lloo A H, Leila,
Chairman of Ibe Uenca UneliUa oa Prlailac.
or A U. Clapp, Cvsgreaelooal Prlaler, Waablag
Ua.O r.
By dt-e-tlea of tbe Jolal Connsllttl ef -Ca
greas ea Psblls Prlallig.
dtP W6t Coagrotaloial Prlater.
h a copy of tb
reeelveJby tl
n.,MABLU 1
pKOposALs roa rami bkif.
rOlTUoniBKV, UiaTl.lP,l
.... rfaaearyi
Prepoaatc la dsplltste, with a cop
Tsitiavaiaa ,iaaa, will DO
eraicseii 11 11 11 roiOCBi
lur aappiriee
to Ibetroopa al tbla Poet.
a The aald Bear meal be I rath, of a food math a ta
ble qaatliy, la eqaal vrcpartloaa of fore aad bled
qeartere, leeck, abaaVe, aad kidaey (allow lobe
extladed,) aad lobe dtflfaraiTat tbla Peat free of
eoet, le aaah qaaallly aa may be from time to time
reqelred by aad oe aeahdsyeaalheeomwaadlac
eBeer aball dealgiBtc, aol cxceadlsg fear Umee
per week.
The aetka of Ihe cattle eleeshtered tor beef Ia be
delivered nader thla a 1 retinae! aball be ml off at
ibe fourth verUbral joint, aad tbo Lreatt trimmed
Separate prop tale, la dopllcala, wlllalao be re
ciTca vjiam aaaeraieaoa ap io tee aameaoai
aad due above tna alloc ad, for aapplvlaf Com.
talaeloaad Umoara aad their (amlllea alailoBBdai
tbla PobI. prtappllod IberefroM with aeeb cholee
cachscalrloU aid Porter hoaacBUaka.B aad lag
hika hit, Rdi.1. "
-aaaaeeoairaciaio oa ia wire aix moaina or aocn
1 tbey roar fram lima to lime reqelre.
leee lime se Ibo Commlaaary dasoral ahail direct.
mmaaclBg ea Ibe
aad anbjeci tolbo approval of the Coumaadlag
UMti.i viii v,ptnui.ii oi taw
I at tba Bait.
taia of fatlara ofdaSalaaa la ihaanBlttv aw
qaaatllr of tha freeh Beef alfpelaled to be dtltv
TV N1MTI1 rUtfihCT, ,
Btsreotyplng and ElectrotyplBg
BtereaolyperB stnd Eleclrotypers
TO a I, aad a seaeral aaaortnaat or lUTslHtDS
COTSeoaeaaallv oabsad irll
He T71 rtastrlvtala aveaae, botweeaTealh sad
alcveath strcelc. scalh Bide
Boohs elegantly er plalalr beaad. rsrloiliila
ssdBswipspir ursfsltvsttsllUle.
cred. ilea the Commleaary al Port MeHaary, aid
anau nave power to aappiy tna a aeieaey uv per-
Sbaae, aad be eoalraetor wlU be charged with tbe
Ijr.reaeeof ooat
The eoatrae.or Will be reqelred to eater lato
TaABda tar tha aim sf tmtm, thBuaaaa atflllBra. ala-aait
elao by two rcapoaalble aaretlea, wboaa aauce
taattbemta loaedla Ihe bid
Tbe prepoaala will be ope a td at UjtOa.ni, ea
tbe latdorof atarab, 1870, al Port MaUeary, aid ,
al whlehllme aad place bliders arc rcqieatedlo
Vropoaala will be nstkf d 'Propotala for Beef,
aidaddreaaed K A BsHCROVT,
Plr.t Llanl 4th IT 8. AfL'v.
I ij-et Mvt Tap! 11 B A , A O S.
natDeDiaraaa bar'f or vox Sodvb,)
iviar unaaTBBiiaiTaB'Bifrrioii
aTLaara.ua , jsc. , I870.
iropoaala will bo received al iblaefflee natil
(bdibbit 11. fiu, ioiiihiiiiii 10 a no
aroaad Port releekt, Oa , aad r-uovt
to tbe tlvar, or iont olherpttal at a ill
By anlhorliy oftlioQearlcrmatlerUeooralaeal d
1. 1B70, forexaavBllaBtbi
I Pelaakl.Oa.aad ran
1 or iont other pile! at
vaa bundr d TUUJ yirdt
t tba amount of earth lo be tc
llleeeUinatad il
moved will be about iwcely Ibwutsad MKOJeoplo
Ulda will be la triplicate, wllb a copy of thla ad
vartlaoineit altacbed.wllh tbe namca of two re
Jdreated to Ihe nsdaralf aad. or
epoaalbla aor allot for ihe faithful performBaeee'
to Brevet Colonel A P, BLUMT, A Q.M . 'harlat
toa. S 0., or to Brevet CspUla 0. wrnbllBd, A
6. it
, or to Brevet Capiat a 0. wrnbUBS, A
Havaaaab, Oa , marked "Prepoaala for
Dluh st Port Pnlaikl, Ua " .nnr
ill. 4 "A.,CBlel
WaanteTsP O ,J0J
tie tbe petition ef W U. ft VJ.-." t JotiJV
Ilia. B T . Dravtai for Ibe axieialoe of a
peMalsvaaiel S.T.Tia ,.' -f ' '.
ISM. for aa Improvemeatle whlpSocXetai
At laorAradlVal the lecilmoay ta the esse be
doted 52 IMS dar or Idarcn aoxtt that the
Kmafordi.eargnats aad Ibe Bjamlaar'a re
po"l tVllmlfeiW the lb day oTMarch aL
aad thai aald pa tilt 0 a be kesrdoa Ibe BUihday of
if. rah next. Aay pertea may oppAae tbla ea
w Comnlsaloaar of ratsals.
m Z 8reet, eppostte Post Office Dtpsrtmsafr
iTraTttn piltfuekni
Pet total a r every atleatlla aid
Ilea for family ee.readerlBg the
or river water free from atlmal
aaie or amaii err dt
fal.JI Bclweea Hlsth aad Tsaih ttreeta
1 matur, aatet, color, I
. , , TaiAseirDiPAivatear, Jaa, 1. IfTK I
Bealedpropocale for faralahlBg eertala artTVyB
ef Btatloatry wllibereoeivdal ibla Departaaall
nm taeoaetreoraa.y, ib7il at iia'aiotk, m
llaak forma for blddlae will be fnralahaieDOa
appltcattea caffj
The hide will be coaaldertd aad aeecpted eramVI
rejected Item by Item. 'H
. The irtlalea coal 'acted for matt be faralabad
from time te time darlag tba year le qeaatMaa
part eaa t lo erdtra from Ibe Departmeal .fae
aura qaaautiea win, nowevar, oe caiica irr
alarlBB (liB vaai-
sata propoaai matt betices br tbe lesieieiilB
aiea 1
er arminaklag It, aad be acton pa
nail lirillN IB III nil
BinnnrLi n.nr..J k
omeer of the dlatittt la which tb
br a boa J B
ha anu of tea thoneacd B
ed br a Ualted Btatea 1
Itlaf la which tbe enrctlee realla I
aa a form to be ferattbed by tbe 1
Itloaed epoe the ezecntlqn cf a I
te of the tame,
II dellvertee will be enbjecl to lairectloa b
ert detailed for tbe pnrpoee by ibe keen
eoatract for YaraUhlar aeth portloaa ef tbe aril
elea aa may be awarded aedar 11, and the perform
BBBB at Iha IIBa.
All dellvertee will be eebjeel to laireclloe by sa I
ainort detailed for Ihe naiiw bv iha iiaaraLat B
of thoTreaaerr, aad the delivery of aa laferlorl
crtlcle will be deemed anBltiail atatelo aaaal Ibe I
Pell verlee meal
DaTwritnBBt. VTbi
rbe failure to comply with any eaa order neder
1 eoatrael will operate aa the fprfeltare of the
.IrepeaaUy of tbo bond, or the Secretary of tho
Treaaary may direct the pereba-e, la opee a atkat
or aaah q eaa til tea of aay ertleleeee ahall beat-
Raaary la f apply the delaleaey eaua.d by aaah
Hera, aad charge lo the coalractercflriy per
...lira f Ikinrla. arhl.K llabBlltia fnnBil aa'aa.
aary to pay tut aaah ar.lelea.
r'-cpeaaia naaeeompaaled by a aatUfactory MM
ll not be ceaaldarad. aad cod tract a will be
awarded ealr loaetabllahed nanafaclarafo of or
eeaioro in 101 arueiea
Jtil eelm Secretary of the Treaaary
WAinixeYOV.D Cj.JaaU, 1
itAiiiaaiDi.u u. . jii 13. ibtu mmwm
On thepatltloe ef Tnoxsa II Fowcaa, of Mll-H
aataat L
r aa Improvemeal In FerBaeee for emolilsg I roa I
ll Ii b MB Paul that Iha l.illnAhv tai iha .. 1k
eloced on the Sih day of April aoitt that thtl
lint ir uiiii iiirai.i.iii ia, aiieutr n
nravlBB rir Iha at Uiil.a nt
paleal iraated te him oa Ibo Sth day of May, is:
lilac arg
wiled to
he Bxaml
of April 1
Aoy persoa may oppoae tbla ezteaeloa
lalt-Utt Commltaloaar of Pateala.
.. .
Dittrtrt of Columbia, Waihtnatun eoi
latrator 0 William
aBTtt, H
count ft to
la tbe caae of binniBD h Braa, edul-
lltlltot al William 11 Vbbw ck. ttaaaaaad. ihel
aamiaiairaior aloroaalJ bai
Penw ck, meceaaad, the
baa. with tba aBorofae-
tloa of tha Ornhaat Co art of VTaiblatloa
cosnty aforecald, appolaUd haTOBDAT, fab
resrrltth, A O 1H fjr the Baal aetllemeitaad
aiatriBBiloa Of ine peraoaai ttiata 01 aeia eaeaaeoo,
111 ibo aaaaia iiivi - ,.
beta eolleeted aad teraad lato monert .when aei
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