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Mostconehv, Ala.. Nov. 7. The election was
,nlet throughout tbe State as far as heard,
lit jet' majority In this city will be 1,681. The
few boxes heard from indicate a large Democratic
majority in the State. It is safe to say seven
Democratic Congressmen are elected.
MontLr, Not. 7. The Indications are that
Brombcrg, Democrat, has carried this coanty by
l.F41 majority. Tilden and Hendricks' majority
will equal, if It does not exceed, Bromberg'a.
Everything Is quiet.
Mostoomirt, Nor. 7. The returns show
-Democratic majorities from all directions, indi
cating at least 25.0.0 majority in the State. Seven
Democratic Congressmen arc certainly elected.
In the Fourth district Haralson, the present col.
ored member, is opposed by Hapier. ex-colored
member, who Is supported bj Senator Spencer
ana the Federal omoe-holders. Shelley, Demo-eratfls-making
gains, but not enough is knowa to
warrant in estimate.
SasFraxchco. Nov. 7. The election in this
tlty and State was very quiet- A heavy vote was
cast. Forty-two thousand ballots were polled in
this city. Tbe result here cannot be known be
fore morning. Both parties claim the city, but
the defeat of Piper, Dem., for Congress in this
district Is conceded. Partial returns from the
interior show Kepublican gains almost every
where. There Is no question that Page, Rep.,
will be elected in the Second districts. Toe
Third and Fourth districts are more doubtful,
and the result cannot safely be predicted. From
present advices at tbe Republican State Central
Committee room tbe feeling is strong that they
hate carried the State bv a fair majority, and
the preaadJapalcbe seem to indioate that tact.
The returns from tbe large towns are coming In
very slowly. There Is nothing from Oregon or
Nevada, exeept Democratic gains reported in
Virginia City.
New Tout, Nov 7. The Gold and Stock bnl.
letinsays Hartford city gives Tilden 9.-0 majori
ity. a pain of 1,311 on the Presidential vote of
1872. The last returns receired from Connecticut
show large Republican gains, and indicate the
probability that the Republicans will carry the
Hartford, Not. 7. Thirty-eight towns give
a naves xi, aiioen i.wi. atouinson, itep , 7,3d;
S Hubbard, Dem., e, Last spring these gave
iiooinson, itep., ,ir-s ingerfoii, iigol, o,di.
Tbe Kepublican majority is 05 against a Demo
cratlc majority last Jew of 102. Republican
gain of 107 This Includes no city whatever.
Hairrronn, Nov. 7. Hartford give Tlldn a
plurality of 99 Democratic majority for Our.
ernorlast spring was 676: Democratic gain Inthe
city 313. Meridcn gives Hayes 2; majority. Demo
cratic ios orne
Harttobd, Cow., Nnv. 7 Fifty cine towns,
Including Meridcn. tbe bnlv city yet reported,
five Hayes 14,397; Tilden, 13,335. Hayes' major
ty, l,06i Hayes' vote overRobinon last spring,
3,-.0;Tilleu'-ocr Iiuer-Hil 1,1.190. These fifty,
nine towns gave a Icmocratfc majority last
cprincof 1,028 Republican gain cf2.090.
Hartford. Covx No 7 Ninetfour towns
five Hayes ZS,ua; Tilden 33.115 These towns
ast spring gave Robinn 4,435, Ingeroll,28,"!8.
Democratic majority, w rar, l,yoi, against 3.0S3
last spring.
Hartford, Conn Nov 7. The Senate In all
probability will be Republican. Returns from 7S
towns show a net Republican gain In the lower
House of 30. There seems 00 doubt that the
legislature is Rcjnibltcan in both branches. One
bnndred and twenty towns gives Hayes 39,879,
and Tilden iO.'C2. These towns this spring gave
Robinson 9,S".5, Ingcrsoll, 34,139 Democratic
10SS, .4,291.
General Haw'.ev is defeated for Congress In the
First district by about li'.
Hartford, Oo , Nov 7 One hundred and
twenty-five towns, which do not include New Lon
don or New Haven, give Hayes t '.424; Tilden,
43.M3; Robinon, 42,i7u Hubbard, 42,38 These
are agalnt last sjiring Robinson. 37.611: Inger
sclt, i7,141 Ilemocrat'c majority, 119. against
6.M2 this spring The State, no doubt, sives
Tilden a clean majority. The Legislature, in all
probability, 's Reiiublicsn. Walt, Rep in the
Third di'tnet, is elected to Conres, Phelns,
Dem . in the Second, and Warner, Dem , In the
Fourth, are elected. The State rt presentation In
Congress is unchanged polit'eallv.
Net h Avry, Co s , Not, 7, is'midnlght. The
town or New Haven gives the Democratic electo
ral ticlet 1,871 majority. Phelp, Dem-candidate
tor Congress In this district, is re-elected
over Kellogg by a majority somewhat less than
that of two years ag The Stale will be close,
but will undoubtedly give a small majority for
Tilden. '
IlARTrorD, Nov 7. One hundred anl thirty
eight out ofone hundred and sixty-snea towns
rlve Hayes .'0.9:2; Tiltlen, 55,606, majority for
Tilden, 4.684 The Mate Senate has eleven, ir
not twelve, Republican out oftweutv-one mem
1'HiLAbELrHiA, Not. 7 New Catle county,
Delaware, gives a Democratic majority of 70).
Returns from other portions of the State indicate
a Democratic majority ofWJ Wilmington City
is nearly a tie
r,AkECiTV, Nov 7. Returns eouie In slowly.
The Southern and Western counties show large
Democratic gales. The Republicans have small
gains in Hie Eastern counties The State looks
Democratic. Definite returns are expected about
mldniaht The Democrats claim the State.
Con vers, Oa , Nov. 7, 8.50 p m. Muscogee
county gives 1.400 majority for Tilden, and Har.
rir, Dem., for Congress. This district goes Demo,
cratlc by a heavv majority.
Acocsta, Ga-, Nov. 7. Returns seem to indl
cate the election of an unbroken Democratic dell
egatlon to Congress. There has been a large rote
polled In Georgia. Every county in the Eighth
district goes Democratic. Richmond county glrei
over 3,000 Democratic majority.
Saxax-vh, Da. Nov. 7. Chatham county
gives Hartridge, for Congrns, over 600 majority,
and Tllden's majority is sou. Seven hundred ne
groes voted the straight Democratic ticket
Everything pased off quietly, though there was
a crowd of negroes in the city all da .
Chicaoo, "Vov 7. Partlat returns from 17 coun
ties in Iowa show Republican gains of 714, Demo,
cratlc gains ors-J. Net Republican gain, 632.
Deshpist-. Nov 7. Few returns yet received
from Iowa. AH Indicate Increased Republican
majorities, and tbe election of all the Republican
Congressmen. The majority on the State ticket
is estimated at 40.000 to 4',vjo. Peter Coojer"s
rote Is heavier than had been anticipated, anl
will probably reach 10,00),
Chicago Nor -. Eleven precincts In this city
and thirty-nine towns m the interior of the State
give Hayes 12,-0 and Tilden 10,397, a small Dem.
ocratiegaln over the vote for Governor In 1S73,
when the State went Republican by over 51,033.
There is no doubt of a large Republican majority
in the State,
Chicaoo, Nov. 7 9 If p. m. Return from
twenty towns In Illinois gl e Hayes 4 SX Tilden.
3,484; Cooper, 4 a Republican gala over the i-
rote for Governor In 172 of 1,234, and a Demo
cratic gain of l."2, lelng a net Democratic gain
of 01.
Chicago, Not. 7 Returns from eighty-two
towns in the .State of Illinois gives Hayes t.Osl;
Tilden, lf.fc.1; Covper. .CI, net Democratic
gain, 307 1
Naw York Nor. 7, The Gold and Stock Tele
graph Company issue the following bulletin!:
Ixdiaiafolis, Nor 7. The returns so far re
ceived show small gains for Haves over the Octo
ber vote. Reports from varloui'psrtj or the State
indicate Republican gains and a probability, of
Hayes carrying the Sfate.
IsriAKArOLtB, Nov. 78.10 p. in Returns
from forty townships give Tildes S,os and Hayes
,S01. Tbe same places in October gave Wll.
llama ,;e9t aud Harrison 5,893.
IsDlASAroLis, Nov. :. licturcs from eighty
townships gives Tilden 13,376, Hayes 13,433. The
not plana in October gave Williams 13,325,
Harrison 13,70?. The indications now are that
Tllden's majority will be between 7,000 and 10,003
in the State.
IaDiAXAFOUS, Not. 7. Returns from one hun
dred townships In flfty-focr counties gave a xtet
Demceratiegain of Sti.
IxExa Hactx, Isd., Not. 7. Ftve wards and
townships in this county show t, Republican gain
ever October of 29.
Isdiasai-oijs, Nov. 7. Returns from one hun
dred and eighty townships give Tilden 3V49,
IlayeSi,311. The same places in October gave
Williams 35,141, Harrison 35.193: net Democratle
gain 667.
Ism AXArous, I-cd., Nor. 7. Returns from 220
townships" give Tilden 45,316, Hayes 45,617. The
same places In October gave Williams 45,186, Har
rison 45,319; net Democratic gals. 502,
Iudi AXArous, Ikd., Not. ".Returns from 220
townthips and polling precincts in 66 counties give
a net Democratle gain of 502 on tbe October vote.
The Democratic majority in the State will not be
leu than 7,000.
TorEKA, Not. 7. Hayes' majority In this
(Shawnee) county Is about 1,200. Anthony", Rep.,
for Governor, 1.W0 majority.
Lawexxcx. Nov. I. No city or county ntsrni
are yet complete. Tbe indications are, however,
or sweeping Republican victories on tbe county.
State and national tickets. Haskell, Rep., for
Congress in the Second district, gives splendid
-msjoxttm. A full vote has been polled and all
LrxifcnTox, Kv., Nov. 7. Official Totes of the
city: Tilden, 1,579; Hayes, 2,172, (Demosatiegain
of 451 oa the Totes of 187.2;) Blackburn, Dem., for
for Congress, 1,594; Shackelford, Rep., 193
LonisviLtx, Nov. 7-Tllden's majority In Ken
tucky Is estimated at over 60,030.
LonaviiXE, Not. 7. The total vote of the city
of IouiTllle Is 17,321. Hayes baa 5,158 and Ttl
des,12,lC3;DemocratIcmajorKy of 7,003 and aDcm
ocratie gain of 8,500. The State probably goes
Democratic by over 60,000. The Democrats elect
Congressmen in every district, they belugas fol
lows : First, Andrew Bone; Second, James Me
Kensle; Third, John W. Caldwell: Fourth, J.
Protor Knott; Fifth. Albert. ti. Willis; Sixth,
John G. Carlisle: Seventh, J. C. S? Blarkburn;
EigJithr 11. J, Durham: Ninth, Thomas Turner,
ami Tenth, Jno. JX Clarke.
New Omxars.Nov. 7. Eetnrnl are meagre;
not sulllclent lor reliable estimates. The Demo
crats claim the State by 2300, and have dls
pa'ches from sc eral voting precincts of the In
terior showing heavy Democratic gains on the
election of '74. The Democrats claim the city by
l.'.OOO. Tbe Republican committee estimate their
majority outside ofthecltyat from 18,000 to 21,000,
and concede tbe city to the Democrats by from
8 000 to 10,000. The best Informed moderate Ro
1 ubl cans claim the. State by not more than 4,'JuO.
Poetlasd, 3IE., Nov, 7. Fifty towns glre
Hayes 17.J9C; Tilden, 1V4J; Cooper, 71. Hayes'
majority, 5,0 t, against 5,141 Republican majority
In September. Hayes' plurality 5,05), or a loss of
85 votes.
Pobtlasd, Mil, Nov. 7. Thus far we get only
one hundred towns, wlthllttle promise of getting
more. They give Jlayes 32.3J6; Tildes. 23,542;
Cooper. 74; Hayes' majority, 8,794; plurality,
8,720 In September the same towns gave Re
publican, 35,537; Democratic, 27,396; Republican
majority, 8,141. If tbe remainder of the State
gives the same ratio, the aggreirate rote will be
about 121.000, or which tbe Republicans will
have 69,000 and the Democrat! 52,030, Hayes' ma
jority being 17,0.
Baltimore, Mr. Nov. 7. Official returns from
all the wards is this city give a Democsatie ma
jority of 10,069. In the Third Congressional dis
trict, comprising First to Ninth wards, inclusive,
Klmmell's, Dem , majority Is 5,827; Fourth dis
trict, Swann's, Dem, majority over 2,500. Re
turns from every portion of the State show Dem
ocratic gains.
Boston, Not. 7. The Erraf j Jesrnel says :
Crapo, Hep., has been reelected to Oongrca ts
the First district by a large majority, aad that
Harris, Rep., is elected to Congress from the
Second district. Twenty-four towns glre Hayes,
6,718; Tilden, 3,833; Rice, 6,303; Adams, 3813;
Baker. 435. -Nine wards is Boston give Haves
6.893; Tilden, 7,119. Rice has a majority of 52 In
Boston, Not. T. Returns bras received give
Frothlngham. Democratic candidate for Con
gress in the Fifth district, a majority of 1,003 over
(Jen. Banks, and the latter'a doreat Is claimed.
Leopold Slorse, Dem- is probably elected to Cos.
gressinthe Fourth district by a small majority.
The election of Clafiin, Rep., in the Eighth Con.
gresslonal district; ofliarris. Rep., la the Second,
acd or Luring, Rep., in the bixtb. Is claimed by
the Trattllrr.
BotTO. Nov. 7 In ninety-six towns of Massa
chusetts Uoyes has 06.230; Tllden,n,903; Bice,
32.764; Adams, 21,153; Baker, 3,662 Returns so
lar received, according to Republican estimate,
Indicate the election of Governor Rico by a good
majority and the election or Banks, Rep , in the
Filth Congressional district; of Butler, Rep, In
Seventh district; Crapo. Rep , In First, Harris,
Rep , In Second: Field, Rep., in Third; Clafiin,
Rep , In Eighth, and of Norcross, Rep., in the
lenth. The other Congressional districts are
doubtlul, and the above results may be changed
by later returns.
Returns indicate a very heavy vote cast. One
hundred and twenty three towns give Hayes
,:: Tilden, Sl,el; Rice, 47,30'; Adams. 30,379;
Baker, 4,573.
Bntler, In the Seventh district; Banks, in the
filth; Clallin, In the Eighth; Crapo, In the First;
Robinson, in the Eleventh; Rice, In tho Ninth,
end Norcross. in the Tenth, are elected to Con
gress all Republicans. Harris, Rep . In Second,
and Lorliv. Rep in Slxtb, pronably elected.
Deanln, in ThlnlMnd Morse, in Sixth, probably
elected. The present Cjngresfjonal delegation
stands, Republicans 5, Democrats 6. The Repub
licans gain 4 Congressmen, and If the vote con
tinues in the same ratio will carry the State for
Hayes by 10.000 plurality.
Bostov, Nov. 7. Oae hundred and ninety.
seven towns gives Hayes 95.518, Tilden 70.641,
Rice 8,804, Adams 70,963, Baker 8,08j. Four
counties complete give 61 Republican and 10
Democratic members of the Legislature. AH
but three towns in the Fllili district giro Banks
t',741. Froiblngbara 9,355. Other triwns will In
crease the majority alKict too. Ihird dlstrlot
elects Dean, Dem , by 43 pluralty. Morse, Dem.,
Is also elected In the Fourth dlurlct. Butler In
theTFeventh district has about 3,00) plurality
cv cr Tarbox and Hoar.
DtTROtT, Hit it , Nov. 7, 10-O5 p. m. Eighteen
precinct! In this city show a net Democratle ma
jority of 1,"-17, a net Democratic gain of about
1,500. Returns from 57 townships give Hayes a
net majority of 2,134, a net Democratic gain of
2,612, as compared with 1872. The samo towns
give Crosswell, Republican, for Governor, a net
majority of 348.
Detroit. Nor. 7, 11 p. m Returns from 78
townships and precincts ghe Hayes a net Re
publican majority of 2,669; a Democratle gain of
i.62, as compared with the vote of 1872. The
same towns give Crosswell, Rep., for Governor, a
net majority or 8"9.
Detroit, Not. 7. Returns from 103 townships
give Hayes a net Republican maj. oraow.a Dem
ocratic gain on,702as compared with the vote of
1873. The same towns give Crosswell, Renubll
can, for Governor, a net majority or 1,218.
St. Paul, J1iv Not. 7. St. Paul, nearly
complete, gives a majority of nearly 1,200 for Til
den, and about the same for JttcNalr, DesL, for
Congress. Scatterlng.bnt Tory Incomplete returns
from all parts or tbe State lndicare the election of
all tbice Republican Congressmen. Strait's,
Rep .majority in theSesond district will be small,
but his election is conceded by tbe Democrats.
E even precincts In ailnneapollsgires Hayes 3,301,
Tilden 2,403. btewart. Rep-for Congress, 2,499,
McNalr, Dem., 2.525.
LotinviLLE, Not. 7. Private news from all
over Mississippi from superintendents to Mr. Van
Horne, division superintendent Western Union
Telegraph Company, reports the eleetioa of fire,
and perhaps more, Democratlo Congressmen, and
savs the State Is Democratic by over 30.000.
jArKov, Miss- Nov.T.-Relurns from various
mints Indicate this Mate gone Democratle by
latgely Increased majority over last election.
Five Congressmen certainly elected by the Demo
crats, with a strong probability that they elect
the sixth. Tbe election passed off very peaceably,
no disturbances reported from any section. The
Democratic majority Is the State will probably
reach 0,000. '
St. Locio, No., Nor. 7 Returns so far rery
scattering, and Indicate but little. Tea precincts
glre Tilden 2,1 IB; Hayes, 1,335. Six precincts
gives Phelps, Dem- for Governor, 1,005; Flnke
lenburg, Rep , 722. No returns from the Interior
Rollo, Mo- Nor. 7. Phelps county. SV Demo
cratic majority on the National and State ticket.
Bland, Dem , probably elected to Congress by
increased majority. .
St. Locis. Nov.. The Democrats claim 'this
county by 2,000 majority, but admit a gain of two
Republican Congressmen.
CoxronD, Nov.' 7. Thirty-Are towns and cities
give Hayes 5,H, TIUcn-6,172, scattering 3. In
1 172 the same places gave Grant 5,514, Greeley
4,536, scattering 17. Rspublioan net loss Is these
places, 6.
Cosconn. Nor. 7. Seventy towns and cities
glveJiayes 12,264, Tilden 11,371. scattering 26. la
1872 tbe same places gave Grant 10,97, Greeley
1T9&. scattering oo. aiepuoucan net toss in inese
p'aces.rj. , '
Coscord, N. If., Nor. 7, The returns continue
to come in very favorable tor the Republicans.
Tbe excitement here is Intense Ex Governor
Harrlmon, from reports recel) ed np to 73J p. m ,
redlcts that Hayes ami Wheeler will carry New
ampshlre by ?,5u majority.
Concord, N. H., Nor. 7. One hundred and
filty terras and cities give Haves ".1,712; Tilden,
28,1.6; scattering, 63. Republican net lets In
these placer, 1,372. ' j
Cosiord, N. II- Nor. 7. Returns hare been
received from 150 towns, which Indicate that the
State has gone tat Hayes by from 2L503 to 3,000
majority. The Republicans claim that It will
reach the latter Bgure,vhile the Democrats eon
cede a majority Tor the Republicans of from 2,003
to 2, oo.
TnraToy, Nov, 7. Leading Republicans; hero
coreede tbe State to Tilden by frmn 3,0X1 to"5,000.k
The Legislature will probably be Democratic j
Philadcxtiita, Not. 7. Ocean county, N. X,
gives a Republican majority on the electoral
ticket of about ISO, with two towns yet to hear
lrom -a nepuuucan gam oi ow.
New York, Not. 7, 9 p. m. Returns from 139
districts in the State, outside or the city of New..
- Yorl., compared with the Presidential vote of
1672, when the Republicans had 53,030 majority,
show Republican gains of 3,088, and Democratlo
goins or 4,634; net Democratic gain, 1,606. ,
Hew Yore-, Nov. 7,930 p. m. One hundred and.
stTenty-slx districts In the State outside or Now :
York city gives, over 1S72, a set Democratlo gats
of 2 J 48. - ,
New Yobw, Not. 7, 10 p. m-Three hundred
and ninety election districts of New York city
Tilden 86.2S4, and Hayes 38,110. Two hundred and
forty-seven election districts outside the city of
New York and Brool tyaahowa net Democratic
gain of 2,781, as compared with the Presidential
vote of 1872, when Grant bad 83,453 majeritr in
the State. The Democratic majority In New
York elty this year is about 55,000, against aboat
23)00 In 1872, and In Brooklyn abostl6,C00, agalnlt
sot quite 5,1 00 In 1862. '
New Yore. Not. 7, 10-30 p. ta Three hundred
and sixteen towns and districts- in New Yotk
State; outside of tho city and Brooklyn, abow an
aggrrgrate Republican majority of, 23,970; "Re
publican gain, 4,158; J'emoeratlcmajority, 32,0 JB;
Democratlo gals, o,C9ft net' DemJcxaAe galtt,.
3,r38 ."-
New York, Nor. 7 Vote of New Teilt oeungp
Tilden, 112.208; Hayes, 58,658ffJoj?32;Tll
den's majority over Hayes, 53,810.,
New Voir. Not. 7. Returns from 445 towns,
cities and districts in the Stae, outside of New
York and Brooklyn, snow Republican ma oritlos
or34,2B9, and gains or 7.699; Demoeratia majori
ties oriJ00,nd gains ori7,in. Net Democratle
gains of 9,482, Kings county returns. Including
Brooklyn, show a large majority tor the Demo
cratle ticket a majority Is exeeu or what tee
leaders or the party anticipated. The Demo
cratle county and elty- tickets have bees elected.
So far as can be ascertained, Wm. D. Veeder.
Dem., is elected In tbe Second Congressional
district; S. B. Chittenden. Rep. in the Third,
and A. M. Bliss, Dem., in the Fourth. There
are three connty towns to be beard lrom on the
electoral ticket, which. It Is believed, will bring
Tllden's majority up to S0,0C0 In toe county.
The electoral vote In Kings county Tilden,
J6,3$5; Hayes, 38,307.
WiuiiaoTos, N. C, Nov. J. Lllesrllle, Anson
county, gives a net Republican gain of SL The
Third ward or this city gives Hayes 311; Tilden
304; Democratic gain, IX
WiLittoTOH, N. C, Nor. 7. In-the Seeond
ward in this city the Democrats gain 103. Fifth
ward. Republican gals 6. Lllesvllle corrected:
Democratic gain 15. Laurlnburg, Richmond
county. Democratic gain 34.
Raleigh. N. C. Nov 7 Raleigh city and
township give a Democratic gain of loo. All
points In the state heard from give Democratic
gains, Mecklenburg county, the home 01 Vance,
gives a Democratle gain of 300.
Wilvixotom, N. C, Not. 7. Return thus far
receired show almost universal Democratic galas.
Wilson county gives a Democratic gain or 400.
The Indications all favor a decldedDemocraUo
majority In the State.
vViLViSGTON, N. IX, Nor. ".Returns continue1'
favorable to the Democrats. The Republicans
claim tbe State by a small majority; but admit
it to be very close. The Democrats claim the
State by S,CO0 to 10,000. Tbe Star estimates tho
Democratic majority In tbe State at 1.500 to 6,001.
Ralegh, N. O-Nnv. 7. Heavy Democratle
gains are reported from all quarters from which
returns have been received. There Is so longer
any doubt that the Democrats have carried the
State. The Republicans concede IW- The Demo
crats probably elect soTes out ot eight Congress
roes. In the small eoustyof Clearelasd the
Democrats gals fig.
WiLKtitoTOw, N. C. Nor. 7. The latest re
turns continue to show Democratlo gains. Tbe
State is certainly Democratic by a large ma
jority. OHIO.
rot tobcs. Not. 7. Return from 308 wards,
towi.Mps,and precincts in about sixty counties,
including about balf or Uievelandand ono-thlrd
or Cincinnati ehcvs a train Tor Haves' or 4,407;
Democratle gals, 4,166. Net Nemosratlc gain, as
compared with gubernatorial election In 1875, 159.
OoLCxntTS, Nor. ".Returns from 118 town
ships ami voting precincts Is Ohio, covering 65
counuea, asow a net Aiemocrauo gain or 23, as
compared with the Gubernatorial rote orl86S.
CoLrvarM, Nor. 7. Returns from 508 townships
ard wards Id Ohio show a net Republican gals of
177 over 1875, when Hayes majority was 531.
rHiLAEZLPHTA, Nor. 7. RetsTss from nearly
erery precinct of this city Indicate a Republican
majority on the Presidential ticket or 15,203. The
city gave, aJSepsbiisaa. majority oi 17,20 last
Philadelphia, Not. -?. The election passed
off quietly Is this cisy to day. There were so dls
torrances reported worth mentioning, and of the
arrests mado some twenty-odd were of persons
caught In the act or violating the election laws.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7. Returnsfroml23 towns
outsldo or this city show a net Republican gain or
281. Nine wards or this city, complete, show a
Democraticgaln on,vS. Rowan, tho Republican
candidate for sheriff of Philadelphia coanty, is
probably defeated.
Philadelphia. Not. 7 Eighteen wards of
this city show a net Democratic gain ef 128. Ran
dall, Dem- Is re-elected to Congress from the
Third district by 2,700 majority.
In this State Berks county gives a Democratle
majority of 7,000, a gain of 131. Cumberland ooun
ty. Democratic majority, 3,030. a gain of 303; Mon.
roe county, Democratlo majority, 2,300, a gain or
35i'; Northampton county. Democratic majority,
3,(00, a gain of 720; Blair county, Republican ma
jority, 500, a Democratlo gain or 15; Dauphin
county. Republican majority, l.fCO, a Democratle
gain or 170; York county, Democratic majority,
.1,700, a gain or 700; Lehigh county. Democratic
majority, 2,000, a n epublican gain or 100; Lancas
ter county, Republican majority, 6,0 X), a gain
of 900.
Pittbbtro, Not. 7 Returns up to thlj hour Is
Alleghany county indicate a Republican ma
jorlty on the county ticket of about s.ooo. Bayne,
Rep , In the Second district. Is elected by nearly
3,000. Ewett, Rep , Tor Congress In the Twenty
second district, claims 2,100, but the Democrats
don't concede the district yet.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7 In this State Hun
tington county will probably give 503 Republi
can majority, n gain of 5'9 bohuylklll county
gives 1.50) Democratic majority, a gain or 162. Is
tbls county 00 votes wero polled for the green
back ticket. Partial returns from Bucks county
Indicate a Democratic majority ot between 330
and 400, a slight gain. Columbia county gives a
Democratic majority of l.coo, a Republican gain
orsCJ. Bradford county returns Indicate the Re
publican majority to be about 2,000, a Democratic
gain of 261. Montgomery county gives an esti
mated Democratic malority of 700, a ga'n of 725.
Twenty.flve wards In this city give a net Demo
cratic gain or 1,138. O'INcil, Rep- for Congress
In tbe Second district, is elected by 3,630 ma
PnoTiDESct, R. I- Nor. 7. Partial returnl
from all parts of the State show that Hayes will
have from 5,000 to 6,000 majority. Eames and Bal
fon, Republican Congressmen, are both re-elected
by a large Tote. No disturbances
Protideece, R I- Not. 7. Total vote or
Rhode Island, except two small towns, Hayes,
15,18); Tildes, 10,526; Cooper, 72; Smith, 532. Is
the First Congressional district Karnes, Rep. and.
Ballon, Rep., Uo Second district, are elected.
Chaelestcc, B. C, Nor. 7. Unofficial returns
from various sections of the State show large
Democratic gains everywhere as compared with
the vota or two years ago. No Republican gals
yet reported anywhere. The Democratic com
mittee are Jubilant. The Republicans are un
willing to grant that Chamberlals'l majority of
1871 has been overcome.
Charleston, s. C, Not. 7. Unofficial but
trustworthy returns from about one half of the
.State show a Democratle gain ofover 12,900, com
pared with 1874, when Chamberlain had 10,000
majority over Leech, fusion. The Republicans
claim that Charleston county-win give a heavy
Republican gals to offset the Democratic gains.
The result hangs upon the coast counties, not ac
cessible by wire.
AuarSTA, Oa- Nor. 7. The Republicans
claim South Carolina by 15,000 majority. The
Democrats claim returns enough receired to in
sure the election or Evans and Aiken, Demo
crats, to Congress in place or Wallace and Car
penter. Republicans.
Aiocsta, Oa- Not. 7. A special to the
CAroniccand Sentinel, dated Columoua, 11 p st
rays Hampton la 10,000 ahead in fifteen counties
heard from, but tbe Republican strongholds of
Beaufort, Georgetown. Colleton anl Charleston
count'eswill reduce this majority considerably.
-Hampton is sanguine or success by a small ma
By direction or the United States deputy mar
shal the polls were taken possession ot by the
troops. There was no disturbance, only citizens
challenged voters.
Memphis, Tekst-. Not.- 7. The election was
unusually quiet. A very heavy vote has been
polled, that of this cityWog over 10,000, or 1,009
tmrany former rote. It Is believed that Thomas,
Independent Demratlc candidate for Governor,
has carried the coturty by over 1,500, aad that the
Republicans hare elected their Legislative
ticket. The Democrats generally concede the
election or Randolph, Rep., for Congress Over
Young. Dem., the present Incumbent- Tbe offi
cial vote will not be known until a lafo hour.
Memphip, Nor. 7. The rote ot this city Is not
yet counted, and probably will not be until a
very late hour. The Democrats now claim that
Young, Dem., Is re-elected to Congress by, a
small majority. Thomas, Independent candi
date for Governor, has undoubtedly carried the
county by-a heavy majority, and-also Fayette
county by from 300 to 400. ,
Nashville, Nor.' 7. Kleetlos quiet In all parts
ot the State. No doubt of tbe election ofl'or
ter. Democrat, Governor, and certainly eight out
or ten Congressmen by the Democrats.
GanEaTOT, Nov. 7. The Democratic ma.
Jcrlty In Texas will probably exceed 75,003. Old
dings, rtjjular Democrat, bas 1.W3 majority la
tbls elty, which probably secures bis election and
returns a mil Democratlo delegation to Congress
from this Stale
White Bivin Jusctios, Vth Xot. 7. Re
Ursa from elghtyjiine towns give Hayes 23,256;
Tildes, 32,379: scattering 14. The same towns,
Is 1872, gave Grant 23,531!; Greeley, 6,810; O-'Gon-ner,
218. Hayes' majority over Tilden. 12,863.
Hayes' gals over Grant, 1,720. One hundred and
fifty-two towns to be heard from gave Grant
37,945. -Grant's rcsjerity over Grteley and O'Oon
ser wa about 30,00 in 172.
aTi . . VTEQIKIA. .
F- NosroLK. Not. 7. The election was quiet, Tue
1 majority's IhlYclty forTlTden imSST", The, ma
jority for uooce, uem- ior uosgresx, is ,.
Democratle Increase of 374. Elizabeth City conn'
ty gives 830 Republican majority, a Republican
increase, of 2C0. '
RicnvoaD, Nov. 7, Tho roto polled fa this
city Is as heavy .as ever known. Tllden's majority"
In BlchmoBd'wlll be 1,500. Returns from' tbe
surrounding count ryahow Uemocratle gains over
tbe vote of 1871. The only elese contest for Cos-'
gross are Is the Seeond and FourUs district!. The
' semarnlrjg seven -dUtrista will elect Democratlo
Congressmen. Few returns hare been received
from the Second district, which showthatGoode,
Dem.,isgaiBlng&Tersltvoteot'i88l. - '
Alexahbria, Not. 7. Tho-Democratlo ma
jority fa this dtx l 270, and about the same ma
jority for the oosstlttnlosal amendments. 'Geo.
W, H.iF. Lee it a elected .to the State Senate.
There is no doubt of Hunton's re-election to Con
gress by a malority of Several thousand.
r NoxroLE, Not. 7. Tbe majority for. Ooode,
Deri., for Congress, In .Portsmouth Is 1,018, a
Democratic gain of 965.
RiajtoxD,VA.,N0T. 7. Returns from all the
TOeMsjttrln tho elty give Tildes a Majority f
J,5T?-Peterebnrg sSrea Hlstos, Dear., lor Co
grass In the Fourth dtatrlet219 majority, a Demo
cratic gats of 45ar He gains ai all the pxweraett.
It Ir believed he is -elected, latbeSwod dta-r
trtctaoode', Dem .gaJasareitecumuTating; Nor,
folk and Portsmouth give him -a gats of L5m ftV
opponent, Sagajy gains, slightly at- soma places,
butGoode'seloetloalsnowuirlOttlrtcd, If utntos
is elected 1b Lhebeenod-dlstrlet, the enUra Con-.
greertenal.delegatlowlll be Democratle. Dis
patches from almost every section ortMStaU
Indicate that Tildes if gaining steaay. ,-xTewBl
carry the State by a largely Increase! majority
over any previous election.
Norfolk, .Nor. 7. The Indications are that
Goode, Democrat, la re-elected to Congress from
district by 1,000.
Milwaukee, Not. 7.-Beturns from 50 towns
and wards in Wisconsin give Hayes a majority of
1,800, a Republican gals of 947.
Hilwackee, Not. 7. Ninety eight towns and
wards give Tilden 12 majority Democratic
f;alsofu91. Tbls does not include any returns
rom tbe city of Milwaukee, where there are Indi
cations of largo Republican gains.
Milwickve, Wis., Not. 7. Twelve or the 13
wards of Milwaukee and- one town gives Tildes
1,206 majority. Democratlo majority Is county
will not exceed 200. One hundred and fiftr-four
towns and wards, not Including above, gle Hayes
1,050 majority . Democratle gain, 010.
Tbe Devastating Flood That Followed.
Havana, Not, 7. The accounts which have
been.recelred from the Interior show that the
mals source of tbe recent floods was the Laguna
Del Tesoro, wh,Ica Is situated on the north side of
Zapata swamp. Thenooasras la a straight line
north through the eentro of Colon coanty, seeking
to unite with the swamps of BIbana, os tbe north
coast. The overflow, swelled by the rivers Pal
miliar, JSas Aston, Guayabo and others, ran
through the following, counties: Roque, Saba
nilla, Recero, San- Anton, Camilla, Guasajaybo
and PalmiUas. At a plantation called Fermlna,
where the main trunk of the railroad has a tun
nel, eight feet of water remained on tbe ground
five days after the hurricane. The low-lylng
lands were overrun to the height of the house
tops, and on the plantations only the chimneys
were to be seen above the water.
The Inundation covers as area or about fortv
miles. The following plantations suffered the.
most severely: x ernuna, x eroer, airmonia, va
rambola, Duenar, and Rita. From fifteen to
twenty others were totally rained. Over fifty
smaller farms were also destroyed. The exact
cause of the flood is unknown, but It is supposed
to have been occasioned by tbe heavy rains. Some
people believe that springs came oat of the earth.
In some sections the damage done by tho Good
was much heavier than that dost by tho hurri
cane. Exact estimates cannot yet be made, but
it is supposed the sugar crop has suffered by both
calamities. From sitees to twenty per cent, of
the crop will nevertheless be about as large as
last year's, because It promised to be exception
ally large. Tbe tobacco crop will bo retarded,
because the seedling! were destroyed, but they
can be replaced In most cuts
The Political Situation.
Havasa. Not. 7. The steamer Cuba arrived
fromTera Crur this (oronooa, and brings, the fol
lowing advices:
Citt ot Mexico, XM. . Congress, having
pastedthe laws xetrardtng the press and extra
ordinary pewertef taiTre'ldentvthe House or
Deputies constituted Itself an electoral college,
and declared the re-election of Lerdo De Tejada
by a vote of 131 against 15. On the 26th Justice
Iglesios addressed a communication to the court,
declaring his conviction that there was no legal
election, and requesting the court to protest
against the action of the electoral college. He
further proposed that tho court ilIolre as a
constitutional body. His first proposition was
voted down, 6 to 5. The se:ond was voted dows,
7 tot.
On the 28tb two new judges of the Supreme
Conrt wero Installed, who are in accord with the
majority. Iglesios has obtained leave of absence
for one month. He is broken down ror ever as a
public man, and the deeembristos are crashed
Lerdo De Tejada has weathered a tremendous
storm, and has shows himself to be a man of
great ability. He has tbe support of all the Gov
ernors, excepting at Oaxaca.
Pronuncladcs are throwing down their arras is
various directions. Their resources are all ex
hausted, and a final collapse 18 eipeeted. Oax
aca still gives trouble, but General Diaz and his
followers are compelled tokeepon tbe mountains,
and are afraid to meet the Government troops.
Last Hours of tho Dying Cardinal.
New York, Not. 7. A Rome special says the
Pcpewas greatly affected by tho suddenness of
Cardinel Antonelli's prostration. The latter
was, by direction of the Pope, carried to an ad.
Joining apartment? The Pope sent for his own
physician, but upon the'arrival of the Doctorall
hope was declared gone. The sacred rites were
then partaken or by the dying Cardinal, and the
Pope retired ror a short time to another part of
the palace. His Holiness, however, again visited '
the sufferer before going to bis bed, and remained
by his side for some time administering comfort
and consolation, and upon leaving, as the hour
was late and His Holiness almost ill blm'eir, he
gave the dying man the benediction inarticuto
Serious Fire in Hew Tork.
New York, Nor. 7. The rear portion of build
ings Nos. 839 to 843 Broadway took fire this after
noon. Miner's art-gallery building was dam
aged tl,0CO,and the paintings suffered slight
damage by handling; the first floor of 843
Broadway, occupied by J. L. Peters, dealer In
music, damage to stock, (30,000; the first floor of
841 Broadway, IL Glnlard, human hair dealer,
losses from $3,0C0 to 17,000; the second floor of
same building, occupied by Peloadet, Pelton &
Co-manufacturers or cabinet organs, stock esti
mated at 16,000, other losses aggregate $7,030.
The buildings, owned by Roosevelt State, were
damaged (10,600; cause of the fire unknown.
English- Bepresentatioai at the Conference;
Loxr03, Nor. 8. Tbe Standard announces In
as official form that the Marqals of Salisbury
will be appointed special ambassador to act with
Sir Henry .Elllottas English Plenipotentiary at
the contemplated conference. .
A special dispatch to the Standard from Bel
grade reports that Gen. Tchernayetr arrived
tbere Tuesday, accompanied by 200 Russian
Constitutional Guarantees Eeitored.
Madrid, Nov. 7. In the Senate yesterday the
Government submitted a bill restoring the consti
tutional guarantees throughout Spain, except in
the Basque provinces.
4slWer of the Imperial Court, t
St. Petebsblrs, Not. 7. Tho Russian Impe
rial Court will leave Llvadla to-day, and will reach
the Imperial palace of Neue Txarskoeselo about
the 15th Instant.
Father .Killed by Hie Son,
New York,Nov. 7. John Baldwln,Jr-ksocked
bis father, John Baldwin, ir., down last night,
and the latter in Jailing (offered concussion of
the Drain, causing death later in the Bight. The
son, who was arrested, says his father, who was
Intoxicated, fell while striking at him and re
ceived bis Injuries.
Political Dtettxrbanee. '
Rostov, Not. T. Atone o'clock this morning
some members or a political clnb attempted to
break down tbe door of -ibe'premlses of Adam
Horn, Jamaica Plains, In .order to procure liquor.
Horn Bred Into the crowd, killing William Flem
ing and wounding several others.
Silled in a Quarrel.
Philadelphia, Not. 7. During a quarrel this
afternoon Walter Valentine, (coL,) aged fifteen
years, shot and Instantly killed Samnel Weeks,
(coL.) aged 17 years. Valentine has not yet bees
arrested. i
"Oh, Pa! come quick I saw a thousand mice
in tbeypantry." "My son, be careful and not ex
aggerate so; there could not hare bees a thou.
taud mice in the pastry." "Wall, a hundred,
then." "Nor a hundred." "I'm sure I saw a
eoren." "A doien was a good many to see at one
time." "Well, I don't-care: I saw one or two
mice, anyhow." "Are yon sure you saw thenar"
"N bo, I didn't exactly see them, but I thought
I heard a nibbling noise I" And that boy grew
up, became a politician, and U now editing a
Democratic paper at Iowa JDity. Darlington
t. -
a t -
!: cAijjffaHiA.
Tic State will probably gtve a Republican
majority of 5.0C0. A 'dispatch from Virginia City
to Ike Democratle State central committee con
cedfathe State to the Republicans by 8X mo-
Portland dispatch sayi the Bepablieass have
Oregon by 500 majority.
IftRTORD, Nov. 7 The returns of tho State,
with twenty five towns to hear from, rive Tilden
56,307; Hayes, 3&4I0; Hayes, -53,371; Tllden's ma
jority, 2,7(0.
HXettord, Not. 7. One hundred and thlrty
clght oat of one hundred and slxty-seven towns
Kir Hayes (0,922; Tilden, 3,608; Robinson, 55,3j2;
Hubbard, 16,568; majority for Tilden, 1,484; for
Hubbard, 3,2:. The State Senate has 11, If not
U, Republicans out of 21 members.
"New Castle county gives 7C0 Democratle ma
jority. Returns from the State isdicate a Demo
cratic majority or 2,500.
AuoceTA, Nov. 7. Nothing farther from the
Florida election. It will bo close. Both sides
claim the State. .
Lake City, Fla., Not. 8, 2M a. m. Partial
returns from sixteen counties In Florida, strong
Republican strongholds, show set Democratlo
gains over the vote in 1871 or 544. Columbia and
Monroe counties, formerly Republican, elect en
tire Democratic ticket. Flnler. Dem.. for Cm-
-grers. probably re elected. The Democratsclalm
me aiaio oy a small majority.
Av"jr.STA,GA.,Nov.7. There has been aheavy
voters this State. ..The Democratic majority will
approximate, If it does sotexceed, 75,000. Re
turns from the First, Second and Third districts
leave no doubt of the re-elecslos of Hartridge,
Smith and Coot. Alt the' old members wllllw
re-eleeled with the exception, perhaps, of Fel-'
ton. Independent Demeeratln the Seventh, who
Is opposed by Dabser, regular Democratic nom
IneetjTbe election in this district will be rery
close The chances seem to favor Dabney. Ste
phens, Blount and Hill hare so opposition. Har
ris Is opposed by Hlllard, Independent, In the
Fouith. and Candler by Markham, Repabllsaa,
in the Fifth. '
CniCAGO, Not. ".Two hundred and twelve
towns and precincts Is Illinois give Hayes 43,813;
Tilden, 37.V58.
la BiAXAi-OLia, Not. 7. Beturni from 210 town
ships and voting precincts, on 21 per cent, of tbe
Octorer'vote.heardlromglvea Democratic set
gals ef 176. The Increased rote in these town
ships, 1,080.
The midnight returns from 220 townships and
voting precincts, in 66 counties, give a net Demo
cratle gain of .loioa.the October rote. The
Demecratlc majority In the State will not be less
than 1,100. Albany county gives 2,200 Democratic
majority. The Democrat elect all four members
of the Assembly, and gives Hayes 1,034 majority,
a net; Democratle gain or 789. The Democrats
have probably carried the State.
IxDiASAPOLia, Not. 7. Returns from 260
towniblps give Tilden 58,872; Hayes, 87,083. The
samo Dlaces In October save Williams 57.970:
.Hanetin, r.t.gio.
Baltixore, Nov. 8. Sufficient returns haTO
bcenrecelred from the several counties through
out The State to show that tbe Democrats have
elected tbe entire Congressional delegation, and
carried the State on the Presidential vote by a
large majority. The following are the majorities
on the Congressional rote: First district, Henry's
majority, 2,sC0; Second district, Roberts, 2,100;
Third district, Kimmell. 5,832; Fourth district,
bwann, 2.121: Filth district, Henkle, 2,200; Sixth
district, Walsh, 2.0. The majorities in the Third
and Fourth districts are official. Those In tbe
First, Second, Fifth and blxth are partly esti
mated' At tbe Democratlo. headquarters the
majority ror Tilden Is estimated at 18,000.
Bosto-v, Nov. 7. Tbe Legislature stands 118
Republicans, 13 Democrats and 1 Prohibitionist,
with 25 districts, which send 27 representatives, to
be heard from. The latest estimates glre Hayes
35,(00 plurality ltfthe State. The First Cosgres
slonal district, 31 towns, (12 to bear from,) give
Crapo, Rep., 12,'26; Day, Dem., 6,Oa9. The Second
district, 31 towns, 7 to bo heard from, gives Har
ris Rep.,11,116; Avery. Item., 7,406. The Third
district, complete, gives Field, Rep , 9,268; Dean,
Dem.,9.tos. Fifth district, complete. Banks, Rep.,
28 towns, 2 to hear from, Xioring) Rep, 6,752;t
anompsoD, aiem., o,aii. oevemnotsirjci- iu towns,
stobearfrora, Butler, 7,212; Tarbox, 3,S93 Hoar,
1,103. Eighth district, complete, Clafiin, Rep
132M; Warren, Dcra., 12,11. Ninth dlstrlet, 38
towns, complete, Rice, Rep, 13,891; Very, Dem.,
10,205. Tenth district, 63 towns, 81 to hear from,
Norcross, Rep- 7,997; Lamb, Dem., 5,124. Elev
enth, district, tl towns, 15 to hear from, Robinson,
Rep , 7,083: Chopin, Dem., 5,652. The election In
tbls city was quiet. The streets are filled with
people, and tbe Democrats are celebrating with
great enthusiasm.
A thorx tor jiev nitu
rSpecial to the National BeDUbllcan.1
Bostot, Not. 8. The General is elected by
over 3,000 plurality; 1,803 majority. Send greeting
to the Butler clnb or Washington. They will re
joice with ns In Massachusetts. T. E. M.
Bostos, Nov. 8 Three hundred towns in
Massachusetts give Hayes 133,0a2, Tilden. 9,309;
H!ce,12S,450; Adams.93,633; Baker. 11,418. Forty
towns to be heard from will probably Increase
Hayes' plurality to 10,000, and Rice's to 27,000 or
28,000 plurality,
Sr. Paul, Nor. 8. Returns are still far from
complete, but enough Is knows to assure the
election of the three Republican Congressmen by
majorities df from l,pa to 3,590. The Legislature
is also undoubtedly Republican, and tbe majority
on tbe electoral ticket will be at least 10,'JW.
Cocor.D,Nov. 7 One hundred and flity-fire
towns and cities give Hayes 33,687; Tilden, 2 ',312
scattering, 63; Republican set loss Is these
places, 1,108. -
One hundred and ore towns give Tildes 17,100,
and Hayes 19,600, a slight Republican Ios.
Coscord, Not. 7. One hundred and Arty-five
towns and cities tire Hayes S3.6S7. Tilden 2',S1 J
.and scattering 63. The set Republican loss is
these places Is 1.1C8.
New York, Not. 7, The Democrats claim to
have carried Monmouth, county by 2,300 majority,
and to hare re-elected Miles Ross to Congress.
The estimated Democratic majority or Sussex
county is 1,300 a Democratlo gain ot 300. Cape
"Mav county re elects Stevens, Rep., to the As
sembly, but Learning, Rep- for senator Is still la
doubt- In Salem county the Republicans elect
Cole, Rep., to the Assembly, and tna Democrats
Johns. Llwell a Democratic gals ofone assem.
blyman. Camden county returns three Republi
can assemblymen Soovill, Lund and Murpljy.'
Philadelphia, Not. 7. Mercer connty gives
2C0 majority ror Hayes: Monhlouth county about
2,200 majority ror Tildes a Democratle gain of
SOO. Ross, Dem., ror Congress, has about 2,100
majority. The coanty probably elects three
Democrat o to the Assembly.
Cajidex. N.J, Nor. 7. The Republican ma
jorlty for presidential electors In Camden couaty
is 1,200 -
Philadelphia, Nor. 8. New Jersey:. Hun
terdon county aires 1.700 majorityfor Tilden;
PIdcock, Dem., for Senator, about 1.200; Clark,
Dem- for Congress, 1,500; ErlttOn, Dem , ror the
Assembly, In the First district, and Hackett,
Dem- is the Second district, are elected In
Burlington tbe'eonvblete returns give Hayes 17
majority, and Pngh, Tor Congress, us majerityj
Newark city gives Hayes 1,176 majority, a Bern
ocratiegaln of 2,159.. Ocean county gives Hayes
200 majority; ar Democratic gain oriw. j
This State has gone-Demooratle by probably
15,000 majority. The Republicans elect three oat
of the seven Congressmen, a gain of one. The
State Senate la yet la doubt. The Assembly Is
Democratic by 7 or 8 majority, and will electa
Democratle United States Senator. Congress
elect West, Clement H. Slnnlckr, Rep- Second
district! Dr. Howard Pugb. Rep- Third' district;
Miles Ross, Dem., Fourth district; Alrah A.
Clark, Dem., Hfth district; Augustas W. Cutter,
Dem.. Sixth district; Tliomts B. Peddle, Rep.,
Seventh district; Augustus A. Hardenbergb,
Dem , Rep. Republicans 3, Democrats 4. Re
publican gain Lv
New York, Nor, T. Onondaga county has
probably given Hayes a majority of 3,500. His
cock, Rep., is elected to Congress in the Twenty
firth district.
Beookltx.Not. 7. For Governor, complete,
Robinson 28,1 CO, Morgan 19.987.
The Tammany ticket elects mayor, surrogate
and sheriff and county clerk.
NewYobk, Not. 7. The following Congress
men were elected In this city: Nicholas Mullen,
Dem.; S: S. Cox, Dem ; Abram 8. Hewitt, Dem.;
Anthony Elckhofi, Dem.; Anson O. MeCook,
Rep.; Fernando Wood, Dem.
Rochester, Not. 7; Davy, Rep- for Congress
Is defeated. Graham, Rep, for Assembly from
the Second dlstrlet is undoubtedly elected by
from 50 to 75 majority.
, . OHIO.
Hamilton. tonnty (complete) gives Tilden 696,
majority. . . . ' .
Toledo. Obio, Not. 7 Election ur-thls elty
passed off very quietly, the vota polled being
larger by ICO than that In October. Seventeen
wards and townships in Lucas county gtve Hayes
net gals of 369 ever Barnes last moats.
Philadelphia, Not. 7. Northumberland,
county, estimated, 600 majority forJTllden a Be-,
publican gala of 300. Bedford county, six 'dls.
tricts, show a Democratic gals et 90. Clinton
coanty. Democratle majority, 1,000 Democratic
gain, about iOO, Montgomery county, Democratle
majoelry estimated at 700 a Democratic galoot"
ra. .
"Philadelphia, Nov, 8. Returns from the en
tire city give a Republican malority on the elec
toral ticket ot 15.119, a Republican loss or 1.837.
Wright, the Democratic candidate, for sheriff of
Philadelphia county, has a majority over Rowan
or 6,200. Tbe Philadelphia Timet estimates the.
Republican majority Is the State at 10,000, while
Forney's Press claims a majority of 13,000 and a
gals of four Congressmen,
Pittsbuko, Not. 8-Retams receired np to 2
o'clock' this 'morning from 100 towns In the 17
counties or Westers Pennsyranla, outside ot Al
leghany, give a net Republican majority of L5S4,
being anet Republican-gain on tbe Gubernato
rial vote or 1875 of 631. The Republicans claim
Alleghany county by 800, and nave probably
elected both their Congressmen. Atlantic coanty
gives 107 Republican majority, a Democratle gals
of 117. with lour towns and one city to hear from.
Philadephia, Not. 7. Franklin county, esti
mated Republican majority 3:r, a galnorover2C0.
In Pike oounty.Tllden't .majority will be about
8oO. Indiana county gives a Republican majority
of? 450, a gain of 600.
Westmoreland eoanty.-!,&09 Democratlo major
ity; a Democratic gain or 215. Lycoming coanty,
Democratlo majority; a Republican gala of 53.
Mifflin county, i townships give Tilden JOS major
ity; a Democraticgaln or 3. Greene county; Tll
den's majority. l,70t a-Democratia gain of 17.
Elk county, Tllden's majority. 750: a Democratle
gala onus. Centre eountyr Tllden'i -majority,
1 000; a Republican gals of 1,107. Union coanty,
Hayes' majority, 600- a Democratlo gain of .'
Huntingdon county. Republican majority, 100; i
Rennbliean train of 159. I
New Jersey Sussex county, 9 townships; gives
Tilden 1,293 majority. t
FiTTSBtnto, Nov. 8. Returns received np toia
o'clock this morning from 100 towns in the seven
teen western counties outside of Allegheny glte
a net Republican majority of 3-564, being a net
Rennbliean gain oa the gubernatorial vet ofllii
ir 531. The Republicans claim Allegheny coanty
by 00, snd have elected both their Congressmen.
Northumberland county Is estimated at 500 ma
jority for Tildes: a Republican gain of SOO. Six
districts In Bedford county show a Democratic
gain or SO. Clinton county gives a Democratle
ma'orlty or 1,000; a Democratle gain of 200. In
Montgomery coanty a Democratle majority is
estimated at 7C0, being a Democratle gala of 725.
Charleston, Not. 7, 2:15 A. M. Returns up
to this hour glre Hampton 7,000 majority. This
does not include Charleston connty, which will
probably give Chamberlain 5,0 XI ot tfiW majority.
Election will be very close, with chances in favor
or Hampton for Governor and Hayes for Presi
dent. i
Wnn Rivra Juwcrtosr; 'Nor."5 1 Ninety,
seven towns-gire Hayes 'zT.irt,' Tilden 13,214.
Hayes' majority over Tildent3,33i. '
WirxEZ.jsaxW.VANoT. I, Ohio county gives
aboat & 0 majority for Tilden. 'The State will be
Democratle by aboat the same majority as Is Oo
tober, probablp 15,000 for Tilden. "
Milwaukee, Not. 7. Returns from 171 towns
and wards, outside of Mllwaukea give Hayes
1.031 majority, anefDemocratie gala of 789. The
Democrats have probably carried the State.
Milwaukee. Nov:,?. Returns of-therote for
Congressmen are meagre. ;The fbllowing.are
probably elected t Williams, Rep .Orion. Dene.,
HsjletoB, 'Bep-Lynde, Dem- Brarr, Dem
Bonck, Dem., Humphrey, Rep. The Eighth dls.
trict is In great doubt.
Returns from Milwaukee county complete with
exreptios of one ward gives Tildes 1,87s majority,
a Democratic gals of 818 over the ToteXor Gov
ernor In 1875. two hundred aad eight town and
wards in this Stat give Tildes 886 majority, a
Democratlo gain of 1,29?. The State Is very
close, and the result extremely doubtful.
Chetesbe.'Nov. 8-Beturns from all but a rew
preolncts Indicate tbe election or W. W. Oorlett.
A Democratic Estimate.
Chicago, Not. 7. The latest estimates by the
Democratic leaders show as follows-. The majori
ties are all for Democrats: AlabamaT6O,C0O; Ar
kansas, 50,000; Connecticut, 6,000; Delaware,
5,0C0: Florida, 5,000; Georgia, 180,000; Indiana,
12,000, Kentucky, 75,000; Louisiana, 22,000; Mary
land, 15,000; Mississippi, 30,000; Missouri". 14,000;
New Jersey, e.COO: North Carolina, 17,000; South
Carolina, 7,000; Tennessee, 3MO0; Texas. co,ooo;
Virginia, S0.0M; West Virginia, 1' 0 0; Wiscon
sin, 5,000. i
Savannah' Scourge.
Sataxxab, Not. ".Total Interments six;
yellow fever, one.
English Demand for American Wheat.
There are many Indications In England or the
probability of a large demand there this winter
for American wheat- A writer in tho London
Tfmes says that last year the British wheat crop
was 22 per cent, below an average, while this
year It Is 11 per cent, below. Tbe amount this
year available for consumption, after deducting
the wheat necessary to,be retained for seed, is
stated at about, 72,000,000 bushels, tbe average
yield per acre being 25 bushels this year. The
requirements or the population for the year are
estimated at 184,000,009 bushels. Therefore Hi,
000,001 bushels must be lmjiorted, an amount
about equal to tbe imports or foreign .wheat into
England daring the past year.
in tbe wheat trade tho fact Is demonstrated In
England th at wheatean be Import ed cheaper than
it can be grown. Each year there Is a diminution
In the acreage sown. Thus the increased yield
fier acre this year compared with last year is en
Irely offset by the rednced surface planted in
wheat, which is but 3,114,556 acres. England sow
looks to the United States as her chief source of
supply for, foreign wheat, of which baa Francisco
sends her probably the greatest amount of any
single port.
If we are able to grow breadstons aad provi
sions for England, and supply ber more cheaply
than she can do It at home, it gives us a vantage
ground. held by -no other nation. What we do
ior her we are doing for France, Germany and
other-European countries, and so long as we can
keep out of foreign quarrels, and also keep the
peace at borne, this trade is sure to greatly bene
lit us. --
The Careful Man.
Soon after noon yesterday a stranger entered a
Woodward avenue hardware store and asked If
tbey kept shingle nails there. Ilejng Informed
that they had a doieu kegs on hand, he further
inquired, 'Are they genuine shingle nails or only
imitations?" "They are sblngle-nalls, of course."
"Let mo see them." A handful was placed on
the coaster before him, and he took several nails
to the door, where he conld get a stronger light.
After scanning them thoroughly he tested two or
three between his teeth, tried to bend them be.
tween his fingers, and said: "Well, they seem to
be all right, and I'll take five pounds. Idon't
wast to appear captions, bat I bought some
shlngle-nalls along here somewhere about a
month ago, carried them home, and what do you
suppose they turned out to bet" "Six penays"
answered the clerk. "No, sir; they were shoe
pegs, sir." "That was strange," mned the
clerk. "And another time when 1 ordered shingle
Balls," continued the stranger, "the elerk put up
four store-handles, three nutmeg graters and a
coffee-mill. Caa I build a cow-shed pot efonee-r
mills; CanI shingle a barn with stove-handle; 7-
cas 1 ciap-ooara a smoae nouio wim nuimeg
graterat'' "Curious mistake, that," said the
clerk." "And another time whe&I asked ror
shlngle-nalls they put me op four cora-poppers
and a match-safe. .These things have sunk, deep
into my soul, and TOO mustn't blame me ror seem
ing particular. Now, these are nails, are tbey? "
"Orcenrse." 'iShlngle nails;" ."Yes. sir."
"Just write it on this card and" give me your
name, the name of tbe Drm, the 'number or this
store and the dateor the month. Idon't want to
make trouble, but If I find wbes I get home that
yon have put me up bath.brick and harness
snaps In the place ofsalsgle-aalls. lil'oome back
here and make It warm ror you.'" Detroit Free
Prett. ' '
A Suggestive Scene. ,
Here is a cene tor a painter. When the Demo
cratle procession was marching np Broadway,
last Thursday Bight, past Madison square, where -G
overnor Tildtn was reviewing the parade, John
Merriisey, standing with Tilden as his right-hand
man, picked tbe Governor np la his arms as
though ho had beea a jag baby, and held him
aloft for some minutes, so that "the boys" In the
procession could get a better Tlew of htm. What
a spectacle was that ! A candidate Mr the Pres
idency, a man who aspires to the ehalr ef Wash.
Ington, and Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln,
dandled before a howling mob in the arms of a
prize-fighter, a gambler, who lives Is dally daft-a.
aace of law t what a scene for this Centennial
J ear! What a comment on the party whose can
idate he is. the professed party or "reform r
Tildes, Morrissey. "Reform !" Does sot the saul
or every decent cltlses revolt against such degre
datlon or American polltiesT Cleveland L aier.
In a city in the south of France was once build,
tog aa Important structure, under the direction
of a State engineer. .The building finished, there
only remained to be built the Inclosing walls,
which, to be of a considerable-height, were
itrescthesed by tlalnetot stone,-which,were to
be carefully bonded.; The engineer, making his
dally tour of' inspection, always sa w athrough
stone just being set is place, and thought an was
as it should be. No sooner w at1 his ImcIc turned
than this was replaced by a stone four inches
thick, baekedup with the ruoble-stoae, while the
through stone was laid aside for use th next
day. Thus the same stone did service through
out tbe entire wall, and was ttnally carried back
In triumph to the stone-yard of the enterprising
j. t Immigration- .
Official information received at the Bureau ot
Statistics shew that daring the month or October,
1876, there arrived at the port of New York 6.550
lnuaigrant(,efwhom3,t28were males and 223
female.. Nationalities From -England,-1,847; ,
Scotland, ZlofWales and Isle of Man, 20; Ireland,
910; Germany, 2,016; Austria, 289; Sweeden, 204;;
.norwar, xot aienmarK, 3t xrance, 33s; awiuer
land, 155: Spain, SO; Italy, 223; Holland, 32, Bel
gium, -14; Jtnssis. 186; Poland, i ; Hungary, 20;
Turkey. Onatamala, yenexuela, Persia, Maderla
and Australia, 1 each; Greece, Nora Sco'ia and
Hayti, 5 eaeju 'Japan, 3; Canada, 21; Mexlco.'U;
Chin and Africa. 2 each: Cuba, liBermodaa, 8;
Sicily, 10; Gibraltar, 4; born at sea,. In addi
tion tolh above s,ax passengers arrived daring
tbe mouth of October. Of this number 2,868 were
eitliensor the United States and 331 temporary
Britiihtaa IrUh Exporta to the United SUtet.
- A' statement showing the exporta to the United
States of the. principal articles of British and
Irish prodaoe and manufacture from the United
Kingdom, daring th nine months ended Septem
ber SO, 1876, M compared with the corresponding
period of 1875, ha bees furnished by the chief of
the Bureau of Statistics. There has been a ma
terial falilag- off, as ts shown by the following
leading articles?
Nine months ended
Sept. SO.
1S75. 1878.
Alkali, f Ail
Beer and ale. (X)
746.103 69L299
363,133 91,618
69,131,800 13,57AJ
152,533 125,808
133,402 242,911
115,033 277,341
33,781 29,777
17,623 191
80,113,200 53,786,800
127,643 137,823
C9,633 13,237
13.110 4,126
52,010 13,905
23,191 35,062
53,138 45,113
2,149,300 1-359,893
1,833,600) 875,501
Cotton manufactures, (yards)
Earthen and chlaaware, ().
HabeTdaahery. millinery, In-I
-eluding embroidery and
needlework (jC) ,
Hardware and cutlery, (X) ..
Iron, pig, (tons)
lion; railroad, (tons)
irned, piece goods, (yards)
Machinery, (X) ,
Slfk manufactures, (X) ..,
Silk ribbons, (X) ,
Silk, other articles. (X)
811k and other materials, (X)
opinio, uruisu ana irisn,
Woolen and. worsted manu
factures, (yards)
Woolen, and worsted carpets,
(yardsr,,, j, ... ..............
Tacifie Slope Scandals.
"- tSss Francisco Mail Correspondence.
'v illicit lovx asd icls lawds.
A gay and sedaotlvo speculative resident of tho
coast doe not confine his operations to stocks.
Th tender passion affects him as well as the rest
ef or. A few months ago he gave a certain man,
who had a pretty little blonde wife, . 30.033 for a
league or two or swamp land, valuable only for
tho bountiful supply of bullfrogs, raised for the
Trench restaurants. Wise land-shark said noth.
leg, while several ladles who knew a thing or
two, satd'a great deal. Ihe gallant speculator
wceid frequently go out tohlstuleto hunt suite
I i&d nuatt and thlnsrs. and this "ehanreahla
I -.- o- , o-- -.
blonce". would accompany him as far as hi.
summer ootugo oy tao Deauuius oay uer nua
baad did not object, and doe not yet. He has
sold his land for ten times Its market value, and
Afew month ago tbey west East together, os
th European plan. He returned. ShelslnNew
TorkerChleago,andltls rumored that he will
soon join her there, when they will take In the
"grand tower ef Ynrrup' on the European plan.
In the meantime the husband will remain hore
aad Is happy. , A few years ago he was also
wealthy, andane or the principal schemers In
that big ."diamond swindle." They had procured
fresfEnglaBd about 30,C00 worth of diamonds In
th rough, and "salted" a field. They took their
friends to tbe ground, literally glistening with
gem. With a penknife diamond by the dozen
were dug np. Si one but.a few favored ones knew
where the diamond were, and besides the "In-
dlana'Vwere very bad, aad so one daregoC San
Francisco went wild over the diamond excite-,
ment, and every body wanted stock. They were
accommodated. Soon afterward some ofthem
went crasy over their ruin. One of them was
followed to his Kentucky home and compelled to
disgorge. Suit was brought- against the others,
but having money they triumphed. Retributive
Justiee has overtaken the other, asd he Is as des
titute of fortune as he is of honor, and as a last
resort conveys tbe good will to his wire and tut
lands for tcoo.ooo. This ts what might be called
high lore in high life.. Bat eUseanid-band wive
do sot cost $300,000.
coAcntxo A widow. '
Shortly after the suspesslon of the Bank of
California one of it director died, leaving an in.
ccnsolable widow, fair and nearly forty, bat not
fat. All the world had lost it charms for her,
except the family coachman, a bnrly-batlt fellow,
wltb the head ofa prixe-fighter and the feet or a
at. Aiouia aireciory man, iter anres were ire.
quent and long, ana tbe route selected was gene
rally In the beautiful suburban groves, when By.
ron says love rules as well as In the court or camp.
Soon coming events cast their shadows before,
and she asked John to marry her. Asd he did.
She made a full confession to her sisters and fam
ily relatives. They all gave her the "cut direct."
Her brother In-law was also formerly a director
of the Bank of California, and is worth thrae or
four million dollars. Her two sisters have ele
vated their noses to an acute angle and gon en" In
high dudgeon to live in Parts where such things
do not occur.
The Moral Effects of Horry.
To tbe thoughtful, the moral consequences ot
tension and hurry are very saddening, to tbe
physician their results are a matter of profound
concern, their grave evils come under his da'ly
observation. No evolution of force can take place
with nndife rapidity without damage to the ma
chine in which the transformation is effected.
Express railway stock has a much shorter term
of use than that reserved for slower traffic. The
law Is universal that Intensity and duration of ac
tion are Inversely proportioned. It is therefore
no matter ot surprise to find that the human ner
vous system is no exception to the rule. Tho
higher salubrity ot rural over urban life is not
entirely a matter of fresh air and e terclse. Rural
life Involves leisure and pause Is work, which are
very essential to the maintenance of the nervous
system In a state of due nutrition. Unremitting
snasmsoon ceases altogether. The tension of
life produces weakness at the very place where
sirengmismosi neeaeu. me aamag aonc to
the health or the most valuable part of tbe com
munlty, tho best trained thinkers, most nsefal
workers, is incalculable. 'Work and worry,
though not proportional, are closely connected,
and an exeess or the former soon entails an in
crease in the latter beyond tbe limits which the
nervous system can bear with Impunity, especially
under the conditions under which wsrk has to be
dene. The machinery and organizing tho work
ot a community had to be rigid aad inflexible,
and Is the strain Involved la bringing a changing
orgamlsm Into harmony with a maehiue, the
former must inevitably suffer. London Lancet.
The Proposed Conversion of the Sahara Daiert.
Into a Sea.
The proposed piercing of the Isthmus of Sue
and the scheme of reconverting the Sahara Into a
sea has Induced Br. Reclam, the well-known ad
rocate ot cremation, to write a warning article in .
-bis periodical, called Getundhelt, ("Health.") I
TIa Kitnta tn wamnvlVerMa Yi4fir In trlft Allmifi
A lVtltM 8W 4WUUltlil"l fcAM B V HKHSHkV
or the Torres Straits, between Australia and
New Guinea, which in 1603 were only beset by
twenty six coral Islands, bow augmented to one
.hundred and sixty. Tbe gradual deviation ofa
warm current of sea water, owing to this succes
sive stopping up of the Torres passage, has al
ready wrought a great alteration of the climate
la thote-quarters. . -j
- Dr. Reclam -apprehends .a slmllar.danger for
tbe European, and specially the German, climate
from the deviation of the Gulf Stream after the
plercingof thelsthmusof&uea. He says Europe
owes its moderate cllmat partly to the warm
water heating by the Gnlf Stream, partly to the
hot air heating oy the wind from theAfr!caa
desert. The hot wind, known In Switzerland as
the Fobs, Is a snow-devoursr and glacier-destroy.
er. Without it, the sun and the summer would
not suffice to stop the progress of glacier forma
tion. Tbe ice-period ol Europe explains Itself by as.
sumingthatthe Sahara was then covered with
sea water. That Ice-period weald return if the
Desert were reconverted Into a lake. Dr. Reclam,
who it a friend or Fire, has decidedly an objec
tion lothe extension of the domain or Water.
London Examiner.
Straight to Its Destination.
They received a letter at the post office front
Boscobel.WIs., last week, addressed:
: To My Darter Jane,
; Chicago, Illinois, U. S. :
: With baste. 'Immediate, p. m. please delir-i:
; er. Private. With care. :
They didn't very welt know what to do with it,
but the delivery clerk said: -Lemme have it;
I'll find her." Yesterday a young woman In a
J ellow calico dress with a big, pannier, her hair
one np in archaic fashion, called at the window,
and taking her parasol oat or her mouth, said :
!Any letter here forme from Paw:" "Tesmy
ehlld," replied the clerk, "here Is one from the
anther ofyour being." It was for her. or course.
The Alligator Business.
Between 17,000 and 20,000 alligator skins are
tanned jearly. which are consumed by boot and
sho maaalacturtrr In every portion or the
United States, afwell as exported to London aad
Hamburg. Th alligators formerly came almost
entirely from Louisiana, and New Orleans was
the great centre of business. The Florida swamps
and morasses ar bow the harvest fields, and
Jacksonville, In that State.the great depot. The
alligators often attain a length of eighteen to
twenty felt, and frequently Uvo to a Terr old
age. The hide are stripped off, and the belly
and aider, th only portions fit for n, are packed
In barrels. In strong brine, and shipped to the
Northern tanner; who keep them nnder treat
ment rorjrom six or eight months, when they
ar ready to be eat up. Sofarth leather ha
been mainly used inthe manufacture or boot
and shoes, but handsome slipper are alsomido
of It.
the rail -op jcly imp.
The trial er Nlmrod Norris. Frederick Herri
and Mary Ward, charged with Ane murder of
Richard Lewis on the 1th of July last, was
resumed In theCrImlnal Court yesterday mim
ing, Jadce MaeArthur presiding. In addition
totheeoonsel engaged In the eas on the first
day Mr. Newman appeared for Frederick Harris. -Nine
urorswere selected Monday, and the list
we completed yesterday by the selection from
the talesmen of Timothy W. Murphy, George D.
Johnson and Wm. Bryan.
The case Was opened to tho JorybyIltH.H.
Wellf.jr. "-
thz tiatjjiobt.
Mr. J. F. Hartlgan wa first called and testi
fied that the wound oh the body of La vis, which
was made from above and necessarily fatal, wa
inflicted with a two-edged knife.
George Roane, the next witness, testified that
os the morning or July 1 he saw N orris and
others passing downThlrteen-and-a-half etreet.
when Harris was struck (as he thoaght) aeddeat
ally by one of the party with apiece of broom
stick, and his nose bled. Harris and hi friend
went to a pump; while at the pump Norris com
up and made some remark about the striking, anil
Lewis told him that It was none of his bustaets;
Norris called Lewis a ofa , and the
woman Ward went In her house asd brought eas
a dirk, which she gave to Harris, who handed it to
Norris, who pushed Lewis down oa hi knee and
struckhlm with theknlfetn the neok. Lewis arose,
pulled tbe knife from his neck, took hold of Nor
ris, still holding the knife in one hand, and Blue
came across the street and took the knife from.
Lewis, who fell across the pavement.
Upon cross-examination it came oat that the
witness was suffering- punishment for stealing,
or, a ha saldhtmseli, "I dont live anywhere)
now;- I'm is prison six months for stealing tney
charge me with; dont know how many timet I've
beentnjalL" - -
Kate King testified to seeing tho occurrence.
Richard and Nlmrod had a dispute, and Weeden
came out. or his house and took the stick from
Lewis hands', when Lewis said that he was Bob
going to hit Norris; Weeden went Into the house
again, and Mary Ward came out of th alley and
handed th knife to Harris, who gave It to Norris,
who struck Lewis In the neck. Witness Identi
fied both tbe stick and the dirk, which were ex
hibited In court.
On cross-examination witness admitted that
she had been In Jail tor stealing. Did not keep a
bawdy house, bnt kept a boarding-house until
her boarder owed her so ranch" that she had to
give it up. Wbes Mary Ward came oat ef th
alley she sodded to Hants, who went around to
her and got th knife. Harrf then went to
Norris. Witness Identified the knife, havtsg
seen it before, when a young man named Boa
Lewis gave it to her to keep for him.
Henry Johnson testified that Norris west to
Harris asd got the knife and (tabbed Lewi, who
clinched him, threw him down, and taking the
knife from hi own Beck, tried to use it on Norris.
Witness and Blue tried to part them. Bid not
see Mary Ward there.
On crosr-examlnatlon witness said that he Berer
had had any difficulty with Harris. He was ma J a
to show hi handrfrom which finger was miss
ing, and he explained that Harris had bit vtT tha
finger at a ball, where Harris had wanted, to
right and witness had got him down. They wers
arrested. Witness paid both fines and took a
drink with Harris, and it was all over. Had bo
animosity against him afterwards.
A recess for half an hoar was then taken.
Sarah Popper, a little white girl, testified to
seeing Norris stab Lewis. Mary Word was In
the alley. 'Witness saw her gtve the knife to
Fred Harris. Witness identlfiedtbe knife, and
described how Mary handed the knife to Fred,
Fred to Nlmrod, asd Cow Nlmrod stabbed Rich
ard. On cross-examination the witness said that
when she first saw Lewis asd Norris Lewis had
a stick, which she thought was a broomrtlcky
and the two seemed to be quarreling. Witness
saw Lewis strike Norris. After that Norris gos
Lewis down. They had been drinking, bat wero
not drank. Lewts was staggering, bat the others
were not- The quarrel attracted a crowd about
the place. Harris went to Norris to give him tbo
knlle. When the knire was passed by Mary
Ward to Harris they had been fighting. Lewi
struck Norris with the stick before the knife was
given to Norris.
In rebuttal she testified that the men wero
quarreling; they came down from the corner of
1) street Lewis went Into a houo and go: the
stick with which be struck Morris.
Richard Weeden was next called. Knew Nlm
rod Norris and Richard Lewis. On the 1th of
July Lewis and Nlmrod were quarreling beforo
his door. Witness went out and told them not to
have any fuss there, and took a stick away from
Ltwls and threw It behind his door. The parties
then west away, and witness did not come out of
the house until he heard the cry or murder. Tbe
stick stayed behind witness' door until the ser
geant came and got it. When witness went oat
agalnhe saw Lewis lying on the pavement. Mary
Ward lived seat door to wltne's': did not know of
any relation existing between Norris and Mary
Mr. Wells asked If Mary had ever made any
statement to witness In reference to Norris.
The defence objected to this, but the question
was admitted in order to give a clew to Mary'
participation In the alleged crime.
Witness then said that he never had bad any
talk with Mary Ward at all. Wltne's dM sot
know whether the combatants were drunk or
sober when he saw them.
Samuel Blue was tbe next wltnes. He heard
peoplea:rTing murder when sitting; in buboo-o
on Thlrteen-and-a-hair street. When he came
out and ran np the street he saw Noma and
Lewis clinched. Dick Lewis had a knlfo is his
hand. Vi itness took hold of Lewis and told him
to give him the knife. Lewi lookod around at
witness and saw who it was and gave up the
knife. When Lewis let dows h's arm the blood
' began to spurt, and he grew faint and staggered.
Nlmrod Norris then let go of him and started off
to run. Witness dropped the knife asd started
after Norris. Lewis fell on the pavement and
stayed there until he was put Into the wagon.
Witness identified the knife.
Cross-examination: Lewis had the knife in hi
hand, asd was trying to cut Norris, when witness
took it from his hand. Lewis was a man as large
as witness, weighing about 160 pounds. (Noma,
tbe accused, is very small, being not much ever
Ave feet in height.) Witness saw Henry John
son running alter Norris, and after Norris was
caught, bat did not hear htm say anything.
Alonxo Perry testified to seeing Norris came
fast him bloody. He was sot running, butwalk
ngfast. When witness reached the spot where
the crowd was Lewis was falling. Witness turned
sround and started after Norris and caught him.
Norris was running when witness caught Mm.
On crcss-examlnatlon, witness stated that he
was determined to catch Norris; had had. words
with him about four years ago. Witness bad
been accused of stealing once, bat acquitted; was
sent to jail once forthlrty days for gambling.
Mrs. Richard Weeden knew Mary, and had
had a conversation with her aboat Norris three
or four days before the murder In Mary Ward's
bouse; Slary said that Nlmrod Norris was her
Wend. Nothing was said abeat their living to
gether. Sergeant Densmoro testified to hearing the
err or murder when standing os Thirteenth
street. When witness got MThirtecn-and a-nalf
and O streets he saw Norris runcmg and Lewis
lying oa the sidewalk. When witness reached D .
street, in pursuit of Norris, some one had caught
him and brought him back. When wltnes got
back to where Lewis was lying, the latter was
dead. Somebody is the crowd handed witness
the knife; conld not say whether Harris banded
htm-the knife. B arris came to tho station-house
voluntarily, and was put under arrest by witness.
The defense wished to urge In evidence the
statement made by Harris when he eame to the
station-house, bat the court did not admit It, and
an exception was noted. .. . .
Amanda Sherman was next called. Theprose
ention asked witness whether Norris had ever
asked her to do anything for Mary Ward.
Objection was made to this, asd the prosecution
urged thafthey wished to show tho re la' tons
between Norris and Mary Ward, and that Norris
had asked the witness to enrage apartments far
Mary. By this evidence they desired te shew
Mary's motive Is participating Is the strife.
The I
This closed the evidence for the Government.
Kate King was recalled by Mr. Mitchell, ef the
defense, and testified tor her position at the time
of the cutting. .
Mr. A. K. Browne, counsel for Nlmrod Norris,
then briefly opened the casein behalf or his
client, stating that Norris had always bona an
Irreproachable character up to the time of tha
killing; that he was a victim of bad company, and
that hi father had been of unsound mlaJ, and
the prisoner, when Inflamed with drink, was no
better than Insane, although they did not wish to
put in the plea of Insanity. ,
The eotmel for both aides consented that tha
jury should have their liberty over night. -
Judge MaeArthnrenjoloed them, as usual, to
abstain from conversation upon the subject or too
trial, and cautioned them not fo read newspaper
accounts or comments upon the trial. Al
though," he said, "yoa may read the rettrnn Ira
tbe morning, you will please abstain from read
lag about the trial."
The court was then adjourned until this morn
ing, when Messrs. Mitchell and. Newman will
open for their respective clients, cd the. tcrU
taosy for the defense taken.
At the International potato exhibition Is Cor
don twq thousand dIshtof"tatIt,"wtreplacd
en the tables."
Ex.Etcvrea Ecgtnle 'is going ta Rome to as
the Fore to restore the Tmptr!!2 a
France. y
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