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NO. Si.
the man TiummAL renders its
Ylorlda, the Stronghold of the Democracy,
Yields to the Tonoh of Juetlce and Right
I The-Latt nn of th Dying Copperheads
centeittraveeii on cronm Animated u.
bate of the Arbitrator! In Secret Beeelon.
Tnx Electoral Commliitoa'met at 10 o'clock
yesterday, and at once resolved to close the
doors for consultation. Except at a matter
of form the motion was unnecessary, aa the
doors had not been opened, and there wu no
one present bnt the member! and officers of
the commission. It It well understood that
the debate wu very exciting durte; the first
psrf f the sitting. At a quarter of two a re
ceeawaa taken for half an hoar, and aithe
members came out they refused to give any
Information beyond the statement that no
conclusion bad been reached. Shortly after
the sitting was resumed It began to be rumor
ed that a conclusion haa been reached, ana
that It was
As time passed and no decision was announced,
xA there were no etcus of an adjournment
the correctness of the report began to be ques
tioned, but rumor explatoed that there was
some discussion aa to the wording of the dc
elston, but that there would be an announce
ipent of the result soon A crowd, mostly
members of the press, waited and watched
eagerly for the final announcement, but at six
o'clock another recess of an hour was an
nounced. During; reoces It was pretty well
ascertained that In the main rumor had been
right. The Commission did not again assem
ble tni nearly half. put eercn, Mr. Iluntoa be
ing the last to return. At eight o'clock the
Commission, after baring
so far as related to the result, adjourned to
meet at 3 o'clock to-morrow fixing that hour
so as to be In readlneos should the joint con
lent Ion of the two Houses hare by that time
referred any fresh parers to them to take
them up, and arrange forproceedtngatberton.
- It then appeared that the session, up to 3
r o'clock, had been spent In debate, at which
time Mr. Edmonds submitted a proposition,
in subitanoe declaring the four Hayes elestors
duly elected, and their votes the proper ones,
under the Constitution, to be counted, and
giving In detail the reasons on which this coo
elusion was reached. Some objection was
made to the form of the resolution, and con
aider able debate ensued, which was finally
cut off by a
at 0 o'clock.
Mr. 11UNT0N offered a substitute declaring
,ihe Tllden electors the legally and constitu
tionally appointed electors of the State,
but this was voted down by the following
vote: Teas, Messrs. Abbott, Bayard, Clifford,
Held, Hud ton, Payne and Thurman, 7. NaTs,
Messrs. Bradley, Edmunds, Frcllnghuyeen,
Garfield, Hoar, Miller, Morton and Strong, 3.
The objection to Mr. Edmunds' motion being,
mainly that It embodied the reasons, which It
was thought should only be given In the writ
ten decision sent to the presiding officer of the
Joint Convention. Mr. Oabfield suggested a
'-. simple resolution declaring the Hays electors
the legally appointed electoral
Mr. EDMUNDS thereupon withdrew his
proposition, and Mr. Garfield offered the
the decision.
Jtttotrri, That the four persons, to-wlt, Fred
erick O. Humphreys, Charles M.I'earce, William
,11. llolden and Thomas W. Lang wars duly ap
pointed electors oi President and Vloe-President
lor the State of Florida, and that the votes cut
ty the aforesaid four members are the votes pro
Tided for by the Constitution of the United States.
The resolution was adopted by the same
vote by which Mr. Huxstox's was rejected,
YEAS Judges Bradlet, Miller and
STROfca, Senators Kduunds, FuxusonuT
en and Morton, and Ileprcsentatlree Gab
vjilp and Hoar 8.
NAYS Judges CurrORD and Field, Sen.
ators Bayard and Tiiuruan, and Represen
tatives Addott.Hunton tndVATNE.
Mr. GARFIELD offered a resolution which
wss adopted, that Messrs. Edmunds, Miller
and Bradlet be appointed a Committee to
J raw up the decision
of the two nouses, which was adopted, and
the Commission took aaotber recess, above
referred to, for an hour to allow the Commit
tee to prepare their report.
After reassembling tne decision was agreed
to by the eight actio? In the majority, and di
rected to be sent to Vice President Ferrt as
the presiding officer of the Joint Convention,
sud notices were prepared to be sent to the
two Houses, respectfully notifying them that
the Commission had come to a decision,
which notice will be sent t3 them on their
reassembling at ten a. m. to-dsy,
Throusrhout the day the Interest In the action
of the Commission by those
"was very intense, and every man was asking
every other man for the latest news from that
source, and partlzan hope or fears rose and
fell with the changing rumors. The- faces of
the members of the tribunal occasionally made
t their appearance, and at the first recess, an
111 omen as drawn from the tired and excited
appearance of Mr. Garfield, bdt which was
subsequently explained by a report of a fierce
encounter In debate that be had passed
through with some of the Democratic mem
bers. When the final result was announced,
however, the crowd bad dwindled down to
perhaps a dozen who had been prepared by
3tbe repeated rumors for the announcement,
f'fcut who, nevertheless, felt relieved when the
Vreanlt was officially and unreservedly ar
il uounced by the members of the Commission.
. T I- rnt.,l th.t Id. KAiitidna nf th vnt.
will progress to-day as far as Louisiana, and
that State will be sent to the Commission, re
opening the field of labor for the lawyers and
Commission. It Is, however, conceded that
Jn losing Florida the Democrats have lost
their best case, aud thatlt will be like fighting
against fate through the rest of the struggle.
Many Democrats last ntjtht conceded the
election of Hayes aa practically decided, and
expressed their willingness to abide by the
decision. There are others who are furious at
the result, and go so far as to denounce Judge
Davis for placing himself In a position to
maVe his selection as the fifth Judge Im-
racttcable,clalmlng that had ho been selected
e would have gone with the Democrats on
all matters of dispute. There were hints Hit
nlebt from this time out the Democrats In the
llouie would attempt to present a speedy
completion of the count by throwing every
possible obstacle In the way As the result
of sued a course would be In the end disas
trous to the party and show a want of filth
In carrying out the decisions of a trlbunsl
created mainly by Democratic votes, It Is not
probable that any such expedients will bo
sTaorted to.
jro units for the Ueclelou of the Tribunal.
"The follow Ins! are the irrounds uoon which
tbn arbitrators based their decision t
First. That the Tribunal had no authority to
entertain ei Hence outiUe of the eertlflcate of
the OoToroor as matuled upon the determination
tfthe DoardoiUanratsers of the State.
fiicowD, That the action ef a State tyts
1.mlatare or Court, taken after tha aleeton Dal
ert their vtei,conit be comldered as do e -
mining who was appointed olecton.
Tman. The evidence presented d
Tnian, The evidence presented does not show
that Humphrey was a. united Ntatei Shipping
commie (loner on thi seventh of Njt ember,
How the HMit Louisiana Committee are
Acquainted "With the Character and lUpa
t lit Ion of their lllggeet Wltneaftes Mad
dox Not to be Believed Cndcr Oath.
The Committee on the rower, Privileges
and Duties of the nouee, Jn counting the
electoral vote thlsmorlng, exsmtnedK. M.
Daggett, an elector from Nevada, euppoeed
to be Ineligible on account of having held the
effleo of Clerk to the District and Circuit
Courts of the State.
lletletrd that he held ttie office prior tft the elec
tion, but r-ted to perform Ihe dulltanf tbeeamo
on Uny, euithe resigned by telegram to Judge
lawyer, tb Circuit Judge, who wuii tiao Frn
rttco. end sent ano(hr telegram to Jndgelllllyer,
the Ulstrl t Judge, at Cir.iOltri he rrtelvvd
lelfgnpliio reply fiom Juitir Sawyer, on the lima
dT. arreptleir, I lie ref I nation. He flll a written
T'lnallon at Canon, nulilofra It on theeth of
lSuvtmbrrt ntas uTtr rccclTetl an nntwer from
The Com mil tee continued the Investigation
of the Louisiana election Imbroglio, this
morning, and called to the stand
of New Orleans, Administrator of Commerce
for that city, who stated that he was one of
toe counsel for the Democratic party before
the Returning Board ; knows Key, who was
counsel for the Republicans and attended as
noUted that Brcwttcr. one if thf Rrpubltran
LUCtoia, laiirTtrtintralf the United ttialet
Land Ofnre for Loul.Unai and that A U. Levla
a. anothtr ononfthe alrciora, U Unltc4 HUtti
( onus 11 oner. Ler !.- acted aa Uommlolatif r aa
latoaa Wot ember Mint knowa firewater W bare
ectril aa late an Nnvcnber 1( th.
XyAIr, llnrrhardt Una heard that Voth nrw
ter and Letliaee hao rctlgneil tlivlr roipecthe
lly llr. rieldi Very few ffUa?ln before the
Jlvuritwire alfrnrd wiunut croia-marki; but two
outof twenty had erllnal ilgnaluieai there waa
hutonerMrUn In the State In which the itrofit
anil aflattkvlt. atcnmnatilil tlin iwlnrni In n iir.l.
lilaw. and that w1n the pariah of Uon
Ibe llemocrata applied t tha Hoard to
icanrronibe Board, on hoveinbcr lath.
and tne neat oay tne uoara uvciueu. ana uorernor
MelU anoonnccd. that they would nut accede to
the rcquttt
After tome further questioning ss to the
receipt of certain returns, etc , the committee
took a recess. After the recess
of Baltimore wss examined by Mr. Lawreneo
with reference to the character ol J. II. Mad
dox. and stated that the letter's renutatlon as
to truth and veracity among the citizens of
uaiumore is not goou, ana witness
M addox'e rrpntatlon for honesty la not rrry rol
tlihtr. Air. Lnwrcnceoflercd U prove that Uad
dox oQetrd to ruroltb aCobfederata rjrtmmt with
cloihlDK from the Worth t that he aollcited contrl-
uauvui oi ngoTj nu leuaccu. iMKiirTcriDrDiaatfa
cuiiuk i nil iu. mat mwv'ii n
Conreirate (Jot ere men t with aunplka,
the eiotlilDf t ami alo, that Maodox nirnUhed the
viiiinnrai. uuTrruinrui wikn uiiiiiii.p.
y. What do ynu know about iladdox'scOQntc
Hon with tha Cunfedi rata ser1reP
The wtinetl atatcd that he had no peraottal knowl
edge of the facta ntiovo ennnclatd. and that the
only ptraoue who could Klveproiwr teatltunny upon
thcat! polnta were tiencral Bradley T. Jobnwn and
hie Adjutant Utueral, llooih. The frtneral rumor
waatbat M add ox did not lurolibtha elothlnjt be
had a freed to tnmtih. VTItaeaa aaw ltladdox In
NewUrieant In lait MOTnobcr, attho 8t. ' harlca
hotel. Maddox told wltoeia that he waa In New
Orlrane oatemlbly aa trTcne airent. but that In
reality be waa a confidential acent of the l'realdent
of tb United Matt that ho had a report nearly
written which he would abow wltncaa next dayi
that bo waa acqualatLd with tha people In Mew
Or lea hi, wboauppottS hlmtobealJauioirati thai
he had rrcelTcd very valuable Information, which
would v of Rrcat aerrlcc to the renimtttnt of which
wltncaa waa a member and rrqueated an Introduc
tion to llr. ttarileld or Henator Uhcrmant wltneae
luentloned the matter toMenatorBtaermau, whoaald
that Maddox waa probably not Iruatworthyt wlt
ncaa wtnt to hew Ualrana, at the requiit of the
l'rraldent orthe United biatea, to wltoeaa the count
of ihr voti by the Keturnlnx Hoard.
By Air. Field t Ilea not circulated Injur Ion re
porie about Alaodoxt haa atatbd facta, and can't
help If tlieao facta are lnjurloae to Uaddoxi haa
wrltleu an ariU tela tho JiaUim'trt Jmerteamor a
coluintilu lepgth. coaccrolDjc Macdox; baa becu
butTOfedforllajeaaud A heeler at tho lait elec
tion: whiiria waa lu tne Coufcdcrato army.
Thewltneaa related hie artlcm" at the time the
ftderal tivona iiasicd lhrvu(li baltluiore. on Aprlt
lly llr Hii&rktt While uttncta wai In Xiw
Orleana be attended a quadroon bait aud
danced there; be told bl wtro about It and
a number of otfatr laulca and ccntleinen t
jlon. Lyman Trumbull waa there alao, and
daiivvdwlihlhe Rlrlit Mr. Sherman aod Mr. Uar
Stld were notthere. but a number of gvntciuen of
both vliltlDft cotmnlttcea were.
Oultr an excited aliereation of the company a rote
at tPla jKjtnt bctitcen the tnembcraof thecommlllee
and ibiiwltuefr. Mr, bparka batlnf ald that bo
believed J ii1 ye Trumbull would dealgnaifl the wit.
natatory uaturr.aod Captain DlVty reply lux with
ome alum of auxer that If the Chairman meant W
Intlnuato that hla (wlineaa') atatoment wit untrue.
le (the Chairmen ) auiiuied ionietblng which he hail
norlthttoaumi'. Uciitaten that ail partlea writ
to tha ball aa a matter of ctirloaltr aud mantlwnatl
aa our of tho IXaturea of thu ball, a woman with
pink eyei.
Ibe latter part of the witness' testimony
caused considerable hturlty.
The next wltoiaa waa
11)11 K M. SHOIMAXXlt,
relilrntuiat)MxerortliAUa)ui Exprt-aa Company lu
kaltlmorc, wboaUoatttd that beknewa Ataddox
hyklrbtaml reputatlut that the lattcr'enputatlon
for truth and viraclty la bjd, and that wltoeia
would not bcllero blut nnder oath Tha wltneaa
atateil tbat the transact lonaof Maddox. upon which
tbla opinion waa bj.td. occur rid about acren rear
Enoch Fratt and J. S. Morris, bank presi
dents, and Thos. K.ltlcb, "financier," from.
Baltimore, also gavo testimony relative to
Maddox's character, which, though not as
poslthe eathat lvcn by the flrattwo wlu
cesses, had a like tendency.
of riorlda. waa called to the itand. and replied td
qveatloue by Judjre Lawrence mat be never re
ctUedorbentany telexramaayliift that we (mean
Ids tho UtpuirllcanDmutt havaL.oullaaa, Florida,
Boutb Carollaa by fair mean vr fault never re
ceived a telet am iroui anj body ouUlde of the State
rrq netting t hem to aeud carrier for the returns
hicltmuat be made to ahow a majority for llayci.
Without concluding theeiamloatlon of Gov.
Stearns, the committee at fi:ip.m.t adjourned
until to morrow morning at 11 o'clock.
lie Is roniid Lylns; Senaaleee on tha Floor,
ttml the Slotfey Uone,
(By Ttltsrapli to the Nation il Bepubllcau.
iNDUNAroLis, Feb. f. At Franklin, Iudl
ana, this morn In jr, It. T. Taylor, the dsfaultlag
eashler of the First National Dank or that place,
was found In the baelc room of Dr. Pain's ofBee
In an unooaselous and apparently dying condi
tion. He hss been removed to his own rstulenoe.
Ihe doctors declarsd that he Is Insane. Ills con
ditlon Is at least very critical, as be Is subject to
to heart disease, lie has no money with him, bat
sayi lils travelling bag, which wns suppoied to
euntaln uioney taken from the bank, was left
laacabooat ear. It Is thought that he arrived
daring last night In a freight tr la. llaaayshe
has been a bunt ilz yeare. At one o'clock this
afternoon Taylor again became unooniclous.
The belief In ranklin is that the loss to the
bank will reach $176,000. 1 he general ledger and
other books ol Importance are still missing.
The Atlantlo l'aaine Couipntty Ilea trnl noil
Is rum Krectlnfi m Lino Along the O, ft 31.
" By Tclvxrsph to the National llcpubltcsn,
Indianatolis, Feb. 0. Judfo Drum
mood, In bis dec) i Ion In the United States Court
yesterday, continuing the Injunction heretofore
granted In the matter of the Western Union
Telegraph Company va. Atlantte X Paelflo
Telegraph Company, restraining the latter com.
psay lioni erecting a line or telegraph along the
Ohio & Mississippi railway, alao said If the At
lantlofc Paelflo Company could make a ease of
necsKliy be would heir an application for leave
to proceed In the tSlate Court alter notice to the
Wcitern Uoion Company, but In tha earlier part
ofhls opinion lie strongly Intimated that there
could hardly be such a necessity.
Army Medical Officers,
liy the direction of (he Secretary of War
tho following alignments and change ol station,
and dutyof oRlcers or the medical department are
made: Surgeon J i Jtandolph ordered to re
port to the commanding general, division of tho
Atlantic, for Assignment to duty. Assistant Sur
geon W. K. Waters, ordered to temporary duty
at Fort Colurabtif, N. y, Anlitaut Burgeons
are entered s follows! W II. Uardaer and
W F. Jtuehioau, department ef the aoutlit
EdwlQ'LIentley, deparroent ol the gulf) H. H,
Mckery, to the division or the AtlaoUe; Major
Edwin (). Mason, 3lst Infantry li ordered tore,
port ty letter to the commanding genera), de
partment of the Columbia, for anlgninent to duty
as acting assistant inspestor general.
Dudley FteM'a Committee Print the LoutaU
im Teatlmony nt avl'rlvat Eatabllsh
ment, and They Aak an Appropriation to
Defray tha Kxpenae Thereof An Inter
esting Trick that Well Meed Some Watch
ing. The credentials of Hon. M. W. Ransom as
Senator from North Carolina were presented
and filed.
Among tho business of a miscellaneous
chsracter trsnsacted In the morning hour was
a bill reported forlthe support of the govern
ment of the District of Columbia for the next
fiscal year, which was placed on the calendar,
and a bill to amend the Columbia Railway
Company took tho same direction,
Mr. BrENCzn Introduced a bill for the relief
of the churches of tho District of Columbia
and to clear their titles, which was referred to
the District Committee.
The Pacific railroad bill, which has been
pending for several days, waa then taken up
and waa discussed until the hour for recess,
but no conclusion was reached. Very little
Interest was shown In the Senate proceedings
by either Senators or spectators, everyboly
being too much absorbed In discussing the
probable action of the electoral comm lesion.
House of iTepreaentatlve.
It la the prlvlle ee as well as the duty of a
member of tho House of Representatives, to
Insist upon tho recognition of all the rights to
which he may be entitled under the rules.
He would not do his duty to himself If he did
not so Insist. But there Is such a thing as a
member misconceiving blsrlpbts, and when ha
Is overruled he should submit gracefully, and
not out of spite pursue such a course as to
delay legislation, when he la fully aware that
nothing can possibly be accomplished, except
waste of time. If members knew how very
small they look when their actions are Influ
enced by pure atnbbornneBs,or rather "cussed
new," they would refrain.
Mr. Cannon, of Illinois, yester
day Illustrated this splto work moet
thoroughly. Pending the consideration
of the deficiency appropriation bill,
on f nursuay ne maae several motions, wnicu
were ruled out of order. He took exception
to the ruling, and made persistent but unsuc
cessful efforts to be beard on the subject. He
nursed his wrath throughout the night, and
when the bill came up as unfinished business
yesterday morning, he demanded the read lug
of the engrossed bill, which occupied over
half an hour of valuable time. Mr. Caxnox
knew he could accomplish nothing by this;
he did not expect to accomplish anything by
It: herleted all appeals to withdraw the
demand ao that public business could go on,
but sat doggedly In his seat and luslsted upon
the reading, out of pure "cusselness." Djes
Mr. Caskon realize the fact that bis action
hsd not one element of atateamanahlp lull,
but that It waa only childish spite I He was
the only man who finally voted against the
Oa motion of Mr. Waldron the Ilouse
agreed to the conference asked by the Senate
In the bill to provide for a deficiency in the
Government printing, and "Messrs, Wal.
dbox, Vance, of Ohio, and Roberts,
were appointed. The bill appropriates $350,
000, and both nouses agree to It, for with
out the'approprtatlon It was known tbat the
work at the Government office could not go
on. The point at Issue between the two
Houses was the amendment made by tho
Houie to fix the rates of compensation at the
average rstes paid In the cities of New York,
Philadelphia and Hall I more. Shortly after
this action hsd been taken, Mr. Blackbuhn,
of Kentucky, offered a resolution to print
the testimony taken by the special committee
on tho Louisiana election, at private estab
lishments, assigning as a reason, that the
public printer could not do the work. The
proposition was ruled out on objections, and
Mr. Blackburn was reminded ery forcibly
tbat tbla difficulty aa to the printing was all
the result of the niggardly policy (mistakenly
called economy) of the Democratic majority,
of which Mr. Blackburn la a bright andshln
lng Ught. Mr. Blackburn did not get the
order.to print. If Republican Members are at
all curious about the matter, and will Inquire,
they will find that the evidence has been al
ready printed at private establishments in this
city, snd that his resolution was only offered
to ensble the money to be paid out of the con.
tlsgent fund. That la a way these honest
Democrats have of doing things they get
the work done first, and then by a resolution
of this sort provide for the payment of the
debt Illegally contracted. It would do no
harm for some Republican Member to
enquire Into the "true Inwardneea" of the
thing. Later In the day the Conference Com
mlttee on the deficiency printing bill
reported that they were unable to
agree. The House committee sticks
to Us amendment with regard to the
wages question, which ought to come In as an
Independent proposition, and upon Its own
merits. In the meantime Mr Clapp la per
fectly right In not anticipating an appropria
tion. Mr. Vance was very ready to say yes
tsrdsy that the Public Printer should do so
In view of the proposed action of Congress,
but If he did, Vance and his Democratic col
leagues would be the first to accuse him
sgaln ol violating the law. "Anticipating
appropriations" was one of the very things
moat vigorously urged against Clapp In the
report of last session.
The House went Into Committee of the
Whole on the private calendar under a ruling
of Randall's tbat while yesterday waa still
the legislative day of Thursday, February lat,
It waa competent for a majority of the House
to take up private bualoesa.
A bill In relation to private claims lu New
Mexico waa considered for two hours, but waa
not finally disposed of when the committee
A message was received from the President
in relation to a building for the safe keeplog
of Centennial donations from foreign govern
ments, and the reading of the memorial ac
compaaylog It was demanded for the purpose
of consuming time, as It waa reported that a
dtclelou of the electoral sm mission would
scon be maae, and tbat there would perhaps
boa Joint session of the House before the day
closed. Bat this report proved to be unfounl
ed, and after the reading had progressed some
time consent wss given that tho rest of the
paper should be printed, and the whole sub
ject wss referred to the Committee on Public
Buildings and Grounds. The House then took
the usual recess until ten o'clock .this inorc
No Longer Safe Vor It To Continue !nl
iieaa Receiver Appointed
Hy Tclesrsph to the National Ue pub lean,
St. Lous, Feb. t. Celsees Price, the
State superintends it of Insurance, has appointed
a board of special eiamlners, under the law, to
appraise the assets and especially the real estate
or the Colombia Life Insurance Company or this
city. It Is also the purpose of tLe insurance de
partment to apply to the court for the appoint,
ment of a receiver for the company, on the
ground tbat tho depreciation of Its aisets,eipe
dally Its real eslate, has been so great that It is
go longer safe for the company to continue batl
ness. The Indictment of John T. Douglass, the
president, and K. W, liryaat, the aotuary of the
company, Is considered, under the circumstances,
a Brest hardship. If not an outrage, and that
said action against tbent will not stand in oourt.
A Chicago Hen krupt Firm,
f Hy Telvgraph to tho ifaUonal Republican. I
Chicago, Feb, OVCushInjr, Kirk aud Mc
Lean, wholesale dealers In boots and shoes, this
morning filed their petition In voluntary benk
ruptey. Liabilities, eiu,ooo assets, aiw.wo.
tlonnlltepubllcen,ALIVE, WIDE-AWAKE,
The llayea Elector tbat the liilatan Dem
orrate are Trying to Hay lie Tells all
About It.
The Senatb sub-committee on Louisiana
met at 11 o'clock yesterday, and proceeded to
examine A. B. Lbviski, an alleged Ineligible
elector for Hayes. There were no develop
ments beyond the fact tbat Mr. Levisie was
a U.S. Commissioner until Nov. 20tb, 187d,
when he resigned, and waa then elected by
hla associates to fill his own vacancy as
elector. The witness then proceeded as
lly Mr, Wadlcljth. A nropoaltlon was made to
wlmraa for a rbnilrirratljn to cm! nil electoral
vote lor bamufl J. Tlldtn. On the fourth of 1
ccmber lait wltnisa was In Sew Orleans, at the
Dildtncfot airs. Harlow In Conttauitnople atreet.
On that day wltnetedlned out, and returned home
aooui v o cioca in inv CTtnini. sown aa iia went io
the parlor, lira. Barlow and tier daughter being
'Itncpia noteeikluK
wl ncistoniretC. W. Johnston at Candday a hotel
atS a. in. on important business. Johnston wrote
tto note at Ura. Harlow 'a honae. Vfltneis read tua
Itote, and the ladles asked witness what It meant.
Witness rtpllrd he bad no Idea. 'Mm ladles told
lift &kl tha wltneia If Im
I ot the note. Witness replied yev. lie then aked
wltnrsa to meet S. M. Aiher, or Hhreveport, at Caa
slday'o early that day. Witness made aa engage
imnt to meet them at t o'clock. Witness had
known JUher es a banks of mrevrport Ui or
eight years, lie had rciently failed aa a banker,
and was In NewOrlean. Wltnesebaaiae strongly
tniprcrifd with the idea the latfica were rlgh
In thtlr coBjrctare, nl eft it refleetlin
wtnt and, disclosed to Alsrthal IMtkln no
suspicions l scgrcitcd to the latter that
be wouldn't propose to bluff the thing off, but to
tempoilre tOMCirtaln whnthe backer w.rc, and
asnienyiiaimsaspwslDle in connection with It
al.olor toepurpoiie of combating other attempts
or the same klndt met Asturat l o'clock: bo was
Iberrtwn walked tuerttlred put of the town the
said he had Important business io propojf 1 wlmuns
rncoiirsf ed him lo go ahead i h mA4o apologetic
explanations and remarks, and said lie would mke
a alr proposition as a broleri he ihrn presented l1i
effi r, whither witness would be willing to receive a
certain sum ofinonr,B4r e ouOorH'.wOi '! re
fute to rtcclio his cirufleate u an cleotori
wlintBSgave noClnelawawer. and asked sertral
qsestUitv, ana rm ly said th e,prlce
WBstoosmall and that hemlgbt as wtll receive
o o as 40.coo. 1 bat It waa a big chance to m ike
a hlgtbln. thatltonlr hsppeoaa o.ce In ahuu
dre years that one man Lad an opportunity to
make a 1'icrtdrni, aid finally that Johnston
might: say to his friends that Lerisoe was
not unwiniDg to listen to a owo.lttoo, but
mat they had not gotten np to his prluv Tit.
and left bias, tie anointing theplaje ofmectfanc
tat night at 7 o'eioik. It was at the at,
Cli.rlra Motel, tnrt that nliht again, and
as the rotvntn waa full, went out and walked out)
J oh it i ton then changed hie pronoBlt'on, and that
wlinrsawoulo be required f capitals vote for Tll-
aen. vt itnrsa ten led tost mis
and put Mm off wit (teinlfiri
atnek to fall nrlea of try). t.00 .
irr contkrsamn, and
Jinaiir, aiier moi
close Inquliy, wiutss wanted to know who his
bickers were. Ihenhewcnt off to so his friend
or prompter, and was back id half an hour; wit
nets sikid him whom he had betir to set, and he
Fi'vkucniinivi iiaiivr i ugu.
U llna lin't tnniK Will. Pn.h. nr wlittiV
1'uih knowa wltnrBS, Aiher said t03.0u0 was the
utmost that could be ralstd liy l'urh or the backers,
and atked wltoess to go with tltn the next morning
to a certain elaeeen the common and theru they
would meet two ment aa they epprosched the two
men were to come to meet them, fugli would
bo one of them, and the other would be the
moo led man. Witness and Asher went to the
place appointed and mt two men as described. 1 he
msrCia d to be the misled man Witness recognUd
as Mr. Hernandet. a prominent Neeurltaos bro
ker, llrrnandes spoke t witness, and wliness In
trodeced Ashur to blm. llernandei wished to talk,
and wltneiB declined, stylo g Uernandcacomdtalk
toAthur. as be wss the party to talk to. Witness
then went home. aRerraaklng an appointment for
the next morning at the hotel. Met Ashur next
day at 11 o'clock and made another appointment for
12 o'clock, aict Ashur at 12 o clock, when beatd
tn witness that flOO cro was all Uiat could be raised.
Witness stuck to Mb rmooo, and bsM It was not
worth white to talk about It any more.
'Aiburlaa Jaw, a ate business maa and a good
elgbhor. Witness regrets to have to expose his
name. Witness reported alittiinroc;eedlnKS to
I'ltkln, as they traniplred, and Tltkta was well sat
fled with what witness baa done. Has never seen
Johnston sluce.
Croi '-examined by Mr, BaulsVJrv.
TbeSrit suggestion about barlngwltness vote
eamcfrvm Mrs Harlow, who s. exorcised her sus
picions. This was on the night of the 4th of De
cember, and two days before tne rroranlgitloa of
iug iTiurvf, mt. iiiuit ( tuv niuwn vi nug
rnuimlnittAn rtf an tin-
I ni portent naturr, the committee adjourned uatll
iiiiBiuurBiusaiivv ciec.
Cabinet Meeting:
At the meeting of the Cabinet yesterday,
all the members were present except the Secre
tary of the Treasury, who was represented by
Alt. Conant.
The Army Appropriation Illtl.
The House Committee on Appropriations
finished the consideration or the army appropria
tion bill yesterday. The bill appropriates be
tween fcU,C00,t00 and 24,000000, about five mil
lion dollars less than the estimate, and is based
on a maximum of twcnty.two thousand enlisted
C cunt Catacazy, wbo was Russian Minister
here si x years ago, has Joined the Haitian army,
and Is said to have a position on the staff of a
distinguished General. A few weeks since the
Count was In Paris, and attended a ball given by
ene of the shlnlsr lights of the American colony
In tbat city.
Mississippi Election.
Senator Kerman asked the Senate commit
tee on privileges and elections yesterday morula if
to summon two additional witnesses to testify
relative to the late election in Mississippi.
These witnesses are expected to contradict the
testimony given a "ew days since by Mr. Lecester,
a Jefferson county democrat, relative to his
fLecester'sj furnishing a duplicate key to ballot
boxes to a Democrat la Judge of election at each
polling place In the county named.
lion Alexander ff. Stepheus.
The following-report In regard to the con
dition onion. Alexander U.Stephens was sent
to the office of the National hotel last evening
for the press by his private secretary, Mr. Out.
Mr. Stephens continues to Improve, though
slowly. He baa moments ot despondency, but
soon rallies from them. He rested quietly to
day, and at this hour, v.30 o'clckp. m., is sleep,
lug soundly and naturally. (J. P. Oolvbb.
Mr. Stephens received very few callers ye star,
day, and those few were mostly trout members
Navy Dxfxrtmjcxt, j
T. 1
WaRnmriToy. February 8. lHU. t
The Searetury of tho Nary makes to the Naval
service Ibe sad announcement of the death of
Bear Admiral James Alden, who died at San
Francisco, California, on the Otb of lebruary,
The life of this distinguished officer was de
voted, from bis youth, to the service of his coun
try. As a young man, he took part in the United
States exploring expedition, under the late Rear
Admiral Wilkes, and eabseqaently bad charge
or most Important scientific duty la the sirvey
of our Pact lie coast, ills later servloes were
those of the Chief of the llureau of Navigation,
and the command of our Heet on the European
In every sphere or duty be exhibited the high,
est qualities or a naval officer, and wea.durFnir
the late civil war, specially conspicuous for gal
lantry and capacity on almost eiery occasion
which contributed to the glory of the naval ser
vice. On the day after the receipt of this order, the
flags ol the Navy Yards and Naval Stations, and
of alt ships Jncomuilislon. will bo displayed at
half mast from sunrise until sunset, and thirteen
minute rods will be tired at noon from eaob Nary
Yard and Station, flag-ship and vessel acting
Officers of the Nary and or the Marine Corps
will wear the usual badge of aaournlnir for thirty
da) 1. UbO.M. RUIlLsiiN.
Secretary or the Nary.
-Si" UrricuL.
Navy DsrAUTMavT,!
W a em we tom, February s, is;t. f
The Secretary or the Navy announces the
death of Rear Admiral Charles Wilkes, who de.
parted this Hie at his residence In Washington
(bis day.
The scientific aad literary attainments of this
distinguished officer, end bis acknowledged sba!
and patriotism have been long known and apprs.
Ciaiea vj ni couDirjuiu. mi uvaiu win ue la
raeated by the service and by the people or the
United StateB.
Un the day after the receipt of this order the
flags er the Navy Yards and Naval stations, and
of all ships In commission, will be displayed at
ball mast from sunrise uatll sunset, anil thirteen
rolDUte guns will be tired at noon from each Navy
Yard and Station, rug ship and vessel acting
All officers of the Navy and of the Marine
Corps will wear the usual badge of mourning fur
thirty (IB Jl. (IM). M. KOHESON,
Secretary or the Navy,
Execution of Ihe Everett Murderer at Fort
Tobacco, Hit. The Xsuit Hoars of the Crlra.
Inale Incldenta at the Kxeenllon.
Charles Henry Simpson and Martin Ilenry,
the two colored men convicted of the murder of
John W. Everett, suffered the penalty of death,
by the modern and refined mode of hangingat
Port Tobaeoo, Charles, county, Maryland. The
story of the murder has been told olten, and It Is
only necessary to briefly recapitulate the facts.
John W. Everett, the murdered man, was a
most estimable youeg gentlemen, with a wlJe
circle of aoanalnUncea In Charles county.
He was clerk for John TV. Waring and slept
alone In the store at Pomonkey. On the 10th of
Joly last the store was entered by robbers, nod
Everett was murdered by them. Ills sknll was
crushed by blows from a heavy club and death
was Instantaneous. When the crime was discov
ered tho excitement throughout the country was
great. Had the murderers been arrested then
they would have undoubtedly been lynehed. Her
ral parties were arrested on suspicion of the
murder and discharged
Un September 87, Colonel Uutcblos. of Char.
lottellali, St. Mary's county, arrested Simpson
snd Henry In Montgomery county. They were
tried In December and convicted on elreumstan.
tlal evidence. December 7th, they were sentenced
to death, and the 6tb day of February was after
wards fixed as the day fur the hanging,
Since sentence waa raised. Henry and Simp
son have been confined In the Jail at Port To
bacco. 1 ney nave eacn msuu icrerai nuicmF,
contradicting and charging- each other with
baring Inntcted the fetal blows.
During the past few days Fathers WIget and
Meatee, of St. Thomas', were with the eon.
demoed men often, and they talked freely with
the prleitaand attended faithtully to their re
ligious duties. They professed repentance lor
their crimes. While the gallows were being
erected, the prisoners could hear the hammering
and sawing. Simpson was visibly ellected, but
Henry paid little or no attention to the ominous
J est Saturday Slmrson made a affidavit thtt
In November. IS'0, be assaulted In the night aa
old man by the name of Weloh, wbo kept a grog
gery in the outskirts of Alexandria, Va, fur
which offence, Lewis Manuel, a negro resembling
blm, was sent to the Penitentiary for ten years,
wbeie be Is still eonflned This affidavit was
sent to Governor Kemper, and It Is probabln that
the ease of Manuel will be re-examined. Henry
stated iwo or three days ago, that he at one
time lived in Connecticut where be married. that
be got Into difficulty and stabbed tour men
and was compelled to nee and leave his wife
Slnco then he has been leading; a vicious life,
During the last days of their eonfiunement tho
men conieised their mutual participation In the
murder of Everett.
An, execution In Obarles county Is a rare
thing. The banging or the Everett murderers
yesterday was the first time for flrty.two years
that capital punishment has been Inflicted In that
county, Ihere has been moon excitement lathe
county, especially among the colored people, even
e'nee thecunvlctlon of the murderers.
It was feared that some effort would be
made to rescue the prisoners Thursday night.
For two or three days It was rumored tbat
there was an arrangement among negro roughs
of Wasblngtons and Charles county, by which
they were to assemble at Port Tobacco Thursday
night, and take the prisoners from Jail by force.
The way this waa to oe dene, It was said, was that
a magic lantern entertainment was to be given,
atwhiQhthe negroes could congregate without
arousing suspicion, Thursday ,bllls were posted
up announcing, that Her. M. Grand (sou of llAltt
more would exhibit scenes by the aldofamagla
lantern, that night.
This confirmed the stories that had been circu
lated, end created great excitement. Sheriff
Wade had an interview with tho Rev. Mr. An
derson, a meek colored preaeher. la which he ex.
rlalnea the situation of the Btralrs. and state!
bat the exhibition would bave to be postponed
1 he preacher agreed with the sheriff, tbat uade
the circumstances It would be Imprudent to hav
tbe exhibition, so the entertainment was poet
poncd urtll alter the hanging.
On Thursday Governor Carroll, sent two caso
ofarma to Port Tobacco, and tbesbcrlff appolote
and armed fifty aeputlcs,who were placed on guar
duly Iburiday night, there bclngadetailofte
men around thejall during the whole night.
The condemned men spent their last night o
life apparently In peace with man and God.
Tho rid ay night. Col. L. W, 11. Hutcblne, the
deputy sheriff, who arrc
them In thejall. They 1
and both stated that tne;
wno arrestee tne men, visiteu
seemed Klad to see him
ev fell that It was rts-ht
tbat they should be hung, and that they were
Henry said, "I hit him, I killed Mr. Everett
and Simpson said, "I was standing by his head
with a pistol, and If Martin Henry bad't killed
mm, 1 wonia,"
Simpson and Henry 'sat up till midnight, on
Thursday night, and slept so soundly after that
that they bad to be waked upatelghto'olockyes
terday morning lor breakfast. They both ato
heartily, their breakfast consisting ot bread, cof
fee and eggs.
Tbe little town of Port Tobaceo was all excite,
ment yesterday. At daybreak crowds of coun
try people began te pour In by the country roads
from every direction, Impelled by a hoi rlble cu
riosity to sse the death agonies of the two men.
Every sortof vehicle was used In bringing the
Charles county people to the execution, and the
scene looked more like that at tke opening of a
county fair, than at the tragto close of twoltves.
The Jail and the gallows In the rear of tbe Court
House were the main potntsof attraction, and were
Inspected by the crowds. The execution waa at
tended bv about four thousand people. There
were venders of gilt Jewelry, and paper and
pencils, who reaped a rich harvest out el the
fathering. During the whole day tbe order In
be town was perfect. It wai Announced pre
vious to tbo execution that It would take place
at two o'clock, but tbe Sheriff afterwards decided
to have It take place before noon.
at ten o'clock, the guard of deputies waa drawn
up around the Jail to keep baotc tbe crowds that
weie pressing upon that balldlng. Simpson re
quested that It be made known to tbe public,
tbat they were perfectly satisfied with their
trial and Us result. The condemned msnalso
turned over to the sheriff a number of things,
with directions for their disposal. Fathers Wlget
atd Meatee, were with the condemned men In
the cell during tbe whole morning, and admin
istered the sacrements of tbe Calholle faith.
At tl 15 a. m., a squad of twenty armed men,
was drawn up in double lines outside of the door
rfthejaii, Ibe two condemned men dressed in
white robes, with black belts, and black caps, and
their bands tied behind them were led out be
tween the files of men, accompanied by the priests.
A great erowd had collected before tbe Jail,
and al the mem appeared, the scene waa
afiectlog. Many or tha colored people In the
crowd gave way to grief, and cried like children.
The eoudemaed men, surrounded by an armed
fuard, were then led to tbe gallows, In tbe rear of
be Court House, one hundred yards from the
stsnds on tbe summit of a bill. From the rear of
the building a steep Incline leads down to Port
Tobacco creek. Un tbe summit of the bill, behind
the Cturt House, and against tbat building
the gallows were creeled. In Nil sight of
tfce vast crowd of people, who assembled to wit
nesstbe execution. Every housetop aod window
in the vicinity was filled with people, and tie
limbs of trees did duty as seats forlscorf s of s n 0
tators. Then there was a vast crowd clrclin
around the kill. Tbe gallows loomed above all,
Tbe platform ol tbe gallows was 11 feet long
!4 feet wide aod 7 feet 6 Inches high. Ihetw
uprights for the gallows wss 4 by 6, and wore l
fast 6 Inches above the ground. The cross beam
4 by 8, lsw feet leng, with braces on eaob side.
Hopes passed through the beam and were secured
to cleats below so tbat the bodies could be lowered
aftir the execution. The trap door was S feet
Inches by 4 feet, secured by Tour feet hinges, un 1
held In place by a spiral spring with fever at
tached, which could he worked from the plat
torm or Irom below. A hollow square or armed
deputies were around tbe gallows. When the
condemned men arrived irou tbe Jail they
with She riff Wade, several deputies and the two
Catholic fathers. Jrrom tbat height they could
look down upon tbe assembly ui persons who
had come to see them die. Simpson was very
nervous. Henry was composed, and calmly sur
veyed the scene before him. The two men
knelt and bowed their beads while tbe faithful
priests lined their voices la prayer. Theathoy
rose to their feet, but said nothing. As a deputy
was adjusting the noose around Henry's neck, he
raised his band and with great deliberation re.
moved from bis mouth a quid er tobacco, and
threw It toons side.
The ropes were then adjusted, the black caps
were pulled down over the heads of the men.
The priests stepped back off from the trap,
sherlQ Wade dropped a handkerchief, and a
deputy In the court bouse pulled a rope, which
let the drop fall, and tbe condemned men fell, the
drop being four feet.
bunpSQiTtncckwaibrckcnbytbe fall, and he
died Instantly. Henry struggled after the fell
and drew up bis shoulders la convalsiens several
times. He died In ten minutes or strangulation.
The bodies were allowed to hang twenty minutes.
At tbe end of tbat time. Dr. George D. Mud
examined them and pronounced life extlset.
As soon aa the drop fell, there was great excite
ment In the crowd, and a movement as If they
would presaep to the spot where the men were
banging. Tbe guard about the gal low a pre
sented their muskets, and the colored people
near them, evidently thought that they were
about to charge. This Increased the excitement,
and many of the negroes, fearing the bayonets,
turned and fled. Homeof them ran Into tbe creek
at the foot of the hill. About the same time, a
porch, on a hotel near the spot, crowded with
spectators, broke down, and this served to In
crease tbe Cusrnilon, but no one was injured.
At tie explratlen of the twenty minutes, the
todies were
which bad been placed under the trap. The oof.
fins with their contents were then turned over to
bt Joseph's Ifenevolent Society, or St. Tnomts,
Charltscounty.a colored Catholic organisation.
The members ofthls society attended tbe ex ecu.
tkn Id regalia.
After the execution tbey took tbe bodies to St.
Thomas, wher Ilenry and Simpson, bad request
ed in be burled. The last seene In the tragedy
of the day, was a procession of two hundred col
ored men, mounted on borses and mules, and with
marshals, wearing red sashes, attending the re
realm, on the road to the murderer's graves at
St, Thomas.
The Various Influence at Work for War or
Peace The Itesulta set Uncertain.
Londox. IFtb. 110. The Scrrlans declare it
Impossible to discus a stipulation for granting the
privileges to Jews and Americans equal to those
enjoyed by other Servian subject!. Tbe oppo
sition Is actuated by trade Jealou y and
comes from a combination of Belgrade mer
chant who influence tho clique which furnUhee
mlnliters for both political parties. Herri dcs
not seriously object to any other of the lurklsn
condition. M. KarUoff the ltusalan( usillllcn
eral, la atlll openly oppfittng txaco. He la n-cog-nlced
as Idemtdtd with I lie plana or tbe Be la
ve nlc Bocletlri it u billevcl la the bight st
circles that tflMal RuiH earaeil'y ilestrea inace
between hn la and Turkey, a a It won 1 1 remove a
cause of constant irritation with Austria, and irate
Koitla at Mirny to dral with llulgarta.
The Itusilin Bclavonle accletlca d.ile war, be
lieving that Turkish occupation would
follow, and frce the Ituitlan gov
ernment to take act Ire atepa imiredlaielf.
1 Ley alto delra to provoke th Hungarians
twilevlng that the Kleavoalans In Auttrla mutt
triumphant If aroused ty any overt act uf the Hun
garian mlnu,1ty, 1 h tiuekiWm of peace or
war bancs upon the relative strength of
thei laRueac exercised la Belgrade b
odlclal and unofficial KuMta.
Feurihonaani men left lltlgraAeen Thurslav
forOladova. The ttcrrlani &iu ua.cntrllntf aa
their forces In that quarter.
COKftTAHTlxorLK, February . The clrcniar of
(he Torteon the failure of Hie Confircncr, dated
January Sfith, afUr recapitulating the arguments
Justtfrlrg th rejection or tbe proposals of the
powers, comments In a verv cntrraptuoni tone on
the astert'on made by (Jcncral Igaitleff at tbe floal
sttflugof theConfircnce, that the Tortcby Its ac
tion bad virtually abrogated the treaty of Tarls.
Ihe rortedec'ares nothing woald hat 0 been cutler
for Uie Turkhb (..: jatra If tbty bad comldered
such course expedient, then to suow hat General
IgnntlrSTa assertion waa defective loth In form
aud suUtsnce. Thed1egate, however, remalmd
silent, as Ueneral IgneUefTe rt marks wr Irreva
lent to the subject of the con ft n nee, Tho European
delegates, by their silence, a-ar an nnequlvncal
sign 01 aitunliiiurnt at tbe language lu wutch
tieeeral IgaaiUff prt tended to ex pre is thetieasuf
the whole confi renew.
Effort to rorui st New Hungarian Cabinet.
Vienna, Feb. 0. Baron Senneyey, leader
of tbe Hungarian Conservatives, and HerrVou
Siekhely, President or the Court of Cessation,
arrived here to-day to open negotiations respecu
log I he formation of a new Hungarian Cabinet.
Cable Pots.
A dcrpatch from Vienna to the Standard v.
Krtstrat the Chler or the St, Petersburg Press
ireauhas been dismissed by an order of the
Cisr, for permitting Journals to use language de.
trlmcntal to peace and concord with friendly
The Titmpo announces that tbe King has sign
ed a decree dissolving tho Senate and ordering
fresh election!.
Detailed reports of tbe speeches made Thnrs-
dlv bv rarl Oranvlllc. In tho llniinnf Ivir.la.
and the Marquis of Hanlngtou, In tbe House of
vJonnnoriB, snow mat toe unerai party 1 menus
to uphold tbe view that England should en
operate with the other powers for the coercion or
Turkey and even cooperate with Itnsna alone, 11
the other powors declined to act.
The Hark Dot to, from London for Haltlmore,
collided with a trench fishing vessel off Ueachy
Head on Wednesday, lloth vessels sang, and
four sailors of the i reach one were drowned.
Mews orrorelgn Diplomats Vpen English
The foreign Olplomatlsts hero predict that
tbe Disraeli Ministry will be beaten on tbe first
vote In Parliament. It Is br lleved here tnatLord
Salisbury must quit tbe Cabinet that Disraeli
will be defeated, and tbat Karl Derby will prob
ably replace him as Frlme Minister to England.
The opinion is also prevalent that Parliament
will be dissolved! tbat tbe Tories wilt be still re
tained lu authority, but w!tb a diminished major.
Ityj and that In any event tbe Liberals will not
be able to form an admlnlstratlon.bavlog In view
a reversal or tbe poller of Great llrltalnln deal
lng with the Turks. In other words, no matter
what course, England will back up Turkey In
any war against ltussia.
The Barbarous Imprison went of Wells and
By Telegraph to the National Kcpubllcnu.
SrniNGrixu), Ills., Feb. 0. In tbe House
to-day a resolution was Introduced denunciatory
of the alleged ?etlon f Congress In treating
Wells and Anderson In a barbarous manner, anl
calling on tbe Illinois Itepubllcane to protest, In
tho name or the State. A motion to table was
lost, and the resolutions were referred to the
Committee on lederal Relations.
Indian Depredatlnna-More Hostile Acta of
the Isoble Ited Monte Tltletee aud Uncivil-
Ixed Wards.
CuxiKMKE, Wy. Ter., February 0 A party of
Indians supposed to be Cbeycnncs, made an at.
tack on Chases rancbe on Horse Creek, thirty
miles North of this place, yesterday evening. A
force or fifteen cltttens mustered and gave the
Indians battle and drove them off, capturing four
of their ponies No whites were Injured. A de
late b ment of the 1 iah Cavalry left Fort Russell
this morning to endeavor to intercept the In
dians. Dead Wood, Wr. Ter , Feb. 0 Last night In.
disns made a dash on the ranches a. short die.
tance irem Cook City killing Ihomas Waldron
of Montana and grounding another man severely
and succeeded In carrying away about fifty hor.
sts Tbe man who was wounded succeeded la
killing one Indian.
b'ult Against Ihe Central I'atllle Ha I Ire ad.
Ban ntANClfiCo, Feb.e.-Tuu trial of tbe case
of tho Uult-d stairs against the lvatrtl Pacific
llsllioad Company to ret. or er lire percent, oftlie
nitrarnlrgtof thoroad from tho tlmeofcumpli
tlonofthe road July IS. js&, to October !, 171,
coumemrd In the Lulud estates Circuit Court lo.
tlay, Ibe smnunt lnolved Is 011a million eight
hundred and ihhiytlx tbomaud six hundred and
Ihlrl r-ttit dollars.
The;intciOfcaulu Canal Humor Denied.
NkW uitK, lib. P. -Thu 1 tat event tloit the
M 1 1 thsseitercd Into a contract
with lltHry Meigs to build an Inter Uceauk rami
In denied by the m In later of that Government lu
atblugtoii, lr. Melee has, as many others have
ilvue, uiailn a proposition, asking lor runnrlnii
In ineimlidlDg oftna.caual, but none bate bitti
grautcd ta navbudy
Another Erring Caahler.
MOMiu-sx, 1a., Feb. 9,-Tbi accounts of Na
tl aa b, It-nlHliH. cathler of the First National
Hank ol this place, have been examined, Tha
fact Is appa rest tbat aimoit from tha day of that
l.entulm wss wade eaiolcr of the bauk he has car.
rli-d on a trkteiD or robbery,
Ihe hauling housu ofn, Lenhelra A Hon, the
lattir being alhait Lrnhlem. I of Urunt Bend, has
brut fores I to eloo on account of a ran.
Dealer lit Counterfeit Money.
1 Uy leltgrsr1' to the National Kepubllcau.
CINCINNATI .. February 9. Alfred Taylor,
Win. Bucklty alu Murphy, James Jones and Vin
cent WooK all colored, were arrested te-dJ),
ebargid with dealing In counterfeit money, It Is
aiMiltd ihey ham tarn shaving the ten dollar
counterfeit uolt-s of the Matluual Bank of HvuOc,
Llttlefleld'e Bewitching: Claadlnc, Palmer
Alluring AspaeU ana TratnbuU'a Kjttelne;
LI aa Something JUcti and ItAcy About tbe
Louisiana Mission of Great Men WH1
Dudley Field Issue lite Bubpoeima and In
vestigate? The Democracy Is ungrateful, Toor Little
field has lost not only hU Republican friends,
by his bald treason, but bis new.fouad Demo
cratic friends, by his Inutility as a witness.
Msddox has lost on the one sUe his post as
special agent, and wou a wealth of abuse from
the other lor bavins: ensnared tbat othsr side''
Into believing; his disclosures were veracious.
Tbe orcan of the Klcholls party, which he
professed to wish to befriend, IbeN'cwOr
lesns Democrat, shows him up tints' Issue or"""
the Sd Inst. Ills domicile Is thus described t
It Is a house situated la a psrtortbecUy not dom
leanS bv acvcrltf of morels or prudery of deport
ment. It Is what 1 known simply a a lodging
bouiet tbat Is lo ssy, a bouse wure furolhd rooms
are let. it Is kept by a pretty little lady w(.om first
name Is Claudlue. aud whose Wit name li Concealed
txhlnd the miaterlois vclt which Sometimes
shrouds Ibe personal history of ladies wbo have
loved not wisely tni too wall. Dot It must
not be topposed tbat this appellative daSclency
m rrsaroeo. as aetrtmcntai u ncr cnanciT l
that mystical ctrcle of which she Is coatldered
one of tbe brlgbtcit ornaments. In lbort,'laudIne
Is an octorouu, or a very light quadroon, aul to the
o'toroou or tbe quadroon a latitude, not ti say II
cenie, of conduct la pi tmltitd which Is alwiietuer
denied 10 their while alitf rs wt-0 dcilre to trecrva
the sppearacc of dvctncj and fair mute,
loan elegantly furnished apartintnt of the fair
tl'udlno'a house, the gculal Maddux luslalUdbltn
It will be remembered that Llttlefleld was
forced to confess tbat In addition to bis pur
suit as a pool-keeper for a time, he ws and
Is living In concubinage In New Orleans. Ills
virtue experience! no shock, therefre, In
rastlDc; with Maddox, wbo did not Insist In his
private covert upon what the LouUuui Pern
ucracy bellow fur, by platform, "white civili
zation." The Nlcholls organ proceeds
to relate a pungent biography of Mad
dox, and we do not marvel that his con
federate later, Flckctt, should have admon
Ishtd the Democratic chiefs, l'attoa aud Zach
ette, that Maddox should be watched. Tho
Knott. House Committee, doubtless, concur
ho less la that opinion now, since Maddox, lu
fruitlessly trying to pro re certain HepubU
cans knaves, has achieved that distinction for
himself and made superlative donkeys of the
committee. But the recoil is cot simply here.
Llttlefleld has testified to the prcsenca of
Palmer snd Trumbull at a quadroon ball.
The cbaate Maddox appears to bave been Its
grand manager, says the N'lcbolls organ.
Maddox was acquainted with New Orlcaqi so-clcty-at
Irast with that phase of ew Orleans so
ciety w bleb 1 urnUbes
of graceful and voluptuous f una and modlScd com
plexion. To his pretty landlady Cleudlne he Im
parled lit plan, and she entered Into It wlia becein
lug appreciation and spirit. Nothing was easier
than for her to asie table together tbe moit charming
asd the moat attractive of the quadroon and octo
roon beauties or New Orleans-beauties who, to tbe
plciuaney and grace of Haldec, aud the enticing
contour of Dude, added tbo polish of this refurct4
society, and the enticing ways of women
The bight was fixed and tbe Invitations, not
'written upon gilt-edged paper, with a nct little
crow-quill, slight ana new," hut dooe up lathe
latest fashion of tinted 1 metope, scented with
ntIUJvr, were duly dispatched to the bored and
weary statesmen li 1 uvlut ta ar thaLthey
accepted with alacrity.
The party proceeded to those "ta'ts of daxillng
light,' thoac glided and tspistrled saloons which
wre to be
aud where they were to gaxc upon tbe bonrle upon
whose facile charms llittr fancy bad so often dwelt.
Hire, smld the smiles of beauty, they would pats
the happy moments, as l'erleltl with Aspttls, or
Demottbtncaatlhufeitof Lais. But, mora fortu
date than thrlr UrecUn prototypes, to whom a
sparkling vintage was unkcown, and for whom the
atatcly quadrille, the oluptuous walls, or the lively
galop bad not been lamented, the 'vUltlng states
men1' could chase the golden.footed hours through
the wavy aurgea of tbe Boston, or could drink swee
est Inspiration from the auihlertluted goblet of
ihampagne which had gained more than Its own ex
hilaration from
LI I'.
Claudlne had done no discredit to her promise or
t.ibe ot caion, and aladiox supplied an abundant
supper and uuitluted wine.
Even statesmen must turn from crave duties
at times. We ice a newfllush on the great
Palmer's cheek, a new mo 'stare on the lip
and In tbe eye of tbe solemn Trumbull, a rest
hen ess of deportment Iti both, which the dis
cipline of staid years is Impotent to control.
We suspect they quite
But they have congealed back Into propriety
now, and just after tber submit an austere
opinion on Louisiana In favor of the Democra
cy there, the organ of tbat party betrays them
In a naughty, naughty scrape which deuotcs
that tbey were pursuing Inquiries lo other
channels tbsn that of the Keturnlng Board,
Is each "an Alclblades with a Solon's facet
Who would have susjtected that there was so
In them 7 Tbey are trying hard to be Democrats
ana 11 may ue a pan 01 ineir training to succumo
to the tradltlnal cuttoms of their southern
oretnren. After having imprecated tbo " nig.
ger" all day, the beautiful forbearance exhib
ited lu clasping tho modified "nigger" or
quadroon at a bapnloball, Is somewhat char
acteristic 01 tne ur leans democrat, ana wo are
cow able to rate the politics of Messrs. Pal
mer and Trumbull quite ss highly as their
ethics. And we are chiefly lulebtcd for our
Icnowledco of tbe adventure set forth, to the
"official organ" of the gins; tbey staul apolo
gists for.
Arrest of hu Iiiaurance Broker,
Bostow, Feb, s. -Joseph Dyer, of Dyer Bret.,
Insurance brokers la this city, was arrested yester
day for fraudulently blaclig fS,ooo Insurance
wIlheoupenltBUot autuorUvd todo buunis lu
this Hla te.
Fire lu Vermout.
Swan TON, VT., Feb, e-Sereu bultdlnre were
destroyed by the Are here last night. Including Ho-
rrle'Bblock, the largest uulldlnjrlu tbo town, Tbe
( aggregate M.Ouo, wliktt raugafrom fi.Onot
? is, wo. The Insurance court about two-thirds of
hi lots.
Crnelty to thlldres.
l'ocoiihxxrsix, N. V., Feb, 0. in the uwo
Thel'eopte against Murra), or Murray' Circus,
furcroiliy to chlMrm In th persons of tho yoniU.
fulatiolas, tbedefendaut oemnuls trial, aud t hi
cats has bun put down fwr the alaixb Urm,
The Most Uaborate Church In New Hnglitiid
Boston, Feb. ,-Th w.w Trinity Episcopal
Church, whUhhaiJustbetncompIeted by the con
gngalloiiof ItiV. l'hillln Brooks. wasconwcraUt
llila iiHritlug, Tin' building cost Jo um, and te
Wine, W'omeu and Crime.
TlLXDO, OHIO, y.l). 9. Last alsht A, XI.
eteiens was shot and killed at
tbe letter's saloon, suininiii, who kept a dUrepu
table house, had married Stevens' wife while the
latter wss serving a two years' iraarUonment. Ihe
laen had been drinking, aud turrelled about the
The Hartford Hank rail ore.
HAttTroao, c'ovx., leb. 9. -The lavestlatlea
bytba directors of thu anuers and Hechanies1
National Hank shows that uo doubtful paper
beyond the amount tint exported has been found,
while some or lto collateral prove to be better
than anticipated. It I claimed by the dlreetort
that Ihaloss will proiiably ant exceed the turpi us
orS30u,eo(, initeaaof cuttlujrlutotbe capital alio,
as had beeu leared.
tional Kepubllcan, A LIVE, W1D&AWAKE,
ha S r;.xV

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