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A capable man ll wanted to take i pi Interest
U ft long-established business
CIitbb, game bags fee al I tint sbaiaV
A uiBK bay horse wii taken op estrsj
D. M Dana ll an Independent can J Wale (or
the noara of Delegates,
Tbb rple l Association or the Twentr lint
district will meat tbll ereolnr
Tirinniltt meeting ot the Wisconsin Au.
elation will r held this erenlne;
XaAtimib fc.t'LARr,tuciionteri, will sell on
Friday, October 4, t it o clock, two tinging
birds. AIM, on Mond-r October ., at 4 30
o'clock, ftveril yaloabio lots
T National Theatre
Tbe " Taleee of Truth displaced Its enchant
ment and IU lttJlcroaiooTHlei to another ranch
delighted hoase Uit night Thlf ploy IS marked
by no strong nor Hraly dramatia force, in 1 li at-
terly free rmm all tho Mfrit9"rs or tho
modern scrinnl. A et Iti simple ruiiianro li t lett
ing ah I fall or ftrlaht conceits And epigram,
mawo mibib ill cvinuinauuoB rt weii ana
talned,a I lowing no failures la the hull eUei rlcal,
ball mythological rhariutir in I scenes which
ara rendered mora Im minutiae ly tbo lllanlan
and sylphld dances ui Anti Mik who weares her
own lelry spell.
Tbe solos Are wall iferf rm I Tha long pool
leal sentences and olJsijle grandi! xaent j
drosses are well pruauunied ant good iklll has
perfected ibe genera) ri resentatlnn Hut for
tha sapor b apearer(ce an l inbtraot power with
which 0oian l'enlo anlmateaany i artwhlchshe
undertakes, oca intent riLlinata the sud Ian and
vnforesbadowed failure In tha character of
NlrtA M adlscrej am 7
AUwbohAT lung appreciated Sat An Itenln
matt regret that iba ever All mi to bar Abilities
any lighter efforts than tba Shakspearean char
eaters and thoaa of tha hlKh rlassor rnglhti
and 1 ranch traged y and high comedy In which
b hal sometimes won (treat faror LoretU
birds oonatltnta an Independent attract I a.
Tbe pretty little creatures exhibit eo much Id
Ullltianea in their subjection and training that
aaobeerrer may not wonder at the amount or
thovphtespended on the questions ol tba na
tareot tbaia and other unreasoning animals
Many pblIoii ben itnca 1 lato have ad i tad
bis belief In tbelr grade I Inlelllktonees as kindred
to the soul of man, an ICarljIe declaraa tbetr
Instinct to be only a repressed anl linperltct
form of tba mighty finance which In man aa
somes the lull and perfect aha) and power uf
reason Tbla i leatanl and earleU entertain ma at
oi tht r elace of Truth dererrei the patronage
It hai received and will receive
Tk Theatre lotnlunr
At tha malinca and In the evening tbero wero
Una aadleacei at tha Theatre Comline. Tba
titlreltrength of tba com) any waa i relented
on each occailon, an J the Anlaatawaa no leu
freipunt and hearty than wai deferred The
loTeriol good dancing era pecllly lnvitel to
fee the ballet at ire Tneatie (lomltue It la
DDiiPtu, ariniic inn ucru ijcu ij i tiuivit
lerlevaUallettl It ll lait attraction the mien
lion of eooBoliiennofari many of whom nightly,
Tlalt tha theatre fit this nroM Al ne ThU
week there are two glreo the Dolly arden
and the Matnlral if enlce Dick I arker
and Otto Jiurlank ctnrule the huuae erery
time theyaiiiear In their ipcclaltlea tbey are
Tba 1 resenca of Lulu Itolmay la alwayi Ibe
ilgnal for iplrlt And lun toll ol It berielf,
aba impart! tba aaue feeling tu the audience an I
terms It with bar This eveth g 1 ocithoatas
will he presented lur the rtm lime at thli Ibaa
tre The eomiMiny Is strong an I talented enough
to i lay It in admirable stylo. MIiiAptail ca
bontaa has a fine opportunity lor an ettectlve
dlsj lay, rhere wiliVa a rush at the theatre to.
BlghL The new Indian delfgatlun now in town,
will be At tha theatre to set this Indian lAy
Meireipelltna tnrlely Theatre
There la a good olio entertainment and xxl
special perfoimtri at the arkty theatre Amy
do Ilrent sings well anl Iaura (Iraham and
Mollle Wilson and Billy Culllas empljy their
best talent to am me An erenlng At the Arkty
theatre Is prod active ollun
Th Hirakrli nrflB
For the t resent we content ounelrei with
simply making tba announcement that the Oral
of Strakoech a farors to Washington for this
season will be extended at Lincoln hall, on the
arenlngi or tba lOlb and 17th Instant Tbo ar
tlita who will grace the occa Ion are .Mile tar
lotu Paul, SUnur ilarlo, Mile Teresa Uarrenu,
Mlas Annie Louise Larr. h lienor Del l'uania
and Mens Lmlle taurtt, Tbe orchestra will be
ootm) acted by Mr t Ilebrcns. Tbe ticket otneo
win i at iuetieroti s
Rcwelatlene f ttrepert Utmlnlarrnrre
Tba Oldest Inhabitants .ioclaUno held their
regular monthly meetlDg yesterday alternooa
la ibe Criminal Ocurt room; Mr Jenkln Thomas
a inecnair, rdu Mr j v-mrron iirent secretary
1 he name of Mr John 11 Juhoamwas pro
posed (or membership and nccej ted
lilt NlcholAS tlallnD. trcaiurar. rivrtt ihit
he bad 040,38 to the credit uf the eswclAtlon la
bank, and there were no debts dun
-Jdr John 1 Clark announced the death of
unnsiopner ummicK sr in a lew ntting re
remarks, and ottered tbe following which were
unanimously adoj ted
RttotrtJ, That the society sincerely condoles
wltnthe family f our lata blBhlyateemed
brother, l)b rlstoi her Cammack, wbu detarted
this life alnca our last meeting, on the nth day
Iff it further rtioletd. Ihit tha aocUt mf
the usual badge of moarnlnif la respect to the
uiuiuri ui vur ! urutuor kbu IDIlSCVIf
hereof be eommanlcated to bis Umlly
Mr Ilrent read another series of reaotuilnni.
prepared by Ir Illake, on tbo death ol Mri
tammack which were ordered to bo entered on
iu miQUMs an i miuea w tot so i rmeriy 1 assed
Mr Jamea k.nn 1v &1M I linrl linmit wn
Invited to entertain the assuclailon attbelr next
meeting with essays on tba building up of tba
Mr Ifrent sail that he wan glal to state that
ut uiaxo, wnu nan Dccn scriwusiy in lor some
lime, was slowly Improving
A resolution was adoiel lythe nnooUtlon
tendering him their heartfelt sympaMles and
hoi log for bis early restoration u health
Mr HrenL In benilfcf Ktr ltuhrt I-. itblua
of tieor.etown prescntel analhlavlt mule by
j pun tnunijMoa uiore juiuce jiowen govern
tiii,iiw, id rinon io me location 01 cer
tain ran 1 grants In Oeorget iwn
Tba aseufilalloit then adj urncd
ww Den't linow Who I Aui "
Occasionally In the dlMharge of tbelr duties
Ibe members or the police force are called upon
to arrest gentlemen who iccin to think tl at they
occupy a position In life which entitles thetn to
pcricci immunity irum me vulgar iianos ol An
A ease of this kind ton It t lace . faw dvi n
and la worth relating ltaiieari that ou una
of tba 8evenlh street can amona; the larson
gerswssa gouty old gent about flityjoars r
K vjuiiuui u rviuio, uw car ran ou me iiacv,
and tbe joltlou so annoyed tho old irrnt that be
an ae to remonstrate with tba driver just In time
iu w iuniKBviiuuuvr vj luuurn an i ratner
- uvuj juiv. iuihhuii(idm anu as iue
oesi means oi renting uis ft ue seise i the anof
icnuiog unvcr ot iuo inroat ana sirucK him.
Isftteetlve Meltsvltt. Who Was on tha nar In
tntdlatelr lntcrlcred. but was sun rlsed to rini
tho oil gentleman turning in Mm anl angrily
trtmandlng to know what rlnlil ha h 1 1 1 Inter
fere Tbe ledge waa shown In answer wl n
in oiu Rfni (ouk anoincr taca an i irimi v i lull
Me.lv savins; Ifvou only knew win 1 in
you would not arrest mo, air Tbla wouldn t
work worth a centi neither would his other
bombastic utterances about teiwrilmr ll e mtt
cr 'having him dlrmlssed ' ko lie was
taken to bea 1 luartcn where be gate tba name
of John Henry and alter bis anger cooled a
iiiua, kt accuriiy lor uis ai pcarance to an
swar tba charge ol anauit anl Wttery, and de
parted just tbe least bit crm fallen
Ulh Dlatrlrl llrowbllranM
Tba nej ubllcan club of tbe sixth district met
last Bigot ai miiiawa' nan uu i-cnnsyiva tia
avenue, A It Underwwid real lent, in the
cbalr and James 11 bmlili secretary Theirea.
wentsiateu mat ine moeiinH, ua uccn tmiea
to hear reiwrts from oummltte'i
Mr John Webster, or tbe executlvo commit
tee, said be had nothing special to rejiort that
toecommiivee nam a iuiini(oaua ui uit,
and oonela led that ther would work In co-one
ration with tbe camjalgn committee ti bring
vUi TOi'ri ou vivriiou uaj
Mr Nicholas Oliver uf tha camralun Lotn
mlttee, said the oommltteo had been icLJvoly at
wort gwiiinR uivu ichiiiic i oh.
Tbe t resident sail the bogus I et ubllcsi
would trj to capture Ignorant voter and be
should be very particular In regard tv the seleo
tloaof ticket-holders on elect lun dar anl ittva
ticket! Into tha hands ol those only wl o wlirnot
deliver tbem to those v w icd to us
Tha following cot n mitten wo j j irited to
canvasi tbe two blocks on M street between
Nineteenth and Twentieth streets and between
L and M streets John Webster Nicholas
iiuver A H.uraur,J u jaevson jonn iuoki
and F 1' Lucas The ureal lent aj pointed the
lolluwlna lent I era en to uiatrlbuie tickets on elec
tlon day J J Llllot A H (Irant, .Mcl.olas
Alter i-jteclies l y josci U tJ Jackson, Jamea
a Wall and J J llll t the meeting adjourned
with cheers lor I l n I Murray candidate lor
iue ijrgisiauto arcim ij
Hiilabteor I'jlhlaa.
The tcArd of direct us il tho Mutual Jtellef
Asauclallun ol tbo knlul ( I Pytblaa of the
ifisinciui wm' '" "u "rfumr moniuiy
meeting at K oil' ball Uit evening, and rt
celved a large DUtubet oi a) luatluua tgr mem
bership Ihta gssoolatlon ll now a crin.inont feature
of thli well known order anl is steadily In
creasing In rlnanceand numbers Tl a o timers
Art U J Ilo.well i resident Harry ron
helmer vice iroilJcnl I T tJdlwcll n-crt
uryi t has J llrewer treasurer I Mar
tin, rrancla owd lie r 1 rdbuu Harry
Kronbtluier John M lllnkle, Hugh Divlna
ALU Keeso A 1 t avis t has M Ikh
pltal, S tlillitcln Uotort llanlni, r My
ri Ueo h HtroMbel Hot Iklniiorri Julio
M H bo ruber l, Theodwe dunlin J Jt IUgg es
Kebblasi Ibf lliui'.
ttdloera renrh arxl ltelwa i tleecond
iTeclnai. reiiort that they llsuovcied the t urtal
vault of Meridian bill which i ntalna ihe re
mains of several oil lamllles hail Uieen broken
opaa by some unknown rtUi lieutenant
Johnson dltected his iffljers t nndiv the sur
Tiring menibera i tin mn Hkr wn iithir
dead IborelD no t h l j I i ill i I ji Ij
TbaNaUonalHavloA-a llaak
oorasr oi flaw Y rk avenue and liiumlu
traet, mt Strtent iBt'l I'
luaklng Upoi K 1 4 wu t 4 aaJ
I.nrfte Ilepulsllcnn Meellrts:.
Inderaewieat f tba Newtlaee AddrtM br
Cal J A. Mairdert llaa K t. Miaaiaw
nail Other.
Laat Washington was alive with Republicans
last eight, who wen out In strong nnmbers to
attend tba mass meeting at tne corner oi renn
tylvsnlA avenue-anl Ninth itraet, gotten up to
continuo tha goo-t work of ratifying tha pArty
nominees, an 1 to Indorse tba nominations made
in the Twentieth, Twenty Brit and Twenty
second districts. ....
Tbe stand was rather small for the number
of persons Invited to occupy It, still It wsa taste
fully decora 11 wun uM auu VTararvvoa anu
Illuminated with torches and Chinese lanterns,
while to tba rear was the Marina band, which
during the evening discoursed soma eiceltent
unslo. .....
The mealing was niiKi u oraer vj ii Kj
tnna an t the followlna officers chosen Tretl
itent. J ba T Johnsonivlee uresllenta, Wm
II Ilrvwn, W O Marshall. A 11 Ttnney.Jos
tllbson Wm L. (To wan, Llareac M Uartoni
secretaries, Wm Heron, Michael Hhlner, 1'eter
M is lev An Irew Neville, Daniel A Connelly
anl Alex lton
Mr Johnson, on accepting the chairmanship,
raid that ha acknowledged ibe oomi llmant ron
I erred upon him, uoaxuecttot as it waa. ineir
'csence gave mm aaanraiiov mat ip war in
raita.lln Ihaohierta of tha maetlnir. and felt
the responslMllty devolving apon them to east
tteir ballot for legislators w bos acts would re
doand to the Interest ef the whole lllstrlct. It
waa a lamentable spectacle that presented itself
In the divisions In the ran ka, and showed tbat
they mnst decile with calmness and for thetr
best welfare There were three ttlahnmnda In
the field all clamoring to represent the Re pub.
llcaniartv Ilehadut doubt as to thetroper
choice. He should Tota for UeruN P Lbrpman
uae panr raus inemieivawine jtaiormora in
me wauaco campaiaru
illad tha vrrat rafdrmer
He served hts first term and Inangnrated tbe
system that the board was perfecting. He was
crlod down under the t lea of extravagance and
defeated by Matthew ll Emery, who went tn on
the latforra of economy and reform, but In lesa
than six months there was tba cry of corruption
anl fraud and lhay iwlltloewd for a territorial
form or government. Tbey obtained It, and
almost belore It sets Into work Ina order thev are
crying out against It. Ha waa ui posed to tbla
form tt government t ecaose he iboiTght It was
an attemi t to abridge the freedom of the colored
uan uaaui nun m ivukhi ma iuiih oi
government ara now trying to obtain the help of
the colored man to overthrow it. He asked, ai
tba Improvements were to goon, If It was not
better lot the colored man to ay bU third and
have tbem completed
i ms won nai ut orea iu iue moain oi tne
poor man Ibe action or the board bad been In
vesilgAted and sustained den. Ublpman had
worked bard and well, and surely deserved tba
re-elect lun be would secure. Ha desired to make
a personal statement in regard to rr u unl
way He had asserted that while Mr Atkla
son was riling along one day ha mat Hon Mr.
t obb ol North Uarollna, who said that ha bad
held a eon vers all in with tha sneakar. wtav in
rri Ir toaunesllon bad stated that tha board hail
ground the laboring man down they were poorly
i aid and tbe whole thing wa a failure. He.
the sjaker, called on Mr Oobb and got bis fill
denial to any such conversation, and pronounced
N U Ordway the greatest vlllfler on tba race
of l ha globe When be round that heeould not
lie tne speaaer, ne unucnooa: u degrade Mm
He bad shunned and watched Mr Ordwav
ever since became to him and said that ha loved
colored men better than hie own people. Ha
was now arraigning colored men against their
own color, and he pronounced Mr Ordway a
hypocrite or tha deepest dye and warned the cot.
i red men to beware or him Before he would
suj in rt a man like Mr Ordway, ha would vote
tbe Democratic ticket all bla Hie,
He concluded by ursrlnaT tbem to annrtort thai
party eandllateiaad elect them by overwhelm.
lug luajufiuca.
was next Introduced and aald tbat be was one of
trie inemDera or mat much abased JJoard or
I ubllo Works, but ha did not cometodarend
them for their actions would speak for tbem.
selves Ha then Invited them to make a com
i arllon between tbe streets and alleys to what
they were before the board came Into power
The work bad been done 24 per cent, cheaper
than anv other eltv la tha l.nftaii Rtiaa tm
cry of frand was only gotten up to beat tbe Re.
luuucau nr a ory men inesame tniogoae
year ago before a (Jongresslonal oommlttee,
where a verdict waa given lo favor of the board
but the opponents, not satisfied, followed tha
members to their homes. They thought It wis
their action that defeated Senator Patterson,
bat It was a mistake. Then tbey threw a elr
catarln Mr Lid ridge s district, but bis eon.
stltuency thought so Utile ol It that he was
unanimously renominated
Last Heturday night, at ten o clock, another
Injunction was granted to prevent tbe collection
of the assessment on New ork avenue, from
which money was axpeeted to pay tha laborers
Tbls writ waa made returnable on the 9th of Oc-
ivuir, a ua ur int ikcuoo, ine action waa
I lain on Its face. It was done to Injure the he.
tublkan party Tbe tax did not fall heavy on
Ibe poor man, because ba would pay only one
sixth, as no poor man owned property on both
sites or tbe etreet They all go fur the O ray
bill simj ly beoauae It did not pa, u It M
passed tbey wool 1 have declared It an Intqul
tons Uw, which should be repealed He wished
to know If tbey Intended to be carried off by thli
bowl against a portion of tbe District govern
went rncy were a frail to put up a Democrat, and
nominated Mr Ulna banana tha IhnnvLt ha
could ateal a lew Republican rotes. Mr lioe
well was being made a tool of thli party, and be
hoped Mr Uoswell would see It nndactaeoord
loalr be tre the dar of the election The Iamo.
crals ware sore; they were not receiving any of
in ma, nu uiuii, man wuum aacrinoa princi
Me and anvthlDK else for office He then srwka
at considerable length oo tbe Issues of tbe na
tlonal campaign and concluded by staling that
tbe expenses of the Improve menu were from 2)
to MS per cent, cheaper than those of any other
cii vu ma Alia duo ooaiu
waa tha next sjteaker Ha aald that a little more
iun jr wru u poopia nan eiectea tienerai
Cblpman because tbey desired a new era to be
gin for the District la Improvement, and In-
i oi act it i it nu unaiuaai. ana Deeause,
havlnsr faith In hla Intearrltv nahlla anlrlt ami
ability tbey believed that be woul I promote this
purpose Had tbe people changed since then?
Did they desire their home, tbe capital or tbt
uai.uu ui aiua again iuu iue UUlineSB 01 a pro.
vlnctal vlLIae Did they want to drive away
cat UL to Ukeawav bread from tha wnrktnv
man s children? Then let tbem not reelect
uenerai u airman, ior ne nad too much charao
ter too much Interest In tba District, to ever
turn conspirator against tbe welfare of Its clll
sens He assumed that tbe people still desired
to Increase the activity and business of tbe Dls
trlct V, hat waa the teener! result of the new
order of things daring tha past ysart Was It
uv iiuinTit) n nun a i ecu on 10 uongress
woul 1 most nromote tbat nroaoarltT f
The proof of Increased prosperity was all
around them The new thoroughfares and Im
I roved st recti were much more lor tha con van.
lencoof business men and working men than for
the occaalonat drives of the rich No one not
wai-pau vj prejudice couia wain oar streets
without just pride at tbe Increased activity vis
ible, llulldlngiwere everywhere arising and
newenten rises si ringing up. If tbe progress
were not supped another year would witness
still greater advancement. Hi'eakeri for tha
oi pcuUon to uaneral Cblpman laid they also
were for extensive Improvement. Not long ago
tbey wantc 1 everything on tbe pctiy scale of tbe
old corporation At heart that waa what tbey
still wanted buipose, though, tbey were sin
cere! suj pre tbey only wanted toery halt. Then
there uustcome a euppege of all the present
Iterations or In Icfiolle duration with general
stagnation of business and with distress u work
IngincB And alter all no change could be made
nuiin wuui vm iraa irora oaroa criticism,
ll the 1 aorta wanted tha nroanarli or tha Hla
trlot to continue, If tbey wanted to avoid the
disastrous result or abandoning the present op
erations, who would most al 1 them In Congress f
General ChlpmAnllreadv had experience, ami
had won tbe respect aad friendship of tba prom
Inentmenof both parties InCongreas In bli
first session be bod Increased the appropriations
lor this District by nearly I3.0UO ooo. lie would
I rocure the Qit donation or two million acres
ol public lands lor the public schools of tba Dls
trkt. He had matured other meaiurai lor Its
Nat. nrreJilnnal illatrlnt hjt (mki (ha affn.ia
of lis Representative derived greater praritual
benefits from Congressional IcKlslatlon durlnar
tbe aat session than tha District of Columbia
mmi ii auoria oi uenerai umpman o Uon
gresslonal district bad been served with mora
ibb i uaimj anu amcacy
S leeches were also made by Dr A P, tardon,
A M Scott. Lemuel llurslev. Josanh ft liar
roll William L. Cowan, bldneyW Herbert and
vtuer aner wnicu ue meeting closed
Arrnlaanirnle fer Mardrr
Tbef. rial Del tourt veatardav beheld tha an
usual spectacle of six persons on tba docket at
tbo same Hue charged with murder Oeorga
W Jenkins ror trial and tbe others for arraign
ment The arraignment! were first proceeded
AURAlukxxsT np a a it air wnnn.
Itarnev Wood was nrit arrala-nad. charvait
with the murder of rtamuel Cheeseman at the
Ice t omiaoy a sUMes He plead not guilty,
and Messrs A 11 Kiddle and Franc! Miller
Ills case wua fixed for Weilneada nt. Mr
Riddle remlnllng the Court that the O Drlen
ease had been sat ror Tuesday next, which was
tbe dar uf election Tho Court said no session
woui i ue ueid on mat day
lit K IIIU1W1 a lIBlllltUIKT
Daniel Hrown alias Hutk Hrown. was than
arramxei lortuemurdorof wm uahblngton
Messrs Rurireri and Hon 1 will at near aa eoua
ail This case was sot for Thursday, the ITU
Heseklah 1,1 wards was brouaht to tha bar
cnargeu wun toe muruer oi iiumoara
jtir Jiarnngutn nave you oouosaiT
Ld wards 1 wrote to Mr Hlna lrenotseen
him yet
Mr Harrlnirton said tbat It would Derhans.
be improper for tbe Accuse 1 to plead until ha bad
brst consul tod with Ills counsel
ll e( uurt directed that tne arraJirDment le
losii nod for tbe present
auKAinnNkTor viinirr ani ratHiarr
Vrclrrick Im Kralt anl William 1 aduett
weie called to tbe bar and arraigned for tha
murder ol Peter Rennet t, by subbing sp that
Iteniiett Instantly dledj De Kraft being charged
M rlncljiitl an I Padgett as accessory
Tie r4e. wore set lor Tuesday, tha 15th ol
ihe trUls wirt il en roceeded with
aklilnaloa stehaelzrai Terela
The annnal maetlnir uf the Waahlnston
Hchuelin ereln wns 1 eld last night anil the
l It wn h it r tl tut i r tho ensuing year
1 ri iu i -, u i ii ii lent Hueule
i.uji it i r u ii tun ter sooond target
i I Halt kit itl t. inllnir aaaratarv 11
L 1)1 i Am i - m retary 11 Kandler freas
u th board ol directors. Casner
hi ii li ui lor Win Hrers,leu Kralt
,u I in Au twin nan J flJtlero.lf
lieu ItoterDUl '
Trial erJeaklaa.
OeoraeW Jenkins Indicted for the murder
of bis wife, was oalled for trial at the bar of tha
Criminal Ooart, Judge Humphreys, yesterday
District Attornev Harrington opened for tba
OoTSrnment, and Mr Riddle and 6. T, Thomas
ilhe letter a colored lawyer) appeared for tbe
e fence.
The case was called Al soon as number of
arrangemenle hotl been made Thejarors were
tbsn called, w'th the following result
rrederlck A Klopfer. challenged by defence,
but challenge afterwards withdrawn
rphralmM Whlttaker, accepted
Lewis Hpanler. consclentlons scruples
JobnT DonaMsoo, aooepted
(leorge Winner, accepted
laj Mlddleton challenged by defence)
t nsuce I u Jjrten, excusea, .
hamael Jones, bad expressed an opinion '
W West, aooepted
Jamas Payne, cha lenged by defence
W U Bamberger excused I
John M Divine, accented
t leorge W Dement, challenged bydelenco.
ewla Payno, challenged by defence.
John Jt Hammes bad formed an opinion i
AiHlrewO Plant aooepted. a t
William H. Downing nad formed an opinion
It. H tttlnometa bad formed an opinion. '
j vv, morseiicnaiivngi) vj uaiauc
Israel Doming aooepted
V cammack, jr. had formed an opinion
Ham net L. I uglasa aooepted
Patrick Clark challenged by defence
1 H Russell had farmed an opinion
Tbos R- Johnson aocei led
The nana I became exhausted at this iKdflL
and the court, having ordered the drawing ol
ten talesmen from the box, took a recess until
the talesmen were summoned
nearly so clock It was found that twoooty of
ie talesman nau apiaru
it waa Bna-a-ratad that these two shoal I tm
calleil, bnt Mr UI Idle said that tbe law Intended
to give tne aocasvu aomaiuiaa ui onwicw in
these cases, and when he wae selecting Jurors In
a ease or so much gravity he would like to see
before blm more than two talesmen te chose
fiom la selecting two Jurors
The court concurred in this view of tha prtvl
taaa of tha accused, a rut after warnlnr tha
jurors atready selected to converse with oo one
VU IUI lui'jni, a ijuxt um m,iivww
U Cioca tnia inuroiug
Arrival efAaalher DelrgalloB-The taa-
rll la Mt. .
Tha rfalro-atlona from ten Indian tribes f
Nuriham Taaaa or suke lines, arrived In Wall
log ton yesterday on tha 110 train, and totk
quarters at tha Washington bouse. Tbe dele.
HftllUn cvDBiria vt iiit iviivwui v.pMiu ..vu.
KAIvoH. of Mrglnla, special Indian Com mis
sloner Klwas Lone Wolf, Boa or the Hun,
Sleeping Woir, Dok Later, and two aqnaws.
Comanches Milky Way. Oray Leggings, Dap
In the Wood, C heavers, llulTalo Hump, silver
llrooch. Ten Hears, Chewing tlk.Oap It tha
Halt, 'Jim,' Arrapahoa John, anl six sonaws
Apaches Pacer, Striker Canlun, Oray Lagle,
ana iwh huidi. niipi.mn.-uii vh.ii.
... li.. .. .n ll..l (il.l ttiin aI
V II It I IUW, tlWit, IIIUUi l.aK wi vn, -(. v
Hears, Yellow Horse Oa Uoes Oeorga Wash.
Ington, Anulote, WarLon Pee. WitehlUs
ltiiSaUkr Ueecblea Knee-war war Tuwvo.
earoes Dave" and hts Son Dela wares
lllacg Beavsr interpreters lioraoa r jones,
ror Klowasand Cemaocheii Phflllp McCusker,
for Arrapahoea and Apaches, Wn. Shirley, lor
WluhltAs. atci J J Sturm, for CAddoea and
Captain Atvora was sent out pj uommiesioDor
Delano for the purpose r Indtclng tl Indians
of tba pis las to make permanent peace with
on their Journey Captain Alvord promised the
Indiana that on bis arrival at St Louis he would i
bring to tbem Banuta and Rig Tree, tba two
Kiowa chiefs who wereerreatedbyorderof Oeo '
Sherman for tha murder or a party of whites In
charge or attain, la Jane, 1811, and ordered to
be executed, which sentence was changed tolm
prlsonment for life la the penitentiary Uover
nor Davis, of Taxes, granted them a umporAry
release at the requestor Secretary Delano, and
they were turned over to Captain Alvord, and
arrived at St Louis Sunday last.
Upon tha delegation arriving at the above
city they were quartered at tbe Lverolt house,
where a council was held Those taklns: part
la the council were OoL Campbell oltba Indian
tiaace commission, Laoek lioeg, Indian sqperln.
endent or tba oeotral superintends ncyi (apt.
H L. Alvord, speclsllndlao commissioner) Ilor
ace P Jones, Interpreter fur Klowaa and
Camanches, Philip McCoiker, Interpreter for
the Arrapahoea and Appaches. Wm Shirley,
Interpreter for the w kbit as, and J J Sturm,
Interpreter fr tha Caddoca and Towoocaroea
Previous to it e council the commissioners con
eluded not to take San lata and Dig Tree to
Washington, although both were anxious to gk
Tbe council was opened by CapL Alvord, who
said those tribes be brought ha wanted to la
troduoe to hla friends
Tbe remarks were Interpreted to the Indians.
who seemed satisfied with thtm Captain Al
rord proceeded to relate whv ther were Dresent.
after which Mr Hoeg addressed them Han
lata then addressed those present, and sail ba
wanted the Comanches to work strong and to
take pity on him, and quit going on tha war
path and be at peace He then went oo and
related the kindness be had experienced from
Governor Davis, of Texas and spoke of blm as
a latner li tne toudb; men weroatjieaoo ue
thought be would be released lie promised ir
rl4 all ha maid for feace, (Hhersof
taacniaia (wii,aiiin mi mwi irwauij iirinf
Tba delegation lelt St, Loots Monday night,
September 3U, anl started direct for wahlng
ton On tba rente tbey ware shown every 1-olnt
ot Interest,
AilrnaJ Hallj farThl-anaa aad Ire II
Tbe regular Republican club of the Nine
teenth district held anentbuslAstla meeting last
night at Wall hall, on tbe corner of Tint an 1
)i streets. There were In attendance about 250
members or tha club who seemed In earnest la
tbelr work, and manifested strong determlaa
tlon to elect Cblpman aad UrelL The meeting
waa called to order by the president. Col
Timothy Lubey, and . McKsnna acted ai
ueiore ma iiniinvaa oi in cud waa eniareu
ito. Col Lubev. the rj
tha folio win remarka
My lellow,liliens 1 desire to lay a few
brie! words, not on any political issue, bat dl
rectly In reference to our candidate Oenaral
Cblpman, our candidate lor Congress, Is a man
whose entire sympathies ara with and of the
people, whose career has always been marked
wliii a strong sense of right and Justice to all
iu,u auu kuv iiikv uii v vutiuu iv uuuhivh aa
the Delegate from tbe District baa been one of
nseiuiness anu nonesiy to its people and lis
material interests Ills re-election Is now not
only demanded In justice to him, but to the cltl
senior tha District, whose faithful Agent he
baa been, but tar mora so on tbe ground that
neither of tbe oppoalng candidates from natural
an 1 other causes, can serve us to welt.
In oar candidate for tbe House of Delegates
we possess a man whose character and life ara
such that even bis political enemies find no
fault, and ore who, ir elected, will serve his con
stltuency with tba urn falthfulneae anl honor
tbat alwayi marks his character Many of you,
my friends, know of him In private, and ha has
olien been honored by your oonfldenoe In places
of honor and trust. Ills election at this time,
sa )our Immediate representative, will not only
be a credit, but will piece our district In tbat
position where the wants of Its people way be
wriinnnin iDiaiimaut uiauuar ui iui i ruinr
authorities. This, I res. ret to say, has not here
tofore been tbe case Whose fault It la 1 am not
prepared to sav but the factexlsu that the In
Ureal a of tba district have been neglected from
not being brought to the attention of tbe Dls
trlct government.
I therefore say to all, let us not commit such a
mistake as has heretofore been commute J
Tbat Is, if wa desire to sea tbe same Justice dt ne
this District aa Its Increasing population and
wealth demand Our wants la the Una or Im
provementa ara many Ask youraeir, ask your
neighbor the question, which of tberandl fates
that present themselves for your suffrage are
most likely to make these proper demands and
fash tbem to a successful Issue. If you wltl do
bis and act on conv lotion, i bava no fear of tha
result or the election of Ublpman and Urell
Dr Thomas was Introduced, and said be wis
present to cheer the workers In the good cause,
to posh forward more determinedly towar la vic
tory He referred to the remark! of Colonel
Lubey. and agreed with tbe sentiments ex
pressed by the Colonel, tbat principles are
wonted and not men In hla career ai a potltl
clan he has always Ignored personalities, and
has always felt that tbe party to which he
belongs could bear any Investigation, and If not
ha was willing to let It fall There are In this
country to-day two parties one tbe Republican
and the other the Democratic party, an I to-day
this lattsr party are claiming to be Uepubll
cans, and ha fait aial that 1 tiara waa auaha
change, and that tbey bad seen tha error of
iiinir waja anu ware coming mia moioii jib, aa
a citlsenof the District of Columbia was opposed
to Horace tlreeley s election, aa he la not the
friend of tbll District He closed by urging bll
heareri to vote for Chlpmao and Urell
After cheers for Cblpmaa And Urell Ibe meet
ing adjourned
fc'ni:iai lUttriNii
A Cottle J e Ibe Ceremear
Tbelooofocoi of tbe Nineteenth district oon
gregaled laat night, to the number of about one
IIHIHIffU. PIUUUU v,l VbatJiJ vu ttv Wl UVI V.
H and North Capitol streets for tbe purpose of
rawying me nomination ot a ur ruuiao, toe
gentleman eboaen by the lew as tbelr nominee
for tbe House of Delegates The hour set ror
tbls pleasing ceremony wai f 30 o clock, but
owing to the non Arrival or a ban 1 the meeting
did not get la working order until 8 30 o clock,
when, finding that the music would not oome,
they began business Mr L. (J. Htne opened
the meeting by getting oft his usual speecu.and
aner exhauslng hlmielf gave way for ,1 J
Coombs, who was followed by Mr. Hurguody
and A Coflln, who aj i roj rfately closed the
Among tha gentlemen of Washington tha In
ellnatlonli rapidly Increasing for the sports of
the field, for lmatlng game of all descriptions.
The flrstdeslderstuin for tbls business is a good
shot gun. and after that the game-bag, shot,
pouch, powder flask, fco. At No. lOOfl Pennsyl
vania avtnue. at 1 rlnce i well known baiaar.
these thing! cannot only be i rocured at cbeap
rates, but of tbe very Unset quality and most
aj prove I style Any one wanting tbe best shot
gun and all oecaisary Implements for field sjiorls
should go to Prince. You can purchase or blm
twenty bre per canLcbeaier than tbey can be
bought even in New York He also hai table
cutlery and almost everything that anybody
Odd Pel lew a I Ibrarr.
At tbe recent antual meeting of tbe I O O
i Uhrar Aimrku. tha followlnir officers
were eluded Jubn H llartlett, president It
fimar livm to i imnt uvuiaa
fowler secretary 11 A Kkller treasurer and
Win It MtlJjan Andrew I Donaldson Alfred
H trawler Henry Trine anl Thomas tirecr
direct in andtloorgeW McLean librarian
Tba Wnehlaariaa t Uf Navlaga Ilaah
or ner or Seventh street an 1 Louisiana aven ua
raya o per cent Lnteiait on all deiwslu De- i
usUi ceo t) W'J-aJ djitTB t will '
A New Ntrleiy, '
under the title or the "Weit Lnd CalboUo Dan
eflclat Society of tbe City of Washington, D.
O ," was organised tn tha First ward, am tha eth
ulL, and duly chartered on tha let Inst, Tha
orflseri arat T MelYerbany, president) Patrick
Kelley, vice preaWeott JohnLaary, recording
secritaryi OltbertUaBBOBrilpaaclal secretory i
J ll Lyncb.treaiViretf FAtriakWall, marsh Alt
peter Maloney, aergeant-at-armi Tha board
of directors designated In tba charter ara F
MeNerbany, Uefnard Kllmartlo, Wm Ward,
1 Jmond Unnnn and Michael Uon nar. Tbo so
ciety Is purely benevolent la charaeter, IU ob
J acts being to promote nnlty, f rtendshln and true
Christian charity. IU constitution contain! vert
liberal provision! In case of alckneaa or death of
members, while only a small Initiation fee of
two dollars and a monthly due of Qny eeata ara
required Already, within left than a mootb,
nuy new members have been enrolled, and at
tha Uit meeting there were Iwcaty-one addl
tlonal applications lor membership. This so
clety promises to become one of the largest and
most Influential Cathollo benevolent organlsa
tlona In the District. There Is excellent mate
rial In the West Knd to make Its. Hut, ai.
though located I a that beautiful secUoaor tha
city, and bearing Its name, membership li not
condnod to residents or tbe tlrstwara All,
from every part or the Dls trlot, who meet the
requirements of tba constitution are cordially
admitted, and become beneficial members alter
six months' membership, A special meeting of
the society will be held at Wilson a hall, corner
of Pennsylvania avenue and Nineteenth street,
on Ratarday trailing, the lib instant, at 7 3d
o clock.
or the new SL Patrick's church, corner cj Tenth
and U streets, will be laM wlta laipwslng core.
monies on Duoaay aiiernoou. ids m vi novem
bar, at o'clock. Should the weather prove
uo roplUous tha exercises will be postponed
until tne lollowlng Sunday at the aatae hour,
Iba Moat Kev A re bonbon Day ley, assisted by
several ol tha reverend clergy, will officiate, ana
the sermon will be preacded by Kev i. Ju
lloyle, Mator of SL Vetera church, Capitol
HUL It Is expected that all the Cathollo be
nevolent and temperance societies will turn
out In tall force to witness tae Interesting cer
emonlals. Tbe Young Cathollo I Irlenidfeu
clety will act al a guard of benor. 1 be Ivunda.
tlona uf the new church have been completed,
and farther work will be suspended until tbe
next ij rim- No permanent Indebtedness will
be Incurred la tne erection of tbeekarch, as it
Is tbe nxed determination of Kev tatherWel
ter, tbe respected t aalvr, to pay promptly ae the
work I togresaes It la estlmatad that tne build
log will oust rrom 1160,001) tew,tW9, and when
lieished It will be one ef toe moat beauillul
chaieu edifices to Washington.
ar a lo veil, a mcacu
has, during the past two mouths, been undergo,
log sotneueatrei le extensive changes under tbe
renovating touch or tba aluler a brush All
tbe wood work. Including iue bellfry, baa been
handsomety burnished up, and every thing In and
around this popular jlaio of Cathollo worship
bow looks aa bright aa a- gllmpee ol Paradise.
With tbe rare eloquence of latner Megalre, and
tbe charming inusiool tbe choir, St. Aloysius'
church continues to attract large crowds ul visl
tors, both at tbe morning and afternoon services,
every Sunday
tba venerable pastor of SL Matthew's church,
who has been quite 111 In Haiti more for tbe past
mouth, ll now convalescent, and la expected to
return to tbls city to-morrow During the pro
tracted Illness ot Dr White the arduous daUel
or the pastorship of tha largo congregation has
been very accep ablydlscbarged by Kev. 1 other
McDerltt, assiatant pastor
bxv t o TOOLE,
formerly pastor or St. Patricks church lo thli
city, la now sojourning at tbe pastoral residence
attached to SL Matthew a ebuniuta which be
officiated on Sunday last. The reverend gentle
man baa boats of warm and devoted I r tends to
Washington, and so soon as his presence here
waa known many oalled to jay tbelr respects to
him tather u1 Toole organised SL I atrlck s
Temperance Society, wblctt atone time during
bla administration numbered upwards or 1 uw
members Tbelr first parade on rL Patricks
day, some twelve years ago, will long bo re
membered by thus who witnessed It aa the
most brilliant Irish American temperance
demonstration aver tnade at tbe national cap!,
Father llurke. Is expected to visit tbll city
Dominic, now In course ar erection la South
Washington Ills engagements In the North
and Last are ao numerous and argent that no
datocan just now be definitely fixed lor bli
visit here, but be will oome at tba earliest mo
ment possible, and la all probability before the
close or iba i resent month At bis great lee
lure la tbe coliseum, at Boston on Sunday week,
on the genius and character ol tha lrlab people.
luiit mn inn uiuuaauu pviBwa vnaiai, at
though the price ot seats waa one dollar each
a obaio rxttx
I lor tbe benefit or tbe excellent Institution,
known as SL Incent a unman Asylum, will be
opened at Odd 1 allows' ball. Seventh street, on
tbe first Monday of November next and oon tin
ued lor two weeks. It Is anticipated that every
(athollc congregation In the city will be repre-
i aauiau vj a uanusouio taoie at tne lair sne
I ladles ot several of tbe parishes bare already
gone to work In goodearneiL SL Incent sis
one of our noblest charities, and silently but
eloquently appeals to all, Irrespective of creed
Uf watlaaaltly
of the Catholic Temperance Union of America
will be held at Cleveland, Ohio, on tbe 10th ul
ma yraien montn, (lamer mat mew a nirtn
day ) Most or the Catholic temperance socie
ties of this city will be represented lathe oon
ventlon Kev Father MeDcvltt, president of
the Union, will be In attendance as delegate at
large from tbls city Kev lather Kane hai
boea chosen to represent SL Patrick's Temper
ance society, abd Major J U. O Drtsooll, cor
responding secretary of the Union, will be pres
ent at tho convention In that capacity, and also
aa a delegate from the Central Cathollo Tern
peranea Union, other societies will probably
elect delegates at tbelr meetings next Sunday
of the Irish Cathollo Ueoevolent Union will
meet lo Philadelphia, Pa. .on tba 10th or tha our
rent month Oae hundred and fourteen socle
lies, located la different sections of tht Union,
have already elected delegates to tht conven
tion Several of the Catholic benevolent socle
Uea of this city will be represented It will un
doubtedly be the largest Irish-American Oath
olio benevolent convention ever held In the
United States. Lxlenslva preparations have
been made by tha Philadelphia Catholic socle
lies for tht reception or the delegates An ef
fort will be made In tbe convention to strike out
tbe word" Irish" from tbe title of the organ
Ixatlon. so as to admit Catholic benevolent sool
etlei rhlch do not possess that distinctive char
or The Living Koaary" will be commemorated
by the assoclatloB known as 'The Apostlesblp
of Prayer," la SL Matthew a church, on batur
dar afternoon next at three o clock. Tha davo-
Uon of the Koaary commemorates the principal
uj.iviiti vi f suv in i uan, anu waa imruuuceu oy
SL Dominic about tbe beginning of tht Ihlr
teentb century Tbt mysteries art fifteen In
number, cooslsllna of the Jevful. the Dolorosa
and tbe Glorious, and contain an epitome of tbe
Ills, sufferings, and triumphs of the Saviour or
the world The prayers ara divided Into fl risen
decades, or tens, corresponding one to each
mystery Lach decade cqoalsts In reciting tbe
j.oru s prayer onoe ana tne itaiiMsryien times,
closing with tbe "Ulory be to tbo rather," fcc
Tba Hoaary Is one or tbe most beautiful and
popular devotions or the Cburcb
or SL Stephen s congregation In tbe 1 Irit ward
are enjoying themselves to their hearts con
tent at a handsome little fair which they bare
arranged In tbe basement or the church for tha
benefit of the Sunday echool it will ho open
to-nlgbL and lots or nlca things will daitle tba
visions ol the little ones
Tm Maw mriiHiiMAp
The Installation or Archbishop JJayley will
take place in Ualllmore on Hun lay, tht 13th
inaiaut, we understand tne various ins a so
otellej are making extensive preparations to
visit that city upon the occasion. The following
telegram to Major M L. Urell. president Wash
logtoo City Hibernian Ueoevolent Society, was
received Taaientar. and will aanlaln liaali
Ualtimokb, October X The mayor permits
aacrati music on Dunuey, toe win buow your
selves on that day
Rxv JahuMcDxvitt
Navr Yaird A ftalra.
Henry Stanart, a well-known mecbanle la the
navy yard, has bean appointed a writer In tbe
y anl
The steamer Tallapoosa arrived yesterday,
having on board the remains or the late Capl
Davenport or tba United States steamer Con
Tba following was the range of tbe thermem
eter yesterday at Hempler a optician store. No
463 Pennsylvania avenue corner of tour and a
half street fa. m , M, 10 a. ra o3, lJm,, 2
p m ei 4 p u , 89, e p m , it s p m , ft
Hale of Improved Properly
Attention la directed to tba salt by Messrs
Coldwellai King, of valuable Improved prop
erty on M street, between Third and our and
a half streets southwest, being part of lots. In
square Ml, Improved by a frame bouse and large
Hlaalac Blrde nt Aecilaa
Messrs Latimer & Oleary will give everybody
a chance to purchase A fine bird to-morrow, at
Ho clock al tbelr auction rooms. The consign
ment consists of canaries, goldfinches, bul
finches and Irish blackbirds
HaloofValMnbte I ale
Messrs Latimer t. Oleary will sell on the
iflth Instant, at 4 30 p ra , on the remises, lots
IV, 4), 24 and 25, in Harrington on 1 Huabes sub
division of s )uare 234 Tbe attention of persons
desiring to Invest In valuable i roperty Is called
to this sale '
Morth Hsvleg
In one of tbe handsome show windows of W
M Ualtfc Oo.'s establishment may be seen a
large nugget or gold It weighs W ounces, is
valued at700 and was extraclcl from-a, mine
la Lloker county Oregon and brought to ibis
city by llr M M Huntley to whom It belongs
Tbe soiree of Prof Valentine, given laat even
ng at Masonic Temj te, wsi a very fine affair
Wa can wish tha Professor no better success
than tbat which attended bll Initiatory soiree
At tbe annual meeting of Company "A,1
Washington Light Infantry, hill at their
armory laat night sergeant wm II Harrison
was elected treasurer. Prof i C Harris, secre
tary and Corporal Arthur armorer
Takb i r li iu: Kentucky wb sky, at tea
tents a gins at the M murrain Ilye house cor
ner il Thirteenth aiid I sueois
Paiirsi rty ittini Siiibtu The larger
stock and largest assortment of all kinds and
sua Geo O Ubbbibo
o IlOSayintb itnit (hwtit,
Itttnnirny Couple (JmiRjit.
Ilsw the Dawgfctrr eCn Prowi1nnt lienlle
mat Triad la Has Awr nnd Alnrry it
Last night, about 9-30 o'clock, considerable
excitement wal created near tha Haiti more and
UMo railroad depot by Ue appearance of a man
1 making double-quick Una to tha depot, and ex
amining all the carriages watting In front On
I being qnestlonsd ha tald ha waa looking for hli
aauinter woo was on ner way norm to do mar
rted against hli will. A ner searching for soma
time for the runaway he at last succeeded In
finding the lost daughter and her lover In a
carriage standing tome distance from tha depot,
aad Immediately Inquired what this all meant,
and ordered them to get out of the carriage,
which demanlwaa disregarded by the young
gentleman, who drew a pistol and requested the
I arent to leave at once or he would shoot him.
The rather remonstrated with tba oouple hut
without effect, and the pistol was again pointed
at him This second demonstration caused the
vouoglAdy to cry anl plead for tbe life of her
laiuai. an viciaiui win i anuuii lamvr naa
caught us Lets give apt some future lime
win ao. i uis appaai irorn me lair onesoiienon
the woul I be murderer a heart, and he aikod
the father Ifhe would eoBsenl tohlsdaughter l
going with hlmj but Instead of tha fattier ra
llying tbe daughter said Ob, It 11 of no use
(fallal the Same hoaaa where I mat vou lait
nlgbt end we will make arraogementa for tha
trip. Come on your usual nights"
Alter ouoBiiaxauivpariuaaion irom mo young
Ldv. he aa-reed to nostrxina tha trln. and tha
couple In company with the father, drove back
to the bouse,
Tha hlstorr of tbla little affair, ai near al our
report' could glean, was that the young gen
tleman above mentioned formerly a clerk In
Georgetown, but at present a olerk In a Wash
loiton store became desperately In lore with
this prominent a-entleman's daughter a beaut I
ful belle of Washington and Immediately
popped tha question to her, and received an
emrraatlre responaet but upon asking the falber
for his daughter was comlorted with the reply
that tbe young man was only a clerk, and wai
not able to irpport a wife.
This rather nettled tho young mar., and ha
set to work ptannlng wars to euchre tba oil
man, aad finally dec! led apon running away
with his loved one Last nlgbt was tha time
sat, and while tha father wae in church a car
rlage drove np to tbe corner below tbe bouse,
an 1 the young man gave a signal to tha voung
lady, who ahortly alter appeared and enteral
the carriage, and started fur the depot, but not,
as tbey thovgbt, unseen; for a house servant
was watching the whole game, and no sooner
had tha earrlaaa atarted than ha ran In tha
cbarahand Informed papa of all that had been
going on The rather al once left the church
ami started In pursuit or the runaways, who were
caught aa above related Tbe ceremony, we un
derstand, or uniting the two In the holy bonds of
matrimony Is to take place shortly lo one of our
churches In the presence of large number of
intnuoi uom ariia we. vnereiof e, ADSlAin
from alrlne? anv names until tha iTint ik
The) PaNrieTalh Dlairlct
roiTon KirrjBLtcAit In tha Issue of your
paper of tha 38th nlL ron made a very visa and
Jul ideas proposition with a view to harmonise
the now divided elements or tha Republican
party In tba Fourteenth dlstrlcL Realising to
the fullest extent the dangers attending such
division of tbe party on tha ava of an Important
election I, as a frlenlof tht Republican pArty,
and having a common Interest la the success of
Iti principle!, waa willing to accept your prop
osition and submit tha whole matter for adju II
cation to a rota of tha people at a primary elec
Not stopping to arafee ibe question as to who
Isrlchtor who Is wronr In I his unfortnnalaar
fair, bat taklns; the brood gronnd that the sue
cess of Republican principles Is of I ar greater
iiDmriui-v tu im -no in ui iui uiBirict idiq idi
mere defeat or election or certain men, I entered
jealously into the work or reconciliation Mr
OConnelland hla friends at first consented to
accede to yoar proposition of a primary election,
nolwlthsla rutins: wa claimed (and still claim)
that Mr O Council was regularly nominated
Subsequently Mr O Conn ell baa declined to
enter Into such aa arrangement, and has tx
irewra ma a e termination io runaainenora
nee or the convention thatntaeed him In nom
lor the sake of harmony and to assnre tht
success of the party by withdrawing one Repub
lican can lldale from the del 1, 1 was willing to
rrlmary election D la bad policy to risk anv.
hlng At tbls time, Tbe election Is en Important
one, involving aa it does not only members or
the House of Delegates but Delegate In On
gress and by endangering one porilon ol tha
ticket tht whole ticket la weakened. The Re.
F ubllcan pArty c An not afford to be de lea ted at
he coming election
Aa Mr. O Connell and a nortlon of his friends
decline to entertain any propoaltlon looking to a
rvciiociiiauoo. a taav iui, ujvuiou oi uutUDK WJ
tT?.'. -lr1he record that tie responsi
bility may fall where it i roperTybelona:i
Mobbib Miarar
Tbb mills suspended operations yesterday for
a short while In consequence of low water In tba
Flour Ivsrccn-on rmna baa Inspected dur
Ing tba month of September flour as follows
famllr. 4 &M bbls i extra, fttt bhla i anoar. 4S1
bbla.t fine, Sltt bbli j middlings, 82 bbls-i total,
Tbb Russian baraue Oikar and (leorte which
waa entered at tbla custom house, haa been die.
charged other load el Scotch drain pipe bulls
sUII unable to gat up to tbe wharf on account of
urawing loomuen water ueiore Dfling ngni
enad She draw about 11 faat. Rha atlll haa nn
board ta tons of Jig Iron, consigned to UalU
mora A TOTJftBAHBXT wai held yasterdoy Afternoon
on tbe Georgetown Colleaa villa grounds. About
three miles from Oeorgetown, for tbe benefit of
SL Ann e Koman Cnlhollo church At Tenelly
town Tbo following knights took tart In the
tourney "Take It If you can, ' J Mrena "or
mauccaaio. i- niuuiu i " ivannoe,- w iiuiiert
Maryland," J Councilman t Lone Star, ' D.
mail -uoaan, j roc re r-iontgomery " ll
Councilman i lf I eoul 1 not how nmi.l 1" 1
J O Duller t " alley," J Kearna, "Locust
Grove,"S Johnson i u Cedar Urove," O llur
rows i ror rest,' John Uurrows i " Oeorgetown
uwiiga,--j a aiuingwu( -io enanoe, ' it
All o'clock the Judges Messrs A Hsls, O
Oreen and f M tlronlav vara tha alirmti m
the assembling In front or the stand.and after
the Hue bad been formed rather Slonestreet
addressed tbe knights, after which the tilt be
gan anl continued until all tbe knights bad
ridden three times
Mr JobnMeens knight "Take It If you can,"
was proclaimed U- victor and he cbose al
Uueea of love and beauty " Miss Kate Klley
Mr John Uutler, knltrht ol Idaho, ranking
nexL aeleetad Mlsa Mel'liaraon aa Vim mai.l
of honori ' Mr John OounrllmAn chose as
'ieeond meld of honor ' Mi's Lmraa Davis, and
aa "Third maid of honor,' Miss Mary L Dully
was aeleetad by Mr Benjamin Councilman
The ladles were appropriately crowned with
wauiimi Karianus vj tne auooessiui Knignia
, vmi , vniv vuiviintu mciutyi inv JIOD
Montgomery Illalr, who was to have delivered
tbe oration, waa unal le to he present, and tha
auuuai auorriB an uiapanvoii witu
A good story, too good to keep. Is told at tha
lua ui a i romioant mcrroant in mis City
Some six months auo the Dr Molay coin
manderv of mounladTemnlara waa aatahllahad
In ibis city Application waa made to the
Mason referred to, who Is one of tha trustees fur
tbe use of tht srsylom for tbteommandery to
isnoai, m auu u waa imoruivu tuai tne com
mandery was a mounted one
What' said be, ' a mounted command err 1 '
"es sir'
' How la the world do you propose to gat your
horses UDSlalrat
It Is the Innocence of tbt last question tbat
Utiii vu tail
SraoiALTxBH Mr.JutUc Wytit This court
luauv iue iuiiuwidk oriera yaiiaruaj
Mills vs. Lin Isley Decree ror tbe final r a till
cation of trustee a sale and reference to auditor
lloyle vs. Todd Order for final ratification of
uuatae a saia
Hanson, a imlnlitrator, vi (Jooley Order sub-
aiuuiiog v a iiouidge as trnsiee, vice v a
Dodge vs Taylor Order of reference to audi
tor to stale trustee s account
loukevs louke Decree taking bill lor eon
fessed And to take teiilmonv
Harklnivi Durr Order for conveyanet and
of reference to auditor lo state Account
Johnson vs Johnson Decree uklog bill for
vvui'inu an i ior uiaicg iSBiiiuuoj,
CammALtotjaT Judat llumphrtyi This
wuik dim viikbhwi yoiicruay iu arraigning an I
trying i crsinscharga.1 with murder, a report
of which will ba lound la another column
Pill lf)K
Polick Cot nrJudgi Uiltt This court was
engaged as follows yesterday Nathan 1 earson,
assaullun Jesat Richardson In July last, 4U
an t oosu Ooi.re Neltiy forfeited J0 lor last
uiiiiuK piuvi iiiii was aneu ao ior uieoruer
Mary Tucker, same orfsoce, aj Win Paarsan.
cursing as Robert Thomas same tifTance, 13.
Henry Addison forfeited 5 for cursing i rauk
varriuic oonoaaiou waaiooB. uneu aau
Oeorge W MeDanlel, assault on tils wile, se
CJrltV to keen lha I aajia. 1ma Xtnltnrt hi aa
saultonbls wile, with Intent to kill, jio, also
bonds to keep the t eato Lucy Poleton, larceny
or a lady a veil li days la Jail bllas Webb,
Iratlrllilanl I w , taartpitl .. . In nil. a.. .....
,.m mb.vu.ij Itiuiliuui vu IVKIBVBI, 'UBllHtlllM
Jlent Carmlchel. alaallnv thraa walamlma
A3 Oeorga Carter grand larceny of J8 (roin
iuicuaei iucormicx sent 10 granajury
Interior Adornment.
313 mNTH BTttltFT, hi COM PI OUR
McELKOY, BAlIU &(().,
fleraed Maatl Mirror. PorUH and 1 tciare
rraaiaa. uum anu wamui uoinme niaua 10 oruar
1 arUeular attaotlon paid to
OurtalDS lAiabreualas aaoT Window Shades male
A.!V?,.!B.0,,:i0ArpBU made and put down bi
ODMPKTKMT WURftUKN Old Came U tal aid '
All work aaarBBtaad to artva aatlaraeiloa In airla
Of tha most extensive assortment of
Dooti awdSboxb,
At One Price, and that vsry low,
401 Rcrcnth street, mcothI door from D,
Intelligencer Ilolldtngi
Sewing Machine la tha best ot all Tha perfec
tlon of stitch on all kinds of goods, great ranee
of work, ease of operation, noiseless, (or mora
nearly eotben any other shuttle machine,) self-
adjusting tensions, simplicity and durability of
all parts Is not equated la any other machine
Office, w r street. Masonic Tempto.
M r.APAaU ft Co., Agents
It. IIxbhiuti Ml Seventh street, Just received
a fine lot ot oysters. lee-cream, cakes, and all
tbt delicacies of the season on band lw
Tbb new Colonnade hotel, on Chestnut street.
Philadelphia, Pa., la tha most oen trail r located
hotel In lhAl city
Ladib abd axTLXaiBl If you wish your
wearing apparel cleaned In a first-class manner
send them to A. Fishib,6II Ninth street, op.
poslte Pstent Offlce. Tbt Professor will give
you satis faction without fall.
The Fw.i-.il j Pavarlte.
Tha WaedSewIai Machine tha machine that
aires more general satisfaction than any other-
can be purchased or leased on favorable tarme,
at Company's Agency, 409 Ninth slreeL lm
A M Tubman, 413 Ninth street. Is selling
wall paper, window shades, Ao., cheaper than
any one la tht city
tree rrji. bactb woktd bhowimw
Thumtow a Ivory Pearl Tooth Towder Is tba
best Deotrlfloe In use. It keeps tha Teeth clean
and white, and tha gums sound and healthy.
Price ai and 60 cent
Joutbb a Inoderoui Kid Otero Cleaner la far
superior to anything known Price 31 vents.
Tsoarsos's Pomade Ontltne Is txovlrlte. It
softens btanllDei, and strengtbeni tbe hair.
price aa ana eo oenu.
All ror eaie ny iinia-gisTa
Natcbal Dktiat lanTK(rr TniHriTiii..
The human bo.lv Is a machine, and therefore
cannot endure forever, but. Ilka a watch or a
sewing macniae, it win last maen longer ir
propeRy regBlaled and duly repaired, than If
nopalna were taken to keep It In order The
great object of every one who desires a long and
healthy Hie should be to put bis body la a condl
tlon to resist the life-threatening Influences by
woico wt are mora or ibis aurroanuau ana na
Invlaorant and corrective at nreaent known ao
erfeotlvely answers tbls purpose aa the vitalising
elixir, which, under the uopreten ling name or
iiosteiier a ntomacn liiuers, nas oean ior more
than twenty years the standard tonic of America
n crowded cities, where tha almoenhara la eon
tamtnated with tht effluvia inset, arable from
larae KiBiaiiooB 1 iu marauj regions, wwn
the soggy soil reeks with miasma 1 on the pral
rles and leatha forests where every fall the air la
tainted with exhalations from rotilnar weeds
and grasses, or decomposing leaves In short, In
every locality where malaria exists tbla powerful
VBKBiauia anuuoia ib uravBiij neoucu xcver
an 1 a rue. bilious levers, dvsenterv. Mn rest Ion
of tht llvf r. Jaundice, rheumatism, and all dis
eases which are generated bylnfectel air, Im
pure water, or sadden ahavgel of temperature.
may vt avarivu vj BirBORimiiiinar aim rvaiaia
ting tba system In advanoa with Hosteller 1
Hliters Autumn Is alwavs a aeason of nerll.
eaptcjally to weak, susceptible organisations.
i.ia lnv mora TiKoruaa iitii h tm iu auina
measure deprcaaed by tbe humid atmosphere,
loaded with deleterious sasee Drodnoed bv vea
etablo decay. Tba fall Tea erlod of the year
wneu am rauovaiion anu Ruiaiion ui am
living machine la peculiarly lmtoruor, and tbe
Itinera ahonld therefore be taken dally at this
critical season. MWAr
LrgAiized bj Btate Anlhoritr god Drawn
In roblic In St. LQQlS.
(iranJ hlnple Aomber Schemr .
50,000 NsUMlltillN.
Cla.aX. It he Drawn Orleber 31, 187f.
6,H80 Frlze-, Amoanilne to 1300,000.
prie ef
prima of
prise ef
ptlaaa of
prtaaa ot
lift OQIi
Im,. 1,1
A OtlO
SOOprlsaaof.) 100
wpriiaaof ,nuu
1 pruaaoiM ,
TiclttaiQ, Half Titlds, $5; Qoirltn, $!.9D.
gaT Our lotUrlaa art chartered bf tbe Bute, are
alwer a drawn at tha time aamad. aad all drawlixa are
uaiW tha BaparvUloa e( leora ooaamlaaloaaTa,
laTlbeemetaldrawleg wtU b Mbllahad la the
BL lawla papare, aad a copy et drawtac aaal te
parrhaaara f tie lata.
tar- Waa-tlldraara ahallaa anhana laa laa Ja af
evarv noath datlac the rear Ihts,
far- Kamlt at irar rlh brPOaT OTT10K M01TKT
AArniUM Dinniniiiraniti maaraaa,
UUltUAYt JIllTltKaVCn.,
Ml IfOala, SI.
Poet Oflaa Baa i44M aavl I ajThAhJ
710 i: Ntrcet, opp. Pout Offlc
$500,000 In Bank to Pay Prizes.
rpilKOraad Gift Ooaeer , tor tha b
I The faltare ef eertala siaatBto make Marsala
time lur the die Ina to taka plaea Hauwaibar a"
t. TbeaaeaaiB atieaof ordara darlac tbe laat few
daratoaoebaaaataal ttaatlt waa not poealbie le a 1
laaia and hsva m a drawia ea the Sa b
A. Tne aaaeialir eipraaaad daalre of ttokei-fcoldara
UatafalldraaiM at lab t ba had, even If tlttadaa
abert poatpoaeBiaBt aaoaaaarr
4 The ballaf of tha taaaaaeeaeal that kf a aho t
poatpoaanaBttho raaiaaal i,f aoanld MekaU eaa be
dlaptiaad f. aad all the prtaaa paid la fall without the
aeataal v ef ear pre rata Bulla down
fortbaaaraaauBB coaplad with the aaraaat daalre
to baaafll lha tabi a Llbraty by a la'iev balaaei aad
Iba tlBtat-boldara bl lararl la.lfaaaoaaa taaddU.
tMballoabaabaaapoa otad tHatardar, lha Tibaf
laaaiabar, 1 87. Ua lha, daf aad no olbar Iba draw
laa; will palilvly and naeqaiToeatlr aonne off la the
aal hall ef tbe Public Librais buildlaa, tuflnuioa
atpraelaalfSoalock a, m,aud aoalluna aaill tba
whola of Uia oaa ih uaaad lda are awardad
1 ba p ateal of tbe Ut will bagla sua Id dar after
Ibadiaolpf aad cuauagafor all einaihstoearrant
faaCa by la rtrani' aad Uravara ItaeS.ar br alfht
drtllaniMBlha Caitb Kailnaal Haah ot Haw York,
al tha optlnn of tha Hit tk Holdei e
One llrnnd llin,rnab glOO.OflO
Oae liruud Ullt, Lata OU iOO
4 Cash Giru, tVlw aaeh
1 Cah til U, Iim C9
J Oaah Ulfta, ftJu aaeb
St Oaab Ulfta, u aaab
U Uaaa 41HU, TuU eaeb
BAOaaatllfia, tOaaob
UCaabOlfla, aiU taoh
td Uaahllltla, J aach
ill Oaah llifla. bO auh
lw) tlaabtllfta. U aarh
ill Uaab Ulfta Iwl eaeb
Total, IjDU) OUU. all Oaah S300 000
Who a UoketkffglOt batvae gli qaartara gLMill
whole nokala for glUli MforBiUi HlorgMl, IIS tor
lAUlilMfor gS-MWiklt for glikw Nadlawuntoi
Uaa than BUM wartb of ilckaiaaia line
Ibe anoaer aaoraaary topav la (nil al theeffired
rUiela now timei danocltla ma r'arnara' aad Urovf re
itaak aa win be acaa by tbe followtai eartlfleateof
tba Uaaultr
r"aawtaa'AD DAnvsRBaa (
l4)ciBViLi.e. KT.faplaiahar M 1ST, f
tin ukiijbit in 111m bark uv
VKK llAlJf A
miluuk itr uoittiu iu
iuji i ur
liAhk a 1
hv or iyn
niSTa ra nit
11 r VKrun uaaoiar
Hon Johk BabbiB, afanaKar of Iba Hojn laau
raoaa Ounpany, 1 Irarpnul.aad Ool JitaoM t Jona
at m. froptlalor of Ihe Uail lloaaa will eel aa a Cora
taltUaoa lha pari Of lha Imataaato takaobaraaof
,ua pfjjorv iuviiiiwiiibi wuu auviiA it cvv ujvab
ssr ::
AfLlh ahaIi la n,r. Lhi ferhl
UmU. wltl ka ulaaad la lha hands of
tha tiara of Lha Uaial huldar La aaUatr Iba naalvea
wUaibaralltbetlcke s sold ware rtpreaaatad la Uie
ItUadeblldrea, Id fall view of the audleeoa will
a'laraatalr draw 1 he laat irom oeaoi ma ciam wnaaiB
and tha aula be lone Ida lo thara from Iba other, and
Iba eAafal reaord of the draw lev I boa condacla d will
el ooplea mailed Ut all partlae out of Lnulatllle to
whom tlekau bare bean eent by lattar
Thararnaaalof UakeUralauaold will ba f rnUhad
tathofawbo Brat apply for laaia.aad aa aaaaral a
dltinbatlon of tban t
eaBodt amosc sseatsaa
Thla imatEHiBanaat hia baaa made bf adloa of Iba
Truateae with lha aole otjeet of ibe leal beoafltof
both tbe tUkat bolder aed Ibe Pabllo Library aad all
aaaotmtd aiar reel perfeetly aaaorad that Iba poet
Hts and Baal proraBie here eneouaeed will ba far
rled out to Lha letter
"KjW,8foA1, p ,tAIIKTTK.
Acent rublle Library of Kealuukr. 1 ubila libraij
Holldlaa LtwliTlMa. Ky oalt-WAMmAWaolt
W AaBLBOToa, 1 U,8apumber1,im
ua tbe peUUaa ei uaouiB DnaiN,oi Madieoa,
vbuvviwuii fraiBa lvv ?
T. i.-. J. M .k... .i.- ...t...taB UIL...1.I,. m..mA
t, iiuruvraj Mta ,uv hiuiiwm u ,hv van vm viuvb4
ea the 1Mb day of ro ember aest that lbs tiae for
Jt ina aay 01 doiibih
f arantotaau aad the Bl
ie SHUidayf NereaakSt
be b ard on tha sib da1
Mil Mia Attaint a vi j rvirir uai'uiiivu
I Naeiaka aeiL aodluciaald neM
Uon bebwrdnathestiidaof IraoeuBb. aet
All PariAn m vw nanaaa Lh
isWlji M.UU.fyv3arw4r.
fnppMa uia aiiaaaoa
oath flirt.,... aworjo
Oaah (tift...... WSAI
Oaah I lift .... Itu
Oath tuft lo.o n
Oaab tlin ., SVUO
Oaah Ullt UW
lhab (lift .. , IJlXi
Uaan tmt iw
CaahUlfl I Duu
(Jatb lillt , ,., t.IW
Uaab Uift Blou
NoaliWalker & Co.,
Metropolitan Hold DalMlng.
STOCK IH 1,4 ltd K, NKW
Ills PcnnajlTitnln nrenne.
LlRukhtfltiHjr ANB IlklAf 1,1 jr.
A Ml
m-.il. inMM
gAMPLRIJIIni. (ran u. B.w York Ml,
fOTh RU1T8, hot. lb. Ktw Tofk atoek. lUwIr
A 4ui lim.
.PKN nErUHRUHBICUlnD Heedrmadeand
F tordr
J Uaataa rlaaaal Uadarwaar
BUTB'BUir. Drawata, UodersbtrU aal Half
glLK UUHKKlttb.fruia ati loillS
I I fJt-S
No Trouble to Show GootU
Lots of Them to Show I
fall Buna
In Substantial nd Fashionable
alKMr la presided ever by a gaaarpaaaad eatler,
aad ear workmea well akUled, wbleh enablea aa te
aaraalee a perfect fit aad darable workeiaaahlp
Hable Bros.,
eaartr cormir bkvettii and d sts
Iron Work.
lilm nearly eppealU WHUrf's UeUL
Boots and hoes.
JAIl, urCNINfl
HOOT-, aillUEM, GAlTCUs'.
adapted to H treat ea'd Dreaa wear, fos La Ilea, Gentle
neo, Mlaaaa, Yoelba aad Ublldraa,
of Bart a, K I mall a, Phltllpa' aad ether leodla raaoa
fee la rare,
A'aa Wble BatlaaadKId BeoU aad BJIppera for
Weddlaye Partlaa, llaUa. As
DO J 1 aaaayl anl aaenua.
Near Hlath auaat.
liats and Caps.
1137 Peaaijlraala Arrane.for Thlrteeath Ht.
Now on hand a full atoek of Ibe neweat atlee
QlcnTLKUKli 8 DRKS3 liAT,
mott ae proved patteraa.
ThM. vb. dMlr.
C.Jl. CllEECY, 1
034 V ll.,l
OB ' 1
OrfW .w K.rk ... nmimi I
11.11. JllHTLia
rjlAOONALB, IllKiri.
Dry Good&
ALl. Tltll
Novelties of tho Season.
iDm. -J
aouimiia goods i shut Tiiirrr.
, 031 l'onnsjlvnnlii nvenuo.
, roo.noRTA., Maim1"'
rBmUi JtlfbVfae tadlaa a-d UaaJanoax, wry
TaaMtar aad l-ilday alaht. MaUaaaatabaa Udlaa
iiaraaiaarattwaa neeeeorapeated brOeaUe-
naa) en Wedaaadar aad Satarday ailorMOB,
inauraaiuDaraoia voaaca voeaiiatt
M13D AHfllBl UinULC
jitsa LVTA3 siiiur.
T-eTJreat Aeior, Aaliwaad sUIPrij.uls '
The OhanblB. TaUU aad hraSftl trS?0'
Tae Maa el the Air,
u. v, aaa.TiLaWB
Baehfay. Jaroae Duo-la e Laara LwUlalre. Stall
imltb. Aal la Waanar. Nallla Aadaraoo. Jt-mU Aa
Jflrawa. Ancle Doaaal r, Alfred naeklry.aadewf fieet
erptHoraaa aad lltaeaatle Oatapaar I a fiillnf
Ura aleill,ennoJallat with tha laafhabla, Ueal,
d-apiitUBltilrea -, by Jha Bftrtba as, aaq ,
eatjlad piiOAHi)nTAt
Leaaaa and Maaaaer.
A lower I at Dramatle Oeiaiaay,
la the new Imadua snneea. .
t new and baaaUfal aoaalraeUaa ef PratwaUa Utera.
iara with Maw beeerry aad eBaata, lalreaWlat ue
r nnanafi
and bla Meraiesly Tralaed Blrda.
ppaw oaiiy itom .a ae e p
aimt. U. P BUWKBA.
, . WlUai
iwn IAIL
Hew Stars yraaantad thla . fnrahHefawr,Ha
. SS185 AMf KB BHKMr,
The Dashlaa; aad IlawlUhloa H-tla-Uoaita Vacallst,
Tve Oe ahraiad OatebaadNayre) Oooiedlaa
H MI ft- LAUKA uftariAH,
Tbe pUatSBa: Voaa Ul aad Blatoe AttU
Ra-aoiaaamaat af Ihe ereal Loadoa Cowiadiaa aad
Mil. nlDNBY FltAIfKfS
Raealred laat week, at ereryapnaaraaaa, wtlb. ahonta
and aereaaia of laacbtar Tba Itaialar Uuiopai t la
aUrardUlleat rraah Waeaitlaa. a. fa
Tbe etaaater ARROV. CapUla Praek eillaaa
baadj ha viae baaa raballl aad eaUraly rafltt'd br bar
etiaaal owner, will leave bar wharf,
fTba Toaab e( WaabUatoa,) and letanvadlate
Uadlaia JAHI-8SYK ,
)oJ-Adi Geo. Sop't nuatnar A now
Reaaeeed rraa Ma. 1 Jill lei ft. M-1 'ruB.
OafraaaibtMUaaaadferaaJea larae adltiloa a
OtlPa4aUaArneTtBM,Uhruaa Broaran I aitlaa
Btotaary.raraUblBai alaa,aettateealeehef I vieelel
Building Materials
rpo ruuniTUKB dkalku, sjauinkt
Itawlaa tbeaaaway foelhe ArtlBelal Waad OrBa
ataatOoaaPaa,! aas aow prepared lofaralab I raw
llaadlaa. Be-dataad Oraaaiaa'a, Pa aal Uraaaaania,
Baraaa Braakela, Raiatlee, rratt Urwaaaaata. ae ,
Aa-af tbe BBMt baaaUfal dalina,at paatoaihlha
eMief earTlec UALL AHUltXAHlrlS. ptWK
M a-Oall aaif aea mb pale at Saab, Laek. Hole
aceaoy (or Ibe If UtrleU
Ha.!ID3 HaaaaihBtraataorthwMt,
Balldara Depot (ar Doora, Baah, Bllada, fcloald
laaa, BraehaU, , al tow prWa. act
For COXCURTE.alltht sizes used.
For McADlM. all the sizes of Hard
htone reqHlre4lorlUi0ani1Topi)lDfta
Hard BeUUn Blocks la eerj nay
qaalto North Hirer Uelglan.
We ore alea prapatad lo fa rat ah aay aatoaal ef
BTUHK aalaetad from five dlBeraal Qaarr ae. ef
aaryarlal af attaaad ah a pa. aal la bis lor rUUN
T. D. BOOTH As CO.. 1'roprlf tore.
Addroaa P. O. Baa 174t Peter bnra-. Va. Depot,
wn roi.ijw fiaraea nrar, appe- wnari
nAniE-if-taworera. yai
Doors, Sash, Blinds and Glazed Sash,
Kcntl l'Mti, llnlnilen, MonMIngi,
. BurKrm, bcildirv bakditahe,
1 Maaaacfeaeetta are., oet SU aai 7th streets
Whoatloy & Brotliors,
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Carpontor and Builder.
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