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Ifjonotnnleettd J
rapa-i it. fallibility.
Ma. Editobi Tou were pleased to r
llab, under this cation, oa Wednesday "u
what purport to be an abstract of an "oj
letter" ( tbe "eminent Catholic scholar.
Dr. Doellloger. If Dr. Doelltoier UV"1.
ten inch a letter It proves h,m " , 7
only em.oeotlr tHW' '
-.i .i.K.i.mihfol.' The Crit para
eTery ooe ot which affirm a palpabla trror
tf Manor." "J'' "" lKDtg
address, In which the Pop It besought, od
j tne part of the Coane.1, to dtctart hlmutytn
faS&U." This U not comet. If the Popt
proclaim! at all tba dogma of papal lnfalil
btllrr, It will only be la consequence of Hi
bavins: been decrsed bj tba Cooncll ibat Is,
by tba whole Church and hence It la Ibe
Crch, and not merely tba Pope himself,
tbat will decUra tba doirma. Tba other
''aeoUucee art of tba aaraa character i ab una
illse omnii.
As to tba second rtrezraph. It la tba laiai-
fallaey la a little different form, faUo In
- prineipUuUatt. Yon make Dr. D. assert
, Ibat U tha dogma of Infallibility be pro
claimed, then tha Catholto ma it say tbat br
believes, not upon tha authority of tut
church, bat upon tbat or tba rope, now,
this la bat ahear aophlstry, for, If tha Conn
dl decree tba lo fallibility of tba rope, act
log la his official character m aopreme bead
of tba Chnroh, U la plain that his declara
Uonawlll than be tba declarations of the
ChurtK and. therefore, that tha Catholic. Id
admlulog them, will accept tha teachings of
tba Church
In conclnalon, air, allow ma to lay thai
Dr. Doelllnger la either a Catholic or not) II
the Utter, he ha no rUbt to lector ui on
Cathollcltvi If the former, ba 1 fconoa, ac
cordlnf to bja own principles, to abide by
tba fntnre decisions of the Council, and not
toqntellontbem. A Bcnscxtis-.
Belle I an a Order In Frassl.
The North German Corrtipondtnt aayst
"The number of religions reclases living
la Prussia la centrally overestimated. No
tact statistics exist, but from the paper far
nlabed br tha Mlnlatrr la the petition com
mlaalon we glean tba following statements
wblcb are probably a close approximation to
y irnuu
Ten orders of moot are represented In
Prussia. They bare 63 station, 450 mera
bars, and 330 novices and lay brothers. Tba
moat nneaaroaa are the FraocUcaas, who
possess 29 eta lions and 118 members, and tba
Jeeults. with 14 stations and 133 members
Their purpose Is stated to be the cure of
eonla and holding of minions. Then come
tha Brothers of Mercy, 00 In number, who
bate unvoted ibelr uvea to tba care ot tba
elctu Tna otner orders are out very poony '
"Hor ara Ibe nnn much more numeroui,
at 13 ara aald to exist la Prossla, with 313
nortec and lay alitera. Ibey possess 41
nunneries. Tba order of Bt. Ursula, wblcb
devotee Its attention to education, 1 the
moat numerous. It basSCS members, 314
noTlcta and lay sisters and 34 nunneries.
Next come the Spoosea of the Good 8he p
hard, who employ tbelr Urea la cudeavorlng
to reform and rescna fallen women. Thla
order consist of 83 members and 43 not
1cm end lav alitera. if ho reside In air nt n
nerles. There are 33 nnna of Bt. Kdzabetb,
with two nunneries In Prnisla. Tbes
women apend tbelr lire In nursing the
sick The Benedictines, Carmelites and
tba nana of fit. Clarissa, 133 In all, are de
TOted to pious contemplation.
"There are therefore four hundred and
fifty monks and six h nod red and twelve
nuns la Prussia but tbo former are chiefly
employed la the cure of soals, and a great
majority of tha latter spend tbelr time in
nursing the etek and farthering education.
Tba laws ara already quite icTere enongb to
prevent abusea or too rapid a growth and
extension of tbo monastic power. It Is
more difficult to deal with the brotherhoods,
ilitcrhoode and congregations whose mem
bers are only bound by simple tows, as the
Prussian law It almost illenton the subject.
Oar Information respecting them Is Terr In
complete, aod their numbers were perhaps
nnder-estl mated In the commission. The
brotherhood were there said to constat of
83 stations, with SOT members and 63
novices and lay brothers. These were all
engaged either In edneatlon, the care of the
sick or the en re of soals. O theotberband,
there are 690 slaterboole, with 4,497 mem
bers and 807 nOTlces and lay slitcrs. The
flitters of Mercy ara by far the mot nu
merous, and all the various societies ara en
gaged In educating the young or doing
work of charity."
Th. aiiiaa tunrta Month Ue.
parts frxa. tba Lata CMfreuei.
. W.I.M1..H txt the Unlhndlat Eoli.
copal Chttrcb, has iutt returned to New
York from the Bouth, where ba baa been
.i. .!., , v. Nnrth end South Carolina con
ference. He brings, says the New York
nans, tery favorable report regarding tba
Metbodlit Churcb la the Booth, and pays
there la a growing corouuiiy ot .ecting- who
tbelr Northern brethren, wblcb. It la hoped,
will result ultimately In a reunion. The
South Carolina conference, which Inelndes
also la Its jurisdiction tne state or norma,
was held at Jacksonville, la the latter State.
Tba following nummary gives tba leading
autistic oi tne coonrecco lorine past year,
with the Increase over the preceding year i
7 Aft l'tar. Incrttu
Meinbsrs. laaludlai prob'rs. 31067 l.iss
Loftl praasheri -
Valaaaf eaaiehea...M aw,eM
ir.o..;..::-.:::: . w
BabeUra W 10.
nn ihonsand members bare been tran.
ferred to the Conference of Georgia, and
-iim k r Ilbara.1 Increase remains
BlsbopJane ordained tblrty-sarcn colored
deacons ana lonnmn cuiwcu smw. wuuo m
South Carolina- At Orangeburg tha Clafllu
Tini.ritT has been established, and Is at
tended chiefly by colored student. The
property purchased for the Imtllntloa eon
iuu of six acres of land and large bulldlnir,
ooenplea oeiore me war ioiat flii
i..n h the SDlaeooallan.
The Texas Conference wit held oa Janu
aryli to 17, and give tho following itaili
Uca for tha yean
TMi Ytar
TryUa. praaebara ........
Iooal preeoher TT
Total member a,M0
UhurebeJifi ,
Vnlue ol eburtbtt ;4(W0
Sunday sohooli ,89
OOtere aad taaebera U3
Uthelar tfflt
Tba Lonltlana Confarenca has Jmtboen
tieid. end there, and everywhere throush the
Booth, there are Indications of returning
rood will aod retiring prosperity In tho
OriiTiiroa Chilubm. Alotterfronia
drnggUt U pnuubtul in tne new lurit
ITOrW, wbico cu aiwuuuu kw iu ruur
mooi aala of a urtPatatloa known as"sooth-
lag syrup," an analysis of which Is alleged
to detect a large purcemago oi niurpuiur,
and from whica eererai csics of narcotlo
pouoninr nave oeen reponea in ueaicai
periodical of blgb authority. It I averred
that not only are children proportionately
less tolerant than adnlts of tb actlou of
opiates, but tbat In them the operation or
these drags 1 exceedingly caprlclona and
uu certain j and hence medical writers arc
unanimous lu lmprcsilng the utmost can
tlou In their administration to the yoaug,
Hoffman state tbat opiates are dangeroat
to children, not oaly In J.bolr Immediate
eneevs, oui as leading, in somo instances,
to "permausut mental Imbecility and loss
of muscular power," aud warn agaioit tho
popular caiioin of glvlog anodyne fur
light attacks of colic ur other pjlo, Trous
Kauasserts tbat he baa frequently teen In
fants poisoned by a doie of wine opium, con
taining not more than ouo hundredth of n
grain of opium. Hundreds of ami arc ro
corded la wblcb children, ranging in aga
from a few days to a year or more, Late
been fatally poisoned by preparations con
taining opiate, and IbouiaoJi of older in
valids ara suffering the conn queuces of a
uruggea jaiancy. oeii-iaauigaui parents.
or unZnilnleJ I 'nnr.e. m.e ' LfJV'i
eMM-itt .n.n?!!- ?M I"10.',. faJ
children with plain paregoric ur dUgulted
vaiiuioHUTei ana apoimn eyrus, uut me
dealrnd eud Is pa re hated at a fearful rlik.
The HVIJ suggests that It would be well it
the compounders of all 'patent medicines, "
wnelbtr Intended for children or tor grown
K'fcJI"! rorWhl b' Uw ta Print upon
wari.ot ""' boX or bot t tbolr
(fdVUJut at Ltui l'a,w, w Xwi. '
rr.etallon la vwt ; Jh-' J2
ard C.lray-,,,,rkg of Bml
PrThaaor Jobn M. LanRsloa, of tba Law
DenStmant of Howard UnlrarsUy, waalast
JrealDr tba redpleot of a magnlflceot tesll
roonUirrom tba atudenUof the Law De
irtmsalof the UnWerslty, the gifts com
prlilng a masslTa allTtr salrer, lea pitcher
od gold lined goblets, a gold watch, locket
aod a gold beaded cane.
About 7iM o'clock, a larre number of
ladle and gentlemen assembled lathe cbapel
f tba UnWerslty, among whom were Sen
ator Harris and lady, of Lonlelanai Colonel
John W. Foraev. lion. A. O. Mddle. Wm.
Sypbax, Vf, W. lsao. Prof. Wm. J. Wilson
and family, WUllam Wall, Walker Lewi,
bouia ii. vougiaii, unarici ii. fgojiani,
Mr. BteoDins, or aucnigan, ana omen.
Milton M. II oil and. of Texas, presided,
and aRer mnsle on tha tlano bf kills C. E.
Ray, Mr. John H.Cook, of the Law clan,
made ine following presentation aaarcssi
I'ruf Jehn U. Lnofitoo) laitaaartlanta with
t requsit madeby many neobsre of the law
If imtmant aed otberi, llhu beta made my
itanant datT trt urtiaal and rfdUttl rour
leeeptaae of tbla watah hiekst, tais illvsr
tt, ftnd this told hsarfad aaaa.
1 am alio to aaeotapaay the l lint with suit
tbl written remark!.
Oa the tbreiheld of theia rsmarki two
hlara. innsi mir othtn.aaam t6 fair m J
taihodylox. parhapi, tba asatlmtata ot the
lanorii man wormf oi vouiititriuooi
Tha flrsl eeeteroa tha reasons whlib In
daead the waklar of this praiaat. Thtr era
oibraetil la a Intleieatsnis. as aatitia-
tulihed repreiaatatlTe of tha nsxro race, w
'tttia and honor yoa for jour MtqrUj of
a tr titer, ytur ecomplitintt, too jour
ffori, and (tmriU Ubtr; i n bttf of ear
teuntrymi. The oeetilon, I t'kt It, wllltllow
no ion freedom tad wirmtb of atateintat
wiinouiinerukoieriueiiDiiar immoatii a
nHiiInn nf unit.
I onrDamoeratl KOTSranrat on who has
made for Mnaelf trrtpttaciuiH tkretr. It
tsagraalta atone la the foundation of our
rtpuuue. Eiieotiti ai tais aitmant nit even
la tha napnaliilt nfniit akltAfl. ht ha lnl
tlmtblo bat It btaa when athl&lttd by ona of
artee withaot reputation) wttk, but ttruj
Unr maafally togalalta rlkti. A ne.ro of
pollttt thtrttr hat ever been a itanJIat
triiiiorni in inror oi in viwinia 01 bii
Ta auDit that tharn li no ona who
dadtrtundi tht vtlua of solid thtrtattr than
teurtalf. I'awhave Itbortd nort faithfully
o toapraia thli Ititoa upon auraouatryaieo.
It waa a latton well laaraad. aad therefor ef
(tttlvtly taui&l.
tiupplentnt this charaetar, now, by ability.
uiiurv, nu.nini -iinBi j man bibu urn-
ttortmtat, aad tha laQutnca of tueh a pertoa
fnolillr iaireaitt. HltDowarlt fait aad at-
knowfaJfd. Truttnoucb.lt It the duty of
9jmrj nnn, wuooui nniitipniion oi pruao 10
make tba but nit of bis opportunities In tht
it vt lap me at Of bis powtrt and tha aoqulil
Honor allponlbl knowleds whleh raar ba
uitd la thaalavatloa of naoklad. Dut elate
la thlt world fall art to par form duty bss beta
tha rule, aad dtvotloatbtrtto tba axttptloo,
a a ntjro who bat dlllctatly and laaeta.
imiy uitirntra nia iaaia, coairiouiiai
tbtrtby an anaatwerablaarcuntat la favor
bf hlarttt. wado not htiltata to itr. "wall
do a a, taou coed aad rallbrul ttrvani."
Add aaw to aueh aharnalnr and aeeonnllth-
a ant a ovtr twtoly yaara of a lift ntlendad
11a 00 aomproiaiaa 01 luaaanantai pnaai
plat a Jir apanl la frrqaeal and iiotlrlnc
ffjrt, both at tha bar, la pollllta, and In edu
til an, to nntllorato tba aoadlllon of your
toontrj man, aad yoa bare a Sttlof tlintaa to
(ta raooa prenptlaf ua to atfamptln thla
lao to honor ton. Let ma brleflr oartleuNr.
b oaaaa and ft at or tb "Western He-
aervo,la tha tfuttof Ohio, have been aet
tart Ur and wide. Tbat lotallty htt eradltd
nd ttnt forth many Itnrltai tbanptoat of the
tnntooC lbnrMnilv aaftanthtttd antrltnn.
topronotioaa yon the pttr(at la tit, ot them
11, Wi have aver noted wttb plttiurt tha
tnnaldtratlea long alaea actorded you at a
nwiir vj tarn ear jour aiainott du idi
fntroutpatrooscclvtnyou by thoat tttk
lafeouattl aad adrlea,aaforetBiatof rlfht
or rtdreat of wrong.
inn wni. parnapa. raauiij iccan iq in
rwiaa a (iM jvara jia, nyti hiiidutu
with lattnie aatltaaaeat, la tha aoanty of
nuinnt tarn jenoarniia airoag noia 01 mti
vlalnlty As I remeiabvr tba fatta, a trut
Utmutrht wat arralaned for mnrdar. Tha
day of trial etna, Jilillnfuitbtd attorasyi,
Doia iot laa uorarnmeni and ta ntitnee,
were prcatat, aad, atraoftly aaenxb. thla
Uemotratla erlmlaal lailttod upon and did
rtUln ynuritlf, lhiploria( thtraby a ntfro'a
aialtiane la ttrlnx bin from tht penutn
ilarr. Without tarrrln ti daaeriba the
jaalouay end aaalftat leek of aourlaay es-
Hiuiiru vwvriirafiiin n turn epiaiaf 01
tht aae, your pralaeworlby dltplnf or lr$ al
abllllrln I he ex am la a Hon i,d imiuttnU
nation of wllaaaatt, I btittn to flad you.
'i tii ' venoaraia menieivet
admit tad. an ctOQUant end aaavlnalnv ru.
iotot to the jury) and neat, triumphantly
vv,hv , .iuih iu u.(lrouuii ID (B1MIII
with your client, oa tbo aboulJtra of bit
uamoarniie aomrarea. woo tan tttlmtta the
ralutof that trial to oar eeutti
11 wnulJ dnubtl.ia huril.A vnii ur.n wa I.
follow voa la detail tbrouib yeara of wall
dlrtoted effort la the noliiltt of Ohio aad tlae.
where, eatrtlar 00 tmall Infloioaala the it-
nt uoo 01 mtmotrt 01 ine ajegialttura, at well
at mtnbert of Oonfreis
We do not force 1 your stivltet durloj the
rebellion In aaadlnr rtrtmant of irnnnitnlhi
front,(netomplUhedfrtqutntly nt the rlik of
life.) end la ursine Ibe oeoein toaontrlbute
llbeanlly tt lopport tb uoveramtot. We
naveoeaetiouio aaow mac. maay n town on
me "ueierve" eiaapea in draii ey reaion
ui jyur iugis, w ;, IB wmi( noDfi,
The cloi of the war aod t&e return of
petee brought new retpoaalbllltlea. The ieo
Die nf tha HOUth mnitbe adusatad tiara. Inn.
at the f entrtl lajptetor of aehoola on the staff
01 vsaaarajiiowaru.jou nave traveled inrouf a
ibi dbum. ii m inn riaitaiprireuon, am
hardahtp, Inaptetlnf teboolt, atlrrUf up the
people to createrseel In the purtutt of knowl
of. iniprini Baorai inior rant 100, navontl
laftn Uoogrvaalonal polity of retonttrue
tlon, and nteetttilly nt every atep urrtantlnz
10 theehtvelry allvlof arcumaet ftir-fallrv
tcnlttoa of the rlfhte of all jour eouatry
nen. rifora patilaf to tb eeeond Ibouibt to
wbltb we with to Invite your atttallon. Inar
oe pardoned for paualnr here to ar that we
would not. In making; thla pretest, have you
toatlderua nt the only frlenda and admlrera
whlei you bare la thlt tlty. Thar artotbara.
whoa ndmlretloa we do not prtaum to flua
tlon, who- would gladly have takeo part wl h
ua, had not alrtumataaeea prevented
To rtturn. I ber leave aaaondlr. fa urnnlr
a word la ragard to tb doaora. UompoteJ,
ta 'they art, of ptrtoat of large ratpouiioil-
poverty In full meaaure, and delving deify
inc.. i.rorru DiriDini who id. niiiimri
auatela lhaaaalvea aa profeaalooel itudenta,
or olhtrwl, tbelr (table attempt to hnnr
volt, will be ml the 1 innt.ilil.il. rial
laea leau prevtaied tuaetaaiag peri trow
eondltlon. X woald not have our nraienta
tnfotnre bring to your mind aad reflettpint,
Ver otherwlae, II it mentioned rather to re
mind you of theteuat of tht poor, to ttrenglbtn
andtueourage you topltad that eaut. 'or
auto a eautt will, for ytars ytt toconta.be
that of ouraoaotrynen
Ere long It It hoped that we tball bt dis
tributed inrough the touotry, proparlr fitted
to eaalit In aatonipllahlDg the grant work to
dona by tha Antrleea rtpubllt,
iiftly j tbat la wnattver lotallty we aball
h aitriated, tber vou will find frlanda nod eo-
lu cuatluilon, we hsva oaly to trait that In
tht future, aa la the paat, w may alwaya find
you, whtthtrln tht uae of your rare glfit a
n orator or writer, aeeklns ta aaeur. rrrtnl.
laaaof applauie, the blgheat Improvemrnl of
our vgianiga vouiiri ounn esourae will Vef
be etttadtd by tbe beoedlotlona of mankind.
In accepting the gift and In reiponie to
tbe eloquent remarks of Mr. Cook, Prof,
Langiton said It puxxted him bow to answer
the speakeror how to acknowledge In appro
frlate terms tbe acceptance of such a beautl
uI testimonial. He bad been Intimate wltb
Mr. Cook for many years, bad esteemed as a
friend, otbsrwlie he could not have believed
that he was In earnest la addressing blm as
be had. He could not say more than tbat
be thanked them from the depth of hla heart
for tbe sentiments altered aud for the gift
tendered, assurlog tbem tbat tn the future
as la tbe past he should labor most sealonsly
for tbe promotion not only of bis own race,
but to speed tbe highest Interest of tbe
common cause of bis country.
At the conclusion of tbe reply of Professor
Langston, Mrs. G, W. Mitchell performed
with floe effect selections on tbe piano.
Colonel John W. Forney was then called
ufw w aiuiv.f tucui. uu iciiwuuni m a.Q
eloquent tribute ta tne labors of Professor
uinirsion. wuom no was proua to eiteem at
one of Ibe noblest champions of tbe cause
of universal liberty as one who bad worked
unceasingly for the elevation of his race,
and one who example bad added lustre to
the fair fame of tbe negro clUseas of tbe
Hon. A O. Riddle also spoke briefly In
response to tha call, and expreued his per
sonal gratification at being present on this
memorable occasion, when bli esteemed
friend Prof. Lans:ston had received from bit
student inch a beautiful testimonial of
tbelr regard Tor blm. It was peculiarly
touching to wltneis tbo gift of the colored
studente to a colored professor. It was
henceforth for the colored people of tbe
conn try to take Into their own bands tbe
fulfilment or tbelr destiny.
Prof. W. J. Wllioo, one of tbe trustees of
Howard Uulrersliy, aald he remembered
yeara ago wbea a colored boy then engaged
In a law office In Boston, bad made up Ills
rnlud to ttudy law, and what a Joy It was to i
the fritnds of tbe colored people as well as
to tnemseives, wnen mat youog roan was
"dniltted tO th Massachusetts bar. Again,
he remembered when a convention met at
Rocbeiter, and It was given out tbat a youog
eoiored delegate, a lawyer, waa to main a
speech upon soma Important occasion, what
astir It made among tba members of tbe
bar la that city, In fact among all the peo
ple, and when tbe speech had been made
everybody wa elect! sd everybody wood
ered at tbe matter effort of that young man.
Need he say tbat It wa the recipient of tbe
beautlfal silver ierr.es lo-nlgbt tbt he al
laded to.
II had watehad his count, tta tin meat-
est Interest, and too much could not be said
In pralio of his noble clTorts.
Mr. Wilson aald as a friend of tha i nlver
lily ha should Always, le tUt colore wo a
had a place on lie faculty of the nnlversUy
men too of purpose, of culture, and of intel
ligence. To the yoang uen of the law de
partment ha would say prepare well before
yon leave the university tbat yon nay ba an
honor to tbe Institution and the people, lie
had just returned from a section of tb
Bontn, and n Knew mat mere was a urge
field of wefolneii for tho iwho would go
well prepared Into the South a lawyer.
Major Delaney, Mr. Btebblu and Captain
Bean made appropriate congratulatory ad
dresses. Letters were received rrom a number or
distinguished gentlemen regretting their In
ability to attend tba exercises, and among
;25S1 "S5 a s:gaij compMwrj icuer
from Senator Sumner.
Senator llarria brieflf aald tbat It was
owing to the wis counsel of Mr. Langston
tbat tha State of Louisiana so rapidly pr
rectad the work of reconstruction wunin it
limit. lie took great pleasure In endorsing
tbe sentiments expressed by tbe speakers,
and eonld nnlv ndd bis own testimonial of
regard to the worth of a manln whoa behalf
100 mucncouia not oesiia. ioiu iw
atndentn at the unlverattv be COnld SST that
Louisiana offered the finest Inducement! for
the educated colored man, aod there was
hardly a par lib lu that State tbat has not
room tor one or two lawyert.
Tha Mercian warn moat azreiablv loter
spersed with Tocal and Instrumental mnsle.
A trio by Messrs. Btarker and Perdand
sins i.rere, ana we cioeioi yiwn y mi.
Boston, "Tbe heart bowed down," were
rentnronnlv aortlanded.
A vote of tbanka waa tendered to Ur. Hol
land for tba manner la which be had dis
charged the duty assigned blm. and at o.so
o ciock tne exercises were coouauoui
Thntttver eerrle Ii Inscribed. "Prof-J
M. Langston, from tbe Students of Law 9e-
partmem oi iiownra uniTerij, nwuiij
10, 1870." and will ba on exhibition at tbe
Jewelry esUblltbment of J. Karri, Pennsyl
viinla avenue, near Seventh street.
Sixts Wiao Iana Rsrciuo.as. This
club held a meeting last night, tha pretl
After transacting tha usual rontlna of
onsiness, a soma or resolution wre aaopiea,
thanklnr Conrrat tor their ineedv action
In pattlngtbe de&clency appropriation for
tbe Navy Department, thereby enabling the
men recently suspended from the bureaus of
coastructlon and steam engineering to goto
work again.
Lieutenant Auitla offered tbe following
resolutions, wniea were unanimously
adopted i
Ktietrti, Tbat tba glxtb ward Irish Ripob
lleana bare ovtryeoandanee la the propotl.
tloa ef General John A. Logan, wklib hat
rtntaifie uouiter Rtpreeentatirea, aireet
ng the Setretery of War to lite ratloas, Ae
to ine poor oi in uitiriai.
JirMMiiM, Thai the United Stelae Steele
be requeated to peat tbe bill at epttdlly as
poiilble, la order thai tha great dlttrets now
prevailing in the iJlatrltt may be relieved.
RtflmL That tbethaekaoflhatlub beleo.
dered to Utntral John A. Logan for his effdrls
n ptoaii oi in auutriog poor.
A reeolntloa was also adopted snstalulng
Its president, Andrew Neville, In bis efforts
la tne Central Jrleh ReDobllcan Association
at Its last meeting to consolidate tbe Irish
Republican of this city, In order to show an
undivided front, and pledging themselves to
suDDort blm In bis efforts to raonrania tba
Irish Republicans of tbla city oa a firm and
lasting basts.
uenu ueojemla Austin was elected cor
responding secretary.
inn following commuiee on nnpwyment
was appointed i Messrs. AaeUn, Hama, Mor
gan, UcLeod, Dove, Brown, Connolly, aad
Charles McOowao.
Arier speeches by Messrs. Maboney and
McLeoJ, tha club adjourned.
iLLiaois Bociiu The aecond rrand
aoclal of tba Illnot Republican Aiioelallon
took plaea last evening at Liberty Uall,and
Was attended by much youth, beauty and
female loveliness. Among those present
we abserTed Senator Trumbull, lions. J.
N. Morrs.J. u. Bar. Judre wviie. K. u
Bartlett, Oen. Paine, of Illlnol) Judge
8wvio. Cof. C. C. Campbell. M. E. N.
Howell, C. II. Bits, eaq.. Judge Stetson,
Mator K. Conrtnev. United Bute armvi
Col. O. W. Minor, Dr. Manger, or Boatoni
Hoa.N. A.Gray, of Ohio; IV. B. Stokes,
esq., Capt. J. F. Jeonlnge, accompanied by
ladles. Prominent anrbngthe falxeex were
the Mines Lenmao, Mis Olmitead, Miss
BatietU of Andes. N. Y.t Mis C. A. Mills.
offihelburoe, Vl., Miss Settle B. Adm
ana omen, miss u. uimiteaa ana Mr.
Col. Cnmybeii ang " W parted by tbe river
side," "My conntFy su nf lut9 an( iftT.
eral other gems laa manner ui. ailclted
much pralae.
senator irnmonu was cauea upon, ana
went forward to tbe stand and made a few
well-timed remarks eulogistic of the "Prairie
Bute." He alluded to tbe late Mr. Llneoln
la a touching manner, and also paid a noble
tribute to tbe Chief Executive of tbe nation,
who bad been victorious upon so many battle
fields of tbe republic.
Tbe dancing began, and at a late hour our
reporter left Illinois and tbe Invited guests
navinganne lime. Messrs. norr, Aeuey,
Atklmon. Nallor and Lamb, the committee
of arrangements, spared no palai to rsndsr
tne au.ir a aecuiea success.
A Nica Littli Game Spotted Raid ok
A MPoaia" finor. On Wednesday nlgbt
John R. Nichols was In search of " Utile
game of poker," and fonnd It at the rooms
of Dciijamtn Cooley, located over the Ton
tine restaurant on D street, near Tenth.
Uc fortunately for John he "caagbtasnap,"
aod was 'raliei out." leartog all his spsre
money In tbe "pot." John not liking Ibe
"deal," proceeded to police headquarter
yeaterday morning aod complained to Major
Richards, wbo Instructed Lieutenant Tall to
visit the premises named above, and If dos
slble "take a band."
AccordlnElv the Ueutenant proceeded to tb
place Indicated, wbtra a ale IUU game
wm bTDIde udi iuu Miiuii m uauiii uuu
pal," wun a "uumoi nvo uuoa." lie
p.iiai the home 'for all tbav had." and
took the proprietor, with ten or twelve of the
boys. " Into camp1' along with th " kerdi"
and chip. They were escorted to th sta
tion, where Cooley was held In $100 ball for
nis appearance ints auernoon, wane me roi
lowln? parties found In tbe bouse were dla-
mlsstdi Wm. U. 8hreve, Benjamin Proslse,
John Bmlth. J.T. WUIUms, Wm. IL Burlay,
Benjamin t, araaiora, femes a. ixrgue,
joun iripieu ana james wopiey.
Davis, No. SOI Market Space, corner of
Kigbth street, nas J an received mil lines of
tbe latest Importations and newest patterns
of fashionable laces, embracing all the new
designs In real Valenciennes. polntd'apnllQue.
bUck thread, and guipure laces. Tbe stock
embraces also a full stock of crepe de Paris
la all colors, a new article for veils Davis
has opened a large lnrolco of floe French
The stock of novelties embraces all tbat
known to tbe milliners, aud Is well worth
tbe Inspection of ladles wishing to purchase
goods of fresh Importation. Itemember tbe
number, No. 831 Market Space, corner of
Kigbth street.
Fibes TasTia DAT. About 2.50 p. in.
yesterday a fire occurred back of tba pre
mlscsoccoplcd by Shaffer A Beoson.on Sixth
street, between u aud II. Tbe flames were
extinguished without much damags.
Shortly before eight o'clock last nlgbt an
alarm was sounded from box 63, corner
Seventh and I streets, caused by the burning
of soma rubbish In a back room of tbe
frame bouse owned by Henry Pries, on
Elgbth street, between I and K. The Are
department were promptly on hand, bat
tbelr services were not brought Into requisi
tion. Qcitb a rUatixT inrprlse party gatbsred
In tbe spacious parlor of Columbus Alexad
der, esq., on F street, between Tenth and
Eleventh, last night. About thirty coupl
were present, and ths parties enjoyed them
selves exceedingly. Aa elegant and beautl
ful snpp'y of refresbmsnts was served In
Bbafllcld's unexceptionable ctyle.
Wiecotsi UxrrjBLioa'f AsiociiTio.t.
A special meeting of the Wlscooiln aiioda
tlon was held last evening, at which but
little business was done beyond making ar
rangements for a sociable on tbe Std In
. a .i
Wa aug xatjUESTiD to state that the F.
W. Jonca, wboio name has frequently ap-
peareu in our court reports in connection
wltb a suit for divorce. Is not Frederick W.
Jones of Georgetown, and a member of tbe
bar of the Dlatrlct of Columbia.
A spscul MgiTirTQ of th Bov In Sine
will be held thl evening at Union League
uan, ai t o ciock. jioo. v u, oioaea ana
others will adJreis the meeting on tb ue.
tlon of a new government for the District,
Wb akb MiKiaa a specialty of tbe manu
facture of lluu Black Cloth Suits for dress
occasions. "Oak Hall' 523 Seventh street,
oppotlte Post Office.
Tai New Jersey Republican Association
will give Ua first of a series of sociables at
Liberty Hall, oa Tuesday night, February
15ib, at 7i30 o'clock.
Turt sm uboi'lar vtmrrta of th If.
Puerion Poet, No. 0, ). A. IV, will be held
at the Union League roomi, ,N'o. 131 Ninth
' "' vivujujj. i
FotrnTH Winn ItcrunuciNt.-A meeting
of the Fourth Ward Republican Club was
held la tbe Aldermen' Chamber last nlgbt
Preeldent B. D. Peck la tha chair. Mr. u.
S. Cahtll. wltb Quite a dele ration of tba
Irish Republican club of tba ward, were
Mr. Wm. Bawen mared tbat tba secretary
open a. register to tha Dimes of the number.
Mr. A. M.Qreen Introduced a preambl
and raeolutlon laudatory or Dr. J. Snod
grass, regTeUlng bis removal from the ward,
and requiring the Chair to nominate a com
mute to fill certain vacanclea In tha Repub
lican central committee.
Aa an amendment Mr. Cahlll offered a
resolution setting forth that Crane and
Croesman bad affiliated with tba old school
Democracy! therefore their places are de
clared vaceut. and tb meeting should at
onea proceed to an election.
Upon the resolution quite a dsbste en
euediMr. Green favoring bis original, while
Mr. Cahlll rerorad bis bantling.
Mr. Green claimed that Crane and Cron
man were not Identified with tba Republican
party, and should not ba noticed by the club.
Patrick UurphV claimed tbat Crane had
desired to have his own way la everything,
and because ba could not ba bad left the
Ur. Cahlll urged hi substitute, but the
tamper of the meeting being evidently
averse to Us adoption, b matched It from
the reporter's table, saylog ha would with.
draw It
A Tola waa taken oa Mr. Green's resolu
tion vita
A division belpg called, S3 voted for tha
resolution -Mr. Cahlll being tha only one In
tha neratlva.
Andrew Oleasoa remaining standing, tba
unair desired to Know now be wat young,
Not at all." aald Andrew.
"Are you afraid t" cried out one of tba
"I am afraid of no ona hare, I want you
to understand that I" replied Andrew.
Tba Chair declared tb resolution of Mr.
Green adopted, and appointed tha following
1 comminee 10 report nominauonei nirtira.
M. Murphy, Tnrplo, Bowen, Butler and
While tbe committee were absent, tbe
chair appointed the following committees!
Finance committee .John M. Toanr.
Wm.8mUb,IWm. T.Tnrpln.. Bnslnesscom
mittse E. L. uorbin, dames u. uaiton,
J no. nickey, Lewis Hickman, Jame A.
Tbe committee ar-DoIuted reported the fol
lowing name a representative to the
central executive committed Jame M.
Tally, Tbema Klrby, E.L. Corbln. Tbe
report wa adopted.
Mr. Morris Murpby referred to the fact
tbat Benjamin McCoy, a member of tba
executive committee, wa acting with the
Grossman party. On motion his name was
stricken from the rotl. Tbe name of a
number of the Irish Republicans wer nomi
nated, and onlv one colored man.
Appearance being In favor of tba white
man, Mr. Wm. Bowen rose and said that It
was cusiomary to mace a. aivition in ine
committee. Before MeCov'a disaffection
there were eight white men aod aeven col
ored. He thought that It would ba but right
aod proper to appoint a colored man to fill
tha vacancy. Voiced "Oh! don't ralie
tbe question of color here."
Mr. A. M. Orten said that bethought
their white friends should concede the right
tbat a colored man abould ba appointed to
nu init vacancy.
nr. &.UOV moveu mauiaian vrauon i col
ored) receive the unanimous vote of tbo
mteiioir aa toe commuiee men. Ama to.
After waiting a few moments, and no
ousineee dsidx: onereo. tna meetinir ad
BrntDiaa Aiiociitioss. At tha twealv
eighth month! r meeting! of the Washington
Co-operative Bulldlnc Association, tl.000
as cam advances, were om on at a premium
of 300 and 911 percent. Two thousand.
payable In thirty days, sold at 170 per cent.
ioenimn moutwy meeting or ine oouia
Washington Bulldlne Association waa held
on Thursday nlgbt last, wbea the sum of
0,000 wa sold at an average premium of
oo, cancelling oo snares or siock.
Oa Monday nlgbt, tba 7th Initaot, tba
twenty-ninth regular meeting of the First
Co-ODeratlra BaTldlnz Association was held
at Potomac II all 1 19,000 was sold at an aver
age premium of 153, cancelling 9 6-10 sharer
At the twentr-socond mestlnar of the Eeiv
nomlcal Bulldlnc Association, 60 shares were
sold, averaging &0.3
At the tbUty-flnt meettng of tbe Provident
Building Association, 59 shares were sold at
u "rage of 60.
wrwaaur meeungai lie .mj, rtah and
St lunW) Java, uiu
In the absence of tbe president. Mr. J. r.
Tostla waa called to tba chair and Mr. W.
B. Hedgewood was chosen secretary pro ttm,
Tbe general agent, Mr. A. K. Browne, re
ponea mat ine association naa expended
annnc ine tan wee a lor oreaa ana groc
rle S393 78. Tbe association has also dis
tributed 1,830 bushels or coke and four aod
tnree-quarter com or wood, ine larger
proportion or tne money naa oeen appropria
ted by the Mayor la tha purchase of 1,600
loavea of bread distributed dally.
The general agent also reported that ba
had visited the case of a Mrs. King, a white
woman, who had been reported by General
Ekln. and fonnd her wltb two small children
huddled together In one corner of a Utile
shanty belooglofr to an aged colored woman,
In a destitute and weak condition. On In-
onlrv be found that she bad. with her two
children, been for arrears of rent forcvd Iota
tbe street, herself at tbe time being lllj tbat
aha applied to a lady of her own color for
ad mlialon Into an unoccupied tenement, and
was una mat sne coma oniy occupy iinpon
mo payment oi uve wumr per monin in ad
vance. Or. Boyd offered tbe following!
Baieftei. That wa eordlallr extead the
thanks nf tbla anoilatlon to lura. for her
timely aid nnd lady-Ilka earn of Vrs. Klag,
whoae hatd-heartad laneHord had turned har
out of doora to pariah of hunger nnd cold, and
whea ihiiould not Hod ear oat of btrown
rate to tar for bar la to trying an hour, and
that to oobl and kind a dttu dciervti our
warmeii eommtnuaiion.
Mr. John F. Cook moved to amend, by
using tba report of Mr, Browne aa a preamble,
which waa accepted by Dr. Boyd, and tbo
resolution adopted.
Mr. Hart moved tbat a committee be ap
pointed to confer wltb tbe BeereUrv of War
In relation to the distribution of tha relief
Just TOted by Congress. lie thoogbt tbat
the Secretary, being unacaualnted with tbe
Individual wants, would be pleased to re
ceive suggestions irom mem.
After some mscaesion, tne resolution was
adopted and tba following committee e
lectedi Hon. Teter Parker. A. B. Solomons.
A. Hart, Mrs. Dr. Edson, J. P. Taitln and
Mr. A. K. Browne.
Mr. Solomons then offered the fallow! sgi
which waa adopted)
AiiottxS, Tbat lo view of tbe probsble tut
san of the eommltlta of thli lloard with the
Bonornni oaoraieryor war la reiaiiea lo
tbe dlatrlbutlon of the fund Juit appropriated
ur uairu lur tn. rriiai oi in poor OI n
altv that the btntDtOf thaeaaoeletlon be aen
tlaued for another wetk. atihnueh the treaa.
urylsbareof fundi, tht Uoard etaumlng the
Enjmeuioi eiioceeaaaryucoia inturred inert'
After tha transaction of soma other bnal.
ness of no general Importance tbe meeting
aajournea, to meet ai tne can of tne com
mlttee appointed to confer with the Secre
tary of War.
A BlsDaoutXT'Tuxaisnao uocsa Is of.
fsred In oar advertising columns for rent.
It Is situated on F street northwest, between
Sixth and Seventh streets. It contain six
chambers, wun ait tna modern Improve
meats. For rurtber particular apply to
David A. Burr, No. C31 northwest r street.
Miisas. Saxar t NiUDitK, now number
30 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, three
doors rrom Seventh street, offer tbelr entire
stock or fall and winter goods at cost, to
make room for fresh arrlra's of fresh spring
Wb arb uasmqi a specialty of the manu
facture of fine Black Cloth Snlta for drsta
occasions, "us nail," ho seventh atrect
opposite Foal Office. fl
TnsutamaiofSrracnslan LoJffeKo.il
are requested lo meet with their ladles at
their lodge-room this evenlnsr at S o'clock.
on which ocaaloa tbe ladles will present the
looge wnua oauuer.
Tub sxcosn monlblr meetinir of the Pio
neer Homestead Asioclatloo for tbe payment
of dues will be held on Saturday evening at
tbe room of tbe Board of Trade, at 7i30
p. ID.
As ADJoraNgn ubxtikq of tbe Board or
Trade will ba held at their room thl eve
ning al 7.30 o'clock, for tbe election of ofll
cer of the association fo: the emulog year,
A fall attendance Is rcqussted.
Wb abb uaeino a specialty of the manu
factor of floe Black Cloth Suits for dress
occasions. "Oak IUU," 025 Seventh street,
opposite Post OClce.
J. Jt. SQCiin, No. 1420 F street, near th
United fctatei Treasury, will dab olllcer
y&j aCtOUUil) ACi
Card from Mr. rant Uram.
imiu uernni. wtuv icvcumj in me a Mil
Wormier, publishes the following- card la
yeiterday 'i V w - i
wi"""-. o, o.. x. 3,lKi
nutAii! Whia n abort tinner! I at nail
lay i air In atllane With yenr pteplt.br my
marrying Mln Marl II. Tormtty, I eited
wiiaeu ay mamai rvivrreiion, nnn a eeo
tlau without anr after thoiihl .
At a rrenahmtn. 1 never induletd la hrttin
dlaaa, whlih appear to me not oaly to be
eonaaai but a wrotgi as a unriitiia, i do not
tralt aay kind of preiarlptlea agalnit my
rothtrs by aatur nnd s a nan, do not re
eogals any Imaginary lianas dividing nan,
xetpt the one aaparatlng an hoatit one from
a knave.
X tblak now, aa I hav always thought, that
tbott are aatte worthy of our reiptot and
tttm, whaltver aaay a their rate, who do to
enrdlog to honor and tquttyt as snth ate be
lovad of Almighty Qod In tplte of thsli differ
tnees ef religious btlltfa. who bear In thtlr
mind kind, hunt ate, and abarltabl fttllngt,
end hav no enatttoa with people who, lo
tb word of Ultkcna, ihow a eoara familiar
Ity with aatred thlngt aad who ar vtry buiy
with their Una anil Ml la the heart, nr with
the tttia of prraons who, la the opinion of
Swift, hsve Juat enongb religion to make them
i" o eot nvii iv dim in, m iti on
I ara tttrtmtty Uttrtittd In tvtry step of
in, iruRii m nana jga r (,(, eap
slslly tor aceurlngtoefalprlviltget. Thentgro
has aow hla ik art of polltlaal aad soelal
rights, which shall net b takto from him, aa 4
hataealtnl hla endeavor for tb advaeaa
meat of the noble and gintrout aaplrattoas of
all timet, of ell netlona. whlah will ha ea
tomniiihed by aad by" equity, liberty, fra.
A we'll known gentleman 1 Waihlogta
sava about bt marrUee that It belonard to
tbe twentieth eentury," Althnugh In his
mind It Waa a sondtuaatlsa ef my count, yet
I aeetpt thla word aa a compliment, for t
think the twcntltth etalury will bt aa Itttlll-
ftateertilalyai th nineteenth nowlnnnd
belogla of event. Ineeiiaatla lit ttept to
wards humanity and progreia, will not be
stopped by nnreaionable prejudlatt. Know
lag oyexperlene that la your people are
found the tame Intelltgtatt, tha same energy,
tb same probity, eapealiy aad virtual ta
tbott of whlah the whit rat shows Itttlf to
froud. and lets vises somatlmai, prbpa, tblt
wtntlsth century, eaniurad In advene, will
tffett the reconciliation. Thltdttlred ruiloo
bttweaaall the raatt 1 long for aad exptet
No greater enjoyment aould bav been afforded
to m than tne reception or your "Aw re,'
lo theperaialof whlah yen greatly dtllghlad,
for I tea vour Baser la devoted to the orooaea.
for I tee your paper la devoted to
Hon at humane. Uhrlatlan. em
Hon of humane, Uhrlatlan, aad rlib.lt
Idtat. Indeed, odo of my deeptal regreta It
not havieg any lnfluanee whlah I eould en
ploy la behalf of your tiuit. for whllh I tin
eerely dtilre a full suttaaa,
lit lit ve me, sir, yours trulr,
Pa pl Osbabd.
Real Estatb TaisiiCTioss-Mr. C. B.
Church ha purchased, through Messrs.
Cooper oY Latimer, a two-story frame home
on sixteenth strset weit, between K and L
streeu. Price paid 11,830.
The following transfer of real estate
have beea filed In tbe office of tbe recorder
of deeds aloe our lait report!
February lh F. W. Jones, trustee, to
Daniel O'Brien, aub. 87, aqoara Ml, f,097t
T. McCormlek to B. Mc Morrow, tab, 48,
square 483, l9.C00j James MeOrana to
Sarah V. Magrnder, part SO, square 73j
Ceo. A. Miller to Chas. lL Seymour, part 7.
aquare 043,l,S00i Wm. Glass lo Samuel
Sbetton, 11, square 709 John Robert to W.
II. Cluel, part 8, square 434. 11,000.
February Bth O. F. Oulck to John
Evans, part 13, square 030, f 330 Jrome A.
Johnson to Oeo. A. Hall, tub. 19, qoar
880, tf.&OOt Jame N. Callan to Martha W.
Leae, sub, T, square 839, l2l tarn to L.
P. Pampbray, tub. 67, qur 629, S330t 8.
R, Hard wick to Joseph E. Law, west part 11,
aqaaraaia, tl,vw. tr. Sj. jaorrison so u. g.
Evans, subs. 11, 13 and 14, square 133, 13,.
830 R. P. Dodge to Frederlcka B. Lambert,
aobs. S3 to SOjequare 133, 13.000 1 J. F. Wnl-
lara to coca Aeeier, suoe. , and east x
43, square 1,030, S809 M J. D. Lanrberg to
Thomas notchlogsoa,part 183, square 903,
t3,800 A. T. Leech to G. V. Leech, 119,
sqare lSli Perry Coleman to M Asbford,
truitee, sub. N, X 835, 12,000, a. P. Wrli
ley to same, sub. V4. aqnare 633, $1,000.
February 7lh O. Demeester to Mary
O'Brien, sub. 88, square 76, $333 1 Joahna
wnunevio same. uo. ot. square to. izwi
W. W. Corcoraa to Andrew Uehwarl, lot 8
and part 7, sqnar WO, $l,M7.50i Jopb
Oimla to Peter McNemara, south part tot
15. aquare 783, $711.45j Franklin Little lo
same, lot 13. square 897, $500) Edward
Oreen to W. II. Wateri, lot 14, aquara W0,
1 1,000 1 8.T. Druryto Mary O'Brien, aub.
38, squaro 78, $300i J. F. Neldfelt to Lewis
Iluber, anba. L and M, and east half lot 1,
square 70, $300i James Barnett to M. F.
Moran. part lot S8. sauare 140t A. T. Cralir
et al. to Maria B. Craig. lot S, square 105.
February am u. v. unmiiton to r.
Plane hard, snb. C4, square 203, $5,000; O.
K. Andrews to Charles Medford. lot 8.
square 431, $l,300j Haiy . Slmms et al. to
trustees of Israel church, part lot 13 and
'Virz:.. . 11-in.i-a ..r,f
rsDmary viu t. iw"ft w t,. i.
Ptc, ojj, aquare 510, $573 1 T. M. Hanson to
F. M. JeouM.i.touare 6S7. $1,500. It. I).
Clark to Andrew ckson, 33, s-iuar 543,
$300; Q. F.Graham loJane Fltapatrlck,
Sart i no. v, square 707. aoO) is. 1. and w.
.Jackson to John Mann. 0. snuara 43.
$016t James N. Callan to W. O. PbUllpf,
89, 30, 53, 51, 53, square 830, $1,470.
LoALBBivTriis-A son of Dr. Clvmer.
U. 8 U.i had hi arm broken on Wednes
day while practicing with playmatea In a
snow ball battle.
Thomas n. Batson, colored, has been held
to ball by United States Com rail iloner J, J.
Johnson, on the charge of perjury la bating
sworn to falsa bounty papers.
Tne wnisuee or amitn' Foundry aad tba
Waiblnrton Gas-house will hereafter mm.
moo tbe children of the FIrit ward t tbe
public schools of tbat district as loltowst
At o.so a. m., on enors, on long ana one
abort blast; at 9 a. m., thre abort blattsat
I p. m., tare toon uieeie. woma OS
well for the people to know and understand
theae signals.
Tbe oeoDle or tha Eastern section of the
city have, by petition, complained to tbe
Secretary or tbe Navy that awing to the pro
fusion with which water la used at tbe navy
yard, tbelr enpply during the day Is exceed
ingly limited. Th Secretary promisee to
I no, a I re into tba matter, and In tbe mean
time ha ordered tha utmost care la tbe uo
or water at tbe yard.
Georee Tvler and Lemnel Collins, were
each relieved of $5 for the Indiscretion of
firing on a gun within 200 yards or a build
ing. John Evans left $19 with Jaitlce Mary
man for the privilege of committing an as
sinltaud bailerr oo Geo. W. Wise. John
alio gave security to keep tbe peace for six
months. As a counter charge, Mr. Evans
accused wise wltb the larceny of chickens,
wbleh charge however, was not suitalned.
Victor Raus waa Sued by Justice Clark $21
fur selling liquor without license. An ap
peal was taken.
Important Abrxst. Yesterday a co!
ored roan named George Bhlnn was arrested
on iniDlclon of belnz tbe trtr who com
mlttod tbe desperate assault on Mary Lee,
which waa noticed la the RtrrjnLicA of
yciterdey morning.
He was taken before Juillce Thompson.
and after an examination was eommlttsd to
Jail. Tbe Injured woman Is suffering se
verely, and was not In a fit condition to see
or IJcLtlfv her maellent.
Tna TxuriitAKca Rbvival. The friend
of total abstlncnc resldlnr la tb northern
cctlouof the city bare, through Mr. II. N.
Rotberr, obtained from tbe council or Mc-
Kendrte chapel tba me of their eburch
building for a grand temperance meeting, to
do neia on tne eveniogor me wa inaiaoi.
Senator Pomeroy, Hon. Thomas W. Ferry,
ucv. d. a. tvuion, ana otners, win aaarets
the meeting,
Tnu general agent of tha Washington
Aiioelallon for the Improvement of the
Coudltlon of tbe Poor, takes pleasure to
acknowledging tbe donation of one hundred
pounds of soap rrom Messrs. Bates A Bro i
one dollar lo csih and a lot of children's
clothing from an unknown lady; and one
piece or calico aod one piece or uonieeuiei
muslin from Mrs. Dr. Hood,
A hot a en ConroaATiox Bcit. Teiterdir
G. A. A, T. II. Sage brought suit against the
Major and Corporation of Washington lu
the sum of $3J.40, alleged to bo due com
plalnacts for rsnt of a school-bouse. Jus
llco Walter lisued the warrant, which was
placed lu tha hands of a constable, and we
may soon have to record another levy on tbe
furniture of tha Mayor's office.
A. I. Mirmi elves notice la another col
umn tbat ha has purchased the entire stock
of the late Arm or Messrs. Coyle A Towers,
and will con U ouo after Monday, February
14, tba book, stationery, engraving, and
f Tinting butlneisln all Its brauebes, inciud
ugall tbe current periodical literature of
the day.
Jbam Mulloxah.. We ara pleased to an
nounce to tba many friends of tbe above
named gentlemen bis safe return yesterday.
1Mb aniiivn dtnartare and nrotracled ab
sence waa caused by tbe Illness or a North
ern relative.
a fluvn uiii urxTiBO Is called to ba
held In front of tha City Hall on Monday
evening next. Tba call Is for all elasies or
our citizens, and cannot fall to bring thorn
out ft matu.
Georgetown Affair a.
NomKATTosa T0a Tows OrriciBi. The
CUUini' party, delegatea either aelf-ap
pointed or chosen tn caucus, met In canens
on Wednesday night and nominated tbe fol
lowing a candidates for the two Boards of
th City Council t
For Aldermen Francl Wheatlay. John
T. Mitchell, Henry D. Cooke, Philip T.
Berry and T. A. Newman.
For Common Council Esau Pick fell,
'James A. Rellley, Wm. Clabaugh, Fred. W.
Jones, Wm. L. Donlon, Wm. II. Uutcblns,
James Kldgeway, B. F. Hunt, Jame Dick
ion, Joseph G. Waters and Wm. Murphy.
Botn a nrnrtae rtevtnir hoen iTfrS nt
the appearance of tbe name of Mr. Henry
v, i;ooae in ini connecuon, ine icaacrs oi
the Cltlieus party allege, by way of x
ptanatlon, tbat Mr. Cooke said to tbem,
when approached on the object, that he
would not object to tbe use or his name on
their ticket, as In his position of Alderman,
If re-elected, he should be governed by re
gard for what he conceived to be the In
tereits of Georgetown, and not by party
Lait night tha delegates to tha Republi
can convention held ft secret meeting at
Brown's Hall and nominated tbelr Candi
date!. Municipal. Hoard o Altldrmin. The
Board met pursuant to adjournment; tbe
Recorder, Mr. Caperton, la the chair; all
the member preient except Messrs. Cook
ana jsronaugu.
Mr. Davis, from tb standing committee,
reported back bill (C. C.) regulating the
weighing of hay, Ac. Passed.
Mr. Davis also reported a general ordi
nance la relation to taxes Rcferrod to the
Retolutlon (O. O.) Increasing tho rate of
, llccns to non resident traders to $30.
Resolution (C. 0.) to pay bills of James
Wallace and William Pratber was amended
and pasted.
Resolution (0.0.) for the relief of Wm.
II. Cook was pasted.
Resolution (O. C.) replacing the hydrant
at the kouthwest corner ol Frederick and
First streets was amended by Inserting the
word " east M Instead of west and passed.
Resolution (0.0.) authorizing the par
chase of ho for tbe use of tbe fire depart
ment and appropriating $1,400 there foa was
amended and passed.
Resolution (O. C.) In favor or Wra. Albert
Klag, clerk of the Board of Common Conn
cil, and WUllam Latrd, clerk of tho Board of
Aldermen, waa passed.
Common Ceunrtf. In tbo absence of tho
president, Mr F. W. Jones was called to
tbe chair.
Mr. Clabaugh presented a petition from
the chief of the fire department, asking
lbs purchase of additional hose for tbo uio of
tba department. Referred.
Mr. Untchln presented a petition of M.
I. Hart and others, asking the remission of
taxes for holding a ball. Referred.
Mr. Clabangh presented a bill to pay Kid
well A Henderson. Referred.
Mr. Dunlap presented petition of Mortis
Reddy, asking tbe remission of a flee. Re
ferred. Mr. Clabangh reported adversely on the
claim of Wm. Wbelan, and aiked to bo
dlicharged from tha further comlderatlon of
the same. Agreed to.
Alto, a resolution In favor of James Wal
lace and Mrs. Wm. Prat her. Passed.
Mr. Rallly Introduced a resolution In favor
or Morris Ready. Laid over.
Also, a resolution In favor of William H.
Cook. Passed.
Mr. Dunlop presented a communication
from tha Levy Court relating to the ripolr
of a county road. Referred.
Also, a resolution for replacing a hydrant
ea the corner of First and Frederick streets.
Resolntton opposing the consolidation of
Georgetown with Washtogtoa and tho
county or Washington was taken from the
tbe table, when
Mr. 6lmm said that In tbo absence of a
member, whole a member of tbe "commit
tte of ono hundred," be hoped the resolution
would He over informally. Agreed to.
Resolution Increasing license to non-resident
traders to $300 per annum was taken
up and amended by Inserting $30 Instead of
5uo, ana men paitcu.
Resolution providing for making arrange
ments with the collector of customs for oc
cupancy of tba present hall for corporation
offices Was taken up, and, on motion of Mr.
Uutcblna, laid on the table.
Mr, Wbeallcy Introduced a resolution pro
viding for tbe purchase bf tight hundred
feet of hose for the use of the Are depart
ment, and appropriating $1,403 therefor.
At llil5 p. m. tbo Board adjourned.
Meuca .
Camtr eert-t wltbvnt the aid of te knife er
mo aad ae l)r lerklna. So 4 17 ninth atraet,
eeriae eoraar or, a airaau RBintien. w. u
Alto, prWauaWeiM e( ell kin to whlca lta
Lenta fitnll la hair la. treaia wllH Wftnilarfn
ait, . ta arhlak iboaitad af ibe afnanata aaa
laatllr, wan have bean vd froia a p-intr
Carta inalrUnt Canniptlea.
wirnocT moiciax,
pit rsitTon, dth AMia rnrnau .
0re B rvo watretlea aad laa ofVIUtlir er
fOU auraa laMa, IliUdatai.itt.
"rnet ana Buixircti 1300 O alraat,
llMwat airiaaata aad Funrtaaalb ttreata.
Jll Ibt'
al ibe (jolnnbla lloiptul, eoraar
at TweatvSrm
J fenearlveain evenne.
tpa dlff, fconUay taapted fretnlllolp
ll4itaan nfvlafranf charK K Ik
iptea rrom ii la ip ,
HailiT fir I. W Kttrhl
LTmeiier. ...,.,.,., Dr. Loalp Uetkall.
nimnair ,,, fr i(n baa,
Thur4av , ,..,.,.., Dr Ueaav,
IrkUv bf. T, A, Aaafura
lBrJT. ....... .,..Dr D V. Prentlaa,
Or Thornr"- will hold a atrtltal CHnlqti
every Snteraar at I "Mr ra. apK-if
Winos and liquors
Clls Farrc, Reims.
w E SVfc
nut, vi w uc cAniHirr. ami
T1 . fb0T. WI.M. .In. dj fhTOmbl loown It
Uiii Glj, uj Uroecb U. UU it tlic L.lt k
titolM, en l. iiurctiMhd frflt-t
t or. 1 tilt runt I hta., Vndrr Mbb. 1 11.
FsssriBVl. IB70.
r of VraDDla O, afatnareara, dac-naad.tha tdmlo
0rpltaD,CtnrltrWaal.lni.aneaantra(cn4U ap
puleietl Satnriir. rtbrnary the Wlb, A DP,
hi tbe Baal aaillaroant and SUlrlbitilon of tbe
txraoaal a.Ule or aa!4 dr4. nal ot tbe (,
In band.ta rr aa tba aaue bevabaen tftllrtlad and
Inrnad lalomoari wbau ntl wnara all tlia aradll
er an I belra otald detaaatJ trt notlSad to atland,
wltbtbalri-ialiuBproperlf 7toaJ, or they mar
eiharwlatbr law tie eaaledal frcn all beuaflll
aald dae-aa-d'a ealtla, provided a copr ef,lba
ordarbapnblUbedoao irhi for IbrMwe-ka In
IbaMariusAi, UtruauoA .'"Je"; JSJ&l 1 !,,r
l vVaw E.(l,t-ro( Will.
Aorll neat Anv hoiuq mar oiioa iLU ax
I at ion . neawu o finuau.
BiaUb B finill.il,
Goinulaileatr ef Pattati,
Jaad lUSi
On tbt pallilonor Htsav M Witia ot bite-
Liamtoa, It. V., praylBf 'r Ibe aiunalon of n
peiaui f teniae to mut ua i" im "i iinl
Ism. tir an lutprorantnt tn Xltetro Uiiattlt
lltaerdirfd Ibat the (aiilttonyla tbla rata ta
floaed ea the Tttib day vt llr-ruu nili Ibat tbe
inertrSllot arinnitala aad tba Eiaralati't r
port 1 llwrted le lb Hih Aj bf. Air 1 noil,
aad Ibat aald Patlllon bamd n tbt Uibdaror
Iawb raatad hT lhn NUtr.aeventb
t'onQCllofire.ililniKtn Clir.i.C.
Ais Act to act tha enrbatonaa ana pave the
footwavi and gmttera on. the went alAe r
Fifth alreet cast, brtween h and M itreete
St it $ntetttly lU Board eAldtrmsa aud
Hoard pf Common Council ef tht City of
rnlngtnt That tha Mayor be, aad be Is
hereby, antborlied and requested to cause
tha curbstones to be set and tbe footways
and go Iters paved on tbe west aide of fifth
street east, between L and M streets south,
Tbe work to ba contracted for, and axecutsd
In the manner and under the superintend
ence provided by law and to defray tba
expenses of aald Improvements a special tax
equal to the cost thereof Is hereby Imposed
and levied on all lota or parts of lots border
log on tba Una of tba Improvement j the
aald tax to ba assessed and collected In con
formity with tba previsions of tha act ap
proved October 13,1803.
Approvsd December 17, 1809.
An Act to cauia Third atrcet west, between
O street and reoniylranla avenue, to ba
Jit tt tnadti hvtA Ufutnt tit AlAtrmtfk nn.A
Board of Ommefi Covntil of tht City of
Wdifilngton. That tbe Mayor he, aad ba li
hereby, authorised aod requested to causa
toira street west, oetweea v street and
rennsyirania avenue, to oe graveled.
Sec. 3. Ant It It further -aWJ, That for
the purpose or carry log this act Into effect,
tho sum or Are hundred ($500) dellars, or
so much thereof as may be neceaiary, be,
and tbe saue Is hereby, appropriated out of
tbe funds or tba Fourth and Fifth wards.
Bee. 3. And It it furthtr tnacttd, Tbat the
graveling or aald atrect aball ba nnder tba
supervision or tho Surveyor and Commit
sloner designated by tha Mayor. Tha work
to ba done by day's labor.
approved, uecemoer 17, isov.
At Act to set tha enrbstonea and cava tha
lootways ana gutters on tna nortn aide or
. ... ... :r .v . . .
ii street aontn, petwecn new Jersey ave'
nno and Third street eait.
Bt U frloiW bv tht Board of Aldirmtn arid
Board ef Common Covncil of tht Cttd pf
'attngton, Tbat tba Mayor be, and be
ia ncreny, aainonxea ana requeitea to
cause the enrbs tones to be set and tba
footways and gutters pared on the north aide
of D street south, between New Jersey are-
r.no and Third street east. Tba work to ba
contracted for and executed tn the manner
and nnder the superintendence provided by
law- and to defray tbo expense of said Im
provement a special tax, equal to tbe cost
thereof. Is herebv Imnoeed and levied on all
lots or parts of lets bordering on tbe line of
toe improvement! lD" ,Bja tax toe aliened
and collected In conformity with the provi
sions of tbe act approved October 13, 1803.
tApprorea uecemoer it, itov.
Aw Act to trim and gravel Fifth street west,
irom nw l an a?tn na 10 unnioirr iirL.
Bt tt thaetid bu tht Board of AHtrnuik and
jjoaru oj common t-H-io. oj im cuf 0
Wahinatont That tha Mavor be. and be ti
hereby, authorized and requested to cause
that portion of Fifth street west, between
New York aveone and boundary strset, to bo
trimmed and graveled and to defray the
expenee IncurreOherebv, the sum of thirty
eight hundred dollars, ($3, W0,) or so much
merco! aa may en necessary, oe, ana toe
same la herebv. approorlaled out of tba fnnds
of the Third wardi the work to be done bv
day's work, nnder tha superintendence of
tbe Commissioner of tha Third ward.
Approved December IT, 1809.
Ax Act to set tha cur bi tones and pave tbe
footways and gutters an tha west aide or
Twentieth atrcet wast, between E and O
streets north.
Bt U tnacttd by tht Board of AlUrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tht tUy of
TTatMngton. Tbat the Mayor be, and he le
herebv. authorised and requested to cause
tha cutbstooes to be set and the footways
and gutters paved on the west side of Twen
tlcth street west, between and O atrecta
north. Tbe work to ba contracted for, aod
execnted In the manner and nnder tbe super
intenaenco provided, oy lawj and to defray
the expenses of said Improvements a special
tax eqoal to tha cost thereof Is hereby Im
posed and levied on all lots or parts of lota
bordering on tba Una or tbe Improvement)
the said tax to be assessed and collected In
conform lu with the provisions f tbe act
approved October 19, 1803.
Approved December 17, 1809.
Ax act granting certain privileges to Bur-
rail Nixon.
Btlt tnadtdby tht Board of Aldermtn and
nir.I nf fZMHtwM OMfU f ia rtty
ttutnmgwn, oat jcrmiiiion DC, ana me
same Is hereby, granted to Borrell Nlion to
erect a frame home consisting of two stories,
with n one-story back building, being iltn
ated on square 110, lot No. W.ou Nlnteenth
street we it, between M and N streets north)
tbe sal Improvement to remain during tbe
pleasure or tha corporation I JYnvfoYl, how
fpr. That the consent or the Frstldent of
the United Btatee ba first obtained.
Approved December 10, 1809.
AhActIo set the curbstones and pave tha
root way i and gutters on tba aouth aide of
D street south, between Seventh and
Etahlh strcsts east.
Bt it tnacttd by tht Board of Atdtrmtn and
noaru vj summon (evwtu llf Lift or
Washington That tba Mayor be, and be le
hereby, authorised and requested to causa
tbe curbstones to ho set and tbefcotwaya
and gutters paved on tba aouth aide or 3
strict south, between Bevsath and Eighth
streets east. Tbe work to be contracted for,
and executed In tba manner and nnder the
superintend ence provided by law) and to
defray the expense of tbe said Improvement
a special tax equal to tha cost thereof Is
hereby Impoted and levied on all loU or
parts of lots bordering oa tbe Una of tba Im
provement) tbe said Ux to be assessed and
collected In conformity with tbe provisions
of tbe act approved October 13, 1803.
Approved December 17, 1809.
Ah Act for tberellefofXlcholaa Acker.
Btittnaeted by tht Board of AUIirmtn and
i wra tj wommon vounat or IM euy of oiA
tngton, Tbat tbe sum of eighty dollars and
twenty cents be, and tbe same Is hereby, ap-
fifuj'r.atcu uub ui tan genera mna ior in
ereston tbe amount of money due Nicholas
Acker on Franklin school-home.
Approved December 17, 1609.
At Act granting John A. Landvolght per
mission to erect a frame building on lot
11, In sub-dt vlilon of square No. 129,
Bt it tnacttd lu tht Board of AUtrnun and
Board pf Common Council of tht City of
nmmngipn, ilii jriTucge ia oortoy graniea
to John A. Landvolght to erect a frame
building adjoining a brick kitchen, on lot
11, In sub dlrlilon of square 89.
Approved December 10, 16C9.
U.S. Ohast.
An Act for the relief of John Dllltr.
Bt it tnacttd by tht Board pf AlUrmtn and
Board of Common Countti of tht Ctty of
Wiithtngton, Tbat tbe fine of Ave dollare
Imposed by Juillce Thorn pton on John Dll
ler on or abont tbe 10th day or September,
18C9, for an alleged violation or law, be. aad
the same Is hereby, remitted, provided the
said DUlar pay tba cost or protection.
Approved December 17, 1809.
Ax Act lo trim and regravel L strset north,
between Twelfth street west and Fifteenth
street west.
Bt it tnacttd by tht Board pf AlUrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tht tlty of
Wathlngton, Tbat tbe Mayor be, aod he la
herebv. antborlied and requested to causel.
t street north, between tbe west line of Twelfth
lire), west ana inn east line or jriitcentn
itrect west to ba trimmed and regravslsd i
and to defray tbo expense of said Improve
ment tbe sum ol one thousand aud two hun
dred dollars, or so much thereof as may ba
necessary, bo, and tba same Is hereby, ap
propriated out of any money to tba credit of
tba Second ward. The work to be dona In
accordance with exlitlng law.
Approved December 11, 1800.
UAilii' n.w r.ii'U I'-riivA,
WiiHinaTov, 1 O t Fabrnarr 1, 1B0
On Ibe telttton ef raiDniri J. Mtiimvi, ef
Wale ill-Ula, Conn.. lr-lof for lb oxienalonM'
h tab ul area tad to liiin n tba 1iL dr of far.
IA and relun-d n lb ll.n day of War!
Isit, for aa iotKovtnirel la mahltf Dtai Kl
IlUordtradtbat tbt Itillnionr la the eaaa La
tlotad on the lite day of April neilt tbat let
ituin ir ,iii tiiuwgii. mmn in
IToratl i Browning aal Alpb.
eta ailddletoa.eouattaere.
nAw In. nun. abJ !! nr
Bra wet is k MlddlaUn, I At Uw, Vt .W
llaai.i T Hvawb. n.f.ailftmt
ui ruoiion oi ia piaiaiiaa, t ataivri oior
and UaOeenall. Ibalr ettornara, II la orda-4 Ibal
Iba dafatdaal t nat bit aeparaact 0 bt tn arad
rale oavr befur tba Sr.t rate tarroaarriaf
fitrlr da) aflr tbla dan othtrwlie tie taait
will b, proaatd'd wlib et In rut vf default.
R lilill .B.I
" ' "s;,v
rflAXprB0!fI,I"T M-CaX, KAW, 11001
Malt Extract la a natnral inrlhmmt r
tbemottrtarnHM'andbe having aeen It
used In Europe la Innumerable cases, spoke
"... ""..'' jrom p.rM0,i .xpensoce.
tnd hit opinion hl been fill, corroborated
br lha obumllon, ofoth.r America par.
lcl.ni, who b.r, not heituted to glr. their
uoqaallQed oadonement to thl. wonderful
preparation. Bold br .11 dranliu .nd
trocira. feb7-oai.
ALL TBI FiOTI lir L NtTTnKT.t- Th.
point, of dlnenne. between Fhalos'. VI.
U1U, or 8lT.tlon for lha lltit, ul the
other h.lr d.rklnlnr article!, an theae 1
ZAart.Ucky Ultd.roldof glou.. Thtti
an opaone U la tr.nip.rent. Tluy are
fetid M I. fragrant. Xuv are mnddr U I,
clear. Thru produce dall tint. l repro-
Wa Ann uabi-o a specialty of the manu
facture or fine Black Cloth Suits for dresa
occasions. "Oak tlall,' &33 Seventh street.
opposite Io!t Office.
ii -
Wilcox & Gtnn's Brwnto lAcmia. pro
nounced tha elrnpleit and noiseless machine
la tba world, can now ba bought on easy
terms at the agency, C. Baum'a Uooptklrt
and Corset Factory, 815 Seventh a.reet, be
tween D and E. H
WaAnauixiKO a apeclalty of the mann
factum of floe Black Cloth Snlta for dresa
occasions. "Oak Hall,' 825 Seventh Street,
opposite Tost Offlce.
Tm WlamaoTox Crrr Bathtoi Baxk.
corner Seventh street and Louisiana avenue,
Is open from 0.30 to 7iS0 every Saturday eve
ning. In addition to Ua regular banking
hours. It pays Interest on deposits. 8
Wa Ini vixnco a specialty of lha manu
facture of One Black Cloth Sulla for dress
occasions. ''Oaar Hall' 525 Seventh atrcet,
opposite Post Office. I
Dry Ooodr.
11 eld al 4 ilia a,
Kid Ulowes.
LI ewe,
Wrappings, ee
All othar refcliaa lathi BUtx tl-oda AIM bUcK
aad white Lleme Later nlaettbentw valaaa.
tTAU WleUrrebrlaantredeced Itnraa.
avOoaitanlly ea need Iltaak a d Ulra4 tllka
at iaa lowfi ratea, Bomba(laM,Hbatif, Alfata,.
reialalteformnrataxapptrtefqa1Hta, eterav
and prim tbat will Star cetapari with aarln.
TWC1etti, Bnltltre. Cottar-, aal Cealntrae.
ef nilltl ad teUri tbat inty r rtlltd ea.
jKaTUns T.tnne
T table Uermneka,
rillow (fttaene,
Aaiallotb-rkta.iafDRT QOODIfoeUeaptalal
and tatral waeu 4 fetal Ilea aed aeakeaeera.
aTOea Itoavmai aid Baavtax Ceaasireia
art imb as sw atrrtiu &suv.
SFffoJenratra aad ttretfira will laaptct ear
ateca ai tbelr rleaaare,
nar.allariM.BrMileatar'riHiftt Ii -ara fa I alia.
tloa, aad parcel Draper lr pttktd for ablrtami frte
ef cberte. .
Marked tn Nmlu Flgurca.
renn. ar. nnd Nluth atre.Ci
o-cisriTJ.coRTiiiT.oiL ctoTni'.acQS.
umiiiai. 10 . crrtx tloobs.
WUrsia lie n.dtra'f ntl did, ea tbt IUU der of
Ptearabtr last, aatona-e taro'lb tbt pabllt prtat
talU tbalr satlra SKkX of DET 00ODI at tn
volet toil t tal.wktrtaa, Svlwltbitaallii anlta
bavs astmaalal larcalf la eoateqaaaef, tbtre ytt
renajas naay vtry dealralle GOOD8 ea tbalr
abtlvea tbat tnntl fee loctmsted'al aprlteiand,
aeata proetalt. aad an toot tt tbat all OOODI new
la itotk will bt tele latll tbe Uih day ef reVraary
it, at
20 For Cefit. Discount
pnrabaeea, will be moved off at a mean retr
Tbelr ateak la U. nnd tbay Invite early ealla
le era ioed ceeda ed (eld berxnlne.
f-rwptotr otdtro neve bean given to tbalr ax
Sentlvafore to terry tot atrlatly tbe Inlaaj and
pnrr-M ef thU nrllt. Pollt ttttntUa will U et
terdtd te all vltltore.
Ho. O (Old Mo.) Market space.
The 15 rr Cent. Dlsconnt
tr at yanlJ4entapen all aalii, tnd npoa Ibe
wfcola lean, iiptlona betas inada.nor lay
er Ibe beat tiock aiet4 nl, nnd pnl awav.) baa
lad a d lerc-elea derlne tht pntt twe waaka
Onr eiMrtuani a yalln iut-tlaaa eeadlUonaad
aball Msilni t al pn th abort llbarat Uma
31 Pen nty I Tan Ik avraua. between.
Jilulh anftTtuth trytls. fiTSt
Ilavltx Jnit latnratd from lb tfortbtra Am-
tlon Koemi. 1 eaa offr
In all la want of
? 0-OC3-S.
Black tad Oniarei; YILVXTXB.il. front 11 np.
A 1 Lib, VBiaUKO
TlBLB llnKHtfrarnSTHtoIM,
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