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jjlntioiinl tqHtKi,.
riti' i Hjimid i.-nrntr-riiiL i. ipo.
me M4Tosinrr qdestiox fiunssRD
A. 0. Richard tlio Coming Man
Knthnilaim tot A 0. Richard lathe
lint 'W&rd.
, .ntvlcw t the appioaihlng election Ik
win meelligt art beeomlag toot uvcij innn
they have been, end Iti question ctHwU
let th next Mayor. wri7iMn".
It will be eaenbylh report bekwHt1ba
nest Ward tu already lJictd Hi prefer
ale tot Major A U. Richards, eupcrletea
dent of pllee,
Viral VfkrdllfpabllcaH Clnk.
A meeting nf Ui lint Ward Repnalleea
fJlob wii held last evening at fa lvn
Reboot-bona, tb resident. Henry Jl lot bar,
In 1b ibiir, Wn, n-vnder secretary.
Aftsr transecting routine business, Mr.c
A. Stewart, chairman or tha executive com
milt, reported that Iba commute called:
this mnliif with tha vlsw of Inaugurating
tha ampelgB,and a tha board of registration
woold commence thttr labors oa Monday next,
foraeved that two ehalleagar be appelated
a ranreeantltve aluh at tha rerlelration. Bad
amotion was made to elect two rrprtseata-
Tha Chair aald that wm the prerogative of
ine uanir, sua woyiq invosnev inrn later ia
v Alfred Ijey thought the eleetle should to
done by the club, bet tha Uhalr declined to
After come Further controversy oa theiab-
Mr. Rtcwstt said the meellnehfcd rat been
called for to purpose of flilibuittrrtiffi but If
that w tha order of things It could be dear
io ineir aearta conical.
Mr. Pay to It ted open hie appeal, which tha
Chair refuted ta tatertalat and axl moved to
raeeaalder tha vote.
Not votlag at all.tb Chair ruled that motion
Hi. liae arTered Ihe fallow Inn
"Invlewof tbe proclamation of fba Prosl-
hbbi oi in vDuu oieice mis aay issued pro
claiming the rnilfleeilAn or Ihe fifteenth amend
meattotheOoaetllallea, s t
"Jbirfveat, That thle la receive lseltlat?a
mass meet lag to oonsrder the propriety or
rpiiBiHfni vwia- vur appnrcin
thle (rand aetlao or tha aatlaa "
The Chair ruled tha reeolmiea oat nf order,
and hla decision wn sustained, s
The exeeotlveeommlt.ee were empowered to
hire two carriage tor the purpose of teklag
persons to the registration rooma.
Mr. Phillips, chairman of the campaign com
mute, reported they were getting along
flaely, aad would show progress at the acxi
Mr, Ktewart mated that tha Fl rat Ward
IrUh Bepublleaa Clab ba lavlled to unite
lth thla elab la forwatdlnf theotJeata or the
camptlfa eaatatUtee, whtth waa af reed to,
aad tha ateretarr tnitraated to aotUr tha
Ytt Ward Irlih Ulah nf thla aettoo.
Mr. Preadar oITared the followlnrl
JtfialMd. That we View with dlaanerabalLaa
tbaeoadaetof eettala Indltlduali. whoaepur
fo la eoAlOft to tba ball (proved by their ee
loa while la toe hall) la for tha aole par pit aa
of ereatlag dleorder aad interfering with the
laflUwateburiaraaof thealubi thntthecoa
duel of eeld tadlrlduale leada to bring tha
aaeabere af thla elub, ae a body, lato dli credit
la tha Blade of our fellowelllieaa.
Be Ufriktr rraoeed. That a repetition of
euca wnoawt bi lDTir ! win inj invai II Die
to atpulatoa fron thla hall.
j eon ncuj mvuini m rcaoiauoaa aaouia
ba adopted. 11a regretted that ceriala Be-
uaueaae, no ninvtn oi ina iu
ber of the elub, cam
li-ht ta disturb lha wa.
her from night to night to disturb th pro
eeedlaga. Uarmoay ahaald etlel to this ward,
tan dj uiiib( iuih luiiiuuwuuw axprcse
its disapprobation.
Th (hair eommenrad to discuss th ques
Hon. whea Robert Thompeoo ohjeoted ta the
presldcet debating rtrr question. Iet hln
vaeatc tit chair and take his ebeoce with
Mr. Hlmber turaed over hie authority to
Vie President torrasler, and took tba floor,
advocating th adoption ol th resolutions,
aod moved that they ba adopted
Alfred Day oppaaad their adoption It
tfcouaal taera waa malieo la tham. and tha
Aavll bad got iKMeeeetoa el the majority of
in niautii di taw iiuvi waa ng iigoi ior
lb club to adopt such laatlments.
Mr Meaoy naked ir tha speaker waa oot a
member of th lavlaclbte Club.
The Uhalr ruled the question out of order,
Jledldaot reeognUeanyooebut Kepubllsaan
Mr, Say warned tha voters or ta rlrel
ward agalast th maohlnatloca or the political
leaders who had themselves ereatcd the
trouble aod eaused eautlagdlsseasloae.
Jerome Johnson depreeated the adoption or
the resolution. II considered them unaeste
ary, xcltmat would alwaya atlst la po
litical gathering. Let th resolutloaa ba
voted down.
Mr.Laeey said IhoadopUoa of tba reeolu.
tloae would drlv every good taleklng man
away from tbclrmeetlags. and ba moved that
they b laid on th telle. Carncd onaai
jnoualy. ,
Ilanry Jobaeoa thought thla meeting waa
laUaded lor tha banett of tha Irish lUpabll
east of th ward, aad asked tf they had defined
thete altuftttoa, aa ha wa not present whea
the meeting wa orgsnlaed.
The Uhalr aald that thry bad aot aa yet
offered aay explanation, but would b allowed
to d eo la th proper order of business.
After deciding to settle a bill of long stand
lag, the Uhalr eald he recognised a aumaar of
rate ! obi (", aae if mere were any
rlahRepeblleaaeprceeBtthallhey tnald ad-
orcac in dhiibi
Mr. Stewart desired to affVr a resolution.
lleaayJohoaoa rose to a polatoforder, Vva
It treat! a g th Irish with respect I
Th Uhalr decided that there was some bust.
nesc to transact, aad would hear Mr Stew.
art's reeolatloa. It waa aa follows-
itfiesed. That lb central committee be re
quested to call a mass meeting la all the ward
oa Thursday, th 1 at or April, 10, for th
purpoea ol eleetlag art ecu delegate to th
aomlaatiag convention.
la ear port ' tba resolution Mr. Stewart
eald that of late a great deal had bees aald
about postponing ibe no tola at loa for th May
oralty. It waa policy ta change the order of
tblaga this year, and be hoped th resolution
aramM be adODtatl aa lurtiilv nl tha uil.
saent of the First ward Itepublleaaa, aad that-
Domiantioea ee at mum a an eariy eayi A BSBV
bar ef candidates had been mentioned Amoar
nM otviv mini uvin, amrrmiin (naiioew
ina announcement of the name of Malar
JUihard wae greeted with prolonged aad tra
aaeadous applause, during which the llowew
men were quiet, and several effort were
made to gal ap a hurrah for Ut present la-
Mr, Stewart imlllogty protseJed. Tbenam
or General Uroeker had been mentioned. Mow.
the object to be accomplished wa that th re
epeeuve eenniaeiea ee eeiore ine peonieria
orasriaa incir eieima mini e weti can
vaaeed If It were Saylc J, Dowea, or Mat-
order that their etalma might be well can-
tbewO.KmerT, or A. U.Hlchards, renewed'
and prolonged applause, the IlcpubtUan
were aaiernitivu u av m miavi id nw
who the were colas to vote for. At least he
hoped ao one would be aomlaated who did
not ctaad equare on tha radical Haute of Ibe
day. I-aat ryartb candidate wrr not put
lona obit at ia juhpibz-vu piaee. toil
year it wouU b dI0crt.
neart Jehaceo mer lb adoption of tba
reaoUUoa offered by Uariar A. alewart, aod
It wasaaopled.
AlthUJanlnrth Irish Republicans ed
lered the hall, aod war greeted wlth'Cbeeri,
aastgacd to front seats, and welcomed cor.
Th Chair announced aa challenger Ueoax
Garrett aad Heorca PMIUdsi alternates. Uhaa. i
Sypbaz.tt. 8. Huise, Hotel t Thompson, ami I
George Wrreeler 4
Several bill were presented Xvr paytAeat.
which were ordered to be paid.
usary jonnsen oiu puis loina:
freasftomaey claims upon lb
Ime, Th peyuent should be
the close of the campaign,
Usary Johnson did ttot Chink tt waa fair tn
i acierrea uoui
, eancelall whin
Corporation Attorney Cook hai patiiotlH
P1IJ llll nilUIUIIDIIT IDnillVUlIB wow ior
campaign purposes Ureal laughter J
Mr. Powell, on bshilf of tbe Irish llcpubtl.
eanaortb First ward, said that their presi
dent (Mr rtt UUlrJ was not able to attend to
night, but weald be oa heed at th next meet.
Mr. N Oliver offered the Ml owl eg reso
lution i
Miiotrtd, That wc sustain the eourso pur
sued by Mayor IloweMn tuauaglDf tnesfrtlra
uf thla aorporatleu.
Air. Jl. Jehnaon moved to lay II on lb
Mr Stewart oppose tb motion of Mr
Mr Tbompion coatendrd that U taolon or
Mr jonnson wa out ;( et4n it wa not
proper I r before the house, not hsvlag bn
Mr Johnson reus wed the motion to lay tb
resolution ou tb tat), which gave rise to ao
re not aovernad h iunln. ir.nnti
... uwpi.v .-it j aiscu i( inn uao
lutloc, and It was Qaally adoplcdr
Several motions were made to adjourn, but
all were voted down Tola saused the dlscca
tere o heartily laugh, la which ihcy were
Jelncdby olLcrs '
Mr. pay moved the adoption of tbe resold
tloae offered by him In the early part or the
evening, and took ibe floor, adiuuatlog that
Iba mt Jf resell Hull into a mas mcel.ee.
Mr. Robert Thompson sieved to refer tn
resolution to lb executlr oommlttsc
Mr. Uey laslsted upon his right to spsak,
and while pouring out big gratitude for the
tnoeJsmatloa, 3&t fjaat aoaorcJ blm by
pnlUef hUcoat.
Thiaprevoked Mr Iay, asd, alter eeaalder
m&U euafuaioe, sluileg which Ihe President
appealed to Ibe gentlemen to keep order a
aa acted a Peace tusker, and order
mmm itiitir
A lace debate eaaaeJ aa lha nrnnrfat. nr
a-ivBiUc th reeoJatlan an the didlsi tI l',Iuf J&r natlou or th misting, but
Tha reeoiiaileee were Baally aOop'rj, aad J
tlBwaatlagofiaeTt .jenirfcrd. 1
T.z'L'r'ZZ PM, - meeiiog 10 orr. I
Mr Btewirt, oa tkleg tba ehalr, eiplalaed
the purpoTe lor which, they hid orientied.
aid Kig ralaUlarr dJff f ' "
55 Heary llimler, Allied Jonet, Botart
laoojpon, and other
Oaaof th epeakeiewai aa aged colored
naa aaad HhediUiek Nugent, who I about
nieetr ila rerl aga,an4 wha,1hooghoalr
mere toy when peaee waa declared, and tba
iiitnm a) the Atrtrteaa euloalea aroeUlmrd.
eel beflleilcart remembered the event It
waa aaUveettBtitofOeorgeUriiugh,atond
liaulcitanl af tka atiiltarv Dflmnnaf front
Frederick Cllj. Maryland, and whea tnde
Dtmleaeawaa declared tber were eneanped
on Fe'ierallilll.llUilmore lie eautd hardly
reailta that Uoa ba.l aparea nieiue 10 am idii
davdy treeter than that whlehreeogBliffd
IBA llbertr uf the old thirteen eoionlee
iihnioiuiiiiuiviiiii mv -
aneudaieat ta the Uoaitltatlon bad been ratl
Htd.andihe area! eeianelpatlea of the eoU
orearBeeioreTeaeaitian. ,
the iiiiowlBgoflarad by Alfred Day, were
adopted) .
JtrVeVerd. Thai we, tba clMteaa of the Dril
want tn mate meeting aiienbled, dealreat
iblatlnetoahaw our apprralallon of iheae-
imn oi iae rreaigeaioi ia nn oi.i.
mA ihi KAtiU katiAn ,t ma Farle flrtt Uon
tree aad tha twenty-eight State a tat If; lag
Jtefefeed, That Teallag at thla tin that w
eattoot 0o fall Jualla to thla unequal event,
ifiimmd. Thii offir nuf nratera and re
hew Aur obligation to President Uraat and
Inn noble men of the SanaU aad Houaaof
VapreaeBiativea iaai aae ""a "r
ua, nnu pii
Jtetaera, Thtt a committee or Rf b P
poiated toaiakerrngenintitoreaadlhe
Prrtldrat aad other aobla aeton la thle aolv
Die eveni .. .. .
The following amtadaunt of Mr Itendrraoa
fleaafeedL That th aaetora of th varlou
fBureace requeeiad o oner op ihidi
Una la the 11 ana hi U an naitv. whleh ha el
vatcd aa to tha nrond noaltloa now oeeaoled
by ue la tha body politic.
Th Chair announced a lb commit!
Jamea Wormier, Alfred Dr, Henry lllmber,
At lla'alaak thla nee Una adlouraed with
rauelaaebeera for Prealdeat Uraat, thaUoa
greie of the United HUtee aad tha aett Mayer
uf WaehlagToaMaJor A. U. Itlchardc.
Tnira ivarauaroraaucpuDiiaaw, Aao
Tha reealar wekt meetlaa of thla ward
anocUUoa was held laat atghfat Will' Uall,
aavanio eirvei, which waa ciwiatt n uruvr nj
tha arealilaat. A. 11. Klaaav.
aad Wp.
NUwtll ft! All IMMlirV BM fMMV
The Oh air at a ted that at th meeting of th
Iadepcadeil Keform Aiaoelalioa held tail
Tueeday a resolution waa adopted requrettng
the ward elotia ta elect a Central Uoumtttee
or Ore torcprcitot the ward b that body.
The Uhalr alao dated Ibat la three wekj
the board of rriUtratloa would be la tbu
ward, end he auggeatcd that all ehould go to
reform movement, Irreapaetlve of raee or eolor.
About thirty oew member clgacd the roll of
Th Chair appelated th follow log aa the
calralrommlifaet Aleitra. O. I. Dart, Jama
JieyaoUi, Thomal.ewI, John w. JluaUr,
and Ldward Allen.
Ua motion, Wm. U Stewart wa eleeted
permanent aeeretary of the aiaoelatloo
Th Chair appointed the foil owl or c a
flaanea eommitteet Meeara P. W ttellhau
aea.(JLP. liehteaa. Joaenh Uerhardt. Wta. 11.
air. J. If. Oaaamaa waa than Invited land
dreaa the meeting, aaylng that It waa Iba wlah
aad latcnlloa or Iba board of reglatrattoa to
gtv ample time to all legal votere to regiater,
mowing nve aaja io rnea wera, corameneing
a the ftlret ward oa Mondavi but abould tha
11m aot be euSteieat. ba had ao doubt aa ad
ditional day would ba allotted to ana ward.
AH political partlee would have ererv faelllty
aaoraauiwrigiiirnion, itit anvuivirr
mala away.
Mr. J, ll. urtoe waa neat eauea oa and
briefly addressed th aiaoelalioa la favor of
the reform movement, hoping In June neat it
aeai n
ii nog,''
may a uceasiui to rout in "uiry nan
a ii is urniu. ,
Mr N. 11. UlUsr follow d. sarin that be
bonedth colored and white atUieaa of the
ward would attend the mectlaga of ihe asso-
CiaiiOB ana periicipate id lie precreoiniv, ana
anstaat mat (era aalenlated to farther the re.
form movement, for by orgeolilag aad work
laalecather aaeceaa would be eartala. The
prvaeni urHraiia waa must aarnipi
Tr in m, ,a.Bu ui rwiaria, aa
promised, taa leader bava rehbed theelllieas.
and tber were mora poor laborer Idle bow
than Tcrbtiore, ana ib corporation treasury
11 aald oa of Bo wen friends attempted to
uciena am vj mihiupi inn bib ir. u -sj
only faalt waa that he had some dlshooesi
men a bent him. lie (Mr. M ) asked If Boa-en
did not kow they were dtsfenoeet. to which
be received no reply If concadd by saying
thailtowca would not have an honest man
about blm, aad h hoped aextJan that he
woukl be put lato a pot and cee-edo well
doee that no mora political life will be found
Mr. SUwart submitted tha following) wbleh.
wae adopted!
Mttalmmd. That tba Third ward Reuubllaan
Seform Aeeoelatloa attend ea mam the cele
bration eC tha adaptloaof tbe Afieeath amend
meat, which la soon to take place, and -chat a
committee of three be appointed to carry the
VOirwt ai mi invHiiwn im mura.
Ina Uhalr annolnted Messrs William U
Stewart, acaeral Joseph Uerhardt and James
Maya a commute la accordance with th
Tha meet lag then adjourned.
Man nrcllwsrtrf Ponrlh Ward CI li
ne wa.
A mass meeting of the cltlieoeofth Fourth
ward wa held fa Bouldle'a church, corner
r ourtbnad L streets,, for tha purpos of
electing delegates to tbe Jolat eoiamtttee to
make arraneementa for Ihe annlveraar af
thoemaaclpatlAB, April ! Palmer Urlseoe
presided, with Jamee A Oreea secretary
Sydney MeFarlend wae shoe a vice-president.
ivurorn in i muirr. " toiiowinf
were eleeted delegates to tb Jolat commit
tee! Wm. Edleboro, Kev. Uf. Ilosldla, Wm
H.Seotl aad Uaora Hhaaklla. After th
election the Uhalr addraaaed the meeting o
tbe neeesalty af actloa to render th celebra
tion a success.
Fourth Ward Irish Bepablleana.
Owlag to th necessary absence or th
offleers of th fourth Ward Iriah Hvnuhllaaa
Ulub, no meeting: or tbe club wa held last
Tbw llflh Ward Clab.
The rrrular waa hi mmiIh f ! virk
Ward Irish RepubllcaaOlue, bald last evening
el UleUos' Halloa south A street, Capitol
aii,wB tmtfWMj aiiraMu, ma prvaiaeai, joan
i)'Meara,a th chair, aad Jamee Unlgley,
alia. . d.lll.a . ll .....
in. im. iuv wii, VTra new
members were nominated and, la roles be log.
Mr p'Meara.ehalrmaaof the committee oa
labor, reported that they had called upon
Hilar faawenvwha had laid UlBlkilvark
would be opened on i rlday, a Monday at Ibe
latent, and assured them that th Irian Repub
lican Ulub of tha Fifth ward should have a
share of th work. The committee had also
called upon the ward commissioner, who had
rromlacj to put a many mem bare ol tb elub
o work aa be eould aad do Jastle t the other
Hceubllcsneof the wrerdw
Mr, Uulgley moved that tba name of all
thee whoa name wer on tb roll, who had
not signed th constitution and paid their
membership fee, be strlskea from the rails.
After considerable debate tha motion waa
laid over ior oa wees,
The nrcaldent. chairmen, af taa dalecatae te
ma central miwimib, man a reperi womb
waa adopted.
..--.., '.t.u. j. - r ..:;
After aome other unimportant business th
elub. on raotlaa adlaaruad t Proceed In a
body to attend the regular ward meeting of
tha ltnubltu aluo " I
nun-nava npnDicaii Clab,
A meeting ol tba Firth Ward Republican
Olab was beld at tbe achool-houee oa First
atreet cast, opposite Iuddlagtoa Row, last
TBBinaj v. it iioiucd, prcaiucni, in me CD air.
aot J.W MaKnlcht. aeeretarr.
Tn Chair aulcJtbe object or tb meeting
Io nolo make preparations far th ensuing
Mr. i
Mr J U Oitchcll moved tht a Committee
on fiaaalutlona tie aniiAintad. la wtxui, all i.l
olutlons offered Irftoc club should b referred.
1 hie gar rise la great dasl of debater par
ticipated Id I'tJ It Arrlsoo. Jamee fjl ver
pool. Uaotala Break. IX R Parker. Mr Ianr.
tree, W II Ilrown, jr ,and other, with aht
lion to amend, lay on tha table, point so f or-
Jcr. fco , until la the coafuiloq th mtla wae
osl sight of.
Uapiala Ilrock moved that i poaches be llm
(ted to three minutaa.
n u ia iiiuxuuiviiuiv iiiiinii or mtiior
It tea minutes 5
I) R, Parker moved tn amend byonSniag
speeches to members or tt club.
Mr McKnight moved to still further re
quire nirav. iwuiy-avccaie wncajoiainf
Ho miir matlona la a batah Ihraar thln
ioio miaiungp, anu naaira were noaiiy
srralghxncil out by a motion, which pre
vailed, to lay them all oa Ihe Uble.
Mr Atkinson offered a rcaalutlaa imiiMt.
,-.. ..-.. . . .r: -t :"
log the AUcrmeu and Uommoa Council to
wall on the heads of danartmanta la hakair nf
Ihe employee discharged from th Washing-
Upon thle resolution another long debate
waa had. ta the eouria at whinh tha riii
of the yard was charged with baring removed
uuu tujmi wa anu reiaining eoppernceua,
and various other delinquencies
am iBoiuiiim vaa aaaiir luonui.
Th nresldeat then aneouneed tha rnllmalnr
as tticcvreutlve committee orthe club Prank
Orer, J, I, Unnnlrg, Rasil Urown, W 8,
Mstst.er. Wai )I. Hugbca.J H Lyot Wm,
jimci Ureraool, tiaaiuel Strong, Hdward
Gray, J K, Arrlsoo, Addison Wectas and A
ai OPliinr,
Mr. Atkinson onrca n preamble and rsso
lutlon. recltfnt that the iBflsumable nronef tv
or the Uovroal va eatirely gependauv
upon the Or drpartmeatof lhe(iyaad that
theUoreraoveat paid nothing for lie support i
thirfor ' " '
KiKveesT, Tbatiioegrcaa D requested to an
iroprlat annually a cum for the relief or the
ire deoarlment. and lhat a committee Af
three be appolatcito urge euet. action by
Uob grass.
Alter mora ucai lb resolutions was
tMr. Arrlsoo moved that a eommlllc of flv
be appolnladtocoarerwlth-tbaUoncrrsslot.nl
Uommlltecs lor tha District to urg aa appro.
pmiioafor f radios: and navlna aome ol
avenuae la the cilv. lhat lha m&i an ia.
ii i
eeive employment. The reeolutloa waa
J hit U'floaneaa nttatantait Ia anaal a.m.
lsiur the aatfou of the misting, but be wis
msaiam seacai
Tbe regular weekly meeting of th Sixth
araw una iifputMna Club waa held last
drew Neville, In th chair, aod Jam Pleat
in,, tha l.innctinn at routine bualnaae.
the delegates appointed to meet the other
ward clubs for th purpos or forming a Ceo
tral Irish Republics biecutlv Committee
eipiameo ineir aciion io Toum vrpnno
to th rcaolutlona offered by Mr Uahlll, nf the
Pourtb ward cluNal th meeting beld at Wills
hail on tnesvin mil ,anu mn ucvrg aeamp
j.fTa.a.1 ll.a rnllnialBVl
Ruoivtd, Hyth Slain Ward Irish Repobll
can Ulub, that w heartily appro v af the ae
tloa of our delegates la votlag against tb
reeoiUTlon oi nir viDim"umi nv
tleg nf the delegates at Wills' Uall, bellevleg
that ia iaw At theannrnachlnr elect loa. tha
delegates bad ao builaeea to Indorse any on.
but endeavor to harmoolte the ranks of thd
llapubllcaa party, and endeavor to defeat one
opponent at th coming ctcatlon at the ballot
Which resolution was uaaalmously adopted.
Ma fika ii ik iinlii ward elutv. ad'
dressed the meeting, had eoagratnlated th
members apon th harmoay wbleh prevailed
among them, aod hoped they would come and
j ID ian regular cm, a.ujoaincu.
NntlonM Eatecillva Cornwall tea of
Cularcd Mass
A meeting of this committee assembled last
evening at the residence of fl T. Downing,
esq , on Capitol Hilt.
There were present Professors Vasbna aod
liiinivs, ne. nwii aiariia, ofoiivinniiii
of Aliaaiaatnalt II Rash Plamler. member ol
the Legislature of Teiaa the Georgia dslesra.
iOB,niniaa n, ofiiru, tu. vaarmi,ir
Anraai axiiny, atammuemeorv. atria omnn.
John T Cosilo, Tt O. Campbell, Jr, and Atfml
jvaicnuin, iirnnrj di in ueirfjaiiani n u.
Keoaedy.of Teaeessce, aod com other (a
tlameu nf this ellr.
Mr Uowalng, as chairman of th eommlU
lev.caiieu uoruer,anq ramnraea ne enrneai
feeling whlahcalsts la regard to th Georgia
aae. aad e a tended a cardial welcome In the
Ueorgla commute with th request for sUt.
nii iron mem inregaru leinataiaie,
Ktr Mr Martin read resolutloaa la regard
to tbe fl flee nth a me admen, end thaoka to
Preeldeat Grant for hie aitloo aathttCQbJect,
and proposed that com oa b selected ta pre
pare aa address to th people.
Follow I ar are Ihe faaoluHans ntrered hv
Mr. MartlnJ wbleh were passsd unanimously t
araofrra, inai in ine paaagn oi ine niieeuia
amendment to th Ueeetllutlea wa have a
erownlag of tbe Repebllaaa edifice or tb
Ualted (states, whleh make forever complete
that atrnstnr. wheae foundations ware laid
by th holiest aaorincce and the nobles endea
vor known to ma as, lad With n ballot In the
bands or every man, wa bava the pledg of aa
tleaal proteciiooj aad a stimulus ta aatienel
EliriniliaiWlin in itira n union (
aalhrawa lata the ecalaa of Slate admin
istration, and the hoaor of a law abiding
people now linked to Jostle, th demarka
tloosof rice are obliterated, and th aepa-t
rated interests ofastlenal tie forever ocaaea,
Jtrseeed, That Prealdeet Uraat, la hla saea
ssgs accompanying the proclamation of tba
railflaalloBOf the Briceath amendment, a
blblta th lastlaet or a noble nature, fur
niched tha proof or a noble stetcimanihfp.by
leaving th Una of mcr ofOclal routlae, to
paakla lovlog and manly words hie ceetr-
menis lowaru iue two raves principally eea
Jeseera, That la the aameef the colored
BMila of Ihe aatlaa wa leader Io Osacral
Great our sincere ackaowledg meats far tblc
proeror ntsnjiiry to oor cause, ana for nia
nabilhr with od race, and eloie with the
benediction or every eon of th pld Day Slatet
In ipeaklagof hsr, wssayt MGodblsa him.
Urseleed, That Congress has our deep gratl
tudefor the act of just lea wbleh made pots 1.
ble the ratification which w celebrate to
night, and.) hat tb honored name ol Sumacr
and Stevens recur to nc with a f rateful race)
lection amid the nrobabllltlcs of tbe hour.
fftfaeJrvd. Thai Ike National XUceutlve Com
mlttee or colored mea select come ooe ef their
number to deliver an auarcea ai some satiable
place In honor of this th crowning deed ol
American Justlc to our rac and as a flttlog
memorial to those who are to coma after as
Mr llsalrd, chairman Georgia committee,
waa called upon, and made a statement or tha
rsellngaadoonaiiioa.aadwiinee or the peo
ple of that Slat, lie slated their vlewc
ngainsi ioe prevaei enrctoi inn uingnam
Ur Urecn. of the Oeortla delceatloa. snoha
or the treatment and wrongs which their peo
ple reeeiv ia uwniia. wae iiiin dui qi
nie nuun o aiiai. nan iaa io mf wdvui.
where he waa whipped aevcral thousand
lashce or blows, and treated with other vlo
Usee II slated tbes fast t show tha state
of affairs In Usorgla at present He also
siaieu some amusing lnemenia, atienoed also
with danger, la hla at perl nee,
Romulus Moor nsxt spoke of th awful
MBltloa la Qeorala. to which thsrara aa
peeed from their cncmiesjhe K Ks aad their
tnrcareatng oeiiecc. noma or our people are
afraid to report what they know and etparl
eoee, for fear that If they fall they will re-
eie no mrtvj inin .ovir iiimiii lie men
tloaed the killing or Atklne, and Ihe same
late threatened to himself.
Mr Costln was nest sailed, and also related
some fasts relative to th outrages, eta .which
thee endurad
Other gentlemen of the committee, com af
them member a of th Qeorrla !.-iaitua
mad remark oT similar Import, sondrmlng
what had ban aald byt hair nollsag use In refer
eac to th dangers and Injuries to whleh th
colored people are liable, and their opposition
te the lllngham amendment,
Mr Mania arose aad seated that th colored
mea'a National Labor Union xprsscd their
(Binii anu co-vperauen wnn in ueorgla del
ecalloo and this commute la their efforts In
this matter.
Mr. Plomby. otTsias, on being called, mad
a few remark la sympathy with the ccntl
meat or the meeting, aad saying they were
act la as uapleeaaat condition la hla Stat aa
istrwtrs i a uvorgie.
After eom general conversation by rarloua
A letter was read from lb officer or the
Republican Ocaeral Committee, proposing
oaaralloa with the colored mears eommUt
in gemse up a grann puou aemoaitratlon In
honor of in ratiasatloa of tha Oflcenth
Mr Downing left the chair and called Prof
Vaahon to take It while ha anTerad tha ritiiai.
leg resolutions, which he cupported with able
ktalt4. That we have listened wllh aara
eat aoncern to the several statements a.ade by
tba delecatlona or colored mitfran narrii.
detailing the oulraece and lajustlee to which
ri ma ii iRiipmr biti veen BDnjrcira,
and th fearc Ihcy entertain aa to what would
bath result of passing the lilagham amend
Jt'iorivf, That tt Is tb earnest requestor
Id. Maltnaaf I'.laiiM.. IV.nlll.. k
Colored People of the United Stat that th
Seaate strike from the bill before It. far tha
ad a is loa of Georgia, th elaos kaowa as
lb Uiogbsm amendmsnt.
ITha other resolutions tha renarterdM nnl
obtain, which were further amrmlog th
aaaea I
private dramatic ntalnmcnt waa given la tb
Sarlorc of the lion, A. G. Riddle on Wedaca
av v color, at wbleh the farce of 'Poor
Plllleoddy" aad tha aide apllttlig drama or
"idouibb-' were girvn oy aa amateur com
Amona th Invited a-uasta wa nottee Mr. ami
Mrs General Poe, Mr nnd Mrc, Ueoeral
Pern aad daughter, Mr. aad Mrs. G. Is
llaW.Uon R, W Taylcr, Comptroller rjh
iremsaryi a.u.uniwa ana laaica, Bir.and
Mr. Benedict, Mf. and Mr. Oardcon, Mr
Lyman, Mrs Iein, Miss Hcatoa, and others.
Tbe following wsb the east ofebaracterc:
"Poor PlUUoddy' Mr, Pillleeddy, raek
DartIttMr P 111 aod Jr. Mra rak l)rt.
lctlUaplaln O'Seultle. William L liramhalli
Mrc.U'ilcuUlo, Miss Mary A. Blddlei Sarah
lllaet, Mrs. Wm L. Bramaall. '
Toed Ua Mr, Toodles, Joe. Adi Tbomsoat
Mrc 'Toodles, Miss Louise W. Kbowltooi
Farmer reatao. Wm, L. Rrnmhalli farmer
Acorn, Charles M.lleatoa, Jr ( Mary Aeoro,
Mlssl.lnUP, Knowltoni Oeorge Acorn, IM.
ward ICIterdmanj Charles lentoo, James A,
liamplcl Lawyer Ollb. Fraak Uartlett,
These plsys wcte admirably given, and for
suck an eceaslon were far above the are race.
Mr. aad Mrs, HsrtJett as Mr. aad Mrs. Pllll
eoddy showed a correct appreciation of tbe
characters they suitala-d, and they received
rounds or applause Th other character
war nicely rendered, . th Play nc a whole
wss a decided suoesss
Mr. Jos, Ad. Thomson aad Mso Louise
Know tton, ae Mr. and Ufr Tnodlec. were
dressed )i admirable tasU. aod played their
pari worthy or profmlooals. We have never
seca th parte better dressed, and! seldom ae
wellDlavsd. Ia tbedruakea nceae Mr Tham.
sac) wae Inimitable, and brought down the
bouse Ha Io a Sae reader aaa claautioalet,
aa manvof our readers era aware, ami hla
rendition of Toodles" oa Wednesday ere
alng, showed thst be posseaied rar dramatic
talent, Mlsa Llivie Know,too aa Mary Asorn,
looked sweetly add acted vcryflaely, aadld all
,nua enKBju ia mt perirnBea, nr, USrU
man waa capital, Oeorge A core aad Mr. Nam
pl did th young sailor well.
A splendid sol tat to awaited th eom pany
at the close or the perfermaneesi and after It
bad bees discussed the company separated for
their homes, well pleated with the entertain
ment Wa hone II will ranaalaJ Ia ! .ik..
f.i..i.T.."..'.-.;.r.v"'i","' ""
tn Vivi"i oi eej owing nucaao
cvcalagas we eojoyed.
UiitcKnsTntf AnacsryD, Yesterday aye
alos aa Officer Ilrown aad Lawlerwrte on
their way down North Uapllol attest, they
dlsrevcrad a eolered man la front or theia
walking very rapidly, having oa bis shoulder
a bsg eealalnlag what appeared to be quit a
weight They arrested him and took him to
thastallonlious, where an ciamlnatlon r
vsaladth fact that tb bag contained a nun.
berof cieccdlnily fin breed fowl, coo listing
of on splendid Mask Spanish cock, oa Mask
Spanish hen, flv beautiful bens, and three
very handsome Maine hen-all or them n4jl
.uir ami uroin, i inter wu very surly,
refuilog to aaswr any question put (o Mm
II was locked up until last evening, whea be,
Ing closslv pressed by Lieutenant Kclley he
ooufessed ibat be had stolen th fowl from a
farm house out Sercnlh street, aad acsr ibe
toll-gate, and aald -further that he waa forced
w ww ii iium neoeiinr, ite lurinar gave ma
name a Ihomas lnrr Sheldon. 4rtr a
bearing UforeJustUC Unas, b waa cent to
Jail for a further bsarlng. Maaatlm atforU
arc being mads to find the owner of the fowl.
Gkubobtoivn ArrAtna Jlity-two person,
were eonflrmed on WcJaesJay srcalngat St.
Jpbo'atP Lishurch. Ulihou Johns, of Va.,
& mo I a ted, aod was sullied by Rev Miiiti
Williams, Atkins and ilrowo. J "
Anaocijcni io in eaaai annul rorty miles
above here will delay the arrival or boats for
two or three daya.
Twealy.uvo hundred bushsls of wheal wire
SOU at the ffllltlnrnf tha t1.,.k..i.i t.
Cliaoie VCSlerdav. as fnllnarat Im k.i.t.i. i-iJ
at II u 4T9 prim at II U,eU cbols at 4IJIW.
andTiwcholcaatllJv, "-3i
or the pnllee telegraph, rciiorlc nineteca bune
itiedaud thirty three meeagcc over hla wlrei
durlng the moalh of March
Mkjb lUiinipn k Do No.ilOSsvenlh
street, are eellinrthnlr immense .L;.;";7
Th Alesawdrln md WAablflKioti
Rnllraael lnbrogll.
It was mentioned la ystrday's flscrffe that
an Injunction had been Issued by Judg mil
enjoining tb ,Shomaker,, Company from
retalnleg possasslon of lha Alexaadria and
Waahtngtoa railroad, ahd that a mandamus,
would probably b Issued requlrleg that com.
aa. a ill 4 Kal. Iha'TrSOSh"
company. That maadamnc was served yester
day eTeaing.anu loanirr oi in t""""-"
for this county, In obedience to It, limed a
xccutlon,BBd th sheriff, at Iwehty mloutcc
before eleven o'clock, thla' tnoralar, "f"lt,t'
lha a.llk nlaalaa M,h n.nrrl II KOUIn
aoa.NathaalelDouah.aadT.T UUl.dlrectort
la the O French" iamb.., la iioiieailcn of tba
road and nil Its properties.
This wa done by reading Id tb gentlemen:
ac thsy atood vpon the rallraad trask, In front
or lha tall, and Imnii.. in M. IIIII a eraVCl
tak8 from tb bed of tb road Th sheriff
men, aeeompaaied by th direstorc ana
their eonneeL Meeere.r.. n Tewlnr and II O.
Claugbtea, proceeded to the St Aiaph street
depot, and read Ue Injunction to th ticket
agent, conductor and engineer, restraining
them from acting any longer a agsnts or
the "Shoemaker " company. Mr Lewi
UlcphtB, receiver or th road at the wain
Ingten ead, cam down aa th te o'clock
train from that all, aad was far nam hour
la consultation with th Mi reach' direc
tory. Mr. Shoemaker arrived her sooo after
from Baltimore, aad with Meiers. Sloven
and Phelpa, th eoprtntedal aod manager
under hie management, wae la consultation
with his counsel, Mccsrc. Ureal and Wattlss,
Th train that was to bava started from
her at II o'clock a. ta.coBtnloed It usual
number of passengers, among them being;
noma who wanted to maka taa llalilmore con
neatlon, but ae thaaecoadc after that boar
elongated lato minutes and the ml a utee be
gan to be counted by teoa, th watches or tha
iivii iraTriere were grauuaiiy rrp"v
their laha. and wllh sasar a enanresied oath
on the part of the men aad maarfettatloaaof
disappointment on that of th ladles, they
left (no care aad weeded their way to the wharf
to take the It o'clock boat. The Iraln lhat
ian wasDiwgioo ni ii O'cioca not meeting ine
trala from here at Waterloo switch cams on
dawn alowlv. and that loo waa alonDed here.
and oo train a bava besa running sins, th
locomotives anq ear eeisr atauonery ai ine
bl Asanb street denoL notice waa served
upon the "French" directory thle evening
thatth "Shoemaker" director would make
a motloa at 11 o'clock to-morrow before Jade
llttL In eh em he re ta dissolve the lalonstion
ret tr amine them from retalalnr possession of
th road Aad eo th war stands at present.
awHnaria usimr, eie.
PaoviDniT Ain SocirrrTfcc beard ef
directors of Ike Washlaeten Association for
th Improvement of the Poor, met at tkeif
ofltsc last evening la tha abeeaee of th
prealdeat and secretary, Mr. J. P.Tustla oc
cupied in en sir, eon n . n. n cogwoea ncieo
as secretary,
Mr, A. S, Solomons stated thst oa account
or the impoverished condition or tha treasary
nw wae uaaoia 10 meet a out isun 19 iae
gss company for hauling or coke, aad moved
iaa a ronaiiiti ee nnooinieti 10 wan oa bib
Honor th Mayor.and request hlspsymeatof
The Uhalr appelated Messrs. A, P Ulatk
and A Hart on Ihe committee,
ur. Boiomoaanrrerad the follow lag rtolu
Ilea, which wa uaaalmaoelr adentedt
JteeWareT, Thai thla assoclatloa dieeoatlaab
Ua aatlve operatlona for th seasoa oa aed
after tbe 10th of April ncit, end dlreetere will
notlssu nnyordsra to taktrt after that
Mr. J. W, lark, from Iba aommltlee oa
clothing for women aad children, mad th
ward so pea orders of tb directors la thee
warn iae roiiowingf
Te tb riret ward rooci te tks vain ef. n m
eciadwsrd.i , n 00 (O
aire win tHiiointm. h.i ill
Fob tie ward ,1, i.. tt tt
ruin were 1 ,.. ., 10
ieveath watd"n.'i'n
The committee requested to ba authorised
to continue th distribution of garment until
th amount received by each ward ahall be
equei, in mer receive iae nmouo. oi Buy,
Ctn dollarc Cash, aad ta maka orders aa Caul.
Ilrldges for such am en at of dry good aa wilt
enable them to carry oat this object.
Which report waa agreed tn, aad the com-
mi ue were au.noriiea so eoBiiaue ine 0IC
Mr, Solomons stated be had received from
Henry Piper, eaqgtct, being a aecoad con
tribution from the Uoreauof kngraviag and
Mr. Solomooa submitted hln flaanalal
port as treasurer of the association, nceompa
a wim tn neeeeBry reucnere) waiea were
referred to the nudlttngommlttec, of which
Mr. rllsht chairman, to report at Iheneit
O motion, the board adjourned
Panapn Aaa Tut or tub Fins Daraar
mt-amuiijm p. m. yesterday, aa alarm
was atruck from police headquarter for boa
84 By a mlcuntferatandlag box tl was Oral
struck, followed by a general alarm, which bad
tbe effect of bringing all the companies of the
of the Itinkof Washlagtoo. Here aprecea-
idd wae lurnra aaa Birinru up iae nrCBUe
to the Cxeullve Mansion. Pasalag through
th east entrance gate, the proeessfoa went
East Ihe While House, each engine ealutlag
y lla steam whlstl. They then proceeded
through tbewest gate and up th avanu to
Seventeenth street,' whin th companies
wheeled anj again passed la review before
the Preeldeet's bouse. From hera the
marched la noli hcadqnattara, saluting the
Board af Police, then In session, wllh a cue
ceeaion oi norieae iron iae wniaiie. Alter
parading aaveral of Ihe el recta, the companies
were dismissed to their engine bouses. Th
uupiaT wee Trj creuiieeie ine apparatus,
horses and men apparsatlyla geodaoadltloa.
NlTionat IasTtTOTB or Arruco Sol-
aoaa-Mr. Patlereoo. In the Senate vaster-
day, Utroduced a bill t establish a National
ana 111 me 01 appuea ncicacec, aaming nc eor
porator Peter Parker. Henry D. Cook.
Tbomae Antlsell, Joseph J. Coombs, Atboor
Pollok. Kllana Faate. Alfred II. Mull. if
Horace Uapron, Samuel A, Uuaeaa, Harvey
Llodsly, M. U. Emery, Charles Mas, aad i.
iiuoiej jssnioo ne capiiai sinea 01 in in
alitule shall not b lcec Ibaa aWOOOor more
lhaa aaooooo. laaharaaaf Bad aaah. Tha fc-
Jcctoflhe lastltute la for th edncatloB or
youia in ine imerai ana jnausinai arts and
BcieDHB, jangvagce aau literature, CgriSUI
ture, civil and mlnihf engineering, applied
mechanics, chemistry, and natural ecleneea,
fraat degrees, hcaadth Secretary of War
aulborlted to allow for tbe use of the la
stltnle tb building 00 Armory bquar kaowa
ae tba Cltr Armorv. Referred la the Iiiatrtai
Finu DnalBd MUCHj. there Were etaaan
alarms of Or dutlag lh moath Just ndcd, ea
follows 1 aJ.tl-01 d m .boall. falie. ithl-flT
neos ii, isrre buumi earner cievCBin
1 r st reels damaea aiO.uDO. llh o n. a.
box fit. United state Hotel t damage gl 000.
th, 1-18 am, box ll. shed on Eleventh street.
ncarui aamage BiigBi. 1010,11-77 p.m., box
43, rubbish oa !v street, oear Mlleentk no
Iosc lttb,77 p. m .box Jl. stable la alley
etweea Second and Third and D and Eotrcclsi
loss gioo, lltb.la a, wu. box 9, house oa if
street nwuth betweeai Teath aad iu,ik
east t damage WW, ITfb, 444 a. m box u 1
false alarm caused by a light from th pottery'
Scth, Kr-10 p. m .box fta, carpenter shop ea U
street, betwec Twelfth and Thirteenth! gam
-C" Vw, i,,rfnt y, fu mi el ICBI run,
UnLBBBaTieMep Tan FirrannTer Auun.
mT.-leoeral A. arant, commander or tha
Hoy la Blae, ha Just forwarded lnslrustlonc
to the march els of tbe ward la Wnshlngloa
aadGeorrctoWD.nc alco Io those la the lam.
tr, ta tnak Immadlat preparation to gat
their division orgiolsml, la order to partUl
fat la tha grand torchlight precession shortly
Dtakc dac la boaor of-tag rilBfil)o of
me nnecaia amcmjsDeni 1 ian procession is
expected to be Ihe moat lmposieg that ha
ever taken place la thle District, aa at tbe
same time It Is recommended that all those
cltlscos In favor of a territorial form of gov
erum.pt fortheDlctilet take part la the pro.
ecedlnie Th general commanding Is prepar
ing a programme of the pracaclontwbfch will
be announced In a few fly.
e - '
St. JomiU llnnma Tka iaut lunkUa
bctwaea th rstr and vactry of St; John's
shurch has led toth result ofa law lull. It
InkllM thai tha aHnaapXHa 4...1.M... .Ilk.
I church, Intbe wsyof esrpetlBgnod cushions,
, i(viiirn 1 mm iu mercoani urioce, a.
T Stewart, or New Yark, and ham never
beeo paid fori and Hading tt impossible to
make collection on eceoaal of tha disagree
ment between the rector and vestry, A. T,
Slew ait A Co , through Mf sire. Joaee A Ash
ford, their attorneys, brought suit yastarday
aralaittha vestry oftha parUb. Thtnmount
sfslmad Is nearly llwi '
11 a 1
Yaftp ltwaa annouoecd yesterday that 140
men In the ordnane depirlmcot andMnia
In lb conatruslloo bureau of lh Washington
nnvyyard would be discharged during th
day, owlngtoneareiryor work The number
Smploycd in Ihe yard was about CM, thuc ro
uclng th fore yesterday to til). To-day lh
employes ar to b placed on two. thirds (m.
re aad ship carpenters' dcparlmcnU.
Tmb TaBniToaut UDxaTioa-To-nlgbt h
w". T.t.'r" WM'UB j"gu nan. iitaax
Rested that tb UrHlorlal commit! of lb
nva In Itlna.a.l aha .-... ,iu l.. ..
tZ. -- m.nniiTi Doaru laereui.
arnilb haaaammlttcewlll h presenile,
full force, when Important buslo will be
submitted for lh consideration, of tba mcet-
llABSaS (IdIIDI VaitarJta- ill..,, a
oolorad man, named William Ulggs, who ba
beta confined la Jill la def.ult of security Io
auppeii th illegitimate twlo-ealldren of
EmllyC HI. ward, was brought beforaJuJga
.! uh . .in, vt aavrai cernni, B4jj OO
motion or hla cjuokI, t, J, filurray, eiq
b wasdlcahargcd
Maanuoi Lioincna The number of mar
rlag licenses Issued during the past month
was olaciy-oa,v-r which forty oft wen to
colored couples.
Musks. O. M Katwabd k Co. No. 033
Louisiana aycBue, have Juit received a large
v, vi vimiiinHi arun WUIB, CODSIOIIOg OI
garden vaass, foonfalns, aquariums, Aa ,
which they are yMparaJ to sell'at nopalar
p M "-
II I ilBioonr, at Ms store warcroomi,
No Ml PeansTleaaliarrmuej offers fosslea
Urg aod aomplel ntoclg tlnfrtgfratorif (ml
A ADyopftB-ipnTiaoof thTMr4Wrd
Republican Ulub will b beld this sreniny, at
Wis well barracks, aoraer of SevcBUiABil O
n....n.l. V..n. .1... .nil.. Ik.lVl. I
niool .ill t, ,l9i,t for lw. witkhoaiM-
lou.t o( lllmu.
LrelnrebyMrs. Cor V Tnppnta on
tha Lir rtnd Death r Mdke-l a
ta. A vsrympeeiibl btdlcae, nmarwb0Br
WereOsnerala Loean. Howard- Parker anA
othera.wtth llaa.ll, W. Jnllanand several
other rcembcro of Congress, Gov. Downing,
ol tbe Cherokee natloni Major Dell, Tttaf
oaneipr m Aiinui anu a eeure Ol .nuiani.
were asssmblcd on Wednesday evening ai
Masoslc Hall to htar lb leetati ef Mrs. Tap
Ban oa th history or our Go vera meat and
e Indian of tbe country, y M
ATh encaxtt wal Introduced by UnltM
States Senator It art Ik Bht commenced her
lecture by reference to th earliest htltoryof
the colonies with tb ladleast th rclgn of
King; Philip' father for M years of peas aad
friendship) of Philip's reign, and hla son's
relgni aod oft he violation or treaties and bad
faith of our Government toward th Indiana
ver since It fouadaUoaiour repeated trcach
ary aad avarice uniformly being the eauc
which has xsltd tha ycageaace anderuelty
of thtd man,
Rh gav n vivid and pathatl history or
Mokota.va-ta.th great aad hooeil chief ef
the Cheyenne Iadlao,eulotilagtls nalfdrm
fldelttyand friendship to the whites, aad tba
many scrvleea ha had rendered ikam In limes
nl danger, aad th treachery, cruetty and out
rag with which, tn return, oar Oovernmeat
has treated blm aad hla people, up te the flaal
Inhuman act or murdering nlm, bto wire,
brothers and shildtea at th Sao 1 creek mas
oner. Sb alluded with Indignation to and por
trayed th butchery or th I'lega Indian,
and coat ranted 11 with tha aondact bf Moke-tava-taandhlapeopl
toward th whites. A
young ctrl of th Chyon trlb. and Je
scendeiTof Moktavala, com twelve or
thirteen year old, waa on tb stage, wan has
become n pretty good scholar, end hopes to b
able on day to teach th youth of her trlb.
Mr. Tappan thought ouv 'Oovcramsnl
should adopt th whole Indian racetak
tham under It control, ndasat nad Improve
them, end flv an tb treaty system. She
closed by reciting, in very Imprccslr manner,
n beautiful original poem upon th masiasr
of the Piegaa. coo ire sting them aad their
condition with Sheridan and hie array, .Tb
whol wa listened tor with the closest attna.
tloa, and tnade a derp Impression on, tba1
1 ei a 1 r j c
TnnCnntsTiAB' Tan name AaLtAHOBo
trb Distbict or CoLVMsuL Tha above so
reetly Intolh Church than tt has been nf lal
veata IB lh Dls trial Af llolumhla. Il waa
formed oa lb fast anniversary Of lb birth cf
turn utax 01 ia loappenaeBfe 01 oar naiioai
ceftalnly a very littler tlm for th fofmstlou
of such, an orgealtatlon. sneday cvcnlogi
have bee a selected aa th most Stilaf lima Co
hold the inccllara. Many of oor clergyraea
aad Church societies have agreed latum
their Sabbath evening meetlngc lato a rell
glou temperance meeting for 1h one v
nlog.thepastoc of th ehnreh 4 whlchr lb
meeting la held to be on of thaspakciB,wlth
other to be provided t
The city of Waahlngtnor has bee a divided
Into fnnr dlatrletai one meetlae a noath Is la
be held la each district, la theeharehec In
tnraw "
aayof thjeaWgymenof thla ally are en
or the coeiclr, and nearly all approve of
rlnr forward lha work which it waa
formed to do. Hon v. B Itdlloway Is tha
prildot,thett whom there le no more earn
est, eoaslatent temperance taea. II, N. Rot t
eryle sesreUryi A. KU Smith treaaarer--all
hard-working temperance men aad conalaUat
members nrtb Christian Cbureh, with 00m
twenty mlcliterc of tb Uaspet ac Vice preil
deata. No aharge U made for membership, ac It Is
designed t support tke society by voluntary
contributions, and EJ. Uoomba. W.B, 11 lager,
andW. L, Wort bine ton, esq,blv been ap
Solatcda Finance Committee, one or whose
uUes It will be to coltclt eoatrlbutloac from
tbe frleada of temperance.
Thar Is vry reasonable bop that this so
elsty will acblava th aucceco that It certainly
It la expected that a public mecllog of thll
aocletywlll be held Sabbath evaatng, April
10, of which du notice will b given
L06IL linxTfTlB. Th moving season ba
commenced early, and tba larnllnrc-car drlvcra
arc driving a profitable bmlaess ta transfer
rlsg household effects. Tb rscult Is, that
aay number of Impostog dwclllag-houscc re
mala Idle, owing to their former UnanU seek
lag mora "confined, cabined and cribbed,''
quarter tb av paying "war rente." Th
moral cao b read oa th front doors oftha
vacant prsmlscs.
Mr Harris, colored, was arrested on two
charces-one for petit lareco
on tba eom
plains 01 rcicr lueverry, and tne other under
aeach warrant from Judge Carttcr charging
him with being a fugltlvarram Jacllce Joe
ie Harper eommllted the accused to Jail 01
ine nrai energe, awi en inn cceoau no wa.
urrcnuerea to in custody ot taa Marshal.
ITatharlaa Itiris taraeil tha lahiea. aa.1 aa.
s salted and battered her liege lord, Patrick.
for which piece of Utile ManpleasantaesaN ah
was seat to Jail by Justice Hyde In default of
oeeurlty to keep the peace.
Wm. A Colin paid 1 for tying ble horse lo
a tree la violation to law. A rather dear
hltehlariaTbut acrves the Vartles fined
right, owing la their neglect lo suba tribe for
and read Ihe newspaper.
James A Brown, solored, aa Important wit
si so la a ease of seUlog liquor without Ueease,
having refused to appear when aunlmoned
before tha maglstrato. JusUte Waller Died
him 1 far conUmpt or court.
Tb olTleer of th Washington and Oeorg
towo Railroad Company have determined lo
pot n stop to the bablt of amoktng oa the ears,
aad will here arte r discharge aay conductor
who allow it,
fiaooap Division or tb b Pioincn Cokra
A meeting of tha Second Division or thn Pio
neer Uorps of the Seventh Ward was held on
Wedneeuar nlrht at Hvaon'a Hall The m.i.
lag waa called to order by Col, Perry Carson.
Land Robert Gllebrtat acled aasanretary. '
a poke eulogistic ef Mayor Bowen, saying tkal
Mr, U. had done mora for lh poor laboring
men lhaoaoy mayor that has occupied the
chair. He1 believed that Mr.Bowea would
nol be removed, and While be indorsed him, ha
did aot do because he (the speaker) had
fibtalaed a paving oatrnct,but that ha be
leved blm aa honest executive officer,
i Mr. Gilchrist also briefly addressed tb
tnectlng. ,
, Colonel tJsrcoa said he believed Mr. llowsa
bad done hi best la ad ml a Uterine tha alt-
government, and he waa proud In aekeewf
adglug h waa n Sayle J. Be wen man, yet h
woui4 runpar anj gw ..rpuoucaa testis
aomlaated forth mayoralty. II nvr heard
thai Mr. Uowen desired or asked for renom
loatlen, and white be waa oppoacd to gagging
people or Interfering with their free right to
Lote, yet h thought It beet to euatala Vt
lowen. "
Mr. S. A. Douglass submitted a series ot tea
luttens sndorstng Mr. Bowtn and hla admln
UtraUonw '
Mr.A.M.OrCB,or th Fourth' ward, con
gratulated th meeting oa their unanimity Co,
the aide nf Mr, Uowen, and made a long speech.
after which tb matting adjourned, "
1 . 1 -at
N&VT Yano la eonieqoene of 'the stop.
Sag of the work oa Ue aaw ordnance fun
ry and lh partial suspeaatoa of work la the
qulpmsst aepartb.nt,and tha very limited
amount of approprlationa made to carry oa
the builneco uf tb other department for lb
remainder ot th fiscal year,' Ihe force will
have to be grOntlr reduced, and la ardor that
full Justice eaell be tloae to the employees, I
Admiral Dahleren haa annolnted a haara mJ I
"" ' .iuiii itna wi lagii bow QU
employment, with a view to retain 'all who
BuivBw ia ina araiv r arary during tu
lata rebel) Ian. Thla le a a ten la tha Zi.kf
dircilon,aad a good exempt for other Oor
arnmcBiofflcials. J - .
a. (rue.ru oi eucern nas nice pcB appointed.
to Mike a SChedaL of ware In he nai.t tr. ih.
vmuiu u.uaitvr -t -,
RIAL ."iTiTi Amn EeinsiTinMl na
house goea lato operation thla day ln Wash
logtoa wllhwlde'ramiQeatlona. fMr. Ken
nedy, who ba for more than twenty year
made ine BonmAllOaUiecBoaree. and Inns.
grapby of our aouatry a subject of great nttcot
Hon. establishes, 4s wUl be seen by reference tn
our 'ad vr Using colttmos.an agency for tb
purenee anu eaieer rent csiaic, aontn and
West. Man nnd A Boo era tnabnnlaeasaeaata
nf heavy Nertheraeapltallctaand ycry ctlcn
slra landholders at tug South, and with their
own agenda la Ma roar, may be axpeotcd to
Influence th deitlaaUba , pi emigration from
abroad, and prove ttsenil to nil och ac would
buyer acllieal estate. r who seek la form a
tloa touching thiCoditina,of any part or th
Mxarina o tub Haxari or PoLira. The
board or polls held n mcetlqg , caterday after
huuh, mu ,t Ufvf,i K ueHjcc wae ireas
Peter McVary, A. Johnson, nad ijcas W.
Xltcban were appointed addlUoeal patrol,
men for six and twelve mouths. subJCcl to th
rule or th board. v
Th reclgnatleaof Private M. V. Chac wa
received and aeaenlaiL, Jaha flat lav end
Lewis war appointed private on tb fore,
Appllcatlona from th foltowton: named pr-
coan far lienor lleaaaea erere re I eat en t
llg, Joseph A. Green, Thorns U. Smll
iui iiiHiifiaiii frjein
A. flreen. Ttutoii LL :
Item D. Duatln, Thomas McOormlsk aad llrnry
At a mkxtixo or th bureau of Labor.March
(.Sella Martin was chosen aa a represcnta
tlve of the bureau at tbe International Labor
Congress, to be held In Paris In September
next. Lowlo II. Doug lags was apnolaiid cor.
responding secretary, vie Wm. IT, Saundero
resigned! aodUharlee II. Petere wao chosen
as recording secretary In plana af Lewis 11.
Douglass, A commute wao appointed to act
In conjunction with tb national executive
committee In tcalcbratnf h yailaccUoa of
lh flfteeal!. amendment. Tb correspoodlog
ecratary waa la si rue ted to 'issue, charters te
labor orcanliaUoas wishing to 00 operate, wllh
IheNatloaal Labor Union ' '
Tui UouO 'PxiLowa Eliotio 0 Orri
cxxs-At a 1st mesllng of H. O, Mlllsr
Lodge, No S, A.O.tl. i" to follovrlarora
oetewele elected tO'Cerv during the ensuing'
quarteriA.ILTbomiisea, W.O J. II. Hatch,
W.VOi Lei m bask, bip.alai S. Ooodmaa,
Ircaourrr, Oeorge Lewis Eberly. recording
cecretaryi Philip Peyser, nnaaolaf cccrctsryi
A. J Jollier, wardcni D. P. KabI, Junior
warden! John Ksocb. Irlcri Jesesh lfsrioe.
junior Tier. r , 37 .y .
Tool; diMMnoaWLael jlght, after ll
0ciOCX, caicacB ourgiars matie luair appear
aaoaatth rcsidcac ofUapisinMerriti, an
UstiMUhetwee PlrstraoU Sacend sires
welt, and proceeding to tha hen-coop helped
rhamaalaaa ti aaean flna fat ehlokeas. wrlnv.
loir their bead onVValehMhey lift cu the
prcmisca nc a nnro ui ueir eiei. uapieia
M. deslrea these eentrV to Call OB 10011 futum
occasion anutaxeirarBpeiavff vtievi v met ,
Mxiaa.d.I. Wai.4 Son, No, IM tier
..II. .I...I. b.lW...iMl.nlVMl. .1,,,,
..J B .Imt, uliuil Uaditi n:illM
OkHTLWt who want to lecnr tha flaect
end moil dcilnblo TahUtvof booU, iboet
nnd Kalian, from Ibe very Uat munfae
tnrert. will thank u for rocomnendlnf
tbem to call nl tbe popular boot and iboa
tors of llr. T. H. GarlrtH, No. 000 BeTetilh
slrtct, corner Of I, wbo bail ait rcctlred a
fall clock of Ipjlnip goods, loelodlng Coa
grene Kftltert, English walking; iboea. etrap
and Oxford ehoen, low cot welklBK shoes,
Bolton, Union, and Other tiOTenirt., VIr.
Oartrell alsokMp AiplCfldtdnbd eomplelt
lock of ladle', rals', and largn Aaoort
tneot of children' eboec. ail ooloriiaud
title; teclodlnf Bart'i etlebrmled taannric'
Sre, anaaiimocooas permiDgwDrei
Mieitnbllobmeot. I
In Fiiinro up Brnrirrft tt KBtT we ootlcod
the itore of our friend Tbe Orltnal
Fraoe," crowded with coilouere, nod u ibe
nne time we obeorradot bar tore decidedly
In want of patronage. Tbe only feneea for
thle, to the belt of oar knowledge and belief,
14 that our friend, Mr., Franc, li.iclling
good at inch prlcee that the bojlog com
tnnuity find It Utbelr Interest to patroolie
thle io Tiry popular Oea t.'i FumUblnr
Store. Tor the beneOt of ktrangeri we wotild
add that Ibo new number U 431 Serenth
itrcet, between D and K ilreebt, three) doore
abore Odd Fellows' Hell, alio, we would 147
ma. no pae no nrancn oiotb. i
Tns AuinioiK Tia Stoii. coanut Sir
bxtw aid j oTiirr. wobthwiit, Answer
ro Corritpendenif Wo hire been asked to
many .ttmei by eorredpondertU where they
could purchaea tea, fxeeh routed coffee, and
engar at New Totk prion, we bow atate for
tbe benefit of bur reader that tba America
Tea Store, cornet of Seventh and I ilreeli, te
the oo place la Ibli city where goodi eaa
be rjurchaicd at Naw York orlcee. lira
Dowllatr the proprietory doee nothing hot a
caali businesc, which enable hint to sell Tor
lOpftcrnt, leu ibjin any other ciubllifa-
iucuanuic ujnarocoui.BBataUUa rnu1
ere to go there by all means.
BinCm tut ict latrodnctloa Into the
United' ftuue of Ilofl' WaJt Kxtract the
approval of American physician ae well a
of the public la no noaalmone that thle eel
ebrated tonle beveragabeglfli to become; ag
popniar nere ae in Europe, it ii reoom
mended, to weak rjeraoni crcnerallr. and for
ladlce of delicate coniUtnUoar ncpeoially for
laatee nursing, or nner exoaasuva bickocno.
4t taKoa .uo piacrj oi ana in superior ur am.
Ttortar. and anlrltrlona llanorn aa a reme Ital
annt, and la all caeca where illfhtly itlm
mating uevcragca ana -oqicb ro nrauetj.
Bold by alldraggUUandgroceri. mh38-eo3t
. Aa'aCOKOMV iTthe hleTh wa wWth. wa
consider 11 gar amy 10 remind oar ieuowciii
eni of the fact that there lea rest differ
ence itKlbo pneea charged by pnr aeveral
merchante. Many profeae to eell goodi
ceap, bnt from our own experience we have
lo cay that we nerar boajtht our ! Far
niching roodi more reasonable than at tbe
etore of tbe one-price Franc, 491 Serenth
.reei, dawb-u. u ana n 1
1 (FomfltnTi- f
1 A handsomfieleclloa of caiijmerea for
Gentiemeo'e Balti. ranging ln prlcee from
123 to $40 a eolt, "
Flald SolUogi,
CheTolt fioltlogi,
Flaln Battings.
One rrlca OolV.
Geo. Gennnriito,
No. 410 Serenth itfeet north weit.
I"DPftafiirtTO Bet A'Ooofa Btwma
Uacntirn. Wllrnr A fllhhs Rawtno Ifa
chine, tbe moat almfcle and best constructed
sewing machine, will hereafter beeold on
libera, termi. Inquire at Ihe finer, Danm'e
conet and hoop aklrt factory, 408 Aerenth
a.rcct, uciwcan u ana a
Hot. A. P. UoaTO wfll deliver a lector
on "ThoMiwoaoribeiupauiieaa Party."
nnder tbe ansplcee of tha Indiana Rcpnbli
can Clnb. at Lincoln Hall, on Tanadar eve
ning, April 13, pTtckeU80 centi) for sale
TBa.Cbrri, Bplcea, Chocolate,; Coooa,
Flavoring ExtracU. Rice. Corn Starch, Ac,
Ac, cold at the Pekln aod Teddo tea elore,
4S4 Ninth street, between O and B streets.
Fon Tns nw and rarest Tens. Coffece
and Splcee go to tbe Fekln and Yeddo tea
itore, f4 Ninth itreet, between D and E
Jata Corrxa, frethiy roasted, for 88
veoie, aa gooa aa cone oiq ior u cent
elaewbere, at tbe Fckla and Ynddo lea itore,
11 aiia.a arcc(, noiwccn u ana j eirnetSi
Dot too Tin, Coffee and Spleen at the
VM cstabllahed Fekln and Teddo tea itore.
434 Ninth itrtet, between Diaod. t street-.
Corraa roaited by onraelrea eTerydr,
and ground to order at the orlgloalPckln
aod Yeddo lea Mora, 434 Ninth street, bo
pween D and 1C itreela.
Ma a as. Q Bonn a ad A Co, No. lilt F
atrcct, corner ar Thirteenth, offer their stock
or elsgaal oprlag dry good at price to cull
the public pocktt.
TltB MBMBXai ofJahn A. Ttewllna Past.
No. 1, are requested to be la attendance tblc
'"'I ai viiif aaeaiae nail.
1 1 1 1 1
Tnr Waiblngton Royal Arch Chapter, No,
a, iii uviu a iwf ii evaiDisiioa inn niter-
noon at half pant fomtv . c r j
oor for aWaMTcnroWfumav Uargala
era offered la real aetata.
Alexandria A IT Ira,
Tbe Alexandria b7dtv of'yraterday Ire
flog hat the following ltemi 1
an evidence or the Increasing prosperity of
Alcxaadrta;UUfniaailona4 that the Messrs
Ooodhand, enterprising young gentlemen of
thU city, hare placed the Alexandria matlaa
illway la excellent condition, and prepared
for the work or ''haullag up" th largest
aanahAa.a an ..III.. -TI aLa . T...
U for the work or ''haullag up" th largest
ataamboatl and salllar vaaiela thai nansli
navigate tb Potoms fiver. This raUway for
a number pf year wf under th control ef
Messrs. Ooodhand A Thompson, and of Na
thaniel OeoUhaad. esq. the ether el the prcs
,yn,w frvi'iieivrs.wav ina ucicrm
Ined to make this purchase, begun by Ibe
father and completed by the children, aush a
auccess aa It waa before lh war,- f
Taa supply offlih at FWMowb tblsmorVng
bowsd a considerable iacresse tjft yestsr
dsy'B receipts. Shad lOld arfromllT to 30
per hundred, herring at 4 per UoniandJ
parch at from, 14 la ea seats a bunch, and slog I
roekalfromlto4lJer -1
' .T"?an Vk P,aJi tTOm Oardlir.wllh a cargo
of aelt for 11 II. Lambert f this city, went
ashore about T allies north or Osp Dharlca on
Sunday night In a gale, Tb crew and eight
passsagcrs were landed Th vessel Uyp easf
and win b got off. Wreckers lav 0ne to
her assistance.
Mac. Jona Padostt, resldldfon Falrlga
street, between Uameren nailUuece, wao 00
Unfortuoala yesterday aa, to aaeldcntally fall
down the stair itepg In her houseaod lo break
on of herwrlsfs,
-J 'KfV W.IW " mMr tlileliy
early thlfntornlog, on their war South.
iaA,-WWy4fVaeJMn the nniforn, of
th Howard Unlverally of Washington, being
prevented from breakfaatlng with the ladlee
??i.,BAM,"1,B ..' lb.reUurotat the depot
orihOir.fig(AlexanurUand Slasaisso rail
road, and 110m entering the ladles far qn that
road tbla a.omigg.'want off nailar van.
geance ag.l.it those whVhJ opposed Lie In.
TXKItt aowr6tfth(Vr,.!.tilfcforJaa
or the cbartor af jtbe Alexandria aad
Fredericksburg tall
lowaiaaarpaa lobe
.rourlitlilm 1trf In... t.A.V ii.ij
or n.olh.i polol ea Ik, I'Qlom.o oppoil".
irvasningtoq r f , t e i
WTIOl.-ltl. "Jt'O'l lDIBTIDTT0Tllj
il i.U iraff CurLI a TUWHRI ... k.r.br
"J.)." IV'"" '" ,u'. ."y'A.lj' iii?
TLODK Irom Ik. T.ll.r it Vlrilil., l llljr.il
ir.l, forn .ib.r.w..lafk.trl,h
-,,, . l'.llW,ll.i..drl.,V..
'"iuir ,ii l i'
riKITIO BtlTliriTJ-KT'OlriCT. "
Itm, r.r ,11.. ri,m,li ..ilk En
r...i.Vr'''1T '"'1 V Vf'ti'; v1
Hiunm.. .itn
CaiU.I... .
..V.KWiVAlt'VSr " ""tn 'vi
."auw ate.eaVaaa, SkCV, S.C.
rtalleredasctheetechaimndhea neeslble utu
a.,M.Et'VeHfVVk?a. -"
' uituucsu reiocs " i
viiii, tii rurr qi mo met.
,-.;.v.i i. us a'KJYnj .n .7:.;; t&t t,
1 IJ.pr.'r.a.,l liUrUI,.,' " "" " "'
lll..rln lk.t tk u.ilno.vl, Ula.tH
1om4 . Ik. Illk 2.r af li.. ...i. ih.ViC:
.ml.ai'. ...
CfShge of Agency.
TB III 101,1 idlSTI
loiiHtciTi or wtininaroK, d. o.
A1t,.rtl,l.nrii,u.or..M I. Ikl. w M.r.
r Ihof. wUkl.t 1. ,... I.Mr.... .i.m4.
JOI. K. MlLIOI. I nurr. , , , , ,
Alt,.rtl,l.rirtl,lt.or..M I. UI. w M.'
ilium at. sf.o.. Avsnls,
WAaieero,D.O.i Harch4.1l7a. mh4-lf
Don'lpul ftf until To-morrow! Jniun
A. B.,ritATT HON,.
Ni. J. T, Jf.& j, Building, frtrur
Ninth and D tlrtdl. mrunl cnla th
b$t Oompantu, andpayUutt iguarety
and promptly. No dtargi for PulUy,
Surrey or JStamp. Jaenti fer JPkcmtt,
0 Hartford) Yonktri, Home, and Mr
mi'i, of Ntu Yortl and Kxcutior
Lift, of Ntu rfJ-
.... INSURLt NdW I
reunaylTmul. Ave? nne, Neur the
Op Hole 4
iwrrizH niioTjoiani'
.leomseaabeWdwllbevwUkealmftafs, flnl
clsaa Tabic beard ai 91 pet weak. M, " .
m M BMH,
The avoel feairal leeatlea In lh city. Immediately
eprocUe Ue Pataat 04tc aad Maeaate Temple,
aad eac block Lfrua Ike Qeaeial PeelOflce Pc
laadlalcenia IIafsrsa4pI4a.
BlecenUr fcratibed threaeb
The W HiaMHr4.aM.ai.latMt'ellk Ike
11m teraaaanv
Hamaaieeitarwiin sac t
llel, KseeMtvaMaaalea. TrcaenrrWarnnd Hvi
lea. ttMiarvw WeranJ naeC
' nitA. K.A.,roLt.AH,,'
, . Prcerteireee
aearetiy afjaeastatlhc reaeeeable a ef fa M
pee day. TtC t-4rease(rr my fn-nd lb
tra-ellsipablUareUTlledlemak ruKD'hMO
fftbleclrhem, ,-r
Late ea ef the prfrrwtcra ef the WskaeM lleeil,
. r. B,nf 9 ceaekea rci te'aad trem aUaepe4eaa4
steambecllandlere. ( ..)??; a, a
).n ,
Cernet Wlatb tat r vtreala, eppoelte Paleil 04! ec.
. ornTBKeitaTeev eivle Jaeob naeear'eeele.
brateaiaakHMII-' Vtassey, tin see a A .
eclebrated JtAaad XXX 4LK0X DIltlOHt.
atairtlme,fr4mf . natUnb-M,
-?Awn Broker.
dire lioenmed 4nn
40 AvrnflTyiT.,, ,408
Mllh ff raaa. AVMNfc
Wood end OoU.
b kit..... ....! ,iat, ...rfr.1 tft.
WkiuJ.iiri...;":..":;::;::;; IK; St
Oak Weed .., 1 er net
n.VwiSi "w7 rijl,.,.,Ma.is1ei
Oak Weed, sawed aaAsalit...... luiu
Oavetoek of Ism be- Is always large, uasUtieg.
4rrrnmli. assg.aklBgre-; laths, waliaLak,
poplar, ask he. , " . 1
Preaaed I amber nf nil ktndc dr eerCf,1
T. KD.Vr ajgaAMIC-ew Wtt.,-.
Wharf Pbc-M aaa Blames kflU.i
t. lw fan . I "ceted "enrthetreellest.
B'") Tard TlriUla avcaae aad iU,lC7lUt.
. maaa-it ,r . ,, i ,
H4Uay CapiTBoota, And 8boB.r
TOHiUBkOOiiro-, -aj.
rJJiaiiHjaraiH snox,fD
- . a.T-T3
- reify.!,,.,,,! -
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