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gjtotimtnl UqmMifMi
ffiosiioii Mottano ruigtmta. lira.
A I'nopnn omcnn.101:.
The ISTtb anniversary of th birth of
George Washington wae celebrated In a be
coming manner yesterday.
Very many of the Avonne business homes
were closed, and as all the public offices had
granted either whole or half holiday, the
avenuo presented quite a holiday appear
The corporation offices were closed
mruuftuuu. tuv uaj, ut orucr 01 tue .Mayor.
The Circuit Court, Jndge Canter presiding,
adjourned over nntll to-dav.
uq au me noieie ana pu&uc buildings, and
from many prWate buildings, the national
colon were displayed.
Th pnbllo school and most of ths prl
vale school la the city were cloeed la hoior
oimoaay, ana many or too boyt enjoyed
tbelr holiday on Ice.
The following meeting! were held daring
the day 1
The WaetiluKCon lUnamcnt,
The aontial meeting of tbo Washington
Nation tl Monument Society was held at 11
o'clock, a. ra.( In the secretary's office, City
Mr tV. W. Corcoran, third tIca craildant.
presided, with Itr. J. Carroll Brent a ace
retary. The Chair announced la appropriate re
marks the death of Mr. Thomas Blagden,
late a member of the society.
Suitable resolutions In respect to his mem
ory were read by Mr. Brent and adopted.
An election to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Mr. Blagden wa gone Into, and
Colonel James G. Barret was elected hi
The society then adjourned.
Oldest IflbabltasHs.
At 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon the Oldest
jootoiwnw Association astcinoiea at uara
el'a Saloon.
The president (Dr. J. B. Blake) cailod the
meeting to order, and after the reading of
" utianto 01 von ian meeting oj tne set ro
tary (Mr. J. Carroll Broot) they wen ap
proved. Mr. Brent, In feeling terms, announced
the death of thelat Thome Blagden, and
offered resolution of respect to bis memory,
which were seconded by Mr. W. P. Camp-
u"'i u vv ruivwto rcmaras. jtev. ur, a.
Tustln also spoke In appropriate term, and
the resolutions were adopted.
The secretary read a Utter from Colonel
CralgbUI, In behalf of tho children of Judge
Morsel, acknowledging the receipt or reso
lutions of condolence.
Messrs. T. Soaton Donoho, IT, Martin, Z.
T. Denbem, B, F. Rlttenbouse, Thomas T.
Barnes, Tbomaa Parker aud Wm. King,
were nominated and elected members.
Mr. Tustln moved tbat a committee of
three be appointed to prepare aenllmentst
which was agreed to, and Messrs. Tnstin,
Brent aud Campbell were appointed.
The chairman (Dr. J. B. make) informed
the association that Mr. Lewis Carusl was
quite inaispod, out learned that hi repre
sentative (Mr. N. Sardo was present tc
welcome the association.
Mr. Sardo, being lot rod ace J, said he bad
been deleiraUid to exentn thn n.hnN nf Up.
Carusl, after which he made the following
remarasi iu sicgo oi inpou, in wniCU
toe orotners larnsi participated, may be re
garded a one tbat will be haadeJ down to
posterity a the commencement of the
epoch of the extinguishment of piracy In
the Mediterranean eea. where the i-niln.ni
little navy of the United States distin
guished ltseir. The father, Mr. L. Carnal,
with his three son. Lewis. Samuel, and Na
thaniel Carnst. participated In that siege,
and although quite young the boys rendered
efficient service, Being at tne time on board
tne old frigate Constitution, These sons
are tne oniy s armors or that memorable
siege, and Mr. Lewis Caruil has bad pre
pared a photograph likeness of himself and
brothers, which he would respectfully dedl
cate to the Oldest Inhabitant Aif.net.tinn
or the District of Columbia, to be placed
among It archives.
In the year 1807 the Messrs. Carusl were
on board the United Status frigate Cbesa-
aLc, -rueu mo imuaa amp ieopoia Urea
upon that vessel In the waters of the Cbesa
peake, and which eventually cave birth to
j miliar wiifi "iuii 01 wnica an are
Mr. Lewis Carusl res-rets tbat Indisposition
prevents his welcoming In person the Asso
ciation 01 uiaest innaDiiams on tne present
occasion, and desires to express his sincere
hope tbat the member may be spared to
participate in Honoring many lature oinn
day of the great and good Washington, the
founder of liberty and liapplness on this
On motion of Mr. E, J. Mid die ton the
photograph wa accepted and a vote of
thank tendered to Mr. Carusl and Mr. Sardo.
A poem on the nrlsln of the Oldest In
habitants, by Mr. Richard Wrlght,waa read
by the author
Mr. Brent read portion of the Farewell
Address of Washington.
Mr. T. 8. Donoho read a poem written for
the occasion.
On motion of Mr. Brent a vote of thanks
was tendered to air. uonobo.
Mr. Tustln, from tba committee, submit
ted tne louowing sentiments!
George Washington Res plende at with
the glory of all the virtues. When nature
formed him she broke the mould.
The Time Worn Chroniclers of the Dis
trict of Columbia Like tho prophetic books
01 too ojou, increasing in vajue as taey tfl
m In lib la numbers.
The Several States of our Prleeleaa and
Glorious Union Distinct as the billows, but
una uc eea.
These sentiment were adopted by a rising
Mr. F It. Dorselt spoke of the duty of
vhiicui 10 aiu in tue construction 01 ma
Washington monument, and Mr. J. IX
Clarke made appropriate remarks on the
same subject. The Chair (Dr. Blake) made
a few remarks In relation to tbe monument.
The association adjourned, and la accord
ance with a resolution the members stepped
up to deposit their contributions for a stone
to be placod la tbe monument.
TbeTfloprancA Demoaetratlon.
A onion temperance demonstration wa
announced to take place at tbe Congrega
tional cbnrcb at 3 o'clock, p. m. Owing to
some misunderstanding the church wae not
opened until late, and no fire was lighted,
so that the small audlcnee assembled bad to
suffer from the extreme cold. About 3.80
o'clock; the meeting was opened by D. I
llalloway, esq , In few preliminary re
marks, and In rcspouso to hla Invitation,
Rev. Dr. Hoover offered up prayer.
Mr. Halloway then addrosacd the audi
ence until tbe arrival of Senator Wilson,
when be gave way to tbat gentleman, who
referred to tbe day aa a fitting occasion for
a temperance gatberlngi and then dilated
on the evils of intern iterance, and tho necta
slty of prompt action to cause It suppression.
He wa followed by Oen. O. O. Howard,
who made a forcible argument In favor of a
prohibitory law.
Senator Pomeroy spoke for a few moments,
and then the meeting adjourned. It Is to be
regretted that tbe cuurch wa not rendered
more comfortable, aa a very agreeable and
pleasant season would then hare been en
M If ! Cbanal.
A verr Interesting mcellns: was held at
fKtTaiipii.iiVn.1 liat nlirlit shun ilil.in I I
elotiaent temperance addresses were deltr.
cred by prominent advocate of tbe came.
John C. llarkoess, esq., presided.
Tbe celebration of the day was properly
closed by the grand balls, of which mention
Is made In another portion of to-day's lssne.
t'elebrallem of tbe Day- Klaeivhere.
AuociTa, Ox., February 23. A grand
firemen's tournament took place here to day.
The procession was a mile long. Companies
were present from Charleston, Columbia,
Baranab, Athens, Atlanta, nnd Rom, lite
celebration will be continued to-morrow.
Tho city ! filled with firemen and visitors,
and every thing 1 passing off with groat
FhoyipEJCe, K. I., Feb. 33. Washing
ton' birthday was celobrated her by a pa
rade of the First light Infaulry company In
tbe morning, and of thi Darnslde and Kear
ney louares and the Temple of Honor In the
after noon. The banks were closed, flag dis
played, salutes fired! fcc. The First light
luUutry give a ball this evening, which
protnUM i0 b a brilliant affair.
New York rBb, 33. The Arlon Society.
S"0! S'Waanlngton birthday, gave the
rXlV- APV '"buix," with Mde. P
crowdV'! ' The hoose wa. 1
Jy applaudVd" ne,',008 ana '"I"-"'
Puilidklvmii k. i
fBlUDEirBU. T,,. t-.Wa.hlDgton's
btrthday li celebrated with the usnal spirit.
A aalate wae flred at daylight, The firemen
made a grand parade lo Oak Hill cemetery
to dedicate the monmentto their late chief
enclneer( Lyl. im "aaaiogwo. ureye
Artillery made a etrtet parade, and the tem
perance men bare meetlnge In the evening,
when address will be delivered by eminent
srakara. The Cadet of Temperance atio
celebrate the day appropriately.
Balttmobb, Teh. fta-The bank and all
the public oflle art closed to-day, and no
business la traatacted on'Chanre. There
li a general dlaplay of Cage from public and
private building
Boston, Feb. 21 The cnslom-house,
bank, and all the leading place of business
are cloeed Unlay.
San Fba Cisco, Fb. 21. Heavy rain
contlnae to prevail throughout the entire
State Bnitners will be impended to-morrow,
and the ration public ofllce will be
The hotel are crowded with people from
the Interior to 'attend the "Camilla Urso"
festival. The Mercantile Library Assocla
lion ha decided to tinder Camilla Urto a
rrand complimentary ball on the SSLb In it..
In acknowledgment of service rendered that
MoaitB, All. Tab. 34. Tb public oflces
hare suspended bullae la honor of the day.
A Gotiikmknt AmOHitrr. Mr. McCrarv
Introduced In the Home Monday a bill to
create tnoomoeox uvsrnmni arcmteci
and define the power thereef, which pro
Tldea thai the Frldnt ahall appoint inch
arcuuect, oy ana wun me aavieo ana con
eent of the Senate, who iball hold hi office
.our Tears, ana oe nnaer me general control
and direction of the Secretary of the Treas
ury, lie ahall be entitled to one assistant
and the earn number of clerke at now al
lowed to the 81 per vising Architect or the
Treasury. The aalary la fixed at $3,500 per
annum and traveling expense Incurred In
the discbarge of hi official dutlee. No
public building shall be commenced until
the maximum cost of such building be fixed,
and the architect ahall then prepare plan
aoa vpeuBcauona at in me opinion tno same
can be erected and completed for each umi
and If he shall prepare plan or specific.
none, snowing wet it win iaxe a greater
earn to execute them than that fixed, he
suaii loueii nie omce, ana upon conviction
pay a fine of not less than 11,000 nor more
than 110.000. When the cost of an? public
building shall not be fixed by law, the Sec
retary or in Treasury, ucretary 01 tne
Interior and Postmaster General, or a ma
jority of them, are authorised to fix and
determine upon tne cost or tne bniidior.
The office ef Supervising Architect of the
Treasury and As il sunt Architect of the
Capitol Extension and Commissioner of the
Public Balldlnge are abolished, and the
dot lea required of these to be performed by
the Government architect provided for by
the bill. Referred to Committee on Pablle
Buildings and Grounds.
The Coloiid Pioplm or tqi Sodt.
Quit a number or Republican Senators,
member, and leadlnr colored men of the
Ssuth met at the realdance ef San a tor Pom.
rov on Moottav nlsbt to dlsensa Diana and
Improvement for the Improve meat and ad
vancement of the South. The members of
Congress present gave statements of tne
condition of the colored population In their
respective States, and all agreed upon the
svstem as proposed by the National Labor
union uonveauon aa me oesi means to im
prove tbe material condition of the colored
race, it was decided to ataa an agent Into
ins oomu tor tan varpoae 01 iniroouciBE tne
J item among tbe working classes, and Mr.
Iiaac Mjers, of Baltimore, prtsldent of the
national Laoor union congress, wae des
Irnated as tbe proper acent to send there.
It Is proposed to send arenta Into each one
of the Bute to start tbe ball In motion, and
through the Union League to reach the
ciass to oe oencatea. X'eriect unitv or sen
tlmeot on tho matter under discussion was
apparent, and the necessity of taking Imme
diate action for the amelioration of the con
dition or tbe poor colored people of the Sonth
was unanimously a r reed upon. The Ktte
Kra newspaper was endersed a the proper
cxpuaaut 01 tne oujecta ei me laoor union
movement, and It support and circulation
recom menace to an irienas 01 tne cause.
Roioert airo Pibjct. Tbe three col
ored Dots charred with the robberv of Sam.
Glttlngs, on Good Hope Hill, on Saturday
uiKut ircvr., wars, ua we atatea at tee lime,
held for a farther bearing to await the find
ing of two Important witnesses Pete
Davis and Henry Jenifer. These witnesses
were arralrned before Jnitlce Schmidt An
Sunday, and the boy brought from jail,
wutn ins; were ueienaea or inomas wir
son. esq. The teatlmonv of Davis and Jeni
fer wa very positive a I tbe gnllt of the
dots, but a rigid cross-examination, and the
uIMH,KomuicWM.B.WaaflE fti
witnesses who committed the robbery, and
then sought to convict the boys by swearing
on mem. minis view 01 tue caserne jus
tice released the bovs and held the witnesses
(Dtrls and Jenifer) for court on charge of
roooery ana perjury.
Tatfrtswci Miitixo at FoncsTTitxii,
Mo. Excelsior Division, No. 33, Son of
Temperance, held a public session at For-
estvuie on oemraay evening last as tne
Methodist church. The Worthy Patriarch
(Darcy) presided. Several pieces were sung
by a select choir. A very stirring aud elo
quent address was delivered by tbe Rev.
Charlea W. Dennlsoo, of Washington, on
Invitation, which vu well received by tbe
targe ana attentive audience, a unanimous
vote of thank wa passed to the reverend
leeturer. The exerclaea ware cloaad bv alnr.
f log an original eoor, composed by a gentle
I man of ForestvUIe, In tbe chorus to which
the audience heartily Joined. The JExcelalor
division is in a very flourlsblog condition,
and have begun tbe erection of a commodious
nan. tqcj expect te no.4 restivais and fairs
the coca!n reason In aid of the object
FiREUiR'aBiU. The Metropolitan Hook
and Ladder Company celebrated Washing
ton's birthday by a ball given at tbelr ball
on Massachusetts avenue, which was largely
attended. Among the Invited guests were
members of the board of f re commissioners,
Chief Engineer Martin Cronla, the foremen
of several eagine companies and many
others. The ball wa Us t fully decorated
with flags and streamer, and the party en
Joyed 1 be m selves until a late hour. During
tbe Intermission about 9 o'clock, an alarm
of Are Interfered with the festivities of tbe
member of tbe company.
DxaTU or Mr. G. W. Botxlib. Mr. C.
W. Boteler. whose attack with paralvsls
waa mentioned In the RarcsLIOAW of Mon-
day, died last night at II18O o'clock, at his
residence, on Missouri avenue. He recov
ered sufficient consciousness during tbe day
yesterday to converse wita lis relative ana
to nam several gentlemen whom be de-
sirsa to acta m pau-oearers. ins time
of his funeral baa net yet been fixed, but
will be announced this afternoon. Mr.
Botclfr waa about fifty years of age, and
learoa a wue ana iamuy.
Tub Decokatioks or Masonic TiurLB.
We are pleased to announce tbat Mr. N. D.
Lamer, tbe superintendent of the Masonic
Temple, where tbe rrand ball was bald last
evening, ha mad arrangements to have the
magoincem decorations in toe nan remain
until to-morrow, and they will be exhibited
at the errand concert to be slven In tbe Tern
Ele this evening by the Masonic Choir of the
Ustrlct. Let all wh wish to hear fine
mnslo and see the magnificent decorations
procure tueir iicaets as once
Misias. Uxl A Ross, real estate brok
ers, corner of Seventh and E streets, offar
rare Inducements for t be purchase of cheap
uowet. tsonauit tueir aarenisemeDt in
. another column.
Seventh street. .Odd Fellows' liall.) offer
thtlr stock of croekery, China, glassware,
cutlery and platdwar at the lowest market
Joscra H. SaavnaxD, the wall-known
caterer, 1233 Pennsylvania avenue, has just
received a large lot of pineapples, bananas,
and Havana orange.
Messrs. rnttr & SoLoueas. No. ssa
Pennsylvania avenue, advertise a list of
new dooks received y mem. uonsult tuclr
announcement In another column.
Wk. F. Holtivin, No. 707 D street, be
tween Seventh and Eighth, advertises some
frame bouse lor rent. Location given in
bis advertisement.
Ma. CniRLis Millkb has withdrawn
from the Arm of C. A T. J. Miller, and the
business will hereafter bs condncted by
nomai . aimer.
Morbt Sold. At the last meeting of the
Fifth Ward Bulldlor Association 13.400 was
advanced on share at an average of 11.13
per snare.
Messrs. G. AWhittaj.ek A Co., booksel
lers and statlorers. corner of Seventh and D
street, publish elsewhere a list of new pub
lications and prices.
It. I. Giuoir. No. 681 ftiiuuuvdula
avenue, advertise bis large stock of skates
avoDur, aaveni
for sale rt wl,
Mtsonid ITall CiotfJid withtthg
Youth, Biiuty.and FaMoa3
cf Washington, 'IE .
Some weeks ago number of our more
prominent merchants conceived tbe Idea of
properly celebratlug the anniversary of the
birth of the Father of hi Country, and after
an exchange of views tt wa decided that a
grand ball should be given In the beautiful
ball of the new Masonic temple.
Aa energetic committee of arrangements,
beaded by Alexander R. Shepherd, esq., waa
appointed, with power to appoint sub com
mittees from among their number. It wa
also agreed that each of the business men
subscribing should have the privilege of
presenting one ticket to such friends as he
might select.
Dedal Invitations were Issued to the Pres
ident and Vice President of the United States,
Cabinet omcers, senators, ana oiner tustin-
galshod gentlemen.
The splendid hall on the second floor of
the Mason! a Temple which bad been se
lected as tbe ball room for the grand event
last night, presented a beautiful scene. The
suo-comroiuee on decorations consisting 01
Messrs. wm. 11. uaidwio, . u, uyviuana
Adolph Chess bad ably fulfilled their trust,
and the decorations were. If possible, more
elaborate than those arranged for tb ball
iren in nonor or rnnce Artnur at tne same
Br a special order from Secretary Robe
son, the navy yard eupplled Innumerable
flags and atreamera of all nations, and these
were used wun gseat sun ana taste, very
many of our more prominent cltlxens bad
placed at the disposal of the cemmittee tb
contents of their private galleries, and the
gentlemen In charge bad selected with care
portraits 01 eminent men witn wmen to
deck tbe ball.
The Sacs were beautifully fastened around
the walla with trimmings and wreaths of
ai tne upper cna 01 tua nan was piacca a
raised pt at form, famished with handsome
lonngsa and easy chairs, Intended for the
use of the President and the guests of tbe
Cabinet. Over this platform was hnng a
magnificent fall length portrait of Wash
ington, from the gallery of W, W. Corco
ran, esq. 1 on one aide of the centre of this
portrait waa placed an oval portrait of tbe
late President Lincoln, from tb gal'ery of
Gea. O. O Howard) on the other an oval
of President Grant, from tbe gallery of
Henry D. Cook, esq.
On either side of the central figure of
Waahtneton were fnll-lenirth Portraits of
jacason aaa wiay tne urst irom jir. Cor
coran, and tbe other from tbe City Hall, by
nermlaalon of tbe Conocll. On the north
side of the ball was Kaufman's great picture
of Admiral Farragut as he appeared lashed
In tbe rigging of tbe Hartford aa be passed
Fort Morgan. Tbe picture bore a card bear
tor the words of the Admiral on that occa
sion) " Damn tbe torpedoes go ahead."
Opposite tbls painting, on the south side of
tbe ball, was Ueaiey's full-length portrait of
uen. onerman, .oanca 07 tne uenerai.
Around the wall on tbe north and south
were banc oval portrait of the folio win ci
Geierala Rawlins and Bowers, loaned by
President Grant Hon. E. M. Stanton,
loaned by Gen. Eklnj Lieut. Gen. Sheridan,
loaned by Mr. Cooke) Chief Justice Cbase,
Beo. Franklin and Tbomaa Went worth, one
of the eldeat settler of South Carolina,
loaned bv Mr. Barlow the artist.
At tbe west end of the hall and nnder the
music gallery was suspended the medallion,
"Tbo American Triumviri," presented to
Mrs. Grant by Secretary Borle, and loaned
by that lady. Tbe frames of all these plo
ts res were handsomely trimmed with Ameri
can, Intertwined with those of nearly every
In the basement were rooms for theme
and refreshment tf the committee of ar
rangements. Adjoining this were the
punch, smoking and card rooms. On tbe
third floor were reception and card rooms,
The bat and cloak room were In charra
of Messrs. Bailey, Proctor and Clark, and
their arrangement were so complete as to
give uuiveria. satiiiaction .
Tbe supper-room was la charge of John
Welcker, who had formed the tables In L
shape, whicn, aa set by tbe artist caterer,
presented a very Inviting appearance.
About VocloCBTEiTeWlit ocgao tuaima
and wero met at tbe door by a gentlemanly
keeper and Detective James A. McDevltt,
wbo bad at tbe special request of the com
mlltee of arrangement been detailed to be
present. Handing tbelr tickets to the door
keeper tbe guest proceeded to the bead of
tbe stairs, where the reception committee
welcomed all and escorted them to the sev
eral cloak room. Passing Into tbe ball
room a brilliant scene was witnessed amid
tbe dare of tbe gas light. Shortly after 0
o'clock tbo orchestra, under the leadership
of Louis Weber, played a grand march, the
floor committee took charge of the floor, and
the order of dancing began. Tbe following
waa tue
1 Quadrille,
11 Ouadrlll.
3 Wain,
3 I..noers,
4 Otli,
A Uuailrtllr,
T Walli,
S. (laloi,
9. I'Snerri.
12 Polka,
13. ttilop,
14 i.Mimi,
IS. Walti.
IS. Quadrille,
17. flalon,
is WHn,
10. Laneers,
2J. VtrxInleReal
10. waits,
At the close of the third dance It was
whispered tbat tba President had arrived.
Thla proved to be trne. for a few moments
d lore ne naa quictiy waixea 10, oeen re
ceived Dy tue committee, ana escorted to
the room In tbe third story Intended for his
use. After a few moments of rest President
Grant, accompanied bv W. W. Corcoran
esq., and Mr. Bolomons, and preceded by
Aiesirs. Aiex it. oncpuera, w. u, iioorer,
A. Hart, and other of tbe committee, en
tered the ball-room, tbe band playing 'Hall
to tbe Chief," and advanced to the plat
form heretofore mentioned.
When the music bad ceased, a number of
ladles nod gentlemen advanced and cordially
greeted nis excoueucy, a tew moments
after Secretary Belknap, accompanied by
Generals Babcock. Porter and Dent, ad
vanced to tne dais, ana waa warmiy wel
comed. Tbe dancing tbea was proceeded
witn, tne rresiaent appearing mucn inter'
ested, until about Ili30 o'clock, wben
in scrria
Was announced, and tbe President, escorted
by Mr. Corcoran, and accompanied by the
committee with their ladles, passed Into tbe
snpter-room and partook hsartllv of the
magnificent sapper, of which the following
le toe
mix or riBE
Mean Comoro mt da volatile,
Oyitcra Piekltd, rliaoUa a la WeleUcri
Plate r'rold Samson deore au beurr
d'Lerarlair, Flaws am oceur a la namanae,
eua a oatvreun Kia ki am inaeuiv, ana-
fooi roll au trunaa, aaplei de volallla a la
lalaa, valatinsa d dludas ao voliare, palnda
iota an Halve, bu-e da ttaoaller tarda a ntal-
laune, paled glbler, Jambona rott daaora a
I'Lapagnole, laaxuai ds bceuf a la fioltlenna,
floqdebruraraataal lai roll auerriion.eaaap
au caviar, sandwlafaee varies, majooaliede
tDtftmtn Suerra Charlotte Rune, Mace
donia aa iruua au jurco, ueista au vln if
Uhampafoe, Palo d'aneaas a la (olte, Plra
raldca da nourat a la parlsieoa. Pan ten da
merlocuts, Madolelnead'amandai, Plombttrea
a 1a rsapouiaint, uaieaux aaiortla, irulti
Oaf a
After the Presldeatlalpartvhad concluded
tbelr repast the room was speedily filled,
and continued ao up to about 9 o'clock, when
tbe appetite being gratified the weary
gar cot u were allowed to cease their labors.
The danclnr continued until about 4 o'clock
this morning, and even at that boor tb
laree enmoer 01 laniea and gentlemen wno
were present seemed loth to leave a scene
or sucn onauoyea pleasure.
Amomr those who were Present were Sac
retarv Me Knap. uen. onerman. uen. uab-
cock, Gen. Porter, Gen. Dent, Oca. MIehler,
Col.Audenrled,roatmaster General Creswellj
Senators Spent er, Sherman, Sawyer, War
ner, Cole, Thurman, Ramsey, Harlan, Rob-
criaoo, oiowtm, iucuonma ana jurs. flic-
Donald. Pomerov and Mrs. Pomeror. An
thony and Mrs. Anthony, Edmund and Mrs.
Edmunds. Mis Sherman. Senator Casserlv.
Kelloirr. Abbott. Patter sou. and Johnson 1
Senator Rice and Mrs. Rice 1 Representa
tives A. A. Barge ot 'and lady, O. Cleveland
and jany, w. u. &euy, J. a. omitn, r.c,
Woodbrldge, J. B. Beck and lady, General
Katbaulet P. Banks, W. F. Proeser. B.
F. DltTKi. 8. S. Cox. Charles Eldrldiro,
R. J. Haldeman. W. B. Washburn. W. J.
Smith, J. R. Reading, Wm. S. Holman,
uoaiove o. unn,u. w. ureene, u. u, uook,
L. Myers, J. L. Strong and lady, J. II,
Ketcham aud lady. 8. W. KUo?g and lady,
II. C. Calkin, A. E. Buck, Logan H. Roots,
J. A. Qrlswold,0. W. GUnllao, Jaross A.
Johnson, F. A. Ftlkenburg, W. H. Kelsey,
Jno. A. Peters, F. W. Palmer, H. L. Cake,
T. J. MorrslI, T. Flub, M. L. WUUoiod,
J.Cobnrn,J,T.Blrd,R. T. Van Horn, G.
M.Brooks, D, P.Dyer, J a. Farosworth,
W. O. B 01 lth, Charle Halght. 8. L. Hog,
O. Ferris, E. W. Dickinson, Jamil W.
Plait, T. W. MeNaely. Delegatee Chaves of
f . Meitco. and J. M, Cavaaagb of Montana,
Martin Walker. O. TwltehAl, W. B. nol
man, N. P. Banks, A. A. O. Rodger, Oakes
Ames. J. R. McCormlck, Justice Bwayne
and Nelson. Mayor Bowen and lady, Jndge
Jaa. n.fimbreyaad lady, Hon. Horn McCol
loch, Geo. 0. A. Smith, Uen. N. L. JsQrlei,
"" aauman. Major J. I. Brown,
Wt D. Morgan Taylor, Major Frank J,
Taylor, Colonel Geo. K. Leet, Col. Dayton,
' nviita iiiiar. minr rranz J.
of Gen,
c-nermaa'i aunt Messrs. Lewis CI-
phane, J. G. Kennedy, N. B. Ruff, Dr. Thoa.
O. Ullli, Dr. Buntoo, 8. O. Asbby, George
Dcrar.ru, w t. morn, Jb u. squires, n. li.
Taylor, J. P. Keller, K. Baldwin, G. F.
Bchaffer, W. B. Moses, J, J, Chapman, J.
D. Cleary, C. W. ellao. A. Geddlncer. W.
L Woods, Jas. O. Clephane, Col. Aber.
Lewla Woolfy, Jas. D. Martin, A. M. Borket
R. Ross Perry, Thomas M. Shepberd, E,
Tucker Blake, Fred. B. McGolre, Wm. S.
Teal, O. C. HnntUr, Cha. p. Mason, W. U.
Morrison, Will. 8. Bbepherd, N. Callen,
W. L. Wall, Thoma A. Ritchie, Dr. J. II.
Thompson, Frank Hume, Dr. John B.
Blake, Hsary Acker, Dr. J. F. nartlgan,
Wm. B. Gurley, Edward Droop. J. M. Ma
grader, Thoma 8. Moor, Wm. n. Bald
win, C. C. Bryan, D. G. aillelto, Mattbsw
O. Emery, A. B. Mullett, Marshall Brown,
ex-Mayor Wallacb. J. E. Fitch, Francis
Hufty, George W. Cochran, Wm. V. Quick
al, Adolph Cluss, L. U. Stearns, Watdemar
ua uuuiicui Atcui as. vwiv, jr., -jona
Henna, Nathaniel B. Fogltt, J, C. Mc
Oulre, L. W. Ritchie, Dr. J. L. Kldwcll,
Albert Lee, J. B. Thompson, W Wort Wil
son, George W. McGUI, Jules Golay, Aus
tin P. Brown, John Bailr, L. H. Stevens,
ueorge iv j.Tna, a, at. running
bam, B. Wythe Denby, Ion. R. T. Merrick,
L. J. O 'Tools. B. O. Root. E. S. Ballsv.
Philip Mohun, Judge F. P. Stanton, John
11. aiotiey, n. u. oiaraweaiasr, uenerai jt.
S. Salomons, John P. BIgelow, G. 8. Wood,
James E. Pllklngton, Thomas C. Folger,
tYiniam o. witcuen, v u, nciweiaen, -i 11.
Brlpff. Wu. Thempeon. Car tain Pulrni.
John Potts, EJ. Dnno, J W. Thompson, A.
uin,4tmci 4. o.ewsrt, , ti, uoriey, ur.
Walter Briscoe, David Walker, Tbomaa W.
Unngerrord, Nicholas Acker,Wabster Elmer,
Albert Ray, Wm. Orme, C. J. Ost, Wm. J.
Acker. Charts B. Tounir. E. J. Mlddletan.
General A. A. Humphrey, Ben. F French,
air. uavia it. iucn.ee, v. u. ioaa, jr., -J,w
McKnlghl, D. Clagett, Governor J. A. Camp
bell, Oeorge T. Bates, Dr. G. M. Dove.
Of the ladles were noticed Mrs. Alex. R.
Shepherd, Mrs. Oeorge A, Mclthenny, Mrs.
tv, v. yvin, Airs. xraa. a. ucuaire, Mrs.
William S. Teel. Mrs. Coleuel Mason. Mlis
LI 1 lie Howard, Mrs. W. II. Merrlsoo, Mrs.
Arthur Shepberd, Miss Lb tie Lewis, Mlts
Leavy, Miss Callan, Mrs. N. Call a 11, Miss
Ella Stevens, Mrs. J. II. Thompson, Miss
Phillips, of Cincinnati, Miss Fannie E.
nuno, Mrs. Colonel Dayton, Miss Icllla
Hume. Mlis ranalo Dann. Miss Faanle R,
Conn, Mrs. Wm. II. Sbryock, Mrs. C. W.
Thorn, Mlsa Maggie Price, Miss Mary Jonas,
nui jCDmiuarv, urn jueiy, tnu Aiiiies
Ztalln, Mrs. Lewla CIrpbane, Mist Mcll
WIoslow, Miss Julia Clephane, Mrs. de
Haven, Mrs. T. 8. Moore, Mrs. T. U. Spear,
Miss Lneretla Bean, McIIenry Smken, Miss
Moltl Brvan. Mlaa A. V. Woolford. Mrs.
A. B. Mullett, Mlei Mnllett, Mrs. J. E.
Fitch, Mrs. Jnle Galay, Miss Anna Hufty,
Mrs. Frances Hatty, Miss Mary Hnftr,
Miss Sadie Campbell. Mr. L. C. Campbell.
Mr. Lewis Johnson, Mr. Brian, Mrs.
Franklin Pbllp, Mis Bwayne, Mies Lena
Pbllp, Mrs. A. S. Solomons, Miss 1. A
Clare, Mis Buchanan, Mrs. Buchanan,
an, uDuai, ot Dosion, suae unnd.
Miss Julia Brown, Mrs. Abert. Mrs.
Henrlques, Mis Llllle Acker, Miss
Laira Fralbus, Mrs. M, C. Wall, Mrs. Jf.
Acker, Mrs. L. J. OTool, Miss Brlggs, Mrs.
II. M. Hutchinson, Mrs. James U. Embry,
Miss Sallle Tllley, Mrs. B. C. Root. Mr. A.
O. Riddle. Mrs. L. J. Davis, Mrs. l'hlllp
jtiouun, aara. i.icuara d. iiionun, aiiss Jesse
Carr, Mrs. W. C. Anderson, Miss Nellie
Stanton, Miss Laura Stanton, Mtss Wagner,
MHi&iiisjiuiiB,ju(i, juHfiuiui urowo, sirs
P...h.h.Ii Up. III..Iai. ( n a iw a
Miss Emllv Wood, Miss Jenny Wood, Miss
'vuiiiog-, wn. iiaage uaruey, aiiss Miner,
Miss Dora Moorhead, Miss Humphrey,
jura. nuim luuminoa, nui 3iaggie Wil
liams, Mrs. Wendell, Mrs. Dr. Woodward,
MUs M. Drnry, Miss Pratt, Mrs. M. C.
Amca. Mrs. Peter F. Wilton. Mrs. C. Bald.
win, Miss Bert M. English, Mrs. D. Buuf,
iin. u. -wuamucra, jure. a. nanor, aillS K,
Baldwins. Mrs. W. B. Moses. Mr-.. U. a.
Emery. Mis Kate Emery, Mlsa Charlotte
tjeyayna, hiii m. tjcyxyns, hiss h. u. ile
Cullocb, Mlis L. M. McCulloch, Mrs. Hugh
McCnltoch. Miss Phmbe Barker. Mn. M.
A. Spclr, Mrs. James O. Clephane, Miss
Jennie Lancey, Mrs. II. Adler, Mr. Giles
A. Smith, Miss C. Voss, Mrs. General
Miss F. Relcbenback. Mrs. C. U. Youngs,
Miss A. J. Brown, Miss Helen Noves. Mill
Era 8. Mills, Mrs. Clark Mills, Miss Ettlo
Jeffries, Mrs. Thos. O. Hills, Miss Eleanor
Edelln, Mrs. Allison Nallor, Jr., Miss Mollis
Se mines, Miss Lizzie J. Iloottb, Miss Erie
Sesvera of Baltimore, Mrs. David Walker,
Miss Minnie Johnston, Mrs. Webster dexter,
Mrs. E. Howard, Mrs. J. L. Barbour, Mlsa
Ida M. Thompson, Mrs. J. W. Thompson,
Miss Powers, Miss Mary F, Rapley, Mlis
Joel Kerr, Mrs. n. L. JefTrlcs, Mrs. Mary
Cromwell, Miss Kate Moore, Miss Dunn,
Mrs. E. Droop. Miss Molllo O. Falconer,
Mis Mary Fowler, Miss Snsle Fowler, Miss
Ktdwell, Mrs. flallctt K II bourne, the Misses
KUbourn, Mrs. Gen. Whittlesey, Mrs. G, F.
scbeirer. Mrs. w. w, Kapler.
Of tbe newspaper fraternity tlierewere
prcacoi jiaj. ieo xcrjey x ooro, 01 tne U0S
toa Jaurnoi J. B. McCulloch. of the CIneln.
natl JnoHlrtTi S. H. Kanfftian, O. S. Noyes
and It. F. Bofsean. of the 8Ur V. A. Rich
ardson, of the Baltimore Sun; Col. T. B.
Florence, of the Sunday Oatuttt M.C. Hart.
of tb Horning 2fvct Porter C. Bliss, of
toe unromwi v, &. narns ana Artunr
onepoera, oi tue itiruDLiOAMi j. u. mill
son. of tbe If T WotHi T. B. Conner ami
J. Macfarlaod. of the X. Y. Jhral4 Mrs.
J. R. Brlggs, OOlevla.) or the Philadelphia
JYi J. R. Young, of tbe X P. TVfkuiwj
T. N. Bnrrltt, of the Sumhy JltraUI, and
Writing at two o'clock this morning, after
an boar or two spent In tbe ball-room, we
can seieiy pronounce mis tne grandest sue
ces of the kind ever given In Washington.
Every arrangement was perfect and .every
thine worked like clockwork. The trntteea
of tbe ball had thrown tho vthole building
opcu vi ius uupusai oi ids comnmice) every
room was assleaed for a sdscUI oblect. and
there seemed to be a place for everything,
and everything In lis place.
While tbe votaries of Terpsichore were
tripping gauy in toe rooms aoore, those
wnocnone tooeotuerwise amused enjoyed
their cards and cigars In the room below.
Tbe cloak room, generally a source of
contusion and annoyance, was so admirably
managed tbat no one had the least dlfil
And every one present experienced the
uimoit cojojmcui. oenaiors, Representa
tives, Judges, generals, and other dignitaries
mloeled in the dance, and enteral lntn lTia
spirit with aa mnch scst and spirit as tbe
Kj;b vi mj juuok luias present.
The toilets of tbe ladies Were nneirentlan.
able, and we regret that neither time nor
space will permit descriptions of the dresses.
As it would be Impossible to give the whole
list we forbear giving any. We know It Is
the fashion to sport long trails, but If we may
vc ivruiii.cu to uo ao we wouia suggest mat
tbe custom In a ball-room might be more
uuuurcu iu tug uracn tnan in tne ODSCrr
ance. It certainly would add to the com
fort and convenience of the dancers.
The centlemcn Who com Dosed the sarerAl
committees were indefatigable, and left
uoioiDK unaona io ana to tno pleasure and
convenience or all participants In the fes
tivities of the evening. The committee
were as followsi
Massrs Alaaaodar It HhepharJ, William
H. Huntington, A H Solomoif, lj I)mtl.
Hallatt Kilboora. William II pnllp. It" II!
Iloteler. Z D Oilman, Ueorf A Mollheny,
JamtsL Barbour,Ueorga W Uoehran.T. L,
covvittki 03 aioerriox
OaneraU Sherman and M tenia--. Admirals
Portar. and UablRrao, Uaairs. W W. Coreo'
J, w. Thownaon, J U. llnuver, W. Il lofld
A T T., I f-1 i. ... ' . .: -V
A K Mllllctt. W n. ltffllfAt w' ur'P."C'
E llteh.N P Brown, J ll i:ran, Tt Wal
lasb.D K. O-rlt.r, A, Wylle.O P tlahcr J
11 make, J. W. I orocy, 'Marshal UrownJ
M.Irftla, M O. Emery, T J. Perry; N. J
Kant.W. B Webb, Jamas V Davlsjohu V.
.iinU(FltshuthUorl,PrsderlckU MoUulra.
W t Mllehall.A Hart '
A.H Solomons, W. 1 Young, Lewis T Da.
via. Oeoraa Morris. II. U. Aaderaon. P ir
Uassaway, IJ. Wythe Dsaby.
(jommittee on tne ifistrict or Columbia, rea
terday, had under consideration the bill to
Incorporate the Ltntblcum Institute of
ueorgetown, and several verbal amendments
were made, and It was ordered that tha bill
be reported to the House.
The first OR AMD LIVE! of the Ancient
Order of Good Fallows will be given at Odd
Fellows' Hall on Tuesday next, March 1.
Oix IIaix Clotuiko and Mirchart Tax
LORiNo. 03o Seventh street, opposite Post
Office, g
Boijid or Scsiool TicsrnaMAa ad
Journed meeting of the Beard of Trust of
Public Sohools wa bald at the room of the
board last night, ror ta ptrpoa or consid
ering pending amendments to tb rules) Mr.
Moore la tb chair, Prenti Messrs.
Brown, Champlln, Clarke, Dnlla.UcLellan,
Moore, Newton, Woodward and the supsrln
tendent. w
The applications of Miss Mary OWhttaey
and Miss Bstty Bliss Adams for positions as
teacher were prssenttd and referred
Mr. Brown, from the Committee on Ac
counts, reported several bills as approved)
which were ordered to be paid.
Tbe report of tbe committee on the re
vision of the rules, which was laid over at
the last meeting, was the taken up.
On motion or Mr. Woodward, the amend
ment wire considered itriatim.
The first amendment wa a follows t
To arttel T ef the by-laws of the board add
ih following paragraph i The aue-boarta
hall 'consult with the superintend! la ra
gard to tasfaiplojmeatof taaahers aid with
rafaraaeetoall natters spaalflad l tb rule
praseribiD tb duties or thai oat with
view to securing harmony and sa-operatloe la
their rsspaotlva labors aed they aball lane
war laterfar with the attle of th sepsrla
tandsnt lathe dlsthargeof any duty ipasll
eally required of him by th relai of ths
board or by th laws of the eorporatloa
Upon this amendment, the committee re
ported unfavorably.
Mr. Newton moved to amend by striking
out the word In brackets. Adapted.
Tbe question was then taken on th
amendment a amended, and it was rejected.
Tho second amendment was as follow i
Add a new article to bs nunhsrsd aad enti
tled aa follows t
Articlr XX Alt Commllltit ta Contklt ulth
Ihi Svpirinttndtnt. It shall b th duty ef all
standing aommUtaea, In the dlsoharge ef their
reipeiiive functions, to consult with thsu
psrinienaenioi senooiswuae view to avail
ing themselves ot bis advice or atiiglstlons
The committee also rsportsd atversslr
upon thla amendment, an
id It waa rejected i
Ayes Mr. newton x.
Noes Messrs.
Brown, Champlln, Clarke, Dulln, McLslIan,
Moore, and Woodward T.
Amend rul SI ao as to real
Tsashsrs shall not rsaolr nuntls ts nroeura
or use other tint-books than those designate!
by th board of trustees, an.
Committee reported adversely, and It wae
i ne next amendment was as rouows i
Add a new rota to Ha. SI. "Tha tha
hall also give dua atteatloa to the tralalsg
ofthapsplls la PM4 msniwri, pelltceeis, an
eleaDlloessof parsan to tha right culture ef
their moral p rtcptlni by Illustrating aad
foreleg tb dutlee of truthfulatsi, noatitr.
Industry, tempers no, ebadienea to parenie
asd teachers and to public law, and ol 4oleg
unto others as we weald have others do ante
us t also ta tha proper development of their
and obedience i In doiog which they win b
ireful to avoid all partlsaa or scetsrlaa la.
eutcatlons "
On this the committee reported adversely.
This amendment cave rise ta a lsnethv
debate, In which all the member and ths
superintendent participated.
Mr, Clarke offrd tb following at a sub
stitute) which was adopted i "
The teachers shall also give dua atteatloa
the training of puplle la goJ manners,
ollteness. aud Inculeata at all timer, rood
Mr. Dalln moved to amend bv snbstltau
Ing the first part of tbe original section
down to "have others do unto us" which
wae lost.
The amendment as amends! b Mr.
Clarke was then adopted.
Tbe remainder of the amendment were
then laid over until the next meeting.
air. CLieiian tuan oncrea ta louowing)
which were unanimously adopted
Whereas on th Itth day of January last, la
tballoui or llcprestntatlvec, Hon. Waa. F
Prnssar,ef Taaneiset. delivered a speech la
which are Ihn follawing passages, iader th
heading of "Fearful Condition of Kdueatloa
ta the District of Columbia, vlst
"With sehoola that are comparatively
worthless and wholly Inadequate, there bclae
.uuu.aux v. vuiiuiwu uii.iii iuiinmmn
hub ig nnj icidvi-iovui, ipu wag wouia 00
scarcely the better for It If ther could, be
cause of tbe want of a proper supply of teach
ers, who are, moreover, pld their email eele
rls at uncertain and Irregular Intervals! they
are yet quit as ready to dismiss a child for a
timing fault as te admit one to pupilage. It
often reauires mora time and labor to gat a
child admitted than a laboring man can spar)
and 1 can conceive of no greater outraga on
tha rights of a child, soon lo ba a ettlico, than
taclotetbe school room against Moi for any
cause whatever.
'I hava said that tha schools nf thli niatriit
should ba of tha highest ordertlnstesd thereof
ncy r ins uiai;rc oi we Bauoo ana area
tha raorcseDlatlra of tha Ottoman tmnlfm
proudly and justly say, 'The school laws of
Turkey ar superior to yours ."
"1 am told by the superintendent of publlsJ
cmiuK m.i luuif (aires or aigQICCa OI
the nubile schools under hla charva t-m ibaui
to bn condamnad as nuisances by th board or
n-(in jninx,ii you pieatc, nt unairman,
of slaty echoUre and a teacher being confined
Ink rnnn tn.ntv.lmiF h Ihl-lv I..I .a.....
prison sboultl uotbe comlemoed aa a public
nuisance, walcji ought to be abated. Tat I
am told eush prisons are to be found In Wash-
iDgiwaeiiy, uu tavj are uignined With taO
nam of public schools "
And wherea the above extracts, evidently
not based upon tba persoaal Ituowlsdgeof tha
sneaker. eonUIn mlsrcnresanikitnBB. th an.
rrctlon of which Isdaa to the taxpaycrs-of
this elty, who have liberally givta of their
means to support the school) to tha Hsyore
and Councils, whose Judicious legislation has
fostered thcini to our predecessors In this
board, whose wisdom, eoerey, and devotion
have founded and built un tha !, tn ..
eelree, who, entering Into tbelr labors, have
Qjeavorod worthily to continue theni sod
to the teachsre, past and present, whose tal
ents and fidelity have adorned their pro fes-
taxpayers, the legislation or the Oouaalls,
and the labors of tbe trustees: Therefore,
Bttoltxi. That the faataauthn-ltail. nllA.
Ingetatemeatt 1 That the public schools of
this city, far from bclog comparatively worth
less, will eompar favorably la thoroughness
v. . hh.iwm vvi,B or msciDiLoa
m 111. it.. ..h mIi r abb i. . .l . - -. L
i.;' ..7 "" " im aouniryi x.
That tha aahool MaitiininAtllnii, h... I-
oreasad as rapidly as the demand has war
ranted, and there ara more vacant setts than
applicants) S. That the supply of teaehera la
enielent for the waets of the schools) 4. That
no scholar bae bean even temporarily dis
missed "far a trifling fault," and none have
brn permanently dismissed sxsepla few whose
loflueooe was ao peruleleus aa to render ex
pulsion absolutely neeassaryi S. That any per
son ant tied to a ticket of d ml .! . rt.-
taln one on calling at the residence or place of
vU..... vt u, itH.o. ,u IUI UUIIlIt, , DO
further time or trouble Is aaccssaryi e. That
although someortheaohoot-rooms are loeou
venlent, and even unfit for tha purpose they
are used, few or none are so small or poorly
suitable bulldlnas ar (akin tha ni.. Mk.
old as rapidly asthsftaaoscc of the oorpora-
linn ktftll kl.nll r
t-tioluf. That we cordially lavlt all man
ners of Ooncreia lntraii la.itm.iu. t.
thla Illalrlatfn mik. r,inii.ni.i.it. ...
schools, confident that they will flod teacbart,
faithful, Intelligent aad competent, and ami
bilious acholarc, whose minds and bodlss are
carefully and judiciously trailed t methods of
luiuutiivu iu, uimnipnum wormy ei tne prss
snt state of educational science, aad In many
eases rooms well adapted to their uses, aad
'""It"' equal to that In th most favored
Stialotd. Thai va inm.l tAnna.... .,
notbecaus thtreople of this city havaproTei
!!!B1lflraua"" er unwilling to discharge
their duly In tha premises) nofbcaause,.wlih
an annual appropriation from tha corporatlo
contlnually aad rapidly tnereaslog until this
ear for white eehools alone ltexccrds oa
undred and eraatvthra ihmiaan aii...
our schools ara yet adlsgrae to tba natloot
not as mendicants, but as almoners of tha na
tion's bounty to those for whnse wants" If
uuiv ,'iu'iuo, nu uroiuii ior reasons staled
la the tuamorlal lo Congress, Jostle demands
such Aid, aod because the rapid Improvement
and present flourlshlogcoadltloaotourschools
i VV i .. . '".''naianpropriat o
would b Judiciously and profitably axnandad.
Mr. Pilchards deslrad to eiplaln that he
fa- tu jniormaiiou to r. rrosscr regard
ng th schoot-bonse embraced In th last
paragraph, bnt be wished to dlscla! n having
riven him anv I n form t Inn nn )ilh h.
could base the other portion of his remarks.
( "wvunaru, irom tne committee en
rules, offered tbe following amendment to
the rules, which layover nnder tbe rules
till tUO nttt mantlnf,
Kulee laaerith words In Italics. II may
wits iht reaimr of th, CommUltt oa TftkeVa
lutttuti call mcetlnt of th teachers, Ac,
Mr. Bicbnrds took umbrage at tbe pro
posed amendment, and aomo sharp words
passed between him and Mr. Woodward.
Mr. Champlln moved that the committee
on rules be Instructed to revise, If necessary,
and bare lssud a supply of form No. Si!
and such other forms as may b needed.
lie cald the superintendent had bean InV
structed to do so, but uo blanks bad been
Thla called op Mr. Richards, wbo said he
had received no Information of any forms
being wanted.
After some discussion, the subject was
passed over with the understanding that tb
sopcrlntendent would look aftsr the forme.
Mr. Clarke nfTararf a ...nlniUn (.. V...
aner the publlo schools shall dot b cloaad
Pt by order of tbe board of trustees?
Mr. Brown offered the following, which
was cdoptedt
thrn'raLni T,Dtltlll" board cordially wcldome
if wffilfi" A"etatlon of Supcrlnteedaota
of Schools to our capital to our warm and
I n.rou. sympalhlrs, and to euch aeeommo-
.f.i a.!.!1 ." purP0' r bbldlng thslr eevn
"tilV f.1.?,"!." " .'Tordedla tffa.sranklla
", ina roomc oi tae aoara
?i?"IUKlr,.r 'oopeB lo the free ate of
tbe members or tb s sects tloa.
Mr. ltlchard presented a communication
Ju regard to the annual reports, respeetlng
which a discussion arose as to whether a
former resolution directed him to report to
ths board or to tbe Councils direct.
OanatlAaaf Un UaTAllan. the 'immn.
nloatloa wa reftrrM to th committee) oa
congres and th City Councils.
Mr Richards rva notlcalhat ba lnlan1ad
to call a UMtltg of the teachers on Friday
afternoon to make m remarks vpon the
Ufe and character of the late Mrs. Amldon.
Mr. Brown tncinlrM If this did not con.
diet with the rule Joat proposed by Mr. Clark,
and adopted by th board, as regards closing
Pending the discussion of ihi nntiit,
motion wa mad to adjourn, whtett was
lost, only Mr. Champion voting ta the
Mr Clark moved that mi VriAm ...
lKe..bb.t.0? " f the schools,
which shonld elos at 1 o'clock
Coosldsrable Ume wa spent In discussing
Ihle question, aodsevaralsnggtstlon wer
made amoag other that the eulogy be de
ferred until rJatarday, to which Mr. Rich
ards replied that be did not feel as if be bad
a rignt to eau tne taacocr together on tbat
day, a tha time then wa theirs. In view
of th fact tbat there bad been one holiday
this week, (Washington's birthday,) a
week's postponement was suggested, out the
motion was finally carried, only Messrs.
Brown and Champlln voting in the negative.
The board thea, at IQiSO, adjourned.
The following are the amendments to the
rule still pondog from the previous meet
leg i
Add to rule II th following i
Th recesses baler given mainly for sanitary
pirposcc no pupil shall b deprived of thcra
allhe regular times as a punishment unless
afforded an opportunity for an equivalent
amount of eterels and fresh air Immediately
before or afterwards,
Tbe committee reported favorably on this
and th following aateadment t
Add to rala TT tha followln i
la which si Immediate notice sbll bs
scat lo th supsriatsndcat.
Bixtb Ward BcrtTBUCARt. The regular
meeting of this club was held last night, with
the president (Charles Champion) la the
Miles Sweeny offered tho following, which.
waa aaoptsai
Whtraae It frequently happens that as few
manners oi mis aiao oceupiee an me lima ana
prevents others from speaking who wish to do
soi therefore b It
ItsrolMi, That Domcmbsref this club shall
have the floor more than tan minutes on any
subject without unanimous consent or tha
elub, aad by euch eonscat a member may speak
ten mtnatce longer.
Kaotvt&furihtr, That tb president Is bound
to enforce this resolution.
Thoma iioss introduced tbe following i
JtsiafMd1. Ae there lean orran lied bod form-
leg In th ward with an Intention to be la di
rest opposition to the proceedings of the orl
glesl club, we. the members or the orlglael
club.eondemn the nation or the leaders or that
party la organising ihe eeld elab under aa
assumed same, as Ilia calculated to mislead
thos that nay misunderstand Its Intentions.
Tb resolution was discussed at some con.
alderabl length, Mike and ike Shiner con
demning tbe proposed organisation In bitter
terms, aad advocating the adoption of the
resolution, ana tnai toose wnose names nave
been Identified aa members of tho original
club wbo have Joined tbe new organisation
be stricken from tbe roll.
Mr. B. A. Blmma said he belonged to no
other than tb Blzth Ward Republican Club,
and no one bad a right to Impugn the mo-
uvea ui u.ucre, u ,uej am mioDg to otoer
clubs. For himself be would never again
Tote for tbe mannowtnpower,f Mr. Bowen,)
bit he Intended to vote none other than the
Keouellcan ticket. fAvolcei "Georretown
1 on fire."
Air. d.. continuing, said ne did not ask
anything from anybody, and alluded to bis
votes in in uouncn, wmen, lie said, ne wae
wllllnr to stand bvi and If ha committed
errora they were from tbe bead and not from
tbe heart. He looked to tbe Interest of the
people, not cliques, and If tbe people desired
to send him back they conld do soj but be
hoped Republican would not go about and
traduce him without the shadow of truth or
? ne question was men taken, and tbe reso
lution laid upon the table.
Thomas Bennett then Introduced tho fol
Whereas, Henry Better otTered a resolution
te expel certain members or thle elub without
any Just eausc, and ealeutated to prevent free
aaeech contrary to true Jlepubltcan principle)
therefore be It
IfiolKed, That aatd Henry Better shall r
eclv th eensur of this elub.
Mr. Champion thoutrbt the Introduction
of tte resolution not proper, and ought not
be adopted, as Mr. Belter bed been worklne
iiaru tur mo success oi toe party, and ne
hoped the resolution would be withdrawn,
as it did not conduce to harmony or tbe good
cause In which all was battling.
Mr. C. Osborn thought it too early to
make war on any one, and he hoped tbe
resolution would be withdrawn.
J. II. Jordan said there were two parties,
the Republican and tbe Democratic, and it
behooved Republicans to stand together In
...J JL- t-- ..- ..
order to achieve success, for If ' we split tbe
thVm." " " '" '
Mr. Cary White said he was not In favor
or against Mayor uowen, nor did be endorse
... uv... uiu, uav uvup. khu uo worn a not
deceive any one, especially tbe colored man,
wbo has been thrown upon tbe community,
frt til vma l. ..-- JB ..... -
,vi iui g uu uctju QTITCU BBrO WllUOUt
homes 1 but tbCV Shonld not b if arwniUnt
npoo charities for a livelihood, but ought lo
iui a. uui ,ocir own salvation.
Mr. White was frequently Interrupted,
but proceeded to eay that be bad been In
the Provident Aid Society. fWhut h w
got to do with the Provident Aid Society II
Thla Qo vera men t doe not belong to a negro,
ou iiuuuwu ua..ucr uui i uciongea to
the dlsereet. those whn ant wininv in nrt
He said the question was, what la being
done by the colored people la Alabama,
Bouth Carolina, Mississippi, and othern
Southern States to provide for themselves,
where tb lands in those Bute ara belnir
parcelled out for their cultivation, In order
tu .uej inigut reap tne units or tueir
Time wa here called, and Mr. Cary
White took hla scat. J
Mr. Ualnea Introduced a resolution ln-
vi.iug uoo. natton ana wm. Drown toad
dresa the next meetlnc.
Mr. Shiner Bald tha rtantntlnn artnnM nnl
pass "if h bad to bring tbe wholo ward to
UPWH la. '
Mr. White said there were mors bad white
men In th ward than good ones leading
tb colored raen.
Mike Shiner said be bad been censured by
raea for following tbe "Boye In Bine," bat
they were present to-night, and now be
longed to the "Boy In Bit." In the future
he woild not be led by any bnt a man. not a
"whlp-a-wlll" or "bat."
Mr. Osborn raid if Messrs. Ilatton and
urcma were ttcpuoncans iney should b re
ceived with onen hanJa a.ni nnt i-anlia
U wa neltbera Bowenltenor antl-Bowenlte,
uu.tuvjjcuiuuMuiBuoa woBiu oeadopted.
The resolution was then haesiri.
Mr. Falrall moved that Major William S.
Morse ba Invited tnarldraia tha n.Tt mantlna.
Tbe meeting showing signs of dlsapproba-
iuii uv wuiiua wave wuuarawn ana tno ClUD
Finn. Aboot 11:30 o'clock on Monday
Al.kl fka aa1ir I .. a
Frank Brown, on New Jersev tvinn. ha.
tween K and L streets noytb, caught flro
'""" " wiuccr a.yncn turnaa in an
alarm from box No. 45. ant fm inm. m.
explained cans tb alarm wa struck for
box No. 19, canslng the Are department to
icjiair u tua corner oi oeventnand t; streets,
and discovering no cans for alarm In tbat
locality the .nnaratna tifn-na,l in th.i.
houses. Through the promptitude of the
Ewuco ana some cuisens the Ore nt the
ouse of Mr. Brown wa extinguished after
the loss of about $100.
BunsTiao oy a Btiiu Pipx. On Monday
moralng a Are occurred In a bouse In Dud
dlngtoa Row, occupied by Mr, Thos. Pitch,
caasedbythe bursting of a steam heating-
Pip attached to tha conkln-nno-.. mH
scattering the Are about the room. Tbe
force of tbe explosion had the effect to blow
a window-sash out In the kitehn. nnirtf
Berkley, with the assistance of member of
vtuiamuift engine company, succeeded in ex
tlngulshlng the Are with the loss of about f 50,
The Giobobtowb BaaiBTaiTiox. .Tha
revision of the poll lifts commence to-morrow,
and will last for two davs. Evsrv one
who does not wish to be debarred from
voting on election day on the ground of In
cerreet registry shonld revise the pell lists
at one, and act accordingly, or be will only
hav himself to blame.
Tm Remim s or CoMsrixiTOB Paybti.
The remains of Lewis A Payne, tbe assas
sination conspirator, were removed from the
arsenal a few days ago and Interred in a lot
In Q Is n wood Camsterr. A record of Ihe
'grave has been kept, and If the friends of
Payne ever desire to obtain hi body tbey
can no so.
Tna PaaSBTtiaT or Potomac will hold
an adjourned meeting on Friday evening, In
the New Tork Avenue church, for the pur
pose of receiving Bev. David Moffat, and
making arrangement for Installing him as
pastor of the Bridge Street church lh George
town. Bail ran. Conav. .ttmm Jnnaa n..
Barges i, colored, cbargd with assault with
Intent to kill Harry Baker on Monday night,
(before reported,) gav ball to Jnstlc iiar
psr for her appearance at court.
NAT10HAX. ill '
isaajees rrom Dr. narrle, or Sw
Tor It
Th society met last nlbt a.M" waaraliaA
loerder at t o'clock, 0r. Kobrt rUybnrn
In the chair) Dr. Adams Gray, seerttary.
i iivvuiiu -H ajiecea tomemner
thlp. Dr. E. Harris, of New Tork, was ttemtaaud
as nonorary mamoer
Dr. Tespvr Edwin Cheener'wa nominaled
for membrshlp. Referred to the Board of
On motion ofDr. Gray, the society accepted
the Invitation of Dr. John G Stephenson to
meat at hi offlc, 60ft Fifth street, on next
Wednesday evening, March 9.
Dr. Mason was appointed a committee to
report tne expense ana assign or. a seat ior
thi locUtv.
Tb motion of Dr. Aignsta to amend the
constitution ao a to make Wednesday night
lritead of Tuesday night tbe night for all
It future meetings, wa taken from tba table
Tha anrrufMailliin ......-- n ...
worth, laid before the eoctety the following
lattava rMM n. TT.1.
k,, ,, 0iea or Baaiviay SvrsatriartBtT,
Piaa rlta tie reply torour laaulriaa eon.
ssrnlaatha relapsing fever, X Inclose printed
slips, lastead of written statements, whtih I
have no time to prepare. Dot allow me, dear
ir.iw--.pr-.-. ids oeiiar end nope thai you
will not have thla fever at the capital. Ills
rcadllr arrest 1 by santtarr raesaorai. Wo
bcltevalta cause Is already arrested In such
manner as to prevent th Infection which at
tends It from reaching other cities.
For full and aorrest descriptions f this raver
th works of Murehlson, Sir Edward Jenaer,
Atkins, llegbl, Lions, and th Casual Ba
Fiona OI cpuimici in ireiaoa ana t-sian(
mm 1M0 tn II ST. &ra the best authorities,
Privy Oouaatl Reporta for less on St. Peters
hnrr fLlharlat Plaa-ua la also lnaB4.rta.nt.
Only about WO cases have oceur red la New
Tork, aad It le now less threatealog than It
wss three weeks ago. It makes sad havoc
among toa negroes, cna aine eomeoi tnem
vary rvvpastiuiir,
E.IUams. M. D
A alark
my mention of good authorities
pun; i,Tr a eviu jjunaru jri.asr, laguu a
ntandad Wm. Jaanar. II waa tale aood
observer, Dr. Wm, Jen-ier, who gave a dls-
iinvitvv aan iu iniiKiin
I an hanovta alatata van tfcatwa hallave
the oources or this fever la the metropolis
and the adjaeaet villages are fully controlled,
Uptoth prseeot hour relapsing fever obcyc
irr strictly tha laws of a iH . renfafffutm.
strictly the laws of mrimptt renfaciutm.
wbfeb requires a spatial class of Inhabitants
and a great degree of want of good nourish
ment to masses er people to git epidemics
currency to II lo aoy community, and oven la
tha law stratum of elvie noaulatloa la which
II bae been found In New Vorkflt see me at
every step or lis progress te have demon
etrafadM. Orandlson'a spresslve postulate:
"Epidemic- Is tba effect aud not th vans of
tha contagion."
The occurrence or a single ess, even aps
urof a wayfarer for a single night la a Bret
stadium Idrsr, second and third relapse) lea
lodging house, Insures th formation of ta
f roup of eases, aod tbalnfeetloa of a majority
ao average of seven eighths) of all tha par
sons who lodged In th cam room or ta open
or communicating anartmaots. At no hour
of th day or evening de w rail to take th
sick aad th lodgera Into our sanitary earn and
control th moment w and new as of tha
Wishing yon aad your aeeUty saccsss la
tb study of disease, t remsla yours,
E. it mat a.
A vote of thanks was unanimously ten
dered to Dr. Harris for bis prompt and
courteous action in transmuting to inis so
ciety such Information In regard to relps
Ing fver as was lo bis possession.
uwing to tne pressure oi ousincss, tne
paper on relplng fever by Dr Stephenson
was deferred tp the next meeting.
On motion, adjourned.
Mass Mbitixo iff Fibst Wabd. A
mass meeting of the First ward Republicans
waa bsld last evenler at the Steven school
bouse, tb president, Uenry Illmbr, In tbe
Mr. Illmber announced thacthlawaa not
a regular meeting or tb club, aad It would
be proper to elect a presiding officer.
Mr. D. M. Davis was accordingly elected,
and on taking tbe chair be ld thla waa tbe
first meeting be had attended tfci eaon.
Ae he waa entering th ball h wa congrat
ulated on comlnr out to-nJcht and abowlosr
hla band. Originally he bad Joined the
First ward Jtepuoucan ciud, ana sun
claimed to be a member. TChecr. 1
In making thi statement he did not desire
to be understood as Impugning the motives
of the Invincible. It would be well If there
were more euch clnbs. If It were possible
be would willingly belong to them all. He
was wholly In favor of supporting the or
ganisation tnai naa carried us tnroagn tne
recent municipal campaigns, li did not
exactly understand tb pnrpos of the matt
ing to night. lie would be glad to be In
formed, and wonld accordingly act.
Mr. Byphar thought It wonld be proper
for the secretary (Mr, William Preoder) to
Eft IBUVs-U S2S iiiSlon.coiSr'
en eea In tbla ward.
Mr, Joseph Jackson wlahed to ask If this
hall was not to be used by tbe First ward
club as well as tbe Invincible elab. To
night the doors were closed and no Are was
kindled for the comfort of the club. If It
was fair for one it was rair ror another.
A discussion here ensued la relation to the
occupancy of tbe ball.
Mr. Charles Syphax proposed to explain
tue wuoie cause oi tue existing trouble,
and read tb original proposition to recon
cile the exlstlne: difficulties In the ward, lie
asked how the proposition wa met t It was
rejected, and the Invincible voud lolldly for
It rejection. It was proposed that the
officer of tb First Ward Club should resign.
They did not Intend to allow the proposition
lo pass. Mr. Illmber wa to resign, aud be
waa toe mouiu-pioce oi toe inrmcinie.
Mr. Sypbax said he would show tbat in
stead ot Mr. Illmber, Mayor Bowen wa tbe
ostensible motive. The committee of con
ference had met, and had considered the
proposition, bnt what did It amount tot It
did not make any difference who wa the
lie Proposed to read tbe raoort of the com.
mitteeas he found It, and he Intended to
criticise It ae be found It. Why did they
not come ont and av that thsv wera antl.
Bowen men and not attempt to cover up their
rani assigns.
A voice. I shall have to call Mr. Sypbax
to order. lie claims to be a member of tha
Invlnclbles, and It poorly becomes a stralght-
lorwara icpuDucan to got up ner Il a mass
meetleg and criticise ear actions as a club.
Mr. Sypbac said be did not -propose to
aunago iub ireeuora oi ppceca ior "ten cents
Tbe Chair. What has that to de with the
question t ue thought the discussion en
tirely Irrelevant.
A voice. Go on and dlsenss the merits of
the question.
Mr. Sypbax. J ait soj that Is what I pro-
pneu u uv,
Mr. Schooler arose to aprlvllegd question,
Mr, SvDbax refused to vlaM the flnnr.
lie said that tba officers of tbe Invincible
were determined to hold on If there were rio
other members of tbe dlsorganlsers sxcept
themselves. Bowen and autl-Bowen was
the war cry. The speaker proposed te show
ap the dissenters, and mentioned tbe same
or Martin, traeraan and Henderson a en
conraglng the dissension.
Mr. Illmber said that Mr. Svnha ahoald
be allowed to proceed, and then ether
speeaere couia criticise ana reply, it waa
evident the motions hod contrary motions
nrn iHua vu sia.uru toe meeting.
Tbe Chair suggtsted that reporters were
present, and It was according to the dignity
of Republican meetings net to talk too
much, and to coo flue the debate to th
merit of the question.
Mr. Byphax was allowed tan minute to
conclude hie remarks. lie said that Alfred
Jones wa to take tbe place or Alderman
Davis, Andrew Freeman was to take tbo
place of Robert Thompson, Councilman!
Mr. Martin was to take Taylor place, and
Mr. O. Clark waa to take Commissioner
lumber's place. He spoke of the nnmbr
of Treasury employee who were so promi
nent In loading tb Invincible. They had
nothing to loso In the comlog campaign,
while the corporation laborera bad every
thing to lose.
Mr, Sandy Lacy defended the Invlnclbles,
He denied that that club bad any elate made
ont. Mr Martin, the president of tbe In
vlnclbles, bad consistently refused all nomi
nations, and wbn hi name wa brought
forwara last year he politely declined. Il
wa a mistaken idea tbat Bowen was tb
"cat In tbe bag." By no meassi tbat wa
the trouble. Was It oa the reoord that the
Invlnclbles wers pldgd for Bowen t Nol
II defied any ef tb cltlxens of the ward to
sustain ench an lddai there was not oie
that could prove It. If Major Bowen did not
serve the people then throw him overboard.
Applause. That was the way to serve
those wbo were elected by the vote of th
people. If Robert Thompson, tb Council
man, did not eery tbe people of the First
ward, was it not the right of the votere to
throw him overboard! Complain about the
Invlnclbles being housed In tbe Treasury
Department. How many of the Ward elab
were corporation employees, and bow many
bad good, fat position In lhTranryJ
partmenll Mr, Wm. Schooler defended the coarse of
the invincible
Mr. Henry Illmber said the opposition bad
no other object In vlsw bnt to create dissen
sion amoog those wjao bad not got wrk
from thi corporation,
. . . .. ji.u..Ia,i if (Tna
Thr wa much tanner "- -
aam sort. iH.td Alfred Jone'
political statu -. .r tha senutn Invln
cuam 0f the First ward. It was entirely
Aiirea iweia the Beginning, in tne con
tlniatlon, ana would be Inevitably Alfred
Jonea In the end.
Mr. uant consumed th most or his time
In answering the questions put to him. and
wben he took his seat fourteen Individuals
claimed the right to express their view. I
It wa Anally agreed that Ferry Wilson
should bare eomethlng to say, and when
he loUhed the meeting adjourned
Railboad Mixttwo The railroad meet
tog at the City Hall last evening waa qatt
a spirited a flair Mr. 8. 8. Baker presided,
and Mr T O. Connolly acted ae secretary.
Mr. Connolly presented the following,
which he snpporUd In aa elaborate and for
cible speech, ebowlng that the Point Look
ont road and tbe Point of Rock road, or
any road leading to tb Pennsylvania line,
would prove tbe right and left arm of our
Whtrass lh elty of Washington (or the
cllltsos or Waehlnitooi should nromDtlr da-
eld and act with reference to tb several -I
projected raiiroaoa ror opening communica
tion between thla elty and different parte or
the country) aod wharcae Incertitude lo re
spect to the order proper to ba observed la
fegard to th sarertl pre) tots appesre to para.
yia tha energies of our eltlscnsi therefore,
kttolvtd. That tb order le which aid ahoutd
be extended to these enterprise to th extent
of our ability and their needs abould b aa
fallows, vlt! riret, toth Uslllmore and Pa-
tomee reilroadi second, tn tha Waahlaatnn
and Point Lookout railroad) third, to a rail
road whlsh shall connect Washington, through
th Frederick and ltecerttown, region, with
the Pennsylvania system of railroads.
Mr. J IL Grossman supported the resolu
tion, showed tbe natural advantage of the
city and urged tb Importance or their full
tm v vr t...V...t .... . I ....
gentlemen shonld deem It necessary to prove
the advantages of railroads. A gentleman
In Boston said long ago to bis felIow-c!U-ssns,
"Ton build railroads and railroads
mom avonrcitr." xrerv cut tbat faaa
built railroads has proved, the truth of this.
nasningion ne natural advantages or
health and climate. Manufactures must
prosper here. Tbe working people can lire ,
nappuy ana economically iu tnie region.
air. iiiancnard. wno uaeuiirai railroad
roan, enlarged opon Mr. Connolly argu
ment, showing the reciprocal beneOts of
th Point Lookout railroad and a road con
necting us with th Pennsylvania system.
ite maris were rosa oy -jnaee oioaoaker.
of Pa., J. Sayles Brown, Major Scott, Dr.
Snoderais and others, and tbo meettnt ad
National 8xATna Pabx. Ths flair noon
tbe street-car yesterday announced to
akalers that tb Ice wa In proper condition,
and come of the Department were closed
daring the entire day, and all Government
emcee enspenuca Business at noon, tue nou
dy given wa Improved by many clerks la
wending tbelr way to tho National Skating
Park, where a flno shest of Ice awaited
them and Invited their approach. We vis
Ited the park, and can state positively a to
tbe excellent condition of tbe Ice, and the
number of ladles and gentlemen who availed
themselves of tb opportunity presented of
having a glorious skate. Toward evening
the number of skater Increased, and after
dark lb Ic was perfectly alive with ladles
aad gentlemen skimming swiftly over Its
glassy surface. At 4 o'clock In th after
noon Ihe Washington brass band made Its
appearance and enlivened tbe skaters with
moat exceuens music Alter aara aancing
wa commenced la the pavilion, which wa
Indulged In by those who hesitated to trust
themselvee upon Ihe ellepery lake, and was
kept up until 11 o'clock.
There will probably be good skating to
day, and ait fond of thla most exhilarating
and healthful sport should make the most
or tbe opportunity now presented.
Paviho M Stbut. Tbe M-street paving
project was again before tbe Committee on
the District In the House yesterday. Argu
ment were heard on both sides of tbe ques
tion, and additional lists containing the
names of new petitioners as well as new
remonstrant were handed In. From the
paper before the committee It appear that
tbe owners of about one half of the property
fronting on the street between Vermont and
New Tork avenue object to th Improve
ment, while the balance are either warmly
In favor of It or bare expressed no opinion
on the subject. Th case 1 understood to
be closed so far aa hearing argument or re
ceiving paper 1 concerned, and while no
Indication of tt probabl action has been
furnished by th committee the impression
iwmi to prevail tbat It docs not exactly
favor tbe bill as passed by tbe Senate. It fe
clalmedbythoae urging tbe passage of tbe
bill tbat the paving Is a necessary Improve
ment, and tbat It can be done In tbe manner
proposed at less than one half what it would
tve ,1 uuu ,j Mviaiwu watractors, a
It will probably be ordered done by tbe
Council shonld tb bill fall.
Tan WAsmiroTOf Citt Batuvu Bank,
corner Seventh street and Louisiana avenue.
Is open from 6.30 to 7iS0 every Satnrday eve
ning. In addition to IU regular banking
hours. It pays Interest on deposits, Bfl
A uictko) of the managr of the In
dnalrial Home School will bt held at No.
Ill Bridge street, Georgetown, this (Wednes
day) evening, at 7.S0 o'clock.
A National Disobac A feminine lob
by lit, msgnlScent la figure, and dress of
velvet and ermine. Her face la familiar In
the halls, and on the cast side of the Senate,
which she prefers to the notorious reception
parlor, the dread of all Informed Washing
ton people. This womanls the finest look
ing of all tbat bannt the place. Hound, Ull
figure, good feature, rather full for pleasing.
creamy complexion, dark crisped hair, and
eyes with a commanding etare are very at
tractive, added tbe art of toilet which never
shows her bnt in dress that repeats her own
colors of black and white. Th woman, or
one like her, was sent laat year by the M
Coal and Iron Company to obtain tbelr large
claim for coal furnished the Government
during the war. These women deserve to
be paid freely for their unscrupulous opera
tions, for they are the most Indefatigable
lobbyists. The tired door-keeper declares
tbat he ba refuted the eame woman nine
times In half a day for a alngls Senator.
There I plenty of refined lobbying which
goe on outside tbe Capitol, among women
who have a presumptive right te think well
or themselves. One elever, pert young wo
man gained the suffrage of one Congress
man by regularly sending him a bouquet
every morning, tbe flowers from the Capitol
garden, procured through th order of an
other M. Q-Exefutogi.
tan following are the name of the mist
ing on the Emma No. 8i Wm. Fosterer, sec
ond engineer) Jas. Sealer, Lexington, Ky.
second cook, nnknewo, wbitei Davy, a roust
about) James Chapman and two ether fire
men, names unknown. Georg Hester,
pantry man, la la th hospital, at Cairo,
with body burned, and will probably recover.
Additional name of tbe aaved are as fol
lowsi Jas. Lynch.St. Louis j Jo. George,
Can el ton i Jame Ruedlcker, Dayton, Ky.t
Cbas. Charleston, second mate) Edward
Wylle, watchmanj Jamea Ford, John John
ton, C. Collins, Frank Burn, E. X. Wlog,
Mr. Baker and M. M. Forres, of tbe deck
crew, and Uenry Wilson, fireman.
Tni total population of Bhod Island by
tbe last census, in 1805. wss 184,V05 the
total value of property by th last aasss
mnt, a assessed In each town, was
203,i37,W8 tb total aggregate of the In
debteduess at th beginning of tb present
year, la the whole State, wa 11,241, 119.37,
or an avtrag of 16.71 for each Inhabitant.
Tb average wealth for each Inhabitant of
the Stat wa $1,184.8 1, Tb average rate
of taxation la all tb town wa 60 17 cent
on each 1100.
Jacob Txxx. a soldier of the war or 1B12,
was found dead la hi bed at Philadelphia
Tuesday. II was at tb battle of Bladsn
burg, and witnessed the burning of the
Capitol by the British. H was seventy
seven years old.
Tot eat national shoe festival js to be
held at Cincinnati oa tb 1st of September
Tni most popular reflections with ladle
now-a-day are those to be found la the
Tni Welchmen will celebrate the natal
day of their patron saint, David, 1st of
March, with more than ordinary sflaf.
An Illinois farmar lately killed twobnn.
dred and clxtn snake which he found hi
bernating nnder on rock
Tub Missouri LeeUIatur baa im.n
th labile school law so as to allow women
to vote on matters relating to chool.
Thb attempt to raise a pMMn.Hn.
mnt fund la New Tork seem to hare been
ssa ...
Thiai ara sbr.tv.fmi- ti-t.rtn.-. i ...
Ohio penitentiary nnder sentemi for life.

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