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itTORrUTKOBlHnnillll tlBBOiKTIl int.
Am.roui, hV.1l, lira
Tbo quiet cltlseoi of Annapolis th,! mora.
I02 woks up to find the pltlleea rola de-
''endlnj la backetfulls, ea4 maoy slreogers,
among whom vm yonr correspondent, waa-
tiering aboat anxiously Inialriajr, as to tbo
whereabout of the British steamer Monarch,
which tho evcr-reliableCt) Assoctalod Press
inform! joar reader yesterday had ar
rived off this ancient city. All sorts of ra
mors were in circulation. Ods cltlaeo had
ccq to Immense ship anchored aboat fire
mile below the town. Another hid heard
from a pilot Jast wired from Baltimore
that the Monarch anchored lest bight off
the month of the Patoxenl river, aboat forty
in lie bolow. Another lailvldaat, with a J
knowing shake of the heal, did not beltere
tin Monarch wti comac to Anna poll i at
al) Nothing daunted by these reports, the
hi avy rain or the dense fog which prevailed,
rour eorrepoo dent quietly awaited the time
for the opening of the offlccs or tho Naval
Academy, when, "armM and equipped"
with a note of Introduction from Vice Ad
miral Porter, he watted upon Commodore
Worden, the commandant of the Naval
Ai adcrajr, and whose name and fame will
ever bo held In gratefol remembrance by
tho American people as the hero of the
"cheese box on a plank.
The Commodore received u politely, and
quietly sat himself down to comply with the
request of thi Admiral, (. , that he would
grant the representative of the uirtroucia
a permit to visit the Monarch. After writ
ing awhile, he presented the paper, saying t
"That win allow yoor passage to the ret.
el." Thanking tbo Commodore, a conver-
saiiou was opened who, 'a view to obtain
some Information at to the whereabouts of
the "big ship' we had come to visit, but
the Commodore woe la the dark as much as
we i'otntlng to the river he remarked that,
" null) the fog lifted, It wontd bo Impossible
to tell where the vessel wast Indeed, she
was within Qfty miles of the town.1 Lteu
teniiot Commander Dewey, of the academy,
who was present, said that he had seen the
chief of the TUott Association of Baltimore,
who stated that he had glren orders to the
two pilots placed on board the Monarch,
when she entered Chesapeake Bay that,
unless she could make Annapolis before dark
last night, she should be anchored off the
month of the raiment rlrer, a point about
forty miles from this place. Commander
Dewey also statod that earl this moralng,
heforo the fog set lo, a surrey of the rlrer
and bay for fifteen miles had been taken
with the glass by the officers or the United
States frigate Constitution, and nolhloj had
been seen of the vessel, lie was of the
opinion she was anchored many miles below.
and would not more until the fog had en- J
tire! lifted Indeed he was Arm In the
belief that Ibe Monarch woalj not arrive
uatll lata to-night. If then. This was an
pleasant news, but wind, tide and weather
had Interfered with the guuut of the Asso
ciated Press representatives, and we conld
not complain,
Commodore Worden then explained to us
the mode of procedure la receiving the res
set. As soon as abe arrives the Commodore
details a proper officer, (Lieutenant Com
mander Dewey,) who will Tlslt the ship and
tender to her chief officers, Captain Com.
raeircll,the mail naval courtesies. In sewer
to this the Monarch will probably Are the
usual salute to the flag of the United States
and to the Commodore's pennant. (The
salute business Is discretional with the officer
In command, as the rales of the British
aTy, while prohibiting vessels carrying
seven guns as does the Monarch from
firing salutes, gives the officer la command
the privilege of firing if he deemee the occa
sion a proper one.) If a salute Is fixed the
baXUrv from the Naval Aeademv raanonrla.
Captain Commerrell will then come on
shore, where Commodore Worden will re
celre him with customary naval etlaatti
after which the Commodore will escort hl
guest to the Governor's mansion, where
uovernor uowib wiu welcome mm, ana a
Joint committee of the Legislature will
tenaer mm toe nospiiaiuy or tne state.
The Academy and grounds are la excel,
lent order, and tho officers all bnsy Instruct
log the various grades of "young tnldi" In
the arts of naval warfare. On board the
monitor Tonawanda (or AinphltrLtra, as
she Is now called,) everything was lu
motion. Coal was being brought on board,
and when the Monarch arrives the monitor
wilt run down to her. Tho British vessel
will bo obliged to anchor about four miles
from the Naval Academy wharves on ac
count' of her great draught. The fourth
or Junior class of midshipmen say they are
not much excited by the announcement of
the visit, for the reaioa that while on their
in., uer lour they were laid np along side
of her for four days while layUg at rorls
ties to examine her. The higher classes
ihniHrhihiuaignilAna tn hat. -... I .
uiudlu, iu luui mo; una amnio opportDOI'
though appear anxlons for ber arrival.
they seem mach Interested la meeting their
brother "mlds" of tho royal navy.
1 be Legislature of Maryland, now In ses
sion here, bare made arrangements to take
good care of the Englishmen during their
stay, and their committee will probably call
to their assistance a committee of the offl
cers of the academy, who know so well how
to prepare agreeable entertainments. The
sain of (10,000 has been appropriated to de
fray the expenses or the reception.
There can be no anestloa that when the
vessel and her crew arrive, they will meet
with a cordial reception at the hands of the
naval authorities of the Government and
the authorities of the State of Maryland.
If the fearful "dirty" weather which bss
prevailed aU day should continue. It Is doubt
ful whether wo shall see the Monarch here
before to morrow night.
fLalia If TBLSaaSfH
10 o'clock p. m. The storm still contln
ucs, and Commodore Worden has given op
all thought of hearing fron the Monarch
until to-morrow midday The programme.
as stated la my letter, will be carried oat to
the letter. The officers of tho naval acad
emy aro lo eight considering the propriety
or giving a complimentary hop to the offi
cer of tho Monarch, but no decision has as
yjt boon made. If the ship gets lo to raor.
row she will not bo open for Inspection until
Monday, when, by private telegrams re
celvel by CominoJore WorJen, It Is stated
ice Admiral Porter, the Naval Committee '
of both Houses of Congress, and other dls '
tlogulshcd men will visit her.
Secretary Robeson, accompanying two
lalUs who are visiting him, arrived here la
tho late train this evening. He Is tho guest
of Commodore and Mis. Worden, who to
night gave aa entertainment la hi honor.
Quite a number of strangers came down this
evening among whom was Miss Kate Mer
rill, correspondent of several Eastern pa
per. S.
psflcRirrioN or the vusil.
This splendid ship which ha Justly been
ityled tbo pride of the English navy, Is in
deed a wonderful structure, and a novelty In
shin bnlldloi-such as has never before been
oeou la American water. No wonder then
that the desire vai expressed oa the part of
many oiucsrs wi uur navy sua. ao oppor-
luai.y inigoi uo given tuo jwaaa "uiiaaici,"
who, la year to come are to direct the
movements of the navj of this great natloe,
lo view this monster war vesasl, and to ex
amine for themselves the Intricate work
log of the latest Improvements la naval
We append herewith a description of the
Monarcn torn plica la me mau from
admirable article published la the Jh$to I tho bulkheads the stokers' mess rooms and
JWnal, by a reporter of that paper, who the berths of tbo warrant officers. The mess
visited the ship w bile she lay la Portland la I room of Ibe sailors and marines above Is
company with the United States engineer I wtrj Jlght and comfortable, and has a sick
detailed by Vice Admiral Torter, to loepect room, or hospital, oa each side. Along the
her. It is probably the moat complete do-I main dock there aro a considerable number
crlptloa that ha been published la this of square Iron ports, forward aod all, which
pooatry. I open outward and admit Ught and air.
It teems to be B-cner&llv admlUul h aliltv.
builders and naval constructors" that the
m on area it one or toe handsomest vessels
afloat. All her lines are line of beauty, and
she Is a noble exemplification of the troth
which holds good la all progress that the
nearer the approach to perfection of use,
the finer the symmetry of the thing per
fected. From the item to the forecastle the
decks carTeKTadoatlyBpward, but sosllghtly
amidships, that looking from a little dls.
lance, one would say that tboy were per
fectly level there. Her stem line Is Inclined
slightly stern wards, and J ail above the water
Una begins to curve forward Wore sharply,
gtrbg the bow a projection of ten feet or
more beneath the water. The widest part
of the vessel Is cither at or below the water
Hue. Her sides slope Inward slightly as
they rise and meet at her bow at an angle
so sharp nod contlnaohl, that seen at a
short distance, she has the appearance or a
huge blade of Iron rotting edgewlseupon tbo
water. The old-fashioned roundness and
blutTne of the bow above water Is entirely
done away with, and the shape of the ver
tical sections 1 changed from tho V form
to that of the U, which, of eonrse, renders
her much leva liable to plunge and gives a
greater buoyancy to Ibe bow.
Tie vessel Is 830 feet In teoglh, M feet
breadth of beam, depth lu hold, 19 feet 8
iDcnesi urangnt wnen loaded, forward yj
feet J Inches, aft 20 feet 3 Inches) draught
when light, forward IS feet 7 Inches, aft IS
lect. i no taree tower masts ore or domow
troo. 40 Inches la diameter, and having ren
aiatlngcooiteotloie betow deck. The fore
matt is 00 feet la height above deck, the
mainmast CO feet, and the mlsien 60 feet
The mainmast wefebs 23 tons. The main
yards are 103 feet long. Below the weather
deck Is the mala deck, which In common
with all the Interior of the vessel. Is 1ltllfl
Into three distinct portions by the twoarmor
fuawa uoia-neaa, wuicu run ainwart snips,
closing the base of the turrets, the boilers
and the maga tines, and forming a battery
170 feet In length, la wblcb all the crew
would be gathered la time or action. This
Is the only part of the vessel which Is heavily
plated to tbe upper deck. A belt of armor
encircles and protects the whole water line,
bat above this belt, fore and aft the battery.
the sides are only an loch and a quarter in
ihlckaeu, and would be readily pierced by
shot, which would pass clear through the
vessel without doing any material harm
Thfl fit At lot? In thorn linllrhuili la ai. .,., .
a-hau Inches In thickness, oo Abacklnt of
hu luiucvui tch,uuaa saot coaid naraiy
strike It at a right angle, It Is abundantly
sufficient to resist any blows that could be
uroagai w oear aponii. too distance bo
I ween the bulkheads Is 170 feel, plrfnvntt.ni
of room for the storing of shot and for the
anuipniauoa oi me turret in time or action.
The entrances fere and aft are protected by
solid iron doors, which open outwardly, and
would be kept tightly closed la action.
These balkhaads attend fram Um .oik
deck to the berth deck, well below the
water-llae. and with th nitiin niain .
the outer side, make this vital nnrtinn Ar
the ship, where are the boilers and the steer
lag apparatus and the turret connections,
strong enough to be Impregnable against
any anUgouUt less powerful than the Mon
arch herself. Thero Is another bulkhead ',
clear forward, perhaps SO reel from the aura
line, which gives the bow tremendous ,
ircngio, snouui it oe niea as a ram. It will
oe seen, tnertlore, ibat too vessel Is divided
into three watertight compartments, and
tusk ci.ucr ma mrwavra or ait compartment
might be riddled through and through and
filled with water without endangering the
fighting capacities of the vessel.
Like Ibe Great Eastern the Monarch has a
doable bottom without any central keel, bat
has deep lonfltodlnal k-.aI-.on.. which
the Whole lenirth Of thai Vnainl and lni.HUt
at the point of convergence forward and aft.
These keelsons, which are aboat four r-ni
apart, are upright thick Iron pUtcs, to whose
tower rage toe outer stm is securely riveted
with double antie Irons, and on tf nnu.
edge of which other plates are fastened la
the same manner, forming the doable hot
torn. Traasrersefr the um -.-ini-intA nt
wuiti utiiua u awmiiau. a.ni inn tMiinni a m
joiuoa once inrourieei by siiOtrnlng plates
J orgataeta, which areaecnrely rlreted lo the
u. irwu. of too noor piaiea ana tne outer
eheathlng. Althongh Iheaa aectlont aro only
half aa anmerona aa they wonld be If ibe
main framea ran tran.Tcraely, tha bottom la
far atrongar than It wonld be wero It con
atrnetod In that way. The bottom, are three
and a half feet apart, and lha keel.ona and
alao tha tranarerae platea are perforated In
the centre of erery aectlon, ao that a pcrion
can eaally pa.a from one to tho other.
The aide, of tbla hugo reaael are compoaed
a. follow.. Longitudinal glrdera of teak
twelre Inchea In tblekneai. extend ln.ldo of
the armor and ooutde of Ibo aheathlog, tha
bole Irmly bolted together. Onulde tiflbe
Wrafliiri hafVlnia mtm..a ll.. .
Inches Id thickness, rolled to the sue, not
pat on la lneh layers as on some of our ships.
The armor plates are about three feet aod
two Inches In breadth, and vary In length
iruiu vn ia oiwoa icci emi niceiy are tuey
fitted together, and the Jolau concealed by
paint and putty, than on a cursory view one
would surmise that the side was a pnoLlnn.
ous and undivided surface. It Is said that
each plate was carefully fllted to Its place
and planed to the exact shape reqolred, lost
carpenter Iwould have fitted wooden
sheathing. Another point which shows great
skill Is the method of fastening the bolt
beads are flat and countersunk in the plate
so deftly as not to be percoptlble, while the
bolt heads oa the sides of the Mlantonomah
and atl the monitors stand out roand and
fall, showing the blows of the hammer that
u.ue vuoai. inn ooiware three laches la
diameter, and are fastened on the Inside by
two threaded nnts screwed oa to a thin rub
ber washer.
Out the most striking aad pocalUr of the
resources of this remarkable vessel are the
wing passages, to-called, which extend In
side this armor plating on each side of tbo
turret batteries. A .-.riiei imt iuitinn
extends along the whole Interior of this
heavily plated portion, from the outer edge
of tho doable bottom to tho main deck,
forming a chamber some three feet In width
and twelve to ArteeD feet In height. These
wings are cech divided Into dni'MMi.
vuuiiiii.iuuuii uv ?Briirii inniiim nn.
and the compartments are entered by means
of orifices midway between the decks.
J These orifices are made water tight b iron
I.Tf.i a...i. . . '"J1'""
slides, which aro moved br a whKfl .
rachet They are large enough to admit a
person of ordlnarv slip, am nnx. inai.ia !.
visitor get a very good Idea of the plan oa
which the shin Is bnllt. Eni-h fimnnHm.ni
Is provided with a sluice at the bottom,
which can be opened by connecting rods
iiwiu wio) rum . u uy aiung inese com
partments with water, which can be almost
iosuotly done, that the Mooarch mav be
vitvu wau .uia ui auui icci,, u necessary,
la Use of action. Each compartment Is
ZJXK V u . u P-wnpwr lightening,
and the large Iron tube which furnish the
water for the fire apparatus rua through
them. Uesldes enabling the ship to be low
ered la the water, these compartments fur-
,.otncr Tr' roat advantage, u ,
well known that water Is a most excellent
resisting medlam, and when Oiled theso pas
ages glre to the aides a greatly Increased
amount of itreogth. And If the outside
plating were plereed by an enemy's shot, so
aa to admit the water from the ontslde. the
vessel would still be Intact, while If the shot
should pass dear through the armor and tho
compartment, the puncture In this Inner
partition could be readily stopped by the
sailors before mnch water could enter.
The decks of the vessel are atl plated, as
follows t The upper or weather deck Is half
Inch steel, covered with four and a half
Inches of fir. The main deck Is half-Inch
Iron, covered with fonr anri a hiirinhaa
oa. me oerta a ecu is half-inch mn.
covered with four and a half laches of dr.
The metal plallog Jo each case Is strongly
riveted to tbo transverse stringer-plates
which run athwart ships to support the
dicki. Ihe upper deck is furnished with a
skillfully constructed drain around the outer
surface, which convevs all the rain and
washings over the ship's sldo la Iron scup
pers, and prevent the moisture from tlck
Hog all down the surface, which would In
evltably glre the vessel a rusty look.
The anchors that holds the hugo ship
vn nit -1nrt ami ti.la ... r. ... r
r 7. v w -"" '' wyr numoer,
weighing from five to sevea tous each.
They are worked by a steam capstan, whose
motive power 1 a forty-horse engine. The
vessel Is fitted as a full-rlggod ship. The
running rigging Is attached to tbo upper
deck, and much pains has been taken to
render It clear from the guns. The stand
ing rigging Is or Iron wire, and It triced up
whea the ship Is la action.
The forward Portion at the nuln iWv i
devoted to the sailors' mess, and the after
portion is a large cabin, In which the crew
meet for prayers when It U too cold on dock.
Farther forward are the mess-room I of the
midshipmen and Junior olflccrs on each side
All the cabins aro fitted uu witi. atti. nrt
durable furniture, designed with reference
lo comfort rather than laxaryi and It Is
hardly so flue as the American Iroa-clads
can boast.
Delow, on tho berth deck, aro tha noari.
of the ward-room officers, and forward of
lha hill It hernia tlia t.nlrnr.' ma.a ..-.- j
Tho Monarch W abundantly provided with
teara apparatus, and has fourteen etgtnes
la all. bhe has una pair of mala engines,
having a nominal power of eleven hundred
hones. Their real power Is 8,139 horses.
She Is probably the swiftest war vessel la
the world, allowing for the amount and bar
den of armor. The highest rate of speed Is
a slight excess over fourteen knot) half
speed, eleven knots. Tbo diameter of the
cylinders Is ten feet stroke, four feet nam
ber of revolutions per minute, thirty. The
engines are provided with surface con
densers, containing lT,3d4 tubes, or about
twenty miles of tnblog, and also with the
ordloary let condensers, either of which can
bo used. The condensers furnish about 6,700
gallons of fresh water per day. A smalt,
self-acting valve engine Is need to aid In
starting the rnatn engines. There are eight
main bolters, consuming 233 tons of coal per
day when the engines are run at fall speed.
The entire storago capacity Is only 630 tons,
so that tho engines can never be used at fall
speed on a voyage, and the main reliance
for motive power Is therefore the wind The
boilers are situated la the centre of the ship,
directly beneath the t arrets. The engine
room Is aft, bat Is we:i protected by heavy
Iron gratings,, which are rsn under the
...-.'"-'--.. .". ":- r-- -
oaieoes. me uraia engine, wnicn u used
to pamo out the compartment. Is sltaabxl
on the berth deck, Immediately over the
main engines. Among tne smaller engines
are two donkey aoda pair of blast engines
for the furnaces.
The, propeller of this mighty engine of
war U of the Orlfflth pattern, 26 feet and 4
Inches In diameter, u Is provided with
shifting htades, by means of which the pitch
may be altered from 2i feet to 3ft (est. The
immersion of too lop Made Is 6 feet, and la
s'esa or oeingiinra out or w
la use. it U provided with a cot
meat, and Is allowed to revolve
engine as ine snip mores
By means of this detachment a speed of
from one to two knots per hoar Is gained
ziiww n,0,ln" ,""1 ,o '-M
unou an noar.
The omcert of tUfi Uoud SUte. iteamer
Vlrraoutb, wbloh accomiKiDlcd th. Uoaarcli
mtom ll Atlaollc, were lmd in their
pralaeiof lh lOADoer In watch tail "levti
than of ihadeep" minded her helm. In lh.
ronchett weather the veiael Itcerod 1 ko
fii.n.n Sni. tr.i.. i. . w.m.t .r .
then th.re tin be no wonder al their tx -
prcielons of pleaenm for the rnddor of the
Ttucl la trolj a mammoth loultntlon. It
la A hal.nltiH Av avinlfwila. vtAAm .,! I Oaf
feet lo lenethbrll feet and I'incbe. In ,loa '"""I11" " lnlllloM from the
breadth. Wllhont the aid of ilearn all men 241h of No.embar to the 27lh of December,
wonld bo required lo manage lu The ateer- j bnt nothlog tending to Implicate Dr. Nich
ing apparatna la elwated on lha berth deck 01 ,., tanni, and the report not only ex
and ou tho atarboard aide of the battery ..,,.... M vni i. M.-M. MMhitM..
compartment. When Ibe Te.ael U In ht- UP" " ont la highly compllmwtnry
ingirim u i. quiio Deiow tne water line.
The manner la which a small steam engine
Is employed to aid la controlling the rudder
I peculiarly Ingenious. The man who di
rects the rudder stand at an ordinary helm,
aad the little eograe Jelde him, by a skill
fully devised connection, assists la turning
It la either direction whenever hereoolvee
aa order from the pilot tower to alter Its po
sition. These order are transmitted by
mean of a revolving disk, with the com
mands stamped upon It lateral surface,
which Is put la motion br the officer oa the
lookout above.
The .arret are two la number, aod are
among the prominent polnte of Interest oa
mo vessel, taey are eitnoua close to each
other, amidships, with the boiler funnel be
tween them. They are 20 feet la diameter
over all, and S3 feet Inside. They rest upon
tbo mala deck, aod are mounted oa rollers,
Instead of belog supported on a central
pivot, a la oar monitor. Tbo circular bed
on which tho turretrevolvo Is of the tame
diameter a the turret, and Its upper sarfaoe
Is planed to aa exact level. The turret rests
on 33 Iron rollers, 10 Inches In diameter and
9 Inches wide, connected with rods which
cnnrerire at the centre. Tho turret Is ren.
tered oa aa Iron pivot, bat I mainly held la
placo by tho massive framework of the up
per deck, which encircles It a little below the
middle Portion. The floor Is About ihran
ice. ana a uaii a doth loo mam dacic. and ah
.. J - ... .. . T ." "-
each aide or the gan-carrlage are entrances
through which tbe gunner com and go,
and pass up tbo ammuultlont around the
base thero are co encumbrances whatever,
and la this wide, opea epaco the operatloa
of working the turret can be carried oa
wtth great celerity. Oa tho aid of Ihe tar
rets protecting tbe cans the armor plates
are 10 Inches, oa a wood backing of els-hl
laches, with a skin plating of two thick
oesscs of serea-elghtbs Inch Iron, each
stifluned by seven-Tneh horlsontat frames,
with an Iron lining three eighths of an Inch
In thickness. The heavy plating extend
only a few feet on each side of tbe port
holes, aad on the opposite side of tbo turret
armor Is not raoro thaa half the thickness.
In addition to the armor-plating of tho sides
there aro Inside screens of Iron plating to
farther protect the machinery ot the tur
rets. Across the top there I a light voodes.
framework, no other protection being neces
sary on account of the height above tbo
Aronnd th outside of the portion of tbe
turret la the rear of the can there 1 a
wooden platform, upon which the person di
recting tbo movements of the turret stands.
There ore a pair of engines for each turret,
situated directly beneath them, oa the berth
deck. Tbe llmo required for a revolution Is
thirty second.
To aid tn tbe lighting of the gan there 1
a very Ingenious arrangement oa tho Inte
rior of th turret, by which a square mirror
la a heavy brass frame Is unfolded from a
side lu the framework overhead, and la pro
jected through aa aperture, where It may bo
regulated from below so .as to enable tbo
gunners to perceive the position of obi ecu
outside. Another smaller stationary mirror
Is fixed la the opposite side of the aperture,
so that reflections of tho state of allalrs out
side are cast In two direction.
Tbe armament of the Monarch consists of
nine guns, or perhaps more properly, seven
guns, a two of them are 12 pounder deck
bowltxers, of the Armstrooff bre-ch-.aad'nr
pattern, stationed at the stem, on the npper
deck. The bow battery consist of two 115-
This part of the npper deck Is well protected,
uu.ua j-ji uuiH .ur .uwia gum are re
tc-ou, u io -ai.ij-r .uem to ore at an an
g'e or stia'gbt ahead t and they can even be
tired at aa angle or three degrees across the
bowline. With their muzzles protruding
uj " ww m icrriwij savage I00K.
These cons bare an elevation of is .-.
and a range of 4.000 yards.
Tbo bow gun 1 a sir and one half ton
gun t calibre, seven Inches. It work on a
slide aod ha a range of 15 degress from tbo
ime oi ine nip's aeci. on. mess guns are
as a trifle compared to tbe Immense cannon
ia the turrets two la each. These moo
sters weign eaen aoout twenty Are too. At
tbe breech they aro VA feet la diameter.
The else of the bore 1 12 laches, with 8 10
Inch rifling.
The shot used are conical chilled shot,
weighing six hundred pounds, two hundred
pounds heavier than those thrown by the
fifteen-Inch gans ou our monitor. Bhelt
of the same site a tho solid shot, and con
taining thlrtv three pound of powder, caa
also ba used, and a quantity Is provided.
Tha range of these guns Is tremendous, and
far exceeds that of any other ordnance uow
In use. Ou account of their Immense size
the vent Is placed for convenience oa the
side of tho breach Instead of oa the top, as
Is customary with other ordnance. Both
gans caa be fired at once by mean of a
cord and spring attached to tho cartridge.
The fall charge of powder I seventy
pounds, but theguusaro usually fired with
sixty or less. None of the four bare beea
fired more thaa furtv or flftr times. Tha
machinery for running out tho guns Is ad
mlrabte. Cranks are applied to spindles on
the outer edge of the base of tbe turret, and
are worked to great advantage by the men
opoa the lower deck, Nine men Is tbe
quota for each guo The guns have an
elevation of etxtuea degrees aad a depres
sion or seven degree) but by means of a
novel arrangement la tho carriage a greatly
Increased depression Is gained by raising or
lowering the breach of tbe gun some twentv-
two inches. This I done by two spur
wheel and pinions la tha frame of tbe car
rlago, assisted by a couple of hydraulic
Bill-any description will fII to convey a
proper Idea of this Immense ship. The visi
tor wander for hoar and hours, every mo
ment finding something to excite hi wonder
and admiration. Tho vessel reo aires a
great crew distributed as they are In erery
part of tbe structure, one can hardly believe
It possible that the souls oa board, officers
ana crew, numoer arc, divided a follows i
O Ulcers, 67i marines, 75i stokers. 65) sailor.
255j boys, 7J. ' '
It I tbui that England keep her navy
well manned, and the visitor who saw this
horde of youthful tars was forcibly reminded
of tbo absence of any apprentice la our
navy aud tho consequent decline of this
branch of tbe Qoveroment service. All our
sailors are educated oa merchant vessels, or
not at all, aad the old sailor pride of serving
m iua utaiiuuiia ui&riuo uai aioiosi com
pletely died out. Tho whole crew are a
Jolly, healthful looking set, anl their ap
pearance Indicated, beyond pdradvanture,
tbat tbtlr keeping aud treatment n a health
ful aud humane.
Tho principal officer are Captain John E.
Commerell, C. B., Commander Arthur C.
Curtis, Lieutenant E. I'llklngtoii, II. A.
Arundel, Wm. II. Jocclyn. F. J, J, Elliott
aad Malcolm McNeill,
An Evident At'-empt to Black tfial).
The Secretary of the Interior yesterday
sent to the House of Representatlvee tie
voluminous tcattmoey taken by the coinvils
slon appointed by the Secretary of the In
terior to loreMlgote certain charges agrdaet
Dr. C, 11. Nichols, superintendent of the
Ai?:am fof the Insane. A good deal haa
been said with reference to those charger,
and now that all the evidence Is la H
nmounte to abeotately toothing to ftr a the
hoaored and respected bead of th esjlrim Is
concerned, hnt It shows' clearly an attempt
to levy DiecKmaiii
The principal personage aDooariufr to sat
tala the charges Is one 4. O. f. Dan levy,
whose motives can be tweltr wMH Infei-MMt
, .... . -- --
, from the folio wing letteti
WllSIMn. 1.. n tamf
Dr O tt JThko't r '"
DtAB Hiat Mr attsatloa ae a dstsotive
bavins; been r.iaii)otJlr direntcw to the use
acstneat of the lnr.ll tat low ver white you
preside,! have besn makleglBvesttfatloes In
rr-fard te It. ThrUJo nTSn effbtls and bv
the imIiImm or Mr. Ueorge KslliHrs-, Mr
Alklns. Mr. Snllh, Mr, UkatUs Dorrs and
others, 1 have DbtaUMtaa Inraensa araeeet
of lotportasl Itro-raatloTfj fc-ajrlmnliic with Ihe
eonslraeUoa o( the hoepltal bolldlir, and mot
l.a,a- 1- ..! -. k .k.tmri.. 1.
f that It wonM he aothlec aser thaa
,.V7tou aaopporiiiityforMpUna
i fair la
I i,m.jit.i.
Yoor. rc.pt.tx.llr,
. s O w. Inurr.
J " " ' no qnlle.t lo ujIdq; w Dt.
! KUholfl, f,jou moat come dowa land
aomelr, and buy m off," then we e4ano
' j.-B iv. rrt-. r - ..a .iS
nnderiland the rorc. or a Terr hroad hint.
, " "PPO"., farther, from tho report enb.
milled jeaterday, that a great qnmber of
, wltnei.ee wero iamlnd, and the commit.
wn iufccBij uu ciub.cuvi
J. Marshall It no a, editor of the faturdat
Xtofi.rij- riHter, test I fled that he obtained
th statement made la that paper rdra a
clerk named Wm Q. Toner, who In torn
obtained (hem la part from two females,
who had been employed la the hospital, who
npoo belog colled failed lo prove anything,
for the very good reason that they knew
nothing against Dr. Nichols, or hi manage
ment of the asylum. 2to one who read the
testimony caa fall to be convinced thai these
charge wero of that lnfausons character
which are entirely too frequently tramped
ap against public office r In order that
some malevolence may be pratlne. or some
nefarious end gained. Our tit'sea. were
surprised whoa they beard of these eborge.
It will bo no surprise to them in learn tbat
the evldonca disclose nothing to aoVt the
Doctor standing as an official oracltUto.
First Ward IlxrcBT.ici.KB. A meeting
or ine rirs. vara i.epuDi.cau uiao was neio
last night at Stevens school-house, with
Henry lllmberla tho chair, and Wm. I'ren
der, secretary
roe roue wing committees were appoiateui
Executive C. V. Stewart, Wm. flyphax,
- vroiuv, um ov-twa, vuu. laompraon, v.
i. f ran., it. i. iibiso.
Finance J. D. Johnson, F. Tavern. 0
D. Hunter. Isaiah Ferrr. II. Laer.
Campaign Committee Geo. FhllUpe, -Too.
F. Cook, Dr. Oreen, Samoa Ross, K. Wll
11ms, John Preoder, Geo. Oarrette, George
Drown, G. Garrison, Wm. Cbase, Go.
Chate, L. Mndd, L. Day, O.T. Gant.O.Ia,
Mr. Edward Crusoe otTdred resolution In
dorsing tho national administration of rr
Ident Uraot aod tbe municipal administra
tion of Mayor Bowen.
Mr. Henry Locey hoped the resolutions
would be referred. It hoQ gone out that the
ciao oau pieugoa uscu to air iiowen, wnicn
he dented.
Mr. lumber was la favor of considering
and disposing of the resolutions and al
though Individual members proposed to up
pan me present aiayor, toe eiao oaa signi
fied no each intention. Mr. Ulmber then
spoke al length In favor of Mayor Bowen.
After farther debate Mr. Lacey offered the
fo' lowing as a substitute i
The forecolo-; rteolutloo shell sot be cqo.
llrued as pleoflof the ward lo any person or
persona for Mayor) but we do pledfs oar
selres, separately or collectively, to support
whoever th regular eoavenlloa may nomt
Bte. Mr. G. R. Huls opposed the amendmeat,
and endorsed Mayor Bowen la all hi ac
tion. The resolutions aod amendment were
finally adopted.
The qnestlon of tbe conference with tbe
Invincible ctub coming np,
Mr. Lacy Inquired If any recommedda.
tlooe were to be offered by Mr. Stewartl
Mr. 8. ald he had no doubt but thai the
lovlnclblas were true Republicans, and be
believed they would all vote for the, regular
Mr. liaise moved tbat the committee ap
pointed lo consult with the Invincible be
ditch anted.
Messrs. Stewart and Peyton opposed tbe
motion, and Mr. Lacy advocated It.
Th question belog taken, the committee
were aiscnargea.
Mr. Schuyler, of the lovlnclbles, off red
th foil owl DC. which wo referred to tbe
general nominating coovcnttooi
Whereas therlfht to assemble la mats meat-
1D( DJ Clllieoe. to uiiquii maj e;iie nni in
eompatlbl with the laws of th e 9 mm on
wealth, belne; an Inherent one, and alsn (iiar
anteed by the Constitution or Ihe Uolted
i u kettby rttoltud. That w. the members
ha arlvltaal First Ward Usaabllaan CJluh.
or tn
da deprecate any and all atterapeon tbe part
i any parson or pr,on o umurp in a
n ai
msetlaf whea thus assemblevl.
hat as rood elllxto we dseoi
our imperative duty to -smltr, asalstsase
whtaavaraallsd udod to suesras disorder and
lawlessness, and thsrehy ustlnlng the fpiar
dlaasorihepsae In prassrvlorlaw im) order.
Rtiolvti, That lo bis lloaorbaylet J. lis wen
we hv a csDtlstnso aad eaeoutlr etUesr
whom, as elllsaas and Itepabtlsaaa.we have
reason to be proud of, aad w hereby plsd
oursalves to J all that Is eoailsteot lo assure
his reonmlDatloD and sUetloa,
Mr. Stewart olTsred a resolution providing
Ut tbe appolotment of a committee to make
arrangement with aorao person or person
who will furnish goods to the laborlog men
at tbe lowest market price.
Also, that tho delegation of the ward In
tbe Council be requested to ate tbclr Influ
ence with Ibe Mayor to Induce lila. lo pay
.uo jBuor.Dir, .una i mo cna or every looo.o,
thereby preventing much suQVrlDg, which
bas heretofore existed In this ward.
The reeolatlons wero adoiied
Tbe Chair appointed tho following as said
com mlttee i Messrs. G. A. fltcwjtt, W,
Oliver, O. T. Oant, D. M ll4vl-, R. II.
Thompson, It. 8. liaise and George I'lallllp.
Pbi riRSOn (or ''fellow") who Inadver
tently (1) abstracted an Alpnta nmbrella
from A man's restaurant last night, Is re
quested to return tho same to that estab
lishment by any negro boy, and no ques
tions will be asked. Tbe Ink!! nn th. nr1
of tbe handle are not A.i, and the abstractor
I vili known.
Tfll LIQUOR DI1LIBS of tbla Dlatrtt-L kaM
a ijeclal meeting yesterday afternoon at 4
P. m . P. C. liovle In the chair, with a
large attendauce. Tbo prohibitory bill for
tb District was brought np) three thousand
signatures were banded In in opposition lo
It. Tbe territorial bill for tbe District was
adopted unanimously.
Tac WianixoTOX Cms Works, comer
of Twenty-fifth street west and K street
north, are manufacturing all kinds or flint
and colored glassware oa the most reasona
ble term and at tbe shortest notice.
Ehort IUitih, No. 1930 Pennsylvania
icuuv, vuiii Ki-.fe luuuccmeui vO tne pur
chasers of dry goods.
W. BiLLiMTrxa, No. 403 Seventh street,
Intelllgeucer building, announces In another
column a catalogue cf books Jast published
Tn a annual anniversary of the missionary
socloty connected with Wesley cbapti will
talto placo to morrow.
MlSIR. Boa AM A WlLII. Ko. 1020 flat.
enth street, otter great Inducement to pur
chaser of dry -goods. r
Ubbirivlb eoous are offered for rent lu
the Colonization building.
sier wnen not i , ..i4 u n iiiiKmaiiirai
intlnr attach. ' ( IAr-Mlaee-?,twhlah 1 deem liny
lf!2rflMl to '" thotjoeteuryor the latwi
e free or toe rl'r.thee-mta-.d theeouatrv.
1th Ihe Wind. I Brforedalnrr this, barmr. I kit.
Tni iKDinioinT HirvBttc&w ItirbKU
iiisociATioiv met at Union League IUl),fr,
JTmDlionln the thilr, and Jlr. Bsnji M.
Mr. A, Watson offered the ollowlnir i
irhersae It has btea rr psattdlr 4esUrd bv
d,,Ct,,,J'0l the i.miiif SHir, Montng Chrpnl
e,J K ?. b. 00 rJh m pretexts of the
Mer Uo-n his Ysntafrtlr'e-Ur.,l thai
nol a-tfeiiar ahoeld be expeedea Tapoa the
!.?!: rA?? AM-Jwrt,55.,t,""w alosl, aad
K.!f5a.fJl pu-Usj for sush l-sptoremeitsi
antat the lraprevemeM ef the etosl, Is
n.i.i.i ..'.7i..v.' -",.".r,"s "'""
lilflnKas akI AtL&B
wiV-.J- 13 II'"-""". mQ1 pveventiag tne ero.
kloyraeotbf thoasaads of mholi and la.
portrs, to the serious Inleryer theeltr as.) Us
ishoribi populatton. wblea has frselted la
treat sufferloc durlaa- ttia I hat ..
atne.iv. That It Is the Imperative duU pf
hih.orihJ Iioard of AlUrrmensod Ope..
hr.oflbe Iloard of Aldermen and Com
i ueuoelito adroeat add vols' for a bill
lea eat and otherwise ImproVe tbe eaeal,
mi.1 loarnworK saar eonoienae Imrasdlatelr
and bt. finished
ed at the esrltst praslleebla
mom eat, , la order to prevent an v future aiUa-
.. .. ,u-j rinuTKi oi ineoapii-,1 on mis ae
eouit.nad All tofuralsh wertt to Isrf sun.'
eers of laborers, who universally prefer work
to assistant by hrUy. '
These tfiwrfoUon-f waM-riUftnt-jtrl ai -Ji
siderable length by Messrs. PhUbrook, WoU
-"f.wiiuiuy( aj. it, uri. wroeeman.
Crane and other, and finally adopted.
Mr. D. H. Kelsey then delivered a ear-fUy-rpard
addreee. ApologUlng for
readiaC s. wrlttaa aneeahi he a&l hrtrr
prepared to apeak from tbe record and to
MDuaaasw jaageaDyuia recorav itstbea
proceeded ta arraign the prceentaity admin
istration, and presented a most form Idol hi
bill of Indictment,
Mayor Bowen1 eonrse upon the various
lesaee which have arisen, hi treatment of
corporation creditors nod clllx-ms generally,
hi management or tbe city finances, Ac,
wero held ap la anything bet an enviable
lit, J. II. Crane said that since he had
come to tbe meeting he had received a bote
from a gentleman who had been accused of
walling to see how the movement took wtth
tha people. He desired, therefore, to read
tbo uote to show that the charges wen un
coiled for aad unjust. He then read a note
from Matthew u. Emery, sutlog that he
wa too unwell to be out, and expressing
sympathy with th object of tbe meeting.
jir. kirbo uuercu a series 01 resolution
cordemnJng the bestowal of office upon per
onat flatterers at th expeose of party
friends ( cenenrlnr the bestowal nf m.n
offices upon one favorite and th proscrip
tion of tried and true men) denying the as-
iiiuuvu wi .ug Major IDS I IDS OluCCe
belonged to him personally protesting
against the com mission! dp of If. A. Hail
Justice of the peace, and asking tbo Presi
dent to recall tbe nomination.
The reaotatlona were unanimously adopted.
Mr. Wm. n. Brwn afftrrA raanliiLlnna
denouncing the Injustice or the sentence im
posed upon Lieut. Hurley, or tbe police
force, which were discussed and flnaii
amended by Mr. Crano, who oflEsred the fol
lowing a a inbatltutet
Rttohtd. Tht the thanks of this meet In r
are extended to Lieut, liarier for hi pronpl
eettoa la causing th arrest of disturbers of
the nubile peaoeat a llepablloar, aaeetlsr Jo
the Mrs. ward, nod wo saooot bellTo that
th USB of Dro'ena llntmr. wa. IK. a.l
eedif, but really a pretext for the Imposition
of a fine of W aed bis removal from the ward.
After aomt discussion not complimentary
to the Mayor or police board, the resolution
wa adopted.
On motion of Coancllman ITnlmaa. a Mm.
mlttee of three wa appointed to receive sub
scription to reimburse Lieutenant Hirley
the amount or the fine Imposed. Messrs.
Holme, Crane and Cunningham constltnt
log the committee. Tbo meeting tires, ad
Sons or Michigan. Hon. John F. n-t-a
gave hi lecture, oa "Oat West, aad tbe
People of California and Utah " list eve
ning, before the .Michigan Society, at the
lecture room of the Congregational church.
Oa account or the Inclemency of the weather
but few person were present at the hour
appelated, and It wae proposed to adjourn
to some future time; but after weltl;
A..M. It .. Jt IL.I ..a..-.
mit inn a na .uuuu .Uat. at r-wpOClMOIQ nUffl
ber had assembled, and th desire betig
generally expressed that he should proceed,
be wa Introduced by tho presldont of the
Mr. Drlggegav, Inavoryllaant and In
teresting manner, aa aeceont of hi trip
over the Pacino railroad It grade, scenery,
elevations, time of running, which ho sold
wa very exact, spoke or tbo deceptive ap
pearance or the distant point from the
highest elevations, instancing Pike's Peak,
which could be seen from some points for
150 mile. At on point he estimated tt
distance to another across a wide, valley at
15 mile, supposing he had rondo a good e.
tlmate. but was greatly surprised to loam
that It was, In fact, 43 mile. For 500 mile
through on section of th road yoa see
nothing bat age brush.
H gave a description of the snow sheds.
He Bused throtte-h thM. mm fnwn.n.
Ia length, and described them a very
strongly built to resist great pressure. He
gave a fine description of the bev f fi.n
Francisco, aad the sea lions, which are
louua in .no raciac. ana tneir Habits, Ac.
He cave an account of hi vlalt tn th
Chinamen, retatlog some of their peculiar.
ties and Important and carious reflections
relative to tblt strange doodIo. At Halt ika
City he saw Brlgham Young and a doxen of
uia wiToa. ana as mentioned unnna int-.
eating Incident connected with tbe Mormon
aaDiieana .uat visuea laaineairet it vaa
equal, If not superior, to any he had ever
He tagirested various reflections and nar.
rated many Incident which w have not
pace to mention bat altogether it was an
Interesting account, aod at it close was re-
sponaea ioey amnaatmoa vow or thicks
from the audience, among which were ssv
rral member of Congress and ether Intelli
gent, citlcens.
It wo announced at the close that at tho
neit monthly meeting oa tbe first Tnesday
in March ensuing, tbe annual election of
ofllcers of the Society would take place.
Sevektu Ward Iaisa Republic.!! Club.
A meeting of the Irish Republicans of the
Seventh ward wae held last evening at Da
laney' Uall for the purpose cf effecting a
permanent organisation, Mr. Rtchard Col-
v... Hal alahj.tak.1 nfill.iW.hi .. ...I.t .
aauHU - NO.WI lu.lliuiu, UU V IJl-tlDtMl
tbe object of the meeting. The Sixth ward
bad recently established an Irish Republican
club, which waslna flourishing condition,
and he hoped tbe Irishmen of tbe Seventh
ward would not be backward la organizing
and aniline themselves with the elnb nm.
Mr. T F Mannlnc wa chosen eecrctarv.
On motion of Mr. Carraber. tho oresant
were requested to come forward aod append
tbelr names to tbe roll of the cleb, and
twenty person signified their wllUngnea to
ha-Ami matmtiAra.
Oa motion a committee of Are wa ap-
pointed to draft a constitution aad by-law
for the rovernment of tbe clob. and Messra.
Carraber, Neenan, Brady. Bheely and
Barn were designated, and, on motion,
the chairman, Mr. Coleman, wa added o
tbe committee.
Tb secretary wa authorized to give duo
notice la the newspaper of the next meet
ing, when permanent officer of the club
will be elected.
Case or Small-Pox. A man named Ed
ward Casey, residing at tbo corner of First
street east and K street north, was found oo
Thursday to be afflicted with sraall-poi.
On iDqulry It wa ascertained that the suf
ferer Is from North Carolina, and haa only
beea In tbe city two week, and that he had
contracted the disease before arriving here.
lie was coareyed to tbo small-pox hospital
at tbe Washington asylum.
Fjhe Yr. i tie dat. An alarm or Are wae
tarocd la about 11 o'clock yesterday, caused
by the discovery of a Are la the npper etory
of the house occupied by Mr. Cautwell, at
tho corner of Third and North B streets.
The department promptly responded, bat
did not go into service, a the flames were
extinguished before their arrival.
Pll-nniT Put n.. v t w-.ii.t-
..,.v..,u v.uaa. J.UT M. It JU.lUi.VIT,
Bolivar. Tenn., lias accepted a call extended
to him by the Sixth Presbyterian church of
this city, aod ha Informed the session that
be design to commence hi ministerial
lauor wita mem oa tne jst or April.
aTats fbou DihtI tbsreany hair color
lBgproparatlon.eltherbero or In Europe, that
resembles phalon VltalU, or Salvation for
tbeUalrT Notoao. It I a clear fluid that
flow from tho bottle doe not stala tbe
skin, aad produces none but natural shades
of color, it has no sediment. 8old by all
druggists and fancy goods driers.
MuatosABT AvsTivsasART. -We Invite
attention to out advertUlng column to th
mlislonary anniversary at Wesley chapel,
to-morrow. It Promise to be an I uteres tin r-
oc cation.
- j fnuvipitiir rvtpoesieie rer iheaciu
"00 to remove the capital, bj whloiireal
-ilsrsiarihe eity has ta'dureeiated i m
tlaa of butldlers bss been prevents to the
anoaal et more than two millions or dmi.r.
thus reiKlerlaa brisk, atn-..
Tit MlnxiT Horjii Qomtos. Teslw.
day afternoon, la purs a once of on lntll&tlon
extended bf Sidney Mc Far land, clerk, aad a
number of person doing bo slates la the
Centre market, member of tho Board of
Aldermen and Common Council, and the
commttstooera, headed by Mayor Bowen,
assembled la the hall over the clerk' office,
the object belog to laipecl the present coo
drUonortheroAtket. and hear eipresslons
oroplnloaroUllvato. the erection of a new
market-hous. Among (hose present wero
a number of well-known cltlxeos, and after
all habda; partaking of it well-selected and
bountiful collation, the cloth was removed,
and Mayor Bowed requested to eair the
meeting together.
Mr. llowtn said ha had already expressed
We t lew, la regard to the question lo a bill
which ho wa id a Inly InitramtnUl In draw
lag np, aod ho would Ilka to hear tbe eg
presslon of tbote present, whether they
favored tha corvoratlon bulldlne anr. v.n.
trolllog tbe market, or tbat It should go Into
tue nana oi a private company.
.Mr. A. G. Rid Ji said he had not given
the iabject.bat attention doe It, but there
wa bo doubt In hi mind but tbat the cor
poration should control It market!. Next
to the corporate authorities, however, those
who deal with tbe people In tbe raarket
should be tho controlling element, for the
Interest of buyer and teller ta not opposition,
and therefore outside tbe corporation those
ensnared In aelllnr Should harn Iba inr.!-M.
Hug power. " '
Mr. GIdeoa L. Walker said there wa no
doubt of the right of the city to tbo ground
upon which the present raarket stands, for
the city of Washington took possession or
the gTcrand when It was a mere marsh, and
fbryear it Wa called "Marsh Market."
lolpOS, he said, the city, Of Washington p
pfopriaied tS,OuO to Improve tho ground for
markat rarposas, which wai before Congress
bad beea removed to tfiU District. Ho al
lured the meeting that the corporation: bai
held possession or the ground for seventy
years, and that It originally belonged to one
Patrick Barn, and never to a faraii nf
Eignth clreet, according to the original
dap, was never laid oat beyond tbe south
aide of Feoosyvapta avenue, and hi did not
think Congress had authority to compel tho
corporation of Wasblnrton. a Taw
Inc4, to remove what was denominated "aa
?m.rucuon vo cignta eiroei." too ground
1 WOrth at least AA mllHnn ftff..Tara In.
day, and he favored, the corporation going
at once to work and build a market.
wun amiable nana, stores, Ac. He believed
that If the Councils should ask Comr-m -Wi
the aathorltv ta Issue bond tn th immur
oi i,uw,wu ror maraet-Doase purposes, It
--. -.-t -- --.--. - -" -
tuui ua granioa. ine ponas woaia be
take a at once br the neonle. and an iaad
tbe market aad necessary building are
erected, the Investment would' prove the
best paying one that 'conld possibly be
Mr. F. Crowley then offered the following!
Raolvti. That the aorporatloa build a mar
ket, aad ifaat th Mayor be requested to draw
np a bill asking aatborltr froa V-. -ess to
issue bond to the amouot of ai.OM.eoo, bated
upon Ibe revenue to be derived from said
The resolution wa adopted without a dis
senting voice, and the party separated to
stroll through the raarket and Inspect Its
present condition and the necessary Im
provement bow going oo.
After some time spent la the examination
the clerk, Sidney McFar'and, wa compli
mented on hi endeavor to provide for tbe
comfort or buyer am) aallera. and also for
hi admirable market regulations.
Fioat Wi-an liircrBUCi.. A meeting
of tbe committee appointed bv the First
Ward Republican Club and the ini-tnelh.
to take late consideration the propriety of
uniting tbftwoclabs, wa held at Sloven
dcduui-udom oa inursaav Digat, Mr.Joan
fl.wwa.au ius lUaiir. aWT. v A. OtOWart,
of the First Ward Republican Club, ub-
uia.cu u juiauwiag proposiuonst l. TO
ii.-u.uu.Ba eoiui aoaoooa taeir name) 3.
The president of tbe said club shall resign,
and all tho officer connected with Iti 8.
They must abandon their constitution,
which abridge th freedom of speech to
Republicans who aro not willing to become
member of tho orranlzatlon. and enforraa
a ten-cent subscription, lo order to become a
members 4. The First Ward Republican
Club shall require It president aod all of It
officer to resign) S. The executive commit
tee or tba Firt Ward Republlcau Club,
holding over from last year, shall call a
mass meeting of tbe Republican or tbo
ward for tho purpose of organizing a ward
Club for the ensuing Cavmnal
tigai 0. None of
the gentlemen whose name have been men
tioned In connection with the presidency of
either of the elabs shall be broaghl forward
aa candidate for that position in the meet
ing proposed t T. Tbat eaeh dab do pledge
themselves to abide tbe decision of tho meet
ing proposed.
On motion, the propositions were rejected.
Mr. Johnson ubmitled tho following
preamble and resolution t
Whereas having failed to acre upon artl
1a of eooaoUdslloD tor harmonlilDr th It
vlaelbtes aod 1 irst Ward 01 ub
Ktitiwd, That having on objeet la view.
U sussssa of the llepubllasa psrtr.we do
hereby ptedce ouraslvt s to the support of Ue
rt tular do Blasts ot the psrly.
After a short debate, and without tabi-ir
a rote on tbe resolutions, the me-tlnc .rf.
terday morning Messrs. Solomons, Hart and
Browne, and Mrs. Kdson, a committee repre
senting the Washington Association for the
.iuiru-iiu;u. oi .00 VOnaillOU 01 I DO JTOOr,
called upon Capt. Drldgee for tbe purpoee or
consulting wllb him a to tbe future work of
.M-i auciny in relieving me poor. Tbe Cap
ut q wis bed the society to continue their
work a heretofore the visitors golog among
the poor, reporting destitute case to the di
rector of the several wards, and, with their
approval, make requisition on Cant.
Bridge for relief. It 1 understood that
three distributing depot will be established ,
one on Sixteenth street west, near K north,
one at the building now used by tbe society!
In -Tadlolery square, corner of Fifth and v
streets, and the third on Four-and-a-half
-rccv. nearMaryianaarenuc. uspClindge
dated tbat sli hundred blanket would be
turned over to him for distribution among
the needy. Thero wa an entire nnanlmliy
aod harmony of opinion between tho com
mlttee and ibV officer designated to die-trihnuthsporerp-nonuld.
For the further
perfection or ptab a special meeting of tbe
board of director 1 called for tbl evening,
and It 1 hoped tbat there will be a fall at
tendance. ....,.....
Buddie Dram I. Oa Thursday evening
Mr. M. V. Bcott, widow or the late Colonel
Qeortre E. Scott, left herd&ak t tha ,.
letter office of th Pot Office Department In
apparent good health, and took her dloner
a usual at tbe rosldence of Mr. James A. O.
r. unrnsiae, no vuo xnirteentn street. A
friend calling some time after, a servant
went to her room to call her. and she rnni!,'
sue would bo down In a few minutes. As
sne aia not come aown ner room was visited
stain.' and she was found tntilnr In . ph.
with her face odoo tho bed and dead. Mfuit.
cal men were su unnoted, who expressed
theoplnlew that she) died from dUcaae of
'" fl
On W1naBiaw IT Tnt.n TT TTAn.i. .
Old and much-res nected eltlaan. anrlrljin.
ly stricken with parallels while lu tbe lodge
uviu u vuiiiuiui wunij.cr swyai Area
Masons, of which he la a member. Uadirni
asslsuaee wa at once procured, aad he wa
cdotcjou q dm noma wnsre no aiea yester
day at 10 o'clock. Mr. Ii. wa about eighty
isaraof ago, aad has been employed lath
resury Department for a number of years.
TUIUOTUBI Of MISS Jennie Cnlllna wa.
postponed last night owing to tho severity of
.u KM.U'', uh, i win u aeurcrea to-nigut
at Odd-Fellow' Uall, Seventh street. It 1
hoped that the weather to-night may prove
favorable, and that thl talented lady may
be rewarded with a good aod enthusiastic
Dr. Both to, pastor of tbe Contral Con
gregatlonal chareh, oa Nlath etreet, oppo
site tbe Patent Office, will preach to-morrow
morning and evening. The subject of tbo
morn log discourse villi be tbe ''womanques
MiuBS.PniH' ABolouoss, at their well
kaowa establishment, No. B'J3 Pennsylvania
arenne, between Ninth and Tenth streets,
have Jast received aa Invoice of new books,
embracing all the novelties In tb standard
current literature.
John A. Dak art, at hi agricultural and
eed warehouse, Louisiana avenue, between
Ninth and Tenth street a large lo t of gar
den seeds i a1o, a complete stock, at low
price, of gardening Implement.
A bpicial Wirrrao of the Washington
Association ror the Improvement or the Con
dition or the Poor will be held this after
noon at the office of tb general agent, cor
ner of Fifth aod E streets N. W.
Tm FiBTOit of the Ninth street Methodist
Protestant chareh. between E and F. will
f reach to morrow at 11 a. m , by request of
bo Grand Division of the Sous of Tern
peraace. The public aro Invited. Beat free.
Oix IUll Cloth mo and UncttiMT Tai
lorimo, (,;" Seventh street, opposite Post
Office. Q
CouAruKiAKDOaio OiHAL Covrixr
oi Tut Fftuininf-CtfABGU ofrMitusi or
TdaFprtDS, Ac Tbe stockholder of the
Chesapeake aod Ohio Canal Company met
at Aaoapoll en Thursday, tn tbo Adjutant
Genera, 0fl.ee, Inthd Sta'te Capitol, with
closed door, ami lnteriVi- ftuwU In thai
Chair. The Board of Public Work, com'
iyevu oi .ao uorernor oi tne oiaie.ta Btaie
Trea Barer and Comptroller, did not meet a
a board, but were present at the stockhold
ers' meeting. The federal stock, It 1 no
ucrsraoa, wa not separately represented.
General BrodlevT.Johnann and Mr. J. P.
Poo were preent, representing the Virginia
Interest, aod exMavor Herret, of tW city,
to rcpreaept tho Waahrogtoa and George
mnujumiwu. Among omcr aisopreaeot
wero Meesn. W. W. Corcoran, as a private
.A.uuiucr, noa iieuion roe, one ot tne
4 rtiMAra. '
Thereporio J,n. Oordod, president of
the company,, was road and adopted
u a. ua ici'iict. w taarcsoiuiton or tbe
board Of the 10th orJaiqryiat, caltlog for
the "proceedtngi of the bbard of prtrdeBl
and director' relative to tha appropriation
by them tfJ.De riet toll aad reveaue td too
payment of the preferred debt of the com
pany, for a statement or the amount paid br
them under inch proceedlogt and lao their
reason for declining" to paj oat each bet
toll aod revenue. lie eabmtu' a large
number of paper la reference td Itaetnalter,
aid savs It Was the desire of lha bn-iM tn
resume at tbe earliest moment the daymen t
vi toe. merest upon ub oonaea acof, wnicn
had for tnaot rear boca I offered ' ta 'iccu-
raulate. They fooad themselves ember.
rmseea, uoweverj ia tnis'aenre oy contra
versle among the bondholders touching the
prtoritle ot the bonds by a hill of coco plaint
tiled la one of tbe court of, Betllmoradty
by the State of Virginia, which made tt lm-
j-j-)-.iuio -or inem looroer any aistnoniioq
which Wa entlrat eatlafact'.p Ia Ut.
body Until the meeting or the board In De
cembef last, when ah agree went wa laid
before them, which furnished whaf waabe-
nerca to oe a oasi or oiatnrtntion'. atai-ntAii
to by all tbe principal boidhbtdrrs who had
taken rart In tbecootroversy, Recognising
tbe equity and equality or the mode of die'
iribntlati tirovlded for bvthls ifrrpmtni.
and It falng considered highly deal ruble that-
u iuv,vuu men ia sag oompsoys posse
loo should be distributed without deity,
tbe resolution of tbeWh of December, 1859,
were passed. In tbe meaatlme Mn Jobn 8.
Glltlnr and tha ChMaTtHaWA ItanlrA-rtiitari
for and obtained from tbe Circuit Court of
uaiumoTO city an injunction to prevent the
farther payment of the money appropriated
by the resolution of Ihq board, upon th al
leged ground tbat such appropriation Va
nov In strict conformity with the legal abd
Mailable mlerlUaa nf th (vmilC.M.H
undsr these clroumslaocea the company em
ployed couneel. If cesrs. Marshall aad Carter,
and hare acted slnee by the advice contained
In their opinion.
A report wa announced, making1 grave
chargea Implicating Hon. Alfred Spates, the
former President of tho canal company, now
a Bute Senator from Allegany coauty, which
will probably lead to replication and pro
ceedlngs In other quarter. It seems that
la December, 1869, the committee on accounts
of the caoat company, consisting of Messrs.
J. fit Gordon. Of AUeraitT. N.T..n Pw nf
Baltimore, Wm.Thompeon of It . of Mont-
ir n mi ft. anrt Tl. R. m.- a T-aJtaAi a.k.
" I...V'" 5. ".r: a:'". '-.."' """
u.i..cu i. rrn to iiie ooara oi nirecior te
fleeting upon the previous management of
the canal; Id fact, charging a misuse of
faad to, considerable amount. Thta r
port was yesterday submitted by the board
of director to tbe etockbolders meeting,
nd lay over mi April 13th. The report
bear date Annapolis, December 13,1809.
ico commi'.iee conauctea taeir investiga
tion la Cumberland, bnt they say Mr.
Spate refuted to meet them or countenance
their proceedings. The first charge 1 la
connection with about f 800, alleged to have
been fumUhed Spate br Isaae It. Man,
superintendent ofthe Georgetown dlvitloo,
upon tbe request of Spates, to purchase an
Ice-breaker, aad for which sum it Is alleged
Spate forwarded a receipt dated Camber
land. December 8, 1S67, signed by Thomas
Sheridan, " for building. Ironing, aad paint-
lag one Ice-breaker for the Georgetown divi
sion." Thl receipt, It li alleged. Bberldan
repudiate and pronounces "a lubrication"
The committee say tholco-breaker which
wasthu attributed ta Mr. Sheridan bad
been ballt by the superintendent of tho Cum
berland division and tmld tar bv that .irtM
and the payment allowed to him In bis ae
counts." Tney aaa mat tne enect or tbe
transaction was to cease the company to pay
twice for the same Ice-breaker. Another
Item la controversy 1 1550 out of an amount
of 11,483 83. for work don and ordinary
expense In November, 1807, on the Anil
tam division of John Shay, and 11,000 for a
scow, lumber, and paddle frames, expended
at Cumberland. Other smalt mm are
mentioned, la which, ranging Trota two hun
dred to two or three thonsand dollars, and
tbe Item are specified In several case. One
case 1 cited In which the committee say
that "a question being raised whether Mr.
George W. Spates or hli namesake, tbo itosU
dent, bad received the money represented by
two recetDte. It became lnnnrtint tA .
tain by whose agency they were fabricated.
The report addsi It wa found upon exami
nation or them that they were la tbe hand
writing of a young man of excellent char
acter, and an expert penman, employed In
the office of the clerk of Allegany county
a a recorder. Two of tout mmmitiM
sought an Interview with him, and exhibited
to him the receipts. Informing him at the
tam time of tbe fraudulent purpoee tbv
bad been made to serve. He at emr mit
ted that they were la his handwriting, and
stated without any reserve his whole agency
la tbelr preparation, fie bad copied them
at the request of Mr. Alfred Spate upon tbe
printed billheads of II. P. Luker A Co.,
famished to him by Mr. Alfred Spates. The
body of tho bill and the kfgnatnre were all
copied by him at the same time from a
manuscript furnished by Mr. Alfred Spate.
A number of other o-called Mfabrlcated"
vouchers are instanced for sum of $100 to
1300, in connection with purlou Toucher
aid to have come from division inperiatea
dents Man, Shay and Thomas, though the
report add that It 1 dno to these gentlemen
to say that nothing ha occurred In tb
course of this lavcetrgatloo to call lo qnes
tlon their Integrity aud good faith la tbe
Iran sat tlon referred. Tbere are chargea la
counectlon with 110,000 In March, J8M, for
condemnation of land In Cumberland for
basin. Bevrral other operation are men
ttoned, and tho report conclude with a dec
laratlon from the committee a follow)
-'Although yonr committee, from the direct
and positive character of the evidence open
which tbe statement of the report resi,
would bo warranted la proceeding, wltbou
farther delay, to teko dtclded and pcremp.
tory tep to report tbe violated right of tbo
company, yet. a Mr. Spate ha. In a com.
mDalcetlon to tbe president and directors,
desired that be may be furnished withe!
copy of their report, and a your committee
wonld heartily welcome any explanation
which would remove and palliate the pain
ful Impression which these transaction have
made upon their mind, they recommend
that a copy of thl report bo furnished to
Mr. Spate, and that he be Inform- that
tbe board will proceed to act upon It at tbelr
next monthly meeting, oa Wednesday, 12th
January next, at Aod polls, Md.
Tbe Baltimore 6t, from which we take
those detail, tayai We ar In possession
of a full copy of the report of tho committee
of the canal board In reference to Mr. Spates,
as above referred to, aad also of a dispatch
from that gentleman asserting that the re
port Is made In malice, and tbat bo can show
It to be io.
Oo motion or Colonel Barrel, of Wash log
ton, D. C, a resolution wa adopted request
ing tbe board or directors to faod all tho
overdue coupon upon the preferred debt of
the company. Those coupons, It 1 under
stood, amount to about two million of dol
lars. Tbe meeting was In session for over
two hoars, and finally adjourned till April
12th. The eleotloo for president aod dire-,
tors of tbe company will take place lo Jane,
and 1 looked forward to with cobs Id era hie
Interest, A resolution adopted by the presl
dent aod directors, February lltb, that ontll
otherwise ordered tbe tolls oa coal and coVe
transported on the canal be at the rate of
one quarter of a cent per ton per mile, yes
terday received tbe sanctlou of the stock,
Btareotyplng aad Kleotrotyplng
NUresl-nsrsssd F.lertrotypra,
97$ PeirTLTAiriA AviirvB.
pSdWMI L1118' ?-na". mital yonyi
rnTtt .on.taa.lr nm h.ai T,n
T"-WSWJ!!,1t'01'1--' or t"? PWTmoT
Si& 'im nu " "e
CuiIIm JprlaiU.irrani-lB I,
Hath. Hill. XV lfHtti
Joihaa Balk, Morrl 1
JoasaUtltail.da'aadaaU. i
Tba obUct nr thla 101118 lonavealrnitsa P-
polU4 to Mil IKt wsit kalf l lot H. II. In Mit.r
4. naiar lha will o( Jasob H4!r Jf,f .
ui iniiio oi iaa plain mbivk ", ""i'.ai
attornar. Ills or4ara4tbal .'1'' ,",
U.Ir sppsarassa U ba aaUrt4 hsrala ni ny bafora
Us irst rata oar. ocaorilne ftf-iT dsr- nt-jr tkla
day. otbsrwU Iba fans will bs prvccs44 wltb
aa fa cm or d-iaalt.
Orncut, bitorti prota lhat IToITa
Malt Extract baa ebown an localcnlabla In.
flaaoce on lbs condition of tha alck aoldlarl
dnrlog tba lata European vara. Tbla fact,
In coajonctlon with tbe encomtoma of onr
flrat pbralclani, many of wbom bare eltber
niedlt In tbelr oirn ramlllea, or preacrlbed
It for Ibelr pallenta, wllb the moat happj
rnnlu, apeaka ao well for HolTa Malt Ex
tract, tbat farther pralae on onr part wonld
be aaperfluone.
Sold by all dragglali and rrocera.
Toa WaamiiTO!i Oitt Sitiiob Bina.
foroer Barealh atnet and Lool.laa. arenne,
le opea from tin to TM erery Batnrday ere'
nine. In addition to Ha reanlar banklnE
touri. It paya lnUr.it on dcpoalu. 8
llOTKia AND BR3TAmtAfVlB."
renaalrania .trenne, .r th.
JXA.TX29 ninDtloBiii
R.ain. ... fc. ta,
tmm Tf..afti
ir??f !!?.' ir.-l." u ..r rHMi Tk.
, , ,A..-ll.l..prl-l.r,
PMsli tha Pau atnM a4 M.o.l. T".-l-.
rfrMrth Oaaaral Test OitaLt-
Saptni4)a., aa ia Balilmf aa4 DkleXaUroal
anal, mi Lha iri- r
, . , nitM.(. A. rofXABl,
'..rlL. rturriirsM.
a -
yriaUAn uijue.
Colr2iL1L,Jl " ' str-wta, pwlt'aUil 0f.
JTBTl'rt. ft, arary itrl Jao Ui r's -!-
trat-aLaUKKIIIlkuVfa-sy. Hl.U., da '.
al.brat-4XJr.aa4 XXX At-f OM OHaOaUt:
at aar lima, from 9 a. ra. ealll 11 p. am.
Interior Adornments.
tsr HOWS THIS js
tr1TATOT-r-iT nnrTm ttfriri-n
caiwiuii, vuw.aa oauaa,
0FssslvseU vai fct. sta aadisusts.
ill ILL,
AHbauAYr. n
'I a
&J F strat,Utwq Tl.lfUtata.aa4 Fsar
juan 'j h homos, crvaitAViNoa,
v tha M.abra!d
, far walsn w aw fl strata for lb Olairlat,
t-tUotU. rat farlnnU, I'arlor Ui-M.ala, .
Inn Matt. Cr4. T-.-Ml.aa4 -falla. and a
saaralaad eo input-. -.iirmtDaatof
rtfcl ata anr Haa ntaak
Walanla4 0lliyvalftn4
. ... - l.-tira VraaiM
lapvnaraa vstieria
fRR.t-D AND AHiniCAlt rrzxHAnaiQi
4 -tl Ninth at. west, bet O and Kl.,
th W.n-flii, p. Q
loiiK r. eliivI I I'll
V.ar T.a h .ll.al.
Kverr Arltcl. t. Ilia mfn.l. it.al.aaa
... It. r..ndl.o.r.lalu
S.f. lf..t. for Vaikl.ataa tllf aid aarroaaitaa
nall. for tk. r.ll.wl.r MUbu.4
H. . . 11... aad Urt.a.t
arbjrj wAar n.. fort
J.vf. V... ' Bmwb.
w. V. lM.no. . , b.l..
"'Vi'lf: .."""J '' York
M. D .11. W ftiafk P.rl.rUrc....rira.l.a
Fl.ao. a.. Oraaa. Tu..a. Kwalrwl. K.nftvd.
Fa.k.d aad uk.a la aactaaaa. .1
30. P.a,.TlTa.la a. , k..t 101U .tr..i.
rl..o. aad (Jrr... r.ald fot .a ...al... wMk,
f.U in
tiling you cannot Aat J you art tho
oimtr of property that i not Innmd.
Tht iangtr of Firt at (III ttaton qtht
year it jnati If you would get rid of
tht ntrvout and untaty feeling you have
ahm you hear tht Fin Alarm tounded,
go to tht Offlet ofA.B. PR A TT J- BOS,
No. 3 Young lltn'i Chrittian Jtntia.
lion Building, comer Ninth and D
ttrett, and inturt in their gtod, prompt.
pnywiy Companitt, the HOUH of New
York, tht PUCSNIX of Hartford, th,
rONEUKS and JfBW YORK, and
theFIREUB.N-SqfNtu Tori, Don't
delay. Doit NOW. Ati-U
Coffee, T.u and Bnov'-
3STO. -ka.u
NlutU atrcct, between D and E.
iiMNrlal j- i t.'A
J a MB, um colored.). .. , XMf
Ooloua; ..,, ljs
rara Sptaaa, wkela r trta4
pot tfr-MM.t. Jvt Vrta. Lsfsarrs i
Rio trataor roaaUd.
Ooffaa rtuU. fraab a-arr 4av aa a.A.aiJ I.
Alao. lars stock ef Breakfast CoOa fair HO
fc If 431 W InUb t.,tet. D and E.
Bsttf ssa TwslXtk a4 Thtrtssalk llrtals.
W1HTTVII. WttnittMna invpiai mma.
TluMtf, DfkBKIt. As .As . faralsbak al skort
fevtiNaatuodaratn wrmt, rirai-eltvaa WalUrt,
bsadHios tabu cratm at., itirar wars. As., As .
nr)..iM lo eartlas Tha licit Ortanta aa4 Waiar
M. aavaral aaw Ciaama ta Laadauma faaav
JUBEril II. HDAFriliV.
no 4861 BEDUOED JR0.486
PAPEBUAnamos, window shades,
OVAIj and buuaiie
rtutunu a alloc?, haiii
Aa4lr.d.Mtk.tMka..ahk. paulbu pd.r
. t daWJtJvnAvii,R,
uktil tui iikst or aiascn aixr. na
T'lHiaf J,2?lt' "iciiBoriD. va , adjoin.
i20fV3K "? H"1 ' w,r aLiaaUr
S. Ii "-1.'. IU .III ( lll.ll ..I
Ii; l2ria Wis s' Jirja; ir.-.i "dr.

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