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JJntiounl gcpntf inm
Second Ward Doubling Up
Bkiqhou Orinx Twwri. TWi cc.
luted TocalUt.wUh M" Ita rr Com
piny, comment an CDgsffeiartt for Ihrce
nlbu onlj, al WalPi House, Ibis
eTeotop;, present-of our cltUens wilt. Don.
setU't beaoliful opera. "Lucia 11 Lam own
nioor " Th Philadelphia Iwjvlrtr has the
followlnf la regard to lU performaoco at
tbe Academy of MdbIc In that tttj oq Friday
nl(ht last ' The Initial performance of tblt
coraranT was attended last night by a lart
and faiUlonabla audience, and tbe name of
tbe opera lUelf guaranteed an agreeable
eTenloic for the admirers of Italian iobiIc.
The company last night quite eiceeded
oor eipectatlona. Mia McColloch bat t U
blylmproTed, both In power and iweetness,
ilnce we last beard her, and ibe still has tbe
exact Intonation for which she baa always
been praised There Is no trickery about
ber Tolce, ciery note comes ont fall and
clear, and (alirays excepting rarcpa) she
U the most satisfactory soprano that we
bare beard this soason. In ber opening
solos she immediately established tbe nature
of her reception, and all through the opera,
lnclodlog the trying finale to the second
act, and the brilliant TOcaUxatloa In the
crasy scene of the third, she was truly ex
cellent Drlgnoll was recti red with great warmth
of welcome. lie bai grown la girth, and U
now a "goodly man and a corpulent," but
tbe noble Tolco remains ai powerful aa ercr.
and almost undiminished la Its attonlsbtag
sweetness. In the finale to the second act,
already alluded to, be acblercd perhaps his
greatest triumph. A most unanimous encore
followed It, and he was reluctantly obliged
to sheath his sword and begin again Miss
McCalloch sustained him admirably Id this,
and so did all concerned. la the closing
Aria, "Ta che a D16," ho was Ice rtmarlta
tie, but sllll Tery good Indeed.
NiTioniLTnEATM "Much Ado About
a Merchant of Venice and tbe elegant
comedy of "The Gentleman ft om Ireland,'
by Fits Jamea O'Drlen, Is the bill for to
night. Whatever merit tbe first piece may
hare (a new piece la thla city) the latter Is
one of the tery best of Ua class, and should
not be missed by any admirer of the genteel
comlo drama
The performance last night of "Tbe Bed
Light" drew another fine house, and gave
eminent aalisfactlon. We bare not bad
space at our disposal to speak of thts latest
sensational piece of Mr. Brougham's as Us
merits deserre, but the company at the Na-
llonol sustained Mr. B. In Its rendering In a
Tery creditable manner.-
Browne's Donrs Sprak for llowtn
coffiys mm m GROttS
Placeman Peck Prophecies
ft e on it Ward Kcptibllean llnb
Th KeeoaJ Ward Republican Club ut Uat
alibi at Wti.. chorh,on lourteeath etreet.
Dearth (ibiI, llaorgt Uurfee lath chair,
laaiah Hon secretary
TKnnll II t thai, from the eitnriftlfB. CO IB
nlltii, repotted that they had dlecharfed
their duty d saeured th reflatratlouof
very mantnev ewuiu ixj ukii nnu
A com ma ileal Inn wae received rron tit olher
Republican club lo th ward cacloilaf reaola
tlooe advooallnf primary elections, and re
coir Ins that a committed of four,eorn1itlnf of
tiro from each o( the Republican clnba ol lb
ward b fleeted, aa aooa aa practicable, to act
aa com rain loners at aatd election, and that
two cballetif era ba eltnllarly elected froit each
club to dataet and prevent Illegal vollm
Matahall Urowa made a motion that the
communication, ba teeelTed and referred to tht
commute on reeolutlona
The Chair aald there was no committee of
tba kind named He thought they should be
referred to the executive committee
Iklf nrown a 111 infii waa iuiu luuiuiiiTr,
and thla club wn the father and mother or
alKluba, ana nc tnouiut mere w iwaun
position tn welcome baek the prodigal aoa
hi mat liiirlv did not ilealra It referrel tn
a tommlttee lie I hoot, at the committee. If a
mother, mliht atranf le tbe babe He did not
choseo br fair enrreaalon of the people
Home acta or Major llowea he approved or,
otfaera ba did not lie went to Mayor llowea
to obtain a contract tor a irieaa, ana waa re
fueed became the Major thought tt was
wronc, and aald that rather thaa do an jthtojr
a thought wroojha would tut off hie ttihl
hand He apoke of IlaltoB. wbaaa, he said he
waa aorrr lor, aa no nau corae aaiiiir, porwv
now on the wrooit aide, and would 10 up Bait
When the TroTlJent Aid Roetetr applied to
the Major. eTto whea he had no money, he
.Id five them bread Major llowea It waa
who uried the appropriation of 130 000 for ths
r oor or the Dial r let. but renetadea defeated
he bill and turned the money Into a military
channel, where the mooey naa been worae
thanaquandsred, and the poor people hare
not received one sent of It Emery la a food
man, but the people will And out that he Is a
Know Nothlof and let him atay at home
Since I mar ha been tn the Hoard of A Ida r
men you will And thai he baa all aloof roted
with that notorloua copperhead Moore, but
aloce the other nlijht, he roted to hate one
board of school truateea for whits and black,
the men who bars nominated him, aid whoae
favor be haa been endeavorlne. to obtain, will
drop him, and will aervo himr'eht
Allen Oofflo waa then called for, and made
nomiaallDireoaventloo If they ehould nomi
nate isni vii via
At S lo flock ths hufS form sad maaalve
viaage or Liaer t'cea appeared upon ine piai
form, and taklni hla aaat with evident aatla-
faction, faieu wun a oeoifn ana laineriy
lonk unoa the aiaamblaea below
After Mr Coffin a apeeeh, Mr Oahlll, ths
Oiame iu ravrvuriai x prvaiurni oi in
nurih Ward Irlah Henuhllaana. had hla ear
lder Teek eoutd not stand It any lonrer,
ami upon the eontlaaloo of Mr Cab II l s
peeeb, said that he waoted to make a alogle
remark It had beoo regretted that they bad no
candidate lathe field I think we have The
candidate we want Is Series J Bowen Ha la
the man whom wt mean to nominate yea, and
Tbe time haa coma for ua to be audaeloui
We muit now take tbe bull by the borne, and
not be meaty mouthed We have had Sajlti
J Ilowen for two years, and we have proa
pared aa never before Let hlu have two
yeare more to complete tbe noble work behaa
commenced We nominate him here to nleht
la our heatte, and we will elect him Who
la afraid of Mathew O Liner jt If men on
nnii ua dow we mott eut their heada off.
whether they are In the Treasury or anywhere
' .......
Whoever aiaba ai aajica j uonrn iudi hi
the heart or the Republleaa party I don t
mean to eay that If aorae one other than Mr
Howen le nominated I will nvt aupport him,
tolorexl Hcbool Trnateea
t ait nlebttheaaml monthte meetlac fifths
Hoard of Colored School Truateea was held at
ikiHImiii KhftALtinnaMiirl KIOC and
jonea prraent, and nuperlatendent Cook
Alter ine approval 01 laiini
tin nf rnttllaa hmlnaii Mr JOnea.
treaanrer aubmltted the follow lit report of
thw moaeya received and enpenlel for the
eehoola during the quarter ending March si
At cttFTS
Jan t-rromoorpnofwaahlngtoo vtJWJM
st " M S 000 00
Feb t ' 434 SO
ii y ii ti J 000 W
Total il "
Teach era' aalarle ll 93 13
Janitors aalarlee MS 00
iiuitaing ana repatra ... ... nww
I urnlture and auppllea 1 M
Fuel ,.. ,,. 1600 00
niaarla i aa na
like belor ealled a prodlr!
laalah Itaaa aald the rrodlcal
dealt with thaa any of the other children
prodigal aon waa better
ah Important Cuamui lit Dritisii Na-
TiovixrtT Lawa, Offlclal adflcts from
London show that the British Oorernmetit
has at last decided to chaafia lU law of
nationality as affecting renooal stains A
bill Is now being considered In rarllament
which formall j confers on British sibJecU
tha right to renounce their allegiance, and
lays down the corelatlye principle that on
being naturalized In a foreign country a
British subject forfeits his nationality Great
Britain admits at last that she gains nothing
by claiming the allegiance of unwilling sub
jects permanently domlcllated In tbe United
States, In which she cannot afford tbe pro
tection wHch they as tub eel a might Invoke.
British subjects who bare natnraltted them
selves here, without veslgnlng their allegl
ance. hare two Tears allowed them In which
to choose a country. Wllhln that period
they may reanme British nationality by
making a statnable declaration and taklog
an oath of allegiance to the Queen t hot they
cannot plead British nationality In this
country unless permitted by our law. Chil
dren born within tbe British dominions are
to be regarded as natural born subjects of
the Queen, but If of foreign parentage, they
may, after coming of age, rrglster a declara
tion of alienage, and bo renounce their Brit
ish nationality. Aliens are to be enabled to
hold land In Great Britain, although It Is to
be provided that they cannot thereby be
qualified for any office or franchise, and the
Queen In council may suapend this provision
as to the subject of any state at war
with Great Britain during the continuance of
Aamr Orders Col John D. Stevenson,
unasslgned, ha been detailed a vpcrln
Undent of the general recruiting service, 8t.
Louis, Mo , on the 1st of May, relieving Col
W. Hoffman, who has been ordered borne to
await orders Capt Walter 0 Tease, Set
enteenth United States Infantry, recently
convicted by court martial and sentenced to
be dropped from the roll of hi regiment
with suspension of rank and pay, has been
directed, upon the expiration of the sea
tence, to proceed homo and await orders
Capt Cbas E, Clarke, uoaulgucd, has been
transferred to Seventeenth United BUtea In-
fantry,and ordered to report to command
Ing general, department of Dakota. Tbe
officers of the Fourteenth and Seventeenth
United Bute Infantry, ordered to the
frontier, have been authorized to draw two
months pay. Surgeon Lewis A. Edwards
has been ordered lo report for duty to tbe
commanding general, department of Texas,
for duty as medical director of that depart
meet, relieving Surgeon J F. Hammond
from that duty, who will be assigned tn duty
In that department The superintendent of
the general recruiting service, at Cincin
nati, ha len ordered to forward recruits to
Sioux City, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska,
for assignment to companies D, F aad X of
the Seventh United Slates Infantry. The tts
JgnaUon or Second I lent T. V Deary, First
United SUtes artillery, has been accepted,
to take effect November 1. 170
March Troop Tnuoiau American Tbr
miTORT to Wiehipeo. I bare rery high
authority for the statement that sooa after
It was determined by the British authorities
to send an expedition to the Wienlpeg
country lo suppress the rebellion then, Mr
Mlalater Thornton hinted to Secretary Fish
that It would be very desirable to bate per
mission to transport tbe dominion troops
over tbe United States territory or waters
Into the theatre of war Secretary Fish itrj
plainly Indicated thl tbe United States
could not grant such permission Mr
Thornton feeling this to be not at all en
coursglog. or, perbape, not having In the
first place contemplated actuallyaskiug per
mission, dropped the subject, and no refer
ence, I am Informed, has sine been made to
If In tho offlclal communication between the
parties Secretary Hah. however, as I am
reliably Informed, brought tbe matter before
tbe attention of the President and hla Cab
Inet at a regular Cabinet meeting that
occurred soon after Tbe proj rlcty of al
lowing British irooj lo pass over onrsoll
or through our waters to the lied Hirer
ou try fur the purpose of putting down a
rebellion waa fully d taeniae t and It was
unanimously agreed that sach a thing could
not be permitted Fvery member of the
Cabinet concurred In this view I take It
that this anuounceiuent or the statu or tbe
Administration on so Important a question
onght to silence tho grainlllogs aud growl
logs of those pool lewho have beuideulnrli g
for week peat that the 1 resident aud Sicre
tary Fish would cheerfully yield compliance
to the wishes of the HrUtnti author Mm
lias. CV.-V. 3 JhrtU, milk.
Natal Cedies Tho following naval or
den were If sued jeetenlayi Ordered Ileut
Commander Charles W. Tracy and Lluat
Joseph N. Hemphill to the Plymouth. De
Uchcdi Master John V. Merrill and Clifford
II West from the 1'Iymoatb, and placed on
waiting order. The order detaching fiur
geouK M Btelu from duty at Washington
has been revoked
Several public meeting were held Toss
day throughout France to discus matter
In relation to the Mi in No dblurb
Hdccs were rtporled
iturlv wanted It acted on to-nlaht br the
elub and did not want o leh a delay aa pro-
nublleaaeiutain ipia warn sicca -no, no
Mr Cbaae aald thla conaiunlcatloe waa
alcnedbrUharleell tlaeber of the true He
publican elnb,lntplylnt there were no other
true itcpuDiinaxB
(Jberlrell riaeher aald the reaolullon wai
..tt h.r. invnnJ ftlth. aad not aa afire brand
After further dlieunlon the reaolutloee
were reierea to too eieouiive tomnmni
J 8aylee Urown then took the ataal aad
aald be came (Imply aa a rlattor) be nrtaetaed
thlaelnb, but did not now live In the ward
i i4a.Hn!! tn intik He wit a atroiie Dowrn
man, and be lht offend aonebodv If he
apekn tlou4 erica for Urowa? Ilrowof Urowa t)
Mr lirowneald herauatrteellaeapeaklnr
nnara.l If A Plarae Hade a aueech ol loa
jenain, cuHwiiiif fpur rrr
Charlea Wallace, Jaterruptiar Mr Pierce,
aald, MlfyouTBl rourelalaaof 9M taronaa
you will pe a at 1 1 (led, I auppoae M (Voice,
' ou are aa i merr aaao "
Ueaeral fierce then proceeded toeuloclic
the laboring men, and adrlsed theatoluok
out for their Intereata He had aaowa Maror
lio wen iniimainy irt jriii,.inHi
him aa aUhrlatlaa ceatlemee lie expected
the treat Republican party to trlamph ia
June We could pot 10 toUoncren and et
anrtblni wlth)arrlna foUreite
Ohaa II l'etcra, eoettaa; la, Uok the ehalr,
-j .r.. & ii"aafulkiitl for fundc toaarrv
"- - ---- . --,-m- ... . -,
n the eampaiin. earn mi inprcopi w
would be the ataodard bearer of the Uepublt'
T.. .i f r waa talk about dliaentera,
but we ti tab nailed Ther were 1
aolnelo larow oitn -mh- vt. v.. -m .-.
Ill In even Demoarata If they will eome We
ahouianave ira i""j "ii
The nteeilDE anjouincu, hu wi
UborlDK men s meet I o forthepmpoaeorcon
aider In a about every man bavlne; nileen da;a
work Joaeph Urooka waa elected ehalimas
John Uurrr moved tbtt each man In the
oleea How about lime loit oo account of
hit Uurrr modi fled bla motloa ta make rach
man entitled to flfieen dtya actutl labor with
out deduction Carried
Tbe chairman waa empowered to call a
meetlof to organise a laboringmen s conveo-
jo'aeph Urooka naked what ahould be done
with those who obtalaed work before their
h . that nut rlrit choice la ft a? lea J Howen
Asforhlmaelf alnkorswlm, live erille, aur
viva or perish, he waa for bailee J Howen,
and he would rather perl ah with Saylee J
ltnwen than iriumpn wun anr w nwu
wblttllnr, ebangllng, ahttly ah ally Republican
Mr Hhanklla then male a short speech to
the colore I men, ci peel ally, after which 1 rof
A M (Ireen offered a resolution, which waa
adopted, reeogBliloc tbe Hepubllean coram li
mit tee aa the authority lo order an election
1 ending tbe adoption Ol me reeomt ion jerry
Rob In ion rather diaturbe I the harmony of the
meetlne or earing tnai ne qui not tnina u wai
jaat the tnlng to attempt to force meo to de
taa that ihfi woul 1 rote for Mavor llowea
aad no one elae Their principles were tovote
for the regular nominee of the Republican
convention, aod be Intended to live upto thoae
prlnelplea Ha did not want to be shackled
Into voting for any one man He waa willing
tovote for the man who received a majority
la the nominating convention
Llder 1 eek haatened to Inform the geatle
man that be had mlaapprehended bla remarka
1 will rote for the regular nominee I would
rather rota for Maror Howen, but If any other
an Is presented who la a true Republleaa I
will stand by Mm I simply surreal my own
nomination I am for Saylee J Howen
The meeting then a tjouraed
riflh Ward llepnbllcaB
rureuantto adjournment a meeting of the
fifth ward Republleaa club waa hell leal eve
Blag at Carroll Hall although It had been an
nouaccd by advertisement that the tneetlnr,
waa not to he held uatll lo-alght The hall
waa dimly lighted by four eandlea, and tbe
members of tbe dab did oot anmbleoa tine
Shortly alter t o clock the president, O li
Uolden, ealled tbe meeting to order
etamuel Strong was elected aecretary pre
(m, the regular secretary, J N atckulfht,
railing to pel In id appearsace
The Uhatp eald be waa ready to announce
the committees authorised to be appointed al
the last meeting
Vt snougraae aaia neoau ai maue up mo
rtchl for the elub lo transact aay but loess,
Mr Taylor moved that no man be allowed
toeome vntharolla till hla turn same If a
mangel oa before hla tura and la reported,
he ahall be dlaeharged ,,,,.
Jamea Wood aiked U tbe boasca should be
kept on all the timet
Mr Urooka replied that It was peceaaary to
haveaom men all the time who understood
th work
The meeting then adjourned
dceornd Ward Irish Kepaiblleaus
The Irlah Republleaa elub of th Haconl
ward held a meeting laat nlshl In Taylor e
hall, corner ef fifteenth and N streets) tbe
president A AIcKenna) la the ehalr After
the transaction of routine bmlDcae Mr Jamea
Hranapok of tbepala S fell upon reading
th remarka of a Br Purvis al a late meeting
of tba Second ward Republican club. While
tbe man Purvis does not amount to much, his
utterance have bad a pernicious effect upoa
the minds of Irlahmeu. Ua therefor desired
to preceat th following resolutions i
Whereaa at a recent meeting of tbeBecond
Ward uepuoueaa eiuu - ur rurm un 1
ered hlmaaU of earUln eipresalons which
could not fall to ba con it rued aa highly oflen
alveto Irlahmeo.aedMee em4Wfflre"t a re I
iptmtibtt cr recperaWe eonrrri aa4
remarka Indulged In to any eateat, aanool
fall to produce a pernicious effect upoa the
Irish Amerlaan voter of th Dlitricl, and
thua give aid and comfort ' to the foes of
Republleanlam t be It therefor
XeaeeW. That we hereby bread anddenounce
th aald rurvla and allef hla elk aa dliorg Sa
lter od enemlea of the Republican party,
whoae empty raporlcga about principle J
properly understood, mesne public pap and
eelfsggrandlsemenl, and we Hereby caution
all Rcpublleaas having the Interest and sue
iiaf tha Henubllcen partv at heart at the
ensuing municipal election, to abake thoae
Vipers on wim n wn -
lblt seemed tob the effort or thla man Purvis
an I another named Itatto to create tha 1m
n....t.n that tha Iriah UenuMlcsni did not
want to coalesce with tbe regular Jiepubllaas
elub He apj roved of the formation of Irlah
u.nnMivan elubi in order ihatlharmav lo-
slat upon having tbeir right reej ceted by the
Republican party of th District At tha laat
ejection ua " jc vu.nt
,.. K. iinnnrt nf eartala man who after
warda attempted to Ignore th claims of tbe
Irlah ciuzena
v-k. ...nlntlAna a.rt UnanlUOUllV adODtCd
Mr J I) U Ooaoell was then latroduced and
aid that alnce hla early manhood he had been
working for Ireland, lo Ireland and the United
..... iia hail bta a Henubllean ever alnce
hla foot ftrat trod American aoll He spoke of
the great work aohieved by th Republican
tiartr, whoa prlnelplea war Ibe same aa thoae
ou tended for by the Irlah patriots of yeare
aro Thar I ao aeceealtr for any eotiflicl ol
Intereata between th color 1 man and th
Irishman, or men of any other nationality
He waa not herein the latereata of anr In-
dividual or set of men He aoew two or tbe
eaedtcUUS named. Mayer Howen aad Major
Richards They are both good men, and ha
hoped that the Leal on of the two would re
ceiv the aomtaetlon 11 wo ild rote for aud
support th nomine of the Republican eon
Motion whoever be maybe believing that
waa the proper eourae of all true Republicans
Tbe a pecker then referred to the reaolutlona
given above Although he waa one of the men
who initiated the Irish national movement be
had alwaye been opposed lo the formation of
dlatlnctlv association i but he bad round that
tbe only way to bring the Irlah peoilelnto
tbe Republican party II did not think II
necessary lo take any notice of th allacka
made upoa tba aaeoolalloa by such meo aa
llatton and furvla. who did not utter the
opinion of th Republican party
If ther are any Oltrereneea etlatlng among
Iriabmeo In thieelty, he would say aluk them
bpeeebea ter then ma 1 by Mr Uonatable
and other membera of th club after which
the mealing adjourned
ronrtri Ward Kepnbllcan.
Th fourth ward Republican! who uaually
... to tha Aider mau a (.ham tier, were Uit
olfbt compelled to gather In the vestibule of
th Oltf Hall, where aeate bad been arranged
and all thlota put l readlneae by Prof A M
(Ireen Altnough th meeting waa ealled for
JjQo clock, as me sour oi a u bioo iwrnij
one teotle, by actaal count. hat aaiemblel
and wre awaiting th arrival or the preal
dent fvery on waa aaklng, "Where la
J eek1H but the veaerable 1) II waa nea rtt
After a delay uutll half paal eight I'rof
Oreen ealled th meeting to order, an I noml
natedO U Hriaeee aa secretary After In
Vltlng all who desired lo enrol their oamei aa
membera of the club, Mareellua Weat was
ealled upon to apeak, but declined
Mr a k itiowne wae then ealled for. and
aald he waa In heart aad aympathy with them
u.k.ii k..A uiiihinif tha aiaota In the CltV.
and concluded If there was ever a time la the
history of th Republican party which ealled
upoa every tme Republican to stand Arm that
time waa tn preieai
Ha hiil nat tlma Ia dtimiaa taiuea. hut aa ha
had endeavored In hla feeble way to renreient
mi aitisana oi ine eourtn waro in nmvnj
Uounoili bahad some knowledge of tbe Iseuca
bow pending and urged them lo feel their re
ponalelllly They would be triumphant, a
fell 1 hla bonea He then continued In a
aprtd-gl atyl la reference to the flag
nlala on Tueedar evealoe.and aald that ha
fully Todoraed the motto ther Uliplayed
that he would aupport the regular nomine
Ua waa for Ih regular nomine whether
llowta or Rlehards, or whoever sits was
alad who to aupport, but ba did not think It
riaht taw the elub la transact aar bullosas.
la'cmueh as their wae eome mleapprehenelon
aa to the time when the meetlag had adjourned
to lie wouu mov 10 aajouro until Tomor
row or eotr other evening that th club could
agree upon ...
Hamuet IWotea aal 1 th ball waa engaged
Thursday i Igbtt besides this waa the regular
meeting nl;ht of the elub, and o poaed ad
journment . .
Tha mnilnit of tlr Kandetaia waa laid on
tha iahl. vhen ha cam forward and pro-
teatet againat ine meeting proceeuing unucr
the cireumaiaDBva
The Ohalr again at ate 1 I bal not author
Ited tbe notice publ ihed ant It waa die
tlnelly un teratood the meeting shoul 1 be held
I til. m rtilna
Som one asked for an fi phnatlon of why
Ibe notice na l oeen put in ine j apvn
tamuel Williams aal 1 he eoull eiplitn
Th aecretary of thla elub J W MeKnlght,
had taken upon hlraaelf th resrwtnalblllty
of deferring the meeting becauae th Uea
tral aeeutlv Uommllte were la eculon
toilgnt,04 Iheoblectw to prevent Ih
elub carrying out tbe wlahe of the majority,
and holding It auhject to th aet of that com
mittee If fheysould. Talk about harmony,
there waa no need of advice on that aubject
The enemlea of the party had exploded bombs
of their own Invention, and they muat not
eomplalnll they Injured themaelvee by auah
arts a b charaeterliad th working of
Ilowen a frleads Th parly who had put the
nolle In the tape knw very well tbe elub
adjourn! until thla evening, and he waa only
striving to defeat th opponents of his
favorite . , ,.
W II Brown gav an aeeouat of lb way
Attorn Uook errld out th wl.haa of ha
master, and h knew from tbe position he held
as asalitant aecretary of Ue eintral eseeuiire
committee thai Howen had placed 13 two In
Uook e hands to buy votes for Howen at th
former eleetlnn Recently he wa a eked by
Uook a handy aady tha fourth rat petti
forger Oahlll, how the fifth ward would
vote nd h told him It would noil a bg ma
jority for Rlebrd Hut Oahlll aald Ilowen
could buy up enough votea to sarry th ward
for oo thouaand dollars ... .
Ur. h)odgraaa ralaad a point of order There
.. haIIiIik tiafnra.
Ham Urowa Bit dtfwn, Ur Etnodgraia You
are not pleading our eauae Thla t
",U"."H .... .1 t.r
Th "unair IIU lain M no huhub miui.
the?ti?g ,t .
w it urowa moveu to up """"
Inas of the laat meet lag, and continued hla re
mar as ivi iiwi" !-. - .-... -
Thawholecameof the trouble wae in Ssjlea
J Howen Jointing uponeaiung nimieii m
KeDubtleaapsrlf, and dlvldlog th party by
bis eelflsh aabltlo Wa have tried him and
are tired of him lie loo wall Whydoo tbe
withdrawhlsoamel lie would If he was n
good Republican No true Republican would,
at th sacrifice of principle, demand his nomi
nation It Howen would withdraw, th partv
would be united and siesta better man to All
Receipts In xets of expenditures
Ualanela treasury January 1 110
Oalanc la treaanry April 1, lrff .
n this eon nest Ion w publleh th follow log
ru irannr oiddii,
tha rtnarit of Truat.aat
Te tht CIri4 CUImm of WatMngton and
I thiok tt my daty as on af th truiUca of
colored acboofa, aad because of the reaponal-
blllty reitlof upon m, to aubmlt th follow
Ing Information for your eonalderatlont Oa
Wdaadayalght.thfTtbt ud alio on a pre.
vloue oeeaalen, at preelielyT o clock, 1 at
tended at the regular place, two atated meet.
togs oi toeeonooi ooaro aaaonnotn ocsafiooa
wae Informed tha the two ether membera had
met and adjourned seme Blteeo minutes before
T o clock Laat night en Hading tnyaelf appa
rently excluded from attending tomyoniclal
duties, 1 watted oa Mr Alfred Jonea. and
aaked what bualaea had been trneeteJ,nd
h replied, aoa of any account A to th
record of th meeting I waa not permitted to
see them, becauae, ae I wa informed, II r
llharle Klg had taken them away with him
Now wh.ll my fellow member on tbe board
Inform m that tby hav don tlttl or no
budaeia without my aanetlon, It la a fact that
money has been regularlydrawa and expended
from th corporation a of Waahlngtoa and
Georgetown for th aupport of atxly Hv
aehools at well as for variousether purpoaea,
and aa lb board eonalate ef oaly Ibre mem
bets, tt atrlkea tn aa very Strang that Ha
buiiaeaa ahould bs conducted la thle eicluilve
manner, nor do I think that th ailored eltl
tent wllleonalder It either proper or Juat
it lit. f Hawaii liana. I wlah la mention
another matter bearing upon th eonluct of
Meaare jonee nnq tviag un on oaaaaioD.
when I attended th place of meeting I fonnd
ilr Jones already there, and when King ar
rived the two gentlemen renra to notii n cau
eua, leaving me aloae, and when they returned
thebnalnesa waa completed In my preaenee
On thla point, I woul I aak, If It la the dealr
nf all nartla la be haneit. whr ahould there
be such stpgular dolngat As thla la a matter
OI greai importance io hi anu aur vuuuira,
my colored suiicne. i iima i juur uuij iu
IOOK into inie unuiuaimoaeoi uuiaa: ouiiutii
our irienu,
niLima nirmii
Truafee of Uolored Schoolv
W.eaijr iro, ipm u 170.
TnalLtaP lavaaTiasTiov Thn lflveett
a-ailAtt nrth eharraa avalnat Uonrreielonal
?r." ":..:""" " ..... r. ..
t rioter Uiapp wae rfunmiyrinninj nviur
th Henat Uommllte on I'rlatlngt
A H SnnfTarit. librarian of (Jontreil. WSI
the first wltncaa examlaed for th dctcnae.
and teatined aatoth prompt manner in woicn
all work for the llbrarr waa exeouled at th
Government printing-office, aad especially
ine excellent manner ia wnion I'nwn nau urrn
read during the pact year
Malar liao Perler roore. elerk to the Senate
Committee on Printing testified that ha had
intimate DUIinvaa rciaiivna wun m. uvicrr
meut prlnMng-oQe during lb past elx yeara
Waa (anlllaF with tha wnrklnra of tha offlc
before thai time, as h had fceeo ere ployed to
writ n lliuatratea account oi in raiaouaa
nmi Thnuaht tha offlaa had never bean bat
ter managed thaa during the j aat year, and
had been managed better tbe t aat year thaa
for asveral yeara prevloua Had visited La-
rope an UDiirnuiroi piiuiinn uiuvt. iiii.iif
the Imperial printing office or ranee He
thought the directors of the printing office
there had tbe advantage of onrauperlntendent,
as political Influence had nothing lo do with
appolntmtnti or removals la th Government
orflce If a man ahould enter Into combination
thereto regulate ih prlcei h iura of labor,
etc, he would be dlecha'gcd In Ave mlnutee
and have no anneal Ullacta thouiht theae
eemblnatlona were lujurloua not only to tbe
Government and employeea but to th craft
II thoua-ht If the aui crlutaodeat here wai nut
compelled to mako appolntmente to leaae
politicians, anq naa not ine oonnniuoui m
workmen to contend with, the Government
and the eraft woul 1 be bene n led Knew Uol
Ottei at first wa prejudice t by heanay agalnit
nimi nut now ornvvrq ntni to on amraunii
competent ma, and what be undertook to do
ha did Did not know Air Lthel, aa h had
been ther hut a short time He evented to
hava all mnti rinna nraianll
Wltneii wae her shown a letter which h
wrote to Mr Ulapp, complimenting him on
ih prompt manner lo which tbe latetlongrea
atonal Directory waa aet up, an I testified that
he wrote th asm, aa he felt under obligation
to Mr Ulapp for furnlahlng the proof so
ins I'
Ifnw Ma. Vie TivMe i to th Oiretvi
Th honorable member forth Twelfth Ohio
dlitrlcthavlog delivered bla able lecture on
Uremwell aad bis Time laat week for lb
beaetlt of Hi, Joseph s Mai Orphaa Aaylum,
an wae yeetrruay tna rveipicni oi aaaa an
preaaloa ef thaaka oa th part ef th orphans
a todraw from him th avowal that he felt
tor ember railed to express his aeknowle Ig
meals than when addreialog th Houi or th
largeit body of me Thaeeea wa Interest
laf aad affectlag, taking plae It did la on
ef th ichool rooms of th aejlam, la the
preieoe of th Slaters and about on hundred
orphans About I o clock Mr an Trump
mad his appearance, and wae Immediately
free ted with a song of welcome from that
arg Juvenile eholri after which th follow
leg audrcaa of tbank waa read In a clear,
well-art leal atd role by oa of th boys,
whil aaother held la hie hand a charming
boquct ef flower for preaentatloo at th aim
Ho MsuVait Tatmr Drer 5n Amid th
desert waet of worldly ear, there r found
enata or verdure anal and alp. oaili wher
rllgrlms, amid th eltlee dait, fled reel, for u
bis bright "paitui are th hearts thai do
not aaaret the nlaadlne ornhan a err The
r world ao full of gay and ysty thlnka eeldom
oi ini noml in bdu in mina tin idbi mi
their might, eome of their abundance t but
whsa Ih great, th learaed, th ttatcamaa
freely and spontaneously offer their valued
tlm aid taleate.w kaow not bow we may
express toe grainaae wniea una our nearte
On earth all virtu le rewarded when sanctified
ti inva ai naavan. nut ine nieneai rawara ta
not of worldly birth) ofth ftrat w eanhav
notnmg loouer lor your greai kidudiii
thatvnu faal da II ah tad that SO maar little
heart ar mad hapnyt but of th latter, If
prayera can bring down bleaalnge oura w
i ledge you, and wha each day w eeed up to
Ih heavenly thron our aaraect petition for
kind frlenda and faithful bnefactora. your
nam man naver d lorgotten onau it oe io
a ib that vnti nitbiMBi a aonntteror. a ruier.
surrounded with alt Ih reeaf splandor and
grandeur earth can glrt Oh no all that
muai taue aau paa mwmj vui iwr ni miio
erout w will aik for something better for a
grown lo heaven, a plae amid th angels
around th thron of God for all eternity
your aevoiea mil orpaau ouyo ei oi
ump having exptesied bis ae
BiABHnan V. I.B VL 1171 I
anril 9rdrm Km . ...
1 Tbe abatracts renal re J at tbese bead-
quarters, under paragraph 1011, Revised
Regulations tor me Army, cauion oi itwo(
First. A copy of the regular rot orn, whether
monthly or qnarterly. which the officer Is
reqnlredby the reifulatioos to make to the
chief or tbe Department to which the prop
rtv or stores belonfi. and In tha Quarter
master' Department, will be accompanied
by abstract "L, and thflTonchsrs to ex
plain, i rorms i, a ana ti j
Second. A copy of the regular money ae-
to explain It.
count enrr'nt, with the prescribed abstract
was again greeted with
aongs, and aen through th building ichool
rooms, dormltotlea, chapel, fee , which pre
ca'edareataad well-regulated appearance
Ma HiNKiaT'a Cohort Ob Tuesday v
al&ff tbe frlendi of that moat aceompllched
arllit, George Fella Uenkert, gav him a com.
pllmentary concert at Marlnl Aaiambty
roome.no t, street No concert w ever at
tendeillnthls ally haa been more admirable
In lie eeleetlona, all of which wae perforate 1
wtlhthsnat perfect aoaeei by tbe frlnndcof
th atttat Thar war two aeptuura by lleeth
oven thetrto, 'La Carlta," br Ronlnl, sung
byMeaira Droop, Cluis aad Kemballi a aex
tour from I.ucia," by Donliettt, auag by
Meaare Hroop ard Kemball, and Meiiri
Marlnl, Hart, Oolller and Hroop A acena
from Su rreieehuti," by Weber, wai aung
by Madam Droop, whoa alngular beauty and
rich voice won th heatlaot all preaent.and
ah waa pleated to sing on of hereweet long!
la reply (a th nthusiaatl encore ebe had re
ceived Th favorlt air of Una roe poco
fa," a auag by Madam Sloieh, brought down
lb plaudit of a delighted audience, aad la
reply to tbocor ah aaog thataweet aong
"We met byhaao' "Largo al raetotum1'
waa admirably aung by 1'rofeaaor Oolllere
Th "raataet" for the piano by Thai berg.
waa piajca wun fiittumi ami, int. huu
xpreaalon by Mr Henkerli but tha event of
ina nvrBina was mnui ow
llallet," on th rloll. by young Maeter
nr.na Katkhoafar. and M.a Melancholic.
performed by him In answer to th most rsptur
out encore of the audience Th large audience
n anainaaad of ttaonla of culture aad re.
floemeat. who thoroughly appreciated th
rtahtraatar elaaalcal music nreiente I. and
I'rof Henkert has resion to felicitate himself
upoa th perieeieueccisoi invcaieriainment
SootaaLa nr tbi St Aaoaxw' Sociitt
iid itunna'ULUBThafaL Andrew's eelatr
and Hum' (Hub gar a moat pleasant soda
bi lueeaay evening at aiaerir nan, corner
of Seventh and J streete which waa very
largely attended. Ho i. 11 reach, Hon 1.
II Root Dr Honaldaoa.UeaeralUallocb.and
many other being noticed among tne asaem
lieildea thedanetnr. which was Indulged Ii
moit heartily, the following songa werereu.
aerca nurisg ina miermiaiioBi -ju(o juih
dean,M by Gen Uallocht Loga a' Hockan,' by
Pllll Biropioai "Aiuanar niaiiii,
rroaeeittori Never ew a Waahlng-
yeara ago, aad he would work harder lode
cat II mil campaign nuwcu iirii..iin
to tbrotraof Waahlngtoa that he carried
Uongrus I bla pocket, and could get any
meaaur through that b aaked fJongriamn
to pass That waa all very good two yeara
ago, but th man whom Uopgreaa would nol
true! with au appropriation lor tba relief of
th poor, eoutd ool b true tad at y lonrer by
th poor themialvca and th people of Waah
lngtoa war ready to lay him on th ahelf
Th Lhalr announced a th campaign com
mittee, Joieph Lee, ir,W U Itrown.sr
Jaa Mulrhead L H Alkloaon, Joo Khlelda,
Jamea fullelov, Thoa, I-Ttle, Wm Tludall,
M Dotaon.Thomae Hhay James uulglcy, H
R Parker, Walter i I'lowdeu, Georg J
Ueana and Alfred Derry
viailanallnninilttaa Joianh Lee Wm II
li.tta. inhn II Nourae. Wm Dunce. Josenh
Wlma, Daniel Con nelly, tfamuel llrown,
W H Newton, Area Joyce, uamuei Aami,
Wm Hayne Daniel Hickman, Jamea Small
wood aad John Clark
tvinfualon continued for com tlme.thaUor-
porattondleturbera moving to lay the appoint
mania on iu mum, .au w -"juui"
A Vole If th Uorpo ration ahop waa to
abut up for a few daya, all you fellows would
Ham Wllilaats, from th executive commit
lee reported th committee had agreed to
hold a primary e lee I loo for delegatee la re
fly to an Inquiry, he aald thoi who voted
at delegates would be sworn to support th
tegular nomine of th convention
The meeting adjourned with rouelng sheers
for Richards
tourlls Ward lleforus Uepnblleaaa
A me ting of this club waa largely attended
laat night al their oew hall loth Intelligen
cer ldul Id log, corner of bevcutb and D streets
The club was ealled to order by th prealdent,
Mr J It Crane and addreaaea were made by
Meaare Cunningham, Kenney Tucker I H
t)ruiiman,tbe prealdent and Q W llatton
Th meeting adjourned with thre cheers for
Mathew I) Lratrr
mitt A meeting of the Republican Uen
tral baecutlv Committee wae held laat eve
ning nearly every member belg present
A Iter a t rolracted leaalo, It waa Oaally agreed
that th election of delegate to th nomlna
ting convention ahould tak plae on Wednes
day next, between th houra of 2 p m and 7
p m th ward clube determining whether a
primary election ahould take place or nott but
In whatever way tbey were chosen It muat bs
batwean thoae boure. aad that ths convention
houi I meet on th following day. Thursday,
May ft. for th purpoa of nominating a eendl
date for th mayoralty
TitaMAHoaio (Jnota. The following gen
tlemen have been elected officer of th Ma
aonlc Cbolr Association, to serve th aautng
yean President, It Ualli vice president, J V
Ulubbi treasurer, O t) llrown) eearatary, O
T Thoropeoet drat leader. K H Holmeii see
ond leader, 11 II Hradleri third leader or
leader of orcbeatra, Henry Ionohj first organ
lat,J fc. Scheeli second organist, O. W Chap
mant third organist, J 8 llakeaort librarian,
J Ir J AlcUlcary
A J PtANT, Plant'a Holldlng, coraer ol
New York avenue and Hfleenth atreat, calls
publleatlentloo tobieexiemlve, eboloe and
well aaleeted a lock of eotTe, sugar, flour aad
butter, and other arllelea la th grocery line,
which ar offered for sal at prices to suit th
popular pockat rr
Am artJOttaatn siiatoa of the Oraad Lodge
A t U Mwlt bo held thle vnlg. at S
o clock forth election of omrs for the ea
suing year,
itnmt hla hualneai aa thee all
hltrar rtitaa lo ralarenea to thauaaof eaul
....,.-----.-------- ----- -..i-
iaia. . wnicn iorr wouiu un. na miiirr
how many marks an f corrections ware made
oath margin of the proof II regarded tt
th Brat duty of a printer to follow copy, nd
of a proofreader !u obey the author a I nit ruc
J II Roberts, foreman of the blodery at th
Government office, thought th p recent super
latendent perfectly competent to carry oa th
PUIinvil Ol ma uuina mi uuiibmidi mm
offloe ha I greatly Increaaed eapeelally la th
blank department, where the work bad mor
than doubled If they had loom In th bindery,
WOUlu put up mora iuiihk uasiiiara aau mu
men at woik Thought th quality or th
printing aa good ae ever before Never dlieor
ered anything Ilka tyranny or oppreealon la
In admlolitratlonoftne present superintend
ent) thought he was Jual the reverie a kind
hearted man Were using now com leather
ealled Cowbld Ruiala in preference to th
Rusela leather, oa account of th high price
ofth latter Tbe Uow hide Rutil wae pur
chased for one half of what tbegenulnc Ruaala
learner cons, ana ic maua ia taia aouniry.
while th "Ruaala leather' la manufactured
only la Ruisia,
AlKCaL aTBTAl)KitiiTor Tn Soriio
MoaAaDlaasuilAaLLAaaaoUoLOUBtA Uollio Th annual ntrtalamnt waa
gtvea laat night by tbe member of th eopho
mora and freshman ctaases of Columbian Dol
leg at th Thirteenth btreet Uaptlet church
Th entertainment waa attended by a na and
appreciative audience, who manifested their
pleaaui from tin to tlm by th moat d
elded marka of approbation.
Th Marine band added roucn to lb com
Innint moat aaeallent muala
Th following was in oroer oi exerciaesi
Pravar Muala Tha Dream of Dante'
Charlea M Lewie D U All la notQold that
Ollttere," Lewis T M Oowle.D O "Arwe
so iooo t orgotteo t ' Campbell Carrlogton, D
U Muala "Woman e Rights Henry O
utler, 111, "Hannibal," Thoma I Klng.D
O Muitc ValnOlory.' 1lwla II Ilay.Va
Th Cuban Revolution,1'!! W U Urown DXJ
'Th Hero of Paraauav." J II Uremmerman.
DC MutI. Th tlravea of bt Helena '
JobaT Judd, D C Sulla," Jae L. Banga
Th benedlctloo waa pronounced by th Rev
J. 11 Cutbbert, paatorof th church, aad th
larg aamblagedlaperaed with pleaiant ree
oltectlon of th floe literary entertainment of
th evening
Nw Yobk RtroBLtoaw Abbooiatiok
8ociBL-Th entertainment given laat
evening by th New York A i social ion wa
on of ft moat aelect partita given durlag
th winter Among thoa preaent were Preaf
dent Urant, Vie President Colfai, Hecrctary
Itelknap, Henator lenton, Speaker Ulalne,
Hon M L N HowelLCant L.U TowmeniLC
H Trevltt.ee I, Major Lake, Dr U S Thomp
son, Dr J h Dexter, Hon A M Clspp,
uaptain w a lappan, lion u erensn.
Maaara MaLoJ and ttmallt Annle Lautl
hv Mr Hudaon. of Prince IA w ard e laland.
and "Within a Mil o' Ldlnboro Town," by
Mliekat Wood
Tbeoreheitra was under th direction of
Mr W II Dyer, and rurnlihel moat excel
lent muile. Introducing a novelty tn repre
sentlag wlln perfect eaactneaa the Scottish
bag pit e In the two Scotch reele.whlch cauced
the I tllrdeaeendanta from uuld HeolUod ' to
feelvery much gratified
Th floor managere, Meaira Lwrenee,
Gardner, Hamuei T Lewie, Chat lee Me
Mfturee, jr.M ii i'rtee,jonn a iiureo, u
H Jonee, rloreac Donohue and Wm timall,
If aerie commendation for the faithful man
net Iu which they perform t their dut lea
I.rtttAL HnaviTiaa Edward Urown. a eol
ore I man, waa aireated ycatcrday oa th
ensrge oi eommiiiiaK iiauu on int i fniioa
oOlem He la held to await an examination
An Independent le Company la th latest
Washington enterprise
The funeral ol Mr H P t nglaad, I.le a
el era in ine war iieparimeut, tooa piace yes
terday, and waa attended by many of hla fel
low clerks
MePheraoa Poat,Orand Army of tie Repub
He, propos a grand e acred conceit at the Ma
tlnaal Thaalra na Nundav evanlnr. klav la
Tbe proceeds are to b applied loth relief of
tha alak and daatltuta aoldtara of tha Post
A Republican meeting was held at Pit Gate
way on Tuesday evening Oeorg W, llatton,
of this city, mad a lengthy address Cver WO
These returns and abstracts will show tha
amount of all moneys recti red and expended
or contracted tobe pald.by what authority,
and on what account. They are lo bereo
dered not only by officer who are doing
doty In any of the administrative branches
of toe staff, but every officer who ha public
rtronertr In hi chart. Including all ord
nance and ordnance stores In the hands of
post, regimental, or company commanders,
It belnsr Intended to Include therein all th
property and money of tbe Government ap
pertaining to the military service in this
II. The tarxr abora redulred will ba for
warded at the same tlm the originals are
torwaraau to incuiei oi in oureau at
Washington by the officer making them, or,
ta case be Is serving under an Intermediate
commander, by the oQlcer revising them, lo
the senior officer of th appropriate branch
of the stalT at department headquarters, and
wui oe suorniwea Dy mm to tne department
commander, with such remarks or recom
mendations as may be approprlatd. Tbe
chief of tbe Quartermaster's and Subsist
ence Departments will submit, a soon as
practicable after the first of each month,
tabular statements exhibiting for each depot
and post under his supervision!
In IA QtMrfrrmaifer's Dipartmtnt The
amount of funds, the quantity and condition
of the means of transportation, tbe number
and condition of artillery and cavalry hones,
wnetoer in tne service oi troops or la aepot,
and the quantity of forage on hand at tho
end of the preceedlog month, and also the
number of citizens emptoyed at each dpot
and post daring the montn the number o I
soldiers employed oa "extra daty," and tbe
rates of compensation.
Inth iubutttnci Vtpartmtnt The amount
of funds and th quantity of subsistence (In
rations) on band al the end of the precedinE
month, and the number of citizens emptoyed
d urine the month t the number of soldier
employed on 'exlra doty," and the rale of
III. The chief of each department 1 tbo
centre and superintendent of his branch of
tbe service In all quastlonsof administration.
lie will keep himself constantly Informed of
tho condition of bis department at the seve
ral posts and stations under hi supervision,
lie will correspond directly with those doing
doty In his department, and will give them
such orders a the Interest of the service
may require) and all order and Instructions
ctrcnbrhlmln thenameand brthe author.
lty of tbe department commander will bo
promptly obeyed, but orders In relation to
command, supplies, or expenditure will be
Issued by the Assistant Adjutant General.
lie win snpervUe and Inspect all purchase
and expenditures for hi department) will
see that all estimates for funds and requisi
tion ror material are specine ana reasona
ble, and at the aame time sufficient for the
servicer that tbe article required are neces
sary, and at the same time best adapted to
the particular service, and that no unneces
sary expenditures of money or material be
allowed He will consolidate and prepare
for the department commander tbe estimates
for fnnds and requisitions for supplies that
are submitted to higher authority.
tv. commanacrsoi post are responsioie
for the equipment and supply of their com
mands and the proper application of Ibe
tore when distributed from tbe depots. It
I their doty to see that the necessities of
the service a Ithln the limit of their com
maud are anticipated brtlmolr estimates
and reqnlattlons, and lhat tfaesupplles,wbrn
received, are property carea lor ana applied.
uraioarur, in tnis command, estimate ror
funds will be made on the first day of each
month for the service of tbe next ensuing
month, and requisitions for surmllrs on the
Oral day of each quarter for tbe service of
to next ensuing quarter.
Fatl mates for clothing, ramp and garrison
equipage will be made for six month sup
ply. Special cstt males and requisitions should
only be made wbea necessary to meetuoex
rected con tin treacle. All estimate and ro
qalsltloas will be accompanied by fall and
specific explanations of tbe objects for which
the money or supplies are requlred,and,ansr
approval by the post or other commander.
will be forwarded to tbe chief of tbe proper
staff department. If for repel rs, tbe nature,
extent and necessity will be fully stated 1 f
for buildings, tbe estimate will be accompe
nlcd by plans and specifications In detail o (
each build Inn proposed to be erected t will
state the purpose for which It I to be ap-
FUnt'f Building,
UnaaarVLL W
Books and Stationery.
teatlaaorearcaitemeriand thernblteaeao
ally that we have reraevedoer ateckef Benhi at
itetleaerr te ear ;w bnlUlag, which we he
-Bal CftVPletcd HO 4IlBvUM,lWa,
rear aad-a-balf and bltlh sta, belag naif 7 doe
wait ef ouv eld alltyt whwe e snail he plea
le see lhm We w kev of tbe Urt
alarereoms la thla ally, belag T feet 1 Use lb l
M In wtdlh. wbleb glvea ample room to dlipli
earetocktogood advantage we aaveinrmaa
J care made a apeeialiyef LawBoott W; no
av ea band the larieit itock d varletr th
side of It V , which we will cell o all oeeaalot
at reaneed prlcei Oar stock ofMtiallantei
Hon el
at al
liberal addltUae. Schoel Mls-sr eollecil
Maalatiar all lha arlAtia kladi In 0rl in
oar city as enrroaadtag cenatry Stationtry
ear iloek ta fall aa complete, kda. of the varloi
eaalltUa, and prtiea lo ealt all, Wealaareeeh
ii wair rmP' v ii"i
eaee mil
at i
Cor. N. Y. Avo. and 15th st.
OatBpowtterTea,130 Kxtra, t.TS
Japam, l 00 Katra,t Vlai. It
OoloK,DOat Kitra,glFIetfl.a3.
Itwprlal,at.vlKatra,l 5Mt 50
Kata;ltla Ureakfaat, vtrynnMl 50.
Uomalne Old Jarav-Batra, SO
taarra,aet i Itaaated. 34 at.
Meracetb. Dicta Itaste1,33 etc.
Ule, 3 and 33 at HaaeUd, US and 30
UahlrCnt, IBeta.
UrannUted, Crttshed anrt row d red.
A,(btcefru;ar, 13 ct.
nrewm,laeifl lUKct
Hhlr'aniaeaoaielByrup,il U
HehlreVhtteDr1ps,l ao
Wtt Orlaavt Uolassss, tl
Porto Itlea,TS ct.
All grades of flour at tbe loweit aJvertlieJ
ratea ORAIIAM from letd whit wnat.
R and Oat Mat, Hominy and Orlts, Farias,
Corn Stersh, Ilarley, Sago and Taplosa
Chole Haw York, (new.) 43 cia
UIILGSE of all grades. Uelebratrd brand
SHOULDERS nRlEU 11LKF, ror cblpplog
LARU. refloiJ. FISH of all kind
HiroitThD LUXURIES of very dsasilp
ttoa Truffles, Mushrooms, Peni, Anchovies,
Olivei. Olta of all th principal brandi, Chow'
Uaow. Plekles, Oroaa a. lllackwell. Imperial
Prunse, Potted Meats, Uspers, Sardines, Pre
earvei, Ilry Ulnger, fcc
riaut llnlldlntr
ap37tf (or. N T . stsiw ISlIs al.
raaalarl all taanrtarinal waakl m
e4.aawelfasthelf 1, lalllse. toaether with tt
ropalsriasiailaae aad cheap paklleatloaaof tl
ar To ail ef which we eareeilly lev Its oar ea
(era aa lb mklla raaarall ta rait aad aaatiii
I... ....., .w4j. jjy 001( I
will be rested paratc or teeether Real low I
FOR RRHTw.fbe Mere vomi
wi piti jiii rtnoTia, iniM,
wilt ba vsated Hoarata ne taca
a permaasal teaaal Posiloa gtvea Innx
ately jtpply to, W.ll ait It WOKRIBQH
tha Merchant! Kachanee. Oeorvatown. ves. 1 Piled, the material to be USd In U Con
siruciion, anu aa ucany a posatuie id en
tire cost when completed. All estimates for
balldlno; purposes will conform to tbe prln
Jait received per tteamar, aad boagkl at lowest
geld prlcea,
ao eae VClleawotChaiiipBt
13 eaee Piper Heldslek Chain pa
10 eae la.lt. Imperial Chawpagst
The above wesell al Hew Tort pride
A complete atock of Ftae
for medical a
of lost bread, at lew prteee
Oiipoalle UllUrd.' Hot. I.
tarda i
St John a churah, Qaorgetowa, la to b
prlofrom II So toll s
ahn a ehurah. aaorretd
aneedlly refitted and placed In thorough repair
Fbom rfoaroLK TL eteamer Lady of Ih
Lake arrived on tlm yeaterday morning,
bringing a heavy and valuable freight for Nor
folk, embracing all th market products of that
elty After dlaebarglng freight, tbe veaael
ateame 1 for th Navy Yard, where ihe took oa
board freight for lloaton, Including four
anchors, weighing la th aggregate TOO!)
poubdi beside I uoya, anehor-chalna, grap
nelle, &o
V ar glad to obierv that thla Un la re
ceiving such substantial patronage from the
UeralUovrament and Jh mercantile com
munity t larg. for Ih projeetora doaerv
aucceia Th offlieraof th boat ar gentle
men la th right place, and Mr Joaeph 8
lloldreg, th efflcleni eletk, 1 no tndlapena
able appendage, aa h la alwaya oa 4 deck" to
receive freight and provide for th eomfort of
pineoccre Th 'Lady of th Lake' will
leave thla afteroooaror Norfolk, and among
the paaaengere will baa number of Henatore
and membera of Uongreas
Uaptela AraolJ, U. 8 A Ohauacey Smith,
teq , ueorge tv uurger, ana manyotnare,
aceomnaaled br ladiea Th entire affair
Rmed orrto a highly agreaabl manner Th
ew York gentlemen ar gallant and tba
Uuiai It A Qlcott ItOo.Ko 111 Ninth
street, at their Pekln and YedJo tea store.
deserve th commendation of the houiekerp
Inr nubile for their enterorls lnfurnlabln
our cltlteoe with teas aedeotr of th very
oeai importation, wnion tney win ecu at tne
vary towcei raaraci jtrivaa tax aii;ciaia
Arm warrant all roode renreeeoted bv them
and th publle hav learned that they keep
th cholceat tea, coffee and spices lathe
market, anu inai men prioae are tow, oca
their advrtlccmal ta another column
National Daman Pa be A meeting of
well known gentlemen was neid oa Tucaday
night at th Mt James hotel for th purpose
Ol oiganidHK m uiiiu iaia a,.v,iaiiun fir
Oeotg Hultet esllea the meeting to order,
whnetatedtb object Fmarka were mad
lyMr J W Angus and other oa th Import
ance ofth movement aad th great beneflta
which would reault from th eatabllahmenl of
a nrat-elaia drlvlnr nark Tha maatlnr ad
journed la order to perfect arrangementa for a
tnorvugo organisation
MBBaoA, IIooam k Wvu. No line Saveoth
street aorthweat, aredlipoiing of their larg
atock of dry goods at remarkably low ptleei
Hee their advertliement
The folio win r eentleuen. aonatllutlnr th
reception comialtlea, deserve much ralso fer
tb aatlafactory manner lo which they per
formed their dutyt Hob A M Ulapp Hon II
Van Aernam.T U llencey.J 11 Patrick, 0
W H toe king, J p Hawes and W 0 Htene.
Th following were the floor jnanagerai J
fl I aogwortby, W J Hynee, Ial Haundere,
I) II ttearlaandW A llaitlett.
Dancing waa ke 1 1 up uatll aa early hour
this morning
SaasToa Strwaia RonitoA Dauiko
Tbbft I at Tueaday night a man appeared
at th realdenc of senator Sumner an I hand
lag his card to th aerraot, rentarktag thai he
waa on ofth benator sonatltuenla nd re
oueated that the ' pasteboard b taken to
Mr Sumner While the servant waa oa thla
minion the parly entered th parlor celled a
beautiful rrrnch clock valued at 1S0 and mad
off with It Yeaterday Detectives Ularvo and
lligley wer notlded of th occurrence, re.
celved adeaerlptlooof th party, and In one
hour thereafter had recovered Ih clock, and
during the afternoon arreeted th thief a well
known lloaton garmoir,' named Hobt 1111
It Is held for trial
M.joa J W PowKLt.' I.kOTrjas-MaJor
J W Powell will delher a lecture upon th
"fJenyone of th Colorado " for th benefit of
th Itllnola Kepublican aaioelatlon at Mela
rott hall oa Monday evening next, May a
Tickets miv ba had ar tha minhiri or tha aa
locution aud at th dour oa lb evening of
in lecture
Waaaw yeaterday a check of th Mul table
naaiiTsuv nuciciy iur f i wv, amiu wi
Heyer, th agent waa juat about delivering
loth wlJowof on of our prominent buil
neaa men lately deceased This show th
value oi uie imurance
reelatrv of tha volar a nf tha rourth ward waa
continued yeaterday roaultlag la a total of
us) oi wnom sot wer wnu ana is ceigrvu
e '
Peneavlranla avenua. hava luat received a
large stock of refrigerators, le cheats, water
ivvi.ii) aiuu wuar aeunawia ainsiaa
Tu time table of tha Alaiaadrla Loudoun
aad llampshlr railroad Is published la our
Th a t If II. Ward Kapublloa Ulub will meet
thla evening at Uarroll Hall at I o'clock
Avail aad rpw boat Ii advertised for salf.
eor particulars apply at mis onia,i
J J Mat, No 03 Pennsylvania avcan. be
tween Ninth and Tenth atreeti, hav Juat
Mnaaa O J, Wlln k IIbothkb No 420
Lleventh street, notify thai of our cltlient
who Intend leaving th elty that they hav
asf Btorag for piano and furniture
Two Tocio lapis mt wanted to learn th
drees making business Application to be
made at iwx renneyivania avenue, south aide
TntBB wiix V a meeting of th Flrit Ward
Republican Ulub held thla areolag at th
Steveneihool houi
t 11 KriawBTi. No 1137 Peancvlvaala
avenue, haa Juat rerelved a tare Invoice of
airaw naie auttanie tor wou anu voya.
For Oomtliukh
ila nir iim.a ea .a an a
ii run ii limn nmr ,u tu t uikui
Linen llemmed llandker chiefs, 3 to 10
Llaca Collars, 13 to 3 50 doxen
Linen Caffs, several new styles,
sloe Muslin and Linen Drawers
Floe Muslin night shirt.
Dress fiblrts, 1, 2 and 3 pleat bosoms,
(IgOHGEC UrartiNQ,
No. 410 Berenth street northwest.
Is rissiMo up Sstixtii BTBirr we noticed
the store of our friend. "The Original
Franc," crowded with customers, and at the
same time we observed other store decidedly
In want of patronage. The only reason for
Ibis, to tbe best of our knowledge and belief,
Is that onr friend, Mr. Franc, 1 selling
good at such prices lhat the buying com
munity And U to their Interest to patronise
this so very popular Genu's Furnishing
Store. For the benefit of strangers we would
add that the new number la 431 Seventh
street, between D and R streets, three doors
above Odd Follows' Hall also, we would say
bat be bos no branch store. Q
A Fact Wobth Knowing. In conse
nnftiM nf ad Intended change In the busi
ness at the Central Dollar Store, 808 Market
Space, between Eighth and Nln.h, tbe well-
assoneastoca Ol urumo jswcirj, Aiasaa act
and other dealrable good will be sold at a
reduction of SO per cent, discount. Ot
elple of (Jeueral Orders No. 05, Headquar
ters ofth Army, Adjutant General's fJiflce,
1803. ltenulslllons for ordnance aud ord
nance store will be made for batteries.
companies and detachments, and will not be
consolidated, nniess tne regiment oe intact
and servlag at one station.
In furalshlog supplies from the depots,
the officers In charge are to see that tbe sup
plies on hand are equitably distributed, and
that commands convenient lo the depots are
not supplied la excess, at the expense of the
troops serving at distant stations.
V. Whenever supplies are received at any
depot or military station, either from army
or contract trains, the commanding officer
wilt cause them to be Inspected by aboard
of survey before they pa Into the hand of
th receiving officer, for tbe purpose of as
certaining whether they are In the same
order and condition aa when shipped. Tack
ages will not be broken vales ther appear
to hare been opened or damared on the route.
In thl cai tbe board will proceed to deter
mine tne as wot or aamage; anmnoxing
the accountability for such loss or damage,
the deposition required by law mast accom
pany the proceeding of the board. When
uppllas are sent from any depot or poet, the
shipping officer will take such precautions In
patting op the package that tbe fact of their
having been opened or broken In transit may
be readily detected upon examination at the
Bolot of delivery.
Whenever any contractor or contractors,
for service or for supplies, shall fall lothe
performance of any of the conditions of bis
or their contracts, the receiving officer will
at once make a formal protest, setting forth
tne ractot lauureaua wuerem it consisieu
One copy of this protest will be served on
tbe contractor or contractors, a second copy
will be sent lo the chief of the staff depart
ment with which the contract was made, al
depart men t headquarters, and If the con
tract waa for .raniportatlon, a third copy
will bo sent lo the snipping officer. If the
failure was In tbe delivery of supplies needed
forthense of the troop at anypoit, the
commanding officer Is authorised to order
the purchase of such supplies as may be
needed for tbe time being, repotting the fact
and the cost of such supplies as may be
purchased, In order that tbe excess maybe
charged lo the contractor.
The original Inventories and Inspection re
ports of condemned proper!, and reports of
the proceedings of board of survey. In tripli
cate, will be sent to the assistant inspector
general at department headquarters, who,
before submitting them for tbe action of the
department commander, will refer them to
tbe chief or the department to which the
property belong for hi remark.
IV itlsthedntyof the post or detach
ment commander to see that the return
and report required by regulations of or
ders are dulr made and forwarded, aud on
their monthly infection report they will
note whether thl na or ha not been done,
and, If It has not, Ibe reason for the failure
VII. All appointments and changes of
officers serving In the Quartermaster's or
rjubsisienre departments win pe promptly
reported by the officers ordering inch ap
pointment or cnange to in enter or tnose
departments at these headquarters,
Uy command of Brevet Major Qen Canby,
Louis V. OiilAXO, Alde-de Camp,
Acting Assistant AdJnUnt General.
Ai ECONOatT Is th highway to wealth, we
consider it oar duty to remioa our leuow-cui-tens
of the fact that there U a vast differ
ence In the pi Ice charged by onr several
merchant. Many proicas to sea gooas
cheep, but from our own experience we have
to say that we never bought our dent' Fur
nUhlng goods more reasonable than at tbe
store of the one-price Franc, 431 Beventh
street, between D and E. )
MiCHWi. Wilcox A Glbb' Bewlog Ma
chine, tbe most simple and beat constructed
sewing machine, will hereafter be sold on
New Grocery
Bernard Hayes & Co
t2TN0. 909JE1
PMMbbbbbbI 1
Owing t Ibe eiteaalv fraadi cental Us J ap
km laimu ht lha waBBla raataratlaa. a
re nieof inch Inleraal Reeean Stamps aa ba J
Bsb ini aaa cental icoey maraimiaa iwvi
Ihe ribhea stamp, Ihe ntm atlas) enar ar I at re VI
xeveaae. Baser aie ei rearaarv to, isra. aac pi
eerlbe new ree alleaa fer the eaeseltjaf
tamp mu reeaiaiioae mm taw encciaiar
IvfU n mpmimr can hiw.hbb ai i.ci
lleafjr fnrsUblai the New Cattle aad Datl
Caaeclllaf Treisss al Haaafactarere Prlca it
llvcred complete aad ready for vie, aad freli
free, thereby eeabllac eaelo inrehaee them b
teraaieh-aperheretiiaaUNew Toik
Orders abna Id be aeat la lmedlaulrt eve
rvbnald bSMat ia lme4iatair, ai.ev
one will be Iliad la rotation ae tl Is received
We beltai
The prlea of the Pres of w hick Ibe above eat I
repraeeetalloe, I Eiebt Ool are
! to be the boot aad cheap! made
say ot
la III
cjalrcddate . . rillLP ' So LO MO US,
o be the boal aad cheap! made VTe will I
nranara ta faralaB aa at tha Fraataa nranarlb1
by the Ootntnlaalaiar ! int for bio ea .the i
Wkala.ala aa Uatall Btallaaarl.
wtireaa v.,bet Dlath aaiTeaUata . .
Wm ale (tea. D r I
a-Ordsrsbynill will receive prompt atteatt S
Cor. of Seventh and D its.,
wklck Ib.r in off.rls, tl
noLD riuoKs
thi coon CIItCI.I1 nr Till BIPOBLIC
Saralibtaea Vn
ThBaaltiaal CsUbrltlcaor the Halloa,
laitratla Ilia aad aoclatv aaSaralihtaea rn
eali deaerlbtng the social faatataaaf the a I
laitratla life
Join daaartht
.tve aamtalitratloaa.
uraai. iiiauraion 111
grav dost.l Hy Mr
from Waibtectoa
prlatathaila say ilor
tTuai, urrosiTi ait
Wo Kill give the adronUgo of tha
grtit fall in the price of OooJn to oar
cuitoraeri, and sell at
We hare purchased one or the cele
It will grind one pound of coffee In
half a mlnnte, coarae or One, (as yon may
desire,) and when done, all the coffee U
out of the Mill. Some mills leaie a
quantity of codeo in them when through
grinding, thereby mixing
We have made arrangements to bare
our Coffee Toasted three tlrao a neelc,
and will have it ground
riiEfln and rutin f.veiiy day
Special attention will U giren (0 the
selection and purchase of
No 009 Seventh Btrett, between
I and K Street.
OIKT BrJokall faeaark HD.Ii.
niSTOUTur RUMK UyTbeoaoreMomm
TnVVVffNy W"kriocrdr Vi.k
aTONIMtNT By iioward Maleota ...
0LTrAHlOflID 01 BL. By Uclu M
UaakTCUll'KTLlHnloT, Vvbatara'r'er
i(JUT SCxtB iKTUl'liiBLiL UjB,'
Paalel March. D D
Wo lavlte tbo alteatlo f Ih trale aad pal I
eaoraiiy. lotaeiactot oar dsviir mii nm t
ro Tt
niSTltlOT Of OOMIMniA,
fer lb aaleef
nKNOiVNKu rTi;sr mehl tkk I
TUB OWL riH-Tars dowa polai. For
VTUaVlCKWlCK PKU-Tara id nolaL Di
aeaafee . . .
TH TAtl, rsi'ii a sp poiai. na
Hipia wrtini
i aaao .
caleBla bad piper, aa la tb eaie wltbetaer
Iubiii.. a at J ina ataaaaraaaaiil af tha Ibarra
aad tbe rtaaacee alac lUlt by Vraaalc Bo
eiou. iao mii f viicareiv laoaiaiivr
WairV'oni.lUa Arlt by Tl.rdoll 1 K
Close of Ihe MtaUtry, Ulrd vol ( lima s
of Oar Lord ill ...,.,
Htfpvlaf Heaveaward I by Ur. Praitlee t !
.Uai.T.llkltrMI, UUUll.trarllBlUII
Wfc.lM.l.mJ S.UII D.4lla
KsLiouiisibKKs.OiiLD rine.ac
iititniTH ,sx ,
Ul-lf B.1W...H..JI
liberal terms. Inquire at Ihe agener, Daum'a
corset and hoop skirt factory, ioi Bereath
street, between D and B, I
BriciiL 1'iwm Ilaoasa's Motics r
Irons will please take notice that mr bail
liess Is carried on as usual oa second floor,
notwithstanding the alteration new going
oo, M. H. Fauci,
( 1000 1'ea&ijlTula arenue.
Heat jisttte Agents
rirititi.lM.I a4 rsairlTftil st.sm
Oapll'l BIIL
onoictBniLtiioi.oTs..icpiul nii, r
-iVSsWWl'KTSu.K .. is. .11.1,1
St. I 'T' "
flnmblng tnd Oas-gltting."
a asaiiu 1
m utota anree. Miwsia v ,
tr-l aasaU for HoU a Celebrated Tabalai
OfaaKsasea, laM
. Cr. Olh D ,1., -,
ttl rsaaa.asiis.-thsUs,strllt
Bet. Thirteenth a Fourteenth str
Onr Natl.HalThsatr.f
BUIUrl Cm. L.lb.r.4 at ihftrt .(.tic.
llu, iiiiU lot Pt.lss A C.I1..4.;, All k
.... t 2V..r- '
Juat Receivec
CosiUtlis o(
oaidir Tisia. rooKTimi.
Bu'l T,rs.l, w, Mil tb. ImI C.oklis Sin
wl. J )!. suit taalmsth iumiA

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