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i,ei.ar from Dr. (Jaretelt In slept te
He malar Hnratjer.
At it H rxOBimui tbat Ibe bill repeallag
Ibe charter of tbe Medical Boctety will code
op la tbe Be o Ala daring the week, tti edl
tori of the Sunday XT-rotd, In deference lo
tbe wltbes of ib mdlcl fraternity nod eltl
icdi generally, bare faroUbed Dr. Garnet. 'a
Utter, In rrplyto Senator Sumner, to tbe
Bbtcbxica", ai follown
Ha. IBS Haw Taai Atom. I
WiitiMTOi.D U .March S. 117J I
Ua Editobi By reference to the report
eubmlttcl to the United Bute Senate t abort
time sloce by Mr. fiamoer relatlre to Ibe re
pral of the c'lAtter ot the Medical Society of
this Disirb, you will flod that the author
bas taken occasion to drag tor name before
the Senate for the purpose of cbarglog me
with tirafatael.tnal mlacondnct.
As the mlttUtcment of facts and the bit
ter partisan spirit which cbaracteilxed tble
rrpcrl tbrouiboat has already been fully
and sellefectotlly exposed by other medical
rtnt.-ram In tbe louroali of thle citr. X did
not cbnoae to notice thle allailon to myself
ty eoadesceoilag to make any explanation!
of my professional acts. Bluee, bowerer,
lb editor of a medical J on real, doobtlese In
political harmony wttti tur (Senator, baa on
Dl 10 accept ' truius mesa cuargve againe.
medical gentlemen of tbli city, and published
10 the medical world hi itrlcturet npon their
eon J act, It becomes a doty which I owe to
toy tell, II f I U 10 iuo pruioaeiuu tu wuivu
I beloDf, to correct lucb mlsapprebeuiloosas
thte report Is calculated lo create la the
mlndi of those who m-iy read It, and alio to
expoM tbe true niotWd which Inspired tble
moremeut on Iba part.if Mr Benator Sum
ner) and for tbte pnrpoee X beg tbe uie of a
Tery email ipace In the col u cue i of yonr
II le dlffleu.t, In Iced, after reading It
tbrouxb, to drtrrutliie which predominate!,
a frtlTojc of lodlttnatloo that the Benator
tbonld aboie tbebtgb office which be nils
for the uratlfl ration of his prlTAto resent
mentiand roUcbleToui rsgarlca, or of pity
and re em thai be should so often subordi
nate tbe dlcuUs or Mi better lodgment and
dNcrttlm to tho fiery lapmaes of a mis
tolteed seal and of an Incurable tmludlce.
Tbeuoluti made T Mr. Sumner In this
report arlnt the Xlt-dlcal Society of the
jjinnct oi boiauoia art Dnsay idch i
1 Trut itu t-barter cin?..oula.t Us or-
KAolsatlon docs not ruiilra but teit of
memberhlpnq accuaut if color, and that
'lhe arpUrtloa of but each test, ihouEh
not forbid Jca.U condemned br reaioa and
homanlty.' We rtplyi Trm, no inch test
e rrqu're j oy in en v ier, an i ior mat Tery
rBason u is pwecuj leguimaw nr in rara
bere to eXMrbe tbcfr free and ontrammelled
ODiuo as to wbo shall bi admitted as in em
brr,srrD after tbaaPDlliAiit has obtained
tbe Isol prrenuUlia. Thh prlrlletfe of
Dauaiax ror tn eiciion or meaocrs is
tbelr only MfTaird agaln-t the Introdee
lion leto the ancleiy of portlce, black or
wbiw, woo may oe moraiiy ana eocian
JecUonable, a clear and InflHsiiherfc" 77st
, . yn iii' iiiiii i wmi in NYU'
"a nermSoUb.
That the JrIkUmI AuocUtton. which
alono controls all matters of DrofeMlonat
etiquette, establlabea foes. Ae., Le bat another
name for tbe JkWfeai iutyt composed of
the same officers, and subject to all restrlo
tloos, limitations, Ac, spectfled In tbe char
ter ereatlnr the Soclttv. In answer to this
ws hare only to say that It Is impossible to
ballaTB that sir. Sumner did not anow that
be was slating an nntruth The clearly de
nned and caally understood difference be
tween these two organisations the Medi
cal SocUty established nader a charter
granted by Coogress, and the Medical Asio-
ciauon, a TOiuuiary aecui ana proieiiionai
orranlzatlon. has too often been explained
both Terbally and In writing to Mr. Bumoer
for blm to escape tbe charge that be has
wuruuy muuiea toe ici, ana on inn oc
casion exhibited that nnfortuoate Idloarn-
craCT of bis moral ornnlSAtton. which bis
friends excuse npon the ground of Its being
i wlU only add npon this point that It was
for tbe Tery purpose of creating and putting
Into practical operation the machinery of
medical ethics. (If I mar be allowed tbe ex-
.u..i vi.l .. j.i 1. e.-t...
bylu charter, that we organised an Inde
pendent and distinct body, holding do rela
llo to Congress or directly to any of Its
creation, called tbe XtdUdAttortations and
to this Utter body excluslrely belongs tbe
mrnlatlon ot all Drofeeslonal Intercourse.
An organtXAtlon entirely Independent of
iongrrM ana ocjoun iu control, o inai au
orjciioos orgea against ui aocutg npon ice
ground of cxclnslreness or of baring rlo
fated Its charter are utterly Mse, these mat
ters coming entirely within the prorlnce of
toe association. Ane iact meuiiooea mat in
order to become a member of the association
the candidate must be a member or licen
tiate of tbe society possesses no significance
wbaWTvr, since It In no way affects tbe
dlstl'ict anj Independent functions of tbe
two Domes
Tbe third t4nt made br the Senator li.
that tbe neero doctors of this DUtrlcL br the
conduct of tha BtxWtr. are debarred from
consulting with Its members, embracing as
It does neartv arerr white oraclllloncr In
tbe Dlsttlct. To this we bare only to repeat
whtt Mr. Bamner la aa fullr aware ot as
ourerWes. That the medical society has no
control wnaicTtr orcr toia maiier, toe boo
Jcct beliis; rxclualrely under tbe Jurisdiction
of the AuoeJaJto. We wilt, nerertbeless,
add lbl the charge Is practically a false one,
since it is wen Known ana ackuowieagea in
deed. In tbe rriHirt Itfclf. that tbe white mem
bers of tbe Society did consult with these
negro doctors as far but k as Jane, 1803, and
that many of tbcm hurt) habitually done so
fir I he lt two years wliboat any notice
of lhrlrrondurtbs.teTtr ImTlnsr been taken
bribe Association! so that In point of fact.
these maleonienU bare not eren that pre
text npon wblch to rest a complaint.
Tbe fourth point made Is that tbe negro
doctors are excluded from the ad ran tares of
takios: part In and Hstenlnr to the dlseue
stuns of mtdlrsl tuljrts In tbe Society, one
of tbe objects cobUinpItiied by the charter
ueiog i oe aaTsnccuiebi oi mcaicai science,
We tbds Imrn fur tbe Orit time that the
SvcUtu. wbleb 1 na aired kt Its charter to
uett but twlre a year fur tbe election of
omesrs, rened unJr any ohugailon to con
elltau lislf a school of medicine for tbe In
strnctlon of aoy one, white or black. Bach
dlicaislons as baro usiully transpired In
mat oony are riii'rviy oi a roiuntary cuar
acttrr, an lDtcrcUanAe o profculquai opin
ion. rtD-rla of lnteretl iff caaea. ,od ao on.
fur the mutual henwAtaud riiivrtalumcnt of
Its members, ei.iirtly )uJe(vudt.ut or any
coarMrrva rrqiiremriut, rtKiiiciioii or pro
scribed furmu'sv wbatkttr, a pnictlre wblch
we can at any moment ubulUb, wbcu It mj
oeonrpitMSure inujao, a'li wim'u tromusi
aworeJiy aboald di whcueTir Coagr,ss sees
Ot to step littu tbe arena.
irititsg nigm doctors bare not been irop
erty InviruUtd la tbg probation to which
tbry cUlmtobelongwCcrulnly Congress lus
no right to Impose upon the Medical Society
the onerous and distasteful task of remedy
ing such defects. To um up tbe whole
question npon wblch the rallant Senator bas
'' hl T'ltllH nn IT) '" ine with the
Radical Society or thli UilRfttrilxsImpIy
resolTes Itself Into this i Three negro doctors
baring settled themselres In this city for
the purpose of engaging lo tbe practice of
medicine, after having obtained ercry legal
right from tbe Medical Society wblch It
coald confer, and which entitled them to
Enrtne tbe practice of medicine and surgery
ere, apply to be admitted as members of tbe
Society, which would confer upon tbem tbe
prlrllege or mingling with lis members on
terms of social as well as professional equal
Ityi they are regularly nominated and balloted
for, as In all cases candidates ror member
ship are, and rejected br a rery large ma
jority. Tbey Immediately declare war
against the Bocletyand proclaim their de
termination to Drees: up luroaxn me in
atrumeotallty of Congeu unless the Society
should recede from Its position and yield to
their demands before the meeting of that
Or course the Society has steadily and
i lead fault decllued to submit to ao such
arroaAM dictation, preferring to prcserre Its
dignity and Mlf.re.poct, etea at tbe risk of
lac anion tbe nen&itw r n- nn ,
wrstb, rather than to be Ignominious! I
dpooatd loto lobinUilou to ibrceor fWr
ontslde parties. Theresnlt has been that
these negro doctors, aided by certain white
Dartlaans. bars now applied to Mr Sumner
ioaTcnjce iduribvii wrenn, sod aeea
to place the Qongress of the United States
In the eontamotlble attitude of letrlalaLlntr
against a large and respectable class of pro
fessional gentlemen to gratify the menge
fot feellort of thee three negro doctors.
inat ibis wnoie moretnenl against the
Medical Socletr has been InanrmrfttAil far th
gratification of priraU rerenge and a desire
lOBChlere a trlamnh imr lu mcnhframi
the part or these colored doctors and tbelr
coadJitore.U clearly manlfssted when we
recollect that lbs opportunity of participat
ing lo the dlscnufons of a medical society
ana au other proceed in re or such bodies ac
cessory to professional lmprorement. Is
open to toem in tneir new organisation,
without the necessity of a charter from Coo
uresi or any legislation whaterer by that
body. So that they are now In the enjoy
ment of erery prlrllege. Immunity, and pro-
icibiodai puTaniaKB wnicn any canerwnite
practitioner of tbe District possesses, with
the addition, If lam correctly Informed, of
me emolument oi omces conrerrea npon
them either by tbe municipal or General
Qorernmenti la sereral loslances loyal, con
sistent. Ufiloa white phrslclans haTlnr been
remorea irom otaca tor toe oencui oi negro
Therare rerularlr licensed practillooere
hereitbey pursue the practice of their pro
reeelon without molestation, and nader ex.
traordlnarr adranlafee of co'lateral aldi
they en Joy tbe prlrllege of consulting with
aoy of the while member of tbe profession
wnom it is supposed tney wonia prcier.
They belonr to a society wblch needs no
charter to gire them the prlrllege of partlcl
pattoglnaUoflts proceedlnp, with wblch
we or the old society hate ntitt attempted
to Interfere directly or remotely, whilst they
hare arrogantly demanded of Congress that
the charter should be taken from us aa a
punishment, not ror baring violated posi
llrely or constraetlTely anr of luprorlsloas,
out tor nBTiog exercisea a luuaameuwi ri
wnicnii is euppoaea oeionrea wieTBrjciu
aen of this country. Let Mr. Sumner tae
ceedla abrogating tbe charter of tbe Medi
cal Society, and be 1 as far from the object
wnicn ne pretence to aeaire as oeiore oe em
barked In thl small game. Nat, farther,
for his conduct will only bare the effect of
lotenslfrlos: the anteeontsm which already
It now remains to be seen If Congress will
condescend to such a cowardly act of petty
tyranny merely to gratify a feeling of ptl
rate rerenge. It Is marrtlloo to me that
tbe Sensle should bare the patience to listen
to these oft-repeated and hypocritical dia
tribes from tbe honorable Benator orer
hypothetical cases or Injoitlce to tbe colored
ra.ee. whan Important aublects of ths rrarest
Interest to the whole country Imperatively
and urgently demand tbelr leglslatlre consid
eration. In friendly regard for, and liberality
of conduct towards the colored race, I claim
to stand second to no mania this District,
and whilst I rejoice In the opportunities af.
toraea toem oy toe ibwi oi tne iana ot im
prorlns! their condition In all the ma
terial element of prosperity and clfUlsallon,
I do not hesitate to say that I am unalter
ably and eternally opposed to all social com
mingling of the two races.bulbellere that the
Hoe of demarcation established by tbe Deity
cannot be too eherolr drawn or too faith-
tauy ana jeaiousiy ooserrea. ici eaca go
on and workoutllsaesuny.aiuownspQere,
eauallr protected br the law. A raw words.
Mr. Editor, la regard to the special charge
made aa-unet ma and 1 will trespass no
farther upon your kindness. The particular
Initance referred to br the Senator, of mr
having acted In aa unprofessional manner
towards one of these negro doctors, occurred
In the famllr of a Terr old and hlsblr-
esteemed colored friend Jf mine, and to
vraury wnom a consentet
ileal alluded to. The circuit?
aire suffl -
tng my attendance in uat
cientiy set xoru in tae m
addraseed to uo brJJrf'&ih nr iba miUhi
II la sot nettji. Th.rtfort, that I ebould
commeitexMptioaadthallhavtU00 roiteata good thing orer and orer
ueTar mealrad. nor did I expect to nedre.
any pecaniary eompensauon-or my atiena
Respecfall, A. T. F. (Hxxitt, W.D.
Vimimni. Mrh I. ItTl
Db. A. Y. P.OAajtarr Sir) Iaiweryoar
riiuft deilrlB me to (Ire tbe fatts how roa
tint lobe etlltd te atUad my thHd durloi tbe
lait day aod a hair e( her Ufa, as yen are
eharxcdwlta taterfcrlat with lir.Auguata'
pratiee, aaa nr . . ...
The nomine; or the day barore my emu died.
Dr. AotaaUlaft my heuae.saylBf he would
be back by km, lie did aot ease until
about mt. Mr child drier sad la snah rrtat
cony, about rJ oaloklwat aftr you,
told you how lick aha waa, sad aktd
yoa to some and do what you sonld, as X did
You replied thai you did not waat te faterfere,
And itlul aoBaBtd to da what von eould.
(aa a Mta J of my brother'a and his pbyilelea
for naar SO year) After year arrival you
wti rr narilanUr lawhatrou aaid. aavler
Dr. A. aod me being eolorad. your remarks
wonldbaaoattrutdwroDriyi tbatroutboughl
Dr. A had do all thai could he tloae, (aa all
I an tortv. air. von bare beea nnJaatlr
aaaoied on my aaeuat,d akall ertr faal
grataful forth alleatloa you paid my child,
aod only rtgret I did net aall you at Brat, aa
ptthana my ah lid would net hev been aj 1m
propel ry treated. I will alao ay that you
were my payaieiaa loog ntiort i aaew ir,A
Youra, gratefully, Datid I.Watso
Local Dbstitiss. About sixty parents
ot pupiis in me pnoue scnoois oi i&e second
district were adJreaaed Toetdsy afteruon by
Superintendent Richards cm tbe relations of
parents. pnpU. aod teacher.
Eleren more colored men with their
famine started yesterday morning for His
aUalpDl to work on the planutloo of Gov
ernor Alcorn. This makes twenty-two who
uave idbi nr iikaoauu cxnectea tnai
ucx wee . tarn aqmocr wui oe autrtea.
At the fifty-fifth monthly meeting of tbe
Central Bulldtog AsAsocUllon 18 shares were
sold at an ercraee of thirty and ooe-balf per
Joalah Mitchell was arrested by Officer
franklin, aod Deed IIS br Justice Thompson
yesterday for selling bread under the weight
rtqairea oy ibw.
a. ino or colored men. uamcouiem. nest.
Thomas II Batler and Daniel Walne, were
arrestea oy umcere uamuton ana atarxs on
cross charges or throwing stone aod asaanlt
and battery. Tbe accused were arraigned
before Salre Maryman, when Josllee was
doled out as followai WesL flood f 7 Oatlsri
iu. ana tvaine, iw, an oi wnicn was paid,
aua me -oana oi oromers" aepartea
A batch of colored gj laaaslo aod
nymnAj duptm wer aabseoafBtly received
st the coart reception ot Justice Peareoo.
The card deposited lathe "wast basket"
read as follows i John Townsend. Barnev
Clark, Charles Hilton, Jnlloe Day, John
Johnson, Martha Jone. and Letty Blmm.
i ne court learnea mat ins ooject oi toe run
was to answer to a complaint of belog die
orderly aod profane, whereupon be required
the aggregate turn of 133 to be deposited a
an earn ci i mai tney wouia not "call'
Trcitixs or OoLOBBD BcnooLi. A reg
ular meeting of tbe board of trustee or col
ored schools was held last night at tbe Ste
reo schooi'nouse, with mmt. Ubarles
King and Alfred Jones present.
It was resolved that those teachers of col
ored schools now receiving 130 per month
who furnish evidence or having taught
school two years or loonr. previous to the
present scholastic term, ehall receive $60
per mourn, to cat irom ine 1st or Harsh
A communication was reeelvej. front Miss
L. C. Waters declining to aaeept the post,
lion of teacher to which she bad been a p-
The application of UU M. E. Ksyes and
E. R. Wrlfht fur teachcrahloa were received
and referred.
Til. Malvnaftiw rJ UUi Tlt- A VI.) J .
teacher of No. a school, lu the SteTeni build
ing, was accepted.
Tbe application or Miss Maria B. Malone,
aiklog to be appointed to a teacbershlp, was
rad and ordered to be placed on file.
Cuw IS JCDlClAir Lot. Th eonatrne-
tlon or tbe swinging wooden gates at tbe
fence enclosing Judiciary square, on X
etreel, 1 no barrier to cows eaterlog tbe en
closure. The law permit persons to keep
cows whbla the city limits, but does not
provide for their running at larr. A lady
yesterday represented to Justice waiter that
her cow bad strayed from her premises ser
eral days ago. and after an expense of some
$ JO to ascertain her whereabouts, she learned
that the anlmtl had been found In Judiciary
lot, and driven to the almshouse. Tbe Jus
tice Informed her that beknewnothlogof
tbe matter, bat sbe would doubtless have to
be at au additional expense to recover fctr
property, .a nroor to remoaymo cvn oi
treipass, the Councils or General Govern
ment should at once place gales at lb lot
through wblch animal cannot pass.
attention to the announcement of the socia
ble and levee, to be given by tbe Ohio Ra
Iiublican Anoclatlon this evening at Liberty
Ia.ll President Grant, Gen. Sherman and
other distinguished Obloansara expected to
be present. It Is evident from the arrange!
menu made tbat the affair will be a brilliant
Thb New JCodand Alio" n loclafala
ba been postponed untU luuiway evenlcr. '
tbl ITU UlUit.
Heeling of tin Fourth Ward Club!
CM j Aflalra Tbarowshly Dleadt
TkaTtUksef thi CI j Call Slsg Vxpewat
A meettog or the regal r rourth ward
Republican club was held last evening, the
preaiaent, it. vraoe, in me cnair) Mr. it.
restdeot, J. H. Crane, In tbe chair)
r. nan actiog a secreiary.
Mr. Crossman. rrom th committee ar
Iiuq to ngiuiuBia 9vmmTjf rtpOrlM
the name of Mr. W. F. Halt as permanent
ecretary, and he was elected.
Mr. Morris Peachln offered the follow leg!
Whereas, the Oeatral Repnblleaa Alaoela-
isb vi ib uiairiai vi uoiihpii nit aeaaoa o
slit, throngb the aegleet f tte vtMldeat,
Mr. Wn. A. Uok, who wa eleated ror
year oo the llth of Jaouary, iiei aed whereat,
the said Ueek hae eallad ao maeUag f aald
a-aoaiauoa aiae tae aat or hie oieelloa, a
rarlod of fourteen matha,thrhy ailewlag
h aeaoalatlaa ta dla a liBiiKtiAa !
k.. ak ..IJ 1 . ' . . ..
-iii..,ia. wkq(.iiii wis ma
" bib pouay, aara provaa laamasives i
re a I to th aardlaal priaelpla or the Rep
Haaa nartvt aad wnemea. aa ervaaiiai
haowaaa the'Iadpadeal Republlsaa Re
of whtah Mr. Wa, Dlaon la prealdaat, and
Ita ottjeet the purlQaatloa of oar lty pollute
ad the eltetloa of mea of hoaeatr aad eapae
tty.tadwhlth Buaibora aaeig Ita llalof meat-
"ra immuf i nwr viuvu un DCf I At PmDIltaaai
tharafor be II
alMVThatw rMorali U aald lad.
aadtat Reoahltaaa Rafara inuuii.. ..
he oalr Uaatral RanahlUkti iiuiutu. i.
this elty, aed hereby pledg owrealroa to ao-
;&e promotion and dlaatmlaalloa of tra Ke
lublltaa prlaalplea, aad th alettlo of
laleUlgeais. hoaaaty aad eapaelty to fflto at
th approeiBlDg maalelpal fettloa.
JtrttHd, That w hartllr aador U bill
en or
hartllr aadorM th bill
nrovldlaa a raraniu.t
aow before Uoagreai providing a govaraneat
for th Dlatrlet of Oolambta,aad earaeatlr
hope It may aeon beeome a law.
AffeThat tbe nablaahlag ffroUiT f
the Rer. Sella Hartla aad Hr. Vat. A. Uook,
Uorporatloa Altoraey, la atatlag latt Moadar
barorelheStaate Commltte of the Dlatrlal
of Uolambla. that not a au who hae
kaowa le thle altr at a radlaal nBtihiikB
la taror of th propoaod change of govern-
hiiii. tmm nvit aau(f aaa aiampo
Ihoae gtatlemea a leaking ta truth a 4 vo
racity, aa well ai eommoa eearteiy tewatdo
thoaa old aad tried meads of the Republican
part, la w , pracaaaa lhaae alaiemeata
were mad, aad who war thsr to urge th
ptiiagof th MIl aad w bread th further
atatemeat made by Mr. W. A.Oooh, that h
repreaeated oa that oeeaalo alao-teath of
the Repnblltaa rotor or Waahlagtoa, aa
unmitigated taleeheod, he harlag heeo re
pudiated by lb better pari of th Republlaa
Kartyrroktth dsylt beaarne kaowathat h
at recti tad a bribe of wq for nreeutUg Iht
ptymnor a jaatbim
i n resoinuone were received.
Mr. Roblnaon ohlertad tn lha tt t.m.
lie did not approve or th personal all nil on,
and did not think It would benefit the dab
to be constant! bringing tbe subject before
InemeoUogeorthecTob. It wa time to pay
attention to other batlnea of more Import
ance to tbe Interests of the Republicans of
tbe fourth ward.
Mr. David Dixon th ought that when a
man like Bella Martin, who knew so Utile
about the true Interests or the colored peo
ple of Washington, who had been her to
short a tlm, It wa time to frown Mm down
es well as Cook. They were traitors to the
true Republican! or lb District.
Mr. Peachln, la support or th resolutions,
said tbe acknowledgment or Mr. Cook him
self was snfflcltnt to condemn him. He ad
mltted laklog the $000, although It wa
ciAimea me Major would bare paid the Mil
I art the same. For what, then, did Mr.
look receive th money 1 What Berrte did
n render i It reminded him of Cadet
VYnutemore'aoenBC or. the
ay her-
eelved. It wa bUIbwm
"UM tut U aajjtKo n0MJ for -oHUeal
1 dlat-.aink sock- a pita afflclmirVlr.
I ', e 4oJ ? should brropi or th
uure tut h
District exontraU Oookf as t the fre-
t-Mcyot Jaiog to tne suojeet, it was
Whaterer tbe Interest or th party re-
aabredehonld be regarded TbrllanUy all tbe
me, and It wae well to keep that fact before
th people.
Mr. Peachln then spoke at torn length
of tbe right of the colored men In th Dl
IrieU What war the practical questions to
b settled at the next election! lie conn
ected adherence toprlnelpl first and men
afterwards, but shun the office-seeker, the
political trickster. Buck were not worthy to
represent tbe Republicans of Washington,
and demagogue must bo avoided. Ue
thought the time had come In this city to
elect good, honest men, who wonld truly
represent tbe Republicans, and not betrar
tbe party Select good men men or princi
ple a yonr nominee, and elect them. It
was no longer a question or a political hue,
and It wae an losolt to the dignity or colored
men to continually tell tbem tbey bad been
elevated to equal rights. Tbe colored men
men bad tbe ballot, aod while they wer
good cltixen tbey need not Leg for recogni
tion. Quei lions of rank In society wer set
tled only by time, aod th beet wy lo deter
mlna their tree position wa bydaeerrtng It.
Alderman Champion of;the Fifth ward be
ing called ror, said that speech-making was
nothlsbusloe, but must congratulate th
dab on tbelr peaceful meeting. Things
were changing, and by the next election
mora change would be effected ror the good
of all concerned.
Dr. Tucker next add rested the meeting.
Lie had no personal reeling against the
present majort bnt atth ensuing election
a change would no doubt be made. Every
body was Interested la tbe manner In which,
our municipal office shall be filled. Air
bad an Interest la selecting th best mnk
those who would aim to do the greatest
amount of good for tbe greatest nnoaber.
The onesttonof capital rersna Labor was
tbe great Issue of the day, aadt that most
not be lost sight or. We cowlaotty hear
about respecting the right of tax payer.
Who were the lax pay a a no on bnt the
dtlsens the labocipx men, who war th
producer a well aa the majority or th eon
sumere. II cautioned th colored men sot
to be deceived by any side bun, bnt to ad-
oeraiomevno ncpoiHicau principle, lie
spoke oC the Importance of meeting the
question or the right or labor, and favored
in organisation or a ne,w party. Tbe la
boring men ehonld make tbl Issb a lead
ing one and depend upon It, ae holding tbe
balance or power. The worklag classes
could gain their rights.
Rer. II. Bailey said It wa hi first p
pearaae In th club, bat la heart he had
al trays been with tbsm.
Mr. J. II. Crossman said he wa much In
teresled In tbe remark or Mr. Tucker. Tbt
question of labor aod capital would bar to
be squarely met. The fifteenth amendment!
bad paiiod, aud there wa sow no great
political question. Tbe Democrat! party
were ready to accept lha situation, aad lb
question of caste wae practically settled
among all. By way or Itiuitrstloa the Cor
poration Attorney (Cook) waa wllllnglbal
colored men ehonld be juror, messengers,
commissioners, and assistant exumlssioners,
bnt It was doobtrul whether, ability belog
equal, Mr. Cook wonld ba In favor or Mr.
Resolution Man, Green, should be corpora
tion attorney aad Mr. Cook assistant com-
in'sstooer of the Fourth Ward. That wa not
lb learned corporation attorney' policy,
lie believed In electing himself and dividing
tbe small office among the colored men.
Tbat Is Ike way be worked. Bat there were
men tn Ibis city, poor men some perbape
who wer going hungry for waat of bread
who could not be bought by Mayor Bowen
or anybody else.
A voice "Here' oae that can't be
The colored men now had all the right
before tbe law. If tbey coald col be on an
equality with the religion element or oc!
ty, If tbey could not attend church on an
equality with th whit people. It was not
tbe fault of tbe political Peru.
Even among the fashionable white
churches the position or a stranger waa
estimated by the sexton, and If a seat were
51ven blm atall It wonld be rery near tbe
oor. Well, ir Christianity wonld not give
tbem equal rights, surely politic conld do
It. II tbe Creator of heaven and earth made
black and white then we were all equal, and
must expect to lire together somehow here
aod hereafter Cook and Bowen Included.
lie hoped, however, a temporary separation
conld be effected.
lie did not envy the rlcb, nor did he think
aoy one would If they knew their cares, the
trouble which they bad to manare tbelr
estates, hold on to their property, and keep
ineir poaiuon in society ue spoa oi m
good wblch a Just steward of this world's
wealth conld do. Geo. Howard bad labored
sealoualy to aid tbe poor man. Georgo
reabody bad made a good use of bis wealth.
Dal It was not always the fault or the rich
man that the poor suffered. How tnacb
money Wat actually wasted eren by the
poorer class In bnjlag whisky. Enough
waa speni every year oy toe poor people oi
Washmeton. mora than enonch to dsfrar
the expenses of the famishing people. That
wae not tbe fault of th rich.
Mr Crosiman la eooduslon said there
waa ample opportunity ror tbe Industrious.
and no one need starve or be subject to the
partisan denomination of politicians, bnt to
seek their true Interest wherever it might
call tbem.
Air. Rob i Dion considered tb views or vr.
Tncksrasjast TbeUbortogmenorWash
lagtoo were regarded b lha corporation
official a so man y gmant of tbe corpora
tlon money. IIow many colored men wer
required to attend ward meetings simply bo
cauMthey war favored with a few days
work! The labor wag nothing) the laborer
bad no respect from the corporation em
ployeee. If they did not com at tbe beck
and call or tbe commissioners, they were
discharged He hoped no colored man
rnriM ba a alaTa tA art uraM rom million er.
Mr. J. 11. Crane congratulated tbe club
on Its success. lie had known some men
la ibis city who were loud talkers outside,
bnt who were poor worker leslde. He
conneelled Independence or spirit. The
rlagn or lb day waa thai men were not
rare enough to attck to principles. la re
gard to pertooaJItl. h said b disliked to
mention names, bat aa some stood la the
way of progress, then names mntt be men
stoned. Mr. Ccoklhecorporatlon attorney,
and general manager or tbe central Repub
lican commltte, wae holding secret meet
togs, without notifying tbe oppostifon mem
ber!, ir, for lasunca, Mr Crossman or tbe
epeaker wer notified to attend, and shonld
atuad, the first thing tbat be (Crane)
wonld do wonld be to ask Cook to account
ror twslre or fifteen hundred dollars of th
committee1 fond that b had expended and
conld not possibly account for. He tays
that h i pent six hood red, received rrom
McLlellan, ror th benefit or the party, bnt
where the balance had gone Cook atone
could explain, aad It wae not ror his Interest
to do that.
Tbs resolutions offered by Mr. reach! a
wer adopted.
The president announced thAt ona bun
dred parson s had signed th constitution.
Thud Wabd Reroaw Rbtcbucibs. A
meeting or th Third Ward Reform Republi
can Association waa held at Union Learn
Hail last nUhL President Klonif la lb
ehalr, Mr. Bart, secretary.
Ths executive committee appointed to pre
pare a constitution and by-laws for tbe club
reported th same, which wer read and re
committed, and consideration postponed
unlit next meeting.
Mr. Philbrook Earing declined to serve on
the exeeaUre committee, Mr. N. H. Miller
and Mr. George Faanangh wa appoint! In
place of A. HV Grime. Mr. Milter wa
named aa chairman.
Mr.N. H. Miller addressed the ta eating,
saying that be bad don butUUl politically
sine th present Mayor bad been installed,
and thai they ehonld not be discouraged on
aecoflnl of small numbers, for aa tbe time
for the election approached the Interest
would Increa. U referred to the name
reform as being a good one, IX they made
good use, U tbey did not do as lb present
He spoke of th organleaUoa of the party,.
saying that hardly on of those who now
are known ae In. the City Hall ring were
known a cUlsens or Republicans. Bom
of these rery men were before the commit
tee or the Senate a fsw days opposing tbe
bill ror a new grant. He wonld not call lb
territorial bill, charging those faroriegthe
bill with not being republicans, when they
themselves wer among lb latest convert
to tbs party. Mr. Miller then referred to
the preeeBl city government, remarking tbat
the Mayor hadT enrronnded himself with
counsellor whom he knew to be dishonest,
aad be had disregarded the maxim, "To
the Tlctore belong tb spoils," by uklog
O'Belrn In hi counsel aod aiding him
trying to retain him O'Belrne In bis office,1
Grant, howerer, would not retain him. Mr.
Bowen had kept hie officers br briber and
erruptloB. The pnreel city administration
waa mismaoagaa ana corrupt, aad it was
this tt or thing! which bad lad them to
la conclusion, be referred to the so-called
territorial bill, aoddsnled that It wM
abridge th rights of me-frvy.,, on the
euuary u wouia givn insm mor power
Mr M. Peachln, ot the Fourth ward, ad
dressed tbe meettog, savins? It was lb dntr
to follow Principle, and It wa the duty to
elect good officers, and this was tba tard,
woicn wouia win.
After a number bad signed the constitu
tion of the Central Association, lb meeting
.About Womaw Clbbba mun .
respondent or the Springfield (Mass.) Jtt-
fmblttan has been visiting ibe various depart
uivbm m i Mutuauu, tuq m a recent jotter
14 We vtiltad th rooms In wblch ih
woman clerk were busily counting tbe
uiw huki. if ira it not tor tn aoase BBO.
misuse the term 'lady receive nowadays,
I should apply It to these, who are. with.
Tery few exception. Udlee br birth aacb
education. Through much tribulation, tko-r
nnBHieii ww too clerical rants roany
lost or suffering alone can woman oaiala
these positions, where men can easily
earn them by votes.
--a.aa concerning tneee womaavtnow. u
reporter 1 that von bars bee, believed.
though for tbe slander yon hava aot hesita
ted to heap npon them yoa bare not aooght
foundation, whereas, In what yon bare writ
ten of our cltr. tbe chief laalt with which
yon can be charged, Is lb rather free ns or
nyperooie i ai erer tnese aaa poea relentless
newspaper persecution, or an unoffending
class In these latter davs. f I iDeak Indepen
dently or Borosla or any clamorere ror
woman's rights, It has been or thosawbo,
loslog their nearest and dearest, and losing
tbem la many lnitaoces In their country's
cause, bate come hereto earnallvulhood.
Tbey work faithfully for It, and many bav
mrenta, cauuren, or otocr mauve aepen
lent on them. They earn but a scanty sup
port al best.
u Tbey are liable to dismissal at any time,
and have few or no other chance to obtain
BBDJoymnt when the official ax ha fallen i
and tn addition to tbl secure certainty of
insecurity, tney mast patiently near attach
or all kinds rrom any man who can com-
manaapiac in print, aaa worse man an.
sneers fa open debate from Ignorant or
malicious member of Congma. Acqnaltd
laumauiy myaeir. airar tn past six years.
wim many oi m women in eacn oi tne ut
partmenls, X bare yet to meet one such a
a nay seen asserioeain the newi papers.
I have. Indeed, heard or aomo inch, and
hava beard of tbelr dlamiisals, and hare
again heard of tbelr bdns? rein it ted at .the
earneit solicitation or posltlv Instance or
some mssaoer oiuoogresa. irtnsse tninge
are tro 11 the Influence' be reviled
openly, ant its ns oar no wholesale denun
ciation or women derksas a dan. tbns fore'
lng the Inoooent to suffer with tbelr sup-
pvastvguuiy companions."
MlnAnir. Uam.v flAnwv - t n..l.
mg or tbe Katlooal Medical Society wae
neid lest ereniog at tbe omea or vr. Steven
son, 600 Fifth street, Or. Reyburn la the
Tbe president la)d before the society tbe
tntcr ui rccifuauou uvn too aocrttarj, vr
C. A.Gray, aa well a hi membership or
meeocieiy, Ar. uray mieaaing to remove
The resignation was accepted, and a rote
oi iuidu lcoaerea to vr. uray ror ms
efforts la behalf of the socletr
The society then proceeded to ballot for
a aecretary, resulting in the election or vr.
Henrr W. BawtellA.
After an laterestlog dlsconloo, lie sub
ject of rslapslng fever wa continued to tbe
next meeting.
rpaOBB or in Mixed School Qcxitiob.
enemy in cnua oi unerie it. reters,
tbe colored commissioner of th Second
ward, was admitted to tbe while achool kept
by Miss Nairn, (tbe eame school to wblch
tbe children mentioned yesterday wer sent.)
It would seem that this action was carrying
out a programme heretofore arranged, and
that It 1 determined to maka mixed achoola
In Washington aa Institution. Toes col
area cuiaren, m going to ana rrom in
Bcoootato wuica mey nave tnue oeen en
tered, pais a colored poblle school taught by
competent teacbers and maintained by the
money legitimately appropriated for Ik
support oi scnoois tor ineir race.
GMaQCTOWM ArrAi mi. Eight hundred
feet or the new hose Inst onrehtaed far the
fire department arrived yesterday. It Is Qt
Mayor Sweeney ba rented the corporation
um wiiMi ib tfuuD it. r owcrv, too nig neat
bidder, ror tbe year ending March 1. 1871,
for 1300.
Nina hundred head or cattle at $6.60(5
7.60 per 100 lbs. gross were sold at tb
Drovers' Rest on Monday, the rtgnlar isles
Tbtixo to Ubt Etik. John Thomas, who
was arrested and committed to Jail on
charg or appropriating a policeman' coat,
belonging to Officer Joseph T. Gordon, yes
terday appeared before Jastle Waller and
ansa out a warrant against Mr. Uordoo,
charging him with th debt of one dollar,
contracted In blacking the boots or Mr. O.
a Ah ftft ah 111 If. . Ii.h.i Va (J....- 11
wi wn .uvw.... h. w tmrn .11 ailKBl,
aod will expand any amount or "dougb" to
obtain aatls faction.
f vmiflAL abd fionaicii. Hriwtn. rt
Ashford will deliver a eourse or clinical lec
tures at the Columbia Hospital ror Women,
commencing Saturday, March II, at o
o'clock, p. in., and weekly thereafter until
Tbb Islaxd Ikstitctb for colored people
will bar an latereetlag meeting to-night,
when addresses will be delivered br Rac.
titgtif Keller and Booster Usui.
Abb erlcast TJalrrUr for tll.
It I Drooosed toMtablUh la this cltr a na
tional rastitulloo for the blind, the design ror
which Is to meet In an adequate and perma
nent msnuef defldencle now existing In th
means or ameliorating the condition of the
blind, and to provide a good library lu ratsed
print, III nitrated apparatus addrsased to th
ense of touch, ae well a nigh school privi
leges, collegiate Instruction, with ttnlyersU
lectures. .
ThU la an nudertaklag or no ordinary
character. It Is one or gtea( magnitude
and difficult la lu execution) so ranch so.
that It may be reasonably expected thai
meads or this nnfortuoate class will walr
preferred schemes, partial and local In their
character, and comblo In making tbl great
national enterprise a complete success.
n net ciats Deturaeeerreeormore loreioiy
appeal to erar sympathy than those deprlred
of algbtt Tb lmpnlte of tbe heart mor
ns to rellCTe suffering humanity, and lo aid
those traly In need. The duty Is clear and
definite, lu lime, manner and responsibility
must. In the nature or things, be left with
each Individual.
Tbe American University for th Bllud
commends ltseir a a sup forward to mak
more tolerable the life of th blind, audit
proposes to compensate la the greatest pos
sible degree the loss of sight. Those who
truly sympathies with them ehonld testify
It by contributing eomethlog lo make this
Institution an Immedlau success.
Considerable funds have already been
raised and securely Invested. Subscriptions
will continue to be circulated and the
proceeds added to lb amonat latil Ills
sufficient to commence th work with a fair
prospect or permanency A special appeal
Is now made to the cltiieo of the District
and Tlclolty to contribute the sum or 130,000
ai tbe building faod. This will enable tbe
trustee to commence the Institution with
good assurance or permanency. A certain
per cent. U to be set apart ae an endowment
aotiltt le suffictsnt to meet the sreneral ex
penses) so the Institution can be commenced
on a email scale, and lb Tarlont apart
menu estaousnea as in enaowmeni enait
Inert!. Tbe eltlsena or th District,
property-holder and business men, are In
terested In the enccess or this Institution a
a business proposition, to say nothing or
to ciaim ox numaaityi lor it wui oring
population and capital to tb city, aad can
wall afford to contribute to this great na
tional eharlt. '
Il baa been eloquently said by a dlstin
gnlshed writer, whoeyer reclaims a wilder
ness, toastrncu a road, or areoU a light
house. Is Jnslly accounted a benefactor to
mankind. And hot the less U he entitled to
b io regarded who contribute to glr
mean of learning to thebUndf for he who
thn doe reclaim th mind Irom tb wild
erness t Ignorance, constrncU a road by
whlcTi the bereft of tight mar travel from
the region of Ignorance lo the realm or
Enowieore. or erect a Deacon wnoae ntni
l perceptible to the menUl vision or the
tlgbtie mariner, and by which he mar be
guided to the port or Intellectual acquire
ment, aod moral elevation."
In connection with UntrersUy It 1 also
proposed to esubllsh a printing bom for
the blind, when t he books oeceesery la raised
Print, can be made. W wonld add that
both of these vrolects bar received the eo-
aorsement or to most eminent men or tn
Contributions to the bslldlng rand can bw
left with Henrr D. Cooke, at his banklnr
bouse. Wm. BaUantrne on Seventh street.
or with Rer. Jacob B. Jacobon,or IhtHu-
orw voogregauon on aignui street.
Tar-jim or Rbshot to tbb Mbuobt or
Mb. Thomas Blibcbx. Among the pro
ceedings nr tbe Association or the Oldest In
bVjtuuU, at the .meeting of Monday, Feb
ruary 23, was th following t
air )oon t;arrou ureut announcea too
death or the laUThomae Blagden with some
raw prefatory ana appropriate remargs, ana
submitted the following tribute of respect.
wmca wa unanimously aaoptca i
At eaah maatla of thle aatotlalloe. far ten
rtl moalba pa it, tb feelings of members
bar been eaereltod by tb aaoooacaetcot of
the death or deetheef oao or more of tbelr
brothers, llat thUls aot at all matter of aur
pnaet however, muea oi ,pia aai regret
The rlr fruit moat fall, aad lei aa hope wbeii
fallen II la flpo for a better world aad aoat
wa are aalled aa to mourn aaotoer lota a loa,l
sot oaij io taia actoaiBUOBi ana inaoa,ui in
loeeommoaiiy ai large our lameaiea bibo
elate. Mr. Thomas Blsatlaa.haaboea auddanlv
ttkta from among ue. tltaualformrtgularlty
of life, hie equable aed temperate character.
aad a good natural eoaatltutloa, prom lied htn
aloagaad uaeful exlilceoo. ilut la tbe fall
taretr of hla uatfulaete, la apparent good
health anrroandad by all that domaatlc love,
thanoateaatoaof wealth, aod tbe aoodODla
loa of all who kaew him eenld a teu re, our
frlaad aad brother baa beta eallad to hla lait
aeaoaai, Thle afflietlag dlapeoaatloaof God.
baa indeed brought a eloud orer iht aacocia-
iou. re,nit oia aauainiaatci aauiricnua.
by loar baervatla aad experleate, more per
bape ibea othert. had learaed to acknowledge
aadabpreclalo the vlrtuta aad aervleeeora
maawhoae ebarsater marbeeummtd uo br
tbe two altaplc worda modeat merit -
Hmr wi nn dik two rviaaiaaDia lor tne pe
eallar aadbtaulifyiagprracaeoof each merit
aaiaaitne iiapjrviiDij aaiarauy, wna
tba wlrtuee aad oualllica of airaar Maata
aenie) a gentle aod kUdlydliDoaltlM.ctrlet
latagrlly and bualaeae taleali and hablti, a
large aaa eaiaaiia cjiiru, a enariiaDi aaa
BVmDatblSlae nature, aod all tbe aula! aad
uaobtruilv gifts aad merlte whlea reader
the family circle a a waat aad ebartalsg, aad
tbe relatione of frlaadahlp and secLU taUr
eourae eo dear ead Dleaaaat.
for thete qaalltlea we, hie earvlvlag
ciaica, acwamoa aaii aomirta aiw lor mia
departure from ur lamaated friend we meura
and Borrow. Rut eoaaolaUoa ycl la left la the
re fleet loa that be hae bequeathed, with aa
hoaorableaadreipoeled aametoble balored
aad lovlag ramify, a cautery aad ediryler
example for tbe etadyaad Imttatioa of ail
Who wuia ireta ta utiiei, pcaao-eoaitrnag
aarcar ha to filled aad Ututtratadi taarafar
AVtaftW, That while! la lb death el our
lamented aiaoelate we feel tbe oevere lose of
one who was oas of our earliest membere sad
fact friends, atlU do we rsvereetly bow to tbe
will fOod, and are tbaakful that hla life was
ae netful, hla name aad, memory so appreciated
ad ta ha tirarvaJ.
bteftcd, Tbat la tekea of u ectlmatlo of
tbat Ufa of uMfulacit aadourelanra regreU
aed atTaailoa tor hla memory tble tribute of
retpeel be eatcred oalbe tnleutcc.a copy com
mualeated, with tbe deep-felt eevdoleace of
tbu aaaoelalloa.te the family f th lameated
deceaaed, and that tbe member wear tb
usual badge of mouralejr,
Mxw Toax Bociablb. The sociable or th
Mew York Republican Association last night
was a grand affair, aod the cnUrtamment
offered wa rery enjoyable. Karly In tbe
evening in anavenc wa tarorea witn
weet slnrlnz by Mr and Miss Rosecran
aod Mr, George D. Bcott, and reelution by
ntiuii j ii. iuruhuu aiiu n iyuca.
At 9 o'clock dancing commenced, and wa
kepi np until an early hoar. Aboaallfal
topper of refreshmenUwas famished by
Mr.fJame,.!. Bayre, of Seventh street
Among in notaoie pressuLwcr Messrs. a,
M. CIspp. president or the asaoctatlon. O.
B. Baxion. door-keeper oT th House of Rep-
reaeaiauve, ana many prominent new
x or acre.
Cnoacn Fmtital. The festival now la
brocress at E Street Baptist church is a de
cided sneecae. The skating rink Is well
worthy of a ylsll, and attract mush attsn
tloo. Tbs art gallery 1 a Tery creditable
exhibition, there betoacOTer oae hundred
picture and rare work of art. A great
many fancy article are for sale at Tery low
figures, aQordlog- purchasers a,ehanco for
bargains. The festival will commence to
morrow evening wun an auction sale.
Ton NiTT Taxd. The appropriation ror
uioaupporaoi too equipment ourcan oeipg
yard will be!dlscbarged on Saturday evening
! auou. iv employee win ton do
thrown out of employment, comprising
galley-makers, sail-makers, riggers, anchor
smiths and blacksmiths. T D.Iegoldand
John U. sillchdl were yesterday appointed
rourtbclit Joiners In the yard;
Old ronVConcaaT, The fin l rehearsal
ror the repetition of the Old Folk, concert
will be given1 at DrVBoller's cbnrcb, corner
or Eleventh and U streets, on Friday even
leg. All the partldpanU of the former con'
cert are requested to be present.
Tail u the last week or the grand pano
ramic exhibition at Wbitehnist's gallery,
No. 497 Pennsylvania avenue. Those who
have not seen this exhibition would do well
to speid an agreeable craning aod the tn
joymeut oi ton puce or amusement.
AXXlnwantorthelaUst stylee or milli
nery will pleas consult Mr. . M Hinck
ley's advertisement deewhere.
Riscuxp BrxciB Pathkbt, at Bauer's
uowuog oaioon, unucr MctropQiitan uau
C. Dots, at his bowl lag saloon nader
Metropolitan uau, sas resamea specie pay
ment. Ir anr person has round a small black
aaa, un aog pieais return to o. n. ptma
'8bOO Flt," la classical It ha no faia
a paUrnltv than tbat of Homer In tbe
rourth book of the Iliad wa Had i
o from her babe.wkaa a lumber stale his eye,
The watabful mother waf le the eeveaem'd dyj
Far ao the mother wft th dy aside,
hst bsuals hsr slBstberlag babe.
A ti. a mnlhbr. wblla her child ta toratmed
la a sweet slumber, stares swty the fiy. ;
eel 'ffarel Htetlag.
Tba BMAnd Ward Republican Club Mel
lt evening at Willis' Hall, on Fourteenth
street, near th canal Cbas. U. FeUrs pre
laent. in tne Chair, ana isatan iwes secrv-
utt' ,
Th Ckatr announced that the executive
commltUe had decided to call a meeting In
order to keen the hall In mnttnti. Ha was
prepared to receive anr proposition any gen
tleman had to present.
Mr. Isatak Rom offered the f alia win r.
which were adopted t
Wbaraaa lhapa aa ! .IIU... In Ik
difcrtat wards rallylag nader tb till el
"Jrleh Rcpabllcaec ( wb proclaim lobe la
Bblaoa aad aympathf with tbeorltleal Re
publics oiub of W aahlagloai therefore,
B U rcaclwd, That tble club eolidta tbem to
fall la wllh tb Republican eluba I their ear
oral loealltlee to at to MccrtaUthe aumcrl
csisirsegtaoi tae Hcpueucaeaer tae tow,
aad to preteat aa nabroken front to oar op
poettta la the aext mualctpa) eampalga.
Si U urttrf rfreirfd, That la'order lo fa i 111.
tale eoaaolldatlee aod make i q hoc a a eer
laiety, an aaxiuanea oi tae Hapnoueea
etube tender to tbelr political head their prte
aate, Vrtngth aed tanecaca-aad dlaeard all
dlitlBttlona of asUeasllly la the abrla of
liberty, haepiaeis aad equality before th
Mr. A. M. Green, of the Fourth waid, was
called npon and addressed the meeting In
opposition to th reform Republicans, and
tn defence of Mayor Bowen.
Mr. reter also addressed the meeting,
and said alt th opposition came rrom those
whose enry aad cupidity led tbem lo desire
to rule the corporation. He questioned the
republicanism or A. Q. Riddle and bis ho
inanity lo the black man Bat he believed
In the pur and simple-hearted General
liowara, wnorose oeior mat ocnate com
mittee aod said he did not know hi asso
ciate. At th conclusion of Mr. reter' speech,
a large number of individuals came forward
and rlgaed the constitution.
Councilman Henrr Flper offered tbe fol
lowing, wblch wa adopted I
arrtfMd, That our thaaka are da I th mea
wba fc their tadaratlrabla asarllana hava
forced the territorial! ate to alter aad amend
their moTcmeat aatll lha bill aow before Hon-
greca aurreader to ue the great prlaalplea ror
loa we aava ao rn-in vgiiwn
r atata of Ita nrocreaa. from t
every atate of tie procreaa, from tb time I
waa iBiroauiao ae a viu io
by a board f eommtaiionere.
wae latroducod aa a bill to grrn the DIt trial
Mr Edward Ambush offered the follow
ing t which wa also adopted i
jrmff. That the in ami or ten sun are
hereby tea dared to Mayer lleweu for hie
vlcwc, aa expretaed and pnbllahed lo the
OtrtiUcI1 aad Ar,lo regard to the territorial
hill aow berore Uoegreaa.
Mr. Thoma Taylor, a Bootchman. who
bad Just Joined the dab, mad a speech, but
gave om onene oy not coming np to to
mark on th question or mixed school.
There waa consldarabl murmurlne? and
Inquiring "If lb gentleman Ured eon th
ews or tne Avenue i wnicn inaaceq r,
Tav lor to draw hi remarks to a close.
John Carry wanUd la ask tb gentleman
If he did not regard any attempt to keep
him or his children out or to puoiic tcooois
a a proscription of their manhood H wa
fc-ldantlr a mach behind tbe age ae be wae
Ifmoreot of the republican principle of tbl
Edward Ambush Questioned the Republi
canism or Any one who opposed It- The
Ma oi Keeping toe ecoooie aeperate waa
two hundred ysare behind the age A
colored eenaior naa oeen receirea in toe
SenaU, and Gen. Butler bad come out in
stUl brighter colors. Ue did not sell his
cadeUhlp, but be bad betowed It upon a
black boy. H went on to epeak strongly
in raroroi equality in au mean oi educa
tion, aavlnr. "when we cannot co to Cam
bridge for an education bnry n in this
wicked canal." ,
Mr. Taylor attempted to defend himself,
bnt wa beset on all elds by questions, and
finally subsided.
Prof. Green thought Mr. Thomas wonld
ba all right on Ik Republican platform after
ha bad been wllh them awhile.
Mr. Abram Jennifer next addressed Ibe
meeting, after which it adjourned.
TnAxsrnns or Rbax. Esiat. Mr. W. T
Fendall ba Uttlr told to tb National Sol
diers and Sailor Orphan' Home, eobdlvl
eloue No. Id, 27, and 88, square No. 19, ror
The roIlowlnsT Is tb record of transfer of
real estate sine our last report, aa shown by
th books of the record office i O A Bohrer
el ai.. truitce, to Charles Miller el al., loU
1 to 10, lncluilve, and 34 and S3, square OAS,
17.600 j aametoT.J.MlUer,4andfi,e;DAr
994, 11,314 1 earn to Mary E. Greenfield,
parti, square 9U.S3.800i T. J. Miller to
ama, 5, aquar 994, tl.cM Mary E. Green
neiato a.j. Miuer, , square wt, l,owo
C Smith, trusteej to Otto Batcher, parti,
squar s.uiv. aooui a.iiaa v iogi toutw
rente Magan, sob H, sqdar 111, 11,000 1 J.
8. Hollldg to Elisabeth Child, sub. 91,
eon are 110. S390 1 R. B. mmphrey to J. W.
Fnmpbrey, ft to 10, Indaslve, squar B10,
ia,809j Marthan.MeKolgbttoT.B.March,
is, square ew, iv9 1 xtestn Arnoia to u u.
iiuise, part a aua io, o,Bar tw, tev I f
J. Bbedd toU Lemon, sub. M, part square
193, tl.W7.I5i Mary Ann Devlin to R.W.
Bruff. parU 1 and 3. square 730, 19,650.
D. Dnrand to J. F. Anderson, sub. S.
square &T,3,000j Phcabe W.Tajloret al.lo
i. u. tviuara, sun. a ana o.qureo,
iy,iU 4 u. Aaami to i. n. Arrison, sun.
A, aquaro ovi, oii hdii m u. 41. uiiueu.
sub. p and C, square 801, I3T3 U. A Hall
ct al., trustee, lo Carlton Hughe, part IS,
res. 11. ISOOi F. G. Murray to I. J, Tsui,
sub, 116, square 181, ll.COOj BF. Stewart,
imiue, etaito ncrce onoemaser, pan o,
9 a. D, 12,730, William Bcman, et aL,
trustees, to John Myers, 10 aud 64, Square
183, $3S00i J. R. Arrison to R. Boston, snb.
A. square 093. ItOOi Cbarle Miller to Cbas.
Bcbrott, sub. 19 and SO. sonar 841, II,-
su.73i a r waoooson to u-jc ureecy, sun.
19, square 300, t919JB8 Cbarle M. Mat
thew to Thorns Lewis, part 3 and 8, square
893, II JOOi Jamee E. Wauah lo A. Glbocr.
part 17, equare 830. 1.0i J. W. Burr to
B. 11. Warner, sab. 43. equare 80S, I350
John Bcbmfer to A. Mealing, part 18, square
843, IT50t J. F. Keller to J. II. Darrow,
partSBb. U8, square SOS. $oT3 F. Socvyar
to W. L. Dopce, patt 1, square 803, 171 1
Hugh UcCormlck to Michael Loog, cast
snb. 8, square 839, I900t A. XU Bbepberd to
D. A. Windsor, sab. 101, square C-i 13,680
James E. Waugh to W. B. McKaldeo. mb.
i, equare oe, oov.
TelegraphU VaaananrT
J. McLbabt Bbowb ha been aooolaled
provlslonall Chief or the Chines Embassy.
vice jiuiuugamv. uocoaaoo.
tfOBB Bbiodt 1 rustleatlni la tba monn
tains or Wte. HI health le ma eh Im
proved. 1
Waltolb, H. H., cm Tuesday roted almost
nnaulmoosly la favor of nulling with West
minster In eaubllahlog a, fny bridge oyer
T&b German and A&sUlan Bishop ai the
Acamcwcai uonncu nav agreea ta oppose
the proposition or InfallbURv as well as all
other dogmas. Il Is generally hoped that
tuat too rop wui not preupftatf a collision
with powers.
It la cmdxjutood that other Catholic
powers will Join France In her demand for
special repreeeaUllre In the Ecumenical
ConnclL Prince de la Tour D'AuTergu
jooraguau wm prooaeiy pe appoiatea aa
one ortbts nprcseautlres.
GBjr.BaicxtBaipaB, In a criminal argn-
nonaced the men who belonged to the Kn-'
auux a aiinar latot or ruiaina, ana asserwa
that b was free from anr fair or them, and
wonld readily respond to a gammons from
tu soerm a on 01 posse to onog tnes men
to Justice. . t
1 back building, etc.. U ror rent on O street
I PC wen Beventeenth aod Eighteenth streeu.
IlkU, Ctpi, Boou, and Shoe.
fAir imwibsi sraixo tocbt,tMi
was t
nooT. nnoui ahd cjaitehs
efallkUdc, ebcarer lha Ibetbiapfi
fcblStf Q14tam1tcr3T.bcl.Iaa4K.
Grtuwo 1
rAaniows worn ukitm
O t UNKRM UAT, 1 ayntmaamj
Jail ltcac4.taibraclagibt Trade HB
ad Breadwar Itylcc. Tartlcaiar gtJfJfM
auca latiMt toiaa ae uiu. bjjwjbwjj
.alictad aad made UU Sprite gaeWoafJI
c Jact epatcd lalr-aTtawaBawaBaa1
trtaliaavcatadeelorilabcra axeewjaagea--ehlMraellati.
-eeefram St lor
at. at. TiHEnBri aaatiier.
1, iai rcaac-iTaaiaa-caat.
Kelt te etraar ThtrtMilh atrcct
AfiUlnirr andDreii-aftkiDg.
mbT'ln OvcrltttamtU DttBtore.
loV ..iiM.ik ir..l. u wuim4'., ku
ft.rM tli. Uli . .M...1 BM.U Mr... ITM
ifil.riM.f UiinlUU.
.urii.t ..I in.-ii
Cra fi.m B. u. I.U.r.
...i .'""'. P 0.. Hank MtTJi
. 7 . ,.f ".V "r or moo blddiss
iTitf.f .W ,r '."! owortn.ltj ta 1m ra.l.
. brl.f uura.oi, WMriii llu. I b.T. tmrt
U.HH. . a auuerstooaj a was
arrested and cast Into tbe work-hemis ae a
Tsr'nt whjn 1 wa paying my bill prompt-
4: Ial,.T? lmprlttBi. in iU tii J for
alleged threat which X never made, I aRer
ward passed forty davs In a certain Insti
tution la the suburbs of the city for alleged
threats against the Mayor, which I also
nercr mad. I merely said to the effect that
I bad been adjudged oy a certain physician
as being la an un envious mental condition,
and tbat, tf tbat be so. I could with Impunity
blow a ball through tne Mayor1 heart that
I would only be consigned to a certain Jnatl
lallon la which It wa anerward my ral
forton to put aom forty days, as afore
said. Thai declaration wa distorted Into a
threat and cam near proving my rain. For
th Information or all, I wllTstate that I do
not carrr anr deadly weapons not even a
ai is ni
not tn my heart to harm
any person, bat, on the contrary, there I no
reasonable aacriflce that I would not cheer
fully make for tb good or my eon try, my
countrymen, and tba glory or God. Tb
bend end Inclination of mrmlnd can prob
ably b best understood by tbe following ex
tract rrom a petition, signed by forty officers
ana men, to Aawia m. niautoa. peeretary 01
war, upon wnica a waa aucuargea irom toe
army, November II, 1804. after serrtng orer
three years, bating also received a very
dangerous wtnod at tb battle of Chancel
lorsvuie 1
Therefore we, the undersigned, baring
bad more or less acaaalnUnce with said B.
B. Balder, aod hating heard htm preaeh and
seen, the blessings retailing from bis exhor
tations, do respectfully request yon lo dis
cbarge blm from the servtc ror tb parpoes
or laborlog as an evangelist, In which capac
ity we bdlere be will do more to add to the
ujc.enc vi vuo army, am uiiBg lawrw aiv'
upon the nm or Christ than any other wy
In wblch he may labor." ,
Were 1 guilty or the charges that hate
been alleged against me," (feel that I would
be a difxrace to the cause or ChriaL Hat
ing expenencea many moments 01 tronoie
oy rtmaon.oi my mtenuon not oeing unoar
stood, I cootd oot leave the diy sails Bed
without first mskloa this brier statement.
With a rerrent desire thai tbe spirit of lb
Lord wilt descend upon the stronghold! or
wickedness, and enable the people to realise
their true condition, I now bid yon a re-
spectful fkreweJL
' B. S. Bbipib.
Change of Agency.
iitiLixD rits 1 menses ciirm,
vr aaiiiiauac.
ha ve thlt gay arrtlalt
roa thi citt or wuiiiaToi, d. 0.
ailrartlccltilrtaelaiuraace la iblc camaaaT
: taeac wUkla to rcatw lateraaae already
,A- - ZRPSA nBMSLitojr, rrcaiecau
iniitfaMiti raaaraiav t
pair a .be bulaca apoa apolUatlca U ear
naimeslBath kablte bntlflaa
rabbnauvB as w., Awemia.
WaiBitreTOtT. P.O.. March. 1170 ' aUU
1II0I1 T0-B1T.
X. JI.K.0.1. 1.Uil.c. Cra.r XI.U 4 D
KirxiiiiT o.itT tbi but conniriu.
SO CB1X01 rOR rOLlCT, II1TXT .t ITlMri
at. fa. rHCXStX. .f Bartfl TOXIui.
H0K1IH riKUU'li .1 .av t.iii ma
CILtlOl Lin, aOaar Tail.
ASSETS OVEE $5,350,000.
Watatverov. D. C. atarcb 1 1170.
Ccaleca a 1 am from Uaiiwi.l with le cmpltf
et actire f cllabla maa to aelUtl bctlatM la Ulc
filMrtct. APplr U aattca.wlU rcrrfaaee.stmr
rflStacc. l)S3 tcrrtci.Ulw.ta Klabtaaalkaae
Jllactccaib. or te H. K. TAT LOB, Ja.. at my
oSt. laulllgcacer Beltdlag ceraat ef leveata
uwm v innu
T. liatlla navta avll tuk. JlalJamAa alatl
aatuallr after Srst rear, aad arpllct guteUyie
tba rtetca ( rtcmlama.
- lau eealrtte u laimrc Uclr llrtcer te ebila
lefcrmalleartlailag thereto, caa tppljatmr eSIce
Ar cf ar aemcroBi paUeaewbe mey lallBH
m It will affere tae greet pltetere te ace, j
n. Ac'bbettbtbb,
U a fJemorml A gasist '
Wines and liquors.
CnJ Farrc, Reims!
V&J&H, Tl
Tb. akT. WhM. iSrftf fcwalj kar. U
IU. OI. a4 Urcuai ia. .bal. .i lU U.1U4,
tal tarn b. nka. from
Car, Kill and r SI..J Unlit an,VHUau(.,
J. a WSLSH, Bala A a.l rl Oi laaN la Balma
.1 Baaar .IraaL Naa. Tata . ,
luttOwMrJc, f .. ' '
i r. '1 11 aa 4'r "
araeaOwacr,ir.,ctal.- r - . it
CbatUe a, Tf allacb. tractac la tklaiaaia, bar
Itf rcMrtecVte ibe ecaM ibai be bac told tbt weal
bUf fLojHe. lllaMiaTeHo. CU, aad twarcrf
SJ.1CO, aa
la.100. aa pert of Let tte. S.le fittre Ha. 4sr
kBiil lBtiVa.v-naB.ta. Ia lAaank B. HaalalB. fov lha
1 In.aa. flavk. faa ikaa
lamef ei,toa, aad Lata tl tad parte tfXaU Ha.
1 tad S3, jaieaare Be. B8. aadlpprc-eaieaU.to
1.1. v. iiiibiv Ua varpivv . w ... r ",
GarrleahaViaaaifaed hUti
VI aaraa m. viectui aae taat taia hihmi
o-vpiTlL llaaUta.aad Sarah St. fcltacll bato
lei wltVtI.c fertai of catd lalM. aad Ua atli
a. Gk. barTai baaa. br ibcj ! ef iku
(r lac with
am J tWai thatiWaaai af Kanliu HDIII aad la
mi b aharaad ta btff la Ibt dUtrlbbtUia of tba
(caili la tbt haada tf lha Iraitea. I lie, tble fib ier
of Maraa, 1X70 er
lefti thai aald calee aad aald aa
at be tad the acme are hcrabr ratlSad aad
ocaSrmci, aaUMcaae U the ooarr bcehpwale
lha (laart harm. aa.
LW ni.(i rw sr.
or bafare the lib daycf Afrtl
r of Ulc order ba pabllaatd l
a licim, tcrtat a week for larct
da ' r 1. '
taa li'inilL BlPBIL
WMha prior te eelc daf
A tret tear--"
Si vaia
' Tsitt "
ft . MllQg.'nrTt
BavlavallTkla lata a
B sa.aiaaxAllr lsrga
aadcbtUeaticctloa ef
PapEBiiAiraiNqs, window siudks,
nvtr. at mii afiitiiY -
-,-., --. --,,,
1 , au u nc. auiua nneaACT,
A.il.r.4.ala. itwkMM.i.aa poaaiil. D.ri
. ta aprfaf ar. aaatl af ar to
.... Hih' V d kott Aim
AllU.aaataitoikal .
wiixxD ix wits rArxai Wdt aM ifl
nair ooiorins; premrauone aept aatM
Slmnlv beeausa Ifaallabt dscoatosa thJ
. .... . . . T T
and exposes tbelr foul sediment. Hence tl
ootueeare jacKctaawita paata aaa patM
Pbalona Vlialla. or Balrallon for tbe lla
on tbe other band, la ae clear and trat
parent In tbe snnsbiaeae la tbestade.
rerlree the natural color la Tery tlm
bleaebed fibre, aad does not aula tbi attl
Sold by all druggists and fancy goo.
dealers. - o8t
Tfnva'a Vita rTMiM la aTra4 bh
by cmr first famaiea. and prescribed by ei
most enlnenl pbyetclans, wboae appror
aad encomiums ham been beetowed np
If".w5aorfBl t0 bereTage, It belnr pa
tlcnlarty adapted to rsobi of weak a
debllUaled COtiatltntlnna. frfiUw nnrtli
motbers.) and all tboaa who aro labortr
vnderdyiMpsUtoesof aDoeUts. ecroful
cblorosls, c,are debility and derangl
uivae wi u woote 'lytlCOn DO la Dy B
drngglsu and grocers. eo3t I
ISTtKrCBMtWT TO BOT A CloAti flerwtJ
AiiCHiiB. wncox w oibba BewlBs' 11
cblno. Iba most almole and beat eonatrari
sewiDsr tnacniBB. wui nereaner na aoid 1
. :... .. ... . . ."
liberal terms. IiqnliwattbeageneTfOauml
vvraci ana nwpiun iBctoryi ve) werenu
elreeibetwtiDandX J
Ten TVAsanroTon Crrr Batdios BabJ
corner Berentb etreet and Lonlstana atenul
te ooen from S18O to TiSO ererr Batsrdar erl
nl&g, In addition to Its rfilaf beaklsM
noun, is pays intertst on aepoaiie dm
Books aad Sutlonerj
HTWJML.0!. JfejotnftocK ab
"-i-.l-.--.....,..., ' 1
n?,jr.via.i,K.,jBnB.ra"""w i
The Oeldea Cap. br StT.J. be Llefie. I
tUeala aa tier Tiat tla. Talame S ef ibe Baaall
a frctbacrplref tbepabllcatleaaefibsCbarcl
Stab Saeletr, aad B
"""""""""SB.SlttiBTTIII. I
daaSeTStUal-eet.lttalllteatca'SaUdltg. I
New Books.
Iltttl t)ri .1 U. T.. r..rta.k.n,. I J
tuuiill aawauatTUU. .r.ai.vnai
Olitli f. r laa rkaipa, aalkac a)
-Tl9a!-a (la)"... . ....... uu..vv.. J I
(HJblulOUl?, rUaaaia.ia("taa
UBaOkm rouT, mt.i. Br AlUa Clree
atthfrcr''Mafiia Lfacn.. .........
ef aama of theitaad eoaclaabat of tba
III. UIIIHVII." mm.km.f .... ......k...!.
OBofre HiaToartirpaiici.
aaiuca io weir a aaaer ,)
rsicu rsxi or rorriai.
LiTnooBAiniNa. ,
Philp .& Solomons,
BatWM. BUtt 111 Taalk .Uatta. I
piBOM L435BOH.
OTAL VfiLbaD.a .
BITtalT HeVT i.Ta- foaie
fullawm 'w-,
BfBaT. RaUa Clark.. 1. D ..- ft
TBI riklflp WOED.aai kaf.iMlM.
l km MaUak, aaikat a( "Jak. Bail-
tcMaciei io rarfrcact to tae aitierr !
metier aad lira, leg ether wlib a alttacatat
ef Ibelallmatlaac af M oace raepvcilte the
e( ibe yarlhaadlhe Belar Braiem. Br
IWtedcr WlBcaall, LL. P. Wllh lilt..
Inl.aaa Lu .-.
OK aTaew
aaa. fiice
Mull a BKBTOB.
III.OISTI lllOiBr.1. 1.v rnitla'a Tn.
HBhf. BrBaaaChrtatlaa Aadanea.aa1
Uaraf ImpiaeUatara." ac....,U.4.. at M
TIOBIB. A frataeal Traatlae aa U Art
1 ieareetieaerr laaiutaaraavcaae. aiao, . .
V1,..SBt"l'T;v."K;.wV.- ?
cwleb nieeerr. By A. L. O. B., t SO
LXSUPOM TlXniw.BurtceUlaaUa
Kaaaai Mi.iia.blM. .tf Aiwl. J).'
.lHnl..MI(HlawlMliW t V.
'! .11 BattSaaka.U llaa.u4UwaJu.aa
MMuMkltaka..L - '
A Tall Ml OaauliU luak af
I 1 Always Haul.
lanUa4.ltkaLaT)ilKatkM kUlii
ciun or iktbjth tin it iimn.
' UlvlA lrw & iUt l"Ws aul
AkfiUAilB UalUI. kr Jaaiaa (jnaa, "
..V:""1' ''kamakl.aaa.artaUai uaMkM
. ! aa...a( ai aaan aaiii
a oriCE doou ajid
(IBT Ia7..t .Uaali r.w r rtraal,
, , ' ' , . j.c). J-ABttBK.
W" "f.
rWri...V.. ,
TiTaL raiLOaOrbtf A Bareeref Bab- -
atatccaadaa JUpaaltlca t( Hataral Be
Hi lea Br JeteThaa f VDe.l7..., I Tl
Till A Ibis AH O Tat AMAAOilt ar, lf
Acrfac tbe Cecil Ml I ef eeU Imeetee, c ,
gail. M. J,t Siilcw 1'g.all'o Jaaraal af
wninia i-nini -mi.n rnirun.h.
mi w iHif Ian. r i. . u. avmi,
ifiAU'i.I;itzKiiAB'VJoilW '
fO&ltl. Ca.laIWlaaikaL..a .U lk.
"J v s.tmfflrwiWTrB : Z
ihb mVvvy,-jr.siisa;.r. ::: ,5 S ,
aPft.'.t'iJi.AJwfc'l.K'i'. mo
ABBWCTOm IklalM. IT V"r-i
lalMir Vl.aaaUaa.L . ,
L Hall 1 1 1 iiiaaagrwwaw t '
. 1. Ika .aaa ar AlTrviva B. Baa... . MaUal.
Irator af B, ..U, Irawa,' laaataaj. Ika aH
CilalalraUl'afafaaall baa. . I a. ,ri.
alia, ef Ika Oivkaaa' Caarl Zt Waiklaata.
foiilr afaniall, apBalaUTllTfJBl)! iTiluaE
U. i. L. Im. 'a. it. i.A aautaaaanaal
C LiV VV" 'f ?M'l f '' u aaaaakua
kaa. wiliaalai .aflu.allalafco.ari'vka.KaZ
kanaliika (nilaaiaaxtalia a? uU Maaaal
an aol ..Ha aiuai. ik U.lr ilili.JSS
laa.kal. ar Ikaraaar olkatwlaa Ir law kali'

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