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tflntitmnl gUimMitim
THDl'TM01IIH,"liilT''"'T1t 1-e.
A Ktateme.t tram lb. oBmb ar
th. Hillol umimti
n. iv. ..i vf ih. MeAlcel Soclelr of the I
r,,.Zil. .Vn.i. u. w r.i FmnTwiied to I
direct the attention ol lee poblle end the
Kofeetlon to the altltoJe taken by Ibe
nau Committee ol the District toward the
medical eocletr
When Ml. Bomner brought the mailer or
th. repeal or the charter of the eocletr before
Congress In December Let be made state
ments and referred to acli charged npon the
eocletr, which statements and acu not hat
Ing been performed or allowed by the loclety,
the latter then appointed a committee t J
wait npon Mr. Bnmner and the District
Committee and Inform them rightly on
theee polnti. The medical committee fell
that they had made matter clear to the
Dlatrlct Committee, and hoped that what
arer wonld further he done would be done
tmthfnlly and In .straightforward manner
To their surprise, howeter, when Mr. Bum
ner bronchi np hit report on tho 8th of Feb
raary he repeated tbeeame mUitatemeDte an
though thoy had not been contradicted and
ehown to be erroueone. In It ho repeat! tie
charge of the acti of tho medical aiioclatlon
npon the medical eoclety ae ir they were one
and the eame body. Ae wcU might he call
the acti of a party cancue those of Congrsss
at large. The rsgnlellon gorernlog con
enlutlon among resident phyelclauf, to
which Mr. Bntiuer referi, la an act or Ibe
auerbllon. Tbecoraplalnteof Dre. AegniU,
Furyle and Tncher hare reference, there
fore, to acu of the aaetlaHon, and not or
the loclety. All through the report Mr.
Bnmner labora to conroand the actlona of
two eoclellee together, In the hope of making
acaeeetrong enough to Josl'fjr Congress to
remore the charier from Ibe tuedlcal aocletyi
... hi. hiuui tnr this le .ldent. thst In
hie own mind he did not consider the act of
the aoclelr aumeleol 10 Jualliy toe raw
rerence of Congress.
What Ibe society did Is Ihte-lhey gere to
colored pbyslclana their legal aid J uit rlghUi
theyetamlued and licensed them Ihusthey
allowed them te exercise their callloz and
acknowledged them as physicians, What
they did not do was to admit them to so
ciety membership, which would hare glren
the colored man no additional rights nor
legal privileges. No one bettor knows these
facts than Mr. Bamner, but It woul t no
hare serred his purpose to state them with
out perrerslou and political coloring.
The society baring again here contradicted
the statements or Tlolatton of charter aod
oppression alleged In the report or the Bou
rne eommuice, learo ineir case m ma oanut
of Congress and a vigilant publle opinion.
(Signed) YT.P. JeniSTOv.M.D..
J. W. II. LoTuor, M. D.,
Vice ('resident.
). M. Tomb, M. D-,
Vice President.
tonUL Qora asKivt. A pnbllc meeting of
the clllaeni of the northern portion of the
county was held In the school boose at
Mount rieaeant. In tho county of Washing
ton, on Monday evening, lh of Tehruary,
James B. Delano presiding, and John W
Green acting as secretary. The followleg
resolutions were unanimously adopted)
Whereas the tshsbltsots of ths Dlatrlct of
Oolaaele, outalda of Wsahlogtou end George
town, have no volae la the rasoftx.iaent ol
their own affairs, no votea. end BOthlog 14
-- ka m slaarAj' tHtfltkjartt 1-atrtra1alaTntaB
VfJlB ION 9111 eajsvwe t. , ..-. ,-.--
tton, aad governed without their consent
laereior, . ,. , ,
JUraJer., Thai w favor a chanr la Ih 101
a-orerameot or in umniioi joiumbib, .
that w heartily acquiesce la any J mile ion
MtiotMd, That id tiiw ofth Ooaitltutlonal
prevleloa which flvee to Uoosraas th rlfbl
to Krclssel.jstv legislation lo kit eee
wbitiotTir"oTr tbla Imtrlet, we hold Wit
thnteof thing, and the harmony which
ehould eilit between thle lHttrlat end Uoe
reis, will b best subserved by iov.rDm.itil
cloaety follow J f ttt pattern of th Tcrrlto
torlta, ftDd la wbiob tbcehlil xaautlv offi
rra ppolatcJ If tta Prwliltjat, with tk
ftdvl.e tiaaeoDtfDt of tb CicDtvt
Rttotwd, That tb bill reeentlr prcit atej la
tho lloui of lUprataUtlva by Air Uullon,
adrafarrol to tkcUoanlltcaoa Trrllorla,
fleatalna tbo outliaaa of ft f OTtromaot wall
aalttd to tb ctroutnitaiteea of tbia Uiatrlat,
aad that w arnaitly rccorametad tta ptitsr,
with tho followlnf aratadmauta:
1. On pat ft, la tho 14th Una attlka out tht
wofdaqatJlBadTotara," and Imail "tuhblt
iatai m nnnaisLiLis aa tbkt th s3nortloB
tnant a ball oot ba I ft Iba ratio of vottrt, but f
fpiil ftBd on pigaa.iiD m, diu a son
S. Da paga 4, aeatloa ft.llna 4, ohanga thirty
dayatoaU moathi, ao that it abatl require a
raaldaneaof als mootba totnaka man avotar
a. At tbaandof atotlon7,oo paat 0, atrlka
out all attar tba word "Aiacmbly' lo tba BUi
lla, to that paraona hoidtac poiltloai uoltr
tba (lorarnroant aball not be tntllflble to t
TarrlUirlsvl IaclalatOH.
4. Ud paga H alrttta out all after tba word
"a,Mla tho lh line, Uo wo llbeatf
--" niMngi ID in "V, rtuu iuitii me wvivu
''aerv vii.ieo. onmnenialloii," ao that mem
bwraof tiwsiiflilatureefaajiatsf beaolilled to
8.IQX Tbat it aba.1 Ttf ,u - . , .. .
Territorial Leg Iilatur. at tta ftnt aeail9E
after tb paaiage of thla aei, to dlrlda tha,t
portion of the couaty which Ilea out.td the
corporate eltleaof Waahlngtoa and Ucorg
towo Into three or more towaahlpa for local
ad ra lal at ration, and to giro them auch aa
orranliatloa aa will elTaatually put tba local
atfalra of each lo the keeplog of Ita owo
people, and thereupon the power aad duties.
of the LitT Oourt ahatl em.
Xnotved, That a committee of fir be ap-
two HoUMa of (Jongresa, to aoafer with other
ctraaiit.i(, bu to ,uca oiacr neaiurea
lo furtharanea of the r lews of tbla meeting aa
tbay nay daeneapadlent.
Tbe Chairman appointed the following
persons to act under tbe last resolution, via.
3. O. Arnold, U. l DavU, J. S. Brown, J.
VV Dnker and U B. Emery.
CoL. DuriiLi' Lictpbe. Anotber large
and altentlre audience assembled last ere
nlog at Lincoln hall tollitento tbe lecture
of Col. Daniels, ills subject was tbe "His
tory of tbe Olobej how written, origin and
growth or worlds) primeval ocean) lis life
elevation of its laud) period of vegetation)
origin and distribution of each.' The lec
turer began by speaking of the distntegra
lions and alluvial effect of flowing water,
of tbe process of forming the primitive rocks,
of tbe elratlQed rocksi of coral formations;
tbe first vestiges of animal lire, or vegetable
lire) or the origin or coat beds. He showed
that the successive orders of vegetable lift
were correspondingly from lower to higher
types j all nature was progressive, from in
ferior to superior i that Improved orders of
vegetables kept pace with the higher order
or animal life.
8titi DiraBB fisBTicsw Some time since
Mrs. Preeldent Grant selected from the stock
of J. W Boteler & Bro., for the use or tho
family table at the Executive Mansion, a
maguUcent roee-band China dinner set, and
at tho same lime requested this firm to sub
mit samples for a Slate dinner set. Accord-
-w7 -ho best French manufacturers of por
celain ware were madefied to forward earn
Dies for her Inspection. The choice made
was mod for the flrit lime last evening at
tbe State dinner at the Executive Mansion,
and the taste exhibited Is truly compliment
ary to Mrs. O rant. This sot, intended only
for Bute occasions, is of tbe finest oeatlty of
French China, manufactured at Limoges,
France, fer tbe Messrs. Boteler. It contain
over alz hundred pieces, having a rich buff
gold edge, with black and gold lines. On
each piece Is tho United 8 late coat of arms,
with tbe motto " K Florlbus Unnm U bm
Tbe plates aro cut edge, oiquUltely orna
mented, the deeoratlone on each pleoe bolng
ntir. diffarant. and rcDresenllnff flowers.
frails, fern leaves, ic, tbe colorlne of which
Is of the moat perfect enamel, we believe
this la the first lime la tbe history of the city
that oar merchants have successfully com
peted with Northern Importers and mer
chants, and we must congratulate the Messrs.
Boteler on their sneceas. The artistic taste
displayed In the ornamentation of this set
gives It a place among tbe worke of art, and
(Kama who wish to examine duplicate of Ihe
work can do so for a few days at the store of
the Messrs. Doteier, unaer aietzeroti nan,
Tab FinavExmarjisuBR EirjiuueiT.
Teeterday morning, at 1 1 o'clock, an experi
ment was made with Brown's latent h ire
Extinguisher In the White Lot, south of the
Navy Department. A Urge concourse of
people were In attendance, Includloga large
number of Government officials A pllu of
rosin barrels filled with dry shavings was
Ired, and after tbe flames were under head
way, the contents of the extinguisher wcro
applied, and the result was of tbe most satis
factory character the fire was quenched at
once. The extinguisher Is very simple in lu
construction, and so compact that It can be
carried on a man's buck. An order has
given to tbe Inventor to furnish the United
Slatee navy with them. Another pobllc ex
periment will be glren In a abort time.
i i
Union Lnoui or Aueuica Tbe Na
tional Council of tho Union League of
America assembled In Union League Jiau
yesterday afternoon. Tbe oxecotlvo com
mittee hold a pnllmlnary meeting at 13
o'clock, at Wlllarde' Hotel. Delegates are
herefrom nearly every ttiato In the Union,
but tbe PToecedlnire of th cinnHt am ta b
kjpt profound secret.
NiTIOftiL MBD1C1L BoCIITT Til, rfftt
Uf weeMj meeting at tnle soclelj u held
last evening ai me ouice 01 ur uraj, comer
oi lnineeom eireciaaa new ioriBTennci
the president, Dr Robert Ketbnrn, la Mut
cnairi ur. uraj, eecreiarr.
Aflsrtbetransacllon orsome ronlloebasl
nees. Dr. Retenra. the chief medical ofllcer
of Ibe Freedman'e Bureau, reid n Interest-
lee tjt on "compMttlTe rreaoenej or
rllaraiM la Lha vhltfl and colortd race
Dnrlnrf the rsidlni? ba laid before the to
ctet an crl-ome of the caea treated by
i no pDfticiani oi vue rixeuinu um
from tho time or Us organization. In April,
1665. to tbe SOU. J7 of June, 18C9, em
brmclof ft period of oyer four jean.
Tbe orjinlttUon of the bureau and tbe
treatment of dUeaiei amone tbe colored
poopl bad given to the medical world eta
tUlIci of Tlul Importance not heretofore ae
ceialble, and they conclnalrelj prored that
assertions made by many eminent writer In
reference to the djieaaei mot preraianl
among the colored race were not taitalncd
by tbe expcrleaee and rtporU of the phyil
clam employed by the bureau.
The coniolldated report -bowl that the
wtiftla n nm bar nf raroa nndar treatment wai
420,833; total nnmber or deatbt 17,037, or
about foor per ct. Tbe total namber of
malarlone dlaeaaea treated daring the above
period wu 110,130, or twenty aeren per
cent, of the toUl. Tubercnlar dlicaaet
treated. 11,103, or leu than three per cent,
of lout noder treatment. Treated for ty
phoid fever, 3,T8fli iraall pox, 10,S99t la
(UramaMon of the lnaga, 9,411 bronehllla,
I0,43flj for dellrlam tremens, 63, and only
one death reported.
It wai alto noticed that tubercular die
Miee la thte latitude were more nntncroni
than farther eonth, the per cent, being pro-
portloaately one half tesa In Florida than
in Maryland or VlrRloIa.
The remark! of Mr. Reybnrn elicited tbe
warmeat approbation, and at tbe conclusion
of the rarwr Dr. BtcDhenson annooaced
that at the next raeoling of the aoclcty be !
ahontd open a dlacneston on " relapsing
fevert." Adjourned.
Tua CoBPOaiTiox ivn its CiiCditoxS-
Wno will Uiva tui Cobfobition Jus-
tici At noticed la tbe Rutblicah of
eaterday, Mr. U. A. BLockttt brought inu
lafora Jiallca D R. Smith. aFalnat tUh cor-
poratlon of Waaklogton, In tbe inm of
ei oo, anegea to oe aae turn iot gianog
done In several of the public aeboola of the
city. Tne bearing was rniea for yesieraay
afternoon at four oclk, hut Corporation
Attorney William A. Cook filed an affidavit
dating the day with Justice Smith, alleg.
loir that tbe eorooratloa wonld not receive
Jaattce at bla hande, oa account of preju
dice, and pravlng that tbe cause be removed
to Janice naner.
In the celebrated case of Oar ACo, a
short time since, suit wae laitlloted before
Jaatlce Tfalter against the corporation,
woen tbe lmmacalate CookU entered a sim
ilar Dlea bafora that worth v maflslrate.
and bad tho case removed to Josllce Smith,
when Judgment was given against tho cor
poration. Oar eccentric Cookie sboald remember
tbe remarks of Jndce Cartter. a few weeka
ago. wberela he decided that all J net claims
against the corporation should bo liquidated
wi.oout appeal muls conn, ana aa mora ia
no doubt of the luaineaa of tbe claim lo
question, It boots little before what magis
trate u comes np tor trial, as "lattice win
The hearing of the case will take place
before Jastlee Walter at four o'clock to
morrow afternoon.
IlCBDUBT FlBBS. AbOQt tWO o'clock
yesterday morning Officer Bmtlh discovered
ore in a one-eiory ouufliig corner ot four
teenth and L streeU. The alarm was given ,
and the firemen and police were soon In at
tendance, who exliOaTulsbed tbe flame with
out much daman to the tralldlnr.
iesieraay morning aoout sum ociock
oergeant layior ana umcer omun ooserveu
nre issuiog rrom tne carpenter snop ot itoO'
bins & Medler, on Massachusetts avenue,
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets
The officers succeeded In extinguishing the
flames without creating an alarm.
About 4 15 Offlcor Bmlth discovered that
the above shop woearalnonilre. and turned
In an alarm from box 43. and at 4 50 the
bells struck for box 41, the con ration being
occasioned. Ills said, by some parties turn
ing in box 3d at the eame time. The shop
ot Messrs. iioooins cl ueoierwaa destroyed,
ana .ua uaiau aiuaafla o van oajoining
ehops of It. 8. Davis aod Charles Smith, tbe
entire lo balna: estimated at 1.200.
In connection with theee fire Ofllcer
Smith report having discovered a roan at
12.30 o'clock yesterday morning coming out
of boose No. 1103 Thirteenth street, who
ran on tne approach, or the officer. Smith
fired two shots at him, bnt be made good
his escape. The Inmates were then noil fled
of the fact, bat thev could discover no loss.
It Is more than probable that the subso-
qnpni urc wtuiriug m im iiciarnrjornri.
latar hours wai the act of tbe unknown
man pursued by the omccr.
-jranicuu uutmcauonof arrest of persons
and Ones Imposed for violating law In this
ir ia soiiciLini? traae wiinoni license seems
to remain ihcded. Teeterday Ofllcer Ed-
wnru icieury arrested a Mr. Bamuel
Thompson, on comnlalnt ot Ur. J. (J. Whit
Well. Who Chanted blm WUt. at!an.ntln In
dispose to him a quantity of pure Magnolia
whisky, manufactured at the distillery of
un lAvugr, in orowDiTiue, irav. ue accused
was taken before Jnstlca Walter, who haarrf
the evidence, and readlnr the law In am?h
case to Mr. Thompson, imposed a fine of
.ms iot violating ine corporation enact
ments. Defendant demnrreJ at tha rirrUfon
and said he had sold goods la Philadelphia
ana naiumoro wiinoni Deiog required to
take out license therefor, as there were no
tr ws on the statute books of said cities re
lating thereto. This the Justice disputed.
and from hi well-known store of legal
knowlodM produced and read several de.
clslonsof dlsllnsrulshed Jurist In Baltimore
and Philadelphia .to dispel the Impression of,
Mr. T. Tha defendant balnr satisfied with
the justness of the decision of Mr. Walter,
effected arrangements to aatisiy ine law
demands, and departed a wiser but less
piemonc man in purse.
Da&Tn or Mint Lxa. Tho colored
woman Mary JL, who was assaulted last
Wednesday evening, died from tbe effects
of her Injuries about 11 o'clock yesterday.
She has lingered In great pain for some
days. The coroner, Dr. Potter, will hold an
f quest this morning, when It Is expected
sufficient evidence will be adduced to fasten
the crime on the colored man George Shlun,
who has been arrested for the aaaanlt,
thongh the woman died without Identifying
him a her assailant.
Ytslerday afurnoon at 5 o clock, Drs. Key
burn, llartlgan and Coroner Dr. Potter
made a post mortem examination oo the body
of tbe deceased at Campbell hospital, when
It was ascertained that the skull was xery
extensively fractured, and that tbe Immedi
ate cause of her death was a large blood
dot pressing on the brain from a ruptured
blood vessel.
Sain in School Qitiibbih a. The lanre.
attentive and Interested gathering of tne
Sabbath school and their friends la Lincoln
Hall. Sabbath afternoon, has led tba friends
of tbe cause to consider Ibe propriety nf
saco garnering ireqnenuy,auain response
to a call for a meeting of consultation, In
tbe parlors of IheT. M. C. A., the Wends
of tbe 8. S. Union resolved to eo change
lie conalltntloa tnat lie organisation enoaid
ha r I Instil tnr thta finmtMaj. va4 ratUail
tor quarterly meetings of the acnools In
February, May, August and November.
Also changed the constitution so that an
anniversary Is not a necessity, bnt If upon
consultation with tho schools it Is thought
uca, tuie soouia oo ine case, mm incse
modlflcatioos tbe friends seemed welt
pleased, and It Is hoped that a fresh Im
petus will be glren lo the united efforts of
tbo Sabbath schools of Washington city.
Trial or Liict. nunxxT. Mayor Bow en
and Colonel Hambrlck, the committee on
trials of the Board of Metropolitan Police,
were engaged yesterday In tbe trial of
L'eutenant W. 8. Hurley, of tbe Fourth pre
cinct, on tbe charges preferred by members
nf the Itepubllcan club of tbe First ward of
interfering witn tneir meeting, in ordering
and causlnr tbe arrest or certain members
or their club during Its session It will be
remembered that at the time or tbo occur
rence we made a statement of the affair.
Lieutenant Hurler claims that he did but
his duty In arresting men who he believed
wrra li.cltioar a riot. The result will Prob-
ubly be made kuowu at the ineetlog of tho
board to day.
Moutuart. Bv tbe report of tbe secre
tary or tbe Board or Health It appears that
during the month of January there were 128
deaths, or which 03 were males, and 71
white) 55 were under 5 years, 13 from 10 to
20 years, and 3t from 20 to 40. Consump
tion claimed the largest number of victims,
"3 j 14 were from fevers. 0 from tmonmonla.
and 4 from old age.
In Mkmokuu. Tbe memorial oration on
tbe late Mrs. M. A. Amldon, teacher of the
Fourth district school, will be delivered on
Saturday night by B. Vork Ar- o-m, it
will undoubtedly be a worth uiuiUl pf a
noble and worthy wonuo.
Irlata Repabtlcasia.
The Irish Republican club orhe Tlrst
ward reorganised last night under the name
of tbe Irish Republican Aiioclatlon of the
First and Second Wards, and elected the
following olBcen to serve for one yeatt
D.i.unl nhaiaa V.. Rt. Clair, eaa.i vle
preeldent, James rowelli treasurer, John
Martini recording secretary, Andrew Roet
corresponding eecreUry, Terrence Creamer,
sergeani ai-arroi, . ui' k-' r.Vv ,
live committee, Luke O'Connor, Michael
Leahy. Unberl Kelley, Bartly CnTan nod
John Creamer. ....
After listening to the rUi too the
ntftMitt nf oraranlilne Irish Repahuoan
asioclatlont all over the country, the meet
ing, adjourn ta.
rocRTn wiMxctri.
A meeting of this dab was held at the
corner of 11 street and New Jersey avenae,
last nlghU The president (D. E. Cahlll)
cAlIed the meeting to order, with Joseph r.
ah I Hun n aAprsttarv.
Mr. obllieno. alter some preliminary - I
marks, morel Aat a tom.inUM. ;.( tbre. U
m i ".S .Tr J-uVr-i rT.rVhUeet of the
appointed to wait upon the architect ot tne i
Capitol extension, (Mr. Clark,) and asi
tnai worn oc given hi incuiuvii v. . mm-v
The motion being adopted, tb5 chair ai
potntod tbe following gentlemen a laid
committee t Jos. I. SnUIeno, Patrick Foley,
C. Ryan, Charles Curtain and Andrew
An attempt was aubseqnently made to re
satnd tbe resolution, but It wai allowed to
Mr.Scantoathealntrodaeedthe following!
Whereas It appears that certain parlies
have been and are now busily oRaied la elr
cuHtlasj rumors aaleolated to exalt feet lee
and prejadlee betweea the Irish art colored
Hepablleans of the Fourth ward, to the street
that the Irlih Republicans of said ward, by
forming Into ao asaoelatloa eseleelv la Its
character, wish to a to Id eon lor la eoataet
n.i mUkllno- with thai Minna Maai ed
whereaa the Irlah KepubMeana are deetreaa of
removing any false inert to aild rumor
tal.at cause t therefor b It
Krteutrra. 1 niti wi niri iiwiti oBBsm bbu (
dow amicus that the saoat friendly laellai
rinuiii nraiiii naiiwBBsi anriiiTii , vvr
colored political frU4i la aM watd.aad that
we are aad alwayc will he la favor of Ctrl kl a a
down any barriers that rnlRht ealstby ac
of aetor between tha llepuhtlaaeli and thai
w neartiiTpieofe ourseirea io cappon
nsalst nnanlnraUl rlaar1a firth aurtkward.
hut the colored Itepubllcan throuxheut the
ey. . . . ...
t(tWvf, xaai we pronounce t mtny un
true ear aasertloa tea In ta show ptberwlsf,
and thai wa demand proofs from any on
malatalolnf the eofltrary.
Jlitefred, Thatw ptedx ourcelra to sup
port the oomlareeofih itepubllcan party at
tba eomlac electloe, whoerer they may be
gtiolwti. That Ihe Irish Republlcaa club of
the lourlhward is a (salt for the eucerse o(
the parly, aad lateod remalolar eo at least
oatll Ihe erTorts of the party ar crowned with
victory at the soalag muatslpal contest.
Tbe resolutions were adopted.
Mr. Bhlllcnn tntrodnced the following t
JUtotvtd, That the Foerlh ward Irish Repub
llcaa AscoeUttoa appoint a commit tee of nre
insmat ittatnalasatlaawltKa aim liar eoiaralttce
of the different ltUh Bpibltea clubs of the
oltyof Waahlatoa,to eaafer In relatien to
IvoXdlog a mace aaectlac to derlaa aacaoa to
promot tb latereata of Ih dliTervat Irish
Uenobllcaa Aaaoctatlnoe In this el If.
Tnu was laid on me tame.
Mr. Michael DotTv. Srdner McFarland.
John Freeman and other addreasfd tbe
meeting brtty f9 the p.nlUcal topics of the
dayi alter which the meeting adjodfutdr
Tbiko Wabd Lab4bio Vtn'l Asaocii-
tion. The, Third WardLaborlnr Mens' As
sociation new a, meeung i ugnt n u
well Barracks, "comer Of Beventh and O
trts, George n. Boston, president, In the
chair, O. Kunn secrotary.
The mlnnte of the last meeting were read
and adopted.
The committee appointed to draft a con
stitution aod by laws, submitted their re
port, which wai received, and the constitu
tion was adopted by sections, being ,a sob
stance at follows:
The preamble states the object of tho as
sociation to be to secure protection for the
laboring classes against monopolies and ob
tain for them ample compensation for their
labor, and secure the amelioration of tbe
general condition of working men.
Article one provides that tbe name of ibe
club shall be "The Laboring Men's Protect
ive Association of the Third ward."
Articles one to eight provide for the offi
cers, and prescribes their dalles. Tbe offi
cers consist of a president, vice president,
treasurer, recording and financial secreta
ries, together with a fl nance committee of
Tbo Initiation fee was fixed at CO centsi;
monthly dues at 35 cents. It was decided
that meeting! should be held every Wednes
day evening.
Aar the adoption of the constitution and
by laws the association, on motion, ad
journed. Fibst Wino RErrjBLiciKi. There ap
pear to be two factions of tbe Republican
party In the First ward, one under the lead
imWKnw marShaTed under IMjrtoi oi
'Invincible," by Mr. Thomas Mariln.
At a meeting of the nimh wlngonjues.
J in? nrenrter Wanriouoced"7 which tbe
meeting refused to hear read. Al ao evi
dence of the conciliatory spirit of tha "In
vincible," we publish In fall tha communi
cation alluded to. which was resDoctfullr
directed to the president and members of
the First Ward uepnhllcan Club, and which
Is as followsi
niitioDiartat &sr?Ss.toiirIriaoiBLtil
orviaViair Waco, fab. 14, 1870. I
fltiiTLiHisii Atrraakhla ta a raaalntlaa
(tiled by the Republlee larloclbles of the
Irst ward at a regular meeting, betd Ttb
ruary u, to npposisi onniii't oi ran, to
eonfur with a alnllar ommlttnravlouely
appal a ted by tbe First Ward Republlcaa
(Jlub "to eadeavor to acre upon a basis ef
aoniolldatloo," I bar the honor to Inform
i-ou that 1 am directed to mkf roar committee
will breelriiby the eommltte for the ,1m
rinciDica aa iouraiij, xcoruarT i, li.u, at
7 19 o'clock p m , at Stevens Sehool-houae.
hnplnc the time dcalfnatcd will meat your
& niita mi niuBjiimiji wi... ,
Acting Secretary.
"Oot West" Ait IsTiaisTrsa Lbotubb.
A day or two aco, Mr. U. J. Baxter, secre
tary of the Michigan Society, addressed an
Invitation to Hon. J. F. Drlggs, to deliver
nis popular iccinre, wnica mi veea wen re
ceived elsewhere, entitled MOat West." as
suring the distinguished gentleman that his
numerous menu in mia city win oe oigniy
honored as well as rratlaed to listen. to It.
The lectnro to be delivered In the parlors of
the congregation ai csurcn, on rtaay eve
ning, the )6ih Instant. In reply, Mr, Drlggs
wrote) L
" I will be happy to meet my friend from
Mlchlean at tbe time specified, aod If alive
and well, will speak aa requested, on tbe inh,
jsct or 'Out West, and the People of Cali
fornia ana utaa.""
Ikdiani Socuble. Another pleasant re
union of the ladies aod gentlemen from In
diana took place last evsntde; at Liberty
ball, and was attended by over four hundred
oersens. Amonc those UKeut were O. W,
B hockey, esq., aeoompauUJ by hi wife and
daughter Dr. 8 B, Crew and lady, of Obl-M
W,1!. Stokes, Burr Tracy and Jlon. M.K.
N. Howell and ladies, II m Hen. W. Julbn,
Gen. J. P. C. Sbanka, Ihm. Jvtf.tTyieff and
ladies, Miss Cc.barn, Ml llnor JudJ,
Jndra Bandr. Hon. Jasper Packarl. E. M.
Gibson and ladles. CoT. SuthcrlanJ, Leltoy
Jeff. H. Barrett, and many others. After
an hour apent in eociai conversation ana
promenaaiog, aaacior oomraencea ana we
itept up anui aa can; uwm tui miui uiuj,
Boh or TawrasiHCi. Federal City Di
vision, cone 01 iemperanco, sto, , were very
pieaaaony luppnaea on iai nigui, as mcir
session, by the visit of tbe Host Worthy
Patriarch of North America, who partici
pated In tbe ceremonies of tbe institution,
lie expressed himself as bolnr very much
Pleased with the workiur of the division.
and gave a very encouraging account or
ine resuscitation oi in oracr tarougnout
was introduced to tbe members of tbe di
Thb Stbimkb A r row. Tbe steamer Ar
row, Capt. Black pole, will continue her
dally trip to Mount Yernon, and not draw
on tor repairs, as was at nrsi reported, i ue
fine weather of yesterday drew out a num
ber of visitor, who had a delightful trip lo
tbe Tomb of Washington.
A Jlst PcisiiManT. Jerry Slmmi, the
colored man charged by Coplas Green with
liolug the fattier of her Illegitimate offspring,
was required to giro security for tbe sup
port of the child.
Tub Hev. Dr. Butler will ledum before
the students of Wayland Seminary, at their
rooms on I street, near the corner of Nine
teenth, to-morrow evenln g at 8 o'clock.
Fitiibk Botlb, or St. Peter's church, wll(
ilullrer a lecture at St. Peter's school-borne,
n Friday evening, at 8 o'clock. Subject!
"Ecumenical Council of the Vatican."
Tub New England store Is offered for
ale, or at a rental for fire years. Apply to
J. U. Croasman, corner of First and D
streets north.
Oak IIiii. Clothiko and Mirciukt Tai
Lonma. 635 flveoth street, opposite Post
A t9t44f1kMtnnUlftH JTaJeM. Mtii
clSoUtfeftkJ)irtrictpf ColHmbi," V
Uvf,Vit bWHcff Vtm& thi BIU fe
XfMal Ih thtrttr Ml MtdUit SMittg of tht
vwnniy vmiaaHi
A few weakiato.aa we have learaad from
rt porta In tba publle prleta, two or three mad
sal nan somewhat kaown 1b this District,
aided bad abetted by a handful of obttureand
otlay lyre la taedlelae, organised them.
talvea late a aoalaty to bo known by tba Ml
aoaadlar and navadexlaal title of "Tbe Na
tlenalMadleal Society of tbe Dlstrltt of Oo
. It aeenf that thla body detehalnf d to apply
to Ooegreas for a ahartei, among the pro
Tlttoaeef which should he. eas repealing the
efOolqr ta, flrat graared In tbeyear 1H9, aad
renewed I. 18M, and another provision re
qulrlnr the Ttterana In the profeeetoa belonr
lag to the oldsMtety ta appeal before a beard
of this new body and undergo an examination
inmir promuoiii quaiiaiaiioo. or
fit" u.lt & '&$'!: '
Pr" their profession. These
ra1hT11 ,,, tn thllr imgmM. to ask
tot the right to-1 mora a the
lor ui rigni io isierae tne proiesnonei
know ledge of the rrer heads who hare taught
omeef Ihrnt what (hev know of medicine
aadproieaeioeaiiT aiMaee aei oaiy ai iniir
buthi, but probably at thos of their fathtri
and their mothers.
It appasre, also, thai Scaator Sumner, o
December I, Introduced Into the Hcoat a
reelelloa. which was referred to the Ocm
mltteaon the Dlitrlet of Columbia, Inqulrlac
Into theeipcdicacy of tapesllsr tb charter
of the Medical Society, and, aa pretended
reacom lor in repeat, maaiof Biainiia
without say foundation la fact, area qaotlag
verbatim a refutation oi Ik Medical Acs o
elatloa of the Dlitrlet of Columbia, (an aa
tlretr different body from the eocletr,) ac an
uflnr and enforced law of tha acid eocletr
It telog evident that the Scott and lb
commitic wer idqui 10 vn imp iii"'
lion, the aaeetvinue vublieir ana uoirutn-
fdllf arvaUaed, thought proper to make an
appeal I ta pibUc, aetttar forth Ih facts la
ha ssaal'sasi suul a vnlml ulnar Ita lint Unlit It) ft.
ta aeawer 10 lata ippui 1 mngiiii
appeared purportlei to be eigoed by com ten
ladlvlduale a a committee of the "National
httdlesl Boclcty of the Dlatrlct or Columbia."
A gentleman whose nam was appended to
thla memorial published a tard on the follow
ing BBort.tsg,lnformlB( the public that hla
sic a at nre had been ned without his knowl
edge or ooBsenl, lb flrat latlmatloa he had of
It being Ite appearance In print A parallel
instaae 01 amiaeiir m puuinn -at
on or their mcetlose they had tlxed upon
th names of a certain number of medical men
aa appltcaata fef a chartcf.whca en member,
kb tha tsra mail nramlnenl men eo named had
nrr glren any assuraoe of eo-ope ration
with them, their content ehonld baHrslob
taiacd to attach their oamea to such an appll
eatloa. Thee may aire some Idea of the
amount of reliability to be placed upon a tat,
meats emaaatleg from such a eouro. We can
hardlv leok for a clear stream from eo muddy
a aorlnf
la ue appeal, th IeJtol floclctydld not
profcea to knowth origin of th rale and
trallclous atatemeats referred to. Ilut.lalte
memctrLal.thla National Uedleal Hoc let y of
th Dlatrlct or (Jolumbl acsumca liaelf lo be
thus Indicated aad aoeused. aid tb aridity
wilb whiea is appropnaiea id boii impeacn.
bmI Mmladana afa similar lestaaeaofoulcks
(MCatof aptehnstn, referred to brine late
RavKldsta flmlth A rentlcaaa aeated In a
otr-hoaie,wrltlDg lo a friend, became aware
mat a iui ii-lna wav iot ins onr n
shoulder, uhlag that liberty which rarmenlo
took with AleaanJer, but instead of placing
his seal npeathe lips of th aurlous Imperti
nence, he coaeladed his letter by writing, "1
would ear more, but a fit low la reading ererr
word a I writ It." You It, yon eoouod
rel I" hastily eaelalmcd the Hibernian.
These memorialists seem oomewhat exer
clicdorer the term " molous.M If a budy
appiving lor aenarterjases 11 an ecacniiei
Dtorlaioa of eaeh cpDlltaUOO. that th charter
efaoothei body shall be repealed without lie
wish or concent, w really think that th tern
malicious is ao inappropriate: ncmuDi luon
aa aotlea.
w a win auot tne assertions 1 inia - me
morial,' and show how mock crellt Is to be
attached to them
That there Is "only on medical society In
Ih Dtetrler, where all Itccascc to prattle
must be obtained" is true, aad It is ao lesa
tru that every person who has applied for
euth litest has received II when qualified.
Bnt thai tber la only on aoclcty where all
advantages flowing from medical an proict
Isaal also nation were to be enJored." or that
"II became the duty of these colored nbjtt-
Oiana (O oaiatn iivaaa auu u.nnvriiiip id
order to keep up their medical education,"
arafalsineatiooe.ead 00 one kdowa that better
taeq eomo of the clgners of th memorial, Tor
tha ara inn that thera are two other 10-
aletlec for Medical dUensalons la th District,
on of which limits Ita membership In Ih ba-
liertnai tner ia more opportunity icr ratut
eat 1 ta Ore tenant la a aiaalt eocletr than a
large oa. They know alto that there ta room
here for more, and that any number ef medical
men who may ttealr lo do eo ecu organise
aoh societies at their pleacur.
That th medical eoclety erer acknowledged
thai the eoloroftneeaodldatea wai tha raja
eon" for rafasiog them memberchlp, is another
parrereiea 01 in trun nniitvir eeriain
members may bar ladlrldually admitted aa
ia tha mntlraa br whlah Iher ware oeraoaallr
loflneaced In caatlag their ballots, la soeteiy
has aarer aaelgned nay re aeon for th refusal
of membership, tod hae no power to limit aay
memoer in tne ir uv 01 nu diiioi osorutiir
to his ladlrldual preferences, or (If th word
will auli aom notl belter) nreludleea
neither had It th right to inlerfcr with th
secrecy of such ballot
soTgRt'Bo'oroeTfinVuTorthcrr'VA iU
amnnr tnan ' ' waa mmrw uu vuHUsro-
tion oreiniua.H j w.M .Hvn .win,
Another Mcerllo a la the "memorial' with
reapcet to am aooniy auuineta colore J purai
elanatt. that aoaa of Ita Uinliori hi. a.
fmed to eoncult with them became they ware
not mamberaof th society " Mo member of
th society could hare baaed a refacal oa euch
agrouad, for arery member kaewe thai th
eoclety haa aorul regnlallog consultations,
aod hae of rer had the power to mak tucii a
rui anoa anoDg m aignrra 01 inia memo
rial who are members or Ih medical aoclcty
hare beca notoriously In th habit or hoi JUg
such eeosnllattoas aad attoclatlont, and Ihey
cannot, with truth, mention a clogle Inttanee
lawhlshlhe society haa aver even rebukad
them for It, or la any esaaner enrolled die-
ciplloe upon inem.or ciaimau any jurisnictioa
la th matter It has or,. with a forbcarane
or vryaououi rropney, rciraiaeu rrom ex-
felling naot meamcrc wno ar openly work
aa- tar Ita daitruatloa
ling s.hi
- -." Ti '.-.- .a.. aa - .... .
1I1C iiioiiitntainii -January a. isio, DV
a veUof 30 to 10, th eoclety refuted to con.
aidr a raaniuiion wnion reaua ae roiiawa. ix
JtieftMd( ThatBopbyclclBB (who Is other
wit eligible) should be excluded from mem-
Drtni wu hivuiii hi uia ur auivr
Thla le another Impudeat perversion of tha
lIUUIs IHt sn . vwmm e aisle lima Ud
qiMatteaahlrout of order, and tb President
ndaetdad II under tha mini. AlthAuarh ih.
society had had a long session and had a large
amount or unfinished buslneii before It, )t
th resolution was, without objoiloa, al
lowed to be read for Information aad Ita pro
poaer was eourteoualy and illcntly heard
whll h adroeaud Ita aoaalderatloai arter
which a molloa waa mad to aucpond th rntca
for Its eonttilerattoB, which, on bclag put to
vote, evidently failed by so large a majority
that a dlrlaloo waa aol a iked for, and we are
at a Ion to know how the eigoenor theme
mortal bar ascertained ao accurately the ex
it la true that whe th eotord physleiana
applied for membcrihlp th board of eiam a
ra reaommcadad them. Hut thla la no proof
lliat a majority of th board deemed their
lectio a expedient r deilrabl, or that they
ra votrd for them when th ballot was
takes', Th board may bay considered It
to be their duty to rcconuiead any on lo
whom thoy had granted a Use, or th board
may bv bee uawllllug lo hv eeatco
traicd upoathalv small body th odlan r a
cefusal to recommend, and to bar therefor
thrown th responsibility unoa th society at
a whole. This howcrer ft voajeeturei v
were not In th eouadaoe of th board.
It Is fall "that at fhlaitItloa of o(H
cecln this society, held January 1. lira, tb
chairman of this board was rmord,'for by
tb rut of th eoclety, uniformly acted upon
from Its foundation, the tenor of all Ih offl
ea aspired with th yean nor la ttlaaa un
tru that "a gentleman, late of the sealed
rat army, was elected in hie place," the
pfceaatebalrmao, hla ucoscor, baring bee
a reddest practitioner of this eily wUheut
any Interruption during the whole war,
That aay gee tie man "wai objected to lcty
oa tb ground that bwi bettered to la
favor 01 th ad million of colored members"
can be traced only to th fact that a member
Inquired If h wae one of those applying to
Uoogrcssfor lb repeal of the charurof th
eoclety. D these memorialists suppose thai
the soolctylicompvacdof worms groveling
eaough lo elctl without Inquiry men sup
poaedlobadroatlagltsd4itruatlont The memorlallste srem to think th fast
that the meetings or eoclety "ar conducted
under strictly parliamentary rules" a com
oleic refutation of th statement la th"i-
k naal" that th waeklr mllna araof the
natur of social reuofone." Th eoclety of
mectlagc under parliamentary rules) yet It
wai preeminently eoeial Jo Ite character.
W think that w have thus shown how. ta
nearly rery paragraph of thla m erne rial,
truth has been tortured uutll Ita resemblance
can scarcely b delected.
8m ikalklcg Irnth lo hir old civ era laj,
MeaaUlns of cainUlry heip'd e'er her head"
W hope that w hav furolihed a rope by
which aba may be recovered from th bottom
of eo deep well.
Io accumulating three wrongs, Mr. Sumner,
on lebrusry s, 1X70, from tbe Committee on
tbe District of Columbia, submitted, loth
ISena'eof the United Statei. "a Mil to repeal
th charter of tb Medical Society of th llls
trlat of Columbia," accompanied by a report
1b which we find reiterated alatemente with
respect to the connection of the Medical So.
elely or tb District or Columbia with th
Medical Association of th Distrlot of Opium
bla. which, w thought, had been refuted
eatlifactorlly to th mloJe of all tha members
of lhat committee, Including Mr. Sumner
Th Scaator lathis report aocusss th so
ciety ef aots of tyranny eoodemned by reaeon
andbumaaltyi of "a plain cvailou, which Is a
characteristic eovar fer unworthy Incidents)1'
of "apologetic preteusei," or becoming a
"ouliane and a shame." and or making "a
tireleasloo which must bring discredit upon
th medical profession lo our country "
Th committee had before them a pamphlet
bearing on Its eorer In capital letter th In
formation that It contained th act of Incor
poration, eanatltutlon and bylaw or In
Medical Society and regulations of th Medi
cal AaaoilKllon of Ih Dlitrlcl of Columbia,
aad within th aovere lb matter belonging to
tb two bodies wae still rurlhcr eeperetsdby
a distinct Htl peg for each
The riorleflo le compote J of persons who
sr either Jlacstlstsi or ni mbeis of the MrdtV
eel Socitlf, ted mmhrs aeuld not possibly be
feoad her to eompos aay TOliatary edleal
eluh or easoclatloo who are not such, forth
lawrqnlrethal all practitioners, without
ae.pllen, ahall hsv euch lie . Th mam.
hereof each having therefore aa Intereit la
Keemla"famlliar with the laws ofthe other.
forth sake of eonrenlene and cheapo tie,
each eeperaUbody brine it. auot el : th
xDeni and reeelvlog Its ahar of th pamph
lete when printed, and this Is tbe only eon
aectlngllnk between the two bodice.
Oa the appearaao before the Seaet eem
mlttee, tbla difference having beta explained,
the chairman of that eommitlce afterward a
undertook to clot the mouths of speakers
whenever aay dor I was mad to aay anything
about th association. Bylg that tbeom
ralttce understood that th bodies war totally
distinct, and that tb association being -tlrcly
a voluntary body, th committee had
notniag wneierrr 10 hhhiib .. -of
tblslhe author of tbe report to theSeoale
make tha regutatloae oflh aatoolatton th
ground for anertioni that th charter of th
society haa beca violated. With all this In
formation befor him th salad of th Author
Sf th report mast b eicoedlogly obtuse,
rknd by prejudle, or h must b a wilful
pcrrerter of the truth. ...
Th fact that It la a pr-rqulsll lo member
VI nlti tha medical aaaoalalloa that th can
didate should be a licentiate or member or Ihe
medical eoclety I ao proof of a connection be
tweca th eoclety and th association. Th
aiioclatlon has lo this Inetaee merely taken
advantage or work already doo by th eoclety,
giving full credcece to th eertlfliat of tb
sniiiir. ami tharabr aarlbsT lha troubl of an
examination Into th "protections! quallflia
tloosofth applicant. Thepereon whoeaoee
how this makes Ih society reeponslbl for th
acta of th association mucl b gifted with a
rersptcaeltyauperlorto that ef or I eery mor
nit, If a majority of Ike Sancton ehould Se
ntto lorm a acnaioriaieiueaia Diorsoa ruia
that ao application ehould b received until
thpraon making It ahould prodnc proof
that he had been regularly Inducted lato hie
cat as a Ben a tor, that would not mak th
Scnat rocpoaslbl for th act of th lub,
Th medical society has bo right to know
and take no notice 01 the actc of th medical
association, 01 tn uiinieo t'ainoioiieai bo
elety, orot the Medical Aaseclatloa of (Jeerge.
town, all eompoaed eetlrclyof persona wno
ar member e of Ih Medical Society of th
Iliatrlet of Columbia. W believe thai nearly
all the members of thla new society, called th
National Medical Society, r cither memberc
or llceatlatee of tha Medical Society of th
Dlatrlct ol Columbia.
There la luil aa much connection between
theie bodice aod th eoclety ae tber la be
tween It and the association. Yet, forsooth,
regulatloa ef Ih association: ar quoted In
this report aa violation! of tha charter of th
meaieat eciair, aaa anereiore, oecaui inn
aeoelatloa makee euch regnlaltone, lb char
ter of th eoclety ought to b repealed. Could
abiurdlly and malice go further I
in iiitriiau is tow iwport toai to orueere
Of th Medical Society aad of th acsoelatloa
ar in eame taw itnouiiounaaiioa, ana grata
itoasly fals. They aro not aow aad never
bar been tha same. They are elected la both
bodies by ballot la the eoclety In January,
aou ta ih miiiiwu iiiibi ! far.
Th colored men referred lo ar llceatlatee
of th Medical Society, and as tush are eligi
ble lo membership la lb association. They
hare nerer applied for memberchlp In that
body, tnd coaeequcatly aooee hae a right to
eay that Ihey hav beta excluded front II,
White II cent I tec of th eoclaly who hare
acver be lectd to membership la th aocl
cty hav been elected members of th associa
tion at times rarylag from orer thirty 7 care
ago to a vary recent period, ad tker ar aow
many Itcaatlat aadmambcr ef th society
who ar aol mmbrs of lb aacectatloa.
There la a regulation of the aasoclallon
which forbids any member lorefm eoaiulla
tioa with any other member, A practitioner
of homeopathy in uit reeelre a IIccdc from
tb Medical Society If h applies for oo aod
exhibit a proper diploma or psieea oxamlaa
tloa, aad there te no rale to prereat hla be
coming a member of the eocletr if he can get
vote avgh to elect hlm but uader th
above regdlatloa of the aaeoclatlea it would
b maolfeetly absurd to elect him a member of
the latter body, for there could b no eoesol
tatlon between pcrtoaa of xtrem aad radi
cal dllfercne la belief and prattle.
Mr. Semacr, la bis report, quo! th regu
latloa or the medical aaioclatl forbidding
Ita niMbtri taaonaall with nraatltlAnarti hi
ar not mantbere lherof,aadya that Maom
depart from It clandestinely other openly.
rJome brsvely challenge the censure of tbe so
a taalaklna tanatltvl
Thete men hare afflied their stgaatuict ie
tb follow lag obligation, vlll
'Wf tha under tlgaed, do approve of tne
Begulatlooa aad Sretem of Medical tthles
adopted by th medical aitoclatloa ef tb city
OI IT Illl'l ivi uu f Vl HOSDr Id
saatnlr with th aam.
OH, brarel oh, excellent men t Oh, ye
wnoni otniiior oumavr aii(ai,a 10 nonor I
Wa mualdecltn to Imitate run. modela aat
up for as by to Senator, for If Buck conduct
bebrarery, w glory la our cowardice. W
ar too cowardly to violate our plighted
Tbe Senator maythlak thla, too, Mslmpy a
aneatloo of laeto ' W aaeure him thai wa
are proud to dlfTtr with him la matters ef
tette, ae well aa of color.
That It was Intended forth society lo xr
le discrimination la the choice to member
ship Is erldcnt from th termc of Ih charter.
Tha ahartar wu rranted ta twantv ln imll.
riJualt, who were allowed tha privilege of
lee ting othere Into their body, if they
(UemetTUiem quallflcd. Thar la nothing la
Itaprovlslona requiring them to elect other
ha as-. a.aaB,al-til 1.
eumoer 01 mamoere
icr of member io twenty two, only
mglo fill Taeaaeles. They might her
i experience la practice for a certain
er of rcan aprcreaatclt for member
mad cxdi
ouwber of yean aprereqatclt for member
chip, or they might hav Imposed other con-
ditto Ht,
Ac th government of th eoalcty aad the
poWfrtfotef'rn.V tlTo' iuajifr ihould o.-
casionauy enow unjioaitioa io retain that
toatrella th haoJt ol pcreoae who hare
their confldente.
We repudiate aa falsa aod la keeping with
lb othr shameless statements la thla report
that the aoclcty haa doae anvth1ngla dero-
iatloooftb equal right f all." Neither
as the society lo Its appeal made aay "apol-
ogetlodefencee"or xcucee" Its appeal It
not an apology, but a defence aad protest
against fall aocuiatlcoa, and eeralost a wen
tou attempt at opprcaaloa. The society 1s
oot ashamed of aoy thing It has deae, repeat
of nothlar, and eonaequcatly ha no apol
ogy to matt lo aoy oa
The appeal of th eoclety aesert that th
meeting of th aoclcty. Mar of th nature ef
octal reunions," and this Is tort o red lato an
admission thas lie meetlngc ar only eoclal,
and the Intimation It thrown out la there
bort. that Incontcquenee of this and th ex
elusion of th negro, It has become "a nuis
ance and a shams."
W bar alluded above, la out examination
or the memorial or tbe National Medical Sen
elety ottb District of Columbia, to th umi
brag taken at th eoclety'e claim lhat ita
meetlagapoaaoesad eomewnatof tb soetal ele
meat, andatthe efforl therelamade to prove
this claim uafounded. Why really we area!
a lote to know bow to pleat thci gentlemen.
At on time wdserr destruction If wear
not a eoclal body, aod at another w most bo
annihilated because w are. The society
seems to be la th sm elratt aa th poor lamb
that wa Innocently aod modestly drlaklog
lewer down lo th stream than th wnlf
These gentlemen being hungry, aad having
made up their mloda to devour us, any xcul
will answer. Aa to th Indecency of Mlactlsg
three or four Individual membera of th
aoclcty by nam as targate for Senatorial
wrath, w hav nothing to eay further than
lhat isle "simply a qucitloa of last," aad
thatw have reasoa lo believe Ihe charge to
b as much perrersloaa of th truth aa tha
other alatemente lath "Iteport" nod the
"Memorial." .
VTUl Congress, la obedicae to the wlahcs
of Ihci memoriallat and th author of this
report, attempt to eompol th medical aoatety
to choose Into Its body per cone dlataatetul to
a large majority of It members I Will It eay
lo tb society, You may rlrrf mmbere, but
you rnacf efeef auCh aa w point out 1," If aa It
aald lo Virginia, or Mlaclsalppl, or th Dis
trict of Columbia, W;lv you ta right le
vat freely al oUetlona, hat you must vote for
aa occaeloaal negro!" 1st amor hetaeut
offence for th members ef th medical aoclcty
toexerclaea dltorltuloatloo la th atleotloa
or their aaaoclatas than for th manager of
tb KepuUlean party to be eaoiuilreatan
Inauguration ball or for acertala elass to be
5 laced at th tall nd of admlftlonato a Pratt
entlal lereet Will It take away thle charter
from the large majority or practlttonen, from
men who bar grown np with the Dlitrlcl',
and are honored aod respested hare, to glv It
to a very email minority, chiefly aaw comers,
tba jnoet -of whom ar men who blood le
oaly kepi lo circulation by th dally adminis
tration of.Uorernmentor corporation paba
turn, and other who, If th candy bricks of
Howard Unlverclly ihould to-morrow crumble
Into dust, would fall to pleeea with It, aa their
aol oeeupatloo would ba gone, an J th source
of their suctcnano dried upl
The Senator, oo December 9, 1 offer leg the
resolution above referred to, remarked thai ha
thought UoagreaaeouU fore th members of
th Medical aWetety into fonsultatloos which
their fre eholc would reject. Will h or
Congress attempt It I A similar tyranny waa
witnessed lioo years ago. when unwilling
men were forced to contend with aa uawllllag
beattila the arena of thColUum al Item.
W appeal to th Senator to reverie their
thumbs and ear us from this deilruttlon.
Congren may bar the power to In fore the
threat of tha Senator; but power exercised le
on way may baa blessing, In anotber a curs
Whve th power to eruch aoy worm that
may 11 la our path. Th User of all lb Hue
alaa would not attempt the excreta of such
dcipotlcm as that proposed) backed by bis
l,0O) armed Amasonfaa wvs, th King or Da
homey might) but th Senator sural would
not, ereo ii no nau in sonny, uetire v mu-
. of
this Uli trier, prescal th singular anomaly of
being under a despotism. Congress Is our
Csar, our Hultn, our Dletatori It has xolu
slr Jurisdiction over us Will It use this
authority as men who profess to be tb advo
cates of free thought, five speech and fre ac
tion ehouljt
If this premeditated outrage ehould b per
petrated here, chartered bodice throughout
U land would feel It to be a precede! for
Interferenea with tb rlgbta of them ell. Th
colleges here derive their charters from th
earn sourse as th Medical Society, yet, with
th exception of lb Howard Untverilly, they
exerclt th same discrimination la th a elec
tion ef their prof ci tor and etudentc aa th
Medical Society la aow vituperated for using
la th eholc of Its memberc Ilea he, rail
road and Insurant companies us th nam
discretion In the election of their director
aad other officer i If Uongresa Interfere
with thee rights hero w eh all soon Hod th
Stat Ieglilatures following th xampl.
W ahall And man compelled by fore to adopt
hlaasaad fanatical crochets of thoiela
power, aod w ahall b reduced to a atavery
of opinion won than thatef tha body. For
the slavery of thbodls of four taltiloae of
nrgrocc wa ahall Lar substituted a deefot
leui over th mladc of forty millions ef wait
" Who will array himself on the side of this
Th ehstna of the ngre,agalast whlah there
hat been such aa outcry, were eoarae, rough
and visible, and therefor, likely to roue r.
tittaDCCi hut that which ar being wrought
about us, Ilk those forged by Taleaa to ae
Iran hla wanton wife and bar naramour. ar
larlitbi, buipowatfuland th mor danger
ous from thalr very eoaeeslrnent.
Medical men, a a alaee, ar eoly a danger
when they ar eppreed, for than their sol
ar Is to defend their liberty." ,
.The blow aimed atth Med lest Society of
this District is on directed against tho liber
ties ef the medical profcutoa throughout the
eo a try 1 It member will fraternise against
tifttt -oppression, la I them be aroaced, and
hey will b found an angle or political
fewir. The mass of them will not be so lost
9 shame as quietly to submit to tb degrade.
i invir pmurioj aou inry win prravirai
In thla tyranny but a forerunner of worse at
terapta upon th llbortlea of th massea or th
people. Th eplalona of medical practltlon.
crsar generally respected by their patleatc
noon other matter than medical) Iher era
men of cddsatloa and refinement, many of
waom iiwuuia t laiBiuag to aiaaa oioireiM
than as at least Ih paere of th best men In
th Scnat of the Ualtsd States la Iatlletusl
Mor than sixty thoussndof Ihem, (II sU
by th census et IsoO,) travel! og from house to
bouse to dally Intercourse with the people, can
wield an Influence that It would b well for
even Congress aot to despise,
Tow final rehearsals of the Old Folks1
concert, whteh takes place on the evening:
of the S2d Instant, at Lincoln halt, will be
held oa Baturday and Monday evenings al
uamiiae Metnodist itpiscopaicnurca, cor
ner of Ninth and F streets. A full at
tendance le requested.
AhtBhTOBULOBiTioHoB "The Life and
Services of tbe late Mrs. M. A. Amldao."
will be delivered bv 8. York AtLee, esq., In
the Seventh street Methodist church, on
Baturday next, at S o'clock. Tbe teachers
of this dty and the puhlld are Invited to be
T. II. Caostvix, corner of First aod D
streets, northwest, will sell at Qranby, two
and a half miles from Ot Alovslas1 Church,
on a good valuable property, in lote of half
an acre of more, to salt. See hi advertlse-
Aix fxbiobi Indebted to the lato firm of
Coylo A Towers are requeeled to call at tne
book and stationer store of A. I. Uufld,
No. S29 Pennsylvania avenue, and settle the
same oeiore me ist oi Jtpni, to save cost.
I. ii i m -. -
MBBBB, DTaYKBOi) w. real cateuo wruacia,
northeast corner New Tork avenue and Flf-1
teenlh street, offer for sale 13,300 in deferred
notes for the sain of $3,000. See their ad
J. V. N. ftczcK. real estate agent and
broker. No. 819 Market Space, np-etatrs.
oners lor sate at a oargain a conveniens ana
cosy eleven room brick house.
Misses. T. EowABD Clark A CO. pub
lish In another column a schedule of price
for their extensive stock of wood and cool.
Tb concert of the Fifth Baptist Church
Sabbath school, wilt take place to-morrow
evening. -.
Wm. F. noLTXafllf. No. 707 D BtlBOt
tMtrtkwest, offers bona for rent.
Boom i for rent at 405 First street, corner
of Vt northwest
Telecrapble Bonsmary,
Sitbw jotunal of Parle have been ote
cUlly warned daring the past week.
Tua London, Standard nrgee lufulry Into
the alleged cruelties to the Fenian prisoners.
Thb CosUncntali bank of France are
generally rednclog their ratio of Interact.
All th Great Powers of 'Europe sustain
the Rasalan Government ta the demand npon
Bwltxerland for the surrender of the felon
Grinn Pani'on Tuesday officially as
sured tbe Cortes that the recent visit of the
Duke of Montpensler wae not on political
It may be a matter of soma public. Inter
est, that of the Judges of the Superior Court
who decided the question regarding the
bible In the publlo schools In Cincinnati,
Judge Storer Is an Episcopalian, Judge
Uogan a MathodLst, end Judge Tart a Lib
eral. Ahotukb eesslon of the Ecumenical
Council wa held on Tnesday. Six of the
Path era took cart In the dlsenselon. Il wae
announced to tbe Conocll that the Bishops
of Aotwsrp, Mechlin and Salerno had re
dared the title of primate. Eight of tbe
blshope received permission to return to
tneir oioccaea,
FrtM raox Diet. Is thereany hair color
lngpreparation,eltherher orlo Europe, that
cntuajrf Not one. ItIs";Vlea7'fiuld that
mVJITz . Dotllrdoe not stain tho
arnggtais ana iancy gooae neaicn.
fell eo8t
Orjioiu. ripobts prove that HofTa
Malt Extract baa ehown an Incalculable la-
luence on the condition or tbe alck soldier
do H nor tha lata Enrooean ware. This fact.
In conjunction with the encomiums of oor
first physician, many of whom have either
vsea ll in tneir own lamuiee, or prcacnoou
It for their patients, with the moat happy
result, speaks so well ror HotTs Malt Lx
tract, that further praise on oar part would
do sapernnou.
Sold by all druggists and grocers.
I I a. .. -
Tub WAsniHSTOH Citt SariHas Bkx,
corner eevemn street ana aUnustana avenue,
Is open from 6,30 to 7i80 everr Saturday eve
ning. In addition to tie regular banking
jjourssj ji pays uureu on aepoaua. a
gUPKIhtl C0DiTLOJflTllE DIITaWf. 9'
f lliiaa UiVumhi a at. i
Armid. nalaac came to Ike eealrarr thereof ie
ai.un) r.
By taaCoar!
A tree eepy Teeli
UniTiiTsTTf s wtwrpariQ. '
WaiairoToa, D, C , JaaSl.
Oa th p-dlttoa tf Job Taoaiar. of 1
a IBfU.
hfaa , sraTle for the efteafloa of a pad
eraated lahlu oaUeldhdar of May, ISM. fr
Uinneanael Itl it !( Kailimai
rtaaaloa vt a patoat
It Ii ordered leaf iheUatlmeny la the caie he
4 oa Ue llhh day of April nast. thai the
porl he llmiud U the tth day f iprtl neat.
lorimi riBn.ii, iiimibiiiii ww
aad that aald petition be heard ea th lib day of
feb tSt ConnwUaloaeraf latata.
CartvtWaiUatoaeoBBty, la tbe Plitrlalof Lo
lombla, lattcrtbf admlnlitratloa oa tbe pariesal
tat or BLiiaiBTa. m. Taiuia.Ute ef Waiklaiwa
ennaty a oraa, dKcaaad All purieni harlat
tlalrai acalmt the aaid dticeaifdare hereby waraad
leexklmi the aaine. with Ihe rouefcere Iberaar le
tneaabtcrlbar, oa or bafora the laWay ef rbrarr
aal i thar may vthif wlae bylaw be eicladed
r.aas an 1 1 hasn-aa: ateTtha. -asl.1 sa-lala.
"t,t" :j -" Lr"i7r7V7::"j .
la. O. TAYLOU,
WAiairiToe. D C.,in 11,1870
Ob lb petllleaftf S Llotd IfAaria.af Haiti
ll c!orWed Ihtl the teailmonyla Istfeacebe
ie,ei pa iHtiiia r , bxi m mm
time foe bUbc aitameate and the Biaulner'a re
port be UmtTad le Ihe 7ih day or Hay a it.
aad thai aald petition ba heard ea tb U It-it
aayparacB maygppoae imaaitaaii
Slar iiChrtal
J WABIiaovoy, D.0 . Jaa 81,1370.
i Q Da'
If a cpb. CoaaectUBt. praylac fcribaezuettca
tUO. aad ralHnadQB Ihe 8th day of April, 166).
fr n lieproviacat la moaeof atlachlag blelia
I1.UC for Ilia arcamaatt aad tha Ixatalaar'a ra
iwrtbe limited t the lalday or Jaly aoit, and
ibet aafd petltlua b heard oa the Bih Cay or
Any percca may erpese tbla exteaito",
fab! rrw Camailailevir of I'ateela,
U WAiHianTOi.D 0., Jan 13,167i.
Oa thepatltloa of TacaaiU Kowaas, of Mil
whim Vrii , praylec for tbe cttcailoa of a
paieel xraated Ct him ea the Slh day of Hay, ltStJ,
fur an Impreramaal la Parnaeae fer nnialtUc lies
It It orderad that ihe leiilnioay la tbe be
cloied oa the Slh day of April aeit) thai the
time for flllai ariamaat aad lha Bxaulaar'e re
port be llmtied lo the ISth day or A aril atitiaad
lhat aald patuica be heard ca the Uh day of April
ayu iiDtnn,
Com mi m! o air of ratCDta.
n Ike Orpbaai'
Loerl of Waablaflca eonatr. Ia Ibe Dlatrlct of
Columbia, latiara ef admlaUtrailoa on lha per-
Waal eaiale ef CaASLSl Wibitbb, lata tf
athlastoa aonr.tr aforatald, doieaio t All per
aonahavlaf claims atalnal tba itld dictated ar
hereby waraedto exhibll Ihe taut, with tbe
reoihiri thereof, to the subicrlber, oa or before
tba lOib day of Jaenarr aiatt they mar other.
wUebrlewbe axcladed from all bsaell Of lb
aald estate
oina Better ray heal thla twh day of Innary,
JAUH AdBjlaltuator.
dowb Dior BBior iitiiagif i Birtg bbi
prrldcd a copy ef thU eider he latCVtaed Income
aewipaper srlated aad ubllbela Weiblaitoa
tlr, 1. 0 .oaeelaach)f three ausceailr wecke
prior to eat day. , .
Tha raaart alataa lha amaaal of aala la ae
citt oKpuracu.
Jnaier VTaaa,HKH cilyO.tJ.
Joikt HwoLtTTioH athorlalny; the payment
In the pnbllc schools preTlona (o ciamtnav
Bt U rtiotttd hu ti RtorA Af'JtilfrMM hI
J7oord oi Common Council e (Ae Clfy of
WatMngton. That the llayor be, and he Is
hereby, authorised and requested to pay,
ons oi any money aireaay apprnpnaiea lor
school purposes, throngo. the treaenrer of
the) public- echooli, the compensation al
lowed by law to refklkrir appointed teach
ers, of the recpecttve grades, la the public
schools, to inch teachers ai may hare been
temporarily employed during the present
erhool year without haying; had opportn
nlty, through sickness or other cause, to
present themselves for the examination re
quired bv law orations' tu snch etnolovmeutt
iVerWJ, That beftra the payment of aoy
claim under thla resolution, the claimant
shall obtain from the Board of Trustee of
Pnblld Schools, andexhlblttotheTreasurer,
a certificate ehowlns? that a satisfactory ex
amination hae subsequently been passed)
also, certificate from the sub-board of the
district In whloh he or ehe may have been
employed. Showing that the service for which
payment Is claimed has been performed nn
der the authority nf snch anb-boatd. and In
a competent and satisfactory manner, and
that tbe claimant le entitled to the benefit
or this resolution.
Approved December 00, lSOOV
An Act to legalise the i payment of certain
portions of sauries or tne Metropolitan
Police Magistrates, and ror other pnr-
S7u utaeitd bv tt Hoard ofAlStrmtti md
Board of Common Cowutt of tht City of
iroaAfridiofi. 'inat ao mncnoi sue act ap
proved November 10, 1808, entitled "An act
Increasing the compensation of certain offl-
cere oi toe corporauna,'- imaiiovDir
or part or act a refer to the compensation
of police magistrates, and all appropriation!
of money for their payi from aad after July
LlftrU. ba construed ta acolv to. and the
aam a are herebv. made BDDlicable to the
payment of the proportionate amount of
money required by the act of Congress of
Jnne S3, 1864. and sabeequent acts, (name
ly, tnree nuaarea ana tony ownn yr an
num,) to be paid by the city of Waa bin g ton
aa lu Tjronortloa of aald Increased compen
atUn in anah maaiatrate aa have been. OV
shall hereafter be, employed by th Board
of rot Ice, under the elxth section of tb act
approved Jaly 19, 1803, amending tne act
establishing! Metropolitan polloo district of :
the District of Colombia until otherwise
provided by law.
Bee. 3. And b U fmrtMr tnatttd. That
that part of th "gaeral appropriation
bill," approves uoor ,i, loov, wnicu ap-
fropniea lour iaonana two onoonu uw
ar f 14.300) "for compensation to the po
lice magistrates" be, and the same U hereby,
"iSeo! 3." And bt Ufurtktr ervaofid, That the
earn of two thousand seven hundred and
twenty dollars f3,T) m( od the same
hereby is, appropriated out of the general
fund ae compensation, to the said magis
trates for th year ending Jnne SO, 1870.
Approver suecemuer uv, tow.
An Act to grade aod gravel Second street
west, iron u street norw to u rwc
lit utnaettdbvtftd Board of AUUrmtnand
Board of Common Council of (Ac tUy of
WatMngton, inat ta aiayox do, ana ae is
hereby, authorlxod and requested to cause
Second atrcet wast, between D street north
and II street north, to be graded aod grav
eled. The same to be done under the enper
vision of the Ward Commissioner aad two
assistant commissioners, and by direction of
tbe City Surveyor. . M
fb. a. And bt tt furthtr tnatttd. That a
sufficient amonnt be, and la hereby, appro
priated out of the rourtn warn mna.
Approved December 17, 1860.
Am Act to grade and gravel Twelfth street
east, from Pennsylvania avenue to Lincoln1
Bt if tnactid lu tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tt Cafy of
Ir atfiington, mat tne Major oo,aauii
hereby, anthorlsed and requested to cause
the grading and graveling of Twelfth alreet
east, from Pennsylvania avenue to Lincoln
Square t the work to be done by tbe day's
wora, ana exocuwa ia vuo uatouBr uu uu
der tho superintendence provided by law.
The sum of $700 Is appropriated far the said
street i the eald I70Q tp be appropriated out
of th ward fund.
Approved December 17, 1800.
Ax Act to grade and grarot Seventh, street
east, from Pennsylvania avenue to East
Capitol street.
Bt If tnaettd by (A Board of Aldtrjntn and
Board of Common Covnttt ef IA CUy of
WatAlnfflon, That the Mayor be, and he Is
hereby, authorised and requested tocaase
e grading aod graveling of Seventh etreet
a- tjdaawluv w uuut uj ur a
work, and executed In the manner and nn
WUfla aUU VUH aaW eaaai iaa-
der the sooerlntendene provided by law.
The sum of (11,000) one thooaand dollars, or
eo much thereof as may be necessary. Is
hereby appropriated, th expense to be paid
out or the Sixth ward fund
Approved, December 17, 1660.
AM Act to construct a trunk across Thlr-'
teenlh street west, near V etreet north.
Bt it tnaettd by tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Btard of Common Council of tht city of Wath
Ington, That the som of two hundred dol
lars be, and the same Is hereby, appropriated
out of the fund of the Second ward, io ena
ble the Mayor tb construct a trunk across
Thirteenth street west, near the corner of V
street north t the work to bo done under the
superintendence of the Commissioner of the
Second ward.
Approved December S3, 1869.
Am Act to grade and pave the alley la
aatitre 770.
Bt it tnaettd by tht Board of Aidtrmtn' and
pavedf the work to be done la conformity
with exlsUnt: lawn and to mt tha coat
thereof a special tax equal to the cost; of
the work Is hereby assessed on all lots or
suoaiviaionai pan oi louDoraensg on said
Approved December 17.1SC9.
Am Act for the relief of W. W. Leah.
Bt it tnaettd bv tht Board of AUtrmtn and
Boatd ef Jtommon CouneU of tht CUy of
tVAfnffei That th sum of twenty dol
lars be. and th aam Berth is, appropri
ated out of the general foBd, to reimburse
WrWiLesh said amount paid by him as a
nne lor circulating cook euuuea ' rugui
Scene In the Bible."
Approved, December M, 1809.
Ah Act lo grata Twelfth street east, be
tween I and K street south.
Bt it tnaettd bv tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Boards of Common Council of tht CUy of
WatMngton, That sum of six hundred dpi
lar. or so much thereof as mar be necessa
ry, be, and the earn Is he rah r, appropriated
oat of the Sixth ward fund, tor the Dnnxue
of grading Twelfth street east, between I
and Katraetsaootht th work to ta done
under the direction of the commissioner of
tbe Bixih ward.
Approved December IT, 1M0,
Am Act to grade II etreet north, from Six
teenth street to western ltonndarr.
Bt U tnaettd bv tht Board of Aldtrtntn ami
Board of Common Council ef th CUy of
navungion, mat tne mm oi eo,xj.vo, or
so much thereof as mar be necessary, be.
and the same is hereby, appropriated out of
tneiunasoitne irsi wera, ior tne purpose
Of grading B street north, from Sixteenth
street west t the western boundary. The
work to be done under the direction of tho
commissioner of tbe First ward.
Approved December 17, 1809.
Am Act authorising the construction of a
bridge over Tiber creek, at Us Intersection
with K. street north.
Bt it tnaettd bv tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tht CUy of
WatMngton. That the Mayor be, and he Is
hereby, authorised and requested to cause a
atone and brick bridge to be constructed over
Tiber creek, at Its intersection with K street
nortn tne wort; to be aone unaer ine direc
tion of the Mayor, the Cltr Survevor. aod
the superintendence of tho Commissioner of
the rounn vara, ana a practical engineer,
who shall be appointed by the Mayor, and
receive such compensation for his services
as the Mayer may determine.
Bee. 2. And btU furthtr tnaettd, That said
brlda-a shall be built uoon such plan and
speclflcallons as may be agreed upon by the
Mayor and two members of each Board of
the City Councils. Aod to enable the Mayor
to carry this act Into effect the sum of twelve
thousand dollars, (113,000,) or eo much
thereof as maybe necessary, le herebv ap
propriated, payable out of the funds of the
Fourth ward.
Approved December S3, 180
Am Act to lay a flsg footway across Eighth
at r aunt weal.
Bt U tuacttd by tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Jioardof Common vaunni yy .-
inaton. That tbe Mayor be. and be 1 hereby
authorised and requested to cause a flak 3
rootway to oe iaia across Eighth street west, .,
from tbe northeast corner of -Mount Yernon 9
Square, on a lln with the south side of that
part or K street north, and to defray the ex- '
pense of tbe same out of th fund of the
Third ward.
Approved December 17, I860.
Ax Act to lay a water" main In C street
nortn, irom ii.icrenia street west to Tenth
street west, and down Tenth street to
Louisiana avenue.
Bt sf tnaettd bv VU Board of Aidtrmtn amt
Board of Common Council of (JU CUy pf
WatMngton, That ltd Water Board be, and
the ar hereby, authorised and requested
to cause a water main to be laid la c street
nortn, irom xuerenin street west to Tenth
street, and down Tenth street to Louisiana
aTennej and to defray the expense Incurred
Tinder thle act a sufflelent amount 1 herebv
appropriated, payable Out of the water fund)
said fund to be reimbursed by euch assess
ments upon all lot or parte of lote bordering
on the line of said water main ae 1 now au
thorized by existing law.
Approved December 17, 1869.
A Act to pay David I. Eratii formodtcloes
furnished to the poor of the Second
ward. ,
Bt If tnaettd by tht Board of AlUtmtn and
Board of Common Council of VU City ef
rTOiii ngton, i sat sun mm oi mij-w uoiiar
find flfty-flro cent (156.65) bfi, and the same
Is hereby, appropriated oat of the general
iuua to yuj uaiiusiaiiuiivi uivuu-iuva
furnished the poor or the second ward for
the quarter ending September 80, i860.
Approreo: ifcvemDer sv, iow.
An Act lo condemn and open an alley In
square 733.
Bt Ittnaeitd by f Ac Board of Atdtrmtn nt
Board of Common CouneO of tht tity of rTosA
ington, That the Mayor be, and he Is hereby,
authorUed and requested to cans an alley
of the southern part of square No. 73) to be
condemned, opened, and graded In accord
ance with the petition of the property hold
ers In eald equate and toe plat accompany
log aald petition. Tbe work to be done In
accordance) with the existing laws of the cor
potation la reference to the opening of new
alleys. Approved December4 17, 1809.
Am Act authorising the laylojrof a water
main on K etreet eonth, from Eighth street
east to Fourteenth street east.
BtUtnatU&bit tiBoaidof Aidtrmtn and
Board of Common Council of fA CUV of
WatMngton, That the water board be, and
they are hereby, anthorlsed and requested to
cause av water-main to be laid on K street
south, from Eighth street east to fourteenth
etreet castvth expense incurred In laying
said water-pipe tooepaiaonioi tne water
fond, sold fund to be reimbursed bj such
assessments upon all lot of parts of lots
bordering on the Hae of the said water-main,
as Is now authorised by existing law;
Approved December 17, I860.
Av Act to enable the Mayor io pay Hyson
Dossle for having furnished a lubcUtute on
the 30lh day of October, 1864.
Bt it tnaettd by tht Board ef Aidtrmtn and
T1 turrit nflnnmitM ffnilnMl hf thl IJltu ttt IfsiaJL.
ington, That the Mayor be, and heu here
by, authorised and empowered to pay to
tlyson Bossle.theinm or seventy-live dollars
In current moueyof the United States, be,
tba said IlysonBosste having, on the both
day of October, one tbontapd eight bundred
and slxtt four, furnished and mastered Into
the service of th United Slates, on substi
tute, as Is witnessed by the accompanying
certificate from U. It. Ilathbooe, Post Colo
nel, United States army, AdJutantGenerars
Office, War Department, In charge enlist
ment Drancn, lvasnington, v. v.
nent crane d, Taauiogi.ua, as. v
Approved December 17,1809.
Am Act to gravel and grade Ninth street
east, between East Capitol, street and B
atreti south.
Bt U ijaettd by tSt Board AUtrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tht CUy of
WatMngton. That the. Major he. and he Is
hereby, authorized and requested to cause
the grading and graveling of th aald streots,
to be rfoneliy day's work.
Bee. 3. And bt it furthtr tnaettd, That the
into of 9776.7-oraa much thereof as my
be necessary bo, and the same Is hereby,
appropriated out of he foods of the Sixth
Approved December 17, 18C3.
Am Act to pay a deficiency for.gradW nd
graveling r sireei conn, irom --
etroct west to the Western Boundary
r?j it tmm-it.1 . i TtAitrA f,f AUtrmtn end
Board of Common Council f ' of
ington, That the sum of fl thousand three
hindred and forty-two dollar and flfly
tbree cenU be, and thamle hereby, ap
propriated out of the funds of the First
warato enao.oi.na iw wij w ""
wMtVn, ivwr.-av,Afi weo muuT
(hereof aa may bo necessary, be, and the
Came Is hereby, appropriated tq complete
the eald work) toe aaldeumtobo also paid
oat of the foods of the First ward, and not
to be paid until tho vrork shall have been
Approved December 17. 18o9.
Am Act to pay W. Q. Docket! A Co. for
medicine famished to tbe poor of tbe
First ward
Bt U tnaettd bv tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Board ofCommon Council of tht CUy of JTaiV
ng ?, Anas ue Bum ot two nunarca ana six
dollar and ninety cent (t3po.90) be, and
the same Is hereby, appropriated oat of tha
general fond to pay Mr. 0. Dackettdt Ca
for medicines furnished to tbe poor of Ihe
Tlrst ward for fho quarter ending Septera-
Approved December SO, 18o9.
Am Act for th relief of John Kotght.
Bt U tnaettd by tht Board of Aidtrmtn and
Board of Common Council of tht CUy cf
Wathlnaton. That the Mayor be, and he
hereby is, directed to pay, or canst to be
paid, the sum of one hundred and seventy
seven dollars and ninety-six cenU, (lTT.Ofl,)
to John Knight, tbe amounts of damage
sustained by bin in conseqnenceof an erro
neous turvey of tb bmlldlng Ha of lot Wo.
19. square 837. Lawrence's subdivision, upon .
th said Knight rclsulng all claim for
damages arising out of eald erroneonp
survey made by C. D. Claakey, November
Approved December SO. 186ft.
J.JB..V. yS'b. (UialK. . ,
..v.,r.:;.'1,.,i'.,'uVi n,isaKi
eaaaa hla ppcarB te bwcBisrr amlaaa ar
Won the SroS rale day McemlB forty days aflt r
thla daitotharwUa tha caaaawUI V preceedai
wfiBailaeaaeef defaalt, r 1 - r
By order of the ceaiL 0. BT, OABTTIB.
it AC -T I Chief iaalle.
a. ?0C1tb. H-J-Tatw
WasarBBTOif, D 0,, JaaBarvld, UN,
,0a taapetltleaof CHAaaaa T. Baaaa, of Mil
ford. iAe.. praylastMtheeatenaloBof aralaat
(raaUd lo him oa the I7(h day of Way, llic.lgr
aa Impravamaatln Ktrraai '
ltmrAleaJKSLc ..lTkT..aU.W
port lM;llrajuiWcia-ah 4r f May neat.
UliafaaTIpaUaV)- Usr lUthday a
aay poreoa atay eppeaaUlt erteaetee
jali-M. beaamUaleaarafWeaaia.
.. LVraaivo. D. 0.. canary t.lm
Oa IhebtJiionof Haaav ll Hi. '.. jgJJ,.
hamtaa. M ,(',PIJ7t" '? th eaUaaloa of a
a Minn
eioaea oat ue via ear or uark ali that lb
Umei AlUiajcameaUj an the Baamlaei'B rf-
Katau Vui'S.1U'UTi:.',l'..,U.iit Rl
ntaBlt,l,itt af FaUata
oa or bal
lth lha t-.airhrai taarewif. la tkaaahasirlbsu.
marolherwlV by lawbc
rora ia in aiy ai jaaaary ntait taty
r ir ni w HHitii uwm at 4 Mir
at oi ia aam aiiai'
QItii BBdar bt hi a a thla 111 dar a
Ol flka. SfAlTltl
7aa14-H1w Afaifalaaratar
ffiHIMTM.? fi . Fefc .70.
aofMioHABBlf Haa.ef hfew Yerk,
laioilioa una, , aw I Oil,
ik for ibe eatalaof apauat
traaUl ta him on the tub day of Aainat, ISM.
fur an improvement la "Mcue el scoanag Type
avatary naaai- t ,
mUUcb ba bear ea lae wii ? aeal,
"a., ,., -r "-;mvlu1",irinil,
Ml aflw CemmlaatOBeref Pate a I a.
NfAtBiearo. D Q . Beb, 10,1170,
Oa Ibe petition of Jtii CoasBLi., of Roar
iv ar Aorll ! la.i it!
time Iui Stla ar ameali ttt the Biamlair'a r
portUjlMlUdl lb nl darcf April at.t. VhS
that said peUtloa be heard oa the nth day af April
pane mayofpetUovUaiia
Ww OoaualtiUiar of Wieafs,
rraw 11 to arj, motici tbat thi sua-
J- acrlber hia ebtalaed from the Orpheia' Ooart
of Waahlasloa eonatr, la the Tbtttrt Calambla.
Jaltirief admlaUtratloaoa th paraaaal eaute ef
8am 'I. W MASIH iaUefWaihlasloBaoaalyafore
aald. diceaaed. All pcrioai feailaf elalma acalait
tka aald at auu. u J ar Larak mmrmmA tu awtaltaU thai

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