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Mokdat, Mat, 10, 1870.
, , , SKNATJC ,
Mr, Stewart moved to postpone th rcgala
ordfr, In order to proceed with th bill en
forcing the 15tb amendment, Ajwed to.
The Mil to enforce the l&th amendment to
tl Constitution vu then taken -P ww l
'(It provision wcro puUid ontUaAth
nlAprll.1 ... .
Mr.Btewart offom! m art additional sec
tion thtt In rue of ft rcraon holding an office
other than member of Conffrc or of a State
Legislature, It shall In the duly of the district
attorney of tlio district In which such person
holds ofllco to proceed against ancli person
by writ of ouo uvirrrtnfo, and such writs of
otto warranto phall hare precedence for trial
in the courts of the United States.
Mr. Btowart also moved several other ad
dUtooal sections, providing floe and Iroprl
onment for persons lmldlnfC office In violation
of the Qfteenth amendment, and forever dis
qualifying them from holding office, and nro
hlbltlnfr ' any discrimination by any State
against any class of emigrant, and re-enact
log certain proTlsiona o( the civil rights bill
of April, 1W, and said act, eicept Uie tint
and second sections. Is mode a part of till acL
Mr, Vkker took the floor and arjruod that
Cmigre had no power or right to pM thl
bill, and contended that the question of the
suffrage was left by the Constitution entirely
In the control of the Stales, lie said that the
fifteenth amendment was designed entirely so
that the negroes should bo enabled to rote.
No Btate had as yet attempted to .throw any
obstacles In the war of tho operation of that
amendment, and hence there waa no neces
sity for (lie passage of any such act.
If Congress can pass this act, It can take
the whole machinery of election out of the
hand of the Btatca, The clause of the
amendment, author! ting Congress to enforce
It by appropriate legislation conferred no
new powers, and tho legislation could not
iropcrly.be enacted uatll occasion for It arose,
n regard lo the validity of tlie fifteenth amend
ment, he held that New York had withdrawn
It ratification, Indiana had ratified It Illegally
and fhree Slate , (Mississippi, Virginia and
TptasI liaul Imwu MMtrml Into ratlfrlnir IL In
fact, four States leu than a constitutional
majority had properly and legally ratified,
leading onttbe great moral wrong that was
done In Legislature ratifying It which had
uecn eiretcu on no such inuo, uu on uia -di
cago platform, which left the whole question
of suffrage to tho States. He contended that
tho position taken by the Itadlcal party was
monstrous, and destructive of all principles of
a republican , government, and that the ten
dency of the party and It acts was to ft cen
tralized despotism.
i ue niicemn amendment was sprung uiou
tho people; It gave to the people no opportu
nity toe.prc their opinion upon It, but In
violation 4 the principles underlying our sys
tem of QovemmcnL It was paased upon u
vj iMMiiea to wtioui uie cvpta usu net cr en
trusted any such power.
Mr. V then continued at length discussing
the cmesllon f mm a constltullunal point of
view. 1 legate an extended ret lew of the
history of the clrcnnutancni attending Uie
ratification of tho thirteenth, fourteenth and
fifteenth amendment lo tho Constitution, and
declared that not one of them hod been legally
ratified, and that It brought to Uie searching
test of a properly constituted Judicial tribunal
icr would ineutamy to accianxi tow,
lie said, ii discussing the fifteenth amend
ment and the pending bill, that slavery had
been atolUhcd and certainly no one desired It
to to re-twtaMUhed, but that all effort to
make the negro the equal of Uie w hlte mau
were futUo. The Democrat and Conserva
tive of Uit country were tho truo frleudspf
the negro In nil hi material Interests but they
Mould not for tho sake of party purpose at
tempt to do avaywllh that distinction be
tween the two race bleu Ood himself had
Thl bill would place tho whole country
under military gotcruraenL It would sublcct
the people to the despotism of irresponsible
Government official. Whether tho people
would tamely surrender up their UlicrUc In
thl way 1 a question. This art wu worse
than Uie alien and scdlUon laws. It proposed
to punish without Uie laterptwlUou of ft grand
jury. It proposed to punlh not only for an
act but for an attempt to do an act.
An act against a whlto man which was
formerly lift to Uie court to take coguliance
of It, lf now perpetrated against the cherished
pnrro 1 to be punished In a way heretofore
unknown. It ha been left to the Republican
of the IDtli ooatnry to erect a atatue of liberty
In black, lnciosuigjur, v aovocaiea mat
couccssloa and conciliation should beprac
ll Iiv Um dnmlnant nartr. that tho urlort
hould ho lo bind up Uie wound made by the
Mr. Thai-man ftlludml In tlie Tt small
number of Senator present, and said thl wu
a quenUoii of the trrvateat magnitude, lit
wished to make aoine remark, not for Uie
sake of talking, neither did he wish to talk to
empty ooncuc, ana ue increiore moveuiiuu
Uie Senate adjourn.
UiHia a dU wion 011 tho motion to adjourn.
It wu ucortalned that im quorum wu pres
ent. Mil upun tue vow oeinjc taaen a swonu
time, enough Senator returned to tlie cham
ber to constitute a quorum, and the motion
wo rclociod yea Vi, aye 8X
r. Thurtnan then said that he did not pro
pose to addrea himself to Uio question of the
validity of thl ameuamenU llo doslred to
addrea himself to something practical. In
repird to thl bill, It wu a most extraordi
nary one. ItbrUUodall oer with pain and
penalties, and the effect of It would be such
a to almost preclude Uie poislMUtynf ob
taining a reepuualble man to act u Jud.ro of
ilecUou. It wu a most dangcroua precedent
lo pas a bill of Uil kind befuro there wu
any occasion to call for It,
Mr. T. conUnuedat tome lengUi. ret lowing
Uie different paragraph of the bill
Mr. Ferry rooted to strike out Uiat part of
Uie amendment of Mr. Stewart which pnn
lshe by floe and Imprisonment parties hold
ing office In lohulon of Uio fourteenth amend
ment. Mr. Morton opposed Uio moiloir of Mr
Mr. Ferry advocated Uie abolition of these
dlsablUUe not u a measure ot conciliation,
but bosauao lie wu a ltcpubllcaoi becaoae bo
believed in tlw Declaration of Independence,
Uiat all goummAits should derive their pow
ers from the consent of Uie rovemed.
Mr. Morton said It wu Impossible for Sena
tor to thryw their manUe around tho blood
that wu flowing In Uie South and conceal It.
Thero were 3,000,000 of peopl la tho South
to-dav who bad no protottlon In the Btate
court. Ha (Mr. it.) wu borne out In hi
statement by all tho concurrent testimony
Uiat carao up from tho South and by tho
Southern tkAiator on tui noor. jii sptecn,
Instead of being an exaggeration, did not give
an adequate Idea of Uie murder and outrage
that did exUU Tho truth wu so terrible tbU
ha liated to tell It all. In regard to removing
had ever put out tho Are of a releUlon by
concLUatlug the conspirator and elevating
Uicm to poUUcal power. The next thing you
will have theaebaU filled with these eonsplra
tora, and they will bo making law for you.
Talk about them honoring the flag) not
one of them. He (Mr. M.) would never con
sent that any man who hu been engaged In
Uie rebellion should ooine Into Congress nnUl
he had given evldon o of returning loyalty.
Tho speech, of the Senator Mr, Ferry would
suit uie rebolof the South and Um Democrat
of Uie North Tcry well, bat It would not suit
the Union men of the South. The pulley of
hu Buuator 111 sacrifice Uio loyal men of Uie
Mr. Warner said two third of Uio Republi
cans In Uie South desired the rcnun al of these
tmlllleal illsfthiUlle.
1 Mr. WlUlums wled how was It Uiat these
Hcpubllcau were constanUy clamoring for
military protection, and tho Senator front
the South were protesting against a decrease
01 ine anuy r
Mr. Waraeria4ddUruVrdld exist, but It
WU a great fallacy to suppoao Uiat it could bo
prevented by dcprlilug a few men of office.
Tho Itcpubllcan of hi State (Alabama) were
almost unanimous for tho removal of political
disabilities u a matter of party Iwlicy, and
every member of the House trout Alabania
wu In favor of renioUng thcra, tad ho be
lieved that Jut "lib polloy would aocure the
aaoendftney ot tUo JVpubllcoii party. These
men would b much less dangerous If their
dUabilUle were removed.
Mr. Morton thought If Id friend uews
r.ravaiiul thnt tlm suit In the Senate Uiat now
tnewhlm, would aoun know Mm no mora
f ureter.
Mr. Warner wu aatUncd Uiat uch would
lie tho cuo If Mr. Morton vlows Pralled(
hut, otherwUe, If lie wu not returned to hi
run I, uutn MUW K" mujjuwb."" " w-.
Wlthoot rurttur action th Senate then, at
6 10 p. m , went Into executive seailon, and
alter a snort ume spent uiereiu bauoutuwu
Under the call ut Btate and Terrltorle for
Ull and Joint roftoWtlon for reference, only
tho following Were Introduced and referred to
the committee Indicated!
Jjy Mr Duller, ot MaMachuetUi X bill to
eiunptihurchea, ttarsoDage, and schools In
the IHitrlct of Columbia (rain taxaUon, IHs-
JlvrUrj ---' --' Wk ' ' ' """
granting ft bounty to the enlisted men of tin
ordnance corps no sorred daring thaUte re-,,
illlon. MUftary Committee. . . .T,,ma
DyMr.Ayer.of Vlri1nlaV0inTeilny
n nf Una tA M In (h fAfMt fttrMllt Of UM
uciiion. siuuai
New York and NorfolR lr Une railroad.
mime iandir , . ,.,...
Mr Mr. (rkVn1 of YInrlnlai A t.Ul to
define the degree of mnrder in ht Ifctrtel yf
Colnmbla. Ulstrlclof Colembla. , , . .
lirMr. Connor. niTexaai a iv ;iir:
certain portion of the aelvrf l?"
AnftVrtrttlMrftTcnue fiat the wpport. 01
thjb OoTemment, and for.othcr purpose.
Under ihUnE' iarge nnnticf efUtU fcnd
rcsolnUons were Introdneed and appropnateiy
(""!!.. - t.i i.t..niiM.inM
Ir. VOX, OIHi .tim'"' uw (""vnfm,.
rMtMl. Tbst OnnmHU bn BAnntrcUMi Im,
Md brhr m. UMnMM to rfjmn rurlBwiM a bul for
Mr. vox nemanuen uie previous quesuon;
which the Jlcwe refuted t second yea M,
Ha 77.
ir. uarniaiL or re., in order to mure
test TOtc. moved to lay the rfpolotloo n the
tablei otnerwlse under the rule-It would have
gone over to next Monday.
Only thirteen Republican oled to second
the demand foe the previous question, a fol
lows) Mewrt. Buckley of Ala., Duck of Ala.,
Fit oh of Neada, Itlngham of Ohio, McKontlo
of Va., Harry of Ml., Aver of Va.t V Inan
of Ohio, Hale of MeIIeninof Ala,, Morphia
of MI Karnsworth of 111.- Perce of Mis.
ine motion toiayon tne tame waa ucivaiw
reit 84, nays 80. v
Ur riKuni ttt Pinhvlranliv movrd to refer
the resolution to tlw Committee on Itccmv
slructtonj which M agrood to-ryea llfl,
navs 60.
Mr: Schenck. of Ohio, from the Committee
on Way and Means, reported a bill to reduce
Internal taxes and for other lnrpoM.
Mr. Schenck aald It waa known there was a
general Wit to roduco .Internal laxe before
the Ways and Mean Committee. This bill
wa do prospect of the largo bill being con
sidered at this serslon. and' they had, there
fore, dhldod the bill Into three part. That
Introdneed to-day was for Uie purpose of re
aocing or moan ring an miernai laxcs extxps
those on fermented and dMllted iptrltt, to
tn and rhrars. Thl was the ooond bill.
and the third wa ft bill In relation to Uie
general law governing the collection of Uie
revenue. ,
Mr. Schenck then explained the pnnUtoiw
of Uio bill, and said the holo amount of tax
thus taken off by the bill was :O,too,7l0.
Mr. RrhAnrlr ronrlndud liV motlnir tltat U
bill be recommitted with permission to rcjKirt
H back at any time, and to consider It nudcr
me nve nunme rnie in uie iiouae.
Mr. Bank and Mr, Dawe both hoped Ud
order would not be made a It would exclude
other special orders.
Mf.Vftwe said thl bill gate Mr. Schourk
power to supercede all order. Thl waa the
10th day of May. In lx week mora the
fiscal year would rnd, and unles the appro
priation, bill are acted on the administration
of the government will to wltlwmt funds. Ho
desired to call tho attention of tho House to
tho condition of the pumie imsinc, "my
one bill, that relating to ,tho 'Won Point ap-
jiroprmuon, naa occn passcu. iua fqt"
Llwi Annronrlallon bill wa lust cetUnr
throngh the Senate, and would come to the
House with as luanjr additions a weukl lo
crease the amount of appropriation to what
It waMnUio original bill. The Indian Mil
wa about to bo reported from tho Senate In
dian Committee. The Navy Appropriation
bill and Uie Consular and Diplomatic, bill had
been reported. The Poet Office bill was ready
to be reported. The Pension bill wa In the
hand of a committee of conference. The
Hirer and Harbor bill, tho sundrr appropria
tion bin and the Array and War Department
bill were ready to to reported, and it 1 ab
solutely necessary Uiat all shall to passed to
fore the end of tlie fiscal year.
Tli Annronrlatlon Committee had Infor
mation that Uie money was absolutely neces
sary to tho collection of customs, and unles a
iriu wa soonpasseu uie coiiccuon oi rusuiina
must stop. There could not bo delay In this
matter for deficiencies to to filled, and the
Got eminent was In absolute need of money to
carry on It affair. He congtu1atcd the
committee on the progress that had been made
In reporting the MIL but ho thought some-
ining was aue to me vommitice on Appropri
ations, a It had some matter of tho utmost
imjwrtanco before It. He would asht the
Way and Means Committee In ttftlr work,
and thought that committee should to willing
to concede something to hi committee, lie
hoped, therefore, that Uie tax bill would not
to pressed, but that appropriation bill would
imi uuiwni lu ruiiiq in uisr uiu larui uul r
After somefnrthcrdlscuwlon. Mr.Sctouvk s
motion la relation to tho tax bll wa agreed
Mr, Schenck then offered a resolution that,
hon thA Itonao atr&lnresohe lUelf Into Com-
mltteo of tho W bole on tho tariff bill, It sttall
be In the jxiwer of the majority to order de
bate to close on any wholosnbjctt or upon
any portion of tho blU.
Thl met with objection, on Uio ground Uiat
under It debate could be closed on the whole
bill, except Uio but section, and It wu also
construed u pruhlblUng amendment.
Mr. SclicnK said this wu not hi Intention.
Mr. Cox asked Mr. Schenck what wu hi
opinion lit relation to the tariff bill.
Mrj Schonck replied that lf he could have
the snnnort of Uie House under tho rotoluUoa
jut ofiercd, be had no doubt that lie could
pass Uie blU Uirough the House in a icrjr Jew
dayfc Ue confessed that he had no hope ot
Uie bill becoming a law at thl session. Hut
he did hope to pas It through the House so
tnat it cnuui go to tne cmiw. it wuuw
then be referred lo the Finance Committee
and would come up In Decemlier, so that It
would bo passed and lieoome a law by about
Uie 8d of March, 1871, .ThUwu the usual
course with bUUot Uil character. If the bill
wu not passed through the House It would
never become a Uvr. Ho hoped, Uisrefore,
the House would aid Idra to push Uie matter
Mr. Dawe tald that In ttcwof thegonlleJ
man's statement, he did not Udnk It at all
ueccraary to bring Uie bill up at thl Ume, to
the exruulonof other Important measure.
It did not matter whether It went to Um Sen
ate one day before tho adjournment or one
month before Uie adjournment. It could u
wall be referred to Uie Finance Committee a
few momenta before adjournment u several
Mr. Schenck reaoauUon wu then otca on
and rejocied, a suspension of the rule being
Mr, Schenck then modified hi resolution so
U to allow debate to bo closed upon any one
acUon or subject of th bill but not upon th
wnoto uui or any pari 01 11 oeyoou spcrmou
The modified resoluUon wu adopted.
Up. Krhfinrk lli-o aald that a there wu a
preasor to take up other business, he would
not Immediately move to go rota Committee
of Uio Whole oi the tariff bill.
Mr. Logan, of III., from tho committee of
coni erenoe on the disagreeing rote of Uie two
House on the Ull to crct a market-house at
Uio corner of SeienUi street and I'ennsylranla
avenue, submitted the riort which had pre
viously pasted the Senate.
prevtou iiueaUon, u he aald be had no doubt
all were atlflod with the bill, and Uiat It
would pu.
Mr. Van Wyrk said he wu a member of
the conference committee, and bad refused to
hjn the reirt because, In hi Judirnient, Uio
bill wa not one Uiat should pa the Uoue.
It propostod to tiro away a valuable piece of
property In the city of Washington for a
merely nominal sumj beside Uie people of
Washington are opposed to It, and CoujrreaA
should certainly pay tuna deforonce to tho
wUbc of Uil people upon a question of ao
mnen unportsoca suq lOYuniuKau uianj in
ternal of IhU municipality. These pcopld
bad no delegate In Coogrcs to speak for
them, and he therefore felt that ho and other
hould Ruard their Interest t hen be knew
those Interest were liclng- lntadedby Con
rres. He waa opposed to giitnjr to a soul
lea corporation Uio power conferred in thl
blU. and bo knew the oaniier no run wnen no
made an attack uixn agffrcgated capital,
enclally Uio amount Uiat waa aggregated In
Uila Wa-nla-atlon.
Mr. rarnswortu avowed lu oppoaiiioa to a
Kneral market-house bllh whether It waa lo
located In Uie cltr of Washlnirton or anr
Claoe else. lie wa oppoiod to general mar-ct-houae
00 general prLaclpte. and Uidught
Uie people could bo bet auppllod hy small
Grlato market-house In different sections of
le city, whero they would bo more accessible
to Uie pooiilo. He wa especially opposed to
puuluK a markot-houso on thl Important re
srTatfcn, which eitcndud from Setenth to
nintn atroeu, ana wuuu uuiu inn. n uu vwn
up In such a way a was pnno-cd. a It would
obstrnciUMew to thelsinubaonlan Iiudttute
andKTound. If the people ot WaaldiiKton
want market-honsc. let them erect them In
other part of tho city, will not take up Uil
reservation on the mmt Dtibllo ibitmuirlifAre.
ThU was Krcacrvatlon wukh Uie tlotcrnmeni
u wasnington aiway ihtendeft should ho
kept open, and he doubted, the right to bulk!
Mr. Van WrckaidbeaiojiQ)d talhl
bill bocause It rato inch tfrt ower to cor
porator. It Uio people of Washington want
a market-louo lut them ibulld it for them
selves, and not I plicwd t the inercy of a
vrporaiion wuirnr vrtraiq tuoi rvBaru uio in
tartuita nf the cltr. Tlie cornoralLon nf Wash
ington some time ago commenced tho roo
tloaof a buljdlng on Uil site, and it wm
stopped by an act of Congress, tin' Uie ground
thA thai reacrril(m conU nttt,.ta lijUl up,
8ubitiotlT bUl WV tatrotfuretl and passM
tha Benat fur tho erurtlon ot a market-house
on Ohio avenne. It came t the House, where
ll slept without acUon and now Uie 10001
tlon ft peudlnf to give thl land away fur a
me. song, and for less money than It wa
worui. t .
Mr. Van Wvck here sent to the clerk's dosk
and had read tlie resolution adopted by the
Washington wiiy uouncu protesung against
til PaaraW of Ull UIL, In one of lb e rpM
to the iwuplo, and ho hoid Uicy would to
accorded tho poor prlvllcgoof toting on tho
itttTiSnii Orffi . l,.i..i;i .rihl J
nrt Bff thai thl kirtd wa lield In trusU
and that It could not to diverted from Uie use
to which It wu proposed to put It, of erecting
a market-house upon It
Lf Van W1rPKlHlllA.I Ilia ln.fi waa thai
PJI, Tll fl Jilt IMllllllWU bll ltvt4 nw MV
fact, lint ha contondad that the bill set apart
one hundred feet of Uie land on which ft hotel
nd store were to to erected. This, ho con
tended, woald bo ft forfeiture of the trout.
Thl wa dlvortlnff the land from Uie orldnal
purpose of tho gTant. ,
lr. Van Wvck, la order to better Musu-ate
his remark, had ft man of the locality, and ft
picture of the markeHionse brought In, and
rcqucs lea (wo employee m ao iiun w uw
Tlie employee failed to do thl a qnlckfr
a Mr. Van Wyrk desired, when he yelled ont,
"Two men can hold that op If they want to,
but the fact la there seem to to a conspiracy
to ham thl bill paMcd." The frame was
finally lield up to the satisfaction of Mr. Van
Wyrk, and 6 their argued again against the
bill, and hoped It would not pass, a It gare
too much power to Uie few, and allowed Uirm
to domineer over Uie whole rommunltr,
Mr. Logan then took the floor to defend the
bill. Washington, he said, bad frennently at
tempted to erect a building for Itself, and had
always failed, and- the bill only proposed to
put the matter In the hand of gentlemen who
would erect a building. After the bill had
been Introdncrdy he said. Mayor Dowcn had
proposed certain amendments, which wcrt ac
cepted. In order to make It satisfactory to him.
After these amendment were agreed to, tho
Mayor favored tho bill and hoped It would
tiass. But he Mibscincntir chanircd hi view.
and In splto of the- amendment liegan to op
pose the bill with all the power ho could com
mand. Itoth. Houses passed the bill, and It
then went to a committee of conference In
that committee Mr. VarTWrrk. at the sug
gestion of omeliody, prepared certain other
amendment, which were agreed to, and the
conference committee wu then again Informed
that the bill, u amended, met Mavor Bowen's
Tho amendment were accepted because all
of the committee desired that the bill should
to acctnULId to the Maror and corporation
authorities. The committee had even agrood
the corporator should meet In the Interior
Department, a It wu supposed that this
would throw an additions! guard around the
matter. After all thl wu done, the other
member of Uie committee were much sur
prised to find that Mr. Van Wyrk still re
fused to slffii the rcnort. The onlr amend
ment suggested by Mr. Van Wyck which the
conference committee refused to agree lo wm
that the Secretary of the Interior should by
law to made to preside at the first meeting of
the corporators. The committee did not think
11 wa proper to compel a Cabinet officer' to
preside at meeung ot mi tinu.
M r. Van Wyck. Nor would you allow an
amendment to to offered, that any of the offi
cers of tho-ftOTcrnment should preside.
Mr. Logan aald of course they did not, bo
cause they did not consider It proper Uiat any
officer of the Ooernment should preside at
tieh ft meeting.
Mr. Logan then explained the fuanl Uiat
bad lea thrown around the bill, and showed
Uiat the corporation of Washington wu fully
protcctM In all It Interest. He contended
thai wa would never have a market-house If
Uiu company wu not allowed to build it, and
believed that Uie bill wu satisfactory to the
maiorltv of the tMortlAdf Washlnslon.
The conference report wa then agreed to
ycu W, nay 61.
Mr. Schenck. oi Ohio, sold that u the ap
propriation bUl were ald to bo very pressing,
Lo would not move to go Into Committee of
the Whole on the tariff MIL
Mr. Dawe then moved to ro Into Commit
tee of the Whole on the taaral aroronrlatlon
h bill, aud iendlnc that motion hemou-d that
ait special oracrs ue set asme, aim mat ine
House proceed with the appropTlaUon bill
until Utr are disponed of. tie said he made
thl motion because It seemed to him that lf
there wm no hope of passing the tariff bill
thl session there wu no ne wasting more
Ume dUrusalng it.
Mr. Schenck resisted the motion, and said
that Mr. Dawoa last moUonwu'an act of
:ross bad. faith, becaoae he had not expected
t when he allowed a motion to bo mado to
go Into Committee of Uie WhoW. Thl mo
tion would set aside all orders until the appro
priation bill were disposed of.
Mr. Dane lut motion wu agreed to under
a suspension of Uio rule.
Mr. Klnghara, otOhlo, from tlw Committee
on Uio Judlclarr. rrtiortod a 1 JII to enforce
Um flftMulb amendment in all tn Mtei anu
tt w a passed without debate under a suspen
sion 01 the nuc, and try a strict party vote-
yeas 141, nays m
Mr. Bank, of Mas., asked loaro lo rtport
a Senate but to create Uie office of examiner
ot claim In Uie Btate Department, but objec
tion wu made, and without transarUng any
further btialnos Uie House then, at A lock,
p. m., adjourned.
HOHWCLL-JOItNltOIf (s Tbandar o-aalnf,
Haj 1SUJ. at tbaVlflh Baptist ahnreh. far laalU U0.
Uaadur, Altscmso M. fioowsu. to Mast SWUMaoN,
boOi of tbla attf.
LOU AX-Os tb taamlnc of tba Idih, Un Mabtbu
Lomai, la u snui nar of bar sea.
Taa faaacal wUl talta ptaaa Iran RU UomlalcVo
abarah.at aw'alaak a. as , am Ilia ITtaj (nauat. Hw
li,HiaEBB P.Pt tin bt
at imi O, auotbaast. rrlaads
"JtZElL'Sl'&ZZZtu u,n, u.n,
lavliad ta ataawd bar faaMaL fraaa Uf raaldaaoa of bar
aoaB-law, UaTllaarr LaT- MS Hanland avaaaa.
b-4waaa .wrad-bU aadlUiU stfWa. WadnaaiW
aftanwoa), at t 'alack.
BnaiAo r. auarsr,
708 Ualrwstt rT f4veail.
atiomal fAa or Tea axrtmLio arjiLHtm.
Thl eU sad popuUr Oompaar Is prapatwd to saTaat
' . . fiumranoo aalaat
On tb moatfaroraUa torma.
A'faw oaarUa Paillaltora aan And eoaaUsA tmploy
moat by appbla at tbla
Offloai Roosa Ma, i erst tb Baak f Wsabiatoa.
CbjMirrvd j Canrrws 1K3T.
tsAUPtfliattA, lswu yosniao, w. bvhow.ed,
uta wiTiu. vaoa. Passk. A. a. wiLaox.
Ktv aHoCMASK. a. anrmwiiA, a, a. nta,
of tiaariatowa. T.SD.CU1K,
csua. w. DAVta.
of Waanlnaioa.
JAUKS ADAUa,Prsald-ot.
ABStO. DaVI. Ussrstary.
"A Ifnutont Sinn I'oroscoth
tho Evil."
im ntarrMkirr rrrj. Am jiirimfrr.
txMUM ram FHortHTr with
A. H. rttATT : HON,
f tut niWIU, BfMikmiKH tHM TDMMMUI,
oujkb AojtMmop ar rtsKt
immvmk row xn in tmx zjctiaioM. vr
mmw ro.r, jmi rxin tMon ivm rat
coMroMt or nra roirlort. wntirrorAMi
j, & run a 'on, iinn
Jf0.a. r. K. C. A. tUIWIMQ.
0. T. BO WEN,
I ...a. Ulaa. aiaiJ
iMiutluA. ol 1 IU4. W oul MdtauM. ikMOf ...
r""-r'" ATTMDHOTO.
f "(I
1 11 .1.
r3 II atrwat, krtwrti Nlalb' and Tsnlb,
, Prnulartal,toNmsrmaaablpaa4 praaapt attau
tlott to tmalanm. Modarato pfWT .
Q-11 11 otmat. batwaa. Muia.'AA Stt.
(eirgi? ftlTOyBtr,
HTAUJitl m CLStaMltAlV..
- 1 al.-ai ata rant raaftal urast.
1 ' -
UT torn Uls SMrala;. A rf ! aambOT l BMa
btnt UMbacwstsUatUadUM.
Jadr ODa i1mm1 ihakvnu MiaaiMMm
tharMadnna fmttot taWUUbliaiii
Miami OattMlnt 4tf UMfltaa tw-nlv-lr
th trial saUadM wuM b lud, and Ur mU a
Uaaapsadtapoa-lal UUS4wle wU-h 4hr
suad apoa lb etoat aaUi, taajrbaU twaatf 4r at
dUpoMl f, of tfaa bauf anlrMfaa tb towwrtW
th Mart. Vol to aait df tbara will NM tvaatr
A wm la rdar. Ulaia t lb last n wbUh
TbMlalnjimrt7-fsali Wat. Wrt,IL J.
Hr11fl,JobaR qsat,Frd.BalUrlad-hM-
Ta MIowRi r insM famporarllr Jaa. Wstd,
AaUMHiyRcMhw.aadWBi CtrUab.
Tba foUowla ssms war dlappaad oTi UvtUff Oo, va,
Wmuu Ua4U, jo4 taaal by dafaadanl M bm
Uoe ( Mr. WsHmb. Bgaaa ta, BUrp, ptoaa
tba sat.- bf (dunI, CMOih va, ktg aad Ool
U4aavva.OrtffllbirarrilJ J. JphaaaavDalaaaa.
Baton,nlarliabalaMloa tba appaal aaUadar,
Harrsy n. Batav-r, jademt at a aa-ant Ksnaf v.
Maarr. LMfUk w. Tbotp, i adKaal r.UawMr
ware mUaaal. ,
A4MA . -a-
OatHK-b COCat JV Jfaatf sraf iAt th .
In f tb Uriailaal Uart ftMmrif 11m Mr. Hatapb.
rars. ba bad uHad aw SaSafdar r toaht tb aatha
ofoffloa,l(MkUaaa.tapiM tba baaabai Hi Jadcaaf
th flapPtm Uoart, appnlntad t h41J lb UrimlaU
Um. a B. riihar appaatwt as Uatt4 UU DUtriel
AUoraar, Sad B. ltsrrta1M..t a aaalalaat DMrtSt
Tba fuaknrUf mm war aatd apoat Aafaitas
llmlaaidnfltilofbaiUryoa ihahooMal Marr
K.HmlUiMUilHti of Janaarylaal. andiUallataU
r pUU,ssiidsnlt4 th paallwiUafr for tbra
Alat. rpaM M ana-laUd f a aaandl 9 Martha
pj. '
Robart liaJaateto waa so la tad barUrr a1 tb
hMMof Wn.Vonoraatba llttoi Marab laat, ad
Uaorca Doaftas waa Alatd of sUallac abjat
baihata frura WH A Oa , and was Mat ta M for
two dar. t
Carolina J. Oardon ptaad faOtf of aUalld ft pair (
CalUrafrniLjalaaJabaotaawM awl W)all taf
RUsaJ Wmd. alUttlitl, w -tUW1 ef Staalta
tawalry tr-m'rUohard Hlwa. d aaat ta Jail far on
John llrg-M ptaad fuUtr a sUkUa mm af sar
Uallatruaifit from K.U M a, and waa at taU
for ft) daja
.Im IHil Itattat. kllaa Wh. SnlUl. fof StOSUn ft
pair of b.wU fraaa Jantaa a HaUhlaao 04 tbs lltb af
Marvhlut. TbaDutrlat AUyaajdaellaa4 Mproa.
aiU tarOla la Ulla NU
Mary Wrlfbt plaad aUtln wi aaf paUt lar.
otnj, ana ws 10 jaw a dcfut ihu vmwm.
Attorneys, Agents, Etc.
Offlo 1. 1300 F, batwaa TblrtnUi ftnd Fowr.
taaoU) ttcaola. ' apllai
Gr. v la's v. ATTOBnrirAT law.
imiml n tbooa!-i s 1m UatkUa. W 7 1 1 U aUajt,
oppoalUPalMtUAoa T,. , .P'W.
J Allrnefal-TJiw,
umea Ffo.431I-mUUnaafi-oor aaU, ovpuolia
boom Wlf ItalL
It""1"' T- "K""J,,,JV.LU.R.AT MW.
OJlB. reoirium Mo.li 1, IjNo. !tU '
tin, bitiw.. TUlfwU m4 fuorUMiUi atrMtA
Jaatlrww. the Pr.
Ooniialaduaar of Paada fur tb BtaUa nl Paaosrltaala,
Carolina, A.
omoKi 03) r BTKKirt kortiiwkst.
aXtf Kaaraabotraat.
K0. 1 3.5 (Old Ko. 310) 1 STRKKT.airrtW'scd.)
L 0 IllMi
N..4 F..r.A4i.lairH(lv.l WmIiI.CI...
JOilN It. AltltlSON,
CltOlUB BUILDING IflTSoa Capltot UUI for sal
aa moalbll parmaaU-
noui .;d its ik all part or tiik
Ul t M u M .at 1.1 a. ... m .
4 0H Hrth atreel, apitwali Jadh-lary rMuarr,
lVasbUtaa, I), f.
my lm
sb tt.ltT. Two
aaa AlaiaadrU
J a.m sad
SZSSS: -wuTtaaaaUTli-f
wSroVkraaUrlUa.fsnlabaf-111-, BarrrrUla and
" "T iT". ;.-!
an U .aaarai
J Ttokat Aaaat.
WiMNamsfpUaUlLj -aoots.
Trains batwaaa Waablatoa asm flaw lors
. a. t.JllTWa. fill
ktlB WKW OOIt,wtUoulabaaolaara,
fiaVa dally (siaapl ItoadAl) tltwl. m.,llii.
LU p. as. r0RPInLADXa'IIIA,
laara dally (aioapt boaasflaA AMI a. av, Uil. aad
L p. m. BUMDAV. M ' . , ,
lasts br Maw York at p. aw sad PbltadalpbU at
" hlaapto ears ft Maw York ssl f P- train oaly.
Thrawfb Oohata to I-blUdalpbU, Maw York m
Baskia, eaa ba bad at Uia Buuoa umoa aj au am m
"aalumortfcnd Okto BallroaA adrartlsaaaaat fr
aehmlalarwsaaWasblniton, BT'Tt'W0
wdUMViaa Maatay af TraaapartaUaa.
I M UOI H. ianarai ism aiwi.
UKO. 8, Ko6MTa. Aaa, WaaVlaatoa.
- vt.mmmvmwt tmasmhsi JLJawl
uuwa, IWI
Laara dally, asaapt Bawdsf. at 1 iW, t and a.
w" PAftwinasfca. M
ta.a dailr.aaaavt Basday.st 10 aad JO .m
Iisatlsad tJBs. and IA0p.1 MatnUt
t Iran AsaBpuu is
Lmt. dlj. ,ut lUwrr ad battr, tt T .
TftawajSTfckwm to tba Wat an ba hadal lbs W.
UatoaHUlam llakal Offloa al all hours ta tba day
TTMaw YoA, PbUadalpbU and Jfift,"t
Tail fXIIOanaTalTfckatAwat.
ti Jit ltTgUaaaral Aaat, Waablayto
?7.An (inHAT 1 Of!
BM.mviMi nnirrs
t- istat""-"":1"--
im anauraia "! aw-- r ... -.-..
Bilii7wltnMts&sa.ua . HMMW k,.WIM.
"3 .TaTr.7a-rlm5 arM-aT anday
Mattoaal llotal.wbar rallabU ulunaaUoa wUl ba fit a
"vtLSZZir, promrlna Usksta l tbls aa apr
WMomadaUons In l-ploi Oars for Kkalraor lllsa.
btrir VKIUJin77Atl r II. pekat Asaat.
RO B.YOUNU,assaral
Iu'-tora, Vd.
Steamship Lines:
na- aad l.tat ntoainor W I"'ll?.
-- r.ir-ii. .., ikuhiL
Waahlaaton, oft ooara to vr J! . ".
UndaatfoVtoB P, BbWWM BOV.liajMnt A.-nU.
Lsaar Saw York aranna .ndTlfiaaoUl strait.
11FTT M. m.t m. w-r- -
w.a. Ih.lnABlallluhlni
O BStlH anTlYAlJ KY I ifT.ot tba
KYflTr.aftba .ft-..
Vur full l.(o.m.U.nt ,pilf t. H. r, A. UKNIIAM
?S!u yui..
fTlTIWiM aabadala, boalnnla Man
ttltr'll LT dattf (siaapTta-dM) bat
anJllamUtoa. Laaaa AUsaadrla al
bTm ArrtraalMamUtaaiaaS-aaa.ta.aa4iOTp.aA.
Faliittat's.WA.a-Ultp.'m. "'
AuIIndrla at I 45 a. a, aid IB p. m. Tba JO a. m.
ih wm nr " btkaiikm baiijnu
..TM.nivilfiliiujTUKSUAyt. ,
Government Sales.
aacUia,anmmaBlncat M'
Aaoat. (laorvta. bm
tsTB. tbata wUl a iM al
:wtf a. m , in iuiiowiiir
- IlrmiGaannn
na nanaaaa mnt m
lulthafTTsaMd lanMlfaal)arbioa.
J t laf H wil f ara. Uowf ad. Mana )
tMa Pacta ol IM wt I afaatry aad Uavalrr Aaoaatn.
1 mania,
tM npaca rarte af rtmaS Anal
U Carb Bridlaa aad Mbar Porta of I Ufa Kilp.
f 1 1'atra of Hpars snd 8tru.
Jttt month of 1'aHilna I arlMjtfaa.
ITI.1 PsrcaaaUm Uaps fitr MaakeU
I- (jtnnix fliwwrj iiarnriaanti r.UilmcQi.
Ponwls Wrouitit Iron Honv.
Si " .. Ca
, AMof small srtlalaa, Including SdnanUtjof aaoood
taaiBUck-tntthi'tCacptotaT-, and lraa Uktr'
A qtaaUty of AbotaU, rtpadaa, BarlAaa, Uriadrloaia,
Whaalbarrows, A.
t I poctsblo fttaam Knalna, 1 haca powsr,
J Lhaln UUia.M fnot twlnv
I t9rfwJMt9' ts-roat swiarr
S rmiad Fhontwrat, (coat WcUnt
lot I'oanda BanaadClilocat of Ptrfsu.
U CirWm tlraaii TarpanUna.
Th Phoaphoras and CbkicaU of Pot sr of food
TacBHofaaloi Uaah, on di of sata ..
I) W rTAOIKTt, .
OapUl f Ordnanca, BrarH liaat. tSot U H A ,
t. AaanM AraaaaL
llKAHui'ARTana rirr MiuvtRV inTHit,i
raTaorTRiKS. (jMirruuaaTsaMABrvR's
Ornci, AvoTtw, Trsas. a nW ll. Ism.
In frwnpUanoa wtUi Um acdar of IbaHaccaUrvaf War,
datad March M.lrn,lbara will ba wMJ at publliiana.
Uan,alIadUna)a.Tiaa, bntwaaa tha hoonaf 11 m.
p.ia4on nnunrAiiAT! atsr sn, inju, aii uia
Ulktadlalralof lbUalil SUM til A mac
.Tbaaala will taclnda tba road bad, an Uca traekand
aldlnn,t-ll1ina.wtcsut(1inat turn Ublaa, A. Ilia
rallcnad maiartala am pHi- p-nalaln lo lha road.
asjSi.s'iStsr'' "-
p aqnlpn!, aa
Clauacm vara. ,
aiaa aad Tandar.
Knrtaa llnnaa. at I4f
b-pot ltnlMln. at Victoria.
DmI bslldlBa. at Lairaa.
I HMhlnahhop.atVNtofia.
BO Fair Traaka. Ui, al Usvot la 1oorla.
1 R" lB0,aai iw. iwa-r-Mwa.
I ajwaaiianiMiiiB in 0 ihuiwi naHrnni huiiu
IwortM&ofDlMkamltha'TiMda,, ,
I ailaad lot of Uaatalaorr, bain odd ptasas, Aa.,
loshnpatVfetorla. . . . ,
tpalralroeka,lrlnilaoasalim tb road balaaa
laaaaaanil Vltata.
Pairs PrlTlnf W basis, fcl Yktorlt.
I pairs talna.
illsad Tracks.
Tb propartr mar ba Inspaatod on appUaatton to tb
aasntof tho road, and aar larurmatton daalrad mar ba
tXiaiaad fmen tha Cblal QoartarniMtar tilth Wllilaoj
LHalrlol, at AnsUn, Tsiaa.
Vqli pantoalars iait ow da- of aala
Isnnsof parniaatt Oaab.ln Ualtad 8 la I as lands,
BcarstUatursad A.Q..U. -, tl f bans of nfflo
eg at. P"
DartrTToTiil nimutsOrrtct;
PMlUtUKLPBlt, April wVIA-a, t .
WLUbaiddatpnblMaattoa.al HabarlklU Arat,
oa TUUKHU A V, Maji, IsM. oummanrlna al la o'clock,
.mandW thadiractiiin of lpuin WillUm II. UIU.
mUttar ntorakaapar, Ualtad aUlaa annr, a Urga M of
asamesaata anq jumuw unumr.unnpiini ""
rlsga Kqajpaga l guartormaator'o wtara-, aan-iatlas;
I.WT huwAetMwouIaa.)
11,11 1 UnUorm Jackats.
H1 1 pairs Trowsars.
ItS pairs Ursaara.
t,7 pairs Htoeklnsa.
Ill rorasa Uaoa.
f palm hxntaaa.
lapaaaka, atrappad.
ss2y.tl?ssuf5sa ,.
, All proportr pui
lioods wUl ba aold tn Wa to s-rft pnreliasors.
Uaialooaawul ba fornlabad oa applloatloo at Ihla
eAaa or at tba orBaaof Uajrtala lllll. (wbuylkUl Ar
no-alar al th anotlon rooms of H. Thmaaa A Hon,
1,"" waa 111 ouumi "5."""rj73,lf . M v.
DtVkfjii.. ja w bm ... .
111 n Tt. sis, iiait ,i.
r. ti A.
OincaCauxrOoH-HiASAST or "''-.
OM-KHA.NaU.lMar 10,10. 1 .
wrasUd pmS Z&lZ SCTOS.
fflS-alrrftltoil rOtosT 1 to
KarsKaarnar.Mab.probaMa (tsrrlson, 1 aowipany
Port Hariaraoa, MaU.prvbabla farriaiM, I oompa-
Hortb Plaits BUUoo, Nrb, probsbt f arrlson, 1
Kart ftodfwiak, a T4 prohabU arrtsoa, I aoTttpanlas.
Kidasr Button, Nab., probaMn arnaoa, aompanlaa.
Port U A Kaasau, rY, TprababU larrtoMr 1
fort Laramln, Vff, TH probabla tarrlsua, 4 com pa-
rort ralbtrman, Wf. T probabla earrbna, I oo
KortrUadar. Wf.T , pnbsbla narrlsoa, taompaal
rarttrad.Htaal,W,T4 probabla sarrl-un,! as
Port Brldawr, Wf.T probabla carrlaon, S aompanlaa.
uamp aMMviaat " i"w- -.-Itamp
Brown, WyT, probabla rmrrlaua,! am
Mlaar'a Ltallabt, HI. T, probabla (irrtsoa,
Ttaaonlrsetatoaommaooaoa tba Art (1st I'd
Bptambar, UM. aad aoatlaws la hwoa fur tba p
of oaatllraar.or anab toss tint a aa tba Lkwnml
Tbara m aothlnc piwiUra at lo tba naiabsr of troopa,
Aaataaehnnat, Tba abara Is aa cloaa as II can b
ladleatsd, rU t
Porta p A. RosasIL Lsrtmla, Fattonaaa, aaadara
aaa rroa. aiavm.
Part nmlcwloh sad H
All atbaa poata nAAf b
, Bida will also U satorUlaad for alt af tb paaU to
TkaBaaf tobSaf food.wbolat
na, and markolabla
QvaUty, la aqal mporU.ms of ' d bind QnArtor
maaa,waBa,ana, aw.rTw .-.
Ot Ha HHW ia niva hsuw.ih. ...
.ul Ik. hraui IrtaiHaad AflMB. Tka abaakS
at foraaartoratobaanla front lama to foar laohaa
abora tba knoa JdIbs, aad of bind qoartara from sit to
AflhllaabaaaboraUiaiambralor bock Mat.
fch itosf wba dramsd, mast aat at laast AM
Tha aoatraator wUl b raanlrad to famish, wslah aad
Umm taa llaaf frmatlM bWfc.aa tba ardam of tba
PoatOonMnlasAry Tba pUea rromwfamb to lama tba
Baal wUl ba fnrnhhad by Um Onrat maat, as waU aa
- l. ik. MaaS tha - ' alana-kta
to toapUaaof Uaaa. Taa Baal mast ba alaaabMrod
at aaakpualaadalanah polat oa tba mittun raaarta.
MoaaamAybada-lynatod by tba aomamadin oOaar.
Iman-artirTt mam raramb slaah tor hoars aad corrals
it iim fcn ITartslstamlasa Pallarm
baraqiSmd M bara oa aaadat,awh tws. by th 1st
aAya7PaoamaaT.ls7.saaltawpplaf Baaf llUa,aad
para aad hay to faad tbans, aa may ba datormlaad spm
h taa snmiasnmng , awH) ....
iamHrnuat alas stato at what nrtaa par aaaadNoa,
wtuTrfarat-hadTfur ailMdlttoaary P-p-.
anmaar af aaf UvUa. oa tba hoof. Ull ftoara, ba
Iwaaa tor aadaty raars aaa, in .food, baaiUty aoadt.
Una, arsrm wobjhl af ijm i-d. sndaoM reo-lrad
nadar SM poands,) aa may ba aallad for by tha Oommla
aary af aabalstoaaa at aaah pf.tba aoaUV aamad la
Uw proposal daria tb partoiof ta rash itosf oa-
T4soUtobmda atoatbly for lb onaaUUasof
Praab Bra aad Baaf UatUa aaoaptad sad la tbs lands
fabAlaVMUnltod.lUatoiW m W Ttatarw.
ataali balta tba omnlaf bata S"boat faada,tbaa
Utanaymaattobamad a soon aftof a t aad may pa
noanv m viv r- . ...
aomnaBtod by Um wrlttoa aaaraataa ar
.-. ki.Marat lu Aha aaal
UdTki Taawaptad. Ut Uddar wUl kamadlatolf mist
fata a wrtuaa aaatraal af tba moual form, aad aoa.
dill . aad tnat tbay wilt baouma oaraUas oa bl
T&ribtbraaarrad to ra)aot -any or all protmrnla ,11
saabaaarMabiMbaaamadlortolntoraatof Us
fimiomkiibotlilris laeloaod In an anralopa addrt
to tba nadaraUaad aad Udoraad, "propoaUs for
Bldjamaia larltolUb pnusolat tba opatUa of
iRoroAALH ron rreutioh or buildikqb.
mr-f-in --T1-", r- :: Ti':;i ii
aoastniouoa a a ataom uauoimi. wtm f",""i
byMfaat,tfortTrvmbnll,UiBnMaad tba followln
oibor work, t Ua sama plaoa. In aooordaaoa with ptana
aad spaomoanons on m ww vuwv, ti i
Uaaawa of ,tba windows sad roof of th offleon'
TuaawU'af'tba'rOAiy Ua baUdioa eaaaplad M
ofBoas of tb amniaandla of&oar sad adjuUut. and
Uthln aad plaatartni lha ailla-s of tb f uard-bouaa.
r faction wmmwinai uvyiw,
KrsoUoa of raatllataro oo tba aotdlara' oamcks. .
kaUmBatsUtosaoaias.toaWwUMaostof tb
wvrk to ba dona aa aaob buUdln
Tha plana aad spaolftealloasaaabaaaati at tbla oBoa,
andalUiaaOlaa of Iba post anartormaatar si Port
Trumbull, wbar sU fatUMr Ufonaatloa can b ob-
m.T l . . m. H...tit I. -!. at .t... .fta.
lltlMl PMII" Mm. h aaasj iwi . .
Booaptaaaaof bli, aad paman t will ba mado In Maw
York olty.oa lbs sartltuato of tha propnr offiosr of
Ua oaartarauatAri daparwaaat, oa Uia aomptouua of
Tha Uorarnmnttl roaarraa tha rlahl to rataotsnyor
ail bids, sod Uddara hara tha prlrllaa- of bslaj praa
Mi.t ilia oooalaa of UM Sama
Propomls mnat ba sadorsad "ProposaU fur HolMta
HubUssd Ropalrs at Port Tramball, Oona.," sad ad-
draasad to Ua aadanlnad.
by ordar of Brarst MsT- Qsnaral tin fas laaalls. A
laual Uaartormastor llanaral. u, B, A Lbial l.u
tMaslor iMtnutMaatof thaKaal.
Braaat Major so A. q M., U. tt. A.Uhlaf Q M Slrst
rUuar1armaator DUtrKt. aulld
Ornn Oauay QoaRTUtMArua,
llcrABTiaEvr ua Dak 11 r a.
ST. Paol. Mnify May W. U;.
iMUHafJa to tka fcana. anaT nadar tha enstodl
Jr oondtUoac, wUl ba raoairnd al that omoo onui 11 m
ana la, 17, to fnralah taa Mtowtaa; RaUdiac Mats-
to ba arantod st PataUaa, iMkuta jTarrUorr, aamaly
latfJ7 fast IMmsaalun Lumbar of Oak or Wa- -tllmsn
Sauta ohtalnauT at tbla otnoa
yr,M1fot 0 UAMyOsmwooa, nuiswoou, ar nna
Ujoi faatofpratial sad Jolatod lawrbA, oa lack.
fintijn4rl-i!.!UlhtslJPIss flrslUa
aommoa Lambar,
4 at I sat af llaak, 4aab
Ul fmt of Hank. aZasb.
MtT aWBata. Ptoa.
rildswlllboraaalrad for altar any part of Um abuts,
dallrarad at tha Post or oa tba pamblaa rlvarar Had
rirar, whararar tau-lrad. In saek q nan litis aa shal 1 bo
raanlrad for Immsdiato aaa. r Blda wUl bo raealrad for
this lambar at say part al IS lanaad lata prupar rato
and dallrarad la any part of tb Rod rlor or Um OUor
liU, nhaaaa II aan ba rsitad (town Ihla saaso with
It must La ass,rli sutod what quallly sad what Uad.
tif kiinbar, as tJafc, TBAatwood, Whltowood, or PUa. wUl
ba AuUrarad At Pamblaa or othor polat, srbraolastf
ooa Uma ami Umaa, aad bow awohal a Urns-fur
Itmaaa wall aa aosl wUl aa lahaa tolas sn aid stall so.
Bl diraoUoa of Ma Uanaral W B. Ilsaoorh
tuhlTtd XspttJ.M.0,U.a,A-,Ut4.aI.
urnca USUir uoirv-r or PDn"iTscTJ
liKpasTMnrtor Habots.
$T. Pact, Mia , Maf f. 1"W. )
naalnl - In nnllat. will ba ratwtvad al Uila
nmca anUl II n WKaJNKHUAV,yanan. ism. rnr
. 1 STB, TOT Mlh
Inly I, IS7V, b
)tjtajrt fiaaf from tha block.
wa, irara ,iai
rnna mt. ii, to wa u
narammo, if. iawvawnpanr
Wadtworth, I). T , two oornpanlaa.
1 HaalllB Ul . a aiaa.
Tb Boat to ta of swad naraaabto qaalilf. In anaal
pmpartbMta of for aatd bark aartara, tnanh, ahanka.
andkhlnar tallow to bat aolwdad.) aad daHrorad at
tba Do-ta nanaad I aotit oamnUUaa M al sah Umm
wjpw.bi?rd. , ,..1U. '
im narpaot UMoaiwaaiancaiaTva miwiumi.
Mnt ahall ba aa, ( . th. kaittai artabral Mat.aad
tha braaat trimmad down.
Tba skaaka of Sar auirlars shall ha est en rmm
thraa to fuuvlaahMaborathakaM kant. swd nf hind
n inMnaiitoMsiii inanaa aoura ma Mnorai or
1 (mm a dm Mnat anartf- Am una and addraaa
of aah wwimbar Ibaraaf, HMdar ara kavMad ta ba
pratsnt to rarpoad to tbolr kWa,
Kaeh bid to aaeara aoaalaaratlaa) aaaat onnlaiai
advarttoaiaaat af Marab , tm b
ontraet, II swardad. . , . .
Tha Mht U Mml ta raUat Anr ar all blda affarad.
ParnanU to bo madanMathlr la aneb faoda aa sqaf
ba on band t U na oa haod, to tf snxl as bom as
1'ropoaiU mnat ba ImLmad dUUnetlr. Pcmoaala far
frash liaar," and adlrod to I ha ndr(nnd
llf salboril of tba apartaiant (Jorawiandar
BfLliaal. UuLU.C AHa0.(l. Uapartmant rt'Oa
kuta. sajlld
urrivx l
Ur Imim. Ua. Uu la. ifln.
Roa)d propnaals wlllba rreairaif at ltiiaaleaantn
ncknk, m rHIUAY.Jawa Id, 1X7, for faml-ti.
In tba Hubalatona Dwpartataat, Uoitod Htotas Anar,
UjDOd pound of naomi.alaar sldas. In Uaroaa nr sacka,
IM poandsof llrfskfast Haoon. eanraasad. In ImM.
JtO0 pounds of Huaar-avrod llama, aAaraajod, In
lianas nr sacks.
SflO bsrrsla of Dim bla-at Ira lion r, also itsls prlea Is
duabla saciks fir sama
10 barrels of ( holea framllv tloar.
TCiO poands of Hard flraad, la bovna.
ijat punnd of Van Maal, kila drlad, la barraU or
a iHHin J nf V. blla Baaot, best QnaUtf, U barrats
1p0 pouua. t binn bala r
OJD poands of Ham 11 r di df
dunbla sarka.
a bar rats sr
t MM hMiaila n( ft La flnffaa. la nnkLa aaata.
LUuv poands of Bnaar, auaat to Btoart a V la bar.
rals or dmbla sacks.
M canons of lasar,Ubair barrala. wtlb I Iran
I.0M pound of Adamaalln Candlaa,fall waif hi, I
M poands of
As of Ultra Farallf Soap, 1 bosaa,
idiof KaJt.flaa.lnliarraMi ordoabl aaoba.
als of UaAaral, ltilra, Mo, I, la klU or
lartar liBrrala.
ids of Whlia lab,basl quality, la kits M
a poanai
4u0 Bounds
Mponndsof Whllo lsb,basl
uwirT uamva.
1J)W pannda of Urlad Applaa,bat qaallir,!
1P139 pounds of Drlad FAaabo. bast quality, la baU
Tba ntal oondltlons, which csnbs aaoarUload on
apptloattoB at tblsplDaa, will b rotalrsd.
PmpiMkininil ba atada lit dupUrala. oaprialad
furma, to ba bad at this orftca. toaorHl,rotMaala (oa
nrSf.MaJ.Uan. and U.S.
QCABTiSMASTiia's Orrux, IT, R. M O.I
VAsnutirTOM,AprUls,l70. (
Baalad propoaala will ba raoalrad at this ornaa anUl
lo'clock, a m.of TUKtlOAY.tballstdarof Mayaatt,
for fornUblnc RaUoaa to Um Onltod Htataa Marlaoa, at
tafoUowtaaslalAmMfrooalaljBlr,l7il,to ink Jana,
r6RHOUTll. Now Uampahlrat
KROOKI YN. Naw Yorkt
PIIII AliKLl'mA.PfasiflTanUi
WAHIf IfUTUM (JiTY, LMatrtataf OolambUt
PRNnAUULA.feloflda., . tmt
Kart lUUon to oonalst of twalra onoas of Park or Ba.
oa.arona pound aad fnnr oanoaaof Haltar kraab
liaaf oUUtocnt-iwaaaal BoltUraad nr tlonr.or twalra
MUM of I lard Broad, or ana ponad aad fvai nim ml
Van Mas) , aad lo arary ooa bnadrad raUuos ttvm
nnteAa A iAh Aa fua mM fan luaiulinl HlfdM
llonilnri Ian pounds of sraan Ooflsa.or ala-htpoaada
of maatad lar ioasta4 aad yraaadl Oo aa, or owa prynd
aodalA-htoanooaof Taai Bitaaa poands ol (UaMri t
oaartaof Vmaaari anaooaad aaAa-arwanosa af Ada
antlna or 8
oix UH-Maiiv
nnaada and lw
f Ulian4 fowr assaoaa of
Taa luttona ara to Va dallrarad nn
f. Uir liibulh br tka alula raUoa.of tnad
nm omoor or hoi
aWk ac b tha al
qaalltf, witli an agnal proportion of hi ad aad torn
qsrtaf--orckt and kidney Ulkjwt7'aafclitd-dj tha
i Floor known a
tra Hap-rflaa la tba markat af tha rlaoa whara ti
.1.11-. I Lu.ili Ih. ILJVaa aa.1 HLii tlkd Hui
tood NawOrlaana,orltaaialraloal andllaaaa.Vlnca
sar.Uandlas, Huap,HaIt, Ao , tobsof ood qaalltf.
Idsinaat ba aooompaalad br th fuQdaln ntr-
I--.of , ....-.-.latbaHUtonf ..,baiwbf
aaarantas taai in casa uia iotmohii uu oa
fur Um rations as abova danrlbad ba aooot)tad, ft
at tlia mat AHLaa uiui. aaaata Uia aontraet for tha
nama,wiUt giiod and snfflrtnt soonrlUasi and Inraas
tba aald ...... shall Ull to an lar Into contrast as
totwasiiUia oflarofaald , aadtbal whlah ras
a-ptod, A 11, (laaiaat
MTtUMaai K P. 01), Uaarmnl
I barabf eartlff thai th abors-aamad -- ara
known to mi aa aio of propnrtf , and abla to auks good
Tab aixnad br tb Ualtad Statoa dUtritJadS,
Ualtod Buias dlatrlat attornaf. or eollootor.
ropoaa)s to bo andoraad "Proposals for Rations,1
apiaTnfw MaJ and Qm. U. H. At, O.
no. 11. n. aiutw
pBKjtt.riA, May f, 11. (
Haalad propmals will ha reeatrrd
d at this actios aaui is
aloiil a., m TUKHUAY. tht IUj da of Jnna.
nf Jnna. 1ST.
for (nrnlabinc Uta toartormaatar'a lispartroaol
nartmaat with
aa isuu) iroao wna tor tuni imquni
iiw aiiA.i laaannantltr aa
ttaraontntdl boat naalit nf Will fa AH 11 Alt.
TttRACI f K (XIAIa of snob sits and la aaoh qoaauV
Una aa may ba ordarod for a pattod nf on r aar f rota
I ap, ia v, witai wiv unru.f. v
m to tan utoaaana iiojsiai um
u-l-k .L al . . 1 i.ll f.HUIkl.
ettyJaoladlaa-UiaU. H. annuls at Hr
Oroya Parry Road, to aa amooni not (
bnadrad (I.SJD) tooa, moat bo daUrarad
rai mwu o Ma Mai aa inaj v bhhvv m tm w'm
etty,to0ladlaa;UiaU.n. ananala at Htidasltnr and
I wUhnot addU
Uonal sspaaaa to tba Ualtad ft tain. Tka balaassto
badallrarad an board of vaamla at tola port, la snod
ordar and aoadlUoa, fraa from alala, bona, dant, M
iVopaaala mnat ba mad ont ta danbost aa blank
forma, wateb aan Ixt obuinad al tbls aflloa. and an-
YSkipas inooraaa -i-rupoowa ro nmr or inn.'
V.Kh iiimul nut ba aauMnttaulad bra mat
nArantaathat,lnUMaaiitof tba aooaplaaoa af Uta
mHal ,na ihiiii.i in inww.n l wm. W.V law. vm-
Iraat for UM aalirnry or um a.,
ma waanarmasti -a imparunan t -anas utoriana
torajaafcaaraadall blda
Aay addiuonal lafurmatlon daalrad by parttos wtsiilac
to b J wUl b f -mlatrnd apoa ahoatto, tonaum.
myU-tJsT Brwr. liaat. UuL aad M. H U. H. A.
Omrt Assist AWT QDismmmi, U. B. A I
Pim-r Hlti, iKbUM Tt.aaiToai, April U, 170 i
at .,.,... I. ( tHnlknatn. -Ill Ita raoalraj at Uil
aotoa aatll aooa an HATGKUAY, Msy 9 ISTO. for lha
daUraryuf tna foUowtn statM anppuaa St for
bamlfaUfoarlWi loac.aptlt toaonrs
fiaalNm small toaba or brab. A aord
aa BliMia am ,njcai I av
? V"
TbbstoWood,manbaaUbla pralrtabayi to ba
waU aad aaeuraiystac aaa .nation mannor aa to oa tn
parrtoaa to haay rains or snows. A alaasa will ba li
ItanaVla aunt tn tka Oalainia.at K tha
tractor. Tbattay most ba aat by or Imfor Antrnst II,
Tna dabrory of tna wood to ommanaa on ar bafor
Jaly U, UM, Sod to ba oanUoaod at Uia rata of al tout
aaa alaUt af la quaauty anatraataoj rnr par amain.
IVmoatforma-taaUtof toa wood daUrarod rlj
Itkliil rnilll ihaiunlruit la aatiafaatnrtt HllaiL
Thadanraryof tha bay to aommanaa oa or boora
Jar 11, 170, sod to b aoaapiatod oa or Mior iMtooaf
aymant for on a-" fib tha bay to b wtlbhald saU) tba
santraat Is aat-'sfaetonly allad.
IopoaalaWUlbsnoslrodsWlUVporlloaaf th bay
8 taa mass oa tnaoa oopaTaiai iot imb mh.
ids from parsons who havo hltbarto f allad to
aat eoatracta wtth tba Uavormaont, or to an tar Into
aoatraot which, bara bean awardad to .tbtwa, wUl
wot bs oMtsldarad i aad ao Ud wUl ba an tortalaad aalass
parly maalni tha sam Is praaaal at um apaain of
a LldXor rapmsaatod by an i at or aUornoy.
rty maklni tha ssras U pi
era. aad lAank forma of proposals will ba furaUhad npoa
myft-td BrtliaatOol Aart.Q MU.nV. Army
HKAPtJ na uiruTiinvr snn iiai ia,.
OhUttA, KlMUlA, April , ttflU. 1 .
finlH blda, to dnpllnala. wtth caaraaiaa abroad bf
ti iXuu7 b!uuw; will ba raaatrod at this 0A00
.'til llVetock. Z mVoa r KlUAY, May W. ItTU, for tba
daflrari of tha I uUowto-namod aupptaasat tba points
MilullABlUCKII, ""VtVlma.-a
ords Wiwrd.or BU tons of Ooal 1 IW boshaU Iim.
tORT rJllltRtoON.TilltaUAhltA.
LfM cords Sood,oT 13M tons Uoali I.TiU too (lay,
otin bnrhels tlharonal, WO bmhals LUuS.
fell oordaWood.ortyUtonsof OnaL
I0 sortls Wood, or to toa ol Ooalh toossf llsy.
la bUAbela Uma
KU aorils Wood, or tons of t kwl 1 15 tons of Haj,
4jxU cords Wwid.orlJU tuna of UualtaMl toe Hay,
llliAU buahals haronaL
U aordt Wood, or r tonsof Umli U tonsot Hay.
IJU0 hatha), t! barons J, J baahala liia.
tAtq onrdsMood.orl.laJtonsoftloali 7I tons of Usy,
1 jjua huih -Is haioal, fen bumbrla LUaa.
It aards Wood, or 44 tonsof Ooal 1 ton of llsy,
1 tonsof lUy.MU' buahala Ubarooal, lU
l,aJ tous of llsy, lw busbls Cbar-
IJU0 sord Wood.pW tuna of IIa.LIJiA) bwauola CltAr
auaL IW iMwhols t Jma. u
I 1 oords Wood, St hbosboiM AK-wey, la Wind Rlvar
Bids ara lnrlia.1 for Ita In sUxkor to Ulaa. lraJo.
poU and salt -Ul U ra.iolrad for atoskad bay
1 aa Lraailty from wbkii aval wUl ba laralabod mast b
tikis mail U wads nrslsl for sash arttcU l aaeh
poat natoad, AAiTmsy ba atada lor any portion ul taa
WToa'abriTol tha auppllaa to aommoaoa Jaly I,
UM, aad aaa AfUt of Uta wlm-aoaanUly of wood ornual,
bay and straw, and oaa half af Um aliao-al and l Uma to
wa daUrored aaab moaUi tbarwuMr anUl Uta doUrary
""Jl.ii 1.. 1.1 i,t.ll.a,laiitlatthannaB.
VVHUHIA Will V- nr. W.H. .... II" T "T , n
Utiaa may bo radaoad at any Ibaa dartn Uta dallrory
af Um TapvUas, by lbs UUsI MaarUMaMdar af taa IKr
lloondlUonawlU U mada known and blank bid
."Blda fnaTaualraotors aniTuidaT aba bars nsreto
fora faUadjto agmpty wlUt Unit sTsamaals wUl aol ba
"r:. . ..v....
1 us nam 10 raiar any or ui viua
s Is laaarrad.
4 Brarst Maior Jtoo A-pr.
loot nraiatmaan-ii
I apH4
Bit, BrViOvi
"i.ninr .
uta., wumt t at.
iKdlrflirp,r!L- Ifi'J? wat.ad at Ihla nflW nnllt
.1. t
t-.ii. L'. - f"" .'".spr
tS3i-tT,d.tfU?mVr,,,trJ.,ro " aaaafal
MdJarhirthadnaparrnnnanranf 11 eontrart
iFnnIWAIt" "",FIUW' IWiLTCu 8.
ilitprofiAijt rrn
Plaaa, apaclBoaitoria and all athst Informsiloa ran bo
ofcUlamdalthontnoaaf Hoparlntonilant andTa-paoto
( ttowars, Carrlaawwara, Is, wbara Haab furmswUl
baprmidad for htddara, and all Mds mnat Conform
-1 na aiaror rssarraa mm MM M raiaei anr or sD Mds,
r parts nf Mar aooapt parts of bids. If da-mad bast.
Ho hMs will ba oo-iaMarMi !, a p.nsi bond of
93.1m ( altaohad to tba aamo.
Allbldstobalndoraad''r'rnpnsa)s for PrnamanUn
Katraatnortb' CilAHLKHlf RUfM,
mfiu-m napfnnnnani Of sawaca.
- . . WAaatauros.U U, Marl, im. (
Pkalal PmtVH.U .M latlllkl Iml I11 Im paaalaa.1 al
r mnmnni uHlirunfmwari iwpfwmBi rvun
.IUII r AHTIU.KUV HlilWKJ. aa f.iltowai
ThO kflnaatr Im -a. ail In all narllailm rl kaaanla.
well benbra l bsrnoa. In foil Hash and gnud eunditlna.
froraflrtaento atiiswn hands hlch.frnni flratoalabt
jraar oM, anrnpactli bo lit. and fraa Inn all dafacta.
m, intnoan insparikm of aacn noraawiu uamaoa nr
llraral lioutanant UubNi-t H, A. Iht font, eaptalntth
arUUarr. la onnaeUna With tua andaTabmMd. oad Ihnaa
thai d Out ounforra to tba abova daaarlpUun will ba
llnraaa Mil la itall.a.v.1 am a kutuMtk. tjHk al
HMiiarsar Intltadl Mprasaal at Ibaoponlncof
arrassi4 will Ha matla apon dsUrafr
j ardor ot tba Uuananaastor Uanaral 1
a 11 iiovt,
mlt CaptA.Q Manditopotg M
Fni awnprm. wJ ba rswHrad BnUl Jana iJ.lncla.
sla, lua upfrn-. hm sl Aoadoinjr wUb tha Ulow.
kinds I
iinaniiim nr MtU S
Tabs dVllrarad at th ICsral Aeadamr a wharf, A 1
apoUs, AfanUud, fraa nf axpanaa to tha Uniu
tala t7rarnmanl, unmadiatalr anar tha 1st of Ja
TbaAeadaiv will discharaa al tborataof aolaa
thsn saraal U01 tons par day
Tha lk to ba of tba bast uaalitr . fraa from dost, aad
Tba rUht Is rasartad to rsjaet alt bids consldorad an
Propoaal to ba ladonad " Propoaala for Coal," and
sddramatlto tb aadarslcnad.
JUlin I wiJKiiKr.
fiommodor aad Baparlntondaat Raral Aoadamj
DrrASTwRrror Dazotaj
Bt Pacu Minit, blr . 1"T . )
Raala.1 nniMuli Mill ha ranalwad In Uia !!! fona.
II h (haafuLimarwantinlliiitia. nntlf tin ehtck m.Juna
1, inm, ao inrnmn uia 1
70, to farnl-h llis fouowin Mllltarr floppUaa a
pnot aaar Pambtna. Imkota TarrliffTt
low cords, mora or lata, of Oak Wood.
inn cords,
hU tnfia.
lsaa,N AH
i,uhi tines i
.. ... . i
itraoatmntiai major uaaarai iuww. . .
ti. B lipLABIBD.
mrU Papatf Q. if. O V. H. A.
Orrtci Drrot Oommissabv atmarrniaci,!
met urpor tjQMMissABr aviwiaxaHv
KlcHVOXit, Va., April tt, ISTO,
prnpnaala (tn dapllcata) wUl ba rooali
s aatll U m MONDAY, Uaj 13, 1870. fi
I. ad
for tba
MLl.a uK.Ua l
a parrots ran, ! - .
ItlHnmlasittanoar, lITmabUra a Itoapbarrp
,4011 Pmmds Hloa, . d..t , .
lwPwuA Adamsntlns ISPoaadaMailard,
TSidlaa. Wands Taptopa,
llOPaaadaiAoaa. HPowadal'bneolata,
M pwaads ttolt? M Poands VormiaUU.
llama. 10 Puandi U -aarb, 7 Soda.
1UD pouBOa DraatlAst u. i-pana uraata a i ar
il narrals famllf Floor, M foanfs trd,
XV Poanda Jara CJoflra, V Poands jiatun
W I'nanda HaUlns, W Poands Laaadrr SUrsh,
Uuadiiioas, ., aa hsratofora.
llaAnqrAana rurn llamav DirraioT,)
nniiui uiui
vrm l, hist iiuaranMAaTTKaa
AySTl IIiH,arni 11 i" v.
mntd rotUi
AaaUa, rortDrlffln.
tlorpiis CT.H.U. Port MsKarsU.
VuHlUrk, PortOokmaa.
lanuaiMiM, rwlimstniiis.
ron nianun, r mmnnk
lortlHtU, , WH
. PortDnneaa. . . .
Tha hay and Ion foraaato boor ffmA, laaa,mar.
fhanlabla qoatltf , partsoUf aurad and sttbjaot to rlil
lVllrary tooarnwtanosaasnoa apraetAoabUaftortbo
mouM ann,inra,Bna oonunoo itnta ommm
and at aoeh Umaa aa t h Raoalrln O IS aar may taqotra,
aatilUMlUldayof May, 171 . ,
Biddars will ataia, aaparatory, th pries of saoh kind
nf fnraaa Ififllnilnft la taa npmaAl
ttaon Mil mnat oo aeoampaaiaa oy s raarsataa nr aa
aat two rospnnalbla ornons Iwboaa rosponatbtlltf
tut ha a art! H ait b Uia ftlork f a mart of n-nrdl Utat
im oiuoar m enrni
mpatoat to. And will, oarry oat Uia ooav
1 to bint, and tha raaklaaaaaad Past.
if saeb bkldar swl rut ran tor moat ba
iraei ir virim
aflloa nddraas of
Tba altanUon af Uddar la oatlad fo aaeUoa 14 as tba
at of UoBSraas approrad Jaly IT, IStO. , .
TDa riia is rarorrsd to rsjact any oa an ims anaraa.
Proposabj to ba plainly In (fonnd "Proposals for
at ,' and add rut id tn Uta andsrdjna.
aaoi umaiMswrtianrrai j.w, irnoMu.
umm Amiii uowwiasAai nunaisTimim,r
POBTOOLOHSUB.M. Y.llABOB. April , ira, (
piioaio, wivn oopr ot uu
1 aA rra-tn Ouhntoi and
Wood. Now York harbor, aad Now Vorkatt. Tbaaaid
Baaf maatbafraah, of a good marhatabtoaaUty,la
quaj proporuoaa or torw ana tuna ittrun, taooa,
Uaksandkldaay UBow tobaaselodad.lsad tobado-
raran at um nuata anoro aamoo iron a
waauty aa atay oa irons uma ta tn
Mb days aa Um aucamaadlaa' afl
ot aaoaooiaa lour umaa par won.
nana rata nmnnuli. la nm Jlaatav ailll alao ha
by tha oodorifiadTuii to ILssanvs boor aad data abooa
mantlnooil. far au44djlaa aommlaams isa arnaara aad
....-. ..I. ... ,.r.i... ...., aa-thaan
aappUad tborafrma, with saob ahutoa boat aa th
run uih W ab nuuNa wmvh a arui hi
bonaa Monk, atandlna ribs, or rtb tvasta.
ThaM oonlraeta to ba In luros ata aMmUM,oranea las
Uma aa Um tlommlasary Uanaral shall direst, soramsna-
ta aa um in aay ot ainiy, ibjw.
Taa aaatraotor will ba raqulrad to aator tola bonds
for tha sam of flra thousand doUara. stcaad by twa ra
suonalbla auraUaa, whoas namaamoatbaaatoradhtUM
Th proposals will ba opanad at 11 o'stook. m , aa lha
Mlh proilma, at which Uus aad plaaa Uddara ara la
Vltad to ba prsnsnt.
Fropomki wUl bo pAarkad. "Propnaah for Baaf," aad
addrsaaadl K, U. klllllKHrUKD,
my-td Brarst IJaptala, U. B. A., U, tt.
Item Onimiiiiini frwnw
(JaAaucaTON.lLti, MayS, 187V
B iilad propoaabL la dDpltaato, with a eyp of UUa ad-
Tiniuaim attaooau. wui om rwoafoq at uiu 001 mm
nnUl 13 o'clock, m. aa Moaday. Um Sth day of Jaaa,
170, for faralahlaa thU tspot with
Aboal sMwbajmaU of (nod aoaad OaU,towalb not
lam Una tt paands to Um bo-hot.
About 111 tons food Timothy Usy.
A boat bl tons tUt Kjra huaw
Or snob qaaoUty. mora or laaa, a may b raanlrad for
aaa and mm dutto lha war months, emamaacla'
J.u lat anil Hitlm Baa I ill ar ai IrTtll ThalUliLi
um dallrarad la sacks of about thraa bushals sash, aad
tha bay sad straw to ba wail balad.
Uraal esrUfloatoSM to ra-poaalblllty of blddar r
qnirad, alsn a bond Inxma third of Uia amoani af tb
wninjnvyi w mvns 11m uv iaiaaiA tmu
Proposals WUl bo ladoraad. "rropoaala for Poraj
anil Ailil,aA.ail ta taa aAanltfaal.
llyonlarof Oolonal A B, Tbddy, CbJaf Qasrtornu-
rmtu, ja rli''V"ii
rat UtX sad A. ti. M iT. B. A.
OrtnrOa-Tcr bffATitaiASTK.(
HT LuUU,(afo.)May,U7W. i
Soatsd propoaats Wal ba raootrad at IhU ontoa aad at
Ua offlca of tna uapos ustnnrnuMr, as won latrm
worth, aatU 11 o'clock a. m , Jana . INTO, for lha d-ll.
ary ot wt wuoiniumai n im n w w
LtU sards Hard Wood.
XU baabals Bltamtoous OoaL
l.aU tons Hsy
1, tmrds Hard Wood
TW bashols Bliamtnou Coal,
iwo bash-Is Ultomiaoaa Ooal
t,M ton liar. ..... .
9.41 aordo Hat
runi nAUiAV&,"A
allardWoodT" .
1 mm,zjL"?2.,?'Tzrr.:rx-.. . ... .
rHT UAKitau,aanaao,
aw ahrIi llant Wml.
UO bnahols Hltomrnons Ooal ,..
I.TiD aords Wood.
Uu buab-ta Bliumbiow OoaL
IUeordaUnod. ,
u busuaU Bitumtwm OoaL
ftU sards Wood.
asi waa UfTjn, RKYNoLDS, tt T
rWl eords Wood.
ThiwrA to?-Ha RUay, Bark-. U'-LWaUU.,
and Laraad to ba bard waul 1 that for fort Uudaa,
Lamp Hupply. Porta lon, and Raynolds, to ba of Uta
boIioitalilyoYwi-tdsrowInila tha rlolnltyyl Uiara
oU(apoaU. IhawoodtobaootfaUrourfsotloac.
spill to ooaraaUmt sua. aad fra from small limbs and
bniah. Aaiwdtoba li anlmi foal. Iba mmtroetor
(orwoodalkort Kitoy wiU baaUowad toaat u)aurda
of Um tiuaauty adrariWl for oa Uta Ury "
UonallhAtpoatiUMllmbar to ba srOoctod. wllh tb
approval os tno row iiiinm. a. -. . .
TIM bay to ba uod, marchaaublo. pralria bay. to b
waU aad ammraty atockadto aacb auo as .bslm-
lavvtows to baary raiaa ar snows. A eUiisa wUl bs to.
L.1 ta auh aauut tovridlna Utat any asauaa
which may rsault to lha hay frma lropf.rtfgl aUwkla
luurl im mada r"l to tballoarnmaat by lha analnw
frma Imparfccl aim'kla
lor. 1 ha bay "rt "' ' bafor Aucuat U. IsTU,
JP-y!"?.ri ..am 1.1 t . ..
'lltaimy lor rorta nu"w iwim.i 1 ...
military rai
aarrattona at una i-aiwh .
u k. ' .T II.. i...! anil A.al to AdminMUM
bafura July 1a. sod lo bo aonllnuod at tha rata of sX
btaal uossIaUi 4 U itiuUi owtlrsatod for pat
- - - - - miaMiiinl no r hafam
Jaly la, saJ ha amapiatoa on .or oaiura jlmhajuo tu
'rutHiaiua out 00 nMim v hi j.jw w ,n wr
UkUniHat Umad Bouaratoly lor aacb arUoUaadfot
htna Miaiai nhn han bllharto fallad to aan
aaloaatraata wtut Uta tioraramaal, br ta aula Into
auairnsis wattitt aara imao owaruaato uiin,wutmat 00
ooualdarad, aod ao bUl wUl ba antortalaad unloss Uta
Krty makluc Um tuts m praasat at tb opaalnc of lha
la.arrsprinsatod bf aa swnt at s(lortuiy,or la
kmiwa al Uila ofao I b raapoaalblo
Paymoal for aaa tustbof tb wood and sosl and oaa-
flfUt ot tba bay eoairsotod far WtU ba wtlbhald ujiUI
UiaaosUtuittoailod. . , , . .,
fbauaolfHUiAvrA,whlh a a ba aaearUlaad at
UJsomoa,wUIUlmpoaadapoa Uddarsand aoauao-
ara. 11-vaa torma ot proaoaam wtu vm .-- -r
'SSJbSrtti l th ppartoiul ""ftfaii
PJltttW pvtC)M,aa..C.,.
Haalad rtropnmls. tn trlDliaU.wui M tmuma attata
offloa anUl V Kill AY, tha aiUtdayaf May, 170. at IS
m., for fgrnlahln anon qnanUUaa of Hay or Loatt ror
aaa aa nflv ba raunlrad Ims Uia 1st dsr ot Jaar. H7U,
thutlatilavnf Ma, lull. aLauh ul tha folluwlW
nntLJnifwflrriw lutiiai k. ....
Tr and onlr affartnai ramadr In tha w.irMfnr
Wrsknamof Uianarkor iJiohs, HliVtor-- Affrllmt
'T inNMllM.
ft arrow anfias, IHaTaa.
Ml M Iifau. I'alnllataiH
', TrwTiWt na. Hnnaa tt Mtit
of tba llawt. Thmat. Ffnaa
a nf ilia Innn NkMii-h flsKrala
UwmstorTUladlaBararMna- fmm tba HoUtaryllsUta
of Vimtb-tfanaa ikmt aniPafdllarrpraottoaa, aaora
fsUltotbstr-lUraUan tba anew f Hrrawa to Uia
Urtaa bjrai mar sail wiib full annflAaaea.
JiiTIr "nan. or Yam Uan annlamplsllac war.
fUffa, b-tac .. nf phrrtou iraaknaas, orgaai 4a
E?,lfr?f."25iJ? "Wl0 M (T-nUmnss, and awa
smraadMatrOnrad and rnll Vlnr RMtArad,
TlUj Uraadrnl Utasaaa -wtiloh ranor I.
nnwiiN nrnjimin um iHrnnii, n,w.wwinu
adatwlAKUtbaMbiMtwtUptand todanr Ibattns
rmvwr of wnwoarkHt Is Inst amrtar bf tbnaa faQlaf Into
Imprnp-ThaMm than bf th prudant. Ilaal las baln
daprtrad nf tha pli
Ura 1'owfr, Harrons IrrlUUllLr, Urapapala, ralpl'alton
of tha llaart, fndlfoatlon, Onnriiullnnai IMAUV,
WsaUna rf thaKram )nni'baJIVift1mntlnn .
UVkAndaldaa-aOijirramHalUnimw strata law door
from tba oornar. t all not to wbaarra naasa sad aam-
T-NoiattararMairnd tmiaas pnstpaii ana oonja-
bn jnitwarnw.
Mambar of th Itoral OnUatw of Sorsnona, Lnndoa,
ffradaato f mta naa of ihamnaiatnlnanlUifllMaaa la tha
Ualtad BUI, an tba aToatar pact of wbnoa Ufa haa
tH in Uia nnanilAla Of
In. al.naait at mnAAtm amanda i baahfal
aaaa, wll traqaant blnahlnc. atlandad anmetlmaa wtta
a dsisatwimil nf lha mind, wars anrad Itnmadlatalf.
:iAts rAHitiiUbsn nuuvi.
ill umaa waa aara inmroa uw
ladatawftc and anlitarr, bablta.
Uan afMnaca
Pmpapala, War
tornsof UtinaaatpUoa.
Unnu.rTlM faarfBl S'anta an tka mlad I
mnoh to M draddLnaa of Manvwy. Uoafaatoa ef
Idas, J-ts ton of BptrtU, Krll Porahndlncs. Arar
alon to BVwMHr, KalMUtmrt, Lora af Soil tods. Timid.
Ur. As., ara soma of tba arlki prod oaad. ,
Thooaaada of paranaa af all aaa ran now India whs I
Is tha oaaaaof tbatrdoellalnc haalth, luatntUiarrrbrnr,
aaonmlnc1 waak, paM. a si isaa, aad amaelBtad, barlnc
a olmntlar aapaaranoa aboal Um afas, aoocb, and srmp.
wbn bars Injured thams-lraa by a earUla pracUoala.
daUod In wbtm aloaa a babit f raojoantlf laamod t roak
artTemapSnlona, or at aabool,tba affaotaof wUah.ara
alshtU f-b, rraa wboa a-laap. aad If not mrad raadara
marriajra rnprwatbla, aad daatrors both talnd sad body
ahimU apply Immadiataly. . . ...
What ailty that syovn aaaa. tba hopn af hto qma.
try, too prVla of his pntwnta, aboabl ba saatobad from
all praapam aad anjoymanta etllfa, by tba aonaa.
aaanoa of dartaUa from Um path af aautra, and la.
ailing tnaeartalaaaorwt habit. Bwsh parsaaa MCT,
rwflact that S aoaad mind aad body Sea Uia raoat nsesr.
sary raqalslias topmmota oonnobUl han ? -daad,w7thoatlbaaa,UM
ymwaUwwattb tlfabaemnra
a waanr Marrtaaaaa i tba am-p-ai bnarly darhans to Uia
rtawttbamtad baaatnaa atoMowwd wtth "pair. aaa
ailad witta tha malaashnly raaaoUan Uiat tha bapptnaaa
m, u too oftaa bappana thai an Ul Umad sansa of
ahama,arraadof dbtoorarr, datanalaaa him f mm ap
plrlns: to Uvoas wha. from adnaaUna aad raqMoUbtUty.
eaa sVmabafrwwd htm, H falU Into tba bands 0
aartna-, Hlob his paaaaiary aatiatanoa, kaap aim tnni
maoUi aftof month, or as tone as tha amaltots I aa a
l l.Ai.t mwA la illaiilr laam him wtth no
kaaiihaaaaL Mr lila aalllna d laanoointiBaat i ar. mr
tha aaa of .that doadty potonn. Afarrary, Itaafaaa tha
aaaaAtatAn4al MMIlliaM a thla tTlbl dlaSSia. SBOtt
aa AVorUoa of Um jlaad. Throat. IS oh. Hkla, a4 pm
ra-ln wtthfrtahlfol ratddlty UU dnala tmiaapartod
to his diaadfal suff arlna by aoadlac bms ta thai aadta.
waraq ooaiiai I inwn ww nnnnn inn'wi mww,
Tha ataar tbsamadsaamd al thU bmtltnUon wllbfa
tha taat atcbtoaa paara. snd Um awtaarooa Bart"tt
trims mains ptnormw tnj nr,wBw, .m.. u .--taa
rapoHaVsot tha "Son," aad many othar twara,
nttaaaaf wbtob appaarad ualo and aaln batora tha
pabaa, baaUas his standlo as a ranUoman nf charaa.
Ur and rasaoaatbiUty, la a samotoat araal to tb
Pwranna wrtUn should ba partlonUr la dlraUn
tbolr latlart to bis InMltailon.fn th follow tns maaaatl
Kalltovwo lock lloapltal,
toVlf . iialttnoro,MarTtond.
Jtut raUUtoJ to a sratol aassaws. iY, sis sma.
na. a v rirrtimtni tiik M ATtin ALTHK AT
fVfTMKIlTandRadloUOoraaf Bpurmatorrhaa ar
waaUf BmniaVfWaakna-B, Inrolnnlary tjutakma.ltos,
nalDabUlty,andImpodhwaatB to AlArrluaaan-r-lly
HarowaaamOnaaamptlnn, Kpttotayaad Pitst MaaUl
and Phyoieal laaapaalty, rawiltlttc from Half Aboaa.
Aa., by rtobort J. UulrarwaU, AC. U, anther of tha
"A. BOO PI TUTIIUUMAntintlF DUirrJtKnn.-
ar sou, in a ptaia aniMam. mi any wiw-.
ivniwn av aviy a.., i n,,
BlU, o two puataaO atampn,
iOO.Tj Bowary, Mow
10. Also, Ur.OalrarwoUs
Offloa hoi d.tKO.
- Maw ftntda." prlaa M aaato.
Tbassaaaardtapatolmaatwmidaw tbto aaatrattod
aadtafaUibla Yaaat Pnwda dnrto tamtrs raara pant
1 da t Its partaot parity, baaltbrara aaa aad aaoaesay.
rujt ap Is) Has, aotaal watoht, aa roprasaaUd, aa4 will
Mvt,.- roars.
Tka mMW raqwtradforaashfrooi t foarthb
aa half las. tsasatttor BkbPowdata.
BaM hy trofa," n wboal tb Ualtad SUiao,
.-MM11.KY aV linnTIIRR.
mhlt-anam Ww Kaw York.
Show 05C-
31. BABKV,
miotrAAB Wabebooh
N. tm. m (.M 31 t
Job Printing.
.. t- "0
rata aommHaUuaa at No. tOtW MamahuallS
Kanua, aotwooa Taa U and KtoronUt atro-ts wmt, wiib
r.UARUrtKR.of UMbUaord Hospital. UnlladStatoa
armya aoaltoaAaaof twaatoaaiaa yaanV aApartaaoo
m in rmimh ami himsmv
tmpofaacT.tiaiwral UtAllf,
lattiMr. lira Slulflta. Clnnfiail
afthallaart, TtmWrlj
f- i xmraassa
salraa bf mt
wiima ram wu t-"i jki aainn. nnntuna mm tor
arrhar baslaaas, atedr. aoaiarr of marrlara
Tbaaa ara soma M tha aa aa mataNboIr afTacta
pradaoad by aarif hatato af roatb.sis V mfcf of
Um IW. And IJmba. 1 alas La tha 1 1 aad. lamam i
Ur Powar. ralpltaUoa af tba
mos IrrttaUnrr. liaranasmMi
in ill 'mi
V '''XLEriliiuKUANurAritnBOiiiB.
ii..i7in.ii''!r!?T,,l",,d "
A. W l4 """" J"""
NirrlrMr. ..4 Bartrumi
ara rmxniyutik avuck.
trlct ot voioubia.

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