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Tha filming earnest thought were writ
ten by Mnt. General tubntn, of this city, on
the erection of a graceful Crou of fit Johh
on the spire of tho Episcopal Church of B(,
Mary, situate on Twenty-third street, betwec
Oand II streets, of. which the Rev. Mr. Mo
Km 1j pastor,
lira. Eastman lathe authoress of severs
poetic ami prose works which baTt) attained
to considerable eminence In lh literary clii
cles of Europe as well aa our own country.
Apart f roin their local Interest these lines poe I
cm a porlle merit which render them attraoV I
tire to the cultivated reader at large.
The 1
4 1
are entitled
ou rrwm
WlihWlh, tataJanlMMdWlM,
At. Mary's Ho 1 tbi- .
lh. bafiMr, lwnow.HM, awl ricn.
nttonetOadl hmumIMI
Th Utm mi (lor? la, w rrtaTfc
What ntae m MMnd wl m dat
tllloif Rplrill pfftdlhrfM,
Ami M mm wtaitnU UH f4a t
TVwiblaaaaJOwwal Mrahlaldand towtrt
Tbo art tNtr Rock of Ratac, tm,
Tha Mnm of Ufa's darkaat how
ThMack Um tmt laltta vmA h rnw
or alu aflUlH wiUi dilr ,
Bit Jnm N oar rlchtaoMBMa.
ORbtImuI mi T1y woitla Ims i
Wo knmr TpJm oton word U troo
"Aod I, If I bo lifted op,
VriU draw ail aoto . too."
Urm m and avhto U thrli WWi mad,
OCnoinodl tellMTO! tottadl
O Craaat IU. Mary's Oiw! wo too
VTlik "j Ihf nduoeo dirtno
At. Uuft Boo! thjffuathallbo
Oar banoor, boaoon llbt and ate.
O Tbroo la Ooo ud Obo to. Tbroo
BoomUi tbla UroM wo worablpThor.
WnRtHuTO,D J4 Hast 1L Kutmam
HHrroimuv, J im i, ins.
Ir the world did of Itself fullow the conn
waatu oi uoa, reunion wouia oa unncrcAsary.
If religion Is subject to the world, then U w
Oph deeds are Uko children who are bon
to us i they live and act a;rt f mm wir own!
wllL NaT. children ruiv bo atranirinl i,t
deeds norcri Uiey have an lndootructibhi life
both In and ut of our cousdoasness. f J form
Misbehavior In the bouse of worvhtn
shows a want of common rcspoct and do-
mji iiauuviio uio iii-ori, ocarv tuo oonsciciice,
mctu the frowns of the Almighty. It Is a
uii-kiu wprenw, na snows now greatly
and wickedly Uicy hare noglocted parenUl
j HirrT the heart whosomcdlutlous go tip
jtai tho swoet objects scaiterM on ercry side
of u.10 lowecter objects vhlch morUl
eye Is u Jniima to sec, but which will bo
rcvcalcdln Vxw,tlmotoall(whotefjiiihlooks
p to him, wh " to rcoiwn Taradlse to the
Ha tiiat Knows Cl heart, can m-nifnlw
the uus) llabled tbanksgliogaiHl the penitence
that expresses Itself ncltliCr hy skit nor by
tear There are moods ot th soul In which
wo prefer silence. Uut ordluarli cxprxsobin,
iiltcranco U mot natural. E.n whvn none
but (lod Is near, It helps us to aseuu tev
erect attitude, and give audible exprekknto
the oollngs of oar hearts.
TVs niia of a chorch whkb has apimlntrd
a meeting to pray for those church numbers ,
wnocanDDi woo no not iitcnq tne cnurut
prayer mottlngs. This mar In some places
and circumstances be well, but, as Uie tcst
way to draw Dies Is to cxpone honey, puwlbly
the best way to get church members to Uie
prayer rnccUng Is tn make Uie meeting so at
tractive that they will not be willing to stay
Blot out Christianity, and you might as
well blot out the son. Heathen nations hare
not changed except as they have como In con
tact with those which have the rosncl. Oar
material achievements, railroads anil Uie like, k
rest upon tne innMigciKV anu oecunty wxnui
the Christianity that we hae has produced
The events of the past few yuan and the
records of our dally Jimruals tcUusUiat every
wolflah or carnal iuvlon Utat ever existed lu
the ho in an bctrt u still retained.
Ir tors be the fulQlllng ol Unlaw, yet duty
nt Um air Is everrwbera und to ntSBwauou
men from all sides. "We may p w water Into
a teasel until U excludes tho air, aid water
alone flows out, but the pressure of the air
docs not for a moment cease. If the water
get low, the air Immediately fills Um space.
Ho In a renewed heart, love may spring up
and prm eihe ourte.of eTery emotion and
act, overcoming Uie more pressure of duty,
but netcr casting off tho fear of God.
Amoio the old Romans there prevailed tho
touching custom of holding tho ace of every
new-born bfant toward Uie heavens, signify
ing, by thus presenting )u forehead to Uie
stars, that 11 was to look above Uie world Into
elosUal glorli. It was a vague supers tltlom
but Christianity dispels the fable, and gives
flpop realization of that nairmn vearnlnif.
In the deep soli ltude whlcb all lu disciples
t herlsh for tne sptntuai weuare oi toe young.
The design of the 8undayschoot organlzaUon
It to turn Uie fat-coot mUoibiklnn toward
heaven, and prepare Unlr spirits for Immortal
glory ltUrrUtr
IUmemdek Wnosa ChbatuecsTuet Ahi.
It would prutent a great deal of cruelty
and neglect of Uie dumb creatures. If wo kept
lamlndlb.it they are God's. They are Gods
hnriMwhldi mm beat so unmordfullT.
TheV are God's oxen and rows which rnui
.S.a ., l.nat m Thpa rtrtimfm ahvii and
lambs, whit h are often forgotten to be boused
from tuo storm, ami troua oogs awn tats,
mIiIi h ore so often kicked and abused br both
grown-up people and tbUdrca. Tbcy are Uie
work of his hands and the creature of his
caret and tbcy are as curiously and wonder
fully formed as wo arcv, and though Uiey are
dumb, and cannot plead for themsches, flod
will not forget our Ul-tNatiwntof Uicm In
tho great day of account "Ho shall hare
Judgment without uicny, who bath showed
no mercy
Ai'QtsTt'sToniauT. AVhcn lying In the
very ToeUbule of glory, to a friend s Inquiry
Toplady auswered, Willi sparailns; eye, "Ub,
my dear sir, I cannot tell tho totuforts I feci
In my soul, they are past expression. The
consolations of (lod are so abutdant that ho
leaves me nothing to pray for. My prayers
are-ulf converted Into praise. I enjoy a
heaven already In my souL" Within an hour
of dying he added, "No mortal can lite after
the glories which (M has manifested to my
soulr Bo UKmI the writer of the beautiful
llock of Ac, eloft for mo."
A ruiKM of mlue has long been In a dark
and troubled stale of sonl He has lxn for
some twenty or thirty years, trying to Ixlicvc
lu vhst, thluk your Jn his uwn falllil
Tea. ha Is irrlrtir to believe In his own faith.
Instead of helloing In Josua, Alssl what
will IhU do for hint r Does our faith contain
our iciu'c r Was faith crucified for us t
I'lUTCiu Theiastor of a church In 1111-
uols said to a meeting In New York i "I asked
fur yuur prayers for my thurrti, about two
years ago, for the regenerating and prayer
granting Hplrlt of God (hat my labors might
be llesscd They were answered In giving
me scen praying souls, lor which 1 am very
thankful Uut the net of our little ihtirih Is
sleeping in Indifference, ricase pray for us
ugaln, that Um merciful Lord may awakm
Uicm and convince Uio uncouvcrtcd of Uio
great need oi tin ir souis
Lat Itoraa, Rcr. Henry Ward flccchir
preathed April 24 on "Lato Hours" and the
"Unfruitful Works of DarViicu,' andlntlie
t-ourseof hh awmon aatdi "If you want to
make Uie ruin of a child aura live him liberty
after dark Ton cannot do anything nearer
lo Insure damnation than to leave him at lib
irtyto go where lie will without restraint.
Alter dark howlllbesurologetlntoturamiinU
tatlou wlUi people that will undermine all
his good qualities. I do not Uko to speak to
partnls alnrnt their chlldrtn, but thcro are
ihouaauds wliotlilnk their child cannot do
wrong Their child will not lie, when his
tongue u like a bonded bow, he will not
drink, whvu there lsnota saloon within a
mile of bU father's hou where he Is not as
well known as one of Its own decanters, he
never docs luliniluius things, when ho Is
recking In Ulih Miulwn out of ccry twtnty
allowed tHjrfuct Inwdmu at night will bo
wounded by IL
"Thcro U nolhlug uwre bnporuiit than for
a tUI I.I to U at home at nUOit, or, It he U
abroad, you ahould bo with Mul k qo 1(
see any sights or take anyiliiuure there Is
nothing that ho (diould see that ym Miould
not see with him. It Is not merely that Uie
t hlld frbould he broken down, bat that tUr
are Uiouizhls that noror oturht to find a nn.
sage Into a mau's brain. A an eel. If he
wrlgglos across a carpet will leave his allme,
wlikh no brushing can ever efface, so there
are thoughts that can net er be got rid of, oaoe
jicnoHUMi iu enieri ana, ooos ana picture
under tho lapU of Uiclr coats that will leate
Ideas In the inlad of your child that can never
bejjflaced There are men who hare heard
a saiaunrrTfOQA aud Uiey never can forget It.
TtwT will ngret lArUv Ifkrnod It to the end
wi mcir iiTCo, i uo wv-uyucro in a tuua
seeing Ufa. a It Is called, with iU damnable
lost and wickedness, lo have all lulinairlua
tloa set on lire with th flame of boll. No
body got through this fire but they are burned,
burned, burned, and Uiey can never get rid of
taeKarsv T I
raaflmatU. .f la Hajari Dlaramr af tto
Htltart f Cabala, la th. Wilin af la
A MprflHe fbr Mr Nat I IM
ftbrr y iitf i
'KttTstmrc. butn few Tears since, was 1 1
vimq nam it known ucyoua tuo muita in uie i
Bute in which lilies; an obsenre homo of prim-
I Ut people, without any especial claim to ibe
world a notice The channels and avenue of
trade and travel In theso days of steam Ignore
those ancient nccesaltle that depend upon Uie
conflnratloa of the earth's surface. KalU
roads and elActrte tolenraiths taM In slraltrht
i lines nnaer nouDtaina, or over tucin, itr-
lnjj only the shortest way to their dwtlnTi and
from this (act Um little bure of the fertile
rcnusTiTania Damn nsa iiccn icn uii w mu
irrMttrftilA tna.tML
ltui more caine a uwj nuuu nom wm wu
UliaUon, asthephlltMojihloaUlaiurPuraMiias
ltnd when rotnmrrce auJ everjtblnjr elM
depended on Umi morrtnifliv ni men ranied
forward on their own fuiCbrbr Uio foet of
hnnM Thitn If hantwABr t hut ln artnlna.
strlklne from Virginia fur Uie heart of Pcun
sjlTanhs found that Uielr lines of March
rame together at (tcUTfburjr. At Ocitysbitrsr,
increioro. iney met in inrco uyi oi icrribiu
armed cullllon. and from that dar the outcL
pldaresiue Tillage became a famous place In
imrbUtorr '
But theru Is another reason likely to i;Ue
It lntcrosl the dbx-oTcry thcra of a medi
cinal spring ot rare lrtue. The ihcml
ral eoniititacnU of thcM waters and
the already observed effects of their use
promise to gire to me ucujunirg spnng a
reputation greater than that of any other In
this country, and not second to that held by
sneh famous sources In Furope as Marlcnbcrg.
jviMcmrcn. ana icnr. it is not to uo aouDicu
that wa hato on this continent medicinal
prlngs ot as great Taluo as any known else
where. The dutorence Is that In ouch anciently
Inhabited countries as those ot Lurope, the
curative qualities of the waters of everr iirlmr
have become known through long obsen stlon
of their effort. U llh us all this observation.
or much of It, has yit to be made, and the
dlscmcrTof the GcUrtliunr snrlntr is a talna-
bto contribution to that kind of knowledge
most desirable for those aflllctod with chronic
diseases ot tho dhrpstii-e onrans or of Uio
bones that had their origin In tho Hood of
gouty parents.
Magnesia, Umo, llthta and soda In combi
nation with cartonlc acid are the main IxmIIcs
by weight of this water, but of theso llthla Is
iiienioM important suusianeo. tnisin nil
probability gives Uie water lu peculiar tlr
iiin; iur iuib io me iwur wiiooo iroscnco en
ables the system to throw out certain poisons
that It Is otherwise Impossible to eliminate.
Certain Inorganic suMancca taken In with
the food make combinations In Uio system
that are Insoluble, and Uiese combinations
aro deposited by tho blood In tho various
tissues. So-called chalk stones found In the
Joints, and the stones that are so often pres
ent In the bladder are familiar Instance of
mesa 1 nose concretions (calculus) cannot
tie gotten rid of because of tho difficulty of
breaking up Uio combinations between their
acid and lu base, but llthla Is Uie body with
which medical chemistry has most success In
tills process. Tho add In theso concretions
has a greater affinity for llthla than for the
alkalis with which thev usual t combine.
Thus Uie presence In quantities of this alkali
favors the efforts of Uio natural powers
greatly In all attempts to ret rid of these
causes ot ludcscribablo trouble, and lliero Is
ixioukorwey in wnicn tins oouycanoe ou
effectively and saiutactorlly kept present as
bT means of such a mineral w.irr tirononwi
Utnojrrcat laboratory of nature. V writer
In UielhlladflnhlaAfntvil em,l thimtl ?.
iwirwwui vwnwi UlUSlTBUng tnOCI-
fccU of this water.
He says: "The patient's own account of hU
trasa rcwcnvo oonra icauim ootn oi a patno-
medical Immlrcr. lie had suffered, he tells
us, more or less from rheumatism for thrlty
years past, and daring mora than a third of
that Uine from dlatictc la lu most aggravated
form. Daring ten years past 'hard lamps'
had formed above and around his kuce Joints.
The diabetes was so severe for many years
! iiu um iivi ki our siccp at any
one time, and It was only kept under r rigid
This Invalid was relieved of his rheumatic
gout, of his lamps and of his diabetes by thl
water, nod In a few weeks threw away his
crutches and Trowmw ww .... u. a ima. -
oarlv vears. In reference to the effect of this
V woa pan Um challuUme ot rheumatism or
gout tne same writer says
"This case is trulr extraordinary. Tho
nodes or hard tumors on the lolnU were of
very unusual size. As regards their hardness
ana composition, we are forced to believe
that their main bulk consisted ot inorganic
Lchalk-otone, or urate of soda, commonly but
nimiicr -iiauk. uiruuiittifl ui iiuie.1 una
icrrvncwuBij rauitu uj uio same name, ikhu
lot these deposits aro met with on Uie JoInU
I In rheamatlsm, as well as (though not so fre
quently) In gout. Were wc to suppose Uicso
I swellings to be ligamentous or cartilaginous.
wiui uouy waiter octmonca, our surprise at
their disappearance would be nona chi lra.
Itecourve tn all known therapcuUcal agcnU
and modes of treatment Is Ineffectual beyond,
somcUmos, a reduction ot Uio sir of tho node
of a gouty or rhcumaUe nature by absorption
of apart of the outer and Investing strut lure.
Hut the entire removal of the monranle ImmI
without surgical lnUrvenUon has not, wo bo
lleie, hitherto been brought about by either
Internal remedies or external applications, or
by both united. In the case now Under no
tice we cannot lacueie mat tne absorbents
would be equal to the task of sucking up, as It
w ere. Uie deposited Inorganic matter, unless
this deposit bad been subjected to the solvent
action ot Uio blood brought to tho part by tho
delicate capillaries. Whence comes this sol
vent property r
Another cure was of dysicpsla. It Is thus
MAs illustrating the benign effects of tho
Gettysburg water in dysjcrTa, tho case of a
lady Ih lug near Uie town may he cited. Bhe
haa been afflicted with stowah disease or
dyspepsia In one of lu most terrible forms for
twenty years.' Bach was tho state of her
niomach for many years that sho was unablo
to unnit tea or coiiee or any otuer liquid,
o en common waUr Itself, without vomiting,
: and could barely take nutriment of any kind
In quantity enough to sustain life. Mho was
trradaally reduced to a state of cxtrcino cmu
i Istioa, and was so weak a to be unable to
sit on In achair. Her malady was aggravated
still farther by pains and great depression of
spirits. Itocourse was ultimately had to tho
ucUysburg water, of which sho drank for
some months, and fonnd, among other du
co cries, that It was tho only thing that would
lt ou her stomach. Under this course tho
lady regained entirely her health. We can
weft aimreclate her kit when she sava In the
exuberance ot her fccUuir. 'It haaprotedto
ine a vcniaute water oi me.
a cube or oua natiohalimbfase.
Ills remarks In relation to Uie core of this
clsssof dlreascs cannot but provedceply In
teresting to a nation of dyfcptlc. lie tays
"The manifest sanitary Influence cxertod
bv the Gcttysbtiri; water oier drsiwrmla nat
urally prompu to somo remarks on the pro-
iciioriu cuarne'tvr ui tuio ujsutse. juipcrioct
and disordered digestion, whlth Is called
dyspepsia, is aitcnucu vj a uoet oi symptoms,
but Uie smaller number of whlth aro directly
referred to tho stale of tho stonmth and
txmels. The dyspeptic often suffers from one
or mora of tho following secondary disor
ders, rlzt Hcadaehe, vertigo, neuralgia, cough,
stricture and pain of Uio chest, asthmatic op
pression, palpitations and hypochondriasis,
and. If tho lutalld bu female, hysteria and
derangemeuta of health depending on her
peculiar organization. Tho dlgcstlto Appa
ratus falling to do luduly, the food cannot be
manufactured Into chyle and blood of such
a quality and In such quantity as to meet the
wanU of Uie oUicr organs. The brain and
nerves and muscles suffer In consequence, and
perform their respective offices of thought,
sensation and locomotion feebly, and with
" The heart suffers from palpitation and Ir
regular contraction ot IU muscular walls, and
Uie blood-vessels transmit an Impoverished
vital fluid b the organs through which thoy
are distributed, and In whkb they deposit the
nutrtUvo matter required by each of them for
lu grow U and tho performance of lu partic
ular duty. The skin Is pale when not sallow
or Jauadited, and Is cold and rough to the
touch. From this Imperfect nutrition, aided
by impure air and damp and dark lodgings,
there ensue scrofula, with IU man r truiscs. and
chronic affections of Uio skin. Tho kidneys,
which aro In such close sympathy with tho
dlgcstUe organs, soon evince rrspousUo
disease. Many of these remote symptoms are
treated as If they were separate and inde
pendent disorders, and of course empirically,
lu place of tbolr being regtrded as effects of a
common cause, vlx 'uuicrfect and disordered
digestion.' If, then, wo hat a remedy at
onco slinplu and efficacious for this central
and primary disease in tho Gettysburg water.
wo nave me means, at tne same uine, oi pre
venting and curing a long catalogue of out
lying and secondary derangements, which, if
ttav do not destroy life, make It miserable
llt"o often useless.
i hU spring supplies one of Uie few medical
w ate rs width may be removed from IU source,
aud pruwrvud without kma ot virtue for
monUis and even years. All the great cures
effected have been wit that rant .
from Uio spring and used by persons without
medical ad rice, without tun rhmm nf hui
of scenery and society Incident to a sojourn
at a watering- place, which are known to con
tribute so essentially to tho cure vffctpri at
other spriogs.
' i i
Biul fljwai Colts Brown. Ollvs. and
lUack, at A. Bau a. Co.', ,
jiu. 0i9 Dcrwut tweet.
TON tlAtM.imiTtniirANY.
Th tiiDoln lb opinion of JmUm Wftllor In lb
thii eltr, wbtoh wr IlihlM with im. Tb drntnl
liwf, rath i4 Mil im,' "lobnad Inr in twrprtn
f iLthUnc th itj of w ablfttaa, lb Hri
thruf, nd nj tail Ilium, antntrftB, hrn,
thrtn eMlind mh! biumI." , r th im rrird
bf th MnpMj MHtiil to dfTttt' h".
BlMal" ftnrtlMIM
i of to dfaTttt' i
nlnha alalad bar. I
pI twihatMmUdlltoUirMnrhtprnii
r Htnlnrt and rrompUv tnad. ThaoomMiir.M
It had Uwlal rta-bt tn do, aWtnd th ri l? of ! H
rrari MM IWHMIT to v niaawu "rT "-' "
injn wjpmj
ni InrihM ihu Ihla. lonormo.
turn rJ lu mhiIbILim II rafaod lo forolah oao
al Uio plalnttrt Moro oharo his pajmotiU tharolnr
hod boon prompt! mado, lij rooonn of bio Indjibtod
om at tho othor rnr HilarofooU IbopUtnUS hrtnit
hia aoUoni tutna damaffso at ono toundrod dtillaro.
Too QooaUnn lo. flaa Iho oompaor lfl poorar od
snUHirti to ! ana uniorco too wwumw n qw
Unnf 1 m ooabloto And onr ooch aathorlCjto
.hkH la n.A ih. K.IJ. tKmi tllO BAMnUV.U
IncMont to tu clutHor. Is Invoatod with powor bo raako
tuinh MuutfuJ mliao mmA riilaUnoa tn llo mum. and Uio
oonroolonoo and aoeorUjrpf UtopoNKbH aro Uofol,
rwuonoDio ono inn no too cauru novo atmwq in
lira two, that "thooa roloa and rorulaUvno nootbo
roaonnablo, J tut, Uofot, not rprtoa. art4UTT,t.
uut-uiof moat do in
Ao bttUft for whloh Iho
onrpnratlnn was erooJd, and IU roUllons oodobbco-
uoiu mi too nnnniiniv i lunpur tuaai so
mh Id ha tha anl MmI thnnrtl,iJ lu nlaa
ood rocoialioo. Tut u a qooatkw for th JodtoUl
TboWsflhlnctoa Gaallfht Corapa ay was oot InoM-po-
i xmiTvao ror too oioiarlro twrwnt or tho stook
bot for Uio bonaltl of tho pnbllo, woll
." Mfl O dlaUtuoUbod Aoiorlaaji ulhnrili.
'aowonmonnpoltMlotiiooooiOMa law, tbojorosull
ntiflAa. lid Art tfknl Ia kia 1 1. 1 r f I bh lha
oooaatnnof rMlfwMt(nroolaoarr ncltrv sod
tnr aiwars Imply a rrrr''or nwy ( pmHir, lo
ml th nwaaaMMO r U,tU wbtrfl lJr1l Utfttf
ilrtooc." Rrory elltion Is onUUod tobosappUod
with f aa to h eortipany, on payio tharofor, and oom
ptyln with anrb Uwlul, roaannabU and Juot rwto and
rosnlaUona aa It mar nroaortbo. It wia wiui Uiia tin.
and for thl ohhyt, that lb poenUar prtTlnaa b
rwvni ! ui ciiH irirt inauiq wig i
i iaci Mia o muira naa rwiaana, wnotnor
ahull, to pay for aa f arnUhod at ono pron
not ontlUo Iho eotapany to rofuoo I oopplr
iTIT-i i kl i wl nununi uia
o-iT-1.3 -jTJTTirr -?",T j "??.-: rrr."
m. nnrnj m hi uminuir i nca caoo n py ouon
SaalnM tho debtor In tho ooorta,
lowad . th Imht ot toooo pri ndrU. which aro
snnwnoo ny notn raaaon and aolliorttr, tho ronUt
la qvoallna la maaUoaUy onUwful, nnraaaonatilo,
Jtijt, arbitrary and orprolTO, and cannot bo Infora
If lu waa an artiolo of aommoreo. and If ana a.
pany waa anamwoua to an ordinary tnarrafaolorinf or
trdlngocnToratluothraUwYml4booUiorwkwx llat
ooch lanotthoraao. ThoHapnmolioiirtof th Put
ouhorauly anmod at th tr. aa I fall and laburtoualr
i'-vjv... i nwman lunini. .. a
onnalderoil by Uio ooorV dtMwd of this quooUu In
th foUowtna; lar and omirialU lanana
It la within lha AMrrj!., aiiMMAnuiJ n. all at
bono, wltbla.tbo jndiotal knowloda of iho oonrt.
Una la not a dorwoaUo nrfaaiUy ntwalwln. Jt fa
rorrtod on Mhr by pohllo or MnctUl raHtal. and
M doiondtil for II profit upon a-onoral oonaorafUno
Orporatlnaa of thl kind oro not Uko trndioo or
mannfsctariD( corporal too, th pnrlw of wboao
nporationa la aa silonai aa ooramorra liorif. and
wuna pnwiewmi aiay o tranapnrMa irom marlat I
mart! throna-honl iho world. Tbolr prodoei la di
Jllawotft trwdliur eortmnUo. for lu nradnet da.
kDouda OtolulLf oprai hnoao orwiMtnpUoo It u
T wstoan artlclo M norohandlM. and omild bo botUmTM
onmnioroo, tboro nlhl poaatblr b clalmad for It tho
nuiiiuHir n imreuinu in or loaaniacMiroa panaKlnc
of that aliriboto. ttol Rich Is not tho (oat, lumono.
fotor dopmda opoa tho eonanmpUoM of tho (mno.
dlato nBUnborbood Inr lu praAu and aooooaa, sod
opnannothor 4oo, ItlalmiaJ, and liooeo not onto.
uoralal. IIUODoraiBfMlopoBlhoanatof lUnaowfao.
tor, and hoooo caa haro no afflnllj with arUoloa of
trad. llaoBcraoi nooMaarily dpands opoa Its no
li Uto.vfclBJt of IU manolaotoro, ood Nrtmtlf
tho vicinity of lu
ntru in pttDiio policy an
tho Imraodtet oonmonlty
poller ana individual eoniatuonoo of
n la not aold to
win buy. bot la
onnm in no. un la rttfvu
nAml Ia. aait will Uba iivl aa It. Ih im bi m a.i
of trad, booano It la not bonaht, raoaaorod and d-
iiTTm n vwniiii um n lurntMioci, ummi and to
paid for altar It la aaod, borana it rannot bo moaaof
boforo. From lb natoiwof to aruola, tho ob)cu
ihooompany, thHr roUUnna la th oommanlly, a
from all th rmniridvraUiitaa boforo mamlnnad. It U
na apparent that th company la not all anlaoiialo
an ord I nary mannfutnrlna or trading onrporalliHi H
Tho pmnf In thl roa nhnwi that tho plalnUfl baa.
by lb rnfnaal of lb dfondantto farn&h hln with
faaat hla ator,whro lhabllla habn romlarlr
paid, Mrtaiooit th anMntnt of damaa-o clalmoiL, I
bandrod doUaradamaa-sasnd onn dollar onata.
VT ha rplil lha f.JlowIn nnmmnnlnllnn T
Mrnaa. Kpitou ltaTimiL IltrcnueAW, Aa Ui
dpnty narahala aro now at work on iho eonaua, yon
tana at lara If ytm woo Id, tbronah yonr valoabl ppr,
aU attrition U th (art, ao thai lha bond of tha Ural.
Ilao fwmm nronorw, a atatavaaninf tlia R.BB.kaB. -f i..i
fawUy,,adllin aar Uim moch annnyanr and
Ji, r -' "T "tw onant to m In r.
im hiihuihu m ui iimh, ana aro oompaiiod to
niak many rlalta, whil If a lltUo Irooblo waaiakra by
Uio band or tho bonorhotd all would b woll.
HaloB will hafnuiMt lha iiuilki-, l tu - - .it
of whloh airply lo oaob of Ui inraaU of th houa. In.
cloduii iwrraau and all ehtldrM llrtnf In th bona on
Jan It
All poraona oatinar at nnUblarUkn aaof ono
imlly, altbooah among Ifawrn may b nMrl faininoa.
formaaonl (mardara at hnlala inilliuiil..luuu.
aroukon aaof tha family of in pmtirhxor l,rona
aoayfrow homo (or a abort prtnd aroalaoukon with
thrlr family flio following It allatol th moat In
porta nt uuwtlona. via i
KbU nam of arh. porann Ao at lut blrthdar
Hal and oolort and If innlalto, aay m Occupation,
pnfoBtoM,Arlrada. Valno of all rani osiate Valuo
rf aU pommal pmporly W haro born. Mato or ononlrr
mamth. Attondod achool within iho yonr, Uaaroad
tan writ, tal and duroh, blind, tnaan or Idlotlo.
hihuhhv o, w uaim iiwii.
If yon o Id find room In yoor oolmn (o call atlon.
lion lo tho aobjoot, and roqoaat iho eluaona to bar th
th olaoor thuka of Tat lit run HARMiuLa.
Ical Itrevltle.
Matthawtl rlon, oharawd by Jnda Hood, of Now
Tort, with obalolna Ut) by lalo protonooa, had a
haarlna hafum Jaaliu HatlLli. aalanlai.vhli-h '-
Th dwnbniowi of modal ia lha poplla of th
(iauryaiawn pUi aohoul will tak plaoa on Thnr.
Ut John j Pabody waa fortunala
Tha t-anllAl II III liallillaM &lallM Ma ku
loorganlodln thooaaurnoaoitonot Ihaotiy lb
um vwomi wnit man m nuj
for wblto allk aaabo tew on of th wan Hunan datnna
traiiona. JodgniAt for tb planiur, Mr L, Karpolo
ftllvrr frm th llrlwikk Twnnrl, (Jernea
twt tlrnd.
bar jaat bn ahowa a lamp of ai)rrrnt by
tba rntwmmtnr aha la ifililn Uiliiniiih.lfiwihA ir.i
nkkhllrar atlalncltompany from or taken out of lh
haft ttt th famooa Dnadorbnr. lod.
til It
BUFfara. and hm Arlmm
foot Into Lh rmMinlaln. and tha ImmiJ
la wltliln 'A ll of it. .
Thla allrar bulllun of T onno bating ben Ukn
from Ml poood of oro mak th coin ralu or U
to tho ton Much rich nam, whlcb will b rrachaj in
kta than BO day, aiqat auon ropay In Uraa dlblnda
Lha anlamrtaln aantlanian ihiihiia niar,l Ihla tlik
nwanaof Induatry
ftmonL. FtlMtHATtOW Th Llahar rlaaaaa In tha
aohoul unghl by Mr Oondon and Mlaa Hnlih war
oiamlnod roiUnlar Th mlnalion mbrood th
diflerant auhjooU atudlod hy th 4aa ilarloc lb yar
abool to rlna. No ttl booka wr nad In til iana.
InaUnn, orpt In arlihmotto, by llhr toarbrra or
poptla, Ibrn only la MHinocllnn With tb working of
arnul. 11) thoraoghnaaa, aooaracy, and prompta
r Mr and
t Air. I Urk and Mr. lAiiponeotl, who
r u th ochnil, and lr I'arfcar aod
arnmlamaNioraf th Ura of Kdooatlnn.
harn d ana bum
inn, HHnuMjiiHin.i hh uam, B rnimini.
Srwaanr, ana iprou inomaoiTO nianij Haom
t aarclaoa of tho aehool. aa shown la tho lunl
lnlantllnralaatatwlthlaafwdaniiaat !
lUh A rt bara aold part of lot id, II and IS, In
Impnivad by Uinw-tury brick loaldatie. to
ia w Hld. n . of Now fork cltr. rVw Slsjra
caali i alwi, lot It), 1 1, 1), 11, and th wt half of lot 9,
In a,nar Tin. fronllng on Kaal Ua pilot and riral trt
oaat, and oonUlnlng IS.MU wiar foft, to Hon W. tl,
Orriwty, Hon. Itiotnaa ltih.and Clinton lioyd, ena
fur l,4l caab.
that la
ion,tlnoil.and nthor onto ra of Um
Hon. JdJiHS.U , total, uJrtS.J In additioo U,r ar
about SJujjuu worth of liook oot,not ld. Jnlb
abov lit antooal do Iho oonioration Uboror. which
nun r iar. ia no inciunsu iKiowr LOW H
ally boalogod by Ut ttwdilur of tbwpuraLloa,aan
if ilunitn Infant la Lhalr damaiula fna um..t It
li f ry lara, la not Inch
h Buggontod thai npnn th aaaombllng f Ut Hoard of
ikHinoiU onafonday nit aa aoditlag oomailu p
inpoiiHu unnruu uoaiaioaoi to ei'i nnaootauy
llil wUl probably It don.
Panmrrr flrnnvKam. -On tha nlaht of th loth
of Mil a borglartoua ntrane waa netod ta th rral
done of (fept. Itanr Htrrott, on tUeond Btroat raai,
a raiiiaui gmn waicn wa anion tn ariicina iioiaa,
and th facU Italng mad known to IhHoeUr Maloll
bo ImmodlaUly i lo work to ranorar tb nnirlr. and
Cln1ar auocdd In finding lh natch In AaJUmor
r MtUiHU aiDOOta lo rooovar Lb halana i Lha
proporty, aa alao toarrltbgMlltyparUoa. lh wateh
waa roiurnvu u in ownw rnicriiay, in nnuiaIsaUiB
dvtocUr rollnf thtbankaof Mr llarmt.
card to bar op In n ofna, and 1 ft prfct dlrwotory
to rry publU plae in lb city i aHr tb Um of ar
rival and doparwr of ch train, a loam hoar and otbar
Cmvyania ana irorn naaningioni poaomc
tlona, Aa. lCry baala oflloo aliould ban
tb ihu pnt up In hi oote for rfrn.
a iitiu-ii lliitfinrr awn Pbiwtihii Him ma
THi IILim. W notloo that In addition lo lhub.
ooriplktna harokaor iwportod th following antrtbo
!! lo tho IfnlkUng fund of Ihla In-UtuLkm bar boon
rna.1 lr U. 11 NUbola, thttt OanUI flmlih. 0U.
VhM JnaUo C ala promU to 4unat a kit of
nd fnr Ui UlhltBg. valwod at SJU,
llLCR FtA Till EL flC! TO
Best quality, thoroughly shrunk.
Ml sires and styles, at
,. Daks A Co. 'a,
B No. 310 Betcnth street.
A trnat tarlctrof tcuumukal Suit, rauif
iiautiMrtiM taaaiuicre raniaioous, iroiu
14 M to 8.
(Jiio itIio only. ueo. L. utsAina,
No. 410 Seventh street, N W
A Sakb Si Co ,
No. UlnHetcnUi Street.
We are uttering
ui uc Linen uicck culls al to
Rcuinnbcr tho suit -
Coat, Taiits and Vest.
dIc of new atvlcs every dav from New York.
by exprers I would lo glad to hate my cus
tomers rail jour n, raiou,
Vrlmr'm Dollar Jowclrv blorc. No. 47 1'enn
m m -i W..f. ..! . 1 . Sl.l.
atunurj, uvtrrvvii ruurnuu-n nnu mm oiatii
Ul LlhHN COATn AT 1 Jti
All Linen Cunt at IIM.
At A H4Ii A Co.'a,
No, 910 Seventh stieU
AimitKss or tiik UKitatb ucrrBiittx
Thollonorol Tttpobllfltn Omnmlllo haa loinodlho
fotkrslnf addroaoi
VTABaTKdTOH.l) U.JooopHira
r ' IVtiiiftffrniU o4 CiHtma nf Hrt(ntn
Malthowtl KoMbioWtodMarnrof tbUHtr. All
honor to thooa who ohlMl lo oehlo In thl lnl rl
tory. and onoroM to hlia who baa ao noMy Irlunphod
InMllnooo, )oUoo and ImpartUlllf bar boon oi
altod ahovo tcnoranco, palno, Injoaue sad proorrlp
llnn. llonoatr( ooonmor and ictorai mnat norfartor
charotorUo uio odmlolatraUiia) of oar otu affair.
traod, mp"o. oilrovaa-aooo aad rowdflom oao no
injtr sUlk abroad al noonday or rofvl at mklnlht
RafloaJ llowon waaolootod Marorof this oltj In I'M
nj o tiuiKjfcTai i
Malthowtl K
iirii.iji it
Th formor oloolod M HopobUMn dltdd nd ilttv
bonorod hi partj ito UUor alon looUd aa candklalo
opon th mot ornphaUo and ooM RopoTiUean pUlforw
an nnlta and aT Iho oroal Mrtr al i'roodom. 1 m
re, and Raforoi.
W can bot nop Ihst ho will no mnr tro and fklth
foltohtsprtoeli-UoandpldcMtboo bio kdoeoir.
and that hi paw mj bo onwooipMnur aojnotiiar, and
Oia aaminiatrouun nor nonorant anu ohiooit
nilod to mako no dlotirtnilnaUao) on aaooont l
hm. notor. fhmtnm o Mrlhnlmeo. ho aao bot bo Inoar
tlal us pnbllo oftloar.
nmn, nowwror, no iniiiiunai wia aaa ng
boqaoauiad lo him tho batofol Itfaor of bankrupt
tj inn iraon ana imtunf oioiin bioiob tow
aa ennndano
mg oroni) of ui city mm vw iwnnxi, oni
irw I aald lo l a plant of alow growlh, ttm
iltd wtarlnrn of tha Board of AMtmM and
lonnoU will bo rwqolrwd to attain o doalr-
I miaia I inamau til ri ranntvaw
bl an nd. Wbll th lnanoa of th corporation will
trarh aa rooaaUy prt allod lo a dlanatln dcr
parthuut pnrpn, yt In malarial latoroaU and v
tMtrttanf lha rrll will nnan Lh war for Uhnr.thril
wan pi
nlorprla, whlon mnat gl rwinnoiraUr omplortn
VJ inaowoi wo. win win mo do nmnun o rc
Mnally, Kopnbllran and fallow olUsons Ut o (I
and woowrajr owf now Mayo la tb dlaeharg of his
ardnnna dntioa, and lot na trawt that bwi adrntmatraUnn
wUl bo la harmony with th groat prlnotprr of lh
party that hnnnrad btm with th nomlnaikwi and
aoenrod bu awoUon with larg ana nprontd a
IlKHST ft BflRhlUX, (Jhalrmaa yw frat.
U Xrnv.lMmunrrniim
dn 11 BooTon, r U. BTanwtTfUH
tl M KBLatT,
Sttb-Uornmlll of UiS Oonoral Ropabllaan Corn
Hlnrn vs. Oljwplc A (lame thai waitl a
llamr Unrcr lndnrl f lb Ulywipie.
Yoatarday th rUar and Uaytahr prwrdd I lh
gronnda of Um OlyrapU and national tint to pUy
Ihrtr nwpwcUT al. Tb Rational gronnda bwlnf
anflt tn play on. lh llaymakara. by Inrltalion, pro-
rdd to tho Olranpl gronnda InwiUi lhgam
btwa tb laltor and lb olar. ConaldoraM IIm
waa Bponl In lb aleUon of an nmplr Mr ,
ItoaaM. of th llaynakar. Anally oonaMilad to act
All U play waa oalld, with th rUana al lh Ut.
Tb na MWMilal to lh oroood Innlnaa. wbon a
doelaion of lh nmplr oanaad aom dmrrwig on Iho
irt of tha OlymiHoa. Mr t lln. of lb tun, holng at
Um hat. a air nail wa ptionao, ana umpir, ininn
ball, and II w
h onld not pnl a man oat on a callod atrlk.
Hnraaammblna Nmm. bot naallr lh aara bi
eaododlothvfnnrth Inning, whan lh Rtarahalr
eoid tbotrhalfof Iholnnlnga with thlrtoon rona In
thob? famr walnut tbro for lb Olympic. It wa
now tmch'B Umo In atrlk whan Sir Uharloa Oonn
loppod forward and Bald that lh dlrootori of tha
Ulynipl rlnb dacllnod In allow tbolr njn to prorood
wiin ino gam nni to irapra waa onangvu
roi. u captain ot ucuiymptoa, vary moon
Brwdii, promptly '
Th captain of lh mr,ortoroonluUon wllli lh
graoofol aoonaa w bar sr wllnod on ball Hold.
IfUnUlmDlo had ohloetod lo th rtoelakm la lb
aocond Inning, that waa tb proptUmto Ber,kad not
wait an ul two Inning bad on playd, and drat
atarod thorn In th far Tb onnduel of lh rlnb
mrlUdand roTd blltor dnnnoiUunin
lr iat nia i
fna- Inradant of tho affair waa lbBAo
par form a no of th bnnd which had boon wngagod fnr
id ore won. nniM in au
Lha hajMl nlarad "Hhoo tlr'1
ral dirt a waa
arUUrally rncrd th OlympM nln walkd oil
11 DOM
Th gam of bait ImHwoow th Star of Brooklyn,
and Lha Nallrwiala. will Mini off Ihla a'tammm at S ai.
on tho Olympta gronnda. which hat boon atrrd by
Hi Nailnnal, Uiofr gronnda bng aaBI to play on. Aa
The KacnralwM ml lb C'hsral rVaclrty.
AfLarnaarl two waka of alntoal naahanat 41am
grwoabl waaibor, lh otenralon of tho t horal tloeut
yoatarday waa grootad br lar, bwanUfnl onMhlno, a
ral a bow and night of blao aky and moonlight. Th
ologantand ootamodknia Btoamor Lair of Iho lak
atartod from br wharf (rlgbld wlUithro kwndrod
ladlo aad gonUomB, eomprtalng tho boaaiy and ell to
of th eitri and aa
boat loft bar mooring th
" i-wr h)i nv a uww at iinimw api'aiu aniH
Amldt tho anaptolnna armnndlnga. and with
rtaala onllTBnlna tha air with a want alraina. tha bunt
aUamod down lh placid rlrr. It folia on lb
iianaB Dtnrw tithiij1 inn wih ui mniiini Riinuni
Itinmali Lha laarna Tha wlar waa rlrmlal b a hraaaa
that kept th air mild aa narly tring Unto, and thr
waa orary iDamuon irara uit nm uitimii iiciiwra
tnln7nTaoVBaamrui uamwi
Bpoaihlowrdotk,Ui naoro Boriuualy kucttnoj
wr groopod ahor, with card and eonraatlon. for
wblcb laiior Ut plotoroaiia bank of lb futomao
UMI hi wU form promlaoat nbUot.
At about ala o clock lh dour of th Boppor-room
worn oprnod, and ono of tb moat mbj falnr
of IhU moat oharmlng icnrioo waa tbo abnndanu
ami sUgaaoa of loaaaiaM lunuua, in sappar
room wa tiUd nitannt bwlng nnpUaaantly rrnwdad at
any Um. Mr Uorg llanoy being not a whit bohlnd
hi nanal aococaa In atrtag lo th appaliu of au
morula, ahrpnd by th frwah air Inn thawalnr
W fan It la aaid that oacband aU toft lh labia with
im want anaaliatlad w har alvan aa Idaa of Lha mm.
fort and pianty that piwraliadBl tulantoatlmporUnt
of atenralon aoiUiarla.
Afur uppr tb Choral flocloty (omlahod lh gnoala
and afurwai
wa rath ontlr and anirraal Bortabtittr. Tbr wi
fwr lliua and grouping, oach and wrsry on olTor-
ing tnatr cnrraiuni lor tnninroiot in mai
and thaaientalnaofLtaaOhoral ftoolat will Um bo
mmaltarvd by It partiolpaaU aa ao opaatd la thnlr
lltr that will rtall only lh moat ploaawrablo natao-
Tb boat ntnrnod lo br mooring about aaldnlgbl,
tb woatbwr ooauniilng rlaar and boaniif ai, and II waa
it. fn tho Lhoral a arrananfa wrw ao (joriart
Ctaimou uiia pan utr igwnw.
naaiion ia aoo m
far hi aanrlaiMiB ttanthm tn tha
oomioraof im iiganwnniaj ua uui to tinauran
BiUtooaof IhaaoclolT foelntly poHurwtod Ibwdniln
aaalgnod thm I prorod by tb prfot am, of lh
An Apsoit FgMata luroaTSa, glrlnj; har nam a
Jon, a aharpvr, rpra nUng hrraalf at ft marabor of
lr lint brB ohttwh. ia going from on lo anothor main
Iwrof tbat cbarah forcing not of UtrodwoUon aod
tallln omhI nltlahla Laiaatn! a naraJnad haihinaiaa
two and Aro nody chlldron. moat admtdy galling Into
an unarm aiw. po rwt oi uiia poofa. minaaf flien
DMrnbor h Dr It a ehurob, and tho outnmnnli la
warnad agnhwrt IhU adrott. nUlatd, vild avlndlor
ha BhonTl b awroatod.
iannayltanU avaan, haa bn rdncd ton (tuj
amallpalUof H lh. wti This bnttor wUl kop
tongor uian any otnor, ana una manni
Ilaavarrrnlh ilaimahlna K. fl KnlahL. JiJin fllK.
ann and VallayUltr will mad lhalr maular trip b
twaon Nw York, Alaiandrla, Waablngvai and (lonrgo.
town, looting Uoorgatown wtary Frtdar at T o'clock la
tho morning, and A Ui and rU th aara day at 11 m Kb
1 articular apply to It, 1', A, Imnluun, agonl of tb
ma al Uio wharf fool of JlUh Btrt, or na lh eornV
oi Hitaitanu iuwi buii nw iwra aroau.
PiBTaiCT panptKTT rVwj) A day or two ago Tho
Howling aold ILopar! f Und known aa "rftrtuW'a
Hhan, " ar Tannallytowa, bolonglng to lh lal
lIUInaryM Hialth, cmUlnlng 4 aoiwaTioO II Fain.
Inr KIM pr acr. Alao. ft Uavl of laml, lh property
of UannH Ito ma. In lh am tlolnlly, known aa
Krnnt,- nnuin
$U pr acr.
Aa wiu l Votited by an adrtUmnt, th rams
liar again bn poalnowad, nnul Monday and 1 a aad ay
of RilBNh,mf Ui Mauonal rao track Krral
good hor ha bn ntrod, and no doubt an a! tar.
Soon of good portwUl b oninyod. Th lal raaa
ar boon th uaana of nuking thl track brr, and
JrT RRTgrrrD- U paobag An Nw York rtlat
5nd WoaUrn BotUr, and U tub kttl-rndrd lawt
Ard. vwry oonrnlnl for gmoor wa. Vor ami l rw
ducd rata by th Northern froduc ComiHtny, 10U7
I iuwjiium (Ttnaa
f'KAHaa orlUtinoan TIM To-morrow a ehang
will ha mail In Lha tint labia nf lha Haltinuir anil
I Jhlo railroad, Tartu InUraatad wlU do wU to mak
n nolle of thla fact and Inform thntaolros aooocd
" J
Tmai n Otia BArBa ia aaarrh of aammar hnarA
mold do wn to oonanll lh adrvrtiaomnnl In anothor
owamn oi tow iwtraw nww, tawinnj, ., wnte-n
na pwon wb ly iuuhw tor u apwoa aooommooa'
Utm of Mwnr Uavdara,
IUt J G BtrrLaa anaonno praotleal dl
rmara la ft, 1'aaTa church, lo-aaorrow morning, npnn
aaabbaihUbBrraaoaH II Moaoha ngubuTr Hab-
Dtu nignta in w ataoaorut wnajiai, ow yonrtni
H. HucaLV haa tknta apaaloB warahon. No.
) Tnlh atroat, ono door north of l'nnytsnu a.
p, u proparwa m nu am atoog t nw and amao-
nana lumitnr a popular pnoaa.
JtMHCi Warrntv A Uo., Ho. Tat, ftaolb aliwat, I
waon tl and II atmaU, baa mnny I loan la ijuaatiu
I Bull, on good rl aaUt Booarity,
A HrmtLCVtMcuv of Washington
WnU for tb ierkai to WIlUamBiwrt, 1 enniyln
A WnU MIUDUtWID COLOaiD Wovan U wantod In
go to nw York Appuoauon to r mag ai no. en u
Btrf, iwiwen mam ana ornwiii
I aut, btwM t
god u suock. . m
jluomt th ftpplloanU for fbirnralaaionor of lb
KUtb ward, w loam that O W Wbll will aoooit tb
jnuna u Hwutnu nuu wj imntai aiajur
J II RDaSELUiiildorllb FrakUnIloua.on
Flghth atraot, would b happy to bar hor fantlar
can ani aoo a niw km m or jin rwctu
A TotKBOOW, with good sonar. aultaM for I
who!! bultar and oha trad. Addrwas J, V
HaJ-vaucaa ofilo,
Tn n rutin of (Ira Ohanh Saadar MaIwwJ l
again poalfntnodTon aoooual of thg uwiauaaaay of lb
waalbar, until Vfdwday Mil.
if rsdwhMl sold rtatrdy! t par
Viht UahdwOH. Blum Suits,
Jacket aod rants (or Boys,
Just rucJrud at A. Saki A Co.'s,
No, 310 tevtnm street,
Th, llr Arm, .f Ik. llf ''
ml l'MriM
claoa with whom I owi spoHally alli. are not ronportod
arordln In imv loorlt. Tho oitratof mrdooMnd ,
to rnort la to b rojlod onbj lo tho oitonl vt lb
... Tkuh hJihI man.ohaloror mstlt Utrn
oThlro. who fa that In lha MtlmaUon of, a tanropor
tlnn of Iho ontnwinnlir, bs I folly ami InMly rosiiortoil.
infin ranao, iktiiw m n. ---
and chafia
nana aonvo aim ia m, inn
ahl to kop my toni
onann, Whor la lh notrto-aonioq
AmnrUnwhndnnntrnwwroy Bimaklng whBn 1 1
trrToManlf aggrtrd f Undar Ihla (llg 1 wa W lo
rofwTbnl with aoBi-elal praonalfanII finding plrll.
th fact wal aoniwoooy or inoiTicinai -..."-r
pnlUng tb romalnof tb tolorod anbl r,wno
nf In tholr ontrt dWeno. Into a pmarrlbod npot
alAfllngioni that In lh roomortal Mrnooa on th
orraaWwi of tho annnal 1 1 rowing of flownr, thr waa
dminwtln mad bwoan of thoeiior whloh onoodoa
lgnald lhm, nawoawtaUng two aU of -Hw,
WPn on wonia narw anawotwai uma " "
rnta fo trrt- nr lb oolorwd gmro wr not a
fu . .j . .. ... i Lu . m Lha whllo.
icaUdaUanUontolhaboT,lot In no nnklnd or
Hllortonna. Thrlfhtboblbll which wonld
nottwfletvwrycrodliably wpon whorror may b In
rponlbl party. I do wot protond to nay wbo thai
party tn Lswbfll. ItonBlaa common lea lion don not
mturymo. rVnlndlMonl might htw nnnpwn w
a wiannor Uh onto hU flor. to bar derndd lh
i nntor, woo proMTinoti mm nwanw di v,
whlla U rlnnlarad that titer did bo bcaas thoy r.
jn,,ni nim n wrm ... .w I .
air. lOJIimiwnmiiraucn .......- -.-.-..
-, .l i-aJ a mh nf lha Hanntillan la not Ln
groatotlftlnBM-.and l aonvpttha factibnll wlah.how.
Tr,llnadgln fliUng rvbtik to lb party who
anvinwa hi Hn in 'aw .- """i - rr;"T
b..hi .iiiiiid ihMwu. u a d h rnaaruml
hnk nf th pmaerlhlng tho twmalniof lh noble mn
wnogaT iniriinn in nw- " n""t .
ride Omnpany, luff rrnnnrlraiila arwn.
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At A. Saks A Co,',
No. 310 SevcnUi ftrvct.
Ths (era Troapfrts.
The accuunts from all juris of the country
aitrco that the 'rnrctt (or a largo crop oi
fnilU and cereals Is iinntriHl- TImj New
York rost savs that lu that Malo In lite wtl
crn counties the ap, 1c and other fruits afTurd
Uio most Krauii ini; aaaurancr ui an nminu
antcrui. CtMnlnjroouthward, thoin?arhtni
wuu u it wn icarvti at one tuire uum im at-
moat a total losa, now prewcuu every appear
ance o( lclnc ctMid. Maryland Is lull of
youtur fruit, and Delaware and New Jersey
will malntala their former reputation. It
may to worthy of remark that peaches hare
horn ou salo la New York ilty for tnuor
llireo weeks past, gradually fallluD; In price to
ono dollar each. i bentwas hulllitlo winter
killed, nut tho protracted rains have pros
trated much of It, and threatens rut In
Southcru rennaylvanla. Mar) land aud Vir
ginia. Othcrv. Uc from nearly ctcry SUto
como account of tho promise of an uuu
Busily large yield.
Theconi troi width wn short lftt year,
cnpoclally In VlrKlnla and Maryland, has been
planted cxtcusliilyallotcrlho West, particu
larly In Southern Ohio. Indiana, ItllnoU, Mis
souri and A rkansas, Tliero was some Inter
ruption aud delay of Uio late plcutini; In this
scttion hy tho prolractod rains, ln tho North
west, however, complaints of Micro drought
hate prctallcd. In tho Interior of New York
tho crops aro suffering. In tho dairying dis
tricts crass Is drying up, producing at cry
erccptlhto difference already ln Uio pniducls
of cheese and butter. In rcnnsylvanla, Dela
ware and Maryland however, tho grass Is ex
cellent. Further Went It 1 reported that
farmer are idowlng up their adds of vprmg
MhcAU In New England a llko story Is told.
Ihit the hope of excellent crops U still well
ftmuded. From tho Southern States Uio re
ports aro favorable, Tho Lancaster (8. C )
Isiljrr of tho Sd instant saysi "Accounts
ruu h us from dLffcrcut portions of tho county
whlth represent tho croini m grow lug very
f ant and looking exccculnily hopeful. Tho
standi of cotton, so far as we hato heard, are
all tliat could bo desired, considering Uio late
unfavorahlo dry weather. We do hope, If our
farmers ever again Intend to be 'free men,1
and independent of Iho lleu Byntcut, tint they
will hate an eye to tho cultlt itlon of bounti
ful corn and pea crops. Planting cotton ex
clusively and Iniylng corn to feat plantation
totkwiH break any fanner ln tho country."
Tho unfortunate and tll-arirUod 4lrlnrcss
Ktlltltfk, who made atrtt.li a rpcctaclo of her
self atjierjicliiitoji the lecture pUtfunn Inut
cry probnUe that tho uuhcfeal VlHrrute a'nj
intciml which hor icrformanca ext itod had
something to do with uusetiliug a mind already
not too evenly balanced. It seems that the
PrtnccBS Edltha Gilbert Monies has xxn stay
ing at tho Aslor lIou4), and has contracted a
bill of 76 for Iioard mid carriage hire, and
that when payment for It vta demanded ex
hibited such uninlatakalto signs of luaiilty,
ending In an epileptic Ut, that a phyiUUn
firuuouuced her insane. Sho was, uctcrtho
bm, arrested at the in-lanco of her Aslor
liuuno crotlltors, and taken beforo a jkiIIcq
magistrate, who also was so speedily con.
vlucodof her Insanity that he had her taken
lack: to the hotel, to be kent there until a
cnumllof physicians can pass uon her case
or her friends be uommnnlcalcd with.
A card from the demented Princess, writ
ten, doubtless, beforo Uio complete breaking
up of her faculties, as am o rccordeil, ai
eared In tho New York Jlrnli explaining
tuinie points In her conduct at her leeture.
Sho charges the whole blame of herjtasco on
the Horosls, who took everything out of her
hands and undertook to teach her tho " stago
mulncss" nf tho rostrum. '! had intended. "
she says, "to wear a long black silk dress.
wiin inctnic oi uio name material, out 1 was
memilcd by two of tbo leading mcniivrs of
Sorosls, who counseled rao to appear In gor
geous attire, and, considering their ago and
experience, I compiled with their wUhrs. Fiw
fully fifteen minutes I conversed with Mrs. H.
and Mrs. V. before going upon tho stage, and
not a single word of dbipleaauro against my
style of attire fell upon my car. On tho con
trary, Mr. P. callod me a 'glorlouscrcatore.'
and Mrs. 8. lord hie not to stand like a stick
ujion a rostrum, but to walk lo and fro; ihcro
bv jrli Ing a graceful flow to my train.
Thus aro the charges of hor Immodest
dress aod unbecoming behavior disposed of.
And tho condemnation of the literary charac
ter of Uie effort it met by the )Ioa that it was
her original Intention to lot lure on her
mother career alone, but sho had born driven
from It by her bad adtlseri and took up tho
woman question only to fall, Tho nnliappy
Montcx confesses in the course of thl card
that after sho had been speaking somethrco
minutes she "was told nay. almost forced
to leave tho stand" by Mrs. Stanton, of course
It must lie understood, who Introduced her
nnd saw what shocking work sho wa making.
This treatment from "ono who promised to
aid mc," completed tho downfall of tho Prin
cess. Whit lh rspsr Har of 0r Flection.
Tho result of tho Washington election fur
Mayor will be satisfactory to most nf Uio rial
wdl-wtshertof thocapfuL llowcn, thcpris
cut Mayor, v ho has been defeated by a lirgo
majority for ro-cloctlou, is a man of inert.
nary reputation, and more than suspected of
corruption. UI oppnient la a Itcpublitan
and ret cited Uio supjiort of tho better portion
of Uio party Wo do not know mut b about
hlin, lit he can hardly fail to l an Improve
ment upon Bowen -Clenland Uatkr.
In Uio Washington City chxtlon yesterday
llowcn and his ring was deft atcd, and Mut
Uiow f. Emory, a Reform Republican, a inun
sUndiug hlghfor Integrity ami ability, clccttd
riiinVmnl (Jairttr.
Tbo defeat of Sayles J Ihrntn for Mayor of
WaMiIntott elty a ill not I rrgarded in iho
light of a nailnnal calamity. Uo la a iwlltkal
adrcuturcr of the flriWlas, attaining to
power when the eolorcd ikjopIo of the District
of Colaml4a wore first jxruUllod the right of
suffrage. Under his Maj orally the finances
of Wellington have been wretchedly man
aged, tho city government bctomlug In fad
merely a hospital forhU pvts and friends
Ills defeat 1 an evidence that the colored )cn
plo do not propose to bo humbugged by clihi r
partv, while It Is at the same Umo a stinging
rebuke lo the Ume-erv tDg,iycoihauUc, money
ceklnir Furncv and bU waaliinrrtnii f'liwii.
iclc, fha Vhronick vi HI now lcome a fieri e
Kmery paper imuanapoits Journal
A mew tiiratri is to bo built la IlalUuioro
by Mr. John T Ford, the well-known man
ager, who has sooured property on West Fay
ette street. The stock ha been liberally sub-
tiiuvu iur uj tiuu'iu ui iiaiuuioro.
It is oAii that Disraeli is about to retire
from inilUlcs. He will be ralstd to a pocrago.
" m prt, fTPMtts fort Offlc Dspirtm'
Thl YK1BT roWDKB U onTnlat, Moaotaleal
and abolMon. Try lLlf to rtah to nror IU aairt-
rltynot onIrsoUsv Baattwi rwdr, bnt tn th
mnmntoa naitvodi tr ralaln don n lor naain ttgv,
atannf and MrWnu BlavnJk. ItoUn. OorM Brfrad. Back
wbaat, sad stow fr1041 caaaa, an4 Oak a and Paatry
of atsty variety fat ! la tlna, nt waltbt. a lapr.
Mind. rr aaU Bf ira Uunna-it to UaiUd
Btat. Haaaiaatar of
pbOlMTt ft tlllOTIlEn,
fil.a93La 00 H strt, Raw Tetk.
I.Arfft tlf Til niwn stitru
rswed st Kera4 Rnalea st arlj-l nt Uigrea.
fl'UBLlC N,37.1
m Act to auihorlso the city of IhiflTarn, New
York, to construct a tunnel under Niagara
river, and to erect and maintain an Inlet
phr thrrcfroin,
llr it rnaetrt trt (V ftwiV arut tbmtmat Iim.
tTrnMir$oftf Unitil Wnfr of Amrrtoa fa
OonirtuM nssrinhtrd, That it shall and may be
taw im tor no envoi nunaio. in inaotaiaoi
New York, to con-truct and inalataln a tun-(
nel under Itiaca hock naroor ann laaara
rlter, extending not more than four hun
dred feet imUldo of Bird Island pier, iml to
crctt and maintain an Inlet pier therefrom,
said inlet pier to t located not more than
fottr hundred feet outside of said Blrdleland
Ai-prowl, April iW, 1870.
ruBLtcNo.88. '
Ait Acr to amend Uio usury laws of the Dls-
trh t of f Wmiibla.
Jk it rnartvl fry IV Henate mvl oiisf oRrn.
rtnetUatlvc Qthe UntMBtalci oAnvrica in
VonyrrM nssrfiifnWI, That Uie rale of Interest
upon Judgments or decrees, and upon the
loan or forlicaranco of Any money, good, or
things lu action, shall contloue to be slxdrl-
ars upon ono uunarcn uoiisrn or mro jvm,
and after that rate for a irrcntcr or less sum,
or for a longer or shorter Uine, except a
hereinafter prut hied . .
w. a. -tit.f f- frirfur iHai-itiL That lu
all contrail hereafter to he wade" It shall lo
laa rut for tho narllcs lo stlnulalo or agree In
writing mat tuu rate oi icu itr rem. iTt
mtm, or any Kim sum, of intercsi Miall bo
taken and paid uon ttcry one hundred dol-,
lara of money loaned, or in any manner due
and owing from any irttm or corporatloii In
MaDblrkt, . M
Sec 8. -4l f U further rtmefna, Tlial tf
anyjn?rson or corporatlims In this DUlrlct
nhallcontrait torccchoa greater rato of In
terest Uian ten cr cent.uion any contract In
writing, or six per cent. nm any verbal con
tract, such iwrsoii or coirorallini shall forfeit
the whole of Mid Intercut so contracted to bo
neched, and shall 13 entitled ouly lo recover
Uie principal sum due to audi person or cor
ioratlHu Eke. 4. Ami f it further macieil, That It
any cmm or rurporatlon within tho DUtrlet
f riiiuiiilA alisUdimilr or ludlrcttlr take
or receive any greater aicount of Interest
luan uproviucti lor in tin ACbujxHi nnj run
traitor Bgiwmcnt whatctcr, it "hall bo law
ful fur Mm iwrmin. or hi it monal rcnrcncnla-
Uto, or Um corp rat hm latlog Uio same, to
cue for and rvcour all tho Intcre-t paM mnm
auy fuch, Aimtracl or agrcctneut from the
in?rson or hi- pcmnnal rcprcscntatUcn, or
from tho corptirnlhni rccchlng such unlawful
Interest! JYocf'inl, That tho suit to rccotcr
lek such Interest shall be brought wlUiln one
year after such unlawful lulcrcst shall have
been paid or taken.
Nnc . fi. Atull it further trwetcd. That noth
ing in this act contained shall bo construed to
change the general laws lu force ln relation to
banUnr; surioelallons organized under Uie act
to protlda a nailnnal currency secured by a
pledgo of United Slate Ixinds, and to prutldo
fur Iho circulation and redemption thereof, ap
prised Juno time, eighteen hundred and
vpprovut April 51,1 8TO.
I Pt'ni ic-No. 30.1
An Act to Incorporate tho Washington
Hoineonathlc Medical Sot Ictr.
lie U rnnetrtii'! tfte N-rinc find Hou of Jlep
n entaHce$ of the t'nttcil .Vncs o1iirfca in
iingrcit am iNM't iiini. itiiiiu a, icrui,
Oiiatavo W. l'ow, 0, W. Btinncnschnitdt, E.
M. Kimball. riiJJthu Bralncrd. aud Uiclr as-
soilatcsand t-iiccesMini, ihyilcUns, be, and
Uiey hereby arc, inado a ctir)oratlou by tho
uainooiluo ttafuinguiu iiuuiwJiiniuic jiicui
cat Society, with all tho iwwcrs and privileges
and subject to U tho duties, Uablllllcs, and
nstrlcituns t forUi lu this act.
Sue. 3. Aft t U further macUil, Tliat said
cornoraUott nuy hold real aud personal cstato
to tho amount of twenty thousand dollars.
SvS .tmifiettariur fnrtcfcl. Thai the
mcmtersof said society, or such of their offi
cer or uicmiiert. as Uicy shall aiiioIiit,
shall hate th power to practice medicine and
surgery and collect their fees within tho Dis
trict of Coluni1Ia.
Sec. 4 1 wi ' U further f nm't, That tho
members of said society, or such of their offi
cers or mcinHr as Uicy shall appoint, shall
hate full pom rand auUiorlty to ei amino all
candidate for mcmUrahlp concerning Iho
praetUo of spoJflcmcdklno and surgery, pro
tidctl said (.ululates shall sustain a good
moral character, and shall present letters tes
timonial of thtir qualifications from some
legally authorlrnl medical Institution) nnd if,
upon null examination, the samo candidates,
U.... . -, ..... , .aa
Im found quail fled for Uio pracUco of mcdl
t Ino and surgery, they shall receive the ccrti
fieaioof iiieiiil.rshlpur tha llccnso to prac
tice niedlclno or surgery within Uio DUtrlcl
of Columbia.
8cc.1V. Amlbeit furUurr enacted, Tliat any
act or part of act conflicting with tho pro
vUlons of this act be, and are hereby, re-
Api-rovcd April IB, 187a
Ho. 40.1
an AUTiorincor
a hospital for found-
Unci In tho tltv of Washlnirton.
lie it enneted try the frnate and Houteof
irprefntaticfm of the Vnitrt Rate of .tmcr
ica in Conre$ ammUlal, Tliat 0. W. Kara
son, 0. O. Howard. Z. D. Cilniau, William
Ktlekney, A C. Klcbanls. U. Sunderland, A.
N. Zetelr, Wright Kites, Dr. James a llalL,
David K, Carttcr, William B. Todd, Jr., D.
W. Middlcton, (feorgo U BhorltT, B. B French,
Toacph 8. Steltlnlus, and John It Arlson, and
such other persons as may be duly chosen,
aro hereby created and constituted a body
politic and connirale, lu tho District of Co
lumbia, under tho name of tho Washington
Hoaplul for Foundlings, to hare perpetual
succculon, and bo capable to take, hold, aud
enjoy lauds, tenements, and i;rsonal prop
erty i JYoe.-H That no real or personal prop
erty shall bo held by said corjioratlon, except
sue h as may ) necessary to the maintenance
and cfltrlcnt man "genu hi of Bail ho-pllal.
Hec 3. Atvl be it further enacted, That said
corporation, hereby constituted, shall hato
Kiwcr to fill acanc lea In Uie board of dlrcc
rs, aud tu mako all necessary by-laws, niles,
and regulations not Inconsistent with Uio Con
stitution aud laws of tho United States.
Sec S. .indfV it further enactcil, That the
management of said hospital shall be under
the control of a Uiard of leu director. Tho
board of director shall also have power to
appoint alt ofttccrs and committee necessary
lo tho proper adrutnistraUoa of tho affairs of
tho hospital.
Soc. 4. And be U furQur enacted. That tho
first suteti coriorators named lu Uio first sec
tion hereof, togcUicr with those a ho may be
cloctcd and appointed directors, as provided
In tho preceding secUon, shaU constitute Uie
first board of directors, who shall, from tholr
number, elect a president, vice president, sec
retary and treasurer, and fi,ctl tho directors.
Including cither ot Uioaboe-namodofflecra,
shall constitute a quorum for Uio transaction
of business. It shall bo tho duty ot tho presi
dent and directors to report to Uio Secretary
of tho Interior the t oudltlou of said Institution
on Uio first day of July In eat h year.
Sec. ft. Ami be it furVier enacted, That the
object of UiU association Is lo found ln the
tltyof Warhlogtou a honpltal for tho recep
tion and support of destitute and fi Icudlcss
Sec. 0. .iij be it furtJur rtwrfcil That
foundlings received by Uils licVvdtal shall bo
deemed and considered, wholly under the
KuariUatndiln, care and control of said Institu
tion, to bo educated. Apprenticed, or oUier
wlso d!iocd of, ln such manner as Uio di
rt tors of said hospital may, lu their judg
ment, deem fur tho best Interests of said
clilldrou, unUI they shall attain Uio ago of
ilghtocn years, when said care and control
shall cease.
Hoc 7. -iiwf be it further o actot, Tliat the
projierty, real and personal, held by a!d cor
(oration shall lie exempt from all taxes and
assessment levied by authority of Cougrcss
or of auy municipal corporation within Uio
Dlatrlct of Columbia. Congress may at any
Um? alter, amend, or repeal this act,
Approutl, April S3, 1870.
n Act duelarlng the construction of "An act
to Incorporate the National Theological Jn
sUtutarapproted May tculh, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-six, and also "An act to
amend an act entlUod 'An act tu Lncorporata
UieNaUonal Thelogleal luslitute. and to
define and extend tho po era of Um same,' "
approved March second, eighteen hundred
and alxty-sevcu.
W hcrcas an act to Incorporate the National
Theological InsUtutc, appruteel II ay tcu,
cightceu hundred aud sixty-six, and also aa
act lo drflno and extend tho powers of the
saino, approtcd March second, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-seven hat hat cj bocu uiUcon
struod by au attempt to rcmot e the scat of Its
operation to a distant locality. In tllrcet pon
traveutlon of said acts; aud whereas Um foV-loMing-iiaiiicd
persons, Jor-cph C. Ixwls, Ed
mund Turncy, John B. X'ulcr. Charh II,
Morse, William T. Johusou. Lindsay Muse,
William Y Nelson, Goorgu . McLellan.
Clement Hobtnson. (leorgo M. CondronS.
Alexandria, U. II. Uutctlns, W. T. Wis wall,
S. L. Crlasoy, conUuuo to exert lo their func
tions aa the exocuUte committee, by the au
thority ot said corporation at Us seat of opera
Uons within Uio said District of Columbia, ac
cording to Uio luteuUou of said acts Now,
the refute,
Be it enacted by the fit-nate and Jlvute of
IteprttertatlvfM of the United Nate of A Merica
in Cworttt assenJilrtL That the scat of opera
tions of the NaUoualThcoIoglcallnsUtuta and,
UMTerslty, Incorporated under Uie act ap
pro cd May tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty
six, which act was amended and extended hy
tbo act of March second, eighteen hun
drcd und sixty-seven, shall bo, and tho
same is hereby, located within the city
of Washington, In Iho District of Colum
bia! iVoDbJtxJ, That nothing herein con
tained shall be io construed u to prevent aald.
wrporatloa froni cstabllahlng such branchea
without the limit of said District aa roayuo
now aiuhortxcd by law.
approved, April Zi, lffTO.
rPitatiiMn ill
A if Act tr re-deflne a portion of the liouodary
nne neiween tne mate oi ncorusaa ana tne
Terrltory'nf Dakota.
lie U niricfWi tnt IK Hennie ami llottme of Iten
rrmntattvti of Ihu United Hate of Anm-train
CvMirii nsarmfrlrrj, That so soon asth&Stato
of Mehraska, thrmirh hor Igklature has
given her consent thereto, Uie ucntre of the
mam cnarmel of tbesiin-oun river, snan oe
Uraboundary line botaeou tho State of N
,,raa and Uie Territory of Dakota, between
the followiDg points, to wlti Commencing at a
point ln the centre of said main channel, north
J.Uw WMt Uno ' becilrm twcntyfourln town
ship twenty-nine north, of range eight cast of
Iho sixth principal meridian and running
along the. same to a point west ol of Uio most
northerly portion of fractional section seven
teen, of township twenty-nine north, of range
nine east of said meridian, In tbo Stale of
NebranVa, as meandered aad shown by Uie
jilauand surveys of paid sections originally
matWandhow ou file ln Uie General Land
Sec 3. Awl r U further tnarlfi, Tliat lha
respectrr jnrladlctlon of said Stale, and Ter
rltorr (Ana of tho Unltod States) shall extend
lo.naoTer.il in 1110 iciiiwij mu.i Mwi
UinlU,rinllii lollio line hCTclndeilrnl!n,
lo .11 iDlciitu uui liurpuMMV lull, tna ruin.
Iildclj II no clmnp! bad tiikon (.lac In Uio
rhtnncl of MM MUourl rlcr. Ami tin
BwreUrr ol Iho Interior I. herebj .ntliorltcd
anil Mw.itlM.ltnMliliin lillm IIIAUQ .11 fieOCM.ry
.anera and mcandcrlnKB. and to order the
.-f m -a b.tfl ....tod anl jt. htHltili.il t
iranaieroi ait I'lntn, i-ni-vm, ""-"-
which may be necessary In the premises.
Appnnrcd, April SS, 1H7U.
tTuiuo Nu. 4X1
Aw Act granting lands lo aid In Iho constmc
Uon of a railroad and tclcgpl n
Portland to Astoria aud McMlnvlllo, In tho
HUte of Oregon.
lie it enartet W tV Ornate and How of
Ileprt tentative of the United Nate of Atner tea
tn Ofmnret ammbteK That for the purpose
of aiding lit tho construe Hon of a railroad and
tclnrrarfi lino from Portland to Astoria, and
from a etUtable poml of Junction near lure-,
drove to Uie Yanklllrhcr, near McMlnvlIle,
In Uie State of Oregon, there Is hereby granted
to the Oregon Central Italtroad Company,
now engaged lu constructing tho snld road,
aud to their successors and assigns, Uio right
of way through tho public lands of Uio width
of one hundred feet on each side of said road,
and the right t take from tho adjacent public
lands materials for constructing said road,
and also tho ncccwary lands for depots, ita
Uons Uo tracks, ami other needful uses In
operating tho road, not exceeding forty acres
at an imrn olam and. also, each alternate
secUon ot the public land, not mineral, ex
cepting coal or iron Iambi, designated by odd
number nearest lo said road, to Uio amount
of ten smli alternate socUons per mile, on
each side thereof, not othcrwlmt dlsjioscd of
or reserved or held by valid pre-emption or
homestead right at tho Umo ot tho passage of
this act. And tn cane Uio iiuaullty of ten full
sections per mile cannot W found on each
ildo of snld road, within tbo said limits of
twenty mile, other lands designated as afore
said shall bo selected under tho direction of
Uio Secretary ot the Interior on cither sldo of
any part of said road nearest lo and not more
than twenty-flro miles from tho track of said
road to msto up such deficiency.
Sec 3. Ami be it further enaeteL, That tho
Coinmlmloncr of tho General Land OiMco shall
coiino lha lands along tne uno oi ino saia rail
road to tie suncrcd with all convenient speed.
And whenever and as often as tho said com-
oanv sbaii nio wiin iiie Bctrciarv in mo in
terior map of tho surrey and location of
twenty or more mile ot said road, the said
Secretary shall cause tho said granted lands
adjacent loaiiartJlcrrmoouartimnurutmaKi
sections of road to be segregated from tho
public lands) and thereafter the remaining
public lands, subject to salo within tho limits
of tho said grant, shall be dL-ixwed of only
tu actual settlers at doublo Uio minimum price
for such lands t Arut trovUtid ato. Tliat set
Ucrs under Uto provisions of tho homestead
act who comply with (he terms and require
ments of said act, shall be entitled, wlUiln tho
aid limit of twenty mllo. to patents for an
amount not exceeding eighty acre each of
Uio said nngrantcd lands, anything In this act
to tho contrary not with landing.
Sec. 3. And be it further enartot. That
whenever and as often as lh said company
shall completo and amlp twoutr or more con
secutive mile of the said railroad and tele
graph, Uio Secretary ot Iho Interior shall
i auto Uio same lo bo examine, at tho expeuae
of tho company, by three coiumbuiloncrs ai
polntcd by him; and If Uiey shall rctorl that
" ! nn-tUm la a flrr-l-clar-a railroad
and telegraph, properly dulpicd and rcadj
for use, he shall cause patents lo bo Issued to
the company for so mind of thet said granted
lands as shall be adjacent lo and coterminous
with the said compJertVil completed J sections.
Sec 4, And be it further cnaetciL That the
said alternate secUon of land granted by this
act, cxccpUog only such as aro necessary fur
Uie cotnu.ny to reserve for depots, stations,
sldo tracks, wood-yards, standing ground and
other needful uscsln operating the road, shall
bo sold by Uie company ouly to actual settlors.
In quantities not exceeding ono hundred and
sixty acres, or a quarter section, to any one
settler, and at price not exceeding two dol
lar and fifty cents per aero.
See 5. Anil be it further autcted, Tliat the
said company shall, uy mortgage or deed ot
trust to two or more trustees, appropriate and
set apart all Uie net proceeds of tho sale of
the said grautcd lands, as a sinking fund, to
bo kcDt Im estod lu the bouds of Uio Unltod
States, or oiher safe and moro productive so
vuritirn, iur um piirimaso iruui tune to umo
and the redemption at maturity ot tho first
mortgage construction bond of Uio company
on Uto road depots, ataUons, sldo track anil
wood-yards, not exceeding thirty thousand
dollars per mile of road, payaUo in gold coin
uol longer Uian thirty years from date, with
Interest payable semi-annually la coin, not
exceeding the rate of seven per centum per
annum i and uo part of tho print I pal or in
terest of the said fund shall bo applied to any
other use until all tho said bonds shall lute
been purchased or redeemed and cancelled t
and each of the said first mortage bonds shall
bear Uio certificate of Uie trustees, sctUng
forth Uie manner In which Uie samo Is secured
and It payment provided for. And the dis
trict court ot tho United State, concurrently
I with the Bute court, shall havo original juris-
utction, puujcct mi npiicai ami writ ui error, 10
enforce Uio prcn lslons of this section.
Sec A. tud be it further enaete't, Tliat tho
said cotLpany shall file with the Secretary ot
tho lutcrlor Its assent ta this act within one
ear from Uio time ot Its passage j and tho
orcgolng grant t upon condition that aald
company shall completo a section ot twenty
or moic miles of said railroad and tclcgrai u
within two years, and the uiUro railroad and
telegraph wlihlnslxycars, from tho samo date.
Apprutod, May 4, 1870.
(Piinuo IUsolution No. S3.)
A Rr-BOUJTIOM rclaUng to ofllccr of tho Sol
diers' Homo.
JUtotetdby the S-nate aiut Jlvute of Jlrprr
mitatlzx of the Unltrt Utah of America in
Conjrru ateembUtl, That tho law passed Jan
uary twenty-first, eighteen hundred and sev
enty, prohibiting tlio assignment of retired
army officers to untr, shall not pply to offi
cers selected by the board of tonimfnsloncra of
Uio (soldiers Home, iiistricl ot Columbia, for
doty at Uiat InstituUon, such selection btlng
approtcd by the Secretary of Wari I'rvtty-d,
That Uicy receive from the Oorcrnment only
tho ray aud emolument allowed by law to re
tired officers.
Approved, Arrll t 1870.
Ponuo Hmoltjtiok Na S3.1
Joiht Kmolution directing an Inquiry Into
the loss of the United States steamer r0ncl-
Whereas, on Uio twenty-fourth day of Jan
uary I sat, tho United Stales steamer 'Vuclda,
when Icatlng Uio aort of Yokohama, Japan,
caino in collision with tho BrltUh 1'cnlnnuUr
and Oriental mall steamer "Bombay" and
snnk almost Instantly, v Uh tho loss of nearly
all her oUlccra and Uio greater part of iicr
men; and whereas tho Navy Department has
been unable, in answer to a roqucst of the
House ot ltcprccntal1rc,tocommunlcaleany
detailed or satisfactory Information: touching
Uie circumstance of tho toss, beyond It ex
tent and Uie numbcrof casualties; and thcreas
It appears that no f uU and impartial and lalla
factory lovestlgaUon lias been tntdo Into the
cause of the disaster, or Into Uio conduct of
the larties Implicated lu IU Therefore
lie it rfaofpfd by the Annie and lloutc of
ytrrrrarnuiiierf oj ine unven maicM ty i"crr
ten in Congrtt nsamivttvl, That the Secretary
of Uie Navy shall, with tbo least practicable
delay, order au laaulry to be made into Uio
particulars of tho los of said United States
steamer 'OncWa,Mrmd ot her officers and
men, Including Uio subsequent conduct of tho
captain of Uie steamer "Bombay," vi Ub a view
to ascertain Uiercspouelbllity for the collision
by which she was destroyed, and for Uie de
struction of life which attended tho catas
trophe, and mako nporl of tho aamo to Con'
Apprutixl, prU7, 1870.
runuo Kesolutmn Nd.Sl.1
A ItEaoLtmoif In rclaUon to Uio printing, for
Uio use of Uie Department of Sufa," "d
dlUooal copies of documents emanating
from that department.
Rttolved by the benate and Jhue of Itcprc
tentative of the Unltnl State of America in
Congress aetbted, That hereafter, tn addi
tion to Uio number of copies of documents
emanating from Uie Department of State
which maybe ordered to be printed by cither
House of tanrress, it shall be Uie duty of the
Congressional Printer to ranse to be printed
for the use of Uiat department five haftdrcd
cor lea ' arery such document, when re
quested to dtt so by the Secretary of Stfttei
J'rovidfd, That thecxpeuso of Uio same shall
Id do single case exceed tho um of flvo hun
dred doliars.
ApproTOd, April 10, 1870.
Tn I.t ArrsTatitrfta OaoAita. The two
orrsM which minUtortnoit directly tp Uie
hpporUef Uo body, are ths stomach and
: liver. In tho former thoflrilprocensof dlge-
tion takes place, unucr ino action oi mat
perwcrful solvent, tho gastric inlco. Thence
tho food, converted Into a pulp, passes Into
tho duodenum, where It Is subjected lo the ac
tion of the bile or gall, flvwUurfrom the liver.
ana oi tne nuiu gcocrateu uj mo panriru, or
sweetbread of tho system. These sccreUons
separate the nutrlUous portion from the rest,
and It Is then liken up by the absorbent Tea
sels and,convryc4 Into Uie channels of circu
lation, la the form of Tenou blood, while the
waste matter Is discharged through the bowels.
Unless all these processes are dulyperformed,
dlscaso of some sort Is Inevitable, and the
best of all medicinal agents for preervlngor
restoring the tm and regulaUng lha1 action
bt Uie three organs the stotoaen, liter and
lntesUncbr which tho three-fold wvwk U
carried on. Is Hosteller's Stomach Dltters.
Indigestion is gouerally accompanied by con
stipation, and iho gentlo catbartlo operation
of tbo bitters U no less Important In case of
this kind, than It tonic effect upon the
totnaeh and the biliary gland. Beauty of
Scrsoit as well as health, de;cnds In no small
cgrreupoti tho regularity of Uie executlre
functions. A sallow complexion, a thick
onnqno coarse skin, a tainted breath, rush of
blorni to tho head, In of memory, headache,
and extreme mental depression, are the usual
accompaniments of coBtlrcness. A course of
Uio Bitten will Infallibly relieve, and finally
banish those obnoxious symptoms, while, ln
vlgnraUngfteslomafhandpromotlnghealthy action of the liver. This genial vegetable
stoniachla and alterative, strikes at disease ln
it jTimnry Fonrccn, mo assimilating, secre
Uvo and oxmilslro onranj. and the course It
effects are conscnucnUy thorough aud com-
DuTr It Is a duty we owo to ourselrca. a
well as to those who are dependent upon us.
to prcsorTe pur ncaitn ana strengtn. rpeer a
"Standard Wlno Bitters" are found to be an
unfailing and valuable assistant ln maintain
ing too vigor oi mo system, ana in Keeping u
In tone.
Sold by druggist and grocers. orflt
To tub ItRBCtte, Hoi Gentlemen and la
dles who tavo had their heads contaminated
with uauscatlm? and uncUoti hair dm are In-
vlted lo try ITialon's new discovery, Vital! a,
or oaivauun lor ino nnir -cicn.r nuu irtcv.
smelling, without sediment
Bold by all druggists and fancy good dealer.
Inucckmknt to But a Good fiawtao Ma-ciiina'.-.AVllcox
A (Hub' Sowing Machine,
Uio moat simple and best constructed sewing
machine, will hereafter be sold on liberal
terms. Inquire at tho agency, Banra's corset
and lionprklrt factory, 408 Seventh street, be
tween D and E.
A. Si as A Co.,
No. 810 McvcnUi Street.
Wa are offering
Boys1 Summer School Suits, 11.73.
Boy' Summer School Butt, (1.79.
No. 001) Seventh Street,
Between I and K ,
Xn now Trtfl
Ts lb If ad a wU m t f unlUw aad bo.Mkar.
Ws r dUr raoal ttc lair
Fresh GooiIh,
lahalftuU. AUo.
ftwb. attl HlU al Mwf Tot priM.
tuk citt nuut or OUAIUK.
Bernard Ilnyoa & Co..
N.,0a MfiTcala Hired, DanH I ..4 K
Teas nnd Cofleo.
4'H If lath Strwt, Uta DudK.
FRK81lTRASpfTrUBd mnt. OOirXRot all
TnHa, roaatad and ar. CXlffltR roaatad nr
day by vm1v mvm U bmI oiua Btet4pK4
mm SUarV BMIlallw w Vinaam,
Fact's Pat, Sleeping Cushion,
AalfnM. feat Sola
fur St.to of
Thl Maliloti afforda u wroorl I tb hMd a4
ppr prt of tb apln, L,-ba4 mb fcr
a. ftna I f uld vamfart rilf4 t.
taamtioaU tW !. To Utaua. It aara rt t
Uaf. a It HTHU tb Jo'tin flt f til ON tb
brau. It f aquall Wul to Udl a Uraa, a It
do not dLaamnc tb balr, r oatr.lUU tb r
pwtJf tb boat ei bat. wh,. act U , It .
It folJd p nd nvrl4 U t "Tnll Nlohtl tb oU
pot, flU aad It, t li )'rtlol Trunk Wano,
trta NBTETTII htiii:kt. Jl
mmmirKT&?, Z.
CM. am at IM1 flowtf Uall
TMUmauMlUrtbmudrtMk ITJr.alia.Trafc
Taw,r,Alu,Hwl. nnnfjfjaa

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