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rimnoirptDun arn tinted at .
Arci.o.,contalnint Jewelry, ha been loll.
A tut reliable colored man wunei e situa
tion. . , .
Tior. ncitcui tonic panacea, for sal bj
Nairn A Bra
FnunratPioOMiAUM IfUIftChQlCtU ftTBt
for rent.
WAHTiT,bjmlilJl-el man, ft eltiatloiiM
FaarASOLMomMY received Hi tht new
uoud.y broeenu, in front variety, at Lowea,
HI Market spare.
A xktt and commodious three-etorj brick
IwetiiDf Is for sail by Fitch A Fox.
ftiuwi, la irrwt variety, for Christmas prte-
nts at Win. It. Rilr-v,
W. P. ntrvocn 1M rrlibjft street, Oeorje
town, ha an elecant assortment f fur.
A wirrtva of the Washington and Oeorf
town railroad directors will be held on Wednes
day. Juain(,im.
Tna sale by Vn, L. Wall A Co, auctioneers, of
an attractlrt line of furniture, la postponed
nntll Monday morning. December n.
B. W. Ran A Bom ran teU how to enjoy a
merry Cbristmea and happy new Tear. They
nave Ml mdi of good thing.
oatift A Williams, auctioneer, will Bell, on
Friday, January 10, at 4 o'clock, p. m., a two
atory frame house and lot, fronting on 0 afreet
south, between Third and Four-and-a-half wait.
II. Herbert.
Te happy X-mn timet theee Joyful, generous
dv the very tune when fancy boxes, oornuco-
fia. win-iiuuii, iuu ati antcira in in a uai u
ectionerr mike neoole amrecteiire of the m
and of thoojrhtful donor i ami. now, where to
f let them t There 1 no better place then Her
ten. No. 631 seventh street. He U a defend
ant of flinu Clans himaelf. and will almott sir
way hi good thing. Step In and see hla hand-
ionii isce imue an over wntn yon ui ior cawij,
tfuxh candy as be has I worth looking at. Call
on tieroen,
Beautiful IlelMar Present
At Porous
t Facto
onuoalt Y. II. C. A. bnlldln-.
embraclnir real Laee and Linen Seta. Linen Hand
kerchief. Embroidered and Initial liandker-
cniera, rrencn uapa, usee unuersieeve, ana a
foil line of Fancy Article especially adapted to
No. lota Pennavlvenia avenaa.
here the monopoty of the farortte nd well
known brand of Horn Harbor oyatera, the Brat
and floeat of the aeason, which tney will aerr In
their popular ealoon for ladle and gentlemen,
and are also prepared to furnish the same In
..acasgra oi an niaea iur iruuwniUQD.
T rarchaser ef II all day CUlhlag.
Ma tbi Fact.
We are now offering
Meoa Iweas Bulla from t to am.
Men Pre flutta from wo to $..
Man's Dress Units from 133 to add.
Business Suit f rom fid to 10.
Business nnit rrom w ao.
Iluslnes ttult from itt to $40.
wonting nii irom scions,
Working Haiti from $18 to i.
Working suit from to (M.
mercoew. Melton, from 111 to lis.
Urerroats, htue.brown and gray Chinchilla,
tie tojn.
Overcoats, blue, brown Hearer, t?3 to M.
i.s luiawar rwiisirom. t a.
rvira' Franklin ftuit from fin to U i
b ir l heaterfleld Miilt from aia tn 2L
Uwya Cape Urercuau from 9 toll.
, i nmna' ureronau irom six to jm,
Men' Talma and v, tag Coat.
Noah Walirr A CO
all PennaytranlaaTenue,
Metropolitan Hotel llulioing.
Cm4f'n ChrUtaiaa Acrlle.
CAHDT came to Waahlngton,
And opened here hi store t
Merer on the Arena
Did the like appear berer.
Yon may guess the crowd of people
CAXDrt opening keen,
And be sure yon And the
Number, six hundred and sixteen.
nay and night hla sweet are nice.
You may buy the best at the lowest price.
lw Opposite Metropolitan IIoUL
LAxaaxxwciAME will commence theconrse
In the ltustnee College the first week In Janoary;
the majority arranging for scolarablpa at the
liMtallnientraie. Iseerly sixty ladles and gen
tlemen (twice the nsnal number) are in the class
iviiuiiwiraiiiiitai SIT
TBI new Cotonnade Hotel, Philadelphia, I.
Is near aorerat Protestant Episcopal churchea.
Mas. LrcnroA B. OAxnuia la at the residence
of Mrs.C. B, WUvlow, No. 1 Orant place, and
will reeeire calls from I to a p. m.. and will make
appuiuunsnu ra nuiu panor inetung.
Ita ! FOR TBI I (oi.ro IT I
Messrs. Ooldmann A meinberv, the enterprl-
store, corner Serenth and (i street, hare iuale
great preparations for the coming holiday. Their
aiock of goula I Immense, embracing ererythlng
ui Riuucuiru ca, ia I wan, uiiru VI U9
rtrj hest msDnfsctare. ondenhlrta, and drawer
of all the different kinds, glore In kid, dogskin,
cattor, cloth, chinchilla, Ac, trarellng bag, knii
lacket. omhrellaa. linen and ailk baihlkamh if
ilea, bows and scarfs, and a great many other ar
Cnaisra as Piurm.
Come In and look at our stock before purcbas-
Medicated red llano el underwear a specialty.
Corner Seventh and U streeu.
Wmrx, clean, sound teeth, all may hare by
nlng uallj TnriurroN'a Irory Pearl Tooth
Powder; price, ts and M cent per bottle.
taW b. It b, con.unl . of TU0m ,
Duvnrvi, uii, Kinn7 nun an arpirv It, ail
IVinade Ootlnie. Price. IS and no unts iter
LttHT color xn Kid nioresarerery stylish when
not suited. JuursNl Inodnraas Kill fiinve
Clvsner will renorste them thoroughly; price, 15
criui iirr nun ic ah sum uy aruffgisis sotl
(kucj ueaicra.
and appropriate for all season, at
No. 439 Serenth street, between D and E, era-
"rectus cuiiico raiuuujs, curvioua. sns;rBVUiKS.
Pliotographs, Pkture yrsotew, all style au(
lies, In walnut, gilt, relret, Ac Picture CoM
and Tassels, King, Nalls,(lold-pttd, llnned and
Wire Centre Picture Curd, with a full lint of
Psperliangtng and Window Shades.
Fcnat Foaall FUM'i: The largest and cheapest
assortment of ladles' snd children's Fancy Furs
for the boUdeys, st reduced price, tDrrraiCB,
fur manufacturer, T4 Herenlh street northwest,
rmtreof the square sign of the "Dig Bear."
Tax ixftT TisLR so a an the market afford Is
furnished at the Merston House, on Fifteeulh
street snd New York avenue. Also several haud
somely famished front and back room.
U Nrolch Bottom (Jailer.
II M SUtthed Boot.
4 00 ikwl Calf Boot.
A 60 Custom Made.
I j go Ladles Button Gaiter.
II French Kid Button.
II W Children's Button.
white (1 alter and Hiippers.
KuMwr UooU snd Snows, all slSes, at
HxruHtrMX ui Seventh atreet.
1 (lenrge Combs, toe Pennaylranla arenue, le
t ween M11 th and Tenth atreet. 1 sclilug the
finest Freuih tandle at the low price of 40
inu per pound. A rail will satisfy all that he
is selllug the same good hlcb are usually sold
for Tu reut. I. a. Cons,
904 Pennsylvania avenue.
Umra and Ji(TtXKw, If you wish yonr
Hearing apparel cleaned tn a flrit-clSHs manner
4 nd them to A. FisnxK, III Ninth street, oppo
site Patent oracc. ihe Professor will give you
-.t in fiction wlthootfail, Kldgloveacleaueil nice
uul theap.
n wing Marhlnels the beat of alL The perfec
tiou of stitch on all kind of good, great range
nf work, ease of operation, noiseless, (or more
nearly so than any other shuttle machine.) self
adjusting irnstnn, simplicity and durability of
ail part Is not equaled in any other machine,
oiTUc ft F street, Mssonlo Temple.
M. P. Adams A CO , Agents.
A. haxs A CO.
Poventh street.
Th tVAbluate (llv MetiMira Itenlt.
enruerof Bvrenlb street snd Louiaiana sveuue,
pays iter cent, interest on all deposits. Depo.
P.- .. ta..l ...I fll4ll .1 Hill ".
its csd be made and drawn at will.
For Niw Via CaUA
Full UrrM ttulU,
at tt atJ. HkJrt,
'at Mi, at lid,
at iro.
A. ?UXI A CO., Ill Bereoth street.
National Parlsc 111,
ornsr of New ) ork avenue and nttrenth street,
itUBlnerLcnt.per annum on deposits foresch
ilays, I to I and I ton.
faieutisr iiiwh. - .-, w V
Tuk Urgent establishment t
'1 be most e xtenslre variety 1
The very lowest prlees.
A. Aaxi A Oo III Serenth irtreet.
FWXVilnf Coabi,
known u thl
amagnlfloent aasnrtoient,
A. hIxi a tu, ill beventh street.
EiOLiim Kkxt orxacoAti, In Woe, brown.
Diiie. aran, ana siate, a . .
003 Sirentb strtet, tbtn doors sw,tX
ties Abeat FashlhUt VsefHl, nnd
Cbeap STenlr.
Chrlitmu holldara. the aeason of rest and
merry-making, are close at hand. hat a world
of pleating, delightful anticipation! are centred
by old and young In thl religions featlral I How
Ilk a boon the occasion la to the majority of
mankind I And what a beautiful custom la thla
presentation of gift that ha from the beginning
sweetly auorneo ami coromemoraiea to id wnois
cfrUlxed world this sacredly feattre annlrersaryl
NothlDcUaodecldedlr proroklng a to gaxe
upon a multitude of attractlre present and yet
be unable to make suitable selection those
adapted to each Indlrldual, male and female
friend, and consistent with one relations there
to. To combine the oaefuiwitn in ornameniaj.
the norel and elegant, the practical ana mineuc.
In one satisfying present, that will please and be
unexceptionable, U rather a difficult undertak
ing, and ia Just now puxzllng the head of the
old and young i and, for the benefit of our read
ers, we propose to gire a few brief descriptions
of appropriate eonreirfra, also state where they
nrtr a Drnther ars deserrlns; of cheers: In
fact, 'renewed applause," for their place of bust
new. Ml I'funarlranl arenue, U thronged with
happy purchaser of canned rood, tomatoes,
peaches, Wlnalow corn, and of coffee, old (or
ernment Jars, Marscslbo snd Rio. snd choice
rail and firkin batter, snd the best fsmllr flour.
and raisins, citron, fig, date, dried peaches
and apples, Atmore mincemeat, snd all pomihle
good thing in the grocery line. Hurrah fur Bray
k Brother!
All that u genteel In this kingdom and desira
ble for the ladtea, a they well know, can re
round at W lllian', 9tfT Pennsylranla arenue. It
la not for as to know what failles wear, and we
blssh to be in possession of the fact tnet ladles
wear undergarment, and yet Wllllaa yesterday
actually bad the hardihood to display before our
profane eyee what he called an 'elegant assort
ment of them," and some eorseta, mysteriously
marked "J. B. P whaterer thsl la. V
thought at first that they were fortheCC. P.
Club, but our friend Sluiier ssys the club donl
wear corsets. But what took ear aye was hi
real lace, hi superb black dress silks, bis cloak
Telreta, a splendid lot of wrapper, sieereless
velret wslstn, reloar ceintur Louis XW," and
tnaomebeautiral neckuesth whole history of
Abeiard and HeMe was recalled. Heal skins and
Hootch turbans, and a thousand and one remark
able things tor sale, made the r Uit to V llllsns s
Riessant a a week with the Arabian Nights en
irtsmment Please step la, and see foryooN
"Olory leads all men captlr at the wheel of
her glittering car." 80 Horace sung, but what Is
glory without gold and surer and prscloua stone
snd all the curious and beautlfnl ornament into
which they are wrought One can linger for
hours In the superb store of M. V. Gait, Brother
A Co. It 1 a mighty feist for the ere tu look at
their tray of breastpin, watch chains, brace
lets, necklaces, and, hearen keep us from enry I
their dlamond,csmeos, turquoises, rabies, pesrls,
emerald,ametbUta, snd JetornMincnta, which do
Indnite Justice to the firm. Besides, their shelres
are Oiled with Pari and Vienna fancy good of
their own importation. But the catalogue doe
not end here, for bronxe clocks In all designs,
fans, fine porcelain and Byaautlne work are
richly displayed. Htop sod see the grand Christ
ma display at Oalfa.
The pilgrim, on his way after holiday goods, l
thrilled a he stops at No. 101I and vm Herentu
street, sod wonders at the "only one price," snd
the very low one at that, for dres goal and
hswls, doeskin aud flus cloth, handkerchiefs,
hosiery notion. Hamburg edging and Inserting.
Demurest patterns dress goods and shawl. As
Hhakspeare ns It In "As Tou Like It," it you pas
by this store "yog may gain experience at a price
that will make you aad
"Women langh when they ran and weep when
they will," and it's a sure sign they are going to
laugh when their husbands give them money to go
toLockwood, HuftyA Tsjlor to get a pair of
lctoria kid glorvsT ranging in prUefrora ILta
tofl.TO, or apalrof llama's seamless glore, or
castor, dog-skin, cloth and silk glore. These
8 lores are in all ahadee and of the nuest quality,
nee in this store, elegantly appointed laerery
way, a person will had a million snd a half
thiar they want, and which they can buy at fair
If yoa are Mthln and lean as Romeo's Mantuan
apothecary," and would like to grow fat, it would
b well to consider the fact that U.U.Cornwell
A Son. lia Pennarlrsnla srenne. hSTS on hand
a line of holiday good tht would make a "drlns
anchorite" feel like enjoying a few year more of
Christmas and New Yr's holidays. They hare
fully two thousand pounds of cream, burnt and
extra Jordan almond, guru drops, mixed can
dles, fig paste, chocolate, bon-bons, and all ra
rietle of snch thinr. together with load of
pecans, English walnuts, Brazil, filberts, Malaga
Kkpea, banana and oranges, raspberry, straw
rry snd currant marmalade. Prof. Blots cele
brated soup, and all canned goods, and all
French goods, and orer aixthonund bushel of
poiaioe sna spptea, ana two nanarea Dsrmsoi
On Hoar, and a rich line or champagnes and
liquors of all sorts. Pall into line for Cornwall's,
when yon want articles of this nature.
J. U. Bmltb A Uo the well-known clothier at
Wh Seventh street, hire Just bad consigned to
them from a Boston firm orer aao.win worth of
clothing. It yon are in need of raiment of any
kind Hmlth is the man to call on, for he can sell
you line good at twenty-are per cent, below
A line lot of old French brandies, Jamaica rum,
Sn and tther liquor ha Just been recolred by
H. Bacon, No. IW Market Space. Article of
tlieabore Uescrtptlon arelu demand daring the
holiday season, and there la no better place to
pure then than at the store of . 11. Bacon.
If there Is one thing more than soother that
women bar a peiKAsnl for, It t real Brussels
laces. M. Note, at the Columbls htL hss
splendid ux k, beside pearl fan, with real lace
Tnere Is no better article for a Christmas gift
than a splendid set of Chios, W ebb A BererUire,
No. 411 rierenth street, has an elegant assort
ment of china and glassware, beside a large
stock of Parts and Oermau fancy article.
C. C. PurselL No. W Ninth street, has a fine
lot of article suitable for Christmas presents,
la the shape of book and f smsp article.
W m. L. orury. No. ill Nintb street, between
D and E, has on hand an assortment of groceries
end liquors which cannot be excelled In the city.
Low price and quick sales U) the motto of this
enterprising merchant.
The business at the Fifth Avenue bote). New
York, hss not been interrupted by toe late nre,
Jilt'" V.KSl.o.KJuSy. u'HSJI
nlfb reputation among th cltlaen of VI ashino-
wu, wno win uouDuea gire it tueir patronage
In th future s In th psjtt.
lliese sra Joyful, generous days, when fancy
boxes, bon-bon and confectionery are In great
deinaml. There 1 no better place to purchase
these articles than at Herbert's, No. 6'il Hcrentb
street, His fame a a confectioner is known of
all men, and the shelres of his store fairly groan
under the weight of good thing.
D. A. Brosnan, No, rt U atreet, near St. PaU
rick's church, ha an elegant assortment of Bi
ble, testament and pryeMooks, 1 lie CmtkoiU
H'orU, Htie and Mum are alwaya on band.
Caruet are in demand at thla season of the
year. W 1. Mitchell A Co, hare one of the
largest aud beat assortment of this kind of
good. In the city, due of the a.lvauUge. of .
trading with this Arm U that you can rely upon
every word they tell you, snd you are sure of
HEtiuJK m nuuu anicic, iur wvj mwry uu wiuvr.
lueircsrpeuisrs iwinirsum atreuuteg pneea.
specially of Boor lluer and dancing cloths. He
naa aiso a uue lot 01 lacs cunaios, on cioms, c.
"Those who are gorgeously appareled are hi
klnm' courts." if ruu wsnt to look like a nrince
get Wm. K. Tucker, 441 Pennsylvania avenue, to
isks you a suit of clothes.
A flu carriage U a rery pleasant and useful
thing to have prorided your horses hare not got
the eplxootlc. John . Bridget, No. ISO Peun
aylranla avenas, has on hand a larjre stock of
new and second-hand csrriages, widen he U pre
pred to sell at reduced rate.
u. cgan, corner 01 it aau seventu streeu, nas
a splendid stock of wlae, liquors and groceries.
uu piu rvweia, ii ! tut a wr, wuuiu
immediately bring the corpse to life.
An elegant present for an aged isdy or gentle
men I s pair of gold spectacle. A Ine assort
ment will be found at Hem pier, corner of Four-and-s-hslf
street and Pennsylvania arenue.
N. W, BurcbelL 1131 F street, hs J ut received
a larsre auDDtvof trumes. netite fou. cbsmoair-
nons, sardines and fancy groceries.
as tse crest aesiucraium nowauays tor tne
economical housekeeper Is the knowledge of
where to purchase at the most reasonable rate
supplies ol choice groceries, fruit, cuudimeuts,
Wines and liquor, we Uke Brest pleasure In
reeommenillriir tn the nubile MTha Central U hnle.
ale and Httail Tea, Onfiee and Spiue Store," fill
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, near seventh
street, which ha become truly great In the
amount of business doue and iu catbllity to
gire satisfaction to a critical public. It reputa
tion for choice teas, and for Iu various selected
coffee, roasted and ground dally on th premises.
is so wen bqowu in we ouuuucuuy anvise con
sumers to purchase there, a th atock, em
bracing all that can be desired, I one of the
most extensive in town.
you wsnt a good pair or km giove ror bail
and parties and can get them by stopirtng lu at
Walt, ItoblniKM A Co?, 9-1 lenusylvaniaarenoe.
At Ooldmann A Steinberg's, corner of Seventh
and (J streets, the greatest preparation has been
made for th noltdaya In the shape of underwear,
umbrella, linen and silk handkerchief and
scarfs. Drop In and look at the stock.
Noah Walker A Co., under the Metropolitan
hotel, offer hue men ami boys' holblay suit.
'I bey have an excellent assortment of good that
will please. Take the little boy along with you
and gladden his heart with a new holiday rig.
AtUauUer's, HIT Pennsylvania arenue, you
ran stock your sideboard with the fluest uu'
ported wines and liquor. Their TUnda bar a
good reputation a to quality.
For a beautiful painting, photograph orchrorno
atop In at Markrtterli, 43 Serenth street, between
DaudK. Huat more appropriate for a Christ,
ma gift than a pleasing thrown. HU picture
frame are msgnlnoeut.
All the conoomilanU of the Christmas and New
Tear dinners should be of the Ann quality. Good,
fresh groceries are Just a needful a good beef,
ntutlou, real, oysters, gam and llah. All these
tblnn can be procure at m. Lluklna A Son ,
Ii Twentieth street, The large asaortmentof
poultry, print butter, canned fruit, and vegetables
and fruits consuntly on band here, make It a de
alable place from which to bring away a full
bsseU ,,
11 A Advice.
Tray for a bold spirit and a strong mind"
when you pa I. Becker A Co., No.aol Pennsyl
vani avenue, or you will surely be tempted to
step tn snd open your purs for a flue suit of
clothes for dress or business, warm and durable
furnishing goods, glove of all kind and beat
makes, pialu and fancy neck ties and everything
that a gentleman may want to wear, Bocker A
Co. are marchant tailor of well established re
pute, and from a finely eelt)d stock of French
and Viiguih goods will make garments to order
Aaaerte-a UI Iasaraact,
Ths American Life Iniurante Association are
engaged In perfecting an organisation la this
city, which U so near completed that they will
hold a meeting m a few days for the election of
directors. It was an association of tbU kind
that paid a polity or is,isw on the life of Mr.
Oretley to his daughters.
Meet In f the Csaatr khel Tnietees.
Tne bosm or Trustees of the County Bchoots
met yesterday craning at thsit rooms, orer the
s 01 Metropolis, on rineentn atreet.
opposite the Treasury, the president, D. L, Mil
ler, In the chair, and Ohu. Donrlss, secretsry,
The new member, Mr. A. D. V. Burr, tu pres
ent for the first time.
Mr. Foiiiot, from the committee appointed tn
Inrestigate the disorder among the teachers in
the Barry Farm school, submitted a report. In
whkh they stated that disorder had been found
In the SChooL and that It won Id tM nualu tnrf
detrimental to the Interest of education to con-
unue an tns present leacners m in ssme build
In. Ther recommend that tha brini'intL tin.
V. L. Douglas, be transferred to some other
school In the county, and that Mr.W. ILHarrt
be trauaferred to her school.
A letter was read from Trustee Mitchell set
ting forth that Mr. Harris objeeted to being
Mr. Foiiiot aatd thla was rather dictatorial on
the fart of the teacher.
rmi, uMim, iHtMuuci.nau wn onwni upon
inrltatlon of the board, stated his objections to
being transferred, and aald the objection ws
made on hla part owing to the distance from hi
residence, and la consequence of the state of hi
health he would not M) able to walk the distance
from Sixteenth and M street to Bary Farm; and
further, he did not desire to lake any part in the
umicmij Dviween sir. tmugiBsa and Mr. Brown,
a both gentlemen were hi personal friends, and
by hie taking this school a wrong feeling might
b created.
Mr. FoUlot assured Mr. tlarrli that politics
should not be in the way, u he would protect
hlrn therefrom.
The secretary, Mr. Donglass, stated upon re
quest of Mrs. Douglass that all dimcultle tht
may hare existed hare been settled, and that all
disturbance hare cesaed; therefore any teacher
the board may feel disposed to place at Bsrry
Farm will hare a harmonious career while there.
Mr. Talbot aald the committee had determined
to mske the transfer, and it Mr, Harris did not
. bo then some one else would hsrs to. as tn
change must be made.
After further expression of opinion, the re
port was adopted.
Mr. Brown made a motion, which was adopted,
closing the school from December II to Jan
uary a.
A committee consisting or Messrs. Mitchell,
Burr and Hllcfcwa appointed to Inreatlgsie the
charges made against the secretary regarding
some stores In hi possession said to be the
property of the board, after which the board ad
To all paying their taxes this month a discount
of seren per ceut. will be allowed.
What has become or that robdi nmttt It1 all
O. K That worse than Using a newspaper
man's erershoe.
Tlckiy benders" for the boy on Eighth street
east yesterday. The water Ufted np the wooden
abortion, and the blocks floated like applet la a
tub of water.
The noblest names upon the pension roll of
1611 at the Interior Department are those of
General John A. Dix and Thurlow Weed. The
latter draw pension a a lifer.
The "Holiday Journal," a spicy little adrsrtla
ing sheet, baa made it appearance, and from the
present Indications will no donbt hare a profita
ble career, If It ts only for a short time.
There Is la the rooms of the county school
coramlMlonere the aesl of ths old Lery Court,
bearing the date of isoi. It la tn perfect condi
tion, and aurpssse In Impression those of the
make of the present time.
The following was the range of the thermome-
1 J",u nempier optician store, no
401 Pennarivama arenue, corner of Ponr-and-x-
half street: 8 a. ra.
1 mu d a. m bji id k. m . m? ii m ar n
r, 4 p. nL, m p. m it 73 u
An old fellow who lire alongside of the Con
gressional bury lug-ground saye that Us the only
place on the Nary Yard where yoa can hare a
large ntrmber of neighbors who mind their owu
business and donl interfere with other people.
The propcrty.holdere of Kast Capitol street
hold a meeting on Monday evening at the south
east corner of Third street and fcsst Capitol
street, to urge the extension of the Metropoli
tan railroad and the placing of the same in run
ning order to hlercnth street southeast.
If a certain gentleman la thla town should die
away from home It would pnxxJ people to Iden
tify him by the clothe he wear, all owing to
bis washerwoman. He ha a shirt marked Nib
lack, a pair of drawers marked mocktou, a collar
marked Hatch, a pair of stockings luaTked Oar
field, and so on. They are U good clothes, but
he say be prefers his own.
L.Y KlUsandWrcyThompsonharebeenchoeen
to represent the Amateur Press Assoclstlon of
this city in the second semi-annual convention
that meet at the Mount Vernon hotel, ta Balti
more, to-day,
Mr. Alexander Borland, another old and re
spected citizen, died at hi residence on L
atreet, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets,
yesterday morning, st th adrsaoed age of eighty
four years. Ue lesre a Urge circle ol friend
that will unite with the family in their bertare
ment, Naral Lodge No. 4, 7. A. A, W., elected the fol
towing omcer or the ensuing yean Geo. w,
Harrington, W, M.i Thoa. II 0russ,JrH. W.i
Charles Schelse, J. W4 Jo. F. lUuer, aetveury:
Tho. OoinerTlJl, treasurer: Wo, Ullkerson,
uien Thoa. H. Cross, jr., X. b. Berry, and Adam
OsdJU, Jr., trustees.
Mr. Park B, Johnston, deputy auditor of Sum
mit county, Ohio, reached thl uty yesterday
morning, aud will be the guest ol hi numerous
frtenils heredurlna? the holiday. Mr. J. Is well
snd favorably known In Washington, and while
connected with that popular orvanixatlon, the
C. C, P. club, acquired an enviable reputation as
a Tovalist of no little merit. It is hoped that be
may once mora be tmluUd to fsror us with hi
able rendlUon or MFra Dtaralo.
A moat novel pott morlem examination took
place ycUrdy, near the corner of CandKJer
enth streeu southwest, on the body of an old
colored woman. It was conducted by Dr.
Leech, Bowman and Stevenson. Dr. Leech de
livered the lecture to his two associates, holding
in his hsuds such portions of the dlsseued body
as needed explanation in detail. As it was con.
ducted tn an upeu shanty. It may be said to bare
taken place la the open sir,
Mr. Wlddowa will play the following pro
gramme this trentag on the Metropolitan!. K.)
church chines, commencing at T o'clock: "Blue
Bell of HootUnd," MLoog, Long Ago," Th
Light of Other Day," -Kataleen Afavourneen,
"Larboard Watch," duet, The Heart Bowed
Duwn," "Robin Auslr," "Molly Raws," "Rocked
in the Cradle of the Deep," waits ononis from
"Leonora," "Serenade from Troratore," aeleo.
tlonsfrom "Kllse d Amors." -He'll neOsyand
Happy" and "Home, Sweet Home,"
Chrlstssavs Preeeet la m Teacher.
At the alaas at the stIumJ uiMiiuia,ii.
i-.i-i -. - -rJTZ z ' r 't-t wim
-bl?l01 eopy ? ahluP'a works, sspress-
Ingat the aame tlmi their satisfaction at tha
ll0f-,-1nlr-h!Ki,t!Lf,uiif, "I"".
r7-ki'ra . v. .? -" """
LfJ!.xVteK,l,ou1.ll,eDh. T.',a of
the pupils, on behalf u( the suhoot, presented
her with a cony of Moore' work, beautifully
Illustrated. Miss llna-man rn)Liwl avlth a .. I.
beiltung the occasion; the expressed her grati
fication st the pleasant sute of affairs wbicn ex
ulted, which was owing entirety to the hearty co
operation of every teacher in the baiiding, and
her earnest desire to do her dftty in every re
rfpect. sine thanked both teachert and pupils fur
these tesUmQoiaU of regard and esteem, aud
fi?0$ Vnd giod wiu"vu"l prevsVeTaVrLl
Cqm.uJ 1 will the uSahwL f
twww-t wint ms ijuootn stnooL
uuiwu uiki in me future, as in tnil, such
The following eases of smallpox were reported
to the health ortlre yesterdayt one at loiu Four-aud-a-balAstreetsoethwest;
one between Tenth
awl hJevemh and M aud N itroeu aoatheast;
oueuu north C.near Mnsteeuth atreet north
east; one at 81 Second street southwest; one
at II Ninth street soouesst; one In the county,
lust overileuoing'a bridge; wis st No. V street,
between lenth and tasventh northeast. One
burial, that of lra May Hartley, corner of Ser
euthaudM atracta'sedOiewv nas Uken place
since our last report. Deaths ar th amalipox
hospital are not Included in this report. Ihese
arsrauorted mnnLhlv Lj the Hmnl ( HaaitK i.
1 thf health omcer. There u no case pi amalipox
a m n iiiwi uuiiuwcii, as nas oeeo pUD
lubed. Une Oelh was reNrte.l, that of Jainee
Yi eems, at the corner o TQth an) V streeu
son the st,
Juilffe Snell vesterdsv ordered th relaasa fivim
Jail of Thomas Fendsli, a colored boy, who was
buuuuitkcii U( hu Ua Ull tu CUIIV UI DU1.
U-iui trespass on th premiaea of Mr. A. Young,
residing across the taste rn branch. It was
brought to the notice of the court that a colored
man was employed to gather evergreens aud
cellars for tne decorative committee of the
Church of the Kplpbsny, who waa aware of the
existence of thl nursery of tree to le used for
ornamental purpose, and persuaded the boy to
go with him and cut them down while be kept at
a disUuce. and when Fendall was arrested he
immediately decamped. The Judue considered
the boy innocent of inteotiuual wrong, ami ac
cordingly ordered hi release.
Oft far A I bear.
On Thursday night. In the terrible storm, Capt,
Crocker, wltn Messrs. UdriJge aud Dutton. of
the Jail guard, started for the Albany peniten
tiary, with the following prisoner to serve out
their sentences: John Thorns, burglary, three
years; W ashlngton Meredith, assault and resist
ing a omcer, one year, James Fields, alia Ueo.
H. Johnson, do., one year Henry Miller and
William Pox, grand larceny, one year; Adam
Kelly, assault and battery, with Intent to kill,
three yearn: John Maddux, grand larceny, two
years; William Brown, alias 'lboiitas Ugieton,
grand larceny, one year,
Ohio Horlubte.
The Drat reception and bop given by the Ohio
Republican association will Uke place st the Ms
aomo Temple on Friday evening, December T,
Those of last winter will be remembered with
much pleasure by ail fortunate enough to hare
been participants, and doubtless they anticipate
the eutuinx one with bnllianl hones. Th com
mittee having the affair In charge bare Worked
faithfully, and the hop of tut season will far
exceed those of the past In eujoyuieutaud pa-
Yesterday morning the pupils and many friends
of Miss Smith, teacher of Female Intermediate
scrmoi, rrauaim uuuuiug,
several eleiraut articles ul
After the ceremony the scholar entertained
i hoi present with some vocal music, upon the
conclusion of which the school was dismissed
until after the holidays. Mis smith durlug the
Tacatiuu wiii tibii iivf iriou'ia m iue urin
Tempermare aieetlsig.
To-niDrmw afterumm at 1 10 oi Ira k. tha Vis
President elect, and the Iter. Hrs. Parsons, of
miiaaupnis, suu c-nicaenug, oi jtoston, win al
drea a temperance meeting at Uncola hall.
Subject, "The Peril of Holiday Hospitality." AH
sre most cordially Inrlted to attend. Appropriate
iUK'Dg uj me mmj k fro1 'ou, wiia a sow uj urs,
Tdi KiuaxMof Dr. Tiffany church are get
ting up a babbslh-ftchool feitlral for the boU
deys. The order of exercisea wm consist of
Ubleaux, song and speeches. The guesu will
ue Douuuiuiiy Buppuea wun re i res n meats, ana
w preaami that tney will hare a very pleasant
enlertalanijnt for old and youn,
What Feer-asd-a-hatf Hrreei Co4 Aa
IieUe4 Hill Habmltte4-All rmnlea
Rails I e A.
Th proparty-boldera on Fonrad-a-halt itreet
seia a meeting last evening at Rclnforth halt
Hon. F. A. Boswall In the chair, and R. A. Bacon
The committee appointed to wait 00 the Board
of Publlo Works, of which Mr. Bacon was chair
man, reported, submitting aa Itemised bill of the
expense for the work done on Four-and-a-half
eueet, aa follow:
rrxmtKD sill or rinucx ctlumah.
II.TM square yards new brtck pavement laid, at
80 cent per yard, lM.Kf.i0; TT1 eqaer yard trtd
brick parement relald, at ta cenu per square
yard. I1M.TB; l.lnW square yard brick pare
ment on edn laid, at SI l nee ! ias.
T.D04 t-ll running feet, 0-Inch new curb and sew
tUlff.U.IODerlOut. t9.007JOft.SHI l.ll ninn In
fret. 4w-lncb new curb and selling, at M cents,
tl,&6l OS: l,lBt Wl running feet Much curb r
set. at ta cenu per foot, ii38.ii; te,iai cubic
jiu iirBuiiiK, m m cents perrara, 111,4440;
W,4l cubic yards of hauling, at 10 cents, 13,8449:
4S.W square yarda macadamlted pavement, at
$Uto per square yard, llOvsmjO; difference
between board price snd cost on l.toe.tta
bricks, st W.T8 per thousand, I3.4C4 80; hauling
foa Ml feet of 6-Inch curb from Sixth street
wharf, at T cenu per foot, ISU.; hauling 9,481
feet of 4W-(nch from Sixth street wharf, at I
Mlltl u nnt (till, nv,..l tiu '
.im yt vum.w. IVW1, " I P.
viiunuiii lll IIU.
Nine thousand six hundred and forty-two lineal
feet of It-lneh Hootch tile, and laying, 88 cenu
per foot, IUM.M; l.TSS lineal feet li-lnch H,x.tch,
at ll.it, IVWI.TO: sol imeal feet 11 by 1 connec
tions at tl.M, 9l.iu.l4; at lineal feet 19 by 11 con
nections, (for busts.) at tLto: at.9u; 1M man
holes, twelve feet deep, ta,43 tl,Ml cubic yards
excavation, s,si.o. Total, in,4 40
w. a. wiuwk. rvsnuns chaks rATTXTlM )
Four hundred and ninetreeren lineal feet
Scotch Ule, at II cent. t43T.se; 4H recelrlng bsaln
traps, at ll4JM,3,1B.li; 118 cubic yard txca-
liiiun, l tu cenw, W,IU, low, SO, 03$ B.
aw. ..uvwuu ..UU..SU Willi, , f a.uu; wv
pairing water terries, ll.164.jpj removing old
material, fl.HT.08; Inspector, removing Are-plug.
Amount charged to United States. I11,60;
amount charged half rntersectlon cl streets,
lio.eoc Total, in.it3.so. Balance, iM,an.w.
Add Are per cent, for general expenses, (for en
gineering, clerks, lc) IT.81A1. One third as
seased the property holders, IM.T1M3; or 16.13
tss-1,009 per foot for each property holder.
Mr. Cramer said that be had tare fully measured
the maurial in front of every man's property, and
the report was In the hand of the Board ol nu
lla Vlorka, and they would doubtloss make an
allowance to the property-holders for the mate-
Mr. Bacon thought that the only heavy charge
was In the grading, hauling, and tree-boxes; be-
Sond that he did not think the property-holders
al any cause to complain.
Mr. Boeweil suggested that the question waa
aruici iuf priia auuwen were correct ior ue
actual number of feet, and whether the work had
been performed to ooatraet.
Mr.Herfonhsaid that there might b twelve
Inches of stone laid, but ha did not think so. He
was not opposed to the board, pat wanted the
contractor to do hla worK
Mr. Bacon had a large bill to nay. and had
watched the work, and from F atreet to Pennsyl
vania arenue he waa perfectly aaUshed with the
work; what the rest of It would be could not yet
Mr. Cramer aald th nnlnF ha.t Inaruu4ri
the atreet In forty different plat., and pro-
Mr. Bacon aald that while the work had been
rn pro:rea the Board of Pnbllo Worts hail oimn
attention to every complaint ma-Ie, and had It
remedied as far as lay in their power. The con
tractor was compelled to keep the street In re-
r ( viu iiiuukaa. ue, iur iiue, was pcriecuy
AAtlaAKil K.I ihAnM . kl. kill
The report was receircd, and the roeHIni ad
journed. Itesaeisiber Ysr Fastsr.
In thla season of holidays let us remind ear
readers In country parUbes not to forget their
pastor. If heUapoormanmthlsworicfsgood,
aa almost III country clergymen are, there U no
girt more graoefal snd useful than a policy of in
surauc on hi life presented to him by, the
panao. it may do an insurance payable to him
self when he reeche middle lire or old age, or
payable to hi wife at whaterer Urn he may die.
It I a gift which will be remembered and enjoyed
by the recipient long after all other gifts com
memoratiBg this Joyfoi season of the year are
lost and forgotten.
A certain amount of wealth Is aa necessary for
th comfort and prosperous bfe of the pastor a
It U for any member of the parish. The neces
sities of both are alike. But his business of
preachlag the Gospel brings no aoctiuuLuon of
wealth with U, a doe the business l other
men. nous ne is sometimes receiving lea for
his weekly labor than the carpenter who built
hi pulpit or the upholsterer who cushioned It,
he U called apon to work longer and to expend
more than either. Hi time, hla thoughts, and
uiiijiuiwuiniuuai w an iuidk to an rnea.
He must beg for the poor and he must entertain
the rich. And lucky la his wife-if she Hods,
after the stranger who ha taxed her hospitality
la gone, a buk-note under the pillow, a a
recognition of her kindness.
It U well to remember that yonr pastor cannot
live on spiritual riches, although hs may have an
abundance of them. As a man he need the
aame temporal coinforu and convenience of
life that hi parishioners need, and the necessity
for them increases in proportion aa his family
care Increase. 11a he a wife and rhiiiWn
Hi waau are the same aa those of any, other
household in the parun I and the probability is
u. km mw UVI UIUIV tllU DUUUIU 14) SUpPIJ
t- nsuH., ,1,11 l MS (DM nun it IS Uu
kuU Should not divert ronr effertlnns frnm
him because he I not a perfect man. Parish
iuucib uiciuKirn re nui aiwaya penecu 10a
ma Mima, ue ia uupuneu to raie, rauer man td
teacn, in tne psrisn i to dicute, rather than per
made to disagree, rather than to sympathise
In Link a mnlt .11 .. .... I l.t .. .1
n ivuk mm mi buu mil jliui u l'IUIUIUIUIUU UOIJ
throushtbe small Danes of hu atudv windnw.
All this may be regretted and, perhaps, Im-
inu,u. oinHmmrmniu nau sis aisatfreesnie
side. But, notwithstanding ail the lack of per
""' . jvm mm m ;viu ymmnjw, nv uu a
minister of the Oospel, who hss devoted his life
to a profession In which there Is no wealth for
him to enjoy, but a legacy of purerty for him tq
When, after a derout and Industrious life, age
. ..f,-.. .. ,7 7 "wmuii icaeranua
i ffSeiKw";.aa
. iu.nivuri, iixv wini uuuii uur UKEestton ana
eodowM hi oh age with Ufe loaursuce Tor aa
annultrt ' lu-meui-e ur sa
loplewhoare tiring In comfortable clrcum-
"mmiccb nave duij a vajiue iiiea or wnat poverty
mean. To thla poor clergyman It mean mors
thsq selfxlenlal. It 1 pain, mortlflcatlon, alts
nient, physical suffering. It is an Ignoble termi-
uaiuiu ui a oeuevoteai ure. iietter ior every
parish, now, at this Joyful season of th year, u
devote a fund for the purchase of a life or au en
dowment Insurance for their bantor. rather ihn
to raise money to paint the meeting-house, to
,HI,I th. Unnila iu hniil tn Kit b i.ii -..-.
.v-. ...v u.u., m iiuub w uu; a lieu ur an
ergag, or to do anything eUe of a merely tempo
rary character. The Insurance t a nfe-inmr
beuedt to your pastor. It is for hi present coiu-
.v.a v. miuu, uu iur ma nut Lrrotemuu against
that future poverty which, without this, must 1st
his sad reward on earth. r
A ili Copspaar.
The New York, insuranr aofumtsslojitr ssys
In one of hi reports, speaking of the KulUbie
Life Assurance Society! "This corporation cab
! said to mark and distinguish the commence
ment of the recent astounding progress in tho
business of life assurance."
In 1MB the Unuitabie Society took a position at
the head of all life assurance companies, anil
ha aunually transacted more new business in
life assurance than any other company in the
world each year gaining upon tha coufldsuc of
the people by lu usefulness, security sod Uteral
Ity.Mlihas ne longer a successful oorsMUtor,
aud In the croud oosltion which tha KuuitAi.tV
ow holds. at tba bead of our assoraaoei com.
pwh uiu.i uw imwuuiicu Mia BUUU-WUI OI ID
people, whose preferences,!! has gained because
It ha answered their requlremeuu most com
pletely In everything that peruins to life as
surance. Elect tea sf oncers.
At a regular communication of Laurel Wreath
Lodge So, 149, A K. A A. M . held at Laurel,
Mib, on Monday erenlng, the following omcer
were elected aud Installed: John Chrunmllltw,
W.lLl JimnliirUi.H W Wm li u..iih
J W.i Jacob H. Plowman, sccreury, and John
v. MKuiuiu, kivasuier.
At the regular meeting of Centennial Lodg
No. 14, F. A. A. M , on Thursday nigut, the lul
lowing officers were elected to serve the ensuing
yeanll A. Whitney, W, M.; D. Schlelmer.S.
W A T. J. Ktlwarda, . Wd A. T. Ingley, tress,
uren Tho. Thompson, secretary.
At th meeting of Lafayette Lodge No.lt, t,
A. A. M, held ths aame erenlng, the followlag
omcer were elected: Joseph P. McCoy, W. H :
Burton K. Ross, 8. W.t Nicholas E. feang ?J,
W j D. S- Jones, treasurer, Kltbsrd J, lilaU
lock, secreury; L. Btoddard, Uler.
At the annual conclave of ColumbU Goinmertd
ery. No, t, Knigbu Templar, lasu evening, the
following omcer were elected for the enan eg
yean John IL Thompson, K. C.j Samuel 1 axtfr
lleueralisslmo: Frank M. Marshall, O, 41 : w. i.
Brown, Prelate: Frank u, Daniels, s. W., W. T.
Kinney, J. W.j Tho. S Mitchell, Wkrdeu, Hob
art Ball, Treasurer; A. T. Langley, Kccorden L
Stoddard, Jr., Sentinel.
A New tharrh.
The McKendree Methodist Eilsropal congre-
departure," their old church, which bad stood
for twcnty-elKht years, waa torn down, i ha new
church u already so far completed to admit of
i os uuciipaucy ui me uaaement. 'tn nrst pUl
lie service will be held to-morrow morning, at 11
aftiocK. Blahen Ames will deliver tha Him mirai
of the occasion. Iter. S. B. Wilson, furmef iwt
lor, now of Foundry, will preach at night. The
opening services wul be under the direction of
the paslor, Her, (i. W. Cooper, through whose
r wiwstfefueut m cmwpriie was inaugurateu.
Medical Hecletr.
Tbe Collegiau society of the National Medical
college met at the college building last evening
at H olnck, the president, Dr, K. M, Sclivffer, in
( Dr. uteeson jcad a very Interesting essay upon
mi election or omcera ior the ensuing year
resulted aa follows . President, Dr. J. IE. p, Olee
son; rice president, Dr Vm T. Itamsev; seere-
tsry, sines n. uasaaway, m. u treasurer. Dr.
James P. Hawe.
After an interesting meeting the society ad.
Journcd until the flrst Tuesday In January next.
For Mechajilrs,
Tbe Provisional (irandUonncil of tha Id umqnlc
Order of UulUd Mechanlis, compoeel of the
arrhlteou and lt masters of that order, w
organixed but evening, with the following em
cert: J. F, Llppbard, worthy grand irchlUut,
A. E. Redstone, worthy aentor grand nusun
Wm. J. Sbeppereon, worthy Junior grand master,
Jamea 11. Meed, worthy grand marshal; Wm. h
Champion, worthy grand eecreuryi William Ii
Byera, worthy gran.1 treasnrer; iienrre II Ura
tes, worthy grand conduct r, O Miller, worthy
rind fttardlan.
atEKlTIPfO LA8T Tftatw,
Tha 9saltpx Tathe-l Oter-Merk ef the
Baaltary IsspectersTraasartUn f
tleneral Baslarss.
A regnlar meeting of the Board of Health waa
held but night at the rooms. No. 1x36 F street,
the president. Dr. a a Cox, in the chair, and
Pr. D. W. Bliss secretary,
Mr, Marbury, the treasurersubmitted several
bills which were ordered to be paid.
Dr, Plus, rrom the sanitary police committee,
renortad that the matter of inMtiestm the
employee under the board waa under oonsidera-
wiDUHiNivnairumi to report. Agreea
The health omcer read a letter from Pr. A. K.
Johnson. setUnrfurth that a man nam ml jnn.
ard Iteerea U Interfering with him, and has for a
long Urn past Interfered with the performance
of iu duty aa physician to the poor of the Ninth
Council district, especially In regard to case of
smallpox occurring therein. He also charges
that Reeve I a vagrant and pauper, and be
been for yrs, aa all th Doctor predecessor in
offlce can Ustlfy. He forces himself Into famU
ne am tciea win ine aisease in a state or beaativ
Intoxication against their earnest protest, de
manding to see the patient, and In eereral in
stances, while the doctor was visiting paUenu,
ha baa been called upon to expel Iteeves from
the boose.
Ever since he hss visited nnmiters so afflicted,
rimrylng the Board of Health and the corn-
filament In a scandalous manner, thereby sadly
nterfering with the doctor duties in trying to
keep down the disease and to thoroughly vacci
nate all tbe afflicted portions of the district, ne
considers htm dangerous to the health of hi dls
, trict, csrrylng the conUglon from house to house
In bla filthy clothing. He respectfully recom
mended that Iteeves be sent to the work-house
aa a vagrant, or In aorne other way placet) under
restraint. lie olosed by asking th board to pro
tect him from Insult while performing the duty
assigned him.
Tbe letter waa referred to Major Kicharda,
chief or police.
The pbyalclan to the Washington asylum, who
we present, waa Invited to address the board,
and aald the smallpox hospiui was Inadequate
for the convenience and comfort of the patlenu,
and suggested several plan of Improvement.
He also gave a history of the treatment of pa
tlenu therein, and urged the necessity of Imme-
uiaie arraugemow oemg maiie ior convalescent
pa uc a i.
asking the privilege of vaccinating tn the north
wesurn portion of the city of Washington. The
request was refused on the ground that that sec
tion is suppiieo wun a pnysKian,
Th Cnelr aUted that the Commissioner of
Pensions requested the privilege of having the
uiueva ui mim uepuiiecnf Taonnaieu vj ur,
Howe, a clerk In hla department. Qranted.
The resignation of TV ra. T. William, a asaV-
hu loiiHir, wee rviTwu uiu accrpieo.
Th application of CO. Noland for thermal.
tlon of saniury inspector waa received anil
placed on file. '
Dr.J. H. BushnetL physician to the poor, re-
Krted 1M raoclnatlon elnce the last report aa
ring been performed by him. He also reported
that aeaae of smallpox was sent to the hospital.
In consequence of the inflicted person refusing
td be vaccinated. Hitherto he ha vaccinated
principally along streeu and alleys Inhabited by
the poor colored people, and be finds wherever
he goes numbers who refuse rscclnaUon. The
opposition U not altogether confined to th col
ored people, a some whites and some railroad
employees, momiy an expoeea, positively reruse
raoclnaUon. He declares that while so many
decline veednatlon there need be no wonder at
the prevalence of smallpox, and nothing short
of compulsion In reoctuailou will sUy the pro
gress of the disease.
Dr. Bliss offered the fotlnwlno resnlm Inn,
jftatrAt, 1 hat all mailers regarding submerged
lota declared nuisances, Injurious to bvalth, be
referred to the attornev of the hoard fur hi
opinion, and the committee on ordinance bo re-
ueveu irom runner consideration or tneaniiject.
On motion of Mr. Varimry.a street Inspector
wan uciaucu id Bupcnnicuu ine uigni scavengers
uu mml ""iv wfiiTVMf i a.
A communication was received from TV
Webster M. Kama, llecelved and placed on fliei
Tbe health omoer called the attention of the
noani to a case or neeieci on tne Dan or. a ward
physician, who refused to vaccinate a child
named Carter unless he received pay for th
aame, the child, through the neglect, afterward
becoming affected with the amalipox.
Tbe matter was referred to inspector Stewart
for Investigation and report.
Dr. Cox called tbe attention of the board to Ihe
oonditlea of the public bulking la regard to Im
proper ventilation and conduiou of waur-closets,
and auted that these necessities are moat im
properly constructed. Referred to a special com-
uuim. juijuurucu.
BfeeltaaT of the Heard Last NUhl.
A meeting of tbe Board of Fire Commissioner
was nem at tneir rooms last nignt. au tne mem
ber Present, excent Mr. Wallace; the nrealdnnL
S. 8. Baker, in the rhalr, Tne report of the chief
eusiaeer was euDuiiiieu ami approreo.
A communication waa received from Unman h.
Cox, clothiers, offering to maketheunlform suiu
ior tne uepanuieni at s mmw escn ior Sin
breasted coat, and J8 for double-breasted,
ferred to the committee on uniform.
Ihe chairmen of tbe several committees re
ported ravoraoiy on a number ot bills, which
were ordered to be paid.
Mr. McDevitt remitted that tha reantntlnn nf
thanks to the fire companies ot Alexandria for
the nse of their hose carriages had been en
grossed and were ready for presenutlon. The
work of engrossing was douc by Mr. DennU
iiuiinMiau tueirauicB prvsenioii oy sir. Wonn
ia omumlttee on horses report d that they
had purchased one horse at AW and t pec ted to
yv HTfllll IVVIVi
was Uken an, and he was fined f 10 and noUfieJ
that fora repetition of the offence he would be
Tne case of William T. Craig waa Uken op,
Mr. ltarlev latrodaoed a resolution that air.
Fletcher be authorised to supply the department
wim iwur nuraca.
Arter soma debate, the resolution was lost.
It was agreed that, after tbe recess, the com
mittee call upon Senator Patterson, and explain
to hlui the reason why the bill now pendiug to
ill m utv ucariuioiii bouuhi ue passeu,
It would be hard to think of a more approprl
au and beautiful gift for a lady than a allk
dress; huabanda, fttosr, brothers, an I lovers
can raakaauch gtfu. There U hardly a lady In
Washington who could fail in being InQnltely
pleased wltn a present from an assortment of
allk dresses a reporter of the HarvsucsH saw
yssUrday, One of them wae a Himiuu cash
mere of deep blue shads, trimmed with relvet of
richer blue and nest steel buttons, while Its
skirt was In tho form of fluted columns, and
while uiklng with the ladles and of fluted col
umns the remark U made that some of the very
latest styles of ladles dresses are In What la
called the architectural stylet that I to say, that
th lorai of cut. trimmlnv, folds, ao., are made
to resemble a piece of arcbltoutur. such aa a
fort, a cattle, a church, or a tempi. Jt u a
grand style, specially becoming to cutely per
sons, but there was another dra.auearla-rav
corded allk, iriininsd with crimson gaoie tie
mamorcj, vaiewcicuues isce auu inuge, wno
erergeu this magniiiconi dress wm create a
sensation at any reception.
Another lovely one wa made of the hearten
pure rose silk, trimmed with Duchess lace, with a
white mm d rAmfcr oversklrt. While tae stlrt
at onoe reraalad the design of imitating the bat
tlement of a fort, lb Idea of strength and
majesty waa combined with tht soft and beauti
ful colors. ThU dres would make any lady look
like a royal prior. Aud .besides these there
waa another of richest black silk, heavily and
elegantly trimmed with richest jxuiemrmtUr,
and all la a style reminding one on the other
hand of a bed of rare and beautiful flowers, gtv
Ins evidence of the hlshlr Cultivated taaia whw-h
combined It, Of course these dresses are im
ported. None so beauurnl can be mad in
Washington. The ladtea may see them at John
, Hiuuwra, vis rannsyivauia avenue, nut this
notaii. ItwlUdslisitl tseia tolookata white
satin opera cloak, tiuuroidsred with velret and
miiiuudu wtut eiwuie, suu navuiggsyaiseu surer
It la slranlv lorelr. and there1 Is another r
Chenille cloth, blue satin stripe shd eraboesoii
with vetret, and beantifnl phua white one of
the same quality of goods. In relvet and Moth
onata, sniu and camels' hair sbawU. no oner line
of good can be found than Mr. Mitchell has,
and, perhaps, next t precious etone there s
nothing more appropriate for a gift than a point
Isoe saawl. Uegaat one curies. Mitchell
shelves. To alt these nugulflcrut goods a visit
Minif ue lauice wui uv wvH'Wiudu,
Geo E. KeaaeJrt Flae flrocrr.
At mi larra and faandsou atora. No. Itoa V
street northwest, I am receiving dally a one an
assortment of the choicest family groceries a
erer offered for sale lu this city, and as low a
th price list of any flrst-claas house. My stock
conalsu of the finest teas, coffees, sugars, apices, ,
foreign and domestlo fruits, pickles, Oordon A
Dilworth preserve, uu luxuries, Preach can
dles, and every article usually found tae Int
el grocery.
aji aouua HuarsBteeu a renresButeo or money
refunded. Aa I give ail orders my personal au
untloo, and have nut one price, tuos who may
favor uie with their bstrouace mar relv ntxm
being fairty dealt with. ueo. X. Kcnxkdt,
no, is" r street norm west.
Aaaia-eee'c Kale,
A grand chance fof the purchase of Boou and
Shoes of tnrj kind, style and qnalltr, at whole
sale price, vvnite ann isocy rood of every
kind, for ladle, utssee and cbUdrentat and below
cost. Everything loth shoe line that can b
called for, at wholesale prioes, at V, F, cum
mins', No, 131 Seventh atreet.
BiMUKL Caas, Asalgnee.
IWaadajT Hsvllrewd.
A meeting of the board of director of the
Boundary and Silver Spring Railroad Company
wa called at II o'clock yesterday at the Board
of Trade rooms, but lu the absence ot a quorum
of a majority of tn stockholders no business
wa transact ed ex'wpt the paying of assess
ments by some of th bolder of stock,
Iter. J. T1. Chspln, of St. Lawrence University.
will preach In Masoulo Temple to-morrow.
To-morrow evening, at Itwi o'clock, religious
service will be held Ui the Theatre toiulqu. cor
nerof Eleventh and C streeu. Congregational
sluglngaud short addressee, AU are memt (ur
dlally filmed.
Ths Nailsaal Theatre,
The National was well filled last evenlns-to
wltnes the fifth enactment of Bouctcaulta
drama "After Dark." Tn strange and ttrUitng
u..ur .. ui. ,.., ,d ij,.?
whlrtt U dejikted actual ererr-day life In Un-
3, uiaauaiue urauie eaveeiuuyij IBtcrestUlg,
should nil tba bouse t tb matinee and tb
closing representation this ersning, Meesra,
Iborue, Binile and Bower, Mv Bariilland
Alice tttaaley, perform their part admirably, and
adapted for tht nU thl
, T TawaitraCo-ilqat.
"NKkaadNKfwaa again upon the boirda
last evening. After the usual programme or
well-arranged ballets, plantation scene, and
S-Tm cnJr'cttl". M-wea Baal Sammerfleld
and Helena Smith won much appleu In their
terpaichorcan efforta. The theatre was well llllsd,
and seems to be growing In pnbllo favor,
Carnero and Diary's.
ItUwlthfeetlnnorrrnTet that thla nowetful
combination of minstrels leare our city so toon.
aikcriwvcruigBQBpienaiaiy to tne amasemont
loving public. The performance last erenlng
eclipsed any former effort of the company, while
the house waa well filled deapiu the murky ap
pearance of the weather. The beautiful
warbling of Carncross and Percy, gems In them;
aeires, the drolleries of tbeTalbots, and master
efforts of each Indlrldual artist won Ihe un
bounded applause of the audience and settled
the fact that their advent In thla city again will
I greeted with orerflowing houses,
Mendelssohn qalalrtlo Clsb.
We refer our readers again to the fact that on
the erenlng of the tub Instant th Mendelssohn
Quintette club, of Boston, will gire the first of
their grand concert at Lincoln hall, and the fol
lowing one on Thursday erenlng, the Mth In
aunt, The box-sheet ror the sale of tlcketa la
now open at Metaerntt'a, and there la no extra
charge for reserved Beau. The price of tlrkiu
Is fixed at 11. The season tickets for tha grand
SUr Course are good for the first concert.
Thi commercial tonnage by the Chesapeake
and Ohio canal from 148 to 1BT1, Inclusive, was
as follows! lesft, W.T tons; 1149, ,M9 tons: lasi,
1M,4I tons; 186, Ifll.Mt tons; 1861, Hejio ton:
1854, tlT.IN tons; IBM, 1TS.I7I tons; ISM, 14,11
tons; 1&09, I61,Oh4 ton: 1W, I34.US tons; IHfll,
144,814 tons; IMi, m,l toosi laai, Wl,tll tons,
1S64, WLSSl tons; 1860, M8,flii tons; lHft,r,W
tons; 184T, Ill.ftW tons; 1WW, &41JUM tons; IMS,
T09.TM ton; ilia, 4,or4 tons; 1st 1, KIMW tons.
Cittli MiitxT. At Prorers Ilest, lit cattle
np; ITI sold to batcher at IMTwt ii left erer,
as sold for stock purposes; -m sheep up, T of
which were condemned; balance sold to butcher
at iT cents: H cows and calves were aoid at
from $23 to aw.
Sikci tbi burning of the livery stable ef John
Cornell, on the corner of Contreaa and Beall
streeu. early on Wednesday morulas, the police
authorities hare been on the out-look to appre
hend th rDctndlartc and bring them to Justice.
Previous to the fire two atrange men, named
Frank Beerer and Qeorge Lee, were noticed
about town, baring no money and apparently no
occupation. Since the burning of the aubie
suspicion has rested on these men and their
movemeuU closely watched by the police, who
had received instructions that should they ahow
any disposition to leave the city without any
good cause to uke them Into custody. Yester
day morning they expressed their Intention of
ping to rrederick, MiL. and being without
funds proposed to make th Journey on foot.
This fact coming to th ears of Acting Sergeant
Rogers, he immediately arrested them and
forwarded th information to police bead-
auarter. Detectives CoomeaandMcEtfresh were
irected to proceed to Georgetown and bring the
men to headquarter, which waa done, and they
are held until tbia morning to be taken before
Judge Snell for an examination.
Hapreme Court f the United Htates.
ParnAT, December M, 1ITI.
I. mill iaL I kin J f? I'hatt.
Cha. K. Fenner and Walter Feara, esq-.., of New
Orleans, La were admitted to practice a at tor
nej sou cuuuseiorw o vsis scan.
Mr, Attorney oeneral Williams lntrodueeUn
the court Mr. Samuel L. Phillip, the Solicitor
Ueneral, whose conunlsslon was ordered to be
enteral upon th minute.
No. T. (Origlnsl JTj iwU Marshall O. Boberi
et aL, petitioner. Onlered that a role to ahow
cause why a mandamus ahould not be granted
be issued to the Court of Claims, returnable on
Friday, the loth of January next.
No. 44. The United SUtes. appellanu, ra. Jaa.
M. Provine, Appeal from the Court of Claim.
Mr. Chief Jnauo Chase announced tbe decision
of the court, affirming the Jagment of the aald
Court of Claims by a divided court.
No. Is. Charle A. Pope, gnardUn. Ac- an-
Ellaot, ra. Artstld Mltteoliergsr. Appeal from
e Circuit Court of the United States for the
District f Louisiana. Mr. Chief Justice Chase
announced tbe opinion of th conn, affirming
the decree of th aald Circuit Court In thu cause,
with cosu, by a divided court.
No. so. Jonn L, Cons etaL, pUintlO In error,
ra. The United sute. Ia errer to tbe District
uoartet the United sute for the Western dis
trict of Pennsylvania. On motion of Mr, Attor
ney Oeneral William, ordered by the court that
the writ of error la this cauae be docketed and
No. 104. Alex. Hardy et aL, appellanu, vs. Jas.
Uarbin et ab The motion fur a writ of eemnrarf
In this cause was argued by Mr. Edward Jan In
support of the aame, and by lion. X. P. Chip nan ,
In opposition thereto.
No. 40ft. The City of Davenport et aL, appel
lanu, va. David Dowa. Tbe motion to advance
thla cause waa submitted on printed arguments
by Mr. W. P. Clarke In behalf of Mr. John A.
Kogera, of counsel for the plaintiff In error.
"fc 5u . iwuci vi i., inainuaB in
errur, ts. jne iuu
Philadelphia and Heading lUUroad
No. II. Wm. II. Dimes et aL, plaintiff In
error, v. Tbe Lcriigh alley lUilroail Company;
No. IT. Wm. H. Barnes et al plaintiffs in
error, r. The Lake Superior nl Missouri Hall
road Company;
No. IS. Wm. 11. Barnes et al, plaintiffs In
error, r. Th PhtladelphU and Beading Hall
road Company;
no. iv. win. it. names et aL, piainuira in
. t. iui iiarrisuurg, i urvsi.
Lancaster lUilroad Cumnauv.
No. i. Wm. 11, Barne et al , plaintiffs In
error, ra. The Philadelphia and Trenton Hauroad
Ordered by the court that the JudgmenU en
tered in these casta on th lath of December be
rescinded and annulled, aud that said causes be
reargued on the Id of February next arter tbe
cases already assigned for that day.
Adjourned nuta the at of January next at II
Clrvnll Coart Jade Cartlrr,
ThU court resumed yrsUrday the trial o
Wlckersnam va. The District of Columbia, but I
wa found that many of the witnesses were ab
sent at the Capitol.
The oourt aald that aa these witnesses were at
the Capitol on Important publlo business, be
would adjourn the court nntu to-day.
Crlsalaaf Ceari JaJ OlarArthar.
ThU court transacted no business yesterday.
P4le Crt JeJae rtaell,
Wm. nesaler, selling liquor without license,
lined lli. June Taylor, steaiins a cheat of tea-
worth W, sent to the reform acnuol. George Yt.
Jenktns, aaaauit en Kiixaoeth Miner, liu and
tee. Sylvester
Ha mm or ami
robbing him of Uu. Anui K. Fraxler waived
an examination, and the matter will go to tbe
grand Jury.
Arrivals Teeterdav.
O A Fonbe, Ooun
Nathaif Hcitawb. H V
Jonn h nin, I hu
Harp K Unauiau, 1 bua
.. at im iua, ua
L. (I (Calkin. Phlrava
ro A PruPtierTDskota
Jubn U Watkius. IjU
II l ViJIaiiaiMM I'tillK
tv.VIlTnL?T"l,;r,, ricuBrae,ra
F T ChsiuberlalD. do MlMOrW.iU
linn W ld.nvhrlila fftaA J lil.k.. 1..
tn Newum. tkwwa Ol UlBomss. Md
.. Ueoiv.Md . HHfaiTdiT ""
Sff.",J'0.rt "".;'. do
O W HamaonTl'B
M re Vf uils rton, do
. mM ma, uu n jiriuiu
H V Unrretixha. A
A lirowu Ixl
F.Mhneoii,lfewJork W W Dode. Pallforbla
W O Ilaeou. do James K Walker. Albac
I D Benedict, do
fra J PDw.u An
1 H Pai tier, Cannel,
CanneLN X
Worthitudiin Kanhiia
MIM Htel.hrliaotj. tflhto
Wa K Andrews, Fbila
S Moorboiiee, da
Mrs S MoorhQuaedo
las A L Urouks. do
i nuueraiua. New York Mrs
B.NI Edwin Mowlet, PI
w iMfii h wife.
UM-b Hiaatin. (In
11 Orahajii. Vlrulnla
P B irar, h pitwo
Ulomi.tns,HSW York
H Adsuis.do
TSUalU. (ho town
t Plltllril. Iflnhmnnil
K Bichra'd
tyepcier wifs.dd
bosuiewa, Motitresl
wm nocir.
M Simmons, V v Turk
Mnnur, Fbllsdelrhl
John Uamt. do
! C Csraw do
In It 1
II L afoilliilB iln
Waller Mouiuia, do
I Jute Moultun,do
J L lavte aed mm. do
? n'np.o.rhlllp.1. MrMlMjIJhT,M.i
r.u'fir,v'..k ivj"?"?."''"""0"
s :ir-. -7-. :'i"
loom, Flttsburg
nonrtTTanHorn... .( II T.w.,knir viivlnla
tMtaaiai. aroTiL.
Hlisa rteldner, Peana C K Jrnes. Vlrirliils
V1...J..1. I
i fi,Y( nJ,ai,il? fw !lun H b"r.Tfnn
a L Bhaw aid wueTi r o 1 1 : huuTni.. v.
owtaj novo, (straoriA t
U Ti
H Un IfeMaiwrt, d. Aaif.jrM. H.iIm
C ?!t,,'" . p'lTiuiaiJlliwil.
fiMviF VMB&EiSNl
j aT.MM,(s.tnwAf
r W Hewtou, Hg T II A
B LB ? EI jtsO r IVVKT
(ugnt and
"Of LAD1I3'
VM ZIT"- W r.DDirlT.01. .TMHIIL
OOS Fr...,lT..I. Atnif,
MS,7AttRMiWS.,i ror9.
W FJX'H CJIOWIIO W. ota k pts
(SttiittWftvSiSr. '"
fOHTIIX3IIr i-oh(5I10CT-
0O9 FeaaaylTanla Avewae.sppaelte Metre.
HKIiajslUicl. declB-tJal
til frMh. ud fn. from .aj eulorlti..
Mwibn tine rnencn MiiTunt
m iu. ciibah Dtmm Atiici W' pta',
ii, ixtba lomut ALS5i?1T,xi
10 ii ouk rmors, " "5i '- pami
M M.U .r lb., Mb. botr. .Ul,
twenty vanetlee not mentioned, at low friers.
wolt J-noIjm;
llba.ttitil fortl
im lb. rniMK no
itul nodrrd from DnadM, BeotUnd
.H0 14b. Ju If abiialack;
HIT.. f-iSiiftHr city mi. ",-""v
Kf nttoip tf ruupduMl.lji.tor,Uowrira
rtlENdl OOOfM.
top bUa. PltlkfK KEW'tOnit APPLES.
auoLiiabelaPKlMK 1-OTAllikX
S bb. S EW oM v lifejl.
J oat rir.1
an KKIa
Krery barrel
Carte MancbMTuarts, tn rjr&ta.lU.
Uuarta, per bottle, llkpiuta, ILAi
UryVerseaer. quarts, M; plnta.g9.
. .OnWbutlilIInu,Lll
Kxtra Ury, l more per caae,
Uuarta, perbottle, . plnU, 91 M,
Onarts, ; pints, .
Onsets, ir DoBUe, II Wl I-bita. lAk
guarta, ferWue. U); plots, LX
-. hva HZ Tllf AVILLK.
This wlae la pmnonnred br luds efiual ta
CtauoMe-ae ltBiorted, and as we reoelv It from
EEi2? nl fktneLw - enbled to self It at
toUowtaa very low prtorsi
Carte Utaitohe, auarta, tXlBi Hnta, 117 hV
Dryltlllerr. quart, i&n: Vtnta. lilfc.
Quarts, r bottle, i.i, tsiits, IUl
c&ilvftifistizsi&r''1' ""h0'8
bac - RE : ls
win ak o wniuiEfl von uoudaih,
Inirud wd DouMati
Opwdl. Wlll.rd'a Il.lrl.
Spices, &e,i for Pickling,
Hpr. iiatrmri.
As CflEAP a they ran be bought In th Otty
Call sad taanUa Oood and Prioa.
novi4f Oorae Tarrteeath and F street N. W
Jos. T.K. Plant,
CoBSBBlseUaerar needs fr the Htates and
Corner of K and Els hth atreet northwest. Wash
w m ijurtou City, CO,
n. . niaia atepasllleaa nasi other paaer
. ,. , . ... DaofMaaa t, tn
IB tba raaaiil llrnnA K iwni ulmlnuti-iid. (
AY'KwJ ARrsdHOwwaUrUeMDilUlstrauiieiu.
Il'tsDiy, Hi.Il.ld.yol iiomWr. 1 ll'InC
tb nasi aaitlamaiil aiiil dlalHIaiLbin iJ !! .....!
ff-VJS: Wdeeaertaaao(ilieaaeuinnapd,aB
Sf-TjJr3 Mi.nV"ff,il ,0 "'odi "h u
fisup tmiwiir yoaebed. or tl
law be scliiflaa frvtD all bens
" iviiui a nipr V
a, wimiTm,
DRY (500DS.
gll.KMt TRl.TliTAIt
M.ratn, (ImiI. I. .11 lb. W.I ...IhlM.
031 l'mmwylvntila nvo.
jj i N o o i. n ii a r. i, .
nrcEWnr.n a add m, '
.f;;T--rr.r..r -."i-"..
So ettraehanr re-'aU iSi l5t V;
Q. MsUeroU s wa and attsr tba Sum.
. in-m H-anaitrana nier uourse ar eood roe
the roncert of tbe K-th only. I?Jsiw
'lmwiimu niia u... .' "
(Eleventh te eouui rttiMrlvaiaVvBa.l
sdjail li'iuar yvuutf Arasnosn xr.
2Pilo-r?L",T. MaVwhlg SBtenarnlns; and ten
esUonei drama. In three aits and s rw3e.
Tb. m, mm css.. ""n- k, te-
And lb. d-rmln, md&.IISf ffSadSST '
TbeseoiWDjrsbed Irsdlns; Artrr-a.
flrttciEW,rf ul draruatto eompanjr, fcarrther with a
fltttfln mviL'iXlW . "liir
safaL.. nuiri. .il fi"
NWS'Tlil.'i'rltl;- ' ..
Mr. J. U. flAVlLIX. Lessee and Uanawe.
m iiiv w.:Bt
Frodiieed after Mreful rrrrerttkm with a
vorapiete eaas of rbaraotf rs,
MefulAceat roM-hstik si erTeets,
A Pictorial drsmslle WfSTJ
rb- imwXtthA K Wa.
"Mi ufi uir mini act ll'W OI toe
-- IP'JH,.Sll
Tb toost dHbrhlfnl rbsna-e-artlsta In Uiaomintn-.
-w ,MK.U I i'AVIM,
Ths wonrterfnllj' Mever snd srutMqns eoanLiae.
ToNWtbrr wlUi otber novelUee.
Itoa efllee oien dallr f rotn I to I o'clock.
In rreraratlon for iheholidavs,
.,.,, A new eutnle trick rentuiatan.
bnd fnm If& U9I to If o. no IMnrruU an.
bUsjmfAIIKOW, Oeplaln Frank, nrilhur
bsvlmr been rabuntand enUrelr rQUed br
tier ire-eai owners, wlllleave her wharf. """" "
DAn.T. .. W-yiJ jjctciaw ror.
(Tb Tomb of fl asbinirUin,) and luirrmedlste (And
inns. iiuvu uvL.o
A. S. PRATT & SOfy
ontou ooriuu' IVIntli nntl
X) MtlMtH,
OKn Akwl.i. trrarllr l lb. f.H.Ul.,
rlr. Iiwim j.wi..Im i
1,1 r
A ""' tH.rioo.fKMl
LHet su.noo.ooo
Of Ilni-tXVira.
' " II
A0.!i.".' 1,400.000
Or Urooltlyii, IV. Yl,
Aot ea.ona, 10
Tl Blron, Old Cor.nllf-wii,rr IBM 111
umur al ChlMvo a ret ac and Umv ar. luat
... -T'- mum am mn IdOSSS BOW. Tbe
WUI Par Every Dollar of Loss, and eome out of this
hrr ordeal with Pepltal Uiiuupalsed and Ar
SunJus Insure yonr Propertr wber rpaaanhav
A. S. Pratt & Son.
I N '1IIK Hl'PKKMie "(XJUrU' OF llil'li'ia.
Charles Kllrentetal. atiUeel.
kitrl!:r,?i Th. V" "da and ibis dsr reported
aadnarml. aaln7iS K.!Zl S!SSi
i ha haofora aalil rt.ar
15i2WiS "-'"-Wf-rtr df roo.
AbMiH.JTiftiM,oiw. arttnw
123"!&lSk"1S;i'(fj ?.-'7... ja ;
Nwi eetais of
fVHaHl. la jt
rltaf aJaiina antaut'ih. .iJ
siwaaea are brbr wtrtml to etbl
wltn tbe voungara QieiWTto the eul
w aartuil Ia b.iTiI... .i.T .
"Ir-i uud.r wr hand IA1. Ul
TTN1TED IsTArES 11 1 ii p"tiririFtT
fa. milii fur lh. .ii.ii.Ioii of a i.Unl Vnulld to
tnrptnou urm. thl. .tt.n.inn
a KIM: l1r SJSSEas
. lUblL .. .IaII.
RsiHff.lwTCT' fi'i" KaDdMrtiSSSx.
-"'. . M P t!IKTt.Oofoiolario.ar.
rKNNtfYlYAKIA atends.

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