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orarv rriSMH.
W M. Sirvna & Baa, drygoodatnerebinte,
!s'o il rennarivaoU avenue, are etui mating a
diKouDict tea per cent, on au galea, large or
i null, lor cub.
Jotu M. Yovko, JR. anncmnre- that na has on
nana mo targe. au nf unmntai ' "
rUgeiever exhibited In the rttr. embracing al
raort ever kind ot carnage now In nw,
Wm. U WAt..ACo.Bnlnnerr,eall the t
tentlon of bnjerrtn their large sale of eiegant
carpets, mattings, oil-ciothB,rngs,AeH which w
to tali place to-daj at 11 ot lock,
W. M. Sircmit A Bun. are deilactlngten ner
cent, for cash on all of their Bummer mot left
from laat acason.
Tn aitt of m.I. Wall A Co, auctioneer-,
of a large stocit of carpets, Ac., I postponed
until to-morrow at 11 o'clock, a. m.
Btoa,No.U P itreet northwest, new ami
eligibly located, la for rent.
A Ttwrt.ci meeting will 1 held at the hall
of iJbertr Council No. 1, Rom of Jonadab, ttila
eremng. The pnMlc are inrlted to attend.
rflmwwoMtrrtcufTAMrM are wanted. To
xnltable partle constant employment, on salarr
or rommlM ion, will he glren.
C helee Htork f rrrfctnalBm Ac
At re lnie I r-rl.'M to make room for sprint atock,
At MaBgamn.-,
No. Seventh street, between D and E aire eta.
embracing all gralea of rsperhangings. and
inilow unailca, also, choice l'aintlngs, Hngrar
lng, Chromo and Photograph, lit ture
Frames, ail stvlea ami sixes. In Walnut, out,
elvet, Act I'klore Cord and Tassels, Kings,
Nalla, Gold 1'lateil, Tinned ami Wire Centra
Picture Cord, Ac.
Tmt kkw rotomiii Horn, rhiiairTrbia,ra.,
I within (our blocks of ail ihe newspaper offices,
Wats coKSCHtM buy directly from the mano
(arturer they get better and cheaper article,
ootar A SlorriU, corner Fifteenth and P streets,
opposite Treasury Department, reeelre their
watches from their manufactory in Genera.
Impairing done by aUlitui workmen.
Tut ntKtr rynt.in TIemtdt for (loot and
Kheumatl-m. All nfferera from the abore com
ptainu, euner oi recent or ions siawiing, are mu
vised to nse ltlalr'a Uont and Rheumatic Oil.
Thee ran be relied unon aa the moil safe and
effect oat remedy ever offered to the public, and
hare been universally nsed in Europe for many
yeara with the greatest success. Prepare! by
VnotT A Hawukt, k strand, Londor, knfiand,
ani aoiii iy an tiniggisia.
61 rmi French Candt
ib oiannfirtnred tin it. and ao Id at the low once
of 40 cent per pound, at lie 1'ennsjlranla ave
nue, nopo,, .iieiropouian noiei.
OKiorrntllKSTSrocxi of
Id Uashineton
to be aold
brtneUtoi .March.
la regard to price no auch indairmenta hare
ere r been offered.
Metropolitan Hotel llulMing.
tl Fenniyl"B, r-in hetween Sixth
. uiisnri i la wwo . milium, w i ciiubj t-
vanla arenne, between Sliith and Tenth atrecta,
la nelllnK the (incut French candle at the low
pnee of 40 ccnta per pound. A call will aatlafy
all that he la aetllwr the aame trooili which are
uauany aoni lor jv cenia. i. it. i uoMan, wio i cnn
ay I ran la arenne.
aelllnir more machines in IU second year than
any other sewing machine company erer sold In
lis tenth year. The "Domestic" naa won this
success at a time when competition is the
stronrest, and when people are the (eit In
formed, most rritlcil and exacting when vootl
inai bines sell the most rrsdlly, andld ones Ihe
rnfwt aiowiy,
A word to the wise Is siifflrlent.
M, I'.AdsmA Co, t-w y itreet, (Ms sonic
'lempir,) re me agents rorine "immesiic'
thla city.
WniTK, cicsn. sound teeth, all may have bv
oslng dally TnCKSTOii Ivory I'carl Tooth
I'owiJen uricr. an snl no cents nrr boUl.
Watxa' MArnivB-arxxAD HntiNOTaKxtn Plas
tcks, whenever a plaster is needed, are unri
valed. Price so, SA, and 30 cents each.
UBArnttx, sort, glossy hair; all desire It, all
may bare It by constant use of Tuoiirvoif
iiiukuv upuinr. i rice, k ou uu ccuu pri
LloUTCOLOKD Kid Gloves are reryatytlah when
not soiled. Jonn'i lnmroua Kid Giore
Cleaner will renovate them thoronghly; price, .
t-rni rwr oui, au sum ij uruggiaia sun
isney atucrs.
Mister Ieal.
The lVianl of public Works has dlrerted In
aiwrtor C. U.Cnnnlnshsm tohsiea sravrl foot-
walk made on the north side of II street, letween
North Lapltol and rirst strcru east: also, one on
west side of Hghtccnth street, from L
Mr. V. M. fclade vestenlar moraine fell In an
apoplectic fit on Set emu street, between (land
II northwest, and waa rcmotcd to 1'rovldence
hospital hy bis friends.
Post Master E. J. sweet, of Acacia Lodge, No.
19 F. A. A. M was the ret Iplent, Tuesday, from
the memiters of the llge of a handsome Jewel.
It la composed ot compasses and an arc of gold,
auspended from a gold loop. In the pi rot ot the
compasses Is a Hue solitaire diamond, and in the
spate between the compasses and arc the rising
sun and rays, with an appropriate Inscription oo
tne reverse, vr. usmei ic r ansa nunc ine pre
sentation speech in happy terms, and the re
i Iplent responded In some remarks, expressing
Ills gratification at the honor conferred on him
iy nia Msionic ureinren.
The tullowinir Is the ruu-re of the thermom-
teryestenlsy at Hempler optician store, No. 4tt
Pennsylvania atenue, corner Fonr-aud a half
tfireeit s a, m iv; m a. m ; ix m., u j v n. m
4ik 4 ii. m.. S8. 6 ik m- 3d. a it. m . S4.
A sneak thief ha inn v slkitl oil w Ith their nice
New ork overcoats, KauCfmann, of ihe trming
vac, biii iiamieii, oi mo .-ew iura iriounr,
will weartbeirtalifornla linen ilnitera the bai
ance of the inter. They are a UUIe thin for Ihe
season, out icrj mng.
Ioii i fonret the lit-ueflls of Foster. TtQiklnir-
ham and Jamison a Mnrthy tilo at WbllsM's
hall to-morrow night, tleorge S. Knight, Dick
I'srker and others from the Theatre tomlqne
will, no doubt, make the performance one of (he
ihtpi guru iti iur i tif una uriwn,
The Muiier.Uoiiobue Dnnmge Nail,
In the (limit f onrt yesterday the case f
IJlinry vs. n . it. jueizcnu. wdi rauni up. i nia
Is a suit to recover tV-dsinages claimed by
Mr. Llnney, In consequence of Injuries received
by a boy named II. lionohue, for whom Mr, Lin
ney s guardian. 1 ho particulars of the rase ate
inai III .MiT isti, juunc jniiuiiiiir, 111 ioiii
with several other ixvs. was ularins aroun.
plsno Imxea that bsd leen piked near the gut
ter, In the rear of Metzerotts iiiuhIc store, on D
street, uue or incin nan iecn leu sunning wun
thA narrow stile tinards.and Ihe oilier ttlaccd
on ton of It In a balancing position, loung
iwnonue was oy uic lower our, near inrnini,
worn two in riimurit iinu iup ujijirr "",
which was nr rturnpd br llirlr welirht. cast
ing the other down on the Imy, Injuring h.m se
JoHtlrc riant, nho rcsMca opposlie, Imme
diately ran to his sitsacc and removeil him to
Ids house, when pr. Ilartig4n was summc-nett
and H rids fount that his IhiwcIs had Uen
Alessrs. riant an I Tahott wer eiaralned
yesleMav regarding the canse ot tne acriaent,
and Dr. I Is rt iimn as to the Iniurlcs.
Messrs Ingersoll and llenkle appeared for the
Rlajntltr, and Messrs. lliddle an I 1'hlllips for
It. Metzerott. The case will he renamed lo-day.
Contracle ffcr Srrvlla I.sbur la be Pre-
Yesterday morning iiuii.Jobn M. t ngblan, of
Callfoniia, accorai-anled by a rommlttee from
ine gallon i wminonnni in mia uiNiiiri, nui-
latin ir of Men.n. A. ItCilitone. J. A. Dsvls.
J. F. Upphard, Frank Mace and A M. I "rati, an-
iiearni uciore mo toinumirc vu tmiuuuuu .wi
LalHir of the Hotiso of Iteprescntatlves, and
urged Ihe immediate consideration of II, It. Mil
No. TU, entitled "a bill to prohibit contracts for
servile labor,"
Th necessity for inch an act was explained
bvMr. Coghlan aiil Mr. lUdMone, after blch
the visitors nil red, with asaitrames fram the
committee that thry ol I leiKirt the billvith
out amendment and rcfjueNt lis Immediate
Sociable of the Iiitllnnn ICrpubllfuii i
The Indiana republican Associatlnn mil give
another amiable at Masonic Tcrspte to-morrow
evening, which promises lo eud In pleasure
any previous entertainment they have proffered
to lliclr friends. Utery attention has been be
stowed by the committee of arrangements on all
the little details requisite lo make the soiree
complete, and nothing left uudona that will con
tribute to the enjoyment of luone fortunate
ruuugn io ihj iu aufunanir ien, niiBfinan ami
other proroliuiil persons hare signified their in
teuUou to be prtstnt.
The Itlrrr.
The Totomic Is now so free from ke that thci e
is no noticeable ooiiruciiou io navigation The
steamer Arrow Is making regular trips to Mount
ernon, carr)lng a fair complement of pussen
arers. The steamers Cltr of Alexandria and fltv
if Washington, on the ferry route, make regniar
trips raih hour, and are well palranizeit, as I hey
deerre tot, for no man Tthoscr.es the public
does so with more zeal than l'resldcnt Howlson,
of tiO Washington and Alexandria terry torn
panv, aud more accommodating skippers than
i ai'iaiu rour ami Mining ucvrr iroti a ticca,
The following rases of amai pox were reported
One case in FigUtlng alley.
One picked up In Ihe street by Inn
Hprague aud removed to the hospital,
one at No. C3l K street southeast.
One at No tut 'third street southwest.
The follow ing destb wss also reports J
t So, tM K street southwest
NutldcN Death.
John Miller, a shoemaker, resiling ou Sixth
street, llweui K and O boutlicast, died aud
ilenlvlant ulaht. altuut V 30 o'clock, at bin ra.l.
Uence, Dr. Atlsms wa summoned, who, after
inaaing an oaauiiuaiiou ui ine ohij, prom unceii
Din ucaio m nave iweii iaiiwi ny ocar. uucas.
The Condhluu of.Irs Ilnrgreve.
Mr. Hargrove, Hie unfortunate lily who was
ao terribly tut aiHui bcr Ihrout byherbnsbaml
while be waa Uioilng under temiorary insanity,
till lies In a very crtucai . ou iitlou: but tdo chiM
Is out of danger Mia, II.' sister, Mrs. Madders,
naa rciuruvu wn uuU iu rciciauurg
nemos) of orucers.
The following officers hare been elected la the
rbllharmonlo Cornet band: 1'resMent, II,
Hunt en vice president, Clement Wilson; sccre-
Jeyt lefaT01 ct "l9 bind Juaei Cornell.
The AlteaJfince The Order of i:erclea
The Mcrlptnrc nd aiming The Ieo-
rial Dlscooree A si Iairrelln Kreol.
Laat evening the three hundredth anniversary
of the birth of rreabyterlanlsm was relebrateit
at the Fourth Presbyterian church, (Tier. Pr.
San Jerlaad's The weather was fearfuHy in
clement, bnt despite that the attendance of
la ilea and gentlemen was large.
The officers of the occasion werei President,
Mod. lira, Strong; vice presidents, lion. John
Scott.IIon.John Hill, Judge rharlei Drake and
Trof. Henry,
The exercises were penel by a voluntary by
the choir nndcr the direction of Mr. E. p. Tracy,
with Trof, Hayden aa organist. The Iter. Dr.
John C. Smith thrn read the 4tth Psalm, and was
followed hy Ue Her, Dr. Hnnderland In a most
appropriate and eloquent prayer. The choir
turn iiinr the Pnalrn "All nenul thai on firth
do dwell."
President Strong now Introduced Her, Ramnel
J. tt lllson, D.D . I M , professor of ercleslaju
1KB i niBuirj in rivni inrominrsi r miliary,
Alleghany, who preached the memorial discourse.
Below will le read with keen Interest, bv I'rotes.
tant and Catholic alike, a synopsis of this re
mailable sermon i
Mxm-ANO ii rnt atrrttvrn cnrrrmT.
At thfl bennlns- of the sixteenth erntnrr
Scotland waa wrapiml In the densest gloom of
Intellectual and moral darkness. Fends l lmm, lg.
norance.Bupcrsmton, licentiousness add tyranny
the worst elements of the middle ages held
motnal sway w thin her border. The bishops
and abbots, wift half of the wealth of the realm
in ineir ronrrs, bh'i numminr pnnres ami
nobles In dim1 it and power, setting at detlanc
the laws of I) 1 and man, outraged every prin
ciple of rlr'e and every rtK-ute nf decency,
Trieste and irtara, beastlalln their stolid senstiaU
ness, flllj.1 tre (sail like the frogs of Fgrpt,
Friars were erery where; monasteries ami nun
neries were counted hy the- hundred, and tarti
several one of them was a leprous plsgue spot.
The Investigation into Ihe condition of monas
teries in England, ordered by Henry Ml!, dis
closed a corruption aa loathing as that npon
wntcn nrt ami nnminmr wrre ninrn on notiom.
The state of morals In the Scottish monasteries
waa eren worse. The people had bishops,
priests and friars for their teachers. The priests
lips no longer kept knowledge, and when Im
mortal soul songht the " law of his momb" they
were ianiiiiei who ursu lorrus in m uesn isn
gnage, which were as destitute of the spirit and
grace of the gospel as amommr cf pyramids.
wranped In cere-cloth, I destitute of i.loo.land
'the ttible was almost aa unknown aa one of
the lost Hibvis. The pulpit was obsolete. In
stead of the sermon were substituted gossip,
scanlal and obscene comedr. fly means of
txroMyrxrcATtoM axd anatheua
the clergy tyraniiM relentlessly over Ihe
mils snd hoilies of men. The t hnrrh. whb h
should have been the friend of the people, nsed
ill its nower to keen them In Imorance. Ihls
apostate Church, winking at every species of
vice, and tolerant of all forma of Iniquity,
"breathed ont threatening and slaughter"
Bgalnat all who ventured to question her an
thortty. For all such she had the rradr argu
ment oi lyranis, nre ami sworn. Men were
i intu at mi mil
for hailns- the New Testament In alsmruare
they could read. Yet this vast despotism, with
Its elaborate machinery of oppression, waa lm
noteot to arrest the progress of truth. It con Id
bnrn men with balls of brass in their months to
keep inein irom orearning tnegospei in ine
(Umrs,but It could not destroy the trnlh for
wnien inose mm mm.
ikxrrLATtna KkDKMrriOM.
Itnt the ilsw of Scotland's redemption was
drawing nigh. The etna of the voices of Wlik
line ami uuss souauru iiniiy along ner Bnorrs.
Hy and bv ahe caught gtlraixcs of the light.
wn en ns-i oeen a nu ei inuermanr. hw tier-
lsnd and (rsnre.
A yonth of twenty, with the blood of earls and
imsrs in nu.YC.DR, loinwi irom ma rnininooti
with a blgh ecclesiastical dignity, and with a
brilliant line of preferment ojieneJ to him, began
to icenno iiirnngQi uv new Bjiin. which was
berir. drank In the spirit of the converted Tr ran-
clscan, Francis Lambert, at Marburg, nd then
returned to Scotland, all aflame with teal, to
preach the (lospeL
One afternoon a Are was prepared In front of
the old college lo St. Andrews, and this young
man, only three and twenty, died at the stake
aa only God's heroes can die, and history wro-e
In Ineffaceable characters the name of the proto
mariyr of the Scottish Deformation, Patrick
Hamilton. As had been predicted, "ihe relic of
ratncK iiira lion intecioi as many aa imiew
npon.'' From bis ashea sprang men armed with
the panoply of the GospeL The hlerarchr could
burn men, bnt these very burnings kindled ft
light which coold not be nut out.
A learn e J eraugetist arose in the person of
George Wl.hart. When he presided crowds
hung spell-bonnd on his lips. His voice rang
like a trumpet through scotlind, but It was soon
quenched in Are. On the slope lo front of the
Castle of St. Andrew's, the sea aonmling his re
quiem, vtHnart giononsiv sesicti nis testimony
wlib his Uood, Through the tapestried window
of the castle, reclining on laxnrlous cnvhlons,
Cardinal Deatun wltnsated the martvnlom. elm.
ting his lecherous eyes with the agonies of Ihls
UiUHiriiHia niiuriuiui irmn.
The hierarchy wlei ling the power whUh hal
been won for It bv IHIdebrand and Innocent HI.,
beartna two swords the temuoral and solrliual-.
Insolently lording It over prince, priest and peo
ple, exercised a mot cruel and beanies des
potism. Its spirit waa truly devilish. 1 hey had
the power, and they used it aaragelr. Whence
can deliverance coraeT Where ran be found a
man atmng enough to grapple with it? Has
dod In his quiver such an arrow T Has he In all
his kingdom one such champion hero f
UI 1 IffUli
a tntor In Ihe family of Douglas, lecame Ihe da
voted follower and chivalrous sword-bearer of
George W lshart. The times were fraught lth
momentous issues, and ercnts big with the
destinies of peoples crowded thick upon each
other. A few moaths after Wlnhari's death
Cardinal Deaton was assassinated. From the
hounds of persecution the tutor of IMuglas took
refuge In th eautle. which was now hold by the
enemies of ihe Cardinal. He was recognized as
one ntted to be a leader and teacher of men. It
was a memorable day in Hco'ttah history when
ne urai im iii-m in ine jin.ian mur not m, An
drews, "Others hewed the branches of Papis
try, but he sirurk at the root.'' All felt that
there was a new power In the worl I, while a
few chosen spirits recognlred John Knox as ihe
ordained leader and champion of the revolution
then beginning In Scotland.
gNOx Tit x t-wwwrit.
fly the aid of French fores, the raslle was
taken, Knox was made a primmer, loaded with
chains and rondnetl as a gslley slave. Kelessrd
from the galleys, ho spent Ore years In kuglan I,
and aa a preacher In Mrrwli k and Newcastle wsa
"mighty in word." As chaplain to HlwardW,
he stood before kings. Asa court prcac her he was
searching a Latimer) as a theologian he was
consnlted In regard to the llook of Common
I'r&yer and the artlclea of religion ; as a tin tne,
a line of promotion was open to him In t'e
Anglican ( hurch. Flwsnl I. offered him a
bishopric, bat he remained true lo hi convic
tions, in spite of gold and glory.
When "that tdoistrous Jeiell mlsihlcvoui
Mary of the Spaniards blooq'Vcame to the
ihmne. Knox was coninelled to nv from tlntr.
laid. He went to Prance, theme to wit rer
un t.iniu ence touerinanr. m exile on tie
coutlnent tonus an Important aegment In h a
life. Il threw him Into contact with other re.
formers from all parts of the worl.L Hi uter
course with Calvin was the mast Important. As
soon as he frit that be was needed be returned
to Scotland and preat tied there day and night.
in nun an roinpuancr wun t'apai ceremonies
as treason to the cause of truth. He lild dasn
and Immovable the foundations of the He forma
lion. All eccleslsatli al history Mice is a vindi
cation of his policy of reformation. He returned
iu miieiian i itir mu jrarn.
hen nlans were all matured for pitiahlnir th
reformation, Knox again steps suddenly upon
the acene. Elijah was kept in obscurity until me
time he was to confrout Ahab. Moses name from
the deserts of Mldlam to stand before I'haroab,
Elijah and Mosea were no more reallv called of
dud to act In great crises than was .urhero.
ii in apix-aranie a. bmnuurxn, as lutuien as inai
of MiJsh at k marts, created a nsnlc araonr his
enemies. A good man In earnest, and with a
good came, 1 as in chariots of Israel and tho
horsemen thereof.
The archblihop forbid his preaching In the
cathedral, but lie preached, nevertheless. Ibis
waa the ery crisis an I pivot of the struggle. At
Augsburg the Prluress saved the .uthsran Ite
formatlmi. Knox, by his splendid lntreplltv.
saved the cause In Ktoliand. Knox, at St. An-
iirews, is a ogure aa grand ami towering as
Lnttcat Worms.
In three dars at hi. Andrews, the nrlmsl see
of Scotland, papacy was utlerlr overthrown.
Images and pictures were torn from the church
aud monasteries were demolished. In less
than a month after his appearance In St, An
drews Knox's voice was ringing among the
rafteraof ht (hies sod of the Abiy chorch, In
Bdinhtirg. bosen at onoe a pastor of St. Giles,
he entered upon his labors lo that church which
his name has made historic throughout the worl I,
where his tongue waa wore than a mates or
Msrj's sceptre.
The complete revolution waa accomplished,
ropery waa aitoiiihcd, ami the It formed church
had a firm statu and a complete Presbyterian
A more danirerons nower than fire or sword
was now encountered In the Inn Id ions influence
or a nr unsnt onrt wn rn nan aiarv muan aa in
centre, Thev mutually dlsiovered each other.
Knox was summoncu to iioithmmi. ann in a ions
conference the (jtisen trltnl herWst to intlmt
naie ann ovrraw e nun.
a niivn iali-
hen the news of the uiawiacrenf the Protest
ants at lassey, in r ranee, reacnen iioijrooti,
Mary bad a grand ball to eeiebrate the event. On
the next Hsbbsth John Knox thundered analnst
the am. The (jueen srnt for him again. He re-
tracioi Doiuinx. out ioio ner to ner lacp inai ner
nudes, the Uui.es f France, were enemies to
Farllameot was pliable In Ihe Queen's hand.
Knox alone stood In her wsy. Fur the fifth time
he was summoned to the palace, but with tio
DC Iter rcsuus luau ueiurc.
AH WrBRHit. PONft,
Ebe nextentercil into a conspiracy by which,
throunu a w holestloslauirhter of the Profestrints.
she hoped to get rbl of her enemy, A league
nal been formed between the Pomj and the
Guises by w hkh Protcstsntlum waa to be rooted
out by force. To this Infernal land Mary aet
her fair. Jeweled band, lint there la a wheel
within a wheel.
A Jealousy between Mary and her ha-band,
Damley. aud ihe consentient murder of Jtlxilo,
turnod the fierce rurnnt into other channels,
and Scotland waa savej from ft maasacre such as
bt. Bartholomew'a.
Omitting much of Intorreitlng Uitory, the
reporter is obliged lo pas on.)
Ont lorn to dream of the resnluthat wouli
hare attended the jwiicy of Admiral Colignl.
France I'rotestant, and In alliance with the
Netherlands and the allied armies led by Colignl
and (He prlocc of uriof e, Vi bat differ at his.
tory we would hare to-day, aud what different
map of Europo wo would nave to atudy I
Once more Knox waa back In his old pulpit,
but his voice could no longer Oil St. ones', hen
the news of St. Bartholomew reached F Ilnburgh
he waa carried to the pulpit, where he poured
out the red hot lava or his indignation against the
perpetrators of tne bntchery, Thla was his last
public aervlre. A Ith a clear Intellect he trlnm
phantly endefl his long and painful battle,
The deeply Iniercsting exercises were closed
by singing ''Come let ni join our friends above,'
and the ilorology, anl tne benediction by Her,
Dr. .Mason Noble.
Tke.lIeellnaiBit Calmrr tlmreh-The Wity
t taatract ( Mllrca-Ir. Xecenl's Ad
Jreaa an the stnrreMf.il RtinJay eVheel
Haperlatendf at-Tke Htrnly ef the nible.
The Snnday School Institute was continued
yesterday at the Calvary Daptist church, corner
of Kiahth and H atreeu. At the afternoon ses
sion Mr. Oeorge D. Patch was i hairman.
The meeting was opened by singing the hymn
entitled, "Lord, wt Come Before Thee Now,"
and waa followed with devotional exercises,
which continued firteearnlnntes.
Her. Alfred Taylor was then introduced, and
gare an exercise In Genesis on geography. In
one corner of the mom was a large man of
Karvnt. which iroved of material aid to th
speaker In explaining his remarks, lis said that
the location of the Harden of Eden waa well
enonah known without further description.
The Orst geographical record of the worl I was
the dlsperaon of the human race. Ham was
senttoknrope.Japhet to Africa, and Sham to
Asia, The ilescendenta of Ham's race came
to this conntry,
1 be purple regions bevond the Euphrates waa
the scene ot Abraham travels. It was stui the
most beantlful pasture In the worl.L and the de
scendants go on raising sheen, as did their an
cestors. Ii was somewhat airange that this
conntryshonid continue the same aa worked hy
the forefather. Americana wawld have over
turned It in a century, and ran railroads all
t Drouth It. Abraham nasaed Itimnvh th HvrUn
desert, a distance of four hundred miles, down to
inn wfii ni me river ornan, 1 nere were sev
end principal crossings of this river. He went
Into the lower part of Canaan with his posses
sions, and rngaged In sheep raising, lie was
afterward driven by famine and trouble down
into hgypt. where he remained ontr a short
whlle.aad then went back, first to Deersheba and
afterwards to flethMba.
The iieait sea contained subject-matter to lee
ture on for hours, but he would only touch on it
In passing. It waa nearly forty.flve miles long
and nfteen wide. Il had a atranre history.
There was a time When the. bottom was said to
hare fallen out; I that as It may, there ha I been
a terrible descent there at some time. The
conntry, on Ita borders. Wis once a bituminous
rea-mn, and had large lime plia. In speaking nf
M a wife he aalJ that If the story waa true she
mnst hare been most: remarkaMe woman, aa
the pillar of salt was forty feet In height, and as
large round as a havstaik. He then spoke ot
the domestic life of Isaac and Rebecca, and said
that their life most hare been a model one, aa
the Kplscopal prayer-book cited It in the church
marriage ceremony.
The most unfortunate thing In their married
life was that the father loved F-sau and the
mother Jacob, which created a domestic scrim
mage, hsan Increased It hy bringing In two
Hlitliea lor wives. Jseob leaving home and go
ing back Into the land of his grandfather, Abra
ham. He continued, giving an Interesting jreni
aloglcal history of the descendants of Jacob
and Ksao. In conclusion, he urged Sunday
M hool teachers to post themselves in this geo
graphy, ao that the children might tie made to
understand what they were studying.
After singing, 'IUow ye the trumpet. Mow,"
Iter. J. II. inccnt apohe on the subject, "Care
of the Infant Class." He said that one of the
aweetest memories In the honse of a man aa he
btcw old is that of ft little child that dies in barty
The loy grows up, presseaout Into the worM,
end Is wished prosperity, but the memory of the
little one never depart. He loved the frankness
andarllrssncsaof a Utile child. There waa so
much freedom about them always telling the
entire trnlh, and keeping nothing back, it was
a good thing to come in contact with these little
folks, nf course the best place to begin to
teach them waa at home. The Infant ela waa
the most important in the Siindar school, as it
waa the most Interesting, for It Is often that the
Impressions they receive there are the most last
Ing. The class-room shou) I be targe, airy, and
adorned In every way that will make it attractive.
Then It will become a snot of Interest to them.
and thev will look forward lo ihe meeting of the
clajs with delight.
He believed In giving them a light exercise, as
they became very weary frmu sitting suth a
let.it h of time, aud thla drtlllnff wouldrstt and
at the same lime anliven their spirits. The
teaching In an Infant class should W as near as
possible convene lloual, and the black-board la
almost iQdlapensable to assist In Instructing
them. They ihoolUe thoroughly drilel In the
catechUra, a well as the btinna of the Church,
ao that as they grow older their swectrst memo
ries win cluster aitout them.
After elngtng ! Love to Tell the story," the
question box waa then opened, anil all of the in
quiries made were answered by Iteva. Mr. lu
cent aodTsylor, and the meet lug closed for the
rtrnlna Hrwlss.
The evenln g session commenced at 7:30 o'clock
and, iiotwltbMandlng the inclemency of the
weather, waa largely 'alt rtnleil; Pr, O. F, Pre,
brev presiding.
The session waa opened by the congregation
singing the hymn " lilest t the lie that
binds," which was followed by deiotlonalexer
rices, lasting ten minutes.
Dr. inccnt, upon the coe of these exercises,
legan the discussion nf "1 he Hun essful Hunday
Hchool Hnpertntendcnt," the first snbjett on the
Tirfurttnxmlt II a L1 nr-ritaiftil Hainila au tinnl
superintendent require three thing: i. A true
I. urn iau iui. a- uav va ,iav HI".. IBfjHra tBilt
requisites, and with this the superintendent I
alwayarefprcted by his etholars, s. He ought
to have a quit k eye, lo dete t every Irregularity
and to look four or nre ways, In ordrr to see
everything that la going on.
He mum have a high Idea of things, one fiat
' look to the highest attainment, and lo think
I that everything that romes before bin) can te
Improved, and try to out rear b the present.
.m, ne aaoui inaverovemingtaci, in! tact mat
la not tyrannical but of that order that will
ring respect, home people are oom lo rule.
tin Ttilltvt taofaP M hid l-nlin t am np ilnf aimlna . I
II?., A snmui. oo. ,h. H "" lht'u.
prr.ee. mu ores at me wui ot tne siipennten I-
BSE A."S!ft. '.... l-ML ftK
air ... I'HTiiiif, I'laari. ,aa ii,it ,'i.r whip I'l Ilium
ara. If a teacher needs rCnriminilinir he should
not be a (raid to do an, t is not well at the same
time to lost sight of the law of charity, but to
lie able to use discretion, yet be should have de
termination and not alio bis feeling, logo to
ksep Ihem iKiriteJ ui rverrlqlng ooqcernlngthe
achool. He shniiM see that they attend erery i
prayer meeting in the church. He should pro-
ride for teat her meeting, and do even thing for
the promotion of the work. I
The hvmn, "Whiter than Snow," was then t
sung, alter which Mr. Tailor took iiptheanh-
Jecl,"The use of the Hlhle in ihe fsmlly, the I
;i... Il...k....l. ...I ll.il....... a ..' ..a I
lie MK.iill keen a close eye on hi teacher-
i ", .v a aaaaa. iBi.-a a.a.'ie. a h.iuiii.iiiii .rilcilia,
(manners," and discussed the same at some
length, lie tqnught It woul l be poln y to change
the name of Huudav st hoots lo that of Illliie
school-, and then give morelntniction in thla
book. There is more Hi stndy at home at
this lime than Hiere has been for the past two
I a1 a., eai.a.'.a ,ai- 't viaai.j iuk III?!''-,
with the child, ami thereby girimf ittheqsres
sary explanation.
The churohesof to-uy are not aunirienliy
supplied with the Itlble, an the congregation is
unable to follow the preacher when ho rca Is iql
book. He was afraid that too njuth money la
spent in deroratlng rhnrrhes and not enough In
supplying the proper books. He advised the
rhurrh-goers to bring their Bibles to the rhnrt h.
nut thai lh mil la mill tn rnllntv thai ii.lnl.iara
iuivini warn nam amvernnr. nnm iiiaiinie ra
lK.ni with that iict of admlnL.lta Ion thii ihrr I KIS.," .."..'.J '.' "S "? '. !
s?Ji,':f.: nix?. ",lls?ie'Sitf.5r.b.riH'!i; I ' 'mcnt.h.,hl;fl,.t.,,M:.,."?;,.,;
5 U-SrHTS . VUSS&S& fSr ffy "KJKMffiK.
L".'"'.n""'". "'ir'JLr.""1;: .'."'" ." I"..ll1 .lone .n.o,i nil.
niuirr ami ue aiue io nave ine inve or tne arnni.
The children shonld l tsken hold of and their 1 contract touching auch Improvements on l-ehalf
ndnds impressed ith the word of God. In ' the I nile-lhutes exceptln pursuance of ap
great many casts the H.ble la almo.t ft sealed proprlatloos made by Congress,''
ihbubv, uthuh mi iii a, i4Ukin.il t i iiut r.'l ai,i(
lin lerstooil. and Ihe traders di not seem dla. '
posed to spare the lime to explain Iu meaning.
in mm amiici tu iu iiiannrr vt frprcHBuuBaf
scenes In the Htrlplurea. and classed them as
Pictorial Jumbles, and caliulated lo d more
arm than giiol. He, then tnrue. his attention
to the oriental manners, and gave his audience
lo understand that the maimers and life of
the Grientals are greatly exaggerated, as they
are very ho-.plni.le people, lie gave a leqgthy
history of the form of Hying of the Arab and
his manner of receiving and oaring lor et rangers,
whli h he interspersed with maor laushablelokes.
which caused much laugbterdurlngthe greater
portion of Ihe time he was speaking.
The remainder of the session wa occupied by
Ihe audience in asking questions, wib h were re
plied to bv Itev. Hr. iment.
The leneiliction waa pronounceal, an I theses
slon ftiljounied,
Tbe HUirlrl MllhU and the 3,000 Ar
prprlalla. Ma. Korroa: In your Issue of yesterday morn
ing you tell ua of the preparations being male
mo uiaii-irt ui
rch: how thev a
larch; how they are Increasing In number and
perfecting In drill. Cant you tell ne somethlnr
npon which we can depend al-wt when the t-'V.Wf"
IS 0 oe i,i,ni'iue,i smung .lie cumpajnipaj
Weare eapeeteil to do wonder and perform
miraeies, but not a single red rant bare we got.
and the appropriation wa uai almost a year
ago. Who la responsiMe for all this delay f
Upon whom rest the blame of our not being pal
There mav be oine companies that will I nrt
l wnom rests iu uiaiueoi our not neing pauu
ere mav le aotne companies that will thrive
If they nevrr get pant; iuen. again, mere are
other toinpanlea to-day staudlng iu great need of
this money.
fr. Hdltor, If In yojr jM'wer, please give us
some light on thla su iject, anil help ua in gelling
norrqibey i,crf the 4th of March We are
lireil ijiiii 1'iuiif inc, fy eiu in rHit.fi a.
A f'arreciUu.
In oar report yesterday of the procaelings cf
the meeting of the Board of I'ublle Hchool 1 rus,
tee In speaking of tbe bills of Messrs. Crandell
ft Itlley and J. W. Boteler i Bm. the Impression
WH COUTCJeH Ml hid fiuiniu ilia, lucav aiiiua Tier
charging for goods at rales aliove contract
trice. 1 be statement was erroneous, as Messrs.
Lramlell Idler hare no contract with the
imam, anit ruruisu i"7u. utfi ihiikucij vu m
written order of a trustee, charging a reduced
price for all article they aeli.
Meaara. J. w. Boteler k Tiro, hare contracted
with the iioard to furnish certain artUle in their
line of business at a certain prke, but anything
oniercu iioiinio i ma. ni u"jcvi iitnu iw tun
regular iiuHincaapriaca.
i in the riMAf the feathrr-dni'rra fmeniioned
In ihe report) the price rhargl ihonH hare ap
I pea red a eta per dozen, lostva I of charging that
I amount for oue da ter, Tbeso corrections are
I justly uao ootn urine, ana treeiy rnaue.
Nolle awl Parings Dank
corner of New York avenue an 1 Fifteenth street,
nara a ier cent, ner annum on deooalta for recti
calendar month. Banking hoqra 9 to 4, 8lur
iiaa, irai aua iivi.
mi. Rooitmrr siaiidiii Aiiwiim.
.lllarrrrr.ral.il... .r lar Tammaiir I'm.
arr.m.-Thr Arlaal lailr.lrilar. .f
Ihr ni.lrlrt-C'.taiilrlr Tlrfdlrnll.il .r
Ihr Il.aril f Pakllr arka.
We air. Iirloir th. rrplj M nraertl CHIianan
mute in Ihr noiua nt Krnrc?nLtlrrn on Tuea
ilaj In ihe rharara mail, hy Mr. Tlnnrrrll
aralitat tne lloanl of Pnlillo Worka:
Mr. rhlpman. I ahall rmlraror toilrlalo ihr
llonir Imt a rrrr frw ralnnln. II la not ml nor.
Io M orrnpr Ihr halt hour which I hat. llrrn
arrorilr.1 hjr Ua irrntlrnian Irom rrnoarlranU.
I ahall oolj Mum th. arntlrman trfm Nrw lorn
(Mr. Rooartrlt) In Ihr auirmrnta I rriranl aa ra
aentlal to br lravrrar.1, anil Irarr hla anrrrh anil
mr own, rrrrntl; mailr, whlrh fallrrorrrtil lh
whot. aohjrrt, to takr tbrlr ronrar anil mrrt
thrl r own rranlta aa to rharit. an t rr rotation.
I lo not ailnnt that th. arntlrman from Nrw
Tork rorara hrrr with aurh rlran hanila that h. la
rntmril to art nn a aiamlar.1 of moral conduct In
!" '..'S"'1, I ra """I "7 ont In W aahlni.
rate of onto, airrn him by th. docrr. ot " Tarn
many No. I" a man ao ahamrlraa that h. haa
tj; aoJaclty to admit that ha waa not elrctnl by
tha rotra of th. proplr of hla iliiinrt, hot waa
ronntnl In by a powrr which hr thrn had nrlthrr
the Tlrtna nor rouraa-r to rrai.t. la it not, Mr.
IS!!!"!."! Jf ,M '"'" lo wllnraa thla x.
nltmion ot thr irrntlrman t
Now, Mr. Chairman, Ihr trnllrman from Nrw
101k awalla In a hrnt.l mi ,ii. h...i
rharactrr of mm In thla Dutrlrt who ara hla
"".?:. TP l,rl!c;1" olllcrr whom hr alnilea
"Sf.y r"lll'l Jir,l thla roinmnnlty from
rhllilhooil: he la known to iniin.an.n, ami he
i".1!'.',! A"vw.li'1 F""11 '"ararlrr, In au thoa.
tuliura whim mat. ,n manhool aa that of
., .u... , iiiwi, ,ie i. aeii.ma.ir, II la
trur, hot h. la one of thoae men for whom nature
haa ilon. more than wraith, blooil. or any other
Influent ran itn far anm. m.n t n;i.k, .-..
Thla man with ll.uVS.li nTw Vl 'mp' ,n,
t) mat l tMnarrnn nll aiA.-.ki- ..... .IV.."
no Ki in thr;SWVh.i.n'Sl"!.J,"V
dence for the capital of a great people. Hut. air.
f huflaa aattnaiM aa-w I. .. hH L. " . !". ..
.:."'" "'"vii r'iniiraiairverr step:
and It seema now that there Is an avenue I will
n.otM,.f w-2h there Is an amine In this
House throng), which the combined Influences of
the Upposltlon.. their slanders, their tnlsrepre
sentatlons, thell' insane hoatjiltv to everrthlns
which temls to the gno-lof IhehUtrlct.may be
rami In here, and i employed to defrat what
regard as the patriot,. efforts of these pnbllc
orncers. r
The gentleman from New YorV speaks of
fraud aud misrepresentation, and saya that these
ofllcera are attempting to det elve the Honse. He
has not pointed out one sioale Instance where
that haa been done, ism at the report whlrh
the Hoard of Public Works haa made. Tate
their report, examine it, and let the board stand
or fall with It. Take that portion whtcllhe gen'
tleman criticises so severely, that which gives
the estimates of ihe contracts which were made
tor the purpose of carrying ont these Improve
ments, and I declare that no man not abnolutely
blind with haired and prejudice will fall to see
refutation of the gentleman's charges. Let me
remind the House thai the real question In that
connection la this: Did the Hoard of I'nl.Uc
oi k represent to Congress autMtant tally the
amount of their Indebtedness or their llabliitlesf
This la not a new question. The gentleman
discussctUt a fortnight ago, sad I followed Mm
as boou as opportunity o,ferel, and I call atten
tion now to the fact that the gentleman falls to
explain more than halfam-ore of misrepresen
tations In hla speech which I exposed. I assume
that he cannot explain, and I shall not repeat
the argument.
Now, air, I allege that the nsard ft miitit
Wort bate
. .... rWB'"nTiitRii.ngwrgOHM
truthfully, or within a t ery few thonsand dollsra.
whlih Is as near as eetlmstes ran lr made in
volving millions of dollars worth of work and
vet the gentleman would have yon believe that
In tend of the liabilities Incurred bv the iroard
amounting to aomethlng over KtK),nnn. ther
amount to I13.oini.oimj, Snmelo.ly has (old i
great untruth In reference to this matter. Mr
Chairman, mr positions da not rest npon mr
own examinations, a rommlttee of this House
hss lol 1 you prerUely what I tell yon, and 1 hare
yettoiesrathstthe.Ioiue distrait the lnteg
ntr of that committee.
The gentleman from New York la a member
of that committee, I poo hla own motion and
on his own resolution the Committee for the 1)1--
trlrt of Columbia examined this rerr oueitlon
aud Insteadof remaining here, a It was ihlsdqtv
io to ii ne lntenueii really to unearth w bat he
alleged to be frau Is, the gentleman went off to
il; .. . .V '""" " more oi mm in
relation to this matter nniu he comes here to
make an as suit on the Integrity or these gentle
men, and to show the House that It has commit
ted itself tothepaynicutof a large amount of
money upon an account which waa a fraud upon
the Government of th Called mates, isir, when
the gentleman next has an opportunity of exam
ining these matters, let him not gu off to New
Aorkcltyto engage Ina vain attempt to organ
ise a MUpensary dcm racy" by dispensing with
Democrat, and then come here and make what
Imayeail a ilisnensarr speech, dispensing en
tlrely with facta. '
The gentleman first attempt to explain how
he waa betrayed into hla blunders by uiing an
advance proof ropr of incrrportnf iheiioard,
and he charges that there are no teas than four
different editions, and a linlta that the inge he
thought was suppressed t urus up in another part
of the later edition.
I t me say one wont here. The flrsl dozen
copies were struck off iwfjro the original proof.
aheets had reached the proof-reader and were
rrtnroM. The body of the report Is not snd has
not lieen chsuged In any one material particular.
but ihe exhibits, whli h are numerous, was made
up by rlerka and carefully examined and cor
real for later editions, but not In the leant
changlnglntatsorthelextof the report, or anr
Important fait of the report. The llone must
remember that in no nutter referred toby the
gentleman except the account rcn lercd against
tbel mted Males,, the truth or fatshooiof hla
ateiementa Important, an I therefore the House
could not ha.e1reenniUI.Nl, As to the account
against the Go. eminent, I have fullv refuted Ihe
gentleman In former lemarka, btu will aa-aln
notice it a moment.
as io i no gentleman's statement that he hat
....".'... . ..
, nd.'Jn ZZZYIS T, HTuSlH
utatement that this aniiim h. iJin iWi i i.i
hlch ihelwurd never
measurements agreed to a foot, and he thought
t so strange as to warrant an Insinuation of col
lusion an I frau I. Ul me tell ihe House
tub xx r Tiirni iaorj it.
I have here a copy of the defl lency bill to hlch
!. J . ? iartl? ''l over million and a
quarter dolUr fur tne purpose of paying the
awoint rcn lored agjlnu tho Govermneut tor
worK doqe iq front ftlo properlv of the Gov
f rJn,"cn,' ' ,l he t lerk to read from Hut bin.
ihetierk read as follows.
"PWtrin of Columbia t
'To enable the Necretaty of the Interior to
P'..,h expenditures ma le bv the Hoard of pnb.
iu Voiksoflhe District of Columbia for pat lug
tTlfajlfaTr anl flrt.ln anl . i ..'. 1L"
road war. anl riirtilnff an.l luiin. .i.t ..i..
rrading, aewerage and other Improvement upon
lM1.,K'WnthJJroP'rtro1 -h .'nlted States
Inthelilstrlrtof t'olumbia, tl,l.2o.i. or ao
much thereof as mar e neteury: itortdtJ,
1 hat a I paymeuts umlor Ihls appropriation shall
be made onlv upon tourh.er apiiroved by the
officer In charge of the pub...- buiMings and
grounds nf the DUlrlrt after full examination
and measurement of the said Improvements,
and the approval of the prices claimed there fori
.nl,J'rCr'''J "'''. That the said Hoard of
Public Works be, an I they are hereby, prohili
tis from incurring or loutradlngrurthrr lia
bilities oi lehalf nf ihe Cnite-l states In the lm
nmrement of streets, avenues anl reservations
iT,yii.i mo anioiiai oi piropnatons previously
maile by Congress, and from entering Into anv
Ir f'hlnmian f .aB-irtH -k. ..i .
-' ; r;--". iiiiiiih, ,ua BCUIieniaU
from New) ork charged dutincfly in his former
speti-h tiiatnpon an examinatinu personally of
the voucher of General UaMock. to wbiuh he
alludisl heretoMlay.he hal fouml that those
vouchers agreed with the account laid before
the Committee on Appropriations by the Hoard
of I'ublle tt orks, and he stated, as 1 have said,
that It waa a remarkable tact thai in an account
of over a million and a quarter of dollars, in
eluding probably one thousand Items, the two
should agree an exactly, Let ma ask the gentle
maq how that charge agrees with the one he to
day make that the voucher of General Baitcot k
ami me wxuuauiii in nosni iiisagree in almost
every iMirttculsr. He must have bean wrong
flratlf Iielangntnoir, Hut ny be w a wrong
tlrar an.l la bwah I.. !.-,.. 7' .;,
.,..,., .- iui.iiuN in ii mil UUff. 1 aillllll,
Mr. Chairman, If what the gentleman first
charged were ihe case It would be remarkable,
but unfortunately It It not true. If the gentle
man ha 1 examined Ihe very find Item In tul ac.
count he would have seen that General l.aicocit
strikes off an Item of tl.ooo, and yet the gentle
man cam here and t barged that every Item and
every cent had been paid, ttir, 1 say that the
maxim will apply here In discussing a question
of this kind, a(u lm tino.faUum U eMMtbua. If
true as to witnesses, why Is It not true In regard
to discussions hereT
Now, the fact 1 that the account of Ihe board
embraced Items amounting to over ft million and
quarter of dollars I but General Hal-cock re
port that the account amounted to fi,w u
more than the board had reoorted, yet the very
object of the geqtlemaq' rat spWh was, a
well a this attack tou; Is. u show to tg
Hon that the Itoapl, trf fait, had done leas
work than they charged tho Government for.
Tbe answer I have given, and It la not only con
clusive of ihe gentleman' error, but it
ornoTTOeiuwE nix
Into a public acknowledgment! yet with bind
rage be reiterate fraud on the part of the board
aud culpable mistakes on the part of the officer
who certified to the voucher.
Let me explain in a word more that when
General l)abcock came to examine tbe account
of the board, h struck out all the Items In regard
to whkdi he and ihe board disagreed to auch an
extent that the board were unwilling to allow
the accounts to be settled, and be allowed others
where work was done and not staled in theac
oonnt,and vet with all the care that waa taken
h found that tbe Government waa indebted
orer a.i,o. more thanthe Iroard bed reported.
Whr. then, all this excited ie.ranution ot the
gentleman when tbe facts are known, aa be
must at thla moment know them r
The genticu. w aaya General Bibcock had no
authority to n9 a discretion. In reply I make
thla point, that under the appropriation which
this CongreM made, the language ot which I hare
read, it waa competent for General Babctxkto
bay to the full amount of the appropriation so
long aa he kept within It terms, crcn though
tbe exact account rendered by th Iioard was
n6t audited and paid by him. Congress did not
know the account aa an account; It only koesr
th amount Iu round number, and provided not
fora particular account, bqt for the cost of the
work whatever It might be,
Thla, Mr. Chairman, la my anawer to the apeech
Ot IftHflmJenjan. lit nakta qq mw charges,
! in-....,, un 1'iiiri irniK in rrirani inni.n in
and I say lie does not explain the equivocal posi
tion la which his first speech placed blm. I
staid upon the compuutlon and the facta already
Buhmltfed by me to the Honse, and I challenge
refutation of them. I am sustained by the re
trMof rommlttee of thla House andly what
IbetleTeiobethe truth In thla whole matter.
The gentleman'a quarrel with the rice president
of the board it is not my province to esponse.
himieif nnn,1in"' M to take care of
.t.Lr..K .rJ.CniImn ' ha'1 n0!1 we Wrr
throngh with thla opposition. Whenever It shall
tilf ? ii1 t1 b7 tn iwntlMnan front New
ioik,(Mr. Rosevelt,i or by any other member
or by any other peraon.be he member of Con
Sress or one of my own constituents, that thla
oard of rublio Works
in ft worse form than the very bad flrstTam
many, aa the gentleman charges, 1 shall not be
the last one to denounce them on this floor. I
hare gone before thla people orer and over again
opon the rerr question the gentleman has raised
before the House, and every time the people
have Indorsed the Board of Public. Works and
the ir efforts to build np the national capital.
But so long as these charges
. , am miniY fciesTtTCTi. or tarra,
as I believe them to be, and are made only by a
few disappointed an I disreputable character
whom the reapectahia neopi of the District who
oppose the lrfanl repudiate a common enemies
to our best Interests, ao long, Mr. Chairman, as
this Is tme 1 ahall defend thla board.
It Is a shame that these creatures should le
permitted to com here to d treat lust appropria
tion, It Is ft shame that they are allowed to dog
the steps of Congressmen and pretest to re
spectability because there are Bome decent men
In the city who do not sustain the bosrd. These
cteatures won! I see tho capital sink liefore they
would permit the board an succeed If they could
Erercnt it; an I yet they nnd audience and they
sve a champion on this floor, ihe gentleman
entries here not to enlogiieth character ot one
of these men and thank him for turning spy and
Informer against the people of the tnntrltt, I
shsll not rail In question the gentleman'a com
panionship. He may select his own associates;
but he cannot convince this country thst an In
fatuated monomaniac, an ntterly unscrupulous
wretch who pannes this but net government
with the malevolence of a hyena, la a at
man to give the gentleman information to
ruble this House. I make no attack on thla man,
bnt I warn the House against the source of the
gentleman'a so-called facta.
nir. it i painful to me that this attack- and this
effort to slide Improvements here come from a
gentleman who Uvea In the greatest city of this
continent, with Its nnblo park and Ita splendid
Improvements, and with It ambition to overtop
the cities of the Old Worl I In ell that makes a
city great. It pains me that such ft gentleman
shoullatanl nut atone In an attack npon the
poarflof Public Works and their effort to build
np your capital.
Iidt this experience Is not new ton. When
gentlemen of the Hnne look about them and see
what we hare accomplished In thla city, let them
remember that ererr step that baa been taken
baa been throngh Are. We hare been
ATTAcatn orrar and stroxrworsLT.
Kren yestentay, when It was hoped to pass a
resolution nf Instruction to the Committee on
Appropriations asking them to Inquire a to th
duty of theOorernment toward it capital, thla
House was flooded with an anonvmons circular
attacking me personally and the Hoard ef Public
Works, I had a copy handed to me by a gentle
man on the other aide of the House, who aald
that the gentleman from Nework(Mr. Koose
reltj handed It to him, and was circulating It
among Members generally. I hope 1 mar tie mis
taken in that, but I fear that 1 am not. Is this ft
specimen of the gentleman's moral? Is a public
report of t'nl ted States officers to be IHwled oo
of court, and this staff to be taken aa the euik.
of the House? erlly, then
Justice hi neii to brutish beasu.
And men have lost their reason.'
This, Mr. Chairman, la th character of the op.
position which we hare met everywhere. Yes
terday I fonnd here this large paper, holding a
Irrgeyellowolored poster In hi hand, whirh
reminds one ot the poMera that may be aeon at
the cross-roads, surmounted by a horse rampant,
and which was rircnlate 1 here by the gentleman
in order to prejudice this Hoiiap agslnst doing
anactof almplejuftice, thatof directing an in
quiry through a proper committee a to whether
this Government ought to do anytalng toward
buldilng nn the capital.
1 he gentleman rrles "Tammanr nnmSer two,"
fraud," "corruption," 'misrepresentation." "I
thank thee, Jew, for teaching me that word."
Let It be Tammany number two. It never will
send a delegate whj will come here and torn ami
rend It without cause. 1 beitero there H no sub
stantial averment mala by the gentleman that
has not been tally answered. 1 cannot antici
pate what th gentleman will print in the Itatance
of his speech, and I reserve the right to answer
chargea not made on the Dour. 1 will not lake
np the time of the House In merely gratifying
myself by further remarks. Exsmlne the records
of the Dietrb t for yourselves. Ho not rely npon
the gentleman's statement or my own.
Thla Congress has shown a patriotic Interest In
the capital. 1 cannot believe that the are and
fury of one or a half a doaen speeches which the
gentleman or any one else ahall make can extin
guish Ihe public aentimeut that demand of tho
peorUe'llepreenUtlvea to make the people's
capital the greatest of the worl I,
A He vera CrlllcUm of lu .ItnnagcMicnt
Ubat Hhallbe Daw wilt. It-A Illsanll.
fled Nrw England Jet.rni.1.
The Outon Olohe has an editorial npon Mount
croon, in whlei. the present management la
Bcrerrly criticised. It aays:
We Ood In the IktitfSttiUJtutmnt, published In
the city of Itlchiuond, a scathing article npon the
present condition of Mount ernon and the man
ner In which the agents of the association coo
duct Ita affairs. If the charges made tre tme
and we presume there la no reasonable dount of
It there will be found few who will dissent from
the Indignant declaration of the journal above
mentioned that thla "making the home and crave
of Washington a catchpenny show is a shame
and disgrace to Ihe State of Irglnla, and to the
whole American people," We remember, some
Ofteen years a go, when the Udles' Mount er
non Ai-MMlation was driving a hard bargain
with the owner of the estate for Its possession.
7 'he place was In the market, and there was
rellng that rather than hate It pnas Into the
hands of speculators nr strangers It ehonld either
become the nrooertv of ihe mi inn rr t.t nmn
patriotic assot tat ion, I
Th, Una aapninAnfr arAffiaai.v.1 a. naiA...l 1 M a. a .
. . ..va . inn. ... H laaril vt ariri IP (II late
any action lo the premises, an t, anally, the pa
Irtotlc ladle of the country formed themselves
Into an association, secured the refusal of the
estate at a sum are times more than Its highest
potwlhle value, and at once set about raising the
money for ita pun hose.
The efforts of lilward Everett In this Conner.
Hon will be remembered by all whose memories
cover ihe period alluled to. One of the orlgt
natoraof the scheme, he (shored In Ita behalf
with lioth tongue and pen from Ita Inception
nntll the payment of the lait dollar Into ihe fund,
adding to the contributions thus earned a liberal
donation from hla private purse, other promi
nent New Knglanders, tn;n and women, pave
generonslv In furtherance of ihe plan. Au 1 so, i
tbe ronntry orer, front Mslne to Texa, there '
waa hardly a town or hamlet that did tint fur
nish Its mite for the secret pnrpose, '
'the newspaper rlwl with oue another In Its
rupport; orators gars their voice, theatres their
beueflu, anl fhunl.es their collections, Tbe
Jam was at last nia le up, ami the Meet a of the
mrrtcan people secured. Competent parties
were put la charge those, at least, supiHiscd to
la computcnt and the nation tongratulated lu
aelt upon Ihe posewlonof one spot, at least,
where erery American foot should be free to
tread; a shrine to which every hirer of his conn
try and every admirer ot republican Institution
could alike repair. Never haa there been ft dla.
appointment more thorough, a faith more nn
f jiinded, a resnlt more unsatiafartory.
Many of onr readers will remember that I fas
than a year ago the managers of Mount ernon
were arrested upon Ihe very verge of making
'Improvements" that would hare thoroughly de
stroyed the individuality of the place. Ancient
tree were to have lieen cnt down; new carriage
way madet the Internal arrangements of the
bome rhangd; tbe fifrnlture uaed by the rather
of hla Country to be replaced by new; Uie room
toberepaperttd and painted, and, last of alt, a,
new an I elegant lombw la have been con
stmcted. This work, which had been laid out
and wa ready for commencement, naa with
illtnculty Mopiied, much to ID Indignation of
the Incompetent and unreasonable managers,
who still declare their Intent loos of erentuallr
carrying out their plana. The moy stories nf
rudeness and Incivility toward vlaitora which
hare been told can le readily believed with these
fsrta in view. But the crowning disgrace Is the
fact that an exorbitant fee U charged for admis
sion to the grounds,
A single boat Is run, from Washington to Mount
ernon In the Interest of the association, the
passage upon whit h eight miles arid admis
sion to the grounds com the patriotic Tin tor
li.no. If he should reach the wharf hy a private
boat or yacht be Is refused the right to land or
to enter the grounds, and though amqetlmethe
rule Is relaxed upon the payment of Cflj-lx
rent per capita for ''wharfage," the visitor is
regarded as an Intruder and entitled to na clvlll
tic, certain It la he never receives thctn. The
Journal makes suggestion whkb seema tons
worthy of t onslderatiun. It la, that as long aa it
la qot respectably supported or managed. Mount
ernon should be surrendered to the nation, and
that the tilled groumt of the estate should be
used by lift department of agriculture for the
trial and propagation of useful and ornamental
plants. A collection of the fruit of the temper
ate gone, Ita grata, grasses, and vafetaUea,
would u Invaluable is standard of reference
to all horticultural!.. Home aurti 4!oitlua
would hare th effect of rescuing Mount ernon
from pubiia contempt, and make It a real Mecca
f or the lovera of our country and of human lib
erty, while It would also subserve a grand pur
purea in aid of civilisation and progress,
.The instance to Mount ernon Is sixteen
Instead of eight mile. En, Rxr.
l'ire, Hale.
No Reserve.
Must Positively be Closed Out,
Orerooeia. Overcoats,
10 .
..Dres Overcoat.. ..fin
..Dress Overcoat ,io
. .ureas Overcoats. . ,.iio
Dress Overcoats, .. Jio
Dress Overcoats sift
iu . urcsa uvercoata. . . tit)
i imv uuncani ui unies resoit irom a determi
nation not to carry o.erany portion of our atock,
which la now offered at Ally per rent, leu than
former prices.
All other good at the same Immense reduo
' Hon lUaui Usothir-,
, rr .rv.D w Fashionable Clothier,
TnThiB Northwest corner Serentit ami p atat
The WklpHonCliyMavUgsnaok,
comer of Seventh atreet and Louisiana evenqe
pays per cent, interest on all deposit, Depoa
It can be mat) and drawn at will.
rostpoorineni of Mlulannrr Aonlrcrsarr.
-fcwJ,.r mhorlzcd tossy, that on account of
the failure ot the committee of arrangement to
perfect the necesaary plana, the missionary an
ulrersary of the Wesley chapel Sabbath school,
appointed for to-morrow (irtday) evening, haa
ben postponed nntu further notice,
i i .a.
The Hall orC'alaaibe Ledge To-Nlgbt.
The Knlghu of Pythias have made extensive
ftrrangrmeuu to attend the grand ball ot Ca
lauthe Idge No.il, at Odd i-eliows' hall to
nlihi, It promuea to be a mot enjey able affair,
TUIier Uxpre tej-llew Tkey W III be Ac
remmedaiteJ-Ncrr York, Host en, on J
Philadelphia to be Itrprracated'.
At ft meeting of the floidiers anl tallore
Orant and Wilson Club, held Tuesday night In
mitlmore, further steps were taken for the par
ticipation of the orranlxatlon In the inaugura
tion procession.
Colonel Rebley, of the committee appointed to
visit Washington and make tha necessary ar
rangements for the Intended visit nf the club,
reported that he had conferred with the chair
man of the committee on arrangements In thla
rlty, who assured him that the club will be as
signed a suitable position in the procession.
The grtnd procession will be preceded by the
marshals, who will be followed by the military
In the regular service, and who will form a bril
liant feature of the procession. Then will come
the President and head of Department, officer
of the Government, ac. The veteran of the
war of 1411 will be next In rank, followed by the
soldier of lata, and after them there w Ml march
the vast army of the aoMlera of 1H1. The vol
unteer military will be next, after whom the
civil and military clubs will nose up the proces
sion. Colonel fthler also stated that Captain Plant
told him that, If agreeable to the rlnb, hla com
naar will escort the memiera upon their arrival
In W ashlngton on the morning of the inangura
tlon to their headquarters. As regards the mat
ter ot transportation, Colanel Bchley Informed
the member that the agents of the railroads
lea ling to the capital hare reduced the fare for
that occasion to ll.ss for ft round trip. The HaJ
tlmor and Ohio railroad agent promised to send
a special train for the accommodation of the
members, ir it be found necesaary.
The report waa accepted and the committee
After theadjon-nnunt nf themeeUog about
three hundred and fifty members came forward
and announced them wives willing to visit W ash
Inglon ou the 4th of March. The dob Intend to
appear In the line Are hundred etrong, all of
whom will be handsomely uniformed,
In a New York letter to a Boston paper It la
atated that the military of this rlty are wide
awake on the matter of visiting W aahlngton for
the Inauguration. Meeting are held every I
night, and Immense aums of money are raised
bv tha friends of th military to pay expenses.
The Hcventh, Keventy-tlrsr, Heventy-nlnth, the
Hixth, fOerman.) Uuard L.isrette, the Old Guard
and tne W asnington Gray Troop are among the
corpr preparing to lew for the capital. From
present appearance W ashingtoo, tike Saratoga,
will be "rammed full. Jammed full and crammed
TM rtmt BMtMBXT, U. M. a.
The regiment having reoived to go to Wash
ington on inauguration day, effort are being
made to bring out the full strength of the com
mand. Colonel Jenkins haa detailed Quarter
master Pontler to go to Washington, who will
visit thla city tn-daj to make the necessary ar
rangements for the proposed visit.
General Punk, with a committee of the OH
Guard of New ) ork, arrived In W asblngton yes.
terday and took quarters at W illanl's hotel. The
onject ot their visit Is to make arrangements for
the command, which are to participate in the
Inaugural ceremonies,
A letter haa been received from Major Fotllott,
nf the Boston battalion of light artillery, stating
that he Is unable to procure transportation for
hla field pieces, and ha asked If they cannot ob
tain the use of eight pieces and caissons from
the Government.
The field and staff of the 1st Pennsylvania
cavalry, N. (I. of Pennsylvania, Colonel Frls
malt commanding, have signified their intention
of being in the line.
The Crescent club of the Fifteenth ward,
Philadelphia, have written to prominent parties
here relative to coming to the rlty on the 4th of
March to witness the Inauguration. 1 hey antic
ipate bringing a good force, and hare Ircnnreted
that quarters tie secured for them, colonel
John P. Glenn, of the Philadelphia Councils i
Wm. KTotten, Inspector of the water depart
ment; Wilbur H. Myers, esq , and man r promi
nent gentlemen from the western section of
Philadelphia will accompany the Crescents.
A Iot ar Pine r.wneli fbeese
for restaurant mr. luit receive I at Nnlrnr'a
Butter Wore, southwest corner of Ninth and K
Vft9 I nv.tf 1 tl Vnf.i in I Pn.wtl.1a ti-nta.
loons, evrulng colors. In good amort ment of
l" It SO. L-, HEfNINU,
No. 410 (Seventh atreet.
TttCflHIIMMiKElT.- Messrs. llsr.t A ttnv
receiveda.&ud bushel of wheat, and M. oung
1,000 bushels ot corn, sold to arrive.
Thi Canal. The water In the Georgetown
level will b drawn off on the Klh of the month
for the purpose of making the necessary repairs
tor Ue spring business and the opening of the
canal along the whole line by the 1st of March.
Waokx Lost. The prominent metntters of the
Georgetown Nchoetien ereln will saw and split
niui'iui nwwi vu muuiiaf ai.rruunii a. me tor
nerof Green and niiiltTe itriit nn wtavr' in
anticipation of the affair, betting u leglnnlng to
or very uvciy.
tiik counm
Nn irrne Cowrt l the I'm lied Hlates.
. .W trNirDAV, TVbrusrr H lsTl
Ou motion Of Mr, Phil lips, John T. Morgan,
esq or Mima, Ala waa admitted to prartlce a
an attorney and counselor of this court.
No. 444. The United Mates, appellants, va,
Illbernla Armstrong. Appeal frnm tha Court of
Claim. On motion of Mr. R.M. Corwln, ortlere.1
by the court that the appeal In this reuse I
ma urini ii uininiiwti,
Nn,h. J. Oifton Mosea et al, btalntlffa In
error, vs. The Mayor and Cliy of Molille. Th
motlou to dismiss this cans was submitted on
printed arguments by Mr, P. 1'hltilp tn Bupimrt
of same, and by Mr. H. P. Hice and Mr. John T.
Morgan in opposition thereto.
No. 31. The Cleveland, Palnesville and Asn
taimla lUllroail Company, plalullff In error, ra.
The Htate nf Pennsylvania;
No. I. The Ittisburg, Port Wayne and Chicago
Ttiilroad Company, pUlntlff in error, vs. Ine
Htate of Pennstlvaula;
Nu. S3. 1 he lelawarr, Urkawanna an 1 West
ern Had road Company, plaintiff In error, vs. The
Htate of Pennsvlvania. The ero-umrnt nf ihaaa
causes was concluded by Mr. J. K. Goweq for
hf 1'iaiuiiua in rrrun
No. in. w in. II. Baruea et al , plaintiff In error,
ra. The Philadelphia and Heading lUltroa 1 Com
pany: No. u . Wm. II. names et al., plalntlffa In error,
v 1 he Irehlgh alley Itallroad Company!
Nn.1T ll.ii If llarn.... -I hi.m.iir. V .....
vs. The Lake Huperlor and Mlssuslppl Hallroa.1
1, vit,rsu
No, is. Wm. II. Barnes et at .plaintiffs In error,
vs. The Philadelphia and Heading Hailro, t'um
Kit IS Wm If namaaal al hl.lB.lrT. I. ...
...' " 1'iBiiiiiua iii cirnr,
vs. The KsrrlsiHirg, Purumoutb, 't. Joy and
ijincftHter Itallroad Contiranyi
No, wi. W m. II. lUmea et al .plaintiffs In error,
pany. The argument of these cause waa com-
tiuuce.1 iiy Mr, Hollcitor General Phillips, of
counsel for Ihe plaintiffs In error, and continued
by Mr. J. G.Gowcn for tho defendants in error.
-lujuuinvti uuiu iw-inorrow at 11 oi lOCfc,
Clrcalt Ceurt-CblrrJuallreCartlrr. II
This court waa engaged with the following
case yciterdsri
Huliivan vs. limy. Verdict for Ihe plalntiil In
Kastwno.1 r. Coburn. Plea withdrawn and
Judgment by default,
Uodej executor ra, Tnrton. Judgment con-
Matiock tb. Foley. Motion for a new trial.
Unney, guardian, vs. Metxerott Co.
The following rases are assigned for tn-tlayi
No, m, to. jb, i it, 4x ,, m, ea, cs, IS, 14,
Sand TO, Adjourned. .'-
Hprrlal Trnn-JaJge U'jlle,
Thlsronrt made the fallowing ordera yester
Le Noll" VS. lANnlr. neerea ttr all anr
W iison T". Kuler. Order dismissing lull, with
Jardin ya. Grarler. Onler ratlfylnj trnstee1
Christy va, ftmootetal. Order rorpreliminary
Injunction. Adjourned. ' '
Police Cowri Judge Hwrll.
Thomas Turby, stealing a coat: So dava injiil.
W illiam Turner and Henry C. Handoiph, affrayi
Turner was discharged and Handoiph lined !.
BopbU Petty, aent lo Hodgson's farm for vo daya
on charge of vagrancy t John Downey, violation
of hack law; $J. James Burly.jiame offence; is.
ftarali Adams, colored, rbarired with stealing
tweire yards of opera cloth, worth .f an rtaTll ,
The Tbewtr CoMlqne.
That ihe performance at the Comlque are
moat satisfactory waa proved by the large audi
enoe la attendance laat ulaht despite the rain
and enow. The management have all reason to
Kiuiiiiuiak, mrmaciTea uu taotr gotMl lOrtUne.
To-night all the aura (tnd the Hills a long one)
will appear.
Ulllard Hall.
The beneflt of roster. Hut klogham, and Jaml
eon take place to-morrow night. The bill in
ciuuea -an, tne Good-ror-NoihLng;' a grand
olio. Introducing Geo. 8. Knight, Dick Parker,
and Pat Itooney, of tbe 1 heatre Comlque; Mr.
Harry Hporrer, and the comlo pantomime of the
"MbjIo Trumpet, Ticket are nnwforsaieai
Kills' mntlostoro,
(lerMKH Tbealre.
Friday evening Marefa theatrical romnan-
iierform again at aid Fellows' Hall. Carl Hlch
ter win lea-1 the orcheitra. "
Montana Indian U nr tUltns,
The Senate Committee on M Hilary Affairs, at a
special meeting held night be for- last, noanl
mouily agreed to report In favor of ihellouio
bin authorizing the settlement of the Montana
Indian war ralm"on the basis of thearnoanta
atranled by Gen. Jas. A. Hanlle, alter a pro
trarted and most searching investigation made
by that onicer. These claim have been pending
since 1MI, and their final allowance and pay.
ment (though the amounts awarded aro more
than fifty per cent, reduction from the original
biiin) prove a great relief to many peraonVbaii.
tn and out of the 1 crrltory.
, A BrrrMO Justice of the, pence nd a porir,
looking fellow IJ3 the other day, thinking he
would be unable to pay It. and that It would be a
charity to send him up. To everyboly'a surprise,
the fellow drew 14T from hi pocket to pay It.
The Squire then proceeded to remonstrate with
the viotim on hi ret kiesanesa tn going about tb
atreet drunk with auch a Bum of money npon
hla person, ending np with the remark that It wai
ft great wonder he bad not been robbed, The
divUahitof difference can I aee," quickly and
piieiui,yrepiieane.'oe,iween win' robooa in
iiviuuj replied nv.uta.wecu veil
o ithreit aat bela rohbe4 here P
tag stares
lieTheMMayll pQbUcWI BUU eonTenUo11 wlu
Urge anbwrirdtons are Meg made tn the
centennial fund In Pennsylvania. J. Edgar
Thompson annonncea that the railroad rommlt
tee win lie able to raise at least ma.non, a mass
meeting win be held In Philadelphia on the nd
of February In aid ot the fnnd.
The city collector and Democratic luspc
ton of the city election in Lexington, arrested
on the charge of preventing negroes from
voting, have arrived at Louisville and will hare
a preliminary examination to-day,
There waa a large meeting of colored citt
ern in Cincinnati lust night to celebrate the
birthday of Lincoln.
There Ii a well-founded rumor at Halt Lake
that Mormon agenta are negotiating for large
tracts of land In Mexico.
Alley, on trial at Boston for the murder of
nils, was acq iitted last errnlng.
The As-rlcnltnral and Direct Tra.1 (Vitmi.
Hon In session at Augusta, oa., yesterday adopt
ed a memorial to ( ongress on cheap and nnln
tempted transportation between the Mississippi
river and th South Atlantic
The Governor of New Jersev hss anniin..i
P. W. W oibert. Gen. B. llalstead and IL H. Jen
nings ft committee on procaringstatnee of stock
ton and Kearney,
in cue new jersey iionHeotHepresentaiirea
yesterday mnst of the afternoon was spent In
considering a bin to incorporate tbe New York
and Phlladclphlft railroad. A bill for national
railway, after feeble resistance, and without ma
terial amendment, was ordered to a third read'
ng. A Joint meeting will be held to-day.
A bill providing for ministerial electoral re
form ha received t be approval of the Emperor
of Anatria, and win soon be presented to the
The Chesapeake and Ohio railroad celehra.
tlon was postponed at Richmond yesterday,
owing to Hie detention of the Ural freight train
i ruin iiuniinKK'it ami ine inriemrnry o tne
weather. TDe demonstration will take nlace
thla afternoon.
It wai rumored In NejrYork on TneMsv
that the ayndirair only aold twenty-lire million
11, mall'ira?,
The Ore In the rnlns nf Uiwtm(i. tint.tn.
son's store, In New ork, which waa destroyed
last November, Is still burning In three thonsand
tons of grain, which Is being removed aa rapidly
aa possible. '
A special committee, appointed to present
an address to Judge Nelson on his retirement
iruiiafiiurr, irn new iotk ycsiemay ror iwper
-General rope has not I DM Governor Os
borne, tit Kansas, that Preal.lont (Irant haa
ordered the removal ot troop from the Chero
arr uniirai iai.ua irom mis uaie
At a special meeting or the Maine Editor
and PnhtLahera' Assoc 1st Ion, held at Augusta,
Maine, laat night, a resolution we adopted pro
testing against the proposed prepayment of post
age on new papers at the office of publication.
A resolution will lie Introduced Into the Iegiia
tare to-morrow ratlins noon the Maine deiera.
tion to u their In n uence against the passage of
such ft law. Telegram were Bent to Speaker
Blaine asking him to attend to the matter aa
ouii as K).nniic.
Kt-Vayor Kalbfiiesh, of Brooklyn died yet.
If May.
A dlsoatrh from New Orleans aavs at a r.
renin Hall meeting Tuesday evening of member
ui iiuin irKiBiaiurra a. nranoaiLion wbb maim nv
the fiKtomat that ftlglalatnre composed of
uiuimia iv.ait'iai 11 IV1II Irvania Ire ITOr(ana
lied. The Kellogg members took the proposb
tion under consideration.
Saga's oil warehouse waa burned at San
Franrisco on Monday, Los orer lioo.ooo.
The final route of tbe Sonthern Pacific rail
road has been oxed by surreys from Los Angrloa
to San Fernando.
It Is atated that an organlxallon haa been
effected on Wart atreet In lock np money and
cause ft financial panic,
Leading Cubans at New York consider the
present troubles In Spain will ultimately result
in favor of Cuban Independence.
The breaker of the Greenwood rolllery, at
Tamauqna, Pa with Ore hundred ton of coat,
wai burned yesterday, Iws!4n,nno, insurance
A London apetlal say that Ihe tio 000,000
mi, inu, luuiniiMir ii'iiun, iran animrrioeu ior
on Tuesday, The list will remain open two day
Hugh Mnllln,englneer of the passenger train
that collided with the coal train at Mouut Carbon
on Saturday, died of hla Injuries on Tuesday,
John Johnson, tha Oreman. la recovering.
No newa baa been received at San Francisco
irom tn steamer nevana, now two weexa over
due from Australia. Much anxiety U felt for the
Midi wt in atcauicr ucacrai ij, n ngni. over
tin sixteen days at Portland from Sdka,
Mayor Havemeyer, of Nw Y'ork, tn letter
published yesterday, calls attention to his letter
wi ai-crp.aacv ui an nonunaiioa, in wnicn ne
made no nromlse lo be a ttartv ramll.late ami
aay that he la not now to be swerved from that
(rutin 111 a .
Collector Robinson and eight Ixmocretle
jiiujce. in ixiuxion, iy were arresieu on
TuesitSV br the 1 nlted Htates marahat t.r refna.
Ing to receive tbe votes of colored men atth
rvreu. municipal rieriion. A committee Ot ann-
atantlal cltlxen of Uxlngton are now in Wash
ington In consultation with, the Government In
rrierrnce to tne same matter.
A Dublin letter eaya that the prosecution by
the hngllsh Government, whlth haa leen re
ported by cable aa commencing on Monday,
against the one Irish bishop and twenty priests,
growing out of the Galway election, ha for Ita
aim the punishment of those ecclesiastics who
opposed the Government candidate, and It Is
probable that It may result In exciting the people
to political disturbances,
Uenta. Rosa and Burke, of General Crook's
stiff, arrived at Camp Grant, Arlxona, January
si, and reported that a battle hal been fought
w.th Apaches, during which four warrior were
killed and twelrecaiitured. General Crook la at
thbfw post, near Mount Graham. Ills troops
hare killed over three hundred warriora since
lh opening of the campaign. The General will
continue to fig&t ihe Indian nntd they sue for
Attempt lo Defeat Hennlar Rpencrr.
(flperlal Diopatcb to tha Uepubllcan J
MOHTDOMxnr, Eeb. If. In the House of Renrr-
aentatlves to-day a Democratic member offeretl
a resolution that the Legl.latnre go Into the
election of a Pnlted States Senator to succeed
the Hon. Geo. E. Spencer. After considerable
wrangilugtbe resolution wa voted down by a
atrlctly party rote of 49 to 43. Thla settles the
question of doubt ajiout the previous election ot
nenator renrer.
The hblpMenl r Arm lit HpaUb Mr
litttDOK, Feb. If. The Spanish consul at Liver
pool has offered a liberal reward for Information
which will lead to the discovery of shipment of
arms to the Insurgents In Hpaln and the Insnrrec-
uwnuiut m iuo npanian ooiouies.
MAKKtina nv utaa nraarittt n
Mis Rothschild waa to-day married with rell-
Kiuua cerrmoniea, noiwimsianuing tne opposi
tion of the llituallata, to Hon. Klias ConsUotlne
orkesen. Far! of Hardwlrke and Lquerry to the
,uas vi itiuiuiiuikii.
DrauM, Feb. . The trial of lltrt Mr. Loftus,
the first one of the Galwar prtesta brought
before the Court of queen's Bench In this city
On the ChSrre Of havlntr lllPtrlTIt naal anlrltnal
Influence to Intimidate voter and aecure the
election of Capt. Nolan lo Parliament, waa
a.iv.iMn, ho iuuuuiiui iiMHT, aoti rcHuuea in
acquittal, the Jury having failed to agrcei An
immense throng waa In the court-room, and the
announcement ot the result waa received with
irruiraninia aipiar, wniCQ ine JUilge Tfttniy en-
deavored to check,
Yellow Fevrravt HI Janelra.
UaaoH, Feb. 11 The mall s tea mi hip from Rio
ai.iriiu nuairiTm nrrv, imaging aavice irom
that city to tha ti.1 of January.
Th VellOW fever waa ravlntf vlAUntlv tn nu
The number of deaths from the scourge averaged
Toe rrwarra
of Brazil I complete!, and show the population
to be ten million. Including nearly two million
Tb Federml Ctmncll kadi be Pas.
mix a, Feb. 11. The Federal Council hare
allressed a letter to the Charge d'AlTalra at
U trne, tlrnj Ing In slurp manner the right of the
Pope to dismember the blahonrica ofSwitter
land. The letter also requires Bishop Mer mil
la a to decide quickly whether he Intends to o'ey
the Pope or the Swiss Government.
The Fetteral Council hare decided tit expel
Rlahnn Varmliln.1 tmrrt thai iai.. . n......
- " r ."" ..van aaa laautui, ii tirilTTB,
Tbe IjimpIt SfatrJer.
Joshua Nlrhtilaon an t Thnmaa tlnllntiai. all. a
Rlcharda,allaa Whalen, tbe parties indicted for
. ""'.-". jaarj Ann Lampiey, were
placed at the bar of the Criminal court thla
mornlna. The were each wn rinaaa -.ui.
clean ahirta, and made a very respectable ap.
,..... a.KuuiMiH hmuui Hair aim ejcsaDti
a neat black mousuche and goatee. Itollohan
U !irf ' nftD lb,n Mholaon, with brown hair
and light moustache. They appear to be about
twenty.flre or thirty year of age. Nicholson
baa a round, aolid head, and nollohan ft longer.
Nicholson's Jaws are square, Hollohan'a long.
Nicholson's face, and particularly hla month and
eyes, have an expression of hardness. Hollohan
had rather a acared look. Hla mouth Indicates
t vaiacurna,
IlB ha1 the lAi-itr tit a rnnilnl aa VIohnlanH t.a.1
that of ft porter-house sport, Wheutbe indlca
ment charging that they choked Mra. Lampiey
to death and also kicked her waa being read tb
a ' . w-fc ...v..v itlllll ,mv B,,17ll,tvU, ItUIIUIIali,
fwas first aakcdi
tierr. "Are yon gouty or not gnlltyt'
Hollohan. "Not guilty."
( lerk. "Are you ready for trial:"
Hollohan. "My counsel will answer that."
( lerk. "Who fa your counsel?"
Hollohan. "Mr. Holly Whyte."
Nicholson waa then addreaaeilt
Clerk. "Are yon guilty or not gouty, aa
Nicholson. "Not guilty."
Clerk. "Hare rou counsel?"
Nicholson. "Hy brother I attending to that
Mr. Whyte Is also conniei for Nicholson, and
TuiNbw Caukobnuh Cobt-Callfornla baa
ft new ooile of laws which somewhat affect the
ancient and honorable inatltntion of marriage,
or rather, the relatione between husband and
wife a regarda Independent or aeparate action.
The new code eatabllahc tbe equality of hue
band and wife, aboUbu the legal theory that a
man and hla wife are one person, and declares
that two can contract with eauTother and aue
each othor. tho same as If they never bad been
married, where inlnera nt in.rria.l i., lav
changes their atatua, ao far aa au mattera rcla-
.i Mwnounucu upon tne marriage are con
cerned, from minora to adults. These changoa
may b considered aa rematkabla innovation
npon the law of marriage In that Htate, tbe
eractlcal workings of which will bt eagerly
atched, br ref oruera crtrywben.
tl I'oimiwlvniiln nrn.
New Shades In Sllkn.
Mgum, TAtiuAm, iti,
For Full Dress.
ovtiuiiTi, ueim, uue.,
SaWTlTa I au (1.1a At a ..., a a.
- ..-a... . iui, u.i mmrw irom a,arop OJIK
BILK COSTUME, the most elegant dres w have
shown thla season.
WfLianif iiAt.i.
rriaar Ktralat, Vrbraar, II.
ntRXANnr; rontfii,
hr, tin anv
'. introaneina
pernuasiott of the
Dr thr kind
Xeenan rtfna .
AndtheCoralersntoiiiinieor '"""
n.. . I" MAItlt) 1 HUH ITT,
Tickets and eu at Ell La' iri mlt,
ran n uie araia ii
,KiniA!l TIlRATnK.
miSSWW " "J "l "nil rarour
avMorbt. ima oolr br u.. urrmaalmt brau.bo
thrta. Tb. artioa of U.I. rn.nti.ar u aaoat artlnlr
and uiidM,.nd r rrrdlr) lo fhrm aaTblbuilMUr
fS:ClnlrJSr.cI,1'''C,,I", "" ""S " M
Hurrd arala ran h. b. trornrM al Oottbrl k
Brg.. rorarr Inbto ay. .rnVmutt .1. ","'"
PiT.lWT.lv inhA. v. v
Al naa.Frllaw.. llalirKrVrik Ht. ri. W..
ThU Halt la In tha aaaaa r.t a a.l. u la
tee who will spare no effort to tnaleit the
v..n.ujuj,iqvH lalf raiarila.
Ons of the beet Cotillion Tlunds has been rn
rajreo. aoil Iternvahineiiia iii taa a-Ka.i ,
t teJI1?"...? bT a-e'-s Confeciteoer.
JtkJUtdnUmBTat,,,lfn,"n n ladies ., iti
Thadol any meiuberof the Uonimltteeoeat the
alll bUI ham 11ngwlDtil1nesli,tabove
on nir aTonrner llonie.
ye hear,! f,, Keatn To-dar.
Uh white lloaeea pher In JtmLn.
Ml anerrou Better ret lleadr.
KB ?"!? C.,.'mb 51 ''wa ladder
Altar " W,imbr BUUo' he OolJsn
elwri-2?Dr f,he, ' WMIwUaf, and eculUr
had at liallaatyne1 tkikitore, tm eleventh si. M
II... KKTII L. MII.MKE.V. .r.ll.lar.
Tut tb, Bnaflt of th, ladoBtrlat noma Brttiva.
ftabjrrtt "ARI8TOCHACT.-
you canecure a seat. - tl
The WAHiiiivfiTON . niiNirr iiand"
.. f Uraea and HilBr
F-Jt-BTtLEg, or" ('AM. BBIU1UAN.
al, siAfena'a Avimne. au N atreet X W
All orders promHIy alleudej to. " reet ryt.
AMIIIMlTnv TiiPtTnu fn-itKvL.,
Kleventh street (south IVonsrlvauU avenue
-1 b. dl.tlwnl.brd IrUh oSuWS!
. MlaTjJSsllII.Hl.ltr
Tb.l,a.lt.flr1.bArlrM. aoU HonitrrM.
Th. famotu Jbr ItaDrrr and ldy tUumHoa.
nnlfMITf'I?'"0"1 """! rant. Mm.
KMun. ot Ibi lalmllaUr PolVhcJnrJUo T
MR. I'AT Itunxrv, . MR 1-AT ItOoSlEV
Iblrodw-lju, Mu, AIMfclli, Mbit IMdr JUn
JU11I. ff.nrr, lavnl. M.r. Jn u UrbOMt, AbAl.
JJJJr. dMr, U.ud MUlrr, .od ('.Trl.
OtW lh.rb.nk, Joboar liarru. Uck Wrkrr. II Jran
Harklrr, J.njM ltoiurlM, Am.niU !..
. 'rrrR..H'tooilrolh.r
1tbi.Tbr.tr. of lh, UuabaMr
Alao, Mr. firo. I
i.!l!fu.!.lT,'r.'S."-uI ai.dS.lurdar. A n.
BUIUrd fartor alual-d to lb. Hooa. I.bluu
g T A II C O U II H K.
Tor aal, at J.J.n r rarlWa. Nm u; nrrrott. ,
tlr' f.W
Miss Emily Faithfull,
, .or rmiuxD.
Postponed till February aa.
i.fi!" rl"',"ll 111 alall a.blaftoa for a frw da ra
Ei'JS,';"?.0! I1""' r.fJ.a.ond.rlik,nl:
lo ordrr tn rtrath.iM.aho bar. rr.niiur atwar
rn.nu i a. oiTorl.liJij of brariW Ibl. mod lauM
iri5iUkl'J!!'rtw,"A",,"!"ul iI
,r's.aV?j;1T-."lf:.0US m"'"-
Rnnorrd from No. la to Ha. 1st rranarranla ar.
ooitTf.f.'.K'"'''? and for aala atari, rollrrtloa
fi1 "ial!n,rl. 1-nirraTina., rbroiuo., llroowa,
!iK2!l ".'arr,r.r. Chluit al,a cbolrV.krk
of 1-oro.Ula aod I liutuarai h -tuoml """- ""
JJ A It I I. I, H
tnVukJttN'i"Vh.WP "ONDAT .bj
yjvi-wj uvHiHutwuHiDiiiuic stores.
It bsre now opened
!.. .-;.. r rr
Mualfaa, iHnaea. Vreuch Lawna an.l (itSt
aumuer etockverrcheaiv WetEluili
ruaauu miier
ladle will do
reu to e.amiiie wir aasortnieot at onee.
v, nr. nih'mtkr a- miii.
ToiTfiiiRiiTY MAnnr.1. qiuhiiv
..Th. WARBLE naad la lh. Intrrlor of tb. United
h . w.h.. ,. BU. uu.. ..ncf marble
....mw mtt in.... imuca. onti to
I.m''KS.'o.8"U' ""' ruJlrla, Pran.
f PilJBS0" .5 01 ow -r dbvouni of
ATV KkV.HT' w? betnouWstwStakliia: sbowt
tha laat of Uila mouth! and s w havtj a Ouelibetif
Anr person nsr opivhm thi. )...
Im . w m timvw'

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