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National Republican. (Washington City (D.C.)) 1872-1888, November 28, 1872, Image 4

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MVTICia OF WF.W adteutirm.cnta.
Umrtg CititT, aoctlnneeta, win iU on
fatnrdy, November w, at II o'clock . m-
large auortnieotof gentlemen clot Wng alen,
oa tht hum day, at 11 o'clock teu, a bey mare,
basket phaeton, ami set single harness,
FmtNHmf d moom tor rent,
Tutu will be no eervlcelnthNniih rrtaby.
lertan church to-day.
Fauci A GRtrt, agents for Wm. Maa-ey
Co. rhlladelph'e XX aK1.
A nniti-vrDRT brick bonsrf for aele,
A mwMtTfiro featlral at Me Keodree M. E.
church tula afternoon.
Wn. I. WaU. A CO., auctioneer, will i1l on
Friday aad mturday, November and M, a
large lot of nnredee mM pledgee,
city IrrioMH.
J tar Biixfw, nookteller, Tffl eleventh atreet.
corner ( a northwest,
J nit received another eonsignment of Pranii
new Cn homo, KsaiHUCiMCU or an OLD Mam,
after lb celebrated America artist, K. B.
imrend. Home of theTlrat faiaUleaof the eiiy
have already ordered onplra of thla Iwautiful
Mr. IL will fill ordaraat Boston wlc. Cata
logue free, rbtare frame a si laity.
Norg-KaTcrtTtT UaaAiT Pawt3. All
agencleafortheaaleof ticket In the HKC)NU
fl'MJC UnitAMT OF KKNTTCKT were re
quired to aettl up on yeaterday, l5Ui November,
but for th accommodation of Ihoa who ar not
yet supplied wlihtlcketa, I will rontlnu to All
i ash order which nay I received at thla offlcs,
untlllha evening of lecemhern. iM M
T1IOH. K DltAMLtmc,
Agent 11ib.UU.Ky.
lunartux, Kt Not. Win, lilt.
Thi new Collonnade hotel, Philadelphia. Pa.,
Is in the vklulty of several Methodist churrhea.
t4 Hcotch B-HMim Gatters.
U M Klltche! Ihmta.
fi CO Oood Calf Hoot.
art M Cnatom Made.
$4 no Ladles Button Gaiter.
4 French Kid Button.
1 60 Children1 Itntton.
W bite Gsliera and Slipper.
Kubher Boot and Shoes, all etiee, at
lit-iLBRCN'a, oi awvvaU street,
I, Oeorge Coraha, Pennsylvania avenue, be
tween Nla'.h and Tenth atreeta, la aelllng the
nail tWnch raniUaa at tha low ntiea of 40
reau per poamt. A call will eatlsfy all tliat ha
I selling the same good which are naually sold
for TO rent. I. O. Covaa,
ao Pennsylvania avenue.
Ladies aho OiNTLtar, If yon wtshr yoar
wearing apiarel cleaned tn a flrst-claaa manner
aenl them to A. Fiarrxn, CIS Ninth atreet, oppo
site Patent Office, 1 he Professor will give yon
satisfaction without fail. Kid glorra cleaned nlc
and cheap.
Fo Most Dcucion
limta-HADi BArsAoa
Ptab Vareit,
Northeast corner tl aad Tblrtenthatreela north-
THIi I.I(JltT-ltlMNtl
Sewing Machine lathe beat oi all. The perfec
tion of atitch on all kind of goo. la, great range
of work, ease of ofM-ratlon, nolaeiea. (or more
nearly so than any other shuttle machine.) self
Boosting tensloUN aimpllclty and durawlty of
all part la not equaled In any other machine,
omcu, ana F atreet, Masonle Temple,
M. P. ADAM A CO, Agent.
taxrrt rArra wonta gMowira.
TBTwrrowH Irory rearl Tooth rowdef la Ue
tet Oentrillce In . It keep the Teeth clean
and white, aad the gnma sound and healthy.
Price an and flu can ta.
JoCTtut Inodorotia Kid Glove Cleaner la far
superior to anything known. Price as cents.
THOuraONl Pomade Optima Is exquisite. It
softens, beautlflea, ami strengthens the hair.
Price an aad M cent.
All for sale by Orugghrbt.
Paira Ijafor Gixth FumMwmva Ooona at'h... m. .iAn mm tmt nw n,i ..j.biii.i
Oolduan A htrivbewi, Mw tiRNTB FrwwwnpM l Bnuiaela oarpeu have leen pot down In the more
tlotiniHrOHt, No. Mo fattimi tmurr, cobmk nnrtantriHainltteerooma, and their furniture
w'ls, ., fc . .-.. I haa been revarnlnhl and repaired. The deaka
Oood White fhrrta, Ts retita, M rente, fl, H.M. )R tTlf Hente rbamcr are all in place, and every
fhtrfawmte ahlrtali unauriiaaaed In the city; mmg within It U lu complete and ample onler
good Merino Vndenhlrta and Drawer, w cent, tot Ute aemlon. la
ao cent. cent. $t,ii.6 and iiuo. we Mil a raacmKn aicirTWi aooa
letter tlCmlerahlrt than any hAiavtn town. , m04.n ornamentation la going on, pnnolpally by
iXrh !'VJ. ""."JK.JJ!!!;
rtrianrnti iwniPn ph--ib, ptrnu prr pir. win
The tinest variety of Ttea, Ilowa and scarf ever
tZ.1) 7. i Z'... vi i ni. i .11 lk,
i .'.. VhTi Vi- -illll - rii
colors and shailea for atreet wear. Gloves,
Gloves, (Hove, of any Imaginable kmd.and at
low figure, tomeandronvlnceyourulves. AU
Irakis warrauiruaarrprcacraui.
lltmra l)WECTET..-4iQalnt old nurtoo haa fa-
vored tia with an -Anaunn of Melancholv.-l-ut
who shall dissect the melancholy fallactea and
una with whlrh knave; and fanattra endeavor to
lelud th sick ami feeble of thla generation, - harlalan,
through the newsppr 1, ro-
i-ommendto tne etrengtnieaai
ouvulilng pure Uvea, which, li
commend to the etrengthlea victim of dUrase
ouvuiing purnuvea, wuirn, va.ro. jw aure
.n,l.lnkMmlnlolh.oli.rno.iornih. of rl.i.Tn,inul,rtil1,f,w.,1l1,nmucllholutUl,.-
I.MDM. tod d..poolrnrrl ruuU on the ... flyoruloir. but now Urn liunroieiueuu will
M "' """Umv,rr"'" "rr".."." .. .
tnrtllrln. cooulnlnjr ftOllfu.lv. .llmol.nt ooght
J.WIC. of lmi.l.r ;n,l lunitln, M ana raata
hi. .Ill ami onlrr ku rMBn: but If th-re la a
KS rmS ln '"',rtto lloatrntart 8uiiiuu
Jtlttrra,lhemf.tpotrDtof vrUJ4 tonka and
luimtlf Mb, uiraal and n.o.1 .ntlr.1, .bolf.
icoiu. ol mllr.tl atlnalanta. nawondcrfnl
iun. of njr.prp.la, lillloumraa, thrnmatUm,
iinv.lral prmtranon and malanon. reran waicn
twenty-tWO yeara are the mutt WWCWahr
answvra that taa be given to th enemies of
mankind who offer vok anle cathartlcao tonlca,
want of Jndlctons atlmuUtlon. Temneraaee,
properly understood, countenaneee no eurh folly
aathle. The HUte lawa enacted to pot down the
abhorrent vice of rtrnnkennesa provide for the,
uiui uranii;. wivii bimi whi uaAanuraaa
Mum, aaH ii vaeaa auaiaaraicu ipjwura h
are avrepteti ny temperance wgiaiawv a
dies, what ouBht to lie tbe evneral verdict
temnerance nutille aa renrda the beerless
tai'le ktule laed upon a aUnmUnt abaulew-iy
porej ataVt-ir
.-Ti. ..
ax tae same ni e inaiwKnestie
iiitrfor. At AH
r: " .;;"
su Seventh atreet.
Revetith atreet.
Th I-vrsrCltsrs-1 Chlr
.. I Wm .-........ l.tl .... HK.Imd lnar A..I .
illia-UKirIW-HI iHHl.aa, HI--T aw,.
held, win sing H Hare tbe Oteen- and the
..".".""T " .;,r"iT"s, "''
Mtar HjiangtMl Itannrfat the oprntngof tleorgei
ji i,iraTi
.Tfi1". '""T. !W"J J.??T0 ?L
The IVtuthluvtoa City Havlnca naak, .
coraerof Pvvenlh street snd fimlalana avenue,
nf Ine ove-. oats la nnapproacltable by any house
.a.... .Saaa. t'n
In theutr
nIIh1 rHavlaaa flank-
corner of New York avenue and Fifteenth street,
lars a percent. Kr annum on deposit for each
ale ndar month. Uan king hours, t to; Hatur
lay, to 4 aud to . I
In Superior Style,
Ficra is to tL.
A, H ik A Co., II Keventh atreet.
lk)vs'OTEiUYAT,la large variety, from fe to
i0. lhi ' a lug coal or glengarlrs.
(iKUC, llgNMlMO, '
No, 410 HerenUi street north want,
ndldren Overooata,
New Invoice opening at
A Hake A Co.'a, 114 Keventh street.
There are many different monograms In tb
wotld, but It la cordially and universally at
inlttM. that th most attractive monogram to th
worll la lh Monogram Itje House, at the rorniar
il Thirteenth and U street. Tbe beat thing lo
-At and drink, and at looHt reasonable price,
may lie had there.
Hnw king Jar kfia,
finHecnvl J-lonr.
AKAaBA f 0,114 Seventh atiaet.
Ilulldlng Asawclatlasi flleT.
At a recent meeting of ihe Kaatern T.ndlni
Assoriauon, th following offlrera wrrw rhmuai
tor live easulug yean W. P, Ferguson, preetdeut;
li, li, mt nipi, hit jirrsiuriu; (irtirKO r, iiuuiii
ireasurer; Itiihard Lmmona, aecrettryj W, K
'liitrhlnson, John U. llerrt ill Thotuaali. Croaa,
liuoiuaa noniervine, . w, itrowAs, tteiirg w.
McKeeaud W. P. Allan, diret lorn. Th first an
nual report presented showml receipt, ia.H'l,
sad dlshiirsrmrniH, ttl,tTj.lj asM-is. n.Kijw;
liumorr oi auarva iuiBa.iiiiru, i,via, anvaucrttoa,
yn; ranrcletl, ao; wltbdrana, tv imttn1lBg,
1,610; i Bin of ou share, ill.
Kxrrlleat Yrh.
Mr. J. L. Ken ami, bookseller, stationer and en
graver, of Nu. twi Pennsylvania avenue, ha Jim
tompleted for the HrrretiCAN a tbatk book
which, aaaeiiecimen of Pne lithographing, will
tnmuare favoral.lv with fie wink ol any flnu Lu
ihecouatry, lutoi ro.rif thecbetkuamost
Bilmlralde pklutevf the new but Ming, and the
IrOtly, though plain, la neat awl tatty, the line
lw.ugBTec.erui and OUtinrt and the letters well
protiortbmed. Mr. Kervand ha len at ronalde
ral.Ie expense In lilting uu Id esiaUUhment, and
la pre paretl lo execute a llh prom pine all ordera
for work of anyclaaaln the eogra.lugor litho
graphing line, and la entitled lo Ihe patronage of
III Wlairic. rui'in'.
II... Italic
Ike admirer of our national gime a 111 have
at opponuniiy oi anw-uui aVi
liar at 11 OTiora oa im iviaiipi ai- mi
the National Club and the following picked bin;
bary rorce, c Ik-imlBon, 11 la-l luir rj-igha,
iTlbi-vci Young, W baae: Koblttsoo, L f.( Hurley,
c lJo;er,r:f.i LeK, I'd I'h. ..
lMnidiHia, the Unit ba-eman of the picked nine.
w1i?rremeibercd aa the, original Uunu ol
tht o5o.rt0 Clti. -tjlittiaaiiMI jh ct-ot.
Kurnwienasnll aUoU auiw lil toui of i Hul n'1 legislation for the let(er pro
itweldur -" aiingiuineooureoii(Jc(Jol uf fw Meairmil lBWl.r Ilon. tht ltU
ine evening. , . iluiide will JtrolaiNy l-e effected.
Tni Yeky LAr laroaTaruiKa TnEauraxuacotrar.
of the winter season have la-en adtiadtodur1 It wa also learned that a bill will come before
Miark In tailoring Uiannieut. I Cunureaa thla winter making a radical i hange In
A Ham A (U, IU Rerentb street. I iitu working of ihsHnpreme Court, Ily the bill
Improvement lataa. Arena. Ihe Cnadiel
Th Rn-reeenlallvr Hall The Masai
Wing The Helen. The Heating Ap
yarnlne Hpeclal Orwnwicnlatlea Pre
HJ laegUlntlew The Hmvrrm Ceert
Tha Rlt UraaJeThe Indian I-wHey-.
Aepreprlattes. IMI1.
Next Monday, the first day of December, the
thin end taut aeaslon of tha Forty-second Con
rreaa will convene. On the 4th of March, 1673,
th aeaalon will terminate, and It la not expected
that there: win be another general aeaalon of Con
gress train December, 19TS. It l itatl by mem
ben already her that the aeulonwlll not as
sume tnoeh importance, ami that the tariff legi.
latlon will consist only of aome minor amend
menta of tha Internal revenue lawt howerer,
after th holldaya. It will bring Ihonaands of
atrangeratoiba city who have small matterato
look after,
wring the recess, Mr, Clarke, the art hi ten,
assisted by Mr. Clinton Uoyd, Thief Clerk of the
House, paadirected very many important, tteeiui
ia1 ornamental Improretnenta. On entering the
Capitol, the tnemhera will Bad that
have been painted In what la railed a Frenrh
gray; the floors all neatly serohlied, anil every
thing wearing a new, bright ami cheerful ap
pearance, i n commute rooms nave aiau itwi
satijecled to a rejuvenation, several of them ba
Ing bartdsomely, tut plainly, f rmcoert, and othera
mora elaiioratelv adorned. The room of the
Committee on Appropriation haa been beautl
fully finished In a atyla railed the Grecian
arabesque. In the room occupied by th Com
mlttee on Military Affair, fainting of Fort
Kumter before and after the homnanlment; Forta
Tomklna and adaworth. Forta New York and
Klttery.TrumhulL lafarette, Hnelllng, and W eat
Point, all painted ty Oenrral Eastman, hare
been nong.
thi irvAitai noon.
The Ppeaker'a room baa received peclal atten
tion. It haa been omamrnted with newly-nn-holttered
and rerarnlihed furniture; ha addi
tional bronze and martria vrnamenta. a beantlfnl
carpet and niaelve tablva and rltn aofaa, and
altogether It la mail aa coey and comforubl aa
need be.
In tb hill Itaeif, the winter ctrpet haa been
pot down, and the deaka all arranged in their
place, after havlog leen revwulahed, and
mint of ibeni ntwlv core red. Tha aofaa aronnd
lueaftil are in poBiuun mi nT iurn nivi mi
100K ft guMi aa nvw, nirn tu inuu n ih-t-m
pat In th boiea on the Kpeaker desk.
The right ilegre of heat ami wholeaomeTan
illation fur the hall haa alwara been a difficult
firoblein to aolve, and many romplelnt concern
at the matter hare .been Joatlr made. It la
hai at iflut ttccn founL and that trouble on that
arora wlllreaae. Indeed It la thoaght that the
reaulaUonatthahallla now aa perfect a can
well b obtained. The exhaoat fan are woiklng
admlraHy. Fifty tbonnand coble feet of air per
minute la their cxhaoiting rapacity, enough to
take the wind ont of tleo. Francla Train. To
thoaa who hare never aeentham, the tana are
a great curtortty. They work at tha bottom f
fluea twelve feet equate, whlrh have outleu In
the Npare lietween the rrlllng and the roof of the
building nght over the hall. Now, when the
rina am nui In motion ther create a vat. sum In
the tinea, which draaa down the Impure atmos
phere and expel It tbrvga another flue ont of
inr rop oi inv inimiuia-.
I ne nraiiRBj n,B',,n ' now riruuri m iar
centre of the t apt tot, from tha Iloaaa wlpg, aad
of eonrae thla haa cauned tha removal of the old
furnacea that uaed tolie la ilemaud there. Much
new machinery waa needed for thla purpnae, tnt
II haa all leen put up and thoroughly teatetl. In
claOinga new boiler of thealaeof the old four.
A Kno lea force pump haa teen vubatltutod for
the Worthlngton pnmp prevloualy uaetL
In the old hall, which for year haa been mad
the receptacle for all the dauba of would-be
painter, aud the frightful rarlratnre of an
t ailed aculptor. the cornice haa ln repainted,
and nt her Improvement made, whlth give It a
ivucn more Inviting appearance than Ithad Uat
On the rVnate aide of the Capitol the chaogea
and Improvement are quite aa marked aa on the
i ,h .ui.i iin.nMi t.n haa ik.M an i..n.i.h.i '
I "' !f!ltauiai-Ji5i-i,M!l r m.5OTUhj..holr .npowl of
th jjtt UrumldL who tu there an Unflnlahed
.j l)t next year tbe paneia of thia room win i I
I ornamented with portraitaot rmlnetit McelTesI-1
I" r. aionmaarrca. piriuiroi inv leuow-
-toitela framed, ami hung over tbe eaaterti talr-
to the Henata gallery.
nXATiMii or tub senate bide. I
Reglvtera have been piacexl la the gallerle to i
iequaViie the temperature of the chamber. Here
tofore in the loMty lak of the chamber there
u hM -, nMMsary to keep gs bnnilng in thla
loW(T to furnish llghu Perforate.1 plates have
tieen tnerteil in th celling of the lolby over the
i rhftmiellen, ami aliMlncts have been ronstructMl
from tbese to the tinea leading out of the bulM -
-- another due had from the heaUna do-
uutmeut lielow to tbe spaie timler the gallery
B(.ml Mt through that hot aud roltl sir s forced
lioioin.l.imrr, .mi inenr. mil in. cnuuir.
the iftroirfiiiM'OAUJciT.
,' ni nlarnl In Ib.'r mllrrj. in.
" aniWmirlj rni.l..l, and lb. kl.
, "t-rrwIM improwu Tb. omcUl mrura will
octnp, ,n. old acuonrrj room, wkbn baa bm
I r-.aoV.d down to ant door.and tb. room tbar
.'Kf. "m U luml o,i7u an draiSr'
unt aid aniall rommltlcr. "
nulroatD unciLlTtoit.
. ronwerpfttion tMtcruar witb a nroroloMt
' "' w'""en'l"'eSo,',?f''tb. fiSSifS..
f,,ii0ntfl- infurmatioti waa nl.talnMl lla .al.l
He said
,,.- ivtnrndtta oo AnneoBetationa ar
" JS TtffW'S. ffii B
Birred r
iassrsffmjst "sSmVts
rotTBble that more th Ttw of them wlU evir '
KcaVwa f I
""" ,., ,.,
. WM ttmt9ti also that the President will net '
.... :
oau-ra ,
about bv the members, and there csnle llltl ,
dmtbt mit what a powerful effort will I made to
liave.Congresa do aoroethlng for It,
tl la .1... lannl- .m.i.l Ik.l (ha Ttual.lu.,
a I- auvu uvuili; -aaaiiaiar-i hhi aur- iiarinil ;
.bill waj.e.manan.l lha nl.n aI 1Kb IIA..H...I.. 11m. 1
1 -tl far a union nf !h- t-lcrraoh ami tha nntal
.- , ,
, W.T-Sh". '
It 1 lelleved that the iHetretary of
ar III reuuest legUtlatlun enabling
li. . ".:'
, Il I proposed to create an intermediate court
puaacaslug the onllnary iwwera of the Hapreme
Court, and (before which all ease shall lie first
argueti. iuiimuc-ioi in r-u prawn imn are
to la. rtlleve.1 of circuit duty, which I to be per-
fonne.1 by the Judge of the Intermedial court,
. .- i... ...- ., ...
i fane tn fccor.lance with construction i,d
.. ..! laaara l th- Mil nil-IT! A (iailt I
A great manv private rlalma and special 1411a
of rebel will be urged tht session, prmuluent
among nhUb la the (tench spoliation claim,
a bit li I to tie revived wltb all powtltle force.
i-niiaapaof rnntrrea will flnil on tha onenlnr
day of the session a city that haa rapidly ad-
VaUCVU 1U VUDIkU lUU Pjrcvi-t lUIHIVItllUTlbl
Ltif UialaaL BillouriimeuL Thev will gudclU-
aena, almost without a dlaaenllent voice, heartily
approving of what has been done, and only loo
..L., i....- ... hama in ll .a ml tit Ibiat.llA WTnrk: inn.
apprOVinK Ol Wlia. una iimi iimir, .nil iniij ,uu
anxlutia to have the Hoard of Public WorU aua
talned nnttl their great plan 1 complete In Ita
fruition; end lieaidca, all iiiciiiImt will And the
ultaXeu of Wahlngion never so generona.and
willing to do their part toward building un the
city, aud lulu endowment of school)', colleges,
acatlemlca of art and science, and In Its ornamen
tation with all that goe to make public avenne
and atreeta and reaenattona grand and iieauU
fuU .
Hall aad Flag Preaentalla.
The aecond erand ball of th Hlbernla Ilenera-
lent Association waa given Ut eveulng at Ala-
..mlA T-nnala anil timvHil In Sverv reBTVeCt B
comt-ete success. To say thai the attendance
WB large WOUIil lauiuj cajiiraa ins muiuuia. u,
friend of tbe organlxatlon that aaaemUed to
laV.narllnlh.ni.ninf'l anloVtnsnL Tne hall
waa aa well Ailed that darning with auy degree of
comfort waa impossible unlit alter eleven uthjcb.
wnen qntte a numi-er rrtirvu unnnr mnun, .uu
thus made room for free circulation to the many
that remained,
a. to nviairk. th handaotne lianncr from the
ladle of Ht, Alovslua parish was presented to the
aaaocietlon In a brief and neat aildressby Ml
Mary Ann Foley, and received on Iwhalf of the
organkiaUon by Major U. lMiuu, who in a few
remark expressed th thank of Ui aawotlaUon
l.oiih. han.iabnia Dift. tin 111 feoQt Of Lh IraVtk-
Enev Is a picture r presenting Halut Uwrenc
-. . -L. kb.l.hAn ,tf llaildln k.LlHailn, UlllV
t I iHiir, an uiiwiii i i'-i -r...-...- ,
UodeiKkOt'onnor and the Princes of Jrrlanit,
urging them lo oaity and harmony, and to drive
off lh Norman Inva lera lntrotuel into IreUnd
bv liermott MeMurragh. King of Linked. Oo
the reverse aide U a pfctare representing tbe
uautifulDoem of Tom Moore, "ltlch and rar
waa- tha uania aha WOtf." Ill th "ill 1 a ladT
.IfMietl In gorgeous array, walking alone and
meeting with King Uarthy with no fears of her
bin d- aim at Ion.
Alter the presentation, dancing wa re .timed
aullolltlnunnUltaewama, liMir.
Mr j .un A. Oleason and Mr John Meehan.
lialU-l maiter. a did ihe reception toiuiuilto
Bud rioor managers, exerted llicmeiyra to pro
.....a ,i.a u.aaiinii.1 thir miMli. and iuut have
felt very tiiuch graUfle-l at tbe succtsi of their
Nerlaua Aertilcati
V..i--.l.a mftrnln- almot o'clock A Colored
Driver named bam WWi. who haa been for aoine
lime in the employ of Mr. ouluand, met with a
...I.... I aaal.lanf fi- M.. .IrlHinif ill. Cait-lOSllirU
With a ton of coal, and for aome reason lumped
Ouwn while It waa. In notion, when lipped
hud fell, Ute CaJ paaamg ovar uia " -?
rsAUig aia neca. n waa . .w ,. .
tan m that -anl of Mr. Oulneiid. and from
thence to hla realdenc in south ttuhtngton.
a here ha waa examined, and It wo ill overed
that no bone were broken. Ihe aajuemaa waa
aome lime ago burled under an emitantment,
PUt, 44 IU 1011 miraculously Wy-r.i M-ata,
laira- ,. .,..,. , ... fll, .Hi..i.i.fL..ik. -.' i iinvn- at nistinriive rrarnre or tnts restive ..
rmuv tllsn Dtilirf. bnt that as It .. amis It Utnbo en. wme t in roreei raung; aul were i acarceiy i,7i . .i7:-5Wn-T.v:rti "
TTm" forced lo the verv letter of the law ilen-ral miiy in iui or any.oeher rlty who ran --- .-a" --.-,
of the ..7L-....lSLf.,."Il:r.ri n',w" .rr." afford n wbnlaacattinrt;a n. itt .tar. t'..r A new case of amallpox wa renorted veaterJ
veire- ""V..""."y?'".V" 'fI " "I"M""V ( i day In ahooaeon Iwentv-fonrth ami K atreat.
(ami ruukiuwui; ui ,uv ciuuiuj uteu. wi
Sarvleea la the Fteveral Chare fce T-Uy
Waal th MlaUtrra wllVDIaranrae Ahaat
The Mawcr far thNewVra-A AValk
Thraaah th Market I at Might.
tn accordance with the reqneat of the Presi
dent and Governor, and following a well eatab
Uahed naage, religlooa aervlcea will be held In a
tiumher of tha chnrchea of thla city to-day:
When the day waa Brat aet art by former
President the entire people of the North and
Kaat with one accord paid particular attention to
U observance, and New Kngland ffhankaglvlng
became end etill remain an almost national In-
UtQtlon. In the Mouth, however, It ta onlv of
lata year that any attention whatever haa deen
im to 11, ami m nuiirraiur unnwMun inr inn year
thai of (lovarnor W atker. of Irvlnla. who haa
failed to Imine hla proclamation.
In thla city, being tha Beat of th Government.
It haa alwai been obeerved. but It la noticed
that thla year there are aome of the churrhea
whfch will not have the ninal aervlcea, the
lor pernapa lnmimg inai ine roiigregati
wouhl i-reler toobaerre the tlay at their own ,
loonier that the general pnbllc aho whh to
visit churrhea may Know where to go Ihe follow-1
ing list of the aervlcea to l held in the prim ipal
chiirehe I puwtshed: I
coraerof IWan-haU aild C aireeta, Hev.O. '
II. Tiffany, pastor, will preach from the text,
Paalro uguLlti -felesiej lathe nation whoa I
Oodtaue lrd, andtheneopl whom II halh
rlin..n hi. III. nwn Inh.rtUnf . " i
Trr. wtll b. aSaaiSSi the lup. I
tut cHorcli of Ik. tin. A Itiitn luntl.1
. A mttn lUitl.l ,
n,uk .mi fi .irlrw,
ir ovSE'iK s s.ssu's. of'snE ;
sirs. ysKSffifA -"Lis' jL'&xxm !
" rVSSSSSS'i ...SSST,r"""
rorarH nuwarraHtAN f-nratTH.
ah T1nK .Ir.at k.a.wAAta .1 A.l .I.... a.a
J.mr.un-Errw riot rn .n.lrTr iwirrt I
viaVr MMirtiiuv rnrarn mrr.n.i ni'
naar rawarraTiuw nBracrt, ron-AKD-i-KiiJ
between I atreet and Indiana avenue, Iter.
Byron 8ao.der.and, Malar, thla morning the a,ib-
-....-. ...... i
jectwUl be -l be nation. Text, First Chronicle,
xvuii "iei tne iieavena ne aiaa ami let tna
1 he Lord retraUh.'
bt. r Atxi. LrrniKAK enractt.
Thankaslvlnir aervlca In St. Paula church, cor
ner of II and Eleventh atreeta, at It a. m, and
TiW p. m4 J,CaDnuer, baator, Vtplc of morning ,
dKoursei "The Gospel'ln our natUal life.-
niraxn or rna AacaNstOH.
Attheaorchofthe Aareoaiun, on II atreet,
'?-'! Tnth street, Itlght Itev.
uisnon rtnemey win preacn mia ntorniag.si 11 ,
oUmA. and kaa selecte.1 for hla anblet-L 'He
thankful unto Ute Lord."
The Nvath "VJ"hlata Cbarrhea. .
ine cuurvues oi nouia naaniagion win ceie-
brate Thanksgiving by a oa ton meeting at the
Mixth Presbvterian church, Kev C. C. Miailof, of ,
h. u.Kt. k.irh m nm.. .. .P.n,...
ubaci (r. a.) ninu-H,
Alfretl lloimrau. pastor. 1'ttalm ci4: "Enterlnlo
hla gatee with thanksgiving, aud Into ItU rourla .
rorvPBY m. r. cnmrn,
Rev. H.R.WMaon, pastor, corner of Fourteenth ' mown anoveis aiinouuiHe in pan to u -a.ii-andG
atreets; text, Deuteronomy, xxxlt:10 lfc Uonal passenger train which haabeen run during
ErirsANr r, a.cuiacn, I
nnnnrL h,itM TainnLh u.i Miuinvih I
street. The pasu.r, Kev. W. F. aUina, will '
lUacourae from PkbItrs, xeilrli "H la a guu,
thing to glv thanks nnto the Lord."
corner of Tweirm and Natrcets. Kev. ir.llnbanl
mma tiia u.11,1 ThiKia.iiii uniH i thia I
church, the reotoi officiating. The choir, which
naa oeen reorgaaizeii ami now nnmoer among
ita membera Mr. Nagle, soiirann: .Mrs. Parker,
tenor; MUa Goodatt, contralto, ami Me-mr. Ball
and fhase. naaa, wut rtnner some rhutce moaic.
Mr. Knox will preside at the organ.
Owing to the lime of the iMutor, Iter. J. C.
Rankin, thla cnarrh will not be opened to-day.
gir. itauain, nowrnr, i iui iwiii iiir. ito
J' wta wirv hbi niii
At the Jawtatt avnararue. on FJehth atrcft. t
above II, I. Stem, reader, aervh-es will be faek.
at t oViorr, n. m7 when the reader ill speak in
Uvman. from "O give tbanka to tbe LonlTfor he ,
U good, fur hla mercy endureth rorever." He
pmiKes to explain to hU op1e why they i
Mould gtvB tbanka, ami In what manner ft
shoald be done. It Is also exiwcted that Mr.
t Z l. . H-f. tZ.. .. . .t
nimon Wolf wUl be preaent, If alJe, and make a
itw rrniru iq buii
child renvoicea!
KETROroi itan rsiKTTFsiN rnrnnt,
rmtrtn and il aueeta UOrtheasMhe pwtof, lief.
Dr. Chester will thU morning deliver !a illscoume
onlh"laiy andlmnorume of Christian cltl- '
xens In thla ronntry exercising tbelr rlaht to the
elective franr hiae,,a Ihls I a Biiblert that will
Interest all, ami a large attemlance may I fx-1
peeled. )
It.-.- -i . .-.
UKlAaros-TaiT runtni. ,
There will be no service at the DnnUrton-
atreet MeUnxllut church. -
BB.irBKXT rnranr.
The cwnrrecatton of the Urlrlae-nlreet Presbv ,
' t(rUn church will wnrvhlp lo their
rrnip id ineir i nsi-i on
pastor, Kev. H. K. Hone,
"T,rmi arn u,m
I " ---".
uimnL nnvlii.
T" M''0!-' clmahr. of ihui clly will all
mvrriiijrr wrrwr ntCKnlj (oniiirt)
.. 'Tisaaw -twv iwi-wvi, ttwAiBir,! early period. The matter he Involved much l
"w. dr. Webrtng, frotn Ohio, will prtaLh a dlfflcnllvof adjustment hitherto, bat lu Balutlon
Thanksgiving senium. , raonot fie much longer posi oned. The Interesti '
rimXKTU-rrttXgT raxaarrtitlAM rnritc- ooL.,of this company with the Italtimore and Ohio ,
- , . ...""""" . .
The service la thla church lo-ilay will he very
tntareetlng. 1 he pastor, Hev.Mr. Iteerea, will j
tiiatYHtrae. I
laaAKL A. It L mi'iriL I
'i"-.ft f'"S-..P--'.-?1. laliMl.
"The InOrd la rood to ell. and HU leader luerciea
are over all Ilia works."
Aaairav w. . infi-T ivifiDrn
Hev. W. W. freeman, pastor, will discourse from
l . ... .J.a. T ...k.a I
aim iwaUaTui: .ivauianKaunioineijnni, er
He I goml, ami HI mercy cudureth forever.'1
The Market last Night.
hn "" Ukt occasion on th day to at.
! dlrlaa Mrvlce all us II la addition tnr th
purioaeiif a general holiday ami fesit. and to
'hI nd aecular pnrsnltaare generally avoided.
uiii Darwr u i
tlutMMDbl mm-m mntt rn-lraa In nt-rrm tna
euiminaTmgpotntbetngreachetlon tneeie,
Yesterday, forth awomiaedatlon of purrbe-
iliag pmnt betnr reached on the eie. ,
- e ittir inai-w. a. aeu open during
P.1.1 JLrt "f! J " i"f l ' ni?J,w"
xunslve and Invltmg.
til ..i ...' " 1
S.Vn iv in. iZii iSLiSOS?
aTrhlrlna. a. nnanaura.
nCHre WB R
-,,,. .
ilQI K-. rTTIKT,
Uwloti, the ruling Mire la-lug from U bl JO
f '. . i - . r -.
, .7aVr-i7 -Zi.
uwai a id
" m
their ewn at an cent.
r ".TT? .T . ...
i" vegeianie uere were any quantity oran
kind at fair prtrea with ready nurchaaera, Imt
there wuawofullaft
naa shown for sale us
rk of good rwlery, ami what
naa not of the Urat quality,
cee, llutter sold from forty
and brought high price.
toofly ovate, and eggs were soon exhausedat!
from forty to fifty rut pef rifrxrn. All the usual
u I iu ue- wru un hiwi iu I'nim-inn, aim aiirr
ulgnt tbe crowd of punnaser in attendance
sbowed that the city would be well fed for one
,w7 In' . ...
-v Hniu uriwiari. Ban nna waia-n araui,
..,... ,JT,h ii.ir.Z"i r.7-.L .ra. .r l .
IfLXmHmlmmV9 5?-
I fiw. J,Cf . "fj H"!HVlami ,iS.l ,.l
ner forma tha dntv slow I v Ion i tail the lata.
but after the work waa done the boildlaga pre-
ruieti au iivcit a acrua uu .ue teiuporary io-
couvenlence waa forgotten.
Tbe Nftvnheya Dlnerr.
The membera of tbe Young Men's Christian
asmx tauon aotne time ago ma.e np their mliMla
incut tu give them a dinner, which will ute 1
pia--i lata aivernooa at loor otiocb.
Theaugeha been enlargetl for the occasion. ,
and on It are arranged six long talilea covered
with white cloth and aet with white China
plate and knife and fork for each boy. The bill
ol fare will ojniat of au abumlaara of turkey,
chicken, lasef, ham. tongue and vegetaUea, to
which will las added by the way of Uesxert, me.
cream aad eake, plea, apple and coffee. The
young men of the aaaoclatlou have volunteered
to act a welter And will h serve ten tmys.
During th dinner Donch band wUlbelnat
teudanca aad perform popular air.
i u irutif vi mi naii, iiuuiptjiaicij in irvui oi
the stage, ha been set apart for th exclusive
use of a number of lntllad guesta, and the re
mainder will b thrown open to the general
To avoid confusion, each boy has been pro
vided with ticket which 'pa- him Into the
hall, and at four precisely the ranks are formed,
and tbry marched In double BJe up to the pisi
form, where a conpon la detached front th
tlrketandth remainder returned iheui forail
mlMion to tbe hall in the eienlng,
At a signal they Ukelbelr places at the table,
afler which grace la said, and then without
further ceremony thev t to."
One ambitious youth avow hU Intention to get
onlheuutshleof a whole tatkey, aud haa been
anxiously Inquiring how manv of that rlaaa of
"Iieaata" tbey proioe to set oat.
A small paper baatieen printed for the occa
bin, and will be dbttrtl ruled. It I a four page
octavo. On the ffrat page the beading "Thanks
giving, lalt," and del and pi- of dinner.
Then anaodotea and incident d-eigsed to en
roarage and atimulate the latys to gml decls.
Inter"ierrt ere scripture texla, printed In orna
mented letters. On the fourth page lb bill of
fare. 1 bese the boya are reu,uetril to keep aa a
memento of Ike ooraaloni
I Tin fTgNrNti
the boya will rcaaaeiaMe at aeven o'clock and take
seat in the gallari". The Urn) will again lie In
attendance aud perform until half paat seven
o i lock. Mr John C. Uarkuei will then nukaa
ten minutes address, wMrb, will e fotiorei by
tha sterenptlron exhibition of view of Americaa
and foreign acenery, onuite pictures, statuary,
Ac The hyian, "UeauUfiil Itlver." will lie thrown
niHin the can aa and sung, the liOT Joining In,
which It UegrMM-ted th; will do with a will.
After the exhibition au will be reu.aea.od to Join
In kinging "My Country tl of Thee," after wakh
tb audiatuce will be duailaaed.
Arrks Tiiknt Ticgim
Vnr the nasi two ilava thera haa lieen cenDio
nouily iUaplavfi In each of tbe newsnaner offlce
piiruu, "inwiwi-, il'rr, ivii hi "
hail aner one ovtoca on y eonc
mirtMl without a tit ket."
xlnradai. Ho on gd
Thla waa umclent invitation, and yeaterdav,
at tb appointed hour, a lew callaxl In and got
tbe coveted coupon! but (tie great rath waa re
serve t tor later in he evening, when tb
gemlm1 had aoM out the afternoon paper.
Then ther waJ a rail In tru t anjeat, Csur-
mined thet they would have "one of them
tickets,' or know the reaaon why. They came In
sorb large number that the manager began to
fear that th boys were "playing It" on them, and
demanded that they ahonid prove that they were
legitimate newsboys. This they dkl by appllca
tlona to the several newspaper offices, and re
turned armed with the to them precious pasa
port. The committee having charge of the
ticket required the boya to enter by the IMtreet
stairway, ami they were then ranged In single
Me alone the naaaarewav whtrB runa narallel
with the reading room, where threoor fonr mem-
ners oi ine society were aiauonea so seep mem
In order, a task which they Boon found more diffi
cult than nna wanlil think.
About o'clock there waa a motley crowd In
that passage, but truly a Democratic one. They
soivfti tor ine lima ine great prooiem oi equality,
and showed br their Dreaence that, aa ther nnr
sued the same calling, they wonhl aet at the aaroe
board. Thev were of all slsea. asrea. and colors.
and bore the common iwdgeol th newahovs,a
uiny rare aan raggeii cimne, out taey aeemeo
a mi writ iib''j. ami inw unsni rjea mu iium
remarks aeemed so natural that the committee
eouhinot nnaitin tneir hearts tocnecx uiem.
After due time all were aervoL and the last one
departed to hla home to dream of a happy mor
rowa dream which. It la to be hoped, will be
fully readied tolsy by every newslioy In the
Aaanal .If eel lag of lie Orange and Alcxae
drla aad Manama ItBlh-aad Campaay
al Aleaaadrla
The Orange. Alexandria and ManaMaa Railroad
"J"' hf ltl? n.n,2!ii,w '"? i?,.1"' t
fjjlfj' N' "' ' of Cliarlottesvllie.ln
Th HliAnuJt riarbour, antmiltted hla
fnnual report, from which we make the follow.
ln,f ;",r2;. , ,h. mtux. fcM ,.,i-.
A? !", ii -B?tf.hB,.btS5iTt!!
T?ito4ijtr; and lu
..HllDO tr. ID MM. Of thu., OI U1J 1HWW-
lnityf.r. Th. nrrtpu for MMnnter. llnlut
"SliSJL'XtSi fB , M 'SJuSfMort
""' !rrrrmlrBiiin If tM rolllii jwcl
rTK? ''",'
in. r,.i
lbmI been sufficient to meet the
wj!. o.. ,i
ss ian.nt;"b;';o?,nmVoi3
lMo.wmrth..l.n..nof tr.li.poiu.
lion If the offerlnrs of rreirht could be distributed
'; '!", "LSSK
Dili it arruiB iu
i imw uvrr lav rvmn wiiihii at tun nun
non anu
aa IU means wl permit, to meet th Increased
,, lnrrtuln. .lenuruiof lu freight traffic, and
2K2f.& i .KLK'jA JL? SSItili
ff"J" "fil J?"!. ."OTS'JS.K SKht-
The folluwlnii statement will show tha receipt
of the company from the several soorcea of
r- j---..'. -rz' .v. "....- -w -
Sff.. ai or;S,r7r.S
of the road for theaama time, with a comparative
statement of receipt ami expeusoa for the year
l;o TlandotlSII-Tt:
. ""T? Jf;SiJr-rI. i-i Vi 'VSS.
1 82liS exSnsfo?is71 Vi nMTT
.-r"I"?.?P2".J?'",.l 1?' "TTl'"
t.roMe revenue for ihii-ti, X9m,aii.i4; tor
'ftiiorim iri
- Tnfat niifniirAf tnna.r fTibrhl t ansnorted for
. J.0 DU'n'r. 0f.lo"o.l U?!.1 niP2 r
crease? IHl,"-"1,M ""
Through freight for 1971TX, ifywO; for ISTO-Tl,
"t"". " "'VlT"r. . .. w. ..v...
.J" ?f way freight for 18Tl-If, 11I.BM; for
'- "t w-Vi "rrrT"r-, . ,
Ton Iran untitled to Alexamlria and North, for
Wl 1a,wtM3; lor 18TO-Tl,al,oih 7,48, Increase.
irnspnnu iroiu rtimumni mi nmui,
' 1871-11, e,tl; for 1870 7 1, M,-.WH.
The increase In the number of psjwcngers aa
The coniiitloa of the road and equipment wtll
cota par favorablv with anv nreceillng year.
Iwrtnglhe peat vear eleven huodred antf Ore
andahalf tooaof new Iron (rails) hay bcent'Ut
down and alxty-foor new crosvlle laid on lie
trac. ma unn. wnw nviiH m nuwiu
Hardware rtvera. and at Mountain Han, have
titi renewed. A nnmler of wateratatlonahave
been ba.lt or renewed, ami a new depot building
nwun i- ..,.... v .......-
mm built for ralrfax la In progreaa of oonatnic-
tinn. ami several othera are renulred on the main
line of row!, which wUI be put up aa soon aa the
means of the company will warrant the outlay.
The company haa not ieen aiiie to mak mnoh
progress In their proposed scheme of purchasing
andaettllnglamUalvnfflU line ef road. Hntue
ten or twelve thousand acre of land have betm
nurchased In the oountMM of Nekton ami Amhertt
at an average coat of ten dollars per acre near
the road, and negotiations are pending for the
purchase of other lands lu Uo cwntr o( auqnler,
Prince William and Cnlpoper. If Uoda ran Iw
aecured at reasonable rafea there U good reason
to antlrlpale their early aettlement bv ainall
fannera from the Northern mates i ami from
Knrope. A corpa has leen organlil for this de-
panment, anu we pope w ; iuie w rrpun
li,ini,ii nnurmi tir. ft in ihiA imiHiriaiii i
torawtrtlte vnln.
It la ennvted that the I.vnehmirr and Danville
rnau -i.in- wpibwow w mi rauj 1-.11 i
next summer, when the trains will commence
running lietween Alexandria and Danville. Ihe
conitructlon of the L. A D. It. R. enables thla
railroad will be completed In the early part uf
company tecroaviJiaiawaiercrreKai Lyncnuurg
and mak ariose connmion with the Atiautbv
MlaaiMippt. and Ohio railroa-l, ami Improve the
I" mill-- vi in mi- uauniui law" - " .-
u llt wUh he Homhwest. All the necea-
MrT connections of thla road have been now
Hrure.1. except the caaentUI lluk required to
connect with the Italtimore and Ohio railroad
north of Alexandria. Koine legislation waa ob.
i.iam.1 -t m taut awaitun nt (mmu for taia nt.
j a va uicii, vm.wy umn i.i.ni-1 ,.,. ,w..ra mw
T connect wun ino itaiaimurv aim tnuu rannta-i
jret and to constracl a line through Washington
tlty,buthaanutln accepteil oa aocount of th
Heavy com rrquimi ior iia runiinivuuav, inn
pany baa heretofore authorised the proper
steps 10 iw uun ior una wijct-i, man aiTanitrw
menu are now in progress 10 secure It at an
raiiroaii nave tK-f-iiieM-jiiiHiiiaifijiuwirinirait?u
to jiow any break of their vontiectloa lo long
- gut.
- --
Mu.,r . ,. ,, . milllM , ,
tb. rou.tr wittm t. im i.w oa,.. 1
wnu. rL. iiu. J . a... a -.. -i.-j
' "med for eplxootle, Qnllls,
vrw.br aal, ilna. I ,1a , tiaaaln aa
riHr;uiaauiiuuiiii vi iiti, i, uiaminiui
rock salt doea the buslne.
TheKnlghUof Pythias turn out
(era to-day lo receive IbelrvUlUng l
Cgh 1 The TriirC of Manhattan, from Baltimore,!
visit their lied tu-elbrenuf Uie DUtrict today
Ir. Yeml, the health offlrer.
The patient waa removed t the hOstHtaL
i It U V. B. Reed A Hrfna' wlwf hre fomale tor
i ltl
mince meat, Ac, not W, "Hird" A Hon, asi
l menUo
loneo in yeateniayn cumon.
I iri-liniill atlliMViilliri HI IHIIIUtUtU AIIL II
Tnson A Dro corner of Thirteenth, anil o
"tr""a, ia.l a a .ample of eireedlnrlr nnej
mokin, tonacro, nleelj put up In cunnUij utile)
ami -cio.
I bucket.
' " npv "" ' Bini in( anu rcnnsyirania
I avenue, bow In nrocesa of construction, wilt tie
takan fWb.aj.Hlnti nt wlian anini.lat .1 I.- tha
irz, i 'Tr-::. r"7. r.-7"" "'
A child of Mr, I. . Kmary, at Mt. Plea-ant,
l'11 burned alout the face and neck, on
I MonJay hut, by pulling a pot f Del ta oa him
from the tablo.
j A correspondent hopes that the Uoard of Putt-
ur nnniaui maae soma improvement ID the
rroaslDg of K and Eighth afreet. 1 1 would not t-e
a bad thing to do.
One of our local rhvaiera Uitrvamchexer.
i -1.1 ........ ..- . : ii. . : . .
n-r, iinmn inn a ran in- uiaoe nun
"lw otntnn,- Instead of -rnd.Iy
Mt tomn.
uuipauj v, iaaiuiivtiii ukii jmaoiry (
tallim, gave One of their select hops at their
armory on Seventh atreet, near I, last night.
uii naa writ blkiitii iij ina iimqia-ip oi ute
oompany and their lady mend.
"Hit the olive branch? The grape are not
' ROur. I It a rood omrnf " Thus sollloaalaed a
mi wm luaoaNgiving ion "inaiw ineqnes-
'Newanaper Row" wa demorallted last night.
,u junarj iruiii ine iiririiaiiiia wnita viaiiaii uui
ornce In the 'wee ama hotira Uiia rooming,
Thanks-rlvlne commenreil at II nrlock bret Lualv.
Ske effort to send the boya Mo the thirteenth
strict wax tbe only relief found. Newspaper
jiiu auu uia aia wrr aiou,
ills reportetl Uat the obleot of the clerks In
the desecrated bone eatafdUhment of Tnth
street In having their photograph taken I for
the benedt of one of their number, who I about
to emttark In the prlao photograph bualnesa, (end
ther are not Intended aa a contribution to the
Bmilhaonlan laatltnte, aa first stated.) and to
asalst In thla worthy undertaking, permission has
l-een granted them to visit the photograph gal
lery, between the hoars of I and! p.m., so a
not to Interfere with tbe business of the office.
Fall In, squad No. j, to have your piuture taken.
1)M4 fT-AllHiy.
fl. T. Egliert, Cultetl Hlatea marshal for the
Abingdon district, Virginia, last night ar
rived In Washington, haviag In cuifody K. C.
Htamsser, whowasconvlctei), with two others,
who escaped. In making counterfeit money ami
passing ihe aame. mtainsser was arrested last
e tac;
moveilto Abingdon Jail, where he was ronaned
six months. He I now en hi way to the Albany
penitentiary to serve a aentence of twn yeara.
Ihe prisoner denies all guilt of the charge, and
claims lha arrest to have been from mlaloforma.
tloo. He la about sixty-Are yeara of age and haa
a wife ami ten children living In Virginia. A peti
tion for hi release la In circulation and will
Bhortly be preeenled to President tlrant.
Washington Temnle of Honor No. 8 At the'
Ian meeting of mta organlxatlon tha following
orflcera ware itjstalitMt lv L. U. Dlcklnkon.
car wr in-iaiim, ijj i n. nirun-on. i. ti.
n. i,,bmi,i.ii aij .-nt, (, (, iim. bji iiaii uui uia
i.ibmi,ii aij .-nt, (, (, ii vm. ui iiaiiuuiuia
nple. aa n. w, V., and Mr. peckbam, of Prurl
ice, tthoile Nland, aa P. W. C. T.i W, r. T., T.
r Helps; W. V. T., J. It. Brown: W. H-Neb
Ua.ll... .' IT f VI la,. u,
llt-ava, nifi ., ti , (. una; n . jr., (J. TT.
es; W. IU C. M, II. I-helns; VV. H. iC W. P,
FIIIK., " . ' 1 . 1 II, I UOlim, T, . (I. l' n , r.
everly t W. O- A. . Hralge: W, , -John 0. rVr
ruaont Aetlna Chan. I. H. Dickinson: P. W. O.
T., W. II. Teidey, Tb temple 1 now In a flour
bihlngcnnilltlon,andlB destined tone the pride
ami ad miration of all temperance organisation
in the District. --
Th PM-e,
Mr. iT1dow will play tits following pro
gratnu to-day ImniadlaJaly alter the morning
service: National air. Th Vacant Chair," 'VYe
Have Llvd and Irved Together.1' "Life lei a
Cherish,1 nJHrolkatHrtine,' "Robin Adair,"
seleclloiia frntn MBlise d Amore," MMartba,M
"llobemUnOlri-and "William Tell," "Wellb
Oar and Uappr a-tl IQm. ewret norflt,"
IMltO t'LKUKfl.
An Orgnalaallan Ferree4e4 Ohjerta af the
A meeting of theTb-ua Clerks Alaoclatlon of
thla city waa held last evening at Clarke hell.
Pennsylvania avenae, between Foar-aul-a-hall
end sixth atreeta.
Th committee to prepare a ronitltntlon and
by-law for the association reported th same.
vmrn, anrr uim-uaaiun, wvn aiivptvit.
Th obi ecu of th association, aa atated In the
constitution, are for the mutual Improvement of
those In the drug and prescription business, ami
forth general Interchange of Information and
knowledge pertaining to their business. No die-
ciuslon on religion or political matter will be
allowed, nor la any person competent or allowed
to become a member of the association unless he
can bring satisfactory evidence that he haa been
engaged In the business for a period of not I eaa
than three rear, and that ha la nrrf ectlr romne-
tent ta discharge the dntleaof a drug and pre-
scnpiion, rirrru ami m poaarawwn w luormign
knowledge of pharmacy and pharmaceutical
The following resolution were nnanlmonsly
adonted. belne iBtroilnceil bv Mr. Illneai
Ktiolvtd. That In Jnatlce to the public and om
selves. Individually and as an organlxatlon, we
uisroiiuienBnra ma employing ni young 'r inex-
and a protection lo the character of the pharma-
rlataof this cltv.
Arieleed, That aa nln lenthi of the mti takes
and acclilenta that occur In the drug bualnesa are
niBfiB nv inrTtrnprinii prnxnia. wno anj rm-
pioved with the object of small pay, their em
ployment la dangerous lo th public and a dls-a-race
tn tie Brofeaalon.
The public generally, or at lean those who
deal in drug, will heartily second the atmve rra
olntlon. The followlna- officer were elected, to serve
during the coming year t George A. Hentlr, pre-
mem; r, it. i. liinea, vice president; i oanea rs
Price, secretary: J, I. Martin, treasurer, and
f leor-re ItevnolibL reaiatee.
Th meeting was not very large, hut a number1
of the better class of drng clerks were present.
Th member promise, however, that at the aext
regular meeting a larger numoer win ne present,
and that all of the drng rlerka of the city who
are competent will beooiue memlicra of the asso
rlstlon. Their Intention of cotoblnlng la not for
the purpose of securing more pay, as la generally
the rase, bat for the elevation of the clerks of
the city, and ridding the people of Inexperienced
HUH 1 IT atKiinimii.
Ilew lietween the St-ai Chief at4 ffrorge
The Waahln gton market at moat any time la an
exceedingly lively place, and one would think
thatlnUiennMieand canfasloa laetdentto the
ever-changing rharscter of the tide of humanity i
whlrh sweep thronghthe aisle Intent on the
object of purchase that th dealer would have
liuii iiiw w luuiuauifii mi iuv iui ttniaaiaitant.
But some of them d as waa shown last light,
Tbe people of Washington are pretty well
aware that there never has ten any considerable
amount of lore between Nahemian G. ordwav,
aha the st-ov. Chief, and the market dealer, in
fact, the relations were not only anpleesant, but,
on the part of aome etthera, decidedly angry,
and they did not take much palna to conceal
Lat nfght the Centre market waa hi full blast.
All tha batchers were on hand, ami einrmg them
was Mr. Geo. Kllleen, who. In addition to hla
reputation aa a seller of meats, U pretty wall
known aa the defeated candidate for the Legisla
ture In the Nineteenth district. George, It ap
pears, had during th night previous lost some
meat front hla stall, hkh made him feel bad, a
feeling whlrh was Increased bv the failure of
the coinnanv to have tha e-as llahled at tha itroner
time. About a:30 o'clock, while he waa feeling'
thus ngty. the great Nehemlah hove In sight, and
minting w tri nn a nine m nis one. ueorge ad
dressed hlui,Btab.d the loss, and charged that
the company had employed IuefUcier.1 watconien.
At this the Hi-ox Chief waxed wroth. He could
stand most anything Imt an attack on hi pet, '
and to the rnarga he cora lolly replied that j
tieorKF "waa mi Krniiruiau. iu an catuii
ilate for Legislative honor, even thongu ie
feate1, this waa too rough, ami without bandying
woril. ha tiroceeded to nettle the matter bv tret.
ting In a couple of hit from the shoulder on tbe
proboscis of the Hergeant-aNArms, which cauaed
the blond to Sow and hi hatto drop, several
byaundera Interfered, and l-efore rurther damage teratlou In the building to conform to the1 ft
w a done tbe partiea were saparated aad ghl not grade of High atreet. Ji
meet again during ta evening. ' Tuanivis.-Arrival, arhoonera Jnlhi A, Wit-
Tbe question among the market-men after the lett, with , bushels wheatr (aro, from lUre
occorrence waa wnlcti police -force woold be em- i (-Grre, with taouo feet white pine lumber to
ployed lo arresting th assailant, the Metropolt- ' WhuUey Bros., amt hV do. to a Piekrell A
tanl Capitol, or marketl bet U waa qaallr iltWded , on.) steamer Nw York, from Philadelphia, with
that the affair woold be settled without the inter- a int-ellaneoi cargo, Inclmllng one case.
poaltloa of the law and Ita officers.
Thr ICasI Capital Atreet Impi-aveineat Ills. .
""An adjourned rorellng of theprcperty-otler ,
on lut Capitol street waa held last night ai Witt-1
baft' Halt, on It atreet south, lietween neroad
ami Thinl atreeta east. Mr. James Lrnch in the
'& h&tt,t"gl . n.uj
. -' "- " "" - r "--" - -------,- -....-... .- ...
t..h. .....l..... ...... ...I- .- .." ,
nc mrj lupuiiituicui vi buiuiuiii. u mmt vii I
thai tln.p.1 nf ft 1 1. 111. n'nrt - anil M.11IHI thai tut- '
to furnish to the nronertv-hoUlerson East I
tol street an Itemized bill for Imnroveinents
(hi street, and to Inqnlre If the Metropolitan
iiaunrat. uiiiani ruuKi ou. ite Tiinpcirri
m fur,iuu ui iu uiii.
mad by Messrs. Ppsrk. Refter.
ara l.'nl ln'lli. amniihl
nrmiiM wrrrinaur ny .-Hr-ura, rparaa, tM-iirr.
iTeary anu otnera, in rrgaru 10 tne amount
rharsed br the board for the Improvement, and
tbeduiyof the railroad company In the matter,
nil fin mnllnn nl U) lraan h 1 'lialr ai,ulnliul
lac imij vi un taiiiuanM nnuiu in ttir iii-i.it; ri
sndon motlonof Mr.tresrvi ttieriialrsppotnletl
.. vm ..'. p-.. . a.w.j, in. ..v.. ki'f-.i...-,
aicr-. miuiuiir. n-iniK, njcr aim ir.rT ina
comuiiuee toai(iresBineuoamoi mime ork
(in tha ut.lt an.l ntnnrl it.a ..I -t th- n.i
w.. ... -,...,, , ., ...u ., !-" " - - " "
iiirTiiiiK ,u Uic inwr'-iiiiiurni.
iiiere were several present wno appointwi se-
rloua objections to th road itassing along East
Capitol street, and In order to tarry out their
i w"' uiii iu tuc ainuiuru. ma. iu- iraca
would disfigure the street.
ine majority oi mem were perfectly willing
the street should be used by the road, ami felt
sanguine that the rallroat com nan r would pay
their Krtlon of the exiiense for the Improve-'
mruimiiim, t nn iwni, - rr,-.rrcu, n
i In a fair way to I pushed rapklly to lu tannl-
bus, and the president la now In New York, pur-
chasing rails, ran, Ac, to he put on at once,
Thna whnrralata na Ihla almat whnitn -in. ur,
tloularl, dlr. ua track to.h. laid urn tnat tb.
SSSSL K "Sm-.1. Z.Xi."!"!!!
-- - -r-- - -i "- - - tt
Th trc given last eventng try the Library
AssociBtlon of the I. o. 0. K, prevel amoaten-1
ieii nouing nnuone iaat wouki ooavnooce toiae i
ealovmant of their -rjeata. and moat have lawn
vrvaMv ulrtajanl arlth tha r-.ii It nt lh-lp lai-ua
The reception committee and floor manager
vied wltb each other In striving to make the
IIDU Willi tBtD IllUrr 1
rvrnlng pleaaantto all, and Mr. A. IL (lawlor,
niaatrr of rrrrmonlea, waa moat Indrfallialde In
n iua mini, im inv.n 1
til etTarta. Tba levee waa well altemletL .ita
dancing contlnuea) until a late hour, when the
company dlalkanded. rarrylng to their home
wo, ueugniiui recoiieciionaoi taeir ereningot
The I a agar t Ian.
In answer In th l-tlr nf lha cnmnilttaa nf tha
Young Men's ltepubllcan Clab of tbe PUtrkt,
tlovernor Cooke has written a follows:
Af-N-. Arimmt JOupmtrit, J
OaMTLKJiaM: Your favor lafonnln? meat tha
ippointment of acommuteeto co-operate with
such of the rltTiena of the Dlatrlct aa tuav b an.
thortieil tomake arrangement forthe aecond
inauguration of preeldeut nrant la received.
I have Invited a number of onr leading rltlxena.
Irrespective of party, to meet for consultation at
Metxerott hall on&ttirvaasxt,A 4oVlock, at
whlrh time your special committee, and such
other mouther ol your elufi aa ran make 1ton.
venlcnt lo altemL are respectful! Invited.
vry raspocuiuiy, h, r, ivjui
5 'I J',1
Haalhrr TraU llelaVed.
The through Houtbern train du bare at Lis
'Niuinigatanneii ifenntiraaj ana
the locomotive at flnrdonsvlUe, whit
nereasltatail tha anillnir nf annthar an ta lirlna
Hi the train. There were seven passenger rare
in tna train, tare or wnixt rrmeiiren in Aiexan-
drla, and tbe other four came through to thla
remainin-: iwivimras ana vurtace. uevnn not Va.mi-nb.iia- cniinii vav.iis ri-aaiktiw '
aaitpeire, ami; , wtnt the Board of PubUo Work to present their i laiTt " 'T1"'T T. "IV1 pONOHKOATIONAL CHUKCH.
, blltaunUI the whole work U tuiiupleted. llythe. iMrbea va, Crotdiett. IfUt 0Q,tnrart to, MTEUT,.R Tit.'rTicrVilVTxr. rvrwiun
In UrgenomJ complexion of the Meeting la-l night It was ' revive Judgment. f l r ' HCiOa1 bffififi e1bttN '
brother fcon plainly to tie seen that Ue road wouldVeet with , laniUrg t a, HbcUoQ. JWuiekt confeuod. ' Two aveVlbm wtthtWa anfhor anJttw,.
hearty supiiort by those residing on the atreet. i Merrick va. Oram. Jiidirment oil awanl of i RIlAKhl'EARE. MILTON. 1RNNYBONTpatii1i
i"j"i miiuii hki cm j twill winiuu uiraa- .. " . - - j'f -' ", "i " mug a-uuivuiai un
amlrfor tha parUelpanta. fhr eiecutlre com. Mandari No.. llf.l-.lf.'io.vAilJ.ajJlUiM, ol.tL..uUlm.i.ia.
milter, conal-ru of Uaaiwa, A.J. Ikiaaltliion, A, Til. A f, , ill. IM. i i ut.r.iur.1 tn. hatnorou. pom., of WMm
II. '.K qi. M.ln. 1C K. Hunt, .n3 A , A. rourt ijoorn,! unlU mil ' - " o" VAhSJLSSTi& i!
Jackson, ha.1 made oomtilete arramremriit. and ,, -ik i-j.J ai-tl . I T!Z il-f.T?Vr.Jti,iSlumuim "
aaioet remained in A lex an- i-argent, muiviii. mbs; i no AYauac-n, k, u uall.
our came through to thla New York; P J Wright, ChicMo; Jm KIjm ami
i nf tbe aeclilentJhe lata wife, New York; Ihm 'hi l)kM,-Univl, Pvlinsyl
ny left a little earher than , vanla, ' ,
iwji la aonaeqnriioa nr ine rn.ee wn ine uvteti
laeei train from thla chy left a little earlier than
usual, ami tae eouaaunenc .waa laat several
Alexandrian were r-aapellefl to tnUt, lUt ac,
qiialatano of pie hotel men UUU oily, "
1 -- -a!
The t'allege JearaaU
.Theflrtt numlierof the Oeorgetown College
imrsiL an elgbUpage paper, to lie Uaaed
monthly daring theschotaatlo year of tb eoiiege.
hy heen received by us, and we gladly weko.nl
ww tn newspaper nei.i. The Jisrs Is own,
.i'?"!W' tti-lndenuof th college
land have the following omeara- Praalilant.
(John H. Hnmner. ft. J.i vlna nrctl.lenc JnaaDh U.,
-. .
Worthmrtni tfoaiursr, James V. fracyt BMre
.tary, W. o , Tilhlacl; Imslnei matuger, W'll.
LkennH wtlh h eorp of Hght klltwa;
Thanh a.
In the
these T4itigtvlni tliqaa ther I nomine
a mm iiAura inauaiui ior man a gooo, pair OI
OC BhAaS. I ait lata avkn wan. lanunl Ik-
tieatatyl and most serviceable snake, and who
for oonaiion nvgr want fancy shoo, and gentle.
lu en who want new and atyllsh boot or shoes,
hhoalii not forget that tbe great forced aam of
the immense stock ef Cummin I now goto t on
at the old stare) onHeyenth street, near I.
Mlaae-arl lfrlief AaeavrlalUN.
Th new board of director of th Unnnk
Slall Belief Aasoclatloa met tat night aad organ,
telbytkeele.-tlOftef ine M lowing offlrera, all
f them being unanimously chosen: Robert Ball,
I'lciiiirui, i hub. i, . aiii,)irii, vira preaiuaut; J,
9. Callahan, secretary; and Thoa. powllng, trees,
frer. About thirty new motnnere were twied,
taking the member elect over twelve hubdred
rrf. Yalea'tlae Hap,
i inrrniuanrs wno nuiBarou requ-u, prof,
(rlen'1 tbl afternoon, al
w-iciiiiu- mu ht- m noil in nia uuniui ami
Mason lo Temple,
. in. ami eontlnu
naiirina win rauuucnri
,)Aiiclng will cqmtnen.ee at t p. iu. ami eonUou
nuiloTtork. Iblsw!
an excellent oppor
trtttr for those datrag a few hour of thla
JoymeQt and having other engagement to. oil In
lbe evening.
i Protracted meeting gr now being hell at lh
Villa atreet M. p. cliurrh, and. loiirW frodi the
gicreaaad interest tatea In tbeut both dj tile etui.
Irrgatfoii and ituday aiihoo) aahbiar. will be
reductive uf great mtaH. Thatuaeunga will le
orintlnneil during thi week, and will b i-wtk-l
fated to, by ttia tUgereBt pjluattra rHdeut hetl
Arc4le EaadcratUMa.
The Naval Iljdrofrraphio ono la i uUlibtni
fViieralBoas chart and nporta of II Tariotil
ArctW txplorgtlotu.
ThhrfatleaualThaailw. . ,
A grand Thankiirtvtnv marJnM at l olneie will
be given at tha NaUonal thla evening. pivorrO
u play v hat4 eo folly commended aa worthy
of anpport, will be preseat1.
The Theatre ('amUae
The Ireneflt yeaterda afternoon awl eveblnu
to the car coodoctor anil driver waa a good
aucceaa. They will realls haodaoaely from It,
With th management they expreaiad the hearti
est aatUfactlott. This, a gala night at th
Comlqne. la in order. A splendid bill and a
splendid company.
MetreawltlaaYarlrtg Theatre
The Metropotlta will be Ion hiaae to-night
with the beauty ami talent at that Institution.
Mr, Stanley, the famous discoverer of Ir. Liv
ingstone, will lector In IJncoln hall the evening
of .Tannery it.
Prafemar Taleatfae
ananal ThanUglrtng matinee Aanaante, Maaonk
Temple, from t to p, m.
A Trthate ta (leverner Cexthe,
WAamNOTON, Nov. tT, IdTf.
Kotron Reitbucan: Please allow me brief.
apace In your column for a alight tribute due
front m to Governor 11. It. Cooke.
Your reader know the relation which I, aa
counsel fortaeexerutlreoonnnltteeof the Cltl
tens' Association, bore to the Investigation tie
fore the House Committee on the District or Co
lumbia last winter, biqo tbn a matter of bnL
neaa, in whtcti I was 'deeply Interested, waa
brought Ufore Governor Ooofce for hla aetton
inrn-,n. ior or ajnunit roe, A nau. uisooneai,
vindictive man could have availed 1
aitea nimseitof t
t the
ilon ao br aimDlv daclfnlnir to act In th nmnUoa.
II waa Informed that 1 waa tha same person who
had given him and hi B'lmla titration omoch
tnnible before Congress." I am told that hla re
ply waai "That makes no difference. If In a bual
neaa point ef view, everything la right In this
transaction." To Governor (Vwke'a Integrity, to
hla high sens of right ami Justice, and tp ale
maamaainity toward a ponurei opponent, I am,
In great part. Indebted for my escape from a eom
blnllon formed to despoil me of my property,
I desire to any that It 'bad known Governor
Cook last year aa lTto now. ita Inducement
could have led me to oppose his administration
a I did. II IM K.GKREN.
IaMl.WI.Mla--lVBllBrli nallJla.
EDrronRtrraucAn. Ihaverepcatodiv thooght
of calling yonr attention to a fact In connection.
with the au Dii ntend en t of the Wallarh bo11llnir
which, In my judgment, la an evil that should te J b
t allnila tn ttiM faM'ttiAt tha ifhAliM ana nni
permlltl to enter uutllfe nfaafet before
oVlock, and then to a very Imperfectly wertned
Having occaslutV to pas there every itaV, 1
often witness the paliifdl scene of group of
little cold and ahlveritiglMys. (sumetlmea wet,
anxiously ami perslsteuily wailing admittance. '
. A Pathos .
Tnt contractor for raising the market-home
expect to complete the work In one more day'
The break In the fto-inch water main near Rock
creek liiklge, on bridge street, hesboeiirepalced,
aad the water raa tociwdmikab4U. . . ,
Tux Gbaim MAkxrr. The receipt vest erdav
were x.hj bushels of wheat salea buahcls ef
prime red wheat at I1.H31, aoo bnshel of V'
.lo. at f 1.7MJL,, ami Too biuhela do. at 1-1.
TawrEaOAT ArrtaNOOM while one of the ht'ate
pupua of the primary action) on High strrei ta
playing a game celled "tag," he was strnckViver
the ejr by a stick aad an ugly wound Inflicted.
Dr. Miekella waacaJletland th Injuries dreeeed.
Tngatockholderabf Masonic hall In thla dry
held a meeting Monday night for the purpose of
lornims; "uriurawn nsuriauoii, wnraanuit
mlttee waa appointed to confer with an arahltent
and take uuder conslleratlai the necessary at-
eleven Imndlea tree for the Board of Public
Criminal Caart-Jadgv MlwArtfaHr,
Thia court waa rngagml as follows yesterday
iiw uhArf Am...i fm , t..h rvu
fin ii irmiiihu tinti
!'''' " l" "'-rooi.
"""' IIVBU-r-.
formation had been Hied against him, and tbe
1-ollce Court dnM him gioa.
u. Ill...r.l.n.ll llhl.....!!..! II..II.....
ionce .oonanen mm f inn,
i Mr. llineconienieiinthiacaeinailleiicense,
' alihomrh It was dated after the slletrwl commla.
' slon of au offence, hal a retroactive effect, cov-
.rin. lb. hnl. Ihn. 1, shlnh awaarmant aaa
aioii ill au uucini. uai a rrtniaW 11
1 rring the whole time forwMcti
ariianaa ,air-aaariv na.aiv ara ratal, l, I' J iiaaa. r. mm
inaoe, mis .tajnifn. covireii a lime i wen it
i day) anterior to tne opening oi ir. n. -a eaten-
' ii(.n.n, 1 h. Iiui.-t' .iin7a- n,aa ..i.iuu,l
a-aaaurii.. v I'l.iin -a.'eauv n mm v.iu'vi
irom alleging .oai ioa ticientiant nan no nrniw
i tiuringa erhxi lOTWRR-a na nl receive at n
renwe tax.
Mr. N. H. Miller contended that tbe offence
i waa pruvcii anu toe law pi am. i ne cuiir ruuui
do nothing but see that the law waa executed.
Mr. Justice Mac Art her said that, there waa a
technical osTarre wbnlttvU'lt lebr(M.f showetl
, also a general understanding that tbe true con-
stnictionqf the law was not destgnel to reach
inci ruri.' 'tot inrr'miiirnsttnmn not
Hevld Yenng, liullotedfor grand larcenyj Case
. C..n-lrr J..(U-. t.rjljr.
V!!!"!Z,f. ?. ??'?.' l '.. :.L
i "ut?i.Tii2(:;.,2?ji.!"?,wftJ"
CAJxa roav honvat.
Inthl.raiirMr.evnerrhadopenedare.taurant,! UI. ...rt'SJ'Y.V.'r.T """ "ii
Kit !?: "? "B. . "." JHW-SSE 5 "" .?Kt I SiiiS iff,tf Snm
r I iHutrii ivi iitTiar-, ant. iu, ,iijiv it'i ijii; uarciiiin . Mini, AtKI-rtN. IIMIXU.
"" of the ponce ioaru nal not am vet l when he lie- I Mlrttl HELEKk SMITH,
l,n i gan buainena. A few ilaya after the toard met The dashing smibrHt actreas and daiiaaiiaa.
i ano it ran let i me license, out uieaawoii an nnninuamiir4
l,lir VLBTri-BTaiBV irill i uuaa ,. ..v aw 4.va,w afuavawi .
eatenlar, JartiU Taflnr, 4liaa Field, was com- I )( Ur. u-blln-y 1 1 xoedlneiy rlvr in tb sub-iKa-4
for ue grand Jury on the charge of rob- Urn wail t-Meowu, Iad---i,to aayth trutb.
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' Wng ex-Mayer IixorW- fa y
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C H TUchardaon, lavenport, Iowa; J PCraw
fnal, Brooklyn; Paymaster 0i r Vernla; tnTN..
kVlgar Ketchum, A H Lawson, blgar Ketchmtt,
Jr, Mia Welti, W II Miner. II Klmicntt, heal ley
PsrktiJUil-naat, NewVerki Jlieianlami, lloa
tontU A Barker, Ctoago;'C'a Parlor, I" ton;
Judge HTV' Johnson, City; tl D nrigham an wife,
tuckJi'J 4' irWrini' Willi aAkv ihtn;
Horace Patteraon, Mif Jpl I'atlrnion, Pennsyi.
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KhepaiM Page, tUnlej
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Hcar, Mralionigap. Yii-ftpla.
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W IJJIik. MJIood, tTiil H IMty, Iloaton;
Alex II IJoarlmanaMra A M Jaokaou, Camden,
N J; Wm T Anderson, Jjoohbtirg; II Dollen
helig, Jr-a NeWiY.rt; B Jt i-l.l l'huielphla;
Mf and Mm c if lanndiiitee and soo;ChU-r;
Joa Uuxium. Pbiiadelbhiat Wm LOodfrey. New
Yorkf If A Whitney Boalon: Abel Fletcher,
Newton.Mtaa: K P Wetrit k, WUUaauport, Pai
MBDwlght, PhTfadelphls;Mr and Mratlte wart.
Lonl and wife, Nei
i raia-cni, muivuiv, mm
New York; P J Wrlgh
wnr, hi
' .. w . wh-uedh.
I M Jackson, Penaaylvanla; Oeo Thornton'.
Chaa Weng-rt, and Mr Chaa WengtL Newark. j(
lJi J Tayhr. Phliadelpbta: R Mathewaon, New
virlnllrl j X-lttlVltfiiliXh
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Ilurton, John A Manning, Lcwea Detewaret I.O
klskadden, WUliam Bnnka.'Me-r Tork A vtbtn
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Y Tremaln, Jr, Naw York. If P Hcott, Haltlmore;
Kdgar llvktttV Wtu- Ifwi W Ml waerl
Kbnxvlire, TenneAaeei Henry Mangels, llrooklria
Newyork. . i . ' J
LJ Wells, New YortiU ft Page, Htanlev. New
Jtraey; Benjamin Ue WollT, Italumore; KPTsu-
Sfsrro. nraiiaa IVnu-Chnnaa. V train tut J W Tl
Pennuck. Virginia; PHO KonneTt, B ftR )fl '11,
W Marahalt, J B Moore. rHItlmorei IIlLajIIlla.
i ) ork. rennrrlvania; t! QMl&n J P Hswj,
' MMhburg, Virginia; ,ft H Mower, Newbary,
i h Carollnk; II fuyera, Jr. Wylherille, Ylr
B'uu-f Ubwica avavr, daw i"ii n iatui
Vrgmlai V JtCox, porth Carolina.
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A Bwank, AV T Melaareaa ami wife. New York; R
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firacl. New York; 0 mnita, r P BmttV, Jr.
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Mlaa lKrwley, CallfOrQlU W T ValTen iwl Wl
U J Oslo, N Vi,
II B Worthlngton, Maaaaobnsetu; Gee II Hay,
New York. Ouorge K Uet, Ohio; Mr 0 Plllfl-
ONtwJcracTiJ M Chrtity, lennvlranU;l
ley. Ohlej M Wheeler, IlllnoU: 0 V Wheelitk
au4 ariia, laaaacimsaiiaj awi v -auurr, nvw
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neoEIluckiey, Philadelphia; Mluh. Call
fornla; HA Hlchardaoo, lialtloaore, nr Matale,
J W Wood, Vlrglnlaf. ItottTNew Yo-kj LB
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rCBUhop, BBBunTlne, iSow Yoik.
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mtrtcixmn, inkcuth.
HUM lUim I .U ta.kMI ...lllln.
1)31 lnnHj-lvnnln, nvii
Tin pouiuii or
Professor TyndalVs
Oonraa Ttckats, BIX LECTUIIE8, with Reserved
?f,T...J 1. ..&.. . m-m
mi BL Ni 4ttra bifa foe faurved afia.
lu naa at utuutj urn m.
uf UMlIenrr iaiu IJirr Aid Asociatlin
bs daflreTd Till kCVr-NlfU, si Ht. Paul's
t'bsital. klrbtb Street, betweov i and K trsU
la, UJ n. AHfTUta oirsur, uq , lur vim nrarm ui
onuic drrctti. MtTiVrr.
Avoid th rn-h by securing seats In advance, noi
nut, ILi llin.ia. lMtarl. - tut?-.
Cipimii r rp liritu uk icmtIun of
OV UOLlalKUUAa Th' M. K O. A. aiiuuunc
the itMlowlmc pnwranima of eterrtsea outLawra-
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LL, 00 RAT.
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iTnu. tha Bntb iaaUDtTlIla Kt
kiarcla-a-prarar br Rev. ift. Atkins; lotrodu
laucjr.uov. tMMisn, naa siaav onua-mea
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llrmtrai lv thai iirMailiiur nitli
icwi Aie.4tUouLtr H'-
II. t'larrrensar Bdfu-r of AUlractof Mr.
IHtrhiJfi Report: Ad.lr-a bjrOeo, O. O. Howard;
liu Oua, and awaivl oTmM-alaV Tne Marin Land
will fiirniau th music. KierclaM commenc lt
ciacly at 1 JU o'clock. Adrulaalon free. novgiat
wvinvAitiTTTudiyirK. , 'r
i Mr. A u. hA ll,I.K.r....f.I-teVand Minuar.
thu rimi avkniie thkatrie com bin a
,. , , UtMR OBOnaiE LA NO LET.
Ami f nil Oner ef Watmpelltan Artists, In Mr. An
guatiu lMrs great a-Meraporanaou flay, enUued
! mY0RCT.fyoDITOCK,- j
ElanUr llonaUd and ProdaMsl.
nr.iir Bn Tin orand oala vatik em,
Tiusmxiivisa aptS(X)n.
AudtATVnOAT.all p.m.
tn r.p.rllop. ABTiCf.E rT." noTlft
IKlmnth atreet, aouthI.nn.-lTul. a. mm.1
wore kbit HovrxTiTS. r.icrnsa ATTBia
I'ltM appearanr. of tb. TMMiUd Cnararler and
hum ivtitniH imii MlliTiil OTr.
Tb. beautiful pmuler o.iuhum .mhIuU and ,rr.tMt
er..Ml.K(JU,nmnmri ."HI" JSrrv!2.i&
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williE(1aVLhu,Ui bonHi
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in. to wonoer-
I Newand bMuUulbaUtaJvrutiiMu,arriiged
b Hlaa Hail la, A 14. atltlUtvl.
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hraalealblllaVaf offfrfaaL lwrrrnl THiJa Piwn.
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P",? Vt7.1 iJTS-,r.Vi,'?T,,, 5.' ".?!S
nm giniM-TrW 1 Ht-I BBWWIal BB--M, ( Wrf 1-BH
i urama. wnu-n vr w. j. i otmiiaaiiri, tpuuw, jtiiti
, (' " W"J ii.inumu
rnoon and Kvanlng. wi
sad Trine o. la W.f.
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Din aoauaaiui
It. IL lla Ladli
in aviBBHi, I'nina ma, mw rf.vuuui
If1 Mtrht-!" TueatUy and rridajr.
ramllr maUnea,
mm, n Nuianini hhidhiuui
piumc.K McDonald, m. d.
- ' ookottraiTioluL tmuiioiL L
MONDAY. I)-ctnler t at I o'clock, p. tn.
HHiaTtr. nlBiuiTitMi.
buu uiann.
the onlr llvlwr imitator of Aurlotw revered state,
wen i th moat lounet lniprofior tg tUiaks-
oaia rvoriTtMi iiun nia acuou luor irooa' impraa.
eioua of what la ar! and nobi In ham nature
than from tb anniinanU of tha philoaoibn or the
d-aorlpllona of tn poata. He la Protua for atwp,
a JtiM4as for a tneeua. Ht ganiu ta dacxUrlua-
Irioula. It would ution lh stair stand wll
riT---ijci-f in DAtvi-Buo i-irtn, uata-vAfioaaaa.
n HiTTiaoTU uli p, laoao'W.
a.an.um,nrl nmiHU ara W'nM 1WI-
lenlquailAoaUoit. Ill v la clear and aoaorou,
and hla laiuruair Au-ut and wail eima-ui. Oouldb
brsua4dlinibrac tu hlatrloBt profeaaloa,
a n ai ix rasorvaq saata wm eoni
dar mornlnAf, al i'bllp A Haaopoiia.
v vr
llflfllPtr aada-llL DrVlilu. Mn.lM.1
now readr to furnish ill tb latwt aud Bvati umiuJu'
Unsto for German. Parti, liaUa, lwXliti-, A.
Ilia patrons can ralr upn riivilV parfaol aatlaaa
tloo. Ordars tan baT-A! W. U. AlftUarutl A Oo,'s,
Hilla and at nif iwaldeitea, rat. Havenl StraM aovLh
el,be4wwnilai41 alraauTNavy Yard, umaaai
r-f-- y rTr..Tn"i -rf.
At Pr.?JMrTWN,.
OIU- ctoriiati IVIlttlt mill
I KfrCMttM,
Oltlr Abl.l. .rr.rllr 1. lb. Ml.wl.a
"" lunavi ;-,;:!;:, - -1
II 0 M ,
Or IVuw Yorlt,
" OROimitl) A. Tl. HN.
laaatn...., .w..ll,r(M,tMK)
dlr iiintniiti,
laaota HI ,40,KM
Oi Urooltlyu,' IVT. Y '
lilJ.M' '
TbH. Btroui C14 CooiiB!.a 1
rronuab ua tba
UaUmllrat ObbM.o a -Ml a aiwt tbayaraliut
aa Prooptlr aMMln, tb. Boaoalwabow. Tbay
will rarlrarrXk.Ur.ctfOai.ulflClaia out ol tbu
tarr ordal llb,Ulll llrfanlMl and Lana
Suriaua Inaura Tour rrop.Hr wbararouraabaia
A. S. Pratt fc Son.
Lockwood, Hufly & Taylor
Vo liarc just recolvcil a
completo lluo ' of nIzcs
nnd Hlindcs ol' (ho
first quMiy.
a loves,
at thr ropuau pinrrja, am
u Poi.unvH,
1.7 ft
Altai tlio l'-t mule uT Chn-
tor. DuffHkln, Cl4tlt MIIlc
unci miI:-X-liiMl. ml
OttMtotnttl ItTMUIit
A.11 Mlby,. nTtllu 1eat
mtimti, Hii.ii, viiK.Tor
la .11 ralM. far atrr.1 wr.r, ..J fbli. .il
lAabi sk.JV.rrl.a wr.r,
INMIZKH lMtO.M 4 to tl
a I. is
V.r I ll.ll. .
Also, 311k, Cloth and Loathe r
ha I
083 Pennavlvonla Avenuo.

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