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Twenty-four hours from the present writing
the question will hive been settled who Is to
be tM President of the United States for four
year! 081 March 4, but daring the interval
between this time and that, when the result
will be known, the American people will be in
a state ol excited expectancy. Inordertogive
to our readers all the means for calculation
as to the probable result during this interim
we present the "flouring" of different polit
ical authorities. The New Tort That says:
"As a summary of the present indications It
may be stated that the proposed Democratic
frauds in this city will be prevented, and the
majority kept down to thirty five or forty
thousand, which will be more than over
come by the Interior vote; that with New
York State Hayes and Wheeler are sure of one
hundred and ninety-five votes, or. ten more
than enough, without counting; nine other
States in each of which an active contest is
coirg on with the probability of success with
the Republicans. If these Stxtjs Si'.li Car
olina, (7,) North Carolina, (10,) Nevada, (3,)
New Jersey, (9,) Indiana, (15,) Louisiana,
(8.) Connecticut, (C,) Oregon, (5,) and
Florida, (4) casting C3 -votes, 6hould also
vote for Hayes, he will receive 260 votes, or
75 more than enough. The best judges place
Hayes' vote at certainly not less than 233 with
New York, or 103 without New York. The
most thoroughly informed Republicans have
no doubt about the general result."
ine tuxes reiieu upon ty tne Twist are
6 Nebraska- 3
3 NewHamphlre..... 5
21 I New York S-.
11 Ohio. JX
i Pennsylvania- 29
7 Rhode Island 4
13 i Vermont 6
lUlchican 11
Minnesota. 5
Wifcontin id
The TTcrW hopes for a tidal wave, but ex
pects small Democratic majorities, and con
soles itself with the reflection that " ft makes
no legal difference whether a race is won by a
short head or a distance. One hundred and
eighty-five votes will elect Tilden and Hen
dricks two hundred and eighty-five will do
no more." It then proceeds to enumerate the
States that it claims for Tilden and Hendricks,
wbch are as follows :
Alabama- 10
Arkansas. 6
Connecticut 6
Delaware 3
Georgia- 11
Indiana. IS
Kentucky is
Missouri IS
New Jersey- 9
New York. SS
Oregon- 3
Tennessee 12
Texas 8
Virginia 11
West Virginia 5
Slaking 169 votes, 1C less than the required
number, which it hopes to obtain from some
of the following:
California 8 Mississippi 8
Florida. 4 , North Carolina ID
Louisiana 8 South Carolina. 7
Eaving thus figured out a possible victory
on what would appear without analysis to be
a plausible calculation, it, In obedience to the
Tilden Literary Bureau Circular, goes onto
claim for the Democracy the six last-named
States, and as doubtful all but Iowa, Kansas,
Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island
and Vermont. These it graciously concedes
to the Republicans. Massachusetts, it says,
"will only be carried by desperate work."
The Herald gives the following as the esti
mates of the Central National Committees of
the two parties:
Certain Republican Statet
California, 6 Nevada 3
New Hampshire . i
New York 35
Ohio 22
Pennsylvania 23
Rhode Island .... 4
Illinois 21
Iowa 11
Kansas 6
Milne 7
Massachusetts 13
Michigan 11
Minnesota S
SonthCarollna 7
Vermont 5
Wisconsin 10
Nebraska 3
Doubtful Statet
Connecticut 6 New Jerse:
North Carolina 10
Oregon 3
The Democratic estimate is as follows:
Certain Democratic Statet.
Alabama 10 i Missouri...
6 ' New Jersey
o itew xora
5 North Carolina
4 . Oregon
11 ' south Carolina .
15 Tennessee
Kfntncky H
Virelnla 11
West Mrginia 5
Doullul Statet
.. . e Wisconsin.,
... .. ."J
CtUfornla ...
aoiai ,. a
In the above table New York and South
Carolina are claimed by both. Respecting the
first-named State the latest reports indicate
that all doubt about its .going for Hayes and
Wheeler hae been removed by the extraordi
nary manifestations ot public sentiment during
the last ten days. Especially In New York
city has a great change taken place, evinced
by votes In public places, notably at the New
York Stock Exchange, where ten days ago
there was a majority for Tilden, while on
Friday the vote stood 303 for Hayes to 201 for
Many similar changes are noted, caused by
the general uprising of bankers, merchants,
manufacturers and other business men. pro
duced In a great measure by the general con
viction that the election of Tilden means the
imposition upon the country or a great burden
of debt and taxation to pay rebel war claims.
The general failure of the South to respond to
Mr. Tllden's quart disavowal of these claims
and their assertion on the other hands by the
ultra. Southern leaders, as elements of the
campaign, has added to the growing distrust.
A most unfavorable Impression has also been
produced by the issue by the Democratic Na
tional Committee of an address warning the
country against an expected statement, which
the committee say is already printed, of
William M. Tweed, implicating Mr. Tilden lu
his plundering of New York city. The ex
posure of the Democratic circular, directing
the faithful to ''brag" and "claim everything,"
has caused the fence men to hesitate before
jumping into the arms of Democracy and de
feat. Of South Carolina the only question is
whether an election will be permitted. If Re
publicans are allowed to vote the State will go
for Hayea and Wheeler. If tbe day is devoted
to a muster of the Butler Guards and ride
practice Of the chivalry upon unoffending col
ored men the Democratic claim may be good.
On the SOth ultimo the National Kepub
mcaw made Its estimate as follows :
California S i NewUanuhlre ... 5.
Colorado 3 North Carolina .... 10
M ..
Illinois 21 Ohio 22
Iowa 11 1 Oregon..,. 3
. a ' femuyirsma 2)
H Rhode Island 4
7 South Carolina. ... 7
, 13 Vermont 5
, 114 Wisconsin 10
. 6 '
, 3 1M
Louisiana. ...j...
a To this Hat New York csn now safely be
added, with prospects for New Jersey, Con
necticut, Florida and Nevada much better for
Bie Republicans than for the Democrats.
The Extradition Treaty -with Englani.
f Toronto, Okt., Nov. 6. In Common Law
'Chambers, on Saturday, la the case of Ma
nine Smith, a Detroit, Mich., murderer, who
is held for a decision on the extradition ques
tion, Mr. Bethune, appearing for the Minister
of Justice, read a telegram from Lord Carna
von from which It appears that there is a prob
ability, from the present state of the negotia
tions between Great Britain and the United
States, that the extradition treaty between the
two countries Is about to be, at least terapo
xsrily, resumed.
i Savannah's BeourgeT
Sav-ixxaii, Sot. 6. Tbe total Interment.
to-day were nine, of which six were from
yellow fever. Adolph Gemm, of the firm of
6am $ Jvefller, died to day.
Army Orders.
The leave of absence of Lieutenant J. C.
Kelton, assistant adjutant general, from head
quarters military division of the Pacific, Is ex
tended one month. Tbe leave of Captain
George L. Browning, Tth infantry, from tho
department of Dakota, is extended two
months. The leave of Captain William
Fletcher, 20th infantrr, Is extended two
months. The leave of CaytatnAlex.B. Ms
Cowan, 12th Infantry, from the headquarters
military division of the Pacific, Is extended
two months.
State Tax on Foreign Corporation.
In the United States Supreme Court yester
. day the ease of the Home Insurance Company,
of New York, vs. The City Council of Augusta,
Ga., error to the Supreme Court of Georgia,
came up. In this case the court sustain a tax
of $250, imposed ty the City Council of
Augusta on all fire, marine and accidental In
surance companies located or doing business
within the limits ot the city, there being no
discrimination In the law against non resident
companies, and the authority therefor being
found In the police power of the State. Mr.
Justice Swaync delivered the opinion.
Tt Knowledge of Fraud Vitiates a Contract
In the Supreme Court of the United States
yesterday, In the case of Dresser against the
Missouri and Iowa Railroad Company, which
was an action brought by the purchaser of a
promissory note, who bd paid a portion of
the consideration by which It passed to his
ownership. After he was aware It was ob
tained by tbe payee by fraud the court
affirmed a judgment against him, on the prin
ciple that the portion of an unperformed con
tract which is completed after notice of a
fraud is not within tbe principle which pro
tects a bona fik purchaser. Mr. Justice Hunt
delivered the opinion.
DUUllerv Surreys.
In the Supreme Court of the United States
yesterday the caseon a distiller's bond of the
United States against Ferrary and others was
decided in favor of the Government on tbe
question whether there had been a seconl sur
vey, of which the distiller had no notice, re
versing the Judgment below, where it was
found that there had been such a survey, and
It had not been properly served on the dis
tiller. Ic Is here said there was no second
survey, all that was done being to reform the
estimate resting sn the first measurements,
and that the court below fell into the error of
confounding the survey required by the tenth
section of the act with the estimate and deter
mination ol producing capacity cilculated
from the survey. Mr. Justice Strong delivered
the opinion of the court.
Krs.Loekwood Refused Admission.
In the Supreme Court of the United States
yesterday Mrs. Belva A. Lock wood's admission
to practice was moved by Mr. A. G. Riddle,
who stated to the court that Mrs. Lockwood
had been a member of the bar of tbe District
for more than three years, and was therefore
within the rule of the court in that respect.
The Chief Justice said that notice of this mo
tion having been previously brought o his at
tention, he had been instructed by the court to
announce theTolIowing decision upon it: "By
the uniform practice of the court, from Its or
ganization to the present time, and by the fair
construction of its rules, none but men are ad
mitted to practice before It as attorneys and
counselors. This Is In accordance With Imme
morial usage In England and the law and prac
tice in all the States until within a recent
priod , and tbe court does not feel called upon
to make a change until such a change Is re
quired by statute oramore extended practice
in tbe highest courts of the States." After
the announcement of this decision Mrs. Lock
wood and friends withdrew in good order.
Mutilated Notes Restored.
Last week a nasty, discolored and worn out
leather pocket-book was sent to the Treasury
with the following affidavit, from Arkansas?
"While ploughing my field I lost my pocket
book, which contained a f 100 note, a $50 and
a $20. Next year, when ploughing tbe same
field, I unearthed it. I send it and its contents
for identification." The pocket book was
given to a lady who is a great expert. She
carefully rcmoed the mold and debris, but,
alas, the legal tenders had not been proof
against frost and rain and earthy mold. There
were only a few black crumbs In place, of the
crisp, fresh notes. The lady took tisU3 paper
the size of a greenback. Sbo carefully sepa
rated the black particles, and, as If by magi:,
she recognized a letter here and there. These
sbe stuck on the tissue paper with mucilage,
ULtll she found a cine by which she could
identify each note. She proved that they were
notes of the National Bank of Baltimore, Md.,
and by her knowledge and patience she
caused the notes to be redeemed by new ones,
and the farmer has not lost a cent by plant
log bank notes, though his crop has not in
creased. The Philadelphia Election Frauds.
Some days -since mention was made of the
capture or certain prominent Democrats of
Philadelphia, having in their possession an Im
mense number of fraudulent tax receipts In
tended to be Issued tp illegal voters and re
peaters. The damning character of the fraud,
is manifested when the notorious Democratic
ward politician and shoulder hitter Bill Mc
Mullen finds Its necessary to claim an alibi.
The Philadelphia Times published a statement
Implicating this worthy,, which has called
forth the following den ial of the charge, and
at the same time a reminder to Col. McClure.
that Lc is associating with a party where his
compauy was not solicited. Mr. McClure
must feel highly gratified at this recognition of
his services for tbe Democracy. Here is Wil
liam's card :
To the Citizen of Philadelphia-
Having been falsely accused of loaning my
self, as a party, to the developments In the
alleged tax receipt fraud, I now cast myself'
upen the consideration of all citizens, asking
them, In justice, to render me an impartial
judgment, and not to bow in Implicit belief
because a malevolnnt and libelous attack was
mtde upon my character by the nominal editor
of the Fhilsdclphla Timet, (A. K. McOlure,)
and other political tricksters. Having been a
Democrat all my life, and having lived tor
forty years among the people I represent
being honored by them time and again with
public places any abuse received by me comes
with bad grace Irom one who has no standing
or allegiance to any political organization. I
court a thorough and rigid Investigation of all
allesrd against me.
ery truly, William McMcllex,
Ninth and Balnbrldge streets.
Boggi and the Hornets.
Old c an Boggs .wished to make some
slight repairs on the top of his residence, and
for this purpose had occasion to tear up a
few shingles. In doing so In a quiet and In
offensive manner, he was astonished to find
that he had disturbed a hornets' nest. The
hornets swarmed out "upon Mr. Boggs. They
made It hot for him at the very first onset.
He rushed to the ladder, attacked from be
hind, when, horror of horrors! a neighbor had
borrowed tls ladder! Mr. Boggs cavorted,
he tumbled, he rolled from one end of the
roof to tho other, screaming as he went,
"Ladder, ladder!" The hornets continually
increased; they flew at his nose, his ears, his
cheeks; they danced on his forehead; they
crawled down his back; they flew up his
breeches legs: they met half way and fought
each other; they ctung here, there and every
where. Boggs' wild gesticulations and ter
rific shouts attracted the attention of tbe
whole- neighborhood. His friends mistook
the shouts of "Ladderl" "Hornets!" for
"Tilden and Hendricks," and thought he was
ratifying, but so much seriousness was de
picted on his face that a ladder was finally
procured and a rescue effected. Mr. Boggs Is
laid up for repairs now, and his free looks
like the newspaper pictures of a defeated
prise fighter. San Fraucltco Call.
Pharisee and Baddneee, . "
, (From the Boston Tost..
To church the two together went.
Both doubtless on devotion bent;
Tlieparson preached with finent case
On Pharisees and Saddaeees;
And as they homeward slowly walke J
The lovers on the sermon talked:
And he he deeply loved the maid
In sort and tender accents said,
Darling, do yon not think that we
Are Pharisee and Stdduceet" .
She flashed on him her bright, black eyes,
In one swift look of vexed snrprlie, i
And then he hastened to aver
a - He was her constant worshiper. -
z "tn,aiMrj,i.uauw-MMiauv,
rnat you are very lair, i see,
I know yon don't care much for me.
And that makes me so sad, yon see."
Grttnbseken Hobbed in Missouri.
The same spirit of Intolerance which leads
' the rebels of the cotton States to denounce as
carpet-baggers, scalawags and Ignorant ne
groes all who oppose them, and to resort to
arms to prevent an expression of their political
sentiments, brings upon their opponents In
Missouri, although their own neighbors and
associates socially, but voting the Greenback
ticket, the same sort of treatment, as will be
seen by the following circular, which Is ad
dressed "to the voters" of Jackson county,
The executive committee of the Independent
Greenback party of Jackson county would call
your attention to this outrage upon the rights
of the people to enjoy and exercise freedom of
speech, fully believing that you will unite
with us In condemning and rebuking the mob,
and by all legal methods purging our county
from the dark stain this affair has made upon
her name.
We are compelled to this method of reaching-you
and bringing the crime to your atten
tion, from the humiliating fact that the Dem
ocratic organs are in a manner defending tbe
criminals, and by falsehood attempting to
throw the odium upon Mi. Enoch Pepper, the
gentleman who, with a calm and quiet dignity
of manner, bore the Insults and abuses of this
mob for hours. Had tbe Democratic organs
done their duty In denouncing the outrage and
rebuking tbe mob, and maintaining the rights
of the people, this address on our part would
have been unnecessary. Bnt truth and justice
compel us to state further that leading Dem
ocrats have so far forgot their dutl's as Amer
ican citizens as to make use of such expres
sions as the following: "Served them right;"
"Senseless Idiots, they had no business to go
A plain statement of the affair must win
from every right-hearted man, without regard
to his party preferences, a hearty and indig
nant condemnation. Tbe facts are these:
Notices of a Greenback meeting to be held
at Buckncr on the evening of the 23d instant
were sent to that place, and, accidentally or
by mistake, falling into Democratic hands,
were laid awav. On the evening of that day
Mr. Pepper, W. C. Adams, McBride, George
Hlffner and Mr. De Bernard!, all citizens of
this county, went to Buckner in pursuance of
the appointment.
Mr. Pepper, De Bemardl and McBride, going
together, were met by one Jim Adams, one of
tbe leaders of the mob, and informed "that he
was on his own dung-hill," fcc. A room was
secured and the meeting held, Mr. Pepper, W.
C. Adams and Hlffner making speeches In the
order above named. While Mr. Pepper was on
the floor Jim Adams' men, as he called them,
commenced coming In and creating disturb
ance In the room and around the house out
side. Alter Mr. Hlffner bad concluded his
remarks, the mob, growing more boisterous
and Insulting, called for Jim Adams, who
took the floor and uttered a tirade of per
sonal abuse and insult toward Pepper, and
announced, as the sentiments of the Demo
crats In that part of the county, that "State
rights was the Issuer" "Order No. 11 was the
issue;" "Southern rights was the Jssue"
using his powers of speech, trying
apparently to inflame tbe passions
of the mob to violence again' t
Teppcr, and stated that when he got done
speaking the meeting would be adjourned, re
minding Mr. Pepper that he was "backed by
his men." Alter Jim Adams bad ceased to
hanngue, a Mr. Stayton, of Buckner, took
the fiior lor a few minutes, and ridiculed tne
Greenback party. About 1p.m. the meeting
was declared adjourned. Pepper, De Ber
nard! and McBride proceeded to their lodging
place, tbe house of Mr. Hauthorn. Mr. H.
was absent from home or the after-outrage,
we believe, would not have been permitted.
After Pepper and his associates had retired,
some of them in bed, two men came to the
house and walked In without permission and
demanded of the landlady " where those men
were?" After learning they came up to the
sleeping room of Pepper and comrades and de
manded that they -..should "get up and go
down with them to tbe drug store; the boys
wanted to see them;" and compelled them,
-against their protestations, to get ut and go
with Ihem. At the drug store were congre
gated about twenty of the mob, and there
Pepper and associates were again abused and
insulted for over two hours. Mr. Pepper was
notified by Adams not to go to Sibley to fill
his next appointment, or he would .receive
worse treatment than at Buckner. At last
they were permitted to depart.
By order of the executive committee.
D. T. Breeze, Secretary.
K t:SAi Citt, Mo., Oct. 27, loTO.
The Dilatory Boss.
Columbus and Wm. M. Tweed took the
same route In coming to Amerca. The first
named was about one hundred days in getting
across, while the latter has not arrived yet
and promises to nearly cqnil his illustrious
predecessor in Ibe length of his voyage Tbe
timllarity between the two great travelers
ends here, for Columbus was a discoverer while
Tweed Is merely tbe discovered. The latter
cannot be anxious to reach us, and men-of-war
In lime of peace are proverbially slothful, so
wc may scarcely expect to see Mr. Tweed
much before the time his sympathy will be
needed by his old friend Tilden. The naval
authorities at Washington are, however, more
hopefnl, and they think the Franklin ought to
be seen off Sandy Hook by Monday at tbe
latest. The wind has veered around to the
south southwest, and Is consequently more
favorable than It has been heretofore.
There re some good people who think that
everybody has made an enormous mistake,
and that the individual aboard the Franklin is
some cool wretch who has a resemblance to
Tweed, and took this way of getting a free
passage to tbe United States. A man In New
York Is said to have bet $1,000 that Tweed Is
not aboard the Franklin. There are all sorts
of rumors as to the effect of Tweed's arrival
upon the elections, and some people are rash
enough to assert that the Boss coulaMtstroi
every chance of S.J. T.'s election If hi 'coulor
be Induced to speak out. A rumor prevailed
In New York yesterday that theFranklln was
cruising off the New Jersey coast, watting a
fitting moment to sail in and startle the
world with .announcements. Xetcark (.V. J.)
ACvtrlvtr, Sd.
She Wouldn't Speak to Him.
When a young Chicago man came down
stairs the other morning ha remembered 'that
his wile, who was preparing breakfast, had
not spoken to him when she got up, and so he
cheerfully said: "Good morning, little lady."
Not a word came in reply. "Good morning,"
said he again, In a higher key, thinking that
she might not have heard him before. "Urn
'm 'm" was all that escaped from her sealed
lips, as, she kept on with tho work. "VVby
under the sun don't you answer me "ex
claimed he in surprise; "what's the matter!
what have I done to offend yout" " Urn 'm
'm" was still the only sound elicited. "Look
herel'then exclaimed the husband, as he
jumped tip and knocked over a cup of coffee;
"I don't swallow a mouthful of this breakfast
untnyon tellme what'a the matter." "What's
the matter!" echoed she, suddenly turning
upon him with flashing eyes. And then she
continued: "John Adell Smithson, the next
time that I dream I see you kissing another
woman, I I I will leave this house! boo
hoo!" Chicago Journal.
Ex-Sexatob BnowM.ow strongly and ur
gently asserts, in a lctter.to the Tnbun;, the
danger existing to the)untry'fr0m tho "solid
South." He says : "Let no man delude him
fell into Unbelief that the success of Samuel
J. Tilden as the leader of Democracy .does not
mean Southern supremacy. I was born in the
South, and bate spent my whole Jifo, nearly
three quarters of a century, among the South
ern Democratic leaders, and I know that I un
derstand them. I speak forth the words of
truth and soberness when I say that they in
tend to accomplish through the ballot-box
what they faded Jo achieve on the bloody
field." He makes a strong appeal to the
voters of the North to beware of the dangers
of tbe day.
The railroad war sinks into insignificance In
comparison with the barbers' war which is now
raging fiercely in New York. So.hot Is the
competition that many artists are only asking
five cents for a shave, while several offer extra
Inducements In the shape of beer, and cigars.
"A good shave and a glass of beer for five
cents I" is announced by one. while "A fash
ionable hair cut and a good cigar for 10 cents!" H
u tne challenge oi anotner. it in is tcmoie
war goes on much longer we shall hear of
dub rates, a shave and a beautiful chromo to
a club of five for he low stun of three cents.
The chromo will rnmn 1i Wtfi nirfilrnt pro
priety, too, for . one generally gets 'shaved
when be takes a chromo, why shouldn't one
get a chromo when ons takes a Shave I Hey !
Svfslo rrtTrtl,
A Welcome from Orderly Citizens.
RiemiosB, Noy. 16-There la considerable
excitement here, occasioned by the sending of
Federal troops to Petersburg. ,Kumors have
prevailed since yesterday that troops were ex
pected in this city, but as jc'. none have ar
rived. The following order has been received
by District Attorney Lewis:
Executive Mission.)
Washikotos, D. O , Nov. 4, 187a. J
To L. L. Ltwit, Lnitel State! Attorney for the
Eatltrn Dittricl of Mrginia:
Sin: Whereas I have reason to believe that
offences are Uktly to be committed within the
above named judlclaldlstrlct against the pro
visions of chapter 7, Title Crimes of tbe Re
vised Statutes of the United States, you are
therefore hereby requested and directed to at
tend at Petersburg, Va., on the 6th, 7tb, 8tb
9th and 10th days of November current, for
the purpose mentioned in section 103S of said
Revised Statutes. U. S. Grist.
Judge Hughes, of the United States District
Court, has also received a copy of the same
The people of Petersburg are quiet, and the
United States troops have met with a kind re
ception. LOUISIANA.
Negroes Bobbed of Registration Papan Re
ports of Disorders.
NewOrleass, Nov.C A special to the
Republican from Monroe, Louisiana, says that
colored people coming here to vote aro stopped
by armed men-and their registration papers
taken from them. The State supervisor of
registration has been Instructed to issue dupli
cates. J. Edwards Leonard, the Republican
candidate for Congress In the Fifth district,
has been appointed by Governor Kellogg asso--ciate
justice of the Supreme Court of the
State, vice Taliffero, deceased. The city Is un
usually quiet here to-night.
A special to the Picayune from Vlcls'iurg
says a sheriff's posse sent from Fayette yester
day to arrest a negro for ahooting another were
fired Into by negroes from ambush and two of
the pout mortally wounded. Tho sheriff's
pout were unarmed. A detachment of troops
has been sent from this city to Delta,Louislana.
A special to the Democrat from Bayou Sara
says Captain Tbomasy.West, the Democratic
candidate for sheriff, who was ambuscaded
and shot yesterday, died this morning. A dis
patch from Monroe, Louisiana, says a large
body of armed negroes entered that city on
Sunday night, secreted their arms and re
mained there to-day. The mayor issued a
proclamation commanding them to take their
arms and return to their homes. They were
about to comply, when Hamlet, the negro
sheriff, collected about three hundred negroes
In the city limits and advised them not to obey
the. mayor's proclamation. The negroes took
the sheriff's advice and concluded to remain.
They say they will have another company join
them to-night.
Mayor Endom and Col. Hale, U. S. A., dis
covered a large number of arms secreted In
the house of V. Moore, colored.
Soothing Influence of the Troops.
Charleston, S. C, Nov. G. The.dlstrlbu
tlon of United States troops for to-morrow's
election was completed to-aight. Col. nunt,
of the 5th artillery, commands the force In tbe
seaboard section, with headquarters at Charles
ton. Notwithstanding the deep feeling preva
lent It Is believed tbe election will be peaceful.
Up to this time, midnight, telegrams from all
sections of the State report everything quiet.
Cash Receipts for Admissions to Bate.
Philadelphia, Nov. C To-day's admis
sions, to the Centennial Exhibition arc reported
at 77,057, of which 1,301 were at half fee.
Tho-grand total of cash admissions to date
fcot up: At 50 cents, 0,738,02r at 35 cents,
738,00; total, 7,470,400. The total cash re
ceipts at the gates were $3,553,703 99.
The poultry show closed this evening, and
the work of removing tho specimens will begin
to-morrow, when the list of special prizes will
be announced.
Company M, of the 3d United States artil
lery, which has been on duty at the Exhibition
since the opening, will remain at the grounds
until the 18th Instant, when one half of the
force win be returned to their posts, the others
remaining until all the Government exhibits
are removed. The detachmentsof the engineer
vcorpsr ordnance, signal service andjnedlcal
department, comprising" 65 men, all under the
command of Captain Warner, will also remain
on duty at the crounds until the exhibits in
their charge shall have been returned to Wash
ington. As the lease of
has not expired, and as the yard Is of no
further value for exhibition purposes, the
board of finance have granted the use of the
sheds to the foreign exhibitors who have had
their packing boxes burned. The latter will,
therefore, be ab'e to manufacture new cases
under cover, without being compelled to build
sheds for the purpose. Tbe large amount of
surplus lumber remaining in the s ock-yard Is
to be utilized In the erection of a grand stand
for the accommodation of participants in the
closing exercises on November 10, as It has
been determined in case the weather Is pro
pitious to hold the ceremonies In the open air.
This stand Is to occupy the open space on
the west side of the Main building, and will
have a seating capacity of about three thou
sand. In case of rain the ceremonies will take
place not inside the Main bunding, as origi
nally proposed, but in the Judgeshall. The
President, Mrs. Grant and Secretary and Mrs.
Fish will arrive on Wednesday, to participate
In the closing day ceremonies of Friday. In
the matter ofthe
notice has been received from the Treasury
Department requiring tbe usual export bond
where goods arc transported over any other
than bonded lines or rail tcrtfae port of depar
ture, and thence by other than the regular
lines of steamers.
Death 'of Cardinal Antonsllt
Loscox,'Noy.C. A dispatch' from Rome
to Renter's Telegram Company announces the
death of Cardinal Antonelll. The same dis
patch alto reports that Cardinal Constantino
Parlzl, Vicar General of the Pope, Is dying,
i Rome; Nov. 13. Monslgnor V. Vannutelll,
Under Secretary of State, has been appointed
tucce stor ad interim of the. late Cardinal An
tonelll. '
Losbox, Nov. 7. The London Tunes' dis
patch from Rome says Cardinal Antonelll
was transacting business with the Pope on
Sunday, when be was seized with a severs at
tack of gout In the chest. He was imme
diately carried to his apartments. He refused
to believe that death was approaching. At
last he consented to receive the Sacrament,
but was unable to swallow. He expired at
7:15Monday,momIng, shortly after sending a
message to the Pope asking for his blessing
and Imploring pardon for all the faults he
might have committed during his administra
tion. The fortune left by the Cardinal will
be divided among the members oi his family.
His fine collections of "gems, antlquitlesi works
of art, etc, are bequeathed to' the Vatican
l - Sot UteBoss.
"New" York, Nov. C A.steAmshlp was seen
off Sandy Hook this morning, and was first re
ported to be the Franklin," but she. proved to
DC the IChMlsilp Et, Mary's,
Colonel Moeby is Kpefal that Virginia will
cut it vote for Hayes and Wheeler.
nJi iwfcft'Af Tal Oril.g stanrla! TTfires and
Wheeler, S02;"Tfldeu.and Hendricks, 101."
" No arrests-have bein or. will be made by
United States authorities In South' Carolina or
any other Stats witch will interfere) with
legal voting. ,F
.The Springfield. Journal says: "Governor
Tilden la believed to be tbe first candidate
for the Presidency wlo ever wrote a veto be
fore his election."
"ilntn every question arising out of the
rebellion relating t the" integrity of the
nat&nandiohumanlrlghtshas been settled,
and settled rightlyj no man ought to be
trusted with power la this country who," dur
ing the struggle for the nation's life, was un
faithful tothe Union- and liberty." Btitor
ford B. Maya, in a tfuch In 1867.
John GThompsdn should order another
blow. The Republicans" decline to scare.
"They are hard atwefk. They will not be
caugnt sleeping at trie ir posts. Tne oojecava
point In Ohio is 20,OJX majority for Hayes,
ana in Indiana to reseem tne Biaie. wnue
Democrats keep upttielr courage by blowing,
let the Repnhllfn,;
will tell Tuesday,
good solid work doe;
Drx. Tne latter is wnat
Wind does not count;
.-Cincinnati Gazette.
d,la Mr. Henlricks'
euphemism. When; Lincoln was assasstnited
by a Democrat; would have been better. And
it would be interesting to know if Mr. Hen
dricks remembers a little, incident that oc
curred at Iodlanapolb about that time. A
meeting had been called to express regret at
the murder of Lincoln. Mr. Hendricks put
himself forward as one of the speakers, bat- a
number of returned soldiers were present and
would not permit him to proceed. HlleauUe
Judge Hoar, Congressional candidate la the
Seventh (Mass.) district, says that he la "pro
foundly silent and submissive era the subject
of woman's rights. ,Tbeytake care of -themselves."
-The Judge) dodges that as he does
every Important question, by an evasion and
attempted ridicule. k Unless the signs of tbe
times are wrong the voters of that -disturbed
district 'wfJI "pus Jilm off to-morrow by an
evaslon'of his election and the country will
cats him along wlthTrldlcule. It la Tarbox,
Dem., or Butler, Rep.
A gentleman who has hitherto supported
Tfiden, In a letter from New York to a friend
In this dry, speaking of the Democratic pro
cession -in that city, says i "By the way, I saw
about forty thousand Democratic reformers In
line the other night in a grand torch-light pro
cession, and I was so Impressed with the grand
object of the movement that I most fervently
wished they might e,njor eight years of the
uninterrupted quiet and peace that is found
only in the retirement of private life to tarry
out their reforms, fori never In my life saw -so
many so radically lq need of It."
Dr. John M. Wood worth, Surgeon General
of the United States Marine Hospital service,
is Inspecting hospitals In the Southwest.
King Kalakaua has charged his subjects of
the Sandwich Islands only $50,000 for making
his deadhead trip over the United States.
The arrivals at the hotels yesterday and for
several days preceding were unusually meagre,
the result, so doubt, of tie near approach of
election day, when everybody wants to stay at
home to vote.
H. S.Toote, Hayes and Wheeler elector far
the State at large In Tennessee, Is not eligible
to the position under the Constitution and the
lawSv. He is a citizen of Washington, where
lie has been residing for a year or more, and
where he has a law office. Tbe moment he,
closed the canvass, he hurried back home to
the National Capital.
Mrs. Newman, ol Washington, D.C.,wife
of Rev. J.P.Newman, made an address be
fore the-Women's Tofeign Missionary 8oelety
of Monument-street M. E. church, in East
Baltimore, last 'Sunday. Mrs. Newman
described many Incidents of her travels In
the prosecution, of missionary work in
Japan, China and India.
The extradition question between the United
States and Great Britain remains In ttata quo,
no correspondence having been recently had.
between the two Governments on that subject
There is no serious nutter of controversy be
tween the United States and Spain as to extra
dition, the latter having acceded to the trial
before civil tribunals of Americans in Cuba ac
cused ol crime.
Dr. L W. Crompton, assistant surgeon
United States army, was married in Mem
phis Tuesday morhlng to Miss Ella W.
Thomas, niece of Ralph Warmley,a promi
nent citizen of Memphis. The marriage took
place atSl. Lazarus' Episcopal church, which
was thronged with spectators. Thus do the
boys in blue capture our girls in gray, and
tbe toys in gray sometimes return tho lead.
Thus love laughs at campaign documents
from Republican headquarters.
Mrs. Frank G. Edwards, of this city, can
claim the honor of being the first lady in the
United States who has ever fired a shot from a
rifle at a one-thousand-yard target. For some
time this lady, had been practicing with a Win
chester rifle at the twe-hundred-yard target,
and became an excellent shot. She was In
duced to fire a shot at the Bay View range, at
the one-thousand-yard target, with a Creed
moor rifle. She fired a la Creedmoor, struck
the target and made an eighty per cent. shot.
The California Bifle Association for this shot
voted the lady the gold medal of the associa
tion. Sacramento Record.
It Is said that the late Mr. Peabody, with all
his prodigality on works of benevolence, looked
closely after his pence. He hated nothing
more than the notion of being taken In, and It
was rare indeed that anytrickster could make
that boast. On one occasion,. when traveling
in Ireland, he was greatly annoyed at what
seemed a very extortionate demand on the
part of a car driver, and he accordingly re
sented the attempt at imposition by giving the
man hls.bare legal fare. After looking at tho
coin for a few seconds Pat began to laugh.
"Bedad," says he, "they may call you Mr.
Paybody, but I call you Mr. Paynobody."
The Russian Bank Swindle.
Mosco'w,Nov.O ThejurylntheStrausbcrg
and Moscow Commercial Loan Bank trial
found Dr.. Strousberg and Mat. Hunden,
Poljaneki and Toumacher guilty. Tbe other
accused parties were acquitted. Sentence will
be pronounced to-day. Tbe number of per
sons accused was very great. Seventeen mem
bers of the council of the Moscow Commercial
Bankweie charged with having presented a
fictitious report for the years 1873 and 1874.
Two of the directors were accused of having
accepted bribes from Strousberg to advance
him tomy 7,000,000 roubles without sufficient
security, and of having presented to the share
holders and published in the newspapers a
false balance-sheet no to October 1. 1875: and
fifteen members of the council were charged
with having, either by negllgenee or con
nivance, facilitated these and other nefarious
transactions. -
Disturbance at Raleigh.
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. C To-night, as a
Democratic procession was passing down
Fayctteville street," It was assaulted by a
negro jnob., Tbe police interfered and were
attacked by the negroes with pistols, knives,
clubs and stones. Two policemen were badly
injured and several other white-" persons hurt.
Order has since been restored.
Ho Justness. To-Day.
New Took, Not. Q. To-morrow, being elec
tion day, Is a legal holiday', and all the banks,
exchanges, courts and United States offices
will be closed. "
The-dlstresslng sensation known as "stage
fright," which often afflicts nervous, persons
Inexperienced In public spcaking-can be-re
Heved by a fewwhlffs of ether. Dr. William
Pullor, of Montreal,, says that either this
remedy or a minute -dote of" morphia will re
move the spasm of the cerebral vessels, the
violent palpitation of the heart, and obviate
the confusion and forgetfulncss with' which
the sufferer is seized, so that he' does not have
to wait for symptoms of reaction to set in to
enable him "to get warmed up." -
Tbe roads are full of, business, the move
ments 'In grain, cotton and flour creating a
demand for rolling stock. One car in twenty
of the demand cannot be furnished; Some
two weeks sgo the Missouri, Kansas 'and
Texas wanted five hundred cars of the United
States Rolling Stock Company at Columbus.
Qnl y (wg. Jmiirc C9Ul(l I)C fUrcd.
The Canvass la Cnlpeper The Prosy teti Tor
To-day. I ,"
tCorreipondenceoftheXatSonalRepnbUcan.l .
iIiTCHH.L'8 Statiot, Va., Nov. 6, 1.74.
The canvass ,ln this part of Virginia is,
, to use a common expression, "red hot." The'
"reformers" are disposed to.be belligerent.
They have caught the word from their leader,
and the game of brag Is being practiced, but I
am glad to Inform you the Republicans of old
Culpeper county don't scare worth "csnt.
The Republicans of Brandy Station' held a
rousing meeting Saturday night, -which was
addressed by Captain W. A.,MacNultyj who,
hld them for nearly two hours, His remarks
were addressed to the honest judgment ofthe'
people, and he appealed to them in a, most
argumentative manner in regard to' ths issues
of the canvass, and asked them whether It
was stfe to trust a man who was fully com
mitted to the doctrine of secession. He
quoted Tllden's Kent letter, which seemed to
surprise many of the whites, (Old Line Whits,)
and said In an emphatic manner, "Are the
people of Culpeper and the State of Virginia
In favor of opening the question of sscefslon ? '
Do they believe it was right?" To thhuhere
was a most emphatic response, "No 1 " Then,
said the speaker, vote for Hayes and Whealer,
and Insure beyond a doubt that the Issaosof
the late bloody war are forever settled. Tbe
Captain called their attention to the fact that
when the
run for the constitutional convention la 1867,
there were only eight white men who
dared to come out and vote for that grand old
Satriot, and said: "How does it stand now!"
vertwo hundred white men are willing to
vote with that then, despised party the
National Republican party of tbe United
States. He said that it was apparent that the
people were getting tired of the false repre
sentations of the Democratic secession party,
and would soon place themselves In line with
the progressive States of the Union. Captain
MacNulty has a host of friends in the county,
and has done a noble work for our cause
during the last ten days. He has spoken in
this and the adjoining counties to good
audiences, and has been listened to by all in a
respectful manner. Soon after the close of
bis speech at Brandy Station Mr. L. L. Lewis,
United 8tates district attorney, came in and
was Invited to address tho people, which he
did In a masterly, fearless and eloquent style,
holding s cell-bound his audience for nearly- an
hour. This .young gentleman has just re- J
has been doing splendid service for the party.
His arguments are forcible and convtne!ngr
nd he JBelng to the "manner born," have
great effect. He "don't. scare worth a cent."
Mr.XewiswIJl speak in a .remote part of
the county to-night and .Captain MacNulty
has an appointment here. These twojjoung
men have done yeoman service for this State
during the canvass. Would that the fight
hd been as gallant airovec the State. They
hare no apology to' make Tor Republlcaiw
lm, but are willing all the time and every,
where to give an account ofthe faith that. Is
in them." We expect to hear the truth well'
spoken here to-night. Democrats and every
body are invited to hear. Although we are
almost unaided by the national committee
we expect to keep our "flag to the front,"
keeping up our lines Intact, and we feel as
scrred of victory In the national contest of
to-morrow. Colonel James Cochran, post
master, st Culpeper, a brave ex-Confederate,
is out doing gallant service for Hayes and
Wheelerv Hoping our, causejv rjl be victori
ous, I sign myself, as ever, . J . ..,
"A Tbtje Repcblicas."
P.'S, I omitted to say that Col. Halllday,
elrctorfor the Eighth district of Virginia on
the Reform ticket, pitched into TheRbpub
LicAjf, quoting troia one of its editorials in. re
gard to placing the Southern States under
military rule, if they continue to murder loyal
people. , He said: ',' What can we expect from
such people"!" He read your whole paragraph
on that subject. It did not set well with Dem
ocratic stomachs, but pleased Republicans
right well. The Keptjelican has done noble
service for our cause, and has the thanks of
every Republican for so doing. In fact, It has
been the only Journal that has made a noble
defense lor us. A True Republic an.
As THETsawthe bees passing themselves
round familiarly, the lady uttered a timid
linnnA nplnnn! W ran't tm tliw!"
"Pshaw!" ejaculated her Jord and master,
"don't be foolish. Beea never molest any
one that does not molest them. They are
perfectly harmless if you will let them alone.
AH you "need is a little nerve; when they
come buzzing about you walk right along
and don't so much aa make a motion to
wards them, even if they should light on your
face.. Come on, now; if you haven't nerve
Just look at me and see how simple it Is."
With a pardonable feeling of pride in her
noble husband, the wife watched- him as be
moved steadily up to tbe tree where most of
the Insects were having a rehearsal a U Gil
more's band, while a number were doing tt e
Bkldmore Guard on tbe fence, and
still others were sliding around in the
alr'evldently on picket duty, humming," Well
march around Jerusalem." Seeing that
her husband was not annoyed by the little fel
lows, the lady followed him, but took the pre
caution to throw a light, shawl over her head
and shoulders, leaving only a peck-hole for
one eye. Running .up to her husband who
was walking along looking at a bee which had
Just lit on his "nose, and wondering whether
the cussed little creature was going to give
him one Just for luck, and thinking how sweet
he.would look with a proboscis rerembling a
"quarter 'section, of a lobster she inquired:
"John, ain't you afraid!" not thinking of any
thing else appropriate to the .occasion. He
curled pp his Up and the tip of his nose in
disdain at the thought, and just then he got
it from the bee upon the upper deck. His wife
will never forget the exclamation he 'gave
utterance to, and the bystanders gen
erally remarked that It was exhaustive
and fully did justice to the occasion. He
struck at the bee viciously, and in a second the
whole Skid more guard, Jerusalem 'warblers
and Gllmore band were upon him. They took
him on the face and hands, nibbled his ears,
prospected his back, and crawled up his nose
acd sank more shafts on tho top of his bald
bead than there are on the Comstock lode. If
he hsd been possessed of a thousand hands he
could sot have kept tbe enemy off, and If his
name had been Job he could not have helped
calling down maledictions upon all the women
as he heard his wife advising under her shawl:
"Don't hit at them, John! Don't fight
them!" There was a general roarof laughter
as the "man of nerve" took to -his heels, his
arms working like an old-fashioned wind-mill
during a gale, while his wife walked along
secure In her bee-proof. San Franeiteo Record.
Railroad Speculation.
There are some very cheap railroads to be
bought up now. The Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy railroad has just been bought for
$1,750,000 In currency, a railroad 272 miles
long, and on which txere was a bonded debt
originally Of 9,000,000. The Frankfort bond
holders foreclosed ahd took the road, (the Sf.
Louis, Rock Island and Chicago,) and have
now i old It to the Quincy road and received a
gold draft foi the amount. The accumulated
and unpaid Interest would' amount to double
what they got back. On the other hand, the
Quincy road gets for less than $8,500 a mile a
property which it can make some use of, In
the way of parallel tracks, and which another
$1,000 per mile will put In very fair condition.
Thismikes the Chicago, Burlington and
Quiccy the second largest mileage operator In
the West, controlling 1,570 miles, the North
western railroad being the first. .
m - -
4 . Sua of Kails.
So much is said and so little understood r
spectlng the size of nails that the following
statement, giving the length in inches for each
number from 'three-penny- to twenty-penny,
will be Information Jo, many readers: Three
penny, one Inch; four-penny, one and one
fourth Inches; five-penny, one and' three
fourth inches;, six. penny, two inches; sevens
penny, two and one fourth Inches;; eight-penny-,
two and one half Inches; ten-penny,
two and three fourth Inches; twelve-penny,
three Inches, twenty-penny, three and one
A private letter to tbe editor of the Troy
(N. Y.) Tima from a gentleman prominently
engaged In the work of the canvass, whose
position enables him to thoroughly understand
the political situation In New York State, and
whose" judgment is most excellent, gives this
gratifying assurance: "Everythuar looks well.
Things are working lively. I have strong
faith sure faith that we shall win. Men
are now at work who know no such word as
r , Ford's Opera House.
Another week of'Uncle Tom's Cabin" was
begun at Ford's last night, with Miss Clara
Cole as To'psey. The attendance was made'
small by the inclement weather. Miss Clara
Cole makes a spirited and Interesting Topsey.
One of the noticeable and attractive features
of the production of the play by the present
combination is the singing of the Jubilee
troupe. The cetton-field scene, in which they
.form snimportant part, is very res', and worth
avuitioueuieurQin lueu.
. '. Theatre Comigta.
-Those wishing to hear the election returns
and gO(to some place of amusement to-night
wQl have their wishes gratified by going to the
Theatre Comique. The popular .manager, Mr.
Rogers, hsi made the necessary arrangements
to'receive the latest returns, which win be an
nounced as received. This plan will enable
those attending to spend an evening of amuse
ment and still not miss the election returns,
and .thus avoid the crowd and jam around the
different telegraph offices. JUss Katie Hast
ings wflT appear in the sensational drama en
tiaed "The Hidden Hand-" The. programme
Is composed of some excellent plays, In which
a number of variety celebrities will appear.
Mr. Karl land, the Stockholm wonder, and
.Miss Elotse Allen, are announced for to night.
Bret Haxte's
famous lecture, " The Argonauts of '49," will
be delivered befo-e a Washington audience next
Monday evening, at the Congregational church .
Whether as a. writer or lecturer, the author of
"Heathen Chinee" is always sure to attract a
great deal of attention and Interest wherever
be is.announcVd to appear. Bret Harte (s a
characteristic' American writer, and presents
his subjects Intke most humorous and enter
taining manner. This Is his second appear
ance In Washington after an absence of several
years, and we bespeak for htm a large and ap
preciative audience. By reference to our ad
vertising columns it will be. seen that there
will be no extra charge for reserved seats, and
that .the price of tickets has been plaeed at
such a figure aa to afford everybody an oppor
tunity of hearing Mr. narte next Monday.
Heary IV at the National.
"King Henry IV" was produced at the
National last sight by a large and good com
pany. The inclement weather had the effect
of moderating the attendance, but notwith
standing this discouraging circumstance the
play was produced in splendid style. Mr.
Ben. DeBar has a good conception of
what Shakspeare Intended in Sir John
TolstolE, An. old man. fattened with good
living, w iinnis Diooa micseneu oy ueep no
tions of sack, he still affects a" youthful fire,
and his scanty and whitened locks;, fat jowls
and unwieldy body forms a striking and
'amusing contrast with his youthful vigor.
The lecherous, gluttonous, boasting, prattling,
wine bflber is glossed over with "the graces ot
a courtier.-. Then Sir John has a quaint
humor, which is irresistible. This is tbe pic
ture that he draws of himself.
"A good, portly man, I' faith, and a Corpu
lent; of (cheerful look, a pleasing eye and a
most noble carriage; and, as I think, his ago.
some fifty, or, by'r lady, inclining to three
score; andV bow I remember me, his name is
Falstaff; if that man should be lewdly given,
hedecetveth me; for, Harry, I see virtue in
his looks."
Thus it Is that Prince Hal sketches him:
''Tbouartso fat-witted with drinking of old
sak asd tmbottoning after supptr and-sleeping
upon benches, after noon," that thou hast
forgotten to demand that truly which thou
wouldsf truly know. What a devil hast thou
to doxritb the time ofthe day!- Unless hours
were cups of sack, and minutes capons, and
clocks the tongues or bawds, and dials the
signs of leaping houses, and the blessed sun
himself a. fair, hot Wench, in flame-colored
taffeta .1 see no reason why thou shouldstbe
so superfluous to demand the time of the day."
This is' Mr. De Bar's Falstaff. He brings,
out oddities of character, which the casual
reader would' never observe, and he acts the
part to perfection. Nothing could be brought
out more humorously or in a manner more
truly Shakspearean than Mr.De Bar's delivery
of Sir John's soliloquy upon honor just before
entering battle, in which that worthy concludes
that he will not seek It. Then Mr. De Bar
makes the parts In which Falstaff appears
rich in pantomimic effect. One instance Is
particularly noticeable. When Prince Hal,
Polos, Falstaff and their road companions are
assembled In the tavern at East Cheap, and
Falstaff settles down In his cosy chair before
proceeding to. narrate the circumstances of
his desperate struggle with highwaymen, a
mug of sack is brought to him. When Sir
John begins to quaff off the liquor all is
silent. The. tavern boy stands by In dumb
abstraction, calculating scores upon his fin
gers. Sir John drains the liquor with gusto,
acd every sense seems bent upon the present
(njoyment. -Then, when he drinks to the dregs
and finds a dlsagreeoble taste, he takes the
mug from his mouth, stops and watches tbe
boy busy with his floger calculations, and
awakes him from his abstraction by throwing
the remainder of the contents of the mug Into
his face. The picture is very enjoyable. Mr.
De Bar throws a world of humor into it by
rapidly-chancing facial expressions. His face
gleams with gluttonous delight as he quaffs
the sack; then In an instant is filled with un
speakable disgust as he detects the taste of
lime; then slowly it changes to an inquiring
look as he tries to comprehend what the boy
is doing, and then when he throws tbe lees
Into the boy's face he looks happy, as If glad
that the problem was solved. Mr. Da Bar's
performance is a rare piece of acting. So much
for Falstaff.
The other parts In the play are assumed by
fentlemen with whom Washington people have
ad some acquaintance. Mr. Louis L.James
assumes the role of Prince Hal gracefully and
effectively. His auditors were reminded of his
late bereavement by the sombre costume in
which he appeared in the first act, and a scarf
of black, which hung gracefully from his cap
over his shoulders.
Mr. C. L. Farwell acted Hotspur with a
fervor that called forth great approbation.
Mr. Edwin Varrey assumed the dignity of
KlngHenry in a masterly manner, and spoke
and trod the stage "eTery Inch a king." The
part of Dame Quickly ,of the East Cheap inn,
was taken by Mrs. Germon, and her name Is
sufficient assurance that It was acted well and
in a sprightly manner. The other parts were
all well taken, and the presence of a large
number of auxiliaries and the arrangement of
the scenery conspired to make the first even
ing's perfoimance -of " Henry IV" a success
London, Nor. 7. American coin to the
amount of $95,000 was withdrawn, from the
bank yesterday for New York.
Inbianapolis, Ind.," Nor. 6. E. J.Peck,
formerly president of the Terra Haute and
Indianapolis railroad, died to-day.
Pbovtdexce, R.I., Nov. 6. By a collision
of vehicles at Lonsdale, last evening, Mrs.
Mary Keogh was hart, and died this morning.
Miss Mary Ann Moron was Injured fatally.
New York, Nov. 6. The store of E. Oel-
berma'nn & Co., No. 62 Worth etreet,was en
tered and robbed of dlks to the valneof
$9,000, between Saturday sight and this morn
ing. No due to the burglars.
Bait Fsacisco, Cal., Nov. C The registra
tion in this city Is unprecedented, being 55,000.
Several persons were arrested and held for
fraudulent registration. Both parties express
confidence In carrying the city and State.
Tttcsvtlle, Pa., Nor. 6, The Producers'
and Manufacturers' bank closed its doors this
morning. There his been a run on the bank
during the past week; The assets of the bank
are considered ample to meet all its liabilities.
The London TTorM sarcastically observes
that Mr. G. A. MacGahan, or Khiva, Carilst
and Arctic fametbe gentleman who pho
tographed the Bulgarian brutalities' in the
Daily Xevt, and" made the hair of the British
SublJc stand oc end for a quarter of as hour,
i at one and the same time an Englishman, an
Irishman, a Scotchman and a Cambrian. At
least to he has been' described In English,
Irish, Scotch and Cambrian, papers: and the
phenomenon would be prodigious if it were
true bnt it Is not. As a fact, Mr. MacGahan
was born at Toledo, In Ohio, of North of Ire
land parents.
According to the report of the German Im
perial Chancellery there have been brought
to light by the excavation at Olympla ITS
works In marble, 683 In bronze, 243 In terra
cotta. 174 coins (besides 800 Byzantine copper
coins) and 79 Inscriptions. The next work
will be the completion of the excavation of
the Zeus temple, with its Immediate neighbor-
NO. 296.-
Germany's Mependent' Attitude
Negotiations Direct Between Turkey and
London, Nov. 0. A Renter's dispatch from
Paris says private advices from Constantino
ple represent that nego'latlons are going on
for a direct understanding between Turkey
and Russia, which would render a European
conference unnecessary.
Beblin, Nov. 6. Minister Von, Balow,
chief of the Foreign Ofiice of the Empire, In a
speech before the Reichstag to-day on the
Eastern question, declared that the affairs of
Turkey were not likely to affect Germany di
rectly or Indirectly. The policy of tbe Gov
ernment was that Germany should always re
main a full bulwark of peace.
LoxDOJf , Nor. 7. The Vienna correspond
ent of the Standard says the Porte, yielding to
the demands of Russia, has agreed to relin
quish the positions captured by the Turks
since the night of October 31, hence the evacu
ation of Deligrad.
The Tost, in a leader, announces that Eng
land has proposed a conference at Constanti
nople. The conference Is summoned on the
basis ofthe Integrity and independence of tho
Ottoman Empire. The programme will be
Identical with Lord Derby's peace proposals.
The Powers participating will be required to
pledge themselves to renounce selfish objecta
of territorial aggrandizement.
The Standard' t Paris dispatch confirms the
foregoing announcement,
London, Nov. 7. The Vienna correspond
ent ol the Times says it is certain that Russiv
is preparing for all eventualities. Russian
officials, who have hitherto been anxious to
deny all military preparation, sow maintain
that thewbole army is on a war footing, ThU
sudden frankness may possibly be by com
The Telegraph') Vienna special says It Is
reported in political circles that Prince Gorts
chakoffhas assented to England's proportion
that a conference be held at Constantinople.
London, Not. 7. A Daily Next dispatch
from Paratchln reports that the Servian army
can hardly be said to exist. It is utterly dis
organized. The roads are covered with ssow.
Fugitives and soldiers are dying Uko rotten
London, Not. 7. The Timet' dispatcn from
Berlin reports that Dr. Strousberg has been
sentenced to perpetual banishment from Rus
sia. RECORD 07 f IRES.
CiNciNNATifNov.g-Boyce's flax factory,
at Munele,lnd., was "burned Saturday night".
Loss, $35,000. "
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Nor. (5. Seven small
houses were burned at Sugar Notch Satur
day, causing a loss of $3,000. The fire was
not the work of Molly Magulres, as was re
ported. Little Rock, Nov. 0. The Hengle hou.-e,
a German boarding house at the north end of
Rock street, was destroyed by fire yesterday
morning. Patrick Shea and John Cooney per
ished In the flames.
Watertown, N. Y., Nov. C Madison bar
racks, at Sackett's Harbor, was partially de
stroyed by fire this afternoon. The fire broke
out in the officers' quarters, and was confined
to them. The fire department of this city was
called on for assistance and responded, but
owing to Inability to procure railroad transpor
tation did not go. The fire is under control.
General Ayre's quarters were saved, but badly
damaged. The quartermaster's papers were
all destroyed and a large amount of property.
The loss is. estimated at $50,000; no Insurance.
Tbe cause of the fire is unknown.
Tea is cheaper than ever before.
Striped stockings are giving way to plaids.
Plttston, Pa., will soon have a temale law
yer. A mustard plaster Is a warm personal
The chestnut crop of Maryland Is estimated
to be worth $100,000.
In London anything American Is In great
demand, and meets with a ready sale.
An exchange says Evangelist Hammond has
been doing a large sized work at the. National
The extraordinary number of weddings re
corded is given as another strong evidence of
better times.
"Grace beiore meat," as the ""younglady
remarked when she laced herself so tight she
couldn't swallow.
A china, set may contain seventy pieces or
only forty, Just according to the sort of servant
you have around the house.
The following notice appears In a streetcar
at Plymouth, England: "No dogs except
ladles' lap-dogs allowed Is the car."
A numerous pilgrimage of American and
Canadian Catholics to Rome will occur in the
spring to attend the Pope's Episcopal Jubilee.
Manson Angel, of Scott county, Tenn., has
accidentally shot and killed his own brother.
When Angels get to shootlog one another tt'a
time for ordinary mortals to look out.
The Swedish 'Ministers connected with the
Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin conferences
are about to organize a Swedish conference.
It will have about fifty ministers and six thou
sand lay members. ,. , .
An old resident of Medway, Mass., was sent
to tbe poor-house, the other week, on the same
day that his son laid the foundation of a fine
double house In the most aristocratic part of
the village for himself.
The annual Income of the charities of Lon
don amounts to nearly $13,000,000. Of this
large amount nearly two thirds is derived from
voluntary contributions, the other third being
derived from dividends, property or trade.
In New South Wales this year there will bo
shorn upward of 35,000,000 sheep, yielding;
something like 125,000,000 pounds of wool.,
which, at twenty-fire eenta a pound, would
give a result of $ 31,250,000. For a colony this
is ss excellent promise ot wealth.
In his "Confes s'ons of a DraskardutCharles
Lamb says: "Is there no middle way betwixt
total abstinence and the excess which kills
you 1 For your sake, gentle reader, and that
yon may never attain to my experience, with
pain I must utter the dreadful truth that there
Is none none that I can find." --
They tell of a Jerseyman who passed Into
the art gallery of the Exposition, and, after
looking about with a disappointed air, said to
a frlesd "I reckon tbe show must be about
over. I tee they've taken out all the things,
asd left nothing but some pictures hanging on
the walls."
Owing-to the disaster to the Arctic fieet,'
whalebone has gone up nearly 50" per ceat. in
value, and only steel corsets will be .worn this
winter. Steel corsets are more objeetienablei
than whalebone, on the ground of danger from
lightning, but as there. Is a good deal mora
"give" to. them, even when. embraced by tho
left ana, we haven't mnch of an opinion of ft
eirl who won't be willing to rlslitteIISQtiiIS
V -iv X.1.
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