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ffl ur lutu a,at Uir Piii At
w7frJrAan cuter & rpnf
hri ReribNH.
W ! Atrraoaiias to announce tbal
the Tat- afternoon seevptkaa of Mrs.
Great will bt dUounUaied notU farther
iruiM lutn! BBCarnOBS.
Braaasa Blum's next reotpitoo will ba
oo Friday evtolog, March 18th, from 9 to 11
Tk l4ilrflBlpfrUI NUUItr,
O C4lMUjUllM CM, Cloy, am
Ik BhJir tke trrkU 111 aa
Aw AvmrM ! im rmhlla ih
BHllM WllNlNlr.
la oar Ium of toe litn Ineteot w staled:
oar views oo Ibe subject V the C1av Cau-
; comApndnc0. sitae kl or ibe poller
ofoor OofirfDinent la Its efforts to support
UeciAIBisof Aiaer.eABdrisat.eafe.aet tbe
BauUa Ctotentoeftt. W on tbat occasion.
eontaed oar remarks princtpallr to lfr.
Clay, aad endeavored to bow bow total!
aasoand la fact and an warranted oa pnneV
file Via letter to Ur. Cetaeaal 'wai. and
tUUd we wtmld"taaia thW IrtUr of J Jrt.J
CelaeairtoMf.C.evUeSabJett fa 'ale-:
UnMaodfetparaUodEtortali that la, WTO
u the two letters can b treated eeparateffV
for ttey art to obviously tbe result of a $re
eoaeerted pUo, end 1ub.it are 10 absolotsly
part of eacb other tbat wa are to some'ex
tent bound to laclade bottt when speatlnf
of one. "
lawbatwe abatl now attempt .to sella
referucetQaUr. Ca(acasy, wewllt strive.!
remember tbat we are spesJklox of the eo
credited repreaoaUt.Tt of a great nation
and Deotila. aadanroad ImtwrUl An.oeralle
jOTerament, wboea sensiblltes we doWt
.iaI. .j. .. .A-ti -i ii.. --
time aotfaltoremnnhectha weara, JLnur
eeMprond, of oar Joveraii.ei.t aad evej
rtadjtoJutlfltaJkito support Us polity
la protecting tbe ligbts of oar people ( and
tbAtlaail matter where oar Qortrameot
hu Investigated and carefully decided apoa
the facta, and tbe taw applicable to each
facts, according to the prlaclpleecf Ameri
can J oris prudence, we shell eTer lUod by
and lopport ttait opinion at against tbe
opinion npoa an Interpreutlon of oar own
laws by any foreign government Keeping
In view, a we ehall aim to do, tbe potltton
and attltade of tbe two Governments, and
parlies as above ladlceted, we will now pro
ceed with oar review of the Utter of the Inv
perlal Minister, Ur. C. CeUeasy.
In aa editorial of tbe ltih Instant, we
ataied that tbe letters of Ur. Clay aid Mr.
CaUcaaywere to remarkable that to be
fulappreidated the ntnst be carefully sla-
'AIM and unified, and we now add that tbe
more we look at Ur. Caiaeas's letter to
Ur. Ola the more remarkable It become,
and when leeled by tbe Information ex
isting In tbe Department of State ll assamee
the at.it ode of nothing more bor lea tban a
Banning fabrleaUoa and pretence, composed
of aa Ingeniously combined perversion and
tappreeelon of facta, proven, In the cam and
aa attack npoa the character of Mr. Perkins
and all hie wltneasee,and a covert attack
npoa the decision and action of tbe Govern
ment of the United flute.
Ur. Cateeasr, In response to Ur. Clay,
greets him aa follow!
"WaaL CmiUmMmt Clam.Hmm rwti
"Mt Vk Hint 1 k Ktrenlr obllftd to
yea tor voar kla4 Utter of tha lt ltt.
wksrela yea eoettj to ate tbe ipsiUntu
iprnitot of year oplolea la reUtloa to lb
eo-aUe4 Perklet eUim."
Thla ipolaHm expreealoa of oplnloa
bj Ur, Clar, certainly enUtlea him to tbe
KasAlaa UlaUtere thanks and when given
"In relation to theexali Ptrklm tUimn
maku tbfa "epontaneont expreeelon of opin
ion" the more talaable, beeaoee, ai Mr.
UaUoaar next aave to Ur, Clay!
, "Tear tMtlaoay to thU matter It eahiaied
frooi tAft thftt. tha lata rnrBt&ll
f Ue UeltoA 8tta el tbe Uonrl of St, re-
wriNrftroi aare emeiaujr oeeeeetae
with It, aad become fully oareraaat with It
realmortt Toa eortalely kaow with what
repuloos are a4 ralraoaa the Xmparlet
uwarBHB mmm prvaavastl IB 1BO laTOSIlf
tieaef this alalm well aa ita diumui
Ilea to pay every ferthUg allacad to b 4u, If
fonad eoaaeaeat to Ibo prlaeiplea f law or
Th axtant to whkh Mr. Clay,
late representative of the Unitod BtaUeal
tbe Court ot AH. rsferebarf,' became f ally
Mvereant with tba real merits "of the
elalma, appears la one light la tie very able
dispatch to the Imperial Mlnlater of tba lltb 1
of April, lM3,whleh we published U'onr
Issue of iha 14th UsUnU" If, however,
Ur. Clay supplied Hhe Court of fturetcre-.
burg' or Its Imperial Minister, Mr. Cat.
eejty, hero with m dUTsrent aott of via we
than those wa published, aa Above stated, )t
simply follows that the Boealaa Govern
ment has bee to that extent more favored
than the Amerlean Oavernment la the preci
se. Bui wa aea that Ur, Cataeasy then
says to Ur . Clay, "Toa eer Uial j know with
What scrupulous cars and fairness the Im
perial Government haa proceeded la the In
vestigation of the claim," As. Fray when
did thlafenipuloiae ao4aJr,lafesUgaUoa
taka placet It was aarclyno) previous
thalltlLof ADrlLlWi-oreUetha mblodla.
patch pUr dlay.of that dato, aboTrj
ftndt4 dealing inch soon4bows yfer"ui
neadAof tieirexcelleoeles, Fdace Oorlcb-J
eacoo, suxa u modedodow, tor. tbelTfOUer
disregard of tbe facta la tbe case, and the
prladplee of Jaw, so pointedly stated by Ur
ley, would not have been written. The
tenor of that noted dispatch proves that tbe
navestlgallon made by "tbe Imperial
Oorarnment1' was neither "scrupulous" nor
"fair," but was marked with J tut the re-
Verse of these qusluies, wblch Impart inch
a nice diploma tie order to Uk Catscast
letter for tbe public, addressed to Mr. Clar. I
bow under consideration. I
11 laia nxnoioaiioa 01 sueu "scrupulous 1
falrnees had ool taken place at tbe date of
Ur Clay's dispatch and protest above
staled, whan did It take place I Before ask
lag tbls Question, ws have prepared ourselves
to say that there Is nothing In the archives
of the Bute Department to show that such
examination aver occurred, Tbe object of
Ur, Seward's dispatch or tbe 10th or Octo
ber, 1641, was, as appears on Us face, to
secure Just such atrial as Ur. Cataeasy
mentions, bat which trial VI r. Clay's dispatch
of the 11th of April, 1803, shows was abso
lutely refused, wherefore he enters his pro
test, reserving to lbs United States Govern.
ment such future action as It might deem
proper la tbe premises. After tbe date of
this dispatch tbe files of tbe flute Depart
ment only sbow that one or two efforts were
mads to open the Investigation at fit. Peters
burg, but whleh was refused, and there Is
bo other "Investigation" known to the Gov
ernment of Ihe United Butes
Besides tbe question ot the lime when
this investigation was mads by the Imperial
GoTsratnsM, as alleged by Mr CaUeatr.
wa shonld Ilka to know what facts were cou
sldsredf Whose testimony was heard! And,
who acted aa Judge I Tbe ( force of these
questions will at once appear, when we state
that papers died la Ihcj BUle Department
tend to show that Ur. Cataeasy had never
seen the printed record of the. caaa until
since bis arrival la Iha United flUUe lu Sep- 1
tembcr last, and declared that tha Imperial
overnmeui never bad boon e applied with
one. Now, It will be seen by Mr. Be ward's
dUpateh of October, 1MI, tbat a copy of tba
reourd. prtutrd la freuch and Eogllsh, was
forwarded to tbe Imparls! Government, la
Lai, aaa in no ovnr form. H, tbeo, that
leord t not to bo fuuad thar. mA ..
nivr t,u byNJr Cataeasy until became
to this country, we should like to know
what sort of a Case was examined by tbe
Imperial Oorcrament, or - tbe committee of
Investigation,' because Mr. Catacaty next
"AfrsMhe committee of levestlfetlee bad
eonstodttj its labors, aoA when tt was as
tainaiiktlharawaaaotthe iltaVtatt ranada-
tlna ror ine siaima aavaaaaa d
b the Darttaa
who aao DOiiisrvQ w
o had bolttsree op the flstltlena prstee
ss of tbe widow rtrklas, yen bMaoieawarf
t tie Imperial Oevefemeadslde4 to da
alias voertaouilr.bat wlU ftrmeess,tfae re
rsrtese of the uueetlea te arbttretlea
Iters we have tbe reiterated statement of
an "Investigation by a "committee" ap
pointed for that purpose 1 and It ape-ears by
the documents la the flute Department that
Mr, Catacaty claims to bave been one of
that "commltteei" and while thus acting as
Jadge, It also appears from the same soutwe
assisted, that Mr Calsessy nevsr saw tbe
reoord and proofs of the MefW e Us pr
ftri taao had UitUrtS p tKi Jlrtttkm prtUtf
(fettsefAs WJtsJVr!M" uolU 'since his
arrival In this country. We thus see that a
claim proven accord lag to onf laws, care
falty examined by the United States Oov
foment, with all ib proofs before U, de
eidedtobe ralld, legal and luit,U by an
f'lmperial Con)mtteH or which Mr. Cata-.
im wu eme.-ronOttneed Who a, 'ahlbiii
pretsnslofl.'" Wi lhonld tbersfofallks'to
kUweiyni wfetraaf'at?'&Q0ti irr. 6aii
tasy- VentuWto madcVWserUofii scf
loutly-tseildVhhtV IhVlfiliftfuV
VI lUf .HV1,. y. VHt VVIVIUIH,II - V
IhUSkibat UAOataeaiyoVeeaWlheTldy;
an m ant of the Dnttecf BtataVtti' SLal WVil
thWrate araVfta'tWWGJrWmifl'
ahfftM vwujwTHrluf to f ae o U ViVebhta
UftaMhMtVsfeVsaVhv1'? cj
It ilarbw IhKII nertiatwla'wbmfeAltee
anveUgmUel " 1aiei-Its fplnlon Hhil
tUe claims oC,-the'WM6W PsrklAa-Wsre
Bctlttoas preuosloasV U aatSerpaUon'or
the sere a jaarti afldavlu whlea evoaU be
Ubdered him oa his arrival la'lhm eoaatt,
and whish ha- Ulm u aar Jtewarbvacwl
wkh laanothecpa ofiUietter-as w win
rtf prtHoHy aal thawr4o"i?erUl
cbUmJlleea pt lajreattgeUee Iwrif 4 at tba
Tvise- MaeJfleloa, Aheriiatatml, mhwot
Iha.OMalZaA.nMklaa hlMMdJ ,,--
iTIinalitiail a raanitam rif lhl Masaaislat-
otr. ueaav aaj na (tmperiai-vaimifcer.to
thbi coaBUjofesretan4hPfooa audaa
davits aa would anaialav their CMnlnaloaa.
Tbe sagacity of thla sort of proceeding may
be well enough 1 howevsr, little aaa be said
la support of ltsjastleeor fairness
Bat while Ur Clay Is atrwmaJ la Ur. Cat
acssjU letter to be cognisant of thla decis
ion, he Is farther umt nt to be advised
of the broad and comprehensive principles
of Justice and sound policy la which It was
rendered. Whereupon, Ur Cstacaiy proj
ceoda to explain tnai to sir. Ulay as rouowe 1
MTott Igaore, perksps, tke motives of thti
daeliloa Whatarermlgkl be iheamevetof
ioarlalmed.Eassle eeuld afford to par tu
aad would, tather thaa etherwtsa, be lasllaad
Tho uaeatte taTotved.howevar, la not eM (
a pocuatary natare, bat oae of prlaslpls W
aaaaot allow eurseWse to be imposed usee.
a m.i Htmnuir wiib aHiniii aiiiBaaa
and to be perpatvally haraased br nrlvalo
slalms based solely tipea the allsgatleai of
iBtorestod parUoa If wo but ease ytoldfwe
would beoTerwhstmed wlthslaimsef aalmt.
Itrth arts tar,
th Ualtad M
It la to be regretted that Ur. Clay, who Is
staled to be fully eogutaaat of tbe "scru
pulous can and fairness with which; this
Imperial "committee of Investigation
conducted their labors, was so short-algbted
as 0 'ayere, yxrfctpe, tU mtothn efAir
tbetstoia,' and Ur, Caucaay li pleased to
eoDghua Ur. Clay, as above stated. That
It was not tbe mousy Involved, because tba
Imperial uorernmsat "would, ratber Inan
otberuise, be Inclined to deal gsnsronaly
wltk American cttlaens " Out that It was
an essential principle to be observed, to
avoid being 'Imposed upon and perpetually
narrassedby private claims, based solely
upon the allegatloa of laterested parties."
Tei, "allegations of let trailed parties"
Tba Russian, Minister here makes a whole-
eale assault noon all tbe witnesses who tea.
tlfj on tba part of Perkins. They are not
to b believed, because, as he says, they ara
The record shows that the statement Itself
U not true, and tbat but two of the witnesses
were Interested parlies, vtsi William II.
Jackson and Uden A. Baldwin. But suppose
U'waslrne, thslmputalloa is obnoxious to
u taw B4iu jamuai yiunmiui v.
Uolud flutes I and we conUnd that Ihe
administration ofJaaUee In America, both
as to Its mode and results, will com pars
favorably with that of uassla. But Ur,
Caucaay further advising UmCUj of tbe
mctim 9f Oof UrtlnS says, "ifm I Uosala)
wrw ybU smsmvU U erfwVIml wit
HiMw ey- m ttmmr aaerawsr tprtrngma up
'Yves mU per lie CiUd JOsIm." Truly
sua wooieaaie assaus upon ae people or
ChehTuhed States mad hlhwltssUw Ula
Utu aremeoa wbaeUTm' WaleVlhtJ
uoTcrBmeakottne uuiea Diaieu nae necMea
WAOtjf andTalldJhheeiltf M4 WsttVmUttd
to artltraUoa, U a vtMietttefrrdfotry'ttt
on lbs part of Ur, Oataeaai;' Bai the lm4
rialMIalstcf Iheo. preseaUtltnstraUatsTA"
adal a faV4ava m X Mdma a. Bkila
rem aa ladivldaal tastatlag thai my Oovarn
mSat la haaaS to aaraaaaa Vvoai aim taa that).
eaae atuaaiaiumoa. oocamaawa maseiaasor-
(aoa, travausf lataiy la ihieeoaaUn haSiT
Ik Saee of war, UaySoeld UA1iM4fa
JL.ura. Awldaw, authar eoe widows are
f eoerenreerafsd ta 'tfttaa- matttr slalms
iwo.OOS to aueorpeiaai iarboSadJ hytar lata
wiaiu auDa,i va iaa, a a? aaa iia, ibo
dradjlbffelwereexhlbltsdtd a Beisfau aaysl
Aae." - , f fftofttorr baa eis c
Cataeasy bsrs presents a sUtamaaft
M a letter fau n rwselvu davmlac Uufc
uMiaQtrvninuni tbaU pAuraew tea
tooqsana aruocisi umoe on iMjrjpVaaMet
anasaUa sargeea&hfxalnvdttlMaW).
ana noiner0"a wioow awas, w,MW fee
a torpedo, the drawings of whisk had been
examined by a Buaslaa naval etfleerj and
havlag prasantsd these two propostttonf.
then puts forth tbls Inquiry 1
rjaa the Idea be retieaeUy eatartslaed tor
b mmsal that Oaveramsat like that of
Huiala will a vat aaadaaaaad ta aiihaitt elalma
of suph dsasrlpllea to arbllretloa f
White we know nothlnr of the merits of
lb claims, or ratber propositions to pnr-
chas Ihe "artificial limbs" of the Inventor,,
or qe '-torpeao- 01 we wiaor," we wju
Tenure tke assertion thai lbs statements of,
air watacaay boob no no eitaer 01 iaa par
ties Jufljlee. Bat when Ur. Cataeasy puts
such, eases forward, lu which the United
Bti'tss Oovernmenthaa expressed nooploloo,
as a pound for refusing to properly adjuit a
cais,i In whteh our Govsrnmsal ki re
pealed !y expressed aa opta(oo, ho must feel
himself driven ton very low abb for groaads
of argument. And this, whsa eospled with
the s fur tbat "wfcfew art gMSTaffy iaayl M
fan ateaVrs," reduces bis etatament to abso
lute ImpcrUaeuee. And If l&o Russian Min
ister, by using such Illustrations, mesne to
Imply that the American Department of
Btate would, upon such ground! as he sUtes,
decide that those claims were Just, as It did
lotbdease of Terklns, after a fall lnrestl
gAtlod of all tbe proofs, we do not see how
It Is to be overlooked by oar Government,
and Ibis Is all we shall venture to ssy on
UN delicate pots I.
As (o-wbat claims "afteimatenf tiki that
0 Jtth$U erti! a soadsiami to mbmil to
arbitrate," we are pleeesd as pubUe Jour
nalist to ssy to Ux, CaUcasy, or the rs
preseutatlre of any other prlocu or poten
Ute, be bsthsCsarof Assslaorthe King
of (Aiaonuy,) that any slalms whlsh the
UqU4 flutes deeldss to be Jest Is a proper
subject of arbitration, or any other mode of
trial, and that there can ba no 'tomdumtdlmg
oa the part of Baasla Is a case where the
United Butes Government Is a Darin md
I wa think It a great mistake 00 ths part of
ids tssaian mauler to assume each an
attitude before tbe American Republic, Tbe
Oolted States Government never decides any
cas Without a eariful examination into
tba facts and tbe law vyuuatw
and goveralog ths particular eatei and
when U4 dUlv Mf Voc1 a I"
' to U '
dered It has the nrmncss to stand by Its
action, and public sentiment will support
our Government.
Returning agala to the Inslnuallog ex
pression tbat "widows are generally en
gaged In these matters," ws tblak It proper to
be observed that Ihe esse before us shows
(bst Captain crLlns struggled for eight
years to get Jnstlce at the hands of the Bus
elan Government, when he died) then the
burden devolved on his widow to pursue the
matter as best ebe could, and wa think tba
remarks of Kr. Catacaty above quoted ara
not well applied.
Dot tbe Hassles, Minister, seeming 10 reel
tbat bis remarks had gone a great way la
tbe scale ol depreclstlng Amsrlcart, eh A rac
ier. Is pleased to sevi
"la eoaassttea with tbls matter X deem It a
doty testate Uattf-ea the eee haas, there
treledivlduels who est la this way, there are.
na iaa omar. aiay aiiiiagiiiiaaa aaa avavra
ble persess la the Uatbad Stabsa wkomwdl
tesahspeeelatlons,aeJ who oemporltaem.
sslvre la quite a different manner
This discrimination la fator bf thsThoa'
orabte pereoae uentlooed by Ur. Catacacy,
we insert entirely ror tne Deneai ortnat gen
tleman, and not thai we. as Americans, feel
e.t all Isttsred by tb kldd eoaslderatl0u'of
tbsltulslan Ulnlserla tinting tben ixcep9
ttsns In favor of persons "iffio'i ertpoA
Ibamselma'la CfuttA k tflffaHnt' riiAhhe
tie tan mlf comet "hii vrtfuLiu'hi lahlair'
iki..i-aAriJit : -
htBfttfUr.CahACalhefaaWV1' 'Mt-
ter, t - 1 aeaaeamoav erVeae rrweaey bmaly
rtaaoeatahla caatlam
aa ruio iaa.Pai Ol
wa Hiuateend e btow
waaaaanaeMea, wa
iaaa fall aaldaaaa that thla .alakf aaaaaairka'
Soapwardetesooooe, wsspuTfehlaJiaedsby
t'aiKiaa tm aooiapaawo aw tor oiau) or rarWTOW
Iaaa 1 thai aald Park laa araa a. amaaal lataaaaa.
vateliAblts, aid had aveWsJlkSt hi had writ-
taav lattors eadoaeariegosa etrewtXMsaiaa
AaeaU la tale eoeatry.ThUatetemset.ee
well af others efa etmitAr sharaeier.Thaao
well af others efa etmitAr saaraeter.IhV
lamyaMaaloaUUorormadeOt4anla'l 1
The autsmeat that Captala PotUae 'eret -j
auw iawu efiy oew w auaame, ot nia nan '
VW100,crrtrUae,"'we Are aathoiC
Ised to deaenee as j atssrly ; falier- Wa a
nformed by UrjJa. ,,TaltrcV wnoOas
tUiratlawyar.employodrbr Oaptalntrsr
alaa 4o;sek-tlie'reooTeryf hldJclalm,
thai rarklaa paid, bIsu akrnw.mcee tkaa
toa Uovas tUmnauustr whteh Is hAmad by
tha "highly rrepecUble gesUemah eldrug
la tha Btata of Measei&iseUa," who Ajls
to! antes red to prodaaa fall jstUoum that
rarklaa authorised him o eelltkla elalA
fbr 1100, or for area lean and we ara
also laformad that other parties, whose
names an mentioned, fecetred stUl larger
amonnU from Ur Feiklns, wherefore it
seems absorb to say that be offered to dis
pose of hU alalm for aaynathttrillnf
amount as "fortlO)bvrfor uvea lees.' as
above sUted. m
Bat tbe sams party has farther stated: to
Ur. Caueaty tbat aald rsrklas waa a man
of laUmpexaU lublu, audi had avowed ha
had written leiurs, ee lea raring la entrap
Russian agenu la (his country. Wa ara an
thorlKd to brand this aUUmsnt ar false,
and to Insist that ha snail name lu author
aad produce the latter referred to. The act
that "a highly respectable gsallemao," who
shows tha he acted aa the agent of Perhlas,
should make sueh a sUUmsal six ysars
after ths latter Is dead ereates Impressions
not at all favorable to "the highly re parts'
we gsntismani" aad when wa are told that
thla attack upon the dead was "volun
teered1 by the party referred to, wa ara at a
toss to kaow how that "reepeeubtegeaUe
maa" became aware that the Imperial Lega
tion was la need of Just sueh Information.
It may be well for the public to know who
this trustworthy gentleman Is, so that those
who seek his services may be able la calcu
late the chances of their representatives
having to refote assaults tioiUtTr' apoa
their character after they are dead.
Mr. Caucasy next ssys, la the seme para
graph, that, "this U lament, as wall as
others of a similar nature, I have la my
possession In the form of affidavits' bu he
Is not pleased to sUU or show whose affl
davlu they are or what their respective
sutsments arej but we are left to Infer they
were all "volunteered." DocumenU oa BJe
la the Department of SUU show tbat soon
after Mr. CaUeaxy arrived la tbls toustry
Mrs. Ferklas notified him through her eouai
eel tbat she desired to be present aad croee
examtse tbe wltnesaaa ir tha BaaaUo Chrv
arnment desired to Uke any proof, when
Mr. Cataeasy declared ha did sot propose to
Uke any proof. But It seems he did Uke
proof without giving such notice, or even
notifying tbe Government of the Ualted
SUtes, which he should have doas before he
took any suoh affidavits. But he says ha
has these affidavits, and now let him pro-
dae ihem, so that Mrs. rsrklas aaa Uke
tbe proper sUps to subject his "voloa-
tecrudTwltnesecs to a rigid eross-exsmjjjv
tton, Ba until this Is done lt aa outrage
tit she Imperial Leralloa to make ass of
lulb; affidavits or to use these uukaoiru, per-.
sons- to'publlsh, aqatUek npoa the ebaxacUr
Dfaa American Ma captala afura Is dead
vhy waa not tnla done wbUeCeptalarir
hlne ires alive 1 ti
ButjthU aUaok upon tha chereetsrapf
uapuia trsruns ny Air. vaueasy u mart
thaa overcome by the sworn testimony and
AUtemenU of people whose names ara given,
and most of whoa are all rev4 Wd refer to
each men as John TS.Tyler.jrsitd'entVf tbe
vi V. ( num. uu.uiaiiu WUUIHII
Benjamm Braea and Wm. AVBea mrdh
salsi r. W. Llneolu sod! tf.Tf G. imlth, eX-
tnyore of Bostoni BAmusll7AvV, tit Worces
UrVMslsl7Hbd;AlUf pf wVenx la aauarsed
by.the laio Hon John Davis, UaUed&uua
Benator fraaUaesalhasetu,and father o(tfie
present worthy AssfsUn't Beef slkry jif Bute,
and by W.IUBart.Late'Unlted ButeaCan
sul to St. Thomaf , as may be aeed oa- pages
33, M and 97, of tbe record. TheiUteaeoU
of these well known people Ihow Captsio,
rurains so oa n man just me reverse oriwnas
ha Is alleged tabave been by Mr. Cataeasyx
Tbe aUtaraant next madd by thejmporlel
Minister la referenca to his cref affile vll
and hU vuaimeJaorrcspqndeni, tbsi-5
MTJerartdastslf theao fU oreeeitieweV
aad bain prtvsuaaa ofllsial sireieA taelat.
klaa alalm Is aUsuistd ead too oteo doaUed
upoa from the tlfltit dsposltloaa of Ihe me)
aa are aad ess leers of tha stupendous scheme
Is easily aeeommodaUd, ks shown by tha
fllasoftbaDepartmaat of flute, If he Bus
ska MlnlsUrwlll hut na mask his secret
proceedings aad meet all tha questions la aa
open Add fair trial, as Ihe repreecnutlf ea of
JPerklns have dons and are prepared so do al
any moment ne will meet taenu
Bat tha following sUtemsnt from Ur.
CtUeatyto Mr. Clay, la refsrenss to the
principle of adjusting claims belveea thV,
United Butes and Busln ws do Dot exaetly
comprehend. Us saysi
"Mow, my dear sir, between nations, as well
as bstwaea ledlvlauala, vaalfrleadihiB muit
be baaad iidob mutual raaard aad wise Ala-
be based n poo mutual ragard aad wis 41
a rat toa Mr laoveramaataiudiouslr abalalaa
1 sdsporflaf anyurlrate eUlms acalosl
yoar ewu,althoaih taereealste msay ll
aad mush mere aarloua ones, oo the pert of
nviiiin auniaaia. nu iai rir.iii aiiin
Ksslproetty u theraiareene to es, aaa X sin
eereij hope last it wilt be 0 ("served
We agroe that frleodihlp between nations,
as well as Individuals, must depead on
' "mutual regard and a wise discretion' bat
wa at the same time claim that there ran be
uv yivyvi icapvti nutd vum sauoa uiatr-
gards tha Interpretation of the laws of an
other as given by Itself Tbe fawi of any
nation are tie birthright of Its people, for
the people are tbe daUoo, and the govern
ment of a people, whatever be Us form,
must secure to them the bene lit of their
laws, or slsd suca government wtu, sooner or
later cease to exist Let (he Imperial Gov
erament.adopt a line of action tbat will
ahow a proper regard to the opinions of the
Jolted BUtss Government, and Ibe present
controversy wilt soon terminate. Bat that
part of tha above paragraph that speaks or
legal claims of RaeeUn snbJecU against tba
Ualted States, whlea Ibe Imperial Govern,'
meat doeeaet choose te press w a settlement,
wa de not, andersuod, t If ws do vudsrsUed
tha remarks of Iha minister, they: ara such
as we cannot approve.
Now, lfasy Route uabject Kaa a legal,
claim against tba Ualled States for overpaid
duties oa hemp, or any other account, sueh
claim should be paid) and every honest man
la America, will vote to have It donei and It
Is tha daty of tha Imperial Government to
lu people to to slit upon It, and If there Is
difference of opinion, submit tha question
to soma fair mode of trial. But we cannot
eee that a debt due to Perkins from Russia
should bo repudiated because It U alleged
that there Is mousy due from its Ualted1
&utto&assleasahJeeisore(f!?e. True
reciprocity" between governments con
siiti latfcJqgwhal Is right to-each others
people, and such alone will perpnlaeU friend
ship. Ia refersnea to the Interest on the
Alaska purchase, Mr.CeUeaiy laysHVsj
not asked for, oul merely mentioned, and
makes a alee distinction? af follows I
"As far whet eesseree tke Jaterast due oa
tke Alaaks purshaae meeayi te whlsh yen re
ir, a an ut a ibbtj w tin in aiaiv
oe)eapoarlsf lathe aa wavapora, aad ell
la thai X aavo sraaaaUd air alalam mt ikal
oharaaler, are laeorrtat I hare made bo
ila. bu o'r d the attoatie ef tbe
Brt roUir ef State to the fast of the woo pay-
aii oi iaa naavr iar m panea 91 orr iwa
mmtheMbeeeuest te tke time eHafaed far
beta Mjmeat la the treaty, whilst eapreaatag
al thi same time the aoatUUoa that a mrra
stfff astlea would be mors thaa auBUlaot, wliK
etuwrnenmeaiee aithiy aeaoraieaathai or
the UaltodSUtaa, M lasuro the prompt pay
feeeiat what talawruily due" ,T r
1 iiTwh ntatsd.fha lnUrasi was asked for
U oar ItorUl 6f the loth 'VWmo.wMch
rtva iW'U Ur. ilalaeair' remArVs. wa
Sean tt'propaV U give him thej benefit of
ais'owu explanation, ana ao so aa abora.
TrWfiaahrtlBf1 OarirrahS 'of Ur. Pata.
aaVaUtiVrlsasfollowsr ..
pi aave oeiy ve ana a rew weros la order to
evTtheAlaoeetaooeor la year erpreetetloa
or hi Raarard a Una of aallaa. -A atalaaaiaB
afhlereoewei hd who haa inad for maav
feue the hlel aad reaeoaalble omee of moare
aryerflUt. may, parhapa, have mlssadar
etod tho merits elhe Patklae alalm, bet the
ran if vi aaa iiimiivii aaa bo 1 bo quaauoaao,
od Adeem, II, a duly oa my earl to e a pee as
her She- ereal eeaaUevatloa 1 aatarttla for
UatdurUaguiahad aeetiamae
I HmAia, my dear sir, with treat respeer.
yoUobedUBtaervaat, COiTaOirr"
U lawUceabaeuU oa Iha letter of Kr. Ulay
weaBBded l lla aawanaated remarks of
Ur. Clay about oar flrsl aad most honored
suteaama,WiniAa u-Beward, and ara glad
so see Ihatlba Basslaa Minister was plsased
so Ignore that language, so far aa ha Is con
cerned. We think It was exceedingly proper
fat aim to do so, aad tha only better Ihtag
Mr. CaUaaay could have dona was to have
burst Mru Clay's, letter to him. Instead of
publishing It or permitting II to be done, for
jt Vas wholly under hU control.
Bat Ur.CaUeasy would have left his al
Uslonelo Mr' Reward la, a batter aondltlon
if he -had 'omttud to slate that he, In
his action, ' misunderstood Iha merits of
the Perkins claim." Vr. 'Seward was not In
thi habit of "mtrundcreundlng" any case
ha deoldedj Sfany oplnloa he gave. lie la a
statesmen' and Jurist, eminently clearf con-
lUMDiaaniino in me viswi, ana ue gare
htsoptaloa oa the Ferkloi claim against
Basel when, and not anttLhadldaader-
aUnd It, ahd our Government wljtl dot depart
from ines opinioa unw overcome oy otner
facUand reasons, thaa those presented by
tha Imperial Government.
Wa will herd dismiss h.ls remarkable cor,
respoadsaoe between Ur. Clay and Mr Cata
easy with the remark that, we feel surprised
that a- gentleman of .the acknowledged
diplomatic ability aad experience of Mr
CmUcaxy ehould have adopted a Use of ac
tloa ao evidently al variance with croorletv
and sound policy as he appears to have dona
on this occasion LeUhe offer of arbitration
made by the United Butes be seceded to, or
soma compromise be effected, aod Ibe mslter
te at oute ended.
Tan Isduw Qcunox A prominent
member of theSeaau Oommltteaon lodlaa
Affairs has written a letter to Qeneral Bber
ldan. In which he says i
I have for soms time heard, what von iltU
to be quite probable, a general Indian war
on the plains, aad have almost eeased to
hope for a cessation of tba anouat murder
ing and plundering there, short or the exur
mlnatloa of tbe whole race of savages. It
Is to be hoped th st a fsw more such blows
as tbat dealt by Colonel Baker. In rebrnary
last, will Induce them to desist from their
hellish work, and accept la good faith tbe
very reasonable Urms r pM.e bald out Uy
iha oovarnmenL It U a Utile slnmlar tbat
those who raise sueh aa onUry when an In-
aiaais nun are suent, aaving bo won ot
censure for tbe Indian, or erea sympathy
for bis victims, when wblu women are rev.
Ubed and InfaeU butchered by the seora.
xne senator eioses nis letter as ioiiows i
Tha Indian Is bound to hare bread or
scalps, but hs apparently prefers ths scalps,
while upon us Is forced tha alternative to
faad orHa-fct. t wrtbld firafar la faadbat If
ft must be light, then let If be thorough and
earnest. CAnwkt 1TO.
Will oar frlende of the CVW b kind
enoegh to give ns Iha aane of tba "proml-
neut member or Bauate oomnntiea oa
5 tOmmsslsatssJi;
(framAA kavabllsaiel tha lith lataaf 1
Ta wya.aeawlairy-rieirirst Jmrr
er wia naai8--rar ,xara as.
, iatUja".rivavcis.'
Oaaal, VArsh 11. The, murder. ease Is
etlll paaUIng The Jary eaeaot atree, aad
aave been otdared to be locked Up uatlt f
o'aleek tomoruwtnierejbf, al whlsh time
the eeart wlU ma thom7Tbe Juri
allowed 10 Ukadlaaer aad auppar Ts
Kun.XC.5KT' '"-""'i'
iSiCr' Mse.s.fer(A
iltu'KBinti jnti jttf, yb.n oHoU3,
J.ita women. Tou lUnnlrUd. la lb.
jiltiHiulldru 14 lh wiklKloti eUoi
HU, Cipt, Mwu, ul S1uim L
Vi ktti la tiara a fall Itaa M SPirvw vlt
I SfUaalaalalylai,ar --
f1' IILI, CLQTdasd mf,
' flt '.' datlrakll airUt raaalTti ai aa aal.
JUT All doali
sTJfAact 1
aaartBailulbOBBa SSVArtB
UATSlaatara ,-. -
t.iaaa Jim-
T aiaiAK rook worn :oxA:
ab iHHBssn sraisa svox,f flLV
wiia seah t
mooTS, auocs aid avaitbrm
araltklasi, shsaar Iaaa UeahsaBaat,
airetksmaaallal a
TstM-ef OUBBmbaraia,bal laaagn
rrorision Btarra.
.. tt, Tw.all.lh .1 , k.l, U aa U
Alvtr. kM..fc.4 Ik. k.l n.tlllr .r WnA
M1H!,.!&.UM.4..!!1 "hi: ! v.i.Kiu. ..1
i. (i.ihi i(r, wi, ,
iipui eecaaira Hsrktl, ai
aafV WMl Hafkal Ika mt Am
iaia aac rial aiwaya aa As si
mill w
-tTTABiiiaaTonT bkmtai. plack.
lBIB Massaobwialls Aaatawa.,
at aar raaitaaaia tirtai.
ftll'spptr aallswtratlstaath
latiaafparar itvtrsais ,. i
rarllal salt 6am fiio I
""skreaMairarea. ,M, tSOasI.
aovt a a u it raw, wag on a,
H oauuk. CCBa
I baveea kaSAaaraa artMtil sf HeTtramsat
Itoat.aaaa aa waai aaa TaamnariM baarr
mbalaaaa Itaraaaa. gta as aawi Warta aaa
lalalk.rTaaU.J.II.j., tatll. Tla.c Umm
aal M.L. .aaaa. Blaal lal. Ir. I.tt., la , a.w
aal aaaa4 Iaa.
a.i-.ram.at Cl.lUlar, Uaoti,
Mli.ca. ato.
raraMraaalikaraanll.a wall laViaail.a Mr
ala.lt aar.r.par.ka.l.,alMwkw '
, B -la.., jiaa, Maiala, 1. , lak.a la .
'"-" j. :.,.,,.,,
l.T.alk.Waal a VaaailiUa,
H-( ' l.kMla.
Hew AdTsrtlietDeala.
r Capl al S rFrtraal
-BvmHJht.kB. ..awi ira
lAtar aiSai
dit Til Jtata, e
nin 1AUL
raAt-ae4 tba aaaSa bovlai baaa era a imj
lUUf hf hU'lraA--ha Aa warraal U.m Tallf
Maalla lhaaa ha hMhaVih4araleatT
i" 1 ill in" " r wm .B
law. Charty, aj4eae,al BaaUrta
abraiaaOraaaa, Sirawaam, Batpb4
aa alaaa aL
aarria , varraa:
aU. aaaaaanlaa. Aa
Kt.i villi t.wrtktrMlkiMtu.l.rMl
Mt M
Pg.Mi. W.r r.l. V.MV
riini Dou ru, aw
4 in... rniuiiiiLrillA
- oouas at oi.d raioaa 1 1
(... Ullw'Ll..iB..IHt.llrt.t.;nll.
oyarliliila4BTat1ls .
rhw ,:Hi 4A nJai.n'Mii.
. . an
iaa aaavMBB, jnwiat, aal 10a, MrTlll
Tawiis, ix Was. -aaa aaiaa tr diW t
J?hjh leiaaatallamaadtvf'Aei BtalkVl
SBIafi rraaallj K . t
CarulaUatMaa. arta
Bjrd ere Uaaa.i la, a rard;leweff tSan lae
prdirreaaUkaak rtajlas, e,e Jil.
BMTarai Hiaaa.aieasa.Bve.. wartaaw
, ft Ml Oalata 11 hub Au. . ainllf
BlMATamlaa1VaBAirallelraea4 aal.aatdfaa.
m T la warta ml
eb giaaaaaa.il rib, ataal tnmev Umbraltaa
iaaa raBmayivaatmmremMOrf
W WasaiaatoB. D C , MaMhls,ine.
, - ,mmJTwA , J h (., n.a.
!, v
erarlaa far iaa axtaaitaa af a rataal
Iaaa aaat, , ,
Aa ataraaa aa mrrtm tS -i.m.1iki
esMpaLe. r tsa Bay
mkll yaf OaHMfMlaaararPaMaTa
WattaaaaaalBtl aa haai aaaallaal hraaJa af
ruairamiaa aiar ar fir a 'at a, at air.rfi
aridaa, far sale at ths lawaat mathat rataa .
He. frtaaitraau AlsiaaArtajTaJ
ikWIwse j.,,. . 1 - ..
TO 33TJXrj33IDH.,
-.I. J kr.Hii.il arlll aaraaalaai far lAa aaa
tlratUaaata CAarahB4iAaa,aaraa Blaataaaih
aaAI alraat. aailitha Smaf SarM aj, aiU
tflaaarsTABKWBATaiaa rLoWbUV Arl
U. aaratr afBlaih aad J auatawfcara, ibe
,IMIII F iu nix
mkir ti Ckalraaa Board Tresttaa
SALT! 8iLT!!SAlT!!l
Ws ktvi ea aaa I aad ate dally aiailaa fat
DUIOT riox LiTiiroou
w, kit. .lu . rail i.ir tt
TURK. lllaJ D HIT la ll.ra.
W. .ff.r afciT. al Tftrr l.w.tt M.rk.t tal... aal
aM Waaklatua .KiHr. I .all a.l m. a. k.r.ra
f aMaaaia. .H..a.r
f Of
rial.M.k l.ki.ll.r at al.i
1k l.kiall.r.tal.i)
ampUlaaau. lu laallf. . UIS-
ajjkljlaw I !.
iehfa laaeaA ta thla aaaia aValaal Ika
aapia iiwira iiib', aaiiaa ini nniiin
aatanaaiaiiaa mnnn ar J"iaaaiB. iaa
aaaat SaA aali ataUaaat. l4arA htUUri
otloa ofaaaiMalaaat, by William . Millar,
asliaiiar,!! ta iSraa thla t Saf af Marah.
.lA7Xibal Us Aaf alaat, Saw.rA MaUat.
tSMaaUeaaraaae M ba aatattS harala ta af
-ura iaa bi-bi raia aar. oaaarnae ranr aaya
a(W laloian aftharwlaataa aaaaa will be pra-
airaaa wita aa ia awa a a iui
a raa anaT Taalt 1
1 r U'LUMBIA. ,IU.pf?w Xrtlfy9lrnT
wn ana mgi,t rnnitp oa thi man
tuuir.iuii II I M Vll vr .,,
Warraa WarA al at
r. 7
lleXaallraTa IS I.
aUIeaita snlsil II
AafaaAaai . ,
Tk aMU laaaaA la I
lafaadaat, Martha, B. Suaa. Ataa baa a rv
i ar laaataraaai ai iaa uiuriMar
Uarthk H. a l.
aaa, ta mttiaaar aoifUlaaau. j William J.
MUiar.iattr aaHatlar, tt la aHaraA this ISih aar al
Marak. A 0 ISTS. that tha AartaSaal.Mariba B
Sara ai
aarara IkaBraf ri aav aaaarrlatT ranr
Oar thla Aari aiharytta 1W oaaaewlll Va
IKwhh a la aaaa af etfaall
iaCar. . w
11,.. a.-Taati
'R i wirni.
avsu nsiiff
Clark. 1
pKoros IU rsa LIQBT abtillbet hoiiu
. Wataueraa.DO-Miraaie.WW. '
ealJ iimmuI. 11J litlli. aad will hi m.
. tt-7". r : :r 7. i..v.. r.i' " ' .raV. . u 1 , . rj
Si iatUt.far.faraUhlac aa taaaturautura
Marttaa Ira LIsM Artltlttr area.ai rtllaos.
Marfaa it. bini Mnmwtj , ibiibwb.
Vkaab L . l.fe. l..ki taa J1 IKH akaattlmiaW J. I
ha aalar wall brakaa ta karaaar. fa fall Stth aai
mm aaatlUaau ham Artaaa ta etxiaaa haa St hjaa.
from Sra ta aliat ytart aU. atmpasilr belli, aai,
rMarmaaallaaraata. "- 1 I i. '
I A tharaaah lataaatlaaafaaahj kens iwlll baaaals
bt vrtTti i-nat-aaai vonnn n. a, uirtii, aa
lata Sthaniltarr.ta-oooaaatteB wlU tha uaSt
a(f atS, aaA taaaa laal Aa aal aaaraim la tht aha
Aaatnsllaawlllbart.aaUA t .
rajajaaia a 111 m kmi vpoi tfUTiiri
.f reUeaari.rf.tOa..r.L
paelQaailarauuUr paaaral, BsafM BricMlar
QtatralUtA mhu st.
pioroiiti YOB I OBAUl.
ssbavaivsaaDsrAaTBisf erVlaertlAi I
urrioaCnr Qraa aaataa.. I
ttiaaaaanj wm , ataiaa i tow t
itui inptuti. it lripuaata, wmaa raaaivta
at M -a. aatll If a.l Maa 'ar, Iha llth Aar
ef Apr I, M), f.r its 4 Jit rj a
laueQssnanaaitar'a DaMrlmaat al aUaataaaA.
Vll.lali.l. .a. a flamaailllaa l Hit k. lualraj
rpam naJA weathaanai Ike MrtaA aaAiaf
aparMaprsaaaaU ata rae alrsA far OaU, WV.a
awaaa, aiaaa aaa wditii, , iaaa aa a, ifiiii
iaihtbabal(fUar.UbawaUaA eSIUaoaat
aaahlr aaAwallkalaa
C Blaaa farmi far apaaal. atA Ufwrmaltaa as le
eijUaa , . .
if Iha 0aariirtaaiBlaii.ta';Saai
aaalair VlMlafa.. s J-U OHAHDI.KII.
Bratat Oalaaal7QakruraaUr UhUaVViaUi Aimr,
r ChlalQaarHtmaalar Arrtmaal ai TAtilsu. T
.Hkli.aiaaaill TlS -JUiimlrtiaY.'lprtiVi:
hTfl, ht ataUklaaikaDaUa. .tu.a Ia1i4.laa
V.aartaiaal wtlkziftol Tat ll..rcalll.. aa ika
kaar,aa fvUaw.t .1 . 4 , , u
-i.a7k..r. aal a.ja.lr (1WI l.al a r.il
afarl, II. T , u k. laurar.4 kr Aaail ii
Ivaalr n knl ai T.if'Tif'
Mlaalr llOJ k.al al fart lutiim. B. T . la ka
iaa. a.ur.r.. ar jiii u. i.ro. .
r .air
lllr.raakr Jalrl.1171)
"Tw. la.airaiaaa t.al9k.al al.ll iallr.
D. T la a I.IH.falkr J.l M, IBTO
, Oaa ill iaa fad Ivaalr I l liaaa al Tat .a
lall. 6 T I. talallratallr JaaiKllTO ,,
.t..aalrl1Clk..lal Van laai.a , l V.
al.J Waa I.J.I lL.rt r
Tkaaafilamaaiararaaa aaaat aaa thin.! aaA
framthraadTiaatrtalT Taartafaft, .
OatUaef Iha laaalrraalT era waata,ii
eta attattaavtA la bla M aad UattA ta w
AUtlaaaaa al wlldtatlit UilaJlar Tan
inr ii wi javaaa aroaa vtiaiuaaa aa an
eth at
it aa4
Chtraata aallla.Uaflae baaa ftaaA aatvttW ta
BarUaraaaatt.las wall as alt aaAtrUraa ill ar
aaar aavaa tt J rttripfA.aaA all failles taort af
SQpMaaAasroaa wtlht, halla, aUs aaa aswa,
Iktaicia'a aaa a raqairanaiM at iai
ihaaa tlir.ata
(! wait at an aaai
VrsripfA.aaA all fal
a wtUht, halla, aU
tall aaatali a wrltlta j
s lrt?aa, a iha affi
III kHlut
lata WA tkaall aat.1a a wrltltaiearaaltA af
a rasaaiDM -, ia iaa as-at usi ta
Hittrta able la fa tl a taairaatlaacaaraat
wiUUatarmaa hit aaaaV,Uaa. aai taalahaaU
la la SU a Itilrullilturiiu.
klaaraaoaltiaahaaaatBttA ha will
'a. aaa iaaa aavaia
will at aaaaalaa
Utaaaaatraaa la aaaarSaatt Utrawtih, aal II t
aaA aAlri at af aaak aiaUt iikr.7
aaahf a
rltttta thoale' be pritial U rta4 te Utlr
vatsraa Us rlaklUraJ at her
,atf !.
atly, ' araa
'raaaaala aha ill k.
rraaaaafa far Bttf Cattle,
a aaaaraaa.
a partmta I Oata ma a4 tr,
n.nliii'n k.Bra LlaaL
CUb At,(!
01 ptpetUatalarPahMe
I ,7111 .LUII.
run., lvoir it
,xiuiliip orm ociiMi,
A u.a aai.rtaiakl tt ar.rv varlalr .1 T.rr
I'"'iV.'iJlIipao Aw,rit
Mkt M9T rattirltkala .Vflaa
TaaniaiMrajtmaararaiiaiaaiaratarTta aia
Iaa aiaal oaailtlaaa maatlaaaA la r?lat (Arar
ItaaaitaU rmu thU eMta will ba isqAUtA la ha a
aarTabrblals.aJ, ,, ,U f. It",
. Tha aartUpa toaUtalat: praTuaala U be ftarktA
' rropaaala tat yaatiTt AaJ (tfoaritA) bmU
rarA-r aflha Otaaiil 'OaMDtaa.J.B.r BaaarU
Taa raaefaia.ua i im aaaraaiara mast aa
thawaBr.'aaaaHltrtUafa af ihaalrl af tat
Baaraat blrlrla OaSrl, oe.ef Iha UailaA Atatat
Dlainat attaratV. la at IBkiattS wltk ikakU
BUa mar . ! tf Iha wkafaar
aaakaaataaaaiaiair. a hid It la Ika aa
a.aa tha aaaii
Waa.iaar... Marak la. 1170. I
lafonutlM ha. bM. nnlnd it Ibl. Da
p.rtment from Mr. A. XnOul, lb, Cornol
of Ih. Uolud Buiaa.t On.jma., M.ilco,
of Iha daatk, t ,i, tTlk of 5ajtemttit,
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lau ar aamatrf, lttal atarywha Aaaartlaa,
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at aahllattrt aa thatsa aatll Altarae ahlalaA,
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lata) a Panaa tha Uk a.llaa,la ravlr tath
ttara afpr "Whlta. taaa abUlaaA at Iha aflaa,
ratrti;Tathai4 Pairaata ae-tf.
acruaticn urDirJat, aiXAhtr.
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raaa w rr .,, ..aria..,. .rrai
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laaaaial'lara.lral.lai. I1J0I.0M. .
la. ...J -- "
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atW-A,r.MOnitIB.Jr .kaareaaovwate
ICBr' raalAt al ' Batarpriat,' a akort Alataaaa
fram WaahlacUa. aaA aaa ba AAlraattS,1 Silrtr
aaui raaiaaiaatrriatauaartaaaaatv.HarriaaS "
U a art II aaatlaaa ta fatatak Vrall n. tiaJi Tmii
Shrahtarr. A a., as haratafara f ram aarafalfr
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aaAaaaaaalaaaala ha.aakaaalaa aaS aaaallaaaa
la saaklar Base ita alaa wlthaat tha alraatara
aarar. aa aaaia. j hiluiu a iuil
pilM aaar.B mv WI'lHIl ...TI T rllaa,
jaat lawtt , in nrtaeajaT, flaw Tat I,
afraOOU.aila.IlWl DflVO STORK,
ld& appaaUaMaaaala rampla, Drara. MtAl
ataat, Aa.. ht. atfa-f tkaa aar t-har platan
rrn-KBRP.lT'nirOBK THAT.
.a - . rariB .a rrapri-i-ra ai iaa w, ana-
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aaaaa, raatrpaaaratbar aaAviataraa Thaaktap.
ft Artt tlaaa Oallari la Ua UatuA SUtta. fatUU
tlta aaiarpaaaa ' ' it
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it waaetrral caraa la tat
ilrallakla taitlataaT aa n
IhT Wahaaalha aaa.
hta'tktll la Iha htalltr. art, a a
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aadl Aartl J. aa4 paajtl -t aa laaftr Dr
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thUtatalhaaa-rartaaaih, Waa1aflaa, O
Bararal J BL BaaaYafw. a Caviar iaafaa. Tt
atraat battraaa Thlrtaaa-aaA a hair aa a.....
ttaath atraatat Alra. A W, Mart, Mf 0 siraat, ba
twaaa IlfbU aa4 Jtlathi W U. CaaalaUai.
S-T, alaaa ik -atraat aa4 Maaaathaaaita attaaTi
Mra X, O, Late, ... Caraar TwalfthaaA
slraala aaA a hara 1 taal Itr
t3F","'ulgi.!iy!" liaa
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AIT. 101 Marktt atraat,
lTtIaalaharak aiaaatlaa liitilf a IltfAw
laaha aalraatbarlaaA Aiaaraf ar bompaafla
WaaklaaUa. aaa iha! ka la Lkaaail an .!..
altaaA u aalltttaa4 aaah aah afaau aa ha anar
appatat ta 4aay. PtamtaaM aepellafae aaira-
""- ' . .eriatasaw
f3)r-B!IAKlNQ AND DUIlSlaO.-lt la
a-XW halStStatarr la laaraaa fram ika t renin
teaiaakalBarJariM tipuHaactitht atlrtataaf
. wm mt lannauf mil bii lu-aiaaaa'
Ika IkraahaU i
ItlllH VTkal l.a
llta thtlr rat ara tea mtAlaai
aakthaahUia ea4 balh1ni
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tha ataaAaaaa af tka-rbaaai
taMcaritanf 4a kn
aapaaiac ia aspaana tatir rat ara tea mtai
faaart Ara-ihtr4asl
i-if wiiiifiLui aaa Malta,
ihavAaalaa tkiaaailvaJ with !
aiiilar tha ataaAaaaa af tha-r baaaa
apalrlaelha vlitrafUar brataa aaA atrr
tattajfiB mtorthaMara,haAtahtJWI eat
ijtri.Vkf Iktm.ll UalJlTTtA 1 TheiahMof
ittrt Blamaaa BlUara aa a harmlaaa aaA aar
rkaavlBa faafiva' iidifuli JiviIaiaJ mjl
apprtt ataAlaaJlvatttafaaaaaaalTir whafata
WrmtUaaUpraialL Tha nalAaata of fik IqmUp
lit btta fa taktttttrly la Iha aprla asa pra-
iprtialL ThanaUai
tataksitaarlr falhi
.taal iha mlama br w
iiklatt ikaaiWtaaar whiaa Ihtr ara aar.
Eaa4a4i aataitaf thaaa, parhapa, fare AllaAaJ.
aaaaaa La am, la iha idmIiIIi at una nannl. kail
f"f l.'rt it aar ataH7tt lallUrapnllatJJt
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flJa'alaUlhaTartatlasaf ptrtolta miUAIrapra
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aathalatarlraaastras taa htaUh of larsa a.tlt
alS la iha varloaa parit af Iha aaaairr aaA
4ta4 ml Iha pah lit at latce It la made faar(aAlrV
'otfaAad aa ampla aaA ealmpeackalrla ttttimoai,
IdiSaaAlapraTal. -.-, -
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warmv-vaa raata bsratofara aarrai br Mr, I
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af faraataaath
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Ltatt aseaaat vapitoi
aaraataa iraatrallaf aaA a ttri
mtai far laAlaa
i aaa a aaparaia aFp'
af traa Marrltiaw
roil luuaa r"t Ii' ,
iraaruanaaar,aaa inajara
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aaauriasrraaa Baauasi ursaas, aa tha whala
l-aia'af Alaarlarrbrtashl aa bp baatTtal aal
Tlstaia kaklta, Uraat aanbtnaaTa bata ara4
tr ir..". ""W'ri i-roBipiaa op a aatira to
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jhtrtalMfw prtparlaf aa4 aalai Uta aaaAlatBa,
1b a (tal4 a;t tltpa, t aar aaa who ataes It, paaa
ereaiaes liAtHe . . ,
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- .-a Waari HITIttt, MIM Fraittliatal
aariltaa alaaa ha haa baaahara Or rairtaaarat
aaiamHiaa, Sialtarlaf, Stammaiiac, ramala
Waakaaaa, Pllaa, Paafatta. Laaa r fait, Oa.
Urrb,B(latlataa, aaA all Chraale Dlataata Va
aArtaa all who ara Iaaaa4 araphya tUa to aal I
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iin.ilBilru.l.aiiaru.1' i. -
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aarraSlaraarkamar baaafaiiac fram aar ef tha
Usiow bleb aaah fa h-l.L"-1 - sbb
latUlaUaffrakf Brsr.aAirtaBailitalaavBaaa
Wa trailr aallt-ra that httia rara a frtat maar
aaaaa thai batt faaaA aa ralttf alaawhtra. Ha haa
iaaaailr AuaA bb at fraal aapaaaa. a iplaaAlA
-JasWa Massa-ia MalaaA 0I4 Atr B.th. br maaaa
af wh lab. ha it prtparaAle traat all ahraala Ala
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la all tirikla
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lanlfMjaBtata. aaa&la4eatatVlUbatiSara
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aaiaa, aa aaah will he raeatraA m twelve ar
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aU aUb.UhaATa4a.7iiaat rtaaoa far tall.
laalrt at Btaatbta bata mhli-lo
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malaal tarttalaci ta a caaA.
IJltf. aa tha raA frtm.Baaalai a BrIAia to
Hlaata bars I Frlaaa Oaarra s aaaalr, AIA r
PfOTtmaais etaatat af a larta hara, 1b aee4 arAar,
aaa aviaa iim vraaa aar i.nat r iaiiaiii
Willi ai aiaiiieiT wadkx waaiuia,
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ONLY' $25 EACH.1
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T fa. II. Oatiaal.Ml M taaUUa. araaaZSaa,
tlalk aallaiaalk lla., uial laaaa. Ilaaaw
8terotTplnT ana JUeotTQajptag' ,
.laramrpai. Maa am.raap.rvi
BT r..TI.Tl Aliaga,
4ET:L,.:Tl.M!lJ" X.mw1t" w .liaaa.. taar. al
MaMaalauaAaaA .liana Bala a..aaaa atava
aR.Flr.llkH waikaa.k.a,l laaraaaaTra:
t'all (a. ..la at. arr .Baa, Ha, s O Mraal. ba.

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