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rrt.ct.ag rsiniylvshln arena,)
asllorarelahed la aebsorlbere (by carriers) aM
Mall tnhaerlbert, ft 00 per aaaam UN far all
mentbit !. fo thro t months, (availably fa
fa paVtlihed every aetnrday moral eg, bad la fit
niched I ecbicrtbcracl the fellow leg taUft Oia
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eopUcoet reir, fUt ilil eiplcetla wrapperc
Ptj.FInt ronjrtu-Stwnd Rcptar Imlos
TlibdIt, Mine a 1 1870.
Mr. Revets presented a memorial from the)
colored men of PhUevdcJpliM. for tha passage
of tha bill to secure to all persona the eqaal
protection of the lawi. Referred to Com
ralttoe on the Judiciary. k , ,
Mr.WUaoalDtrodace4 ft Joint roeolaUoa
for the better observance of Saodaj la the
military and naval academics. Referred to
Committee on Ullltarj Attain.
Mr. Drake Introduced ft bill to Incorporate
the Metropolitan. FreabvterLau church, li. lbs
cltvof Wublortoo. Referred to the Com
mlttee on tba District of Columbia.
Mr. llowell then took tha floor la support
of his resolution, that la every grant of
laoili to railroad a ft proviso ebU b loserted
Marine the ilghU of actosl settlers, and
mada aa able rgunco,ti after which tba
resolution Introduced by blra wai adopted.
Mr. Oabora Introduced ft bill to give ratk
toolrll engineers aQd assistant naval eon
atrnctori la tha nary. Committee on Naval
Tba Senate tbeo rcamtned tba consider
tlon of tha funding bill.
Mr. Parry gaTanotlea of an amendment
to be Inserted aa an additional aecllaoi
Bee.-. Whenever proofehaUbeexhlblted
to tha satisfaction of the Secretary of tba
Treasury of tba lota or destruction or ftny
rcglitered bond of the United Slates, Issued
under authority of any act of Congress, It
hall be lawful for the said Secretary, upon
receiving bond with safllclent security to
Indemnify tba United State against any
other claim on account of tba bond alleged
to be told, lost or destroyed, to luaatotha
person who bad lost It or la whose poeces
alon U tu deatroyed ft new registered bond
of tba aame Tftlua at tba one lost or de
stroyed. Mr. Corbett offered oi ft subsUtoto for tha
first three sections tba bill latrodoced by
htm on December 13, and argued la support
of the same
The Senate tbeo, at 9 p. m., went Into
execnllTe session, and then adjourned.
UrBatler(orMau.,lntrodnoed bill to
Increase the pay of grand) and petttjarora
la the Circuit Conrts or the United Bute.
Referred to Committee on. JadlcUry.
A number of bills were offered, bat ob
Jectea to, and finally Mr. Brook demanded
tba regular order, and tba resolution extend
ing tha tlue (or rtmovlog whisky out of
bond was lake up, tbe question being opou
Mr. Procter's ftUondment to make the i
dltiooal amount to b paid per proof gallon
half ft cent, par tnontu. The amendment
was rejected, and the proportion emanating
from tba Way and Means Committee to
make It ooa cent per month wm agreed to.
Tba resolatton pasted.
Mr. Cake, of Pa., from tba Commute on
accounts, la compliance with ft resolution;
offered by Mr. Dawes, la December, submit
ted ft report of the account of money drawn
from tha contingent fund of the Uonte by
chairmen or committees authorised by the
present Congress to make InTestlgatlon of
matter! submitted to them. Prom .this
statement It appears that during tha exist
euoe of tha present Congress the Committee
on Elections has expended ao,10.Q3 Ways'
and Means, e3.m.&2 Voralgn Affairs.
6,807.80 1 Judiciary, t3.584.0ai special
committee on decline of American com
meres, Se,000i Committee, on Ninth Census.
3.119.18. Of tbU amount 26,000 ba been
paid, and appropriation will be required to
pay tha balance. Tba Committee on Ac
count! was directed to audit the accounts of
tha committees and maka tba required rec
ommendation to the premises.
Mr. Logan, of IU., from tha Committee on
Military Affairs, submitted a report on tba
use of Mr. John T DvMn.fMriUOr
OUUti, woo is coargea who bciudb; appuiiiv
msnts. The committee And him guilty, and
that be was Influenced by Improper motives.
and recommend the adoption of a resolution
that Mr. Dcweese's conduct shows him to be
unworthy of aseat In Congress and unworthy
to be a HcpresentaUre of the people.
The testimony Is reported also. First la
tba testimony of Mrs. M. II Bean, who re
sides at the United Bute Hotel In this city,
and whose son was appointed to the NTel
Academy by Deweete. Tha appointment
was procured by Captain Coombs, a mutual
frlsnd of Deweete and yoang Bean, and tha
turn of $500 was subsequently paid by Prank
D. Bean, ft brother of the boy appointed
Deweete recclred this money, but eubee
oueutlr. and after this lnTeatfratlon was
commenced, ha returned the money to young
The statement of Dewecsa himself to tha
committee was read Ua admits having ap
pointed young ueaOf out says u guuiy oi a
wrong or crime he was Innocently guilty,
and supposed he was only doing what others
bad done before him. lie made theappolnt
ment at the suggestion of Capt. Coombs,
-who was. hi friend, and had done him
many faiors la time past, lie saya ha was
offered 91,000 for tb appointment, but de
clined It. and returned the 1500 which was
handed him by yoang Bean,
The question was then taken, and the
resolution reported oy ma committee in
Mr. DeweeaVs case was adopted unanl
Mr Logan sail be now desired to get tha
opinion of tba House In relation to ft rurthsx
larestlgatlon. Under the resolution the
committee was oirectea 10 inTesugaie an
sales of eadetsblos. and this would carrr the
Investigation back to 1813. Tba commlttM
bare erldraca against members of former
congresses, ana wonm oe ready to report,
but tbey thought It desirable to get the opln
ton of tha House upon the subject If di
rected they were prepared to report at any
time, but If all old cases were U be brought
up new appropriation would be required,
After soma discussion on the subject, a
resolution, which seemed to ba acceptable,
was offered, directing that tha InTestlgatlon
ahould be confined to member of the
Porty.firat Congress and executive and Ju
dicial officers or the United Bute. To this
a proviso was offered that the InTestlgatlon
of all cases of former members that had
been commenced should ba continued until
completed. Tha proilto was rejected, and
the resolution confining tba Inyeetlgatloa to
this Honte was adopted.
Mr. Garfield, from tba Committee' on
Banking and Corrency, submitted ft report
In relation to the September cold panic.
Mr Cox presented tha report of tb mi
Mr Allison, of Iowa, demanded the read
ing of tha report but as there wa much
opposition ba withdrew the demand.
The yeporta were then ordered to ba
priated, and the Ilousa at 8i43 adjourned.
Ah ixtauroi states that tba first dally
newspaper printed in Virginia was In 1780,
ana me suDscnpiion price was au per an
num. Tba first religious newspaper Issued
was tha UnM of Gotpil Llhtrty, which was
published by Mr. Ellas 8mJlh at Portsmouth,
N. II.. In 1808.
According to the Philadelphia Protf Stott
there ere now published lo tha United States
MS dally, 4.1& weekly, and C37 monthly
journal, new xora puoiunes 010, renu
sylTaal 405, Illlnots 418, Ohio 837, Indiana
SoO, Missouri D40, Iowa 338, and Massachu
setts only 910. G rest Britain has but 89
dallies, of which one fourth, are lasued la
A crraiov nurnlxci nitr met la
Preston. England, lately. They war life
teetotallers or abitelnere for twentr or more
years. There were 180 persons present, of
whom 75 were lire leeioiauen, ana jooioui
abstainers. Among those present were Mr.
Thomas Yates, life teetotaller, aged fifty-
eigut ana m uau ycac, mi ?jc v"i mm
aUUloer, aged thirty-fire, Tha Tonbals.
ramuy, wno were an present ccey tu?
oldest and (ha youngest, comprised twenty
lodlTlduats, whose aggregate teetotal aga
amounted to between tyO and 600 yean.
A Rouim Oathouo educational institu
tion, called tha Nattojal Institute of Amer
ica, has,. recently been formed la Philadel
phia, tha object of which U "tba cuUlralloa
of ersry species of learning, a well as ersry
social. Dolltleal and financial Interest which
can be rendered snbtcrrlent to tba cause of
the Lauren la America."
Tan White Mountain Medical Boelety of
New uampsnir nasaaoptea. s py-iaw mat
any member who adTartlsa himself by "re
porting hi operations in newspapers," shall
first be reprimanded, and for the eisond of
fence expeueo,
r i
I Osuwniaa Stfart JuAst GartUr
Rlchird Hall alias John W. Bpencer, ar-
restadand held on the charge or stealing
horse from TVwia B. Berry, In Charles
county. Mi., ou the 19th ot February last,
wa ordered to be dellrered on tbe requisi
tion of tbe UoTcrnor of Maryland, to the
sheriff of Charles county, and wa so dally
OitroW Court Jwtigi JSira.-Ths
court was occupied aa follows yesterday!
Anthony Bowen quallfled asjidmlnlstrajor
of Townly Johnson, gltlng bond la 3.000,
with Bamsan Nntter and Enoch Ambush as
William tLCUgett eualtfiedas adminis
trator of Charles W. Boteler, plrlng bond
In 1,000, with J W. Botoler and C. Boteler
as sureties.
L. S. Dlsedsa gara bond la 0.000 a
guardian of Thomas Blagden,wlth Elisabeth
BUlJman and 8. Blagdeu a turelles.
Anumber of small account were filed and
Ciecdtt GovmCKUf Jwtkt Ctrr.
This court was engaged as follow ju-
Sherry ts. Brady This Is an action to
recoTer Talua of work and material used In
renalrs. Aa.. tobonse. This case was beaun
on Monday, and reported la the proceedings
of that day.
Tbe argument wa continued yesterday
by Mr. Bradley, and concluded by Mr.
Norris. The lurr found ft Terdict tor tna
plaintiff for . . .......
Downing ts. Corporation of Washington
second suit continued.
Green ti. Mayor of Washington. Or
dered to ba placed on calendar.
Pague ti. Kimball. This Is the second
trlat of an action of repterlu Tha de
fendant (county constable) made a dis
traint for rent alleged to be due the plain
tiff, who danlea that ear rent Is due. re
Sterltd the goods, and hence this case U to
eclde If any rent was due. The Jury found
roriaa piainun,inus aecimngiDei no rent
was due. McCulcben for Dlalntlffi Riddle
and P. Miller for defendant.
Simmon Ts. Corporation of Washington.
The jury were sworn la this case, but before
opening the case tha court adjourned until
this morning.
Tba following casea were assigned for trial
to-dayi Kos. 291, 824, T. 377. 73, 213, 115, fl,
118, 873, 40, 1S3, 830, 831, 07, 173. 878, 163,
300, 93, 414, 185, 01, 41, W. Ill, 148, 330, 438,
834, 301, 38, SSO, 397, 838, ill, 13, 339 and
Eotjitt Coukt. 7if? Tftrllf. This court
begun Its March term yesterday, and made
tbe following order i
Aiexanana ana tvaininnon naurvaa
Company ts. Alexandria, Washington, and
Georgetown Railroad Company Order that
a rule be baaed on Messrs Bsntly and F.
P. Stanton to show authority1 for filing bill,
and also to show cause why a motion for
dismissal of tbe bin filed by them should
not be ffranLed. Tha Court also made an
oroer sewing tue peuupnoi junmeiu. ina
mis casa ror neannsr uarcn o. r
UtenneblaTs. Muuder Orrder appoli
ii ns-1
lorwm. r Maumgiy trnsiee v eu.
Fitch vs. Estoe et at. Order orerruUsr
motion to show cause, with leare to amend
Bute of Texas vs. VfhHa et al. Order on
motion to dismiss bUUod reasons, and cer-
Ing tba causa to the general term.
'ant ts. Dustlef. Order uklnc bill for
confessed for want of answer, and for rule
to show cause why the casa should not be
referred to the auditor.
Fronch t. Wright, order to renew ruie
heretofore issued la this cat.
Bn?u ts. Tat at al. Order setting too-
tlon (or Injunction for hearing March 7.
Ambler vs. Rlttenhoute. Order cootlnu
log motion for prod action of papers to Toes
day, March 8.
wtllard ts. Tayloe. Decree confirming
Master's report and for final adjudication
of tba rights of parties.
LlndsayJTer Barney etal, TbU ! on'a of
tba addenda to tha old "Barney case.' Or
der allowing certain property to be sold.
Ambler ts. Whipple et al. This Is the
patent "petroleum gas generator case,"
heretofore reported. Order granting com-
filalaaol further time to set down demurrer
or a bee ring.
InrtVf K. Brown's bankruDtcT. Order
vu miraaii to mow causQ, d
yesterday gare ft dlclslon In tha following
prise case r
la the matter of the bounty claims of D.
O. Farragut and tha officers and men of tbe
Western gulf squadron No. 191 1
This proaeedlnf waa laetttatad oa Ihe slit
ef Deeamter, 1HT, by what is esutd MTte
libel of information of David O Farraf uf, ad
miral la tbe nary of the United Statea, who
tireeaautes he rat a In behalf of and lathe la
a rait tf hlmaatf and UaeOaara andmta ef
tha Wat tarn gulf squadron of the United
States aaTy, aa eooaulated from the 14 dar
of April to the lat day of May, la the year of
our Lord lieV'fte.
The elnlna is for the reeOTerr of bounty
elalns at tbe rat of a hsnd tor each par
so on board the rebal vessels ef war whleh
were eunk er otherwise destroyed by aald
squadron aarly la the meralsf of the M4 ef
April, 1S03, In the Mliitiilppl river, about
earaotv ntlaa below New Orleaiis. In an en
tacemsat whose history Is so well known to
a country aad It baaed upon the elavesth
seettea of the aat of Uoof-ui of Jaas SO.IIH.
whiak 1 la the following worda t .
Unit U fMrtktrtnitimt That e boealy shall
be paid by the United mates for eaeh person
onboard any ahlp orveaaelof war belonging
toaoeasny.attnn earn neoe meet ef anon.
Sagesaest, whlak shall be sunk orolherwlae
aatreyad by any ship o veaaal belengtag te
theUaltad States, or whlsh It easy b naato
snry to destroy la cooiequanee of Injuries sua
tnlned Io aatloa, otone hundred dollars, Ifthe
enanyveasnlwaaof lafnrtorfore,andoftwo
hundred dollars If of equal or superior fore,
tobedlrldsd among theotaaero and sraw In
the same manner as prise moaeyi aad when
the netunl number of men 6n board -any aueh
vaaaaleanootb aattafaatorlly aaeettalaod.lt
shall be estimated aeoerdtag to theeemple
maat allowed to veasels of Its alias la the navy
or the United SUtaai aad there shall bo paid
as bounty te the captors of any vessel of war
.sterlaygaTe decision In tha foUowlog
captured from aa enemy, whlen thaymaybo
lDiuaettd to daatroy, or wbleh ahall be latms
dlately dastref ed for the public Interest but
aol la eoasequeaco of iBjurleareeatrad la ae-
uon, nuvaoiinra ioiiirjpitoqwav sail,
be oa beard al the time of sush capture. All
raaaem mony, salvngc, bounty er proceeds of
eoadamned property accruing or awardad.to
any venal of tha navy, ahall be diatrtbutad
and paid to the efflacra and mnatltl4tbr
to, la tha asm manner as prise moaay, under
the direction or th Secretary or the Nary.
Thtcsecttee is ideatlaal in cnbataac Wltb
theithSMtleaof Iheaclof Jaly!T,lMX,
ccpt that the worda under the direction of
the Secretary of the Nary" aro not to be found
In the nit at lstX. In annotation with thla auh.
tilt WJ WWUVB 1 u BBMI . 1H !
worda, That the provisions of this aat shall
be applied to all capt arts made aa prise br
authority of. tbe Uollsd StaUa. of adopted
and ratified by the Prtlldaat of the United
Aad the stth nation provide that this act
shall apply to all prlia proeeedlaf a now psnd
trior to the passage of the aotef July IT,
ltel, followed by this aat of 1184. the only law
whUhbad ever ban psaaedfey Uongreaa pro-
vidiog for the permeetof a bouatr for the
uiBtrcBiion i vdibii ! w tarn i i
April XS, 1B0O, the Uh nation whereof Is la
tkesci words, That a boaaty ahall be paid by
the United BtaUa ef tweatydotlars for eaen
par ion oa board any ship or aa enemy at the
aera ma clement of an eosagemaat whlab ahall
be sunk er destroyed by any ship or venal
ba longing te tbe United States of equal or la
farlor foei the aame to be divided antoox the
omaers nad crew ia the same manner aa prlss
roonsy." 1 find no daelalons under lthr of tbtse aats
oa the qucitlon whether they confer Jurisdic
tion en the Dtetrtel Uourts of the United
State over to claims for bouaty. The acts
o( tseqaad lias both declare that the bouaty
money In qucitlon ahall "be divided among
Ihe o (Basra and crew la the same manner aa
prise money.'
T The act of ISOi, under which tbe present pro
aecdlas; bae been tsslltuied, adds to these
worda the additional under the direction ef
the He re tar v of tbe Navy."
Tbe Brltlah aat, (a Uco. Iir.chap.10O, no. 4.)
which provides tore similar bounty, (which
they call head money,) require t that the trea
surer of his Majeaiv's navy should pay the
claims 'oa bills lo be made forth by Ue com
miaaioncrsoi inc navy," ion coqtamc near
minute directions as to the proofs and
vouchers required to support these bills, aad
then sootalaa the following proviso t "That
In anycaaelnwblehdoubts shall arise whether
tna party or partita elalmleg
entitled thereto, tbe acme ahi
determined by thejudjfe nf th
Admiralty, or by the JuJge of
f admlreltrile which The 1
entitled thereto, tbe acme ahall ba summarily
ins uiga uouri oi
h.l.A shall tBA
been adJmdgad, sobjest, nevertheless, to an
appeal to the lomnliilonir or enned In
I prite aausca.
sIlc4.money, or bounty. Is not prlie unds?
ne iaw pui is a gratutiy which the Oovero-
menl has premtaed to dlatrlbuU, uodar the
direction of the Secretary ef the W avy, la the
aame manner as prise mency la dlatrlbuted.
The only act which deflate wbal prise shall
be, so far as csplors are noaaeraedl la the aat
of U4 April, lioo. The Ith section ot this aal
n rot Idea that the erocccda er all eklnannfi
venelSi aod tbe goods taken oa board of
mem, wmen snau on aajovfca gooa prtia
hall, ahtiikl inuil or auocrlot farce 1a tha
tcsssI or vessels maktog the capture, be tha
soie propenr 01 mi tipioni dq wduoi in
ferior force ahall be divided 'eqnally between
the United Statea aad th officers and man
making tha sspture. Until after eeateacc of
condemnation baa bean passed by a Judicial
tribunal bavlngjurladletloo, neither tnUov
aramcal nor the eaptora bare title to tbe pro
oecdc of tbe captured properly "
II Is different under our law ss teths bounty
money. It caaaet ba doubted. 1 think, thai
our acta of Congress, especlsily the act of
,W, under which tha present proceeding bss
beenlnctltatcdi haveeeeferred fell authority
a th Secretory of tbe Navy to dlatrlbute the
bounty of th (forcremeel without an adjodl
action of court. It belongs to tbeUorerament
to giro or to withheld! and If It give, to say
by what agency and means the money should
be distributed. It has given that power to tbe
Secretary of tbe Navy, aad II bas not glvsa It
to the eourte. It It quite true that losevsrst
laatancce during th recent rebellion this
court did aacume Jurisdiction ever quectleae
of thla eharatttr. built waa always upon the
written request of the Secretary of th Nary,
misled, pcrhape, to com cited by th x
ample of the prise courts la England, without
harleg made a sufflelantly acreful Inquiry
la regard to the manner by which those courts
acquired their authority.
. ihe conical of the Secretary could not con
fer a Jurisdiction not granted to Ihe court by
u nw, aau mw iw attiHrvi inn in
raaniy money enau o UUineuiM oy in nec
rotary of th Navy ae ;prls moaay la distrib
uted amonrst the omaers and crews, th Sec
retary would be at perfect liberty to dleregerd
any declaloa the court might make, If suck
decision were nnt agreeable tehlsewaeplaUtn.
IJut the learaed and able proctor for the
llbcllaot la the prseealecac, relied labia ar-
rumtat very much on th provlalons contained
a tha twentyighth aeetlon of tha aet r IS04,
aad for that reaaoa I propoae to traaacrlb It
fully tato thla oplalo. I la aa follewc t
'Sec tl. And m ufurthtr catfd, That In
cat of any capture heretofore made, if by
reaaonef lie coadtlien, or because tbe whole
has been appropriated to the nae of the Ualted
Slatec, no pari of the captured property hat
been, or can b cent la for adjudication, or If
th captured property b entirely loil or de
ctroycif, proceed I nae for adjudication mar be
commenced la any district the Secretary of the
Navy maydeslgnate.-VAnd, to any such eaae,
tbn proceed i of anything elt, or the value of
aaythlng taken or appropriated for the ua of
theOovcrnmcat, ahall be depoaltcd with th
A Mitten t Trcaaurcr la er ncareit to that dis
trict, suMect to the order ef the court In the
cam. If. when a property caa be acnt to
for adjudiaatlon, tha Secretary of th Navy
shall not, wlthta three montha after any cap
ture, dcilgaat a dtitrlet for the Inatltatloa of
proceedtat:. th taptcra may laatltutc pro
ceed I age fer adjudlcatl In nny dlitrlat. Aad
If In any eaae f capture no procccdlnrt for
adjudication ahell be eemmeaecd within a
reaiooable time, any part lea claiming tha eap
lured property may, In any dlatrttt court, aa a
court of prise, more for amoaltton to show
eauac why sueh proceedings shall rot be com.
meaced, or intitule en original suit la such
court for restitutio, end th monition Inued
la either eaae shall be Barred on the attorney
for the Ualted States for thedlatrlst, aad on
the Secretary of the Nary, ha well ss on sueh
other ptnona t tbe court shall order to be
oil lied" t
Tble section of the aet appears lo have no
application to ay claim for bouaty money,
but only to tbe eaae ef vesicle which bar
beta captured first and afterward t dratroyed
or loit or appropriated to the uie ef the Uni
ted Statea, or la eonaequcnee ef their condi
tion not fit to be sent la and directs bow, and
when, aad where la such earn proceedlege
may be loatltutcd for condemnation as prise.
The libel lathe present eaie docs not avar
that any vcibsI of the enemy was captured by
the squadron, aer that any waa taken as prise,
pordoca It contain a prayer for condemnation
of any ae prise, or for prfsc money. Us whole
scheme and structure, from Brat to last, are
thoae appropriate oaly to a Claim for bounty
rsoaey under the eleventh sect toe.
Whether a Hbel alleging that the destroyed
veiiels bad bee captured aad ware lawful
prlieeeuidbemaletelacdbytho facts la this
ease, ta perhaps mora thea doubtful.' ponaty
be recovered la any eaae wber th vend of
the eaemy bad not been captured, but simply
It appears to be quite evident that this sec
lion has do rsfereoie to proceedings to be la.
Yew that niiani. and for then anlv. am I
of opinion thai the libel of Information should
do msmissea.
- ... . - tl. - ,.., fnphimi
.... "i ttjt: ".v- x:r; ;.--.:" 'T
and others ts. theshlo Metropolis et al..
,a '
Judge Wylte delivered tbafellowlngoptnloni
This Is a libel of Information fllcd by Ad
miral rarraguton behalf of hlmictf and the
odicrsaad men of the WeaternUulf Squad
ron against a large number ot armed vcnela
oi war neiongiDg to inc iat uonieaeraio uev
ernment, as watfae alarge number Of stsnm'
boats and etherTessals not arned, asd ot&ar
property et lane value beloaflag te slttitaa
of BSldae-salled Uonftdtrate 8tata, all eap
tured stand Mtew lbs eltyefrfew Orli.
and on the rtTer UlMtisippL katwtca the IXl
or April and tbslltef May, 1S83, durlag tne
Ultribtlllot, ptkyter thatsl4 rsaaela sort
other preperty nay baeoadsaaad as prises ef
war. aa their proaeeda may be distributed as
cordlog to the fw of prtia.
Tha nost of this preparty wss spproprlstad
after tbe sspture io tha nae of the united
State son ef It lest throach asatdeet, aad
aeateeC It daatroyeit that no pari has been
brought la for adjedlcetloa.
The Ileal of inform Uon In thla eaae has not
baea filed either by tha Illairlet Attorney or
oabafasir of the uerarameat, but solely en
behalf er theaaptors, aad by their owaprl
TeteeooaeeL TheBroeevdiai; waalnitttutd
oa the Wth of Apilt, 1I9S, and moaitloa laaaed
and tarred oa the Bcereury of the Nstj aod
oa tha Dlstrlflt Attorney.
Oa the Minor Norentber. the DIatrist At.
teraty praaanted a petltloa to the aourl pray.
Uf that anordtrnlfhl be made to admit the
United State as a defendant la the anuae,
with lasTe to plead, aad Ihla patltloa waa
irantad. On theiameday at Slid a demurrer
on bahatrof the Uotted SUtes to the libel of
ii laroranatioat re tea eavu joraa oi a lanarai ue
Xfturrartoadaelarstlonla aatloa at soamoa
bn argued. .., ,. ,.. ......
Th .Uni. I&. AUldlnr. M4n to the eAurt
to have been Inappropriate, to ssy the least of
them.- Tha demurrer ought not toftevebeca
received. Then It wac Improper to admit the
United Htatea to be a defendant In the cause,
for tbe Dlctrlct Attorney poiaeiacd no author
lty to make sueb a motion oa Its behalf, er the
court to grant. Aad.lutly.eformeldemurrar
to a libel of Information Is a form of pleading
ookaewa to courts of prise.
We have than a en la which a libel of Ia
formation bae been Oled by private couaacl
far the captors, against certain vemls of war
belonging la a public enemy, captured on the
high sea In eeatenpUtlen of lew,(aaths
ilbellaale slalm)-esitalaly captured wlthla
the Helta of aasrltlme snd ad mix all ty Jurisdic
tion, la whlab there Is prayer thai the prep
crty captured may be condemned as prise of
war, aad yet there 1 no appearance of the
Oovcrnment with the captors, aad no mention
of the Government's rights la the llbsl.
Oa tbe other elde the United Ststee appears
by Us rcpreccntatlvenn this court, and Is mad
a dsfeadant,endp ata la a geacral demurrer to
tha libel, without assertlag aay slalm to tbe
property la Itself.
(find it Impossible to extricate the ease from
theac embsrrassmsnts, except by reluming
upon our ateps, setting aside the eeuteoceof
eoedcmnetloa, striking oat the appearance ot
tbe Ualted States as defendant, a well aa Ik
demurrer which It haa fllcd, aod giving, leave
to the captors to amend their libel of Inform a
lion, aa that the proceeding shall appear to
have been IncUtutcd aawelfea behalf or the
Government ao nf tha captors.
Te make war Is the sole preregatlve of the
Oovcrnment, and tha acquisitions of war be
lOBgtoltalone. .
The form ef adjudging prise la that the snip
or nther capture property I subject to eonR.
eatloftaad condemned fer good aad lawful
prlso to the Ualted States. ,
There caa be ue valid condemnation aa
prise of war except to the Qorernmcat.'
The Oovcrnment, however, haa, by Its own
slatatea,dslaxd aad promlacd that the Pro
seeds of prise, when eoodemaed, ehaUbaloag
wholly or In part to th sapters. But before
ealemaatloo the eaptora ponsss no title to
lb property. If II were otherwiec, tbe capJ
lore might lastltntethslr proceedlege on the
Inatance side ot th court, where thr la Ji
lladlsUea todealde upaqucitleacof prltate
Sights and lateralis, aad the forms of proceed
Bg nod atactic are widely different from
those of the prise eeurts, which are eourte et
tabllahed uader the law of natteas. In Lin Co
vs. Kodocy(t)ugL It. eu, note) Lord Msae
flald aald the whole system of litigation, aad;
Jurisprudence lu the prise eourl Is peculiar to
ltsalf. It la ao more Ilk the eenrt of admi
ralty tkaa It Is to any eourl la Vfeitmlnster
li le not to be Inferred from thlc, bowersr,
that the Oovcrnment may bleak out the cap
tors from the courts of Jastiae by simply re
fusing or neglecting-to loatltut procecdlnge
for condemnation, cipclally If, by aay means,
It has previously appropriated the prises cap
tured to He owa as.
Idth aCercarlas, (I Oh , noblaaoa,.. II)
Sir William Scott said t M That aUheugh the
king waa undoubtedly th fountain of price,
he has conveyed his Interest la it to varices
psrsoas t to the commanders aad erewa of bta
owe aklpe to bta other subjects by letters of
mareuei and to the Lord High Admiral ef
La grand. II has been declared by high autho
rity that Ike latercat ef prise le reeled in tbe
aaptor, aod thai Ihe eaptora may. against the
wishes of tk crown, proceed to adludles
lien," It Is quite true that this aau judge subie
qucutly. In the eaae or the Klaebe, ( Hob,.
1M.) decided that neither the order la coun
cil, the proclamation, nor the prla aet give
any properly to the eaptora till adjudication."
Uut l do not regard this last opinion as deny
ing the right of the captors to use the asms of
the crown, if thn eaae ahould occur, that the
attorney or proctor for the crown ehould him.
aclf pcrilit UdecUeUg to Initiate tbe proper
proceedings for condemnation.
The hole legislation ef this Oevsre meat on
this subject has placed thr control of prlie
Eroceedinge, ao far asltslaterestsare or may
e concerned, In tha Secretary of tha Navy.
He le made by law the organ of tbe Govern
ment to this rsspeet, and nntborlsed tort re
Ita Instructions lo th atterasy for the Oar
er a meat. It Is made his duty net only te see
that ue wrong shall be doaeto the rights of
captere, but Is area authorised to employ sac
elal counsel ' for the due protection ot to In
tern ts of the sspters, snd of the nary pension
fundi aad under the dlrcettoa ef the Secretary
of the Navy aueh couaacl ana institute aad
Koa touts eucb proceed lags la the ease as msy
aaceiaaryaad. proper for tbe protection of
such 1 a terea t a." (Prlie act or June (0,1101,
section tl)
The same aet further provides la section Sit
"If when no property can be sent la far adju
dication, tba Secretary of the Navy shall not,
within three months afte? asy capture, desig
nate a district for the Institution of proceed-
logs, tbe cap to re may Intitule proceedings
fr adjudication la any district." f
uoia (Dtic bcciiohboi iBie an arauectarea
to oepiuree ncrei
r meat, or inai anait ntrcciier ocinaaa.
I am at ODlntan. th era fa re. thai In tha
Dreecnt caact tha eantora ar antharlied b
law to employ their owa couoacl, aad lo nae
the name of the Ualted Statea in their pro
ceeding, ahould that be deemed necessary foe
ttafly If
r of tbe
aw prvtMiioa or taeir interests, eapcciau;
ita oecreiaiy
'Thn indimliaaJt' - tu. u.... .
The embcrraiBMca't- th m..... .....
uadcratoed to grow out of the fail that th
Cit?.l?,c.liV Jtr0rt Ul"5 for prises
--, - - - . ua,j moi res era
theac aapturceaatbeeubjactof HbiotwVr.
nui as osiongirr waeu te the Uq ram ment
under the lawa relet lag to captured and ebeni
uuiiuprvnr m iu rawvi oiaita, naa tna
be baa enlisted the diatrut atterasy on his
side of the question,
It Unota matter of esushanrpvliethbtnadcr
then clrcumBlace. there ahould bare arisen
tbedlfflsultlss which have thus embarrassed
the preterit esse. But Justice mail be does to
ihe captors aid navy pension rued. If then
have riehte, r thlahT they bate rtghta, proper
to be adjudicated la Ihla matter, It la the daty
er the court to eee that they shall net be de
barred rrom their aiicrtlon by the eourseof
Ihe Dlitrlet Attorney, or by aay Sooaldera
tlons belonging te th mar forms and tec hat
eallttee ef th proeecdlags.
it may be thai the views of the Secretary
of tbeTreaaurr andef Ihe Dlctrlct Attorney
are correct, but that le no reaaoa why tbe
etptere ahould be denied th opportunity of
hevlae- th aaeatlondetsrmlaedbvlndlelBl in.
t lor lty,
djourned. -
BuranatiOovnTorTSi UimtDaTim-
T4fay, ifercA I, 1670-lfo. 79. Richard
W. Meade, appellant, ts. Tha United State.
Tha argument of thla cause waa continued
by Mr Attorney General Hoar, of counsel
for tba appellee, and concluded by Mr.
Cnahlng.forthe appellant.
No. 101. John ft. Triable, appellant, ts.
Levy n. Whitney. Tha argument of thla
causa waa commenced by Mr. Dick, of coun
sel for the appellant.
Adjourned bMU to-morrow at 11 o'clock.
Tan New Orlevnt TtMyntHjit "How
the whirligig of time bring around hte re
Tengee. For mora than forty year tbe peo
ple of New Orleana hare been Importing
their supplleaof lea from the North. New
Orlcan now manufacture Ita own loa by
steam, and recently tha Louisiana Ice Com
pany received an order from Tbiladelphla
for nfty tone of lea. Wa shall be (applying
Bo ton next."
A stswLT kuaiiio ladt In Chicago com-
Elalned to her ma that on her reception day
er card-basket waa overrun with circulars
from lawyer announcing terms for divorce.
"So absurd, you know, me. before our honey
moon la Tr." True, dear,' replle.t ma,
(who had en twice divorced,) but I'll
put them la a safe placet yon may And them
very useful la a year or two.
Attorney, A font. Etc
E M O T A L.
J03M A iinrOlD have iemcc4 U-lr Law
BmI Room SaaSSClrtl floor) or BAKBODH a
(eeeih aide,! Jul eaatef Sixth itreL
-Ul nitnilcn given tc Chancery bBilneaa
and the Law of TlUee. hn lw
niataatraaa. V. WJ
BOBIBKatl.aad the mi
npef laceme tte-
.i usxicn or TUX XjaAOX3.
tit. IMS tr.tlk ilml, tat. u4 T 1I1M1,
OBhITi. Ml L.ll.1.1. . , tr. 43i .1. , tppwlt.
aTM( cur UidU
o.4 Pewr-emd-av.tia.lf BtWaslUuigtem
uaea removed rrem B 30 D atreet tc Be. BOO
r atreet, between Thlrtecath an yenrUtBtb
atreete. fGhren.) eevl.U
OOlcc removed frem Ba 430 D atreet t Be. 0
rcnnaylTanla Avenue, Rear' the
Kcenia can be hsl with er wllhcel mealo. Flrat
Claaa Table heard at ft per weak.
fot-U if. n. BliH.
TBieapiaaeic Bew Uotel li nearly aa eieiantiy
hralahed three thee t, en lie Bill c rare la not
ckmIIm Ineaalfir and varlacybr anyhcaac in
(BtUUU apcctalSaltMo Aecmcslweva ready
fgr woldlac aad large Travellag Psruia. The
srraBceDeateararstlaaelaevery retpeet. The
price f Beard hac been Seed temrlng t the great
tearetiy cf money) al the raM cable iu of . 09
K'day. Tae patreeaf t of my friiedi and the
A. J. FOBD, Troprlef or.
Laic ac cf the Prcprletcrc f Ihe ixehantc Betel,
P. 9 KreeaehaaraaieasdfrcmalTdepcUaci
ateamboat la ad it i a. jalS-ir
Th meet eeslral lecatlna In th dty. Immediately
oppnelJ tbe Paleat OBiec aa4 htaacale TtmrU,
aad etc block from the Oeeeiat PeitOaccOc
peKmeat Table D'Hcle aad lalccn en the garcpeaa plan.
Blesaatly fcraUhed threcshecL
.The falree! cere, eommiilwUigwtta the Cap
ftel BxecaUvaMaaalen Treaeary VTar aad Bevy
Uepartmeate. aad U Bcltlafcr aad Ohl lUUroad
DepcU Pa the door,
BtsaS. V A. rOI.LABD,
l'tf ' Frnrttf .
-nriLuti uum,
Cer..r Kl.lk.i4 W llNib, .rpMlUP.U.IOlM.
wi.iui..T.riNn. ..... .....r .w
lr.lllAOIRBBIR. V...fT. lU.te. Jk C
l.labr.t XX. .d XXX ALVOM DRADQBT,
i A C..'.
4.1. If
t?ihi ma ip tiaa,
310ftMTlT..l..v. ..t.rt4.trMC'
CAHtldlf 1IPA1
dligD fb7.1m
Aifuasw j. juyas a oo
411 41ft aad 1 rearUenth street.
Repalrlag la all Its breathe. All earrtagaa left
for RepairtVatcrmeeorCcmmlMlonar Inaarae'.
Agents far Brewatcr A Co., (ef Ireom atreet,)
fifth aveano. Sew Totk. ede-tf
j vatc ccaaaiuiioaaai no. u an
nu. atMi Taath aad Klavaath i
With Dr. QaKDBKH.r tUBleerd Uoapltal,bnl
ted SUUe irmr a coatleataa of tvreatvaevaa
yet rVezperleaec la thla partleclar breach
B. B.-VpenUereeelref B10 advlee and medl'
H0.4861 BEDUOED JH0.486
PIOTiinr oord and tassixs, '
projURERINns.KAIt.'i, '
A4 U r4.M th. .tMk . n.h u p.MlMf ,tlr
tucuucEo rmcu
UHT1I.TIS nui aw haecr hit.
114 aiBTB ITkZIT,
Hitwitn D Btrt.t And r.asiirlTiaU trBUf
Bit r.MiUr m tMlT Arrt.im.iiU f.r
McrcbatMllB of Kvry Deeerlptlem
ST Taa
guatt or ti.oop inn otii at tx u curr,
Open ITIUt PAT (Issdsys cicepted) frcmS
a. m. , to f p. m.
ft. S.-Tkc esl OhrUUsa Lean OfJe la lb
PlatrUt. IfMf
n?,DaPLi'e ?v itoii, orroiiri
" MHoaio ltmpje. njcciy tip ds ISVb nv knv
WAaaiaoTon. Msrohl, 1W0. Jay Ooohe
AOd.fomlll. the followtag quotatloos of Oov.
eresseat secarlttcei
rive-Twenties, li ., usj
nve-Tweatlce, 116.., us lllO
nre-Twentlii.Janfc Jaly.'es, lilji mfi
rirTwentlea,Janajgly,eT, 111K ia2
rivp.Tweotlee.JanaJalyM, 111K liaQ
rorrtlei 4 ,'...., loaij io,'"
. . siwioii-rtnaTBoABD.
tT.S.S'i.llll uau -i,JofcJy,'s, Hsu
frE,,l.Kt l" -'L'"Jy,M
S-S'i.ll4......,.tlii Tea.f-ortlei..,. 10H.
S.M'e1lSM..M....imY uold., 1US
l-'4aajiveaiij; r
. VBIWTOaKnlAaaiT.
faffawToaa.llarehl-UO p. m. Oottoa In.
native an oroopiaitiirlaea nomlnslly on.
ahaagsdi nlMllng, fty eente. Sugsrqalct
anAalead. Flour dull aaJ anchanged. Whtt
8 ulet and elaady. rJoutbero amber. aiAA.
oraqateland weak) tioiQioi. Oats nalst
and steady 3091 cents, Kye dull and
MlTf "tk1ull"dweak lfto. Oold
alALTIkioan, March 1 rftafni. We
continue to report tbciloar market ajulct,
There la no esport demand at preaeot, the de,
ellae la gold harlog occasioned the with
drawal of such erden aa were here, but there
lea fair local trade aomeed. and we have re
ported to-day lain of lome 1,000 barrels How.
erdtUrot atstiTUQa for Super. S.StaM
for Katra.end STa for Family. No Bales
however or Western or Ulty Mills.
fvAMPrlme lots are firm andafraetloa
higher, but low grades sre dull and unchanged,
we report to-day aalti of 1,000 bushala prime
Virginia red at i as, too to eou de. Maryland
do. at tl-MOlU, i,ooa do. prime to eholea
Penney Ivncu do. at II SoQl U. and 300 to 400
do. prime white nt tl.MQl sa.
Cera Wa a active and Brm this morning.
The receipt! were about 13,000 buaheli, and
we bote aales as foltows, vis, e,000 bushels
yellow at tn eente. 8,000 white at e8 eenta,
aod S400 blaa-eyed white al 01 eents.
'r-Ho reicipts or aslce tMsy.
..V.8U,d' but " ' iw bushels at
alfrsA esata.
CnVe. The market tcflrm with a goodla
entry, but to-day we have heard of no sties.
We Quote Hlo lo bond at ny.ai)i cants,
gold, for good to prime, aad duty paid at
leOlTX eeata for good to prime, and llftl
eents, gold, for choice to fancy lots, flock
here to-day lT.eoo bags Illo.
CWfe-f. Market eontlnuee dall and heavy.
W boar ef no aales, and we quote Upland
nominal an lolIOWS. Vllt tn ( tnr Ardfaarv.
21 cents for good ordinary, XUfKbi cents
for low olddliiig, and 2302aVi cents for mid
dling. Ncwcitrr we near or no ealeealaeethelot
if IU puaeheoae Uemararaoa Hatarday, but
we ouot aa rot laara. via. iinha w4 jam
tlecats, do. Maieorado at 4iiM nta, Cog
Hah Iiiaadat 80OU scats, and Porto iiieoat
toatt eente per gallon. '
Mill Ftt4,-VT quote MrowoataiT as aearee
aad blghsrt 33 eente per buahel. Mlddllnge
till sou at MQU cents for light, and Oi
eente pertuibtl for heavy.
rnmnnM-im maracs ia auu, ana prices
have rather a decllalng tendency, though
there Is no change la ratea. llacon -we quote ae
follOWa. VlSI atllU acntaravHhAnl.1arB.lBLA'
cents for rib Sides, and uyf eente for clear rib
do , though eome partial aik -k higher. There
Is little Ifulk Meal offcrlnr.but tba demand
or it ii aito Tory iigns. we Bear or no salsa,
but wa quote nominally Shoulders at 11 eeata,
and sides at HW eents for rib, end HU eenta
for clear rib. Lard ISCieV, cents, antT Msaa
Porkaomloat at g3T per barrel.
( We bear of eo further aales of ltloe,
bat we quote Uarollaa steady at ejUOT cents
for good to choice.,
. .Ltrerpool la la fair supply- and mode
rate demandtac followBtl.tUQlJS Cor Oronod
AInm, and 3J0tiT0 per aaak. for Flao.
Turka Iiland we auota dull andiwinlnat t
iSOH eeata per buihel for lota from store.
.japan Are auu ana weaKunaar tbe een
tinned decline in gold, but price cannot be
ssld to b lower. We report sales of InS bhds.
common D merer a for refining at ej.i cents,
and Of SO hhds. Doner era. rieunn nan a nu
cents, bet we qvote as before. Tlst Ver
fair te good reHalnsT 10Q1 cnts groeery
uuv avjtaa? saaiaj viuob vcntriiugaic I
1XH etc ao. Porto Rico louqutoeot,
Dome rare vacuum pan llfjlsk canti.
XVtatd 5rt-VrUee r quoted to-day
again ae followst Hard Uruaaad at iat eenta,
aad Ho ft do. at UW eeata for- A whliei lW
cents for circle At 1H oenU for Jii Ufi ccaU
ur bAiia jm inu i yii iur J jvaiow.
fympi-W qaotc as follows, vlst Calvert
at OU ets Baltimore Ooldsa at ISOSS ats i
Maryland do, eOOdS sta. Moaumentnl UQii
ta t and Molaasae fiyrapa at loOM eeats per
5rdcOIoyer Is more active had firm. We
note calec to-day ef SS bushels fair at ft, CO
buahslagoodat ga U, and TS hnahele vary
choice al MJ7K Pr bushel. Timothy and
Ilea quiet but afeady.
'ur. High wlnao we qiiol Una at si 01
per gallon, bof the market le quiet, no ealee
belag made tday,
, HISB01T-TITX.OW.-Ob T.raitT J. al KU.
dtetawe, rrederlak ecnaty, M4, rby the Rev.
Father 0)agefr, Wat A, HBaaoa.efUenrcetowa.
P. C. aad HUiErris J. TiTLOW..ef HldeUetcwn.
i all I
n&WXIBS.-Oa the Wh ef Tebraary. tW, cf
eoMUMplUe.TnoMAa Jt. Uawsisb Ule Bergesni
Mil or Sixth 0. B O. laftBtrr ..
lalaad areBB,oaThariday, March 3d, etle'eleok
p. m.
BIORTgl On the tMh lciUat, Vibv Olvar
BBias, dauattr f Jeha aad Verealcs Atlthtcr,
HUDaOV.-a the moralsg ef IS lat Lal k At,.
ssst Uopaos, eca cf Jamn aal Sarah Oadiea.
UOKggLL. OnlhaeralBgai thclitlaal . at
KantebcUc, hie hoaae. In Prteee Ocone air.
A B,"l,l'' K,cft SlCSBSLL, la tee TSth year
The rtlatteas ef the family aad frleadi gtatrall
arc invited te. attend tee feaerel. fremletrMt.
deece, al g 'clcck, p.m.. en Thareday the S4
LBIDaB.-Os the tab of yabresn, U70.
Bana Issss.cBly dacghtercr W. W. aad h.
bna BldrtSfc, aged I year 4 jnenlha and lldaya.
The friend aad relatlveear the family are re.
poet'ailrlcTlicd to nttead the faaarmt from their
reatdcnet.StO Hlath etree Jf. W., en Wedaeeday,
Maica S, W7U, al 11 ' leekt a nj
Undertaker s.
uiaiimjy.UAJiTEr. alonio luarb
Dotrreon rvinth and Tenth,
Wood and Coal.
la flvAat Is Miau ttraaaail atAaV t WaaJ
and Coal wcwoud laferm car frltaec end the
pabllc Invtaeral that we will eft r car ptettel
etocbef Weed aad CoalOHIAPKi tVaa aay yard
la WaeblBiten, Thc wje wye 1 4 cave their
a -.": ": "IVi" .T""-T"-."T ".YITT
nivavj Mfiii.u wiiaviiifi aaianTiiv
place, ceraer af Sixth atreet aad a laeeeri nvenae,
TfM.ll. OAUPnBI.X.ASOir.
Cft. tilth stmt aad Mlaeearl avsaae ea eaaalj
Oak. IlVaktwv. aad Bakat'a Plan vati. aawaJ
aadapUIKladllag, aaieoactaatlyeakaad.
eascclh A alrealj between rirslsad Ircoad aU.t
Capitol llllli ITT SoalhBatrcelbetweca Six
aad Btitelb itreele, Mavy Yard.
, . evstiBeBAsj. BAViDa'isrecB
Wecdwaid Balldlar.aerlh aldeof Paaniylvaala
avease. betweca Teeth MdaMevtath streets.
Book, Job. aad aswipapar prlaUag promptly
1.1. PrtTCUC
F(nni)limii Attain ill Elcreath ttnet,
(Ortr Koaii A BIiitr4'i Blon.)
j. 8B0MD UOOl, gj.
Confection et y.
Between Twelfth had Thirteenth fllmta,
PAHTIia. WBDDIBOi. anppiRn. einr.
TlOa. PlBBkil, AVc.,;.rtrtad at abort
Botloe aad moderate uTma. rlrtt-ttata Walterc.
haidHnieiaBieernamacU. silver ware, Ac .Ac .
aralihed tc parUea. Th bcit Oreame atd Water
Icet. .aeverat new Creams la haadiom fancy
t jumbiii ti, nnArriKLD.
fibU-lm r
BtOTM, Eto .
imi' 10 aislh llml. b.TwM. liVid l,
DK1M3 .WrAVif ASSf.'SV TovlP
Uimauil UAllr.'
yRoroiAij rot sr.ir.
Post fee ntmiy.
. VianviLLS.Tsss. ri
, rti. it, 1170 J
'ivsd at tali rf
KaalaJ irMtiiiMl. will kriltiil
rill be I
natutae ntk Sar r March.
atilthc.ntii Sever March, llrf, fr tepplr.at
YraaaaaJ V.nrmti rlaaf an tha I room, itnoi. Lu
pllala, aadailethere oerplled bribe Oeverameal
alNaahvlUe aad vlaltUr, aad drawteg nppltei
thererrem, for al moalhe. commtBtlag oa the lit
dav of April, 1170. t 4 . . , (11
Tkiltif la af a-nnJ Barialable aaaill.
la cecal prepcrllcee cf fere aad blad a ear tor,
(aecke. ibaahiaad kldaey teUewUbceziladtd.)
aadtebefareHbed at occb llmeeaad plaeeoaad
la inch qaaatltlecac the ccmmaadlageater ahall
Two aeretlee will be rtqalrcd.la (he asm ef 110.
000. for tba faithfnl per forma a ee cf the coatract
wheaawarded. . ,
TBCpropeeaia men oe mace ia pneait, aa
Will ha ihmbaJ ! Ika P.M flianliim ! IA
c'tlek. cm., March IT, 1170. aad the coatract
awarded. If a latlifactory bid ahall have bete
received, thcaaderilgied roaarvteg Ihe right te
rjc, aar nice 1 na.aiian
l naallietcrr
' OBO W ai-gltR.
LlcnL Uthlaf ,A.O, B.
nsinc'scDiPiarasar or ma
tarasar or rnaCoHaaitaia, )
OrricaCnitr G M V
ILLS. KT .rYtrcaryie, 179. .
all (which maat be iaScpllcati
VTBORBtfDAY. March . 1870, fer inpplyla
ilea ef fore aad hladqnartcr meal, (aetk.
beake aad kldaey tallow u be eftlnded.J for
lianetc troopi aad otheri lapplled by Ihe Oov
ran tat, et teaUrllle, Ky,. aad Jefftraoarllle.
aibv, Mnaraiin inc oraccrt iiaiioatc ni iiocie.
tie. ky., and Jifftrieavllie, lad , with choice
Thceatllc elaishtcred for Bef teUdcllvercl
aader tbli eociraet ! welfh a-t lta tbaa
clahlbaBdredteooipenndi. groaet tbeb tc be
'5T?."rk,.'Pu'ullT' .BftfwmbnlU.ame
aad heirtre will act be received, nor will IW in
cay eaae be received aaleaa It complice la all ra
pele with the reqatred eondllloai
laiiniiiitiivN in rortcior eiv tcimostai.
regalar batcher, wbemcal give hi name in fall,
iifmaii piacavi iit,iiartiii
rropeaaie mail 0 accompanied by a proper
te area la, ilgned by two reaponitbie percent,
ilatlac thai ir m. anmtrtrl la awa.aJ II. ill
eater fate boa dt for tba faith fat fcllllmanlof tbe
"; . vav oi N.1W wiii e reqiirea, can
rllflnala ham Ik. (.lark Ai Lk tlA..f. ru
Ihefatttkateachbeadimaa la worth taalemeaal
aad ever.
The naderiliaed reeei vec Ihe right tc reject aay
er ell bldieltred.
BevelopcaioBeendoreed VPrepoaala for Traab
and Coraed Bee," aaddlreeacd tn the ncdir
Jlreeacd to the ncdir
J. ML. TAT 1,0 B,
B..T.I CelcBeI,0. 1., Chief
R0P0IAlg TOfilCI.
Orrieser OsssaitgersaisTSBntsr,)
cicallclt, cltnr and free from aacwer dirt, l.til
pwnadc to the to, nad te be delivered la each
huhh,bih mi ubim ii hum, may
Bide will be received aatlt 11 o'clock boob, en
a cum oi , aaiarctocc ic utetrmi narM
k d,
the rlibt to reject all or aay portlca of the bide re
Ita hid a wilt ha aaaalJaA klJlaa a1a. ...la.
raeterv avldaaaa aaa ba ,W.a nt thai iMiu.ariii
a.HI.. l.f.llllh....iH.I
a", ww f ihjui .hv wraiia.h
Qeaeral gae't Traatcrv BalM
Watt Para Atrsa's Orrres, I
, , WABBljicros. D, C.Jeb. H, 1B70. i
healed Draaaaala. in ba ladaraad tlwi.it. ii
fill be received at (hJi cflte natll II m.. the Sd
ycf htcrth, WTO. for the foUewlag nrllilta,
which mettbeef the very beat qaatllr. to be de
410 feet Vi Inch wreath Jron Pipe.
CO cebl oat white Oak Timber,
aui laata iaa iaai nH
B3O.00O hard bent, haai-nade Mt4 Brlcfcl.
Q barrete reUaaae Lime,
t bnrrele Hydrcnllt Cemcat.
eut barrel! BeUdla Baat
SO salleae alcohol, Weit'abeat. U rercaat,
1 barrel gpermOU, winter atralned.
aflieeUaaeoae Hardware. eaeUtlng ef afslli
terewa, Fllec. Tool, he . as pr ithedele
Bleak Beoka, Mtetioaery, Ac, fer laiae at
Hayr Tard (aa per Bthodela . .
uiceere meat ataie ia taeir nidi tea time wlthla
Orrios Aiihvavt QeAaTSBMAirsa Osisasi,
Ccscsa Hoobtos ai Qanna BTassra, I
Maw Toaa citv, Fabrcary 13, 1870 1
Provocate aie iBVlted and wttl b received at
thla efflee nnill noen of March W, 1S70. for tbe eon
elraotlen at Fen wadawonh. Hew Tork harbor,
cf three (3) Brick Clateraa aader groasd, oac tc be
lfl fret maaa diameter aad 11 feet deep, nad two to
be U feet meaa diameter aad 10 reel deep ecah.
Theac CUlerai are le be located al anch plaeec aa
may be deaineted y the A A. d M. at the peel i
are te be well aad eebeUataUy eo attracted cf
Bracaiaaa miunii, nae man ne yrevicea wim
Ihe aecceaary panpt, ptpce, aa.
Pleat aad ireclieetleee may be scia al this
aWapVaUenieT" " -M" "
TM Pvcramcai raiervca tbe right to reject say
erail eldav
Tbepropotate will be eedrtd 'PrcpoeaIsfr
Clateraa. ' aad addraaaad ia lha aJ.lJ
. Br order ef Brevet MjJ. Ota. knraa la rail-, A.
Q M.Ucaera). Wat T. UOWBlC
Brevet Major aad Aaaalataat Qaartirmaeter, Oal-
d ,! Mtaij. It 030 Ct
Interior Adornmenti.
a04Peaaiylvaala avoane, bet. Kh aa Sle,
rrunik "iiitt,
TUIl. A...A..
llfS 1 itrecl. balwaaa TblrtMataaad Faa.
. Uaath ttrtata
OIL PAriTTirfds, roBEiorf and auejv
pnn-pnfiniuirn 2 m
fa avhtaik wa iha.ia A ruli Ia. IW. m..l.T
Btateeitea. Fauc ruteaM. Farler Btaektu, ria
tare Malta, Oord, Taeaele aad Bella, aad n
taarat aaa aatapiaM aaaoriawatci
cvrrythtaglneciitae. Black
Waiaal and Otii Oval and
Bo sare PtHore Vrcmai
dccie-tf WMITia a MTBOHU.
uiportar AB4 UMlarla
oraauTiBT aoosi.
AMKImlr. at. w.il,lMt.l.ailBaU.
r.b, W...1..TO.. P. fl
Builder, and Material.
OKI TnoD.ARD LOAD, ot tkaU.I dov. Plrar
aaa. .a. lart. q.a.iii. 01 lih vaaaai. riaa
r. aa4 all kla4i at AmIbi MaUrlaU.
H....I BiB.. Aa.. I. Ik. Im.1 M....P ..111.
laoruitaatlia. fUOB.AHir,
la.a iai u.r..rT.aia wi .atja..L
I WlllllTl.wBBlT
la aar or tka ar4a aF Ulaallr luawalk.
la aar
r. all aannlataYvfsa aii tklral 1aaa.Hu
per llaeal Tool tkaa tbe eorporattoa prise, aad
gaerentee all work fer the term ef ua yeare. Par
meat In three mcalht after the work le completed,
laitead ef bciag paid before (be work It com
meaecd. THORltTOa BMITU.
VBHiMiwiiiiiaait u ai ree .
eepl.tf Chrletlaa Aeeeelatlen B eliding.
proved Fire aad Weler-Precf Felt Ccmpoeltlca
aaa ui
Rractlealaspcriene atlcwa mabeaaaenae ettnc
aprcvemaale la workmaaabtp, and laereaeed fa
atlltiecteaUallcinDrauDiJv.Vcrkwairaated for IS yeare, aad at esiy abeatene aalflneecit Of
Fell for ac at lay cMec, Be, BBO O etreet. be
IweeaSUIh aad lev oath atreete. aad OOO Jl atreei.
iiw,ti ,ini aaa aiiia urni.
J B. Bat AS. rraa. J, A. Hrjrr. Traaa.
Vathington City Baring. Bank,
Oaraar af l.r.aik atr..i aa, Laatflaaa araaBa.
athr 'ram a -I) a. a Fa I p n.. aa4 I
DATIVXlaio.rraBIJOtal.ap. Ba.
Bay aad aall at aarrcat marheS ratce,
IsUraal kevea o Btaiapc f aatebj
Eeal Estate Agents
Iamtsi Caoaa, Jabis W. WAUS.
rmnaa m. wravotT
unugo a. naiMUi
Mo. BAT Pcnjmeylveaat, Aviaat,
apt-tf .
yUitctreeteaet aad Peaaiylvaalasvaaae,
Capitol UUU
uoosks AMb Lora uail r.-uof thsfUfpr
caUandreat. ivMt
'Osrtasc cxtrai
win (roraenttu ia pi r . " j. ..,
vrricser ussBaitiersaisTsantsr,!
WAlKis-a-roc. Fob 11. 1B70. 1
Propoaali will b received for anpply and de-
llvetviciheTraaicry Dipartmoalcf lee for oaa
yar from the Uther March neat,
Tha In ta ha nf th k i nailll ITAaa.t.
waicn laraaniaiaa cailTtrcn veecnptlVC
echedale with partltclera tc be aeen al Ule efflee,
Beapeailble eeearljy required for the prompt and
falter al delivery cf eappllti evaNtd, ! ooeform
lty with itlpalaUoaa ea the bleak formi for bidi tc
be bad at laic cMeccthefWle bid will no I be
catertelae-V fciDWITIWART.
fea ParmaaterU. a If avy.
Oad Sut.
Th.B.H ,., m ,,, Alaa,4rI.4.Ur. '
II.10A. n . .. if aatlt.. ml 11 M A. n. . !
U.allt.1 III.S. IJ , ... I..Ur, Al UMT.
LM.barc all 10 p m. L..a. L...harf at 7iU fc
""iV" ajAP.ta.rtaai a. n
Taal.Ka,n.Usl. m Al.i...na a4 1110
p m.tratafrotn.ialll.B. ntim at fl'aflt.ii
".!! VTl Dl' Via. ( C.ua.. V. r ""mil
.III.. B.T..r.lll..ll.rrrvni. ..4 Vrtatb.rt.ri
U. with B..n.r'i III. .rCoata.", naVhlnri
U.uan 4.IIT (r Ball'a Hill. AI4I. aA ViiltV
a"' .. B' IU,
. . Wa.tr.flTo. Pa., B. IAW
.WL'M.'WVaTfMil'KB vA Vifl;
erenowrna MfoHowi, vtit
Leave dally, cicopl Seed ay. at t 00, t M and
f.S0a.na,, and lies. sjo,L1ivi, aad 00 p. m.
Leavedellr.ase-pSBcaday, alTOOaad a.B)a.
m. MalUiaJIflB. an.
, Leave at f aad a cm. aad lWp.n, Ite train
le orfrem AastpoDcoa Saadty,
aacap m.
Leave all a, m. aade so etdfn.ro
d f p.nt
wrAk v
Leave daily, ttctpt Katarcay aad Baaday al
, m an , v, aaa D p. n. ,
uacaiaraay at 7 a. la. naen.oup.m.
Oa Baaday at $. and AGO p. m, caly, cob
BtellBaTat Balavltatlec with tralaa frjao. BaJll.
more to WbeellBf.Parkertbarg.ae.
throerh Utctutc tbe VfMt can be had al Ibe
WaablagMabUllca Ticket OfltealaU hears Is
Ue day,
Forltew Terk. PbltadcIphU and Boctes, aec
adrertleemeal cf ' Threat i Lie e.' '
u ,- IfsHsrefTrsaaporlaUca.
UIQ. a ttOQBTZ. general lint, Waih agtca.
i860 aa.Ti?wliB.I7A . iRan
pa aad aAer Her. it, 19CS, trslss will leave st
WaahlBitea S SOcmlBalUnore 11 Vim.
S.Mn m I
day aad ate kt e
aal ea viae frem
pi a I1.1P aa, . r a i aaa ciaifrcom
tart, with modtra Improremeate,
a fear tc twelve honrtln time over
c Tw heed red mllee cared lo
ra wirt.
-Tbro-j gh frem Baltimore
P1TTBBU8U wlthoatchaBi
pAjuai.r a Kla .&
to EOCU18TSE aa.
from Baltimore havi
tbaedvaataceaef mahtcg allihaai
uarota. aadn-FaaRiaS '
Tlikete by thlc rente ad b i
eeaaiee in uniui
pmtnred al Ibe
a, totaa r aitth, arM mm& paaaaTTaala
avenne, nnder K atUaaV Motel, where rcUaslc In
formation will be ilvan al all ilmtc.
raateBiemFoec rlB r tick ate al thla cttre caa vt
vma whi raaav, nTcaec.
n ..... . Waahlagtca. C, 0.
ID. B. T0DSO. aeaaralPacaccrer Afmt.
L jiiuHaaora, jta.
. . . Wll.ia.T0ir. Atpt.U.lhX-aMa.
.iKJI3i5!,, ''n
f Io.Vil.il.liir..tm
rtHStta' a4aj)AI AOOa. .,1VU
, , H ruiLAiriLrniA.
aad 10 p ilT ""p "adariai 400 a.a.,I!,o
.' - jnAT,
.ft7iV5;'rTT"k ul" "" ""'1-
HlMpUccaranVawTarknt 00 p. m. trait
J,aj . b Aa4 al U. auu.. oa.a il all kSar.
Batrtnir te4 OM. KatlaM4 a4T.rtlMm.al
1 u . . i. ' .1. KPS'fl "aaaparUllo
Steamboat Line.
'on jxrmnvooit aad queess.
IATUH0AT aad alternate TOMDAlg.
. Tlcketa aotd aad from Xealaad,
40t CTS Ireland aad tbe OcnUacaL 7orfallla.
aaaaaaawmrorniatloa SppTy to
r ran ti
agio a.
Aaa n mi.
gent. UBmaiwcy. N.T.r
Baskcre. Watblar
Brjf.vj. -rw-
MXBcnABTS Lin a of arsAifiBipa
Hereafter b Bae aieamahtpa B O. KBtOnT.
InUM HIBurr ... ir I 1 .
a.LTaa.. I. iiii I.
Ageal cSIee aad wharf feci cfBltbitTeeUUScrsel
U"t"." "" "v,aai- vi MTaiiiq tirttr,
re ferk aveeae. J. W THOMPBOlf,
r aa.l tf frfrpMi
,HaU, Capav ana Bhow.
ectt TO HAUE BOOK I'OB itjj
f fQ" ivKBifa araiaa aToox,flU
efallklndi, chisper than Ihecbcapcit.
feb34-tf Old anmber 3T3. bet. I and K.
qprim riinioNH ron sjekts'
Jaal Mined, ombrae la gthe Trade
and Broadway aty lea. rartlnlar
sticatioa Invited lothe Bd Hate.
H ata. a I lata A aaA '. uia lnrla
iia ,ih apaau iwaatynv
aa nij5 p iihj rvniaa m
ai, u, hxs-jkiibt;
f,Tiknetz, ii.iicr.
ITe 1S3T Penairlvaala eyeaat.
Altai ta ecrnor aatrtacata a tret t.
Caacart cored wlthont the atd cf Ibe I aire er
palatA the patlant. fortt gaaraateed All who
ai,.ui.w4 wiiaiBia norriQaaoiaoate teeni coal
one and im Dr. Pethtae, Bo. 411 Blath itratt
near the corner of B itrett, WatMattoa. D. 0
Alao, private dlaaaaet ct alt blade te which the
tettlfriwbc have beta caved rrentn P'tvatnr
crave. Heraember the placet (See A31 Btntb
iOT.nifBJA DIIPiiiiiT A-nit vnirvw nit
V0UILDKf If, at the CorimCtn D oipltel, corner
.dlclaaeacdadr1eerrecr eharnte the poor
o-"r ......,,-,.,,., Dr. L. W. JUtchlc
Mtfay. .', ,Dr. tocttMackaU.
.. ,...M...n,,Dr. F, A. iabfovd.
...v......Dr. I4 W. PraaHaa,
ompeon will bbld a agrgtcal Clialacs
inrdayatliM p. nu atrXS4f
uw. taoi
, .. Wmsiictov, b. 0.,FBbnary 11,1170.
ua thiptutitoi or wh rtsnioa.of Middltlowa.
Baw Terk, praylijr for the esteaalah cf a pateal
vi. ,iav ir,Hiiiu, v, tv tf baa.Bva.ua aajaiiiabvwa.
'" " " TJl"t f JB V aoo.iof nn
reaacallaOrlBelag Clrtalavgawei
crdercd that U teetlmoay in Ue eaec be
onUctdthdayer April nut, tkallba tine
agernmMiccndtb Baamlaer 'a rcccil b
H ihe eth cf May nest, had that tali
a U heard ca thcllth day of Mar neat.
cloetd on Ihe J
or sua
Jaai- pitva laaj vtvvi
alMUBLi. FiauiB.
Cemailaalentref Pate ate.
iit. tm
Traab HnFbllp and Adolphac'
a. neiemtne, iraeias
(o. U1L, AlLaw,
Oa motlSact'lacpiaUUr.a-Ur Pknila,Ualr
OeergcT. Brewn
atteraey. U ta crdtred that the defendant east
aaptaraact la be catered herein en erbatrc
ha Cral ral aafauarriai farlv data after Ihli
dsyietberwiec tee ea ate will be proceeded with
a e in eaae a aiaua.
X. J. Mliai, Clark.
IB THi inpima rorT op thb biptbict
o jotfiVliiA, rat ifir SAX raaati-
wi'"" T; "" a. AIL-.
Qeorce T. Brcwn. J
Onmeaen ef Ihenialntltft. by Mr. FhllUc,lhelr
Lttratr, ii ii orotrt inai ii
la la Ataral lhal I ka tar'aaj Aal aaa.l
his appeersaoc tc be entered b
ice tc be entered heralB rbererc
i dayoeearrlsg fertr dare after tbU
Ue the tacit wilt be preceedai with
" -.z--rL"r--".".zzz
wn Jam UrUltr, BUha Bd.
mimoracityij0im nLw
i1.ir,a T. Iraai
Oa metloa of Ibe plalallft. by Mr. PblMlpe.lhalr
attoraey. It It ordered that the dtfiadael tante hla
appearance to beentered herein oa er before the
Inl rale day eoenrrlag fertr daya after (hladayi
ctbanrUetbecaaiewlXlbe preeeeded with aa la
0 prttceaaaa wiia aa i
K. J. Mil Q I, Clerk,
Trcetopr. Tail
x. vw vuiAuaint.
litary F. Tarton 1
vi . . i ITA Jialty Deck, .
Iphrtaca Wheeler, l K4
The entii In this eaae t Crelghtea. at.
Whetltrbttairttaratd aot to be foaei?' Ult
crdared tele Sib cf Febrnary. U70. thai aald
wbeoltr CBtec hie appearance ca e before Ue Srai
Tneiday ef Spill, ll7J etherw.ac tbla caeac will
nc prtweoaon aiuciiasuivi atiaaia.
UytbeConrt. .
Atraatcpy-Teali B. J, HOB.
len.Wlw . , Clerk-.
6r ooLbMhuTBi wit SATOvriiAV-
A BY. 1870.
i Btrry.
,11T. AlLaw.
ial lha BlalaAaf. a W Palllltu. kla
attoraey. It le ordered thai the aafandaai tante kit
aprearaaee t be catered herela ea or before tbe
Srtl tele day eeomrrlai forty dayi after tbli day i
othewUe the came wlR be preeeeded with ac la
u,awi.a taa Cl
aaaauf dafaall
Vt&Wfi T'"
11 1 SHIOLCIrik
L". Si- V J" ". T t .K I. t?H.
.,4 ai-oauoaYri-fViKw.. i;?Wit
JOBK from IM.rfA, law Alrar.ararT WlDntJ.
DAk aaAAATlJBDAT.aatp m 'taaTaaiOftoi.
rairalllafarrrittlAa. aMil.l.a a lSti.trT3
33DG3 33I3NrO-'3
x lViUM
al a . - - ,
Roots and Borrlos. iVj.
' Apdlts Attensfit vevpismi
Bitiarv, Glandular,
j. .. - rr
' uwrrnnrrr A-" j
uuauwrt T0ECE3.
rPAtl.aat1aBBa atraal Has.
toBSjrjollefel'laee,Cedirtt. .
MewTerbt STtArihit. Vbllcdtl' j
rhlsi 111 Frsakl" tl, , Bel rt more 1 1
riifUtai ItS Klag street, lltsaa-
drla Va
fl-II'EKlVt.nOTTLE(t00 M
Jr-uottica, ti 0) HaUl by all L
i,aiiu ainttoanvono c
tetprke Ci'f fM
Jatly repcrte arc made cf rellel afforded j thla
rercone In Baltimore, nrloai Ic learncf cnf-
bojc rt
'aiuioore, cnnei
PAT lea aire el
,13 UaBttr,ni
a.M and 17 Kent
lac of drattlate m
it f rn Its ntena v la aire et SO genu Bntew. B3
ijaariee.u uaattr. si cu rani, in traaa.
I laratata.aaaad S7 North O LI taora.in Berth
ttraau. alao of drattlate ctai
atreete. alto ef dread etc generally.
111 the drngclilc, aad heed red
ivartala. aai kaairaata af oai
e cf pereens fa
'a., aad lha cer.
Wniklactcs. D. O . Altsaidrla.ya. aad the ear
roudtai eeaatry, know cfenrec by thlc Won&tr
rwl Jlttwiedy.
iTofpattte Commmption.
, W.BniBevow.fi O, ,acf.,lB8S.
For eevornt years! bed beeaanblttt toaeoet
aad epHtlng bled One year etc lattwleter I
tccita .heavy cold. which tctUed ea my lat cm. I
had a bed henorrbaie I need many eoifh mlz
larct, bat fonnd cc rtlltf I waa very eUkelt
imnir, 1 weal late the eon airy .hepUs1 It weald
eta til net bat whoa 1 rttaraed mytomfhwae
rbaacwhlih letted gredayii 1 waa verrlewaad
aervoBC, aad t offered framincrtettcof.breatht I
eeccbod laeeaaaailr. cckli nclalatni tad m it.
nT Tiviaa uii avar. i aac a inDUii atatar
peute. I triad cvtrytblagaar frieada raeonntad
id,Wt foe n d nc rtlltf natU Tlrled Pe Blec'a Vfea.
-ferrnt Homed y. iltos tan nmtdy.vurBKa.aponl
ilaht aioaiha aad nt frlandaaad haadradaaf u.
(jaalnUatea la We a! a Hon, wbc katw my anp.
aad abcat the city, apparently at well ae other
paapia caaaraiir a cava ratttnaacnata ii ia n
i aaiiti
Mas. LBiiA nvspLs.etf O atreei.
lantasroc.ifTo .BeptSl.lBe
iak. raaaluaat frm a aaalaalad
old. I tried. varloea paataraj reaaadlac wltScci
tea a. caa iiiii itMu, iicwii tgntwiu
laracd. A lady frltnd ladaeed me le try a boUlc
' Dt Blae'a lafataj tan (awdaril waeeatlrelv
tartd, 1 have had no re tnr of tb; tlocknttt tlsce.
JTor All Tbroatnnd Iwc.k Complalmta.
Sieeinax Aiinraa, Jipintnn. nrta.
liltlB.Ca.tarTtap Sudden Onlds,
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Dr. JOOBSTOlf baedleccvcred the ueilecrtalh
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